Deadlift - HD

Tue Jul 21 04:32:45 2020

Old comm I finally got around to.


Dicks - HD

Thu Jul 16 23:06:45 2020

Ven and Val. There you go. Now you know.


Pyramids - HD

Mon Jul 13 23:28:15 2020

The boys out to curse some planets.


Bliss - HD

Sat Jul 11 01:20:12 2020


7_-_Bliss.png 7_-_Bliss_-_Alt.png 7_-_Bliss_-_Bulge.png


Fri Jul 10 19:18:50 2020


Thank you so much to everyone who stuck with me and supported my patreon over the past few months. I have barely been able to work, it was destroying my back to use my pc with my cardboard box setup, and I am so sorry that I haven't been able to provide enough content and keep up with rewards because of that.

The support from everyone has been everything, allowed me to afford food and not go broke while I couldn't work. I'm going to be trying my best to get into a workflow now and break out of what I've been in for the past months. I only have a few owed comms to work through, then I should be able to open again soon!

Also Suckin Dick - HD

Thu Jun 25 07:04:26 2020

Today was National Suck Dick Day

6_-_Dick_Suck_1.png 6_-_Dick_Suck_2.png 6_-_Dick_Suck_3.png 6_-_Dick_Suck_Spread.png

Suckin Dick - HD

Thu Jun 25 07:03:29 2020

Tier reward sketches from last year. Slowly working through my queue of stuff, shouldn't be long before I'm caught up.

6_-_Ebi_Dick_1.png 6_-_Ebi_Dick_2.png 6_-_Ebi_Dick_3.png 6_-_Ebi_Dick_Suck_Spread.png

Image and PSD Archives Updated

Sun Jun 7 23:36:52 2020

These have been shut down for a while cause google TOS can just snap your email out of existence for having shared drive folders with NSFW content and I didn't want to take risks.

Set them up again with a different email now so they should be fine. You can find them by clicking the archive tag or pinned tag on the posts page.

High Res Images: https://www.patreon.com/posts/25831021

Photoshop Files: https://www.patreon.com/posts/psd-archive-25831237

This is a Threat - HD

Fri Jun 5 01:53:46 2020


Sketches and WIPs

Mon May 18 01:33:51 2020

Some stuff from the past few months.

4_-_Done.png 2_-_What_The_Fuck.png 4_-_Smol_Done.png 5_-_Ejector.png 5_-_Skydiving.png 5_-_Spacewalk.png 5_-_Splash_Mountain.png ESzbBvaUMAIfvq7.png unknown.png unknown_1.png unknown_2.png unknown_3.png unknown_4.png unknown_5.png unknown_6.png unknown_7.png

Buff Dog - PSD

Sun May 17 00:27:37 2020

Who will she crush.

5_-_She_Bugfhff.png 5_-_She_Buff.psd (d)

Buff Dog - HD

Sun May 17 00:23:18 2020

05-16-20_She_Buff.png 05-16-20_She_Buff_-_Alt.png

She Ass - HD

Tue Apr 28 02:55:52 2020

04-27-20_She_Ass_-_Alt.png 04-27-20_She_Ass.png

She Bad - HD

Sun Apr 19 01:39:37 2020

It's the same res as other places but whatever.


She - PSD

Sat Apr 18 15:14:39 2020

e.png 4_-_She.psd (d)

She - HD

Sat Apr 18 05:03:04 2020


04-17-20_She.png 04-17-20_She_-_Alt.png

$10 Tier Bonus Vote

Sat Apr 4 00:29:47 2020

Y'all get a 2nd vote in the character poll. Same as previous post.


Character Vote

Sat Apr 4 00:25:19 2020

Vote for your preferred character, and I'll do a sketch of them sometime soon. May be combined with ideas suggested by $5+ tier members.

All characters are in attached image file below.


Sketch Ideas and Suggestions

Thu Apr 2 00:07:09 2020

You can submit an idea here that you'd like to see me sketch. It can be something to be done with the winner of the character vote, something for me to draw of my own characters, or whatever.


Character Suggestions

Wed Apr 1 23:51:39 2020

Bringing this back. Answer this form with a character you'd like to see me draw (Yes it can be your own). This will close after a few days and go to a vote.

I'll do a sketch of them sometime over the month, possibly with the chosen theme.


Business Shark - HD

Sat Mar 21 16:47:52 2020

I forgot to post this whoops.


Squat - PSD

Sat Mar 21 16:35:20 2020

gfhujtf.png 3_-_Squat.psd (d)

Squat - HD

Sat Mar 21 16:34:28 2020

Nut freckles are 10/10

03-20-20_Squat.png 03-20-20_Squat_-_Big.png 03-20-20_Squat_-_Strap.png

Skully Dies - HD

Mon Mar 9 02:09:39 2020

And he deserves it.


Fit Corg - HD

Sat Mar 7 01:07:05 2020

Oh no she was so excited too.

03-06-20_Can_Fit_Corg_Fit.png 03-06-20_Fit_Corg_Cant_Fit.png

Ven's License - HD

Fri Mar 6 08:11:06 2020

I hope you're proud of her.


Northern Zebra - PSD

Thu Mar 5 02:51:46 2020

hjghjh.png 2_-_Harper_Comm.psd (d)

Northern Zebra - HD

Thu Mar 5 02:47:44 2020

First of the Northern comms finished for Harper Pibble. This character is fucking awesome.

03-04-20_Northern_Zebra.png 03-04-20_Northern_Zebra_-_NSFW.png

Full Time

Mon Mar 2 01:07:30 2020

Title says it. Art is my job now, commissions will be my main source of income.
I don't have student loans to cover my rent now, only debt to pay back, and no financial support from my family, so you guys' support here matters more than ever going forward, and I genuinely do thank you for it. Having patreon eventually cover monthly rent would be a dream, but that's a long way away. I'll likely be struggling to afford things for a while.

I have some queues to work through at the moment, but in the future weekly comm openings will likely be a thing, and I'll be doing the patreon rewards here more frequently, like votes on things y'all want me to draw each month. Without full time university in the way, I'll be putting commission work first, no more delays with owed work or slow queues. Hopefully my mental health will improve from this too, which should ramp up productivity.

Also a little update about the tiers: Patreon exclusive YCH and comm openings are $5 tier and up. The base $2 tier gets all high res files I post, voting for sketches and stuff I'll be doing, and access to all WIPs (Those are posted on my server, but I'll upload those and sketches together every once in a while here.)

I look forward to the future (with some fear) and hope to continue earning your support. Thanks y'all.

Reading Time - HD

Sun Feb 23 18:58:03 2020

Ven's gf is hot tbh


Junk Check - HD

Mon Feb 17 03:03:28 2020


Northern Model Comms

Tue Feb 11 06:57:42 2020

C'mere. I might try to prioritize submissions from you guys.


2_-_Northern_Catalogue_Page_1.png 2_-_Northern_Catalogue_Page_2.png 2_-_Northern_Catalogue_Page_3.png

Dust - HD

Sat Feb 8 02:41:26 2020

I dunno use it as a phone wallpaper or something if you like it.


Dickpic - PSD

Sat Feb 8 02:39:43 2020

It is what it is.

12_-_Dickpic_1.png 12_-_Dickpic_1.psd (d)

Dick Pics - HD

Fri Feb 7 08:45:21 2020

All the dick pics yay.

02-7-20_Dickpic.png 12-12-19_Dickpic_3.png 12-4-19_Dickpic_2.png 02-7-20_Dickpic_No_Caption.png

Update Going Forward

Fri Jan 31 02:10:33 2020

I feel like I've been pretty bad at providing enough for my Patreon, especially since I refuse to post people's commissions since it feels scummy to monetize art someone paid for, I don't do those often though.

I've been thinking of what I do want to do here. I hate doing actual comms, which is why I haven't started any of the ones I took in october, that's kind of just a waiting list now, and I'm sorry to each of those people. Feeling obligated to put those first has made it hard to do stuff for Patreon in the meantime, but as I get my shit together, these are the things I want to do:

- Patreon exclusive YCHs: I prefer doing YCHs cause it's my idea and already partially done by the time I put it up, so it's much easier to carry through on. For every ych I post for the public, I want to do one or two exclusive for you guys.

- The suggest a theme/character vote thing: I still want you guys to get some say in what I draw. I do owe one right now from a while ago, taken so long again cause of the comms throwing me off, that will be done at some point. But I want to do it so you guys can suggest themes/ideas/kinks you want me to draw, and $10 tier can suggest characters too, including their own. Then everyone votes on what they want, and I'll draw sketches or full pictures of it or whatever feels best, that way I can make the stuff you guys want, and enjoy it too.

- I'll still be posting all the high res stuff and whatever photoshop files that I deem worthy enough, and $10 patrons will still get their discount from whatever they may buy from me (Though I don't like that one cause I feel bad if y'all never get to use that discount cause you don't get lucky enough for a ych or comm)

I've been putting most of my time into one kinda big project, which has unfortunately slowed things down, and I've unfortunately lost like 1/6th of my patrons over the last two months. I hope I can make things better and this all makes supporting me worth it to y'all.


I need to try and interact on here.

Tue Jan 28 07:38:50 2020

Feel free to leave comments or whatever, I'm gonna try to actually respond to stuff here for once.

Though the patreon and art channels of my discord are still much better for interaction.

I'll try to post compilations of sketches every month on here if I have them, but again, on the discord y'all get to see wips and sketches as I make them.

Taco Bell - GIF

Tue Jan 28 05:34:57 2020

Don't judge me.


Taco Bell - HD

Tue Jan 28 05:34:07 2020

Oh hey guys.


Not Charging for January

Wed Jan 22 04:32:27 2020

I haven't done enough to earn anything, I haven't been able to keep up with everything people expect. I'll try harder for next month.

Hot Date and Nice Ass - PSD

Mon Jan 6 23:21:20 2020

These are both the same file have fun.

fgddfgdt.png 1_-_Hot_Date.psd (d)

Hot Date - HD

Mon Jan 6 20:04:01 2020

Text-less version attached too.

01-05-20_Hot_Date.png 01-05-20_Hot_Date_-_No_Text.png

Nice Ass - HD (barely)

Sat Jan 4 07:02:45 2020

I had to draw her butt.


It is that time of year.

Wed Jan 1 07:17:23 2020

I'm gonna try to do much better this year I swear. I'll actually get my shit sorted so I can run this patreon properly.


December Sketch Dump

Fri Dec 20 18:47:58 2019

Here's a bunch of sketches I've done so far this month, starting off with Ven's new antlers.

12_-_Winter_Girl.png 11_-_Kinar_Likes_Balls.png 12_-_Short_Bird.png 12_-_Skully_Is_Bad.png 12_-_Kinar_Experiences_Regret.png 12_-_Kinar_Experiences_No_Regret.png

Dickpic YCH

Tue Dec 3 03:58:56 2019

I wanted to give you guys a chance at some patreon exclusive stuff from me, and I want to do this more in the future, like comm openings and stuff.

If you're interested, go to the form here https://forms.gle/duGoYZucuqp3QtMv6

You can ask for different text, some minor changes to the body that's visible and stuff, ask for dick piercings or whatever, but the dick itself is gonna stay pretty much the same.

First one will be $35 USD, and second is $20 USD.
Only one person will be picked for each.

12_-_Dickpic_1.png 12_-_Dickpic_3.png

Stupid Outfit - HD

Sun Dec 1 06:18:08 2019

I keep falling for this fucking thing.


Bottomless - HD

Sat Nov 30 19:32:20 2019

11-18-19_Bottomless.png 11-18-19_Bottomless_And_Horny.png

Small Update

Mon Nov 25 18:28:52 2019

I've been considering merging the $2 and $3 tiers, so all high res images are accessible under just one tier, as well as getting rid of the MS paint reward, since only a pretty small amount of people ever used that. Sadly though that'll lose me some money if all $3 patrons drop their pledge to $2 but that's expected.

I also want to post more actively here going forward, with more WIPs and stuff to share. I may change my discord as well so only patrons have access to see WIPs posted there.
Speaking of, make sure you link your discord and patreon if you want to have that access.

I also will not post high res versions of people's commissions, as it's kinda scummy to make more money off of what they paid for. That won't change much though, since 90% of my stuff is personal work.

No Nut November Day 5 - HD

Tue Nov 12 03:30:26 2019


No Nut November Day 1 - PSD

Sat Nov 2 23:56:24 2019

She didn't cum though.

cum.png 11_-_No_Nut_November_1.psd (d)

No Nut November Day 1 - HD

Sat Nov 2 23:49:22 2019

she dumb


Party City - HD

Fri Nov 1 03:21:42 2019


Baggy Clothes - PSD

Sun Oct 27 01:34:10 2019


10_-_Sweatersss.png 10_-_Sweater.psd (d)

Baggy Clothes - HD Alt

Sun Oct 27 01:30:06 2019

In case you prefer one.

10_-_Sweater_1.png 10_-_Sweater_2.png 10_-_Sweater_3.png

Baggy Clothes - HD

Sun Oct 27 01:28:57 2019

Just gotta rub it in.


Nut Day - PSD

Wed Oct 23 04:04:40 2019

That stands for Photoshop Document.

10_-_Nut_Dayyyy.png 10_-_Nut_Day.psd (d)

Nut Day - HD

Wed Oct 23 04:01:52 2019

Ven busting a nut in high resolution.


Pinup #3 - Extra Pose Vote

Tue Oct 8 02:32:30 2019

For you $10 people.

Pinup #3 - Pose Vote

Tue Oct 8 02:29:19 2019

Ebi won the character vote, so now y'all vote on how you'd most prefer to see her.
Vote for one of the first two options, then a pose.

Her ref is attached.


Pinup #3 - Extra Character Vote

Sat Oct 5 19:43:23 2019

For you $10 people to get an extra point.

Pinup #3 - Character Vote

Sat Oct 5 19:41:34 2019

Vote on which characters you'd want to see me draw.
Picture of all the options attached below.


MS Paint Trash October

Wed Oct 2 17:21:52 2019

It's that time of month again. Ask me to draw anything spooky in the comments and I'll do it.


Ab Pics - PSD

Wed Oct 2 01:55:16 2019

It's really not that special.

fghdef.png 9_-_Ab_Pics.psd (d)

Ab Pics - HD Alt

Wed Oct 2 01:53:38 2019

The dick.


Ab Pics - HD

Sun Sep 29 03:05:38 2019

She takin the pictures.


Bulk Up - PSD

Mon Sep 9 02:53:29 2019

Hey you wanna peruse some beefed up deer.

9_-_Bulk_sdfs.png 9_-_Bulk.psd (d)

Bulking Up - HD

Mon Sep 9 02:50:07 2019

I drew big balls.


$10 Tier 2nd Vote

Wed Sep 4 22:43:22 2019

Y'all better use your privileges and vote again

Pinup #2 - Pose Vote

Wed Sep 4 22:41:37 2019

Alright Ven one the character vote, so how do y'all want to see her drawn?

Not Ven - PSD

Mon Sep 2 23:50:50 2019

It's the PSD

Dick.png 8_-_Antelope_Dick.psd (d)

Not Ven - HD

Mon Sep 2 23:48:29 2019

This is totally not Ven at all.


MS Paint Garbage - September

Sun Sep 1 23:27:14 2019

I'm back and I'm gonna try to do everything as best as I can now, so that means we get more of this trash.

If you want something, put your idea down in the comments.


Pinup #2 - Character 2nd Vote

Sun Sep 1 23:23:56 2019

Y'all get an extra vote.

Pinup #2 - Character Vote

Sun Sep 1 23:21:12 2019

Place a vote on who you'd like to see drawn for the pinup. The votes for the theme will come next.

Image of the characters is pinned to this post.


Spooky Dick - PSD

Fri Aug 30 22:41:36 2019

Yeah that.

08-30-19_Oh_Wow_A_Dick_-_Thumbnail.png 8_-_Oh_Wow_A_Dick.psd (d)

Spooky Dick - HD Alt

Fri Aug 30 22:39:16 2019

Equally meaty.


Spooky Dick - HD

Fri Aug 30 22:37:48 2019

She got spooked a little.



Wed Aug 28 21:57:32 2019

Just a note, any of those spicier pictures I post on my no-lander accounts won't get their own individual posts here, for the sake of keeping the patreon less insane. They will however still get added to the archive folders along with everything else, so anyone that wants them can still get the high res versions and photoshop files.

Pinup #2 Characters

Wed Aug 28 19:47:28 2019

Go yeet a character you want for the pinup into this.
Don't suggest my own characters, I'll choose which ones get into the votes.

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_jGg3_k9hmZAhC6hJa3Vr94s4UcpW0eIwG96qIXNSP0nGqFFpSVE_5JtMt215t6E5LOMw1200-h630-p (d)

Pinup #2 Themes/Poses

Wed Aug 28 19:45:35 2019

Go suggest what you want the next pinup to be.

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_0tuewQapXAfU6BaY6Dz82duCvqYyvL3eY8h5GXV9f50ubCShTZvKibwduvgWB4Hpgscw1200-h630-p (d)

Shark Week - PSD

Tue Aug 20 03:44:45 2019

And this.

8_-_Chroma_Pinup.png 8_-_Chroma_Pinup.psd (d)

Shark Week - HD

Tue Aug 20 03:43:13 2019

Let's pretend that this was the August pinup.

(I'm sorry I've been so damn busy with school forgive me)


No charge for July.

Fri Jul 26 22:54:34 2019

One picture isn't enough to justify charging any of you. Especially since last month's pinup still isn't done.
I'll be skipping this month's rewards at least until school allows me to spend more time on art, assuming I can clear up my mind as well.

I'm very sorry for the lack of activity.

Caribou Day - PSD

Fri Jul 12 03:53:59 2019

Yeah that.

5_-_Caribou_Day.png 5_-_Caribou_Day.psd (d)

Caribou Day - HD

Fri Jul 12 03:33:03 2019

Okay thank god this is done, now I can finally do actually important things.
The full image and the separate sleep one are both attached.

07-11-19_Caribou_Sleep.png 07-11-19_Caribou_Day.png

Not Charging For June

Sat Jun 29 00:23:11 2019

I've had a really slow month, hardly had any time or motivation to draw and the one thing I did work on has taken far too long. I'll be pausing the patreon so no one will be charged, I don't want to take anyone's money if I haven't done any work to earn it.

I'll be trying to catch up and finish a few owed pieces soon, and hopefully I can do a lot more next month.

June MS Paint Garbage

Fri Jun 21 00:19:35 2019

If you want one toss your idea in the comments and I'll draw it.


Trendy Shark - HD (ish) Alt

Mon Jun 17 16:18:27 2019

It's me but as a shark and naked!


Trendy Shark - HD (ish)

Mon Jun 17 16:17:19 2019

It's me but as a shark!


A Short Break - HD

Mon Jun 17 16:15:57 2019

People wanted me to draw Jambi so enjoy this small silhouette of her.


June Pinup - Pose/Theme

Thu Jun 6 00:46:13 2019

I'm gonna have to take Jambi out cause I don't want to draw her with any of the themes unfortunately, so now we need to break the tie between Elesse and Chroma.

You'll also vote for the themes here, so you can get an idea of what character you would prefer in it. (You're able to vote for as many options as you want, so choose a character and pose option)

The pose references are merely to give the idea of what it could be, not the actual pose I'm gonna use.


Sheep Thing - HD

Wed Jun 5 20:22:58 2019



June Pinup - Character 2nd Vote

Tue Jun 4 22:23:41 2019

Y'all $10 people get a 2nd vote.


June Pinup - Character

Tue Jun 4 22:21:53 2019

Vote here for the character y'all want to appear in this month's pinup.
A reference for the options is attached in this post.

Tomorrow the winner will be decided and the pose/theme poll will be posted.


June Pinup Characters

Fri May 31 13:03:23 2019

Add any character you want to the voting, only 1 per person please.

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_jGg3_k9hmZAhC6hJa3Vr94s4UcpW0eIwG96qIXNSP0nGqFFpSVE_5JtMt215t6E5LOMw1200-h630-p (d)

June Pinup Theme/Pose Suggestions

Fri May 31 12:58:09 2019

Y'all just fill this thing out with poses, settings and whatnot.

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_0tuewQapXAfU6BaY6Dz82duCvqYyvL3eY8h5GXV9f50ubCShTZvKibwduvgWB4Hpgscw1200-h630-p (d)

May MS Paint Trash

Wed May 29 02:25:41 2019

Tell me what you want in the comments, I'll draw it.


Discord Link for Patrons

Wed May 29 02:24:27 2019

This link isn't public and y'all only get it once through that pledge message, so here it is if anyone wants to join.

https_cdn.discordapp.com_icons_471026271040700437_afdf50512ec3f89bf3f769fcbfa9b7cb.jpgsize256 (d)

Booty - HD

Wed May 29 02:19:19 2019



Tiddy Yeen - HD Alt

Mon May 27 18:38:52 2019

This time she's got some slightly better table manners.


Tiddy Yeen - HD (sorta)

Mon May 27 18:37:45 2019

She's bitchy, and she's got tiddy and dick. Perfection.


Monthly Pinups

Thu May 23 23:12:36 2019

Starting next month I'm gonna implement some more rewards for y'all.
It will just be a simple monthly pinup that every patron can vote on. (Character, theme/pose etc.)

$5 + patrons can suggest themes and poses for the picture each month.
$10 patrons can suggest characters for the picture (Including their own)

All patrons will get to vote on it, and all will get one week early access to the picture.

Ass Eating - PSD

Thu May 16 18:55:00 2019

PSD for that thing.

5_-_Ass_Eating.png 5_-_Ass_Eating.psd (d)

Ass Eating - HD

Thu May 16 18:54:00 2019

It may seem a bit weird but this is pretty normal.

Erin belongs to Kawfee, found here:


Foxo - HD

Fri May 10 01:04:04 2019

Hey look at this "big" fox. She ain't cute at all, nope.

05-06-19_Foxo_Winter_Ref.png 05-06-19_Foxo_Summer_Ref.png

Minimalist Bar Fight - PSD

Fri May 10 01:02:26 2019

This one is a damn mess.

5_-_Luka.png 5_-_Luka.psd (d)

Minimalist Bar Fight - HD

Fri May 10 00:55:45 2019

Damn at least there aren't any barstools and tables to break.

05-04-19_Luka_-_No_Text.png 05-04-19_Luka.png

My Ass - PSD

Wed Apr 24 00:34:33 2019

"Honestly write anything - your patrons will love it."
I call bullshit.

04-23-19_Deer_Butt_-_S.png 4_-_Deer_Butt.psd (d)

My Ass - HD

Wed Apr 24 00:32:16 2019

Now you can ogle my butt in higher res.


April MS Paint "Rewards"

Sun Apr 21 02:12:44 2019

Yo if you want me to butcher your idea in Paint then tell me what you want in the comments here.

l'll be trying to get them all done before the month is over.


Forest Fox - PSD

Sat Apr 20 01:15:15 2019

PSD file of the fox picture.

Illustration.png 4_-_Forest_Fox.psd (d)

Forest Fox - HD

Sat Apr 20 01:13:35 2019

Finished YCH for Morphius


Protein - PSD

Sun Apr 14 01:44:28 2019

PSD file for the buff stuff.

04-06-19_Beef_Duo_Bulge.png 4_-_Beef.psd (d)

Protien - HD Alts 2

Sun Apr 14 01:41:53 2019

Clothing that does not fit.


Protein - HD Alts

Sun Apr 7 04:39:14 2019

In case you prefer one more than the other.

04-06-19_Beefsnep.png 04-06-19_Megadeer.png

Protein - HD

Sun Apr 7 04:35:02 2019

Commission for Fluffcat, oversized animals.


Stretch - PSD

Thu Apr 4 03:42:42 2019

This one is a frickin mess.

04-03-19_Stretch_Nude.png 3_-_Stretch.psd (d)

Stretch - HD Alts

Thu Apr 4 03:40:41 2019

Premium horse dick right here.

04-03-19_Stretch_Half_Nude.png 04-03-19_Stretch_Nude.png

Stretch - HD

Thu Apr 4 03:39:19 2019

Get you some stretches, hell yeah.


PSD Archive

Tue Apr 2 23:16:41 2019

Link to the Google Drive folder containing all of my working photoshop files.


HD Alt Archive

Tue Apr 2 23:13:55 2019

Link to the Google Drive folder containing all high res alternate versions of images.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25831173_1b28724557c841b9b4265031c582e2b3_1token-time1555372800token-hashCQxAocaCjbZYaEb2qyMwZxhnRNYgKWwA065Q5VqMnSw3D (d)

HD Image Archive

Tue Apr 2 23:05:46 2019

This links to the Google Drive folder containing all high res uploads.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25831021_653f2de3337645609ecbbdddd0422b2a_1token-time1555372800token-hashey2BiKP9q0YWqgWIqMC_qwmGG7qtMxSCG2GSdnPNmuE3D (d)