Tue Mar 31 22:53:43 2020

I just finished playing through Donut County earlier today (quick and nice quick game), and whilst trying to doodle a bit for the evening before attending to other things, I wanted to try drawing BK. I originally wanted to do one of those typical "crossover" doodles I try to do, and originally wanted to pair him with Gregg and Swiper-- but as I was looking up references, I was reminded of the Donut Wolf from NitW, and this kinda just came out instead.

Still debating on if I actually want to keep Gregg in here. But also considering making this a poster! Will see how I'm feeling! Let alone would have time in the midst of starting commissions again soon.


(Personal) foxlet ref 2020

Wed Mar 25 23:19:40 2020

Once again, I've already managed to lose track with this thing... I'm so sorry, y'all. Commission work once again caught up with me. Though I still can't deny how nice it would be to really become active on this platform as well. Hopefully I'll eventually figure more out aside from just random doodles.

Very likely will just depend on "votes" and such of characters/themes/etc to try drawing in the future. Or simply post sneak peaks of art stuff I would like to sell as merch in the future? Shall try to see to it again!

At any rate-- just some personal stuff I'm attempting to get to in between commissions: a new reference of my fox! Don't know when I can actually finish this, but hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later!


Procreate Scribbles

Mon Jan 6 01:16:58 2020

So I definitely didn’t keep with this for a bit, blaaagh >_< But, the desire still stands!

in the meantime, I have still been trying to further decide how tiers will end up, and currently I feel most comfortable with current things (with exception of “Dessert” tier. I will soon be changing that to bump it down to $10, and alter reward tax. But aside from that, this seems to be set in things. Will eventually try to get around to having a new profile banner as well!

Here are some Procreate doodles from the last few nights tho!

43B9DAD5-F678-4087-B0FE-AC99885240F9.png 43B9DAD5-F678-4087-B0FE-AC99885240F9.png F893A299-6C95-4944-87A0-04E831C31431.png

a lotta heads

Sat Dec 14 04:05:42 2019

... kind of attempting something I'm probably gonna stress myself over if I don't manage to finish it by the end of this weekend so I can then go back to more casual occasional drawing/being lazy around home, but felt really compelled to do all of the same given this year, so here's to hoping that frap I had earlier this evening will keep this groove going for the next few hours to start :'D

thank_you_everyone1.png thank_you_everyone2.png


Thu Dec 12 05:36:25 2019

yet another page added to the pile of doodle dumps I may or may not ever actually finish



Mon Dec 2 10:41:08 2019

5 minute water dog



Mon Nov 25 09:38:40 2019

Finally "forced" myself to be okay with doing some doodles for me right before bed, and I've wanted to try drawing a Koopa or five for the last couple of nights, so here's one with GLASSES


yakko scribbles

Tue Nov 19 07:04:13 2019

It was a little hard for me to completely focus/get commission work done today. Feeling really bad, but it ironically makes me feel worse if I still don't draw something that's more "for myself" at some point before I get ready for bed, so here's some doodles of a familiar Warner brother!

(Ideally I'd like this to be a doodle page of the whole trio, but knowing me it'll be a miracle of that actually manages to happen sooner rather than later, heh. I still haven't touched back up on that Narwhal page, aaa)


Narwhal Puppy (WIP)

Thu Nov 14 05:32:08 2019

Just realized I could actually feel proper enough showing this here!

Saw news circulation today of that two-tailed pup and I actually wanted to try drawing them!

Likely not going to finish this tonight (if only because I have an appointment in twelve hours and shouldn't even be as awake as I still am right now :'D), but wanting to show what I have so far! Hopefully can finish it and post on Twitter tomorrow!


A Return Yet Again

Mon Nov 11 07:09:47 2019

If I'm going to be serious in trying this again, I know I need to "make" myself do so at the very beginning for a while. Now especially included.

I rarely ever check my Patreon account before, but to see that some folks STILL seem to be pledged to this...? Seriously, thank you all so much. Thank you to ANYONE who happens to cross paths with this page.

In recent months, the desire I was hoping would finally come to me to start this page off has started creeping back, and within the last several weeks especially, it's remained and grown into something fierce. And so, by very early 2020 (hopefully by no later than February), I would like to get this page going again, with main intent to be what my original goal overall was. To share sketches, scribbles, doodles, however you may refer to them, that I otherwise wouldn't actually post anywhere. Among other things (like also taking character suggestions once again, from Patrons!)

I want my consistency to at LEAST be once a week with some kind of works to share here. I will still be working on commissions as I regularly due, hence why Patreon isn't planning to be my new primary time-stealer, But I do want to commit to this. And I'm hoping it will seem worth it!

My next number of posts here will be public, just to try to prove to myself, and any other possible passerby to this page, that I'm trying to be more commited! And frankly.. I would really like to share at least some of my scattered doodles in general just for the public to get a glance at. Here's to hoping this can go somewhere. :)

TL;DR: Dumb fox is trying Patreon seriously once again! Will start posting weekly! Will try to fully launch things early 2020! Stuff is still under construction, etc etc! Have a page filled with my mindless/scatterbrained ideas of maybe familiar faces I have saved from the last few months!


*blows dust*

Fri Jun 1 05:20:27 2018

Oof.... this place definitely has been empty for some time...

I ironically once again remembered just recently that I do still technically have a page on this that was once somewhat active for *myself*, alongside trying to support others. Though, of course, I had once again been very bad in trying to maintain such a page. Nor do I feel I am quite yet ready to such such a thing a shot again. Although, the desire to get off of my lazy butt and maintain *something* more proficiently past commissions with my art once again has shown itself, and at some point or another, I would like to try to revamp this page! Perhaps even sometime later this year, after I've moved and situated myself more reliably with personal life.

This post may not reach out to many, if even anyone at all, and become more of a relic than anything, but I already want to give a looong-overdue thank you to everyone that's so much as glances across this page at some point of another beforehand in the past, or even now! Let alone wanted to give anything they possibly wanted to spare at any given point!

To those that are *still* somehow here, for some reason, while I'm baffled as to why, I doubly appreciate that! Whether you may realize or not, such a factor folks still want to give any bit they possibly do month per month is exactly part of the reason why the desire to make something of my Patreon once again is still lingering inside me. I likely may try again with posting occasional doodles and little art progress pieces. Nothing much, but having something and trying to stick to it all the same.

Aaand in the meantime, should this actually be a notifier to folks that would like to remove their pledges, I would absolutely, 100%-completely understand if you would want to do so! The contributions and support already has has been insanely appreciated throughout all this time. Even still up to now, but the whole point of this Patreon was to given something back in response to such generosity. And radio silence is VERY far from that "something".

For now, though, here is until then! When I hopefully do find myself coming back here to have a refresh with things! (And in the meantime, I actually will try to already have 'secret'/hidden things to post, as to not easily let the laziness override me so quickly once again.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much everyone! Have a good day!

It's Hard to be the Wilde

Thu Jan 19 01:58:15 2017

Slight 'storyboard'/animation practice attempt, etc. etc.

This little snippet's from the full version of 'It's Hard to be the Bard' from the musical Something Rotten! I seem to be a constant fan of Christian Borle's song performances, and I really wanted to do something based off this recent-ish earworm!



Thu Jan 5 23:03:24 2017

Trying to decide if I just want to quickly finish this or try more precise 'rendering' with it. Going to finish it up starting now though, so I guess I'll eventually decide. :'D


Totally insane-y!

Thu Dec 22 08:07:47 2016

It's not very often a quick sketch out of poses leaves me impressed with even myself, but here's one of the rarities. REALLY liking the line of action, and (dare I give myself *too* much credit) energy this has) so far. :)


Fox Skip WIP 2

Sun Oct 30 02:02:10 2016


Guess I'm attempting to finish this up tonight.

Think I've gotten as 'clean'/decent with lines here as I could've. Just going to add colors/the balloon now.


Fox Skip

Sun Oct 30 01:31:27 2016

Lil something I'm trying to work on. I really need to study/practice walk/run cycles, hehe, but this is fun to attempt nonetheless!



Sun Oct 23 07:54:50 2016

gonna post this to twitter tomorrow/today after I get ome sleep but just posting this here for possible first glimpses.

Doodles to try and keep any art funk away at the moment. Not working TOO good, but for the moment it'll have to do. B'|



Mon Oct 17 22:13:45 2016

My plans for a potential book just filled with my doodles is still giving me troubles. I have still been thinking of mainly making various doodles of this nature? A lot of just random character designs and such? Still thinking it over though.

Hopefully can give it more clear thought after commissions get done. ^^;


Wonder Pets sketch!

Wed Jul 20 23:26:26 2016

I actually like this sketch enough I wanted to show it before I finish it soon enough.

Cute show this was to watch when I was younger!


*when the art groove tries to hit*

Sun Jul 10 22:11:45 2016

A bunch of stuff I apparently doodled last night while trying to be satisfied with art. Kinda getting there again, thankfully. :'D


Lil Kiss

Wed Jun 15 05:29:53 2016

Hasty finish but I should probably get to bed, so VIOLA


'Lil Kiss' - WIP

Wed Jun 15 04:23:06 2016


But, I have a bit of progress on something I actually managed to stick with, hoorah! Pretty similar to a Charizard fire-heart gif I did about a month ago and posted on Twitter, as this mainly made for my SO.

Gotta clean up lines a bit, especially around Charizard's tail, but I thing the general gestures get across enough.. <:'D

Assuming the lines don't take forever, may even try to start slapping colors on this before bed really soon!



Mon Feb 29 06:24:45 2016

I still like to try playing around with this character on occasion.

Thought he probably wasn't much at the start, but hearing that Ringling instructor take the sketch model sheet I did for my portfolio and said the school likes seeings things like this drove me to keep him around. :)


Genocide BurgerPants - Animatic

Sun Dec 27 02:23:26 2015

FINALLY SOMETHING THAT'S 'MORE' THAT I CAN POST HERE ;; Sorry for neglecting this thing, folks! Honestly really surprised anyone still seems to want to contribute any penny to this thing! (Mainly been making sure I've had funds here to help support few others I find here! Ya'll are great!)

But yeah, this thing I posted a cruddy twitter vid snippet of! And unlike others I've posted beforehand.. this is actually considerably 'short' and with not that much going on.. would really like to see if I can work more with actually outlining this thing, inbetweens and all.. we shall see!


'Destiny' - Animatic

Mon Nov 16 05:12:10 2015


Hehe, this was fun expression/storyboard-ish practice! And I'm thinking I actually may want to try and further flesh this out when I have the chances. :)

Thought I'd show this here first though, assuming I did happen to make this more of a fully finished thing!


Bear Head Animation

Fri Oct 23 16:04:51 2015

I'm so sorry the quality here seems shoddy. For whatever reason it's converted worse on Youtube than directly where I needed to upload it on Ringling.

But, I wanted to show something that tells I have actually tried to get myself some bit of knowledge/experience with animating. I initially wasn't going to include this when I did it months ago, but then I recalled that my art teacher specifically mentioned he really like this one. So.. I thought why not!

Just gotta do a page of sketches with feet (since I've done a page of hands), as well as see if I can do some sort of concept page of that frog character I'm trying to expand more on still, than.. I think that's it. :)



Mon Sep 28 05:07:08 2015


Life Study - Closet

Sun Aug 23 06:35:47 2015

One of the better ones I've manage to do so far. This is one of other pieces I have piling up in my portfolio that I believe I'll be showing in the end of things, for sure. :)


Mouse Thieves - Sketch

Sun Aug 23 05:37:00 2015

Sketch phase of the pic I posted on Twitter!




Thu Aug 20 23:33:08 2015

What a serious lookin' fellah


Art Academy Doodle

Sun Aug 2 07:07:36 2015

I never would have thought a Nintendo drawing 'game'/program would be able to easily squirm it's way into one of my top favorite art programs.

This really makes me feel like I can have a chance at achieving a digital painting. Has such a nice feel to it! <3


Krakling - Color Scheme

Thu Jul 30 19:48:28 2015

Trying to think over colors for this guy. I'm thinking this may be what I want to go with. VERY light shade of pink, faint-blue eyes, dark gray beak, etc.

(Also trying to come up with a name for this guy as well, species and character wise, hehe. For some reason I've been leaning more towards him being a 'Krakling', vs. other thoughts like a 'Krakquid' or 'Squiken', but I'm still thinking it over!)


Kraken-Squid - Character Design

Wed Jul 29 07:39:39 2015

Egh, I hope this isn't too lame. Or that unappealing. :X

But, this guy has also been a character I've been doodling on and off these past several months. Coincidentally enough about a month before I even heard of Splatoon. (Thankfully he stuck around to be yet another guinea pig in my attempts of character design.)

There oughta be a few more doodles to occur on this page, but all in all I'm trying to contribute more 'original creation/design to my art portfolio.

(As well as trying to practice drawing without -constant- need for guidelines everywhere/not petting my lines so much. Overall, trying to be more confident!)



Sun Jul 26 05:44:19 2015

I always forget how fun it feels to come back to these characters once in a while.

If only I could trust others enough to post this more publicly (or at least not care as much about potential tracings, one). :)



Thu Jul 2 19:12:16 2015

Yet another doodle I'd like to finish when I get a chance. :'D

(Which could possible be this weekend, since I technically have an unplanned for break from contacting folks for commissions. Who knows!)



Wed Jun 24 06:36:30 2015

Still doodling in between waiting for responses from commissioners.

I'm steadily feeling more and more nervous about needing to finish up college application/making more work for my portfolio for Ringling in the next several months. On top of that is trying to come up with more original characters/ideas for storytelling.

Along with a 'simple-ish' alien character, I've actually found myself drawing this particular frog character a lot these past few months. Hehe, it's probably silly (especially since it's probably predictable), but I still have more I'd like to explore with this character and his story when I hopefully have some free time left this summer to commit to my portfolio.

In the hopes that I actually may get accepted into Ringling (*fingers crossed*), I feel he'd be pretty fun to explore with for those final year project assignments art students usually get assigned to do.

(OH, and I drew this with a pen and a 'Cool Shadow' Copic marker in my Toned Tan sketchbook!)



Fri Jun 19 14:42:38 2015

I'm really sorry about the scarce lack of updates over here, everyone! Commissions have been keeping me super busy.

But even those don't stop me from still drawing for my own accord in between pictures. Which means I can accidentally create more pictures I'd eventually like to get time to finish. Like this one. :'D

I still can't really get into Animal Crossing, but I've always seen art of this girldog around and I can now tell why! She's fun and cute to draw!


Splat-Pones - WIP

Mon Jun 8 05:02:26 2015

It's been a long while since I've dedicated some time to doing a more fully fleshed out MLP-related pic, and this lil' idea popped into my head, so I thought I'd try to go with it~

I think these three would be pretty pro at this game. B)



Mon Jun 1 18:56:55 2015

The result of using a single sheet of paper over the course of a few days to do quick warm ups/doodles.

(I tend to have several of these things laying around sometimes. :'D)


Fu Dog Comparison

Tue May 26 05:00:57 2015

Clearer show of the sketch I did of Fu Dog next to the more finished result!


Watercolor Painting (including progress)

Wed May 20 04:29:02 2015

Working on stuff for the portfolio! Just whipped up this thing tonight. Heh, I'm still trying to work better with watercolor paint. :)

(Though I really need to get my but up to actually reference/color from real life, studying even from a photo here was a fun challenge!)


Elephant Studies

Wed May 13 00:36:13 2015

A page of pachyderms for the college portfolio. (Eeeh, I hope these are okay.



Mon May 11 01:30:26 2015

I found this doodle of Lion still sitting around on my Cintiq!



Tue May 5 01:49:36 2015

Haha, the last few days haven't been the best for me with art, in my opinion. But as usual, that doesn't stop me from trying.


Trying to Character-Design - Bear

Wed Apr 29 22:24:57 2015

I accidentally started drawing up this big guy today. He originally started out at a panda, thus given the black eye markings, but then I went in a different direction with him.
I'd like to try and go further with his design to possibly include him in my portfolio. :)

384f6ae1a77ca1cc5ac5bd5ebb8deef7.jpg a2a43f18c0dbc4e88c70e4550bdfc231.jpg

Commission Price Sheet - 2015

Tue Apr 28 02:33:12 2015

Posting the actual file here, for clearer views for you folks here! c:

(Thank you so much for the continuous support!



Thu Apr 23 05:01:06 2015


f233d01cb4c3844e449da93c4f3d7516.jpg 5b215c9bbe78d9141768a0dbbd062007.png


Mon Apr 20 05:10:29 2015



Bear Studies

Wed Apr 15 00:43:10 2015

Trying to see if I can add something else in that upper left-hand corner before I resort to just writing in 'Bear Studies', but this makes another piece added to the portfolio! (And I'm feeling as if this one may actually be one I'd send to Ringling for reviewing as well.)


Catscratch WIP - Outlined

Mon Apr 6 04:22:47 2015

Was able to go the more fully-executed route. Yessss. c:


Catscratch WIP

Mon Apr 6 02:12:31 2015

Sketch of a thing I -really- want to get to finishing very soon that I've had laying around for the past few days.

I think I want to make a fuller, complete picture out of this, but I'm really itching to get it done, so it is just as likely to be another 'doodle' if I'm tempted enough!
Hehe, we shall see! c:


Portfolio Piece

Wed Apr 1 03:42:22 2015

.. Or at least a possibility of ending up in there! Planning to treat this image as one I'll show as a progress image to a full (digitally) finished result.


Siamese Grumps - WIP2

Mon Mar 30 01:56:46 2015

This thing is actually coming along still, woo~


Bunny Walk

Sat Mar 28 05:24:55 2015


Experimenting more with TVPaint! May possibly color this later on!


Sketchbook Scribbles

Thu Mar 26 08:03:09 2015

(Bluh, seems Patreon resizes images as well! Here are these in full! http://i.imgur.com/XfzRpgK.jpg)


FNAF Doodlings

Tue Mar 24 07:52:22 2015

(Please, folks - do NOT repost these -anywhere-. I would like to have some place where I can privately show some occasional FNAF doodles without worrying about thefts/tracings/etc. while I can still show it to others. Thank you. :) )

Hehe, breaking in a new sketchbook I got! Definitely need to head to bed now, but thought I'd post this up here! It was a nice feeling drawing these guys again. <3


'Siamese' GrumpCats - Animatic

Sun Mar 15 06:21:14 2015

WIP. :)
(Holy crap, TVPaint is so amazing to work with! Still need to get used to it's interface, what does what, and other necessities, but it's such a joy to work with! Practically like Manga Studio with animation features! <3)


Max Headshot Doodles

Sun Mar 15 05:52:41 2015

Trying to get some art juices flowing! A few quick Max doodles on the Cintiq before it runs out of battery!



Tue Mar 10 00:00:32 2015

Whenever I contemplate opening for a couple of icons, I tend to do very quick scribbles of more doodle-y icons. Thought I'd post this one for the heck of it!


BitBBH Doodle WIP

Fri Mar 6 06:20:34 2015

Sketch of a doodle I'd like to finish up tomorrow when it's not super late/I'm not super tired! Featuring some characters from a part of my childhood. c:


Cruddy Walk Cycle

Mon Mar 2 07:42:50 2015

(Since Patreon can't show GIF files, here's link to it! http://i.imgur.com/IYC9ez5.gif )

Haha, this is definitely a crummy attempt, and I apologize for that, but this was mainly more practice with achieving a walk cycle, and I thought I'd use Fwoozle as my guinea pig!

(Was also further proof for me that Flash is pretty frustrating to work with, haha! Luckily I found myself with enough funds to purchase TVPaint, which may arrive later this week, so I'd love to learn more with that program!)


'Fwoozle' - Model Sheet Progress

Sun Mar 1 22:56:35 2015

(Apologies for the dark view here!)
Progress of something I feel may end up being a part of one of my art portfolios to send into college (most likely for Illustration, I'm feeling). Mainly done to show a bit of consistency and (of course) turn around of a character.
Not sure what I'd want to call this little guy yet, but I've been sticking to 'Fwoozle' so far. c:



Sun Mar 1 08:43:36 2015

Quick lemur before bed!


Meow Progress

Sun Mar 1 08:24:28 2015

If folks happen to remember that picture of Meow (From Space Dandy) that I made about a month ago, here is the sketch phase of this piece!

(I sometimes like to shade and very hastily color sketches of a piece to get a sense of atmosphere I'd like to go for!)



Sun Mar 1 08:03:09 2015

Just the sketch phase of my (current) Patreon icon here! c:
Thank you so much for wanting to contribute! Really flatters me that my art could interest you to such a degree! <3