May Theme Pack - Kass (d)

2017 May Sketches (d)

sukebepanda 2017 Jan

January 2017 HD+Sketch

sukebepanda_2017-Jan-HDSketch.7z (d)

2017 June Sketches (d)

2017 April Sketches (d)

Gonna steal your heart~

Thu Oct 31 07:17:26 2019

Happy Halloween! o/

sukebefutabaHQ.png sukebefutabaHQ.png

Futaba WIP !

Wed Oct 30 06:50:17 2019

Shading to come

sukebefutaba_flats.png sukebefutaba_flats.png


Thu Jun 27 21:35:27 2019

Cteno, who belongs to @slugbox ofc!


Lucky Panda

Thu Jun 27 06:37:26 2019

Now if only she knew how to stop..


Hexxia Commission

Tue Jun 25 23:02:51 2019

Commission for Hexxia involving their characters Sabel/Erica.. and a poor Sukebe somewhere in there ;w;


Maid Duty WIP

Wed Jun 19 16:24:24 2019



Mon Jun 17 21:07:53 2019

Char belongs to @donkidonkipanic



Sun Jun 16 20:47:34 2019

Char belongs to @TheBunnyDragon


How to tame your dragon...

Sat Jun 15 18:00:00 2019

Com for Dracur & Morca


Biensang's Fest

Fri Jun 14 01:01:00 2019

Ft solidness geckonori RemyRoadkill


Cassie WIP

Fri Jun 14 18:00:00 2019

To be inked/colored! Char belongs to @donkidonkipanic


Sunny WIP

Thu Jun 13 17:39:35 2019

To be inked! Char belongs to @TheBunnyDragon


Distracted 'tending

Mon Apr 1 22:33:21 2019

Commission for Scarlet



Tue Mar 26 19:01:17 2019

Commission for Firon


Panda Pudding

Wed Mar 20 17:50:17 2019

Commission for UltraKirby123

Sorry for the silence lately, had a lot going on! Until things are rolling smoothly again I'll be posting the high-res file for all tiers, so please enjoy and thank you 🙏



Sat Jan 12 19:34:00 2019

Recently finished and in this months sketch folder. These are commissions so expect color on these :3


Sticky Smooch

Wed Jan 9 11:00:11 2019

Com for Syrup!


Jan Sketch Pack

Wed Jan 2 15:50:51 2019

January pack links have been posted! They're pretty bare atm but you can check them anytime to see updates (I'll also post a few as I finish them)

Happy new year! :3

Access here!

Jan SD Pack

Wed Jan 2 15:49:19 2019

Access here!

Thank YOU!

Sat Dec 8 21:00:02 2018

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who's been pledging this year. If you're new, or if you've been along since the start..thanks. It really means a lot to me and lets me not have to do the hard art hustle and grind.

For next year I'll be slightly adjusting my Patreon. I'll be removing the $100 tier in favor of opening for commissions more often. This will hopefully give other people a chance to get work. You can always find out when I'm opening by following on Twitter or just watching for announcements.

I've thought about bringing back the voting/poll image monthly or bi-monthly, I know a lot of other people do those. My problem is just coming up with the choices every month . _ . ; I'm not sure if there's a good/easy way for everyone to submit suggestions and vote on them as a group. I still need to do some research for that!

So while I'm still working things out the thing that remains the same is that I'm so very grateful for those of you that like my work enough to want to support me. You are all simply amazing <3


Heal Break

Fri Dec 7 21:00:02 2018

SD/HD file can be found in Nov's pack links!



Thu Dec 6 21:05:53 2018

SD/HD file can be found in Nov's pack links!


December Patreon Pause

Sun Nov 25 23:13:49 2018

Hello everyone!

I'll be putting my Patreon on pause for the month of December for the holidays. With MFF coming up this week I wanted to be prepared for any sudden sickness I bring back after the con, I almost always come back with some heavy crud about 90% of my con trips! Hopefully that won't be the case, but better safe than sorry. Everything will resume again in January.

If you're headed out to MFF then I hope you have a great time and maybe we'll see each other there! If not then I hope you all have a nice end of the year and see ya in 2019~ ?


Thu Nov 8 00:57:33 2018

Almost lost all my progress on this picture today after coming back home with a coffee and noticing that PSE were going around upgrading power meters...which turned the power off D:

Thank goodness for Clip Studio autosaves!!


November SD Pack

Fri Nov 2 21:00:02 2018

Access here!

November Sketches

Fri Nov 2 21:00:02 2018

Access here!

Happy Halloween!

Wed Oct 31 03:51:30 2018

Hope everyone has fun tomorrow, or just eat some candy..whatever :D

Higher res file can be found in this months SD/HD packs (minus the text)



Sun Oct 28 23:37:13 2018

The doctor will see you now..! Dr. Pussycat from Peepoodo (which may or maynot still be on Youtube, but it!)

SD and HD versions are in this months folder, thank you for your support as always! <3



Fri Oct 26 21:01:00 2018

She's coming to take all the candy >:3


Bryanna x Nadeena

Thu Oct 25 09:49:41 2018

This round goes to Bryanna... !! 👀💦


Spooky Stuffing

Wed Oct 24 07:27:34 2018

A Halloween YCH ft Wisfane!

You'll find a messy version in this months SD folder, and ofc HD versions as well. Happy Sookaween everyone!


October Sketches

Fri Oct 5 21:31:13 2018

Access here!

October SD Pack

Fri Oct 5 21:30:51 2018

Access here!

Sukebe Mousepads Available!

Fri Sep 7 19:24:32 2018

Still have some of these left to buy, you can grab one (or..two??) over at my shop!

They come with a small print of the artwork and the pad themselves are super comfy~

Shipping from the US, international orders are OK!


September Sketches

Fri Sep 7 19:21:34 2018

Access here!

September SD Pack

Fri Sep 7 19:21:04 2018

Access here!

Back at it

Tue Aug 21 02:50:31 2018

Still recovering but working through it! Some more sketches (including edits of the one on this post) and inks have been added to the July-Aug (formerly July) Dropbox sketch folder and more to come soon so keep your eyes peeled!


Paused for a month!

Sat Jul 14 23:02:04 2018

I'm currently recovering from an injury and not able to sit and work for long periods. I'm hoping to get back into things ASAP, but I'm not sure how much work I'll finish this month - so for now I have paused my Patreon page. The next payment (Aug 1st) will be skipped so I have a chance to catch up on everything including July's sketch/flat slots. On Aug 2 things go back to normal so new patrons will be charged when they sign up and again on Sep 1st etc.

Sorry! Feel free to message me with questions m(。≧Д≦。)m

July SD Pack

Fri Jul 6 00:00:01 2018

Check the sketch pack for a little preview of what to expect this month!

Access here!

July Sketches

Thu Jul 5 23:30:01 2018

June Dropbox folders are officially closed out and new content will go into July! You can find past packs using the tags and download a zip using Dropbox. Starting things off with a couple inked WIPs - thanks for your support!

Access here!

Mia the Summoner

Tue Jun 19 00:17:36 2018

When you know magic you might as well spend your free time making some helping hands!


Sukebe Mousepad Pre-orders

Thu Jun 14 00:01:30 2018

Taking pre-orders/reserves on these til July 1st. They'd be set to ship by September 30th and come in a blister pack with a small mini print. More info on the store site itself!


Mia x Ulna

Tue Jun 12 21:36:20 2018

Mia belongs to Talash

Ulna belongs to Nerts


Heck yeah summertime!!

Sun Jun 10 11:30:20 2018

Hey everyone!

So I finally got around to doing a mousepad design. I'm in the process of finding a manufacturer but I'm hoping they'll look a little something like this !

People seem pretty interested in buying them, I'm thinking $30-$35 and it would come with a small 5x7 print of the clothed version. I'll try to keep everyone posted if/when I manage to get them into production!

Oh..and here's a nude version :3

(Higher res files can be found in this months pack for $15/$30 patrons, thank you!)


Commission form going live Saturday, June 9th ...!

Thu Jun 7 16:34:40 2018

Just a heads up for everyone, my commission form will go up this Saturday for 48hrs. Looking to take a few flat color pieces this month! The base rate is $150 (+ $60 for additional full body character)

The link to the survey is hereand will be live and open for submissions at midnight.


Sat Jun 2 20:26:55 2018

She's here to dominate! >:0 Fun lil pic for Grind cause she's super sweet


June SD Pack

Fri Jun 1 22:00:01 2018

Access here!

June Sketches

Fri Jun 1 22:00:01 2018

Access here!

Yakimo's Reveal

Fri Jun 1 22:05:43 2018

Summertime is here, and it's getting HOT..or maybe that's just Yakimo..I can't tell anymore ?

You can find higher res versions of this image in this month's packs, thank you <3



Tue May 29 20:01:00 2018

A commission for Skooma !



Sun May 27 20:01:00 2018

A commission for Scarlett and Leila! :>


Maw/Vore YCH

Thu May 24 12:10:36 2018

Currently up for grabs over on my FA page here!~ :)


Mon May 21 18:01:01 2018

A fun commission for Muttasaur :D


Snuggle F*ck

Thu May 17 03:21:00 2018

Featuring Moo and Keet from FA having some sweet, lazy lovin'



Fri May 18 00:59:59 2018

A patreon commission for Billyroflcopter ! The best broccoli dragon


Sukebe Douji

Thu May 17 00:38:10 2018

Definitely one of my favorite characters just on looks alone, I love the outfit and all the little details so much !

$15+ patrons can find higher resolutions of this image in this months image pack.


Next Sukebe cosplay?

Wed May 9 15:00:00 2018

Who would you want to see Sukebe dress up as next?? :0

Sukebe Douji

Tue May 8 20:53:01 2018

Something in the works! I've been meaning to do a Shuten Douji themed pic for a long while now <3


May SD Pack

Sun May 6 04:01:00 2018

Access here!

May Sketches

Sun May 6 04:01:00 2018

Access here!

Coming this Month...

Sun May 6 02:44:18 2018

Hello! The April folders are complete, if you want to download them in bulk you can use the tags to find their post and grab them.

Here's a preview of some of the sketches from last month that I'm planning to color this month. May folder links will go up tonight, and I will be adding to them as I complete pictures. Expect it to go a lil slow til I get back from BLFC tho :)


Ultimate Supporter Added!

Sun Apr 22 10:45:04 2018

A new Patreon tier approaches! Get a sketch each month you're pledged OR every other month get a flat color image. Limited slot availability.


Commissions Opening Soon...

Fri Apr 20 19:42:25 2018

I'll be opening for commissions starting next month (after BLFC). So the question is..

What kind of commission are you looking for from me?

Casual Sukebe

Wed Apr 18 17:43:00 2018

Fun summer vibes!!

SD / HD image in Aprils pack link.


Sukebe Sausage Fest

Sun Apr 15 14:12:58 2018

Sukebe showing some appreciation for her favorite food type ?

SD / HD version of this image can be found in the April packs! Thank you~


Gym Exam

Fri Apr 13 21:23:36 2018

Wait, what.. a gym TEST? Yes, that's right! Patricia is ready to see if you have what it takes to stay in her gym. Will you have enough stamina to keep up with her?

Full image here

Flavor of the month leggings for funsies :3c HD image files can be found in April's pack.


Easter 2018

Wed Apr 11 03:08:03 2018

Another Easter pic, albeit late!! This is a small 3 image set. As usual, you can find the HD versions in April's pack folder.

Image 1 [SFW]
Image 2 [NSFW!]
Image 3 [Very NSFW!!]


Sukebe is going to BLFC!

Mon Apr 9 21:01:02 2018

I won't be dealing though I might hang around in public art spaces when/if I can find them. Might even open for a commission or two while there, online and/or in person!


Secret Spyro Quicktime Event!

Sun Apr 8 23:53:15 2018

It's a well known fact that butts are a dragons preferred place to store gems. Get to work Spyro!

You can find the SD / HD version in April's pack link.


Suzi (Nude)

Sat Apr 7 19:50:19 2018




Sat Apr 7 19:50:08 2018

Initiating maximum fluff! Suzi belongs to kampaisuchi

Patrons can find higher res images in the SD / HD monthly pack linked a few days ago as well as the alter-nude version.


Happy Easter ! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

Sun Apr 1 10:57:16 2018

Hope you guys have a nice day! Here's a little fun little pic of Sukebe squeezed into an extra squeaky bunny costume.

There will be another Suke-Bunny set coming in a few days for $2+ tier, and as always you can check this months pack links occasionally to see when things are tossed in there :) Thank you! <3~


April SD Pack

Sun Apr 1 10:51:10 2018

Access here!

April Sketches

Sun Apr 1 10:50:25 2018

Access here!

Discord reminder

Mon Mar 26 07:11:05 2018

Hi! Not sure if the Discord invites have been working, so if you're interested and haven't joined the Discord server, try this link:

April Preview!

Tue Mar 20 01:58:31 2018

Lots of Sukebe and Easter-themed pics lined up for next month! This is just a small preview of a few of them. You can also check out the sketches for these and some others that have been added to this month's art pack since the 6th.

Thanks for your support! :3



Mon Mar 12 08:35:16 2018

I've been meaning to draw Ashiji for such a long time now and I finally did it \o/ The best way to abuse every color under the sun. If you haven't checked her out before, her gallery is here.

My patrons can find the SD and HD versions in this months pack!


Sukebe's Summer Vacation

Wed Mar 7 01:43:06 2018

Vacations don't always go as planned..

View here!

Image packs are coming later today~


March SD Pack

Wed Mar 7 02:01:01 2018

Access here!

March Sketches

Wed Mar 7 02:00:02 2018

Access here!

Nov/Dec SD Pack

Mon Dec 11 21:08:23 2017

Acess here!

Nov/Dec Sketches

Mon Dec 11 21:07:45 2017

Access here!

Spooky Sukebe Gangbang YCH

Sat Oct 21 10:45:44 2017

Got a YCH posted over on FA featuring Sukebe with two open slots. Check it out over here for more info! :3c


Oct Preview

Thu Oct 12 09:25:49 2017

One of the pics for this month! Packs will be posted next week :3


Sept SD Pack

Thu Oct 12 09:24:19 2017

Access here!

Sept Sketches

Thu Oct 12 09:23:56 2017

Access here!

Oct SD Pack

Wed Oct 18 22:00:02 2017

Access here!

Check back now and then for any updates that get tossed in here.

Oct Sketches

Wed Oct 18 22:00:02 2017

Access here, will add more throughout the month! :)

Candy Bomb

Sat Oct 7 18:35:32 2017

Time to give up all your treats! Here's a fun little Halloween pic with some (total 8!) variations, enjoy!

Access here!


Halloween Exclusive Teaser!

Wed Sep 27 04:20:53 2017

A little teaser of the image for next month. I had a lot of fun with this and I can't wait for you guys to see the finished piece! <3

As usual it'll be available for $2+ tier and HD will be offered for Supreme Supporters. Thank you for your support!!


Toriel's Test

Sun Sep 24 20:32:32 2017

Are you filled with enough DETERMINATION?

Access here!


Margarita PSD

Fri Sep 15 04:03:33 2017

Here's the SD/HD/ file of Margarita, and as a bonus the PSD if you want to look through the layers/how things were sort of done! :)




August Sketch/SD Pack

Fri Sep 15 03:46:47 2017

Aug was filled with cat-time so I'm rolling the sketch and SD pack together this month.

Access here!

June SD Pack

Tue Jun 27 11:43:32 2017

Access here!

June Sketch Pack

Tue Jun 27 11:41:09 2017

Access here!

May Theme Pic

Mon May 22 14:18:34 2017

There wasn't a vote this month since I was away on a trip for the first part of May, but here's a little set of Kass for you! ;D

Download here!

May Sketch Pack

Wed May 17 19:09:18 2017

Access here!

May SD Image Pack

Wed May 17 19:09:03 2017

Access here!

Happy Easter

Sat Apr 15 21:29:26 2017

Just something done quickly, enjoy your chocolate..or eggs..or whatever everybody!!

Get the uncensored version here!


April Sketch Pack

Fri Apr 14 07:38:11 2017

Access here!

More will get posted during the month, so just check back periodically. I'll be out of town starting next week, so mostly sketches will be done!

April SD Image Pack

Sat Apr 15 07:36:52 2017

Access here!

April Theme Pic

Tue Apr 11 13:20:42 2017

Download Here!

A fairy guardian enters the forest to defeat a rumored infestation of tentawyrms, only to find herself become their next!!

Probably some of the more intense detail work I've done in a long time. Colors may come later, not sure if they'll help or hinder! Anyway enjoy ~ :3c


April Image Poll

Mon Mar 27 21:56:52 2017

Just a few random prompts to go with this month, may the best one win! Poll is open til April 4th.

Image packs will be posted tomorrow afternoon, and dont forget you can check back on the previously posted link for the Sketch pack since more stuff has gone in there since then :) Thanks guys!

March SD Image Pack

Tue Mar 28 21:07:34 2017

Access here!

March Theme Pic

Thu Mar 23 18:00:40 2017

Download Here!

Thanks for the support this month guys :) Here's the finished image that you all voted for. I'll have a poll up in the next few days to decide what we do for April!


March Sketch Pack

Mon Mar 13 11:34:43 2017

Click Here!

Here's the sketch pack for this month (so far!) More will be coming, just tossing this up here now so check back !

February Theme Pic : Toriel

Mon Mar 6 23:28:40 2017

Download here!

Thank you guys for your support! Again, sorry for the little's no fun being sick!

If you haven't done so already please vote on this months picture here , the poll will close on Wednesday.


Private Patreon Stream

Mon Mar 6 20:32:38 2017

Please click HERE to access the stream!

March Image Poll!

Sun Mar 5 20:16:42 2017

Hiya everyone!

February was a rough month for me, I was sick nearly half the entire month!!

The Toriel pic is nearly done and will be posted in the next couple of days. Until then I have a big image here for you guys to look at and vote on which image you'd like to see me finish/fully color!

I only have a couple images to show this month so I'm just going to roll them into February's packs. Check previous posts for the link.

Without further ado, here's the image with all the choices!


Feb Sketches

Fri Feb 3 02:17:26 2017


Feb SD Image Pack

Sat Feb 4 20:00:00 2017


Discord Server

Fri Feb 3 00:28:33 2017


If you use Discord, feel free to join my server! You can also link your Discord account to Patreon to automatically be placed in the roles created based on your pledge level. If you are curious about anything else, you can check out this handy page here to learn more~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Patreon Theme Winner - "Big Tits"

Thu Feb 2 23:18:35 2017

Download here!

Thank you guys for your support! The next theme image of Toriel is already in the works and will be sent out later this month, so stay tuned!~


Feb Public Preview

Thu Feb 2 23:09:28 2017

Hello! Getting off to a good year so far. Here's just a few snips of some of the art in this month's art pack, more to come.

If you're already a patron, thank you so much for your continued support! If you haven't pledged yet or you're new here, then I hope you'll consider encouraging my work.

As always, thank you! <3


Feb Patreon Theme Poll

Thu Jan 26 22:19:04 2017

Hi guys!!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Patreon lets me make a poll now, so hopefully it works alright for figuring out next month's theme. I'll have this poll up til Feb 4th.

Basically, which character(s) would you like to see in some sort of smutty drawing??

Jan Patreon Theme Poll

Tue Jan 3 23:17:08 2017

Hello! Here's the poll for the first theme poll. This is for a special image created for you guys and based on a theme voted by YOU :D Please take the time if you have it to pick what sort of theme you'd like to see..thank you!

Vote here!

Jan HD Image Pack

Tue Jan 3 23:15:20 2017

Thank you for your support~


Jan SD Image Pack

Tue Jan 3 23:13:50 2017

Thank you for your support~


Jan Sketches

Tue Jan 3 23:07:52 2017

Here we go! :3 Thank you for your support~


Big changes incoming!

Sun Dec 25 03:08:25 2016

Hi everybody! I’m trying something different for 2017 - I’ve reorganized all the support tiers, replacing the monthly sketch raffle with a monthly “supporters’ choice” themed colored picture! As a result, you've been shuffled into the closest tier (without going over), so please make sure you're still OK with your pledge. You can check the new tiers & rewards on my main Patreon page.

The first art pack and poll will be posted on January 4th. Things might be a little rough for the first couple months while we figure out the new system, so bear with me! Thank you for your continued support!

Also, please leave a comment here if you have any suggestions for the first theme poll - as well as any feedback or questions about the changes.

Double Update (Marjask/Cryoganix)

Mon Aug 1 10:05:17 2016

Grats to both! I'll be noting you shortly

Here's a few wips of things I'm working on that haven't made it up online yet~

August Update Zip

May: Batroo

Tue May 31 10:31:25 2016

This bar is sporting a special 'tap' this month! Ft. Batroo C:


April Sketch: Batroo!

Wed May 18 18:09:28 2016

Grats! I'll be bugging you in a note shortly :D For everyone else here's just some sketches I've done from the past few days/BLFC~





Quickie [Patricia ShortComic]

Wed May 11 07:17:45 2016

Just some doodles thrown together to be kind of cohesive and a 'front page' kind of deal, comics are not my thing though . One of the things I'd like to clean up sometime C:


Page 1

Order Up! (WIP)

Sun Apr 24 05:23:08 2016

Planning to color this and offer as a print and/or wallscroll at BLFC!????????


Sketch Winners + April update!

Sun Apr 24 05:20:17 2016

Grats to Blackgryf and Deskai for winning the sketch spots!!

Lil bit of an update and recent image for you guys. Should have more to post in a few days as well as prepping for BLFC (if you're going you can find me in the Black Market area!!)

March/April Update

Sun Mar 27 16:29:46 2016

Hiya!! I've got a mini update today with two things I've been working on and a thing I recently finished.

A lot of my time has been prepping for my Japan trip which I'll be heading off for starting tomorrow. The raffle for this month will be rolled over with the next so when I get back around the 14th I'll pick two (from last month and the next) !

I'll also be sending out updates via Patreon's message system from now on, so it might be easier to keep track of.

Feb HiRes Collection

Tue Feb 9 20:09:21 2016

Here's a collection of the stuff I've been working on lately (in higher res!) C:

2-16.rar (d)

Sukebe-01 stepping in!

Mon Jan 25 06:23:26 2016

People have been asking for Sukebe for a long time, so I finally got around to making a customization based android line of her! She will be usable in commissions and capable of fitting any sort of role (well certain limits apply, come on).

Want a her with a dick? Or a vagina instead? GIANT boobs? GIANT wang too??

Made for especially for you, you can have them built however you want. BATTERIES INCLUDED!! Each come with their own serial mark located on their body for identification if need be.

-Also- congrats to Bixby for getting Jan's sketch spot!

I'll be dumping a bunch of hi-res files in a few weeks for you guys, as well as the exclusive Smudge x Patricia pic that is in the works!

As always, thank you <3


See you at FC! ~★

Sun Dec 27 13:09:17 2015

Just wanted to throw this up here while I head to FC for the weekend! Colored version of this will be coming :D

For those interested you can also see the rough WIP from earlier HERE

I'll be doing the sketch giveaway after i get back on Monday, so stay tuned! <3


Patricia Scenario/Fetishes?

Sat Dec 26 18:53:25 2015


So most of you want to see my characters (Patricia mainly), based on the previous poll. So what scenarios and fetishes would you like to see her involved in? I've got an anonymous suggestion box up, so please check it out and give feedback when you have time! <3


Patricia Picture Winner + Content Poll

Fri Dec 25 20:58:06 2015

Congrats to Smudge! I'm excited to see what we'll have Patricia getting involved in :>

Plus I've got a poll here for you guys about what Patreon exclusive content you'd like to see. First we'll start with the subjects, then move onto fetish material later. Please answer when you can!

Happy Holidays!! (feat Patricia)

Thu Dec 24 08:25:42 2015

Thank you guys for sticking with me on Patreon this year <3

I've got a little bit of a sketch dump here, mostly raffles and wips! You might have seen the Patricia wips posted else where, but the finished pics will be Patreon exclusive once I get around to them!

I'll also be picking one of the current patrons on Xmas day for a special colored pic with Patricia herself!! This can be clean, smutty, SUPER smutty.. whatever! (although no wayout there kinks like vore and what not, sorry she's not ready for that!!) A little bit about Patricia...

She's a mid 30's aerobics teacher who has a weakness for 80s decor and fashion, oh and she LOVES spandex. With a slightly geeky personality, when she isn't teaching or busy at the gym she's at home with her nose in a book.

Also I'll be attending Further Confusion! So if you're going and wanna say hi, you'll be able to find me in the Dealers den (71a.. next to Gideon!) . I'll be taking sketches/commissions there and selling badges, as well as acrylic charms. If you ARE going and want a badge, I'm taking those on preorder now, so just ask!

hh.png decdump.rar (d)

July-Aug Dump and Winners

Mon Sep 14 18:30:06 2015

Grats to Chaz and Rhea! I'll be sending messages out to you guys shortly.

In this zip I have some LG files and sketches, also a PSD of the pic above for you to look through if that's your thing.

modguifull.png (d)


Tue Aug 11 04:48:13 2015

Full Size -> HERE

PSD File -> HERE


Sketch/WIP Dump

Thu Aug 6 10:47:38 2015

Updated the sketch I showed earlier, also something new!

Lily Update

2Players Sketch

SKETCH: Step into my parlor~

Fri Jul 24 17:43:18 2015

Mostly refined, still need to do some touch ups and add in details!


July Winner / PSDs / Art!

Fri Jul 24 17:22:15 2015

Grats LigLig!

Also for those who are interested, I've included a link for some random PSD's of pics. And some HQ art :)


Tue Jul 14 17:56:15 2015

Here's some brushes I'm posting online, throwing it up here as well! I use Clip Studio Paint, but these should work with Manga Studio too.

Included are 4 brushes, what I mainly use for sketching/linework. I've included a screenshot of my pressure preset I've got CSP setup with, you can adjust your own a bit, this is just what I use.

1) Loose Pencil

- This is what I sometimes use to quickly refine up a sketch. No stabilization and I'll tend to keep the brush size fairly large.

2) Tight Pencil

- My primary 'clean linework' brush! It has high stabilization. When I use this my hand will press down and then sort of lift off at the end of the stroke. I use this especially when doing hair or light details.

3) Sketch Shaper

- I use this to block in silhouettes or rough sketch and sometimes quick shade a pencil drawing.

4) Real Pencil

- Brush with a nice grit to it, I will often use this to finish up a sketch instead of the Loose Pencil. No stabilization. I have also used this for my linework instead of just using Tight Pencil (only using that for hair/fine details etc)

TIP: Work in a high resolution!! I can't stress this enough. I will always work in at least double of what I want my final piece to be.

Depending on your hand pressure you might have to play with the CSP pressure settings some. I have a real heavy hand <:D Anyways, hope some of you find this useful! Always happy to see what you do with the brushes.

Brushes.png SukebepandaCSPBrushes.rar (d)

June Winner = Bazz !

Tue Jun 16 02:45:12 2015

Grats!!! Also everyone else, have a full rez piece :)


March-June Art Dump!

Fri Jun 12 11:10:42 2015

Here's some full res art of what I've been doing lately :D As always, thank you guys!

March-JuneDump.rar (d)

May Winner = Chaz!

Thu May 14 10:31:57 2015

Congrats!! Also here's a full piccy for you guys :>


Recent Art Dump

Sat May 9 10:24:44 2015

Some recently finished stuff in full res!

razz2fullll.png raka1full.png kravenolymfull.png

Color Bonus: Marjask

Tue Apr 28 09:23:09 2015

Full size version :3

ebc064534c61dbaac948eca3184d70b4.jpg marjaskfull.png


Tue Apr 21 20:48:17 2015

Full size of a recent multistream pic

226820c247b6d55700e9f711168872da.jpg gmorningfull.png


Tue Apr 21 07:34:21 2015

Full size of this pic that some people might like!!

89a6ee59b35ca8d023e698846b4a5eaf.jpg specialplace_full.png

Patreon Sketches

Tue Apr 21 01:37:28 2015

A few of the past months winners!

loteanfull.png idejeponafull.png talgrowlg.png klonoakifull.png

Mega-Raffle Winners!

Wed Apr 15 23:39:12 2015

Here are the winners for the past three months + the mega bonus spot. Grats to you guys! I'll be sending out messages to those listed below :3

February: idejtauren / vaporial
March: snao
April: foxydude

Bonus Flat-Color: marjask


UPDATE: Sorry !

Wed Apr 15 07:04:54 2015

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of communication recently. These past few months I've been tied up between moving from one side of the US to the other and only recently got my PC back (as well as all my clothes/furniture) !

Either today/tomorrow I'll be doing a mega-drawing for the months of Feb/Mar/Apr for 4 sketches and I'll be throwing in an extra at 5 for my current supporting pledgers for a flat colored piece as well :>

And it wouldn't be an update without art so.. here's a piece I just finished!


January Raffle Winners!

Thu Jan 15 00:49:24 2015

Congrats to Talash and Lotean!

Nov/Dec Raffle Pics

Tue Dec 16 01:23:48 2014

Grats again to the winners :)

c384e4d82b266ae07d8b909caf7edc8e.jpg charraff.png nkdr.png

December Raffle Winner!!

Sun Dec 14 19:33:37 2014

Congrats to Snao :> ~

November Winner!

Thu Nov 27 16:41:04 2014

Koza is this months winner, grats :) Happy Thanksgiving guys

October Raffle Winners

Wed Oct 15 19:47:46 2014

Grats again to DarkDragoon and Euro!

ddsketch.png eurosketch.png

Grats Darkdragoon and Euro

Tue Oct 14 21:46:59 2014

Winners of this months raffle :3

Streaming raffle pull and some inking~

Tue Oct 14 20:59:06 2014

October Raffle : 14th

Thu Oct 2 15:28:35 2014

The double raffle will be held on the 14th! GL guys

NDP Preview

Wed Oct 1 02:38:32 2014

Something for you guys, a lil preview of one of my pics for the NDP!


Fish n Milky

Wed Sep 24 21:53:55 2014

Two recent pics ~ u v u

c951985323c2985e2b80d744a5cbbc7c.jpg milkymorningLG.png foofishLG.png

Raffle Update

Thu Sep 18 04:52:43 2014

Since hitting the first goal I've decided that previous month winners still get a chance at the following month raffles. So say you win one month, next month you normally would have been out completely, but instead you'll get a slight penalty to the roll. This way as we get multiple month winners they still have a chance, but it doesn't diminish the rest of the groups chance! <:3>
We'll see how it works next month anyways. Again, thanks so much for your support guys!

September Raffle: Oakscl

Wed Sep 17 23:00:11 2014

Grats again, Oakscl! :)


Grats Oakscl!

Mon Sep 15 20:57:12 2014

The winner of this months raffle :3

Hea Jung WIP

Fri Sep 12 18:48:19 2014

WIP of something I'm working on in my spare time~


August Raffle : FoxyDude [Upgraded!]

Thu Sep 11 08:11:30 2014

FoxyDude decided to get this slapped up to colors. I've decided that any monthly raffle winners will have the option to upgrade for a discount compared to my usual rate :> (Based on the image, etc)

b9d8267392759cff7a10bef8ae8a0d98.jpg foxymorningLG.png

Knoah HiRes

Tue Sep 9 07:09:31 2014


62bb82997febb75a24d3fee7b99643a4.jpg knoahLG.png

Thundermoon Full Res

Sat Sep 6 15:32:02 2014

Here you go guys :>

00ebcb957cb6326fb296a9c23b22f5d5.jpg kyowaiLG.png

September Raffle Date

Mon Sep 1 22:04:02 2014

Thanks for the pledges this month guys! The raffle will be on Sept 15th at 8pm EST. I'll have a little stream going to show who gets picked, then I'll contact via your email if chosen :)

August Raffle : FoxyDude

Fri Aug 22 23:01:29 2014

The sketch done for FoxyDude :)

e652ba93d0451f0e8cb3bc96f6e8d72e.jpg FDsketch.png

Selene's Training HQ

Fri Aug 22 23:00:15 2014

Large version!


Old Large-Size Collection

Sat Aug 16 00:36:58 2014

Here's a file of some previous works in their larger/nonFA size (d)

3 Full Res Pics

Fri Aug 15 20:04:49 2014

Drippy Koza , Happy Place, and Birthday Roo

cinnarooLG.png bryLG.png kozawet_LG.png


Thu Aug 14 21:34:54 2014

Grats to FoxyDude for getting the August sketch raffle! Keep an eye out for it to be posted here, and to the rest, good luck next month if you decide to enter :)


August Sketch Raffle Tomorrow!

Thu Aug 14 00:40:47 2014

Sketch raffle is being held tomorrow! Come by the stream at 5pm EST to see who gets picked :)



Wed Jul 30 03:52:03 2014

Added another goal, giving two raffles a month, if it gets there C:

Ice Fox Hi-Res

Tue Jul 29 22:42:17 2014

50a1673d415d21401051076ff0969ab8.jpg foxydude_LG.png

Public Example

Tue Jul 29 03:24:11 2014

Something from a few weeks ago, bit higher res than usual, still a good one~

31543b5a603a16d668dfa04122546e15.jpg zeecolors.png

Thank you, Patrons!

Tue Jul 29 03:09:29 2014

First post get! Have a hi-res version of Mama Syrena

3d82a1604e7b7864d136e4fec94e283b.jpg syrenapreg_LG.png