New Year!

Tue Dec 31 02:31:28 2019

Happy new year to everyone! I hope your holidays were stress-free <3

The last few months have been pretty hectic for me and this Patreon hasn't been getting updated as regularly as it should be, so I apologize for that. I've made some adjustments to the tier descriptions to more realistically reflect what you should expect from them and I won't hold it against anyone for changing their pledge.

Following the January payments the patreon will also be moving to upfront charging. You won't be charged any extra unless you increase your pledge or become a new patron.

In regards to the Discord server, folks who have been given access and then reduced their pledges down to $1.00 or deleted are welcome to remain in the server, though channel access will be restricted.

All things aside, I'm grateful for all the support you've shown me this year and I hope that 2020 will be even better! <3

August on Pause!

Sun Jul 28 09:31:01 2019

Hey everyone, just a heads-up that I'm putting things on hold for the month of August. Hopefully this will give me a chance to get some more study in and maybe take some commissions outside of patreon rewards!

See you all in September! <3

Callie "Biggs" (Full-Res)

Sun Jul 7 21:04:23 2019

Ain't Twitter compression just the worst?


Diane (Full Res)

Sat May 18 21:31:16 2019

Full resolution version of Lauraislate's delphox gal Diane!


April Patron's Choice: Haley from Dust (Full Res)

Thu May 16 21:09:35 2019

Blacksmith gal from Dust: An Elysian Tale! If you want a say in future pics, make sure to get in at that $3.00 tier and join the Discord!


Chomky Foxie (Full Res)

Wed Apr 24 22:12:48 2019

The bigger butt!


Gaia's Grace tier adjustment

Thu Mar 28 22:08:16 2019

Hey folks, based on the general chat from the discord and twitter I decided to wind back the top tier charging and rewards to a 30 dollar monochrome sketch.

The big benefit of this is more art and more variety!

For those of you who pledge to this tier there will also be the option of "upgrading" pics to color for a little extra, depending on how my schedule pans out.

As always, thanks for all your support! <3

Lazy Day (Full Res)

Sat Mar 23 23:24:38 2019

The full resolution version of Tach0012's patreon reward!


Bastine Butt (Full Res)

Fri Mar 1 20:32:25 2019

Full size pic and February Patreon reward for Rigley!


March Charges on Pause

Sat Feb 23 04:17:24 2019

Hey y'all, gonna spend March catching up on stuff and taking care of some personal art, etc. This means you won't be charged at when the month ticks over. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Inflation: Getting Pumped! (Full Res)

Sat Feb 23 04:04:54 2019

High resolution version of Huskier's commission!


Night on the Town

Sat Feb 16 03:58:57 2019

A long-promised commission for Kubwa! The lighting was a lot of fun to mess with~


Upfront Charging

Tue Feb 5 09:27:31 2019

Happy February y'all! After some discussion with current patrons I've decided it'll be best for everyone to start charging upfront for the various tiers. If you're already a patron this won't affect you at all unless you increase your monthly pledge.

For those of you interested in the Gaia's Grace tier reward this means you'll be able to claim your art much faster! This will also help reduce the cases I've had of folks pledging a dollar and declining before the month is out.

The changeover to upfront charging will happen on Sunday 10/02/19, please feel free to ask if you have any concerns and thanks for all your support!

Zero-Suit Humma (Full Res)

Mon Jan 28 21:28:32 2019

So big, so glossy! A commission for ThomasCaret on FA, thanks for being a Patron!


Lickin' the Bowl (Full Res)

Mon Jan 28 21:22:38 2019

Patreon reward for Tach0012!


Bastine Beat-Up (Full Res)

Sat Jan 12 21:29:15 2019

A very big version of January's Patreon reward for Rigley!


No more sandwiches (Full Res)

Thu Dec 20 21:40:28 2018

The old memes are back!


Big Badger (Uncropped Full Res)

Thu Dec 6 11:26:57 2018

Big all over! Patreon reward for BubbleburningXL!


Swollen Shark (Full Res)

Sat Dec 1 20:36:11 2018

An even bigger Tiffany Patreon reward for Tach0012!


Panda Magic (Full Res)

Sat Dec 1 20:34:42 2018

A big panda Patreon reward for Rigley!


Catty (Full Res)

Sat Dec 1 20:32:49 2018

Not much bigger than the official upload, but that's okay!


Sloppy Reina (Full-Res)

Sat Dec 1 20:31:40 2018

Commission for Aranon!


December Pause!

Mon Nov 26 05:28:55 2018

December charges are on hold so folks are under a little less holiday pressure!

Witchy Goatmom (Full Res)

Thu Nov 1 11:39:22 2018

Running behind schedule for trick or treating!


Gushy Gill (Full Res)

Tue Oct 30 03:37:01 2018

The big big version of the big big panda!


Outgrown (Full Res)

Mon Oct 15 23:23:09 2018

High resolution version of a heavy skunk for Tach0012's October Patreon reward!


80s Yeen (Full Res)

Mon Oct 15 23:21:15 2018

Big big version of a stretchy workout hyena!


Glow Bun (Full Res)

Mon Oct 15 23:19:46 2018

High resolution/transparent version of Rigley/Kuder's Patreon reward for October!


Helga (Full Res)

Mon Oct 8 03:39:53 2018

Full sized version of that big sloppy bear~


Haley (Full Res)

Mon Oct 1 05:45:14 2018

Big version of Nightfaux's blue rena


Miss Maggie (Full-Res)

Thu Sep 27 06:42:58 2018

Woory-tama's witchy doggo at full resolution~


Tier Update!

Tue Sep 25 04:09:00 2018

After some thought I've decided to change up the $1.00 and $3.00 tiers to help make things a little more appetizing~

$1.00 base tier will now give you access to all high-resolution uploads!

$3.00 and up will let you into the backer Discord where I post WIPs, sketches etc. that might otherwise never see the light of day.

Hopefully this will help those of you that have been thinking of pledging to make the leap, and encourage existing $1.00 tier patrons to bump things up a little. Thanks for all the support! <3

Korps Husky (Full Res)

Mon Sep 24 03:56:56 2018

Full resolution version of that big rubbery gal!


StayPuft (Full Res)

Mon Sep 24 03:55:53 2018

Full resolution version of a big mushy marshmallow!


Laverne: Nun with a Gun (High-Res)

Sat Sep 1 07:48:58 2018

Full resolution version of ss2sonic's very good doggo OC

I tried a paintover approach rather than the usual inks/flats/shades style I normally do, it's pretty time-consuming but it got some good results!


Desdemona (High-Res)

Wed Aug 22 22:37:49 2018

Full resolution version of Desdemona Scales for Billyroflcopter on FA


Tiffany (High-Res)

Wed Aug 22 22:16:28 2018

Full resolution of a big shark for Tach0012!


Renamon (High-Res)

Wed Aug 15 00:33:40 2018

High resolution version of that buff digi!


Chelsea (High-Res)

Sun Aug 5 03:23:25 2018

Full sized version of Tach0012's patron reward!


Toriel (High-Res)

Sun Aug 5 03:11:15 2018

Full sized version of a very soff mom


Haley (High-Res)

Sun Aug 5 03:07:22 2018

Patreon reward for Billyroflcopter!


Buxbi (Sai File)

Sun Jun 24 22:52:15 2018

SAI file for that big tiger gal


Kate (High-Res)

Sun Jun 24 22:40:55 2018

Gaia's Grace reward commission for Tach0012, what a fun swimsuit design!


Lassair (High-Res)

Sun Jun 24 22:38:25 2018

Gaia's Grace reward commission for Kuder/Rigley of his fuzzy mushroom gal


Haley (High-Res)

Sun Jun 24 22:35:03 2018

Gaia's Grace reward tier commission for Billyroflcopter on FA

Love that axe!


Celestial Equine (High-Res)

Sun Jun 24 22:32:07 2018

High resolution version of my half of a trade with Mangoicy/Boxgoat on FA!


Buxbi (High-Res)

Mon May 28 11:39:10 2018

High resolution version of that big ol' Tiger Mom~


Aqua (Sai File)

Mon May 14 10:08:10 2018


Aqua (High Res)

Mon May 14 10:07:04 2018

Character belongs to OverlordZeon


Foot study

Fri May 11 10:39:58 2018

I hate feet so much


Cesare (SAI File)

Mon May 7 08:07:23 2018

Full resolution SAI file for a soft lion


Cesare (High Res)

Mon May 7 07:54:04 2018

High resolution version of a very soft lion


Character Suggestions

Sat May 5 23:05:25 2018

Dump 'em in here! (Videogame/Anime/Etc. Charas too)

Koji - SAI File

Sat May 5 22:18:53 2018


OC Lewding

Sat May 5 01:00:14 2018

Which character do you want to see more of?

Morgan (High-Res)

Sat May 5 00:38:00 2018

Very big gator gal in very big resolution <3


Sketch Brush Settings

Sat May 5 00:21:28 2018

Works best at 100% zoom and a value of about 070, can be used for linework if you drop the brush size down to about 6


Koji (High-Res)

Sat May 5 00:14:55 2018

Full resolution of Koji


Patron-only Discord!

Sat May 5 00:08:22 2018

WIP sketches, Patron-only previews, art sharing and advice, etc.!


Tam Tam - The Pirate's Fate (High-Res)

Fri May 4 23:58:35 2018

Full resolution pic for patrons!


Olive (High Res)

Fri May 4 23:56:17 2018

Full resolution pic of Olive the gator for patrons!