Hilda: Always lose a battle (Lopunny Ver.)

Found it on Pornhub so its not exactly the best video quality ever lol.

ion-W-Sound-By-Washa.mp4 (d)

Next project: St Louis

Fri Aug 28 18:16:26 2020

Hello everyone!

Here's our next project, everyone's favorite blue hair girl with fancy sexy dress!

Once again we'll have the gorgeous artwork by Aster_C, you know, the same guy who made the artwork for our beloved Sonia GO project!

You can check the full NSFW preview on his Twitter

Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!
Wish you guys have a great day or night! And a great life!
much love, washa


A few changes around here

Fri Aug 14 20:30:48 2020

Hello everyone!

I just want to announce a small change on the format of the animations for now on and the reason for that.

TLDR: I'll make more loops and less cinematics, saving me time to do more stuff on the gaming stuff :)

I'll be leaving the big cinematics aside and focus more on the loops with extras. The main reason for that is time. As much I love making the big cinematic scenes, they are pretty much a string of scenes, all connected and it isn't something simply to achieve in the animation, as all the movements must have a continuous flow. On top of that, I'm not really happy to have only one pose and keep milking it for a 2-3 minutes long scenes, with the same pose but with some speed variations. Another thing that I'll be dropping is the early access content, mostly because I'd to deal with two kind of releases, one for the early access and another for the public one. By having only one release, it saves me some good amount of time, and you guys keep receiving it ahead of time anyway :)

With that said, the biggest point of this change of course is to allow myself to make more animations and other things, like games! I know you all loved the Sonia project and I want to keep expanding that part of the universe, exploring new ways to interact and keep you guys aroused 😏

Hope you guys can understand this changes and get excited for the new stuff we're planning to do, specially on the games parts :D

Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!
Much love, washa ❤️

Modeus (Helltaker) - Public SD Release

Fri Aug 14 20:01:01 2020

Hello everyone! Our beloved and fav demon girl is here, full of love and holding tight Satan's hands!

You can watch the Bad Ending scene on Newgrounds or Pormhub

Patrons will have exclusive access to extras:

Alternate Support Links
Gumroad | Fanbox | Subscribestar


Project credits:

Artwork by FoxyRain - Patreon | Twitter
Modeus voice by MissMoonified - Patreon | Twitter


Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!

Happy fapping!
Much love, washa ❤️


WIPs 0807: Modeus [Helltaker]

Fri Aug 7 22:24:03 2020

Unlocked preview here

Soon, my babies! ;)

modeus_wips2.gif modeus_wips1.gif modeus_wips1_1.gif

Tifa's Heaven [Public Release]

Mon Aug 3 03:04:00 2020

Watch it on P0rnhub | Newgrounds

Alternate Support Links

Gumroad | Fanbox


VAs Credits:

PixieWillow as Tifa & MissMoonified as Aerith


My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!

Happy fapping!

Much love, washa ❤️


Next project: Modeus [Helltaker]

Fri Jul 31 21:15:57 2020

Hey everyone, hope you're safe and well! :)

Our next project will be a short one, as I really need to take a break from big cinematics and make something smaller so I can focus on other stuff, as making games!

Anyway, here's what about the next project: I've played Helltaker and oh boi! there's so much love about how this game was made, it's contagious! hahaha
I know I'm a bit late for the fanart party (as usual), but soon it'll be animated!

The amazing artwork is from Foxyrain, you can see the whole NSFW preview on her Twitter
I decided to take a step back and just work along other artists instead of making my own art for the sake of saving time so I can produce more animations so you guys can fap more :)

I'll keep you guys update!

much love, washa


Tifa's Heaven- NSFW Preview (patrons only)

Sat Jul 18 00:20:00 2020

Easy links to other files:

cum.gif cum.gif fast_close.gif fast1.gif mid1.gif slow_close1.gif

Tifa's Heaven - Early Access available!

Sat Jul 18 00:20:00 2020

Hey everyone, after SO long, it's finally here, my first featuring my artwork hahaha I'm really happy with the result!

Easy links to watch the videos and source files:

VA's credits:

Tifa: PixieWillow | Aerith: MissMoonified

---My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this!
Happy fapping!
much love, washa ❤️

fast2.gif fast2.gif fast1_sfw.gif fast3.gif mid1_locked.gif cum_locked.gif slow_close1_locked.gif fast_close_locked.gif

Tifa's Heaven - Animated Wallpapers

Sat Jul 18 00:20:00 2020

Did some extra versions, enjoy it!

Easy links to other files:

animated_wallpapers.jpg 1080p_02.mp4 (d) 1080p_01.mp4 (d) iPad_retina.mp4 (d) mobile_1080p_02.mp4 (d) mobile_1080p_01.mp4 (d) mobile_1080p_03.mp4 (d)

Tifa's Heaven - Early Access

Sat Jul 18 00:20:00 2020

Easy links other files:

early_access.jpg tifa_heaven_1080p.mp4 (d)

🔞 0630 WIPs: Tifa's Heaven NSFW

Wed Jul 1 02:05:54 2020


cum1.gif cum1.gif fast_2.gif fast.gif mid.gif slow2.gif slow1.gif slow3.gif cum2.gif

🖼️ 0630 WIPs: Tifa's Heaven

Wed Jul 1 02:05:51 2020

Hey everybody! here's some final wips before the release!

See the unlocked gifs here

What's done:

What's next:

It might sound much, but the hardest part is already done, now we're heading to the smooth part.

I won't be able to release it this week tho, there's still a bunch of stuff that I need to handle outside the animation stuff I do in my life, but next week it'll be out for sure! so get your stuff ready!

fast1_closeup.gif cum1_locked.gif cum2_locked.gif fast2_locked.gif mid_1.gif slow1_locked.gif slow3_locked.gif fast_locked.gif slow2.gif

Tifa's Heaven release delayed

Thu Jun 11 23:16:56 2020

Hey, hope you're well.

I'll have to push the release of our project in a few days, maybe an extra week. My wife suffered a minor accident, she's doing well, but now I've to take care of the house shores, of her and also work on our projects, so there's a lot going on and I'm not being able to handle everything on my own.


I'll keep you guys updated, sorry about that, folks.
much love, washa


Sat Jun 6 02:30:10 2020

Hey everybody!

I've created a new account on Pillowfort and I'll start spamming my stuff on there as well, hoping that all other artist do the same anytime soon! haha

I'll continue to use twitter as usual, but I just hope that we all can migrate to this tumblr-like and have those posts filled with gifs and texts without limits! haha



WIPs 0530: Tifa's Heaven (NSFW)

Sun May 31 02:09:58 2020

There's some really hardcore gifs on this wip, you've been warned!

wips2.gif wips4_uncensored.gif wips5.gif wips5_uncensored.gif

WIPs 0530: Tifa's Heaven

Sun May 31 02:09:53 2020

Hello boios and galis! Hope everyone is having a great time!

Here's a new batch of wips from our FF's Goddess!
(PS: there's a couple of really filthy gifs of the wips that I hope it doesn't lead me to a ban, so I might delete it later)

You can check the NSFW version here

I've decided to add one extra scene before they both use their special Cum-Burst Materia haha

While we're talking about cum-burst materia, I've decided to set a release date for this project: 12th June!

So prepare yourself to use your own cum-burst materia as well! 😏

wips2_censored.gif wips2_censored.gif wips1.gif wips4.gif wips3.gif wips5_censored.gif

WIPs 0513: Tifa's Heaven (NSFW)

Thu May 14 00:33:03 2020

I'm really happy with this boobies haha

This is not the final animation wips, it's just a rigging test animation to see how the boobies are reacting, as they are semi-automated :)


WIPs 0513: Tifa's Heaven

Thu May 14 00:32:59 2020

Hey everybody! Here's a quick update about our beloved Tifa!

Check the NSFW preview here

The rigging phase is nearly completed, the only thing left to set up is her facial rig, I'm planning to make a new kind of mouth rig, that's one of the most challenging parts to rig in the face >_<

About our other project, it doesn't have a name yet, but I'm currently calling it "SmashLips" haha it's ready to get into Unity, and the first character that will be featured will be Ahri, as it's been a long time since I've worked with her :)

I'll have to leave the town for a few days, hope I can come back clean and well to continue our lewd production! :)

Please everyone, stay home, stay well and keep your vibes high!!
I want you guys to live and happy!

much love, washa <3

wips_0513_locked.gif wips_0513_locked.gif wips_0513.gif

Next game teaser

Thu Apr 30 03:13:23 2020

Hey everybody!

While we wait for the assets for our other project, I'm happy to finally show you guys a small teaser of what will be our next game, and all I can tell for now, it's VERY different from what you can expect hahaha

The idea for now is study what character will best suit for the launch version and then add more and more characters. I hope all characters I've picked are easy to recognize, as this is the far as the camera will go :P
I shall end up changing the shading a bit, as I'm not 100% sure that's a good one for production, specially in terms of details, but who knows, as much I've been trying to keep the shading simply, I always ended up with this style, so I might keep it this way :)

What? Do you want to know about our Tifa animation? Yes, absolutely! I should start working on them in this friday or next monday :)

Please please please please please, keep your vibes high and stay safe!!

This is a special message for you guys, I love you!

Thanks for reading this message!
much love, washa

lips_01.jpg lips_02.jpg lips_03.jpg

Tifa's Heaven - 4K illustration

Tue Apr 21 19:05:46 2020

Source files of this illustration will be available along with the animation files :)


Tifa's Heaven - 1080p illustration

Tue Apr 21 19:05:57 2020

Hope you guys liked it!


Tifa's Heaven - New illustration and next animation

Tue Apr 21 19:06:05 2020

Hey everybody!

I'm really happy to announce my first ever lewd drawing, featuring my special and only waifu!

I'll start animating it in a few days :)

You can check the full image in SD on my Twitter
1080p version
4k version

Tifa has a very special role in my artist career, as I've started making animations of her and now I'm moving to the next phase where I start making my own art!

This image was originally based on a old scene I'd planned with Shadman (I rather not link it, but you can easily find it on google by searching Tifa x Nanaki haha), but due new terms of Patreon, I'd to scrap it out and swap Red XIII by Cloud, and it was quite impossible as the original drawing had some really weird perspective issues and wasn't possible to draw Cloud in the right way, so I ended up playing around with the 3D models inside CSP for him and also just added another model for Tifa. The end result was this one, with both new characters in the right perspective and a new scenario.

My idea was to add very romantic mood for this lovely couple. I might add more shoots if I get a good time frame to do so, turning into a small video, probably 5 minutes long, we'll see :)

Please let me know what you guys think about this style and improves I can make to this drawing!

---My patrons will get:

Please everyone, keep your vibes high!!
Much love, washa ❤️

tifa_illustration_01b_public.jpg tifa_illustration_01b_public2.jpg tifa_illustration_locked.jpg

WIPs 0401: Tifa's Heaven (full NSFW preview)

Thu Apr 2 02:41:39 2020


New project: Tifa's Heaven

Thu Apr 2 02:41:32 2020

Hello everybody!

I'm really happy to announce our next big project: Tifa's Heaven

Full NSFW preview: Twitter | Patrons

After you guys picked the next character for a loop animation, Tifa was the winner with just a few more votes than Zelda (well, we'll have to hold her for a bit more, but I'll remember that!)

I was doing a lot of research to the get the right picture to animate, but although there are gabazillions of images of her, none was good enough. I decided to pick a very old picture that Shadman and I made together and was meant to be animated, I can't really link it as it contains beast stuff, and as Patreon doesn't like this kind of stuff, I'll just leave a hint how to get into it (Tifa X Nanaki).
As I couldn't use Nanaki for TOS reasons, I was trying really hard to swap Nanaki with Cloud, but as this was an old drawing and by the time Shad did it, the perspective and character's anatomy wasn't very right, so it turned out pretty much impossible to add Cloud on the scene haha.

I was fucked up, couldn't draw Cloud, couldn't fix Tifa, couldn't do anything haha, then I was taking advice's from Sunsetnivaris (Twitter | Patreon go check her stuff, it's really good!), she enlighten me with some magical trick: 3D Models right inside Clip Studio Paint. Many of you might said that's cheating, and who cares? I'm not a professional artist in terms of drawing, so it saved my butt haha.

So! thanks to that, I could finally make my first ever lewd drawing! It's not finished yet as you guys can see, but it's getting there!

Tifa has a really special role in my life as animator, as I've first started doing animations because of her and now I'm finally managing to drawing also thanks to her, my eternal waifu! haha

More details later, I don't want to turn int a even bigger text block haha

Hope you guys are looking forward this project! Any criticism is welcome!

---My patrons will get:

Please everyone, keep your vibes high!!
Much love, washa ❤️


Sonia GO - Android & Windows versions

Sun Mar 15 05:06:21 2020

Happy fapping everyone!

Online HTML5 version should be available tomorrow

provoke_loop_nsfw_540.gif SoniaGO_nsfw_v1.0.apk (d) SoniaGO_-_NSFW_Win.zip (d)

Sonia GO - Animated Wallpapers (NSFW)

Sun Mar 15 05:09:29 2020

Enjoy it!

provoke_loop_no_pants.gif Sonia_-_Animated_Wallpapers.zip (d)

Sonia GO - Now available!

Sun Mar 15 05:14:33 2020

Finally everyone, is here! Our first fully interactive animation, I'm so happy with this!! <3

Play FREE version here

Exclusive links for patrons

Attached the APK file with the free version for those who can't run the game on the itch.io

Happy fapping everybody!
Much love, washa ❤️

menu_gif.gif menu_gif.gif provoke_loop_no_pants.gif provoke_loop_sfw_640.gif cover_image.jpg

Sonia Project - Release Delayed

Fri Mar 13 23:24:53 2020

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry to announce, but our Sonia project couldn't be completed in time, as we decided to implement a few extra ideas we'd and there's been some issues on the HTML5 version.

This project features many ways to interact with her, including boobies with physics and it's fully voice acted by the sexy Ko Clover!

Here's our release plane:

As we don't have an iPhone, neither an Mac, we can't make builds for iOS, yet. But we'll solve this issue after the initial release.

If everything goes well, we should have this project ready for fapping tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for the great support and sticking with us!

--- Here's what our Patrons have access:

Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!
Happy fapping!

Much love, washa ❤️


🖼️ Sonia Teaser & Release date!

Sun Mar 1 03:12:49 2020

Hey everybody!
Check the NSFW version on my Twitter
I'm happy to announce that our Sonia project has finally a release date:

March 13th!

Get things ready! As this teaser just shows a little bit of you can do, there are some hidden features and stuff that I rather leave for you guys to find out! Also, this project will be fully voice acted! haha prepare your ears for some sexy teases!
Hope you guys are looking forward!
Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!
Happy fapping!
Much love, washa ❤️

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_FSkjDV9cJ0E_hqdefault.jpg

KDA Akali & Kureiji (LoL) [SD Public Release]

Sat Feb 22 03:10:15 2020

Happy fapping everybody! <3

Pornhub | NG | Twitter

Want to support but don't like Patreon? Try Gumroad or Subscribestar :)


Easy links to watch the videos and source files:

Early Access - Cinematic 1080p

Animated Wallpapers

4K & Source Files

---My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!
Happy fapping!

Much love, washa ❤️


Loop Animation Poll

Wed Feb 19 03:16:43 2020

The poll will be open for the next 48 hours! You can vote in many characters you want!

I listed mostly of the characters you guys said. I've avoided some characters based on the lack of popularity, although it ended up with the list filled with Nintendo characters lol

Update! Just added the image to everyone knows who's who haha

Projects report 2: Animation polls

Tue Feb 18 02:23:10 2020

This post will be patrons only, as I want to decide along with you guys what we should do next!

TLDR: Let's we all decide who should be the next character to get animated!

My idea is to have you guys on board to help me with the animations, and by that I mean, letting you guys pick a character or series that would be interesting to see getting animated. First, let's decide who character should be animated, then I'll look for some images (you guys can help me too), I'll talk with the artist to get his/her permission and then set a poll to decide what picture should be animated!

So, what you guys think? If you like it, you can already list some of your favorite characters (please just a few) to see in action!

Thanks for reading this! Hope you have a great day!
much love, washa <3

Projects report 1: Sonia

Tue Feb 18 02:23:06 2020

Hello everybody!

TLDR: Sonia still alive and you'll soon be able to touch her!

I've made the post of our last animation and totally disappeared after that, and I'm sorry about it! haha

Here's what's going on and the reason I've vanished: I'm back to Unity and have been studying coding and how to better use it. it's been a really fun process and I can't wait to share with you guys some of the stuff we've been putting together (totally not to make your PP hard and your VV wetty, nah, not at all! hahaha)

Right now we've the controllers to play with Sonia's boobies and pussy working, although I think her pussy deserves a better treatment compared with what I've set up for now, we'll see. I'm setting some extra animations, as the only one I'd set was a simply breathing animation to have something more "alive" in the scene, and also to test out how it works to transition between different facial expressions.

Hope you guys are looking forward this project as much as I am! This is a new step in the animation world :D

Thanks for reading this! Hope you have a great day!
much love, washa <3


KDA Akali & Kureiji - Early Access (Public)

Fri Feb 7 23:33:32 2020

Hey! I'm happy to present you my last release, finally including some lesbians action and I'm so happy with the result, specially on their boobies 😍This project features the awesome artwork done by AAANinja and blessing up our ears, voices done by MissMoonified & Mikaelya


Easy links to watch the videos and source files:

Early Access - Cinematic 1080p

Animated Wallpapers

4K & Source Files

---My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!
Happy fapping!

Much love, washa ❤️

Teaser1_censored.gif Teaser2_censored.gif Teaser3_censored.gif

KDA Akali & Kureiji - Early Access (Patrons Only)

Fri Feb 7 23:33:26 2020

Hey! I'm happy to present you my last release, finally including some lesbians action and I'm so happy with the result, specially on their boobies 😍

This project features the awesome artwork done by AAANinja and blessing up our ears, voices done by MissMoonified & Mikaelya


Easy links to watch the videos and source files:

Early Access - Cinematic 1080p

Animated Wallpapers

4K & Source Files

---My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this, you're awesome!
Happy fapping!Much love, washa ❤️

Teaser1.gif Teaser2.gif Teaser3.gif

KDA Akali & Kureiji (LoL) - Animated Wallpapers

Fri Feb 7 23:31:00 2020

Enjoy it! :D

Much love, washa ❤️

wallpapers.jpg KDA_Animated_Wallpapers.zip (d)

KDA Akali & Kureiji (LoL) - 4K & Source Files

Fri Feb 7 23:31:00 2020

Happy fapping!

Much love, washa ❤️

source_files.jpg KDA_Source_Files.zip (d) KDA_Cinematic_4k.mp4 (d)

KDA Akali & Kureiji (LoL) - Early Access

Fri Feb 7 23:31:00 2020

Happy fapping everybody!

Much love, washa ❤️

early_access.jpg KDA_Cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d)

WIPs 0128: Akali & Kureiji (NSFW Preview)

Wed Jan 29 00:00:02 2020

I'm really happy with these boobies! hahaha

more soon!

wips_0127_02.gif wips_0127_03.gif wips_0127_04.gif

WIPs 0128: Akali & Kureiji

Wed Jan 29 00:00:01 2020

hey everybody!
I'm happy to share with you guys a small wips from the animation I've been working lately!
The animation will have 2 different loops + a cum scene
Unlocked WIPs are available for patrons only! Check them here
The release date for this project is going to be Feb. 7th! So no rewards for this month, sorry everyone!
---My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this!
much love, washa ❤️

wips_0127_02_locked.gif wips_0127_02_locked.gif Post_6.gif wips_0127_04_locked.gif Post_5.gif wips_0127_03_locked.gif

New Project: Akali & Kureiji [Full Picture]

Mon Jan 13 15:23:20 2020

This is gonna be wet 😏


New project: Akali & Kureiji (LoL/OC)

Mon Jan 13 15:23:18 2020

Hey everybody! I'm happy to announce our next project and it features Akali from League of Legends!

That's a partnership project between AAANinja, Tera (his OC) and me. This will our first lesbian animation here on Patreon! hahaha

Hope you guys are looking forward to see it in action as much I am!

The release schedule for this project is next month ;)

Easy link for unlocked image: here

---My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this!
much love, washa ❤️

Post_01.jpg Post_2_locked.jpg

Amazon: Shake it! - Animated Wallpapers (SD version)

Mon Dec 23 00:00:01 2019

wallpapers.jpg Amazon_-_Wallpapers_720p.zip (d)

Amazon: Shake it! - 4k & Source Files

Mon Dec 23 00:01:00 2019

source_files.jpg Amazon_-_Source_Files.zip (d) Amazon_-_4k.zip (d)

Amazon: Shake it! (NSFW - 1080p)

Mon Dec 23 00:00:01 2019

nsfw_ver.jpg Amazon_-_1080p.zip (d) Amazon_-_Wallpapers_1080p.rar (d)

Amazon: Shake it! (2 Loops release)

Mon Dec 23 00:10:17 2019

Hey everyone! For this month I decided to make something quickly but fun!

Featuring the amazing artwork of Nuezou, I finally made something out of the Dragon's Crown game, I really love this game and have been looking forward to animate any of the girls of it! (I still looking forward for the perfect image of Sorceress to animate tho haha)


Easy links to watch the videos and source files:

Full HD - 1080p

Animated Wallpapers

4K & Source Files

---My patrons will get:

Thanks for reading this!
Happy fapping!
much love, washa ❤️

amazon_clothes_loop1.gif loop2_locked.gif amazon_clothes_loop2.gif loop1_locked.gif

Hilda Project: Updated!

Sat Nov 30 02:46:28 2019

Hey everybody! I'm happy to announce that Lopunny is ON!

Also, I've added 3 additional wallpapers (see the gallery)

Everything was added to their original posts!

Easy links to watch the videos and source files:

Animated Wallpapers

Full HD - 1080p

4K & Source Files

---My patrons will get:

Hilda_wallpaper.gif Hilda_Nude.gif Lopunny.gif

Special black friday sales!

Fri Nov 29 00:49:01 2019

Hello everybody!

I'm running a black friday sales on my gumroad! everything is 50% off!

You can use the code: fap50 during the check out!


Happy fapping everybody!

much love, washa! <3


Hilda: Always lose a battle - Early Access available!

Sat Nov 16 02:40:35 2019

Hey everybody!

I'm happy to announce that our Hilda project has been released!

It's not 100% complete tho, as I'm planning to add an alt version including Lopunny and also an special animation of Hilda for you to use on your phone ;)

Easy links to watch the videos and source files:
Full HD - 1080p
4K & Source Files


My patrons will get:


Hilda: Always lose a battle - Animated wallpapers

Sat Nov 16 02:28:16 2019

I'll add more wallpapers next week, including that awesome pose from the intro and also an special version of Hilda naked ;)



Added the additional wallpapers here on the gallery :)


Use this apps for installing the wallpapers


iPhone (not tested, as I don't own one)


Mac (not tested, as I don't own one)



Added an extra version of Lopunny featuring boobies and pussy!
(check last picture of the gallery)

wallpapers.jpg Hilda_-_Animated_Wallpapers.zip (d) Hilda_-_Additional_Wallpapers.zip (d) Hilda.gif Hilda_Nude.gif Lopunny.gif How_to_install_the_wallpapers.txt (d) Lopunny_Nude.mp4 (d) Lopunny_Nude.gif

Hilda: Always lose a battle - Early Access

Sat Nov 16 02:28:17 2019

Alt version featuring Lopunny is ON!



Some users were experiencing some issues with the Lopunny video, it should be working fine in every device, sorry for this inconvenience! :(


Happy fapping everybody!

Much love, washa

early_acess.jpg HIlda_Cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d) HIlda_Lopunny_Cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d)

Hilda: Always lose a battle - 4K & Source files

Sat Nov 16 02:28:19 2019

Enjoy it!


Added the Lopunny Cinematic version


Added the Original and Lopunny Cinematic version without watermark
(sorry about that, I totally forgot to render these versions)

source_files.jpg hilda_Project_-_Source_Files.rar (d) HIlda_Cinematic_4k.mp4 (d) HIlda_Lopunny_Cinematic_4k.mp4 (d) HIlda_Lopunny_Cinematic_4k_nowatermark.mp4 (d) HIlda_Cinematic_4k_nowatermark.mp4 (d) Hilda_-_Additional_Wallpapers_-_No_Watermark.zip (d)

Hilda: Always lose a battle (Teaser)

Fri Nov 15 04:10:55 2019

(video attached on the link)



Last WIPs: Hilda Project (NSFW)

Mon Nov 11 02:37:46 2019

See you guys next friday! ;)

cum1.gif cum1.gif cum2.gif loop3_4.gif loop2_2.gif loop2_1.gif loop3_3.gif

Last WIPs: Hilda Project

Mon Nov 11 02:37:40 2019

Hey everybody! We're close to the end of this project!

What's done:
- All NSFW scenes are completed, it'll include 3 different loops + cum scene

What's next:
- Select an VA for delight our ears while Hilda is having fun
- Animate the SFW intro and the NSFW outro

This project will be released next Friday, on 15th :D

loop1_1.gif loop1_1.gif loop3_1.gif cum1_censored.gif loop2_1_censored.gif cum2_censored.gif loop3_3_censored.gif loop3_2_censored.gif loop2_2_censored.gif

WIPs 1027: Hilda Project (NSFW shots)

Mon Oct 28 03:12:48 2019

what about these babies jiggling around, eh?

preview2.gif preview3.gif

WIPs 1027: Hilda Project

Mon Oct 28 03:12:43 2019

Hey everybody!

Here's some wips of our Hilda Project, I've decided to make it with more speeds + the cum scene. So it'll be an bigger project if compared with Aqua that also features Afrobull's artwork, as I think this image deserves an long version :)

I'll also start looking for an VA for both Hilda and the dude too, as many people have been requesting male moans (I know many of you also enjoy to hear a boi moaning, so I got you covered, and don't worry, it shouldn't take the spot light of her moans)

Unfortunately I can't post the lewd shots in public, so it'll be available only for patrons

This project should be completed around mid-November, so I won't have anything for you guys this month, I'm really sorry

preview3_censored.gif preview3_censored.gif preview1.gif preview2_censored.gif

Patreon alteratives

Sun Oct 27 01:01:00 2019

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to announce that now I've two alternative campaign running in parallel to Patreon, for those who don't actually like Patreon policies or whatever reason :)

First is the SubscribeStar, it have an cleaner/easy-to-use interface and you can watch the videos right away, no need to download them (unless you want)

For refer program, use this link to join, in this way both of us earn some goods!

Second is Pixiv Fanbox, it goes under the same description of the SS, but it's focus on Japan, as it's subscription is based in Yens.


Both campaigns are up-to-date along with Patreon, so all 3 will always feature the same content :)


Weekly report 1018: Hilda (Nude pose)

Sat Oct 19 02:46:52 2019


Weekly report 1018: Hilda & Sonia Projects

Sat Oct 19 02:46:33 2019

Hey everybody!

it's been a while since my last weekly report, I'm sorry for that, I got too many things in parallel to solve and it was consuming a lot of my time, but now things are settle down and I'm fully back to work!

What's completed?

What's next?

About Sonia's project:

I'm still learning Unity and C#, so this project goes into a slower pace, as I'm still trying to figure out how things works the best, as soon I've something new, I'll be posting here :)

dressed.jpg lopunny.jpg nude_public.jpg

New project: Hilda & Lopunny

Thu Sep 26 04:01:00 2019

Hey everybody! here's comes a new challenger!

I'm once again partnering with Afrobull, and with the new Pokemon right on the corner, I decided to pick another pokegirl to get animated :)

You can check the original/uncensored version on Afro's Twitter

For support him, check his Patreon

teaser.jpg censored.jpg

WIPs 0925 - Sonia Project

Thu Sep 26 04:00:01 2019

Hey everybody!

I'm really happy to show you guys the first wips from our next project!

As I'd mentioned before, it's an very experimental one, so it'll take a while as I'm still learning stuff around, but is already possible to see how things are coming around. The idea is to take this concept and expand even further :)

And of course, there'll be an NSFW version of it haha

For those who are curious about the technical part, it's been made on Unity using AnyPortrait plugin, I'm loving this! :D

Hope you guys are excited for this one as same as I am! <3

much love, washa

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_8W9E34_bUUY_sddefault.jpg sonia_wips_0925.mp4 (d)

Shantae and the Risky's Dildo [Public SD]

Wed Sep 11 04:01:00 2019

Watch the full length animation in SD quality on:

Pornhub | Newgrounds

Project credits:
Artwork by Erotibot
Shantae & Risky voice by Oolay Tiger

My patrons will get:

happy fapping, my brothers and sisters!

much love, washa <3


Special Offer: Your unique frame, Signed!

Thu Aug 29 19:27:34 2019


Names are organized in alphabetical order, use Ctrl/Cmd + F to find your name :)

Physical frames will be mailed later today!


Patreon organizes the patrons through their real names, not the nickname, so you'll need to look for your name instead your nickname!

If you want to remove your name from the list, message me!


Thanks everyone who participated, I really appreciate! <3

much love


Special Offer: Your unique frame!

Thu Aug 29 19:27:30 2019




Patreon organizes the patrons through their real names, not the nickname, so you'll need to look for your name instead your nickname!

If you want to remove your name from the list, message me!


Thanks everyone who participated, I really appreciate! <3

much love, washa


Special Offer: All Patrons Poster

Thu Aug 29 19:26:30 2019

See it in full resolution

All I can say for you guys, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU! <3
you guys are the best! T _ T

much love, washa


Next project: Sonia (Pokémon Sword and Shield)

Thu Aug 29 04:00:59 2019

Hello bois and girls!

I'm really happy to announce our next project, Sonia! My favorite red-head from the next Pokemon game :D

As you can judge by the pose, it's gonna be an different kind of animation I'm used to make, and here's the catch...

It's gonna be something really different that I have never done before! haha

As it's gonna be an experimental project, I can't tell exactly how long it'll take, as I'll need to also study the tools along the process. So I'm also checking some images more "hardcore" picture. I'm open for suggestions :)


About the artwork!

This piece was drawn by Aster_C! You can check and follow his works on Twitter and Pixiv

Also, you can check this image without censorship and variants on his Patreon ;)

75099062_p0.png 75099062_p2.png

Shantae and the Risky's Dildo New Intro (SFW-ich)

Sat Aug 24 04:01:00 2019

Hey guys!

before I conclude this project, I really wanted to add it an small introduction to give a better context on the animation.

For that I made an small pixel art animation with a short-silly story of how Shantae got her hands on Risky's dildo haha

The complete version is already available on the Early-Access and Everything tiers.

Easy links to watch the videos and source files:
Full HD - 1080p
4K & Source Files

PS: Special Offer stuff will soon be released!


My patrons will get:

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_uKFHDj1wdeI_maxresdefault.jpg

Special Offer: Resume

Tue Aug 13 01:30:07 2019

Our Special Offer has ended and I would like to thanks for everyone who participate it! I'm very happy for having you guys around! <3

Here's a quick resume about the special offer:

Basis & Animated Wallpapers Tiers:
Choose your favorite frame from the animation to be the background of our big thanks poster with all patrons name!

Participate the Poll here

Early-Access tier:
Based on the time the patron has been supporting this campaign, will receive an special gadget box and also an random frame that will be picked after all patrons from the Everything tier have taken. These frame should be available next week.

More info here

Everything tier:
Video to select the frame is available and you'll have until Sunday Night (11pm -3UTC) to pick it, new and upgrading patrons should be able to pick it as well until the deadline time :)
The selected frames will be signed and sent via mail or digital, depending on your preference.

More info here


Special Offer: Poster Poll

Tue Aug 13 01:28:59 2019

Hello bois and girls!

As everything here is made for your guys, I would like you to pick your favorite frame that will be used as background of your big thanks poster with all patrons!

Here are the frames in detail:

Special Offer: Pick your Frame!

Tue Aug 13 01:29:20 2019

Hello bois and girls! Thank you very much for getting into this tier, it means a lot! <3

TLDR: Check the list on the end of this post, pick your frame under that link below, you've until Sunday night! ;)

So, here's how it's gonna work, open the link below, check the frame you want and then message me, please use only the Patreon message system so I can keep it organized, with the frame you want. I'll list the frames there are already taken, so it shouldn't have a conflict with another patron, so please check the list below if your frame is or not available! Once you send your frame, I'll update this list asap! In case of a conflict, the patron who sent the message first will get the frame. There are in a total of 1903 frames, so it should be enough frames to everyone haha!

Pick your frame here

Some notes about the commands to navigate and pick your frame (it also works on Youtube, just saying haha)

Desktop: < (comma) and > (period) changes the frame
Mobile: there isn't a precise way, but you can change the video speed under the Settings (that lil cog on the right corner) and change it to 0.25, you should be able to pick your frame :)

Please note, if you want to receive your frame on your mail, make sure to update your Shipping Addresses under your settings, if you don't want or can't receive it, don't worry, I'll send an digital copy for all patrons who didn't filled their address :)
For all paranoids about stalking, all names under the shipment will remain completely anonymous before and after the process, so just chill out, my brother/sister! haha

This link will be available for picking until next Sunday 11pm (-3 UTC), so everyone should have plenty of time to pick your frame :)


List of frames taken:



Special Offer: Your frame with your name

Tue Aug 13 01:29:15 2019

Hello bois and girls! Here's an quick update about the special offer!

All patrons under the Early-Access tier will receive an random frame that will be picked after all patrons under the Everything tier has taken their frame.

Patrons under the Everything tier will be able to pick their frame until next Sunday night, so anyone who upgrade to this tier should be able to pick your favorite frame and receive it via mail (or digital) with my sign until the time remain.

Another special thing, is the 4 different types of message board! It'll be applied based on the time you've been here:
3 years: Golden
2 year: Silver
1 year: Bronze
Less than a year: Original Blue box

I think that's a great way to thank those who have stick with me for this long! <3

The digital frames should be available during the next week, while I'll process all the names and organize everything.

Special_Offer_models_0156.jpg Special_Offer_models_0157.jpg Special_Offer_models_0158.jpg Special_Offer_models_0159.jpg

Shantae & the Risky's Dildo available in early access!

Sat Aug 10 05:00:50 2019

Hello bois and girls! The long-awaited project from our favorite half-genie is finally here! :D

Check here the preview with sounds

I'm really happy with the result of this animation, it became huge! We can call this project as daughter of Linkle haha, about half the size.

There are some stuff that still missing and I'll add on the version 2.0, like pixel art intro (that will give more context to the animation) and also some ambience sounds that went missing on this version.

Important Special Offer Update!

I'll be pushing it for more 2 days (until sunday night), so all the new patrons will also have the opportunity to earn the gifts! :)

For more info about the special offer, check here

My patrons will get:

happy fapping, my brothers and sisters!
this animation was made possible by you guys, I love you all!

much love, washa <3

preview1.gif preview2.gif preview3.gif preview4.gif

Shantae & the Risky's Dildo - Animated wallpapers

Sat Aug 10 04:09:21 2019

Fap anywhere with the mobile version ;)

wallpapers.jpg shantae_wallpapers.zip (d)

Shantae & the Risky's Dildo - Early Access

Sat Aug 10 02:17:23 2019

Interactive version had some issues, I'll hold if until is fixed!

Enjoy the cinematic version in the mean while! :)

There are some stuff I want to change, but for now is all good! should work on it during the next week :)

Hope you guys enjoy it! Happy fapping everybody!
much love! washa <3

early-access.jpg shantae_cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d) shantae_complete_cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d)

Shantae & The Risky's Dildo - 4k & Source Files

Sat Aug 10 02:19:32 2019

Enjoy the 4k and files used on the animation!

source_files.jpg Shantae_-_Source_files.zip (d) shantae_cinematic_4k.mp4 (d) shantae_complete_cinematic_4k.mp4 (d)

Shantae Project: What is complete and what to expect

Fri Aug 2 05:30:11 2019

Hello everybody! We're exactly one week from the release of our big project!

So, what's completed?!

What's is left to do?

It may sound a ton of stuff left to do, but mostly are quick to do and can be solved within a day or less. So we are in a good schedule here.

I'll soon make about about the the Special Offer and how it'll work for the Everything Tier.
If you missed the first post about the Special Offer announcement, you can check it here

hope you guys are excited for it!
much love, washa <3


For this project, my Patrons will get:
> [wallpaper] animated wallpapers
> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [everything] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files

cum2_gif.gif transition1a.gif cum3_gif.gif transition1b.gif transition2_gif.gif

weekly Report 0728

Sun Jul 28 23:33:41 2019

Here are some wips from the loops!

this animation will feature some different thingies that I've never done before, including some pixel art animations for the intro! :)

Hope you guys are excited for it!

We're less than 2 weeks from the end of this project :D


3 years campaign and Special Offer is ON!

Sat Jul 20 23:00:01 2019

Hello brothers and sisters! The day I've promised has arrived and I couldn't be happier!

This campaign has 3 years old now, ow boy! I never thought it would get here and Patreon would allow me to change my life, I couldn't thank you guys enough! <3

For this occasion, I decided to make something very special for all my patrons, as you guys have been supporting me for this long, I decided to create not just one, but 3 special offers! haha so everybody involved will receive something special!

So here are the special offers for each tier:

Tiers $1 & $2: Special Digital Poster with all patrons names! [Get it here]

Tier $5: All above and receive an unique digital random frame from the Cinematic animation with your name on it! [Get it here]

Tier $10: All above and you'll be able to choose the frame you want, receive a digital and printed version of this frame and it'll be signed by me! [Get it here]

Long term patrons will get their names in Bronze, Silver and Golden color based on the time they have been here, each color will based on the years it has been patronage!

Please note, if you're an current $10 patron, it'll be necessary for you to update your shipment address so you can receive the printed version. [More info here]
Images subjected to change until the end of the project

The Special Offer is already available and will run until August 6th, the same day our Shantae Project will be released, so it'll be a big day for a big release! :)


Evangelion: You can (not) cum inside - Public SD

Sun Jul 14 00:34:55 2019

Cinematic | Interactive

My patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files

Same project is also available on Gumroad: https://gum.co/evacum


Project credits:
Based on Original Artwork: Yabusame (animated with permission)
Misato voice: MissMoonfied
Musics: Migawari No Shinnyuu - Shiro Sagisu
Fly Me To The Moon - Megumi Hayashibara


Weekly report: Tier Update and special announcement

Thu Jul 4 16:43:13 2019

TLDR: new name for $2 tier; special anniversary offer coming; Shantae is not dead. it's coming next month; Unity?

Hello brothers and sisters! Here's a couple of updates for you guys! :)
First, I've change the name of the $2 tier from "Basis+" to "Animated Wallpapers", as it makes more sense in it's context, nothing else about the tier changes.

Second announcement, I'm really excited about this one! hahaha By the end of this month, our campaign will complete 3 years (it feels like we just started yesterday! haha) and I'm preparing an special gift for all current and new patrons with an special offer that I'll release in about two weeks, as I'm still studying some of the features I'm about to offer!

About the projects, as I'm done with our Evangelion project, I'll be working full time to finish our long (and big) project of Shantae, as it'll be directly involved with the anniversary offer ;)

Aside from that, I was doing some experiments with Unity and an tool called AnyPrortrait that has some physics built-in. ... I won't say much about it for now 😏

I also decided to start practicing some drawing and use these posts as excuse to draw haha

I'll keep you guys update! :)
much love, washa


Evangelion: You can (not) cum inside - Early Access available

Sat Jun 29 05:31:07 2019

Hello brothers and sisters!

I'm happy to announce that our Misato animation (picked from you guys!) is now available on the Early Access tier!

I decided to change a lot of things from the original, as that was totally out of context and decided to put it right in the context hahaha, if you watched The End of Evangelion, you might even recognize where this scene should be happen haha

Project credits:
Based on Original Artwork:
Yabusame (animated with permission)
Misato voice:
Migawari No Shinnyuu - Shiro Sagisu
Fly Me To The Moon - Megumi Hayashibara

My patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files

Same project is also available on Gumroad: https://gum.co/evacum


Evangelion: You can (not) cum inside - Animated Wallpapers

Sat Jun 29 05:23:36 2019

Enjoy it!

much love, washa

wallpapers.jpg eva_can_not_cum_wallpapers.zip (d)

Evangelion: You can (not) cum inside - Early Access

Sat Jun 29 05:05:44 2019

Hello brothers and sisters!

I know I'm a bit late, but it was all for the sake of make the animation / sounds as best as possible!

WARNING! The intro of this animation has some minor spoiler from the movie The End of Evangelion, there'll be this same warning on the video, if you haven't watched it yet, just skip to 30 seconds on the video :)

For the interactive version, I'll add the intro later, including a button to skip it.

For those who watched the Netflix version, I hope you guys enjoy the lil surprise I made haha

Project credits:
Based on Original Artwork:
Yabusame (animated with permission)
Misato voice:
Migawari No Shinnyuu - Shiro Sagisu
Fly Me To The Moon - Megumi Hayashibara

I hope this animation will bring you a great time of joy and fun!
much love, washa

early_access.jpg eva_not_cum_cinamatic_1080p.mp4 (d) eva_not_cum_interactive_v1.0.swf (d)

Evangelion: You can (not) cum inside - 4k & Source Files

Sat Jun 29 05:12:45 2019

Enjoy it!

much love, washa

source_files.jpg eva_not_cum_cinamatic_4k.mp4 (d) eva_not_cum_source_files.zip (d)

Evangelion: You Can (Not) Cum Inside (preview)

Sat Jun 22 05:01:29 2019

Hello my brothers and sisters!

Here's the preview for the upcoming animation I'll be releasing next week! As the show just got aired on Netflix, those who haven't watched it, I highly recommend it (and you might be able to get where this scene is based hahaha)

My patrons will get:


Weekly (from the last two weeks) report

Thu May 30 15:38:58 2019

Hello bois and girls!

TLDR: Misato animation will be released on June 28th, I'm working in parallel in animations for game based on Teysa from the Magic and Gathering game and now I've an decent/fast ISP so streams should be stable back again

Last week I didn't had any free time to post our weekly report as I was in the middle of moving to a new house as the papers we were waiting just came up and we'd to rush things up to move everything pretty quickly and come to our new place!

As it turns out, I didn't had time to work in anything, I only managed to install my computer yesterday and was so tired that I couldn't do anything but stare the screen hahaha

For the animations projects, I'll continue to work on the Misato animation and I'll also be working in parallel in an animation for a project based on the Magic and Gathering card games, featuring the hot Teysa girl, some have seen her on the her previous animation in the stream. I can't share much information about the game as I don't have much now haha but once I got more info I'll share with you guys!

The Evangelion series will be released on June 26th on Netflix, so I'll release our Misato animation on June 28th, by this time, those who didn't had watched may catch up and be able to fap right in time ;)

Just another special announcement, now I've an decent internet, so stream should be more stable and I'll also start uploading stuff on my SubscribeStar page.
For those who doesn't know what is it, is pretty much like the Patreon, but you've different ways to pay for the subscription, as using Bitcoins, in this way you'll ever remain anonymous haha

See you guys soon!
much love, washa

Before and After Evangelion

Fri May 17 00:09:53 2019

so okay, I rather make an unique post for that lol

I was checking Misato's body and felt that something was missing on this hot milf, what was that? Pubic hair! YES! Lets add some nice and pretty hair on that pussy!

So okay, I drew, it looks nice and fur, I saved the file and BAM! something happened! Shinji started to cry, the thrid impact is here while the whole rig exploded in pieces

You can watch it in movement as well, if just the static image isn't disturbed enough for you! hahaha

I'll not burn with fire, no! just gonna embrace it with love :)

*it's fixed already, so don't worry*


Weekly report: 0516 - More evangelion

Thu May 16 23:59:24 2019

Okay, so I managed to make the whole blocking in the scene and I was struggling to make it work, but now the animation is back on trail and I'm getting excited with how it's becoming!

I was going to make only a loop with a single pose, but after making the Aqua animation that has 2 poses instead and it made everything more interesting, that's what I'm going to do on this one as well.

Here's some close ups:

I've been also polishing and adding more stuff on the rig and I decided to add some nice pubic hair on Misato when that happened:


Weekly report: 0510 - Shantae and Evangelion

Fri May 10 18:15:05 2019

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted something, so I want to make this weekly post with some info of what I did during the week, usually I've something but not necessarily something cool to show.

So, let's start with our beloved Shantae wips:

Fast Loop

After cum, oddly thingies happens haha

Some poses that still need a lot of refinement :P

Okay, second part of the post is about that Evangelion animation you guys choose!

I decided to change a bit of thing, that includes: add Misato's cloths and swapping that huge dude to Shinji, in this way the scene will get a meaningful context and will be meant to be the continuation of a special scene in the series haha I won't spoil anything, not without warning haha

Here's the new shot:

I still going to draw the background, but I'm not in the mood for that now, so I'll just animate and later one I'll draw the rest haha

The entire rig for both characters are complete and it's now ready to be animated!

Hope you guys like it and are looking forward to see more!
much love, washa


Poll result: Evagirl

Wed Apr 24 14:21:59 2019

Here's the winner image

With 55 votes, Misato won!

I was expecting the lovely scene of Shinji and Asuka 2 to win, I guess I'm was too romantic on that choice hahaha

thanks everyone for voting!


Poll: Evangelion girls

Mon Apr 22 19:45:12 2019

TLDR: vote on your favorite eva-girl/position and this will be a short animation, like Aqua was :)

Okay everyone, after checking some images and talking with some artists while practicing my terrible japanese, I managed to get 3 images to get animated and I want you guys to decide which one will be the next picture to get animated!

The theme is: Evangelion

haha that's right, many loves this anime (including myself) and as it's right on the corner on it's way to Netflix, I thought it's an good opportunity to animate something related to it :)

This time we got all arts by japanese artists, some seems to be retired, so I guess they won't mind to get their stuff animated, as it'll be tagged as "Fan Made"

The idea is to animate it like was with Aqua, that means, an simply animation featuring a cum button, I may add a cum scene instead depending the timing. But I want to keep have small projects to get going while I work in big projects, so we'll get a more regular releases :)

Here are artist's credits (from left to right):
Koh Kawarajima (both Asuka's images) | Yabusame (Event e Ikou! Sono 4) | Shinama

You can check the whole pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/rvky4SK

We may get this picture animated later on

Characters for an loop animation

Wed Apr 10 22:14:00 2019

Hello brothers and sisters!

As I've finished the Aqua project and came back to the regular Shantae schedule, I want to have a parallel project going that is having an simply image and animate it as a single loop. Just to keep things fresh and not get burned out by only work on the Shantae project, as it's a big project.

So, I'm open for suggestion from you guys to help me to find a sexy, lewd and pretty girl to get animated! hahaha

Right now I'm very interested in animate Tifa from DearEditor or Tharja from Kibazoku, I haven't talked with the artists yet about getting permission to animate it tho, but I like the idea of these two. 2B is also an very interesting girl to get in action haha

Please let me know in the comments who girl would be nice to get in action!
If you've an picture that you think would be good, let me know, just keep in mind that I'll only work with cellshaded pictures

Here's what I'm not going to work with: OC's and furry stuff

Aqua: Deep Dream - Public Release

Sat Apr 6 03:33:17 2019

Interactive | Cinematic

Artwork by AfrobullArt
Aqua Voice by MissMoonified

Supporters will get:
> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files

Join the lewd family
Patreon | Gumroad | SubscribeStar

Follow me: Twitter | Newgrounds | Pornhub | HentaiFoundry | Reddit | Pixiv


Aqua: Dream Deep - Free Update!

Wed Mar 27 03:25:18 2019

Hello brothers and sisters!

I've a great pleasure to announce that the final version of Aqua is available!
3 new characters were added and in this version Aqua got really edgy, as you may notice through her eyes hahaha

You can access the updates on the regular released pages;
Early Access
Source Files & 4K Cinematic


Aqua: Dream Deep - Released!

Sat Mar 9 04:11:22 2019

Hello beloved followers and supporters!

One more project is complete, now featuring the amazing Aqua and drawn by the very talented Afrobull and with the amazing voice of MissMoonified .

TLDR: 3 additional characters are coming next week!

As I'd promised before, this project will feature 3 additional characters, but I won't be able to post them now, as I first wanted to focus on the "regular" version, as the other 3 goes deep into kinky. Two of them are already completed and rendered, but the third one still needs to be animated, so I rather keep it and release along the pack. So I'll complete this project next week and release it :)

My patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects and TVPaint files


Aqua: Dream Deep - Animated wallpapers

Sat Mar 9 04:06:25 2019

Aqua animated wallpapers!

You can use these programs to play them:
PC - Wallpaper Engine
Mac - VLC (Tutorial)
Android - Wallpaper Changer
iOS - I don't know, can someone recommend one?

animated_wallpapers.jpg Aqua_animated_wallpapers.zip (d)

Aqua: Dream Deep - 4k & Source files

Sat Mar 9 04:05:59 2019

source_files.jpg aqua_dude_Cinematic_4k.mp4 (d) aqua_Source_Files.zip (d) aqua_b_Cinematic_4k.mp4 (d) aqua_d_Cinematic_4k.mp4 (d) aqua_h_Cinematic_4k.mp4 (d)

Aqua: Dream Deep (Kingdom Hearts) - Early Access

Sat Mar 9 04:05:00 2019

hello my beloved fellas!

Here's the release of something many were waiting! Aqua!

Hope you guys enjoy it! Happy fapping everybody!
much love, washa

early_access.jpg aqua_dude_1080p.swf (d) aqua_dude_Cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d)

WIPs 0222: Aqua big loop

Sat Feb 23 03:10:42 2019

Hello boys and girls!

Here's a couple of gifs for the project, it still a working in progress and lacks polish yet, but I'm quite happy with the result, specially these beautiful pair of boobies, I think I managed to add an sense of weight on them, what do you guys think?

I also wanted to make the loop longer so it can have more contrast on the movement and look more natural.

There's also gonna be 3 additional male alternatives playing with Aqua!

Hope you guys are excited for this project!


Aqua project is ready to get animated

Wed Feb 20 04:08:58 2019

Hello bois and girls!

TLDR: Aqua's rig is done, I'm moving the project to animation phase and I also added new characters as alternates

I'm happy to announce that Aqua is finally ready for getting a good time! hahaha

It took a bit more time than I expected as I was experimenting some different rig techniques on her boobies and I was also working on the rig of alternative characters that will be playing with her

So yea, after 330 layers and 56 controllers, she's getting animated. This project is meant to be a short one, so I'll probably only animate it as a loop with the alternates versions and we may eventually get a poll to decide if this scene should get animated. We'll see how things turns out.

I'm aiming to release it on the beginning of the next month. So there's a lot of work to be done to keep you guys hard ;)


Streaming Aqua project

Wed Feb 13 13:23:05 2019



Aqua from KH3 (quick) project announcement

Wed Feb 13 01:58:58 2019

Hey guys!

This amazing picture is from Afrobull, you can check the whole thing here: https://twitter.com/AfrobullArt/status/1090098324932386822

Here's a character that is so cute and hot that I really wanted to animate for a while!
This project will be a quick one as I want to keep the releases fresh and not have only a big project going.

I want to do some experimental stuff while applying more variations of characters with her, so expect some unexpected stuff here hahaha

this project is meant to be finished and released on the beginning of the next month and it's already in the Rigging phase :)

I'll keep you guys update! ;)
much love, washa


Streaming Shantae

Mon Feb 4 16:51:28 2019

it's been a while since the last time I've announced an stream event haha

You can get yourself bored watching it here: http://picarto.tv/washa

or just come around to listen some jazz :P


WIPs 0130: Shantae Project

Wed Jan 30 16:24:47 2019

Well, I spent a good amount of time fixing and adjusting the rig as I'd added a lot of experimental stuff and noticed that the rig was getting heavier as I was adding more and more poses >_<
But now it's all fix and the rig is going fast (as much it can haha)

Here are some of the golden poses that are in place. This project is meant to be a little big, probably will have about 45~60 seconds of unique animation and will feature a double orgasm, wonder what may cause it :P

For deadlines and dates, I'm aiming to release it somewhere around February or the beginning of March, we'll see how much polish it'll need :)

Hope you guys are looking forward it!
much love, washa


Palutena's cozy bed - Early Access is available!

Mon Jan 7 22:01:00 2019

New animation released!

Check the NSFW preview on my twitter: LINK

My patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint files


Goddess's cozy bed - 4K & Source files

Mon Jan 7 16:30:01 2019

source_files.jpg palutena_source_files.zip (d) palu_Cinematic_4K.mp4 (d)

Palutena's cozy bed - Animated wallpapers

Mon Jan 7 16:30:01 2019

Animated wallpapers!

You can use the Wallpaper Engine to play them

wallpapers.jpg palutena_animated_wallpapers.zip (d)

Palutena's cozy bed - RELEASE

Mon Jan 7 16:30:01 2019

hello my dear bois and girls!

it's time to smash! Palutena wake up early to receive all the energy Pit was saving for the battle

happy fapping everybody!
much love, washa <3

early_access.jpg palu_1080p.swf (d) palu_Cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d)

WIPs 0104: Palutena's cozy bed 2

Sat Jan 5 02:21:42 2019

here's the last wips before the release!

that's the short loop version, on the final version there'll be a long loop version + cum scene and sounds :)

I'll push the release date to Monday (7th), as the animation needs an extra polish on her bewbies and also to work on the cinematic / sounds

see you guys soon!


WIPs 0102: Creampie

Thu Jan 3 00:15:58 2019

Hello bois and girls!

Here's the last wips before the release :)

I'm not 100% happy with this cum as I think I can add more on the dick, it feels like the strings are too thin.

Note that this animation isn't composed, I'll add shadow and shading later back on AE :)

hope you guys are looking forward it!


WIPs 1230: Palutena's cozy bed

Sun Dec 30 23:19:14 2018

BOOM! Surprise! wait, that isn't ready yet .___.~

well, this was meant to be an Christmas gift, then become an New Year's gift but it'll be complete in time due the complexity of the project >_<

the project is compose by an sex + cum scene, but I'm still working and needs to be polished out. I'll release it on January 6th, that's for sure! :)

This project feature's the amazing artwork of 3Mangos, you can check his twitter here and the original pic is here

I'll release along two tutorials as well, the one from previous month that I didn't finished yet and a new one for this month. Sorry for this inconvenient ;__;


Shantae project update!

Thu Dec 6 16:50:53 2018

hello boys and girls!

Here's a cool update, the picture is already fully rigged and ready for animation! As soon I've some animation I'll post it on the wips :)


J'Naiah Spitroast - Released!

Mon Dec 3 17:52:13 2018

Cinematic | Interactive

Commission Tera Tyrant Shadic
Original artwork by AAANinja


My patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files

Follow me:
Twitter | Newgrounds | Pornhub | HentaiFoundry | Reddit | Pixiv


Tutorial will be released tomorrow

Fri Nov 30 22:23:48 2018

hey guys~

I'm sorry but I won't be able to record the tutorial today as was intended, there was an huge double storm that hit my town and we're out of energy right now. I'm sending it from my phone if you're asking yourself haha at least it still have internet.

I'm really sorry for this inconvenient >_<

see you guys tomorrow!

Shantae + tutorials + announcement

Tue Nov 27 17:38:12 2018

Hello girls and boys! I'm going to make an single post covering everything haha

First, Shantae!
The project is going well, I've finished the cutout part (it's been a week actually) and I'm halfway through the rigging part! There's not much to show yet, as it's just a bunch of squares around and a few things that move around. I'm working with the new After Effects version and there are some new features that will make the overall animation to look more organic, I'm really excited to start animating it! haha

Second, tutorials!
I've been having a hard time to balance out my work with organizing all my stuff from moving, so things still a bit messy here. But I'm planning to release the first animation tutorial with voice over for the next few days, before the end of the month, so don't lose hope!
The first tutorial will be all about getting start with animation in general, we'll go through the fundamentals until reach the "How to animate boobies" tutorial I know all of you guys are waiting for! haha but it's important to understand the fundamentals to make things simpler and easier to understand what's behind the magical world of animation. Tutorials will be available to all patrons in the Everything tier

Third, tumblr!
As some of you guys may have noticed, my tumblr was nuked, along with many other nsfw artists, it's been hard for me as my major audience was there. As there's not much I can do besides keep working, I'll continue to update my stuff as usual on the other sites I've been posting for the last years:
Twitter | Newgrounds | Pornhub | HentaiFoundry | Reddit
Another place I've just created is the Reddit and I'll keep updating it regularly along the other sites, so make sure to subscribe there if you use it :)

Have a great day!
much love, washa

J'Naiah Spitroast (M/M/F): Early Access

Fri Nov 9 23:01:00 2018


Commission Tera Tyrant Shadic
Original artwork by AAANinja

Next up, Shantae! ALL ABOARD~~

Happy fapping everybody!
Much love, washa

early_access.jpg naiah_1080p.swf (d) naiah_cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d)

J'Naiah Spitroast: Animated wallpapers

Fri Nov 9 23:01:00 2018

6 animated wallpapers for your desktop and mobile!

Enjoy it!

animated_wallpapers.jpg naiah_wallpapers.zip (d)

J'Naiah Spitroast: Source files + 4K cinematic

Fri Nov 9 23:01:00 2018

All files used on this project and cinematic in 4K resolution without watermark

source_files.jpg naiah_source_files.zip (d) naiah_cinematic_4k_mp4.mp4 (d)

WIPs: Tera Tyrant Commission 1031

Wed Oct 31 19:25:35 2018

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been pretty busy with moving my stuff from another state, that's why I've been a little absent lately, but here's some wips on quick project I'm working on (mostly finished actually) featuring it's FFXIV character while spitroasts by two dudes

(still working on this last shot)

This whole animation will be available next week, around on 6th or 7th :)


Linkle, I'm no longer a farm girl (public release)

Fri Oct 26 23:08:09 2018

Fapble links:

Cinematic: NG or PornHub | Interactive

Project credits:
Artwork by Hizzacked
Sound Effects by servantesnc

Linkle voice by VoiceLikeCandy

If you had a great time fapping, consider support us:
Patreon | Gumroad | Hizzacked.xxx


My patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files


Next animation project + tutorials

Fri Oct 26 23:16:00 2018

Hello bois and girls!

TDLR: new project with Erotibot (original pic) and tutorials goal achieved! I'm currently planning the tutorials now

I'm really happy to finally be able to announce the next project~! you know, it's been 2 years since I've been keeping it in secret hahaha!

When I was deciding what was going to be the next patreon, I was between Linkle and Shantae, now that Linkle is finished, it's Shantae's turn to have a good time!
The animation won't be super long like Linkle was, neither have speaking lines, but! I want to add an special scene on it ;)

Here's the full image:

nimations are made and hopeful encourage you some of you guys to start animating your favorite images as well, just like what I did 9 years ago when I decided to animate an image that I simply wanted to see in movement :)

I'll be planning for the following weeks how the tutorials will be made, as I want do make an an series of videos explaining the basis of animation and techniques around animating still images. I've never done anything like this before, so I'll need some time to study and prepare things to make it easier for teach and also to be learned.


okay, I must confess it. I'm nervous as fuck to do that haha but I'll give my best! :)


Cinematic vs Interactive

Sat Oct 20 22:52:58 2018

Hello bois and girls!

I've an important question for you guys, which version do you guys prefer:

Cinematic where I create all the camera movements and all you need to do is lay down and enjoy the ride or Interactive where you decide the pace of the action and fap on your time?

I've been hitting my head against the wall to adapt the interactive version into HTML5 so you can watch (we all know you'll be fapping) on your phone without the need to run the flash, so that's important to know if I should keep focusing on it and keep up with this alternate way to present the animation :)

Please tell me what version do you prefer and why :)

Linkle project: animated wallpapers

Fri Oct 12 17:00:03 2018

6 animated wallpapers for your desktop and mobile!

Enjoy it!

Update: sorry, the file didn't uploaded correct and was missing, now is all good

wallpapers.jpg Linkle%20Animated%20Wallpapers.zip (d)

Linkle Project: Source files + 4K cinematic

Fri Oct 12 17:00:03 2018

All files used on this project and cinematic in 4K resolution.

Update: sorry! the file didn't uploaded correct and was missing, now is all good :)

source.jpg linkle_Project_source_files.zip (d) linkle_cinematic_4k.mp4 (d)

Linkle, I'm no longer a farm girl (early access, for real!)

Fri Oct 12 17:00:04 2018

Hello boys and girls!

The time has arrive, is hard to actually believe this happening haha! 2 years on making this project, I hope it pays off and you guys enjoy it as much I enjoyed animating it! :D

I've implemented some new stuff on the flash version:
- Auto hide mouse + hud after 2 seconds of idle, like the YouTube player. I'm not big fan of the hud been all the time in front, hope it helps your fapping experience! hahaha
- Shortcuts (not really new, but now is listed):
- Space / Enter / Right Arrow keys: Advance the animation
- M: Toggle mute
- C: Toggle Closed Captions
- F: Toggle fullscreen
Here's some minor bugs I found on the interactive version:
- Sometimes the sound button doesn't work as it should, the

Update: added the Swf (flash) and Mac versions!

Happy fapping everybody!
Much love, washa

early_access.jpg linkle_cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d) Linkle_interactive_win.zip (d) Linkle_interactive_mac.zip (d) linkle_interactive_v1.0%20%281080p%20-%20swf%29.rar (d)


Sat Oct 6 22:00:21 2018

Hey guys! I'm currently working on the interactive version and as the whole animation has script and fully voiced, do you guys rather have subtitles or not on both video and interactive?

It'll not be permanent tho, there'll be an option to turn it on or off. What do you guys think?

Last Linkle wips

Sat Oct 6 02:50:39 2018

Alright my fellow boys and girls, that's the last wips report before the release, I couldn't be more excited! ಥ◡ಥ

TLDR: composite is done, working on interactive version while waiting for some extra graphics, sounds and music.

The whole composite phase is done, for both interactive (I've a nice surprise on my sleeve for you guys, no spoilers tho hahaha) and cinematic.

Composite is when you put all the characters, special effects and background, merge into one single layer and apply the Prettizator Effect that makes everything beautiful hahaha

Now the only part left are the sounds that are being handle by the awesome and well known Servantesnc while Hizzy is working on some extra graphics for the intro part, you know, for the Linkle's backstory. That's right, you didn't know or forgot? There's an backstory on this project! hahaha

Here's some extra teases from the Cinematic version:


Linkle: release date

Sat Sep 29 03:56:06 2018

Oh bois and girls, that is it!

October 12th 2018, coincidentally, completing 2 years old anniversary of our beloved project! hahaha right it down on your wall to not forget it! ;)

I couldn't be happier, it's been one most ambitious project I've ever worked, getting a total of 1 minute and 35 seconds of continuous animation, once I edit it on the video and add the backstory and stuff... well it's gonna be big! haha

There's so much information I want to share with you guys, but for now, that's all I can say!

Here's a small tease of what's cuming

My patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint and Live2D files


Linkle project: WIPs + possible release date

Wed Sep 26 02:00:07 2018

Hello bois and girls!

I'm really happy to announce that the whole cum sequence has been drawn! I've no idea how many frames I'd to draw, but I would guess that it easily pass 350 frames (counting that I'd to animate the cum sequence twice as there were two deaks to cum! lol). Now that it's all done, I'll just pass by the animation and fix small issues around her elbow that keeps freaking around lol

About the release date, is a bit hard to estimate an precise date as I've been trying to balance out the life of animator and driver, as I'm helping my father that can't drive and still needs to work.... BUTT! I'll work as hard as possible to get it release between October 5th and 15th


Linkle project: WIPs 0921

Fri Sep 21 23:44:09 2018

here's just an quick shot from the cumming scene.

all the previous shots have a rough animation and just needs to polished. I'm currently doing the sketchy animation for the cum scene

we're so close, guys! ;__;


Linkle project: WIPs 0920

Thu Sep 20 17:05:48 2018

Hello bois and girls!

I'm really happy to announce that the whole boobies animations are done!
as the animation has the continuous length of 1 minute and 30 seconds long, it was this amount twice, as you know, she has two boobies haha

After staring her without boobies for so long, it really please the eyes to see the woo-woos in movement! haha Here's a small teaser for you guys!


Short stream on woo-woos

Thu Sep 6 18:29:50 2018


working on Linkle's bewbies :)

ondJjjRpsgxytCBFVbRM4j1-yh4f98XMAybPrx_oxRvAp4C19Tbuq79rooOZQXXN.jpe (d)

Payment issues

Fri Aug 31 16:19:29 2018

Hello bois and girls!

Patreon sent an email for the creators around the issue that some of you guys had last month.

They are now processing the payments for adult creators in UK, so if anyone have an issue during the next few days, here's what you can do:

  1. If their bank suspects that the Patreon payment is fraudulent, a patron can call up their bank to confirm the payment is theirs and genuine.
  2. If their payment failed, they can follow these steps or switch to a different payment method.
  3. If they are seeing an international processing fee, they can switch their pledge to a different bank that doesn’t charge for international payments.
  4. They can reach out to the Patreon support team to get account specific help.


Another alteranative is change the payment method from Credit Card to Paypal, as this method is process in the U.S. territory and works perfectly :)
(thanks for the heads up, Basetezotar)

Linkle project: status 0829

Wed Aug 29 15:26:58 2018

Hello bois and girls!

HD preview version: https://gfycat.com/ScrawnyPlushAbalone

Here's a quick heads up around our beloved Linkle project:



After that the whole animation will be completed and the only things left to do is the cinematic and interactive versions :)

We're really close towards the end of this project guys!
Thank you very much for the support and believing in this project

much love, washa


Streaming da woo-woos

Thu Aug 16 17:48:58 2018

hey hey! I'm re-working and updateding Linkle boobies :)

MDpintc4oOdH1BReyixEbHqdXeggdClLJM_LavNjOsgU-jc4UOLneztI_i1iLViS.jpe (d)

Linkle project update!

Thu Aug 16 06:49:58 2018

Hello bois and girls!

TLDR: whole animation besides the boobies is finished, still need to work on the cum liquid and some other stuff, project is 90% completed. Probably gonna be released next month

I'm happy to announce that the whole body and facial animation is complete!

It's been a huge project, with more than 1 minute of 30 seconds of continuous animation, so we're finally moving towards the last 90% of the project.

Well, the last 10% is actually the last 90% of the project, as I still have some stuff to work on, as rework on her boobies rig, that are outdated and buggy (her nipples keeps going off all the time, someone on has this kink? lol) and animate all the physics around her body/head, as the boobies, hair and cloths. It's not a hard part but surely consumes some time.

Once it's done, all that will be left to do on the animation is hand drawn the cumshot sequence...... aaaaaaand we're done! with the animation, not with the project haha!

I don't think I'll be able to finish off this project on this month, but for the next one, that's for sure!


WIPs 0808: This real happy meal is the deal (sfw)

Wed Aug 8 03:21:27 2018

just an cool frame with a happy filter from a friend of the stream chat haha


WIPs 0308: Linkle Project

Sat Aug 4 02:38:18 2018

hello bois and girls, it's been a while!

I would like to announce that 90% of the base animation is already complete! By base animation, understand as the characters animations and body motions. Once it's all done I'll fix her boobies as it's based on an old rig haha. Here's a bunch of gifs with the progress, the only part missing to polish is the final shot of the cum.


Overwatch project released

Sat Jul 21 02:58:30 2018

The wait is over, everybody! :)

SD Cinematic | SD Interactive

Project Credits:
Original Commissioner: Sev (r.i.p.)
Original artwrok by Djcomps (Fizzz)
Tracer's voice by Amisakadarthana
Music - Rally the Heroes

This animation is a parody, all characters are 18 or above, even if specified otherwise

My Patrons will get:

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects Project and Live2D files


Short stream :)

Thu Jul 19 21:27:06 2018



Where's Linkle animation?

Thu Jul 19 04:29:14 2018

hello bois and girls!

I would like to tell you guys that Linkle is on my full priority list now, so it'll be finished, for real, REAL! hahaha

I'm currently rechecking how the animation is, as it's been a while since the last time I worked on it, but soon I'll be streaming her again!

see you guys soon!
much love, washa


Overwatch project: Source files + 4K Cinematics

Thu Jul 5 02:48:56 2018

Hello bois and girls!

I'm happy to announce that for this project I'd the files in a huge resolution and I was able to work on it with it's native resolution, so it was possible to render it in the glorious 4k resolution!

It also includes, as usual, the source files used in this animation, including the Photoshop, After Effects, Live2d and TVPaint files!

Happy fapping!
Much love, washa

source_files.jpg more_heroes%20-%20Source%20files.zip (d) more_heroes_Cinematic_Loop_4K.mp4 (d) more_heroes_Cinematic_4K.mp4 (d) more_heroes_Cinematic_no_watermark_Loop_1080p.mp4 (d)

Overwatch project: wallpapers

Thu Jul 5 02:40:58 2018

Hello bois and girls!

Here are the wallpapers for this project, it included at least two variants for each resolution version, and includes 4 different variants for the mobile version!

Hope you guys like it!

Much love, washa

wallpapers.jpg more_heroes_wallpapers.zip (d)

Overwatch - The World Could Always Use More Heroes

Thu Jul 5 02:36:13 2018

Hello bois and girls! Here's the release of our new and quickly project!

I'm really happy with this animation, as I'd only planned to make an short loop, but had enough time to add a cum scene, as it deserved :D

This release includes:

And yeah, this is the universe where Tracer isn't a lesbian and Reaper isn't who really he is.

Happy fapping everybody!
Much love, washa

early-acess.jpg more_heroes_interactive_1080p.swf (d) more_heroes_Cinematic_Loop_1080p.mp4 (d) more_heroes_Cinematic_1080p.mp4 (d)

Wips 0630: Blazblue project

Sat Jun 30 23:58:59 2018

hello bois and girls!

This will be first and last wips before the release haha I didn't had much time to post stuff lately, I'm sorry about that!

As I'd previous announced, this will be a short project, but I also managed to add a few cool surprises on it, including a cum scene! Expect some cool cosplay reveal too ;)

This project will be released on July 5th for patrons and a couple of weeks later will be released to everybody in SD quality

My Patrons will get:
> [early-access] this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [plus] request exclusive 1080p animations
> [source] source files that includes, original PSD, After Effects Project and Live2D files

The version without mask and non-cropped wips is now available on the discord server ;)



Runway - Bunni & Caprice - public release (updated)

Sat Jun 16 20:33:46 2018

Cinematics: Futa / Futa | Futa / Female
Interactive version

Project credits
Commissioners: Hyperoptic & Cutepet.org
Original artwork by Cutepet.org
Bunni voice by Tiffany Witcher
Caprice voice by VoiceLikeCandy

My Patrons will get:
> [early-access] this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [plus] request exclusive 1080p animations
> [source] source files that includes, original PSD, After Effects Project and Live2D files


Overwatch teaser

Tue Jun 12 22:08:47 2018

Well, as I'd posted that it would be an overwatch quick project, here's a part of the image haha

The artwork was provided by Fizzz

More details later :)


Overwatch quicky project

Wed May 30 18:01:53 2018

hey bois and girls! I would like to announce that I'm stepping down a bit to make a quick animation on this theme that I've been looking forward for a loooooong time.

I REALLY need to take a time and work in something small to avoid burn out of working only on huge projects, after this one I'll conclude the Linkle project, that's a promise!

I'll reveal the image soon :)


Runaway - source files + animations w/o watermark

Tue May 29 22:24:37 2018

Here are the cinematic animation/interactive without watermark and all the files used on this project, if you guys have any problem or doubt, just let me know!

source_files.jpg bunny%26caprice%20Project.zip (d) bc_cinematic_female_1080p.mp4 (d) Bunni%20%26%20Caprice%20-%20Animated%20wallpapers.zip (d) bc_cinematic_futa_1080p.mp4 (d) bunny_caprice_1080p_mac.zip (d) bunni_caprice_1080p_flash.swf (d) bunny_caprice_1080p_win.zip (d)

Runaway - animated wallpapers

Tue May 29 22:14:18 2018

Here is the batch! If any of you guys need a specific size, just let me know and I'll add it here :D

wallpapers.jpg Animated%20wallpapers%20-%20basis%2B.zip (d)

Runway - Bunni & Caprice early access released!

Tue May 29 22:12:46 2018

Hello boys and girls, after so many delays, here's the animation finished!

This animation was really hard to make, specially on the technical part, so many tricks and things to learn and apply, but I'm really happy with the result!

There are some new controllers on the interactive version, you can now choose to listen either just the moans and sound effects or the music! Also pick your favorite way, with an extra dick or x-ray.

Commissioners: Hyperoptic & Cutepet.org
Original artwork by Cutepet.org
Bunni voice by Tiffany Witcher
Caprice voice by VoiceLikeCandy

I hope this animation bring you guys a great time of joy and fun!
much love! ❤

futa_loop_500.gif bc_cinematic_female_1080p.mp4 (d) bunny_caprice_1080p_flash.swf (d) bc_cinematic_futa_1080p.mp4 (d) bunny_caprice_1080p_mac.zip (d)

WIPs 0520: Last wips for real this time!

Mon May 21 00:31:01 2018

(Alternate version for the non-xray and futa on futa fans!)

Hahaha well, I said I wouldn't post more wips, but I'm really happy with this composite, so I wanted to share with you guys before the release!

Things are pretty close towards the end now! It should be released here, on next Friday (5/25)

It'll include:

Once again, I'm sorry for all these delays, things has been tough on my end lately :<


Streaming something coming out from something

Thu May 17 18:55:06 2018

Finishing the cum scene! cum check see it :)


6pAC6BXrCz3VSrTXML69f-EOnriAIVkfiYRBW4Y_4j5sqZtTEZPbo9GmUXDp4I7P.jpe (d)

Late night Stream

Tue May 8 02:42:31 2018

ey! I'm working on the cum liquid, if you've nothing else to do, come check it :)


LbK4UqEc7IZAia9RFRwApTFtusxtj5eY9yq3e1-6jaT1iaAob0ojN3MZLSDqBru-.jpe (d)

I'm sorry everybody :(

Sat May 5 02:07:08 2018

I'll not be able to finish the animation in time, there are some specific frames that's been impossible to render and I can't just skip them out. I'm trying to find out the issue but I couldn't figure out yet.

I'll keep you guys update

yes, that's a dick behind the crash! at least someone is having fun out it :P


WIPs 0423: Last wips before release

Tue Apr 24 21:01:51 2018

Hello boys and girls!

Here's the last wips before the final release that will be around May 5th!

All that's left to animate now is their facial expressions and the cum liquids! Lots of work yet, but we're finally moving towards the end! :D

Here's some extra previews:

Loop HD: https://gfycat.com/AlertEmbarrassedAmericanbadger
Extended loop with cum: https://gfycat.com/WelloffDizzyBaiji

hope you guys are looking forward this animation :D


Tiers update

Sat Apr 21 03:55:50 2018

hello bois and girls!

tldr: $15 and $20 will be gone soon, all hail for the new and powerful $10 tier

It's been almost two years since I created this Patreon, and the tiers from back then still remain the same, so I took some time and decided to review it and make it better for everyone.

So, before the end this month, I'm planning to remove the $15 tier due the lack of interest, the videos will remain available tho for those who pick the new tier tho, all you'll need to do is ask for the video you want :)

The second modification is reduce the current $20 tier to $10, it will gives you access to the source files and new tutorials (whenever we reach the next goal). I think this way it'll give more options for who wants to show support and make the files more accessible.

for the patrons who are on the $15 and $20 last tiers, you guys will need to update your reward manually, as it'll reset for the "No Reward" category. I'll send a pm when I update it to remind you guys :)

Hope I don't make anyone pissed with this update, but I think it'll be all good in this way :)

WIPs 0416: Shin oppai engine-oh!

Tue Apr 17 04:30:32 2018

New boobies are ON!
the loop scene has everything but the hair and facial expressions finished, next up is animate the boobies for the cum scene.

For the tech nerds:
The previous one was made directly on AE but they were super bug, limited and buggy, as Caprice nipples used to go off sometimes lol
I remade all the boobies on Live2D, as I've more control over the shape and also more keyposes, I'm really happy with the results! :D

Bunny bewbies :>

Caprice woo-woos



Wed Apr 11 17:53:56 2018

continuing the polishing of these babies ;)



WIPs 0604: Bunny polished

Fri Apr 6 15:05:58 2018

Hey everybody! sorry for the lack of updates lately, things has been rough on my side, but now I'm back to finish this animation!

here's the overall progress: Bunny (the girl on the left) body, dick and balls is already fully polished, all that's left to work is her boobies and facial expressions, but I'll leave it to later, as I'll have to fix a lot of stuff as both are broken.
Caprice (the girl on the right) has her hips, spine and dick already polished and I'm moving on for the rest of her body, her boobies and face have the same issues, so I'll have to fix that too before polishing it.

I'm attaching the version with the cum preview, erome is taking too much time to upload it >_>

bc_anim_loop_full.gif bc_wips_0406_full.mp4 (d)


Thu Apr 5 11:56:46 2018

ey everybody! it's been a while!

I'm back on track and things are coming along! :D


Blazblue remake released!

Mon Mar 12 14:55:41 2018

Hello bois and girls!

The Blazblue remake project is now available for everybody in SD quality! :D

Interactive: Huge dicc | Tiny dicc
Video alternates: https://www.erome.com/a/XhfgiIhL
(it includes English and Japanese tracks for both dicc versions)

Original commissioner: Doppelswagger
Original artwork by Melkor Mancin
Sound effects by @servantesnc
Makoto voice by @silkymilkvoices

I hope this animation bring you guys a great time of joy and fun!
much love! ❤

My Patrons will get:
> [early-access] this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [plus] request exclusive 1080p animations
> [source] source files that includes, original PSD, After Effects Project and Live2D files

XBM1lvs49LUp2rNX1ufGsSP3LzIaTLlsRnWcNl7sxmBahUyV5TK1ctw8IFemWi4X.jpe (d)

Blazblue interactive update + mobile test!

Fri Mar 9 22:05:52 2018

Hey everybody!

TLDR: interactive files were updated with high quality audio and Android version available to test!

I was converting the 1080p interactive animations and just noticed that Flash just converted all the audios to a really shitty 16kbps version (I dunno why this program is so stupid to have this as default!).

So the first release had this issue, so please, download the new version for a better experience :)

Also! Recently my friend PurpleMantis showed me that is possible to publish animations on Android and iPhone. So I give it a try and exported to my Android phone, and it played really lagged lol. my phone is quiet old, so it might be an particular issue with my device! So I'm sending this beta version for you guys to test out, all the functions and stuff works exactly the same as the flash one (as it's the same file haha). I can't export to iPhone for 2 reasons:
1. I don't own an iphone
2. Apple sucks, they obligate to purchase their certificate. so NOPE!
If anyone knows any alternative way, just let me know :)

If you don't know how to install apps on Android from your computer, follow this guide

Please let me know how is your experience with the mobile version! If works well for mostly of you guys, I can start converting more animations of you guys choice! :D

hope you guys have a great day!
much love, washa <3

update.jpg blazblue_720p_huge_v1.1.swf (d) blazblue_720p_regular_v1.1.swf (d) blazblue_1080p_huge_v1.1.swf (d) blazblue_1080p_regular_v1.1.swf (d) blazblue_alpha_v0.1.apk (d)

Blazblue: source files

Sun Mar 4 01:21:37 2018

For this particular project I've started using Live2D integrated with AE, so I decided to add the source files I used to make this part of the rig. It's important to note you'll need to install the Live2D plugin in order to make it work.

Once you install it, when you open the AE project, there'll be an error on Makoto's head and/or tongue layers, it happens because the Live2D plug-in doesn't link the paramenets right away, what causes the issue. To fix it, just go to the layer, unlock it and press U twice, it usually solves the problem :)

source_files.jpg blazblue_remake_folder.zip (d)

Blazblue: animated wallpapers

Sun Mar 4 00:53:08 2018

Here are the batch! If any of you guys need a specific size, just let me know and I'll add it here :D

Do you guys also want the regular static wallpapers? I may add them too :)

wallpapers_banner.jpg 1080p.mp4 (d) ipad_retina.mp4 (d) 1440p.mp4 (d) mobile.mp4 (d) mobile%202.mp4 (d)

Blazblue project: release!

Sun Mar 4 00:29:10 2018

Alright everybody! the fap time is ON!!

It took me more time than I expected, but is finally here! I managed to add ALL the features that were planned when I first made this animation and added even more stuff!

If you guys find any bug on the interactive version, just let me know ;)

Original commissioner: Doppelswagger
Original artwork by Melkor Mancin
Sound effects by Servantesnc
Makoto voice by Silkymilk

I hope this animation bring you guys a great time of joy and fun!
much love! ❤

The cinematic_regular_ENG was rendered with the japanese track, now is fixed!

intro.gif blazblue_cinematic_huge_ENG_1080p.mp4 (d) blazblue_cinematic_huge_JPN_1080p.mp4 (d) blazblue_1080p_huge_v1.0.swf (d) blazblue_1080p_regular_v1.0.swf (d) blazblue_cinematic_regular_JPN_1080p.mp4 (d) blazblue_cinematic_regular_ENG_1080p.mp4 (d)

Blazblue teaser release!

Fri Mar 2 22:01:24 2018

This project will be available tomorrow (Saturday)

Hello bois and girls, I hope you guys are excited for this project as much I am! haha!

It'll be first available here and on my Gumroad page, and later on will be available for everybody in SD quality :)

This was meant to be a simply/fast project, but it deserved more of that, so I add a lot of stuff on it, including an extra scene and a LOT of cum haha! here’s what’s going to be available:


Blazblue: last cum stream

Tue Feb 27 17:59:12 2018

It's so close to be finished!


M3bn-7Fx_OpQtlrtUGE4FlbwswSFpo1gJ-Klz8VL0km9HwhyqZjlLOkz_4P8wQjv.jpe (d)

Blazblue project: big mess! it's cumming a little bit late

Mon Feb 26 16:42:14 2018

Hello bois and girls!

TLDR: The project will be delayed a week due high produce of cum!
Current cum wips:
SilkyMilk will voice Makoto moans ;)

I'm making this post just to inform you guys that I'll have to delay a little bit more the Blazblue project, as my original plan was to release it this past Saturday . I decided to create a big mess for the climax for both characters, and recently I've started to animate the cum by doing it frame by frame, in this way I've more control over it, but it also requires more time, as I've to animate every single frame.
This animation will have two versions, so I'll have to animate the cum twice due the diccs and pussy variations.

Another update is about Voice Actress! Silkymilk provided her sweet and high-pitched voice for Makoto. We've prepared a little surprise for you guys! haha

sorry for this, but I want to release this animation with the best quality as possible! So I rather sacrifice time than quality. Hope you guys understand!


WIPs 0220: all in place!

Tue Feb 20 18:22:55 2018

Hey everybody! I'm happy to announce that the all the animation around their bodies is done! That means that all the animation is polished and all is left to do is add the physics around the characters, add some facial expressions variations for the loops, fix some issues on Carl's feet and leg, and mostly important, add the cum liquid on the creampie ;)

This is the last WIPs before it’s release! The full animation will be first available for all patrons/gumroad customers ;)

Here are all the scenes: slow --> transition --> fast --> cum --> rest

Video: https://www.erome.com/a/FygbESZn


WIPs 0207: extra scene!

Thu Feb 8 02:23:01 2018

Extended video with all current scenes: https://www.erome.com/a/jPu9IZii

High res gifs:
slow - https://gfycat.com/UnlinedAgileHarvestmouse
transition - https://gfycat.com/UnhealthyGreenAlpinegoat
fast - https://gfycat.com/AridBlankHorse

It wasn't on my plans, but I decided to add one more speed on the project, as I wanted to make Carl really hit hard all that meat haha

all these scenes are already polished (except hair and cloths), now the only missing part is the cum scene :D

hope you guys are looking forward for the final release of it!
much love, washa


Streaming Blazblue project

Mon Feb 5 18:06:43 2018

doing some extra stuff that wasn't planned but will look cool! haha



WIPs 0126: Blazbooty!

Fri Jan 26 11:53:20 2018

Higher quality gifs:
Loop: https://gfycat.com/DiligentZanyAdouri
Booty: https://gfycat.com/HiddenRichCrocodileskink

Sooooooo, I was about to finish this loop and thought that Makoto has such a great ass and she deserves only the best, so I decided to remake her booty rig, twice, to make it feel more meat hahaha the same goes for her boobie, the original one was too simply

Here's something for the technical lovers: that's Live2D, baby!


WIPs: Linkle 0124, shall we cum?!

Wed Jan 24 16:16:36 2018

Video version available here: https://www.erome.com/a/RPaEMILj

The project isn't dead! Here's the first part of the cum part polished :D


WIPs: Cutepet project 0123

Tue Jan 23 22:19:09 2018

hey everybody! here's some extra shots from this big project :)

Their pelvis are pretty much polished and all in place, so I can work on the rest of their bodies, that haven't been touched much, so all the rest still very rough.

Here are the gifs in higher quality:
Loop: https://gfycat.com/IdolizedAppropriateAlligatorsnappingturtle
Cum: https://gfycat.com/InfatuatedMemorableDassierat
Video with loop extended: https://www.erome.com/a/aGmjOmP6

Here's the cum blocking scene!

There are some glitches on their faces after the cum scene, it's a bug from the Live2d, I'm not sure what's causing it, but by looking at, I'm sure I can get a job on Ubisoft!

Hope you guys are looking forward to see this project finish!


(Late) Holidays gift exchange!

Mon Jan 22 19:07:30 2018

hey everybody, last month VoiceLikeCandy (the sweet actress provided the voice for Linkle) come up with the idea of exchanging xmas gifts for our patrons.

A little info about the audio series: a Lesbian Cock Addict, about a girl in a lesbian relationship keeping a dark secret about her cock addiction.

If you enjoyed it and even got a boner hearing her sexy voice, please consider support her patreon!

Let me know what you guys think about this sweet tale!

Ep0-LesbianCockAddict.mp3 (d)

WIPs 0112: Blazblue project

Fri Jan 12 20:32:18 2018

Hey everybody! here's a quick update about this project!
The surgery around this project, that includes, re-cutting the psd, fitting it on the original rig and also been able to use the original animation, was a success!
The image below seems like the original one, but is actually the new one! I also took the time to add a few more features!

Full preview with Carl's extra feature:

I think that having an alternate deak version, everybody gets happy :)

Here's some extra features

Head turn:

That special facial expression you guys love

Size swapper

The project is ready for continuation, I'll start working on the cum scene soon :)


back from health issues

Mon Jan 8 21:39:59 2018

hey everybody! hope everybody had a great chrstimas and new eves year!

sorry for the lack of updates lately! I got a pretty bad infection that forced me to not work on the last month, it was fucked up but now I'm slowly getting better and I'm okay to work again! I'm 100% yet, but at least I'm able to continue to produce lewd stuff for you guys :)

I hope to have good stuff for you guys soon!

I wish you guys an awesome 2018! It's only a day change on the calendar, if you really want it to be different, start by changing what's within yourself :)

much love, washa

Jingle bells! Jingle bells... wait, what?!

Fri Dec 22 20:14:08 2017

Hello boys and girls, hope you guys are having a great time!

I'm kind of a rushing moment, doing too many things and drink way too much coffee, but I wanted to create a special post to say Thank YOU for all your support, it means a lot and nothing of all of this would be possible without you guys, so once again, thank you!

As a special token of this Christmas and my thankful (I don't really celebrate it, but who cares), I'm sending a special gift for each of you guys! Isn't something new for everybody, but I think many of you will like to receive it, the gift will be sent directly in your message board!

What's is the gift? Of course I'm not going to spoil it! hahaha


Streaming Blazblue project

Thu Dec 14 19:04:42 2017

hey! I'm re-editing the image for now :)



Poll result

Mon Dec 11 20:23:58 2017

hey guys! thanks for everyone who voted!

well, you guys decided that either animation will be done, will be fine!

So here's what I'm going to do, I'll divide the week on this way:

2 days for Cutepet project / 2 days for Blazblue / 1 day for Linkle, in this way I'll continue to work on all projects and nobody gets pissed, things will only take a bit longer to be done haha

Wanna see he cumming? (48h poll)

Sat Dec 9 16:37:50 2017

Soooo~ it's been a while since my last poll and I've been thinking about the last animation I released (this one) and many people have been asking to add the cum scene and really finish this project as it should.

As I said in the release post, the PSD file got corrupted and the only way to finish this animation is by going back to the start to Photoshop and re-cut the entire picture, once it's done I can continue the scene.

The point is, I've been working on Linkle for a very long time and is very exhausting, so I like to work in small projects in the middle time to keep me sane and going.

So, what do you guys prefer?

BlazBlue - Carl & Makoto (Wallpapers)

Thu Dec 7 06:55:41 2017

Here are the batch of wallpapers for desktops and mobiles, including both animated and regular versions :)

wallpapers.jpg Blazblue%20Wallpapers.zip (d)

BlazBlue - Carl vs Makoto (re-release)

Thu Dec 7 06:26:19 2017

Update! I fixed part of the crappy sound, as Flash was down sampling it to a very low quality, just download the file again :)

TLDR: here's an old and obscure animation I did, now is in Full HD! Was this new for you?

Well, this isn't really a new project, it's quite old actually. This is an old commission I did for Doppelswagger featuring amazing artwork from MelkorMancin, back in 2013.

Here's a little story, about two years ago, my Windows formatted all my drivers instead of only formatting the one it was installed, and for consequence, I lost about 5% of my animations files, and this animation was lost in the process. But a few days ago I managed to find some of the files and could work around to boost up the animation, by creating a cinematic version and also adding better compositing looking, the only thing that bugs me are the sound effects, by the time was learning how to work around it, so yeah.... hahaha

Source files for this particular project isn't available, as the PSD file I used got corrupted >_<

This animation kind went to obscure, so I guess it's sort of a new animation for many of you guys, hope you enjoy it!

happy fapping ;)

early_access.gif blazblue_1080p.mp4 (d) blazblue_interactive_02.swf (d)

WIPs: Cutepet project 1127

Mon Nov 27 22:02:48 2017

Hey everybody, hope you guys are having a great day!

Sorry for the lack of updates, this animation is been really tough on me and I've been spending mostly of the time working around the rig to make it looks/feels right in this very complex perspective!

I think I got it right tho! You can check the loop animation here:

(you can also download the preview, just remember to turn on the loop!)

I've mostly of the pelvis movements already polished, but other parts still very rough, that's why it's hidden (sorry for the creepy mannequins-like figures lol)

loop_blk1127_tumblr.gif bc_loop_BLK_1127.mp4 (d)

WIPs: Linkle 1031

Tue Oct 31 23:04:58 2017

TLDR: Sorry for not posting new wips from Linkle! all the loops and transitions until the cum scenes are polished, overall project polished to 90%

Hey! it's been a while since the last time I'd posted something about Linkle and I apologize for that! >_<

That doesn't mean I'm not working on it tho! I've all the loops and transitions until the cum scene are already polished, not 100% tho! As I'll animate the physics of the hair and boobies once all the body animation is polished :)

Here are some loops:

hope you guys like what's been done so far! this project is about to end soon!


WIPs: Cutepet project 1021

Sat Oct 21 19:10:23 2017

Hey hey everybody! it's been a while! I'm not at home right now, but that doesn't means I'm not working :)

I've a really cool update for your guys, I finally managed to integrate Live2D with After Effects and I'm in love with this combination! haha

You can see all the videos here: https://www.erome.com/a/tCCPlbBw

With these two combined, is possible to make more organic and natural expressions :)

I'm moving the project into the animation phase, now things starts to really get excited! :D


Introducing next commission project from Cutepet!

Fri Sep 29 17:34:27 2017

Well, as it was possible to see on previously stream announcements, this is the picture I'll be animating for the next few months from the fellows of the Cutepet!

The animation will feature futa/non-versions of Caprice (the blonde chick), x-ray, one loop and a double cumshot scene. It's gonna be a tough animation to do, but it'll also be really fun!

Hope you guys are looking forward to see this one animate as much I am! :)


WIPs: Linkle 0929

Fri Sep 29 17:26:31 2017

Well, it's been a while since the last time I posted a wips of our main project and I'm sorry about that! I've been really busy with so many things at the same time @_@

This wips is quite long but still need some extra polish in some parts and the lipsync is missing, I'll add that later

Watch it here: https://www.erome.com/a/IA5Y6Vpj

fZcPNAk47YPS69XL35yynKv-FUbptzUrU2iDO3ufSHaWDQiSsSPhnTzn57YNQx0c.jpe (d)

Streaming commission

Tue Sep 26 17:54:07 2017

hey everybody! yesterday I officially started working around this pic! it's gonna be tough! haha

(I'm make a better announcement later



Luk commission: Wallpapers

Mon Aug 14 23:44:21 2017


Hey! here are the set of wallpapers for your desktop and mobile!

If there's a specific resolution that you want, just let me know :)

wallpappers.jpg luk_wallpapers.rar (d)

Luk commission: source files

Mon Aug 14 22:10:52 2017


Here are all the files used on the animation! It doesn't includes the compositing files, as they are too big to share, if you want, message me and I'll send you in a separate link :)

source.jpg luk%20Project.rar (d)

August reward release

Mon Aug 14 21:47:40 2017

Hello boys and girls!

Finally, I can share this animation with you guys! haha it was a fun project to work with!

Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1fCgtxxjse3TmVrbUN6aFNXbEk

It includes the flash and cinematic versions

Commission for Kensei
Original Artwork by GAO
Voices by Alexia and Incognita

Hope you guys like it!


Linkle wips 0811

Fri Aug 11 20:33:18 2017

hey, it's been a while since the last time I worked on our big project!

Here's some extra wips with the Licking the left dude all polished! The scene where she's licking the right dude is about 95% already polished, but the transition in between isn't, so I rather don't show this part just yet.

Hope you guys like it!


mUDc_Vqvsl-bzpSEOxa9bIOLbloUwqx8wij-3ORACH7oVqEf5mbyzHlZg3DEuJoC.jpe (d)

Delay on release

Thu Aug 10 19:05:10 2017

hello boys and girls!

I was intended to release this animation this week, but now all I can do is wait for the voices from the actress, as is the only missing part. I'm really sorry for that, they can be super slow to record this stuff -_-||

So, I decided to release the first part of the animation for you guys with some extra close ups.

If everything runs fine, it should be release next week, but I can't promise as it depends only on me >_<


Commission WIPs 3107

Mon Jul 31 20:52:32 2017

hello boys and girls!

here's one more wips, probably the last one before the release (for real this time haha)!

I'd planned to finish this animation before the end of this month, but I'll not be able to do so. Also I'm depending on the voice actress, so it doesn't depend only on me.

For now the only part that is on my hands is to finish off the hair animation and add the cum liquid.

I'll keep this wips exclusive here on patreon, hope you guys are looking forward this animation :)


Commission WIPs 2707

Thu Jul 27 19:54:19 2017


Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of updates, life is getting in the way

Here's the last post before the release. I'm currently polishing the hair and then add the cum liquid for the cumshot scene. It should be done by the next week :)


Commission WIPs 1107

Tue Jul 11 06:00:32 2017

Hello boys and girls, how is going?

here's some extra work I've been doing! The loop scene is already polished (not 100%, but the main parts are), next step is polish the cum scene ;)

Hope you guys are looking forward for this one as well!


Linkle WIPs 0709

Sun Jul 9 22:28:22 2017


here is some wips from the past weeks, including the whole intro + handjob polished, the transition dialogue to the licking scene and a little bit of the licking the left dude

hope you guys like it!


Live wallpapers for desktop

Sat Jul 8 22:01:56 2017

Well, that was sort of a rhetorical poll hahaha

Here are the live wallpapers for your desktop! as the original image were huge, I managed to even render it at 4k!

720p / 1080p / 1440p / 4k

I don't know many programs to run live wallpapers, but I found this one and is very cheap!


Let me know if you guys want live wallpapers from other animations as well :)


SGLT Live wallpapers

Fri Jul 7 16:16:20 2017

Hey, so I forgot to post it early for $2 patrons!


Live wallpapers

Fri Jul 7 16:16:56 2017

Are you guys interested in having animated wallpapers for the desktop as well?

Previous source files released

Fri Jun 30 01:54:55 2017

Continuing the releases, here are all the previous source files released!


I hope these animations bring you a great time of joy and fun! much love, washa

Changes on the rewards

Fri Jun 30 01:54:48 2017

Hello boys and girls, so I've been thinking and discussing it with some patrons and also other artists, and I decided to allow the patrons to access previous rewards, as I'd the feeling that I was punishing the newcomers for been late.

So for now on all the previous rewards will be available for all patrons who pledged $5+

Previous animations released

Fri Jun 30 01:54:52 2017

Hey, so here are all the previous animations released!


I hope these animations bring you a great time of joy and fun!
much love, washa

Linkle wips: 0623

Sat Jun 24 02:15:48 2017

Link (has sounds)

Hey boys and girls! now I got something really cool for you guys!

The first scene of the animation is 95% polished! It turned out pretty big, it is 20 seconds long and the last 1/3 of the animation is a loop, so I managed to solve this problem for the interactive version haha
The only missing part is hair and clothing animation, that I'll add once the whole animation is already polished

let me know what you guys think!

Linkle WIPs: 0614

Thu Jun 15 05:18:57 2017


Here's one more wips from the intro, now with full lipsync! :)

School Girls Love Tentacles: Cards animations released

Thu Jun 15 05:58:14 2017

Hello boys and girls! Please check your message board

I sent you guys the links for download and also the special wallpaper edition that is live! I didn't had time to prepare the picture wallpaper, should do that next week.

That was a huge project I'm really happy with it's result! Hope you guys like it!

Also, I tried to cover the maximum of resolutions of phones, if your phone has a different resolution, let me know and I'll make it.


Linkle WIPs 0613

Wed Jun 14 05:13:07 2017

Intro / Full animation

Finally! Something worth to show you guys! haha it's been forever since the last wips, I'm sorry for that!

I've actually two wips to show, the first is the new intro, the actions and the lines are pretty much the same, but I think this new version she sounds more lewd, naughty and is about the same tone of the rest of the lines, as the previous one was a bit high pitch

The timing of the animation is pretty much the final, and man! that's really long! A total of 1 minute and 35 seconds of continuous animation! That's the main reason it's taking so long! haha I've almost 1100 frames to work around haha, and that's only because I'm working on 12 fps, it was on 24 would be about 2200 and also, I have gabatrazilions of controllers to polish, that's the second reason why it takes so long hahaha >_<

After I finish the polish of the mouth on the intro, I'll start fixing and polishing the rest of the scene, and I do got a lot of stuff to fix haha! about 2 and half pages of annotations.

This animation is finally getting into the final phase and it will be great!

thanks everybody for the patience, I'll continue to work hard to finish it asap!

One more thing!
I'll not be able to stream on the regular Thursday and Friday, so I'm moving the stream for today and tomorrow to compensate that!

HAuJsXtcNfY8JzAgvv-sExp9cvQZNnSOQS-gfarhUhAmfztuG7-2cv9DD3upoSD4.jpe (d)

Slime Symbiote: Mei & Esha released

Sat Jun 10 23:21:01 2017

Patrons have access to the 1080p version, exclusive wallpapers and source files!

Cinematic (loop)
HD Mobile
Flash with sounds

commissioned by ScarySerum
artwork by Zet13
Sound effects by @servantesnc
Voice by @amisakadarthana-va


School Girls Love Tentacles (preview)

Sat Jun 10 01:34:09 2017

Hello boys and girls! How is going? It's been a while since I posted something here, so I'm sorry for that!

tldr: check the preview links on the bottom

I would like to show you guys the preview of the next release! Two animations for the game School Girls Love Tentacles, from DeliciousOrange

These projects aren't exactly fapable as they are meant to be Ecchi only, but who knows! haha So it's meant to be more like an bonus reward for this month. The first animation (on the left) is pretty old and doesn't have sounds and cinematic, just the interactive version, while the second one (on the right), is totally recent as some of you guys saw it been done and has the interactive and cinematic version, both with sounds.

These scenes have a special end each with some sort of twist :)

You can check the previews here: left / right

The release for these two is next week!


Slime Symbiote: Mei & Esha released

Mon May 29 23:28:30 2017

Finally!! a new animation released! haha

Check your messages page and have a happy fapping!

I hope this animation bring you a great time of joy and fun!
much love, washa


Commission WIPs 0525 (stills)

Thu May 25 07:49:05 2017


oooooh the body animations are done! all I need to finish up the animation is add the facial variations! :D

hope you guys like it!


Commission WIPs 0525

Thu May 25 07:47:33 2017


oooooh the body animations are done! all I need to finish up the animation is add the facial variations! :D

hope you guys like it!

Commission WIPs 0525 (stills)

Wed May 24 16:54:15 2017


well, here's the wips of the upcoming commission that I'll release first here for you guys!

I decided to make this frames pre-animated as with stills were hard to feel the animation, on this one I just put the key motions in there so you can feel what's going on :)

Still missing the boobie, facial and hair animations, it'll be added today :)


Commission WIPs 0525 (animated)

Wed May 24 07:59:09 2017


well, here's the wips of the upcoming commission that I'll release first here for you guys!

Still missing the boobie, facial and hair animations, it'll be added tomorrow (or today depending where your in the world haha) :)



Thu May 18 19:19:22 2017


we're live with DynamoHeart :D


Quick Stream

Wed May 17 20:34:12 2017


today I'm going to have only a few hours to work on the commission, but come and say hi :)


WIPs: Commission

Wed May 17 20:26:57 2017

It's been a while for the last time I posted any wips here. So here's a small test on the rig I did for the current commission :)

I still own you guys the wips for the Linkle project, but to be honest the renders take a lot of time to do and consumes a lot of processing. I might leave it rendering today once I done with work and go sleep haha


Streaming commission

Tue May 16 17:59:57 2017


Streaming commission

Mon May 15 22:20:22 2017


see you there, space cowboy ;)

Commission closed (update)

Thu May 11 17:04:35 2017

Hello boys and girls!

So, I got a huge time bomb bill and I'll have to open one slot for commissions to disarm that bomb! haha

Slot available: 0

I'll have to go simply on this one as I'll have to be fast! Here are the conditions:
- Simple loop (no cumshot or stuff, we can talk about to trigger it later, but right now I can't afford to do so)
- Two characters
- simply or cel shaded image (if you have the original file with layers, the better)
- If you don't own the picture, ask permission for the artist who made it!

It'll have sounds effects and also a Full HD video as well

The price for the animation will be $250

If you have interest, send me an message inbox here or washazoo@gmail.com

Send me what you have and lets see if is possible to animate :)

Discord and New tiers

Sun May 7 01:30:46 2017

Hello boys and girls!

So, a new life also brings new plans! For a long time I've been thinking about it and the time has finally come!

1. Discord server and rewards (for patrons): https://discord.gg/RKkGQXs
2. New tiers: Porn Animation Mentor and Wallpapers


Let's start talking about the new Discord Server I've set, I'll be sending rewards from there as well (I'll continue to send it via pm for those who don't use Discord), but what's cool about it is that anyone can have access to the server, as I've set some channels for general discussion of animation or whatever, just don't be a dick or a whine baby crying for attention there, for the fuck sake! I'm still figuring out how to work around it, so don't expect it to be super fancy at the begging

Join here: https://discord.gg/RKkGQXs
(if you don't know how to setup your discord with Patreon, check here, it's really fast and easy)

Now, about the tiers, the first one is meant for those who wants to learn about animation, more specific this kind I make! I call it: Porn Animation Mentor haha
Ever wanted to understand to do porn animations but doesn't know how to make it, I can help you out.
For those who pledge it, will receive my weekly critiques via video with voice over (sort like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i00dkGjZrJY ), where I'll analyse your animation and point out how to improve it and make it look right or better. It not only meant for animation, but for how to setup the image and rig it on After Effects. If you have any doubts feel free to ask.

If you have a particular project that you want me to critique, let me know and we can discuss around it, email me (washazoo [at] gmail.com) or talk with me on Discord

The second tier is actually simpler, is sort like the $1 tier but grants access to exclusive lewd wallpapers based on the current project I'm working on, sort like the Ahri Porn Star.

Thank you!

Sun May 7 01:24:09 2017

well, for the last two weeks I was really busy with moving my stuff for a new town and now is all settle down.

This marks a new point in my life, as I got my new place and a lot of new stuff is going to happen, and it is only possible because the support of each and every single of you guys!

Each of you have my deepest gratitude for making it possible! I'll continue working hard to make cool animations for the pleasure of you guys! haha

Thank you very much! *bows*

No Stream next week

Sun Apr 23 23:42:16 2017

Hey everybody! very soon I'll be moving to a new place, so I'll not be able to stream until I get internet access. I'll continue working on the project as usual as I don't really need internet to do my stuff.

Hope to see you guys soon! Have a great week!

much love, washa

WIPs 1404: pre-full animation

Wed Apr 19 20:02:57 2017

https://eroshare.com/spmyrh5m (has sounds)

So I decided to make a full render (not including the first part of the handjob because I destroyed it haha) to feel how the animation is coming out. There's a lot of poses to add yet in the middle, but overall is working well. I thing to fix is the timing of the Left Dude cumming, is way too fast >_<

I also removed the end narration as I don't want to spoil the story here ;)

Still looking rough, but is getting in place! Hope you guys like


WIPs: 0407 Stills

Tue Apr 11 22:37:01 2017


Hey everybody! here's some stills from the last stills from the animation! (including an exclusive patreon bonus! haha)

hope you guys like it! :)

much love, washa


WIPs 0407: licking to sucking transition

Tue Apr 11 22:36:59 2017

https://eroshare.com/k93q55wl (has sounds)

Hey everybody! it's seems I forgot to post some wips from previous streams, sorry about that!

I've added more poses for the transition where Linkle stop licking the Right Dude and teases them how it feels like to get suck by a farm girl :)

I'm not really happy with the way her voice is sounding on the teasing, I'll change it for another version once I start working on the lipsync, but I'm really happy with the overall animation.

Now the only part that miss a bit more poses is the final where Linkle has an epiphany and she really starts to understand about herself, I'll be sending the current poses that are on the end of the animation. This poses are really important so I'm putting more effort on them than the normal.

Hope you guys like it!


Stream in 30 minutes

Fri Apr 7 17:30:47 2017

hey everybody, I've been busy with other stuff today and I didn't made it in time!

I'll continue working in our project soon! see you guys there! :)


WIPs 0324: Right Dude's time! (animation)

Mon Mar 27 00:44:12 2017

hey everybody! here's our weekly wips round :)

This time is a video only, but it's a video with a reason, a sounding reason ;)

Thursday and Friday I worked on the part where the Right Dude cums, as she keeps doing a handjob until he cums. All the fluids will be added later into the post-effects, as I found it much easier to work instead of mixing it right into to middle of the animation and driving me crazy while doing it lol

All the lipsync will be done once the whole body animation is finished, as it's very time consuming and I rather invest the time in finish the animation itself first! Right now with some extra sounds added on the time line, the animation has 1 minute and 23 seconds long of continuous and uncut animation @_@

I also decided to tweak some of her facial expressions for the final moment when she realizes her real life purpose, but it was looks so silly that she got an dumb face instead of a happy one, I'm checking with Hizzy and see if she can help me out of that. Maybe friday wasn't my day to do so :|

hope you guys like it! have a great day!
much love, washa


First goal achieved!

Wed Mar 22 18:07:42 2017

With the help of an special extra push, we got into the first goal! Thank you guys so much for all the support!

Now I'm going to stream twice a week, starting tomorrow around 2 PM (GMT-3), same time as has been on every Friday :)

see you guys there!

WIPs 0317: blowjobs scenes and left dude can't hold himself

Mon Mar 20 04:13:51 2017

Hey everybody!

sorry for this huge lack of posts! I've been super busy lately, but things are back to normal again :)

well, I got some wips accumulated from the prior stream that I didn't had time to publish, so this will be a big wips ;)

Animation in one single time line from the blowjob of the Left Dude to the Right Dude and back to the Left Dude to cum on her mouth (still no fluids, that will be added later)

Gallery of animations separated on gifs:

This animation is getting so big! up until now we've about 1 minute of unique animation done and it'll get bigger once I put all the right timing for the cum scene and also all the lines in place, still so much work left! @_@

hope you guys have a great week!

much love, washa


WIPs 0225: Blowjobs

Sun Feb 26 22:18:22 2017

Alright, so here's some of the wips from friday and saturday stream!


I worked about 14 hours on these two days and everything should had be recorded, but Picarto is messing up with those records and it saved like 1% of them. I'd contact the support to see what's happening.

Ok! now about the project! The sucking scene for the Left Dude is about 80% done, just need to better polish the inbetween poses and better animate the Right Dude handjob. The smacking tongue scene is an additional scene that I thought would be cool and add more to the overall animation, as it woudn't be only a simply sucking scene! This scene is about 95% done, just need to animate the RD handjob, that will be sort of static as she's focusing on smashing that deak in her tongue! After that I'll make she start sucking him again, so it'll be a two loops for the blowjob scene that I'll be able to vary later :)

I also did some new poses for the RD blowjob, where she do a deepthroat, get really happy and then starts blowin him hahaha she has a crush for him <3

The poses still lacking some connection, so I didn't rendered out as it was hard to understand what was going on.

The project is getting form! :D
Once the blowjobs are in place I'll start adding more poses for the cumshot, here's where things start to get messy (and hard to animate lol)

Hope you guys like it!

eikjC3TFuwBFeGoUDnDkh7Y1zmcvzf2qW5G6dzJFXmGeR2nApauvmP7KTEhI2zcM.gif wips_0225_smack.gif wips_0225_suck.gif wips_0225.mov (d)

WIPs 0217

Sat Feb 18 18:15:00 2017

Here's what happened on the stream from yesterday! The original poses for the licking were pretty bad and wasn't working at all, so I decided to restart it :)

I really liked her head's movements, I still need to better polish her tongue to make it a bit softer and adjust the hand/elbow and cock movements, they are terrible now lol

For the technical lovers, this aniamtion is playing in 24fps but with half of the frames and it still fappble! ;)
(concentrate on ther head movements, as it's the part that has all the frames in the right place hahaha)


WIPs 0210

Fri Feb 10 23:45:27 2017

Alright, so here are some shots from yesterday and today's stream :)

Yesterday I put mostly of the poses for the licking scene of the Left Dude and part of the transition for the licking scene of the Right Dude.


And today I decided to make the licking scene different, as the initial thought was that Linkle would lick Left's deak head and the body of the Right's deak, as the Left is bigger, I thought in invert the scenario as Linkle is taking advantage of each deak hahaha

Here's the scene extended animation including the Left Dude approaching her until she licks the Right Dude :)


The animation is taking more form now, I'm really happy with how it's turning out! :)


WIPs: Transition dialogue + update about the project

Mon Feb 6 14:02:59 2017

Update: it's seems the embed link isn't working, at least for me. Here's the direct link: https://eroshare.com/gsklot54

Well, here's the wips from what I've done on last friday, plus some additional poses and fixes I did today!

Left Dude gets bored of just a simple jerk off and approaches Linkle to see what else she can do :)

The animation still very rough and some poses are looking offset and out of the time, but that's something I'll fix when I start adjusting the timing, now I'm focusing in get the poses looking good :)

Now some info about the project, I'm going to make a small change on framerate, all my animations until now were made using 24 frames per second. What it means? It means that for every second, I've to work around 24 frames. It gives the animation a super smooth looking, that's also the the film industry standard workflow.
As you guys has been following this project and noticed that it's taking a very long to make it, mostly due the complexity of the rig, that makes the whole process very slow as the After Effects have to keep processing a LOT of stuff under the hood.
So I decided to change the animation from 24 to 12 fps, it means I'll have only half of the frames to polish and render. So it should be done by the half of the time too :)

Now, I hear you technical lover screaming back there!
- Dearest Mr. Washa, will the animation stop been super smooth as other were?
Well my fellow companion, recently I'd the oportunity to work in a project that were made in 12fps, and it doens't makes a difference that big in the technical aspect, your eye will keep seeing the animation as normal, the animation will not be super smooth anymre, instead, just smooth. Mostly of the porn animations you watch are made in this way. Also, a good example of animations made in 12fps were the classic Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry, it's more economic and still looks cool! :)

I haven't converted it yet, but I'll do it before start streaming on next friday. That's not the kind of thing you do during the project but before, so something will explode for sure lol

Hope you guys have a great week! See you guys soon :)

much love, washa

k9WDfyCphJ3EvtD9sXJCdIAFKSRQiBkDEPsWyTWR5ND9YmyQOZhp1LrcVpxDculk.jpeg linkle_0206.mov (d)

WIPs: Cum poses!

Sat Jan 28 17:27:04 2017

Here are the poses from yesterday stream! I didn't managed to add more poses for the other scenes though :| the hardest part of this project has been wait for the program to finish processing, that's why I swaped and hide some elements, like her cape and the base of her gloves, isn't much but is less stuff to compute :)

Well, here are the new poses!


Next week I'll be able to stream twice, I'm not sure the date yet, but I'll let you guys know!

Also, let me know what you guys think about these poses so far! With those, I'm completing the phase of key poses and I'm moving it to the blocking phase, where I'll continue adding more poses :)


Poll result and Friday chill stream!

Fri Jan 27 16:05:03 2017


Well, the Right dude almost did, but the Left Dude own the poll!

To be honest, he was my first choice before start the poll, mostly as he was the one who took initiative and brough his cock to Linkle start licking, so, he was the guy who would had the balls to go into maximum pleasure and cum inside her mouth

I'll pose them based on the poll's result and then start adding more poses to fill the animation!

Thanks everybody who participate the poll!


getting stuff in place

Wed Jan 18 19:15:03 2017

well, as many other stuff in my life, my patreon has been left aside for a while. even I'm working every week on the current project, I'm not posting much stuff here, pretty much because I was wrongly presuming that people were watching the streaming so there wasn't much reason to post stuff, pretty dumb, I know! sorry for that :|

one of the tweaks I'm going to do for now is update the pledges to better segment the first and second tiers ($1 / $5) by changing the kind of "work in progress" (wips) each group will have access.

Those who pledged $1 will receive wips of simply screenshots of the animation, while pledges of $5+ will get animated previews of the upcoming animation.

Another change is the stream schedule! I'll start to have a regular schedule, starting this week, by doing one stream per week, it'll be done every friday from 2pm up to 7pm , because friday is a fun day and we should do fun stuff! :D

Also did some changes on the goals by making them thigh, now the next goal is to be able to stream twice per week :)

Thanks everybody!

WIPs: Golden Poses and poll!

Wed Jan 18 19:17:17 2017

Well, that's a bunch of golden poses! What does it means?! It means this animation will be huge! @__@ Golden poses or Key poses, are the poses that tell the story around the animation.

I'm also attaching them all in high-resolution so you can flip them and see a bit of action :)

Here's my guide script for the scenes, including her lines:

scene 1: jerking

look to each other and say: hmmm you so big.... and you're thick! maybe I should measure you guys!

loop: jerking both dudes

scene 2: licking

sub-scene 1: Left Dude (LD)

(LD approaches)

- ah! so you boys want more than that?

loop: licking LD deak's head

sub-scene 2: Right Dude (RD)

linkle pulls RD closer by his dick and say:

- ooh, I wanna try this one now!

loop: licking RD deak's body

scene 3: sucking

- here boys - (pause) - let me show you guys a wet milking feels like...

interactive version: user picks what dude she will blow
movie version: Linkle starts sucking the RD as she brought him closer from the last scene, after a few seconds she swap him.

scene 4: cum


scene 5 resting

Linkle look for both dudes and say:

hmmmmmmm - pauses - now I can understand my *special* ability with milking and why I'm so good with it! I didn't born to be a farm girl... I have always been a whore!

end of animation


So, here's what's the poll gets in place! We have two dudes standing in front our beloved Linkle, so, who will cum first?! The idea is to make one dude will cum inside her mouth while another will cum in her face/body.

Dear Mr Washa, I've a question! Why can't you make both cum at the same time?!

Well, I rather keep in this way because when one dude cums inside her mouth, I'll have to draw only half part of the cumshot and it'll save me some time! Besides, that's what Linkle wants, just look to her face while staring them! :)

Thanks everybody!
much love, washa

linkle_wips_0117.rar (d)

I'm still here!

Thu Dec 22 22:04:12 2016

hello boys and girls! I've been away from patreon for the last few weeks, mostly because I'm not at home and neither I'm with my computer here. But that doesn't mean I'm not working! haha I'm working offline with a very slow notebook and the internet here is completely unstable, so there's no way to do any stream right now.

Things should get back to normal on the second day of the next year, you know, in a few days hahaha

hope you guys have a great time by the next days, enjoy your companions and mostly important, have fun! :)

take care everyone and thank you so much for your support for this year! :D

WIPs: Linkle's back-story

Thu Dec 15 16:00:00 2016

Following the avalanche of experiments I've been doing with this project, I decided to take a step into the dark and make something completely new for myself.
A friend and I wrote an short story for the animation that will be played right before the animation starts, I think it'll add a lot for the mood of the scene and it's also a plus for all the lovely ladies who just love to hear about this stories!
I all know about Linkle's story came from wiki's and cutscenes I watched on youtube, so there might be some stuff that goes off, but I'm not really worried about it as I'm really happy with the final text! The idea for this short story is to tell how Linkle discoveried herself, pretty much as it's the game, but in a fun way, right? hahaha

Of course, it'll be narrated by the sweet voice of VoiceLikeCandy , who is currently finishing the records, but for now I'll only share the text itself, as I rather save her voice for the final version :)


When I quit from a farm girl

"Let me telling something! A few days ago I went to the village sell some eggs, and while I was at the store, I overheard somebody talking about two heroes who were passing by our village.
When I heard about it, I just felt like something was pushing me to meet them, that I could do something to help them. It was my lucky day! Because there were so close to where I was.
While I was walking in their direction, I felt the shiver mixed with a warm sensation in my body, it was so thrilling! I couldn't control my body anymore!
By the time I noticed, I was already in front of them and could see how strong and manly they were! (giggles) They had a wild look in their eyes! While staring at them, I could feel how receptives they were... (pause) Still! I wanted to offer some eggs I gathered and wish them a good journey!
(laugh) It was so funny how amazed they were with that big amount of eggs I was offerning. I was so happy!
Then I started telling them about my daily routine of petting and caring for the animals from our farm. I was telling them a lot of stuff, but nothing drew their attention more than when I told them about my special ability with milking...
I noticed that they looked to each other and it brought a smile in their faces. Right after that we exchanged some looks and I just felt that I should keep teasing them... (hmmmmmmm) I simplty started unbutton my shirt while telling them how much fun would be to demonstrate my milking skills..."

(animation starts)


let me know what you guys think :)

November rewards released!

Wed Dec 7 22:13:17 2016

Hey everybody! I'm more than happy to send you guys the first teaser of this project!

It has two variations, one is the animation in loop, so it's a more fappable material hahaha! the second one is what's the next scene will be :)

For those who pledged $20, there are 3 different animations there! The first two previews that I created to test out the rig and this current version of the animation :)

check your email and happy fapping! :)


Introducing, Linkle's voice!

Wed Nov 30 18:50:41 2016

Well, let's get direct to the point! VoiceLikeCandy will share her sexy voice with us on this project! Some of you guys already heard her voice during the stream but I'm attaching the sample line used on the short animation that I'll soon send to patrons who pledged $5 or more that will be released on December 7th!

I'm also streaming right now, polishing the animation, check it out if you want :)


Liked what did you just heard? Check more about Candy!

Personal Site / Patreon / Tumblr

linkle_tease_01.mp3 (d)

stream + info about this month rewards

Tue Nov 29 03:44:23 2016

you can watch me working on the Linkle's project


I've been working on this project for the last two months and I don't have anything much exiciting to show as up until a few days ago I was setuping the whole project.

So, as reward for this month I'll prepare a small scene for those who pledged $5 or more, that will include a scene with the special voice actress that will be soon announced :D where Linkle will say some lines that is will work as teaser for the project.

For those who pledged $20+ I'll send the current version of the rig, without any animation, I think in this way it's easier for those who want to explore the raw rig and play around with it, plus the animation tests! :)

More info about the voice actress soon :)


WIPs: Linkle The Robot (ready for animation!)

Fri Nov 18 07:37:42 2016

Well, usually when I finish one rig, I end up feeling like: "alright! I finished a cool puppet, let's animate it!". But for this rig my first thought when I finished was: "ok, looks like I build an robot instead of an regular puppet!" hahahaha seriouly! this puppet has tons of awesome features and is heavy to work with as an giant robot haha

Here's some cool features:

These are the main features that came up, there a bunch of pretty boring stuff I added too, but nothing fancy or cool that you can tell to your family or friends lol

I'm also attaching/linking another cool quick-animation tests I did while making the final tweaks on the rig :)

head turn (HD): https://gfycat.com/GreenAppropriateBluegill

handjob: https://gfycat.com/ChubbySophisticatedDorking

just a final word as it makes me feel great about it, thank everyone of you guys! this is only happening thanks for each of you! I couldn't be happier by making animations that can spread the joy and fun! ^_^

Thank you very much! :)

head_turn1_01.gif handjob1_01.gif

WIPs: Boobie Engine 2.1

Sat Oct 29 22:07:39 2016

so I was doing some additional tests on Linkle's boobies, as well checking if it was working well with the torso rotation. Still need a lot of tweaks, specially on the cloth deformation, but now the bewbies also features a really cool drop shadow, I think it adds a lot for the volume of our beloved breasts! hahaha

Next wips should be about the head rotation! I've been experimenting a bit with it and it's looking pretty cool! hope to post it soon! :)


WIPs (sorta of)

Sat Oct 29 05:37:04 2016

I don't reallycelebrate the Halloween as it's something my country only replicates from US, but I think this image fits well with the theme lol

I was set upping the eyes and something went really wrong lol

Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it!

Instead of giving candy, give/borrow a scary book instead :)


WIPs: Boobies Engine 2.0

Sat Oct 22 03:04:10 2016


Here's a technical note, as I like to talk about this kind of stuff and I know many people really like to know what tools are used for making this kind of stuff :)

For every animation I try to make the soft-bodies, specially the breasts to make more natural and easy to control. For the last Ahri animation I used a similar technique but with different a effect. For this one, my friend AEhentai (aehentai.com, go check him!) recommended this tool: Re:Flex, that's specialized for drawing meshes, in this way you can have very organic look and a lot of control over the rig.

This is a very very rough example, as you may noticed, I've only rigged one side and the another one is mirrored, that's just for this sample purpose, her right boobie will have it's own controller and settings :)


New project! Linkle feat. Hizzy artwork

Thu Oct 13 15:30:01 2016

So, here's the big news: this is the first project fully baked by you guys! I'm so happy with this finally been happen!:D

Well, things will be going to be different for this project and the now on. Other projects were some how on going and I had the chance to add more stuff or tweak some parts of the animation to make it look even better.

Now comes the other side of the coin, as other projects were some how on going and I'd enough time to polish the animation and delivery it as monthly reward, for this project that will not happen as I'll have to start it from scratch, usually an regular project takes about 2 up to 3 months to be complete, specially if it has more scenes and also a cumshot climax. The regular length of this animations is about 15 up to 30 seconds of animation, see? it's 30x24 frames, it's 720 frames of animation, it's pretty insane hahaha

One option is to make similar to what I did with the last Ahri animation, where I fully polished the first scene and then released as a stand alone animation, it isn't the best option my workflow, as I just do the polish once I've all the poses and everything on the animation working, but who knows!

Alright, now let's dive right into the project! That's a picture done by Hizzy that she did a while ago, this one wasn't even released, so it's sort an exclusive picture, shouldn't we all few proud of this?! hahaha As you can see, this scene features our lovely Linkle jerking off two dudes (Links?) But this scene has more potential than that! The idea is to make a scene like this:

Jerk off Link A+B --> Blow job Link A/Jerk B --> Blow job Link B/Jerk A --> Blow job A and B (?) --> Link A/B Cum --> Resting

This is just an idea, things might change once I start animating, haha

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?I can't really think in any particular title for this animation, suggestions are welcome haha

ok! I'll talk with Ricegnat later and see if he/she allows me to make more animations of his artwork, so don't worry about it >_>

Liked the art and wanna see more? Check more of Hizzy one her website and support her if you feel engaged about it :)




The project will feature the sweet voice from VoiceLikeCandy and sound effects from Servantesnc


WIPs: Tabrin loop scene

Wed Sep 28 20:42:31 2016

well, that's the final animation for the loop scene with compositing and color correction :)

hope you guys enjoy it!


WIPs: tabrin orgy

Fri Sep 23 21:08:15 2016

Hey everyone! sorry for the lack of updates, my hasn't been very good so I wasn't able to do any stream lately.

Anyway! here's the full preview from the upcoming animation, so many tentacles @_@

hope you guys like it!


Next project! Tabrin tentacles orgy

Wed Sep 14 23:07:18 2016

Well, it took a while but here's the new project that I've been working featuring the art of the guys fromTabrin.com!

The animation involves 3 tentacles and a big boobies girl, you know the rest lol. It'll be similar to the Ahri animation, that's also including a climax scene :)It'll also feature the sound effects done by Servantesncand voice by Alexia

As the previous projects, it'll be available here firstly for the patrons who pledged $5 or more


Update: Ahri Pornstar 2.0, now with shortcuts!

Mon Sep 12 19:09:13 2016

I've just updated this animation by adding some useful shortcuts to make your fapping easier and continuous haha

here are the new shortcuts:

- Enter / Spacebar / Right Arrow: Advance the animation
- F: toggle fullscreen
- M: toggle volume
any suggestions or feedback is welcome!

have fun and happy fapping :)
much love, washa


Quick project update

Fri Sep 9 06:46:17 2016

so I've uploaded on the September folder the Windows and Mac executable files for all the Priscylla's animations, as it seems some people were having problem to open or either play the interactive version. Nobody complain here, though, but if you're having some problems, I highly recommend you to download the Flash Player from Adobe:https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/

I'm also updating the the last Ahri animation to feature some useful shortcuts, as mostly of you guys are right-handed and have this hand pretty busy while watching/interacting with the animation haha

Any feedback is welcome :)


Bonus interactive animation and poll

Wed Sep 7 17:24:29 2016

well, that's something I've been looking forward to make for so long: an VHS-like animation hahaha

man, good times! eh? you don't know what a VHS is? that's fine, think of it as the Vinil of the video lol

Well, I've uploaded this animation as interactive (priscylla_vhs_v1.0)on the same folder of this month rewards, please check it out!

Did anyone found the hidden easter eggs?!

Ok, here's the poll, I really like this old style videos and I'm thinking in making more of them in the future, what do you guys think?I'll leave two comments, rate the one you like and it'll count as your vote :)


WIPs: priscylla rigging

Tue Sep 6 18:50:24 2016

Hey everyone, hope you guys had a great time with the last animation! Here's an bonus material that I forgot to release early haha

it's the original rigging for this animation, as it has TONS of details and it was a very time consuming part of the work, but it's so important as the animation itself

for those who doesn't know what character rig is, you can basically think of them like the strings the controls a puppet toy, in our case, a lewd puppet hahaha

soon more info about the next project :)


WIPs: Stage 3

Tue Aug 30 20:21:12 2016

yeah, I know, I've just jumped one stage haha

I just wanted to post something else before the release, my plans are to finish the whole project on 5th September, mostly like last month project date, it might be delay, if anything happens I'll let you guys known.

I'm currently working on cum scene, it has about 15 seconds, it's pretty long, so hope to finish it soon, then start working on the compositing and then do some tweaks on the flash version as well create a short video of it :)

see you guys soon!have a great day!


WIPs: Stage 1 (alternate version)

Sun Aug 21 03:18:27 2016

hello boys and girls! here's the first stage with the new dildo that I was working on the stream last week and also including the top-less version! More stages are coming on the next week!

hope you guys like it! :)


WIPs: For the fans of deaks (you know, penis lol)

Tue Aug 16 02:04:18 2016

Here's the preview of the new dildo! Ecchi did an amazing job drawing this deak, but I felt like something was missing, I don't like to see animations with hand and blowjobs where the deak just look very artificial, so I decided make this small animation for the foreskin, you know, to make it more like a real dick. The animation is mostly handy-drawing and only the foreskin and a little part of the "body" was animated, more animation will be added once I implement it with the rest of animation.

Soon I'll start doing some stream to show you guys it in the works!

Hope you guys like it! :)


Priscylla in the Cutepet Land: first preview

Tue Aug 16 01:43:22 2016

hello boys and girls! after a while, I'm here to show some extra infos about this project!

Mostly of the initial scenes are already finished as I'd previously worked on it, I'm now adding new contents, as a new dildo, create an alternate version, have Zerodiamonds sexy moaning once again for the delight of our ears and Servantesnconce again working on the outstanding sound effects, you know, the same guys from the Ahri, so you know what to expect! haha

So, if this Wiimote-dildo isn't your thing, don't worry, there's a dildo on the way! And of course, there will be a topless version with more scenes! ;)


Upcoming project!

Fri Aug 5 23:55:59 2016

hello boys and girls! hope you guys had a great time with the Ahri animation :)

well, as promised, here's the announce of the next project, coming for your NES and Virtual Console:Priscylla in Super Cutepet Land! It's a project I've been working withEcchi, from Cutepet.org, for a while, more info and wips soon :)

Message for the newcomer patronsthat didn't receive the Ahri animation or that just pledged, it was the July's reward, but as many of you guys have been asking for it, I'm going to send it again on next month rewards for the $5+ pledges :)


About source files

Fri Aug 5 05:30:27 2016

there are two different RAR files (you will need the Winrar to unzip it), inside each folder has a Report text file showing the Effects used on the animation and compositing, so once you open the scenes and get an error or a bunch of solids floating around the scene, is because you don't have it installed.

Here's the list of the third-party plugins:

so I've created a folder inside the GD to share the free plugins, for the paid ones, you can buy it or simply turn them off.

Plug-ins on GD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1fCgtxxjse3U2g2ZDlZdXVKM2c

To be very honest I'm not sure if it's a good idea to share the Compositing version, not due the sharing itself, but due it's huge size, as it includes the pre-render of the whole animation so I can work around it. Right now the file has about 3.5gb, if I upload three more projects, it'll fill the GD capacity and it's not on my plans to upgrade it, not now at least.

Questions? feel free to ask :)

Ahri Pornstar released!

Fri Aug 5 04:33:51 2016

alright boys and girls, all messages were sent, fapping time is on!

note for the newcomer patrons that didn't receive this animation, as it was July's reward, but as many of you guys have been asking for it, I'm going to send it again on next month rewards for the $5+ pledges :)


LoL wallpaper pack!

Thu Aug 4 16:38:32 2016

hello boys and girls! hope you guys are having a great day!

as I've converted some of the old LoL animations into 1080p, I noticed that some of the animation frames would give a nice wallpaper, so I decided to make a pack of the coolest shots and give to you guys, right before the release of the new Ahri animation!

some like to use the desktop/notebook, others like to use their mobile phones, so there's a wallpaper for every taste :)

missed any particular shot? just let me know!

thanks everyone for the support! see you guys soon!

wall_pack.jpg wallpapers_pack_allsizes.zip (d) 960x640.zip (d) 480x320.zip (d) 1920x1080.zip (d) 768x1024.zip (d) 2048x1536.zip (d)

First post!

Thu Jul 28 00:59:23 2016

hello boys and girls!

well, I would like to announce the release of the complete Ahri Pornstar animation here on Patreon: 5th August!

That includes the full video in 1080p as well the interactive version (I'll update the pledges later), also the original files used on the project for those who pledged $20+.