Why didn't post anything these months?

Wed Sep 30 09:15:15 2020

I'll be direct with you guys,

Once you found out, from the beginning of this account that there are people who looks like are supporting me but keep copying all i'm content without asking, paste them in another website, making a page of me and accepting people to support with money too that website which are full of people who keep copying stuff from other creators too...

Can you guess how i feel? I feel deeply disgusted!

People likes to cheat on feelings people? Very well, here my position;

Untill that page (and who's acting like this KNOW what i'm talking about) will not be deleted, here my next moves:

My promise to all the people who support me for REAL is that i will keep taking serious this project and keep working on it, just forgive me if i didn't post anything for so long but i'm sure you can understand (I already tried to report it and asked help to Patreon but without the results i hoped)

Except these people, the rest of you i thanks to keep supporting me and respecting my works

Have a great day

How it will be for this month?

Sat Aug 1 12:57:03 2020

As i said last month, i couldn't use the computer for quite some time

If all goes well, I should be able to start again around the 10th of this month, in fact I am replying to you via mobile phone

Thank you so much for the patience you're all having with me, i will keep you updated for any new info

Wish everyone a great day!

Price list 2020 - ZackTheRiolu

Sat Jun 20 06:56:14 2020

1) I accept only Paypalas payment method;
2) If you wanna pay with Dollars / $, ask me first;
3) As i said above, be sure to sendthe right amount of money or i will not start it;

4)I ask for an advance payment of 10โ‚ฌto begin and the rest for later;
5) We can talk aboutrefund only if i'm having problems making the drawing or for personal reasons;
6) I invite anyone to being respectfull andaware about what i can offer in drawing;
7) I do not accept commissions out of my possibilities;
8) I do not accept to draw: Gore, Blood, Hard-vore and anything too brutal (For others you can send me a private note);

For any doubts, i'm available.. The commisions will close around 20th July

1st SLOT Taken "Anonymous" - 2nd SLOT Available

Price_List.fw.png Style_N_2.jpg Style_N_3.jpg Style_N_1.jpg Style_N_4.jpg Price_List.fw.png

Polls about my next steps

Tue Jun 2 08:03:44 2020

Which of the following suggestions would you like to consider?

(For others idea, plz don't be shy to share me ^^)

A message for those who run away at the right moment

Sat May 2 08:35:55 2020

Did you just realized to being blocked?

I guess you shoulded be More responsible and not flee away when the donate was really gonna need it, here another form of disrespect to the creators which do their best to their own works

Enjoy the permanent block ๐Ÿ‘

A little taste of the works :P

Sat May 2 08:28:38 2020

Except for the time of the frames it can be fixed, i like the result so far โค


FINALLY a personal, mine computer! รง__รง

Fri Apr 3 12:04:18 2020

Please let me explain why i'm so satisfied about it:

1- Any system-errors i couldn't fix is not a problem anymore;

2- I can come back making videos on my YT channel using this new PC;

3- No errors anymore when i'm editing a video;

4- It's new-clean, so not have to deal with the trash-files of my brother;

5- Not have the worries to do not continue my works Because this one it's Fully Mine;

6- Some games i can record them fully 1080-720;

The only issue there's not a CD player, so nextly i have to buy an external one, but except that, it's very cool!

I just woulded like to share with you my joy, hope you do not mind ^///^
Have everyone a great day and Plz stay safe by the virus

pc_1.png pc_2.png

Would you like i may makes particolar animations for few specific preys? (Like i done it for Snorlax' edit?)

Sun Mar 15 01:50:18 2020

If you do not have idea what i'm talking about, download the gif attached or click the link below:

(Suggest a prey on comments)


So many possibilities

Sun Mar 15 01:38:01 2020

Even Swalot seem excited to my works! xD So much times i can use to continue my works cause of that Corona Virus

(Yes, the works it's continue pretty fast than it looks ^///^ )


Mugen Vore - Get in mah Belly!

Thu Feb 27 21:42:19 2020

I somehow managed to upload the Snorlax video on Youtube!

I wish i could makes some of my zooms.. *sighs*

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_O3_3bRUTHgM_sddefault.jpg

A little warm up!

Wed Feb 26 17:59:40 2020

It might not seem.. But this animation took more times than it looks.. U_U;;

By the end of February, i should be able to show an idea of the sketches for the medium belly-hold of the predator

Gonna updates you before it!

โ™ฅ Thanks for your support! โ™ฅ


Working in Voregress

Wed Feb 19 19:33:29 2020

After few experiments with spriters, i can confirm a new edit-vore incoming!

Expect more in the future! :D

ps: It's harder than it looks ^^;


I may have found the next character

Thu Jan 16 15:00:36 2020

I still not gonna tell you because i wanna be sure, as i did with every character i had work, to have the ideas clear and being sure to actually working on it without too many obstacles

Next month i will give you confirm, in the meantime i give it some works and see how's all the thing evolve

Hope you have a great day and thanks to keep supporting me even after the previous edit done ^///^

Preparing myself and choosing

Wed Jan 8 00:43:05 2020

The results of the poll it's neat, new edit-vore will be it, just need few days to recover myself after the long session of RL works between Christmas and New year's i just finished yesteday ^^;

Not gonna ask any charge this month, obviously, once i will settle down everything, i'll talk more about the edit-vore the next month

Said that, see ya in the future. If there will be updates this month i will post it earlier

Have a great day

ps: I can't post any video on YT, who's interested on showing the Snorlax works on theri channel is welcome, would be nice to seeing YT people reactions ^__^

and now, what's next? You choose

Tue Dec 24 09:43:26 2019

The most voted one will be my next target


Sat Dec 7 17:17:04 2019

Yaaaay! Finally it's released! x'D

Here some important notes:

- The preys animations will works correctly ONLY using the ones i left in the Snorlax's folder (Private reasons force me to use the ones with no-vore edits);

- Before i manage how to upload the video on youtube, you can see and download it in the Attachments below this post;

- This edit it's made using the Mugen 1.1, didn't test it on previous versions;

- Some characters could not be recognized for the sizes differences, my requests it's to tell me which one you would like to seeing it fixed (As i said, i can't put every character made on Mugen ^^; )

I have to thanks "Solarflared" to have helped me with the coding issues i was having;

Wish you a good game!

In the future i will makes a poll important too

vlcsnap-2019-12-07-18h02m26s411.png Snorlo.mp4 (d)

I'm ready to continue my works ^__^

Sun Sep 1 10:56:31 2019

This August month was pretty intense, not much about the relax but about my RL works

I don't think you're interested about what happened on my life, if there are not exceptions, i just wanna said I'M back to continue my works.

That month i taken cause of parent's meeting and summer stuff, now that is done i can restart for good ^__^

Hope you guys spent some nice times

ps: 4th September it's my Birthday.. 25 years old... wow.. Seem like yesterday i was 18 only O__O

How Pledges can offend people (Plz read for explanation)

Fri Jun 14 11:04:25 2019

When i actually get a new Pledge/Patreon who support me, i'm normally happy about it

With all the RL stuff i have to pay, my RL works is not enough, Patreon it's like one of my Hobby's works which permit me to buy/gain something for myself too (I bought a new phone for my mother, the last one was terrible considering CPU, RAM etc.)

Moreover, i'm trying to give importance to them: 3$ are great, 6$ i can share particolar content.. So, if i realize (Using my e-mail) that someone at first pledge 6$, check all the content available so far and once done get back to 3$ or even do not support me at all... This it's not tolerate! I consider it a lack of respect both for Me and the Patreons who support me!

If someone wanna support me, You know at fisrt how much you can before pledging
So do not expect, for those who act like this, to being Blocked

Excuse my vent, but i would like to be clear from the beginning,

Thanks for have read this message and have a great day

Wanna see different size of bellys considering the prey nommed?

Thu Jun 13 17:16:21 2019

It's something i'm considering to makes for a closer Logically vore situation, but with even more belly animations!

Moreover all this require extra works which will keep me busy for a long time, so before jump into it, i want to give you the last choise to you guys

Would you prefer:

Extra works and a longer Patreon's Goal? (200$) OR Do not works on it and keep it as 100$?

โค A New-Vore character is coming! โค

Thu May 16 15:58:55 2019


I started weeks ago in secret..

I wonder who this predator could be... Ok! I know it's easy to recognize it but.. You know.. For the fun of showing the Incoming character ^///^;;

I promised and keep my promises! Which it was to making one soon or later AAAAND here we go! Well, if you want spoilers of it let me know

Any support will be accepted โค Thanks for keep supporting me โค


There will be a new addition!

Tue Sep 25 10:18:20 2018

Considering RL job, my focus on drawings and my weak inspirations M.u.g.e.n, i decided to Add (Not replace, add) the chance to see some of my drawing works too.

This because there are some i may not be sure if i would pubblish them, or maybe are old works memories from when i was Mystervore88

Obviously, there's a price to pay but, it will cost 3$ only

What do you think of it? Would you be interested?
Plz let me knows

I enclose a drawing as reference as idea on the quality of my drawings



Sun Sep 3 23:42:55 2017

GENGAR: "Click Here!"


What a nice sourprise don't you thinks too? Hehhehe.. Not joking, here is it!

BUT WAIT! This download DO NOT imply the next updates i will gonna make. If you want them too.. There's still the Patreon's target to reach!

Let me know if there are any error from it, i will try to solving it.

That's all, i wish all of you a good and spooky fun!


GENGAR -20$ Only for this month!

Sat Aug 12 17:26:01 2017

I decided for this month only to reduce the price of the patreon's target of 20$

At the end of the month, it will gonna come back to his original price, i would considering it well this possibility

That's all, have a cool day ;)

GENGAR's Demostration #2

Sat Aug 12 17:02:48 2017

Finally after a long time, here for you the update i promised times back!

1# "More Belly-animations"

This update include:

- Belly hard-struggles with prey's movements WHEN the opponent have more than 20% of life (if less than 20%, the classic belly struggle);

- Pressing the button "Down", You'll gonna make the "Sit-hold" animation. Which this will include another No-Digestion ending AND another release of the prey (You need at least 1000 power for doing it)

That's all for the first update, i want to remember that for getting the character, we need to reach the Patreon's target

Hope you enjoy the video and have a cool day!

fVjXqU_jEfqBIuewDVCAa79D9LZkIiNLWhGuevJGQc7a19-gdj7udPYlz_B3okYe.jpe (d)

1# "More Belly-animations" COMING!

Thu Jun 29 15:57:31 2017

On the important post (?) I asked about what would you like to see from the next Gengar's update

Considering it's the most voted, i decided already to start making more animations and more belly's struggles as promised

What's the 1# is it for? Hehehe.. What would you think it means? -3-

Until that day, i wish everybody to have a cool summer and in particolar who has exams to do!

GENGAR's Demostration #1

Sat Jun 17 18:35:54 2017

Here a video demostration about what i've done so far with the basic edit-vore of Gengar!

I want to remember for who still didn't do it, i've made a post which you can have the possibility to choose what would like to see for the next update:

Hope you enjoy the video and have a cool day! โค

X63EfiNUK-bQWjVZNtVNH6Le-X8pAiJEQQv3czUIMRmi_pf9lRrL-TF_ceMYzgJD.jpe (d)

Gengar's edit-vore it's done! (Read first)

Sun Jun 11 13:32:30 2017

As the title said already...

i finished the principal edit-vore of Gengar

When we will reach the Patreon's target, i will stop the votes from the previous post:

(If you do not know what i'm talking... Click here!)

and i'll gonna makes what you guys asked more!

Expect a little video trailer about him :P

Wish you a cool day and please โค this post if you read it whole

What would you like to have for the next Gengar's update?

Wed Jun 7 20:58:50 2017

โ‹† Anal-vore;

โ‹† Cock-vore;

โ‹† More Belly-animations;

โ‹† More Gengar's voices;

โ‹† Body-Digestion;

โ‹† Soul-Digestion;

โ‹† More burps;

โ‹† Crouch-animations;

โ‹† More gurgling sounds


Gengar's vore-attempt

Tue Apr 4 16:16:31 2017

YEP! Here an animated gif about a vore-attempt by: Gengar
(Will be completed as long i get support, remember it :P )

Have a cool day everyone!


New vore-character upcoming!

Fri Mar 17 10:16:05 2017



Recently i started to working on Gengar, a ghost one which it looks pretty loved by the old fans

I'll not gonna deny i've still some doubts about this new uncomer and MAYBE will not be so revolutionary as the Charizard one or Spike itself

But if you would like a new vore-character to adds into your roster, i'm sure you'll gonna appreciate it aniway once completed

Wish you to have a cool day and i hope i've teased you with my next project! :P

Maybe i chosen the next edit-vore!

Sat Mar 4 18:30:20 2017

As you all know, with the new job for living, it's difficult find a good amount of time and continue my vore works

By the way, during these moments i taken a look around a pokemon who interest me.. It looks easy, pretty loved and from the Dshinetz works.

After few tries with its spriters, maybe it interested me enough to considering it for a next edit-vore.. Who? Little secret for now!

Hope did i interest you. If you have any suggestion or idea, feel free to tell me below! ^___^

Wish you to have a cool day!

New edit? or New Update?

Sun Feb 12 12:41:46 2017

Well, the words to you guys.. There's a character you would like to see into a vore-situation?

(These are suggestions, i still take the freedom to choose and valute if the character would be a good one or not)


Mugen Vore - Spike's rules! It's my title! (DOWNLOAD VIDEO)

Sat Feb 4 15:28:40 2017

โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘ โ†‘



Spike: "Hello snacks, it's me Spike.. Ehmm..

Well my author asked me to make this video for him, showing my new update, considering it's often busy with his new job he don't have time..

As you can see, the video it's EXACTLY as he wanted.. Really!"


Drawing made by: "battlestoriesfan" from DA

Link drawing:

Mugen_Vore_-_Spikes_rules_Its_my_title.mp4 (d)

What i'm doing now..

Fri Jan 27 22:02:24 2017

I'm sorry if in this period i didn't bring out anything new yet, but my job is stealing me times and i'm pretty slow with the works

Of course, this do not mean i've stopped, infact i've in mind after a drawing to being focus on making a new video for showing the updates about the Crouch-hold works

What i can only say now it's to be patient, i will continue bring and makes new stuff, i just need more times than usual

I wish you everybody a cool day, thanks for your patience...


Spike Cock's Vore Update! Download link!

Tue Jan 3 00:07:44 2017

Say Hello for this very-special update-vore.. Or we could say:
Cock's Vore_Update


This was born at first as a private Birthday Gift for: HungoTheNomster from Furaffinity

BUT at the end, he gave me the permission to posting it and about sharing it to everybody so.. HAVE ALL FUN!

Let's consider it as a gift for who supported me without i even started a new project yet xD

Wish you to have fun!



Tue Nov 29 20:42:50 2016




After long time, i finally finished this first project with Patreon

I'm sorry if required more time than usual, but with the new job and other personal reasons it required me more time than i thought.

I'm preparing a new video for celebrating our first goal togheter!

Let me know what do you think


Digestion & No-Digestion included!

Sat Nov 12 20:11:01 2016

As wrote in the title, i finally was able to inserting both finals:

"Digestion" AND "No-Digestion". I have a good news and bad one:



These two finals can be made during the "Crouch Hold" animation

Before the opponent it reach the "1" life, you can choose the ending you wish:

If you will keep pressing the "X" mugen's button, it will go toward the Digestion final;

If you will keep pressing the "Y" mugen's button, it will go toward the No-Digestion final;



Sadly, if the "No-Digestion" final will be chosen during a battle: 1 vs 2, will gonna glitch and have some issues. I'm sure it could be solved somehow, but my knowing on coding it's still not enough for it, i'm sorry (I swear, i tried everything)

A personal suggestion, it's to gonna use it IF one of the 2 opponent is already K.O. In that situation, it should not gives other problems.

That's pretty much it for all, hopes you'll gonna accept it as soon i will keeps working and gonna finish it soon.

Have a cool day!

I'll be slow but still continue

Sun Nov 6 20:17:28 2016

In this period i will starting my new job and it will takes me a lot of times.

It's possible i will be slower but i will still continue this project. I'm actually on the coding part and like 60/70% of the works it's done. I'm actually stuck in a specific part but someway i will find the rights triggers etc. to solve it.

I still remember i appreciate a lot your support, even if i repeated a lot of times, i will not disappoint you!

Thanks for the patience and for reading this

Starting with the coding part (finally ^^; )

Fri Oct 21 19:32:08 2016

These last days i have finally found the time to starting with the coding part

There are still parts i want to implement, as new voices, new sounds effect and probably an edit to a specific move, but these are stuff easy to do so, i prefer being focus on the difficult parts (About that move i said, i've actually the spriters ready from like a year.. I still don't know why i didn't used them yet xD)

To conclude, it's more for saying something cause i'm not dissappeared xD

Be cool and thanks for your trust! I'll not dissappoint you!

Let's show few spriters again!

Fri Oct 7 15:24:02 2016

As i promised, considering i couldn't last time... Here few sprites as proof i'm still continue my works:

This it's when will gonna change into the second crouch animation...

Here one of the many sprites where Spike is enjoying during the second animation

This before will gonna digest it's opponent. In the future i will explain more! ;-)

I'm sorry if i'm taking it so much but, my mind it's like, better be slow but being sure to making good works than making them fast and doing ugly mistakes

Thanks for your support, i will not dissappoint you!

Just.. Amazing!

Sun Sep 18 21:28:11 2016

What can i say.. Were passed like 2 days after i edited my goal and showing my new purposes and we already reached the goal amount requested

I didn't ever had the time to breath kinda.. I can just ask you to be patient at this point for at least showing you nextly some new images as proof.

Just.. Thank you a lot for your support! Not have much to say at the moment...

How proceed the updates

Thu Sep 8 10:22:41 2016

I wanna thanks everybody cause we've reached the goal amount requested,

i'm very happy to know you are interested to my works and efforts.

I'm sorry if i didn't posted anything until now, it's simply cause i've just started to using Patreon and only now i realized how to make a post like that so..

Be patient with me heh..

As proof and thanks, i show you few images you could see:

We have: "Croutch-Hold animation AND NO-Digestion ending"

I want to remind that the images are still in the works, so there will be improvements and variety of images