New Animation!

Fri Aug 7 00:27:20 2020

A little follow-up with Gala and Dusk!

Video file in full HD with sound in attachments! P17finallite.mp4 (d)

Gala x Dusk Animation! (HQ vid with sound in attachments)

Tue Jul 14 20:23:08 2020

Newest animation ready, enjoy!

Thanks to all of you for making these little projects possible, and please don't share or reupload anywhere until the public release in a month!

Sound design by Darkwitt, Dusk & Gala voices by Gina Galore. P17lite.mp4 (d)

Next Animation base

Thu Jul 9 20:10:17 2020

Yes, i'm already starting on the next loop! The other one is finished visually and I'm just waiting for the sound to be done (hopefully before the end of the week!)

Decided to go for a direct followup, more progress soon!

https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_414453849353355274_730871235642261614_unknown.png https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_414453849353355274_730871235642261614_unknown.png P16sketch.PNG

WIP colors

Wed Jul 8 20:38:55 2020

Here's how far I am on the animation. At this stage it's pretty close to done for the visuals, I'll just be finishing the flats and the background tomorrow + some shading and it should be finished.

After that the sound that this will come with should be ready by Sunday

Animation tie down

Tue Jul 7 23:07:08 2020

WIP, will be working on effects tomorrow

Animation posings

Tue Jul 7 12:00:53 2020

Currently working on this! It's probably gonna be out by the end of the week!

Next animation in the works

Mon Jul 6 09:53:05 2020

Gonna be animation something with Dusk and Gala this time. Like I said in the last announcement post though, this will be much simpler than the previous stuff (probably just a loop)


[Announcement] Smaller projects, more frequent upload.

Sat Jul 4 07:25:55 2020


"Slip of the tongue" Animation release!

Fri Jul 3 20:03:20 2020

Animation available in attachments. Hope this was worth the wait!

Sound design by Darkwitt
Voices by MeltySlush and Gina Galore.

Please don't share or reupload anywhere until the public release, thanks! P15_V1.0lite.mp4 (d)

Tie Down complete!

Tue May 26 09:10:00 2020

Hardest part finished! There's still quite a bit of work ahead of me so I think it's gonna take about 2 to 3 more weeks until release, but it's close! P15_TDfin1.mp4 (d)

Tie Down progress

Wed May 13 22:38:16 2020

5 shots left to tie down before I can send to sound and start working on special effects and colours. It's getting closer! P15_Project_Cut_Td2-1.mp4 (d)

Tie down progress

Fri May 8 12:44:13 2020

More work done one the tied down! P15_Td1-1.mp4 (d)

Tie down progress

Wed Apr 29 12:20:53 2020

Roughly 60% done on the tie down, here's the progress so far! P15_1_td3.mp4 (d)

Tie Down progress

Fri Apr 17 20:06:35 2020

Some more work done on the tie down of the animation. Sorry for the slow progress lately, in spite of the current events not having a drastic impact on my schedule, it still makes work a bit more tiring than usual. P15_1_Td3.mp4 (d)

Tie down start

Mon Apr 6 19:58:32 2020

Only a few shots for now but I'm on a decent pace, hopefully more soon! P15_1_Td1.mp4 (d)


Mon Apr 6 18:26:09 2020

Trying to resume regular streams! will be here for a couple hours


Rough Animation finished!

Mon Mar 30 23:10:34 2020

I've been working on and off on this for a while but it's finally done, now moving on to tie down! Still hopeful for a release in early May, but no guarantee. P15_Ar_Fin-1.mp4 (d)

Animation rough progress (50-60% done)

Thu Mar 12 19:59:39 2020

Got a lot of work done on the last couple sessions, pretty happy with the progress. Hoping to finish all the rough animation in about a week. P15_1_ar4.mp4 (d)


Thu Mar 12 17:18:07 2020

More rough animation work.


Animation rough progress

Mon Mar 9 19:35:26 2020

Got some good progress and I'm pretty happy with the lipsync I got so far. P15_1_ar3.mp4 (d)

Animation stream

Mon Mar 9 17:11:45 2020

Will stream for an hour or 2 and then probably switch to public stream for a lil thing I've been making on the side.


Stream time

Sat Mar 7 18:34:32 2020

Still animating


Rough animation WIP

Fri Mar 6 21:06:53 2020

Moving forward a bit slower than I hoped for but still consistent progress. P15_1_Ar2-1.mp4 (d)

Rough animation started

Wed Mar 4 21:16:09 2020

It's looking very rough for now and I only got 3 shots so far but I'm really happy with the current progress!

video file in attachments P15_1_ar1.mp4 (d)

Streaming rough animation

Wed Mar 4 07:47:25 2020

Streaming for probably a little under 2 hours.


Layout posing finished!

Wed Mar 4 07:28:10 2020

Now moving on to rough animation. Everything's still pretty messy looking at this point but it's gonna take shape very soon!

video file in attachments

lpthumb15.png P15_Lp3-.mp4 (d)


Mon Mar 2 15:00:55 2020

Probably a pretty short stream while I work on Layouts


Weird Seance Patreon release!

Sun Mar 1 20:55:47 2020

It took forever but it's finally out! Thanks for sticking around everyone, hope you enjoy this one!

Video file in attachments.

Do NOT reupload or redistribute, thanks.

cardtext.PNG P14_final.mp4 (d)

Layout Posing + VOICES!

Sat Feb 29 20:09:54 2020

Some progress made on the layouts + added the voice clips I received from both actresses.

Dusk voiced by @GinagaloreVA on twitter

Melody voiced by @MeltySlush on twitter

p15lp.PNG P15_Lp2-1.mp4 (d)

Currently streaming Layout/posing

Sat Feb 29 17:45:54 2020

Come watch and chat!


Layout Posing pass 1

Thu Feb 27 21:06:13 2020

About halfway done on the layout posing. Currently ahead of my schedule, hope things carry on at this pace for March as well!

lpthumb15.png P15_Project_Cut_1-1.mp4 (d)

Animatic 1st pass

Wed Feb 26 08:04:46 2020

First take of the animatic, without dialogue for now. It's susceptible to change a little bit. P15_a1.mp4 (d)

Storyboard finished!

Sat Feb 22 19:49:15 2020

Next step, dialogues and animatic!

p15story2.PNG P15story2.pdf (d)

Streaming storyboard work

Sat Feb 22 15:44:21 2020


Storyboard 1st pass

Thu Feb 20 18:53:08 2020

1st Pass of the storyboard, no movement description so far so it might be a bit confusing in parts. More developpment on this soon!

P15-1.PNG P15-2.PNG P15-3.PNG P15-4.PNG P15-5.PNG


Thu Feb 20 17:26:34 2020

streaming for the first time in a good while. Gonna try to do this more regularly now that the Patreon Discord is up.


Discord Server!

Thu Feb 20 12:41:27 2020

I've set up a Discord server with some Patreon exclusive channels for updates and announcements.

If you're in the $5 or $10 tier and you would like to link your patreon account to your Discord, here's a handy guide to help you :


Next animation Line up

Tue Feb 18 13:18:53 2020

Weird Seance is basically finished and I just need to wait for the sound now, so in the meantime I'm starting work on the next one. Here's a preview of the colors with the new design for Melody


Title card ready!

Thu Feb 13 07:18:53 2020

Finally seeing the end of this one animation, it's just a matter of days until release now!

Title card (almost) ready

Tue Feb 11 15:43:45 2020

Here's some extra WIP until release. I still have to do the text on the title card and some shading work on the animation while I wait for the sound stuff but it's otherwise complete. I believe it should come out within 7-10 days as long as nothing major goes wrong.


Preparing for the next project

Sun Feb 2 09:16:35 2020

While things are wrapping up for the current project, here's a WIP redesign of Melody who will be starring in the next animation.


BG progress sneak peek

Sun Jan 26 18:22:49 2020

Working on Backgrounds before tackling character flats currently

p14bg1.PNG p14bg2.PNG

Inbetweening finished!

Mon Jan 20 13:56:50 2020

It took forever but it's finally done, Now I just need to send this to the sound peeps while I work on the colours and finish the title card and it should be done. Hopefully I can finish this by the end of the month. Either way, this is the final WIP update until the definitive finished version.

WIP video in attachments. P14animfin-1.mp4 (d)

Inbetweening progress

Tue Jan 7 22:15:03 2020

Getting close to done on the inbetweening process! after that I can have the rest of the sound done while I work on colours!

file in attachments as usual. p14inter2.mp4 (d)

Inbetweening progress

Sat Dec 28 18:11:55 2019

WIP file in attachments p14inter1.mp4 (d)

Keys clean up done!

Sat Dec 21 21:41:14 2019

It should be all downhill from there! :>

Complete WIP animation in attachments p14kbf.mp4 (d)

Clean up update

Fri Dec 6 01:50:58 2019

Video file in attachments P14jb4-1.mp4 (d)

Animation postponed to January

Sat Nov 30 19:16:45 2019

Everything seems to point to the fact that I won't be able to release the animation to Patrons for December as I had planned, apologies. I know this is a bit last minute, but it you decide to retract your pledge for the upcoming month, I will understand 100%.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_joKWKFkilwI_maxresdefault.jpg

Keys + breakdowns finished!

Mon Nov 18 09:39:28 2019

The hardest part of the process is behind me now! It's not entirely downhill from here but that's a huge load off my shoulders. Still aiming for an early/mid December release!

WIP file download link below p14kb3.mp4 (d)

Sneak peek!

Tue Nov 5 18:26:37 2019

Here's something to give you an idea of why this animation is taking longer than usual (currently close to 50% done)

Basically, on top of adding lip syncing, I'm working with cleaner lines which take a bit more time in some stages. Thankfully I have finally found a good working pace and am making some significant progress over the last few weeks, so the release for $5+ Patrons should fall in early December.

If you want to see more WIPs before the release, they're available for $10+ Patrons!

PS : Dusk is voiced by Gina Galore (

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_Tizo6ybVy4E_hqdefault.jpg

More animation progress

Tue Nov 5 18:12:55 2019

close to 50% done on the project!

WIP of the animation in attachments. p14kb2.mp4 (d)

More animation progress!

Sun Nov 3 17:23:47 2019

Finally starting to hit a good working pace on this project!

p14kb1.PNG p14kb1.mp4 (d)

Lipsync progress

Tue Oct 22 19:13:25 2019

I hit burn out again the past couple weeks but I'm good now and back on working on the animation! Really happy with how this acting is turning out btw!

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_uNNinBCmC40_maxresdefault.jpg


Tue Oct 15 15:16:48 2019

Hey everyone! Today this Patreon page reaches its 1st year anniversary!

I cannot express how happy and thankful I am that this has worked out so well so far. Creative freedom and financial stability are notoriously difficult to mix together, especially on solo endeavors like this, and yet SOMEHOW things are working out!

On top of that, this project has grown much faster and bigger than I orignially anticipated. One year ago, I thought to myself that aiming for 500+ patrons within a year would be an outlandish goal to go for, and yet here we are, now way passed 600 since early september!

I hope I can keep this going for at least another year or two. Also I'm setting a new probably-unrealistic milestone for october 2020 : get to a point where I can hire someone full time to work with me on the animations and background. I don't expect to reach this goal mind you but I'll shoot for it nonetheless.

Anyway, thanks again everyone for your support, and here's to another year of animated smut!


Lipsync WIP

Mon Oct 7 18:14:20 2019

Here's a work in progress of the lipsync to give you an idea of what I'm aiming in terms of quality. More soon!

hqdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_4EK3qtWu6U8_hqdefault.jpg

Stream ON

Mon Oct 7 15:05:43 2019


Stream On!

Sun Oct 6 15:21:14 2019

Currently streaming, working on the new stuff!


Animatic WITH VOICES (first take)

Sat Sep 28 20:38:41 2019

Here's the first take of the animatic with voices! It's a bit awkward to listen to since there isn't any audio other than the main lines of the characters (and also the writing is awkward in general). Enjoy!

p14a.PNG patreon14asound.mp4 (d)

Animatic first take

Fri Sep 20 20:22:39 2019

Here's a first timing pass on the animatic. It will very likely change a couple time, especially when I get the voice lines done, but for now this is what the project is looking like. Enjoy.

p14sb.PNG Patreon14sb.mp4 (d)

Storyboard (full in attachments)

Tue Sep 17 20:36:15 2019

Here's the storyboard for the new animation! will be starting work on the rest of pre production and get the VAs for this project as soon as possible!

storypreview.PNG P14story.pdf (d)

Starting work on "Weird Seance"

Sat Sep 14 19:28:28 2019

Work on the next animation has started. Release should be some time in early November. More to come very soon!

p14_1.PNG P14_2.PNG

"Morning Mood" Patreon release!

Sat Sep 7 20:25:40 2019

My latest animated short "Morning Mood" is now out to you Patrons. I didn't think I'd be able to release it during the first week of the month, but thanks to the incredible work of Gina Galore (Emelie's VA) and Darkwitt (Nila's VA + sound design), it's all done and ready! Enjoy!

Reminder to not redistribute or reupload, thank you!

titlecard13.PNG Patreon13final-1.mp4 (d)

Animation release delayed a bit.

Wed Sep 4 09:12:51 2019


I'm know that I announced a release for the animation for this week, but I made the mistake of contacting/looking for voice/sound people a bit too late, and as a result, since I don't want to rush them for my mistake, The animation will probably not come out this week. I can however guarantee a patreon release + teaser before mid september. Hope it will be worth the wait.

Thanks again for your patience!


Inbetweens done!

Wed Aug 28 21:26:50 2019

Now I just need to send it in for the sound while I work on the colours! Release should be next week if all goes well! patreon13i2.mp4 (d)


Tue Aug 27 16:51:05 2019

Gonna try to finish those inbetweens today!


Mon Aug 26 14:26:16 2019

Gonna try to stream more regularly, I feel i've been neglecting this for a bit too long. Come and say hi!

Inbetweening progress

Sun Aug 25 10:14:09 2019

Close to 50% done on the inbetweens, release should still be on early sept. patreon13i1.mp4 (d)


Sun Aug 18 14:11:09 2019

Just started working on inbetweenings. Haven't got much more than this for now but I like how it looks.

Posing + breakdown

Sat Aug 17 15:53:59 2019

Sorry I haven't been very active lately, I kind of hit burn out about 10 days ago and had to take a break. I'm back to work now and just finished the posing+breakdown on the animation. Considering the amount of work remaining, I estimate the release to be around early september. patreon13bd2.mp4 (d)

Keys + Breakdowns

Wed Jul 31 20:23:31 2019

More progress on the animation. Patreon13bd1.mp4 (d)

Layout posing

Sat Jul 27 20:36:54 2019

More progress on the animation. Release should be somewhere around August 10.

P13lp.PNG patreon13lp.mp4 (d)

Backgrounds WIP

Mon Jul 22 20:13:31 2019

Started working on the backgrounds for the animation. Going for a different style than I'm used to. Style on the characters will be slightly different as well, with colored and slightly textured lines, but still very similar to what you're used to regarding character animation.



Fri Jul 19 20:10:59 2019

Enjoy! More progress soon, and I will stream this week end!

p13a1.PNG patreon13a.mp4 (d)


Fri Jul 19 09:51:30 2019

The storyboard is ready, moving on to animatic later today (I might actually finish it today as well)


Line up, colors and thumbnails

Wed Jul 17 20:58:03 2019

Still looking for the right poses and colors. Storyboard coming soon.


Round 13 let's go!

Tue Jul 16 14:34:07 2019

Just started working on the next animation project, which will be starring Emelie and Nila, Cyncapsule's characters. More sketches and thumbnails really soon, I'm still working on getting the right face for Emelie.


Sound milestone!

Tue Jul 16 14:23:22 2019

First of all I'd like to thank every one of you who decided to pledge to the campaign, wether you're a newcomer or here since late 2018, as well as thanks everyone who shared my work on different social media sites and gave me visibility.

I'd like to make a small anouncement regarding how sound will be integrated to my pipeline. Basically it'll be in two steps :

The animation I just started working on will have sound but little to no voice acting and no dialogue. The one after that WILL have sound effects + voice acting. I decided to make it a two step process to better adapt to working with other people and be able to reshape my "production pipeline" accordingly.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again for the amazing support, I really didn't expect to reach this milestone this soon. I'm a bit nervous but also really excited to get to work with sound now!


"The Dragons Layer" Animation

Sat Jul 13 21:20:26 2019

It's finally finished! Enjoy! (file in attachments as usual)

PS : don't share or reupload the animation anywhere please, thank you! Patreon12final-1.mp4 (d)

Animation 90% complete, release on July 12th

Wed Jul 10 17:37:07 2019

It took a while, but it's finally almost done.

Also, reminder that if you're a Patron, your Patreon username will appear in the credits. If you wish to have your name edited or removed from the credit, don't hesitate to DM me.

Inbetweening finished!

Wed Jul 10 17:34:02 2019

Reached 90% completion, now moving on to coloring finally.

Expect a release on the 12th patreon12a4.mp4 (d)

Inbetweening progress

Mon Jul 8 14:13:08 2019

Sorry for the lack of update lately, I've fallen a bit ill. Anyway, here's more animation done so far, slightly above 80% completion on the whole project now. patreon12a3.mp4 (d)

Animation progress

Mon Jul 1 11:28:21 2019

More than 70% completed on the project now. Release should still be around July 5th. patreon12a1.mp4 (d)

Keys & breakdowns complete

Fri Jun 28 13:29:02 2019

about 60% done on project completion, now moving on to inbetweening! patreon12pb3.mp4 (d)

Posing/breakdown progress

Wed Jun 26 21:52:46 2019

Pretty productive day today, managed to move forward quite a bit with the keys and breakdowns. patreon12pb2.mp4 (d)


Wed Jun 26 11:43:27 2019

Will try to stay on as long as possible today.


Keys+breakdowns progress

Tue Jun 25 21:46:49 2019

As said earlier on twitter, I got my toonboom license back, meaning I can get back to work! so enjoy the posings/breakdowns on about half of the animation so far.

Project over 50% completed at that point.

PS : the shot shown here need to be reframed a bit, it's not a final camera movement patreon12pb1.mp4 (d)

Bump in the road (and potential delay)

Tue Jun 25 06:17:30 2019

Hi, as some of you may have noticed, I haven't given any update in a little while. The reason being that my toonboom subscription has somehow become invalid despite me paying for the renewal last week. As I'm writing this I have been strictly unable to work for the last 72 hours and there's a chance this could last another entire day.

The animation release for patrons was meant to be on the 2nd of July, and while it's still feasible if I get my toonboom license back today, it would still take an innordinate amont of work to keep up with, but I will aim for a release at least on the 5th.

Thanks for your understanding.



Tue Jun 18 19:00:31 2019


Layout posing done

Sun Jun 16 14:26:28 2019

Now moving on to Keyframes and breakdowns. It still looks a bit messy now but will take shape very soon.

Aprox 30% complete.

p12lp2.PNG patreon12lp2.mp4 (d)


Thu Jun 13 13:07:43 2019


Layout posing progress

Tue Jun 11 20:43:33 2019

Roughly 20% done total

p12pl1.PNG patreon12lp1.mp4 (d)

A Couple layouts

Fri Jun 7 20:50:46 2019

Work slowly started on the layouts. It's a bit messy here since I'm pushing the backgrounds a bit further than I used to but this should give you an idea of what to expect.

Project approx 10% completed so far.


Animatic done!

Wed Jun 5 19:25:45 2019

Check this out! (video file in attachments) patreon12a.mp4 (d)


Wed Jun 5 12:03:58 2019

working on animatic for now!



Tue Jun 4 21:37:44 2019

Might touch up contrasts a bit but I think it looks good and has plenty of space for the text.

Below is the rough thumbnails.



Tue Jun 4 09:34:15 2019

Writing and thumbnailing on the new animation's story done! it's really messy and probably doesn't make much sense in this state, but you guys will get a better idea of what's going on in the animatic. The important thing to remember is that Dusk fucks a big dragon lady in this one. Enjoy!


Work started on the next animation

Thu May 30 22:14:16 2019

Yup, it's DnD themed and has a few cameos in it!


Cardio Patreon release!

Mon May 27 11:09:51 2019

The new animation is out guys! Once again, thank you so much for making this possible. Video file in Attachments.

Please do not reupload under any circumstance.

p11f.PNG patreon11final.mp4 (d)

Close to completion!

Sun May 26 20:38:17 2019

(Note : this is not the final shot, there are still a few things to fix in it)
The animation is now almost finished and will release tomorrow for Patrons pledging $5 and more.

If you want your name changed or removed in the credits of the animation, PM me and let me know.

Inbetweening complete!

Thu May 23 21:30:57 2019

Well it felt like it took forever but this part of the animation is now over and it's downhill from there. Animation should be done within 3 days, 4 tops. Sorry again for the delay.

File in attachments

p11a2.PNG patreon11a2.mp4 (d)

Inbetweening progress

Fri May 17 23:36:56 2019

Currently approximately 60% done on the inbetweening and 70% on the whole animation. Sorry this one is taking so much time,

File in attachments Patreon11a1.mp4 (d)


Wed May 15 09:42:06 2019

I know it's not the best time for most people but I'll try to work on this all day so don't hesitate to jump in even if you see this 6+ hours after it's posted.

Keys and Breakdowns

Sun May 12 06:15:19 2019

More progress on the animation. As said in the last update, this phase looks a bit different than it used to for practical reasons with the new approach.

Video file in attachments. patreon11bd.mp4 (d)

Keyframes & breakdowns progress

Tue May 7 21:01:52 2019

Still working hard on the animation, this was definitely the hardest shot to get the poses for so far (and also the only one worth showing at this point ). The lines are a bit sketchier than usual here to adapt to the new technique, it will be cleaner on the final render.

more updates very soon!

Layout posing

Sun May 5 09:29:23 2019

Done with the layout posing on the animation, moving on to the next phase.

File is in attachments.

p11lp.PNG patreon11lp.mp4 (d)


Wed May 1 09:04:30 2019

just finished the title card for the animation. Also this is the color scheme I'll try to aim for for the whole animated short.


Animatic WIP!

Wed May 1 07:11:47 2019

Here's the animatic for the upcoming animation, to be release during the month.

File is in attachments.

p11a.PNG patreon11a.mp4 (d)

Some thumbnails

Sat Apr 27 21:20:20 2019

Figuring out the sequence of events in the next animation. Animatic coming soon!


Look who's making a comeback!

Wed Apr 24 20:59:48 2019

Slowly starting work on the next animation, starring Dusk and Sarah. Will try to stream some of it during the week!


"Confiscated", new animation release! (Video in attachments)

Mon Apr 22 10:06:50 2019

Here is the latest animation starring Sunny

Thanks everyone for making this possible, hope you enjoy this one as much as the others and I'm sorry it took so long to come out.

Do not reupload or redistribute in any way please, thanks. patreon10final.mp4 (d)

Back on streaming

Sun Apr 21 08:01:42 2019

Don't know if anyone is up at this hour but I'll be streaming for a while, aiming for a release today.


Sat Apr 20 20:26:18 2019

I'll try to get back into the habit of streaming a bit more regularly again. Not sure if I'll keep a clear schedule, we'll see. Anyway, streaming for a couple hours, mainly doing inbetweening and effects.


Fri Apr 19 09:46:32 2019

Close to 90% done on the whole animation, should be finished tomorrow or on the 21st. Will try to stream the remaining parts of the process this time, so stay tuned for stream announcements later today and/or tomorrow. patreon10i1.mp4 (d)

Keyframes + breakdowns done! (I'm back btw)

Tue Apr 16 21:01:30 2019

Video file in the attachments as usual.

somewhere between 70-75% done on this, Will try to release as soon as possible, ideally on the 20th or sooner. Will also try to stream again, stay tuned for updates on that! patreon10kb2.mp4 (d)

Announcement : small hiatus

Sat Mar 30 22:29:27 2019

I'll be out of town for 2 weeks for business. I may get my hands on a computer that can run toonboom while I'm away but there's no guarantee, so there's most likely going to be a small hiatus until I come back on the 13th of April.

I wish I had been able to finish the other animation by now, but I've had a lot of small setbacks that have been piling up these past few weeks, and it is currently roughly 50-60% done. Expect a realease somewhere around April 20th.

See you all soon!


Keys/Breakdown progress (files in attachments)

Sat Mar 30 22:14:04 2019

Some progress on the keys/breakdowns, roughly 50% done.

p10kb1.PNG patreon10kb1.mp4 (d)

Layout posing!

Thu Mar 28 20:14:47 2019

Working on the new animation, here's the base layout posing before going any further.

EDIT : uploaded a file with black background at first, but I fixed it now.

p10pl.PNG patreon10lp.mp4 (d)

first pass animatic (file in attachments)

Sat Mar 23 16:06:20 2019

Working a bit slow on the project atm. I did manage to get the animatic done right now, enjoy!

I'm not sure if I'll keep this title, so there's a chance it might change later on.

p10a.PNG patreon10a.mp4 (d)


Mon Mar 18 14:02:52 2019

Got the title card for the animation mostly done, it just needs a title now. If you have any idea, feel free to give suggestions.


Lineup ready!

Sun Mar 17 10:47:51 2019

Started working on the next animation, with Sunny and the book (Dusk is there but she mostly takes a backseat for this one).

As said earlier, release should be in early April.


300 Patrons milestone reached!

Sun Mar 17 09:23:13 2019

Animated shorts will now have title cards at the beginning! I also added a new goal to the Patreon (and it is likely to be the last) to add sounds and voices to the animations!

Anyway, thank you so much for your support, I am extremely happy with how this Patreon has progressed since I created it about 6 month ago.

Announcement : Change of pace to ONE animation per month.

Wed Mar 13 14:39:32 2019

Hi everyone,

So, ever since I started this Patreon, I've been putting out roughly one animation every 2-3 weeks, but now that I need to add colors (and more soon), I absolutely need to slow down the pace a bit. Last animation took 17 days to complete but I went through more stress than it's worth to finish it early enough in the month.

From now on I'll be making one animation every month (released somewhere during the first few days of the month), and instead of rushing to meet my deadlines, I will try to up the quality to make up for it, mostly with a few more inbetweens and more developped animation.

Work on the next animation starting very soon, and it should release somewhere in early april.

Thanks for understanding!


New Animation! (file in attachments)

Tue Mar 12 01:33:25 2019

Thanks again for making this new animation possible, this one being the first eve I do in full colors.

Please do not repost or reupload under any circumstance, thanks. Patreon9final.mp4 (d)

Animation progress (file in attachments)

Thu Mar 7 23:26:32 2019

Animation roughly 75% done. Should be finished on the 9th if everything goes well. patreon9a1.m4v (d)

Layout Posing (File in Attachments)

Wed Feb 27 20:28:12 2019

Some pretty good progress so far. You'll notice the characters now have markings animated in red in order to plan ahead for coloring.

p9p1.PNG patreon9p1.mp4 (d)

Animatic (File in attachments)

Tue Feb 26 19:41:17 2019

Animatic for the next animation finished. It's a bit ambitious so I hope I don't take too much delay on it, but expect a release somewhere around March 5th.

p9a.PNG patreon9a.mp4 (d)

Color styling!

Mon Feb 25 11:32:36 2019

And with that, the pre production work on the short is done and I can move on to the storyboard/animatic.


Color designs

Sun Feb 24 22:20:23 2019

Now that i'll be working in colors for the whole short, I gotta start with a tiny bit of pre production on the animations, so here's the color refs for the characters (susceptible to change a bit)

Storyboard/animatic and maybe a bit more on the pre-prod process coming soon.

Oh, yeah, Buxbi is guest starring in this btw.

Also here's the alternative pallette for shadows. Not sure if i'll use it but we'll see.


New Animation Release! (file in attachments)

Sat Feb 23 07:16:39 2019

Whew! took a bit longer than it should have, but it's finally done! Enjoy folks!

As usual, please do not reupload under any circumstance, thanks. patreon8final.mp4 (d)

Engage main thrusters!

Thu Feb 21 17:51:39 2019

Just wanted to share with you the shot that is gonna get colored :V

More progress update soon. Release should be tomorrow if nothing unexpected happens.

Animation progress!

Wed Feb 20 22:24:55 2019

roughly 70% done on the project, should release tomorrow or on the 22nd!

p8i3.PNG patreon8i3.mp4 (d)

Animation progress!

Sun Feb 17 19:28:38 2019

Sorry if I'm a bit spammy today...

Anyway, here's some progress on the animation, I'm done with some of the hardest shots so far, but the big one is yet to come. In the meantime, enjoy!

p8i2.PNG patreon8i2.mp4 (d)


Sun Feb 17 17:12:11 2019 Will be animating for a couple hours at least.

200 Patrons milestone reached!

Sun Feb 17 09:41:53 2019

As you can see, we passed the big milestone that makes the animations full colour!

Little disclaimer regarding the one I'm currently working on : it's both too late and too far into production to adapt it to make it full colour, so this will start applying on the animation after that one.

Also thought I'd mention I added a new 300 patrons milestone for title cards I'll add at the beginning of each episode.


Progress update

Sun Feb 17 07:57:35 2019

Hello, sorry for not posting much these past few days.

I'm finally starting to get back into a good momentum for work. Gonna do my best to release this on the 20th, or sooner if possible. I'll also try to stream today (6PM GMT+1)

Thanks for sticking around guys! more WIPs coming out very soon!

A bit sick so working slowly

Fri Feb 8 18:40:15 2019

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've caught a really obnoxious cold that slows my work quite a bit. I will still do my best to release the animation somewhere around mid february. Thanks for your patience!


Animatic first pass

Sun Feb 3 20:21:13 2019

Here's the starting point for the new animation. It looks a bit slow right now but there's a lot more subtle stuff I'm going to add as I progress with posing and animation. Enjoy!

p8a.PNG patreon8a.mp4 (d)

Stream ON

Sun Feb 3 17:10:22 2019

I start doing thumbnails for the new animation

Pairing poll results

Sun Feb 3 09:02:32 2019

C pairing wins the poll! (it was a tie between A and C and I broke it with the flip of a coin)

Will start working on it today. Stream tonight at 6PM GMT+1 for $10+ Patrons!


Next Animation Pairing!

Sat Feb 2 08:21:14 2019

I can't decide between 3 scenarios I want to make for the next animation, so The choice is up to you friends! I eventually plan to do all 3 but I can't work on more than one at a time (wish I could!)

6th Animation release!

Sat Feb 2 07:29:07 2019

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who contributed, I still can't believe how many people joined during January, and here's to hoping for even more newcomers in February! Anyway, enjoy the show peeps!

And as usual, do not reproduce/ repost anywhere under any circumstance until the public release on the 1st of March. Thanks!

EDIT : just realized I scheduled it wrong, sorry for the delay on the release!

p7ptease.PNG patreon7final.mp4 (d)

A small note on credits!

Tue Jan 29 19:30:25 2019

The next animation is coming out for Patrons in a few days. Just a reminder that if you're pledging to this campaign, your name will be displayed in the credits as they appear on Patreon. If you would like to appear under a different name or not have your name in the credits at all, make sure to DM me in advance, thanks!

Keys + breakdown over

Tue Jan 29 19:27:02 2019

close to 70% done on the animation, will release very soon at the beginning of february!

p7p3.PNG patreon7p3.mp4 (d)


Sun Jan 27 17:03:55 2019

Adding keys and breakdowns!


Posing done!

Sat Jan 26 20:08:58 2019

More progress on the animation. Currently ahead of schedule.

p7p2.PNG patreon7p2.mp4 (d)

Stream started!

Sat Jan 26 17:07:13 2019

More work on the posings!

Edit : had the wrong link key, but I fixed it, should work now!

If the page asks for a key : afa87ba1323582a54397b34031f6dc2d


WIP posing

Fri Jan 25 20:22:56 2019

The progress I got so far. Close to 40% done on the whole animation.

p7p1.PNG patreon7p1.mp4 (d)

Stream on!

Fri Jan 25 17:01:27 2019

working on posings!


Animatic done!

Wed Jan 23 10:51:58 2019

The animatic phase was a bit longer than usual but I'm on a good pace for a release during the first week of February. Enjoy!

p7a.PNG patreon7a.mp4 (d)

No stream tonight

Sat Jan 19 17:37:38 2019

My connection isn't cooperating at the moment, so no stream tonight (maybe tomorrow if things get better.) I'll still be working on the upcoming animation and post one or two WIPs as soon as I got something decent to show.

For those of you that joined the Patreon recently, streams are usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 6 to 10PM GMT+1.

5th Patreon Animation release! (File in Attachments)

Wed Jan 16 21:00:02 2019

Enjoy the latest animation, and thanks again for all your support!

Do not reupload/repost anywhere until the public release on february 16, thanks. patreon6final.mp4 (d)

Closing in on 80%!

Sun Jan 13 20:57:18 2019

Should release on the 15th if all goes well. Enjoy this WIP in the meantime!

p6p4.PNG patreon6p4.mp4 (d)

Private stream

Sun Jan 13 16:54:39 2019

Getting the inbetweening done on the animation

Animation 70% complete!

Sat Jan 12 20:29:01 2019

The hardest part of the process is behind me now, so this should be delivered around jan 15-16. Enjoy!

p6p3.PNG patreon6p3.mp4 (d)


Sat Jan 12 16:59:05 2019

Posing progress

Fri Jan 11 21:05:54 2019

Some good progress on the keys and breakdowns. Also added the subtitles.

p6p2.PNG patreon6p2.mp4 (d)

Stream started

Fri Jan 11 16:51:36 2019

Posing progress

Sun Jan 6 21:20:07 2019

Some good progress on the base poses. No real sexy action so far, just some set up.

p6p11.PNG patreon6p1.mp4 (d)


Sun Jan 6 17:04:04 2019

gotta work on them poses!

Small progress

Sat Jan 5 20:34:51 2019

Didn't get much done tonight but at least the main Background lines are done and I got this pose looking ok.

I am still on schedule to release this for mid January.

Also, for anyone curious to know exactly how far the project is in production, i made this little google sheet to get a better idea of the amount of work done/yet to be done :


Stream started

Sat Jan 5 17:06:07 2019

For the few newcomers here : streams are scheduled at 6 to 10PM GMT+1 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

First Patron Milestone reached!

Sat Jan 5 16:55:14 2019

So guys, we did it! The page has just passed it's first milestone, in less than three month no less. Thanks immensely to everyone who pledged, wethere you just joined or you were there since the start.

With this milestone reached, the next animation is thus going to have colours in it's main loops. I will also add another patron goal to the page soon, stay tuned.

First rough animatic ready!

Fri Jan 4 20:26:12 2019

Started production on the next animation! Will be finished somewhere during mid january.

p6a.PNG patreon6a.mp4 (d)


Fri Jan 4 17:01:39 2019

Scheduled streams are back, again, at 6-10PM GMT+1 on fridays, saturdays and sundays.

Streaming right now over here :

No stream this week.

Fri Dec 28 08:08:06 2018

I will still work on my own time to advance the next animation a bit, but usual stream hours are really inconvenient for me at this time of the year. Thanks for understanding, and happy holidays to you all!

Next animation pairing!

Fri Dec 28 08:05:41 2018

Next animation will star Azure, Dredjir's bat character. She will be paired with either Dusk or Sunny, your choice!

poll ends 48 hours after posting.

New Animation release!

Sun Dec 23 21:00:01 2018


Thanks again everyone for pledging and helping in making this possible!

Please do not share under any circumstances until I release it to the public on the 23rd, thank you. If you come across this on any other site before then, make sure to contact me, thanks!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon5final.mp4 (d)

No stream tonight, but Animation releases in a few hours.

Sun Dec 23 16:27:00 2018

What the title says :v

Will try to release it around 10PM gmt+1

Inbetweening progress

Sat Dec 22 20:16:42 2018

Getting there!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon5i.mp4 (d)

Stream started

Sat Dec 22 16:59:28 2018


Fri Dec 21 20:05:30 2018

More progress done on the animation. It's downhill from there, so expect it before christmas!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon5b.mp4 (d)

Stream started!

Fri Dec 21 17:00:42 2018

Main posing done!

Thu Dec 20 09:20:09 2018

Toughest part finished, moving on to keys and breakdowns!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon5p3.mp4 (d)

More Posing Progress!

Sun Dec 16 21:15:34 2018

80% done on the base posings! good progress so far, will make sure to finish this before Christmas!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon5p2.mp4 (d)

Stream started!

Sun Dec 16 17:06:47 2018

Posing Progress

Sat Dec 15 21:11:45 2018

Base posing started and is about 40% done. I'm pretty happy with the result so far, will try to finish this by the end of next week!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon5p1.mp4 (d)

Stream started

Sat Dec 15 17:04:20 2018

A few backgrounds!

Fri Dec 14 20:13:17 2018

Just finished work on the backgrounds for the animation! Handpicked the few that I think are kind of interesting. Backgrounds aren't my specialty by any means.


Stream started!

Fri Dec 14 17:10:18 2018

Come over watch me draw backgrounds!

Background progress

Thu Dec 13 19:27:19 2018

continuing on the Gwen animation. There are still quite a few challenging backgrounds ahead of me but this one was probably the toughest.

Streams are going to be on friday/saturday/sunday, same hours as usual. Will post links tomorrow!


Next Animation progress!

Sun Dec 9 20:23:34 2018

Got the rough animatic done already, will try to move forward in order to finish this somewhere around the 20th.

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon5alite.mp4 (d)

Stream started!

Sun Dec 9 16:59:59 2018

doing thumbnails and soon timing on the next animation!


Sun Dec 9 10:03:22 2018

Looks like B won guys! Thanks for your votes!


Stream tonight + stream schedule update.

Sun Dec 9 09:59:21 2018

I'll stream for the Gwen animation tonight at the usual hours (6PM to 10PM GTM+1).

I'll come back to a normal schedule of 3 streams per week starting next week now that my connection issues are fixed. Thanks for sticking by! seeya on the stream later today!

Gwen outfit poll

Thu Dec 6 13:47:27 2018

Next Animation will have Gwen trying out these 3 outfits and choosing one of them. Would you be so kind to help her with that choice?

Poll ends on Saturday.

Up next!

Wed Dec 5 20:59:36 2018

Started working on the upcoming animation starring Zaggatar's Unicorn character Gwen. WIPs and poll coming soon for $10+ Patrons!


New animation release!

Tue Dec 4 21:07:38 2018


azeqdgdfg.PNG Patreon4finallite.mp4 (d)

Animation progress!

Sun Dec 2 21:38:45 2018

Inbetweens done! (might still do some fixes for the end)

At that point it's 90% done. Only a few liquid effects and the silhouette fills on the characters and it's ready!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon4ilight.mp4 (d)

Stream ON!

Sun Dec 2 16:53:36 2018

Will try to finish it today.

Posing progress!

Sat Dec 1 20:33:40 2018

Animation almost done, should be finished during tomorrow's stream!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon4p2lite.mp4 (d)

Stream started + schedule!

Sat Dec 1 16:51:18 2018

Stream started at

Sorry for the lack of streams lately, my connection isn't at it's best right now.


Posing Progress!

Thu Nov 29 22:18:32 2018

Sorry for not updating much lately, I had slowed down a bit last week. I'm back on a good work rhythm now and should be able to finish this by the end of the week! in the meantime, got the base poses for every shot, so enjoy!

azeqdgdfg.PNG patreon4p1lite.mp4 (d)

Stream Started!

Sun Nov 25 17:01:41 2018

Stream schedule + stream started!

Fri Nov 23 17:17:04 2018

Sorry, I said I'd do 4 days of stream this week but was still under the weather until recently. Will try to pick up the slack over the next few days.


No Stream today.

Sun Nov 18 16:58:53 2018

Haven't recovered from sleep deprivation from a couple days ago. I'll have 4 days of stream next week in order to make up for that, thanks for understanding!

Small progress

Sat Nov 17 20:17:56 2018

Getting the backgrounds done on the animation. This is the only one that is a bit complex, the rest is the usual minimal stuff.


Stream ON

Sat Nov 17 17:04:31 2018

First Rough animatic

Fri Nov 16 21:07:42 2018

Here's the first draft of the animatic so far. Probably some more work to do in terms of timing before moving on to backgrounds and posings.

patreon4a1.PNG patreon4a1.mp4 (d)

Stream started!

Fri Nov 16 16:56:41 2018

Working on thumbnailing on the upcoming animation.

New stream schedule

Thu Nov 15 17:28:10 2018

Here's what the stream schedule for this week is going to be like. We'll see how these hours work for NA peeps. Seeya then!


Introducing Melody

Thu Nov 15 10:04:13 2018

New character for the Patreon animations. Will be in the one I'm working on at the moment.

new stream schedule and stream link coming later today for $10+ Patrons.


2nd Patreon Animation release! (Video file in attachments)

Mon Nov 12 00:36:14 2018

As promised, here's the Second animation funded thanks to this Patreon. Hope you will all enjoy it.

Do not reupload or share under any circumstance until the public release date (12 dec). If you come across the video online before public release, make sure to let me know. Thanks!

teaserp3.gif patreon3finallite.mp4 (d)

Stream started

Sun Nov 11 12:59:27 2018

Finishing the animation today!

Posing Progress!

Fri Nov 9 17:36:40 2018

At that point it's more than 80% done and I'm confident claiming it will release on Sunday or Monday. In the meantime, enjoy!

patreon3p3.gif patreon3p3lite.mp4 (d)

Private stream started

Fri Nov 9 13:11:45 2018

Should I move the stream schedule time?

Fri Nov 9 13:08:15 2018


Thanks for your input!

Stream Schedule (+Stream started)

Wed Nov 7 13:16:47 2018

This week's schedule.

Currently streaming :


Base Posing complete

Tue Nov 6 17:34:26 2018

Finished the base posing on this. Still got lots of keyframes to add in almost every shot, but we're more than halfway through nonetheless.

patreon3p2.PNG patreon3p2lite.mp4 (d)

Posing Progress

Sat Nov 3 17:01:10 2018

A good chunk of progress on the posing for the next animation (aprox 70% done)

As usual, please do not reupload anywhere, thanks!

patreon3p2.PNG patreon3p1lite.mp4 (d)

Private stream started

Sat Nov 3 13:09:18 2018

Posing Progress

Thu Nov 1 17:18:22 2018

Not a lot of stuff so far in terms of posing since I took the time to get all the backgrounds done first. More progress very soon!

PS : I'll definitely work on the dubtitle readability before this releases, these are juste placeholders at the moment.


Private stream started

Thu Nov 1 13:07:15 2018

Streaming over at

Rough Animatic for 2nd Animation.

Tue Oct 30 17:16:11 2018

here's what the next animation will look like. Remember that it is still extremely rough at this point and mostly serves as a basis for timing and composition. Now there is a whole lot of work ahead of me in terms of posing.

As usual, do not reproduce or repost under any circumstance, and make sure to contact me if you come across this somewhere else online, thanks.

patreon3p1.PNG patreon3thumblite.mp4 (d)

Private stream ON

Tue Oct 30 13:06:13 2018

Private Stream Schedule

Tue Oct 30 10:17:24 2018

here's this week's stream schedule. Reminder that the time is now in GMT+1


First Animation released!

Sun Oct 28 21:01:00 2018

Enjoy the first of (I hope) many animations on this Patreon. Thank you everyone who pledged, and I hope you will enjoy this one and stay for the next.

Do not reupload or reproduce under any circumstance. If you come across this online before it's public release date (november 28th), please contact me via Patreon, Twitter (@TabuleyAnim) or Furaffinity. Thanks!

patreon3fin.PNG patreon2finallite.mp4 (d)

POLL : tying up Sunny

Sun Oct 28 17:15:36 2018

Take your pick on how Sunny should be tied up for the next animation.

Poll ends on Tuesday at 10AM (GMT+2 time)

Next Animation project!

Sun Oct 28 17:08:07 2018

Here are the first draft of ideas for the upcoming next animation : some BDSM with Sunny and Marie.


Private stream ON!

Sun Oct 28 13:31:45 2018

doodling, trying to find what to do for the next animation.

Next animation Poll!

Sun Oct 28 10:43:20 2018

Looking for feedback on what the next animation should be. Don't hesitate to give suggestions in the comments!

First animation releases tomorrow!

Sat Oct 27 19:08:06 2018

First Patreon animation is finished and will be released to $5+ Patrons tomorrow 10PM GMT+2.

Reminder that the Patreon takes payment upfront, so you will be charged upon pledging AND on the 1st of november if you pledge/edit your pledge before the end of the month.



Sat Oct 27 11:53:46 2018

private stream over at picarto :

Posing WIP (Almost done!)

Fri Oct 26 16:33:53 2018

This is probably going to be the last WIP before the animation is finished! At this point it is fairly close to the final thing. Enjoy!

Do not reupload or redistribute under any circumstance, thank you.

prevp2p3.PNG patreon2posing3lite.mp4 (d)

Private stream schedule!

Fri Oct 26 09:41:51 2018

Sorry to post this a bit late.

As usual, stream is over at


Animation Posing progress

Sun Oct 21 16:17:17 2018

75-80% done on the posing. Enjoy!

prevp2p2.PNG patreon2posing2lite.mp4 (d)

Private stream started!

Sun Oct 21 11:47:56 2018

POLL : Other artist's characters.

Fri Oct 19 16:15:07 2018

Would you be open to the idea of having a few characters from other artists in the animations in the future? If yes, feel free to suggest which character from which artist.

Private stream is on!

Fri Oct 19 14:04:19 2018

Posing progress!

Wed Oct 17 16:30:20 2018

Got aproximately 1/4th of the posing done on the animation. Enjoy!

prevp2p1.PNG patreon2posing1lite.mp4 (d)

STREAMING! (+private streams schedule)

Wed Oct 17 12:22:08 2018

Currently streaming over there :

Reminder that this is a private stream. Please do not share this link around.

I also made a quick stream schedule that I plan on following weekly. It might change a bit over time.


First timing pass

Mon Oct 15 13:54:54 2018

Here's the very very first draft on framing, timing and camera movement. It's probably going a bit too fast for now, but I'll take a break and look at it again with fresher eyes before I tweak the timings any more.

Please do not share or repost, thanks.

prevp1s1.PNG patreon2story1lite.mp4 (d)

Thumbnails for next animation (2/2)

Mon Oct 15 04:41:47 2018


Thumbnails for next animation (1/2)

Mon Oct 15 04:40:37 2018

it looks super messy but it's normal at this stage. Stay tuned for more progress on this!