Patreon Set (up to September 2018)

All Patreon pictures up to last month (d)


Sat Aug 1 09:36:53 2020

Hey all,
I just sent out the missing YCH from your July rewards! Please check your emails. By now you all should have all the stuff. I know one person is having issues so I'll link the stuff in a minute for them. ^^

REWARDS SENT! (Jul 2020)

Fri Jul 31 22:52:29 2020

I just finished sending the emails so they should arrive shortly. I could not include the finished YCH because it makes the email exceed 20Mb and I'm unable to send it that way. I will instead send that art piece separately tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your regular rewards are all here in the meantime! Enjoy.
(If there are any issues, let me know ASAP)


Fri Jul 31 21:22:51 2020

Hey all, Ruffy here~

just letting you guys know I'm adding a few last finishing touches to the YCH I wanna include. I'll prepare the files afterwards and send em over. I MAY be a little late (in terms of European time anyhoo) but know your rewards will be sent shortly!

PREVIEW 2 (Jul 2020)

Sun Jul 26 22:27:08 2020

Hey all, Ruffy here
here's your second preview for the month! I'll be racing to finish the few I have left so I can include all of these for you! Hope you look forward to them. <3


PREVIEW 1 (Jul 2020)

Thu Jul 9 17:07:17 2020

Hey all,
here's the first preview for the month. I still need to do the group pics and cram in some commissions by the end of the month. Stay tuned!



Mon Jul 6 21:01:25 2020

Here are the projects for this month. In additon, I have decided to do 2 group pics with the SP patrons. I was supposed to go on vacation in July but things have been shaken up due to COVID-19. By the end of this week I'll know what will happen. I'm planning accordingly so don't worry about not getting your rewards in time. I'll make sure you do.


REWARDS SENT! (Jun 2020)

Tue Jun 30 22:01:09 2020

Hey all,
the rewards have been sent! Check your email and report issues ASAP. Enjoy!
We'll be doing things a little differently for July cuz of my upcoming absence. Stay tuned!


Tue Jun 30 21:34:29 2020

Just a quick heads up that I'm in the middle of sending the rewards, sorry about the lack of updates here. ^^; You should join my discord if you haven't already since updates are frequent there.

PREVIEW 1 (Jun 2020)

Sun Jun 21 21:43:50 2020

Sorry for the late preview, but here it is! There will be another near the end of the month before I send out all the stuff. <3



Thu Jun 11 11:03:53 2020

Hey y'all,
here are the winners for the month! Hope you all are looking forward to the drawings. <3
Thanks for voting!



Sat Jun 6 14:17:22 2020

You know the drill: fill out the leaflet then return it to me within the given time either by email or Discord. Also, vote below for the Monthly Lineart!


Mon Jun 1 17:48:02 2020

Hey all,
let me know your suggestions for June! You can name up to two characters, and the winner will be made into a Lineart for everyone after we hold a vote in a few days. Suggest below in the comments!

REWARDS SENT! (May 2020)

Sun May 31 21:43:48 2020

Please check your emails and report any issues ASAP. Enjoy, and see you in June! <3

PREVIEW 2 (May 2020)

Thu May 28 14:01:50 2020

Here's your second preview for May! Gonna race the clock to get them all done by Sunday evening and send em over. <3


PREVIEW 1 (May 2020)

Wed May 20 18:17:37 2020

Here's the first preview for the month! Hope ya'll look forward to your stuff! I'll add the comms next preview. <3



Mon May 11 10:57:22 2020

Here are the winners for the month! Hope ya'll look forward to them. <3
Thanks for voting.



Sun May 3 23:19:40 2020

Time to kick off May with a special 3 year anniversay treat! In addition to allowing EVERYONE to vote this month, I have expanded the roster with more popular (and not-so popular) pics with the help of my Server and some snooping around I've been doing. Now there's an even greater chance for unusual pairings!

Anyhoo, draw the circles around your choices, save the image, and send it to me ASAP! <3


Thu Apr 30 21:35:40 2020

I just sent out all the rewards for April. Check your emails and report any issues ASAP. Enjoy!


Wed Apr 29 19:29:44 2020

Hey High Tier patrons,
suggest up to two characters here and it will be put to the vote in a few days!

Good luck!

PREVIEW 2 (Apr 2020)

Sat Apr 25 22:28:07 2020

Hey all,
hope you're staying safe out there! Here's the second preview for the month. Hope you look forward to your rewards soon! <3


PREVIEW 1 (Apr 2020)

Tue Apr 14 21:45:54 2020

Here's the first preview for the month! I also got 4 comms included in the pack which I will preview next time. Or you've already seen them if you're on my Discord.



Mon Apr 6 22:22:38 2020

Here are the winners for the month! Hope you all look forward to them. <3



Fri Apr 3 15:30:50 2020


You know the drill: fill out the leaflet and return it to me via e-mail or Discord!
The candidates for this month's Lineart are:

REWARDS SENT! (Mar 2020)

Tue Mar 31 21:57:07 2020

I just sent out the rewards, right on time!
Please check your emails and report any issues ASAP. Enjoy and see you in April!


Mon Mar 30 14:54:21 2020

Okay everyone,
leave your character suggestions here and they will be put to the vote in a few days. ^^ You can suggest up to two characters, but remember only one will be made into a Lineart.

Good luck!

PREVIEW 1 (Mar 2020)

Wed Mar 18 11:01:02 2020

Hey all, hope you're all well and healthy.
Here's the first preview for the month, a little late so sorry about that. ^^; I got 2 comms in addition and will see if I can squeeze in another 2 or at least 1 more.



Mon Mar 9 14:55:19 2020

Hey all,
I updated the rules for my commissions and patreon with some small changes many will probably like. ^^ Changes are as follows:

HD content is now 4K ($5 tier)
I scrapped the idea of HD sized artwork because it seemed very niche. It's neither web or full sized, and it's a bit of a pain to have to resize all my work just for this one purpose that I don't use anywhere else at all, so rejoice if you're on the $5 tier, you're now getting full sized work which means more bang for your buck! And those who are on the low tier, you're only one tier away from enjoying my work in it's full size, rather than two.

Sketches are now Linearts (all tiers)
I renamed the sketches into what they actually are: linearts. The term sketch doesn't really represent those types of artwork because they are too polished to be considered a 'sketch'. They always seemed to sound cheaper than what I was actually giving.

Commission changes
Same goes for commissions: no more HD size option, only Lineart($40) or Colour($80). Out of maybe 30+ commissions I have done, only one person ever asked for HD only because they could not afford full color, but since I have enabled multiple ways to mitigate high prices since then, there's little reason to keep the option.

That's about all, peace out.


Mon Mar 9 00:27:05 2020

Sorry I'm late with this update! Hope you all look forward to these. I'll try to cram in some commissions, too. <3



Sun Mar 1 11:58:31 2020

You know the drill!
-Fill out the leaflet with any app
-Return the file to me via e-mail or Discord

Happy voting!


REWARDS SENT! (Feb 2020)

Sat Feb 29 22:23:04 2020

I just finished sending the rewards! Should arrive soon in your inboxes. If there's any issues, report ASAP here or on my Discord server! Enjoy. <3

PREVIEW 2 (Feb 2020)

Mon Feb 24 21:13:47 2020

Hard at work finishing these as well as 2 comms to add to the bunch! Enjoy the sneak peak!


GECK IN THE SHOWER? (Feb 2020) (Poll)

Wed Feb 19 15:27:18 2020

Hey all, I was suggested an idea and thought I should ask on here if you would like to skip the Suggestion Box for March and get a pinup sketch of my gecko sona in the shower instead? If not, then we continue as usual! Vote below!

PREVIEW 1 (Feb 2020)

Mon Feb 17 15:49:09 2020

Here's the first preview for the month! Hope you look forward to the final versions. <3



Fri Feb 7 22:35:39 2020

The results are in! Thanks for voting and hope you all look forward to your rewards. <3



Sat Feb 1 08:34:06 2020


You know the drill! Fill out the leaflet with any tool you have, then send the file to me any way you can. Including your name in the file is appreciated but not mandatory.

Below are the candidates for the Sketch:


Fri Jan 31 22:40:19 2020

I forgot to link to my backlog in my haste to send the emails to the High Tier patrons.

REWARDS SENT! (Jan 2020)

Fri Jan 31 22:34:32 2020

Hey everyone,
I just finished sending out the rewards to your emails. Some are still being processed at the time of writing this. To those on the High Tier and above, because the email is over 20Mb, I had to use Mail Drop in MacOS to safely send the files to you. This means the email links to my iCloud where you can download them. If you're on a Mac it should show up normally, for windows users there should be a download link apparently. If anything is wrong, let me know AT ONCE.



Tue Jan 28 08:22:16 2020

Calling all $10 Patrons!
Suggest up to 2 characters for next month's Sketch in the comments section of this post. The vote will be held from February 1st to 8th when the voting leaflets are live.

PREVIEW 2 (Jan 2020)

Mon Jan 27 13:47:45 2020

Here's the last preview for the month! If any of the top comms don't make it into this batch, I'll include them in February. ^^ I still gotta do one last sketch too...


PREVIEW 1 (Jan 2020)

Fri Jan 17 21:42:33 2020

Hey all, here's the first preview of the stuff you're gonna get this month! I still got a few left to sketch then I'm gonna power through coloring what needs to be colored! <3



Mon Jan 6 11:53:26 2020

Thanks for voting. Happy New Year and let's get the party started! <3



Wed Jan 1 22:04:21 2020

Fill out the form with any software, and send it to me before the deadline.

REWARDS SENT! (Dec 2019)

Wed Jan 1 00:42:48 2020

(A bit late) I sent your rewards for December! Please check your emails and report any issues ASAP! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


Sun Dec 29 22:51:53 2019


Leave up to two characters suggestions in the comments below. After a few days, there will be a vote and one character will be made into a Sketch for all patrons!

PREVIEW 2 (Dec 2019)

Thu Dec 26 22:38:54 2019

Merry late Christmas everyone!
Here's another preview for the month, prolly the last one before I finish the two color pics and add a commission or two to the fold. ^^


PREVIEW 1 (Dec 2019)

Mon Dec 16 00:38:27 2019

Here's the first preview for the month ya'll! Hope you're looking forward to your rewards. <3



Sun Dec 1 16:07:27 2019

Hey all,
I decided to spice things up this month, so instead of voting as usual, I looked at what's hip in recent pop culture and draw those characters. This also allowed me to step outside the usual 30 something candidates I usually pair up every month. I'm gonna use this fancy Smash Ultimate insipred graphic to showcase the winners from now on. <3 If you guys approve of the idea, I'll do it multiple times every year.

Also the monthly sketch will also be Intelleon, just to get it out of our system.

(edit: new design for the graphic)



Sat Nov 30 20:28:40 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here

I just sent out the rewards for November! Please check your email and report any issues ASAP. Please note there is no cum version for th Lesbian pic (I couldn't think of anything to add to make it that this time around). Sorry about that. ^^;

Also, there won't be a Suggestion Box for December because I decided to try my hand at drawing the new Pokemon: Intelleon. Hope you all look forward to it! <3

PREVIEW 2 (Nov 2019)

Thu Nov 28 21:03:35 2019

Here's the final preview before I send out the stuff this Saturday! I'll try and squeeze in two more commissions in addition. <3 Hope you guys like em!


PREVIEW 1 (Nov 2019)

Thu Nov 21 10:48:07 2019

Hey all,
sorry for the slow updates, I'm hard at work getting everything done for the month. I recommend joining my Discord if you haven't already and follow the #upcoming-work channel since I post way more frequently there than on here. ^^ Hope you all look forward to the drawings!



Thu Nov 7 23:42:33 2019

The Winners for November 2019 are:
- Yooka x Temmie (Straight)
- Koopa Peach x Susie (Lesbian)
- Noelle from Deltarune (Sketch)

Thanks for voting!

NOVEMBER SKETCH (Poll) (Nov 2019)

Tue Nov 5 16:28:49 2019

Hey ya'll, Ruffy here!

Choose your favorite by the end of the week and I'll make a sketch of them. <3


Fri Nov 1 08:25:21 2019

You know the drill!

-Fill out the form
-Send it to me via email or Discord before the deadline

(you can also add your name into the file to make it easier to sort, there's a placeholder)



Thu Oct 31 22:09:06 2019

Hey all,
I just finished sending the rewards for everyone. Please check your email and report any issues asap! <3 Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


Wed Oct 30 10:25:43 2019

Hey all!
The Suggestion Box for November is now OPEN. Post your suggestions in the comments below! <3

PREVIEW 2 (Oct 2019)

Mon Oct 28 23:17:57 2019

Here's another preview for ya'll! Gonna try and get that comic page included!

Screen_Shot_2019-10-29_at_12.14.07_AM.png Screen_Shot_2019-10-29_at_12.16.29_AM.png

PREVIEW 1 (Oct 2019)

Sun Oct 20 20:14:18 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here

here's the first preview for the month! I got all the sketches done! Now to finish the two color pieces and add as many comms as I can as a bonus! <3



Mon Oct 14 14:12:20 2019

Essentially everyone is getting larger art thanks to this slight increase. Enjoy!
(I will have previews of the new art some time this week)



Mon Oct 7 09:30:21 2019

The Winners for October 2019 are:

- Klonoa x Harriet (Straight)
- Lucario x Fox (Gay)
- Smaug from The Hobbit (Sketch)

Thanks for voting!


Tue Oct 1 11:25:54 2019

You know the drill guys! Select your favorite, then send the finished leaflet to me by the deadline. <3


OCTOBER SKETCH (Poll) (Oct 2019)

Tue Oct 1 11:21:31 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!

Here's the poll for this month's sketch! Get to voting while I send out the other leaflet! <3
I think I'll allow EVERYONE to vote on sketches. I'll just keep the colored work vote to $5 and up.


Mon Sep 30 15:52:13 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!

I just sent out all the rewards for the month. Let me know if anything is wrong for any of you! <3 Enjoy and see you in October!


Wed Sep 25 09:45:40 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!

The Suggestion Box for October is now open. All $10 patrons are allowed to suggest 2 characters per patron to be put up for vote in October till the end of the voting week!


PREVIEW 3 (Sep 2019)

Sat Sep 21 15:42:02 2019

Here's some more preview for the month. I'll be streaming these on Picarto this evening @ 9PM CEST, as well as tomorrow, same time!


PREVIEW 2 (Sep 2019)

Tue Sep 17 20:54:16 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!
Just got this sketch ready for inking and coloring, thought I'd show it off right away. <3


PREVIEW 1 (Sep 2019)

Tue Sep 17 11:54:53 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!
Here's your first preview for the month. More to come later! Hope you like it so far <3



Sun Sep 8 14:42:52 2019

The Winners for September 2019 are:

- Spike x Toriel (Straight)
- Midna x Claire (Lesbian)
- Blinx the Cat (Sketch)

Thanks for voting! <3


Sun Sep 1 13:01:08 2019

Gonna try posting like this and see if I can put 2 posts into one!
Anyhoo, save the image and fill it out, then send it to me so I can tally them up on the 7th! <3

REWARDS SENT! (Aug 2019)

Fri Aug 30 15:20:43 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!
I just sent out all the rewards for the month, let me know of any issues asap, and enjoy! <3 See you guys in September (which is tomorrow).

(PS: Tier 3 patrons please leave your ideas for next month's sketch in the previous post! You got a day left!)


Tue Aug 27 15:17:19 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!

Submit your ideas below for next month's sketch that will be included for everyone! Hope you guys like the one for this month. ^^


PREVIEW 2 (Aug 2019)

Mon Aug 26 12:29:56 2019

Hey all, Ruffy here!

Here's the second preview of your rewards. ^^ Hope you look forward to the finished versions this Friday!


PREVIEW 1 (Aug 2019)

Thu Aug 15 18:03:03 2019

Hey ya'll

here's the first preview for the month! Plenty more on the way, so hope you look forward to them! <3 (I'll be streaming tomorrow evening on Picarto btw)


BACK AT WORK [Aug 2019]

Tue Aug 13 08:15:08 2019

Hey ya'll
just letting you guys know I'm back home and resuming work on drawings today. ^^ Hope you all are doing well.

SKETCH VOTE (Jul 2019)

Sun Jul 28 13:44:01 2019

Choose who you'd like me to sketch for August once I'm back from my vacation!

REWARDS SENT + August Plans (Jul 2019)

Sun Jul 28 13:37:50 2019

Hey ya'll

I've sent out all your rewards for the month. ^^ I will be going to Montenegro this evening and will return on the 13th of August, so because of the lack of time, I will not send out a voting leaflet this one time, but will turn two existing sketches into full drawings instead. I have also made a deal with my $30 patrons that they will receive a group pic based on the Me and the Boys meme. I will however host the poll for the monthly sketch, which I will post shortly.

I will still be somewhat active on my Discord Server whenever I can. Enjoy your rewards and see you in a bit!


Mon Jul 22 21:05:49 2019

Hey ya'll, Ruffy here

Time to post your ideas for the suggestion box so we can vote in August! Remember, you may only suggest ONE character. Be sure to link a reference if you can. <3

PREVIEW 2 (Jul 2019)

Mon Jul 22 11:56:57 2019

Howdy ya'll

here's the final preview for the month! I'll be sending these out this Sunday.

I will be doing commissions for the rest of the week before my 2 week vacation in August (I'll let you guys know more this weekend about that). ^^


PREVIEW 1 (Jul 2019)

Mon Jul 15 21:36:54 2019

Howdy ya'll
here's the first preview for the month. I'm trying to get all the stuff done by the end of the week! Hope you look forward to your rewards. ^^



Mon Jul 8 13:39:57 2019

The Winners for July 2019 are:

- Ratchet x Susie (Straight)
- Spyro x Klonoa (Gay)
- Leggy Lamb (Sketch)

Thanks for voting everyone! <3


Mon Jul 1 14:47:45 2019

Cast your vote for the sketch, ya'll!


Mon Jul 1 14:44:14 2019

You know the drill!

Select your character with any software at your disposal, then send the file to me via email or Discord. ^^


REWARDS SENT! (Jun 2019)

Sun Jun 30 14:52:17 2019

Hey ya'll
I just sent out the rewards for the month! Sorry about the lack of previews, I was in a rough spot. Enjoy and report any issues asap!


Tue Jun 25 11:04:13 2019

Hey ya'll
post your suggestions here for next month's sketch and we'll put it to the vote in July! Remember, you can suggest only one character!

PREVIEW 1 (Jun 2019)

Tue Jun 18 13:42:39 2019

Hey ya'll
here's the first preview for the month! Sorry for the delay, I'm hard at work to finish them all asap! <3



Sat Jun 8 09:39:29 2019

The Winners for June 2019 are:

- Gumball x Ankha (Straight)
- Tristana X Fidget (Lesbian)
- Catti (Sketch)

Thanks for voting!


Sat Jun 1 11:56:06 2019

You guys know the drill!
Save the image, fill it out with any software you have, then return the file to me before time is up.



Sat Jun 1 11:40:06 2019

Alrighty ya'll,
we got 3 ideas for this month's character sketch, so please vote ASAP and let me know which you'd like me to include for everyone!


Fri May 31 17:31:22 2019

Please check your emails and report any issues ASAP! Enjoy your stuff! <3

PREVIEW 2 (May 2019)

Thu May 30 11:32:19 2019

Here's your final preview for the month! Hope you look forward to your stuff tomorrow!



Mon May 27 10:13:24 2019

The Suggestion Box is now OPEN!
Submit your ideas below and they will be voted on when June starts. ^^

PREVIEW 1 (May 2019)

Mon May 20 20:47:50 2019

Hey ya'll
sorry for the lack of updates, I'm hard at work to finish all the stuff for the month. I'm not feeling that well at the moment but i'll manage all your stuff anyhoo. ^^ Promise.




Mon May 6 10:29:03 2019

The Winners for May 2019 are:

- My gecko x Puff (Straight) (Special gift)
- Spyro x Ralsei (Gay)
- Pikachu Libre (Pinup)

Thanks for voting!


Wed May 1 18:01:51 2019

You guys know the drill! Only difference this month is the straight poll is predetermined. It will feature my gecko and Puff the otter gal, as a special gift for being my first patron. ^^

Also, since no one submitted any ideas for the monthly Suggestion Box, I can't give you guys anything for that. Hopefully It'll be different for next month.


REWARDS SENT! (Apr 2019)

Tue Apr 30 13:37:27 2019

I've just sent out all the rewards for April. Please check your emails and report any issues to me ASAP. Enjoy your stuff!

PREVIEW 3 (Apr 2019)

Mon Apr 29 17:21:42 2019

Here's the final preview for the month! Hope you look forward to your rewards tomorrow. ^^



Tue Apr 23 10:09:55 2019


Once May 1st hits, I'll put up a poll so everyone can vote on them.

PREVIEW 2 (Apr 2019)

Mon Apr 22 09:56:00 2019

Hey ya'll
here's another preview for you guys!

Only one sketch left to do for this month! Happy Easter everyone!


PREVIEW 1 (Apr 2019)

Mon Apr 15 22:55:16 2019

Here's the first preview for the month! Hope you look forward to your rewards. ^^



Sat Apr 13 15:38:17 2019

Howdy ya'll, hope you're enjoying the new coat of paint we got going on. As a final addition, I'm introducing a new extra for you guys that I'm sure will please a lot of people.

SUGGESTIONS ($10 only)


PS: The Edits($10+) feature is now removed since it went unused for most of its time, I still appreciate it being suggested when it was. <3


Mon Apr 8 10:26:44 2019

The Winners for April 2019 are:

- Ralsei x Laylee (Straight)

- Judy Hopps x Isabelle (Lesbian)

- My gecko (Pinup)

Also you may have noticed my patreon has been updated with a new coat of paint, hope you like it!


Mon Apr 1 17:43:23 2019

You guys know the drill!
Save the image, fill it out and return the file to me before time is up.



REWARDS SENT! (Mar 2019)

Sun Mar 31 18:01:17 2019

I've just sent out the rewards to all of you! The high/special tier ones are being processed as we speak so expect it shortly. If anyone has any issues, report to me ASAP.


PREVIEW 2 (Mar 2019)

Thu Mar 28 16:14:10 2019

Hey ya'll

Here's the final preview for March! Also gonna include 3 commissions I did this month with them!



PREVIEW 1 (Mar 2019)

Wed Mar 20 00:08:16 2019

Hey ya'll
here's your first preview for the month! Hope you're liking what you're seeing so far. ^^ Will post more previews once I get enough done.




Sat Mar 9 16:13:46 2019

The winners for March 2019 are:

- My gecko OC x Susie (Straight)
- Beerus x Asriel (Gay)

Thanks for voting!


Fri Mar 1 11:11:11 2019

You know the drill!
Select your characters using any software you have, then send the finished image to me!




Thu Feb 28 17:13:48 2019

Hey ya'll
I just sent out the rewards and goodies for the month! Check your emails and report any issues, asap. ^^


PREVIEW 2 (Feb 2019)

Mon Feb 25 16:44:52 2019

Here's the second preview for this month! I'll finish the current YCH and add that to the bunch, too. ^^



PREVIEW 1 (Feb 2019)

Thu Feb 14 12:23:02 2019

Hey guys,
here's the first preview for the month, including so far 2 commissions that will be included!




Fri Feb 8 11:19:23 2019

The winners for February 2019 are:

- Ralsei x Claire (Straight)
- Susie x Pikachu-Libre (Lesbian)

Thanks for voting!


Fri Feb 1 15:47:49 2019

Hey ya'll
you know the drill! Draw a circle, save the file, then send it over for tallying!

Depending on the results, I may make the winners wear a lucha outfit like Pikachu Libre. ;)


REWARDS SENT! (Jan 2019)

Thu Jan 31 16:29:53 2019

Hey ya'll
I just sent out all your rewards for the month! Check your emails and report any issues asap. ^^

Enjoy! <3

PREVIEW 1 (Jan 2019)

Mon Jan 21 23:10:26 2019

Here's the first preview for the month! Hope you look forward to them soon!




Mon Jan 7 14:43:37 2019

The winners for January 2019 are:

- Hunter x Cynder (Straight)

- Yooka x Bubsy (Gay)

Thanks for voting! What could possibly go wrong.


Tue Jan 1 17:46:29 2019

~~~HOW TO~~~
- Save the empty leaflet to your PC or Mac (or phone if you're quirky)
- Use any software to draw a circle around the characters you want
- Save the finished leaflet as an image (JPG or PNG preferred)
- Send it to the email on the leaflet, or message me on Discord

Happy New Year, guys!

Time for the first poll of this year. Select your choices and let's get this party started!



Mon Dec 31 18:59:27 2018

My email app warned me that the email containing your rewards is rather large (20MB+) and may not be able to ship to some of you. So if you're having issues, please go to the link below to get your rewards for December 2018:

Happy New Year, and thank you for your support! <3

REWARDS SENT! (Dec 2018)

Mon Dec 31 18:56:41 2018

I've just sent out all your rewards for the month! Please check your emails asap and notify me here, or on my Discord server if anything is wrong. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!


Preview 2 (Dec 2018)

Mon Dec 31 01:19:13 2018

Hey ya'll!

Here's the final preview before I send these out on the 31st. One drawing that was previously shown was sadly a misunderstanding with my client, so I will see later on how to proceed with it. ^^ Happy early New Year to all of you!

Also, I recommend getting on my Discord server to those who haven't done so yet, I update much more frequently on there, and it's just a ton of fun.


Preview 1 (Dec 2018)

Tue Dec 18 15:06:47 2018

Hey ya'll
I got a preview of some of the stuff you'll be getting alongside what I've already shown you last time. ^^ I'm currently working on the Smash pic, and hoping I can squeeze in one more commission aside these!



Plans for December (Dec 2018)

Sat Dec 1 13:14:22 2018

Hey ya'll!
So here's what we're gonna do this month: I decided to make it a special occasion due to the recent release of Spyro Reignited (awesome game btw), and the upcoming release of Smash Ultimate.

Instead of voting, I went ahead and remastered 2 of my older drawings using my current techniques, and in addition to them, I will draw a panorama in black and white that's like the one found in Smash Ultimate for my Special Tier patrons! They will simply have to choose any character (OCs or not) and choose one of the character poses found on the official poster! (example: draw Namba in Simon's pose wearing a Beetlejuice costume)

I will use my free time to catch up on commissions so I can include those for you guys while I wait for the requests from the SP patrons. Hope you all look forward to your rewards!

Happy Holidays in advance!

REWARDS SENT! (Nov 2018)

Fri Nov 30 22:16:11 2018

I've just sent out all your rewards! Please check your corresponding emails and notify me if anything is wrong. Enjoy!

Tomorrow I will talk about what we're gonna do for December!

Rewards will be sent in a bit! (Nov 2018)

Fri Nov 30 20:29:21 2018

Hey ya'll!
Just letting you guys know the rewards are all ready to ship. I just wanna finish the current YCH to include that for you as well as a bonus! I should be able to send out everything in the next hour or two!


Preview 2 (Nov 2018)

Tue Nov 27 18:00:17 2018

Here's another preview before I send em all out this Friday! There's still one more sketch to complete. Also I'll try to include a YCH by friday since I just gotta shade it. ^^



Patron Appreciation Day! #ThankYouPatrons

Mon Nov 19 14:22:50 2018

Patreon is having a sort of movement today, so I thought I'd participate and thank all my wonderful supporters for making this whole thing possible. Without you guys I would not be able to do the things I love doing and make a living out of it. It means the world to me. I hope to have you all for as long as possible and deliver the quality you enjoy from me so much.

Thank you. <3

Preview 1 (Nov 2018)

Sun Nov 18 20:36:34 2018

Got the two main drawings almost done! I'm powering through the sketches and a YCH to add this month's rewards!




Thu Nov 8 17:03:32 2018

The winners for November 2018 are:

Haida (Aggretsuko)
Ankha (Animal Crossing)

Retsuko (Aggretsuko)
Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

Thanks for voting!


Wed Oct 31 16:35:30 2018

Here's the voting leaflet for November, now expanded with new characters!
You can also select Random (RND) if you want me to choose a character myself (though I recommend just choosing one YOU want ^^).

Send in your votes ASAP via email or Discord!


REWARDS SENT! (Oct 2018)

Wed Oct 31 16:28:35 2018

Hey ya'll!
I just sent out all the rewards for October. If there are any problems, let me know ASAP.

Enjoy your rewards, and Happy Halloween to everyone!

Preview 1 (Oct 2018)

Fri Oct 19 15:30:43 2018

Here's the first preview for the month! Still got 2-3 more sketches to do and finish the rest!



Characters for October (Oct 2018)

Mon Oct 8 15:53:32 2018

-Yattaro (Samurai Pizza Cats)
-Pururun (Samurai Pizza Cats)

-Bowsette (Bowser)
-my gecko OC

Hope you all look forward to your rewards this month! Happy spooks!


Sun Sep 30 18:43:46 2018

You know the drill!
For this one time, I'll transform a male character from the second poll into a Peach look-alike (I'll try to add a cock version too to keep it in line with the gay theme).
I will however try to make them more furry than human for you guys like Elora looks now. Think of it as a Halloween special. ^^



REWARDS SENT! (Sep 2018)

Sun Sep 30 18:37:51 2018

I just sent out all your rewards to your emails. If anything is wrong, let me know ASAP!

Final Preview (Sep 2018)

Wed Sep 26 16:04:41 2018

Here's the final preview for this month! ^^ Hope you look forward to your rewards on Sunday. I will be posting the grayscale versions to my public galleries in case more people wanna get in on the Spyro action in the last minute before it's locked till December, just to let you know.

(also waiting for a last request so hopefully that'll fit in with these)


Super Crown for October?

Mon Sep 24 22:19:08 2018

I had the idea to turn the next female character who gets voted for in October into a Peach design. Should we do this guys? ^^

Should older content be public?

Mon Sep 24 14:28:29 2018

I was asked if I could make content that's 3+ months old public for everyone to see. I decided to ask my supporters because it's the right thing to do.

If you choose YES, then:

The choice is yours! ^^

Preview 1 (Sep 2018)

Tue Sep 18 20:48:46 2018

Here's the first preview for this month! Hope you guys like what you're getting so far! ^^




Sat Sep 8 19:04:29 2018

Spyro x Elora

Fidget x Elora

There were SO many requests for Elora, that it seems we're double dipping this time! But it IS Spyro's 20th anniversary so it'll be fitting. ^^



Fri Aug 31 19:52:40 2018

You know the drill guys!
Fill out the leaflet and send it to the email on the bottom, or via Discord. ^^

Elora (Spyro Reignited Trilogy) replaces Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)



REWARDS SENT! (Aug 2018)

Fri Aug 31 19:43:39 2018

Hey ya'll!
I just sent out all the rewards for this month! Check your emails and report back if anything is wrong. ^^

Enjoy, and thanks for the support!

Preview 2 (Aug 2018)

Tue Aug 28 15:39:45 2018

Here's the second preview for the month, they will be done soon!


Preview 1 (Aug 2018)

Mon Aug 20 20:45:46 2018

Here's a sneak peak at some of the drawings for this month! Expect more soon!

For new patrons: these are not done yet, so don't worry. ^^ I once received a negative review so I thought I should mention it time to time.



Tue Aug 14 10:55:14 2018

Koops x Koopa Peach

Lucario x Nick Wilde

Hope you all look forward to your rewards this month!


Mon Jul 30 10:51:54 2018

You know the drill:

-Fill out the leaflet
-Send it to the address on the bottom, or send it to me via Discord



REWARDS SENT (July 2018)

Mon Jul 30 10:46:16 2018

Howdy ya'll!
I just sent out all of your rewards for the month, so enjoy! Thanks again for the support, you guys are the best. ^^

I'm going on a short holiday tomorrow to Montenegro, and I'll be back in 12 days (13th August to be exact). You can still contact me on Discord since I will have internet access regardless. Once I'm back I will tally the votes and work on your rewards!

Hope you all are having a great summer so far.

Preview 2 (July 2018)

Mon Jul 23 21:40:14 2018

Here's the second preview for this month! ^^


Preview 1 (July 2018)

Mon Jul 16 09:24:46 2018

Here's your first preview of drawings to come this month! Keep in mind they are still in progress!


Characters for July! (Jul 2018)

Sun Jul 8 11:55:59 2018

Ruffy (Original) x Koopie Koo (Paper Mario)

Laylee (Yooka Laylee) x Krystal (Starfox)

Hope you all look forward to the drawings!


Sat Jun 30 16:19:31 2018

You know the drill! Fill it out and send it to me via email or on Discord!


REWARDS SENT! (Jun 2018)

Sat Jun 30 16:14:35 2018

I've just sent out all the rewards! Thanks again for your support. ^^
(if anything is wrong, contact me via private messsage or on Discord asap)


Final Preview (Jun 2018)

Fri Jun 29 20:31:00 2018

I'll be sending these out tomorrow! Hope you look forward to it and sorry for the late preview!

(Also hope you had a great E3 did you see Smash holy crap)


Preview 2 (Jun 2018)

Tue Jun 19 13:45:14 2018

More previews for this month! Enjoy!


Character Winners + Preview 1 (Jun 2018)

Fri Jun 8 07:58:19 2018

-YOSHI (Mario series)
-BIRDO (Mario series)

-ASRIEL (Undertale)
-TAILS (Sonic series)

Thank you for voting! Hope you look forward to your rewards this month. ^^


REWARDS SENT! (May 2018)

Thu May 31 18:59:44 2018

I've sent out all the rewards! Check your email and report any issues to me ASAP if something is wrong. ^^ Enjoy!



Thu May 31 18:57:57 2018

You know the drill: fill it out and return the file to me before the deadline!



Final Preview (May 2018)

Tue May 29 20:04:37 2018

Here's a preview of all the exclusive rewards for this month! I will finish an additional commission to add to it. There are 2 commissions in total that I shown already, but I may not finish one of them in time, so just a head's up in case.



Preview 2 (May 2018)

Tue May 22 11:46:45 2018

More sneak peaks for this month's rewards!


Preview 1 (May 2018)

Mon May 14 14:36:51 2018

Here's a preview of some of the upcoming work!


Character Winners (May 2018)

Mon May 7 15:34:38 2018

Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank) x Temmie (Undertale)

Rouge (Sonic series) x Renamon (Digimon)

Hope you all look forward to this month's drawings!

Choose Your Character (May 2018)

Mon Apr 30 14:17:58 2018

You know the drill:



Rewards Sent! (April 2018)

Mon Apr 30 14:15:04 2018


Your rewards have all been sent out! Please check your emails to see if I sent everything correctly. ^^ Enjoy!


The poll results are in, and so this time we're gonna have a lesbian drawing! To those who would like more gay content, don't worry cuz my top patrons are collaborating for sketches and it seems like it's gonna be gay themed. ^^


Preview 3 (April 2018)

Sun Apr 29 23:14:46 2018

Here's the final preview for this month. I'll add the finishing touches and send em over today! (it's the 30th here already)



Lesbian Artwork? (April 2018)

Wed Apr 25 21:03:18 2018

Hey ya'll,

I got a quick question: should I switch up the monthly Gay drawing to a Lesbian drawing every other month, or should it just remain as it is?

Preview 2 (April 2018) + Update

Sun Apr 22 21:36:57 2018

Here's another preview of your drawings for this month! Not far to go now!

Special Tier patrons can now ask for 'joint sketches' where each patron adds a character into a single sketch. These will be called Collabs, and there can be a maximum of 3 characters in a sketch (meaning 3 patrons can collaborate at once). You can contact each other here, or on my Discord server to discuss the details of your Collabs.



Preview 2 (April 2018)

Mon Apr 16 16:15:32 2018

Here's some more previews!


Preview 1 (April 2018)

Sun Apr 15 19:58:35 2018

Here's a early look at some upcoming drawings for this month!
I should post updates every week.



Rewards Sent (Mar 2018)

Fri Mar 30 20:48:52 2018

I just sent out all the Patreon rewards to your personal e-mails. It should arrive soonish as its still processing on my part (the highest tiers take longer due to the huge images).

I have also included the link to my entire catalog for the $10 and $30 tiers and will do so from now on, after a tipoff from a friend of mine who showed me a site where my feed was accessible to the public and the links were exposed.

This pack includes the second half of my back catalog and the new sketches. All tiers receive it this time in the appropriate size for their kindness and the support they showed me during my time of absence when I was unable to work.

Thank you and enjoy. <3


My arm has been recovering, and I'm finally able to work, but I must take frequent breaks since full recovery will take much longer. The Patreon thus continues and you can expect new content in April. I will finish what I was supposed to back in January.

I have also changed a few rules, just as a heads up:

$1 tier - commissioned artwork is no longer included since they're public already in SD on 3 websites: Furaffinity, Inkbunny and Hentai Foundry

$10 tier - you now receive a link to my entire catalog in SD every month along with your rewards, thus lowering the access from $30 to $10

Rewards Sent! (Feb 2018)

Wed Feb 28 17:53:29 2018

Hey ya'll,

I just finished sending out your promised rewards! Also included a treat with them. Enjoy!


Arm injury update (Feb 2018)

Sat Feb 24 23:48:46 2018

to all patrons:

sorry for being quiet for so long. I've been slowly recovering from my injury, and made some good progress. I was finally able to muscle enough strenght to doodle today, and it felt really good (though it was tiring due to my incomplete healing). However, my doctor advised me to give it a little more time to make sure I do not relapse since nerves heal slowly. They usually require 4 to 8 weeks to heal and I'm in my 4th week. It should be okay soon.

I decided to give you guys a hefty amount of stuff for your trouble, so I will be sending out 8 drawings from my back catalog. These include works from May and June of last year:

to $30 patrons:

Since I was unable to give you anything due to my injury, I will consider your pledge a purchase of 4 drawings instead. Please visit the link below, and select 4 drawings after the one titled "Wanna Join?", then message me here on Patreon with the list.
(make sure you select ones with a $6 price tag)

That's all for now. Once again sorry for the inconvenience but I hope this will suffice for the time being, guys.

Rewards Sent! (Jan 2018)

Wed Jan 31 20:03:20 2018

Hey guys,

I've just sent out all your rewards! They should appear in your inboxes soon. I will finish the remaining work once I'm all healed up. ^^

If there are any issues, let me know ASAP.


Arm Injury Update (Jan 2018)

Fri Jan 26 17:23:55 2018


after a few days of performing mundane tasks one armed, I visited a doctor, was diagnosed with ulnar nerve injury due to trauma, and got some meds for my arm. Thing is I am incapacitated for 3 weeks while I finish them and let my arm heal, which means I'm unable to finish the rewards for this month.

I've been thinking what I can do to make up for it, so I decided that I will postpone the remaining work till February, and give you guys what I have so far for now. I also decided that all patrons will receive the finished sketches to make up for this mishap since I was unable to finish the colored drawings. I'll showcase the art you'll get below.

Should you opt out from pledging temporarily, I understand your descision. But you will still receive the promised rewardsonce I'm back in action. I hope to see you again in March by when I should be all healed up. You will know once you receive your leftover rewards I'm sure. ^^ I also ask you to join my Discord server ( ) if you have an account, since it's the best way to keep in touch with me, and I post on a daily basis there.


Preview + Discord Access (Jan 2018)

Sun Jan 21 22:53:17 2018

Hey guys, here's some preview of the stuff coming up soon!

I'm working to finish the rewards as we speak. ^^ Slowed down due to an arm injury but I'll manage.

I've also created a Discord Server as a means to keep in touch with all of you through a central hub. This feature is for ALL patrons. You all have been invited by now I'm sure. Check it out and have fun!


Character Poll Winners (Jan 2018)

Mon Jan 8 17:35:12 2018

Gex (Gex series) + Carol (Freedom Planet) + Krystal (Starfox)

Ruffy (my OC) + Fox (Starfox)

'Twas a close shave again! I had to recount them a number of times to make sure I got the right winners. Hope you all look forward to this month's drawings. ^^

Also, here's a preview of one of the bonus drawings:


Choose Your Character! (January 2018)

Sun Dec 31 17:32:38 2017

You know the drill! Save the image, draw a circle around your choice and send the file to the email address on the bottom by the deadline! ^^



Rewards Sent! (December 2017)

Sun Dec 31 16:40:50 2017

Hey ya'll!

I sent out all your rewards, so check your emails. If anything is up, let me know ASAP. I also managed to finish a commission last evening, so I included that, too. ;)

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks again for your support!

Rewards Complete! (December 2017)

Thu Dec 28 11:08:46 2017

All patrons

$10 and above

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas. ^^ Here are your rewards for the month, I'll be posting the voting leaflet in a few days, as well as sending out all your stuff. Let's kick off 2018 with a bang!


Another Patreon Update (December 2017)

Wed Dec 13 19:13:47 2017

Hey guys,

it seems Patreon changed their minds about the fees. They issued an apology for the whole fiasco and said they would keep things the way they are, and that they will work with all of us to fix what is needed to be fixed.

I greatly appreciate them for this, not many companies do such, so I accept the apology and won't mention it again. Sadly many creators have been hurt by this, so I hope they will get back on their feet soon. I wish them good luck.

Oh, and since I've already finished the bonus sketch, you guys are getting it anyway as I promised. But we press on as we normally would starting January. Let's get new people on board!


Preview 1 + Patreon Update (December 2017)

Tue Dec 12 20:25:44 2017

Hey guys,

here's your first preview of the rewards for this month! Been trying to finetune the sketches and capture that kind of Manga-ish look. Hope you guys like them so far!

Now, after lurking around Twitter to see what's happening, it seems Patreon is going to implement these fee changes despite the massive backlash they're getting, so I decided to go ahead and give you guys an additional sketch every month as compensation (sketch on the right). Some of you expressed concern that I may be overstretching myself, and I appreciate your care. I try to find methods to be productive without too much strain. ^^ I will also allow one free edit on a sketch before actually charging $2 per sketch as a bonus, so there's that too.

Thank you to all of you for sticking with me despite this terrible news, it means more to me than you'd think. I hope I'll still be able to convince more people to join. I'm really sorry this is happening, but there's not much I can do about it other than what I've already said. You guys are being taxed, I've been insulted indirectly (apparently people like me are unqualified and not popular enough), but we press on. I do have a backup idea if shit hits the fan later on, but the site I've signed up on is still implementing some key features I need to use it properly. For now, the ship sails on. ^^



Patreon's New Rules (December 2017)

Sat Dec 9 01:18:50 2017

Hey guys,

I'm sure you all got an email telling you about the change in how pledges are being calculated. If you haven't seen it yet, do read through it.

While this benefits me cuz I make 95% instead of 80-88% of the total pledges, it puts a slight strain on you, my supporters, because basically you get a 3% (more or less) tax to your pledge every month. While it may not seem much, it can stack up over time. I don't want to lose any of you as some creators had already lost some patrons, so I wanna ask:

Should I keep everything as it is, or would you like me to throw in a bonus sketch of whatever comes to my mind every month for all patrons?

I figure adding content is better than adjusting the prices by like a dollar. Also I'm a design whore so I like things to look neat, tidy and even~


Character Poll Winners (December 2017)

Fri Dec 8 22:44:37 2017

Spyro x Birdo x Isabelle

Impmon x Veemon

We have arrived at the end of 2017, and I hope you're all doing well, had a nice Thanksgiving, and looking forward to Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate. Let's end the year with a bang!


Rewards Sent! (November 2017)

Thu Nov 30 14:14:29 2017

I just sent out all the rewards! Check you email and if anything is wrong or I missed somebody or something, let me know right away. Enjoy!


Choose Your Character (December 2017)

Wed Nov 29 21:25:50 2017

Save the file, use whatever software you have to draw a circle around the character you want, then send it back to me via the email on the bottom. ^^

I have extended the character roster to 30. I know I said I'd include Gumball but due to strict new policies regarding depiction of children, I'd rather not risk it, even though I'd make him a teen in my work. It's not worth it. I've also added 2 of my own characters since I ran out of candidates. Finding females is a lot easier to do.

As we agreed, I have disabled the previous winners for this month, but will be re-enabled in January.



Rewards Complete (November 2017)

Wed Nov 29 10:08:55 2017

All patrons


$10 and above

I'll be sending out your rewards on Thursday! In the meantime I'll soon post the voting leaflet for next month. ^^


Preview 1 (November 2017)

Wed Nov 15 20:17:39 2017

Hey guys,

thought I could show some of the upcoming work you'll be getting! Some still need polishing. ^^ I'll post more previews this week and will be streaming them during the weekend on my Picarto channel! ^^



General Update 2 (November 2017)

Wed Nov 8 23:03:40 2017

Hey ya'll,

I've been busy improving my Patreon, both in looks and features! I think I hit a highpoint for the time being, so here's a rundown of how stuff will work. I already posted some of it last time, but I'd like to keep everything under one roof:

Updated art style (all patrons)
You will get your rewards in my improved art style at no additional cost.

4K resolution ($10 and above)
4K versions of rewards will replace PSDs. Should be more useful and reduce the size of the emails.

Versions (all patrons)
You will receive 2 versions of your rewards: a regular version, and a messy one with loads of cum in it. I may also alter characters' faces in some cases.

Bonuses ($5 and above)
You will receive all the commissions I've done during the month as a free bonus, in the size you pledged for (HD or 4K). SD versions are already available for free.

Coupons ($5 and above)
You will be able to get discounts on commissions depending on what tier you selected. Coupons can be used indefinitely while you remain a patron.

Edits ($10 and above)
You will be able to ask for small edits on the character sketches for a fee of $2 per sketch. Payments will go to my tip jar which I will link when needed.

New Characters + Limitation ($5 and above)
I will add new characters to the existing roster by the time for the next voting. There will also be a brief limitation on the winners, meaning they will be disabled for one month after being selected, but will be reenabled the month afterwards. This should be a nice balance after the previous poll results. ^^

That's all the news, I won't bug you guys about this again. Everything is neatly organized on my main page if you need to read it again. ^^ Hope you all look forward to your rewards!

Character Limitation (November 2017)

Tue Nov 7 09:47:16 2017

Hey guys,

One of my patrons brought up a point about recurring characters, so I decided to ask you how we should proceed. Initially I had a limitation system where once a character was selected, they would be removed from the grid until everyone else had a turn. Later I removed this limitation for reasons I don't really remember.

This is a double edged sword situation. On one hand, limiting the characters allows for others to get some time in the spotlight. On the other hand, if people really like seeing me draw a specific character then I should not take that away since they're paying me. Diversity vs. preference.

So my question is: should I limit the times a character can be chosen, or should we keep the current system?

Characters for November 2017

Mon Nov 6 17:05:57 2017

Asriel (Undertale) + Fidget (Dust: An Elysian Tail)

Dust (Dust: An Elysian Tail) + Klonoa (Klonoa: Door to Phantomile)

+ 4 character sketches

Seems like Fidget is a popular choice among my patrons! Hope you look forward to your drawings. ^^

General Update (November 2017)

Sat Nov 4 12:28:53 2017

Hey guys,

I said I'd be doing an update this week not long ago. ^^ I have recently found ways to make my Patreon (as well as my art in general) better for everyone. Here's what's new:

Enhanced art style
All patrons will be receiving drawings in my new art style from now on at no additional charge. Some of you have already seen it as a bonus in last month's rewards emails. Those who didn't, here's a link:

4K resolution
Patrons who applied for $10 or $30 tiers will get 4K versions of my drawings, instead of Photoshop files. This should be a more useful reward I think, and should cut the size of the emails I gotta send out.

Patrons who applied for $5, $10 or $30 tiers will get a coupon at the end of every month along with their rewards. These can be used to get commissions from me for a cheaper price. They can be used indefinitely while you're a patron. My new commission rules can be found here:

I have been suggested this feature. From now on, you can ask me to do small edits to the character sketches you get every month (change expressions, add detail, etc.) for a small fee of $2 per sketch. These will go into my tip jar instead of using invoices (linked on my front page).

New characters
I'm going to increase the character roster in the coming weeks so you have more to choose from. Expect fan favorites like Gumball, or obscure ones like Bubsy. What could possible go wrong?

That's all for now, see you soon with the winners for November!

Choose Your Character (November 2017)

Mon Oct 30 11:57:00 2017

You know the drill guys: save it to your hard drives, fill it out then return them to me via the email provided on them. ^^

Also there will be a nifty announcement this week so stay tuned!


Rewards Sent! (October 2017)

Mon Oct 30 11:53:54 2017

Hey everyone,

I just sent out all the rewards! Please check if everything went okay so nobody misses out on anything. Enjoy!


Rewards Complete! (October 2017)

Sat Oct 28 13:38:21 2017

For all patrons:

For patrons $10 and above:

I will be sending out the rewards on Monday, as well post the voting leaflet for November! ^^ I hope you all like what I made for you this month!

(Also, I'll be doing an art stream this evening at 9PM CEST on my Picarto channel if anyone's interested. Link can be found at the top of my Patreon page.)

Preview 2 (October 2017)

Sat Oct 21 11:53:43 2017

Hey guys,

here's some more previews! The month is nearly over, so I'm gonna get to finishing your rewards! Hope you like what you see so far. ^^



Preview 1 (October, 2017)

Mon Oct 16 19:14:19 2017

Hey guys,

thought I should start showing off some of the rewards you guys are getting this month! More to come in the coming days with finished versions to your emails at the end of the month! Hope you're all having a spooktacular October! Enjoy!



Characters for October 2017

Sat Oct 7 09:49:30 2017

Nick Wilde + Fidget + Yoshi

Bowser + Koops

There was a tie this month, so I thought I'd give you guys a treat and make it a threesome! ^^ I'll be contacting the top tier patrons soon about their requests.


Rewards Sent! + Update

Fri Sep 29 10:06:20 2017

Hey guys,

I just sent out all the rewards for this month. Hope you enjoy them! I wanted to let you all know that I'm altering my galleries a bit. I'm discontinuing Patreon Packs and letting peeps buy drawings for $6 each. I'll also allow them to buy sketches for $3 each. Not that this matters much cuz you guys are my patrons, but I thought I'd let you know regardless. ^^ I'm formal like that.

Sketches will appear in a smaller size compared to what you guys get from me, and without any color. Not like there's much color but you get the idea.

That's all for now, enjoy your rewards! See you guys next month. ^^

September 2017 Rewards

Tue Sep 26 16:07:51 2017

For all patrons:

For patrons $10 to $30:

NOTE: I'm still waiting for the last request by private message, but I haven't gotten a response in 2 weeks, so just in case I made a backup (4th sketch).
If they respond before Friday, I will still include it (you guys get a bonus essentially). If they don't, I will draw them two sketches next month to make up for the lost month they paid for.

Rewards will be sent out on Friday!

Choose Your Character (October 2017)

Mon Sep 25 23:38:31 2017

Hey guys,

I'll have an update on all the stuff I made for you guys in a few hours (it's 2 AM here so it will wait till the afternoon), till then I'll send the usual leaflet out so you can cast your votes for October!

Rules are on the leaflet, you have until October 6th!


Extra Pack Character Sketch 1 (Preview)

Sat Sep 16 00:33:33 2017

Here's a rough sketch for the first top tier patron! This will be cleaned up for the final version with possible fixes, of course. ^^



"Extra Pack" Slots Increased to 8

Fri Sep 15 22:04:58 2017

Wow you guys, in just a week we managed to pass $200 on Patreon! I decided to open up 4 more slots for my highest tier option. I think 8 is the highest I can handle. If anyone is interested in getting a personalized character sketch, you still can. ^^ Or if not, then outsiders got a shot now.

Let's aim for $500 so I can add a Male or Female Pinup for you guys every month! I'll do what I can to spread the word. Thanks so much for your support!

Gex + Yooka (Preview)

Fri Sep 15 14:24:31 2017

And here's a sneak peak of the second drawing for this month! Hope you like it!

(Also wow, my Special Tier option is already all taken! You guys rock. I may open more slots next month, I'll see how things go.)

(Edit: Added a book under the remote as suggested.)


Lucario + Renamon (Preview)

Wed Sep 13 21:51:01 2017

Hey patrons,
here's a sneak peak at this month's straight drawing, featuring Lucario and Renamon! Hope you guys like it spicy!



Characters for September + Update

Tue Sep 12 20:22:54 2017

Straight drawing:

Lucario + Renamon

Gay Drawing:

Gex + Yooka

Also, some updates on my Patreon and how it's gonna work from now on:

The only drawback is that since I'm a little past $100 at the time of this post, I decided to cut back on the amount of drawings to 2 per month (straight + gay drawings) until I hit higher milestones, so I can focus more on commissions. Once my Patreon picks up, I'll output more content here, and accept less commissions at a time. These are:

That is all for now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Voting Poll (September 2017)

Wed Aug 23 14:32:45 2017

Here's the voting leaflet for September! Fill it out ASAP and return it to me via the email written on the bottom! See you guys on the 11th of September!



Rewards Sent!

Wed Aug 23 14:31:03 2017

Hey Patrons!

I sent your rewards a little while ago. Please check if you got them, to make sure I didn't accidentally forget anyone. Enjoy!

NSFW art returns next month!

What should I draw for you? (Feedback Needed)

Fri Aug 18 20:59:15 2017

Hey patrons!

I recently posted a journal on my Furaffinity webpage about what my watchers would like to see me draw that would make them consider supporting me here on Patreon.

Now, I want to ask the same from you guys. I'm back to drawing NSFW art next month, so my question is: what would you guys like to see? I'm open to anything, so please give feedback so I know where to steer this ship. You're paying me after all!

I look forward to reading your suggestions!

(p.s. your drawings for this month will be done soon!)

Content Update (August 2017)

Tue Aug 8 16:08:49 2017

Hey guys!

New update for you, here's the third drawing for this month, hope you all look forward to the final finished version!



Content Update (August, 2017)

Sat Aug 5 13:31:14 2017

Hey everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who stayed with me from the bottom of my heart. It means more to me thank you'd think. I will get back to NSFW art eventually, don't worry. In any case, here's a preview of two of the drawings I'm working on for you guys this month. I will soon sketch out the remaining two. Enjoy and feedback is always welcome!



Rewards Sent! (also update)

Fri Jul 28 15:27:10 2017

Hi everyone,

I just sent all of your rewards a few minutes ago. As I mentioned in a previous poll, I'm currently suffering from a disease that has to do with my lower region, and because of this, pornography is a hazard for me. I must shift my content to SFW art only for a few months until it clears, or until it at least improves to a point where NSFW art doesn't harm me anymore. I'm deeply sorry for this, and I understand if some of you opt out because of it, though it saddens me to see people leave. I will be making the following rewards for this time period:

I only managed to make 2 of these for this month, because I have been ill and back and forth from doctors to laboratories getting tests done. I hope you will still enjoy the work I do for you guys, and I thank everyone who stays with me during this difficult time. To those who decide to leave, thank you for being with me, and I hope to see you again sometime.


Question about SFW content

Tue Jul 11 08:20:30 2017

Hi everyone.

Recently I have been having health issues that are gonna last for some time. Probably months before it clears up. Due to this, it's becoming increasingly difficult to create NSFW art, due to it being a hazard for me while in this condition (my illness has to do with my bottom half as you may have guessed). I wanted to ask all of you, if you would still be interested in supporting my Patreon, if I made SFW art only until this illness passes. I would offer the following per month:
- 1 wallpaper
- 1 full drawing
- 2 character pinups

Essentially you would get 4 drawings as per usual, but not pornography. Once this illness passes, I would return to making NSFW content again.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Older content for everyone?

Wed Jul 5 18:10:31 2017

Hi ya'll,

I've been asked several similar questions lately by non-patrons about making my older content available at a later date for everyone to see. I think it's only correct if I ask the people who pay me for their entertainment to decide on the matter, so the million dollar question is:

"Should I post older patron-only content (with censor) at later dates for the public to see?

Voting Poll leaflets?

Tue Jul 4 08:15:36 2017

Please send me your selections today everyone so I can get started on them!


Rewards Sent!

Thu Jun 29 17:18:47 2017

Your rewards should have arrived by now! Enjoy everyone, and if I forgot anyone, let me know in the comments section here!


Almost done!

Wed Jun 28 17:13:56 2017

Hey everyone,
Your rewards are nearly complete. Tomorrow I'll finish up and send them to your emails!


Content Update

Mon Jun 26 16:03:30 2017

Hey everyone!

Here's a preview of another of your rewards! Hope you like it. I have one last drawing to finish. ^^



Content Update

Tue Jun 20 10:48:06 2017

Hey everyone!

I apologize for being so quiet lately. I have been having health issues that prevented me from being more active. I want to let you know the content is coming along and will be finished by the end of the month. Enjoy a preview in the meantime, guys. ^^



Drawings for June (Preview 1)

Wed Jun 7 21:25:31 2017

Hey everyone!

Thought I'd show you the progress I've made on two of your rewards for this month. Hope you like them so far! I still got two to sketch out before finishing them up.



Character List (June 2017)

Sun Jun 4 09:53:51 2017

Hey guys!

The voting polls are officially closed and the results are in! This month's character pairings will be the following:

Should be an interesting month! We have a duplicate, but it's okay to explore multiple ideas with a character I think. Hope you all look forward to the drawings! There will be streaming this evening at 9PM CEST.


No Streaming Today

Sat Jun 3 18:27:04 2017

Hey everyone!

I'm letting you all know I'm not streaming today. I decided to get a day off from all the drawing. I will be streaming tomorrow at 9PM CEST however, so hope you all join in for new art and fun!


Voting Period Extended

Wed May 31 16:38:43 2017

Hey everyone!

I only received one leaflet so far and it's the end of the month. I'm gonna extend the period until June 4th (Sunday) for more to arrive. If no one else sends any, I will go with what I got, so please send them soon! I will include it again in this post.




Sun May 28 19:03:45 2017

Come join me for an art stream everyone!


Sun May 28 11:28:04 2017

Hey everyone!

Even though I already included the leaflet for next month with your rewards, I thought I should repost it for new patrons, as well as a reminder. Send them as soon as possible so I know who I'll draw for you guys next month!




Sat May 27 19:07:38 2017

Hey guys! Come join me for a 3 hour stream!

Rewards sent!

Thu May 25 11:42:24 2017

Hey guys,

I just sent out your rewards to the emails you provided on Patreon. Hope you all enjoy them! If anyone is having issues, let me know.

I also included the voting poll leaflet for next month, so fill it out and send it to me when you can!


May 2017 Drawings COMPLETE!

Wed May 24 18:35:36 2017

Hey everyone!

I finished all your drawings for the month. I will send them out to your emails tomorrow, along with the voting polls for next month to those who pledged $10. I hope you all will like what I made for you. ^^



Sun May 21 18:54:57 2017

Hey Patrons,

I'm starting my second stream in a few minutes. I will be inking your final drawing for the month! Come join if you can!


Sat May 20 19:17:14 2017

Hey Patrons!
I'm working on your remaining two drawings, so come watch if you'd like!

Streaming in 30 minutes!

Sat May 13 18:19:16 2017

Hey Patrons!

My weekly stream begins in approximately 30 minutes! The channel is public currently and tied to one of my patrons. I may make it public for good in the near future to help with publicity, so it may be removed from the rewards list, but don't worry, you are still getting everything I promised in regards to artwork!

Speaking of, have a preview at the finished pinups for this month! Hope you like 'em!



Streaming in 1 hour!

Sun May 7 18:01:55 2017

I'll be starting my Sunday stream in about an hour, so check it out if you have time! Links have been sent to your emails on Friday. ^^

(May not last 3 hours cuz of headache...)


Stream starts in 30 minutes!

Sat May 6 18:24:24 2017

Hope to see you guys there! If needed we can wait a little for everyone to show up. ^^


Art Stream links sent!

Fri May 5 20:40:44 2017

Hey patrons!

I just sent all of you the link to my private channel for tomorrow and Sunday via email! Please check it out and hope to see you there! We're gonna have a lot of fun. ^^

If there are any issues, don't hesitate to tell me here via comment.


Male Pinup (May 2017) (Preview)

Thu May 4 15:11:09 2017

Hey patrons!

Here's this month's male pinup preview of Lucario! Quite an auragasm, dude must have been pent up for some time.

Hope you guys look forward to the finished drawing!


Female Pinup (May 2017) (Preview)

Wed May 3 11:47:54 2017

Hey patrons!

Here's the promised sneak preview of this month's Female Pinup, featuring Isabelle from Animal Crossing! Hope you guys like the extra spice I added!

Also, good news! I decided to do both male and female pinups for you guys. I went ahead and chose a male character based on the votes I received on the polls, and the winner for that is: Lucario! Look forward to the rest of your rewards during the course of the month!

Also as a heads up, I'm developing a safe way to distribute rewards with minimal risk of them being leaked, because I heard artists have been harvested by fake accounts or trolls who pretended to pledge only to get access to all the content and bail before actually paying. I'll make sure your rewards are safe.



Characters for May 2017

Mon May 1 19:29:44 2017

And we're off!

The winners for May 2017 have been decided! They are:

Straight Drawing
Asriel (Undertale) x Toriel (Undertale)
Gay Drawing
Yoshi (Mario Series) x Spyro (Spyro series)
Pinup Drawing (Female)
Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

these characters will be disabled from now on to give others a chance until all the characters have had a turn. Next month, the latter two polls will be switched to Lesbian Drawing and Pinup Drawing (Male). I will keep alternating them each month until my milestones are reached, after which I will draw all of them each month. The milestone amounts may be altered as time goes on, I'll see how I handle things!

I have also received most of the pledges, but there are a few that are having issues it seems. I hope they get sorted out soon, or I may message them about it, if it takes long.

I hope you all look forward to the three drawings you voted for!


Almost there!

Sun Apr 30 08:36:33 2017

Hey Patrons!

The ship officially sails tomorrow, so expect to be charged soon for your pledges! I'm still waiting for the remaining patrons to send me their votes. The leaflet can be found under this post. Remember, you have one more day left, after that your votes won't count.

Also an update to the weekly art stream:

1st hour - standup comedy with Bill Burr (while drawing)
2nd hour - 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s retro music (while drawing)
3rd hour - retro game let's play (unless the stream can't handle it, then I draw more)

I hope you guys will like what I have in store for you!


Sun Apr 23 09:45:35 2017

Hey patrons!

Here's the official roster for the coming months! It should make for some interesting pairings.

Now, instead of spamming you guys with 5 polls, I decided to make this leaflet for you to download. I'd like to ask all of you to please draw a circle around your choice in each of the 5 clusters using any software you can find. Then, send the image to me via email, or if Patreon allows a way to send images to creators, that'll work, too. Just get them to me in any way you can. ^^

Once I got one from all of you, I will tally the votes and announce the winners for May. If by chance no character gets at least 2 votes in a cluster, I will put the selected ones into a randomizer software that will give out names until only one is left. I will not cast a vote myself.

Have fun, and remember, you have until the end of the month!



Finalized Rules

Sat Apr 22 12:13:33 2017

Hey patrons! Just letting you know that I finalized the rules. We're gonna go by the following:


$1 will get you:

early access + straight drawing / month (standard size)

$5 will get you:

early access + straight, gay or lesbian, pinup drawing / month (standard size)

$10 will get you:

early access + straight, gay or lesbian, pinup drawing / month (large size) + monthly voting poll + weekly art stream


All drawings will be fully colored, and $10 patrons receive larger versions. I have also finalized the character roster for the monthly polls. I will send them out tomorrow. And finally, the weekly art streams will take place every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM CET, I will provide the link 30 minutes before we start.



Wed Apr 19 14:14:10 2017

Hey patrons!

I know there's not too many of you yet, but I believe more people will join as time goes on. If you know of any ways to get more people on board then by all means, I greatly appreciate all the assitance since I'm new to this.

I'm writing this to A) try out the feature so I get used to it, and B) to tell you that some stuff may be adjusted in your favor as time goes on. I'm still debating to try and give you guys 3 fully colored drawings, as opposed to my current system of color-ink-sketch. If it won't overwhelm me, then look forward to getting even more for you buck!