Ponkbang Animation - Floating Phallus Alternative Version

Thu Oct 1 17:03:50 2020

Here's a floating phallus version of the Ponkbang animation for those of you who would prefer a more impersonal version of it.

Enjoy <3

Ponk-anim-floating-dicks-900.gif ponk_anim_floating_dicks.webm (d) Ponk-anim-floating-dicks.gif

Ponkbang Animation Project Files

Thu Oct 1 03:33:45 2020

Here's the project files for my Ponkbang animation. Enjoy~

Programs: After Effects 2020, Clip Studio Paint

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, Quick Chromatic Abberation, OLM Color Key, OLM Smoother

Ponkbang_Thumbnail.PNG (d) Ponkbang_Thumbnail.PNG

Ponkbang Animation

Thu Oct 1 01:01:28 2020

Finished up this warmup animation of Ponk having some fun with some tavern patrons! Looks like she got a little carried away~

Thanks so much to Petrie, Ajulex, and Grey Hawk for submitting their OCs to the cause and thanks so much to everyone else for applying.

I hope you enjoy!

Ponk-anim-900.gif Ponk-anim-720.gif Ponk-anim.gif ponk_anim.webm (d)

Ponk Delverboy + Kobold Kitchen Update

Mon Sep 21 21:58:17 2020

I made a cover for the next hidden issue of Delverboy in Dungeon Tail and with it comes a cameo from a familiar pink pony, Ponk! Specifically the anthro version of the dressed up version of her I made for my Roleponies animation way back. There's a standalone version of the cover for you to enjoy as well~

In addition, I've been at work planning and drawing up the background for the kobold kitchen section of the game.

This is where the next puzzle will take place and of course, where Vyncent and the kobolds will get down and dirty. According to the poll, it's looking like the kobolds will both be girls but that doesn't mean there can't be any MMF or MM content later down the line.

Stay tuned for more~

Delverboy_Ponk_00000.png Delverboy_Ponk_00000.png Ponk_DB_Blank_00000.png Delverboy_Ponk_00000.png Ponk_DB_Blank_00000.png kobold_kitchen_1920_00000.png

Dungeon Tail Kobolds! Girl+Girl or Girl+Boy? You decide!

Sat Sep 12 19:58:09 2020

So a few people over at the Dungeon Tail discord have suggested adding some more male content to the game so that got me thinking of possibly making one of the kobolds a boy instead of a girl. I would like to see what you guys think about that! I went ahead and animated idle animations for both versions, clothed and nude, in order to help you decide.

Girl+Girl Clothed

Girl+Boy Clothed

Girl+Girl Nude

Girl+Boy Nude

I honestly think both versions are super cute and could easily work just as well. The lewd possibilities are endless.

Let me know what you think!

kobolds-ff-nude.gif kobolds-ff.gif kobolds-fm.gif kobolds-fm-nude.gif

Summer AC Art Pack Project Files

Thu Aug 27 22:59:51 2020

Here's the Clip Studio Paint project files for my Animal Crossing art pack pinups of Agnes and June. Enjoy!

Programs: Clip Studio Paint

AC_art_pack_thumbnail.png (d) AC_art_pack_thumbnail.png

Dungeon Tail 0.06b Public Release + Poll Results

Thu Aug 27 21:45:43 2020

Dungeon Tail 0.06b is now publicly available on and I've also made a small loading screen fix for it as well for patrons and everyone else. Please enjoy!

Poll results are also pretty much finalized at this point as well and it's looking like Vyncent is going to be having some fun with some kobold cuties~

Thanks everyone so much for participating! Expect to see some updates on the Vyncent X kobold section as I progress on it. Should be a fun little sequence to work on with plenty of great lewd potential. Iris and the orc will most likely be next after that and last but not least will be Adah and some slimy, writhing tentacles~

Stay tuned and thanks for your support <3


June Summer AC Art Pack Pinup

Thu Aug 27 17:31:49 2020

I made another pinup for that Animal Crossing art pack, this time of June the bear at an exotic spa~

The art pack release date has been pushed back to early September. It should be out very soon!

June_00000.png June_00000.png June_00001.png

Dungeon Tail v0.06b Release

Wed Aug 19 22:39:32 2020

Small update here to address a few issues people had with the last release. The biggest feature here is the addition of in-game graphic and resolution options since some people were having performance issues (Unity deprecated the graphic/resolution window in the newer releases). I've also spruced up the main menu a bit and fixed a few of the option screen quirks.

In addition, I've gone back and tweaked a few animations, namely, the "cum outside" animation in the cave pool. I wasn't satisfied with how it looked before so I remade the creamy ropes to fly more realistically >:3

Enjoy and thank you for your continued support <3

Release Notes:

- Fixed up and added graphic/resolution options to the options screen and in-game panel.

- Spruced up the main menu with an animated background and logo.

- Fixed up some animations, namely, the cum outside animation.





Dungeon_Tail_Release_Thumbnail_v0.06b.png Dungeon_Tail_Release_Thumbnail_v0.06b.png

Which encounter would you like to see in Dungeon Tail first?

Fri Aug 14 19:49:03 2020

It's time for a poll! Three doors in the dungeon chest room means three choices and three possible encounters. The question is, which encounter would you like to see fully animated and implemented into the game first? I'll eventually do every encounter but I'm curious to see which one you guys are just craving to see~

Would you like to see Iris get pounded by a big, burly orc in the armory? How about Vyncent get worshiped by 2 cute, mischievous kobolds in the dungeon kitchen? Or would you like to see Adah get ravaged by slimy, writhing tentacles in the study?

Let me know in the poll and in the comments!

Adah X Tentacles Concept Art

Thu Aug 13 22:22:20 2020

Finally, here's the last concept for another planned area in Dungeon Tail where Adah will encounter some feisty tentacles after snooping around in the dungeon study. Looks like they're getting very well acquainted with her~

The poll for which area/encounter you would like to see first should be up shortly!

Adah_X_Tentacles_00000.png Adah_X_Tentacles_00000.png Adah_X_Tentacles2_00000.png

Vyncent X Kobolds Concept Art

Fri Aug 7 22:34:17 2020

Next concept for another planned area in Dungeon Tail is the dungeon kitchen where Vyncent will encounter two kobold cuties who need a little assistance~ I was thinking of calling them Cinder and Tinder...

Next concept coming up is Adah and some tentacles! Stay tuned <3

Vyncent_X_Kobold_BJ_00000.png Vyncent_X_Kobold_BJ_00000.png Vyncent_X_Kobolds_00000.png

Dungeon Tail 0.06 Public Release + New Loading Screen

Tue Aug 4 02:01:16 2020

Dungeon Tail 0.06 is now public on and I've also gone ahead and added a "slimy" loading screen to the game. The game is getting larger so a loading screen is warranted in order to make the loading wait a little more pleasant. The Patreon MEGA links have been updated to include the new loading screen as well.

In addition, the Newgrounds version of the game has also been updated for those who prefer to play in the browser.

Enjoy <3


Iris X Orc Concept Art

Wed Jul 29 21:50:23 2020

One of the next planned areas for Dungeon Tail is the dungeon armory where Iris will encounter a very friendly and very pent up orc while she searches for one of the keys to the chest. I wanted to draw some concepts up for him so you'll have a better idea of what to expect for this encounter. You can be sure that he'll be porking Iris good~

I'll be drawing the other room encounters for Vyncent and Adah next and then I'll be holding a poll to see which encounter you guys would like to see animated and implemented into the game first!

Iris_x_Orc_cock_00000.png Iris_x_Orc_cock_00000.png Iris_x_Orc_00000.png

Dungeon Tail v0.06 Release

Fri Jul 24 17:27:12 2020

It's time for a new Dungeon Tail update! This update brings a whole new inventory system along with the introduction to the chest room. There has also been many small back end tweaks to the game to make it a little more efficient.

Enjoy the update and look forward to a poll sometime soon on which door you would like to see explored first!

Release Notes:

- Brand new inventory system that persists throughout the game.

- Introduction to the mysterious chest room and the 3 doors to choose from.

- Cleaned up code for greater efficiency.

- Added a "slimy" loading screen.





Dungeon_Tail_Release_Thumbnail_v0.06.png Dungeon_Tail_Release_Thumbnail_v0.06.png

Agnes Summer AC Art Pack Pinup

Tue Jul 14 02:03:11 2020

I made an Agnes pinup for a summer-themed Animal Crossing art pack I've been invited to (there's a ton of great artists on board!). Looks like the heat is getting to her~

The complete art pack should be out in August. Look forward to it!

Agnes_00000.png Agnes_00000.png Agnes_00001.png

Dungeon Tail Inventory Rework

Thu Jul 9 19:18:55 2020

I've recently gone through the work of reworking in an entire new inventory system into Dungeon Tail. There is now an inventory icon in the top left of the screen and clicking it will bring up your inventory where you can see all of the items you have and equip them from there. This new system should allow for things like multi room puzzles and some exploration later on.

I've also tightened up the save system to coincide with this update. Now whenever you complete any sort of puzzle objective, you'll be able to save at each point of progress, be it breaking the shield, setting up the wood, or picking up the lock picks. You'll be able to pick up right where you left off!

file.aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9lSzNKNW04Sk1jZy9tYXhyZXNkZWZhdWx0LmpwZw (d) https_www.patreon.com_media-url_aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9lSzNKNW04Sk1jZy9tYXhyZXNkZWZhdWx0LmpwZw (d)

Dungeon Tail Chest Room Illustrations

Tue Jun 16 21:54:42 2020

More progress on the chest room section of Dungeon Tail. Looks like it's going to be a tough nut to crack~

I guess they'll have to check out what's behind those doors. Can't be anything too bad, right?

chest_slash_00000.png chest_slash_00000.png chest_room_00000.png chest_room_00001.png

Iris Chel Outfit + Nude Edit

Tue Jun 9 22:15:02 2020

Here's a fun warm up I did based on something said in Discord. She does look pretty adorable in that outfit~ (and nude of course)

Iris_chel_outfit_xl.png Iris_chel_outfit_nude_xl.png Iris_chel_outfit_xl.png

Iris Booty Praise + DT Status Update!

Fri Jun 5 21:36:06 2020

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well! Here's a fun little Iris/Vyncent pic based on a silly twitter prompt. Praise be!

I'm also back at work full time on Dungeon Tail and have started planning and drawing out the next section:

A peculiar chest room with 3 doors. Perhaps there'll be some lewd surprises behind each one? Of course there will be! The plan is to split the party and have them explore each room by their lonesome where there'll be an encounter lying in wait for each of them. Should be exciting~

Stay tuned for more!

DT_booty_praise.png DT_booty_praise.png

Chloe Tiddy Fun Animation Commission

Fri May 29 19:48:17 2020

Here's a fresh animation commission I did featuring Chloe and Vyncent! Chloe is a slithery little snake merchant looking for a little fun with our wolf rogue protagonist. Luckily, she has just the right assets to have some fun with~

Sound help by MagnumDaFolf


https_www.dropbox.com_temp_thumb_from_token_s_wt6em5jrqehpg67preserve_transparencyFalsesize1200x1200size_mode4 (d) Chloe_Tiddy_Fun.mp4 (d) https_www.dropbox.com_temp_thumb_from_token_s_wt6em5jrqehpg67preserve_transparencyFalsesize1200x1200size_mode4 (d)

Resident Services After Hours Project Files

Mon May 25 01:31:49 2020

Here's the After Effects project files for the Resident Services animation. Enjoy!

Programs: After Effects 2020, Photoshop

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, Quick Chromatic Abberation, OLM Color Key, OLM Smoother

tit.png (d) tit.png

Resident Services After Hours Final Animation

Fri May 15 22:24:24 2020


It's finished! Isabelle and Nook get up to some naughty fun during some downtime at resident services~

Thanks for bearing with me and thanks so much to DSHooves for voicing Isabelle and MagnumDaFolf for helping with the sound!

Please enjoy <3

Iris_zipper_panties.png Resident_Services_After_Hours.mp4 (d) Iris_zipper_panties.png isabelle_thumbnail_00473.png isabelle_thumbnail_00473.png

Dungeon Tail v0.05b Release

Fri May 1 00:09:02 2020

I hope everyone is doing well out there! This small update for Dungeon Tail brings a fully original soundtrack full of chiptuney goodness by Ardklaw with all the music redone except for the main menu theme (for now). In addition there are some new voice lines and a few other small tweaks and changes.

Enjoy the fresh new beats and I hope to have a much bigger update later on!

Release Notes:

- Brand new soundtrack by Ardklaw. No more royalty free music!

- New voice lines for Vyncent.

- Minor tweaks and changes.





Dungeon_Tail_Release_Thumbnail_v0.05b.png Dungeon_Tail_Release_Thumbnail_v0.05b.png

Resident Services After Hours WIP

Sat Apr 25 21:26:19 2020

Password to the video is "ac"

Here is the full Isabelle x Nook animation so far! I reworked some of the timing, added some camera sway, changed the desk color (to match the front desk from the game), and added the BJ segment to the beginning!

There'll be sound effects, music, and voicing (by the lovely DSHooves) added later on.

Hopefully I can have the full thing finished soon!

Stay safe <3

Easter Iris!

Tue Apr 14 19:54:51 2020

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! I'm a little late with this but please enjoy Iris in a reverse bunny suit~

Nude version can be found HERE

In other news, I'm still hard at work on making an extended cut for the Isabelle animation and I'm working with Ardklaw to infuse Dungeon Tail with a 100% original soundtrack! Stay tuned for more <3


Isabelle Animation Tom Nook Edit

Sat Mar 28 23:04:13 2020

A few people over on my Discord channel wanted to see Isabelle having some fun with another animal villager for this animation so I decided to do it up! I figured I'd go with Tom Nook since they're always working together and they might get up to some lewd shenanigans every now and then (maybe she just wants to earn some Nook Miles)~

I honestly love these two <3

Isabelle-anim-nook.gif isabelle_anim_nook.webm (d)

Isabelle's Coconuts

Wed Mar 25 16:08:31 2020

I've been enraptured by the new Animal Crossing lately so enjoy some more Isabelle. She's got a lovely bunch of coconuts~

isabelle_coconuts_sm.png isabelle_coconuts_nude.png isabelle_coconuts.png isabelle_coconuts_nude_sm.png

Isabelle Animation Project Files

Mon Mar 23 16:45:18 2020

Here's the project files for my Isabelle animation. Enjoy~

Programs: After Effects 2020, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, Quick Chromatic Abberation, OLM Color Key, OLM Smoother

tit.png (d) tit.png

Isabelle Animation Sound Edit

Thu Mar 19 19:27:06 2020

Password for the video is "ac"

Here's a nice little sound edit to the Isabelle animation I did with the help of Magnum. I also added a few more animation details~

Enjoy and have fun with the new Animal Crossing game!

isabelle_anim_sfx.mp4 (d)

Isabelle New Horizons Animation

Wed Mar 18 21:52:53 2020

Here's a fun little Isabelle animation I made in anticipation of the new Animal Crossing game! Not only will the player experience new horizons, but so will Isabelle~

Check out the full res version in the attachments!

Enjoy and stay safe out there <3

Isabelle-anim.gif isabelle_anim.webm (d)

10k Bun Booty

Fri Mar 6 23:17:07 2020

I hit 10k followers on twitter recently and to celebrate that huge milestone, I drew some juicy bun booty for you all!

Thanks so much for all the support, it really means the world to me <3


Dungeon Tail v0.05 Release

Thu Mar 5 20:05:21 2020

Update time! This Dungeon Tail update brings two new things among some other minor tweaks/changes.

Firstly, I've gone back and revised the slimed scene by adding all new animations for both Vyncent and Iris including climax animations for both. There's also controls available for the scene so you can control the flow of events!

Secondly, I've added further on to the storyline with a camp scene after the lewd cave pool antics where you're introduced to Adah, the feisty lynx barbarian. You'll be able to discover her whole deal and what's next for the adventurers!

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Release Notes:

- Expanded and enhanced slimed scene.

- Camp cookout scene added after the cave pool scene.

- Minor tweaks and changes.






Slimax Update

Fri Feb 28 23:46:29 2020

Password to the video is "dt"

More progress on the slimax scene! This time with Iris joining in the fun~

Now I just have to implement it into the game and add sound. The in-game controls will allow you to control the slimes for Vyncent and Iris separately so that you can play out their animations how ever you'd like!

The next build should hopefully be out soon!

slimax.mp4 (d)

Vyncent Slimax Animation

Wed Feb 19 02:58:09 2020

Here's the slimax animation for Vyncent. He gets taken for quite a ride~

Next up is Iris!


Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Sat Feb 15 18:59:01 2020

Here's a fun little Iris drawing before I get back to working on the Slimax animation!


Full NSFW Image


Iris Zipper Panties

Mon Feb 10 22:26:53 2020

Here's a little illustration based on some silly comments in my Discord channel. Iris in some zipper panties. She's better watch out though, wouldn't want to get anything caught.

Also enjoy a panty-less version complete with cheesy quote.

Iris_zipper_panties.png Iris_zipper_panty-less.png

Milky Iris Redux

Thu Feb 6 21:20:11 2020

I decided to go back and touch up this Iris drawing using some different rendering techniques. There's also a milkess version for those who just want to admire her tiddies~


Iris_lactate_redux_milkless.png Iris_lactate_redux_milkless.png Iris_lactate_redux.png

Miltank Project Files Pack

Tue Feb 4 20:26:57 2020

Here's all the project files for my Miltank animation and illustration. Enjoy~

Programs: After Effects 2020, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, Quick Chromatic Abberation, OLM Color Key, OLM Smoother

Miltank_PF1.PNG (d) Miltank_PF1.PNG Miltank_PF2.PNG

Miltank Tum Illustration

Tue Feb 4 19:48:07 2020

Here is part of some work I'm doing for an artpack! Specifically, it's going to be for a lewd deck of cards. Here is my first piece for it. Big, juicy Miltank tum and tiddies~

Enjoy the various edits as well and stay tuned for more!

Miltank_card_bikini_milkless.png Miltank_card_fin.png Miltank_card_bikini.png

Poll: Threesome vs. Monsters

Thu Jan 30 20:10:43 2020

I asked this question earlier in my discord channel. I'm doing some story planning stuff for Dungeon Tail and wanted your opinion on something. Would you rather see some more monster action first (tentacles, kobolds, etc.) or a threesome with Vyncent, Adah, and Iris at the camp?

My plan is to first add a climax scene to the slime encounter but I'd like your opinion on what my focus should be on afterward!

Camp Cookout Scene Update/WIPs

Thu Jan 30 05:54:58 2020

Hey everyone, just wanted to throw a little update on what I've been working on for Dungeon Tail!

I've been a little busy with contract work and other projects but I've found some time to start working on the next section of Dungeon Tail, the camp scene! This scene will basically act as a way to introduce Adah as well as plot out the next steps in the story. Since there's quite a little bit of dialogue involved, I'm working on expanding the various different portrait animations for the characters and of course, I've added Adah's portrait animations in as well.

Enjoy the progress pics above and stay tuned for more!

dt-cook.gif adah-idle.gif adah-laugh.gif cooking-pot.gif

Dungeon Tail v0.04 now public and new page!

Sat Jan 18 23:24:05 2020

Hey, everyone, I hope you've been having a fantastic week. The new version of Dungeon Tail is now public. Check it out here! It's mostly a whole host of optimizations and quality of life changes. Check out the description for the full release notes and please enjoy!

In other news, I also have a brand spanking new page set up for Dungeon Tail. It'll serve as an alternative place to download public builds of Dungeon Tail and discuss the game! It should help with the discover-ability of the game as well. Check it out here or in the link above!

Have fun!


Dungeon Tail v0.04 Release

Sun Jan 12 22:36:46 2020

Here's a quick optimization and quality of life update for you all!

Not much new content but I did heavily downsize the file size of the game so that it should be much easier to download and store. The previous build was over 2gb but with this update, I managed to get the game down to around 300mb through some compression and resizing. Much more manageable and future proof!

I've also added some more controls so that it's much easier to play the game one-handed. You can now control the animation progression by using space or the arrow keys. You can also choose on screen choices by using the number keys. Lastly, you can also play the lockpicking mini-game with either space or by clicking. These additions should make the game much more enjoyable to play with either just mouse or just keyboard or a combination of the two.

Release Notes:

- Heavily downsized the file size of the game from 2gb to 300mb.

- Various alternative controls added to different parts of the game.

- Fixed the camp setup scene objects so that they don't shift slightly when you mouse over them.






Dungeon Tail is now up on Newgrounds!

Fri Jan 10 21:11:22 2020

After much tweaking and optimizing, I've managed to get Dungeon Tail up on Newgrounds! It takes a little while to load but everything is up and working. Feel free to check it out in the link above.

I'll probably try to keep the browser version up to date with the desktop version but it may be more difficult with the more content I add. We'll see how things pan out.

https_picon.ngfiles.com_745000_flash_745880_largest_crop.pngf1578689786 (d)

Soapy Iris

Tue Jan 7 22:56:39 2020

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic 2020 so far! I'm finally back home and decided to draw up some soapy Iris pics as a warm up. What a squeaky clean bun <3

There's also a soap-less version for those who prefer their buns dirty~


Iris_soapy_00000.png Iris_soapy_00001.png

Leaky Iris, Dungeon Tail Hotfix and Future Plans

Sat Dec 21 02:08:22 2019

Seasons greetings everyone! I made a leaky Iris pic to celebrate. Looks like one of her potions had some unforeseen consequences~

In other news, I also released a hotfix for Dungeon Tail. Thanks to some feedback, a bug was found where the cave pool scene was slightly broken in the gallery section. The scene controls did not work properly and the player could not go back all the way. I have now fixed that and updated the MEGA uploads for supporters and benefactors.

Lastly, what I have in store for future Dungeon Tail updates is some optimization (the uncompressed game is 2gb and I really need to work on optimizing the size), work on WebGL (if possible) and Android versions, make a cum animation for the slime scene, and of course continue the story and introduce Adah some more. I'm not going to be around much over the next 2 weeks since I'm visiting family for Christmas but this is the stuff I'll be working on as soon as I get back.

Stay tuned for more, have a very merry Christmas, and thank you for the support <3


Dungeon Tail v0.03a Release

Tue Dec 17 23:35:48 2019

It's been a long time coming, but I'm very happy to announce the next version of Dungeon Tail is finally ready to go. With this release, you can enjoy the full cave pool lewd sequence, voiced characters and a whole host of other tweaks and changes.

Release Notes:

- Fully complete animated cave pool scene with sound/voices and the classic option to cum inside or out.

- Characters are voiced by the lovely cast of Dragon-V0942, KandiPoP, and DSHooves.

- Expanded options menu with the option to control voice volume. Options are also now available in game through the top right menu.

- New splash screen and a whole host of other minor tweaks and changes.






A new challenger approaches!

Fri Dec 13 06:03:50 2019

Full resolution Webm:

So now we get to see Adah's first appearance in Dungeon Tail. She's a feisty little cat barbarian in search of some action and it looks like she found some~

She's going to be voiced by the lovely DSHooves and will appear in the next DT demo which I should hopefully have out very soon! Stay tuned!


Cuddles/Surprise Adah WIP

Wed Dec 4 04:49:54 2019

A WIP for the next scene in Dungeon Tail! Some cute post-coitus cuddles and a surprise Adah!

What's she up to? Stay tuned.


Iris x Berry Part 2 Sketch Commission

Thu Nov 28 00:26:14 2019

Next part to the Iris x Berry series for Shade Halifax.

After a rigorous (and extra messy) study session, looks like she has him all worn out~



Iris x Berry Commissioned Illustration

Wed Nov 27 02:34:02 2019

Here's a fun little commission I did for Shade Halifax featuring his ice cream cat, Berry and Iris!

Iris is really getting into some messy and sweet research~


Glaze the Bun Animation

Tue Nov 26 05:13:44 2019

View the full webm here:

Here's the other cum scene for the cave pool sequence completed! The player will be able to choose whichever scene they desire~

cave-pool-doggy-cum-outside.gif cave_pool_doggy_cum_outside.webm (d)

Dungeon Tail Cave Pool Creampie Final

Mon Nov 18 19:06:35 2019

Password to the video is "dt"

Finished up the cave pool creampie scene. I made a few visual tweaks, added a Vyncent reaction shot, and added some sound! Enjoy~

Just have to implement it into the game and add a cum outside animation after.

Cave_Pool_Creampie.mp4 (d)

Dungeon Tail Threesome

Wed Nov 13 01:05:54 2019

Made this pic to practice up a bit and indulge myself a little. Some raunchy threesome fun with Iris, Vyncent, and Adah~

Just a pure pile of pleasure <3


Iris - "I eat ass"

Vyncent - "What!?"

eat_ass_fin_00000.png eat_ass_lines.png eat_ass_sketch.png eat_ass_final.png

Iris Creampie Animation

Mon Nov 11 06:01:00 2019

Cream filled bunny~

Full animation webm can be found here:

Working on finishing up the cave pool scene for Dungeon Tail. The creampie animation is basically finished, now I have to make the "cum outside" animation so that the player will have a choice of which one to choose from :3

Stay tuned for more!


Happy Boob Day!

Fri Nov 8 20:21:30 2019

Apparently today is boob day according to Japanese twitter. So here's an assortment of tiddies I've animated over the months.

Enjoy :3


Happy Halloween!

Fri Nov 1 02:53:26 2019

Have a witchy Iris in a translucent leotard to celebrate the holiday! "Unwrapped" version available as well :3

iris_halloween_final.png iris_halloween_final_nude.png

Dungeon Tail Voice Acting Update!

Thu Oct 31 04:04:46 2019

Password for the videos is "dt"

Hey everyone, I'm back to work on Dungeon Tail after finishing up those commissions. Lately I've been working on implementing the voice acting provided by the awesome DragonV (Vyncent) and KandiPoP (Iris)! Check out the video above to see their beautiful voices in action.

I've also updated my engine, plugins and some scripts which took a bit of time but is worth the effort for having a smoother experience moving forward.

Look forward to more updates soon and don't be afraid to gimme your thoughts :3

Ponk Mating Press Project Files

Sat Oct 19 17:48:48 2019

After Effects and CSP project files for my Ponk mating press animation.

After Effects version: CC2018

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, Quick Chromatic Abberation, OLM Color Key, OLM Smoother, OLM Blur

tit.png tit.png (d)

Ponk Bonk Animation Final

Fri Oct 18 22:35:16 2019

Finished up this fun little animation featuring Ponk and ImperfectXIII's OC Copper Plume. She's giving him quite the workout, hopefully he doesn't get too worn out~

Check out the full res Webm as well as a gif in the attachments :3

ponk-mating-press.gif ponk_mating_press.webm (d)

Ponk Bonk Animation WIP and Status Update

Thu Oct 10 00:16:09 2019

Working on another animated commission, this time featuring 80's workout Ponk from the image set I worked on awhile back! This time she has a partner to help her with some of the workouts~

This will probably be my last comm before I go back to working on Dungeon Tail full time again. I now have voice actors for Iris (voiced by Kandi) and Adah (voiced by DSHooves) and I'm excited to breathe more life into the characters! The next release will most probably feature a complete cave pool sex scene as well as all the voices that these excellent VAs have provided for me!

ponk-mating-press.gif ponk_mating_press_panels_sketch.png

Toriel X Asriel Tickle Animation Final

Thu Oct 3 21:33:26 2019

Password for the videos is "dt"

Here is the final version for the Asriel X Toriel tickle animation commissioned by Frist! This ended up being a way more ambitious project then I first thought it would be but I'm happy with how it turned out. Enjoy this lustful tickling and fondling between Asriel and Toriel. Many thanks to Frist and Lexxi for providing the voices for the characters and giving this piece so much more life!

If you want an extra wet watersports edit, that's also available right here:

AsrielXToriel_Tickle_Watersports_Version.mp4 (d) AsrielXToriel_Tickle.mp4 (d)

Booty Time Project Files

Tue Oct 1 04:18:21 2019

Get those booty files right here. Available in both Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint!

The nude, clothed, and cum versions are in separate folders, free for you to poke and prod at!

tit.png tit.png Booty_Time_Project_File.clip (d) Booty_Time_Project_File.psd (d)

Ponk Booty Time Nude and Cum Edits!

Fri Sep 27 19:36:16 2019

Behold! The big bouncy Ponk booty! Finished up the nude edit as requested by a few of you.

The accompanying song was just released as well. Check it out here:

Bonus cum edit as well:

booty_time_fin_00001.png Booty_Time_Cum.png Booty_Time_Nude.png

Ponk Booty Time!

Thu Sep 26 23:55:19 2019

Here's a quick little commission while I keep plugging away at the Undertale animation. Some Ponk booty commissioned by Spikey Wikey for an upcoming song of his appropriately named "Booty Time". Enjoy that big bouncing Ponk booty~

There might be a nude edit soon as well :3

booty_time_fin_00000.png Booty_Time_Transparent.png Booty_Time_Full.png Booty_time_cover.png

Toriel X Asriel Tickle Animation Progress 2

Sun Sep 15 00:27:14 2019

Things are heating up for Azzy and Toriel~ The animation is starting to near completion, just have to add some dialogue, a climax and a few little tweaks. Enjoy this sequence so far for now:

In Dungeon Tail news, I have some great VAs for Iris and Adah now. Look forward to an update sometime soon!


Toriel X Asriel Tickle Animation Progress

Thu Aug 29 19:23:36 2019

Azzy is really getting in there and Toriel can barely hold it together~ Some more progress on this fun animated sequence. Next up, things are going to get a little more intense!

Check out the full sequence so far here:


Toriel X Asriel Tickle/Fondle Animation WIP

Tue Aug 20 22:42:16 2019

Working on a lewd little animated commission featuring everyone's favorites, Toriel and Asriel! It's going to involved some fondling, tickling, and tiddy sucking~

Exciting stuff :3

More coming soon!


Iris X Vyncent Maximum Thrust!

Tue Aug 13 01:50:44 2019

Here's the fast thrust animation for the Dungeon Tail cave pool doggy scene! Vyncent is really giving Iris a nice good rutting~

You can check out the entire scene so far here:

Now I just need to finish up the nut animations (the player will have the option of cumming in or out) and this this scene will be ready to be implemented into the game!


Iris Sweater Meme

Mon Aug 12 00:53:59 2019

Hey everyone, sorry that it's been awhile since I gave you an update but I recently moved cities and have had to resettle. Here's a silly little sweater meme to get help me back into the groove of things. Poor Iris can barely fit in it but she doesn't seem to mind too much~

I'll have more animation and game updates sometime soon! Stay tuned~


Dungeon Tail - Cave Pool Doggy Animation

Wed Jul 24 04:38:20 2019

Video password is "dt"

Getting some more work done on the cave pool doggy scene in Dungeon Tail. Vyncent's going to have a good time getting acquainted with Iris' big juicy buns~

I'm still going to add a faster thrusting animation and then a cumshot after so stay tuned for that!

Enjoy this loop in the meantime:

cave_pool_doggy.webm (d) cave-pool-doggy-loop.gif

Dungeon Tail - Day at the (Nude) Beach

Sat Jul 13 03:25:14 2019

Nude version of the previous piece. The gang has a relaxing day at the beach but Adah has other ideas and this time it's at a nude beach~

Dungeon_Tail_Beach_Day_Fun_Nude.png Dungeon_Tail_Beach_Day_Fun.png

Dungeon Tail - Day at the Beach

Sat Jul 13 03:19:16 2019

Just a little promotional piece I did for Dungeon Tail. The gang has a relaxing day at the beach but Adah has other ideas~

beach_fondle_00000.png Dungeon%20Tail%20Beach%20Day%20Fun.png

Mega Milkers Animation

Mon Jul 8 13:59:19 2019

Miltank having some big, bouncy lewd fun down at the ranch~ Finished up this piece for an upcoming art pack but I may do additional edits for it after. Things like a cum edit or some clothing edits.

Enjoy <3

Miltank-test.gif Miltank-xl.gif

Mega Milkers WIP2

Fri Jul 5 22:28:29 2019

Almost finished up with this! Just have to make a BG and some slight adjustments. Enjoy what I have finished for now <3

Those big cow milkers were too fun to animate~


Mega Milkers WIP

Mon Jun 24 19:39:21 2019

Working on a Miltank animation as part of a Pokemon art pack that will be releasing in the near future. Here is a color test I did for her. I decided to make her extra thick and the animation should hopefully be just as bouncy~


Dungeon Tail Hotdog Animation

Mon Jun 17 05:41:04 2019

Working on getting the next cave pool animation sequence done. Here's the hotdogging part of it finished! Iris can be such a tease~

Next up will be the penetration OwO


Vyncent VA Announcement

Thu Jun 13 01:50:43 2019

Video password is "dt"

Very excited to announce that I've found a voice actor for Vyncent! His name is Dragon-V0942 and he's been involved with a number of animation projects, both SFW and NSFW. His voice should bring Vyncent to life with its roguish charms~

That said, if you're interested in VAing for Iris or know someone that would be, don't hesitate to message me for more details. I would love to get a VA for her on board as well.

Check out the video above and let me know what you think!

Dungeon Tail Update and Hotdog WIP

Tue Jun 4 22:47:57 2019

Hello everyone, I hope you've been enjoying the latest Dungeon Tail demo! I've received some excellent feedback since the release and am working on fixing things up for the next build.

I've also been working on the next and final part of the lewd cave pool sequence, the doggy scene! This scene will present the player with a nice hotdogging Iris before they make the choice of either claiming her booty or her pussy. It should be a fun little scene to put together and I hope you enjoy this little WIP in the meantime.

There's some other exciting news on the way so stay tuned!


Iris Paizuri Project Files

Mon May 27 21:17:55 2019

After Effects and CSP project files for my Dungeon Tail Iris titfuck animation.

After Effects version: CC2018

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, Quick Chromatic Abberation, OLM Color Key, OLM Smoother, OLM Blur

tit.png (d)

Adah Reference Sheet

Mon May 27 01:52:44 2019

I decided to make a reference sheet for the barbarian girl I created for an animation way back. I really like her design but she was sadly neglected by me. I was inspired to do this because of some lovely fan art waffl3sk4t made of her and since then, we've collabed a little and decided on the name Adah for her. She's someone I can hopefully introduce later on in Dungeon Tail. Her fiery attitude would be perfect for some lewd dungeon shenanigans~

Enjoy <3



Dungeon Tail v0.02a Release

Thu May 23 03:28:10 2019

Hello everyone, Dungeon Tail v0.02a is now available! Some of the main changes with this release include a camp setup mini-game and the lewd cave pool animation sequence. Please enjoy~

Release Notes:

- Expanded on the cave pool sequence with new story moments and lewd animations including a handjob and titfuck animation sequence (with cumshot).

- Added a camp setup minigame to break up the gameplay a bit. Use the point and click interface to setup a campfire. Includes a picklocking minigame as well!

- Added a try again option after getting past the slimes so that players can explore the other options.

- Added new moans and breathing sounds for Iris and Vyncent.

- Added the cave pool sequence to the gallery once the player has unlocked it.






Iris Titfuck + Cumshot Animation

Sat May 18 23:38:50 2019

The password for the video is "dt" (I'm using Vimeo now because Streamable banned me :<)

Here is the finished titfuck animation for Dungeon Tail. Now I just need to implement it into the game where there will be sound and controls to change the titfuck speed/activate the cumshot. Enjoy what I have finished for now~

Iris Titfuck Animation

Sat May 11 01:44:55 2019

Making good progress on the titfuck scene for Dungeon Tail. Here's what I have so far. Who wouldn't love to get acquainted with those soft bun melons~

Here are some of the WIPs behind this animation:

Enjoy <3


DT Lockpicking Minigame

Thu May 9 18:08:44 2019

I posted this one twitter earlier but here is the lockpicking minigame I finished up for the "camp setup" puzzle section of Dungeon Tail. I wanted to add a little more variety to the gameplay so the idea is to have some puzzles and minigames every now and then to spice things up. I may even try to have some lewd minigames later on depending on whether they'll fit the situation or not.

Currently I'm working on a nice titty fucking animation for the game and then hopefully I'll have the next demo out! Hang tight <3


Delverboy Magazine Cover

Thu Apr 25 19:45:27 2019

Hey everyone, I just got back from Montreal and decided to put together a fun little magazine cover as a warm up. I'll probably put it into the camp setup scene somewhere as an easter egg, Vyncent is a naughty boy after all >:3

Here's the textless version as well:

delverboy_00000.png delverboy_blank_00000.png

Camp Setup Puzzle WIP

Fri Apr 19 21:35:43 2019

Lately I've been thinking of adding some puzzle sections to Dungeon Tail to break up the gameplay a bit so that's what I've decided to do with this campfire setup mini-game/puzzle. The idea is to finish setting up the camp by starting a campfire and in order to do that, you have to look around the scene and use the correct objects together. I thought it would be a nice way to add a little more interactivity to the game and expand on the setting a little.

Once I'm finished up with this, I'll be going back to more cave pool lewd animations. Look forward to that >:3

Happy Easter and a merry 4/20 to you all and be sure to let me know what you think <3


Dungeon Tail Rub 'n Tug Animation

Wed Apr 10 06:42:54 2019

Finally finished up with the massage scene which escalates to a steamy little jerking session. Now I just have to implement it into the game where I'll add sound and a little dialogue to go along with it~

Here's a jerking loop for those who might want it:

Enjoy <3


DT Massage Scene

Sat Mar 30 19:41:57 2019

I've been putting some work into the massage scene for Dungeon Tail. Things are going to get extra steamy for here >:3c

Here's the full scene layout as well:


Dungeon Tail Cave Pool Chillin'

Thu Mar 21 04:57:31 2019

Getting some more progress on the cave pool scene done. Vyncent's looking a little tense, he could use a massage... and that's what's coming up next!


Patron Discord server is now live!

Thu Mar 14 00:15:47 2019

I've finally set up a Discord server! Feel free to drop in and chat, shitpost, or bounce some feedback or suggestions off of me. I'll be posting WIPs and stuff in there too. This'll be a nice way for me to better connect with all of you guys and just hangout.

You can find the server here:

Dungeon Tail Updates

Tue Mar 12 22:37:18 2019

Just wanted to let you guys know about some updates I've had in the works for Dungeon Tail lately based on some feedback I've received from the first demo.

Firstly, I was toying with the idea of having a player-given name for Vyncent. The game will have the name Vyncent input by default but for those who want to personalize the experience a little more, you can now name him whatever you desire. This follows the same system of games like Zelda where the default protagonist name is Link but you can still name him whatever if you want.

Secondly, based on some feedback, I've added a timer to the slime encounter part of the game. Not a huge update but it should add a little more tension to the player's decision. Now if the player doesn't act fast enough, Vyncent and Iris will get pounced on by the slimes~

Lastly, I'd been putting a little more work into the cave pool section of the game. An awkward encounter at first, but they'll warm up to each other soon enough~

That's all for now but please feel free to provide any feedback. I hope you enjoy what I have so far!

The first build of the game is now available for everyone. Feel free to check it out here!

Dungeon Tail v0.01a Release

Wed Mar 6 05:33:48 2019

The first build of Dungeon Tail is finally ready for public release! Enjoy a lewd dungeon romp through the Enchanted Caverns with Iris the bunny mage and Vyncent the wolf rogue. Who knows what sorts of misadventures they'll run into~

The game is a visual novel with various branching paths and eventually will include some puzzles and/or mini-games. This alpha release covers the intro of the game and gives you a taste of what’s to come.

I am of course open to all feedback, critique, suggestions and anything else you might want to discuss with me in relation to the game.

Please enjoy!






Lewd Generative Sound Update

Tue Mar 5 05:06:41 2019

Just a quick little update on some audio coding I did today.

I was able to develop a system where a random sound from a selection of sounds plays during a certain frame in an animation. For instance, when the slime claps that bun booty, a random wet slap sound will play from a selection of 11 different wet slap sounds.

This way, the script creates a generative sort of lewd soundscape for the animation so that every cycle is different in one way or another from the next. In some cycles Iris and/or Vyncent will moan or gasp and in other instances they won't. That way, it should keep the animation a little more interesting for extended viewing.

You can check out an example of this system in action in the video above. It's not a big update but I thought it was just interesting enough to share.

In other news, I should have the first demo for Dungeon Tail available very soon, possibly tomorrow even. Keep your eyes peeled!


Bathing Bun Gif

Sat Mar 2 22:03:16 2019

Here's a little gif version of a bathing Iris for those who might want it. Enjoy~


Cave Pool Intro Animation

Thu Feb 28 21:40:16 2019

Animated a little intro for the saucy cave pool scene in Dungeon Tail. This will be the first part of the lewd cave pool scene of the game with multiple, animated segments. Vyncent stumbles onto a nude, bathing Iris and things will escalate from there.

I may make a few tweaks to this scene before moving on but feel free to enjoy what I have so far.


Dungeon Tail Slime Event Illustrations Part Deux

Fri Feb 22 03:47:17 2019

Finished up with the slime event illustrations for the most part. Next up: a few small tweaks/updates and then some more lewdness (finally).

Hopefully I'll be able to get the first demo out very, very soon. In the meantime, enjoy some fresh pics!

slime_defend_00000.png slime_torch_00000.png slime-sleep-gif.gif

Dungeon Tail Slime Event Illustrations

Thu Feb 14 23:18:55 2019

Some event illustration I'm working on for DT showing some of the events in the slime encounter. I'll be making a few more to fully illustrate the players choices and story in the encounter before moving on to the next section of the game.

slime_bamboozle_fin_00000.png slime_attack_fin_00000.png

Dungeon Tail Menu and Save System Update

Thu Feb 7 00:37:49 2019

Lately I've been working on the menu and save systems for Dungeon Tail and brushing up on my programming skills. I wanted to get the framework out of the way before I get back to working on the meat of the game. I've pretty much completed everything I needed to get done including an options screen where you can change audio and full screen settings, a gallery screen where you can access any lewd scenes you have unlocked, and a working save/load system. There's even a narrative log included in the in-game sub menu:

I hope you enjoy this little update before I get back to working on the art and animation for the game. Expect some more updates soon and thank you for the continued support <3

I'll try to have a playable demo ready sometime in the near future~


Slimed Scene!

Fri Jan 25 03:38:08 2019

Finished up this slimed scene for Dungeon Tail. Looks like Iris and Vyncent got themselves into quite the predicament~

Here is a solo Vyncent as well:

Enjoy and stay tuned for more Dungeon Tail updates. I hope to have a short playable demo sometime in the near future.

slimed-test-2.gif slimed-test-vyncent.gif

Slimed! WIP

Wed Jan 16 22:36:48 2019

Here's a little preview of the first game over screen for Dungeon Tail! Make the wrong move against the slimes and they'll quickly overwhelm you~

Don't worry, Vyncent will be getting in on the action too. Stay tuned!

EDIT: Changed up the expression and added extra SLIME!


Iris Dakimakura Now Available

Wed Jan 16 05:37:00 2019

For those interested, the Iris daki is now available. Check out the link above!

http_cdn.shopify.com_s_files_1_0684_9933_products_FDdaki-Iris_Clothed_Preorder_grande.jpgv1547603360 (d)

Iris Dakimakura Design

Tue Jan 15 00:24:53 2019

Here's a little dakimakura design I've been cooking up featuring Iris! I've been in contact with the good folks at and this design should be available there sometime soon!

There is a clothed variant as well:

Enjoy <3


Update: Slime Scene Animation and Iris Daki

Tue Jan 8 08:10:57 2019

Hey everyone, I apologize for my absence. This time of year is usually super busy for me but now that things have slowed down, I'm back and ready for action! I just wanted to provide a little update. I've done a little animation work for the slime encounter scene in Dungeon Tail (things will get lewd >:3) and I've also begun work on a Iris daki design. Here's a little preview of the front.

Stay tuned for more updates for Dungeon Tail and of course more art/animations! 2019 should be an exciting year! Wishing you all the best and thank you for your continued support <3


Dungeon Tail Slime Encounter

Thu Dec 20 20:39:00 2018

An event illustration for the slime encounter in Dungeon Tail. These slimes are up to no good >:3


Coco Butt Fun

Mon Dec 17 20:57:44 2018

Here's my piece for this year's Clop for a Cause charity art pack; some butt fun with Coco Pommel. Be sure to support the official pack when it releases in a few days. The pack will feature over 40 artists and all proceeds go to the Toys for Tots Foundation anonymously.

You can find their twitter page here:

CFAC-Coco.gif CFAC%20Coco.webm (d)

Dungeon Tail Intro Demo

Fri Dec 14 03:36:27 2018

Hey everyone, here's the progress I have so far on my visual novel. I basically have the entire intro finished now. I also have nicer looking dialogue boxes and some spooky dungeon music. Next up is a dangerous encounter with some slimes! Things are going to get extra spicy.

I'll be posting up actual playable demos once I have more finished but enjoy this video for now and feel free to provide feedback <3

file.2 (d)

Dungeon Entrance Background

Wed Dec 5 01:50:53 2018

I'm trying some new background techniques for my visual novel so that I can make them fairly quickly but still look aesthetically pleasing. I figured to go with a more watercolor aesthetic and this is what I came up with for the opening shot in Dungeon Tail.

Let me know what you think! I should have some more updates for the game fairly soon.


PinkieSpike Commission Final

Wed Nov 28 05:41:04 2018

Pinkie enjoying some lewd teasing with Spike up in her balloon. She's just too much to handle~

Thanks to Frist for commissioning me!

Check out the full resolution webm and clothed versions in the attachments!

ponkdogging-header.gif ponkdogging.webm (d) ponkdogging-sfw.webm (d) ponkdogging-sfw-fa.gif ponkdogging-fa.gif

PinkieSpike Commission WIP2

Mon Nov 26 06:45:21 2018

Almost finished and it looks like Spike is too~

Just have to add a boop every few loops, animate the BG slightly, and then make a clothed SFW version.

Enjoy this for now <3


PinkieSpike Commission WIP

Tue Nov 20 20:51:43 2018

Working on an animation featuring light hotdogging/teasing with Ponk and Spike. Just some silly lewd shenanigans up in a balloon~


Ponk Thighjob Commission

Fri Nov 16 23:20:49 2018

Another animated commission for SchwarzerRegen. This time with some lewd fun between Ponk's heavenly, thick thighs~

Enjoy <3

ponk-thigh-fuck.gif ponk%20thigh%20fuck.webm (d)

Iris Butt Fun

Tue Nov 6 01:34:50 2018

Made a test lewd animation for the VN. Having some fun with big squishy mage bun buns :3


"Dungeon Tail" Visual Novel Announcement

Tue Oct 30 22:58:42 2018

I've wanted to get back into some game development so I've started working on a original little visual novel project lately. A lot of the work as of now is still setup but it'll be a short little "dungeon loving" story featuring mage bun Iris and there'll be plenty of lewd animations involved. I might add more characters and scenes to it once I have the base game finished but I want to keep the scope fairly simple for now so I can finish it in a reasonable amount of time and to ease myself into game development.

At some point I will be posting early access builds of the game for $5+ tier patrons before eventually releasing public builds of the game.

I hope you join me on this exciting and lewd journey! <3


Genie Ponk Commission

Fri Oct 26 00:55:29 2018

A fun little commission of genie Ponk and just in time for Halloween! Having a genie Ponk would very much be a wish come true~

Also available in SFW and futa versions in the attachments.


genie_ponk_lewd_00000.png genie%20ponk%20lewd_00000.png genie%20ponk%20futa_00000.png genie%20ponk%20fin_00000.png

Cheerleader Ponk Bonk Commission

Tue Oct 16 20:08:29 2018

Lewd locker room fun~

Thanks so much for SchwarzerRegen for commissioning me! This was a blast to work on :>

ponk_locker_room_bonk.gif ponk%20locker%20room%20bonk.webm (d) ponk%20locker%20room%20bonk.gif

Cheerleader Ponk Bonk Commission WIP

Sat Oct 13 03:13:07 2018

A little WIP of an animated commission I'm working on for SchwarzerRegen featuring Ponk and his OC getting down and dirty in the locker room~

Stay tuned for the final animation!


Pinkercise Cover Image

Wed Oct 10 17:50:03 2018

The last piece I made for the P.H.U.N. Pack is a nice little cover image for my workout animation series. Join Ponk in her erotic exercise adventure~

The rest of the art pack is available HERE.

ponk_pinkercise_fin_sm_00000.png Pinkercise%20SFW.png Pinkercise.png

The Ponk P.H.U.N. Pack Folio Is Now Available!

Fri Oct 5 23:00:21 2018

Here's the other animation I made for the Ponk art pack! Big delicious swaying pink booty. If you want more delicious Ponk content from a variety of talented Ponk enthusiasts, be sure to check out the rest of the folio HERE. It's only $9.99 and you'll support all your favorite Ponk artists!

Love you all and thank you for the support <3

Ponk-Booty-sm.gif Ponk%20Booty%20Textless.webm (d) Ponk%20Booty%20Textless.gif Ponk%20Booty.gif Ponk%20Booty.webm (d)

80s Workout Ponk Squat Animation

Thu Oct 4 04:10:55 2018

My first animation for the Pinkie art pack. My series was inspired by 80s workout videos but with a very lewd twist.


ponk-workout-textless-sm.gif Ponk%20Squat%20Textless.webm (d) Ponk%20Squat%20Textless.gif Ponk%20Squat.webm (d) Ponk%20Squat.gif

Pinkie Art Pack Animation Previews

Tue Sep 25 22:23:34 2018

More previews for my animations in the Pinkie art pack. Full animations will be released in the pack on October 5th <3

ponk_butt_preview.PNG ponk%20butt%20preview.PNG ponk%20squat%20preview.PNG

80s Ponk Workout WIP

Wed Sep 19 23:57:42 2018

I'm working on a little animation series based on Pinkie's 80s workout outfit. It's going to be part of a Pinkie Pie themed art pack with a bunch of other great Pinkie artists and it's going to be released around October 5th. Stay tuned <3


Ponk Park Passion Part 5

Sat Sep 15 00:47:10 2018

Here is the final animation with sound! Thanks to Shadowking58 for contributing his voice talent and to Zonkpunch for his ridiculously useful sound library. Hope you enjoy <3

Bonus succ gif:

xqtVj8Pnar3KH_BiiQCaqoOrID2cqsL7lMvfPUnT5UcZGMW0bZJBFu6SulPrbfkb.jpe (d) PPP-part-5-succ.gif ppp%20part%205%20sfx.webm (d) ppp%20part%205%20sfx.mp4 (d)

Ponk Park Passion Part 5 WIP 4

Fri Sep 14 01:49:54 2018

Almost finished with this. Just have to make a few tweaks and add sound.

Ponk Park Passion Part 5 WIP 3

Sat Sep 8 19:07:22 2018

A few people wanted to see Party's reaction to Ponk's succulent blowjob so I decided to work it in to this animation. Next up will be the climax :>

e6Phslbi5e8VChaUIMvcMlIyjhlNOzP-f5bymP8qJ3mAsnVvYJHf86gWzJWfg7d8.jpe (d)

Ponk Park Passion Part 5 WIP 2

Fri Aug 31 05:04:15 2018

the succ~


Ponk Park Passion Part 5 WIP

Mon Aug 27 04:58:16 2018

I'm finally working on the long-awaited next part of Ponk Park Passion. This will be a fun little climax scene.

Stay tuned for more <3


Iris Fondle Animation Nude

Wed Aug 15 05:22:45 2018

LFG 18+

Full res webm in the attachments~

iris-fondle-nude.gif iris%20fondle%20nude.webm (d)

Iris Fondle Animation

Wed Aug 15 05:18:45 2018

What happens in LFG, stays in LFG (〃・ω・〃)

Be sure to check out the full res webm in the attachments~

iris-fondle.gif iris%20fondle.webm (d)

Iris Fondle Animation WIP2

Mon Aug 13 04:33:16 2018

Got the base animation finished. Now I just have to do the rest.

Hope you enjoy <3


Iris Fondle Animation WIP

Wed Aug 8 05:04:22 2018

Hey everyone, I'm back and working on another little animation this time with Iris getting a nice grope. I'll probably make a nude version too for this one once I'm done the clothed one~

I'll get back to Ponk Park Passion once I'm finished up with this one. I have a nice scene in store for that :>

mage_bun_fondle_wip2_00000.png mage%20bun%20fondle%20wip2_00000.png

Quick Update

Wed Aug 1 18:48:36 2018

I've spent the last few days helping my brother move to Montreal and I'll be here for a few days more. Once I'm back home, I have a few animations that I can't wait to get started on. Sorry for the wait and I hope you have an incredible day.

Mage Bun Sit Draw

Fri Jul 27 03:47:05 2018

Just a quick little lewd drawing of mage bun inspired by some of Hecchi Dechu's works. He makes some amazing stuff, check it out.

Also, I've decided to call my mage bun "Iris Cottontail". I think it sounds pretty cute. Let me know what you think though!

bunsitpose_fin_00000.png bunsitpose%20fin%20sm_00000.png bunsitpose%20fin_00000.png

Mage Bun Potion Animation Project Files

Wed Jul 25 20:39:50 2018

After Effects and Photoshop project files for my potion animation. Enjoy~

After Effects version: CC2018

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, OLM Color Key, OLM Smoother

Photoshop version: CC

tit.png (d)

Mage Bun Potion Animation

Tue Jul 24 00:29:20 2018

Here's the final mage bunny potion animation. She gets into some silly alchemical hijinks!

I didn't make a gif version of this because it would be way too large in order to be in any decent quality but please enjoy the 2 webms, one max resolution one and one normal resolution.

It was fun animating all the fluids, explosions and bounce in this and it was a great creative exercise!


Tg2w2pXkdCAinEPfpznk0sAWhf9RFqEVcwCbLRoPwoWcoWEFYT3aPJpS5DoTy1e6.gif magebun%20potion.webm (d) magebun%20potion%20full.webm (d)

Mage Bun Animation WIP

Wed Jul 18 19:29:07 2018

I'm working on a little animation featuring my mage bunny and I'm trying out some new techniques with it. Here's the first little part of the animation.

The smear frames actually turned out really nicely:

Let me know what you think <3


Mage Bun Reference Sheet

Sun Jul 15 16:19:34 2018

Finished up the reference sheet for my mage bun. She likes making potions and going on adventures.

Hope you enjoy <3


Mage Bun Ref WIP

Fri Jul 13 02:38:53 2018

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Life has been keeping me busy but now I'm back and ready for action!

I've been working on a character reference sheet for a bunny mage lately. I wanted to stretch my character design muscle so I decided to make a little reference sheet for her. I may do some animations with her down the line too!


Ponk Park Passion Part 4

Mon Jun 25 00:08:52 2018

And that's part 4. Ponk in giving Party Favor the succ of his life, she really is quite thirsty~

Be sure to check out the full resolution webm if you please! It's 2500x2310!

PPP-part-4sm.gif PPP-part-4.gif PPP%20Part%204.webm (d)

Ponk Park Passion Part 4 WIP 3

Fri Jun 22 04:52:14 2018

Almost finished with this part. Just have to do a few small details and the background.


Ponk Park Passion Part 4 WIP 2

Tue Jun 19 19:25:00 2018

Ponk sucks a floating cucumber.


Ponk Park Passion Part 4 WIP

Fri Jun 15 05:53:43 2018

WIP for part 4. Ponk gets what she wants~

Expect an animation sometime soon!


Ponk Park Passion Part 3

Mon Jun 11 04:25:58 2018

Part 3 finished! Ponk knows exactly what she wants~

Maximum lewd up next!

ppp-part-3.gif PPP%20Part%203.webm (d)

Ponk Park Passion Part 3 WIP 2

Wed Jun 6 22:14:22 2018

Squishy OwO


Ponk Park Passion Part 3 WIP

Sun Jun 3 22:16:06 2018

WIP for the next part in my Ponk Park Passion series. Ponk is being a little lewdie~

Expect maximum lewd in the next part!


PaintHeart Beach Commission

Sun Jun 3 19:21:25 2018

Extra juicy~

Available in bikini and futa variants.

paint_beach_commish_fin_pp_00000.png paint%20beach%20commish%20fin%20bikini%20futa%20pp_00000.png paint%20beach%20commish%20fin%20futa%20pp_00000.png paint%20beach%20commish%20fin%20bikini%20pp_00000.png paint%20beach%20commish%20fin%20pp_00000.png

Moonlit Ace Ponk Bonk

Sat May 26 00:19:14 2018

Some Ponk bonk for Shadowking58's birthday. Thanks for all the love and support <3

shadowbonk_fin_pp_00000.png shadowbonk%20fin%20pp_00000.png

Ponk Park Passion Part 1 + 2 Project Files

Mon May 21 18:33:06 2018

After Effects project files for the first 2 parts of the Ponk Park Passion series. Enjoy~

After Effects version: CC2018

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks, OLM Color Key (d)

Ponk Park Passion Part 2

Mon May 21 17:32:56 2018

Here is the second part for my Ponk Park Passion series! Things are heating up~

ppp-part2.gif ppppart2.webm (d)

Ponk Park Passion Part 2 WIP

Mon May 14 03:09:07 2018

Ponk is taking a little rest from her jog but not without some prying eyes...

A WIP of the second part in my Ponk Park Passion series. Expect a delicious animation sometime soon!

PPP_part_2_sketch.png PPP%20part%202%20sketch.png

Ponk Park Passion Character Design Sheets

Thu May 10 22:18:58 2018

Made a little character reference thing featuring Ponk and Party Favor that should help me out a bit moving forward.

Also a nude version OwO:

PPP_character_design_base_2_00000.png PPP%20character%20design%20base%202_00000.png PPP%20character%20design%20base%20nude%202_00000.png

Poll Results!

Mon May 7 20:11:58 2018

Alright, so the poll has been running for a few days and it looks like a good amount of you want to see Ponk get bonked by Party Favor and I love that choice!

Party Favor is a cutie and doesn't get nearly as much love as he deserves so he should work quite nicely for this series. Thank you everyone for your votes and suggestions, I should have some roughs up soon for the character designs.

Who should bonk Ponk?

Fri May 4 21:13:27 2018

So I've been mulling over who should spank the Pank in my Ponk Park Passion project and I would love to get a second opinion on it. It'll most likely be somebody fairly inoffensive so they can act as sort of a self-insert. Let me know what you think in the poll and the comments below!

Ponk Park Passion Cover Animation

Thu May 3 01:09:50 2018

Hey everyone, so over the past week or so I've been planning and working on a animated comic-type series featuring a very lovable plump Ponk and her lewd adventures at the local park.

Here is the "cover image" for the series. I'll be posting some WIPs and behind-the-scenes stuff as I move forward but please enjoy this first animation for now. Feel free to provide any suggestions as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see.

Love you all <3

ponkjog.gif ponkjog.webm (d) ponkjogxl.gif

Quick Update

Sun Apr 29 18:46:53 2018

Hey sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been busy with life + a CPU upgrade (which was possible through your support, thank you so much <3). I'll be back into the swing of things very soon.

I have some exciting stuff involving a certain pink pony planned so stay tuned.

Aqua Jewel - YCH Animation

Wed Apr 25 16:27:51 2018

YCH Auction Winner: Sharingan

This was pretty fun to put together. I'll probably do some more YCHs in the future.

aquajewelbooty.gif aquajewelbooty.webm (d)

Freshly Bathed Booty Animated YCH

Tue Apr 17 02:10:53 2018

I'm gonna give a YCH animation a shot. If you’re interested in seeing your character of choice shaking her big wet booty, check out the auction here:


Ponk Tidbang Project Files

Tue Apr 10 22:30:57 2018

After Effects project files for my Ponk titfuck animation. Enjoy~

After Effects version: CS6

Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks (d)

Ponk Tiddybang Animation

Tue Apr 10 03:25:11 2018

Soft tiddy sandwich.

ponktidbang.gif ponktidbangxl.gif

Ponk Tiddybang Animation Sketch

Thu Apr 5 22:21:07 2018

A lot of people were suggesting I do a Ponk tiddybang animation so I'm going to give it a shot. Should be fun~


Anthro Ponk Animation Project Files

Mon Apr 2 19:25:28 2018

Here are the After Effects project files for my latest Ponk animation. Feel free to take a look~

After Effects version: CS6

Plugins used: Trapcode Particular, Magic Bullet Looks (d)

Anthro Ponk Animation Final

Mon Apr 2 18:11:47 2018

Bonking the Ponk~

ponkbonk.gif ponkbonkxl.gif

Anthro Ponk Animation WIP

Fri Mar 30 20:39:27 2018

I'm mostly finished the base animation for this. Now to do the rest~


Anthro Ponk Animation Sketch

Wed Mar 28 02:49:33 2018

Here's the base sketch for the next animation I'll be working on. A little beach fun with Ponk! There should be plenty of jiggle in this one~


Anthro Ponk Ref Sheet

Sun Mar 25 23:24:12 2018

It's been a pretty long time since I made some anthro artwork so I decided to make a little ref sheet for a thicc anthro Ponk, complete with important stats! I might try doing some anthro animation as well later on, it could be a pretty nice challenge and a change up from the stuff I usually do. Let me know what you think!

ponkprofile.gif ponkprofile_00000.png


Fri Mar 23 18:51:08 2018

Simple little animation I made for a friend.


RaraBang Crotchboob-less Edition

Thu Mar 22 04:30:06 2018

A few people requested a crotchboob-less version of this animation so here is that version for you at full resolution.


RaraBang Animation

Tue Mar 20 03:57:46 2018

Rarity uses her feminine charms to help solve the case! Her methods are quite effective.



Rara Animation WIP

Wed Mar 14 22:04:10 2018

Here's the sketch for the next little animation I'll be working on. A nice little Rarity gangbang animation based on that one scene from Rarity Investigates (you know which one).


Poll Results!

Mon Mar 12 21:07:44 2018

Hey everyone, so far looking at the poll, it looks like Rarity, Applejack, and Ponk are in a 3-way tie. What this means is that I'll probably make the Rarity animation first (she was in the lead for the majority of the poll), then AJ, and then finally another Ponk one. However, I do eventually plan to cover all of the mane 6 at some point so don't sweat it.

Next Animation Poll

Fri Mar 9 01:10:16 2018

Hello everyone, I'm gonna try giving polling a shot. I'm curious to see what you guys would like to see. Who should I animate for my next lewd animation?

I'm looking forward to your answers <3

Kiva/PaintHeart Animation

Thu Mar 8 02:04:56 2018

Here is the final commissioned animation featuring Kiva and PaintHeart enjoying a little butt fun. Thank you PaintHeart and Neamhdhuine for commissioning me <3.

4XHUIrzlAZ5ew67XZ9gYdKiHl3mwj1-41SWuquHC7Zse8mERIW-1nxGPO2SB8Hx7.jpe (d)

KivaPaint Commission WIP 2

Tue Mar 6 01:38:15 2018

Here is the slow thrust cycle of that commissioned animation I'm working on. I still have to do the fast thrusting, the money shot, and add sound but this should give you a good idea of where things are headed.



Commission WIP

Mon Feb 26 03:59:59 2018

Working on a commissioned animation featuring Kiva and PaintHeart. Just some good old butt fun. Stay tuned for more <3


Ponk Public Pank Project Files

Tue Feb 20 23:22:17 2018

Here are the project files for my most recent recent Ponk animation. I've included both the Clip Studio file and the After Effects project. Feel free to dive in and dissect it!

Ponk Public Pank Animation

Tue Feb 20 21:06:39 2018

Ponk takes customer orders while Carrot relieves a little tension. She really knows how to maximize efficiency.

Enjoy <3


Ponk Animation WIP

Fri Feb 16 03:53:11 2018

Here's a sketch of the next animation I'm working on featuring Ponk and Carrot Cake. Should be pretty fun to put together.


Rainblow Dash Cum + Sound Edit

Tue Feb 13 05:21:51 2018

I decided to extend this little animation with a cum edit and sound.

Enjoy <3

1gEE7UHz3k2Qj0PpabhszjbeMwZNnEBaaoDWuSMHJ2x-OoZstp58mWb93LB9X2zU.jpe (d)

Rainblow Dash Animation

Wed Feb 7 05:27:55 2018

Just wanted to do a fun little animation with RD. Sorry about the previous email notification, I had to fix a little mistake.

Enjoy <3


Jasmine Leaf Teabagging Animation

Sat Jan 27 19:43:02 2018

Jasmine Leaf, the tea shop pony from Discordant Harmony, is probably one of the cutest new characters to show up in season 7 yet she barely has any fan art. What better way to show a tea pone some love than through some good old fashioned teabagging.

First Part:


Flutterponk Threesome Animation

Thu Jan 18 23:48:23 2018

Flutters and Ponk have a little more fun together. Sort of a continuation of this animation.

Enjoy! <3


Full Resolution Animation Archive

Wed Jan 10 22:25:30 2018

Hey everyone, I just uploaded most of my previous lewd animations to google drive at full resolution for all of you to enjoy. I've included both the gif and webm versions for whichever format you prefer.

Check them out here:

Thank you for your support <3


Ponk Beach Heat Futa Edit

Mon Jan 8 04:51:45 2018

Here's a quick futa edit of my previous animation. Ponk is trying to hypnotize you with her dong.



Ponk Beach Heat

Sun Jan 7 22:23:51 2018

Hello patrons! Starting from now, I'll be posting the full resolution versions of my animations here as a thank you gift for your support <3

I might make a post sometime soon with some of my previous animations at their full resolutions. I hope you enjoy!

For now, enjoy my latest little animation: Ponk's beach heat! Ponk is spending her day off at the beach and things are heating up in more ways than one. She could really use a helping hoof/hand!

In regard to Ponk Dating Simulator, I'm starting to get back into the flow of things. I'm almost finished with the main UI and I'm now going to move onto working on the inventory system and some other UI tweaks. I hope to have more to show to you soon.


Ponk Dating Simulator Update #2

Thu Nov 30 20:32:56 2017

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I was caught up with a few different things and haven't been able to put as much time into the dating sim as I would have liked. I should have a lot more time to work on this game now however so stay tuned.

Anyway, since the last update I've added a bit more fancy UI as well as a 3d camera that follows your mouse movements. Check it out in the video above!

Next up is to finish the rest of the UI and setup and then work on the gameplay proper. I'm considering overhauling the mini-game style dating gameplay into something similar to Puzzle Bobble instead. It would simplify a ton of the point economy as well as ease the workload by a huge amount. I'm thinking a single really polished puzzle game is better than a bunch of mini-games which might take a while to balance and bug test for. It would be easier to integrate HuniePop-style stat upgrades and items as well. Please let me know what you think in the comments or in this poll.

In the meantime, I've also been working on some animations for an art pack. I can't show you the full animations just yet but here's a little preview:

g5ZOEuXXwYRyLi4xbJTTJQ6biJbuIThXzuwzXxqsl75VxuPkG1BDYOZvEtJtnkEf.jpe (d)

Ponk Dating Simulator Update #1

Sun Oct 29 03:09:45 2017

Hey everyone, I've been spending the last few weeks putting together the ground work for Ponk Dating Simulator (PDS). I'm using Unity along with the Fungus plugin to put together the game and I have a basic dialogue system now in place. To anyone who has played HuniePop, the system is very similar. You can talk to Ponk and she will either prompt you to ask you a question about herself or quiz you on things you know about her and other random trivia. The game keeps track of which questions you previously asked her so she will only ask some questions once you've learned the relevant information and you cannot ask the same question twice. You can try it out for yourself in the demo I have attached to this post.

Eventually an experience system will be put in place to reward the player for answering Ponk's questions correctly. These experience points will then be used to level up various skills (partying, cooking, pranking, and skating) to help you succeed at dates.

For more information about exactly how the game works, feel free to check out the game design document I have created for the game HERE. In short, it will be very similar to HuniePop except with a WarioWare style minigame sequence as dates instead of a puzzle game.

One mini-game is also in the works thanks to the help of 3 talented programmers (DrDashy, Theo, and Petrie). It's a simple catching mini-game where you move Ponk around the screen from left to right to catch the good foods and avoid the bad ones. A lot of the art work is still placeholder but the mini-game itself is pretty much fully working.

Please feel free to play the PDS dialogue demo and take a look at the GDD. Feedback is always appreciated and thank you for your continued support!

Ponk Dating Simulator is happening!

Sat Oct 14 20:27:13 2017

As you may or may not know, I have begun work on Ponk Dating Simulator after a lot of positive feedback concerning the prospect of it. The game is still very early in development but I will be posting updates here as well as on tumblr and twitter. So far a basic animation and dialogue system is implemented but progress has been fairly slow but steady so far.

I have also posted some extra spicy explicit ponk animations that could potentially make it into the game over on my NSFW blog. Please enjoy those as well. I hope you guys bear with me as I balance my college work with this ambitious project but I am forever grateful for all the support!

I've also switched over my patreon to a monthly payment system to see how that goes. It's a way more consistent system that I think will help me to stay better motivated. Feel free to adjust your payment amounts if you feel you have to.

Ponk Dating Simulator

Tue Sep 5 04:03:26 2017

Here's a silly little video I did over the past few days. I hope you all enjoy!

Audio is from HuniePop.

a5D8rE8lz-3VCrfzrZUJvxK9WGApZzaDJAHcE92hAagpa6tSoYPsVOI2sAJU7zK2.jpe (d)

Status Update

Sun Jun 25 02:54:21 2017

Hello patrons! I apologize for the radio silence after the release of RolePonies. I took a little break after the release to work on a few non-MLP related projects but now I'm back and starting to get back into the flow of things. As you may or may not know, I'm still involved with the PONIES The Anthology series and the deadline for submissions is coming up so I've been spending the last few weeks working on stuff for that. Above you'll find one of the almost-finished animations I've done for the project. I hope you enjoy it! Other than that, I've been putting some preliminary work into getting a RolePonies sequel started. I already have a rough outline written out (there'll be some combat involved this time around) and now I just have to start fleshing it out. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated once I've made some more tangible progress.

Thank you for your continued support!

-3J1Qii9n5RCZimWIbbzDMHOYjYjVf0jeefLBAFTUbGN2mz-1Nqbj6n-OQUQnWeR.jpe (d)

RolePonies Final Version!

Mon May 8 18:08:40 2017

Here is the final version of RolePonies! I will be uploading it publicly at around 6pm EST today. Thank you all so much for the support and feedback over the past months! It really means a lot to me!


RolePonies WIP8

Thu Apr 13 19:55:30 2017

Hello patrons, this will be the last update from me before I leave for Europe on a 2 week trip tomorrow. However, the good news is that the video is almost complete and should be finished sometime in May hopefully. I just have to finish one last scene and then work on the credits and any other finishing touches. This week's update consists mostly of silly riddle shenanigans and then everything turning for the worse. I also went back and touched up a few scenes. Please enjoy!


RolePonies Intro Sequence

Thu Mar 30 18:52:59 2017

I took a little break over the past few days to work on this snazzy little intro video for RolePonies instead. I wanted to create something short and sweet that would also evoke the spirit of adventure and mystery, kind of like looking through old Dungeons & Dragons books. The idea was also highly inspired by Uncharted 4's intro sequence which I absolutely loved.


Roleponies WIP7

Mon Mar 27 19:19:28 2017

I finished putting together the dungeon interior and introduced a spooky new character as well. Progress is coming along much more smoothly now, there's only around a minute and a half of animation left before I go back and add finishing touches and a small credits sequence. Thank you all for sticking with me so far!


Roleponies WIP6: the search for WIP5

Wed Mar 1 16:40:27 2017

Officially passed the halfway point now and completed some of my favorite scenes! I tried to work in some more dynamic camera stuff too and went back to tweak a few small things in some of the other scenes. Next time, they finally open the door! Unbelievable!

Please enjoy and as always, feel free to give me any feedback!


Roleponies WIP4

Mon Jan 23 20:48:15 2017

Added a whole minute worth of content since the last update. Had a lot of fun animating some Pinkie antics in a few of the new scenes. The mysteries of the great stone door are finally being revealed as well. Exciting stuff!


Roleponies WIP3

Fri Dec 9 18:32:58 2016

Hello there patrons! I finally have a little update for you all, I know it's been awhile but my life was kind of tied up with university and other stuff. Now that the semester is out, I should hopefully have a little more time to dedicate to the Roleponies project once again. Not too much stuff changed/added this time around but I did add that knock spell scene which turned out pretty well I think. Enjoy the WIP and I should hopefully keep you guys updated a bit more frequently from here on out. As always, let me know what you think, I appreciate any and all feedback.


Roleponies WIP2

Wed Oct 19 16:28:39 2016

Another WIP for you to enjoy! I polished up a few things and added the rest of the animation for the first game room scene. Also, gonna roll with the name "Roleponies" because I'm a fan of terribly mashed up titles. Next up is Fluttershy casting the knock spell! Get ready for some fancy magical effects! Oooooooooh!


D&D Pones WIP1

Fri Oct 14 23:16:34 2016

Here's a little WIP of a lot of the things I've done so far for the project. Some parts are a little rough (particularly Fluttershy and Pinkie lacking animation in the game room) but it should give you a fairly good idea of where things are so far. Feel free to provide any feedback! I'd really love to know what you think of it so far.