Heavy Load

Fri Oct 2 03:41:28 2020

Servers are under a heavy load today huh?

xasyr_secret_server.png xasyr_secret_server.png

Bass Player

Thu Oct 1 01:10:35 2020

My roommates made it very clear to me recently that I never do any world building with my characters. Case in point, I don't think anyone knows that Lull plays bass and is in a punk/metal band. Jack lets him play at his bar in exchange for free beer.

Lull_bass.png Lull_bass.png

Temporary Lull Reference

Thu Oct 1 01:01:53 2020

I bought an apple pencil and have been trying to work on the ipad, its kinda weird with the pressure and I haven't used it for many months. This as just supposed to be a quick sketch but after 10 YEARS, I finally made a simple ref for the spottie thottie

lull_ref_temp.png lull_ref_temp.png

Back at Jack's

Mon Sep 28 01:44:24 2020

Jack isn't one for condoms, but this cervine doesn't seem to mind~

wordguru_werewolf_stall_CUM.png wordguru_werewolf_stall_CUM.png wordguru_werewolf_stall.png


Sat Sep 26 15:48:40 2020

Hervy showing off her private selection to Midori. Care to add to the collection?

midori_private_collection.png midori_private_collection.png

Copious Collection

Sat Sep 26 13:09:25 2020

We only needed one sample! Did no one set a completion requirement? Guess we'll have to find a use for all this biomaterial.

lewdblushing_cumtank.png lewdblushing_cumtank.png

Messy Mom

Tue Sep 22 14:32:08 2020

moms need more love and support for all the hard work they do to keep everyone happy 😌

amazing_mom.png amazing_mom.png

Zara Underwear Meme

Mon Sep 21 15:45:08 2020

A small meme while I figure out how to work on a fold out table.
"Nice and snug but not much tail space..."

underwear_meme.png underwear_meme.png

Late Night Snack

Sun Sep 20 12:41:14 2020

"This is the last of the chow mein but I'm sure we can scrounge something else up for ya!"

latenightsnack_lull.png latenightsnack_lull.png

Jack The Werewolf

Sat Sep 19 12:58:03 2020

Im gonna call him Jack he definitely owns a bar he definitely has a thing for married women and dudes eating his ass

Jack_the_werewolf.png Jack_the_werewolf.png

Small Dog, Smaller Pants

Fri Sep 18 14:59:29 2020

Nah Lull, it's just the right size on yah. 😏

lull_butthole.png lull_butthole.png


Thu Sep 17 15:56:59 2020

When sucking your own dick, flexibility is important. But being insanely well-endowed also helps!

raccoonbro_kingfisher_selfsuck.png raccoonbro_kingfisher_selfsuck.png

Personal Ball Caddy

Wed Sep 16 17:01:51 2020

Personal ball caddy can never be too far with his new collar. Ready to lick, kiss, suck, and rub at a moments notice. Quick collab I did with ZomaNSFW (external link).

skullyzoma_trade.png skullyzoma_trade.png

Bird With A Belly

Tue Sep 15 14:42:23 2020

him big

skullyfatboy2.png skullyfatboy2.png


Mon Sep 14 23:32:28 2020

Demonstrating just how versatile truck beds can really be

rainbowdasher4_truckbed.png rainbowdasher4_truckbed.png

Playful Paws Pleasing Packed Prince Peable

Fri Aug 28 20:20:46 2020

ain't that some alliteration

chrim_peable_harem.png chrim_peable_harem.png chrim_peable_harem_1.png

Psychic Seduction

Tue Aug 18 18:13:49 2020

What's the matter, Mewtwo got your tongue?


Porcine Pounding

Fri Aug 14 18:33:23 2020

Making a mess like that is pretty inconsiderate! Looks like she doesn't mind much, though.


Not-So Light Jog

Thu Aug 13 13:08:58 2020

No need to run with weights on when you have a package that size


Unconventional Breeding

Wed Aug 12 11:49:52 2020

That's one way to knock up a needy fertile zorse


Bursting with Excitement

Tue Aug 11 12:13:52 2020

Shouldn't have bought the cheap condoms...oh well!


Tied and True

Tue Aug 11 01:45:34 2020

Always remember to give your bottoms a sudoku puzzle so they have something to do while the knot deflates~


Collection Ritual

Sat Aug 8 23:08:29 2020

C'mon, you didn't even make it all into the bowl. Guess we'll have to perform the ritual again!


Turz Slavestream Shirtfuck

Thu Aug 6 20:42:40 2020

That's one way to get your clothes off...might have to buy a new outfit after that!

Turz_slavestream_Shirtfuck.png Turz_slavestream_Shirtfuck_NAKED.png Turz_slavestream_Shirtfuck_CUM.png

Quail Argyle

Wed Aug 5 21:02:35 2020

I don't know which to stare at, that dick or them thigh highs 👀

Quail_argyle1.png Quail_argyle2.png

Baileys Slavestream October

Tue Aug 4 22:05:23 2020

Playing with a shiny new fox toy with a toy using a toy.


Isaah Reference Sheets

Mon Jul 13 22:02:23 2020

Another good lookin bird with a sizeable horsecock to fit B)

devilsdollhouse_Bird_reference_NSFW.png devilsdollhouse_Isaah_referenceSFW.png

How To Seduce A Mimic 101

Sun Jul 12 22:18:41 2020

The real treasure was a fondled prostate all along.


Training Tactics

Sun Jul 12 12:05:46 2020

This pup was getting a bit rowdy and needed to be put in their place! Make them think twice before they open their muzzle next time.

dalmation_ass1.png dalmation_ass2.png dalmation_ass3.png

Lipstick Party

Fri Jul 10 22:05:18 2020

We don't have all the colors of the rainbow on this bad boy, but I'm sure he won't mind if we keep trying! There's still room on that cock for more lipstick marks afterall.


Helping The Little Guy

Thu Jul 9 22:02:28 2020

Skully decided to show this lil birdie how to properly handle a giant horse cock, being the expert that he is.

ake_skully_horsecock.png ake_skully_horsecockcum.png

Sleepless Snuggles

Wed Jul 8 20:02:21 2020

The last thing you want when you're trying to sleep is someone's dick between your legs! But as it turns out, that might be what you get!


Cavorting At The Cabin

Sat May 30 20:16:09 2020

The informal definition of the word ;)


Public Transportation Isn't That Bad...

Sat May 30 20:14:42 2020

...especially when there's public fondling!


Turz SlaveStream May

Thu May 7 03:06:02 2020

The Lancer mech!


On Early Access

Sat May 2 22:19:42 2020

So for a couple of years now this Patreon has operated on the early access model of content but I just don't feel that its as sustainable due to the type of content that I produce. I thought that I would be producing a lot more long term projects like comics, games, and audio works. That just does not fit with my current workflow however, hopefully I can swap to that kind of content again in the future but it just doesn't make sense right now.

What does this mean for you, the patron?

Starting for May my Patreon will be swapping over to a high resolution image model. This means more content produced and put out quicker and more consistently than currently. Hopefully this means that there will no longer be weeks or months of content absent from galleries because of a post backlog, which will definitely help me with my mentality around my work. This also should mean more opportunity for Patreon exclusive content. Alts, exclusive openings, Photoshop documents, process GIFs, and more emphasis on suggestion work.

All in all stuff that I think I'll be more excited to do and stuff that I hope you all will be more excited to see!

Sashimi and Venison

Thu Apr 30 07:42:17 2020

Chubby Bunny


Turz Slavestream April

Wed Apr 29 09:22:27 2020

Touch fluffy neck, outside first then inside


Straight From The Tap

Sat Apr 25 00:36:33 2020

Warm and wet and full of fluid, looks like this lizard has something for a lucky patron.


Red and White With Cum All Over

Sat Apr 18 22:13:43 2020

Smdh, couldn't even make it to the bedroom.
At least the coffee table is a sturdy one!

imnotadolphin_coffeetable.png imnotadolphin_coffeetable2.png

Arcade's Climax

Wed Mar 25 22:06:40 2020

Look, no hands! ✋🤚


Harem Kojote

Tue Mar 24 20:55:23 2020

My weakness to golden piercings shines through here, doesn't it?


Acolath Solo

Thu Mar 19 23:41:15 2020

You could offer to give this fella a hand, but it looks like he's already got that covered. Might have to think of using something else!


Lucky Latex Lull

Wed Mar 18 02:37:46 2020

I think I shared WIPs for this last year but I honestly don't remember, so I hope y'all enjoy! All the images are attached as a zip to this post~

stpattys_day_sketch_irish_cum_heart.png (d) stpattys_day_sketch_irish_cum_heart.png stpattys_day_sketch_latex_cumbeer.png stpattys_day_sketch_naked.png

Kingfishers Febuary

Sat Feb 29 04:10:45 2020

Kingfishers for lewdblushing and hawkthorn!

frack_kingfisherfeb.png hawkthorn_kingfisherfeb.png

Poppi Breedin

Thu Feb 13 03:12:03 2020

My friend Kelevtov made an awesome character and I have had the mighty need to draw her


Poppi Breedin GIF

Thu Feb 13 03:11:17 2020

My friend Kelevtov made an awesome character and I have had the mighty need to draw her


Turz Hookup PSD

Mon Feb 3 17:01:51 2020

turz_preview.png turz_hookup_room.psd (d)

Turz Commssion

Thu Jan 30 22:43:03 2020

turz_hookup_roomcum.png turz_hookup_roomcum.png turz_hookup_room.png

LewdBlushing Kingfisher

Thu Jan 9 22:20:11 2020


Lull Painting PSD

Thu Jan 9 22:11:41 2020

Im going to keep posting the PSDs in the archive of course but I figure on here would be good for ease of access too.

dooggo.psd (d)

Lull Painting Process GIF

Thu Jan 9 22:10:14 2020



Tue Jan 7 18:22:30 2020

Couldnt help myself. I had to add in that other version


Lull Painting experiment

Tue Jan 7 04:29:03 2020

Learning to paint with some tutoring from Lost-paw! Im really super super pleased with this and hope to practice this more in the future

dooggo_-_Copy.png dooggo_hearteyes_-_Copy.png

Choices Matter

Fri Jan 3 21:58:20 2020

Which beans are best? Lulls or Kulamos?

kalumo_pawjob.png photo_2020-01-02_06-51-34.jpg

Some Lulls

Fri Jan 3 21:38:52 2020

I wanted to practice some cute stuff with Lull

stretchboy.png lewdboy.png nudeboy.png cuteboy.png

Holiday work

Mon Dec 30 23:20:30 2019

Holiday work for Pheeze, Paige, and ThatOneBirb!

pheeze_mornin.png paige_eggnog.png pheeze_mornin.psd (d) hawkthorn_kingfisherDec.png

30 Min Left for Holiday Commission application

Fri Dec 20 20:32:17 2019

I'm taking TWO(2) commission for the Holidays! Guaranteed to be delivered before December 25th! Preferably holiday themed or anything that really tickles my fancy.

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_mpYgVSZBFxm6H9W_s1PjGpJIoxnT2WT5HXYst4sPe1e4Kb4ZjUYBLw1V6v9pMU4cJNow1200-h630-p (d)

Limited Slot opening

Fri Dec 20 04:45:08 2019

I'm taking TWO(2) commission for the Holidays! Guaranteed to be delivered before December 25th! Preferably holiday themed or anything that really tickles my fancy. Gonna keep this form open until 2pm MST on December 20th.

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_mpYgVSZBFxm6H9W_s1PjGpJIoxnT2WT5HXYst4sPe1e4Kb4ZjUYBLw1V6v9pMU4cJNow1200-h630-p (d)

Royal Massage (Finished)

Wed Dec 11 23:08:28 2019

This has been a crazy fun project, I got to do a lot of things that I've been dying to try out. Architecture, mood light, atmosphere, heavy balls. This has been a blast to work on and it's kind of surreal to say I'm done with it now. It's a huge file that I think I'm going to try to set up some prints with, so I'm only uploading the small version. Even still that's 2500x3000. The 5000x6000 PSD will be available to the Majestic Magpie tier however.


Kingfishers for November

Tue Dec 3 19:47:09 2019

frakk_kingfisher_november.png nollan-kingfisher_November.png

Royal Massage

Tue Dec 3 19:46:33 2019

Okay Im done with painting the bg, time for colors!

voidpheonix_royalmassagetrimmed.png voidpheonix_royalmassage_BG.png

Kingfishers: Nollandross

Sat Nov 30 22:11:04 2019

Kingfishers for Nollandross!

nollan-kingfisher_November.png nollan-kingfisher_November.png nollankingfisher_september.png

Royal Massage (WIP)

Fri Nov 15 18:16:51 2019


The Hanged Man

Fri Nov 15 17:59:19 2019

Sketch suggestion for October

october_sketchstream3.png october_sketchstream3.png october_sketchstream2.png october_sketchstream.png

Minedoo Trade

Fri Nov 15 17:58:26 2019

A trade piece I did with Minedoo's Paul! He's mega cute

minedoo_trade2.png minedoo_trade2.png minedoo_trade.png

Sketch stream

Mon Nov 11 18:05:54 2019


Intermission Comic

Mon Nov 11 00:19:22 2019

A comic done as an Ornate Hawk-Eagle tier for Tyler Sinclair! He wrote it and I illustrated it, we hope you enjoy!


Catchup Suggestion Voting is live

Fri Nov 8 18:40:30 2019

Gonna be rapid fire on these voting ends/stream starts Monday, November 11. Tuesday November 12 voting will be back up so if you still have suggestions you'll have another opportunity this month to add to the Box

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_kPrBg5PW05K18WpJ1UfhBoHlKyQwrNJOzy45Yn70CB0QPRU94_c7OOERaoFR8npvB1ow1200-h630-p (d)


Wed Nov 6 20:45:24 2019

Some pieces done for my Kingfisher tier!

frakk_kingfisher_october.png spiral_kingfisher.png spirale_kingfisher_october.png

2x Suggestion Stream

Wed Nov 6 20:44:06 2019

Gonna do 2 suggestion streams this month to make up for October so go ahead and add your suggestions to the Box for the first one this Friday, November 8th.

Kinktober/October PSDs

Thu Oct 17 21:03:14 2019

Heres the link! Key will be sent over Patreon messages


Enjoy the View

Wed Oct 9 16:35:34 2019

electric2lights_cybersaber.png electric2lights_cybersaber.png electric2lights_cybersaber_a.png

Officers "Lounge"

Thu Oct 3 08:09:43 2019


Kinktober Reminder

Mon Sep 30 05:06:09 2019

Hey you night owls, if you're up I just want to remind you that Kinktobers will be opening up at tomorrow at 6pm EST.

Poizen will only let me upload 8 of the kinktobers this time, the monster themed ones will be available after the initial 8 have been claimed.

>>> <<<

A Quiet Day in Rito Village

Mon Sep 30 04:49:22 2019


Thirsty Piggy

Mon Sep 30 04:48:57 2019


Refined WIPs

Sat Sep 28 23:12:54 2019

Some stuff Im hoping to finish in the next day or 2, all but the first are refined and ready to be colored

electric2lights_cybersaber.png electric2lights_cybersaber.png hawkthorn_lockerroom.png peable_nollan2.png row_davad_jockfacial.png ikralu_kass.png electric2lights_cybersaber_a.png

Golden Day in the Park

Sat Sep 28 23:10:14 2019


Breeding Bull

Sat Sep 28 23:09:35 2019

Two ways to breed the bull

Red_AC_Repair.png Red_AC_Repair.png Red_Size_Diff.png

A Challenge

Sat Sep 28 23:06:42 2019

Horsedick com for November!

november_skullyselfie.png november_skullyselfie_caption.png november_skullyselfie_phone.png

September Suggestion sketches

Fri Sep 27 22:55:59 2019

Didn't end up with a sketch page just because there's a lot of potential in the theme, so here's a couple of sketches on their own!

Thinking of making that first one into a ych for later? What do you guys think?

September_sketchpage4.png September_sketchpage3.png September_sketchpage2.png September_sketchpage1.png

Stream reminder

Fri Sep 27 16:16:12 2019

Gonna be streaming today at 12 MST for this months sketch page

A series of WIPS

Wed Sep 25 16:10:42 2019

Set of wips from upcoming commissions

Red_AC_Repair.png Red_AC_Repair.png november_skullyselfie2-1.png Red_Size_Diff.png row_davad_jockfacial.png peable_nollan2.png ikralu_kass.png electric2lights_cybersaber.png hawkthorn_lockerroom.png

Teacher's Pet

Mon Sep 23 19:41:19 2019

YCH for the end of summer featuring Bonfirefox, Konigpanther, and Electric2Lights!

Backtoschooldrool_write.png Backtoschooldrool_write.png Backtoschoolcum_write.png Backtoschooldrool.png Backtoschoolcum.png Backtoschoolclean.png Backtoschoolwriting.png

September 2019 Sketch Page voting

Mon Sep 23 16:15:48 2019

It's that time of the month again patrons! Go cast your votes for the stream on Friday the 27th!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_kPrBg5PW05K18WpJ1UfhBoHlKyQwrNJOzy45Yn70CB0QPRU94_c7OOERaoFR8npvB1ow1200-h630-p (d)

The Great Big #KINKtober List (unofficial posting)

Sun Sep 22 19:42:05 2019

Some of you might remember the stuff I did last year for KINKtober, but for those of you who don't, here's the set up!

What you get is up to two (2) characters in a black-and-white inked drawing with single spot color - with one of the themes from my list of kinks! You can claim up to 3 kinks from the list, each of which has an assigned day in October - this is when your picture will be posted. It'll be first come, first serve to claim the kink/day.This list (see below) is what will be posted on FurAffinity when I open for them.

The turn-around has to be quick, so the opportunity for feedback and corrections will be limited for these. I'm going to start with 14-15 slots to try to better gauge my time this year. If time permits, I will repeat the list in a sort of "second-chance" style for people who potentially missed out on one of the slots they wanted.


October 1st- Pheromones

October 2nd- Jockstraps

October 3rd- Pawjob

October 4th- Facial

October 5th- Breeding/impregnation

October 6th- Horsedick

October 7th- Throatpie

October 8th- Pup/Pet Play

October 9th- Beast from the Deep

October 10th- Electrostim Frankenstein

October 11th- Bound by the Mummy

October 12th- The Vampires Thrall

October 13th- The Invisible Lover

October 14th- Haunted Hands (and other Appendages)

Halloween YCH- In the Werewolf Den

Keep in mind this is not the official posting for these slots - do not claim them now. The official post will be going up on FurAffinity on September 30th EST.

Suggestion box

Sun Sep 22 18:50:44 2019

Hey don't forget to pitch your suggestions for the September sketch stream!

Voting is gonna open up tomorrow and conclude on Friday when the stream goes live!

Splendor and Specters

Tue Sep 10 19:46:55 2019


Commission opening

Sat Sep 7 20:00:12 2019

Had a little issue with Postybirb queue, sorry for the inconvenience! Commission opening for patrons is now live!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_hkV-W8aEl5hqz6jewOmQK-mH8qYxWnZ1aQMchUrfah_XRjsNpCOisLyUfB_E8r7sz3ww1200-h630-p (d)

Patreon Commission 24h Heads Up

Fri Sep 6 21:18:49 2019

Gonna open for a few slots for patrons only Tomorrow at 12:00pm MST

3 slots at Colored Sketch and Sketch levels to start. More will be available publicly after this opening.

Form will be posted here first, see you all tomorrow!


Contact Reminder

Mon Sep 2 17:55:46 2019

Hey Magpies! Just a reminder if you ever want my help with artwork or any of my old file types specifically to please message me! I will be posting the grand PSD archive here this month with all the PSDs for everything I've done recently.

Classic Combo

Mon Sep 2 03:20:44 2019

Jocks and bird and butts am I right?

fynathkavik_jockrimNaked.png fynathkavik_jockrimNaked.png fynathkavik_jockrimcum.png fynathkavik_jockrim.png

Tomorrow Sketch Page Stream

Thu Aug 29 22:03:03 2019

Tomorrow I'll be drawing the suggestion box winner!

Revali and Lynel!

Check back tomorrow around 12MST for the stream!

June/July Sketchpages

Thu Aug 29 19:04:54 2019

It was brought to my attention that the sketchpages for June and July didn't actually get posted! I hope you guys can forgive this oversight, won't happen again.

June_sketchpage.png July_sketchpage.png

Classic Combo

Wed Aug 28 20:20:42 2019

Spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter and jelly, birds and butts. Can't be beat.

fynathkavik_jockrim.png fynathkavik_jockrim.png fynathkavik_jockrim2.png

August Sketch Stream Voting

Fri Aug 23 17:38:13 2019

Vote for what you want to see me draw out on a sketch page for August 2019!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_kPrBg5PW05K18WpJ1UfhBoHlKyQwrNJOzy45Yn70CB0QPRU94_c7OOERaoFR8npvB1ow1200-h630-p (d)

Daze, Dore, and Decadence

Wed Aug 21 23:34:01 2019


Suggestion Box

Wed Aug 14 21:16:50 2019

Don't forget to submit suggestions for the sketch page stream for August!

Summertime 'Cineroar

Mon Aug 12 23:34:41 2019

A piece I did for Pocket Summer! (

If you guys like this kind of thing and like the pack please donate at so we can keep doing them!

summertime_cineroarspeedo.png summertime_cineroar.png

Summertime 'Cineroar (WIP)

Wed Aug 7 22:15:22 2019


Letcherous Skully sketches

Wed Aug 7 22:13:27 2019

Full res for yall since twitter is big dumb

photo_2019-07-25_21-37-16.jpg horsedicktuesday.png photo_2019-07-21_20-48-38.jpg

Pounding in the Penthouse

Mon Aug 5 21:02:57 2019

I love the new Patreon file formatting, no more attaching the alt versions in the description you can see them right there!

pyro29_penthousecum.png pyro29_penthousecum.png pyro29_penthousebase.png pyro29_penthouseinternal.png pyro29_penthouseinternal_cum.png

Gamer Gunk not included

Mon Aug 5 21:01:19 2019

Grab a bottle the great fairy has nothing on this.

birdbathwater.png birdbathwater.png Gamer_Revali_crop.png

Colored sketch drop

Wed Jul 31 21:55:38 2019

Bless patreons new file system

Lucky_muscletee.png Lucky_muscletee.png Katao_Decidueye_.png Seif_Present.png

Sketchpage July

Tue Jul 30 00:18:17 2019


Brothel Servants

Thu Jul 25 01:31:46 2019


July Sketch Stream Voting

Wed Jul 24 19:36:16 2019

Vote for what you want to see me draw out on a sketch page for July 2019. I've grabbed a handful now you tell me your favorite!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_kPrBg5PW05K18WpJ1UfhBoHlKyQwrNJOzy45Yn70CB0QPRU94_c7OOERaoFR8npvB1ow1200-h630-p (d)

Patreon Commission opening

Thu Jul 18 00:57:44 2019

3 slots first come, first serve!

4 more slots will open up publicly one Furaffinity and Twitter later this week.

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_hkV-W8aEl5hqz6jewOmQK-mH8qYxWnZ1aQMchUrfah_XRjsNpCOisLyUfB_E8r7sz3ww1200-h630-p (d)

Commission opening for Patrons

Tue Jul 16 20:15:58 2019

I'll be opening for 3 slots just for patrons at the Awesome Owl and Majestic Magpie tiers tomorrow at 7pm MST. Link will be posted just for those tiers.

There will be more slots available outside of patreon later this week.

Beak to Bean (WIP)

Tue Jul 16 20:12:36 2019


New Addition to the Prince's Harem

Tue Jul 16 20:04:26 2019

The Red Prince is just making sure his new addition is as, cozy, as he expected

Cumless version attached below!

enderriens_redprince.png enderriens_redprince%28clean%29.png

Swinging for the Key

Tue Jul 16 20:02:27 2019

All that work, and he can't even reach the lock, shame.

Alt version attached without the panel and text

koor_cockade.png koor_cockade%28noadd%29.png

Suggestion box

Mon Jul 15 17:12:38 2019

Don't forget, suggestions are cumulative and Awesome Owls can suggest as many ideas as they want!

Swinging for the Key (WIP)

Wed Jul 10 21:49:55 2019


New Addition to the Prince's Harem (WIP)

Mon Jul 8 21:46:18 2019


San Francisco Symbiote

Mon Jul 8 04:56:39 2019

All the versions attached below!

ashenfoxxi_venomcum.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28in_crop%29.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28knot_crop%29.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28out_crop%29.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28cum_crop%29.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28cum%29.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28knot%29.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28in%29.png ashenfoxxi_venom%28out%29.png

Suggestion Box Stream

Sun Jun 30 18:53:26 2019

Starting up in a few!


Reminder: Patreon stream June 30th 1pm MST

Sun Jun 30 09:08:59 2019

Will have a private link posted before I start

Kass Ass Mousepad (WIP)

Thu Jun 27 22:06:35 2019

A little slow on getting some finals out this month, juggling a couple full color stuff like this! Hoping to have it ready for DenFur


Pounding In Paris (WIP)

Thu Jun 27 22:04:39 2019


San Francisco Symbiote (WIP)

Thu Jun 27 22:02:59 2019

Wip of the best character in Marvel. Dont @ me.


June 2019 Sketch Page voting

Thu Jun 27 21:49:08 2019

Vote for what you want to see me draw out on a sketch page for June 2019. I've picked out 5, tell me what you want to see!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_kPrBg5PW05K18WpJ1UfhBoHlKyQwrNJOzy45Yn70CB0QPRU94_c7OOERaoFR8npvB1ow1200-h630-p (d)

Suggestion box is open again!

Wed Jun 12 15:44:07 2019

If you have more ideas you want to suggest go add them on the suggestion box post. I'll be picking my favorites next week and voting for the one you all want to see taken to finish the week after.

https_c7.patreon.com_https3A2F2Fwww.patreon.com2F2Fpost-teaser-image2F26125282_selector_23post-teaser (d)

Fletch Fitting Room Fun

Fri Jun 7 18:22:48 2019

16 versions attached below!

tyler_dressingroomthongpull_rim.png (d)

May Suggestion box stream part 2

Thu May 30 20:23:41 2019


Suggestion Box: Knot appreciation WIP

Thu May 30 18:31:44 2019

Part 2 gonna happen today at 2:30pmMST!!


Trouble in the Taproom

Wed May 29 17:04:42 2019

Alternate versions attached!

fynath_taproom2leggingscum.png fynath_taproom2%28cum%29.png fynath_taproom2%28leggingscum%29.png fynath_taproom2%28leggings%29.png fynath_taproom2%28base%29.png

Suggestion box stream

Tue May 28 21:06:29 2019

Come check out the winner, Knot Appreciation!


Stream Today

Tue May 28 15:16:56 2019

There will be a patron stream today at 3pm MST for the monthly sketch page, followed after by the suggestion box opening up again.

Experiment Success

Mon May 20 20:22:11 2019

Made a little process GIF for this as well! In the attachments

nollandross_matingpress.png nollandross_matingpress%28process%29.gif

Just Barely Fits

Mon May 20 20:19:33 2019


Taproom WIP

Wed May 15 19:27:03 2019

Fynath might have bitten off a little more than he can chew meeting up with Kaenth at Nelsons Taproom


Final Secretary Request stream

Sun May 5 18:08:31 2019


May 2019 Sketch Page Voting

Sun May 5 06:55:20 2019

Vote for what you want to see me draw out on a sketch page for May 2019. I've picked my 5 current favorites and now you get to decide!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_kPrBg5PW05K18WpJ1UfhBoHlKyQwrNJOzy45Yn70CB0QPRU94_c7OOERaoFR8npvB1ow1200-h630-p (d)

Last chance for suggestion box!

Wed May 1 16:48:01 2019

Gonna be picking some suggestions soon, if you have some rule34 or themes you want to see drawn go comment!

Good Vibrations

Wed May 1 16:23:57 2019

Just lay back and let Skully work his magic w̶a̶n̶d̶

Alternate version files attached!

Calem_magicwandcum.png Calem_magicwand.png Calem_magicwand%28cumnotext%29.png Calem_magicwand%28notext%29.png

Caught the Easter Gryph

Sun Apr 21 00:35:59 2019

YCH for ThatOneBirb!

I don't think those eggs will stay hidden for very long

bun_YCHFINALWIP.png bun_YCH%28FINALWIP%29.png

April Commissions Full!

Fri Apr 19 22:06:25 2019

Thanks guys!

Fletcher Flop

Fri Apr 19 19:51:33 2019

A happy little accident

Tyler_FletchslipNSFW.png Tyler_Fletchslip%28NSFW%29.png

Fletcher Flip

Fri Apr 19 19:50:05 2019

Oops, watch where you're going bud


Fletcher Flip (WIP)

Thu Apr 18 23:31:29 2019

and sometimes flop


Easter Bun YCH early heads up

Wed Apr 17 20:46:01 2019

Hey guys just wanted to give you all a heads up that I will be posting a YCH for Easter later today, before it actually got posted.

Here's the WIP

Suggestion Box

Mon Apr 15 18:00:39 2019

Hey guys welcome to the new Patreon!

Suggest some rule 34 characters and/or some themes on the first of every month I will pick my 5 favorites from this post to be voted on.


- You must have already subscribed for at least one month to make a suggestion.

- Coffee Crows get one suggestion per month. All other tiers may post multiple times and suggest any number of characters.

- No original characters unless they're mine please!

Please comment with your suggestions down below!


Wings for Maria

Wed Apr 10 23:10:46 2019


Pricing Update

Mon Apr 8 20:56:19 2019

Hey Patrons!

Next week, April 12th I will be replacing the Super Secretary and Harpy Eagle tiers with a new 20 and 40 dollar tier. The page right now is really focused on streams and I would like to focus more on making a better variety of art that you, the patrons get to decide on.

So if you are a Super Secretary or Harpy Eagle, please check out how to edit your membership so you can stick around. Patreon will still consider you a member but you won't get any of the benefits from pledging.

I've been working with some people on moving to a vote focused system of pledging, where each tier owns some say in what gets drawn for that month based off a pool of suggestions, characters, or themes that you all get to pitch to. I'll grab 5 of my favorites from the pool then during the last week of the month you all vote in a poll, which suggestion you would like to see taken to finish the most. Suggestions that are not picked will be added to the next pool but if a suggestion stays in the pool for more than 3 months it will be removed to make room for newer ones.

Here are the text for the new tiers before they get implemented:

I'll be posting the first suggestion submission post right after the changes go live so that we can get started on this new system as soon as possible! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let know!

Dungeon Delvers

Mon Apr 8 00:19:30 2019


Dungeon Delvers (Close up)

Mon Apr 8 00:18:22 2019


Sketchbook 1

Mon Apr 1 17:45:11 2019

Hey guys heres my first sketchbook! 29 doodles that I made before bed. They were fun and some might potentially get finished if y'all want them.

Sketchbookcover.PNG (d)

Super Secretary and Harpy Eagle tweaks

Thu Mar 28 04:10:03 2019

Hey patrons, there's going to be some changes going on next month with rewards. Some rewards are going to lower tiers and some tiers are getting their rewards changed. Specifically Super Secretary and Harpy Eagles. More info later this week after I hammer out the details. Looking like there will be a new tier for now.

Summer Supper Cum Version

Wed Mar 27 00:17:22 2019

rowrow_ballworship_cum.png rowrow_ballworship%20cum.png

Summer Supper

Wed Mar 27 00:16:17 2019


Riding Dirty, Riding Birdy (Cum)

Thu Mar 21 22:01:39 2019

alluringcrest_Koboldsquat_Cum.png alluringcrest_Koboldsquat%20Cum.png

Riding Dirty, Riding Birdy

Thu Mar 21 22:00:11 2019

Itrenore seems to have bitten off a little more than she could chew when she attempted to scale Mt.Skully.


St. Pattys Day Drinks

Mon Mar 18 03:43:09 2019

Hey Patrons! I have another group of pics for ya! Another 18 VERSIONS. Drink responsibly!!

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25446844_a1ea0281e9254011b8841db9e3128287_3token-time1554336000token-hash2QEL5lijesYJ-tqPaenGnTuAae0eYIVsFWHTh07IGOk3D (d)

Gavin's Mind Numbing Lecture

Tue Mar 12 05:44:44 2019

Hey patrons! This image series has 18 VERSIONS. So I've uploaded them to Dropbox so you can enjoy the full resolution of each one!

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25313656_6d9fc0e2d3e2402b9a1d9d700bc67140_1token-time1554336000token-hashGlYjTWl7VBW-JMewKlPQSFxKg2ezKPF8I-joHxd9GCw3D (d)

Lecuture Hall (WIP)

Tue Mar 5 21:21:31 2019

Gavin is having a hard time focusing on his chemistry lecture, hope he doesn't miss anything important!

This is nearing completion, I think I'm going to redo the lighting before I add in the alternate versions and side panel.

LectureHall.png Lecture%2BHall.png

Patron stream

Thu Jan 24 20:28:39 2019

Patreon Suggestion stream going to start up here at 2PM MST Patreon stream with the next stream on Sunday the 27th at 2PM MST that's going to be only open for Patrons.


A Stellars View

Sun Jan 13 19:13:12 2019


Gav GH

Sat Jan 5 02:13:31 2019

calem_gloryhole4.png calem_gloryhole2.png calem_gloryhole3.png calem_gloryhole1.png

Patreon stream up!

Fri Dec 28 21:03:23 2018


Baileys Slave stream pieces!

Sun Nov 18 00:32:19 2018


Stomak Glory Hole

Sat Nov 17 16:13:10 2018

Clean version included

stomak_gloryholecum.png stomak_gloryhole.png stomak_gloryhole%28cum%29.png

Zef and Guez

Sat Nov 17 16:09:05 2018


Moonlit Dining

Tue Oct 30 04:54:51 2018

Happy Halloween!


Patron stream!

Fri Oct 26 19:12:17 2018


Patron stream!

Fri Oct 26 18:28:12 2018

Gonna fire it up in about 45 minutes.


Extracuckricular Activities

Sat Sep 29 21:13:27 2018

YCH for Ruddrbtt, Jad, and Skybluegill


A drop in the bucket

Thu Sep 27 05:37:20 2018

You knew this was coming sooner or later


Back to School (WIP)

Mon Sep 24 19:21:11 2018

Hey guys remember to check out the Discord for works in progress


Labor Day Stream

Tue Sep 4 18:30:37 2018


Embers Part 1

Mon Aug 27 22:50:52 2018

Hey guys here is a quick mixdown of my D&D podcast I've got a bunch of episodes recorded already and a bunch of character sketches. I hope you all enjoy!

Embers_-_Part_1_mixdown.mp3 (d)

August Suggestions

Thu Aug 23 17:35:47 2018

Some image suggestions to be delivered at the end of August


Kitty Crammed

Tue Jul 31 20:30:33 2018

Turns out cats and dogs can get along, just need plenty of time and a nice bone.

Alt versions with no collar and no X-ray below!

Motao-Kita_flatcolor14.png Motao-Kita_flatcolor1%281%29.png Motao-Kita_flatcolor1%282%29.png Motao-Kita_flatcolor1%283%29.png

The Public Pillory

Tue Jul 31 19:57:47 2018

Petty theft isn't usually worth the sheriffs time, but after seeing Natalie for the umpteenth time he's decided to let the public execute her punishment this time.


Nosy Ghosts

Tue Jul 31 19:31:13 2018


A Snack

Fri Jun 15 17:37:45 2018



Fri Jun 15 17:37:03 2018


Tug and Stuff (Alt)

Fri Jun 15 17:34:30 2018


Tug and Stuff

Fri Jun 15 17:33:49 2018


May 2018 Dump

Mon Jun 4 21:38:03 2018

Hey guys, had a fairly hectic month with my computer getting fried, so here's a big dump of everything that hasn't been posted yet.


Patreon Request Stream

Mon Apr 23 05:18:20 2018

Patrons at the Super Secretary Bird tier will get access to this stream! Secretary Patrons will be able to request an image of their choosing for me to draw during the course of the stream. Stream begins Wednesday, April 25th at 12:00pm with a potential follow up stream that Friday for any unfinished work.


Apeeling Attire

Sun Apr 22 09:11:41 2018


Banana Cream Filling

Sun Apr 22 09:09:24 2018


Mmm Banana Cream Pie

Sun Apr 22 09:08:41 2018


One Man Double Team

Mon Apr 9 01:10:21 2018

No need to share when you can do it all yourself

positronwolf_coloredsketch.png positronwolf_coloredsketch.png

Torin Stream Sketch

Sun Apr 8 19:00:00 2018


Fenny Stream Sketch

Sat Apr 7 19:00:00 2018


Thrakos Stream Sketch

Fri Apr 6 19:09:05 2018


Tangled up

Fri Apr 6 14:00:02 2018


Powerplay 2

Wed Apr 4 14:03:27 2018

Trying out auto link

anagos_coloredsketch2.png anagos_coloredsketch2.png

Powerplay 1

Wed Apr 4 14:03:02 2018

anagos_coloredsketch1.png anagos_coloredsketch1.png

Scratching the Itch

Wed Apr 4 14:02:16 2018

Commission for Ikebirb

tukk_flatcolor2.png tukk_flatcolor2.png

Made a Mess

Tue Mar 20 20:59:09 2018

Messy after some playtime with his new toy


Hole in the wall (Cum version)

Mon Mar 19 20:30:21 2018

Enter the bonezone



Wed Mar 14 11:21:10 2018

Bluejay week continues!


Blue Blue Blue

Wed Mar 14 11:19:36 2018

Its bluejay week!


Pup O'Donnell

Thu Mar 1 21:59:35 2018

Wolf tries to outdo Fox in something. Again.


Did Someone Call for a Witch?

Sat Feb 17 18:11:40 2018

Bonus image! I really like the way the uninked version looks too


Gently grasp it

Sat Feb 17 18:02:25 2018


Now serving next customer

Sat Feb 17 17:33:27 2018


Patreon only stream

Sat Feb 17 19:05:59 2018

Hey y'all going to have a $5 and up Patreon only stream today, patrons can make suggestions and requests to what I sketch today.

J1Q4No6bDB27tW0EWFvu1FlODC-YxxNJXnWiXEy7l6nlZKgWv-ZHFR5lLGbin0Vu.jpe (d)

January Image dump

Tue Jan 30 18:08:15 2018

All of these images are on the Patreon discord channel but if you want to download them uncompressed here is a dropbox link!