Sponsored Lewd - 2020 July- HD

Sun Sep 13 23:57:40 2020

Hello Lewd Crew, welcome back to another lewding time, this time with a very special one. I am normally not like this, but well, when Herex came to me with the idea to make a lewd of myself, I kinda had to think about it if I actually have ever lewded myself, and I had to agree that I didn't. So when he asked me to draw my African Civet sona dominating his Chinchilla sona I felt like I can't miss that opportunity! So here we have it!

As for the upcoming WildeHopps lewd, the votes coming in nice and currently it looks like that Judy giving Nick's malehood some loving care is going to be the winner! I forget to set a deadline for the poll, but I think I keep it open for maybe another week, give an opportunity for people to think through which option they want to support. Hope to see you soon!

RobCxHerex_HD.png RobCxHerex_HD.png RobCxHerex_sketch.png RobCxHerex_lineart.png RobCxHerex_shading.png RobCxHerex_basecolor.png

Vote for the next artwork

Thu Sep 3 21:27:34 2020

I really want to get into making some good WildeHopps artwork, maybe practice backgrounds, because contrary what my comics might tell you, I am actually REALLY bad at backgrounds. So I present you this poll, where I want you to vote for the pic you want me to redo/continue into a fully colored and shaded artwork!

Also I have an announcement:
Thanks to patreon finally introducing the annual payment system, I can offer an annual discount to my most loyal supporters! It's kind of a coincidence that 5 patrons had to cancel their pledges right before this month's charge. I hope that having one annual payment will reduce transaction costs for and encourage staying with me for a longer time! I know I work slow, but the number of people also cancelling because "I expected RobCivecat to be more active" is really concerning. Regardless, I hope I can live up to your expectations, even we are not quite there yet that I can work on art as a full-time gig, I enjoy every minute I spend on it!

Love you all,
Rob C.

Sketch Suggestion Box - 2020 Summer

Thu Sep 3 21:09:22 2020

Hello everyone!

I know this hasn't been the best summer for many of us, I hope you all have been staying safe and take care of yourselves! Summer went by for me mostly with work, which I mostly at least could do from home office, but I didn't forget that I own you guys a nice set of color palette sketches following your requests!

Thanks for submitting your ideas, I filled some slots out with mine, but since those that I got were already WildeHopps themed, I felt like its a great time for an all WildeHopps sketchbox!
-We have a nice pic of Judy playing with the family jewels!
-Judy "casually" flashing Nick who really can't hide his excitement
-A Nice role reversal with Judy giving Nick a nice plowing
-And finally pose that I really like for size difference couples, which I call the "eat me like your grapes"

Also I'm will soon give a special surprise, a poll about which of these rough sketches should be turned into a fully colored artwork, and an announcement regarding the new feature of patreon!

Stay tuned!

bunny_chewtoy.png erection_on_demand.png switching_it_up.png bunnilingus.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 29 - HD

Sun Aug 23 03:16:49 2020

And here we go! Judy's and Nick's undercover investigation officially begun! But what kind of info does Kozlov have for them? And what do they need to do to get it? Stay tuned!

MysticStripSearch-29_HD.png MysticStripSearch-29_HD.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 29 - Stages 3/3

Sun Aug 23 03:14:28 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry, I had no update last week, I wasn't feeling too well, and by the time I realized that I forgot to upload I was already halfway done with the page. In any case, lets see how things are starting to unfold for our lovely duo!

Ps.: Some have expressed some concerns about the theme of the comic. For those I say, do not worry, this is 100% WildeHopps comic. Both the Kozlov pair and the arctic vixens won't get sexually involved with Nick or Judy. The vixens however make a living out of helping couples like Nick and Judy to find higher pleasures in their intimacy. So stay tuned!

MSS_PAGE29_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE29_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE29_Shading.png MSS_PAGE29_Basecolor.png

Six Character Challenge - HD version - Part 2

Mon Aug 3 00:42:25 2020

And as promised here is part two of the Six Fanart challenge!
In PART 1 we had 3 lovely ladies, so its time to give the best recommended/requested guys some love!

First of, Rocket from the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Second, the only cartoon fox who might be better than Nick, the prince of thieves in the sherwood forest, Robin Hood!

And third, another very cunning thief and the second racoon on the list, which is a weird coincidence now that I think about it, all 3 characters are very good at taking stuff that doesn't belong to them... Sly Cooper!

Hope you liked this challenge, and the characters that I choose, even If you favorite wasn't picked, I hope you got something out of this that you liked!

See you all hopefully soon!

Rocket_HD.png RobinHood_HD.png SlyCooper_HD.png

Six Character Challenge - HD version - Part 1

Sun Aug 2 12:58:18 2020

Hello Lewd crew!

Last month, I asked you guys to give me some anthro character for the six character challenge, HERE. And I'm happy to say, that I got some really cool ones from you guys, that I was happy to take a shot at drawing!

I decided I give you an update on that, and show you the first 3 characters that I choose:
First off is Renamon from Digimon Tamers, truth to be told she was always one of my favorite digimons, can't believe its the first time of me drawing her!

Second is the cute and badass snake waifu, Torque from X-Com Chimera Squad.

And last but not least the beautiful and brave Gadget, the smart tinkering inventor girl from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers!

Will try to finish up the second half of the challange soon, hope you enjoy what done sofar!

Renamon_HD.png Renamon_HD.png Torque_HD.png Gadget_HD.png

Sponsored Lewd - 2020 June- HD

Mon Jul 27 00:59:24 2020

Another quick lewd to catch up with myself! To this one Herex and I decided on a Pizzacolt x Pizzacat lewd, also known as the Pizzapals, who belong to Zhan! Be sure to check out his twitter: he is great!

Stay tuned and lewd my friends!

Pizzapals_HD_alt.png Pizzapals_HD.png Pizzapals_Sketch.png Pizzapals_Lineart.png Pizzapals_Shading.png Pizzapals_BaseColor.png

Sponsored Lewd - 2020 May- HD

Sun Jul 19 19:51:09 2020

It's lewding time again! It's a little belated, I have to catch up and do the June one next week, do finally not be behind schedule!

This lewding time it we have two zoosonas of two of my friends, Nemo and Terry (with the little twist that Terry is genderbent to be FemTerry!)

I like these smaller male on larger female settings, it gives possibility to have interesting unconventional poses! But let me know what you think!

Yours truly, RobCivecat

202005-FemTerryxNemo_HD.png 202005-FemTerryxNemo_HD.png 202005-FemTerryxNemo_Sketch.png 202005-FemTerryxNemo_Lineart.png 202005-FemTerryxNemo_Shading.png 202005-FemTerryxNemo_BaseColor.png 202005-FemTerryxNemo_Lineart.png

Status Update: Technical Tinkering

Sat Jul 18 13:58:38 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry for the delay with art, I will soon finish the lewd pic of last month that I own you guys!
But before that I had to address some changes that happened on patreon. As you know there has been some additional fees and taxes added to Patreon's system, that increased the money that was billed to you since July the 1st.

However, these taxes don't apply equally depending on what service/reward I provide to you dear patrons. So 2 weeks ago when this was brought to my attention, I have set up benefit and percentage settings on each tier that reflects the nature of the donation and reward correctly. However that didn't seem to be enough as many people deleted their pledges in the last week. saying that they are not willing to pay the VAT that is put ontop of their donations. I'm just here to say I'm sorry and I totally understand the issue, I am angry too. I will continue looking into the legal possibilities if there is anything that can be done about the VAT tax that is put on your patronage, because I don't want anyone's support to cost more money than what they can afford to spend.

Regardless, thank you for those that stick with me through this and I hope we will keep creating lots of lewd stuff together.

See you all soon!

drawing_chibet_robc.png drawing_chibet_robc.png statusUpdate.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 28 - HD

Thu Jul 9 23:05:10 2020

Aaand done! I think. Don't think I missed anything. A few cameos, some good eyed people might recognize Desmond and Molly way in the back, thought I am still not good at choosing this large shot angles, its so hard to have many detailed characters in a good big shot when the space is so large and open. But I'm really happy that I could include a cameo of my friends sonas, Milo and Marc (a.k.a Juantriforce and TheBlueberryCarrots)

The new lewd part is getting close finally, and I'm looking forward to making it. For those who haven't read the early script, basically the vixens are tantric massage instructors. I have made some research on tantric massage, its meaning, and spirituality and how it helps partners to feel closer together. The lewd part of the comic will have random bits of these little lessons and I hope you will enjoy them a lot, as much as I enjoyed learning them myself!

Stay lewd my friends!
-Rob Civecat

MysticStripSearch-28_HD.png MysticStripSearch-28_HD.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 28 - Stages 3/3

Sun Jul 5 23:08:21 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

Couldn't entirely finish the page till today, but I took tomorrow off from work, so hopefully I will be able to finish it then! Until then I bring you a little tease of it in the form of the refined lineart of the page! Hope you like it! See you all soon!

Sorry again for the delay, my day-off was interrupted with an emergency at work (curse of being a programmer, you can never really have a 100% day-off, but luckily today I could make some progress. I still need to add the finishing touches, the effects, but the majority or the base colors and shading is done!

MSS_PAGE28_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE28_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE28_Basecolor.png MSS_PAGE28_Shading.png

Comic update: Mystic Spring Resort Area

Sun Jun 14 15:12:55 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

Those who have been following my work longer know, that I am not really good at drawing backgrounds, so when I have a location I need to draw multiple times, I make a rough 3D model to get a feel of the placement of objects and buildings. The Mystic Spring Oasis in my current comic is no exception. I actually managed to create a very good recreation of the main pool area based on the movie footage which you can check out in this post here -> CLICK HERE

The new area where Nick and Judy heading right now with the vixen triplets is entirely thought up and designed by me. I drew inspiration from various exotic hotels and resorts and came up with this interesting style where the hallway to the private areas that guests and club members of the Oasis can own or rent is by itself also a public pool.

Making this 3D setup took me weeks, but it will help me in creating the following pages of the comic a lot, so I think it was worth the time invested in them (and who knows, these locations could always be revisited in the future thanks to the files)

Thats it from me for now, I promise to jump into making the next page as soon as I can! Until then, stay lewd my friends!

with love,

clayrenderHotel7.png clayrenderHotel7.png clayrenderHotel6.png clayrenderHotel1.png clayrenderHotel2.png clayrenderHotel3.png clayrenderHotel4.png clayrenderHotel5.png

Sponsored Lewd - 2020 April- HD

Mon Jun 8 20:43:32 2020

It's lewding time again! This time we have another pic of the amazing character of Pack Street by TG_Weaver.
Be sure to give it a read it's an awesome Zootopia EU fanfic:

Here we see that if Anneke fants something, she gets it! And Remmy will have to get used to being used by his new girlfriend.

I had fun with this piece, mostly because of the community's headcanon that Remmy is hung! I always like to draw abdominal bulges, and this time I even experimented with a little x-ray alternative version too. Let me know what you think!

Sponsored20200401.png Sponsored20200401.png 202004-Annemmy_HD.png 202004-Annemmy_ALT.png 202004-Annemmy_Shading.png 202004-Annemmy_Basecolors.png 202004-Annemmy_Lineart.png 202004-Annemmy_Sketch.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 27

Mon Jun 1 01:22:02 2020

And another page done!

As my promise I try to incorporate more erotica even into the general conversation/dialogue scenes, to make the comic more interesting. That's not easy to do in a natural progression, but I think I got lucky and stumbled into a dialogue version that allowed me to derail Judy's thoughts to some very lewd memories while staying in character. Hope you all like it too!

See you later Lewd Crew! Stay safe!

MysticStripSearch-27.png MysticStripSearch-27.png MysticStripSearch-27_HD.png MysticStripSearch-27_HD.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 27 - Stages 3/3

Sat May 30 23:49:15 2020

I'm still kickin'!

Hello lewd crew! Sorry I didn't manage to update on time again, some details on this page slowed down the progress of the lineart really badly, I wasn't entirely happy with some details of the sketches, and had to re arrange them, but hopefully it will be all worth it at the end!

I just finished the lineart as the first stage and the basecolors and shadings will be soon to follow, hopefully tomorrow, maybe even the finished page if I get lucky and nothing unexpected holds me up again.

See you all soon!

Edit 1: Base-coloring finished!

I originally wanted to leave the last panel also with a simple background, but I felt like from a narrative standpoint its important to express that the second panel is only a flashback of Judy and not a jump in space and time, so I added the Mystic Spring background and it tied the page together better. Hopefully you agree!

Edit 2: Shading added, only the final finishing touches, effects, textures remain! See you all soon!

MSS_PAGE27_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE27_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE27_Basecolor.png MSS_PAGE27_Shading.png

Status Update 19th of May 2020

Tue May 19 07:53:48 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry I wasn't updating the comic this weekend, I kept redesigning the page. I had a dilemma in either including another fantasy/flashback or skip it and work on the 3D model of he next location's interior which is still only half done. At the end I decided to go with the lewd flashback of Judy and Nick at their workplace but had no time to finish up the sketch and panel arrangement, I will update you all on that as soon as I can!

As a pass-time however, I've been eyeing the #SixFanarts trend on twitter started by Melissa! It created some amazing fanarts and it really inspired me too! Although I have some character ideas, I still want to retain the challenge nature of the trend by asking for characters so here it is folks! Give me some anthro characters down below!

Whenever new creations like Judy and Nick, or old classic characters like Gadget Hackwrench, its up to you! Suggest 5 at the most below to make it fair, and I will do my best to clear this challange in June!

Thank you and see you all soon!


Sponsored Lewd - 2020 March- HD

Sun May 10 00:27:47 2020

A little behind schedule but I'm trying to pick up the pace! Will have some pressing family matters in the next few days, but I'll start working on the next page as soon as that is done!

As for now enjoy the Lewd time requested by Herex, a hot moment between Gideon and Sharla! I liked working on this piece, as I do like Gideon as a character, despite what some people think, that all WildeHopps shippers hate Gideon. I just don't like how some people use him in their fanfics and that's different. And honestly, the idea that Sharla had something to do with Gideon getting reformed and get his life together is heartwarming to me! We need some good stories about that, don't you agree?

[ Edit Reason: Forgot to add the W.I.P stages! ]

Anyway, thank you and hope you have a nice weekend!
Stay safe everyone!
Yours truly, Rob Civecat

202003-Sharleon_HD.png 202003-Sharleon_HD.png 202003-Sharleon_Sketch.png 202003-Sharleon_Lineart.png 202003-Sharleon_BaseColor.png 202003-Sharleon_Shading.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 26 - HD

Tue May 5 00:02:56 2020

Lewd thoughts thy name is Sam! I have fun with the vixen triplets, exspecially giving each a different personality. Sam is just the super excitable playful girl of the sisters, that took no hesitation on jumping the WildeHopps ship, while the older sisters, Callie and Jules are just calmly go with the flow.

Thank you so much for your continuous support, it makes me so happy that I'm able to make this comic, and I'm even more happy to see others enjoying it too! Hope to show you what the girls have in store for our favorite couple very soon!

Stay lewd my friends!

MysticStripSearch-26_HD.png MysticStripSearch-26_HD.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 26 - Stages 3/3

Fri May 1 00:27:54 2020

UPDATE! Basecoloring and Shading done!

I ran into some technical problems, but luckily I was able to fix them by myself! Sorry for the delay! If the universe stops trying to sabotage me, tomorrow I'll be able to finish the last few finishing touches on the page!


Hello Lewd Crew!

Hope you all are staying safe! Thank you for sticking with me through all these difficult times, I hope to be able to make our quarantines more enjoyable with some content. Work kept me busy (curse of being a programmer, being home is no excuse to not to work) but today I finally got the lineart for the next page done! I'm hoping to get most of the work done tomorrow so I can focus on finishing the page and hopefully the next Sponsored Lewd this weekend.

See you all soon! Stay lewd and safe!

MSS_PAGE26_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE26_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE26_Shading.png MSS_PAGE26_Basecolor.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 26 - Sketch

Mon Apr 27 03:13:27 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!!!

Sorry for the delay, a little injury got in the way of me drawing this way. I hoped to finish the page till today, but I could only manage the sketch, since I also came up with a good idea while I was midway doing it.

Originally I didn't had and sex on this page, and technically there is no sex on it still, but now there is some in the vixen's head HAHA! Thought it would be a fun stuff to include! Hope you guys like it, I will do my best to finish up the page as soon as I can!


Sketch Suggestion Box - 2020 Spring

Sun Apr 19 23:35:26 2020

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your patience! I tried something new for this sketch suggestion box, namely using random color palettes for it! I think they came out great, but I let you guys to be the judge of it! Do you like it? Or are you more of a fan of the simple pencil-like sketches?

Thanks for everyone for submitting their ideas, I got some good ones, like
-Jack flirting (and failing) with Violet
-Nick and Judy doing a quick BJ at work
-Jack and Skye being lewd
-And finally a friend of mine, Akiric found a funny "sexy" piece of clothing, that doesn't really have a name yet, its just an overall with the stomach part completely cut out. I found it hilarious and amazing at the same time so I jumped on the trend! Give him a shout on his twitter for the idea, he is doing great stuff

As for now, let me know what you think, and what should be on the Summer Sketch Suggestion Box!

Hope you are staying safe! Love you all!

Quick_BJ_on_the_job.png Misadventures_of_Jack_Savage_Ep419.png Jack_x_Skye.png The_windowed_overall.png

Life Guard on Duty by MickelPickel and Cas

Sat Apr 11 17:55:04 2020

I had the opportunity to work together with Mick and Cas on this! They wanted to dub a quick funny doodle of mine that I did during a stream, so I thought I'll color it to make it a better and more fun animation. Hope you guys will have a good laugh at it too!

Also let me share the artwork with you

See you all soon!

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_v3PC6UOe3Ew_maxresdefault.jpg

Sponsored Lewd - 2020 February - HD

Tue Apr 7 00:22:31 2020

Bit belated Lewd Time from last month, but hopefully hot enough to make up for that!
Herex sponsored us a nice cowgirl style WildeHopps pic!
I had a little fun with this scenario, since so many recent lewds were also similar cowgirl positions, I wanted to spice it up a bit with some furniture!

Also, we can all agree that the penetration is super hot part of any lewd, I dared to make a second version of the foreplay of Judy and Nick!

Hope you guys like it! I will try to pick up the pace, this week, I know I own you a Spring sketch suggestion box, which will hopefully be coming soon!
Until then, stay lewd my friends!

202002-WildeHopps_V1_HD.png 202002-WildeHopps_V2_HD.png 202002-WildeHopps_BaseColor.png 202002-WildeHopps_Lineart.png 202002-WildeHopps_Sketch.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 25 - HD

Sun Mar 29 23:02:12 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

This month didn't go as expected, but that can be said to this entire year sofar. I know the situation out there doesn't look so good, but I hope all of you stays safe during these troubling times, and thank you for sticking with me through this.

As for the page, I had fun with it, mostly with Nick. I had a little dillema that took up some days in the design of the page. In the original script I would've had Judy have a quick thought about it that Nick never actually called her his girlfriend before infront of others, mostly because they are still mostly hiding their relationship.

But unlike written form, in comic, I feel like I have to follow the movie's way and method of narration which is 99% of the time entirely visual. Although Judy is the protagonist we are never in her head, we don't hear her thoughts, which is also partially why people see both her and Nick as the protagonist, because the audience doesn't get much more into Judy's head than Nick's. We watch their adventure from an outsider's point of view, and while in a written form some sort of narration is unavoidable, if the movie doesn't have a narrator, details like "this was the first time Nick called Judy his girlfriend" can be lost. I plan to compensate for that at a later point of the comic, because I think its a really cute detail. But let me know what you think! Do you like zootopia fanfictions where you hear Judy's or Nick's thoughts? Does it make them more real to you, or does it makes it harder to indentify with their situations because their thoughts and inner reactions might differ from yours? Let me know what you think! See you all soon!

MysticStripSearch-25_HD.png MysticStripSearch-25_HD.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 25 - Stages

Mon Mar 23 01:42:54 2020

Hello everonye!

First allow me to give a Short Personal Status Update:

I have a really crazy week behind myself, and I think I'm not alone with that. I myself am put into home-office which as a programmer means that I need to double my efforts cuz working together with my co-workers became substantially harder. Some of my friends were not so lucky however, some were put on unpaid vacation, and some of them even lost their jobs due to the coronavirus epidemic that rolls through the world at the moment. In these times I felt it important to express that I hope that all of you are staying safe and sound. I believe that panicking is the worst thing to do in this situation, but there is no harm on being cautious, so do take care of yourselves, and the people around you,

As for the comic, this weekend I finished up the lineart, I did some minor tweaks and changes compared to the sketch released last week, that I hope managed to improve the overall look. Hope the week will be kind enough for me to be able to gradually finish up the page and be able to squeeze in some extra stuff before the end of the month.

That's all for now and again, take care everyone.


MysticStripSearch - Page 25 - Sketch

Mon Mar 16 06:51:13 2020

And sketch is done! Thoght I'm not entirely happy with certain details, but I already spent more time on it that I'm willing to deny an update from you.

Let me know what you think? Also this month I plan to do some sketches so don't forget to leave your suggestions in the latest Sketch Suggestion Box

Yours truly, RobCivecat


Next Study Sketches - Poll!

Thu Mar 5 23:41:12 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

As we finished the latest addition to the Zootopia Study Sketches with our lovely Yeens, I thought its time to decide which group should be next. Now I could just use the up-runner from the previous poll, but I think its more fair if I ask you guys. I will try to work on the set next month, you may vote until then. This time you may vote on as many categories as you like! Let me know which group is the most wanted for the next study sketches set! Vote away, and see you all soon!

Sponsored Lewd - 2020 January - HD

Mon Mar 2 03:29:41 2020

It's Time for 2020's first Lewding time! And Herex has sponsored us a nice lewd of Louise and Juno from Beastars!

Beastars has a very interesting lighthearted drawing style, meaning faces and bodies are really unrealistic and exaggerated sometimes which makes it hard to figure out how a character really looks like from certain angles. I really enjoyed trying to figure out the best look for the angles I came up with for this lewd, and I think they came out pretty right.

Loise was the bigger challange on this pic, and not even because of his prostetic leg (of which I first totally forgot about) but his antlers. Dear god (or should I say deer god? haha, it's 4:30 in the morning here, forgive me for the pun) it think I redesigned and redrew just his antlers for 2 hours cuz I just wasn't happy with it. Hope it was worth the effort and you all enjoy this lewd as much as I do!

If my workload gets lighter this week I promise I will try to create some new artworks, I had a few ideas for a while!

Lots of love,

202001-LouiseJuno_HD.png 202001-LouiseJuno_Sketch.png 202001-LouiseJuno_Lineart.png 202001-LouiseJuno_Basecolor.png

Yeen Study Sketches HD

Tue Feb 25 19:25:59 2020

And finished!

Hello again lewd crew! I'm happy to say that the new set of Zootopia Study sketches is done and dusted!

I had fun with both the designs and poses with this one! I tried to choose similar but still a bit different poses so the difference in species is visible yet the comparison wouldn't feel repetitive!

First we got a female Spotted Hyena design, which was largely inspired by my friend's, HyenaTig's sona, Helena!

Next to her we got my design for a male Striped Hyena, whom we together named Marcus Ravager! Thank you for your suggestions!

And lastly a cute Aardwolf based on TG_Weaver's twins, Anneke and Wolter? Which one? Exactly!

Hope you like them! I'll post the new pool this week, but first I got to finish this months Lewd Time artwork! Stay tuned, this months sponsored image will be from Beastars! Stay tuned!



MysticStripSearch - Page 24 - HD

Mon Feb 24 01:56:08 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

I'm back with another page finished! I'm really out of shape, not just in regards of drawing, but writing, I spend the entire day rewriting the banter between Judy and Nick here, But I think I reached the point where I was already pleased with it!

Thank you again for all your patience and continuous support, and I promise I try to get after this little pause of wholesomeness we will get back to the lewdness soon!

Love you all,


MysticStripSearch - Page 24 - Stages

Mon Feb 17 02:47:58 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

First Stage: Lineart is ready! The weekend was robbed from me so I only had time for this, but I hope to finish it during next week! Hope you like it sofar. Goodnight and I love you all!

Second Stage: Base Color ready! I know this page is taking longer than expected, and I understand the impatience many showed by canceling their pledge. All I can say is that I'm doing my best.

Last year I got multiple complaints that I'm taking really long with creating stuff, but unfortunately that comes with being a working adult. I wish I could make comics as a full-time job, and we are not was from that goal, but until we reach that I can not afford to loose my job and it will have to come first.
This of course does not apply to those who had to leave us due to financial reasons, as always, I would never want to cause anyone trouble, so If you temporarily have to cancel, I totally understand that. Hope your situation will get better and hope I'll be still be making stuff that you enjoy and find worth supporting by that time!

See you all soon! Will try to finish up this page tomorrow!

Third Stage: Shading!
My day didn't start out as planned, my near 10 year old Monitor decided to die on my as it didn't want to turn on in the morning for 2 hours. I decided that I don't want to take this risk again tomorrow and time to put him to rest, and had to get a new one. You know guys, a few years ago I wouldn't have been able to make such a spontaneous purchase, I'd have to start saving up for it months before hand, or plan ahead what I won't be buying instead. For the first time, I felt like I could afford to invest in a good monitor thanks to your support all throughout last year. I can't thank you all enough for supporting my work, and I promise I will put this new monitor into good use! ... than being drawing lewd stuff of course *wink wink*

MSS_PAGE24_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE24_BaseColor.png MSS_PAGE24_Shading.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 24 - Sketch

Wed Feb 12 00:53:09 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry for the delay again, my last week just did not turn out as loose as I hoped it would, I had to go to a bunch of meetings and it didn't help that when I did had time to sit down and draw, I wasted most of it by rethinking the dialogue for this page.

As you see this is something that I didn't include in the original script, there Nick and Judy met the vixens right as they were drying themselves, but I had this idea for this whole some image of Judy lying on Nick and I just had to include it (and also wanted to cute short Sharleon cameo in this comic too)

Eventually I still haven't figured out the dialogue, I was thinking of something about Judy asking about Nick's connection of the vixens, and him reassuring her that their connection is strictly professional. I'll see what I can do about that!

As you can see this sketch isn't even fully ready eaither, I did plan more character cameos in the back, but I thought, that I'm already late with an update so it's high time I show where I am at with the page!

Hope you can forgive me, I will do my best to get the page done as fast as I can!

Yours truly, Rob Civecat


Yeen Studies - Part3 - Striped Yeen poses

Mon Feb 3 23:14:47 2020

Wanted to finish the Yeen Study sketches this weekend but I only got time to do Striped hyena poses at the end, I might try to do aardwolf this week to finally finish this set of study sketches, or I might delay it and work on the next page of the comic first. Let me know what you think!

In any case, I'm quite proud of my design for a striped hyena and might actually use it in the future. So this pretty boy will need a name! Put down your suggestion below!


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 December - HD

Sat Feb 1 01:16:01 2020

It's Lewding time again! This time we got a very lewd Chico a.k.a Fuel with his OC Oliver!

Fuel is a very cool dude and a good friend of mine, and I've been wanting to draw lewds oh him for a long time, so thanks for Herex for sponsoring it for this month! Hope that you guys also like it!

[EDIT] I forgot, I wanted to include the progress, Sketch, Lineart and Basecolor! enjoy!


202001-FuelOnOllie_HD.png 202001-FuelOnOllie_Sketch.png 202001-FuelOnOllie_Lineart.png 202001-FuelOnOllie_BaseColor.png

Palette Quickies - 27.01.2020

Mon Jan 27 12:14:08 2020

Hello everyone! Thought I share with you my latests contribution to the zootopia community's Thematic Thursday themes! For most TTs our friend SmugBeverage creates awesome 5/5 challenges on which writers and artists alike roll 2 random digits to get a theme based on an emotion and an object. Writers write a maximum 5 sentence mini fics for a given theme or artists create drawings on a theme.

In December we had the TT "Cold" on which I rolled >Snow and >Satisfaction
I was thinking a lot what to draw for this, at the end I thought "its a really satisfying feeling when you finish shoveling away the snow from the front yard." So here is Nick and Judy doing that!

Next TT was "Power Outage" on which I rolled >Disappointment and >FreeOfChoice for the object, but Otterly rolled a similar prompt and wrote a really fun little piece with one of my favorite PackStreet ships, that was so cute to let go. (would link it, but he didn't upload it anywhere, so I include the text with the pic.

After that, actually it wasn't the TT of that week, It was a random Fantasy 5/5 but since I missed Tribes & Traditions last year, I thought this was close enough. Here here is the fearless Kobold Hunter sighing in relief as his foe is vanquished. Obvious Goblin Slayer jokes aside, I love Kobolds, hope this didn't upset anyone ^w^

And lastly, this weeks TT was "Moving to New Home" and I rolled >Bed and >Boredom and what be more booring than you wanting to have housewarming lewdness with your fox, but he has been busy all day trying to find out how to assemble the bed that you two recently bought.

Hope you like these little quickies! See you all soon!

27489243.png TheKoboldHunter.png MovingToNewHope-NewBed.png Batteries_the_wrong_way_plus_inspiration.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 23 - HD

Sat Jan 18 23:17:31 2020

And done! I know, Nick is such a tease, but I felt like this is an important detail to add.

Zootopia is my all-time favorite flick, not just because of the characters but because of the amazing world-building that makes you feel like the city is alive and functioning. Before I made the comic I dove into studying nudists resorts and just like in the movie, public areas such as gardens and pools are not places to openly have sex or do orgies, that's why Nick and Judy had to go into the cave to start to have fun. Now that they are out in the open, they have to pause for a second, but don't worry the next area where they are heading with the vixens, showing their affection for each-other will have no limitations!


MysticStripSearch - Page 23 - Stages

Sun Jan 12 00:22:48 2020

First stage is complete: Lineart
As you can see, I had some re-desings, mainly on Nick's face on the second panel, I didn't like the way I sketched up his head originally so I redid it from scratch during the week, that's why it took me so long. Sorry about that! Hope to make more progress tomorrow, of which I will update you here in this post!

See you later Lewd Crew!


MysticStripSearch - Page 23 - Sketch

Tue Jan 7 00:46:49 2020

Hello Lewd Crew!

New Year, working with new strength! This page took me a few days. I basically redraw the entire first panel since one night I just got this idea of Judy pulling on the inside of Nick's sheath and thought it would be really hot. Hope it is!

You might also notice my serval character, alongside Kris from zootopia crime files, around RT a fellow zootopia content creator!

Hope 2020 goes well for all of you sofar! See you soon!


Yeen Studies - Part2 - Spotted Yeen poses

Thu Jan 2 00:13:29 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

Let's start off the new year productively! Today I made the pose sketches for our spotted yeen character for the Zootopia Study Sketches series! Hope you like it!


Sketch Suggestion Box - 19 Winter -

Sun Dec 29 12:47:11 2019

Hello Lewd Crew! It's another sketch suggestion box time!

I got some good suggestions that really had me inspired!

-First off I genderbent WildeHopps pic, with Nick and Jude the Dude having a nice time!
-Second a WinterCoat snuggle time with a super fluffy Judy cuddling a super fluffy Nick!
-Third sketch Judy and Nick procreating. Is it possible? I personally always on the fence on it, "boxes and funnies" or adoption, what would be the more in-universe possibility? This time we go with the former, but I'd happy to hear your opinion below.
-And last sketch is a cute Dr. Mange Honey Badger. pinup!

Hope you guys like these sketches and let me know what you think I should do next!

Thank you for an amazing year, love you all to bits!


Happy Holidays everyone!

Wed Dec 25 05:33:17 2019

Dunno what else I could say than this has been a fantastic year and I'm deeply honored that you've decided to stick with me for an entire year! Without a doubt you guys have made my year so much more bearable, it can not be underestimated how much motivation and help is to know that when I am finished with work, there is a reason to sit down and draw that silly, shippy comics I do because there are others out there waiting for it!

Thank you so much, please accept this quick sketch I did tonight after my family all settled down from the Christmas celebrations.

I started working on this during the 24h live-stream following suggestions that I wanted to finish, but when I sat down today I didn't like the original sketch and started out from scratch. I also added the sketch tho because some of you were looking forward to it since you managed to catch the stream when I was making it. Hope you like it and the final version too.

Again, Merry Christmas Lewd Crew!

MerryShipmas.png MerryShipmas_-_original.png

Sponsored Lewd - 2019 November - HD

Mon Dec 23 15:26:43 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

I got a rare treat for you this month, as Herex sponsored a lewd about Haru and Legosi from the manga/anime, Beastars! I've been following this manga myself and I love the interesting setup and the characters, and well, I definitely roof for Legosi to get his bunny! Or Haru to get her wolf, whichever works for you!

This also comes in line, that I have been thinking of doing some rare event once a year where I draw smut of different fandoms not just Zootopia, originally No-zoot-november was a strong contestant, but I didn't end up having the time, thought I have lot of other ships that I'd love to draw about, thought not as much as about Judy and Nick. We will see! For now enjoy this lewd bun treating herself with a weird emberrased wolfboy!


MysticStripSearch - Page 22 - HD

Mon Dec 23 02:18:07 2019

Page done and dusted!

This was a fun page to draw! Sorry for the delay, every time I thought I finished, I noticed another small detail I forgot, first the color on the locker doors, then the dripping water from Nick's tail and Judy's ear and the list goes on. But I hope the comic came out as nice as I hope it is, and it was worth the wait!

December was a huge rush for me, I'm really sorry that I couldn't get more done till now, I kinda hoped the 3D model of the new area or the Hyena sketches would be ready by now, but some opportunities came up that I just couldn't miss.

For example. My friend Ittybittykittytitty's has been keeping up a nice cozy Sunday stream art club on, and finally I had the courage to join in a few weeks ago! It was great! So when he said that he would stream for 24hours straight, me and a lot of other cool artists from the fandom couldn't say no to join him on this crazy stuff! I had a lot of fun and actually got a lot of my load out of the way, and I will be happy to upload more of what I did on the streams later this week!

Hope you will like it and will be happy to know that I'll be joining in on Itty's Art Club whenever the timezones allow it (They mostly start around the time it's midnight or 1 AM in my country, so it's hard to stay awake that long, but I'll try!)

Anyway, that's all from me for today! See you all soon!


MysticStripSearch - Page 22 - Stages

Wed Dec 18 02:12:02 2019

(Update : December 20th, 3 AM in the morning, just finished base coloring! Hope you like it!)

(Update : December 20th, 8 PM, finished the shading, soon I will add the effects and the page is finished!)

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry for the slight delay on the latest page, last week was a mess, I had to travel for work reasons, and when I got back family got in the way.

Today I managed to finish the lineart and thought I share it instead of making you wait till the whole thing is finished. As I finish the next stages (base-coloring and shading coming soon) I will update THIS post so you can keep track of the progress.

Hope to talk to you soon and thank you for your support and a patience!

MSS_PAGE22_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE22_Basecolor.png MSS_PAGE22_Shading.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 22 - Sketch

Sun Dec 8 04:17:08 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

Next page is on the way! I worked on the panel layout and poses this whole week but it was worth it!

This page will need a lot of coloring with all the detailed backgrounds, but hopefully I can finish it before Christmas!

Also been wondering what other cameos I can fit into the comic, I just thought of Anneke and Remmy for this page, and I might even include a funny panel of Gideon and Sharla avoiding Judy and Nick cuz they don't wanna get caught :D

Let me know what you think, and see you soon!


Comic Update - Assets: Hotel Room

Sat Nov 30 00:46:44 2019

Hello LewdCrew!

I wanted to give a quick update, thought I have to also address a few changes on my patreon site, which I hope you will find appealing.

As a creator there is hardly anything more demotivating than spending hours into the night, doing research, designing, sketching with passion, then logging in all excited to show it to you guys only to find multiple people deleting their pledges with the label " RobCivecat wasn’t as active as I expected".

I decided I need to address this issue to newcomers. I love to draw. I love to create. I literally have nothing else but my dayjob as a programmer and drawing. Sadly, my dayjob takes a lot out of me, programming is not easy, it needs constant development, self-teaching and sometimes I have to continue even after I get home because they is some error/bug/glitch that needs to be fixed right away. I can only focus on creating stuff mostly on weekends or when I deliberately take a few unpaid days off. I promised minimum 2 art pieces and I already did an artwork a comic page and a progress on the study sketches which is 3 art pieces the least. I feel like I am allowed to be a bit confused about what promises exactly I did not follow up on.

So I created a new goalpost, hopefully this will help to specify what I actually promise and what you can expect from me at the level of support we are currently at. I'll be honest we are already beyond what I thought I will ever reach in support, and I try to deliver content worthy of it, even if I can not promise to quit my work yet. But If we reach the next goal I can promise weekly updates, probably on Sundays without delays!

Now back, to the current topic, I spend some time this week designing the new area the 3rd Act of the comic will take place, and thought 3D modelling it is yet have to happen, I thought it would be cool to show off what I thought about.

The Mystic Spring Oasis, isn't just a Naturalist Club, it's also a Nudist Resort and Hotel where some clothing free life seeking mammals of Zootopia can actually live. I envisioned a hotel/luxury apartment area where each room has it's own segregated entrance to the pool that is in the middle and serves as a public lounge area. We won't enter the rooms themselves, instead the action will take place at the room's "garden" that Nick and Judy will access through the communal pool. I yet have to decide whenever this area will be indoor, which would give a more unique atmosphere or open sky which is more fitting to the Mystic Spring Oasis. Let me know which one you like more, and see you soon!


Yeen Studies - Part1

Thu Nov 28 04:27:27 2019

Bring in the Yeens!

After the latest poll ended with the victory of the Hyenas it's is time that I start to work with them a bit! Altough I have drawn Aardwolves before, I had fun redesigning them a bit to make them fit their real life counterparts a bit better. And to your question whenever this is Wolter or his twin sister, Anneke the answer is "Yes."

Beside it stands a male Striped Hyena design and lastly a female Spotted Hyena design, which was largely inspired by my friend's, HyenaTig's sona, Helena!

Hope you enjoyed this little set of cute yeen, soon I will try to do some pose study sketches with them to complete this set!


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 October - HD

Wed Nov 20 01:33:28 2019

It's lewdin' time! Today we visit Pack Street again by TG_Weaver.
If you don't know his work, check it out here:

This time we have Remmy getting tangled up with the seductive aardwolf twins, Anneke and Wolter! How he end up here? A bet? Or maybe he wanted it this way? That's up to your imagination!

See you all later!

201910-Aardwool_HD.png 201910-Aardwool_Sketch.png 201910-Aardwool_Lineart.png 201910-Aardwool_Basecolor.png

Sketch Suggestion Box - 19 Fall -

Mon Nov 11 11:10:08 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

The fall sketchbox was delayed due to personal life issues so far, I want to thank everyone for your patience, and hope you will enjoy I got for you. I got some interesting requests last time, but really the only one that really caught my attention was the Bogo x Friedkin idea, which I had a lot of fun with!

That is followed by a request to Nick and Judy just casually hanging out... naked. Well, half-naked.

I had some other requests, and I'm sorry that I didn't include them, art is a hard thing, If a suggestion/requests doesn't spark my imagination/interest, it's hard to come up with a good pic for it, so I just did what I felt like drawing at the moment instead.

First off Otterly released a new chapter of TigerDeer Idiots, a.k.a Jamie and Cameron, and it was just super adorable. If you don't know it, be sure to check it out HERE, It's an amazing set of stories!

And lastly, I felt good about how Bogo and Friedkin turned out since it was my first time drawing them, so I figured, I try another character I haven't drawn yet, Avo from TGWeaver's PackStreet.

Let me know what you think, and as always, please leave plenty of ideas and suggestions below!

Yours truly, RobC


MysticStripSearch - Page 21 - HD

Sat Nov 9 02:47:09 2019

Evening Lewd Crew!

I have worked overnight to get this page done a bit sooner so on the weekend I'd have time to work on some other images! And If I can get those done, we might even have time to start working on another page (*fingers crossed* if my boss doesn't assigns some task to me that needs overtime again)

I am trying to improve my art at any and writing, and I've been wondering, if I managed to get Nick and Judy right not just visually but personality-wise. Do let me know what you think of the comic so far?

Do you enjoy it? What do you hope to happen in the 3rd and possibly final act?
Have you read the script for it HERE ?

What do you think should be changed?

Thank you in advance and see you all soon!


MysticStripSearch - Page 21 - Stages

Thu Nov 7 02:10:05 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

A quick update on the progress of the page, lineart and basecoloring is mostly done, shading and effects to be added hopefully by the weekend!

Love you all! Stay tuned!

MSS_PAGE21_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE21_BaseColor.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 21 - Sketch

Tue Nov 5 02:28:42 2019

And with that act 2 is really starting to come to an end, I really gotta find some time to design the new area cuz we should be entering it in 2 or 3 pages!

Maybe sooner, I am kinda rethinking the dialgoue, It feels a bit too much in the script right now and at the same time not really enough. We will have to see.

Anyway, see you guys soon!


Quick Cuties - 11.03.2019

Sun Nov 3 02:15:40 2019

Being lewd can be a tiring occupation, sometimes I just want to draw something cute and wholesome. I got some free time during this weekend and I made some quick arts.

First I made a crossover pic of Nightmare before Christmas and Zootopia, Nick and Judy as Jack Skellington and Sally!

Secondly Rosie and Melody by @zhanbaodraws

Followed up by a request to @ACA_Draw a cute Jack and Skye!

And finally @ittybittykt a.k.a Deke, as a jack'o'lantern!

I hope you guys like it! Let me know, are you guys interested in seeing more SFW stuff from me, or should I keep my patreon only for the lewd projects.

Love you all, and stay tuned, I will try to sketch up the next page of the comic tomorrow!

Nick_Skellington_and_Jully.png LittleHustlersFirstHappyHalloween.png Skye_and_Jack_boop.png DekeoLantern.png

Sponsored Lewd - 2019 September - HD

Wed Oct 30 23:24:06 2019

For this month's sponsored lewd, we have another famous pair I've been longing to draw for a long while, Sydney and Artemis by Nobby . Thanks Herex for sponsoring this for us!

Thanks for the feedback on the sketch everyone! I also think that being a the more on-model approach is better, so I changed the breast design to a smaller cup that's more realistic for a zoot to have!

Hope you guys like the changes and as happy with the end result as I am!

See you all soon!

201909-SydneyxArtemis_HD.png 201909-SydneyxArtemis_Basecolor.png 201909-SydneyxArtemis_Lineart.png

Sponsored Lewd - 2019 September - WIP

Mon Oct 28 23:45:01 2019

For this month's sponsored lewd, we have another famous pair I've been longing to draw for a long while, Sydney and Artemis by Nobby . He is a cool duder, definitely check out his work!

I am really proud of my take of them, I think they got pretty close to what they originally look like. I do wondered about one thing. I liked the idea of Artemis pushing up Sydney's shirt so a little kitty titty comes out to play, but I got some displeased reactions before for making Zoots have breasts.

Given, I mostly don't draw nipples, since well, realistically they would be covered up by fur in most cases. And I try to gives just enough breasts to make them noticeable and feminine but I generally avoid drawing large, round breasts on zootopia inspired anthro characters. But I wanted to ask you guys what you think. Are you happy with what you are seeing here? You like round luscious breasts, or you would draw females more on-model and flat-chested?

Thank you in advance! Love you all!


MysticStripSearch - Page 20

Sun Oct 27 21:50:00 2019

And Page 20! I tried to learn from the earlier tipps about making characters too small on bigger group pictures, so instead of including 10 spots of characters, I only choose a handful of cameos and focused on them to draw them properly. What do you think, does it help make the comic be more alive? Can the scale of the pool of the oasis still be felt, or it loses it?

I'm looking forward to your opinions! Thank you all for your love and support, I can't believe I got so far since last year!

We are entering the 3rd and final act of the story, that will include some wholesome tantric massage and by request, some love-making. I am unsure how many pages it will take to portray this part, but I hope it can be done in maybe 15 pages, and I try to boost my productivity a little bit, so it won't take entire year to finish this comic and we can actually enjoy creating more new stories too!

That reminds, me I gotta create more future comic idea teasers too... oh and I still yet have to draw the sponsored lewd for this month! And The sketches for the suggestion box. And the Hyena study sketches! And October is almost over and I can't draw any spooky stuff, AAAAAAAH! Back to the drawing board!

See you later lewd crew!


MysticStripSearch - Page 20 - BaseColor

Sun Oct 27 01:52:32 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

Page 20 is almost done! I couldn't finish it as soon as I hope, since I got some unexpected workload again from my boss, but the weekend gives me a little chance to catch up with my plans. Hope to finish the page tomorrow! Until then, love you all! Keep being awesome!


MysticStripSearch - Page 20 - Sketch

Wed Oct 23 01:29:51 2019

Hello my dear Lewd Crew!

Apologies again for taking so long, this month has been bit of a challange for me, but I thank you all for patience and support! I can not stress enough how much it means to me that you are helping me make this comic a reality!

I will do my best to finish this comic before the weekend, as we still have a lewd image to draw, after that, I think I will try to gather up the suggestions submitted to my suggestion box and sketch up a few stuff for very belated summer sketch collection!

Stay tuned lewd friends!


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 August - HD

Fri Oct 11 17:31:32 2019

Hello again Lewd Crew!

Craving for more WildeHopps fun? Herex got you covered with sponsoring another full-colored artwork of our favorite Fox-Bunny duo! You see it right, I am a month late with this piece, personal life and the video Q&A side project had me so occupied I just couldn't fit in making it sooner! But now here it is!

Hope you like it and I hope to see you soon!

Yours truly,

201908-WildeHopps_HD.png 201908-WildeHopps_Sketch.png 201908-WildeHopps_Lineart.png 201908-WildeHopps_Basecolors.png

Vixen Triplets making timelapse and Q&A session

Sat Oct 5 14:10:02 2019

Hello Lewd Crew! I gotta say a few things:

I'm sorry ______
A, that I didn't include your question
B, for my weird accent
C, for my mumbling
D, for my voice
E, that it took so long

Hope it was worth the wait, and you will enjoy this little video!


I couldn't answer all the questions in the limited time I had on youtube, so here is a quick answer to those that I couldn't include!

Fen: " What hard- and software do you use, and why do you prefer them? "

I use my trusted HP Elitebook 2470p convertable laptop-tablet for drawing with my old Photoshop CS3. I tried to upgrade even bought CS4 a few years back, but my laptop isn't strong enough and it laggs horribly on the newer program, so I stay with CS3. But lately I got my hands on a Cintiq tablet for cheaps on ebay. I need some time to get used to it to, so I stay with the laptop for now, otherwise the quality of the comic would decrease.

Ztpia:" Whats your day to day like?"

I think pretty normal as for most people. I wake up, go to work, I do web-development for a company as a sub-contractor. Kinda underpaid, but that's thanks to the region I live in and that my job has performance based payment. I really feel like I'm getting scammed by it, so I kinda hope I will be able to drop it in a few years if I get more support for my art. Performance based payment also means, that I have a lot of pressure to do overtime, this summer there were two times I worked 16 hours on fixing bugs. I worked on problems even from home. Which can give you an idea why is that I often have only time to draw at weekends.

ReaderNo31142: "On a scale from 1 to 10. How awkward was it for Nick and Judy to give that bracelet back to Miss Quiscent after the evening in 'Fox Teaser'? :D"

I think this would be Zero, I think I made it so that they tell her she can pick it up at the front desk from Clawhauser, so they will give it to him. I guess they would really love to avoid that awkward moment. ;)

That is all, I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll in touch with you all soon!

Also, if this inspired you to ask any more questions, go ahead, I'd love to discuss anything with you folks!


Status Update - Vixen Triplets sketch

Sun Sep 29 23:29:35 2019

Hello Lewd crew! I am working on the promised video with the Q&A section, I am so sorry of the delays, I had some family issues in the last week and this weekend, but these slowly start to get sorted out.

Thought I give you a little status update, and hot you a little design of the vixen triplets which making will be in the video with a more in-dept explanation of the process.

The 3 arctic vixens are very similar in design, not just because all 3 are of the same species, but because, well, they are triplets. But I thought I still try to give all 3 of them a small unique appearance.

Also, I went through a little name change, since a few members of the community have pointed me to some well written fanfics by Falke and SmugBeverage, and I think it's a nice reference to use the same names for OC/Semi-canon characters through out different works.

So Angel, Nilla and Cherry are now Jules, Sam and Callie, which name roll off the tongue even better on my opinion.

From left to right
-Jules, who mostly dresses stylish and has a very adult and parenting mannerism.
-Callie, who is snappy and tomboyish, wears a short jacket and jeans.
-Sam, the most playful and carefree sister, wearing anything that she thinks is cute.

Hope you like it and I'll be with more soon!


MysticStripSearch - Page 19

Wed Sep 25 02:58:48 2019

Will I ever get tired of drawing these two? I hope not, because I love them! I found the idea of Nick tickling Judy with his cleaning method just too adorable not to show. But their tender moment doesn't last too long, some unintelligible loud ruckus infront of the waterfall grabs their attention. Wonder what might've happened.

Not much time of the month left, but I'll try to make the video with the Q&A section as promised!

as always, stay lewd everyone!



MysticStripSearch - Page 19 - Stages

Wed Sep 25 02:05:29 2019

Hello Lewd crew!

I'm doing the final touch ups on the current page! I know I missed a few days, but life got in the way, family got some extra tasks around the house, which as a good son, I wouldn't refuse to help out with.

So drawing got pushed back into late night hours like this. Before I upload the finished page, hopefully in an hour, I thought of quickly sharing you some stages of the making. You have seen the sketch before, after that is done I do the "Lineart". After that, I base color the page, and then create shading for it. Finally, I refine the whole thing, with effects, that's where I am right now, only a few more things to go!

Let me know if you are interested in seeing these stages of the making of a page and I will try to include them from now on!

Yours truly, RobCivecat

MSS_PAGE19_Lineart.png MSS_PAGE19_BaseColor.png MSS_PAGE19_Shading.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 19 - WIP

Sat Sep 14 01:44:18 2019

Jesus Lewd Crew, you won't believe the hectic rush we were hit with at my job. My sleeping schedule has been totally messed up, I have been up debugging and fixing issues all week till 3 AM regularly.

Damn it feels good to finally have some me time and do what I love to do. Draw sweet lewd love making! Thank you all for supporting me, and allowing me to do this!

But enough ranting, let's see where our pair is going!


Q&A Time

Sun Sep 8 00:39:59 2019

Hello Lewd crew!

There has been a long time request towards me to do some more drawing progress, or a stream if I'm able. Unfortunately a stream is not possible, but a video is and I plan to combine it with a Questions & Answers section. So any personal or art related questions you wish to throw my way, here is great time, I'd be happy to answer!

Your lewdest, RobCivecat!


Future Comic Idea Teasers - 3

Sun Sep 1 23:16:06 2019

Hello Lewd Crew! Got another future comic idea to share with you! I have a bunch, but this one came to me recently this week and just had to draw it! Once, because it's original that I don't think has been drawn before, Second because I did a WildeHopps idea, and an OC idea, and with this now I have made a side character idea! Hope you like it!

Your lewdest civet


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 July - HD

Tue Aug 27 01:46:11 2019

I just love size-difference! Don't you guys? It's time again for a quick lewd for our sponsor! This month's lewd was brought to you by Herex who requested a lewd of two soonas of the Zootopia community, Nemo and Terry (a.k.a Asig )

I really liked this pose and the characters, I will definitely repeat it with Judy and Nick sometimes!

This Lewd also comes with an x-ray view version and also with a W.I.P lineart shot.

Herex suggested that instead of just posting the sketch and then the finished piece of pages maybe I should also post the linearts so I can give more frequent updates to you all. Personally I was keeping linearts back because they are usually not that clean, my tablet is not the best, and I clean it up more as I go around zoomed in on the coloring that I do. But if you guys like the idea I will be happy to post more linearts! Let me know what you think! See you later Lewd Crew!

Terry_disciplines_Nemo_to_Herex_HD.png Terry_disciplines_Nemo_Xray_to_Herex_HD.png Terry_disciplines_Nemo.png

MysticStripSearch - Page 18

Fri Aug 23 01:15:54 2019

Timing is everything! Judy enjoys the sight of her victory. Looks like Nick is not the only one who can make his partner climax in a blink!

This is not the end for our lustful duo tho, the day has just begun! Hope Nick isn't missing anything important tho while distracted with his bunny!

- Personal note:

Sorry about the delay with this page, as I worked on it, I came closer to the realization that indeed Window's update that made Windows Ink yank the pen away from my wacom driver isn't working with my Photoshop as intended. Lines were jittery (which might be noticable on the lineart) and if I drew something longer than a few inches it started lagging heavily until it simply froze. So I had to take 2 entire days just trying to get my old driver working again, tried uninstalling the update (that didn't work), disabling Windows Ink (that didn't work). I'm not boring you with the details (unless you need help with similar problem, I'd be happy to share what I did), but eventually I managed to prevent Windows Ink from taking away the Stylus pen from my driver, so now drawing is as smooth on my tablet as ever, so I managed to finish this page for today! Hope to deliver some more fun stuff before the end of this month!

See you all later!
-Rob C.


Time killing poll & Status Update!

Sun Aug 18 21:36:37 2019

Hello Lewd Crew! I hoped I'd be able to finish the page for today, but WINDOWS decided it wants to update itself, and totally messed up my laptop. First it simply randomly doesn't want to connect to the wifi, and second which is the worst It messed up the driver for my stylus pen! First the touch option of my laptop couldn't be turned off so when I drew with the pen and touched the screen, I would accidentally do stuff. Second problem was the eraser not working, which was another minor pain in the ass. Reinstalling my trusty driver that I used for the past 3 years made things worse the stylus completely lost it's pressure sensitivity. It took me 5 hours today to try to fix that before I realized that the Windows included it's own uninstallable version of stylus pen driver called Windows Ink, and that's what's incompatible with mine wacom drivers... but to be fair Windows Ink works okay with the exception I had to re-calibrate the screen so my pen actually draws where I point, and it has no "only stylus input" option. Luckily that could be solved by disabling the touchscreen as a separate device while keeping the stylus device on.

All in all in was one of the most stressful days in a long while, but all seems fine at the end with the exception that my day is now gone and I'm sitting here at 10:30pm with no progress on the drawing.

So for today I thought It would be a great time to ask again something! I'm planning to extend the "Zootopia Study Sketches" list. Last time winner were wolves, and we already had red foxes and rabbits! I think it's time to choose the 4th group that should get their studies? Vote down below. The names and lists are representative of the theme, but small changes might occur like last time: I originally wanted a Dingo, a Eurasian and a Tundra wolf. but Dingo got left out in favor to show better difference between male and female Eurasian wolves. If that happens, the left out member will be reorganized into a new group, Dingo will this time be included in Doggos: Coyote, Dingo and Jackal

Poll open till 30th of September, this time is 1 vote per person, so choose wisely ;)

MysticStripSearch - Page 18 - WIP

Mon Aug 12 04:41:48 2019

And the sketch for page 18 is ready to got!

I wanted to bring a little life, motion and sound back into the comic, as I noticed, my huge focus on the background and coloring took the comic-y effects away that I love to do.

I am pretty pleased with the poses here, Judy on the last panel might need a little more work, I just realized I might wanna have her only slightly lean back instead of completely lien back after I finished her part of the sketch I worked 3 hours on... I will reconsidering because my second ideas are usually better and I am normally also faster to draw them!

I just wanted to thank you all for your continuous support and a love for my work, I wouldn't be able to dedicate this much time into making this comic without every single one of you! Thank you so much, and I hope I can finish this page for you guys soon!


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 June - HD

Sun Aug 11 16:53:37 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

Thank you all for your patience, last 2 weeks were crazy at my workplace, had to study a lot to prepare for a presentation for a possible future customer our boss took us to and time kinda slipped out of my hands.

Luckily everything wents smoothly and I might have more freetime in August than I had in July, I will do my best to deliver some extra content.

First off, something I was behind schedule with, the Lewd for June, Jamie and Cameron by Otterly's deer/tiger idiots series, requested by Herex!

The story follows Jamie the deer and Cameron the tiger growing up together and recent chapters they are older and sorta building up towards a relationship. (Be careful part 5 is a huge cliffhanger)

I try to finish up sketching the next page today! Monday at the latest, that's a promise!

On other news I also plan a lot of other sketching and maybe another video soon!

Yours truly,


Mystic Strip Search - Comic Script / Spoilers /

Mon Jul 29 17:19:06 2019

Hello everyone! I have worked tirelessly to perfect the script for the 3rd (and possibly final) Act of our WildeHopps comic, Mystic Strip Search!

If you want to read the early versions of the comic's script here are
Act 1: Like a gift
Act 2: Echo

Without further ado, here is Act 3: Just be ourselves

The 3 snow white arctic vixens, after taking off their clothes at the changing tent, headed out to their destination in the Mystic Spring Oasis.

Luckily they headed right towards the direction where Judy and Nick were trying to dry themselves up a bit before their encounter. "Girls!”

"Nicky! " The tree vixen shouted with joy in union, as they weaved towards our pair, they tried to get Nick into a naked group hug, but he swifted behind Judy to push her forward.

"Nilla, Cherry and Angel, this is my girlfriend, Judy! "

Judy looked at Nick in surprise. They have been dating for a while now but Nick never called her his girlfriend before. She was snapped back to reality by 3 pointy noses staring right into hey face from less than an inch away.

"HA! CALLED IT!” Her yell made Judy jump back with a scare. "And you told me he is into males!” Nilla grinned at Cherry who just shrugged and sulked , while Nick just looked in confusing and protest.

"It’s so nice to meet you Judy! Don’t mind my sisters. ” Angel said and offered a paw shake for Judy. "Nick told so much about you! How you met, " Nilla leaned over her sister’s shoulder

"Well except the part that you are dating. The police chief is cool with it? ” Cherry added while leaning back

Judy, smiled nervously "Well, we didn’t really… tell him.”

"Oh, a secret romance! So awesome! " Angel squealed with glee.

"Okaaay girls.” Nick interrupted " Lets leave the gossip for later, you said you have something for us.”

The girls led them through a building to another inner garden with a big pool, that had a lot of walls and tents around it creating many small private side pools.

The room was filled with the sounds of a waterfall, but Judy could pick up the echoes of light moans and groans of pleasure.

The vixens swam through a crack between two walls and our pair followed them. In there the pool ended with some benches on, massage beds on the edge of the pool, on which a pair of polar bears were greeting the vixens.

"Hello Mr and Mrs. Kozlov! Ready for you session?” Nilla swum closer for a pawshake.

"Would you be against our friends joining us today? " Angel signaled Judy and Nick to swim closer.

"Wilde? " the male polar bear lowered his shaded pair of glasses in mild disinterest then pushed them back up.

"Kozlov!? What a surprise to see you here!" Nick spread and pulled Judy under his arms. "I hope you don't mind us, my girlfriend, Judy, wishes to learn some techniques from the girls!"

Judy gave her fox a 'I do?' look

"Oh my, you youngsters are so adorable together, of course you can stay, right Boris?" Mrs Kozlov turned to her husband, to which he smiled and nodded.

"While of course, Judy, Nick make yourself at home!"

The little pair found themselves next to the polar bear couple on the edge of the pool on the submerged massage beds.

The two artcic vixens climbed over the bodies of Mr and Mrs Kozlov and started instructing them loudly so they could hear them, while Angel was guiding Judy and Nick..

"Remember the first lesson? " Nilla started "Well, lets have a quick recap, since we have some newcomers"

"The word Tantra stands for expanding the sensual spectrum of our and our partner's bodies." Cherry lead Mr. And Mrs Kozlov into position.

The large bear lied face down in a relaxed manner, arms and legs slighty spread but not too moch, his wife standing next to him, softly starting to massage his shoulders.

"It's not just and erotic massage. It's goal is weaving together the different energies of male and female body to achieve a stronger, deeper connection and increase the health of the relationship."

Judy allowed the vixen to gently guide her paws and body. "Lean over him. Feel each other's breath. Try to breathe together."

Judy felt Nick's warmth beneath her, and as their faces touched, she felt his slow pants on her own. It was surprisingly calm and relaxing.

"Oil is essential part of massage, it repairs the body while it's scent relaxes the soul." Cherry helped apply some on the back of Kozlov.

"The massage is to increase the sexual mood, not to serve as the act itself" Nilla added. "Light touches. Palm, the back of your paw, finger tips. Use every part of your body to feel each other."

Judy guided her paws along Nick's oiled arms. She never noticed his muscles before which were so defined now as she touched them out beneath his fur.

Angel guided her paw between Nick's shoulder blades and pressed down in a smooth vertical motion. "This is a trap muscle. It stores a lot of stress" Her paws guided her lover onto the back on the spine. "Many forget that our backs are a very sensitive zones. And erogenous."

Judy climbed over Nick her legs between his spread legs. She felt a twitch but didn't look down.

"Wash down the oil" she was instructed, as she reached next to Nick into the pool, and gently slowly with side motions cleaned him off.

With gentle kisses she slipped down from the neck back down to Nick's thighs.

They sat Nick up in a lotus position, and Judy climbed into his lap. They embraced each other, while continuing to gently caress every muscle with their fingers on each other's body.

"Tantra has 3 main focuses" Nilla started the lecture again "selflessness. learning to enjoy holding back and orgasm and lasting long for our partner."

Judy felt Nick's twitching heat on her lips stomach, and it felt bigger and harder than ever before.

She was sure, she also felt a lot hotter than she ever has done, and she never was cold towards her fox.

They switched to another position that the girls demonstrated with the help of the Kozlov. Nick went behind Judy, but instead of penetrating her, he reached down and gently massaged her legs.

"Make love: It is no reason or end goal, just each other. In a dance without a beginning and without and end." Angel whispered to them

They sat up their knees, both leaning back, Judy could only think about the perfection of having a partner that she felt so one with. And for a moment, she was sure she heard Nick saying her exact thoughts, he she was also sure he didn't talk because she would've felt that in his breathing.

"And lastly embracing: to strip away your fears of showing your affection, getting rid of feeling ashamed for what love."

Those words were ringing in her ears, ash she turned around and planted a gentle kiss on Nick's lips

With that the session was concluded and the vixen triplets after having their goodbye's left through the pool.

"Wow.... Nick that was simply amazing" Judy lying in his arms on the massage bed enjoying the slowly dispersing heat that engulfed her entire being. "I really enjoyed this."

"Yeah. I wanted to try this ever since I've seen the triplets at work in the Palace." Nick's ears peaked and he turned to Kozlov

"Oh, that's right, what ARE you and the triplets doing here? I thought they work at your wellness palace in tundra town."

Kozlov, smirked "Can't a bear and his wife want a little change of scenery?"

"Aw, but I'm sure there is more to it. You like to combine the fun with the practical!" Nick pushed with the obvious overshooting compliment that was just more cheesy with his finger guns.

"*Sigh* A high paying client at the Palace, wanted a change of scenery because she got bored of the snow. So I made an arrangement with Yax to rent the best rooms for her and I had to come overlook her well being personally.

Judy raised an eyebrow "Wow, she must be really important, I'm kinda curious who she is".

Kozlov murmured a bit. "Well, alright, since you are a friend of the boss, I guess, I can show you".

'wait what?' Judy thought, but her confusion was cleared up the moment, the bear took off his glasses and she could take a better look at him. He wasn't Mr.Big's right-hand mammal, the bear that always carried him around.

"But warning: This is off the books, Nicky."

"My lips are sealed" Nick gestured as the bears moved past them in the water.

Suddenly his ears got yanked down by Judy. "This whole undercover stuff was just a trick to get me massage you?!"

"Of course not. It was also so I could massage you" He winked.

Judy with an eyeroll and a smile followed the bears out to the main pool.

Kozlov swum to another wall and offered a paw to lift Judy and Nick up just so they can peek over to the other side.

Judy couldn't believe her eyes. Nick was right after all.

The missing pop star Gazelle, whom the entire city has been searching for for a month now was right there, enjoying tantric sex guided by the artctic vixens with a little fennec fo...


Judy's surprised gasp lucky was perfectly in sync with Gazelle's sigh for he lover, as he massaged her lower lips with his paws.

"Many make the mistake of stroking the clitoris too soon!" Nilla instructed him "That can be straight up painful. You have to let the clitoris come out with arousal first."

Judy and Nick got lowered back down into the pool

"What? Gazelle, here? Why, how? The entire city has been looking for her."

"She had enough of the spotlight and run off from a shooting of a music video" Kozlov explained. "Ever since that, she has been hiding out in at Kozlov's Palace. She paid good money for my secrecy. I hope I can trust you with this information. Now if you excuse us, we got to pick up my son Morris from school."

"Naturally, we will just call off the search, but keep her location to ourselves." Nick nodded

"Thanks you, for everything, we had a lot of fun!"

"Of course, any time, kids! " his wife smiled at Judy warmly as she hugged her husband's.

As they walked towards the locker tent, Judy noticed the Otterton couple just entering the Spring at the front door and heading there themselves.

"OH! Mr.Wilde! You did come! Had you have a chance to try the place I suggested?"

"Oh yes!" Nick replied "It was lovely, thank you for the tip!"

Judy looked surprised but she connected the dots quickly. Otterton was a florist and gartner. He probably had part in building the area, that's why he knew about the cave.

"Oh, he told you as a 'thank you' for your help in the nighthowler case."

"Well, I wouldn't be here if not for the two of you" He replied then surprised Mrs.Otterton with a kiss.

"We were just heading there ourselves if you wanna join us." she said after escaping her husban's mustache.

"Thank you, we will consider it!" Judy replied with a smile.

As the Ottertons walked off, Judy just stood there on the enge of the busy pool, deep in her thoughts.

"What's on your mind, Carrots? You're already thinking about how to write the report of today?"

"Oh? Oh, no. Sorry, It's just weird that some mammals feel the need to run off and hide."

"Well, do you need the entire world to know what you feel, for you to feel it? No, you don't."

"I love you." Nick's ears jumped and his eyes sprung open as he looked down at his bunny embracing him.

"I just noticed, I never said it to your infront of anyone. I love you, Nick." she repeated.

Nick smiled and leaned into her neck, his warm lips tingling her cheeks "I love you too, Judy."

She felt like she had enough playing around for today, she grabbed Nick by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

- The End <3


That will likely conclude this comic of mine that I've been working on for a year now as of today. The original premise didn't change much, but if you are interested I here is a few fun trivia from the writing process that went into this last arc:

-Investigation: I originally intended the case to be something really important, a real criminal case needing Judy and Nick to get real intel out of a bad guy. This was the first thing changed and got replaced with Gazelle just "going missing" because she ran off with her lover like some celebrities do

-The meaning of tantra: Before I dove into some research about erotic massage and tantric massage, I imagined the sequense with the vixen triplets to be a lot more involving. But after reading into the matter I felt like that representing them in a more professional manner that do treat sex as an important bonding progress of two people (which is tantra is about) rather than a joyous passtime would be the right way to go.

-Kozlov and his interests: I originally just wanted to add Kozlov in, maybe have him involved with one of the girls. In fact I'm still kinda torn on that part. But I later realized 2 huge plotholes with that. Kozlov has a son, Morris in the concept version of Zootopia. I felt like it would be nice to keep that about his character, rather than making him a cold gangster for the Big Family. So Instead of hooking him up with one of the vixens, I decided to introduce his wife instead. I will try to design her as cute as I can.

-Kozlov knows: Another small part I missed is: Kozlov in the final version of the movie is Mr.Big's bodyguard. I simply wanted him to be introduces as a new character to the universe, but I couldn't after that, and replacing him didn't feel right either. So I had to solve this loophole to still at least fool Judy for the investigation, by Kozlov simply not mentioning Judy that he knows her, and her not recognizing him due to his glasses (and him not really ever talking to her before)

Phew those things really gave me a headache in writing but I think the end result came out quite right. But let me know what you think, if you wish some parts to be changed, I would be happy to hear your opinion, if I get multiple great Ideas I would gladly make a pool out of your ideas!

That reminds me: don't forget to drop your ideas/requests into the Sketch Suggestion Box for this summer, I await ideas till the end of August!

MysticStripSearch - Page 17

Mon Jul 22 22:25:27 2019

And Page 17 is polished and ready!

You guys were right it was worth trying out the see-through vision (bet someone will make a joke about Judy sucking ghost dick, but we don't care she looks lovely!)

I was kinda stuck with writing the next arc after this one finishes, I thought I would be done by now, but things kept popping up. I'm not sure I'll be able to fit a second page into this month, but I hope finish the script so I can hear your opinion on it!

The main theme of the 3rd Act will be erotic massage with guest stars: The arctic vixen triplets! Let me know what you think and what you hope from this theme!


MysticStripSearch - Page 17 - WIP

Sun Jul 14 22:38:11 2019

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay with this page, I was kinda thinking a lot with the perpective. The idea I had for the main panel of this page, the deepthroating part ended up being too much like the previous page. But I wanted to have a good shot and Judy's throat bulding with Nick's manliness, and his legs would've been in the way of that from any other point of view that I could come up with.

What do you guys think, should I redesign the page, try to come up with a some different perspectives or do you like it the way it is? Let me know in the comments below

Also on the first panel, I had the idea of semi-transparent member of Nick, so we see into her mouth, but I haven't do that before, and was afraid that would look weird. But wat do you guys think, should I go for it regardless, and try it out whenever it works?


Sketch Suggestion Box - 19 Summer -

Fri Jul 5 23:25:43 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

Thank you for the suggestions and requests for the Spring Sketch Suggestion Box! I tried to pick the ones that would make as much of you happy as possible!

I had some requests for the last popular ship form Pack Street I haven't drawn yet, Remmy and Betty!

Next Gambit used is slot for a lewd Judy and Bonnie going sexy lingerie shopping for their hubbies!

More of you asked for a Skye Pinup, for which I choose a little shirtless-mechanic look!

And last, a little shy corsac vixen, Aliya!

I'm sorry for the ideas I couldn't include this time, I wanna try doing a bigger batch for the end of this summer, so if you got any ideas/requests, leave a comment below!

Yours truly, RobC


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 May - HD

Tue Jul 2 11:25:23 2019

Better later than never they say, but I still feel guilty for taking so long with the May sponsored lewd brought to you by Herex! This time he asked for a genderbend version of Pizzacolt and Pizzacat, introducing: Pizzatomcat and Pizzamare!

Characters belong to Zhan be sure to check out his twitter:


MysticStripSearch - Page 16

Mon Jun 24 23:45:26 2019

Welcome back for another page Lewd Crew!

Looks like Judy will do the nibbling now!

Beside that, I must admit, that last week, I totally forgot to update the 15th HD page to all patrons from the $6+ one week early access. Considering that because of that people had access to the HD page for 2 page, I feel like it's fair, if this page has no such restriction, I hope you can forgive me, and out dear supporters of higher tiers can let this one time slip for the lower tiers.

I also noticed during the making of this page, that I've missed some effects on the previous pages. Since I'm a hopeless maximalist, that tries to keep a consistent level of quality for his comics... or better if possible, but not worse! So I went back and fixed up page 15, 14 and 12. Nothing major, but some of you may like the changes.


MysticStripSearch - Page 16 - WIP

Mon Jun 17 00:13:47 2019

Hello Lewd Crew! Working on the next page, I realized I haven't actually written down the 3rd (and probably final) act of the comic yet. As I believe all of my supporters should have a say in what comes (or most probably comes) next, I think it's important to give you an option the see a rough script about it! I will do my best to provide that this week before I finis this page! Hope you will like it!

Until that, enjoy Nick struggling to keep his eyes open for his contact, while Judy enjoys herself!


MysticStripSearch - Page 15

Sun Jun 9 21:34:33 2019

[Edit 06.25 : fixed the water effects]

Lick the Nick, do it quick!

Judy starts her counter attack. Will Nick be able to watch out for his contact or will they lose their opportunity to solve a case?

Does anyone actually care about the case?

Find out next time!

Thank you all for your continuous support! I will try to give you an update in a few days!

Lots of love,


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 April - HD

Sun Jun 2 19:55:55 2019

Another lewd time brought to you by Herex! This month he asked for Remmy the sheep and Pandora the tigress from TG_Weaver's PackStreet fanfic to have to fun!

Hope you enjoy it as much as Remmy enjoys being trapped under this mountain of feminine muscle!


Future Comic Idea Teasers - 2

Sat Jun 1 09:37:34 2019

Hello Lewd Crew! Let me share with you another future comic idea! I would like to introduce an original work, with two of my characters inspired by the "size-difference" theme my fellow zootopia content creators did in May!

I thought it would be fun to have another predator/prey relationship based on another natural enemy of the rabbit, the weasel!

Still thinking for a name for her though, I'm thinking "Fay" might be cute. Let me know your thought down below!

Yours truly, RobCivecat


MysticStripSearch - Page 15 - WIP

Mon May 27 21:43:15 2019

Counterattack! Judy has her own method to wipe off Nick's smug smile... and replace it with a pleasured lust drunken gaze.

Hello lewd crew! Sorry about the delay, I had some unexpected health issues last week that I'm still recovering from. Nothing mayor, just something that needs a lot of over-the-counter painkillers to deal with.

I will do my best to finish this page as soon as possible! But also I hoped to draw another comic idea teaser this month and since the month is ending on Friday, I hoped you would welcome a little extra content this week!

See you all soon!


MysticStripSearch - Page 14

Mon May 20 01:20:51 2019

Here we go Lewd Crew! Page 14! Now that Nick has thoroughly heated up his bun, let's see what Judy will do to repay him for his dirty move, that also allows him to keep a lookout for their target. Though Nick might not care about their "mission" anymore.


MysticStripSearch - Page 14 - WIP

Sun May 12 21:15:10 2019

Hello Lewd crew!

Wow, this page went through several layout designs, which I'm pretty sorry about now, that I erase many of my sketches instead of starting over on a new layer because that could've provided a little presentation on the progress of designing a page. (Well, note to stuff to do sometime later!)

Truth to be told, I still might change some minor things on it, maybe zoom in on Judy's private area more on the first panel, but I gotta sleep on that one. I will do my best to finish the page sooner than later, until then, stay lewd everyone and thank you all for your patience!


MysticStripSearch - Page 13

Tue Apr 30 23:01:59 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

Page 13 is here, whoohoo!

Nick isn't the kind of guy to only thing for his own pleasure! Let's see what he has in store for is bunny!

I wanted to upload the sketch for the next page by now, but I had a few stuff in my personal life getting in the way, which left me little time on actually planning out the panel arrangement and angles for the poses and theme I was planning. I'll do my best to make a sketch AND finish the page for this weekend regardless, and I hope it will be worth the wait!

Yours Truly,


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 March - HD

Wed Apr 24 11:38:19 2019

This month's sponsored lewd is brought to you by Herex!

He requested a pic of Wolter making sweet love to his childhood bunny crush, who appeared in TG_Weaver's one-shot short comic.

Hope you like it!


MysticStripSearch - Page 13 - WIP

Mon Apr 22 23:30:48 2019

Happy Easter Lewd Crew!

Sorry for the delay with the sketch for this page, I had to honor some Easter family traditions!

Seems like Nick is exploiting one of Judy's weakspot! Let's see how it will go!


MysticStripSearch - Page 12

Mon Apr 15 02:30:29 2019

Another page ready to go! Thank you for your patience and support everyone! And now, since it's 4 am here, I'm off to bed!

Nighty night lewd crew!
*faints from exhaustion*


'19 Spring - Sketch Suggestion Box [OPEN]

Mon Apr 8 15:04:03 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

Ah Spring, the time when nature renews, and all the animals are up to various lewd stuff! We had quite a few great ideas for the last suggestion box.

This time again, I ask you to send me your ideas of lewdness that you wish to witness, may it be a new idea or something you already suggested, but I had no time to draw it last time! Please leave a comment below!

Yours truly,


MysticStripSearch - Page 12 - WIP

Sun Apr 7 16:36:35 2019

Another week, another page progress update! Nick and Judy are starting to get into the main event, and believe me, Nick has all the reasons to enjoy himself. Judy has monstrous thigh strength!

See you all soon,


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 11

Mon Apr 1 01:39:41 2019

And managed to get a second page done on time! ( In some parts of the world at least, here it's already 1st of April for 4 hours!

I thank you all for your continuous support, I am so thankful that you make it possible to make this comic, I can't express how happy I am that I can show my love for my favorite ship thanks to you guys and I hope you enjoy it too!



MysticStripSearch - Page 11 - WIP

Sun Mar 24 20:47:31 2019

Next page is coming and the WildeHopps action is starting! Sorta, Judy is still insistent on the rules, but is trying to leeway around them.

Non-penetrative sex like this is called Intercrural sex. Of course it's not the only thing planned for them on this trip but until Judy comes around, Nick has to settle this for a little while. I bet he'll be able to enjoy it!

Best regards, RobCivecat


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 February - HD

Fri Mar 22 01:17:17 2019

Again a fantastic lewd idea by HarryLime for the second sponsored art this year, this time a lovely parents of Judy, Stu and Bonnie Hopps get a well deserved break from the kits in a romantic environment!

I right away jumped on his suggestion of them taking a bath in an oversized champagne glass, as that gave a really fun and unique setting not often seen in the fandom!

Hope he, and you, like the result!

With lots of love,


'18 Winter - Sketch Suggestion Box [Closed]

Sun Mar 17 23:50:44 2019

Hello again Lewd Crew!

It's around 1 AM here and I just finished 4 sketches for the Winter SSB! I got some very good suggestion to this one, more than I could draw, I hoped I could draw all of them, but my time was limited this week!

First we have Pandora giving Charlie a tutorial on the massage-wand usage! A little bit different from the original request but I really felt good about this one!
Charlie, Pandora and PackStreet © TG_Weaver

Next is Mrs. and Mrs. Wilde having a good night with yound Nick out of the house!

And Finally some good ol' WildeHopps lewds!

I hope you all enjoyed these sketches! I'll do my best to deliver more in the future!

Yours truly,


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 10

Wed Mar 13 19:36:40 2019

Page 10! I have no idea how much of the comic is done at this point, might be 20 more pages to go, might be 30! I really don't know how long I will make this comic, since It's not easy to get tired of drawing these two lovebugs! Good news is thanks to you guys, I might be able to dedicate more time to draw, and maybe crank out the pages faster!

I will do my very best to get another page done this month, but for this weekend, I'm looking forward to draw some of the ideas dropped into the Winter Sketch suggestion box, as a way to greet spring! Hope you all will like it! Until then, enjoy Nick and Judy having fun at the Mystic Spring!


MysticStripSearch - Page 10 - WIP

Mon Mar 4 22:01:17 2019

Thank you all for your continuous support!

Next page in progress, I had some rework with the dialogue compared to the early script to make it flow better with the comic format.

This page also had a lot of changes in settings and poses, and nothing I imagined during the script was actually really appealing in a visual format. On the second panel for example I wanted Judy to lean her head back to the point it's upside down, looking at Nick, but what it ended up looking unnatural, so I changed it to her simply turning her head to look back at her fox. Lastly I change Nick simply masturbating behind Judy, to him requesting her assistance (since she still teases him with the "no sex during work"-rule). We all know Judy's thighs are registered weapons ;)

Hope the changes are to your liking!


Future Comic Idea Teasers - 1

Thu Feb 28 22:11:13 2019

Starting a new side project while working on the current comic, is to present a few ideas what I have in store. I found that it's important in the comic artists business to show that you are not a one-hit artists, and you do have future plans, that can peek the interest of my current fanbase!

First I present an idea for another WildeHopps comic, that I might do one day, it will depend on it, which idea all of you like the best from the list of ideas I will present!

Also I would like to take the opportunity to greet all the newcomers to our Lewd Crew and thank you for deciding to support me! I promise I'll do my best to keep my promises and provide the entertainment that you expect!

For now, enjoy this little teaser!

With lots of love,


Sponsored Lewd - 2019 January - HD

Wed Feb 20 18:40:07 2019

HarryLime has gifted us with another sponsored lewd of Desmond and Molly!

This time the lovely pair found themselves a little "us"-time between a few friendly sport events between the ZPD districts. I hope you all enjoy it!

[Edit:] A few little altering done by sponsor's request ;)

Yours truly,


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 09

Sat Feb 16 13:38:54 2019

Aaand Done!

Hello again Lewd Crew! Sorry I took so long with this one, the background and the water effects were a really challenge! I wasn't quite happy with just having a reflective surface though It would've saved me a little time with drawing the submerged parts of the body and then creating a good submerged effect on them, but overall I like the more 'clean-water' look that gives us a good look at what's going on underwater!

Hope you all agree!


'18 Winter - Sketch Suggestion Box [OPEN]

Thu Feb 7 10:29:44 2019

Hello Lewd Crew!

The Winter closing sketch suggestion box is now open!

I've been keep forgetting to open this topic, but this way we can still close down 18 winter in time! Hope you have some lewd ideas, that I'll be able to sketch up for you! If you do, leave a comment below before 28th of February!

Yours truly, RobCivecat


MysticStripSearch - Page 09 - WIP

Sun Feb 3 11:09:26 2019

Update time! Had a few complications this week, but I did my best to catch up with my comic making plans! Next page going to showcase another set of cameos in the main pool, and I've been trying to improve the camera angle to present them better because on the first shot of the pool the cameos turned out to be very-very small.

See you all soon!


Sponsored Lewd - 2018 December - HD

Sat Jan 26 23:07:13 2019

Sponsored lewd time, thanks to Harry again! This time he took a liking to one of the sketches made for the sketch suggestion box, namely the one about the wholesome foursome from TG_Weaver's PackStreet. Thank you Harry for helping me finish this piece!

I tried something new with the background, I was never quite happy with the ones I did before. I felt like they drag attention away from the action while not really worth looking at them at all. Unless I get the time to make more detailed backgrounds, those blank, empty rooms So I was going for something simpler and I am quite happy with it. If you like this background version more, I might stick with it for 2019!


Gazelle's secret lover (extra vote to Assistans and Sponsors)

Tue Jan 22 15:06:52 2019

In the future I plan to feature Gazelle in the story. Even though I had a very decent idea who I want to portray her with, I thought that this is actually a quite good opportunity for you, the lewd crew, to influence a detail of the comic! So vote away my fellow lewders, whom would you like to see in courtship with our horned pop-star of Zootopia.

poll closes on: 03/31/19

Gazelle's secret lover

Tue Jan 22 15:00:57 2019

In the future I plan to feature Gazelle in the story. Even though I had a very decent idea who I want to portray her with, I thought that this is actually a quite good opportunity for you, the lewd crew, to influence a detail of the comic! So vote away my fellow lewders, whom would you like to see in courtship with our horned pop-star of Zootopia.

poll closes on: 03/31/19

Wolf Study Sketches HD

Sun Jan 20 23:36:54 2019

Finished piece of the Wolf Study sketches!

I feel like I'm getting more confident with this style, and I actually managed to finish these 6 poses relatively quickly!

That also can be thanked to that I had a very peaceful day and nobody disturbed me in my drawing trance. :D

Hope you enjoy this set of wolves from me!

Previous stage:

Wolf Studies - Part1 + Timelapse


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 08

Thu Jan 17 09:27:08 2019

Short description:

Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.

I reeeeeally should've thought about the length of the introduction part. It kills me that I still am not at drawing them doing each other, I can only imagine your disappointment! So I tried my best to speed up things, leaving a few dialogues and actions out from the original script to get to the sexy parts faster. Thank you so much for sticking with my slow production pace! I promise I'll try to get another page done soon!

NEXT PAGE: WorkInProgress




MysticStripSearch - Page 08 - WIP

Mon Jan 7 02:49:42 2019

Hello Lewd Crew welcome back in 2019!

The journey continues as Nick shows Judy an intersting place he knows in the Mystic Spring!

Sorry for the slight delay, hoped I could refine the sketch more for today, but I just kept redrawing it over and over again, because some poses and facial expressions didn't feel right until this very last moment.

Hope I can finish this page soon!


'18 Fall - Sketch Suggestion Box [Closed]

Sun Dec 30 18:36:47 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Thank you for all your support and love through this year!

Hope you all will have a Happy and Successful New Year!

I did 5 sketches did time:

First for Gus who asked for Judy to be bred by Nick. Oh and they do.

Second for my friend Itty who asked for PS group image. I thought of a foursome of two of my favorite ships. Betty x Wolter and Remmy x Anneke

Thirt a pinup pic of Gazelle. I actually drew her for the first time, so it was a bit of a challange, but one I took with joy!

Fourth is for Michael, a lovely Fangmeyer x Wolford scene!

Fifth for Brad, rough WildeHopps reverse-cowgirling!

Hope you guys like them and we will meet again next year!

Yours truly,


Sweater Snuggle

Wed Dec 26 19:19:18 2018

Merry Christmas to you Lewd Crew!

I want to give you all my full hearted thanks for your support through this year and to those who joined! I am more thankful than I could ever express!

Thanks to you, I got to do what I love more often than my regular job would make it otherwise possible! Hope you all will have a love filled holidays and a successful new year and so we can continue our lewd journey in 2019!

With lots of love,


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 07

Sun Dec 23 22:16:00 2018

Short description:

Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.


Page 07 done and dusted, Lewd Crew!

Hoped I'd finish sooner so I can also draw a christmas lewd image in time, but as I'm sure you are familiar with the rush of the holiday season, things got a bit busy and I ended up only with enough freetime to finish the piece tonight. But I hope you all will enjoy it and hope to get to the next page as soon as possible!

With that hopeful thought, I wish you all Peaceful and Happy Holidays!

Yours truly, RobCivecat





Sponsored Lewd - 2018 November - HD

Sun Dec 16 14:30:46 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

HarryLime sponsored us another lewd pic, this time our favorite couple, Nick and Judy, as she uses her long soft ears to tame her vicious fox! ( a.k.a giving a genuine bunny earjob )

Thank you Harry for the idea and sponsoring it! I think everyone will be as happy to see this as I was making it! :D

Yours truly,


MysticStripSearch - Page 07 - WIP

Sat Dec 8 21:17:22 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Page 07 sketched up and ready for the next stage of production!

As we enter the second Act of the story, we have Judy and Nick walk bye the Yoga Area. I was considering drawing Nangi but I had to write her out from the scene. You see, for her to fir the panel I would need a more wide-angle perspective to get, but that would've made Judy and Nick very small in comparison, and I honestly don't want to make them be background characters in their own comic.

So instead of that, we only have a few camoe's again this time replyanon's okapi as well as Rose's Red-panda, and for fun she is accompanied by herself as her earlier skunk sona. In the background a bunny buck OC called Cain. He was paired up with a larger female bunny by Reply based on a youtube video of a Wilde Rabbit "loving" a Giant Blue Rabbit. I found this pair so adorable I just had to include them!

Hope you like it, and I'll see you soon!


Mystic Strip Search - Comic Script / Spoilers /

Sun Nov 25 19:18:55 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

As the comic reached the end of the first act, I thought It's time to share the second act so hear your opinions on it! If you don't want spoilers for the comic tho, you can ignore this post, but otherwise, I hope you will enjoy a little insight on what I have in store for you, lewd people!

This script picks up where the comic ends, which ended up being slighty different from the first script: Act 1 - Like a Gift but it's still, esentially the same, so if you want to read the first part, it's also a possibility! But for now, without further ado:

Act 2 – Echo

“You know very well, what I think! “ Nick smiled while using his own tail to cover up his own rising excitement. ”Unlike you, I can’t hide it!”

Judy smirked triumphantly as she removed the final piece clothing from herself and laid it carefully into their locker. “So? What’s next, Slick?”

“Now we get out of sight. ” He looked back as he exited the tent. “We don’t want anyone noticing two famous cops eyeing the entrance, like they waiting for someone.”

“That… makes sense.” They walked past the yoga class where she noticed a skunk and a red-panda eyeing Nick’s ‘package’ that was peeking out. They seemingly enjoyed sharing each other some ideas of its use, while pointing at Judy.

She found herself tightening her grip around her fox’s arm. She felt a smile crawling up on her muzzle, some childish glee of having something that others can be jealous of. ”Wonder how many mammals recognize us.”

“More than enough, that’s why we have to get to a secluded area.“ He said, while his paw slipped lower to hold hers” Luckily I know a perfect place where we can keep a lookout without being seen. “

After a playful pair of a marble fox and a silver fox vixen walked past them, Nick suddenly jumped to the side behind a bush, pulling his bunny by the paw with himself. He ran up to a wall of rock, locked his fingers into a cup and turned to Judy. “Quick, up here, I give you boost.”

Judy looked up where she saw a small opening, mostly overgrown with vines. As Nick lifted her above his muzzle, she heard him growl lovingly into her hips, which sent down a tickling sensation through her spine.

Inside the cavity a dimly lit cave greeted her, with clear water peacefully glittering. As Nick quickly followed her in and pulled the vines back to hide their way in, she slowly slipped into the water. “Careful, Carrots! It’s cold!”

As she got in deeper the light got stronger and suddenly she found herself in an open hall with a narrow opening that flooded the cave with light and the reflection of the water danced on the ceiling.

Nick grabbed her thighs underwater as he slid past her to take the lead. He swum to a flat rock in line with the cavity and Judy followed him. As her eyes adjusted to the light again, she realized where they are.

“Nick, this is amazing… It’s beautiful…“ She whispered as they looked down on the pool full of mammals and the entrance. They were inside the decorative waterfall fountain. Judy stretched over the flat rock to take a better look on the pool outside.

“It’s not the only beautiful thing in here.” Nick growled, as he leaned over Judy, reaching around to brush the fur on her stomach. “You don’t have to whisper, the water and the chatter outside is too loud for anyone to hear us here.”

“Or really? “ She purred invitingly as Nick rubbed his muzzle to her Neck and took a deep sniff of her scent.

“That’s right. You are here with a fox, all alone.” His paw traveled down to her loins, and she felt his malehood throbbing, pushing against her inner thigh.

“No-no. You remember the rules. No sex during work.” Nick froze in his track and cocked his head as he looked at his partner’s smug little smile.

“But… but we aren’t technically working, Carrots. “

“Unofficial undercover work on our day-off is still technically work, Nick.” She replied. “The rules apply. So who are we looking for?”

Nick grunted and lowered his head next to hers. “We are waiting for three arctic foxes…“

He caressed his little bunny’s behind with one paw, and placing his shaft next to her tail with the other. He looked down on his desirable prey and just could help himself from letting out a few begging yelp. “Can I at least jerk one out quickly?”

Judy was lying comfortably on the flat rock, resting her head on her folded arms. “Be quick, I’m keeping an eye out for them.”

Nick starter rubbing his member between his bunny’s bums. His thrusts strong and steady and heated he soon gritted his teeth, as he held Judy in place by the hips.

A few minutes passed by with only the noises from outside and the water stirring around them disturbing the silence. Nick leaned forward into the back of her neck and started panting while placing gentle kisses across her nape.

Judy felt how his fluids started leaking on her back, which flamed her excitement. She felt the heat rising between her legs, but her current position didn’t allow her to do anything about it.

“Okay, your turn” Judy said, and as she turned around to see a very confused, and panting fox with his tongue lolling out of his muzzle, she repeated herself. “Your turn to keep an eye out. Lean over.”

Nick followed her instructions without a word, and soon his upper body was resting on the flat boulder, while his partner reached underwater and gently found his rod. “Eyes forward, officer!” Nick obliged.

She positioned herself behind Nick, kneeling into eye level with his balls, while his shaft was throbbing in her paw underwater. She didn’t want to bend it back too much, but enough for her to take it into her mouth. She managed to do it, with her nose still being above the water.

While she savored the taste of her fox, she slipped one of her fingers into her slit and finally scratched that burning itch that Nick ignited in her.

While she massaged herself into pleasure, she continued to take his length as deep into her mouth as she could, occasionally submerging herself entirely to get into a better position. All the while Nick struggled to keep his eyes open and focus on the entrance

Drunk with her pleasure as she reached her climax she could hear the helpless cries of her fox as he was about to reach his limit. She gave a quick gentle sucking kiss on one of Nick’s testicles. “Stand up!”

As Nick pushed himself up, Judy squeezed down on the knot of her canine, helping him reach the peak of his pleasure. His secretions covered the rock below him as well his own chin.

Nick panted with in bliss as Judy crawled up to him, and licked off his seed from his muzzle. As they lovingly gazed at each other, they head some commotion on the outside, as a mongoose was looking at the white unknown liquid that landed on his head.

“Must’ve been some bird” his squirrel friend scouted the sky to indentify the origin of the substance.

As Nick and Judy lowered their heads, to remain in the shadows, she suddenly noticed 3 identical white arctic vixens walk into the garden. “Hello ladies, your patient is waiting for you in private quarter number 23.“

“Thank you, Yax!“ The girls giggled as they headed towards the changing tent. “You are a true sweetheart!“

Nick and Judy exchanged a quick look with each other confirming that both are ready to move on with their investigation, but before that, Nick give a gentle lick on Judy’s nose followed by passionate kiss. “Let’s move, hun-bun!”

-End of Act 2!

That's it for now! Judy and Nick surely got heated, but I think they still need to break their own rule of "no sex during work". Hope you all agree!

See you later folks!

Sponsored Lewd - 2018 October - HD

Wed Nov 21 23:58:06 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

This months sponsored lewd is brought to you by HarryLime again! This time featuring Anneke and Remmy from TG_Weaver's fanfiction, Pack Street!

This is one of my favorite ships of the fic, and wanted to do a lewd of them for a long time so I'm exspecially thankful for your Harry's assistance on that!

Hope you like this as much as I do, and hope to see you all soon!

Yours truly,


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 06

Mon Nov 19 23:18:14 2018

Short description:

Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.


Hello again Lewd Crew!

I can't believe it, but Nick and Judy are finally, mostly naked! And with that we reached the end of the 1st ACT of the comic, and movie on right to the second one. I do have a script for the 2nd Act, but I think I will write it out as a short little story as I did with this one to hear your opinions on it what the comic has in store now that Judy and Nick are ready to explore the Naturalist Club.

NEXT PAGE: WorkInProgress




MysticStripSearch - Page 06 - WIP

Sun Nov 11 14:05:08 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Finally Page 06 is sketched up! I had a lot of work with this one, and most come from the design itself. I wanted this page to be a pair of te previous one that mainly focused on Nick undressing, but I didn't wanted it to be a straight out copy of it.

The problem came when I started the drawing with the biggest 3rd panel of Judy pulling up her shirt. I really liked that idea and didn't want to change that being the highlight of the page. But Judy taking off her jacket and her pants were very similiar in placement and angle to the way Nick undressed.

I tried to rearrange the panels but having the large 3rd panel on the left side would simply not work with the left-to-right flow of reading, so I had to leave it as it is and hope that it's similiarity to the previous page will be looked as a feature rather than a lazy design.


'18 Winter - Sketch Suggestion Box [OPEN]

Sun Nov 4 19:20:56 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Again I ask you to throw in some ideas of characters, couples or scenes that you wouldn't mint seeing a sketch of! Feel free to suggest anything, both lewd of safe for work suggestions are welcome!

Yours truly,
Rob Civecat

I own Tony a lewd Gazelle pinup, I will definetly include it in this suggestionbox, my friend!


Wolf Studies - Part1 + Timelapse

Thu Nov 1 11:40:04 2018

Hello again LewdCrew!

I thought I give you guys a timelapse of how I desing and draw a character for the first time. Actually that times 3 since I plan to always use 3 characters for each Study Sketches set. This is only the first part the designing. I know the video quality is very bad, that's because I work on a very low resolution tablet, and I zoomed in on the workspace, to cut off unnecesary part of my photoshop gui.

I wanted to record my drawing to make up to the people who asked me to stream. I know it's not the same, but I really am incapable to find any time where I could sit for hours undisturbed due to my job.

So since live streaming the drawing is impossible, I choose the second best thing to it, and even this was kind of hard. It took around 2 hours to design and draw only 3 characters, but finding time for that 2 hours where I could also record it took 3 seperate days (each day having around a 40 minute drawing session). So overall recording slowed down the whole progress a lot, so I don't think this will be a regular thing, but I will try to make more if the possiblity comes up!

After the Soft Rains - South London HiFi
Loco - John Deley and the 41 Players
Rainforest Canopy - Magic in the other

file.1 (d)

Sponsored Lewd - 2018 September - HD

Sun Oct 28 13:31:45 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

This months sponsored lewd is brought to you by HarryLime again with Desmond and Molly!

He asked for the couple to have a little playtime while they are expecting. It was a quite unique request that I had no real experience drawing, but I did my best to oblige! I did quite a numerous changes to the original request, but I hope he enjoyns it nonetheless, just like I hope you all like it as well!

Yours truy,


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 05

Mon Oct 22 21:47:33 2018

Short description:

Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.

Here we go Lewd Crew!

Another page, done! With Nick's little monologue finished it will be Judy's turn to do something next! Who do you think will win the teasing battle?

I had fun with this page, and while I wanted to show more of Judy's reaction, I want to dedicate this entire page to Nick.
[Spoilers starts]
This will serve as a contrast to the next Page, that will have mostly Judy in it!
[/Spoilers over]
To balance that, I decided to go a little cartoony with the steam and full head blush. I'm a sucker for these little cartoony effects, it always gives some extra charm and cuteness, and works even better with cute characters like Judy! But let me know what you think! Do you like it? What do you hope to see Judy doo?





Winter WildeHopps Lewd - Poll

Sun Oct 14 19:40:15 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

I collected my WildeHopps sketches of this year and decided that I'll do my best to at least finish one this winter into a fully colored piece! Which one would you like me to finish from the following themes?

#1 Cold weather : A warm image of Nick and Judy snuggling under a big sweater. I might even do a sfw version of this one, since that was my original idea, but my lewdness took over and I took away their pants... I'm not sorry :D

2# Fear and Phobias : An entry for the Thematic Thursday of the same name, I had an idea of a short story of how Nick has actual fear of muzzles, and to become a police officer he has to get comfortable with the usage of said item, which Judy will gladly try to help with. This might be an actual future comic idea too, if we ever get to that!

3# Gondola Ride: An entry for another Thematic Thursday : "Transportation in Zootopia". Judy and Nick revisit a place where they first started having some feelings for eachother, and decide to "fuck" safety regulations... amongst other things.

4# Taking a Peek: A smug lewd bun with a submissive foxy toy to play with. What else can we ask more?

Voting ends on 30th of November

MysticStripSearch - Page 05 - WIP

Sat Oct 13 20:52:39 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

I just finished sketching up page 5 and boy I had a lot of work with this one.
It's not visible right now, but this page will have a decent amout of dialogue all coming from Nick, so pairing up the text with an good undressing sequence was bit of a challange, but I think it will work!

Second, originally Nick just had regular underwear in the first draft of the script, but as I sketched up this page a random thought appeared: What if he wears the tiger dancer's sexy shorts as a surprise for Judy. It would go well with the dialogue and Nick's usual tricky, smug personality!

Let me know what you think!

Yours truly,


'18 Summer - Sketch Suggestion Box [Closed]

Sun Oct 7 21:48:24 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

This week I sat down and finished some sketches following suggestion from you and the zootopia community!

First I got a warm WildeHopps cuddling for you under Nick's sweater! Hmm... just looking at it makes me comfy!

Second... I was asked to lewd myself. That's civet up there is not me though... dunno who he is... It's not me, I swear!

Following that We got the two Gym pals from TG Weaver's fanfiction PackStreet, Cliff and Nail!

And finally since I kinda ran out of suggestions, I sketched something up I wanted for a long time, another WildeHopps pic, a little scene re-imagined from Kulkum's WildeAcademy!

Hope you like them! Thank you all, hope to see you soon!


Sponsored Lewd - 2018 August - HD

Sat Sep 29 21:19:46 2018

Hello Lewd Crew! This month's sponsor asked for anothed famous OC couple of the zootopia fandom, Al and Velvet from TG_Weaver's Zootopia fanfiction, Pack Street.

Next week I will try to sketch up the next page of MysticStripSearch, as well as finally closing down the Summer suggestion box. Didn't get much suggestions tho, I have a request to lewd myself and a lewd of Martina from Pack Street, so I might also throw in some sketches of what I always enjoy to draw, WildeHopps!

See you soon!


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 04

Fri Sep 28 23:48:56 2018

Short description:
Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.

Hello Lewd Crew!

Thank you all for your patience! I had not make some adjustments to my work schedule, which put me back a little on regards of creation! But I'll be sure to keep you updated!

As I see it, our little group has reached a number where I currently can promise at least 1 page each month! That said, I will do my best to increase that number whenever I can!

Sincerely, your lewd Civet,





MysticStripSearch - Page 04 - WIP

Sun Sep 16 21:27:23 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Just finished the sketch for the 4th page! The undressing begins!
Nick opens with a strong shirt unbuttoning!
How will Judy retaliate?


Pack Street Girls Summer Pic - HD

Sat Sep 1 16:39:35 2018

And I finished it! A summer pic! . . . In Septermber. Nevermind that! I enjoyed working on this!

This summer pic shows the female character's from TG_Weaver's great Zootopia fanfiction Pack Street.
Fromleft to right, there is Betty a Timber Wolf, Avo an Egyptian Jackal,Charlie a Corsac Vixen, Pandora a Siberain Tiger, Anneke an Aardwolf,Velvet a White-tailed deer and Martina a Stoat.

I think for the next lewd image I will do a WildeHopps one! Actually I have a few Wildehopps sketches that would be worthy to be transformed into a proper artwork, so I might put up a poll for it so you guys can decide which one should be done!

I'll do my best to keep you updated and see you soon!


Sponsored Lewd - 2018 July - HD

Thu Aug 30 11:24:26 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

This month's sponsor asked for a tender scene of Desmond and Molly who are currently owned by HarryLime!

Hope you enjoy the pic just as much as these two love birds enjoy eachother!


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 03

Tue Aug 28 00:55:04 2018

Finally! Hello Lewd Crew! Sorry for the delay with this page, it really took me a while to get all these characters right, it wasn't really easy to draw them so small...

On hindsight, maybe I should've choosen a better page layout that would've made them more visible than a few pixels on a big image. I guess that's just something that I'll learn to do as I design more and more comics. I still hope it's a nice page and seriously gets me excited beacuse soon we start to get to the spicy part of the first act!

I will do my best to start drawing the next page as soon as I can!

Yours truly, RobCivecat!

NEXT PAGE: WorkInProgress




Pack Street Girls Summer Pic - Sketch

Mon Aug 20 20:45:53 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry for no update on the comic this week, things got really busy at work! As an apology I thought I share a different Work In Progress with you all, a summer picture, that I started to draw last Christmas... why I started drawing a summer pic in the middle of winter, you ask? Well, there is a simple explenation to that... I'm weird. Anyway, I grabbed it up a few weeks ago and refined the sketch, and I actually hope to finish it in the next few weeks, but of course the next page of the comic will take priority before that.

Anyway, this summer shows the female character's from TG_Weaver's great Zootopia fanfiction Pack Street.
From left to right, there is Betty a Timber Wolf, Avo an Egyptian Jackal, Charlie a Corsac Vixen, Pandora a Siberain Tiger, Anneke an Aardwolf, Velvet a White-tailed deer and Martina a Stoat.

Hope you all like them, and look forward for the finished pic!

Your lewd civet,


MysticStripSearch - Page 03 - WIP

Sun Aug 12 21:11:15 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry for taking so long, there were some unexpected events happening this week that slowed me down a lot. Making a page with my damned maximalism isn't an easy task to begin with, more complex pages like these can take up to 30 hours or more, and if I only have 2-3 hours a day in average, projects like these can really get a pain to wait for.

I was thinking about giving out a little tutorial about the full progress of what I do to put a comic or more specifically a page together. Would you guys be interested in reading in full detail, as now, the 4 steps of "lineart->flat-color-> shading->final touches" are behind, and I usually don't update on those.

Let me know what you think!


Comic Update - Clay Render Progress

Sun Aug 5 08:58:12 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

As some of you may know, I use a self-made 3D model as reference for the backgrounds of the comic.

Alrough this doubles down the production time right now at the start, I felt like it's essential for this setting, as it helps me keep a more natural comic feel while having the benefits of good continuity when it comes to the details of the background. Also it will make my job with the backgrounds a lot easier later, as I won't need to measure and memorize each design detail as the comic progresses.

I originally kept everything the same clay-like color because the actual render won't be used, all I need are the outlines that I will draw over, but for you I colored it so you can see the various details that.

I tried to incorporate everything seen in the movie into the layout, but there were some details that I found impossible to do, mainly because the actual Mystic Spring Oasis is probably bigger on the inside than on the outside, which left me with a bit of a crammed inner court, but managed to fit in everything that I planned, for the Yoga area to the Back-scratching palm trees.

So although some details wouldn't fit the original design's positioning, I hope the overall look and feel will reach up for your expectations. And now that most of the 3D render is done, I can soon start to sketch up the next page!

Hope to see you all soon!


Foxes with their Bunnies Sketches

Sun Jul 29 20:28:43 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry for the delay with the comic, I was running into some unexpected problems this week. But to keep you updated, I've been doing some quick comfy/lewd sketches in the past weeks, that I haven't shared yet.

The first one was inspired by the community's ThematicThursday last week where the theme was "Transportation". Of course I had one manner of transportation that comes to my mind when I think of my favorite Fox Bunny duo.

"Want a pleasant, undisturbed travel from the Canals to Savanna Central? Come and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Rainforest District with the sky-trams! It is considered one of the most fulfilling experiences the city's mass-transit system has to offer to small to medium mammals! "

Second sketch was inspired by one of my favorite Zootopia fanfiction writers BoneyM who returned from his long absence with another short lovely story. Some of you may not know these characters, so let me introduce you to Violet Hopps and Rinehart Nye. Violet is one of Judy's semi-canon older sisters, and not much is known about her. The community however reached a consensus that her appearance would fit her to be a psychiatrist/therapist. Rinehart is an OC created by Wynn, a depressed fox who tries to help people by working at the Suicide-hotline. Shortly after introducing these two characters to eachother another Fox/Bunny ship was born. And thanks to people like Boney, who write amazing stories around these characters, it became quite popular with other content creators such as myself. If you feel like reading something comfy and shippy, take a look at the 6th chapter of Boney's Miscellany Story collection.

MysticStripSearch - PAGE 02

Sun Jul 22 08:50:45 2018

Short description:

Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.

Thank you all for your patience! It took me a little while to color this finish this page, but I hope it was worth the wait!

The following week, I'll have some modelling to do again to finish the inner court of the Mystic Spring Oasis, as well as I planned to do a summer image for a long while with some of my favorite OCs that I hope you will like as well! Stay tuned for some progress update on these projects in the following days!

NEXT PAGE: WorkInProgress




MysticStripSearch - Page 02 - WIP

Sun Jul 8 07:16:05 2018

Hello again, members of my LewdCrew!

Had some issues that kept me from drawing this week, but hopefully next week that's going to change!

Today I finally got the sketch for the next page ready and I'm looking forward to finishing it!

I also may tell a little secret that I'm planning a little OC oriented summer/beach picture. I've been working on that one since last year November (Don't ask why I started drawing a summer picture in the brink of winter) but never quite managed to give it full attention. The next 3 weeks might give the opportunity to do so.

Stay lewd everyone!


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 01

Wed Jun 27 18:55:29 2018

Short description:

Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.

And here go!

I can't believe how much work went into the first panel. 3D modelled it for a few days, now I realize this is possibly the only panel we will ever see this part of the Mystic Spring, so I probably should've worked on the inside by now. (Yeah, I know I'm an idiot) But at least it's finally done! And I can't wait to keep up with the rest of the comic!

I did a little name editing, thought it would be good for copyright reasons, not to use every name and reference of zootopia in the comic, so instead of "Mytic Spring" the oasis is callad "Mystic Strip". Hope it's not an immersion ruining change for you guys!

NEXT PAGE: WorkInProgress




MysticStripSearch - PAGE 01 - WIP2

Sun Jun 24 18:24:53 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

I have just finished the linearts and started working on some color palettes, and got an idea, that I need your opinion with.

One thing Nick's and Judy's design does right how compementary their colors are, with Judy's bright blue uniform an Nick's bright green shirt.

I'm aware that Nick has a few alternative shirt designs in the artbook, but I wanted to come up with something on my own and since I made Judy's vest purple, I thought a creme-yellowish color is good for Nick's shirt woul be nice.

But now I'm not too sure. What do you guys think, should I worry less about creativity and just go with Nick's well-known green shirt or is this a nice design that fits his overall design?


Zootopia Study Sketches

Sat Jun 23 21:34:21 2018

While I'm working on the first page of the comic (currently drawing the lineart as we speak) It came to me that maybe I might need a little more practice with some of the animal species that might be starring. I have a few ideas which ones I should do, but I felt like it's time for you to decide!

Let's me know which species do you wish to see a set of study of next!

It would be impossible to make every bodyshape and gender for every species separately, so I plan on grouping up some similiar species for the next set of study images, but let me know if you don't like that idea down in the comments or in private message, I am okay with changing this plan and focus only on one species per study image set.

Commission - May 2018 - HD

Fri Jun 22 10:37:50 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

I'm sorry for the delay in art, I had a few personal life issue that took up some of my freetime, and this weeken isn't going to be free either, but I try my best to slowly but steadily work on stuff.

I just finished the May sponsored lewd today, which stars Remmy Cormo and Charlie from TG_Weaver's epic fanfiction Pack Street

Hope you guys like it, and hope to see you soon!


MysticStripSearch - PAGE 00

Wed Jun 13 20:29:51 2018

Short description:

Nick shows Judy a few of his methods of intelligence-gathering with undercover work, by getting uncovered at the naturalist club.

Hello Lewd Crew! Let me present to you: The cover image of the next comic!

I could get away from work today so I could finish coloring it! I'll do my best to follow-up on the next page as soon as possible, but working as a programmer is pretty unpredictable, but even in the worst case scenario I can still finish it this month! Hope for the bests!




'18 Summer - Sketch Suggestion Box [OPEN]

Sun Jun 10 11:04:12 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

It's time to collect some ideas for lewd or any sketches! Feel free to comment below or if you wish, send me a private message with your ideas. Feel free to dump as many ideas, ships as you can come up with, I'll be happy to look through them and choose some for the end of August to draw into a sketches!

Yours truly,
Rob Civecat


MysticStripSearch - Page 00 - WIP

Sun Jun 3 18:05:34 2018

I just couldn't move on making the first page without making the cover image first! Weekend ended up more busy than expected, so I only managed to sketch it up,

I also worked on putting on some stylish minimalistic classing for the comic instead of the standard 18+ circle, which game me the idea of also displaying that the comic will be mainly straight and most importantly WILDEHOPPS :D


'18 Spring - Sketch Suggestion Box [Closed]

Thu May 31 19:30:21 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

And I made my choice of the 4 best suggestion from the Spring Suggestion Box!
We have a Judy, playing with Nick's sheath,
Followed by Dawn fantazising about a predator,
Rose's current zoosona dressed as her previous zoosona
and finally a Gerry x Larry lewd!

I'll be setting up the Summer Sketch Suggestion Box soon, which will be open till the end of August!

Thank you all and see you soon!


MysticStripSearch - Page 01 - WIP

Wed May 30 20:25:18 2018

Hello LewdCrew!

Gosh, this took longer than I expected it to be. I had several issues just sketching up this page!

First: Judy's getup
I wanted something new and unique, instead of always portraying the characters in the same casual or work clothes we have seen in the movie, I wanted to give her something that fits her kinda tomboyish/sporty style while also expressing her female charm, but I'm a bit worried that the end result is a little bit weird? I'm not a fashion designer, so let me know what you think!

Second: The background
God, nearly 8 hours of lineart work on the first panel today. I thought the 3d model would help me out, but instead it put me up against impossible task of drawing perfectly straight lines. The resolution of my tablet and the sensetivity of my pen makes that extremly difficoutl, so after a while I thought I will try to make the lines a bit sketchy instead, with different width and strenght all over the place, giving it a more a hand-drawn comic book look. I hope the style will look nice when I manage to color it.

Third: The title!
I've taken Tony's name tip and named the comic "Mystic Strip Search"
As I drew up the Oasis building, It occured that it would be a fun way to show the title by replacing the building's sign with it. However It occured to me, that I usually don't need to show the title on the first page, because I actually draw cover pages for the comic, and I also have cover page idea for this one that I would like to do. But I also like the idea of having the title on the building. What do you guys think? It's okay to have a cover image and also make the title appear on the first page, or It's too much?

Forth: The time...
Realising it's already Wednesday night, and I will probably have to get back to work on Friday, which leaves me with only one more day of lewdness. Which I want to spend on drawing for the sketch suggestion box! I didn't revice any more suggestions to the "'18 Spring" suggestion box, so I'll choose some I got submitted to me anonymously on ZTG. But if you do have some lewd ideas you want me make a quick sketch of, feel free to leave a comment of it below!

That's all for now! Thank you all for your help and support, hope we are going to have a great summer together!



Commission - April 2018 - HD

Sat May 26 21:49:32 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

This month's sponsored lewd couple is Maxine and Hugh from ShortySquad! ShortySquad is an OC oriented fan-series created by Inky

Hope you guys like it and stay tuned for more as since the project that occupied most of my time at work seem to have wrapped up... prepare for a lewd week!


Guilty Pleasures Thematic Thursday - HD

Sun May 20 08:37:38 2018

Hello Lewd Crew! It's WildeHopps time! Finally managed to finish this piece and I hope you all like it as Judy likes Nick's smooth, squishy pawpads! Maybe she loves them a little bit too much, but who can blame her?


Comic update - Preperations

Sun May 13 22:06:16 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Some of you might be worndering what's going on, why I am such a slowpoke with content. Well for those interested, I can tell working for a web developer company can be quite taxing on me. The past week I constantly promised myself that I won't work past my usual work hours, so I can start drawing, but boss kept finding small bugs and glitches in the code. So for 5 days in a row, I just kept trying to fix stuff on our webpages, totally loosing track of the time, and suddenly noticing that there is no more time left of "today" because it's 1 AM in the moring of the "next day"...

That said, I wish to show you some small work I managed to do the past 2 weeks. First off, I designed the overall script and the Mystic Spring Oasis Comic (altought the final 3rd act I am still unsure of ((AND I STILL UNDECIDED ON THE NAME FOR THE COMIC))) I had fun piecing together the movie scenes and the early concept arts into what possibly is the closest to the actual final movie version of the Mystic Spring Oasis.

But after I finished designing I suddenly had the urge to go one step beyond, and use my years of 3D modelling expereince to create the scene's 3d model. Now this doesn't mean the comic will have 3D backgrounds, I personally find 2D and 3D element mixing jarring thing to do. No. This 3D scene when finished will only provide help for me in the drawing of the actual background as a sort of on-point perspective helper. Not to mention this way the scenery will be re-usable to speed up the production of future artworks, as I bet this comic won't be the only time I visit the Mystic Spring!

And lastly our cameo's! I am befriending numerous fellow Zootopia artists, some of them I plan to give a brief cameo through their Zoosonas. Below you can see a few of them.

You might recognize numerous fellow lewd artists, such as Fuel's Antelope, A-sig's Mongoose (a.k.a Terry), Nobby's Sloth and Nemo's Squirrel! We also have Candycrow's Weasel (a.k.a Sherry) she has a quite lovely OC oriented webseries, Comicanon's Rabbit (a.k.a VRbit) our trusty podcaster and interviewer and least but not last TranslationBear and his lovely wife who we only know as Foxwife, our trusty Japane specialists.

This is only a few of them, I plan to pay respect to many of the awesome people in our little zootopia community! Also, hey! If any of you guys happen to also have a zoosona, don't be shy, leave a comment below, and maybe they also make a short appearance.

Thank you all for your patience, I couldn't be doing this fast without your support! I really hope that I can deliver to your expectations!

With lots of love,

Guilty Pleasures Thematic Thursday - WIP

Sun May 6 09:26:00 2018

Hello Lewd Crew! I was working on some assets for the comic when a little inspiration hit me for a WildeHopps pic! Last week there was the theme "Guilty Pleasures" in the community, that I didn't had anything at the time, but someone gave me the idea of Judy having her own "PawPad appreciation" moment, since as you know, rabbits don't have any, so Nick'S squisy soft pawpads must fill her with fascination, and she would find multiple ways to enjoy them!


Commission - March 2018 2nd - HD

Wed Apr 25 22:55:34 2018

Well Nick and Jack had some eager Yaoi fangirls to please here while they were away from the city!

I usually don't do this sort of art, but it can have a certain appeal to it, and I liked the idea of Nick and Jack making a noble sacrifice to please their eager girlfriends waiting for them back home.

Hope you like it as well, and I promise Next week it's full on throttle to the next comic!

yours truly,


Commission - March 2018 1st - HD

Sat Apr 21 11:45:25 2018

Hello Lewd crew!

Please enjoy this cute couple that was commissioned for this month! Meet PizzaColt (a.k.a Equentin Neightan Hoofson) and PizzaCat (a.k..a Emily Scratch), two original character known as "Pizzapals". They belond to a fellow Zootopia CC, Zhan! Be sure to check out his blog at

Thank you all for your patience, I got an unexpected workload from my boss again which left me with very little energy and freetime to draw, I've been sitting on this one for the past week always working on it a little bit, but I felt like it's time to call it done.

I don't wanna go back on my promise on the first page of the comic delivered whitin April, but as it stands right now, I really don't have as much freedom as I hoped I would have by now, so I really can't tell. Good news however, boss promised the workload to ease up once we submit the project we are currently working on, next week, so I might be able to be more active in May!

Hope you all look forward to the upcoming comic as much as I do!

yours truly,


Next WildeHopps Comic Script / Spoilers /

Mon Apr 9 21:47:24 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry, for the unexpected delays, I had a horrible weekend, which kinda left me without time to draw anything. But I wanted to give you all something to let you know I am alive and working on the project so I figured "Hey, I promised some scripts to those who are interested! I could share that!". But I actually like to publish stuff that's enjoyable to read, so I transformed the first Act of the script of the upcoming WildeHopps comic into a quick fanfiction-y thing, that I hope you guys will enjoy!

Note that this will be done in a comic format in the near future, so only read it if you don't mind spoilers!

So without further ado, and asking your forgiveness for my horrible english, I present:

Under Uncovered Cover (artist note: not tooo sure about this name though, if by the end you have any suggestions, leave it down in the commets)

Act 1- Like a gift

“Really, Nick? That’s your big idea for undercover work? You’re just trying to get me nervous, aren’t you? “ – She said as they walked in the huge wooden doors that an elephant could fit through.

”Hey not so loud! You wanted me to show you where I get my tip-offs from.” – He smiled as he took a quick peek behind himself at her - “This is the best place to get some crooks talking. Here they don’t worry about anyone wearing a wire.”

She just gave her a half-amused look as they approached Yax’s reception table.

“Wow… this brings back some memories.” - Judy sighed as she followed her fox in the dimly lit room filled with various zen trinkets.

“Ah yes, I remember how flustered you were last time we were here” – He said playfully - “You know I was tempted to throw down my pants just to see your reaction.”

“Oh, yeah? And why didn’t you, Slick?” - She playfully poked him in the side with her elbow as they walked past Yax’s table, who greeted them with a friendly wave.

“Oh, I was afraid that your wittle vunny heart wouldn’t handle it!”

“You underestimate me, Wilde! I was just caught off guard last time, but I had my share of skinny dipping back on the farm when I was young!”

“Oooh, I guess you will have no problem then” - With that, Nick opened the double door which made Judy shield her eyes from the sudden strong light of the .

Outside several mammals were enjoying themselves. As Judy followed Nick through the garden she watched as a hyena was talking with some smaller mustelids at the edge of the pool and a big grizzly bear gave a back-massage to a vixen.

(Artist note: Will include several CC zoonas in the background. (Nah, Nemo, Boney, VRbit, Weaver, Nah, Nobby, Zhan, Itty, Visiti, Gud, Candy/Cherry, Gerardson, Rose etc. ) or OCs (PackStreet, ShortySquad, ThingsJustHappen Pizzapals etc.)

Judy seemed surprisingly fine with everything. It was just mammal enjoying themselves like in any other public pool or park… well, with the small detail that they were missing all their clothes, but she tried not to focus on that.

As they reached some sort of marquee tent surrounded with bushes and trees Judy started to wonder – “Sooo, where is the changing room?”

Nick snorted and turned around – “What do you want to CHANGE into?”

“Erm… well” – She tried to answer as she watched her fox friend loosen his tie. – “I just didn’t thought it would be…”

She took a look around and there were quite a few mammals around them, walking past them, coming towards them. She even made a quick awkward eye-contact with a fellow rabbit who was accompanying a tigress in her path.

“Ah, I see what you mean. “ – his voice made her ears and eyes dart back at him. He already unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his bear cream furred chest and down below, the small gap between his crotch and his loose pants ever so daringly dragged her attention.

“Being naked in front of others is not that special, after all we are all just mammals.” – he turned around as he slightly slid his shirt off his left shoulder – “But undressing is another thing, more… intimate…”

“It’s not something you do for anyone. If you do, you do it because you want to see their reaction.” - She noticed herself staring at Nick’s bottom as he slowly started to push his pants down, revealing his rear.

His tail popped out the hole of his jeans and swing through the air in front of her slightly tickling her neck. – “To make them shiver with anticipation, as you reveal more and more of yourself.”

As his shirt slid off from his other shoulder onto the ground, He turned and leaned next to a bench, showing himself off in full glory – “Like unwrapping them a special gift, that’s only theirs.”

Judy found herself enticed by the sight of her fox, when his last words snapped her of it, and made her take a quick look around.

Seemingly nobody caught or was interested in Nicks little show, or were civil enough not to stare, or show particular interest. As she looked back at the smug face of her fox, she decided, she can’t let this teasing unanswered.

“Well, I you make a good point” – She said seductively as she started to undo her shirt.

Nick enjoyed the sight of his bunny revealing herself for him, piece by piece, even bending over to take off her stockings. He could feel himself struggle to keep his excitement down from the sight.

As Judy lifted off her shirt and her ears fell on her shoulders, she let out a small giggle and asked – “So? You like your gift?”

To which Nick just replied with a smirk - “I do, absolutely.”

End of Act 1

And there we have it folks, of course this will be just the starting teasing part of the comic, which will be followed with at least 2 Acts of lewdness, maybe more, depending on how you all like it!

Hope you will like it and I promise that the first page will arrive within the next 2 weeks!

But first, I have some commissions to make!

Happy Lewd Easter to everyone!

Sat Mar 31 08:34:51 2018


Rabbit Study Sketches HD

Sun Mar 25 20:25:48 2018

HD version of the public Collab pic pieced together from the earlier works:
Part 1 - SFW 3 characters
Part 1 - NSFW 3 character
Part 2 - Judy poses
Part 3 and 4 - Bonnie and Jack Savage poses


Rabbit Studies - Part3 and 4

Sun Mar 25 19:14:06 2018

Aaand finished a quick pose study for Bonnie and Jack! That's all I got time for this weekend, hopefully I can get more done next week and soon I'll start sketching the next comic!

Thank you all for your patience!


Rabbit Studies - Part2

Sat Mar 24 23:56:59 2018

I kinda hoped that If I give it my all, I would be ready with 6 poses today, but at the end I only managed to sketch up Judy. That's what I get for choosing tricky poses, that I have to start over a dozen times XD

Oh well, hope you like this innocent bun posing! I'll try to make Bonnie and Jack tomorrow! Hopefully, I won't get stuck with them as much as I did with her!


Commission - February 2018 - HD

Sat Mar 24 15:38:31 2018

Hello Lewd crew!

I had a crazy week behind me, but finally had a few hours time yesterday to finish this piece!

As you remember this is a little Zistopia/Proto-Zootopia lewd. Nick just saved Judy from Manchas a few hours ago where he was injured badly. After attending to the wound Judy and Honey decided that the hero needs to be treated with loving care. <3

Thank you for this commission! Hope the rest of the gang likes it as well!


Commission WIP - February 2018

Sun Mar 11 14:57:59 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I had a few other callings in life, but I do try to progress as much as I can! First and foremost I want to make the first commission ever made on this patreon, and I think it looks great sofar.

So what is happening here is a Zistopia/Proto-Zootopia lewd pic as you can guess. In an early concept of zootopia where the infamous shock-collars were a thing, Honey Badger was designed as one of Nick's close friends and some have a softspot for her.


Obscure Species Thematic Thursday Entry

Fri Mar 2 18:29:34 2018

Hello Lewd Crew!
Sorry for my absence, life has been busy lately. But today I was just too inspired to let an opportunity slip by. My fellow ContentCreators at the ZootopiaGeneral decided on this weeks theme to be "Obscure Species" and I just had to take part in it by designing a few interesting ones in Zootopia's stlye.

From left to right we have first off:

A Thylacine a.k.a Tasmanian Wolf or Poached wolf, a sadly extinct animal due to human hunting (altough there has been recent sightings of the a mammal in Australia, so there might be a little hope left). Appears to be something between a jackal and a mongoose but is far from both, it's a wolf-sized marsupial (and like most of his genus, it had a poach) Wonder how that would've worked in Zootopia since it would face downwards. Would it devolve by the current time?

Second we have a Serval, the long-legged African wildcat. I choose it not because it's really confusing looking, it's pretty obvious it's a cat, but it's definetly one of the most unique looking with it's extreemly long legs and neck and large ears and short tail.

And lastly a South African Springhare. What do you get if you take a jerboa, mix it little with a squirrel and make it the size of a rabbit? Something like the Springhare, I guess. This fella will have some people guess one or two times wrong when first encountered.

I had fun designing these guys, and I hope to use them sometime in the future! Hope you like them as well! I'll do my best to find more freetime to draw, and start the next comic soon ;)

Yours truly, RobC


'18 Spring - Sketch Suggestion Box

Sun Feb 18 21:58:20 2018

Greetings Lewd Crew!

I have been meaning to set up the first suggestion box for a while now, but the work just kept piling up on me, making me fear that I wouldn't be able to find the time to to draw any of the suggestions anyway.

But figured, it's better to collect the ideas now even if I only got time to draw them later. So here I am! Right now, with the current support, I can propose a seasonal suggestion box. But as we grow, I might be able to make it more frequent.

I already have a good number of suggestions from anonymous fans, I keep them on a little list of mine, some of the best are:

>Inky's OC Hugh x TG Weaver's OC Avo lewd
>Drunk teenage Finnick x Honey lewd
>Judy pulling on Nick's sheath so he starts to peek out
>Proto Judy x Proto Nick lewd
>Cliff x Neil lewd (TG Weaver's OCs)
>Larry X Gary lewd
>Bellwether riding a dildo, fantasizing about preds

So if you like these or have similiar lewd suggestions, ideas that you would like me to sketch up when I get the time, leave a comment (or several) below!


Rabbit Studies - Part1 - NSFW version

Sun Feb 11 13:43:32 2018

And the NSWF version!

It's a tiny change but I do it to test what I would do on lewd pieces representing these characters.

I'm having little dicision whenever anatomically correct genitals or more humanoid ones are the appealing on the design, sometimes the best is some sort of middle road between the two.


Rabbit Studies - Part1 - SFW version

Sun Feb 11 12:03:42 2018

Hello Lewd crew!

I got a little set of bunnies for you all, namely Judy, Bonnie and Jack Savage. I thought a lot about it, which male bunny I should use for the study sketches, I considered Stu, some of Judy's brothers but I really wanted an average looking one in built that still has enough unique features.

So I choose the most famous outwritten/skimmed character from the zootopia fandom. I don't think I have seen any other fandom adopt a concept character the way Jack got picked up by us.

It's really funny really, as not many know that Jack Savage is a very early version of Nick Wilde.

According to Byron, first he wanted a bunny spy. The first tranformation was from him becoming a fox from a rabbit because it was more spy-like.

As the story developed and the idea of animals going savage came in, they figures they can't keep calling the hero that, so the fox became Jack Wilde. And hearing about the Gigantic project that was suppose to be Tangled-like reimagination of the Jack and the Beanstalk, they decided to change the firstname too in favor of not having two protags with the same name so close to eachother in creation. So was that the rabbit spy Jack Savage turned to the sly fox Nick Wilde.


Fox Study Sketches HD

Sun Feb 4 20:52:49 2018

HD version of the public Collab pic pieced together from the earlier works:
Part 1 - SFW 3 types
Part 2 - NSFW, Nick poses
Part 3 - Vixen poses
Part 4 - Gideon poses


Fox Studies - Part4

Sun Feb 4 20:45:44 2018

And here we gone the final study piece of the fox bunch, a chubby southerner fella.
I always wondered why they gave him that hair. Fans mostly agree that Fru-Fru's must be a wig or extention, but Gideon had it since a child, so it must be natural for some species to be able to grow hairstyles, yet Zootopia focused a lot on it to make most characters look as regular as possible.

What do you say? Hairstyles on zootopian's Yay or Nay?


Fox Studies - Part3

Sun Jan 28 12:04:03 2018

And here we have a lovely Vulpes Vulpes vixen.
I was a bit conflicted with the first pose, I thought of several possible sitting poses and angles, but this is the only one that kinda worked, others were too much like Nick's laying pose, and I wanted to have something more unique, or would've requered some sort of table/chair, which I didn't want to use either.

But I think playful streching pose came out right and fits the young playful vibe of the character.

Next up are a pair of poses by Gideon

After that I start the rabbit character study, I still have to decide upon the characters beside Judy. If you got any tipps, I'm all ears!

Following that I might put up a poll on which mammal you would like to have a study of next, Wolves or Sheep or Other Fox Species (Arctic, Fennec etc), I will list a few options.


Fox Studies - Part2 + NSFW version

Mon Jan 22 23:56:35 2018

Hy guys I'm back with some spicy Nicks. Work is keeping me busy but I do my best to find some time to draw for you!

You might also notice a slight change on the toes, a request by few of my friends. Although the earlier big toe version is what is my style, it is off-model for Nick and Gideon, so I followed the request and fixed it.

I managed to get some poses, I plan to do 2 for each fox and then jump over to bunnies for the next study.

For now, I would like to know which fox you want so see next posing, Gideon or the Vixen? I ask that because there are those who like to save the best for last.


Fox Studies - Part1 - SFW version

Sun Jan 14 19:27:11 2018

Hello Lewd crew!
Sorry for the lack of updates, the new year starte out a bit busier than I expected! I'm working on the script of the next comic, amongst other things, and I thought it would be fun to create a few species specific character studies. The first one I wanted to do is foxes!

One thing that bothers me that many fans dont realize that Nick is taller than Gideon, also I since we don't see any in detail I took the liberty to somewhat design my version of a vixen for the species.

Unfortunetly that's all I had time for today, but hoped you would like it regardless! Soon I'll make a NSFW version with some pose studies for Nick!


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 15

Fri Dec 29 23:11:48 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3


The End!

Thank you for all your support!

It was a great inspiration to see the interest for this comic!

Hope to see you all soon for the next comic project too!

Best of wishes,


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 15 - WIP

Thu Dec 28 18:32:59 2017

Hello again! Doing my best to give a light hearted finish for the comic!
After that I got a lot of plans for 2018 starting with opening the first sketch suggestion box, along with other projects!


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 14

Sun Dec 24 02:40:09 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3


NEXT PAGE: WorkInProgress


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 14 - WIP

Fri Dec 22 11:37:04 2017

Hello again lewd crew!

Work got really busy in the holiday rush, so I couldn't devote as much time to drawing as I wanted, but hopedfully I can still finish the comic next week! Only 2 mode pages to go and one of them is this!

I had some dilemma deciding, whenever I should leave this surprise cameo of another of my favorite ships to the last page or I should leave just some WildeHopps cuddling to, but I wanted to do it, so here they are!

Basically you can guess if you don't mind the spoiler (You wouldn't watch WIP pages if you do) that here Nick asks Judy who gave her he idea to use a fox costume to seduce him in the first place, and the answer comes with an image!

Hope you guys like it!


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 13

Tue Dec 12 00:12:09 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3


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FoxyTeaser - PAGE 13 - WIP

Tue Dec 5 23:06:54 2017

WorkInProgress of the next page of FoxyTeaser.

Judy takes control... and the knot!

I really wanted a tricky from below shot, while Judy is hugging the pillow, and from this angle an internal x-ray shot just begs for itself, don't you think?

Hope to finish this page before the weekend!


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 12

Sun Dec 3 01:24:26 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3


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FoxyTeaser - PAGE 12 - WIP

Fri Nov 17 22:39:20 2017

My greatest dilemma with this page:
Should Nick hold the phone next to his own head or way back to his ears?

In all seriousness, the second option just looks weird and would be probably uncomfortable to hold a phone like that for a long period of time, so I guess Nick holds the phone close to the base of his ear.


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 11

Tue Nov 14 21:45:38 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3


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FoxyTeaser - PAGE 11 - WIP

Thu Nov 9 22:44:32 2017

WorkInProgress of the next page of FoxyTeaser.

You didn't think that the long exposition with the vixen and the phone was for nothing, did you?


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 10

Thu Nov 9 22:34:32 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3


NEXT PAGE: WorkInProgress


FoxyTeaser - PAGE 09

Thu Nov 9 22:30:00 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 08

Thu Nov 9 22:25:34 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 07

Thu Nov 9 22:24:10 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 06

Thu Nov 9 22:16:07 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 05

Thu Nov 9 22:13:40 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 04

Thu Nov 9 22:11:34 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more.Discovering this, they bothlook forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 03

Thu Nov 9 22:09:27 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 02

Thu Nov 9 22:06:26 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 01

Thu Nov 9 22:03:30 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3




FoxyTeaser - PAGE 00

Thu Nov 9 21:28:33 2017

Short description:
Zootopia's finests partners and best friends, secretly both wish for their relationship to become something more. Discovering this, they both look forward for a fun night <3


About the comic:
My first ever adult zootopia comic and hopefully not the last. I came up with the concept for this early in 2017, but went through so many rewrites that I only started drawing it around April.
I had a lot of fun trying to think this one up and build a somewhat decent story around Judy trying to win over Nick by dressing up as a fox.


Stuffed Bunny Bun - with Nick and Judy

Wed Nov 1 20:53:32 2017

Special request about everyone's favorite fox bunny duo enjoying experimenting with the backdoor.


Winged sedution - with Lucy

Wed Nov 1 20:49:08 2017

A really lewd little vampire bat created by upplet. Enjoy!


Pawpad Appreciation - with Jack and Skye

Wed Nov 1 20:46:31 2017

Bunnies don't have any which just makes Jack more fascinated with Skye's soft, squishy pawpads. Can we blaim him?


Lewd Maned Wolf - with Lucas

Wed Nov 1 20:42:58 2017

What we have here is a very lewd maned wolf named Lucas. Be wary my friends, he is ready for he party.


Lewdgoose - with Terry

Wed Nov 1 20:37:19 2017

A certain tubedude was extreemly lewd. Terry a.k.a just_a_signature had to be punished, severely.


Clinging - with Desmond and Molly

Wed Nov 1 20:28:47 2017

Anonymous request for a lovely scene of Desmond and Molly who were created by Chumpyzoot.


Happy Halloween with Anneke

Tue Oct 31 23:48:04 2017

The seductive aardwolf twin from TGWeaver's epic zootopia fanfiction, PackStreet, is having a little fun with festive activities.