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Breed Age Reward 2

Cum filled boogaloo


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July poll winner...s >.>

Fri Jul 17 17:50:09 2020

Well, poll has ended and we have Smaug and Balthromaw having a draw. But whom i'm gonna DRAW with their weapon DRAWN out (telegram channel decided for cock, yup) - that's a question~

And i'll leave an intrigue here for now, just expect a sketchysketch soon ;P


Breed Age | Fan-art, PSD

Sun May 24 16:53:53 2020

Oh, don't forget to check out this booty in original file, as usual contains sketches and you can easily check how everything works together there. May folder, $10+ patrons, enjoy~


"So hot, so cold" | PSD, DIA

Sun May 24 16:50:49 2020

And the PSD file with this moo for $10+ patrons, go grab it!


Breed Age (alt. ver.) | Fan-art, HD

Sun May 24 16:48:30 2020

Finally you can enjoy this big momma getting her filling to the last drop! Check the May folder, $5+ patrons~


"So hot, so cold" | HD, DIA

Sun May 24 16:46:04 2020

Draw It Again of my very old picture from 2010, featuring my Blood Death Knight cowgirl Rielda. Huff, should draw her more.

5k+ resolution is available for all $5+ patrons in May folder!


Breed Age | Fan-art, HD

Fri May 1 14:40:07 2020

First, clean version is out, check the April folder!


Emerald Dream | CMMSSN, PSD

Fri Apr 10 14:10:45 2020

And the PSD file with the initial sketches in there in the April folder, grab it now!


Emerald Dream | CMMSSN, HD

Fri Apr 10 14:08:44 2020

6k+ resolution pictures with sweet dragon milking in the April folder, go check it out ^^


Dragoness awaits. | PSD, Fan-art

Sun Feb 23 09:48:41 2020

This huge lady needs some warming attention and she's pretty straightforward about her desires. Have anything to help her out? ;)

PSD file for studying is available now! I haven't changed links this month, so all the January ones are still working~


Dragoness awaits. | HD, Fan-art

Sun Feb 23 09:33:10 2020

This huge lady needs some warming attention and she's pretty straightforward about her desires. Have anything to help her out? ;)

Go grab the 6k res picture in the February folder, folks! I haven't changed links this month, so all the January ones are still working~


Thicc poll results!

Wed Feb 5 17:29:07 2020

Okay, looks like we have a tie between Dragoness from Shrek and T-Rex momma... Hmm...

Telegram channel's favorite is Dragoness, so let's make it like this - you're getting full-detailed T-Rex momma and simple style Dragoness butts ^^ Stay tuned, hope those will turn out good~

Thicc poll, pick your girl~

Wed Jan 29 15:57:39 2020

I really HOPE i'll be fine from now on, so let's try and create some activity here. Really sorry for being a sick derg for so freaking long, i'm exhausted from it myself...

However, this time you're going to choose a lady with big ass i'm going to draw for you next month. Result of the poll here, on Patreon, will determine high quality artwork, but at the same time there will be another poll in my Telegram channel, which result will tell me whom i'm gonna draw in simple style as well~ If both results are the same - well, two pictures then ^^

Females only this time, males will be next time!

Go, slap the ass you'd like to see the most~

"Ah, could you help here, please?" | HD, Fan art

Sat Dec 21 07:29:13 2019

I'm still healing my poor eye after second relapse (thanks to local docs who wanted to heal me up faster, not better...), but i can draw again... for now at least >.>

Have some Spyro piece, this game was helping me throughout my suffering here, brightening my days of intense eye treatment. So i just wanted to draw this cutie boi caressing his meat on show, he's even more adorable like this ^^

HD version is in November folder, i don't think i'll change anything there until i'm completely healed and can be sure this disease won't come back soon or better forever. Thanks for understanding and supporting me, guys! Hope to be back with tons of pictures asap! <3


Please the Loa: Gonk | HD

Wed Nov 6 21:51:08 2019

Oh, this is going to be a tough task~ Or is it? Show your obedience to your chosen Loa the best way you can, he awaits.

First full-quality picture i've done completely on my iPad! I think it looks good enough. Go check it out in the folder, in gorgeous 6k res! <3

New poll later this month. Spoiler - thicc ladies only ;P


Please the Loa: Gonk | WIP, Lines

Tue Oct 1 14:28:14 2019

Let's start the month with linework of an upcoming pic with horny Loa-boi, in the folder now (updated links in few days, for now old ones are functional). Colors soon too~

Another art-poll later this month, with thicc ladies only this time!


It was too calm in here... | CMMSSN, HD

Sun Sep 15 02:13:56 2019

Damn, totally forgot to post an announcement on Patreon itself! ><

Two versions of a gay dragons' fun on the beach is available in the folder for all $5+ patrons!


Deep Blue <3 | CMMSSN, HD

Sat Aug 17 04:11:37 2019

2 pulpy versions of gay dergons banging are available in the corresponding folder ;P More gay action soon!


"And which Loa do you bugging with?" (WoW Fan-Art Vote)

Mon Aug 12 22:39:56 2019

I think it's time to try and return to my fan-art polls. Whom you'd like to see in a naughty way from these guys, hmm? Giving you a week to vote! Check the attached image to take a look at those beasts~

P.S.: When i'm moved to my new place, it'll be much more calm for me to do my job and you'll have more art, just a couple of months more to wait! It's for those who wonder why there's not many updates lately >.>


Between a rock and a hard drake | CMMSSN, PSD

Thu May 23 14:58:23 2019

PSD file of this hot dragon banging picture is available for explorations for all $10+ patrons in the specific folder for this month ^^

As always, all short news and streams announcements are in my Telegram channel - t.me/Karukuji_art


Between a rock and a hard drake | CMMSSN, HD

Thu May 23 14:56:10 2019

4 juicy versions of this hot dragon banging picture are available for all $5+ patrons in the specific folder for this month ^^

As always, all short news and streams announcements are in my Telegram channel - t.me/Karukuji_art


Stable Stream Schedule

Mon May 6 20:20:11 2019

After testing out my stream schedule i decided that 6 days per week is too many for me, so reduced those to 4. Here's my new schedule, i hope it won't be changed again soon~

My Picarto - picarto.tv/Karukuji

My Twitch - twitch.tv/karukuji


Collab YCH with Smile | CMMSSN, HD

Wed May 1 21:19:51 2019

Totally forgot about posting the announce here. To not miss anything link your Discord account to Patreon or join my Telegram channel (https://t.me/Karukuji_art), i usually forget about the actual Patreon page, since it's REALLY inconvenient to use after all the design updates =\

However, $5+ patrons can easily find it in the April folder for long time already, go check it out!


Making streams regular again.

Wed May 1 21:12:50 2019

Last week was testing out my new streaming schedule. So far works not good enough, probably 6 days per week is too many for me, will tweak it next week already, but so far here's when you can try to catch me online drawing or gaming!

For art streams follow me here - https://picarto.tv/Karukuji

For gaming streams follow me there - https://www.twitch.tv/karukuji

P.S.: Since today i was feeling sick tomorrow it's gonna be either only art stream or both streams at one day.


I'm back!

Mon Apr 1 07:22:52 2019

Yeah, nothing more to add. No april fools or whatev. I'm just back to business x)

Updated content links in few days and finally more stuff! Thanks for your patience, i really needed that rest ^.=.^


Biped dominance | CMMSSN, PSD

Thu Feb 14 21:14:44 2019

$10+ patrons may find everything in February folder~ Enjoy! ^.=.^


Biped dominance | CMMSSN, HD

Thu Feb 14 20:55:36 2019

Original resolution of Telkop's commission with alternative version is already in folder for all $5+ patrons~


Appreciate your dragon | CMMSSN, PSD file

Sat Jan 19 04:26:12 2019

$10+ patrons may find everything in January folder~ Enjoy! ^.=.^


Appreciate your dragon | CMMSSN, HD

Sat Jan 19 04:11:04 2019

Original resolution of Alym's commission with alternative versions is already in folder for all $5+ patrons~


End of a large project.. And the year!

Sun Dec 30 21:27:17 2018

Hey everyone!

I know nobody really asked me to do this video, but i had to, because i'm fed up with lying reviews of Wacom products. Really, i used to like their devices, but now... it simply became a necessary measure, not a pleasant purchase. Hence this video exists now. And all thanks to your support! That was really nice and useful experience for me.

Thank you for your patience, i promise i'll stop thinking i'm a great YouTuber and completely return to drawing all the kinky stuff xP

Can't really say much about 2018, honestly... it wasn't a nice year overall, too nervous, too stressful, too exhausting with tons of disappointments... Positive moments, they took place, yeah. But nothing significant, honestly. And the very crushing end of this year forces me now to make much more efforts in drawing more, frequent and constantly. For me it means less free time, for you - more fap material ^^ Anyway, i really am going to try. Life sometimes simply doesn't want me to proceed, it seems... So i hope it'll choke on it and we all gonna be happy <3

I wasn't able to finish everything i planned. I know what i still have and want to do, and since i have this huge time-consuming project off of my back everything depends on me now ) Instead of planning i'll simply do everything i have to. That's simply it. No time to waste anymore.. Maybe this even would surprise you one day! Prepare your eyes for some juicy eye-candy! Let's meet 2019 tomorrow, give it a day or two of pure rest and show this chubby meaty piggy who's the boss ;) (yeah, year of the Pig, uh-huh >.=.>) I'm trying to not drown in depression tides, honestly, i hope you noticed ._.

Soon after New Year's Imma place every my single debt i have now, even non-commissioned ones (Patreon ones, not the pieces for friends), to one pinned journal on my FA, so you could watch me progressing on everything unveiled. I think it's fair to do ^^ I totally have to provide more updates there, really, i heard you x)

Thanks for supporting me, without you all i'm a useless maggot <3Newcomers, you'll get your links after the 1st of January with everyone or simply dive into my Discord channel and grab'em now! Thanks for trusting me.

Happy New Year!

file.2 (d)

"Mmm, a fat one..." | Sorlag fan-art, PSD file

Thu Dec 6 06:28:36 2018

This time with additional WIP stages.

$10+ patrons may find everything in November folder~

All new links are sent already!


December list.

Thu Dec 6 05:41:13 2018

Hey-hey, dear patrons!

Check out the little silly teaser (if you haven't already) of soon to be released huge review i'm making for you with love and care, trying to open eyes of customers a bit more on the Wacom itself and the problems you're gonna have buying their products nowadays. Hope it'll be fun to watch even if you're not an artist yourself, since it's not only a simple narration ^^ Yeah, i wanted to release it last month, but had some technical issues related delays and urgent need to add some new info. Damn blue perfectionist...

Let's make it short and simplified this time! What i'm planning to do in December:

1. Release the 50 minutes videoreview of Wacom Cintiq Pro 16.

2. Few more finished artworks gonna be uploaded.

3. Christmas/New Year related YCH (maybe collab) will appear. Hoping to not make it overly complex this time, so i can finish it to the date.

4. After releasing the review i finally will return to the tutorial vids, so at least a script for new art-tutorial from ideas in comments under my previous one will be written.

5. Spyro. Spyro deserves attention.

6. Other things i mentioned last time will appear in some way as well. Just gonna make sure i only make quality content for you instead of throwing everything out as is >.>

Making at least 80% of this will make me really proud of myself x) However, returning back to my duties! New content links will be sent in a few moments. Oh, and one more thing - 2016 content will be moved to $25+ folder later this month, so save it while it's still available!

New Year will be started with re-considering my rewards and pledges levels. Some will be lowered, some will be raised. Reasonably of course! Stay tuned, i'll tell more about it when time comes~

Thanks for supporting me here, i'm really glad to be able to make content i myself want to make. And all this because of you ^.=.^ Luv ya, guys <3

file.1 (d)

"Mmm, a fat one..." | Sorlag fan-art, HD + Alt

Tue Nov 27 00:30:10 2018

Original resolution Sorlag creampie with alternative clean version is already in folder for all $5+ patrons~

If you still somehow don't have links, feel free to PM me about'em!


Sketches folder update.

Sun Nov 11 15:02:20 2018

Three more sketches of upcoming pictures appeared in the $1+ folder.

1. Syrazor and Malfaren commission. (M\M)

2. Deep space exploration (Karukuji and Eriada, M\F)

3. Andragon and Speartian commission (M\M)

More stuff soon!


Header image update~

Sun Nov 11 14:51:41 2018

Just thought it'd be pleasant to see more anatomically correct Karu on top of some of my socials x)

Nothing else here, only this >.> Keep browsing~!


November teaser.

Fri Nov 2 01:19:08 2018

Hey guys! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

However, it's time for some little announcements that i'll try my best at bringing to life this month.

1. Commissioned pieces will get full attention at first half of month. Expect quite some sketches and WIPs in folders!

2. To have my own fun there'll also appear new WIPs of my silly/kinky ideas. Every time i finish one you'll have a new post here on Patreon or in Discord~

3. Nope, i haven't forgotten about the free art raffle! Just pushed this till better times, and i guess this time is now!

4. Going to try myself in animation once again. Just a little feral on anthro humping animation ^^

5. I'm working hard on polishing and finishing my ultimate 40 minutes review of Cintiq Pro 16 where i explain you why Wacom is shit and what will you get if you or your friend-artist decide to buy this thingy. Oh, and why iPad is awesome~

Not going to tell much more, because i'm ABSOLUTELY NOT sure if it happens this month, but... if it happens it'll be a surprise ^.=.^

Anyways, fuse's lit! Expect new content during next week and check out on recently uploaded WIPs. Links are staying for now and will be updated in a day or two~

Thanks for your support, guys! Without you all i'm nothing <3


Chilling out | PSD file

Thu Oct 18 21:35:42 2018

PSD file is available for $10+ patrons now! Includes early sketches and all versions.

You can find the file in corresponding folder.


Chilling out | 6k resolution pictures

Thu Oct 18 03:27:25 2018

Okay, that was a teensy pause for me here. But it seems like you peeps want me to throw in updates here as well - here you go, i'm at your service. Gonna post such things regularly if uploading ANYTHING to the folders. Okay? Okay.

Right now $5+ patrons can grab 3 versions of this YCH collab between me and Deanosaior in 6k resolution. All three files are in the folder, links are in your message box or in Discord.

Update about PSD is later today, don't miss it if you want it~


Still need updates on Patreon?

Wed Sep 19 02:58:13 2018

Just curious if you need me to post about every full-picture or sketch/bunch of sketches update here or if you're fine with updates i provide on my Discord server ^^

Asking, because it's quite empty on this page itself, but you still get the content regularly, so~ >.>

News and plans.

Mon Jul 30 17:48:04 2018

Hey guys, hope you're having great time there! Even if you don't - no worries, i can totally feel you.

Would like to share some news with you and start with frustrating one, at least for me - earlier this month i lost my pet and friend, cockatiel named Kesha, who lived with me almost whole my life, for almost 20 years, and passed away on July 15th. I'm turning 25 later this year, so i assume you can imagine that i lost significant string that was connecting me with childhood, this wonderful carefree time full of joy and fun. And that was pretty much the last one string, aside of my parents. This was one deeply saddening day and it made me think a lot. And i think it's time to finally have some significant changes about my work, my job, too.

This month I wasn't really productive because on one paw i finally got my new apartament built and ready to move in, and then, on the other paw, my dear beloved critter died... All the sketches and unfinished stuff that is worth being shown will be eventually uploaded to FA and here, for sure. But here comes the part you'd probably like the most.

Streams. These will be quite regular for next month, don't expect me to be talkative much, but this is gonna be a measure to keep the workflow going whatever it takes.

Experiments. First one that i've planned - starting somewhen in the middle of August i'm going to work for the quantity of art i produce, putting all efforts to also keep the quality on a decent level. That means i'll be, no matter what, uploading new artwork every 2nd day, sometimes sketch, sometimes finished piece with background. This time PROBABLY without on-stream commissions, but i have to start with something ^^

Videos. I've finished the really long script for Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 review and this time it's gonna be with English subtitles, and i promise, even if you're not into drawing yourself you're gonna like it at some point, i'll try to make it interesting enough for everyone. If my strength allows me there will be even new frame-by-frame animation for intro on my channel and some kind of animated integration in the video itself~ I can be a dreamer, come on! >.> But everything is about hard work and power of will. And.. Time management... Oh, and gonna pick another theme for tutorial vid in August!

Other things will come when i'm ready for it. For now that's that. Will not promise more, but i hope you'll appreciate surprise too~

Links for August within 4 days, new content is waiting for you in folders, commissions will be opened in autumn. Thanks for supporting me! I'm off to my naughty drawings, see you on my Discord server ^^

file.1 (d)

And free art goes to...

Tue May 29 00:11:09 2018

Okay, i have no idea how legal it is to do such thing on Patreon, since raffles are prohibited here, how i got known just this month, but... Let's call it "Siri's choice of nice peeps to gift pictures to" >.>' Maybe later i will simply delete this post.

Sooo... These guys are gonna get it, according to the video above:

1. Aokuang ($25 tier, full quality art piece, maximum 2 characters)

2. Rokanoss ($10 tier, full quality art piece, maximum 1 character)

3. FHDani ($5 tier, no BG art piece or a headshot, maximum 1 character)

4. Zragon ($1 tier, no color art piece or a simple colored headshot, maximum 1 character)

Grats! You can contact me via Discord or here, but within few days i will write you myself, no worries ^^

P.S.: Next time i probably will only make a screenshot of each random number and a winner. Just decided to show you how the process looked, but adding this blur... grah, too tedious for me xD

file.1 (d)

Okay, how will we do it this month?

Mon Apr 30 23:25:22 2018

Hey everyone!

Last month wasn't really productive, i was dealing with multiple problems that were straightly related with my drawing instruments and i was switching from old ones to new. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to do it smoothly and i've provided much less content last month than i wanted to.

So! Here's how i'm going to do now to make amends:

Okay, if i don't do at least 75% of this till the end of May, consider me useless as an artist. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, honestly, so it will be also an attempt to change for myself in first place.

Cheers, see you on my Discord, peeps! You're the best <3

Yandex.Disk issue, what about content.

Wed Apr 25 07:32:39 2018

Hey guys!

If you're on my Discord server, you apparently know that this month was too stressful for me regarding new faulty Wacom tablets i was getting and had to return personally in Moscow. Because of this i had no time to share new stuff with you properly nor mood for producing much.

Anyway, due to recent Yandex.Disk software update, after i applied it, everything on the cloud storage itself started to glitch and tried to self-destruct, deleting all the files there. Fortunately, i made a backup right before installing this update, so instead of solving the issue on my old account, i simply void my subscription there and created a new one x) I think the perfect way to go now will be sharing new content links with everybody who supported me in April and leave them be till the end of May. That's what i'm gonna do in a day or two ^^

At the moment all files are being uploaded there, so soon i will send you all the new content links with some new stuff there! New, not faulty tablets are already here for me to be able to make more dragon pr0nz~

Stay tuned to my Discord server as well, you're awesome!


Just a quick note.

Sun Apr 1 17:05:50 2018


I still don't see all of you on my Discord channel! It's much more handy to provide rewards and talk to you all there ^^ Come on, hop in!

Anyway, wanted to tell you that for those who still are only here, on Patreon, i'm going to write a post or two here next couple of days regarding the new content and upcoming stuff. All content links for March are deleted, new ones i will send via PMs in a day or two, when all Patreon processes are done <3

Thank you so much, guys ^^

Sudden (for me) content theft alert~

Mon Mar 12 12:53:28 2018

Thanks to one of my artist friends i got known that one disgusting resource still works, even after Patreon's "charge upfront" feature.

So, for now all content links are deleted, i will never pin files to new posts and temporarily going to return to links sharing through PMs (since their bots can't work with PMs... yet). Also, gonna add special channels on my Discord server to share those as well, so i recommend you to link your Discord accounts to Patreon, so you'll automatically gain access ^^

If you have any other suggestions regarding safe ways of sharing reward content, feel free to write it down in comments!

Thanks for understanding, i'll share new links after adding some new content soon~

Content link for March ($5+)

Fri Mar 2 20:49:25 2018

Finally getting back to content after a break ^^ Little changes in folders - now in folders you can find only content that is in the title of folder, so 5+ pledgers have to use all the links. I made this change just to use less space on my cloud storage <3

Enjoy! And more pictures, streams and vids soon ^^


Content link for March ($1+)

Fri Mar 2 20:47:53 2018

Finally getting back to content after a break ^^ Little changes in folders - now in folders you can find only content that is in the title of folder, so 5+ pledgers have to use all the links. I made this change just to use less space on my cloud storage <3

Enjoy! And more pictures, streams and vids soon ^^


What's up? Some updates~

Thu Mar 1 09:45:35 2018

Hey, everyone!

Since there was not much updates on Patreon i must apologize - at some point i was testing out if i like working with Discord to share part of content more and, frankly, needed a little slowdown, so... consider this as my little vacation ^^"

Anyway, some good news!

Lots of little things i'd rather just do and show than talk about are on the way as well! We rock, my friends, thanks for your support <3

See you on my Discord server ;)


"Did she win or did she lose?" p.1 (TIMELAPSE)

Mon Jan 15 14:18:29 2018

Another one timelapsed vid! ^^ Enjoy~

ITPd6z1rRQ16HIr35GqR2y4BO99vNX0IfXS1k50_kEFIOK64YWCtjDIRm0EV9__c.jpe (d)

"Did she win or did she lose?" p.1 (HD, 2018)

Mon Jan 15 08:52:01 2018

Told ya i'm getting faster =P Slightly more vivid purple here, but anyway~ Enjoy hi-res dragon dong caressing here or in the folder ^^

PSD and videoprocess soon!

ky_sucky_time_1_HD.png ky_sucky_time_1_HD.png

"Did she win or did she lose?" p.2 (TIMELAPSE)

Fri Jan 12 20:35:08 2018

Have a nice look at the videoprocess of making this suckysucky shot! Gonna be out for public after few days ^^

j1Pwn27p8oKjpEqM2m9pZ_aW3atFEvI8b2p8eUlKpyU4_Lr1E9ZY4oojv-P_L3N-.jpe (d)

"Did she win or did she lose?" p.2 (HD, 2018)

Fri Jan 12 20:24:36 2018

Just a continuation for one drawing year ago, practicing in different coloring techniques to increase speed, and it's working!

Kyala's so lovely <3 Additional photocard version is here as well!

Grab it in folder or here~

ky_sucky_time_2_HD_fixed1.png ky_sucky_time_2_HD_fixed1.png ky%20sucky%20time_photo_HD.png

Content link for January ($1+)

Fri Jan 12 20:20:48 2018

Yay, some activity in a new year! x) Have a renewed link, guys <3

1v3f-5g1R1cDLEnLX2NBzkAJsvpXrv364DSwRKMOeqrOpGaK2RS2uYtNjsBO0a57.jpe (d)

Content link for January ($5+)

Fri Jan 12 20:19:41 2018

Yay, some activity in a new year! x) Have a renewed link, guys <3

xCDEk7u13_4KjExpWGxq3up41JPcV-lmJOa3eSBvFX4JnfFOMZnb7vjdoCLq5ZAC.jpe (d)

Welcome to the forest~ (HD, 2017)

Fri Dec 29 00:33:39 2017

HD version of picture, feat. Setax wolf.

setax_fin_hd.png setax_fin_hd.png

Sorlag Timelapsed videoprocess

Sat Dec 23 00:53:49 2017

Just a record from stream, but i hope you'll like to watch it timelapsed <3

XM-YItvfPX55Fco6c4gugFumZ8vlnJbGKUeoG9HIUiBPQCrsYvZnpNVkMmFhMXt8.jpe (d)

Cowgirls practice (HD, 2017)

Sat Dec 23 00:35:43 2017

Just a couple of quickies~ Enjoy ^^

preview1.jpg cow1.JPG Cow2.png

"You're beginning to irritate me..." (HD, 2017)

Sat Dec 23 00:29:10 2017

Just reminding that you can have 4k version of this picture here or in content folder~ <3

sorlag_solo_fin.png sorlag_solo_fin.png

Comic character concept + poll

Sat Dec 2 22:37:02 2017

Yeah, i have finally made it to the comic x) It's a little higgledy-piggledy, chaotic process even for a test, not really long comic - plot is almost done, characters are in really early stage, but i want to show that i've started something and soon it, like a snowball, gonna turn into my little own world of cosmic, interstellar, technological dragons, and OF COURSE naughty ones ;)

This is gonna be a short story about one life moment of two dragons, who are just a little part of a volunteer planetary exploration crew. This is gonna be M\M comic with just a little bit of a backstory and most part of naughty action, in which i will try to cover most amount of little fetishes =P I know i maybe am a little too picky and hesitating too much, but i'm a perfectionist inside and even for my first beginning in any aspect i want to do my best for you all <3

Anyway, for now, the question you can aid me is next - what name you think would fit this fella depicted here? In future more detailed concepts he will be more of a brownish hue overall, kinda mountain dragon with stubborn temper, tho it's just a cover for his inner mellowness.

Gonna keep you in touch ^^


Content link for December ($5+)

Sat Dec 2 22:18:18 2017

Yeah, previous month was extremely busy for me irl, so i decided to push everything to December. Anyway, something significant is coming, stay tuned =P

Thanks for your support, i'm nothing without it!

dkZ98DYtEIp12lhhg5cga-5RL5BDebotO5EYKDmKtOJGCny2LvL3mefTEj9wSNu-.jpe (d)

Content link for December ($1+)

Sat Dec 2 22:17:11 2017

Yeah, previous month was extremely busy for me irl, so i decided to push everything to December. Anyway, something significant is coming, stay tuned =P

Thanks for your support, i'm nothing without it!

qNaJdlssG_QBaWp-kaLb8P9LUY1xF2BYQ0XcqXmHAF9Cu7MBqr477K9SY2voe_Tj.jpe (d)

Bunch of sketches (Nov 2017)

Sat Dec 2 22:10:48 2017

Sketches of a lil' spontaneous series with Karukuji and his favourite dragon-girls and one surprise 6666 watchers picture with a kinky demon summoning~ Soon to be finished!

Download here or find in the November folder

patreondecember17.jpg malikkaru_wip2fa.jpg kyalakarumessy_wip.png nachtysmokey6.jpg karu6666_wip3.jpg

Bull, moose and couch (HD, 2017)

Sat Dec 2 21:50:49 2017

5$ tier hi-res picture here and awaits you in the November folder

bull_n_moose_fin_HD.png bull_n_moose_fin_HD.png

Content link for October ($5+)

Fri Oct 6 12:49:07 2017

You know what? I decided to make it slightly easier for myself! No more restrictions till 20$ of support lifetime, like it was before. And links will be provided through Patreon posts from now on ^^

I think it's better for everyone. More updates, more actions from me here!

P.S.: Expect a little announce later this month, when i decide about the next project i'm gonna finish, i'll share info about it~

UkLILQP6qFtXqJYQnjx0ecnAkqv7Wv0RyLlvcCAsUjvpAMCGD7BIJ0vM82TqlwCB.jpe (d)

Content link for October ($1+)

Fri Oct 6 12:47:00 2017

You know what? I decided to make it slightly easier for myself! No more restrictions till 20$ of support lifetime, like it was before. And links will be provided through Patreon posts from now on ^^

I think it's better for everyone. More updates, more actions from me here!

P.S.: Expect a little announce later this month, when i decide about the next project i'm gonna finish, i'll share info about it~

4yZM_8WfeoVjZqlt0W330vFIm5mPIJdmsz4KQjeo2VMpRJdpW7BhXVw_VQihWgOu.jpe (d)

Lazing around, COLLAB, 2017 (Video)

Wed Oct 4 02:17:43 2017

Timelapsed videoprocess of creating this pic. Avaliable publicly, but will upload to all folders later today.

Expect new links soon, not at home at the moment, need to prepare the content before throwing links at y'all ^^

gcRAJZOmc_VJVXxl_DBe6IM2CX3t-1lU30ivtv6ESQEm9uG1bawl7AnCOZ4DyHVJ.jpe (d)

Lazing around, COLLAB, 2017

Sun Oct 1 03:18:34 2017

My part for the collaboration with Yaroul is done now~

Find full versions in the post or in 5$ folder already.

gittons001_karupart_messHD.png gittons001_karupart_messHD.png gittons001_karupart_cleanHD.png

Timelapsed "You break it - you buy it!"

Sun Oct 1 01:22:17 2017

Okay, let's try short posts now~

Here's a timelapsed process of making THIS picture, for now you can only watch it via link access and also you can find the videofile in the 10$ folder (new links in 1-2 days, old ones work for now). It will become public here later and then after some more time on YouTube itself.

Another one vid very soon!

hqaXB8989cFiat1lwIDzLtrMivsUvwSJwm5l5gUN2YO6U3Kupm6QFI9vIZ3lQ1Gj.jpe (d)

September stuff~

Wed Sep 13 09:36:50 2017

Hey guys!

I'll keep it short this time x)

$1 tier - you can access some of recent sketches already and i will upload more later, when polish them enough (or maybe they will be not sketches already). Wanted to upload some more, BUT those are related to a WoW Dragons folio and i have a slightly greater plan about it which will involve some other artist to work with me on it, so i want to make it a bit more significant and of highest quality~ I'll tell you more in next updates here ^^

5$ tier - Hi-res of recently finished drawing of two gay dragons in a bar awaits you! This month there should appear at least a couple more of finished pieces, that's for sure, so keep up with updates~

10$+ tiers - You can have still warm .PSD file of aforenamed picture and soon (if there is enough material for it) i will edit and upload timelapse or creating this picture. Also, feel free to leave in comments your thoughts about if you'd like to see timelapsed vids of creating some old pieces, i have some material, but will edit it only if i see you're interested ^^

I guess i won't be redundant with words this time, better to keep up the good work ^^ Thanks a lot for your support, feel free to contact me and suggest your interesting ideas about art and how to make my content more interesting for you <3

See you later on my Picarto, i'll stream a lot this month.


Fresh update! Picarto's in use now~

Mon Jul 3 04:44:39 2017

Hey everybody!

Glad you're still here with me, and welcome newcomers! ^.=.^ Thanks for your support!

But let's commence our digest~

First of all, go enjoy some refreshed and new sketches of dragon naughtiness and cuddliness ($1+ tier), you can already have a few versions of a meaty, sexy dragoness on display for you in 5k resolution ($5+ tier), and in couple of days there will be a couple of versions with a juicy close-up. For now exclusively for my patrons, i'm making a timelapsed vid of creating this picture ($10+ tier), will take some time, so expect it later today\tomorrow. But you already can see a timelapse of making another, SFW art piece i was streaming recently, go check it out if you missed my stream. And a .PSD files will come to the same folder in a couple of days as well.

Speaking of art streams - never forget about watching me on Picarto. Maybe i'm not uploading much here lately because of some personal reasons, but you ALWAYS can check on how i progress there, so you know this blue butt's working, i'm trying to stream all the time i work and have mood for being amongst a naughty crowd =P Also, if you get bored watching me, enjoy other artists who're sharing streaming room with me!

Just FYI - i'm now trying to clutch on Twitter, Tumblr and DeviantArt (even if it's crap), so if it's comfy for you to follow me there, click those links and subscribe ^^ Will try to use Twitter also for some miscellaneous or important info too~

Lots of sketches to finish, lots of commissions to draw, lots of plans to keep up with! Stay tuned and thank you again ^^

P.S.: Feel free to share your thoughts in comments about making a discord server for you all to poke and whip my lazy rump when needed or just satisfy your curiosity about anything you want to ask me~


When dragon's not too lazy to post! x) (info)

Sat May 27 00:29:01 2017

Heyheyhey! Yeah, i'm not dead, dragon had a lil' depression, that's not fatal, that happens, let's not accent on that and commence our digest! ^^

Okay, first of all, you can enjoy some sketches of upcoming tasty dragon (and not only dragon) naughtiness, there's no WoW dragons yet, but i had... different kind on muse, i guess you will be happy with some delicious looking messy dragons anyways =P So i'm only postponing that, not flinging aside! The hi-res versions of already finished this month pictures are ready for your eyes and screens in 5+ folders, .PSD files are available as well at 10+ folders. That's for the beginning!

Second of all, i'm prepairing for 10 commission slots to be opened! Yes, that much. But! I will start working with first 5 and other 5 will be put in queue to wait longer time, yet to make sure they're gonna be next, but nobody keeps you from paying to make it 200% certain =P And remember that you have a benefit of using discount for those! The more pricey the commission, the larger the discount, comparably! EZ ^^ Keep your eyes open for submission\journal on FA about that in a couple of days~

And last thingy i wanted to mention for the meantime is that i'm streaming more frequently on Picarto and this is even slowly becoming fun to do for me ^^ So never hesitate to subscribe here - https://picarto.tv/Karukuji - to not miss dragon drawing his explicitly dirty scaly stuff! And join the chat, i always answer there <3

Thank you all for supporting me and helping juices flowing, you're literally the best! Top donators, c'mon, stop being so silent and timid, i need your whip sometimes, hit this blue ass good so it's working! xP Thanks ^^


Cured! Poll results + misc.

Sat Apr 1 01:38:18 2017

Hi everybody!

Thanks so much for not giving up on me while i was a sick dragon! Damn sinusitis... i'd never wish this happen to any of my foes even! Now i'm finally cured (still have some procedures to perform, but overall i'm healthy now) and returning to my naughty pieces. Lots of new stuff incoming ^^

Right now you all can enjoy freshly done, right out of the brush artwork of two dragons who definitely are having fun getting messy, in original high resolution and in two variants as well. Just check out the March folder to find it ^~ Later today i will also upload a .PSD file for your enjoyment, so be ready!

What about the poll results - we have a split among THREE candidates! That was a surprise to me... And you ain't gonna guess what i decided about this. I'm going to draw ALL THREE OF'EM! YES! Expect sketches soon, i will even throw them here as separate post =P Yeah, i'm crazy after the sickness, want to compensate the lack of content and my presence for good~ Also, i just love you, guys <3

Well yeah, i guess that's it for now, i'm not dead, i missed drawing and i will get back on track in a few days! Hopefully will get back to streaming asap as well, after getting done some secret surprising stuff =P Will update links on 5th of April, but you can use current ones still.

Thanks for your support, everybody! Love you all =*


Dragon's really sick, info + POLL

Wed Mar 15 10:25:52 2017

Hey, guys!

I don't really like what i'm about to say, because in my opinion it sounds more like an excuse.

Anyway, have to inform you all that i've got sick ~1,5 weeks ago, nothing special, just weird form of flu, but few days ago my sinusitis appeared again and now i can't really draw or just do anything properly - my forehead is in constant pain, my eye waters from it all the time, i have fever and all stuff like that, and when i look at screens it all becomes even worse, so i just can't draw until it's cured. I've started visiting doctor and i assume to the end of this week i'll eventually get better without any operations or so, but until this time i can't perform any livestreaming (that was also the reason of their absence earlier this month) or even just drawing. Thank you for understanding, i'll try to compensate this as soon as i get back to drawing!

On a side note, i've updated information on my Patreon page, you can get acquainted with it already.

And, as bonus, while i'm still in this unpleasant condition, i've decided to start a poll, where you can choose which sexy couple i should draw next for your enjoyment! I know a lot of people liked that art with snake and gator, let's try to repeat this success! I'll consider this poll closed at 22th of March.

Thanks for your understanding again, guys, i don't want to let you down because of my little problems, i know you all are waiting for new art! You are the best <3

Patreon info update and reward links (spoiler: they're ok)

Wed Mar 1 03:45:36 2017

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to mention that i'm going to rewrite and refresh info of my Patreon almost totally in next few days, so it will describe my work more... correctly and become more plentiful ) Rewards will stay the same with maybe little changes (positive ones, of course, i'm not taking anything from you) in near future. So, yeah, that's it! ^^

And to all of you, who still haven't recieved your reward link - since you pledged not so far away from the beginning of next month, i thought it would be better to just move my usual date of sending those links and send new ones a bit earlier to EVERYONE at once right after withdrawal of this month (so, basically later today or tomorrow). And, please, make sure to save the contents somewhere if you need, because on the 12th of March i'll remove really old for now stuff completely (year 2015), warning you all beforehand once again ^^

On a side note: i've became more active on Picarto lately, so feel free to subscribe and tune in to chat a little with me there or just watch me humiliating myself live xD ( https://picarto.tv/Karukuji ) Thanks for your attention and generous support, guys, you're awesome! More content is on its way, i know you all are insatiable for it ^^

See you all again soon on this infrequently updating... wall x)

Just a quick update.

Wed Jan 25 19:12:34 2017


While you're waiting for more pronz to COME out, WIPs for which all of you can easily sneak peek already, my $5+ supporters can enjoy new little innocent cherry wallpaper in 4k. That one has 3:2 ratio for those who interested. It also will become a t-shirt or mug print later as well!

Lemme repeat as well - this month i haven't changed the content links, i will do it next month. If you don't have your link, simply boop my nose via PM! ^^

Thanks for your support, guys! New exotic couple poll is coming up soon and i'm also planning to open few commission slots in March if i'm lucky with everything else ^^ MORE STUFFFFFFF!

P.S.: Attached current contents of Sketch folder.

frptrnnew.jpg drakesYCH_wip2.jpg drakesYCH_wip2_2.jpg HMage_wip3-1.jpg maxdergcomic_wip2.jpg tahm_rough.jpg

Dragon explains once again.

Fri Jan 13 18:27:58 2017


Just finished this video, will try to do one more sooner than in a year, that's for sure xD Check it out, leave your feedback in comments and tell me what would you like me to tell you about next, otherwise i'll pick theme myself and i'm not good at it x)

P.S.: This month i'm not updating links themselves, it'll happen next month. The content is still available, don't worry! If you have any suggestions or questions - just contact me via PM.


"Twisted T... Threesome" original res.!

Wed Dec 28 14:03:40 2016

Yup, it's done! 80% of work here is totally mine, but Jackrow has made an awesome kickstart for whole idea with his lineart for the characters.

I suppose this is not our last collaboration, but next time we'll try to do equal amount of work x) However, this goes directly to the Beasts and Creatures of videogames folio, later i'll move those pictures there. But now you may find 6k versions with no Patreon watermark in December folder!

For the sake of laziness i'm leaving both versions attached to this post as well x)

Thanks for your support! Videotutor is on its way, have to perform a voiceover, in a few days i'll finish it and throw to my YouTube channel. Announcement here is imminent )

sol-anivia-azir_funtimes_fin_hd_messy_nowm.png sol-anivia-azir_funtimes_fin_hd_clean_nowm.png sol-anivia-azir_funtimes_fin_hd_messy_nowm.png

More videos coming!

Wed Nov 30 23:51:42 2016

Hey everyone!

Wanted to thank you all once more for your support, i appreciate it so much. THAT'S why specially for you i planned (except new artworks, of course) at least TWO "Dragon creates" series videos, one of which shall be about drawing.. uhm... some kind of liquids in my style, according to the feedback i got about those liquids on my latest art piece (the one from preview, come and grab it in 5k resolution if you still haven't done it!). And in second video i will try to tell something useful about perspective and character positioning in chosen space and under specific angle. But liquids first! =P I hope some people would find it useful.

Also, info on my Patreon page... waaaay too outdated, i suppose, and it doesn't answer all questions for newcomers, that's why i'll try to put my lazy-hat off and rearrange everything so it'd be more informative, more... referential? I guess so.

That's it for now! New hi-res finished art in a few days and more in progress, i'll announce it here and on FA, wait for it =P

Thanks again, you're the best, guys ^^


Slowly, but surely! New content.

Tue Nov 1 06:30:12 2016

Hey, guys! Thanks for staying with me, i'm so glad to have you all here and sharing my work with you ^^

This time i can pamper you with new video of making the last full art of mine - Triple B: Big Blue Butt. This time with text commentaries, so you can understand my actions more and maybe learn something! Yay! Also i've uploaded .PSD file with named layers inside, and initial sketch layers as well. $10+ supporters can find this all in "PSD files and VIDEOS" folder, inside the October folder. Enjoy, guys! ^^

Also i've found couple of raw process vids of my previous works, maybe i'll turn'em into timelapses as well x)

Soon more different polls, more sexy dragons and other creatures, stay tuned, expect notifying posts here! Thanks for your support ^^

~Karukuji W.


Okay, enough slacking! I'm back.

Tue Aug 9 20:59:28 2016


Thank you guys for allowing me to have a little vacation from drawing, i feel refreshed and will try to provide you at least one sketch every day (sounds like a challenge for blue butt, but i'll try), they all will be on FA as well, sooner or later.

Recently i changed my sharing method from Dropbox links to (all of a sudden) Yandex Disk links. Google Drive is totally useless for sharing needs i have, so that was not an option, and i've decided to try russian Yandex. Let's see how it'll work and if you have any problems with accessing content - feel free to feedback!

Your personal links for this month are sent via Patreon PMs, check it out. DRAGON'S BACK, BABY!

Enjoy, guys, thanks for your support, you're awesome! ^^

Tons of info!

Sat Jul 16 21:08:55 2016

Heya, folks!

Have to admit, I'm really tired, exhausted of drawing, have growing depression from this and just MUSTstop and take a rest forcouple of weeks, or i won't be able to provide any tasty feral smexiness for ya. Anyway, it'll give me some time to develop and finish a storyline for my first comic, so i won't be just slacking those days x)

Plus, i think i'll try to distract myself from bad thoughts and depression, doing some NOSTALGIA STREAMS (twice a week, i hope; games of years 1996-2007) with my wolf-friend in Moscow. The streams will be in Russian language, but don't hesitate to use chat there, we'll try to answer in English as well ^^ Planning to start this week, tune in if you're interested in some old videogames, subscribe — My Twitch channel.(click)

blah-blah-blah, many words...

Anyway, i have some news about Patreon for ya here, and also i need to know your opinion thereby.

In this case, i have a question for ya. Since i'm using a Dropbox to share my content with you, and it provides a bit TOO much space for me (1TB, i don't need so much for this purpose), so i'm thinking of EITHER switching to Google Drive (cheaper, 100GB is more than enough for this) or just uploading everything here, filling up your Patreon news feed with my art'n'stuff (but it had a limit of 100MB per file last time, not good for .PSD files).

The question is — what do you, my dear patrons, prefer more: Google Drive links with neat folders, but seldom updates on Patreon or flow of unsorted stuff right here one-by-one somehow? Write your thoughts about this down below, and i'll be using Dropbox for one more month meanwhile ^^

Well, that's all for now. A lot of info this time, eh? However, if there are any worthy sketches or if my attempts to finish one of WIP's have a success, i'll add them to Dropbox for ya, be sure! Just a little pause, pls... Peace'n'quiet. Don't want to ragequit drawing from exhaustion x)

P.S.: This month EACH AND EVERY my patron has access to latest .PSD filesof my artworks. If there are any finished stuff, you all will have it too. (everyone has sketches anyway) As my little apology for my desperate need of little rest ^^

Thanks for your support, you're the best! <3

I'll return soon with new art and couple of changes!


Dropbox links issues (error 429)

Wed May 18 01:31:57 2016

Hey everyone!

I know about problems with unaccessible links (error 429), unfortunately, this issue comes not from my side, so i can do nothing right now. I'm contacting support and temporarily disabling those reward links. When everything come back to normal, i'll send new links once again with extended access limits and new content, of course! Thanks for understanding and your support ^^

P.S.: Guys, who make late payments - do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or local PMs and DEMAND your reward links, i'll gladly give them to you! =)

Poll winner and quick update.

Wed Apr 20 14:55:00 2016

Okay, so i've started drawing the couple of your choice, guys - male feral Snake on male feral Alligator! Soon will be done, check out sketch for now ^^

You can find few new sketches in your Dropbox links and a double sized cow ass and her slit full of dragon =P

Finishing few commissions right now, so expect new art pieces asap.

Thanks ^^


Vote for the next couple of your choice!

Fri Apr 8 08:52:59 2016

Another poll, 3 anthro couples, 3 feral, F\F, M\F and M\M variants are available. Some of those species or even couples were in previous voting, but why not, some of them pretty rare to see done good enough, and i'll make'em just right, as you like it =P

I'll close this poll after a week, so hurry up, guys ^^

P.S.: I'm lazy to do a header for this post, soz x)



March thanks! G...Got it? March! Ha-ha... ha...

Fri Apr 1 11:37:43 2016

Hai all!

For those, who is interested - i'm quite fine already, no need to worry )

This time i have 5 sexy raptor poses for ya, some of them in 5K and 6K! Also for higher tiers of rewards i have two short'n'lazy videos from iPad Pro, where i was just doodlin' around, maybe you'll find it interesting and\or useful. Plus some sketches of course. Look for "Previous month (mar)" folders to find everything!

About tutorial-like video - i've decided to make it available for everyone, so you'll definitely get it soon on my YouTube channel (i have link in my profile here), but this will be my last video of such type, until i will raise the monthly income here. But i'll be focused on my drawings instead =P

And, since i've done the most difficult (for me, ofc) commission, i think i'll be back doing my folios later this month and next month i'll be working only on them for your enjoyment, guys! ^^

For newcomers (and veterans too) - your reward links will be sent to you either later today or tomorrow, thanks for your support ^^


Quick update.

Wed Mar 23 02:06:57 2016

Hey, everybody!

That's been a while, i was recovering from my recent... let's call them "unpleasant events", still not really talkative, sorry for that. Anyway, as you could possibly see, i've uploaded some stuff like .PSD of Valiona and Tarecgosa (btw, there you can see how the picture looked on early stages of work, yay!), some sketches and colored pics.

On this week i'll update my Patreon page (info'n'stuff), upload some more wips and finished works. Aaaaand will start a new poll about next sexy exotic couple of your choice!

Stay tuned and thanks for your help! ^^

BIG THANKS, lil' news x)

Wed Mar 2 13:13:18 2016

Hey guys! I'm really glad you're generously supporting me and beleive in me, that helps a lot, thank you ^^

Well, let's talk about rewards and upcoming content!

First, i'd like to mention that next kinda tutorial video from me will be done this month. I don't know which picture i'll pick to use in this video, but be ready for it to be NSFW, which means that video probably won't be on YouTube, only on my Dropbox. If there happens an emergency delay, you'll get that video anyway, promise.

What about reward content - you may check the links you already have (new ones will be tomorrow, i have a teensy issue with my Dropbox payment method) for stuff you've probably missed (it's in the "Old stuff" folder), there are some sketches and lineworks of upcoming art, hi-res versions of some pictures and soon i'll prepare and upload temporarily available .PSD file of Valiona and Tarecgosa. Some of this content is in "Old Stuff" folder, because it was in February, and everything new will appear in "This month (Mar)" folder. Also, check out "Folios" folder to find those huge dragonesses =P

For now there is nothing more to report. However, just want to say that after finishing current commissions i WON'T take any more of them for at least 2-4 months (only if i won't start.. well, like... starving or smthn ._. i believe in you, guys ^^) and will focus on my own stuff, because right now all those artistic debts seem like my only brakes x) Knowing myself, I shouldn't have take so much commissions, yes, my bad ) Few more pushes and you'll be finally drowning in my own juicy, musky, tasty... artsy stuff! ^^

Please, tell me what do you guys prefer more - naughty comics or sexy folios?It won't stop me from making both, just wanna know what do you prefer more =P

Ah, yeah, i'll refresh the look of my Patreon page and re-write that description text i have due to the massive, unstoppable update of all creators' pages. Now that's all!

Thank you, guys, you're the best!

~Karukuji W.

P.S.: New poll about random exotic couples to draw will happen later someday, just not now. Can't do everything at once, y'know )


Video and other stuff! Thanks for supporting me ^^

Mon Feb 1 15:17:11 2016

Hey, 'sup guys

I've finally decided HOW i want to deliver my explaning videos, so from now on you can listen to my bad English accent, which comes out of maw of a barely "animated" Karukuji on my YouTube channel here - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6mcIWdSEYbHOmBIdBb7sEA

Some of these videos will be for my dear patrons ONLY, mostly because they'll have NSFW content inside )

Also you can check out your Dropbox links, there are a bit of new stuff for all tiers of rewards! I'd like it to be MUCH more in January, but have kept it for the next month, want it all to be perrrrfect =P

PLUS I want you, my lovely patrons, to tell me in comments down below WHAT particularly YOU want from me here, on Patreon! Tell me everything, some of your wishes may come true, i guarantee it ^^

Thank you all for your support, i'm nothing without it! Love ya all guys, stay as cool as you are already.

Always yours

~Karukuji W.


New Year - New stuff!

Thu Dec 31 16:50:05 2015

Hey-hey, my dear patrons! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and the best Holidays to you all ^^

The last few months of my life wasn't quite the best, to the contrary - they were really bad. Several times i was sick badly, was visiting doctors, fell into deep depression, even wanted to give up on everything... BUT! All of a sudden (after long month of recovery) i'm ready to create more sexy dragonish art for you, and probably soon enough i'll start to do it (HARDER), BETTER, FASTER, (STRONGER) and i have solid reason - i won't feel alone anymore when i'm drawing, because i've got kinda an apprentice (promising and naughty apprentice) under my wing and THIS is why i'll have much-much more desire to draw and improve. THERE IS NO TIME TO BE BORED AND DEPRESSED! And that's really inspires and encourages me ^^

I've made my YouTube channel! Because i don't stream often, thanks to my uncertainty about how good or bad will it go during the stream, i've decided to make time lapsed videos of making some of my art. Right now you can find there process of making art "Tiny Karukuji", old one "On the hunt" and soon to be translated on English detailed review of my Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 (dunno why, i was depressed, remember?). Of course some of naughty pieces and detailed analyses of my work will be provided only for you, my supporters! Yay!

Here's that ugly (for now) link:


Also i have a Twitch channel, but for some games only (CSGO, SW Battlefront, maybe some singleplayer ones), will be glad if you check it out and maybe subscribe:


Anyway, for the appetizer, you all can check out RIGHT NOW the lineart of upcoming collaborated artwork of Valiona and Tarecgosa from World of Warcraft having an intimate moments together. You wanted lesbian feral dragons with sexy asses? You'll get them in the best quality soon! Check out your Dropbox links or wait for new ones, if those are expired already ^^

And in the beginning of January i also will share (and announce it here) exclusively with my patrons a videoprocess of making art "Tiny Karu" which you all could see on my FA page recently. Why is it better and more special than YouTube version? Because you'll get my commentaries and explanations with it and will be able to learn more about what and how i do when drawing things! AWESOME, right?

Well, that's all info for y'all! Thanks for your support and patience during last months, i appreciate that a lot and from now on i'll do my best to make amends! Love you all ^^

~ Karukuji W.


Sick dragon was sick.

Tue Nov 10 14:13:55 2015

Sorry, guys, was in isolation hospital from the beginning of November... Damn sushi...

Well, back to work! Lesbian dragon couple has won the poll, so wait for some ladies action =P This is gonna be interesting...

Also, new art is coming soon and i'll create'n'share dropbox links in a few days. Btw, i don't have a $50+ reward anymore, sorry, can't handle it... It's okay if you reduce your pledge, absolutely okay ^^

Well... won't promise anything more, just wait for something cool to come and it will )

Thank you all for everything!

Another vote! Pick a couple!

Thu Oct 29 06:35:35 2015

Hey, folks!

Almost forgot to give you next tough choice between some tasty couples to draw. Here you go, this time more females, as promised (and all of a sudden F/F choice ._.).

Tell me if you need herms or something else next time, i'll think about that. Or maybe you wanna choose between movie/game characters, not just a random animal couples? I dunno! Leave your ideas and suggestions in comments.

Poll will be closed on November 5th.

P.S.: "Anthro/feral" or "Feral/anthro" variants describe my preferences - i will draw first one preferably, but 60/40 i may change my mind. Or i just will make one finished pic and second variant will stay as a sketch, dunno. I hope you got it x)



More changes in November!

Sun Oct 4 16:10:18 2015

Hey, guys!

You all are just great and awesome, thanks for supporting me and my art and inspiring me to do more naughty pictures for your enjoyment!

First, i wanna say that dropbox links for your reward-content will be sent tomorrow to every honest patron personally, through local PM's. Wait for it ^^

Second thing - I have to remove 50$ pledge reward from my Patreon in November, because i know i have to deal with extra art pieces and it blows up my mind. I'm telling this to inform you beforehand, so you can fix or remove your pledges.

Here's a choice between money and health/passion to do my job... And i'm choosing second. Because, for a minute, i'm not so greedy fucktard, even if i love to have a huge'n'tasty meal sometimes or upgrade some of my devices x) Everyone, who has been promised areward for this, will be rewarded, of course, this won't void anything. Plus, i'll try to figure out how to reward those, who continuously support me for long time already!

It seems that i just can't bear this amount of work harmlessly (folios + commissions + rewards + comic + other multimedia stuff) and, what is important too, quickly. But this removal will give me fresh air to concentrate on my ideas you all want to see finished, and damn i want to show you not only what my commissioners want me to draw, but what i have in mind! >.=.<

I know all of you can wait, but i don't want to make you wait longer than you're supposed to.

Stay awesome, everybody. And be ready for more!

XOXO, Karukuji W.

Old and New stuff info.

Fri Sep 25 16:13:08 2015

Hey, guys!

Well, i just wanna inform you all that almost everything is fine, i'm gonna share everything i have with you again in the beginning of October and provide new stuff to you. Gonna be some HD pics, PSD files and sketches, as always. Just wait for it!

More info later.

Ok, that's it. New rules, guys!

Fri Sep 4 03:13:49 2015

Thanks to one shitty web site (name of which i won't spread) that has stolen lots of my and other Patreon users' content, i'm deleting all i've already posted here.

To be honest, i thought it'd never happen and was just relying on honor and honesty of foreign community, but apparently it's not about everybody. I hate this Patreon policy that all content is accessible RIGHT NEXT SECOND after you edited your pledge, NOT after you ACTUALLY PAID. So it's easy to take a peek, grab everything you want and not want, and leave without paying. Bullshit.

I'm deleting all content here, BUT i'll try to provide it to you, my patrons, using other way or ways. I will consider about it during next week, and after your next payment is done in October, i'll send you instructions how to get everything you've paid for. Of course this doesn't completely rids me of thieves and other arrogant individuums, but gives me some kind of certainty. Because if i want to make something publicly accessible, i'll make it so sooner or later. WITHOUT help of damn tricky thieves.

I hope you all understand this. Don't worry, everything from deleted and upcoming naughty sexy content will be yours to see. Give me few days to figure it all out.

Thanks for your support, guys! Without your support i'm nothing.


Mon Aug 31 16:12:22 2015

Hey, guys!

Wanna say a couple of things here.

First, a big, huge THANK YOU to all of you, who support me for long time already and for those, who just started pledging. I'm nothing without you and i'll try to give you all more juicy naughty pictures!

Second, well, thanks to my health problems, i was able to finish just a few old commissions last month and have barely continued "Beasts and Creatures of Videogames" folio. So, during Septemberi will be uploading here delicious updates one-by-one, concentrate on folios and will finish as much folio pictures as possible and impossible x) Maybe even finish one folio and continue the other. Through tears and sweat, whines and illness to the glory of dragon and monster pr0n!

Well, wait for it for a little longer and you'll be greatly rewarded ^^ I really want to share my lewd ideas with you all, guys. Thanks!

P.S.: Yeah... Read local PM's sometimes, pls =\

A night with Trixie [PSD file]

Mon Aug 31 13:08:36 2015

Almost forgot about this. Here ya go, study x)

ych2_wolfpecker_fin2_fa.png ych_wolfpecker_public.rar (d)

Full. [REWARD]

Wed Aug 26 16:41:00 2015

For AndresCortes. In HD!


Vote closed.

Sat Aug 8 08:51:57 2015

Okay, Giraffe x Dragon (M\M) couple won! Now wait for it =P

A night with Trixie (HD, 2015)

Tue Aug 4 00:14:17 2015

Finally i did this! Take some hi-res doberman-bitch stuffin', guys.

Will add .PSD later.


Ok, i'm weird...

Sat Aug 1 23:26:05 2015

Sylvia from "Wander over yonder"... Sorry, i had to )


Vote for the next couple to draw!

Thu Jul 16 02:32:38 2015

Guys, I'm really sorry I was so idle recently, but I was in hospital for few days, using some needle shots due to some sort of nerves-related sickness (worst stomach ache)... Just, please, understand that it's not my laziness, last months i'm trying to cure myself, visiting doctors, it helps more or less, but sometimes the illness performs its comeback and I can't do anything to prevent it, but stop being nervous about everything. Right now I feel better, so... I'll just stop whining for now, thanks for reading this shit )

Back to topic. I'd like to draw for you more naughtiness, but first i'd like to ask you all, my patrons, one question: what do you want to see next? Follow the link down below and leave your vote. Poll will be closed after 10 days.

The quality of upcoming picture will be same or better, like previous one - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17160890/

P.S.: This month i'll try to finish at least one folio, chill =P



Welcome to my domain, sexy (reward, HD, 2015)

Wed Jul 15 20:43:16 2015

That's an enhanced reward piece in HD! 2 versions for ya.

karujess_fin_clean.png karujess_fin_cum.png

When deer becomes predator (3 versions, HD, 2015)

Mon Jul 6 21:30:19 2015

Well, i asked myself "is there enough pictures of bear being fucked by a deer?". The answer is NEVER! So, here you go, just take these three pics x) (male and female\double filled female versions)

deerbearmal_clr1.png deerbearfem_clr2.png deerbearfem_clr1.png deerbearmal_clr1.png

Extra material: Doberman bitch

Sat Jul 4 21:53:21 2015

From the frame on the wall in YCH piece, i hope you all don't mind seeing some extra doberman curves )


A Night with Trixie (WIP, soon)

Sat Jul 4 21:49:32 2015

Some color and details, and you all will get this bitch in hi-res ^^

P.S.: That wall picture - you can have it too =P


Got ya!

Wed Jul 1 23:07:41 2015

Reward piece i'm working on. Soon in color! )


Drakeor commission (HD, 2015)

Wed Jul 1 22:53:12 2015

Just a high resolution of it ^^


Aokuang (both versions, HD)

Fri Jun 5 22:27:08 2015

Reward piece.

ao_fin_peen_FA.png ao_fin_clean_fix.png ao_fin_peen_fix.png

A bit too excited to see you...

Thu Jun 4 18:56:49 2015

Gift-pic for my wolf-friend... It's defenitely not a rocket in his pocket. He has no clothes on... And that's quite nice, no? )

P.S.: Yes, a cock! I still can draw them x)


Dragons of WoW: Tarecgosa

Thu Jun 4 18:52:06 2015

Another dragoness i'd like to draw... But, talking sincerely, i don't really like this sketch, probably i have to do something more... attractive and lustful... What do you think?


Dragons of WoW: Onyxia

Thu Jun 4 18:46:07 2015

Okay, i've started sketching for second folio i was promising to do for ya'all.

And again, another female =P Sorry, cock admirers, next time i'll make something for you, promise ^^


Bonding closer

Thu Jun 4 18:44:08 2015

Just a sketch of my and my friend's tauren gals having relaxing time together between their garrison duties.

Well, never did lesbian pron before, that's nice thing to start with ^^


Ruining childhood: Amber

Thu Jun 4 17:47:16 2015

Okay, this is gonna be mostly feminine load of pictures x)

I always got an eye on her and her huge rear when i was a child. And still do!

For those who doesn't recognize this character - it's Amber, the Corythosaurus, from ancient show Dink, the Little Dinosaur.

P.S.: This rascal Scat ^^


Dildo woof (sketch)

Thu Apr 30 20:21:28 2015

Wolves and their arses...

037089973b502408d98e547a5a703bc5.jpg eac8b87ddf15fc6403128eb555f862d4.jpg

Collab with Dradgien sketch )

Thu Apr 30 20:19:31 2015

Yup, we'll finish this one someday!

6f0fba6c0fd2c0d6626c91c586c41257.jpg a5b0f7bd84a4806fe1c7158a6739162c.jpg

Dragon loves tauren gals (sketches)

Thu Apr 30 20:18:02 2015

Just for fun, probably will finish at least one of them )
Don't forget to check the attachments, guys!

7bee9e7e367fec51bbd255f68b9087b5.jpg 5132b9c8d2772cd7029cbec2e50e6c9b.jpg 80af42205ddd6cb3a0ae650fb50da6b3.jpg

Videogames Beasts: Oddworld, Elum bitch (sketch)

Thu Apr 30 20:13:24 2015

Elums love this honey. I guess it's honey, yes?

c5e4b8bb86db13ca61eea14ed4309c8b.jpg f2017fc6deb81e133e977ac5f638d3f7.jpg

Videogames Beasts: Evolve, Wraith (sketch)

Thu Apr 30 20:10:58 2015

She's pretty lady, couldn't stand her sexy hips =P
Don't know if gonna do this within the folio.

2981b9817e757990830113b5a4baff76.jpg b8bc57e8865cf5a1f16b2487af49bf38.jpg

Videogames Beasts: Vainglory, Kraken (sketches)

Thu Apr 30 20:04:00 2015

Few sketches of Kraken from iOS MOBA, Vainglory. I'd like him to be fucked by Kraken from Evolve, what do you think? )
Second one is weird, don't think i'm gonna use it.

3a716ce2097c775ef41ba0ee9053bce4.jpg 588751bc09980892d61eb242a75b7480.jpg 8ab092fc5bf0cfd72c130ab995b7367b.jpg

Videogames Beasts: League of Legends Forest Wolves (sketch)

Thu Apr 30 19:58:26 2015

When junglers are slacking and nobody sees them, these guys having such a nice time together!

bbb7d69375aaf5ce33c8dde563e8524d.jpg 19671fd95fa9185b606f7ddd13ff1251.jpg

Videogames Beasts: Daisy&Goliath (sketch)

Thu Apr 30 19:53:39 2015

He's got nice tongue, she's got nice tongue, why not? )

d0c91ca1728de29af8f615ab2eef455b.jpg 249ab29c0a31b7e661e96d4681827ca0.jpg

Videogames Beasts folio discussion / vote kinda

Thu Apr 30 19:43:46 2015

Hey everybody!
I've already started to do some sketches for future folio, but figured out one issue - i love Evolve fauna too much x) But this isn't good thing, the folio supposed to be about lots of creatures from different games.

But hey! I'm doing it not only for myself, but for you, my patrons! And i already did sketches for such games like Evolve, League of Legends, Oddworld: New'n'Tasty, Vainglory, and planning to do some more about SW:ToR, maybe Mortal Kombat X (yeah, those Outworld beasts), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon or Borderlands. Some of sketches are good, some - not so, same as the games i've chosen.

So i decided to ask you next question - which games and, what's more important, creatures from them you wanna see in sexy, private or not so private situations? Maybe some of my choices of games are not good enough and you'd like to replace them with your variants, huh? Just leave your comments down below, while i'm slooooowly uploading sketches for your judgement and discussions, one-by-one...


Xylex&Avalon [2015, HD]

Sat Apr 25 19:38:55 2015

That piece i was streaming recently.

Soon will post quite important topic here, please, pay attention, patrons =P

P.S.: Damn Patreon couldn't upload files >< Sorry for spamming

4ce056405861765eb274fde6ed6478dd.jpg 385995e35d6fe1073dbdc7db1aad5b01.png

Asian convenience (2015, HD)

Sat Apr 4 23:42:51 2015

Finally finished version

Soon will be few topics and updates here, on Patreon, stay tuned!

a78c7481bd5f89f3b84e0f6e30eb30e9.jpg ad46beecc376f8b473eea308bf7b36ad.png

Asian convenience (2015, WIP)

Thu Mar 26 09:45:49 2015

Will finish this one soon.

ff996c53ef2f588293102960e2c1803b.jpg 57921fc9ffc314d47856a059781e78b3.jpg

Pry into dragon's secrets... (2015, PSD file)

Thu Mar 26 09:43:11 2015

Promised source )
Couldn't upload it here due to stupid file size limit, so here's a dropbox link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/imvt8ofywylcea9/Secrets_orig.psd?dl=0

Sowwy =C


Future YCH, feat. Trixie

Sat Mar 14 20:55:45 2015

Don't bet! x) I'll make auction later this month on FA. But feel free to leave comments if you have a wish to participate when it's on ^^
Still have a feeling that anthro YCH ain't gonna be successful amongst my audience... However, i have one more incoming for feral characters =P

bceca0cd3d8c710e6c3a1df47e845f97.jpg 41165f8123514d4756d731d4294f353d.jpg

Pry into dragon's secrets... (2015, HD, 2 versions)

Wed Mar 11 19:52:53 2015

This dragon offers you such a nice view... Will you come closer or just stay in bushes, watching him doing stuff to himself? )

Please, abstain from uploading it anywhere at least for few days x)

956f6468acb4dd1467e3569ad148fa1a.jpg a4d11c2eef2f30c9d02320819d312d68.png 4addb83f4751dd96c58ce8fd8aae887f.png

Warm winter lick (PSD)

Thu Mar 5 19:18:18 2015

Reupload, .psd file was missing.

05fe872592fb0a7ac9d5e03b63dde8d9.jpg 9964a03695ea9ccd7f61f85d00585ee2.rar (d)

Thovapexus as a snake. (2015)

Thu Mar 5 14:37:27 2015

Redesign sketch for Thovapexus.

28003392b45f8b2948b6d19e2177e416.jpg 923465dc2a5868cfd20da4558c9f1471.jpg

Sketch of one of future pictures (2015)

Tue Mar 3 22:38:59 2015

Soon with BG and color!

09871a823572912248668740bbe4c31a.jpg c7280876295bf8dcf0fd53aa3d88854b.jpg

Bovine sketch... again... (2015)

Tue Mar 3 22:28:46 2015

I just love cow gals...

4a9089278b91724cf320cf66288f29ab.jpg 1f93ed16e0c35e2bc43637721a0f4714.jpg

Jessy poses, all 3 of them (PSD files)

Tue Mar 3 22:26:00 2015

Sources! All of them!

5217bf53908bb8ec3af99d14db1f75ce.jpg 66baa0ed2ee8870dfae91306fd57f53a.psd (d) e902eb5d90b9004645e127935488edf5.psd (d) 5930b0d712860b18c5c33bcadf4ea300.psd (d)

Jessy reference sheet (HD, 2015)

Tue Mar 3 22:07:38 2015

Second reference sheet of this type - 3 (or more) separate, individual pictures finally combined into one huge detailed ref sheet. That's nice formula!

5be42506a72fc5864fe5ca343d1ee847.jpg 40dba2e0971157ba759ee35005520569.png

Jessy poses, all 3 of them (HD, 2015)

Tue Mar 3 22:03:57 2015

Second reference sheet of this type - 3 (or more) separate, individual pictures finally combined into one huge detailed ref sheet. That's nice formula!
I'm too lazy to upload each one of them separately, so... All three poses are here!

f8676fcc4c6536e0483e280c27b46994.jpg 607fb0f441e289054d288d90cc58747a.png a720f14b2340bb49128c890da1cb57bf.png 06cb11974f7c8b36a3bf2601ff6120c2.png

Open for... suggestions. (PSD file)

Tue Mar 3 21:56:38 2015


b59d4fc21ff78943658d256d33bc7c77.jpg 3a105709b9d7a30edff3ecbda8de893c.psd (d)

Open for... suggestions. (HD)

Tue Mar 3 21:46:02 2015

261cae64720330ea6065eaca9a304421.jpg e912c86e43881857004b564baffd08eb.png

Blackened... kinda... (PSD file)

Tue Mar 3 21:39:46 2015


d8f0af4be6ad6cb3e9e4125affeed855.jpg 2ef032d05e0f832606b94b8455ff3a5b.psd (d)

Blackened... kinda... (HD)

Tue Mar 3 21:21:04 2015

a9257ec36eb4dc09570f01baebcb0ef0.jpg c872cb316127f7f0ea99597e98126496.png

Relief (PSD file)

Tue Mar 3 21:18:12 2015


51215dd25a1c425954a2ee88175a93d3.jpg 053d30f88cc282517b5c91757585c8e6.psd (d)

Relief (HD)

Tue Mar 3 21:08:47 2015

d59f496da940b9cb9910cfc644ea2e97.jpg 91ce6f00e81590ac0806c96b9b393959.png

Feel the flow... (PSD file)

Tue Mar 3 20:58:06 2015


f225361f48035ab61f7471b3c10fb378.jpg 7cc0cc626fbb4adfbf575445296c1488.rar (d)

Feel the flow... (HD)

Tue Mar 3 20:51:26 2015

Yay for blue butts! ^_^

d46d61cef0c178d84429d1db3bd2b2db.jpg 85c519da24adb64cf3b7e3f8751cefb4.png

Majestic Kichee, 2 versions (HD)

Tue Mar 3 20:43:57 2015

Designed for a thermocup =P

5b256fa4e256e3cb376f19cc4a13a3db.jpg c29590ef6de33e73afc8b18b94b308f8.png ea6d1f52dc935c0d9276b2170e058198.png

Right from the source! (PSD file)

Tue Mar 3 20:33:06 2015

Another YCH - now a PSD.

8ffe1a1cda9b90d664cdaa5c7c3fb8c5.jpg f618d8e250db38a585b5460df8da3377.psd (d)

Right from the source! (HD)

Tue Mar 3 20:19:35 2015

Another YCH.

03b2dc9b1187cbb3760451f66ff929c2.jpg 22bb60110afc5f8e71e1323c1ebec2d1.png

Horses taste so good... (PSD file)

Tue Mar 3 20:16:43 2015

Finished YCH. Source file for it.

7cc0f55ac9bd1111191f7533844245b9.jpg f32f9c7b12b26f0acdd57341fe5bd994.rar (d)

Horses taste so good... (HD)

Tue Mar 3 20:00:52 2015

Finished YCH.

b6e9151617f14644ab0c6c36887876b3.jpg babfa8c1842e1eb0bdd729b35c896191.png

Bone for a wolf (PSD file)

Tue Mar 3 19:57:09 2015

78e2e64d679aa7945d28fc9fbe80fd34.jpg 621853491b612ffdb2941c6ad91b1f31.psd (d)

Bone for a wolf (HD)

Tue Mar 3 19:53:52 2015


1a277d41f8277b5306116c1d509b27d5.jpg 6dbbceec8bd6e9ff9aa04b5465b83b99.png

Warm winter lick (HD)

Tue Mar 3 19:26:59 2015

80f9a4a94dab987efe9677257716bc5f.jpg b191f82dbcf5eb834945b22222f63ab5.png

Busted! quickie (2014)

Tue Mar 3 04:09:15 2015

54f811220843d3db84c2f0acfbe30f8e.jpg 2ba14e67a81e1b1b7e1737fe58463b97.png

"If you're cuddling with a dragon..." (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 04:06:46 2015

Gift for an awesome dragon...

d1f7cbcd9d13f61ab4b09d59c78448c4.jpg 6be295611c00284b7800eeb9401b824e.png

Sharing the inspiration, messy (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 04:01:55 2015

Gift for a nice friend of mine <3

9952f5e8e8011866cbc86a75a6b46b4c.jpg a57e6994ebcc1067d6f6524fa11d183c.png

Sharing the inspiration, clean (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:56:57 2015

Gift for a nice friend of mine <3

0b91e15d785b3b9f36c1ee159417e7f2.jpg ed8896ac442c172e0a451324eeddff68.png

Ray Vanhem, ref sheet (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:42:21 2015

First reference sheet of this type - 3 (or more) separate, individual pictures finally combined into one huge detailed ref sheet. That's nice formula!

43672aa102484c35e7c7c7c0d596b3fa.jpg 5becea8ee71b71b2a1d0c75db309b214.png

Ray Vanhem, 3 of 3 (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:40:00 2015

First reference sheet of this type - 3 separate, individual pictures finally combined into one huge detailed ref sheet. That's nice formula!

57aa788a4f7737a2046b60fd4c46d847.jpg 65c4b62f29d8a2b13543120104445eff.png

Ray Vanhem, 2 of 3 (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:38:55 2015

First reference sheet of this type - 3 separate, individual pictures finally combined into one huge detailed ref sheet. That's nice formula!

e8f47c6f57b5470e8a5d6cfb9af8ce4f.jpg 963dff23c33d52b8ce90eb04f3f72506.png

Ray Vanhem, 1 of 3 (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:35:38 2015

First reference sheet of this type - 3 separate, individual pictures finally combined into one huge detailed ref sheet. That's nice formula!

8b65c0b4555be0d61e1d99cbe68e55e4.jpg f671709b1873237214d1c866484cc8dc.png

"I felt itchy..." (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:28:55 2015


bd908a1ae4e212e0076b3979329bb93c.jpg ae09ebfda65f1bac642ed6c942ad8ff7.png

On the hunt (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:21:25 2015


79fa04ac862f2fd4b81d818fbe068fdd.jpg 24379edd92e42a94e72a0c5093a48335.png

"A quiet place for us..." (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 03:14:33 2015


efac0687ee389cd45fb3e7658d36708a.jpg 5eba2b249559309ab7e52baa542c24d2.png

Trixie, The Chocolate Doberman (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 02:56:37 2015

My hottie doberman chick ^^

50ca4d4f7154bdbcab1fc7b773f3d4a7.jpg 543d11b474b9a8188b523516eeb87bde.png

Sexin' High (HD, 2014)

Tue Mar 3 02:37:52 2015


98085f91e1721969897aed5c78edf589.jpg 63078461ff0cdd5d5f62a9c7aeaaa911.png

Foggy temptation (HD, 2013)

Tue Mar 3 02:33:49 2015

Dunno why it's here in original resolution, this was a rough evening quickie )

18674a3f5494607f26fc76c28cab6830.jpg dd96061439a96e235ff09ecfe129c509.png

Black Citadel Ride (HD, 2013)

Tue Mar 3 02:25:16 2015


230c3f66044896dc703c92d17f272f33.jpg 85455d35554e9645945655dd4e8607ce.png

Soulcalibur V: Aeon (HD, 2013)

Tue Mar 3 02:16:29 2015

Another test for myself i did back in 2013... Not the best performance, but still it was fine back there x)

750745c7c4cfe178ff4c51e44d213dc8.jpg 41fe0726d937f90dd1ba0ba6f866dbcf.png

League of Legends: Swain (HD, 2013)

Tue Mar 3 02:06:23 2015

That was a contest art, which actually didn't win anything, but it was a huge improvement for my skills, so... I still like this work )

c6a43385bdcbfdf54b6824e90b15cf36.jpg 263562de204d4362e4aca0bc010700cb.png

Another one really old thing

Mon Mar 2 15:10:09 2015

Sketch from 2012 x)

3a3a0920c8033abae872e2dba2daa5ff.jpg b1744f7f17250fed257d28a48cfedf0d.jpg

Anivia's fun (ooooold sketch)

Mon Mar 2 15:05:28 2015

Maybe "draw it again"?

8e09c4f532cc08e68acb268a0c808446.jpg 560390418ca1a2d540e698c588402809.jpg

SW sketches

Mon Mar 2 15:03:28 2015

For fun )

6786814bb439dbeccb4878e40cf5823f.jpg 9b1fefec705a8901229cbc5a9469a621.jpg

Something super-old

Mon Mar 2 14:54:29 2015

Cow again, uh-huh

625cfbcee417c59857a33b6c8cb340de.jpg 03b5396851d0262e77bad471bd7393b4.jpg

Crazy dragon noodle

Mon Mar 2 14:50:39 2015


d4dd380e97fa1e4403f92797c072b06f.jpg b1dae859b3df34e9b354e5070ee046fb.jpg


Mon Mar 2 14:48:35 2015

Yes, this was taken from photo. But it's for practice! And it's a horse with it's best parts.


Dragons' fun unfinished

Mon Mar 2 14:44:20 2015

I don't think i'll finish this... Maybe as YCH only...

f72eed97893d589b32207f35d8e42aad.jpg a4e3ebf7979fc96ccd2116a7fc20c79c.jpg

Cow fatty

Mon Mar 2 14:13:43 2015

Can't even remember why i did this x)

9539b20474cf720fdcc06f6272ec7caf.jpg ef452d01277abf862bac473b3c62e8a8.jpg

Dragon shows off sketch

Mon Mar 2 14:05:45 2015


fe36d68238aa457a1a815ea81a0f3dd0.jpg 89faccb8718658d3a21ccd6deca78a82.jpg

Never enough cows!

Mon Mar 2 14:01:40 2015

I'll finish this someday, promise x)

f003a8aa25364f6192f37c47b894f76c.jpg af2b6789340a5ecfd6fc45f59978e6c6.jpg

Unfinished collab with Smile (feb2014)

Mon Mar 2 13:56:03 2015

Maybe i'll finish it someday )

e0639e37a2d4afb93fba35e5ae0d0147.jpg 1a59bd95b338a346270985fbfbd21a4a.jpg

Dragoness android-sketch

Mon Mar 2 13:53:01 2015

Dunno, i did it while waiting in line to therapeutist x)

0420458b072438cfa0e5ab1f4d65bb50.jpg 29249caf701a42bbc81576b7494a8983.jpg

Lynx sketch

Mon Mar 2 13:46:11 2015

Another practice

d7c4f360d5d52d7c53dfb15bca23649b.jpg 1a4a0df0fd56d1e610e9708e0760b6df.jpg

More cow sketches!

Mon Mar 2 13:45:25 2015

Just a practice

521600d4bec7d47e25b96f0bafec0b54.jpg 0f031e123213792265a6c59f2ffee691.jpg

Another cow sketch

Mon Mar 2 13:42:58 2015

Just a thing i didn't manage to finish

29583585557b4d0f043a049c0a0e3cd2.jpg cec657b23dcdd9113842061e42d0d468.jpg

Early cow sketch

Mon Mar 2 13:38:17 2015

Sketch for one of my already finished work

cdcaed1f6347a46e665b2bc64d7ea91c.jpg 050ecd664913e7c18cd70803875b6316.jpg