Willy Says HI!

Fri Aug 28 18:42:45 2020

Hello everybody, it's been a while since I used this Patreon, I figured it to be time to put it back to work, although with a completely different approach. We'll be making comics mainly focusing on bondage themes, as well as other fetish smut.

We'll start with this first post, which will be available to everyone, showing Willy! A young trashy fox who lives in the dumpsters and, unsurprisingly, enjoys trash food as well as scraps and strong smells (she hates bathing).

Our first comic is going to follow her adventures! How long it lasts, as well as other story and character specific details, will be established by you through voting.

You'll be able to vote for bonus content as well, like streamings, sketches, sketched comics and a monthly pinup.

There are MANY things to improve, tiers might change and I trust that with your help I'll be able to properly understand the ins and out of this Patreon service to put it to its best use!

There might be a Discord server coming up soon as well.

Let me know what you think and don't refrain from questions. Until then, have a beautiful day! See you soon!



Sun Jan 27 16:49:00 2019

Allright this is just for you Patreon peeps. I'm still reworking my Patreon, and not only that. I really don't want to start again until I'm sure I can deliver quality products to your feed.

It might take much, much longer than anticipated because I really think I need to train and spread myself around a little bit before I can put this Patreon around effectively.

Until then I'll be accepting commissions whenever possible, if you're interested in getting something specific.

Thanks a lot for the support given so far and sorry for if this distresses you in any way, but I really want to deliver my best and I can't do it if I keep on stumbling. Hope you'll understand.

Take care!


Thu Dec 27 20:08:58 2018

As I said in one of my recent posts this was supposed to be the last month for the actual Patreon configuration before changing it and reverting to commissions for client specific works. By this point most of you are aware of what happened and I won't go into detail here but, to put it shortly, this month said changes couldn't be worked on due to unexpected events and time costraints.

Instead of waiting yet another month, slowing down my whole process once again, I decided to pause it so I can work on the darn thing properly to give you the best experience imaginable and accompany it with some commission work here and there, sometimes there'll be more commishes sometimes less.

I'll also take the chance to study Clip Studio further alongside a few other programs such as Flash... Or Adobe Animate, whateves!

Cya soon, I'm sure we're going to have tons of fun <3

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Christmas Choco Couch (PATREON)

Mon Dec 17 17:45:23 2018

Sorry guys I let you down. This is not porn. And it's even... Hg... ACHK... CUTE! A sketch done for my Patreon:


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Sun Dec 16 15:43:51 2018

I managed to recover PART of the lost data from my busted HD through an old one that isn't broken as I thought. So not only I'll be able to stream today but I'll do so with my usual graphics. Not only that, but I recovered a series of important files with which I'll be able to quickly resume some other personal projects. Good stuff... First bit of good news in a while.

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My grandmother went too

Wed Dec 12 10:05:53 2018

It's no surprise, but I suppose I should let you know, especially becaues all of you people demonstrated incredible support, one I thought I would never find again on the internet. Know that I'm still determined not to stop. I loved them dearly and losing both in such a short time it's a big hit to take. I have done so many mistakes towards them, I can't even begin to count, but this is not about me.

This is about you. Long ago I decided to detach myself from the net and any form of riendship I could find on it and I realize now how idiotic it was of me to build such a huge wall. You people have been sweet to a degree I can't even begin to describe. I'm proud of having all of you here right now and you ended up, against all expectations, to be among that small circle of people that made me stronger.

In a way, you're part of a weird, enlarged family, even when you're being critical towards me or negative. Thanks.

Thanks for all the support up until now. I'll make sure to give all of this a sense somehow. Have a beautiful day.

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STREAMING some Patreon

Tue Dec 11 15:46:06 2018



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My external HD is officially BUSTED

Tue Dec 11 14:22:21 2018

Some of the peeps following me more closely might already know that my HD got seriously damaged a few weeks back. I took it to assistance and, finally, I received an answer about its current state. If you read the title to this journal you already know it: it's gone.

This is especially painful, since it came out of nowhere and the HD was only a few months old. It was filled with my work, projects and notes. As bad as everything might look now, especially with the journal before this one, know that it's only motivating me to do more. While it's surely slowing me down on certain projects (most not related to this NSFW account) I'm determined to take this as a chance to start a new and organize myself better.

I'll rework the graphic of the Patreon, the streaming and you'll see me do comics and animations, outside of a lot of other things. This was already programmed before, but now I'm taking it as a personal challenge as, usually, these things would stop me.

Well fuck that. I ain't stopping not one second longer. I will stream some Patreon in a while, see you guys there <3

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No Patreon Streaming Today, My Grandpa Passed Away

Mon Dec 10 08:48:04 2018

There's not much to say left, other than don't worry, Patreon work will still be done today, just not online. Probably I'll be back streaming tomorrow, although I'm not sure. I decided to be honest on the matter, since I'm sure you guys would understand.

Don't worry, I'm okay, we knew this would happen as parkinson was holding my grandfather in bed for a while.

It still hurts, of course, it weighs heavily on my mood, but it's not going to get in the way, I'm more worried about my mother than anything else, but she's strong, we all are and I know for sure we'll get through the funeral just fine today.

Have a beautiful day everyone, and if you thought you could escape from getting smut from me just for a second think twice <3

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Thu Dec 6 19:58:53 2018

In case you haven't got enough accounts on which to follow me you can find me on Newgrounds too:

Always wanted to get on the site, was always too afraid to even try, I'm glad I got it tho, grew up as a lurker on the darn thing!

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Last Laugh (DOUBLE GIFT)

Thu Dec 6 17:44:34 2018

The first panel for this comic was made byhttps://www.furaffinity.net/user/deepcreases/check his stuff out, he's great.

It wasn't meant to be a panel though, just an adorable gift for me <3 So I decided to make a gift back and do a follow-up sequence using one of his chars. Thinking he owned this adorable frog lady I picked her up and begun drawing!

Problem is... This frog lady's actually owned by:https://www.furaffinity.net/user/steeromunchand I got the two mixed up because I'm dumb! So I inadvertently made a gift for someone else, which is fine, since I really liked the character back when he asked me to draw her and wanted to give her a shot again, but you know, that's... HOW DID I GET MY BRAIN SO SCRUMBLED!

Don't worry, I ended up drawing Deep a picture with his actual chars too and I ended up making TWO good boys happy, so everything's fine <3

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Wed Dec 5 14:58:30 2018



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Mon Dec 3 13:35:38 2018

STREAMING some Patreon stuff:


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FREE SKETCH STREAMING everyone gets a chance

Sat Dec 1 14:39:06 2018

FREE SKETCH STREAMING because I reached 200 dollars on Patreon everyone gets a chance, i'll put your name on a wheel and spin it, it's super fun:


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PATREON UPDATE also free sketch streaming

Sat Dec 1 13:53:20 2018

TO ALL MY LOVELY PATREONS and non. Thanks a lot for your support. As soon as the money has been processed I will begin working on your commissions, for which you will have to send me a PM with all the info and references, if necessary.

I FINALLY REACHED 200 DOLLARS which in turn means I will be able to start a "Wheel Decide" stream on which you will all get a chance of receiving 5 minutes free sketches! Keep an eye on your feed for a streaming announcement in which it'll be rather clear, from the title, that free sketches will be distributed.

Despite reaching a little mileston this will be the last month for the actual Patreon format. Before the end of December all tiers will be updated and I will begin a slow, and inesorable, rehaul of the graphics. I will put animations and other pretty stuff, just for you to enjoy. The new Patreon style I will approach will be the one of: I make tons of hot comics and piccies, you get early axess (I know it sucks but really I tried not to use it, hope I'll be able to get rid of it), you vote for events and gears (since we'll probably focus on bondage, rubber and such fetishes), and yes, even for characters AND much more. This will allow me to have more artistic freedom and will make the Patreon less of "just another commission paper". The character creator will make a comeback too, only better and more fun.

For those who don't know the character creator it's a process through which higher Patreons are allowed to build and design a character through various polls and votes, it's super fun and that's ho Pretzel came to life.

I honestly can't wait to apply the changes, but for now le'ts focus on the present. Please if you have any advice as to how I might properly set this Patreon up or simply advertise myself let me know!

Can't wait to draw your stuff, this month's going to be fun <3

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Discord Dumbass

Thu Nov 29 22:02:10 2018

So I've been a bit of an idiot and some time ago i invited ya'll to join me on Discord. Most people stopped talking to me because well, I can't talk to anyone, that's true, but I was barely available. Surprisingly enough, some times I am! And I enjoy a nice chat.

So, while I will purge all those with which I haven't been talking for a while (because my list is too thick) you're all free to either freshly add me or re-add me if you were removed by using the following code:

OddJuice #6672

Either with or without the capital O, removing it seems to make the adding work, if it doesn't you can let me know by sending me a PM wherever ^^

Just be patient! Making friends is such a big part of being an artist, I completely put that aside to post, post, post TvT Hope you won't mind if I try again!

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Mon Nov 19 19:37:22 2018

What to make of it? Apparently no one can really pinpoint the definition of art itself, specifying what "is" art is a challenge for philosophers and artists alike, but apparently Tumblr definitely knows what ISN'T art and the answer is NSFW shit.

And I know they're taking action against all that isn't "Christian" on the site, so it's not drawings alone, but in the process they're eliminating everyone without discrimination!

Plus who is to say that pornography at its heart isn't art as well? ANYWAYS the point is: shit like this happens all the times. Big sites such as Youtube makes decision like this one, if not worse, annually without warning ANYONE. That's the kind of freedom that, done to any other worker category, would be pointed out and rightfully punished.

But, what?! You post drawings on the internet? You make videos? That's not a real job, I'm glad you're out, so you can find a new one. And yes, In my example I'm not specifing that said drawings and videos are NSFW because we see this kind of shit happening to SFW creators ALL THE TIME.

But no one does anything, nothing happens, they just walk their path, stomping everyone on their path like a big elephant, caring about nobody.

How long will this keep going on? And just because they've been taken out of the Apple Store. This is the site who sell itself as "artsy, loving of all beautiful things, tolerant and peaceful".

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Pokemon Let's GO, early impression.

Sat Nov 17 14:58:04 2018

It's small and overall feels like a summed up version of the old games, which is not bad, considered the demographic towards which it's marketed. I'm loving it so far, my only complaint is towards a few aspects of the co-op.

2nd player is basically a ghost during exploration and, for reasons to me unknown, seems to disappear during team battles. I would say 60 dollars is a tad too much considering the final product, which is rather rashed out compared to what Nintendo can usually bring out.

But I'm having too much fun to bother noticing! Despite co-op being implement rather blandly, it does so much to be able to have a friend join your single player campaign, picking which creature is worth keeping, nicknaming them silly things, working TOGETHER to evolve them.

One thing I'd love to see brought into the official games is the removal of random battles. Avoiding pokémons on the map can become a game all on its own and, if improved with mechanics similiar to Mario And Luigi Super Star Saga, it adds to the tension and test of skills.

It feels a lot better than being abruptly stopped on your path, hoping to be able to run away based on a test of luck. Because creatures change pacing and run directly onto you (or away) this system, if programmed to put you into a fight, would prove to be just as challenging.

Would be cool if overworld pokémons were obscured into silhouettes until you meet them for the first time, keeping the surprise for new creatures and making it fun (and a little hyping) to try and recognize them beforehand.

ANYWAYS: I'm having a blast, more than expected. The game holds your hand A LOT but walking into it with the mindset that THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE A MAIN LINE TITLE (a detail many seemed to conveniently ignore) you can definitely enjoy the hell out of it! Verdict: Loving it <3

P.S: having Pikachu act displeased when you rub it down there made it more disturbing than it was when he enjoyed it somehow! Game Freak why do you have to ruin my immature fun time by being so real?


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I bought it..

Fri Nov 16 18:07:32 2018

I bought Pokémon Go. Goodbye.

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Every single thing is leaking nowdays

Fri Nov 16 10:06:55 2018

Has anyone noticed recently that everything leaks? And, ambiguous wording aside, I mean EVERYTHING. Trailers for games, designs, sometimes ideas are leaked CONVENIENTLY a few months or weeks before the official announcement. Are they still leaks when they're done on purpose?

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One Good Thing About Drawing MALES in ANYTHING

Thu Nov 15 00:37:36 2018

One good thing about drawing boys in ANYTHING is at least when I have to make a censored version to post on specific sites I got to censor only ONE thing hahahahahahahahah *dies in Italian*

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STREAMING Sketch Fun Time!

Tue Nov 13 13:38:22 2018



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Patreon Tiers are changing again THIS MONTH

Wed Nov 7 13:48:37 2018

BEWARE: if you happen to be one of my patrons DON'T WORRY all that was paid for in October will still be worked on.

So I wanted to try the current Patreon format one last time, basically the one from my latest attempt but with all the colored works removed from the tiers. As it's going now I can already see it's not going all that well, not in terms of quality but in terms of advertisement. Most people seems to perceive it as a "lame commission paper" meaning that, to them, I'm basically taking commissions, only on Patreon.

I think they're right! And this format is a little dull as well as much more limitng compared to actuall commissions, considering the tiers are stuck to certain amounts of characters and quality, which is why they're still waiting for me to open Commissions.

To fix this I'll make everything a tad more entertaining. These days you'll see the tiers improve in a completely different direction. I'll make the Patreon much more "playful and entertainment" focused and I'll probablu make it about the comics, the pics and the asks. Basically for a reward you'll be able to star in my products, influence ideas and the likes, polls will be much more present, I'll make specific sketches and Patreon work, I'll even build a Discord server, not to mention we'll see the "OC maker" come back with a revenge.

I apologize if this thing seems to be shifting continuously, but that's just how it is if I want to adjust it to be fun and enjoyable for more people to join, for you to keep seeing my works and for me to manage a living out of this, possibly. I know we can make it!

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Sat Nov 3 13:19:22 2018

Patreon AHOY:


THE PUBLICATION OF THIS PAPER DOESN'T SPECIFY WHETHER I'M OPEN OR NOT, you'll know when I am. But if you're considering them here are the new prices. I made sure to make modifications to allow a few slots to run alongside Patreon whenever it's needed.

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Thu Nov 1 15:05:39 2018


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Fuck Fallout New Vegas

Thu Oct 25 13:11:11 2018

Guys I’m playing Fallout New Vegas (to get to four and consequentially 76) and I’m literally stuck on whether killing Mr. House or not. I mean, I didn’t, but I’m considering going back to an older save. I’m stuck in a limbo and haven’t been playing for weeks!

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OJ ON TWITTER omg cant miss dis

Thu Oct 18 17:54:32 2018

Informative pics will still be posted here:

I'm still re-uploading all the stuff, which is why I quickly made this pic to advertise it: you might see stuff that got under yor radar!

Please DO RETWEET, at this point I'm being an awful bitch and ask it straight forwardly (if that's a word in eng, Italian bun is ignorant). I know it's rather blatant, but a second of clicking for you it's a hours of drawings and fun for me (and for you too, if you like my shit) so don't be "tweet shy" and let's get down to it:



Wham (TRADE)

Tue Aug 7 13:06:16 2018

My part of a trade with:


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A bug problem

Tue Aug 7 13:01:06 2018

A picture made to thanks a fellow artist of this picture he made with my char:


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Tue Jul 31 13:58:32 2018

I decided to put Patreon on a pause to avoid more money to come my way FOR NOW. These commissions have taken more than they should have and I wasn't able to properly focus on content for THIS platform. Don't get me wrong: up until now I've been working hard every day, but I decided I won't take any more money from you guys until the Pretzel presentation pic is a the very least started.

Don't worry, I'm almost done with these pesky commishes and as soon as it's over I'm going to put my foot down and work on my stuff. Which means: more Patreon specific content. You'll finally get to vote for other characters and for pictures, I also have a little surprise hiding behind the corner that I cannot wait to announce.

Sorry for the overall disorganization, I'm still in the learning process. I will also resume advertising the Patreon and trying to actually make it a thing, in order to both feel more motivated to post here and to make your experience more entertaining!

I will still post commission works here, when they're done, so you'll be kept up to date. Again: sorry, I'm doing my best to improve your experience (and at this point mine too, because working as I did is a tad too stressful).

Dragons are for bondage (COMM)

Sat Jul 28 09:25:11 2018

Made for: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/daealagarto/

Working for you guys, almost done with my commissions, so I can focus on Patreon only content and make that pretty Pretzel pic!


Industrial bondagery (COMM)

Wed Jul 25 16:33:44 2018

*Coughing blood* M... Made for... : http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jac600/

High res and supplementary second version:

1: https://i.imgur.com/VCoNSMz.jpg

2: https://i.imgur.com/BivGF8t.jpg



Wed Jul 25 12:57:47 2018



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Tue Jul 24 14:34:33 2018



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Fri Jul 20 13:37:02 2018

Come and have fun with the tree of us <3



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Circus Balloon Torture

Thu Jul 19 17:58:08 2018

Yeah, doodled this little CBT picture that I sometime keep making between commishes.


A peppy panda

Thu Jul 19 17:56:01 2018

Again, made for: https://www.deviantart.com/pyperhaylie


Mph Tuna

Thu Jul 19 17:54:50 2018

Made for my beloved cobold girlfriend: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cybertuna


Mph Panda Pyper

Thu Jul 19 17:51:56 2018

Made for this patient lady who beared my chit chatting <3: https://www.deviantart.com/pyperhaylie


Mph Oddjuice

Thu Jul 19 17:50:20 2018

Made during my last streaming <3



Thu Jul 19 13:23:52 2018

Come and have fun with the tree of us <3





Wed Jul 18 13:08:56 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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STREAMING (maybe multi)

Mon Jul 16 13:45:08 2018

STREAMING TIME my girl might be joining in later ^^: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Starborn p3 (COVER)

Mon Jul 16 13:40:54 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Star Born p2

Fri Jul 13 12:53:24 2018

I was making a comic but I used a new program which I'm not very good at using, normally it's okay and I'm okay with learning, but it's obviously hard and slower to do new things using new stuff and with the little time I had I wasn't able to move it forward. It was supposed to be porn and fetish-driven btw.

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Star Born p1

Thu Jul 12 17:01:17 2018

I was making a comic but I used a new program which I'm not very good at using, normally it's okay and I'm okay with learning, but it's obviously hard and slower to do new things using new stuff and with the little time I had I wasn't able to move it forward. It was supposed to be porn and fetish-driven btw.

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Thu Jul 12 12:41:28 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Wed Jul 11 12:40:01 2018

STREAMING TIME, my girl will join in a bit: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Buff owl (COMM)

Wed Jul 11 09:38:28 2018

Made for:https://www.furaffinity.net/user/aedesyr/

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Streaming soon to be multi

Tue Jul 10 12:14:16 2018

STREAMING TIME my girl will join later as I work for a multistream o/ https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Peeper vibes (COMM)

Mon Jul 9 17:01:03 2018

Made for:https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jodero

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Mon Jul 9 14:47:06 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Sat Jul 7 18:03:49 2018

I can hardly ever draw something for myself, today I could make a pair of lil sketches, was very useful to get accostumed with things I didn't do in a while.


Pikachu sketch

Sat Jul 7 18:02:19 2018

I can hardly ever draw something for myself, today I could make a pair of lil sketches, was very useful to get accostumed with things I didn't do in a while.


About Pretzel

Sat Jul 7 11:56:10 2018

Would you rather have me use the sketches we made up until now as a character sheet or would you want me to make new ones entirely? I'm asking this because looking at the picture:


I noticed it might be a little too chaotic (mostly because some of the drawings weren't planned to stand next to one another) compared to older characters sheet that I made such as these ones:



I was about to decide on my own, but being this our own collective creation I deemed it unfair ^^ Just let me know and we'll work on it!


Sat Jul 7 11:44:55 2018

Last month I had only received 41 of what I did. I guess most payments were moved to this month for reasons to me unknown (I'm still learning). I just wanted to thank you all for your support. I'm working real hard on commissions and the likes and seeing some of that appreciation materializing into profict is incredibly satisfying. I will make sure to improve the experience with time ^^ If you have any advice, please comment below.

Also I wanted to say to the 40 dollar Patron thanks. A big thanks for trusting my skills up to that point, really, I can't express my gratitude enough. As thankful as I might be tho I cannot keep taking those money. I have to ask you to remove your pledge. The 40 dollar tier needs improvement (the ones below too) and I want to apply a few changes to the whole Patreon overall. I can't as long as I'm being paid that amount.

Again thanks to you all, I'm really doing my best ^^

Map checking (COMM)

Thu Jul 5 12:16:00 2018

Made for: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fmirsokp/


Modeling (COMM)

Wed Jul 4 17:01:09 2018

Made for:https://www.furaffinity.net/user/neonshadow/

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Another trititty (COMM)

Wed Jul 4 16:30:23 2018

Made for: https://www.deviantart.com/furrybound/


Multi the streaming

Wed Jul 4 13:47:38 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Multistreaming with love

Tue Jul 3 14:36:20 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Pretzel presentation sheet

Tue Jul 3 10:52:28 2018

So this is not a character sheet, but one where I gathered all the best sketches I made. I will ink and color them all and put them on a pretty colored bg. After that, I will work on a char sheet or something, but probably quite later on, we'll move on the next thing in the meantime.

Like an origin comic for her <3 What do you think of this meanwhile?



Mon Jul 2 13:21:58 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Pretzel presentation pic WIP read the comment pls <3

Fri Jun 29 11:12:18 2018

There we have some new character presentation sheet sketches that I just made today, they're very quick and just a setup to get things started next week. Some of the old sketches will make it into the paper, of course, because they're just too cute and I want to include them.

In case you don't remember the old sketches here you have the whole dump:


All of them will be inked and flat coloured and there'll be a big super detailed shaded and lighted picture for you to enjoy <3

Is there anything you'd like to see done with her? Some ideas for other sketches that might be involved inside the character presentation sheet? Something you would like to see in the future? You're all free to comment ^^


Skater bunny version

Thu Jun 28 17:44:39 2018

Made for this lady:https://www.deviantart.com/jezjezjez/

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Skater kitty version

Thu Jun 28 17:44:27 2018

Made for this lady:https://www.deviantart.com/jezjezjez/

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Thu Jun 28 13:15:02 2018

STREAMING TIME: https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Thu Jun 28 11:32:54 2018

Just a sketch made while waiting for comfirmation for commissions from customers.


White shower (COMM)

Thu Jun 28 11:28:53 2018

Made for an anonymous!



Wed Jun 27 13:53:37 2018

Haven't you heard? It's raining multistreams these days:https://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuicehttps://picarto.tv/OddJuice

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Sizes (COMM)

Tue Jun 26 17:43:21 2018

Still working hard on commishes!

Made for: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/corfide/


Next OC P14 COLORS chosen

Tue Jun 26 15:39:32 2018

Colors are chosen. She has a name too. Now all we have to do is a picture to present her! COLOR 2 WON. Here's a link to the last picture used in the last poll where you can see what number 2 looks like.


Next post will feature our character in various poses, FULLY COLORED! If everyhing goes well she might even get a few pictures in which YOU'll play a big part <3

Kittickle (COMM)

Mon Jun 25 20:50:55 2018

Made for: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tktcat/

Don't you go around thinking that I'm not working <3


Next OC P13 COLORS part 2

Mon Jun 25 13:36:15 2018

A tie! 3 colors managed to get a tie during last vote. I know I might add my own vote, but I thought this metod would be more fun! If we end up on a tie again I'll break it with my own voting. So, anyways, let's vote again, this time giving you all just the "winner" options. Let me know what you think! This one might REALLY be the finale!



Thu Jun 21 14:42:32 2018

Our shortstack angry tiddy dragoness finally got a name! PRETZEL won! Super happy about it, because I really enjoyed that one. A specific picture will be made to celebrate inside her presentaiton picture! From which we're a single step from, probably!

Here's a few colors! Know that they're much, much more saturated than they will be in the final versions. Also, although some of them don't, she might have a colored mouth with each version presented. Here's an army of angry big titty dragonesses:


TO ALL MY COMMISSIONERS but my patrons too.

Thu Jun 21 12:57:52 2018

I'm working to deliver as much as possible, soon I will also upload a schedule with all the info you need to know exactly when I might be working on your stuff. In the meantime remember to check the commission list because it tells you how many works have been completed and which ones are on the works:


Of course the moment I have something you will be instantly notified, as I did up to this moment with my most recent commissioners and all the others before them. Except if you got a rough sketch or a color rough, in that case it's very rare for me to send a sketch (the rough it's the sketch itself) and with those you simply get what comes out.

Remember: I post ONE work per day if I have it. So if you don't see me post commissions that doesn't mean I'm not working on them. I'm able to make an inked and flat colored piece in a morning (I chose to do so to post rapidly) meaning that I can work on other stuff while still delivering work to customers. Of course there's a limit to that, but customer work rarely feels it. All my effort is there.

Said that, I will also have to incorporate my personal projects in the week, meaning that probably 3 days are going to be spent on Patreon/commissions and this dirty, dirty gallery while 3 other days are going to be for my personal stuff (possibly not for this gallery).

If this scares you DON'T FRETH: up to this moment my mistake has always been not following this premise and working on commissions and porn EVEN when supposed to work on my own projects. I scared ya there didn't I <3 Anyways, this is just to make you understand what kind of mentality I have: not the one that fights against drawing for himself too much over drawing for paid customers, but the opposite. Ya got nothing to lose!

You'll hear from me soon. Ish.

Latex doe

Thu Jun 21 12:40:44 2018

4chan asked


Shall we go in, deary?

Wed Jun 20 18:18:36 2018

What she's saying is in the title! Made for: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bonser



Wed Jun 20 14:34:04 2018

Haven't you heard? It's raining multistreams these days:







Wed Jun 20 14:17:58 2018

Made these this morning for some training, trying to get back into my coloring game.


Next OC P11 shortstack titty dragoness's NAME

Tue Jun 19 15:47:52 2018

I only got 3, I have my favorite and I'm trying my best to hold my vote up (I only vote if there's a tie). Go ahead and chose! After this it's going to be color choice, then I'll make a presentation pic and a little surprise <3


Tue Jun 19 15:42:20 2018

There! They're probably going to be a tad smaller, but this is just to tell ya: yep she has wings!



Tue Jun 19 14:14:19 2018

I will never make a new streaming picture NEVER:






Can't baah sketch

Tue Jun 19 13:23:42 2018

Just sketching around, trying stuff, not the best, but postable.


Alpathick sketch

Tue Jun 19 13:21:37 2018

Trying to make my coloring better, seeing if I can add volumes and such.


Bun+bun+bun (COMM)

Mon Jun 18 19:38:16 2018

Colored Rough made for: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/gargalesis/


Robots like feet too (COMM):

Mon Jun 18 19:36:58 2018

Rough sketch made for: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/h4ilking



Mon Jun 18 13:49:54 2018


Let's have fun <3:






Next OC p9 Wings or no wings (If you enjoyed this char so far I highly recommend checking the links below)

Mon Jun 18 12:56:32 2018

So our character has grown quite a bunch, as showed in my last post:


The following link is relative to the title. Wings or not wings? Up to you. I know what she'd vote, but it's not really up to her at all.


OC maker 18/06/2018 what we did so far

Mon Jun 18 12:48:04 2018

Enough with the generic sketch that gets updated time after time (this one: https://i.imgur.com/c656c6X.png ). We got enough info to start having fun with this char and sketch some poses. I'm slowly growing accustomed to her shape and it's becoming more and more fun to draw her.

This is just a picture to have you all see what came out off of your votes. There's only a few more to make, I'll post the next one right away.



Sun Jun 17 16:20:18 2018

Here's the rough for a rough sketch I'm working on!


Commission WIP OB

Sun Jun 17 16:18:41 2018

Here you have some more WIPS, there are going to be more and more to come as I keep making commission stuff!


Dragoness lady

Sun Jun 17 13:38:47 2018

A gagged dragoness made for gagpal here:



Circus wolf

Sun Jun 17 13:36:55 2018

A friend made a drawing (I can't show) inspired by this picture:



Comfy color (COMM)

Fri Jun 15 17:55:29 2018

Been asked by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrywolfbb/ to upgrade his last sketch to a color rough and so I did.


Comfy (COMM)

Fri Jun 15 17:17:04 2018

Again, made for: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrywolfbb/


Eager (COMM)

Fri Jun 15 17:15:47 2018

To all those who joined the streaming today, you know it didn't go well. That didn't stop me to keep working AFTERWARDS. Sometimes a bit of privacy is all you need to take your time and find your way through blocks.

So if you thought work would be delayed another day I say NAY to that and let's keep going <3

Made for: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furrywolfbb/


Next OC p8 tall or small?

Fri Jun 15 14:01:18 2018

Decided to give the option. Should I give the option for feral or not feral too? Like maybe she can go on all fours? Hm... Oh well, let's focus on what we have. Check it:


Next OC P7 tits?

Fri Jun 15 13:59:08 2018

Yep you get a second poll right away! What about giving her tits? Up to you! Oh, and ignore her fussing. She'd do that about anything probably:



Fri Jun 15 13:56:08 2018

There, you chose her head boys, this is how she's turning out. Get ready for a boost, got a week to recover <3 Here's how she's turning out so far:


Now for the next part, what about piercings? Vote number 3 for none, I forgot to add a picture for that, but you pretty much have it in the link I gave you above. Now, go check the link below for some piercing action:


STREAMING back to work

Fri Jun 15 12:52:23 2018

Finally, let's do this:






Prison fun(COMM)

Thu Jun 7 16:23:01 2018

Made for Gymio!


Buzzing all the way(COMM)

Thu Jun 7 16:21:55 2018

made fur KungFuCutManX



Thu Jun 7 13:23:47 2018

COMMISSIONERS and followers: VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE As luck would have it I have taken commissions in the least profittable moment. These 2 weeks I won't be able to work much or AT ALL on my paid drawings, because I'll be far from my PC, only my companion tablet will be available and working on that is simply not an option, especially if I want to deliver the quality that I have promised. BUT FRET NOT. For I will get back at it just as much as I have been at it these days, you have seen me post more than I ever did, I've been treating it as a job, working daily and for hours and it will keep on going so the moment I'm back home.

If you're wondering where I'm going the answer is: to my girlfriend. While my second job did get a bit in the way these days (more than a bit, it's the reason why I'm not working today and writing this journal instead) I was always able to balance it rather well with art, which is were I want my career to go anyways, but I need to keep my social activities up as well. So, please, be patient if I'll be gone for a week. Know that as I am away I will still draw daily and I will take this chance away from this goddamned computer machine (that I love so much, sorry darling) to focus heavily and studying and art training, all while holding hands with my second half which, like me, makes art. Speaking of which, go check her out if you didn't, she's on the learning like me, but she's getting better and better with every update:


So don't worry I WILL DELIVER as I always did ever since I opened this gallery but I thought it was more than needed to let you all know. All I ask is a bit of patience, everything will be done at the top of my game, if not more. I have seen a few things these days that really changed my thinking about art and reminded me of a few other things that I'm more than willing to re-integrate.

Have a wonderful week, watch E3 if you're into that and get ready because this year it's going to be full of my goddamned smut, and I swear to god I'm going to fucking learn how to draw properly.

Cya around! Thanks a lot for supporting. I'll keep you updated and sitll post a few things here and there, very ugly because tablet, just to make sure you know I didn't run with your mons, mons, which are still safely kept and will go untouched as promised and as, again, they have always been when people gave them to me.


Comm for Gymio

Wed Jun 6 17:21:23 2018

Still a wip, will be done soon ^v^


Next OC part 5 HORNS

Wed Jun 6 14:18:04 2018

She's starting to look gooood:


I'm having much more fun with this than I should have. let's make this dragoness horny now:


STREAMING really gotta change this streaming pic

Wed Jun 6 13:39:36 2018

Streaming commishes <3







TAll 'n small

Tue Jun 5 20:09:58 2018

Made for the lovely https://www.furaffinity.net/user/reggaecyp/


No really streaming is on

Tue Jun 5 13:52:06 2018

Forgot to turn the streaming on -v- come over, it is now:


Dragoness char: specific traits

Tue Jun 5 13:14:30 2018

Suggest ornaments or specific traits you'd want to see. Maybe some specific kind of horn? Clothes? Tatoos or makrs? Jewlerey? It can be anything, remember: references help, so if you happen to have one in mind (either of existing chars, or objects or whateves) don't worry about linking it, just do it!

Also, why not stat some name dropping?

Next OC part 4 (I'll stop listing every vote because it's getting ridicolous)

Tue Jun 5 13:12:32 2018

There we have our draggy lady here, had to make a slight modification ot the snake body to make it fit with the head, but it's just lovely imho:


Now for the second vote you'll get to pick her eyes!


Choose wisely!
20 dollar tiers are also going to be questioned now, keep your eyes open, you're going to have a direct say on this char!

Streaming again

Tue Jun 5 12:39:14 2018

We'll start from the OC maker for Patreon, it doesn't take much, and drop right into the fun of things <3






Art trade for Fox Populi

Mon Jun 4 18:41:40 2018

Made for https://www.furaffinity.net/user/fox-pop

Tomorrow I'll post it everywhere!


Next OC (dragon, female, snek body)

Mon Jun 4 13:23:02 2018

So last one was ending on a stall, had to vote the one I liked the most, the body type that came out was SNEK, you can see it here:


Now to make it much easier for all of you I arranged various kind of faces in one single picture, you'll just have to vote the corresponding number. here they are, follow the link boys, she's coming to life thanks to you <3:


Streaming stuff

Mon Jun 4 13:10:17 2018






Next OC part 3 (dragon, female)

Sat Jun 2 16:34:39 2018

Now THIS is where the fun begins. So, last polls you guys voted for our first char to be a dragon (over unicorn and faun) and a female (over male). I honestly coudln't wait to get to this part. VOTE FOR HER BUILD!

For each build there's a quick sketch, check it out and see what you'd like a dragon lady to be! With time it will build up to a full char, you'll get to chose her colors and a few other specific traits, less generic than these. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Remember this is my first run with something like this, so if you come up with anything that might improve the experience go ahead. For now,

40 and 60 dollar tiers are to disappear.

Sat Jun 2 16:09:57 2018

To the two kind guys who paid them I say thanks, but I sent a refund your way, it will take place in 5 to 7 days. Please let me know, because only then I will remove the tier (I'm afraid that by removing it now it will somehow make you lose money).

They were basically cheaper commissions. Removing them will make sure not only that I focus on commissions better, but that I can post Patreon specific content more often. I'm just now working on the OC Maker.

Remember if you have any ideas, you're welcome to share them, the worst that can happen is I don't adopt them, but they will help nonetheless!


Fri Jun 1 20:03:00 2018

You have seen me post much. Commissions and the likes. That will keep going. Now tho, it's time for your Patreon exclusive stuff <3 Get ready for the character creators and to see a few polls that might hint to the chance of making an ask blog involving a lot of smutty stuff!

The tickle apprentice

Thu May 31 17:00:25 2018

A commission made for: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/zerodrago99/



Thu May 31 12:56:37 2018

Just walk in as I draw smut:






How you've grown (COMM)

Thu May 31 10:44:28 2018

Made for https://inkbunny.net/Pokelolo99


Horse sitting

Wed May 30 18:30:39 2018

Made for HighSpeedTacos! Thanks a lot for supporting me, man <3


Bum Bump

Tue May 29 16:33:32 2018

This is my rough for TightlyDoodles, hope ya'll like it ^v^ Tomorrow I'll post it on other galleries too!


Horse gimp (WIP)

Tue May 29 16:32:36 2018

Encountered a few problems on this one today, slowed me down a bit, teaches me well to always keep a reference open. This reminds me how hard I need to train and how much I should keep on drawing.



Tue May 29 13:15:41 2018

Let's draw a tad finally <3:






Fenneko and Tsunoda pic FIX

Mon May 28 19:07:51 2018

Used that little time I could on a little fix for my most recent update, it's essentially just a line changing on the breast area, but it makes them feel more natural. Feel free to compare it with the version you downloaded (if you have) and re-download it to make your porn folder a little happier!

(New version is in the old post, I changed the file)

Hey guys

Mon May 28 15:00:46 2018

These days I've been a tad slow, faster than I was before activating the Patreon, my output is improving gradually and considerably, but I'm moving, there are a few extra things to fit into my days that are being quite annoying, but you ARE going to see stuff soon.

There's going to be tons of streamings for ya'll, the character maker's next step is going to show different silhouttes of which you will chose one, and of course your Patreon stuff and a few experimental commishes I took before starting. Just be patient <3 Tomorrow I'll start working instantly on all that I can work on.

For one of our Patrons

Sun May 27 13:05:58 2018

For this guy here, check his Tumblr, it's filled with bondage kinkiness <3




Sun May 27 08:54:28 2018

Finally I got a day to work in. Cybertuna will join us later on, in the meantime I'll sketch some commissions. Some are sketches, other aren't, some will be completed, other not. Let's get down to it. Oh and, yeah, I will probably also try and do some sutff o' mine!






Thanks to you all.

Fri May 25 18:17:23 2018

Thanks to you all for the support sowed up until now. Thanks a lot to Nabs and Pips, who just joined the Patreon to help out. I hope I can make this climb upward.

Probably from next month I'll lower the tiers, and the highest two will disappear. Meaning you can all support me at a lower price ^^ I'll make sure you don't lose anything in the process but only acquire as we go on,

Today I wasn't able to work because I had to do some weird, boring burocracy shit (here in Italy everything is super slow) tomorrow I won't be able to touch a pen either. But on sunday I should be able to start streaming a few commishes. Get ready, this first week is just the very start.

Thanks to you all. You are great.

Next OC part 2 (dragon)

Fri May 25 16:25:18 2018

A dragon won! So let's go for its sex now.

Look at my ball. LOOK AT IT (Gift)

Thu May 24 23:22:19 2018

A lil gift made for https://www.furaffinity.net/user/quillmoon


Next OC

Thu May 24 20:12:23 2018

I promised we would make some OCs together, so let's get started!


Thu May 24 15:15:33 2018

Added reflections to the mirror and removed a piece of the picture, it made the perspective awkward because of how I placed the mirror, as it is it's now even better. I'm going to leave the other version online anyways, putting a Patreonless version here for you guys ^^


Sai files sketch 17 updated

Tue May 22 23:21:02 2018

Check them here if you're interested in a giant mess!



Tue May 22 23:10:27 2018

Completed right now for the kind Dalton James White

He described the character, I designed it and its his own. For the full resolution PATREONLESS go here:



Bat lady OC or Corgi?

Tue May 22 18:24:27 2018

Which one would you rather see more?

Bat lady (purple one): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27419728/

Corgi lady (kinda hard to miss( for her): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27399705/

Wip from today

Tue May 22 18:01:44 2018

All I have to do is shade it and it's ready <3


Patreon update RAFFLES REMOVED:

Tue May 22 15:42:03 2018

I didn't put raffles the first time because I thought they felt a little shady and gambling-like, a few friends asked kindly to put them tho and I kind of fell into that thing where you do it to please everyone and make them happy, however someone told me it's actually against the rules to make them.

That's why, for now, tiers have re-enstabilished as they were. I'll be more careful next time, who paid for a raffle is now basically getting a commission (as a personal "sorry" from me to them).

I encourage to go check them out and give me all the feedback possible to make my Patreon and, consequently, my gallery much better and enjoyable for you peeps ^v^

Good morning! Tier changes about to happen.

Tue May 22 12:21:53 2018

Or evening rather, been doing some hard training sessions before lunch to improve skills as I always do. So I'm talking with a kind friend who offered himself to give me some help to make improvements towards my tiers which he defined a little too high to start.

That might be true, I have no prior expierence on this. So you're going to see other changes, but I want to reassure all of my Patreons that, even if their tier is going to change for the future, they're still going to get what they paid for. So:

Tightlydoodles: You will receive a specific rough sketch complete with BG and a second character (if needed) no matter what the tier will say in the future. No raffle needed. You basically paid for a commission. Send me a message with what you want, you'll see it pop out in future streamings and, later, on here.

Aaron Jonathan LeClaiere: You will receive a specific inked drawing complete with BG and a second character (if needed) no matter what the tier will say in the future. No raffle needed. You basically paid for a commission. Send me a message with what you want, you'll see it pop out in future streamings and, later, on here.

HighSpeedTacos: You will receive a specific flat color complete with BG and a second character (if needed) no matter what the tier will say in the future. No raffle needed. You basically paid for a commission. You allready sent me a message with what you want, feel free to add details if you feel like it, you'll see it pop out in future streamings and, later, on here.

Dalton James White: You will receive a specific complete drawing with BG and a second character (if needed) no matter what the tier will say in the future. No raffle needed. You basically paid for a commission. You allready sent me a message with what you want, feel free to add details if you feel like it, you'll see it pop out in future streamings and, later, on here.

Take this as an official "sorry" for you guys that paid for what's going to be fixed. Any questions will be answered to in the comments below ^^ Have a great day!

60 dollar tier WIP

Mon May 21 18:27:19 2018

There's still much to be done but I feel like it's not going to take all that long to be completed. Hope ya'll like ^^


For the 60 dollar tier

Mon May 21 18:25:19 2018

Making a character means to sketch it out before hopping into it. Made a pair of quickies, just to be sure.


Tiers up to 40 bucks improved. RAFFLES ADDED!

Mon May 21 17:27:52 2018

I suggest you read your tier to go and see which raffle you got unlocked, because it's a thing! Remember: the more we are the more I'll make. Stay tuned!

Stream in an hour or so!

Mon May 21 11:35:30 2018

Good morning my 3 Patreon boys, it's time to get started, in an hour or so I'll be streaming, just the necessary time for my food to arrive (it's lunch time here) and eat then we can get started with some fun times! today I'll probably sketch some ideas, but the main attraction will be our 60 dollar Patron boy! He sent me all the necessary to start and I intend to do so right away <3

Stay tuned!

It's past midnight here in Italy

Sun May 20 23:00:51 2018

And I did my posting. I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow there'll be more stuff for you to enjoy, but for now I need to lay down. I've been behind this thing the past five days. Not regretting it, but I can't stay up late if I want to get you all worked out <3

Thanks a lot to all those who allready donated even just a single dollar, it's incredibly important to me. And if you aren't able to donate, I understand, I'll try to make my content accessible to everyone with time. One way you can help is share, share, share! Even if you paid. The more we are the better chances I have of turning this into something to have fun with for not just a few days, but a life time.

Again, thanks to you all!

Tier "A wine glass" (60 bucks) improved

Sun May 20 22:40:34 2018

Or rather corrected, because by mechanically writing "you gain access to all tier" I involved the rough sketches from the "A whole seidel" tier, of which it's an evolution.

Fortunately Patron Dalton James White has been extremely kind and understanding, so no massive issues were encoutnered. As a thanks for his kind manners he's going to receive an extra character slot (which means he's going to get a max of 2) on his picture.

Thanks again <3

Sai files (for what I posted up to this point)

Sun May 20 22:18:29 2018

I'll do my best to keep these updated, that's exactly how I work with my stuff and yes: I merge everything down. I'll try not to do that too often to allow ya'll to tinker with the stuff and have fun.

If Patreons are generous enough I'll be able to boost the dropbox account and keep everything on as long as possible. As it is now hese will probably not be available anymore in a while.

Just know this: by the time I'm writing this I'm surprised I got so far. THANKS. But this is just the beginning I won't stop.


Patreon ad 2

Sun May 20 22:12:22 2018

My OC is getting it. If you want to earn money you gotta be a bitch, so Oddmund better take it silently.



Sun May 20 22:10:51 2018

Give that snoot some lovin' <3


Macro sketches

Sun May 20 22:09:51 2018

Yep, I like me some macro sometimes. And I REALLY like the blind bat-lady. She's going to be a main OC, see if you like her.


Acorn in the knothole

Sun May 20 22:08:36 2018

It's time to start posting stuff that is still to be posted. This one will probably be posted tomorrow, but as I start working on these there will be a longer distane between drawings I post here and and in other places. Get your little arses ready cuz I got no mercy <3


Patreon ad 1

Sun May 20 22:06:07 2018

Might be stupid but I had tons of fun making this. Funny i call this "Patreon ad 1" when this is actually the second I made! Soon you'll see the first <3... And it'll be named as the second.



Odile banner

Sun May 20 22:04:27 2018

An old character comes back to land a hand and gets her fave drink as a token of my gratitude. I loved making this.


Some privacy

Sun May 20 22:03:00 2018

Always wondered what's inside, right?


Hitting Puberty

Sun May 20 22:01:49 2018

Usually I don't draw stuff like this but I felt inspired and thought it'd be cute. Hope you'll like!


Tier "a shot" (5 bucks) improved.

Sun May 20 21:31:02 2018

Added access to art on here before anyone else on any other site. It might be a month, a week, a few days, you will see it first. Thanks a lot for your support, posting will start soon <3