2015 Catch Up Pack Part 2

Includes commissions from 2011-2015, Extra Extra covers, and Torque covers

2015_Catch_Up_Pack_Pt_2.zip (d)


Bokra_TMNT_vid.m4v (d)

2015 Catch Up Pack Part 1

Includes sketches and other finished pieces

2015_Catch_Up_Pack_Pt_1.zip (d)

Pulsar 2016 Collection

Pulsar_2016_Collection.zip (d)



Red Light District

https://gumroad.com/l/hkfnk# here's pulsar's latest image pack, the zip is original taken straight from the gumroad and unmodifed

Pulsar_Red_Light_District.zip (d)


FAPP_Leomon_vid.m4v (d)



2015 Catch Up Pack Part 1

Includes sketches and other finished pieces

2015_Catch_Up_Pack_Pt_1.zip (d)

2016 Catch-Up Pack

Also contains Pulsar In Public, Pulsar On Top, and Expanded Canon portfolios WARNING: CONTAINS UNLABELED SCAT

Pulsar_2016_Catch_Up_Pack.zip (d)

Lil Devil

Sat Oct 31 23:39:34 2020

Happy Halloween! I didn't think I'd have time to do a Halloween themed pic, but I had this idea to have Pulsar dress as a devil and it was too cute to not do it. x) So I whipped this up really quick tonight.

But wait—if this is a costume, how did I do that with my tail? Hmm.. well don't think about it too much.

Pulsar_Devil_full.jpg Pulsar_Devil_triple_full.jpg

Quick End-of-the-month Update

Fri Oct 30 23:44:03 2020

Whew! As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I had a really busy few weeks. I've been working every weekend in October, plus some long weekdays. And I'm not even done yet. Still working on a large project this weekend for a professional (non-furry) client. I'm also a poll worker, so I'm going to be working a very long, probably very busy day on Tuesday, plus helping to set up Monday night.

With everything that's been going on in October, I need to take a few days off next week. I can already feel myself being creatively drained, and just drawing for fun lately hasn't really been happening. I had been doing a pretty good job of pacing myself, but just had a whole lot of things hit at once this month.

That being said, I'll be working exclusively on Patreon and personal stuff for the rest of November! I'm looking forward to working on the comic again, and getting caught up on all the face-off pics and other open projects I have.

I may post a few quick sketches next week or other random art projects, but probably nothing major. Then I'll be back with regular posting on November 9th.

Thanks for understanding!

Poodle Doodle

Thu Oct 29 21:57:44 2020

Every time I see one of Doug Winger's poodles I get obsessed with them all over again. So here's another random horny poodle doodle. Includes obligatory tripletits version.

Poodle_Slut_full.jpg Poodle_Slut_triple_clothed_full.jpg Poodle_Slut_triple_nude_full.jpg

Vermont Seagull

Wed Oct 28 21:35:00 2020

Commission for Vermont of his seagull hanging out on a park bench


Shark Boyfriend

Wed Oct 28 01:26:05 2020

Commission for Duke Nauticus also featuring Claus. Duke and I have been into cuckholding for a while now. He likes the embarrassment of a slutty BF and I love being slutty, so it works out really well. We've been talking about a pic for years, and the stars finally aligned where I was open at the right time and he was in the market for a commission.

Of course we can't even go on a quick date to the local coffee shop without my lifting tail and getting plowed all the way through by some other random guy there.


Pulsar Tongue

Sat Oct 24 00:12:02 2020

I've been meaning to draw this for years... x) So when a friend and I got to talking about excessively long tongues again the other day, I finally sketched it up really quick. Might do more with this idea sometime.



Thu Oct 22 22:20:28 2020

Commission for Ketra of his hyper horse Hale.


Jakob Gape

Wed Oct 21 22:14:49 2020

Commission for Jakob of his birdie showing off quite a huge gape.


FurryFury Gender Swap

Tue Oct 20 23:08:25 2020

Commission for FurryFury of a female version of their bird character.


TF Face-Off Final Bracket

Tue Oct 20 00:08:50 2020

Here's the final breakdown of where everything landed in the transformation face-off! Thanks to everyone who voted. I can't wait to start working on these. I should be able to get started on them the first week in November, along with the final pic that I still have to do for the previous face off.


Syrl and Aidan Role Reversal

Mon Oct 19 22:04:26 2020

This is a follow up pic of sorts for Syrlanter and Aidan, this time with Aidan being the smaller one worshiping Syrl.


Shy Centaur

Fri Oct 16 23:05:49 2020

Commission for Adam of a centaur (it's a generic taur, he probably needs a name too), slightly embarrassed about his predicament in the middle of the village. Which predicament? Well there are a who bunch of alts on this one since I put them all on separate layers, which makes them easy to mix and match. I've included a few of them in the previews, and more in the attachments.

Adam_Centaur_2cocks_cum_full.jpg Adam_Centaur_2cocks_fart_cum_full.jpg Adam_Centaur_2cocks_full.jpg Adam_Centaur_base_full.jpg Adam_Centaur_fart_full.jpg Adam_Centaur_horsecock_fart_full.jpg Adam_Centaur_horsecock_cum_full.jpg Adam_Centaur_horsecock_full.jpg

TF Face-Off: Nerd Cowboy TF vs. Equine Steriods

Fri Oct 16 22:52:06 2020

Here's the final voting run off to decide which of these two ideas will be done as a mini comic! Either the slender nerd TFing into a hunky cow boy, or someone using equine steroids at the gym.

Voting runs until Monday October 19 at 7pm.

TF Face-Off Round 3

Thu Oct 15 21:53:32 2020

Here are the winners from the previous round of the transformation face-off! I've got plenty of ideas for both of these, so it'll be interesting to see which one takes the top slot! Voting opens tomorrow for $6+ patrons, and runs til October 19.


Ethoras Pumped

Thu Oct 15 21:49:09 2020

Commission for Ethoras of his roegadyn dude all pumped up from the gym.

Ethoras_Pumped_base.jpg Ethoras_Pumped_cum.jpg

Hyper Undressing

Wed Oct 14 22:46:07 2020

Commission for Seth65 of their falcon character undressing and flopping out their huge junk.


Tobe Stuffed with Pumpkins

Wed Oct 14 00:26:05 2020

Commission for Tobe of him stuffing himself with a truly unreasonable amount of pumpkins.


Extra Extra Oct 2020 featuring Monki

Mon Oct 12 22:20:24 2020

Got a request to do an EE cover for this month from ArtistOrphy, featuring his hacker Monki. I haven't done one of these in a while so it was pretty fun, and the puns are terrible as always

Monki_EE_Oct2020_illus_final.jpg Monki_EE_Oct2020_cover_full.jpg

Comp Suit Failure

Fri Oct 9 21:31:48 2020

Commission for Riz of them experiencing a sudden explosive decompression of their compression suit! It certainly was holding back a whole lot of snake. That's what happens when you buy the cheaper ones...

Alt version without the clothes also included. Kind of implies just a sudden, explosive growth, which is also fun.

Riz_CompSuit_cum_full.jpg Riz_CompSuit_nude_full.jpg

Cameos Update

Fri Oct 9 20:59:18 2020

Hello Ornithologists~

Thanks again for supporting me! I wanted to give a quick update about the cameos.

I've decided to discontinue them for now. I apologize to those folks who submitted your character but weren't picked to be used anywhere. I had an enormous amount of character submissions (over 30 I think). Plus, the cameo process ended up being far more complex than I anticipated and it led to an enormous amount of extra work that I wasn't expecting. In short, it turned out to be nearly as difficult and time consuming as doing actual commissions, but without the payment for them.

It was a bit of an experiment, but sadly didn't work out the way I had hoped. However I do hope to be getting back to animation loops soon, and I'll be thinking about other ways to offer exclusive content as my time frees up to do more Patreon-specific work.


TF Face-Off: Latex Centaur vs. Equine Growth Hormones

Fri Oct 9 20:38:34 2020

Here's round two! The loser will be drawn as a one page image sequence, while the winner will go on to be drawn as 2+ pages.

TF Face-Off: Cowboy vs Big Cats Frat

Fri Oct 9 20:36:53 2020

Here's round two! The loser will be drawn as a one page image sequence, while the winner will go on to be drawn as 2+ pages.

TF Face Off Round 2

Fri Oct 9 20:34:09 2020

Here are the winners of round 1, now on to round 2! Voting is happening this weekend (Oct 9 - 12) for $6 and up patrons, and going until Monday evening at 7pm EST.



Thu Oct 8 23:09:46 2020

Commission for Shepherd. He found an interesting looking phallic charm. It could be a four leaf clover... or more likely it's a dick with four balls. Which is exactly what it ended up doing to him.

Shepherd_4balls_base_final.jpg Shepherd_4balls_cum_final.jpg

Oct and Nov Patreon Update

Wed Oct 7 23:15:18 2020

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you all a quick update for October and November.

I ended up booking more work than I was expecting for October, which is going to keep me busy for the full month. This is due to me taking on two professional projects, in addition to the usual furry art commissions I do. Since starting the comic, I've been keeping a few days free to work on it each month. But this is the first month where I'm not going to have time to do that.

I will still be posting art regularly from the commissions that I'll be doing. However, I already know I'm not going to have time to advance the comic or to work on the art for either of the brackets. (The voting will still go ahead as usual though.) I'm not thrilled about not being able to work on Patreon-specific stuff—especially the comic since a lot of people are paying for that specifically—but this month is a bit of an unusual one in terms of the work I'll be doing, and my workload.

That being said, I'm already planning to take November off from commissions to give me the full month to work on those those projects again. So if that's what you're looking forward to, just hang on a bit! I haven't forgotten about them, and I'll be getting back to them as soon as I can.

Also I got a really interesting idea for a new type of poll that I can't wait to try! So I might do that in November as well. ;>


Ash Curling

Wed Oct 7 22:53:29 2020

Commission for Ash of his hyper muscled doggo showing off at the gym.



Tue Oct 6 23:11:24 2020

Commission for Burningwreck of his skunk guy Wayne having trouble getting his dick neck back in his shoulder pucker.

Burningwreck_Wayne_cockneck_fullskt.jpg burningwreck_warning.jpg

Azulez Cyberpunk

Mon Oct 5 22:14:37 2020

Commission for Azulez of his feral dragon riding an Aprilia RS660 through a cyberpunk world.


Happy Birdday page 16

Fri Oct 2 21:15:09 2020

Originally this page was just going to be a bowling montage, but as I got to drawing it I was thinking about how weird it would be to see a taur trying to bowl. Especially one that hasn't been a taur for very long and is probably still getting used to having four legs. Poor hank~ Well hey, at least he tried!

Cameos from Draco of Zeradaith and Ethan the cockatiel.

Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg16_full.jpg Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg16_full.jpg

TF Face-Off: Real Spider Man vs Equine Steriods

Fri Oct 2 19:08:06 2020

Here's the first round of voting for the Transformation Face-Off! Polls will be open until Monday night at 7pm EST.

I haven't decided yet if the transformations will be human to anthro, or anthro to anthro. I think most people are expecting human to anthro, but I kind of like the idea of one anthro species to another. Either way, there'll be anthros involved, and they'll be hyper.

In this poll:

A spider bite turns an unsuspecting man into a real spider man

Trying out a new equine growth steroids at the gym leads to un-stable growth

TF Face-Off: Latex Centaur vs Orc Beer

Fri Oct 2 19:06:05 2020

Here's the first round of voting for the Transformation Face-Off! Polls will be open until Monday night at 7pm EST.

I haven't decided yet if the transformations will be human to anthro, or anthro to anthro. I think most people are expecting human to anthro, but I kind of like the idea of one anthro species to another. Either way, there'll be anthros involved, and they'll be hyper.

In this poll:

Someone tries on a latex suit, which causes their lower body to distort out, turning them into a centaur

There's a new beer with a huge orc on the label. It's worth trying at least once... Of course the drinker turns into a huge orc themselves.

TF Face-Off: Big Cat Frat vs Polar Bear

Fri Oct 2 19:01:09 2020

Here's the first round of voting for the Transformation Face-Off! Polls will be open until Monday night at 7pm EST.

I haven't decided yet if the transformations will be human to anthro, or anthro to anthro. I think most people are expecting human to anthro, but I kind of like the idea of one anthro species to another. Either way, there'll be anthros involved, and they'll be hyper.

In this poll:

A big cat (lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc) fraternity inducts a new pledge, turning them into a fellow cat

A polar bear transformation saves someone falling into icy water, and makes them comfortable with the cold

TF Face-Off: Shark vs Cowboy

Fri Oct 2 18:58:30 2020

Here's the first round of voting for the Transformation Face-Off! Polls will be open until Monday night at 7pm EST.

I haven't decided yet if the transformations will be human to anthro, or anthro to anthro. I think most people are expecting human to anthro, but I kind of like the idea of one anthro species to another. Either way, there'll be anthros involved, and they'll be hyper.

In this poll:

A swimmer turns into a shark after getting bitten by something in the ocean.

A slender nerd transforms into a hunky "cow"boy by trying on a hat with cow horns.

Pulsar Pinup

Thu Oct 1 22:37:05 2020

This started out as a quick, waist-up illustration for my 10K followers milestone, but I liked how it turned out so much that I expanded it into a full body shot. And then did a multi alt too, because of course I did.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, considering checking out my NSFW @CardinalSinful Twitter account. I'm nearly at 10k followers! I also post SFW art @PulsarCardinal

Pulsar_10kRaffle_Illus_base_full.jpg Pulsar_10kRaffle_Illus_base_full.jpg Pulsar_10kRaffle_Illus_triple.jpg

Transformation Face-Off!

Wed Sep 30 22:46:50 2020

Here's the bracket for the transformation face-off that I'll be doing for October! Hopefully it's not too confusing. As mentioned previously, I'll be doing these as sketched image sequences. Each round determines how detailed the sequence / story gets. So the first round winners (again, the ideas that make it to the first round, but don't advance) will be drawn at 1 page (or roughly four panels), the next as 2 - 3 pages and the winner will get a 4+ page mini comic.

Voting for the first round will be available to $6 and up patrons starting on Friday October 2 and will run all weekend.

Have fun!

Transformation_Face_Off_Bracket_blank.jpg Transformation_Face_Off_Bracket_blank.jpg

Pulsar and Macro Otter

Wed Sep 30 22:20:23 2020

Here's the full color pic from the hyper Slice of Life bracket! A very hyper Pulsar getting help from an even bigger otter.

Also I've got the final pic sketched out, but it's going to take a while to finish. Not only because it's a render, but from how complicated it is, with the way all the characters are interacting. x) I'll be an interesting one for sure! I should be able to finish it up sometime in the next few weeks.

Pulsar_Otter_MacroBJ_full.jpg Pulsar_MacroBJ_full.jpg Pulsar_Otter_MacroBJ_full.jpg Pulsar_Macro_BJ.jpg

Quotefox Fan Art

Tue Sep 29 22:03:13 2020

I've been meaning to draw fan art for Quotefox for a while now and I finally got around to it! He's got a rear that just has to be worshiped. You can tell when I have a crush on someone because I always end up with my face in their butt.

Pulsar_Quotefox_full.jpg Pulsar_Quotefox_full.jpg

Nanotech Toe Shoes

Mon Sep 28 22:37:17 2020

My friend Sarvak is a mad scientist who makes all kinds of crazy inventions in his eponymous lab. We got to talking about clothes that grow with you, and I thought those toe shoes would make for a good example to show off that kind of nanotech. Perfect if you're a spontaneous grower!

Nanotech_Toe_Shoes.jpg Nanotech_Toe_Shoes.jpg

Transformation Face Off Ideas

Sun Sep 27 22:00:32 2020

I think the Hyper Slice of Life Face Off was very successful! While working on the final two pics for it, I've already been thinking ahead to the next one. Since it's October I thought I'd try something vaguely Halloween themed, and TF seemed like an obvious choice.

I've got a few ideas—mostly the standard cliche transformation fare like turning into a cow from drinking milk. But I'm really interested to hear what other ideas you all have! If there's a particular scenario / species / type of TF you like, let me know in the comments. I'm looking for full body species changes in particular (probably will be all human-into-furry stuff). So I'm going to stay away from body part TF, gender TF, and inanimate object TF.

Here are a few of the ideas I have so far:

• Cow TF from drinking milk

• Dolphin or orca TF from a bite by something unseen in the ocean

• A full-body latex suit that TFs the wearer into a centaur

• Hormone growth induced TF in the locker room from steriods

Definitely interested in any more you might have along those lines!

For the actual project, I'm going to try something little bit different for this one. Since transformation works better as sequential images rather than a single still image, I want to do these as mini-comics. (This also gives me a chance to practice more comic-ing outside of the Happy Birdday comic.)

To keep things sane though, I'm going to stick to just sketches for all of them. The bracket will determine how detailed the sequence gets. So for example, the first round will done as just a single page, say four or five panels. So it shows the TF, but maybe not a lot of story. The finalists will be done as 2 - 3 pages, and the final one will be 4+ pages.

Also to keep from overburdening myself with work, I think I may limit this bracket to just 8 ideas. So there will be 2 semi-finalists that are 1 page, 1 finalist that's 2 - 3 pages and one winner that's 4+ pages. If I have time to do more (hah) I can always do loser run-offs as well.

Looking forward to your ideas! Thanks :>

October 2020 Commissions

Sat Sep 26 01:13:57 2020

I'm opening commissions for October! Same always, please fill out the form if you're interested. I'll be leaving the form open until at least next Tuesday, possibly longer if I open publicly next week as well. If the form is still accepting submissions then I'm still open.

A quick note: please don't submit the same idea (or variations on the same idea) more than twice. If I haven't picked it after two rounds, it's probably not something I'm interested in doing.

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwboncsf086e2jz/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0



commissions_ad_NSFW_june_2020.jpg commissions_ad_NSFW_june_2020.jpg

Pulsar at the Bar

Fri Sep 25 21:04:56 2020

Here's the second of the basic color images from the hyper face off! Pulsar being casually used at the bar. Featuring a cameo from Moonlight Requiem as the bartender.

Pulsar_Bar_full.jpg Pulsar_Bar_full.jpg

Alice Workout

Thu Sep 24 23:02:28 2020

I've got a bunch of pics in the works but nothing far enough along to post yet. So here's a quick sketch of Alice (From the beginning of the comic—remember her?) working out. Looks like she's got an admirer too~

Alice_Exercising_fullskt.jpg Alice_Exercising_fullskt.jpg

Orca Lifeguard

Wed Sep 23 21:19:15 2020

From the Hyper Slice of Life Face Off, here's the orca lifeguard trying to fit in his speedo. Includes both the hanging out version and a bulge version.

Featuring ArtistOrphy's Monki (left) and Fury (right)

Orca_Lifeguard_hangingout_fullskt.jpg Orca_Lifeguard_bulge_full.jpg Orca_Lifeguard_hangout_full.jpg Orca_Lifeguard_hangingout_fullskt.jpg

Ailure Kitsunetaur Alts

Tue Sep 22 23:51:56 2020

This is a follow up commission for Purplecat of the tri-butted Ailure kitsunetaur, and adding a few extreme alts to it. If you know PC, then you pretty much know what to expect~

ailure_kitsuntaur_warning.jpg Ailure_Kitsunetaur_gape_full.jpg Ailure_Kitsunetaur_fart_full.jpg Ailure_Kitsunetaur_ovi_full.jpg Ailure_Kitsunetaur_scat_alt.jpg ailure_kitsuntaur_warning.jpg

Happy Birdday page 15

Mon Sep 21 21:22:58 2020

The start of part 2! This page (and the next one) are going to take a lot of extra time because of all the details and setting up the scene. Hopefully once I get a few complicated pages out of the way I'll be able to move on to the next round of hyper growth.

Featuring from left to right: Minh, Balros, Ailure, Jordan

Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg15_full.jpg Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg15_full.jpg

Hank and Erik

Sun Sep 20 16:00:17 2020

This is a funny idea I had, about how these two might get home from the store after their growth and transformation. It falls between parts 1 and 2 of the story, but it's just kind of a single throw-away joke that doesn't warrant its own page. I thought I'd post it here as a teaser before part 2 begins.

New comic page coming tomorrow!

Hank_Erik_Van_fullskt.jpg Hank_Erik_Van_fullskt.jpg

Khloe and the Infinite Beads

Fri Sep 18 21:50:48 2020

Commission for Khloe with his cute little fox in the same infinite beads situation that I've drawn before. He's all the way up to number 40, and still doesn't find em' to be too big of a deal... yet.

Khloe_Infinite_Beads_dialogue_full.jpg Khloe_Infinite_Beads_dialogue_full.jpg Khloe_Infinite_Beads_full.jpg


Fri Sep 18 00:19:15 2020

Commission for Wrywulf of him suddenly exploding in public and blowing a load all over the bus stop! Seems to be a common theme lately. x)

Wyrwulf_cum_full.jpg Wyrwulf_base_full.jpg Wyrwulf_cum_full.jpg

FAPP: Sangheili

Wed Sep 16 22:58:09 2020

This is the last of the FAPP illustrations I'm doing for the Hyperspace expansion. This is a hyper hung Sangheili in a Zero Suit. Done as a Patreon reward for Riz.

FAPP_Sangheili_full.jpg FAPP_Sangheili_full.jpg

FAPP: Alien Bird

Tue Sep 15 21:52:58 2020

Another alien for the Hyperspace edition of FAPP

FAPP_Alien_Bird_full.jpg FAPP_Alien_Bird_full.jpg

Anvil at the Office

Mon Sep 14 23:13:01 2020

Commission for Sarth of his huge buff croc Anvil having a very messy mishap at the office.

Sarth_Anvil_Office_cum_full.jpg Sarth_Anvil_Office_base_full.jpg Sarth_Anvil_Office_cum_full.jpg

Andreas Silva

Fri Sep 11 22:17:29 2020

Commission for Andreas Silva of their character presenting eeeeverything.

Andreas_Silva_full.jpg Andreas_Silva_full.jpg

FAPP: Tripod Bombshell

Thu Sep 10 22:22:07 2020

A tripod alien for the next issue of FAPP. I love things in threes because it seems so exotic, so I tried to emphasize that with her. Really love how she turned out!

FAPP_Tripod_Bombshell_full.jpg FAPP_Tripod_Bombshell_full.jpg


Wed Sep 9 19:05:01 2020

Commission for Dallas of his chubby bunny self leaking all over the place.

Dallas_full.jpg Dallas_full.jpg

Horses Stretching

Tue Sep 8 23:55:13 2020

Commission for Mammalamma of two horses hugely stretched out.

horses_warning.jpg Mammalamma_Horses_fullskt.jpg horses_warning.jpg

FAPP: Tauric Alien

Tue Sep 8 00:02:42 2020

I'm doing some work for the next issue of FAPP called "Hyperspace". This is a taur-like alien whose gimmick is that they plug into each other to form long taur-trains. So naturally they have giant gapes so they can stuff each other in there.

Mammalamma_Horses_fullskt.jpg FAPP_Tauric_Alien_full.jpg Mammalamma_Horses_fullskt.jpg

September Update

Sun Sep 6 23:07:01 2020

This is a quick update for everyone so you know what to expect this month.

I responded to all the commissions requests that I'm doing for this month. Again even just with patrons, I still had more than I could take on! Thanks for all the interest. :> Unfortunately if you haven't heard from me at this point yours wasn't one of the ones I picked.

Part of the reason I filled up so quickly is because I'm going to try and set aside 1 - 2 weeks per month to work on Patreon specific stuff. I've noticed that really helps Patreon grow so I want to concentrate on that a little more.

For this month it looks like I should have the last week or so free, depending on how commissions go. I'll be working on the color pics from the Face Off, and the next 2-ish comic pages. I already have the next comic page sketched, and the next few are planned out. The next 2 - 3 weeks will be mostly commissions work.



Fri Sep 4 23:14:36 2020

Commission for Riz Lysander of his Pathfinder character Izzy

Riz_Izzy_full.jpg Riz_Izzy_full.jpg

Simon Lab Accident part 2

Fri Sep 4 01:06:13 2020

This is a part 2 of the Simon Lab Accident pic from a few months ago. She kept growing and is now even more hyper than before...

Simon_Lab_Accident_pt2_fullskt.jpg Simon_Lab_Accident_pt2_fullskt.jpg

Triumph Rocket III

Wed Sep 2 23:12:49 2020

The Triumph Rocket III is an incredible motorcycle that has the largest production motorcycle engine in the world. It's one of my favorite bikes. I've been wanting to draw myself riding it for a while, and finally had some time over the weekend to work on it.

I got about half way through this pic before I realized that the Rocket III and the Rocket 3 are actually two different models. (Really though, who does that?) The Rocket 3 is a redesign released last year, and it's absolutely incredible. It's the one that I had intended to draw, and in light of the mix-up I'm not sure if I'll color this one yet or not. It's still a great bike, regardless. But that just means I'll need to do another pic featuring the newer model.

Triumph_Rocket_III.jpg Triumph_Rocket_III_full.jpg Triumph_Rocket_III.jpg

Hyper Slice of Life final results!

Wed Sep 2 00:24:57 2020

Here's the final bracket after four weeks of voting! Pulsar playing Twister is the one that won, and I'm glad that it did because it's one of my favorites. It's going to take a long time to finish as a render, but I think it'll be worth it. :>

I've already posted a few of the sketches. I'll be working on these over the next month or two as I have time. I'm back to commissions this month so I have to juggle that, and the next few comic pages as well.

I'm definitely going to be running another one of these soon too! Gotta get a few more ideas together and figure out what it's going to be. Thanks every one who participated!


Mile High Club

Tue Sep 1 22:24:47 2020

I've never drawn public sex on an airplane before, so I did this quick sketch for myself. I can just imagine the flight attendant coming over the intercom, "We're coming up to our final approach. Please finish fucking, return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts..."


Extreme Multi Pack

Fri Aug 28 14:24:21 2020

Over the past few months I've been occasionally doodling totally self-indulgent, extreme multi or body horror type pics. It's pretty niche stuff, so I ended up with a bunch of it that I never posted. Either it's too sketchy, or just plain too weird and I didn't think it really appealed to my broader audience. (There are also two pics I included that I posted in the past, but really fit in well here. So I included those too. Plus there might be some new folks who haven't seen them. I did briefly consider going back and finding all the super weird multi work I've done with Pulsar, but that proved to be too time consuming.)

Anyway, since I've got so much now, I decided to throw it all into one big pack.

I will say though, these are extremely weird. This isn't like, 'oh Pulsar with three dicks, lol'. (With the exception of the Pulsar self-foot-worship doodles which are more tame, but sketchy enough that I didn't think they warranted their own post.) This is like, 'challenging your perception of what is sexy' weird. If you're not into that, don't download it. I don't want to hear later that this was too weird for someone. If you are into it, I hope you enjoy it!

extreme_multi_pack_warning.jpg Pulsar_Extreme_Multi_Pack.zip (d)

Pulsar: Playing Twister vs. Macro BJ

Fri Aug 28 14:02:20 2020

This is the final round of voting for my hyper slice-of-life bracket! This will decide which pic will be painted as a render. The loser will be done in full color.

Poll runs until Monday Aug 31, at 7pm EST.

Mouse and Elephant part 2

Thu Aug 27 20:34:31 2020

I did a part 2 to the Mouse and Elephant pic because I kinda wanted to try a more dynamic angle and show that phant bubble butt getting stretched. It started out as just a sketch, but I haven't done a speedpaint in a while so I ended up coloring it that way too just for kicks. I think my speedpainting technique has improved somewhat. I might have to try more pics like this again soon.


Mouse and Elephant

Wed Aug 26 22:51:17 2020

A hyper muscled mouse fucking a smaller twinky elephant. This is another fun role reversal one. x) And also, it was surprisingly difficult to go against my intuition and not draw the elephant as a huge bulky guy.


Hyper Slice of Life Round 4

Tue Aug 25 23:48:58 2020

Here are the winners of the round three bracket! Voting for the final round will start on Friday, between Playing Twister and a Macro B J!


Pulsar Muscle Growth

Tue Aug 25 21:39:06 2020

Pulsar tries out the muscle growtion~

I'm considering offering to upgrade these sketches to color for a reduced price. Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in.


Hanktaur Changing Room

Mon Aug 24 22:53:51 2020

Hank trying on a shirt. It's about all he can wear in his taur form. Look at that awkward huge butt that sticks out everywhere.


Summer Sale

Sun Aug 23 21:59:42 2020

I'm mostly posting this as a way to show off this illustration and the background by itself. I know a lot of people have been supporting me for years and you've already got all this art. Thanks so much for that!

For my newer patrons, I'm offering my older yearly image packs for 50% off. That's $10 for 2019's pack, and $5 for the older ones. 2015's is only $2—for over 400 images! If you're not as familiar with my older work, it's a great way to help me out and get a ton of art for really cheap.


Summer_Sale_ad_sml.png Summer_Sale_Illust_only.jpg Summer_Sale_Illust_bgonly.jpg

September Commissions Open!

Sat Aug 22 23:11:50 2020

I was going to open commissions next weekend, then realized I'm going to be away all weekend. So rather than delay it, I'm opening them for patrons this weekend. The form will be up til September 1st, so you have plenty of time to get an idea in. I'll be responding to the first batch next week, probably Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks!

Submit your idea here:


TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwboncsf086e2jz/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0


Pulsar: Leaning on Bar vs. Macro BJ

Sat Aug 22 10:54:16 2020

I totally forgot to post the polls last night, sorry about that! I'm going to let them run til Tuesday at 7pm.

This is for which pic you'd like to see done in full color

Pulsar Playing Twister vs. Hyper Orca Lifeguard

Sat Aug 22 10:53:11 2020

(Sorry, had to delete the last version of this poll because Patreon screwed it up when I posted it.)

I totally forgot to post the polls last night, sorry about that! I'm going to let them run til Tuesday at 7pm.

This is for which pic you'd like to see done in full color

Pulsar Spoogey Bed

Fri Aug 21 22:43:21 2020

I started doing some sketches for the pics in the sketch bracket. Here's the one of Pulsar being all shamelessly spoogey in bed. Care to join?


Latex Pulsar

Thu Aug 20 20:46:22 2020

I actually started this pic before the Superhero one, but I ended up finishing that one first. Then I realized I did two tightly-clad bird pics in one week. x) I figured no one would mind too much.

My thinking behind this one is different though. I've been talking a lot lately about having a latex suit that acts as a compression suit that keeps me from growing too much when it's inconvenient or—for friends who are more into it—as a containment suit when I'm feeling excessively raunchy. So I painted this pose, specifically so I could slap labels on the butt that hint at how kinky of a fuckbird I am. :>

There's also a farting alt to the biohazard one which isn't posted as a preview, but is available in the attachments if you're into that.

Pulsar_Latex_Butt_base_full.jpg Pulsar_Latex_Butt_biohazard_full.jpg Pulsar_Latex_Butt_compsuit_full.jpg Pulsar_Latex_Butt_farting_full.jpg

Character Reference Submission

Thu Aug 20 20:15:13 2020

I'm bumping this link since the other one is several months back now and I've got a lot of new $12 patrons since then. Thanks for pledging!

For my $12 patrons—feel free to submit your character for potential use in my projects when I need someone in the background. I'm getting to the point in the comic where I'll have a lot of space or need for background characters, so hopefully I'll be able to use more of these. Just fill out the form here to be added to the list:


Important notes:

• If you've already submitted your character, you don't have to do it again. Unless I've already used your character earlier, you're still open for consideration in the comic.

• Also note: this is no guarantee that your character will be selected. It's just a list of people who've expressed interest in having their character used in case I need one.


PS—It looks like I may have a page or two of penis growth scenes, as the bottle gets passed around the party. I will likely offer these slots as YCHs, only to this tier, for a small amount. (I may also blind-auction them; I haven't decided.) I'll make a separate post about that when I get to that part in the comic. It will likely be about 3 months from now, based on how many pages I've been getting done each month and how far along in the story it is.

Centaur Self Portrait

Wed Aug 19 22:04:30 2020

I've mentioned to a bunch of people in the past, if I wasn't the cardinal it's possible I'd have ended up as a centaur with my upper half being my real life self. It's certainly something I've thought about a lot before, and I definitely like horses too. I've been meaning to draw that for a while now, so finally got around to it this week. Enjoy hyper centaur me~

Centaur_Self_Portrait_sheath_fullskt.jpg Centaur_Self_Portrait_boner_fullskt.jpg

Sova Stretch

Tue Aug 18 22:35:49 2020

Fan art for Sova. He's really good at stretching out smaller birds~

Sova_Pulsar_Stretch_nude_full.jpg Sova_Pulsar_Stretch_thong_full.jpg

Hyper Slice of Life Round 3

Tue Aug 18 00:05:20 2020

The results are in for the sketch bracket! The races ended up spreading out towards the end—except for the mouse and elephant vs. the hyper orca. Hyper orca won by a single vote! Just goes to show if you haven't been voting, maybe you should be. ;>

I'll be running the next two polls this weekend, Friday to Monday again. All four of the remaining pics are pretty awesome, and I'd be happy to do any of them as a render. So make sure to vote! Voting is open to $6+ patrons.

I'll probably start the sketches for the other pics next week. I've got a bunch of stuff I want to finish up this week yet, but I'll definitely be working on them soon!



Mon Aug 17 22:47:47 2020

Quick Edit: After sleeping on this, I realized the angle of the cock head was really bothering me. I did a quick paint-over job to pull it back in perspective and line it up with the shaft more. I think it's a lot more 'solid' and correct looking this way. I don't usually mess with art too much after it's 'done', but I knew this would keep bothering me because I knew I could do better. Plus I wanted to fix it before I posted this publicly. x) Carry on!

I'm not really into the whole superhero thing myself, but I saw a few other people doing it and I really wanted to try it. I love the way hyper junk looks under a tight spandex uniform! I also did an alt with a rainbow and gay and straight symbols. (Pulsar, like me, is technically bi but leans heavily gay, so the gay symbol gets the prominent arm position). And then I also included the base pic just because I really like how the white spandex look turned out.

Pulsar_Superhero_logo_full.jpg Pulsar_Superhero_rainbow_full.jpg Pulsar_Superhero_base_full.jpg Pulsar_Superhero_logo_full.jpg Pulsar_Superhero_rainbow_full.jpg Pulsar_Superhero_base_full.jpg

Happy Birdday page 14

Sat Aug 15 22:31:35 2020

We finally see the boys after the full effect of the growtions! This completes the growtion samples subplot. So next page I can finally get started with the birthday party itself.

The next part might take a bit longer for me to get to. I don't want it to take too long, but I actually have to write some storyline and figure out how things are going to go down, rather than just plowing ahead a page at a time as I have been doing. Anyway, should be coming soon!

Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg14_full.jpg Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg14_full.jpg

Pulsar Cumflated

Fri Aug 14 23:01:18 2020

Was chatting with a friend about being bloated with their load and realized I hadn't drawn that in a while. So here's a super quick cumflated pin-up

Pulsar_Cumflated_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Cumflated_boner_fullskt.jpg

Shark Attack!

Thu Aug 13 21:56:38 2020

My contribution to shark week. You have to watch out if you're at the beach and you step into the public showers to rinse off. Might end up with a massive shark stomping in after you!

Shark_Attack_full.jpg Shark_Attack_full.jpg

Pulsar: Macro BJ vs. In Bed with Excessive Cum

Thu Aug 13 20:44:53 2020

The next round of voting beings now! Losers from this round will be drawn as sketches while the winners will go on to be done in some form of color. Polls run until Monday August 17 at 7pm EST.

Pulsar: Hyper Muscle Growtion vs. Fucked at Bar

Thu Aug 13 20:43:52 2020

The next round of voting beings now! Losers from this round will be drawn as sketches while the winners will go on to be done in some form of color. Polls run until Monday August 17 at 7pm EST.

Mouse Fucking Elephant vs. Orca Lifeguard

Thu Aug 13 20:42:27 2020

The next round of voting beings now! Losers from this round will be drawn as sketches while the winners will go on to be done in some form of color. Polls run until Monday August 17 at 7pm EST.

Pulsar Playing Twister vs. Hank-Taur

Thu Aug 13 20:41:12 2020

The next round of voting beings now! Losers from this round will be drawn as sketches while the winners will go on to be done in some form of color. Polls run until Monday August 17 at 7pm EST.

Zebra Butt

Wed Aug 12 22:48:18 2020

I've always liked the way zebras' stripes point to their butt. I sketched up this butt-presenting pose, then made him like a dancer on a stage apparently


Tail Growth

Tue Aug 11 22:49:23 2020

This was a fun little pic I did for my friend and mad scientist Sarvak. He was trying out a new hyper cock growth potion, but it doesn't seem to work as well as he was hoping...


Hyper Slice of Life - Round 2

Mon Aug 10 23:51:08 2020

Here's the bracket of winners following round one! Thanks to everyone who voted!

It was unbelievable how close some of these were. A handful of votes either way could have swayed them. A few of my choices made it through, and a few didn't. Not to say I won't ever draw those pics though...

I'm going to start the voting for round 2 on Thursday at 7 pm! Will run through the following Monday. Again, $6 and up patrons can vote!

I think I've decided I will just do the losers of each bracket in that style. So the pics that advance to basic color won't get a sketch—other than the usual sketch I already do to get them to that point. (This is subject to change, as I may also explore some of these ideas as sketches first anyway...)


Jade Kintsugi

Mon Aug 10 23:45:04 2020

Commission for Jade Kintsugi of his hyper longdragon sucking himself off. Alts with tits also included.

JadeKintsugi_cum_full.jpg JadeKintsugi_base_full.jpg JadeKintsugi_tits_cum_full.jpg JadeKintsugi_tits_full.jpg

Happy Birdday Page 13

Sat Aug 8 21:31:32 2020

Erik tries the hyper muscle potion and gets a few growth spurts. Just when he thinks it's done, there's more!

Also it was really tempting to give him a hyper dick as well. But I'm trying to control myself and keep the growtions only to what they're supposed to effect. (I wasn't entirely successful with Hank... >_> ) This has the humorous side effect of making Erik's dick look kind of small in comparison to the rest of his hyper muscled body. Although it's still the same size in comparison to everyone else. I ended up liking that consequence after I thought about it some, so I'm kind of glad I ended up doing it this way.

I have one more page after this where they decide to buy the hyper growtion, then it's on to the actual party that this comic was supposed to be about in the first place!


Pulsar: Dick massage vs. Excessive cum in bed

Fri Aug 7 22:29:53 2020

Last one!

Pulsar with his hyper dick on a massage table, getting it oiled up by several helpful friends - Pretty straightforward idea, just a fun excuse for lots of groping.

Pulsar lifting covers in bed, soaked with excessive cum - I've shamelessly stolen this idea from PWCSponson, I just thought it'd be perfect with Pulsar. Him inviting you to bed, but he's already completely soaked the bed between the sheets with cum, making a huge mess.

Pulsar: In latex vs. Macro BJ

Fri Aug 7 22:23:27 2020

Pulsar in a latex suit posing with a motorcycle - pretty straightforward, but a few details to note: he'll be tenting out the suit with a huge boner, of course. And the bike'll have a huge dildo mounted to the seat too.

Pulsar with macro-sized dick getting a blowjob from a macro - This is a pic idea I've had for a long time and just haven't gotten around to doing it, so thought I'd toss it in here. I don't draw macro much, but this seems like it'd be a handy use for one!

Pulsar at the bar: Fucked and Sucked vs. Train

Fri Aug 7 22:20:49 2020

Pulsar leaning on the bar chatting casually, while getting fucked and sucked off - This is a nice casual pose, and has action from both ends at the same time.

Pulsar at the bar with a line of guys waiting to fuck him - The bird is just there casually watching the game while someone plows his ass (or maybe has just pulled out), while a line of guys off to the side wait for their turn.

Pulsar: Hyper Muscle vs. Upside-down Spitroast

Fri Aug 7 22:17:43 2020

Pulsar trying out the hyper muscle growtion - We already know Pulsar is going to grow far more hyper in the comic. But what about a huge beefy version with lots more muscle? Here's a chance to see how that would go...

Pulsar Upside-down Spitroast - This is an interesting pose, with Pulsar in a crab pose (hands and feet on the floor, but facing up, so his huge dick would be pointing in the air). While getting fucked in both ends.

Orca Lifeguard vs. Pulsar at Beach

Fri Aug 7 22:14:52 2020

Orca lifeguard struggling to fit his junk in his speedo - Again, does what it says in the description. Likely with several on-lookers being aroused

Pulsar 'hanging out' at the beach - Sticking with the beach motif, something I don't think I've ever drawn with Pulsar. He probably doesn't fit well in his speedo either, but it doesn't bother him as much. Probably will also include a few guys checking him out, maybe manhandling that dick too.

Mouse / Phant Size Diff vs. Hyper Yoga Class

Fri Aug 7 22:12:20 2020

Big beefy mouse fucking smaller shy elephant at a picnic - More fun size difference stuff. I love role reversal with animals like this, making the mouse huge and the elephant small and twinky. Doing it in the park is just a bonus.

Hyper yoga class with casual face-in-butt action - Will probably feature one or two feminine or intersexed furs. I haven't decided on species yet, but they'll be absurdly hyper of course, and casual about it.

Tucker vs. Hank-taur

Fri Aug 7 22:09:05 2020

Tucker Pin-up: getting brushed down by a stablehand or two - Does what it says on the tin. Stablehands will likely be generic hypers as well

Hank-taur in changing room with his big butt sticking out - A few people have asked for a gratuitous ass shot of Hank as a donkeytaur. This is a typical changing room gag where his upper half would be in the booth, and his ass is sticking out.

Glass Elevator vs Twister

Fri Aug 7 22:06:15 2020

Apologies in advance for spamming your email with polls for the next few minutes! I'm creating a separate one for each pair of ideas in the first round. Polls will run until Monday August 10 at 7pm which should give everyone time to vote over the weekend, but doesn't drag it on too long.

Pulsar pressing ass to the glass in a glass elevator - Pretty much does what it says. Public scene, probably one or two people in the elevator with him and maybe the silhouettes of a few people watching from outside.

Pulsar play Twister with 2 hyper friends - I've been wanting to do a hyper Twister pic for a while now, so I'm including it here!

Hyper Cow

Fri Aug 7 00:18:11 2020

Inspired by Rabid's hyper cows. I just wanted to draw a lady with massive tits and/or udders

Cow_Tits_full.jpg Cow_Udders_full.jpg

Hyper Slice-of-Life Face Off!

Wed Aug 5 20:10:04 2020

Here's the full bracket for the slice-of-life ideas face off! It was really hard picking from all the ideas, including the ones I already had. I also changed a few or simplified them so they'd work better with the theme once I decided on what it would be. Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas!

I'll post the polls for the first round on Friday. It turns out you can't put more than one poll per post. Unfortunately this means I have no way of avoiding a flood of notifications to your inbox. But I think it'll work better to post all of the first 8 at the same time and let them run for a few days, rather than doing like one per day. That way you can just go through and vote on all of them at the same time.

In the meantime, you get to see what the ideas are and think about your choices. Have fun!

(I'm posting this publicly, but only $6+ patrons will be able to vote.)



Tue Aug 4 23:03:22 2020

This is just one of those weird doodles I like doing sometimes. I've always really liked Doug Winger's poodles (and poodletaurs) and every once in a while I just have to re-draw my own version.



Mon Aug 3 21:58:51 2020

Commission for Saoul of their lynx character bursting right out of her workout pants.

Saoul_base_full.jpg Saoul_bulge_full.jpg Saoul_cum_full.jpg

Give Me Art Ideas

Mon Aug 3 20:00:40 2020

EDIT: I got all the ideas I need, thanks! The bracket is done, I'll be posting it soon!

I got an idea for something I think could be a lot of fun. I want to do championship bracket of art ideas, starting with 16 ideas and voting on each pair until the final idea wins. There will be art at each stage as well, so the 8 winners of the first round will have sketches done, the 4 semi-finalists will be done as basic color, the 2 finalists will be done as full color, and the winner will be done as a render. (I may modify this so that only the losers of each bracket are drawn in that style. That way I'm not redrawing the winning pic like 4 times. But you get the idea—other than round 1 on the first sixteen pics, all the other ones will be drawn in some way.)

The problem is, I need ideas of what to draw! Sixteen is a lot of ideas to start with. I have a few ideas, but definitely could use some more. So give me some ideas in the comments!

I'm posting this to all tiers, though only the $6+ tiers can vote on the polls.

Some rules:

• Nothing super fetishy. I'm thinking general hyper slice-of-life stuff

• No rule 34. If this works well, I'm going to do a second one specifically for rule34 characters. I just want to draw my own stuff this time around.

• Feel free to use any of my characters in your ideas, especially Pulsar. But also Tucker or Chandra (the two horsetaurs in Pulsar's colors), or anyone from the comic.

• Species I don't draw a lot are good to include, like orcas or dinosaurs or something. But I'm more interested in scenarios, rather than just like 'draw an orca'.


Pulsar the Font

Sat Aug 1 23:27:28 2020

I've posted about this before, like when I had a beta version working. It took a lot more work than I expected to get this polished up and expanded into a proper font! Several months altogether, working most weekends, plus taking time off from commissions to put in time during my weeks. After all that, I'm really proud of how it turned out.

It's finally available for purchase on my (SFW) GumRoad account [ https://gumroad.com/pulsarstudios ]. If you're looking for a clean, readable font for comics and projects, check it out! There's also a free version with limited punctuation that you can download and try out on projects. Check it out!

Full license: https://gum.co/RbMGhd

Free version: https://gum.co/yISDi

Pulsar_full_splash.jpg Pulsar_Font_page_sml.jpg Pulsar_sample_phrases.jpg

Clatter Camping

Fri Jul 31 23:19:22 2020

Commission for Clatter of his rainbow gryphon rubbing one out in the woods. Remember to put out your campfire before you go! If you're hyper, this is a good way of doing it.


Collot and Jack

Fri Jul 31 00:36:45 2020

Commission for anon of Legoshi walking in on Collot and Jack



Thu Jul 30 00:35:47 2020

Commission for FurryFury111 of their hyper bird.

FurryFury111_alt_full.jpg FurryFury111_base_full.jpg

Zab Bun

Tue Jul 28 22:36:12 2020

Commission for Zab / QTBun of their multi-bun self taking a walk through the town and making a mess in the process...



Mon Jul 27 22:15:40 2020

Commission for Liep of their ungulate/big cat hybrid dude.


Ailure Kitsunetaur

Sun Jul 26 00:07:18 2020

Commission for Ailure in his kitsunetaur form. Basically a fox with a lot of tails, but also a lot of other stuff, like butts.

Ailure_kitsuntaur_warning.jpg Ailure_Kitsunetaur_full.jpg


Fri Jul 24 21:24:37 2020

Commission for Metta, checking the progress on fitness tracker after a workout.


Happy Birdday page 12

Thu Jul 23 22:59:12 2020

I had this page roughed out, so I've been working on it the past few days to get back into the swing of things.

I think Hank looks pretty good as a taur. Also there's something hot about just completely stripping in the middle of a store—even if they did just finish screwing


Covid Update

Wed Jul 22 23:01:25 2020

Last night my fever finally broke and today I was feeling back to normal, pretty much. I still have some left-over symptoms like an intermittent dry cough (which apparently can last for several months—hopefully they won't though). But I was definitely feeling a lot better and able to work on art again. So I should have some things to post again soon.

Thanks for all the support, I really appreciated it. <3 When I was feeling down at the worst of it, it was nice to know so many people were thinking about me.


Mon Jul 20 22:55:06 2020

I don't like to draw Pulsar feeling sad but I've been pretty sad lately. I might delete this later.

For anyone who follows me on here but didn't see my posts on Twitter: last week I was in the ER with severe Covid symptoms. I've been tested, but haven't gotten the results back yet. But the doctor said it's almost certainly Covid.

The worst part has been this brutal, persistent fever. I haven't had trouble breathing or pain in the chest. But the fever just won't quit. I've had it for a full week now. And while I've made small improvements to the other symptoms, the fever hasn't really gotten any better.

Unfortunately this makes it extremely hard to draw or focus on doing anything creative. This pic was the first thing I've drawn since last Thursday. Yesterday I was so out of it I could barely sit up. Although fortunately I've been a bit better today.

Anyway, I don't know when I'll be posting art again. I hate to take an indefinite hiatus like this but the illness is just too unpredictable. I'll do my best to start posting regularly again as soon as I'm able. Hopefully won't be more than a few days


Pulsar_ill.jpg Pulsar_ill.jpg Pulsar_Ill.jpg Pulsar_Ill.jpg


Fri Jul 17 22:07:19 2020

Commission for Caliber of his gryphon-taur self erupting with a huge load

Caliber_cum_full.jpg Caliber_base_full.jpg Caliber_base_final.jpg

Balros Growing part 4 of 4

Thu Jul 16 22:50:56 2020

And the final part of the growing squirrel(s)—very big and multi, and quite spoogey too

Balros_Growing_pt4_warning.jpg Balros_Growing_pt4_fullskt.jpg

Balros Growing part 3 of 4

Wed Jul 15 21:59:29 2020

Now there's clones!


Balros Growing part 2 of 4

Tue Jul 14 21:36:10 2020

The next pic in the Balros series where he's stripping. I still have to draw the other two pics yet so not sure if I'll be posting them this week or not, but 4 especially does end up pretty extreme. As you might imagine~

Balros_Growing_pt2_hyper_fullskt.jpg Balros_Growing_pt2_multi_fullskt.jpg

Balros Growing part 1 of 4

Mon Jul 13 23:35:07 2020

Commission for Balros of him growing quite big and multi. Starts out pretty tame, but by part 4 there's going to be a lot of squirrel~

Balros_Growing_pt1_hyper_fullskt.jpg Balros_Growing_pt1_multi_fullskt.jpg

ATWT with Mask Animation

Sun Jul 12 23:25:48 2020

A friend and I were talking about this the other day and I thought it'd be fun to try and animate. x)

Pulsar_ATWT_Anim_full.gif Pulsar_ATWT_Anim_sml.gif

Happy Birdday page 11

Sat Jul 11 00:38:25 2020

Finished up page 11 today on stream which was pretty fun! The donkey's taur transformation is going full speed ahead, even with his clothes in the way.


George on the Toilet part 2

Thu Jul 9 23:54:04 2020

This is a follow up pic of the one I did back in April of George sitting on someone, sitting on the toilet. He's not really sitting 'on' the toilet here, it's just getting pulled up inside him along with everything else...

bottler_toilet_2_warning.jpg Bottler_Toilet_pt2_full.jpg


Wed Jul 8 20:38:14 2020

Commission for Cimmaron of his very hyper horse self. It must be some pretty surprise growth as it looks like he's pushed right up out of his jock...

Cimmaron_base_full.jpg Cimmaron_cum_full.jpg

Tom Nook

Tue Jul 7 22:54:16 2020

Commission for Anon of Tom Nook struggling to get his pants on.


Putting My Feet Up

Mon Jul 6 22:34:43 2020

I'm overdue for another weird extreme multi or growth sequence. If I let it go too long, I get all pent up and then end up doing stuff like this. |> What can I say, sometimes I just like to relax and put my feet up. All four of 'em. And let all my dicks out too...

Pulsar_feetup_warning.jpg Pulsar_FeetUp_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_FeetUp_Cocks_fullskt.jpg

Happy Birdday Page 10

Fri Jul 3 20:59:36 2020

Hank grabs the taur growtion and goes for it!


Chaz Extreme ATWT

Thu Jul 2 22:34:38 2020

Pic for my friend Chaz of his fox really showing off. I put a warning on this one even though it's similar to the previous All-The-Way-Through pics (which didn't get warnings for whatever reason)... but this one is way more extreme.

Update: Actually attached the images this time! There are three alts, messing around with his gape and his hyper cock...

chaz_gape_warning.jpg Chaz_Gape_ATWT_bunched_fullskt.jpg Chaz_Gape_ATWT_base_fullskt.jpg Chaz_Gape_ATWT_floppedthrough_fullskt.jpg

Hank Pinup

Wed Jul 1 21:48:34 2020

Here's a fully rendered pic of Hank for the poll a few weeks back! I wanted to do something a little more detailed and gratuitous than just those sketches. I didn't write any dialogue on the pic, but I imagine he's saying something like, "I dunno how big... it's been a while since I last measured."

Hank_Boner_cum_full.jpg Hank_Boner_full.jpg

Hank Self Suck

Tue Jun 30 22:31:56 2020

This was a sketch I started just to practice Hank, only for it to turn into a messy two-parter. I'm working on a render of him for the poll (which is almost done, I might have it posted tomorrow for $6+ patrons), but figured I'd post this in the meantime.

Hank_Self_Suck_pt1_fullskt.jpg Hank_Self_Suck_pt2_fullskt.jpg

Commissions Update

Tue Jun 30 16:50:10 2020

I've responded to all the commissions requests from patrons that I'll be taking on. There are a few I decided not to do, usually the more kinky or filthy ones. I'd like to get away from doing that sort of material, so I've been more pickly lately on selecting things I think I'll enjoy.

If you haven't submitted an idea yet, the form is still open for the public until July 4. (Or until I fill my remaining slots.) So feel free to still submit an idea if you'd like.


Dragon and Horse

Mon Jun 29 23:14:40 2020

Commission for Anon of a very fat dragon feeding from a very fat horse.

Dragon_Horse_warning.jpg ANON_Dragon_Horse_fullskt.jpg

July Commissions Open!

Fri Jun 26 22:29:17 2020

I'm opening commissions for patrons for July. Same as last month, I'll have an open submission period that will run until Monday, and then I'll respond to the projects I've selected by Monday or Tuesday next week. Depending on response, I may also open publicly next week. As a reminder, I no longer accept Paypal.

Go here to submit an idea:



TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwboncsf086e2jz/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0


Kaji and Enzo in a Hot Tub

Fri Jun 26 22:02:56 2020

Commission for Kaji (right) and Enzo (left), just hanging out and relaxing in a hot tub. This was fun to do. I like casual and relaxed atmosphere, and of course the huge dongs.


Happy Birdday page 9

Thu Jun 25 20:21:51 2020

Finishing up that quickie, now on to some growth and transformation!

Cameo from Walter who's just trying to do some shopping and didn't mean to interrupt


Purplecat in the Alley

Wed Jun 24 22:14:27 2020

This is a bit of a follow-up pic to the one PC got a few years ago where shi's just wearing a skirt in public and it's not hiding anything. Apparently the giraffe couldn't resist and now he's being corrupted too...



Tue Jun 23 22:53:26 2020

Commission for Jordan of their lombax with a prosthetic arm that's got a dildo attachment


Pulsar on the Bed

Mon Jun 22 21:57:30 2020

This was a commission for Guderian who wanted to see Pulsar in a similar pose to a picture I took of myself, on the bed presenting. I love it when my asshole takes up my entire butt crack like that~

There's also a gaping alt, and then a bunch of greasy/sweaty alts. I did greasy asshole versions of both pics, and then full body sweaty pics of both alts too.

Pulsar_bed_pucker_full.jpg Pulsar_bed_gape_sweatyass_full.jpg Pulsar_bed_gape_full.jpg Pulsar_bed_gape_sweaty_full.jpg Pulsar_bed_pucker_sweaty_full.jpg Pulsar_bed_pucker_sweatyass_full.jpg

Screenshot Alterations

Mon Jun 22 19:00:10 2020

This popped up in my timeline today (Twitter link):


It's a draw-over of a still from Beastars to make one of the characters hyper.

I really want to try something like this. But I'm also fantastically lazy and I can't be bothered to find high-quality stills of shows to modify. So I'm tossing it over to my $12 patrons to make some suggestions.

Leave a link in the comments or send me an email directly at pulsarbird at gmail dot com of a still you'd like modified and what you'd like to see. Feel free to submit more than one.

It doesn't have to be Beastars; any show will do. Though for best results, it should be a show that's available in HD or 4k. Older shows in SD don't really have enough resolution to modify well.

There's no real deadline on this. I'll leave the post up for a few days to give folks a chance to find some shots they like. If I don't get any, I'll open it up to the next tier, or publicly.


Happy Birdday page 9 WIP

Fri Jun 19 22:31:47 2020

I got the inks done on the next page of the comic today. There are a few things I'll probably end up tweaking on this page, but it's mostly there. I've got a few other pics in the works too (including the pinup of Hank that was voted on) but haven't finished any of them yet to post. My plan is to color and post this page next weekend, and to post the other pics sometime over the next two weeks.

Cameo by Walter as the shy bunny customer.



Thu Jun 18 21:01:43 2020

Commission for Rangarig of his dragon getting a really big stretch. He looks rather surprised that it fits!



Wed Jun 17 21:55:05 2020

Commission for Moonlight showing their zebra unloading several olympic-sized swimming pools worth.

Moonlight_cum_full.jpg Moonlight_full.jpg Moonlight_ink.jpg

Hiking in Color

Tue Jun 16 22:18:53 2020

I really liked how this pic turned out, so I did a color version.

Pulsar_Hiking_loincloth_full.jpg Pulsar_Hiking_nude_full.jpg Pulsar_Hiking_triple_full.jpg

Simon Gender TF

Mon Jun 15 22:09:26 2020

Simon of the chipmunks has gone through some gender TF after a lab accident. Commission for Jordan.

Simon_GenderTF_alt_fullskt.jpg Simon_GenderTF_fullskt.psd (d) Simon_GenderTF_base_fullskt.jpg


Sat Jun 13 23:56:41 2020

Commission for Aubrin of his android Jaye, showing off how hollow she is too.


Happy Birdday page 8

Fri Jun 12 22:47:55 2020

It's handy having a thong that doubles as a condom, especially when you end up fucking a bunch of customers every day.


Aidan and Syrl

Thu Jun 11 21:40:58 2020

Commission from Aidan (mouse) and Syrl (dragon) of a little size difference and cock worship. I love when characters mess with expectations, like having a huge, hyper and buff mouse that's way bigger than a dragon.


Make Him Shoot

Wed Jun 10 22:45:57 2020

Commission for Solaster dressed up as Woodsy—an owl mascot from the 70's that was used as part of an anti-littering campaign. In his case, he has other ideas in mind...

Solaster_Woody_alt_full.png Solaster_Woody_base_full.png

Overmuscled Lombax

Tue Jun 9 22:39:43 2020

Commission from Jordan of a mutual friend of ours' Lombax character, casually lounging around as a hyper muscled stud.


Pulsar Hiking

Tue Jun 9 01:00:15 2020

Now that it's finally nicer out, I like to go hiking. :> Also been in a totally-inadequate-loincloth mood lately too. Includes nude and triple-dicked alts.

Pulsar_Hiking_loincloth_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Hiking_triple_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Hiking_nude_fullskt.jpg

New Characters Art

Sun Jun 7 23:49:34 2020

I've been meaning to draw some of my new characters from the comic in their own pics, either pinups or everyday hyper situations. Who should I draw first?

Poll runs until Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Happy Birdday page 7

Sat Jun 6 14:48:30 2020

Here's the completed page 7! I swear the comic will eventually get to the birthday party itself, but there's probably another 6 or 7 pages of these guys first. Another page or two of fucking, then a few pages of TF stuff. x)

Edit: forgot to add the guys in the background are Mikey D (top panel) and Lupi (middle panel)


Muscle Legoshi

Fri Jun 5 23:49:18 2020

I did this sketch last weekend and kind of forgot about it. I thought it was a funny juxtaposition though. Super skinny Legoshi all buffed out to a huge stud. Haru can probably still take that dick too.

Legoshi_Muscle_fullskt.jpg Legoshi_Muscle_fullskt.jpg


Fri Jun 5 00:18:12 2020

I was watching some old Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons and I thought I'd doodle the little guy. He's so cute!

And then I did a bunch of multi alts since that's been a mood lately too. Wile E. Coyote must have zapped him with an Illudium PU-36 Space Modulator or something.

Roadrunner_hyper_fullskt.jpg Roadrunner_base_fullskt.jpg Roadrunner_2heads_fullskt.jpg Roadrunner_taur_fullskt.jpg Roadrunner_multi_fullskt.jpg

Hung Albatross

Thu Jun 4 00:59:54 2020

Silly doodle I did of an albatross with a massive package. Kind of thinking about collecting these into a book, so I might do some more. One for each letter of the alphabet or that kind of thing.


Happy Birdday page 7 inks

Tue Jun 2 23:59:32 2020

WIP of Page 7! Featuring a couple of cameos: Mikey D the hedgehog in panel 1 and Lupi the dracowolf in panel 2. (Also a generic mouse just to fill in the scene a little.)

Here I thought the sex scene would be easier because I could focus on close ups. But it turns out group sex shots are more interesting. And a lot more complicated to draw. So this pretty much took all day. At least I should be able to have the page finished up by this weekend!


Commissions Emails Sent

Tue Jun 2 16:03:45 2020

Just a quick update—I sent out emails to all the commission requests that I'm interested in doing this month. If you received an email from me, please respond within the next 24 hours. I'll be opening publicly tomorrow and you may lose your shot if I don't hear back.


Haru Herm

Tue Jun 2 00:01:02 2020

A bunch of people suggested drawing Haru as a hyper herm, so here you go. The first version is kind of lazy since I just copied that standard pose they use on all the marketing. Just wanted to draw some big skirt bulge.

Haru_Herm1_fullskt.jpg Haru_Herm2_fullskt.jpg


Sat May 30 16:46:48 2020

It's the taur nobody asked for! A friend and I were talking dirty and the concept of a taur version of Scooby Doo came up. Something about the idea just hit me the right way so I had to try drawing it. Plus with the new movie just out, it's almost topical.

I'm not really into dog dicks so I also did a horsecock version. And included the base pic too without any junk since it's a thing that exists anyway.

Scooby_Taur_sheath_full.jpg Scooby_Taur_base_full.jpg Scooby_Taur_dogdick_full.jpg Scooby_Taur_horsecock_full.jpg

Pulsar Buttfuck Animation

Sat May 30 00:52:03 2020

I've been trying to get a handle on CSP on the iPad. It's been a steeper learning curve than I expected, but the animation tools are so good I keep coming back to it. Anyway, I was still able to get a short loop done in the process of learning it today.

I know I keep saying this but I'd *really* love to do more animations. It just takes so much practice and time... But hopefully as I continue concentrating on building my Patreon I'll have more time for things like this.


June Commissions Open!

Fri May 29 19:20:20 2020

I'm opening commissions for June! I'm changing up the way I'm doing things this time around. Rather than emailing me, you can submit a request via a form. The form will be available until at least Sunday evening (if it's still up, I'm still open), and I will respond to requests next week. I'll respond to all requests by Friday June 5, so if you don't hear back by then, your idea wasn't selected.

Go here to request a commission: https://forms.gle/s4maghWvVzxtQkLt6

EDIT: Important thing I forgot to mention: I'm no longer able to accept Paypal as a form of payment. You must be able to pay with a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc.) This isn't my choice, but a change by my invoicing system that no longer allows direct Paypal payments to be made.

I'm changing things up because I want to rebalance the types of commissions I'm working on and I think this will help me sort through ideas better. I'm also going to be taking significantly fewer commissions in the coming months. This will give me more time to focus on Patreon stuff like the comic and other personal projects while still being able to pay my bills.

This also means I'm going to be getting away from more extreme or complicated ideas or characters. You're welcome to submit them, but I might be turning down ideas that I've previously accepted in the past. It also depends on how many commissions I get or what types they are.

Anyway, thanks for your interest! Looking forward to seeing your ideas :>

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwboncsf086e2jz/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0

commissions_ad_NSFW_apr_2020.jpg commissions_ad_NSFW_apr_2020.jpg commissions_ad_NSFW_june_2020.jpg

Background Character Submission

Thu May 28 23:54:46 2020

I've asked for references from my $12 patrons in the past if you want your characters to appear in the backgrounds of pic or comics. I'm going to ask for the same thing again here, but this time a little more organized, with a form!

I'm also asking again because I have more than twice as many $12 patrons as last time (thank you!), but that post is pretty buried so you might not have seen it. I'm getting to the point where I want to start populating the comic with background characters, so this is a good time to ask again.

If you'd like your character to potentially be included in stuff in the future, please submit some refs here:


Some notes:

• Should go without saying but—only submit characters you own.

• I strongly prefer characters that are naturally colored or have mostly natural features. If you have a character design that is particularly complex, feel free to submit it, but with the understanding that I may not use it.

• Likewise if your character is *too* hyper or too tall (or too fat, etc) to reasonably fit into the picture, then I probably won't use them. You've seen my art so you know I like to do a lot of casual sex stuff in mostly "realistic" settings. If a character is too tall to fit in an average room or so hyper they can't fit in a car, etc, I might not have a spot where I can include them.

• Feel free to submit more than one character. But I will likely limit appearances to one character per person, per project.

• If you submit a character but it either changes or you no longer want it to be in the pool of available characters for me to use, please let me know. If it's in the list, I'll assume it can be used.

• If possible, please use an email address that you check regularly. I might have a question or particular request, and if I don't get a response I'll probably pick someone else.


Legoshi and Louis

Thu May 28 22:29:12 2020

Legoshi was the winner of the poll! Sort of. He tied with Bowser, but since I've already drawn Bowser a few times I went for Legoshi. Also because I thought it'd be hot to ship him with Louis, and have Louis be kind of annoyed and frustrated when he finds out Legoshi's dick is bigger than his.

Legoshi_Louis_full.jpg Legoshi_Louis_full.jpg

Happy Birdday Page 6

Wed May 27 23:34:45 2020

Nothing like fucking some store employee to get a few perks.

For you WIP nerds, you can see a few changes I made after the inking. Moved the eagle's hand into his pocket, which I thought was a better fit for the 'aw shucks' pose I was going for. Also added the donkey's butt to the last panel, because who doesn't like to see more ass ass. And it sets up the next page better.

Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg6_full.jpg Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg6_full.jpg

Multi Morning

Tue May 26 23:12:53 2020

Just another self indulgent sketch, waking up in the morning with a bunch of extras. Must have been some hot dreams, or maybe just left over from the night before...

Pulsar_Multi_Morning_cum_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Multi_Morning_base_fullskt.jpg

Happy Birdday Page 6 WIP

Tue May 26 00:18:54 2020

Inks for page 6! I should be able to finish up this page in the next day or two. And page 7 should be pretty quick too since it'll just be the sex scene.

I don't know what it is about that donkey, but I find his expressions really easy and fun to draw. I'm particularly fond of that "1950s surprised pin-up" expression in the second panel.


Draw 6 Color

Sat May 23 23:07:33 2020

I forgot to post this poll yesterday. Wanted to put it to a vote as to which of the Draw 6 meme characters I should do a full color pic of. Except there's only 5 of them because I didn't include Bubsy. >_> His character design is a bit too weirdly cartoony for me, and I don't think he would've won anyway.

Depending on who wins, I'll either draw a new image (Baloo, Legoshi), or color the existing image because I like it enough (Bowser, Biker Mice, probably Nala).

Poll runs until Monday May 25 at 9pm EST. Thanks!

Biker Mice from Mars

Fri May 22 23:13:21 2020

And #6! I know absolutely nothing about this show, they just seemed like they'd be fun to draw. I have no idea like what their relationships are or like who the leader is or whatever. So hopefully it's hot.

I'll be running a poll shortly for $6+ patrons on which one you'd like to see colored!


Happy Birdday Stoat Sex Poll

Thu May 21 20:15:14 2020

I had too many ideas for the upcoming sex scene, so I thought I'd put it to a poll! The poll runs until Sunday at 9pm EST.

What does the stoat want from the other two?

Happy Birdday page 5

Thu May 21 19:56:32 2020

Page five is done! You can see where this is going. I didn't want to introduce all three of those growtions without also showing them off. (Also I retconned the word to "growtion" because I thought it was easier to read.)

Also I'm going to post a poll on how the stoat wants that donkey, so make sure to check that out too~



Wed May 20 23:16:40 2020

I still haven't watched this show, but he seems so popular these days. Had to give him a try. I think once I'm done with all these, I'll probably hold a poll to see which of these six characters I should do a full color pic of.


Nala Jogging Break

Tue May 19 21:17:37 2020

Number four of the draw six. Someone suggested Lion King characters and I ended up drawing her specifically because... well, no particular reason. Just was inspired to. I like how this pose turned out too, so there are a couple of alts.

Nala_Jogging_Break_base_fullskt.jpg Nala_Jogging_Break_pussy_fullskt.jpg Nala_Jogging_Break_herm_fullskt.jpg


Mon May 18 22:44:48 2020

Here's another one for the draw 6 meme. I think at the end of these I'll have a poll for $6 and up patrons as to which of these 6 you'd like to see a full color pic of.

Bubsy is one of those really overly stylized mid-90s cartoon characters. Obviously a take on Sonic, but like the low-budget version. And also like Sonic, he's so stylized I find him kinda hard to draw.

Also I couldn't find a single pic that showed him from the side, so I tried drawing it. It's clear his recognizability / silhouette is based on his front view. From the side he just looks kind of generic. Weird character design.



Sun May 17 00:08:22 2020

Another one for the Draw 6 meme. Got a few more coming too


Heather and Dusty, parts 3 & 4

Wed May 13 21:53:18 2020

Pulling off the compression bra and giving the lucky guy a thick tit job

Heather_Dusty_pt3_fullskt.jpg Heather_Dusty_pt4_fullskt.jpg

Heather and Dusty, parts 1 & 2

Tue May 12 22:22:50 2020

This is a 4 part image series commission for Mirlinthloth of their characters Heather (left) and Dusty. Heather is wearing a minimizer bra that keeps her hyper size more compact in public. I'll post the exciting reveal tomorrow!

(Also I totally need to draw more compression clothes. Hot as hell.)

Heather_Dusty_pt1_fullskt.jpg Heather_dusty_pt2_fullskt.jpg

Baloo Sketches

Mon May 11 23:36:19 2020

About a month ago I solicited Rule 34 suggestions for the "draw 6" meme. This is the first of the ones I chose: Baloo from Tail Spin.

I don't often do sketch pages like this, but I did a few doodles at the top to get the feel for his face, then just filled the rest of the page with dicks and ass. Might try to do the rest of them this way too, as something different to try.

And I really need to work on my cartooning, geez.


Purplecat and Ailure

Mon May 11 22:13:19 2020

Another commission for PC/Ailure, of his characters doing what they do.

pc_ailure_warning.jpg Purplecat_Ailure_full.jpg

Happy Birdday page 4

Sun May 10 19:53:46 2020

Here's the 4th page! I ended up redrawing the first panel to be a different guy. Originally it was going to be the one guy talking while sucking dick, but putting the dialogue in the middle made it naturally seem like the two panels should be linked with 2 different characters. Also it fit better with the montage style page I was going for anyway.

I'll be getting to the actual party soon but I want to do an interlude few pages where the eagle and donkey (who still need names, hmm..) go to the store to buy the growtion and shenanigans ensue...


Ailure Stretching

Sat May 9 23:17:58 2020

Pinup pose for Ailure / Purplecat. If you know him, you'll know this is pretty tame! He wanted something that was just a basic hyper pinup pose and I was happy to oblige.


Purplecat Doubled Up

Fri May 8 22:33:32 2020

Commission for Purplecat of their demonic version with two of all the fun bits. Gotta have some multi for multi May!


Zaelgolin Pumped

Thu May 7 23:45:05 2020

Commission for Zaelgolin of their inflatable dragon self all pumped up, pooltoy style.


Slutty Jarjar

Wed May 6 22:30:27 2020

These pics were a sequence commissioned by Grimfox116 of Jarjar dressing up as and being a total slut.

Grimfox116_Jarjar_Slut_fullskt.jpg Grimfox116_Jarjar_Butt_lingerie_fullskt.jpg Grimfox116_Jarjar_Butt_nude_fullskt.jpg Grimfox116_Jarjar_Spoogey_Butt_fullskt.jpg


Wed May 6 00:59:58 2020

Commission for jforte91 of his demon gargoyle on his throne.


Raigor and Worldsmith

Mon May 4 22:55:04 2020

Commission for Id Starry of his characters Raigor and Worldsmith.

id_raigor_worldsmith_warning.jpg Raigor_Worldsmith_full.jpg

Commissions and Projects Update

Sun May 3 17:01:19 2020

Edit: I realize this post made it seem like I'm taking time off in May. I'm not taking off! I'll still be posting every day and working on stuff. Just not taking commissions. :>

I've had a lot of folks asking about May commissions so I wanted to give everyone an update.

This has been such a weird time for everyone because of the Coronavirus and that's been impacting my business as well. I was concerned I wouldn't have enough work for April, so I overbooked myself. This meant I had almost no time to work on other projects, including the usual Patreon stuff I promised like the comic. And in turn, this made it difficult to focus on doing non-art-related things when I should've been taking a break too.

I still have a full week of April commissions that I need to finish up next week, so I'll be taking care of those. Normally I'd be booking comms for May this weekend, but I still have those from April to finish up and I already know I want to take at least one more full week to work on other projects. So it's looking like May comms are going to be pushed back to June probably.

Something I've been working towards for a while now is to have enough passive income (such as Patreon) to support myself so I can continue to work on the projects I'm most interested in. It's a weird balancing act because in order to grow that income, I need to spend time on things, but I don't actually see the results of those projects for months down the road, and in the meantime still have to pay my bills. And obviously the virus just made that even more difficult.

I'm still trying to figure out how much time I should spend on commissions and how much time I can put aside for projects like the comic (and the other half-dozen ideas I have which could help support me).

There's no particularly good time to take a risk like this, so I might as well do it now when I need the mental boost of my own projects. I'm going to skip taking commissions for May (other than what I currently owe) and just see what I can get done the rest of the month for myself. April was pretty rough for me artistically, so focusing on my own stuff instead will help a lot.

When I do open for comms, I'm also going to start a form system like a lot of other artists use. I like the direct contact with fans via email, but I think using a form will help fix some problems I've had managing volume and information. Since I'll likely be taking fewer commissions each month too, I think it'll help a lot in managing the requests.

If you were hoping to get a commission for May, please consider saving up for June instead! That would definitely help me out a lot, especially with how things are going right now.



Sat May 2 22:35:54 2020

Commission for Evandill of his Okapi riding a dildo and getting pumped through with cum.

Evandill_cum_full.jpg Evandill_base_full.jpg

Spade Relaxing

Sat May 2 00:33:38 2020

Commission for Spade of her relaxing after a jog. Just letting all that meat out of her workout suit.


Whiteheart Lifting

Fri May 1 00:00:14 2020

Comm for Whiteheart of his hyper hung pony doing a marathon workout


Ankhxy and Waffles

Thu Apr 30 01:11:56 2020

Commission for Ankhxy and Waffles of a little size difference and big butt hotdogging.


Cock Lips

Tue Apr 28 20:36:10 2020

Commission for anon of a guy in The Mask, sporting a giant dick with lips on his foreskin. I've always really liked the idea of The Mask as a conduit for cartoony hyper sex because that's almost certainly what would happen if I put it on.


Happy Birdday page 4 rough

Sun Apr 26 19:28:45 2020

This month has been pretty crazy so far and I haven't had as much time to work on the comic as I was hoping. Got the inking done for page 4. The color and dialogue box layouts are going to take a while, so I thought I'd post this in the meantime.

It's a montage of various friends getting the invitations. They all happen to be having sex of course. Including the guy fucking Pulsar himself!

Do you like to see WIPs for stuff like this? Or do you prefer to be surprised with the final page when it's done?



Sun Apr 26 00:26:10 2020

Commission for Venor of his busty boy suddenly growing hugely out of his clothes.



Sat Apr 25 01:07:37 2020

Commission for Musclenstripes of his liger Grant relaxing in the brush and blowing a massive load. Base version without cum also included.

Grant_cum_full.png Grant_base_full.jpg Grant_cum_full.jpg Grant_cum_full.png


Thu Apr 23 22:18:28 2020

Commish for KazuFonFon of their bat-dragon self-cum-inflating until it all blows back out. Just another one of those hyper feedback loops. Version without cum also included.

KazuFonFon_cum_fullskt.jpg KazuFonFon_base_fulltskt.psd (d)


Thu Apr 23 00:32:23 2020

Comm for Krios relaxing after a hyper cock pumping session.


Bottler Over The Toilet

Tue Apr 21 23:30:18 2020

Commission for Bottler showing him sitting on the toilet—so far on it that he's swallowing most of it up into his ass, along with the other poor guy who was sitting on it first. Marked as extreme for belly bulging.

bottler_toilet_warning.png Bottler_toilet_full.jpg


Mon Apr 20 22:34:14 2020

Commission for Rei of them blowing a huge load in the park

Rei_cum_full.jpg Rei_base_full.jpg

Nature is Healing

Mon Apr 20 00:31:45 2020

Birds are finally returning to the trees! Nature is healing <3



Sat Apr 18 22:12:52 2020

Commission for Id Stary of his demon goat in a nice form-fitting latex suit. There's also an implied scat alt with a bulge down his ass crack, if you're into that sort of thing.

Id_Riki_base_final.jpg Id_Riki_alt_full.jpg

Hawke and Kuro

Fri Apr 17 22:24:58 2020

Commission for Silverhawke of him fucking his little friend Kuro in the ass.


WIPs for The Week of April 13

Tue Apr 14 23:25:37 2020

I keep forgetting to upload WIPs, so here are a bunch for this week. All will eventually be in color. Some will be changing a bit based on feedback. For Krios, Hawke and Kuro, Riki, and Rei.

Krios_rough.jpg Hawk_Kuro_rough.jpg Id_Riki_base_roughv2.jpg Rei_rough.jpg

Monki and Pulsar at the Arcade

Mon Apr 13 23:26:24 2020

This YCH was offered to my Ornithologist tier patrons a few weeks back. ArtistOrphy grabbed it, and got his Monki fucking Pulsar up the ass at the Arcade!


Minh Grow Day part 6

Sun Apr 12 22:17:43 2020

Here's the last pic in the series! Minh's finally spreading out through the entire mall. There's just so much of him. Sometimes you just have those days...

There are lots of little interesting things in the pic to look for, kind of like a Where's Waldo.
• Hand with a finger growing into a cock
• Assholes in ball cleavage
• Footpaw with toes that are smaller paws
• Mouth taint
• Head on backwards

Hope you enjoyed this very weird grow series! Back to your "regular" porn next week.

Minh_Grow_Day_pt4_warning.png Minh_Growday_pt6_fullskt.jpg

Minh Grow Day part 5

Sun Apr 12 00:26:58 2020

I'm too lazy to make new warning pics for each of these submissions. The attachment is part 5 though!

Minh_Grow_Day_pt4_warning.png Minh_GrowDay_pt5_fullskt.jpg Minh_Grow_Day_pt5_cum_fullskt.jpg

Six Rule34 Fan Arts

Sat Apr 11 02:06:02 2020

In lieu of a poll that I don't have prepared, I'm going to do the six fan arts meme. But lewd, ofc.

Leave a comment on which popular media character(s) you'd like to see more hyper porn of. (Feel free to suggest pairs or threesomes as well. Though I'm unlikely to do, say, all of the Gargoyles or the entire Star Fox crew.) I'll pick six of them to do sketches of!


• Popular media "Rule 34" only, no personal OCs.

• You can submit more than one character, but let's limit it to say 3 suggestions per person.

• Feel free to make other requests, e.g. make them a herm, or Rule 63 them, etc.

• Feel free to ship, too. Like Nick Wilde with Robin Hood or something.

I probably will delete this post after I pick the six I want to do, just so I don't keep getting inundated with more suggestions.


Minh Grow Day part 4

Fri Apr 10 22:23:37 2020

It's hard to buy clothes when you're constantly growing. Never mind finding your size. Try just finding something with the right number of sleeves!

Minh_Grow_Day_pt4_warning.png Minh_GrowDay_pt4_fullskt.jpg

Minh Grow Day part 3

Thu Apr 9 22:46:59 2020

I'll probably start putting extreme warnings on the next ones. They get pretty wild. I'm not really sure where I should draw the line, but apparently it's when an otter gets more than two heads, four arms, four legs and two assholes.

You can tell the head on the left is the original one because it's wearing the glasses.

Minh_Grow_Day_pt4_warning.png Minh_GrowDay_pt3_fullskt.jpg Minh_Grow_Day_pt4_warning.png

Minh Grow Day part 2

Thu Apr 9 00:25:55 2020

Trying to walk out of the house with four legs and dicks is kinda tricky...


Minh Grow Day part 1

Tue Apr 7 22:37:20 2020

This is the first of a series of six pics for Minh, showing him growing as he tries to go about his day shopping. If you know Minh at all (or have seen the other work I've done for him), you know he can get pretty crazy. I'll be posting one or two pics of this series over the next week. I'm currently working on finishing up the final (quite complicated) pic, so hopefully will have it done by the end of the week.


Stellos Tribute

Tue Apr 7 01:37:32 2020

This isn't really my pic; Stellos did it first. But I've always really liked it and it was something of an inspiration for me in showing just how far you can push anatomy and what kinds of crazy things you can do. Even though this is way more extreme than I usually draw, I've always kind of wanted to do my own take on this pic. So here it is.

The pic has a warning for a reason. It shows one hugely hyper hung stallion plowing several other horses, humans and a centaur all the way through, stacked up on his dick. If you're not into that, don't download it.

Stellos_ATWT_extreme_warning.png Stellos_Tribute_fullskt.jpg Stellos_ATWT_extreme_warning.png

Pulsar Jogging Multicock

Sun Apr 5 23:57:17 2020

And the triple-dicked fuckbird alt. It's tough being a bird in spring!

Pulsar_Jogging_triple_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Jogging_triple_cum_fullskt.jpg

Pulsar Jogging

Sun Apr 5 23:54:58 2020

I posted this tweet the other day and realized it made a pretty good illustration prompt. So I drew it! Spoogey cum version also included.

Pulsar_Jogging_base_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Jogging_cum_fullskt.jpg

Happy Birdday Gift Poll

Fri Apr 3 23:59:35 2020

If you read page three of Happy Birdday, you'll see where Pulsar's friends decide to get him some kind of a grotion—that is, a potion that makes you grow! The options are:

• Muscle growth: Pretty much what it says on the tin: makes the drinker bulk up with enormous muscles! Imagine bowling by just hurtling the ball all the way down the lane...

• Hyper cock growth: Makes the drinker grow a bigger cock. If they don't have a cock, they grow one. If they're already a hyper, it gets even bigger. How much bigger? Well, depends on how much you drink...

• Centaur TF: Turns the drinker into a taur. But is it just another pair of legs in the style of the original pair? Or does it turn the lower half into an actual horse? Might be different for different drinkers...

Also here's one last thing to keep in mind as you vote: the bottle will probably be passed around at the party. ;>

Happy Birdday, page 3

Fri Apr 3 23:46:40 2020

Here we are, with the Alpaca waitress coming through with a gift idea! Next poll will be which of the three grotions to get Pulsar: muscle growth, hyper dick growth or centaur TF. I kind of modeled the grotion bottles after the vigors in Bioshock Infinite, because I always liked the designs of the bottles in that game. $6 and up tiers can vote in the poll!

I also had this idea to draw Pulsar wearing clothing that says "unmarketable" as a nod to how furry characters are often so queer and kinky that they make the fandom unappealing to large corporations. I was going to do it as a standalone pic, but never really got around to it. So I threw the joke in here.


Pulsar Bathroom Break

Thu Apr 2 21:49:01 2020

Finally got this pic done for the last poll! You don't see a lot of pics of hypers doing everyday things like this, so I'm always happy when I can do some. Also, I really like how long and floppy Pulsar's thong looks here.

I also did a cum alt because I know not everyone is into WS play. And it's also fun to imagine that a 'bathroom break' for hypers is sometimes just a giant load of cum. There's also the base pic with neither.

I think in the future, I'm going to do poll pics more often as sketches, at least to start with. These multi-character colored pics take quite a long time. I've got about 10 hours into this one, and while I like how it turned out, that's still a lot of time to spend on one thing for a poll. I think I might do a bunch of polls as sketches first, and then maybe hold another meta-poll on which of those pics to color. Would really make my workload a lot easier (and frankly, more fun).

The horse is generic, but the other two background characters are my Ornithologist patrons: Shifty Tiger (left) and AlexFenFox's character Luxian (right).

Pulsar_Bathroom_piss_full.jpg Pulsar_Bathroom_base_full.jpg Pulsar_Bathroom_cum_full.jpg


Wed Apr 1 22:34:33 2020

Human practice. I've been meaning to try a take on Priapus for like years now, and just kept forgetting. So I drew him as a warm-up sketch this morning. If there is a god, I sure hope they're horny because otherwise what even is life?


Pulsar Pissing Preview

Tue Mar 31 23:27:39 2020

I was hoping to get this done today, but didn't quite have enough time. But I thought I'd post the flat colors here for my top tier so you could see a preview. I selected AlexFenFox's character Luxian (right) and Shifty Tiger (left) as the background characters.


Ian Quarantine

Mon Mar 30 23:53:22 2020

I had this idea of quarantining someone in my ass, and honestly Ian is just the perfect guy for it. He likes being in there already, so even if sounds like he's complaining, he's used to it.


Bird Dancers

Sat Mar 28 22:01:56 2020

Commission for Hexxia of two of her vorephile birds. They're putting on quite a show, casually voring a few cats on stage.

Hexxia_Bird_Dancers_cum_full.jpg Hexxia_Bird_Dancers_base_full.jpg

Hane and Cyur

Fri Mar 27 20:29:13 2020

Commission for Hane Maxwell of his wolf getting hugely cum-inflated by his deer char Cyur. Version without the cum fountain also included.

Hane_Cyur_cum_full.jpg Hane_Cyur_base_full.jpg

April Commissions

Fri Mar 27 20:26:29 2020

I'm opening for April Commissions! I know it's a tough time right now for everyone, so don't go out of your way. But if you can send me some work, I'd really appreciate it. If you're interested, send an email with a brief description of your idea and references to pulsarbird at gmail.

I'm also putting renders on hold for now. I still have one to finish up from last month and I don't want to get too far behind on them.


TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/684x056xxmzplc1/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0


Social Distancing

Fri Mar 27 00:22:45 2020

I had a conversation about this with several different people, so I guess it's my destiny to draw it now. You're welcome x)

Pulsar_Social_Distancing_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Social_Distancing_fullskt.jpg

ZardCo Compression Suit

Wed Mar 25 23:53:52 2020

This was a fun sketch inspired by a conversation with Skee, about how powerful ZardCo's suits are. And what happens to horny fuckbirds in spring. If this one has a 10:1 compression ratio, and the tent I'm pushing out is still that big... well, you can imagine what it's like when I take it off!


Pulsar and Draco

Wed Mar 25 01:01:36 2020

My friend Draco of Zeradaith had some stuff going on in his life recently so I did a little doodle for him. This is just us, hanging out and getting some work done, as hyper friends do~


Pussy Galore

Mon Mar 23 21:58:07 2020

Another illustration for the next issue of FAPP. This curse is "pussy galore" which is pretty self-explanatory.

Fun fact: I believe this is the largest pussy I've ever drawn.


Free YCH Opportunity

Sun Mar 22 14:30:09 2020

I've been working on the Pulsar hyper piss pic that won the last poll. I need a few background characters so I thought I'd open this up to my (h)ornithologist patrons. There's no charge for it since I need to draw the characters anyway. The flip side is that there's no revisions or anything included. Literally just need to fill in the background. I'll just pick characters I think work the best.

Going to leave this up for a day or two, or until I pick the slots.

If you're interested in appearing in the pic, leave a comment with a link to a ref and any suggestions, like if you have a preference on which slot.

Some thoughts:

-The horse guy is going to stay a generic horse, because I love the idea of a horse being embarrassed about how out-sized he is by the bird

- Probably going to add clothes to all the characters. It'll be generic jeans, shorts or thong and T-shirt.

- Open to changing genders. It's a co-ed bathroom. The other characters can be hyper too, but not super over-the-top. Just bigger-than-IRL hyper.

- Probably not going to change the stature too much. So no hyper muscle, macro, etc.


PS — I'm likely going to be looking for background characters in the comic too, which I'll also offer for free. And probably will do that in more future projects as well. Haven't decided yet if I'm going to offer paid 'co-star' slots to actually be fucking Pulsar when it gets to those scenes, but it's a possibility.


Happy Birdday page 2

Sat Mar 21 20:05:14 2020

Edit: Sorry if you see this posted twice! The first post glitched out and I had to delete it and re-upload.

Page 2 is up! This page sets up the next choice which will happen on page 3.

I also retconned the waitress into an alpaca, so I included an updated page 1 that gets the color of her arms and hands right.

Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg2_full.jpg Pulsar_Happy_Birdday_pg1_full.jpg

Raj and Gab

Sat Mar 21 00:57:54 2020

This is a four image sequence done for Mirlinthloth on FA of their characters Raj (left) and Gab. Gab has the power to shift cock mass around, so he grows Raj to a huge size while he's still sleeping, so when they wake up, he gets a good pounding.

Raj_Gab_pt1_fullskt.jpg Raj_Gab_pt2_fullskt.jpg Raj_Gab_pt3_fullskt.jpg Raj_Gab_pt4_fullskt.jpg

Infinite Anal Beads

Thu Mar 19 23:07:07 2020

This is one of the images I was commissioned to do for the next issue of FAPP! The theme is "Cursed Cumpendium", so all the illustrations are either of strange hyper curses or the characters doing the cursing. This one is shamelessly stolen from Zombiecat who drew something similar. I'd been meaning to do my own take on it, so doing it for FAPP worked out well! Someone with this curse ends up with an infinite string of anal beads coming out of their ass, and each one is bigger than the last...



Wed Mar 18 21:57:20 2020

Commission for MMPW of his massive horsetaur, trying to hold it together at the office. He grows when he gets horny too, so in addition to flooding that massive condom, he's also bursting right out of his suit.



Tue Mar 17 00:33:02 2020

Commission for Echo of his alien character in a cyberpunk setting.


Rabbit Jerkoff Rough

Mon Mar 16 01:30:48 2020

Rough animation sketch I did this afternoon of a rabbit jerking off. I've been trying to animate with more stylized, cartoony forms, and it really does speed up the process a lot.

Also I heard about a trick I wanted to try, where you draw the hands (or feet) but don't worry about connecting the arms or legs. That seems to really have worked well! I didn't bother drawing in the arms and it really helped simplify the process. I think I could easily add them at this point and it wouldn't take very long either. Whereas if I tried to draw them from the beginning it would've slowed me down a lot.


Totus Chaps

Sat Mar 14 23:21:06 2020

Commission for Totus posing in a nice pair of chaps which lets everything hang out.

Totus_Chaps_cum_full.jpg Totus_Chaps_base_final.jpg

Judge Judy

Fri Mar 13 23:47:00 2020

Another commission for Jordan, this time with Judy Hopps. I think the idea here is that she arrests people by sucking them up her cock. And it looks like you're next. Version without the dialogue also included.

Judy_CV_full.jpg Judy_CV_nodiag_full.jpg

UniformVixen and Lythal

Fri Mar 13 01:20:28 2020

Commission for UniformVixen of their bimbo vixen self being fucked and cum-inflated by their master Lythal.


Pulsar Fuckbird Feet

Wed Mar 11 23:27:10 2020

This is one of those just shamelessly self indulgent pics I did for myself. I also showed it to a few friends who all loved it. So uh, I'll post it here too I guess!

Sometimes you can tell how horny a fuckbird is by how many toes he grows...


Dildo Selfie YCH

Wed Mar 11 00:21:34 2020

I'm still experimenting with the best way to do these YCH's. If you've got any suggestions, let me know!

I'm going to offer this pose to three people in the Ornithologist tier only. No bidding, the first three people get it. It's base price for the style you want (depending on character complexity; complex characters will be more, per usual). I am also offering an option to autobuy for $100. This is in addition to the price of the commission, and also being offered on a first come, first served basis.

I'll leave the form open until Saturday at 8pm EST, or until three slots have been claimed, or the pic has been auto-bought.


Edit: forgot to add options...

• Body build can be slightly more muscular, but not hyper muscle. Prefer to keep it twinky.

• Breasts can be added

• Cock can be removed

Let me know if you have additional questions!



Tue Mar 10 20:46:06 2020

Commission for Angus of his bull-wolf with a hyper ass.



Tue Mar 10 00:04:25 2020

Commission for Jordan of Simon from the chipmunks having grown extremely multi! Might have something to do with spring...

I've got a bunch of multi pics coming up soon, between stuff I drew for myself and other commissions.


Pulsar Shenanigans Part 2

Mon Mar 9 01:03:36 2020

In lieu of a new poll idea, I'm going to run basically the same thing I ran last time, with different potential scenarios for Pulsar. I want to do them all eventually anyway, so I might as well knock a few out while I'm thinking about it. If you have ideas for polls though, please let me know!

Poll runs until Wednesday March 11 at 8pm EST

Country Boy Chipmunks

Sun Mar 8 23:34:58 2020

Commission for Simon (the Lombax) again, this time with Alvin and Simon (the chipmunks) cuddling and dressed in country boy style clothes.


Simon Rugby

Sat Mar 7 23:35:42 2020

Commission for Simon the lombax of his character in a rugby uniform.


Squat Anal Vore

Fri Mar 6 23:42:29 2020

Here's the pic from the last Patreon poll! Pulsar casually AVing someone in public ended up being the winner, and I decided to try an accidental AV pic because that's just so damn hot to me. Also a friend suggested this scenario, but I don't remember who, so whoever you are, thanks for that! [Edit: It was Snozzy!]

Pulsar was doing squats and someone obviously got a little too close. Maybe they were crouching under there for a better view, or thought they could sneak in a quick sniff of his ass. In any case, they weren't paying attention, and when Pulsar did another rep, they ended up lodged knees-deep in the cardinal's ass. It's their own fault though; the bird was even wearing his "keep clear" shirt to warn folks! (Also that's what happens when you use the squat rack that's not facing a mirror; otherwise he would've seen it.)

Of course the guy on the treadmill saw it happen in the mirror, and he's so surprised he tripped. Pulsar is surprised at the guy falling off the treadmill and everyone else is just trying not to stare as the scene unfolds.

Also give me ideas for more polls in the comments! What would you like to see?


Slit Vore

Thu Mar 5 23:14:38 2020

Commission for Seydaschu of himself showing off his slit vore talents. That inside pocket where he normally hides his cocks can also host lots of guests and a pretty big party! You can read his full description to go along with the pic here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35302217/


Happy Birdday Page 2 Poll

Wed Mar 4 21:51:30 2020

If you haven't read it yet, check out the previous post where I've posted the first page of the comic. Pulsar's friends are throwing a surprise b-day party for him, but they haven't decided on where it should be. What do you think?

Voting is open until Saturday at 8pm EST

Happy Birdday Page 1

Wed Mar 4 21:47:37 2020

Time to try something new! I've been wanting to do a comic for a while, and I thought it'd be fun to try something Choose Your Own Adventure style. Every page or every few pages I'll include a choice. Patrons $6 and up will be able to vote on where to take the story. Eventually it'll all end up with hyper sex anyway, but the fun is in how you get there. ;>

My plan right now is to do 2 pages a month. This is still a bit of an experiment, so we'll see how it goes!


Purplecat Arcaninetaur

Wed Mar 4 00:15:27 2020

Commission for Purplecat of his arcaninetaur form, showing off that big ass. There are also a bunch of alts of this one, including dirtier stuff, so don't look if you're not into that.

Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_base_full.jpg Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_eggs_scat_full.jpg Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_eggs_full.jpg Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_eggs_scat2_full.jpg Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_fart_full.jpg Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_gape_full.jpg Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_scat_full.jpg

Bear Butt Animation Colored

Mon Mar 2 22:52:49 2020

I finally got around to coloring this loop! Cuddling your friend's big bear butt while he's playing video games~

In other news, I also got a new Wacom tablet, which will allow me to draw in CSP more easily. So I'll likely give that a try for animating again.


Shalk and Vex

Mon Mar 2 00:08:31 2020

Commission for Shalkaii of his hyper lizard self with a huge ass riding Vex's dick like a dildo. Base version without cum also included.

Shalk_and_Vex_cum_full.jpg Shalk_and_Vex_base_full.jpg

March Commissions Open!

Fri Feb 28 18:56:38 2020

I'm opening commissions for March! If you're interested, please send me a brief description of your idea along with references to pulsarbird at gmail.com. I'm still open as long as this notice is up.

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/684x056xxmzplc1/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0


Pulsar Face Sit

Thu Feb 27 23:31:28 2020

I was commissioned to draw a POV shot of Pulsar about to sit on your face. Probably swallow your entire head up inside that donut too...

Alt version without the sweat and moisture also included.

Pulsar_Facesit_wet_full.jpg Pulsar_Facesit_base_full.jpg

Arcade YCH

Wed Feb 26 23:49:46 2020

This is the first YCH for my Ornithologists! My plan is to do at least a few of these per month, maybe 2 or 3. This one I'm offering as full color, although I'll likely do some sketch poses too (which can always be upgraded too).

I haven't decided yet how I want to divvy these out. I might do some that are multi YCH's, but exclusive to this tier. In this case, I'm going to try the blind auction again. If no one goes for it, I'll release it publicly.

Pic includes YCH fucking Pulsar in the ass, in an arcade with a full background. Build can change within reason, character can have tits. May modify the pose some. Cock is required though.

Minimum bid is $350, which is $50 cheaper than it would be to commission this normally with how complex the background is. Feel free to bid higher. I'll be considering a combination of bid amounts and character to select a winner.

Go here to bid:


Bidding will be open until Saturday, Feb 29 at 9pm

Let me know in the comments if there's a different way you'd like to see these go—either traditional auction, first-come-first-served, non-exclusive YCH or something else I didn't think of.



SexyWhiteTiger Pinup

Wed Feb 26 23:31:59 2020

Commission for SexyWhiteTiger of himself hanging out, leaning on a wall, taking a break from fucking a bunch of guys.



Wed Feb 26 01:26:16 2020

This is just a silly idea I had that I wanted to draw. I think of this every time I trim my nails. If I did have a multi-growth spurt, I'd have a lot more trimming to do! I also really like Pulsar's semi-annoyed expression here.


Koril Condom

Mon Feb 24 22:31:54 2020

If you have a really long dick you need a really long friend.

Koril had this hilarious idea for a commission, showing his snaky self being filled from his butt hole at one end of his tail all the way up to the front. He's a literal living condom.


Pulsar Self Fisting

Sun Feb 23 00:03:12 2020

Some days you just really have to get in there.


Gravity Beast logo design

Sat Feb 22 01:38:49 2020

This is a logo design for Kujiiro, for his music work under the name Gravity Beast. It was fun taking the original sketches and stylizing the letterforms and making everything work as a unit.

Like with furry commissions, I also offer design work at $50/hour if you're interested in something similar!


Next Pulsar Pic

Fri Feb 21 02:26:58 2020

I need some new ideas for polls, so if you've got any, let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, I've got a list of pics I've been wanting to do with Pulsar but haven't gotten around to yet. So that'll be this week's poll. Let me know what kinky thing you'd like to see him doing next! Voting is open til Sunday eve.


Pulsar with Falco from Starfox — Probably with Falco fucking Pulsar, but the exact pose / scenario is TBD. Leave a suggestion if you want.

Pulsar pissing at a urinal — had this idea for a while of Pulsar holding his huge dick and standing half way across the bathroom from the urinal as he blasts it with piss. Probably with another guy looking on in surprise.

Pulsar going all the way through with a huge dildo — Pretty self explanatory

Pulsar casually AVing someone in public — My actual idea with this is someone just inviting themselves right up his ass. But that probably has to be a mini comic of some sort. So this version would likely just be someone's legs sticking out of him while other people look on in surprise.

Note to $4 patrons—Starting in another month the polls will be just at the $6+ tiers. Though I will continue posting art at $4 for as long as I have a significant number of patrons subscribed to it. Still, consider upgrading! :>

Riz and Soren

Fri Feb 21 00:13:41 2020

Commission for Riz and Soren. I think the gag here (hah) is that Soren stole Riz's dick and he's fucking him all the way through with it. Typical hyper shenanigens~


Commissions WIPs

Mon Feb 17 23:50:44 2020

A few WIP sketches of upcoming color commissions. Subject to change as I get client feedback, but I should have them all done by this week or next week.

Riz_Soren_rough.jpg Purplecat_Arcaninetaur_rough.jpg Pulsar_Facesit_rough.jpg

Bear Butt Wiggle

Mon Feb 17 00:53:46 2020

Still practicing more with animation, trying to simplify shapes and keep objects looking solid while they move. Anyway, here's a squirrel with his face in a huge bear's butt.

Full res posted to the $12 tier, and I'll post the color version there too if I do one. Going to cross post here for a bit to help advertise.

Reminder to $4 patrons that this tier will be going away soon! Please consider the $6 tier instead!


Bear Butt Wiggle - Full Res

Mon Feb 17 00:50:00 2020

Still practicing more with animation, trying to simplify shapes and keep objects looking solid while they move. Anyway, here's a squirrel with his face in a huge bear's butt. Might color this later; I'm pretty happy with how it's looking.


Quick Art Update

Mon Feb 17 00:41:11 2020

So apparently when you create new tiers, Patreon doesn't automatically assign the art to the new tiers. Which makes sense if you think about it. But it also meant anyone who signed up for the new tiers couldn't see any of the old art. That's fixed now.

Mid Tier Update! And a new higher tier

Sat Feb 15 15:36:34 2020

Now that I'm back doing art full time, I'm doing a Patreon update. I've unpublished the $4 tier, and created a new mid level tier called Avian Enthusiast for $6. You'll still be able to pledge at this tier, but starting next month I'm no longer going to be publishing art to this tier. I'll be doing everything under the new one. I'll probably post a few reminders too.

I've tried to keep my Patreon tiers pretty reasonably priced, and I haven't raised my prices in 4 years, so I hope that increase isn't too much for most folks. If nothing else, I like to think that I've shown I can update consistently, even when I'm working full time, which will hopefully make it worth it. If you're not able to pledge at the new amount, I totally understand, and I appreciate all the support you've given me so far!

The new tier will also include a few new perks as well:

In addition to full res of all the art I do—

• I'm going to start up polls again

• I also want to get into comics more, and I think the only way to really motivate me to do that is to make it a thing to do for Patreon! So going to give that a try too. The polls will also include what sort of comics I'll be doing.

New Tiers:

In addition to this tier, there's also now a $2 Bird Watcher tier, which still offers some art. And I've created a new $12 Ornithologist tier as well which will include animation loops. (I'm also toying with a few other ideas I might include here, but like everything I do, I'm still playing around to see what works best.) So check those out! They may also offer something you like.

Thanks again for all the support and I hope you continue to enjoy my art in the future!

Thomas and Mike on the Train

Sat Feb 15 01:10:57 2020

Here's the final pic of the public transport YCH I posted a few weeks back. The winners were Thomas (wolf on the left) and Mike (deer, sitting). I also ended up adding a few more background characters to make it look like a more crowded train. Just casual dick sucking in front of everyone. I also included the original empty train version too.

Thomas_Mike_Train_crowded_full.jpg Thomas_Mike_Train_empty_full.jpg

Chaz Relaxing

Fri Feb 14 00:54:53 2020

Quick doodle of my fox friend Chaz just hanging out and relaxing. He likes ass stretching and being hugely hyper.


Snozzy Bun

Tue Feb 11 23:32:04 2020

Commission for Snozzy of his new bunny form. He can shift his mass around and grow parts of himself disproportionately.



Mon Feb 10 23:59:32 2020

Sketches for my friend's birthday. She doesn't have a lot of art of her character, and no extra kinky art, so I did some doodles for her. Alts include hyper tits, horse cock, and horsecock nipples.

Pupno_base_fullskt.jpg Pupno_dicknips_fullskt.jpg Pupno_horsecock_fullskt.jpg Pupno_hyper_tits_fullskt.jpg

Commissions Open!

Sun Feb 9 21:54:03 2020

I'm formally opening commissions again for the first time since last June! I'm only taking a limited number of slots this month, probably 5 - 10. Partly because I want to keep some time free to work on other stuff and partly because I'm still doing some professional work. As long as this ad is up though, I'm still open!

If you're interested, shoot me an email at pulsarbird at gmail with a brief description of your idea and references. I'll respond to inquiries tomorrow.

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/684x056xxmzplc1/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0

Also I've changed up both the styles that I'm offering as well as prices. It's been over a year since I raised my prices, so I feel that's not too bad. Plus it helps to bring the prices more in line with the time spent. My cel shaded style, for instance, has really evolved and gotten a lot more complicated than standard "cel shading" would imply. I've replaced that with the "full color" style which is quite a bit more advanced. Also I'm going to include a basic background with every full color pic now too, even if it's just trees or sky or something—just to get in the habit of doing more backgrounds. Of course more detailed backgrounds can also be purchased.

I've also added a "basic color" style rather than ink. I often have people asking if I've got a more affordable color option, so I think that'll help fill that niche rather than offering 2 black and white styles which never differed by much anyway. A lot of other artists offer flat colors with simple highlighting too, so it feels like something a lot of people are looking for.

A good rule of thumb is that these prices are per character. But for some of the more advanced stuff, I don't always price this way. Plus some things such as cum or backgrounds are additional. Best thing to do is email me with your idea and get a quote.



Monki Date

Fri Feb 7 19:43:14 2020

Commission for ArtistOrphy of his monkeys being sluts. Looks like MiniMonkey had a date, but he just couldn't wait, and big bro's dick is better anyway.

This is also a good example of what I'm going to be offering as my "basic color" style in future commissions. Ink and flat colors with basic highlights.

Monki_Date_dialogue_full.jpg Monki_Date_nodialogue_full.jpg

Ram Jerkoff

Wed Feb 5 01:23:30 2020

This is another animation I've been fooling around with off and on for the past week. I'm not particularly happy with it for a bunch of reasons, so I'm not going to color it. But even with it not really working out, it was still good practice.

I definitely need to focus on more stylization and being more cartooney to really make these look good. Something I'll be focusing more on the future.

Also Procreate's animation tools are becoming extremely frustrating for me—because they are SO CLOSE to being amazing. But they're missing a few really key, important things that make them super frustrating to use. Because they are so close to being good, I think that makes their shortcomings even more frustrating than if they were just kinda lousy. I really hope they fix some of the most annoying oversights in the next update. I have such a love/hate relationship with animation in Procreate right now. Ugh.

Ram_Jerkoff.gif Ram_Jerkoff.mp4 (d)

Pulsar Minigolfing

Tue Feb 4 01:16:32 2020

I don't know what it is lately, but man I've been feeling BIG. Probably the impending approach of spring. We have had a few unseasonably warm days lately. Just makes me horny for springtime. Plus it's just fun to imagine walking around straddling that massive junk, even while doing everyday stuff like minigolfing.


Patreon and Commission Changes

Sun Feb 2 00:43:32 2020

Because I wasn't paying attention, it's February already! I was considering updating my Patreon tiers for February, but since I charge at the beginning of the month and it's now Feb, I'll wait until March to make any changes.

I've been considering revamping Patreon for some time now. With me going back to doing furry art full time (or thereabouts) this seems like a good time to do it. I'll give this new workflow a try-out in Feb and assuming it goes well, I'll make it official in March. Mostly I want to offer comic pages and/or animation loops which will happen on a new tier. Also, literally every person I've ever talked to says I should be charging more for what I offer here (that is—of the people who already support me. I've also had people just tell me straight up that they steal my art, so there's that, too.) So I think I'm going to make some adjustments.

Starting in March:

- I'm going to remove the $1 tier. I appreciate the support here, but it never had many patrons. Which in fairness is probably because I didn't offer anything here either. But it always seemed a little bit superfluous that way.

- $2 tier - will be my new lowest tier, but will include all my regular hyper sketches in full res. None of the more extreme kinks, but all the regular sketched pin-up poses, hyper, cum, rule 34, etc. I might also throw in a few color pics from time to time here. All clean art I do would also be posted at this level in full res. All tiers including this one will also get 24 hour advanced commissions notice.

- $5 tier - this will be basically what the $4 tier is now. Includes all art, all kinks, all alts in full res. Also going to start doing polls again, so that will be included here.

- $12 tier - I want to start doing more animation loops, comic pages and/or themed portfolios. My plan is to spend one day a week just on this type of work, which would net around 1 - 2 animations per month and 1 - 2 comic pages per month. This is a tricky tier to price because it needs to be high enough to support the extra time spent doing it, but not so high that people won't go for it. But I'm going to give it a try and see what happens. :>

- $20 tier - Once again this is my highest tier. I might start offering exclusive YCHs for this tier. It's an idea I've been toying with, as I'd like to do more of them anyway. I might also hold off on offering this one again. I'm not sure yet.

One thing I've always been concerned about with Patreon is spreading myself too thin. However, in the past few years I've gotten pretty good at predicting how long things will take me. I also want to try some life hack type things to hopefully improve my productivity, and schedule my time more specifically to account for the work I'm doing here. I've already got a solid start with Patreon. If I can grow it to be a larger percentage of my monthly income, then spending more time on it makes more sense.

Commissions Changes:

I'm going to make some adjustments on pricing and what's on offer. Over the past few months I've had a chance to experiment more with different styles and they don't always neatly fall into the styles I had been doing. Also I've noticed that color is a lot more popular than black and white, so it makes more sense to have three color options rather than two B&W and two color.

Sketches will stay the same, $50 per character, or $50 per hour for more complex ideas.

I'm going to split "cel shaded" into two categories:

"Basic Color" will include ink, flat color and simple highlights, $80 per character. There seems to be a significant demand for a 'cheaper' color option, and I think this might help with it.

"Full Color" will be basically what cel shading is now, but a bit more advanced. I've been using a new technique for it which yields a softer line and a more full-bodied painterly look. Includes multiple layers of shadow and highlight, rim lighting, reflected light, etc. But it uses cel shading techniques which is a lot faster than a full on render. I'm also considering including a basic background with every pic at this level, to force myself to do more complete pictures and practice with backgrounds. $150 per character.

Renders will still be the same painted look, but will be significantly more expensive. They always take far longer than I anticipate. If I can't hit a balance between cost people are willing to pay and time spent, I might just drop this as an option. $240 per character.

So that's the full plan I've been considering for the next year. Let me know what you think in the comments. :>

Yoga Stretch

Sat Feb 1 00:19:33 2020

I could probably make a whole portfolio of hypers in yoga poses. Maybe I will sometime.


Hare Hanging Out

Fri Jan 31 03:43:51 2020

I've been trying to exaggerate features more lately (yeah, yeah, I already exaggerate them because I draw hyper, har har). But in more of a cartoony way, or in the ratios between the sizes of body parts, that sort of thing. I really like the way Rabid does different body types. While I'm not trying to copy their style, I have been trying to add a bit more variety into the characters I draw. Perhaps you've noticed over the past few weeks? :>

Anyway, here's a hyper hare, hanging out and playing video games.

Hare_Hanging_Out_base_fullskt.jpg Hare_Hanging_Out_floppy_fullskt.jpg

Wolf and Sheep

Thu Jan 30 01:52:21 2020

Just a quick doodle to keep doodling. The sheep is probably topping from the bottom with the way he's riding that dick. Also includes female and herm versions.

Wolf_Sheep_male_fullskt.jpg Wolf_Sheep_female_fullskt.jpg Wolf_Sheep_herm_fullskt.jpg


Mon Jan 27 01:09:55 2020

This was originally the first frame of an animation I wanted to do, but I wasn't really happy with the progress of the animation. So I reused the pose for this pic and did painting practice instead. Also I saw something that reminded me that I haven't drawn a parrot in a while, so I made the bottom a twinky parrot slut.


Public Transport YCH

Sat Jan 25 01:57:43 2020

You ever ride the bus and just end up with someone's dick in your mouth?

I started this doodle but wasn't quite sure where to take the characters, so I thought it might be a good one to try opening up as a YCH! This is Patreon exclusive.

Note: this is not going to be an auction! I'm going to solicit bids, but I'm not necessarily going to go with the highest bid. I'm going to consider the types of characters, their complexity, and how well they fit into the scene, as well as the offered amounts. So make me an offer that you think would be appropriate for a cel shaded pic with your character(s) in it. You can also make a bid for both slots, either with 2 of your own characters or with you and a friend. If you're bidding with a friend, you don't need to bid separately. Just include the total you're offering as one bid and make a note on the form that it's with a friend. Recommended minimum bid is $100 per character.

A - Can be any gender, clothes can changed

B - Can be any gender (breasts won't be so large as to cover Character A's head), tail can be modified

My usual TOS applies, and although it's not an auction, my auction TOS is also in effect where applicable.

Go here to bid: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxgqpnlf2skpJCa3N7aalE7BDAsGk1ME1qwan7Q_eg9Id45w/viewform?usp=sf_link

The form will be open until Sunday at 9pm. Good luck!

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/684x056xxmzplc1/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0

Auction TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jr695dof0j01y7e/Pulsar_auction_TOS.pdf?dl=0


2020 Life Update

Fri Jan 24 00:55:40 2020

As many of you know, I've been working for six+ months now at a local studio doing video production and animation. Over that time, I was hoping it would give me a chance to work more on my own projects in my free time, but—and I knew this would happen from experience but still thought maybe it wouldn't this time—putting all my creative energy into a day job left me with nothing to put into my artistic hobbies. I've still been drawing for Patreon fairly steadily. But it's been tough and I've been consistently burned out over the past few months. Doing any sort of "high" creative work has just been impossible.

This wouldn't necessarily be a problem if the day job was awesome and rewarding. It's not. In addition to the usual stress of the industry, the actual company I've been working for has some pretty serious issues. Without going into the details, I've reached a point where I know nothing is going to improve, and I'm not getting anything professionally out of it.

So this past week I put in my two weeks' notice. Starting in February, I'm going to be taking a step back from there and putting my effort back into this Patreon and commissions full time. Also the Patreon will be for porn again! I mean, it has been for the past two months or so, but it will be officially again. I'd also like to invest more time in it, maybe create a tier for animation and/or comics. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it because I've been so much happier and got so much more out of doing furry art full time vs. "real" professional work.

For those of you who've hung out and supported me here even when I was struggling with balancing my creative energies, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I'm humbled to know so many friends and people like you who helped support me. I'm still amazed that this is a viable career path for me, and it's been super satisfying and just plain fun!

I'll post another update soon when I know for sure when I'll be opening for commissions again. Cheers~

Chipmunk and Dog

Tue Jan 21 01:34:19 2020

This was another idea I had of big prey and little pred. Dog chase chipmunks... but what if the chipmunk was fuckin' huge?



Sat Jan 18 23:59:48 2020

This was just some quick fan art of a friend's Yautja (Predator) character. I'd never drawn one of these aliens before so it was a good excuse to do some porn of him. Alts include hairy, and with Pulsar stuffing his face into one armpit.

Kiande_base_fullskt.jpg Kiande_hairy_fullskt.jpg Kiande_Pulsar_fullskt.jpg Kiande_Pulsar_hairy_fullskt.jpg

Hippogryph Playing Pool

Sat Jan 18 01:06:10 2020

Who doesn't love seeing a cute boy's skirt riding up over his ass when he's bending over a pool table? Alt versions include no undies and one with his big tits on the pool table too.

Hippogryph_Pool_undies_fullskt.jpg Hippogryph_Pool_hanging_out_fullskt.jpg Hippogryph_Pool_Tits_fullskt.jpg

Selfie Blowjob Animation

Sun Jan 12 00:12:53 2020

This is another animation I've been working on in Procreate. Just some more fun with self sucking!

The preview GIF is dithered which gives it a sort of weird moire pattern. Download the MP4 or the animated PNG for the clean full res version.

Edit: There's some kind of weird error on Patreon's site right now that is preventing me from unchecking the $1 tier box. So for now, this one is up for everyone. Enjoy!

Pulsar_Suck_anim.gif Pulsar_Suck_anim.mp4 (d) Pulsar_Suck_anim.png

Cheetah Showering

Wed Jan 8 01:18:06 2020

Just a quick sketch after work. Want to keep things up to date since I'll be away for a long weekend this weekend, so I won't have any updates then. But I'll have more stuff next week!

Also I just realized today that I can attach more than one image per post, so now I can post the alts as well. I had this idea of wanting to draw a very skinny character with very massive, thicker-than-he-is junk. Then I also did a horsecock version. That's just what happens when your mom is a cheetah, but your dad is a zebra.

Cheetah_Showering_fullskt.jpg Cheetah_Showering_horsecock_fullskt.jpg

Straight Through the Front

Tue Jan 7 01:39:45 2020

This is kind of a follow up pic of the view straight through Pulsar from his ass. Only this time it's from the front! There is also a triple dicked alt and a triple dicked alt with extra toes because fuck I'm incorrigible.

pulsar_straight_through_warning.jpg Pulsar_Straight_Through_Front_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Straight_Through_Front_triple_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Straight_Through_Front_extratoes_fullskt.jpg

Blanche Rear

Sun Jan 5 19:53:30 2020

The second part of yesterday's pic, showing off Blanche from the rear. There's also an alt with hyper sized pussies and assholes.

Blanche_Rear_fullskt.jpg Blanche_Rear_alt_fullskt.jpg

Blanche the Twin Wah

Sat Jan 4 20:04:42 2020

Commission for Blanche of her twin red-panda lounging on the bed. There's also a bonerific alt.

I'm not back to doing commissions yet (although I may be soon). I just liked this idea and I had a bit of time over the holiday so I took this one on.

Blanche_Front_fullskt.jpg Blanche_Front_alt_fullskt.jpg

Hot Springs Orgy

Mon Dec 30 21:55:47 2019

My last pic of 2019! Wanted to finish up this sketch I did with full color. I really love hot springs and spas, and not just because I love getting plowed when I'm hanging out there. They're also just great, relaxing places to be.


AV Quickie

Mon Dec 30 01:48:52 2019

You gotta be careful rimming a bird like me. You might fall in!

Was in the mood for anal vore, so just did a quick doodle.


The Night After Christmas

Fri Dec 27 23:08:35 2019

Twas the night after Christmas and the reindeer were horny
So to no one's surprise, I drew something porny...

I started this pic like a week ago and spent a few days rendering it, before realizing that was going to take forever and I just wanted to get it done. So I kind of started over from the sketch and cel shaded it instead.

I like the way this turned out because I feel like it gets back to a looser cel shading style that I kind of lost when I was doing commissions full time. I ended up in a bit of a rut with some really smooth, polished cel shading that made everything look too 'plasticy'. I was never totally happy with it, but also afraid to change it up and experiment on other folks' paid work. That's why it's important to take breaks and do other things sometimes. Gives you more of a chance to experiment and be free. Anyway—I may have mentioned this before—but whenever I get back to doing commissions, cel shade is going to look more like this (or like the Starfox pic, which is a slightly different process), and probably not like my previous work.


Tipsy Pulsar

Fri Dec 27 02:21:54 2019

Someone mentioned I've never drawn Pulsar drunk. I've also never really done a pic while I was drunk, but I had a few tonight too... so uh, here I am being a flirty birdslut at the bar. Probably saying something like, "okay who's gonna suck my big bird dick!"


Latex Gift

Thu Dec 26 00:57:28 2019

Merry Christmas! Going to unwrap your gift? :>

There's also a triple-dicked sketch alt for folks who like their bird with a little extra~

Pulsar_Latex_Gift_full.jpg Pulsar_Latex_Gift_triple_fullskt.jpg

Reindeer Pinup

Wed Dec 25 00:59:32 2019

I did a quick sketch of a reindeer as practice for a larger reindeer orgy Christmas pic that I'm also working on. (Which will probably not be done for tomorrow... >_> But coming soon.) Then I ended up making a bunch of alts with him too: with a gaping ass, foreskinned dick and extra-long ankle length dick. I attached my favorites to this post, but also included the PSD so you can do other combinations of ass and cock if you want. You can also turn off the cock entirely so you just see his big balls hanging there.

Reindeer_Pinup_Tight_fullskt.jpg Reindeer_Pinup.psd (d) Reindeer_Pinup_Gape_fullskt.jpg Reindeer_Pinup_Foreskin_fullskt.jpg Reindeer_Pinup_LongDong_fulltskt.jpg

Gazelle and Lion

Mon Dec 23 01:46:14 2019

Even though I don't draw it much, I've always been a fan of predator/prey role reversal stuff. Where the prey is the dommy, well hung partner and the pred just doesn't measure up, or isn't as confident. Really hot, I should draw it more often. Anyway, here's a hunky gazelle stealing a kiss from a smaller lion.


Giraffe Pinup

Sun Dec 22 03:11:49 2019

Quick sketch I did tonight just to keep my Patreon kind of current. Apologies for the lack of updates recently. But I am taking the next two weeks off from my professional work so I should have a bunch more updates before the end of the year!



Mon Dec 16 01:51:24 2019

Did a pic of a flamingo, inspired by a friend's character. It's pretty much the same character, although I took some artistic liberties with his design. I just wanted to draw another big thicc bird ass.


Orca Hunk

Fri Dec 13 01:44:39 2019

Tired tonight, but been wanting to draw all day. So here's a quick sketch of a hunky orca.


Pulsar Gets Fisted Animation

Thu Dec 12 00:42:19 2019

Procreate 5 was released last week with its new animation features! It's pretty fantastic! I've been playing around with it since I got back from MFF and I did this quick sketchy loop of Pulsar getting fisted by a gorilla.

The new animation features in Procreate are not really advanced enough to be doing very complex or longer animations. (You'd need to import things into AE or some other software for compiling longer scenes anyway.) But for doing short loops like this, it's so fast and easy! I'm probably going to be doing a few more like this just to get more practice animating.

I'm not sure if a GIF or an MP4 is better to share these with, so I've included both. Let me know which one works better for you.


Skee Undies

Tue Dec 10 23:04:13 2019

I'm back from MFF! So now I can get back to doing and posting art. This was a sketch I did while hanging out with Skee at the art jam. He's definitely going to have to get something bigger...


Pulsar Orgy

Tue Dec 3 01:33:55 2019

Been wanting to do an orgy pic with Pulsar for a while. I kind of intend to color this one sometime, but until I get around to it, here's the sketch.

I've got a few things sketched out that I'll hopefully be working on soon. However I'll be at MFF for the next week, so probably won't be posting much (unless I find time to draw at the con). See you next week!


Cardinal Mom

Mon Dec 2 00:09:31 2019

Canonically Pulsar doesn't have a mom or a dad, he just "is". But if he did have a mom, I imagine she'd look something like this. Sometimes I like to try and draw cardinals that don't just look like Pulsar, so I play around with beak shapes, eye shapes, etc. Also I love birds with tits. So here's a cardinal mom. Triple tits and hyper/cock clit version also attached.

Cardinal_Mom_base.jpg Cardinal_Mom_hyper_clit.jpg Cardinal_Mom_triple.jpg

Jack off

Fri Nov 29 01:22:07 2019

I didn't plan this out very well because I don't have any Thanksgiving day themed bird stuffing pic for today. But I did this doodle last week and I liked it enough to throw some color on it. Some days you just gotta kick both feet up in the air and jack off~


Gaping Ass Birdy

Sat Nov 23 02:46:46 2019

I had this mental image that I just really wanted to see—bending over with the most massive, gaping asshole. Like a foot across, and super messy. I love being full of cum~

Alts include the base version with just that deep tunnel, a wet version, and another spooge version with cum just sloshing around deep inside.

Pulsar_Gape_spooge_full.jpg Pulsar_Gape_less_spooge_full.jpg Pulsar_Gape_base_full.jpg Pulsar_Gape_wet_full.jpg

Chubby Dragon

Thu Nov 21 01:21:32 2019

Sketch for a friend of him being an obscenely fat dragon.


Pulsar Stroll

Tue Nov 19 00:21:27 2019

Here's the full, uncropped Pulsar Strolling pic! This was just going to be a sketch but I ended up liking it so much I did a full cel shading on it. Kind of got carried away—much like the size in the picture! I dunno, sometimes you just feel like being BIG. I'm not usually this huge, but if I get pent up, or horny and everyone is watching me... I can't help growing more sometimes. Plus I love the idea of walking around, trying to balance this giant penis, or not knock into things with it. Just being cumbersome and gigantic.

Also I really love these foliage brushes I got a few months ago. Can you tell?


Muscle Stitch in Color

Sun Nov 17 23:59:59 2019

I posted the sketch version of this one a few months back. I wanted to post it for Know Nut November, so I just threw some color on it real quick.


Bird and Horse

Sun Nov 17 02:33:46 2019

Just a doodle of a bird butt fucking a horse.


Pulsar Mutate

Wed Nov 13 00:41:45 2019

I'm such a weird bird. Not sure why I've been in these extreme body/growth moods lately, but here you go. I just wanted to do another one of these pics where I let myself go, drawing stuff all over the place just because.

Who knows what's happening here. Maybe just got home from work and I've been holding back so much I just flopped down and exploded out into parts. Maybe a friend spiked my coffee with something radioactive as a joke. Maybe I'm going through some macromitosis and I'm about to split into two or three horny cardinals~

In any case, I seem pretty happy about it! Feels amazing and makes me even hornier as I grow, so now you get to see it too.

pulsar_mutate_warning.jpg Pulsar_Mutate_fullskt.jpg

Pulsar Stroll preview

Tue Nov 12 01:57:46 2019

Preview sketch for a pic I started working on. Some days you just feel BIG. I had this image in my head for a while and I had to get it out—Pulsar walking through the park with the most enormous boner and other folks looking on. I decided part way in I wanted to color it too, so just tossing up this sketchy preview for now...


Pulsar Presenting Triple

Fri Nov 8 02:14:39 2019

Just a quick sketch before bed. I've had this view in mind for a while. Bending over, presenting, with huge triple junk hanging down. And an asshole that takes up my entire butt crack.


More Self-Suck ATWT

Mon Nov 4 00:24:35 2019

I've been up to my usual shenanigans again. |> Regular masturbation turns into sucking myself off, turns into going deeper and deeper until my cock head pops out my own ass and I'm groping it while my beak is stretched around the base and I'm sniffing my own balls.


Relaxing Multi

Thu Oct 31 23:45:11 2019

I guess I'm back to drawing porn now... I took a break for a while but definitely started to miss it, haha. Also being pent up means I tend to grow more, so this ends up happening again. |> I'm such a weird bird.

Still going to keep doing my own thing on Patreon for a while, which'll be a mix of porn and non-porn. Just taking it easy, finding where I want to be artistically.

But damn if I don't still get these super lewd, weird, horny ideas that I just have to get out.


Pulsar Pointing

Wed Oct 30 00:55:37 2019

Just a quick fun doodle tonight. Who's Pulsar pointing at, what are they talking about? Maybe they made some comment about how his dong is bigger than usual. He's probably just a little extra horny.


Sweater Weather (in Color!)

Mon Oct 28 20:35:24 2019

Aw, just so cozy :>


Sweater Weather

Sun Oct 27 00:58:19 2019

I started a bunch of sketches this week, then I got sidetracked working on updating my professional website (which desperately needed a refresh with some new stuff on there.) And I didn't get nearly as much art done as I was planning.

Still, had this idea I wanted to draw. It's getting cooler out now, so it's sweater weather. Wearing more clothes as a hyper is always a bit more cumbersome. But we manage~

Will probably be coloring this and uploading a full res pic soon.


Bike Design

Mon Oct 21 23:23:50 2019

This is just a quick speedpaint of a few design ideas I had. Trying to come up with a pleasing mix of traditional and contemporary (or 'futuristic') design elements and going for a "retro-future" vibe. So you've got bits like the light bar and the strip lighting around back, and the wheel cap which make it look more modern, but then design cues like the curved tail, low slung leather seat and straight chrome details that have a retro feel.

This was really relaxing to work on. Wish I could just paint bikes like this all day, haha.

Eventually I'll be designing characters to go with these bikes too. Just didn't have time tonight and wanted to get this pic up.

Also if you've got any suggestions as to names or characters, let me know.



Mon Oct 21 01:33:19 2019

This started out as just an exercise to paint a dystopian cityscape, but in the process of actually painting this, I mentally filled in a bunch of backstory for my world. I've been having trouble actually writing lately (I'm terribly out of practice for one thing), but bizarrely, if I just sit down and pound out some artwork, it helps me figure things out.

I'll write a more complete description of this at some point, but basically:

7Gems is a collection of seven towers originally envisioned as low income housing and urban development. The project was notable for being the first fully AI developed and built project. This accounts for its unconventional design which follows no prior art or traditions in architecture or engineering. The buildings are monolithic, imposing, and grotesque yet simultaneously exposed and apparently haphazard. Engineers who've studied the construction attest that the buildings are stable, despite making use of completely novel and untested load distribution techniques, and looking spindly and top-heavy. Normally enclosed infrastructure such as plumbing or electrical runs were routed both on the interior and the exterior, giving rise to thousands of pipes, cables, exposed beams, drainage channels and other elements wrapped around the outsides of the buildings. The interiors are likewise baffling: a maze of corridors and stair wells, hundreds of rooms with no windows but lit with light pipes, or individual open plan apartments containing no interior walls despite spanning thousands of square feet.

The artificial intelligence was so efficient in procuring and assembling materials, that by the time the first dozen floors had been constructed and could be examined, at least fifty more were already well underway. The project was halted, but the structures were habitable, if not appealing. Engineers surmised the unenclosed facades and exposed latticework would have eventually been filled in as the AI completed the structures, although no one can really say for sure. After some debate, 7Gems was scheduled to be torn down. However, due to the complexity of the structures and the unconventional nature of their construction, it was deemed too dangerous to use explosives for controlled demolition. There were too many unknowns to guarantee a controlled collapse. The only safe way to dismantle them was to do it one floor at a time, starting at the top and working down.

Before this work could commence, thousands had already moved into the space, claiming distant warrens or penthouse balconies as their permanent residence. The housing units currently exist in a quasi-legal state, where on the uppermost floors, deconstruction crews have already begun working to pull down the buildings while on the floors below, people continue with their lives. The postal service dutifully delivers mail addressed to 7Gems despite it not officially existing, the police patrol the complex—it makes for an easy way to hit quotas—and the electrical company keeps the lights on as long as bills are paid for the active meters.


Dazzel Camo

Sun Oct 20 01:35:10 2019

This is an idea I had for my cyberpunk setting. It's a take on the old WWII dazzel camo for ships, which wasn't really designed to camouflage them as much as it was intended to break up their outline so they were hard to target visually at a distance.

The idea behind this pic is that riders and their bikes were these light panels which can switch on and off with dazzling patterns and colors. There are several uses for this. It messes with the automatic gain control of cameras, wiping out the picture. It screws up video compression and/or peaks the video signal which also disrupts the picture. And it messes up an observer's night vision. If someone is chasing, they'd be momentarily blinded from the flash. (Additionally, if they're susceptible to epilepsy, it could trigger a seizure.)

It might seem counter-intuitive to light yourself up like an exploding star at night. But the usefulness of the dazzle camo is to use it in conjunction with a maneuver. If you're coming to a fork in the road, you'd flash the camo right before taking a branch and going dark again. If you're lucky, anyone following would be unable to tell which way you went, or by the time they spotted you, it'd be too late to keep up. It can also be triggered in a high surveillance area, blinding cameras or making it difficult for AI to calculate speed and direction because of the distortion in the video signal.


Pulsar Thicc

Sat Oct 19 01:32:24 2019

Happy ass day! Quick sketch of Pulsar with an extra thicc butt. That tends to happen to him sometimes when a friend really pounds his ass. Especially if that friend loves thick asses too.



Fri Oct 18 00:23:37 2019

Commission for Hades of his hyena character riding his Suzuki DRZ in a cyberpunk setting. This is a commission going all the way back to Furrydelphia. Just finally got to finishing it up this past week. I always enjoy doing these!


Horses AV Train

Tue Oct 15 02:07:20 2019

This is kind of a throwback to Stellos' work. He remains one of my favorite hyper artists ever, despite having passed away over a decade ago. He did some really extreme stuff, some of which I still haven't seen too many other people do. I like to go back and steal ideas from his work and do my own versions. I'm not sure if he's done an anal vore train like this specifically, but it feels like the sort of extreme body/hyper stuff he'd enjoy.

Marked extreme for ferals and insane anal vore.

Horses_AV_warning_template.jpg Horses_AV_train_full.jpg

Bike Silhouettes

Sun Oct 13 00:52:38 2019

As part of the world building for Nightride, I wanted to design a few custom motorcycles. Mostly because it's fun and it's something I've always wanted to do more of, but also because I didn't want to have real bikes and bike brands in the fantasy universe.

When designing things, I try to focus on silhouettes first. Doing thumbnails like this is a great way to get a bunch of ideas and shapes down quickly, which can then be iterated on later. I just created a wheel template and drew shapes over top of them. Obviously in real life motorcycles have different wheelbases, while these are all the same. But it's a useful starting point.

It can also lead to a few surprises. For instance, I think the most 'futuristic' of these designs is the bright green one. I wasn't expecting that. But I think the reason for it is because of how the wheel rims are filled in. This is probably due to Akira's influence, where Kanada's bike has the same visual detail. It really set the tone for any kind of motorcycle/cyberpunk based visuals.

It's also kind of interesting to think how a bike might steer with a 90 degree rake angle. The rake angle is the angle of the front forks relative to the vertical. So straight up would be 0 degrees. 90 degrees is straight to the side. It gives a streamlined, quasi-futuristic appearance, but I think this is due to it being almost completely unknown on real bikes. There are one or two real ones that used forkless front suspensions, giving either no rake angle, or a 90 degree rake angle, depending on how you count it. But for the most part, you never really see that, because mechanically it's not really a thing.

Anyway, that's your daily dose of more about motorcycles than you ever cared to know!


Life Update

Sat Oct 12 02:36:16 2019

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what's been going on with me, and especially why I haven't posted much art over the past week There have been two things that happened that have made it more difficult to post than I expected.

Firstly, I've been doing more writing. Unlike art, it's not really able to post a "sketch" or WIP of writing. I can write for an hour, but not really have anything I want to post because it's either small scene snippets or a series of stream-of-consciousness ideas. Writing like that desperately needs editing before releasing into the wild.

But more importantly the job I took on this summer, which has allowed me more of this free time in the first place, has become rather more than I bargained for. I was hoping I'd be able to keep it to a relatively straightforward part-time position where I go, do my work, leave, and that's it. Over the past month or so, however, I've been getting more and more involved. I've become so valuable to the team there that from week to week, they sometimes have difficulty functioning without me. (This is for a number of reasons, but mostly they're short-staffed. Which is why I'm there in the first place. They also don't have many people with my particular set of skills, and very little redundancy. So for example, if their animator is out, I'm literally the only other person who can animate, and so I get pulled into those projects.) I've also started to get involved in more of the management of the business, because again, I have experience there, and they really need the help.

This is good and bad for me. The good is, I have as much work as I want and it pays pretty darn well. The bad is, I'm really getting pulled back into the world of multimedia production, which is a high stress environment with very complex creative projects and long hours. Over the past few weeks, they've been asking me to come in more days, stay longer hours (I get OT at least, unlike the salaried folks there), and handle more stuff. This past week I worked a full time week—four 10+ hour days—on an extremely detailed shoot that required a ton of attention to detail.

It's so insanely difficult to give all your creative effort to some other company during the day, and then come home and draw or write for yourself.

As much as I hate to admit it, this is burning me out creatively. Which is no surprise, really; I had the same difficulties when I worked in TV and in other media positions before that. Of course then I just drew when I felt like it and didn't have a Patreon, so I could just upload whenever. If you look back through my gallery, you'll see years where I posted very little. (2014 is a good example. I only posted like a dozen pics over the entire year, plus the ass zipper jeans comic. The comic took me like six months to get through. Not coincidentally, 2014 was when I was working in TV.)

Anyway, this isn't likely to be a long term, ongoing problem. I'm still planning on keeping my hours there to a minimum and put more time into my creative stuff during the week. I actually have some cool stuff planned and sketched out in various stages, so I'll be uploading again soon.


Orange Variations

Sun Oct 6 23:57:44 2019

Another series of design sketches, this time based on the orange and grey sketch from the last set.

When I was an art student, one of my teachers talked about how it's a good idea to spread your work out and compare a bunch of pieces all together. You end up seeing a lot of parallel and similarities you'd never have noticed otherwise. These were all drawn together, so it makes sense that they'd share some similarities. Still, it's interesting to see the common elements. It's not hard to see how much I like thirds, for example. Using the rule of thirds is always a good bet, but sometimes you can rely on something like that too much. All of these have a focal point at (or near enough) one of the intersecting thirds, except for the upper left piece where I made a specific effort to put the focal point right on the edge of the composition. That breaks a lot of rules. But sometimes when you know the rules really well and follow them too closely, breaking a rule is what you need to do.

Full res sizes are attached.

orange_variations_page.jpg Orange_Variations_2.jpg Orange_Variations_1.jpg Orange_Variations_3.jpg Orange_Variations_4.jpg Orange_Variations_5.jpg Orange_Variations_6.jpg

Design Sketches

Thu Oct 3 01:21:21 2019

I've been meaning to do a lot more of these lately. They're abstract design sketches. I try to use a variety of color, form, texture and composition, and to do so without too much judgement on what is "right". These are great as thumbnails for other types of design and sometimes helps to discover solutions you wouldn't have thought of if you were just working through a design project the usual way. They're more relaxing to work on than more representational art, but at the same time, more difficult in some ways. Coming up with really solid, visually pleasing pure design is a lot more challenging than it seems sometimes.

design_sketches_collage.jpg Black_Green.jpg Blue_Streaks.jpg Cool_Over_Warm.jpg Orange_Grey.jpg Orange.jpg Sunset_Lines.jpg

Sova B-day Gift

Sat Sep 28 18:04:50 2019

Did this as a gift for Sova's birthday. I've been wanting to draw his huge buff bird dude for a while, so that was a good excuse! Alt pic shows him with a boner.

Pulsar_Sova_base_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Sova_alt_fullskt.jpg

Studies 2

Thu Sep 26 00:22:24 2019

I've been doing sketches like this from reference off and on when I have a chance. Nothing groundbreaking, just practice.

When you ask an artist how you can get better at art and they just say "practice" this right here is exactly what they mean. It's just... practice. Just draw stuff. Not even to show other people, just something you have to do if you want to improve.

Arm_studies_2.jpg Torso_studies.jpg

Hercules Study

Wed Sep 25 00:14:13 2019

This is a quick value sketch of the Farnese Hercules statue. So called because it was excavated by the Farnese family. These old statues have some pretty incredible musculature.


Triple Tits

Mon Sep 23 00:04:52 2019

Despite saying I wouldn't really do porn, I'm still drawing it sometimes because dammit, I'm horny. x) Anyway, this is a friend of mine who is super cute and friendly, and she also likes multi. So I just had to draw her with three huge tits.



Fri Sep 20 22:30:10 2019

This is the final image of the cycletaur for FAPP's next issue, Cyberjunk. I couldn't think of a way to get some junk in the back, so I gave the character tits up front. And then I did an alt with dick nipples too, just so I could get some dick in there.

FAPP_Cycle_base_full.jpg FAPP_Cycle_dicknips_full.jpg

Pulsar Beta - Now Available to Try!

Fri Sep 20 00:19:48 2019

Finally after several weeks of work I finished a beta version of my handwriting font! It's pretty fully functional for a beta release. It has every punctuation punctuation mark you can type on a regular American English keyboard plus a few extras (em-dash, bullet), smart quotes, and a few alternate characters for upper case.

Please download and let me know what you think!

I'm considering this version a beta because of the things I want to add to it yet. I mentioned before I want to make a version with thicker strokes that works better at smaller sizes. (It works pretty well to use the faux-bold switch in Photoshop to help beef it up a little.) I'd also like to add a few additional characters (foreign money symbols, maybe some common extra language characters), and also I'd like to create an alt for every character, even if they're subtle. So all the upper case letters would be slightly different from the lower case ones. In this version there are only a few that are different. (Hint: if you're typing and the letters don't seem to fit together well, try typing it in lower case instead. Lower case is sort of the 'default' which always works; upper case are the alt characters which work better at the beginning or ends of words.) And there are a few other odds and ends I'd like to tidy up.

Eventually I'll be releasing a free version, probably at the same time I release the for-sale version. I haven't decided yet what all the free / paid versions will contain, but it will be some variation of this I'll just call "Pulsar". But definitely play around with this in the meantime, and give me any feedback you might have.

Licensing: for personal use only, no commercial use. And for patrons only; please don't redistribute. Thanks!

Pulsar_Beta_Sample.jpg PulsarBeta.otf (d)

Business Casual

Wed Sep 18 00:48:14 2019

More figure practice, and specifically clothing practice. I always feel like I'm really weak with how clothes fold and bunch up over the body. I should probably study it more specifically rather than just doodling like this, because this kind of observational drawing is too easy. I don't always internalize it while I'm doing it.

Anyway, I found a website recently that has tons of 3D models (sketchfab.com) which is awesome as reference for drawing. So I've been drawing a lot from that lately. This guy is one of those models.


Current WIPs

Mon Sep 16 22:20:53 2019

These are two of the remaining commissions I'm currently working on. The first for Hades which I took at FD, of him popping a wheelie on his DRZ. The second is a motorcycle taur for the next installment of FAPP which is cyberpunk themed—and I didn't want to miss out on that!

It's kind of funny how commissions sometimes line up with themes unintentionally. Both of these are going to be cyberpunk themed, and both involve motorcycles. One is porn; the other isn't. So two sides of the same coin, in a way.

Hades_DRZ_skt.jpg FAPP_Cycle_skt.jpg

Pulsar Multi Stroll

Sun Sep 15 23:35:09 2019

A totally self-indulgent pic for myself. There's an alt with even more dicks.

Pulsar_Multi_Stroll_base.jpg Pulsar_Multi_Stroll_more_dicks.jpg


Fri Sep 13 23:14:48 2019

This is a fun doodle I did for my friend Tyson. He's a big gassy bear who likes to tease me~

Also it occurred to me that if I'm not posting porn here regularly, I might end up building a non-porn audience. Which means I should have a separate Patreon to post porn on. Otherwise I end up just putting the odd raunchy pic up on here and people who are genuinely supporting my regular art are going to be in for a surprise. I'll have to figure that out sometime...

Ty_base_fullskt.jpg Ty_AV_fullskt.jpg Ty_fart_fullskt.jpg Ty_Pulsar_fart_fullskt.jpg Ty_Pulsar_fullskt.jpg

Pulsar Font Update

Thu Sep 12 01:39:28 2019

Now with numbers!

I spent my time after work this week adding numbers to the font. Now I just have punctuation to do yet and I'm done. Sort of.

I had a bit of a setback this weekend. I've been pretty disappointed about it, and it made it really hard to work on this project. But I decided to press ahead anyway because I really want to see this done and usable, and it's never going to get there if I'm just moping around.

Long story short—when I was playing around with the font in Photoshop and Indesign, I realized that the font weight is just too thin at small sizes. I think one big reason this bugged me so much isn't necessarily the amount of work I need to do to fix it, but that I probably should've known better. More testing as I was developing it, making better use of the preview window, etc. It's a good learning experience, but still pretty annoying.

It's definitely going to be a lot of work to fix. It was a pretty huge amount of work to get the font looking this consistent to begin with. Fiddling with it now just enough to get it a little bit thicker—but not too thick—is going to be a real challenge.

However, I'm really happy with how it's looking so far. I think the letter forms are working really well together, and when I use faux-bold in Photoshop to bump up the thickness, I think it works extremely well as a comic font. Also there aren't a lot of really good, professional looking comic fonts out there. There are a lot of crappy half-assed ones. And Blambot pretty much has the market tied up for professional ones. While their fonts are fantastic, everybody uses them too. So I think there's room in the market for something a little more unique and fresh, and also pro. With all the time and polish I'm trying to put into it, I genuinely think it'll be worth the ten or fifteen-ish bucks I'll probably ask for the full version.

So my plan for this project is to keep going with this version of it and get all the punctuation in place and finish a complete and working font. (At this point I'm not going to include international characters, unfortunately. But if there's demand for them, I might add them later.) Once that's done, I'm going to go back through and convert that entire font into a version more suitable for lettering at smaller point sizes used in comics.

That'll give me two complete fonts which I could sell in a set too. This version being something like "Pulsar Display" for use at larger sizes, and the other being "Pulsar Book" or something to that effect. I've also been considering making a version called "Pulsar Sketch" which is much closer to my original (sloppy) handwriting, but less consistent for use as a text font. I think it'd make a nice companion face for things like subheads or just as a looser display face.

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text, but that's where I am with this. It's going to take a few weeks (or maybe a few months) longer than I expected to finish the entire thing, but I'm going to keep plugging away at it. So apologies in advance for flooding your Patreon feed with all this font nerd stuff.


Arm Studies

Tue Sep 10 00:27:58 2019

Trying to get in the habit of practicing at least a little every day. And not beating myself up about it if I don't. (It's really hard to get the motivation to draw after working all day I've found. So that leaves things more to the weekends.) I so rarely have had the chance to really sit down and try to understand muscles as I draw them. So I'll probably be doing a lot of random sketch pages like this now that I have time to practice more regularly.


Pulsar Font Progress

Mon Sep 9 01:17:44 2019

Progress! I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on this font, balancing the visual weight of the letterforms, setting default kerning pairs and finally producing a working font that you can actually install and use. I made this sample sheet to give a better idea of what it looks like in action.

I still need to add numbers and punctuation which I'll be working on over the next week.

I have a newfound respect for font designers, as just getting this far was A LOT of work. My original plan was to release this for free and maybe do an extended version with lower case that you could pay for. I don't think I'm going to get that far though, unfortunately. I think what's going to happen is I'll release a limited version of this one for free (say with limited punctuation, maybe without numbers), but continue to develop a full working version in caps that I can sell for a couple bucks. I put so much work into this, it would be nice to make a little bit off of it if people find it useful.

Also even though this is all caps, there are several variations to some of the letters. Although it's not obvious in this sample, for example there are two different "A"s. One has more of a forward slant, useful for starting words (The first "A" in "A font based on my handwriting") and the other is designed to be used within words. Likewise you can see two slightly different "P"s in "Prepare".

It would actually not be too difficult to make an alternate version of every letter, so maybe I'll do that for the "full" version. I'll have to see how much more work I end up putting into it. Anyway, let me know what you think so far!


Snowy Landscape Speedpaint

Sun Sep 8 00:32:29 2019

This was originally going to be another 25 strokes painting (I was planning to leave out the big tree), but after I started working on it I was like, nah... So I made it a speedpaint instead and limited myself to half an hour.


Pulsar the Font

Sat Sep 7 01:24:06 2019

This is a project I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I finally just started it today. I'm turning my handwriting into a font. I always thought it'd be handy to have, especially for lettering comics. It's been taking quite a long time, because I've really been spending a lot of time trying to make the font pleasing and legible at smaller sizes—refining stroke widths, visual weight and overall appeal. It's super-duper tedious. But with any luck, it'll result in an actual usable font.

I'm going to be releasing this initial beta version for free for anyone who pledges on this month on Patreon. It'll be all caps, but I plan to include numbers and punctuation too. (At least a glyph for every key on the keyboard. It's a pet peeve of mine when I download a font and it's missing something obvious like the asterisk.) If it ends up working well or being popular, I've also been considering doing an extended version with lower case, some international characters, and maybe a few alternate faces like bold or italic.

This is the first time I've ever done a font like this. Starting with a handwriting font is a good first project too, because they tend to be a little more forgiving. It's still been an interesting challenge and I've realized in working on it that to really do it justice I'm going to need to take it slow and pay special attention to the details. So this is just a teaser of what I've been working on. More soon!


Susquehanna Pinnacle

Thu Sep 5 00:56:44 2019

Recently I've seen people doing this "25 strokes painting challenge" where you try to do a pic with only 25 strokes of the brush. I've been wanting to give that a try for a while. This is a pic of the Pinnacle overlook of the Susquehanna River.

Ironically, I thought this would be a fast sketch (it rather looks like it is), but it turned out to be quite methodical. Since you only get 25 strokes, you spend a lot of time making sure the color is right and (in the case of digital), picking an appropriate brush to get a good texture or effect.

I'll probably end up doing a few more of these (including some from life rather than from a photo), and hopefully I can loosen up a bit and go faster and just see what happens.

It doesn't help that I find it really difficult to work on stuff after a long day at work... |> But I do want to try to keep going if only to maintain momentum.



Tue Sep 3 22:57:50 2019

Commission from FD for Rhys, with a flaming sword inspired from Bloodborne.


Robin Hood

Sun Sep 1 00:28:24 2019

Finally got around to hyper-ifying the winner of the last poll, Robin Hood! I'd thought about doing more with this pic, but mostly just wanted to get it done today while I had some time to work on it. I also did a bunch of alts for it too, though, including multi and much bigger hyper.

Robin_Hood_full.jpg Robin_Hood_boner_skt.jpg Robin_Hood_huge_hyper_skt.jpg Robin_Hood_x2_dicks_skt.jpg Robin_Hood_x2_dicks_balls_skt.jpg

Porn Hiatus Reminder!

Sat Aug 31 00:12:55 2019

This is just a reminder that starting next month I'm going to take a break from posting porn. If you don't want to be charged for that month, now is the time to cancel. I still have two more commissions to finish from Furrydelphia as well, but they're both clean, so you won't be missing any porn if do decide to cancel.

I will still be posting art and projects. I have so much I want to do, including some music. I expect updates will be slightly less regular because I want to spend more time on polishing things rather than cranking out porn as fast as possible. But I really appreciate folks who've decided to continue to support me doing art no matter what kind it is. :>

Solaster Conjures Up Some Muscle

Sat Aug 31 00:08:00 2019

Another FD commission for Solaster, this time growing massively hyper-muscular inside of a pentagram. I guess it's some kind of spell, gone horribly right.


Grabbing a Commission

Fri Aug 30 01:57:07 2019

This is a commish for Filut I took at FD. We had a fun conversation about me getting fucked at my table and taking commissions at the same time. And it was just too good of a scene to pass up! Plus I love the size difference with his character.

(Unfortunately this is just one page, not a full comic. The idea just read better if we did it as a sequence rather than a single image.)


Solaster and Rhys

Mon Aug 26 23:31:47 2019

A few sketches for two more commissions I booked at FD. These are being inked and colored too, so I'll be posting them again as soon as they're done.

Solaster_Muscle_skt.jpg Rhys_skt.jpg


Sat Aug 24 00:32:27 2019

Commission for Webster at Furrydelphia of their herm moose Snow


Robot Dragon

Fri Aug 23 02:01:59 2019

Sketch for Libra Labs that he got at FD for his friend Lurdanjo. I'm not sure of the character's name, but he's a cyborg dragon of some type.


Gargoyles Gangbang

Wed Aug 21 23:55:48 2019

Finally got this pic done, winner of the gangbang poll! Well part of the three-way-tie anyway, but the gargoyles were my choice that I wanted to draw.

There are a few minor alts, a base one without cum or sweat, and one with just the sweat.

Gargoyles_Gangbang_cum_full.jpg Gargoyles_Gangbang_base_full.jpg Gargoyles_Gangbang_sweaty_full.jpg

More Important Updates! Please Read!

Wed Aug 21 01:45:51 2019

Tl;dr: I'll be taking a break from porn starting in September.

As most of you know, I've been working another freelance job lately which has been taking up the majority of my time. It's been going really well, and over the past 2 months it's been pretty clear that the company really needs the help I've been able to provide and is interested in keeping me. Even though I'm on a month-to-month contract, I pretty sure it'll be quite long term at this point.

Even before this job though, I've been thinking for a while about taking a break from porn. I've been doing it pretty much nonstop for four years now, since mid-2015. While I love doing it, I've really been yearning to work on some other projects and recharge my creativity a bit. The stability that this job offers me a really rare opportunity to still use my extra time to work on creative projects without needing to worry about making money on them. And I think I'd really be a fool not to take advantage of it.

So starting in September, I'll be taking a break from drawing porn. I'm planning to take the break until January. That'll give me a good chunk of time to try some other stuff and see how it goes. I really want to get back to practicing anatomy, trying out some new techniques and building skills, and working on some specific projects.

Where does that live this Patreon? Well, I'm going to keep using it, just not for porn.

0. I'm going to finish up this month with regular porn posts. I still have commissions to finish up from FD, and lots of other stuff in the works. So there will be a full August which you've already paid for.

1. Starting in September, I'll be posting art and development updates for the main project I want to work on, which is Nightride. I've been wanting to expand that out into more of a story or a proper book for a while now. That'll include lots of motorcycles and cyberpunk stuff.

2. I'll also be posting other random art I do, including studies, landscapes, maybe music. I do lots of stuff when I'm not just doing porn.

3. Also porn. I mean, I'm still going to doodle it every once in a while.

I'm going to leave the tiers where they are for now and I'm going to keep porn (if I do any) for the $4 tier. I'll probably start posting all the other content for the $1 tier though. That way if you'd still like to support the project, you can still do that and see where it's going.

Again, please feel free to cancel your pledge before September if you're just here for the porn. I totally understand, and I'll make it clear on Twitter and elsewhere when I start posting it again so you don't miss anything. (There's always the catch-up packs too.) If you do want to keep supporting me, well I super-duper appreciate that too!

Finally, note that I don't have the ability to change this Patreon's format from charging up front at the beginning of the month. So if you do want to cancel, make sure you do it now before the payment processes for September.

Thanks again for your support over the years and on this account! I'm not going anywhere or leaving the fandom or anything like that. Just need to do some other stuff for a while so I don't burn out and keep my creativity flowing.


Tue Aug 20 00:24:59 2019

FD commission for Irongut of his T-rex character Ralph begging for a fuck.


Two Headed BJ

Mon Aug 19 00:32:07 2019

Commission for Solaster, done at Furrydelphia this past weekend. He's such a cute bird, especially with an extra head like that.


Classic Disney Characters

Thu Aug 15 00:15:42 2019

For this week's poll, we've got classic (pre-1970) Disney characters. There are a few here I've been meaning to draw for a while and though I suspect I know which one is going to win the poll is half the fun! Standard hyper corruption. And though I don't specify it in the poll, it might include one or two other characters from the same film if I'm feeling up to it.

You can vote for more than one. Poll runs until Friday August 16 at 8pm. Thanks!

Hyper Muscle Stitch

Wed Aug 14 00:35:21 2019

Stitch got second place in the hyper muscle poll a few weeks back and I've been meaning to draw him that way for a while now anyway. So here you go, a hyper, four-armed, muscular alien. Might color later.


Gargoyles Gangbang and Pulsar Buttplug sketches

Mon Aug 12 23:24:38 2019

Here are sketches for a few upcoming pics.

After lots of consideration, I decided to go with the Gargoyles for the gangbang poll. It was a three-way tie! The Gargoyles are definite favorites of mine though, so even though they tend to be harder to draw, what with the wings, I decided to go with them anyway. I just tried to pose them in such a way that the wings aren't too prominent, or otherwise cropped out.

Also can I just say, drawing gangbang scenes like this is kind of a nightmare. >_> It's hard to get four or five characters in a scene, much less have them all be visible and interacting. I wanted to include Bronx too, but I just couldn't figure out a good way to get him in there as well, so it's just the five main guys. And even then Goliath and Hudson are cut off a bit to make it work. It also took forever. But despite all that, I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so far, and I'll definitely be coloring it soon.

I've also been wanting to do a gangbang scene with Pulsar. But considering how long this one took, I'm not sure when I'm going to get to it. One of these days though!

The other pic was an idea I had of a hyper fur spotting Pulsar in public wearing a huge butt plug, and giving him a look like, "Oh wow, I bet I could actually fit in that bird..." I used my friend Chaz again because he's good fodder for that kind of thing, and quite hyper too. I'll likely also be coloring this one soon.

A bit of housekeeping: I'll be dealing at Furrydelphia this weekend! If you're going, stop by my table and say hi. It does mean my art production will be interrupted a bit, but I should also have a few sketches from the con to show then too. I'm going to be working on these pics (and some other sketches I've started), but if I don't get them colored by Thursday then I'll have them done next week. Cheers!


Pulsar and Jamie

Sat Aug 10 23:25:54 2019

I really love FTrashMan's blue jay character Jamie and I've been meaning to draw her for a while. So when he hit me up with some fan art a few days ago I had to do a pic back! Just two cute hyper birds hanging out, comparing dick sizes.

Pulsar_and_Jamie_full.jpg Pulsar_and_Jamie_full.jpg


Fri Aug 9 21:16:48 2019

Here's the final art for Tathametdiablo who won my 5k raffle. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Tathametdiablo_full.jpg Tathametdiablo_full.jpg

Aching Morning Wood

Thu Aug 8 00:21:48 2019

Another quick sketch of how I feel in the morning. Just so big and throbbing sometimes. If it's not absolutely gushing cum like in the alt.

Pulsar_Aching_Morning_Wood_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Aching_Morning_Wood_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Aching_Morning_Wood_spunky_fullskt.jpg

Tathamet Bull

Wed Aug 7 00:19:56 2019

Tathametdiablo on Twitter won my 5k raffle. This is a sketch for his pic. Will be making this into a beach scene which is always good for summer.

Tathametdiablo_skt.jpg Tathametdiablo_skt.jpg

Bike Ride

Mon Aug 5 23:46:40 2019

Here's the color version of Pulsar on the bike! I've been meaning to draw Pulsar being fucked through clothes (and probably still will), but this is a pretty nice version of that too. Doing a few miles on the bike out in the park with a dildo up the ass, sucking off random joggers. It's a good summer day <3

Pulsar_on_Bike_full.jpg Pulsar_on_Bike_full.jpg

Orgy Poll

Sun Aug 4 14:59:43 2019

The Starfox orgy pic turned out to be pretty popular. It's my single most favorited and retweeted pic on Twitter. (*That I posted. Technically that hung conure pic of mine that other guy posted got way more, because he had like a million followers.) Anyway, it got me thinking that I should do more orgy pics too. I still want to do another one with Pulsar soon. But in the meantime, what about these...?

TMNT — Probably just the turtles, but maybe could include Bebop and/or Rocksteady

Gargoyles— Wings make this harder, but they're so sexy...

Tuca and Bertie — Been meaning to draw them for a while anyway. The other two would probably be Speckle and maybe that monkey dude even though he [spoiler].

Lion King — Adult Simba and Nala, maybe the hyenas or Timon and Pumba.

Poll is open until Monday night at 8pm EST. You can vote for more than one.

Quickie Butt Fuck Animation

Sun Aug 4 01:04:43 2019

I've been meaning to fool around with Procreate's animation export function for a while now and see what that's like. In a word: tedious. It doesn't really have any of the tools you need for proper animation. It just has the ability to export a series of layers (or folders, thank god) into an animation file. It works, but it's not really good for this sort of frame-by-frame animation. It would probably work better for subtle animation on environments or something like that.

Anyway, this was one of those projects that started out as a sketch, then I decided to color it. Then shade it. And it ended up being like four or five hours when I thought it was just going to be like an hour of practice and testing. x) Oh well! The result is a quick loop of Pulsar sawing his dick up some bunny's ass. Attached are large and small versions in MP4 and GIF format. They're all the same animation.

Pulsar_Butt_Fuck_thumbnail.jpg Pulsar_Butt_Fuck_thumbnail.jpg Pulsar_Butt_Fuck_full.mp4 (d) Pulsar_Butt_Fuck_sml.mp4 (d) Pulsar_Butt_Fuck_full_GIF.gif Pulsar_Butt_Fuck_sml_GIF.gif

Pulsar Laying Eggs

Fri Aug 2 22:40:44 2019

So here's my interpretation of mpreg for Pulsar. Squeezin' out a dozen giant eggs from his ass. How does that happen? Who knows... how does anything happen with that kinky bird.

I kind of like the idea that he's a little bit concerned too. Not worried really. But saying something like, "Aah, they won't stop! Every time I think I'm done, there's a few more... And if I try to hold 'em back, they just start piling up and pushing out even faster! I think they're getting bigger too..."

Also it just occurred to me that I forgot to run a poll this week. So uh, if anyone has any ideas for a poll, let me know!

Pulsar_Ovi_full.jpg Pulsar_Ovi_full.jpg

Shark Week

Thu Aug 1 01:04:22 2019

Did a quick sketch for shark week. Originally I had plans to do this with color and make it all fancy and under water. But this turned out to be one of those pics that I was just fighting the whole time and I'm still not really happy with it. Plus I'm not sure I'll have time to finish it this week with the other stuff I'm working on, so I just decided to throw this sketch up. So enjoy a pair double-hung sharks in the water~

Shark_Week_fullskt.jpg Shark_Week_fullskt.jpg

Make Baby

Tue Jul 30 21:36:59 2019

I did some fan art for Maple since it's her birthday today. Looks like she wants to make baby!

Maple_Make_Baby_full.jpg Maple_Make_Baby_full.jpg

WIP - Ovi and Biking

Mon Jul 29 22:43:27 2019

From the poll over the weekend, the overwhelming majority of folks said they'd like to see works in progress as I sketch them. So I'm going to try and start posting more of these.

The biking one I started last week and just haven't had a chance to make progress on it yet. Just keeps getting pushed back by other projects. But I definitely want to color it soon. A big thing I wanted to emphasize was riding a dildo on the seat, while wearing spandex biking pants.

The other one is my response to last week's poll with Pulsar. Mpreg won, but I've been trying to figure how to draw Mpreg in an interesting way. Either it'd just look like cum inflation, or maybe anal vore... I could've done something with dialogue I suppose. But I decided to go this route instead which is something of a compromise. I've never really done egg laying with Pulsar either. Considering that ovi is basically preg for birds anyway, I thought that'd work too. I do love the idea of Pulsar pushing out a dozen or two eggs and still not being able to stop...

It also just occurred to me that these both really focus on Pulsar's ass. And the pic I'm going to be posting tomorrow, while not Pulsar, is also all about the ass. Well sometimes I just get in an ass mood. ;>


5K Raffle

Mon Jul 29 22:20:14 2019

I just hit 5K followers on Twitter so I'm running a raffle! If you haven't seen yet, check out this link if you want to enter: https://twitter.com/CardinalSinful/status/1155935292315987968

I also included the illustration for the ad here without all the other stuff on it.

Pulsar_5k_Raffle_sml.jpg Pulsar%205k_raffle_illustration_full.jpg


Sun Jul 28 02:17:03 2019

Since I started doing these polls, I've been finding them really fun and useful. This isn't a poll for art, per se, but more just looking to find out what folks are interested in.

I've seen a bunch of other artists advertise works-in-progress as one of the perks of their Patreon. I don't usually post WIPs, even though I often have 2 or 3 pics in various stages of completion at any given time. No particular reason I guess, I just have a habit of only posting the final art when it's done.

Let me know if you're interested in WIPs though. I might start posting more sketches or other progress pics if there's enough interest.

Or if you have some other suggestion or thought, leave a comment! Thanks~

Poll is open until 10pm Sunday night.

Jazz Jackrabbit

Fri Jul 26 23:32:59 2019

Ya'll ready for this? Jazz Jackrabbit, in da hoooouse! With his gun. And his other gun.

I thought about making this a foot-focused pic, but it seems like almost every time I draw a rabbit it's got some big bunny paws in it too. So I decided to go with a close up POV shot instead.


Princess Strut

Thu Jul 25 00:40:44 2019

Quick sketch for a friend of his hyper/multi poodle character. I've drawn her a few times before too. This was just a generic pose I started and decided to turn it into her. There's an alt with doggy dick nipples too.

Princess_Strut_base.jpg Princess_Strut_alt.jpg

Poll: Uncommon Kinks for Pulsar

Wed Jul 24 00:09:47 2019

This week's poll is a little different. Thought I'd get away from Rule34 for a bit and try something with Pulsar. The following are a list of kinks that I rarely (or never) draw Pulsar doing. Of the stuff he doesn't normally do, which would you most like to see?

Multiple votes are allowed. Poll is open until 8pm Thursday evening.

The Big City

Mon Jul 22 20:44:19 2019

Here's the winner of last week's poll, a hyper muscular Nick Wilde! Letting Judy know she's got to expect bigger things now that she's in the big city.


Pulsar Draining

Sun Jul 21 02:01:38 2019

You ever wake up some mornings and you're so full of cum, it just *gushes* out as soon as you get out of bed? Happens to me sometimes...

This is a silly idea I've had for a while, and just doodled it up real quick. :> Alts include the base version with no cum, and the fuckbird version with extra dicks and more cum.

Pulsar_Draining_cum_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Draining_base_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Draining_cum3x_fullskt.jpg

Self Suck part 2

Sat Jul 20 00:14:44 2019

I was in such a mood to do another one of these. Some days you just can't help it, just gotta bend over and swallow as much of your own dick as you can. Head bobbing up and down, throat bulging, until you blow a load like a bowl of pudding down your throat.


White Heart Lounging

Wed Jul 17 23:13:13 2019

Commission for White Heart of his pony character lounging on a chaise. He wanted a horse version in a regular anthro style rather than a typical MLP style, so that was fun to do.


DOS Games Hyper

Tue Jul 16 23:22:26 2019

Theme for this week's poll is early to mid 90s DOS game characters. I grew up playing DOS games on the PC, so these are characters I know well. Although I'm likely to do a classic video game characters poll at some point too, I never had a console growing up (or ever), so they're not as nostalgic for me as these DOS games are.

Other housekeeping: I'm leaving this poll up for 2 days, until Thursday evening, just to give folks a little more time to vote. Also I'm leaving open the option to vote for multiple selections, so feel free to vote for 2 or 3. Though keep in mind if you vote for all of them, that's the same as not voting at all. ;>

I'm also working on the art for last week's poll with a hyper muscled Nick Wilde. I'm going to try and not get too far behind with these. But this week is extra busy for me so I'm not sure if I'll finish him this week or not. Maybe this weekend. But I will eventually do it!

Like The View?

Mon Jul 15 22:03:44 2019

Here's the final pic I've been working on for the poll! Stith walking around the ship nude, and when she's that big, you just can't help but get a good look at everything. I didn't think about doing this until I was almost all the way done with the pic, but I like to imagine maybe the heating system broke, and that's why she's naked and sweaty. On her way to fix it, maybe, unless you don't mind seeing her nude all the time.


Stith Portrait

Sun Jul 14 23:15:23 2019

Originally this was just face practice, but then I like how it turned out, so I added a huge pair of tits and colored it. I'm still working on the actual colored Stith pic, so there'll be one more. Then that'll be it for this character, I promise, haha. x)

Got some new stuff coming up next week including the hyper muscled Nick Wilde pic (He just baaarely eked out Stitch in the poll—though I might end up doing Stitch too at some point), and some new stuff with Pulsar in the works.


Benny's B-day

Sat Jul 13 00:13:14 2019

While we're on the topic of mantrins this week, I ended up doing a birthday pic for Benny (Submissive Trout) too! I've always liked his mantrin OC, and when I saw on Twitter yesterday that it was his birthday I ended up doing a quick doodle for him.

I promise I'll be getting on to non-mantrin stuff again soon! It just seemed to be particularly good timing.


Stith Practice

Thu Jul 11 23:50:48 2019

Some Stith practice for the pic from last week's poll. I've got a color version coming soon, too. One thing I noticed about drawing Mantrins is that if the cock and balls are big enough, they tend to hide those sexy, sexy legs. The legs are really what make this character special. So for the color version I'm doing a rear view that shows them off nicely.


Waiting in Line

Wed Jul 10 23:22:40 2019

This seems to happen to me a lot. Waiting in line at the grocery store, when some bored guy behind me decides to try out my perky little ass. Tugging my thong out of the way and plowing some fat dick right up my behind while I'm checking my phone. Well it's one way to pass the time anyway! (Also "ass birdy" is one of my favorite lewd pet names.)

Pulsar_in_Line_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_in_Line_full.jpg

Muscle Growth

Tue Jul 9 23:35:37 2019

I've also been interested in beefing up some characters lately. Who do you want to see with a lot of hyper muscle?

Poll runs for 24 hours, until 7:30pm on Wednesday!

Sonic Feet

Tue Jul 9 00:22:48 2019

I've been meaning to do this ever since the Sonic movie trailer came out. (Actually longer than that... the trailer just reminded me of it.) Originally this was going to be movie trailer Sonic though, but his face is super weird. So I rejiggered it to be closer to original Sonic. It's sort of half way between those two.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a really sweaty, raunchy Sonic foot pic. There's also an alt with extra toes because I'm such a weird multi slut.

Sonic_Feet_base_full.jpg Sonic_Feet_extra_toes_full.jpg

Ailure Bird, Part 2

Sat Jul 6 23:35:07 2019

Commission for Ailure, as a follow-up to the one posted a few weeks ago. Here he's been TFed into a bird, hyper shitting and egg laying. Again, pretty extreme!

ailure_bird_warning_template.jpg Ailure_Bird_full.jpg


Sat Jul 6 00:38:37 2019

As many folks have noticed, I haven’t opened for commissions yet this month. I was waiting for a few things to become finalized today, and now that they are I can let everyone know what’s going on.

Long story short, I picked up a professional media production job. It’s not a salaried job; I’ll still be working freelance. But the hours are close to full time and confirmed for July. It wasn’t something I went out looking for. It came about through some networking channels of folks I know in the industry. It’s a great opportunity, though, and helps to get me current in video production so I decided to pursue it.

I apologize for not making this announcement before the month rolled over and it charged everyone for your subscription. I’m not trying to pull a bait-and-switch with your pledges for this month. It’s just the way the timing worked out with the contract negotiations and the 4th of July and all that.

For now, the contract is only through the end of July. However, I have every reason to expect it’ll be extended indefinitely. If not though, I’ll be open for commissions again next month!

That being said, I’m still going to try and produce art for Patreon. Even if I’m not doing commissions (or doing a limited number of them), I believe I’ll be able to keep updating consistently.

Some changes though:

• I’m going to reduce posting to three times per week instead of every day. If you don’t feel that’s worth the $4/mo, I completely understand. I still plan to release the monthly packs on GumRoad for $2.50, so if you feel that’s a better price, I’d still appreciate that support too.

• In lieu of daily posting, I’m going to be doing a lot more community polls and (hopefully) more regular color/detailed work to help balance out the slightly less content. I’ve already started to do this, and it’s been fun! So I plan to keep it up.

•I’m going to discontinue the $20 tier. It doesn’t make sense to keep it when I’m not offering commissions to discount. You can still pledge more than $4 though, and I really appreciate the folks who've been pledging extra.

• For this month, I’m only offering commissions to my $20 tier. I’m likely going to open a very limited number of slots (and probably limited styles, maybe sketches only). If they don’t fill up for my $20 patrons, I’ll open for my $4 patrons.

• If it ends up not working out to where I just can’t produce art as consistently as I’d like, I may make a move to a pay-per-post model. I already have a second Patreon set up for this, I just haven’t promoted it or started using it yet. So I've got some options and I'll experiment in July to see how things work out.

So we’ll see how it goes! I’m excited about the new job. I’m also excited for the chance to do more furry art for myself and not have to rely on commissions as heavily.

Thanks for your ongoing support!


Alvin CV

Fri Jul 5 22:15:50 2019

As several people have guessed, the last pic in this series is Alvin doing cock vore. They are a pretty playful bunch. x)


Theodore OV

Thu Jul 4 22:28:58 2019

Commission for anon, this time of Theodore of the chipmunks having oral vored the others. It's kind of implied since he's already swallowed them down. But they certainly make for a big belly.


Simon AV

Wed Jul 3 23:17:56 2019

Commission for anon of Simon from the chipmunks anal voring, presumably, his brothers. This is part of a series of all three chipmunks, each one doing a different kind of vore on the other two. So I'll be posting all three over the next three days.


Hyper Aliens

Wed Jul 3 00:24:17 2019

Been in the mood to draw something other-worldly lately. Hyper, too, natch. You know they're packing. Which alien / monster creature should I capture in all their morning glory?

Pulsar Spread

Wed Jul 3 00:13:52 2019

Spreading my cheeks to give you a quick look! I love showing off my ass~ But mostly I did this pic because I wanted to do an alt of my fuckbird rear with all three... ;>

Pulsar_Spread_base_full.jpg Pulsar_Spread_triple_full.jpg

Bokra Caged, Part 2

Mon Jul 1 23:57:21 2019

This is the second part to the pic I did for Bokra a few months back. Still caged, but now swelling up much bigger than before~


Pulsar and Kuro

Mon Jul 1 00:33:40 2019

This was a fun pic I did for my friend Kurobear! Even though he knows me pretty well, even he's surprised by how roomy my ass is sometimes. Also includes an alt with belly stretching.

Pulsar_Kuro_dialogue_full.jpg Pulsar_Kuro_base_full.jpg Pulsar_Kuro_belly_stretch_full.jpg

Ombre Yoga

Sun Jun 30 00:47:58 2019

Commission for Ombre of their very hyper herm wolf doing some yoga. Even with all that size, she can still manage it pretty well. There is also a version with cum, and a version with her in a spandex body suit.

Ombre_Yoga_base_full.jpg Ombre_Yoga_clothed_full.jpg Ombre_Yoga_cum_full.jpg


Sat Jun 29 03:01:38 2019

Commission for Dez of his possum character surfing a motorcycle. Don't try this at home!



Thu Jun 27 23:13:32 2019

Commission for Sirocco of his hare jock blowing a load in the locker room.


Happy Stitch Day

Thu Jun 27 00:06:53 2019

I was informed today is Stitch Day (6/26), so I did a quick doodle of the little guy.


Master Tigress High Kick

Tue Jun 25 22:55:59 2019

I know I posted a couple sketches of her before, but they were studies. My intention always was to do a colored pic. So here's the actual Master Tigress pic, high kicking and showing everything off.

Also if anyone has ideas for future polls, let me know. I kinda want to do more of them. Maybe a muscle-themed one next.



Mon Jun 24 23:41:48 2019

Commission for Crash of his character Gable with a beer and a big dick.


Mammalamma Gangbang

Sat Jun 22 23:51:39 2019

Commission for Mammalamma of a lion and bear character having an orgy.


A Stroll in the Park

Fri Jun 21 23:23:30 2019

I've been in a really multi mood lately and I just had to draw it. It's so fun taking a walk in the park with all kinds of extra arms and dicks and stuff swaying around while you wave to folks. I guess that's why some people like bird watching!

And also because I'm incorrigible, there are several sketch alts with even more extras. Taur, taur train, more heads...

Pulsar_Multi_Park_color_full.jpg Pulsar_Park_Multi_color_full.jpg Pulsar_Park_Multitaur_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Park_Multitaurtrain_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Park_Multitaur_3heads_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Park_Multitaurtrain_3heads_fullskt.jpg

Tom and Serph on Business

Thu Jun 20 22:22:34 2019

Sketch for Snozzy of Tom and Serph again, this time in a more business-like setting. Still hyper of course, with special pants that are open at the crotch to let everything hang out. Also I think this is the first time I've ever drawn two dicks in one foreskin like that.


Kuno and Naraku alt

Wed Jun 19 21:48:59 2019

Just posting this one quickly too. It's a very sticky, slimy pre-cum alt of the previous pic with Kuno and Naraku.


Laura and Ben

Wed Jun 19 21:47:06 2019

Commission for Ben300 of his human self getting a deep rimjob from Laura. And also starting yet another transformation. As of now, just sporting a hyper dog dick, but it'll eventually overtake the rest of him...



Tue Jun 18 23:29:01 2019

Commission for Scolipede of his herm human Micha wearing a full body latex suit.


Ailure Sunbathing

Tue Jun 18 00:05:27 2019

Commission for Ailure. He was out sunbathing when he gets molested by 2 feral birds. It's pretty extreme and involves hyper scat, so don't look if you're not into that sort of thing.

ailure_sunbathing_warning.jpg Ailure_Sunbathing_base_full.jpg Ailure_Sunbathing_alt_full.jpg

Master Tigress Sketches

Mon Jun 17 00:58:21 2019

So Master Tigress won the hermification poll! I wasn't expecting that to be honest, but still a nice surprise. I did two quick sketches tonight (both attached to this post). I'll probably color at least one of them at some point too, when I have time.

Master_Tigress_Stance.jpg Master_Tigress_Yoga.jpg

Trouble Satisfying Your Hyper?

Sun Jun 16 20:19:48 2019

Commission for Golddream of himself starring in an ad for his spa! They cater to hypers (and folks who want to be hyper) and even though he runs the place, he's the biggest slut of all. Alts include the base version without text or cum, and a spunky version without text.

Golddream_Gale_ad_full.jpg Golddream_Gale_base_full.jpg Golddream_Gale_cum_full.jpg

Iridium Looming

Sat Jun 15 00:35:43 2019

Commission for Iridium of her herm wolf self looming over the viewer. And wearing those Zootopia tiger dancer shorts, because that's always a good look.


Rule 34 Hermification!

Fri Jun 14 00:40:04 2019

I've had a lot of requests to do more hyper herms so I thought it'd be fun to open a poll on what Rule 34 herms you'd like to see. Some of these I've drawn before (it seems the number of requests I get for Judy Hopps futa goes up the more I draw it), and some would be new from me. Either way, it's a good excuse to corrupt more popular characters! The poll is open until Saturday at midnight, so let me know what you'd like to see!

Feel free to leave suggestions for scenes too.

Quick edit: I'm going to be aiming for 'tastefully hyper'. So maybe like "needs two hands" big, but not like "as big as their body" big. If that makes a difference for you~

Morning Glory

Thu Jun 13 23:32:45 2019

Commission for PhantomFin of his dragon standing in the bedroom doorway as his overly full balls churn and gurgle.



Wed Jun 12 22:50:40 2019

Commission for Xin, surrounded by hyper cocks.


Minh in the Dressing Room

Wed Jun 12 00:24:55 2019

Commission for Minh of his fleshmonster otter self trying on clothes in a dressing room. Not only is it hard to find clothes that actually fit such a multi, mutating body like his, but he also can't stop fucking himself while he's at it!


Kuno and Naraku

Mon Jun 10 22:29:16 2019

Commission for Kuno (on top) and Naraku of some hot ass play in a sauna.


Shogun Jex

Sun Jun 9 23:05:30 2019

Commission for Shogun Jex of his skunk character with feet for hands. So awkward when that happens. Makes it hard to do stuff!


Human with Horsecock

Sat Jun 8 23:37:21 2019

Here's a fun thing I did, where I drew my friend with a huge horse cock.


Cow TF

Sat Jun 8 00:02:53 2019

Commission for iLon_AD, of his tanuki character transforming into a cow.

Carulion_CowTF_fullskt.jpg iLon_AD_CowTF_fullskt.jpg

Shena Teaching, part 2

Fri Jun 7 00:05:42 2019

I'll post this tonight too, since it's an alt on a pic I already posted. Shena at the blackboard, but this time sporting massively huge horsedick nipples, too.


Warrior Couple

Fri Jun 7 00:03:03 2019

Commission for Owlizard of two of his human warrior characters, with a focus on size difference.


Pulsar and Uryl

Thu Jun 6 00:19:30 2019

Commission for Aubrin of his dragon character Uryl getting butt fucked by Pulsar. He's such a stretchy dragon, it's no surprise the bird was able to plow him all the way through~


Tom and Serph

Tue Jun 4 23:43:39 2019

Commission for Snozzy of his pig Tom admiring the size of Serph's shlong.


Rocket and Groot

Mon Jun 3 22:58:00 2019

Commission for Elexion of Rocket and Groot comparing dicks. Of course the little racoon guy is way bigger. Alts include the base pic without cum, and a cock vore alt with Rocket.

Elexion_Rocket_Groot_cum_full.jpg Elexion_Rocket_Groot_base_full.jpg Elexion_Rocket_Groot_cv_full.jpg

Backwards Gazelle

Sat Jun 1 23:39:42 2019

Body weirdness commission for TenPoundHammer, showing Gazelle from Zootopia with her top half on backwards.


Dante on the Beach

Sat Jun 1 01:27:48 2019

Pic for Dante Bun, hanging out on a beach. It's not necessarily a nude beach. He's just that kind of a bunny. Alt version with tits also included.

Dante_Beach_base_full.jpg Dante_Beach_tits_full.jpg


Thu May 30 22:48:04 2019

Commission for Wyatt being a little flirt and showing off his fuckable bird butt~


Zaina and Recurve

Thu May 30 01:15:11 2019

More chocobotaurs! This time Chocobo forms for Zaina and Recurve, showing off their hyper sizes and egg laying abilities.


Shena Teaching

Tue May 28 23:51:09 2019

Sketch for Shena trying to reach the board with all her hyper parts in the way.


Raphael and Jayjay, part 5

Tue May 28 01:05:26 2019

This is the next in the continuing series for Jayjay. The goat is now filling up all the mugs he can with the horse's spunk. Just going until the big guy runs out!

There's one pic left in this series, but won't be done for another 2 or 3 months. Because the series was spread out over more than a year, I'm going to repost the entire thing once the final pic is done. This way if you weren't a Patreon when the first few pics were posted, you'll still get to see the whole thing. And if you were, you get to see them again!



Sun May 26 23:52:37 2019

Commission for Quil of his dragon self suddenly growing hyper and erupting with cum right in public at the bus stop. Hyper world problems~ Version without cum also included.

Quil_cum_full.jpg Quil_base_full.jpg

Intercity Express

Sat May 25 15:30:15 2019

Commission for Enzo Leon of his rat dude in a cyberpunk setting. It's always fun to do these kinds of pictures, even if they are quite time-consuming.


Ready Player Growth

Fri May 24 23:47:41 2019

This was inspired by a conversation with a friend about furries interacting with their human players. I love that scenario, and I've been low-key interested in it for a few years now. I just don't draw it all that much. But after talking to him I was inspired to do some muscle and hyper growth with myself and Pulsar. Not sure what kind of hormones the bird tried out on me, but it definitely had an effect!


June Commissions Open!

Fri May 24 14:00:40 2019

I'm opening commissions for June today! If you're interested, shoot me an email at pulsarbird at gmail.com with a brief description of your idea and references. I'll probably respond to most emails either tonight or tomorrow. I'm still open as long as this ad is up.


TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/684x056xxmzplc1/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0


Multi Orc

Fri May 24 00:12:16 2019

Sketch for a friend who has a big muscular orc character with a penchant for multi.



Wed May 22 23:25:13 2019

Full elephant transformation for Ailure. I really like how some of the character's features carried over into the elephant form. I think that worked out pretty well.

Obligatory warning: the alts are really weird and filthy, so don't look if you're not into that.

Ailurephant_base_full.jpg Ailurephant_fart_full.jpg Ailurephant_scat_full.jpg


Wed May 22 02:21:36 2019

Commission for Neos8 of Meowser, the cat version of Bowser.


Draggy Chocobotaur

Mon May 20 23:19:28 2019

Another Chocobotaur pic, this time for Draggy. Taking up most of the shower with that huge butt.


Pulsar Getting Home

Sun May 19 22:24:50 2019

I did another one of those pics with the theme of "getting home after a long day and growing before you can even get out of your clothes." Barely in the door, and that monster shlong is already surging right up through your collar...


Roscoe, pt 2

Sun May 19 22:18:03 2019

This is a second T-shirt design for Weredog featuring their mascot Roscoe. This time with more of a 'playing on the grass' theme to contrast the water theme in the last one. Uploaded at low resolution since they'll be reproducing it on their own swag.


Dobie and Wilhelm - alts

Sun May 19 00:26:20 2019

These are some alts to the Dobie and Wilhelm pic I posted a few weeks ago. A sweat alt and a cum and sweat alt. Nothing like messy gym sex!

Dobie_Wilhelm_sweat_cum_full.jpg Dobie_Wilhelm_sweat_full.jpg


Fri May 17 23:35:37 2019

Commission for Tieran of the minotaur Dace jerking off in a pool.


Vitani and Nala

Fri May 17 23:34:16 2019

Commission for Deuce Swift of Vitani domming Nala with her paws. Sorry for the bad quality of some of these sketches... best I could do with my phone.


FWA Sketches - Omegey Sabra

Thu May 16 22:11:05 2019

Commission for Omegey Sabra of his hyper muscular wolf playing beach volleyball.


FWA Sketches - for Kalo

Thu May 16 22:09:40 2019

Commission for Kalo of his foxtaur gal being hyper. His description was just to do whatever I wanted to one of the characters he had a ref sheet for, so here she is~


FWA sketches - Sarris

Wed May 15 23:40:33 2019

This was commissioned by Dreamous, who had a brand new sketchbook that was villain themed. It took a while to come up with an idea, but then I remembered I always wanted to draw the bad guy from Galaxy Quest, so here he is!


FWA Sketch - Arte Fawx

Wed May 15 23:37:48 2019

I'll be posting a bunch of sketches I did at FWA over the next few days. First up is this one for Arte Fawx of him being big, and then even bigger. This is the even bigger version, but the other one is also attached.

Arte_Fawx_bigger_fullskt.jpg Arte_Fawx_base_fullskt.jpg

Nim BJ

Tue May 14 23:22:21 2019

Pic for my friend Nim, getting a BJ from (real life) me. He's an imp with various forms; I've definitely got a thing for his hyper muscled self. He's also the kind of guy who'd answer someone else's phone and casually drop a line about hyper sex into the conversation.


Raphael and Jayjay, part 4

Mon May 13 22:42:56 2019

Continuation of the pic with Raphael and Jayjay, the horse and goat waiter. He's just taste-testing it. There's also a version without cum attached.

Raphael_Jayjay_pt4_cum_full.jpg Raphael_Jayjay_pt4_base_full.jpg

Rykela Stroll

Wed May 8 22:55:51 2019

Quick sketch I did for my friend Rykela, out for a stroll. She's so hyper sometimes, all you see when she's coming towards you are tits and dick. I also thought it was fun to put a few silhouettes in to really emphasize her size. x)


At FWA this weekend!

Wed May 8 22:53:29 2019

I'm headed to Furry Weekend Atlanta tomorrow. It'll be my first time dealing at a con, so if you're there, be sure to come say hi at booth #19!

I'll try to update Patreon while I'm there, but if I miss a few days, that's why. I'll be back to regular posting again next Tuesday. Thanks!

Cyto and Dune

Tue May 7 23:34:44 2019

Commission for anon featuring Arrow's rat Cyto plowing a husky right there in the gym.

Cyto_Dune_cum_full.jpg Cyto_Dune_base_full.jpg

Raphael and Jayjay part 3

Tue May 7 00:09:07 2019

Continuation of the series with the goat waiter and the horse hunk in the bar. Commissioned by Jayjay.


CoP Zebrataur

Sun May 5 00:55:21 2019

Another in the Cult of Pan series. It would appear someone blessed the water in the pool. So now as people climb back out, they find themselves transformed! The guy holding the ball is probably next...



Sat May 4 00:49:59 2019

This was a T-shirt design commissioned by Weredog, a new UK adult toy company run by a friend of mine. (weredog.co.uk) They wanted a dynamic and clean illustration to promote their mascot Roscoe and I was happy to be able to do it for them. It was a lot of fun doing something different. I always like trying out new styles.



Fri May 3 00:20:55 2019

Commission for Burningwreck of his skunk Wayne. He has armpit assholes, so you can imagine the mess that makes. Marked extreme for a reason.

burningwreck_wayne_warning.jpg Burningwreck_Wayne_fullskt.jpg


Wed May 1 22:01:22 2019

Commission for Snozzy of his hog character Tom casually suckin' a fat dick while playing a video game. Can't let that BJ get in the way of a high score.


Reilsss Birthday

Tue Apr 30 23:46:41 2019

Commission for Reilsss celebrating his birthday. Big dicks, lots of cum, all the usual stuff for a hyper party. Alts include the erect version without cum, and a flaccid alt.

Reilsss_Bday_erect_cum_full.jpg Reilsss_Bday_erect_full.jpg Reilsss_Bday_flaccid_full.jpg

Dobie and Wilhelm

Mon Apr 29 23:10:25 2019

Commission for Ohs688 of two of his characters fucking in the gym, Dobie on top doing the shoulder press while riding Wilhelm like a dildo.


Zulu Femme

Sun Apr 28 02:31:17 2019

Commission for Zulu of a feminine version of his lemur character.


Cult of Pan - Donkey TF

Fri Apr 26 23:55:39 2019

Another slice of life CoP image, this time with a guy drunk and in mid-TF into a donkey. And it looks like the other guy is coming along pretty well too. All thanks to that beer they're having.

Commissioned by Piper Malone


Surprise Cock Growth

Thu Apr 25 23:18:41 2019

This is based on a rough sketch done by a friend of mine, and I liked it enough that I asked him if I could do a full colored version. I also decided to make the bottom guy human too, since I don't really do enough furry on human stuff. And while I didn't include dialogue on the pic this time, I imagine him saying something like, "Ooh, feels like a lot more sliding back out than went in!"


Xin and Azura

Wed Apr 24 23:41:26 2019

Commission for Xin and Azura of their characters snuggling.


Torres and Brooklyn page 13 of 13

Tue Apr 23 22:44:30 2019

And the end! For now...?

Commissioned by TreePsycho


Torres and Brooklyn page 12 of 13

Tue Apr 23 22:42:53 2019

He's so helpful, slurping that cock clean afterwards.

Commissioned by TreePsycho


Torres and Brooklyn page 11 of 13

Tue Apr 23 01:08:55 2019

More emptying out after that big orgasm.

Commissioned by TreePsycho


Torres and Brooklyn page 10 of 13

Tue Apr 23 01:07:38 2019

Treepsycho was really happy with this comic, so he commissioned an extra four pages of extra kinky stuff as a second ending. This part involves watersports, which I didn't think was gross enough to hide behind a warning, though I understand it's not for everyone. Will be posting the remaining four pages tonight and tomorrow.


Surprise Cock Vore

Sun Apr 21 01:21:56 2019

Commission for Taullo of his human self suddenly having cockvored some poor janitor. The guy was probably just trying to clean up after a cum-milking session, but you gotta be careful around hypers!



Fri Apr 19 01:08:59 2019

Commission for Solaster in his chocobotaur form, pausing to stretch while out on a hike. There's also a clean version with no dick, and a multi version with extra dick and arms.

Solaster_Chocobotaur_cock_full.jpg Solaster_Chocobotaur_base_full.jpg Solaster_Chocobotaur_multi_full.jpg


Wed Apr 17 23:47:38 2019

Commission for Lustea of his slutty bunny in a pair of ass-zipper shorts, taking it up the ass. Vaguely based on the DP pic I did with Pulsar in the bar. Version without dialogue also included.

Lustea_dialogue_full.jpg Lustea_base_full.jpg

Cult of Pan - Moose and Minotaur TF

Wed Apr 17 00:28:11 2019

This is another in the Cult of Pan series commissioned by Piper Malone. This is actually a continuation of a previous pic, where the moose is TFing the bull via some crotch sniffing. Here are the two of them, smooshing some other guy between their huge packages and transforming him as well. Looks like he's already sprouted a huge horse dick, and the rest of the transformation is underway...


Monki and Kass

Mon Apr 15 23:46:53 2019

Commission for ArtistOrphy of his monkeydude Monki eating out Kass's ass. I mean, I would, too... I should probably draw myself doing that sometime, as well.


Extra Spring Growth

Sun Apr 14 00:03:10 2019

This was just a fun little idea I had that I wanted to illustrate. x) It's tough being a fuckbird in spring, when you get so horny and just can't help growing more than usual. Sometimes I end up tenting my shirt unexpectedly with a fat pair of dick nipples. I don't really get breasts, but I still pop out a pair of cocks and balls on my chest sometimes.

There's also an alt with even a little more extra...

Pulsar_Extra_Spring_Growth_full.jpg Pulsar_Extra_Spring_Growth_alt_full.jpg

Centaur Plowing

Fri Apr 12 22:43:49 2019

Commission for SystemDrake of a centaur plowing a field—in exactly the way you'd expect from a hyper hung centaur.


Hyena Rear

Fri Apr 12 00:11:29 2019

Quick sketch I did for my friend Vincent of his hyena self with a huge butt.


Turian Transformation

Wed Apr 10 22:22:25 2019

Commission for Ben300 of himself in mid-transformation into a Turian.


Starfox 4some

Mon Apr 8 23:42:06 2019

By extremely popular request, here's the entire Starfox crew. I've been meaning to do a train like this for a while now, and really these guys were just perfect for it. Also, do you know how hard it is to draw a picture like this and not call it "starfux"? It's harder than my dick first thing in the m—well, it's hard.

Version without cheesy porn dialogue also attached.

Starfox_4some_dialogue_full.jpg Starfox_4some_base_full.jpg


Mon Apr 8 02:29:49 2019

This is the cover illustration for the cyberpunk/motorcycle themed zine I've been working on. It's not porn, but I figured some folks would enjoy seeing it. It's heavily inspired by Akira, because I've always loved that sprawling city look and I like to do my own versions. The rest of the zine illustrations are nearly done, as well. Then I've just got some layout stuff to do and I should be able to get it printed by May. So I'm glad I was able to get as far as I did last week.

Anyway, I also have a few more pics of porn I've been working on. Including, by very popular demand, a picture featuring all four of the Star Fox crew. I was working on it today, but didn't quite get it finished up to post today. So it'll be up sometime next week.


Falco Lombardi

Sun Apr 7 02:22:41 2019

I've been wanting to draw Falco for myself for a long time now, so here's a quick pin-up. I might do more later with him in more dynamic poses, fucking, etc.

But really the main reason I wanted to draw him was so I could add more to him. >_> Not sure if it's due to some sort of accident with the radioactive material in the Arwing's engines or just part of his birdy nature. But for whatever reason, there are a bunch of multi alts.

Damn multibirds.

Falco_Lombardi_full.jpg Falco%20Lombardi_full.jpg Falco_Lombardi_2dicks_fullskt.jpg Falco_Lombardi_2heads_2dicks_fullskt.jpg Falco_Lombardi_2heads_3balls_fullskt.jpg Falco_Lombardi_2heads_fullskt.jpg


Thu Apr 4 23:09:14 2019

Kind of a throwback to the Long Day comic I did a few years ago. Maybe because it's spring, but I've just really had a hankering to do more multi growth, and especially that kind of "growing while undressing" theme. Stripping off shoes and socks, letting those big wide feet out. Not to mention the extra arms, all those dicks... probably going to keep going too.


April Commissions Open!

Thu Apr 4 16:45:32 2019

I'm open for April commissions for patrons. If you're interested, shoot me an email with a brief description of your idea and references. Because this is a slightly shorter month (on account of me taking this current week off to work on personal stuff) I'll be taking slightly fewer commissions than usual. So get your ideas in soon if you're interested!

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/684x056xxmzplc1/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0



Wed Apr 3 21:20:42 2019

Had a few folks ask if I ever fuck my own ass. Well sure! It's like advanced masturbation. And although I haven't done much with this visually, I like the idea of sliding my own dick up my ass so I fit into pants better. Keeps the bulge from being so huge.


Nick and Judy

Wed Apr 3 01:36:28 2019

By popular request! In fact, this is probably the single most popular request I've had since the movie came out. Don't miss the herm version, also attached.

Nick_Judy_base_full.jpg Nick_Judy_herm_full.jpg

Ailuretaur Climbing

Mon Apr 1 22:10:29 2019

Commission for Ailure of his redpanda-taur self climbing a tree. I really like how this one turned out. Got to try using some new brushes and other techniques which I really need to start relying on more often.

The usual series of alts is attached, including cum, gas, scat, and a special AV alt with yours truly~

Ailuretaur_Climbing_base_full.jpg Ailuretaur_Climbing_cum_full.jpg Ailuretaur_Climbing_fart_full.jpg Ailuretaur_Climbing_scat_full.jpg Ailuretaur_Climbing_av_full.jpg

Torres and Brooklyn Page 9 of 9

Sun Mar 31 22:48:39 2019

And the aftermath. Despite how inflated he's become, Brooklyn seems pretty okay with how things went!

Commissioned by TreePsycho.


Torres and Brooklyn page 8 of 9

Sun Mar 31 22:46:19 2019

When a hyper pumps out that much cum, it can be pretty hard to keep it all inside...

Commissioned by TreePsycho


Torres and Brooklyn page 7 of 9

Sun Mar 31 14:36:31 2019

The sloppy pull-out.

Commissioned by TreePsycho.


Torres and Brooklyn page 6 of 9

Sun Mar 31 14:35:01 2019

Totally forgot to upload this last night, my bad! So I'll post the next two pages this morning and the last two tonight.

Here's the money shot with Brooklyn being hugely cum inflated. There's also an internal shot alt, so if you're into that sort of thing be sure to check that out too!

Commissioned by TreePsycho.

TreePsycho_Torres_pg6_full.jpg TreePsycho_Torres_pg6_int_full.jpg

Torres and Brooklyn page 5 of 9

Fri Mar 29 21:48:07 2019


Commissioned by TreePsycho


Torres and Brooklyn page 4 of 9

Fri Mar 29 21:45:08 2019

In which Brooklyn somehow manages to fit that flare in his maw.

Commissioned by TreePsycho


Torres and Brooklyn page 3 of 9

Thu Mar 28 23:30:11 2019

Page 3 of 9, featuring Torres and Brooklyn. Commissioned by TreePsycho.

I'll post the first three pages today to get it started (and build some anticipation ;> ). Then I'll post two more pages each day over the next three days.


Torres and Brooklyn page 2 of 9

Thu Mar 28 23:27:36 2019

Page 2 of 9, featuring Torres and Brooklyn. Commissioned by TreePsycho.


Torres and Brooklyn page 1 of 9

Thu Mar 28 23:26:00 2019

This comic has been in the works for five or six weeks. We finally got it finished up so I can post it now! It was commissioned by TreePsycho, starring his shemale squirrel character Torres, and Brooklyn from the Gargoyles. I'll be posting a couple pages a day over the next several days. It features hyper (of course) extreme stretching and cum inflation. Hope you enjoy!


Booty Shorts: In Color!

Thu Mar 28 15:42:27 2019

I liked this sketch so much I decided to color it. I colored this boner version (and also included an update of the sketch which had a piece of his leg missing), and the triple cocked version because I like that one entirely too much. Enjoy!

Pulsar_Booty_Shorts_boner_color_full.jpg Pulsar_Booty_Shorts_triple_color_full.jpg Pulsar_Booty_Shorts_boner_full.jpg

Booty Shorts

Wed Mar 27 01:00:33 2019

What do you think, do these booty shorts make my butt look big? I hope so!

I love the idea of having a monster shlong (or three) hanging out, very obviously on display, but more concerned about some other part of my body.

Alts include a huge boner, and three floppy dicks.

Pulsar_Booty_Shorts_flaccid_full.jpg Pulsar_Booty_Shorts_boner_full.jpg Pulsar_Booty_Shorts_triple_full.jpg

Stretch in the Park

Tue Mar 26 00:51:53 2019

Imagine taking a stroll and coming across a bird in the park like this. It's just me out for a jog, pausing to stretch a bit on a park bench. Sometimes I don't even bother wearing a thong, just the sneakers, which is why there's an alt with my ass and balls and hyper dick all on display.

Pulsar_Park_Stretch_thong_full.jpg Pulsar_Park_Stretch_nude_full.jpg

Demon Bottler

Sun Mar 24 22:22:48 2019

Bottler has a newer demon form which he had me draw here in a skimpy sling thong. As you know, he's also really into vore, so there's a breast vore alt too. Which is a first for me, I think.

Demon_Bottler_base_full.jpg Demon_Bottler_alt_full.jpg


Sun Mar 24 00:45:38 2019

Commission for Scoliopede Prince of his guy with a huge fat ass. The pic is a little off center because there's a scat alt where the turd is laying on the other half of the pic.

Scolipede_Prince_base_full.jpg Scolipede_Prince_scat_full.jpg

Butt Buffet

Sat Mar 23 00:57:55 2019

Commission for Adryn of his character (left, on the bed) with Greyson (right) and the stud horse Saren. It's nice to have a couple of stretchy butt sluts to use when you've got a dick that big. Version without cum also included.

Adryn_Greyson_Saren_cum_full.jpg Adryn_Greyson_Saren_base_full.jpg

Demon Horse

Thu Mar 21 23:54:31 2019

Commission for anon of his demon horse character.


Office Quickie

Thu Mar 21 00:53:01 2019

I've been meaning to draw some Zootopia stuff again for a while now. I've been wanting to do more with kinks that you don't see too often, like rimming (or hyper for that matter). Nick has such a cute butt, who wouldn't want to bury their snout in there? Just a quickie at the office~


What Should I Draw?

Tue Mar 19 15:01:39 2019

I've got a few more commissions to do for this month, but I'm going to be taking one or two weeks off to prep stuff for FWA in May, and to work on a few personal things. I still want to do art for Patreon during that time (though might not post every day), so it'd be handy to have a few ideas queued up.

I've got some ideas for pics with Pulsar and maybe some gift art I'd like to do, but it'd be nice to mix it up some too. If you've got any ideas, let me know in the comments. I'm open to themes, species, kinks, R34~ I can't promise I'll do all of them (or even any of them), but let me know what you're thinking!


Tue Mar 19 01:02:15 2019

Commission for Hexxia of their character Sabel unloading a ton of cum all over the office. The original pic was supposed to be implied cock vore and churning out into cum, with all the condoms labeled with their contents, so I've included that version too for people who are into that. Other alts include the pic with no condoms, and the base pic without cum too.

Hexxia_Sabel_CV_condoms_blank_cum_full.jpg Hexxia_Sabel_cum_full.jpg Hexxia_Sabel_CV_base_full.jpg Hexxia_Sabel_CV_condoms_cum_full.jpg


Sun Mar 17 00:21:24 2019

Commission for Nico of his hyper fat wasp hanging out on the beach. There's also an alt without the cock a balls, just that big huge ass.

I'm not really into insects or hyper fat stuff, but something about a fat insect is kind of amazing. x)

Nico_alt_full.jpg Nico_base_full.jpg

Adryn and Saren

Sat Mar 16 00:51:18 2019

Commission for AnthroAdryn of his cat being cum inflated by Saren (in his horse form). Version without cum also included.

Adryn_Saren_cum_full.jpg Adryn_Saren_full.jpg

Lobster Claws

Fri Mar 15 00:46:42 2019

Commission for BurningWreck of a guy with lobster claws who's all pent up because... well, how can you jerk off with that? I think this is rule34, but I'm not sure what the character is.


Minh the Flesh Monster

Wed Mar 13 22:53:32 2019

Commission for Minh of them completely mutated and weird. Who knows how this happens. One moment you're just hanging out and relaxing and the next moment you've got parts spilled out all over the place.


Pulsar and Dallas

Wed Mar 13 00:45:24 2019

Commission for Dallas of his bunny self getting a thick sloppy facial from Pulsar. Version without cum also included.

Pulsar_Dallas_cum_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Dallas_base_fullskt.jpg


Tue Mar 12 00:19:41 2019

Commission for Toumak of his gryphon self in feral form, grinding his huge sweaty ass up against a pane of glass. There's also a version without the sweat included.

Toumak_sweaty_full.jpg Toumak_base_full.jpg

Sen and Leza part 2

Sat Mar 9 23:41:05 2019

The second part of the commission for Sen and Leza from yesterday. This is what happens if you fist someone too deep! And their body is particularly hungry...


Sen and Leza

Sat Mar 9 00:49:52 2019

Commission for Sen the donkey getting pretty deeply cock-fisted by Leza.


Shirleen Rears

Fri Mar 8 00:46:11 2019

I haven't drawn Shirleen in a while (and never before in color!), so here's a quick doodle.


Vaporial and Elh

Wed Mar 6 22:10:24 2019

Commission for Vaporial really stretching out his friend Elh into a living condom. And he's still too small!


Woodpecker Ball Fondle

Tue Mar 5 21:15:13 2019

This is something of a follow-up to a previous pic I did too, with a woodpecker worshiping a bull's huge balls. Grecko requested another, this time with the woodpecker fondling those nuts with his feet. There's also a version without the knit undies.

Grecko_Woodpecker_undies_fullskt.jpg Grecko_Woodpecker_base_fullskt.jpg

Raphael Part 2

Tue Mar 5 00:32:23 2019

This is a sequel pic to one I did like a year ago, where this goat bartender was hitting on the big stud horse. I think Jayjay always intended it to be an image sequence, but sometimes it takes a while to get to the subsequent images. Anyway, here's the next one!


January Image Pack

Mon Mar 4 14:47:53 2019

I've posted the first of what will be my monthly image packs to GumRoad. The first one covers January. If you were a $4 subscriber or above, there's no need to purchase this pack. It doesn't contain anything new that wasn't already posted here. It's just a way for folks to catch up with my art if they're not able to do Patreon.

Available here: https://gum.co/zbbB



Pulsar DP

Sun Mar 3 17:19:23 2019

This was just going to be a quick sketch but it ended up being a complete, detailed picture. Once I started working on it, I just got more and more into it. Plus I don't draw enough raunchy public sex, so here you go! The base version without cum is also attached.

Pulsar_DP_cum_full.jpg Pulsar_DP_base_full.jpg

Golddream Flex

Sat Mar 2 15:30:34 2019

More fan art for my good friend Golddream. Wanted to practice muscle, and he's always a good subject for it.


Quick Update on Archiving - Please Read!

Sat Mar 2 15:25:28 2019

Most folks who subscribe know that I only keep a few months' archive on hand. Technically a subscription is for that month only, but usually I have 3 to 6 months worth of art still posted.

I'm going to be tightening that up so there will only ever be one full month of art online at a time. Reason being, because I'm going to start releasing monthly packs on GumRoad too for people who can't use Patreon or don't want to subscribe. This also gives folks a chance to catch up without having to wait for the whole big yearly pack at the end of the year.


Narsassus and Moofus

Fri Mar 1 23:48:31 2019

Commission for Narsassus—the much bigger gryphon—and Moofus, the house marten getting sucked right up the bigger bird's butt.



Fri Mar 1 00:52:30 2019

Sketch commission for Shadowrift of his kobold character Zeix in a skirt, showing off his fat pucker.


Troll TF

Wed Feb 27 01:50:59 2019

Commission for Ben300 transformation into a WoW troll. Probably has something to do with the little voodoo doll down there...



Mon Feb 25 22:28:17 2019

Commission for WolfgerLion wearing a pair of Big Balls undies and jutting his huge boner right up out of the fly.


Motorcycle Skid

Mon Feb 25 02:44:20 2019

This is a fun pic I did for myself. I'll be including a colored version of it in my motorcycle artbook, whenever that gets finished.


FAPP - Dean Riz

Sat Feb 23 23:52:04 2019

This is the last of the FAPP illustrations I've done for the Fuck U. expansion. Dean Riz at his desk, with his huge dick flopped out.


Extra Thick BJ

Fri Feb 22 23:47:35 2019

Commission for Anon with some size difference and a really extreme, jaw stretching blowjob.


Ratchet Milking

Thu Feb 21 23:07:05 2019

Commission for Quinn (or Simon—they share an account) of Ratchet buffed up to massive size with some huge milk-swollen pecs. There's also an alt where he's hooked up to a milking machine.

Quinn_Ratchet_base_fullskt.jpg Quinn_Ratchet_pump_fullskt.jpg

FAPP - Professor Pulsar

Thu Feb 21 03:12:08 2019

This is another illustration for the FAPP book. Since it's all focused on college life, I thought it'd be fun to include Pulsar as an art prof.


FAPP Gazelle

Wed Feb 20 02:54:44 2019

Another for the latest FAPP project, this time one of the members for the Tau Iota Tau frat. TIT is pretty much bimbos and airhead types, hyper sluts who are amazing in bed but also kinda dumb. Like this gal who ended up with some smaller guy wedged between her tits and she doesn't even notice.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to have her top riding up or to have her walking around with her tits out, so I did both versions. Though there is something super hot about hypers trying to wear clothes and failing.

FAPP_Gazelle_top_full.jpg FAPP_Gazelle_tits_full.jpg

Ghrom and Danny

Mon Feb 18 23:53:26 2019

Commission for Ghrom and Danny (Qwertyigloo) with Ghrom sucking one of Danny's huge horse dicks. Lots of cum, cum inflation, just overall extreme hyper~ There's a version without the cum also attached.

Ghrom_Danny_cum_full.jpg Ghrom_Danny_base_full.jpg

Koril Cock Growth

Sun Feb 17 00:58:24 2019

Was chatting with my snakey friend Koril about how sucking bird cock sometimes makes you grow. He tried it and sure enough, it looks like he's pretty susceptible to it.



Fri Feb 15 01:09:00 2019

Commission for AnthroAdryn of his feline character sucking himself off, and cum inflating himself in the process.


FAPP Rhino

Thu Feb 14 00:10:29 2019

Another pic for the Fuck U FAPP project, this time of a rhino dude who's in the Tau Theta Rho frat. TOP is for big, masculine types, who naturally tend to be tops as well. It's a mixed frat/sorority, and sometimes even the women who join end up growing dicks.

My thought for this guy was: he was already such a stud when he joined, he ended up growing a second dick just to handle all the raw masculinity. So of course if you walk in on him like that, he's flopping them both out, asking if you're sure you can handle 'em.



Wed Feb 13 00:13:47 2019

This is the first of a series of pics I'm doing for Kah's next FAPP project. The next one centers around college and frat life. This donkey-taur is a member of Kappa Theta Kappa, known for their bing drinking and all around raunchy shenanigans.


Quite a Big Slurp

Sun Feb 10 22:44:31 2019

Still messing around more with that style I posted a few days ago. It's so fast, and it's such a departure from how I usually work that I'm really enjoying it. It feels a lot more freeing and spontaneous. Anyway, here's a pic of Pulsar sucking hard on his big bird cock.


Purplecat Gryphon

Sat Feb 9 21:56:20 2019

Commission for Purplecat of an older form of his, the gryphon. his gryphon might actually be the first thing I ever drew for him, I don't quite remember. Anyway, it was fun to revisit.

There are a bunch of alts with this one include a base pic without the tits, also cum, farting, scat, and laying eggs.

Ailure_Gryphon_tits_full.jpg Ailure_Gryphon_base_full.jpg Ailure_Gryphon_cum_full.jpg Ailure_Gryphon_farting_full.jpg Ailure_Gryphon_ovi_full.jpg Ailure_Gryphon_scat_full.jpg

Deep Fisting

Sat Feb 9 02:39:21 2019

I saw a similar pose on Twitter recently and I really wanted to see the same sort of thing with Pulsar, so here's my take on it! I also took the time here to experiment more with technique. This is somewhere half way between a cel shade and a render; I used techniques from both, plus a few other things I've been meaning to try in Procreate but haven't done yet. It ended up being a pretty fast color job too, which is good. I may use something like this style to color comics.


Good Morning, Page 2 of 2

Fri Feb 8 01:28:40 2019

Second page! I mostly just wanted to depict a huuuuge dick popping out of Pulsar's ass, and I thought the fuck-spooning idea was fun too.


Good Morning page 1 of 2

Thu Feb 7 01:34:47 2019

This was just a fun, quick idea I had. At least it was supposed to be quick. x) It ended up not fitting on a single page, so now it's two pages. But I didn't get the second page done tonight, so you'll have to wait til tomorrow for it. Just playing around with the idea of being a cock warmer for a very hyper dick.

Also along these lines, I've got the Patreon set up for comics, as well. I haven't launched it yet because... reasons. I still want to do a little more work to it. But I'll probably be launching it soon.


Pulsar Pinup

Mon Feb 4 23:19:36 2019

This is another illustration for the book project I'm working on. Again I haven't talked about it much, but it's coming along! I just needed one splash pic to fill some space, so I painted this up over the weekend.


Haida Hanging Out

Sun Feb 3 01:59:29 2019

Folks who follow me on Twitter know I recently watched Aggretsuko, so... of course this is going to happen. Haida is so dreamy. <3 And you just know he's got an embarrassingly huge shlong.



Sat Feb 2 00:37:45 2019

Commission for Quinn of his friend Rocket, a lombax with quite a large and needy problem.


February Commissions Open!

Fri Feb 1 01:42:19 2019

Here I go once again with the commissions! I'm open for February. If you're interested, please send me an email to pulsarbird at gmail with the type of art you're interested in, a brief description of the scene and references. I'm still open as long as this notice is up.





Bokra Caged

Fri Feb 1 01:38:17 2019

Commission for Bokra of his gator dude sucking a huge hyper dick, while he's all locked up himself. Version without cum also attached.

Bokra_Caged_cum_full.jpg Bokra_Caged_base_full.jpg

Phantom Fin in the Tub

Thu Jan 31 03:18:16 2019

Commission for Phantom Fin. Not only does he not fit very well in the tub, but he's also flooding it with cum! Must be the side effects of whatever he was mixing up in that Erlenmeyer flask. Version without cum also attached.

PhantomFin_Tub_cum_full.jpg PhantomFin_Tub_base_full.jpg

Wolf Butt Muzzle

Wed Jan 30 01:34:11 2019

Commission for anon of a wolf with a muzzle in his butt. (And no arms.)

I'm getting a lot more use than I expected out of that "weird" tag.


Snoozing Arcanine

Mon Jan 28 00:51:49 2019

Commission for Darrius Skyler of a snoozing arcanine with some hyper morning wood.



Sat Jan 26 01:45:55 2019

Commission for Cloudweaver of his pony self being all hugely hyper on the couch.


Shena and Joel

Fri Jan 25 00:28:00 2019

This is a rendered version of the inked pic I did for Shena and Joel a few months back. Now in spoogey color!

Shena_Joel_cum_full.jpg Shena_Joel_base_full.jpg


Wed Jan 23 01:15:45 2019

Commission for Maybelle of their cow boi in a maid's outfit, showing off just like he was told to.


Dildo Shlorp

Tue Jan 22 00:38:45 2019

A fun pic I did of Pulsar pulling a huge dildo out of his sloppy ass! There's also a version without cum, if you want that for some reason.

Pulsar_dildo_cum_full.jpg Pulsar_dildo_base_full.jpg

Jakul and Cinnamon

Sun Jan 20 22:42:28 2019

Commission for Jakul of his crow blowing a big load in Cinnamon. Alt without cum also included.

Jakul_Cinnamon_cum_full.jpg Jakul_Cinnamon_base_full.jpg

New Patreon Poll

Sun Jan 20 00:06:06 2019

As a followup to the previous post I made about possibly starting a second Patreon specifically for comics, I've created this poll to get some feedback. Let me know what you think of the idea.

New Patreon?

Sun Jan 20 00:02:05 2019

Over the past few weeks I've been considering how I can make some changes to Patreon to be able to do more comics. Originally my plan was to convert this Patreon to a pay-per-post model so I could focus on comics, and charge per comic page. It turns out I can't do this. Once a Patreon account is set up to charge patrons at the beginning of each month, the account is locked into that format forever.

So now I've been considering starting a second Patreon account instead—which may end up working out better anyway.

For several months now I've been wanting to do more comics. But I've found that they don't bring in much traffic, at least not with how infrequently I do them. I can work really hard on a comic for a month or two and put a lot of time into it, but ultimately I don't make any more off of that than I do just posting the regular art and sketches I already post. So there's not much incentive to do more of them.

I'd probably start them at $1 per colored page, with around 2 pages likely to be done each month. (With a maximum of four. Unless I end up doing comics full time, I doubt I could do more than one colored page per week.) If there are tiers, I might have a $2 or $3/page tier that would include voting on future comic topics and possibly on the directions of the comics. I don't need to make very much per page in order for it to be viable. It would just be helpful to have something so I can justify spending more time working on them.

I'm curious to know what you all think. I'll probably post a poll right after this to get some feedback.

Some other thoughts:

• I'd likely eliminate my $1 tier here. It'd make more sense to put that dollar toward my comic Patreon account and actually get something for it.

•I will probably eliminate the $20 as well. I had plans to do more with it, but part of those plans involved giving away comics (or other art packs). But if I'm doing that separately, then I think it would be nice to simplify my offerings here.

• I may eventually transition away from the this account too. I'm considering putting monthly art packs up on GumRoad instead. This has the advantage of allowing people to catch up at any time by buying the packs, and they would be available throughout the entire year. It would also make it easier to take vacation—which right now is hard to do, at least not without feeling like I'm not providing value for that month.

Anyway, let me know if you have any thoughts.

Kedge Mindfuck

Sat Jan 19 23:09:40 2019

This was a fun series of sketches I did for Kedge Zebra (Uniform Vixen). He needed to be fucked into being a mindless sex toy, so I helped him out. The alts are obviously pretty extreme—dick going in one ear and out the other, and a cum alt.

Kedge_Mindfuck_tease_full.jpg Kedge_Mindfuck_full.jpg Kedge_Mindfuck_atwt_full.jpg Kedge_Mindfuck_cum_full.jpg

Chip and Tekkita

Fri Jan 18 00:17:29 2019

Commission for Chip Husky (on top) and Tekkita engaged a bit of playful anal vore.


Pulsar and Tazel

Wed Jan 16 23:28:06 2019

This is a pic I did for my friend Tazel after she's had a rough few weeks. She's always been very encouraging, so I wanted to do something nice for her. It's just a fun little scene, hanging out in public~ Oh and very multi, because it's impossible not to be around her. ;>


Pulsar Cum Portrait

Tue Jan 15 23:42:38 2019

This is a fun thing I did over the weekend, as part of a larger project I'm working on. I haven't announced that other project yet because I'm still working on it. I'll definitely make an announcement when it's done. In the meantime, have a portrait of Pulsar drenched in spooge.


Monkey Squat

Sun Jan 13 22:17:05 2019

Commission for ArtistOrphy of his (currently unnamed) monkey dude, squatting on a fat butt plug in the gym. Right in front of everyone! There's also cropped version that just shows the main figure without the other stuff.

ArtistOrphy_full.jpg ArtistOrphy_full_crop.jpg

Riz and Sykes

Sat Jan 12 00:16:41 2019

Commission for Riz Lysander getting butt fucked by his friend Sykes. Normally Sykes is a mouse, but it looks like Riz TFed him into something a little bigger and beefier...


Minh and Pulsar Alts

Fri Jan 11 01:54:33 2019

You may remember this picture from last month, of Pulsar and Minh strolling in public, being casually hyper. He recently went for several more alts of the pic, which are all included here.

I really love how the gushers of cum turned out. I usually tend to draw cum spurting in individual ropes. I think I want to start doing more of this really extreme, thick geyser style, at least where it comes to hypers. I think it would be a lot harder to do in color, but for sketches it's a really hot look.

The other alts include even more cum, a few multi varients, and "kinda clothed but not really".

Pulsar_Minh_alts_extra_cum_full.jpg Pulsar_Minh_alts_extra_cum2_full.jpg Pulsar_Minh_multi_full.jpg Pulsar_Minh_both_multi_full.jpg Pulsar_Minh_multi3_full.jpg Pulsar_Minh_clothed_full.jpg

Shena and Jag Render

Thu Jan 10 01:33:44 2019

This is a rendered upgrade of the previous commission I did a few months ago with Shena and Jag. There's also a version without cum attached.

Shena_Jag_cum_full.jpg Shena_Jag_base_full.jpg

Reverse Stitch

Wed Jan 9 00:37:31 2019

Commission for TenPoundHammer of Stitch with his legs on backwards. I think this is the first time I've ever drawn this particular arrangement.


Brooklyn Perch

Mon Jan 7 02:15:38 2019

Companion piece to the last sketch, this time with Brooklyn! Been meaning to draw him for a while too, so here you go.



Sat Jan 5 03:19:09 2019

Fun little sketch of Lex casually swinging his big boner around while walking past. Been meaning to draw this little guy again for a while, and recently Sarb rekindled my interested in the Gargoyles. Plus I also keep meaning to do more with loinclothes that don't hide anything, because that's always such a hot look. Alts include a nice clean version, and one with more of a bulge.

I'm going to try to keep posting sketches like this until I get caught up again with commissions. Since I took a week off between Christmas and New Year's, I don't have my usual queue of commissions to post regularly. I've started working on them again this week, but I need to build up a backlog of them again. I don't want to let things go too long without posting art though, so as I get a chance, I'll do new doodles to post too. But if I miss a few days, just bear with me.

Lex_stroll_hyper.jpg Lex_stroll_clean.jpg Lex_stroll_bulge.jpg

Lucas and Kristoff

Thu Jan 3 01:30:50 2019

Commission for Gnaughtsaiying on FA of his two tiger characters Lucas and Kristoff. This was an illustration for a book he's writing featuring the two, and I was honored to work with him on it and help bring it to life. It's also neat to have the opportunity to do some non-hyper porn. As much as I love hyper, it's nice to have stuff like this in my portfolio too. This was a much more intimate, emotional scene, and I really tried to capture that in particular. There's also a version without cum included.

Gnaughtsaiying_Lucas_Kristoff_cum_full.jpg Gnaughtsaiying_Lucas_Kristoff_base_full.jpg

Happy Nude Bird!

Tue Jan 1 01:49:59 2019

Well I'm not a nude deer, but I am happy, so this will have to do! Just doodled this up real quick as my last sketch of 2018. Thanks for all your support this past year, and here's to another great year in 2019!


Sho Minamimoto

Sun Dec 30 23:59:26 2018

Commission for Tazrael of Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You. I'm not at all familiar with the anime, but I suspect him being a cuntboy is not canon. But hey, why not. There's also a hyper scat alt.

Tazrael_Sho_base_full.jpg Tazrael_Sho_scat_full.jpg

Shalkaii Triple Legged

Sat Dec 29 01:23:22 2018

This was a fun little sketch for Shalk, showing off a multi, three-legged form. Turns out he likes growing almost as much as I do!


Tobe The Tree Topper

Thu Dec 27 02:57:24 2018

One more Christmas themed pic, this time for Tobe the otter. Is he just topping the tree, or is he planning to stuff that entire giant Christmas-tree-shaped butt plug up his rear? There's also a hyper alt.

Tobe_Christmas_full.jpg Tobe_Christmas_hyper_full.jpg


Tue Dec 25 01:00:38 2018

If you don't know what to get me, I can always use more socks! They only come in pairs, but I wear three at a time. Quick little sort-of Christmas themed pic I did today. Also posting it for my $1 patrons. Thanks to everyone for your support this year. <3 Hope you have a good holiday!

(There's also a triple-dicked alt sketch, where I'm wearing five socks.)

Pulsar_socks_full.jpg Pulsar_socks_nodialogue_full.jpg Pulsar_socks_triple_fullskt.jpg


Mon Dec 24 00:02:53 2018

Rule34 commission for Lurdanjo, who asked to see Leonardo as if he were hyper, and also a sexbot. Tried to give the face an expressionless, animatronic type look. There's also a hyper scat alt if you're into that.

Lurdanjo_Leonardo_base_fullskt.jpg Lurdanjo_Leonardo_scat_fullskt.jpg

Pulsar and Minh

Sun Dec 23 00:16:55 2018

Commission for Minh, taking a casual stroll with Pulsar with big boners on display and cum gushing everywhere. There's also a version without cum, if you actually wanted to see us cum less for some reason.

Pulsar_Minh_cum_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Minh_base_fullskt.jpg


Sat Dec 22 00:09:49 2018

This is a commission for Superguest on Hentai Foundry. It's their demon character Ell, making a mess by cumming eggs. It's kind of a unique thing that I don't think I've done before, but I was only too happy to give it a shot. x)

Ell_Taiko_cum_full.jpg Ell_Taiko_base_full.jpg

Dragon Dan and Brooklyn

Thu Dec 20 23:13:52 2018

Commission for Dragon Dan of his huge muscular self using Brooklyn as a condom... but he's just a little too big for the gargoyle.

Starting to wonder if I need an "ATWT" tag... Been a popular kink lately!



Thu Dec 20 02:29:39 2018

Commission for Vandard of his tanuki Taberu, having a little fun with a few different kinds of vore.



Tue Dec 18 23:19:12 2018

`Commission for Aros Luther of his being raped by some poltergeists after a spell gone wrong. This was kind of an interesting one for me because I've never done ghost sex before. But I guess there's a first time for everything!


Artie ATWT

Tue Dec 18 01:20:57 2018

Commission for Artie, who's such a cute butt slut of a fox that nobody can stop fucking him. And if that person is particularly hyper (like say, me), it's not uncommon for that fat dick to push all the way out of his mouth. He'd asked for a lewd headshot specifically and I was happy to do one!

There are a also a few alts. Another version with a pink flesh colored cock and both of these versions with a cum spurt too.

Artie_ATWT_black_base_full.jpg Artie_ATWT_black_cum_full.jpg Artie_ATWT_pink_base_full.jpg Artie_ATWT_pink_cum_full.jpg

Sleigh Ride

Sun Dec 16 23:44:51 2018

This is a pic for Ailure of his Ailuretaur self pulling a sleigh. It was a lot of fun to do, and I really like how it turned out. The whole snowy landscape was fun, and of course, who doesn't like that view?

There's also a scat alt, so don't look if you're not into that.

Ailure_Sleigh_base_full.jpg Ailure_Sleigh_scat_full.jpg

Gus Birthday

Sat Dec 15 21:33:05 2018

This was a quick sketch I did for my bird friend Gus. I’ve been wanting to do something for him for a while, so when I saw it was his birthday that was the perfect excuse. Another year, another inch!


Zipper Jeans 2, page 8 of 8

Fri Dec 14 22:55:13 2018

I know it's not polite to just dismount someone when they're right in the middle of cumming, but it was a long elevator ride! And there's stuff to do! Anyway it won't be the first time someone makes a mess of the elevators...

Hope you enjoyed the comic! Til next time~

Pulsar_Zipper2_pg8_alt.jpg Pulsar_Zipper2_pg8.jpg

Zipper Jeans 2, page 7 of 8

Fri Dec 14 22:52:04 2018

Nothing like a little bit of a cum gut to show off what you've been up to. Also includes the hyper-space ass version with no bulging.

Pulsar_Zipper2_pg7_alt.jpg Pulsar_Zipper2_pg7.jpg

Zipper Jeans 2, page 6 of 8

Thu Dec 13 21:46:35 2018

Here's where the alts come in. Originally I'd drawn the comic with Pulsar's typical hyper-space insides. The gazelle shoving that huge cock up the bird's ass and having it just disappear in there. After I finished it, I thought it'd be fun to try a bulging version too. And once I drew it, I ended up liking the bulging a bit more. So this page, and pages 7 and 8 all have bigger-on-the-inside versions and belly stretching / cum inflation versions.

Pulsar_Zipper2_pg6_alt.jpg Pulsar_Zipper2_pg6.jpg

Zipper Jeans 2, part 5 of 8

Thu Dec 13 21:42:42 2018

Wherein our hero tells two people simultaneously how much he wants his ass stretched. With plausible deniability, because he's just talking on the phone, after all!


Zipper Jeans 2, part 4 of 8

Wed Dec 12 21:06:13 2018

I really have a thing for huuuuge hyper endowments somehow fitting into clothing with an obvious but minimal sort of bulge. Then you when you pull them out they just expand to even more ridiculous sizes.


Zipper Jeans 2, part 3 of 8

Wed Dec 12 21:04:10 2018

Just open me up like Christmas~


Zipper Jeans 2, page 2 of 8

Wed Dec 12 02:23:38 2018

I want a "10,000 gallon capacity" patch to put on my jeans... Also penis joke shamelessly stolen from Ocean's 11.


Zipper Jeans 2, page 1 of 8

Wed Dec 12 02:21:56 2018

Some of you may have seen me working on this in stream. It's the second comic featuring the ass zipper jeans and casual butt fuckery. I started working on it like a month ago, and finally just got it finished up. (I would've had it done sooner, but I got the idea to do some alts which took some extra time. You'll see them more towards the end.) I'll be posting a couple of pages a day over the course of the week.

This is kind of an interesting scenario, as it's clearly a fur con. But the characters are already anthro animals. So does that imply the world also has regular human people in it? I didn't really think about that until I was like half way through the project. Just go with it. x)


After The Game

Tue Dec 11 01:07:12 2018

This is an amazing gift I got from Kurobear! It's got to be one of the best pics I've ever received. I love everything about it—the scenario, the sluttiness, how cute all the guys look. And of course the hyper cock growth they get after plowing Pulsar's ass. It's just phenomenal.

Uploading it here to all tiers, just because it's the most convenient way to post the full resolution pic. There's also an alt with dialogue which is super fun.

Kureobear_Locker_Room_Romp_Final.jpg Kureobear%20Locker%20Room%20Romp%20Final.jpg Kurobear%20Locker%20Room%20Romp%20Final%20dialog.jpg


Sun Dec 9 20:22:02 2018

This is a commission of Ivy for Quilandivy. She's quite a curvy, multi-endowed naga, filling up a couple of condoms.


Rule34 Commissions!

Sun Dec 9 00:37:00 2018

I have a little bit of extra time to fill this month, so I thought I'd offer Rule34 commissions since I haven't done them in a while. Plus I've kind of been in the mood...

I'm only going to take maybe 3 or 4 at the most. Just enough to pad out the work I do have a until Christmas. And I'm only offering them to patrons. If you're interested, shoot me an email at pulsarbird at gmail! Thanks!




Deathclaw and Firebrand

Sat Dec 8 00:34:18 2018

Commission for Neos8 of a Deathclaw from Fallout fucking a Firebrand from Ghosts and Goblins up the ass.


Pulsar on the Couch

Fri Dec 7 01:58:45 2018

This was a commission I got from Mr. Canvas, just hanging out on the couch. I'm just posting it here for completeness, and in full res. I really love how this turned out! From the cute wink to the low angle and forced perspective. I highly recommend him as an artist to commission, especially if you're into muscle and huge veiny dicks.

He also did an alt for free where he's licking my toes. <3

MrCanvas_Pulsar_couch_base.png MrCanvas%20Pulsar%20couch%20base.png MrCanvas%20Pulsar%20couch%20lick.png


Thu Dec 6 00:27:44 2018

Commission for Prolly of his feral self sporting quite a massive donut.


Cowboy Hawk

Wed Dec 5 00:31:50 2018

Commission for Grecko, based on a pic of a very stern looking hawk. He asked me to draw the hawk anthro, hung (natch) and sort of looking like Clint Eastwood. I think it came out pretty well!


Ailure Elephant TF — Dirty Version

Tue Dec 4 01:16:54 2018

This is the elephant TF comic for Ailure that was posted previously, now with two additional pages that include more extreme kinks. Several folks mentioned that they were surprised at how tame the elephant TF comic was. Well, here's the rest of it! Don't look if it's not your thing. Pages are attached to this post.

ailure_phants_warning.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg1_dirty_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg2_dirty_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg3_dirty_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg4_dirty_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg5_dirty_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg6_dirty_full.jpg


Mon Dec 3 00:50:13 2018

Commission for Cecil Lupe of his lion dude Cent. He's really cumming a massive load now that he has that extra set of balls.

Cecil_Lupe_Cent_cum_skt.jpg Cecil_Lupe_Cent_base_skt.jpg

Tuton Wet Dream

Sat Dec 1 01:37:29 2018

Commission for Tuton of his wolf character having just woken up after a very wet dream... Base version without cum also included.

Tuton_cum_full.jpg Tuton_base_full.jpg

Dick Neck Bull

Fri Nov 30 00:23:10 2018

Another crazy sketch for BurningWreck, this time of his bull character (bull with an udder, of course~) who apparently just discovered that he has a dick neck.


Coutzy's Plug

Thu Nov 29 01:58:06 2018

Commission for Coutzy of him riding a huge butt plug and cumming buckets. Versions without cum and with only one cum shot also included.

Coutzy_Plug_cum2_full.jpg Coutzy_Plug_base_full.jpg Coutzy_Plug_cum_full.jpg

Ailure Elephant Transformation

Wed Nov 28 00:44:31 2018

This is a short comic commission for Ailure. The little guy wanders into a sauna, only to find it already packed with giant elephants. As he tries to squeeze his way in between them, he ends up being TFed into an elephant himself. And then gangbanged, because that's what horny phants do.

Ailure_Phants_pg1_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg2_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg3_full.jpg Ailure_Phants_pg4_full.jpg

Chandra Triple

Tue Nov 27 00:10:51 2018

I was fooling around in Procreate yesterday, taking some time to just experiment with different brushes and techniques that I don't normally use. It can be hard to find the time to do that, but sometimes I just have to. Anyway, this is the pic that came out of it. I ended up drawing a very hyper, triple breasted Chandra. I've noticed it's really hard to find hyper triple breasts. Either they tend to be pretty small / normal sized, or they look kind of flat, like they don't actually have weight or heft to them. So I tried to depict some truly massive, triple breasts that also look like they have weight and 3D-ness. I also picked up a few techniques that I'll be using in renders in the future, so that's awesome too.



Sun Nov 25 18:17:11 2018

This was my half of a trade with ChoasCat. He did a little doodle of Pulsar, and I did a sketch of his horse herm Tiffany. She big!


Aidan Mouse Self Suck

Sat Nov 24 23:30:41 2018

This is the second self sucking image I did this week. Commission for AidanMouse slurping on his own fat hyper dong.


Zulu Self Suck

Sat Nov 24 02:17:28 2018

I had 2 self-sucking commissions this week. I'll post the next one tomorrow. This one is for Zulu the lemur, making a huge mess. There's also a version without cum attached.

Zulu_Selfsuck_cum_full.jpg Zulu_Selfsuck_base_full.jpg

Big Dick Energy

Fri Nov 23 02:40:46 2018

This is a commission for Seydaschu, which I thought was a really fun idea! Overendowed hypers providing power (or other services) based on how much they can produce. Sure it violates the laws of physics, but so does everything hypers do. Might as well put that talent to good use! So here he is, hooked up to a power plant, probably generating enough to power the entire state... maybe the country.


December Commissions Open!

Thu Nov 22 21:07:59 2018

Because of the holiday season and MFF coming up next weekend, I'm opening up now for the month of December. I'll only be filling the month up to Christmas. As I do every year, I'll be taking the week off between Christmas and New Year's. Depending on how many commissions I get, it's quite possible this round will be the last time I'm open until next year. So if you're interested, give me a shout! You can email me at pulsarbird at gmail.com.

I'm still open as long as this notice is up.

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/walb98fhqvl8ntf/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0



Thu Nov 22 03:41:15 2018

Commission for this albino, punk gator character, named Patience.


Aeden Spitroast

Wed Nov 21 00:45:20 2018

Commission for Anyanamous with his lion Aeden in a spitroast between Nick and Finnick. I haven't drawn any Zootopia characters in a while, so this was pretty fun.


Pulsar on the Subway

Tue Nov 20 01:12:30 2018

This is the YCH I auctioned off a few weeks back with Pulsar on the subway. The winner of the auction who is featured here is Kalo. It's always fun doing casual hyper stuff~

Pulsar_Kalo_Subway_cum_full.jpg Pulsar_Kalo_Subway_base_full.jpg

Acord Viridis

Sun Nov 18 22:09:54 2018

Commission for Acord Viridis of his dragon self hanging out, relaxing on the sofa, and leaking everywhere. There's a version without cum also attached.

AcordViridis_cum_full.jpg AcordViridis_base_full.jpg

CoP Orc and Goat

Sat Nov 17 21:10:03 2018

One more Cult of Pan illustration for this month, this time with the orc hanging out with an older guy whose been TFed into a goat satyr. He seems totally cool with it, even excited now that's got his sex drive back and then some.


Good Morning

Sat Nov 17 14:17:14 2018

Soto surprised me with a sketch of Pulsar the other day! I really liked it, so I inked and colored it myself. So this is sort of an impromptu collab with him. <3

Freckles_Pulsar_Good_Morning_full.jpg Freckles%20Pulsar%20Good%20Morning%20full.jpg


Fri Nov 16 00:53:53 2018

Another commission for Xefe of his vampire dude Ash. I love hyper, but this one was fun to do specifically because it wasn't hyper. I sometimes get people asking if I'll go to live model sessions and draw the junk huge (no) or if I have trouble drawing normal proportions because I always make things exaggerated. I don't have trouble with it, as hopefully this pic demonstrates.



Thu Nov 15 01:48:35 2018

Commission for Xefe of his character Gia. I think he's some kind of a pokemon? Maybe he'll appear in the upcoming movie. x)


CoP Zebrataur

Wed Nov 14 01:55:25 2018

Another CoP pic for Piper Malone. Papa Clyde turning someone into a zebrataur this time. This guy seems to be more into it than the last guy, too...


CoP Minotaur Transformation

Tue Nov 13 00:55:31 2018

Another CoP pic for Piper Malone. This time a moose anthro (or moose minotaur, if you will) turns another guy into a bull minotaur with his potent sheath musk.


Cult of Pan - Satyr Brew

Mon Nov 12 03:29:35 2018

More Cult of Pan art for Piper Malone. A very well hung satyr offered some Satyr Brew to a guy, transforming him into a satyr—or at least some kind of a deer creature—as well.


Chain of Command

Sat Nov 10 23:18:00 2018

I've been really excited to post this one since I finished it yesterday. I'm really happy with how it turned out! Especially for such a complex piece with various characters interacting in different ways. Done for Talos (SilverClaw on FA), featuring his white dragon Ranai, Moka on the left, Sovrim underneath and Kistaro on the right.

Talos_Ranai_wide_full.jpg Talos_Ranai_wide_fullpng.png

Surprise Egg

Sat Nov 10 01:24:24 2018

Commission for BurningWreck of his 2 headed hydra dude suddenly laying an egg. Even with how large it is, it still looks like it's quite a surprise!



Fri Nov 9 00:14:06 2018

More crazy multi fun, this time with Cuon (FA: MMPW). His character both sucking himself off and jerking himself off at the same time.


Cecil Liontaur

Thu Nov 8 02:12:57 2018

Commission for Cecil of his liontaur character, hyper and multi, and also hugely pregnant, too. Hairless version also included.

Cecil_Liontaur_hair_full.jpg Cecil_Liontaur_hairless_full.jpg

Cinnamon and Pulsar

Wed Nov 7 02:07:06 2018

More fan art for Freckles and his Cinnamon character. This time with a horny bird slut buried most of the way up his ass.


Subito and Lupi

Tue Nov 6 01:12:59 2018

Some "classic" art today, from 2016. Originally this sketch was private, but the commissioner just gave me permission to release it, so I'm tossing it up here.



Sun Nov 4 15:34:25 2018

I haven't drawn a well hung bird in a while, so have a bluejay with some morning wood.


Ailure Hot Tub

Fri Nov 2 22:53:56 2018

This is the second YCH I did, again for Ailure. Hanging out in the hot tub with lots of big dicks and cum.


Hyper Mask

Fri Nov 2 00:23:40 2018

Commission for Anon of himself wearing The Mask. We figured if we had access to it, we're both so kinky we'd end up growing hyper and doing cartoonishly sexual things. A couple alts with this one, including farting.

ANON_Mask_dildo_full.jpg ANON_Mask_base_full.jpg ANON_Mask_fart_dildo_full.jpg ANON_Mask_fart_full.jpg

Body Whorer

Thu Nov 1 00:41:17 2018

More multi weirdness, this time for Minh. He described himself as a "body whorer" which I thought was pretty amazing. x) Who wouldn't want a whore like that?


Ailure Yoga Pose

Wed Oct 31 03:20:15 2018

This was the first of my YCH's, grabbed by Purplecat for his red panda Ailure. Stretching with his ankles past his head and his huge dick flopped past his face too.


Hyper Deer

Sun Oct 28 22:39:36 2018

Commission for Gnash of a hyper (unnamed) deer character. Loosely based on Gideon's Ruger. Also includes a version with a huge pants bulge.

Gnash_Deer_Cock_full.jpg Gnash_Deer_Bulge_full.jpg

Bowser Jr

Sun Oct 28 00:18:03 2018

Rule 34 commission for Gnash of Bowser Jr aged up and looking quite hung.


November commissions open!

Thu Oct 25 17:46:05 2018

Hey all, I'm opening commissions today for patrons! I'll be out of town all day tomorrow, so I wanted to open now ahead of the weekend. The usual everything applies. If you're interested, shoot me an email at pulsarbird at gmail.com!

Also a quick note: I'm now invoicing through QuickBooks rather than Paypal. It doesn't change anything on your end. As long as you have a Paypal account you can still pay the invoice that way. I'll just need to know your Paypal email address (which is exactly the same way it was before. So again, nothing changes.) It also gives you the option to pay with a credit or debit card such as a Visa, if you'd like to avoid Paypal entirely.

I'm still open as long as this ad is up. Thanks!

TOS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/walb98fhqvl8ntf/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0


Cerberus Multitaur

Wed Oct 24 21:44:15 2018

Commission for anon of a huge multi-everything-cerberus. It's really fun trying to make something so thoroughly ridiculous, but it takes a ton of time too. x) Still, it's fun to get commissions like these.


Kraven and Tobe

Wed Oct 24 01:14:00 2018

Commission for Kraven and Tobe otter with lots of cum and some anal vore. As you'd expect from those two. Version without cum also included

Kraven_Tobe_cum_full.jpg Kraven_Tobe_base_full.jpg


Tue Oct 23 01:48:33 2018

Fanart I did of Freckles' horse Cinnamon. He's probably my favorite Freckles character. x)


Pulsar Subway YCH

Sun Oct 21 14:12:11 2018

(Edit: this is the last of the YCHs I have on offer for now! Just in case anyone was waiting to see all their options. I've posted them all.)

I haven't done any YCH options in a while so I thought I'd try some here with a few ideas I've had but probably wouldn't do otherwise. I'm making these available to patrons first with a discounted auto-buy price. If nobody grabs them in 24 hours, then I'll create a public auction probably on FA with a higher auto-buy price as well.

I rarely do Pulsar, so this a chance to grab a pic with him!

Style: Cel Shade

Gender: Male only

No wings or other large changes that block the scene.

Feet can be digitigrade or plantigrade

Clothes can be added to the YCH or character can be nude. (To get both versions, add an additional $50)

Auto-buy price will include a basic cum alt.

Other options will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and may be extra.

Public auto-buy price will be $475.

DISCOUNT FOR PATRONS available first come, first served for $400, available until Oct 22.

The usual TOS applies: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6u33djll3cuitu/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0

Because this involves my character, I also reserve the right to decline an auto-buy.

If you're interested please send me an email to pulsarbird@gmail.com. Thanks!


Hot Tub YCH

Sun Oct 21 14:07:03 2018

I haven't done any YCH options in a while so I thought I'd try some here with a few ideas I've had but probably wouldn't do otherwise. I'm making these available to patrons first with a discounted auto-buy price. If nobody grabs them in 24 hours, then I'll create a public auction probably on FA with a higher auto-buy price as well.

Style: Cel Shade

Gender: Male, female or herm

No wings—what you see is what you get pretty much with this one.

Background characters can be customized. At the auto-buy price, they can be specific other characters (friends, rule 34, etc). At auction it'll probably just be species only.

Hot tub can be water or cum. If you want to see both, add an additional $50.

Additional cum alt (having the characters actually cumming), add an additional $50.

Other alts may cost additional.

Public auto-buy price will be $350.

DISCOUNT FOR PATRONS available first come, first served for $300, available until Oct 22.

The usual TOS applies: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6u33djll3cuitu/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0

If you're interested please send me an email to pulsarbird@gmail.com. Thanks!


Yoga YCH

Sun Oct 21 14:03:09 2018

I haven't done any YCH options in a while so I thought I'd try some here with a few ideas I've had but probably wouldn't do otherwise. I'm making these available to patrons first with a discounted auto-buy price. If nobody grabs them in 24 hours, then I'll create a public auction probably on FA with a higher auto-buy price as well.

Style: Cel Shade

Gender: Anything with a dick (Can add a pussy, but breasts probably won't be visible from this angle)

Tail can be added

Wings can be added

Feet are plantigrade only.

Other options will be considered on a case-by-case basis, e.g. additional background elements that fit the theme, alt versions. Alts may cost additional.

Public auto-buy price will be $250.

DISCOUNT FOR PATRONS available first come, first served for $200, available until Oct 22.

The usual TOS applies: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6u33djll3cuitu/Pulsar_TOS.pdf?dl=0

If you're interested please send me an email to pulsarbird@gmail.com. Thanks!



Sat Oct 20 23:16:15 2018

Commission for Enzo of his mouse character having just woken up, sporting some big half-turgid morning wood.


Butt Faces

Fri Oct 19 18:10:32 2018

More body weirdness for BurningWreck, a couple of guys with their heads swapped into their butts. I didn't bother putting up an extreme warning because... well, quite frankly compared to the other stuff I've been doing lately, it's not really. x) I should probably start a "weird" tag for stuff like this that doesn't fit elsewhere, though.

Burningwreck_Buttfaces_dialogue_fullskt.jpg Burningwreck_Buttfaces_base_fullskt.jpg

Hollow Donkey

Thu Oct 18 15:01:11 2018

Included on this post are two more all-the-way-through pictures for Sen. One is very similar to the one I did with Pulsar, looking straight through his ass and out the mouth. It seems to be a popular concept, so if anyone else is interested in one too, let me know! The second pic is the same character, being worn as a necklace. Marked as extreme, even though for this audience it's probably not necessary. x)

sen_warning_template.jpg Sen_ATWT_fullskt.jpg Sen_Giraffe_fullskt.jpg

Cult of Pan - Orc Frotting

Thu Oct 18 00:20:51 2018

One more Cult of Pan sketch for this month, featuring an orc frotting with some guy in a public restroom. Just the very act of rubbing that massive dick on him is probably making him grow, and he'll likely end up turning into an orc himself...

Pan_Orc_Frot_cum_fullskt.jpg Pan_Orc_Frot_base_fullskt.jpg

Ailure in the Stable

Tue Oct 16 23:56:54 2018

Commission for Purplecat of Ailure in his reindeertaur form, hanging out in the stable, being a raunchy thing. The alts of this one are all suitably filthy, so don't look unless you're into that kind of thing.

Ailure_Stable_cum_full.jpg Ailure_Stable_base_full.jpg Ailure_Stable_cumfart_full.jpg Ailure_Stable_fart_full.jpg Ailure_Stable_scat_full.jpg

Cult of Pan - Clyde Shopping

Mon Oct 15 23:51:14 2018

Another aspect to the Cult of Pan is that even though the followers are transforming into these fantastic, hyper-sexual beasts, they still have to interact with the real world as they always had. That includes going shopping for things you can't grow on the farm, and so on. Of course seeing a centaur with a giant erection clop through the store is going to be a bit disruptive, but what else is he supposed to do?


Cult of Pan - Papa Clyde

Mon Oct 15 01:43:45 2018

The next few images are part of a series I'm doing for Piper Malone, illustrating a story / universe he's developing called "Cult of Pan". In a nutshell, Pan returns to Earth and begins to set up a small following in the mountains. But his worshipers aren't just people. They're transformed into various fertile, pan-like creatures including centaurs of various kinds, satyrs, minotaurs, and whatever else seems hot at the time. The first few followers to be converted also have the power to convert others.

In this pic, the centaur, Papa Clyde, has met another human heading to the farm. He 'accidentally' backs his ass up against the smaller guy, which starts his transformation into a satyr.


Solaster Dressing

Sat Oct 13 22:51:12 2018

Sketch commission for Solaster of his bird dude trying on the thong he bought.


Dante at the Bar

Fri Oct 12 00:28:17 2018

Fun quickie sketch I did for my bun friend Dante, hanging out at the bar.


Solaster Undies in Color

Thu Oct 11 00:51:02 2018

And while I'm posting upgraded pics, here's another one that I did for Solaster a while back, also upgraded to cel shading.

Solaster_undies_dialogue_full.jpg Solaster_undies_base_full.jpg

Ford Galaxy and Lion

Thu Oct 11 00:46:14 2018

This is a commission I had done as inks a few months back for SystemDrake. He upgraded it to color and I'm super happy with how it turned out! There's also a version with a pants bulge but I think it's a super nice clean piece too.

SystemDrake_Lion_full.jpg SystemDrake_Lion_bulge_full.jpg

George and Zebro

Wed Oct 10 01:47:44 2018

`Commission for Bottler of his otter George and zebra friend Zebro voring at least seven people between them in the showers. Soap seems to help them slide in easier, although George isn't fond of how it makes them taste... Version without dialogue also included.

Bottler_George_Zebro_dialogue_full.jpg Bottler_George_Zebro_base_full.jpg


Tue Oct 9 01:36:28 2018

Commission for Heartmender of his... I'm not sure what it is, actually. Some kind of golem? Whatever it is, he certainly has a big package. And there's also a version without the bulge as well.

Heartmender_bulge_full.jpg Heartmender_clean_full.jpg

Tobe Stretching

Sun Oct 7 23:29:01 2018

Commission for Tobe otter really stretching himself out with a couple of giant dildos. Going all the way through is no problem for him, apparently! Not to mention that huge belly bulge...



Fri Oct 5 23:29:07 2018

Commission for Puck of his pokemon (?) character, done as a Patreon reward for FAPP. Version without cum also included.

Beelzemon_Puck_cum_full.jpg Beelzemon_Puck_base_full.jpg

Ben Orc

Fri Oct 5 01:13:54 2018

Commission for Ben300 of him having transformed into his big, muscular orc self for Orctober. Looks like he just finished a workout and he's pretty sweaty... Tagged hyper for hyper muscle. Dry base version also included.

Ben300_Orc_sweaty_full.jpg Ben300_Orc_base_full.jpg

Shena and Joel

Wed Oct 3 21:27:30 2018

Second commission for Shena of herself with a very hyper, multi and growing Joel. Base pic without cum also attached.

Shena_Joel_cum_full.jpg Shena_Joel_base_full.jpg Shena_Joel_cum_full.png

Shena and Jag

Wed Oct 3 12:29:42 2018

Commission for Shena of her being very hyper and multi and spoogy with a herm Fagjag. Version without cum also included.

Shena_Jag_cum_full.jpg Shena_Jag_full.jpg


Tue Oct 2 01:20:39 2018

Commission for Darrius Skyler of Nestor from the Spyro reboot.


Darwen Dildo

Mon Oct 1 00:38:54 2018

Commission for Darwen of his orca self indulging in some sounding. When you're this hyper, you need a pretty sizable dildo to use for sounding too.


Forest Scene

Sat Sep 29 22:36:15 2018

This is a nice forest scene for ScolipedeDraws (Twitter). He asked for a scene—kind of like a background, but I put a lot more time and effort into making it a full piece of art rather than "just" a background. It just doesn't have any characters in it. Still, it was really fun to draw and I hope to do more.


Roommates Aftermath

Fri Sep 28 23:47:01 2018

This is the final pic in the roommates series, showing all three of the guys back at the apartment, chilling on the couch, now all much more comfortable with their hyperness.


Public Slut

Fri Sep 28 00:59:26 2018

Commission for Anon who wanted his real life self being a slut in public with a bunch of furries. It's always fun going back to my roots and doing humans when I get a chance.


October Commissions Open

Thu Sep 27 20:32:20 2018

It's that time of the month again! I'm now open for October commissions. If you're interested, please send a brief description of the idea along with references to pulsarbird at gmail.

Here's a link to my TOS which answers many common questions:




Jamie and BC

Wed Sep 26 23:28:45 2018

Commission for BCR of two of his characters in a casual butt fuck. Jamie on the left and BC (now sporting double the dick) on the right. And don't miss the belly bulge.


Lockerroom Quickie

Wed Sep 26 01:44:45 2018

This is a personal pic I did for fun. Just been craving some raunchy free-use sex so I doodled up a lockerroom scene. There's some fun dialogue in the attached versions too.

Pulsar_Lockerroom_Fisting_base.jpg Pulsar_Lockerroom_Fisting_dialogue1_full.jpg Pulsar_Lockerroom_Fisting_dialogue2_full.jpg

Cyberpunk Fuzzwolf

Tue Sep 25 14:01:32 2018

Commission for Fuzzwolf of his character in a cyberpunk scene, waiting for the bus. These are really nice to do. Once I do a few more, I'm thinking of collecting them into an art book.



Mon Sep 24 22:52:28 2018

Commission for Awkward Ferret of his character Michael in a latex suit having anal vored several people.


Hyper Roommates - Leopard on Break

Sun Sep 23 18:11:55 2018

The leopard finally gets his climax as well. Inadvertently (well, maybe not so much) blowing a load all over an unsuspecting coworker who was totally not about to try sucking on that dick. In an unusual change of pace, there actually isn't a base version without the cum because I never bothered to draw the rest of the rabbit under all that jizz.


Leopard Getting Measured

Sat Sep 22 23:45:56 2018

Next part for the Leopard, before he ends up climaxing. Of course since it's a construction site, someone is going to have a tape measure handy...


Hyper Roommates - Fox Meeting Climax

Sat Sep 22 00:10:14 2018

This is the final pic for the fox, in his meeting and finally blowing his load. And it looks like several of his coworkers are finally getting in on the action too.

PM_Fox_Office_2_cum_fullskt.jpg PM_Fox_Office_2_base_fullskt.jpg

Hyper Roommates - Lizard Restroom

Fri Sep 21 00:26:18 2018

This is the climax pic for the Lizard. Finally made it to the restroom and blew his load in the mouth of that buck jock who's been eyeing him up the whole time.

We decided each of these will end with a climax shot, followed by one more of them all together on the couch. (And we may do a little introductory comic thing as well, to explain how this got started...)

PM_Lizard_Restroom_cum_fullskt.jpg PM_Lizard_Restroom_base_fullskt.jpg

Purplecat's Corruption

Wed Sep 19 18:30:09 2018

This is a comic I've been working on with Purplecat over the past few months. He wanted something that showed PC in public, corrupting everyone into being hyper, multi, pregnant... etc. If you know PC, then you have some idea. Suffice it to say, it's labeled extreme for a reason! I'm really happy with how it turned out and I think it makes for a nice, filthy scene. But it's certainly not for everyone. Normally I'd serialize something like this over a few days, but this one is so niche I just put it all here in one post.

Kinks include hyper, multi of all sorts, farting, piss, scat, living toilet, anal vore, mutation, transformation, male pregnancy, rapid gestation / birth, clones... I'm probably missing some, but there you go. x)

pc_corruption_warning.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg1_base_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg1_fart_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg2_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg3_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg4_base_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg4_fart_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg5_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg6_full.jpg Purplecat_Corruption_pg7_full.jpg

Hyper Roommates - Lizard in Class pt 2

Wed Sep 19 01:49:37 2018

Here's the lizard again, still in class but really making a mess by leaking all over. Once those hyper orgasms start they just don't quit! Alts include the base pic without cum, and a version without the dialogue.

PM_lizard_classroom2_cum_dialogue_fullskt.jpg PM_lizard_classroom2_cum_fullskt.jpg PM_lizard_classroom2_base_fullskt.jpg

Hyper Roommates - Fox in Meeting

Tue Sep 18 00:38:17 2018

This is a continuation of the Hyper Roommates series for Piper Malone. I've actually been sitting on this one for over a month, waiting to complete a few more in the series—which I've done, but now with the way the story has evolved, there are a few I have finished that are out of order. I'm still going to go ahead and post what I have so far because I don't want to sit on them too long. Then just post the other in-between ones as I get to them. It'll make more sense later. x)

Anyway, here's the fox with his dick out at the meeting, just impossible to hide at this point. Also I love the idea of the zebra—already known for their huge shlongs—trying not to be embarrassed at being outsized.


Sudden Mutation

Sun Sep 16 15:06:06 2018

Commission for DeathWalkingTerror of his kitty, Owen, in the Fallout universe. Nothing like a little bit of spilled radioactive waste to start a rampant mutation, and Rad-Away only goes so far! Version without the dialogue also included.

DWT_Owen_Radaway_dialogue_full.jpg DWT_Owen_Radaway_base_full.jpg


Fri Sep 14 23:17:54 2018

Commission for Kaji of him in his taur form, barely fitting in a large shower room.


Nieto Butt

Thu Sep 13 23:27:03 2018

Part two for Nieto, this time showing off his big donut. Version without cum also included.

Nieto_butt_cum_fullskt.jpg Nieto_butt_base_fullskt.jpg

Nieto's Cocktongue

Thu Sep 13 00:40:16 2018

Commission for Nieto of his hyper fox self suddenly having sprouted a cock tongue, too! Version without cum also included.

Nieto_cocktongue_cum.jpg Nieto_cocktongue_base.jpg

Sun Wukong

Wed Sep 12 01:23:47 2018

Commission for Gnash, who wanted a feminine version of Sun Wukong. Even though this is a character from a legend from like 500 years ago, I suppose this still counts as Rule 34? There is a fully female alt (actually the original—the herm pictured is the alt) and a clothed alt.

Gnash_Sun_Wukong_herm_full.jpg Gnash_Sun_Wukong_female_full.jpg Gnash_Sun_Wukong_Robe_full.jpg

Irongut and Mercury

Tue Sep 11 00:03:20 2018

Commission for Irongut with his shark character and his orca character Mercury. Just a bit of surprise anal vore. It's a two page image sequence. The second page shows Irongut bulging out hugely with Mercury almost all the way in.

Irongut_Mercury_AV_pg1_fullskt.jpg Irongut_Mercury_AV_pg2_fullskt.jpg


Sun Sep 9 22:53:21 2018

This is part of a series of commissions (3 of 3) I'm doing for the next FAPP expansion, Yiff In Hell. All the enemies are going to be sex-charged versions of demons. This is the succubus with—according to the description I was given—horns where her eyes would be. I don't know if that's an actual succubus thing or not, but here you go!

FAPP Nelfenshee

Fri Sep 7 19:17:52 2018

This is part of a series of commissions (2 of 3) I'm doing for the next FAPP expansion, Yiff In Hell. All the enemies are going to be sex-charged versions of demons. This a pig demon called Nelfenshee, so of course I thought it was appropriate to give him an enormously fat cock. I also think he's the sort of guy who should be hairy. (Plus I think hair and feathers together is always fun.) I'd started to do a hairy version but it was taking a really long time, so for now I just have this one as the final version.


Handmaiden Demon

Fri Sep 7 01:17:42 2018

This is part of a series of commissions I'm doing for the next FAPP expansion, Yiff In Hell. All the enemies are going to be sex-charged versions of demons. This was a tentacle demon called a Handmaiden, so it was an obvious evolution to make her a tentacle-cock demon.


Pulsar Straight Through

Thu Sep 6 01:13:42 2018

I debated whether or not to post this one as "extreme", but I ended up doing it just to be safe. I know I do lots of weird stuff, but this was just a little too much on the weird side not to disclaim it. I think what clinched it for me is that it's not very cartoony. It's almost too realistic looking (like a lot of my stuff, I guess) and I thought that might squick some folks. It depicts Pulsar bent over, presenting his ass, stretching it open and gaping to such an extreme degree that you can see all the way through and out his beak.

That being said, I've been wanting to do a picture like this with Pulsar for a long time now. I really like it! It's definitely a guilty pleasure, especially when it's this blatant, rather than just being implied like with an object. Might try another version sometime too. If it's not your thing, well there'll be something new tomorrow!

pulsar_straight_through_warning.jpg pulsar_straight_through_full.jpg

Strider Redwolf Even Bigger

Wed Sep 5 01:04:13 2018

I just called this one "Bigger" because I wasn't quite sure how else to describe it. Commission for Strider Redwolf in on one of her cerberus forms, with three heads, and three of everything else, including three monster, hyper shlongs.


Kingo Plowed

Tue Sep 4 02:36:18 2018

Part two to the previous pic, with Kingo having gotten well fucked and spooged in quite nicely.


Kingo Presenting

Tue Sep 4 02:34:41 2018

I could've sworn I posted this sketch for Dingah (and the following one that I'll post tonight too), but I double checked my spreadsheet and it seems I never did! So here's Kingo showing off his big ass with double assholes and a puss.


Balros' Compression Undies

Mon Sep 3 00:44:03 2018

Originally drew this one as a compression undies joke, with Balros' huge cock sticking out of underwear with a small bulge. Then I ended up expanding it (hah) into an entire sequence. All attached to this post.

Balros_Balls_Out_full.jpg Balros_CompUndies_only_full.jpg Balros_CompUndies_Peeking_full.jpg Balros_Cock_Out_full.jpg


Sat Sep 1 02:28:52 2018

This is a pic inspired by Chris Sawyer's horses and his motorcycle (Yamaha FZ10). I've been looking for an excuse to do more motorcycle stuff and this was a fun one. Also I thought it was kind of cool to do a newer motorcycle with 80's colors.


September Commissions Open!

Fri Aug 31 14:51:30 2018

Hey all, I'm officially open for September commissions, for patrons. If you're interested, shoot me an email at pulsarbird at gmail.com! If you have any questions, feel free to email or ask in the comments. Or take a look at my TOS too, which answers many common questions.

I'm still accepting commissions as long as this post is up. Thanks!




Dawn Bellweather

Fri Aug 31 00:31:03 2018

Commission for Losian who has a thing for a feisty dawn bellweather with a horse dick. There are a bunch of alts too, including one with him, and Dawn with horsecock nipples too.

Bellweather_base_full.jpg Bellweather_nips_peeking_full.jpg Bellweather_horsenips_full.jpg Bellweather_Losian_full.jpg Bellweather_Losian_dialogue_full.jpg

Ben300 Pulsar Collab

Wed Aug 29 14:27:05 2018

This is a collaboration pic I did with Ben300. He did the sketch / lines and I did the color (and a few minor things like adding the dick in Pulsar's left hand). Nothing too crazy, just a fun little butt fuckin' pic.

Ben300_Pulsar_ride_full.jpg Ben300_Pulsar_ride_full.jpg

Chandra Taurtrain

Wed Aug 29 14:24:37 2018

This is a quick sketch I did of my horsetaur Chandra, in a very extreme taurtrain form. It was something to cheer up Tazel who had a pretty hard week last week. Sometimes it's nice to have a friend who just keeps going...


Pulsar Sauna

Tue Aug 28 19:40:27 2018

Really been in the mood to be extra lately. So I did a pic of me relaxing in a sauna. Spreading out a little, growing a few extra parts. Not too many, just enough to let out some of the pent-up pressure of being a horny bird.


Bunny Stripper

Mon Aug 27 22:17:47 2018

Commission for TFguy67 of his bunny character pole dancing and stretching out that thong. Version without cum also included.

TFguy67_pole_dancer_cum_full.jpg TFguy67_pole_dancer_base_full.jpg

Bogey On Your Tail

Sat Aug 25 02:40:47 2018

Commission for Baphijmm of himself in the middle between Fox and Falco. This is my first time drawing any Starfox characters (I think), but I might have to do Falco again sometime...



Thu Aug 23 23:45:21 2018

This is a sketch done for Astor at Furrydelphia. (A real sketch in a sketchbook! I haven't forgotten how to draw traditionally!) His sketchbook theme was "Not Quite Fitting" so we came up with this idea of his herm zeeb Viggen in taur form, smashing her way through the stables.


Golden God

Wed Aug 22 19:08:46 2018

I got the idea for this pic from another picture I saw where someone rendered a dragon with a reflective golden surface. It reminded me of my good friend Golddream and I wanted to try it for myself, so I ended up doing a pic of him with the same sort of coloring. It took forever, but it was great practice and a I learned a lot. Hopefully you like it too. I also included the original sketch just because I did that first without intending to color it. Then later decided it'd be a great subject to use for this gold study.

Golddream_Golden_God_full.jpg golddream_sketch_fullskt.jpg

Minh Pooltoy Part 2 (and 3, 4, 5)

Wed Aug 22 01:25:30 2018

I forgot to post this yesterday after the other pooltoy pic. It's a continuation, with Minh having inflated to a nice plump shape, every hole turned into a fuckable orifice, and followed by extreme mutation! If you're not into excessive multi on a weird living pooltoy, then you may want to skip this series.

Minh_Pooltoy_multi1_fullskt.jpg Minh_Pooltoy_multi2_fullskt.jpg Minh_Pooltoy_multi3_fullskt.jpg Minh_Pooltoy_multi4_fullskt.jpg Minh_Pooltoy_multi5_fullskt.jpg

Solaster Goes Shopping

Tue Aug 21 01:09:43 2018

Commission for Solaster of his bird dude trying on some new undies after he's turned hyper. He's discovered that the usual briefs just won't cut it anymore.


Minh Pooltoy

Mon Aug 20 02:49:59 2018

Here's a somewhat cleaner image to balance out the last one. In fact, you might even say it's squeaky clean, considering how squeaky pool toys are. Minh transformed into an inflatable bimbo doll.


Taur Dump

Mon Aug 20 02:47:18 2018

Commission for Burningwreck of his conjoined-on-a-taur-body characters. It's kind of hard to write a description of what's going on here. Plus plenty of people probably wouldn't want to read it anyway. Suffice it to say it has an extreme warning for a reason.

burningwreck_doubletaur_warning.jpg Burningwreck_doubletaur_fullskt.jpg

Xin and Akria

Sun Aug 19 01:23:56 2018

Commission for Xin (left) of his dragon and deer characters with hyper horse cocks, feeling each other up.


Cheerleader Bimbo Centaur

Sat Aug 18 01:13:03 2018

Pic for Jabberdragon of his dragon self strutting around as a bimbo cheerleader centaur. She has the biggest dick in school! Alts include sheath only and female versions.

Cheerleader_Dragontaur_boner_fullskt.jpg Cheerleader_Dragontaur_sheath_fullskt.jpg Cheerleader_Dragontaur_female_fullskt.jpg

Goat Cock Vore

Fri Aug 17 00:18:25 2018

Commission for another Anonymous, of a goat and a dragon fooling around. In part two (attached to this post) the goat has sucked the dragon all the way in... There are also alts with a little bit of cum.

Anon_goat_dragon_base_fullskt_pt1.jpg Anon_goat_dragon_cum_fullskt_pt1.jpg Anon_goat_dragon_base_fullskt_pt2.jpg Anon_goat_dragon_cum_fullskt_pt2.jpg

Cass Fallout Rule34

Thu Aug 16 00:23:07 2018

Commission from Anon of Cass from Fallout New Vegas sporting a giant rack and a huge horse cock. There's also a human cock alt. I guess it seems like the horse cock should be the alt, but that was the original request, so the "less kinky" futa version ends up being the alt. Whatever works, as long as it goes boing!

ANON_Cass_horsecock_fullskt.jpg ANON_Cass_human_fullskt.jpg

Khloe and Chazori

Wed Aug 15 01:04:36 2018

Commission for Khloe with him being his usual fox slut self, getting plowed by the gryphon Chazori. This was a surprisingly tricky perspective, but I think it came out pretty well.

Khloe_Chazori_spunky2_full.jpg Khloe_Chazori_base.jpg Khloe_Chazori_spunky1_full.jpg

Idejtauren and Lomas

Mon Aug 13 23:36:55 2018

Commission for Idejtauren of their cow girl (on the bottom) 69ing with Lomas. This was a pretty trick pose, but I think it came out really well.


Pulsar Jock in Color

Mon Aug 13 01:03:40 2018

This sketch seemed pretty popular, so I decided to throw some color on it. Adds some nice detail so you can really imagine the feeling of that huge, damp package pressing up against your face...


Bad Bird

Sat Aug 11 01:43:11 2018

I know I'm late to the party with this meme, but between being ill and trying to get stuff done ahead of the con, I just haven't had time to work on it. I got some free time to doodle at the con though, so finally did it! And since I'm posting it to Twitter I figured I'd toss it up here real quick too before I forget.


George in the Park

Fri Aug 10 00:32:33 2018

Another commission for Bottler of his vore-obsessed otter, casually anal voring a couple random folks in the park.

Also I'll be at Furrydelphia this weekend, so may not be posting until next week. It's not that I don't have stuff to post, just not sure if I'll remember... I'll get caught up next week though!



Thu Aug 9 02:02:28 2018

Commission for Xefe of his orc character Hexus stripping out of his armor.



Wed Aug 8 01:12:05 2018

Commission for Silverhawke. This is kind of a part two of the last one where he started growing weird. Here he's expanded out into a full one double-torso body with other extras. Base pic without the cum also included.

Silverhawke_double_torso_cum_fullskt.jpg Silverhawke_double_torso_base_fullskt.jpg

Pulsar Jock

Tue Aug 7 19:51:10 2018

I was distracted by my new-found Twitter fame last night and forgot to post this one here. Pulsar just having finished a workout, wearing a jockstrap.


Multi Gryphoness

Mon Aug 6 00:22:58 2018

Series of sketches I did for a friend, who asked to remain anonymous, of their hyper/multi gryphoness character. There are a ton of alts, because I liked how the base pose came out and I'm horny. (I think I use that excuse every time?)

• Base pic with just sheaths and breasts
• Horse cocks peeking out of sheaths
• Horse cocks flaccid
• Horse cocks erect (the pic above)
• Horse cock nipples peeking out
• Horse cock nipples extended

gryphoness_erect_fullskt.jpg gryphoness_base_fullskt.jpg gryphoness_peeking_fullskt.jpg gryphoness_flaccid_fullskt.jpg gryphoness_nips_peek_fullskt.jpg gryphoness_horsecock_nips_fullskt.jpg

Streaming TF

Sun Aug 5 01:23:24 2018

Commission for Ben300 and Deerzelle, with Ben recording him as he transforms from human to his hybrid deer-gazelle self.


Paladin Horse

Sat Aug 4 01:37:06 2018

Commission for Gnash of his (unnamed) paladin horse character. He's blind in one eye, hence the scar.

I'm pretty happy with how the armor turned out, so I used that version of the as the pic for this post. You can tell by the codpiece(s) that he's pretty big though... So don't miss the alts showing his sheath and giant horse cock.

3euTJtGDs1zy_kTSL70fz9KtRl7PIYJ3N3XnIBL3uPgd-G_Ka5N5hsON9-wTHAc5.jpg Gnash_horse_armor_full.jpg Gnash_horse_sheath_full.jpg Gnash_horse_erect_full.jpg

George in the Morning

Thu Aug 2 00:21:21 2018

Commission for Bottler of George waking up and yawning. He must have either just swallowed that guy, or he's trying to climb back out...

Alts include a cock vore version, and a hyper scat version.

George_Kitchen_base_full.jpg George_Kitchen_CV_full.jpg George_Kitchen_scat_full.jpg

Zaelgolin Dancing

Mon Jul 30 23:38:30 2018

Commission for Zaelgolin pole dancing and presenting himself to be inflated in all kinds of ways...

Cherry Pop

Mon Jul 30 01:28:31 2018

Pin-up for CherryPop of their character spilling out of her skimpy bikini. Base pic without cum also attached.

CherryPop_spunky_full.png CherryPop_base_full.png


Sun Jul 29 01:59:17 2018

Commission for Duocock of his hung tiger Hegons.



Sat Jul 28 00:40:46 2018

Commission for Xin of his hyper deer holding open his robe and showing off his huge shlong.


August Commissions Open!

Thu Jul 26 23:47:26 2018

It's that time of the month again! I'll be taking commissions for August publicly this weekend, so posting this notice here first for patrons. If you're interested, please send me a brief description of your idea and references to pulsarbird @ gmail.com. Thanks!





Thu Jul 26 23:43:58 2018

Commission for PhantomFin of his dragon self having a very spoogey, wet dream. There are several alts for this:

• Base pic, no cum or sweat
•Sweat and pre-cum
• Spunky (seen above)
• Extra spunky, with more cum over his face and hair

PhantomFin_cum_final.png PhantomFin_base_full.png PhantomFin_sweat_final.png PhantomFin_sweat_finalv2.png PhantomFin_cum_finalv2.png


Thu Jul 26 00:32:43 2018

Commission for Blitz of his red tailed hawk self sporting a monster horsecock. Not standard equipment according to his ref sheet, but it's definitely a nice upgrade for any bird.


Shirleen Buck

Wed Jul 25 19:09:23 2018

Another random sketch of Shirleen, this time sporting some big hefty male parts.



Mon Jul 23 23:34:47 2018

Commission for Lachlan of his dude hefting up his huge hyper package.


Laurence POV

Sun Jul 22 23:43:39 2018

Commission for Kay12 (@MalinAfterDark) of their skunk character Laurence. And being a skunk, she's pretty gassy too...

Kay12_Laurence_POV_base_final.jpg Kay12_Laurence_POV_base_final.jpg Kay12_Laurence_POV_fart_final.jpg

Irene (5 of 5)

Sun Jul 22 01:50:23 2018

Final pic of the growing big cat, Irene. This one also has a version without the spooge.

HP1741A_Irene_fullskt5_cum.jpg HP1741A_Irene_fullskt5.jpg HP1741A_Irene_fullskt5_cum.jpg

Irene (4 of 5)

Fri Jul 20 23:36:16 2018

Bigger all around~

HP1741A_Irene_fullskt4.jpg HP1741A_Irene_fullskt4.jpg

Irene (3 of 5)

Fri Jul 20 23:35:28 2018

About to start some pussy growth too...

HP1741A_Irene_fullskt3.jpg HP1741A_Irene_fullskt3.jpg

Irene (2 of 5)

Thu Jul 19 23:58:08 2018

Part two of the growth. I think I'll upload 2 of these per day since there are a bunch (and 5 has an alt).

HP1741A_Irene_fullskt2.jpg HP1741A_Irene_fullskt2.jpg

Irene (1 of 5)

Thu Jul 19 23:56:25 2018

Image series commission for HP1741A of their feral big cat, Irene, undergoing some serious boob and pussy growth.

HP1741A_Irene_fullskt1.jpg HP1741A_Irene_fullskt1.jpg

Hyper Roommates Part 3 - Lizard

Wed Jul 18 23:46:04 2018

Here's the lizard in class at college. He's gotten big enough that there's just no hiding it anymore, even if he's trying to ignore it himself. (And failing, it would seem.) Looks like someone—or a few someones—are probably going to start playing with it soon...

Alt without cum also included.

Ninja edit: that's all for these guys for now. Though Piper Malone has said he'd like to do 2 or 3 more sets in the series, so hopefully over the coming months we'll be able to finish it up.

Piper_Malone_lizard_classroom_cum_full.jpg Piper_Malone_lizard_classroom_cum_full.jpg Piper_Malone_lizard_classroom_full.jpg

Hyper Roommates Part 3 - Leopard

Tue Jul 17 23:05:49 2018

Onto the leopard dude. I thought it'd be funny if he was contemplating whether both of his heads needed a hard hat... And the protection joke practically wrote itself!

Piper_Malone_leopard_const_fullskt.jpg Piper_Malone_leopard_const_fullskt.jpg

Hyper Roommates Part 3 - Fox

Mon Jul 16 22:57:16 2018

This is the third set of pics in the hyper roommates series for Piper Malone. Here we see the fox at work, finally getting to the point where he just can't hide it anymore...

There's an alt without cum too, and alts without the dialogue balloons as well.

Piper_Malone_fox_office_dialogue_spunky.jpg Piper_Malone_fox_office_dialogue_spunky.jpg Piper_Malone_fox_office_dialogue_only.jpg Piper_Malone_fox_office_no_dialogue_spunky.jpg Piper_Malone_fox_office_no_dialogue.jpg

Coutzy Latex

Sun Jul 15 21:48:51 2018

Commission for Coutzy lion of himself as a bimbo in a tight latex outfit.

Coutzy_latex_full.jpg Coutzy_latex_full.jpg

Bomba and Aelius

Sat Jul 14 00:45:27 2018

Commission for Bomba (the mouse dude) and Aelius having a little size difference AV fun.

Bomba_Aelius_full.jpg Bomba_Aelius_full.jpg

Shirleen's Bikini

Thu Jul 12 23:27:29 2018

I doodled some Shirleen the other day. Then I ended up doing a ton of alts because I'm weird like that.

•Base pic without dialogue
• Horsecock nipples in bikini
• Horsecock nipples flopped out
•3 breasts on top
• 3 breasts on top and bottom
• Udder-breasts

Shirleen_Bikini_fullskt.jpg Shirleen_Bikini_fullskt.jpg Shirleen_Bikini_base_nodialogue.jpg Shirleen_Bikini_horsecock_nips.jpg Shirleen_Bikini_horsecock_nips_out.jpg Shirleen_Bikini_triple_top.jpg Shirleen_Bikini_triple_x2.jpg Shirleen_Bikini_udders.jpg

Aruk Jerking Off

Wed Jul 11 22:11:31 2018

Commission for Aruk of his orc dude jerking off and blowing a big load. Base pic without cum also attached.

Aruk_Jerking_cum_fullskt.jpg Aruk_Jerking_fullskt.jpg Aruk_Jerking_cum_fullskt.jpg

Tobe, Part 2

Tue Jul 10 21:25:35 2018

A second pic for Tobe, this time with a much more extreme gape! Really showing off how far he can stretch.

Alts include the base pic, and one with just slime (no cum).

Tobe_Goatse_spunky_full.jpg Tobe_Goatse_base_full.jpg Tobe_Goatse_slimy_full.jpg Tobe_Goatse_spunky_full.jpg

Bunny OC

Mon Jul 9 01:04:24 2018

Commission for Gnash that he requested of a bunny OC in the style of Judy Hops—just male and hyper. I don't think he has a name yet.

Alts include a clothed alt with bulge, and flaccid.

Gnash_Bunny_OC_erect_full.jpg Gnash_Bunny_OC_bulge_full.jpg Gnash_Bunny_OC_erect_full.jpg Gnash_Bunny_OC_flaccid_full.jpg

Randall and Austin

Sat Jul 7 01:37:53 2018

Commission for Randall (right) and Austin of their hyper maleherm hippogryphs having some messy fun. The base pic without cum is also attached.

Randall_Austin_ink_spunky_full.jpg Randall_Austin_ink_base_full.jpg Randall_Austin_ink_spunky_full.jpg

Ben300 Extra

Thu Jul 5 15:09:05 2018

Commission for Ben300 of his alien growing extras!

Ben300_multi_full.jpg Ben300_multi_full.jpg

Red White and Blew

Wed Jul 4 19:22:08 2018

What do you call a cardinal slut on the 4th of July? Red and white and blew all over!

Just a silly idea I had that I wanted to get out for the holiday. x) Have a good 4th!

Pulsar_Red_White_and_Blew_full.jpg Pulsar_Red_White_and_Blew_full.jpg

By the Pool

Sun Jul 1 00:50:15 2018

I got this funny idea the other day and I just had to draw it. Pulsar loves hanging out by the pool. It gives him somewhere to drain all that spooge.

Pulsar_Pool_fullskt.jpg Pulsar_Pool_fullskt.jpg

Avian Racing League

Fri Jun 29 15:30:57 2018

This is one one of the projects I took a week off to work on. What started out as just an idea of what an anthro avian flight suit might look like ended up evolving into a whole world building exercise and uplifting character introspection.

As it developed, I had several goals for this project. The illustration itself with the flight suit idea. (Based on a motorcycle riding suit, natch.) The design itself, based on the work of an influential design agency in the 90's, The Designer's Republic (tDR). And also just wanting to create something completely fresh and wonderful and uplifting to counter all the negativity that has been in the world lately.

I've got this crazy idea now to continue with these themes and ideas and expand it into an art book. Some sort of a positive exploration on what it means to be a bird, or maybe with different types of birds. Not sure if I'd continue the racing theme or not (I kind of ripped that off from Wipeout—the Playstation racing game series for which tDR did all the graphic design, and probably the work they're most well known for). But I think the overall positivity and design language I'd want to include are represented here.

The only downside is just—as always—finding time to work on such a project. This took quite a lot longer than I was expecting, partly due to just not having practice in it, and developing ideas, sometimes for hours at a time, only to not use any of them because they didn't work. I think if I continued to do more of this, it would certainly end up going faster. Not sure if it'll turn into something or not. But it at least was a really nice break from my usual work. So I hope you like it too. :>

Attached is a 300dpi version which is the print size, and the size the illustration was done at. And also a 600dpi size which makes the text easier to read.

pulsar-flying-spread-300dpi.jpg pulsar-flying-spread-300dpi.jpg pulsar-flying-spread-600dpi.png

July Commissions Open!

Thu Jun 28 13:37:22 2018

I'll probably be opening for commissions publicly this weekend so wanted to get my Patreon notice up today. If you're interested in something for July, shoot me an email at pulsarbird at gmail.com, and include the style of art you'd like, a brief description of the scene, and references for the characters involved.

I'm still taking emails as long as this notice is up.






Thu Jun 28 00:52:03 2018

Pinup for Rekhit of his huge horse self blowing a big load. Version without cum also attached.

Rekhit_cum_full.jpg Rekhit_full.jpg Rekhit_cum_full.jpg

Golddream Selfie

Tue Jun 26 20:21:35 2018

Sketch for Golddream of his dragon stud taking a selfie pic in the mirror. Or with how big that monster is, maybe his reflection in a large glass window...

Golddream_selfie_fullskt.jpg Golddream_selfie_fullskt.jpg

Lion and Ford

Mon Jun 25 22:21:13 2018

Inks for SystemDrake of a huge lion character (just a generic guy) next to a 1964 Ford Galaxy. There's also a clean (non-bulge) version attached.

SystemDrake_Lion_ink_bulge.jpg SystemDrake_Lion_ink.jpg SystemDrake_Lion_ink_bulge.jpg


Sun Jun 24 01:35:07 2018

Commission for @ReallyBilly_ on Twitter of his green dragon dude strutting his stuff.

ReallyBilly__Haley_full.jpg ReallyBilly__Haley_full.jpg


Sat Jun 23 01:29:28 2018

Commission for Gnash of his hyper raven character, Roro. Includes flaccid and bulging clothed alts, as well.

Roro_erect_final.jpg Roro_erect_final.jpg Roro_flaccid_final.jpg Roro_clothed_final.jpg

Bacchi Rear

Fri Jun 22 00:50:16 2018

Quick sketch for Bacchi of her huge penguin self sitting on Pulsar's face.

Interesting trivia: this image actually came to me in a dream a few nights ago. It was so perfectly vivid that when I woke up I was like, "Oh that's a hot pose, and easy to draw too." So I did. x)

Bacchi_Rear_fullskt.jpg Bacchi_Rear_fullskt.jpg

Back Alley Blowjob, part 2

Wed Jun 20 18:12:56 2018

While I'm posting stuff, I'll also toss up this alt version of the Back Alley Blowjob pic I did for MonkeyCarlo. He got it after the first one, which is why it wasn't included with that post.

MonkeyCarlo_Repo_final_alt_cum.jpg MonkeyCarlo_Repo_final_alt_cum.jpg MonkeyCarlo_Repo_final_alt.jpg


Wed Jun 20 18:08:21 2018

Sketch for my friend MorgunTheOrc of his IRL human self showing off his big horse dick. He posted this on FA today so I figured I'd post it here too.

Morgun_fullskt.jpg Morgun_fullskt.jpg


Tue Jun 19 00:50:41 2018

Sketch for Spikes of his wolf-dragon self waking up and stretching with morning wood.

Spikes_fullskt.jpg Spikes_fullskt.jpg

Arthro Bartending

Sun Jun 17 21:16:02 2018

Commission for Arthro of his big self serving up some drinks.

Arthro_Bartender_fullskt.jpg Arthro_Bartender_fullskt.jpg


Sun Jun 17 01:25:08 2018

Some folks may have seen this on Twitter already. x) Commission for Tredain featuring Segremores, who seems particularly pent up and blowing a huge load.

Tredain_Seg_cum_fullskt.jpg Tredain_Seg_cum_fullskt.jpg Tredain_Seg_fullskt.jpg


Sat Jun 16 00:02:59 2018

Commission for Sharlan of his mouse character standing with a 69 Dodge Charger.

Sharlan_final.jpg Sharlan_final.jpg


Thu Jun 14 01:36:15 2018

Commission for TenPoundHammer of their character Tess, riding along on a scooter with her cock flapping in the wind.

TenPoundHammer_Tess_final.jpg TenPoundHammer_Tess_final.jpg

A Spot of Tea

Wed Jun 13 02:37:22 2018

Commission for Bronze_Cyberdragon92 of his dragon character lounging around, reading, and using his huge prehensile dick to hold his tea.

Bronze_CyberDragon92_fullskt.jpg Bronze_CyberDragon92_fullskt.jpg


Tue Jun 12 02:34:14 2018

Commission for Solaster of his owl guy suddenly transformed overnight into a hyper hung bird. The little statue on the bedside table might have something to do with it...

There's also an alt without precum.

Solaster_final_precum.jpg Solaster_final.jpg Solaster_final_precum.jpg

Buff Pulsar

Mon Jun 11 01:10:52 2018

Been feeling kind of big lately. ;>

I drew a very big, muscular Pulsar many years ago for the first Torque cover. I still get requests today for more of him like that. And while it's not how he usually is, I suppose it still happens from time to time.

Alts include a clothed version I did for my clean account and a triple dick version.

Pulsar_Buff_nude.jpg Pulsar_Buff_nude.jpg Pulsar_Buff_triple.jpg Pulsar_Buff_clothed.jpg

Domino Krieger

Sun Jun 10 22:09:19 2018

Second pinup for Domino Krieger, jutting right up out of his boxers.

Domino_Krieger_2_final.jpg Domino_Krieger_2_final.jpg

Back Alley Blowjob

Sat Jun 9 03:01:51 2018

Commission for Monkey Carlo of his gremlin character Repo sucking a big dommy rat's dick.

MonkeyCarlo_Repo_final.jpg MonkeyCarlo_Repo_final.jpg


Thu Jun 7 01:35:12 2018

Commission of Aruk, an axe wielding orc in contemporary garb.

Aruk_fullskt.jpg Aruk_fullskt.jpg


Wed Jun 6 03:34:08 2018

Another sketch for Xefe, this time of his roommate Galahad who's a big bull elk.

Xefe_Galahad_fullskt.jpg Xefe_Galahad_fullskt.jpg


Tue Jun 5 01:01:11 2018

Another commission for Xefe, this time of his alien dude Nalva taking off his armor. He's a different species; I forget the name of it. Still hung af, though, of course~


Tai Cel Shade

Tue Jun 5 00:59:20 2018

Upgrade for Tai of his ink and flats piece, being macro in the city.


Pulsar on Ninja

Mon Jun 4 02:08:34 2018

I was really in the mood to do a fun pic for myself that didn't have to be anything unique or crazy. I don't know, just really needed to draw a pic to recharge. Something with no expectations and not trying to prove anything or impress anyone. So I drew myself on my motorcycle. :>



Sun Jun 3 13:30:17 2018

Commission for Tobe of his otter character, stretching his donut wide open. Was hoping to have it done for donut day yesterday, but you'll just have to accept this as a slightly belated donut day pic.

The version above is the alt, with extra stickiness. The main pic is slightly less slimy.

Ori_Tobe_full_alt.jpg Ori_Tobe_full.jpg

Shaun and KittyKatBob

Sun Jun 3 01:26:19 2018

Commission for Shaun, getting plowed by KittyKatBob's roo. Some serious belly tenting and inflating going on there, too!



Sat Jun 2 01:38:57 2018

Commission for Tala of their cow herm trying to squeeze into a too-tight cheerleading uniform.



Fri Jun 1 00:36:08 2018

Sketch for Verin of their fat-assed bat showing off his feet.

Varin_fullskt.jpg Varin_fullskt.jpg

Princess Tits

Thu May 31 00:26:12 2018

Quickie sketch I did for a friend of his poodle gal. Wanted to draw someone with three tits again because it's so hot. Also don't miss the horsecock nipple alts.

princess_tits_fullskt.jpg princess_tits_fullskt.jpg Princess_Tits_horsecock_peeking_full.jpg princeess_tits_horsecock_nips_fullskt.jpg

Deer and Lemuel

Wed May 30 00:53:46 2018

Commission part 2 for BurningWreck with his conjoined deer. This time being put to good use by Lemuel.

Includes farting and scat alts.

Deer Mishap

Mon May 28 23:38:27 2018

Commission for BurningWreck. Apparently what's happened here is two deer tried some kind of chemical substance or potion, but they dropped it or spilled it, and they ended up growing conjoined, and all kinds of weird! There's also a scat alt.

Burningwreck_deer_fullskt.jpg Burningwreck_deer_fullskt.jpg Burningwreck_deer_fullskt_alt.jpg

Movie Date

Mon May 28 00:43:08 2018

This was a fun personal pic, but I mostly did it to tease the mink on the left. He's got a thing for cuckholding and since Pulsar is a huge slut anyway, it works out pretty well when they go on dates!

Pulsar_Andrew_Movie_Date.jpg Pulsar_Movie_Date_full.jpg

June Commissions Open!

Fri May 25 23:54:00 2018

I'm re-posting this now slightly updated commissions ad officially for the month of June now. Last week I just took up to the end of the month (and for patrons only). Now I'm working on filling the rest of next week and for the month of June. So once again if you're interested, please hit me up!

I'm still open as long as this ad is up.




Seth Snoozing

Fri May 25 23:50:04 2018

Commission for Enjay161 of his dragon character Seth snoozing.

Enjay161_Seth_ink_full.jpg Enjay161_Seth_ink_full.jpg

Pulsar by Mr. Canvas

Fri May 25 01:49:02 2018

This is not my art. This is a commission I grabbed from Mr. Canvas. Just posting it here because I thought patrons would appreciate having both versions in full res, in one place. There is this version, and another with fewer cocks cluttering up the image. (Though honestly, who wants that?)

I have to say, I'm really happy with how this turned out. Mr. Canvas was great to work with, good communicator and fast. I totally recommend him if you're interested in his style, and looking for new artists to commission.

mr_canvas_pulsar_dicks.png mr_canvas_pulsar_dicks.png mr_canvas_pulsar.png

Pool Toy TF

Fri May 25 01:44:41 2018

Commission for anonymous of a bunny transforming into a squeaky, rubbery pool toy.

Anon_pooltoy_TF_fullskt.jpg Anon_pooltoy_TF_fullskt.jpg

Striker Redwolf

Thu May 24 01:19:45 2018

Commission for Striker Redwolf in a particularly multi form. Only one cock, but at 27 feet long, it's pretty damn huge and hyper. Plus six arms, three tits, three muzzles. It's definitely a lot of redwolf.

Striker_Redwolf_full.jpg Striker_Redwolf_full.jpg


Wed May 23 00:38:43 2018

Pinup for Xefe of his Turian self. I don't really draw many of these aliens so I'm not too familiar with them, but I tried to make him look like a handsome fella at least.


Mon May 21 23:39:57 2018

Another fun retrowave style car portrait, this time with Ethoras and a Mercedes AMG C63.

Ethoras_full_jpg.jpg Ethoras_full.png

Domino Krieger

Mon May 21 02:30:52 2018

Pinup commission for Domino Krieger of his character. Surprise hyper!

Domino_Krieger_full.jpg Domino_Krieger_full.jpg


Sat May 19 23:23:07 2018

I'll post this here too before I forget. Sketch for Analon as well, from BLFC 2018. (@toomanyboners on Twitter).

Analon.jpg Analon.jpg

Pulsar and Sharkus

Sat May 19 23:17:47 2018

This is a pic I did for my friend, Sharkus! (@Sharkstomeetyou on Twitter) He's a lot of fun, and loves fucking little birds. Alts include with one of his dicks out, cum, and even more cum.

Sharkus_and_Pulsar_buttsex.jpg Sharkus_and_Pulsar_buttsex.jpg Sharkus_and_Pulsar_cockout.jpg Sharkus_and_Pulsar_spunky1.jpg Sharkus_and_Pulsar_spunky2.jpg

May Commissions Part 2!

Sat May 19 01:27:21 2018

For various reasons (including that it was my birthday) I ended up not doing business at BLFC but just hung out and had fun at the con. Consequently I need to fill up a few slots for the rest of May. It's only two more weeks, so I probably won't take too many commissions ahead of June. If you're interested though, give me a shout! Email pulsarbird@gmail.com




Minh Growth part 6

Fri May 18 13:54:29 2018

He finally ended up like this! Stuff everywhere~ Cock limbs, snouts in weird places, more cocks, bigger cocks. And who knows, it's probably not even the end. Hope he's got a long weekend...

Minh Growth part 5

Wed May 16 23:01:38 2018

Uh oh, there's a cock tongue shoving its way out now.

Minh_Growth_pt5_fullskt.jpg Minh_Growth_pt5_fullskt.jpg

Minh Growth part 4

Tue May 15 12:32:15 2018

I should've known that I'd be too busy at the con to keep up with regular posting. I'm back now though, so back to the regular updates! Part 4 of 6.


Minh Growth part 3

Sat May 12 06:49:36 2018

More and more sprouting...

Minh_Growth_pt3_fullskt.jpg Minh_Growth_pt3_fullskt.jpg

Minh Growth part 2

Fri May 11 14:28:12 2018

It starts with sudden tits and a bigger package. Which would be great! If it stopped there...

Minh_Growth_pt2_fullskt.jpg Minh_Growth_pt2_fullskt.jpg

Minh Growth part 1

Thu May 10 00:00:51 2018

This is a series of Minh drinking some kind of formula and growing out all over. It's similar to the "Long Day" comic in terms of extreme multi and body weirdness. So far it's 6 images... but might end up being longer. Anyway, since I'll be at BLFC over the weekend, this series gives me something to post every day that I'll be gone. Enjoy~

Minh_Growth_pt1_fullskt.jpg Minh_Growth_pt1_fullskt.jpg


Tue May 8 00:02:44 2018

Commission for Gnash of a human character of his, Merek. There's also a version with a hyper bulge included

Gnash_Merek_cock_full.jpg Gnash_Merek_bulge_full.jpg Gnash_Merek_cock_full.jpg

Cheeky Sparrow

Sun May 6 13:27:21 2018

Another random quick sketch I did for fun of a very well hung sparrow. There's also scat alts, so don't click on those if they're not your thing.

Sparrow_hung.jpg Sparrow_hung.jpg Sparrow_dump.jpg Sparrow_dump_only.jpg Sparrow_bigger_dump.jpg

Daddy's Boy

Sun May 6 13:24:22 2018

Just a fun random sketch I did for myself. Some good old fashioned centaur rimming. There's also a feral horse alt attached.

Daddys_Boy_taur_fullskt.jpg Daddys_Boy_taur_fullskt.jpg Daddys_Boy_horse_fullskt.jpg

Harvey's Commute

Sat May 5 15:35:47 2018

The final in the series for Piper Malone of the hyper roommates. Harvey riding to work, also trying to keep his leaky dick under control.

PiperMalone_lizard_riding_fullskt.jpg PiperMalone_lizard_riding_fullskt.jpg


Fri May 4 16:32:05 2018

Commission for DesctructoDeer of his character with his car, in a retrowave style. I'm super happy with how this came out, and it was a nice change of pace from the usual stuff I do. I hope I can do more stuff like this in the future too.

DestructoDeer_full.png DestructoDeer_full.png

Hal's Commute

Fri May 4 00:49:22 2018

Second of the roommates' commutes. This time it's Hal taking the subway to his job site, with giant erection of course.

PiperMalone_leopard_subway_fullskt.jpg PiperMalone_leopard_subway_fullskt.jpg

Henry's Commute

Wed May 2 01:14:16 2018

I've done an additional series of images for Piper Malone and his hyper roommates idea. This time showing the three of them on their respective commutes. Henry, the fox, is trying to drive while also mopping up some leaking precum from his dick that's now big enough to nuzzle him in the chin.

PiperMalone_fox_car_fullskt.jpg PiperMalone_fox_car_fullskt.jpg


Tue May 1 11:55:24 2018

Commission for Kalo of his adorable birdie being hugely hyper. I really love how this one turned out.

Kalo_final.jpg Kalo_final.jpg


Mon Apr 30 00:58:21 2018

Commission for GreyShores of his roo gal Kyre being experimented on. She's not normally that hyper or productive, but injected with the right drugs, who knows what can happen...

There are a bunch of alts for this pic, including the base pic without the cum, and several filthy ones with hyper scat and gas.

GreyShores_Kyre_spunky.jpg GreyShores_Kyre_base.jpg GreyShores_Kyre_spunky.jpg GreyShores_Kyre_piss.jpg GreyShores_Kyre_fart.jpg GreyShores_Kyre_shit_fart.jpg GreyShores_Kyre_shit_only.jpg

George in the Park, part 3

Sat Apr 28 23:15:40 2018

This is something of a sequel to the other two pics I drew of George in the park. Commission for Bottler.

George_Park_pt3_spunky_full.jpg George_Park_pt3_spunky_full.jpg

Nieto and Azure

Fri Apr 27 01:07:33 2018

Commission for Nieto and Azure.

Nieto_Azure_skt.jpg Nieto_Azure_skt.jpg

Crash Bandicoot

Thu Apr 26 12:01:19 2018

Commission for Gman420 of a hyper Crash Bandicoot. Like Jake Long, this was really tricky because so much of his face and design relies on his huge smile. Take that away, and it kinda doesn't look like him anymore. x) Anyway he'd asked for Crash blowing a kiss (with giant wang, of course), so I went for broke on the lips instead.

Crash_Bandicoot_Hyper_full.jpg Crash_Bandicoot_Hyper_full.jpg

Kyle Poodletaur

Wed Apr 25 01:27:07 2018

Second pic for DuffWuff of his human self, this time as a poodletaur. There's also a version with tits attached.

Kyle_Fuckpoodle.jpg Kyle_Fuckpoodle.jpg Kyle_Fuckpoodle_tits.jpg

Kyle Poodle Butt

Wed Apr 25 01:25:10 2018

Commission for DuffWuff of his human self as half poodle. This was one of two, so I'll post both tonight.

Kyle_poodle_butt_fullskt.jpg Kyle_poodle_butt_fullskt.jpg

Tai Macro

Tue Apr 24 00:50:18 2018

Commission for AromiSuola on FA of his dragon character Tai. He had said it's not very common for his character to be macro, and it's not very common for me to draw macro, but I think it worked out pretty well!

Tai_macro_full.jpg Tai_macro_full.jpg

Pythos Cheetah

Mon Apr 23 03:00:10 2018

Commission for Pythos of his cerberus-style cheetah character.

Pythos_Cheetah_full.jpg Pythos_Cheetah_full.jpg

Gnash Cumming

Sun Apr 22 01:40:57 2018

Follow up pic for Gnash of his rat dude jerking off and cumming.

Gnash_cumming_full.jpg Gnash_cumming_full.jpg Gnash_jacking_full.jpg


Sat Apr 21 01:02:20 2018

Commission for Fenoxo of his minotaur bull character. The glowing horns represent different abilities and green represents body shifting, including bigger dicks and balls, etc. So he's quite a bit larger than normal here.

Fenoxo_Minotaur_full.jpg Fenoxo_Minotaur_full.jpg

Cresentia and Whiplash

Fri Apr 20 00:27:40 2018

Commission for Whiplash and Cresentia, with Whiplash making a huge mess on her tits. There's a version without cum also attached.

Cresentia_Whiplash_spunky_full.jpg Cresentia_Whiplash_spunky_full.jpg Cresentia_Whiplash_dry_full.jpg


Wed Apr 18 00:55:17 2018

Commission for Ramzyuu of his dragon twink being so hyper in his cute little outfit. I've always really liked this character and I was really honored to have Ramzyuu ask to do a hyper version of him!

Ramzyuu_final.jpg Ramzyuu_final.jpg


Sun Apr 15 15:23:11 2018

Commission for Anuv showing off his huge ass. And honestly, who wouldn't want to smooch that?

Version without dialogue also attached.

Anuv_final_dialogue.jpg Anuv_final.jpg Anuv_final_dialogue.jpg

Thoughts on Patreon and Some Changes

Sun Apr 15 01:38:43 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about Patreon lately, and how it’s been working for me (or not). I want to make some changes, but also wanted to make sure I let everyone know why, and what I’ll be changing.

Here are some of the things I’ve been struggling with:

•In looking over my income statements for the past year, I’ve found that in 2017, my Gumroad income passed my Patreon income. It seems like I would do better if I released an image pack on Gumroad each month, rather than posting to Patreon. Plus, Gumroad stuff stays on sale indefinitely, while Patreon has a tendency to condense everything I’ve done that month into one smaller payment. But I also feel kind of weird release just a pack of unrelated images or just commissions, so Patreon tends to work better for that. I think I need to do more of a mix of the two.

•I often like to doodle for myself (of course), but then I also feel like patrons deserve the first look at it. The problem is that I’m most excited about a pic right when I finish it, and that’s when I feel like I want to post it for everyone to see. But if I post stuff to Patreon first, then I move on to other things, and I never get around to posting it publicly. I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of audience interaction I’d like to be having outside of Patreon.

• Ever since Yiff Party was revealed to the fandom at large, I’ve basically lost all interest in developing my Patreon account. It’s a shame, but that’s the reality of it. Every time I start some project, I immediately think, “Well, what’s the point?” I’m not some big movie studio or music label making billions of dollars a year. I’m just one guy. Art stealing sites like that have a very measurable impact on me. This is perhaps less serious than some of the other things—after all, the art is going to be stolen online regardless—but damn if it hasn’t put a noticeable dent in my interest on doing longer projects for Patreon.

Taken together, I think the common thread here is that Patreon feels stifling. On the one hand, I feel like I should dump as much as I can here to make it worthwhile for you folks who are willing to spend money. But on the other hand, trying to keep up with that has seriously sapped my interest in doing any more work than I have to.

I think I’m going to make a few changes. It’s not anything drastic. It may not even be stuff you realized I was doing any differently. But I want to at least mention these things here to help set expectations:

• Patreon will continue to be the most convenient place to see my work, and the only place where you’re guaranteed to get the full res images. But it will no longer be totally exclusive or early-access for everything. I’ll be posting some stuff to Twitter, FA or Weasyl alongside posting it here.

• All tiers will continue to get 24 hour advanced commission notices.

• The $1 tier will switch to being just a tip jar, no sketches or other art will be included. This impacts almost nobody. The highest number of people I’ve ever had in this tier in one month was four. Many months I don’t have any $1 pledges.

• I’m going to work on releasing more image packs for sale on Gumroad. For instance, I really want to ink and color the lion twins comic, but I’m not sure I can justify the amount of work it will take at the current level of $4 pledges I’m getting, if I just post it here. But projects like that make a lot more sense if I can sell them on Gumroad. They won’t be very expensive, probably another $3 or $4. But it’s a way to recoup more costs on my time and (hopefully) spend more time doing work I enjoy rather than exclusively commissions.

I’m hoping nobody will feel like they’re being ripped off by that last point. I look at it more like a slightly higher Patreon tier. The difference is, I can do it month by month. If I don’t release something one month, then you’re not paying extra at like a $10 tier for no additional benefit. And also, Gumroad products are available in perpetuity, whereas older Patreon stuff gets deleted. So if you don't have the extra 4 bucks the month something goes up on Gumroad, you can always grab it two or three months later.

Anyway, let me know what you think about the overall Patreon experience you’ve gotten with me. Does it meet your expectations? Is there stuff you’d like to see that I’m not doing? Are the changes okay? Leave a comment~

FWA Sketch - Xin

Sat Apr 14 11:10:33 2018

Pinup pose for Xin.

Xin_fullskt.jpg Xin_fullskt.jpg

FWA Sketch - Jake

Sat Apr 14 11:09:27 2018

Another one of a muscular, hyper Jake the Dragon, done for Rykela.

Pulsar_Jake_final.png Pulsar_Jake_final.png

FWA Sketch - Jay

Sat Apr 14 11:08:02 2018

I've been waiting this week to get folks to send me sketches I did at FWA. I don't have all of them yet, but at least got a few, so I'll post what I do have this morning.

This was for jforte91 of his hyper dragon, Jay.

jforte91_FWA_skt.jpg jforte91%20FWA%20skt.jpg

April Commissions Open!

Thu Apr 12 13:44:31 2018

Now that I'm back from FWA, I'm opening commissions online for April to fill the rest of the month. I've only got about half the usual slots this month since I booked work at the con. So if you're interested, don't wait! I'm still open as long as this ad is up.





Tue Apr 10 23:11:15 2018

Commission for Purplecat of Ailure in his reindeertaur form. This one has a whole lot of dirty alts, all attached to this post.

Ailuretaur_hyper_clean_full.jpg Ailuretaur_hyper_clean_full.jpg Ailuretaur_hyper_spunky_full.jpg Ailuretaur_hyper_fart_full.jpg Ailuretaur_hyper_cumfart_full.jpg Ailuretaur_hyper_dump1_full.jpg Ailuretaur_hyper_dump2_full.jpg


Thu Apr 5 00:57:50 2018

Character pinup commission for Sypress of their anthro form. Huge plump sheath, big balls. Also a version with a boner (and foreskin for 4/4!) attached to this post.

Also a quick note: I'm attending FWA this weekend, so I may not have a chance to post over the next few days. I'll be back to a regular posting schedule next Monday though!

Sypress_sheath_full.jpg Sypress_sheath_full.jpg Sypress_erect_full.jpg


Wed Apr 4 00:08:49 2018

Commission for Gnash of his rat character hanging out. There's also bulging clothed version.

Gnash_cock_full.jpg Gnash_cock_full.jpg Gnash_clothed_full.jpg

Simon AV

Tue Apr 3 00:44:03 2018

Sketch for anon of Alvin pretty far up Simon's butt.

Simon_AV_fullskt.jpg Simon_AV_fullskt.jpg

Argonian Horse Riding

Sun Apr 1 01:14:59 2018

Commission for Gman420 of his hyper Argonian character, Breaks-Many-Asses riding a similarly endowed horse.


Sat Mar 31 00:18:38 2018

As a few folks may have seen already, today I launched a Kickstarter for an idea I've been working on for several months: a professionally designed anthro themed art magazine. The feedback I've gotten so far has been quite positive, and I'm very excited about it! If you're interested in the idea of a furry art magazine in print, you can find out more or pledge at the KS page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zoion/zoion/ And if you could tell friends about it, that would be awesome too!

This illustration is a cyberpunk themed bit of art I did to help promote the project. This image will also be available on a T-shirt to certain backer tiers.

For everyone on here specifically, I had a few people ask what's going to happen to my Patreon if the Kickstarter is successful. Unfortunately I'll probably need to put it on hold, or shut it down entirely. I generate the work for Patreon because I currently do furry art commissions full time. If I end up working on Zoion full time, I won't be generating enough art to justify charging for it each month. If the Kickstarter doesn't meet its goal, then things will continue here as usual.

However, I won't know how things might go until the end of April. For now, April will still be a regular month of art and posting on here.

I really enjoy doing porn and I'd miss it for sure. But I also really believe in the magazine project, and I think it could be something awesome and positive for the furry fandom. Either way, I'll be happy to continue working as an artist among furry friends. :>

Thanks for your continued support!

Z_poster_sml.jpg Z_poster_full.jpg


Fri Mar 30 00:46:14 2018

Commission for Jagyouare of his horse gal Dahlia. She's all about hyper insertion and hyper pregnancy. There's also an alt attached where she has a pregnant gut in addition to being stuffed this full of cock.

Jagyouare_Dahlia_fullskt.jpg Jagyouare_Dahlia_fullskt.jpg Jagyouare_Dahlia_v2_fullskt.jpg

Seydaschu and Leonard

Thu Mar 29 00:05:32 2018

Commission for Seydashu and his cat character Leonard. Looks like the snake's cock is off doing its own thing again...

There's a short story to go along with the pic too: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26777459/

Seydaschu_Leonard_full.jpg Seydaschu_Leonard_full.jpg


Wed Mar 28 00:31:26 2018

Commission for Zulu of his lemur character taking it up the ass. There's also a version without cum attached.

Zulu_spunky_full.jpg Zulu_spunky_full.jpg Zulu_dry_full.jpg

Dante Vore

Mon Mar 26 23:26:40 2018

Follow up commission for Eclipse Sabre, this time with Dante voring several people at once. There's also a scat alt attached.

Hyper Johnny

Mon Mar 26 00:44:10 2018

I watched Sing today, and of course I couldn't help but doodle Johnny suddenly sporting a monster boner. It's an adorable movie too. Probably will end up drawing characters from it again sometime.

Johnny_fullskt.jpg Johnny_fullskt.jpg

Macro Pulsar

Sat Mar 24 15:14:08 2018

Don't get too excited; I'm not going to make a habit of this! Just thought it would be fun to do something for Macro March.

Pulsar_Macro_full.jpg Pulsar_Macro_full.jpg


Fri Mar 23 23:56:00 2018

Commission for EclipseSabre of his hyena character Dante. He's normally a guy, and looks rather surprised that he's suddenly got huge tits and a big muff.

Eclipse_Dante_full.jpg Eclipse_Dante_full.jpg

Sneakers and Socks

Fri Mar 23 00:27:25 2018

A friend mentioned I'd look good in sneakers and thigh-high socks, so I just had to draw it! And I really like the look. Might do more like this.

Alts include with a boner, and with triple dicks.

Pulsar_Sneakers_Socks_shlong.jpg Pulsar_Sneakers_Socks_shlong.jpg Pulsar_Sneakers_Socks_boner.jpg Pulsar_Sneakers_Socks_triple.jpg


Thu Mar 22 01:52:56 2018

Sketch I did for my friend Chaz, who has a hyper and also prehensile cock.

Chaz_skt.jpg Chaz_skt.jpg

FWA Propaganda Poster

Thu Mar 22 01:51:32 2018

I just realized I never posted this here. This was my submission to FWA's propaganda poster contest. And it also won, which is cool! It'll be available to purchase at FWA if you're going.

FWA_Horn_Poster_full.jpg FWA_Horn_Poster_full.jpg

Hyper Roommates Group Shot

Wed Mar 21 01:44:48 2018

Group shot commission for Piper Malone of the previously posted hyper roommates.

PiperMalone_Hyper_Roomies_full.jpg PiperMalone_Hyper_Roomies_full.jpg


Tue Mar 20 01:27:10 2018

The third of the three hyper roommates, Hal the leopard.

PiperMalone_Leopard_fullskt.jpg PiperMalone_Leopard_fullskt.jpg


Tue Mar 20 01:26:01 2018

Second part of the hyper roommates series for Piper Malone. The lizard Harvey.



Tue Mar 20 01:24:49 2018

This is part of a series for Piper Malone. He had an idea of three roommates who wake up one morning and suddenly find themselves hyper. This is the fox, Henry.

PiperMalone_Fox_fullskt.jpg PiperMalone_Fox_fullskt.jpg


Mon Mar 19 01:44:53 2018

Commission for Chipfox of his four-armed, double dicked self. It's always really fun doing multi!

Chipfox_pinup_full.jpg Chipfox_pinup_full.jpg

Orc TF, page 2

Sun Mar 18 01:02:00 2018

For Ben300, page 2

Ben300_Orc_TF_pg2_full.jpg Ben300_Orc_TF_pg2_full.jpg

Orc TF, page 1

Sun Mar 18 01:01:13 2018

Commission for Ben300 of his human self turning into a big, muscular orc.

Ben300_Orc_TF_pg1_full.jpg Ben300_Orc_TF_pg1_full.jpg

Neyor Hart

Sat Mar 17 01:32:21 2018

Commission for Russano Greenstripe of his feminine foxboi, Neyor Hart. There are several alts to this pic too, including with and without the tits, and with a much wider rear.

Neyor_Hart_fishnets_tits.jpg Neyor_Hart_fishnets.jpg Neyor_Hart_fishnets_tits.jpg Neyor_Hart_fatass.jpg Neyor_Hart_fatass_tits.jpg

Jake Long

Fri Mar 16 01:16:52 2018

Commission for Tealmarket of an anthro version of Jake Long.

Tealmarket_Jake_Long_full.jpg Tealmarket_Jake_Long_full.jpg


Thu Mar 15 00:48:10 2018

Commission for Tazrael of their cat-girl character Anniastae. I think she's from Final Fantasy? I don't know; I just draw the shlongs.

Tazrael_Anniastae_fullskt.jpg Tazrael_Anniastae_fullskt.jpg

George and Peshu

Wed Mar 14 00:28:45 2018

Commission for Bottler, with George training Peshu on how to do some extreme anal vore. I thought having it take place in a yoga studio was a fun idea.

There's also a version without the speech bubble.

Public AV

Mon Mar 12 23:32:38 2018

Commission for Taullo of his human self with a monkey jumping up his butt. And hyper. And cumming, because these things happen.

Also a version without cum is attached.

Taullo_public_AV_cum.jpg Taullo_public_AV_dry.jpg Taullo_public_AV_cum.jpg


Mon Mar 12 01:43:38 2018

Commission for Someguy987 of their bunny gal Lo cockvoring a whole mess of people after her dance.

Version without cum also attached.

Someguy987_Lo_spunky_full.jpg Someguy987_Lo_spunky_full.jpg Someguy987_Lo_dry_full.jpg

More Surprise Growth

Sun Mar 11 04:02:10 2018

Commission for Silverhawke of his dragon character suddenly growing extras. The alt versions also include scat.

Silverhawke_growth.jpg Silverhawke_scat.jpg Silverhawke_4arms_scat.jpg Silverhawke_growth.jpg

Tyrana and Pulsar

Sat Mar 10 00:54:20 2018

Pic for Tyranasauarus plowing Pulsar nice and deep. So deep it's going all the way through. (Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine~)

Version without cum also attached.

Tyrana_Pulsar_spunky_full.jpg Tyrana_Pulsar_spunky_full.jpg Tyrana_Pulsar_dry_full.jpg


Thu Mar 8 02:02:59 2018

Commission for Coutzy of his herm vixen character, Vyxsin.

Coutzy_Vyxsin_full.jpg Coutzy_Vyxsin_full.jpg

Knowledge is Power

Thu Mar 8 02:01:03 2018

This is my submission to FWA's poster contest. It's a propaganda poster design for The Horn, a collective of scientists and engineers. It's fun to work on these sorts of projects when I get the chance

FWA_Horn_Poster_full.jpg FWA_Horn_Poster_full.jpg


Wed Mar 7 01:07:58 2018

Commission for Kyo Mizuki of his character Isshou, showing off his donut through the back of a pair of ass zipper jeans.

Kyo_Mizuki_Isshou_full.jpg Kyo_Mizuki_Isshou_full.jpg


Mon Mar 5 23:20:08 2018

Another sketch for RealOne0508 of his Goof-Troop-style herm character Kimi. The hair is apart of the character in this one, so no alt.

RealOne0508_Kimi.jpg RealOne0508_Kimi.jpg


Sun Mar 4 01:15:16 2018

Commission for ArosLuther of his character Lucius. He's a gymnast, but that's always pretty tough to do when you're hyper too.

Lucius_full.jpg Lucius_full.jpg

March Commissions Open!

Fri Mar 2 21:39:21 2018

I'm officially open now for March commissions. As always, if you're interested, send me an email with a brief description and refs to pulsarbird at gmail. I'm still accepting commissions as long as this notice is up.






Fri Mar 2 00:42:06 2018

Commission for RealOne0508 of Wave showing off. There's also a hairy alt, and one with raunchy dialogue.

RealOne0508_Wave.jpg RealOne0508_Wave.jpg RealOne0508_Wave_hairy.jpg RealOne0508_Wave_dialogue.jpg


Thu Mar 1 03:10:48 2018

Rule 34 commission for RealOne0508 of Max cumming buckets.

RealOne0508_Max.jpg RealOne0508_Max.jpg

Sojiro Sparrow

Wed Feb 28 02:09:01 2018

Commissions for SojiroEX. He wanted to see what his chubby tanuki character would look like as a hyper hung sparrow. I think he's pretty cute!

Clean alt without the cock also included with this post.

Sojiro_sparrow_cock_full.jpg Sojiro_sparrow_cock_full.jpg Sojiro_sparrow_clean_full.jpg


Tue Feb 27 00:34:31 2018

Pic for Jabberdragon of him having inflated to a big balloon of a dragon. It's kind of fun to paint blobs like this sometimes instead of having to worry about anatomy and stuff.

There's also a gassy alt version attached to this post.

Jabber_inflate.jpg Jabber_inflate.jpg Jabber_inflate_gassy.jpg

Bokra Swimming

Mon Feb 26 03:04:48 2018

Commission for Bokra. He asked for a dynamic pose, and I figured since he's a croc it'd be fun to show him swimming.

Bokra_swimming_full.jpg Bokra_swimming_full.jpg

Mandalay and Maxwell

Sun Feb 25 01:56:49 2018

Commission for Mandalay, the skunk on top, sitting on Maxwell's face.

Mandalay_Maxwell_full.jpg Mandalay_Maxwell_full.jpg

Anal Vore Argonian

Sat Feb 24 00:26:31 2018

Commission for Gman420 of his Argonian, Breaks-Many-Asses anal voring a fox.

Gman420_Argonian_AV.jpg Gman420_Argonian_AV.jpg


Fri Feb 23 00:59:03 2018

Pinup pose for Kage6451.


At The Pool

Thu Feb 22 01:55:17 2018

Commission for Theo_Winters of his dragon dude, Dean, checking out another guy at the pool. It's not a really over-the-top situation, but I think it's a nice slice-of-life pic.

Theo_Winters_full.jpg Theo_Winters_full.jpg


Tue Feb 20 02:33:23 2018

Commission for Tyjomi of his dude Trey being interrupted by his own boner while trying to game.

Tyjomi_Trey_full.jpg Tyjomi_Trey_full.jpg


Mon Feb 19 02:40:23 2018

Commission for Psykrow of his flamboyantly gay alpaca character, Ervin.

Psykrow_Ervin_full.jpg Psykrow_Ervin_full.jpg

WhiteHeart and Fluttershy

Sun Feb 18 00:24:47 2018

Commission for WhiteHeart of his hyper, male self showing off for Fluttershy—who seems to be pretty big, herself.

WhiteHeart_Fluttershy_cel_full.jpg WhiteHeart_Fluttershy_cel_full.jpg


Thu Feb 15 23:49:48 2018

Commission for HP1741A of their jaguar-taur being hugely inflated, and holding it all in with an inflatable butt plug.

HP1741A_Turquoise_full.jpg HP1741A_Turquoise_full.jpg

Raptor, part 2

Wed Feb 14 02:49:19 2018

Second sketch, where of course that stool just slid right up in there.

Burningwreck_Raptor_pt2.jpg Burningwreck_Raptor_pt2.jpg

Raptor, part 1

Wed Feb 14 02:48:06 2018

1 of 2 sketches for BurningWreck of his raptor taking a seat. Other hypers know where this is going.

Burningwreck_Raptor_pt1.jpg Burningwreck_Raptor_pt1.jpg

Tyrana Self Suck

Tue Feb 13 03:59:49 2018

Commission for Tyrana_Saurus of their character sucking herself off.

Tyrana_Selfsuck_full.jpg Tyrana_Selfsuck_full.jpg

Jayjay and Raphael

Mon Feb 12 02:00:30 2018

Commission for Knuddelbock of two of his characters, Jayjay the goat and Raphael the horse. Jayjay works as a bartender who occasionally has to help out the patrons.

I think this is eventually going to be the first of five or six images. But since they'll be spread out over a few months, I'm not going to wait til they're all done to post them.

Jayjay_Raphael_full.jpg Jayjay_Raphael_full.jpg

Lion Twins, page 8

Sat Feb 10 23:33:14 2018

Last page of the comic! I definitely might continue it though. Let me know what you thought. I'd love to continue doing more comics with more different characters. With any luck I should have a little extra free time this year to do more like this.

There's also a pic of the spooge frame by itself, since I drew it first and then just put everything else on top.

Lion_Twins_pg8.jpg Lion_Twins_pg8.jpg Lion_Twins_pg8_spooge_panel_only.jpg

Lion Twins, page 7

Sat Feb 10 00:22:19 2018

The downside to having an open-door policy. Or potentially an upside...

Lion_Twins_pg7.jpg Lion_Twins_pg7.jpg

Lion Twins, page 6

Fri Feb 9 01:39:54 2018

That's inconvenient...

Lion_Twins_pg6.jpg Lion_Twins_pg6.jpg

Lion Twins, page 5

Thu Feb 8 00:46:51 2018

One more page of extreme dick sucking after this, then we get to the fun part.


Lion Twins, page 4

Tue Feb 6 23:57:57 2018

I'm not usually a fan of x-ray shots, but I wanted to try and see how it'd look with that huge hyper cock going down his throat. It seemed to work pretty well here. I also did a solid version too, though, if you're like me and don't like the x-ray view.

Lion_Twins_pg4_xray.jpg Lion_Twins_pg4_solid.jpg

Lion Twins, page 3

Tue Feb 6 01:05:23 2018



Lion Twins, page 2

Sun Feb 4 21:03:08 2018

As most hypers and fans of hypers know, once you get pent up, you can't take your pants off. Because you're simply not going to get back into them again until you've had a chance to cum.


Lion Twins, page 1

Sun Feb 4 00:44:05 2018

This past week I've been working on this comic. I've been wanting to do something casual and hyper for a while. And I've always wanted to draw twincest, because who doesn't? So I threw a couple of these things I had a hankering for into one comic.

I've also been using this as an opportunity to practice more with all kinds of things I don't get to do a lot of. I want to do more comics, but I always seem to get bogged down in details and planning. For this I just did a series of sketches and didn't worry too much about the comic-ness of it, or making it look really polished. Just wanted to get the idea and story out there, and practice sequential art. Also been using this to push my expressions and body language more. Hopefully in the next eight pages you'll be able to get a sense of that!


Kiss the Cock

Sat Feb 3 02:06:33 2018

Okay, it's an old joke. x)

Mostly I doodled this up because I really wanted to try another picture of Pulsar with wings. I've been thinking about him like this for a long time. It's probably not going to change in most of the art, because the wings do tend to get in the way, especially with more complex (read: slutty) poses. But I think they look pretty cool. :>

Edit: inb4 "he's eating eggs!" Well sure. They're not *cardinal* eggs, so it's no different than you drinking cow's milk. ;>


February Commissions Open!

Thu Feb 1 20:02:33 2018

I'm opening commissions this month for Patreons. All the usual stuff, hyper, multi—you know what I do. ;> If you're interested please send an email with references and a brief description of what you're looking for to pulsarbird@gmail.com

Also see my TOS for answers to many common questions:





Wed Jan 31 00:39:49 2018

Commission for Bemmer of their character showing off. Also includes farting and scat alts.

Bemmer_base.jpg Bemmer_fart.jpg Bemmer_scat.jpg


Mon Jan 29 16:25:21 2018

Commission for Kolfax, trying to bend over and tie his shoes. I love hypers in everyday situations so this was a lot of fun to work on. I need to do more like this...


Velux and Inari

Sun Jan 28 01:28:28 2018

Commission for Velux (the gryphon) and Inari (the inflatable pooltoy wolf). It looks like Velux suddenly got quite a bit more hyper than he was expecting.


Purplecat in Public

Sat Jan 27 02:32:19 2018

Commission for Purplecat, being huge and filthy in public. This was fun because I don't do a lot of obviously public scenes where you actually see crowds of people around. Although it's not surprising I don't get commissioned for it too much; it takes forever to draw all the background characters. x) Even so, I think it's awesome that PC went for it.

Alts include farting and scat.

Purplecat_in_Public.jpg Purplecat_in_Public.jpg Purplecat_in_Public_farting.jpg Purplecat_in_Public_scat.jpg

Tai and Nitro part 2

Wed Jan 24 02:51:13 2018

This is the follow up to yesterday's pic. Evidently Nitro got a little hungry! Or his cock did anyway.

Nitro_CV_spunky_full.jpg Nitro_CV_dry_full.jpg

Tai and Nitro

Mon Jan 22 23:25:26 2018

Commission for AromiSuola and nitrosimi96 of their characters Tai and Nitro. Tai is the smaller dude on the right sucking Nitro's dick.

Nitro_Tai_cel_full.jpg Nitro_Tai_cel_full.jpg

Firon and Thallas

Sat Jan 20 04:17:16 2018

Commission for Firon, the blue dragon, being cockvored by Thallas. There's a version with and without the demon cumming straight through him.

Firon_Thallas_spunky_full.jpg Firon_Thallas_spunky_full.jpg Firon_Thallas_full.jpg


Fri Jan 19 02:54:50 2018

Sketch commission for DriftStream of his double-dicked naga snake dude. Version without cum also attached.

DriftStream_spunky_full.jpg DriftStream_spunky_full.jpg DriftStream_dry_full.jpg


Thu Jan 18 00:53:50 2018

Commission for Lor of their big musclegut dog form, just stepping out of the shower.

Lor_shower_full.jpg Lor_shower_full.jpg

Dracur and Nath

Wed Jan 17 02:08:36 2018

Commission for Dracur (the hyper hung dragon) and Nath (the bat), hanging out. And quite a lot of hanging out it is, too.

Dracur_Nath_full.jpg Dracur_Nath_full.jpg


Tue Jan 16 02:14:08 2018

Commission for Mikuro of Mordicai_the_otter, being suddenly hyper.

Mordicai_cum_full.jpg Mordicai_cum_full.jpg Mordicai_base_full.jpg

Hyper Threesome

Mon Jan 15 02:02:06 2018

Commission for Tobe (in the middle), Kraven (left), and Shiro (the rest) in a messy, perverted hyper threesome. Almost regular sex for these guys, really even with the huge insertions, cum inflation, anal vore...

Ori_Kraven_Shiro_full.jpg Ori_Kraven_Shiro_full.jpg


Sun Jan 14 03:31:51 2018

Commission for Taullo of himself suddenly having grown hyper. Although I don't do human stuff that often, it's always a nice break from furry stuff.

Taullo_full.jpg Taullo_full.jpg

Kusho Selfie

Fri Jan 12 23:36:24 2018

Pic for Kusho, taking a selfie just as he's starting to unload all over the locker room. Looks like he's inviting me over so... I gotta go!

Versions without the text and without cum also attached.

Kusho_cum_text.jpg Kusho_basepic.jpg Kusho_cum.jpg Kusho_cum_text.jpg

It's Time to Cure Cancer and Chew Bubblegum

Fri Jan 12 23:30:02 2018

...and I'm all out of gum.

Duke Nukem fan art I did during AGDQ2018. AGDQ stands for Awesome Games Done Quick. It's a video game speedrunning marathon for charity, specifically for cancer research and prevention.

Yeah, it's not furry, but it was a really fun break from my normal commissions!

Version without text also attached.

Duke_Nukem_agdq2018_full.jpg Duke_Nukem_agdq2018_full.jpg Duke_Nukem_blank_full.jpg


Wed Jan 10 23:48:55 2018

For kay12 on FA of their character Malin, in fat taur form. Also includes anal vore and farting alts.

Malin_taur_base.jpg Malin_taur_base.jpg Malin_taur_av.jpg Malin_taur_fart.jpg Malin_taur_fart_av.jpg

George's Stroll

Tue Jan 9 00:53:47 2018

Commission for Bottler of George taking a stroll through the park. And along the way it seems he slurped up a few other folks too...

Bottler_George_stroll_full.jpg Bottler_George_stroll_full.jpg

Coutzy and Pulsar

Mon Jan 8 03:07:09 2018

Commission for Coutzy. It would seem I'm his dedicated butt licker while he's busy gaming.

Coutzy_Pulsar_full.jpg Coutzy_Pulsar_full.jpg


Sun Jan 7 02:11:37 2018

Commission for Talonsaurn after a couple of big meals.

Talonsaurn_sktfull.jpg Talonsaurn_sktfull.jpg

Nieto Presenting

Fri Jan 5 19:52:55 2018

Commission for Nieto, up against the wall. Maybe ready to be frisked. Or ready to be frisky, at least.


Fri Jan 5 02:57:27 2018

Commission for Drae of his Jakkai character showing off.

Drae_Presenting_full.jpg Drae_Presenting_full.jpg

Liam Einarr

Wed Jan 3 23:28:42 2018

Commission for Liam Einarr of his char in the shower, being all huge and hyper. Looks like he barely fits.

LiamEinarr_shower_full.jpg LiamEinarr_shower_full.jpg LiamEinarr_dry_full.jpg

Dante Headstand

Mon Jan 1 23:24:12 2018

Sketch for my friend Dante of his doubledicked bunny self. There's also a version without cum attached to this post.

Dante_headstand_cum.jpg Dante_headstand_cum.jpg Dante_headstand.jpg


Mon Jan 1 02:45:27 2018

Commission for Leila of their demoness, lounging about and being huge.

Leila_full.jpg Leila_full.jpg


Sat Dec 30 00:59:28 2017

Commission for BurningWreck. It's pretty messed up, so don't look unless you're really curious and promise not to make a scene.

Burningwreck_Buttface_warning.jpg Burningwreck_Buttface_fullskt.jp