Potential Slowdown

Mon Jun 1 08:45:17 2020

Hey everyone!

As you may all know, the state of affairs in the US right now has been...hellish to say the absolute least. I've been keeping safe for the most part, though my mental state during the first few days of all of this happening was pretty damn low. I've getting better though my work ethic has slipped some. I'm trying to stay positive in all this craziness, and I'm working to at least keep myself drawing so I can at least make progress on my commissions and on personal ideas.

That being said, there may be some slowdown in work and posting for a bit. I know there quite a few of the $25 tier are close to potentially getting pics, and I hope to be able to make good time on those when the time comes. Still, just want to let you know ahead of time that I may not make as big of leaps in progress as I probably could, but I'll try to make SOME things move.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe everyone. Hope you have a nice day

Also, thank you once again for you support. I truly appreciate it.


Happy Holidays + Long Break Plans

Wed Dec 25 10:02:20 2019

Hey everyone!!!

Hope you all have or are having a wonderful holiday. ^^; Not really expecting to do much on Christmas but hey, I'm glad things aren't somber and I managed to watch some Christmas movies ("Klaus" and "Tokyo Godfathers").

Ok here's a little announcement about those plans.

I will be taking the rest of the month after today or the 26th. I had planned on taking a long break for a while and been needing to, given my timeliness and mental have all over the place these past few weeks. I'm unsure if I'll be resuming immediately on New Year's Day or the first Monday of January. I say the first Monday because it will just be a simple start and I can keep to my work schedule. Either way, I'll make a follow up post about it and that the time off will help me think about how to tackle this coming month. (It's gonna be a bit of a doozy, I'll say). I've definitely been in need of some reevaulating when it comes to work priorities and just finding areas I can improve on. Obviously that's not going to be immediately fixed during the break but hopefully, I'll be a bit more sure on what I want/need to do.

Aaaaand besides that, I don't have much to say after that.

Hope you all have a nice day and stay safe


New Gallery Ideas

Fri Aug 9 13:46:30 2019

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the weird title but I didn't know what to do with it. So, for those who may not or be aware of, Patreon recently introduced a include multiple images in a single post (like with Tumblr.) This feature is obviously a pretty nice addition, in my opinion and I was considering posting these pics in this "multiple image" format. It should help with grouping pics rewards together by month. Now depending on the content, I'll try to separate it between SFW and NSFW, just so it doesn't get awkward. Also, if I end up being a little behind on pic for the month (hopefully that doesn't happen again), I'll probably give it its own post or retroactively add it to the group. Not sure on that.

For WIPs and personal drawings, the images may or may not share the same theme. Honestly, with that kind of stuff, I tend to lump them together however I feel ^^;

This is sort of a sudden "lightbulb" moment so I'm still trying to figure some things out. Let me know if you have any opinions or suggestions.

Thank you for reading ^^


Show your Support

Wed May 1 17:09:43 2019

Hello! Hi! The name's Sirius, resident artist of the anthropomorphic animals. (A.k.a. furry artist). I draw other stuff too but that's my main line of art.

If you're not aware, or this is your first rodeo into my Patreon, just want let you know that my rewards are mostly commission-based. Meaning something involving me drawing custom art for you.

The $25 Piggy Bank tier is where you can bank money towards a commission type of your choosing. This is a slower way of getting a reward pic from me, but it allows more freedom in what you can get.

The $50 Monthly Sketch tier is much more immediate, as pledges will receive a single character full body (or mostly full body) sketch, provided they fill out the Google form I give to said pledges. This tier does NOT stack with the $25 tier; you can only choose one or the other.


New Month, New Rewards!

Mon Apr 1 17:55:29 2019

With the rise in my commission pull, I have centered my Patreon around supporting that. As much as I enjoyed doing the Image Packs in the end they didn't generat as much attention as I'd have hoped here. With that being said, I will be removing majority of my tiers that focus on the image packs.

What is here though:

$10 access to all my Hi-Rez art whether it be personal or commissioned based,

$25 Piggy Bank tier (Limited) for those that would like to build up credit with me and then cash in when you'd like art from me. You can check out my price guide here to get a feel of what to expect:

$50 tier (Limited) for those that would like a monthly sketch from me.

To those who wonder, this isn't the ONLY to get a commission from but only another option for me to utilize.

I appreciate everyone's support and I wish to not push any of you away but offer what is working for me and hope to have you continue to support me and my work, ^^


New Tiers & Rewards

Sun Mar 10 15:40:36 2019

Updated my Patreon with some extra rewards:

1st addition is the Tri-Monthly Custom image pack where the patron will have the choice of what is included. Ranging from your own sona to a R34 character that you enjoy seeing. Again you allow it to stack for 3 months due to the quality and amount of the packs, ^^

2nd addition is the piggy bank where the patrons that pledge have the chance to allow each pledge to stack til you are ready to cash in for a commission. It is based on my normal price guide here:

3rd addition comes to being able to see all my Hi-Rez files that include my personal and commissioned works.

4th Along with the Tri-Monthly image packs. I still will be doing one month where I choose the subject and a month where I open up a poll givign my patrons a choice. Got one going right now this month that you can pledge to be apart of, ^^


'Hemoth on a Food Run (Feb. Image Pack)

Thu Feb 28 23:04:27 2019

Saw this new guy on Afterschool Summoners and of course I had to do something with him!

So here he is with a few boxes of donuts ready to chow down!

Included in the pack are 2 SFW & 3 NSFW.

Come pledge to gain access to the Hi-Rez files, ^^


Behemoth (Feb. Image Pack)

Fri Feb 15 14:10:29 2019

That's right! I'll be doing this big boy for this months image pack!

Will be tsarting on it next week but to get access to it once completed along with my previous pack, come pledge and support, ^^


December Image Pack: Reindeer Floof

Sun Dec 30 20:49:47 2018

Even though the holiday has past, this big boy is still looking for some smooches to carry over in the new year, ^^

$5 grants SFW

$10 grants NSFW

$15 grants Full Pack + Alts.


October Image Pack: "Chillin' with Chernobog"

Fri Nov 9 20:55:05 2018

Finally finished the October image pack featuring the Demon King of Bald Mountain himself, Chernobog!

There are a total of 8 images, 4 of them being minor variations. Because of how minor they are, I just kept it to 2 folders, SFW and NSFW for ease.

If you pledge $5, that will net you the SFW pack and $10 will net you the NSFW pack.

Sorry this took so long and for the relatively small size of the pack. Had a lot of personal issues come up along with commission work.

However I did have fun working on this and trying out new tools and just not having to worry about shading.


Postponing the Sept. Image Pack

Sat Sep 22 07:46:35 2018

Today, I finally made a decision on the Patreon pack for this month. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to complete it this month. I can't exactly push back my commission queue any more in order to finish it. At the moment, the commissions take precedent.

I won't go into detail as to why but let's just that unforseen things came up and left me pretty stressed during the past week or so. (Like, having a couple bouts of peaking anxiety at night) That being said, I'm alright for now.

I'm NOT, however, fully scrapping the pic. (the lineart for the base is actually to my liking). It's going to be added to next month's pack alongside another pic I had sketched out. Also I hope to be able to post up some progress pics of them and maybe more in the weeks to come.

I'm terribly sorry for the sudden delay on this. The weeks were just not the greatest for me.

September Image Pack: Chernobog

Thu Aug 30 14:39:18 2018

Will be drawing this wonderful big fella in September!

To get access to his image pack when finished, along with June - Aug, help support and pledge!


September Image Pack Poll

Tue Aug 28 20:41:30 2018

Which character would you like to see drawn for the pack?

"Beachside Sumo" (August Image Pack)

Thu Aug 23 17:11:08 2018

With summer coming to a close, Ashigara had to get out and enjoy the beach.

The image pack has a total of 8 images ranging from SFW to NSFW.

If you want access to the pack or the pics involved, please pledge:

$5 for SFW access

$10 for NSFW access

$15 to get the FULL image pack with variations

Was able to get to add shade & highlights to this pack. Really like how it all turned out and I hope you do too.


"When No One's Watching" (July Image Pack)

Mon Jul 30 07:26:56 2018

Alphonse, one of Sirius' adoptive fathers, is enjoying some alone time jamming out to some tunes.

At least...he THINKS he's alone.

The image pack has a total of 5 variations ranging from SFW to NSFW to a variety of underwear (or lack there of).

If you want access to the pack or the pics involved, please pledge:

$5 for SFW access

$10 for NSFW access

$15 to get the FULL image pack with variations

This was a nice set to work on, as it is the first time I've ever fleshed out Alphonse in terms of design. ^^ Hope you like him as much as I do!


August Image Pack Winner: Ashigara

Thu Jul 26 18:47:29 2018

Will be drawing this wonderful thick bear hunk in August!

To get access to his image pack along with June & July's, help support and pledge!


August Image Pack Poll

Wed Jul 25 18:10:22 2018

Sun & Fun (June Image Pack)

Sat Jun 30 18:04:13 2018

Come see this Wakita enjoy his summer day at the beach as he goes to grab a cool drink.

The image pack has a total of 15 variations ranging from SFW to NSFW while giving the hoodie as you see in the promo a few different variations.

$5 to get SFW access

$10 for NSFW acess

$15 to get the FULL image pack

I had alot of fun working on this set and hope you pledge and check it out, ^^


July Image Set

Tue Jun 26 18:53:26 2018

Which character would you like to see drawn for the July Image Set?

2 choices will be from my OC list & 2 are Rule 34

Happy Pride Month

Sat Jun 16 23:15:51 2018

Something I made for Pride Month featuring my fursona, Sirius.

Was also a test for some pen and layer settings.

I came out to my folks 6 years ago. It was definitely wasn't the most fantastic 'coming out' for many reasons, but it did take some weight of my chest. I honestly never went to a Pride fest or even knew when Pride Month started for a while.

Now I do. XD


June Image Set - Break Time

Sat May 26 22:51:55 2018

I have relaunched my Patreon and this is the image to kick it off!

I'll be doing a SFW & NSFW HQ image set with this along with some variations.

So if you like to see the finished product along with more to the set, come pledge!


Closing Soon

Sat Jan 13 06:44:28 2018

Hey everyone.

First off, I want to severely apologize for the lack of content. While we have been settled down here at this new house, I've only just gotten back to working. This is due to stress during the holidays on top of my grandmother dying just before Christmas and me not being able to go to her funeral in Florida. Soooo yeah. Holidays' been rough.

Also, I've been made aware that there has been a website that has been posting the content of many MANY creators, including me, for free and and without permission by any means. It's illegal and I've sent a report of my own for it.

Such a webpage has made me really wary about posting on here again because that's HIGH RES stuff that's being posted. Even though a lot of that stuff I'd be posting on other sites, I'd rather that than having high-res files and possible even PSDs getting out. Though considering how things have been in terms of content, it may not be as big of a problem.

Honestly, it kinda made me consider closing this down even more because right now, we're in a decent spot financially. We're not RICH but it will just be a matter of keeping consistent on commissions for the time being. At least, until I clear out my backlog. We have to pay rent now, which is "$200 or less" (on the insistence of my boyfriend's mother) so we both can do commissions to make it.

I don't know if I'll return to Patreon but maybe when things are more open for me so that I could do rewards again. Speaking of, I will be finishing off the rewards I have left. I still have the Google Forms with the info, and I will message those reward holders on FA or Twitter.

Whenever this close happens, I really want to say, thank you SO much for all the support you have given me. I'm sorry that I couldn't meet up to your expectations and for failing to keep my content going. I hope to see you all on

I am still available on FurAffinity , Tumblr and Twitter , so please, hit up me there. (ALL NSFW)

Also, if you still want to support me, I just made a Ko-Fi recently. I'm still new to the platform but I will working on building that up for folks.

Again....thank you all for all of your support and whether or not I return to here, I hope you all take care of yourselves.


Texas Update: We're Almost There!!!!

Sun Oct 29 18:38:20 2017

Hello everyone!!!
Sorry for the lack of updates and journals during this month ^^; but I have GREAT news

We have finally started moving the rest of the furniture and are practically 85-90% done with that!!!
All that is left is the:
-2 beds, the sofa/bed
-stuff that can be boxed up!

The folks actually went with the plan to get a UHaul truck big enough to get a good chunk of the furniture in. (Was a bit of a bitch getting it in there because of the 3 tall and large armoires the parents had in their room.)

Sadly, while we might be able to finish this during this weekend, the parents decided to just take back the UHaul truck for now, and finish up during next week. Honestly, I'm ok with this, because that gives everyone time to get things packed, the stepdad can get his doctor's visit stuff done, and we will be ready to go when get the UHaul truck again. Plus, WE'RE ALMOST DONE, and I'm sure the folks are now seeing how close we are.

I do hope they don't try to pull any new projects but I can't see much of that happening since there's not really much left to do anyways.

As for me, I don't know how much work I can really get done, since other than packing, I don't know when we're gonna get the UHaul. For the most part, I will be mostly just trying to finish up Patreon sketches, and roughing out what I haven't started for commissions. I'm trying not to stress out too much about these until we are situated at the new house. Also, I don't know how I will be planning out my schedule for all this, so I will be looking for good ways to properly update my schedule and make and journal post about it.

Again, thank you for your patience throughout all of this. We're almost there! ;_; finally

Well seeya later!!

Lifeguard Siri on Duty!! (NSFW)

Thu Sep 28 09:25:59 2017

Looks like someone's got some extra flotation ;3

Going to be making a background for this, so here's to hoping that works out.

I took some shading cues from Anhes' tutorial, minus the removal of the contour lines. Really love how it looks and I can't wait to apply it for future projects.


Lifeguard Siri on Duty!! (SFW)

Thu Sep 28 08:54:49 2017

Have no fear, Sirius is here!!

Definitely one hell of a lifeguard to have on duty! Just...don't go into the water and fake drowning. That's rude and would probably get you throw back into the water.


Finished coloring this big fella! However, this isn't the last of this pic. ;3 I have a background in the works so here's to hoping I can pull it off!For now, this is the final version


Arcane A e s t h e t i c s

Mon Sep 25 19:28:46 2017

RPG Sketch for KaldrusMroof on Twitter, featuring his bull-bear rocking a nice combo of Warrior/Druid/Arcanist styles. He's at the ready with his mighty claymore, bulwark shield and arcane vaporwave magic!

Yeeeeeah I had a blast with this, mainly just from the freedom I had on the armor and weapon designs. Kaldrus did chime in with suggestions throughout the process, so it helped a lot! Also, went with the spell colors because of the music I was playing and the fact he was into the same thing :3

I'm honestly just really proud of this over all ^^


Battle Dancer At Your Service

Mon Sep 25 19:25:29 2017

RPG Sketch for BluDerg on Twitter, with his handsome and sparkly dragon waiter/dancer Igna as a...well a DANCER class of course.

This was a bit tricky to figure out at first because he left it up to me to choose and let's face it, nailing a class down was tough. That is, until I read his bio and found out he was a waiter and dancer at a club.

So I couldn't pass it up XD


Twin Behemoths

Sat Sep 23 06:15:07 2017

Seriously, look at the size of that thing! Heck, might give Siri's hammer some competition.

Ruff Sketch commission for ArsOsbourne on Twitter. He wanted his behemoth as a barbarian and i was MORE than happy to oblige on this ^^

These RPG class sketches were a lot of fun and I am tempted to do more like these in the future ^^


Spellblade Got Buffed

Sat Sep 23 02:39:05 2017

Really buffed

Ruff Sketch commission for Elaz on Twitter. Going with the stream's theme of "RPG classes", Elaz, our wolf Spellblade (pretty much like a Red Mage) is dealing with the implications of casting enhancement magic with too much gusto.

Yeeeah I went crazy with this, as with those certain pics that tickle my fancy in a special way. I always enjoy doing fantasy stuff and I honestly wasn't expecting to get in THIS much of a fever pitch doing this.

Added the little magic stream effects because the pose just looked...stale by itself and drawing magic stuff was just too good to pass up. Also wanted to try using current settings on my sketching pen on a bigger scale. So there :P

Got a few comments in chat that this is seems worth more than the $40 that I normally charge for the Ruff Sketches. I'm thinking on it, though I don't want to bring up price increases until I get more sketches like this in the future.

Elaz belongs to his owner


Tiers Adjusted / Removed

Thu Sep 14 04:23:51 2017

Hello everyone.

Well, going with what I said before, I removed the Commish Reward tiers for the time being. In the future, when things settle down and I get myself and work in check, I will try to open them again.

Also, I readjusted tiers. No more of the SFW/NSFW separation, since a huge chunk of my work is NSFW and I realized how the lower tiers we lacking in content.

So I just reorganized the tiers by what stages of work I do on them:

As for how I will handle future posts, for now, I will still continue to post on my other platforms, while posting to this site first with high-res PNG versions of pics. Commissions and personal pics will be posted publicly still. A select few will be posted publicly, though I am still trying to think of a good way to distribute my posts.

As for alternate versions of pics, I am still figuring out how to sort those. I will give a minor update on how that will be handled.

For now, this is just the main points I wanted to get out.

I know this isn't much but for now, this is all I'm able to do.

Thank you for reading.


Ruff Sketch - DragonDan 2

Sun Sep 10 03:28:53 2017

The biggening strikes again!!!!!

DragonDan1989 on FA wanted to continue from his last pic with a much more "Siri-Sized" build.

Also I'm starting to realize that as time goes on, my rough sketches have gotten cleaner and while it's nice, lord is it annoying. XD


Thoughts on Hiatus

Thu Sep 7 19:06:58 2017

Hey everyone.

Recently, things have gotten pretty out-of-wack thanks to the hurricane and the off/on stuff from the folks involving the moving and house. It's once again put me behind, but I know I could have done better to to alleviate some of the problem by just pushing to get as much as I could done before being called to help the folks, no matter how random into the day/night it was. Even though I had high hopes that we would have been moved out during last month, I should have been prepared for the worse. Sadly, with some dilly-dallying and rainy days hitting us here and there, plus the hurricane, those plans got destroyed for sure. And I hate every bit of it.

I've been thinking this over for the last month and reality is that, until we can get everything finished here, I don't know how consistent I can make posts for everyone and still managed to work out my own commission issues. So, I've boiled it down to a couple of choices, both of which involving a hiatus. The dilemma is:

Close down Patreon entirely and take hiatus from it until things get better?


Take out reward tiers once again and just try to keep Patreon going with just pic posts and possible exclusives only?

This particular hiatus will no apply to THIS month. Those in the picture reward tiers can still sign up for a pic this month through this link:

As for me closing down my Patreon: this has been a thought that has crossed my mind, mainly out of despair because I see many other artists on Patreon manage to create content almost constantly and once upon a time, I could do that. But with how life has been and how it's affected me, I know it's caused some problems with me on a personal level. I've failed to provide content before and it's been a bit rough trying to pump out content on the same level as artists such as Cursedmarked and Meesh. (I know that's not the point, the point is doing what I myself want and can do.)

I want to give you my higher quality personal stuff but trying to balance that and doing my commission work is something I've been struggling off and on with. I don't want to gyp you or make you feel like many others who have left because of my lack of posts. (Nothing against you, I understand why). Compared to what I started off with when I MADE my Patreon, this is subpar.

However, if I were to close down Patreon, it would only be for as long as it takes for things to get better here at home. I would want to come back. because despite my and the site's shortcomings, I do enjoy it, and I'd want to give it a better start. Plus I'd probably want to turn off the up-front payment method. Since they have the new stuff that allows content to not be easily jacked by non-processed Patrons, I think it pretty much makes the up-front option a bit moot for me. (That and just I feel bad that I can provide as people pay for upfront).

Sorry again for this being a topic again. I know that I haven't been the greatest over the years and I appreciate what you all have done. I just am lost in this living situation and just how it's wrecked my work process.

Please, let me know what you think about this. I want to know your thoughts. I know communication on here isn't amazing or anything, and that in the end, it's my decision, but I really do appreciate knowing what you think I could do better or what you think about this.

Also sorry for the the awkward writing, I rewrote this many times.

Update: Stormy Times

Mon Sep 4 01:20:38 2017

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to write this sooner but I was just too focused on updating my Twitter and Facebook more-so.

Well, things have been crazy over the last couple of weeks. As you know, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and sadly, Orange, where we live currently, got hit pretty hard. Though it wasn't AS direct as Houston's case, it did do some damage to the area, with some flooding and a power outage.

Our house and the surrounding area was fortunate enough to avoid flooding but the power outage was still a problem, along with flooding on the roads making it near impossible to go into parts of town. Fortunately, my boyfriend's mother managed to reserve us some rooms at a hotel in Lake Charles, which is in Louisiana and not too far from us. (We live like UBER close to the border of Louisiana). Also, some of the flooding in the area and the roads began to recede at a really fast rate, so we were able to get food and eventually head out of town to the hotel, with my boyfriend, his stepdad, mother and stepbrother.

The L'Auberge casino hotel was pretty swanky actually, but it took me some time to calm down from all that was happening and just try to enjoy myself while we were safe and in a much nicer setting. We had to leave that hotel because we only reserved 2 nights and there was a big influx of people from the hurricane so the rooms filled up. So, we went to another not too far from that and that's where I am currently.

While we were here, we ended up calling the house to see if the power was on and BOOM that answering machine clicked on! After checking the energy company's Twitter, we confirmed that our place and that area has power. Also, the house we were moving to in Nederland (near Beaumont), was confirmed to be safe from the flooding so our other stuff (including my desktop PC) is SAFE!!!!

So we're going to be heading back tomorrow so here's to hoping things are truly ok. We will most likely be focusing on moving to the new house (I am HOPING!) this week, so work may STILL be awkward in the next few days.

=_= I will be working to reschedule and message everyone that need to about rewards. I'll try to bring updates and content when I can.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you understand. Things are looking up, and I hope things continue to do so, because I want to keep providing work to you all and make up for what I lacked before.

I'll see y'all around!!


Ruff Sketch - Dakka

Wed Aug 30 06:35:49 2017

Another stream sketch for D0uble_Tap on Twitter (or Dakka)

We got ourselves a overgrown Ninetails! :3c Something I'm not used to seeing so I was happy to do it.

Also thank god for

Became a big help for finding a pose quickly.


Ruff Sketch - Jasper

Wed Aug 30 06:24:29 2017

After delays, I finally managed to get to do Jasper/theB1Z's stream sketch.

Shortstack here is one of the newest members to the CHUBBS staff but he seems to be really popular with the patrons.

What is CHUBBS, you ask? It's a gay nightclub/bar specializing in serving the more hefty of clientele. The club was made by my boyfriend Arc, but I do partake in the festivities myself.

This definitely took some work ^^; Especially since I'm not used to drawing the short and wide kind of build, despite having a character that fits that.


Pump & Grow!

Tue Aug 29 21:06:53 2017

Sketch Stream Commission for Furdasi having a bit of a growth spurt as he blows a massive load.


Siri-Sized Conal

Tue Aug 29 21:00:08 2017

Sketch Stream Commission for Conal on FA of his wuff enjoying the effects of drinking the patent Siri growth serum with some extra belly, ^^


Elax Ruff Stream Sketch

Sun Jul 16 19:43:06 2017

Ruff Stream Sketch for Elax, featuring his wolf and a LOT of extra BOOFENING.

Elax belongs to his owner


Dash_McCleer Ruff Stream Sketch

Sun Jul 16 19:42:15 2017

The last stream sketch from that night. The one that ended me at 6 AM XD For Dash_McCleer (Twitter) / Spadx89 on FA

Here we have Elliot, big beefy bat, who's being a quite the tease.

There's plenty of balls you can play with. Some bounce....some bounce more than others ;3

Elliot belongs to his owner


Daxxcat Ruff Stream Sketch

Sun Jul 16 19:42:00 2017

I'm gonna need a better name for these.. >3>

Another stream sketch, this time for Daxxcat on FA, featuring his beeeeeeg kitty relaxing with a drink in his ever-so-snug attire.


DCrest Ruff Stream Sketch

Sun Jul 16 19:31:00 2017

So...last Friday, I did these "Ruff Sketch Streammissions" for $40 each, mainly because I had a fair chunk of my commission queue done and I've been wanting to do these for a while.

Took roughly about 1hr and 15 min. average to finish, probably less considering the time I'd have to restart a pose, so I'm pretty happy with that. I'm really tempted to do these every Friday or at least every other week.


Here's a nice wonderful giraffe (my first at that), known as G-Crest for Dcrest13 on Twitter and FA.


Texas Update: Setbacks

Tue Jun 13 05:47:06 2017

Hey everyone. Another update on the situation here in Texas.

Well, just when we thought progress was being made, something happens.

In this case....we're having to redo the foundation. >_> YEP! Back to square 1 (or square 7 or so since we got the cement blocks still there) . Due to the boards for the foundation being not squared and a little catty-wompus, thanks to bad cuts and warped wood, the stepdad decided to just scrap the floor foundation we made. This has honestly been a pain in the ass for all of us and frustrating since a lot of the problems could have been fixed if: A). The parents hired some people to do this for them; or B). The stepdad would plan shit out beforehand rather than doing this last minute and then not explaining his plans fully. Or you know, write them down or something.

Sadly, this has been a problem we've been having to deal with for a while. My boyfriend Arc, his mom, and I are trying to follow the stepdad's directions but he either explains in breadcrumbs, or just kinda does it in his head and on-the-go. Arc's mom is pretty much fed up and now has made it a point to ask him "A bazillion questions" before we do anything. That and we're gonna take things a little slower and more precise, since the stepdad wanted to cut corners and "speed up the process". NOW, we're gonna be doing the foundation in a more "simpler" configuration.

To be fairly honest, it does SEEM like it's gonna be simpler, but then again, the stepdad seems to have a talent for making simple things tougher than needed. Still, we're gonna be at this for a bit longer, especially with the weather being the way that it's going to be in the next few days. The first order of business is to retrieve more cement blocks from the backyard and also buy a few more to finish off the amount we need. Then, we do some measuring, re-spacing, and moving around the blocks so we can put the boards in. This time, WE AIN'T NAILING SHIT UNTIL IT IS RIGHT! (according to the mom unit). This time around, we got some treated lumber so that the rain will be less likely to warp the wood like before. Hopefully, that works. And THEN! Well we do the rest. Seriously, if you ever wanna build a shed or something like that, the foundation and getting it right is the hardest part for damn sure.

I'm just hoping we can get this damn shed done this week so we can move by the end of the month, or sooner. This fluffmonster is done and wants to get this over with.

For my Patreon rewards. I'm sorry things have been a lacking and rather shitty couple of months for content Considering how much of the day is taken up by the building, the only time I can work is at night, but I can't stay up too long since I have to help the next day. (Also, it sometimes wears me out to the point that I just wanna do nothing but game or watch TV). So finding time to really work on anything has been tough. I haven't forgotten about your rewards. To be quite frank, I've myself multiple moments of grief and anxiety obsessing over them, because I don't want to fail you all, even if the situation is out of my control.

Regardless, I will be keeping you posted on matters. Hopefully news will be good these next few days.

So yeah, this is all I have for now. I'm irritated, frustrated, exasperated and just want to get this whole "move" situation over with. It's just wearing on my nerves and I honestly just want to get everything or mostly everything done so I can take a hiatus, focus on Patreon and small personal things, and decompress. I'm not blaming any one of you, I blame myself for thinking this will be a quick thing (and the parents because this shit should have been done MONTHS ago).

Take care all. I'll seeya around for another update. Sorry for the again for the lack of content. I would understand completely if any of you would prefer unpledging, either indefinitely or until things pick back up. Either way, I appreciate whatever support you have granted me, and I hope to

Texas Update 3

Sun May 21 21:25:41 2017

Hello Patrons and those just following me.

Well, things in Texas has been picking up speed a bit. We've been really busy moving stuff around between houses as well doing yard work and deconstruction. Sadly this has definitely been cutting into my drawing time and just eating up my energy and motivation, which has been really frustrating me a ton lately. The silver lining to all of this is that we're almost done with moving.

The main things that need to be done before everything is finished, moving-wise, is for us to:

- build this storage shed (which includes us having to level the ground out in the backyard and THEN build on it.)

- Move the rest of the couches, chairs and beds.

- Move over the TV and internet stuff. (like the physical things like TV boxes and modems

Right now, things are gonna be in a bit of a standstill for the time being due to the rain and thunderstorms, so we won't be able to do much of any yard work (from what I can tell). I want to say that this is a blessing and a curse since that means that while I have more opportunities to make more progress on commissions and Patreon stuff, still means that it'll push back out final moving plans a bit.

Also a minor problem: since the living room has lack of privacy, it can get awkward working when the folks walk through. I would say that fact that stepson is gonna be out of town for a few weeks (or he's moved out, and I just didn't realize it), but the outlets are in weird spots for me to work with soooo yeah, not much of an option. I've managed though, it's not too bad.

So for now, I'm just gonna try to trudge through and get as much work as I possibly can during this downtime.

Again, I want to apologize for the lack of content lately and just over weirdness that's been happening. Things have been getting better.....slower than anticipated, but still. Soon, we'll be done. (I hope)

Thank a lot for reading and hope you have a great day.

FanArt Poll Winner: Makara (Tokyo AfterSchool Summoners)

Tue May 9 15:32:24 2017

Thanks for all the votes that came in!

This big cutie will a treat to draw! The completed SFW/NSFW will be posted around May 30 - June 3.

To see both versions and get access to the PSD files, come pledge and help support!


May FanArt Poll (24hrs Left)

Mon May 8 15:13:39 2017

Hey guys!
Just reminding you all that I'm holding a poll for what my next Full Color pic should be of. Vote ends Tomorrow, May 9th.


May FanArt Poll

Fri May 5 16:15:20 2017

Hey guys!
Just reminding you all that I'm holding a poll for what my next Full Color pic should be of. There's still plenty of time left to vote, as it ends on May 9th.


Poll Reminder

Thu May 4 19:28:54 2017

Hey guys!
Just reminding you all that I'm holding a poll for what my next Full Color pic should be of. There's still plenty of time left to vote, as it ends on May 9th.



Tue May 2 01:06:11 2017

Hey everyone. Right now, I'm streaming rough draft for Patreon rewards. It may be short but we'll see.

Come and join in. I'll try to do these throughout the week while I work.


Moving Day!

Sat Apr 8 14:45:20 2017

Morning everyone!!!'s the day. My boyfriend and I are going to be heading out for Beaumont, TX in a few hours. We're supposed to leave around noon, give or take.
It's been a nice year and a half here (hell probably longer, my memory's shit). Can't say there will be much I'll miss here in terms of the city, wasn't a lot we could do and we didn't get out TOOOOO much. But I'll still miss the roomies.

Since the family is still in a bit of a transition with moving between homes (yeah we're not the only ones moving, and I don't know if internet is available yet, so there will probably spans of time where I'm not online as much. I did download the references and form responses for Patreon rewards (I believe I got all of them.), so I'll be trying to at least get some work done on them when possible.

*sigh* Welp! time to get unplugging and packing the rest of the stuff.

I'll seeya around!!!
-Sirius, Texas-bound Floof

Fixing Up Things

Sun Apr 2 09:23:31 2017


Just wanting to let you all know that I'm going to be fixing up stuff around here. So if you find anything missing, such as tiers or text, that's me just editing things. The edits should be done by the end of Sunday. These changes are related to the tier readjustments I mentioned earlier.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Plans for Changes TL;DR

Mon Mar 27 20:54:13 2017

This is just a TL;DR version of the plans I have for the Patreon changes. Minus all the fluff talk.

What do I want to do with my art and my Patreon?

Changes to Pledges

These changes are tentative and I'm still working out the details, but I will be planning on doing these at the start of April. I will make another post on my finalized plans, so please stay tuned.

Let me know your thoughts on these changes. I'm trying to make them a good balance in terms of fairness for all parties.

Thank you for reading.

Plans for Changes (Full ver.)

Sun Mar 26 19:46:25 2017

Hello everyone!

So as you may or may not know, or you've read my previous post, I've been making plans to change and adjust a lot of the pledges here on Patreon. These changes are mostly to make things even more fair to both myself and to the Patrons. Right now, I'm just going to share my thoughts on what's to come.

First off, I know that I haven't been the greatest in keeping up with your rewards or just making content in general over these last few months and I sincerely apologize. I do have everyone written down for their pics, it's just been hard getting to them as commission work is also taking place at the same time. I know that this is mainly my fault as I've tried to do too much for EVERYONE without giving myself very few ways to ease any of the burden. Many of you who have stuck by me throughout it all and have been ever so patient with me, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

I sat down a reevaluate what I really wanted to do with my art and what I could offer to you. What I want to do is let you into my head. To simply list what I mean by this, what I want to do is:

So I'm going to be providing rewards based on these philosophies.

Now, onto the changes. For the pledges, I'm planning on readjusting the amounts you will have to pledge, as well as taking out some unnecessary ones to simplify things. The tentative pledge amounts I have are: $1, $5, $10, $25, and $40. Again, these are tentative, so whenever I get the confirmation, I will make another post announcing the final prices.

Ok, regarding picture rewards (the real kicker), I'm planning on returning to doing simply sketches and colored sketches; mostly full body; 1 character only. "Colored sketches?", you may ask. Yes, colored sketches. The style of said sketches will be experimental nature, as I try out new techniques I may come across, so results will vary in terms of look. I will be limiting these to the last two higher up tiers (which will be and there will be no more stacking rewards over the months. Partially because stacking got pretty messy and it would lead to much more work in the long run (blaming myself on that oversight for damn sure).

Well, I'm done! Thank you for reading this long explanation. I will try to make a TL;DR version to simplify things some. Sorry for any errors.


Siri-Sized Bou

Wed Mar 15 20:52:15 2017

Patreon Reward for Mnty of his guy getting the Wakita treatment


Demon Persuasion (Nude)

Tue Jan 10 15:00:34 2017

Alt Version for Varanis


Demon Persuasion

Tue Jan 10 14:57:29 2017

Commission for Varanis


Extra Growth Push

Wed Jan 4 16:52:05 2017

Commission for MrToaster886


Senryo Growth - Part 3

Fri Dec 30 21:36:51 2016

Sketch Reward


Lewd Beef Bat

Wed Dec 28 01:16:34 2016

Sketch Reward for Paxton_Roth


Almost There!!

Wed Dec 21 17:36:29 2016

A much much overdue commission for Maximus-Ursus on FA, featuring his sona and TKTigerkat's own fursona, about to finish a good incline dumbell press set (I remember doing these in high school, they can be a bitch to keep balance).

Maximus was such a patient fellow and after meeting him in person at Megaplex a couple of years ago, I really wanted to make sure this was worth the wait.

Lord this took a bit longer in terms of process time than I was expecting. Had to fix up the posing from the rough sketch since I managed to make that even more wonky that expected. @_@

Both characters belong to their respective owners.



Mon Dec 12 19:11:52 2016



Bookmark - Ivan

Wed Dec 7 20:59:21 2016

Here is the second part tp the set for Graveyardgreg's commission


Bookmark - Kilo

Wed Dec 7 20:37:52 2016

Commission for Graveyardgreg of his Doberman as a set of 2 bookmarks


Dec Update

Tue Dec 6 17:24:13 2016

As always, I want to thank all of my patrons for keeping your faith and trust in me all these months. I'm honored to have so many people support me and to receive such amazing and kind words means a lot to me.

In future news (if that's even a thing, XD) I will be moving next year (probably around Apr or May) and with that, it will free me of most of my financial burden and opening me to do more self art. That doesn't mean things will change here, if anything, I'll be able to dedicate myself more to bbringing more of my own work here. Again, that won't be for a few months but figured I'd let you all know.

Also, I have sent out the Form for those to fill out on sending me your Monthly Art rewards. I'll be working on them 12/18 - 12/30

Felix Garcia

Sun Dec 4 17:03:10 2016

Flat Color Reward


Dec Stream Poll

Thu Dec 1 17:22:06 2016

#1 - Adult Bambi

#2 - Sawsbuck (Winter)

#3 - Adult Rudolph

#4 - Sven

To place your vote and watch the streams, come over and pledge, ^^



Tue Nov 29 17:02:53 2016

Sketch Reward


Senryo - Part 2

Mon Nov 28 17:28:45 2016

Sketch Reward


Kaji & Thunder

Sat Nov 26 16:58:11 2016

Stacked Reward for Kaji Aldewolf


Beef Bat

Fri Nov 25 19:26:35 2016

Sketch Reward for Paxton Roth



Mon Nov 21 16:48:56 2016

Full Color Commission


Full Color Commissions OPEN

Sun Nov 20 18:59:15 2016

To claim a spot, fill out this form plz:

To those in the $10 tier & higher tiers have access to discount rewards too


My Patreon Rewards

Sat Nov 19 18:01:10 2016

I have plenty to offer and share with those who help support me:



Wed Nov 16 17:58:29 2016

Colored Sketch Commission for Trauron on FA, featuring his otter being all big and rather worked up.



Wed Nov 16 17:02:17 2016

Commission for WinterHerald


Nylon & Won

Wed Nov 16 16:11:19 2016

Commission for Nylon featuring Won as they both felt rather thristy


Siri-Sized Bane

Sat Nov 12 22:38:12 2016

This was a lot of fun to work on with the colors & to Siri-Size the horn stud.

Character belongs to Banicorn


Pocky Troubles (Preview)

Sat Nov 12 17:05:21 2016

Found out yesterday was Pocky Day so did something with it and RhinoSiri.

To see the Full & Alt versions, come pledge:



Thu Nov 10 16:09:08 2016

Him and he's man.


November Update: RhinoSiri

Tue Nov 8 16:30:29 2016

First of all as always, I'd like to thank everyone (New & Old) for you support. Without you this wouldn't be possible.

Second, as you might of seen, I have done some changes to my reward tiers and have added a lot of new content across the broad from the lowest to highest. One being the weekly streams where I work on content specifically for you guys. With that also comes, voting rights on what gets to be drawn (usually at the start of each month). Speaking of such, RhinoSiri has won this months poll, so stay tuned this Friday to see that.

Third, I am very happy with how last month's stream pic turned out, the Incineroar image. All the files and links should of been sent to all the patrons with pledges that went through. If you did not get them, plz let me know.

Fourth, I've also added a variety of perks to on the lower tiers: 10-20% commission discounts, PSD file access, wallpaper versions of finished stream pics. It may seem like a lot but I feel this is the closest I have come to what I wanted to offer from the very beginning to my patrons.

Fifth, I'm now accepting forms to those patrons who fall within the $30-100 tiers for there monthly art reward. I'll be working on them 11/14 - 11/19. Look in your message box for the Form link.

Lastly, I only wish to bring you guys the best content I can for each one of you.


Sun Nov 6 15:21:24 2016

Sketch Reward



Sat Nov 5 16:52:43 2016

"STANDING AT 5'11", AND WEIGHTING IN AT A....183 lbs? I doubt this
card's right. Whatever! The mat jungle's got a new challenger! Will he
be the next King of the Ring? We'll see soon enough!!"

To see the Complete/NSFW Alt versions, as well as get your hands on the
wallpaper size and even the PSD files, then please, pledge to my page.


Patreon Stream LIVE

Fri Nov 4 20:24:14 2016

To see me work & finish up the full version, come over and pledge, ^^


Stream Poll: Siri Species Switch

Thu Nov 3 19:36:35 2016

To vote, pledge here:



Tue Nov 1 02:19:31 2016


Senryo - Growth Pt. 1

Fri Oct 28 15:23:48 2016

Seems as if another person has found there way to some Siri-Sized formula. Wonder how it will take...

Sketch Reward for Senryo


High Moon

Fri Oct 28 01:27:11 2016



Thu Oct 27 18:11:26 2016

Lex and his smaller feline friend about to head out to the beach. Just making some finishing plans on how much equipment they should bring.

Reward for Daxxcat



Thu Oct 27 16:07:15 2016

Guess those protein shakes the huge floofmonster gave Bulfy are starting to kick in for him and Korkem.


Luchador Kitty

Sat Oct 22 19:56:38 2016

To see the alt versions/better quality/more progression on future streams:


Pit Stop (Preview)

Sat Oct 15 19:20:33 2016

Been working on this piece in the private Patreon stream. To see the full version & my other works, come pledge and watch the stream next friday:


Stream now Live

Fri Oct 7 22:35:07 2016

To join and watch, stop by and pledge:


Heat Crash (Preview)

Fri Oct 7 16:52:05 2016

To see the full version and more of my other works, come over and pledge:


Heat Crash

Fri Oct 7 16:46:14 2016

That's what a lot of folks see when they notice him.

Colored Sketch Commission for Aether718 on Twitter


24 Hours Left to Vote!

Thu Oct 6 20:31:18 2016

Just as the header says and to get your say & watch the stream, pledge and support:


Mountain Man (Preview)

Wed Oct 5 19:55:35 2016

To see the full version with my other works, come over and pledge:


Mountain Man

Wed Oct 5 19:51:54 2016

Colored Sketch Commission for Iron99 on FA



Tue Oct 4 17:43:04 2016

To be able to vote, come over and pledge in the $10 tier, you'll also get access to the private streams each Friday:


Boozin Pals (Preview)

Tue Oct 4 17:01:41 2016

To see the full version and other works, come over and pledge:


Boozin Pals

Tue Oct 4 16:58:15 2016

Colored Sketch commission for Lagio of him and Feng calling for another

round of drinks. Seems like they both have had plenty already but why


Feng: Twuz more ova herez...

Lagio: And don't usez skimps out on them...

Art is Mine


Buff-Up 3

Sun Oct 2 22:32:22 2016

The third part of a growth series with ChronologicalCancer on FA, featuring his horse and shark characters. The shark has been getting a LOT bigger and beefed up from the last time we saw them, and seems like his lover is just all too pleased with it.

This pose took FOREVER to figure out, as I don't do a lot of "sitting in other's lap" kinda of poses. I just managed to find a pic that get a really good clue as to how it could work.

Characters belong to their owner


Drunken Floofs (Preview)

Fri Sep 30 22:49:34 2016

To see the rest of the NSFW image, come check out my page and support:


Demolition Brutes (Preview)

Fri Sep 30 18:32:02 2016

To see the full version of the pic, come and support!


Demolition Brutes

Fri Sep 30 18:25:15 2016

Colored Sketch Commission for Mekal on FA


Meet Khris the Brown Bear

Thu Sep 29 20:20:06 2016

He is...well me, actually. Sirius was my first OC that somehow managed to turn into my main "fursona" that I go by, but in essence, he's like an "alter ego" or "amalgamation of my likes and bits of personlaity".

Khris here is one of those "draw yourself as an animal" type deals. (like some cartoon movies will make animals resemble their voice actors in some way).

He's...well he's bear, a brown bear at that. I honestly just went with brown bear as a play on my last name (yup my name is Khris Brown). I wouldn't call him a grizzly though. I wanna do more of him in the future interacting with my other characters.


Reward Examples

Tue Sep 27 21:17:19 2016

Here are a few things & projects I've been doing with my Patrons. This past month I took up 3D model work and started on my comic. I do offer personal art rewards too.

Like what ya see, then come and help by supporting me to do more for you!


Leather & Feathers (Preview)

Sun Sep 25 16:34:19 2016

To see the full version of the pic, come support & pledge:


Leather & Feathers

Sun Sep 25 16:25:40 2016

Colored Sketch Commission for Sova_13 on TwitterI think this is my first time drawing an owl, I've drawn birds before but not owls. Also been trying to push the posing a bit, although given that he wanted a standard standing pose with the "come hither" look, I guess I didn't need to push it too much. XDWas really fun messing with the latex, although at first, I colored it differently from what my normal process was. Then WolfieCanem posted a pic on his Twitter involving a tight superhero costume and that gave me some ideas on how to shade the suit. I probably could have done a LITTLE stronger sheen effects but hey, I don't do latex very much XD. Still was a fun pic to do and I liked how the sketching came out. Might be reverting to the thinner pens for sketching and really use the thick stuff for emphasis.


Tenders Comic Page 1 (Preview)

Thu Sep 22 21:32:54 2016

To see the rest of the page as well as page 2, come over and pledge:


... And Get to It (Preview)

Sun Sep 18 23:48:29 2016

To see the full version of this cutie wolf, pledge here:


... And Get to it

Sun Sep 18 23:43:38 2016

Colored Sketch Commission for Tredain who got a bday gift for his friend Cyberklaw being a sexy dom looking for some foot loves.


Show'in the Goods (Preview)

Wed Sep 14 23:17:49 2016

That is one happy face!

To see the rest, check out my page and pledge:


Tenders Comic: Starting on page 1 & 2

Mon Sep 12 16:20:46 2016

To follow and see the progress of these two cuties, come on over and pledge:


Sky High! (Preview)

Fri Aug 26 16:10:50 2016

Look at that smug cocky face. Never know with this guy.

To see the full version for that look, come on over:


Beat the Summer Heat (Preview)

Fri Aug 26 16:08:43 2016

Wonder who is helping this cutie cool down and what's with that Exclamation mark!

Stop on in to see the full version:


Comic: Tenders

Fri Aug 12 19:16:36 2016

Here we have Damon and PJ, the owners/bartenders of a local beach side bar.

Starting next month (Sept.), I’ll be working on a 8-12 page comic (maybe longer) featuring this cuties above. It’s EXCLUSIVE to only here:

To give a little more insight, they decide to enjoy a beach carnival after leaving work. While out, the sun isn't the only thing that heats up, ^^

Would love to get support for this and being able to devote more time and resources to this in the near future.


Private Studies (Preview)

Sat Aug 6 18:59:14 2016

Wanna see the Full/Hi-Res version and find out just what is being studied?

Come over and pledge:


Beastly Growth Preview

Mon Aug 1 01:26:36 2016

To see the full version of this big guy and just what is going on, plus many other of my works, come over and pledge, ^^


Deep Seeded Friendship (Preview)

Sun Jul 31 21:59:47 2016

To see the full version of this big guy and just what is going on, plus many other of my works, come over and pledge, ^^


July Update: Early Access & Charge Upfront

Sun Jul 3 17:46:55 2016

Thank you to everyone this past month on the rewards and for keeping me informed on how you want them done. Whether it being a roll-over, extra content, or combining with someone else. It has really helped me stay connected with you guys.

I know I wasn't able to get to everyone in June and I have made arrangements this month to fix that. I should have a bit more free space & time to do them. I appreciate all of your support & feedback on the pics I share here. I've posted a few personal works and hopes to do more.

As you saw in June, I have also started to do early commission offers for you all. I'll give you guys a 2 day notice before I open to the public. It's just to opportunity to get a slot before everyone else, no discounts or anything (at least not right now. Maybe later down the road.)

Also, in June, I chose to go with the new Charge Upfront option that Patreon offered to me and I have already begun to see the positive effects from it. Not only do those who pledge within the month get immediate access to the rewards but I get peace of mind knowing that it is a real person. Also, seeing the money get deposited without waiting til the next month is nice too, hehe

Again, thank you to all my supporters. It truly means a lot to me and I hope to continue bringing your quality work and rewards!

Fu & Floof

Sun Jun 19 20:46:18 2016

To see the finished & alternative versions, pledge $5 or higher to help support


Beefy Chef

Mon Jun 13 15:00:06 2016

Sketch Stream Commission for Syrl on FA


Charge Upfront Payment Change???

Sat Jun 11 16:25:39 2016

So I found out that Patreon has rolled out a new option for payment options. That is the Charge Upfront. This will allow me to have peace of mind in knowing that all future pledges will be RL and not fake account (at least I assume it will) since they will be asked to pay when pledging for the 1st time.

Here is the link with all the info needed to know on it:

If you have any questions plz ask them and I'll answer the best I can. Will leave this up for a few days before making the change so all of you have a chance at reading the information.


Sat Jun 11 15:42:29 2016

That is one strong Oshawott!

Colored Sketch commission for ShadowKerbecs/Bryantheoshawott on FA


"You asked for this"

Sat Jun 11 01:20:30 2016

Say's this huge behemoth of a Typhlosion coming to check on his partner who is starting to feel that baby move and knock around inside of him. He's also has around 3 more months to go. So expect that belly to get even bigger.

Line Art Commission for someone who wishes to remain Anonymous


Battleborn w/ Scars

Fri Jun 10 14:09:37 2016

This barbarian known as Einarr Frostfang, not only stuns the enemies he meets from his reputation of being a monster in battle from all the scars he has across his body but he entrances them with his well build

frame and manhood.

Full Color (Cell Shade) Commission for TigerBlack on FA



Thu Jun 9 15:31:31 2016

This barbarian not only stuns the enemies he meets from his reputation of being a monster in battle but he entrances them with his well build frame and manhood.

Full Color (Cell Shade) Commission for TigerBlack on FA


TigerBlack Commission (Shades)

Wed Jun 8 07:11:27 2016

Just posting the shade work for a full color piece for TigerBlack on FA, featuring their mighty wolf barbarian, Einarr Frostfang, displaying his glory in the full moonlight.

Decided to do cel shading for this, just to keep with the black accents I did on the inks. Plus I really wanted to emphasize that mightiness some more with strong shading (I'm a sucker for the barbarian/warrior types >_>;;;; ).

Einarr Frostfang belongs to TigerBlack on FA


Lift & Chill

Tue Jun 7 00:18:18 2016

It started out as a lift session and then this happened.

I'm innocent, I swear!

Finished Soft Shade Commission for this sexy ass lion nievelion on FA



Sun Jun 5 20:47:39 2016

Stream Sketch Commission for Furdasi on FA, featuring his roudy reptilan luchador, THE RATTLER!!! This was one of those kinds of pics where the idea sort of just...SHOT OUT! I never down a leaping pose like this so I wanted to give it a whirl.
Looks like the muses were smiling on me because I'm very proud of this. (Almost worked on this a little more than intended but I wouldn't have minded either way.)

Also trying to incorporate a little extra umph to the sketches by adding in some shapes or little abstract stuff like this so it doesn't always seem like there in a white space. (and it's a little easier on the eyes without SOOOOO much white").

Welp, hope you enjoy this as well!

The Rattler belongs to Furdasi


Buff-Up Part 1

Sun Jun 5 15:02:13 2016

After running into each other these two hit it off as the horse compliments the shark on his muscles.

As it says, there will be more of these two with more to view and see, ^^

Sketch Commission for ChronologicalCancer on FA.


Lovers Embrace

Sat Jun 4 20:40:00 2016

Here we have this cute adorable couple being KaigTai and TyrannoChao sharing a moment after having some sexy times, ^^

Joint reward between the two.

Chao belongs to TyrannoChao

Tai goes to KingTai


Send Your June Reward Ideas

Sat Jun 4 15:08:10 2016

Now accepting your reward ideas so I can start making a list and will be starting on them this coming week June 13 - 17 and 27 - 30 .

For those who haven't seen, I did an earlier post on how to increase the value of your rewards:

You also have til the 25th of this month to send me your idea.

Preggerz Moot

Fri Jun 3 16:33:05 2016

With how often I knock up my mate Arc he always enjoys himself being a big preggy pup.

Arc belongs to ArcWolfster on FA


To all my Patrons: Support Help

Thu Jun 2 15:27:58 2016

Thank you for staying with me and continuing to show your support for me and my work. This past payment session was a blow to me. Nearly half of the accounts were fake and made it hard to look at. I've dealt with this before but never to this level.

I am very happy with everyone who is here and those who have been with me since the beginning and those who are new. It truely means alot to me. What I would ask is, if you have any friends who would be interested in pledging, please send them my way. I'd like to turn this Patreon into a place where I can do more personal projects and make it more creative driven. I'm glad to be doing art for all of you and would like to have more freedom to spread my artist wings. With me being able to get closer to my max money goal will allow that.

Its somethin that I seems to always get closer to only to have it slip away when the start of the month rolls around. I'm not talking about the ones who have real life emergencies that comes up. These fake accounts always tend to give me a false projection. So again, if you have anyone who'd like to support me, please send them my way.

I do hope to continue bringing you quality art like I did last month and I hope you enjoyed all the updates I was able to send before anywhere else.


Tue May 31 21:36:32 2016

I mean just look at all those scars, ^^

Sketch Commission for Manlyshark on FA


Reward Samples

Mon May 30 15:30:40 2016

Here is a collection of rewards I have done in the past ranging from sketch to multiple character colored sketches. I'm very proud of them all and looking forward to work on many more, ^^


Daddies Kitten

Mon May 30 00:23:05 2016

Even though Urufu has already been pumped full of his lions seed having a mpreg belly full of kittens, Zane still wants more play time.

Zane belongs to Arc or white_wolfster on FA

Sketch Stream Commission for Urufusanragu with him owning Urufu the tiger


Hunk Squad: Measurements

Sat May 28 17:21:44 2016

These two recruits enjoy checking each other out and keeping track of there growth.

Reward belongs to Makeembig


Dress to Impress....

Fri May 27 00:07:13 2016

or something like that, right?

Reward belongs to Badgermancer


Dozin Bruin

Wed May 25 01:26:34 2016

This already tubby bear indulged and blimped himself for the night and needs to sleep it off.

Jake and rewards belongs to Crashbeast


Summer BUFFO

Tue May 24 23:21:50 2016

When the heat rises and clothes shed. It's only natural to want to bulge and show-off, right?

Siri-Sized reward for Micah


Bean Bag Gadget Time

Tue May 24 00:40:37 2016

A joint reward for Kaji Aldewolf and Zev, featuring their fursonas relaxing together on a huge bean bag, with their gadgets. Seems like Kaji is enjoying something a little more....lewd ;3. And Zev is NOT having a good time

Kaji Aldewolf and Zev belong to their owners respectively.


Examining the View

Sun May 22 20:51:11 2016

Stream Sketch Commission for Myriaderoc on FA/Twitter, featuring his oh so majestic and beefy dragon Myr getting a view of his surroundings as he traverses the mountainside. Also, DAT'S A BIG ASS AXE!!

This definitely was one of those sketches that took me a lot of time only because I got really absorbed in it. ^^; This is the second time I've drawn Myr's dragon, and the last time was so much fun, just because of how thick and round his features could be.

Plus I kinda like doing sketches where I can put a little toning into them with a splash of the sketch color here and there. Obviously I don't do this ALL the time but it can be nice every once in a while.

Myr belongs to Myriaderoc


Bound N Caged

Sun May 22 01:47:33 2016

Cause that's what's going on here, XD

Was fun to work on another human since I don't get many of them.

Sketch Commission for KorenSolust on FA.


Lift & Chill (WIP)

Sat May 21 17:50:46 2016

Yes, that is a cock ring barbell thing, lol


TigerBlack Commish WIP

Fri May 20 08:30:13 2016

The lineart in progress for another old and overdue commission of mine in the Sexy Warrior series I was doing. This is featuring TigerBlack's (from FA) character Einarr Frostfang, a Jotuun Ulrf (basically "giant wolf"), and a legend in his pack. More involve on this big boy in the future ;3

Yeeeeah definitely had to do more editing than expected on this. I honestly thought I was gonna finish it during the stream but sadly, I still have the axe to do, and then COLORS!!

loving how this is coming along though ^^

Einarr Frostfang belongs to TigerBlack on FA


Mind Your Head

Wed May 18 00:00:40 2016

Or neck. Or body. You know what? Just get ready to haul ass. Don't get distracted ya dumb, RUN!!

Full Color Sexy Warrior Commission for Kusho with his lion getting ready to drop down on some foo's. Just pray they get knocked out by that monster of a sac and peen combo platter.

Kusho belongs to Kusho


Golden Kusho Time!

Tue May 17 21:22:53 2016

This is a work in progress for Kusho's commission.

Loooord is this overdue T_T This was from a set of my "Sexy Warrior" commissions from last year that I didn't get to finish due to all the moving @_@

This seems to happen with commissions that involve yellow or gold colored characters XD


Are you a Dozer Fan?

Tue May 10 23:23:22 2016

Here we have this very hefty and burly stud that goes by the name of Glade.

He is the Head Coach of The Bulldozers or Dozers for short. Will you come out a cheer for his rugby team?

Reward belongs to TheBulfy

Art is Mine


Hyper Solutions

Tue May 10 17:04:35 2016

To those guys who wish they could suck themselves off. Just join this huge hyper tiger. You not only can pleasure yourself but enjoy your own cream shake, hehe

Reward belongs to Cooper


Scritches and Chill

Sun May 8 18:56:58 2016

A Sketch Stream Commission for bsaxagent/GagePanther, featuring his panther Gage, and his boyfriend Nex, relaxing together on the couch.

This definitely took a good couple of hours to get right XD The idea of having someone sprawled out on someone's lap was a hard concept to grasp, especially for sure buff guys. Then I figured I'd go for more of a perspective shot and I think I did alright. ^^; I do like it a lot though.

Gage and Nex belong to bsaxagent and Nex


Pandora the Magical Fluff Dragon!!

Sun May 8 18:47:52 2016

Sketch Commission for PanScolipede on FA, featuring his cute, adorable, and mass-varying dragon, Pandora (or Pan), donning a very fabulous outfit, that I adored working on. I don't get to do clothes like this very often, it was too cute not to draw him in it and it was just worked so well with the pose I was using.

side note: the pose I referenced for was of Funny Valentine from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. Been wanting to to that pose for so long!

Pandora belongs to PanScolipede


Boff and Casey

Sun May 8 18:14:35 2016

Couldn't think of anything clever for the title XD

This is a Sketch Commission I did for my Sketchy Saturday Stream for GraveyardGreg, featuring his uber-buff super lion Boff, and a much much smaller greyhound named Casey (we kinda made the name up on the spot). Seems like Casey is enjoying what he sees, and Boff, being the humble soul that he is, seems to be taking well to the attention.

Yeah I don't draw thin guys often but it's a nice change of pace ^^ took me a little warming up to get him right but it felt nice.

Casey and Boff belong to GraveyardGreg


A Morning View with the Morning Dew

Sat May 7 16:11:50 2016

A Full Color commission for Thunderpaws on FA, featuring his massive and extremely blessed hyena Kalahari, enjoying a morning bath under a waterfall. It seems, however, that he has a audience to the morning show. Curiosity must have struck them hard ( ;3 )

This is definitely a little different from my usual full color since I did a little painting on top of the picture as well as doing a background (which I seriously need help with).

I got the idea from when I was sketching the picture out and just painted on the bushes and water.

Kalahari belongs to Thunderpaws on FA


Send Your Reward Ideas

Sat May 7 16:05:52 2016

Now accepting your reward ideas so I can start making a list and will be starting on them this coming week May 9 - 13 and 23-27.

For those who haven't seen, I did an earlier post on how to increase4 the value of your rewards:

You also have til the 25th of this month to send me your idea.

Kiss the Cook (plz)

Thu May 5 19:25:30 2016

Reward for TheBulfPup featuring his bulf Lux present a nice juicy steak.

Definitely was nice to work on this since I've gotten to be a bit more personal with Bulfy, and I know how much he loves to cook (can't wait to one day try his cooking when he visits...someday soon I hope).

Loved how the colors came out, and it's so smooth o.o Also managed to get the posing right almost on the first try when I roughed this out XD

Lux belongs to TheBulfPup


The Thicc

Thu May 5 19:17:50 2016

It's what he is. XD

Reward for Tyrannosaur Chao. Definitely tried to make sure that he super thick this time.

Was definitely fun fiddling with the hair brushes from CaptainGerBear. Also seemed like that week was MAKE ME HUGE week, because I think most of the pics ended up with massive chars.

Chao belongs to Tyrannosaur Chao.


A little doodle of booty

Thu May 5 18:41:11 2016

Just something I did last night at my mate's request, featuring our character Khristopherson the chocolate lab. (Who's actually based off the a Build-A-Bear "Fudge Pup" I have.

This is based on a photo he found of this pretty thick guy showing his rump in some pants with the back cut out.

I like it ^^ not often I do backs


High Voltage and Highly Sexy

Thu May 5 18:15:37 2016

Full Color Commission for Garuganto on FA, with his bull-dragon hybrid posted up in latex and a harness, ready to set off a few sparks .

This is was a loooooong overdue commission in my pile of old commission I've been trying to finish. Went for cel-shading on this, since I don't have too many recent examples of that kind of shading (especially since I'm now offering that as a type of commission).

Definitely took a while with editing the inks and shading all those nooks and crannies. The flats and highlights took the least amount of time in my opinion XD

God damn I love the colors on this, especially when I add the overlay (which was an orange and blue gradient).

Overall, I love I gotta make the feet bigger as Garu requested XD stay tuned for updates.

Garu belongs to Garuganto


Patreon Rewards: Roll-Overs/Stacking

Tue May 3 22:12:33 2016

I'd like to thank everyone for showing your support this past month and sharing all the wonderful ideas I've been able to draw for each reward. I know these past months have been a challenge with all the changing that has been going on with the rewards and I am grateful for those who have stayed with me through it all. I'm also very happy to see new patrons coming to support. It means a lot to hear how much you guys enjoy to see my work and how it has become a style that you can recognize at random.

Now speaking of said rewards, this is to clarify any questions on the subject of being able to upgrade or add to a reward. Obviously, you could just up your pledge amount but if you don't have the means to do so, here are some other options:

- Let you current tier stack/roll-over for a couple months (ex. 1 month $30 = 1 character Sketch; 2 month $60 = 2 character Sketch or 1 character Colored Sketch; 3 months $90 = 3 character sketch and it could continue for as long as you'd like.)

- You could send extra funds through my PayPal instead of upgrading your pledge for that month. I have had some patrons that have done this. It allows them to get more for that month without committing to a higher tier.

- You and another patron (as long as it's one of my patrons, not from another page) could collab on an idea together and your reward would be that 1 image. You wouldn't get 2 rewards.

All 3 of these options are open but you MUST tell me at the start of the month what you plan on doing. If I don't hear from I'll take it as you are PASSING on that month FOR GOOD. I mean, you FORFEIT your reward for the month and you CAN'T get it back. I've had issues with this in the past and I want to make it clear.

I just want people to know that there are options and this even extends to those in the Bust & Thigh-Up shots. You can let your rewards stack/roll-over and be able to get a full body or more for doing so. For anyone who does have questions plz send them to me.

Again, I'd like to thank all of you for your continued support!

Hunk Squad Try-out

Fri Apr 29 00:14:57 2016

Gotta make sure this Typhlosion applicant can compete and contend with the head member of the squad.

So Flex

Much Wow

$100 reward for Makeembig

Like what ya see, check out the rest of my stuff and pledge


Soaking and Ball'in

Fri Apr 29 00:11:31 2016

After a hard workout to keep those huge muscles pumped and huge, gotta take a nice soak in a hot bath and just rest.

$50 reward for Badgermancer

Like what ya see, check out my page and pledge!


Busting Crash

Fri Apr 29 00:08:00 2016

Everyone wants to dabble into going Siri-Sized but they all tend to forget just what all that means. This cutie is gonna need a new pair of briefs for his much bigger package.

$20 Reward for CrashBeast

Like what ya see come check out my page and pledge, ^^


Destress is a "Yes"

Tue Apr 26 21:15:47 2016

Reward for Kaji Aldewolf, featuring his fursona Kaji and my own Sirius just relaxing and toasting to a wonderful time chillin' in the hot tub. Yes, Siri loves margaritas, especially strawberry ones. :3c

Took a little bit of work trying to sketch this out since I'm totally not used to drawing seated poses (especially with huge bugles like these) XD and getting the sizing right was...interesting.

Either way, I definitely enjoyed working on this! ^^

Kaji Aldewolf belongs to his owner

Sirius belongs to me


Patreon Week Schedule

Mon Apr 25 18:04:21 2016

Hello everyone!!

Sirius here wanting to let you know that I made a Patreon schedule for the weeks I do Patreon rewards. Well...more actually scheduling my rewards out into my weekly commission schedule. Made it much easier than managing two schedules at once >_>

But yes, I do have a full on schedule for not only my commissions but Patreon Rewards. Please, if you must, bookmark this so you can keep tabs on it because I do have to make alterations frequently. Hopefully I can keep this up-to-date regularly.

Thank you for reading this and hope you have a fantastic day/night/afternoon. :P

Oh and also later on today, I will be streaming (don't know what time for sure as I didn't get a WHOLE lot of sleep last night.


Bountiful Goods

Thu Apr 14 16:17:34 2016

A nice little change from the norm. Marjask requested that I draw up his orca herm, which right off the bad are two things I don't get to draw often XD.

Tried to go for a little perspective and had a rough time with the huge tracks of land, so Marjask, being a kind soul, managed to help me get some redlines done for this from a friend, since the chest was too shallow. Little did I realize this friend was LimitedVision on FA, so that was very nice of the both of them!

But yeah, I definitely loved how it came out, even if it was a little different from what I had in my head (then again, most of my pictures end up that way XD).

Orca belongs to Marjask/Drye on FA

Also check out LimitedVision's stuff if you are in stuff like this and even more kinky artwork!


Send Your Reward Ideas Starting Today!!!

Sun Apr 10 16:15:00 2016

Beginning on THIS Monday (Tomorrow) I'll be doing rewards for the month and then will do them again the week of Apr. 25 - 29.

Rewards Shake up

Wed Mar 30 18:08:39 2016

For those who have been wondering, the Sketch Streams haven't been going on and that's due to me having to take on commissions to make up the rest of my rent. Same with all the other rewards: Image Packs/Wallpapers. As much as I would like to provide more content, sadly, timing and having to work on mostly commissions is not really making that easy. I will try to provide as much of my own personal content as I can though, so still expect to see some of that on here in the next month.

I have been working hard here and to not have rewards that don't show what I do offer. I have taken out all the previous mentioned rewards and have added: $15 Bust Sketch & $20 Thigh-Up Sketch

"Please, tell me more"

Sat Mar 19 16:56:43 2016

Hey everyone, Sirius here!

First off, I want to thank my supporters for your patience with me these last few months. It was definitely much appreciated and I am truly grateful for having you guys. Second, I'd like to thank those who have been coming to the Patreon streams this past week while I worked on rewards. Managed to get a lot done actually. Still have a lot of stuff to finish up and finalize but hey, at least it's started.

I plan on finishing up most, if not all that I have to do before I go to FWA at the end of the month (YUP I am going to FWA, folks!). I dunno how much I'll be able to get done since I'll be working on finishing up my badge as well as my mate's, and roomies' as well. Along with mostly likely commission work. >->

So yeah! That's gonna be a thing!

Ok, to the main reason, I'm writing this was to ask of you if there was suggestions or concerns that need to bed addressed about...well anything really. Rewards, tiers or ideas for new content. I do plan on trying to make some tutorials in the future as well as get back onto working on my characters some more, since sadly I didn't get to do much of that lately because of commission work. Again, I'm just asking there's anything you guys need help with or anything you would like to suggest.

I'm sorry I haven't been on my Patreon Skype as much lately, since I've been growing to looooooooathe Skype nowadays XD

Well, anywho, thank you for taking the time to read this and if you do answer, another thank you in advance!

I'll see you later! Sirius out...!

Marjask Monochrome Reward (Rough Sketch)

Sat Mar 19 16:48:02 2016

Well mostly rough XD

For Marjask's monochromatic sketch reward. Those has were definitely a struggle.


The Fluffmonster Regimen Strikes Again!

Fri Mar 18 08:52:22 2016

A monochromatic sketch commission for Marjask, who has been an ever so patient fella with me throughout my time on Patreon.

Due to some shenanigans with Siri, Marjask has ended up getting MIGHTY buff and puffed up , and seems to be getting more and more...interesting :3. Luckily for Mar, the effect was mostly subtle muscle growth from most of the day....until he got home and just FWOOMP! Sudden increase in buffication!!

I sure didn't make up this story, Marjask did. And I like the way he thinks!

So yeah, found out after reading the page of the artist who made the color palettes that I have been using that I normally use for my shading (like legit, I've been doing 4 layers of shading, which is nice), that I have not been using them in the intended way. the four shades of the colors are actually meant to be used for the highlights, base color, shadows, and lines or just more shadows.

After learning that, I try out this new knowledge and honestly I really how it came out.

also used a paper texture from Hibbary on DA for the extra umph!

Marjask (or in this case Gigamar) belongs to Marjask/Drye on FA


Siri-Sized Rikki (Colors WIP)

Fri Mar 18 08:44:07 2016

Still need to think of a clever name for this XD

The shading and coloring works in progress for Rikki Shinzui's colored sketch reward. Again, my trying something new and different with coloring and shading.

So I ended up watching some speed paints from Neodokuro from Tumblr and one of them involved a coloring style that reminded me of stuff I used to do in the olden days, except a little more advanced.

I'd rather not go into detail since I don't really know what for sure I was watching, but it did seem like it was involving using the shade layer for the WHOLE pic so that it becomes not only the background but the shading for the pic. So gave it a shot and tried something similar, although Neo did it in MyPaint (really good program, really wish it would work better on my Surface).

So far, it's actually worked out a lot, definitely different from the 4 color palette I've been doing for shading. It also helps that the background is was intended to be dark too.

Welp I'm done yapping ^^ enjoy


Siri-Sized Rikki (Clean up)

Fri Mar 18 08:31:48 2016

So here is the cleaned up version of Rikki Shinzui's reward.

Ok so I've been trying this thing where I sketch over my roughs (or my foundation sketch) to clean things up and bring out the details....somehow I managed to not only be a LOT faster in doing so, but also....somehow managed to make it lineart >_>; .

This process has been sort of a catalyst for a now present dilemma where what my friends say this is pretty much lineart and I'm like "NUUUUUU it's a sketch because I used those markers I just got rather than the dark pen I would normally ink with.)

My justification of this was rather faulty XD since a lot of the artists that I referenced on this sort of thing are a lot more detail-orientated then I am (like Neodokuro and ModemRedpill on Tumblr and FA ). That and what they do for sketches is going a little above and beyond. And I guess that's just it, I want to give my sketches some....ZAZZ. something a little more than just black or colored sketches on a blank background. I dunno, maybe I just need to not get so worked up XD

I do enjoy this and I'll be finishing up the colors for this later (yup it's a colored "sketch". )

Rikki belongs to Rikki Shinzui



Wed Mar 16 02:42:23 2016

Another day, another stream. Gonna be doing more rewards and finishing up some as well. I have the mic on and music going, so enjoy my deep ass voice and my trying to sing every so often .

Picarto.TV - SiriusWakitas Channel


Sirius Ref SFW (WIP)

Wed Mar 16 02:35:32 2016

The Safe For Work version of the ref I'm doing for Sirius.

As you can see, he has what Kaji has dubbed as "Dimension Shorts". XD Can't be just slingin' all that junk around all willy-nilly in from of the kids!

I'm still fiddling with his general clothing style. Being that I'm from Florida, I enjoy the beach style: boardshorts, tank tops, flip-flops. For a fluffy werewolf-Akita hybrid like Siri, he can withstand the cold QUITE well (actually he can withstand some frigid weather relatively well). So he tends to be perpetually in shorts, tank tops or t-shirts, commonly graphic tees because I love those. He does occasionally wear pants or long-sleeves, or jackets but mainly for style.

The kanji on this shirt is actually his real name, "Tenrou" which literally means "celestial/heavenly wolf", and is the Japanese name for the star Sirius. So yeah, Sirius is technically his real name either way.

I've been looking around for different kanji combinations that match "tenrou" that not only describes him but also is a pun on his name. Because I love Japanese word play. I'm weird I know XD


Sirius Ref NSFW (WIP)

Wed Mar 16 02:30:14 2016

The work in progress for my fursona Sirius. This is STILL in the works because....well I've been making changes on him some more XD.

Been wanting/needing to make this damn thing! Wanted to give him a bit of a top-heavy build with emphasis on his arms but still try to give him some width on this hips ;3.

Right now I'm in the process of adding more belly on him, thanks to my friends and boyfriend. Just to give him a bit more heft and add to his more jovial, friendly nature, as well as go more towards that "powerlifter" robust build I wanted for him.

yeah I tend to mess with his size but as I'm making this for a more consistent thing for possible commissions or pics.


Crumble WIP (with shading)

Wed Mar 16 02:23:38 2016

This was for a flat color commission, which makes this hilarious because I was all psyched for shading and stuff that I did some shading on the sketch to figure things out. I was stoked too because I could do more underlighting again.! (love doing that)

Crumble belongs to his owner Crumble on FA


A Bulfy in need of Daddy (Sketches)

Wed Mar 16 02:21:17 2016

The sketches for BulfyPup's reward from last month. Was definitely an interesting challenge trying to get all the posing right. Definitely would like to for more back and rump shots in the future.


Kaji Mage (Sketch)

Wed Mar 16 02:18:31 2016

Here is the sketching for one of Kaji Aldewolf's previous rewards.

Trying to get into the habit of posting these works in progress when I'm done.


Siri-Sized Rikki (WIP)

Wed Mar 16 02:10:20 2016

Work in progress for Rikki Shinzui's reward, where he requested for his fursona to be the size of my own fluffmonster, Sirius :3c. A.k.a. REALLY FRIGGIN BEEG! Springing a Siri-sized leak too!

So I did it with GUSTO! :D

This was a lot of fun to draw, as I'm starting to get a bit more confident in my lats and arms, as well as just trying new things with poses.

Also, during the stream, there was some silliness with a few watchers, Jasper (theBiZ) and MakoTiger, so I doodled them in. Sadly they won't be in the final product but it was still fun putting them in.

Rikki, Mako and Jasper belong to their respective owners.


Buff Bois (WIP)

Wed Mar 16 01:59:26 2016

The work in progress for MakeEmBIG's reward. Trying to catch up on rewards that I missed. This will be a colored sketch and in the near future I'll be doing a process tutorial on how I do those.

Here we have his three characters, Ryuax the dragon (orange), his Flygon (green) and his Exveemon/Flamedramon hybrid, having a flex off and showing off all their goods. ;3

Been loving these new marker brushes I got from my friend (Art Marker). Seems to make sketching more fun. Will be cleaning this up later.

All chars (c) MakeEmBIG



Thu Mar 3 15:49:43 2016

Picarto.TV - SiriusWakitas Channel

This week I will be streaming my work on the Patreon rewards that I owe and the ones for this month!

Come on get and enjoy!


A Bulfy in need of Daddy

Sat Feb 27 01:01:03 2016

Looks like Bulfy couldn't resist going to his Daddy Arc for some ball play


Reward: Wardrobe Malfunction?

Wed Feb 24 17:06:50 2016

Seems as if the once small dragon has overgrown his clothes and even bust out of them. Something tell me, Sirius has had something to do with it.

Reward belongs to Marjask

Art is Mine


Patreon Reward: Hachi!

Tue Feb 23 00:45:34 2016

This big cutie just loves to show off his girth and manly self.


Patreon Reward: Warrior Mage Kaji

Sun Feb 21 09:05:29 2016

Had a blast working on this and really love how it came out!

This is just one of the monay rewards you can get from pledging. If you like what ya see, plz support, ^^


When a Tiger Wants to Try Everything

Thu Feb 11 09:26:05 2016

....he gets to be a backup dancer in Gazelle's concert in Disney's Zootopia. (Or at least he can imagine while wearing those lovely shorts those tigers have.

I almost did a dumb and didn't jump on this bandwagon. Good thing my mate kept poking me to do it after I made the suggestion to have my own golden tiger cook, Chao Feng, in the get-up. What ultimately sparked my doing this was a pic that TairuPanda did of one of the said backup dancing tigers and I striven to make Feng's hips be like how Tairu did. Just loved how he did his T_T
the pic I'm talking about.

Also messed with proportions for Feng. Again, mainly out of inspiration from Tairu, and for how Zootopia does sizing. I've always to do more body proportion stuff with my characters and Feng is no exception as I wanted him to have the longer torso and strong upper body that tiger's are known for (and the chubbiness that can get sometimes). He's still thick, but his upper half is more pronounced.

Tried to somehow keep his glasses since you know, can't exactly be working those hips and expect not to drop those. So I had them on his head, with maybe a strap or something XD (TRANSITION LENZEZ!! )

Ok time for me to go to sleep. Hope you enjoy!

Shorts/Zootopia (c) Disney

Chao Feng belongs to me!


When A Beasty Offers (Colors)

Wed Feb 10 21:09:12 2016

Here is the colored version of the previous. I used a "Vivid Magenta" palette for this to give it some nice berry color to it, since you know, Sirius is more or less black and white with a few colors in between.

Beast Siri's markings are a bit different when in this form, mainly his arms, where the markings that are on the sides of his arms start to actually cover his arms like gauntlets. I wanted to do that to emphasize his arms more :3c

I'm still fiddling with how to change him up in terms of markings, since now he just seems like he's an oversized Sirius. Might do some dental work and mess with the teeth and brows some more. Also will do more fur too. but for now I like it ^^

Were Siri (or True Siri) belongs to me!


When A Beasty Offers (Sketch)

Mon Jan 25 20:55:35 2016

I meant to post this on here first but it was super late at night when I finished this.

I've looking at a lot of art of a Japanese artist who goes by @marototori on Twitter. Her draw really hot bara and kemono guys, especially his character Tori. Sometimes he's draw him as a large dog, kinda like a werewolf pretty much. I just love how big and fluffed up his fur is in that form and it reminded me of Beast Siri (or Were Siri, or True Siri, etc.)

So, I decided last night to draw him while using Marototori's art as reference.

I honestly need to draw him more, it's always fun seeing what I can do with him and his mane is just too fun to fiddle with. So many hairdo options!

but yeah in this, Sirius, in his more beastly true form is enjoying his favorite treat, strawberry mochi, and gladly wants to share some with you before he wolfs it down.


Recovering :D

Tue Jan 19 14:17:34 2016

Hey everybody! The fluffmonster's here!

Just wanted to give you all an update on my health situation. First off, feeling loads better than last week ever since I got the medicine. My chest hasn't been tight and breathing has stabilized to normal. The mucus has gotten less in my chest and it's mainly just a few coughs here and there. The only things I have right now is just my voice is all funky XD Seriously, it tends to cut out and crack like I was still going through puberty if I go past a certain range. It's not bad, though, I can still talk.

I've been able to sleep a lot more easily and been full of energy. ^^ So yeah, I'm better!

Although, my boyfriend Arc came down with an upper respiratory infection so we're gonna have to deal with that and the roomie coming back from FC with con crud...lord this house is gettin sick XD.

So yeah, just wanted to give you all an update. Thia bout of sickness has definitely put me a bit behind on my commission work and my Patreon rewards and image pack but I'll work my hardest to have the rewards done for you all in a timely manner. Again, I sorry to my lower tier patrons for the severe lack of streams.

Well, seeya soon!

-Sirius the Fluffmonster

A Sick Week ~_~

Sat Jan 9 12:51:43 2016

Hello my wonderful patrons and floof supporters!

So last week was definitely not the best buy ANY means. In the middle of the week, I managed to get afflicted with Bronchitis from out of nowhere. I system off as just a sore throat but it gradually got worse to the point that I couldn't breathe very well and had a tight chest almost nonstop.

Sadly this my second go around with this site got stick with it last year when my boyfriend and I first moved to Alabama. I knew that this was just gonna get much worse and my anxiety want helping at all (father died from lung complications when I was 10, so yeah, I was hella scared; also was freaking out about missing work). So, I decided to go to the hospital on Saturday and got treatment for my breathing as well as prescriptions for an inhaler and some tablets.

I managed to get them on Sunday and so far they have working, although all the strenuous coughing and lack of oxygen has been leaving me sore as hell and sensitive to touching cold things. Also was super drained for most of the day. Thank goodness we have pain meds! XD

So yeah, I want to apologize to you all for not having the Sunday stream. Sadly I'm tend to forget to take care of myself and do more for myself. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered within the week. At least I'm coherent enough to draw stuff XD.

Well seeya around!

- Sirius the Fluffmonster

First Image Pack 1 Coming Soon

Sat Jan 9 12:21:39 2016

Hello everyone! Sirius here, coming to get you news on my first image pack ever!

Sorry it's been taking so long to do this, I've honestly been having trouble coming up with ideas and themes for the image packs, as well just finding the time to make said pics between commissions and other stuff. I guess part of it is because I want them to be worthwhile for your guys, and in my mind, it's mainly just having full colored pics and fancy stuff, but I'm starting to realize that I should honestly just give you what makes me feel good in general. So! I've been able to come up with the theme for once.

The theme will be "Meet the Animal House", and will be featuring my cast of characters as well as some joint characters I have with my mate. These will be concepts, and full pieces of my characters. These characters haven't as much as I would have like them to be, minus Sirius, who is my fursona/main OC pretty much. The whole deal with them is that, well, they're just a bunch of animals I made that lived with Siri and got into some little shenanigans here and there. This pack is pretty much the start of my incentive to get to drawing these guys more and fleshing them out, because honestly, I kinda miss messing around with these characters. Plus, this prevents me from using the "I don't feel like drawing Siri but i don't know who or what to draw" excuse. XD

Ok, enough rambling, time to go to sleep. This pack is planned to be given out towards the later part of the month, the week of Jan 24th. This pack will been given through Dropbox unless I manage to run out of space on there, then I will nust use Google Drive. Depending on how things go, it may even come earlier! I just hope I can give you something you will enjoy.

Thank you for your support and see you around!

-Sirius the Artsy Fluffmonster


A Change of Pace...and Clothes (WIP)

Sat Jan 9 04:31:18 2016

This was originally a Halloween pic for Featherstonhaugh on FA with tho whole "Trick or Treat" at the front door setup, but I didn't get even work on it at the time. So it was changed to a more 'dressing room shenanigans' deal.

This features Varanis Ridari's character, Varanis, on the left wearing Fanshaw the Thyacine's suit and Fanshaw doing the reverse with Varanis' attire, with sword.

Definitely got some details to finish but it was definitely a lot of fun working in this.

Varanis and Fanshaw belong to VaranisRidari and Featherstonhaugh respectively


My Fatty Floof <3

Thu Jan 7 19:55:15 2016

A little something I made for my mate Arc Wolfster, a.k.a. my fatty floof, a.k.a. my moot moot.

Lately, he's been keep up with his workouts (way more than I have XD) and he's been embracing a more musclegutted look (emphasis on gut!)

This year will be our 4th year together and I do hope we can spend even more years together as well >/////< He's been my rock and best bud, and well, he's just been a huge part of my life who's helped me grow even more as a person.


Arc Wolfster belongs to his owner


Prepare to Get Rekt (WIP)

Thu Jan 7 19:06:50 2016

Did this last night while chatting with friends. I've been trying to schedule my commissions so I can get some old stuff done or progressed on. One of these old commissions (or should I say, a group of these), are the Sexy Warrior, or just Warrior if it's clean, commissions. I took these up mainly to help pay for moving expenses when my mate and I were moving from FL to AL. I just haven't been able to get to a good chunk of them until now sadly.

This year I wanted to start off right by getting these pecked out.

This particular character belongs to ZigZagZiggy on FA, although this is mainly for the purpose of getting the sizing and pose right. The armor will be coming later!

Character belong to his owner ZigZagZiggy on FA


Special Guest (W.I.P.)

Tue Jan 5 23:13:56 2016

Seems as though this fox has gotten himself into a position and the Wakita doesn't want to miss out. What can you expect when you are the speicla guest for the night at CHUBBS.


Asgore the Bulk King: Monochrome Sketch

Thu Dec 17 22:00:15 2015

This is the type of Reward you'll Receive from the $30 Tier along with All the other Rewards: Weekly Sketch Stream, Monthly image packs/wallpaper.

Seems as if the King of Monsters needed some help from the Floofmonster after leaving the underground. How does he look?


Reward Updates: Monthly Art Again

Tue Dec 1 20:26:11 2015

Will be adding

New Tiers:

$20 - Will keep all the rewards that are currently offered.

$30 - Shaded Sketch (1 Character) (10 Pledge Limit)

New Rewards Offered:

$50 - Added Colored Sketch (1 Character) (5 Pledge Limit)

$100 - Added Full Color (1 Character) (3 Pledge Limit)

Will currently receive all Current rewards for every tier and will also be removing the $25 tier. These will take effect for Jan or at the start of the New Year.


Fluffing Up Fur The Winter

Mon Nov 30 17:34:24 2015

Yup I did that.

So Marjask wanted me doodle his dragon fursona as a big ol' musclegutted wolf.

Tried to keep some characteristics from his dragon for this, so I gave him A mohawk to keep the 'spines' he had from his dragon form.

Now, go hug this big fella!

Wolf Jask belongs to Marjask


Tis The Season To Be Bulking

Mon Nov 23 21:11:04 2015


Something a little festive from last night's Sketch Stream for one resident bodybuilding wolf Sanders (MutantWolf) as he bulks up for the winter so he can explode with beef (of the musclely kind) in the next few months.

Good thing all those bells make the gun show a wonderful sight to see and hear. ;3

Sanders belongs to MutantWolf


Sketch Stream: Tyrannochao

Mon Nov 23 17:20:15 2015

Cold? What is cold? Looks like this dino doesn't seem to mind. Also, Wakita snowman, hehe

Reward during yesterday's Sketch Stream. Check out my Patreon and Support:


Sketch Stream: Starknight

Mon Nov 23 17:19:04 2015

Ready and willing to serve. Just place your order whenever you're ready.

Reward during yesterday's Sketch Stream. Check out my Patreon and Support:


Sketch Stream: Wafflebird

Mon Nov 23 17:17:09 2015

Waking up from a good night's rest.

Reward during yesterday's Sketch Stream. Check out my Patreon and Support:


Sketch Stream: Cybeast

Mon Nov 23 17:14:12 2015

Just when you think you've found the right pair of undies, ^^

Reward during yesterday's Sketch Stream. Check out my Patreon and Support:


Sketch Stream Reward: Rikki

Sun Nov 22 18:15:29 2015

All dem thick and bulgy curves and bits, ^^


Sketch Stream @ 4pm Central Today

Mon Nov 16 10:33:46 2015

Those who are patrons and attend will be able to grab a sketch during the stream (as long as time allows).


you're not a Patron and your like what you see during the stream plz

check out my Patreon:

Sketch Stream NOW LIVE

Sun Nov 8 22:04:53 2015

Come here to watch and enjoy the art being drawn:

Those who are patrons and attend will be able to grab a sketch during the stream (as long as time allows).

If you're not a Patron and your like what you see during the stream plz check out my Patreon:


The Many Fur Styles of WereSiri

Mon Oct 12 16:00:47 2015

I'm always trying new things with this big lugs fur/hair. So figured I'd do a collection of all of them. This is just one of the few pics that will be included in this months image pack. With it being October and Halloween coming soon. This pack is dedicated to the Werewolf side of the Floofmonster.

To those who are Patrons, expect to receive the image pack later in the month and if you're not one. Then please pledge and get the pack yourself while getting other rewards too:


New Plans for Content Sharing

Sun Oct 11 09:39:26 2015

Hello Patrons! Hope you all are doing well!

I just want to say, first off, sorry for the slight lack in content as of late. Partially it's due to just organizational issues and being extremely busy on commission work. Also, I haven't been putting out new stuff on the Patreon itself because what has been happening lately with the "fake accounts" that have been the cause of a lot of problems for not just me but for many other Patreon users.

For those who don't know, there have been fake accounts that take up spaces in the higher tiers on a creator's page that grant the most benefits to the patron. Then, when the end of the month comes and pledges are being taken up, POOF! they disappear, declining their payments and keeping the content that has been possibly downloaded if you just post up the high-res links in the creator post.

This kind of thing messes up the numbers so I end up with MUCH less pledges than expected.
So yeah, it's kinda sorta annoys me a lot, considering Patreon being a necessity for me to help pay rent and bills. Yes a necessity, you guys don't know how much this has helped me out. I'm extremely grateful for your patronage.

Ok, onto the nitty-gritty!
Recently I've discovered the power of Google Drive! (ok I knew about it but never used it much). I've been using it in conjunction with Trello to map out my commission schedule and keeping track of commissions. Also, I've been starting to store some of my files in there, mainly the pics I send out to people. I found out not too long ago how much I can store on Google Drive, which is 15 GB, and I can make it accessible to whomever I give the link to.
So you know what?! I'll be using that to share my content with your guys! I'm still gonna have to figure out how to do it properly but yeah, I'm doing that.

Alrighty then! This is all I have to saw for now. (Honestly, it's about 5 AM right now and I really should be sleeping XD). Just a discovery and a possible game plan for the future where I can provide for you the quality. exclusive content you deserve without the possibility of it being leaked out by fake accounts.

Thanks for reading my absurdly long, early morning update. Seeya later!

*flops into bed and dreams of floofy dreams*


Tue Sep 22 16:07:03 2015

When you are this size its hard finding towels that fit. Always fun drawing Marjask and his different forms

Did this on Sundays Patreon Sketch Stream. To grab one of these check out my page and help support by pledging!

Horsejak & reward go to Marjask


Sketch Stream: TyrannoChao

Tue Sep 22 16:04:28 2015

Dat booty and fat nut sac. I dont think he even cares that you are looking either.

Did this on Sundays Patreon Sketch Stream. To grab one of these check out my page and help support by pledging!

T-rex and reward goes to TyrannoChao


Sketch Stream: Juriaen

Mon Sep 21 15:54:42 2015

Who needs a Mega evolution when you can go anthro.

Did this on Sundays Patreon Sketch Stream. To grab one of these check out my page and help support by pledging!

Blastoise belongs to the Pokemon franchise

Patreon belongs to Juriaen


Free Sketch Stream NOW

Sun Sep 20 16:35:02 2015

Come join the fun and watch me draw for my Patrons. All are invited and if you like what you see, pledge and help support me:


Sketch Stream: WaffleBird

Mon Sep 14 20:39:04 2015

This is your valet but if your car isn't big enough he might have issues and watch out for those messes, He never knows how to handle them

This is from the Bi-Weekly Sketch Stream


Sketch Stream: Synsath

Mon Sep 14 20:36:27 2015

Such a fierce beast but no concept proper attire... unless he meant for you to get distracted

This is from the Bi-weekly Sketch Stream


Sketch Stream: Rikki

Mon Sep 14 19:33:46 2015

From yesterday's Sketch Stream. Seems as if this guy got a sudden case of boobs. Not a herm, just a guy with tits, XD

This is from the Bi-weekly Sketch stream


Patreon Sketch Stream Review

Mon Sep 14 19:27:11 2015

I'd like to thank everyone for attending the first Sketch Stream. Had a slight rough start but was able to get thing going within the first couple of hours and I was able to get a Picarto page setup:

If you missed yesterday, don't worry. I'll be doing another one this weekend and it will be on Sunday again and starting at 12pm. Those who got pics this time, you are still welcome to come but you won't be able to get a sketch. Again thank you for making this first stream a success.

Sketch Stream on Sunday

Fri Sep 11 22:04:49 2015

Just a heads up that the Sketch stream will take place on Sunday and will be going through my Patreon Skype account. Due to me not being able to use regular stream services due to my Wacom not being able to function properly with them. For those who don't have my Patreon Skype account: sirius.creations

Those of you who show up I will go in order of the tier list and will do my best to get to everyone a sketch. Please spread the word and tell your friends about it and let them know to pledge and join the fun!

Free Sketch Stream this Saturday

Mon Sep 7 16:25:13 2015

This Saturday (09/12) will be the first Sketch Stream for those who show up will receive a sketch as long as time permits. Stay tuned for more info later in the week on when it will start.

Reward & Tier Changes for Sept.

Mon Aug 24 15:20:25 2015

I will be making changes this week to my Patreon. I appreciate all the support I have been receiving these past few months. Lately, however, I've been feeling like this has been more like another line of commissions. This, in turn, would add more work to the load I already have with regular commissions.It's not your fault for this added load, but mine, since you know, I kinda set this all up to be like that. As much as I would like to give you all everything, I really want to be able to pursue personal artistic avenues.

So with these changes I'll be doing some changes to the Patreon, and this will lead to the removal of certain rewards and adjustments to pledges.

First order of business: The removal of raffles.

This has been something that I've been contemplating after a few patrons and followers on my Twitter warned me of the implementation of raffles and randomized contents. This is because of Patreon's rule against raffles, as it essentially becomes gambling given the nature of patrons paying for a random chance to win rewards. I can agree with that logic....and even if I didn't, I don't really don't want to receive any a flak or any chance of issues popping up in the future.

These changes will definitely lighten the load on me, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna leave ya high and dry on content.

Second order of business: New rewards!

With the removal of raffles, there will be fresh new rewards to take their place. These rewards will be a bit more generalized than the raffles, which means there will be far less restrictions on what I can provide for you all, and I can choose what I want to do. However, there will be some rewards that patrons can be involved in via. voting and such.
Here are the ideas I have for new rewards:

For now, these are all the thoughts I have on the matter. I'm apologize for my changing so much. I want to make this an enjoyable experience for all of you, but I also don't want to burn myself out. Please, if you have any thoughts on the matter, message me on Patreon, my Twitter @SiriusWakita, my FA: SiriusDog, or you can just email me at: I want to hear your thoughts, and maybe it will clear things up and fix any problems that may come.

Thank you so much for supporting me all this time, and for reading this all the way through. Because of you all, I've been able to take care of living expenses more readily, and I hope that I can provide excellent compensation for your support: all of the colorful drawings of the crazy animal variety!

Kaji Sexy Warrior (WIP fully sketched)

Wed Aug 19 04:48:42 2015

This the full sketch of Kaji Aldewolf's Full Color pic prize.
the staff tip sadly, is a much simpler version of the he really has, but I'm trying to keep the same general design through engravings.

Finally was able to fix up the wings and such as well ^^
Maybe adjust the muzzle some more while I work on the inking. (which is a hell of a lot easier when using vector layers in Manga Studio or SAI, since they don't get blurry the more your transform them, unlike raster. You'll see what I mean later.


Kaji Sexy Warror (WIP Sketch)

Wed Aug 19 01:22:10 2015

Trying to post more of my works in progress as I work on pics. Hard to get out of the habit of trying to power through pics.

This is for Kaji Aldewolf as he was winner of this month's Full Color Pic prize, featuring his sona Kaji, getting ready to whoop ass as a Battle Mage.
Hehe this is the first time I've drawn Kaji with his wings spread and BOY it's a different experience. I'm still fiddling with the corrections on the wings XD

I still have to finish sketch out of the staff and onto inking!

Kaji (Battle Mage mode) belongs to Kaji Aldewolf

Art belongs to me, Sirius


Patreon Rewards Clear Up

Thu Aug 13 16:12:15 2015

It has come to my attention to some that I might not of made myself totally clear on the subject of claiming your reward each month.

When I was using the word PASS, I meant that you would be forfeiting your reward for the month if I did not hear from you before the 20th of each month.

A few months back I said I was willing to do bigger projects with people who wanted to reserve there rewards for such but I would only know that if you come and tell me. I don't want you to lose out on a reward due to lack of communication.

With that being said, I cannot fix what has already been lost but from here on, this will be the official statement. "If I haven't heard from you before the 20th of each month, I will assume you are forfeiting (not redeeming) your reward of the month, unless, I have already discussed with you on doing some kind of bigger project where you are saving up your pledges.

Aug. Rewards Deadline

Thu Aug 6 16:36:42 2015

I would like to thank everyone for your support last month. It truly means a lot to me as an artist and that I can share my work with you. I have been struggling to reach my 2nd Goal the past couple months. I'll reach it only to have people drop. Could it be my rewards? Should I up-date them? What else could I offer? What kind of rewards would you like to see more from me?

For those who haven't sent me there ideas & refs to claim your reward for the month. You have til the 20th. If I don't hear from you before then, I will assume you are passing on it. I will be starting on the rewards the 17th of this month.

Again, thank you for all the support and I hope to continue showing you through my art and actions here, ^^

Double Choco Wuffamute!

Wed Aug 5 18:15:46 2015

Forgot to post this after I was done ^^;

A little late on these and I'm trying to make up for that.

Here is


's Patreon reward, featuring

Haku Wuffamute

getting all fattened up by the massive amounts of pudding that Evert has been feeding him. (must be some rich pudding XD)

Who knows how long this will keep up

Evert and Haku Wuffamute belong to



Haku Wuffamute on FA

Sirius © Me

evertnhakuFA.jpg evertnhaku.jpg

Aug. Group Cameo "Sex Ed"

Tue Aug 4 21:08:27 2015

Here is the winning scenario. If you do not wish to participate in the raffle for this please comment here or send me a message. Will let this go for 24 hours and if I do not hear from you, I will assume you are ok with being apart of the raffle.


Final Call for Cameo Poll Votes

Fri Jul 31 23:32:06 2015

For those who haven't placed a vote, u have 5 hours left to do so:

Hello There

Fri Jul 31 16:31:22 2015

$25 Patreon reward for XT9K


Pudding Pup (WIP)

Thu Jul 30 19:26:03 2015

Haku enjoys all things chocolate and his very good friend Evert wasn't going to let his bud go without his fair share of it!

Should have this done before the end of the month but wanted to give an update on it!

Reward belongs to Evert and features Haku


All Dat Ass

Thu Jul 30 19:16:11 2015

Even CHUBBS can use some volunteers from the crowd to help get the party jumping even more. Seems like Alonely wanted to be entertainment for the night and he didn't disappoint, ^^

alonelygonzatoFA.jpg alonelygonzato.jpg

Cameo Poll: Last Few Days to Vote

Tue Jul 28 21:13:57 2015

For those who haven't voted. You still have til the end of the month to do so:

Right now "Sex Ed." is in the lead. Its is an adult themed pic. For those who do not wish to be included in the raffle if this choice wins, please send me a message saying you do not wish to participate.

LAST CALL & Cameo Group Updates

Mon Jul 20 21:06:53 2015

For those who have already sent in your reward ideas, thank you. For those who haven't. You have til midnight tonight (8 hours left). If I don't hear from you, I'll take that as you passing on it for the month.

Do to a major issue of my digital pen having it die on me, I won't be able to do this months Cameo pic. I was able to get one by the end of last week but with the end of the month approaching and still having other Patron rewards left to do. I'm gonna need to focus on finishing those.

Speaking of Cameo pic. Next months poll has gotten a lot of attention, prior to the others! If you haven't placed your vote yet:

The theme is school with 3 different scenes (P.E., Chemisty & Sex Ed.)

Cameo Pic Poll for August

Fri Jul 17 16:30:49 2015

Theme for this poll will be School Time Shenanigans!

These will be NSFW and you will get to experience some more of my other characters for each pic.

I will be presenting WIPs of the pic as I go along the process, or at least try to remember to make progress pics.

PLEASE let me know if there's any problems with the poll or the ideas presented.


Aug Group Cameo Ideas & Last Call for Rewards

Mon Jul 13 15:00:13 2015

With August being next month, it normally means the start of school again. Would anyone be interested in a group pic dealing with that? If not please share your thoughts on what the theme should be.

Also, only have 1 week to send in your refs and ideas to claim your monthly reward(s). After the 20th, those who I haven't heard from I'll assume you passed this month.

Bubble Tea: CHUBBS Style

Fri Jul 10 16:56:26 2015

"After a increasing number of requests from our lovely patrons at CHUBBS, we decided to start selling Bubble Tea, a fairly recent craze among furs. Luckily, making the stuff isn't that hard for me and, well, it tastes grrrr-reat! (Sorry couldn't resist). Plus you can have it almost any flavor of tea, including the flavors you would see in our alcoholic drinks.

These flavorings are actually caused by the growth serums we put into the drinks, that allows one to grow in a variety of ways: from making you fatter, which the main lure of CHUBBS, to making you more buff, to just making you more hyper-endowed! One such customer, a friend of Arc and Sirius, named Kaji Aldewolf , has been attending our club quite frequently as of late. He usually sits off to the side in the personal booths or the bar and enjoys his drinks, which are usually martinis of some variety, including the Kiwi Melon-Sac Martini (as the name suggests, it makes your junk huge). Now, I've been told by the two Floofs that Kaji can actually grow his own package, among other things, due to being a "deity". I didn't really believe at first...until, after serving him his bubble tea, I noticed that my clothes we getting tighter for some reason by the time I got to having him pay up. I dunno who's bright idea was it to have him butterball me up, but I'll find out sooner or later, and I will have more than a few cross words with them! did feel kinda nice actually. Was so soft... >///> "

Chao Feng, chef of CHUBBS and the Chao's Chow food truck


Yup! I wrote something XD

This is Kaji Aldewolf 's Patreon colored sketch reward, featuring his sona Kaji Aldewolf and my very own golden tiger Chao Feng, the local chef. I actually had a lot of fun working on this for almost the entire day (well not really since I was

distracted and food and well, talking).

Was nice of Kaji to have me draw Feng though, since I don't draw him

enough as well as my other characters. Gave me a chance to do some edits

on his design and make the way I would like for him to look in the

future (still working out the face stripes but that's the general design

of them).

Thanks a lot Kaji ;3c


Kaji Aldewolf belongs to his owner

Chao Feng and art © ME! SiriusDog :3


Otter Time

Wed Jul 8 01:29:55 2015

Always time for Otter time or thats what Rupert says, ^^

Rupert is this months Colored Sketch raffle winner!


July Rewards/Cameo Group/Paint Style

Mon Jul 6 18:20:12 2015

I would like to thank everyone for your support these past few months and even this month. It truly means a lot to me as an artist and that I can share my work with you. Because of all the support, I have been able to spare some that extra time for me to draw and learn new techniques. Yesterday, I was able to start "paint" style and if you go here you can see the finished product: , with it being my 1st piece I am happy with how it came out but I know I can learn more. I do plan on working on some other pieces too. One being that Lion pic from a couple months back: If you guys enjoy this new style enough, you might see it showing up as a reward. So please let me know.

For those who haven't sent me there ideas & refs to claim your reward for the month. You have til the 20th. If I don't hear from you before then, I will assume you are passing on it.

Finally, I want to do Cameo Group Pics that everyone would enjoy and want to be apart of. This round I had a few who turned it down after winning the slots. Please send me a message or comment and let me hear your thoughts. Maybe you'd have a better idea than I could think of. I just don't want anyone to feel left out or not have there voice heard. This might be my art but its because of you guys that I'm able to do so.

Again, thank you for all the support and I hope to continue showing you through my art and actions here, ^^

Goo Siri (Paint Style)

Mon Jul 6 18:13:59 2015

With all of your support and help these past few months I am able to start feeling that extra time for me. So I am doing more art that I've want to learn and that includes this "paint" style art. This was a lot of fun to work on yesterday. Expect to see me do a little more of this style and if you like it enough, I might even add it as a reward. Any thoughts on it?


Goo Siri (Sketch)

Mon Jul 6 18:10:39 2015

After talking with Lyin on Twitter who did his best to convince me (didn't take much, ^^) you now see Siri turned into a massive goo hulk beast. Was it even possible to make the Wakita even bigger, YES HE CAN!


Boom Goes the Dynamite

Tue Jun 30 12:49:09 2015

Now, there are two facts in this world.
1. MutantWolfis a beefcake.

2. MutantWolfis a beefcake with a finely-crafted gun-show and won the June Monthly Colored Sketch (need to find a better name for that.) !

'Nuff Said!

Ok in all seriousness, working on this withMutantWolfwas a lot of fun. Definitely was in the groove with this one and it didn't take too long. Also, the cleanest I've sketched without really erasing too much.

MutantWolf belongs to his owner

Art (C) Me! Sirius


Those Hot Cravings

Sat Jun 27 21:11:55 2015

AAAAAH YEEEAH SEXY TIME WITH THE FLUFFMONSTER! XD (which is almost...all the time, since he's you as fuuuuuuq!)

This is actually a reward for Buffzard that I owed from last month, but wasn't able to get to it.

And boy, this was a lot more work than expected....ok it was what I expected XD. Oh well, still had a fun time with it.

Buffward loves to have his body worshiped by buff pups, and of course, Siri fits the bill to a T. Oh! and there's a bed somewhere...under all that beef. It's probably destroyed by now XD.

Buffzard (c) his owner

Sirius and art (c) Me


Light the Fire Up in the Night

Sat Jun 27 21:09:28 2015

A badass display magical ninja awesomeness, featuring Magic Fury, Smokey's bolfion super hero.

Was fun designing the outfit, since he wanted a more "urban ninja" look. Jacket and tights, can't go wrong, I see so many ninjas do it!

Definitely enjoyed working on this and do something on the dynamic side.

...also, flame-proof scarf = choice!

Magic Fury (c) Smokey

Art (C) ME!


Double Down

Wed Jun 24 00:18:27 2015

$50 Reward for N-lyon (nathanlyon92on on FA), featuring his bear sona Nathan and his friend Zale (zivanedison on FA), all beefed and ready for those judges to start whipping up 10's across the board!

Sketched, shaded and colored this in MyPaint but the highlights were in MangaStudio since I do highlights with "Soft Light" or "Overlay" and MyPaint just has "Screen". Oh well, still was a nice learning experience with MyPaint, overall. Now if only I could actually PAINT ^^;. some day.

Also, wanted to try different poses from what I usually do. Gotta love for really good material.

Characters belong to their respective owners
Art (c) Me

nylonpatreon.jpg nylongpatreon.jpg

The Many Flavors of Panda

Sat Jun 20 13:01:35 2015

And you thought pandas could only be in black and white.....and red and....yeah XD.

So for this month, since summer is coming up, I thought I'd go for a more "ice cream social on the beach" type of pic.
The winners of this cameo pic were Marjask, Zev, Evert! (as made obvious by their colors). Was definitely a slight challenge getting their colors to look more like pandas, since all of our characters have such different marks from the typical panda.
Although, Sirius HAS been mistaken for a panda on more than a few occasions (happens at cons).

MONSTER POPS are made fromnatural ingredients, although that batch Siri got must have had some extra ingredients put into them. Also, MONSTER POPS not only sells Popsicles, but also ice cream treats. :3

All characters belong to their respective owners

Sirius and art (c) Me


Strawpoll for July's Group Cameo Pic

Wed Jun 17 20:19:43 2015

This one will be adult rated dealing with a Rule 34 character. For those who are wondering I will probably use my art magic and make the winning guy bigger than he normally is, so there will be EXTRA BEEF added, ^^ There are 5 different choices:

You only get one vote and the voting will last til i receive all of the pledge money for June. So roughly around July 4-5 is when the voting will close.

This will also have 2 cameo spots open. Hope this gets you excited as I am!

Cuddle Floofs (WIP)

Tue Jun 16 07:53:21 2015

Even these big guys need time to rest those foot paws after carrying all that weight around.


Streaming @ 7:30 P.M. CT

Mon Jun 15 21:56:25 2015

Hello everyone! Sirius here!

Just want to inform you that I will be doing another stream for the finishing of the Panda Ice Cream Social cameo pic. I will be on Skype for contact when I am ready.

I hope you enjoy!

Seeya then!


Ice Cream Panda Social (WIP #2)

Mon Jun 15 16:38:47 2015


Panda Ice (WIP)

Sun Jun 14 04:09:04 2015

The work in progress sketch for the Pandafied Summer cameo pic, featuring Marjask, Zev, and Evert (in order from left to right, color-coded for your viewing pleasure XD). And of course, we have Sirius, who couldn't just stick with having one ice cream, he has to bring a cooler (ice powers come in handy in these situations).

Can't wait to finish this tomorrow. Will be a lot of work since its been a while since I did 4 chars in a pic. I have a plan though :3


Macro Wakita? (WIP)

Fri Jun 12 21:07:48 2015

Is he macro or is he just that huge?

macrosiri.jpg macrosiri.jpg

Another Round!

Thu Jun 11 23:16:42 2015

So I was tasked with making Rikki Shinzui's fursona even BIGGER than the last time, after he indulges in another Floof-Berry Cocktail (a mixing of Siriusly Strawberry and Arc-tic Blueberry).
I don't know for sure if I succeed but ^^; here it is.

Rikki if you want this bigger :P let me know. I'll size it up for ya. luckily it's a sketch

Rikki belongs to Rikki Shinzui (rikkithetffox on FA)
Art (c) ME!


Reward Ideas & Extra Characters

Wed Jun 10 20:13:09 2015

I am open to discuss any idea you bring to me!

If you want a growth or transformation series then I can do that but it would only be for the people that are guaranteed art monthly and it would span the number of months it takes to complete. You won't get it all in one month.

I have recently been getting asked about adding a 2nd character to a pic. This is also possible but the quality of the pic will go down.

So if you have a Full Color it will go down to a Colored Sketch

Colored Sketch going down to a Sketch.

For those in the $50 tier, the 2 character pic will stay a Colored Sketch but you will only get 1 pic for the month.

I hope this clears up any confusion and I probably should of posted this earlier. Thank you for taking time to read this, ^^

Receiving Patron Rewards

Wed Jun 10 11:58:48 2015

Wanted to actually make a post about this and where all my Patrons can see it and look back to it when needed.

For those who receive monthly rewards and those who win one of the raffles. It is YOUR job to send me your refs and ideas. If you wish to discuss an idea with me, I'll be more than happy to do so. I also will send a note via the Patreon message system. I want ALL my Patrons to start using the message system here. Its just easier for me to access it since it is for our use dealing with Patron matters. Once the month begins and I have received all monthly pledge amounts, I'll send out messages to everyone who I need info from for said rewards. It is then in your hands. If I don't hear from you within the first half of the month ( after the 20th of each month), I'll assume you are passing on your reward for the month.

I am looking to make this more aware to everyone, that way no one thinks I am just ignoring them. I appreciate ALL the support I have been getting on my Patreon and being able to reach my 2nd goal!

A Tubby Taur

Mon Jun 8 23:46:17 2015 not "fat tubby", like "sitting in a tub" tubby.....blame my mate for that Xd

$25 Patreon Reward for Kaji Aldewolf (kajiryuujin on FA), with his fursona, Kaji (in taur form), enjoying a nice bath. Looks like one part of him his enjoying it too much!
Ah the daily problems(?) of a hyper-endowed draolf taur.

Kaji belongs to his owner
Art done by ME! Sirius


Pup Flex Off (WIP)

Mon Jun 8 21:55:18 2015

Khristopherson the chocolate labrador got a chance to meet one of his biggest inspirations for getting as big as he has. Sirius not shy about being around fellow biggies decided to see who could flex bigger!


Bulking Up Nicely

Wed Jun 3 07:00:47 2015

So that good groove I had. Yeah, lead me to actually finishing this faster than expected XD

Colored sketch reward for my $25 Patron, Marjask, who wanted his fursona to be drawing similarly to the dragons that Kitora makes. (very thick all over)

Been trying something a little different with my sketches, which that I've using a brush that looks similar to pencil, but of course there is always room to experiment even further. I hope you like this though ^^

Marjask belongs to his owner.
Art (c) ME! ^^


Bulky Marjask (Colors WIP)

Wed Jun 3 06:44:41 2015

just filling in the colors for Marjask's Patreon reward.
was in a good groove so I just worked on it through the night.

I just need to fill in the tail and shade. :3

Marjask belongs to his owner.
Art (c) Me


Bulky Marjask Reward (WIP)

Wed Jun 3 04:25:21 2015

WIP Sketch for Marjask's colored sketch pic. It's not fully fleshed out yet. He wanted his body shape to me more like Kitora's work, with the bulky dragon build.

Well trying to get more in the habit of post my works in progress for my higher up patrons. Yes! For those pledging $25 or more, you will have access to my process pics for my ongoing projects, such as works in progress, rough drafts/doodles and process charts (you know, the ones where it shows the whole process.
These are not limited to just Patreon stuff, but other ongoing projects I will be working on for the time being.

Maybe it will get me into the habit of making tutorials or stuff like that. I would like to show you how I work outside of streams. This way, you won't have to watch me take hours upon hours finishing a pic XD.

Marjask belongs to his owner....well Marjask XD


Welcome to the Crew!

Fri May 29 15:36:45 2015

Rikki Shinzui's May Patreon for his $25 Pledge, featuring his fursona, Rikki the fox ^^ He's definitely a lot of bigger than usual this time around. Reason?

Well he's taken up a job at CHUBBS, a club and bar owned my mate Arc, where all the biggest come to enjoy themselves. ^^ It's known for having areas where other anthros can indulge in a variety of size altering drinks.

The one Rikki has been chosen to drink for his initiation into the crew is the "Siriusly Strawberry" lemonade, a varition to the "Siriusly Strawberry" martini for those who don't sip tiny drinks XD. The drink is meant to bulk up one's body and give him a similar appearance to a certain lycanthopric canine ;3.
As you can see, it has some impressive results. Although it looks like someone slipped some "ARC-tic Blueberry" in there to fatten him up some.

Well I hope you enjoy!

Rikki belongs to Rikki Shinzui (rikkithetffox on FA)

Art (C) Me


Floating Along

Fri May 29 15:33:37 2015

A little gift sketch for one of my roommates, Crush the otter. A very big one at that. :3c

I'm just glad he liked that pic and said he was planning on framing it when he has a chance. That would be awesome



Thu May 28 20:13:59 2015

Super Sexy Sweater Swag, M-M-M!
YAY! I'm clever for once XD

Another $100 Patron Reward for Evert Neely (Evert), this time as a gift for another FA user, Midvinter. This is his dire wolf fursona, Noel, all bundled up in one of those sweaters with the words on them ;3, and some snug fitting shorts. Looks like someone's been working out extra hard and isn't afraid to show it off.

Enjoy the beef ;3

Noel belongs to Midvinter on FA

Art (c) ME!


Tail of the Century

Thu May 28 20:08:29 2015

One of the Rewards for my $100 Patron, Evert, featuring his normally buff fursona, in a more compact (still buff ;3) size. If cuteness is a weapon, this would be it....and also that tail. XD

Yeeeeah that thing wasn't that big when I sketched this out. Not that I'm complaing. Hehe

Evert belongs to Evert (EvertNeely)
Art (c) Me. Sirius



Tue May 26 17:30:00 2015

I know this past month I have been rather silent with little updates. The move that happened this past May 17th took up more of my time than I thought it would. Currently done with all Colored Sketch rewards and now making my way through the Full Colored Rewards. They should be all done by the end of this month. I thank all of you for your patience and appreciate those of you who have stayed with me after this month. I plan to double my efforts for June and be more open with all of you and staying in contact with all of you. If you have any thoughts and/or suggestion plz share them with me so I know how to make my Patreon more enjoyable for all of you.

$25 Patreon Reward: Marjask

Fri May 22 17:54:12 2015

Big Blue & Beefy!
Colored sketch Patreon reward for marjask/drye, featuring his sona all beefed up like a certain fluffmonster.

I actually sketched this in my sketchbook and scanned it (oh yeah THERE'S A SCANNER HERE NOW!), and just did some tweaks. This actually came out better than expected.

Gigamar belongs to drye/marjask
Art © Me!

6b6d72a53269b80947d83d4dc35b7ed3.jpg 00105780a2a8c1c9a8f487f006411f25.jpg

$10 Patreon Reward: LeonValen

Fri May 22 17:49:07 2015

Reward that he won in the Colored Sketch raffle, featuring his dragon, Klaus, a cop who's been guilty of indulging excessively on Krispy Kream's

Klaus belongs to leonvalen
Art © Me

d26706a83edc6bb0ff229a72eba27ee4.jpg bc0777e557efacd8c50283b8fe6db98a.jpg

Staying Big n' Furry 7/11

Sun May 10 15:57:08 2015

So the overgrown wakita, Sirius, has been listening to a lot of Beyonce lately, and was hooked on "7/11" and all it's silliness. So he decided to do his own little take on the video.
Sadly, since the bathroom since had about 5 girls in it, Siri had to improvise and thus Sander (front) and Cy (back) have been roped into one the fluffmonster's antics.

Sander and Cy belong to the winners of the cameo raffle for this pic: MutantWolf and Cybeast! CONGRATS GUYS!

[Higher-res in the attachments section. ]

6ce35dbb4f181af410f877d1441e6a6c.jpg 8dd54736667cab682112fd990344fc8d.png

Thanks For Coming!

Sun May 10 06:08:35 2015

Thank you so much to those who came to the Patreon Stream on Saturday. Definitely had fun working on the Sirius 7/11 pic ^^ I will be posting it when I wake up later, so get ready for to have your socks rocked!

Doggy Buns

Wed May 6 15:36:48 2015

Sirius and Arc wanted to showcase there low half for all your viewing pleasure, ^^

46b6075b9e70f47fe398cc150157759f.jpg 91253765a37f1e77b55800f9d6a9ba17.jpg

Sweater Puppy (ARRR!)

Wed Apr 29 17:08:23 2015

Something along the lines of what Sirius' actual junk size is! (could be bigger but hey, that's me.)
Don't worry, he has special jocks for his massive manbits. He enjoys the snugness that comes with undies, even though his pants may not have the same sentiment.

Sirius the fluffmonster belongs to moi!

d3a66dff37ceca5a824a5a6b9cc825c9.jpg 517a5d2f2e1c0fd9966edba488015b90.jpg

Sweater Puppy (PG)

Wed Apr 29 17:01:32 2015

A slightly naughtier version of the Sweater Puppy pic.
Sirius has a fondness for jockstraps. Like a BIG fondness for them. Just about 70% of his underwear is jockstraps of some type.

Sirius: WHAT?! I like the support! >////>

60ebbfe1cfe796ab52f18c288ce056fe.jpg 52ab529d9bc98b5b10ff0df9a64216e0.jpg

Sweater Puppy (G)

Wed Apr 29 16:52:30 2015

So there was this trend around the Twitter sphere about these Worded Sweaters, usually with ironic terms. So I decided to add something my fluffmonster's attire and BAM! A nice hoodie!. Sadly, I accidentally ordered the wrong size. Oh well, he seems to enjoy it nonetheless!
Expect different versions to come soon!

f3832a3b9f948daf6447633ecac132a1.jpg 9ee676fb5f9acd64e76816679720ccb2.jpg

"Siriusly Strawberry" Martini for Kaji

Wed Apr 29 16:48:24 2015

A Colored Sketch reward for one of the $10 Patrons, Kaji Aldewolf. He wanted to try something different from his usually svelte self, to a more Siri-sized proportioned look ;3 So he decided to indulge in a "Siriusly Strawberry" martini, and...welp! You see the results!
This is brought to you by the staff at CHUBBS, my boyfriend's club, where the big guys come to mingle and get bigger!

Kaji Aldewolf belongs to his respective owner.

Expect more rewards to be done during this week for my other Patrons. ^^

3d73e427a77819f0557184ea6a5f50e5.jpg fd9dc3cba2b6855548e67d58f2a14a18.jpg

Just Lion Around

Wed Apr 29 16:40:51 2015

Been wanting to draw Lion from Steven's Universe for a long time. ^^; then I saw others doing it and said "Welp! I have no excuse now!". There's only so much a Popsicle and a fan can do in the Beach City heat. Liiiike relieving oneself from clothing ;3

SUbiglion.jpg a18715e67e3983beb19c715f7405421f.jpg

Dobie Troubles

Thu Apr 16 23:05:59 2015

Seems like my good friend Sirus messed with the wrong triple headed canine today, ^^

96a9ed3776502ef4ec8b85f28614274b.jpg a15bd86354c407752f02044149ff91c1.jpg

7/11 W.I.P.

Mon Apr 6 19:20:32 2015

Sketch version of my 1st Patreon exclusive picture, ^^
Siri being by himself decided to have some fun in the bathroom

9f1c93c495c6c7a5a58408005a8b454a.jpg fe72cdfec06c772a34dd9993c53bb654.jpg

Full Color Reference

Mon Apr 6 06:34:47 2015

This is the quality you will receive in the $100+ pledge range & what you would the raffle


Colored Sketch Reference

Mon Apr 6 06:33:11 2015

This is the quality you will be receiving from the $25 & $50 pledge range and what you could win in the raffle.


Sketch Refeernce

Mon Apr 6 06:30:43 2015

This is the quality you will receive, ^^


Easter Sploosh

Sun Apr 5 19:31:07 2015

Sirius and Arc getting into the holiday spirit, ^^



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