October 2019 Pics

Pics from October 2019 Outlook folder (d)

November Bunnysuit

Sat Oct 31 21:41:14 2020

Being busy with comics and commissions I want to give something special to my patreons and that is for them to choose or give suggestions for future drawings that you ask for since I think the most fair thing for you is to give them something they want, I leave you my suggestions for drawings of characters in bunnysuit.

Gardevoir OC Estela

Sat Oct 31 19:50:21 2020

So i made a new Gardevoir OC her name is Estela (or you can name her), my plan is put her in adoption but I've never done an auction so I don't know how to start ... I know I have to put a minimum price and a maximum price ... but still I don't know how much it would be lol.

Patreon October folder:


Saraiah cow costume

Tue Oct 27 19:05:54 2020

Saraiah in cow costume for Darian (it will be published tomorrow in twitter)


Braixen's comic page 2

Sat Oct 24 08:08:47 2020

So after this i will continue with Hanako's comic

The entere page can be read here:

Due to the theme of the comic I cannot put the full page due to patreon policies ... (oh yes, as if hypnotism exists), but hey ... spoiler alert ... if you read the Gardevoir Trainer comic on where it seems that a machamp was going to do bad things to the gardevoir, the thing is going to have a similar twist here, below is a list of the comics that are finished and those that are pending:

Braixen's comic (in process 2pages ):

Circi's comic (in process 4 pages):

Clare's comic (in process but i dont know if i can finish it 4 pages)

Dr.Voir (finished 12 pages):

Hanako (in process 3 pages):

Saraiah (finished 3 pages):

Gardevoir Trainer (finished 14 pages):


Halloween costume girl

Sat Oct 24 05:22:48 2020

This will be a quick poll to choose a girl that I will draw for Halloween with some sexy costume, be free to comment and give your suggestions.

Saraiah x Darian mini comic

Thu Oct 22 03:40:40 2020

Mini comic commission of Saraiah with Darian for @HeraldInTheDark

I think Saraiah made a mistake that benefited Darian


I made one Hex Maniac Neko and will be published in twitter tomorrow, but you can download it here:


Braixen trainer page 1

Sat Oct 17 05:31:05 2020

This is a sneak peek, I don't plan on starting it yet (though I already finished page 1 lol)


Hanako page 3

Mon Oct 12 05:58:37 2020

We continue with the story of Hanako and the professor, and on the next page the spice begins.


Skyla and Elesa

Mon Oct 12 02:19:25 2020

Skyla and Elesa ... I was supposed to have streamed yesterday but I had problems and ended up tired; n ;, but I was able to finish this drawing of Skyla and Elesa ... in the end I decided to draw the two gym leaders.

(this art will be in the PSD rewards)

Patreon folders (september and october)

Tue Oct 6 04:25:56 2020

This Cynthia i will upload in a few days, Ryuko and Satsuki are in the september folder:

September Folder:

October Folder:


Hanako page 2

Fri Oct 2 09:07:46 2020

i need to fix some dialogue but its finished.

hanako2.jpg hanako2.jpg

Septembre PSD files

Thu Oct 1 19:39:37 2020

Greetings to all, thank you very much for your support, I hope you are well at the moment, here are the rewards for the month of September, the PSD files can be found in this folder:


Dr.Voir Next theme poll

Wed Sep 30 05:30:34 2020

Greetings to all, I hope you are very well, thank you very much for continuing to support me for the comics, this time I come with a question that I would like to know to handle in some next comic with Dr.Voir, and that is what theme should I handle ?, gardevoirXgardevoir action? , oral ?, paizuri ?, threesome ??. etc ... I am open to various ideas, but in the poll I leave the ideas that interest me the most.

Dr.Voir page 12 (final)

Fri Sep 25 06:53:00 2020

In the end, after a long time I finished it, it was a difficult road and I think the best thing will be to make short comics because if they start to be long it is difficult for me to continue them ... I will start the action quickly in future comics ... Also for this comic of Dr.Voir I will make a cover.

You can read it in full here:


Hanako page 1

Thu Sep 24 20:57:38 2020

I'm working on this comic from a friend's OC, I feel like it took me more work to make this page for some reason ... but I hope you can enjoy it like me because the spicy part starts very quickly.


Lana's mom footjob

Thu Sep 24 06:25:05 2020

Greetings, you can find the uncensored version in the google drive folder for the month of September ...

I'm also going to finish Dr.Voir's pages for the remainder of the month.

Gardevoir comics:


Sketches for future works

Mon Sep 21 23:58:32 2020

An apology for being so behind in the comics, illnesses and unfinished business have kept me very busy, I know that is not a pretext, but I think that next month I will not make a commission to give priority to comics again.

I'm working on a new one and trying to finish the one for Dr Voir and Circi, I'll be finishing them soon.

hanako1.jpg circicomic6.jpg drvoircover.jpg

Dr.Voir comic page 10 and11

Mon Sep 14 03:32:48 2020

I just need to finish one more page to finish Dr.Voir's comic, I could even make a cover, in the week I finish the final page, and the next comic that I need to finish is Circi's, feel free to comment if you have any questions .

Dr.Voir comic folder:


irina jelavic (betch sensei)

Sun Sep 13 23:15:11 2020

Irina and Lusamine are found uncensored in the patreon september folder:


Dr.Voir page 10 (wip)

Thu Sep 10 06:11:40 2020

An apology for the delay in the comics, I leave a wip that you can see in full in the google drive folder, I will upload pages 10 and 11 this week.


Lusamoone (Aether milk)

Thu Sep 10 04:37:18 2020

I will publish it first here on patreon and then on twitter, you can see it in full in the google drive link, possibly I will add small details when I publish it on Saturday on twitter.


Shampoo lingerie

Mon Sep 7 00:10:00 2020

A commission I finished, the uncensored version can be found in the attachments or in the September patreon folder.

Sorry for the delay with the comic a bit, I bought a new computer and had to install everything again, I'll be uploading them during the week.

You can also see the September album here:

shampoolingerie2.jpg shampoolingerie.jpg

August Patreon PSD files

Tue Sep 1 19:43:32 2020

The rewards for the + $ 10 patreons are ready, the PSD files can be downloaded at the following link:


Lana's mom shells

Sun Aug 30 22:53:44 2020

available and uncensored here:


Clare comic 3-4

Sun Aug 23 03:19:33 2020

The uncensored version is here, you can also download the pages in the attachments, I will be uploading the remaining pages of Dr.Voir and Circi next week.

Gardeovoir comics:

August Patreon Folder:

clare3.jpg clare4.jpg 34.jpg

Dr.Voir Page 9

Tue Aug 18 05:01:09 2020

Sorry for the delay, I have to finish more things this week, but you can read the comic here, it is available on page 9 of Dr.Voir:


Clare Android Page 2

Wed Aug 12 02:17:56 2020

I don't think I had uploaded the previous page but this is the comic I'll be working with this month, I hope to finish Dr.Voir this week!


Gardevoir Trainer page 13-14 (End)

Mon Aug 10 02:45:55 2020

At last, finally after a long time I was able to finish the first comic that I started as Trainer Gardevoir, sincerely I started doing it without a script and without a direction and due to the success I decided to continue it, thank you very much to all who supported!, I will be starting the from Coach Braixen (because I feel like it's a lot of Gardevoirs comics already), you can read the last two pages here:


July PSDs rewards

Sat Aug 1 18:15:36 2020

Thank you very much for your support, here are the rewards for the month of July, the PSD files are available at the following link:


August plans...

Fri Jul 31 00:38:34 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, then I leave you one of the plans I have for August, the main thing is to finish the pending comics

The "trainer gardevoir" comic is missing to draw 2 pages

Circi's comic would be missing 4 pages

Dr.Voir's comic would be missing 4 pages too

The idea was to make short comics but I think many have the potential to be somewhat long, also after finishing the trainer gardevoir comic the braixen comic would start in September, the other comics I hope they are not so long so they do not take me so long , the idea of not taking commissions in August is precisely to be able to advance and finish many comics, anyway any idea and suggestion is welcome, I still owe you drawings of pokegirls that I also want to do.


Circi page 4 and Dr.Voir page 8

Mon Jul 27 00:59:40 2020

Update page 4 of Circi mini comic and page 8 of Dr.Voir are available in the comics folder!


Circi mini comic page 3

Tue Jul 21 04:37:05 2020

Circi mini comic page 3, sorry for not uploading it on Sunday but just today I was able to finish it, this mini comic will be short like 6 pages approximately.

I attach the links to this month's folders and the mini comics:

July foler:

Gardevoir and professor comics:

circicomic3.jpg circicomic3.jpg

Dr.Voir page 7

Thu Jul 16 20:55:45 2020

Page 7 of the comic!!!


Circi mini comic page 2

Sun Jul 12 23:04:36 2020

I was able to finish this page before the end of the week, the teacher will examine a "cat" Gardevoir


Dr.Voir Page 6

Sat Jul 11 02:26:17 2020

Page 6 of Dr. Voir mini comic


Circi mini comic page 1

Thu Jul 9 01:43:50 2020

Well, while I continue with the Dr. Voir comic, I finished this page of Circi @YoBie84 gardevoir's , I only have one page but I will do it at the same time


Quick poll

Wed Jul 8 17:03:51 2020

I do a quick poll with some characters that I would like to draw but due to lack of time I can only draw one, help me choose.

Dr.Voir page 5

Tue Jul 7 19:48:00 2020

Page 5 of this mini comic, i will try to finish 3 pages more in the week.

drvoirpage5.jpg drvoirpage5.jpg

Dr. Voir pages 3-4

Thu Jul 2 16:43:43 2020

I will release this pages tomorrow, the rest of this comics will be only here on patreon.


June PSD rewards

Wed Jul 1 15:04:41 2020

Thank you all very much for your support, these are the rewards of the month of June, PSD files can be downloaded here:


Dr. Voir mini comic first two pages

Tue Jun 30 18:29:04 2020

Dr. Voir first two pages, i will publish the first 4 pages in the weekend on twitter the rest will be published here (private mode) and i will only post previews in twitter and other social media.


Saraiah mini comic.

Mon Jun 29 16:39:02 2020

Greetings, for the end Saraiah mini comic is here, with her this series of comics is inaugurated, the Gardevoir Trainer comic will continue and I hope to finish it soon, also wait for the next month the Dr.Voir mini comic, I hope that it will be approximately 10 o 12 pages (NSFW lewd).

saraiahminocomic3.jpg saraiahminocomic2.jpg saraiahminocomic1.jpg

Dr . Voir mini comic Preview

Sat Jun 27 22:56:42 2020

Greetings to all, I come to announce the projects that will be launched from the next month, unfortunately I could not finish the Gardevoi trainer comic this month, but I will be able to finish it in the following, as you will see on twitter I have started another comic project in which I plan to make mini comics of Gardevoirs OCs from colleagues and other people, these will be a minimum of 3 pages, with sfw and nsfw content, the first two that I will publish the next month are from Saraiah OC of will be 3 pages SFW , and Dr. Voir OC from for this character, I still don't have defined how many pages they are going to be, but it will be a long "mini comic" with very hot NSFW content, in August they will be "Circi" from Yobie and Gavine from Mr Ploxy, this is the list of voirs that were selected:


Gardevoir Trainer page 12

Mon Jun 22 15:57:32 2020

Page 12 is done, you can see it in full at the following links:

Gardevoir comic folder:

June folder:


Analyzing Circi

Sun Jun 21 03:11:34 2020

Gardevoir OC fanart of @YoBie84 "Circi" strongly inspired by the art of @clarevoir, I think next month I will be doing fanarts of Gardevoirs OCs in the company of my professor pokemon OC, he has to analyze all the gardevoirs for scientific purposes.

Gardevoir trainer page tomorrow!

Future plans: Dr.Voir mini comic


Gardevoir trainer page 11

Mon Jun 15 09:52:09 2020

Finished page 11, I thought I would not finish it on time this week, I have felt a little bad but i feel better, remember that you can see the June folder and the Gardevoir trainer folder in the following links.

You can download the full page here in patreon or watch it in the folder.

June folder:

Gardevoir trainer comic folder:

gardevoir11.jpg 11prev.jpg

Gardevoir trainer page 10

Sun Jun 7 10:12:09 2020

Finally the good thing started, I hope I can finish the whole comic this month, stay tuned, I will be uploading more pages than normal this month.

Gardevoir trainer folder:


Patreon May's PSD rewards

Tue Jun 2 00:27:26 2020

Thank you all very much, I leave the link so you can download the PSD files for May.


Gardevoir trainer page 9

Mon Jun 1 07:20:39 2020

At last!, spicy coming in this month...

message from the previous post ...


Thank you all very much for supporting me this month, remember that you can visit the folder where there are images that I have not published and the HD images, thanks to you I can continue with the gardevoir comic and in the following month I will finally upload the spicy pages , these pages will be available only for patreon next month and will be released later, I would also like to announce that the next comic will be about the Braixen / May, and I have a list of the characters that will have comic

Braixen / May

Gardevoir / Touko

Hatterene / Serena (I still have to draw her)

Drawings for the next month:

Lana's mom X Lusamine

Alola girls in the onsen

Busty Skyla

Any questions you can tell me and I can also do a poll to know what I could draw, remember that you have priority, greetings and I hope you are well.

Patreon May's Folder:

Gardevoir trainer's comic folder:


Gaghiel groping training (announcement of the month)

Mon Jun 1 01:25:02 2020

Thank you all very much for supporting me this month, remember that you can visit the folder where there are images that I have not published and the HD images, thanks to you I can continue with the gardevoir comic and in the following month I will finally upload the spicy pages , these pages will be available only for patreon next month and will be released later, I would also like to announce that the next comic will be about the Braixen / May, and I have a list of the characters that will have comic

Braixen / May

Gardevoir / Touko

Hatterene / Serena (I still have to draw her)

Drawings for the next month:

Lana's mom X Lusamine

Alola girls in the onsen

Busty Skyla

Any questions you can tell me and I can also do a poll to know what I could draw, remember that you have priority, greetings and I hope you are well.

Patreon May's Folder:

Gardevoir trainer's comic folder:


Gardevoir trainer page 8

Mon May 25 07:55:54 2020

At last!, it took me a long time, but page 8 is finished, the spicy pages are about to begin.

Remember that you can enter the patreon folder where there are extra drawings that I do not publish in these links:

Patreon May Folder:

Gardevoir Comic Folder:


Gardevoir trainer page 7

Mon May 18 00:31:12 2020

"Who was under the machamp costume is actually a young pokemon teacher, how will Gardei get his first pokemon?"


Gardevoir trainer page 6

Sun May 10 01:42:51 2020

Page 6 is finished, I gave a twist to this story because many were waiting for a machamp abusing a gardevoir, by the way, I am uploading the comic to an exclusive folder on google drive, any detail about the text can tell me to upload the corrected version to this folder.

Gardevoir trainer comic folder:


Fluttershy Kimono

Thu May 7 17:12:06 2020

Fluttershy commission with kimono finished, you can find the uncensored version in google drive folder


Gardevoir trainer Page 5

Sun May 3 21:16:07 2020

Thank you all very much for your support in the previous month, I hope you and your family are well, here is page 5 of Gardevoir trainer mini comic, I will leave the links for the May patreon folder and the direct folder to the previous ones comic book pages:

Patreon May google drive folder

Gardevoir Trainer comic:


April PSD files

Fri May 1 20:48:04 2020

Thank you all very much for your support, thanks to you I can continue drawing, the PSD files are already in the google folder, you can download it here:


Gardevoir trainer page 4

Sun Apr 26 20:49:19 2020

Page 4, spicy pages will star in the page 6 or 7!!!!


Gardevoir trainer Page 3

Thu Apr 23 04:26:49 2020

Page 3, I'll upload page 3 and 4 publicly over the weekend ... I think the spicy part will start on page 6 or 7.


Gardevoir comic 2

Mon Apr 20 15:45:06 2020

Second page!


Gardevoir comic 1

Sun Apr 19 08:07:19 2020

ok, I'm going to start with the patreon comic, I'm going to upload the initial pages and the rest of the spicy pages will be exclusive to the patreons, I think I will draw between 8 or 10 pages of this minicomic.


April Folder

Wed Apr 15 06:11:56 2020

This month's google drive folder is ready, I also decided to draw the Mei / gardevoir comic this month I will be uploading 4 pages.


April poll

Sun Apr 5 03:46:29 2020

Hello, as a recommendation of the month, I would like to know your opinion, I have been thinking about whether to finish the comic of the characters of diives or start one with the gardevoir / mei that I have, I will leave you a survey for you to choose, I already have some pages of about diives but I want to know your opinion, or should I continue with the fanarts ?, leave your opinion note: in the following days I will upload the link with the April folder for patreons, I am not directly uploading all the drawings here to patreon because I still do not know the limits of this platform and I prefer to avoid problems, so everything I consider that it does not exceed the limits it will be in the folder, I will not upload all the content but all the content will be in the folders.

March PSD files

Thu Apr 2 03:04:05 2020

March PSD files are ready, you can download them at the following link:


Braixen secretary

Wed Apr 1 02:49:31 2020

Greetings to all, it has been a very difficult month, I hope you and your loved ones are well, I have been working a lot this month, in the google drive folder you can find drawings that I have not shown to the public and the NSFW versions of some, I have been meditating on whether I should draw NSFW versions of the drawings or make an exclusive version, I explain, many times when I upload a drawing people expect an NSFW version of that drawing to exist, I don't do it like that, I prefer to make an NSFW drawing really and not just a version without clothes, I don't know what you think, I understand that these days are complicated and I really appreciate your support, let's hope this ends soon, regards.


Gaghs ass grope

Thu Mar 26 06:54:49 2020

Yeah, this month i did a lot of images of Gaghiel (by her birthday i guess), you can download the rest of images in the patreon google folder:

zhimagaghielass.jpg zhimagaghielass2.jpg

New images

Thu Mar 19 05:25:19 2020

Hello everyone, this is a post to remind you that there is more art in the google drive march folder, only I have not published it (including lewd art of gaghiel), you can visit it here:


Braixen video

Sat Mar 14 03:05:13 2020

I know I hardly use the braixen model but I was expecting to have the rosa / gardevoir model to start making nsfw 3d videos, well, here I made a video based on an audio by nobunaga-sensei no osanazuma



Lieselotte groping

Thu Mar 12 08:50:27 2020

Man, I really love Lieselotte Sherlock from Trinity Seven, and I needed to make her a good nsfw fanart, both versions are in the March folder (sfw and nsfw) ...



Tue Mar 10 04:46:36 2020

Mari and Saraiah, Gardevoir OCs of and


March folder

Tue Mar 3 06:42:34 2020

Hello, I created the folder of the month of March, where you can find a variation of the image of GaghsXZhenzi that I published recently, in addition to some surprises and some drawings that will not be public, please do not distribute those works of gaghs.


Zhenzi vs gaghs

Mon Mar 2 03:27:07 2020

Zhenzi vs gaghs (?), Gaghs went to personal training classes with Zhenzi but things got out of control (although in the end nothing happened) Gaghs and Zhenzi OCs of


if you want "variations" (iykwim) of this image just like this post.


Bao x Xingyun mini comic

Sun Mar 1 20:24:16 2020

I have had some problems to continue this mini-comic but this month I plan to dedicate full time to this project, although I don't know if you prefer that I dedicate time to this or to another type of dojinshi where the characters are pokemon or female trainer, you can comment on it .


February PSD files reward

Sun Mar 1 20:17:01 2020

Thanks to all the patreons for their support this month to patreon, the rewards of the month are now available!, these are some exclusive drawings of the month and the tier of PSD files


Dr Voir appointment at night

Sat Feb 29 08:45:35 2020

one night with Dr. Voir, thanks to nanosheep for allowing me to draw her like that.

Full draw:


Braixen bath time (NSFW version)

Mon Feb 24 07:41:47 2020

It seems that this Braixen had some action before taking a shower, there is an NSFW version in the February folder and additionally an image of Fluttershy that is of the commissions that I have been doing.



May Milking (complete)

Sat Feb 15 23:30:49 2020

I could already finish the image, you can see it complete in the following link:


May Milking (wip)

Sat Feb 15 01:52:01 2020

I am preparing an image of May, and another of an Oc gardevoir, I hope to finish them for this weekend, while you can see the WIP in the February folder for patreons:


February folder month (dawn's draw)

Fri Feb 7 19:55:35 2020

Greetings, the folder of the month of February can be seen in the link at the end of this post, in it there is a drawing of Dawn that I uploaded to twitter where you can download it in HD, I will continue making NSFW drawings of the pokegirls only that I will simply let you know when I upload it to the folder, this is so as not to have problems with patreon's policies, but even so I am working on those lewd drawings, I will be drawing May and Dawn in this month.


PSD pack January 2020

Sun Feb 2 01:05:34 2020

Thank you very much to all the people who supported me this month in patreon, the reward is here, the PSD file pack, available for patreon members of $ 10 and $ 25 ....

You can download the pack here:


May bikini

Fri Jan 31 08:10:58 2020

Well, I made this May drawing a bit quick, but I will use it for my commission price table, so I show you first! So I decided that I will draw Dawn first in February since I have never drawn her.


February pokegirl month

Wed Jan 29 20:03:03 2020

I want to return to draw the pokegirls next month, I open the poll for suggestions, any other idea is welcome! Thank you very much.

Fluttershy (uncensored version)

Wed Jan 29 19:58:42 2020

Hello everybody!, Follow the Fluttershy series of commissions, you can find it complete and uncensored in the following link:


Xingyun bath

Tue Jan 28 06:23:32 2020

Xingyun of @DiivesArt is waiting for you to take a bath.

This drawing is uncensored in the patreon folder of the month of January also works as commissions that I still do not upload publicly.


Dr Voir (uncensored version)

Sat Jan 25 09:12:01 2020

Nanosheep gave me permission to upload the uncensored version here, enjoy it, next week I will also upload an OC gardevoir from someone else.

Uncensored version here


Tier $20 will be deleted

Thu Jan 23 18:56:32 2020

Attention, starting tomorrow the $ 20 tier will be deleted and I will not take a request from those who are donating $ 20, please change or take the $ 25 request to access the requests, if your donation is $ 20 change it to $ 25 or verify Well before the end of the month.

Kobold training

Mon Jan 20 00:20:08 2020

helping to train the beautiful polt, her skin is soft and hairy ...

complete and uncensored here:


Fluttershy bunny 2 versions

Wed Jan 15 21:17:27 2020

I liked to draw fluttershy for the commissions I made so I decided to draw it with bunny outfit, you can find the version without clothes here:


Hatterene's milk

Sun Jan 12 20:05:24 2020

lets drink the witch milk


Fluttershy pack

Sat Jan 11 19:15:05 2020

This is a series of commissions that I have been carrying out since last year, I have the permission of the one who commissioned me to publish them, I had not published them until they were uploaded, you can download them in the following link.


Dr Voir (commission)

Fri Jan 3 05:45:47 2020

We started the year with a drawing of Gardevoir, as I promised I will be drawing Gardevoir OCs this month, its NSFW version is still missing, I only upload the image as an announcement of the theme of the month.


PSD Files January 2020

Fri Jan 3 02:51:04 2020

Now I will also upload the PSD files to google drive because the same thing happened with the onedrive folder (the files can be deleted by third parties), you can see them here, if there are any PSD files that you can ask me, although I would have to upload them one by one .


New Year poll

Thu Jan 2 03:01:44 2020

Greetings, I hope you are having an excellent start to the year, thank you very much !, this month I will make a poll to know what I should draw in the year, since last year I had doubts whether to continue drawing human girls or pokemon girls, so for To start this month I have decided to draw some Gardevoir OCs from some partners (like Dr Voir from nanosheep), since this patreon is dedicated to you I always have the doubt that it is what you want me to draw the most and which path I should focus on, I could focus do both, but it takes a lot of work, I could not concentrate on everything, but for now with this poll I will know what I should do this year.

PD: Tomorrow i will upload some PSD Files

Happy New year 2020!!

Tue Dec 31 23:28:54 2019

I would like to thank all those who supported me this year, it really has been a wonderful year for me, this I did super fast so it is a way to thank everyone, I hope that next year we will do better.

I also want to thank the people who supported me for patreon in this year, really thank you very much, your support has helped me a lot to get ahead, this month I was very busy so I could not upload so much to patreon, the next month I have planned draw gardevoirs or whatever you ask me, I will do another poll starting the year to know, thank you again!

Patreon folder December:

Link to Discord Channel:


Groping bunny Garde

Sun Dec 22 05:12:18 2019

Here is an exclusive image for patreons of the month, I hope you enjoy it just as I enjoyed doing it, you can see it in the link of the google drive folder.


Gardeass uncensored

Mon Dec 16 20:09:32 2019

well, you asked for it, and here is the uncensored version



Sun Dec 15 23:07:09 2019

Ask me if you want a uncensored version



Thu Dec 12 03:28:10 2019

As promised, the uncensored version.
Full picture here:


New google drive folder

Tue Dec 10 16:09:16 2019

I had some problems with the one drive folder and decided not to use it anymore, this is because users can delete the files and someone deleted all the images, it will take me some time to upload everything again, but you can go Seeing here:


November Reward Pack 1

Mon Dec 2 17:17:09 2019

Thank you very much to all of you for supporting me on patreon, these are the rewards of the month for those who are in the tier of 10 and 20, I still have to draw coco and the dark magician girl, so in the next few days I will make a request to know What theme to use this month, I have several ideas, but I think everyone wants that i draw the new Pokemon girls Sword and Shield.

download PSD files here:!Akn4rQtC4ImehyPaQfF5YGsZzsxC?e=8ni0OE


Request of the month

Sat Nov 30 13:37:22 2019

These were all patreon requests in the month of November, I still have one to draw, but I have reduced the number of request to 6 so as not to delay the next month (so I can draw more NSFW content)

I missed drawing dark magician girl and coconut, so next month I will not make commissions only those that I owe even in November, to be able to make more NSFW content in the patreon.

You can download all here:!ApMM53RS2llBizat7fZSEpGhDYU8?e=EcPfVL


Fluttershy NSFW 4

Fri Nov 29 18:06:35 2019

I think it's the fourth time that I draw fluttershy as part of a series of commissions that I am making for a client, you can see it here in the following link, I will also be uploading a post with this month's requests!ApMM53RS2llBizat7fZSEpGhDYU8?e=UPnunH


Hotaru Dagashi Kashi

Mon Nov 25 13:20:42 2019

Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi, and yes, I was going to do 3 versions, but I think it is a lot of work at the moment, maybe I will do that kind of work when I am with less work, I may not be able to draw the dark magician this month, but I will do my best to draw her at the beginning of the next. version without underwear:!ApMM53RS2llBizat7fZSEpGhDYU8?e=vrNee3


Braixen NSFW motion (video on twitter)

Thu Nov 21 11:33:39 2019

I uploaded a video to twitter with NSFW content of a video made in MMD with the braixen that I commissioned a long time ago, I will try to make my own motions later in order to upload them to Patreon, I also plan to commission the gardevoir / mei that I made.

And I also want to apologize since I have not uploaded anything in days, I am catching up and I will upload the earrings this week, I would also like to thank you again for all the support, since without you I could not continue drawing, thank you very much!



Sun Nov 17 16:16:56 2019

sorry for not having published in a few days, I was honestly playing pokemon SS, and I could not advance in the drawings The drawing is of Koharu from the new poke girl anime series(but in thicc version), requested by


in the patreon tier


Fluttershy 3

Thu Nov 14 05:05:24 2019

Another FLuttershy commission that I made and I share them in the link at the end, these days I will be making a thank you post to all of you for supporting me in these months.!ApMM53RS2llBizacf9qXEIMto027?e=A70YV3


Isabelle and Arcanine NSFW

Sun Nov 10 01:27:13 2019

These are some drawings that I have made in the week, they are in the one drive folder that I will leave in the link at the end of this post, I have decided to draw 4 characters this month with NSFW content, at the end of this month I will make a poll to know what theme I can use for an NSFW drawing with pokecuties such as gardevoir or braixen.!ApMM53RS2llBizat7fZSEpGhDYU8?e=XY9aQ4

Note: The Arcanine draw was a commission

arcanine2.jpg isabelle2.jpg

Lucoa Bikini

Thu Nov 7 04:45:31 2019

Patreon request of the $20 tier, Lucoa from dragon maid kobayashi, so thicc godess!


Hatterene bikini

Mon Nov 4 07:40:33 2019

I'm not as fast as the others, but I tried my best ... the new poke-cutie Hatterene from sword and shield ...


Patreon $10 reward pack 1

Sat Nov 2 02:45:29 2019

Patreon's rewards this month, more PSD files will upload in the week.

If someone has a sexy theme for this month, you can suggest it in the comments.!Akn4rQtC4ImehxgXkAxCFg_jo0Qk?e=qgk35D


Sylveon (wip)

Fri Nov 1 08:53:10 2019

I still have to add details and improve the background, in addition to making an nsfw version


Lucy Felicia costume

Thu Oct 31 07:14:23 2019

My Oc Lucyfer in felicia costume from darkstalkers for halloween party!

I will also do r18 of my OCs in the future.


Xingyun revenge

Sun Oct 27 08:33:32 2019

Now is turn of Xingyun... I imagined a revenge by Xingyun against Baozi ...

Characters of @DiivesArt

Video reference


Ninetales Gijinka

Thu Oct 24 00:35:01 2019

Ninetales gijinka in patreon request (it's practically a kitsune)


Gaghs answer

Tue Oct 22 01:35:55 2019

You can find it full here!ApMM53RS2llBimIWSeZj6szPPLYz?e=pzTdF4


Poke poll

Sun Oct 20 22:57:15 2019

Well, this time I will make a pokemon poll, since this month I wanted to dedicate it to that topic, so here I leave a list of pokemon that I have not drawn or I have drawn fer times.

Gardevoir touko/mei

Fri Oct 18 06:28:22 2019

both cuites and busties gals.

i will make another survery request in the next week, if you have an idea please let me know in a comment.


Mei/Gardevoir NSFW

Wed Oct 16 07:58:40 2019

I can finally finish an nsfw drawing, the next one will be touko / gardevoir, although I will most likely draw both together.

One drive folder:!ApMM53RS2llBimIWSeZj6szPPLYz?e=9gSgfN


Fluttershy wet

Tue Oct 15 07:49:00 2019

I'm almost finishing the Mei / gardevoir drawing, you can see the full drawing here:!ApMM53RS2llBimIWSeZj6szPPLYz?e=FTVwgl


Filia (uncensored version)

Fri Oct 11 09:58:39 2019

I did a survey on twitter to draw philias or skullgirls valentine, the winner was philia, here is the uncensored version.


Gardevoir/Mei NSFW (WIP)

Fri Oct 11 07:50:46 2019

As promised here is the Gardevoir / Mei WIP, and with less left, the next will be Gardevoir / Touko


Rachnera swimsuit

Thu Oct 10 06:48:16 2019

Rachnera in a swimsuit, patreon's request, it really took me a little to draw her even though I didn't draw her legs.



Wed Oct 9 03:31:41 2019

Some commission and request jobs that you have asked me for this week, the work of Mei / gardevoir is still pending, remember that you can also find the hd files in the one drive folder.!ApMM53RS2llBimIWSeZj6szPPLYz?e=FUzoAK

hinata.jpg braixenprincess.jpg rangiku.jpg

Saraiah Witch (request)

Mon Oct 7 23:02:38 2019

Patreon request, Saraiah in a witch costume, she looks very pretty with that costume.


Fluttershy nsfw 2

Sun Oct 6 15:05:51 2019

I had forgotten to mention that I had uploaded this Fluttershy commission, it is a series of commissions that I have been drawing since September, you can found it here...!ApMM53RS2llBimLh_fEvGjEsf38R?e=5u6Jrg


Request Oc Mawile Mars

Sat Oct 5 06:24:09 2019

Finished!, requested by

Mawile OC "Mars"


PSD files September tier 2

Thu Oct 3 04:37:38 2019

Here are the second tier of the PSD files, can be found here:!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=FyZgpB


Touko jewels

Wed Oct 2 07:55:56 2019

I already spent all my jewelry and she did not come out, I am somewhat angry.

Full draw here:!ApMM53RS2llBimIWSeZj6szPPLYz?e=horDia


Rewards PSD tier

Wed Oct 2 01:16:55 2019

Here are the draws for the reward tier, the files can be download here:!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=QgO7ys

Tomorrow i will upload 4 more.


Gardevoir sexy october nsfw

Tue Oct 1 21:57:43 2019

For this month I want to really know what you think and want, so I will make 4 weekly polls with the characters that I have made and I will draw nsfw drawings of them this month, in the same way I am open to comments and suggestions.


Patreon reward September

Tue Oct 1 02:44:10 2019

New exclusive image based on the request poll that I did recently, you can find the image here:!ApMM53RS2llBijDkEh0OQ0MqeB81?e=YNyWDm


Lucy Cow

Thu Sep 26 21:13:24 2019

My Oc Lucyfer in cow costume... may be finally i can do NSFW of my OC...

PD: This week i need to finish the pokemon trainer request...


One drive folder (extra draws)

Mon Sep 23 06:01:25 2019

Hello, in the following link I share some of the drawings that I have been working on this month, some I have not uploaded to twitter or pixiv, there is an NSFW drawing of Fluttershy that you can download as well.

ONE DRIVE FOLDER LINK:!ApMM53RS2llBijDkEh0OQ0MqeB81?e=axrfgu


Braixen's dance

Sun Sep 22 23:47:04 2019

Image uploaded without logo


Agent 8

Sat Sep 21 05:59:33 2019

"Agent 8" Request of the tier$20 in patreon...
Only left 3 more...


Gaghs bikini

Fri Sep 20 00:06:57 2019

Yes, maybe I'm obsessed with those thighs, this image will be exclusive to patreons.


Caela (Patreon request)

Wed Sep 18 05:10:54 2019

Caela OC of MrResistence

I have been very late with the request drawings this month, I will be finishing them this week, please be patient.


Tatsumaki little groping

Mon Sep 16 07:44:17 2019

Saitama seizes the right moment


Uraraka Dakimakura (torn clothes)

Sat Sep 14 06:56:44 2019

This is a drawing that I had pending since last month, now that Mei won in the request I must draw it to her.


Commission OC character

Sat Sep 14 06:32:40 2019

I dont remember if i upload this to here... The character is called "Bachi" of an anonymus commissioner


September Requests

Wed Sep 11 06:42:42 2019

It's time to request, I think I need a little more comments to know what they want me to draw in order to improve my content, be free to comment on my purpose is to improve my drawings.

PD: Actually im making a draw of Uraraka.


Sun Sep 8 05:52:32 2019

I did a survey on Facebook and the winner was Squigly , next week i will star with the request for the patreons


Saraiah Bikini uncensored

Fri Sep 6 00:48:19 2019

Pyukumuku pranking Saraiah (Gardevoir Oc from one of my patreons)


Bunny Dou 豆

Wed Sep 4 04:32:24 2019

i want to play with the tiger Character Dou 豆 of:


Im going to make more versions of my poke gals and poke girls this month, if you have any other idea please feel free to tell me


Darkness lingerie

Mon Sep 2 22:17:20 2019

Darkness in lingerie, requested in the tier $ 20


PSD Files August

Mon Sep 2 01:27:02 2019

Here is the link where you can download the PSD files, i will upload more tomorrow.!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=uDBwPN


August rewards.

Mon Sep 2 01:25:11 2019

Hi, thank you very much to all the people who supported me this month, I will be uploading the drawings to the $ 10 tier and finishing the commissions and pending drawings, thank you very much again for waiting for me and supporting this week that I was not available.


Dont be so rude

Fri Aug 23 04:12:00 2019

Groping that ass


Vacations week

Tue Aug 20 03:55:59 2019

Greetings, next week I will be on vacation, so I could not make the NSFW request, but in exchange I want to prepare a doujinshi of braixen, I hope to upload the first pages before the weekend, I hope you can understand, as compensation starting the month of September I will start to request NSFW.

Mismagius bikini

Tue Aug 20 03:51:44 2019

Requested in the tier $20.



Mon Aug 19 23:16:22 2019

new pokemon girl "Marnie" (I don't know if there is a beach in Galar)


Kii (uncensored)

Sun Aug 18 18:56:43 2019

Kii of Monster musume, i will finish tomorrow the draw of Marnie.


School gardevoir

Wed Aug 14 08:55:00 2019

I drew it based on a image that i found on internet, i dont know the name of the autor

gardevoirthiccschool2.jpg gardevoirthiccschool.jpg

Mega Gardevoir uncensored

Wed Aug 14 03:44:02 2019

Uncensored version only for patreons


Ecchi request August

Tue Aug 13 00:09:30 2019

For the ecchi drawing of the week I leave my following recommendations, choose wisely, I still have some pending drawings.

Rosa fuk commission

Sat Aug 10 20:44:23 2019

Commission finished, only for patreons you can download here:!ApMM53RS2llBiX00-AQthyBeSOV8?e=RFTW38


Mothra girl

Fri Aug 9 20:07:26 2019

Mothra girl requested in patreon in the $20 tier


Dragon quest martina

Wed Aug 7 20:10:50 2019

Commission Dragon quest martina


Jessie / Gardevoir

Mon Aug 5 01:06:34 2019

Jessie / Gardevoir requested in the tier $ 20 of patreon, it was interesting to draw her that way haha


Saraiah Groping

Sat Aug 3 06:27:38 2019

Playing with the cuite Gardevoir bewbs


Saraiah dress (Request)

Sat Aug 3 02:33:50 2019

Request of the patreon in the tier of $ 20

Gardevoir OC "Saraiah"

Cute garde in dress


Patreon July $10 tier PSD files 2

Sat Aug 3 02:09:14 2019

Second pack can be downloaded here:!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=V2X2Yo


Patreon July $10 tier PSD files 1

Fri Aug 2 00:33:12 2019

Thank you very much to all the people who supported me in patreon in the month of July, I am very grateful to you, and it is thanks to you that I want to improve to offer you better drawings, I already uploaded the first pack of PSD files to one drive, some files They were already removed that were from the month of April, I leave the link where you can download them:!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=V2X2Yo


Gardei Bunny 2

Thu Aug 1 00:38:09 2019

What is promised is debt, image R18 of gardevoir / rosa, thank you very much to the people who supported me this month, I think I will continue with this dynamic for the next month.



Wed Jul 31 01:28:44 2019

Gardevoir/Dawn, based on the new dawn figure of kotobukiya.

Tomorrow i will upload the R18 draw of the pokegal (I was thinking about braixen, but lately I've thought about more things about gardevoir)


Aniri fanart

Mon Jul 29 16:10:05 2019

Oc character Aniri

Oc owner SheppyNano

My team Pokemon Masters

Mon Jul 29 01:50:57 2019

I know that the pokegals won, but I also decided to draw the pokegirls before, thank you very much to the people who continue to support me in patreon, the next month I will continue with this dynamic, I will draw the pokegals before the end of the month.

the drawing can be found in the following link:!ApMM53RS2llBiVVeptVc-X9CxkS4?e=tfkr0K

Miia monster musume ( no panties)

Wed Jul 24 23:51:12 2019

the version with panties can be downloaded in the attached files

Oc "Vao Nilus" (request)

Tue Jul 23 22:12:40 2019

Oc "Vao Nilus" Requested in patreon in the $20 tier

Lewd poll

Mon Jul 22 19:19:53 2019

the drawing of marina lewd is still pending but I am already doing it

Meanwhile I will make the following poll for the lewd drawings of the month, I left some suggestions, choose wisely.

Mage Bikini Warriors (uncensored)

Mon Jul 22 04:12:54 2019

Mage de bikini warriors in top less version,

Tomorrow I will make the poll for lewd drawings, I still plan to draw pokemon girls in thicc version, although I will also put other proposals.


Lets work out

Sun Jul 21 20:10:38 2019

I decided to also draw kobold of monster musume , the Marina drawing changed it to something NSFW, and next week the poll will begin for the request of the NSFW drawings of the month

Ochako and Tsuyu

Fri Jul 19 18:32:40 2019

it's already finished,

Uraraka and Tsuyu of boku no hero, the next one will be Marina of splatoon, unless the final votes will change

The process can be download in the attached files

ochakotsuyu3.jpg ochakotsuyu2.jpg ochakotsuyu4.jpg ochakotsuyu1.jpg

Uraraka and Tsuyu (wip)

Fri Jul 19 05:52:25 2019

The winner of the poll was Uraraka (although some people are still missing to vote), but even so I decided to draw Ochako and Tsuyu, I will upload the whole process in the final drawing, there is still another drawing that apparently would be Marina de Splatoon, next week it will be the poll lewd so if you have character suggestions you can tell me.

Patreon request

Mon Jul 15 22:37:25 2019

Hello everyone, as I promised this week I will be requesting the patreons, I have selected some characters and can vote for the one that pleases them, this week I did not choose the theme of pokemon to have more variety, I will only choose two of the most voted for draw them in a sexy way, the next week I would have an nsfw theme.

Mizugi evolution line

Sun Jul 14 03:51:48 2019

At last i finish all gardevoir's evolution line, can be downloaded individually in the attached files

ralts.jpg kirlia.jpg gardevoir.jpg

Misdreavus Gijinka (request)

Sat Jul 13 05:47:04 2019

Misdreavus Gijinka requested in the $20 tier...

Mismagius Gijinka (wip)

Fri Jul 12 03:09:43 2019

Wip of one request of the patreon $20

Gardevoir mizugi (preview)

Wed Jul 10 19:50:04 2019

This is an image that I plan to do with gardevoir, kirlia and ralts in swimsuit or mizugi


Tue Jul 9 00:16:02 2019

I do not know if it's a win or fail, I did not like the result very much, but I share it anyway

Bea, new pokegirl

Mon Jul 8 20:04:10 2019

we pause the request to make this new waifu, and I will also draw the new cream pokemon "alcremie"

Braixen nun

Fri Jul 5 18:36:45 2019

Braixen in nun costume, request of patreon in the $ 20 tier.

Hi, I'm going to prepare a calendar for this month, this is to organize and prepare something that you like, this would be like this


First week: Requests of the $ 20 tier of the patreon

Second week: Requests based on patreon surveys

Third week: Ecchi and fanart stuff

Fourth week: Content NSFW and lewd

This will be based on surveys that would be done in the second week, this first week I will be finishing the $ 20 tier request, uploading more PSDs in the $ 10 tier as well as uploading fanarts and ecchi content that I can.

Saraiah bikini

Thu Jul 4 17:51:45 2019

Requested OC in the tier $20 in patreon OC Gardevoir name: Saraiah

PSD files tier 2

Wed Jul 3 22:05:07 2019

I upload more files, You can download them here...!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=3VDJkk

remember that the files of the last month will be deleted in the next month

Tier $10 PSD files June

Tue Jul 2 07:04:43 2019

Here are the first 4 PSD files from June, i will upload more in the next days...!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=3VDJkk

Correct use for the $20 tier

Mon Jul 1 07:31:26 2019

For people who are in the $ 20 tier, a message will be sent to those who have completed the payment, people who left the tier before being completed will be ignored (and can be blocked), please do not use the tier of 20 if you are not going to complete the payment since these are limited.

Cuties together

Mon Jul 1 03:24:05 2019

Finally the goddesses came back, I'll be doing more

drawings of them for the next month, I hope you like them, by the way for those who do not know yet their names are Bray for the Braixen and Gardei for the Gardevoir.

In other news, the following month begins, I would like to thank all those who supported this month in patreon, the following month I will have less pending and I will finally be able to put more attention to the patreon, as always, I will wait for your comments to know what is what you want,

Also tomorrow the PSDs will be uploaded to your folder onedrive.

Time to Energyze!! (uncensored)

Fri Jun 28 04:13:54 2019

Version uncensored avaible here!!Akn4rQtC4ImehmFdghXec0RA0oCz?e=02UYGt

Serena bewbs

Thu Jun 27 09:36:34 2019

I practiced with a previous image and decided to make a big version, you can see the complete image in the following link:!Akn4rQtC4ImehmFdghXec0RA0oCz?e=02UYGt

Cleo OC (requested)

Tue Jun 25 02:07:22 2019

OC requested in the $20 tier, this is the last draw, now in this week i will star with the nsfw content :)

Carrot bikini

Sun Jun 23 07:12:02 2019


Carrot of one piece, requested in my patreon in the $20 tier

Aniri (commission)

Fri Jun 21 08:10:37 2019

A commission finished of an OC character "Aniri"

Baozi 包子 tongue

Thu Jun 20 08:14:42 2019

OC "Baozi 包子" showing her teeth OC of @DiivesArt Now, I think it will be the last drawing of this month in regards to fanarts of diives cuties, I hope the next month I can think of better ideas.

Remember, these tongue fanarts will have nude version*

Baozi 包子 bunny

Wed Jun 19 08:52:24 2019

This was a very productive night (I could not sleep at all because of the caffeine), so I had time to draw some ideas that I had behind.

Baozi 包子 Oc of

"Bad girl"

Wed Jun 19 07:23:05 2019

I drew the "bad girl" based in this comic strip

I dont know her name or what animal she is.

Dou 豆tongue

Wed Jun 19 05:47:05 2019

oh, it's fun to play with their faces, "I think you have something stuck in your teeth, let me see" Oc Dou 豆 of @DiivesArt

These "tongue images" will have nude version on patreon.**

Lajiao 辣椒 tongue fixed*

Tue Jun 18 04:45:47 2019

Yes, two drawings by Lajiao 辣椒 today, is that I simply could not resist to her beatiful smile @DiivesArt

Lajiao 辣椒 in bunnysuit

Mon Jun 17 16:17:30 2019

Character: Lajiao 辣椒 in bunnysuit Oc of @DiivesArt

Braixen exposed

Sat Jun 15 04:05:28 2019

Bray had problems with her jacket, so someone had to help her...

Exclusive for patrons in this month

Patreon tier request

Thu Jun 13 21:53:52 2019

Another request finished with this cutie Gardevoir OC

Nessa bikini

Wed Jun 12 03:01:16 2019

New darkskin girl, I hope to be able to finish the commissions and pending work of patreon to start the following week with the NSFW works, be aware.

Legal Squid

Mon Jun 10 04:51:05 2019

Another request of the tier $ 20
an adult busty squid.

Misty Maid

Sun Jun 9 10:13:08 2019

Misty in a maid suit, one of the request I was asked in the $ 20 tier


Sat Jun 8 04:12:52 2019

Well, I think wooloo is a good material for r34

Sonia NSFW

Thu Jun 6 03:28:17 2019

New pokegirl, if im not wrong her name is Sonia...

Gardevoir/Touko in nurse suit

Tue Jun 4 21:31:51 2019

Gardevoir/Touko in nurse suit requested in patreon in the $20 tier

$20 tier reminder

Tue Jun 4 18:51:18 2019

Please, those who participated in the $ 20 tier and your payment was charged send me a message since sometimes I do not know who donated. This week I will upload the outstanding drawings of those tiers.

Pack 2

Sun Jun 2 02:13:44 2019

Second pack was uploaded to PSD files, enjoy it!!Akn4rQtC4ImehlYN9fJFvV3-UBJk?e=F2SvfY

Lewder June

Sat Jun 1 22:52:21 2019

Greetings, once again thank you very much for supporting me in the previous month, this month I am thinking about doing more exclusive lewds for patreon, so I decided to do a survey to see what group of girls I can do, I will make some changes, some drawings will be will go to an exclusive folder where I will share the link exclusively here in Patreon, since I have seen that some other colleagues have had problems with certain "N" companies and for another matter that in the West they believe that the drawings have rights and age, in other news I want to ask you if you really want the commissions for the $ 20 tier please do not remove the pledge until it is charged because otherwise I can not make your commission, I know who pays and who does not, that's why I can only do it your drawings at the beginning of the month since I need this payment and some have left before taking the opportunity maybe another person who really want the commission.

PD: The people who donated $ 20 will be sent a private message to request their commission

PSD files

Sat Jun 1 05:50:20 2019

Greetings, I want to thank you very much for supporting me this month, the patreon has increased a lot and I could not continue drawing without you, the PSD files are attached in this post and another batch of files will be uploaded tomorrow.

Edit: i dont know why i cant upload more files in patreon, so i decide to upload to my one drive., files will be deleted after next month.

you can download all here.!Akn4rQtC4Imehla0E0W5UnPU9CBK?e=n1JbyZ

gaghsqipao.psd (d) douandbaozi.psd (d)

Gaghiel Touko

Thu May 30 21:27:19 2019

Gaghiel but with Touko's clothes OC of @DiivesArt

Lillie bunny

Wed May 29 04:21:15 2019

Lillie with bunnygirl suit.

Tier $20 and next month

Tue May 28 00:08:11 2019

Greetings, the following month starts the following week, again thank you very much for your support, without you I could not continue drawing as now, I hope that the users who are in the $ 20 tier send me a message for the next week to start with their Commissions, and very soon I will also do surveys for the community, if you can leave me any suggestions I would be grateful.

PD: PSD files will be upload in 1st of the next month

Fun in onsen

Sat May 25 03:10:12 2019

oh, this took me a long time but I think it was worth it, here are my 5 new favorite OC cuties from @DiivesArt , especially I like Baozi and Miantiao a lot, I hope that the pokegals come back or that some day there is a crossover between the two

Gardevoir/Mei in action

Tue May 21 22:18:15 2019

Gardei enjoying the action.

Mommy Milk

Mon May 20 18:46:54 2019

Would you like to enjoy a delicious milk in the morning?

Gagh's mom character of Diives:


Sun May 19 15:37:33 2019

those short pants are getting shorter

Miantiao Bikini

Fri May 17 22:42:17 2019

Miantiao in microbikini
OC of Diives

Enjoying the May's buns

Fri May 17 22:02:50 2019

Enjoying the may's month in the best possible way.

Dou and Baozi topless

Wed May 15 23:24:16 2019

Do you remember the Dou and Baozi fanart?, here is a topless version characters of @DiivesArt

Hypno victims (commission)

Wed May 15 22:43:40 2019

commission finished for Kachopper9 Characters: DH(grey girl) Caelia(Blonde)

Dou and Baozi

Mon May 13 11:17:09 2019

I choosed my two favorites, i like these new characters... Dou and Baozi by @DiivesArt art by me

Aniri Kwalsh nsfw

Mon May 13 11:15:31 2019

This is a commission that i finished for

Gardevoir/Mei wip

Sat May 11 08:25:57 2019

<code>Well, I've decided to make this type of images with several poses and situations that will be exclusive to patreon, I also have it planned for May and probably make a Gardevoir / May for this month.</code>

Notice for $ 10 patreons

Thu May 9 06:34:01 2019

Attention to all patreons of the $ 10 tier, please make your switch to the $ 20 tier as soon as possible, since the $ 10 tier was changed for a PSD file access tier, and I added the $ 20 tier that works as a commission of half body.

The new tier of $ 10 will be made one post each month beginning to upload the PSD files of the illustrations that I have uploaded.

Gaghiel Qipao

Thu May 9 06:12:33 2019

Gaghiel with chinese dress Qipao

Oc of Diives

Lewd NSFW content for May

Wed May 8 02:37:40 2019

I still do not decide what content to do exclusively for patreon, help me, I still owe a pokegirl so that option I do not put it and May lewd is coming


Fri May 3 02:03:05 2019

Starting May with the best mommy

Changues in May

Wed May 1 11:55:58 2019

hello to all, to avoid the trap that I have had of certain users I will make some rules for the tiers that have request ...

Tier 10 will increase to 20 starting in May

It works as a commission the rules of this are that they will only be done when they have already been charged at the beginning of the month, in this case I will only do for them those who have paid in April, will no longer be limited to certain characters, only with certain rules such as are:

No strange fetishes

Not fat or inflated girls

No armor or exaggerated details

Do not try to change the rules

Only women or humanized females

Preferably some well-known character

The image is half body

It can be NSFW or SFW but not both

Can be OCs but as long as they comply with the above

Users who have paid will be rewarded at the beginning of the month with their request, be sure to send a message with the detail of your request, remember that it must be character + outfit, it can suggest a pose while complying with the rules.

4 tiers of 30 will be added with the same rules, the only difference is that it will be full body.

Each week I will make a poll request so that users can choose, please let me know your suggestions, if you want me to draw pokegirls, pokegals or something that you like because they are the reason why I opened the patreon and I would like to have more contact with you.

Braixen/Braixen uncensored

Sat Apr 27 08:45:45 2019

Uncensored version:

Braixen (Braix) with glasses OC of Diives

Braixen (Bray) w/o glasses my OC

Censored version:

NSFW request

Thu Apr 25 07:16:52 2019

To end the month of April I will compensate you with some special image NSFW be free to choose, the next month will be the May of May, every month drawing the girl from Hoenn in bunny and swimsuit, you will say if you want to draw it in your busty shape or its normal shape (thin), any suggestion can make me know to add it to the poll

Eva Fanart OC of Godichi

Sun Apr 21 23:40:27 2019

Fanart, Gif version on twitter

Mei Hatsume Bikini

Sun Apr 21 23:38:38 2019

My favorite girl from BNH

Braixen bunny uncensored

Sat Apr 20 23:13:18 2019

Topless version

Braixen bunny

Sat Apr 20 02:59:55 2019

Happy Easter (?), this image will be exclusive to the patreon only, and I will later upload an uncensored version for the image on the right

Galar girl pokemon SS

Wed Apr 17 06:40:11 2019

New girl, new butt, patreon requested by jojobinx

Pokegirl bunny

Mon Apr 15 05:55:53 2019

The pokegals will be drawn this month without a doubt, it's just Braixen to be drawn, but I was wondering if you want some other pokegal to be drawn this month or any of the pokemon girls that I'll post next, anyway I'm open to suggestions and requests that you ask me, and there are only 2 tier $ 10 to draw this week I ask for patience

Bakugo mom bikini $10 tier

Sun Apr 14 07:55:38 2019

Bakugo's mom requested by Josue R Aldana in the $10 tier, i attach a version with the top bikini


Morrigan lilith / Gardevoir

Sat Apr 13 22:11:46 2019

Morrigan and lilith but in Gardevoir version... I attach a file with all theprocesses that I used to make the image

morrirlilith0%20sketch.jpg morrililith.rar (d)

Acerola bunny thicc

Thu Apr 11 22:38:39 2019

A thicc Acerola, requested by @MrM_TV1 in the $10 tier on patreon

Ni Darkprincess04 OC

Thu Apr 11 22:30:41 2019

My part of the trade, I loved drawing this thicc girl OC "Ni" of Darkprincess04 @SlimThick__DP04

Eevee girl nude version

Mon Apr 8 04:31:59 2019

Nude version only for patreons

Gardei bunnysuit

Sun Apr 7 23:45:25 2019

We are going to start this month with Gardei in playboy bunnysuit, this image will be exclusively here for the month of April only for those who are patreons and I will choose one to stay exclusively here, the next will be Bray.

Kirlia / Mao

Tue Apr 2 19:30:37 2019

now I decided to combine Kirlia with Mao / Mallow, it looks great with that outfit

Bray nsfw from behind

Tue Apr 2 19:19:48 2019

This was a commission that someone asked me for Bray, I'm excited to be asked for commissions from these characters since I like to draw them

$10 draws pending

Mon Apr 1 22:48:51 2019

Thank you very much again for supporting me in March, I'm really grateful to you, I've had a lot of work and I hope you can wait a little longer for me to finish the $ 10 rewards that I still have pending for:


Mauricio Maceda

Josue R Aldana


Remember that the playboy bunny suits will be exclusive this month for the patreons only (full image).

April bunnysuit

Mon Apr 1 22:27:54 2019

Greetings, again thank you very much for the people who have supported this month in patreon, I thank you very much, I have still pending the drawings of reward of the $ 10 tier I hope you can wait a little longer since the convention that I had in March took away a lot time, in April it will be the month of the playboy bunny suit, so I will make a poll to choose which girls will be the ones I draw for it.

Bray mouse pad incoming...

Mon Apr 1 22:16:37 2019

I named the braixen / may as "Bray", I hope I can do mouse oppai pads soon from her and from the gardevoir / mei that I named as "Gardemei", soon I will have more information about it, I will open another post to thank them with a poll.

Summer its near

Sun Mar 31 02:06:58 2019

here in my city it is very hot, here is a double prize for you

Gaghiel ass groping 2

Wed Mar 27 19:07:42 2019

The no pants version is attached.


Gaghiel ass groping 1

Wed Mar 27 19:06:07 2019

old draws that I had of gaghs, are from a year ago, dont get mad

Lucyfer black lingerie

Wed Mar 27 19:03:32 2019

Oc in black lingerie, OC "Lucyfer"

Braixen training nude version

Mon Mar 25 19:42:49 2019

Nude version only for patreons, thanks for supporting me!

Bakugo mommy

Sat Mar 23 02:00:35 2019

Patreon request reward $10 the user asked me to draw bakugo's mom, thank you very much for your contribution!

Chiaki and Suiren

Fri Mar 22 22:58:10 2019

Greetings, sorry for not uploading so many things in recent weeks, I've been a little sick, but I'm already recovering and I hope to upload more drawings in the remainder of the month

May buns again

Fri Mar 8 05:52:53 2019

Pokegirl won on the request, now the next is Braixen/May and Gardevoir/Mei Yuri , and please if you have any suggestion add a comment


Tue Mar 5 22:00:07 2019

I will make a request exclusively for patreons, please indicate me what would be the following drawings that you would like to see, I leave you some ideas

New bunny in the town (topless) Scorbunny

Sun Mar 3 15:33:44 2019

Hi, I want to thank you again for the support provided in February, I want to make some changes for the rewards, I plan to increase the goal to $ 200 and make rewards of at least 4 exclusive NSFW drawings for the patreon per month, in the following days I will be updating the page and adding banners and logos to improve the page.

For now the drawings that I will do are the following:

Braixen / Serena

Something Yuri between Braixen and Gardevoir

And content NSFW of Gardevoir / Mei

Any suggestion is welcome

February rewards

Sat Mar 2 02:10:46 2019

Thank you very much for supporting me this month in Patreon, I am very grateful for your support, thank you very much again, I would like to know what you are interested in so that I draw this month, I will make polls for request.

Lieselotte Sherlock dakimakura

Wed Feb 27 08:04:50 2019

Lieselotte Sherlock dakimakura

New movie of Trinity Seven its coming!!...

Gaghiel's mom NSFW

Sun Feb 24 02:30:50 2019

Gaghiel's mom and Pyukumuku

Best poke milf
Gaghiel's mom OC of Diives

SFW version in Pixiv

Gardevoir/Mei groping

Thu Feb 21 07:16:46 2019

Just checking my favorite pokemon fusion

Braixen/May and Gardevoir/Mei

Mon Feb 18 23:43:28 2019

My two favorites pokefusions together, i really love draw them!

Braixen/May R-18

Fri Feb 15 08:00:52 2019

R-18 version only for patreons, sexy Braixen/May.

Sakaki Ayaka

Mon Feb 11 00:25:11 2019

Sakaki Ayaka from pastel memories, just trying some new...

Humans or pokemales?

Sat Feb 9 02:54:55 2019

A quick question, would you like the action of my anthropomorphized pokemon girls should be with pokemons or with humans ?, for example human trainers or anthropomophobic male pokemon ?

Braixen loses

Sat Feb 9 02:10:09 2019

Only for patreons for now, Braixen loses a battle and now she must to pay.

Braixen and Zoroark R-18 wip

Thu Feb 7 01:33:28 2019

Wip R-18 draw only for patreons


Thu Feb 7 01:00:33 2019


Braixen/May but only without the handkerchief, i was thinking for more gardevoir with the pokegirl fusions but i can use other "pokes" for more variation, what do you think?, i still using Gardevoir or braixen?, o maybe someone else.

Serena bunny and swimsuit

Mon Feb 4 06:26:09 2019

Missing a version in underwear

Braixen Red Ridding Hood

Sun Feb 3 22:01:51 2019

i wanted draw to gardevoir but braixen convinced me

January released!

Sat Feb 2 03:37:29 2019

NSFW draws released! All draws made for patreon are released, thanks to all my patreons for support me in january, Misty/Gardevoir topless version will be release in a few days.

Next ideas are coming

"Little Red Riding Hood Gardevoir" and "Zoroak the wolf"
Underwear Pokegirls
And NSFW stuff for the Gardevoir/fusion

NSFW are in pixiv

Gardevoir Misty topless version

Thu Jan 31 03:23:37 2019

Version only for patreons, will be released in february


Wed Jan 30 08:02:54 2019

I want to thank everyone for their support this month, the patreon has increased a lot this month, the fusions of gardevoir have liked people a lot, and so I would like to know if you agree to continue with the drawings of fusions, let me know in the comments to continue in the next month doing more drawings of this type, and again many thanks to all those who are supporting me, I had the idea of doing r-18 with these gardevoirs for the next month

Gaghiel Dakimakura

Tue Jan 29 03:18:53 2019

Enjoy this, Diives get mad

Serena bunny figure

Mon Jan 28 03:48:11 2019

Serena, I tried to make the drawing look like the images of kotobukiya but like a sexy figure

Dont look!

Sun Jan 27 05:36:15 2019

Gaghiel dakimakura preview, just left the background

Suggestion for fusion

Sat Jan 26 19:35:04 2019

Any suggestion for a fusion of a pokegirl with pokemon?, Here somessomessomessomes


Fri Jan 25 03:11:29 2019

I'll upload it first here before other sites, I think that by the end of the week I'll be uploading them to twitter and pixiv



Fri Jan 25 03:08:29 2019

I'll upload it first here before other sites, I think that by the end of the week I'll be uploading them to twitter and pixiv


They grown master!

Thu Jan 24 04:46:12 2019

A gift for all my patreons and followers, I'm starting to grow and I'm already defining the route I'm going to take, so I thank you for sharing and supporting me in patreon, I would not call these gardevoirs oc's but I think I really like to draw them

Hilda/Gardevoir Wip 2

Wed Jan 23 04:26:30 2019

Wip 2 with color

Wip Hilda/Gardevoir

Wed Jan 23 02:31:57 2019

The next is hilda


Tue Jan 22 04:18:20 2019

i enjoyed drawing her, a fusion of gardevoir and rosa/nanci/mei
Top less version only for patreons

The other versions can be found in pixiv


Gardevoir Rosa Wip

Mon Jan 21 01:00:10 2019

A little wip

Neko Gaghs

Sun Jan 20 19:56:06 2019

Good weekend! Neko Gaghs, oc of @DiivesArt

Based on his draw:

Hd version on pixiv:

Gardevoir sexy

Sun Jan 20 02:13:27 2019

Gardevoir sexy thicc(?)

Visit my pixiv for the hd version

Haruka/May sexy figure

Sat Jan 19 06:49:56 2019

Haruka/May sexy figure

haruka / may, I tried to make the drawing look like the images of kotobukiya but like a sexy figure

Serena digglet uncensored

Thu Jan 17 20:02:09 2019

That digglet looks very angry.
I only uploaded the version without censorship, since anyway the other version would be censored.

The other version "censored" is in pixiv

Eva dakimakura

Wed Jan 16 03:39:04 2019

Eva dakimakura

Oc of Godichi twitter/GoDichi
Two versions, normal and bikini

hd version on pixiv

eva1.jpg eva2.jpg

Serena dakimakura

Mon Jan 14 03:41:57 2019

Forgive me for not following the voting in order, but I am making it difficult to draw gaghiel's mom (she is difficult to draw), but I will be doing all the drawings that were in the poll all this month, thank you very much for Your support, and I hope you can comment for suggestions.

You can download them in files attachmets

blue.jpg black.jpg red.jpg


Sat Jan 12 06:40:34 2019

Uncensored version only for patrons


Sat Jan 12 06:38:01 2019

Based on a draw from konno tohiro, looks like Kirlia but actually is Gardevoir cosplaying May.

Konno Tohiro Twitter:

Konno Tohiro Pixiv:


Thu Jan 10 05:27:27 2019

Its coming this weekend

Next Draw

Tue Jan 8 04:50:05 2019

I do not decide what my next drawing will be, please help me!

Gaghiel's mom gets a tiny bikini

Sat Jan 5 05:48:46 2019

Finished, Gaghiel's mom gets a tiny bikini, curiosly she is harder to draw than gaghiel

Diives twitter twitter/diivesart

Gaghiel's mom Wip

Sat Jan 5 04:00:39 2019

OC's of Diives, Gaghiel's mom, i dont know if she has name

Gaghiel's new pants

Fri Jan 4 17:32:30 2019

Gaghiel with new pants


December rewards!

Wed Jan 2 07:01:35 2019

Rewards came in December, I attached the file with uncensored images and no logo, the patreon went down a lot this month, I hope I can increase more this month, in which I will upload more drawings, I hope you can continue to support those that are still patreons, thank you very much to all of you and happy year!

december.rar (d)

Sucy bunny

Wed Jan 2 06:43:28 2019

Sucy from little witch academia in bunny suit with her mushrooms #リトルウィッチアカデミア #sucy #littlewitchacademia Support me on patreon for more witch bunny girls!

Squigly sailor fuku

Wed Jan 2 06:41:42 2019

Best skullgirl, I based myself on a draw of rtil on deviantart, i love how the sailor fuku looks on her... Based on: … #skullgirls #squigly

Grab Misty

Sun Dec 23 18:39:38 2018

Misty with rare candies

I have not finished it yet, some small details are missing, but I wanted to upload it before the December holidays.

Centorea and lamias

Mon Dec 17 00:20:53 2018

illustration based on a small panel from chapter 60 of monster musume.

Im starting with the NSFW draws

Uraraka Bunny nude

Sun Dec 9 01:36:34 2018

Oppai version

Uraraka Bunny

Sun Dec 9 01:35:42 2018

Uraraka bunny Her part time job

Marina Splatoon bikini

Sun Dec 2 05:52:18 2018

Green/dark squid super sexy in bikini

November rewards!

Sun Dec 2 05:46:23 2018

The images without logos in hd are attached


Thank you very much to all of you, I know we are few and I can not upload as many drawings as I would like, but I am really grateful for your support, there was no NSFW content this month, but in compensation the next month I will upload content of this type, I leave some suggestions, let me know.

Uraraka Ochako- Boku no hero
Hatsume Mei- Boku no hero
Callie- Splatoon
Serena- Pokemon

november.rar (d)

So manny wips

Thu Nov 29 06:10:46 2018

many wips and little time, thank you very much to all the people who have supported this month in Patreon, I would like to be able to correspond in the same way the following month.

Pato kimono wip 2

Mon Nov 26 21:51:42 2018

<code>wip for a poster</code>

Pato cat girl wip1

Mon Nov 26 21:50:22 2018

<code><code>wip for a poster</code></code>

Pato Towel

Tue Nov 20 06:20:28 2018

<code>As today is the day of thanksgiving I wanted to draw a picture to thank the patreons who have supported me, thank you very much! Your support helps me to continue drawing more and more. She is "Pato" an OC with just a towel, in the week I will keep uploading more drawings of the pokemon girls.</code>

May bikini

Fri Nov 16 05:29:02 2018

May/Haruka pokemon, big buns are back!

HypnoSlayer Wip

Mon Nov 12 05:44:58 2018

Work in progress

October draws

Mon Nov 5 06:52:55 2018

Thank you very much for supporting me in the month of October, I hope you can continue to support me, there are more patreons now, I will use the month of November to draw the pokemon girls who have the most requests.

october.rar (d)

Miia nude

Mon Nov 5 06:46:16 2018

Nude version of Miia.

Many thanks to everyone, for supporting me on patreon, in the next post I will upload the drawings of the month.

Miia cute bra

Tue Oct 30 07:17:00 2018

snake girl, it was a bit difficult to draw her, it is not completely finished, the nude version will be soon

What i shoul draw?

Sat Oct 27 04:08:53 2018

Who should I draw for the next ?, May of pokemon (dakimakura) or Miia de monster musume ?, Any ideas ?, I've been a bit of commissioned, but I really want to know what you want me to draw.

Mei Full Service

Sat Oct 20 03:49:01 2018

Drink service is free!
I think it's the most lewd I've done so far, but a girl like her deserves a great fan service.


Gaghiel and Braixen

Fri Oct 12 02:37:39 2018

Gaghiel and Braixen Oc's of Diives
I love draw his characters and his style.

Polt breast check NSFW

Tue Oct 9 04:02:07 2018

Uncensored version, one would think that she would have to have more nipples

If you have any suggestions for the following drawing please tell me.

HD version attached.


Polt breast check SFW

Tue Oct 9 03:58:23 2018

Someone is checking the bust of Polt, big size.

NSFW in the next post.

Polt swimsuit Monster musume

Mon Oct 8 05:19:53 2018

Polt of Monster musume in swimsuit from the 1st OVA.
Nude version soon for patreons only.

Thank you for september

Wed Oct 3 03:40:09 2018

Thanks for all my patreons.

Many thanks to all my patreons for supporting me in the month of September, we know that I'm just starting but I hope you can continue supporting me to continue drawing more stuff.

All the images of the month are attached in a zip file, there are many because in September I had vacations and I was able to draw a lot, hopefully this month reach the same amount.


Mei/Rosa NSFW wip

Fri Sep 28 05:54:20 2018

wip, these wips are exclusive for my patreons, and soon I will add exclusive works that I have not shown anywhere else!

My suggestions for the next drawing

Polt - Monster Musume

Marina - Splatoon

Ochako - Boku no hero

Mei/Rosa Bunnysuit

Fri Sep 28 05:49:11 2018

Mei/Rosa in bunnysuit, i really like Rosa, is my second favorite pokegirl.
Please tell me suggestions for next draw character, im trying to make Boette from the trending of Bowsette, booette looks more cuite for me.

Centorea black bra

Thu Sep 27 04:19:11 2018

SFW version

May's big buns

Thu Sep 27 03:57:35 2018

May with extra big buns, SFW version

Gaghiel pokeball fails

Thu Sep 27 03:55:30 2018

Three sexy versions of Gaghiel Oc of Diives you can visit his patreon on here!

I attach the other versions so they can be downloaded.

underwear.jpg bunny.jpg normal.jpg

Misty hoot hooters!

Thu Sep 27 03:44:41 2018

Sexy Misty in Hooters custome

Misty hot

Thu Sep 27 03:41:54 2018

it's a bit hot

Do you want some buns?

Thu Sep 27 02:14:40 2018

I forgot upload this image, sorry

Mei/Rosa bunny

Mon Sep 24 05:04:22 2018

Wip, unfinished background, im making a nsfw hot version for Mei.

Mei/Rosa WIP

Fri Sep 21 05:34:15 2018

Work in progress of Mei.

Pato big breast

Fri Sep 21 05:31:15 2018

My Oc with extra buns, her name is a latin joke, combination of full name: PAtricia TOrres, you can call her Paty

Rayah topless dakimakura

Fri Sep 21 05:24:45 2018

friend's oc, visit his page for strips of this character

SFW version

Lala SFW

Mon Sep 17 04:13:26 2018

Lala from monster musume SFW
NSFW for patrons only

Suggestions for nexts drawings

Mon Sep 17 04:11:00 2018

I would like to hear your suggestions, please choose which other girls you should draw.

Lala NSFW version

Mon Sep 17 04:08:22 2018

Thank for support me on patreon!, i want to hear suggestions about my next drawings

Version SFW in pixiv

Centorea uncensored

Fri Sep 14 03:04:27 2018

Uncensored version!

SFW version on pixiv

Shantae bunny dakimakura

Wed Sep 12 18:59:02 2018

Sexy shantae in bunny suit

Lucyfer bunny suit

Wed Sep 12 18:05:27 2018

Lucy in bunny suit

Squigly nsfw

Wed Sep 12 18:02:37 2018

Squigly sexy version

May burguer time

Tue Sep 11 22:02:11 2018

May in burguer waitress clothes

Misty hoot-hooters

Tue Sep 11 21:50:15 2018

Sexy Misty in hooters clothes

May's buns

Tue Sep 11 21:45:25 2018

Uncensored May's buns :)

Pato Sexy Dakimakura

Tue Sep 11 21:38:38 2018

Oc Pato in sexy lingerie

Lucy first post

Fri Sep 7 02:07:28 2018

Just testing first post :)