Tails CD Pre-Alpha Engine Work

Sun Oct 25 17:07:25 2020

It's starting to come together! :)

https_www.patreon.com_media-url_aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9NX21jWUs5ajdaRS9tYXhyZXNkZWZhdWx0LmpwZw (d)


Mon Oct 19 07:19:51 2020

Getting graphics assembled into an engine test! The text also types itself out, along with graphical fades on the art. Working in Picodrive!


WIP Sally/Tails Animation Continued

Fri Oct 9 08:34:08 2020


Sara, After Sex Scene WIP

Thu Oct 8 16:04:47 2020


WIP Sally/Tails Animation

Thu Oct 8 01:58:40 2020

More to come!


Eat An Acorn

Thu Oct 8 01:24:13 2020

WIP of Sally/Tails scene

unknown_5.png unknown_6.png

WIP Sally, Animation Planning

Sun Oct 4 07:05:40 2020

Some more project work stuff!

sallywip1.PNG unknown_1.png unknown_2.png unknown_3.png unknown_4.png

Sally After Oral

Thu Oct 1 04:14:16 2020


Tails CD

Wed Sep 30 00:44:28 2020

Hey patrons! I have a new project in the works - a small visual novel in which Tails travels to parallel dimensions and meets some girls, haha! The visual novel will work on the Sega CD. I hope that after making this little adventure it will open the door to much larger ideas on the Sega CD!

5.png 5.png 1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

Commission Preliminary Sketches

Mon Aug 24 06:14:48 2020

All the preliminary sketches for commissions in the queue @ trello.com/b/SqZOGA6K


Rock WIP

Mon Aug 24 04:48:38 2020



Mon Aug 24 04:07:30 2020

I'm very sorry about my lack of updates the past couple of months. Events have come to pass that have made it difficult for me to keep up with the tasks of maintaining a steady schedule with Patreon. I gratefully appreciate the support you all have given me up until this point, regardless of my having not posted much for you to look at the past several months.

This is something that I am working on to change. I have recently took it upon myself to take commissioned works very seriously, in an attempt to support myself month-to-month with rent and general bills. It also has doubled as incentive to produce more work for myself and for you all in general, to make something more of my skill.

As far as Patreon is concerned, the future in which it holds for NSFW artists is on very shaky ground at this time. As such, I will be changing this into a tip jar while posting works that I create for people to access. As much as I've loved making pixel art, the time and effort that goes into the weekly pixel art I would create is very taxing (25~30 hours for the "painterly" style). I have had to stop working my day job due to family and economical circumstances, so it is my hope that I may be able to keep going with these commissions to, again, support myself financially.

I have made a Trello with information regarding my commissions, as well as a public queue to keep track of my work. If you would like to access it, please visit trello.com/b/SqZOGA6K to see my commission information.

Thank you for being so supportive of my ongoing creativity. ❤️

Prints Now Available!

Mon May 25 22:29:39 2020

Hey there! I've gotten together with Adorapup to publish my works as prints! There's lots of potential in physical goods that I can bring to the table, now that this is available as a source. Check out what's available @ https://adoreapup.com/a/is!

Lupe Binary Art

Thu May 14 21:34:46 2020

Instead of pixel art for this character, I decided to do this piece in binary, like an oekaki. I also slapped my old name from my oekaki days on it for kicks haha! Enjoy. :)

lupe.png lupe.png lupe.png lupe.png lupe.png

Krystal .ZIP

Thu May 14 21:33:04 2020

zip.png krystal.zip (d)


Thu May 14 21:28:24 2020

Commission for StartARiot


Bunnie Rabbot (.ZIP)

Sat Apr 25 23:53:06 2020

Contains sketch, ink, original resolution images, as well as .PSD! Enjoy!

zip.png bunnie.zip (d)

Bunnie Rabbot

Sat Apr 25 23:23:36 2020

A birthday present for a friend of mine, as they have been extremely cool to me. Enjoy!


Pixel Klonoa

Sat Apr 11 15:48:15 2020

Winner of character thread #7!

klonoa.png klonoa.png klonoa_x200.png klonoa_x200.png klonoa.png

Character Suggestion TIE

Fri Apr 10 02:00:59 2020

Ok guys! You know the drill! The character to be voted on in the next 30 minutes wins!

Suggestion Thread Ending!

Thu Apr 9 02:08:06 2020

Just a reminder that the suggestion thread ends tomorrow night at 10pm ET! Get your suggestions/votes in!!!


Weekly Character Thread #8

Fri Apr 3 07:13:30 2020

$1 Tier = +1 vote for your posted character
$5 Tier = +5 votes for your posted character
$10 tier = +10 votes for your posted character

Click here to see previous suggested characters on 1-month cooldown!


❤️ Good luck! ❤️

Suggestion Reminder!

Thu Apr 2 02:29:18 2020

You have until Thursday Night, 11:59PM ET to get your suggestions and votes in! That's one day left!!!

Tails (.ZIP)

Tue Mar 31 07:14:37 2020

Includes PSD, final render, HD, inks, & sketches!

zip.png tails.zip (d)

Tails (commission)

Tue Mar 31 07:11:02 2020

Commission for a friend!


Weekly Character Thread #7

Fri Mar 27 18:33:46 2020

$1 Tier = +1 vote for your posted character
$5 Tier = +5 votes for your posted character
$10 tier = +10 votes for your posted character

Click here to see previous suggested characters on 1-month cooldown!


❤️ Good luck! ❤️

Pixel Mina

Fri Mar 27 03:46:04 2020

Sorry guys, this one has been LONG since overdue, I know, I know! But here she is, pixel Mina, as won back in November!

Expect me to get back into the swing of pixel art character voting again! Sorry it's taken a while, but I appreciate your patience with me, as well as your continued support. I really, really appreciate you! <3

mina1_original.png mina1_original.png mina1x300.png mina2_x300.png mina2_original.png

Kick Combo Pre-Vis

Fri Feb 21 03:17:10 2020

Trying to get a feel for what her kick combo will look like in sprite form before I get into the nitty gritty of animating!


Happy Valentine's Day! (Update)

Fri Feb 14 05:03:15 2020

Hello friends! So while I've been getting my bearings straight, I received an offer from a friend of mine, Kaitou3D. He proposed that we could start back on High-Rise Heist, using his coding knowledge of Unity. We talked for a couple months about it, and now development has started ramping up again on a one level demo. So... she's back on, boys and girls!

While doing some re-organizing of the project to set it up for working with Kaitou, I've been working on the first area tileset again. I still have a lot of work ahead of myself on the tiles, but I've made a huge dent in it the last 3 days!

I also have the pleasure of working with Oolay-Tiger for voice and lines for Rouge herself. For music, we now have RoBKTA on board! If you'd like to take a listen to some work-in-progress audio, check out the attachments!

Thanks for sticking with me, and I look forward to bringing you more exciting updates as they happen. Oh! And I hope you've enjoyed the Sonic movie. I thought it was fun, with heartfelt story of friendship and self-discovery.


assets.PNG hrh_title_mix.mp3 (d) Event_Loop_A.mp3 (d)

Game Over (Source)

Sat Feb 1 17:36:40 2020

zip.png rock_gameover_270120.zip (d)

Game Over

Sat Feb 1 17:32:37 2020

Bad end. :(

Or... good end? :)


Low Poly Honey (Source)

Sat Feb 1 17:14:10 2020

zip.png honey.zip (d)

Low Poly Honey

Sat Feb 1 17:08:20 2020

You can view the SFW/NSFW poses of Honey here!




Rain World (.zip)

Thu Jan 9 23:39:09 2020

zip.png rainworld.zip (d)

Rain World

Thu Jan 9 23:10:40 2020

I wanted to do a safe for work piece of a game I fell in love with, Rain World. There is something super amazing about this game, as it is a crafted work of art of it's own.


Happy New Year 2020! (finished)

Wed Dec 25 06:07:51 2019

Here you guys are! Also, attached is the ROM in which you can try out on your own emulator. Merry Christmas, and happy NEW YEAR!!! Enjoy!

1.jpg amy_newyear2020.zip (d) https_pbs.twimg.com_ext_tw_video_thumb_1209712208072060928_pu_img_WOJ1NcDfvPbGKZcZ.jpg

Happy New Year! (gif)

Sun Dec 22 21:20:19 2019

Here's the New Year image! I plan to work with two other friends, with Masaki putting this on a Sega Genesis ROM, and Bigredzed doing a jazz remix of Amy's theme playing, and maybe a few more effects!


Happy New Year! (WIP)

Mon Dec 16 04:57:21 2019

Work in progress of something a little special in store for everyone...


Amy Sketch

Sun Dec 8 17:09:30 2019

Trying out my new laptop's built-in Wacom digitizer. Not too bad for such a tiny stylus... though I think I'll have to get a Bamboo Feel stylus for better pressure detection.


Felicia ZIP

Thu Dec 5 06:05:24 2019

felicia_zip.png felicia.zip (d)


Thu Dec 5 05:57:42 2019

I really needed to do an illustration, and Felicia is a character I've personally wanted to draw for a really long time... enjoy!!!


Felicia (WIP)

Mon Dec 2 04:10:16 2019


Felicia (First Draft Sketch)

Tue Nov 26 15:20:09 2019


Polly Esther Pixel Art

Fri Nov 22 06:10:40 2019

Special delivery!

polly1_x200.png polly2_x200.png polly2_original.png polly1_original.png

Pause In Weekly Suggestions

Fri Nov 15 06:13:16 2019

Hey guys! I need to pause the suggestion threads just for a couple weeks. I am a bit behind on these, and I want to get through the last 3 I need to do.

Not to delve too far into my personal life, but I've been dealing with my dad being hospitalized for heart attack symptoms, as well as one of my molars being cracked and having to deal with the pain until my insurance kicks in after January. Thanks for understanding. ♥️

TIEBREAKER - Felicia VS Tikal

Fri Nov 15 05:09:16 2019

Place your votes! You have 30 minutes to decide the winner!

Polly Esther (Sketch)

Wed Nov 13 04:48:18 2019


Weekly Character Thread #6

Fri Nov 8 16:53:05 2019

$1 Tier = +1 vote for your posted character
$5 Tier = +5 votes for your posted character
$10 tier = +10 votes for your posted character

The character you suggest will have a 1 month cool down before it can be suggested again.

Click here to see previous suggested characters on 1-month cooldown!


Weekly Character Thread #5

Sat Nov 2 05:20:24 2019

$1 Tier = +1 vote for your posted character
$5 Tier = +5 votes for your posted character
$10 tier = +10 votes for your posted character

The character you suggest will have a 1 month cool down before it can be suggested again.

Good luck!!!

TIE! Polly Esther VS Sash Lilac! (30 MINUTE VOTE)

Sat Nov 2 04:37:42 2019

We're in overtime! Vote for which character goes to the drawing board! You have 30 minutes to vote! GO!!!

Wave Pixel Art

Fri Nov 1 04:17:54 2019

Purple bird!

wave1_x200.png wave2_x200.png wave1_original.png wave2_original.png wave_sketch.png

Upcoming Suggestion/Tier Changes

Fri Nov 1 03:52:05 2019

Hey there! So, starting next suggestion thread, I'm changing some stuff up about the threads and tiers, to greater benefit Patrons at different tiers.

Firstly, characters that you suggest can only be suggested once per month, meaning you can't suggest the same character for every thread. I will be creating a Google doc listing characters that have been suggested for that given month.

Second, I've had complaints about characters getting passed up due to their status in popularity, which is why I've decided to implement these changes, so that "unpopular" characters can have greater chances of succeeding.

The changes to the tiers will be as follows:

$1 Tier = 1 automatic vote on the character that you suggest

$5 Tier = 5 automatic votes on the character that you suggest

$10 Tier = 10 automatic votes on the character that you suggest

I've thought about and discussed this with Patrons, and hope these changes are satisfactory. Thanks for your support, and I look forward to making more content for you!

Suggestion/Voting Reminder!

Thu Oct 31 19:47:57 2019

Happy Halloween! Just an Instant reminder that you need to get those suggestions and votes in, as you've got until 12 AM tomorrow to get them in!


Wave WIP sketch

Tue Oct 29 03:52:11 2019

For the upcoming Wave pixel art pic


Character Suggestion Thread #4

Mon Oct 28 13:02:27 2019

Good luck!!!

Amy Pixel Art

Mon Oct 28 03:02:32 2019

Last week's winner, here you go! Sorry for the delay, busy week!

amy1_x200.png amy2_x200.png amy3_x200.png

Amy (sketch)

Sun Oct 27 22:07:42 2019

For upcoming pixel art!


Character Suggestion Thread #3

Fri Oct 18 13:34:11 2019


Good luck!!!

Vanilla Pixel Art

Thu Oct 17 02:21:34 2019

Winner of last week's vote!

>>> Get your suggestions/votes in for next week's character selection! <<<

vanilla_1x200.png vanilla_2x200.png vanilla_original1.png vanilla_original2.png vanilla_pixel_sketch.png

Character Suggestion Thread #2

Sat Oct 12 05:07:50 2019


Good luck!!!


Tue Oct 8 14:29:30 2019

There are two days left for you to suggest a character, or vote for one that has already been suggested! Click the link to go to the character suggestion thread!


Midna Pixel Art

Sun Oct 6 01:43:14 2019

Enjoy! 💖

midna1.png midna2.png midna1_original.png midna2_original.png

Midna Pixel Art (WIP)

Sat Oct 5 19:34:18 2019

Midna won last weeks character suggestion vote, so here's WIP pixel art of her!


Character Suggestion Thread 1

Sat Oct 5 18:02:41 2019

Hello friends! So I started this character selection thing in Discord last week, but I wanted to move it to Patreon's main site to be all-inclusive. So here's how this works:

•Any character from anything can be suggested.

Only use this thread to type a name.

•If you already see a character you want to suggest, or agree with that has already been suggested, please only react to the suggestion with the ❤️ reaction.

•If you comment with a character that has already been suggested, your comment will be deleted.

•Whatever character has the most reactions by Friday of each week will win and be turned into art!

Ok guys. Let's see how this goes. Good luck!!!

Midna Sketch

Sat Oct 5 04:24:55 2019


Amy Sauce!

Mon Sep 30 22:44:34 2019


Suggestion Discord Channel!

Mon Sep 30 19:06:09 2019

Hey guys! I want to inform you that I've made a channel in my Discord server for suggesting characters that I could turn into artwork. Whatever character is suggested the most for that week wins, and will be turned into art piece!

If you check it out, make sure to read the pinned message in #character-suggestions. 🍊


Mon Sep 30 12:46:59 2019

It seems that it's getting more and more risky to have certain art material posted on Patreon. I've been informed of Subscribestar, and if I were to move my material to Subscribestar, would you be willing to follow me there?

Recent Pixel Art

Sun Sep 29 20:17:35 2019

I made some recent pixel art of Cream. I don't want to risk angering the gods over pixel art of said character, so look for it on my twitter or galleries! 👀💦 http://twitter.com/isadultart

Quick Sketches

Mon Sep 23 03:06:08 2019

Had some ideas I wanted to get out quick!


Whisper Pixel Art

Sun Sep 22 21:09:27 2019

Here is some Whisper! <3 Also included is the original sizes and sketch!

whisper1.png whisper2.png whisper1_original.png whisper2_original.png whisper_sketch.PNG

Tangle Pixel Art

Sat Sep 21 21:47:56 2019

Needed to stretch the 'ol pixel muscle a little! Enjoy!

tangle1.png tangle2.png Capture.PNG

Batter Up (.ZIP)

Wed Sep 18 01:17:20 2019

PSD, sketch, ink, HD/Original size images inside!

ZIP_IMG.png batter_up.zip (d)

Batter Up

Wed Sep 18 01:08:30 2019

Been working on this for a while as much as I could. Enjoy!


High-Rise Heist Is Cancelled

Fri Sep 6 01:06:33 2019

Hey there. There's been so many hurdles in trying to get this game made. This past year has been an absolute challenge for me mentally and physically; after losing my fiancee, moving back in with my family to start my life over again, having to deal with the death of my aunt and my dad having a heart attack, programmers who didn't have financial stability or their lives taking them from the project... it's been hell. On top of all of that, being very unsure of the very nature of the project, being CND'd was something I had some concerns over. I thought that I could pull through regardless and make this a reality, but with my mental health having not been so great the past year, I must turn this page and move on to other ventures.

I will continue my pixel art and illustrations as usual. My mental health and physical well-being are coming to be in a much better place. I am very sorry for not being able to pull through with this project, as it was something I put a lot of my time and effort into trying to see come to fruition. In the future, I would like to learn something like Game Maker Language to create my own projects without the dependence on others to see projects through.

I appreciate your support through all of what I've experienced since I started this Patreon, and I hope that my future works bring you happiness and fun times.


Thu Aug 22 20:30:59 2019

Hey guys! I'm sorry about the delay in works. The past month I've been working really hard at work, finding a new place to live (which I have, and I am moving at the beginning of the month), and... in the mix of that all, I somehow broke my foot. Fun times! Once I'm out of pain, I'll be able to continue working on art. In the meantime... thank you so much for supporting me, and I look forward to giving you more Amy sauce, haha! :)

Mina 2

Sat Aug 3 23:43:13 2019

Edit: added shorts and cleaned up her hands a bit


Mina Traditional

Sat Jul 20 14:33:22 2019

Trying out new pens! Also, scanned!


Amy Traditional Sketch

Thu Jul 18 10:59:59 2019


DP Princess

Sun Jul 14 21:58:11 2019


Cboy Sonic (WIP)

Fri Jun 28 04:38:06 2019

Got the inking on him down, just doing some shadow work!


Now, Play Ball!

Mon Jun 24 03:11:52 2019

A sketch of the new baseball outfit Sonic is sporting! Also, happy birthday to Sonic!


VMU porn (Amy, Rouge, Cream)

Sat Jun 22 02:16:45 2019

Hey there! So I made a Dreamcast theme for my stream, with Visual Memory Units. At first, the VMU portion had a few images and some music-related stuff going on, but then I remembered that, a long time ago, I actually wanted to see if I could make some smut images using the resolution of the VMU. Here's the originals of that process!


HRH Title (WIP)

Tue Jun 18 05:30:35 2019

I wanted to make some progress on this and make it more realized. Will eventually be colored!


Honey (WIP)

Thu Jun 13 00:04:02 2019

Working on a Honey model!


Rouge Low Poly 3D Previews

Sat Jun 8 00:38:14 2019

Hey there! I got all the Rouge model poses uploaded, and ready to view. Beforehand I had to give only $5 Patrons a preview of the model using a very old program that read .ms3d models, and not very well at that. So here's proper previews for ya'll! ❤️





Amy Low Poly (.ZIP)

Thu Jun 6 02:22:43 2019

Here is the source files for the low poly model of Amy! Enjoy!

amy_2.png amy_low_poly.zip (d)

Low Poly Amy (Final), 3D Previews

Thu Jun 6 02:07:59 2019

Finally done touching her up! I've been learning so much with this model! I now know how to do fake shadows/lighting on the texture for better effect! It makes the models look more pleasing, I think. I've also found a site willing to host my 3D models with a 3D preview, so no more having to use an ancient program to preview the model poses. You can view them here-




Only you guys, as my Patrons, will be able to see the new stuff I upload. Eventually I will make viewing these models available to the public, but not for a while. :)


Low Poly Rouge (.ZIP)

Tue May 21 01:04:36 2019

Sorry for the delay! I've been working on fixing some issues with the models, as well as trying to find the easiest ways to show you guys them, Rouge included. Being that these are some of my first 3D models, I'm trying to make these look as good as I currently can! Included in the zip file is a .MS3D file viewer, along with a blender file of the model. I'm not too sure how to operate Blender at this moment, but I'm working on it! I'll be uploading Amy & Tails soon. :)

rouge_1.png rouge_low_poly.zip (d)

Model Pack 1 Delay

Thu May 2 04:28:06 2019

Hey guys! Just a quick update. There's a slight delay on the first model pack. I went to touch up the models, when I found out I have to watch my sister's kid for a couple of days, as well as it being her birthday, I'm spending a little time with her out and about. It shouldn't be too long of a wait!

There are some issues with some of the first models, regarding a few out-of-place vertices, joints, and UV mapping on some parts of the mesh on Bunnie and Rouge.

After touching up the first few models I will be making Honey the Cat! I figured that doing two cats back 2 back would be fun. After Honey, I will be starting votes with Warrior Feather patrons for upcoming models! Woo!

Thank you so much for your patience!!!

Blaze (WIP

Tue Apr 30 05:05:19 2019

A new model of BLAZE appears! On to the boss she goes...


Have you met my pet Rock?

Tue Apr 23 01:36:25 2019

Working on this model was a lot of fun! Next up- BLAZE!


Bunnie Rabbot (WIP)

Thu Apr 18 04:16:17 2019

"Let me take care'a that 'ol slippery one-eyed snake, sugah~..."

Still a work in progress! This one has been the most challenging, as Freedom Fighters have different proportions from their SegaSonic counterparts. I absolutely love and adore the Knothole, and the Freedom Fighters.

Also, I gave her a fleshlight for a vagina, because thicc metal hips need to dip!

More to come! :)


Bunnie Rabbot WIP

Wed Apr 17 03:41:25 2019

Modeling Bunnie Rabbot while I also touch up the first pack! She has a uh... fleshlight pussy! I thought it would be appropriate since she's, you know, half robot haha!



Mon Apr 15 13:23:51 2019

Amy Rose, now in low poly form! The final character for this first pack! I'll be touching up this model, along with Rouge and Tails! $5 Patrons will be receiving the source files for these models. :)



Wed Apr 10 04:14:27 2019

Can you help me pick up my tools?

WIP Tails model! More to come...


Content, And Another Name Change!

Mon Apr 8 04:30:02 2019

Ok, so hey! The name "Pollen" wasn't working out... so I decided to just go full on back to my original name, iS/InstantSonic, from before I was HotRed. This will be staying with me forever from this point forward, so... sorry for the name switches!

As for content, I've been working on some illustrations in which I will be posting soon! I also have taken the time to learn how to 3D model low poly models! Here is a WIP I've been working on the last 2 days of Rouge, inspired by the Megaman Legends style! When I am finished with this, I'll give you guys the source files!

Thanks for supporting my continued work! ❤️❤️❤️


New Name, Still The Same!

Fri Mar 8 18:18:30 2019

I've been thinking the last couple of months on what to change my name to, as I've felt it's time to give myself a refresh. And so finally, I've changed my name to "Pollen!" So just in case you're wondering why you're supporting someone named Pollen, well, it's still me, hotred! ♥️♥️♥️

HRH Update

Fri Feb 22 12:56:41 2019

Hey guys! I know it's been a minute since I posted. Let me give you a quick update on some work-in-progress assets. Here we have Rouge's finalized idle animation, Rouge's kick combo frames, Tails' idle animation, and the title screen!

I am going to continue working on these assets. Thank you for supporting me! I will make sure this project is something special.

Get Red Spheres .ZIP

Wed Jan 23 00:05:19 2019

Here's the zip for Get Red Spheres!


Get Red Spheres

Wed Jan 23 00:02:50 2019

A little something of my mascot, Rock the Bull. This was a fun experiment with a new ink brush! ❤️


Rouge WIP 2

Wed Jan 23 00:03:00 2019

Trying out new inking technique stuff with this piece too!


New Year's Rougeoultion

Wed Dec 26 09:34:35 2018

Hey all! I've been working on this sketch/ink you see here the past two days, and who doesn't love Rouge? Haha! Anyway... starting today, I will be disconnecting myself from the internet for a month, so that I may concentrate on HRH and artwork.

Sorry for the late Christmas wishes, but I look forward to a happier new year with you all! I hope that your holidays are safe, and that you yourself are well. Thank you. ❤️


HRH Tile Work

Wed Dec 12 07:50:40 2018

Hey guys! I've been diligently working on some of HRH's room assets and tile work. I've also animated a few of the tiles! I will continue work on HRH all this month, so look forward to more updates as I roll along. :)

You'll notice that these tiles are currently greyscale. I am working on the tones first, before I move into color and giving them the palette I am satisfied with!


A thank you, and update!

Fri Nov 30 02:17:07 2018

Hello all my wonderful fans and supporters! First, let me apologize about the lack of artwork you've been seeing here. I've been making some new connections the past month, and getting the ball rolling for HRH again. Things have gotten very interesting for the development, as we've decided to switch to the Headcannon Game Engine for development of the game, switching from the original Game Maker 2 engine.

Currently the player can climb/jump/wall climb. Even though they can't be seen, the doors also function from room to room as well. This example level is made for collision/camera movement. All this was done in less than 3 days, so development should come along faster than previous attempts with other engines. I am taking the entire month of December to work on nothing but assets for the project. Looking forward to sharing more updates on HRH with you!!!

The picture that I posted is for my supporters only. You guys have been something special in your understanding of what I've been going through this past year. I can not thank you enough for continuing to believe in me, and helping me accomplish goals I previously thought were otherwise unattainable.

Thank you, and, seasons greetings!



Thank You

Sun Nov 4 23:34:33 2018

You guys are seriously the fucking best and I couldn't be more honored to have your support. Thank you, so so much. ❤︎


Rouge Sprite (WIP)

Sun Nov 4 06:44:31 2018

Working on getting this to look ???


Sypha (Sketch, WIP)

Sun Nov 4 05:33:19 2018

I love the new Castlevania season. It's an incredible production!



Sun Nov 4 05:30:55 2018

I'm sorry about the last month, guys. I've been trying to deal with my new life and what it brings, and it's been... a bit stressful, to say the least. I've been hashing it out and dealing with how I handle things, but... I'm picking up my slack and getting back on track. I apologize to you all for my lack of illustrations and votes. It's been super tough on me to think clearly enough to produce work at a steady rate. The uphill climb has been steep, but... I believe I can get through it.

Thank you for your understanding, and your continued support... it absolutely means the world to me. ❤️

Hang On, Sally... (Sketch)

Thu Oct 25 23:45:01 2018

While out on a mission, Sally needs important intel...


Sally Pixel Art

Fri Oct 19 05:37:40 2018

A remaster of an older piece of mine... still WIP! Normal size in the file upload.

sally_re.png sally_re_norm.png

Sally Illust. (WIP Sketch)

Wed Oct 10 11:58:24 2018

Acorns are in fact edible!



Tue Oct 9 01:29:16 2018

It is a pleasure and an honor to create, as you support me!

Thank you so very much! ❤︎


Voting is closing tonight at 12AM!

Sun Oct 7 20:54:28 2018

Make sure you get your votes in! :)

October Week 1 Poll

Fri Oct 5 02:48:40 2018

OK! I've been a little delayed in making this poll, sorry about that! Let's get this show boat on the road show.

Nimue & Peach .ZIP

Thu Oct 4 00:59:53 2018

Here's the .ZIP file for Nimue & Peach! ❤️

zip.png nimue_and_peach.zip (d)

Nimue & Peach

Thu Oct 4 00:55:02 2018

Roses and Peaches~! I'm sure they smell amazing together... ? Enjoy!


Quick, Small Update

Sun Sep 30 21:29:39 2018

Hey Patrons!

I'll be finishing up the Amy/Peach picture within the next couple of days. I've been sifting through a lot of tricky "life stuff" over the past week, and I deeply apologize for the delay in the third monthly illustration. Thanks for sticking with me, as there is certainly more to come. <3

Nimue & Peach (WIP)

Thu Sep 20 06:59:56 2018

Nimue is from Sonic and the Black Knight. She's an enchantress that looks like Amy, but is nothing like her! Peach is, well, Peach!


Art Polls!

Tue Sep 11 02:30:15 2018

Hello my lovely and generous patrons! For the $5 tier, starting next month I will be adding a new incentive for my illustration production, and for your participation! Every first, second, and third weeks, I will hold a 3 character pole for illustrations! Characters that do not win will carry into the next months polls, along with new characters to choose.

Thank you for continuing to support me work, and I will continue developing and making your Patreon experience with me fun and exciting!

Misty (WIP Sketch)

Tue Sep 11 00:57:15 2018

"Alright then, let's do some training!"


~Wet Dream~ (.ZIP)

Sun Sep 9 11:35:16 2018

Here is the sketch, inks, and PSD for "Wet Dream!" :)

zip.png wet_dream.zip (d)

~Wet Dream~

Sun Sep 9 11:31:39 2018

WAHOO!!! It's done! I had a lot of fun making this, and it's certainly my best Klonoa-related pic I've ever had the pleasure of making. Enjoy! ❤️


Klonoa (Inks/Flats)

Fri Sep 7 12:19:59 2018

Going to start on the shading next!


Klonoa (Sketch)

Thu Sep 6 04:58:02 2018

Working on a Klonoa pic! It's been a very, very long time since I drew Klonoa.


Hot As The Jungle! (.ZIP)

Thu Sep 6 01:02:24 2018

Here is the sketch, inks, and PSD for "Hot As The Jungle!" :)

zip.png hot_as_the_jungle.zip (d)

Hot As The Jungle! (HD)

Thu Sep 6 00:33:03 2018

Little does she know, she's always being monitored through a screen... ? Haha, enjoy!


Boomerang (WIP Inks/Flats)

Wed Sep 5 02:08:48 2018

More progress on Sticks! ❤️


Boomerang (WIP Sketch)

Tue Sep 4 05:15:39 2018

"If I were'ta throw ya off me, would ya come right back?"



Tue Sep 4 04:31:52 2018




Sat Sep 1 17:30:37 2018

Thank you for your support. I will be continuing to improve upon my skillset, and to bring you better and better results in my work!


Mayan Maidens (ZIP)

Wed Aug 29 05:37:44 2018

Here is the sketch, inks, and PSD for "Mayan Maidens!" :)

mayan_maidens.zip (d)

Mayan Maidens (HD)

Wed Aug 29 05:35:20 2018

Was very fun attempting to draw Chel! I can't wait try again in the future... :)


Tikal & Chel (WIP)

Sun Aug 26 21:34:13 2018

On to shading!


Tikal & Chel (Sketch)

Sun Aug 26 03:36:24 2018

Tikal and Chel! The best female mascots of Mayan culture.


Warming Up The Crowd (WIP 3)

Sat Aug 25 03:37:15 2018

Bunnie & Sonic first pass complete, working on Sally & Geoffrey!


Patreon Update

Fri Aug 24 23:47:15 2018


I have decided to update the look and feel of my Patreon! My personal info has changed, I have more precise goals set, and I have updated the tiers for Patreon. The "Calling Card" and "Security Clearance" tiers have been changed to something more fitting towards the fun I want to have in my experience with you!

The tier rewards have not changed, although I have added a new "thank you" image to the tier rewards. Each month there will be a new "thank you" image to those who pledge to me, and Patrons who are currently supporting me will receive the "thank you" image from the previous month.

That's all, for now! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me! I have some great illustration ideas planned out, so stay in touch!!! ♥️

Warming Up The Crowd (WIP 2)

Thu Aug 23 02:52:06 2018

Working on Amy/Shadow and Bunnie/Sonic!


Warming Up The Crowd (WIP)

Wed Aug 22 02:03:49 2018

A new isometric pixel piece I am working on! Featuring:

• Mina x The Forget Me Knots
• Bunnie x Sonic
• Sally x Geoffery
• Nicole x Fiona Fox
• Hershey Cat x Tails
• Amy x Shadow


Labia Reef Zone (ZIP)

Fri Aug 17 21:28:36 2018

Sketch, Ink, Original Size, and PSD source file included!

labia_reef_zone.zip (d)

Labia Reef Zone (HD)

Fri Aug 17 21:26:45 2018

Things are going to heat up really soon!



Fri Aug 17 13:43:30 2018

Come hang out with me! :)


Labia Reef Zone (WIP)

Fri Aug 17 07:29:46 2018

Work in progress of what I've been working on the past couple of days. I should have this finished soon! ❤️


HotRed's Personal Update

Thu Aug 16 16:34:58 2018

Hello friends. Recently I have gone through some very dramatic life changes. These changes have majorly affected a lot of aspects of my life, and have been tough to deal with. I have moved across the country to Tampa, transitioning into a new home, while also dealing with a debilitating injury to my achilles tendon.

However, through all this, I've been persevering and looking at all the very positive aspects of my life. As you may have noticed, I have taken a very serious and focused approach to my illustrations. I will be making illustrations that are nothing short of the very best that I can put out, and I will continue to do so.

As for regarding High Rise Heist, my programmer friend does expect payment for his time, at this current time, I can not provide. Programming on the game may come to a slower pace, but he will work on the project when he has time. I will continue to produce sprites and assets for the project, but as for now, my biggest focus is my personal endeavors in focusing on my illustrations.

I have felt that my illustration work has been lacking severely, so at this time in my life, I feel that it is very, very important to me to focus on these illustrations. I thank you for your understanding. With your support, I will bring to you the very best that my current talent allows.

Thank you.


Practice Makes Perfect ZIP

Tue Aug 14 01:57:57 2018

PSD with sketch & ink

walla_cello.zip (d)

Practice Makes Perfect (HD)

Tue Aug 14 01:31:53 2018

A picture I did of CoolBlue's character, Walla the Australian Shepard! I used this piece to learn more of what I want from my art in general. What do you guys think?


? Streaming ?

Sun Aug 12 17:57:37 2018

Come check out what I'm working on, and hang out with me! :)


Bandara & Commisan (HD)

Fri Aug 10 20:46:17 2018

Commission for Hinotori. Learning more on how to do more expressive art, as well. <3


Fifi La Fume in Tomoko Cosplay (HD)

Wed Aug 8 17:02:43 2018

Commission for MilkNMalt


Older Tails x Rouge (HD)

Sat Aug 4 16:08:25 2018

Completed commission for Laviarray!


Splashed By A Tiger (PSD .ZIP)

Thu Aug 2 14:30:35 2018

310718_ROCK_%26_TIDE_POOL.zip (d)

Splashed By A Tiger

Thu Aug 2 14:28:10 2018

Hello Patrons!

Recently I've fallen on some very hard times, and I haven't had the ability to draw. I apologize for my lack in recent work, so to kick off the start of my production, I drew something very personal for myself, of my character Rock the Bull with his life-long companion, Tide the Tiger.

I look forward to producing more satisfying pieces of art for you to gander at, and I appreciate your patience with me. Thank you for your support through these times.


Status Update

Wed Jul 18 09:38:44 2018

Good morning, all. For the past 4 days, I have been dealing with a very debilitating injury that has made drawing, even walking, impossible. I will be going into the hospital today and hopefully fixing my injury, then I should be back on track a couple days from now. I'm sorry for the delay in content. Thank you for understanding. <3

Attending Anthrocon 2018

Tue Jul 3 10:27:59 2018

Hello you beautiful people! I will be attending Anthrocon this year from July 5th through July 8th, alongside the ever-lovely CoolBlue!

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and want to meet us, I'll be making posts on my Twitter account when CoolBlue and I will be in one spot for a bit, so that you can say hello!

See you there! :D

High-Rise Heist Promo PSD

Mon Jul 2 23:23:55 2018

Hey guys! I'm sorry about posting the PSD from before. I accidentally exported the PSD as a single layer. Enjoy the correct version with layers intact!

rouge_promo.png rouge_promo.zip (d)

Amy Sketch

Mon Jul 2 04:47:41 2018

Might turn this into something simple, solid, and fun soon~!


Amy Pixel Art Sketch

Sun Jul 1 07:50:28 2018

A sketch for some future pixel art!


Eggstrix (Concept)

Sun Jul 1 06:48:36 2018

Final boss concept for HRH


HRH Update

Fri Jun 29 03:01:36 2018

Man, I really ought to number these update posts! I hope everyone is doing well. :)

There's been some new developments over the past couple of days! Here's what we've got.

We have vertical and horizontal platforms, which Rouge can pull herself up on to. She can jump through platforms and pull herself up on to them!

Rouge can now perform her pole-sliding/dancing move! Roles will allow Rouge to access areas that she couldn't otherwise normally climb around in, or for stealth maneuvers. Pressing down on the allows her to go into her pole-dancing spin, making her slide down faster.

Rouge now takes damage from objects. When taking damage, the amount of HP she has in the HUD will animate and decrease, until Rouge is knocked out. Provided the player has encountered a save room, she will restart from the last save room that the player has saved in.

If you notice in the save room, the camera travels smoother. It will also only go within a set bounds before it stops, but only in certain areas, for the time being.

Thank you for your support, and we will continue to bring you more updates, and in the future, a nice, polished shine! ?

Sunday Morning Stream

Sun Jun 24 12:37:13 2018


Come hang out with me this Sunday morning! <3


Sprite Progress - Pole Dancing (WIP)

Sat Jun 23 21:37:24 2018

Getting closer to what I want to see from it!



Sat Jun 23 02:02:09 2018




Thu Jun 21 22:05:44 2018


Sprite Progress - Pole Dancing (WIP)

Thu Jun 21 11:44:34 2018

Still need to do the other twirling frames, but here's more WIP. :)



Tue Jun 19 19:37:18 2018

Come hang out with me and listen to some tunes! http://picarto.tv/hotred

Sprite Progress - Pole Dancing (WIP)

Tue Jun 19 06:38:36 2018

I got a little more done on this one today. I hope to finish it by tomorrow!



Mon Jun 18 16:35:04 2018


Come and hang out with me! :)


Pole Dancing (WIP 1)

Mon Jun 18 06:20:48 2018

The start of her pole dancing animation!


Update - Climbing Over Ledge (WIP)

Sat Jun 16 23:54:32 2018

More progress has been made! I may add two more frames to this, but for now I'm going to move on to other animations. <3


Audio - Red Hot Rouge

Sat Jun 16 23:51:09 2018

Demo audio, provided by Cilantro as an example of what to expect from the High-Rise Heist OST.

RedHotRougeSax.wav (d)

Audio - High-Rise Heist Title Theme

Sat Jun 16 23:48:55 2018

This is demo audio for the High-Rise Heist title, provided by Cilantro! They will be producing a fully original OST for the project. Look forward to hearing more soon!

Title.wav (d)

HRH Update

Sat Jun 16 06:33:43 2018

Hello my wonderful fans! I want to say thanks for sticking with me, and supporting me. Our team member, SIDESHOW, will be coming into more free time, and HRH should be seeing more in the way of more cohesive development soon. I have finished fully writing out the story to accompany the project through seven drafts, retaining characters' personalities while making adult interactions between them more plausible. We have decided that the project will be split up into 3 episodes, for time and workload progression purposes. We want to get an experience to you, and this will happen sooner with this format! I have made some special endeavors to make the project have a sleek presentation. Rouge will be able to perform sneaking, as well as pole-dancing platforming, for fun! I have been in talks with the composer CILANTRO to produce a complete and original soundtrack, containing jazzy, bossa nova elements for your listening pleasure during the adventure. I have small commission queue that I still must finish, but I will be working on this project while also working on commissions, so personal illustrations will be set aside temporarily so that I may get them done. I am as excited, if not more excited than ever, to bring you something special with this project. Thank you for your continued support and comments on my works, and I appreciate your patience on making this project a full realization! -HOTRED

Update - Climbing Over Ledge (WIP)

Fri Jun 15 08:49:11 2018

Updated cleanup + timing!


Climbing Over Edge (WIP)

Thu Jun 14 04:52:06 2018

Keyframes for climbing over the edge of a wall!



Thu Jun 14 01:32:34 2018


Idle (Final)

Thu Jun 14 00:50:59 2018

I revisited her idle animation, as I was not happy with the lack of sex appeal in what I had.

I'm happy now. :)


Red Light Rose (Special Clearance Tier)

Thu May 24 07:00:09 2018

Here is the zip for Red Light Rose, which contains:

Enjoy! :)

hotred_redlightrose_180524.zip (d)

Red Light Rose (Calling Card Tier)

Thu May 24 06:56:43 2018

I wanted to try doing something in a comic format! I hope that you enjoy. :)


Streaming Schedule

Mon May 21 00:56:17 2018

As my Patrons, you're personally and exclusively invited to join in at these times, and I'd absolutely love to hang out and draw with you!

Starting tomorrow, I'll be streaming every other day! You can catch me:

Monday @ 4PM

Wednesday @ 4PM

Friday @ 4PM

If you have a Picarto account, you can follow me, and get notifications when I go live! Streaming sessions usually last anywhere from 3-6 hours.


See you there!



Tue May 15 17:55:36 2018

Come hang out with us! <3



? s t r e a m i n g ?

Thu May 10 22:53:38 2018

Thickening the Amy Sauce!



Tue May 8 00:47:51 2018

More Amy! http://picarto.tv/hotred

Swimsuit Shade (Commission)

Fri Apr 13 15:31:56 2018

A commission for Dolphman!


Tikal Hypnotized (Commission)

Fri Apr 13 15:30:38 2018

A commission done for SinfullApple!


Sally x Vesairus

Wed Mar 21 23:07:48 2018

Commission of Sally and Yury's character, Vesairus


Commission Form

Tue Mar 20 21:28:58 2018

Hey there!

So with some of you asking where my commission information may be, I thought I'd put this form out there for the information-


Patreon users get this link a bit earlier than other people. Again, I'm only doing commissions until I have enough money to afford a new computer, then I will be closing up commissions!

Thank you!

Tails x Sally

Tue Mar 20 10:19:35 2018

A commission for TodaysPassenger


Werehog x Amy (Commission)

Tue Mar 13 20:13:12 2018

This is a fun couple!

werehog_amy_a_sm.png werehog_amy_b_sm.png

Rouge x Tails (Commission)

Tue Mar 13 20:10:40 2018

Commission for Snowcanine of Rouge and Tails, older by a specified design.


Senshion x Maru (Commission)

Tue Mar 13 20:08:59 2018

Commission for Senshion


Backstage Relief (Commission)

Tue Mar 13 20:05:17 2018

A commission for Zenkopan, for his Pokemon story. You can read it here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24330542/ for some context!

hotred_180216_braixen_a_sm.png hotred_180216_braixen_b_sm.png hotred_180216_braixen_c_sm.png

Radix x Cream (Commission)

Tue Mar 13 20:02:56 2018


Hey Patrons!

Tue Mar 13 19:51:36 2018

Just like to give you some updates here. First off, thank you so much for your continued support. I'm not sure I'd know what to do without you...!

High-Rise Heist

We've now implemented some new features, including:

⚫️ Vaulting over objects
⚫️ A sneaking system
⚫️ A camera system that allows for a smoother gameplay experience

While operational, these look very rudimentary for the moment. I will be producing sprites that will match up to the movement very soon.


This past month, I have been running into issues with my current computer setup that have been hindering some of my production work. In order to get the processor, motherboard, and RAM that I need for a new computer, I've had to also take on a limited run of commissions. I will be uploading these commissions to Patreon for free, as I would like to treat Patreon as a gallery for works that are posted on other sites as well.

Again, I thank you for your time and your amazing support!!! ❤️

HRH Update

Thu Feb 1 00:53:50 2018

Hey guys! In this update, we've been working on a lot of cool stuff! Right now, we're in the stages of developing upon objects in which the player can interact with.

Here you can see Rouge can now pick up objects, like keycards, and they now become available for use in the HUD!

Guard AI is now functioning. We're still working on combat, so all that the guard does right now is patrol, or become alert when he spots the player. This AI is also the base for other enemies, such as the "Beetle" and "Red Soldier"/"Heavy Soldier" enemies, as well!

There are now pushable objects! These objects also are a base for enemy AI, as well as NPCs and bosses. Very exciting stuff!

I look forward to updating you all more as we continue to develop!

Kick (WIP)

Wed Jan 17 18:50:33 2018

One of her kick attacks in a 3-chain combo.


High-Rise Heist Progress Update

Sat Dec 16 06:03:00 2017

Hey there!

So over the past couple of days there's been a lot of progress. Currently, flying, new tiles, new sprites, and room transitions have been implemented! A rudimentary camera system has also been added, but will be updated as gameplay progress moves along. A few things to look forward to being updated soon are:

• Better flying mechanics

• Wall Climbing

• "Blue Guard" Enemy AI

• Fighting mechanics, including the Facesitting Finisher

• Text boxes for character cutscenes

• Background of city view through windows

This is all in special thanks of my good friend Sideshow, who has taken over as lead programmer for the project. Every day we're getting closer to our first fully released alpha release, and I hope you guys are just as excited as I am to see the outcome of it!!!

Thank you so much for your support, as I appreciate and treasure every single one of you.


RJcMHSeMAH6a85T1uiiEwABUQbo8zO1EWOCvN5PyQxTRPZjj9ME1DjU8FSAzHId4.jpe (d)

Streaming For A Bit!

Fri Dec 15 22:57:58 2017

Come join me, and hang out with me and some other fine folks! ?


"Au Naturel," "Find Your Center" PSDs

Sun Nov 26 02:31:30 2017

Hey guys! I forgot to put the PSDs into zips of those last two uploaded pieces. Here are the two PSDS! Really sorry about that! Thank you for your patience and understanding. ❤️

20171125_PSD_shirley_the_loon_find_your_center.zip (d) 20171125_AMY_AU_NATURAL.zip (d)

Au Naturel

Sat Nov 25 07:23:53 2017

Enjoy! Both versions of this picture are in the zip! :)

20171125_AMY_AU_NATURAL_A.png 20171125_patreon_amy_au_naturel.zip (d)

Regarding High-Rise Heist

Wed Nov 22 22:50:24 2017

Hey guys. So in the past 5 months, I've been struggling to work with a programmer who could successfully help me in making this project a more fully functioning game, as their job outside of this project has been putting a hold on progress. I apologize that there hasn't been much word about the project other than assets for the game itself.

I know that there is a number of you who have supported me based on this project alone, and I promise that I am doing everything that I can to make it happen. I am continuing to make assets for the project, while also making monthly illustrations.

I can not stress enough how much I appreciate your very, very generous support up to this point, and hopefully beyond.


Sun Nov 19 22:09:52 2017


Working some more on the recent Amy illustration!

Public Restroom (WIP)

Sun Nov 19 04:47:10 2017

Work in progress! Also, pissing alt in the description!


Find Your Center

Thu Nov 9 21:28:38 2017

I really wanted to do a Shirley the Loon picture to compliment CoolBlue's recent picture of Babs Bunny! It really must be duck season! Haha, I hope you enjoy!

High resolution and sketch are in the zip. :)

find_your_center_small.png find_your_center.zip (d)

Two Ducks One Dick

Mon Oct 30 20:19:15 2017


Hot Shelter

Fri Sep 22 04:36:26 2017

Hey guys! I've been doing some study on color and usage, and wanted to try putting it to the test with Amy. Enjoy! ❤️

Edit: Changed her hammer gradient.


S〇NIC Sprite

Wed Sep 6 16:20:51 2017

Here's a fun quick sprite I made for fun of SNIC 'cause I caught a case of the Manias!



Mon Aug 21 04:27:55 2017

Had fun doing these two. :D


Wed Aug 9 05:06:39 2017

Second pass of her running sprite!



Wed Aug 9 05:05:00 2017

Finished the second pass of her idle sprite!


Patreon Changes

Sat Jul 29 18:36:04 2017

Hey everyone! So in light of recent fan game creators coming to Patreon to have their own projects supported, I feel that in order to avoid any legal ramifications holding a project of this nature behind a paywall (even if the only part of the paywall were to be the in-progress builds) that I should take precautions now and make all imminent and future builds public and available to everyone.

I realize that there are many of you in the $5 or above reward tier who are supporting me for the exclusivity of being able to have early access to this project, and without a doubt please know that I GREATLY appreciate your support, but this is a decision that I feel would be in the interest of keeping the project safe from legal dispute, as I want to be able continue to bring you my work without worry or interference.

To replace the void created by the removal of this particular reward, I will be including the name of every $5 supporter in the credits of High-Rise Heist, because none of this would be possible without those of you who have been passionate enough about this project to support it in the generous manner you have, and that's really a big deal. If you would not like your name included, don't worry, when the time comes I will create a post where you can opt-out of this if you wish.

Additional rewards may be added to this tier in the future as support for the project grows, as my ability to provide more rewards would also grow.

Thank you so much for understanding and if you have any questions please feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to answer them.

Previous Art PSDs

Fri Jul 21 18:35:38 2017

Well hey again! This time, here are PSDs for my best pictures from the past 5 years. I've had to split the archive in two due to Patreon's 200MB file size limit, but nevertheless, enjoy! :)

psds.png past_psd_part_1.zip (d) past_psd_part_2.zip (d)

Previous Works

Fri Jul 21 17:55:37 2017

Heyyy dudes! So, I thought I'd take the time and make a zip file that contains pretty much the "best of" my previous works from around 2002-2008. I hope that you enjoy seeing how I've progressed since these were all drawn! :)

old_work.png previous_works.zip (d)

Penetration Post - Sketches + Originals + PSD

Wed Jul 12 21:37:34 2017

penetration_post_keycard_access.zip (d)

Penetration Post - HD Sizes

Wed Jul 12 21:31:56 2017

penetration_post_callingcard_access.zip (d)

Penetration Post Acts 1, 2 & 3

Wed Jul 12 21:20:10 2017

Done in the style of the Sonic CD promotional material, as well as the style of Sonic the Screensaver. Enjoy, and thank you for your support! :)

Streaming again!

Tue Jul 11 15:35:55 2017



Sun Jul 9 17:46:10 2017


See you there! :D

Penetration Post Acts 1/2/3

Fri Jul 7 17:58:31 2017

WIPs of a 3-image series! Check the ZIP attached to this post to see! :)

1.png wip_penetration_post_acts_123.zip (d)

Seriously, thank you.

Wed Jun 21 02:38:51 2017

I don't know where to begin writing this. Without question, I appreciate every single one of you. Everyone. I have not known such... an amazing group of people who want to support an artist such as myself, and all of what I create. I honestly could not be creating my own personal dream material without you. Yeah, you. Thank you for your support me in making my personal projects a reality.

If you ever have any questions or would like to just say hello to me, I am around to answer you. I may not be able get back to you in moment immediately, but I will get back to you. You all are a super important part of my life, and I wouldn't be who I am now without you. For real.

Again, thank you.


Sun Jun 18 05:56:31 2017

Here is just a small pre-alpha test of the engine! It is really not much but a small room at the moment, but I'm excited to present it! Look forward to more progress soon!


Rouge & Tails 2/2

Mon May 29 04:56:54 2017

Annnd the payoff! :)


Rouge & Tails 1/2

Mon May 29 04:54:38 2017

Rouge & Tails animation base, for one of the planned animations in the game.


Amy & Tails

Wed May 24 15:48:06 2017

Here are the base sprites for Amy and Tails!



Fri May 12 16:22:42 2017

Working on Shadow's base sprite. Next up: Amy!


Sprite Editor!

Fri May 12 02:58:01 2017

Hello guys! I wanted to update you on our new sprite editor! It's a proprietary tool to allow me to edit sprites on the fly for the new game engine, made by our programmer for HRH.


Facesit Finisher (Final)

Thu Apr 13 01:12:21 2017

After doing quite some cleanup on this, here is the final version of the facesit finisher. When an enemy has been knocked to the ground, she can sit on them until they pass out!


Project Update

Tue Apr 11 16:08:25 2017

Hey everyone. I want you to know how much I care about this project, and that I'm working on it. I have been working steadily with Excito on getting an engine built for this project. As of late, his work life has taken a lot of his time away from the project, and it has caused some delay on getting a playable, presentable build out. It is in no way Excito's fault, as he was helping me in his spare time to begin with. However, I have a programmer who has taken his place as of today, and he will be handling this project in his own engine. As a professional that works in the games industry, they wish to remain anonymous, due to the nature of the project. I will continue to update you with animated sprites and concepts as we work together to bring you a playable build in the very near future. It's definitely happening, guys. I wanted to inform you, and let you know that there is no cause for concern. In the long run, this is actually a very favorable development, and I'm looking forward to giving you all something to play.

April Update!

Sun Apr 2 04:18:45 2017

Hello! Thank you for another month of your support!

I decided to post this past April first, just to rule out April fools day shenanigans! Ok, so. You're looking at a video of the pre-alpha for High-Rise Heist! I must state very clearly that none of this represents the final look and feel of the game. However, map design will be much more interesting to look at soon, and these old boring tiles will go away. As for those guards scooting around, they'll have more animation, although they will not be as highly animated as Rouge is, to save on time!

For Rouge herself, I've been applying her new color palette, as well as changing some key aspects of her poses/animations. My goal is to reach a very smooth presentation with Rouge's sprites, since you'll more than likely be staring at her the most, haha!

Here is a work-in-progress update of the second pass of Rouge's idle animation. To compare and see what she looked like before, click here. I have simplified the palette, and made it more colorful for a more comic book-like presentation.

I have done some work on Rouge's "face sitting finisher" animation, making her wing looking a little more like it's... shaped like a wing! Also a few other visual improvements, like the shadow on her head.

I have detailed out the first sector map. Here you can see some of the gameplay elements. This map demonstrates 2 abilities Rouge can use, as well as showing the player the base gameplay. (I just noticed- the tiny red squares are also enemies that crawl on the walls, sorry for the mix-up!)

Now Excito and I have upgraded fully to GMS 2. We're porting what we have over from GMS1. It will very much benefit the development process of this game, and allow us to work closer together on it!!! And again, thank you for your support.


Facesit (Update)

Fri Mar 17 19:11:07 2017

Been doing more updating to Rouge's facesitting finisher; almost to the final! :D


Back to streaming!

Sun Mar 12 22:18:31 2017

Hope to see you there! :D



Sun Mar 12 16:39:53 2017



Facesitting Finisher (WIP)

Sun Mar 12 05:43:09 2017

Heavy work-in-progress sprite for HRH!

I've been working on how to best revamp her palette. I've put a couple days into trying to find the right colors for her, and finally, I have!

This particular animation is for a "finisher" move that allows her to dispatch enemies without the need for knocking them out with her kicks!


Patron-only Stream!

Sat Mar 11 20:42:21 2017

Come on in and hang out with me! :D


Sector 01 Tiles

Tue Mar 7 18:40:30 2017

I decided to re-design the holding cells/containment to better match the hi-tech nature of the building. If you'd like to compare what the tileset looked like beforehand, check out http://i.imgur.com/CEKYMQ5.png :)



Mon Mar 6 22:20:35 2017

Just doing some spriting/tile work for HRH! http://picarto.tv/hotred


Private Patreon-Only Stream!

Sun Mar 5 14:46:32 2017


Pin-Up/Project Update

Wed Mar 1 19:28:45 2017

Hello good folks!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you very very much for your continued support.

This month's pin-up will be delayed as I focus my time completely on the Rouge project. I have set aside all other obligations to focus soley on the project, and we look forward to having a playable demo up soon!

I've been hard at work making sure that the project will be satisfying to play, along with the rewarding adult scenes!


Save Point

Tue Feb 28 17:39:48 2017

Rouge uses large floor mirrors to save!



Fri Feb 24 17:39:04 2017

Another screenshot from a parody I was working on.



Fri Feb 24 17:36:55 2017

Screenshot from a parody I was working on.


Important Tier Changes!

Mon Feb 20 16:57:29 2017

Since I felt that all of you, my lovely Patrons, should be getting more bang for your buck, I've done some restructuring of the tiers, and in the process, the $10 tier will be removed and its rewards will be combined into the $5 tier for your overall benefit!

CURRENT $10 TIER PLEDGERS: Since many people have already expressed that they would like to continue pledging $10 to me despite the removal of this tier, (which I thank you for from the bottom of my heart! ???? ) if there are any others who would like to do so, please STILL SELECT the $5 tier, but change your pledge amount to $10 manually. Please note: You will not be charged again for this month as long as the amount stays the same, even if you select the new tier.

So introducing the new tier arrangements (and new tier names):

Rouge's Calling Card - $1

Special Clearance - $5

I hope with these changes it will provide you all with a more comfortable and rewarding Patreon experience. Thank you all for your continued support!

Patreon Update

Sun Feb 19 10:02:55 2017

Hey all!

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you. I appreciate all of you who have supported or continue to support me and my ongoing work!

I will be making an update to my tiers soon. I will only have two tiers, $1 and $5. Both tiers will be seeing changes in content, with more content being offered to each tier. I have felt that the $10 tier has not been a good option for receiving content on a continual basis.

I believe merging the $10 tier to the $5 tier would be a much better option, giving you content without having to pay an extra $5 a month waiting on the first build of the project. As I'm figuring out how to better work with Patreon, I only hope to better serve you as my patrons.

Having said that, I am continuously working with Excito on hammering out the base engine, and handling the details involved with doing so, including design, sound, music, and voice acting. We've made a pretty great amount of progress, but there's still more work ahead before we can put out a demo build that would be pleasing enough to play.

Again, thank for your understanding and your willingness to support what I do. It means so very much to me, and you touch my life in doing so. <3

Rose Hips Sketch A

Mon Feb 6 18:17:30 2017

The first sketch of the Rose Hips picture. :)


ROSE HIPS (Calling Card/Keycard Patrons)

Wed Feb 1 14:26:01 2017

Here's the zip! Contains the original full size, 4k size, 1080p, line art, and the sketch! Enjoy! :)

hotred_amy_desktop_170201.zip (d)


Wed Feb 1 14:09:33 2017

Really testing my coloring as of late!


Discord Update

Thu Jan 26 02:24:41 2017

I have made some updates my Discord! Here's what's changed:

✔️Discord chat is now open to the public! Come hang out and talk with other artists on the scene, and have a fun time! Join in by clicking this link https://discord.gg/KZPTE4B WARNING: If you are a supporter of mine, please do not click this link! If you are experiencing issues with not gaining your role in the chat:

1) Go to your pledges in Patreon.
2) Edit your pledge tier. Ex: From Deluxe to Value.
3) Save the change.
4) Edit it back to your original pledge tier.
5) Save the change.
6) Patreon should send an e-mail confirming the change and if you're in the server it will change your tier level.

✔️Value Menu Supporters now have access to the #project_updates channel.

✔️All Patreon supporters now have member role titles for their respective support tiers.

✔️All Patreon supporters now have the ability to change their nicknames as they see fit

✔️All Patreon supporters now have access to the #music_discovery channel.

WIP Rouge Promo 2

Tue Jan 24 10:05:31 2017

Will be a full Desktop background for all my Patrons! :)



Tue Jan 17 20:00:48 2017

A pose for High-Rise Heist



Thu Jan 5 14:44:27 2017

Birthday gift for our roommate of his waifu! Happy birthday! :D

This was my first time drawing Renamon.


Virtual Viscosity

Sun Jan 1 20:57:39 2017


Sara .ZIP

Sun Jan 1 06:34:29 2017

Original resolution, line art, and sketch!

sara.zip (d)


Sun Jan 1 06:25:48 2017

Happy new year! Version B is attached. :)

hotred_sara_01012017a.jpg hotred_sara_01012017b.jpg

Illustration Streaming!

Sat Dec 31 21:48:53 2016

Hope to see you there! :D



Acorn (Final)

Sat Dec 3 20:33:32 2016

As my end-of-the-year Christmas present to you all, here you are! ❤️

Sorry I couldn't find any GIF wrapping paper!


Rouge Sprite (Updated)

Thu Dec 1 14:02:13 2016

I took a couple hours to update an older sprite I had made to fit with my current sprite learnings! Enjoy. :)


Acorn Ver. B

Mon Nov 28 11:56:13 2016


Sally's Acorn Ver. A

Mon Nov 28 11:54:42 2016

Touched up the sprite I posted last night, and made an alt version as well. :)



Mon Nov 28 03:19:25 2016

Experiment using grayscale to color and making my own palette. :)


Kick Attack 1

Tue Nov 22 08:46:37 2016


Jumping Animation

Mon Nov 21 07:09:42 2016



Mon Nov 21 02:26:00 2016


Walk Cycle

Fri Nov 18 16:08:58 2016

Rouge's walk cycle complete!



Sun Nov 13 01:19:05 2016

Working on Rouge sprites!


Discord Issues Resolved

Sat Nov 12 22:24:56 2016

Hey there! I've been in contact with Patreon, and I've resolved the Discord server issue. However if you are still having trouble I've been given this advice from Patreon-

If your patrons haven't gotten the Discord server invite email, they should go to "your pledges" from the dropdown, and edit the reward for their pledge and save (They won't actually need to make changes, but hitting save will re-send the reward email and let the bot add them).

Also, if you have to follow these insructions in order to join, make sure that you check-marked the reward for the Total Viewing tier. I hope this helps, and thanks for hanging in there! <3

Update for Total Viewing Patrons

Sat Nov 12 07:08:54 2016

Hello! I'm very aware a lot of you are having issues connectiong to the Discord server. As it stands, nobody has been able to join in yet, and I'm sitting in an empty server. I'm working with Patreon to sort out this issue. Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to seeing you there! :)

A Discord Server For $10 Patrons!

Fri Nov 11 16:13:50 2016

I decided to add another reward for $10 Patrons, as I didn't feel I was giving quite enough back for $10 a month.. so, introducing the

HOTRED Patreon Discord server, where you can:

All new members of the $10 tier will automatically be invited to the Discord as soon as they connect their Discord account with their Patreon account (click here to learn how to do just that,) where they will then be assigned the Patron role via the Patreon Bot in the server.

Rouge sprite stream!

Thu Nov 10 20:00:21 2016

http://picarto.tv/hotred/ Working on Rouge's walk animation. :)

Run Animation

Wed Nov 9 02:26:19 2016

It's her run animation!



Tue Nov 8 20:31:42 2016

Working on the Rouge running sprite animation! :)


Tier Updates

Mon Nov 7 05:47:13 2016

Hello everyone! I've been busy making sprite work for the Rouge project. However, this has left $5 tier Patrons in the dark for seeing drawings, and for that, I am very sorry. I have made a change to show works-in-progress of the Rouge project available for both $5 and $10 tiers. However, playable EXE's will still remain only available to the $10 tier. Thank you for supporting me through working on this project, and I will remain hard at work to produce a project worth your time and support.


Sat Nov 5 02:40:42 2016

Doing more sprite work! :) http://picarto.tv/hotred

Idle Animation

Fri Nov 4 17:34:34 2016

Idle animation for Rouge complete! :)


Rouge Project Stream

Wed Nov 2 20:52:56 2016

http://picarto.tv/hotred Working on Rouge animation frames!

Small Update

Mon Oct 24 16:06:01 2016

Hey guys! I know it isn't much to receive a text message, but cool things are around the corner. These past couple of weeks I've been situating the engine and plans for the Rouge project, as well as doing some work for Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3 and helping to host Sonic Amateur Games Expo. More to come soon! Thanks for your support, and hanging in there. :)

Update! And a THANK YOU!

Tue Oct 11 20:22:52 2016

Hey guys! So just to update you on the project, I've been working on solidifying the design documentation and pooling resources for other assets of the project. I've been making it more clear for myself on where this project is going, and without spoiling things, it's going very good and very interesting places.

I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you who have supported me here on Patreon, or just out there on the broader internet. It means a lot to me that you guys want to see this project through, and help me make ends meet while doing so. I'll continue to update you all on this project as it moves along!

Moon Room

Sat Oct 8 19:51:16 2016

A shadowy figure overtakes yet another guard!


WIP Overworld Map

Sat Oct 8 07:10:56 2016

Look! The project's skeleton is showing! Show it your skeleton, too!?


Title Screen

Thu Oct 6 07:42:12 2016


GUN Tower Concept

Tue Oct 4 21:18:37 2016

The tower that the project takes place in!


Rouge the Bat Project Q&A

Mon Oct 3 12:13:12 2016

Thank you for being interested in this little fun project of mine! It's something I've thought about working on for a long time now, and Patreon support has certainly made it easier for me to create what I feel is something people have been wanting to see for a long time now!

So, to answer some questions about this project...

What kind of project is this?

It is a side-scrolling platformer with Metroidvania inspiration and stealth elements.

What is this project called?

Rouge the Bat: High-Rise Heist!

Is this project Patreon exclusive?

The final release of the project will be released to the public, absolutely free. However, supporting my artistic endeavors on Patreon will net you early demos and a final version way before the public sees them!

So, the goal of the project is to try and not lose from having sex with other characters?

I feel sexual scenes should be rewarded to the player for good play, and not a punishment for losing against an enemy. Rouge will have to sneak and fight her way to her goals, but along the way will have to use her shapely assets to grind some information out of someone to get what she wants!

Is there a story for this project?In what setting does it take place?

I have written a fresh, original story for this project, and none of Rouge's previous outings have any affect on it. The story takes place in a sky scraper the Guardians of Nations has under their control.

Yeah but doesn't Rouge work for Guardians of Nations as an informant?

Indeed she does, but she doesn't take her job all that seriously with them. She is a jewel hunter first and foremost, and within this facility are some very interesting and rare jewels she believes are already hers... they're just keeping them centralized for her, making them all that much easier to take!

Will there be support for my operating system?

Yes! Windows, Mac, and Linux builds will be available!

Who is involved in this project?

I am the only person producing assets and concepts. Excito (http://excitostudios.tumblr.com/)has generously provided me with a personal engine of his own making, and is also providing support for me to build on top of it.

Why not create something original so you can sell it when you are finished?

The Sonic series and fandom has always been something I have enjoyed being a part of for many years. I think of a project like this as a love letter to those who feel the same as I do about the Sonic series, and grew up with it as I have. However, there will come a time when I make original content that does not involve the Sonic series. It's in future plans!

This all sounds pretty exciting! Is there anything I could do with my own talents to contribute this project?

If I require help working on this project, I will reach out to the community, if that time comes. I'm sure you are pretty damn talented yourself, and I love that you want to help! However, the most help I could receive right now would be in the form of any Patreon support tier you can provide to. As more information is publicly released about this project, spreading the word about it would also be a great way to help me see this through to the end!

Do you have any plans after you have finished producing this project?

I certainly do! If I am provided with enough support through Patreon, I will continue to produce the highest quality fan gaming content I can. I have plans to make at least two more hentai themed projects, one starring Amy Rose, and the other starring Tails!

Tileset 1

Mon Oct 3 11:59:20 2016


Tileset 3

Mon Oct 3 11:59:15 2016


Tileset 2

Mon Oct 3 11:58:26 2016


Tileset 1

Mon Oct 3 11:57:51 2016



Mon Oct 3 11:52:35 2016

Thank you to all of you who have supported my Patreon the past month! You've helped me by giving me a little to survive on. I appreciate all of you and your continued support, and hope that more of my work brings you happiness! :D

Multistreaming with Spurple!

Sun Oct 2 22:34:00 2016


I'm multistreamin' with Spurple (http://picarto.tv/spurple), one of the developers ofCloud Meadow! You can check out Team Nimbus @https://www.patreon.com/CloudMeadow and support 'em too! :D


Update On The Recent Gatomon Picture

Thu Sep 29 13:47:43 2016

Hello! I've updated some aspects of the Gatomon picture I uploaded yesterday, fixing shadows/highlights, and going back to a black ink look. Thanks for checking it out, and for your support!! :)


Wed Sep 28 02:33:00 2016

Practicing new methods of inking. Original resolution, sketch, and ink versions are attached. :)

gatomon_092716.png gatomon_092716_original.png gatomon_092716_ink.png gatomon_092716_sketch.png

Old Sketch Collage

Mon Sep 26 09:16:46 2016


Date Night

Mon Sep 26 02:17:51 2016

WIP of Zooey


Couldn't Resist Her Scent...

Sat Sep 24 22:24:22 2016

WIP first sketch pass


Think Pink

Fri Sep 23 18:44:05 2016

Happy birthday, Amy! :)


Mixing Colors

Thu Sep 22 04:05:04 2016


Rouge Base Sprite - Second Draft

Wed Sep 21 19:46:40 2016

Second draft of the base sprite for Rouge in the project! I'm really happy with how this came along with very notable improvements in all areas of the sprite. I've reduced the palette from 19 colors to 10 colors; her chest, ears, hips and overall proportions are more akin to her Sonic Adventure 2 model. Ialso like her more confident looking smirk! ;)


Bangin' Out The Boom

Wed Sep 21 16:03:17 2016


The Funny Hug

Wed Sep 21 02:39:12 2016


Butter My Roll

Tue Sep 20 23:16:23 2016


Rouge Base Sprite - First Draft

Tue Sep 20 04:39:32 2016

First draft of the base sprite for Rouge in the project. I'll be making improvements to this sprite as I go along! The sprite here is zoomed in 200%.


Some details about the project I've been working on...

Mon Sep 19 20:54:16 2016

A 2D side-scrolling platformer starring Rouge the Bat! I've always wanted to make a project based off of Rouge... and adult themes would just be a cherry on top! I really like Rouge's character traits, and can't wait to see them being put to good use, haha! More details will be coming soon, so stick around!

Screwdriver Special

Mon Sep 19 20:48:20 2016

WIP sketch of Bunnie and Tails


Pull Or Be Pulled

Mon Sep 19 20:42:33 2016

WIP sketch of Rouge


New content coming soon!

Mon Sep 19 08:15:54 2016

Hard at work on getting a new project off the ground! Soon you will see the fruits of it! This Patreon will be a very busy place, and the perfect platform to support my new and upcoming projects. Thank you to all who enjoy and support my work.