Benji Stage 3

Tue Nov 20 07:16:01 2018

He's now as wide as he is tall and has a slight gravitational pull.


Benji Stage 2

Wed Nov 14 05:59:38 2018

I hope you like deltoids!

Part 2 of 3.


Benji, Stage 1

Mon Nov 12 03:42:33 2018

Ratio-based growth! Here's Benji with a 1:2 shoulder:height ratio...


Pumpkin Gut

Wed Oct 31 05:54:10 2018

They're back! Pumpkin spice ab guts


Kilt Kitty

Fri Oct 19 14:47:55 2018

Commission for Partran.


Purr Pits + GUT

Tue Oct 2 04:31:16 2018

Roooooid gut. Alt version below.

PurrStretchGut1.png PurrStretchGut2.png


Fri Sep 28 02:24:14 2018

+ Bicepstember!



Fri Sep 14 15:09:44 2018

Not canon but... Purr with accurately-sized kitty junk. :9


Purr Pits

Fri Sep 14 06:02:36 2018

Sparkly blue posers~


Benji Paint

Mon Aug 20 04:10:59 2018

Selfie time


Brains and Brawn (Finished)

Mon Jul 23 14:58:53 2018

Lab mouse guy gets a job at the university library.


Panthr Date!

Sat Jun 30 20:12:12 2018

Commission for Serialfrost on Twitter.


Claws out

Fri Jun 8 15:07:47 2018

Commission for TKTiger on Twitter!


Stripey Dragon

Wed Jun 6 02:43:35 2018

Commission for PeppermintDrake on Twitter!

Wardrobe Malfunction

Thu May 31 14:52:59 2018

Commission for ArthroSikes!


Collar Cat

Sun May 20 21:36:47 2018

A man of wealth and taste.


Changes to my Patreon

Tue May 15 01:47:18 2018

Hi patrons,

As of today I've made the decision to transition my Patreon from a sort of passive tip jar into a more reliable source of income. From now on, there will be multiple tiers with multiple rewards:

$1 per month: See finished pieces before they're posted anywhere else.

$2/month: See finished pieces before they're posted anywhere else AND see WIPs/sketches.

$5/month: See finished pieces before they're posted anywhere else, see WIPs and sketches, and get downloadable high-resolution images of finished work. (This is the same as your current Patreon experience).

I hope you'll find this keeps things affordable while offering benefits to those who go above and beyond to support me. I welcome your feedback and I hope to add additional tiers in the future!

Much love,


Sun May 13 20:48:21 2018

A dating app for big cats!

Panthr.png PanthrBig.jpg PanthrBignoUI.jpg

Panthr (WIP 2)

Wed May 9 05:31:26 2018

Coloring coloring


Purr Ref (WIP)

Mon Apr 30 13:56:20 2018

Updating the ref sheet.


Panthr (WIP)

Mon Apr 30 13:53:00 2018

It's Tinder for big cats.



Sun Apr 15 00:44:15 2018

Hot new manga

ManeaterSmall.png ManeaterBig.jpg ManeaterTxtBonus.png

Maneater (WIP)

Fri Mar 30 05:46:28 2018

woah here he comes


Bully Bros

Sun Mar 25 16:57:17 2018

"You'll be this big someday too, little bro!"

PBullBrosSmall.png PBullBrosBig.jpg

Bully Bros (WIP)

Tue Mar 20 05:30:36 2018

Lil bro and big bro.


Toony Mini Mouse

Fri Mar 16 04:48:53 2018

Quick doodle.

MouseCan.jpg MouseCanBig.jpg

Liger Horse (WIP)

Thu Mar 15 05:29:48 2018

Multiple options!

HorseCat2.jpg HorseCat2.jpg HorseCat3.jpg HorseCat1.jpg

Trade Negotiations (NSFW)

Wed Mar 7 04:40:44 2018

Feat. Falcon McCooper/purplebirdman

FalconLigersmall.png FalconLigerBig.jpg

Beach Cat Final Ver. (NSFW)

Fri Feb 23 06:44:21 2018

Smells like: Oceans and peen.

DarkBeach.jpg DarkBeachBig.jpg

Beach Views (NSFW)(WIP)

Mon Feb 19 01:41:19 2018

Check out that sunset.


Purr Portrait

Wed Jan 31 05:45:51 2018

That Patrick Nagel 80s hair salon style. :p

PurrNagel.jpg PurrNagelLg.png

Mouse Butt! (NSFWish)

Sun Jan 21 18:05:19 2018

Quick doodle to show off small Mouse Mountain's barcode. :p

MouseButtSmall.jpg MouseButt.jpg

Mouse Friend (NSFWish)

Fri Jan 19 06:20:24 2018


MouseFriendSmall.jpg MouseFriendBig.jpg MouseFriendBONUS.jpg

Mouse! (WIP, NSFWish)

Thu Jan 18 04:18:32 2018



Harness Growth Sequence (NSFW)

Wed Jan 10 07:12:40 2018


HarnessComicSmall.jpg HarnessComicBig.jpg

Harness Liger (Nude)

Mon Jan 8 06:34:56 2018

Now with peen.

Final_Nudesmall.jpg Final%20Nudebig.jpg

Harness Liger

Mon Jan 8 06:34:02 2018

Last image of a growth sequence I'm working on.

Finalsmall.jpg Finalbig.jpg

Christmas Cat 2 (NSFW)

Fri Dec 22 04:42:27 2017

Ok you can open your present early...

MistletoeSmall2.jpg MistletoeBIG2.jpg

Christmas Cat (NSFW)

Fri Dec 22 01:35:34 2017

Happy holidays!

Mistletoe (WIP)

Thu Dec 21 04:13:57 2017

Merry Pits-mas!


Toothy Cat (NSFW)

Sun Dec 10 18:12:01 2017

Little housecat grew into this!

SabreCat.jpg SabreCat.jpg

Toothycat WIP (NSFW)

Thu Dec 7 06:39:59 2017

Looks like our housecat grew a bit... prehistoric.


Mouse Pt. 3 (NSFW)

Thu Nov 16 06:38:52 2017

Looks like his cat friend is getting in on the action now.

MouseGro3small.jpg MouseGro3.jpg

Mouse Part 3 (WIP, NSFW)

Sun Nov 12 21:05:56 2017

Help us all.


Mouse Guy (Stage 2, NSFW)

Fri Nov 10 02:41:20 2017

Details here:


MouseBoyGro3small.jpg MouseBoyGro3.jpg

Mouse Guy: Stage 1

Thu Nov 9 06:10:35 2017

A fun growth thing that will be happening on witter very soon.

MouseBoyGro2small.jpg MouseBoyGro2.jpg

Mouseman Grows (WIP, NSFWish)

Fri Nov 3 06:21:46 2017

Preview of a sequence thing.


Liger Reference (Round 2)

Thu Oct 26 04:48:26 2017

Updated. fixed some things that were annoying me.

Rear view to be added at a later date .

LigerRefSmall.jpg LigerRefBig.jpg

Horsecat in a Harness (WIP, NSFW)

Tue Oct 17 05:46:50 2017

The horsening continues


Dress shirt

Sun Oct 8 04:22:03 2017

Benji trying to fit into a button-down.


Sofa Cat Version HORSE (NSFW)

Sun Sep 24 18:22:01 2017

LigerHorseSmall.jpg LigerHorseBig.jpg

Sofa Cat Version 2 (NSFW)

Sun Sep 24 18:21:09 2017

LigerJockSmall.jpg LigerJockBig.jpg

Sofa Cat Version 1 (NSFW)

Sun Sep 24 18:19:51 2017

LigerRegularSmall.jpg LigerRegularBig.jpg

Dude, don't drip on the sofa (WIP NSFW)

Wed Sep 20 05:08:11 2017


The REAL Cat Daddy (WIP)

Sun Sep 10 19:35:26 2017

Purrc's dad. 1984.


Cat Frat (NSFW)

Wed Aug 23 05:03:38 2017

Purrc the liger meets the big boys of HΩΩF.

CatFrat.jpg CatFratBig.jpg

Oversized Benji (Alternate Version)

Thu Aug 17 01:12:53 2017

Because sometimes you just have to grow EVERYTHING.

BigBenjiHypersmall.jpg BigBenjiHyperbig.jpg

Freak cat

Tue Aug 15 05:57:00 2017

Was challenged to draw a way-too-big Benji.

BigBenjismall.jpg BigBenjibig.jpg

Lady Purrc!

Fri Aug 11 05:21:03 2017

Liger ladies <3


Cat Daddy (Alternate, NSFW)

Mon Jul 31 04:25:42 2017


CatDaddy2small.jpg CatDaddy2big.jpg

High School Reunion

Wed Jul 26 04:45:06 2017


catdad2.jpg catdadbig.jpg

Brush Brush (NSFW)

Wed Jul 5 19:18:27 2017

Keep your freak mouse clean.

BrushMousesmall.jpg BrushMousebig.jpg

Dog Dad sketch

Wed Jul 5 17:06:06 2017

@dulynotedart 's character


Brush Brush (NSFW, WIP)

Tue Jun 27 04:12:42 2017

I make the interns scrub the mouse.


Benji Sketch

Sat Jun 17 04:32:33 2017

A little warmup.


Bonus Nude Version (NSFW)

Tue Jun 13 05:09:37 2017

Ah that breeze feels nice.

Fools.jpg FoolsNudeBig.jpg

Taking a Walk

Mon Jun 12 05:54:01 2017

And not wearing underwear?

FoolsSmall.jpg FoolsBig.jpg


Tue Jun 6 05:49:37 2017

Hey all, I've been very busy/dealing with some stuff but I'm back and painting large cats into photos.

562 is Long Beach which isn't my city, but whatever.


Round Benji (Slightly less NSFW)

Fri May 19 05:49:06 2017

RoundBenjiSmall.jpg RoundBenjiBig.jpg

Round Benji Nude (NSFW)

Fri May 19 05:47:47 2017

Wrecking ball.

RoundBenjiSmallNude.jpg RoundBenjiBigNude.jpg

Posing Benji (NSFWish, WIP)

Tue May 16 03:22:45 2017

Sorry for the lack of updates, a bit crazy IRL. Here's a round Benji!


MouseGro (NSFWish)

Thu May 4 04:44:21 2017

I never said it grows them all at once.

MouseGrowsSmall.jpg MouseGrowsBig.jpg

Beach Benji (NSFW)

Wed May 3 05:16:17 2017

Feline flexibility.

BenjiHandstandSmall.jpg BenjiHandstandBig.jpg

Jockstrap Cat (NSFW)

Wed Apr 26 15:14:35 2017

A quick little thing.

jockcat.jpg jockcatbig.jpg

R.O.A.R. Shirts - Patreon Discount!

Wed Apr 19 04:49:20 2017

A big cat-worthy parody of the classic D.A.R.E. t-shirts. Patrons get a 10% discount! Just use the links below:






A cat (NSFW)

Mon Apr 17 06:20:50 2017

WOW what a new and unique subject for me

(Quick doodle)


Insert cat toys here (NSFW)

Thu Apr 13 05:23:40 2017

Was asked to draw Benj sticking his butt in the camera.


Various Ligers

Sun Apr 9 18:39:55 2017

I really only have two outfits okay

(Twitter header)

Pattern.jpg Pattern.jpg

Liger WIP

Sun Apr 2 15:00:46 2017

Sorry for the lack of content. Last month was a bit crazy for me.

Anyways here's a symmetrical liger for a little thing I'm making!


Beach Cat

Wed Mar 22 14:53:21 2017

Doing a quick little project, adding some outfits to my ref sheet.


Inverted Spots (WIP)

Thu Mar 16 06:10:01 2017

I think I posted a similar sketch a long time ago but I've come back to it recently.


Mouse Width

Sun Mar 5 21:29:26 2017


Mouse5small.jpg Mouse5big.jpg

Benji + Weights

Thu Mar 2 07:24:20 2017

Now in color.

BenjiBench.jpg BenjiBenchbig.jpg

Mouse Mountain Sketch (NSFW)

Sat Feb 25 23:46:27 2017

He keeps getting bigger!


A Benji Sketch

Thu Feb 16 15:55:27 2017


Mouse 2.0 Alternate Version (NSFW)

Mon Feb 13 06:40:00 2017

I don't draw enough jizz.

Mouse42small.jpg Mouse42big.jpg

Mouse Mountain 2.0 (NSFW)

Mon Feb 13 01:43:53 2017

Our new product is stronger and more compact than the original.

Mouse4small.jpg Mouse4big.jpg

Cat on a Boat (Part 2, NSFW)

Thu Feb 9 06:11:45 2017

Big cat, big butt.

Boat2Small.jpg Boat2Big.jpg

Feats of strength (WIP NSFW)

Mon Feb 6 07:24:31 2017

A strong and proud cat.


Mouse Mountain (NSFW)

Thu Feb 2 06:59:03 2017

Smaller version of Mouse + a feline friend.


Putting that body to work (Sketch, NSFWish)

Wed Feb 1 06:53:35 2017

Farmer's carry.


Liger Ref Sheet

Mon Jan 23 07:06:20 2017

Now with back view!

LigerBust2sm.jpg LigerBust2big.jpg

Chihuahua Guy

Mon Jan 16 03:27:53 2017

4'8". 1000 pounds. :D

Chihuahuasmall.jpg ChihuahuaBig.jpg

Chihua-WOW (WIP, NSFW)

Sat Jan 14 06:12:40 2017

I was challenged to draw a 4'8" 1000-pound chihuahua. Will color him later!


Mouse and Benji

Mon Jan 9 06:37:40 2017

Quick doodle.

Mouse3small.jpg Mouse3big.jpg

Mouse Mountain Doodle

Sun Jan 8 02:20:46 2017

A warm-up.


Benji Sunset

Tue Jan 3 04:42:24 2017

Quick sketch.


Mouse Meat

Sun Dec 18 18:49:37 2016

That guy again! Decided to add some quick value.

MouseMeatsmall.jpg MouseMeatbig.jpg

Mouse Guy (WIP)

Sat Dec 17 19:49:55 2016

Rough sketch of that mega mouse.


Cat on a Boat

Wed Dec 14 20:54:46 2016

Liger lifestyle. Drew this to feel warmer.

YachtSmall.jpg YachtBig.jpg

Boat Cat (WIP)

Mon Dec 12 01:15:25 2016

Can ligers swim?


Liger Back (NSFWish)

Thu Dec 8 05:55:29 2016

Portrait of my boyfriend (as a liger of course).

CatBackSmall.jpg CatBackBig.jpg

A Benji Butt (NSFWish)

Wed Dec 7 07:00:52 2016

I may color this later.


Big Mouse Again (NSFWish)

Tue Nov 29 20:48:07 2016

QUICKLY threw some shading on Mr. Mouse.

BigMouseSmall.jpg BigMouseBig.jpg

Squeak Squeak

Tue Nov 29 06:38:13 2016

Some mouse beef


Butt Lift (NSFWish)

Wed Nov 16 06:53:01 2016

Me and the boyf.

ButtSqueezeSmall.jpg ButtSqueezeBig.jpg

(Squeeze) (WIP)

Mon Nov 14 05:20:37 2016

Sorry, I've been busy with work and other hobbies!

WIP of liger me and my boyfriend.


Nude liger ref (WIP)

Fri Nov 4 04:01:24 2016

Put a dong on it.


Hoers (NSFWish)

Thu Oct 27 04:48:37 2016


Freaky Halloween Benji (VERY NSFW)

Wed Oct 26 04:22:11 2016

Leather Mad Hatter + Kitty Gro. Who knows, I had fun.

HaloweenBenjismall.jpg HaloweenBenjiBig.jpg

Halloween 2016

Wed Oct 19 05:17:52 2016

LionCostumesmall.jpg LionCostumeBIG.jpg

Halloween 2016

Fri Oct 14 05:33:47 2016

Ganbatte Leo!


Liger Reference

Tue Oct 11 06:16:58 2016

Liger2SMALL.jpg Liger2BIG.jpg

Random Ocelot

Sun Oct 2 01:14:21 2016

Kawaii, yo.


A huge sweaty cat (WIP)

Fri Sep 30 05:01:55 2016

My boyfriend and I get stuck in shirts sometimes.


How Ligers Are Made

Mon Sep 26 02:16:40 2016

Every hero needs an origin story. This is mine.

(Not canon :p)
(I actually had to work out a whole lot)


Comic WIP

Sat Sep 24 04:54:21 2016

A goofy growth thing.


Liger Reference Sheet

Sun Sep 18 22:55:02 2016

Little preview of a thing I've been working on. Drawing a back view next.


Morning Benji Chest

Fri Sep 9 06:25:18 2016


BenjiChestShowoff-small.jpg BenjiChestShowoff-big.jpg

Benji Chest (WIP)

Sat Sep 3 21:15:53 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy with life lately.


Chest Doodle

Mon Aug 15 00:19:02 2016


Gasp! (NSFW)

Mon Aug 8 06:23:51 2016

Stealing underwear!

Gasp2.jpg Gasp2big.jpg

Caught (WIP, NSFW)

Tue Aug 2 05:57:06 2016

Stealing your underwear.


Benji + Towel (Slightly NSFW)

Tue Jul 26 15:18:57 2016

This is a remake of the first Benji pic I drew, in honor of his 5th "birthday" tomorrow.

BenjiTowel2Small.jpg BenjiTowel2Big.jpg

Towel Benji (WIP)

Sun Jul 24 23:15:36 2016

July 27th is Benji's "birthday" - this is a remake of an older pic to mark the occasion!


Liger Self-Portrait

Tue Jul 19 05:24:42 2016

Simple doodle. No fluff in LA.

Liger2.jpg Liger1.jpg

Self Portrait (WIP)

Fri Jul 15 15:03:54 2016



Liger Back and Butt (WIP)

Fri Jul 8 06:14:36 2016

Portrait of my nerdy liger friend.


Horseplay (NSFW)

Fri Jul 1 05:42:04 2016

A real horse this time!

LigerPortraitSmall.jpg LigerPortraitBig.jpg

Liger Study (NSFW)

Tue Jun 28 05:31:54 2016

More big cats and big dongs.


Handstand (A bit NSFW)

Mon Jun 20 05:30:05 2016

Trying to draw some more interesting poses.


Smug Cat

Sat Jun 18 16:21:49 2016

Sorry for spamming this, but this is the real version of smug Benji. The art festival I entered him in frowned upon nudity. ;p

BenjiDick-small.jpg BenjiDick-big.jpg

Benji YCH (Minus the YCH bit)

Thu Jun 16 05:06:19 2016

Nearly finished. I'll post the whole version here if the client is OK with that.


Smug Cat 2

Mon Jun 13 00:01:08 2016

Sorry to spam more Benjis, but I ended up shading him a little bit.

BenjiSmug-Small.jpg BenjiSmug-Full.jpg

Benji Showoff

Sat Jun 11 18:33:39 2016

Sponsoring a protein shake. Not sure if I'll add more shading.

BenjiSmall.jpg BenjiSmugFull.jpg

Benji Doodle (Slightly NSFW)

Mon Jun 6 04:07:49 2016

Trying to sketch some better/quicker lines.


Benji Posing WIP

Thu Jun 2 05:56:43 2016

Pose for a YCH auction, bid at the link below if you're interested!



How to improve this Patreon?

Thu Jun 2 02:06:18 2016

I'd like to hear what you'd like to see from me here. I'm still a bit new at this, and your suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support,


Benji Sketch

Sat May 28 03:53:41 2016



Dorky Cat

Sun May 22 17:03:54 2016

Big bulgy liger for a friend!

NerdCat.jpg NerdCat-full.jpg

Breakfast Cat

Thu May 19 05:04:04 2016

Benji on a cheat day. :p

Trying something new, the high-res file is now an attachment to this post!

BenjiBreakfast.jpg BenjiBreakfast-full.jpg

Big Friendly Liger

Mon May 16 15:07:28 2016

Very early WIP of a doodle for a friend!


Benji Breakfast (Breakfast TBD)

Mon May 16 15:04:20 2016

WIP (Almost done really) of Benji quietly showing off.


Horse Fun (Part 2)(NSFW)

Wed May 4 03:33:37 2016

Finished with this, on to other things now!


Horse Fun Times (NSFW)

Wed Apr 27 19:45:47 2016

Finished and in high-res!


I have a secret thing for horses. (NSFW)

Sat Apr 23 00:09:55 2016

Sorry about the inactivity lately, as some of you may know I spent most of last month packing and them moving across the country.

I'm all settled in now and the drawing will continue!


Best angle for his pecs...

Sat Mar 26 16:16:12 2016

Finished selfie stick Benji. :p


Selfie Stick Benji (WIP)

Thu Mar 17 01:32:43 2016

I'm going to have to shoot some refs of that arm, but the lines are coming along nicely.


Now with glasses!

Thu Mar 17 01:31:11 2016


Doorway Liger - Finished (Slightly NSFW!)

Tue Mar 15 02:38:04 2016

High-res version - thanks for your support!

I'll be adding another version with glasses - a lot of people seemed to like that.



Sat Mar 5 22:22:35 2016

Liger lifting some weights. (WIP but almost finished!)


Benji Bonus

Sun Feb 21 20:50:49 2016

He uses a selfie stick to make himself look bigger, of course.




Sun Feb 21 20:43:48 2016

Finished and in high-resolution.


A WIP Benji

Tue Feb 9 13:03:24 2016

Low angles make him look taller :p



Mon Jan 25 02:37:23 2016

Quick little doodle of Ev on top of a photo I took in Kyoto last year (Mount Hiei).


Liger Leggings!

Sun Jan 24 18:27:22 2016

Thanks for supporting me! I'm new to Patreon so be patient, there are still some things to work out.

In the meantime, have a gym liger in HD.