Ankha Lewd

Link Leads To A 502


Omeger Rubyer Pause 1


Omeger Rubyer Pause 4


Omeger Rubyer Pause 5


Omeger Rubyer Pause 2




Jaiden Original uncensored version

Uncensored version of the pic before the update (you seriously had to update THIS post, but not others that beneficially need to, admin!?)


Omeger Rubyer Pause 3


Baby_Zee ver.4

Sun Nov 1 20:07:21 2020

touched up Zee's design some more - I wanted to differentiate her from Baby and Patty a bit more giving her shorts instead of a skirt - and simplify the outfit to where I can draw it easier and faster. Hoping she exudes elements of Hiei, Black Rock Shooter, and just maximum edge overall.

Promo7_Zee2.png Promo8_Zee.png Promo7_Zee_rough.png Promo8_Zee_rough.png


Sat Oct 31 12:03:52 2020

sfw version - would def love to have another go at drawing her!

Vampire_Morrigan.png Vampire_MorriganBG_rough.png


Sat Oct 31 09:25:40 2020

I thought Morrigan would be nice for a spooky Halloween illustration

Vampire_Morrigan.png Vampire_Morrigan2.png Vampire_Morrigan2_ruff.png

Marketboyz_"Blue Terry" Award for Ruin

Fri Oct 30 16:55:29 2020

We had a fun, super casual, Stage Hazards & Items On Smash tournament on our Marketboyz stream last saturday for our Subs and it actually went really well and only crashed once! Ruination emerged victorious as the sole survivor of all the cheese and we presented him with a Steam giftcard from all of us and a commemorative artwork of his main "Blue Terry"

SmashTournament_Ruination.png SmashTournament_Ruination2_rough.png

Baby_Casual Friday

Mon Oct 26 19:55:51 2020

Trying out a new "alternate" costume for Baby. I wanted to give her a Lili-inspired Tekken dress but I definitely need to play with the colors some more.

Promo5_Patty.png Promo5_rough.png Promo6_dressbaby.png Promo6_dressbaby_rough.png

Genshin_Beidou Highroller

Sun Oct 25 12:24:47 2020

Been really into gambling vice iconography and Genshin has been a really solid outlet to exert that. Also this game has a drunk, swash-buckling, Chinese Pirate mommy in the game and I think she's my favorite???

Also new 5 star fire baby lol

gacha_beidou_full.png gacha_beidou.png gacha_beidou_rough.png gacha_klee.png gacha_klee_rough.png

Genshin_RNG Plight

Sun Oct 25 12:19:37 2020

Gacha Gods please bless with a FREE 4-star roll!

gacha_beidou_lewd.png gacha_beidou_lewd_rough.png

God Hand_Gene

Thu Oct 22 17:08:13 2020

I've feverishly been wanting to finally try playing this game but was super bummed to find out that you can't get it on the PS4 Playstation 4... So now I gotta figure out a way to emulate it. It's hard for me to believe that Shinji Mikami directed it too its so goofy and hilarious. I hope Platnium Games finds a way to bring it back one day.

Gene1_rough.png Gene1.png gene2_rough.png Gene2.png

Genshin_Hydro OP

Mon Oct 19 13:07:16 2020

Mona pt 2...

Genshin_mona2.png Genshin_mona2_ref.png

Baby_Preview Shots

Mon Oct 19 10:29:58 2020

Just got some new background assets from my friend Vee and they make this cartoon look SUPER good. Not sure if I shared it before but my friend Derek (voice of Puck) also saved my ass rendering the coffee truck in blender for me at multiple angles!

Really lucky to have them on this project, they've been helping me out on their downtime inbetween their own projects.

They're also kickass artists



PV22.png PV23.png PV24.png


Sun Oct 18 13:05:55 2020

undeniable levels of frustration trying to roll for Mona whilst refusing to play IRL money for Wishes lolll

Genshin_mona.png Genshin_mona_ref.png

Hikawa Sayo_Girls Band Party

Thu Oct 15 21:01:44 2020

Made this as a birthday card for my sister. Hikawa's her waifu lol

LorxBday.png LorxBday_rough.png

Burrito_Grandpa & (Grand)Son

Mon Oct 12 13:01:36 2020

been drafting some new adventures for these two to go on



Sun Oct 11 12:29:50 2020

I have a very turbulent relationship with these characters.. some days I can draw them and others they become near impossible for me to even nail a base sketch...

Promo4_Patty.png Promo4_Patty_rough.png

Baby Dead_1_WIP

Wed Oct 7 12:02:29 2020

This is nowhere NEAR done there's still so much I need to add.. But here's a first glance, all the character animation is done at least.

https_www.patreon.com_media-url_aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9kVFhKR01IVFVuSS9tYXhyZXNkZWZhdWx0LmpwZw (d)


Tue Oct 6 13:21:26 2020

touched up the design some more. There's been a big itch for me to play around with a fantasy setting again but I definitely want to steer more towards a dark fantasy, Berserk-y kind of aesthetic... But still shooting for something brainless and comedic.

Merc_Lucielle.png Merc_Lucielle2.png Merc_Lucielle2_rough.png


Sun Oct 4 13:03:40 2020

probably my favorite out of the new Inuyasha trio - genuinely excited to watch this OVA the nostalgia is so real

Yashahime.png Yashahime_rough.png

BOTW_Papaya Seed

Sun Oct 4 11:30:06 2020

Wanted to try drawing Paya - I should've made her hair more pointy and angled in the back

Paya1.png paya2_rough.png

SketchDump_Unnamed Knight Soldier

Sat Oct 3 11:12:43 2020

Its NOT Guild Breakers lol.. Was trying to do a design based off of Fire Emblem Fates' Mercenary Units.. also need to give my hand a break from all the drawing cuz I'm about to give myself carpal tunnel... I really needed to get away this week.. So much of what I've been drawing has been related to a story or project I've been trying to develop and I really wanted to just start from scratch again and throw ideas at the wall. Which is really hard to tell because all my characters look exactly the same lmao

roughs15.png roughs15.png roughs14.png roughs13.png roughs16.png roughs21.png roughs22.png roghs2.png roughs1.png rough15.png roughs6.png roughs12.png

Cobra_Gunslinger 2

Sat Oct 3 03:04:09 2020

have been dying to play with a Western-style setting for a cartoon for a long time. Wanna do something really Lupin III-inspired but I can't draw horses for shit lmao

also I've had this "Cobra" cowpoke dude in my sketches like forever

Reyes4.png Reyes4.png Reyes5.png reyesrough1.png


Sun Sep 27 12:56:02 2020

Was trying to design a rogue-like character with some heavy Bloodborne/Castlevania influences

Reyes1.png Reyes1.png Reyes2.png Reyes3.png reyes_roughs.png


Fri Sep 25 20:58:53 2020

the peephole surprise is def one of the scariest bits in the Silent Hill series for me

SilentHill_Eileen.png SilentHill_Eileen.png silenthill_eileenROUGH.png


Tue Sep 22 13:18:04 2020

getting back to work on this one! the background props in this are gonna be a bitch but I got a friend who's down to help me out with the scenic backgrounds which I'm really excited about

promo3.png promo3.png CUTSCENE1_3_pv12.png

Marketboyz_Among Us

Mon Sep 21 12:58:47 2020

made us some little Among Us beans for our Marketboyz streams, these were pretty fun to do

AmongUs_Artwork.png AmongUs_Artwork.png

Hustle_Overlay test

Sun Sep 20 19:59:06 2020

I definitely want to execute a fake PC98 border look with Hustle Boy, would save on having to do lot of animation if I plan the shots out ok.

Hustle_UI-Test_PV.png Hustle_UI-Test_PV.png Hustle_UI-Test_IG.png Hustle_UI-Test_rough.png Hustle_ver3_3.png

Hustle_more Crow

Wed Sep 16 19:43:15 2020

gotta figure out how she gets all her hair to fit under her helmet lol

Crow5.png Crow5.png Crow2.png Crow5_rough.png


Mon Sep 14 20:13:19 2020

he ain't a Jack bro but he got a good vibe - will eventually get around to doing really informal doodles of all my fav SMT demons

Mothman_baby.png Mothman_baby.png Mothman_rough.png

THPS_Private Carrera

Mon Sep 14 11:54:26 2020

I never knew she was an unlockable character in OG Tony Hawk

THPS_PrivateCarrera.png THPS_PrivateCarrera.png


Mon Sep 14 06:41:29 2020

This character's been my go-to stress relief drawing subject since work has been PICKING UP a ton on the outside. Got something big happening this week offline and its both exciting and terrifying (more on that later)

Crow1.png Crow1.png Crow3.png Crow1_rough.png Crow3_rough.png

Hustle_Killer [Ninja]

Tue Sep 8 14:10:20 2020

she's still Hustle Girl/Killer Tiger but I wanted to explore a Metal Gear-y cyborg ninja gimmick with her. Since ninjas tend to take themselves super seriously. She's still just as crass but now a bit more stealthy in how she takes out her opponents.

Tiger_sneaksuit2.png Tiger_sneaksuit2.png Tiger_sneaksuit3.png Tiger_sneaksuit4.png Tiger_sneaksuit5_rough.png Tiger_sneaksuit6_rough.png Tiger_sneaksuit56_rough.png

Specter_Ape Escape

Sun Sep 6 12:04:32 2020

He's a really fun villain and he got a bangin' theme song too

Specter_ape-escape.png Specter_ape-escape.png Specter_ape-escape2.png

Burrito & Son (Ender?)

Tue Sep 1 14:26:56 2020

pulled an all-nighter to round it out and here we are! exactly one whole month on this! gonna flex proud on myself that at least yall got to see it broken up on Patreon before the month was over lol

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_Le8doHXa-es_maxresdefault.jpg

Rock Dude doodle

Mon Aug 31 13:45:38 2020

...and here's Rock for absolutely no reason at all

doodle_rockdude.png doodle_rockdude2.png

Burrito & Son Ending_Scene 2

Mon Aug 31 12:12:54 2020

one whole month for one minute of animation T___T (including the opening fight/explosions) ugh... this was supposed to be the ending to the Burrito 400 - I mean it still IS but everyone's probably forgotten we even made plushies by now.

BUT WE DID! big thank you message included in the credits screen Im still working on!

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_RhKM5c61Z4o_maxresdefault.jpg

Luxurious Lewd 2

Mon Aug 31 11:36:17 2020

couldn't decide what I wanted Burrito and Son's hidden frame to be.. and then I remembered how much I wanted to draw St Louis Luxury again and thought the gacha angle would be funny to be seen on Puck's phone.. and then learned that this game isn't actually available for mobile...

Luxurious4_base_BG.png Luxurious4_base_Screencap.png Luxurious4_base_BG2.png

Baby_Shounen Kid Lord

Sun Aug 30 20:32:52 2020

originally was going to dress him like Forest Law - but he looked way too much like Forest Law idk if I can get away with that lmao

JohnnyBigTime2.png JohnnyBigTime.png JohnnyBigTime2_rough.png

Updater_Burrito & Son ending

Thu Aug 27 23:49:59 2020

this little short ended up being waaayyyyy more trouble than it was worth lol but its almost done!! after the campaign a lot of stuff been going down, might have some new work opportunities to explore fingers crossed!

Putting it out there that this WILL be done by the end of this month!


Urusei Yatsura_Lum

Mon Aug 24 13:57:14 2020

they used to show this show on Animax back in Manila in the early 2000's. Quality TV right here, they don't make 'em like they used to..

luxurious3_lum1_colors.png luxurious3_lum1_RUFF.png

Urusei Yatsura_Lum

Mon Aug 24 13:54:51 2020

Lum could totally kick 002's ass (grandpa hot take)

luxurious3_lum1_LEWD_Colors.png luxurious3_lum1_LEWD_RUFF.png

Baby_Promos 2

Sun Aug 23 20:30:16 2020

still chipping away at the Burrito and Son ending- the backgrounds on it were taking me forever but I think I got enough of a groove going with it- gunning for this week now

promo2_2.png promo2_3.png promo2_3_rough.png

The OG Rouge

Thu Aug 20 21:44:57 2020

Power Stone 2 was THE game at the arcades back in Manila during the early 2000's and my cousins and I would always flock to the cabinet.

Nowadays I think the only place you can even FIND a cabinet is in the Greenhills market in their grimy, rundown game center next to the dirty food court where like half the buttons don't even work lmaooo BUT THIS GAME STILL FIREEE NONETHELESS!

Rouge_POWERSTONE.png rouge_rough.png

The Gamer's Game

Mon Aug 17 14:45:17 2020

both games give me similar kind of summer vibes

fallguys_promo.png fallguys_promorough.png

Baby_Patty Ad

Sun Aug 16 13:42:21 2020

Finishing my Baby Punch short is the next pipeline project I want to finish after Burrito Boy.. though I'm worried Im gonna lose my whole YT audience if I don't do another Pokemon joint in between...

Patty22.png patty22_rough.png

Burrito400_final plug

Fri Aug 14 11:09:37 2020

I was really fond of the Jester Mask Girl from a while back and hadn't tried drawing her in a while. idk if I'm 100% on the unitard but if I give her tights I'm worried she'll look too much like Nights

Joker2.png Joker3_1.png Joker1.png Joker_rough.png

Baby_promo arts

Wed Aug 12 13:29:19 2020

really want to get back to the Baby project soon!

promo1.png Promo_rough.png Zee_burrtio400.png Zee_burrtio400_3.png Zee_burrtio400_rough.png

Burrito & Son Ending_Opening fight

Mon Aug 10 10:06:49 2020

this took sooo long for me to do lol

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_KbCxnIK9u5k_maxresdefault.jpg

Burrito400_BTW!! WE DID IT!!

Sun Aug 9 12:47:44 2020

I was announcing this all day yesterday but didn't post anything here lol but we HIT 400 PRE-ORDERS!! Burrito Boy is going to be made NO MATTER WHAT!!

I was so sure I'd have to beg for an extension or something and I still can't believe we hit our goal with 4.5 days left!!

I'm super excited about this! Thank you everyone who ordered one and made this happen!! I can't wait for them to be made and shipped to yall!!


Hustle_Hustle Kart ver.3

Sun Aug 9 12:44:22 2020

Updated to be a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Rally Sport Coupe 2 Door AWD...

which really just means I wanted to be an oldie Subie that still looked like the ones I liked from Gran Turismo 1 but able to be Left Hand Drive... Because apparently Subaru didn't start releasing their badass compact cars in the states until 2003/2004??


Burrito400_Final Five (Days)

Sat Aug 8 02:48:02 2020

we're at the home stretch!! With 382/400 now funded!!! We got this!!!!

Also yes that's a REAL car Viv saw while we were getting boba and we had to pull over so I could take a picture


Hustle_Burrito400 Plug

Fri Aug 7 04:35:20 2020

was really itching to update Hustle's 'Hustle Mobile'

Did some serious thinking about his car and am leaning towards the '99 WRX as being his main ride.

The one thing I gotta nail though is whether or not the '99 WRX could be modified to be Lefthand Drive in the states. I've found a couple of car instagrams that show it being lefthand drive but everywhere else on google and YT shows it as being Righthanded.

This is really important for when he wants to go through a drive-thru at a Mcdonalds or something lol

Car_HustleBuster.png Hustle22.png Car22.png Burrito_Driver.png Rough_car.png

Burrito400_Almost There!

Tue Aug 4 20:12:28 2020

We're at 331/400 now! So close!! Still gunning to have the next cartoon short up by the end of the week but I hope we're well enough along in the pre-orders by then 'cause I'll only have about 4 days afterwards... BUT HE'S ALMOST REAL!!!

almostthere3.png almostthere2.png almostthere3_rough.png

Burrito & Son (Part 2) WIP

Mon Aug 3 09:35:16 2020

was originally going to be included with the first one (with the Adult Swim-inspired Plushie bumper in between as a fake commercial break) but I ended up deciding to break it up to get them all out within the 3 Week Burrito400 timeframe...

We're still severely understaffed at the store so nobody was available to cover my shifts this week again so it'll be more than a couple of late nights trying to get this done by the weekend! (Its way shorter and won't be as stressful to manage as the first part tho!)


Luxurious Lewd

Sat Aug 1 12:45:00 2020

been wanting to try drawing this character for a while because her design is so luxurious and lewd (but Im not really into Azur Lane tbh.. though I do appreciate the sleazy gambling aspect to gachas)

Luxurious1_2_Colors.png Luxurious1_2_Colors.png Luxurious1_1_Colors.png luxuriousRough1.png luxuriousRough2.png


Thu Jul 30 05:28:18 2020

Gonna be uploading a very quick Burrito Boy plush toy commercial on the channel tomorrow, which needs to have a hidden frame put in there. If my Burrito400 campaign is successful I'll be able to put my cut of the plush profits towards my other projects, including Rubyer IV Part 2.

Rubyer_ZinniaLewd_HIDDENFRAME.png Rubyer_ZinniaLewd_HIDDENFRAME.png Rubyer_ZinniaLewd.png rubyer4_ZinniaRough.png

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Wed Jul 29 11:40:47 2020

this game looks reaaaally cool

Runner1.png Runner1.png runner5_rough.png

Burrito400_Burrichu GlowUp

Sun Jul 26 12:20:03 2020

Burrito Boy's is ranked on the bottom of Makeship's ongoing campaign page... competition on their site is MASSIVE.. These next 3 weeks'll be a big test in marketing for me.. and I'm really starting to wish that was my major back in school!

promo3_burrichu.png promo3_burrichu_rouch.png

Burrito_MKC69 plug

Sun Jul 26 02:11:29 2020

how much does it cost to turn a character into a virtualtuber? lmao

Promo2_MuchoKawaii_details.png Promo2_MuchoKawaii_rough.png


Sat Jul 25 02:52:44 2020

New video is up and finished! Been wanting to do some more original Burrito stuff and expand on his world for a while - and continue to make him out to be the trashiest, filthiest mascot the YouTubes have ever seen.

Initially I wanted to finish the Baby cartoon first over the summer but the Makeship Plushie collab pushed my boi into the forefront, There's a short second part to this I'll have finished and uploaded within the next two weeks.

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_SKEy77tuzvs_maxresdefault.jpg

BurritoBoy Plush LIVE

Fri Jul 24 01:33:38 2020

He’s now available!!

Use code suburr1to on the payment page and get 10% OFF your Official Burrito Boy! The code only good for 50 uses so it is first come first serve!

IMG_1017.jpg IMG_1025.jpg IMG_1029.jpg IMG_1027.jpg


Thu Jul 23 11:45:16 2020

thinking I should slow some of the effect framerates down - I want it to be fast-paced but I'm worried the flame and smoke effects might be too distracting

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_-JHB-ZeToyA_maxresdefault.jpg

WIP_Burrito400_Scene 2

Tue Jul 21 12:32:21 2020

these 16 seconds took me forever... also desperately needed an excuse to plug fish waifus

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_MX_OF_709Qg_maxresdefault.jpg

Burrito400_Scene 1 (WIP)

Sun Jul 19 08:56:51 2020

first part!

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_5fSNEqJsJeY_maxresdefault.jpg

Burrito400_background assets

Fri Jul 17 11:11:11 2020

I'm debating between the names "SlutterFreeNoShameChan69" or "MuchoKawaiiChan69" as the epic names for the Burrito-verse's #1 Adult GVMERGRRL Streamer..

(also idk how far they'll let me go but I might seriously have to consider using lewd advertising to get these Burrito Boy plushies out there)

burrito_slutterfree2_v2_NSFW.png burrito_slutterfree2_v2_NSFW.png burrito_slutterfree2_v2.png burrito_slutterfree_ROUGH1.png burrito_slutterfree_rough2.png


Thu Jul 16 23:07:54 2020

some rough assets that'll be used in the cartoon next week for the Plush Toy launch

Puck_rough.png puck_rough2.png Puck_rough3.png


Tue Jul 14 12:20:06 2020

I want to use the cartoon to briefly highlight "LusciousLuxXxor69" who is Burrito Boy's favorite adult streamer. His biggest arc as a character will most likely be learning to kick his feverish addiction to simping.

Lush1.png Lush_rough.png

PV_Burrito400 Cartoon

Mon Jul 13 10:24:54 2020

Its gonna be big ol' Burrito Summer this July 24th!

While the Burrito 400 hype cartoon is meant to plug the plushies, I do want it to also tell a little story and expand on Burrito Boy's stinky, sleazy world.

...And introduce Puck (spoiler)

burrito_PV1.png Burrito_PV3.png

Hustle_Backwards Hat

Sat Jul 11 12:55:57 2020

I wanted to make him look like more of a driver/racer type character.. I feel like the backwards baseball cap makes him look a little cocky but I do enjoy drawing it that way more than it facing forward.

Hustle_ver3.png Hustle_ver3_2_rough.png Hustle_ver3_2.png


Thu Jul 9 07:08:43 2020

Leader of the GGs! Really excited to try this one out on stream! Chat informed me that this and other Dreamcast classics were released on Steam which I was never aware of.

JAR_Beat.png JSR_Beat.png JSR_BeatRough.png

Burrito_Rico Con Carne

Thu Jul 9 05:21:32 2020

my Burrito Boy universe needed a rival Waluigi/Wario kinda figure

RicoConCarne.png RicoConCarne_rough.png


Sun Jul 5 11:50:03 2020

There's gonna be plenty-a-plug leading up to this... and then once we get there it'll be 3 straight weeks of more plugging ill have to get creative lol


Killer Tiger Ver.2

Fri Jul 3 11:13:44 2020

Trying to shoot for a blend of Hotline Miami and Let It Die with this character.. might be because of the pandemic but I've been growing more and more fond of gas masks and face-coverings

Tiger10.png Tiger10_2.png Tiger10_rough1.png Tiger10_rough2.png

Burrito400_Teaser 1

Thu Jul 2 09:22:47 2020

Trying to get some initial hype traction - will be working on a Burrito animated short all up until the 24th to come out with the launcher. Fingers crossed we bag 400 orders and the campaign is a success and my little guys actually get made!



Tue Jun 30 12:11:27 2020

Gum's a fun design that I always wanted to try and draw

Lewd_GumJSR.png Lewd_GumJSR_rough.png

Hustle_Tiger (Yellow)

Sun Jun 28 11:20:22 2020

Definitely shooting for a gritty Hotline Miami/vigilante thing with this character..

I think the yellow palette is a lot easier on the eyes

The original design is actually from way back when I was busy trying to make cheap Spooderman/Ninja knock-offs

TigerJustice1.png TigerJustice2_3_SAVEROOM.png TigerJustice3.png TigerJustice1_rough.png TigerJustice2_1_rough.png TigerJustice3_rough.png

Cobra_Tigress Unmasked

Sat Jun 27 13:02:33 2020

still feel like I could play with the jacket some more.. and the palette

TigeressMask_png.png TigeressMask_rough.png TigeressMask.png

Hustle_Vengeance Tiger

Fri Jun 26 21:39:18 2020

Retooling the 'Hustle Girl' character to be a masked vigilante instead of a cyber cop. So I can also scratch that HLM itch at the same time too with the character.

Tried to fuse Spring Tiger with Jacket with Travis Touchdown for this

TigerV1_copy.png TigerV2_copy.png TigerV3_rei.png TigerV_rough.png TigerV_rough2.png


Mon Jun 22 12:52:29 2020

did a quick waluigi doodle while on break last night

2020Waluigi.png 2020Waluigi_rough.png

Vegeta Father's Day Card

Mon Jun 22 12:46:10 2020

cuz Vegeta's actually a good dad

Vegeta.png Vegeta_rough.png


Sat Jun 20 23:25:15 2020

New edgy Rival character, I tried to fuse elements from Zack (DOA), Batsu (RivalSchools), and Garam (JSR)

Baby_Art3_Reon1.png Baby_Art3_Reon2.png Baby_Art3_reon1_3.png Baby_Art3_reon1_3_rough.png


Fri Jun 19 11:19:45 2020

totally lost track of when Isle of Armour was coming out - the Pikamon actually FOLLOW you again?? I never thought they'd bring that back

also felt a Nessa piece was summer-appropriate

Nessa_Lewd.png nessa_lewdROUGH.png

Baby Promos

Thu Jun 18 20:16:41 2020

Can confirm her "fetus" and "instinct" forms are the same character.. but how does she change?

BB_6rough.png BB_6rough.png bb_7rough.png BB22_Promo2.png BB_PROMOART.png


Sun Jun 14 15:15:36 2020

Tag team partners - the cartoon's still being worked on! Will have a WIP to share soon!

Baby_Art3_patty_BG.png Baby_Art3_patty_roughs.png

Hustle_Essential Worker

Thu Jun 11 16:07:48 2020

Got the cartoon LIVE on YouTube now! Just added a few more little Bg assets to make it a little better

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_Sz35OIKSrR0_maxresdefault.jpg

Burrito_Loading Screen

Wed Jun 10 04:07:26 2020

concept art of Burrito Boy's new digs



Mon Jun 8 00:29:57 2020

Trying to get a headstart on all the artwork I'll be needing for the Burrito 400 Campaign- where we'll have 3 Weeks to lock in 400 orders for our Burrito Boy plush dolls or bust. I'm still working on the written disclaimer piece I'll need to include with all my posts (cuz if we don't hit 400 orders the campaign will fail and everyone will be refunded their pledge)

burrito400_3.png burrito400_3_roughs.png burrito400_3_roughs2.png

BLM Support & Vent draws

Sat Jun 6 20:00:15 2020

With an actual PERSONAL VENT included:

Just some personal vent and support illustrations I did during this... overtly depressing week. But still recognizing that everything going on actually shows a lot of progress here in the States, the fact that the murder got EVERYONE caring and talking about police brutality, police corruption, systemic racism, and the mistake that way too many of our tax dollars have gone into militarizing our police system.

I've gotten a little bit of flack for being "spontaneously political" with my art posts - but I personally don't feel like this is about politics or 'me trying to be woke'.

I see it more as an opportunity to call attention to a really big problem in my own country and support the communities who have been dealing with it the most and trying to raise awareness about it the longest.

Hopefully the art looks cool enough to where you get something out of it too and maybe even inspire you to do some research on your own and (EDIT: The Police Need To Change)

BLM_PolicethePolice_BG.png BLM_Asians4BLM.png BLM-Support.png

FF7R_Mature Dress

Thu Jun 4 21:13:41 2020

honestly for me her OG dress was still the sexiest out of the 3

TIFA_Mature-Dress.png Tifa_rough1.png tifa_rough2.png


Thu Jun 4 10:58:00 2020

Character needs a lot more development - my original mock up pegged her as an action hero cop fighting a group of terrorists Die Hard style.. but since real life cops are making the world an awful place right now.. I'm just gonna keep this here. For now. Maybe I can change her up to be more of a Solid Snake mercenary type character..

Angel_cop2_BG_V2.png Angel_cop2_BG_V2.png Angel_cop3.png RECOVER_The-Assassin_5.png

Hustle_"Sister Rei"

Mon Jun 1 11:24:34 2020

Hustle Girl underneath all the armor. And of course as a protag her name has to be "Rei"

Angel_cop2_BG.png Angel_cop2.png Angel_cop2_rough.png Angel_cop2_BG_V2.png

Burrito Boy 400

Sun May 31 20:02:47 2020

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (at least for right now)

I'll be getting way, WAY into it with some details once I finish all the prepwork with my campaign manager - but long story short I entered into a collaboration project with some dope Plush People called Makeship and we'll be launching my very first line of swag ass Burrito Boy plushies this summer JULY 24 2020!

I'll be launching a 14 Day Plush Campaign to sell 400 Burrito Boys in... exactly 14 days lol.

But yeah more details coming soon but yea yall on Patreon are gonna be the first to know for sure- we got some BIG THINGS planned and Im super excited!

burrito400_1.png Burritoboy2.jpg

UPDATER: Patreon Sales Tax, July 1

Thu May 28 20:23:59 2020

I got an email this morning from Patreon stating how sales taxes were going to be implemented into Patreon pledges starting July 1 and was naturally pretty freaked out about it, but so far most of the research I've done on it has implied that only Patreon Creators that distribute physical or digital products like bathwater and polaroid butthole pics will be affected..

Since I'm pro-sumer and my Patreon thrives solely on the kindness of everyone's heart none of you should be affected but then I guess I need to wait til I get a full confirmation on that to be absolutely sure.

In the meantime, this is just a hopeful heads up!

Hustle_"Essential Worker" skit

Wed May 27 21:29:03 2020

Got this done just in time for the Channel 101 submissions this week! Will probably stream the stream this Saturday night PST time.

This cartoon still needs A LOT of work - there's a ton of stuff I can still add to the backgrounds and his car interior.

I plan on making a little concept pitch video about Hustle Boy with all the little animated shorts I've made of him the last year, might try to throw in one or two more before releasing them publicly on the YouTube.

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_NzyeVqkZNZ8_maxresdefault.jpg

Hustle_Police Girl

Mon May 25 13:20:06 2020

was watching a lot of Winback: Covert Operations and Die Hard Trilogy playthroughs on YT this weekend...

Angelina-Cop.png Angelina-Cop_roughs.png


Sat May 23 02:10:44 2020

Magma Leader Courtney


Sailormoon Redraw

Thu May 21 23:42:55 2020

took a break from animating to give this a go lol I think I did it wrong tho

SailorMoon_redraw.png SailorMoon_roughs.png


Wed May 20 22:43:17 2020

Sorry been a little inactive this week, doing a lot of work BTS,

we've got a deadline to hit for submissions to this month's Channel 101 Hot 30 stream, and my friends and I wanted to do another Hustle Boy skit (runtime is about 55 seconds, its the same setup as the last one because I can draw it a lot faster)

After this I want to try some more ambitious settings/actions with him but at the very least I hope these help build the world a bit more.

Channel 101's important because we might have a shot at meeting someone big if it catches the right eyes so fingers crossed!


Hustle_More Concepts

Fri May 15 13:01:03 2020

getting close to a vibe I want to shoot for with this series

HustleCar1.png HUSTLESHOTS_PNG_BG.png HUSTLESHOTS_rough1.png HUSTLESHOTS_rough2.png HUSTLESHOTS_rough3.png

Hustle_Mothers Day

Thu May 14 21:47:09 2020

Forgot to upload these on here! My bad--

PV2.png PV3.png

PokePerv_Happy Mother's Day

Sun May 10 07:18:49 2020

a Melon fanart felt appropriate...

Masters_Melony2.png Masters_Melony2_rough.png

Burrito_concept drafts

Sat May 9 13:06:24 2020

definitely want to take Burrito Boy back to his wannabe-knight roots somehow. I'm having a really hard time drawing him holding onto Puck to fly -- also at some point there will be a REAL girl burrito who uses machineguns and bombs

b1_boiz.png b1_boiz.png B1_BunnyBlaster.png B1_puckPoosy.png b1_superbastard.png


Thu May 7 21:46:17 2020

Still one of my favorite jocks ever - I'm getting him in my village somehow

ACNH_Snake-Print.png ACNH_Snake-Print.png AC_snake-doodle.png AC_snakeROUGH.png


Tue May 5 12:12:58 2020

Patty's got great taste in ornaments


Hustle_More Boy

Sun May 3 01:29:15 2020

Some practice with Hustle - he'll be in another conceptual quickie I'm trying to have animated for the Channel 101 Hot 30 screening at the end of the month.

Out of the two delivery boy characters I've made this guy's the cynical one.

Hustleboy_Ad1.png Hustlead_2.png Hustle_ad_Rough2.png hustle_ad_rough1.png

Baby_Zee redesign

Fri May 1 07:06:38 2020

Zee's evil now lol I think I'm sticking with the furry jacket over the school uniform

ZEE_Render1.png Zee_Render2.png Zee_render-routh.png

Baby_Zee Redesigns

Wed Apr 29 20:52:26 2020

I've been restructuring Baby to be more of a delinquent anime parody, and for Zee to be more of a goofy gang leader character. Also she's still the hardest character for me to draw and I probably shot myself in the foot with this lol

Zee1_1.png Zee1_1.png Zee1.png Zee2.png Zee3.png Zee4.png Zee5.png

ACNH_Jolly Crazy Redd

Sun Apr 26 12:15:14 2020

Redd you crazy motherfucker Im so happy you're back

REDD_EDIT.png REDD2_Blathers_EDIT.png


Sun Apr 26 12:14:06 2020

wanted to try and hop on the lewd Ankha train - I used this one the little Crazy Redd 2 part doodle


Lucina_More 4/20

Fri Apr 24 09:19:13 2020

its still April 4/20 after all!

smash_lucina420.png smash_lucina420_rough.png


Mon Apr 20 23:48:20 2020

The only year we'll have where it's Lucina's Birthday for a whole month!

Lucina_420.png lucina_420_rough.png

Hustle_He boy

Thu Apr 16 11:25:40 2020

My friends and I screened the first Hustle Boy cartoon I did with them at the LA Channel 101 Quarantine Stream last month and it caught some attention!

The only reason we screened it was because they were literally taking ANYTHING and EVERYTHING people made just to fill up slots for their screening, and this included pre-existing content from participants - with a 30-50 second runtime - so it was a great opportunity to get it out there.

Me and my two writing friends are working on doing another one for this month but since the cartoon needs to be done and submitted to the next show WITHIN the month I'm revisiting the older "Pizza Boy" character design I had for him because I feel like I'd be able to draw him a lot faster.

This venture is all for the sake of exposure (and showing you guys some more of my original content!)

Channel 101 is famous for being where Rick and Morty was born - Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon pretty much started the screenings here in LA and a lot of their friends still participate in it and film skits or make short cartoons, its a cool little ongoing event here that not a lot of people know about, and they take submissions from all over.

hustleboy_concept2.png HustleBoy_New_Concept1.png

FF7R_More Tifa

Tue Apr 14 00:57:20 2020

(posted out of order) All I wanted from the game was more Tifa and so far I feel like I've been getting it lol

FF_TifaNSFW.png FF_Tifa.png FF_tifa-Rough.png

Easter Lucina

Sun Apr 12 14:46:11 2020

No better way to celebrate Easter Sunday than with a bottle of Bailey's and an attitude!

Lucina_EASTER_colors.png lucina_6_roughs.png

ACNH_Happy Bunny Day!

Fri Apr 10 19:37:03 2020

Our favorite holiday is almost here!


Newgrounds_20th Anniversary

Tue Apr 7 12:31:02 2020

5 hours late but wanted to show some love on their 20th Anniversary of the NG Portal! Its still the best place for artists to share their work because it strongly advocates creative freedom and has a really strong community. I have a lot of fond memories playing games and watching cartoons on the site back in the day!

The character I drew is Pico and he's the protagonist of a series of action shooter games created by Tom Fulp, the creator of the site.

NGPico.png NGPico_rough.png

Baby_Baby Fists

Mon Apr 6 09:00:02 2020

Sorry - forgot to post this one earlier!

Gonna be plugging this project a bit more this month!

Am trying to improve my workflow - focusing more on the main boards/frames before slaving away on the backgrounds. I'll also be having a little help this time around so I wanna give this cartoon a little bit more of a vibe!

Baby_Dead_Fists.png CUTSCENE1_3_pv8.png Baby_CutscenePv7.png

Baby_God Mode Patty

Wed Apr 1 22:29:50 2020

Patty has a special move called "Fool Crusher" and it takes up to two spheres to use!

Patty_Fool-Crusher.png Patty_Fool-Crusher_rough.png


Mon Mar 30 13:36:34 2020

Patreon is still being super weird and not letting me log in on my PC so I have to email my pieces to myself and upload them on my laptop which is super lame..

FF7_TIFA6_color.png FF7_TIFA6_rough.png


Sun Mar 29 12:15:13 2020

Working on a new Baby Dead animated short!

Will be focusing on the base animation for now and saving all the backgrounds for later because I might be getting some help on this one!

Stay tuned for updates - really excited to be working on this finally its been on the backburner forever.

CUTSCENE1_3_pv4.png CUTSCENE1_3_pv5.png CUTSCENE1_3_pv.png CUTSCENE1_3_pv3.png

SMT_Fresh Frosty

Fri Mar 27 23:12:05 2020

I wanted to try and give Jack Frost more of a skater aesthetic?

Iphone 11 Size wallpaper:

SMT_Stay-Frosty.png SMT_Stay-Frosty_iphone.png


Wed Mar 25 10:22:17 2020

Been having WAYYYY too much fun with Animal Crossing.

Also as much as I love Marshal and Punchy I think Knox might be my new dream villager...


PokePerv_Pokemon Center Nurse (SM)

Sun Mar 22 12:05:35 2020

Stay safe, stay clean!

I still think Sun and Moon has the hottest Joy

Masters_Nurse-Joywave2.png Masters_Nurse-Joywave_roughs.png


Fri Mar 20 19:41:41 2020

Hope everyone's having a fun quarantine!


Baby_Baby Dead: The First Battle

Wed Mar 18 11:30:09 2020

finally get to start this! Been wanting to do a Baby Dead cartoon for the longest time. I think it will be a great way to introduce the character on YouTube/Newgrounds and get the word out that we're making a mobile game!

The story revolves around Baby and her greatest rival, Patty, and the story is super stupid but fun lawl xD



Tue Mar 17 19:12:50 2020

the boys nail their first collaboration sponsorship

Shirt_Burrito_colors.png Shirt_Puck_colors.png

DragonQuest_Vice Slimes

Sun Mar 15 12:51:22 2020

Been having a lot of fun experimenting with layer edits/variations!

DQ_Slime_Drunk.png DQ_Slime_High.png DQ_Slime_Corona.png DQ_Slime_High_v2.png

New Side Project_Marketboyz

Sun Mar 15 11:16:20 2020

Sneak peak at a new passion project I'm putting together with some of my good friends - focusing on our woes n' wins in retail life!

Stay tuned!

Market-Boy_1.png Logo1.png

PayDay Meowths

Sat Mar 14 12:14:00 2020

Wanted to do a piece on Pay Day for a while! Its one of my favorite moves.. And as retail work continues to consume my soul the inspiration behind this couldn't be stronger..

Pkmn_PAYDAY_edits_KANTO.png Pkmn_PAYDAY_edits_ALOLA.png Pkmn_PAYDAY_edits_GALAR.png


Sat Mar 14 10:18:38 2020

I do like her redesign!

FF7_Tifa5.png FF7_Tifa5_roughs.png

Cobra_Baby & Patty

Wed Mar 11 21:17:38 2020

Baby Dead's the next short I want to tackle, I'm going to start chopping up all the audio I have for it later this week. I'm also trying to get some merch going so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on my pages for 'em!

Patty_Tornado5_baby.png Patty_Tornado6.png Patty_Tornado5_roughs.png

SMT_Jack Frosty's

Tue Mar 10 19:12:29 2020

Could really go for a Frosty right about now! Amazed that Wendy's and Atlus never hooked up before..

SMT_Jack-Frost-Frostys_Jack.png SMT_Jack-Frost-Frostys_Black.png

Burrito_more Concept Art

Mon Mar 9 20:39:02 2020

Along with Baby Dead, Burrito Boy's a macot I really want to push in more short form animations

Squat2Baller.png Squat2Baller2.png Squat2Baller_flight-mode.png Squat2Baller3.png

Rubyer IV: Part 1

Fri Mar 6 22:34:01 2020

Couldn't have gotten this done without all your support!

Thanks for all the kind words and feedback you all have given me working through this,

it was honestly pretty stressful stressing over how my general audience on YT might receive it, but your encouragement to push my own style more was able to make me realize how important that concept is when working on both original and even parody content.

So I hope you have it in you to give it one more watch for YouTube lmaooo

No forreal though... Love you! More videos to come!

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_6-YK--HGhXc_maxresdefault.jpg

PokePerv_Rubyer4 Hidden Lewd 2 (Courtney)

Fri Mar 6 08:14:07 2020

Really thankful for all the positive feedback on the Patreon release - as of now I'm still grinding out all the credits for the public release tomorrow.

There are 2 hidden frames to be found (they're in the credits) but you only get the full renders here on Patreon lol

Rubyer4_Lewd2.png Rubyer4_Lewd_rough1.png Rubyer4_Lewd2_YT.png

PokePerv_Rubyer4 Hidden Lewd 1 (Zinnia)

Fri Mar 6 07:45:56 2020

Full render of Rubyer 4 Part 1's hidden frame aka bonafide Patreon ad lol

Rubyer4_Lewd1.png Rubyer4_Lewd_rough2.png Rubyer4_Lewd1_YT.png

Rubyer4_Part 1 Patreon Release

Wed Mar 4 21:11:18 2020

Full video minus credits or hidden frame. Enjoy!

Thank you for your love and support through all of this. This thing took a year to make, I started it back in April 2019.

I'm really proud of this, I think it looks good and while I'm not studio quality by any means, I feel a little more confident in my animation abilities.

I know like, 90% of my YouTube audience is going to HATE this for not being an hour long and a re-hash of the main game's events, but I'm more confident in shorter form videos I can release more consistently, and that's something I really want to push more on my channel.

TL:DR I hope you like the cartoon and the more original story I'm trying to set up with it.

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_3UJox7yzGlo_maxresdefault.jpg

RubyerIV_parody shirt designs

Tue Mar 3 13:32:40 2020

drafting some potential prints for parody tees. Would you wear these?

T_SHIRT_SCEPTILE_colors.png T_SHIRT_Courtney_Color.png


Sun Mar 1 10:53:08 2020

The final 4 minute cartoon will be available for everyone to view on WEDNESDAY! I'm hoping to have the Credits, T-Shirt design, and Hidden Lewd(s) finished and in the video by then but I might need an extra day to get it all finalized, so they might not be seen til the Friday YouTube/Newgrounds release.

The credits are gonna take a while because I gotta put everyone's names in our Patreon backer section- and since there are way more of you guys since My Super Relatable Video its gonna take me a bit lol (pretty great problem to have though, ngl)

Thank you for all your continued love and support through this whole thing!

More to come!


Updater_Almost There

Tue Feb 25 13:17:20 2020

Finalizing this last scene tomorrow - then its editing them all together and adding some extra SFX.

The credits sequence will actually be its own scene (with minimal animation because jesus christ this needs to be done already) but I feel that its really important and adds more to the cartoon/story so Ima do it..


Animal Crossing_Marshal

Sat Feb 22 13:49:11 2020

wanted to get SOMETHING Animal Crossing-related in while the hype's still fresh! I cannot wait for this game...



Fri Feb 21 12:44:06 2020

was glad to see Jet Set Radio trending on twitter yesterday for no reason and any JSF talk is a good excuse to draw Cube

JSRF_Cube_colors.png JSRF_rough.png

Hustle_The Boy

Tue Feb 18 21:38:25 2020

Still no actual name for him, but I've put in a lot of deadpan hours at my part time writing out some scenarios for him in my notes.


PokePerv_Magma Grunt

Fri Feb 14 13:23:13 2020

Pushing Team Magma as a movement this year lol

Masters_Magma-Grunt.png Masters_courtney2_valentines.png Masters_courtney2_rough.png Masters_Magma-Grunt_rough.png


Mon Feb 10 11:16:13 2020

Dedicating this whole week to nothing but Pokémon (and doing my taxes)

I’m passed stressing over the general YT crowd probably shitting on it for not being what they’re thinking it’s gonna be- but I’m genuinely proud of this video.

I tried a lot of new things in this video and I’m really excited to put them to work in future animated projects.

Thank you for being the most patient supporters a dude could ask for! I can’t wait to share the finished vid with you!



Sat Feb 8 12:20:39 2020

underrated gym leader- I love that they brought back those 'Bug Eyes' a lot of 70's-80's anime girls would have

Masters_Valerie.png Masters_Valerie_roughs.png

Baby Dead_Patty Outfit2

Fri Feb 7 20:43:38 2020

Did a short sleeve test for Patty so I could emphasize her fighting gloves more - but I might stick with the sweatervest

Patty_tornado2_edits.png Patty_tornado4_edit.png Patty_tornado2_rough2.png Patty_tornado2_rough.png

Overhaul Birthday Card

Mon Feb 3 22:05:39 2020

Kellen Goff is a homie who's helped me out majorly with Guild Breakers and Rubyer Part 4.

Sadly his Rubyer scene isn't going to be until the next part - but I'm super excited to get to it.

Least I could do is make him a birthday card haha

Kellen_BDAY_base_colors.png Kellen_BDAY_base_roughs.png


Sun Feb 2 12:57:17 2020

Damn Ken she's kinda cute - and for someone who SHOULD be annoying for repeatedly halting the game to talk about absolutely nothing, she's strangely charming

Masters_Sonia_colors.png Masters_Sonia.png Masters_Sonia_rough1.png

Baby Dead_Reaper Zee (Version 3)

Fri Jan 31 12:05:06 2020

Gave Zee the Mucho Sugoi hoodie, her and Baby have an agreement where she'll resurrect her from death as long as she can supply her with taco money... I might retcon that do be something more interesting later but right now I thought that was pretty funny.

Zee's final design has been a nightmare to finalize and has gone through a ton of renditions

Zee_Death2_edit.png Zee_Death3_edit.png Zee_Death34_edit.png

Burrito Boy Iconography

Tue Jan 28 14:02:40 2020

in between working on finishing this damned Pokemon cartoon finalizing designs for my future online storefront has been a growing priority!

Tee1.png Tee2.png Tee3.png

Baby Dead_Potential Merch

Sun Jan 26 16:28:59 2020

Anyone following me on here gets the official phone wallpaper access:

But seriously would you dig this on your couch?

Shirt_GameOver_1500x1600.png Shirt_GameOver_rough.png Shirt_GameOver_PV.png


Sat Jan 25 12:17:06 2020

Really trying to push her RubyerIV look on everyone

Masters_courtney1_colors.png Masters_courtney2.png Masters_courtney3.png


Thu Jan 23 12:10:24 2020

wanted to do a Nessa one for forever but she's really hard for me to draw haha

Masters_Rurina1.png Masters_Rurina.png Masters_Rurina_rough.png Masters_Rurina_rough2.png

Hustle_Concept Stuff

Tue Jan 21 22:33:10 2020

He takes his job seriously

The-Assassin7.png The-Assassin6.png The-Assassin7_rough.png

Baby_Patty Tornado

Mon Jan 20 22:32:02 2020

The Ken to Baby's Ryu - been working on a lot of sprites for my friend to code into our queue, and also been chasing my friends around to record voice lines for them!

Things are going well, I need to dedicate a lot of time to more Rubyer this week because I'm falling behind again.

Patty_Tornado_color.png Patty_Tornado_color_smol.png Patty_Tornado_roughs.png

Cobra_800 x 1280 Test

Tue Jan 14 13:01:33 2020

I forget if I ever formally asked but does Webtoon's format translate well to Patreon uploads?

Lupin_KATO_Webtoon_color.png Lupin_kingsnake_rough.png


Sun Jan 12 20:46:28 2020

Young Puck tries to spread the joy.

puck1.png puck2.png


Sat Jan 11 12:34:08 2020

UPDATER: Been hella busy topside working on a pitch package with my friends for our show! Sorry that our first Lewder of 2020 has to be a glorified Redraw piece

I had a lot of requests for Skyla for our PokePerv NSFWs, but was struggling with her super hard lol

I need a shit ton of practice with her, and referenced a few artists on the Danbooru who drew her in a bdsm-ified version of her costume I thought was sexy.

Masters_Skyla-Lewd2.png Masters_Skyla-Lewd.png Masters_Skyla-Lewd_roughs.png Masters_Skyla-Lewd_roughs2.png

Baby Dead_Update

Mon Jan 6 14:07:56 2020

Got a lot of homework for this, still need to finalize and update a lot of her basic animations, as well as some enemy designs.

my friend's got some base programming down for running and combat, he found it was a lot of fun emphasizing speed and is playing with particle effects

will be utilizing the Discord for video showcasing so please make sure your discord and patreon accounts are LINKED so you'll get the invite!

Dash_PV.png PV_2_BG_Byahko.png

Hustle_"Fake UI" Test

Sat Jan 4 12:52:20 2020

The little Norman Reedus interactions from Death Stranding really inspired me to try and depict Hustle eyeballing the viewer during "chill, loading screens."

I want to give this the feel of a PC-98 game while still technically being a watchable cartoon.

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_FV1I2hH0etw_maxresdefault.jpg

Hustle_Fake UI/HUD Test

Sat Jan 4 02:06:11 2020

Drafting a couple of stock shots testing what I would like to come across as a Visual Novel HUD/overlay - which I think would be a fun way to execute the story..

I just need to figure out what to put in the text boxes...

"Cobra" has gone through a ton of rewrites and changes since I came up with the idea in 2017, but it was always going to be set in a "pseudo-Blade Runner" setting.


Happy 2020!

Thu Jan 2 13:20:54 2020

Baby smashing us into the New Year!

Gonna be dedicating a lot of time trying to actually make this into a playable game with my friend, and want to make more little shorts with her for the channel... like really short seconds long shorts lol

Baby-Dead_Art1_smesh.png Bow1.png RECOVER_Baby-Dead_Art_rough.png RECOVER_Baby-Dead_Art_rough2.png

Hustle_More boi

Tue Dec 31 12:55:54 2019

Working on a lot of Hustle Boy drafting over the break. One of two ideas I want to pitch if given the chance, regardless of what happens I still want to work on developing it further

The-Assassin4_colors.png The-Assassin3_Colors.png The-Assassin4_rough.png


Mon Dec 23 12:13:52 2019

Gonna be out visiting family from 12/23 - 12/28, so will be AFK for the week!

Will give me a good chance to get some writing in and refine some of my notes but I'll be gunning for some ACTUAL skits with these Hustle/Cobra characters soon.

Wishing everyone an awesome holiday in advance!

Lucielle1_2.png Lucielle1.png Lucielle1_rough.png


Sun Dec 22 21:46:45 2019

He's still the Hustle Boy but I retconned him in my notes to work as a freelance hitman so he fits in with the other "Cobra" characters I'm writing up

HustleBoy_Glitch.png The-Assassin.png The-Assassin_rough.png

Merry Lewdmas!

Sat Dec 21 13:29:50 2019

Speaking of Christmas, we finally have a nice AND naughty mascot for this page I think!

JODYJOKER4_Patreon_Lewdmas2.png JODYJOKER4_Patreon_Lewdmas.png JODYJOKER4_Patreon_Lewdmasroughs.png

Baby Dead_"Mucho Sugoi"

Wed Dec 18 20:45:36 2019

Expection vs Reality - working on a hilarious explanation for her two forms

Baby-Dead_Art1.png Baby-Dead_Art1_2.png

Vampire_Prince Rager

Mon Dec 16 19:22:51 2019


This one wasn't just a one-off I had some notes laying around for my "Vegeta-Prince Vampire" character, that I'm also gearing up to pitch.


Our deadline is Mid January to have a fully fleshed out idea together,

I'm pulling up ideas and characters I only have marginal notes on that my friends can help me flesh out better and provide voices for.

One tidbit my friend also shared with me is that we have to go in there PREPARED to kiss major ass, and be complete 'Yes Men' in the meeting.

We're all nobodies, and one of the quickest ways to get canned from the getgo is coming in there trying to flex our egos and ideas super hard (which as you all know, I struggle horrendously with and will really have to work on lol)

We need to present our pitch as something fully fledged but also open to whatever changes their studio might want to do - and thats IF they even like our shit to begin with.

VAMPIRE_clips.png VAMPIRE2.png VAMPIRE2_original.png

Hustle_Pizza Pro Jr

Sat Dec 14 21:41:49 2019

UPDATE: Doing LOTS of homework,

As of this week I'm officially locked in to developing a pitch package for an animated TV series with my friends and we need to have something presentable by Jan 15.

"Pizza Boy" is one of the characters I want to prep up for this venture,

so I've been writing out and sketching a bunch of assets for our bible.

Unfortunately, this has been cutting into time I could be spent working on Rubyer, but

this is a big opportunity for me, and even if we don't get the gig, it will be good to

get experience.

So fingers crossed we can at least make a good impression with something!


Hustle Boy_Short #1

Wed Dec 11 23:24:10 2019 - final version of that short I uploaded a while back..

Its actually LIVE on Newgrounds as part of my friend's Halloween collab

Want to make this public at some point, I was playing with the idea of making a visual "pitch video" for a series around it where I would show more short little scenes that build up the world and stuff..


Sketch Dump_The Bouncer doodles

Tue Dec 10 13:44:38 2019

found these looking through old files,

anyone have this one on their PS2?

Sketch_Bouncer-Art.png Sketch_Bouncer-Art2.png Sketch_Bouncer-Art3.png

For newcomers!

Mon Dec 9 14:43:31 2019

I wouldn't say this legally classifies as a lewd - but if anyone new drops by today can they please let me know in the comments if this new Patreon greeting art was there when they entered? This site still won't let me preview the Patreon Thank You section in my settings...


BurritoBoy_Judy Joker

Sun Dec 8 22:26:26 2019

wanted the name to kind of sound like "Chelsea Dagger" because I was jamming out to that while referencing a ton of Nights Into Dreams artwork..

JUDYJOKER_1.png_Paints.png JUDYJOKER_2_paints.png JUDYJOKER_3.png JUDYJOKER_3_roughs.png JUDYJOKER_3_roughs2.png

Rubyer4_WIP 3

Sun Dec 8 13:08:24 2019

still mega unfinished... a 1/4 of this isn't even lined yet.. its a big TO DO lol

EDIT: also wanted to treat this as a mini update,

behind the scenes out here I'm working with some friends on a new project we're trying to create from the ground up. My buddy's an actor out here in LA and wants to collaborate on something that we may get a chance to pitch to his connections at some point in the future.

Nothing set in stone, but it is something I am taking very seriously and working on in addition to everything else.

Unfortunately this project will not be or be related to any of my original content I've already developed myself (Guild Breakers/Baby Dead) because we agreed to develop an original idea together.

So fingers crossed that all goes well and we get a shot!

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_yIYlRT1EAhA_maxresdefault.jpg

Burrito Boy Twitch Cards

Thu Dec 5 13:11:51 2019

having a lot of fun with really tacky borders in photoshop for some long overdue twitch sub reward gifts!

and if you haven't already you should peep my streams when you catch em on! (end plug)

HighballerTest1.png HighballerTest2.png

Andy's Dragapult

Tue Dec 3 22:38:09 2019

when friends hook you up, I was having a hard time finding a Dreepy and Stingybee let me have one of her's that she bred, raised and trained up and I love her!

Dragapult_Andy.png Dragapult_Andy_rough.png


Tue Dec 3 08:20:38 2019

Rain snow sleet or hail I'll have WIP of this scene up by the end of the week!

Its all gonna be very, very rough and unfinished but I want to get all the main/base animations done before going in and doing all the background stuff!



Sat Nov 30 14:07:25 2019

And am also thankful for your continued love..

pokeLewd_Melon.png pokelewd_melonroughs.png


Sat Nov 30 12:36:02 2019

Ey, I mean it. Thankful for all of you's!

Hope you had a great time with friends and family!

(this is the PUBLIC thankful post btw)

burrito_Ideas4.png burrito_Ideas4_.png

RubyerIV_Brendan & Mega Dovah-Gex

Thu Nov 28 12:43:12 2019

THE WIP WILL BE READY BY NEXT WEEK FOR YOU!! Sorry, just need a bit more time on it and will be visiting family for Thanksgiving out of town.

Also I'm pretty set with this for Brendan's look for this series.

I saw some fanart of him in Magma duds and thought the theme fit

pkmn_rubyer4-concept41.png pkmn_rubyer4-concept41_ree.png pkmn_rubyer4-concept41_ree3.png

Burrito Boy_Profile Page Stuff

Mon Nov 25 21:14:19 2019

some updated YT/online page stuff

Super_Burrito3.png Super_Burrito2.png NEW_New-Logo-2_2_3.png RECOVER_Youtube_Banner_Base.png

Yamper Good Boi

Thu Nov 21 19:25:38 2019

feelin pretty basic - but this tiny dogloaf charmed the pants off of me and I couldn't NOT use him on my team

Masters_YuuriandYamper.png Masters_YuuriandYamper_roughs.png

PokePerv_Sword (or) Shield

Thu Nov 21 13:54:40 2019

You gotta pick one!

(are they really gonna make a third 'superior' version with the whole dex?

I heard that was a rumor..)

Masters_MelonyXBea2.png Masters_MelonyXBea_roughs.png


Tue Nov 19 22:45:01 2019

Big storm coming to YouTube starting Jan 1 2020,

The FTC is coming in to do what some people are anticipating as a witch hunt on content creators they personally think are in violation of COPPA (basically if they think you're trying to target children with your videos so you can profit off the ad revenue with unsafe, NSFW content)

I feel like its been pretty obvious that 99% of my stuff is blatantly advertised as raunchy, crude parodies of videogames - and I've already marked my channel as "Not Suitable for Children" on YouTube's creator dashboard, so I thought I was going to be pretty safe.

But after doing some more research I found out that this sweep will go beyond YouTube and is being administered by third parties at the FTC who will disregard YouTube protocol and go after content creators that they personally feel are in violation of COPPA.

This Chadtronic video thats been getting shared around breaks it down here ->

I'm taking the necessary protocols of leaving comments to the FTC to try and update their policies more carefully but it seems pretty inevitable that this is all going to have some major repercussions for my, and my many others' channels.

Too early to predict anything concrete right now, but I need to prepare for the worse.

Your support on this page has virtually been the only thing keeping me going these past two years on the content front - and no matter what I'll still keep making content for you.

(here on Patreon anyway!)


PKMN_Soft Marshmellow Mom

Tue Nov 19 22:01:26 2019

Melony being Shield's 2nd exclusive gym leader is pretty hype - she wasn't advertised at all and is a really nice surprise.

Not even upset that Strong-Feet-Girl ain't in my game cuz I got Ice Milf instead xD

(also my first attempt at her came out way too.. stiff... so I tried to make her more smol and soft

Masters_MelonyV2.png Masters_MelonyV2_rough.png Masters_Melony.png

P5_Tae Takemi

Thu Nov 14 19:23:50 2019

best goth doctor ever

p5_TaeTakemi.png p5_TaeTakemi2.png p5_TaeTakemi2_rough.png

Itsa Spooky Loogie

Tue Nov 12 22:39:11 2019

breaktime Loogie doodle that i barfed on



Mon Nov 11 22:25:43 2019

Trucking along with this, shooting to have all the BASE animation done by the end of November,

and then December I wanna knock out all the background stuff and editing for an End of the year/ Early next year release (will most likely be early next year)

Also I thought "Rubyer Courtney" would look better with a shiny Camerupt to further emphasize that this whole thing takes place in a randomizer/nuzlocke universe

PV_2.png PV_1.png

Death Stranding

Sun Nov 10 20:32:21 2019

Norman Reedus chillin with the Funky Fetus

MGS_death-stranding_monster.png mgs_death-stranding.png mgs_death-stranding_rough.png

"Only for good boys & girls~"

Sun Nov 10 12:28:11 2019

Coasting hard off that bandwagon -

also I tried to do a provacative Mai doodle on yesterday's stream,

but couldn't draw her to save my life lol

KoF_Mai_Nsfw.png KoF_Mai_Nsfw_raw.png KoF_Mai_Nsfw_rough.png

Fatal Mother

Sat Nov 9 12:38:55 2019

just wanted an excuse to draw Ness tbh



Fri Nov 8 23:23:43 2019

Cosplay a go-go

I have a really hard time with her hair lol

Masters_Marypaints.png Masters_Mary_rough.png

Burrito_Puck ver.2

Wed Nov 6 14:27:18 2019

wanted to make him more Animal Crossing-like.. and sleepier.

Also playing around with the idea that he can fly too?

Super_Puck2_front_paints.png Super_Puck2.png

UPDATE_Discord Server

Tue Nov 5 23:11:58 2019

for all new subscribers - PLEASE LINK YOUR DISCORD TO PATREON, that way you'll get auto-invited within 24 hours of your pledge!

Also this week's gonna be primarily dedicated to Rubyer IV, working on the last sequence of the video, shooting for an End of the Year release!

Thanks for stopping by!

Burrito_New boys

Mon Nov 4 22:13:29 2019

I've wanted to come back to Burrito Boy for a while, and always wanted to do a Super Mario/Bomberman bros kind of thing with him

BusinessCard_Mii2.png Super_BurritoBoy.png Super_Treeman.png Super_Puck.png

PokePerv_Hex Maniac

Sat Nov 2 23:48:01 2019

wanted to have this up on Halloween but I always struggle with Hex-- this the only one that came out kind of okay..

Masters_HEX_colors2.png Masters_HEX_rough.png

Happy Halloween!

Thu Oct 31 20:14:50 2019

Lil James and Pyramid Head doodle for the big Spooky day!

SH2_James.png SH2_James_roughs.png


Tue Oct 29 21:45:17 2019

drawing at straws rn for obscure 'spooky' characters I like

TKKN_Unknown2.png TKKN_Unknown_roughs.png

SMT_More Jack Bros

Mon Oct 28 22:11:38 2019

I feel like Im growing a stronger affinity for these boiz

SMT_Nocturne_PYRO.png SMT_Nocturne_Black2.png SMT_Nocturne_PYROroughs.png SMT_Nocturne_BLACK_roughs.png

Ya Girl_Sango

Sun Oct 27 20:44:30 2019

Feelin that Inuyasha nostalgia today! Sango best girl of all time

INU_Sango_PSD.png INU_Sango_rough.png


Sat Oct 26 12:18:34 2019

Some token Rubyer 4 promoting..

The first chapter I'm trying to have done and uploaded by the end of the year is gonna focus on Team Magma and the current state of "the world," and I wanted to use that to focus more on Courtney and Zinnia as key figures in that scenario

Masters_Zinnia.png Masters_Zinnia_rough.png

Demi Fiend_SMT

Wed Oct 23 20:29:40 2019

Made it a point to try and draw Demi Boi this Halloween season! still my fav SMT character (next to the Jack Bros)

SMT_Nocturne_paints.png SMT_Nocturne_roughs.png SMT_Nocturne_v2.png SMT_Nocturne_FROST.png


Mon Oct 21 20:59:24 2019

Favorite ghost-type pikamon go~


Patreon_Kimetsu no Yeezus

Sun Oct 20 06:29:21 2019

quick little Yaiba funny -

It uses audio directly from the trailer for The Night Before (2014) with the song 'Runaway' by Kanye West so there's no point in uploading this at max 1920 x 1080 size...

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_NjbTsA1P_AI_sddefault.jpg

Update_New Yaiba hype clip

Sat Oct 19 13:22:09 2019

making a funny little Yaiba vid this week, will try to have it finished by Sunday -

should be small enough to be uploaded on the Discord!


Demon Slayer_Zenitsu

Wed Oct 16 20:09:39 2019

been binging the rest of this show recently and holy shit I hated this dude at first and thought he was going to be super annoying but when he does something badass its elevated so much

DemonSlayer_Zenitsu_EDITS.png DemonSlayer_Zenitsu_rough.png

Obligatory KH Halloween post

Sun Oct 13 21:56:49 2019

The Halloween Soras are probably my fav version of him


Va-11 Hall-A_Jill

Sun Oct 13 12:12:32 2019

Cyberpunk Bartender Urges

VA11_HALL_A_jill.png VA11_HALL_A_raw.png VA11_HALL_A_ruff.png

Inosuke Jacket_Hotline No Yaiba

Thu Oct 10 18:19:38 2019

first thing I thought about when seeing Inosuke- although someone's probably thought of this already lol

HLM.png HLM_raw.png HLM_roughs.png

PS2_Okage: Shadow King

Mon Oct 7 20:30:37 2019

while he's not a ghost I always thought Stan looked charmingly spooky,

along with the rest of this lost PS2 gem


Hustleboy WIP_Killer Delivery v5

Sun Oct 6 22:20:41 2019

Not quite finished yet, still need a few more background assets that need to be added,

the bottle he's holding needs to be finalized,

and the mouths need to be colored in.

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_N-5jbAkV9KE_maxresdefault.jpg

PumpPerv_Dark Magician Girl

Sun Oct 6 00:03:05 2019

Pumpking's secondary effect -

the first version didn't come out good, I might use that composition for something else..

Also damn we got 100+ lewd illustrations on here now tf is wrong with me lol

Yugioh_PUMPlewd__.png Yugioh_PUMPlewd2.png

Ghost King Pumpking

Sat Oct 5 12:56:24 2019

always had a bit of a soft spot for this card.. Halloween's a great excuse to draw him

Yugioh_PUMPKING_Paints_v1.png Yugioh_PUMPKING_Paints.png

Killer7 Fan_Kaede Smith

Fri Oct 4 12:45:21 2019

still my favorite game of all time.

I had to keep redoing her legs cuz they kept coming out weird..

K7_kaede_paints.png K7_kaede_base.png K7_kaede_base_V2.png K7_kaede_base_V4.png


Wed Oct 2 12:15:00 2019

Barry's sync move kept destroying me.. I haven't made any progress in this game at all

Masters_Kasumi_lewd2.png Masters_Kasumi_rough.png


Mon Sep 30 20:02:51 2019

gonna be spending this week finishing up the short! so it'll be up for this next month's Patreon queue!

I plan on making more shorts to kinda just flesh out the cyberpunk-esque world the character operates in



Sun Sep 29 21:34:41 2019

still need more practice with her..


Update_New Baby Dead logo

Sat Sep 28 21:29:21 2019

got a new logo I commissioned from my friend Byahko on Insta - they got slick rendering skills if you wanna peep their stuff!

PV_2_BG.png PV_2_BG_Byahko.png

Birthday Card_Stingybee

Thu Sep 26 22:47:56 2019

made this for a good friend of mine, and it went through about 12 layers of drafts before getting lines that were good enough to color and like 3 different references for the pose pulled up..

Stingy_2019_paints.png Stingy_2019_paints_no_box.png Stingy_roughs1.png Stingy_roughs2.png

'No Nut Mutt'

Wed Sep 25 21:36:43 2019

Some breaktime drawings I got a little too into - I had this dog character I'd been sketching a lot and wanted to do digitally

Doggo_1.png Doggo_2.png Doggo_3.png

Updater_Baby Dead sprites

Tue Sep 24 13:42:29 2019

Learning the value of less is way more when it comes to pacing the frames out..

Should be stuff I already know but I'm dumb af

My friend Rob's coding a little test area for the sprites, fingers crossed we can nail a speed and pace for all the drawings!

PV.png PV.png

FE3H_Holy Knight Marianne

Sun Sep 22 22:26:03 2019

wanted to try drawing Marianne as the Holy Knight class for the longest time..

FE3_Marianne_BasePaints.png FE3_Marianne_Base.png FE3_Marianne_Lines.png FE3_Marianne_roughs.png


Sat Sep 21 12:20:24 2019

trying to get used to the new animate cc update, the new version changes so many things I'd gotten so used to.. T_T


Hustleboy_'spooky skit'

Sat Sep 21 10:08:04 2019

Justa minute long little Halloween skit I wanna use to plug my Hustle Boy concept more,

and put more emphasis on the mildly Snatcher-esque cyberpunk city he works in


Updated Twitch Loyalty Badges

Sat Sep 21 09:54:22 2019

been wanting to redo these for a long time, streaming again after almost 2 months of MIA seemed like a great time to bust out some new ones

3month18.png 6MONTH_PNG.png 9_MUGEN_Base.png 12_BOSS.png BASE_PNG.png

HustleBoy_Animated Short

Thu Sep 19 12:49:43 2019

I'm currently working on a slightly more lengthy Hustle Boy conceptual short, along with some more Baby Dead game animations -

Once thats done, its just Baby Dead and Pokemon for the rest of this year... Baby lol

I really gotta buckle down on the latter

screen_Killer-Delivery.png screen_Killer-Delivery2.png

duck knight

Wed Sep 18 22:15:03 2019

I like Sirfetch'd a lot -

UPDATER: I've got a new (super quick) Hustleboy cartoon I'm working on for a NG Halloween collab my friend is hosting (you all gonna see it first when its done tho)

and after that its gonna be Rubyer for probably the rest of the year because I NEED to have this prologue finished so I can release it as sort of a Ground Zeroes to the main story that I'll finish next year

There's also Baby Dead that I've been really lucky to find friends who are helping me try and make a game demo out of it!


Rubyer4_Zinnia outfit

Mon Sep 16 22:30:42 2019

still trying to settle on a redesign for her


Golder_4year Anniversary

Sun Sep 15 21:49:38 2019

Been 4 years already.

I love all of you.

I was fresh out of school and living in borderline squalor making this series.

But the poverty gave me all the time in the world to work on it every day and crank it out in a year.

I was pinching pennies to feed our cat and buy street food outside our apartment to survive. But I was living with my two best friends who were always game to lend their voices and give me feedback.

It was hard as hell, but a fuggin great time in my life.

Thanks for watching it.

2019_GolderAnniversary.png 2019_typhlosion.png


Fri Sep 13 20:43:42 2019

short for GAME ANIMATIONS I guess... Or what can barely pass as some..

I got them in motion up on my Instagram/Twitter @mattyburrito - they're too short to upload to YT and Patreon still won't let me upload .mp4's directly to a post...

I was also thinking about ripping off Kirby in a big way and giving Baby special powers/forms if she picks up certain weapons

BabySWORD1.png babySword2.png Screen1.png Screen1_run.png screen2_punch.png screen3_punch.png

Baby Dead_Unused "Commercial Break"

Tue Sep 10 08:48:08 2019

back from when she was still a bomberman clone,

gonna update this in the future!

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_JC1uvtknW-0_maxresdefault.jpg

Kyoko_River City Girls

Mon Sep 9 21:23:07 2019

the cute dab queen from Kunio-Kun series


Hustle Boy_Test

Sat Sep 7 20:43:22 2019

Full 1920 x 1080 clip size

Used an old recording of my friend Mike

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_3mH9KeQA5p0_maxresdefault.jpg


Fri Sep 6 21:15:47 2019

your 'goodboi-in-a-baseball-hat' archetype, gonna try to produce a short cartoon with him this week!

hotline_pizzaboy7.png hotline_pizzaboy6.png hotline_pizzaboy5.png


Tue Sep 3 21:57:56 2019

I remember I tried to give her a tattoo in Part 3 and it looked shitty


Tiny Rosa

Mon Sep 2 22:42:13 2019

I already knew she was a cutie but damn.. she might be too precious.. (not that far in the game tho)


"Hustle Boy"

Sat Aug 31 21:44:40 2019

when he's not driving around delivering postmates and getting speeding tickets, he can usually be found at your local cyber strip club (because its the FUTURE!)

CYBERtest_Color_Balance.png hotline_pizzaboy4.png


Fri Aug 30 00:13:57 2019

always remember to feed your pets



Thu Aug 29 12:18:09 2019

My friend was able to get Whitney day 1 so I feel like I should get this game now..

pkmn_Whitney_Lewd.png pkmn_whitney.png

Pizza Boy

Mon Aug 26 20:08:14 2019

Not sure if I ever uploaded art of this character on here before.

Also now that Patreon has a multi-image upload feature we need to get .mp4's DIRECTLY on here lol

Hotline_Pizza-Boy.png Hotline_PizzaBoy.png

HLM_Charlie Mask

Fri Aug 23 18:21:07 2019

heard they finally got HLM on the SWITCH now and I gotta get it...


P5_Hawaii Date (Makoto)

Fri Aug 23 11:49:23 2019

summer's ending soon..


Baby_Casual hoodie

Tue Aug 20 19:25:31 2019

I think the pink w/ white sneakers has been done somewhere before? But hopefully I'm only half wrong lol

Baby_Casual.png baby_casual2.png

Kakegurui girls

Mon Aug 19 20:27:49 2019

Patreon was being weird yesterday and kept stalling out while I was trying to upload

Kakegurui_yumeko.png Kakegurui1.png

Rubyer4_2 WIP

Sun Aug 18 07:34:58 2019

Sorry this is so late! Here's the second scene WIP!

(TL:DR EXCUSES: On top of picking up a few extra shifts at my part time, unpacking took a little longer than expected since my roomie still had his old desk in my room, we needed to move it to his room before I could set up my workspace, which we couldn't do til he finished making space in his room for it. ((Not blaming him btw! This is totally my fault, I should've had this done a week ago))

All in all this whole Genwunner/Courtney intro sequence will be three scenes long, so I got one more to do after this!

I don't plan on the rest of the cartoon being this long paced, but I really wanted to run my Genwunner joke from the Golder series into the ground with this.

Hopefully people still find it funny.

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_Fch7BBbcE0s_maxresdefault.jpg

Fio_Metal Slug

Thu Aug 15 22:07:07 2019

MS3 is probably the craziest? I'm not too familiar with the ones after that..

The only one I actually finished was the first one on PS1


Tarma_Metal Slug

Wed Aug 14 21:13:16 2019

'nother free doodle of my fav Metal Slug character to play as, we were talking at work how much we loved/miss Metal Slug

Update: New Rubyer scene will be ready by Friday - I just gotta do the mouth sync, sorry its taking so long


Vampire Guy

Mon Aug 12 22:16:11 2019

Torn about making him into a Baby Dead villain or doing something separate with him

(also sorry for the delays on the new Rubyer part- there's just one last bit I need to animate and I'll have it up!! The weekend ended up being a little stressful start and I've been using the offtime to freedraw and play Fire Emblem...)

Vampire-IMP.png VAMPIRE_Webtoon_Size.png

FE_Golden Girls

Sat Aug 10 16:49:13 2019

My three best units

fe_golden-girls_BG.png fe_golden-girls_BG.png


Thu Aug 8 22:57:06 2019

She might be my favorite..

pkmn_mary5.png pkmn_mary5.png


Thu Aug 8 19:32:39 2019

sorry the Rubyer 4 clip's taking me longer to release than previously advertised.

I'm really struggling with the backgrounds. And drawing butts...

pkmn_mary4.png pkmn_mary4.png


Thu Aug 8 18:54:20 2019

So glad Patreon finally has a multi-photo uploader now!

pkmn_marnie2FIX.png pkmn_marnie2FIX.png pkmn_marnie3.png


Sun Aug 4 17:03:09 2019

We need more sleepy girls in media

FE_Marianne-Coffee.png FE_Marianne-Coffee.png

Three Houses

Sat Aug 3 18:16:56 2019

Which house you pick? I went with Hufflepuff


Baby Dead_Gun Test

Wed Jul 31 12:03:54 2019

Really pushing "Stubby Baby" to simulate what the characters and environment would look like in a game.

Will probably have to add fake UI assets to convey the idea better.

Next I'll work on a "Normal Baby" animation where she's human sized.

2.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_-BmIlZzMo_k_maxresdefault.jpg

Quick Update! (I’m moving)

Wed Jul 31 02:52:03 2019

Sorry for the lack of posting,

I’ve been vocal about my move on the streams but haven’t let on about it here-

But I’ve been really busy moving and getting rid of furniture and shit at my place- by next week I’ll be couch surfing at a friend’s for a bit while clearing out/moving stuff into the room at my buddy’s place that I’m converting into my new “office”

But amidst all this chaos I’ll get the second Rubyer IV wip to you guys and some new Baby Dead quickies I’m really excited to share with you!


Mon Jul 29 19:05:38 2019

when's this game supposed to come out?


Baby Dead_"Tiny Baby" 5

Thu Jul 25 19:42:16 2019

Trying to bring her back to her 'tiny' roots



Thu Jul 25 08:36:04 2019

Some frames for a basic enemy "Peek out & fire" bit.

Then he gets shot and he falls funny.

No blood or particle effects yet!


Cobra_(reload animation1)

Thu Jul 25 07:49:16 2019

A novice coder friend and I are teaming up to try and make a [very] small shooter game.

He dug my Crisis Cobra concept and we're going to try and apply it to a simple, gallery shooter style of game!

So I'll be really excite to try and push some assets towards that.


Lucielle_"Crisis Cobra"

Sun Jul 21 23:50:51 2019

I'm gonna lock in "Cobra" as the official title because I think it sounds the most like a cheesy 80's action movie -



Thu Jul 18 17:20:36 2019

She's also got a prominent Darth Vader type figure in her life


Melee Baby

Thu Jul 18 17:19:12 2019

Thinking I'll go back to making her use a bunch of different melee weapons instead of just the laser sword/beam katana. (to avoid the constant comparisons to NMH)



Thu Jul 18 10:35:43 2019

Haven't forgotten about her!


Hydrogen by M.O.O.N

Mon Jul 15 22:26:55 2019

Tried to interpret a top-down perspective with this one,

if I ever get around to making an HLM cartoon - this would definitely be something fun to attempt


Patty, Ganbatte Mode

Sat Jul 13 21:26:08 2019

I feel like Baby Dead needs to be more colorful, so I might opt to keep Patty in her blue diner waitress uniform

(also I'll be using the "Cobra" folder/tag for all my OC projects) More coming soon!



Fri Jul 12 20:37:19 2019

back on a big Hotline Miami kick


Sword in a nutshell

Wed Jul 10 19:26:15 2019

Fighting types really can hit ghosts


Bea Bae

Tue Jul 9 20:43:19 2019

mad salty that sword players get the cutie fight girl..


Bakuboy Hype

Sat Jul 6 17:13:50 2019

After two days at AX I'm on a buncha MHA hype


Lil Loogie

Thu Jul 4 16:20:24 2019

the "king of second bananas"



Wed Jul 3 08:15:33 2019

I sketched the roughs first with no idea of who I wanted it to be and decided to turn her into Corey from The Fans


Waah_Iphone BG

Wed Jul 3 02:47:18 2019

If anyone wants the Waah boy as their phone BG!



Mon Jul 1 21:05:47 2019

Full res Phone Background version of Mayro for anyone who wants it!



Mon Jul 1 20:58:27 2019

this absolute unit


Tiny Mayro

Sun Jun 30 19:03:18 2019

might convert this into a phone wallpaper later..



Fri Jun 28 21:09:34 2019

Full res 1920 x 1080 version - so I can actually share these with you guys here on Patreon!

Since these micro cartoons are mostly to bump my social media up - the instagram crop zone leaves out all this extra space I'll be able to play around with in the future.


UPDATER: Micro Animations

Thu Jun 27 11:54:56 2019

Hey all sorry for the radio silence -

First off, huge thank you to everyone for pledging to my Patreon thus far,

we're practically at my first goal and I've been scrambling to get things ready

so I can really commit to a WEEKLY dose of cartoon content. Preferably animated, but even doing really short, small things takes me a lot of time. So while I'm talking a big game, this'll probably fall right flat on it's face.

However, if you've been following me on Instagram/Twitter you might've seen me experimenting with micro-animations recently, and it's been a lot of fun!

Only problem is I can't share them directly onto Patreon - without uploading to YouTube first...


I'll be working to remedy this by rendering the cartoons in both Instagram AND YouTube formats, so I'll be able to share larger, fullscale videos with you exclusively.

So really amp'd to start experimenting with that! You'll see how it turns out shortly!

Thanks again everyone for all your support!

I'm incredibly lucky and blessed to have you all at my side here.

See you soon,



Miriam 2

Mon Jun 24 22:21:04 2019

Wanted to give Miriam another try because her shard tats are fun to play with placement


new Lucina & Luigi Alerts

Sun Jun 23 10:06:03 2019

Made some more emote looping animations for the streams!


Miriam_Shard Girl

Fri Jun 21 23:18:25 2019

I tried to draw Miriam from Bloodstained because I think she's cute..


New Stream stuff

Wed Jun 19 20:00:44 2019

Been dedicating the week to finally updating some stream assets I've never gotten around to. Also really trying to put more of a dent in the Pokemans' cartoon so sorry for the lack of activity!

More updates soon!


Hooray, Goldeen.

Sat Jun 15 21:29:17 2019

so excited that we can catch Goldeen and Seaking in the game.. At least those two for sure can be transferred..


Even more Tifa hype

Thu Jun 13 20:30:27 2019

delayed reactions to the Tifa Fantasy VII Remake trailer


More Tifa Hype..

Thu Jun 13 09:48:51 2019

I was really anticipating her reveal in the remake lol


No More Heroes III (am super hype)

Wed Jun 12 21:45:59 2019

I don't wanna milk the "this game was basically my childhood" teet too much -

but I'd be lying if I said this wasn't the most important game of my teenage years.. (along with Killer7)


HD Tifa yet?

Mon Jun 10 20:16:51 2019

They still haven't revealed Tifa yet right?


Wooloo Fluff

Sat Jun 8 20:31:36 2019


Assistant Sonia

Thu Jun 6 23:15:54 2019

also most likely the only thing from the direct anyone's caring about lol


Bandwagonin' HARD

Thu Jun 6 21:36:07 2019

Excited for the new characters, but overall thought the trailer was super underwhelming, and idk how I feel yet about "betamaxing" Pokemon or whatever they're calling it..


Rubyer 4_1

Tue Jun 4 23:29:51 2019

Work in progress!

Backgrounds and a bunch of BG assets need to be added before its complete


Baby Dead Animation Tests

Sat Jun 1 20:31:23 2019

Tried another very basic animation test (that ended up taking me 3 hours to make) for Instagram/Twitter: @mattyburrito

at 1100 x 1100

Unfortnately, there's no way for me to POST the video up here, but I can post frames from the PNG sequence I exported lol


Baby Killer

Thu May 30 21:41:32 2019

I finally figured out how to do instagram-friendly animation exporting but Twitter completely rejects the uploads and Patreon STILL doesn't let me upload video content directly to the site...

I need to figure out a way around this..



Wed May 29 19:57:11 2019

I need to work on her hair- she still lookin too much like May lol



Tue May 28 07:52:36 2019

Felt a little better with this one



Mon May 27 23:20:42 2019

Not too happy with these - need to get some more practice with her in...



Mon May 27 17:19:24 2019

Drafting some story stuff with giving Baby an estranged sibling.

I had this old Deviantart OC... who was just Ike - whose brother was originally "disco Marth," and I used to have comics of the two posted up on DA but lost them, so all I had left was this character drawing.



Fri May 24 17:55:05 2019

If I'm being honest..

Who was yours?



Thu May 23 04:32:39 2019

too much good fan art of her, I can't contribute..



Thu May 23 04:31:16 2019

boku no bae


More Baby notes

Wed May 22 20:43:20 2019

She's always one of the hardest characters for me to draw, especially in "baby" form.

I'm trying to work her and the other characters I designed around her into the "Lethal Crisis" project. Since, after Rubyer's done I'm only gonna have ONE chance to get some eyeballs around another original IP of mine.

So I might as well try to center everything around ONE cohesive concept/idea..

And then I'm always constantly talkin out my ass as well so that's also a factor...


"adult" Baby Dead

Mon May 20 16:14:32 2019

1000% more edgy


"Nice Guy" Mask

Fri May 17 12:10:24 2019

Still playing with his concept - I remember way back I made a doodle with of a Power Rangers/Kamen Rider spoof guy and revisted the helmet


Masked Man_concept dump

Thu May 16 12:28:10 2019

Really struggling to commit to how I want to execute this guy.

Either way, even before researching Hotline Miami I wanted him to be a contract killer who gets his jobs via an app.

But BECAUSE I'm studying Hotline Miami, the idea of a scrappier, street-level hitman has become super appealing.



Tue May 14 20:52:22 2019

My friend formerly introduced me to Hotline Miami last weekend.

I'd never seen the game on a big screen before and it was an entirely different experience.

Been doing a deep dive into the lore and story for the past 3 days and I'm pretty hooked.

I haven't felt this way bout a game since like... Killer 7 I loved the surreal nature of the storytelling and it's matter of fact depiction of violence.


Detective Pikachu doodles

Mon May 13 22:32:17 2019

it was a fun movie. reminded me of old 90's comedy movies in the best way



Mon May 13 11:04:52 2019

had another sketch that I never inked out!


Summer Hitomi

Fri May 10 20:19:18 2019

This was my first attempt at the drawing - I thought it was too bland and ended up redoing it


Hitomi Summer

Fri May 10 20:14:11 2019

I tried experimenting with backlighting for what feels like the first time -

My good friend NDC gave me some great pointers,

I still need loads of practice but I'm really happy with how this came out!


Dark Brotherhood

Tue May 7 20:22:07 2019

Fav questline in Skyrim right there


Moth Dude

Sun May 5 20:33:17 2019

Pretty set on the mothman mythos as a peg for a new cartoon I'll be working on with some friends


No More

Sat May 4 22:33:35 2019


Armor King

Thu May 2 23:30:56 2019

more painting practice


Sketch Dump

Wed May 1 21:54:19 2019

Been spending this week spitballing some ideas with some friends on a short film for the Channel 101 festivals they hold here.

I keep pitching around Sword n' Sorcery, Space Bounty Hunting, and Detective Noires but the ideas are all horribly fleshed out lol

One thing I gotta do is get better at simpliying the designs


Grungy Iron Man

Tue Apr 30 21:53:28 2019

really rough Ironman that looks super off but I ended up liking it


Alien Day 2019

Sun Apr 28 00:45:17 2019

Had fun on the stream today, chat reminded me that Huniepop 2's coming out and showed me the new trailer!


Motivational Uraraka

Sat Apr 27 20:54:16 2019

season 2 still has the majority of my fav episodes lol I really gotta catch up on this show



Sat Apr 27 00:02:39 2019

In previous posts I mentioned how "Rubyer IV" is gonna be a massive divergence from the first 3 parts -

I'm desperately trying to make it its own thing with its own narrative while still hopefully being grounded enough to be plausible within the Gen 3 remake mythos.

Shit's already gonna take a Hamster's lifespan to finish but as more and more supporters pledge to Patreon I'll be able to finally set some of the money aside to hire a colorist for the backgrounds - which would help IMMENSELY.

My goal is to have the first part (prologue) done by summer and have it uploaded and on the channel as I finish the rest of the cartoon.


Unfinished Nyle's (#3)

Fri Apr 26 19:51:07 2019

God I hate Nyle so much lol

jk but he always throws me off because everytime I try to redesign him he ends up being way more detailed than the rest of the GBs.

He also reminds me how much I SUCK at drawing robes/coats etc.

As attached as I am to his 'Kyle Broflovski' hat I feel like his silhouette might be too similar to Keif's... So I might try to play with the "Chinese-themed" design more,

But he's an ICE guy so I felt the winter coat/hat suit him best...

Agh idk, I hate him lol


New Mack's (#3)

Thu Apr 25 23:00:08 2019

3rd rendition of his 3rd design, not sure if I'm keeping his hanging belt yet or not. Its like the smallest thing but shit like that keeps me up at night..


Some Roughs

Wed Apr 24 22:27:54 2019

The characters all gotta look A LOT better by the time I can get around to bringing this back. Something thats balanced and animate-able lol

The story too, I need to commit to a lot of decisions about the world they're operating in.


Still need to update

Mon Apr 22 22:43:48 2019

These were some unfinished illustrations I found cleaning out some old files - I just colored them really quick because I thought they were okay enough


Painting Attempt

Mon Apr 22 12:44:08 2019

Still trying to get a grip on paints,

Its been a while since I've visited the Guild squad, and their designs need more updating


Happy Easter!

Sun Apr 21 19:25:38 2019

Super quick doodle of the Easter Yosh coming to jack your eggs


International Lucina Day

Sat Apr 20 20:23:50 2019

Its 4/20 - and its ya girls birthday! Go celebrate with some Bailey's if your legal enough!


Lucielle dump

Sat Apr 20 20:22:28 2019

a couple more conceptual drawings


Lethal_"Scorpion" & "Hornet"

Sat Apr 20 11:21:18 2019

Finally tried to get some designwork done on some other characters.

None of it's really set in stone.


Joker bandwagon

Fri Apr 19 00:04:14 2019

It was a good excuse to try and draw him!


Bunny Lucina

Wed Apr 17 20:35:03 2019

Hidden Easter art


Some Bunny Lucina's

Tue Apr 16 22:39:30 2019

still messing with the paints


Comics! (Update)

Tue Apr 16 11:47:15 2019

So with us having just recenlty broke $1K on the Patreon! (thank you so much! hope that keeps up)

I'm gonna be looking into getting some comics going!

I think Lethal Crisis will be a great one to run some tests,

I'm gonna be looking into like a Webtoon kind of format, I know the site's very phone friendly uses the scroll-down format.

But thats a long ways off. So get ready to see a bunch more conceptual and comic stuff get dumped here (every week!)

(but I still gotta focus on Pokemon fuck!)


Lethal_Subaru WRX

Tue Apr 16 11:00:25 2019

I like the idea of giving her the "bugeye" STI but I don't think it can be THAT blue


Lethal_More painting practice

Tue Apr 16 10:58:27 2019

tried to mess around with lighting


Lethal_Interface Pods

Mon Apr 15 00:04:21 2019

Pods link up with her goggles and give her real time interface/HUD assistance on like various videogame shit.. idk this way she looks like a mashup between Rei and 2B with Lucina's hair color and thats what I'm goin' for!


Lethal_Lucielle 6

Sat Apr 13 00:16:44 2019

Bucciarati called and he wants his hair nubs back.

But no seriously I like the idea of them being like clip-on scanner airpods that sync up with her goggles.


Lethal_Lucielle 6

Sat Apr 13 00:03:51 2019

Spent a lot of time trying to get the hang of her "combat leotard," I think I got it enough to where I like it.


Lethal_Lucielle 5

Sat Apr 13 00:01:58 2019

Bunch of rough concept stuff that I didn't like enough to fully finish


Sloppy Bakuboy

Wed Apr 10 20:35:22 2019

now we got a set of the two good boyos - I still need lots of practice with the painting but its fun and I will be trying it more frequently


Messy ass Deku

Tue Apr 9 19:42:46 2019

just went stupid with some paints


Lethal_Lucielle 4

Mon Apr 8 18:41:34 2019

One girl, with one gun



Mon Apr 8 10:20:04 2019

tried to reference a panty pull composition I found on Danbooru for this one


Lethal_Lucielle 3

Sat Apr 6 19:40:13 2019

More "Lucina/Yorha" oc fun. Was thinking I'd drop the whole "robot, android" angle with her for obvious (don't-wanna-rip-off-2B-TOO-HARD) reasons -

She shoots a modified Strayer Voigt Infinity and is sent on a plethora of high risk, suicide missions by an as of yet unknown VSSE-knock-off agency, which she is forced to work for via an explosive collar around her neck and operates out of Cyber City Oedo 808.

And if that ain't a Deviantart fanfic for your ass I don't know what is..


Lethal_Lucielle 2

Sat Apr 6 19:34:57 2019

More "Totally-Yorha-Not-Lucina" art,

I tried to give her Patty's (my other oc's) old haircut with the covered ears - and felt it ended up making her look a little like "2B" with the headband... and I kinda liked it - but also feel like its an extremely obvious comparison... But I still kinda like it.

Also, I want to start trying to fuse digital paints with my animate CC linework,

my sister shared this brushpack with me thats really fun to use



Sat Apr 6 01:18:31 2019

Some "Totally-Not-Lucina" drawings I wasn't happy with so I won't be making them public... except on here lol



Thu Apr 4 19:22:15 2019

Still getting comfortable with drawing her


My Super Relatable Video (FINALLY Final)

Mon Apr 1 17:05:29 2019

Discovered a big honkin' typo in the beginning and a couple of other minor things to fix. BUT THIS ONE IS IT!! Please watch again so my poor ass gets the epic views.

Love you,


file.1 (d)

My Super Relatable Video! (Final)

Mon Apr 1 12:36:58 2019

Its done! Will make it live later today but in the meantime, please give it a looksie and let me know if the SOUND is alright.

I've tested it on my PC and Laptop with and without headphones and it sounds okay on my end but my ears could be shit and I need a second opinion!

Thanks for sitting through me on this one, I'm probably gonna lose a ton of YouTube kids because its not Pokemans but hang tight because thats exactly what we're going into after this nonsense..

file.1 (d)

Relatable_Last NSFW frame

Sun Mar 31 21:43:54 2019

and a bunch of other really rough shit I wasn't happy with..


Some more Crisis drawings

Sat Mar 30 19:20:23 2019


Cube, Jetset Radio

Sat Mar 30 09:08:39 2019

Jetset's got some really fun character designs, I always wanted to try drawing Cube


Sketch Dump

Thu Mar 28 10:22:13 2019

Been dedicating the last couple of days to Burrito Boy editing for the Relatable Video I want to have up and finished by April 1!

A few of you have suggested I post more roughs and sketches of my drawings and I always thought they looked like incoherent garbage but let me know if you like these and I'll be sure to post them up more


God Hand

Tue Mar 26 19:49:26 2019

Been having God Hand fever lately on my breaks watching boss fight videos and listening to the soundtrack.. This game is too cool and must'nt be lost in time


Relatable_Hidden Frame3

Tue Mar 26 08:57:40 2019

this one's actually way more detailed (and visible) than the one hidden in the video


HBD, Flindy!

Sun Mar 24 20:13:32 2019

Drew up my friend's badass OC for her birthday.

Definitely owe her a lot, she also mods for the streams.


Relatable_Hidden NSFW frame 2

Sat Mar 23 08:58:19 2019

Nameless bikini girl


The rivalry returns

Fri Mar 22 20:01:54 2019

Trying to mess with painting more- I need a lot of work


Relatable 4_Ending

Fri Mar 22 07:05:30 2019

the last part - still needs some work done on it! more than some!

file.1 (d)

Patty brawlin'

Wed Mar 20 19:14:50 2019

Godhand reference no one's gonna get


Marshal, forever misunderstood

Mon Mar 18 19:01:52 2019

Always scowling, always sulky.


Relatable Vid_Updated NSFW Frame

Mon Mar 18 07:13:46 2019

Read everyone's comments, took in the feedback, and while I WASN'T actually include the original in the finished video - I did feel compelled to redo it, 'cause most of everyone seemed to at least appreciate the pose!

So here's a completely original, non-derivative, not-based-on-anyone-in-real-life avatar.

Some Rando monochromatic Burrito girl


Patty_Paint Practice

Mon Mar 18 06:28:35 2019

been trying to mess with painting on breaks - this one's still really sloppy and the pose needs work so I'll just keep this here


Rubyer4_Ace Trainer

Sun Mar 17 21:19:48 2019

hottest trainer class?in yo opinion


Relatable Vid_CUT Nsfw Frame

Sat Mar 16 22:16:00 2019

Only probably the scummiest lewd I've ever attempted - obviously this is getting cut from the video.

Honestly I was all for it in the beginning but once I actually started watching some of the Jaiden videos it just felt... kinda dirty keeping it in lol

Guess thats what happens when you start to 'humanize' the fictional avatars people make for themselves..

I'll draft another hidden lewd with a more generic "white, marshmellow body" woman that isn't explicitly based on anyone in real life.


Mr. Mosquito

Sat Mar 16 10:46:07 2019

anyone remember this amazingly weird game?


Jin Kazama, Fight!

Fri Mar 15 19:09:46 2019

Tekken 3, still the best Tekken... Next to 2. lol


Kickin it with Marshal

Wed Mar 13 20:56:31 2019

When I get some assets together I'd like to pursue a Marshal-centric series of shorts for a self-indulgent Animal Crossing cartoon.



Wed Mar 13 09:51:30 2019

I missed Mario day..


Rubyer4_Rough Dovah-Gex's

Mon Mar 11 12:38:14 2019

still need to get comfortable with drawing sceptile..


Pureboi Birthday Greet

Sun Mar 10 20:31:55 2019

birthday card I drew up for one of my mods- whom I actually owe quite a lot too lol


Relatable 2_WIP

Sun Mar 10 12:29:31 2019

sharing these completely out of order - this is the 2nd scene for the relatable video - currently working on animating the ending...

Shooting for an April 1 release!


file.1 (d)

Baby Dead_Waitress Patty

Sat Mar 9 21:18:42 2019

Been doing a lot of 'Baby Dead' plot editing (a lot of which has been doled out on scratch paper in my notebook at work)

Going back to a story where Patty is more of the main focus again - and putting her in a hard knock waitress life as opposed to a grocer store cashier.


Just finished KH3..Spoilers

Thu Mar 7 22:54:31 2019

I don't own a PS4/Xbox so I had to watch it - thank god for Gamer's Little Playground.

As a big ol' fan of the 2 spin-off games this scene made me so happy.



Tue Mar 5 21:22:06 2019

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna play as the girl in this one


Relatable Video_Update!

Tue Mar 5 12:20:10 2019

The actual "Storytime Animation" portion of the new Burrito Boy video.

I don't want to give the punchline away just yet - but I still gotta draw it.

file.2 (d)

Still waiting

Sat Mar 2 22:15:11 2019

Ready and waiting for that new Animal Crossing!



Thu Feb 28 16:12:46 2019

Before I get into heaps of trouble can someone explain to me how offensive this image is?


Cobra_Super Shooter

Tue Feb 26 19:59:51 2019

Level 2 Grunt guy who's quickly growing on me

(probably cuz I could fetishize silencers all day)

"Mr. French" is a working title, I'm worried it'll lump him too close to the Blue Spy from TF2... "Mr. X" is way too on the nose too


WIP_Relatable Video (Storytime Animation)

Tue Feb 26 13:05:44 2019

Rough Sketch version (this is going to be a part of my new Burrito Boy cartoon)

Just to clarify- I genuinely love the storytime format. But just have never clicked with any of the channels enough to actually relate to them or be entertained by them enough to finish any of the videos.

So this is going to come across as SUPER ignorant but hopefully not venomous because I'm only trying to poke fun at the genre here... in the most ass way possible.

file.1 (d)

Rubyer4_New May Designs

Sun Feb 24 21:10:34 2019

Tried to fuse her Emerald look with her Oras look


New emotes for Twitch

Fri Feb 22 23:14:34 2019

queueing up some new sub emotes for the Twitch channel!


Been cutting a buncha audio I've gotten for Rubyer 4 - stuff's gonna be happening with that REALLY soon!

Still trucking through finalizing the script - this is gonna be a long journey, and I hope you'll stick it out with me!


Claire, Classic

Tue Feb 19 21:32:28 2019

not a huge RE fan but I think the remake's super cool. But I think new Claire looks super boring- I liked her OG biker outfit better. Im glad its an unlockable outfit


Cobra_UI Tests

Mon Feb 18 12:36:15 2019

Had a lot of fun with these! I think they'll really help me emulate those old PC-98 eroge adventure games and there's a lot I can play with around the overlay.



Sun Feb 17 13:47:06 2019

gonna be going for the Visual novel film-window aesthetic..

And despite being a massive knock off I still have an undying affinity for depicting Cobra as the atypical, hard-boiled, trenchcoat-toting drunk dumbo, so I'm gonna stick with it.


Cyberpunk Bartender

Sat Feb 16 20:50:04 2019

I needed more Jill in life


Valentine's Day Samus

Thu Feb 14 22:21:55 2019

this felt appropriate - hope everyone's got someone to blow their money on today!


Cobra_MR. CID

Tue Feb 12 21:37:29 2019

The a-typical suave assassin character - never shows his face, always guns akimbo

Talks like Wild Dog

Originally had him pegged to be like a sort of HUNK knock off -



Sat Feb 9 21:13:45 2019

Marvel Vs Capcom quotes inbound! Needed to try and draw Gwen again at some point lol


BurritoBoy2_Hidden Frame

Fri Feb 8 12:46:12 2019

one DNP (do-not-pause) screen done,

I'm probably getting a little desperate here with the Patreon plugging but no harm, no foul- I'll be as shameless a bitch as they come..


Rubyer4_Courtney update

Thu Feb 7 23:21:33 2019

gave her some Bakugou boots and I think I want her to have a Houndoom-

like a mega Camerupt will definitely be in there somewhere but I also really like Houndoom...


Rubyer4_Brendan Update

Thu Feb 7 12:45:41 2019

Trying to make him look more like an ace trainer because I love their designs in ORAS.

I actually ALWAYS love the Ace Trainers in any gen - they're probably my favorite designs with their athletic-as-hell sportswear.



Wed Feb 6 12:15:21 2019

need a lot of practice with her - her hair always gives me a hard time


Cobra_character edits

Tue Feb 5 23:12:06 2019

still editin/updating with this dude, always - might ditch the trenchcoat so he's not THAT MUCH of a Rick Deckard/Gillian Seed knockoff


CRISIS_Lucielle art

Mon Feb 4 00:29:17 2019

I'm flip-floppin on her being either a protag or a villain.. (cuz the protagonist of a good lightgun arcade shooter needs to only have ONE gun at the start - but I think she might work better with two like in her older renditions)

A cybernetically enhanced gunslinger forced to cooperate with the [VSSE] to neutralize a terrorist threat Time Crisis style -

drawing elements from various early 90's arcade titles,

most notably Time Crisis,

Die Hard Arcade

Virtua Cop

House of the Dead


Burrito Boy_Relatable_WIP 1

Sun Feb 3 23:15:38 2019

New Burrito Boy video in the works - here's a WIP of the first scene

file.1 (d)

Rubyer4_Zinnia update

Thu Jan 31 21:56:47 2019

Playing around with her design -

She's gonna have a slightly altered role in the story


Cobra_Still a robot

Wed Jan 30 23:52:30 2019

lore update - she's still a robot.

Idk if I'm gonna stick with the name "Lucielle," "Lucy" - cuz its... already super obvious lol


Cobra_New Screens

Wed Jan 30 20:43:44 2019

Updated Cyborg girl's coat... but other than that...



Mon Jan 28 20:18:02 2019

Really really liked Into The Spider-Verse



Sat Jan 26 20:48:45 2019

Revamped and cleaned up his Jonathan Ingram office - now he's ready... To no do any kind of detective work



Thu Jan 24 23:21:53 2019

having some fun for our Side Ops on the Twitch discord this week -

UPDATE: still waiting on recordings for Rubyer 4 to come in - I've got a new Burrito Boy cartoon and a P5 cartoon I'm working on the side,

there might be less illustrations from me cuz I'll be trying to work on those but I'll try to sneak in a lewd or something



Wed Jan 23 19:11:04 2019

Cobra might be taking on a much, much different form than originally intended -

well... Not SUPER different, probaby about as trashy as you'd expect from me


Munneh, Boah

Tue Jan 22 18:35:41 2019

been a little way too into Red Dead 2 as of late


Fox Guardian

Sat Jan 19 20:15:12 2019

aren't they also called "Inari?" which also means Tofu skin?


Persona 5 bit

Fri Jan 18 19:32:25 2019

while collecting assets for Rubyer 4 I got some super short shorts I want to put together - I got a little Persona 5 thing Im working on that I want to be super simple and quick


Updated Breakers

Thu Jan 17 19:27:30 2019

Finding more of a balance - I think giving them all a piece of dual-toned clothing is helping, and as much as I liked the sneakers I think giving her sandals kind of harmonizes Shay with the rest of the crew


Do it for teacher~

Tue Jan 15 16:49:11 2019

Finally finished this super belated xmas gift for a lad from the Twitch Discord's Secret Santa event who didn't receive their gift.


I got a little Persona bit and a new Burrito Boy short I'm gonna be putting together while I rally assets for Rubyer 4 - so I got some new animation content coming your way!


Rubyer 4_Update

Sun Jan 13 17:04:12 2019

I got about 2 segments of finalized script to kick it off - will be contacting the VA's and trying to get them into production as soon as I can


P5_study hard

Sun Jan 13 12:00:55 2019

do it for Kawakami Waif-sensei


GB_Redesign attempts

Sat Jan 12 10:18:22 2019

I wasn't feeling the designs from Ep2 anymore and they need some imrpovement- I roughed these out but wasn't too hot about them once they were finished either, I'll need to find some balance before making a third ep


some Nippon doodles

Tue Jan 8 12:58:28 2019


Happy New Year!!

Tue Jan 1 02:28:08 2019

thank you everyone for your continued support of my disoriented ass! I got some cool stuff Im gonna do this year on the channel! Hope you will look forward to it!

love and am so grateful you all!


Big Tokyo Trip Update!

Thu Dec 27 05:13:23 2018

For the next two weeks I'm gonna be visiting some friends in Tokyo and am gonna shoot some shots for a live action Burrito Boy travel vlog parody I wanna try!

I'm gonna haul my tablet with me so I'm hoping my capsule hotel has a hotspot I can setup and crank out some goodies for the page!

Stay tuned!


Santa Sora

Sat Dec 22 21:42:04 2018

was always my favorite Sora form from the KH worlds - I thought it was cool how his mask would change in Halloween town depending on what drive form you were using.. Drive forms were cool I'm glad they're coming back (I think?)


Baby Dead Scene Test 2

Sat Dec 22 14:09:58 2018

With more words and drawings - I wanted to prep up a little stlye test before I dip out for the holidays - Im gonna be gone for 2 weeks in Japan meeting up with my art friends from college!

I'm bringing my tablet tho so I'll still find some time to work on and post some stuff!

file.1 (d)

Not-Detective Cobra

Thu Dec 20 22:15:26 2018

Think I'm a lot closer to settling on what I want to do with this character - but he's always been 'totally' drunk and has always had a gun



Tue Dec 18 23:20:11 2018

BG update - Im definitely gonna go for this, its really fun and easy to do


Super Realistic Baby

Tue Dec 18 13:56:01 2018

I took reference pictures of my store and cut up some layers to plaster Baby into - I think with a bit more work this could actually work amazingly and would cut me down on so much time makin some shorts! (its a TOTAL CHEAT but was actually really fun putting together so I dont care lol)


Baby And Reaper

Sat Dec 15 20:39:34 2018

Still workin on this! dont worry its not dead (its probably gonna come out before Rubyer tbh)


Camilla_FE: Fates

Fri Dec 14 11:56:34 2018

never tried Camilla before - the boobs probably need to be bigger,

Arguably the most Vanilla choice for FE: Fates waif


Smash OTP

Wed Dec 12 23:03:03 2018

before everyone starts shippin her with Joker- there is only ONE mask for her



Tue Dec 11 21:52:51 2018

I love this guys fight animations - he's so doofy

also his down throw is amazing


Kirby gets good

Sat Dec 8 20:55:24 2018

at the end of the long road, he emerges neither lover nor fighter...

jk I SUCK at world of light and smash in general but its still fun


Rubyer4_May Final

Fri Dec 7 21:23:05 2018

Simplified her look way down and am going for a much simpler style that hopefully still captures the... 'essence of the original?'

Also, its gone public, I've officially announced that I'm working on this project and its probably gonna be the death of me


Angry Monkey

Wed Dec 5 20:27:48 2018

most relatable fighting type


Baby Dead_Master Jeff

Tue Dec 4 19:44:08 2018

Updated Jeff's design - he's way more mafia affiliated now


Patty Thanks You

Fri Nov 30 21:14:33 2018

Made a commemorative Patty drawing for 10k follows on the gram, but realized it could be an all-encompassing thank you for everyone who's been supporting my ass up until now.

So big ol' thank yous to YOU!


Gym Leader Erika_LGPE

Thu Nov 29 13:40:22 2018

ya girl gets a bit bolder!


Erika Let's Goy

Wed Nov 28 23:45:26 2018

Attempted to Erika - her kimono is incredibly hard for me to draw, but am tempted to take a shot at a lewd soon,


Rubyer4_Brendan FINAL

Sun Nov 25 21:22:13 2018

Finally locked down a design thats still familiar enough, simple enough to redraw, and HOPEFULLY unique enough to where I can make something of my own out of it-

Also, in light of the new video Rubyer4 has been officially announced (or I've made it public that I'm working on it) so some of the Patreon posts I've made might get reblogged on my public feeds now- just a heads up! (not the lewds though)


Bug Boy Gen 1

Sat Nov 24 21:09:21 2018

Favorito gen 1 mon go- this guy's definitely making my final party


Anime Dakimakura Pillow Review_sneak peak!

Thu Nov 22 11:03:25 2018

Should be in HD but it didn't give me the option to view it in 1080p initially- please let me know if you can watch it in 1080p HD quality or not!

This needs to go live tomorrow but I'll share it here first. Ya boy has successfully sold his ass out for some chump change and a freebie body pillow... With absolutely no regrets!

file.1 (d)

Dakimakura Video Update

Tue Nov 20 12:12:49 2018

Just a quick update I'll be dedicating the next 2 days to finishing my Dakimakura sponsorship video-! Will be posting it up for you before it goes live so hang tight while I get this thing finished!

Battle Girl 2

Sun Nov 18 11:55:39 2018

Cuz the first one I doodled look like ass-

Cartoons comin soon - I gotta finish this animated sponsorship video and then its back to the pipeline.

Til then a Poke-lewd or two is inbound


PokeGo hype

Sun Nov 18 08:52:54 2018

I know its just Yellow (and Brown) version again - but I'd be lying if I said I was opposed to just playing an updated version of that game.. which makes me a bad consumer but that limited edition Nintendo Switch was worth it!


Black Cat studies

Thu Nov 15 21:10:55 2018

Attempted some Felicias - who's your favorite Marvel girl?


Alt Lucina Phone BG

Mon Nov 12 00:01:42 2018

I actually think this is the better version - use this!

Full Res:


Lucina Phone BG's

Sun Nov 11 21:05:26 2018

(full res)

Wear Lucina on your phone! I got 640 x 1136 phone bg's fresh off the grill for ya!

(full res)


More Shanoa

Sat Nov 10 18:15:13 2018

More Glyph Bae 'cause she def my fav - also they never had a canon playable female Belmondo did they?


Glyph Bae

Thu Nov 8 22:34:04 2018

Probably my fav Vania protag in the series


Rubyer4_Magma Suit

Wed Nov 7 13:55:49 2018

Still trying way too hard to be Metal Gear it hurts



Tue Nov 6 21:27:20 2018

Quickie Symphony dudes


Black Bows

Mon Nov 5 20:46:35 2018

Favorite Smasher in your favorite palette - who's yours?


Cobra_Vampire Slayin Outlaw skin

Sun Nov 4 23:58:28 2018

Wanted to draw some cowpokes cuz I got Red Dead fever and I can't play it so I'm sad. Been really trying to work on the premise of this, and as usual I have no idea what I'm doing.

But I've been trying to play around with the design some more

^This one was a more toned down version of the Cyberpunk skin


Roster1_Fire Cat

Sat Nov 3 22:33:55 2018

was talkin bout them smash bros on the stream today- who're yer mains gonna be?

I only hope that there'll be more unique character win quotes depending on who's fighting who


Mimi +18UP Channel Art

Sat Nov 3 13:08:45 2018

Started a new NSFW Art Gallery channel on our Twitch and Patreon discords where everyone's own +18UP art we can't show on stream can go.

I trust Patreon way more than I trust twitch right now but we'll see how it goes lol


Cobra_Finalized Palette

Sun Oct 28 00:22:31 2018

More Cobra design stuff

I think I want to give Zee's old design to this "cliche, renegade, totally-not-a-persacom AI girl" so she can look more... Like an atypical hacker girl.


Rubyer4_Brendan Update

Thu Oct 25 10:45:42 2018

redesign for Magma-Valor Admin Brendan.

After being forcefully recruited into Team Magma-Valor, Brendan fights the growing Mystic-Aqua regime, taking over their gyms across Hoenn while trying to locate the Groudon they stole from the Cave of Origin.


Golder_NSFW Recreation

Sun Oct 21 08:58:43 2018

After many request messages I've decided to go in and recreate the original NSFW hidden frames from the Golder series - I've long since lost the original files when my hard drive shat itself 2 years ago so the only way to bring them back... is to redraw them entirely lol

Here's a redraw of the Jasmine shot from Part 1!


Baby Dead_Updated Zee Design

Fri Oct 19 23:16:51 2018

I liked the previous one but I needed it to be simpler so that it would be easier to draw over and over again while also staying consistent with the rest of the cast.


Team Magma-Valor

Fri Oct 19 10:05:26 2018

Lore dump:

(warning: may be subject to change if I look at it later down the road and think that its way too dumb to do)

After a forceful takeover, Courtney and the remaining members of Team Magma succeeded in integrating the Hoenn based Team Valor into their gang.

Now acting as its primary admin, Courtney enlists Brendan and May to infiltrate and take over Mystic Gyms, hoping to locate and capture the Primal Groudon they stole from the Cave of Origin during Team Magma's initial attempt to awaken it.

No longer concerned with expanding the world's land mass, Courtney merely wishes to reclaim Groudon to stop Team Mystic's hostile takeover of the Hoenn region, and to enact her revenge against them for the deaths of Maxie and Tabitha.


Baby Dead_Update

Thu Oct 18 21:03:33 2018

I've been trying to recreate and condense my work environment - largely due to a ton of self indulgence and wish fulfillment for me and my coworkers, but I think it'll also be fun to look at if its super detailed.

The real challenge will be proportioning the characters so they can still maintain that small, stubby look while still being believably tall enouigh to interact with the environment (except for Patty, who perpetually wears boxing gloves everywhere)

A better artist could get something like this done in like a day or two but this is taking me weeks...


Act on Instinct

Thu Oct 18 10:56:25 2018

Baby Dead's gonna be the next big video thing I'm gonna be hyping up,

I quit my second job to try and get some more time for me to work on it (got a new roommate too so this will definitely help)

my "Crisis Cobra" thing is gonna be a big side operation and something I'll go back to from time to time in my down time, but I promise after Baby Dead's out it'll be time to go back to Rubyer.

Don't tell anyone lol


Cardkiller Sakura

Sun Oct 14 22:41:38 2018

Had a lotta fun with this Birthday greet art for my sister-

Cardcraptors was one of our favorite shows on Saturday AM Kids WB as kids.

Remember we had a VHS tape recording of the episode where Lee keeps getting punked by the shot card (and I was totally in love with Mei as a wee boy)


Cobra_ concepts

Fri Oct 12 19:56:55 2018

A P.I. specializing in finding and re-aquiring high profile/mostly illegal items for high paying clients.

Goes for the classic detective look because he thinks it looks cool.



Wed Oct 10 10:18:58 2018

Gonna be in need of some faux PC98 borders to slap on the screen to try and emulate the look of a hentai-heavy, text-driven adventure game.

Would be a cool thing to try, maybe there's a free PC98 template I can round up and edit around...


Baby Dead

Tue Oct 9 18:36:02 2018

Gonna be starting this animation finally - I want to take a much more laid back approach to it, shooting for small self-contained episodic bits,

I got the idea watching Pop Team Epic and love how the first episode was just a collection of small skits having next to nothing to do with each other outside of featuring the two girls

(is the whole show like that?)


Kato_Baby Dead

Tue Oct 9 09:19:35 2018

character designs for Kato- the wisecracking easygoing coworker of Baby and Patty.

I toned down his original design to make him more "cool"


Crisis Cobra

Wed Oct 3 21:54:08 2018

Still working on this! Long ways away from seeing any kind of completion - but I'll be dropping more concept stuff about it.

Definitely something I've been excited to get back to,

Hugely inspired by Blade Runner, Snatcher, and Va11-Hall-A


Thanks For Your Support!

Wed Oct 3 08:42:32 2018

Was late in saying this because I was gone for a week visiting home (Mom's side)

Thanks to everyone for supporting me through this video!

I fucked up one dudes name on the Patreon credits so I'll have to be much better about that for our next project!

Stay tuned! New information will be coming in shortly!


Power Crown Hype

Mon Oct 1 06:33:15 2018

won't lie, I bought into this one hard - especially when art of Queen Boosette or whatever you call her started popping up. I had to try one!


Lucina Drinks A LOT

Wed Sep 26 02:29:32 2018

The OFFICIAL, finished 3rd part to the Lucina Says series! And its not even longer than the first 2!

Gonna let this sit here on Unlisted for a while, and check to see if there's anything that needs to be added/removed.. So please let me know how you like it!

This video was an all around mess to produce, namely because my schedule here has been so hectic and my life pretty much revolves around working to keep a roof over my head - but I'm glad this was able to get finished! Thank you for all your continued support!

I really lucked out when Smash suddenly became super relevant again after June - and it really gave me the confidence to finish it. (If they announce anything new within the week I'm screwed lol)

I know I need to work on my output, and I'll try to get new video content out to you faster.


Solid Snaak

Fri Sep 21 19:57:30 2018

Snake drawing I never finished! I drew it AFTER drawing the WRONG Snake for the Metal Gear Solid anniversary for the PS1 game and not the entire series.


New Lucina Shirt available!

Thu Sep 20 10:57:51 2018

Just wanted to post this here in case anyone wants to nab one while they're on sale for the next 2 days! (Would make a GREAT gift for your bff's who main Marth!)


Lucina Drinks (A Lot) update!

Thu Sep 20 07:49:07 2018

almost done! Just adding in some extra easter eggs and HAD to draw in Isabelle somewhere.


Isabelle for Ehrgeiz

Thu Sep 20 05:33:41 2018

I was saddened to find out that Isabelle vs Little Mac wasn't a super original idea and that there was already artwork of it existed lol

Animal Crossing 2019's something I'm definitely more hyped for - CAN YOU HOOK UP A NINTENDO SWITCH TO YOUR PC AND STREAM FOOTAGE FROM THERE??


Rubyer4_Story Update (SPOILER HEAVY)

Sun Sep 16 05:45:44 2018



(sometime after the events of Pokemon: Omeger Rubyer Part 3)

Brendan tries to continue his bogus journey to become a "Pokemon Champion"

After [spoiler heavy plot beat] he loses all faith in himself and his quest and gives up, allowing Team Magma to succesfully resurrect Groudon and proceed to fuck up and destroy Sootiplus City - devastating the world and causing all Bitcoin stock to plummet.

The Hoenn branch of Team Mystic steps in and effectively subdues and captures Groudon with a pokeball. on the first try-

but then proceed to use it to dominate the region and become the new almighty superpower in Hoenn, decimating all who dare oppose them.

Over the course of one year - Team Mystic controls all of Hoenn, dominating the region and ruling it with epic memes and elitest fandom supremacy.

Steven Stone has disappeared in this time, along with key members of the Pokemon League, supposedly to avoid annhilation and gain enough strength to mount a resistance on the Mystics.

(the start of Rubyer IV)

Brendan depressed, self-centered, and living in self-exilement leads a shameful life in hiding on the secret island.

He is forcibly recruited by Ex-Magma Admin Courtney the new self-appointed leader of Team Valor's dwindling Hoenn division.

Brendan reunites with May, also in Valor's custody-

Using their Latias and Latios, the two are to be dispatched to lead a suicide infiltration mission on Team Mystic's base to rescue Shelly - who supposedly holds the "key" to resurrecting Kyogre to combat Mystic's Groudon.

>>this is still a major work in progress<<


Pokemon Golder_Jasmine

Sun Sep 16 02:42:22 2018

Some anniversary art since its been exactly 3 years to this day that I put out Golder Part 3. Shouting out Twitch Princess and friend Disbe who leant her voice to the project way back and it was her birthday (last week) so it seemed fitting lol


Lucina Drinks (Update)

Thu Sep 13 08:57:04 2018

currently adding everyone's names in the credits! I'm ordering it based on lifetime support to the Patreon, and all currently processed patrons for the month of August are going in!

So right now I both love and hate all of you so much because the list is enormous lol


Rubyer 4_Spoiler Synopsis

Tue Sep 11 10:38:31 2018

Lets just call this one Script Draft #3: (unfinished)

After the fall of Doge Coin, the Hoenn economy has collapsed.

The Tide Pod and Kiki Dance challenge have wiped out nearly 1/3 of the world's population-

The land has been overrun with Go trainers, and the Pokemon League has lost significance in favor of "Casual Gyms" popping up across the region, with teams Mystic, Instinct, and Valor fighting for supremacy over the entire region.

1 year after the events of Part 3 - Team Mystic completely overthrew Team Magma, assassinating Maxie and gaining full control over the Magma Base, under the leadership of Wally; whom after gaining 1,000,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube page, strives to propel the Mystic movement into a new age of political dominancy.

After successfuly intercepting and safeguarding both the Blue and Red Orbs - the newly christened "Hoenn Team Mystic" intends to resurrect the Continent Pokemon Groudon to use as a nuclear deterrent against any and all regions who would dare oppose them.

Archer, now heading a newly formed Team Neo Aqua, leads the resistance against the manbun-toting Mystic menace.

Archer dispatches Brendan, seeking the aid of his invincible Gardevoir, on a one-man seige into the Mystic base to retrieve the Blue Orb to be used to Resurrect Kyogre to counter Mystic Groudon.


MBSideOps 9/9/18

Mon Sep 10 11:52:03 2018

This past week's challenge was 'Redraw an old Drawing" so I chose this Metal Gear Solid OC I made from 2012 who was trying way too hard to be anime lol (and she still is)

I was obsessed with Sneaking Suits back then (and still am)


Baby Dead_Reaper

Mon Sep 10 11:49:16 2018

This character took a while to simplify to the point where I'd be okay animating her over and over again - I ended up really liking the femme-Shadbase motif


Big Boss Sneaking Suit

Sat Sep 8 20:09:25 2018

Wanted to participate in the MGS20th Anniversary but drew the WRONG Snake - a redo is inbound lol


Lucina Says 3 Update

Wed Sep 5 09:20:33 2018

Since a lot of new people have come aboard here, this was my first attempt at a 3rd Lucina Says from summer last year, I made it right after Omeger Rubyer Part 3 - I never finished it because I thought it was really dumb and not funny.

I'll be finishing up the new Lucina 3 this week -

with Smash coming out and being super relevant again this vid'll be a great opportunity to plug the twitch streams and some new Lucina-themed merch on my store!

And also I think its a lot funnier than my old one


Baby Dead_New base outfit

Mon Sep 3 18:56:34 2018

Wanted to give her more 'fighter girl' appeal - I felt the wristbands offset Patty's boxing gloves.


Lucina Says 3_Draft 1

Thu Aug 30 21:39:37 2018

So this is MOSTLY finished, there's still an intro and ending bit I want to add - along with a few more background gags

Barely a minute long, shouldn't have taken me 4-5 months to do, but I'm a friggin hack and idk why you guys support me but you all are fucking amazing and I love you all for doing so,

This video's gonna be done soon,

and Prints gonna be comin too, in a big government-funded effort to cover up my complete failure with the Chalupa tier backers.


Richter Belmondo

Thu Aug 30 19:18:00 2018

Dick Belmont doing a Jojo-esque pose I never finished


(TL:DR) So this happened...

Sat Aug 25 08:53:25 2018

(Just a productivity update: Lucina's well under way, just coloring it and once that's finished I'll publish a rough-cut for Patreon!

Once thats finished I'm thinking of adding one last quick thing to the beginning before making it public on my channel! After that- Its Baby Dead time! Pokemon is still a ways off because I need to record things with a couple people first and am debating some recasts to the new material I have)

So this happened... Just this past week actually!

I had been seeing the sweetest girl, I ended up falling for her a little more than I anticipated and when the moment of truth came and I was so prepared to ask her to be my girlfriend... She hit me with the ol' one-two-BAIL before we even went out on the date.

All in all, this wasn't anything I wasn't prepared for...

I'd noticed she was distancing herself and I tried giving her the space she needed... I don't know, I thought that the obvious thing to do was to be MORE desperate for attention, but I seriously wanted to play it cool- 'cause I didn't want to lose her.

But that ended up happening anyway...

Lesson learned, you ain't special til there's a ring on it. You're not someone's main squeeze, you're never the only person they're seeing, fuckin, or even having feelings for.

There's ALWAYS going to be someone better, and whether they actually ARE or not, people are going to do what they're going to do and love who they're going to love anyway. And if you think you can change their mind, you're an idiot.

I'm that idiot- I insisted we go on the date anyway, jokingly saying "well I already got dressed so why not?" and she went with it... And it ended up just a whole 2 hours of apologizing and telling me how nice I am and that if it weren't for this other PERFECT gentleman, it would for sure have been me.

All lovely things to hear.

Its important to note I don't at all blame this girl in the slightest - she's a very kind, compassionate, and honest lady. Has terrible timing sure, but this definitely isn't on her. I'm the one who selfishly anticipated that we could have been a thing- so its only fair.

So all in all, this was a great learning experience. I'll never forget her- she hoped we could still be friends but my burnt asshole just isn't prepped up for that kind of pain...


Jessica Dee Update

Thu Aug 23 21:31:58 2018

The Blue Collar Brawler - I changed her name to Jessica because of an inside joke at our work. I'm still cutting up audio assets for the first animated Baby Dead short - and I'm almost done! More updates coming soon. I'll be getting into this as soon as I finish my new Lucina cartoon.


Baby Dead

Wed Aug 22 18:27:33 2018

If Baby Dead was a PS1 game and had an instruction manual


Baby Dead Updates

Sun Aug 19 20:39:09 2018

Recorded some more audio, got enough for a full video! Can't wait to get started on it after Lucina finally gets finished!



Tue Aug 14 19:23:26 2018

got Monster Hunter World and will be streamin it on the Twitch Channel whilst finishing up Lucina Says - just to add some variety to the streams while I proceed to take forever animating Lucy dancing for the credits



Sat Aug 11 19:28:01 2018

another grueling evening at the restaurant last night so I needed to unwind with doodling Nintendo's most relatable underdog...


Lucina Says 3

Fri Aug 10 18:54:48 2018

posting up some of these still frames because nobody's gonna have time to pause on SFW's (NSFW's comin later)


Updates to Lucina cartoon

Thu Aug 9 17:45:26 2018

gotta add in cameos from all these new characters,

what other smash myths or rumors from past, present, and future were you fond of that we could possibly include in this? as a background gag


Lucina Says 3 Update

Tue Aug 7 22:41:31 2018

Still roughing out the "credits sequence" -

This one's gonna be a shorty but goody, its not even 2 min long, like the first 2 but its taken me next to forever to finish. That being said I still think its pretty funny tho

^everyone's names are gonna be flashing in the blank space on the right there so this screen won't be completely bare

Once this is all roughed out I'll post it up on Patreon so you can check it out first!


Xion's still... Cool

Mon Aug 6 19:25:10 2018

Been 9 years but like... maybe 10 people still remember this character lol


Baku Boy

Thu Aug 2 18:32:23 2018

edgelad exploder boy, who's favorite Boku my Hero character?


Voredroid 21

Tue Jul 31 20:12:23 2018

phone wallpaper size Android 21 drawing, because demonic girls with black eyeballs are growing on me


Lucina S-Ranked

Sat Jul 28 20:05:57 2018

A new Lucina shirt is gonna be advertised alongside the upcoming Smash cartoon! Gonna modify this bust art to work for shirts and prints.

Also here's the first attempt..


Baby Punches

Fri Jul 27 10:26:00 2018

ONE of these is gonna be a sticker one day


Buu Girl_Boku My Hero

Tue Jul 24 15:33:54 2018

Mina Ashido, Quirk - Being hot as fuk


Mimi_Twitch Ad 2

Sat Jul 21 19:57:20 2018

trying to create more hype for our new semi-official weekend stream times! Ya oughta drop by!


Thinking of Print Ideas

Fri Jul 20 09:50:55 2018

Was thinking something Pocket Monster-related would be a good idea for the first print I'd like to send out to the former Chalupa's. Maybe have them pitch a character


Kirby Otaku_Bomber Bday

Thu Jul 19 18:37:40 2018

little birthday doodle for a friend! If you like animoo and cute things Kirby Otaku is a great artist person to follow on the twitters


Thug Grunt

Mon Jul 16 21:42:44 2018

but really he's a detective (Crisis Cobra still a thing)


Removed $20 Tier

Sun Jul 15 22:29:22 2018

I meant to do this a while ago but I am removing the 2nd Chalupa Rewards tier because I'm way too behind on the other rewards, and just doing 5 unique rewards for the Chalupa patrons monthly turned out to be completely impossible for me.

Will be sending out a notice to the Chalupas to lower or cancel their pledges before this month's donation period. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For compensation - I am going to be printing and distributing prints and sending them to Chalupa backers. One for each month that I missed.

I'm terribly sorry for my incompetence - I hope you can forgive me.

Mimi Twitch Ad

Sat Jul 14 22:36:16 2018

need to start pushin our demonic spokesbabe to try and get 70 people's to chill on these streams! Unfortunately we can't go FULL lewd, but we can potentially come close..


Hansen_Baku Boi reward

Fri Jul 13 19:59:50 2018

everyone's favorite asshoel headshot for Hansen!


Rock out with your Noir out!

Thu Jul 12 03:24:21 2018

sorry just really enjoying P5 right now... Best girl?


Part 4_Mock ad

Wed Jul 11 08:32:11 2018

Still making tiny tweaks to his look - got this set up to be the first public post about it... Eventually lol til then this is still our little secret!


Part 4_hidden promos

Tue Jul 10 00:54:32 2018


Part 4_Courtney2

Tue Jul 10 00:50:10 2018

Courtney was a huge reason I even wanted to make the thing based on Ruby version in the first place lol -

will definitely have a bigger part in this


Uravity_For Nolan

Mon Jul 9 17:29:25 2018

haven't done a traditional commission in a while - been very picky about them, and will only take on the ones I really like.

Speaking of comms- I'll make a post about this more officially later but I am gonna be editing the $20 Chalupa tier - I've quickly realized that individual monthly illustrations are incredibly unpheasable for me and attempting it has backed me up by 4 months already so I'm gonna be changing it to a monthly vote on a character to be drawn. so here's hoping that works.


Part 4_Courtney concept

Fri Jul 6 02:51:37 2018

Continuing to try and branch out from what people are expecting and wanting to add more of a sense of identity - mostly out of sheer laziness because part of what made me hate working on these parodies after a while was trying to stick to the continuity of the games which just grew tiring. I'll still try to abide by it a little so that it'll hopefully be a believable story but ultimately what I want to do with this is just tell my own pokemon story using characters that've been previously established in this game.


Part 4's still a secret

Mon Jul 2 22:14:15 2018

Well, kinda.. Still trying to finalize palettes


Part 4_May redesign

Wed Jun 27 16:48:54 2018

played around with a more Emerald-inspired outfit


Part 4_Brendan Redesign

Wed Jun 27 08:05:58 2018

Not gonna be posting this up publicly for a while -

Also - I want Part 4 to be a DRASTIC departure from everything that came before it.


Edgy Demon Boy

Mon Jun 25 20:00:35 2018

Demon son with major mommy issues. Yusuke + Demifiend-inspired


One day...

Mon Jun 25 09:41:47 2018

I told myself I'd never get back to this until I could come up with a way to actually have fun with it again - and could go at it with something genuine and not just spam the audience with cheap jokes... I mean, I'll be doing that anyway - but the point is I think I found a way to have fun with it again.

More on this soon. I'm not making this right now or anything - just putting things together.


The Tiniest Marshal

Fri Jun 22 22:23:47 2018

still working on that Animal Crossing joint, I've decided I want to ground the script in the perspective of this dude- cuz he's quickly become my favorite- updates coming soon but I think the AC series will be GREAT for this new thing I'm trying to do (after Lucina Says 3)


IntergalacticHQ_Wiggs & Lucario Headshots

Thu Jun 21 20:10:55 2018

two fun mons to draw



Wed Jun 20 17:48:45 2018

Patreon Reward! way too many of these I need to catch up on - I might temporarily close the $20 tier after this month to focus on getting everyone's March, April, May, AND June rewards drawn up. Sorry for the delays


Darlin' Eatin some Franks

Sun Jun 17 21:29:45 2018

The idea was much funnier in my head..


KH3 hype

Wed Jun 13 10:58:58 2018

new trailer was kewl


Poke Adventures Headshots_Hansen

Mon Jun 11 19:59:06 2018

Yellow and Red headshots For Dancin Hansen


Lynienicole fanart

Sat Jun 9 19:51:57 2018

made a messy drawing of my favorite Suicidegirl and her badass tattoos sweet Tetsuya Nomura dom-suit - I see a lotta artists do illustrations of real life study pics and wanted to give it a go

(was also an excuse to draw yet another booty pose, I need to get better at the boobles)


Baby Dead Cartoon

Wed Jun 6 02:56:27 2018

Baby Dead coming to a screen near you - will probably be in full development by the time Lucina Says 3 is finished. Planning for it to be a big parody of SNES games and am looking super forward to getting it started.


Let's Go (rant)

Mon Jun 4 20:26:21 2018

completely agree with the need/demand for it but at the same time, Kanto again??


Desert Resort, BW

Mon Jun 4 20:24:19 2018

First attempt at Touko - could be better, need to work on sit poses more


Beta-Mon quickies

Fri Jun 1 18:55:56 2018

Conclusively one must wonder why they didn't hang on to Big Hoothoot at least..


Blackwatch Squad

Mon May 28 18:57:01 2018

Retribution still the first thing OW's ever done that I really really liked


Danganronpa: Ultima Gamer Girl

Sun May 27 18:53:38 2018

the Realest gamer girl - for Avi on Twitch!


Baby Weapons

Fri May 25 16:00:43 2018

Maybe she'd be like Kirby where she picks up various weapons as she goes. Though I'm liking the boxing gloves a lot..


Rollin Rock

Thu May 24 14:11:44 2018

More Roll studies - the beanie is a lot easier to draw repeatedly for me than the baseball cap - I think I'm stickin with it


Little Rocks

Tue May 22 14:10:34 2018

Back from hiatus, a Rockdude cartoon is imminent and I'll be gettting that started once this next Lucina video is done!


Script_Buff Dragons First Draft

Tue May 15 16:11:30 2018

bit from the first iteration of the 'Buff Dragons' script - I tend to drone on with dialogue that doesn't really go anywhere...


Brief Hiatus Announcement

Tue May 15 07:03:18 2018

Sorry to spring this on everyone so suddenly, but my Stepmom passed away last Thursday and I'm going to be staying in NJ for the week again to be with my family.

Sadly I'm not gonna be making anything for the time being but I promise I'll be back soon next week with some new content.

In meantime, I'll probably be digging for some old scripts and posting those up.


Sat May 12 13:38:58 2018

Gonna start posting up some draft scripts I've had sitting around- maybe something'll come of them in the future - but a lot of these started with some inspiration and kinda got fizzled out... Worth sharing though!


Baby Dead_Smaller

Wed May 9 23:52:39 2018

animation tests inbound soon - trying to convert her body to more Kirby-esque proportions.



Wed May 9 02:46:09 2018

Pokemon gym leader oc - fun trend going on right now, yall should post up some of your own!


Lucina Says 3 Update

Mon May 7 23:28:09 2018

still working on this shorty but goodie - Question for anyone reading has their been any updates/news about the new Smash for Switch? thinking I should probably wait to see if there are any announcements before finalizing the video


Tiny Baby doodles

Sun May 6 17:46:10 2018

more drafts - need to get more comfortable with her stubby proportions


May the 4th,

Sat May 5 02:45:13 2018

I doodled this little Anakin way back for a girl I super duper liked - spoiler I fucked it all up and she hates me now but hey this drawing turned out kinda cute so here it is


Classic May

Thu May 3 14:08:10 2018

for the month of May!


Protolad / Bluesboy

Sun Apr 29 16:13:58 2018

Sleek rival dude


Sailor Mars

Sat Apr 28 18:45:09 2018

Quick Mars for Cutie Saturday


Roll Repairs

Fri Apr 27 17:19:46 2018

She fixes him


Rough Rolls

Fri Apr 27 00:28:10 2018

first batch of Roll drawings- I kind of like the long sleeves, I might opt to keep those



Fri Apr 27 00:27:17 2018

Sassy robo sister - tried fusing elements from the new game and Legends but like she still pretty much looks like every single girl I draw


Rock Dude n' Fam

Tue Apr 24 18:00:49 2018



Mon Apr 23 15:59:17 2018

dude's actually really fun to draw!


Happy 4/20

Fri Apr 20 14:47:37 2018

its ya girl's bday


More May

Thu Apr 19 06:09:34 2018

The month's right around the corner!



Thu Apr 19 00:29:59 2018

Blackwatch is probably the only aspect of Oversatch I kinda dig - tryna put something together revolving around Retribution


Twitch Headshot_Kroren

Wed Apr 18 01:06:20 2018

Dragon for Kroren. Had a lot of fun with it


Gabe from Oversatch

Mon Apr 16 23:18:35 2018

Drew Reyes, I genuinely enjoyed Retribution


Marcus_Patreon Reward

Sat Apr 14 01:58:57 2018

Feat. their DnD character - badass fire elf girl!


Dallas_Patreon Reward

Sat Apr 14 01:57:54 2018

feat. their OC the Frozen Traveller


InsaneMastermind_Patreon Reward

Thu Apr 12 07:10:40 2018

Mimi lewd - lotsa fun to do. And just for Patreon ;) insert smug emojin here


Baby Blastin

Thu Apr 12 01:18:39 2018

Having a lot of fun with this character. Will definitely have to be the shadoh to Patty's sanic


Lucina's bday is 4/20 right?

Tue Apr 10 02:35:26 2018

something really quick I wanna make. and something better than that god awful first attempt I made last year (still on Patreon btw if you want to see it)


Lil Baby Gun

Sun Apr 8 15:16:27 2018

Made some tweaks to the Rival. Her face NEVER changes.


Easter Mimi

Tue Apr 3 00:32:39 2018

I feel like I could add some more to this outfit for her..


Marshmellow Boy

Sat Mar 31 20:20:14 2018

Been back and forth on who to focus the Animaltown cartoon on - Villager would be the obvious choice but I've also got drafts focused on the animals themselves as the protagonist (^mainly this guy since he's like, my favorite -- well, Punchy is my fav, but Punchy's WAY too cool to write in any kind of flaw or vulnerability..)

Will definitely share the script drafts here when its done, I'll actually upload the old Guild Breakers scripts.. Just some more stuff to share on here!


Patty at the arcade

Fri Mar 30 14:17:35 2018

'Ganbatte Grocery Girl Z' or 'Ganbarre' I'm not sure what the correct way to romanji spell it is

its the second thing I want to put together alongside this little Animal Crossing project I want to do


Hardcore Jake 1 (collab)

Thu Mar 29 02:04:29 2018

The first of two scenes I'm doing for a small collaborative original cartoon. Still needs some work but almost done!


Small animal townies

Wed Mar 28 22:37:48 2018

some favorites. who're your fav villagers? (still putting together something for this)


Tiny Mimi

Wed Mar 28 02:34:05 2018

baby demon girl


Callie Quickie

Tue Mar 27 06:44:46 2018

I need more frontal practice


Animaltown, USA

Mon Mar 26 20:40:15 2018

For when life gives you all the slices. Gonna be working more on this!



Sat Mar 24 22:52:13 2018

she would drink la croix, lets be real


Animaltown, USA

Wed Mar 21 22:27:37 2018

Homeboys tryin to get the game to work.

Its an Animal Crossing parody - orignally started as a self-indulgent "draw my life storytime" idea, but I thought a lot of it would translate well to the game.

^actual framing - I exported the file within the symbol cuz I'm an idiot


animaltown, usa

Mon Mar 19 22:01:53 2018

could become something, I might be converting some older script drafts.. is a new Animal Crossing even being hinted at coming out??


Yandere Sims

Sun Mar 18 05:44:31 2018

Some Yan doodles


It aint anime

Sat Mar 17 21:47:03 2018

it wasn't until my friend Japes showed me her cameo in Crush Crush that I finally saw the appeal of Yande Girl


Commission_Glaceon Offline

Sat Mar 17 02:27:42 2018

Pretty sure this one never went up here either - another Glaceon drawing for David!


Twitch Reward_Blade

Sat Mar 17 02:25:25 2018

Drew a Roblox OC for Blade the Gamer for their twitch reward - I gotta get better about posting these up once they're done..


Patty Dee Drawings

Wed Mar 14 22:18:04 2018

Am debating on whether or not using hyper obscure NES soundtracks for background music would be allowed if I were to pitch a cartoon with her as a parody of action beat 'em ups


More Mimi

Mon Mar 12 21:50:34 2018

I need to get more comfortable with drawing her lol


Some Mimi

Sat Mar 10 21:27:29 2018

quickie Mimi - happy Saturday!


Meicalds_Patreon Reward!!

Mon Mar 5 20:15:20 2018

Featuring balloon boi! 2/8 Complete for February! Thanks for your support!



Sat Mar 3 15:12:47 2018

Patreon is awesome but really needs a multi-pic upload feature lol


Steel-Serperior_Patreon Reward!!

Fri Mar 2 15:02:18 2018

Featuring their OC, Donut Steel! Just now got the name lol

1/8 complete for February Rewards! Thanks for your support!!


Patty Dee_Ascended

Wed Feb 28 20:21:25 2018

I think the best part of working at this dead end grocery store has been meeting my co-workers. I remember not being able to think of ANYTHING to do with this character but I feel like loosely basing her off of my good friend from my job has breathed new life into her (dont worry she's in on it too.)


Patty Dee_Grocery Girl

Wed Feb 28 20:18:08 2018

Still working on it! Currently calling it the "Ganbatte Project" but its been a great foundation for a bunch of other aimless ideas I've had running around.


Patty Dee, Updated

Thu Feb 22 15:17:43 2018

Had an old 'fighter girl' character that I drew maybe one time but could never come up with anything. I think she'd be a great fit for this new "Grocery Store" project I'm trying to piece together.


Commission_LadySkull of Guadelupe

Tue Feb 20 15:12:37 2018

For Diego! one of the most unique comms I've gotten, this was super fun to work on and play around with and I had a great time with the palette!


Commission_Shay vs Kraken

Tue Feb 20 02:24:49 2018

Fun Guild Breakers commission from Anon. Wanted to save it for when the new ep was out!


Hand Ring Jojo

Mon Feb 19 02:47:01 2018

never tried drawing anyone from Jojo before - who's your favorite Jojo? I made this for my work friend!


them keyblade boyz

Thu Feb 15 15:09:25 2018

KH3 trailers got me hyped.. If you haven't visited my cringey ass old DA you might not know I used to be an insuffrable KH fanboy (still am) lol


Guild Breakers - Buffed Dragons

Wed Feb 14 19:21:13 2018

OFFICIALLY out now, I deleted the preview version 'cause I ended up having to re-export the video another 5 or so times 'cause I kept needing fix stuff. But its DONE!! Thanks so much for supporting the production of this! I'll hunt down and post some pre-production assets for this real soon! You guys rock!!

rxvDTas_6eDLJRjLgXPPWh1-LLo_YoFVgokOM5WTGOCdt8p7O1ni4YC3-oVIsj5L.jpe (d)

Guild Breakers - Death Dragon (Early Access)

Tue Feb 13 01:44:53 2018

Finally finished and edited (HUGE thanks to Chris Marshall) Shooting for a Wednesday release! (For no other reason other than.. its Valentine's Day and thats a holiday and therefore that'll mean something.. I guess?)

But here's the final! I updated the credits as well since a lot of people either came in or dipped out since I released the clips.

G15JiLLr0XSCFh18D8gDlb4FiIYChNJOYgfY9FFqo9Tzbck46sb5aN8U2kKuAnpk.jpe (d)

Baby I Need Healin'

Sat Feb 10 20:05:33 2018

Drew this in between comms, getting mega cringely with it.


Twitch Reward_Michael C.

Thu Feb 8 01:55:36 2018

Twitch Headshot Reward for Michael C. ! His character reminds me of Kevin from Ed Edd n Eddy


Twitch Reward_Aviyne 2

Thu Feb 8 01:54:45 2018

2nd Headshot reward for Aviyne, featuring their OC Sonia!


Gambatte Grocery_Redesigns

Sat Feb 3 15:06:54 2018

Some rough character designs


Burrito World_El Sleazio 3

Thu Feb 1 01:24:58 2018

Made his mask black to emphasize the raccoon-ness in him.


Burrito World_El Sleazio 2

Thu Feb 1 01:23:39 2018

More edge.


Burrito World_El Sleazio 1

Thu Feb 1 01:22:59 2018

Coming up with a token edgelord villain - tried combining some Sanic/Nights into Dreams with some Weavile in there


Twitch Reward_Aviyne

Wed Jan 31 02:30:03 2018

Drew their character Charlotte for their Twitch Reward


Twitch Reward_Jayplayer64

Wed Jan 31 02:29:14 2018

Jayplayer64's second headshot reward


New Patreon Rewards coming soon!

Wed Jan 31 02:27:36 2018

(as early as next month even)

Started a new head profile shot Twitch Stream reward for $10/1000 bit donors on my streams! Jayplayer's my first subject!

Wanna take the gifts to Patreon so here's what I'm thinking of

A $5 pledge for a monthly headshot and a $20 pledge for a monthly fullbody artwork! (since you're Patrons I'll even try and do the lewd for you if you like, [within reason tho cuz I'm vanilla as fuck]

Since they'll be monthly I opted to give discounts. How's that sound? Need your feedback


Burrito Boy runs

Sat Jan 27 03:06:56 2018

mock faux loading screen. Gonna need to slow the frames down and make his hair move


Burribo Bros

Thu Jan 25 15:04:10 2018

Maro and Weegee but they're dumb


Chalupa Man

Wed Jan 24 21:28:58 2018

Tried to fuse Wario and Tingle together to create this Anti-Burrito boy


Devilman Crybaby

Mon Jan 22 20:26:08 2018

Its a great show. Watch it and then go watch the OVA english dubbed lol


Commission_Go Team HxH!

Sat Jan 20 22:12:58 2018

Fun Venture Bros-themed HunterXHunter comm for BowserChickenWings!



Fri Jan 19 02:17:58 2018

slight updates, going for some 'Tharja' bangs


Burrito Boy Super Show_ver. 1

Wed Jan 17 23:15:46 2018

Title bumper - considering taking like a Pop Team Epic approach to these cartoons utilizing super super quick bits and gags


Commission_Madoka Squad Goals

Tue Jan 16 15:09:50 2018

Madoka girls for Benjamin!


Just Ass

Tue Jan 16 08:35:45 2018

Oki Doki artichoki I attempted to...


Burrito Boy dump

Tue Jan 16 04:12:16 2018

updated doodles of the Burrito Boy - the 'Super Show' will be most likely be a buncha shorties that can be made relatively fast. Hoping anyway. More stuff soon!


Commission_Poke Profile Pic 2

Sun Jan 14 18:38:25 2018

Made these for Anthony! I think the Volca came out looking cute


Commission_Poke-profile pic Mew

Sun Jan 14 18:37:15 2018

Made these for Anthony. Think they turned out okay!


Just Stop

Sun Jan 14 06:49:40 2018

To attempt or not to attempt some Monika lewdin'..?


Crisis_Ninja Girl

Sat Jan 13 01:32:01 2018

Cyborg Ninja girl for that Time Crisis parody thingy I wanna do~



Fri Jan 12 00:13:55 2018

A weapon to surpass..?



Wed Jan 10 03:10:30 2018

Jim lives in an apartment on a space colony and owns an answering machine



Sat Jan 6 23:35:40 2018

she's talking about her birthmark


Mission Jim ver. 4 (or 5?)

Sat Jan 6 21:59:20 2018

The character's fluctuated from being a homeless brawler, to a pizza boy, to a VSSE agent- whatever I do with him will have to involve a mix of the 3 but mostly no I just give him a gun. and we good.


Papaya Doodle

Sat Jan 6 21:57:26 2018

ain't dead (yet!) gonna be posting more (exclusive) stuff on here soon, sorry for the slow output - work sucks. I appreciate your continued support


Mission Jim v4

Thu Dec 28 06:49:11 2017

Going for more of a Time Crisis kinda look/theme with this one


Guild Breakers_Hidden Frame 2

Tue Dec 26 21:24:30 2017

subtle Patreon advert hidden in the credits that no one's gonna find


Guild Credits Update!

Tue Dec 26 21:22:45 2017

These are the credits for the new Guild Breakers cartoon I'm putting out - I have all Patrons names included as of 12/4/17.

These are names of patrons who have supported the patreon for at least 1 month (November.) I wrote the names as they appear on my dashboard and am unable to change or customize anyone's names so please don't ask me to do that.

Let me know if I missed yours.

EaqActScHsYjSTbxqRCAlbGG0RZQAcJS8f_SGdjPlgOhJbrSjU4JbAGiHvonL3At.jpe (d)

Hearty Lucy

Mon Dec 25 03:19:01 2017

This WAS supposed to be a commission but they never paid me for it. Its been 8 months so I'm guessing its safe to say I've been dooped.

Didn't want it to just sit in my folders so here it is! Learned a valuable lesson from this - always ask for a down payment first..


Quick Mimi Doodles

Fri Dec 22 15:12:21 2017

"Mimi" is a name energetically voted on by the lovely Tostito's on the Burrito Twitch Chat. Will be seeing more from this character this holiday season~


...Not a dick pic

Thu Dec 21 15:09:50 2017

From the Hashtag Relatable archives



Mon Dec 18 03:23:15 2017

Wanted to try drawing her.. Think I have an idea for another lewd.


Arkady Fanart

Wed Dec 13 23:57:56 2017

Been studying my friend Jazlyte's animation 'Free Ride' a lot lately because his animation is fuckin fantastic and you should all peep it if you haven't yet - so I doodled a little fanart of his main character Arkady on one of my breaks.


Hitman Julio

Tue Dec 12 07:59:49 2017

Hitman guy loosely based off one of my managers at work (who's like the sweetest guy in real life)


Commission_Wooper Squad

Tue Dec 12 06:12:11 2017

For Carmine - had a lot of fun with this one!


Grocery Lad

Mon Dec 11 18:23:53 2017

Playing around with a hyper compressed, monochromatic look that would be mega quick to animate..


Commission_Homura Crimson Squad

Mon Dec 11 08:24:33 2017

For Anthony who requested Homura and Mirai be drawn with a maid outfit and catsuit respectively - is that a reference to something in the game?


Cynthia Quickie

Thu Dec 7 08:38:17 2017

Mega quick Cynthia doodle the lines suck but I need to practice on her 'cause she's hard for me


Guild Credits_Deadline!

Wed Dec 6 02:54:46 2017

All Patrons' names as of 12/4/17 have been added to the video credits!

Disclaimer: I am only using everyones' Patreon Account Names, no custom names or shoutouts.

If there are any last minute stragglers that subscribe before the credits are exported I will TRY to include you, but if you subscribe and read this like a week from now I am sorry to say I won't be able to go back and keep re-exporting on your behalf, you'll just have to wait til the next video.

On that note, I am giving everyone until the 10th til I'm closing the credits FOR GOOD.

So just giving you a heads up now!

Thanks everyone! Video's almost done!



Update_Your Names in GB Credits

Fri Dec 1 06:42:57 2017

With the animation for the credits done I'm dedicating the majority of the credits sequence to flashing all yall supporters names so I'll be using your Patreon Account names that I can view on my Dashboard.

I'm sorry I can't individually ask and message all of you how you'd like to be credited because I'd like for this animated short to come out before the year ends.

So if you have the ability to change your account name on Patreon - please try to change it by Monday!

Thanks everyone! Love ya



Jim_old design

Wed Nov 29 03:49:32 2017

after much deliberation - I think that whatever form this 'Pizza Boy' project of mine takes I'll be going with this version of Jim.

The red jacket was cool but to me it made him look 'too cool' and the comparisons to my Gold or Fry from Futurama would've been too inevitable.

I think the helmet and pink nose make him look dork-ier and hopefully cuter


Commission_Glaceon Profile Pic

Mon Nov 27 22:31:15 2017

Unamused cartoon Glaceon for David!


PokePerv_Sightseer (SM)

Wed Nov 22 10:57:05 2017

Need to practice more cloth flexing.


PNG Test_Sightseer

Mon Nov 20 23:04:39 2017

PNG Format this time... Trying to compare and contrast..


JPEG Test_Sightseer

Mon Nov 20 23:00:42 2017

Wanted to try out JPEG exports on the updated Animate CC 'cause they used to suck before but then my PNG's were getting a little too.. Bad looking also 'cause I suck but you tell me - does it look clear?


Ultra Homegrrl

Sat Nov 18 20:23:45 2017

Anyone buy it on release day?


Rainbow Rockette Grunt 2

Tue Nov 14 08:28:33 2017

Forgot to post this up here too


Rainbow Rockette Grunt

Tue Nov 14 05:09:49 2017

forgot to put this here lol


Cake Maniac_V1

Mon Nov 13 21:40:58 2017

Gif attempt from the Halloween stream - ass, feet, and hair need work I'll get this right eventually


Kuro Chan

Mon Nov 13 01:56:49 2017

Quick doodle of possibly the greatest concept for a 90's SatAM kids show Japan ever had.

Still working on getting the Guild Breakers short fully finished, doodling whenever I take breaks.


Shay Phone Cover

Thu Nov 9 03:56:27 2017

One of many I want to make by the time this cartoon's done


Drafts_Alter Ego

Wed Nov 8 15:57:19 2017

Been pondering on giving my 'Justice Guy' a secret identity but I think it might be better to just have him never take the suit off.


Guild 1_7 Dragons

Mon Nov 6 04:46:34 2017

Part 7/7

kJcAk0w8oqrrM7_7YuU4oO4iKxiiErUiMxmGefjXd1eBHmmWvjI_dw_dTzSeWIIb.jpe (d)

Guild 1_6

Mon Nov 6 04:02:49 2017

Part 6/7 (visuals are finished. Credits and final scene still need to be rendered.)

If you catch any mistakes PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

xENENlqe6jtXFAVSELQmPi2IuF1xeP9Oz0Wohe2ZG6qsxIfJ1xzvnlj20S6OvzT4.jpe (d)

Guild1_5 Dragons

Mon Nov 6 03:55:50 2017

Part 5/7 (visuals are finished. Credits and final scene still need to be rendered.)

If you catch any mistakes PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

AXqGRdpRvEQ02xX8Ev102W0UWLSUoOdVWt_oi6P0ZDDA9ftBxphKBpvc9Fv4RMqc.jpe (d)

Guild 1_4 Dragons

Mon Nov 6 03:51:56 2017

Part 4/7 (visuals are finished. Credits and final scene still need to be rendered.)

If you catch any mistakes PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Nj9fVgkPD6HaevktuAbRsljL9YhlwNLpehy5WcLpSyQm3quYDy9AVbFP9o3ElUxy.jpe (d)

Guild 1_3

Mon Nov 6 03:48:38 2017

Part 3/7 (visuals are finished. Credits and final scene still need to be rendered.)

If you catch any mistakes PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

UPDATE_might need some more crackling flames on the "Mack eats shit" shot, as well as add smoke coming out of the Dragons mouth after the blownage.

G240XTjbVAMzCjHkGdNn1t2gN4e-nL_04eOy7sXJmW1imULq1K32KkI26XTuzWOJ.jpe (d)

Guild 1_2

Mon Nov 6 03:42:25 2017

Part 2/7 (visuals are finished. Credits and final scene still need to be rendered.)

If you catch any mistakes PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

bCwSAu2XyOOlgQAHQvyZpyHBiDUYZ6a7dxd66Vck5t4wYCiIx48NNI9Z6EhhXDkN.jpe (d)

Guild Breakers 1_1

Mon Nov 6 03:38:57 2017

Part 1/7 (visuals are finished. Credits and final scene still need to be rendered.)

If you catch any mistakes PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

9J7fWL9XnmKCNLihLMjvXUVzZ4f7M64PQpSF8kVd2TK3g0N0qTHL5NiofPyt_prK.jpe (d)

Drafts_Smart Suit Warrior3

Fri Nov 3 16:49:02 2017

Vegeta stance - think I'll stick with the boots


Smart Suit Warrior_Drafts 2

Fri Nov 3 06:28:05 2017

updated slightly, more on the way


Creeper Reaper

Wed Nov 1 14:39:13 2017

Drew Halloween Reaper from last night's spook stream! Hope ya had a fun Halloween!


Drafts_Smart Suit Warrior

Mon Oct 30 19:04:06 2017

Friends and I have been trying to adamantly schedule more writing/brainstorming sessions, I was flipping through some of my old journals and found a character that had more 'fleshing out' potential.


Megumin_Unused Drawing

Mon Oct 30 18:49:09 2017

This one was from Kevin's commission - it started out as a sketch I didn't like, but ended up going back and inking it out. Thought it looked okay and sent it to him as a bonus with the other drawings.


Lucario (Unused drawing)

Mon Oct 30 18:47:08 2017

From Lauren's commission - this drawing went unused because it ended up not working with the composition overall. So if you commission me and I "screw up" like this - you get the extra art free of charge lol


Commission_OC Poketeam Phone BG

Mon Oct 30 18:45:39 2017

This one was for Lauren - also one I forgot to put up and share.


Commission_Rowlet Evo

Mon Oct 30 18:42:48 2017

Never put this one up - this one was for Ryan and he wanted me to draw a the Rowlet evos for a shirt he was gonna print.


Commission_Megumin Iphone BG

Mon Oct 30 18:39:10 2017

For Kevin! Megumin's also a cutie!


Commission_Uraraka Iphone BG

Mon Oct 30 18:31:23 2017

For Kevin! Ochaco's a cutie


Commission_Mega Gard

Sat Oct 28 02:35:48 2017

Gardevoir commission for Nyu! Was nice of them to let me draw them a Mega Gard 'cause I wanted to practice it!


PokePerv_Hex Maniac 2

Fri Oct 27 13:57:51 2017

Second draft, still think it needs more.. 3rd time's a charm!


PokePerv_Hex Maniac

Fri Oct 27 13:52:47 2017

Trying to get in practice with the Hex Maniac. This is the first draft.


Commission_Lucina vs May vs Shay

Fri Oct 27 01:46:40 2017

Another fun boxer girl drawing for Alexander! Am honored that he'd commission me to draw one of my own characters in it as well!


Killer7_Kaede Wallpaper (v2)

Wed Oct 25 23:08:04 2017

Second version of my Kaede Smith background for OBS


Killer7_Kaede Wallpaper

Wed Oct 25 23:06:20 2017

First draft of a "wallpaper backdrop" for my Killer7 streams on OBS but couldn't figure out how to implement it (yet) Still researching on how to install themes or whatever you call those slick background templates you see on people's Twitch


Guild Breakers_Hidden 1

Sun Oct 22 00:46:19 2017

Succubus Ad flash. Spoiler!


Commission_May Twerk 2/2

Thu Oct 19 13:58:15 2017

For Trips! Was stoked to work on these for him 'cause it fits with our PokePervin' mission!


Commission_May Twerk 1/2

Thu Oct 19 13:41:55 2017

For Trips! Was stoked to work on these for him 'cause it fits with our PokePervin' mission!



Mon Oct 16 22:15:22 2017

Or 'Kasumi'... OG Electric Tales Manga swimsuit.. I grew up with that, idk bout you.


Quickie Sabrina

Mon Oct 16 02:30:11 2017

That guilty feeling that you haven't posted in a while and need some more goodies for your Patreon.

Any pokegirls in particular you'd like to see some lewders of? Lemme know!


Commission_Dawn x Leaf

Sat Oct 7 02:29:34 2017

Or Leaf x Dawn. There's a whole story behind this that the commissioner is working on and its fantastic.


Cuphead_Grab A Friend

Wed Oct 4 19:27:55 2017

This game fun.


Cobra_Start Screen

Mon Oct 2 22:45:50 2017

Was playing around with this from time to time. Not sure when I'll be able to do anything with it 'cause there's too much I gotta work on right now.

P6jTJTIT_zGGSMBcSM-D6JEokkousxyJQqGRjFIQDz_M554-vkwIdYoDqxrYUMu_.jpe (d)

Commission_Tomas's Friend's Bday

Sun Oct 1 19:21:02 2017

Did a little birthday illustration of Micha Jawken and his friend's OC's. I've never even seen Symphogear but the girl look crazy.


Commission_Yu-Gi-OC for Benjamin

Fri Sep 29 23:19:29 2017

GIF version of some Yugi OC's and their monsters for Benjamin. The characters were fun to draw!


Snow Crab

Thu Sep 28 20:54:25 2017

this one's from a while back that I never finished. had a strong urge to draw Crabominable cuz he's one of my favs from sun/moon


Bomb Kirby

Wed Sep 27 19:39:44 2017

Got into a Kirby kind of mood on the stream and doodled this one out. He's unsurprisingly hard for me to draw I had to redo his face a couple of times.


Stingybee's Mei BDAY Card

Wed Sep 27 08:09:40 2017

updated lines and made it better because I posted the first one a day before her actual bday.



Wed Sep 27 08:01:26 2017

Booty so thick it can withstand claws.


Stingybee's Mei Birthday Card

Mon Sep 25 19:22:45 2017

Drew some Bday art for Stingybee! Do these posts come out blurry when I post them or do I need to get my eyes checked? I export my illustrations from Flash at optimal res...

Full Size:


Guild Breakers_"Buff Dragons" Preview

Mon Sep 25 06:59:04 2017

Currently adding mouths and fixing/tweaking some of the animations and drawings along the way... Still got a bit to edit further.

Audio's a little muffled on this one - the export settings weren't fixed yet.

eiNM9To8HBt4aJxGIcwANK52YKQXAAE-9dwnECq0Ry89OntPGQHqhq-fLEuz4uQk.jpe (d)

Anyone playing Pokken DX this weekend?

Sun Sep 24 19:22:08 2017

Croagunk is an allegory for my own work ethic...


Ayame Power Stone

Sat Sep 23 21:32:24 2017

Power Stone fanart that might need... A Patreon-Only version.


Commission_Dreadfighter Corrin

Thu Sep 21 18:31:13 2017

Drew some Corrin F for CNE2


Zero Suit

Wed Sep 20 18:45:52 2017

Would this even be how she takes it off??



Wed Sep 20 07:12:43 2017

Played around with a tracksuit look - inspired by the Jackie Chan outfit from My Lucky Stars, but found it too loud compared with the other characters. Making it yellow also made it too much of a Bruce Lee reference.


Jim_Alternate Jacket

Wed Sep 20 07:10:50 2017

Lost the hat and the "Not Gold" look - and wanted to give him more of a Forest Law look.


Two Broke Girls

Tue Sep 19 19:05:21 2017

after countless peoples on stream told me that the best champion was Cynthia... I found out that they were totally right - might have to draw more of her... And Dawn...


Boxing Girls for Alexander

Mon Sep 18 20:45:56 2017

This Commission was pretty fun to do, adding the marginal animation in the back added a lot and I'll have to experiment with this a lot more lol


GB_"Best Quest"

Mon Sep 18 20:25:54 2017

See where it all began. These are all public on my old deviantart travesty - but I never share these.

My original Best Quest comics were all made back in 2012-2013, they were all drawn by hand and then scanned into photoshop where shitty effects were applied.

I had forgotten that the comic had originally started as a title called "Track Shorts" set in a modern day setting in college before I switched it to a more fantasy based setting.


Squishy Squids (First attempt)

Sat Sep 16 20:55:56 2017

First try - Still need to work on the masks, skin needs to be shinier



AMAR: No idea..

Thu Sep 14 20:08:16 2017

Riding this 'Troid Train!

Full Size:


Samus, saaaamoos

Thu Sep 14 18:03:09 2017

Game drops tomorrow, seemed appropriate - I still need to find a gamestop near me..


Guild Babies?

Wed Sep 13 18:35:01 2017

No, just Nyle's a baby - some of these might go up on the store as stickers - or at least, thats what I had in mind..


Coffee Girl 4

Tue Sep 12 18:00:42 2017

Changed the hair so she looks more like an Angry Kiki - the bow color might have to change.


Beta Coffee Girl 3

Tue Sep 12 17:58:49 2017

3rd alteration - wasn't comfortable not giving her ears.


Roughs_Squid X Sis attempts

Mon Sep 11 19:38:18 2017

Just to drive home how hard the Squid Sisters are for me to draw here are a couple of attempts I've made at finding a composition/pose for them.. But THIS WILL HAPPEN!! I'm close to a breakthrough!


Sister Squidster!

Sun Sep 10 21:12:42 2017

No joke I have been spending an ungodly amount of time trying to get decent at drawing these girls for a lewd and the attempts so far have been abismal.. But here's a non-lewd that turned out kind of okay.


Jim's Toyota AE86

Thu Sep 7 22:03:17 2017

Used for drift shift pizza deliveries, it might even be funnier to have it primarily drive by just drifting everywhere.


GB_Beta Shay Character Outline

Thu Sep 7 18:43:51 2017

"She's all about girl power." I actually wrote that... With confidence... And thought that sounded cool...

Shay's weapon changed a lot - here I had her sporting like a gun lance type weapon.


GB_Beta Nyle Character Outline

Thu Sep 7 18:41:23 2017

More beta, concpetual dumpage.

These actually all took me a while and I put a good bit of time into each of them.

But then I'm also prone to just change everything at the drop of a hat so whether I do a good job sticking to these or not is completely up to interpretation.


GB_Beta Mack Character Outline

Thu Sep 7 18:38:15 2017

Old character file/sheet for Mack - I never spell checked these so they're probably riddled with mistakes.


GB_Beta Keif Character Outline

Thu Sep 7 18:30:35 2017

I'm going to have to update these really soon but I found my old character files for my original pitch presentation and they're Deviantart as hell.

The names were changed at this point but these were made fairly close to the time the project got dropped at the studio.


GB_BQ Production (2014)

Thu Sep 7 18:26:04 2017

Found this old picture Keno took of us in his apartment recording for Best Quest back in 2014.. Geez this is old. Nate's recording all of his lines in Tagalog because we re-recorded an entire episode in Tagalog because we all thought it would be funny. I think that episode is still anotated somewhere but I don't even know anymore.


GB_Beta Mack (Mort)

Thu Sep 7 18:19:11 2017

As much as I loved this design it was still too close to the original versions of the character. I was set on blue and yellow being Nyle and Keif's colors respectively and if I made this green the comparisons to Link would have been inevitable.

It still might've worked being green but in the end I'm really glad I job changed him into a rogue 'cause I think it works better.

Might opt to bring this design back for another character in the series if we ever get that far.(Trina's versions at the bottom right)


GB_Beta Shay (Ruth) 2

Thu Sep 7 18:17:42 2017

More drafts of Shay's old design - out of all the characters her direction probably changed the most - in all of these she still looks too much like her NQ counterpart.

More art by Trina in the bottom right.


GB_Beta Nyle (Nate)

Thu Sep 7 18:15:13 2017

Nyle's direction stayed the most consistent out of all his incarnations. He was always the blue guy, he was always a pacific islander, and he always had glasses.

In this version he was originally going to be a staff wielder but I felt it was too overdone and decided to make his weapon a book because it seemed funnier.

More designs/alterations by Trina at the bottom


GB_Beta Keif (Keenan)

Thu Sep 7 18:12:54 2017

Keif's original weapon was just going to be a shield - in the designs below are more renditions for his costume that were made by my friend Trina from the studio I was working with at the time before the project fell through.


GB_"Beta" Shay (Ruth)

Thu Sep 7 18:11:06 2017

aka 'Bow Shay' when I had her as a rogue.


GB_Old Designs

Thu Sep 7 18:06:15 2017

These were made when the project was still under Next Quest - the decision to make Mack (Mort) into a rogue stemmed from that it would be too lame to have two knight characters - and I didn't really want Shay (Ruth) to be another archer type.

Fray from Next Quest was scrapped in the new story - and it took me a long time to realize the obvious choice to merge him and Mort into one character for Mack.

I liked these designs a lot but they were too complicated to draw over and over again.. Which really shows my limitations as an animator xD


GB_Old Boards3

Thu Sep 7 18:03:45 2017

Shay was originally going to be Ruth from NQ. The story was exactly the same I just updated the designs and changed the names from the original and it became its own thing.


GB_Old Boards2

Thu Sep 7 18:01:44 2017

The pilot episode was originally going to be set in the Next Quest universe with many of the designs staying similar to the original NQ shorts.


GB_Old Boards

Thu Sep 7 17:59:57 2017

diggin through my archives and found my old Guild Breakers (Next Quest) stuff that would be cool to share on here.


More Coffee Girl

Wed Sep 6 23:23:50 2017

Back from the dead, still trying to settle on a look for this character.


Loose lines pizza time

Mon Aug 28 18:47:52 2017

More Jim doodles, playing with an updated palette


Jill Dreams

Mon Aug 28 03:47:43 2017

Those on stream know I've been digging Va-11 Hall-A a lot lately :)

Also I wasn't sure how far Dana's robot art goes up so I improvised...


Commission_Armor Guy & Ward

Sun Aug 27 19:08:53 2017

This one's for Kastredas, these are two of his OC's from a story he's writing. Gotta say the dude's committed, he has an entire tumblr dedicated to his story/concept



Sat Aug 26 18:55:40 2017

Some of you might've seen me struggle with this one on stream - but in the end I think it turned out alright. And I was really happy that the commissioner was happy 'cause wowzers this character is hard to draw. She's from Brave Frontier.



Sat Aug 26 18:54:22 2017

For Drago! This one was a lot of fun, and Bowser's my fav character in Smeesh


WIP_Shay Attack

Sun Aug 20 10:39:27 2017

Thought I'd finally show some stuff from the new short - this is nowhere near done but we need more Guild Breakers on here. I'll get on some sick phone wallpapers for y'all soon.


Widowmaker Studies

Sun Aug 20 07:37:21 2017

Tried drafting some Cote d'Azure in my spare time.


Coffee Girl

Thu Aug 17 22:32:28 2017

She works at the cafe Jim goes to a lot. Jim has a thing for her. She totally hates him. Or does she? They're probably childhood friends too. She likes metal and skateboards.


Mission Jim_Character Dump

Wed Aug 16 20:47:45 2017

Jim along with some rough base characters I'm trying to write out for the story.


Cutie Jill

Sun Aug 13 03:41:12 2017

The cool girl who does the cyberpunk bartender action in that cool game.


Mission Jim - Character Sheet

Fri Aug 11 19:38:48 2017

aka "Korean Fry"

Bringing back an old concept from a while back, trying to re-draft it to fit in with other ideas / scripts I've had laying around.


Zis Azz

Thu Aug 10 20:31:13 2017

Someone requested Mercy and I gave it a shot!

Full Size:


Bootleg Gold

Wed Aug 9 18:54:29 2017

Not Gold, just a look-alike... 'Cause thats legal right?

He doesn't use pokeballs but he summons his thunder punching demon buddy using his phone. (Which Ketai Denjuu Telefang already does)


Ribombee_Gif Test

Wed Aug 2 19:57:01 2017

So you CAN upload gifs onto here... :)

MB_7-Frame-Gif_BombBee.gif Dew

Wed Aug 2 07:14:34 2017

My friends introduced me to Overwatch, and now I feel like I have permission...

Full Size:


Zelda, oops...

Sun Jul 30 01:21:16 2017

More Zelder, Wild Breath... Oops.

Full Size:



Fri Jul 28 06:04:38 2017

'cause its summer~


Daigo Dangerous

Wed Jul 26 20:46:09 2017

More original stuff comin' soon~


More Homemade Spidey

Mon Jul 24 16:21:02 2017

One last one for the road lol

BG file:



Sun Jul 23 18:17:07 2017

For Aron! Momomomo from Hero Macademia


Spidey Phone-Size

Sat Jul 22 20:16:15 2017

New Background art! If ya like, gonna be making more Phone-friendly sized art stuff for you while on breaks :)



Thu Jul 20 23:28:57 2017

I wanted to see how fast I could make something and this took about... way too long. Anyway please enjoy or feel free to berate me because this is GARBAGE.

Context: I was hanging out with some friends and doing these shitty spongebob impressions that they liked and this... is what became of it...

7iLzkVWYIINic4LGbRIEZ_UPE0TmlB7aWXvRl0TdedZujQSX9ggVDaxt4vpdxVM8.jpe (d)

P5 Makoto_NSFW

Wed Jul 19 03:06:11 2017

More Persona 5 sexy social linkage drawing for patreon~!



Personeon Dynamite

Fri Jul 14 20:33:45 2017

I make joke weeee


P5_Futaba NSFW

Thu Jul 13 09:47:31 2017

Full Size:

Thinkin' about making a set of these :) (Patreon-Only of course)


Frog girl

Tue Jul 11 19:30:44 2017

Tsuyu doodle I did after a huge stint animating Mack


Commission_Disgaea? Disgeae?

Thu Jul 6 19:28:19 2017

Did a drawing of Usalia and Rasberyl for Alexandre.


New T-Shirt & July 4th Sale

Tue Jul 4 19:31:53 2017

Hey just an update - I put up the new Sceptile Tee up for sale - it'll be discounted at $14 for the next 2 days.

And for today only if you wanna pick up another T-shirt I or anyone else has made everything is 30% off on the store today so take advantage!

Commission_John OC "Zenna"

Sat Jul 1 16:45:20 2017

Fun OC character commission for John's D&D rogue, Zenna.


Sceptile Phone BG

Wed Jun 28 19:36:18 2017

Do you think this would look good on a shirt?


More Errgth-Bound doodles

Tue Jun 27 21:41:03 2017

I really like drawing the characters in this game..


Not Nice Ness

Mon Jun 26 22:43:29 2017

Quick doodle - working on a script for a Mother parody.

Also, streamin' today 5pm PAC if anyone wants to hang out (update notifications on the Discord)


Commission_RM Magik

Mon Jun 26 18:47:09 2017

Gonna start posting up my commissions!

Or well - the majority of them are already posted here, but I'm gonna start putting them up on my public blogs more publicly.


Rubyer3_Snake Prize Uncensored

Sat Jun 24 22:06:54 2017 [Full Size: For your eyes only]

Thought I lost this!This is the prize you get if you picked snakes in the Rubyer3 Hidden Frame challenge, but participants only received a censored version ;)



Sat Jun 24 19:35:44 2017

Doodling more Earthbound.. Also kinda workin' on something... Stay tuned!


Commission_Sexy Starbucks

Sat Jun 24 10:02:27 2017

Talls commissioned me to make something sexy with the Starbucks siren, and the first thing that came to mind was the Unicorn frap~

[Full Size]


Lucina Says 3_WIP

Wed Jun 21 14:01:45 2017

Progress update on my third Lucina Says.

Production on this is gonna get slowed once I get back to working on Guild Breakers (when my last voice files I need get sent in.)

But in the meantime, here's what I have so far.

xUmRAwGVHztwZ96du3NucwfFDslVBM-UcdMjI4wNUwXM1T3PSK5FbWpm7vvMA9t2.jpe (d)

Commission_Dark Magician Girl Phone BG

Tue Jun 20 23:09:50 2017

For Aron!

This one was fun to do!


Darkness = Best Girl

Mon Jun 19 21:35:00 2017

finally checked out konosuba after months of friends telling me to watch - and it was totally worth it, great show.


Lucina Says 3 - Spoiler

Sun Jun 18 21:04:26 2017

Been working a lot on Lucina Says 3 - the first HALF is almost done, gonna try to have it ready by Monday/Tuesday to view. In the meantime, here's an uncensored frame of it.


Commission_Limbonix's OC

Fri Jun 16 23:28:40 2017

Commission for Limbonix's OC, Nyx.


Commission_Shadow's OC

Fri Jun 16 23:25:49 2017

Commission piece I did for Shadow's Original Character. And yeah I address people as whatever their google/tumblr/twitter handle they recruit me under is lol


Supreme-O Burrito Bros, Character Sheet

Wed Jun 14 22:37:12 2017

Some designs for an original Burrito Boy cartoon I wanna do in the future.


Metroidin'_zero mission dump

Sun Jun 11 19:27:03 2017

Well... Here's hoping they announce a new one sometime today!


More Metroid-ing Out

Sat Jun 10 20:48:17 2017

Sorry, I half promise- something will come of all this power suiting! (I think)



Sat Jun 10 19:53:50 2017

haha PUNS!



Fri Jun 9 20:42:09 2017

been slaving over this pose trying to get it to look good - so hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

UPDATE: working away at Lucina Says 3 and am going to be spending probably the rest of today re-drawing all my Palutena scenes because I think she looks shitty..

Stream pushed to tomorrowwww


Spidey Fusion Samus

Thu Jun 8 17:58:08 2017

Had a lot of fun with this one, I based it off of that iconic Macfarlane Spider-Man pose (I think its by Macfarlane) and thought it'd be a good fit with the fusion suit.


Shay Taunts

Thu Jun 8 02:11:25 2017

Shay doodle - updated design assets


More Samus

Tue Jun 6 19:15:24 2017

more Metroid scratching



Mon Jun 5 20:16:11 2017

Reformating my mascot character into a megaman-looking space dude.


Varia Suit Drawing

Sun Jun 4 19:41:15 2017

Been having a lot of fun with this unexpectedly- will get to the zero suit soon enough but in terms of a fun, bulky frame with a gun-arm this is really satisfying.


Samus Doodle

Sat Jun 3 21:16:37 2017

Some Varia Suit-ing!


Dark Magician Girl_Patreon Ver.

Thu Jun 1 21:24:31 2017

"You done activated my fap card!"

Also the ship's sinking, gotta plug the hole with lewds.


Golder Motivational Phone BG

Thu Jun 1 18:20:15 2017 for your phones!

'Cause my patrons be OP as fuck.


Spider-Gwen doodle

Wed May 31 20:03:51 2017

Testing out an iPhone-sized canvas - which means in the VERY NEAR future, I'ma start sharing some Patreon-exclusive high res smartphone background's with you all :)


Crisis Guy

Tue May 30 18:35:15 2017

The detective character re-vamped with more leisure suits, headbands, and guns - Was thinking of making his hair orange at first but that might be too on the nose. Possible names: Juarez, Montez, Horatio...


Commission_Patty NSFW (2)

Fri May 26 18:34:18 2017

First real attempt at NSFW, 'cause there's a toon vag with a hint of dong in it. Tried to juxtapose the lewdicrous imagery with warm, therapeutic paints. I think it turned out okay. This one's for Gabe.


Commission_Fishy's OC

Fri May 26 18:25:15 2017

Fishy got in contact with me a while ago to draw his OC, Sunn. Think she turned out alright.



Tue May 23 17:53:37 2017

I had a meeting yesterday with my friend Mike who lives out here in the valley, we got some projects we want to work on together for Channel 101 here in LA so we'll be talking a lot more in the future.

I also got in contact with Sharkrobot, their an online storefront that a lot of indie creators work with and they're down to help me open up a mattyburrito merch store so POSTERS and other cool shit can soon be a thing now.

Other than that I've got lines for one of the new Guild Breakers shorts from my pal Chris - I'll be going ahead trying to get this 3 minute short out just so I can have something to share with you guys. The other 2 scripts need so much work still.

But yeah, those are two big updates. People post those on here right?




Guild Breakers Update

Mon May 22 18:44:31 2017

Definitely haven't forgotten bout GB, and before anything happens with Super Lucy I gotta have some more Guild content up.

2 of the 3 shorts I want to produce are written (and partially boarded.)

But yea, just want to let you know I haven't forgotten about it and at least ONE of these shorts is getting produced this summer.

Thanks for your continued support!




Shirohoshi Blip

Mon May 22 00:47:47 2017

Me being basic as fuck and trying to participate in more art trends. But I've never been able to draw this girl right and this was a good opportunity to practice.



Sun May 21 08:55:09 2017

Pin-up idea. Sticking with the idea of her being a robot, think there's some funny ideas there.



Sat May 20 19:02:58 2017

Playing with the idea of her being an android - which wouldn't really change anything aside from drawing little cybernetic indents on her skin, and it WOULD allow for her to 'realistically' get shot a whole bunch and still move(?)

But yeah, sorry for the massive Lucy dumps this week, will start posting... OTHER things.


Cobra_SuperLucy4 (Alternate Palettes/Hair)

Fri May 19 18:54:34 2017

Idk, Player 2 costume I guess haha- thought she looked a little too much like Sylvia from NMH2.


Cobra_Super Lucy3

Thu May 18 16:10:07 2017

More from the Lucy doodle dump..


Cobra_Super Lucy2

Tue May 16 18:53:32 2017

First draft of concepts for Super Lucy's 'speed suit' that she wears under her trenchcoat. Thinking I need to make the leotard go up to her neck so its more Cammy-like.



Tue May 16 01:08:47 2017

So collecting audio assets for Guild Breakers is going to take a while, sorry to say. I got a lot of stuff done with Chris (Mack) today online, but scheduling and finding time to do voices with Jay (Keif) and Sarah (Shay) is gonna be an odyssey since they're both super busy (I think Jay's actually on his honeymoon or somethin' right now.)

But thats all good, 'cause I've got this little Lucina project to keep me occupied in the meantime. Next couple of updates I post will be related to this.

This one will be a lot different because I'm tackling it the way animators SHOULD by making an animatic first.. Normally I just jump straight from very rough storyboards to animation but, as my friend who actually works for Cartoon Network has recently told me, studios don't really give a shit about finished projects on a resume; all they really want to see is how well you handle your pre-production. So that was all news to me.

But hey, thats good, on the upside they don't care if your boards come from a fan project or not, they just want to see how well you can rough things out.

But yeah, hope you guys can look forward to this - Its gonna be A LOT different than the last Lucina videos I've made.


Cobra_Super Lucy2

Mon May 15 18:36:31 2017

More messing with Super Lucy~


SGT. Frog_Aki 2

Mon May 15 02:24:27 2017

More Mother's Day art from today's Stream. Here's hopefully a more 'traditional' looking Aki for you. I'm about to go check prices online for the manga books now 'cause I suddenly want to relive my childhood.


Happy Milf's Day! ~Afro Gunso~

Sun May 14 09:24:29 2017

Most people say Mrs. Ketchum was their first 2D milf.. Mine was definitely Aki from SGT. Frog.


Cobra_'Not Lucina'

Sat May 13 20:07:39 2017

As 'Project Cobra' continues to take form - I've decided to go about it by making a proof of concept animated 'fake' trailer, and this brought an idea to light:

I was toying with the idea of making a bonafide Lucina parody character for a while; like, full on parody, to the point where I've trying to figure out a way to get Laura Bailey to be the voice, hence 'Lucina Says 3' in which I would try to get her attention with it and then maybe ask her (and put out a funny new video at the same time) OR email her casting agent... Or, most likely, both!

Either way, its been a dumb dream of mine to actually synthesize original badass Laura Bailey audio with Lucina (without getting completely sued.) The futuristic setting and 'masked marth' short hair look would hopefully enable me to use the blue palette motif, and her using guns further distances the comparison to her FE counterpart. Its a tricky line I want to walk because I'd want viewers and fans to KNOW and SEE HER as my parody Lucina from the Says series - but get away with enough to market her as her own original character. But then why not just make a completely original character and completely throw away any connection to Lucina? 'Cause I'm a fool and have a hard time motivating myself if what I'm working on isn't lampooning something.

TL:DR, these are really just my mystic #randomthoughts of the week. Let me know what you think of my dumb character/ideas!



Fri May 12 16:54:47 2017

Got something cooking. More details to follow...



Thu May 11 18:20:16 2017

Some NPC cannon fodder for the robbery short.


Guild_ Norn Sisters

Thu May 11 18:17:13 2017

The first Guild Breakers short features a robbery bust by these steampunk nerds... 'Cuz I really wanted to do something with guns and this seemed like the only organic way to fit it into GB


Cobra_Animation Test

Tue May 9 03:00:03 2017

Some people had mentioned it and I became curious in trying - Project Cobra might go from webcomic to animated cartoon!



Sun May 7 18:09:53 2017

More comic draftin'



Sun May 7 18:03:21 2017

comic draftin'


Cobra NSFW

Fri May 5 09:37:29 2017

New NSFW-branding under 'Naughtyburrito.'

Comic I'm doing is a parody/spoof of Chobits/Urusei Yatsura.


Guild Breakers Original Music by Goatz

Thu May 4 18:56:23 2017

So a friend of mine, Goatz, volunteered to make new original music for Guild Breakers and its friggin' righteous:

If you dig that, more of his Goatz's stuff:


Guild Breakers Wallpaper

Wed May 3 18:41:16 2017

Once upon a time, in a dope ass world. Blew it up on 1920 x 1080 canvas at 300 res... Is it big enough?


Mega May Lewd

Tue May 2 20:28:29 2017

May commission for Trips. There was a time I told myself I'd never try lewds but...


Patty Dee Skull Crush

Mon May 1 17:53:06 2017

Commission piece featuring my original character Patty Dee for my boy Gabe. Was great to try rendering with some watercolor paints I got my hands on.

*GALLERY OF SIN UPDATE: I noticed some patrons donated and were invited to the Discord - but then immediately deleted their pledge for this month. Due to the revelation that they're still in the Discord it wouldn't be fair to continue posting [exclusive] artwork there that's only meant for you subscribers.

So everything's just gonna get posted here on the Patreon itself from now on.


Cobra_panel sample .png

Mon May 1 09:11:00 2017

Raw inks, planning to map the art onto a traditional 8.3 x 11.7 canvas. With any luck I'll be able to get a good friend of mine to help me with the coloring. More to come!



Mon May 1 02:39:20 2017

Playing around with some idea(s.) Really pressed on incorporating a demented Cardcaptor Sakura villain and a "Fuccroi" in a future script.


Cobra_panel concept

Sun Apr 30 00:01:06 2017

Idea for panel execution for my Cobra comic.


GB_Swole Dragon

Sat Apr 29 17:30:31 2017

The GB's next mission, whatever form it takes, involves a ripped ass dragon.


GB_Wallpaper Attempt_1

Fri Apr 28 22:09:47 2017

rough cut of a wallpaper/banner/promo pic for the new EP. Gonna play with it and finalize it some more and then I'll put it up as an actual wallpaper for anyone who wants one!

I've got the first scenario pretty much finalized and ready to go and the rest of it's still pretty rough.

But my plan is to make at least 3 standalone shorts and compile them into one episode... Or if they end up being long enough I'll just release them individually as I finish them. EITHER WAY, you guys are gonna see it first.


GB_Mack 2.0

Thu Apr 27 19:21:32 2017

This one's from a couple weeks back but the Mack re-design so far has probably been my fav - only cuz I'm so glad to have finally removed the little ankle cuffs and stripes from his old costume. Trivia: The band aid on his face is from getting decked and slapped by multiple women, it will never heal.


GB_Baby Nyle

Thu Apr 27 19:18:21 2017

Been calibrating the GB characters for a while now and finally decided the best thing for the cast was to make Nyle smaller to diversify the original trio. His shrinkage will probably come into play with a hamfisted explanation but the most important thing (his walk cycle is so much easier to animate..)


Welcome to Patreon!

Thu Apr 27 07:03:24 2017

Uhh.. Yeah, I promise this whole page wont' SOLEY be dedicated to pornog. But like... A big part of it will be subjecting you subscribers to my blasphemous attempts at doodling the female form.. With butts and boobies. Uh oh.



Wed Apr 26 04:42:53 2017

Dear New Patrons,

Thank you so much for your support - unfortunately Patreon does not auto-invite you to the Discord server so I need you to MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY so I can personally give you the link.

Major updates and posts will still be posted here, but for more consistent, immediate stuff, as well as the ability to hang out and chat with me and everyone else directly - I highly recommend hanging out on the Discordapp.

Thanks again, and please comment (or message me) if you have any questions.

Thanks guys.



GalleryOfSin Update!

Tue Apr 25 19:35:41 2017

Uploaded some concept arts from my 'Cobra' project.

Viewable on the discord @


Rubyer 3_NSFW CLIP

Tue Apr 25 00:43:49 2017

Obviously this is for you guys only. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS VIDEO CLIP WITH ANYONE, if it gets out, I could get in trouble and might not be able to post these anymore.


Omeger Rubyer 3 [NSFW]

Mon Apr 24 20:57:23 2017

Don't worry this won't be ALL my Patreon is about lol, but one of the perks yea, I remove the censor bars lol


Golder #NSFW Redux

Sat Apr 22 12:20:04 2017

Little revamp of the very first NSFW frame everyone found.



Sat Apr 22 11:47:19 2017

In case you didn't read it in the description already, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I cannot stress this enough - Please DO NOT support my Patreon page if ALL you want to see from me are more Pokemon parodies. Omeger Rubyer will get done eventually but it is not my main priority.

I want to maintain the freedom to create whatever I want so if you're not down for that, this Patreon might not be for you...

But, if you genuinely like my stuff and want to see whatever I make next, you've come to the right place.

Okay sweet,


Crisis Cobra_1

Mon Mar 6 04:41:30 2017

^character/concept I'm currently working on. This will most likely be a comic but if stuff really takes off with this I might look into animating it.



Thu Feb 2 23:47:18 2017

Little poopy clip I hastily edited to test out YouTube's unlisted video settings.

In the future I'll be uploading Patreon-only versions of my Channel videos. I thought you could upload video content directly on Patreon but it needs a URL so here we are.


First Patreon post ever.

Thu Dec 29 18:34:38 2016

So I've finally made one of these - I don't know why the hell the art I posted on the page isn't showing even though I followed the instructions and LINKED the pictures from Flickr like it said... But hopefully I'll figure that out soon.

I'm looking at the post types and it looks like I can choose what I can make public and not, which is really helpful.

Anyway. It's gonna take a while but the first video of new year on the pipeline is Omeger Rubyer Part 3 parody. So... You probably didn't hear that on here first. But yeah! Thats the next video I got scheduled for release and if anyone's subscribed to me by the time I finish it - they'll all get to see it on here ONE WEEK before everyone else does + all the uncensored hidden frames :)