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Confessions of an Enterprise Software Developer

Webmention & WebSub

Ticking a few items off the checklist, I've added some basic webmention and websub support to the site.

Goodbye Wordpress

I finally switched off my PHP virtual host, after committing to a new site built with the 11ty platform.

Gitlab CI from Scratch

I only recently discovered how useful Gitlab CI is. Gitlab is an open source Github competitor. I've used it quite a lot over the years. After signing up for a account, you gain access to 2000 free build minutes per month for private projects. You can also run your own private CI runner if you are so inclined.

Deploying Eleventy to IPFS

Today saw an milestone achievement made with this blog! We completed our first automated deployment 😎. Naturally the only way to celebrate such an achievement is to share how it was done.

Eleventy - Sorting

Sorting collections in Eleventy. This JS stuff is hard…