Was supposed to be attached to the post "O'BIG MAMA full" (, but the artist forgot to upload it originally & so it was not added to from what I can see. If this changes, feel free to delete this, if necessary. (d)


Wed Oct 14 16:37:15 2020




Thu Oct 1 10:37:05 2020

-vol2-cut.jpg -vol2-cut.jpg


Fri Sep 4 04:47:22 2020

I'm always "turning off" him when I playing DS...

sorry BB... I really annoying BT insert scene...

bb-clean.jpg bb-clean.jpg

About tiers

Fri Aug 28 13:21:20 2020

Green coin to Yellow coin grades are nothing different except price.

Everyone can take my Ideas.

Might be sometimes my English gets more weird when I explain something,haha.

I should use Google translator.


Red coin grade able to see Why and/or How do I do that.

To be honest,those updates above will not often so far.

Totally irregular.

But I will find something good way.

donutkuma-roughA.jpg donutkuma-roughB.jpg donutkuma-roughC.jpg donutkuma-roughD.jpg


Thu Aug 27 16:32:15 2020

I'll publish design rough sketches like those which within SFW.

Also includes "Kemo-safe" but obviously lewd.

donut-chocobear-sample2A.jpg donut-chocobear-sample2B.jpg donut-chocobear-sample2C.jpg donut-chocobear-sample2D.jpg

Twinkle - color finished

Wed Aug 19 14:12:57 2020

Base pic has done!

Then I'll make some alternates.

poppin-twinkle004-finger.jpg poppin-twinkle004-hole.jpg

Dark ink infection

Wed Aug 19 10:04:01 2020

Embrace us...

Request from MarsAtoms


The etti classroom

Tue Aug 18 12:43:13 2020

Snap out of it,Sailor! One more!

Request from Fourward


Butt time

Tue Aug 18 05:30:04 2020

spank and grabbb. Enjoy!

Request from Fourward

(For June. Sorry I forgot.)


Holy Squeeze

Mon Aug 17 01:38:42 2020

Nani!? :3

Shrine Fox's boobs getting increase and ... RON'T!

Request from ベププ


Strongest Thigh

Fri Aug 14 15:04:49 2020

in the world :3

Request from AngelTF


Twinkle - Color and shade

Thu Aug 13 05:36:20 2020

Next progress.

Adds base color and shade. Now this is half way of 100%.


Twincle - Line art

Tue Aug 11 18:45:01 2020


Ummm,babii vagina is so difficult to draw...

However I could made better.

poppin-twinkle002-lineB.jpg poppin-twinkle002-lineB.jpg poppin-twinkle002-lineA.jpg

Twinkle rough progress

Thu Aug 6 16:47:22 2020

Now edits this.

I wanted to show inside of vagina.

Then eventually finger will insert like a hook.

Inside of vagina is difficult to draw especially characters like her.

There is nothing reference photos,and movies of Human Babies.

So I want to challenge.

Baby's body is everything brand new. Might be that's the hint.


Cream Crepe

Wed Jul 22 15:59:26 2020

Kawaii crepe :3

Drawing baby bodies are difficult and fun!

Request from ベププ



Tue Jul 21 19:24:54 2020

I decided her name is Poppin' Twinkle.


Etti na Aruna san

Tue Jul 21 10:18:21 2020

M-May I ...?////

Request from Fourward



Mon Jul 20 18:40:39 2020

Uhh,maybe it looks isn’t correct.

Sometimes I miss her.


Infinite fountain

Mon Jul 20 10:03:35 2020

Is this Hell or Heaven to him?

We never know. However we have fun!!

Request from AngelTF

(with alternate pic on a whim)

2020Jul-AngelTF-001A.jpg 2020Jul-AngelTF-002.jpg

Devil's little pussy

Sat Jul 18 09:17:36 2020

She's looks so happy :3

Request from MarsAtoms.


Her boobs got increase

Thu Jul 16 10:17:17 2020

by power of something!

Request from k--10


I trying draw her again

Tue Jul 14 10:26:35 2020

bit edited. good girl.


Next punimania

Fri Jul 3 17:37:55 2020

I'm making next "punimania" series archive. Including like those "tiny slit" characters.

Please look forward to finish them all,and Thank you so much for continuous support!!

nsfw001.jpg 1-nsfw001.jpg easter-angel002.jpg shiratama-wearing001.jpg

Darkness Girl : wear layers

Tue Jun 30 10:14:42 2020

Original size.

However,I still don't know how looks like back side is ...

design-wear1.jpg design-wear2.jpg design-wear3.jpg design-wear4.jpg

How to Big Mama keeps her beauty

Sun Jun 28 01:02:59 2020


Increasing her chest day by day.

Request from Mook.


Trapped in Portal

Thu Jun 25 23:02:15 2020

She can't out there if had sex.

Request from ベププ


Happy Camp together

Tue Jun 23 20:25:02 2020

Yes. Try it. Straight to into your mouth.

Request from MarsAtoms.


Big Mama maid

Mon Jun 22 15:40:22 2020

Do not make her angry. Blood stains are won't be clean easy.

(Hey,look! There is cutest maid we had ever seen!)

Request from AngelTF.


Cup ice babii

Mon Jun 22 05:11:53 2020

NSFW version

IMG_0126.jpg IMG_0127.jpg

Shiratama squeezing

Mon Jun 22 02:14:39 2020


Request from k--10.


old doodles

Mon Jun 15 11:19:32 2020

Jump suits are good for chubby characters who has huge boobs

mechanic.jpg mechanic2.jpg

Darkness girl and Blindness wolf

Thu Jun 11 12:54:52 2020

She teaching how to sex to him


Shiratama wearing hoodie<clean>

Sat Jun 6 16:50:24 2020

I wonder how comfortable those sticky skins...



Sat Jun 6 16:46:25 2020

mochi mochi oishii


AnthroMate latest daki

Wed Jun 3 07:42:29 2020

It's early access to none credit version.

He's name is Tinto.

Black and white shark dragon.

I hope you guys like these works!

tintodaki1-patreon.jpg tintodaki2-patreon.jpg

Goo chan condensed milk tube challenge

Sun May 31 08:23:11 2020

adds it from 5m distance!


Deeper and Deeper

Sun May 31 08:03:49 2020

called what? throat sex? also I don't know how to say this sex in Japanese :3c

Request from AngelTF


Goo chan caught by Milk taker

Sat May 30 05:16:28 2020

I'll leave it up to your imagination that how do they milking.

Request from ベププ


Time to Nintendo!

Fri May 29 01:48:27 2020

They playing canoe race :3

Request from Mook


Kawaii Cowgirl

Wed May 27 22:11:00 2020

once more? alright little slut >:3

Request from Fourward

2020May-Fourward-001.jpg 2020May-Fourward-001.jpg

Cheer up babii angels

Sun May 24 23:18:51 2020

Are they forgot something?


Request from MarsAtoms


Nestis's hyper squeeze

Sun May 24 03:14:32 2020

Impatience comfort :3

Request from k--10.


乳ショタとクソ中坊 フルサイズ

Mon May 11 06:41:09 2020



Hmmm,should I need to make English language version...?

board.jpg (d)

Ankh of the Nestis-Full

Mon May 4 12:51:22 2020

NSFW version,full data desu :3 (d)

Golden Gangbang

Sun May 3 01:45:39 2020

she's satisfying.

...I think


Furry Nestis GangBang

Wed Apr 29 04:00:14 2020

she's in tough situation.

but totally fine at all.

and this is the last one!

thank you so much for continuous support.

see you next month,good day! :3


Oishii shag

Wed Apr 29 03:55:17 2020

insertion,injection,and once more.

what do you waiting for >:3

Request from Fourward


へそ ふぁっく

Tue Apr 28 09:42:33 2020

しろくま は さいこう だぜ!

Request from AngelTF


How to change the Diaper

Mon Apr 27 07:50:19 2020

1:cum inside *snip*

request from ベププ


Moist Squeeze[rough]

Fri Apr 24 12:34:42 2020

how's this? >:3


early access from "Ankh of the Nestis"


Hands Bang

Fri Apr 24 07:23:22 2020

there's no escape!

request from MarsAtoms


Turtle head punishment

Thu Apr 23 16:11:26 2020

lick lick lick,

infinite lick <3

request from k-10



Thu Apr 23 15:39:08 2020

His name is Pie.

... for now.



Full color Nestis -bandage bondage-

Thu Apr 23 09:24:22 2020

it was so tough...!

but I nailed it,yay!


bandage bondage

Wed Apr 8 18:40:06 2020

rmx sketch for "Ankh of the Nestis"


sleeping in the sky

Mon Apr 6 06:04:58 2020

today is good fuckn' day

jpeg (d)

alternate sample

Mon Apr 6 06:02:30 2020

super boobs expansion xd


Nestis - Golden Sphere

Fri Apr 3 19:49:53 2020

early access pic from "Ankh of the Nestis"


Nestis rmx sketch

Wed Apr 1 14:05:10 2020

Nestis dancing in the water sphere


Chubby slit

Tue Mar 24 17:15:01 2020

Good girrrl :3

Requesst from Bepupu


Little sailors academy

Sat Mar 21 10:16:09 2020

today I'll teach you how to feel cock!

watch and learn you fluff butts!!

request from Fourward


You can't hide anywhere

Wed Mar 18 10:00:59 2020

I have you now.

Request from k--10


Night Furry Nestis

Tue Mar 17 11:06:54 2020

It's Early access pic from "Ankh of the Nestis".


big belly baby Drapie

Tue Mar 17 07:46:09 2020

baby mother Drapie :3

Request from MarsAtoms


urethra pile

Mon Mar 16 10:29:43 2020

request from AngelTF

feels good? :3



Sun Mar 8 22:16:00 2020

Big mama marshmallow bun infidelity.


Marshmallow bunny

Sun Mar 8 16:26:15 2020

a fat covered like a super chubby boy for stay SFW.

Of course I'll try to female version!


I wanna draw something

Sun Mar 8 13:14:31 2020

EXTRA THICC that based Marshmallow.

which species do you choose on Marshmallow character?

Sex drug

Tue Mar 3 09:17:50 2020

Idea note that worker in strip club at wasteland.


Time to Reward Request for Yellow and Red grades

Sat Feb 29 23:30:06 2020

please send me a request as always :3



Added some newer arts for LV5.

Could you please check on attachment data!

request-sample.jpg (d)

Nestis golden hotdog rmx

Sat Feb 29 23:26:27 2020

Early access to Nestis archive "Nestis's Ankh".

it will release in March,or on April.

GoldenSlit-A.jpg GoldenSlit.jpg

Yu-ri's extended boobs

Fri Feb 28 09:53:24 2020

maybe they needs this size.

or else more bigger :3

yu-ri_extended001.jpg yu-ri_originalsize.jpg

Insult job

Thu Feb 27 23:30:37 2020

Request from Fourward.

actually I don't... know what to say xd

however,unexpectedly I had a fun in fact.

Oh ya you're looks so adorable you slut,huh!


baby bsd

Mon Feb 24 19:26:16 2020

request from MarsAtoms.

There is Baby BSD boy on your palm :D


Nestis rmx[rough sketch]

Fri Feb 21 18:05:27 2020

bit more bigger butt.

obsessiveness with telling how boobs big.



Wed Feb 19 23:06:58 2020

Maybe her name decided to those two.

Anko (body shape) means chubby body in Japanese,and Ankh means life.

Also sometimes called Wankoh to dogs in Japanese slang.


Chocolate fountain

Mon Feb 17 10:17:22 2020

Request from k--10.

watch out,this is so "hot" :3


Guys can't you see?

Sat Feb 15 04:42:47 2020

Request from Bepupu.

come in cunt there is not a... HMPH!


Big Mama cooking chocolate dessert

Fri Feb 14 03:50:50 2020

Happy Valentine!

Request from AngelTF.

ipad is too small to Big Mama :3


How to make NSFW sugar

Mon Feb 10 03:56:41 2020

1:Harvest cunt juice to dedicated flask.


3:Harvest residue

#More better candidate has diabetes mellitus.

IMG_0067.jpg Adjustments.jpg

2019 Reward request works[FULL]

Fri Feb 7 12:13:13 2020

JPG zip and PDF.

2019matome.pdf (d) (d)

YouTube (limited post) test

Thu Feb 6 22:19:53 2020

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_5Llx3DU7uUo_sddefault.jpg

Naedoko image board

Tue Feb 4 18:42:17 2020

Just piece of them.

IMG_0074.jpg IMG_0073.jpg

baby Numakaede

Tue Feb 4 12:04:10 2020

baby baby~!

puppy puppy~!

crayfish crayfish~!

*clap clap*


Here we go,Request!

Tue Feb 4 11:01:05 2020

thank you for your patience.

it's re-open reward request.

could you please tell me what you want!


Naedoko girl

Tue Feb 4 04:59:37 2020

A character of Goo chan world.

3 to 4 yo,100 to 120cm height,45kg or so weight.

Also She’s got VBH(Virginal Breast Hypertrophy).

I think she’ll gonna be a... incubator or something.

IMG_0068.jpg IMG_0069.jpg IMG_0070.jpg

Goo chan wallpaper

Mon Feb 3 11:21:16 2020

special gift for your cellphone.

enjoy :3

-190423sns.jpg Goo-cellphoneBG200203.jpg

Working Goo

Sat Feb 1 02:08:08 2020

What if there wasn’t wasteland,she working like a porn actress.


Love doll progress

Wed Jan 22 12:05:36 2020

looks very babii born between a dragon and a human :3

however,those are just half size.

not a lifesize.

image0.jpg image1.jpg

Happy New Year!

Mon Jan 6 12:09:00 2020


thank you for your continuous support!

please look forward to some lewd arts also this year :3


Polar bear squeezing

Fri Dec 27 13:17:19 2019

request from k--10.


Christmas gift?

Wed Dec 25 08:15:17 2019

request from Fourward.

could you please enjoy her all night long,sir :3


Christmas tree with the Big Mama's family

Wed Dec 25 07:07:40 2019

request from Mooky.

ah,I can say nothing. it's fill my heart.


butt squeeze cream

Mon Dec 23 14:43:31 2019

ass cream? ice cream!

request from Bepupu



Sun Dec 22 14:25:43 2019



Sun Dec 22 14:24:09 2019



Sun Dec 22 14:23:37 2019



Sun Dec 22 14:22:04 2019


Snow doll Goo

Fri Dec 20 16:41:02 2019

request from AngelTF.

well done~~ Good girl Goo :3


Rabbit holy mother babii

Wed Dec 11 19:34:45 2019

lactation to babii from babii :3


About next month/来年1月の活動について

Tue Dec 3 16:57:48 2019

Hi everyone!

This is Ishimura.

I'll take a rest whole month of January for treatment of bipolar disorder.

recently it's getting worse,so I need some cool down(warm down?).

I will continue updating from February. Also I have to think that to do and I have to do.

Thank you for continuous support.









December Reward Request!

Mon Dec 2 11:53:31 2019

tell me your request :3


Doggo style Sharko

Thu Nov 28 20:19:08 2019

request from Fourward.

she's cum again~ :3


Mama's secret job!?

Mon Nov 25 16:21:59 2019

request from Mooky.

would you like to some milk? ;3


Butt squeezing Nestis

Sat Nov 23 03:55:46 2019

request from k--10.

it's black,but it's golden.


chibi bun rough

Fri Nov 22 11:22:52 2019

for next punimania


baby I wanna your baby

Fri Nov 22 09:12:31 2019

request from ベププ.

make a milkpie together again and again :3


Thanksgiving for what?

Thu Nov 21 02:06:15 2019

request from AngelTF.

Bad girl! Very very bad bad girl,Goo!


Inside concepts of Goo

Wed Nov 20 16:54:29 2019

I designed them as symbol of human's three desires.

Aki ... desire for sleep

Yuri ... desire for food

Goo ... desire for sex

1st story was totally I couldn't show those important things,

also because of based old story...

so I'll going crazy 2nd one.

the others,about human instincts that looks stupid,too.

like a Vegan who attacking innocent people,Teachers who killing students,

Foolish teenagers with only strength,etc...

Goo-chan will beat so hard them.

But it's not one-sided, it's mutual behavior. Therefore, various collisions occur.
Just as the womb and ova play weak sperm, so too does the expression of old art.

It's going to be a Manga where each of creatures will face difficulties.

















Goo chan doesn't like panties - color

Wed Nov 20 12:20:00 2019

original size.

she can't standing up X3


Masked Eevee PSD

Mon Nov 18 06:57:17 2019

You can edits lines and colors as you like!

make your own masked naughty furry girl :3

masked-ev-bunny001.jpg masked-mesukemo191118.psd (d)

Scratching Goo chan

Fri Nov 15 02:14:38 2019

on the wall.

in your room.


Fox goddess - Alt ver

Fri Nov 15 01:28:22 2019

she wants baby with you :3


Send me your request!

Thu Nov 14 19:23:50 2019


Nestis's Halloween

Thu Oct 31 06:54:53 2019

meanwhile we're focus to her butt!!!

request from ベププ


Undone Fino

Thu Oct 31 06:08:53 2019

request from Fourward.

Heyy,not done yet arms and legs... yipes!


Peach squeezing

Thu Oct 31 05:35:43 2019

with silk coated boobs :3

request from k--10.


Halloween Goo-chan

Thu Oct 31 04:54:16 2019

with Yuri :3

request from AngelTF.


reward request~

Sat Oct 19 20:45:08 2019

oh also this month was disaster in the end!

all is getting delayed 5 days or so,shiiit.

though,maybe it's become rough rough,

tell me your request for this month!


Oh you're so pretty Dr.Alphys

Mon Oct 7 02:43:32 2019

I got some treat for you >:3



Sat Oct 5 04:51:17 2019

now making digital art book of Nestis,"Nestis's Ankh".

include all of art that resized bigger,and some new pic of her so lewd :3

dancingNestis-A.jpg dancingNestis-B.jpg nestis-butt-alt190919-A.jpg dancingNestis-B_alt.jpg nestis-butt-alt190919-B.jpg

Furry Nestis RMX

Sat Oct 5 04:41:43 2019

more huge boobs

more huge butt

more meat and fat!


It's not over Dr.Alphys

Sat Oct 5 03:19:31 2019

It's not over :3


Aries nsfw

Wed Oct 2 00:07:58 2019

I wanna get figure of her :3


Reward request - Big Mama

Mon Sep 30 02:01:12 2019

request from Mooky.

Big Mama walking in falling leaves :3


Reward request

Mon Sep 30 00:53:59 2019

request from Fourward.

Nestis examining to her son whom how much would be patience with squeezing :3


reward request

Sat Sep 28 00:05:24 2019

request from k--10.

she ate boobs increase mushroom :3


Vote result!

Fri Sep 27 19:08:51 2019

it's Alphys!

I'll show her NSFW pic next month to all grades!


clean copy

Wed Sep 25 11:54:21 2019

resize work to more bigger!

and I decided make Nestis archive first,

that including my own work and reward request.


Hanged Sharko

Mon Sep 23 18:08:52 2019

request from ベププ.

I like this pained,distress,cumming face :3


Goo's cake

Sat Sep 21 15:08:39 2019

request from AngelTF,and Happy Birthday!!

she made a cake for you :3


mini size

Sat Sep 21 13:02:28 2019



full color

Sat Sep 21 12:45:54 2019

and full size!

maybe she's rabbit cat dragon xd


Rabbit dragon hetaera

Sat Sep 21 10:52:56 2019

you wanna play,too? ;3


Nestis Butt -original size,color and NSFW alternate-

Thu Sep 19 13:22:37 2019

and unflatten PSD attached!

I wanna draw her more~

nestis-butt-alt190919-A.jpg nestis-butt-alt190919-B.jpg nestis-butt-alt190919-C.jpg nestis-butt-alt190919-D.jpg nestis-butt-alt190919-E.jpg nestis-butt-alt190919-F.jpg (d)

Nestis butt -mid size-

Thu Sep 19 11:11:31 2019

yes butt yes boobs yes Nestis!


Nestis butt -original size-

Thu Sep 19 11:08:58 2019

her butt is able to mouth that any size of dick!

nestis-butt-patreon-A.jpg nestis-butt-patreon-B.jpg

line art

Thu Sep 19 08:51:22 2019

then I'll draw over wears on it :3


I remembered

Thu Sep 19 07:45:24 2019

I had to make Nestis archive first...!


BSD soda

Thu Sep 19 05:03:47 2019

BG for cell phone!


babii Pola Bear

Wed Sep 18 03:34:27 2019

now I making kinda this direction.


which character's NSFW do you want to see?

Tue Sep 17 08:18:52 2019

In official characters!

in my style!

about Reward Request for this month

Tue Sep 17 05:17:00 2019

I'm sorry let you wait so long.

seems I can make reward request in this end of month,

please let me know what you want!


about works for this month

Tue Sep 17 05:11:40 2019


this is Ishimura.

I couldn't any move for some trouble in real life though,

it solved once now,I'll resume making contents of mine,also pics publish here.

I'm sorry kept you waiting.

Goo manga

Tue Sep 10 03:21:05 2019

please enjoy :3

goo-p0.jpg goo-manga190910.pdf (d)

Goo-chan tongue bath

Sat Aug 31 19:43:21 2019

request from AngelTF.

lap lap... it doesn't reach...!


Then and future

Sat Aug 31 17:50:00 2019

this last 3 months are really crazy. there's only 3 or 4 days holiday,and also I almost couldn't drew just doodles.

I'm so tired. I need some break. maybe week,or few weeks...

then I came back,I will publish new lewd babii furry art,and full data of Goo-chan Manga for this month.

And about actual works. I have some announcement to you all.

it was pending for my Comiket work though,it'll resume this Autumn that character design work for furry game.

and I got some offer of Manga making that based famous manga in Japanese otaku.

I hope they likes my art works.

well... which means... seems I'm heckn' busy until end of November though,I'll try.

thank you for your continuous support!

squeezing bunny bunny

Sat Aug 31 17:28:41 2019

request from k--10.

also boobs increased :3


boobs increaser potion

Fri Aug 30 07:21:17 2019

request from ベププ.

shhhhh shh shh shh shh shhhhh

stay calm...

don't be afraid...

you'll get comfortable soon... >:3


spit roast transfur Nestis

Sun Aug 25 00:03:47 2019

Request from Fourward.

it's called kinda Gang Bang in present though,

maybe this is normal thing at ancient Egypt...


bunny bunny

Thu Aug 15 17:00:14 2019

it's not a pocket size monster

and RMX of Obake.

tabunne-bunny-bunny.jpg bunnygirl002.jpg

failed Nestis

Tue Aug 13 16:16:28 2019

How do I draw lewd her...

but I won't give up.


visualization Nestis+Altanative

Tue Aug 13 16:15:08 2019

I... I can see!!

nestis-shadow-kashika.jpg nestis-shadow-patreon.jpg

about reward request

Tue Aug 13 16:09:19 2019


this is Ishimura.

also this month,I can request work from end of month cuz I'm still busy now.

but you can send me request!

thank you

Ankoku girl original size

Thu Aug 1 14:30:55 2019

I drew too much for doodle xd


ankoku tube top fix

Thu Aug 1 12:38:21 2019

she hasn't name yet...


Oni Shota kanto boy

Wed Jul 31 04:15:47 2019

slamming, and rubbing


Hyper bikini Big Mama on the beach with shotgun

Wed Jul 31 03:20:35 2019

bring it on ;3



Wed Jul 31 00:41:45 2019

Goo chan curious to sparks.


Jungle girl NSFW rmx

Sat Jul 20 18:32:14 2019

imme imme


back cover of Goo

Fri Jul 12 07:47:48 2019

Calpis challenge!


About reward request

Mon Jul 1 22:04:54 2019

To Yellow,Red rabbit grade patrons


You can tell me your request for this month :3

but I'm hyper busy now for works of summer comiket,so please note that maybe I could start from end of month.

thank you.

[how to order]

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(last update:June,2019)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.


Kimono Big mama

Fri Jun 28 07:30:38 2019

karan koron



Wed Jun 26 14:42:37 2019


original size


Vertical squeeze fountain

Sun Jun 16 21:57:14 2019

Request from k--10.

Nestis boobs milking all :3


Mummied Nestis -Golden flower edition-

Fri Jun 14 00:07:15 2019

request from Fourward.

also we won't help her :3


slit invader!

Thu Jun 13 20:14:46 2019

request from ベププ.

we won't help her :3


Nico-nama old works

Thu Jun 13 20:13:05 2019

piece of history of mine :3

kitsune.jpg (d)

【過去絵再掲】re-post earlier works for Half-moon

Wed Jun 12 03:25:25 2019

I'll re-post earlier works I posted here for Half-moon rabbit.

Half-moon rabbit向けにPatreonで公開した過去作品を再掲します。

usagi038.jpg (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) (d) sesse-avi.avi (d)

old request arts / 過去のリク絵まとめ

Wed Jun 12 01:46:57 2019

I posted once Reward Request works that included all of until 2019 April with zip before earlier though,

seems I forgot add a tag of "Request" so I'll attach again!

For Half-moon,Yellow,and Red rabbit.

please enjoy!



Half-Moon、Yellow、Red Rabbitグレードの全パトロンが閲覧可能です。

よろしくお願いします(・w・ (d) (d)

Gold liquid tentacles

Wed Jun 12 01:02:19 2019

Request from MarsAtoms.

one of her Magic.

maybe kinda bath time or something I think :3


nom nom Goo-chan

Tue Jun 11 02:17:23 2019

Request from AngelTF.

she loves eating ;3


Alternate hentai Nestis

Sun Jun 9 19:30:58 2019

milking dance :3


Here we go,Request!

Sat Jun 1 12:35:32 2019

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those

illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

Some reference pics to LV5 and rating explain text are added!

Please download from link below and check it!

details are included this reference.(last update:June,2019)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.


little Goo

Sat Jun 1 05:06:18 2019

before radioactive contaminant.


Egyptic chibi fairy Mama

Sat Jun 1 04:46:23 2019

Naked version of Nestis and recently's :3

Egyptic-fairy-naked.jpg Egyptic-fairy-A.jpg Egyptic-fairy-B.jpg Egyptic-fairy-Nestis.jpg

effect of "Drink me" potion

Tue May 28 15:49:43 2019

Request from k--10.
you wanna try some,too...?


feel the taste of fingers

Fri May 24 16:21:12 2019

request from ベププ.

a little boy feels girls comfortable :3


sneeze bomb

Fri May 24 03:55:41 2019

request from AngelTF.

she got ruined her flower crown by her sneeze :3


next punimania

Tue May 21 02:18:52 2019

I thinking this direction

baby-angel.jpg drapie001.jpg dragon-babygirl001.jpg easter-angel002.jpg tits-suck-sns.jpg

suckling angel

Fri May 17 16:05:14 2019

each other~~


she's ready

Fri May 17 10:13:46 2019

Request from MarsAtoms.
Love potion insert into her cunt directly :3


BSD hoodie towel

Tue Apr 30 15:47:18 2019

recently I re-started making of BSD hoodie towel.

I hope it able to release until Summer~


Material:Flannel fabric bath towel




Request time!

Tue Apr 30 15:42:20 2019

tell me what you want :3

and request works are will post to Halfmoon Rabbit Star Grade from May.

other terms are not change.

Thank you for continuous sopport!


Tier texts were changed and added

Tue Apr 30 15:14:05 2019


this is Ishimura.

As I said before,This May 1st,

Tier texts are changed and added Halfmoon Rabbit Star Grade.

Thank you for continuous support and cheer for me :3

Reward Request works

Tue Apr 30 15:10:09 2019


thank you for supporting!

I'll attach request works I drew. enjoy :3

request-sample.jpg (d) (d)

add Milk

Mon Apr 29 04:53:33 2019

request from k--10.

squeeze and splash!


her dream

Sun Apr 28 02:42:07 2019

request from Fourward.

could be come true someday :3

so never give up,Ten!!



Fri Apr 26 09:03:51 2019

request from ベププ.

its exists for rip :3


Goo chan meets her plush

Thu Apr 25 19:54:37 2019

request from MarsAtoms.

fluff of ear edge of plush attracting her :3


Sleeping Goo chan

Tue Apr 23 10:08:56 2019

on the Yuri's chest pillows :3


SD size reward cell phone BG

Mon Apr 22 17:51:00 2019

one of reward for Kickstarter.

I hope I could start at May first.



Fri Apr 19 15:33:17 2019

I'm so dig in Angel~~~


Kickstarter reward BG

Fri Apr 19 14:09:00 2019

cell phone BG rough that one of Kickstarter reward.


blue forest

Sun Apr 14 03:30:39 2019

refined a little,and attached original size.

forest-added-sns.jpg forest-added-350dpi.jpg

ceremony of adult

Wed Apr 10 10:48:21 2019

that babii dragon girl receive.


Here we go,Request!

Tue Apr 9 03:45:18 2019

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(last update:Sep,2018)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.


Patron's Request will release soon!

Wed Apr 3 12:25:34 2019

color rough illustrations digital book from Patron's NSFW request that drew as reward request in 2018 :3

attached uncensored version. enjoy!

file.jpg (d)

About updates from April

Wed Mar 27 20:57:28 2019

I did some scheme for everyone able to get enjoyment though,

these are didn't work that I expected.

So,I'm thinking doing totally open mind again that however not only nu-born porn.

I wanna stick to my style at least here.

which mean,that is various chubby porn,not a various design.

Recently I couldn't updates often because of confidential works though,,,

Then I'll suspend to updates for twitter account of Little Devil's Pitt with changing a scheme,

and I'll announce all of updates at main account instead of it.

might be members are almost change. but I can't choose.

Thank you for continuous support,and starting support!

I like you all little devils :3






ともかく、それに伴い、Little Devil's Pitt用のツイッターアカウントは一時更新停止にします。







Sakura shower

Wed Mar 27 12:19:01 2019

request from ベププ.

Gaw want you join :3


Gimme gimme

Mon Mar 25 09:27:21 2019

request from k--10.

gimme gimme~ :3


I got Goo-chan!!

Sat Mar 23 12:29:51 2019

finally I got life-size Goo-chan plush!

or might be this is too big for life-size xd

thank you very much for supporting!

I'm so happy to see her <3







loser rape

Thu Mar 21 08:29:12 2019

request from Fourward.

taste of abasement...


Green Goo-chan day :3

Wed Mar 20 07:16:58 2019

request from AngelTF.

themed St.Patrick's day.

I liked this so much :3



Wed Mar 20 00:10:55 2019

from book "Patron's Requests".


Takoyaki attack!

Mon Mar 18 23:56:03 2019

request from MarsAtoms.

what the heck is this?! xd

hang in there Martrim!


Tire and texts will be change from May

Mon Mar 18 20:36:35 2019

I will add Tier and change all Tiers texts because of it as pic I attached.

could you please confirm it :3

thank you


Goo-chan plush almost finish

Mon Mar 18 19:27:14 2019

she's almost finished.

these are newest photos.

637D2BD216FFEFA1C1132CF6A0480A4C.jpg 587DA76A8B32130A27A3EBAED234474D.jpg 5ED1503B22B152B59EE1A355F9B35F32.jpg 5A5C63A0B1AF743682504019A9C14CE3.jpg C0331CA3841C60DA280BAE36C04D4A26.jpg

Goo-chan plush update

Tue Mar 12 09:53:35 2019

now almost finish and adjusting details.

I'm thinking funding at KickStarter.

maybe I can start it from April or so.

please co-operate to make Goo-chan plush!

Goo-plush002.jpg Goo-plush001.jpg Goo-plush004.jpg Goo-plush003.jpg

Here we go,Request!

Sat Mar 9 10:00:25 2019

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(last update:Sep,2018)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.


broadcasting now

Fri Mar 8 08:31:09 2019

making BSD cushion art!


Patreon request works doujin

Fri Mar 1 16:30:08 2019

I'm making digital illustration doujin of Patreon request works :3

it includes 16 pics from within 2018 works.

please look forward to it!


white chocolate mixing

Wed Feb 20 17:56:37 2019

request from Marsatoms.

tastes good? :3


character questionnaire

Tue Feb 19 16:01:26 2019

I would ask one to you all.

please tell me which is the Best for you as "Bed Buddy" from form below.

also I attached refer data.

could you please tell me your answer!

title.jpg (d)


Tue Feb 19 10:10:51 2019













about Tier

Tue Feb 19 09:56:38 2019

To members of Yellow Rabbit and Red Rabbit.

about request illustration

I'm thinking request works are publish at Purple Grade from April,

how do you think?

they can just see only request work.


about extra tier

also I'm thinking add more higher Tier that $20 or so.

it's not decided but,will be there is no numbers limitation,able to access all posts,inviting my Discord server.


what I would at discord server

however,I don't know how work is it in fact.

then,I wanna test for it.

this is inviting URL

let's just fun!

chocolate heart gift

Tue Feb 19 09:24:52 2019

request from ベププ.

I'll show cunt boy and willy girl :3

Feb-_girlver.jpg Feb-%E3%83%99%E3%83%97%E3%83%97_boyver.jpg

Goo chan plush

Mon Feb 18 03:39:51 2019

I just done to payment for Goo chan plush.

I hope it will be cute...

and also I'm so afraid how much is shipping cost...!


also I'll attaching final refer data of Goo chan plush. (d)

About reward

Fri Feb 15 10:20:31 2019

recently I'm thinking about reward contents that changing to more fans.

like a...

Green to Blue grade: for SFW contents and full size of art,

over Purple grades are NSFW and PSD.

this is just example,and I know I have to consider about various things,

so what if it's applied, will be from April at fastest.

I'll announce again when it decided!

Thank you.

Valentine Gift from Goo

Fri Feb 15 10:00:07 2019

request from AngelTF

Heart candies falling down from the sky!


donut bear PSD

Fri Feb 15 09:05:57 2019

there is all rough data in it. (d)

cherry blossom storm

Fri Feb 15 09:02:42 2019

ah~ :3


punishment chair

Wed Feb 13 13:43:18 2019

request from Fourward.

adding a punishment as many as number of cum!


Goo!d morning

Tue Feb 12 08:34:16 2019

Request from k--10.

pee time at morning.

on the Aki face :3


for Bear Box one

Wed Feb 6 11:33:21 2019

that's why recently I making new bear character xd

I wanna make more some donut bears each boobs size!


Here we go,Request!

Wed Feb 6 09:32:09 2019

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(last update:Sep,2018)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.



Wed Feb 6 09:24:28 2019

materials that movie I made before.

sittingoo.jpg sittingoo.psd (d) %E3%81%8A%E3%81%99%E3%82%8F%E3%82%8A%E3%82%B0%E3%83%BC%E3%81%A1%E3%82%83%E3%82%93.mp4 (d)

Goo-chan daki rough

Tue Feb 5 03:04:19 2019

it's so good for daki!!

or... is it too much?


add:this is optional item of Goo-chan plush on Kickstarter.

and also I making Goo-chan blanket,too.


This is BIG!

Fri Feb 1 22:50:40 2019

I'm doing design work of love doll of such a character with some Japanese company.

this is just image rough,so we still don't know how looks it will be but we'll see.

I'm so exciting with this work!


Grand Patrons List for January

Fri Feb 1 22:35:34 2019

Hi everyone!

hows your furry life?

I'm so glad also this year still make something for furries with you all!

thank you for continuous support!!


Japanese style new year meal

Wed Jan 23 10:11:20 2019

request from MarsAtoms.

ya,of course her cooks are all "Fra Diavolo" xd


JMoF2019 shirt rough

Mon Jan 21 14:54:45 2019

<please note:this is Confidential. No publishing to any website allowed.>

first rough ideas of JMoF2019 T-shirt the one they choose.

they worried for kids so I had to edits it not lewd at all.

well,I'm good if they are happy.

E_180910.jpg (d)

BSD bros

Fri Jan 18 02:31:09 2019

original size


squeezing strawberry milk

Fri Jan 18 02:29:37 2019

request from k--10.

hmmm,I wanna taste this until I die :3



Wed Jan 16 07:36:24 2019

request from Fourward.

finally,she became onahole!!


Goo-chan plush progress

Sat Jan 12 22:06:29 2019

I re-drew refer more plushy like.

base fabric will use semi long fake fur material.

how does she look? :3

all joints are lax like a big bear plush so she can't stand without support.

hmmm,and might be I'll open Kickstarter page for this.

and/or pre-order style / open only Goo-chan commissions.

Thank you!


take off!! -extra boobs-

Fri Jan 11 22:45:37 2019

with PSD :3

twitterfur-lewd2.jpg (d)

take off!!

Fri Jan 11 22:23:28 2019

boing boing :3


milked fur-dragon

Fri Jan 11 16:07:03 2019

yes,one more! :3

request from ベププ


Invisible walls

Thu Jan 10 14:47:22 2019

request from AngelTF.

self flatten Goo-chan :3

in Fallout Japan.


Happy peach spring furries

Tue Jan 8 15:58:03 2019

Once up on a time,there is various feline furries in the small floated Asian taste town.

There is Fluffy-Unspicy-Cotton-Kindhearted-Snow-BALLS falling down rarely.

That is meant sign of lucky in a Town,everyone likes watching those,touching those,licking those,and to keeping and taste in them mouth.

Also there is only female furries in a town.

Do you know why?

Because a Man wished so...

"Oh yes! which means I can draw any type of Boobs!"

A Man thought.

Then you know what?

Came out deLi-cious Boo...*Harrumph* beautiful female furries next and next came out of a town.

Then,a Man got comfortable ate Cat and little Panda's chubby labial;

And lived happily ever after.

-The End-


Here we go,Request!

Tue Jan 8 15:25:36 2019

<Happy new year everyone!>

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(exactly same with last month)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.


Goo chan prototype manga<ENG>

Wed Dec 26 05:45:01 2018

Is there any onomatopoeia dictionary in English? xd


about Goo chan plush

Wed Dec 26 03:03:47 2018

I'm inquiring to factory.

they required at lowest 1000pcs!! but I can't order such a mass amounts.

then now I asking that could I order by more less moq.

I'll get reply from them next year. we'll see hows going on.

also,please feel free to ask me any questions :3







ishimura_plush-ref-front181225.jpg (d)


Tue Dec 25 04:47:32 2018

Christmas :3


Past works

Mon Dec 17 21:05:30 2018

ya this is holiday season!

there is some doodles of mine I drew used be that in attached zip.

including some works I couldn't release as illustration doujin book about 10 years ago.

file.jpg (d)

grow up angel

Mon Dec 17 14:17:38 2018

request from k--10.

still tiny,but huge!



Mon Dec 17 12:27:07 2018

I wanna eat her dip in honey.

alphys2.jpg alphys3.jpg alphys-re.jpg

BSD daki update

Fri Dec 14 15:09:36 2018

it will be custom shape that add wings to Daki.

peach skin material cover and wings,

release date is maybe mid to end of Feb,

price is $120 which including shipping cost.

pre-order will be start soon!

I'll show copy illustration on twitter.

could you please wait for a while :3


Hubba Hubba

Fri Dec 14 14:58:29 2018

request from ベププ.

molested Tangan!

don't worry baby Tangan there is a NOTHING to worry about pregnant. might be.


xang doodles

Thu Dec 13 11:30:07 2018


39_2007.jpg 39_2002.jpg 39_2006.jpg 39_2014.jpg 39_2015.jpg 39_2017.jpg 39_2018.jpg

loli poped lolipoped lolipop

Wed Dec 12 08:55:11 2018

request from Mooky.

although I don't know title sentence was right or not become 15th anniversary coming next year her glisten boobs still big and soft Merry Christmas!


Winter Wasteland

Tue Dec 11 10:14:11 2018

request from MarsAtoms.
I'm thinking use this for christmas card for this year :3


Christmas Goo-ift!

Mon Dec 10 07:30:46 2018

request from AngelATF.
Fun with everyone :3


Final Request in 2018!

Sun Dec 2 04:11:24 2018

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Note that this time requests are able to take until 20th,Dec.

it can not carrying over to next month.

you may tell me your request ASAP!



Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(exactly same with last month)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

oh,and might be I'll make digital illustration doujin book of request arts!!

thank you.



Sun Dec 2 04:00:24 2018




p3-sv.jpg (d)

GPL for Nov!

Fri Nov 30 09:05:30 2018

Yeah~ Grand Patrons List for November!

your support is really help me.

actually really saving me. Thank you so much!!

also this year finally one month left.

I wish you guys all have a happy end of year :3


$5 a one shot

Fri Nov 23 16:57:55 2018

request from Fourward.

possibly I like thinking for such a tools.




Mon Nov 19 09:47:31 2018

request from ベププ.

now let's refill seeds in your pot!


guest Manga character refer

Mon Nov 12 11:44:54 2018

character refer of guest NSFW Manga that I making now for winter comiket 2018.

also I attached father's one.

they are cats father and daughter,in mid age japan(maybe).

I'll make it so crazy :3

character-refer002.jpg character-refer003.jpg character-refer001.jpg

I won >:3

Mon Nov 12 05:45:54 2018

request from MarsAtoms.

yes I can attach not only boobs but also cunt to Ghost :3



Sun Nov 11 08:25:08 2018

request from AngelATF.

S 10
P 1
E 10
C 8
I -500
A 10
L 3


squeeze Torihime-kun!

Sun Nov 11 06:09:02 2018

request from k--10.

clean it. and once again >:3


Gimme more

Fri Nov 9 08:55:10 2018

possibIy I have to consider publish "Dolphin!" characterize as living sex sleeve for humans on punimania series :3


Ruined Shopping Mole

Thu Nov 1 07:27:57 2018

this is one of the hardest work of mine.

I paid over 50 hours and make a lot lot of designs.

Besides, I did some edits after deadline cuz they told me so problem of Quality Assurance.

there is nothing sad than working on so hard on birthday. hmmm.

well meanwhile,I had a so fun adding a essences horror games I love and Fallout.

there is tastes from Resident Evil,Silent Hill,Dead Space,and The Last of Us.

perhaps best of best horror game titles are all end same uh sounds?

what the hell.

I like them till now. so also I was wanted definitely join them to "Seenya-land" that I drew for Kemono Magazine 5th Anniv.

FYI,there was doesn't exist white dragon,because he based a cat I had named Ralph.

but he was gone 2 years ago... so also dragon was gone,too and I couldn't draw him.

I'm so looking forward to see Ralph again after I died.

hugh well,even I like Ruins. that's so much hard to draw though.

I hope you guys enjoyed this piece so much :3





















Here we go,Request!

Thu Nov 1 06:48:11 2018

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

Tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

Works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(exactly same with last month)

could you please check it out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.


GPL for October

Mon Oct 29 08:50:17 2018

this month I did almost commissions works,haha.

November,I'll make NSFW Manga for Kemorava! that doujin publishing by Takashe.

that'll be most totally abnormal I ever did cuz I'm thinking heroine is cute Japanese cat babii :3

please look forward to it!









Deep throat

Fri Oct 26 08:26:59 2018

"You love this fuxxn' bitch,huh?"

request from Fourward.

I was to enjoy it(w


Night Crawler

Fri Oct 26 06:18:40 2018

his dick got so happy squeezed her huge boobs :3


Hot slit

Fri Oct 26 01:24:23 2018

she's totally on fire :3

request from ベププ. thank you!


note:I was mistook name I wrote. I'm sorry.



Thu Oct 25 12:38:29 2018

yaaas :3 I love tentacles! :3

request from MarsAtoms.

thank you!


hug hug

Tue Oct 23 08:22:38 2018

what a beautiful family :3


I found recently 最近気付いたの

Mon Oct 22 12:34:49 2018

I don't mention about policy about this Patreon;Little Devil's Pit.

so,I wrote on top of profile as totally different that drawings I always do/show at twitter/pixiv.

also,I'm thinking about advertisement of my Patreon. ex,It's no problem you all introduce Little Devil's Pitt at anywhere though,perhaps I should another twitter account for this,might be.

could you please tell me you had any good idea.

And... in the meanwhile,I found out dedicated Goo-chan tag at "621"(lol

should I glad to that? Haha.


ここでの掲載イラストはツイッターやpixivとはまるで違うので、痛く失望して去っていく人が何人かいました。 かなりエグいですからね。 また、表記自体もかなり誤解を招く言い方だったので英語版のみ全面的にTOPのプロフ内容を書き替えました!

また、なるべく誤解、誤認誘致を避けるためにツイッター本垢での宣伝行為も現在考え中です。 例えば皆さんの手でこのLittle Devil's Pitの事を宣伝していただく事については問題無いのですが、もしかしたら専用のツイッターアカウントを新設すべきかもしれません…。




swing swing!

Mon Oct 22 09:57:42 2018

request from AngelATF.

I think she likes swing so much :3



Mon Oct 22 09:15:40 2018

and of course she is hyper slut :3


off the skirt

Thu Oct 18 15:03:35 2018



Off the cover

Fri Oct 12 09:46:28 2018

Halloween remake.


Silent magic library

Fri Oct 12 09:37:46 2018


I don't wanna draw spiral staircase again...


Gaw-Gaw halloween 2018

Fri Oct 5 13:15:42 2018

BG for mobile phone :3


tell me your request!

Tue Oct 2 14:26:27 2018

I'll make color rough for you who earned Yellow and Red rabbit reward :3

tell me your request via email( or message in Patreon!

works are will be publish for Yellow rabbit. also Red rabbit members are able to see those illustrations :3

and please note that there is border of SFW to NSFW to each characters.

details are included this reference.(exactly same with last month)

could you please check out before order and please feel free to ask any questions.

thank you.


Grand Patrons List for September

Tue Oct 2 14:05:21 2018

thank you for continuous support!

and thank you,for join to our member!

September was passed very quickly though,I could take some rest.

and then,October. this is Halloween month.

which mean,it's my month,hehe.

this month,I would... make some Halloween style pieces and Goo-chan things. I was re-re-re-re-re-made her story,AGAIN(lol

I'll show some designs,backgrounds,and story(although Japanese text...)

I... I wanted make more sad,mad,and comical.

anyway,could you please look forward to see it!

thank you :3


Request pic

Mon Sep 24 23:32:13 2018


suddenly added a many of monster's hands :3

thank you!


all done

Mon Sep 17 08:50:23 2018

to final update for Lovely Sugar.

I had a fun :3

edits180917_crape_B.jpg edits180917_crape_A.jpg

crape bird for Lovely Sugar

Sun Sep 16 15:13:45 2018

edited design a little.

it's... so looks like with cute monster I drew for Japanese sns game... :3


and Chief's capricious edits :3

Thu Sep 13 12:17:20 2018

gif animation and attached avi.

I should make ero Manga of her.

sirokuma-kanojo-gif.gif sirokuma-kanojo-avi.avi (d)

Requested Kanojo!

Thu Sep 13 12:02:17 2018

from Fourward.

Shirokuma Kanojo(polar bear girlfriend) sex :3


milk candy3

Tue Sep 11 09:24:19 2018

the last one!

but also I'll draw other character for Lovely Sugar :3

milkcandy-C2_180911.jpg milkcandy-C1_180911.jpg

about request

Thu Sep 6 08:42:54 2018

for Yellow Rabbit grade and Red Rabbit grade.

Thank you for upgrading! and also continuous supporting!

you guys all able to request character art to me just at once to each month.

however,each characters has border that about each situation even also NSFW or not.

this is reference.

and even note that rights is can't carrying-over to next month.

thank you.



those... might be... publish. as digital illustration book.

at pixiv BOOTH.


Thu Sep 6 08:31:37 2018

from k--10.

thousand times endless cum squeezed L-cup boobs :3


milk candy B psd

Thu Sep 6 05:39:55 2018


let's play with it 3::: (d)

milk candy B

Thu Sep 6 05:36:34 2018

and attached siru edits one :3

milkcandy_B1.jpg milkcandy_B2.jpg

milk candy2 line

Thu Sep 6 02:13:32 2018

smack smack :3


Goo Goo Goo

Tue Sep 4 05:01:44 2018

zzz ( ˘ω˘)


open :3

Mon Sep 3 08:09:05 2018

how adorable babii dolphin!


Character References for Request

Sun Sep 2 18:37:43 2018

I made some character references for request.

those are classified by rating.

however,it's a not fixed classified.

It'll be change by your request content or my feeling anytime.

although I won't change often those.

well,just references for you.

thank you :3







condensed-usa002.jpg (d)


Sun Sep 2 08:25:16 2018

don't forget send me your color rough request for this month!

milkpie milk

Sun Sep 2 08:16:39 2018

adding one to "Lovely Sugar".

with PSD data unflatten.

I'll add this even after finished 2 more pics of her that adding to actual data set at the BOOTH.

milkcandyA180902.jpg (d)

milk candy line art

Sun Sep 2 06:53:03 2018



Space pole dancing Rabbit Succubus

Sun Sep 2 06:37:06 2018


I like this taste for taller character.


Saru★Rasu vacation

Sun Sep 2 06:32:40 2018

full Manga data of guest work for Sarumaru.

he's so cute :3

p3-tougou.jpg (d)

clean Dolphin!

Sun Sep 2 06:11:48 2018




Thu Aug 30 00:53:53 2018

I wanna this Dolphin! hole doll :333


another request

Tue Aug 28 04:31:59 2018

glass of milk :3

hot milk.


Request from Fourward

Tue Aug 28 03:04:32 2018

sexy Mama :3


best hits

Sat Aug 25 08:53:41 2018

I don't know when publish this book though but I'm planning now that including typical pieces from "punimania" and "BOX series".

and include some color roughs which I show at twitter.

also title was some accident had happened but never mind :3

btw, my country can't be publish uncensored!!




Sat Aug 25 08:47:11 2018

curious :3

marsatoms_01_July-gif.gif marsatoms_01_July-avi.avi (d)

Grand Patrons List for Aug

Sat Aug 25 06:46:53 2018

thank you for everyone continuous supporting!!

and I'm sorry this month a little bit small amount updating.

but next month!


missy pants

Tue Aug 21 14:07:05 2018

problem is where hole ends at back.



Tue Aug 21 08:50:21 2018









[NOTE]about request policy

Mon Aug 20 23:09:19 2018

could you please note that basically I can not accept obvious NSFW of Black Shark Dragon,Goo,and milkpot.

I did tried some though,I felt pretty hurt.

well,I don't care someone draw for NSFW with my characters.

and sometimes I'll make such a thing might be or because of need such a situations.

I'm really glad you guys each likes my work.

but I can't take those request anymore if it even commissions of $1,000.

really sorry suddenly.

but I thought I should be honest.

also Manic-depressive illness has also deteriorated considerably.

I can make NSFW punimania characters or characters for NSFW(Torihime,Shirayuki,other non name characters).

I should make reference though,there is pretty many characters so I can answer in each case.

Thank you.

crape bird

Sun Aug 19 11:31:28 2018

for "Lovely Sugar".

I didn't get it at first but now, I think I'm understood now!


Request from AngelATF

Sun Aug 19 10:57:22 2018

boob heart!

hmmm, I thought this is pretty complicated move for Goo-chan so somebody makes heart :3


just between you and me

Sat Aug 18 17:56:40 2018

Goo-chan was made as fap material.

at very first time. long long time ago.

I designed her when I was high-school student.

but now...


Request from k--10

Sat Aug 18 17:38:53 2018

I was totally dead today,but I'm okay now for a while so I did this!

oh~ what a sinful one(www

you bad boy. you're very very bad bad boy k--10 :333


I wanna

Fri Aug 17 06:43:07 2018

draw hentai babii girl for "lovely sugar".

any species or costume requests?

sorry lately update

Fri Aug 17 01:08:24 2018

this month really hard. this is crunch.

also progresses are everything unpublishable for now(it's furry case!!).

but I will make some NSFW arranges until end of month.

cuz I will unleashed from 28th or 29th(;゚ー゚)

and,this illustration data I attached,well,I'm thinking just for a joke but,it's mean I drew this babyhood of Big Mama.

I was fake it for my twitter followers,hehe.

babymama-if.jpg babymama-if.psd (d)


Thu Aug 9 03:04:26 2018

yes Goo-chan!!

in fact,the world,town where living Goo and friends is inspired from land of my origin.

called Nagareyama city at west north of Chiba state.

they are "surviving" summer at Exercise Park in Nagareyama. there WAS so wide grass,many logs,nets,and huge iron towers.

sometimes actually sold ice bar for kids though,they eating made by Aki.

Goo-chan's world doesn't exist fridges or huge ice blocks like a world we living so made them function of vacuum.

cracks of ground are because of earthquake.

well,I should show those more fun though,I'll edits everything when I draw Manga ;3


Pre-order began!

Wed Aug 8 06:48:34 2018

system voice:

Black Shark Dragon silhouette cushion pre-order has been activated.

All BSD fans have to check it out at Alice Books.


Crayfish remix

Sun Aug 5 03:40:49 2018

"This is the re-mix one, of mother monster..."

just kidding!

But it's true!! I'm remixing for more fun.

ahh I like so much accessory breasts of such a creatures!


GPL for July

Tue Jul 31 17:28:40 2018

take a year from Little Devil's Pit was opened;finally reached to 50 patrons!

it was very small when I started. however now became pretty busy,and I'm thinking so glad to that.

I love this place,because I can express my true opinions,and reading comments of you all.

it's so feel at peace.

I'll make various goods or doujin even this one year :3

thank you so much for everyone!!

Little Devil's Pit から1年経ち、いま50人を超えるファンの皆さまにご支援いただいております。




Request from ベププ

Fri Jul 13 02:37:43 2018

it was kinda challenge to me(lol

thank you for supporting!


polar bear bikini

Thu Jul 12 11:30:42 2018

Patreon edition :333

Ice Ice baby


Request from fourward

Tue Jul 10 10:10:19 2018

I met her in a really long time!

thank you very much for everything!!



Sat Jul 7 19:10:24 2018

almost 1 year earlier this is.

I was thought a lot of board design.

It was too hard simply to me O_O

well,I'm done that my favorite style at the end.

coloring is inspired from GTA5.

I don't know who drawing though that like a graphic and comic tastes are really great.

FYI,city of background is from Tokyo buildings.

but as you know that is not actually Tokyo city.

I'm planning there is island have like a Tokyo city at nearly from his nest.

it's called foreshadowing?

huh,I can't write comment any more because of his cute,haha.

smile! peace! slit!

anybody become Gaw-Gaw :3


Request from MarsAtoms

Sat Jul 7 18:28:24 2018

thanks a lot for big support!!


Request from AngelTF

Tue Jul 3 19:41:39 2018

thank you for supporting a lot!


thank you for upgrading!

Tue Jul 3 07:55:26 2018

I'm telling you all over Yellow Rabbit grade!

email me on the profile when you want to send a request.

and request is basically only characters of mine.

so could you please attach characters name or picture with your request comment.

Best Regards

silhouette cushion

Mon Jul 2 14:49:10 2018

I'll provide baby Black Shark Dragon silhouette cushion at Aug.

you can purchase at Alice Books.


material:baby velvet

design:one surface print

size:about 50cm height

price:4,666 yen(tentative price)










limit extended

Mon Jul 2 14:36:11 2018

Yellow Rabbit grade and Red Rabbit grade are extended up to 3 that limit number of patrons.

thank you very much :3

Grand Patrons List for June

Sun Jul 1 22:49:12 2018

June was a lot of support I taken from new and continuous patrons!

also a lot of comments and private messages.

I read all. every single comments.

Thank you very much!!

July,and August (and maybe also Sep) is seems almost I'll make Manga.

for mine,guests,and... might be US comic...

I don't know where these going but,I'll do my best and even show various character arts to you all little devils :3

Best Regards


Free reward samples for 1st Anniversary

Fri Jun 15 03:28:10 2018

Hi there!

do you wanna lewd chibi characters?

I'm showing such a images every month :3

also don't forget download attached pics!



♀ちびキャラのR18メインでイラストを提供しているLittle Devil's Pitです。




icecream-rape-B.jpg bearbaby.jpg %E3%83%8D%E3%82%B3%E3%81%A3%E5%A8%98002.jpg milkcandy-rough.jpg roboko-u.jpg

I think

Fri Jun 15 02:04:55 2018

Goo doesn't have called any "emotions" though,comfortable things is comfortable things.


verge of hip press

Thu Jun 14 15:11:46 2018

open your mouth widely :3


how to send a request

Tue Jun 5 10:47:46 2018

thank you very much for upgrading!!

when you want to send a request,could you please email me on the profile;

or submit a reply to this post.

Best Regards



basically requested arts are publish here to everyone. please tell me if you not want to publish.


NSFW arts are basically okay but could you please refrain characters whose holding rights by other persons/companies as much as possible.

happy 1st anniv!

Tue Jun 5 08:20:35 2018

really thank you for you all!!

and added takeoff version :3

1stannniv.jpg patreon-1staniv_180605.jpg

Karasu-Tengu from "I AM NOT A KEMONER"

Mon Jun 4 03:04:40 2018

characters who mixed up Crow and Tengu(god of thunder in Chinese myth).

also they are one of god of japan.


I redid color work for "I AM~" though,now I looking this I felt something missing than "before".

maybe this style was "my boom" when I drawing I think.


btw you guys all,how do you think such a little/chubby boy character's hentai art that drawn by my style?

ikemo9-after.jpg ikemo9-before.jpg

"Harapeko no Goo" comic rough data

Sat Jun 2 09:25:18 2018

here is English version of "Harapeko no Goo" comic rough data.

it is easy translation so perhaps unreadable and uncomfortable.

and I'm sorry I forgot flip horizontal to picture so please read

Right to Left,hehe.


btw,I was published this(jp lang) at twitter though,

In fact,that was fake end.

it's progress about till 2/5 at 12 pages.


well,would you please enjoy this!

cover001-e.jpg (d)

腹ペコのグー マンガ進捗

Sat Jun 2 09:14:59 2018





cover001.jpg (d)

Grand Patrons List of May

Sat Jun 2 06:37:39 2018

sorry for late to publish!

Thank you so much for continuous support!


Home design

Sat May 19 10:15:07 2018

Design of house of Aki's company.


Aki's weapon

Sat May 19 10:12:01 2018

Steam Gun design from "Harapeko no Goo".

It's shoot heated various things.


released notification

Sat May 12 22:24:24 2018

"PUNIMANIA Lovely Sugar" was just released now!

and please enjoy full data!(some illustrations will adding after-time)

samune001.jpg (d)

edited marshmallow rough

Wed May 9 23:26:54 2018

please don't call to Ghost Busters.


vanilla ice color

Tue May 8 23:43:08 2018

doneness pretty good.

icecream-rape-A.jpg icecream-rape-B.jpg icecream-rape-C.jpg

gang rape of baby vanilla ice cream

Sat May 5 16:22:27 2018

Is hot milk taste good,huh?


just finished clean line.

next punimania will be nice :3


jelly baby color

Sat May 5 06:57:30 2018

and added cum version.

ah... I was remembered one of movie while I painting.

btw,it's so erotic that can see shooted sperm in her body I think.

also which reminds me "Chaos" in Sonic Adventure.

melonsoda-A.jpg melonsoda-B.jpg

I tried

Sat May 5 06:51:34 2018

Jelly baby :3


can I ask?

Thu May 3 16:29:24 2018

I'm thinking draw new hentai babie character illustration though,

Can I take a request to this purple rabbit members about what I draw?(it'll be doodle quality)

please leave your request comment here!

I'll pick up some from within requests.

cleaned one

Thu May 3 16:21:40 2018

where is colored one!?

I can't figure out at all XD

B5_honbun_005.jpg B5_honbun_005.psd (d)

very old guest art

Thu May 3 16:19:23 2018

I drew this for Uri sensei about 10 years ago.

hmmm,how young :3


Fu-jin Raijin

Thu May 3 16:14:19 2018

This is Fu-jin Raijin kemono art for Kemono Magazine.

It was themed "Japanese style". it's mean... motif of old traditional Japan.

hmmm,I don't remember clearly but,I had 4-5 days to finish so I couldn't paint high density art though,I ran by my own style of art.

now I look this... I feel... not enough. although did my best!

I don't know is there something lucky objects in western art or not though,in Asia,often used such a things.

color,shape,number of edges,materials,numbers...

btw,13 is western's unlucky number,you know. In Japan,4 is unlucky number.

then,where are we?

oh yeah,these black butterflies are lucky object.

someone says black butterfly is symbol of eternal life.

gold clouds are symbol of rich. shiny gold treasure.

and these two Gods are ...well,like a demon or Yao Guai.

but I'm anything okay I can eat all adorable characters! I had "done" with green one again and again :333



Wed May 2 19:24:57 2018

This is a mother monster in the world of "Harapeko no Goo".

design is looks like mixed up Crayfish and Dog.

also very huge like a Tank.

btw,Numa is mean "Lurk" and kaede is mean "Autumn" or "crimson".


prototype of BSD comic

Wed May 2 09:43:40 2018

I attached confidential data.

this is project book of BSD comic.

although Japanese language...

I though first like a BH6. but,it was changed a little for now.








石村「ええと そうですねー (抱いたら頭も埋まるし)パフパフ的なご褒美シーンで…」




ベースとなっているのは最新版の企画書ですが、登場人物や舞台などには大幅に変更が加えられています。 現状、まだ構想段階と言わざるを得ないのですが、各デザイン等が固まり次第、こちらで公開していこうと考えています。


%E9%BB%92%E9%AE%AB%E7%AB%9C%E3%83%9E%E3%83%B3%E3%82%AC%E8%A8%AD%E5%AE%9A%E6%A1%88170202.pdf (d) %E9%BB%92%E9%AE%AB%E7%AB%9C%E3%83%9E%E3%83%B3%E3%82%AC.pdf (d)

Grand Patrons List on Apr

Mon Apr 30 09:19:13 2018

Thank you very much for continuous support to all of patrons!

also I reading every single comments from you all.

really thank you for your acting.


about guest Doujin work ゲスト原稿について

Fri Apr 27 05:49:06 2018

About guest works I drew for various con,I'll release those here that only

passing 6 months from publish at least.

available from Blue Rabbit grade($2).

Best Regards





ice cream fucked by subhumans

Thu Apr 12 01:52:11 2018

definitely for punimania :3


attached standing color rough

icecream-A001.jpg icecream001.jpg

Hoodie towel progress

Sat Apr 7 11:14:14 2018

I got newest Black Shark Dragon hoodie towel sample.

well,this is color rough so some colors weird though,it'll be looks good :3




Notification 告知

Fri Apr 6 19:58:52 2018


This is Reizi Ishimura.

I'm doing announcement for you all.

could you please note that Green and Blue rabbit rewards will be change at June of anniversary.

this is still just plan for now so there is possibility to change from this.

so please feel free to ask/reply me anything about it.

Best Regards










this is

Fri Apr 6 19:22:11 2018

real pedo bear :3


this is

Fri Apr 6 19:21:48 2018

real pedo bear :3



Thu Apr 5 14:27:41 2018






Young Detective in West coast

Tue Apr 3 14:35:20 2018

His name is Nick Holmes. Lazy Detective of west U.S.

he played chess himself but his assistant beat him for let he working.


<about creation>

well,I like so much this picture. look! what a beautiful this accent of petal of cherry blossom! this is re-mixed then got better but first one was... a little cheap.

weird lighting,BG objects not enough...

how ever,I liked this wood shiny. I'd researched various wood furniture,and remember some game graphics I played like a Resident Evil series.

well,about a small table on the left. I tried to make a table which like a Japanese taste. but this is seems almost Shogi Board. this is so funny to me. of course I thought "should I re-design this!" though,I already spent on time almost I had so I couldn't change to some "nicely" one.

<Easter eggs>

almost every time,I'm adding Easter eggs though,this time I added my characters published at twitter.

this room was inspired by Holmes house. I saw that in Detective Conan then I wanted to draw :P

added Goo-chan,mono-eye cat,busty bunny for R-18 doujin as victims.

also even scenic pictures are BG art I drew that doodles for twitter.

and the Map is London's which around the River Thames. it was hard to draw a little btw.

characters in the photos. Ruroh(a mascot character I drew for competition
for CC2),Aruna and Corona of Valentine Illustration,and Assistant(she was used be a idol).

Chess battle content was copied from "BONES" of TV drama. well,also Bones is detective story ;)

and... I can't play the chess...


Grand Patrons List for March

Tue Mar 27 10:20:40 2018

Thank you very very very much for everyone!!!

I could continue this almost one year thanks to supporting by you guys!

I will make special for you from here on out :3


can't insert enough

Wed Mar 21 00:49:28 2018

just only cusp!


about purple rabbit reward/紫兎リワードについて

Wed Mar 21 00:44:38 2018

I changed purple grade policy text a little bit.


please note that I'm provide full of Doujin book content at sale day. however,this is not often.

I'm sorry seems sometime I made someone misunderstood,so I'd say clearly.

there are not changed points other policy of purple rabbit grade.

thank you.







yum yum

Wed Mar 14 18:10:24 2018

baby milk :3


yum yum

Wed Mar 14 18:10:04 2018

baby milk :3


about YouTube broadcasting

Wed Mar 14 17:03:03 2018

I think everyone already know though, just in case.

recently I started broadcast at YouTube!

usually I'm doing painting something,and playing some PS4 games.

if you don't,could you please check on my channel and subscribe :3


My first impasto

Sat Mar 10 18:46:49 2018

This was ... one of art I felt very hard.

I drew this for some card game competition though,I was spent about 50 hours. also I didn't understood to draw like this so every parts are too much painted.

but I like so much this piece,because this is became proof of I CAN DO IT.

then changed huge my art style,and my life.

well,in the end they rejected this :)

however,finally I knew what means of "do what I thinking impossible".


Black Shark Dragon wallpapers

Sat Mar 10 18:32:27 2018

wallpapers which for prize of purchase of blanket and made for PS4.

wallpaper_PC_blue.jpg wallpaper_PC_bigmama.jpg wallpaper_PC_red.jpg ps4bg.jpg

edits milk bunny

Tue Feb 20 08:28:57 2018

shapes became better :3


self fanfic

Tue Feb 20 08:27:13 2018

do ya? do ya? do~~ya~~~?


HQ on the roof

Wed Feb 14 10:18:59 2018


survival life in earthquake island of wasteland.

this is re-make one of picture which published in THE KEMONO BOOK3 issued by Cyber Connect 2.

It was... very hard to draw. I was spent actual 3 weeks indeed.

also because this is my first experience for such a high-density paint.

and also used over 400 layers,collecting many of refers these items,design of labels...

I,I promised,I never,NEVER doing this.




Wed Feb 14 07:37:45 2018

Happy Valentine :3

item-thum.jpg I_AM_NOT_A_KEMONER.pdf (d) (d)


Tue Feb 13 04:29:15 2018

chibi Nekomimi from "punimania remix+"


Grand Patrons List in Feb 2018

Tue Feb 13 04:13:41 2018

thank you so much for you all little devils!!!


Goo bath series

Sun Feb 11 05:58:55 2018

Is there any soap in wasteland...?

goo-bath1.jpg goo-bath2.jpg goo-bath3.png goo-bath4.jpg

"Harapeko no Goo" characters

Fri Feb 9 19:50:58 2018

concept designs.

chara-goo.jpg chara-aki.jpg chara-kyuu.jpg chara-yuuri.jpg

黒鮫竜設定 Character of Black Shark Dragons

Wed Feb 7 05:03:56 2018


publishing a part of Black Shark Dragons.

gau_character.jpg mama_character.jpg

Pacifier of Devil baby

Thu Jan 18 08:05:48 2018



Ogre baby

Sat Jan 13 06:04:28 2018

you're become youngest mother... *giggles*

attached Siru edits.

ogre_baby1.jpg ogre_baby2.jpg ogre_baby3.jpg

The making of Before - After full

Wed Jan 10 06:48:37 2018



This is a kind of how to book of line art and coloring by my style.

but there is not include English explain texts in the book...

Perhaps you could feel what these saying though,I will translate to English these texts at a later date.

please give me a time for a while.

cover001.jpg ba-making.pdf (d) (d)

changed index illustration

Tue Jan 9 02:27:41 2018

and decided title,too :3


Sun Jan 7 13:12:25 2018




Grand Patrons List at January

Sun Jan 7 10:12:19 2018

thank you very much for a lot of support!


Ninja baby

Sat Jan 6 18:24:22 2018

seems can't insert just 2 fingers :3

-attached Cream pie edits one

ninja-baby1.jpg ninja-baby2.jpg

Happy new year!

Sat Jan 6 18:18:59 2018

nipples nipples(・w・



Mon Dec 25 07:15:30 2017

for Japanese patrons.


【誤】・ 2$コースのR18作品

【正】・ 2$コース以上のR18作品




original resolution

Sun Dec 24 19:19:48 2017

it's available for B5 size print :3

christmas2017.jpg christmas2017.jpg christmas2017.psd (d)

Merry Christmas!!

Sun Dec 24 19:14:03 2017

I had chicken like a Japanese :3



Sat Dec 23 15:02:34 2017

including original resolution of almost past mama art works.



My first Kemono doujin

Sat Dec 23 07:58:05 2017

baby step :3

p0.png (d)

Christmas Big Mama wall paper!

Tue Dec 19 17:54:39 2017

I'm happy to give sexy Santa to you :3


Christmas Big Mama

Tue Dec 19 17:51:40 2017

present for you :3


this is... Ur...

Thu Dec 7 12:09:37 2017

and also this.

totally insane.


this is the crossing

Thu Dec 7 12:07:42 2017

this is one of a pic which I drew long time ago.


Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Thu Dec 7 12:06:05 2017

rough sketch to "punimania lovely sugar(Beta)".

although might be become chocolate...


Sea-mouse sisters

Sun Dec 3 15:53:11 2017

Off the bras!!!


Sea-mouse sister

Sun Dec 3 15:51:58 2017

original version.



Sun Dec 3 15:51:04 2017

warm snow. yeah baby.



Sun Dec 3 15:50:23 2017




Sun Dec 3 15:49:36 2017

rub rub rub


rough image cut of android bunny

Fri Nov 24 20:39:25 2017

she's talking,moving,and feeling like a humans...


guest character for winter comiket

Sun Nov 19 11:29:55 2017

I'll make manga of her.

of course NSFW :3

attached files are base design.

file.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88001.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88003.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88002.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88004.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88006.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88005.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88009.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88007.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88008.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88010.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88011.jpg %E3%82%BB%E3%82%AF%E3%82%B5%E3%83%AD%E3%82%A4%E3%83%89-%E3%83%87%E3%82%B6%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E6%A1%88012.jpg

White marshmallow bear

Sat Nov 18 17:00:35 2017

rough sketch from "punimania lovely sugar(BETA)"


Milk Candy

Wed Nov 15 14:11:03 2017

rough sketch from "punimania lovely sugar(Beta)".

milkcandy-rough.jpg twintale.jpg

Baymax more cum test

Wed Nov 8 00:28:07 2017

excellent endurance.


Baymax cum test

Wed Nov 8 00:27:22 2017

does it good?


Boob max

Wed Nov 8 00:25:56 2017

drew that seems warm.



Wed Nov 8 00:24:55 2017

I want to Baymax like this.


Shark Girl with toy

Wed Nov 8 00:06:59 2017

feels good?


chibi angel

Wed Nov 8 00:05:21 2017

attached small tits version.

chibiangel-A.jpg chibiangel-B.jpg

Corona daki without milk ver

Sat Oct 7 13:32:47 2017

hug hug Corona :3

attached back version.

corona-daki-front.jpg corona-daki-back.jpg

Aruna daki without milk ver

Sat Oct 7 13:30:30 2017

hug hug Aruna :3

attached back version.

aruna-daki-front.jpg aruna-daki-back.jpg

sweet silent time

Sat Oct 7 13:27:34 2017

feels good honey...?



Sat Oct 7 13:26:14 2017

happy sand.


Daruma usa

Sat Oct 7 13:24:12 2017

hmmm,you're so cute.


finished Okitsune Mama

Sun Sep 10 13:09:44 2017

yummy mama fox...

attached unflatten psd to this post.

and now available "FOX BOX PSD+" !

okitsune-mama-finish.jpg okitsune-mama-shift.jpg okitsune-mama-finish.psd (d)

oh Mama

Sun Sep 10 09:02:14 2017

Uh lala.

rough data who Mama of Okitsune-sama that it will be include to "Fox Box".

Fox Box will sale on this month :3


Chibi Bunny

Sun Sep 10 09:01:17 2017

pic from punimania.


Usa hole doll

Sun Sep 10 08:57:15 2017

she is alive and happy...!


Usa hole

Sun Sep 10 08:56:46 2017

I want one like this.


Usa hole

Sun Sep 10 08:56:03 2017

I want one like this.


Usa hold

Sun Sep 10 08:54:23 2017



Usa hold

Sun Sep 10 08:52:17 2017



I AM NOT A KEMONER pre order available

Tue Aug 29 04:53:01 2017

my first doujin art book "I AM NOT A KEMONER" available pre-order now at Alice Books :3

it will be sale on September 6th.


Obake roughs

Thu Aug 17 00:47:35 2017

rough images from "Obake-no-oppai ABC".

all includes of A to Z.

ghost-abc-a.jpg (d)

Rough image of "I AM NOT A KEMONER"

Thu Aug 17 00:44:37 2017

some rough images of cover art that illustration book:"I AM NOT A KEMONER".

it was not easy...

ikemo-sketch001.jpg ikemo-sketch003.jpg ikemo-sketch002.jpg ikemo-sketch004.jpg

Cover art of "I AM NOT A KEMONER"

Thu Aug 17 00:37:59 2017

high-reso jpg image and unflatten psd file of cover art that sold illustration book at Comic Market 92 in Japan.

btw it'll sale maybe at Alice books soon.

kurosame-sea.jpg (d)

Heart breasts Big Mama

Fri Aug 11 21:44:46 2017

could be bed sheet or something in the future...?


Fox Sex

Fri Aug 4 20:33:45 2017

uncensored version paint from punimania REMIX plus.


bunny hole(uncensored)

Fri Aug 4 20:30:46 2017

her meats tastes good I think.


living hole bunny

Fri Aug 4 20:28:49 2017

I like bunnies too much,huh.


found out uncensored bunny

Fri Aug 4 20:22:03 2017


jpg (d) %E3%81%BE%E3%82%93%E3%81%90%E3%82%8A%E5%B7%AE%E5%88%861.jpg %E3%81%BE%E3%82%93%E3%81%90%E3%82%8A%E5%B7%AE%E5%88%862.jpg %E3%81%BE%E3%82%93%E3%81%90%E3%82%8A%E5%B7%AE%E5%88%863.jpg

sex junkie Fox god

Sat Jul 22 15:13:52 2017

give your sperm.

attended made it XX-CAKE gif and avi.

sesse.jpg sesse-gif.gif sesse-avi.avi (d)

chibi nekomimi thief

Wed Jul 12 03:19:45 2017

caught by fish shop owner.

illustration from "punimania"


KSK bunny

Wed Jul 12 03:13:14 2017


while sleeping

Wed Jun 14 11:09:55 2017

includes edited ver.

hadake-ruro-1-u.jpg hadake-ruro-2-u.jpg

while sleeping

Wed Jun 14 11:07:45 2017

includes edited ver.

hadake-ruro-1.jpg hadake-ruro-2.jpg

inspired Jaculus

Fri Jun 2 15:50:21 2017

it's only imagine :3


Strawberry milk fox

Wed May 31 19:18:16 2017



Strawberry milk fox

Wed May 31 19:11:24 2017

alt versions are all sfw.

fox-cum.jpg fox-taimou2.jpg fox-taimou1.jpg fox-taimou3.jpg

15 patrons anniversary

Mon May 29 19:57:47 2017



15 patrons anniversary

Mon May 29 19:06:14 2017

thank you for everyone!


dark girl

Mon May 29 11:35:59 2017

sample rough from Punimania Remix+



Mon May 29 11:20:13 2017

hmmm,how many white stickies she can accumulate in her uterus?

roboko-u.jpg roboko-nml.jpg


Mon May 29 11:12:52 2017


chibi bunny

Sun May 28 14:23:31 2017

psd disappeared :(

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg jpg (d)

and chubby

Thu May 25 06:56:15 2017



I like chibi

Thu May 25 06:50:06 2017



Jap country girl

Wed May 24 02:22:32 2017


Satan & Succubus

Wed May 24 02:12:24 2017


sucking Karasu-Tengu

Tue May 23 14:54:35 2017


chub JK Fox rough

Tue May 23 14:52:45 2017


chub JK Fox

Tue May 23 14:49:51 2017


bondage rabbit

Tue May 23 14:41:33 2017


Jap country girl

Tue May 23 14:39:27 2017


happy valentine

Tue May 23 14:37:01 2017