August WIP

Wed Aug 19 19:20:22 2020

WIP for august piece featuring Loona from Helluva Boss short movie! FlayneX suggested it on yesterday post's. I'll do my best on completing it soon!

Also next month will be Und*rtale bday, so I wanna draw some spicy stuff for its anniversary, poll will come soon after this pic is finished. Stay tuned!


Any ideas for this month piece?

Tue Aug 18 21:15:25 2020

I'm hitting a wall atm x) I just don't know what to draw for this month. Any ideas or what kind of character you want to see? (Maybe my OC or other franchise?)
Since summer almost ended, I wanna try to draw beach scene again maybe but not sure! Let me know what you think?

Jenny's Bar Grand Re Opening (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Tue Jul 28 13:04:50 2020

Bunch of alts on this one (including lactation, because mooo~) Thank you for your support !

Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna01.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna01L.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna02.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna02L.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna03.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna03L.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna04.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna04L.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna05.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna05L.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna06.png Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna06L.png

Jenny's Bar Grand Re Opening

Tue Jul 28 12:57:34 2020

It's a celebration of Jenny's Bar grand re- opening! Bunch of drinks and all you can eat food is on the table!
My newest OC, Jenny! She's a very shy but bold kinda cow ! But I guess some customers are eager to eat ~

Thank you for your support ^^ No doodles this July, so hopefully you like the result !

Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna01.jpg Patreon_JennyReOpening_by_ocaritna02.jpg

July WIP

Mon Jul 20 15:56:27 2020

The concept is grand re-opening of her bar...with some fun~


Our first pose poll !

Wed Jul 15 20:02:25 2020

If you've been following me on twitter and FA, I recently posted Nid*q*een in cafe apron. First I thought I want to draw a story scene of her getting laid or something but as you guys know that N*nty is trying to target patreon that have their character IP, so I want to make one of my OC instead, Jenny the Bartender !

I really like how the pose are going and probably will pick one! If there's a tie in, I'll have to flip coin over it (sorry!) Good luck and have fun !

Regarding (some franchise) future content

Wed Jul 1 11:43:08 2020

Hello! I hope you all doing well! I want to address something that have been going on around social media and I want it to discuss with you.

Sometime ago I found a post that N*nt*nd* are targeting patreon that have their character IP in it, so it is possible that I won't draw anything related to the franchise anymore. I'm trying to keep up with the news, but it seems p*kem*n fusions and genderbend characters (like fem b*ws*r) aren't targeted yet, so I assume it's safe for now. I know it sucks because I love the franchise but this is the big company we're talking about, so it can't be helped.

Just wanna heads up if I didn't drew anything on my patreon about those franchise, this probably the cause. Hope you all understand!

Thank you !

ToriRena Costume Swaps (Tall and Grande rewards)

Wed Jun 24 20:45:46 2020

Some alts for ToriRena costume swaps with more variants !

Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena03.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena02.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena01.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena04.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena06.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena05.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena08.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena07.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena09.png

ToriRena Costume Swaps + Some Doodles

Wed Jun 24 20:41:26 2020

This month's Patreon piece featuring Renamon and Toriel swapping costumes (!?)
Also I've done a bunch of doodles this months so I'll be giving out as bonuses here. Note the bonuses won't include high res and psd files.

Hope you like it!

Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena01.png Patreon_ocaritna_ToriRena03.png Familiar_Travel_Contest_by_ocaritna01.jpg fightback.jpg rnc01.jpg TeaCakes.jpg

June WIP - Y'all did it

Mon Jun 22 10:29:30 2020

Since it's a tie between Toriel and Renamon, I had to draw them together... The idea is they'll be swapping costumes (?!) so obviously Toriel will be only wearing gloves (and maybe headband that similar to renamon's ears)

Look forward to its completion !


June ideas?

Thu Jun 18 18:32:21 2020

Hello Patrons! I'm stuck on ideas for this months patreons stuff. I drew some other stuff this month I want to put on patreon, but I want to draw something exclusively for patreon as bonus, but I'm not sure what.

Recently I drew a fanart of Familiar Travels (adult furry VN game on steam) so might go from there?
Though I have some ideas for characters, but not sure about the poses and stuff. Let me know your thoughts?

May piece thoughts?

Sat May 30 15:09:56 2020

Heya! Hope you all doing well and in good health.
I'm so curious about your thoughts about my last piece. As you know I push my nsfw limit a little bit further but I kinda looking for input for future piece. (Keep in mind, as I stated on my introduction post, there may a complete sfw piece along the way but for now still uncertain) What do you think?

Thank you !

Beladonna by the Tree (Tall and Grande reward)

Fri May 29 11:56:16 2020

May piece alts! There are some alts that I've been wanting to push around, hopefully you like it! (I'm sorry if the files aren't in order, I've tried upload it altogether instead one by one)

Patreon_Beladonna02.png Patreon_Beladonna01.png Patreon_Beladonna03.png Patreon_Beladonna05.png Patreon_Beladonna06.png Patreon_Beladonna04.png Patreon_Beladonna09.png Patreon_Beladonna08.png Patreon_Beladonna07.png Patreon_Beladonna10.png

Beladonna by the Tree

Fri May 29 11:51:16 2020

Eventhough she's a very powerful mage, but her favorite thing to do while transform is climbing a tree and relax~
Patreon piece for May! This piece was made possible thanks to all of my patrons! Thank you for all of your support ^^

Patreon_BeladonnaLowRes.jpg Patreon_BeladonnaLowRes.jpg Patreon_BeladonnaLowRes2.jpg Patreon_BeladonnaLowRes3.jpg Patreon_BeladonnaLowRes4.jpg Patreon_BeladonnaLowRes2.jpg


Mon May 25 14:39:59 2020

Heya ! Sorry for the late. This is for May piece featuring Beladonna from Trials of Mana ! Hopefully I can make it before end of month ! (Still not sure how I 'push' my nsfw theme for now)


May Update! Human (anime/cartoon) content?

Thu May 14 13:19:13 2020

Hello! Hopefully all of you doing okay on this difficult times.
First of all, I want to thank all of patrons for staying with me even in these pandemic times. It means a lot for me as my income are half of it are from patreon stuff. It's been difficult these past 2 months to deliver content and make a living especially first weeks when the pandemic hits. I give you all my most gratitude from my deepest heart.

Second, what do you think of having a cartoon human content? I have some idea in hand (maybe not for May content) but like in the future. I've been meaning to draw something like Roadhog (from Ov*rwatch) or maybe Melony ( from P*kem*n Shield) What do you guys think?

Third, I have some idea on making comic in the future. Maybe I can deliver 1 page per 2 weeks and then release the 2 page a month publicly. It's still just a base idea, nothing really set on paper for now.

Lastly, I kinda wanna push the nsfw content a little bit further. Sometimes I thought that nudity are great but maybe people find it too boring or not really excited. But I don't know, what do you think?

Thank you again for all of your support. I understand to people are deleting/backing down the pledge especially on these difficult times. Hopefully you all in great health and stay safe at home.


Reverse Bunny Suits Collection (Tall an Grande rewards)

Mon Apr 27 09:47:19 2020

Alts for Tall and Grande tier! One with dark+lighting BG and one with splash of color BG. Enjoy !

Patreon_BonBonReverseBunny_HighRes03.png Patreon_BonBonReverseBunny_HighRes01.png Patreon_BonBonReverseBunny_HighRes02.png Patreon_BonBonReverseBunny_HighRes04.png Patreon_SakeReverseBunny_HighRes01.png Patreon_SakeReverseBunny_HighRes02.png Patreon_SakeReverseBunny_HighRes03.png Patreon_SakeReverseBunny_HighRes04.png

Reverse Bunny Suits Collection

Mon Apr 27 09:39:03 2020

Here we are! Bon Bon and Sake dressing up Reverse Bunny Suits! It's a bit late to the trend but I think they still rockin those suits, aren't they?
This piece was made possible thanks to all of patrons ^^ Thank you so very much! Cheers !

Patreon_BonBonReverseBunny_HighRes01.png Patreon_BonBonReverseBunny_HighRes01.png Patreon_SakeReverseBunny_HighRes01.png Collection.jpg

April WIPs

Mon Apr 20 16:34:48 2020

2 piece! Originally I plan on drawing Toriel and Asgore but after doing some research, the ideas are already everywhere so I took the idea down and replace them with my OC, Bon Bon and Sake ! Hopefully could finish these soon!

BonBonReverseBunny.jpg SakeReverseBunny.jpg

Serket (Tall and Grande Reward)

Tue Mar 31 17:43:22 2020

Alts for Serket piece. Thank you and enjoy !

Patreon_Serket03.png Patreon_Serket02.png Patreon_Serket01.png Patreon_Serket04.png


Tue Mar 31 17:34:45 2020

March piece featuring Serket from Fullbokko Heroes X ! I've been wanting to draw her for quite sometime. Hopefully you guys like it ! Alts and psd will be uploaded soon ! Thank you for your support !


March 2020 WIP

Mon Mar 23 19:48:39 2020

I'll be working on Serket from Full Bokko Heroes X. I've been wanting to draw her for a long time so this is probably the best chance to do so. Look forward to it !


(Update) No poll for this month

Mon Mar 16 11:50:34 2020

Hello! Just want to let you know that there will be no poll for this month. I'm honestly not sure who to draw but I have list of some character I really want to draw for the time being. Thank you for stickin around with me!

Cheers !

The Treasure Hunter (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Thu Feb 27 12:40:17 2020

Alts for Tall and Grande rewards! Enjoy !

Patreon_ocaritna_TreasureHunter02.png Patreon_ocaritna_TreasureHunter03.png Patreon_ocaritna_TreasureHunter01.png

The Treasure Hunter

Thu Feb 27 12:37:13 2020

When she smells treasure, she'll be there.
This piece is for celebrating the year of the mouse/rat (which I'm very late for orz) so thank you for being patience with me! Hope you all like it !


February WIP

Thu Feb 20 17:14:43 2020

I know CNY is already happened a month ago (forgive me not knowing the date orz) but I still want to draw rat lady ! I want to make it similar to last year's CNY so the pose and style would be similar. Look forward to it !


Bowser's Castle (Tall and Grande Reward)

Fri Jan 31 21:59:02 2020

No alts for now, sorry! I just really enjoy the theme and not thinking about alts. Only high res available for now. Thank you for your understanding !


Bowser's Castle.

Fri Jan 31 21:53:30 2020

She celebrates her victory! Time to drink!
Thank you for all of your support, including new patrons! This piece couldn't make it without all of your support! Sorry it's a bit late. Hopefully you like it !


FemBowser (WIP)

Wed Jan 15 20:26:03 2020

WIP of Fembowser based on the poll. A naughty piece indeed >< Look forward to its completion !


Happy New Year 2020! New Poll for January piece !

Sun Jan 5 10:41:31 2020

Hello and Happy New Year 2020! It's been crazy 5 days because we got hit by huge flood and we don't have access to electricity (2 days) and no internet service to update this page. Best wishes and prosperity this 2020 onwards!

So the plan for this month is I really want to draw Bowser (from Super Mario series and sorry I'm not sure how to put image on here) but you can pick which gender the Bowser would be ! Maybe the theme will be around new year and wearing rat/mouse attire just to celebrate the year of the mouse/rat.

Then for February we'll be doing Rat/Mouse character ! I'm thinking the theme will be similar to the year of boar last year (thick character with armor and stuff, but who knows!) so please look forward to it !

Once again happy new year and hopefully everything goes well for us all! Cheers !

Merry Xmas 2019! (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Wed Dec 25 17:42:03 2019

A plenty of alts I made involves some milk and some tattoo~ Have a look !
(Link deleted)

(let me know if the link doesn't work)

I removed the drive link due to some reports that google are terminating nsfw accounts so I will uploaded all here.

Xmas_Patreon01.png Xmas_Patreon03.png Xmas_Patreon02.png Xmas_Patreon04.png Xmas_Patreon06.png Xmas_Patreon05.png Xmas_Patreon07.png Xmas_Patreon08.png

Merry Xmas 2019!

Wed Dec 25 17:35:36 2019

Carla have an idea for presenting herself to Santa, maybe a bit of cookie and some milk~
Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday!
Thank you for supporting my art on this 2019! Here's hoping for a better 2020!


Regarding the distribution of rewards

Wed Dec 25 17:20:36 2019

Hello! Hope you guys are well!
The xmas piece will be finished soon ! But here's something I want to address regarding distributing the rewards

The next distribution will be posted with google drive link. I heard some page got flagged when posting a nsfw file (eventhough I already check the nsfw mark on my settings) but just to be safe, for now I will deliver the rewards via gdrive link
(note that Grande reward/psd will be posted as usual on here)
I don't know yet if this will be temporary or will be permanent. I'll look into some answer from fellow artist for now and will back to you all soon.

Thank you for reading this! Hopefully you all understand !

Edit : Since gdrive have limited space, the file might gets deleted after quite some time. I still have plenty of space so I'll put the files for about a year from originally posted. Again this is probably temporary and we'll get back to usual stuff. Bear with me !

December WIP

Fri Dec 20 19:17:20 2019

Sorry for late post, here's a WIP for next piece! I really want to draw more Carla (my OC). Hopefully could finish this before 25th!


PokeFusion Male Pack vol.01 (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Mon Nov 25 17:50:45 2019

Rewards for Tall and Grande Tier with some variants! Enjoy !

Patreon_ocaritna_Nidocanine.png Patreon_ocaritna_Nidocanine_nsfw.png Patreon_ocaritna_NidocanineShiny.png Patreon_ocaritna_NidocanineShiny_nsfw.png Patreon_ocaritna_Samugron.png Patreon_ocaritna_Samugron_nsfw.png Patreon_ocaritna_SamugronShiny.png Patreon_ocaritna_SamugronShiny_nsfw.png

PokeFusion Male Pack vol.01

Mon Nov 25 17:43:51 2019

Introducing NidoCanine and SamuGron ! Big boys are here~ Originally posted some weeks ago but here higher tier can get some variants and PSDs to enjoy! Thank you for supporting my art!

Pokefusion_Banner_Male_Vol1.jpg Patreon_ocaritna_Nidocanine.jpg Patreon_ocaritna_NidocanineShiny.jpg Patreon_ocaritna_Samugron.jpg Patreon_ocaritna_SamugronShiny.jpg

WIP of Pokefusion Male pack vol.01

Mon Nov 25 16:41:25 2019

WIP of the big boys of pokefusion! The finished pick and variants will be up soon !

Samugron_WIP.jpg Samugron_WIP.jpg Nidocanine_WIP.jpg

PokeFusion Female Pack Vol.01 (Tall and Grande Rewards

Wed Nov 13 18:28:09 2019

Bunch of variants for you to get ! Normal and shiny and other variants. Thank you !

Patreon_Ocaritna_nidopede.png Patreon_Ocaritna_nidopedeshiny.png Patreon_Ocaritna_nidopede_nsfw.png Patreon_Ocaritna_nidopedeshiny_nsfw.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Zebspunny.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Zebspunny_nsfw.png Patreon_Ocaritna_ZebspunnyShiny.png Patreon_Ocaritna_ZebspunnyShiny_nsfw.png

PokeFusion Female Pack vol.01

Wed Nov 13 18:22:27 2019

Featuring Nidopede and Zebspunny (I'm bad at naming lol) It's been fun brainstorming some fusions like these once in a while. Cheers !

Pokefusion_Banner_Fem_Vol01.jpg Patreon_Ocaritna_nidopede.jpg Patreon_Ocaritna_nidopedeshiny.jpg Patreon_Ocaritna_Zebspunny.jpg Patreon_Ocaritna_ZebspunnyShiny.jpg

WIP of Pokefusion Female pack vol.01

Wed Nov 13 18:00:55 2019

The pics are actually finished, I just wanna show how I sketch them before render them a whole! The 2nd pic one actually was my first experience on drawing poses like that, I'm not really used to it yet. I want to draw more dynamic poses in the future !

nidopede_WIP.jpg Zebspunny_WIP.jpg

November and December, closing the year!

Wed Nov 13 17:17:21 2019

Hello all! Hope you guys are in good health!
I'm here giving you update what's to come for November and December, and what I'm currently doing, preparation for next year 2020! Hopefully it'll be a good year for all of us!

This November the posts will be the pokefusions I've been doing for the past weeks. It will be in high res, shiny variant and bitsy bits variants along the way! There will be 2 posts, the female and male pack. Hopefully I can deliver both very soon!

For December I'm thinking of an Xmas or simply winter themed art. But I have no idea what, maybe some of my OC, or maybe continuing pokemon fusion projects? Let me know what you think!

Also I've been thinking for making a online store for those who don't like how this site works. Of course there will be price adjustments, but probably it's a best way to spread my works around the world? For 2020 onwards, I wanna try focus more on patreon and commissions. These couple of months really have been hard on me dealing with IRL stuff and mental health issue (even now). But wish you all in good health and be kind to one another!

Halloween Mischief (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Wed Oct 30 21:09:47 2019

8 variants including nude and solo pics! Enjoy!
PSD will be late because I need to rearrange the layers so you can read them more easily.

Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween01.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween02.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween03.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween04.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween_CarlaSolo01.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween_CarlaSolo02.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween_BonBonSolo01.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween_BonBonSolo02.png

Halloween Mischief

Wed Oct 30 21:03:12 2019

Happy Halloween! Here's the finished piece for Halloween!
Carla (the blue dragon) always teasing Bon Bon (the dog) to wear sexy costumes at Halloween. Bon bon decided to wear sexy mummy costumes but Carla thought it's a bit too covering, so she offer her help to make Bon Bon more open ~

Thank you for all of your support and Happy Halloween !

Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween01.png Patreon_Ocaritna_Halloween02.png

Halloween WIP

Tue Oct 29 19:39:40 2019

The piece for Halloween. Hopefully could be finish in time!


Blazizzle (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Wed Oct 16 11:07:00 2019

The alts with bits and no flame and shiny alts ! (yes there's a lot of files!)

Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle01.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle03.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle02.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle04.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle05.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle07.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle06.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle08.png


Wed Oct 16 11:04:18 2019

I decided to put these on patreon, because I love how it turns out ^^
It's a fusion between Bl*zik*n and S*lazzl* , from P*kem*n.
There will be 8 alts for other Tall and Grande reward! Thank you very much !

Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle01.png Patreon_Ocaritna_blazizzle05.png

Space Beach Time (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Mon Sep 30 19:16:01 2019

High res of Space Beach Time!
PSD will be a later date. Sorry for the delay!

Patreon_ocaritna_TerraLastBeachVacation02.png Patreon_ocaritna_TerraLastBeachVacation01.png

Space Beach Time

Mon Sep 30 19:13:28 2019

Terra was so busy with works on space station where she work as nurse. The summer almost ended on earth, but she don't have time to make travel to earth and enjoy summer beach, so she livestream a beach instead on her own private room~

It's a bit late, I'm sorry, hopefully you guys like it!
PSD will be late again because I need to organize some stuff first. Sorry !


September WIP

Tue Sep 17 13:01:26 2019

Trying out new poses and stuff. Really want to draw some weird and different poses
than before, hopefully goes well !


Patreon Update No.2

Sun Sep 1 08:09:59 2019

Hello and welcome to my page!
First of all, thank you, thank you for all of your support through here! It means a lot and helped me a lot going through each month.
Also, WELCOME to NEW PATRONS! I hope you enjoy your stay and like my arts here! I do furry art usually not by monthly, but per arts (that means I can update more than one arts per month)

Here I want to put some update regarding this page. This will not affect any of my future content here.

1. I just posted on how to read my psd on my previous post (the post before this) Have a look !

2. There will be no September poll because I wanna try to draw some of my unused ideas. But later October there will be special Halloween poll I wanna do, so keep an eye on that!

3. I'll be posting one of unreleased alts over at other sites. This is a way to promote our page further more. This however will only be posted in an uncertain interval (like maybe once a month or maybe even once in 3 months) just to spread out the message and our patreon page. I hope you understand the situation!

4. I'm thinking on doing discord only art streaming for patrons only. I still need input and advice for this one and still a bit experimental. I also acknowledge the demand for video process. It's a bit hard to do it but I've been meaning to do it for a long time, I just don't have the right equipment to do it (recording and video compressing and editing).

And that's all for this update. As always I'm open for ideas, advice and inputs. Hope you all enjoy your stay ! Thank you and have a great day !

How to read my painting PSD!

Sun Sep 1 07:32:18 2019

I'm here to give you a guide on how to learn my psd especially on painting art.
As you can see here there are a lot, LOTS of layer on here. Usually on painting I would delete these in the process because it taking a lot of resource and after a while it will become lag and uncomfortable to draw with.

So in this psd and further (especially on painting style arts), you can see on how the process gone through before I merge them into paintings below the 'sketch before merge' layer. There are also missing object on some layers because it's usually it's easier to paint them immediately without the sketch (like fur pattern, bits, etc) so if it's not there on sketch, it's usually I paint them immediately.
Also, I rarely name my layers, I usually group them and name the group folders, but I don't name sketches groups. So everything below the 'sketch before merge' will and always be the sketches before merge above.

Hope you understand and can play along with the PSD! And hope it will become a meaningful way to teach you on how to do painting stuff ! Thank you for your support and have a great day !

New Challenger (Tall and Grande Reward)

Fri Aug 30 23:32:12 2019

Tall and Grande reward of August Patreon piece. Enjoy! (Sorry if it's not in order, upload them at once but it's not arranged well)

Patreon_Gabe02.png Patreon_Gabe03.png Patreon_Gabe01.png Patreon_Gabe04.png Patreon_Gabe05.png

New Challenger

Fri Aug 30 23:28:49 2019

Piece for August! Sorry for the delay. Hope you guys like it!
The alts will be posted soon but PSD will be a bit delay because it has many layers, I need to reconfigure later. Thank you !


WIP for August Patreon !

Thu Aug 22 21:12:54 2019

featuring the winner of poll, Gabe ! Please look forward to it !


August Poll

Tue Aug 6 19:16:24 2019

Hello! This month's poll will be my OCs.
Here are the short details for each of them :

Both will have alternate version like usual.
So there you go ! Hopefully you all like them both and happy to read my little lore about them. Happy voting !

Sharkweek + painting concept art (Tall and Grande reward)

Fri Jul 26 05:40:01 2019

High res of sharkweek plus its concept art I made 4 years ago. I tweak her body size and build in the latest art. Thank you!

Patreon_HighRes_sharkweek01.png Patreon_HighRes_sharkweek02.png Patreon_ConceptArt_sharkweek02.png Patreon_ConceptArt_sharkweek01.png


Fri Jul 26 05:34:33 2019

I decided to post this on patreon, hope you guys don't mind and like her!
As a bonus, later I will give Tall and Grande reward the concept art of her I made back years ago!
Thank you!


Summer Dawn (Tall and Grande Reward)

Wed Jul 24 13:04:59 2019

Tall and Grande reward for the most recent piece, Summer Dawn !
Included bonuses are wallpaper 1920x1080 of the piece!

Patreon_BonbonSummer1920x1080_01.png Patreon_BonbonSummer1920x1080_02.png Patreon_BonbonSummer01.png Patreon_BonbonSummer02.png

Summer Dawn

Wed Jul 24 13:01:48 2019

Summer piece for this month, featuring my OC, Bonbon!
Thank you for all of your support !


WIP for next art

Mon Jul 8 12:42:37 2019

Hello all! This supposed to be for bikini day a couple days ago but I'm not feeling well (in terms of art) so hopefully this will be a summer for this month in general.
Subject like pose and composition are subject to change. I'll do my best!


Dakki the Water Fox (Tall and Grande Reward)

Sat Jun 22 06:23:59 2019

High res and Alternate rewards for Tall and Grande tier. Enjoy !

Ocaritna_Patreon_Dakki01.png Ocaritna_Patreon_Dakki02.png Ocaritna_Patreon_Dakki03.png Ocaritna_Patreon_Dakki04.png

Dakki the Water Fox

Sat Jun 22 06:17:39 2019

It is done! It's a bit ambitious for this one, hopefully you guys like it !
Featuring Dakki from Fullbokko Heroes X, which is sadly shutting down last month.
High res and alts and psd will be posted later today. Thank you for your support!


June Poll WIP2

Thu Jun 13 20:16:42 2019

Hey guys! Still updating the lineart and stuff. I've been very busy IRL and I even haven't touch my art project yet, so this might deliver probably next week. (Also redid the hair since apparently she has looong hair)
Sorry for the delays, hope you understand!


June poll WIP

Tue Jun 11 19:21:32 2019

WIP for Dakki, won the June vote! Hopefully can finish this soon!


June Poll is now live !

Thu May 30 18:20:51 2019

Hello all ! In remembering closing of Full Bokko Heroes X (mobile game with most have furry girls on it), I will make a vote who to draw on June ! I really wanna draw both but I have art project to finish also in June, so with heavy heart we need to pick one of these ladies to be drawn.
Happy voting !

(The pic above credits to their respective artist, I believe by Rikose)

Your input is important for me and this page!

Sat May 25 19:45:20 2019

Heya! I know I've been absent for a long time, due to commission and sickness I just had last week (in fact I just recovered from it and only cough remains)

I also aware that some patrons are pulling out their tiers. Not sure because of patreon's new policy/rules/stuff that just happened earlier this month or not, but again, your input is very important to me to help this page grow!

I know there are people requesting speedpaint videos. I really like to do that but I'm very limited to the recording software for now. Might look into some free screen recording online and let's see what I can do

In the mean time, stay awesome and stay hydrated !

Mother's Love (Tall and Grande Rewards)

Sat May 25 19:33:51 2019

4 alts this time, with and without eggs and some bits on the other
(Also sorry if it's not in order, idk why it happened)
Enjoy !

Simurgh_HighRes03.png Simurgh_HighRes01.png Simurgh_HighRes02.png Simurgh_HighRes04.png

Mother's Love

Sat May 25 19:29:04 2019

One thicc anthro Simurgh from Dragalia Lost! I love her eventhough I don't have her yet on the game ;u;
Rewards will be posted soon.
Enjoy !


(WIP) Thicc Simurgh

Mon Apr 15 17:31:03 2019

May or may not posted later this month or next month of (anthro) thicc Simurgh from Dragalia Lost !


Glory to Mankind (Tall and Grande Reward)

Fri Apr 5 12:55:03 2019

Tall and Grande rewards for Glory to Mankind 2Toriel art! 4 High res arts coming right up!
Thank you for supporting my arts! Enjoy!

Patreon_Ocaritna_2Riel_alt02.png Patreon_Ocaritna_2Riel_alt01.png Patreon_Ocaritna_2Riel.png Patreon_Ocaritna_2Riel_alt03.png

Glory to Mankind

Fri Apr 5 12:50:32 2019

A fun idea for Toriel cosplaying as 2B, heavily inspired by Japanese game magazine, Famitsu, which had an interview with both Yoko Taro (creator of Nier Automata) and Toby Fox (Undertale)

Also I'm sorry if I drew Toriel again, the idea actually had in mind couple months ago after the screenshot of interview was published and I had to draw it now (This makes 2nd Toriel art on this page) I know I promise some other original stuff in the future, but I will do it in the next post after this one! Thank you again for supporting my art! The rewards will be posted soon!


Resting at the Garden (Tall and Grande Reward)

Wed Mar 13 21:55:35 2019

High res and Alternative version for previous Asgore art! Enjoy !

Patreon_Asgore01.png Patreon_Asgore02.png Patreon_Asgore03.png

Resting at the Garden

Wed Mar 13 21:49:23 2019

After doing some garden work, Asgore decided to take a rest.
Asgore from Undertale, based on March Poll!
Other reward will be posted soon. Thank you for your support!


Asgore (WIP)

Tue Mar 5 20:40:04 2019

Asgore WIP for this month! The theme will be chilling in the garden!


March Poll!

Thu Feb 14 12:51:44 2019

It's boys time! Let me know which one I should draw for March content !

Table for Two

Thu Feb 14 12:38:40 2019

Happy Valentine's Day ! Hope you guys have a lovely day with your beloved~
(This is a free content, no charge applied!)


Your input means a lot to me !

Sun Feb 10 18:48:04 2019

Hi ! How are you guys? Hopefully doing well and healthy !
So basically this is my first month of running a patreon. I'm still new to this and everything in it. I would love to hear some input and advise from you all to make this page a better patreon. It's all thanks to you too that I'm able to do stuff like this, so your input means a lot to me.

Also headsup next month will be male polls and I will send the poll later this month.

Thank you for your attention and have a good day!

Toriel's New Present (Tall and Grande Reward)

Sun Feb 10 18:36:16 2019

High res and variations for Toriel's New Present ! Hope you guys like it !

Patreon_TorielVDay02.png Patreon_TorielVDay01.png

Toriel's New Present

Sun Feb 10 12:32:58 2019

And she loves it~
Toriel art from the previous poll! Thank you for participating !
Rewards and variations will be posted soon!


WIP Toriel mid february!

Fri Feb 8 20:48:44 2019

WIP for second illustration for mid february ! As usual there will be 2 versions later when finished !


Fanart February Polls!

Fri Feb 1 19:46:00 2019

Patron polls is live ! Vote will close on Monday and will start working on that day. Let's start small for now, hopefully could get bigger as the time goes!

Year of the Boar (Reward Tall and Grande Tier)

Fri Feb 1 18:56:30 2019

High res plus alternate version Year of the Boar! Enjoy !

Patreon_by_Ocaritna_Year%20of%20Boar02.png Patreon_by_Ocaritna_Year%20of%20Boar01.png

Year of the Boar

Fri Feb 1 18:31:16 2019

My take on this (Lunar New Year's) Year of the Boar/Pig ! A big boar lady ! I had fun working on this, thank you so much for supporting me !
Rewards will be posted soon !


WIP for the next work !

Fri Jan 25 12:49:41 2019

WIP for next week/month artwork. It will be fully painted. Excited !
(it's actually already halfway done, but here's the super basic sketch! )


MooBonBon (Tall and Grande Reward)

Wed Jan 23 22:01:55 2019

Reward of High resolutions for both versions. Thank you for supporting me !

BonBonMoo_Alt_by_ocaritna.png BonBonMoo_by_ocaritna.png


Wed Jan 23 21:48:07 2019

Bon Bon yet again trying new clothing trend! Moooooo-d !
Rewards for other tier will be distributed tomorrow !


Introduction part 2

Mon Jan 21 10:10:09 2019

Aside from the examples on the first post, I do these paintings as well. These are usually a passionate project that won't have any other version beside the original version. I also do male and other gender character as well, these are the examples how I do female characters, since other male character example are mostly from commissions.

Despite opening Patreon page, commission will still be open as usual on other site. Although I love my personal drawings, I also enjoy working on other people's character that brings new color to my life and improve even more.

I hope you can enjoy my artwork. I will do my best to bring cheer and happiness to all! Thank you for reading!


Introduction part 1

Mon Jan 21 09:38:32 2019

Hello ! I'm ocaritna ! I'm here to introduce you on what you can see on my patreon page.

Please note this post won't be charged to patrons, this is merely example on what I can provide on this Patreon page.

I provide simple pin up like these including my OCs or a fanart from existing franchise, range from simple pinup or detailed paintings. Patrons with higher tier will have access the the high res of the pic and also the high res of alternative versions (meaning there won't be a watermark on the pic) As for highest tier patron, you will get access to my .psd to play around with it so you can study on how I work on the artwork.

Regarding my OC, I will try my best to introduce them to you all (excluding my main twin mascots on the front page) along when we progress this page further on.

There are some more explanation regarding on what I do on the next post, see you there !