Interactive Game

Sat Sep 26 20:16:03 2020


I added Starlight and Sunset

I'll finish this provisionally after I adjust details and add sound.

111.png 111.png 222.png

Interactive game (+Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack)

Sun Sep 13 17:35:41 2020


I added the other mane6, auto option, and some post-processing

If you have any requests or problems, please feel free to tell me!

Sketch4.png Sketch4.png

Interactive game (+Rarity, Fluttershy)

Tue Sep 1 17:27:40 2020


If you have any requests or problems, please feel free to tell me! ^^

Sketch.png Sketch2.png

Interactive game (WIP)

Mon Aug 31 12:18:43 2020


I'm sorry for not being active here!

I'm making an interactive game again. I'm planning to add other characters (at least other mane6) this time! It's still a work in progress now. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to tell me!

I'll post updates here


Rarity at the spa (short loop)

Thu Aug 6 18:14:43 2020

Download mp4

Download gif

I'm really sorry for being very inactive...! I had many assignments and exams... I think I can be more active this month than last month at least

Untitled_188.png Untitled_188.png

Ocellus Anthro

Fri Jul 17 17:26:12 2020


I have subscribestar account I'll post there the same thing as here


Fluttershy bondage

Fri Jun 26 18:40:56 2020



Pinkie pie loop animation

Mon Jun 15 16:25:53 2020

ahh, I'm really sorry for being inactive here... I have not been able to take enough time to make longer animations...


gif version

It's a short loop animation. I'll work hard to post at least one normal length animations in this month.


Pinkie Pie (show accurate style)

Mon May 25 15:33:15 2020

Download MP4

Download GIF

I'm trying doing something different


Gallus & Sandbar short loop

Fri May 22 05:24:15 2020

I tried making something different


um, should I make this a longer full animation?


Collab with TheColdsBarn

Fri May 8 13:08:17 2020


If you enjoy this, please consider supporting him too! ^^


Pinkie pie Anthro x-ray vision interactive

Fri May 1 18:05:50 2020

I'm really sorry for being very inactive...

ah, I made a very simple interactive game
Please tell me if there's any problem


Gallus & Silverstream

Sat Apr 18 15:59:29 2020


I'm really sorry for being inactive...
I couldn't take time, and I've had kind of artist block...


Smolder Missionary Position

Thu Apr 2 12:33:07 2020


They're depicted as 18+


Pinkie Pie Interactive Game Android version

Fri Mar 27 06:40:22 2020

I made an Android version of the game!

(I'm sorry. On some environments, it's very laggy or doesn't work at all...)

Princess Twilight

Wed Mar 18 15:31:44 2020



Yona & Sandbar

Thu Feb 27 13:21:38 2020

They're depicted as 18+


ah, sorry for inactivity...


CutiemarkCrusaders Threesome

Wed Feb 12 15:42:12 2020


I'm really sorry but... it's actually unfinished but I'm totally stuck on this...

I thought I should set aside this and do other things in terms of time

I'll work on other animations for now. I'll finish this later if it's possible...


Request poll

Wed Jan 15 16:19:14 2020

I'll do the most voted option first! but probably I'll do some of other options later too, so please tell me your requests even if you're late


Mon Jan 13 16:17:54 2020

Please leave a comment on this post if you have any requests of animations I do next!
It can be just character names or a specified situation (only canon characters involved)
I'll make a poll later and take a idea with the most votes
(take first 20 options if there were to be more)

ah, and... I'm starting to lose track of what I should do. So, please tell me more abstract requests about things you want me to do if you have that. (I won't include them in the poll)

Princess Ember foursome

Thu Jan 2 16:19:44 2020


ah, sorry for being inactive!

I'm thinking of making a poll again.
and... I want to start posting still images, and more miscellaneous things too. I have some ideas of them.


Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy

Wed Dec 18 15:55:08 2019

Ah, I'm really sorry for not being active! I'll put more effort...!


probably I'll make a new poll after I finish another animation, or a few animations


Princess Cadance and a Changeling

Thu Nov 21 13:30:01 2019

I'm really sorry for being very inactive...!
ah, I think I can be more active now because some exams were finished


I'll choose an idea for next animation out of requests I got before

ah, and I'm planning to make another simple game. I came up with an idea. but it'll be really simple



Thu Oct 24 17:58:40 2019

I added an automatic move mode and resolution options(stand-alone ver. only) to the game
and adjusted some details

I'm working on the request animation(Princess Cadance and Changelings) now. Sorry for taking long...

Maybe, I'll do other options with many votes next?
or choose options that personally interest me, including requests that couldn't included in the pole because of overdue

Additional request poll

Fri Oct 18 15:19:23 2019

(ah, I should've asked in the first place)

Do you like it feral or anthro?

Request poll

Thu Oct 17 09:33:43 2019


Tue Oct 15 17:05:05 2019

(I'll add a window resolution options and a automatic mode to the game later)

Do you have any requests about an animation I make next?
Please leave a comment on this post if you have any!
It can be just characters names or a specified situation (only cannon characters involved)
I'll make a poll later and take a idea with the most votes
(take first 20 options if there were to be more, because of limitation of patreon poll system)


Interactive Game WebGL Release

Sat Oct 12 13:08:07 2019

You can access that on my itch io page

also, there are some bug fixes

Download the latest version

Please feel free to tell me if there are any problems! ^^

Pinkie Pie Interactive Game

Tue Oct 8 18:08:05 2019


I'm sorry for being very inactive lately...I've been busy and sleepless...

I'll post a webGL version tomorrow or in a few days!

This game is finished for now.
ah, but I'll make minor changes, bug fixes if needed. And maybe I'll add some features later if I come up with ideas...?

hm, but I'll go back to making animations for now



Sun Sep 29 09:15:29 2019

I'm sorry! ah, I think I need more time to post a new version....!
I don't have enough time...
I think I'll be able to post that in a week, I'm really sorry for keep you waiting...!

Sketch2_-_Copy2.png Sketch2.png Sketch2_-_Copy.png Sketch.png

Interactive Game Beta Update

Mon Sep 16 18:11:27 2019


Ah, sorry! It's taking time more than I though...!

I'll add sounds, clothes in the doggy style scene and adjust details.
and a WebGL version
If you have ideas of clothes and other things, I'll consider adding them!

Please feel free to tell me if there's something I should change.

I'll finish this in this month at most

Sketch.png Sketch2.png

Pinkie Pie Pov Interactive Alpha Ver 1

Thu Aug 22 12:57:13 2019


I'll add sounds, cumming scenes, options of clothes, and a doggy style scene in final version!

and improved motions! The final version will have WebGL(HTML5) version so that you can play that on browsers

Please feel free to tell me if you have opinions ^^


Luna Anthro

Mon Aug 5 16:49:15 2019


Sorry for kept you waiting!



Sun Jul 21 17:03:15 2019

ah, I'm really sorry for not posting for long time (again)...

I supposed to be more active this month...I thought I could have more time, I'm sorry...I'm trying..

and...I must take some time to prepare for exams for the rest of this, I think I can't post this month...

ah, but! I'll be more active next month because I have a vacation. It's fixed! so I'm sure I can post more thing next month! (at least more than these 2 months!)

Maud Pie Anal

Wed Jul 10 15:13:01 2019


Um...ah...I'm really sorry for not posting for long time...I couldn't have enough time...
and, Thank you for being patient...! I think I can be able to have more time before long. sorry for keeping you waiting...!


Past videos

Fri Jun 21 19:07:16 2019

Really sorry for not being able to post new animations...

ah, but some people ask me for links of past commissions with original res because some of them are unavailable now, so I made a pack for that

And past patreon rewards. you don't need to download that if you already have them


Mon Jun 17 16:03:06 2019

I'm really sorry for not being active for long time...ah, I've been really busy lately
ah, I'm trying my best, but I'm not sure if I can finish just one more work in this month... I don't even have a preview now like before...
sorry for making excuses...

I think I can be more active in next month, at least

Celestia Anthro

Sat Jun 8 14:55:50 2019

Download the video


Sorry for not posting lately...

Mon Jun 3 17:18:44 2019

I've been busy with my schoolworks and... I've got something like art block? I feel as though I completely forgot how to make things...

ah, here's a portion of what I'm doing now. Does anyone have any advice...? Is it ok to keep working on and finish this...?!2qoXEQgC!mNFvz-32fZpoWJHkEKyY8fMeeYYMRdLjdzY_Ye8oYHU

hm, and I start thinking that I should acquire more fundamental skills of drawing. So I'm starting to want to post something still images , shorter animations or complex animations with more simple shading, if it's ok......?

Vinyl and Octavia

Sun May 19 14:34:34 2019

Download Video


Rainbowdash Anthro

Thu May 9 13:52:36 2019

Download video


Derpy Anal

Wed Apr 24 15:38:40 2019

Download Video


Pinkie Pie Interactive game public release version

Sun Apr 7 15:37:47 2019

You can play this on my page!


Download Unity exe file version


Applejack Anthro

Tue Apr 2 16:47:59 2019

Download Video


Pinkie Pie

Mon Mar 18 16:55:35 2019

Video version of the interactive game (3 videos)



Pinkie Pie Interactive (beta)

Sat Mar 16 14:14:50 2019

Very simple interactive game (made with Unity)

I'm not sure if it works fine... please feel free to tell me if there are problems!


(I'll make videos with this model soon)


Twilight Anthro

Sun Mar 3 14:56:21 2019



Soarin Foursome

Wed Feb 20 14:28:24 2019



Fluttershy Anthro

Wed Feb 6 14:06:47 2019

Download Video


Queen Chrysalis

Fri Jan 25 14:21:34 2019



Rarity Anthro

Fri Dec 28 18:34:27 2018



Mon Dec 10 15:11:17 2018

I corrected an error and adjusted sounds and details on the anthro pinkie pie animation

Zecora Tentacle porn

Tue Dec 4 13:11:03 2018



Pinkie Pie Stereoscopy

Sun Nov 25 13:03:55 2018

I just wanted to try something different

If you don't know how to see it

Cross-eyed Viewing

Parallel Viewing


I added sound to my old animation

Sun Nov 25 07:05:39 2018
The link on this post has been updated

Anthro Pinkie Pie Pov

Sat Nov 17 23:49:10 2018

I tried making an anthro animation!

Download Video


Ocellus Threesome

Wed Nov 7 14:43:59 2018

Download Full Video

They're depicted as 18+


Sunburst Dildo Animation

Sat Oct 6 15:45:39 2018

Full Video


Shining Armor & Guards

Sat Sep 8 14:29:30 2018

Full Video


Trixie & futa Starlight

Wed Aug 29 14:11:38 2018

Full Video Download


Luna & Big Mac

Sat Jul 28 16:00:08 2018



Princess Celestia and Guards

Sun Jul 8 15:38:43 2018

Original Resolution Video Download


Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle

Mon Jun 18 15:13:38 2018

Original Resolution Full Video



Wed Jun 6 14:24:58 2018


My animations so far are 30fps
So I tried making it 60fps this time!

It takes more time to export but I'll keep making my animations with 60fps if you like!


Fluttershy Anal

Sun May 27 14:07:44 2018



Rarity Cowgirl

Fri May 18 15:22:01 2018

Original Resolution Video


Sleeping Rainbow Dash

Sun May 13 15:04:44 2018

Full Video


Twilight Sparkle and Twilight Velvet

Tue May 8 15:13:37 2018

CloseUp Loop

Full Length


Pinkie Pie Animation

Tue May 1 14:18:57 2018

Download Original Resolution Video


Original Resolution 1

Tue Apr 17 13:33:34 2018

Original resolution versions of some animations

Masturbating Twilight
Dancing Pinkie
Schoolmarm Rarity
Cadance raped by Chrysalis