Busy month!

Wed Jul 22 23:42:37 2020

Hey kiddos,

Just wanted to check in because I've been quiet here the last few weeks. Been taking care of some things at home, but I'm hoping to have some free time next week to finish up some pieces I'm working on here and hopefully do some streaming as well!

You squirts' support means a lot to me, and I want you to know that I'm thinking about you guys even when life doesn't leave me with a ton of art time πŸ―πŸ’–


All-tiers stream!

Thu Jul 16 23:16:19 2020

Hey kids, been a busy month here. Let's catch up a little with some fun draws!


Stream sketch: Little Farmer

Fri Jul 3 05:19:22 2020

Danger Mouse, more like Danger Of Losing Underpants Privileges Mouse, amirite???

You gotta respect a dad that will let his boy give big boy pants a try, but still keeps that diaper bag within arm's reach.


All-tiers stream!

Wed Jul 1 22:10:38 2020

I've got an afternoon here and I'm thinking I want to spend it drawing crinkle critters with you guys. Waddle on down and join me:


Daddy's little lady-killer

Wed Jun 24 00:57:31 2020

Junior's going to be the belle of the ball at his little cousin's piano recital. And if his next change can't wait until they're back home? Well, I'm sure no one will mind dad borrowing the piano bench in between performances for a makeshift changing table.

A special thanks to my daddy-tier patrons for all their support, and for hanging out while we worked on this for the Father's Day stream!


Dressing for Success

Mon Jun 15 09:01:23 2020

...and failing miserably.

Junior's just not a morning person, kids 😩


All-tiers stream!

Thu Jun 11 23:24:12 2020

Okay, ankle biters. Everybody pile in the van.


All-tiers sketch stream tomorrow!

Thu Jun 11 02:33:57 2020

Hey runts,

It's been a busy stretch here, and it's been awhile since we got to hang out! Let's fix that tomorrow. Keep an eye out for an announcement with the stream link then!

Hope to see you squirts there.

A face in need of a spanked rear.

Mon Jun 1 11:41:14 2020

Smug sticker time was a great success, and now we can all be smug, smarmy, and generally insufferable in chat with all our friends 😹 As always, you can snag the puddles pack here:


And this month it's Jerome Fox's turn to pick a sticker! Hit me up in the messages here with character reference and which of the puddles pack stickers you'd like and I can get on that for you, foxy!


Sticker stream link!

Fri May 29 23:21:09 2020

Come hang out while sticker stuff happens!



Sticker stream!

Fri May 29 23:18:33 2020

Hey squirts! I'm firing up a sticker stream here, and all tiers big enough to vote are welcome to join the fun. We'll sketch up some options, then you guys can make the call! Look for a follow-up post with the link in just a minute here.

And for my sog monsters who aren't quite big enough to vote just yet, don't sweat it. I'll hold an all-tiers stream soon, and you can join in the fun then!

Sticker poll!

Sun May 24 13:49:15 2020

It's the time again, kiddos! What's Puddles getting up to this time?

Mall madness

Wed May 20 19:23:00 2020

If people are watching, it's probably because you're making such a fuss, kiddo. That's just asking for dad to bust out the pacifier.


Daddy stream!

Sun May 17 23:39:42 2020

Hey comparatively biggish kids! Let's finish out the weekend with a couple of sketch requests. See the following Daddies-only post for the stream link!


Stream sketch: Special Delivery!

Tue May 12 18:57:59 2020

Neither sog nor sag nor faulty tapes stays *this* courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

...But seriously, he could use a hand. Help a guy out?

delivery_bull.png delivery_bull.png delivery_bull.png

Stream sketch: AFK

Sun May 10 00:49:39 2020

It's not his fault, you guys, queue times were really long tonight.


Whoa, are we streaming?

Fri May 8 20:46:42 2020

Yes, Puddles. Yes, we are streaming.



Thu May 7 02:25:50 2020

Thanks to everyone who came out to the stream, and for everybody else, here are a few new stickers to enjoy! As always, you can grab the Puddles pack at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup

I'm a bit behind schedule on these, so I owe two of you stickers: one for April, and one for May! April was RadicalTanuki's turn, and Genom is Mr. May! You two can send me a note here on Patreon with reference for the character you'd like stickerfied, and which of the Puddles pack entries you're going for, and I can get on that for you!


Sticker stream!

Wed May 6 18:05:47 2020

Hey mildly biggish kids!

Come hang out as we work on sticker stuff, and cast your vote to decide which one we finish up for the pack πŸ†—πŸ‘ˆπŸ―πŸ‘‰πŸ†’


Streaming today!

Wed May 6 16:21:32 2020

Hey squirts! Been a wild week or so, but I've got a chunk of time early today so let's stream that sticker pic!

I'll do a few sketches and you guys can vote on which one gets a spot in the puddles pack. Everybody voting age and up is invited! Pull-up Stars, Big Kids, Daddies, keep an eye out here for a stream link in an hour or so and we can get cracking!

Don't you worry, Sog Monsters -- I'll make sure there's an all-tiers stream soon so you can join in the fun as well πŸ―πŸ‘

Daddy Time

Thu Apr 30 03:43:03 2020

TFW you climb out of gay baby jail for an emergency change and accidentally interrupt Daddy Time πŸ™€πŸ’¦

Dad's gotten a little complacent about closing his bedroom door ever since Junior's bed got rails that lock. There's no way he doesn't hear the whimpers and crinkles coming from the hallway, but there's also no way he's getting up to deal with it until he's finished blowing off some steam.

ct_full.png ct_full.png ct_full.png ct_full.png

April sticker poll!

Sat Apr 25 04:06:54 2020

The month wouldn't be complete without another addition to the sticker set. Help me pick what we add!


Thu Apr 23 02:35:15 2020

Had some fun playing around quick and loose last night after spending the evening coloring comic page!

He gives you *the look* as he points at your waist. What's got him exasperated THIS time? Is it the state of your diaper? The curious bulge straining at its confines? Or maybe he caught you trying on a pair of his boxers, the fact that they're easily three sizes too big for you just driving home the fact that you're not ready for them quite yet.


Stream sketch: Powder Poof!

Sat Apr 18 18:23:00 2020

And here coach thought the hazard pay part of his health benefits was there to cover sports-related injuries, not diaper lung. Anything to keep his star player a fresh, clean touchdown-scoring machine!


Stream sketch: Fingerpaints!

Fri Apr 17 02:30:15 2020

Our little artist here left quite the mess to clean up, but it's tough to be mad when he's so happy 🐻🎨


All-tiers sketch stream!

Tue Apr 14 22:52:57 2020

Hey squirts,

Come on down and let's draw some cute/spicy/cute-spicy content!


Stream sketch - New Kicks

Mon Apr 13 20:13:59 2020

I can't believe they actually make those in his size!


Stream sketch: Busted

Sun Apr 12 19:13:00 2020

Looks like playtime's over for Foxy the Kid, scourge of the saguaros. He might have gotten away again, if not for the telltale trail of puddles in his wake!

Somebody grab a mop.


Stream sketch: Otty Training Fail

Sat Apr 11 18:12:00 2020

Big boy underpants may have slipped further out of reach than ever, but at least now dad won't have to fuss with his cub's shorts during checks and changes!


Stream sketch - Batter Bun 🐰πŸ₯ž

Sat Apr 11 02:37:45 2020

Pancake breakfast may be canceled, but I'm sure this bun and his daddy can find a way to salvage the morning's fun!

batterbun1.png batterbun2.png

A note to non-Daddies!

Thu Apr 9 19:16:40 2020

Hey kiddos,

Thanks for being you! Yesterday's Daddy stream unfortunately got interrupted by an internet outage, so we're finishing that up today. I'm planning to stream for all tiers soon, though, so don't worry about getting left out while the big kids are having all the fun.

Have a great week, and be thinking up fun ideas for that all-tiers stream ahead of time!

Cool cats

Fri Apr 3 02:40:58 2020

Here are the cool kid stickers we came up with! Thanks to everyone who came out to the stream and helped vote for the ones we went with.

It's Padded Quill's turn to pick a sticker, so Quill, hit me up with a message here with reference for the character you'd like to see stuck, and pick any of the Puddles stickers which you can find here as always! https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup


Sticker stream for Pull-up Stars and up!

Thu Apr 2 00:04:50 2020

Hey, slightly bigger kids! I'm (finally) working on the sticker today, so I'll do a few sketches and you guys can vote on which we go for! Everybody big enough to vote is welcome to come on down and hang out πŸ―πŸ’–


Recent stream sketches

Wed Mar 25 10:37:23 2020

Here are a few draws we've done on the streams lately alongside the comic page work!

beev.png beev.png faefox.png

More comic streaming!

Mon Mar 23 00:03:24 2020

Gonna stream for a couple hours before dinner here, if folks want to come hang out!


All-tiers comic stream!

Fri Mar 20 22:16:28 2020

I'm inking the panel from hell today, so come on down if you want to spend your Friday in quarantine watching a man's wrist crumble to dust in real time!


Daddy stream - comic stuff edition!

Mon Mar 16 16:39:20 2020

Hey squirts!

I'm stuck at home, you're (hopefully) stuck at home. It's a little dull. I get it. So I'm planning on streaming a bunch this week to give us all something fun and productive to do!

I'll kick things off with some comic work! Going to be making some overdue reference and then working on the new page here. Daddies, come say hi!

And for everybody else, don't you worry, I'll be doing all-tier streams this week, too. Hope to see you all then!

March sticker poll!

Sun Mar 15 12:27:28 2020

Okay, cubbos. Time to cast your votes for where the sticker train heads this month!

Feeding time for Ferrous

Sun Mar 15 12:17:10 2020

Gid Otter passed his sticker slot on to a special noodle, so here's Ferrous getting the ol' bottle to the face! You can grab this guy at https://t.me/addstickers/ferrouspuddlepup

I'll be posting the poll to decide March's sticker next!


Getting snipped

Wed Mar 11 13:52:20 2020

Junior gets hauled in for a little cleanup cut after dad gives him a solid first pass with the ol' clippers.

It's a good thing they build those rocket ships sturdy!


Night owl stream!

Wed Mar 11 07:05:45 2020

Hoot hoot!

I'm up late tonight drawing, so I thought I'd see who else is staying up past bedtime! If you've got insomnia, work the night shift, or live in the southern hemisphere where winter is summer, cold is hot, and day is night, come hang out while I draw blushy lions!


Streaming for all tiers!

Sun Mar 8 21:43:14 2020

Hey kiddos,

I've got a few hours here before I need to head off to a Big Kid Dinner, so why don't we do some sketching on stream! Come on down and say hi at this super-secret link:


Junior's nursery

Wed Mar 4 01:42:12 2020

The next comic page is coming along and I'm a kid in a candy story (or I guess a...nursery...store?) decorating Junior's room. So much fun coming up with more little embarrassing details!

What are some of you guys' favorite nursery ideas?

Stream sketches!

Fri Feb 28 08:56:22 2020

We finished up a bit of cupidy content, then opened it up to requests and got a nerdy rat getting the nerdy rat special, and then the sheriff of sog, cleaning up town one mess at a time πŸ”«πŸ’¦

Thanks to everyone who came out, and if you'd like a character sketch like this, I'd encourage any of my patrons to drop in on the streams! They're a lot of fun ❀️


All-tiers stream starting soon!

Fri Feb 28 01:09:10 2020

Hey squirts,

I've got a few sketches to clean up here, so I'm gonna be streaming right after I grab a quick snack!


Cupid sticker

Mon Feb 24 23:51:52 2020

Just in time for Valentine's Day (...2021), here's our Cupid sticker! As always, you can grab the Puddles sticker set at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup

And it's FrostTiger's turn to pick a sticker to get YCH'd up in, so send me a message here with a character ref and which sticker you'd like and I can get on that for you, stripes!

Also, Gid Otter still hasn't hit me up with info from last month, so the same offer's good for you, rudderbutt. Just send me a message and we'll get you good and stuck!


Stream is live!

Wed Feb 19 23:53:41 2020

Come get your (belated) cupid on πŸ’˜


Streaming for Pull-up Stars and up!

Wed Feb 19 23:20:24 2020

Hey squirts,

I'm going to be working on the sticker today, so drop by and say hey! I plan to sketch out a few options and let you guys vote on what we go for, so I'm opening it up to all my patrons old enough to vote.

Stream will start in just a few minutes here, a little after 3:30 PST!

Shopping shenanigans

Mon Feb 10 04:50:13 2020

Thanks to everyone who came out to the stream while we finished this one up!

Hope your weekends went...better than Junior's. (Or at least that you enjoyed it more than he did!)


All-tiers streaming for a bit!

Mon Feb 10 00:31:17 2020

Hey squirts, I've got a few hours free this evening, so let's draw some dipes!


Puppy stream!

Sat Feb 8 17:07:07 2020

Last night's stream was an intimate gathering, so one lucky pup got all the attention!

What a good boy.


February sticker poll!

Sun Feb 9 19:00:48 2020

Hey squirts, pull those thumbs out of your mouths and use 'em to mash that vote button!

Stream draws!

Mon Feb 3 19:49:01 2020

Thanks to everyone who came out and put in requests! This round turned into a ginormous plush cuddle buddy stream halfway through, which I think we can all agree is a big win.

These sketch request streams are a lot of fun, and they're good practice at getting faster, which is super helpful with comic stuff! I'd like to do at least one more of these streams this week, so if you missed out on yesterday's hijinks and you've got the perfect sketch idea to share with the class, hit us up at the next one!


All-tiers stream live now!

Sun Feb 2 22:38:34 2020

Hey kiddos,

I've got an open afternoon, so let's get sketching! Come on down to the stream and I'll take some requests πŸ―πŸ’–


Stream sketches!

Wed Jan 22 23:41:11 2020

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday and gave me cute characters and requests! I aim to do another of these streams soon, hope to see you all there!


Sketch request stream for my big kids and daddies!

Wed Jan 22 01:22:28 2020

Hey kids, I'm looking to warm up here with some quick sketches, so come on down and tell me what to draw πŸ―πŸ’–

I usually do stuff like this with daddy patrons, but you big kids have been so good lately you deserve a treat, too. Hope to see you guys there!


Streaming for daddies now!

Sat Jan 18 00:45:05 2020

Hey biggish kids, I've got some time here to draw, so drop by and say hey if you like!


Lion comic p5 🦁🐱🎁🐻🦊

Wed Jan 15 12:24:29 2020

Junior continues to have a day, while Red's is just beginning...


Daddy stream live!

Sun Jan 12 23:10:27 2020

Comic page is basically done, so come on down and let's do some sketching for funsies, dads!


Now streaming

Sat Jan 11 22:09:29 2020

C'mon down, kiddos!


Streaming this afternoon!

Sat Jan 11 11:54:16 2020

Hey kiddos,

I'm going to be finishing up this comic page and then hopefully squeezing in some fun wind-down sketching today, so drop by and hang out with me! I'll kick things off around 2pm, so watch for that announcement.

I'd like to do something nice for my daddies here, too, so I'll be doing a brief sketch request stream just for the big boys on Sunday, starting around the same time.

Thanks, and hope your weekends are going well!

(It wasn't.)

Tue Jan 7 00:21:56 2020

It wasn't good at all, guys.


Also, belatedly December was Gid's turn to pick a sticker, so send me a character ref and which sticker you'd like and we can get you set up!

I'm going to be finishing up coloring the lions comic page next, then we'll do January's sticker right after that so stay tuned!


Gosh, I hope it's something good!

Tue Jan 7 00:19:51 2020


Now streaming!

Sun Jan 5 22:59:44 2020

Come say hi, squirts πŸ―πŸ’–


All-tiers stream!

Sun Jan 5 22:04:06 2020

Hey 2020 kiddos,

I'm feeling a bit better here, so come on down for an all-tiers stream. I'll fire it up after I fix myself some lunch, so let's say 3pm PST! That gives you nerds enough time to get changed and ready for the long haul.

Hope to see you there!

Happy New Year

Wed Jan 1 10:07:43 2020

Hey kids,

It turns out I came home from holiday travels with an unwanted present. I'm gross sick. I am a fountain of snot, and my plan is to sleep this thing off. As soon as I'm back in good shape I'll stream with you guys until we get caught up on art!

Hope you're all staying healthy and safe, and that you closed out the year with the people you love. Take care, squirts.

Happy Holidays, you grubs

Thu Dec 26 18:40:19 2019

I hope all you kids are having a wonderful end to your year, and I wanted to thank you all so much for making mine that much more fun and friendly. (Also, you guys' constant leaking has given me a lot of cover in the puddle department so extra thanks for that.)

I'm finishing up my holiday travels at the end of this week, then I'm excited to get back to drawing and streaming at you stinkers. We'll have the sticker to bang out, and then hopefully finish and post this comic page before the year's over!

In the meantime, thanks again for coming along for this wild and soggy ride, and I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with you guys in 2020!

Quick all-tiers comic stream!

Sat Dec 21 22:34:08 2019

Hey kiddos,

I'm trying to finish inking this page before taking off for the holidays, so I'll be working on comic stuff for a couple hours here. Come on by and say hey!


December sticker poll!

Tue Dec 17 14:31:06 2019

Goodness, this month is getting away from me... Let's get voting on this month's sticker emote!

Comic stream live!

Sun Dec 15 23:34:49 2019

I'm making some tea and grabbing a few last-minute things, but the stream is up and ready! See you daddy-types there as you filter in πŸ―πŸ‘

Here's the super-secret daddy link for daddies: https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/41daa7398bdb65787e131f6c8b8843b4

Daddy stream - new comic page!

Sun Dec 15 10:51:42 2019

Hey largish kids,

I'm going to be putting in a chunk of time on the new comic page Sunday, so come hang out while I work! I'll post the link here around 3pm PST, so keep an eye out for that. Hope to see you guys there πŸ―πŸ‘

Briefly in briefs

Sat Nov 30 21:23:00 2019

The second stream sketch we finished up!

Never let it be said that dadlion didn't give his boy a fair crack at re-potty training! Unfortunately for Junior, it seems like his ticket back to toddlertown was one-way. At least his pops is well-stocked in diapers!


Netflix and chill

Wed Nov 27 20:12:00 2019

The first of two stream sketches we finished up!

Luther and Tyke both find they enjoy movies a lot more when neither of them needs to pause the action for a potty break πŸ“ΊπŸ’¦


New stickers!

Tue Nov 26 08:35:45 2019

Tyler and Biscuit are in a whole lotta trouble here. Grab the packs at:



Go grab them and get to teasing!


All-tiers stream is live!

Sun Nov 24 22:01:32 2019

Come play!!!


All-tiers stream!

Sun Nov 24 06:42:16 2019

Hey kiddos!

The daddy sketch request stream the other day was a lot of fun and we came up with some cute stuff, so I thought it'd be fun to take one of those sketches and clean it up into a finished piece for you guys. I'll start streaming Sunday, around 2pm PST again -- try to show up early if you want to help pick which sketch gets chosen!

I'll post the stream link here tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that and I'll hope to see you all there!

Daddy stream, take 2!

Fri Nov 22 22:37:29 2019

Let's see if this link works better for folks!


Daddy stream live now!

Fri Nov 22 22:02:19 2019

I'll start with some sketch requests and we'll see where things go from there. Come say hi!

Here's the super-secret daddy link for daddies only: https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/9b1531eb44f06afe3234f5fedbfadd5c

Daddy stream tomorrow 11/22!

Fri Nov 22 00:47:34 2019

Hey slightly bigger kiddos!

I'll be streaming tomorrow, starting around 2pm for my daddy-tier patrons. I'll plan on taking sketch requests to start, and we can go from there!

Hope you see you guys there πŸ‘‹πŸ―


Fri Nov 22 00:45:24 2019

Hey kiddos!

Here's this month's grabby little sticker, available as always at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup

This month, it's Biscuit's turn to pick a sticker! Drop me a line here with character reference and info on which sticker you'd like and I can get right on that.

I'm hoping to finish up last month's today, so look for that to go up soon as well!


Man of the House

Mon Nov 18 03:10:16 2019

This season's all about giving thanks, and I think we can all agree that the Good Boy Comics crew make and share a ton of wonderful work that's always full of heart. I love the sweet, wholesome vibes the world and characters they create give off, and their dad game is ridiculously on-point. So here's a bit of fan art to say thanks to those guys, and to strongly encourage anyone who isn't already supporting them here on Patreon, or over on Twitter and FA to go show those boys some Thanksgiving love πŸ¦ƒπŸ’–


November sticker poll!

Tue Nov 12 08:39:40 2019

Hey kiddos,

Some exciting news here! My extremely sweet boyfriend got me a new computer, so we've been setting it up the last few days here. I should have the last part I need to get back to drawing tomorrow-ish, so look forward to new content soon.

In the meantime, let's figure out what this month's sticker's gonna be!

Trick or treat!

Sat Nov 2 12:14:05 2019

Hope you kiddos scored a nice haul trick-or-treating!

The species swap and zombie costumes were tied for the win, so I went ahead and made both. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish them for the big day, but what could be spookier than πŸ¦‡MiSsInG a DeAdLiNeπŸ¦‡???

October was Tacocat Tyler's turn for a sticker! Just send me a message here with reference for your character and which sticker you'd like and I can get on that for you here!

For everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for the November poll to go up shortly!


Halloween sticker stream!

Thu Oct 31 21:10:41 2019

Hey kiddos, I'm streaming for all patron tiers this afternoon, beginning now at https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/327a90dfb801c838e4059a815e2a911a !

I'll be working on this month's sticker, so come say hey!

The next stream will be a daddies-only request stream, so this is a great chance for my non-daddies to hang out. Hope to see you kiddos there!

Bottom's up!

Thu Oct 31 02:03:09 2019

Still playing around with how I want to draw the lions, and trying out some different inking/drawing style options in general here. Plus I just like coming up with new ways for dad to hoist up the kid and cart him around in his arms!

I'm planning to stream some Halloween stickers tomorrow, so keep an eye out for an announcement when we go live!


October sticker poll!

Sat Oct 19 14:16:48 2019

What kind of spooky Halloween mischief should we get up to, squirts?

All aboard the changing table express πŸ¦πŸš‹πŸ™€

Sat Oct 19 00:51:56 2019

Junior's always a little fussy when he needs a change, but there's nothing like an honest-to-goodness accident to bring on the waterworks. At the end of the day, does it really make a difference if you could help it or not? You're getting put in a fresh diaper either way, kiddo.

Made a new inking brush here as I continue to try to practice and narrow in on a look I like!
Plus honestly, I just love working out different ways for dad to fold him up and carry him around πŸ―πŸ’–


Deep clean

Wed Oct 16 22:21:01 2019

Dadlion is nothing if not thorough when it comes to junior's hygiene πŸ¦πŸ±πŸ›

It's been fun drawing these guys a bit more to try to figure out how exactly I want them to look. I'd like to do a stream over the next few days where I just sketch on them awhile for practice, so keep an eye out for a schedule announcement on that soon.

Stay clean and tidy, kiddos!


Bath time

Tue Oct 15 00:46:43 2019

Junior was whining about wanting his mane back during bath time and dad was happy to oblige him. What a nice dad!!! 🦁🐱πŸ₯


Ollie sticker!

Mon Oct 14 17:51:22 2019

Hey kiddos,

Here's last month's sticker. We'll kick off the voting for this month's soon--expect some Halloween hijinks!

I should also have some fun drawings to share in just a bit here as well πŸ―πŸ’–

In the meantime, you can grab this grouchy pup over at https://t.me/addstickers/ollypuddlepup


Streaming for all tiers now!

Fri Oct 11 00:51:13 2019

Hey kiddos,

I'm sketching out a cute idea here and I thought I'd stream it for a few hours and invite all my patrons to come along for the ride as a thank-you for your patience and support. This will just be a fun one-off drawing, but it's more embarrassing lion family hijinks, so if you're enjoying the comic here, drop by and say hey!


While this stream is open to all patrons, I'd like to keep it just for us, so please don't share the link with anyone else πŸ―πŸ‘βœ¨

Lion comic p4!

Wed Oct 9 22:00:02 2019

Hey kiddos, thanks for hanging in there while I finished this up!

Next up, I'd like to kick back with a couple of just-for-fun sketch streams in the next few days, at least one of which I'm going to open up to all tiers. I'll be announcing the times soon, and I hope to see you all there!


Daddy stream live soon!

Fri Oct 4 21:45:00 2019

Hey big kids,

I need a quick bath and a fresh change, then we're going live for another finish-up-the-comic stream!

Here's the super-secret-for-daddies-only link: https://picarto.tv/Puddlepup/2cd18b64d1a087d6eaa0f6d91b7efd61

See you there soon! Stream should start shortly after 3pm PST.

More streams!

Fri Oct 4 00:07:16 2019

Hey kids,

I want to keep the streams going to push through comic stuff! I'll be doing a daddy stream tomorrow starting at 3PST, and then I'd like to do an all-tiers stream once the page is done to blow off some steam and just socialize and draw fun, cute, crinkly stuff with all you guys!

Daddy stream live!

Sat Sep 28 20:59:28 2019

Hey big guys and gals,

Come on down to the stream at this super secret link:


Let's work on finishing up this comic page!

Daddy stream

Fri Sep 27 09:38:09 2019

Hey big kids,

Tablet's been cooperating for the last couple of days, so let's plan on doing a stream this Saturday starting at 2pm PST. Come hang out and keep me company as I finish up this comic page!

I'll post a link here when Saturday afternoon rolls around. Hope to see you there!

Fussybutts and September sticker YCH

Mon Sep 23 12:55:09 2019

Tablet hijinks aside, I've finished up some grump stickers! You can pick them up at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup as always.

And this month it's Ollie's turn for a sticker! Just send me a message here with the character you'd like stickered up and which of the Puddles pack stickers you're choosing and I'll get on that for you, spotty pup/fawn/lioncorn.

Past that, I'll be posting that lion comic page just as soon as it's done. Should definitely be this week, tablet willing!

droopy_bg.png bouncy_grump_trio.png

Technical difficulties

Sun Sep 22 21:01:19 2019

Hey kids,

Progress the last couple weeks has been slow because my tablet appears to finally be giving up the ghost after 15 years of loyal service. If I can't get a fix here soon, I'll replace it and be able to finish up the drawings that have been starting to pile up here! Thanks for your patience, and look out for a stream just as soon as I can be sure my tablet won't die 5 minutes in...

Stay dry πŸ―πŸ’¦

September sticker poll!

Wed Sep 4 01:43:33 2019

Hey kiddos,

It's time to vote for this month's sticker emote! You guys know the drill by now πŸ―πŸ‘

Lion delivery p4 preview!

Thu Aug 29 21:34:01 2019

Hey kiddos,

The next page is all lined out and color's going in. Hope to finish it up and be able to share it here before too much longer!


Daddy stream link!

Sat Aug 24 21:01:10 2019

Hey there, big guys and gals. Come on over to the stream at this super secret link and we can get up to some fun draws!

This link is just for my Daddy patrons, so make sure not to share it around! See you all there!


Daddy stream schedule!

Fri Aug 23 01:36:43 2019

Hey all you extra-big kids!

I'll be streaming comic stuff for my Daddy-tier patrons this Saturday from 2pm PST until evening, so drop on by if you're free! I'll be posting the link here shortly before we get started, so be sure to check back then. Hope to see you all there!

The latest victims

Wed Aug 21 07:51:19 2019

Hey kiddos!

The stickers from this month and last are up and ready to use!

You can grab the nerdy buckaroo Phenris at https://t.me/addstickers/PhenrisPuddlepup and the princess in lockdown Dunston at https://t.me/addstickers/DunstonPuddlepup

Next up, I'll be moving on to the next page of the lion comic, and I'll be streaming some of that for the Daddies here this week! I'll post the schedule for that tomorrow, once I get the time nailed down. In the meantime, everybody have fun teasing these two big babies!


Naptime sticker(s)!

Sat Aug 17 21:08:04 2019

Hey there, sleepyheads. You picked naptime for this month's sticker theme, and if I know anything about you kids, it's that dry nights aren't your strongest suit so I went ahead and made a second sticker to go along with the first.

And in other news, this month is Dunston's turn to pick a YCH sticker! You can choose to go down for a nap like stripes here, or pick any one of the other stickers in the Puddles set (https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup) you prefer. Just send me a message here with which sticker you'd like and reference for the character you'd like me to use!


Comic poll!

Wed Aug 14 04:52:03 2019

Hey squirts, a page has gone up, which means it's time to decide where we're headed next!

Cast your vote below, and we'll get the next page rolling here πŸ―πŸ‘

Sticker poll!

Mon Aug 12 20:33:07 2019

Hey kiddos, It's time to vote on an emoji for this month's sticker!

Tiger comic p1!

Mon Aug 12 20:27:50 2019

A chunk of work on the day-job front bumped this back a bit, but here's the first page up!

Polls for which comic to run with next and for this month's sticker will go up shortly πŸ―πŸ’–


Stream warmups!

Thu Aug 1 08:05:28 2019

The inaugural Daddy stream was a success! A big thanks to everyone who came for keeping me company while I draw.

We started things off with some warmup sketches, taking some requests from the chat. Here's what we were able to come up with together.

After these, we moved on to working on the comic page, which is nearly done and should be up by the end of the week, then we'll take a vote on where to go next!


Daddy stream about to start!

Thu Aug 1 00:56:29 2019

Hey big guys and gals,

Thanks again for your support! I'm just finishing up the last few things I need to do here before kicking off the stream. I'll see you all there soon at the link below:


It's a private stream for just us, so I'd ask that you keep that link a secret. Thanks!

July stream!

Tue Jul 30 00:06:49 2019

Hey daddies,

Still working out the last couple kinks in my streaming setup here (well, I'll leave in a FEW kinks), but should have things ready to go here soon, so let's plan on having the first stream for Daddy tier patrons this Wednesday evening, 7/31, starting at 6pm PST. I'll be working on finishing up comic page stuff, and then whatever else we have time for!

Look forward to you guys joining me then πŸ―πŸ“’

Uh-oh sticker pack

Thu Jul 25 09:09:30 2019

Hey squirts,

So two of these were pretty neck-and-neck in the poll, but then Karo went and voted for all four in the comments section of the preview despite being told that each vote would count for NEGATIVE A MILLION so then after rounding way, way, WAY up it was basically a four-way tie at zero.

So I made them all. Mwa ha ha ha ha...

And now it's Phenris's turn to pick any one of the Puddles stickers, past or present (which you can grab at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup as always) and send me a message here with character reference!


Sticker vote poll!

Mon Jul 22 19:00:00 2019

Cast your votes here for which of the four sticker options you like the best!

Sticker vote!

Mon Jul 22 18:58:01 2019

Okay squirts, you voted for the emote. Now it's time to vote for the sticker!

Use the poll to cast your vote. Any votes cast in the comments here will be counted NEGATIVE A MILLION TIMES!!! πŸ™€πŸ’¦


New comic teaser

Sun Jul 21 22:25:30 2019

Hey kiddos,

I mentioned a bit ago, I've got the first page going on a new comic, starring our tiger jock and mouse nerd from awhile back! I thought their story would be fun to keep following, and that way you guys could vote on which story gets worked on next.

If you're eager to get back to the lions, we can jump right back on that train next month. If you're more curious what's in store for stripes here, we can go that route.

Either way, I hope you guys will enjoy, and it's fun for me to explore stories with different themes and vibes!


You guys are rad.

Tue Jul 16 00:37:58 2019

Just wanted to put that out there.

Thanks for all the support and for the fun comments and just for coming along for the ride. You kids make drawing diaper smut a lot of fun πŸ―πŸ™

Wrong demographic

Fri Jul 12 22:35:04 2019

Liondad is not your audience, discreet diaper company guy.

(But seriously, tho, if it isn't big and thick and poofy and crinkly and loud and obvious, what's the point?)


Out and about

Fri Jul 12 21:52:15 2019

Some days, liondad just can't be bothered to wrestle a fussy cub into shoes. (They both know junior only makes a fuss because he likes getting carried around.)


July sticker poll

Thu Jul 11 02:39:35 2019

Now that we're back on track here, it's time to dust off the trusty poll machine!

At the moment I'm working on the first page of a new side comic, and starting next month we'll vote for which comic you guys want to see continued next. For this month, cast your vote on which sticker you'd like to see -- the YCH animations may be over, but I'd like to keep the sticker train rolling, and everyone in the Big Kid and Daddy tier is still on the list for those!

Rather than run with themes, I figure for stickers it makes more sense to poll for the next emote to use, so without further ado...


Thu Jul 11 02:30:44 2019

Hey kids!

I'm back from my trip here and working on some fun comic content. I should have some in-progress teaser shots to share soon!

In the meantime, here's Luther and Tyke having a bit of fun πŸΆπŸΊπŸ’¦


Over Santa's lap [Animation]

Tue Jul 2 06:51:35 2019

Hey kiddos!

It must be Christmas in July, because we finally caught back up! Thanks again to all of you for hanging with me while I finished up these animations, and I hope you're as excited as I am to dive into what comes next!

I'll be traveling over the next week, but I hope to be able to do a bit of sketching, then I'll jump into work on comics and other fun stuff once I'm back. I hope everybody has a fantastic week, and look for a new content poll to go up shortly!

Stay nice, people (or naughty, if you prefer!) πŸ˜‡πŸ―πŸ˜ˆ

santa_swat.png santa%27s%20lap.zip (d)

Patreon changes! (tl;dr edition)

Fri Jun 28 18:34:42 2019

For all you impatient kiddos too little to read all that:

The YCH animations were taking too much time and benefiting one person a month while everybody else gets a new version of the same content they've already seen, so from here on I'll be focusing on illustrations and comics instead, and replacing the Daddy tier with access to an art stream at least once a month.

Questions and concerns welcome! Let's figure this thing out together, folks.

Patreon changes!

Fri Jun 28 18:30:30 2019

Hey kiddos,

Here's that big update I've been promising, and it's a bit of a long read, so get a big to buckle you in! I'll try to keep it concise.

It's not a revelation that updates around here have been sparse the last few months, and I want to talk to you about why that is and what I'm doing to fix it. I know that changes can be annoying (and embarrassing), and I want to do right by you guys first and foremost. It's my hope that you'll see where I'm coming from and work with me to get things back on track in a way that works for everyone.

When I started the Patreon, I was mostly focused on animation and I knew how much furries liked getting art of their characters, so I figured people would only be interested in my work if I was offering art of your OC's. I'd done some normal commissions in the past and had mixed results, so I went with a YCH model that allowed me more freedom and cut down on the wait time involved in messaging back and forth to work out all the details. That worked great for awhile, but over the months I noticed a few drawbacks, all of which had the same result: the harder I worked on a piece, the worse the outcome.

Let me explain what I mean. My real-life work schedule alternates between busy stretches and light stretches. Some months, I have a bunch of time to work on fun art, other months it can be hard to find the time to catch my breath. When I do have the free time, I want to push myself to grow as an artist and make the very best stuff I can for you guys!

Under my current tier system, Daddy-tier patrons can pick any of the YCH animations, and it's only reasonable that people would want the best one. But unfortunately that means that patrons are going to request an animation I did during a light month, even on months where I'm swamped with work. That's a big part of why I've fallen behind here.

Another consequence of that is that unless I keep coming up with a new YCH animation that's better and better each month (which is unrealistic due to my work schedule), people are going to keep requesting the same animation, month after month. That means that for all of my patrons minus one, when I DO finally get around to posting an update here, it's...that thing they already saw, except with a different character in it. That's got to be disappointing.

I'm incredibly grateful to all my patrons, and especially to people backing me at the Daddy tier. But at the end of the day, I don't think it's healthy for the Patreon to base the content around one Daddy a month, when it means that everybody else is paying the tab. And that issue is only going to get worse as it (hopefully) continues to grow and more people join us here.

So I think the fairest and most sustainable thing to do is to discontinue the YCH system. I'd like to focus on making original content for you guys, with a focus on comics and narrative art. On months when I'm crunched for work, I can post sketches and one-off illustrations. On months when I've got more time, I can do full comic pages. I'd like to finish the Lions comic, and I have a couple of other comic series started as well.

The thing that I've been struggling with is what to offer as a Daddy-tier reward that's fair for people, and I'd like to start streaming once a month (or more frequently on light work months) and offer access to that stream as a reward for Daddies. It may take me awhile to work out figure out a setup and schedule that works for that, but that's something to work out with you guys as we go.

If any of you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message and let's talk it over! I know some of you are going to feel disappointed with this change, but hopefully the majority of you will be excited about the new content to come. And a big thanks to everyone who read this far, and for all your support. It means the world!

Sincerely, --PP πŸ―πŸ’–

Mr. Mechadus's mid-lesson change

Fri Jun 28 14:30:15 2019

Hey kids!

Got a chance to work through some of the last bit of backlog here. We're nearly caught up, but I'm about to make a post here on some important changes, so please take a look at that!

Thanks for your patience in the meantime, and hope everybody's summer is going well!

mechadus_change.png mechadus%20change.zip (d)

Fade-When-Wet Shenanigans: Muscle Edition

Tue Jun 11 10:19:42 2019

Howdy kids!

Working on finishing up the last two animations in the backlog here, and hope to have some solid time to dedicate to it after my current work project finishes up this week!

I'll also be talking to you guys about making some changes to my tier structure here, because I think it's pretty obvious by this point that things aren't really sustainable as they are now. I'm confident we can figure out a way that I can be getting more content to you guys in a way that's more sustainable for me here!

In the meantime, thanks as always for your patience! πŸ’ͺπŸ―πŸ’¦


Over Santa's lap

Wed May 29 23:29:37 2019

Hey kids,

I've got a big update coming shortly, but I wanted to welcome the new patrons and share progress on one of the backlog pieces I've been working on in the meantime!


Fade-When-Wet Shenanigans: Mane Edition

Mon Apr 29 17:43:59 2019

Hey kiddos!

In between working on YCH animations, I've been keeping things fun for myself sketching out a series of ideas that have been kicking around in my head for a long time now. Hope you guys enjoy it too!

There are a few more in the works, but I want to focus on catching up on backlog before I let myself get TOO distracted. Once I finish getting back on track here, I'll probably add this series to the poll and let you guys vote on whether you want to see more like this.

In the meantime, good luck staying dry out there, tykes πŸ¦βœ‚οΈπŸ±πŸ’¦


April refunds are out!

Fri Apr 26 05:15:47 2019

Hey you munchkins,

I've been glad to make some progress on the ol' backlog here this month, but we're still not quite caught up yet, which means April refunds have been sent out! You can expect those to show up within a week or so.

I know I've mentioned it before, but going through my patron list here and seeing all your cute icons and goofy names never fails to bring a smile to my face. You all are wonderful, and it's a delight to have you here!

Can't wait to keep chipping through this backlog, and I hope to get back to caught up soon!

Stay dry, kiddos ✨🐯✨

No Sag Zone

Sat Apr 13 17:43:08 2019

Hey kids! Still working on finishing up the backlog animations, but I thought it would be nice to keep things fresh for you guys (and for me!) with a little fun on the side in between classroom changing scenes.

Hope you're all keeping the sag at bay!


Professor Zeph on changing duty

Mon Apr 8 15:08:46 2019

The animation is done and attached below! Just unzip the files and open the .htm page and you should be good to go! Apologies to you kiddos browsing on your phones: Patreon doesn't support Flash files yet, so there's no real way to make these mobile-accessible.

It wound up taking double long to get this one together because I needed to redo both characters, but hopefully from now on I'll only need to do one or the other depending on whether the person's asking for the Big or Little slot!

As always, super thanks for your patience, and look forward to more backlog stuff going up soon, then it's on to ExCiTiNg NeW aDvEnTuReS!

zeph_mid-lesson_change.png zeph%20change.zip (d)

Nice hat (part 2)

Fri Mar 29 00:49:13 2019

He had it coming.


Nice hat, bro

Fri Mar 29 00:47:12 2019

Gosh, it's nice to have some time to draw again!

Expect some random fun quickies to go up as I chew through the backlog YCH's here over the next few. The plan is to be back on track by early April, if not quite the 1st of the month.

Thanks again and as always for your patience, and I hope getting some cute embarrassing and/or spicy naughty art here in the coming days makes up for the waiting!



Fri Mar 22 14:05:15 2019

Ooooh, buddies! Big work deadline at the end of this week, and then I've got some time off here, and I'm gonna D R A W N E R D S .

I'm really looking forward to it. Stay tuned!

February refunds posted!

Mon Mar 11 12:07:54 2019

Hiya squirts,

The refunds are all sent out, so watch for those to come in over the next week or so!

Clicking through each of you to send those out, all your cute names and cute icons gave me a big smile, and knowing that all of you are along for the ride with me here makes me really happy. It's great having you, and I'm really looking forward to putting up some actual content soon! Got a couple quick sketches from when I was traveling a bit ago, and then I'll be turning to the backlog rewards here once work finally lets up in another week or so!

You guys are awesome πŸ―πŸ‘

Schedule update!

Thu Mar 7 22:59:03 2019

Hey kids,

It's looking like work should be lightening up around the middle of the month, so I hope to be able to start chewing through my backlog then to get things back on track for April!

In the meantime, look for those February refunds to be coming through in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience, and see you soggers soon!

Monthly Pupdate!

Fri Mar 1 02:23:49 2019

Hey kids!

Between work and travel, it's been another crunchy month here, so you know the drill. I'll be sending out refunds as payment comes in for February over the next week or so, and if I'm not able to get some art to y'all in March I might need to talk it over with you guys and figure out a new workload that's a bit more manageable alongside a full-time job. If it comes to that, I'll poll you guys about what you'd be interested in and what seems fair, but for now I'm hoping that this has just been an extra-busy stretch and we can be back to the old hijinks soon!

Meantime, a big thanks from me for sticking around and being patient, and I hope it's been an awesome month for all you little sog monsters ??

Traveling this week!

Mon Feb 18 10:36:13 2019

Hey kids,

Sorry for the long quiet here. I'm traveling the next week here, but I'll keep you guys updated once I'm back!

Work is looking like it'll lighten up in March, so even if February winds up being a wash, we'll get back on track next month. Thanks again for your patience, and I hope it's been an awesome month for all you kiddos!

Little problems

Mon Feb 11 21:17:20 2019

Hey kids!

Just a quick sketch update here for now, and a huge thank-you for being patient! Work has been extra-busy lately and it's been a bit harder than usual to get the time to do fun stuff for you guys here. Progress is still being made in the background, but I figured you deserved a little something here to tide you over in the meantime!

Also, the refunds for January have all been issued. Patreon says those will take 5-7 days to process, so it may be another week or so before those funds find their way back to your wallet, but rest assured they're on their way!

Stay awesome and, when possible, stay dry ?β˜”οΈ


I'm canceling January ?❀️

Tue Jan 22 21:00:41 2019

Hey kids!

It's been an extra-busy stretch for me with work here and I just haven't been able to turn to art stuff as much as I'd like. I super appreciate your patience, but I also want to make sure I'm being fair to you guys, so once the February payments go through at the start of next month, I'll be sending out refunds for January.

I still hope to get some time here in a bit to churn through the backlog, but I also don't want to have to worry about *adding* to it when I'm not in a position to be clearing it out.

You all are the best, and I hope your years are off to a great start! I can't wait to get up to all kinds of embarrassing fun with you soon.


Sat Jan 12 09:43:11 2019

Hey kids!

Work has picked up for me here, so I'm a bit behind in churning through my backlog here. My plan right now is that if I'm not able to get a bunch of art stuff done by the end of the month, I'll probably do another skipped month for February (and send out refunds to all my current patrons, of course!) and use that time to get back on top of things.

I know it's still disappointing to have to wait longer for new art to turn up, but I want to make sure I'm being as fair as possible to you guys while I work with the time resources I have available to me here. I really appreciate your support and want to make sure you're all getting a fair deal in return!

Thanks as always for your patience, and I hope you'll enjoy the new content as I'm able to produce it ??

Changing time with Zephyrlot - WIP

Tue Jan 8 01:23:15 2019

I figure the least I can do is post a few in-progress shots as I go!



Mon Jan 7 22:02:15 2019

Hey kids!

It's been a bit quiet here because the last couple of animation YCH's have been for the teacher bear slot in that back-to-school animation, so I've also had to draw and re-rig a new kiddo before I can start drawing and rigging the big guys. The good news is that now that the kid is done, both slots will be easy to handle in the future! But yeah, it's meant slower going than usual here. Apologies for that!

I'll have those up soon, and we can get cracking on January!

Ollie's ready to go!

Sat Dec 29 05:37:31 2018

The winner of December's sticker donated the slot to a buddy, so here's Ollie lookin' cute and ready for adventure!

You can add him to your collection at: https://t.me/addstickers/ollypuddlepup

Next up, the YCH animations!


BaltNWolf's ready to go!

Wed Dec 26 16:56:49 2018

Hey kiddos, hope your Christmases were fun. Here's the first of the arts that'll be going up over the next week here as I get all caught up.

You can grab this eager pup at: https://t.me/addstickers/baltpuddlepup

Have a great day!


Merry Christmas, kiddos!

Tue Dec 25 18:54:08 2018

Hope your holidays are fun and that you all get what you asked Santa for! (Unless you were naughty, in which case I hope he gives you exactly what you need)

Art should be coming in the next couple days!

December YCH shenanigans!

Fri Dec 21 05:34:15 2018

Hey kids,

Sooo my bookkeeping here is apparently sloppy. I wound up announcing that it was Kit Wolf's turn for December's animation YCH without remembering that Kit had already had a go during jocks vs. nerds month!

He'll still get the new YCH because the error was mine, but in the interest of fairness and making sure new people are getting turns each month, I'm also opening the YCH up to the next Daddy on the list, too.

Next up on the list is Daddy Horse! Hit me up with a character reference and your choice of YCH animation and I'll add you to the Christmas queue, bud.

December YCH announcements!

Tue Dec 18 18:31:56 2018

Thanks for being so patient, kiddos!

This month, it's Kit Wolf's turn for the animation YCH, and it's Seth Iova's turn for the sticker!

Send me a message here with reference for the character you'd like to use, and let me know whether you want this month's animation (Santa spanks) / sticker (a soggy present), or if you'd prefer one of the prior month's offerings instead.

To everybody else, stay tuned as all these YCH's go up over the next couple weeks, and have a fantastic end of the year. All your support has helped to make 2018 a lot more fun than it would've been otherwise, and I appreciate the heck out of you all coming along for the crinkly ride!

Holiday cheer sticker

Tue Dec 18 18:26:43 2018

This year, give the gift that keeps on squelching ??

As always, you can grab the Puddles set at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup


Over Santa's lap

Sun Dec 16 20:26:48 2018

Hey kiddos!

If any of you wanted to know the quickest way onto the naughty list, leaving a big wet spot on Santa's lap is a great start. Hopefully a bright red bottom was at the top of that pupper's wish list, because he's getting the gift that keeps on making it hard to sit still.

I'll leave you guys in suspense on who'll be grinding away at ol' Saint Nick's giant palm for another couple days while I work on clearing out those YCH's from last month, and the December sticker sketch is on its way as well!

Stay tuned, and all you brats better start acting reaaal nice: not many days left to get on the big guy's good side!



Santa update!

Sat Dec 15 09:32:30 2018

Hey kids,

Just a little teaser here to say there are fun updates coming this weekend! I've got the Santa's lap pic pretty much sketched out, and I should have progress on last month's YCH's.

We'll have this train back on track in no time ????❀️?


December theme poll!

Mon Dec 10 05:43:27 2018

Hey kids, let's get this holiday party started!

I'll be banging out those November YCH's while you kiddos pick where we go from here ❀️

Lion delivery page 3!

Mon Dec 10 05:37:00 2018

As if Junior didn't have it bad enough without yet another embarrassment falling into his lap.



Finishing up!

Mon Dec 10 02:07:28 2018

Comic page is going up in just a couple hours here, after I give it one last polish pass.

Thank you all so much for your patience, you kids are lovely and I appreciate it so much!

Comic update!

Mon Dec 3 13:27:14 2018

Spent the weekend working on finishing up the comic page and I'm down to cleaning up the last couple of panels! I'd really wanted to finish it today, but not at the expense of rushing it and not liking the result. Hopefully you big kids can all be patient for another day or two!

Seriously though, thanks for hanging with me through this busy stretch! Your support means a lot. Hope it was a productive weekend for all of you as well ??


Comic update!

Sat Dec 1 00:42:17 2018

Hey kids!

Just a heads-up to say that the comic page should go up this weekend, and I'll be able to get on the YCH's next week. Thanks for your patience as I get caught up here post-travels!

November YCH's!

Tue Nov 27 15:15:00 2018

Hey kids!

Back from the holidays here and busy finishing up the comic page, so it's time to get the YCH's rolling.

For this month's Daddy, it's Zephyrlot's turn!

Aaand for our Big Kids, it's BaltNWolf's turn!

Send me a message here with reference of the character you'd like me to use, and let me know which of the animations (Zephyrlot) and which of the stickers (BaltNWolf) you'd like to pick, and I can get to work on those for you ???

Updates inbound!

Sun Nov 25 12:54:47 2018

Hey kids, flying back home after holiday travel today, so expect updates soon!

Hope everyone enjoyed their time at the kids' table this Thanksgiving. I know I'm thankful for all of you!

Lion comic p3 WIP!

Sun Nov 18 18:17:45 2018

Hey kids! Been a busy month, and holiday travel means it's only getting busier, but the comic page is coming together and I'm excited to share it with you guys as it does!

I'll also make a post here of the next people in line to get their choice of previous months' YCH sticker and animation, so stay tuned ??


November theme poll!

Mon Nov 5 02:14:46 2018

Hey kids, it's that time again. Good thing all your voting fingers are already primed and ready, what with November 6th just around the corner! So before all you American tykes go vote in the midterms, vote here for what you want to see this month.

Good luck!

Get ready!

Sun Oct 28 20:23:01 2018

Hey kids! We're pretending his Halloween costume is a back-to-school outfit and that this isn't happening a month later than it was supposed to!

As always, you can grab the Puddles pack at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup ??

This month it's Solarian's turn for a YCH sticker! Send me a message here with reference for the character you'd like to use, and let me know which of the stickers you want!


Loosening up

Sat Oct 20 20:23:59 2018

Professor Bear knows that new freshman can be nervous, what with all the classwork and being away from home for the first time, so he's always sure to help his students into something they can feel comfy and relaxed in. And he knows that those snug tail elastics can be uncomfortable for the bushy-tailed kids.

Thankfully, he also knows a thing or two about stretching out tight tail rings. There's a reason he's been voted the most popular prof on campus three years running!

mid-lesson_skunk_change.jpg skunky%20change.zip (d)

Butt up, skunky pup!

Thu Oct 18 21:34:00 2018

The drawing's done and animation's begun! I think this one's preeeetty cute, you guys.

Grab the attached movie for a quick sneak peek at what you can expect to see!

animation_wip_thumb.jpg skunky%20change%20wip.mp4 (d)

Mid-lesson change WIP

Mon Oct 15 18:27:53 2018

These guys are just about ready to animate! And that means it's just about time to announce the next Daddy on the YCH list...

It's Capricorn! Shoot me a message here with reference for the character you'd like me to use, and also let me know whether you'd like this new animation or one of the previous months', and I can get on that!


Mr. Bear WIP

Sun Oct 14 15:21:37 2018

I'm trying out a softer shading style for more of an airbrushed look instead of the usual flat shading. It'll make animating a little trickier and it's a bit more time consuming, but I'm pretty pleased with the results and I want to keep learning and growing and giving you guys my best here.

I hope to have the drawing finished and ready for animation tomorrow, so stay tuned for more updates soon!


Refunds posted!

Sat Oct 6 00:59:29 2018

Hey kiddos, the refunds have gone out! Here are a couple of quick notes on those, in case anyone has questions:

-Patreon can take 5-7 days to process refunds, so if it doesn't show up immediately, don't panic!

-Patrons were refunded for September using October's payments, just so anyone who decreased their support amount this month still gets paid back fully for their September support!

-I was unable to issue a couple of refunds because your payment was declined. Patreon may retry that and get it to go through at a later date, or you may need to get in touch with your bank if it continues to show your status as declined. I still love you, though!

If you've got any other questions, I'll do my best to answer! In the meantime *cracks knuckles* let's get drawing on some DIAPERS ??

One extra-sog raccoon dog!

Sun Sep 30 19:34:00 2018

Finished up the animation of Cobalt's cute tanuki! Let's just say that after a quick dip in the pool, he's feeling really *swell* ??

More updates to follow soon. Have a great weekend, kiddos!

pooltime%20fun.zip (d)

Small edit!

Fri Sep 28 20:15:17 2018

In my last post about the refund, I said I'd be refunding September's payments, but I already transferred the money from this month out of my account so I don't have the funds to issue September refunds. Instead, I will be immediately refunding October payments as they come in! You should hopefully never even notice the money is gone.

This means it'll be another week or so before you guys get the refunds, but the end result is still that you're getting a free month to make up for the month of schedule slippage. Hopefully that sounds fair to everyone!

Thanks for being so wonderful, --Puddles ???

The Month That Never Was

Fri Sep 28 20:11:30 2018

Hey kids!

Due to work obligations I've been slipping behind a bit each month, and now my patreon is nearly a full month behind. I don't want to be charging anyone for content I'm not providing, so I've decided to go ahead and just refund everyone for next month (October) and we'll all pretend it never happened if that's okay with you guys.

This way I get a reset on my schedule and I'm not behind anymore and you guys don't get charged for nothin'. I super appreciate everyone's patience with me as things have slipped, but I think this is the fairest way of fixing that situation.

As always, if anyone has questions or concerns, ask away!

Slight change in YCH policy!

Sun Sep 23 20:28:12 2018

Hey kids, a couple of people have pointed out that picking the YCH winners by random selection doesn't comply with Patreon's terms of service, so I'm switching over to a sequential system. This will mean that everybody gets their chance in turn, and people won't be able to get a second YCH in the same category until we've done a full lap of eligible patrons. Hopefully that seems fair and works for everyone, as it's our only real option to keep things compliant here--and we're ALL about being good little cubs around here!

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. I want to make sure everybody feels confident that they know what and how they're supporting here. And as always, thank you all so, so much for your support! I'm working on animation stuff right now, and look forward to sharing more updates soon.


School poll!

Fri Sep 14 17:09:02 2018

Cast your vote here for which of the gold-star pupils from the last post is your favorite. The winner will turn into this month's animation, and the runner-up will get adapted into a sticker!

Back to school!

Fri Sep 14 16:39:55 2018

I'm sure you kids will get along just great with your new classmates, even if you are twice their age.

Had some fun sketching here. A poll will go up soon where you guys can vote on what you want to see developed further into September's sticker and animation!


September theme poll!

Mon Sep 10 18:12:00 2018

Hey kids! While I'm working on August's animation, why don't you guys pick where we head to next?

Holding up

Fri Sep 7 14:58:08 2018

You guys have been super patient with me, so here's a bonus image just for being awesome!


Pooltime YCH

Fri Sep 7 21:35:00 2018

Hey kids, refined the animation here a bit and it's close enough to where I want it to announce the YCH winner.

...It's ColbaltFoxie! Shoot me a message here with character reference, and then let me know if you want to dive into this month's dripping wet animation or if you'd prefer one of the previous YCH animations instead.

Then with that out of the way, we can jump into picking the theme for September! Stay tuned for that poll in the next few days.

swimsuit%20tug%20wip.zip (d)

Little swimmer sticker

Mon Aug 27 22:21:01 2018

Summer may be nearing its end, but there's till time to strap on that swim diaper and take a dip!

That's doubly true if you're the lucky YCH winner for this month...Riley H! Grab your water wings and shoot me a message here with character reference for who you'd like to see jumping into the deep end, bud. Or, if you prefer one of the other stickers instead, let me know which one you'd like!

And for everyone else, you can join Puddles by the poolside with the same link as always: https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup


Pool pals to pick!

Fri Aug 24 21:43:14 2018

Hop on the poll below to choose your swim buddy!


Pick your pool pal!

Fri Aug 24 21:39:44 2018

I'll be putting up a sampler platter of cute swimmers in just a second here. First choice gets turned into August's animation, runner-up gets adapted into the sticker!

Dunked Goldie

Sun Aug 19 21:09:36 2018

Eat basketball, nerd!

And unless there's a whole lot of movement on that poll in the next day or so, it's looking like we're all headed to the pool, so slap on some sunscreen and grab your noodles!

dunked_goldie.jpg dunked%20goldie.zip (d)

August theme poll!

Sat Aug 18 17:11:01 2018

All right, kiddos, let's see what the rest of the month is going to hold! It seems like people have been enjoying the comic, but I know some people also want animations. The comic crowd's won two months in a row, so in the interest of fairness, let's throw the animation kids a bone this time!


...Which means it's time to vote on a theme!

Hypno sticker: Theo edition!

Thu Aug 16 17:31:35 2018

This pup is an extra, EXTRA good listener.

Just head to https://t.me/addstickers/theopuddlepup to drag him off and have some fun with the padded pooch!


Delivery! page 2

Tue Aug 14 23:33:00 2018

And here's the second page done!

I think I need to find a new way to handle line work, because the time it takes to get from zero to rough lines (like the bear WIP I posted) and is about the same as the time it takes to get from that to this, and as picky as I am about the cleanup pass, I'm just not sure the difference is worth posts going up late. What do you guys think?

In any case, I hope you enjoy this, and we'll put up a poll for what comes next, well... next! Stay tuned, and stay dry, kiddos.


Almost done!

Mon Aug 13 22:01:01 2018

Really happy to be nearly done with this page -- just a couple more hours of cleanup and it'll be ready to go up. Thanks to everyone for your patience, and hopefully you'll enjoy the results!

Lion comic p2 WIP - more of this guy!

Mon Aug 6 23:57:00 2018

I've been trying to learn how to draw a bear that looks like a bear instead of a lumpy dog, and I think I'm starting to get the shapes down!

Thanks so much for hanging in there as I work on these, you guys. I really want to use them as a way to push myself to learn and grow, but I also totally get that you're here to see stuff get posted. I should have another WIP or two to share on this, then the page will be done and up hopefully by the end of this week!

You're the best ???


Lion comic p2 WIP - Bears, oh my!

Sat Aug 4 05:48:05 2018

Expect more updates on this in the next couple of days -- just finished up a few big work obligations here and I hope to concentrate on getting this done next!

Hope you kids are all keeping cool out there. Remember to stay hydrated!


Lion comic p2 WIP!

Tue Jul 31 21:50:27 2018

Oh the things you could do for us boys today, liondad...


July YCH's!

Fri Jul 27 23:03:57 2018

Time to see who gets the YCH animation and stick for July! The benevolent wizards at Google decree that...

The sticker slot goes to... Theo Haws!

And Julys lucky Daddy is... Goldfoxie!

Big congrats to these little folks! Send me a message here with character reference for who you'd like drawn, as well as letting me know which one of the past stickers (Theo) and animations (Foxie) you'd like your character in!

August will be here before we know it! The second page of the lions comic is entering into the coloring phase, and I'll have some fun teasers to share from that shortly. Stay cool and stay dry, kiddos!

Giddyup Rethex!

Sun Jul 15 19:35:00 2018

Here's the finished YCH animation for Rethex!

We'll have the drawing for July's slots coming up soon, as well as some progress shots as the next comic page comes together, so stay dry and stay tuned!

giddyup_rethex.jpg rethex_giddyup.zip (d)

Gosh, you guys ????

Sun Jul 8 20:23:01 2018

It looks like we're going for another comic page!

I definitely pushed myself to make the first one as nice as I could for you guys, and it's really sweet and rewarding to see that you guys are enjoying it. Your response has been super kind, and it makes me excited to keep going with these boys!

Thank you so much for the support and the encouragement. It really does mean a lot!

July poll!

Sat Jul 7 23:33:24 2018

Okay! First off, let's decide whether we want to keep going with the lions comic, or whether we want to jump back to a new animation and sticker for the month!

Delivery! page 1

Sat Jul 7 20:23:01 2018

Finally finished the page! It's one of the more ambitious things I've done and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. I hope you guys all like it, too!

I'll be posting some polls to decide July's content soon, so stay tuned for those and get your voting fingers ready! In the meantime, enjoy watching this little guy squirm ????


July update!

Wed Jul 4 23:20:00 2018

Hey kids! I'm working on finishing up the comic page(s) from last month over the next couple days, and once those go up I'll hold the poll for July where you can decide whether to continue the comic this month, or jump back to an animation!

Thanks for sticking with me, and a happy 4th to the Americans out there!


Lion comic WIP - more of this thing!

Sat Jun 30 19:35:00 2018

Dadlion lettered in seat-cupping back in undergrad. He is a champion seat-cupper.


Lion comic WIP - color!

Fri Jun 29 01:57:52 2018

This is what the first step of color looks like for me! I kind of combine the sketch cleanup and rough color steps, so I'm picking out the colors I want everything to be and also starting to refine the lines a bit (although they're still super jittery and gross because Photoshop doesn't seem to like my tablet).

Once this step's done, it's on to final cleanup where I make everything nice and pretty ✨??✨


June YCH's!

Thu Jun 28 19:35:00 2018

It's almost July, but we can't let the month end without finding out who's getting June's sticker and YCH animation! So without further ado, take it away Google RNG elves!

The sticker slot goes to... Sharon Letorneau!

And this month's lucky Daddy is... Rethex!

Congrats to you both! Send me a message here with character reference for who you'd like drawn, as well as letting me know which one of the past stickers (Sharon) and animations (Rethex) you'd like your character in!

And for everybody else, July's just around the corner! Stay tuned for blushy lion fun in the meantime ??

Lion comic WIP

Tue Jun 26 22:21:01 2018

I've got the page all sketched out and I'm starting to clean it up and it's preeeetty squirmy stuff.

More to come over the next couple days, plus we'll be announcing the YCH animation and sticker winners, so stay tuned for those as well.

I'm getting this patreon back on schedule if it kills me!


Going batty

Tue Jun 19 22:45:00 2018

And here's the bonus YCH animation PaddedBat got because May's animation ran late.

Thanks for your patience, and I'm looking forward to getting to work on that comic now. Lions ahoy!

hypno-bat.zip (d)

Like a bandaid for the brain

Sun Jun 17 21:36:34 2018

Here's the hypno animation for Bandaid Roo!

Just unzip the file and open the .htm file to view the flash file. I'm hoping it works smoothly for everybody, but it's been a bit finicky in the past. If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll find another way to get this guy out!

Thanks as always, and have a veeeery relaaaaxing day!

hypno-roo.zip (d)

Bandaid Roo and the Relaxation Station - WIP

Tue Jun 12 21:30:57 2018

Last month's animation is nearly inked and ready to animate! I'm trying my best to claw back onto schedule here, and your patience in the meantime means a ton to me. Thanks so much, and look forward to more updates soon!


June theme poll!

Thu Jun 7 21:30:13 2018

So after correcting for people who voted both FOR and AGAINST comics (and you know who you are), it wound up being about a 5-to-1 vote in favor of sprinkling some comics into the mix here and there, which is enough for me to say let's give it a try! If the comic doubters out there read through the first couple and are won over, that's great. If it turns out I'm terrible at comics and nobody enjoys it, we can collectively agree to never speak of it ever again.

...Which means the June theme poll is about what kind of comic you want to see me start! This will run through next Monday, so be sure to cast your vote by then!

May YCH animation!

Sat Jun 2 14:19:37 2018

Now that it's June...here's May's YCH animation! Went a little higher-tech than the old pocket watch on a string this time around, for the sci-fi kids out there interested in wetter living through technology.

The lucky Daddy whose butt is winding up in our fancy relaxation station here is... Pro Husky! You have the option of being in this animation, or any previous monthly YCH animation of your preference, so send me a message with your choice and a character reference and we can get started!

And for the bonus Daddy drawing to make up for running late this month, it's... PaddedBat! Same goes for you, kiddo: send me a note here with which animation you'd like and a character reference and we're ready for takeoff.


Comics poll

Fri Jun 1 18:17:21 2018

In the last post I outlined some ideas for different content I might provide here. Feel free to comment with your thoughts, but I figured I'd also put something up in poll form in case that's an easier way for you to provide some quick feedback!

June update!

Fri Jun 1 18:08:10 2018

Hey kids, a couple of things to tell you about here. The back half of May slipped through my fingers as I'm getting over a cold here, and I want to let you know the sketch for May's animation will go up later today. To make up for it being late, I'll also be running a second animation YCH where a Daddy can get their character put into any previous animation they choose. You guys' support means a lot to me, and I want you to feel that in the content you get here.

As just one example of what your support means, I wanted to share that I've been dealing with chronic back and neck pain for awhile, and starting this patreon and receiving the amazing support you all have given has let me start some physical therapy for that. I was hoping when I started this that it would be a fun way to interact with cool people and that it would push me to make art more often than I would otherwise, but it's allowed me to do a lot more than that, and I'm really thankful. You guys are awesome!

I've been thinking up themes for June's theme poll, and I had a broader question for you guys. I kind of want to do a short comic with our nerd mouse and jock tiger. It could also be fun to do one with the lions, and I have a third one planned that involves some fun power exchange and size TF themes. The main thing that's stopped me from doing those is that my work schedule unfortunately won't allow me to make comics on top of the drawings and animations and stickers I already make here.

Which brings me to a question. Would people be interested in comics from me? Would you prefer I just stick with animations? If I were going to do a comic, would you be okay with having that month's animation winner get their choice of one of the YCH animations I've already done, as opposed to making a new animation for that month?

Let me know your thoughts! And in the meantime, just one more really big thank you from me for all the support and cute comments you've given, and for coming along on this wild ride with me! It means a lot.

Hypno sticker: Caiden edition!

Mon May 28 01:06:08 2018

Here's another very good, veeery obedient cub that you can grab for yourself at https://t.me/addstickers/caidenpuddlepup

May's been a crazy one for me, but the month's animation drawing will happen in the next day or two here! A huge thanks to everyone for your patience and your support.

You guys are fantastic ❀️



Sun May 13 22:14:01 2018

Uh oh, big guy!!!!!


New YCH sticker policy!

Fri May 11 15:52:51 2018

Hey squirts, I hope everyone's been enjoying the stickers so far. They've been a blast to make! Now that we've made a few of them, I've been thinking about making a little adjustment to the way I do the YCH stickers each month that I think you'll like.

As it stands now, I put out a new sticker each month and the winner gets a version made with their character. But what if you liked LAST month's sticker better? Well, it seems silly to say that you're stuck with this month's anyway: what's the fun in winning if you don't get what you want, right?

So I'm thinking that starting this month, sticker winners will get to choose any sticker from the Puddles pack to get redrawn with their character. I'll still make a new Puddles sticker each month, so the options will keep on growing, but now you'll get a little more say in what you get!

Sound good?

May YCH sticker!

Fri May 11 20:24:00 2018

Yes hypno, bro.

Our buddy here is off on a little brain-vacation. You can come along on the adventure by grabbing the Puddles pack here, if you haven't already.

And a new sticker post means more than just another little embarrassment for our mascot: it means it's YCH time! The random number oracle has picked Caiden as May's lucky pup. Shoot me a message here with reference for the character you'd like to use and which sticker you'd like them to appear in and we can get cracking on that for you!


Mousemerized WIP

Tue May 8 22:21:00 2018

I like this one, you guys. I think you're gonna like this one too.


Watering the lawn

Sat May 5 01:08:59 2018

Keeping the ball in the air like that requires a lot of concentration, which means Kit doesn't have a lot left to spend on...other things. But you don't get to be the team's #1 spending all your time worrying about going #1.

Besides, I'm sure coach'll take care of it eventually.

juggling_thumb.jpg kit-juggle.mp4 (d)

Put your goggles on, group

Fri May 4 19:34:01 2018

Hey kids, I'm putting the finishing touches on this puppy in the next day or so, then it's full speed ahead into the ~HyPnO zOnE~ so anybody who doesn't want their subconscious tickled and their bladders relaxed better get their sunglasses and earplugs ready now!

soccer%20juggling%20wip.mp4 (d)

Touchdown: Disel Edition

Wed May 2 22:23:04 2018

That's one more kid dressed, with a horde of hyper, half-naked cubs still waiting in the wings...

You can grab this happy pup at https://t.me/addstickers/diselpuddlepup !


April YCH sticker!

Sun Apr 29 20:29:15 2018

Some cubs like sports, others not so much, but cub-dressing is one athletic event every kid (and caretaker) is familiar with. As ever, you can grab the Puddles pack here, so put your hands in the air and get ready to get your getting-your-shirt-on on!

And speaking of KEEPING your shirts on, you guys have been super patient with me as things go up a bit later in the month this month, and I really appreciate it. That's also meant dragging out the suspense for April's sticker winner...but the random number generator's chosen Disel Husky! Disel, shoot me a character reference and we'll get you stickered up in no time.

Paws high, shirts on, can't lose.


Never mess with a nerd.

Wed Apr 25 22:46:00 2018

So it turns out, our little cheese-muncher has been doing a bit of reading on the side. Just a little extracurricular research project. Because the thing is, nerds are smart kids, and smart kids don't put up with problems for long. Smart kids solve problems.

He'd been looking into ways to fix his own potty problems for awhile now, but a certain tiger's starting to give him a few new ideas...

The question for you guys is: what's he reading? Go cast your vote in the poll!


May theme poll!

Wed Apr 25 22:47:00 2018

Hey folks! Some travel early this month bumped things back a bit, but that means the next week should be full of fun goodies! The animation and sticker will be going up soon, and I'm going to go ahead and kick off May's theme poll early so we can hit the ground running next month.

We already know that May is going to bring the NERD UPRISING where our chunky mouse gets his revenge on his stripey tormentor. What we don't know yet is how it all goes down. So...what was the book crinklesqueak was reading?

Soaky soccer WIP

Sun Apr 22 21:42:46 2018

Here's the little dribbler who'll be getting animated soon, unless Coach Dad calls a timeout for changies first!

At least the groundskeeper won't have to worry about watering the grass...


Soaky Soccer and April's Big Daddy

Sat Apr 14 08:54:49 2018

Hey, kids! Back from my travels here and surprise, surprise it looks like Revenge of the Nerds is dominating the polls. BUCKLE UP, TIGER BULLY. May's gonna be a rough month for the big stripey fella...

In the meantime, here's a sketch of this month's sporty animation! Lots of hopping and juggling plus short-shorts plus soaked, swollen padding means a whole lot of squishy bounce coming your way.

And April's lucky junior athlete will be Kit Wolfy! Kit, hit me up with a message here with character reference and we can get you off the bench and out on the field! If you prefer, I can make a shortless version instead, if you'd rather take the pitch in just your saggy D's. Let me know!

Once this guy's done, we'll get the month's sticker rolling, so everybody stay tuned for that and in the meantime, try to stay dry amid those pesky April showers!


?Sweet or Spicy? NERD EDITION

Sun Apr 8 20:23:01 2018

Called out in the halls, paraded around the locker room with his crinkles on display, our little mousey has had a heck of a week.

Some say the little guy had always had a thing for humiliation and he'd finally found the hunk of his dreams to mash all his deliciously embarrassing buttons. Others say it was bullying, plain and simple, but that the tubby junior mathlete had his own plans for ending the torment...or at least HIS torment.

As for which account is the truth, well, that's for YOU to decide. Choose your own adventure, nerds!

"Guys look, it's the Lion King!"

Sat Apr 7 00:45:22 2018

And then he paraded the little guy around the locker room and out onto the field. As for what happened after that, well, that'll be for you guys to decide once the poll goes up.

I'm traveling next week, so the animation and sticker will be starting a little later this month, but hopefully this is enough to tide you over till I'm back!


"Hey, fellas!"

Tue Apr 3 23:54:31 2018

Hi all, I'm thinking of changing a few things this month to keep things fresh (heh). This is a sneak peek at the next pic to go up, and instead of voting on an April theme, the YCH sticker and animation will be the jock side of things after March's nerdfest. Get ready, all you sporty tykes!

Instead, April's poll will go up once this piece is finished, and you guys will be voting on the fate of these two's relationship in a choose-your-own-adventure segment I'm calling ?SWEET? or ?SPICY? which will tie in to May's theme poll!

Hopefully a mix of voting for theme and voting about how stories progress sounds fun for you guys. Let me know in comments what you think!


Kai gets hoisted

Mon Apr 2 06:24:28 2018

Gosh now the whole school's going to know Kai's crinkly little secret!!!

You can spread the story even further by grabbing the sticker pack at https://t.me/addstickers/kaipuddlepup and sending it to all your friends. How embarrassing!

April's theme poll and a new sketch will be going up shortly. Thanks for your patience, kiddos!


March sticker!

Mon Mar 26 23:56:00 2018

Howdy, nerds. A bit of travel last weekend meant this didn't get finished until a bit later in the month, but here's the new sticker in action.

Please remember to bully responsibly.

Also, my handy Nerd Detector has chosen Kyle Kurtz as this month's sticker winner! Kyle, sent me a message with your character reference and I'll get you hoisted up as our next padded piΓ±ata here!


Nice undies, nerd.

Sat Mar 17 16:13:59 2018

"You're coming with me, brains. We're going for a little walk."

Finished this guy up. Next on the list is March's sticker, so stay tuned for that soon!


Get dunked animation

Mon Mar 12 01:17:22 2018

The team thought they'd invite Karo to practice: they work on their shots, he practices his dribble.

As these animations get more elaborate, it's getting less practical to export them as gifs, so I'm going to try attaching a file in a video format instead! Let me know how that works for you guys, or if you have any troubles viewing it. We're a kinky crowd here, we'll work the kinks out together.

And thanks as always for your support!

dunked_karo.jpg puddlepup%20dunked.mp4 (d)

Well will you look at what we got here

Thu Mar 8 23:46:00 2018

Looks like the jig's up, four-eyes.


Get dunked, nerds!

Tue Mar 6 00:56:59 2018

The kings of campus have spoken and March is the month to show all you little know-it-alls you don't look so clever with your smarty pants down around your smarty ankles!

This champion dribbler is getting animated this month, and the random number generator has picked Karo as March's big daddy! Karo, send me a message with your character's description and we'll have balls flying at your face in no time.

And for everyone else, we'll get the sticker for this month going soon, plus a bully-tastic picture starring a new pair of characters!


March theme poll!

Tue Feb 27 01:30:35 2018

Get your voting fingers ready kids, because March is nearly upon us and that means it's theme time once again! I'll let two of the runners-up from last month duke it out with a couple fresh options.

This will run through the 5th, so be sure to cast your vote by then!


Sun Feb 25 20:34:00 2018

"Uhh, this is fun and all, but how do I get off when I'm done?"

"You got it backwards, stripes: you're not done till you get off."

It may take him awhile to learn to climax hands-free just from riding that monster, but practice makes perfect. It doesn't matter if the horse throws you, buddy. You just get back in that saddle.


Ready to rock

Fri Feb 23 01:01:00 2018

This stripeybutt's all drawn and ready to start animating! Now comes the hard part, for him and me both...


Feeding Cargo

Mon Feb 19 22:01:00 2018

Here's February's sticker for Cargo, or for anyone with a talky woozle in their life that could use a little plugging up every now and again!

The telegram link for this guy is https://t.me/addstickers/cargopuddlepup


The morning ritual

Sat Feb 17 00:59:59 2018

Dad lion does his best to hit the ground running each morning with some pep in his step and spring in his whiskers, but he's up against a grumpy kid who always wakes up some combination of sleepy, hungry, and soggy. But when it comes down to a battle of wills between these two, I think they both know who's going to win it every time and spoilers: it ain't a fussy cub.


Feeding time sticker

Sun Feb 11 21:36:06 2018

Open wide kids, the February sticker is here! Our boy Puddles is modeling for now, but after today's lucky number drawing, it's going to be Cargo getting a mouthful of simmer down.

Cargo, message me with a reference of the character you'd like and I can get on that! Also let me know if you have a preference for bib pattern. It can be a little animal buddy, or text.

In the meantime, if anybody wants to use this Puddles sticker, you can add him at https://t.me/addstickers/puddlepup


Here it coooomes...

Sat Feb 10 01:00:00 2018

Junior's always cranky first thing in the morning, but his pops is here to make sure he doesn't miss the most important meal of the day.

Looks like green slop's on the menu today. Delicious.


Choo-choo incoming

Thu Feb 8 05:37:30 2018

Guess who's back for feeding time?


February's Big Daddy

Thu Feb 8 05:29:48 2018

The poll is over, and it's official: February will be a month of feasting! Whether you voted for feeding time or a different theme, thanks for participating in the poll, and a huge thanks for your support.

And the random number generator has spoken. That rocking horse is going to be sat under Ro's behind! Congratulations Ro, and to everyone else, there's still February's sticker coming up. I hope to have the base for that up in the next day or two and we'll have our second drawing to see who it'll be!

Ro, message me with your character reference and we'll get you on that sticky saddle.

Your steed awaits

Sat Feb 3 03:16:48 2018

One of you lucky daddies is about to mount up! The drawing will happen at the end of the 5th, same day as the monthly theme poll ends. In the meantime, I'll get to work on the month's sticker!

Also, I'm trying out a cleaner line style here, to see if I like the look (and whether it's worth things taking twice as long, haha). Let me know what you think! And especially if you had to choose between more frequent art or art with this line style, which would you prefer?


February theme poll!

Tue Jan 30 23:58:07 2018

The month's off to a rocky start with our buddy on horseback, and now it's up to you guys to decide where things go from there.

The poll will stay up through the end of Feb 5th -- cast your vote today!

Giddyup! (in progress)

Sun Jan 28 00:27:55 2018

Thanks again for your support! Here's the sketch I'm currently working on. Once the drawing's done I'll be animating it, because how could you not take a sweet rocking horse like this for a long, hard ride?


Saddle up!

Sat Jan 27 23:16:19 2018

Howdy, pardners! I'm still moving in here, but here's a sneak peak at what's in the works for this space. The finished drawings I do will show up here a full month before they go up anywhere else, and I'll also be posting sketches and in-progress shots as I go, available to all patron tiers.

The next tier up will get to vote on upcoming content, and also get access to my animations and sneak peeks at the roughs as I work on those, too. Then higher-tier patrons get access to all that, plus a chance at getting their character as a telegram sticker or in an animation!

However much you decide to pledge, I hope you'll enjoy the work that goes up here, and that you know how much I appreciate your help as I try to make creating art a bigger part of my schedule. You guys are the best!