Twist Redraw

Thu Oct 29 13:56:08 2020

Been wanting to redraw this for such a long time and finally got to it. Enjoy!


Succubus Suri - Edits

Thu Oct 29 02:49:25 2020

Various edits that I can't describe because of Patreon's stupid anti-NSFW language crap. (d) SuccubiSuri-NudeFuta.png

Succubus Suri - Nude Edit

Thu Oct 29 02:42:17 2020

Nude edit of the Suri image. (d) SuccubiSuri-Nude.png

Succubus Suri

Thu Oct 29 02:36:30 2020

Monthly image voted for this month that I had some real fun with. I do like how this came out and might do more Succubus Suri in the future if I get the chance.


Elsa stuff

Mon Oct 26 13:38:46 2020

Some commissions I did for Ramako that I felt like sharing. Enjoy!

ElsasquatRam2020-01.png ElsatitsRamComm2020-01.png

Spoop Poll

Tue Oct 20 02:31:41 2020

Apologies for taking so long to get this out. I legit just forgot to do it DX.

The Deer God

Thu Oct 15 10:39:14 2020

Specimen 8 from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion again for Spoop Month.


Umbra Crystal - Edit

Mon Oct 12 10:39:48 2020

No crystal at crotch edit of the Crystal image. Original never had this but why not.


Umbra Crystal

Mon Oct 12 10:37:52 2020

My very first drawing of Umbra redone in the 2020 Sui style. This is gonna be my last Umbra redraw, moving onto Celestia now or something.



Umbra Set

Sun Oct 11 00:04:56 2020

Little Umbra Daki thing I did back in 2015 that I decided to redraw. It took a while to upload this because Patreon has been acting really garbage with uploading lately. Anyway, enjoy! (d) UmbraDaki-Front.png UmbraDaki-Back.png UmbraDaki-Front.png

Spoop Month suggestions

Thu Oct 8 18:13:26 2020

Alright nerds, since the vote was mostly I do whatever I want, Imma do a monthly image. Obligatory Fire Eclipse and Black Cat will be coming later on so let's see what you guys suggest.

Daybreaker Redraw ( w/ Celestia Edit )

Mon Oct 5 11:10:15 2020

Redraw of my 2017 Daybreaker image. Honestly this came out far better than I was expecting. The Celestia edit is entirely new as there was not a Celestia version of this image but rather a Nightmare Moon version facing the opposite way.

Original (d) Daybreakerbutt.png CelestiaSunbutt.png

One Last Temptation

Mon Oct 5 05:42:52 2020

Soooo I just got an idea to actually fully close the Temptation chapter so I will be pausing my whole origin comic and doing this one. This will be the complete conclusion of the entire Temptation saga wrapping up a few things that weren't answered and basically tidying up parts of the story.

There is also the redraw I am doing for Temptation Chapter 1 that will come out at some point. So yeah, Will hopefully have this comic done either the end of this month to the middle of November. Will update on any changes.

What would you guys prefer for this month?

Mon Oct 5 04:10:57 2020

Curious if you guys don't mind more redraws for the month of October or if you want a dedicated monthly image? Or you don't care and like whatever comes.

Growing Nina

Sat Oct 3 21:35:05 2020

Nina being a bad girl.


Nina 2020

Fri Oct 2 08:36:11 2020

It's October and you know what time it is. Time to upset Twitter once more or they just enjoy it now, who knows.


Dimar Butt Again

Thu Oct 1 00:54:58 2020

I can't stop drawing her. I love this character too damn much DX. Stop me plz.

Dimarbooty.png Dimarbooty.png


Tue Sep 29 08:55:58 2020

I got asked to draw a thick Panini so why not. Enjoy her fat ass. Probably counts for the What's a Childhood? series.

Panini.png Panini.png

Human Suri

Sat Sep 26 10:29:31 2020

Since I am on a humanoid binge, might as well draw Humanoid Suri.

HumanSuri.png HumanSuri.png

Humanoid Drega

Thu Sep 24 12:54:14 2020

Ramako gave me the idea so I did it. Human version of the Omega Dragon goddess. Enjoy.

HumanDrega.png HumanDrega.png

More Dimar Again

Wed Sep 23 21:58:26 2020

Since you guys don't mind the Chocolate elf, here is her fat ass. Dimar still learning the voluptuous new body she got. I do wonder how she would compare to Suri in terms of people liking her.

DimarAss.png DimarAss.png


Mon Sep 21 20:54:54 2020

I know I said I would be continuing the Relaxation image but I am having too much fun redrawing other stuff and drawing my female Dimar lately. Chocolate Elf Tiddies! I SORRY!

Hope you guys are fine with that. DX

More Dimar

Fri Sep 18 08:07:11 2020

Posting at terrible times like I always do. I am actually liking this female version of my old OC so I did more of her. Dunno what her name will be instead of Dimar.

DimarTits.png DimarTits.png


Wed Sep 16 14:46:34 2020

Decided to redraw my very first Elsa image but took a few liberties with this new version.

Also this image is kind of big.

Older Version here

ElsaandAnna.png ElsaandAnna.png

Dimar Edits

Sun Sep 13 07:31:36 2020

All the edits I did of the Dimar image. Wasn't originally gonna do many but a certain futa fanatic somewhat suggested a futa version because elf so I just did a few and made it a monthly image because why not.

Edits include topless, bottomless, bulge, and futa amongst a few others that apparently Patreon's ToS won't let me type :V.

Hope you guys enjoy these various images I have been doing during this month of exile.

Dimar2020-NudeCock.png (d) Dimar2020-NudeCock.png

Dimar Nude Edit

Sun Sep 13 07:20:17 2020

Nude version of the Dimar picture posted earlier.

Dimar2020-Nude.png (d) Dimar2020-Nude.png

Dimar 2020

Sun Sep 13 07:03:08 2020

So before Suirano became the name and main OC, I had an OC named Dimar Marquis and Dimar was my artist name before I made my Deviantart account and forever donned the name Suirano. So, I decided to finally redesign Dimar but.....then Suified him into a thick big tiddie hottie.

Dimar was a elf/dragon like character I made back in 2000 or so when I was really into anime before I created Suirano back in 2006.

This is Dimar now. Chocolate Dragon/Elf gal. :V

Original Dimar Design

BTW, this is a monthly image post so there will be edits and stuff for the higher tiers.

Dimar2020.png Dimar2020.png

Fluttershy Doodle

Fri Sep 11 15:42:49 2020

Just a quick Fluttershy doodle I did to pass time before work.

Fluttershy.png Fluttershy.png

Fire Eclipse 2020

Fri Sep 11 03:20:05 2020

Since I did Arcane's ass, might as well do Eclipse big tits so here you guys go. The grumpy huge tiddie Fire pony, Fire Eclipse in the 2020 style.

FireEclipse2020.png FireEclipse2020.png

Arcane Shade 2020

Thu Sep 10 02:43:13 2020

Haven't given my pony OCs much love except Radiant Glow so here is Crazy Butt Pone done in the current 2020 style. I do hope to do more of them and slowly integrate them into the Suiverse and out of the MLP verse to make them full OCs.

Arcbooty.png Arcbooty.png Arcbooty.png Arcbooty.png

June 2020 Archive

Wed Sep 9 21:40:40 2020

Archive of the Patreon art done for June ( since I don't organize the public art well. Will fix that later. )

SuiranoLogoRretro2.png (d) SuiranoLogoRretro2.png

Redraw Art Dump

Wed Sep 9 21:36:07 2020

Some redraws I have been doing during my exile from the internet. Not having commissions or anything has really made me enjoy my art a bit more.

I know I said I would do Relaxation but I am having too much fun going back to super old art and touching it up with the 2020 flair beyond that series.

Images include the PPG image I did for What's a Childhood, Elsa redraw, and three images of my PSO2 angel, Elysia.

Elsabutt.png Elsabutt.png Elysia2020.png ElysiaButt.png OGElysiaRedraw.png PPG.png

Goblin Mage

Sun Sep 6 13:15:58 2020

Some doodles of my Goblin Gal that has no name who is friends with the Kobold girl. Both are magic users but the Goblin uses books for her magic and it can backfire.

GoblinMage2.png GoblinMage2.png Goblinmage3.png


Fri Sep 4 07:24:20 2020

As said on Twitter, I am basically disappearing for an undetermined amount of time. I will not explain why nor answer any questions related to why.

I will still be posting content here finishing the Relaxation series amongst other work and any work that I normally don't post here will be posted on the Patreon Discord however I will not be answering any messages, I will not be socializing on Discord or any site. I will post and immediately leave until my next work is done.

For commissions, there won't be any. I'm not opening them this month like I planned to and don't know when I will be opening up again.

That is all I have to say on the issue. Like I said before, content will keep coming, I just won't be talking.


Sat Aug 29 22:03:40 2020

The next comic in the Suirano Cinematic Universe. The story goes back to focusing on Phena and Drega years and years after the first comic when a new unknown threat emerges. This comic is the beginning of the Phena & Drega story and the Sui & Suri story merging into a singular story.

The order of the comics are as followed in terms of a timeline:

Angel and Demon

Scientific Error

Suri's Origin

Hot Ruby

Ruby Science

and now this one

C000.png (d)

Suirano Update [insert number here]

Fri Aug 28 08:48:57 2020

Heyo all ya wonderful people new and old. A few updates since its been some time since I posted here. So let's organize this by tiers.

Tier I and II - The Relaxation series is still being worked on. I WILL be doing ALL 8 images in the series with a brand new 9th image to finish the technically unfinished Relaxation series. So you guys will be seeing more of that later on in September.

Tier III - I didn't really think about it but dunno if you guys would want the PSDs of the Relaxation series. Let me know.

Tier IV - The current comic "Corruption" is being worked on and almost done. I am hoping to have it finished by Sep 1st so you should see a new comic posted around there. I will immediately start working on the next chapter which should introduce some new characters and start tying things together.

Tier V - DX I still don't understand why you guys pledge to me when I haven't done anything for the tier. I am sorry but thank you all for the continued support. You are lovely people AAAGHHHH!!!!

Reminder: All Nintendo IP stuff and certain content is only posted on the Discord due to some shit regarding reporting, DMCA abuse and some other issues. I am sorry to do it this way but it's the only way to keep things going. PLEASE make sure to join if you wanna see the work.

Smug Tails

Mon Aug 24 15:19:20 2020

Just a doodle of Tails being smug with fat tits.


Corruption Teaser

Thu Aug 20 03:41:44 2020

A teaser to the latest comic I am working on continuing the origin story of my OCs people are curious about. We go back to Drega and Phena many millenia after their fight from the previous comic.

C001.png C002.png C003.png

Hot Day for Suri

Wed Aug 19 14:58:40 2020

Because I wanted to draw Suri with sweaty tits.



Mon Aug 17 22:27:05 2020

Hey nerds, trying to add new additions to the Childhood series I do but forgot what I wanted to add. Gib suggestions.

The Belly Dancer Series redraw Pt.1

Sun Aug 16 01:28:29 2020

I am redrawing the Belly Dancer images that I have wall scrolls of to get updated ones to hang on my wall so just sharing the newer versions. The Elsa one was a commission for Ramako that I decided to update too because I love drawing Elsa and wanted it to match my current style.

Phena and Drega are coming up along with some new additions later on.


BellydancerAllin.png FemSuiyDancer.png ElsaDancer.png

Suri's Cave

Thu Aug 6 09:44:48 2020

Suri is just horny all the time. This is to be expected of her.

SuriCave.png SuriSex.png

Relaxation Pt. 2 Redraw

Sun Aug 2 11:58:41 2020

Pt 2 of the Relaxation redraw series. Twilight unable to control herself being around a naked Celestia tries to bail but Celestia isn't allowing her to leave purposely teasing Twilight.

Hope you guys are enjoying this series redraw. Dunno if I will get them in the month but I will try.


For August

Wed Jul 29 19:46:07 2020

Well holy shit that poll was more one sided than I was expecting. Okay, guess I am going to be doing the Relaxation series redraw for August. Was not expecting a redraw to win that badly.

Reminder again to newcomers to join my Patreon Discord to view content not available here directly. I am still trying to figure out a lot of these changes Patreon is doing and what is and is not allowed of my work. Rumors and info is flooding all over the place and a lot of it seems incorrect. The difficulty is finding out what is and is not correct.

So bear with me while I work through this trying to get a solid system working.

For August

Tue Jul 28 22:04:24 2020

I am curious guys, do you want to have a monthly poll for August or would you wanna see more images of the Relaxation series redrawn?

For those who don't know, Relaxation is this really old series of mine: LINK

Cannot guarantee I will be able to get all 8 images done but there will be some at least.

Also, are you guys fine with so many redraws of older images?


Sun Jul 26 12:15:20 2020

Been getting quite a few new peeps coming. Thank you for the support you give to a lame like me. I truly appreciate it. Be sure to use your Discord reward to get into the Patreon Discord for content I'm not able to post directly here.

Relaxation Pt. 1 Redraw

Sun Jul 26 11:52:24 2020

Guess who decided to redraw one of the most complicated images he has done, this guy. I will probably also do Parts 2 and 3 as well, maybe 4. I dunno yet. Debating on if I should instead of doing a monthly image, redraw this series or something for August.

Feel free to offer input ( inb4 do whatever you want. )


Renamon Redraw

Sun Jul 26 11:49:40 2020

Redrawing my first Renamon doodle I did. Digital Oil Thot.


Contest - All Edits

Sat Jul 25 22:21:20 2020

All edits to the monthly image including: Topless, Bottomless, Bulge, Futa, Oil edits and more nude edits alongside the PSD and Clip File for those interested.

AssContest-Bulge-Oil.png (d)

Contest - Nude Edit

Sat Jul 25 22:18:39 2020

Nude edit of the monthly image for this month.

AssContest-Nude.png (d)


Sat Jul 25 22:14:26 2020

Contest of the titans of booty in my MLP verse. Who would you choose?


Psylocke Sandy

Tue Jul 21 21:02:02 2020

This new trend circling around that I threw my hand at. Hope you all like.


Suri-PS5Theme Alts

Tue Jul 21 20:45:45 2020

Not many alts, just some alt ideas that came while working on this piece, the black part of the PS5 outfit and the white part of the outfit as separate ones :D.

PS5Suri-01.png (d) PS5Suri-02.png

Suri-PS5 Theme

Tue Jul 21 20:42:33 2020

Forgot to post this here after sharing it in the Discord server, whoops. DX

Clothed version and a nude edit.

PS5Suri.png (d) PS5Suri-03.png

Octavia Redraw

Tue Jul 14 07:42:32 2020

Redraw of an old Octavia drawing I did years ago. Enjoy!


July Monthly Poll

Sun Jul 12 03:27:32 2020

Sorry I took so long for this but here is the monthly poll.

Monthly Image Poll

Fri Jul 10 10:34:44 2020

Will have the poll up Saturday. Sorry about that. Been busy and just forgot to set it up. DX

World of Gemstones Pt. 1 Redraw

Sun Jul 5 23:00:07 2020

Decided to redraw the first image of the World of Gemstones image. My dumbass sadly forgot to bring up the resolution so its not an absurd res this time.


Coco Ass

Sat Jul 4 23:09:51 2020

Because it has been some time since I have given Coco any love.


Amy Ass

Sat Jul 4 23:06:54 2020

The image that started my dislike of Deviantart when it kept getting reported. Decided to give it some 2020 flare because fuck DA.

( In case you don't already know, I really hate Deviantart and it's like whiny buttlicker Sonic fanboys. )


Liberty 2020

Sat Jul 4 22:24:41 2020

It's the 4th of July, you know she was gonna show up again.

Full Res of 3500 x 4000 I believe

Barb Redraw

Fri Jul 3 13:07:49 2020

Older Barb image I did for Patreon that I decided to redraw. A LOT of people decided to edit the shit out of this image with so many things back when I first posted it publicly. It was super weird.


Blue's Clues

Fri Jul 3 13:05:58 2020

First image I ever drew of Blue but now in her gothic version and more detailed. First image was drawn 5 years ago and it really shows if you compare the two how different my art is nowadays.

Old Image Here


Super Sonic - Full

Fri Jul 3 13:03:15 2020

Full body of an earlier Super Sonic I drew last year that Deviantart removed because somehow this was considered underaged. Deviantart can eat my ass.


July Monthly Image

Fri Jul 3 00:03:45 2020

Alright nerds, let's see those suggestions for the Freedom Month. Remember that Nintendo characters are not allowed due to a resurgence of DMCA abuse from Nintendo.

If you want to see any of those images, gotta join the Patreon Discord.

Anyway, let's go.

A new Partnership

Wed Jul 1 20:05:58 2020

The ship that nobody asked for but is a thing now. >:D


Daxter's Eco Reserve

Wed Jul 1 19:58:15 2020

I drew Daxter with a fat ass because you can't stop me. >:V


Ruby Science

Tue Jun 30 11:22:38 2020

Continuing the OC story I began, I continue the lore with them adding more and just building up the story over all. Suri comes to help Allin learn more about how she comes to be and trying to figure out more about herself only to be blindsided by a more severe problem brewing.

I will be continuing this story so look forward to more chapters coming. Eventually I will make a collection that has all the comics in order but for those wanting to know the order of the comics so far

1) Angel and Demon

2) Scientific Error

3) Origin of Suri

4) Hot Ruby

5) This Comic

Comic Link

RS001.png (d)


Wed Jun 24 13:57:39 2020

Edits of the monthly image. Edits include Topless, Bottomless, Bulge and Full package futa versions. Also has a PSD and Clip File in the zip archive. I didn't think about doing the non full package until I posted this.



beachlestia-bulge.png (d)


Wed Jun 24 13:54:35 2020

Nude edit of the monthly image. :D

beachlestia-nude.png (d)


Wed Jun 24 13:53:12 2020

The monthly image voted by you guys. It is always fun doing these beach theme images. Enjoy!



Sun Jun 21 11:33:07 2020

There is certain content I do not post here due to DMCA issues. They do show up in the archive post but when newly posted, it's in the Patreon Discord so make sure you use your Discord link as me sending an invite does nothing.

Also, monthly image will be coming close to the end of the month, so look forward to that.

Also for Tier IV, new comic coming towards to end of the month. Hope you guys enjoy that.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Those of you new and those of you veteran nerds.

Battery Power

Sat Jun 13 12:04:28 2020

Pt. 2 of that Energizer bunny thing with the Duracell bunny jumping in.
Pretty sure that guy is gonna die.


June Monthly Image Poll

Tue Jun 9 22:25:33 2020

Let's see what we will get for this month.

Monthly Image Suggestion Time

Fri Jun 5 10:35:59 2020

What be y'all wanting for this month?

Reminder, Nintendo IP characters are not posted here as I do not trust the rampant DMCA abuse that keeps flaring up with that company.

All Nintendo images are posted in the Patreon Discord and are only posted here in archive posts. Never directly.

April-May Patreon Art Archive

Thu Jun 4 20:18:31 2020

Art archives for the Patreon images and a few public ones for the past two months. Gotta dig deeper to get all the public images and WIP images I didn't post yet.


Please let me know if there are any issues.


Bad Priorities

Tue Jun 2 12:51:01 2020

So if people are wondering the slow uploads of content, my dumbass decided to get absorbed in making a Suri model. Currently fighting with the renderer to make it look better so I can do some fancy stuff.

I'm not super great at animating but let me know if you guys would like to see that or other OCs in 3D.


Tier IV Update

Mon Jun 1 03:46:41 2020

Hey guys, letting you know a comic is in the works. It is going to be focusing on Allin and Suri this time around and I am hoping to connect it with Drega and Phena's story.

Hopefully it will come out okay. Regarding that Temptation comic with Flurry Heart, I am taking it back to the preproduction phase and work on the story a bit more. Might start it over or just redo the story, dunno yet.

Hope you guys enjoy.

For the Tier V peeps, sorry I haven't done much DX. I are worst Patreon.

Barb Shower Booty - Edits

Fri May 29 01:55:02 2020

All edits of the monthly image including futa edits, ball edits, fog edits along with the PSD and Clip file.

BarbShower-Futa-BreastEdit02.png (d)

Barb Shower Booty - Hooge Tiddie

Fri May 29 00:12:39 2020

Huge Tiddie edit and a no fog edit of the monthly image.

BarbShower-BreastEdit.png (d)

Barb Shower Butt

Fri May 29 00:08:43 2020

Monthly image you nerds voted for. Barb dominating polls like always lol.


Vicar Amelia

Wed May 27 00:46:32 2020

Doodle of Bloodborne doggo. :D


Sun Goddess

Sun May 24 05:38:02 2020

Instead of working on the monthly image, my dumbass is doing this. I am an irresponsible Patreon owner DX.


May Image

Sat May 16 20:39:18 2020

Looks like Barb's fat ass won the poll again. I will hopefully see if time permits that I at least get a doodle of one of the other suggestions. I am curious about Audie so might try that.

Kulve Suri Full

Thu May 14 10:54:01 2020

Full body version of the Kulve Suri image I did a while ago. Enjoy. Full res image of 4500 x 6000.

Kulve_Suri.png Kulve_Suri.png

Phena 2020

Tue May 12 13:49:26 2020

Drawing of my Alpha Bird, Phena. Enjoy!

Phena2020.png Phena2020.png

May Image Poll

Tue May 12 12:42:59 2020

Alrighty guys, been a while since I have done this so let's see what will win this month.

Feir Hellhound 2020

Tue May 12 12:37:54 2020

Redraw of a old drawing I did of my futa demon doggo, Fier, and her heated horsecock.


Peta Cows

Tue May 12 12:35:46 2020

Remember me sexualizing that stupid art PETA retweeted about how milking cows was evil. Well decided to draw them milking each other with upgraded massive tiddie.


Radiant Glow Redraw Series

Tue May 12 05:49:00 2020

Redraws of my personal favorite of my pony OCs, Radiant Glow. Enjoy!

RadiantAss2020.png RadiantAss2020.png Radiantgloves2020.png Radianthair.png RadiantPerspective.png

What's that time?

Sun May 3 23:43:55 2020

It's suggestion time! Where you guys offer suggestions for the monthly image and we see what happens and if I even draw it good :D

Anyway, here be the post to post suggestions for the May monthly image!


Sat May 2 13:12:08 2020

Bonnie with huge tits. That's all.


Unforgettable Night

Sat May 2 13:10:59 2020

One time you don't want it to hit 6 AM, eh?


Gold Nest

Sat May 2 13:08:16 2020

Suri in a gold cave because why not.


Anniversary of OwO

Sat May 2 13:06:43 2020

Who remembers that doodle I did last year of that Furry Kizuna AI from that video of her terrorizing Scout. Well tomorrow it will be a year since I did that so I figured I draw this up and share it early with you guys.

Seems she stole his clothes. Makes you wonder what else she did.



Amaterasu Edits

Sun Apr 19 21:20:49 2020

All edits of the monthly image including extra female edits, various futa edits both clothed and nude. Will have to find a different way to post the PSD and Clip File as Patreon can only handle a 200 MB upload and my original zip exceeded all of that.

Amaterasu-NudeFuta.png (d)

Amaterasu Nude Edit

Sun Apr 19 21:14:31 2020

Nude edit of the montly image :D

Amaterasu-Nude02.png (d)


Sun Apr 19 21:08:10 2020

Monthly image for April is of the Sun Doggo Goddess. I went overboard with this image and the file size is a bit large because of it. Whoops.


Elysia 2020

Sun Apr 19 20:56:56 2020

Art of my Phantasy Stat Online 2 character, Elysia. Been a bit since I have drawn her.


More Sui Arts

Tue Apr 14 14:45:12 2020

Doodles of Foxy giving some pleasure and Geoffrey the Giraffe in all her curvy glory.

FoxyPaizuri.png geoffrey2020.png

Gae Sui Arts

Tue Apr 14 14:39:48 2020

Doodles of my boyos Laiche, Viyrtue and Siyn. Enjoy!

Laicheswell.png viyrtue2020.png

Pone Draws

Tue Apr 14 14:36:31 2020

Some pone doodles I have drawn over the past week. Enjoy guys!

PonkTiddie.png PonkTiddie.png Twitiddie.png

March 2020 Archive

Sun Apr 5 21:29:57 2020

Archive for the art done for the month of March 2020. Hope you are all staying safe and sound during this time.

* * Reupload because the archive didn't upload properly. * *

SuiranoLogoRretro2.png (d)

Ahoy Patrons

Tue Mar 31 19:46:17 2020

Hope you are all well in this time. I know some of you are having financial issues due to the spread of COVID-19 so I find that I need to say this.

Please make sure that if you are taking care of yourself first physically and financially. Do not find it necessary to worry about my financial status sacrificing your own. Please make sure to take care of yourselves first. If you are afraid that you may not have the money to pledge, then unpledge.

It will seem rough but we will get through this. But please take care of yourselves.

As for content, it will keep going as normal. I am currently working on archives of older art along with some redraws of older Patreon work so hope you enjoy when it drops.

A Good Pet V

Mon Mar 30 21:27:22 2020

The fifth part of the little Good Pet series I have been doing. Enjoy!

Dropbox Link

AGPV001.png AGPV002.png AGPV003.png AGPV004.png AGPV005.png AGPV006.png

For April

Tue Mar 24 12:42:17 2020

So chatting in my Patreon Discord, I realized that I have never drawn Amaterasu before. Wondering if you guys would want that for the monthly image for April or do the usual vote. Or you don't care lol.

For those who don't know who Amaterasu is:


Sub Bug

Mon Mar 23 12:54:11 2020

Been a while since I drew Cutie Chrysalis so here ya go :D. This was an old sketch I drew months ago and never bothered to finish until now.


Rarity Redraw 2

Mon Mar 23 12:52:45 2020

Another redraw of an old Rarity image of mine. Enjoy!

Old Image Here


The Teria folder

Sun Mar 22 21:32:33 2020

Sorry that the folder is so ridiculous. Dropbox was absolutely retarded and wouldn't let me edit anything. I will try to fix it once I find out what's going on.

Teria Edits

Sun Mar 22 02:10:21 2020

All edits to the Teria image. Includes Futa edits, Bulge, and some extra female edits. Also includes the PSD and Clip File however the file is large and will cause lag. So be warned with that.



Teria - Nude

Sun Mar 22 01:47:08 2020

Nude edits of the Teria image for the monthly image.

Teria-Bottomless.png (d)


Sun Mar 22 01:43:02 2020

The Earth bending pony that I haven't drawn in forever. Enjoy :D


Updates coming up

Thu Mar 19 20:32:46 2020

Hope you all are doing fine during this crazy time of COVID-19. I hope you are all being safe and smart with everything. Anyway, updates for the next couple of months

Tier I - III: There will be a monthly image coming for this month along with other silly and dumb doodles. From this point, I will be making monthly archives that I will post into the next month based on the previous month's artwork. There will be an archive tag for those who wanna hunt down those in the future. 2018 and 2019 will be added soon enough. Voting for the monthly image will begin next month. There is also the redraw of the first Temptation comic that I will finish up. So hope you guys are looking forward to that.

Tier IV: Hopefully will have a comic done by the end of April or May. All depends on how things are going. I apologize that I haven't put out anything for a bit but I will have something soon enough DX. I am also going through older comics and fixing up dialogue and presentation so there is that as well.

Anyway, hope you all stay safe and thanks again for putting up with my dumbass.

Patreon Archive - January 2020

Mon Mar 16 23:33:29 2020

Every Patreon image I have done for the month of January. I need to start doing these archives for reasons. Anyway, I will be trying to consolidate archives of previous months and years in time. Hopefully I didn't miss any.

I will also try to get public work in there as well that may not have been saved in the Patreon folders.

I will use my logo as a quick notice for people to know its an archive post.

SuiranoLogoRretro2.png (d)

Praise the Curves

Wed Mar 11 22:19:06 2020

The Mother Goddess, Bahri, having a little fun dressing as a nun for her church.


Allin and Areshia

Wed Mar 11 22:16:03 2020

Doodles of Allin and her sister, Areshia. Commission from Ikefanboy64 of bringing back Areshia and I just decided to do art of Allin and the two together because why not.


allindraw.png IkeAreishiaComm.png sisters.png Testing.png


Sat Feb 29 22:45:55 2020

In my Rarity image, I asked what old pieces you'd like to see me redraw. It can be any image I have done in the past that you feel would look awesome in my current art style. All suggestions you give will be posted here first since you are all suggesting it.

Hell, I might make it a series in itself called "Revival" or something.

Anyway, I figured with over 100 nerds here, I would get more than 5 suggestions >:V. If you commented on the Rarity image, you don't need to comment here :P.

Rarity Redraw

Sat Feb 29 12:02:53 2020

Going through my old art and redrawing stuff again. I wanna do a bit more because I find this really fun. Seeing old concepts with my new flare.

So, what images would you guys like to see redrawn? Comment here with links to the images and lets see what I can cook up.


Just a bit of curiousity

Fri Feb 28 00:03:02 2020

Curious to see what you guys wanna see more of. As stated, I am not doing a monthly poll for March, they will continue in April as I am trying to relax a bit after stressing myself out and burning out on art earlier. However, I like getting input from you guys so I wanna see, what do you like to see me draw more?

Origin ( Comic )

Mon Feb 24 12:39:13 2020

Finally got to finishing Chapter 1 of the Origin comic of my Pone OCs. It is a total of 17 pages. Apologies it took so long to finish. Chapter 2 will be focusing on Radiant Glow and learning more about Arcane Shade and why she is the way she is along with other tidbits leading up to quite an adventure.

Hope you all enjoy and are looking forward to what else I cook up.

Origin Comic Here

origin001.png (d)

So something I am noticing

Sun Feb 23 03:19:02 2020

Over the past couple of months, I have been noticing a slow but steady decline with pledges here and while its fine now, I do have concern if this pattern continues. This isn't a call for pity or whatever, I am just stating what I am noticing. I am a person that always has a range of caution when I notice something because I like to plan in advance.

Do keep in mind that if it drops below a certain amount, I cannot continue managing this and will have no choice but to abandon it in return of finding another job to maintain rent and bills as having another full time job will not give me time to do any work regarding commissions or Patreon.

Perhaps I am worrying over nothing but this is just how I am. I do not like waiting for shit to hit the fan, I like preparing and preventing it.

I am just giving a heads up more than anything to be aware of this in case if later down the line, I end up terminating this Patreon. You will know why.

Marylin of the Church of Bah-Rehst

Sat Feb 22 22:19:43 2020

Chicken nun is back with her gold phallus of persuasion. All are welcome in the Church of Bah-Rehst but nonbelievers will need persuasion to appreciate the path to curvy glory.

Changing up Marylin's look again, hope you like.


Space Bird Fix

Thu Feb 20 03:10:22 2020

I was not aware my phone absolutely destroyed my image so I fixed it and it should be the correct one.

Also, new art piece being posted on the Patreon Server instead of here due to DMCA abuse.

Space Bird 2

Wed Feb 19 17:14:29 2020

My space birb again :D


V Day Suri Edits

Sun Feb 16 12:31:06 2020

Futa edits of Suri V Day image. PSD and Clip Studio files included as well.

SuriVday-Futa.png (d)

Suri V Day Nude

Sun Feb 16 12:26:26 2020

Nude edit of the V Day image.

SuriVday-Nude.png (d)

V Day Suri

Sun Feb 16 11:54:36 2020

Suri giving a curvy gift for a late V Day


Patreon Discord Issues

Mon Feb 10 22:05:47 2020

Some of you have messaged me about issues getting into the Patreon Discord. It seems the bot that is supposed to sign roles just...undid all my stuff. I deleted it and reset everything and all seems to be working on.

Please let me know if there are further issues.

V Day Fluttershy

Mon Feb 10 12:57:35 2020

Just a V Day themed Flutters I posted in the Patreon Discord and forgot to post here. Enjoy.


A question for you guys

Sun Feb 9 22:46:25 2020

This Patreon has been around for a while and while it has been nice having the support I get, I always constantly panic about losing support. All the time I overwork myself trying to keep the pledges I have hoping that I won't lose any only to lose some. It's been hard trying to get new pledges coming this way as well and so I am in a conundrum.

Is this current way I handle Patreon fine for you guys? Would you consider some parts unnecessary? Would you say it could be improved at all ( without increasing my already exhausting workload. )

( Also I know I haven't posted here in a while. So images I cannot post here anymore due to DMCA abuse so check out my Patreon Discord server to get everything. You can access it through the rewards system. Please message me if it doesn't work. )

Heated Match Pt. 2

Sun Feb 2 02:17:28 2020

Suri continuing her pursuit of harassing Fire Eclipse.

Continued from this


Comic Work for February and March

Tue Jan 28 04:43:18 2020

Just wanna see which comic you guys would rather see finished first. The Flurry Heart/ Applebloom Temptation comic or the Fire Eclipse Origin comic.


Tue Jan 28 04:40:23 2020

So for February and March, do you guys want to vote for a monthly image or are you guys fine with me just drawing whatever for the next two months?

Loona - Edits

Tue Jan 28 04:36:57 2020

More female edits and futa edits of the monthly image along with the Clip file and PSD file. Enjoy!

Loona_-_Futa.png (d)

Loona - Nude Edit

Tue Jan 28 04:33:40 2020

Nude edit of the monthly image.

Loona_-_Nude.png (d)


Tue Jan 28 04:22:16 2020

Monthly image of the January month as voted by you guys. She dominated the polls since the start sooooo enjoy!


Kobold Mage

Tue Jan 28 01:21:42 2020

Doodle of a Kobold since I have never drawn one. Little short stack fat in the bottom region. Enjoy! She has no name as of now since I don't know if people will like her.


What's a Childhood? Ms. Frizzle

Mon Jan 20 00:12:58 2020

The series continues with the crazy lady, Ms Frizzle. Enjoy!

Full Res at 3250 x 4000


What's A Childhood?

Sun Jan 19 19:51:28 2020

Looking for more childhoods that I haven't touched yet. Give me some ideas peeps. Curious to see what some of you grew up with or just greatly enjoy.

Temptation Short: Flurry Pg. 2

Thu Jan 16 21:00:38 2020

I am really sorry I am taking so long with this. Being swamped with commissions and other projects made me realize I have taken in far more than I was prepared for. I will try to get this done as soon as I can, please bear with me.

Next update I will try to either post the rest of the comic or a lot of pages of it.

Dropbox link here


Princess Elise

Thu Jan 16 20:56:22 2020

Decided to draw the best princess from the best game ever, Sonic 2006. :D

Image was posted publicly but here is the full res of 3500 x 4000.


Cream the Bat

Thu Jan 16 20:52:38 2020

Everyone is drawing Amy so I decided to be different and draw Cream instead.

Full Res at 3500 x 4000.


Daphne and Velma

Mon Jan 13 23:14:31 2020

Decided to add Daphne to the mix. The image file size is like 8500 x 9000. They are all pretty big. Anyway, enjoy!

VelmaDaphne.png Daphne.png Velma02.png

January Monthly Image

Sat Jan 11 21:33:00 2020

Suggestions were interesting like they always are but only 4 can be chosen. There were some I liked but couldn't find a way to add anything beyond the base image so I might save those ideas for one off drawings.

( End date for the poll will be 1/15/2020. Apparently the check box settings are fucked so I can't add any options )


Sat Jan 11 21:25:59 2020

Been wanting to draw her for so fucking long. I might actually add more to this image in the future and make it a full body one because I really like how this came out. Might also edit it to be more SFW for those who wanna use it as a backgroud ( as SFW as squishing tiddie can be. )

Also, if you aren't already, join the Patreon Discord. You don't have to talk there but Nintendo IP content is only posted there with the rampant DMCAs happening. I am working on the Galar form of the Legendary Birds.

You can join the Discord by using the Discord reward you are granted by pledging. Me adding you manually does not do anything.


2020 Suri ass

Wed Jan 8 00:57:12 2020

First image of Suri for 2020 and her fat strawberry ass. Enjoy!


Rainboob Dash

Wed Jan 8 00:51:03 2020

People miss me drawing Voluptudash so here is some thick Dash.


Monthly Suggestions

Mon Jan 6 19:58:51 2020

Let's see what you guys come up with. Try not to go too crazy with it.

Stuck Christmas -Edits

Tue Dec 31 06:21:44 2019

All the edits of the monthly image including futa and bulge edits along with a CLIP file and PSD. ENJOY!!!

StuckChristmas-Bulge.png (d)

Stuck Christmas - Nude

Tue Dec 31 06:17:59 2019

Nude and Bottomless edits of the monthly image for you guys :D.

StuckChristmas-Bottomless.png (d)

Stuck Christmas

Tue Dec 31 06:13:08 2019

Monthly image for December 2019. Apologies for the immense delay for this but I hope you guys enjoy it! Celestia's fat ass stuck in a chimney.


Ok guys

Wed Dec 25 00:45:36 2019

I am making a post about this because a few of you seem to keep doing this but don't be using other platforms to bitch at me about what and how I upload things from here on Patreon. If you have a problem, message me here instead of trying to start shit publicly you fucks.

Let me handle things my way, if you don't like it, fuck off. I am getting really sick of seeing some of you trying to start shit on Twitter, Derpi and FA about what I am uploading publicly. I will forcibly remove your pledge if you think you pledging to me is an excuse to be a cunt.

Christmas Cream 2019

Wed Dec 25 00:07:02 2019

Apologies for not having the monthly image done but computer problems made getting it finished very difficult so hopefully I can have it done before New Years. In the meantime, enjoy this image.

Christmas Cream is the first uploaded image of mine on Deviantart that I drew back in 2005. I figured what better way to end the decade than to redraw my original image. I hope you all enjoy.

Dropbox Link

Original Deviantart Image

ChristmasCream2019.png ChristmasCream2019-Nude.png


Tue Dec 24 20:35:28 2019

So a bit of unfortunate news.

Something odd has been going on with my computer where when I start it up, it just crashes. Apparently its having issues finding the boot drive along with constantly trying to repair itself. This has been going on for over a week and I thought it was going to be something simple but it keeps happening.

This has created a massive delay in work. At the moment the computer is running but I do not know if it will happen again and if it does, I might be forced to wipe everything. Fortunately everything is already backed up but this is a massive inconvenience to my work.

I apologize for the unfortunate delay.

For the Rings

Tue Dec 17 06:56:24 2019

Old Tails drawing that I drew years ago that I finally decided to work on and do a quick coloring of. Enjoy.


Santa's Favorite

Mon Dec 16 21:06:56 2019

Rudolph is meant to guide the sleigh after all.


Monthly Image Winner

Mon Dec 16 21:05:06 2019

Seems Celestia's fat ass won the poll for the month. So hopefully I can get it out before Christmas. Been a rather busy month so bear with me please DX.

Specimen 8

Sat Dec 14 10:51:35 2019

Doodle of the Deer God from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion


Space Bird

Sun Dec 8 22:54:24 2019

I just wanted to draw a Space themed bird. Decided to use my Raven girl I created a while ago to pull it off. Enjoy!


Temptation Short: Flurry

Sun Dec 8 10:27:58 2019

Page 1 of the New Temptation comic. This is mostly to show that it is in the works. I will upload more pages later down the line but have patience with me. Hope you enjoy!

Dropbox Comic Link Here

Will be updated as new pages come out. ( There is only one page in the link. It is not finished as of yet. )


December Image Poll

Sun Dec 8 05:07:00 2019

Let's see what we will get for the month.

More than I can chew

Thu Dec 5 03:28:10 2019

So my dumbass just realized how much work I threw on myself for December. I have the Re:Temptation comic I am working on. There is also the Flurry Heart/Applebloom comic I want to do. There are the commissions I have to knock out. The upcoming monthly image and other random arts.

So, would you guys rather have comics uploaded page by page over time, or would rather have comics uploaded all at once. Page by Page means you get content over time, all at once means you might be waiting until January to get the next comic installment but get it all at once.


Mon Dec 2 09:46:57 2019

Just felt like doodling the Firefox logo as a big booty gal. Enjoy. Transparent if case you wanna use it as a browser icon.


New thingy for Patreon

Sun Dec 1 22:59:01 2019

Not really new but something I am sure people like that might make them feel more rewarded. I am hoping, really hoping, to start doing a thing where I do quick doodles of the suggestions for the monthly image that do not win the poll. They might be rough but I am hoping people like that idea.

Let me know what you think.

December Suggestions

Sun Dec 1 20:44:44 2019

Let's see what you merry guys come up with for this month. :D

Also, I am working on archives for the art I have done this year so "hopefully" I will have that out around Christmas. I hope.

Alfie and Laiche - All Edits

Sat Nov 30 22:07:53 2019

All edits, PSD and Clip Studio file for the monthly image. Enjoy!

AlfieandLaiche-Cum.png (d)

Alfie and Laiche - Edits

Sat Nov 30 22:05:48 2019

Female edit for the monthly image.

AlfieandLaiche-Female.png (d)

End of No Nut November

Sat Nov 30 22:00:45 2019

I am still surprised this won the monthly poll but here ya go. Alfie and Laiche having fun now that the month is coming to an end. Enjoy!

AlfieandLaiche-Cum02.png (d) AlfieandLaiche-Cum02.png AlfieandLaiche.png

Re:Temptation Pg. 3

Wed Nov 27 20:39:07 2019

More horse comic


Thanksgiving 2019

Wed Nov 27 01:31:33 2019

The annual tradition of Turkey ass continues. Only the best feast available. Enjoy! As usual, you guys get the big res.

Monthly image coming on 11/30 solely because of its theme.


Re:Temptation Pg. 2

Mon Nov 25 22:39:11 2019

Page 2 of the revamped Chapter 1 of Ponefuhk comic.


Re:Temptation Pg.1

Mon Nov 25 22:37:07 2019

Redrawing the first chapter of Temptation adding extra bits to it. While this will go public hopefully around Christmas to New Years, you guys get an early view of the pages before it goes public. Enjoy!

Will be uploading this page by page.


Ice Tiddie

Mon Nov 25 22:33:55 2019

Because I keep drawing Elsa all the damn time.


Question for you guys

Mon Nov 25 07:31:23 2019

So a lot of new work I just throw in the art channel in my Patreon Discord. I know a vast majority of you guys are in the Patreon server. I have 190 patrons at this point and it seems 164 of you are in the Patreon Discord.

So the question, should I just upload everything there on the Discord or should I still keep things updated here too. I know some use Discord as a prevention from the thieves that come in and steal the content, I have many that do that. So I would just like to see you guy's opinions before Image dumping here.

Pestonya Shortcake Wanko

Wed Nov 20 22:00:56 2019

Saw an image of her. Thought she looked interesting and decided to try my hand at drawing her. She is a maid from Overlord. Don't really know much else as I never watched/read it.

Image res is 3500 x 4000

Pestonya.png Pestonya.png

Monthly Image Winrar

Tue Nov 19 20:05:33 2019

No Nut November with Laiche and Alfie. honestly surprised by that one. Either way, I will hopefully have this one done before November ends. I do like the Barb idea so I might do a quick doodle of that one too.

Hope you like whatever I crap out :D. Also, I will be dumping more images here soon. Remember that all Nintendo IP content is posted in the Patreon Discord due to rampant DMCA abuse from dumbass trolls and shit so try to get into the Patreon Discord if you can.

Patreon Discord access is through the Discord reward here on Patreon. I DO NOT manually assign roles to you if you come in through a link somehow and I do remove users that do not have a role assigned.

November Image Poll

Fri Nov 15 03:41:22 2019

What will it be for this month, gamers?

Nov Sui Update

Tue Nov 12 12:02:13 2019

So....some of you know through Twitter or my Public Discord server but I have hit, if not buried myself, in one hell of a burnout/depression. I am too tired to do anything lately and it seems to get worse every day. ( Along with some allergy/sinus nonsense and heartburn going on ) I don't want to take a break or anything because I feel it will impact income which could hurt payment for bills and rent. So I am not entirely sure what to do.

I just thought I'd make a post about it to at least inform you all. I deeply apologize if I haven't been doing much for this Patreon. I gotta find a better way to handle this full time artist job thing and not live this incredibly unhealthy and mentally draining way I have for the past longest.

Seems moving and gaining an office didn't fix as much as I was hoping so there is definitely something else wrong that I need to look into. Thank you all for the understanding.


Sat Nov 9 22:46:34 2019

Redoing because Patreon won't let me edit the poll choices. So here they are in more detail.

Trying to do a comic, don't know which I should do first. I am aiming for the comic to come out sometime before Christmas so I guess I will make them all Christmas/Winter themed, VOTE NERDS

November Suggestions

Sun Nov 3 22:43:34 2019

Let's see what you guys come up with.

New comic

Thu Oct 31 05:26:13 2019

So I have had quite a few ideas but one has stuck to me that I wanna draw first. It will be a bit late for spoop month and I am kind of grump that I am gonna be a month late with this idea but I am sure you guys will enjoy it regardless.

Elysia Tiddie

Wed Oct 30 23:40:17 2019

Been a while since I have drawn my Phantasy Star Online 2 character so enjoy some new art of her.

Elysia02.png Elysia02.png Elytiddie.png

Halloween Eclipse

Wed Oct 30 23:36:24 2019

The usual tradition of Eclipse in her skele-paint.



Wed Oct 30 23:32:21 2019

So I decided to draw the Chimera gal from FMA out of boredom and apparently it exploded into....something? People got extremely upset at me for this so I made a little series out of it for the hell of it. This will be a yearly thing so hope you enjoy :D.

Dropbox Link

Nina.png nina02.png ClubChimera.png NinaFuck-er.png


Wed Oct 30 23:24:03 2019

I thought I uploaded this here but apparently I didn't. Oops. I made this version to try to be a bit more loyal to the retrowave theme because I felt the first image didn't really hit it well enough.

Anyway, here it is and hope you all enjoy it :D.


Mama Vamp

Wed Oct 30 23:20:22 2019

All edits of the monthly image and also the Clip file along with the PSD file.

mama_vamp_-_Bulge04.png (d)

Mama Vixen - Nude

Wed Oct 30 23:12:01 2019

Some edits of the monthly image. Enjoy!

mama_vamp_-_nude.png (d)

Mama Vamp

Wed Oct 30 23:05:51 2019

Monthly image for you guys for Spoop Month. I hope you all enjoy :>



Mon Oct 28 06:24:15 2019

Apologies for slacking with content here. I got immensely distracted being a shit on Twitter. Anyway, for those new or whatever, be sure to join the Patreon Discord through you rewards. You will get updates and some content that I am hesitant to upload here due to rampant DMCA abuse.

Anyway, monthly image will be posted on the 30th just in time for Spoopy time. :D

Thanks again for putting up with my terrible management.

Sui Update

Sun Oct 20 20:17:11 2019

Hello all old and new. A little update from this loser.

1) I asked before but can't remember, even with images going public, should I post public images here and how would you guys feel about an archive of all the art. I will make one eventually and it will be massive so I do not know if I should separate it or just do one massive zip file.

2) I have been recovering from being sick lately and severely apologize for the lack of content here on Patreon, sorry about that guys DX. I appreciate you all for hanging around regardless.

3) The move into my new place and my new office has been achieved. I posted pics of it on the Patreon Discord but I cannot thank you guys enough for supporting this endeavor. You guys have helped out my life tremendously and I just cannot express my massive gratitude for this.

4) Feel free to offer suggestions on how you feel the Patreon could improve, just be mindful I am one guy who is busy a lot so only so much I can do.

Thank you guys so much for the constant support to this lame ass artist :P.

October Winrar

Fri Oct 18 10:49:23 2019

Seems Vampire ( Basically Succubus ) Mama Vixen wins with Suri as a close second. While Vixen gets the PSD and alts, I am hoping to get time to do Suri stealing Eclipse's theme. We shall see what happens.



Wed Oct 16 21:53:02 2019

My Public Discord showed me a dumb image and it made me wanna sexualize Cthulhu.

Image res is 6000 x 4800 px.


Dragon Slam

Mon Oct 14 07:53:07 2019

Apparently when Suri gets into her moods, she gets REALLY into it. To the point of destroying the bed. How Suirano has a pelvis at this point is anyone's guess.

Full res of 3000 x 4000 px


Sudden Big Tiddie Syndrome Finale

Sat Oct 12 19:31:00 2019

The last image of the Big Tiddie series thing I was doing with Twi. She is all grown up now.

Full SBTS Series Here


Halloween Cat 2019

Thu Oct 10 18:52:20 2019

Demon Witch Cat learns magic and uses it to fuck herself.


Glowing Twilight

Thu Oct 10 18:49:21 2019

Twilight gets her own goddess form to match Celestia and Luna's. Honestly this is probably my favorite version and I do not really know why. I guess this technically counts as a spoiler.

SparklingTwilight.png SparklingTwilight-Edit.png

October Image Vote

Wed Oct 9 19:12:28 2019

Let's see what will win the poll. Some ideas are adjusted a bit.

Fear Reference:

Mama Vixen Reference:

Spoopmonth Suggestions

Fri Oct 4 17:11:43 2019

Alright, let's get the monthly image train going again. What suggestions you guys have for this month to be voted upon later on?

Retrowave Suri

Thu Sep 26 21:26:19 2019

Been wanting to make a Retrowave background for my computers. This is 1 of the the 3 images that will be used. Eventually it will become a 3 monitor image that spreads across all three.

Thanks again for your patience while I handle this moving to the new apartment.

Anyway, enjoy!!!


Moving Update

Tue Sep 24 04:02:17 2019

1 more week before the move happens. Been extremely eager to finally be out of here.

As I said before, after the move is done, I will be doing the monthly image once again. I thank all of you for being patient with me and also for you guys making this possible.

Thank you all again!!! I will be throwing more random doodles here on Patreon here and there.


Sun Sep 22 20:51:46 2019

Suri discovers a trend online and decides to use it as an opportunity to go after Sui's cock again.

Full res of 3000 x 4000


Jogging Yui

Sun Sep 22 06:05:41 2019

Just drawing Yui jogging to make sure she keeps her round ass firm and fit.


Suirano Update!!

Tue Sep 17 05:12:25 2019

Hello all, Suirano here with another update.

So, the day to finally begin moving to my new apartment gets closer. It will begin in two weeks so I have to start packing up stuff and getting ready for the move. Because of that, Patreon content will be a little, slow. I hope you guys understand and are willing to bear with me during this process. I will still crank out some stuff but not any big projects.

When October comes, the monthly images will be returning. I do apologize for not having any lately.


If you want instant access to updates and what not, please join my Patreon Discord. You HAVE to use the Discord reward in order to get into it as joining by a given link will basically throw you into oblivion. That is where some content that I am wary to post here will be ( what with rampant DMCAs and all that. )

Finally, I am actually trying to customize the Discord server and need to hit level 2 nitro boost on it. If you are able to, please boost my server so I can make a custom banner for it along with other neat stuff. THANKS.

Dragon vs Dragon Pony

Sun Sep 15 02:57:05 2019

Suri establishes her dominance as always by not only asserting herself as a horny ass but also being able to out tiddie Fire Eclipse. Eclipse has never had this happen before and shows a submissive side the Grump has never shown before.


Fluoresca Neon/Lunaire

Fri Sep 13 00:00:24 2019

Been a really long time since I have drawn this character. Originally created as a joke alicorn OC, people took a major liking to her so I decided to do more with her. Gave her a more serious form which is known as Fluoresca Lunaire for the hell of it.


Radiant Glow

Sat Sep 7 11:16:07 2019

Arrogant Smug Pone. Known for her consistency of bragging about her status and is often full of herself. Although caring, her incredibly self-centered appearing nature often contradicts her intentions.


Crazy Butt Pone

Fri Sep 6 04:52:01 2019

Arcane Shade. The nutcase that everyone loves. A pony obsessed with magic, known to be always plotting and shows off her fat ass every moment she gets. Arcane Shade is known to be incredibly reckless, using magic regardless of consequences.



Thu Sep 5 21:31:55 2019

Just a doodle of Fire Eclipse and her fat tits.


Queen of the Hive

Thu Sep 5 19:57:36 2019

Just felt like drawing a Beedrill for whatever reason. Enjoy!


Hot Ruby

Sun Sep 1 01:47:09 2019

What could possibly happen when you have two of the same individual deciding to go nuts on each other? Find out in this dumb comic I did :V.

Hot Ruby Link

HR000.png (d)

Comic update

Wed Aug 28 05:18:04 2019

So I messed up and accidentally saved over some comic pages for the Sui / Suri comic like a dipshit throwing away hours of work so it will be a little late. Sorry.

Sui Update

Tue Aug 27 14:28:22 2019

So this house searching endeavor is.....going really bad. I have been turned away from every property I have looked at for, I don't know why. This is definitely making me lose a fuckton of optimism and motivation and I am considering staying where I am despite how unsafe and horrible this place is because I am just losing more and more steam with this constant rejection.

People will say its a defeatist attitude. Well I am feeling extremely fucking defeated.

A question

Thu Aug 22 20:26:05 2019

I have ran this Patreon for some time. To be honest, I did not expect it to become what it is. I thought when I first created this after people got my paypal suspended that my career as a digital artist would end but you all proved that wrong and have allowed me to grow.

I am always extremely grateful for the support you all give regardless of the reasons as to why you do it. As such, I am always unfortunately worried about messing things up, losing support or whatever.

So, I ask you all how do you feel about how this Patreon is handled? Do you like the content posted? Are you fine with the public releases? Do I put out enough for you all to feel that your money given is justified? Any suggestions on what could change or be improved?

Feel free to offer any suggestions in a respectful manner but also be mindful that I am only one person and can only do so much.

Day at the Beach

Thu Aug 22 20:20:19 2019

I thought I uploaded this here but I guess I did. Little image of Suirano and Suri spending time at the beach together and Suri showing off her goods like always.

I believe this is 3000 x 4000.



Tue Aug 13 23:17:49 2019

I was browsing my old art from 2013-2014 and came across this sketch. Decided to revise it in my current style for the hell of it plus I don't do futa as often as I used to.


Fleur De Lis

Tue Aug 13 23:12:09 2019

Fleur De Lis enjoying her time in the ocean wearing nothing at all.

Resolution 3500 x 4000.


Luminescent Luna

Tue Aug 13 23:06:26 2019

An old sketch I finally got to color and finish. Sometimes it is really nice just ignoring NSFW and just drawing some nice SFW stuff.

Resolution is 4500 x 3375.


Sui Update

Sun Aug 11 20:22:58 2019

Just wanna say thanks to you guys having patience with me. I have been recovering from dental surgery and it hurts a lot so I guess taking it easy this month was a smart move. Either way, I thank you all for understanding and still offering to support a lame like me lol.

Relaxing Yui

Sun Aug 4 22:14:06 2019

Haven't drawn Oriental butt fox in a while so decided to give her some love.

Resolution at 4000 x 3000.

yuilay.png yuilay.png

Reminder for the Patrons

Wed Jul 31 00:29:15 2019

Most of you are on my Patreon Discord but a reminder for some that aren't. There are some updates and images that are posted there that I do not post here due to current issues ( DMCA ) so if you want to see everything, be sure to join it through your tier reward.

You MUST do it through tier rewards. Even if you are given the link, your role will be set to ONLINE that has access to absolutely none of the channels no matter what you do to get around it.

So for August

Mon Jul 29 22:04:46 2019

Was hoping you guys don't mind me taking it a bit easy for the month of August. A lot is happening during this month ( Jury Duty, Dental Surgery, Preparing to move to a new home, etc. ). So if you don't mind, I will still try to do a monthly image but just do something that I would want to do.

I do plan to "try" to get some animations in but there is some 3D stuff I would like to try. Would you guys like to see 3D work progress. Gonna try to make a Suri model.

For the Tier IV peeps, I do plan to continue the Fire Eclipse origin comic along with a silly comic involving Suri and Suirano. Anyway, hope you are all fine with that.

Showing Dominance - Edits

Thu Jul 25 19:14:10 2019

Mostly more futa edits because this was a futa image this time. Mostly cock and cum edits mixed and matched along with the PSD and Clip files for those who wanna make specific edits or just learn art stuff.

ChrysiDash-Cocks02.png (d)

Showing Dominance Alt

Thu Jul 25 19:11:39 2019

A few minor alts for the monthly image. Cum edit is in there I believe.

ChrysiDash-Tops.png (d)

Showing Dominance

Thu Jul 25 18:36:34 2019

Chrysalis making everyone see how submissive Rainbow Dash can be. Monthly image for July. Enjoy.


Regarding Rarity Image

Tue Jul 23 04:47:26 2019

Patreon will not let me post links. I do not know why but nothing I do allows me to post a link. I will just make a zip file and put it in the attachment for now.

Elegant Rarity

Tue Jul 23 03:39:01 2019

It is fun drawing her like this. Full res and nude version in the dropbox link.

* * EDIT Unable to post links for some reason. Zip file attached instead. * *

raritydraw.png (d)

JuhLie Image Suggestions

Tue Jul 2 00:50:10 2019

Let's see what you nerds suggest this month.

REMINDER: Due to Nintendo taking down Patreon accounts, DO NOT SUGGEST ANYTHING NINTENDO!!!!

It will automatically be void from suggestions if you do.

Sun Battle - Edits

Sun Jun 30 10:50:00 2019

Other edits of the monthly image including futa edits. Includes PSD and Clip file.

sunbattle-bulge.png (d)

Sun Battle v2

Sun Jun 30 10:48:28 2019

Nipple Edit along with a nude edit of the monthly image.

sunbattle02.png (d)

Sun Battle

Sun Jun 30 10:45:53 2019

Monthly image as voted amongst the patrons. Tiddie Battle.



Tue Jun 25 21:36:44 2019

The larger resolution of the Goth Celestia image i posted on the Patreon Discord a few days ago. Enjoy.


June Poll Winner

Thu Jun 20 16:52:48 2019

This poll was one sided and clearly rigged. The fact that last one got more votes than the other three combined. Jesus christ.

Anyway, Tit battle incoming


Pinkie Redraw

Thu Jun 20 07:56:47 2019

Six years ago I did an image of Pinkie Pie that would become one of the images that I flat out hated the most. It was bad in so many ways, even for my style back then and I hated it even then so I finally decided to redraw it and give it a modern treatment. Part of me wants to say it began my downward spiral into my negative opinion of my artwork.

The image I am talking about is THIS ONE


Allin Appreciation Post

Wed Jun 19 18:05:59 2019

Did a few images of Allin so I updated the old folder with the new stuff I did. I am having fun drawing her again so hope you guys enjoy it too.

Allin Folder Here


Scientific Fun

Tue Jun 18 17:20:45 2019

Allin enjoying science lewd. Female Allin for once, will probably just change her depending on scenario between female and futa.


Gold Fun

Tue Jun 18 17:18:38 2019

Suri enjoying gold a little too much. Full res of 3000 x 2500. Smaller res will go public.


Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Sun Jun 16 05:01:08 2019

A stupid short comic I did for no reason. I just wanted to draw a futa sheep gal fucking and dominating a wolf boi. This face stood out in the comic so I am making it the thumbnail image :P.

Let me know if you wanna see more of them. It was a fun comic to do.

Comic Link Here


Removing Images

Sun Jun 9 03:23:51 2019

I am currently removing all Nintendo related posts from here. With the immense wave of DMCAs on Twitter and Account suspensions here, it is evident that Nintendo lawyers are on the move ( more than likely because of Sword and Shield ). I would rather not lose what I have here so I will be removing them.

If you wanna see future Pokegirl stuff or whatever, BE SURE TO FOLLOW MY PATREON DISCORD!! You should be able to access it with the Discord reward linked to your tier.

I am sorry about this situation as I have already dealt with Nintendo hitting me once before on Twitter and I would rather not deal with it again. It is rather unfortunate that these lawyers do not remotely care about Fair Use and fanwork and are so far up their ass that this is their action but as nobody has the ability to challenge them, this is where we are.

Thank you again for understanding and I am sorry.

Regarding any Nintendo characters

Thu Jun 6 01:01:21 2019

Since most of you are not aware it seems, Nintendo lawyers have actually been coming on Patreon and DMCAing multiple accounts here. I do not know exactly how they are finding out who is doing what but some large names have already been hit and were forced to remove all Nintendo related content.

I would rather not deal with those fucking twats again so try not to suggest anything Nintendo as it will not be posted here on the site at all. I will still be posting Nintendo stuff in the Patreon Discord however as I know not all of you are on Discord, some of you may end up missing out.

Nintendo is seriously not worth this hassle and their lawyers should go fuck themselves. Especially Michael Bales, the cunt.

Discord Reminder

Tue Jun 4 12:07:25 2019

A reminder to newcomers and others that I do have a Patreon only Discord you can join through the Discord connection here on Patreon.

I tend to post things on there first before uploading here along with WIPs and just updates.


Sun Jun 2 16:22:17 2019

An image that took far too long to finish and I still mostly half assed it because I was tired of working on it. Anyway, for you guys, you get this version and a nude version.

You also get two large res versions, one at 3000 x 4200 and also another at 6000 x 7200. Enjoy.

Lunastra Dropbox

Lunastra.png Lunastra.rar (d)

Animation WIPs

Thu May 30 03:24:27 2019

You guys would be fine with me doing random animation wips and what not for this tier and it not always being comics. I wanna try something different for this tier that is less work heavy but still giving a good result.

I really feel that I don't give this tier a lot and don't want you guys to feel that I am gypping you of your monthly 10+ bucks.

Foxy Butt - Edits

Wed May 29 13:48:10 2019

All the edits of the Foxy butt image. Includes some with different dialouge, futa edits, another female one, some more male ones. No PSD or Clip file this time. Sorry.

foxybutt-07.png (d)

Foxy Butt - Female

Wed May 29 13:43:06 2019

Boob edit for the Foxy image. There is another edit that has balls on the male one for those that may want that.

foxybutt-female.png (d)

Foxy Butt

Wed May 29 13:38:24 2019

I love drawing Foxy. It is too much fun drawing him all cute and stuff. And now with fat ass but that should be expected given how thick his hips are.


Blue Butt

Wed May 29 13:34:30 2019

Some Blue. Full Res at....2250 x 3000 I think?

I had a completely different direction with this image but couldn't pull it off so I will try again a later time.


Marge 02

Sat May 25 12:49:56 2019

Technically the first I drew of the two but eh. An ass to go with the tiddy.



Sat May 25 12:48:39 2019

Been wanting to draw her for years and always forgot. Now I finally did it. Enjoy!!


Sudden Big Tiddie Strikes Again

Mon May 20 07:41:22 2019

Just more of Twilight suffering the SBT Syndrome. Crowd seems to love it. Sorry I haven't been posting the stuff here. I post it in the Discord server and forget to post the full res here on Patreon. Whoops.

This will be posted publicly later at a much smaller res.

SBT_Twi.png SBT%20Twi.png

Repetitive thank you post

Tue May 14 03:14:13 2019

I know I do this a lot but I seriously cannot thank you guys enough for pledging and supporting me whether you are new or have been here since the beginning. You guys basically allow me to do whatever I want at any time and I love it. Honestly I do not believe whatsoever that I deserve the amount of followers and support here but no amount of gratitude I show will full show how happy I am for this.

As some of you know, I am moving come September/October. The situation here at this apartment has gotten really bad to the point I am concerned for my safety. I am hoping to move into a home where I can take a room/basement/den and convert it into an official Suirano office and push what I do even further. It is because of those of you here and those that commission me that I have the funds to get out of here and push forward with my life.

I have you guys to thank for this. So again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all so much for this.

Doggy Fun

Wed May 8 12:00:57 2019

Been a bit since I have drawn either of them. Definitely been a while since we've seen Futa Clifford. Hope you all enjoy. Link includes a textless version.

Image Link Here


Swiper and Dora stuff

Mon May 6 23:58:46 2019

The other three images to whatever this thing I was doing was at their full res. Enjoy

Image 1 Image 2 and Image 3


For the month of May

Sun May 5 22:44:57 2019

Last month of April overwhelmed me with a lot of work so I wanted to take it easy for the month of May. I will probably not be doing a monthly image deal or anything where I have a deadline but will just be image dumping random stuff I draw. Hope you guys are fine with that.

Feel free to offer ideas if you want but they might be simple doodles if I draw them. Thanks a lot for the understanding guys.


Sun May 5 22:33:39 2019

This is based on that really dumb video that I love so much and it is now the other image is my most popular tweet. Forgot to post the big version here.

Image 1 and Image 2


Swiper the Thicc

Sun May 5 22:29:08 2019

More art of Swiper becauce it is fun to draw her. It has been on the Patreon Discord for a bit.

Image 1 and Image 2


What's a Childhood? Cleo

Sun May 5 22:23:30 2019

Another image to the ever growing series, "What's a Childhood?"

Between_the_Lions.png Between%20the%20Lions.png

Blessed by Divinity

Sun May 5 22:19:29 2019

Marylin being visited by the goddess Bah-Rehst, Bahri. I do plan to do more art of Bahri with a more casual appearance for the fun. Enjoy.

nun_and_goddess.png nun%20and%20goddess.png

Angel Elysia

Sun May 5 22:16:46 2019

Another doodle of my Phantasy Star Online 2's character showing off her big ass. Enjoy.


MSI Dragon Lucky

Sun May 5 22:15:37 2019

Another doodle of MSI's mascot being a little cutie with a big booty that I forgot to upload here. Apparently MSI Russia was not happy with this meaning I need to draw more of her.


Patreon Nonsense

Tue Apr 30 03:57:25 2019

People have been really upset at the recent ToS that has come out from Patreon basically saying that they can terminate accounts for whatever they want. I want people to understand a few things.

1) This is how many sites are and there isn't any real law that say they are not allowed to be this way. It is rather unfortunate how Patreon has been lately but there isn't much we can do.

2) Pulling your pledges from Patreon does not hurt Patreon as much as you think it does but it REALLY hurts the creators you are supporting. Most of us live check to check with Patreon and despite our complete disagreements with the site, cannot leave because of how the platform is or just the following. I am with you guys with wanting this site to be the way it was when it first started.

3) Much like before, calling them out on social media makes them second guess a lot of their decisions. It was the public outcry that made them stop some decisions before but until a new platform comes up that rivals Patreon but is better for its users, protesting by withdrawing money really hurts creators tremendously more than the site.

Please be mindful of this. I do not agree with many things that it does but I do depend on this place regardless.

Plusle and Minun

Sun Apr 28 11:40:53 2019

Another doodle I did during the livestream.

Full resolution of 3000 x 2500 I believe.



Sun Apr 28 11:38:32 2019

A Renamon doodle I did in a livestream.

Full Res of I believe 3000 x 2500.


Bath with a Ruby

Sat Apr 27 09:11:25 2019

Looks like she wants company.

Full resolution of the image at 4000 x 3000.


Easter Scorbunny - Edits

Tue Apr 23 21:41:21 2019

Extra Female edit and Futa edits for the monthly image. Includes Clip file and PSD. ( none of the layers are named because I was lazy :V )

Easter_scorbunny_-_Futa_Paint_II.png (d)

Easter Scorbunny - Nude

Tue Apr 23 21:28:39 2019

Nude edit of the monthly image for April 2019. Enjoy

Easter_scorbunny_-_Nude.png (d)

Easter Scorbunny

Tue Apr 23 21:26:06 2019

The monthly image for April 2019 as voted by the peeps here. Enjoy!

Easter_scorbunny_-_Clothed.png Easter%20scorbunny%20-%20Clothed.png

April poll winner

Sun Apr 21 14:11:06 2019

Seems Scorbunny won the poll for this month. It will be a little late so bear with me on that as I'm out of town.

Anyway, hope you guys like whatever I crap out.

Bah-Rehst Edits

Wed Apr 17 14:24:55 2019

Being able to change her appearance, she can also do this. Marylin's Divine Persuader is a dildo made in the image of Bah-Rehst's cock given to Marylin by Bah-Rehst. The Divine Persuader much like its owner is able to change size by the command of Marylin in order to "persuade".

GoddessofBahrehst-Futa.png (d)

Bah-Rehst Clothed

Wed Apr 17 14:23:02 2019

This is so backwards. Usually it is the nude edit that goes here but this time its the clothed one. Ummm, enjoy lol.

GoddessofBahrehst-clothed.png (d)

The Goddess Bah-Rehst

Wed Apr 17 14:20:14 2019

The goddess of the church herself, Bah-Rehst. A motherly deity that is all about curves and appreciating curves. Bah-Rehst is known to appear in many sizes from average height to that of a skyscraper. She can also appear as a normal entity and not heavenly to fit in with the regular crowds.

Her full capabilities are not completely known at the moment.

Full Resolution image at 2500 x 3000.


April Monthly Image Poll

Mon Apr 15 02:13:42 2019

Time for the poll like usual. There were some nice choices in there and it was hard to decide which 4 to choose. But it gives ideas for random arts regardless.

Milk Machine

Thu Apr 11 05:11:01 2019

Alfie found Laiche's "milking" machine.
Alfie became curious and decided to try it.
It was left on max vibration on a 3 hr session.
Pretty sure he won't be walking for a week.

Full resolution of the public image 3000 x 2500


Kulve Suri

Wed Apr 10 16:37:56 2019

I decided to draw Suri as Kulve Taroth for whatever reason. It seems appropriate given they are both all about gold.

Full res of 2500 x 3000.


Nipple Play

Sun Apr 7 05:09:52 2019

Old doodle from 2017 that I forgot about and just recently remember. This is 3000 x 4000 resolution.


Butt to Butt

Thu Apr 4 03:01:42 2019

Arcane Shade and Radiant Glow bumping butts and breaking reality.

Resolution is 4000 x 3000.


Suri Treasures

Tue Apr 2 23:51:36 2019

Seems Suri has been hoarding her treasures and they might be getting too much for her.

Full Res at 2500 x 3000 along with Nude edit. Smaller res will be posted public but Nude edit is for you guys.

Full Res and Nude edit here


Monthly image suggestion time

Mon Apr 1 20:51:03 2019

Let's see them suggestion peeps. This isn't a stupid April Fools post, I hate that holiday.

So let's see what April will yield.

Origin of Suri - Mini Comic

Thu Mar 28 04:51:26 2019

A little comic of how Suri came to exist and why she loves gold. It is a small 7 page comic I did that could have been longer but I just wanted to do a little short one.

Anyway, enjoy.

Comic Link

Suri000.png (d)

Lewd Ads

Fri Mar 22 07:45:25 2019

Seems the Laiche Milk business is gonna take off but they need ad photos first and Laiche is questioning everything about this.

Full Res at 2250 x 3000


Shining -Edits

Wed Mar 20 22:42:50 2019

Edits to the monthly image. Includes more female variants, futa variants and male variants. Includes PSD file and Clip file as well.

ShiningFuta-Bottomless.png (d)

Fem Shining Nude

Wed Mar 20 22:37:19 2019

Nude variant of the monthly image.

FemShining-Nude.png (d)

Fem Shining Armor

Wed Mar 20 22:29:56 2019

March's monthly image voted by you nerds. Hope you enjoy.


March Poll Winner

Sun Mar 17 08:18:28 2019

Vee and Shining were tied for a while but Shining won by a few votes.

I will still do a Vee image at some point, just won't be Patty themed.


Suri Booty

Tue Mar 12 05:54:03 2019

A redraw of an older Suri image. This was originally my 13,000 follower image on Tumblr but since Tumblr is fukkin dead, might as well repurpose it.

Enjoy. Full res is 4000 x 3000.


I am Sick

Sun Mar 10 03:11:09 2019

Some of you may not follow my Twitter but I posted there that I have been sick with the flu the past couple of days. I feel like garbage and wanna die.

Bear with me during this guys.


Thu Mar 7 13:23:36 2019

My character in Phantasy Star Online 2. I like drawing her from time to time.


Allin Tiddies

Tue Mar 5 18:25:03 2019

Can never go wrong with some more Allin.

Full Res of 2500 x 3000


Ruby Treasures

Tue Mar 5 18:23:36 2019

Looks like Suri has discovered some very valuable treasures.

Full Res 2500 x 3000


Movie Sonic

Tue Mar 5 18:21:28 2019

Saw the concept of Sonic from the movie nobody asked for. Drew this for the hell of it.

Full res of 2500 x 3000.


Munthlee Image Sujestiuhns

Tue Mar 5 07:16:43 2019

I spelled this right, don't judge me.

Per usual, what suggestion do you nerds have.

Umbra Pet

Sun Mar 3 06:37:48 2019

Would you trust her?

Public image I am posting here. Enjoy


The Starters

Thu Feb 28 15:37:20 2019

The starters together in an image. If you are on my Discord, you've seen the images separate and all that. Will probably make this public later one but posting it here for the time being.


Radiant and Elegant Goddess

Sun Feb 24 13:48:23 2019

More of Celestia and now Luna in the godly attire I made before. Single images resolution is 4000 x 3000 and the wallpaper variant is 7000 x 3000.


Files located here


Gothic Cadance - Edits

Sat Feb 23 18:58:42 2019

Edits of the monthly image including variations of clothed and nude along with futa edits. Other edits including with or without the black eyeshadow and lipstick.

GothCadancenipples-alt.png (d)

Gothic Cadance - Nude

Sat Feb 23 18:56:45 2019

Nude edit of the Gothic Cadance image.

GothCadancenude.png (d)

Gothic Cadance

Sat Feb 23 18:51:57 2019

The monthly image for February 2019 is gothic Cadance. At least now we know where Flurry Heart gets it from.


Monthly Image

Mon Feb 18 09:06:25 2019

Forgot to make a post about this. Gothic Cadance overwhelmingly won the poll so it is her for the monthly image.


Sat Feb 16 20:18:20 2019

Another doodle of the little cute shortstack Pikachu gal.


Golden Phena Butt Full Res

Fri Feb 15 15:39:38 2019

Full Res of Phena's ass.

Resolution at 4000 x 3000

Gold_butt.png Gold%20butt.png

Swiper the Fox

Thu Feb 14 15:19:03 2019

Another addition to the What's a Childhood? series. Enjoy


February Poll

Tue Feb 12 23:50:24 2019

There was a lot of Princess Cadance suggestions this time so I went with the most voted one. It was difficult reducing the choices to 4 but here we are. Let's see what wins.

(Laiche is the femboy cow OC of mine)

Rouge the Boob

Tue Feb 12 14:17:38 2019

Old Rouge image I had sketched a while ago but never finished. Enjoy.


Goth Blue

Mon Feb 11 13:56:23 2019

Because there cannot be enough of Goth Blue.

Dropbox Link with Futa Edit


Gold Suri - Edits

Sun Feb 10 16:14:04 2019

Topless edit, Bottomless edit and various futa edits. Enjoy.

GoldSuri-DressBalls.png (d)

Gold Suri - Nude

Sun Feb 10 16:02:43 2019

Nude edit to the Gold Suri image.

GoldSuri-Nude.png (d)

Golden Suri

Sun Feb 10 15:50:10 2019

"Why hoard treasure when you are a Golden Treasure" ~Suri

An little image I did of Suri in a pool of liquid gold. Does she have the ability to manipulate god? Hmmm...

A smaller res will be posted publicly.


Allin Doodle

Sat Feb 9 09:44:54 2019

A really old Allin drawing I finally got to finishing.


February Suggestions

Wed Feb 6 17:42:49 2019

Time for dem monthly suggestions. Let's see what you guys come up with :D.

Arcane Rune - Futa

Thu Jan 31 04:54:59 2019

Edits to the monthly image including a topless variant, bottomless variant, bulge edits and futa edits. PSD and Clip File are included in the zip file.

arcanerune_-_futa_nude.png (d)

Arcane Rune - Nude edit

Thu Jan 31 04:51:34 2019

Nude edit of the monthly image for January

arcanerune_-_nude.png (d)

Arcane Rune

Thu Jan 31 04:48:43 2019

January's monthly image based on that poll I did earlier. Surprised she actually won and not Sunset Shimmer but hey, it is always good to draw more Arcane mom.



Sun Jan 27 23:33:05 2019

Forgot to upload this yesterday. Full Res of my earlier Baphomet and futa edits at 2160 x 1800.

Link be here


Balance Barb

Fri Jan 25 06:33:50 2019

Old sketch I had for a while that some of you wanted to see colored so here you go.

BalanceBarb.png BalanceBarb.png

Radiant Sun

Thu Jan 24 14:35:18 2019

Similar to the Luna one, this was a sketch I did earlier that I forgot about until recently. Finally decided to color this one. This image lagged the hell out of my computer with all the layers and effects I did.

Anyway, full res at 1920 x 2560 and the full file res at 3000 x 4000.

Full Res and True File Res here


Elegant Moon

Thu Jan 24 14:28:15 2019

This was an old image I apparently sketched back in 2017 that I came across and decided to finish. Enjoy! The resolutions of this is 2560 x 1920 and the true res at 4000 x 3000

Full and True Res Here


A Good Pet IV

Tue Jan 22 16:27:17 2019

This little series continues with Umbra ( crossgender King Sombra ) this time. Seems Umbra is a bad girl and didn't wanna obey her Master and is being punished for it.

Comic Link Here



Wed Jan 16 05:13:14 2019

Felt like doing a Glaceon anthro. Will probably go public at a smaller res sometime in the future. Enjoy.


Poll Time

Tue Jan 15 01:08:33 2019

Seems Sunset Shimmer and Arcane Rune got the most votes. So I guess I will be doing the usual and just doing the poll, you nerds making my life difficult.

January Image

Sat Jan 12 10:25:47 2019

Choose a pone, Imma draw porn of it for the monthly image. Most liked one will get the draw.

Ruby Empress - Suri Full Res

Thu Jan 10 06:54:53 2019

Full Res of the public image I posted at 3000 x 2250.


Wiggler Queen - Edits

Wed Jan 9 00:49:55 2019

Pretty much futa edits and the PSD/Clip file of the image. Enjoy.

WigglerQueen-FutaNude.png (d)

Wiggler Queen - Nude

Wed Jan 9 00:47:25 2019

Nude edit of the Wiggler Queen.

WigglerQueen-Nude.png (d)

Wiggler Queen

Wed Jan 9 00:44:54 2019

Wanted to draw a thick Wiggler Queen. There is no other reason.


Monthly Image or...

Thu Jan 3 22:53:58 2019

So I am coming across a lot of old PSDs on my old laptop. Old images that were once posted or have never been shown so my question to you guys is...

Do you want a monthly image or do you want a large dump of various images during this month. Downside is that there won't be many edits and stuff for you higher tier people but there will be a lot of exclusive arts ( if I am not lazy ). So what do you want?

Happy New Year

Wed Jan 2 02:19:26 2019

Happy New Year to all of you guys. I hope its been at least decent for you.

Nothing really different or new will be happening here. I am aiming to do YCH more so keep an eye out for that if you want that.

I am mostly trying to find a way to balance YCH and comms and what not and not overload myself while also trying to balance out Patreon. It is getting a tad difficult to manage all of this stuff so I gotta figure out something.

Anyway, look forward to another year of butts, thicc, and occasional dongs.

Christmas Mother - All Edits

Mon Dec 31 00:28:50 2018

All edits to the Monthly Image including more variants of nude and clothed along with futa edits. Zip File also includes Clip and PSD files.

ChirstmasMother-Nude.png (d)

Christmas Mother - Nude

Mon Dec 31 00:23:22 2018

Nude edit of the monthly image.

ChirstmasMother-Nudev2.png (d)

Christmas Mother

Mon Dec 31 00:21:47 2018

Late Christmas themed Monthly image for December. I actually forgot to upload this here. Whoops.


Rarity Fusion

Thu Dec 27 16:27:30 2018

I decided to do a drawing of Rarity that is fused with various Rarity looks.

The included parts are:

Punk Rarity, Nightmare Rarity, Normal Rarity, and World of Gemstones Rarity ( My creation ).

Enjoy this and a nude edit.

The SFW image will be posted publicly at a smaller res. NSFW is Patreon only at this time.

Rarity.png (d)

Showtime Gals - Edits

Thu Dec 27 16:24:47 2018

More edits of the Showtime Gals image along with the PSD and Clip files. Edits are bulges and clothed futa edit.

ShowtimeGals-NudeFuta.png (d)

Showtime Gals - Futa

Thu Dec 27 16:22:19 2018

Futa image included with this zip file.

ShowtimeGals-Nude.png (d)

Showtime Gals

Thu Dec 27 16:18:17 2018

I have been procrastinating on the monthly image for this month and I had this little idea so I hope you guys enjoy this.

ShowtimeGals.png (d)

Pichi and Vee

Sat Dec 22 15:22:49 2018

Little doodle that I posted earlier in the Patreon Discord. Posting it here because why not. Enjoy. Be sure to join the Patreon Discord for more current updates, WIPs and images and what not that I may not post here immediately.

Hopefully this will tie you guys over until I get the monthly image and other stuff. Sorry I am slacking DX.


December Poll Winner

Thu Dec 20 08:12:21 2018

Seems Amaranthine and Eclipse wins this month's image. Hopefully I will be able to post the image before Christmas but I cannot guarantee it so please have patience.


Vee the Eeveegal

Fri Dec 14 14:25:41 2018

Decided to make an Eevee girl to go with Pichi.


Allin Doodle

Mon Dec 10 01:09:28 2018

Just felt like drawing some Allin. Enjoy.

Full Res and Edit here



Sat Dec 8 15:27:55 2018

Been a while since I have drawn my cowboi. Looks like he needs a milking.


Blaze Butt

Sat Dec 8 12:32:12 2018

Felt like drawing Blaze the Cat as she is my favorite Sonic character but couldn't think of anything to put her in so I just threw her in FemSui's outfit.

This is the full res ( 1920 x 2560 ). Smaller res will go public later on today. ( 1280 x 1707 )


December Image Poll

Fri Dec 7 05:59:32 2018

The time for the poll has arrived. Let's see what wins. The suggestion for the third one was someone wrapped up so I decided Suri.

Suirano Archive 003

Thu Dec 6 15:41:22 2018

Another archive of some work I did over a certain period of time. Some work may have been in the previous archive and I apologize for that as I also apologize for the completely godawful way this archive is organized.

Some images have their public resolutions and bigger resolutions that are exclusive to you Patreon peeps.

Femsuibutt.png (d)

December Image

Sun Dec 2 23:23:50 2018

The time has come again for suggestions for the December image gais.

Bug Pet

Sat Dec 1 10:53:25 2018

Felt like drawing some more Chrysalis pet because it's been quite some time.

Dropbox Link



Sat Nov 24 20:09:57 2018

Got in the mood to draw her again so enjoy. Smaller res will be posted publicly.


November Image - 2018 Edits

Wed Nov 21 23:12:18 2018

The PSD and Clip file are included in the zip file. Edits include the previous, non t shirt edit for Marylin along with futa and cum edits. There were a lot of small edits I could have done but didn't have the time to do so the files are there for you guys to make your own edits if you want.

Donation-Futa.png (d)

November Image - 2018 Nude

Wed Nov 21 23:09:27 2018

Nude edit for you Tier II peeps.

Donation-Nude.png (d)

November Image - 2018

Wed Nov 21 23:07:21 2018

Turkey girl appears for this month's image as Marylin gets her ready for a fantastic feast with the members of the Church of Bah-Rehst.


Turkey Girl 2018

Wed Nov 21 01:15:25 2018

This was going to be the public turkey image but you guys get an early viewing of it. Hopefully my Tumblr returns before Turkey Day.


Yui Ass Slap

Wed Nov 21 01:13:46 2018

A random image I drew at work of Yui having her ass slapped. I don't know why I drew this.



Suirano Archive 02 - Oct - Nov 2018

Mon Nov 19 00:32:13 2018

Some images I have done from mid October to November. Some are public, some are Patreon exclusive. Enjoy!

Vote.png (d)

November Poll Results

Sun Nov 18 20:39:19 2018

Seems its Chicken Nun with some Turkey girl. This will be interesting.


Temptation Short - Spike

Fri Nov 16 05:39:34 2018

I decided to do a little comic involving Spike and just am continuing the Temptation verse. ( Because it is easier. ) The story is basically how Spike is after his moments as Barb in the earlier Temptation comics and his transition into being a huge booty femboy.



November Image Poll

Sun Nov 11 02:40:08 2018

The poll for the November image.

Character refs:


Turkey Girl

Laiche and Assboy (Alfie )

November Image Suggestions

Tue Nov 6 21:37:15 2018

Time for November suggestions. wooo hoooo /sarcasm

Side thing

Mon Nov 5 21:40:04 2018

So I am taking a short break from the Origin comic to do something dumb that came into my head. Hopefully you guys will like it.

Were Luna Edits

Tue Oct 30 21:40:59 2018

Futa, Bulge and Nude edits to the monthly image along with the PSD and the CLIP file.

WereLuna-ClothedFuta.png (d)

Were Luna Topless Edit

Tue Oct 30 21:39:14 2018

The usual nude/semi nude edit for you Tier II nerds here.

WereLuna-Topless.png (d)

Were Luna

Tue Oct 30 21:36:31 2018

Monthly image as voted by the nerds here. This one was actually pretty fun to mess with. Hope you enjoy.


Suirano Art Archive 001

Wed Oct 24 20:40:56 2018

Just a little archive of the art I have done through the month. This is still a bit of a WIP as I try to figure out the best way to organize the archives and stuff. So any suggestions are welcome.

This is some public art that has bigger res that was posted in the Patreon Discord or some art that hasn't been publicly posted yet.

Suibooty.png (d)

October Poll Results

Wed Oct 24 02:52:27 2018

Seems Werewolf Luna wins this poll. I have a few ideas that I wanna try with this so let's see what I will come up with.


Commission Information

Mon Oct 22 19:50:54 2018

So it seems Paypal fucked me over with a multitude of things. So I will probably just be doing commissions here on Patreon once the issues with Paypal are done because honestly, I never want to use that service again if I can avoid it.

So, fuck Paypal.

October Monthly Image Poll

Sat Oct 20 21:16:20 2018

The poll for the month. I completely forgot about this. Whoops.

Tropical Storm Michael

Thu Oct 11 22:57:59 2018

So where Florence didn't do much where I live, Michael is hitting here pretty hard. Although only a tropical storm, the winds are really bad and power went out. Been out for a long while. Don't know how long this will last. I'm staying safe inside. Winds aren't stopping either.

Sui Update

Thu Oct 11 00:38:03 2018

Hey guys, as many of you know, I had dental surgery today. They had to do a deep cleaning, remove two of my molars and removed a wisdom tooth. The numbing agent wore of and its constant pain now. Hopefully this got rid of the Periodontal Disease I had.

So bear with me as I try to recover. I do have some art ideas I wanna try but I am avoiding any major stress or taxing work to hasten this recovery. I thank all of you who continue to pledge and all the newcomers that have come up.

You guys are wonderful and are helping to the idea of me finally creation Suirano Studios.

Succubus Cadance - Futa

Tue Oct 9 13:05:26 2018

Futa edits of the earlier image. Enjoy.

CadanceDemon-NudeFuta.png (d)

Succubus Cadance - Nude

Tue Oct 9 13:01:54 2018

Nude edit of the earlier image.

CadanceDemon-Nude.png (d)

Succubus Cadance

Tue Oct 9 13:00:26 2018

Cadance joins the succubus ranks.


October Suggestions

Fri Oct 5 17:16:23 2018

So it seems taking a month off fucked me over financially so that won't be happening anymore so back to the regular.

Suggestions for the October image.

Princess Arts

Fri Oct 5 16:49:13 2018


A sketch image I went a bit overboard on during a stream last night. Images include a clothed, topless and Luna edits. Patreon users get the larger resolution.

Images Here


Origin Comic Pg. 7-8

Sat Sep 29 13:26:24 2018

New pages of the Origin comic is up. Enjoy.

Origin Comic Link


Human Sui Tiddies - Nude

Sat Sep 29 13:20:27 2018

Nude version of the earlier image.


Human Sui Tiddies

Sat Sep 29 13:18:08 2018

People wanted to see more Human FemSui so enjoy.


Human FemSui

Thu Sep 27 06:35:28 2018

* Public Image *

Forgot to post this image earlier. FemSui as a hooman. People seemed to really like this and want more Human Femsui so expect more FemSui :D.



Sat Sep 22 20:35:26 2018

Other edits for the FemSui image.

FemSui-Futa.png (d)

FemSui-Nude Edit

Sat Sep 22 20:34:10 2018

Nude edit of the FemSui image.

FemSui-Nude.png (d)


Sat Sep 22 20:32:46 2018

Just felt like drawing me some FemSui.



Thu Sep 20 11:12:58 2018

I do not know if I said this or anything but I will post it here in case.

For this month, there wasn't going to be a monthly image or many Patreon things. I wanted to take a break from the heavy workloads and just not worry about commissions or Patreon. I will continue my work next month with regular stuff. I have been overburdened with a lot ( many family issues and other stuff ) and just wanted to relax so I hope that is fine with you guys.

I will have random doodles I do posted here. Some exclusive and some public. So you will still have some stuff.

Either way, thank you all for understanding and a thank you for all who support me here. You are helping me more than you realize and I appreciate all the help you guys give.

Thanks :D

Origin Comic Pg. 6

Tue Sep 18 22:45:26 2018

Page 6 of the origin comic of Eclipse and Arcane and co. Thanks a lot for allowing me to update this at my own pace guys. It really does help out with lessening stress and what not. Expect a few more pages soon.

Comic Link here


Miles Rouge Prower - Futa Edits

Fri Sep 14 18:15:51 2018

Futa edits of the earlier image.

RougeTailsPenis.png (d)

Miles Rouge Prower - Topless Edit

Fri Sep 14 18:14:46 2018

Nude edit of the Tails image.

RougeTailsTopless.png (d)

Miles Rouge Prower

Fri Sep 14 18:13:44 2018

The full resolution of the publicly posted image.


Hurricane Florence

Thu Sep 13 09:57:33 2018

Although it has dropped to a Category 2 hurricane, it is still expected to give my area torrential rainfalls that can cause serious flooding. This is predicted to hover over my area from this after until Saturday night.

I do not believe I should have power issues or anything but hurricanes are very chaotic storms. If I am not around for a while, you know why.

To those of you in the storm's path, I wish you the best and if you want to keep updates and stuff, I will be on Discord unless power goes out AND my phone dies.

Goth Krystal - Edits

Mon Sep 10 21:39:19 2018

All the edits and PSD of the image.

GothKrystal-NudeCloth.png (d)

Goth Krystal - Nude Edit

Mon Sep 10 21:37:32 2018

Nude edit of the bonus image.

GothKrystal-Nude.png (d)

Bonus Image - Goth Krystal

Mon Sep 10 21:31:32 2018

Bonus image that was for the month of August that is being posted a little late. Enjoy.


FemSui Doodle

Fri Sep 7 00:30:55 2018

Public Image

Finished up with commissions and decided to doodle some FemSui.


Mom Pones

Thu Sep 6 04:32:29 2018

Public Image

The mothers revealed. Well, two of them anyway. From left to right.

Arcane Rune - Mother of Arcane Shade.

Amaranthine - Mother of Fire Eclipse

Heavenly Light - Mother of Radiant Glow.


Princess Smolder

Wed Sep 5 13:34:59 2018

All hail Princess Smolder!

Public image I am posting here so you guys can see it if you don't follow me anywhere else. I still don't trust making images public here because of Patreon's ways so yeah...


Amy Hammer Fun

Mon Sep 3 13:25:01 2018

Just decided to draw Amy using her hammer as a vibrator because why not.


Demon Punishment

Mon Sep 3 13:20:01 2018

Been a while since i have drawn my Demoness deer. I chose my femboy horse Thayne to be the victim for this image. Enjoy.


Art Dumping

Fri Aug 31 05:07:04 2018

I will be posting A LOT more art here. Any dumb ideas, concepts, doodles or whatever will all be posted here even if it was already publicly posted. I am also working on creating the archives of past art and doodles.

All of this will be Tier I so everyone will have access to the stuff if they want it. This does not change the ways Tier II-V are handled. You are all just gonna see more activity here basically.

Other Tidbits:
Tier IV is currently being a tier that I do world building and more detailed concept stuff for. At the moment, I am currently doing a comic about the backstory of Fire Eclipse, Arcane Shade and Radiant Glow which will also have Flouresca Neon. I will probably also be dumping some game development stuff for that tier as well ( once I actually make progress with it. )

Yui Butt

Fri Aug 31 04:06:48 2018

Got bored and decided to draw a doodle of my Buttfox, Yui. Enjoy.


Seviper Girl

Thu Aug 30 23:02:56 2018

As some of you know, Twitter fucked me over and I got mass DMCA'd by some asshole Nintendo lawyer who took it upon himself to do it even though nothing of mine violated copyright because apparently he is allowed to act without any consent from Nintendo themselves.

So because of that, all Pokegirl artwork will be posted here for the time being and then maybe public on Tumblr, DA and FA a week or so later.

Either way, you guys get early pokegirl artwork.

Feel free to suggest a Pokemon to draw next.


Origin Comic

Mon Aug 27 00:48:33 2018

Many of you suggested doing world building stuff for my stories and what not so I decided I can finally do an origin comic about Fire Eclipse and Arcane Shade and the others.

This will be an ongoing comic that I will update randomly with pages continuing on with the story.

I hope you all enjoy.

Link to the comic ( Will be updated as well. )


August 2018 - Barb Edits

Fri Aug 24 18:08:33 2018

Other edits for the monthly image including underwear, more nude and futa edits. Enjoy.

Barb-NudeFuta.png (d)

August 2018 - Barb Nude Edit

Fri Aug 24 18:06:46 2018

Nude edit to the monthly image for August.

Barb-Nude.png (d)

August 2018 - Barb

Fri Aug 24 18:05:23 2018

Monthly image that was voted in the earlier polls. Enjoy.


August Poll Winner

Thu Aug 16 02:46:19 2018

Looks like Barb wins the poll with Gothic Krystal EXTREMELY close soooo.

I'm drawing both >:V. I wanna draw some goth stuff. Barb first tho.



Tue Aug 14 21:17:34 2018

I am gonna start posting the random drawings I do here on Patreon early before posting them publicly about a week or so later so you all can get early enjoyment.

MegaCharizardtiddies.png (d)

Bonus Image - Allin Edits 02

Mon Aug 13 21:20:45 2018

More edits of the Beach Allin image. Gonna be weird naming all of this in the future. ENJOY.

AllinLifeguard-FutaNude.png (d)

Bonus Image - Allin Nude

Mon Aug 13 21:18:33 2018

Lifeguard Allin is on duty but forgot her outfit.

Edits include: Base image, Bulge edit, Female Nude Edit.

AllinLifeguard-Nude.png (d)

Bonus Image - Allin

Mon Aug 13 21:15:08 2018

In last month's poll, I really liked the suggestion of Allin in a swimsuit like a lifeguard so I said I would draw it regardless. So here you go.

Also, I will be changing up a few things. Tier I starting now will get the base image of the monthly/extra images instead of just the lineart.


August Monthly Image Poll

Thu Aug 9 21:42:55 2018

The time for the poll has come.

For those who do not know who Siyn is: Image here NSFW

Let's see how this goes


Sun Aug 5 11:31:46 2018

I hope all of you managed to get out alright after the whole issue that Patreon had earlier. It seems most came out fine in the end but I do see that a few patrons are gone despite them not intentionally pulling away.

Just make sure you double check your account to make sure that Patreon didn't mess you up in any way. It seems overall that everything is mostly alright. ( Even tho at the time of posting this I fell below 1k again DX ).

Anyway, take care everyone. Be sure to join the Patreon Discord if you haven't for more real time updates. Thanks.

So uhhh...

Tue Jul 31 23:02:09 2018

I forgot what plans I had for the tier for the coming months lol so I don't know if there is a suggestion you guys have or if its just a case of just letting me do whatever I want.

August Image Suggestions

Tue Jul 31 22:28:14 2018

With July ending, August begins. Suggestions for the month image begins.

July 2018 Image Edits

Sun Jul 29 20:29:16 2018

Edits for the monthly image for July. There wasn't many I was able to do this time due to the type of image but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

MamaVixen_02.png (d)

July 2018 Image

Sun Jul 29 20:27:08 2018

Full colored image for the month of July as voted for by you guys.

MamaVixen-SoloSwimsuit.png (d)

July 2018 Lineart

Sun Jul 29 20:25:34 2018

Lineart for the July 2018 image.



Thu Jul 26 12:09:41 2018

Apologies for the lack of content here guys. I am currently trying to knock out the ungodly huge list of commissions that I moronically took.

I will be working on the monthly image soon and will also begin posting archives of past artwork here and there for you guys including incomplete works and what not.

Again, if you want more active updates, join the Patreon Discord. If you joined and for some reason the Patreon bot didn't give you a role and you see no channels, PLEASE TELL ME!

Thank you all for the understanding and I hope you enjoy what I do. ( Please don't unpledge DX )

Rainbow Dash: Hotspring - Edits

Wed Jul 18 12:19:03 2018

Full resolution and edits of the earlier Rainbow Dash image I did. Edits include nude, futa, and bulge.

RD-Nude.png (d)

Curious George-Edits

Wed Jul 18 12:17:41 2018

Full resolution and edits of the Curious George image I did recently. Edits include bulge and futa cock.

CuriousGeorge-Full.png (d)

Holy hell

Thu Jul 12 20:33:42 2018

Been getting a lot of new patrons here. Just wanna say thanks to you guys and those that stayed around. I always feel so happy seeing people like my work and willing to support me. I don't feel like I do enough for you guys. Hope I continue to do stuff you all like. Thank you so much.

July Poll Results

Wed Jul 11 20:25:13 2018

Results are in and it seems peeps want Mama Vixen for this month. I was biased to Allin btw :P.


July Poll

Sun Jul 8 22:33:46 2018

The four choices for this month.

Lustful ( Comic )

Sat Jul 7 00:56:34 2018

I did this little comic as a thing to go with the Fluttershy/Twilight images I have been doing only to realize that this is basically Tempation Chapter 1 again. This was posted in the Patreon Discord a week ago and I forgot to upload it here. ( I do too many comics )

Remember to join the Discord for info and stuff. ( Since people like to steal shit off this site )


Comic Link Hurr


Discord server reminder.

Tue Jul 3 12:53:35 2018

Remember that there is a Patreon only Discord that you can join if you pledge where I am a bit more active. If you do not see anything and have no role assigned, please let me know here or in a DM.

July monthly Image

Fri Jun 29 19:03:16 2018

Let's see what you guys come up with this time.

Tier IV Update

Wed Jun 27 20:59:54 2018

So figured I type an update here about Tier IV and stuff. Before I did a questionairre about what you guys would like to see aside from comics because comics can be a very taxing thing and you guys said you wanted some world building. I do intend to do that but....

There are two small comics I would like to finish, maybe 3. One of them I am hoping to release early July so hopefully you guys stick around for that.

In the meantime. What of my lore/world would you guys wanna see first?

Summer Sun Edits

Tue Jun 26 21:19:11 2018

Edits for the June 2018 image. There is a lot of futa in this one.

( Uploading this was a tad weird so let me know if you don't get the zip. )

SummerSun-Nude.png (d)

Summer Sun Image

Tue Jun 26 21:15:41 2018

Full color of the June 2018 Monthly image.

SummerSun.png (d)

Summer Sun Lineart

Tue Jun 26 21:14:36 2018

Lineart for the June 2018 Monthly Image.

SummerSun-Lineart.png SummerSun-Lineart.png

TwiShy Thing

Thu Jun 21 08:27:42 2018

Gonna just start posting images that will be public early here on Patreon so you guys get you money's worth because I feel that I don't provide enough so when I am doing series and stuff that will be public, I will give like a week early showing or something.

Twishy02.png Twishy02.png

Art archive

Tue Jun 19 08:59:01 2018

Many seem on board with public art being posted here as well so I will probably organize all my art by month and year and it will take time. You might see doodles that never made it to the public. Be mindful that it is all gonna be patron only since Patreon is suspending any nsfw images that are public even when the account is marked as NSFW.

Poll Winnar

Sun Jun 17 11:28:29 2018

Seems Sunbutt and Bacon won the poll so expect to see them in time.


Patreon Situation

Fri Jun 15 15:52:17 2018

So I have been seeing that many people have been getting their pages suspended for a variety of reasons. It seems the only conclusion is that it is posting NSFW stuff openly instead of just to patrons meaning that if I do post my public work, it will have to still be locked to just patrons if my theory is accurate.

I do not really know if it is accurate as I have nobody to really confirm this but from what I have seen, everyone who has been suspended has been because of public NSFW stuff. I am not 100% about this though. All I know is that I would prefer not to have my Patreon suspended or removed as that will fuck me up pretty bad.

Diamond Dialga

Fri Jun 15 00:01:29 2018

Dialga to the mix. Once again, here is a full res with a shiny edit to it. Smaller res will be posted publicly probably after I do Arceus.

DialgaFull.png (d)

Pearl Palkia

Thu Jun 14 20:07:27 2018

Palkia girl I made years ago drawn in the current Sui style. This will also be public eventually so enjoy an early viewing of Space butt.

Original Version

PalkiaFull.png (d)

Art Question

Wed Jun 13 04:19:58 2018

Even though it gets posted on DA, FA, Twitter and Tumblr, do you guys want my public art posted here as well?

I would more than likely if anything give a bigger res here or something if I can but I am just curious if you want that here or is it fine where it already is.

Yai Ami Gira

Wed Jun 13 04:18:04 2018

Really old Giratina girl I made many many year ago. I decided to redraw her but I also wanna redraw my Palkia, Dialga and Arceus girls. These will all be public so consider this an early showing with full res. Shiny version in the zip file.

Original Drawing Here

YaiAmiFull.png (d)

June Poll

Sun Jun 10 23:02:47 2018

All the themes mostly seem to be beach related in very revealing bikinis so expect that with any of these.

Patreon Character Concept

Sat Jun 9 23:13:32 2018

Decided to do an Orca character as the Patreon character. What do you guys think?


For you nerds

Sat Jun 9 03:29:26 2018

So Tier IV being the comic tier has been a bit taxing what with doing comics all the time. So if I was to do an alternative to comics all the time, what would you guys want? Any suggestions?

( I mean, I can still do comics but I will probably make it a few pages a month or something)

Patreon Character

Sat Jun 9 00:47:18 2018

I am debating on making a Patreon OC. Can't really think of what it would be so any suggestions? Would prefer it to be completely original and not like an MLP or Pokegirl character.

Message from Sui

Thu Jun 7 01:04:55 2018

A lot of you guys seem to be having payment issues and what not. My response to that:

"Focus on yourself and make sure all your finances are set and good before even worrying about pledging to me. I do not want you guys to be having financial issues while worrying about pledging to me.

Handle your issues first."

June Suggestions

Mon May 28 21:54:38 2018

A new month is coming and with it, new suggestions for the monthly image. Let's see what you guys have.

May 2018 Edits

Sun May 27 20:31:22 2018

Edits of the monthly image featuring Espeon. Enjoy.

Edits include clothed, nude, flat chested, male, and futa.

Espeon-Female.png (d)

May 2018 Image

Sun May 27 20:27:51 2018

The color of the monthly image which features Espeon. There is also a male edit to this one.

Espeon-FemaleClothed.png (d)

May 2018 Image Lineart

Sun May 27 20:25:28 2018

The winner of this month's image was Espeon. Here be the lineart of the image.


May Winner

Sun May 20 19:37:23 2018

Seems the winner for this month's poll is Espeon. This was an extremely close one for sure. Been a while since I done me some Pokegals.


May Poll

Tue May 15 01:47:52 2018

Poll for the monthly image. It is always hard choosing 4 choices out of these but here we go.

Stating for the record, I don't know shit about RWBY but it had the most likes.

A Good Pet III

Sun May 13 12:51:13 2018

This little mini series continues with Celestia this time. I have no idea how far this is gonna go but you guys seem to like it so Im'ma keep going lol.

AGP3001.png (d)

May May Suggestions

Tue May 8 04:51:08 2018

Suggestions for the monthly image. Let's see what you guys suggest for the month of May. Also, it would help if you guys that are in the edit tier to suggest edits that you may wanna see that I haven't done.

Thanks a bunch!

A Good Pet II

Sun May 6 20:42:58 2018

People seemed to really like these short quick comics and I like them too. It allows me to crank out comics at a much faster rate and eases a lot of stress I normally have trying to do big comics.

I might do more of this whole " A Good Pet" thing with a few more mini comics. We will see. Anyway, enjoy. I just wanted to draw Luna so I made her a pet.

Dropbox Link:

AGP2001.png (d)

Gothic Bambi - All Edits

Thu May 3 04:45:45 2018

All edits of the Gothic Bambi including futa and more added to male and female edits.

GothBambi-Futa.png (d)

Gothic Bambi

Thu May 3 04:15:53 2018

Nude edits of the earlier images.

GothBambi-MaleNude.png (d)

Gothic Bambi

Thu May 3 03:59:29 2018

Full Res of the Gothic Bambi images. Both the male and female variants.

GothBambi-MaleFullRes.png (d)

A Good Pet ( Mini Comic )

Sun Apr 29 19:07:37 2018

I decided to do a little mini comic ( 3 pages ) for the hell of it. Do you guys like the idea of these mini comics? Let me know and I will do more of them. Be a nice thing to have in between the big ones.

Link to Comic:

AGP001.png (d)

Discord Reminder

Fri Apr 27 23:03:00 2018

There is a Patreon Discord reward for all of you to join the Patreon only Discord. Be sure to make use of that reward so you can be in more active communication with me.

IF you join the server and see nothing, PLEASE message me here about it and I will manually fix your role!

April 2018 Edits

Fri Apr 27 23:01:29 2018

Edits of the monthly image. Underwear and futa edits :D.

VanillaCream-Underwear.png (d)

April 2018 Image

Fri Apr 27 22:57:35 2018

Monthly Image for the month of the April. Enjoy :D.


April 2018 Image Lineart

Fri Apr 27 22:56:24 2018

Lineart for the monthly image.


Art Archives

Sun Apr 22 21:34:37 2018

So I will be posting archives of every I have done over the last couple of years both here on Patreon and Public for you guys ( once I figure out how I am even going to do this.) So keep an eye out for that.

Don't know how far back I plan to go.

Kulve Taroth - Edits

Fri Apr 20 03:59:06 2018

Edits of the earlier posted images.

Kulve_Taroth_-_FutaNudeCum.png (d)

Kulve Taroth - Nude

Thu Apr 19 22:28:55 2018

Nude edit of the earlier image.

Kulve_Taroth_-_Nude.png (d)

Kulve Taroth

Thu Apr 19 22:27:00 2018

New Elder dragon from MHW with tiddies because why not.

Kulve_Taroth.png Kulve%20Taroth.png

Discord Issues V2

Thu Apr 19 19:56:30 2018

Any of you guys who are patrons that came into my Discord but has no role assigned, please let me know. If you have no role assigned, you see none of the channels.

Discord Reward

Thu Apr 19 19:49:31 2018

So it has come to my attention that something is severely wrong with the Patreon bot so I am gonna be working on trying to figure out what is going on.


Thu Apr 19 05:09:03 2018

A reminder to some that there is a Patreon Discord server where I am a bit more active with updates and information. Join in through the Discord reward of your tier so it will auto assign your role.

Joining by any other means makes you a non-roled member and I will kick you from the spot as you may have entered through all the leaked content from here. I am aware that one of you is leaking my content, btw.

Monthly Image

Wed Apr 18 21:01:13 2018

Seems Cream and Vanilla won pretty much so expect that sometime during the month :D

Boots - Futa

Sun Apr 15 20:04:01 2018

Because why not?

BootsFutaClothes.png (d)

Boots - Nude Edit

Sun Apr 15 20:03:04 2018

Nude edit of the Boots Image.

BootsNude.png (d)

Boots - Full Res

Sun Apr 15 20:01:56 2018

Because I just cannot seem to stop sexualizing Childhood icons because I am a horrible person. :D

Boots.png Boots.png

Monthly Poll

Thu Apr 12 19:54:25 2018

There were a lot of suggestions for this month to choose between. Anyway, these are the suggestions based on the most likes or comments sent.

A question

Sun Apr 8 22:55:52 2018

Despite the art going public, you guys think I should do like a zip file of just all the public art I have done over a period of time. I guess some may not have seen some of the stuff I have done and I don't know if people would be fine with that.

They would more than likely be higher res of the art if I have that available. So, that cool?


Wed Apr 4 12:31:05 2018

Hello Hello, Suirano here with another update.

I hope you all enjoyed the recent comic as it was fun being able to do a bit of lore with my OCs plus it is just fun doing comics about my actual characters rather than MLP and what not.

I just hope you are all fine with it. That being said, I am gonna take a little breather, get my bearings and mind set. Might throw some concepts of future comic ideas here, I should do that anyway since I feel like I don't update enough for you guys.

Anyway, the idea of the next comic involves my bat girl Therial having fun with a student of hers ( male student ). Something along the lines of she confiscates his phone and he has to go get it which leads to shenanigans, I dunno. I don't know if that is something people would be fine with or if they would prefer something else.

Give me some ideas on how to make your experience better and all that. Anyway, all of you take care and thank you all once again for your support.

Monthly Image Suggestion TIEM

Tue Apr 3 21:33:26 2018

Welcome one and all who still pledge money to my shitty art! As always, we do a suggestion time for peeps to suggest what they would like to see.

I would prefer this month to not be MLP personally but you guys are the ones paying so....let's see what you got. Remember if there are suggestions you like to leave a like, suggestions that have more likes have a higher chance of being in the poll.

March 2018 Edits

Sat Mar 31 02:00:06 2018

Edits for the monthly image for you peeps.

Barb-Ember-Nude.png (d)

March 2018 Image

Sat Mar 31 01:58:01 2018

The monthly image for the Month of March voted amongst the peeps. Dragon gals in the green. Was a fun draw. Hope you all like it.

Barb-Ember.png Barb-Ember.png

March Image Lineart

Sat Mar 31 01:56:19 2018

Lineart for the montly image for March 2018.

Barb-Ember-Lineart.png Barb-Ember-Lineart.png

Angel and Demon - Beginning of a Bond

Thu Mar 29 22:39:20 2018

Finally managed to finish the Phena and Drega comic. This comic tells a tale of how Drega and Phena met along with giving you guys some character development with these two.

I hope you all enjoy the comic and look forward to whatever I crap out next.

Dropbox Link:

AD000_-_Cover.png (d)

Monthly Image Update

Sun Mar 25 20:28:57 2018

The monthly image update might be coming at the end of the month to early April due to a backlog of work and a mistake on my part.

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you guys bear with me.

Unrelated, looking at that 1k mark mocking me >:V

Comic Update

Sun Mar 25 20:26:49 2018

Just sending an update for you peeps. Comic progression is going alright. The release date will be sometime within this week to next week. I wish Patreon allowed multiple images to be posted in a post so I could show some pages but I can't.

Either way, it will be coming soon. If you wanna keep up with more often with any updates, join the Patreon Discord.

Futa Blue - Edits

Mon Mar 19 12:40:07 2018

Condom edit and Cum edit of the earlier image.

BlueCondom-NoDialouge.png (d)

Futa Blue - No Dialouge

Mon Mar 19 12:38:11 2018

A No Dialouge image for those who want that.

FutaBlue-NoDialouge.png (d)

Futa Blue Image

Mon Mar 19 12:35:50 2018

Full Res of a stupid image I decided to draw of Blue from Blue's Clues as a goth girl with a penis. There isn't a female edit sadly.

FutaBlue.png FutaBlue.png

Reptar - Edits

Sun Mar 11 20:29:26 2018

Edits to the earlier posted Reptar image.

ReptarFuta.png (d)

Reptar - No Dildo Edit

Sun Mar 11 20:27:15 2018

Reptar image with Dildo removed.

ReptarFemale.png (d)

Reptar - What's a Childhood?

Sun Mar 11 20:25:41 2018

Another image to the "What's a Childhood?" series. Full res for the Patreon peeps.

ReptarFemaleDildo.png ReptarFemaleDildo.png

Snoopy and Woodstock ( Futa)

Sat Mar 10 06:00:42 2018

Futa and Male (Penis) edits along with the PSD. Enjoy.

SnoopyandWoodstock-Futa.png (d)

Snoopy and Woodstock (Female Edit)

Sat Mar 10 05:59:11 2018

Female edit to the earlier posted image.

SnoopyandWoodstock-Female.png (d)

Snoopy and Woodstock

Sat Mar 10 05:56:57 2018

Part of a series I have been doing called "What's a Childhood?" Gonna start posting the full resolutions of these here.

SnoopyandWoodstock.png SnoopyandWoodstock.png

March 2018 Suggestions

Sun Mar 4 22:08:57 2018

As is tradition, suggestions for the monthly image begins!

Cadance Edits

Sun Mar 4 22:07:07 2018

Edits from the earlier images.

CadanceFutaBulge.png (d)

Cadance Image

Sun Mar 4 22:04:16 2018

Images from the monthly image that was supposed to be posted in February but I am terrible at everything I do.

CadanceSwimwear.png (d)

Cadance Lineart

Sun Mar 4 22:01:50 2018

An extra image I did that came out a tad late. I completely hated the original image and decided to redo it.

CadanceLineart.png CadanceLineart.png

Art Output Survey

Sun Mar 4 08:37:58 2018

Just a curious question I have for peeps. I wanna see something. Which type of output of my art do you like more?

Sketchy Outlines

Clean Outlines

A little note about the Discord Server

Sun Feb 25 21:05:00 2018

Tl;dr - If you ain't a patron and didn't use the Discord reward, you get no role in my Discord, meaning you don't exist and I kick you upon entry.


If you are joining the server, you must join in through the Discord reward option and not by clicking the link. The link will put you in the (Online) role which has absolutely no privileges what so ever.

Joining through the tier nets you a role based on that tier which is how you get access to the server. If I see your name as white when you come into the server, I will kick you immediately.

- Meaning, pretty much anybody getting my Patreon content through those sites that steal my shit and thus clicking that link to my Discord, you don't exist as far as I and my Discord is concerned.

( Be mindful that I have the exact same thing in my public server only that I don't kick you immediately, I give you a day to tell your role before I kick you. )

Angel and Demon: Beginning of a Bond Cover

Sun Feb 25 09:07:11 2018

Cover page for the new comic I am working on titled: Angel and Demon which focuses on Phena the Golden Phoenix and Drega the Grand Dragon.

I do not know of when the comic will release and I hope you will all have patience with me. I will keep you all updated on the comic's progression. :D


February Image V2

Sat Feb 24 18:54:26 2018

I am extremely late with this poll. Sorry guys. Choosing four in this was really hard but here ya go.

Mama Vixen reference

Mipha Reference

Future Comic Uploads

Sun Feb 18 09:43:34 2018

I am curious as to how you guys would like comic uploads here.

What's this?

Wed Feb 14 22:12:13 2018

Another suggestion for ANOTHER monthly image. I feel like doing another as I don't want you guys lurking around with no content. But it will be a little different. Here is what I will take for suggestions.

- Single Character

- Pose of said character

- Potential Edits ( Tier III and above )

- Environment if necessary

- Can be one of my OCs or a canon character from another franchise


Let's see what you guys suggest. I will choose the 4 most interesting suggestions for the poll around 2/20/2018.

February Image Edits

Tue Feb 13 13:35:57 2018

Edits to the monthly image. I also REALLY liked how Chrysalis came out so I isolated her in her own images. No PSD for the isolated Chryssi though.

ValentineLingerie.png (d)

February Monthly Image

Tue Feb 13 13:31:57 2018

The monthly image for this month. I hope you all enjoy it :D.

Valentine.png (d)

February Image Lineart

Tue Feb 13 13:29:33 2018

Lineart for the monthly image. Coming a bit early this month because V Day coming up. Enjoy peeps!

ValentineLineart.png ValentineLineart.png

February Image Sketch

Sun Feb 11 22:29:25 2018

A sketch of the upcoming monthly image that will be released around Valentine's Day. Enjoy.


February Image Poll

Wed Feb 7 06:04:56 2018

As usual, I choose four of the suggestions and you guys vote amongst them. Poll will end on 2/10/18.

Drega/Phena Comic

Sat Feb 3 04:51:17 2018

Should Phena and Drega be female or futa in the comic? ( Blame Ram for this poll. )

Phena/Drega Comic

Fri Feb 2 01:34:56 2018

For this month, I was hoping that I could make a bit of an origin type comic with Phena and Drega. The comic will have nudity and their curvy bodies and such but won't really have sex as it is more story driven.

I would like to make this but as you guys are the payers, it is up to you. Are you fine with this or would you prefer something different?

The comic would take about 2 or 3 months to do as well.

February Suggestions

Tue Jan 30 23:40:52 2018

As tradition. The new month means a new image. The difference is that given V-Day is on Febuary 14th and should the suggestions be V-Day themed, I will try to have the image out by that day.

So let the suggestions commence. I will create a poll on Febuary 5-6th.

January 2018 Edits

Tue Jan 30 23:17:32 2018

Edits for the monthly image of January 2018. Enjoy!

CelebrationLingerie.png (d)

January Image

Tue Jan 30 23:15:53 2018

The image for January 2018. Enjoy

Celebration.png (d)

January Image Lineart

Tue Jan 30 23:12:59 2018

The Lineart for the monthly image.

CelebrationLineart.png CelebrationLineart.png

Pichi Edits

Wed Jan 24 13:40:11 2018

The posted image is my favorite of all the edits I did. I don't know why but I seriously like this one a lot.

PichiNudeFuta.png (d)

More Pichi

Wed Jan 24 13:38:22 2018

I wanted to draw more Pichi but then I wanted to actually design a swimwear for her which I liked so enjoy. It's just this and topless. I have no bottomless version.

Pichi.png (d)

Feir Edits

Sun Jan 21 13:25:41 2018

Made a few little edits to the Feir image, nothing major, so here ya go.

feirfullsteamcum.png (d)

Feir Hellhound

Sun Jan 21 13:24:25 2018

Full res of my Feir pic at 1920 x 2560 res compared to the public 1280 x 1707 res. It's the year of the dog so I drew a hot dog with a rather hot dog. ( Not the monthly image )

feirfull.png feirfull.png

A milestone I never saw coming

Sun Jan 21 10:15:15 2018

I cannot believe this Patreon is that close to actually hitting the $1k goal. That is completely insane. I never expected this Patreon to take off let alone becomes this and yet despite the huge amount of leaks of my content, the support seems to have just exploded.

You guys are awesome and I am glad you put up with me stupidity and heavy procrastination 8D.

Monthly Image

Sun Jan 21 10:13:48 2018

Seems the victor of the monthly image was my choice which thinking about it now, I didn't remotely plan for it lol. Either way, what the image is will be a surprise :P.

If you want more active updates and just to stay in communication, be sure to join my Patreon Only Discord.

The OC Tier Idea ( Tier V)

Fri Jan 12 11:01:31 2018

So I made a Tier V out of humor but people in my Discord are suggesting it become an OC tier. If I was to do it, I would imagine it be like:

- A $20 tier ( amount debatable as its not solidified )

- you place your OC in a special Discord channel in the server

- I would randomly doodle the OC out of boredom or streaming

- It would be done in the colored sketch style I have been doing ( unless I go overboard )

- It isn't 100% guaranteed as I would not want to overwork myself but I would like to be more interactive with you guys and in this sketch style, I could crank out more art of the OCs.

- I would imagine this being a method of improving my art as I could use your OC for pose practice, coloring practice, etc.

- I would limit the amount of patrons in this tier as to not overwhelm myself.

This is just a concept that I am trying to see if I should go through with. I would like opinions on whether or not this is something you would enjoy or if you are fine with how things are. PLEASE give me your input about this. I am looking to improve how my Patreon for all of you guys.

January Image

Fri Jan 12 02:25:14 2018

The poll for the monthly image begins.

An annoucement

Fri Jan 12 01:25:44 2018

I was going to be quiet about this but it seems that it has spread so much that I don't have a choice. One or more of you has allowed all my Patreon content to be posted everywhere including all my Tier IV stuff on a multitude of sites.

I do not know who is doing it but I am rather disappointed. I suppose I should have expected this but getting a multitude of comments from people who don't pledge basically mocking me about this pisses me the hell off. Whomever you are, kindly go fuck yourself.

Pichi Butt (Full Res)

Mon Jan 8 21:40:25 2018

Have an absurd res of my Pikachu girl. Res is 3000 x 2500

PichiButtLarge.png PichiButtLarge.png

Should I share Patreon content publicly?

Tue Jan 2 22:58:24 2018

As the name states, it is asking those of you if you are fine with Patreon content being posted publicly after a month or two or so. I would like to get a larger opinion about this. This is mostly about the monthly image and its edits.

Tier IV Update

Tue Jan 2 22:42:30 2018

Hey guys, Sui here. I am taking the month of January off from doing a comic/image series to just not overwork myself. That being said, I will still be doing the whole OC belly dancer thing. I have no forgotten about that.

In the meantime, for the month of Febuary, what would you guys want? Feel free to leave suggestions. Either a continuation of previous comics? Maybe an image set? I doubt you guys would want nothing lol.

An idea

Tue Jan 2 22:39:48 2018

If you guys have been looking at my Tumblr/FA/Twitter/DA you have noticed I have been doing this quick sketch style. How do you guys feel about even if your suggestion doesn't get the monthly choice with edits, that I possibly do other suggestions in that sketch style. It would be for Tier II and above. I feel that I do not put enough content here for you guys and I wanna fix that.

Is that fine?

Welcome to 2018!

Tue Jan 2 22:37:56 2018

Hello all of you that are still around for 2018. I hope your holidays were well and I hope this year is fair to you. As usual, this is a new month so let's have some suggestions for the Monthly image. On the 7th or 8th, I will take the best suggestion either by personal preference or most liked and add them on a poll and you guys vote.

Anyway, January image suggestion GO!

( P.S. there will be more text posts coming. )

To all the patrons

Thu Dec 28 13:21:48 2017

Another year comes to a close and another year this Patreon continues. When you guys back in 2016 urgued for me to keep this account active, I honestly was expecting this to fail. But you all proved me wrong. Those of you who stuck with this since the beginning and those of you who are new who were willing to support my work.

Thanks to all of you, 2017 was by far the most successful year I have ever had as an artist. You guys stuck through my crap and have been some of the most supportive people I have ever met. I hope 2018 goes well and that you guys love whatever I crap out as I continue to improve my art and content for you all to enjoy.

For those of you that are new, there is a Discord specifically for Patrons that you can join and enjoy conversations with myself and fellow patrons. There you can also voice suggestions about the future of my Patreon and just give some input on how it is managed and all of that. I am always happy to listen to some input.

Once again, thank you all!!!

Warming Up Edits

Sun Dec 24 21:31:38 2017

Edits for the December 2017 image. Enjoy!

WarmingUpFuta.png (d)

Warming Up

Sun Dec 24 21:29:13 2017

Image for December 2017. This image kicked my ass so I hope you all like it.

WarmingUp.png (d)

Warming Up Lineart

Sun Dec 24 21:27:49 2017

Lineart of the image for December 2017. This one gave me some issues but overall I managed to make something work. I hope you all enjoy it.

WarmingUpLineart.png WarmingUpLineart.png

Christmas Deer ( Absurd Res )

Sat Dec 23 12:05:25 2017

Here ya go guys. This was publicly posted but I am giving you guys the ridiculous res of 2500 x 3000.

GoldReindeerLarge.png GoldReindeerLarge.png

Scientific Error ( Full Comic )

Tue Dec 19 21:04:17 2017

The full comic of Scientific Error. I hope you all enjoy the read and I really hope I can do more like this in the future. For January, I will be taking a little break from comics and do more OCs in the belly dancer outfits. I have some selected already but you are still free to post a link to your OC if you have a change or haven't already.



Cover.png (d)

Tempest Shadow Futa

Sat Dec 16 11:36:39 2017

Futa edit of the Tempest Shadow image along with its PSD. Enjoy

TempestShadowFuta.png (d)

Tempest Shadow Image

Sat Dec 16 11:34:56 2017

The full res of the Tempest Shadow image that will be posted publicly later on.

TempestShadow.png TempestShadow.png

Tempest Shadow Lineart

Sat Dec 16 11:30:53 2017

Wanted to do an image of Tempest Shadow, enjoy.

TempestShadowLineart.png TempestShadowLineart.png

To my patrons <3

Fri Dec 15 05:03:45 2017

I have just seen this Patreon steadily rise more and more with supporters. Man, you guys are fantastic. I never would have believed it would have done so well and I was panicking and worrying that this would have failed but you guys proved me wrong.

Seriously, I cannot put into words how grateful I am at the support you all give me and I only hope that what I do in the future is to your liking. Man, you are all making it really hard to continue to hate my work lol.

Luna Dancer Edits

Sat Dec 9 01:37:22 2017

Edits to the Luna Dancer image.

LunaDancerBigBreastsNude.png (d)

Luna Dancer

Sat Dec 9 01:33:50 2017

Image of Luna as a belly dancer that I drew to test out my Lenovo Ideapad. Enjoy!

LunaDancer.png (d)

Luna Dancer Lineart

Sat Dec 9 01:30:45 2017

Lineart of an image I did to test my Lenovo Ideapad. It draws pretty well and nearly feels like a Cintiq. I might save up for a better and stronger tablet later on. Anyway, enjoy the random image.

LunaDancerLineart.png LunaDancerLineart.png

Scientific Error Cover

Sun Dec 3 10:49:49 2017

Cover image for the upcoming comic I am hoping to have done sometime near the end of December. Progress is going well so hopefully I can do this. This comic introduces a new character known as Mui. What she is and what is her role in the comic? You all shall see soon.

I hope you like it!


December Suggestion

Thu Nov 30 17:52:34 2017

It's that time again. For all you nerds to make suggestions for what the December image could be. I will take the top 4 suggestions and put them in a poll later on to be voted for the image people would like.

So let's see your ideas peeps.

Bellydancer Series #1

Thu Nov 30 03:36:40 2017

A while ago I made a post for people to give me their OCs or characters to do a belly dancer series. The first winner is Desmond's Trisha! Hope you all enjoy. You are free to post a link to yours if you like. I plan to do these randomly in between comics and projects only for the Tier IV peeps!

Trisha.png Trisha.png

Happy Thanksgiving

Thu Nov 23 16:14:16 2017

For those that celebrate it, enjoy your Thanksgiving. I hope the holiday is kind for you and you enjoy the food that is made. The Christmas season is already here as well so be safe with your shopping endeavors.

Also, and I know it has been said a lot. I want people to be aware of the Net Neutrality situation and that a fuckwit is trying to ruin everything about it. If its gutted, there is no telling what will happen to this Patreon or really my future as an artist itself so be sure to spread the word to keep the titles of Net Neutrality and do everything we can to stop that cunt, Ajit Pai and the FCC.

Happy Holidays and good wishes to all of you ( except Ajit Pai, he sucks )

Turkey for those who didn't see it on Tumblr, FA, and Twitter.

November Update :D

Wed Nov 22 03:19:36 2017

Hello all who have stuck around and all newcomers. Suirano with an update here. As discussed in the Patreon Discord, a new comic for Tier IV is being worked on and will hopefully come out late December. I am also aiming to do the obligatory Christmas themed images throughout the month for Tier II and above with Tier I getting the linearts.

So keep an eye out for another post where instead of doing a poll, I will ask for suggestions and doodle a few. Be mindful that this isn't just MLP but anything.

So till then, enjoy Turkeyshy and I will probably ask for suggestions some time after Thanksgiving.

( There is the part of me that wants to make the meaningless Tier V just for lols and make fun of people who actually pledge to it. )

November2017 Edits

Tue Nov 21 23:44:07 2017

Edits to the monthly image. Includes dialouge, futa, and cum edits.

FlutterturkeyNude.png (d)

November2017 Image

Tue Nov 21 23:42:01 2017

The poll for this month was really close so I just did this instead. Fluttershy being the main focus since I did that Barb image earlier.

FlutterturkeyClothed-Nodialouge.png (d)

November2017 Lineart

Tue Nov 21 23:29:36 2017

Making a turkey outfit was harder than I thought, lol, but who cares. There are boobs here.


Barb Booty Futa Edit

Tue Nov 14 05:15:09 2017

A minor change I did to this because I wanted to. Enjoy Barb cock. Also there is a 3000 x 2250 transparent background image for those who may want that.

BarbassFuta.png (d)

Barb Booty

Tue Nov 14 05:09:56 2017

Felt like drawing Barb so enjoy the bigger resolution. Small res will be posted publicly. Enjoy.

Barbass.png Barbass.png

Elsa Archive

Sun Nov 12 20:45:37 2017

This is just something I threw together for those who haven't seen it. All the Elsa images I have done with one extra in there that isn't posted anywhere and is Patreon exclusive. Enjoy.

Elsatits.png (d)

Barb vs Fluttershy

Wed Nov 8 23:16:53 2017

The Barb/Fluttershy turkey costume overwhelmingly was winning the poll so I guess now I will do another poll between the two. Who would you rather see.

Suggestions for the outfit and a pose are welcome.

Pikachu Gal Edits

Sun Nov 5 11:14:51 2017

All the edits I did of this little gal. As said before, I love drawing her and there will be more along with the other stuff I crap out.

PickachuLightning.png (d)

Pikachu Gal

Sun Nov 5 11:11:51 2017

Despite the drama from the first image I did of her, I have taken an immense liking to this character and plan to do A LOT of art of her until I am sick of drawing her. Considering how every image I do of her end up as my phone background, it is no time soon.

ZIP file contains this image and a new one I did.

Pikabutt02.png (d)

Pikachu Girl Lineart

Sun Nov 5 11:10:13 2017

This little gal has become one of my all time favorite characters I own and I have been drawing her a lot lately. So expect to see her as she is Patreon only.

PickachuLineart.png PickachuLineart.png

Novembah Suggestions

Tue Oct 31 17:38:00 2017

Suggestions for the arts for November month. Tier IV will be getting an Allin comic idea I have been wanting to do along with something else. through the months of November and December :D.

Hope you enjoy. Poll will be made later in the month after a few suggestions have been made.

Succubus Celestia Edits

Sun Oct 29 23:46:45 2017

Edits for the Succubus Celestia image. Enjoy.

SuccubusCelestiaNudeFuta.png (d)

Succubus Celestia Image

Sun Oct 29 23:42:48 2017

The other image for the month of October. Succubus Celestia. I think I will start a tradition of doing this every year like my Eclipse image. A Twilight and Celestia image. Maybe...

SuccubusCelestia.png (d)

Succubus Celestia Lineart

Sun Oct 29 23:40:47 2017

Lineart for the other October image. Enjoy

SuccubusCelestiaLineart.png SuccubusCelestiaLineart.png

Twilight Succubus Edits

Sat Oct 14 22:42:52 2017

Edits of the Twilight Succubus image for October. Enjoy. Next is Succubus Celestia. :D

SuccubusTwilightFutaSweat.png (d)

Succubus Twilight

Sat Oct 14 22:30:30 2017

One of the monthly images. This time it is Succubus Twilight Sparkle. Been wanting to draw her again and this is the best time to do it.

SuccubusTwilight.png (d)

Succubus Twilight Lineart

Sat Oct 14 22:08:31 2017

Lineart for one of the monthly images. Enjoy.

SuccubusTwilightLineart.png SuccubusTwilightLineart.png

September2017 Edits

Sat Sep 30 07:31:04 2017

Edits and PSD of the September Image. Hope you all enjoy this.

MotherlyFunFuta.png (d)

September2017 Image

Sat Sep 30 07:29:20 2017

Image voted upon by all of you for the month of September. I hope you all enjoy. Next month's images will be Halloween themed. Celestia and Twilight will be coming.

MotherlyFun.png MotherlyFun.png

September2017 WIP

Sat Sep 30 07:26:43 2017

WIP of the September image.

MotherlyFunWIP.png MotherlyFunWIP.png

A Thank You and an Update

Fri Sep 29 23:43:18 2017

I want to offer a huge thank you to everyone that enjoyed Dragon's Knight. I am even more happy that so many of you are encouraging the idea of creating my own story ideas of which I am truly honored. You guy's support both through your donations here and words have really made me keep myself going.


I am also truly grateful for you guys who allow me to just go a month or two with nothing and do not unpledge thinking I am scamming or anything.

I asked all of you in DIscord if you are okay with me taking a little break from making comics to just catch my bearings and get my mind together which overwhelmingly you guys were fine with. ( Funny how nobody complains here and you guys are the ones that pay. )

That being the case, I wish to offer a thanks in the only way I know how, ART. For the next month or two, I am not going to be working on a comic but in return, I will be doing something for you guys:

Give a link of an OC of yours if you have one and I will choose a few to do a belly dancer image with them. Was thinking about a minimum of 5 or so. Please respond and link only here and not in the Discord. If you do not have an OC, you can choose a character of your liking.

Dragon's Knight: Trial By Sword

Tue Sep 26 19:17:09 2017

I have wanted to do my own comic with my own characters so here we go. We see young knight Arcus on his journey to slay the dragon, Rubi. What will happen in this endeavor? I am pretty sure you all know.

Let me know what you think and if you want to see more of this.

- Dropbox Link -

Cover.png (d)

Monthly Poll and Updates

Mon Sep 18 00:28:40 2017

So the winner of the poll was "Motherly Fun with Fire Eclipse and Amaranthine". I didn't really see that one coming but expect to see the image with those two within the next 13 days.

For the Tier IV people. I am hoping to have the comic by the end of the month beginning into October. I will be posting some stuff with it soon.

I already have plans for October with Succubus Twilight and Succubus Celestia images. I will continue to update anything coming up.

September Monthly Image

Sun Sep 10 19:18:02 2017

I am going to be collecting suggestions and the top ones from here and on my Patreon server will be in the poll and the poll will be kept open for about a week.

So, hope you guys enjoy the choices and the finished results.

September Image Suggestions

Fri Sep 1 01:58:02 2017

Making a post for all of you on what you'd like to see for this month's image. There will be more than just the monthly image as I generally cram random art in here now but I always want to do an image dedicated to you beautiful people.

So, feel free to throw suggestions here of which I will make a poll based on them and some ideas of my own. Thank you all who continue to support me. You guys help me out SOOOO much!

Chrysalis Glove Thingy

Mon Aug 28 00:04:33 2017

This was the original thing before I decided to add more to it. Will probably do a Fem-Sombra one to compliment this one. For those collecting the glove series, enjoy this new piece.

Will be publically posted on another day.


Chrysalis Edits

Mon Aug 28 00:00:01 2017

The edits for this month's image. Had a little bit of trouble this month for some reason but I hope you enjoy it never the less.

ChrysalisNudeWet.png (d)

Chrysalis Image

Sun Aug 27 23:56:34 2017

This month's image voted on by the users. Decided to do more with it and show more than just the glove and give a nice rear view. Enjoy!

ChrysalisNude.png (d)

Chrysalis WIP

Sun Aug 27 23:53:26 2017

The WIP of this month's image. Enjoy!


Trial By Sword Cover

Sun Aug 27 21:23:01 2017

Cover page for the comic I am currently doing. You can probably guess the route this is going given it is a NSFW comic but I hope you all enjoy it never the less. The comic will be coming out near the end of September but I will be posting updates and stuff for it during the month so you guys don't feel left out. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy other stuff coming here.

Also if you aren't. Feel free to join my Discord to get real time updates and just hear me complain lol.


Fem-Suiy August2017 Edits

Mon Aug 14 04:03:35 2017

Edits to the Fem-Suiy image. Hope you enjoy :D.

Fem-SuiyFutaWet.png (d)

Fem-Suiy August2017

Mon Aug 14 03:59:17 2017

Image of Fem-Suiy that I wanted to work on for a while.

FemSuiy.png (d)

Fem-Suiy August2017 WIP

Mon Aug 14 03:51:55 2017

Image I have been wanting to do for a while so here ya go. I might actually start doing WIPs like this. I kind of like it.


Lavender Edits

Wed Aug 9 16:49:01 2017

Edits of the Lavender image. Enjoy.

LavenderCum.png (d)

Heated Lavender

Wed Aug 9 16:47:15 2017

Something I wanted to draw so here you all go. :D


A thank you

Sun Jul 30 21:16:32 2017

Just sending a thank you for all of you who stick around and deal with my incredibly bad upload and management schedules. :D

Hope you all enjoy the content I crap out.

July 2017 Edits

Sun Jul 30 21:13:09 2017

Edits to the July image. Enjoy!

DashMom.png (d)

July 2017 Image

Sun Jul 30 21:10:24 2017

Rainbow Dash and Windy Whistles bonding or something like that. Anyway, enjoy!!


July2017 Sketch

Sun Jul 30 21:08:29 2017

Sketch for the Tier II and above image for the month of July. Rainbow as CurvyDash with CurvyMom.


Green Inspiration Complete

Sun Jul 30 17:20:46 2017

7 more pages added to the little Green Inspiration comic I was doing. It was a little fun thing that really had no point but I know people loved it so here you go!

Comic0008.png (d)

Content for the next few months

Thu Jul 20 01:24:11 2017

For those that are not on my Patreon Discord server:

The next few months will be comics. By the end of this month, the remaining 7-8 pages of Green Inspiration will be posted. Next will be finishing the comic Casting Error and after that an original comic idea that I want to try out.

Posting this to let you guys know. I will be posting progress pages and stuff over the time so you guys won't be sitting around with nothing coming up.

Hope you enjoy the future stuff :D


Thu Jul 13 00:57:27 2017

Just a reminder that there is a Discord server where you can discuss ideas and get real time information on the progress of stuff. It is a really laid back server compared to my public one.

Solgaleo Edits/PSD

Sun Jul 9 07:48:32 2017

Futa Edits to the Solgaleo image along with the PSD file. Enjoy.

SolgaleoNudeFuta.png (d)


Sun Jul 9 07:44:35 2017

Full res of Solgaleo image I was working on along with a nude edit. Not the Monthly image.

Solgaleo.png (d)


Tue Jul 4 20:33:33 2017

The Freedom bird at a higher res ( 2160 x 1620 ) along with a nude and futa edit. This isn't the monthly image, just an extra I decided to do for you guys. Enjoy.

LibertyNude.png (d)

Summer Fun - Image Folio

Mon Jun 26 17:46:46 2017

Images of the mane 6 enjoying various summer things. I will add Starlight and Sunset soon but wanted to share the mane 6. The images are swimsuit, nude and futa edits. I hope you enjoy and I will upload another one when the other two are added. Might add Trixie in there for lulz.

For the upcoming months, I would like to finish the comics that are still in progress if that is okay with all of you.

Fluttershy.png (d)

Summer Fun Sneak Peak

Fri Jun 23 05:37:29 2017

A little teaser of what is to come soon. This will feature the mane 6 along with Starlight and Sunset with swimsuit, nude and futa edits to them. Hope you enjoy the finished result :D.


June 2017 Edits

Fri Jun 16 16:49:51 2017

Edits for the June Image. Suggestions for the July Image are open now.

SuiAllin-AllinFutaWet.png (d)

June 2017 Image

Fri Jun 16 16:47:45 2017

Quite a few people suggested the idea of Fem-Sui and Allin together enjoying themselves at a beach or something of the like. Hope you all enjoy and suggestions for next month are open now.

SuiAllinNormal.png (d)

June Image WIP

Mon Jun 12 00:46:17 2017

Got many suggestions for Fem-Suiy and Allin so I am drawing them together for this month :D.


Lingering Temptation

Thu Jun 1 02:33:23 2017

It took far too long to finish this but here it is. The true final chapter of the Temptation arc. Any future comic won't be called Temptation but will be in the universe it takes place in. The next comic would be about Spike's descent into Femboy-hood.

June's content is a sling bikini set of the Mane 6, Starlight, and Sunset. If time permits, I will add more to it.

Anyway, enjoy the comic and feel free to offer suggestions of future content :D.

Remember, Patreon Discord Link: and Public Discord Link:

Comic Link Here:

LT000.png (d)

Comic Update

Wed May 31 06:50:30 2017

Good news everyone. Comic should be out by late 5/31 or the next day!


Sun May 28 08:43:21 2017

Just a reminder that there is a Patreon Discord server.

Feel free to join to get real time updates about future works, offer suggestions in a better way, learn the status of works, have a method of communication should the site go down or just want to talk to me and see how much I suck.

Either way, feel free to join. There are 90 of you butts, get in here >:V


Sat May 27 19:54:55 2017

As you know, I have been having computer issues and it's made me unable to work. I am working to fix them and get back to work. The comic won't be coming out until really early June. I sincerely apologize for making you guys wait longer.

Don't leave me! DX

Check the Discord for updates.

Discord Server Permanent Link

Sat May 20 07:00:17 2017

Apologies to those unable to join. I forgot to make the link permanent. It should be good now.

Patreon Server

Fri May 19 04:53:22 2017

This is specifically a Patreon Discord. When you enter, you need to give your username and pledge tier so I can appoint you to the correct role. You won't have access to the updates and suggestions area if you don't. Thank you!

Deleting your pledge will cost you your role position and you will be moved to the Guest tier. This is to ensure fairness amongst the patrons.

Discord Server

Thu May 18 07:04:11 2017

Who would want a Patron only Discord server to chat with me and stuff?

Bonus Lucario Edits

Wed May 17 21:05:37 2017

This wasn't supposed to have edits but then boredom took over. So here you all go! :D

AstralLucarioWet.png (d)

Bonus Lucario

Wed May 17 21:02:05 2017

Started off as a simple random image that turned into this. So I figured I'd share it here. Will post only this and the nude one publically over time. Her name is Astral.

AstralLucario.png (d)

Astral Lucario WIP

Wed May 17 09:16:47 2017

WIP of my Lucario girl. Enjoy.


For June

Mon May 15 19:08:05 2017

As I am working on this Temptation chapter I'd figure this is a good time to ask about what you guys would like to see for June. My ideas is either another comic, finishing the previous ones or a string bikini image set with the mane 6 and Princesses. Any of these sound good or do you have one of your own? Feel free to share.

Also I want to offer a huge thank you for the newcomers to this tier. You are all helping me out a lot.

Suntit Sketch

Mon May 15 06:42:06 2017

A random idea I had in my head that I decided to draw and am just gonna post here.


Temptation Update

Sun May 14 09:52:53 2017

The comic is still being worked on so please have patience. I have seen some people leaving the tier so I figured I'd give an update so you guys don't think there is nothing coming. Art seems to be taking longer than it used to.

Mother's Day Edits

Sun May 14 09:50:46 2017

The edits from the Mother's Day image. This image was a bit more difficult to do for some reason and I don't know why. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.

Includes clothed/nude images along with edits, sketch and PSD file.

MothersNudeWet.png (d)

Mother's Day Image

Sun May 14 09:48:53 2017

Mother's Day with some good ol' Velvet Cake.

MothersNude.png (d)

Mother's Day Sketch

Sun May 14 09:42:25 2017

Outline for the Mother's Day image to be posted soon. Will be doing more Mother images for the rest of May.

May2017Sketch.png May2017Sketch.png


Sat May 6 01:46:53 2017

Lineart of a random image I decided to work on.


Allin Fap

Sat May 6 01:42:04 2017

Going to start posting images early on here before I post them publically. Hope you all enjoy it.



Mon May 1 01:00:51 2017

Going to start being more active here because I feel like I am not as active as I could be. Hopefully I can start more activity here to make everyone feel like they are getting their money's worth.

Bonus Allin Futa

Mon May 1 00:58:51 2017

Futa Allin and edits along with the PSD. Hope you enjoy this last minute April pic. Suggestions still open.

AllinNudeFuta.png (d)

Bonus Allin

Mon May 1 00:55:23 2017

During the suggestions, the most were Fluttershy and Allin, so I did both. A second image for April. Suggestions still open for May's.

AllinNormal.png (d)

Lingering Temptation Teaser

Fri Apr 28 23:41:13 2017

A little cover teaser of what to expect in the upcoming comic. It will be released some time next month so I hope you all enjoy it. It will be about 20+ pages.

Also: I am leaving up to you guys if this is something that stays just at this tier or if it goes to others or released to the public. This is a thank you to all of you specifically so I will see what choice has the most input.


Lingering Temptation Update

Sun Apr 23 08:19:00 2017

Hello you beautiful bastards. Suirano with an update here. Lingering Temptation is in the works seeming to be about 20+ pages. The characters are Chrysalis, Cadance and Shining Armor as Cadance finally tries to settle things with Chrysalis using something they both love, Shining Armor.

So far it is just male/female, haven't decided if I will add a twist with Shining armor getting stick up the butt by futa or turning Shining into a girl.

I will be posting more updates and keeping you all informed. I am trying a lot of new things with this comic and am aiming for it to look visually pleasing while still keeping the Temptation charm.

Feel free to send your input along the way, it is always greatly appreciated. As for a release date, I am aiming for the end of next month so I can take some breathers as I have been stressing myself out a lot lately.

Anyway, thank all of you who support me on this tier and I hope my work justifies the money you pledge.

04-2017 Image Edits

Thu Apr 20 08:23:59 2017

I didn't expect to make so many edits to this and I am pretty sure there are possibilities I overlooked but nevertheless I hope everyone enjoys.

Suggestions for May?

FluttersNudeCock.png (d)

04-2017 Image

Thu Apr 20 08:20:04 2017

Bunnyshy for the month of April. A bit shy of Easter but nevertheless I hope you all enjoy this month's. The Allin image will be coming soon.

FluttersNormal.png (d)


Wed Apr 19 06:59:41 2017

Are people here fine with me posting bits of Patreon content on Tumblr after a set amount of time?

I just wanna make sure people are alright with that.

April Images WIP

Thu Apr 13 00:37:34 2017

Here are the sketch WIPs for the April images. I loved the suggestions for this month. :D

04-2017Image.jpg 04-2017Image_02.jpg 04-2017Image.jpg

Green Inspiration

Tue Mar 28 23:08:54 2017

Pages 1-7 of the March comic. I actually want to do more with this comic and continue it so I left it as it was on page 7 and will update it over time.

For April/May, it will be Lingering Temptation. It will take some time for me to get the comic done so what I will probably do is the same as this and just post my progress with Temptation near the end of the month.

Also expect occasional pages from Teacher's Pet, Casting Error and this comic to just randomly be posted on this tier.

After Lingering Temptation, I was wanting to do a comic with Therial and Silva, what do you guys think?

Comic0001.png (d)

2017-03 Edits

Tue Mar 21 23:36:44 2017

Edits for the March image.

So what do you guys wanna see for April?

ChrysalisNude.png (d)

2017-03 Image

Tue Mar 21 23:34:32 2017

Green of Chrysalis for the month of March.

Any suggestions for the month of April?

ChrysalisNormal.png ChrysalisNormal.png

Thank you very much

Sun Mar 19 18:19:57 2017

Thank you all for your input and I am really glad that you guys are willing to be patient with me and give me more than a month to finish something. So that being said, I am finishing a short coming to try to have it for the month of March. After that, for all you guys who help me out and have been kind, I will give you all a special gift, the actual final chapter of Temptation:

Lingering Temptation.

Hope you all will enjoy that when it comes out. I will create a post when I have an idea of the release date.

What is better?

Fri Mar 17 08:22:02 2017

A small comic or image series every month or a longer comic or bigger image series over a span of two months or so? Wanna know if I took time to do a longer comic, if people would be patient and not bail on me thinking I am gyping them or something.

Directed to you 10 dollar people since this is your tier. The latter would be a huge relief of stress but you guys are the ones paying and all that. So give your opinion.

Future of Pahtreeun

Mon Mar 6 22:37:30 2017

You guys wanna see more than MLP stuff or just keep it MLP here? Other opinions on what you wanna see with my Peetryon would be helpful.

Give me some input people since many of you don't offer suggestions >:V.

2017-02 Edits

Sat Feb 25 03:38:05 2017

Edits of the $2 tier image. I had way too much fun with coloring this. Hope you enjoy.

Suggestions are welcome for March's image.

UmbraNude.png (d)

2017-02 Image

Sat Feb 25 03:34:11 2017

Umbra for February 2017. Hope you all enjoy.

Suggestions for March 2017 image?

UmbraClothed.png UmbraClothed.png

Lunar Love

Wed Feb 22 02:14:49 2017

Took longer to finish this than I wanted but here it is. I wanted to do a bit more of a serious story and actually have wanted to do this since Chapter 1 of Temptations. What do ya think?

Also, suggestions for March? Something different or finishing up Casting Error?

LL001.png Lunar_Love.rar (d)

A slight problem occuring

Mon Feb 13 17:43:43 2017

I was hoping to get some things out before V-Day however there seems to be an issue with Patreon and me not getting paid and I have been trying to get this resolved. Thank you for your patience and I do hope you enjoy the content coming soon. ( a week after V Day at the latest ).

2017-01 Casting Error Pt. 1

Thu Jan 26 18:29:42 2017

I decided to actually do a continuation of Teacher's Pet but it kind of isn't. It is after the events of Teacher's Pet in the same universe but it isn't a direct continuation of events in Teacher's Pet.

This is the first half of the comic and I am aiming for it to continue into another comic I will do later on. Don't know when the second half will come out but I hope you all enjoy nevertheless.

TP2001.png Casting_Error.rar (d)

2017-01 Edits

Thu Jan 26 18:27:43 2017

Edits and PSD of the $2 tier image. Hope you enjoy my incredibly bad PSD layout.

2017-01Nude.png (d)

2017-01 Sketches

Thu Jan 26 18:24:04 2017

Some skecthes over time that I don't know if I will finish so I might as well share here. Hope you like it or just enjoy seeing the process.

SunbuttWaterbend.png (d)

2017-01 Image

Thu Jan 26 18:20:18 2017

I liked the idea of Celestia doing Yoga so decided to make that this month's image. Hope you all enjoy!.

2017-01.png 2017-01.png


Sun Jan 22 08:44:04 2017

Despite the lack of activity, I am working on this month's stuff and trying to get it up before the end of the month. It has been one busy month so bear with me.

January Image Set/Comic Suggestions

Sun Jan 1 23:40:37 2017

Same as the earlier post. Some suggestions have been given, seeing if there are more out there. I am aiming to keep the sets around 6 images/pages and do more if time permits.

So any ideas you guys wanna see?

January Pin Up Image Suggestions.

Sun Jan 1 23:38:59 2017

A few suggestions have been made but I want to see what other ideas you guys may want to see. This post is for the 2nd tier pinup image.

So any suggestions?


Tue Dec 27 01:58:35 2016

Heyo, here are all the edits to the $2 tier for you guys. Hope you enjoy.

Also, Suggestions for the next 2-5 dollar tier?

LunaNude.png 2016Luna.rar (d)


Tue Dec 27 01:54:18 2016

Apologies for how long this took. A lot happened this month that took my time. A futa edit will be coming out in time. I hope you all enjoy.

Also, Suggestions for next month's content? Dropbox has been giving me issues so keep an eye out for when I put that link up also.

DecImage04.png Dec2016Images.rar (d)

December Content

Sat Dec 24 18:43:34 2016

I apologize for the lack of updates. Things made it a tad difficult to work on arts.

The December content is still coming, it might be a tad later than I wanted due to events happening but please bear with me. It will definitely be released soon.

Lunar Christmas

Tue Dec 20 20:28:04 2016

Image for December 2016 with Luna in a hot spring in the snow. Hope you all enjoy.


December Content

Wed Dec 14 03:27:45 2016

All December content will be released beween December 21st - December 30th. I am hoping to get it all by the 21st but you all know how life can be.

Hope you all enjoy. Also, Image folio for the 4th tier will get futa edits as well but that will be a bit later.

Changes to Patreon

Sun Dec 11 11:01:15 2016

I have gone and changed up my Patreon. Please go through and see how it is and let me know if something doesn't seem right or a better change can be made. I want to make sure you all are okay with this and I am not causing issues.

One change is that the charges have been changed to monthly. New tiers have also been added and previous ones have been adjusted. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th tier images for the month of December are Christmas themed.

4th Tier will be a Princess Christmas Image set including Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight, Chrysalis, and the older Flurry Heart I drew a while ago.

Thank you for your understanding and Happy Holidays to you all!

Teacher's Pet

Wed Nov 30 00:56:57 2016

A little comic made for the hell of it. Hope you all enjoy. Gonna do a Christmas Princess Folio next :D.

0KA70O6VaY5VyZKRZbkp0ZgQgmck2g1IcAv1xqPleQbmMkgAWsjoBRrV6iCEyO3I.jpeg Teachers_Pet.rar (d)

Patreon For Now

Sun Nov 27 23:34:58 2016

Eventually I will go through changing up a few things but for now, I will keep it as a donate what you want and get stuff. I aim to have something come out every month whether it is a short comic or a folio/image set.

I hope you all enjoy what is coming in the future and feel free to offer suggestions on what you want to see from here. Also know that I am still learning this site and am pretty amateurish with this and would greatly appreciate any help on making this page enjoyable for all of you.

Also, short comic coming up in a few days.

After Temptation

Sat Nov 5 15:17:48 2016

With the Temptation arc finally ending, it also means that this Patreon will be getting a few changes as well. I will keep all the Temptation stuff here but will begin adding new areas for donations for art and special comics. The amount will be higher so I am posting this for those that do not want to throw more than a dollar this way.

Next comic is called Teacher's Pet and will be a Patreon only comic. There will also be art for here as well. If people here have some ideas on the best method of implementation, please feel free to message me. I do not know when I am going to do it.

Final Temptation

Mon Oct 31 16:08:07 2016

Here is the final chapter to the Temptation series. I hope you all enjoy this comic and thank you all for the fun ride. Please message me if there are any issues or anything.

CcXiRVmknBfCyKL9uqWp9ZeEK5igOcapKZWy3GXl9zXiGLsfr5a1lUyf824J9DTp.jpeg Final_Temptation.rar (d)

Temptation Tales Part 3

Wed Aug 31 10:52:10 2016

The final chapter of the Tales series and the introduction into the final Temptations Chapter. I hope you all enjoy and are ready for the next and final part of the Temptation series. Thank you all for helping a Sui out!!

PdBLrdvHCoC4a4N88O68oTgMlUYs8mx4smc6Ys9Ttvmd7ra1xo81pY2whSq4T9PZ.png (d)

Temptation Tales Pt. 3

Thu Aug 4 10:17:50 2016

Temptation Tales Pt. 3 is aimed to be posted on August 30th or 31st, 2016. This post is being made for those to be aware of it. I intend to start making more use of this and appreciate those who continue to support me. :D

Temptation Tales Extras

Fri Jan 1 13:05:15 2016

wMEdFmezPwHpYyn1nBDf2WTpNCWp4zVcETHoXIKquZSldnvVcmKQfMzTfLSasSXE_large_2.jpeg Temptation_Tales_Complete.rar (d)

Temptation Tales Part 2

Sun Dec 27 00:29:52 2015

I like to thank everyone who helped with this and hope they enjoy what they see. Pt. 3 will be coming soon so enjoy and if there are any problems, message me here or on Tumblr :D.

DA4wEVEpkLPF7AaOcBJxjpB8bYUxTquszbOss8WndDcixIpJpf40yU0wlo4Hoh1T_large_2.jpeg Temptation_Tales.rar (d)

Temptation Tales 2

Fri Sep 18 22:58:41 2015

I am about to start working on Part 2 of the Temptation Tales series and will be doing another donation drive but this one will probably have no goal in mind or a small one. So look forward to that and think you all for your support!

Temptation Tales Part 1

Thu Aug 6 03:40:33 2015 (d)