Choose Your Style YCHs!

Tue Oct 13 16:13:43 2020

Claim any of these in whatever tier you'd like! Exclusive to Patreon for the day before going live tomorrow! Can do any species and can make some minor alterations to these

Info/Prices on my current tiers:


Untitled_Artwork_1.png Untitled_Artwork_3.png Untitled_Artwork_1.png Untitled_Artwork_2.png

Commission Opening!

Mon Oct 12 17:18:01 2020

Only going to have slots for five this week , fill a form if you're interested and reply here when you do so I can invoice you :3! I am wrapping up a batch right now and will be uploading between today and tomorrow! These slots will go to public tomorrow as well!


Choose Your Style YCHs!

Wed Oct 7 23:18:03 2020

Claim any of these in whatever tier you'd like! Exclusive to Patreon for the day before going live tomorrow! Can do any species and can make some minor alterations to these!

1,2,4 and 5 are taken!

Info/Prices on my current tiers:


IMG_1294.PNG IMG_1295.PNG IMG_1296.PNG IMG_1297.PNG IMG_1298.PNG IMG_1299.PNG

Commissions Open!

Thu Sep 24 17:01:07 2020

Gonna be working on a lot of art this weekend and I have 4 slots to fill before putting them on public in two days :3! Also comment below if there's anything you'd like to see for the pinup this month! <3

Price List: https://www.pupbiitreats.com/order-a-commission.html

Order Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejaKKrDfvS2rdxBEWPk9Y17b2hwBrnlyII0i81lZEIgdXzvw/viewform

Let me know when a form has been submitted so I can check it ASAP <3 Thanks!

Commission Opening!

Thu Sep 3 20:49:31 2020

Hey everyone! I'm only going to open for four slots at this time , first grabs on Patreon 2 days before going live!

Price List: https://www.pupbiitreats.com/order-a-commission.html

Order Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejaKKrDfvS2rdxBEWPk9Y17b2hwBrnlyII0i81lZEIgdXzvw/viewform

Let me know when a form has been submitted so I can check it ASAP <3 Thanks!

July + August Sponsored Images

Wed Sep 2 01:40:02 2020

Gonna start considering my patrons characters to do these sponsored images <3 So have two for July and August of some of my favs!

IMG_1261.PNG IMG_1262.PNG

August 1 HDs

Wed Sep 2 01:37:45 2020

Hello! Sorry for my long hiatus, was dealing with a pretty bad eye injury (still am!) and just adjusting to my new work schedule since I got another job! Anyway, HDs will now include patreon rewards rather than 2 separate posts! Enjoy <3!

afevis.PNG deanblitz2.PNG deanblitz.PNG deanblitz1.PNG deanblitz3.PNG deanblitz4.PNG deanblitz5.PNG skyeenabeans.PNG skyeenabeans1.PNG sovy.PNG aFuturnaught.png Blueskyy.png iceladen.png SauceTriscuitT.PNG SauceTriscuitT1.PNG

June Sponsored Image

Thu Jul 2 04:29:31 2020

Hey guys! This was the series for June but I sat on it for the whole month because I was not feeling very confident in the linework :( But! I redid a lot and now I am very happy to share it with you all! Hahah aaAAAAAAHHHHH a five set of this image /)w(\;;; Hope you like it!!

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png

July 1 WIPs

Thu Jul 2 04:25:36 2020

IMG_1153.PNG IMG_1158.PNG IMG_1160.PNG IMG_1159.PNG IMG_1157.PNG IMG_1161.PNG IMG_1164.PNG IMG_1165.PNG IMG_1166.PNG IMG_1167.PNG IMG_1168.PNG IMG_1169.PNG IMG_1170.PNG IMG_1171.PNG IMG_1172.PNG IMG_1173.PNG IMG_1141.PNG IMG_1142.PNG IMG_1143.PNG IMG_1145.PNG IMG_1146.PNG IMG_1147.jpg IMG_1148.jpg IMG_1149.PNG

May - Roman Morning After

Mon May 25 04:54:11 2020

POV you both hooked up last night and had another round on you before they left home, wyd? ;)

May_-_Roman_Morning_After.png May_-_Roman_Morning_After_No_Words.png

Animal Crossing Pinup Pack

Mon May 25 04:51:15 2020

Hey everyone! This pack is to make up for Feb/March/April being lackluster with my sponsored images, hope you enjoy :3c

Audie.png Audie_Nude.png Flick.png Raymond.png

May 14 HDs

Mon May 25 04:45:30 2020

tired.png usbfigT_trde.png Wolfizen_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png 13problemcatT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png Akira_FeligonT_Rough_Sketch.png zzamamee_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png vanderlugt_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png who_is_she.png WanderlynxT_Rough_Sketch.png Atty_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png batch_11_ALL.png batch_12_ALL.png big_ass_strap_lmao.png Caodhan_Refined_Sketch_Type_B.png CindersADT_2_Rough_Sketch.png CindersADT_Rough_Sketch.png DougTheHuskyT_Rough_Sketch_Bust.png fenharis.png fenharisT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png fistbaneT.png GeministarrwolfT_Rough_Sketch.png GolferNinja.png her_but_in_monochrome.png her.png keitelwuffT_Rough_Sketch.png maid_bandit.png MasterDraco_Refined_Sketch_Type_A_for_friend_AlienSymbol.png nickthedragon_1.png nickthedragon_2.png nickthedragon_combined.png phone_sex_nastiee.png pupcrnT_Rough_Sketch.png Quiqdraw_Cel_Shade.png Quiqdraw_Sketch_Type_A.png Rendrils.png roman_ref.png Ruedi_CassT.png scawwy_monsturrs.png ShortnHorny_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png Skyesby_Rough_Sketch.png ShortnHorny2_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png STRIBESAMAT_Cutsom_Twitter_Banner.png STRIBESAMAT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png sovy_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png Strikercue12_Refined_Sketch_Type_B_Nude_Version.png SynAfterDark_Rough_Sketch.png the_veli_ram_Sketch_Type_A.png STRIBESAMAT_2Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png the_veli_ram_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png Strikercue12_Refined_Sketch_Type_B.png Tigerlover1_Cel_Shaded.png

May 14 WIPs

Mon May 25 04:43:53 2020

IMG_1102.PNG IMG_1103.PNG IMG_1105.PNG IMG_1108.PNG IMG_1109.PNG IMG_1110.PNG IMG_1045.PNG IMG_1046.PNG IMG_1049.PNG IMG_1050.PNG IMG_1051.PNG IMG_1055.PNG IMG_1057.PNG IMG_1058.PNG IMG_1059.PNG IMG_1060.PNG IMG_1061.PNG IMG_1063.PNG IMG_1064.PNG IMG_1065.PNG IMG_1066.PNG IMG_1070.PNG IMG_1071.PNG IMG_1072.PNG IMG_1073.PNG IMG_1074.PNG IMG_1075.PNG IMG_1077.PNG IMG_1078.PNG IMG_1100.PNG

January Sponsored Image

Tue Jan 28 23:48:47 2020

So you can probably already tell Im wildly obsessed with JJBA and I just can't stop drawing it lmfao! Anyway, been reading SBR recently, and I fell in love with Diego Brando, he reminds me a lot of my character Greyjoy in mannerisms and those gnarly teeth! Two versions here <3

Untitled_Artwork_3.png Untitled_Artwork_2.png

Jan 14 WIPs

Tue Jan 14 22:55:21 2020

IMG_0920.PNG IMG_0923.PNG IMG_0921.PNG IMG_0922.PNG IMG_0924.PNG IMG_0925.PNG IMG_0809.PNG IMG_0812.PNG IMG_0811.PNG IMG_0813.PNG IMG_0814.PNG IMG_0834.PNG IMG_0835.PNG IMG_0836.PNG IMG_0895.PNG IMG_0900.PNG IMG_0899.PNG IMG_0897.PNG IMG_0896.PNG IMG_0898.PNG IMG_0894.PNG IMG_0901.PNG IMG_0902.PNG IMG_0903.PNG IMG_0904.PNG IMG_0905.PNG IMG_0906.PNG IMG_0907.PNG IMG_0908.PNG IMG_0909.PNG IMG_0910.PNG IMG_0911.PNG IMG_0912.PNG IMG_0913.PNG IMG_0914.PNG IMG_0915.PNG IMG_0916.PNG IMG_0917.PNG IMG_0918.PNG IMG_0919.PNG

Jan 14 HDs

Tue Jan 14 22:54:40 2020

AmbientDreamer_Digital_Painting.png SiliconSlyWolf_Digital_Painting_Internal_Version.png Andrewgo34_Digital_Painting.png DestayeenT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png personal_-_boots.png personal_-_tastes_sweet.png MechanicalChicken_Digital_Painting.png SiliconSlyWolf_Digital_Painting.png SnowcatAffyT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png StormGryphon_Digital_Painting_Cum_Version.png StormGryphon_Digital_Painting.png STRIBESAMAT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png VooDooOtterT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png WanderlynxT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png Whisper_Digital_Painting_Dark_Version.png Whisper_Digital_Painting.png zerobuck2T_3_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png

Dec 24 HDs

Wed Dec 25 02:12:05 2019

Camille846_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png Camille846_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png CalvinTheBuckT_Rough_Sketch.png DeerFreckleT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png KrutonagaT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png 650twofaceT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png DrDiddlyBT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png Keebies_digital_painting.png KrutonagaT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored_2.png poetfoxT_Rough_Sketch.png Redwishy_Rough_Sketch.png Shephard_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png SkyeenabeansT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png softsnepT_Rough_Sketch.png Stormy_Rough_Sketch.png trebl900_Rough_Sketch.png Vanslee_Refined_Sketch_Type_B.png zerobuck2T_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png zonkedbadgerT_Rough_Sketch.png

Dec 24 WIPs

Wed Dec 25 02:11:12 2019

IMG_0738.PNG IMG_0738.PNG IMG_0740.PNG IMG_0737.PNG IMG_0739.PNG IMG_0741.PNG IMG_0742.PNG IMG_0743.PNG IMG_0744.PNG IMG_0747.PNG IMG_0746.PNG IMG_0745.PNG IMG_0749.PNG IMG_0750.PNG IMG_0753.PNG IMG_0754.PNG IMG_0775.PNG IMG_0776.PNG IMG_0777.PNG IMG_0778.PNG IMG_0779.PNG

December - Valentino Paw Shot Pinup

Wed Dec 25 02:09:15 2019

A cute pinup of a new character I have, Valentino! He's just a kitty, but with really nice puds >3c Enjoy!!


Dec 11 WIPs

Thu Dec 12 01:14:59 2019

IMG_0631.PNG IMG_0704.PNG IMG_0632.JPG IMG_0645.PNG IMG_0646.PNG IMG_0649.PNG IMG_0652.PNG IMG_0654.PNG IMG_0648.PNG IMG_0643.PNG IMG_0658.PNG IMG_0666.PNG IMG_0705.PNG IMG_0650.PNG IMG_0655.PNG IMG_0656.PNG IMG_0657.PNG IMG_0677.PNG IMG_0689.PNG IMG_0662.PNG IMG_0698.PNG IMG_0663.PNG IMG_0699.PNG IMG_0701.PNG IMG_0702.PNG IMG_0706.PNG IMG_0664.PNG IMG_0707.PNG IMG_0708.PNG IMG_0709.PNG IMG_0711.PNG IMG_0710.PNG IMG_0712.PNG IMG_0713.PNG IMG_0714.PNG IMG_0715.PNG IMG_0717.PNG IMG_0716.PNG

Dec 11 HDs

Thu Dec 12 00:53:13 2019

cowboy_bust_a_nut.png cowboy_experimental_bust.png cowboy_concept_1.png experiment_brush_2.png experiment_brush.png ref_sheet_personal.png the_veli_ram_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png Zerobuck2T_Rough_Sketch.png talldoggoT_Rough_Sketch.png SkyeenabeansT_2_Refined_Sketch_Type_B.png SkyeenabeansT_Refined_Sketch_Type_B.png zerobuck2T_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png mazdakitcatT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png DeerfreckleT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png batch_10_ALL.png kalibus91T.png NomadTaistealT.png Frostik.png Dragoneill.png

Dec 1 HDs

Mon Dec 2 02:17:45 2019

FynikzAT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png LykaiosGarouT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png skyeenabeansT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png skyeenabeansT2_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png VizDogT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png DeerfreckleT_Rough_Sketch_Uncolored.png

Nov 30 Patreon Rewards

Sun Dec 1 07:17:30 2019

Cyndrec2.png Cyndrec.png afevis.png deanblitz.png justmonster.png skyeenabeans.png spoonyfox.png Spoonyfox2.png triscuit.png

Nov 24 HDs

Mon Nov 25 05:16:11 2019

Camille846.png for_megan.png elektro.png cyber-fiber-optics.png Keebies.png Practice.png SkyeenabeansT.png ShimiMaruiT.png SkyeenabeansT2.png tivofoxT.png

Nov 24 WIPs

Mon Nov 25 05:15:28 2019

IMG_0628.PNG IMG_0628.PNG IMG_0608.PNG IMG_0617.PNG IMG_0605.PNG IMG_0620.PNG IMG_0621.PNG IMG_0619.PNG IMG_0623.PNG IMG_0622.PNG IMG_0624.PNG IMG_0625.PNG IMG_0626.PNG IMG_0627.PNG

November - Rook Bucciarati Lace

Sun Nov 17 01:39:54 2019

Really loved how Bucciarati's Lace looked in P5 of jjba so I just could not resist drawing my sona in it <<;; I also include a nude version!

November_-_Rook_Bucciarati_Lace.png November_-_Rook_Bucciarati_Lace_Nude.png

November 16 WIPs

Sun Nov 17 01:38:07 2019

IMG_0541.PNG IMG_0542.PNG IMG_0543.PNG IMG_0548.PNG IMG_0544.PNG IMG_0549.PNG IMG_0554.PNG IMG_0555.PNG IMG_0557.PNG IMG_0558.PNG IMG_0572.PNG IMG_0573.PNG IMG_0574.PNG IMG_0575.PNG

November 16 HDs

Sun Nov 17 01:37:18 2019

Tons of Jos this round, getting to more nsfw this week ^^;

batch_8_ALL.png batch_9_ALL.png Chompii.png ctylover.png dinoyeenT.png Foxera.png Fynikz.png GoodestBoyJonT.png kelldurrtT.png pupbiiT.png TsudodogT.png Kyrengraves.png

Sponsored Monthly Image Livestream!

Sun Nov 10 23:49:31 2019

This is for patrons only, thank you for supporting me! :D Hope to see you soon! Use this key to get in!



November 3 HDs

Mon Nov 4 07:20:59 2019

batch_7_ALL.png Circle_The_Sheep.png Levassi.png Nothingtosay.png plaguefoxii.png sarki.png Yagi_B.png conoyl_Rough_Sketch.png Vydras_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png Dean_Blitz_Refined_Sketch_Type_A_2.png Dean_Blitz_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png heratio1000_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png Tali_Trade.png latios4_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png

November 3 WIPs

Mon Nov 4 07:17:43 2019

IMG_0500.PNG IMG_0501.PNG IMG_0508.PNG IMG_0504.PNG IMG_0502.PNG IMG_0505.PNG IMG_0503.PNG IMG_0509.PNG IMG_0510.PNG IMG_0525.PNG IMG_0526.PNG IMG_0527.PNG IMG_0528.PNG IMG_0529.PNG IMG_0530.PNG IMG_0531.PNG IMG_0533.PNG IMG_0532.PNG IMG_0536.PNG IMG_0535.PNG IMG_0537.PNG

October 24 HDs

Fri Oct 25 04:37:31 2019

zerobuck2_T.png batch_6_ALL.png Cackledog_T.png Camille846_2_v2.png Camille846_2.png Camille846_v2.png Camille846.png CRYPTllD_T.png demi_dragons_T.png discomilf.png facemask_again_pathetic.PNG JadeiteFox__T.png Quiqdraw.png ragingmunk_T.png Varaxous_T.png

October 24 WIPs

Fri Oct 25 04:35:56 2019

IMG_0444.PNG IMG_0460.PNG IMG_0445.PNG IMG_0451.PNG IMG_0457.PNG IMG_0456.JPG IMG_0452.PNG IMG_0446.PNG IMG_0450.PNG IMG_0462.PNG IMG_0475.PNG IMG_0477.PNG IMG_0476.PNG IMG_0478.PNG IMG_0479.PNG IMG_0480.PNG IMG_0481.PNG IMG_0482.PNG

October Patreon Rewards

Thu Oct 17 01:59:17 2019

afevis.png afevis.png Chompii.png justmonster.png Skyeenabeans.png sovy.png

October 16 WIPs

Thu Oct 17 01:58:19 2019

IMG_0417.PNG IMG_0419.PNG IMG_0420.PNG IMG_0418.PNG IMG_0421.PNG IMG_0422.PNG IMG_0423.PNG IMG_0424.PNG IMG_0425.PNG IMG_0426.PNG IMG_0427.PNG IMG_0444.PNG IMG_0445.PNG IMG_0386.PNG IMG_0387.PNG IMG_0409.PNG IMG_0410.jpg IMG_0411.PNG IMG_0413.PNG IMG_0414.PNG IMG_0415.PNG IMG_0416.PNG

October 16 HDs

Thu Oct 17 01:57:21 2019

arkylarky_Trade.png ragingmunkT_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png shephard_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png

More Updates!!!

Fri Oct 11 07:27:25 2019

Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in real quick right before I have my mom come visit this weekend :D! I might not upload until a few days while shes in town, and Im still trying to get my Vimeo account integration figured out so when that's all sorted I'll be able to post some progress videos!

I also added a new tier : Magic Bee! This one is $30 per month and you get all Mega Bee rewards + a monthly chibi headshot! I want to remind that all my rewards are stackable!

2 Headshots -> 1 Bust | 2 Busts -> 1 Full Body
(And of course 2 character full body if 2 months of Legendary are pledged!)

Also!! My discord is now up and running the way it should be thanks to Triscuit whos been helping me out with it :D! So be sure to check in to the channel now that I'm able to use it right haha! Thanks so much for supporting me and hope you all have a great weekend!!!

October - Murphy Self Fuck

Tue Oct 8 02:51:49 2019


Oct 7 HDs

Tue Oct 8 02:50:49 2019

AntlerStubsT.png AntlerStubsT.png batch_5_ALL.png batch_4_ALL.png bdebone2T.png batch_3_ALL.png Both_Screenshot.png DigitalHowlT_Refined_Sketch_Type_A_2.png CaffeineCattoT.png dirtyrenamon_digital_painting.png DigitalHowlT_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png dpandaboxT.png HaeghwindT.png hexperimentcatT.png HuxleyFurT.png LoyalAlvern_Cel_Shaded.png MooremuttT.png mosstheopossumT_Refined_Sketch_Type_B.png pandoras_foxoT.png ragingmunkT.png rags_kunT.png ReyathaeT.png screenshot_1.png tabledkatT.png Vydras_Refined_Sketch_Type_A.png zerobuck2T_Rough_Sketch.png

Oct 7 WIPs

Tue Oct 8 02:48:57 2019

IMG_0331.PNG IMG_0338.PNG IMG_0333.PNG IMG_0335.PNG IMG_0332.PNG IMG_0336.PNG IMG_0334.PNG IMG_0337.PNG IMG_0348.PNG IMG_0349.PNG IMG_0351.PNG IMG_0350.PNG IMG_0352.PNG IMG_0354.PNG IMG_0355.PNG IMG_0356.PNG IMG_0373.PNG IMG_0376.PNG IMG_0377.PNG IMG_0378.PNG IMG_0379.PNG IMG_0380.PNG IMG_0381.PNG IMG_0382.PNG IMG_0383.PNG IMG_0384.PNG IMG_0385.PNG

Uploading Images!

Mon Sep 23 01:50:41 2019

Wow so it took me THIS LONG to realize that you can upload like gallery style here , and I was just linking my Dropbox stuff to showcase multiple images per post. I feel very silly, but better late than never I guess! I hope this will be better for you all to view my things :D Enjoy!

Sept 22 Patreon Rewards

Mon Sep 23 01:46:53 2019

Cyndrec.png deanblitz.png sovy.png

Sept 22 HD Files

Mon Sep 23 01:45:24 2019

Vydras_Procreate_Commission.png wattlendaubT.png Zerobuck2T.png GeckFrendoT.png batch_1_ALL.png bigrottiedawg_digital_painting_2.png AnyaOQuinnT_Raffle_Bust.png Zephiro_Colored_Sketch.png gavinstien_Procreate_Commission.png Caesar_Joseph.png batch_2_ALL.png bigrottiedawg_digital_painting.png captaincandroT_Raffle_Full.png Conoyl_Colored_Sketch.png darkfawks_Colored_Sketch.png crawfish_is_babey.jpg Dean_Blitz_Procreate_Commission.png Gingersnaps_Procreate_Commission.png Gingersnaps_Colored_Sketch.png Hayate594T.png Irritating.jpg kaimtimeT.png KarayneOrShineT.png Little_Forest_Boy.png Lonmo_Alt_Version_Colored_Sketch.png Lonmo_Colored_Sketch.png makyo_2_Colored_Sketch.png makyo_Colored_Sketch.png MartyBigBurrT.png needs_name_2.jpg needs_name.jpg oh_youre_approaching_me.jpg Paige_ForsythT.png PIBBLEBITCHT.png Puca_Trade_2.png Puca_Trade.png Quiqdraw_Colored_Sketch.png Shadydog_Colored_Sketch.png silveraltomare_Colored_Sketch.png theaeronibT_Colored_Sketch.png VintageCoyote_Trade.PNG VveizzT.png

Sept 22 WIPs

Mon Sep 23 01:42:31 2019

EDf6HlIU8AAKods.jpg EDf6HlIU8AAKods.jpg EE8KBZuUUAElDGY.jpg EDGMV09VAAETIco.jpg EB1iXKpU8AAIfSh.jpg EETxMXpU0AEJIFq.jpg EBuZwArUcAA0gYl.jpg ECf0a5hUIAA21lI.jpg ED0db3kVUAAKSuB.jpg ED0db44UcAAB_I0.jpg ED0dby7U4AAlIof.jpg ED0dbyDUUAAAggm.jpg ED4kj51UUAAy_M1.jpg ED4loMDVAAA5knd.jpg ED5AIfbVUAArCZv.jpg EDf_KWbUwAIV1vq.jpg EDf_KWeUUAAu6lC.jpg EDf_KXWU0AACK20.jpg EDf6aTWUUAAts57.jpg

September - Golden Boy

Mon Sep 23 01:38:55 2019

Im really bad!! At loving characters so much and not being able to name them D:! Anyway, enjoy my new doberman character my partner designed and I dressed him all up ;3c

September_-_Golden_Boy_Alt.png September_-_Golden_Boy.png

Sept 22 Progress Videos

Mon Sep 23 01:32:01 2019


September Updates!

Sat Sep 21 02:46:20 2019

Hey everyone , hope you all have been well! Just wanted to let everyone know that for this upcoming month of October, I will be repricing my upper two tiers to reflect my current ability/prices! $40 will now become $60 which will merit a reward in a bust, and $80 will become $100 which will still merit a full body sketch (still can stack these rewards as before). I also will be redoing some of how I post/what benefits will be offered for the sake of keeping things streamlined for you all!

I have a whole LOT to share with you in the next day or so and I'm excited for the changes to come, plus I will be redoing a bunch of my branding here! Thank you all for supporting me and my work!! <3

WIPs Batch 11

Wed Aug 21 07:20:51 2019


August Rewards HD

Wed Aug 21 07:18:48 2019


August 21 - HD

Wed Aug 21 07:14:13 2019


August 21 Update - Large Illustrations

Wed Aug 21 07:11:41 2019


Procreate Commissions B12HD

Wed Aug 21 07:05:56 2019

Batch 12:



July + August Pinup

Wed Aug 21 06:13:00 2019

Hey guys! Sorry for the wait but I'm back and on track with everything now that I'm settled in nicely after the move! Hope you enjoy this hot two character piece of my new sona and my partners character Rodeo! Yeehaw :9


August Update!

Fri Aug 2 08:38:18 2019

Hey everyone, just popping in real quick to do a little update! I just got settled in to our new place in San Diego, and it was a tremendous move. I still have a lot to unpack and get sorted, and get used to a new overnight schedule/hours! It's been really nuts, especially having to go back and forth to our old apartment thats at least 50 minutes away to wrap stuff up, aaaa I haven't really worked much in July :'( . I'm going to be contacting everyone that pledges for their drawn monthly reward in a couple hours to collect refs + what they want <3 These should be done this upcoming week, and I will be getting two pinups drawn as well (one for July and one for August!) . Thanks a lot for being so patient and supportive of my work while this move is finalized!! :D Hope everyone has been well!

July 10 Update - HD

Thu Jul 11 21:39:55 2019


July 1 Update - HD

Mon Jul 1 21:00:54 2019


WIPs Batch 10

Wed Jun 26 01:49:37 2019


June Patreon Pinup - RK HD

Wed Jun 26 01:47:55 2019

Enjoy both versions of this piece! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vvnhm3kh9ws0uig/AADQMsutnzoFkjD9Uk1ndYEWa?dl=0


Procreate Commissions B10+11HD

Wed Jun 26 01:29:10 2019

Batch 10 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/12uie3a350ly8l1/AACjRklNgIV0IOt8S_ssiQnAa?dl=0

Batch 11 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bkff0qg5d187bmx/AACVuCj30Q7d0xwGYehUosixa?dl=0


June 3 + 25 Update - HD

Wed Jun 26 01:24:53 2019

June 3 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qqzrrksjb5c4r80/AADsn0SyqU3QLmtRQtjp5snFa?dl=0

June 25 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a98w06fkiam40b9/AAD4Li_IUToV62ddKGNyLFIOa?dl=0


May Adopt Base

Sat Jun 1 04:58:08 2019

Yay! So this is new, but since I hit my first Patreon goal, I am able to offer one adopt base each month! This one is just a little puppie, but I hope you enjoy them! You may use these lines for your own personal characters + adopts for sell, just be sure to credit me ^^! Enjoy!


WIPs Batch 9

Sat Jun 1 02:35:18 2019


April + May Rewards HD

Sat Jun 1 02:34:11 2019


May 15 + 31Update - HD

Sat Jun 1 02:31:45 2019

May 15 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qoekdyyzyg9zdc5/AACLSL0egXHm2sxMRndG8_3Ka?dl=0

May 31 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9izzavhqfq7tdqv/AACeRtCqfUa0aYLZOL5hs-6Aa?dl=0


Procreate Commissions B8+9 Progress Video

Sat Jun 1 02:29:52 2019

Batch 8 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yi74lg6df5emf6p/AAD89a7xsxvEUdEhE-OQR4Y9a?dl=0q8G0VdfTHWea?dl=0

Batch 9 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t0m28za5l6gmdq4/AADYtSSA6waTIBbKWqa4KYvHa?dl=0


Procreate Commissions B8+9HD

Sat Jun 1 02:27:38 2019

Batch 8 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7qcb4ug0tfwmowh/AACgUGLP9-fQCkIlxjdVzc5pa?dl=0

Batch 9 :https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pcin0tchsg60u06/AAAEuEzzbfZX2Zt63-CoFvBwa?dl=0


May Patreon Pinup - Priest Zoi HD

Sat Jun 1 02:25:17 2019

Still trying to come up with a name for this dude, which is why I held off on posting this for a bit, but nothing good is sticking yet, oh well!! I love this new character so much! Enjoy both versions of this piece!



Recent Uploads!

Tue May 7 03:57:16 2019

Hey everyone, I hope you've been liking my recent things! I know I'm just a bit behind with rewards/pinups but that should be all up to date in the next two weeks at most! I just recently found out we were moving this summer + a pretty serious family emergency so that really got in the way of some catching up aaaaa. I'm glad to say I'm almost there though <3! Thank you all for always being so understanding and supporting my work!!!!

WIPs Batch 8 (Mega Pack)

Tue May 7 03:55:19 2019

About 100 or so in this one!


March Rewards HD

Tue May 7 03:47:21 2019


May 6 Update - HD

Tue May 7 03:45:09 2019


Procreate Commissions B6+7 Progress Video

Tue May 7 03:42:32 2019

Batch 6 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1trehy7op6i0jjd/AAC3oNegUDSNSq8G0VdfTHWea?dl=0

Batch 7 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/acv51oufpun3fpr/AABc4m1RpbNRfVGwOZ4vAdyYa?dl=0


Procreate Commissions B6+7HD

Tue May 7 03:39:02 2019

Batch 6 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0bdf66dqgy74466/AABmczx99gM3bkiL5_9t1Ekua?dl=0

Batch 7 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4644k4fp79rbjlc/AAA8zhDiSN352bk7RZLIyfdRa?dl=0

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_26664957_35f89f35d6d4411a8519b07dd5312c5a_2.pngtoken-time1558483200token-hashcuoqKP4vNRIKsalEWLS9JrqEjDF0UmtedvjBAVB5ack3D (d)

May 6 Update - Large Illustrations

Tue May 7 03:28:33 2019


April Patreon Pinup - Rosé HD

Tue May 7 03:25:57 2019

My newest kitty character, Rosé! Two versions of this pinup are available! Enjoy!



March Patreon Pinup - Modesta HD

Thu Mar 28 05:08:18 2019

This month , showcasing Modesta in celebration of me getting her as a fursuit this month! :D Hope you enjoy!!


February Rewards HD

Thu Mar 28 05:03:05 2019


Procreate Commissions (Batch 4+5) Progress Video

Thu Mar 28 05:01:37 2019

Batch 4 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hibksvf6vhln5f2/AACM_KNkRENsSUREHvdymSRwa?dl=0

Batch 5 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9m315qjmo74g618/AABbCgP_s2KlX3bTFa1NG-Jxa?dl=0


Procreate Commissions (Batch 4+5) HD

Thu Mar 28 04:54:27 2019

Batch 4 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4te0446o3gb7c9h/AACTFbvibbJib5KKu7dLBJTla?dl=0

Batch 5 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5dm892a646t3kux/AACLyeuHc8f8_cJvRZHFPlPxa?dl=0


March 14+26 Update HD

Thu Mar 28 04:51:20 2019

March 14th Batch : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ga77eol4ekwlt9x/AADxRhGlmUDWhjO98MwqvoEya?dl=0

March 26th Batch : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/apm7y7lafaqvev2/AACvKuAF5QNt1py7Ji4L6OAua?dl=0


March 27 Update - Large Illustrations

Thu Mar 28 04:48:51 2019


December+ January Patreon Rewards HD

Mon Mar 4 23:57:37 2019

This post I totally forgot to post earlier in the midst of all that prep , but I also included progress videos for this one ! <3


February Patreon Pinup - Greyjoy HD

Mon Mar 4 23:34:47 2019

A little late on posting this one here I'm sorry! Had a bunch of getting ready for my yearly family trip this year (and came back from last week had a great time seeing everyone again!!) but now I'm back on schedule! =) I will have Marchs pinup ready in about a week as well as Feb+Marchs rewards!! Thanks so much for your support <3 Hope you enjoy all my recent uploads!


WIPs Batch 7

Mon Mar 4 23:31:40 2019

About 50 pieces in this one including a couple personal doodles! Enjoy =) !


Procreate Commissions (Batch 3) HD

Mon Mar 4 23:29:15 2019


Procreate Commissions (Batch 2) HD

Mon Mar 4 23:26:40 2019


Procreate Commissions - Early Purchase!

Sat Feb 9 01:16:45 2019

Just fill this form out if you're interested in a slot =) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIW_-vCz5CiD6QTMmBa5YxC60SAAGYj_WQIbpBId9ji3D3hQ/viewform

I only will have 8 slots again for sale, and will be done the latest a week from payment!

Tutorials + Tips : 1

Fri Feb 8 22:58:04 2019

Hey guys!! Just doing something NEW for my $5+ patrons! Just reflects on my inking brush + where to get them ,and how to install on the iPad program Procreate! Hope you enjoy!

My Tutorial Video : https://www.dropbox.com/s/b27di7ca7lp1jvt/Tips1.mov?dl=0

Brushes : https://sellfy.com/p/Z1ae/

Video how to install : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aj_kYdMugM

Procreate Commissions (Batch 1) HD

Wed Feb 6 00:52:30 2019


Shibari YCHs HD

Wed Feb 6 00:49:44 2019


WIPs Batch 6 (Mega Pack)

Wed Feb 6 00:47:04 2019

Hey everyone! I got about 120 or so WIP files here from around December to now! Whew thats a LOT of art lmfao, enjoy =)

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_24499193_d8124f6304f74c508bdfff8baa223f8c_1token-time1550620800token-hashllfzkvZVfWs3JiBqutKMFZN_J7I94jPrwpJ5p0SubRA3D (d)

Post day!

Tue Feb 5 22:13:02 2019

Getting around to posting a lot of stuff today here finally including Patreon rewards! I had to do a little bit of updating the tiers today to add benefits and adjust some of the rewards. My prices for these things changed the past couple months so I just had to make a little bit of adjustments so it wouldn't overload me (and so I didnt hike up Patreon tiers costs). Anyway thank you so much for supporting my work, especially while I'm still trying to get my bearings on how this all works haha!

A question!!

Fri Feb 1 01:34:25 2019

How many of you would like if I just dropped offering PSD files and replaced that with more videos of my works in progress? Its a bit of a hassle to save so many different kinds of files including the PSD, so I just wanted to see everyones input on this! I'd love to upload more videos for you guys if thats what you prefer , but i dont want to take it upon myself if you all really like PSDs ;O;!! Let me know what you think, please dont hold back a comment !! <3

Micro YCH Batch 3 , Early Access!

Sun Jan 27 06:37:44 2019

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


Micro YCHs HD

Tue Jan 22 02:46:17 2019


January 20 Update HD

Tue Jan 22 02:40:09 2019

Two folders for this update! One has Misc YCHs , enjoy! =)




Kinkymoth Progress Video

Sat Jan 19 00:33:56 2019

Just a sweet boy Oliver had a DAY and a half runnin around being dirty! Enjoy the progress video =)!https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s5d7qji3jpl4wkz/AADnQcSgsaNA5-2x2C0nReyza?dl=0 (embed for Patreon isn't working for me!)


Hyper YCH Batch 2 , Early Access!

Sat Jan 19 00:00:02 2019

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


Hyper YCH Batch 1 , Early Access!

Sat Jan 12 06:53:57 2019

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


January Patreon Pinup - Wyatt HD

Mon Jan 7 04:07:23 2019

A very cute pinup of my newest character, Wyatt! I can't wait to draw more of him! ^^


November+December Patreon Pinup - Greyjoy + RK HD

Mon Jan 7 04:03:00 2019

Did a two character with a full BG to make up for November and Decembers sponsored piece! Featuring my two top characters , Greyjoy and RK ringing in the new year with a bang ;)


Leash Play YCHs HD

Mon Jan 7 03:59:17 2019


December 18 Update HD

Mon Jan 7 03:55:25 2019


Leftover YCHs HD

Mon Jan 7 03:53:01 2019


November Patreon Rewards HD

Mon Jan 7 03:47:25 2019


Cozy Fall YCHs HD

Mon Jan 7 03:44:08 2019


Shibari YCH Batch 1 , Early Access!

Sun Jan 6 08:27:40 2019

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


Micro/Macro YCH Batch 2 , Early Access!

Sat Dec 29 09:20:35 2018

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!



Wed Dec 26 01:24:12 2018

Hey guys I hope you all are having a great Holiday season! I just wanted to let you guys know I have a TON of stuff to upload here very soon, I'm sorry I've been behind again ughghhh!! As soon as we got home from MFF, my partner got VERY sick and had to take a ton of time off work, and I had to take care him/things around the house etc on my own (we even had to go to the ER one night rip.) He is better now! But it was really overwhelming, and I didn't make as many goals as I wanted to :[ .
Anyway, I have November rewards to upload, and a bunch of WIPS + HD/PSDs this week! I also have a two character pinup to post for Nov/Dec sponsored image (WHEW so much!) December rewards will be done within the first week of January, and at that point I will be all caught up (finally!)
I'm planning to redo my Patreon a little bit in the New Year with perks and stuff, and how I upload. I want to do things more on a biweekly (or monthly, not sure yet!) basis, so that way there will be a schedule for us all (and it'll be a lot easier for me too! ) I know that was a lot!! But I haven't posted a lot recently because of MFF crunch/sickness/and now holiday crunch, so I feel bad about that! Here's to a New Year with more organization and hopefully not so much hectic stuff!! <3

Thank you all for supporting me this whole time, you make things so much easier for me and my bills every month, I appreciate you all a ton!!!!

Winter Gift YCH Batch 2 , Early Access!

Sun Dec 16 00:08:29 2018

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


Winter Gift YCH Batch 1 , Early Access!

Sat Dec 8 01:36:58 2018

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


Solo Fun YCHs Batch 1, 2 + 3 HD

Mon Nov 26 00:17:44 2018


November 25 Update HD

Mon Nov 26 00:15:41 2018


Leash Play YCH Batch 1 , Early Access!

Tue Nov 20 07:08:14 2018

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


October Patreon Rewards HD

Tue Nov 20 07:02:55 2018

Hey everyone ! A few weeks late on these ones after a lot of bumps in the road and crunch time for MFF , but December I will be more on schedule for sure! Thank you so much for supporting me <3


WIPs Batch 5

Sun Nov 18 07:04:49 2018

Hey guys!! I have like 75+ WIPs+ my personal doodles in this huge folder !! I've been working like no idea behind the scenes as you can see from these! I'm super sorry about being about 2 weeks behind right now, but I will be uploading Octobers rewards tomorrow as well as asking for new refs this month which will be done right around MFFish, if not immediately after I return. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this upload!!!!!


Little Update!

Sun Nov 4 23:32:59 2018

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well lately! I've been doing a lot of pre-con crunch stuff here so I'm sorry with my bit of delays (didn't help I got sick from something my bf brought home last week ripppp) but I'm doing better now and back on track! Still working on the October Patreon rewards, they'll be done in the next couple days, and on the 15 th I will be asking for new references again so I can get them done earlier in the month this time =)

Anyway, thanks so much for supporting me, you guys have no idea how much your patronage helps me every month, you guys are the best!! Have a great week!!!

Cozy Fall YCH Batch 1 , Early Access!

Sun Nov 4 23:33:22 2018

Comment to claim what slot you'd like =)! Thank you!!


October 29 Update HD

Tue Oct 30 04:13:50 2018


Latex Series - Batch 4 HD

Tue Oct 30 04:10:59 2018

Alt Versions Here! : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wzph90bvd8irtfp/AAC36myTLBqJ2BkBGbP_Hhiia?dl=0

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_22384868_5ec92e44c9014709965e73e2f4103f81_1token-time2145916800token-hashF3K5yg3WqMFKJh8HwyqANJENc52ZH3OeTWzRch5yvCY3D (d)

October Patreon Pinup - Cynthiya and Cas HD

Tue Oct 30 03:45:25 2018

An extra spooky Pinup for this month featuring those two ghost hunters Cynthiya and Cas (a Fossa who belongs to my partner!)

Enjoy and have a great Halloween this week!!


Solo Fun YCH Batch 3 , Early Access!

Mon Oct 29 00:55:25 2018

Comment to claim what slot you want =)!


October 22 Update HD

Tue Oct 23 00:08:41 2018

Some custom flats in this batch =)!


Overwatch SpelunkerSal Pack - HD

Tue Oct 23 00:06:43 2018

And the HDs of that really neat collection, enjoy!

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_22231990_9538ca7cb8ba4c4096d1eb17ea0035b8_1token-time2145916800token-hashKTdfUNwrcMsYJZU4YXEuW-VTjqOz246IPpRj3PvD0483D (d)

Latex Series - Batch 3 HD

Mon Oct 22 23:56:59 2018

Alt versions! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wzph90bvd8irtfp/AAC36myTLBqJ2BkBGbP_Hhiia?dl=0

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_22231830_e3939d2420734cb5a78fd0043fa1fa12_4token-time2145916800token-hashbY5BfL3C2k9JPC9Vrp76k_DSaCywwlDPc-ZXNL_zDcY3D (d)

Solo Fun YCH Batch 2 , Early Access!

Sun Oct 21 08:02:17 2018

Comment to claim what slot you want =)!


September Patreon Rewards HD

Mon Oct 8 23:41:18 2018

Rewards for September for Heroic and Legendary patrons! Thank you so much =)! <3


Latex Batch 4 YCH (Early Access!)

Sun Oct 7 05:50:20 2018

Here is that fourth batch ready for grabs! Comment to claim =)!


Bikini Batch 6 + 7

Sat Oct 6 21:21:10 2018

This post has batch 6 + 7 from my bikini series!

Batch 7 Here ! : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ksztk8ezcn8jhtz/AACkFoW7j_5du1zyJIumrqxYa?dl=0


September Pinup (Double Characters Full BG!)

Sat Oct 6 21:15:49 2018

A little something I worked on for a zine that didn't go through, so I wanted to share it with you all <3! This is of my panda shepherd Modesta and my best friends min pin character just enjoying a gal pal blanket fort date with lots of snacks! Enjoy :D


Latex Series - Batch 1 + 2 HD

Wed Oct 3 03:42:34 2018

This post has batches 1 + 2!

Batch 2 : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oa7ukw07ys9i6ts/AAA8GuWYANI0JCTywiQuJnGRa?dl=0


October 2 Update HD (Flats + Large Illustration Collab)

Wed Oct 3 03:36:36 2018

Hey everyone! Been a little quiet while I been working and taking care of some personal stuff, but things are goin places! Anyway, since I changed the names of my commission styles I'm going to be uploading HD/PSDs more in a weekly batch style, I think it will be easier for us all that way ( and don't worry, I'll be using tags !! <3)

Anyway, enjoy these and a BUNCH more I have left to upload this week! Septembers image and rewards will be coming up this weekend (sorry for a little delay!) Thank you SO MUCH for you all's support, things are so much easier to manage with your help!! <3

Link for Large Illustration Collab : https://www.dropbox.com/s/vttetc46d0u1vc4/Collab%20for%20Baurti.png?dl=0


WIPs Batch 4

Sun Sep 23 22:21:27 2018

Batch 6 + 7 bikini pinups and a collab are in this round =)! Enjoy!!

file.Untitled (d)

September 16 Colored Sketches - HD

Mon Sep 17 02:45:01 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Latex Pinup Batch 2

Sat Sep 15 23:19:40 2018

First round of my new Latex Pinup series! Get a first grab at my YCHs! This is posted 1-2 days before I post to public! Comment below to claim =)


WIPs Batch 3

Sat Sep 15 07:31:49 2018

Whew!! Included in this one is my last bit of sketches that were in my queue and the first YCH batch I offered :D (I dunno what to call those yet hahah, I'll figure something out! ) Anyway, little sneaky peaky of what I've been up to!

file.Untitled (d)

Bikini Pinups - Batch 5 HD

Sun Sep 9 21:24:22 2018

file.Untitled (d)

September 9 Colored Sketches - HD

Sun Sep 9 20:02:57 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Latex Pinup Batch 1

Sat Sep 8 19:57:01 2018

First round of my new Latex Pinup series! Get a first grab at my YCHs! This is posted 1-2 days before I post to public! Comment below to claim =)



Thu Sep 6 18:31:56 2018

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in real quick and give a little update of what I have planned to post soon =)! I have a good bit of sketches (about 30 again lmao!) which includes a good deal of the bikini pinups, a super cute double character pinup/image with a full BG for the monthly sponsored image, a cel shaded piece or two, another progress video, a new round of YCHs (which will be latex themed , and then another one of those 2 character batches) and some headshots!

I know I've been a little quiet, but I've been SUPREMELY busy, I really hope you enjoy my posts this weekend. Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it A LOT!!! <3

August Pinup (Double Characters Full BG!)

Sun Sep 2 02:18:09 2018

SO!! Yay I am all up to date with everything now :D! I hope you all like my monthly double character pinup, and I also included the file where the double character pinup from last month is linked!

Link to the images! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cnmhvt0yy5zjpym/AAB37RL7grxmPUQWLAaEK8o8a?dl=0


August Patreon Rewards HD

Sun Sep 2 01:51:17 2018

All the rewards to my Heroic and Legendary Bee tiers in HD , enjoy! =)

file.Untitled (d)

Modesta + Brulee Process Video

Wed Aug 29 23:12:26 2018

My very first video capture process video of one of my sketches! This is a commission for BonfireFox who commissioned me to draw one of my own characters however I wanted , how sweet <3 !!!

Here is the dropbox folder for both files, enjoy!!! (Posting the folder JUST IN CASE the Patreon video player doesn't work, sorry this is my first time uploading video I apologize!!)


file.2 (d)

YCH Batch 1

Sun Aug 26 21:58:48 2018

Trying something new! Offering some YCHs with my ideas/scenarios/compositions, will be semi experimental between cel shaded/soft painted ! Comment to claim before I put them up on my social media tomorrow! <3


Bikini Pinup YCH Batch 7

Sun Aug 26 21:55:02 2018

Get a first grab at my YCHs! This is posted 1-2 days before I post to public! Comment below to claim =)

Remember that these finished pieces will be featured in a Summer Bikini Artbook , and all purchasers get 1 book at 50% off!


June + July Patreon Rewards HD

Fri Aug 24 02:30:27 2018

Rewards for both June + July! Two cel shaded ones in this batch =)

file.Untitled (d)

August Monthly Pinup Poll!

Tue Aug 21 22:22:16 2018

The top two winners of this poll will be featured on the other side of that cute beachy Boscoe+RK pinup from last month :3!

Please get your votes in by the end of this week so I can have it completed on the last week of August! Thanks so much for voting and supporting me!

August 21 Colored Sketches - HD

Tue Aug 21 21:57:41 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Bikini Pinups - Batch 4 HD

Tue Aug 21 21:54:26 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Bikini Pinup YCH Batch 6

Sun Aug 19 03:17:31 2018

Get a first grab at my YCHs! This is posted 1-2 days before I post to public! Comment below to claim =)

Remember that these finished pieces will be featured in a Summer Bikini Artbook , and all purchasers get 1 book at 50% off!


WIPs Batch 2

Wed Aug 15 01:02:53 2018

Been really busy since the surgery, have over 30 files in this batch of wips! Enjoy =)!

file.Untitled (d)

July Pinup (Double Characters Full BG!)

Tue Aug 7 16:23:19 2018

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delays with stuff because of the surgery, I really want to apologize for my tardiness, but I'm back to drawing now (still healing, but doing much better!) For that, I wanted to do two characters (the top two that won the last pinup poll!) to make up for the super late in the month of June launch and add a full BG !

I'm also going to be including this image in my bikini summer art book when it goes into production =)! Anyway, thank you guys so much for supporting me, and helping me get to my first goal on here!! From now on, there will either be a double pinup image each month or two singles for reaching my first Patreon goal! Thank you SO!! MUCH!!!

Link to the images! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g9zfyguyj37bakg/AADPzdi-4i8gN-i09F-SDruEa?dl=0


July Monthly Pinup Poll!

Mon Jul 23 03:22:13 2018

Vote on which character to be used in my July monthly pinup! I have an idea it will most likely be beach/summer themed ;D!

Upcoming Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Tue Jul 17 19:37:39 2018

If you guys follow me on twitter, you'd have seen that I found out yesterday (on my birthday, yay :[ ) that I require all of my three wisdom teeth to be pulled and a deep cleaning procedure since I have borderline gingivitis. Because of this, I will have to post my next bikini YCHs on social media immediately in order to raise the money ASAP. I'm so sorry for this, but I have to get this done REALLY SOON, thank you so much for understanding <3

Bikini Pinups - Batch 3 HD

Fri Jul 13 20:06:24 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Bikini Pinups - Batch 2 HD

Tue Jul 10 18:24:44 2018

file.Untitled (d)

Bikini Pinup YCH Batch 4

Sat Jul 7 02:53:02 2018

Get a first grab at my YCHs! This is posted 1-2 days before I post to public! Comment below to claim =)

Remember that these finished pieces will be featured in a Summer Bikini Artbook , and all purchasers get 1 book at 50% off!



Tue Jul 3 05:19:42 2018

I noticed a few of my newer Patrons haven't been insta added to my Discord server since pledging. Not sure why?? But I think I fixed it for new Patrons, but if you'd like to be added the link to the server is https://discord.gg/ak7g4JZ !

Bikini Pinups - Batch 1 HD

Mon Jul 2 22:38:08 2018

file.Untitled (d)

July 1 Colored Sketches - HD

Mon Jul 2 03:46:36 2018

Check out my latest batch of sketches in HD! <3 All these and more =)

file.Untitled (d)

Bikini Pinup YCH Batch 3

Sat Jun 30 02:32:03 2018

Get a first grab at my YCHs! This is my first one I will be posting a day or two earlier than I post to public. I might do it in a day since rent day is like, in two days omg! Anyway, if you want one just comment on the post to claim which slot you'd like!

I'm also toying with the idea of making the bikini YCHs part of a art collection to be put into print at the end of summer! Stay tuned :D


Late Opening

Fri Jun 29 02:31:02 2018

I realized that I opened my Patreon pretty close to the beginning of the first month (which you'll be charged another subscription for and I totally forgot I set up upfront payment) But to make up for it I'll be doing another pinup for the month of July , and offering another reward for those Patrons that get them!

If you'd rather just be charged once (I'll refund your 'upfront' charge and then you will be charged on the first of July!) let me know VIA email
( honeypupbee@gmail.com ) and I'll be more than happy to oblige! Thank you so much and working with my while I figure this whole dang thing out haha!!

First Sponsored Pinup - Greyjoy

Fri Jun 29 01:42:53 2018

HD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/jh3mkyo5cj1jt7w/GreyjoyPinup%201st%20Patreon.png?dl=0


WIPs Batch One!

Fri Jun 29 01:39:47 2018

Heres a few WIPs I have from this week so far, enjoy!!

file.Untitled (d)