JBernal Patreon Sexyfur Content December 2017-December 2018

All Jeremy Bernal Patreon content from December 2017-December 2018

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JBernal Patreon Sexyfur Content January August 2017

All Jeremy Bernal patreon preview content of Sexyfur, but without censor.

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JBernal Patreon Sexyfur Content September December 2017

All Jeremy Bernal Pareon content from September-December 2017 including missing files from October 2017

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Dawn hostess, web res

Thu Nov 5 17:54:47 2020

High res stuff available inside the Patron Zone!


November forecast

Sat Oct 24 23:08:05 2020

I've gotten more pics done this month than I anticipated, which is good, but I have not had any time to do WHEEL sketches or streaming of much other than plain old workywork. I'll try to get some more stuff worked into November but honestly I don't know if I will have the time to go beyond the standard fare.

Normally I do not divulge much about my life because I am a very private person. So, here's some details of my life and why production may be slow for the next couple months:

I'm moving from the Swamp Lair to what may or may not be the Grass Lair. The Woman™ has a job transfer and so like any good knuckledragging caveman, I must find a new cave. This consumes a LOT of time. One might think that commodities like land and housing would be fairly straightforward trade items. You have a cave. I have shiny rocks. You want shiny rocks, I want a cave. Let us engage in commerce!

But no, humans are fickle stupid things and will find anything and everything to throw into the gears of trade to sabotage themselves, and bring you along for collateral damage.

Two sales with generous offers have already fallen through because of peoples' sentimental value clouding their better judgment. And a third fell victim to greed on the part of the seller, trying to abandon an earlier offer they accepted in favor of a bigger fish. Now they shall receive neither, and a potential lawsuit for dessert.

It's just things, people. Nobody but you sees value in that. I'm not paying for the memory of your dead husband or the first house you built together or the place you got married. Take your photos and move the fuck on. Take my goddamn motherfucking shiny rocks and get the fuck out.

I digress. The search continues... and sucks seemingly all of my time.

Pearl waitress, NSFW, high res

Thu Oct 22 16:01:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCAC83E00-288A-7A61-8C0E-463103A37F46 (d)

Pearl waitress, SFW, high res

Thu Oct 22 11:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateC65FCA03-9D2F-266A-300C-C2893FB8E1C7 (d)

Pearl waitress, NSFW, web res

Thu Oct 22 06:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate16218AF0-61D1-1298-A2E8-00CCF2838BB2 (d)

Pearl waitress, SFW, web res

Thu Oct 22 00:44:36 2020

NSFW and high res versions coming up shortly!


Hellhound 5, high res

Tue Oct 20 14:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate7EE9BECD-6BE4-B43A-76CF-F41FBC63A51F (d)

Hellhound 5, web res

Tue Oct 20 09:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateC59461EE-DC26-FE1D-B5EB-6B87667F0717 (d)

Hellhound 5: The Creampie™

Tue Oct 20 01:33:43 2020

Uncensored pics cooking up to be served shortly.


Champagne pole, sfw, web res

Wed Oct 14 20:11:36 2020

Uncensored versions coming up shortly!


Champagne pole, sfw, high res

Wed Oct 14 20:10:53 2020


Champagne pole, nsfw, high res

Thu Oct 15 07:00:03 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate718EB21D-3CD0-7E99-0A70-C874E8BE349B (d)

Champagne pole, nsfw, web

Thu Oct 15 01:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCD85CAB6-78D0-EB06-DF2F-8FC0F823798D (d)

Pole fox

Sun Oct 11 23:16:55 2020

Who dat?


Pearl sketch

Sun Oct 11 04:56:46 2020


Dawn is here!

Fri Oct 9 21:54:15 2020

She was made a while back but I never ordered my own.

If you want one, you can find her at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/art-of-bernal

IMG_3190.jpeg IMG_3197.jpeg IMG_3189.jpeg IMG_3194.jpeg IMG_3191.jpeg IMG_3193.jpeg IMG_3198.jpeg IMG_3196.jpeg IMG_3192.jpeg IMG_3195.jpeg

Hellhound 4, POV dongle edition, high res

Sat Oct 10 17:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate55E410A7-CB83-0ED2-A926-944227DD9A62 (d)

Hellhound 4, high res

Sat Oct 10 12:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate5324971D-95CD-CD44-5EBA-853E3F731262 (d)

Hellhound 4, POV deek edition, web res

Sat Oct 10 07:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate731480A8-8254-B5B6-DBAC-C1E57F253293 (d)

Hellhound 4, web res

Sat Oct 10 02:30:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate8904F91F-D27E-D840-F814-370B1AC81828 (d)

Hellhound 4

Fri Oct 9 21:24:41 2020

Uncensored and POV sex versions coming up shortly.


Hellhound 3 POV, high res

Tue Oct 6 19:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateBEA2D5D8-0855-D682-8C57-C37B12622694 (d)

Hellhound 3, high res

Tue Oct 6 14:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateAED9C8E2-C9B6-2533-7D25-0532B828CE06 (d)

Hellhound 3 POV, web res

Tue Oct 6 07:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate2F5C64A3-80A2-11F7-2C0C-F6E65D4D54EB (d)

Hellhound 3, web res

Tue Oct 6 02:01:08 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateDF577883-C57F-D520-C9B9-20A345B8A3B7 (d)

Hellhound 3 cooking up...

Mon Oct 5 20:49:19 2020

Uncensored images serving up shortly!


All hail Galvatron!

Fri Oct 2 01:52:18 2020

All this hard work and it feels like I have nothing to show for it because my desk looks the exact same.


Next daki design?

Thu Oct 1 19:02:02 2020

Probably time to make another one. Who should be on it?

New computer has arrived

Wed Sep 30 18:46:36 2020

Now time to play Red Dead Reinstallation and Waity Waity Updatey.

That goat girl

Wed Sep 23 12:58:49 2020

From Helltaker


Hellhound 2, high res

Mon Sep 21 16:00:05 2020


Hellhound 2, web res

Mon Sep 21 10:00:03 2020

Not sure why Patreon broke the link system but hopefully this works, if wonky...


AAAAA nothing works!!!

Mon Sep 21 03:25:14 2020

Link posts do not work right now, stuff is broken on Patreon. lkajsdhflaksjhflakshflaksdjhflkadshflkasdjhfiuebfiubflieqwbflqweibfleiqwbferwbflwfblewliquwrbfkerbfikeqwbfiqebf;ikerbf;ieqrbflieqbfilqerbflbfileqwbf;fbeqibf;ifeqf


I really wish I could give you guys the stuff but shit's broken and I have no power over it. I have complained to whoever will listen. Hopefully they fix it quickly.

Hellhound preview

Mon Sep 21 03:17:50 2020

Uncensored stuff cooking up for delivery!


Megatron is dead. Long live Megatron.

Fri Sep 18 23:08:44 2020

My trusty art station, Megatron, has suffered a mortal wound from the latest storm (despite being on a UPS) and doesn’t seem to want to stay on for very long. Random shutdowns for no reason. Likely reason is a failing PSU but considering the age of the machine it’s best I just retire this one and get a new one.

A new machine has been ordered but will probably be October (5-12 maybe?) before I receive it. I don’t know how this will impact my art turnout, so let’s just assume it’s a total shutdown outside of sketches until it is here. Fuck 2020, seriously.

Hellhound 1, high res

Fri Sep 18 16:00:23 2020

Not sure why the thumbnail is not displaying but if you click it, it should take you there.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate0473C7CA-D9C3-5866-0AF7-6AAC5A490D17 (d)

Hellhound 1, web res

Fri Sep 18 05:01:00 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate388BAFD7-0A15-43C1-603E-EE25CD3966A5 (d)

Hellhound (censored)

Thu Sep 17 23:55:39 2020

Uncensored and high res images serving up shortly.


Hellhound 5

Thu Sep 17 01:35:46 2020



Hellhound 4

Tue Sep 15 22:35:46 2020


1C981F6C-B713-44FB-B6F5-E6DD2FD1D334.jpeg FEE01AC1-F417-422D-8443-7110F2B46657.jpeg

More hellhound

Tue Sep 15 01:45:21 2020

She needs it.

7F39A392-25B5-439E-A9B0-52B47C0B5342.jpeg DE2C0D49-306F-4F86-B4CF-10E129C45C7D.jpeg F8714E43-5D81-4A3B-82D4-F4BD13E6F045.jpeg

Hellhound 2

Mon Sep 14 20:52:45 2020

nom nom nom



Mon Sep 14 01:02:44 2020

Demonic servant requires breeding. Now.


Dawn cooks, SFW, web res

Sun Sep 13 02:50:31 2020

High resolution and NSFW versions available in the Patron Zone!


Dawn cooks, SFW, high res

Sun Sep 13 19:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateD65CE3AE-3356-E9B2-B737-566EF10FDF0F (d)

Dawn cooks, NSFW, high res

Sun Sep 13 13:01:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate81356F66-06F3-9D42-D757-64E30CEE3982 (d)

Dawn cooks, NSFW, web res

Sun Sep 13 07:01:00 2020

mmmmmm bacon

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate44122586-6937-10E4-E7D3-26259693B040 (d)

WHEEL sketches

Fri Sep 11 01:49:01 2020

From tonight's stream

Ween_Girls.jpg Ragnar-fleshlight.jpg Rockstar_Party.jpg Wardoges.jpg

WHEEL stream

Thu Sep 10 19:36:11 2020

Come one come all to the greatest shit show on Earth! WHEEL STREAM!!!


WHEELoWeen sketchpile 1

Sun Sep 6 23:42:28 2020

From tonight's stream

Miami-onepiece.jpg Beth-morticia.jpg Limelight-x-ebon.jpg Ann-dutchman.jpg Cham-subway.jpg

Sale continues through September!

Thu Sep 3 01:17:35 2020

Gonna extend it, cuz why not. It makes people happy and there's not enough of that around.

Everything 20% off at http://gumroad.com/jbernal with code 0gzit3q at checkout!


Red panda, nude, high res

Wed Sep 2 12:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateC7EE9F4B-A1FC-6FA6-6229-26AD173AA57B (d)

Red panda, bottomless, high res

Wed Sep 2 06:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCEE10915-B4A8-07B8-DB8D-A7D06C1FA5BC (d)

Red panda, topless, high res

Wed Sep 2 00:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate06798651-A8E6-DB91-C0D0-60A5CFE796EF (d)

Red panda, nude, web res

Tue Sep 1 18:01:09 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate755D78DA-CAB8-BD69-17A4-8E4581CD14F4 (d)

Red panda, bottomless, web res

Tue Sep 1 12:01:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCD2233BE-2D10-AAA6-5928-00F048BEDDC7 (d)

Red panda, topless, web res

Tue Sep 1 06:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate067B4DAD-0BCE-830E-EC37-49245E74F568 (d)

Red panda, SFW (kinda)

Tue Sep 1 00:31:51 2020

Partially clothed and nude variants coming up shortly!


Definitely not Nazuna

Thu Aug 27 23:33:15 2020

Her name is Nuzanu.


Avril camshow, clean, hi res

Tue Aug 25 10:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate92D14C10-7DFB-AF22-9D64-EDB1EB23CB72 (d)

Avril camshow, cum, high res

Tue Aug 25 04:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateB294B618-D169-ED9F-CA05-B8C349C80044 (d)

Avril camshow, screens, high res

Mon Aug 24 22:00:03 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate76C806AF-1B73-64AC-C9D8-6820B42C9844 (d)

Avril camshow, clean, web res

Mon Aug 24 16:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate3D90F8D1-C9A7-86D2-67DB-E59C9CF53229 (d)

Avril camshow, cum, web res

Mon Aug 24 10:00:05 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate428CB36F-1B1C-0EC5-56E3-BC6F45D79B4A (d)

Avril cam show, screens, web res

Mon Aug 24 03:00:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateA931BA2C-569F-2263-010E-0440B1CAFBF7 (d)

Avril work in progress

Sun Aug 23 01:33:49 2020


Ref sheet auction

Fri Aug 21 01:18:09 2020

My air conditioner died and needs either a $2500 replacement part or an entire replacement for $4500. Soooo, to fill in the financial crater left from this I am going to do some commission auctions.

Starting with https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/HO0F/character-ref-sheet-auction/

Kaylee SFW, high res

Wed Aug 19 16:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate4E993184-6A8C-7685-B92E-5E5E2FB6A486 (d)

Kaylee nsfw, high res

Wed Aug 19 10:00:05 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate8BA7A0DD-028B-F2DF-D102-1CF6B00AC42A (d)

Kaylee NSFW, web res

Wed Aug 19 04:01:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate109B47CC-B9D2-80D7-649E-D4498920E0E5 (d)

Kaylee reclined SFW Web res

Wed Aug 19 00:17:10 2020

Other versions coming up shortly in the Patron Zone!


Next figurine?

Mon Aug 10 19:06:56 2020

Who should be the next figurine?

Champagne x Kaylee, high res

Mon Aug 10 16:00:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate13EC34B0-7169-47E0-DDBF-8F5A0FFF21E6 (d)

Champagne x Kaylee, web res

Mon Aug 10 10:01:03 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate54489443-94F2-FD10-F998-B3F77AD6F8CC (d)


Thu Aug 6 01:28:26 2020

Cast your votes for the next color image.

Hail vixens!

Tue Aug 4 23:09:55 2020


For the glory of dogtits!

Tue Aug 4 21:15:35 2020


People's Republic of Bunny Butts

Tue Aug 4 02:56:31 2020

Working on some pin/keychain designs. Obviously inspired by Cold War Iron Curtain stuff :)


WHEEL sketches

Fri Jul 31 23:35:00 2020

from tonight's stream

Cham-rides-unicorn.jpg Kaylee-fanservice.jpg Paladin-venezia.jpg Redpanda.jpg Cham-kaylee.jpg

Survey: acrylic standees?

Thu Jul 30 17:51:43 2020

How many of you here are interested in acrylic standees? This sort of thing:

August merch sale

Tue Jul 28 23:31:59 2020

20% off everything at http://gumroad.com/jbernal

use discount code 0gzit3q at checkout


Sand shark high-res

Wed Jul 29 09:00:03 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate4E57355E-AC61-A244-CC4E-21428C22F27B (d)

Sand shark web res

Wed Jul 29 04:01:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCFD8E0A0-70D4-AF4F-35C5-2ABC4EBA8A3A (d)

Sand shark!

Mon Jul 27 20:45:08 2020


Lontra ref sheet, micro

Sat Jul 25 00:58:42 2020


Lontra ref sheet, bikini

Sat Jul 25 00:58:05 2020


Lontra ref sheet NSFW

Sat Jul 25 05:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate78DDA4F1-C174-0034-6AFE-E013DF461653 (d)

Poll: Sasha's butt sex toy pricing

Fri Jul 24 07:21:20 2020

For those who have not been keeping up with conversation on Discord, we've been discussing the creation of a Sasha sex toy, and I have commissioned Texelion to build the 3d model of it. Really all that would be left to do is find a happy medium with a manufacturer so they get their minimum order and we get a low per-unit price for you the customer.

I'm waiting on some full color renders but here is the basic idea. It would be life sized (45cm wide)

Obviously the more people order, the lower the cost per unit will be. So, I must ask you, dear Patrons: if you are even interested in this product to begin with, what price would be the highest you are willing to pay?

Lontra ref sheet WIP

Thu Jul 23 21:16:38 2020

If anyone wants to help design her hair, feel free. I‘m not liking any of my own ideas.


Rosalie (high res)

Wed Jul 22 11:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate6B13205E-35A7-E2E5-28C5-6F8B5A2A5444 (d)

Rosalie (web res)

Wed Jul 22 06:00:06 2020

What did Rosalie do on her spring break?

WHO did Rosalie do on her spring break?

Who DIDN'T Rosalie do on her spring break?

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate44CAA109-FCC4-6184-B1B5-ADAB1912212B (d)

Rosalie preview

Wed Jul 22 01:19:50 2020

Uncensored shots coming up shortly!


Rosalie work in progress

Tue Jul 21 02:00:19 2020


Should i draw futa?

Mon Jul 20 03:17:25 2020

How do you feel about chicks with dicks?

Miami DP preview

Fri Jul 17 18:12:22 2020

Uncensored versions coming up shortly.


Miami DP (high res)

Sat Jul 18 06:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateD709DE9B-75C0-5FE6-B5FA-A5AD0DECF479 (d)

Miami DP (web)

Fri Jul 17 23:00:05 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateDD47BEED-8D26-0E2E-0276-A8966B234798 (d)

Sasha x Miami DP work in progress

Tue Jul 14 22:25:23 2020


Seeking merchandise assistant

Sun Jul 12 19:28:56 2020

The past couple of years I've been playing with the merchandise sales stuff, and people really seem to like it. So much so that it has become a decent little source of income. Not really enough to live on but I would sorely miss it if it went away. "Worth doing" is what I think would best describe it.

BUT-- it takes SO MUCH TIME. Sure, making the books and stuff is a labor of love over time and it's not a big deal. But all the other little things that we could make (stickers, etc) are just too many things-to-do and not enough time in my day to do them.

So, I'm looking for someone who could help me make a variety of "stuff" via merch portals like redbubble. And I think it's probably best to ask you all here first because you are my closest best customers and you "get it."

The time for this seems right, because of the stupid covid people seem to really like getting stuff in the mail right now, and others have an abundance of time on their hands (maybe to help me out and earn some extra $!)

So let's start with a clear simple goal: redbubble store. Stickers, wall art, goodies, etc.

What I would need from this person would be "I give you access to my entire library and you use it to make the templates/merch store/etc" You will need photoshop/clipstudio skills.

In terms of pay, I really have no idea but I think it's best to work out some sort of ongoing percentage deal based on sales. Some starting-out $ seems fair. All of it is negotiable.

If interested, or if you know someone good/reliable/trustworthy, please PM me.


Sun Jul 12 18:44:09 2020

Please vote for the next color image. Multiple choices encouraged.

WHEEL sketches

Sat Jul 11 01:47:26 2020

From tonight's stream.

Rosalie-springbreak.jpg Ginger-widow-strapon.jpg Rosalie-prom-date.jpg Silice-darkness.jpg

WHEEL sketches

Thu Jul 9 00:42:34 2020

From tonight's stream

Miami-sasha-dp.jpg Gamer_Girl_Sasha.jpg Kaylee-reclined.jpg Orchid-buttplug.jpg Ann_Ropes.jpg

Pearl + Candy titfuck preview

Tue Jul 7 20:49:45 2020

Coming up shortly in web and high resolution!


Pearl + Candy titfuck, high res

Wed Jul 8 06:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate7DEDFE3A-1C34-9402-26E1-E32AC30CE6EB (d)

Pearl + Candy titfuck, web res

Wed Jul 8 02:00:59 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate8DBA4B73-914F-B255-B0B1-9897C4936564 (d)

Pearl/candy work in progress

Sun Jul 5 19:00:55 2020



Reese spread SFW

Sat Jun 27 01:27:38 2020

Angry sci fi villains are hot. NSFW versions cooking up shortly.


Reese spread NSFW high res

Sat Jun 27 11:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate415C01C8-BDBC-D0D4-5674-4E093D1C9849 (d)

Reese spread NSFW web-res

Sat Jun 27 06:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate8EE75278-EF96-A4D8-7396-4F1F12571ECC (d)

Vote results

Thu Jun 25 22:37:25 2020

Both 1 and 5 tied after all the votes are in, so I guess I'll just do both :)


Tue Jun 23 19:43:05 2020

Please vote for the next color image. Multiple choices encouraged.


Sun Jun 21 08:32:08 2020


Hazing the new recruit

Sun Jun 21 08:31:26 2020

Another pic from the Hundefibel


Sasha x Orchid

Sun Jun 21 04:09:03 2020

Coming up shortly uncensored in web and high res


Sasha x Orchid, high res

Sun Jun 21 16:00:05 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateBF967913-2245-C92F-9329-9ADBBC9A9664 (d)

Sasha x Orchid, web res

Sun Jun 21 10:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate29A69C01-79FF-33D5-0EB4-994492EC7633 (d)


Sat Jun 20 00:54:20 2020


Sasha x Orchid wins. Fatality.

Wed Jun 17 22:30:26 2020

The votes are in. #5 is the winner.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJwIjoxfQ3D3D_patreon-media_p_post_38244041_40fac741a7b8462f84f83be080eb1638_1.jpgtoken-time1593394909token-hashnCWfS7VUHFaVCf_OmRFa_QFRt3H27dwzVj6GKJOq-Is3D (d)

It's voting time again!

Mon Jun 15 01:41:49 2020

Please vote for the ones you want to see in color next.

Nubia ref sheet

Fri Jun 12 01:10:39 2020

NSFW web and high res versions coming up shortly!


Nubia ref sheet NSFW high res

Fri Jun 12 11:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate26A81562-3FB8-0000-2A3E-A2E0AD5B2DFE (d)

Nubia ref sheet NSFW web

Fri Jun 12 06:00:03 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate01CA721F-89F6-0B33-DC88-B0FA8C6EEF94 (d)

Nubia work in progress

Thu Jun 11 00:31:56 2020

61C57481-1365-44C2-9D63-E70A6BBE54E2.jpeg 4D9BBBC8-E89E-4CAC-8BA2-0F7211EDCACB.jpeg

Refsheet poll

Tue Jun 9 03:31:27 2020

I forgot to set an end date so I ended it now, winner is Nubia!

And Dawn figurines are now available.

Mon Jun 8 19:13:29 2020

Merchandising! Merchandising!

Modeled by the awesome Texelion and printed by Shapeways.

You can get them at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/art-of-bernal


The dakis are here!

Mon Jun 8 19:11:56 2020

After many months of waiting, they have arrived. The Gumroad store has been updated accordingly. https://gumroad.com/jbernal


Next ref sheet?

Mon Jun 8 00:59:04 2020

Please vote for the next ref sheet.

WHEEL sketches

Sat Jun 6 03:36:57 2020

From tonight's stream.

Avril-doms-sweet.jpg Reese-spread.jpg Areyoureadyforspace.jpg

WHEEL sketches

Thu Jun 4 00:41:56 2020

From tonight's stream.

Don't forget you can get your requests drawn during WHEEL streams. Patrons in the Conspiracy Tier get 2 permanent slots on the WHEEL and first spin, guaranteeing a Patron win every time.

avril-lockdown-camshow.jpeg sasha-art-class.jpeg pearl-candy-titfuck.jpeg cham-sasha-club-remake.jpeg

Enhanced interrogation techniques

Fri May 29 19:19:37 2020

Tell me where you hid ze secret planz!



Wed May 27 01:47:47 2020


Bunk warmer

Tue May 26 01:06:43 2020


Widow daki, rear, high res

Wed May 20 21:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateEE3325AF-3E7A-4D93-09E2-69E4C1AFD9D6 (d)

Widow daki, rear, web res

Wed May 20 14:01:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateD0A85DCE-D4DB-18D6-FE08-A526D64DE3B6 (d)

The sales tax is coming, the sales tax is coming

Thu May 14 21:34:23 2020

Because no good crisis should ever go to waste, politicians want more pounds of flesh.

Starting in July, online processors will be saddled with the joyous task of figuring out individual state sales taxes. This means that based on the location of the buyer (which means you, dear customer), you might have to pay your state sales tax on your pledges. If you are not in the USA, then this does not have any effect on you.

What effect will this have? Well, statistically only half of the US customers will see a difference. For the states that do demand their tribute, only half again consider digital content a sales-taxable thing. And then, we must determine per-creator what percentage of our rewards fall into what category. So you won't pay full tax on digital content because some of it is community access, streaming perks, etc. What an accounting nightmare this must be! Fortunately for you, Patreon is doing a decent job with this situation (while being refreshingly transparent) and letting us itemize and categorize our rewards so that we can give the greedy carpetbaggers the bare minimum that they demand, to save us both the maximum.

Since it's such a wide and varied thing, I can't even begin to give estimates on what it will cost, but it shouldn't be much, if anything. Essentially it's just another cost of compliance and some folks will get stuck with it.

Here is the list of states that will be shaking us free of our pocket change:

If you have questions, you should be able to find answers here. If you still have questions, the best place to get an answer is from Patreon’s customer support team, here.

Rosalie cheerleader, SFW, web res

Tue May 12 20:52:17 2020

Other versions coming up shortly!


Rosalie cheerleader, sfw, high res

Wed May 13 14:01:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCF9CE249-733D-DBBA-C127-234568AAD39E (d)

Rosalie cheerleader, nsfw, high res

Wed May 13 09:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate69A17952-D53A-9D1D-F88B-C9179796F30A (d)

Rosalie rear, nsfw, web res

Wed May 13 02:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateE3790DE0-CB05-F0B3-5ADD-3F37BC6D7923 (d)

Rosalie work in progress

Tue May 12 15:54:44 2020

I would normally do votes for this stuff but I am pretty sure that this and the Black Widow daki backside would win or get high marks anyways. That and I am going to be partially indisposed for the last week of the month so drawing time is limited. Anyways have some naughty cheerleader!


Anyone want mouse pads?

Sun May 10 23:35:07 2020

I'm firing up the printer and press for mouse pads again, so if anyone wants one, let me know. $10 plus shipping (usually about $5). I have 5 blanks left. Any art I have ever done, I can put on these.

For those asking about daki patterns on the mousepads, this is basically what it would look like. I can feather the edge of the shadow stuff some so it doesn't look as derpy.

Scout doge

Sun May 10 01:18:07 2020


Fuel requirements

Thu May 7 22:47:40 2020

Totally ripped this straight from the Tigerfibel but hey thats what it’s based on sooooooo

my first sketch from the Mobile Command Center.


Faye ref sheet SFW

Sun May 3 07:20:21 2020

NSFW version coming up shortly.

P_refsheet_Faye_NSFW.jpg P_refsheet_Faye.jpg

Faye ref sheet NSFW

Sun May 3 15:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate17A77B5C-7A02-0079-99D1-1CCDE0C47F2A (d)

Kaylee sakura SFW, web res

Fri May 1 21:33:50 2020

Pink is Pink it's my new obsession
Yeah, pink it's not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, cause
Pink is the love you discovah
Pink as the bing on your cherry
Pink cause you are so very
Pink it's the color of passion
A-cause today it just goes with the fashion

Pink it was love at first sight
I yell pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is goin to be all right
No matter what we do tonight

You could be my flamingo
'Cause pink is the new kinda lingo
Pink like a deco umbrella
It's kink - but you don't ever tell her

Pink it was love at first sight
I yell pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is goin to be all right
No matter what we do tonight
I, I want to be your lover
I, I want to wrap you in rubber
As pink as the sheets that we lay on
'Cause pink, it's my favorite crayon, yeah
Pink it was love at first sight
I yell pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high as a kite
And I think everything is goin to be all right
No matter what we do tonight


Kaylee sakura SFW, high res

Sat May 2 14:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate43847538-676B-B14D-5073-6662A4B6F97E (d)

Kaylee sakura, high res

Sat May 2 07:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateDF18E45E-2E39-0733-81EE-1EBDEE6C73F1 (d)

Kaylee sakura, web res

Sat May 2 02:30:00 2020

So much pink.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate42395B9C-E439-581A-4EE6-BD2EC2CFB53C (d)

Kaylee work in progress

Thu Apr 30 23:38:36 2020


Kaylee work in progress

Wed Apr 29 23:50:34 2020


Next ref sheet?

Tue Apr 28 17:21:15 2020

Who should be on the next ref sheet?

WHEEL sketches

Sun Apr 26 01:32:23 2020

From tonight's stream.

Sasha-wrestler.jpg Widow-daki.jpg Widow-daki-orig.jpg Kaylee-valentines.jpg Silice-lilushaana.jpg Kaylee-valentines2.jpg

Coming up shortly

Thu Apr 23 21:53:49 2020

She really likes those sandwiches.

Seriously, though, wet and knotty fun with Dawn.


Dawn knot dildo, high res

Fri Apr 24 08:00:00 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate0684A54C-E3C1-6B1C-3E4E-4ED4DB506EA0 (d)

Dawn knot dildo, web res

Fri Apr 24 02:01:00 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCA5DE507-7C9F-28A7-EE0F-6B06C81F255F (d)

Why is Dawn so popular?

Wed Apr 22 07:59:23 2020

I'm trying to understand this because it still surprises me. Check all that apply.

Stiletto beach, wet t-shirt, high res

Tue Apr 21 02:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateBD57407C-068D-06C5-0150-2BA43CAD33B9 (d)

Stiletto beach, nude, high res

Mon Apr 20 21:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateF2F0CFFA-80B5-80F1-567B-C0C212B48069 (d)

Stiletto beach, topless, high res

Mon Apr 20 17:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate9CF7B681-45B0-9E10-B3AE-F19F08980F37 (d)

Stiletto beach, wet t-shirt, web res

Mon Apr 20 13:01:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate0B7E1BC7-0822-F81E-439E-DC1D5C2EF3B7 (d)

Stiletto beach, nude, web res

Mon Apr 20 09:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateC56F7344-935B-8E7B-8D92-3C434182A686 (d)

Stiletto beach, bikini, high/web res

Mon Apr 20 00:41:38 2020


Other versions are cooking and will be released one by one over the next day or so.


Stiletto beach, topless, web res

Mon Apr 20 05:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate075C0B22-634A-1656-FAC5-1B5F7FE39440 (d)

Because shark tits.

Sun Apr 19 03:48:00 2020

I decided to veto this one into existence.



Sat Apr 18 17:59:50 2020

Vote for your favorites to receive color.

Sasha x Pearl messy, high res

Fri Apr 17 22:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate6DEF0DE7-69E2-D828-8833-E3DB69B415EF (d)

Sasha x Pearl clean, high res

Fri Apr 17 16:01:03 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateDF3C78C1-61D2-9DFA-80CD-39B8536C2A7B (d)

Sasha x Pearl messy, web res

Fri Apr 17 10:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate06EF777C-B83E-36B7-8F1A-5960A5B7D692 (d)

Sasha x Pearl clean, web res

Fri Apr 17 04:00:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateDFDC86F8-BEDB-0156-8E69-E603B789F667 (d)

Serving up shortly...

Thu Apr 16 23:52:16 2020

Mmmmmm strawberry.



Mon Apr 13 18:15:57 2020

Please vote for the next color pic. Multiple choices encouraged.

More WHEEL sketches

Sun Apr 12 21:13:16 2020

Sasha-pearl-creampie.jpg Sasha-orchid.jpg Toni-dawn-boobsquish.jpg

Sketch pile

Sat Apr 11 23:54:09 2020

From the WHEEL stream tonight.

Water-elemental.jpg Cham-kaylee-renacosplay.jpg Dawn-anita-hatefuck.jpg Toni-jackie-dawn.jpg Beth-x-ebon-playtime.jpg

Dawn x Anita, nude, high res

Sat Apr 11 21:00:03 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate0258B6F2-C386-A13C-4693-4480142E9CEB (d)

Dawn x Anita, nude, high res, dialogue

Sat Apr 11 15:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate66266846-2DF0-7466-92DB-720F3D671A41 (d)

Dawn x Anita, nude, web

Sat Apr 11 09:00:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate9C633BB6-4674-E8EE-3153-81AD1B6D4742 (d)

Dawn x Anita, nude, web, dialogue

Sat Apr 11 03:00:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate06D3C21B-71F1-2917-150F-AE1AAFCE7B96 (d)

About to throw down

Fri Apr 10 21:18:39 2020

Nudie versions available shortly in the Patron Zone!

h_Dawn-x-anita_p_dialogue.jpg h_Dawn-x-anita_P.jpg

The Great Sheep Contest!

Tue Apr 7 22:38:47 2020

Design a "fur outfit" for these twin sheep girls (light skin with dark fluff, and dark skin with light fluff). Winners get a poster-size wall scroll! Reply to this tweet https://twitter.com/_PrivateLounge/.....943641095?s=20 with your submissions. Limit one pair per artist. Winner will be chosen on April 21.

IMG_3530.jpeg IMG_3529.jpeg

Sheepy butts

Tue Apr 7 21:35:00 2020

Not coming out how i saw them in my head.

D830A8D6-C6EE-4544-B9A9-5FE54C7AA48F.jpeg 5BD03D55-72DF-41C4-8F49-18E72DE821BD.jpeg 31A2B233-7A53-41D1-AEC2-3B10574C932A.jpeg F152F8D4-1423-493A-8F00-DCF7527E58C1.jpeg


Mon Apr 6 05:55:55 2020

Please vote for your favorites to receive the color treatment.

More Rosalie

Tue Mar 31 19:12:48 2020



Tue Mar 31 17:26:06 2020


Kiss the chef

Mon Mar 30 00:56:09 2020

A9170994-B3F2-4846-B1C9-71B526CF005E.jpeg 557EFDC3-CC87-4CCF-B35E-723E1F6F225F.jpeg 69B4BD03-5E3C-42CF-9F9A-0FE986C11316.jpeg

POV doge bangin’

Sat Mar 28 04:04:48 2020



Dirty girls cleaned up

Thu Mar 26 19:26:24 2020



Join us?

Mon Mar 23 21:45:46 2020



More doge sketches

Fri Mar 20 16:46:47 2020

Unf unf

C4402E1F-5AEA-4715-AE68-157CEE7B0031.jpeg BA42D1D1-E57C-4B3C-AF6B-A5AAD4EB1CBE.jpeg

Bunk warmer

Fri Mar 20 01:49:57 2020

Forgot to post her here!


Black Widow daki, front, web res

Tue Mar 17 02:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateA5A0A3F0-D394-10ED-C718-474869B969B1 (d)


Fri Mar 13 18:01:07 2020

Through the throngs of idiots and on to a bright future of tits and ass!

Black Widow has won the vote so I shall begin on her shortly. Then it's probably a lot more Hundefibel stuff until it's finished, because it needs to be done before FWA, if the hotel still has toilet paper by then. I'm not going unless there is TP. Can you imagine a furry con with no TP? I can. Eww.


Mon Mar 9 21:39:01 2020

Please vote for the next colored image. Multiple choices encouraged.

Candy thong

Sun Mar 8 22:53:48 2020

Uncensored versions coming up shortly!


Candy thong, high res

Mon Mar 9 10:01:00 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateE95673C0-CBFC-BCDE-8062-AC1E8E53811E (d)

Candy thong, web res

Mon Mar 9 03:59:59 2020

So glitter.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateD707AC1A-7837-6992-E286-BAB3662385F9 (d)

Candy work-in-progress

Sat Mar 7 23:52:24 2020



WHEEL sketches

Sat Mar 7 01:18:30 2020

From tonight's stream.

candy-bentover.jpeg beth-anita-selfie.jpeg beth-x-ebon-squat.jpeg bw-daki-front.jpeg

Hund uniforms, cleaned up

Fri Mar 6 19:15:24 2020

The Hundefibel is coming together.

heer.jpg ss.jpg luftwaffe.jpg kriegsmarine.jpg panzer.jpg fallschirmjager.jpg

More uniforms

Mon Mar 2 23:16:33 2020

A09168EC-0055-4438-8FE6-99D490E91587.jpeg 1FC03E11-FD21-48B4-89BC-111DE2560D1A.jpeg E5CF2FE3-B26E-4CB8-B050-6022BEEA19CA.jpeg 2E1CCECB-DFE3-4130-9504-1C871303832F.jpeg

Uniform variants

Mon Mar 2 04:32:57 2020

88B03347-1641-4FC8-99E4-8D6C53E4ABCA.jpeg 55ADD4A4-88A2-4776-A517-B9924FDC0AC0.jpeg BDDAA140-F557-44B9-BD69-D79CB1727C68.jpeg FCA6DB80-8295-49D3-B168-0A796901C7E7.jpeg

2017 high res dropbox link

Sat Feb 29 23:44:33 2020


Last chance for 2017 Dropbox

Sat Feb 29 23:43:39 2020

I will be clearing out the 2017 folder soon, so if you are planning to grab your own copy of the archive for that year, do it soon! It will still be available on Gumroad later on but it's free now if you are in the high-resolution tier.

Dazzle NSFW, high res

Thu Feb 27 14:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate1FD29229-E4F2-3B6E-8E96-B780BB010161 (d)

Dazzle NSFW, web res

Thu Feb 27 08:01:00 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateD2D6C000-A659-DA38-00AC-38ED175B6AE6 (d)

Dazzle and the Sparkle Dogs!

Thu Feb 27 01:53:01 2020

Don't get too much 80s on you. Nah, there is no such thing as too much 80s.

NSFW version coming up shortly.

Dazzle_sfw_logo.jpg Dazzle_sfw.jpg

Dazzle colors

Wed Feb 26 01:56:02 2020

Took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the colors on her but I think I got it 80s enough.


Stage 3 discipline

Wed Feb 26 01:54:37 2020

Complete loss of motor control


Engrid: stage 2 discipline

Mon Feb 24 01:55:54 2020


Graciela refsheet NSFW, high res

Sun Feb 23 08:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate3866E41B-6239-E132-F1C5-4607DA39BAFF (d)

Graciela refsheet NSFW, web res

Sun Feb 23 03:00:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate92F29CDA-B5D5-8DBB-7D08-8CF91391E321 (d)

Graciela ref sheet, SFW

Sat Feb 22 08:36:28 2020

NSFW version coming up shortly.


Graciela refsheet sketches

Fri Feb 21 14:31:13 2020

28EF4798-431B-4E0B-B87F-62BCA771A9FA.jpeg 64A4F805-3F37-4F19-BCD5-A1250BF7FBDB.jpeg

Refsheet vote

Wed Feb 19 23:42:40 2020

Just a quick poll for the next ref sheet

Sasha sailor, bikini edition

Tue Feb 18 00:54:11 2020

All aboard!


Sasha sailor nude high res

Tue Feb 18 11:01:00 2020

All aboard!

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateA2E73DB1-211F-FDC3-8969-44F973CF5F06 (d)

Sasha sailor nude web res

Tue Feb 18 04:59:59 2020

All aboard!

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate1A12B92F-17C1-825B-1AB1-37B51CDEAAB5 (d)

work in progress

Sun Feb 16 03:26:28 2020



Thu Feb 13 15:49:08 2020

The next color image will be...

WHEEL sketches

Thu Feb 13 05:06:02 2020

from tonight's stream

sasha-sailor.jpeg cherry-dildo.jpeg morhlex-sasha.jpeg dawn-toni.jpeg

Cumming right up

Tue Feb 11 02:06:24 2020


Black Widow Valentine, high res

Tue Feb 11 14:00:03 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate3A73EF2A-0486-6053-6161-9C425DD29804 (d)

Widow Valentine, web res

Tue Feb 11 08:00:01 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate06F8585E-3C44-0E00-8EC3-646A83BE6B42 (d)


Sat Feb 8 04:16:21 2020

Vote for the next color image...

Turning up the dial

Thu Feb 6 01:20:17 2020

stage 3, loss of muscle control


Disciplined doggo

Tue Feb 4 04:19:50 2020

Press ze button!


Black Widow anal POV, high res

Mon Feb 3 11:00:03 2020


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate96FF7E9F-C8DE-B2B4-0723-780FB54186E4 (d)

Black Widow anal POV, web res

Mon Feb 3 04:59:01 2020

All those balls knocking into her.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateCCC43074-4F02-73E2-2340-3E5239EE0A69 (d)


Thu Jan 30 04:50:49 2020

Please vote for the next pic to be colored. Multiple choices encouraged.

Black widow pov

Tue Jan 28 00:13:19 2020

She getting the D


Candy Berry ref sheet, NSFW

Sun Jan 26 15:01:01 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate16337EA7-0E5E-778F-B561-EE228A9C43C7 (d)

Candy Berry ref sheet

Sun Jan 26 05:07:54 2020

NSFW version coming up shortly.


Next ref sheet?

Tue Jan 21 22:01:45 2020

Vote for the next ref sheet

Orchid POV high res

Tue Jan 21 17:00:04 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate58F034B5-FF6A-E13D-30F6-17F847A09E1C (d)

Orchid POV web res

Tue Jan 21 07:00:02 2020

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateDD3C387E-63B6-71DB-698A-56EA6A250AE6 (d)

Orchid work in progress

Mon Jan 20 03:32:34 2020


ink.jpg first-pass-shadows_copy.jpg

Orchid POV

Sun Jan 19 01:47:57 2020

Not sure which hair I prefer.

7E5BA339-E80C-49B7-9ACB-AE48A5218833.jpeg A70A788B-7044-4310-A577-DA3952DDE38B.jpeg


Sat Jan 18 03:39:06 2020


WHEEL sketches

Fri Jan 17 01:21:14 2020

From tonight's stream.

Those of you who won, please send me replacement ideas via PM.

sasha-late-xmas.jpeg widow-lace.jpeg sweet-sizeplay.jpeg cham-dad.jpeg


Thu Jan 16 17:16:00 2020

I bet she drinks a lot of vodka.



Thu Jan 16 00:40:13 2020

All cleaned up.


Do you use instagram?

Wed Jan 15 16:47:57 2020

Just gathering info because I have an idea and I want to know if it sucks or not.


Tue Jan 14 19:12:00 2020

Soviet powwwwah


Know your enemy!

Tue Jan 14 00:39:22 2020

Our superior German science has found its way into the hands of the enemy! Our spies have learned the Americans are making their own canine supersoldiers...


Zundapp gals!

Thu Jan 9 22:29:29 2020




Wed Jan 8 02:57:05 2020

For Deutchland! Which one of these shots will be cleaned up for the book?

Yet more Zundapp girls

Wed Jan 8 01:50:33 2020

Gott im himmel!


More Zundapp girls

Mon Jan 6 23:13:01 2020


Ach mein Zundapp!

Sat Jan 4 23:22:38 2020


More shots of the figurine

Fri Jan 3 00:21:53 2020

Now that I can take new photos of her.


IMG_2729.jpeg IMG_2730.jpeg IMG_2731.jpeg IMG_2732.jpeg IMG_2733.jpeg IMG_2736.jpeg IMG_2737.jpeg IMG_2738.jpeg IMG_2739.jpeg IMG_2740.jpeg

Happy new year!

Wed Jan 1 01:54:36 2020

I have arrived safely and mostly in one piece to my Swamp Lair™ in the USA. It is a huge relief to have escaped the rioting/fires/tear gas in Chile. A very "interesting" end to the decade for sure. Now it is time to chill and crack open a beer. Happy New Year everyone!

Kaylee xmas jizz (high res)

Wed Dec 25 21:01:00 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate523B2836-84A0-EDF0-72B9-ABA420958F07 (d)

Kaylee xmas nude high res

Wed Dec 25 15:01:01 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate131E1526-4739-849D-A873-2DC9AF9072D6 (d)

Kaylee XXXmas (high res public)

Tue Dec 24 20:45:15 2019

Merry XXXmas everyone!


Kaylee jizzed

Wed Dec 25 09:01:01 2019

Merry Crippsmas

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate430E4B38-813B-04F5-BA13-3ABC8C6530CE (d)

Merry XXXmas! (Kaylee nude) web res

Wed Dec 25 03:00:00 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate0529946A-2D2C-9078-E401-22FF6DFF6553 (d)

Now streaming!

Tue Dec 24 17:43:22 2019

Now streaming! http://picarto.tv/evilartchannel

Next figurine?

Tue Dec 24 15:19:46 2019

The basic economy of the figurines is that I wanted to fund the next model commission on the proceeds of the first, and so on. It’s not there yet but it’s on track to do so (basically I need to sell 20 to break even). So, who should be the next figurine when the time comes?

Kaylee work-in-progress

Mon Dec 23 03:19:53 2019


Kaylee sketch

Thu Dec 19 01:48:17 2019

Gotta fix some stuff but here she is


Winding down for the holidays.

Thu Dec 19 00:18:48 2019

I'm sketching up the final Kaylee XXXmas pic right now. After she gets the color treatment, I'm going to sit on ass until January because it's been a rough couple of months with all the not-so-civil unrest here in Chile. Fortunately I am leaving on the 30th and heading back to the USA for a long time.

WHEEL stuff and business-as-usual shall resume in January.

I also want to take the time to thank you all for supporting me and my arts for another year. I wouldn't be able to do this stuff without you. Happy holidays to everyone, and best wishes for 2020!

Kaylee XXXmas 4, high res

Wed Dec 18 15:00:03 2019


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateAE303AEB-586E-AFB4-7ADD-ED76BBB28A81 (d)

Kaylee XXXmas 4, web res

Wed Dec 18 07:00:01 2019

Double penetration for the win.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate4507C934-7DB9-080D-8E42-DE9C32EA4D57 (d)


Fri Dec 13 20:53:27 2019


More xxxmas!

Thu Dec 12 01:48:58 2019


What are your motivations?

Tue Dec 10 21:27:10 2019

In terms of this chart, where do you think you fit in on the spectrum of "why am I here?"

(oops it would probably be good if I included the chart!!!)

The leftmost being you don't care what I do-- you just want to support my projects; the rightmost being "gimme the content!"

How did you find me here on Patreon?

Tue Dec 10 20:27:43 2019

Trying to find out more about who you all are and where you come from so I can fine-tune my evil plans!

Kaylee XXXmas 3, high res

Tue Dec 10 15:00:03 2019


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate7523DE0E-FBF7-BFAB-2515-90BD47B4601B (d)

Kaylee XXXmas 3, web res

Tue Dec 10 02:59:01 2019

She really likes that venison sausage.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate8AA2D8C4-EE82-9E1B-8ED3-EE34179458FA (d)

Kaylee xxxmas 2, high res

Sat Dec 7 00:00:02 2019


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate514A1456-0B75-4BCF-BB5F-6E7104B9BD8E (d)

Kaylee xxxmas 2, web res

Fri Dec 6 11:01:01 2019


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate7FFCCFE6-2B0E-BAC6-DA65-BB6A5EA8931D (d)

Catching snowflakes

Thu Dec 5 23:54:18 2019

That's surely what she is doing.

Uncensored versions shall be served up shortly!


What rewards do you like the most?

Wed Dec 4 12:36:15 2019

And if there is something that you think I should offer that I currently do not, please mention it in the comments.

Poll: motivations

Tue Dec 3 22:25:54 2019

What motivates you to sign up for my Patreon as opposed to Sexyfur.com?

Kaylee work-in-progress

Tue Dec 3 21:32:00 2019


Xxxmas fun

Mon Dec 2 19:34:48 2019


Kaylee sketch

Fri Nov 29 19:08:34 2019


Kaylee SFW highres

Fri Nov 29 02:59:00 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate8AD94310-2086-5476-3DD3-A75BD6445106 (d)

Kaylee NSFW high res

Thu Nov 28 15:00:03 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateEAD9DD1B-84EB-5946-6D05-76D893B862C7 (d)

Kaylee NSFW web

Thu Nov 28 02:59:00 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate54A619F8-14A7-A051-8175-A99A0AB398C5 (d)

Kaylee SFW

Wed Nov 27 19:16:58 2019

NSFW version available soon for Patrons!


Kaylee work in progress

Wed Nov 27 01:50:50 2019


Kaylee inks

Tue Nov 26 19:23:00 2019


December forecast

Tue Nov 26 00:08:55 2019

December weather calls for some XXXmas themed Kaylee with reindeer guy(s). And some sprinklings of Engrid or other WWII style dog girls for the Hundefibel project.

I don't think there will be any votes since I need to knock out the seasonal themed stuff ASAP, but there should be some WHEEL streaming as well.

Dawn full nelson, high res

Sat Nov 23 02:59:00 2019


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateF41753D0-5596-9B96-251C-3D8B9B6DF5C7 (d)

Dawn full nelson, web res

Fri Nov 22 15:00:02 2019

Get your workout!

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate94BF5D32-78DF-3DA3-1DAC-20CEE02C13E5 (d)

Dawn work-in-progress

Thu Nov 21 01:20:19 2019


The People vs Larry Flynt

Tue Nov 19 17:24:53 2019

Something odd happened in last night’s stream—

when polled on who should win: The People vs Larry Flynt, the audience chose The People.

Naturally, i was shocked. Here we are in an adult stream drawing porn, and y’all voted for porn to be illegal! Not sure what happened there but it made me weep for the future.

I know it’s against the rules here to be political, but Larry Flynt is a hero for free speech and expression and without him and his landmark Supreme Court case, we’d all be censored. It’s because of him and what he did that we’re all here enjoying what we do.

Anyways, class: Your homework— I suggest that anyone who doesn’t know about him, please watch the movie with the same name (it’s on Netflix): The People vs. Larry Flynt

Candy Berry lapdance, nude, high res

Thu Nov 21 02:59:01 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate5B11BA09-52CF-F724-18A7-1B4D24C9B34C (d)

Candy Berry lapdance, topless, high res

Wed Nov 20 16:00:00 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateF12D92E3-9C7D-4004-FEC7-078B85B9870F (d)

Candy Berry lapdance, nude, web res

Wed Nov 20 03:00:00 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateA5C1E54B-4BDD-0568-112C-F081FAAC876C (d)

Candy Berry lapdance, topless, web res

Tue Nov 19 15:01:59 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate63979C40-0CA8-707D-DAB8-3C6D598EB308 (d)

Candy Berry lapdance

Mon Nov 18 23:48:32 2019

Topless and nude versions coming up over the next couple days.


Candy: work in progress

Sun Nov 17 23:31:17 2019


Devilbunny ref sheet (SFW)

Thu Nov 14 23:51:26 2019

Reapin' souls.


Devilbunny ref sheet NSFW, high res

Fri Nov 15 23:59:59 2019

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateFA28E7C8-A679-E603-6E80-B11576E17468 (d)

Devilbunny refsheet NSFW

Fri Nov 15 23:59:59 2019

She reaps souls in the ongoing war between heaven and hell.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateE54528B4-507D-5212-1BEA-AEE42531A668 (d)

A reminder to join Discord

Wed Nov 13 17:00:26 2019

The Discord channel is a pretty cool chill community we've got so if you aren't taking advantage of it, you really are missing out on a lot of cool stuff.

Probably 90% of what goes on related to my art and Patreon happens on Discord. Works-in-progress, conversations on art and what to draw, votes/polls, lore, gaming, general offtopic discussion, and it's all 100% non-toxic!

Here is instructions on how to set it up.


Wed Nov 13 16:49:04 2019

Vote now for the next pic to be colored. Multiple choices encouraged.

WHEEL sketches

Wed Nov 13 02:18:34 2019

From tonight's stream

kaylee_sfw.jpg kaylee-nsfw.jpg dawn-x-anita.jpg beth-ebon-facedownassup.jpg anita-ebon-amazon.jpg

WHEEL sketches

Tue Nov 12 01:07:48 2019

From tonight's stream

Candy-lapdance.jpg Dawn_Fullnelson.jpg Anita-beth-ebon.jpg Dawn-xmas-sweater.jpg Shadow-widow.jpg Dawn-beth-ebon.jpg

Next ref sheet?

Thu Nov 7 12:50:04 2019

Who is up next?

More Engrid

Tue Nov 5 19:53:51 2019


Engrid sketch

Tue Nov 5 18:11:44 2019

More stuff.


Traveling is mostly finished!

Mon Nov 4 14:30:10 2019

I am back in US and A for a few days then back to the Volcano Lair in Chile. The tiddy schedule shall resume as normal :)

Ween WHEEL sketches

Thu Oct 31 20:01:44 2019

Just in time for WEEN!

A441592A-70A9-44BD-A2E3-8908CDC8324C.jpeg F4971C50-0FA3-4348-AB19-F6409C7151FC.jpeg

Orchid pool, nude, web res

Thu Oct 31 21:00:02 2019

All hot and wet.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate7C68BB15-B521-2A4D-816C-0ACADE06B8A2 (d)

Orchid pool

Wed Oct 30 20:57:58 2019

Nudie version will be available soon!


Orchid pool, nude, high res

Thu Oct 31 21:00:00 2019

She needs some company.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateABAFECC2-A04C-DCAA-48A1-1AE03CB1A455 (d)

Ann x Gunbunny time-swap

Wed Oct 30 16:08:34 2019

A8ABF5A8-3490-44F1-856D-5595012DE46E.jpeg 1129A684-1611-4C82-B9E0-0FE9051F8C49.jpeg BD219FA4-5976-4C06-8C8D-27E9A32260CE.jpeg

Orchid work in progress

Wed Oct 30 16:07:14 2019

1350835C-6239-41CA-992E-47D34F7503CE.jpeg 9017E9F3-35B9-4606-AA9D-57CC58FE3AE8.jpeg 443AE558-373F-49C3-B5FE-72E0231AA3DF.jpeg 45CB4A60-79F0-4D76-BAD9-D63530EDAE75.jpeg


Wed Oct 30 14:39:35 2019

Offline wheel sketch



Wed Oct 30 14:38:40 2019

Offline wheel sketch

7040C573-F4C6-4A38-847F-A41E2F0E9FE2.jpeg 28EC30FF-6CE2-4DC6-9068-5399CC34E752.jpeg B4D38761-0121-45C4-8837-E27E979C7171.jpeg

Devilbunny, high res

Sat Oct 19 22:00:02 2019

There were some bugs that caused the last image to bork. Hopefully this will fix it.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate64E88847-4B94-E89F-B359-CF7954F7DE44 (d)


Thu Oct 17 05:27:43 2019

Now accepting souls...

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate902908EF-CB28-C17E-0A97-683E65F5978B (d)

The plan for this month

Sun Oct 6 20:16:32 2019

Since I am running around all over the world this month, I won't have much time to stream or do WHEEL stuff, so I will do some offline WHEEL sketches.

So, those of you with WHEEL permanence, please make sure your picks are up to date. I will spin some stuff on Tuesday and pick through the sketches when I can. I'm going to go ahead with some color Halloween stuff as well. Probably won't be any votes this month because time is going to be tight.


Wed Oct 2 22:27:50 2019

Ween is coming.


Xxxmas cums early

Tue Oct 1 20:16:32 2019

Scappo challenged me to redraw this oldie. Dunno if she is too muscular or not, but i felt like she needed to be a little more buff from pulling sleds.


Stegostamp fixes

Mon Sep 30 01:06:09 2019

We found some bugs that were preventing people from accessing images, and fixed them. For those who also have creator pages and are getting an error message, this is from a Patreon API problem and we're working around it. It might take us a few days to get it fixed.

Kaylee snowboard nude, high res

Fri Sep 27 11:00:02 2019

Oh Canada!

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate4B61D9A1-7C79-CC7C-3F05-8D44408E3AD8 (d)

Kaylee snowboard nude, web res

Fri Sep 27 02:59:00 2019

Only Canadians...

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateEA0B7C53-9E25-2890-FD6E-B01E55A0E3BE (d)

Kaylee snowboard

Thu Sep 26 23:00:18 2019

Nudie version will be up shortly!


Stronk woman

Wed Sep 25 17:08:06 2019

cel shade pic for Confuror (circus theme)

dawn-stronk.jpg dawn-stronk-moustache.jpg

Miami stewardess high res

Wed Sep 25 01:00:01 2019

If this one goes without problems then I will start posting the other high res stuff this way. Please report to me if you encounter anything weird.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate106A029E-2240-FD38-6D76-570FDC51FADF (d)

Miami stewardess preview

Mon Sep 23 20:41:00 2019

Full image will be available tomorrow at this time.


Miami stewardess, web res

Tue Sep 24 21:00:00 2019

Fly the friendly thighs.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate9A233D19-2CA4-C2D1-8068-BB8AFD0E01B9 (d)

Now streaming

Mon Sep 23 17:58:32 2019

Finishing up the Miami Stewardess pic.



Fri Sep 20 20:13:17 2019



Thu Sep 19 15:29:45 2019

She getting the sausage.



Wed Sep 18 18:29:28 2019

Which one should I color?

And more.

Wed Sep 18 16:53:16 2019



And more

Tue Sep 17 15:31:29 2019

Flying those friendly skies.


More stewardess

Sun Sep 15 01:44:47 2019

As voted :)


What next?

Fri Sep 13 18:51:31 2019

Vote for what you want to see next.

Some hot stewardess sketches

Thu Sep 12 16:37:06 2019

Because being trapped in a high speed express tube of disease is an otherwise horrible experience.

stew1.jpg stew2.jpg

WHEEL sketches

Mon Sep 9 03:53:56 2019

from tonight's stream.

dawn_poledance.jpg hornymouse.jpg sasha-x-avril.jpg sasha-x-jb.jpg vampirebat.jpg

Discord stuff and high res links

Sat Sep 7 14:38:25 2019

Someone wrote me a grumpy sounding email (perhaps rightly so) that they had not gotten their high res dropbox link and so i was thinking “well it’s been in the Discord this whole time.” But obviously not everyone uses discord so...

if you haven’t gotten your high res links, please check the discord or PM me.

and then, that makes me wonder what percentage of people here use discord...

if you haven’t set up Discord, here is how. https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/212052266-How-do-I-get-my-Discord-Rewards-


Thu Sep 5 02:05:45 2019

Working dogs have healthy appetites.


Hundefibel cover

Tue Sep 3 04:26:04 2019

So I guess I will just pick at this in spare time and not rush it. Will post a vote tomorrow to see what is next in color.


Silice reclined SFW

Tue Aug 27 01:18:51 2019

Sleepy demon babes. Nudie and lewdie versions available in the Patron Zone!


Silice reclined cum version webres

Tue Aug 27 14:00:02 2019

She's all cum-drunk.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate8C9312C5-A685-AD83-F8A7-6750EA1DAE4C (d)

Silice reclined NSFW web res

Tue Aug 27 03:30:01 2019

Sleepy demon girls.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate72D9C5F0-244F-A606-100B-5D6BBDF4303A (d)

Engrid doggystyle web res

Sat Aug 24 19:00:02 2019


https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate91F423CB-73BE-A888-44B3-679106A56F0C (d)

Beth guzzles cum

Fri Aug 23 21:00:02 2019

Sorry for the delay on this. The image feed has been upgraded and hopefully has few, if any, bugs. Please let me know if you encounter any errors and send me a message with error codes.

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstate3ECB81CE-D997-43A7-E0A4-2220FB8C0B7B (d)

Still working on the image feed.

Sat Aug 17 23:31:01 2019

Still broken. Will let you know when it's back up.

Working on the image plugin

Wed Aug 14 18:04:00 2019

The image server might be down for the next few days for upgrades and testing. Please be patient while we improve it :)

WHEEL sketches

Wed Aug 7 04:32:49 2019

Tonight's stream was TRON themed.

bluefoxes.jpg gb-maxine-poledance.jpg sasha-claudio1.jpg sasha-lightbike.jpg sasha-claudio2.jpg

Ze Germans are cumming!

Tue Aug 6 01:08:13 2019

eng_panty.jpg eng_nopanty.jpg

Stiletto ref sheets, SFW

Sat Aug 3 21:23:43 2019

Afro sharks!

Refsheet_stiletto_SFW_p.jpg Refsheet_stiletto_SFW_b_p.jpg

Stiletto ref sheet NSFW, web res

Sat Aug 3 21:21:44 2019

Afro sharks!

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateD2FE306E-E150-AB3A-4337-85D4FBAF79C5 (d)

Sasha x Pyra, web resolution

Wed Jul 31 23:14:14 2019


WHEEL sketch/vote winner!

https_www.stegostamp.com_patreon-redirect.phpstateC0E2974F-B149-AFEF-E944-92EEB223B5FA (d)


Sat Jul 27 06:48:45 2019

Please vote for your favorites to be colored next. Multiple choices encouraged. (clothed ones will also be nude)

WHEEL sketches

Fri Jul 26 04:06:33 2019

From tonight's stream.

Avril's cum dumpster, cum version

Wed Jul 24 03:02:45 2019

Now she looks like she belongs there.

Avril's cum dumpster nude

Wed Jul 24 03:01:23 2019

Dunno what to say about this. She wants to get dirty.

Avril the dumpster whore

Wed Jul 24 03:00:22 2019

Nude and cum versions available in the Patron Zone!

WHEEL sketches

Sun Jul 21 23:46:10 2019

From today's stream.

Recent sketches

Sat Jul 20 05:54:41 2019

Nudie time!

Tue Jul 16 00:02:08 2019

Now where did that bikini go? Do we care?

Bikini time

Tue Jul 16 00:00:40 2019

It's always bikini time somewhere.

Nudie version available in the Patron Zone!

Work in progress

Mon Jul 15 02:25:58 2019

Bikini vixens.

Regarding high resolution images

Sun Jul 14 20:30:10 2019

We have been working on a way to get the high resolution images served in realtime, without delays, which is why I have not posted them recently (the system tends to bug out under heavy load, which almost always happens as soon as a new image is published). Hopefully it will be ready soon. In the meantime, you can get the PSDs and speedpaint videos in the dropbox (fresh links going out shortly via PM, and as always, will be in the Discord)

Silice broken angel

Sun Jul 14 03:09:01 2019

So, the question is, did she beat up and angel and take her halo, or is she just engaging in blasphemous cosplay?

Figurine polls, 2

Fri Jul 12 19:00:59 2019

Subject matter of said figurine

Figurine polls, 1

Fri Jul 12 18:59:55 2019

This is sort of repeat stuff from the Discord, but since not everyone uses it, I figured I would get an official poll made here.

Basically, I'm going to do a run of figurines printed through Shapeways, and I want to know what is the best overall one to start with.

Multiple choices encouraged.

Vote results

Thu Jul 11 22:42:51 2019

Silice wins!

# - votes - conspiracy votes - total

1 24 5 29

2 18 4 22

3 28 8 36

4 33 4 37

5 26 3 29

6 37 8 45

7 32 6 38


Tue Jul 9 19:54:53 2019

Please vote for the next color image. Multiple choices encouraged.

From Russia with love

Mon Jul 8 15:33:09 2019

Chilean slang has a weird saying “zorra nuclear” which, literally translated, is “nuclear vixen.” This is used to describe ones present state as being awesome. Other Spanish-speaking countries, however, may think it means something like “mega slut” or other derogatory terms involving negotiable affection.

Anyways, here is a healthy dose of U-238, komrade!


Tue Jul 2 08:25:36 2019

A group of hyenas is called a cackle. A group of crows is called a murder. A group of zebras is called a Dazzle.

Who am i to resist such an 80s word that would befit a character from Jem and the Holograms? Anyways, here she is.

Moto cop

Mon Jul 1 01:14:53 2019

WHEEL sketches

Sat Jun 29 04:23:51 2019

From tonight's stream.

Some concept/refsheet sketches

Fri Jun 28 06:01:00 2019

Not entirely happy with these (the designs I think are where I want them to be but the pose is too actiony for a refsheet IMHO) so I’ll probably do another shot at them.

Reese in her early days, military days, and after-war days.

Freedom boobies!

Wed Jun 26 23:09:11 2019


Dawn 4th 2019, SFW

Wed Jun 26 23:05:46 2019


Nudie version going up in the Patron zone shortly...

Dawn sketch

Tue Jun 25 00:02:54 2019

In time for fireworks.

Next up?

Sat Jun 22 02:25:27 2019

What's next?

Naomi nude webres

Fri Jun 21 00:00:19 2019

She's just a hot wet sweaty girl who is pleased to meat you.

Naomi spread web resolution

Thu Jun 20 23:58:30 2019

Be sure to stretch thoroughly during your workout.

Naomi POV bangin' web resolution

Thu Jun 20 23:57:01 2019


Naomi (bikini version)

Thu Jun 20 23:55:06 2019

Sweaty workout girls!

3 Alternate nudie/lewdie versions available to Web and High Resolution Patrons!

Beach Vixens NSFW 2 web res

Thu Jun 13 04:38:18 2019

Beach vixens NSFW 1 web res

Thu Jun 13 04:37:01 2019

Beach vixens

Thu Jun 13 04:28:17 2019

See them undressed (well, more undressed) in the Patron zone!


Fri Jun 7 20:00:56 2019


Next color pic will be...

What next?

Wed Jun 5 05:11:57 2019


Champagne x Sasha shower time, high-res

Tue Jun 4 01:48:08 2019

Dirty girls need to get clean!

Champagne x Sasha shower time

Tue Jun 4 01:46:41 2019

Dirty girls need to get clean.


Fri May 31 21:51:55 2019

Please vote for the next color pic

WHEEL sketches

Fri May 31 00:37:02 2019

From tonight's 80s-themed stream...

WHEEL sketches

Mon May 27 03:22:46 2019

From tonight's stream.

Champagne pole dance, high res

Sat May 25 01:21:20 2019

Champagne pole dance, web res

Sat May 25 01:20:06 2019

Neon and lasers and strippers, oh my!


Fri May 24 18:58:06 2019

I now possess insane universal power for making stickers.

If you were to get a sticker from me, what would it be?

Please vote for a size, format, and content type.


Wed May 22 22:10:09 2019

Please vote for your favorites to be colored next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Pearl refsheet high res NSFW

Wed May 22 21:04:06 2019

Pearl refsheet high res SFW

Wed May 22 21:02:01 2019

Pearl ref sheet webres NSFW

Wed May 22 21:00:52 2019

Pearl refsheet web res SFW

Wed May 22 20:59:48 2019

Thick thighs save lives.

Ref sheet vote

Fri May 17 01:35:40 2019

Please vote for the next ref sheet.

Whore nuns high res

Thu May 16 02:32:26 2019

Let's see if we can get this to work :)

Whore nuns! (web res)

Wed May 15 03:38:00 2019

All hail the church of booty!


Mon May 13 05:59:27 2019

It was a decent con. Not so much merchandise sales but I was busy the entire time doing sketches which is fine. The trip paid for itself and then some.

I’m heading back home in the morning and can resume on the Whore Nuns image, which I was able to ink, flat, and begin shading on while I was gone.

Vote Results

Wed May 8 13:09:12 2019

Vote results:

1 - Trio 33 3 36

2 - Sasha 25 6 31

3 -Anita x Ebon 30 7 37

4 - Kaylee 24 4 28

5 - Whore nuns 43 9 52

6 - Spicy vixen 24 4 28

7 - Orchid 36 8 44

Whore Nuns is the clear winner!


Sun May 5 00:16:59 2019

Please vote for the next color image (multiple choices encouraged)

Sketch dump

Tue Apr 30 22:49:57 2019

WHEEL sketches from the past couple of days


Thu Apr 25 22:04:59 2019

What's next?

Thu Apr 25 14:26:35 2019

As the content for the Dawn fanzine winds down (I only have a couple more pics to draw for it) I will get back into the normal schedule of color illustration stuff and WHEEL sketching. I've actually set up a potential schedule to make everything regular, only my life has not been anything resembling regular for a while with all the travel crap and whatnot going on this year. Maybe I'll get to it and stick to it, I dunno :)

Anyways, for those of you with WHEEL slots, please make sure they are up to date: http://sexyfur.com/wheel

Since I am kinda burnt out on Dawn for the time being, we'll put a hold on drawing her for a little bit.

Grind: Dawn moneyshot web res

Wed Apr 24 22:16:50 2019

It's a gusher!

Grind: Dawn doggystyle 2 web res

Wed Apr 24 22:15:26 2019

Titties flapping around everywhere.

Grind: Dawn doggystyle anal web res

Tue Apr 23 21:07:13 2019


Grind: Dawn turnaround web res

Tue Apr 23 18:10:59 2019

I think her directions are pretty clear.

Grind: Dawn anal 3 web res

Sun Apr 21 01:48:57 2019

Drilling deep.

Grind: Dawn anal 2 web res

Sun Apr 21 01:43:27 2019

See, she can make it fit.

Grind: Dawn anal intro, web res

Fri Apr 19 22:47:29 2019

She wants it.

Grind: Dawn creampied

Thu Apr 18 23:04:52 2019

And she wants more!

Grind: Dawn cowgirl forward view (web res)

Thu Apr 18 23:03:21 2019

POV unf'age

Oil in them thar hills

Wed Apr 17 10:54:15 2019

What I've been working on

Wed Apr 17 10:52:49 2019

It's coming together. Mine is an evil laugh.

Back home

Mon Apr 15 22:01:38 2019

I have returned from Japan. Let the smut resume!

Dawn riding overhead view (high res)

Fri Mar 29 01:44:19 2019

Dawn riding overhead view (web res)

Thu Mar 28 23:58:45 2019

She looks like she is enjoying herself.

Dawn gets it ready (high res)

Wed Mar 27 22:53:06 2019

Swallow that sausage, girl!

Dawn gets it ready (web res)

Wed Mar 27 22:51:50 2019

Dawn's about to stuff herself.

Dawn POV ride (high res)

Tue Mar 26 19:55:32 2019

Dawn ride POV

Tue Mar 26 19:54:19 2019

Pic for the new fanzine

Dawn Grind JIZZ (high res)

Tue Mar 26 00:07:56 2019

Dawn Grind JIZZED (web res)

Tue Mar 26 00:06:56 2019

Dawn Grind cover WANG (high res)

Tue Mar 26 00:05:54 2019

Dawn Grind cover WANG (web res)

Tue Mar 26 00:04:34 2019

Dawn Grind cover NUDE (high res)

Tue Mar 26 00:03:18 2019

Dawn Grind cover SFW

Tue Mar 26 00:02:26 2019

Cover illo for the upcoming fanzine.

Dawn Grind 3 cover NUDE (webres)

Tue Mar 26 00:00:55 2019

Kara x Champagne prison scene (high resolution)

Wed Mar 20 23:47:44 2019

Body cavity search!

(still testing the PNG stuff so let me know if you encounter any problems)

Kara x Champagne prison scene (web resolution)

Wed Mar 20 23:44:49 2019

Body cavity search!

Chili vixen

Thu Mar 14 03:56:02 2019

Typos turn out fun things sometimes.

Vote results

Tue Mar 12 13:36:34 2019

Vote results are as follows

trio 31 9 40

sasha 28 7 35

orchid 24 4 28

kaylee 25 4 29

sweet 29 10 39

chamkara 51 9 60

vulptex 20 5 25


Sun Mar 10 02:06:29 2019

Choose the ones you would like to see in color.

ChamPixie (high res)

Fri Mar 8 18:23:02 2019


Please let me know if you encounter any problems. NOTE THAT FILE IS >5MB so it will take a while, please be patient with the download.


Fri Mar 8 01:06:51 2019

Buzz buzz


Thu Mar 7 01:37:40 2019

Buzz buzz


Wed Mar 6 19:25:34 2019


Poledance Champagne

Wed Mar 6 19:21:08 2019

Pixie Champagne

Wed Mar 6 19:20:21 2019

Shit's broke yo

Mon Mar 4 15:27:53 2019

Sorry for the problems. Working to fix them.

Avril (wet)

Sat Mar 2 20:05:28 2019

She wants it.

Avril (showoff)

Sat Mar 2 20:01:47 2019

'Cause she's a brick house
She's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out

High res PNGs and other content delivery

Fri Mar 1 14:06:10 2019

I am going to start posting high resolution PNG files here via the stegostamp plugin now that it has been made capable of serving them. Please leave your feedback and let me know if you encounter any problems.

Patreon’s content delivery options are limited, and sorting it all via dropbox is not a comfortable long term solution. In the background, I’ve been prepping SexyFur.com to be the content delivery system. Eventually it will all be integrated back and forth with Patreon’s API so that both will have the same billing and content features. I have no idea when Patreon plans to have a functional gallery page feature (probably the day after I get it all working on my own!) but this is also a step in the right direction so that you don’t have to sort through 1000 blog posts to find the content you are looking for.

Sketch pile

Thu Feb 21 14:16:43 2019

WHEEL sketches from last night’s stream

Pearl Sasha beach, bush edition

Wed Feb 20 00:00:27 2019

Because sometimes it's nice to work with shrubbery.

Pearl-Sasha beach nude version

Tue Feb 19 23:59:01 2019

Wet bunnies are best bunnies.

Pearl and Sasha at the beach

Tue Feb 19 23:57:07 2019

It's summer somewhere.

Someone has had too many piña coladas.

See the nudie versions in the Patron Zone!

The plan

Mon Feb 18 19:39:58 2019

In the next couple of days I am going to finish up Pearl-and-Sasha, and do a couple rounds of WHEEL sketches. So make sure your picks are all up-to-date. http://sexyfur.com/wheel

Be my Valentine

Wed Feb 13 19:28:05 2019

I think she wants something.

Who shows up for Valentine’s Day?

Thu Feb 7 15:49:45 2019

Wow, overwhelming support for this one :)

So, who will it be?

Up next?

Wed Feb 6 01:06:48 2019

After Pearl/Sasha, what should we do?

You're a hairy wizard!

Mon Feb 4 18:59:36 2019

See the whole thing inside the Patron Zone!

Sasha wizard

Mon Feb 4 18:52:53 2019

Pelvic Sorcery™

Vote results

Fri Feb 1 02:26:03 2019

Sasha and Pearl appear to be the winners. I'll start on this one as soon as Sasha is done wizarding her wizardry :)

image - votes - conspiracy votes - total

trio girls 42 10 52

sasha patriot 29 7 36

orchid hair 28 7 35

kaylee snowboard 26 5 31

sasha-pearl 44 10 54

kaylee-faye 39 10 49

vulptex 31 10 41


Mon Jan 28 22:56:08 2019

Please vote for the next pic to be colored:

February / end of January stuff

Mon Jan 28 16:51:35 2019

I’m heading out for Chile again tomorrow so I don’t know if I will have time to finish the Sasha wizard piece before the end of the month. If not, it should be finished within the first couple days of February. I’ll try and get a vote posted tonight for the next pic, so I can hit the ground running there.


Wed Jan 23 20:14:51 2019

Art trade with Scappo!

Dawn: Precious Cargo, nude version

Wed Jan 23 06:23:55 2019

Art trade pinup by Scappo!

Dawn: Precious Cargo

Wed Jan 23 06:22:40 2019

Art trade with Scappo (http://www.patreon.com/scappo)

Nude version will go to the web-res tiers and up.

Kaylee: "Oops, I fell."

Tue Jan 22 04:21:07 2019

Clumsy vixens.

Vote count

Sat Jan 19 01:02:28 2019

Sasha Wizard and Kaylee "fell" are tied so I will do them both.

Vote count is as follows...

kaylee fell 50 10 60

sasha patriot 28 5 33

orchid hair 26 6 32

kaylee snobd 26 6 32

sasha pearl 42 6 48

kaylee faye 40 13 53

sasha wizard 48 12 60


Wed Jan 16 18:26:53 2019

Please vote for your favorites to receive the color treatment. Multiple choices encouraged.

And yet more WHEEL sketches

Wed Jan 16 05:12:22 2019

WHEEL stream starting up in about 30 minutes

Wed Jan 16 00:55:21 2019

Be there or be square.

Also, those of you who got your Patron slots drawn, please let me know what you want to replace them.


WHEEL sketches

Mon Jan 14 03:16:39 2019


WHEEL sketches

Sat Jan 12 00:28:24 2019


WHEEL stream today

Fri Jan 11 17:15:16 2019

Going to start up in a couple of hours. http://picarto.tv/evilartchannel

Pearl thong sorta maybe SFW but probably not

Tue Jan 8 20:19:15 2019

Because you cant get much scantier than this.

Pearl thong NSFW

Tue Jan 8 20:17:52 2019

Sasha office chair

Sun Jan 6 00:38:00 2019

Somehow this one never made it up here as an official post. Anyways, here it is.

First shot

Thu Jan 3 11:58:31 2019

This is going to be the final style/look for the new Dawn fanzine/comic. I’m pretty happy with how it matches up.

The truck needs some kind of oil company logo for the door, and she also needs something on the coffee mug. Open to ideas, please comment.

January lineup

Wed Jan 2 20:11:06 2019

I've got to break ground for the Dawn fanzine, and I have started with building the set and experimenting with how the whole thing will look.

Since I really like the way the Succubus and Champagne books came out with shaded pencil style, I am going to continue it in the Dawn book. And to save countless hours drawing technical stuff and keep the set accurate (and shootable from all angles), I have built the set in 3d and am rendering it in pencil sketch style.

The short version of the story is this: Dawn and her co-worker strike oil in the wilderness and celebrate by banging each other senseless on top of all sorts of industrial equipment. No holes will go unplundered.

Curiosity survey

Mon Dec 31 19:27:06 2018

Just wondering what the audience orientation is to see if maybe some beefcake is in order or not. Some interesting responses on Badger McBadgerface.

Name this guy

Mon Dec 31 15:24:08 2018

Badger McBadgerface

I need a name for this guy (he will be the meat for Dawn's oil drilling adventure in the next Grind fanzine), and here are the top contenders:

Dawn x Champagne anal double dildo

Thu Dec 27 08:50:11 2018

LOL the default text entry in here says "Tell a story."

One fine day, Champagne was pretending to be furniture...

Kaylee ref sheet, NSFW

Fri Dec 21 21:13:55 2018

Nudie foxes.

Kaylee ref sheet, casual

Fri Dec 21 21:12:44 2018


Kaylee ref sheet, hockey

Fri Dec 21 21:11:37 2018

Yes, the Macon Whoopee was a real team.

Kaylee ref sheet, bikini

Fri Dec 21 21:09:27 2018

Bikini edition

Kaylee ref sheet roughs

Fri Dec 21 08:12:46 2018

Hockey eh.

Boycotting Patreon hurts your favorite creators more than it hurts Patreon.

Thu Dec 20 02:34:19 2018

It came to my attention today that some of my Patrons had pulled their support because they disagree with what Patreon is doing during the latest drama.

Whatever your view of it, I can't fault you for standing up for your beliefs. BUT... Patreon makes a paltry 5% fee on what creators publish here. So, in order to take that 5 cents per dollar out of Patreon's hands, you are taking 95 cents per dollar out of the creators' hands. That is a lot of collateral damage.

Please think about that before you pull the plug. That's all I ask.



WHEEL sketches

Thu Dec 20 02:00:19 2018

From tonight's stream

Next ref sheet?

Mon Dec 17 01:05:57 2018

Please cast your votes.

Black Widow profile page

Mon Dec 17 00:51:24 2018

Hardbody wolf bitches.

Kaylee standies (and Patron discount code)

Wed Dec 19 03:14:30 2018

Now for sale at Mad Mable! Be sure to use this discount code FROZEN for a 25% discount!

Kaylee xmas standies!

Wed Dec 19 03:13:49 2018

Now available from Mad Mable! Be sure to take advantage of the Patron discount code in the Patron-only post!

Sasha profile page

Sun Dec 16 22:51:39 2018

Because pornobunnies

Champagne profile page

Sun Dec 16 22:51:03 2018

Because vixens.

Dawn profile page

Sun Dec 16 22:50:26 2018

Because why not.

Anita money shot

Fri Dec 14 02:16:03 2018

I think she likes it.

Anita lingerie shot

Fri Dec 14 02:14:20 2018

Be sure to see the NSFW money shot nude version in the Patron Zone!

More offline WHEEL sketches

Fri Dec 14 01:01:19 2018

Pearl in a pearl thong

Thu Dec 13 22:11:57 2018

WHEEL sketch

Finally home

Thu Dec 13 17:15:40 2018

Australia was cool but it’s good to be home again. There shall be much WHEEL sketching over the next couple of weeks.

Some highlights from this trip:

Pretty much done

Wed Dec 5 11:16:43 2018

Anita is pretty much done but i want to wait until i have full photoshop capability to release the final image. I will be home in a week’s time so i will do it then. Thanks for your patience!

Reindeer games

Sat Nov 24 04:00:38 2018

I think they need another play partner. Join them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thu Nov 22 18:21:36 2018

Greetings, everyone. I’m normally not very good at expressing any sort of sentiment (blame it on my stoic upbringing), but I felt it necessary to tell all of you just how grateful I am that you support my creations. Without you, I would probably be stuck, burned out, feeding my creative energy to some grey-faced corporate cubicle boss with no appreciation of artistic beauty, and having to find a new job and relocate every development cycle in the ass end of nowhere that is the thankless video game industry. Patreon had their “thank your patrons” drive a few days ago but I am not a fan of bandwagon stuff like that, so today (when we’re supposed to reflect on the things we are thankful for!) please accept my genuine heartfelt thanks for all these years of your support, encouragement, and enjoyment of my stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving!

final xxxmas preview sketch

Tue Nov 20 03:54:07 2018

Reindeer butts.


Mon Nov 19 05:54:42 2018

I will be gone on vacation from Nov 26-Dec 12. It looks like I am going to be able to pull off the last of the XXXmas pics in time before I leave. I'll roll off a handful of WHEEL stuff to do offline so Conspiracy Patrons please make sure your WHEEL picks are up to date. I'll also finish up Anita's bukkake pic on the road since everyone seems to like it. Then it should be business as usual once I get home.

Silice xxxmas nude

Mon Nov 19 00:30:25 2018

I think she wants you to shut up about your eggnog and feed her something.

Silice XXXmas ribbons

Mon Nov 19 00:28:25 2018

I somehow doubt those ribbons would hold her, but she's being a good sport.

Sabertooth XXXmas

Tue Nov 13 22:29:17 2018

All heated up and ready by the fire!

Kaylee XXXmas nude

Sun Nov 11 03:11:56 2018

Kaylee XXXmas topless

Sun Nov 11 03:11:01 2018

Kaylee gets into the holiday spirit

Sun Nov 11 03:09:49 2018

And she strips it off in the Patron zone! Topless and nude versions available inside!

Official vote results for XXXmas

Fri Nov 9 05:38:28 2018

Here's the stuff:

1. XXXmas lingerie - Kaylee

2. Fireside tease - Gabriela

3. Wrapped up like a present - Silice

4. Lesbian stuff - reindeer

XXXmas situations

Tue Nov 6 20:52:41 2018

Please vote for the ones you like the most. Top 4 will be drawn:

New girls for XXXmas!

Tue Nov 6 20:42:19 2018

Here is how this will work:

Vote for the girls you want the most, and then vote for the outfits/situations you want the most. We'll take the top 4 winners in each category and turn them into full illustrations for the holiday season.

Quick poll for XXXmas pics

Tue Nov 6 09:06:25 2018

Should we do the main cast (Sasha-Dawn-Champagne) or skip them to give other girls the spotlight for XXXmas?


Sat Nov 3 00:16:11 2018

Interesting stuff! Definitely frying my brain!


Thu Nov 1 18:08:51 2018

This is going to be a busy month. I’m in LA right now for a few days of Patrecon. Then at the end of the month I am heading to Australia for a couple weeks. So, I’m thinking we take care of the XXXmas pics this month rather than in December, get them knocked out early.

Should we do like last year where we did a random WHEEL for the girls and costumes, or should we take a poll?

So, there's this...

Tue Oct 30 22:29:17 2018

I am not a big reddit user. Honestly the only time I have ever *used* it is for video game stuff, and specifically related to No Man's Sky. Otherwise for me it's come up in info searches for things once in a while and been helpful but that's pretty much it.

I am curious if any of you use reddit at all, and, if so, do you think there is anything reddit-related that can benefit you/us/the crew here/etc that makes it worth using. What are your thoughts?

Rosalie shower

Sun Oct 28 00:21:09 2018


New printer received, books being made!

Wed Oct 24 07:14:18 2018

The succubus book lives! 28 pages of evil smut. You can pre-order it now, at gumroad!

Witchy Orchid alternate version

Sat Oct 20 23:00:49 2018

Now with extra nipple tape.

Witchy Orchid

Sat Oct 20 22:58:19 2018

Magic pumpkin pumpin.


Cheapo mousepads

Wed Oct 17 01:23:39 2018

I ordered some blanks but they were the wrong ones. Fortunately, I only have 5 blanks left (not including this Champagne one). If anyone wants a cheap mousepad, I can let these go for $10 each plus shipping. Just let me know what design you want on it, and I'll make it happen. These are 18x22mm, thin (maybe 2mm? thickness).

After Halloween plans?

Tue Oct 16 20:00:12 2018

There are a handful of ideas I have for the Holiday season. What would you like to see?

Champagne demoness

Tue Oct 16 00:33:30 2018

So many spikes. So evil. Still, I'd hit that.

Vote results

Sat Oct 13 18:28:27 2018

Demonized Champagne wins with 70 total votes, followed by Orchid at 54.


Stuff in print?

Fri Oct 12 02:07:16 2018

Do you folks have any interest in printed copies of my fanzine stuff (like Grind)?


Thu Oct 11 06:46:34 2018

Please cast your votes for the next color pic. Multiple choices encouraged.

Sketch pile

Thu Oct 11 00:10:56 2018

From today's HALLOWHEEL stream

HalloWHEEL tomorrow (Wednesday)

Wed Oct 10 03:36:56 2018

Have your picks ready to spin tomorrow afternoon!

Sasha trick-or-treat (creampie)

Tue Oct 9 23:34:52 2018

Clearly she had both and she still wants more.

Sasha trick-or-treat (clean)

Tue Oct 9 23:33:29 2018

I think she wants both.

HEIC dynamic wallpapers?

Fri Oct 5 18:49:22 2018

How many of you have the ability to use dynamic desktops? And if so, would you want me to make some?


Wed Oct 3 01:01:15 2018

Please vote for the next color image. Multiple choices encouraged.


Sun Sep 30 23:59:45 2018

There is so much WEEN in here.

Midnight fridge raid

Thu Sep 27 02:51:50 2018


Paintstorm Studio basic interface tutorial

Wed Sep 26 20:49:45 2018

I made another tutorial video.

Vote results

Tue Sep 25 23:49:17 2018

Fridge raid is the winner!

Name - votes - votes2 - total

Cham cover 15 6 21

Rosalie wet 38 7 45

Hellhound 23 5 28

Anita jizzed 38 9 48

Cham fridge 53 11 64

Cumsluts 29 7 36

Vulptex 24 7 31


Mon Sep 24 01:56:14 2018

Please vote for the images you want to see in color next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Sketch pile

Mon Sep 24 00:08:14 2018

The WHEEL blesses us with its good deeds!

Sketch pile

Sat Sep 22 22:36:45 2018

WHEEL sketches from today's stream

Xan refsheet, modern

Fri Sep 21 00:17:39 2018

Xan refsheet, nude

Fri Sep 21 00:16:42 2018

Xan refsheet, tribal

Fri Sep 21 00:15:35 2018

Xan refsheet, nude / erect

Fri Sep 21 00:14:30 2018


Wed Sep 19 02:27:07 2018

From today’s WHEELing.

Miami asleep

Mon Sep 17 02:22:38 2018

Post-wank snoozies.

Sabertooth selfie

Thu Sep 13 21:52:17 2018

I can see that you're not really shy. But you fake it so well, don't stop.

This month’s forecast

Thu Sep 13 14:33:31 2018

Slow start this month with travel and life drama but I am back on track. Since I am behind, I am going to skip the vote on next pic and take the next highest voted images to completion, which are the sabertooth and Miami.

Sabertooth should be finished in the next day or two.

Then we will do a bunch of WHEEL sketches to restock the sketchpile, so make sure to let me know if your picks need updating.

Customer survey

Fri Sep 7 01:06:34 2018

Just doing my duty to make sure you folks are happy with what I am doing and what I do in the future. If you have the time, please let me know your thoughts on the following:

1. What things do you wish I drew more of?

2. What things do you wish I drew less of?

3. Is there anything you wish I did here, that I do not?

4. Is there anything that I do here, that you wish I did not?

Gunbunny stuffed

Tue Aug 28 02:09:44 2018

Robot malfunction! Disconnect batteries at earliest convenience!

Vote results

Sat Aug 25 17:44:28 2018

Gunbunny is the clear winner:

[name][votes][conspiracy votes][total]

Cham cover 22 8 30

miami 38 11 49

silice dildo 28 9 37

gunbunny 44 11 55

sabertooth 33 8 41

silice 21 4 25

Jess spread 27 3 30

Crystal fox

Sat Aug 25 01:18:18 2018

Not THAT crystal fox. The other crystal fox.


Thu Aug 23 18:27:25 2018

Please vote for your favorites to be colored next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Anita ref sheet NSFW

Thu Aug 23 01:59:14 2018

It's getting mighty MILFy in here.

Anita ref sheet

Thu Aug 23 01:58:20 2018

NSFW version available in the Patron zone!

Next up

Wed Aug 22 16:30:39 2018

Looks like MILF love won Anita the vote for next ref sheet. So I’ll start on that. Also, I’ll be posting another color image vote so I can try to get it in before the end of the month. Holy crap, it‘s already the 22nd.

Next ref sheet?

Sat Aug 18 02:38:04 2018

Please vote for the next refsheet character.

WHEEL sketches

Thu Aug 16 07:26:00 2018

Orchid's toy collection

Wed Aug 15 01:29:22 2018

I wonder which one is next.

Black Widow workout, card edition

Fri Aug 10 01:58:50 2018

Naturally the Queen of Diamonds.

Black Widow workout

Fri Aug 10 01:57:25 2018

MMmmmm sweaty bitches.


Thu Aug 9 02:41:10 2018

All the boobies.


Tue Aug 7 21:27:16 2018

From the last WHEEL stream. I was fried and didn't post them for a few days, but here they are!

More on the declined charges

Thu Aug 2 18:18:52 2018

I’m not going to play into the rumor mill, so I’ll keep it basic:

Basically what is going on is that a lot of pledges are being declined as fraud by your banks. In some cases, peoples’ cards have been temporarily blocked by their own banks because of these fraud alerts. As to why, I am sure we will find out once the Drama Llama has left the building.

If your charge was declined, you may have to contact your bank and let them know that Patreon is not fraud, and to allow the pledges to happen. Or you can try using a different card. Alternatively, you can use PayPal.

Another pothole in the highway to hell that is online content creation.

If you have ended up as one of the unfortunate recipients of this drama, I do much appreciate you going through the effort to stick around!

Please check your pledges!

Thu Aug 2 17:50:01 2018

Some kind of bank stupidity is going on and a lot of pledges have been declined this month so please doublecheck your pledges to make sure you keep getting fresh juicy content :)


Wed Aug 1 15:29:34 2018

The machine works.

Now with 200% extra Dawn!

Massive new dye sub printer

Tue Jul 31 00:28:41 2018

For making coffee mugs and t shirts and stuff. Gonna play with it tomorrow.

High res files for Dawn x Gunbunny and Widow spread are up

Tue Jul 31 00:26:35 2018

The high res files for Dawn x Gunbunny and Widow spread eagle are in the dropbox and fresh links have been sent out. If you did not receive one please let me know.

Dawn coffee mug preorders now on Gumroad!

Sun Jul 29 01:53:42 2018

Dawn x Gunbunny outfit swap

Sat Jul 28 02:35:50 2018

"This thing keeps hiking way up in muh hoo-hah."

"It's been to some far off places but I dunno if it's coming back from there..."


Widow spread eagle

Sat Jul 28 02:23:09 2018

Be sure to stretch thoroughly before exercising to maintain proper health.

mmmm palm fruits

Mon Jul 23 00:44:27 2018

Today's harvest. There's probably 20x this growing on the tree but it's not all ready to pick just yet. These things are friggin delicious.

Vote results

Sun Jul 22 17:10:06 2018

Outfit swap was the clear winner.

name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

cham cover 23 7 30

outfit swap 51 15 65

orchid toys 31 9 40

widow spread 46 11 57

miami 37 7 42

silice 31 8 39

jess spread 31 5 36


Thu Jul 19 21:40:55 2018

Please vote for the next color image. Multiple choices encouraged.


Thu Jul 19 00:18:28 2018

From today’s WHEEL stream.

Action figures?

Tue Jul 17 15:52:43 2018

Would you be willing to pay $60 for an action figure of one of the girls?


Tue Jul 17 00:14:08 2018

OK, so... we've got the capability to make t-shirts, baseball hats, bags, mugs, and basically anything that can be dye-sublimated onto anything else.

Would you be interested in my art/designs on...

Sabertooth speedpaint video

Mon Jul 16 17:55:18 2018

Is in the video dropbox.


YCH auction

Mon Jul 16 17:41:37 2018

If you missed out on the latest commission batch, I still have a YCH auction until Friday, available at http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28002373/

Ann high res dropbox

Sun Jul 15 21:12:20 2018

Ann 2018 high res dropbox links are going out right via PM now as soon as the files are done uploading.

Please let me know if you did not get a link.


Sat Jul 14 22:50:14 2018

Why not.

Smilodon Exhibit -->

Sat Jul 14 03:34:13 2018

Exhibiting lots of things. In a museum, apparently. Do we really care where she is? Look at that.

Smilodon exhibit

Sat Jul 14 03:32:01 2018

She's certainly on display. At least in the uncensored version :)

offline WHEEL sketches

Wed Jul 11 20:13:41 2018

Technical difficulties sorted

Mon Jul 9 01:11:21 2018

SSL certs got borked somehow, things should be working now.

Ann (nude version)

Sun Jul 8 21:00:48 2018

Surrender the booty!

Ann (scanty version)

Sun Jul 8 20:59:24 2018

Something something poopdeck.

Ann (topless)

Sun Jul 8 20:58:15 2018

Something something plunder the booty.

Ann (full)

Sun Jul 8 02:39:11 2018

Scantily clad versions should go up tomorrow.

It Figures

Fri Jul 6 14:25:47 2018

Just spent 2 days at Cedar Point in 100+ heat. This morning when we are leaving it is in the 70s and perfect. Got to ride every coaster though.

Road trip

Mon Jul 2 04:26:12 2018

I'll be on a road trip this week, but I've pre-spun the WHEEL to do a few sketches on the way and they are as follows:

Cham x Orchid sexy fun - nyarlat
sasha x widow double ended dildo - soniic
more sabertooth girl - qslash

Ann is 90% done as well so that should be finished in the next day or so.

Champagne daki now available

Sun Jul 1 19:18:05 2018

Discount with code CORK POPPER

Dawninatrix high res files

Tue Jun 26 18:40:50 2018

Are uploading to the dropbox right now.

If you do not have a high resolution dropbox link, please let me know and I will send you one.

Dawninatrix speedpaint video

Tue Jun 26 17:59:47 2018

Is in the dropbox. Dawninatrix.mp4


Tue Jun 26 02:47:04 2018

Mistress Dawn needs willing vict... er... volunteers.

Uncensored version available inside the Patron Zone!


Tue Jun 26 02:44:35 2018

Mistress Dawn needs willing vict... er... volunteers.

Vote results

Fri Jun 22 04:02:29 2018

Dawn slaughtered it.

name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

cham cover 19 6 25

sabertooth 18 5 23

orchid 33 11 44

ann 15 5 20

dawninatrix 48 16 64

silice 31 9 40

jess spread 35 5 40


Wed Jun 20 02:36:20 2018

Looks like everyone wants another color pic so let's vote on what it will be:

Next up?

Tue Jun 19 23:13:12 2018

What should we do next?

High res dropbox links

Tue Jun 19 18:02:47 2018

They have gone out via PM. If you did not receive one, please let me know.

New reward tracking thing

Tue Jun 19 17:28:42 2018

Patreon just added a new reward tracker so I can see who has received what, which means it will be much easier for me to see who has and has not received the dropbox links.

So, I have set that up today and I am working right now on getting dropbox links sent out. Thanks for your patience!

Surfbunny speedpaint

Tue Jun 19 04:23:57 2018

video is now in the dropbox.


Surf Bunny nude

Tue Jun 19 01:11:18 2018

Careful, those waves can take your swimsuit right off.

Surf Bunny exposed!

Tue Jun 19 01:09:27 2018

Thongs gone wild!

Surf Bunny!

Tue Jun 19 01:07:52 2018

Wet bunnies are best bunnies. Dropped thong and nude versions available in the Patron Zone!

New videos

Mon Jun 18 19:25:14 2018

Dawn_bikini and Cham_daki_rear speedpaints have been added to the videos dropbox.


WHEEL stream spam

Sun Jun 17 05:21:47 2018



Thu Jun 14 13:59:34 2018

please let me know if you can load this image, or not.


Thu Jun 14 00:52:31 2018

Sketch. To thong or not to thong, that is the question.

High res links

Wed Jun 13 02:11:18 2018

I have deleted the high res links because one of you is a piece of shit and thought it would be fun to post my latest art all over the internet. I will send out new links momentarily.

Champagne daki, rear view

Mon Jun 11 16:40:29 2018


Cham daki redraw

Sat Jun 9 02:51:10 2018

I wasnt really feeling it with the previous sketch so i redrew it. I like this a lot better. What do you think?

Vote results

Fri Jun 8 04:26:43 2018

Champagne daki is the winner!

name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

cham covergirl 20 5 25

sabertooth 24 4 28

orchid toys 31 12 43

silice daki 22 9 31

cham daki 39 12 51

silice 25 7 32

jess spread 33 7 40

High res Dropbox links have gone out via PM.

Thu Jun 7 21:00:05 2018

If you did not receive one, please let me know.

Miami morning PSD is now in there. Feel free to post your bikini edits here or in the Discord channel.


Wed Jun 6 03:12:17 2018

Please vote for the next image to be colored. Multiple choices encouraged.

Miami morning, nude edition

Tue Jun 5 03:08:07 2018

Nude skunks!

Miami morning, sling edition

Tue Jun 5 03:07:09 2018


Miami morning, patch edition

Tue Jun 5 03:05:43 2018

Skimpy bikini fun

Miami morning - bikini

Sun Jun 3 23:54:19 2018

Nude/sling/patch bikini versions will be available in the Patron Zone shortly.

Bikini sketches

Wed May 30 13:56:47 2018


Bonus sketch

Sun May 27 18:31:30 2018

Because Mexican girls.

Storm bands over the gulf of mexico

Fri May 25 23:04:21 2018

From the plane. Parts of Storm Alberto.


Tue May 22 08:36:31 2018

1080p uberbitch

Now with 33% more bitchness in the newer v2 models.

Engrid refsheet nude

Mon May 21 22:46:18 2018

...and coming and coming...

Engrid refsheet exposed

Mon May 21 22:45:19 2018

Ze Germans keep coming!

Engrid refsheet full

Mon May 21 22:43:20 2018

Ze Germans are coming!

Engrid ref sheet

Mon May 21 22:41:24 2018

Uncensored and nude versions available in the Patron Zone!

Next reference sheet?

Fri May 18 23:52:42 2018

Vote here for your favorites.


Thu May 17 15:40:27 2018



Tue May 15 21:37:57 2018

Nude version available in the Patron Zone!

Vote results

Mon May 14 22:41:14 2018

Dawn slaughtered it so completely that there isn’t any point in tallying them up. Anyhow here is the work in progress.

Missing Dropbox links

Sun May 13 16:39:13 2018

Some people did not receive their message containing the dropbox link. If you didn’t get yours, please PM me and I’ll fix it.

WHEEL sketches

Sun May 13 02:23:17 2018

From tonight's stream.


Sat May 12 22:42:58 2018

Please vote for the next one to be colored. Multiple choices encouraged.

Honey Badger

Fri May 11 19:36:54 2018

Not exactly lewd so no sense in keeping it behind closed doors. This will be a collectible card in Bitcorn, featuring the cornrowed honey badger mascot of the CornTang Clan :)

Videos dropbox link

Fri May 11 16:15:49 2018

Updated, enjoy!

What next?

Tue May 8 15:55:13 2018

I have a couple of “loose ends” that are sort of half-done that I would like to start clearing out, what do you think I should do?

Orchid dakimakura now available for sale

Mon May 7 21:45:00 2018

Both the nude and lingerie versions are available for sale at the following link. Use the code "NIGHTALONE" for a 25% discount when ordering!

Orchid daki rear, lingerie version

Mon May 7 15:00:03 2018

Unstrawberried version is available now in the Patron Zone!

Orchid daki rear, nude version

Fri May 4 15:28:01 2018

Unstrawberried version is available now in the Patron zone!

Orchid daki rear, lingerie

Mon May 7 15:00:02 2018

Derpa derpa derrrrrppppppp

Orchid daki rear, nude

Fri May 4 15:23:42 2018


Back home.

Sat Apr 28 18:41:07 2018

They released me with a clean bill of health today, and I am finally home. I am very glad to no longer be confined to a hospital bed. No more sleeping just to pass the time until the next set of needles and food specifically designed to make you fart. Thankfully VH1 was running videography marathons of 80s bands like The Cure, Duran Duran, and Def Leppard.

Modern medical science is awesome, I must say, and Chile remains IMHO one of the best countries to get quality, affordable medical care. The whole procedure was done in probably 20 minutes through a tiny hole in my wrist.

Supposedly my insurance (so they say) will cover 100% of my stay and procedures; I should get the final bill in about a month. I am very curious though, since when I had my ankle surgery the base total before coverage was about $3000 and I paid zero, compared to anywhere from 10-30k in the USA.

Anyways I had a well-deserved plate of REAL FOOD after getting the F out of there.

And then I mortgaged my left nut to pay for a library of new medications.

Welcome to Old!

another hospital update

Fri Apr 27 20:23:41 2018

Good news. No damage to my heart. I lucked out bigtime. Well, if I had been a lazy bastard I would probably be dead. Anyways they are letting me go home tomorrow and have cleared me to fly back to the USA on Tuesday.

Insurance is covering 100% of it. Not sure what the damage would have been but the out-of-pocket costs of care here in Chile are like 10% of what they would cost in the USA.

hospital update

Fri Apr 27 14:00:07 2018

They did a cardiac catheter through my wrist this morning and 99% of my arteries are perfect. Unfortunately one of them was not, it was thinning out, and it required a stent to open it back up again. It’s kind of a shock since I exercise regularly and eat fairly healthy. They are doing an echocardiogram later to see the extent of the damage, if any. Hopefully it isn’t much, since all the ECGs and even the stress test show normal function. Will keep you posted.

Some shit news

Thu Apr 26 19:19:58 2018

A couple of weeks ago I started to have what felt like panic attacks, but this week it got worse and so I went to see the doctor. Anyways, they poked and prodded me and despite there being no physical evidence of a heart attack, the blood chemistry says that there is something seriously wrong in there, so much so that they are "highly encouraging" me to be hospitalized for a few days for some in-depth exams. So, unfortunately, this means that the Orchid daki will not be finished by the end of the month, but I am bringing the ipad with me so hopefully I can at least get some sketching in while I wait for my next anal probe. I'll let you all know more as I find out.

Orchid daki rear work-in-progress

Thu Apr 26 01:14:10 2018


Orchid daki front, lingerie edition

Wed Apr 25 21:52:01 2018

Silly rabbits!


Wed Apr 25 00:10:02 2018

or something. She's now in color and un-berried in the Patron zone!

Champagne reclined, now in color

Wed Apr 25 00:08:34 2018

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Orchid daki front, nude

Mon Apr 23 21:55:19 2018

The Patron version is nude anyways. How 'bout that strawberry-banana flavor combo! This will also be available soon as a dakimakura at https://madmableproductions.com

Orchid daki front, nude

Mon Apr 23 21:52:26 2018

Where’s the art?

Mon Apr 23 17:46:17 2018

it’s almost done. As in, all of it. I have the Orchid daki front missing only the background, which will take me maybe 30 minutes, i have the back side flatted and ready to shade, and Champagne is flatted and ready to shade as well. I figure all of them will be done and posted in a few days. I’ll get Orchid‘s front side done (huh huh huh) today for sure.

New Grind fanzine now in print

Thu Apr 19 16:24:28 2018

Get it while the ink is still hot and slippery :P

Beth refsheet NSFW

Fri Apr 13 20:48:42 2018


Beth refsheet

Fri Apr 13 20:46:57 2018


NSFW version available in the Patron zone.

Vote results

Thu Apr 12 21:01:03 2018

Wow, it’s a 4-way tie with orchid toys, orchid daki front/back, and champagne-reclined. I guess i will have to just pick which ones to do :)

Name - votes - conspiracy votes - totals

Cham cover 29 11 40

Sabertooth 23 7 30

Orchid toys 34 11 45

Orchid daki r 34 11 45

Orchid daki f 34 11 45

Cham recline 34 11 45

Jess spread 28 7 35


Tue Apr 10 19:48:53 2018

Please vote for your favorites to become colored!

WHEEL sketches

Tue Apr 10 15:31:07 2018

from last night’s WHEEL stream. People conspired for an Orchid Daki and both sides won!

I’m going to get a vote sheet up for tonight, so we can figure out the next color pic. Also up next: Beth reference sheet!

WHEEL stream later tonight

Mon Apr 9 16:40:00 2018

Make sure your choices are up-to-date at http://sexyfur.com/wheel

Next refsheet?

Fri Apr 6 07:51:15 2018

Please vote for the next refsheet character.

High Resolution Dropbox link

Mon Apr 2 22:23:31 2018

Should be all synced up soon.

Not much in the way of color work for February and March but hopefully the 20 other B&W pics of Champagne should make up for it :)

Champagne drink-it-up!

Mon Apr 2 21:02:00 2018

Last one of the set.

New Champagne GRIND fanzine

Mon Apr 2 15:00:48 2018

We’re going over the final details now, and doing test prints. It should be available shortly at http://www.rabbitvalley.com. I will post a link once it’s ready for sale.

It will have a color centerfold as well, just like the old Sasha ’zine, any picks for the one you want to see?

X-Ray Specs!

Sun Apr 1 01:29:24 2018

Drawn by XXXPot :)

All the memories of cheesy ads in the back of comics and magazines when I was a kid. This will be in the back of Champagne's magazine when it prints.

The End

Sat Mar 31 07:29:27 2018

All the art for the Champagne book is done. And it's being compiled. There will be a T&A Q&A section like the first Grind, so if you have any sort of "Ask Champagne" type questions, please ask them here.

Making the book

Fri Mar 30 21:39:13 2018

Writing sloppy cheesy erotic stuff used to come so natural to me. Encountering a total writer's block.

Cleaning-up of the Dropbox folders

Fri Mar 30 00:12:17 2018

I have all my networking crap set back up again on a shiny (oh so shiny) new router so tomorrow’s task is getting the dropbox folders all clean and organized. I’ll post a fresh link once that is done.

The Daily Grind

Wed Mar 28 22:31:18 2018

At last I am in my own place. Most of my stuff is still here. Because I locked it up! Strangely missing the dish-drying rack in the kitchen. Who takes a dish rack?

The Daily Grind

Thu Mar 22 22:46:03 2018

Well, arrival in Chile has been a total shit show. Here is the situation: I arrived to find my apartment occupied. Basically, I rent it out when I am gone and trust a local agent to manage the airbnb and stuff.

About a month ago I wrote them and asked if my place was available from x date to y date, and they said yes, they had blocked it out for me. So I got my plane tickets and planned around that. Well, they fucked up bigtime. There are people there until the 28th. So they put me up in one of their other available properties in the meantime.

Over the years I've set it up there so I can pack a change of clothes in my bag, toothbrush, and my laptops, and hop on a plane. So I did. All of the stuff I need to conduct general life and whatnot is locked up across town, so I'm a bit out of sorts. I'm living out of a duffel bag with 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. Anyways, I think that in the remaining week of March, I should be able to finish up a couple more little closeup/detail pics and sink the final nails into the Champagne Grind project.

The internet sucks here and my dropbox stuff is all disconnected and disorganized so I'll try to get all the high-res stuff dealt with and sent out after I get back into my place on the 28th.

Fingers 2

Thu Mar 22 22:38:09 2018


Stuff those nice and deep

Thu Mar 22 22:35:00 2018

All four fingers, girl. We know you like that.

The spread

Thu Mar 22 22:32:13 2018

This is what we've been waiting for.

Taking off them panties

Thu Mar 22 22:30:13 2018

Not like there wasn't easy access before. But still hot.

Eat that sandwich

Tue Mar 20 23:42:49 2018

Spoiler alert: In the uncensored version for Patrons, it's not a sandwich.

What a messy eater. So much mayonnaise.

Kaylee drinks jizz

Tue Mar 20 23:28:58 2018

Like it's going out of style.

The Daily Grind

Wed Mar 14 07:44:09 2018

So, the latest Kaylee pic, I like it enough I think I will end up coloring it.

All of the fullbody shots of Champagne for the Valentine's Vixxxen book are sketched, I have 3 left to clean up. Then I need a handful of close-ups and detail shots. So if you have ideas for those, let me know what you would like to see.

I am heading to Chile tomorrow, and I'm taking the old iMac with me in a massive bulletproof case (the largest Pelican case made, I think). It will live in the Volcano Lair from now on so I'll always have a good machine to art and stream with.

This thing may not look that big in the photo but it's a little over a meter high and weighs 25 kilograms empty.

In other news, I have redone the flooring in the Swamp Lair's Florida Room with interlocking vinyl tile. No more hideous vomit green carpet! Just in time to leave and not be able to enjoy it!

All told it took the two of us only a few hours to do it, including cutting all the trim pieces to fit. Fuck Pergo, this stuff is awesome. You can cut it with a utility knife and it bends and flexes and locks together like legos. And if you wreck one, you can just pop it out and replace it.

Now that the floor is done I can get to work pimping it out in here. Well, when I get back. I'm going to get a custom bar built and decorate it with all my Playboy swag. The jacuzzi will go in behind it. Awwwww yeahhhh bow chikka bow chikka

Kaylee drinks

Tue Mar 13 05:53:23 2018


Sketch from tonight's WHEEL stream

Lesbo lionesses

Tue Mar 13 05:52:38 2018

Sketch from tonight's WHEEL stream

Jess x Widow

Tue Mar 13 05:51:59 2018

WHEEL sketch from today's stream

Cham panty spread

Sat Mar 10 23:35:55 2018

The reveal!

WHEEL stream scheduled

Sat Mar 10 18:47:25 2018

Monday, March 12 @ 6pm EST



Tue Mar 6 01:19:04 2018

As good as sideboob? Maybe :)

Champagne recline

Sun Mar 4 05:48:46 2018

Another one ready for the book.

Boob reveal

Wed Feb 28 04:31:56 2018

mmm boobies

Panty pull B&W

Wed Feb 28 04:30:36 2018


The spread

Mon Feb 26 22:07:38 2018


Cham panty removal

Mon Feb 26 22:06:49 2018

Because they can't stay on all the time.

Panty spread

Mon Feb 26 22:06:06 2018


Grind cover image

Fri Feb 23 22:22:38 2018

Delicious vixens.

Champagne panty pull

Fri Feb 23 20:55:47 2018

Naughty Valentine Vixens!

Champagne panty pull

Fri Feb 23 20:54:03 2018

Classy and naughty at the same time! No roses blocking your view in the Patron Zone!

High res dropbox links going out shortly!

Folder cleanup

Fri Feb 23 20:51:26 2018

OK, so there is a lot of mess in the Champagne sketch folders that needs cleaning up and posting, so I am going to start doing that and sending out Dropbox links for it. Stay tuned, art spam incoming!

Work in progress...

Mon Feb 19 00:42:15 2018

I started writing the cheesy dialogue :)

Laying out the new magazine.


Fri Feb 16 22:15:13 2018

Please vote for the ones you want to see in color next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Growing pile of sketches for Grind 2

Wed Feb 14 03:47:40 2018

New pic series

Sat Feb 10 05:28:25 2018

I am going to make a new pinup set of Champagne, here is the cover pic.

Stiletto lewd

Wed Feb 7 02:34:27 2018

Shiny Shark boobies.

(this may require deleting your old stegostamp cookie in order to work)


Wed Feb 7 02:32:49 2018

Lewd topless/skimpy bottom version available in the Patron zone!

Work in progress

Sun Feb 4 22:14:37 2018


What's next?

Mon Jan 29 00:03:20 2018

I'm heading for Puerto Rico in the morning, and I'll be there for a week. I'll be working, though, thoroughly testing the internet. Dunno if I will be able to stream but I'll be doing sketches and whatnot. I'll try and put up a new vote before I leave, so we can queue up the next color pic, might be able to get most of it done while I'm there.

Lime x Widow

Sun Jan 28 23:54:20 2018

Mmmm juicy.

Limelight x Black Widow

Sun Jan 28 23:50:14 2018

Citrus-free organic free range lesbian image available in the Patron Zone with instant access. High resolution stuff going up in the dropbox right now.

Fun with family history

Sun Jan 28 09:08:40 2018

Commie Jew swinger nerd awarded Stalin Peace Prize. Fascinating and bizarre, worth an interesting read at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Desmond_Bernal

Vote count

Thu Jan 25 21:02:57 2018

name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

Kaylee 26 7 33

Sabertooth 28 8 36

Orchid 30 7 37

Stiletto 22 4 26

Sasha 38 9 47

LimexWidow 38 12 50

Jess 34 9 43

Lime x Widow is the winner!

Beth rides speedpaint video

Thu Jan 25 02:59:52 2018

Now going up into the video dropbox.


Tue Jan 23 05:52:10 2018

Please vote for the next ones for me to finish in color. Multiple choices encouraged.

WHEEL sketch results

Tue Jan 23 05:43:28 2018

Birthday gift drawing

Mon Jan 22 04:33:39 2018

From my friend Zaggatar http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zaggatar

yeah I'm old today :)

Beth rides (link test)

Sun Jan 21 06:28:21 2018


Beth rides

Sun Jan 21 06:20:16 2018

OK, let's try the new plugin for its intended purpose.

You should get a prompt to trust the Stegostamp plugin (it's OK, it's my domain/plugin/cookie).

If you get a broken square, please let me know. Usually this happens if you had an old version of the cookie, and it can be fixed by clearing any previous stegostamp cookies and re-trusting the new cookie.

Beth rides

Sun Jan 21 06:15:44 2018

En vino, veritas.

No bottles or corks to get in the way in the Patron Zone! High resolution stuff going into the dropbox right now!

Full frontal nerdity

Fri Jan 19 03:15:35 2018

Got the 3d printer hooked back up and working again in the other corner of Nerd Lab 2.0, now it's turning out curtain hangers.

The votes are in

Tue Jan 16 01:50:32 2018

"Beth rides" won by a single vote. Here is the count:

name votes conspiracy votes total

kaylee pov 21 3 24

sabertooth 31 8 39

orchid toys 30 10 40

beth rides 39 12 51

sasha latex 30 5 35

widow x lime 39 11 50

jess creampie 37 11 48

Nerd Lab 2.0

Sun Jan 14 22:07:42 2018

Most of my crap is unpacked, plugged in, and working in Nerd Lab 2.0


Fri Jan 12 23:45:24 2018

Please vote for the ones you would like to see next in color. Multiple choices encouraged.

Wheel sketch bomb

Fri Jan 12 03:56:14 2018

Sketch bomb!

Thu Jan 11 04:49:44 2018

WHEEL sketches from the latest streams

What's next?

Tue Jan 9 01:39:44 2018

Lots and lots of WHEEL sketches starting tomorrow (Tuesday). Have your ideas ready!

Jess XXXmas

Tue Jan 9 01:36:10 2018

Jess is getting her xxxmas sausage on the coffee table.

No cookies getting in the way for the Patron versions, going up in the dropbox now!

work in progress

Wed Jan 3 02:52:05 2018


Tue Jan 2 02:01:05 2018

Happy New Year! Good riddance to 2017, for sure.

The house is finally mine. Started moving in this weekend. Mostly finished, nothing big left anyways. Everything remaining can fit in the car now. I left my studio intact at the old place until internet is installed here at the new one (the 8th, so they say), so I’ll have to commute for a few days.

Nostalgia and another project idea

Sat Dec 30 02:31:28 2017

This came up in the Discord chat, and so a combination of me having an idea and fans forcing an idea upon me ended up in: “Should I make another Grind fanzine?”

For those who don’t know what this is, back in the 90s I took the format of a girly magazine centerfold article and put Sasha in there, so it was a series of naughty pics and a naughty story to go with it. I can’t remember how many pages it totaled out to but that little fanzine sold more copies than anything I ever did and have ever done since.

So really my question to you is “should I” because definitely I could make a new one with a different girl (or girls), but would you folks be willing to give up some color pics in favor of another series of B&W work, sort of how I did it with the Succubus pics? Obviously some of the B&W pics can be moved up the chain to color later on. Anyways, let me know your thoughts.

What’s up next?

Thu Dec 28 02:34:53 2017

Art: Jessica tied up with xmas lights and receiving the meats is up next.

I will commence moving into the new house this weekend. That said, my studio/office cannot be relocated until after January 8th when internet is installed there. So for the coming week I might only have short bites of time in which to do sketches.

Make sure your WHEEL picks are up to date (http://sexyfur.com/wheel) and contact me if they are not, because I will surely be drawing some of them and I will be doing a good amount of WHEEL streams in early January to fill out the sketch votes and whatnot.

test test

Thu Dec 28 01:26:42 2017

Another test.


Thu Dec 28 01:22:43 2017

This is only a test.

Faye xxxmas

Wed Dec 27 01:39:12 2017

Mrs Claus got put on the naughty list this year.

Uncookied version going up in the dropbox shortly!

Faye xmas wip

Mon Dec 25 16:17:53 2017

Coming along. This one should be finished in a couple more days. Merry xxxmas folks!

Poll: How do you access Patreon?

Sun Dec 24 18:07:04 2017

Just curious how people use it. This will help me fine-tune the plugin I’m working on.

Next up + video

Fri Dec 22 20:51:32 2017

Faye as Sexy Mrs Claus. And voted to be a lewd spread.

There is also a Rosalie Elf speedpaint video in the dropbox now.

Bloggy blogpoop

Thu Dec 21 18:01:41 2017

So, here's a quick recap on what's been going on behind the scenes...

Last June/July I started moving in with my girlfriend in St Augustine, and shortly thereafter the lab she works at shut down. As there were no other labs nearby where she could work, we made the decision to sell her house and move back into my condo, since there are plenty of labs near my old place in Jacksonville where she could find work. She found a job right away.

My little condo is great for a single person. 2 people and 2 dogs, not so much. So after a few months of living in what feels like an overstocked warehouse, we started looking for bigger places. The third move of 2017 ought to be pretty easy-- everything is still in boxes!

While exploring in a neighborhood we liked, near her work, we spotted a realtor putting up a sign in front of a house and decided to have a look. And it was perfect. It has a nice room for my studio, garage space for my projects, and a big yard for the dogs and a garden.

The best part is that it needs no work done to it, which is a nice change, because pretty much every other place I have owned has been a major fixer upper (and in two cases, a literal crack den) which is how I got them so cheap. I can just move in and not have to trudge through sawdust and rubble and year long renovation projects. No more cement mixers in my living room!

Applying for a mortgage turned out to be a major pain in the ass. It shouldn't have been-- we both have impeccable/near perfect credit, we don't carry much debt, we make enough money to pay for it individually, and we're putting 20% on the down payment. It should be any mortgage broker's dream situation.

The underwriter got obsessively stuck on the fact that I own a small condo in Chile (one of the aforementioned former crack dens), and no amount of detail and documentation about it would please him. I supposed they wanted proof that it wasn't costing me anything (no mortgage/debt on it) and I provided it-- It's paid for, I own it outright, and the cost of owning it is negligible (property taxes are like $138 per year there). But they kept asking for more and more stuff, and I kept conjuring up paperwork miracles from my lawyers and accountants in Chile. Literally every day something new would come up and I would have to drop everything to make phonecalls and emails until stuff came in. It's been delaying my life and work. And finally the underwriter relented. Until 2 days before closing, where they demanded that in 48 hours we pay off 2 auto loans.

It's not an impossible request to pay them off, but it's an impossible request for anyone to manage that in 48 hours. Also, standard practice for this sort of thing, if it is an issue at all, is for it to be addressed at the beginning of the application process. Not a month later and 2 days before closing. Literally, before they even start gathering paperwork, they check that your debt-to-income ratio is good, and they did that without any problems.

We've been deliberately sabotaged by this asshole underwriter. To the point where the realtor, who has been using them for 25 years, said that their relationship is over if they don't turn this around. The case is being taken up to the head underwriter for the bank now.

And so we wait... we should have already taken possession of the keys 2 days ago.

Next up: Faye

Thu Dec 21 17:21:56 2017

Faye as Sexy Mrs Claus.

So, here's a quick vote for general pose/subject matter for the ideas I think would work:

Rosalie XXXmas

Thu Dec 21 03:45:17 2017

Rosalie likes to spread her XXXmas cheer!

No cookies to block the view in the Patron version, heading into the dropbox right now!

Next up: Rosalie sexy elf

Thu Dec 14 17:46:19 2017

So I'm looking at elf pics on the internet to get ideas, and I have an idea of her outfit, but then I wonder, "what should she be doing?"

Vote fast, ends at 10pm EST because I gotta draw this.

Web resolution dropbox

Wed Dec 13 22:04:45 2017

Here it is!

High resolution dropbox

Wed Dec 13 22:04:11 2017

Here it is.

Patreon changed their minds

Wed Dec 13 22:01:02 2017

Regarding the fee changes, they realized the depth of their mistake (perhaps too late, I've already lost 11+ people) and made the decision to keep the charges the same for now, until they actually find a way to (a) notify us that they are getting ready to shoot us in the feet, and (b) find a way not to force us all into it without our knowledge.

Good going, I must say. That's not sarcastic. Now hopefully we'll all get some pledges back.

XXXmas 1

Wed Dec 13 21:44:14 2017

Someone's stuffing the stockings early! The ribbons disappear for the Patron zone images, and the speedpaint video from sketch to completion will be in the dropbox shortly.

Booger demon

Fri Dec 8 16:55:26 2017

Needs a name like “Mukor, suffocator of worlds”

The plague

Fri Dec 8 14:20:16 2017

Ugh, I’ve been sick for a week now with really ugly shit that refuses to go away. Antibiotics and antisnot and anti this and anti that, I wake up in the morning with my eyes glued shut by slime, and what I think is probably the worst part, my back has been thrown out by all of the excessive coughing. It‘s really truly gross. Anyways that is my official excuse why I am behind on work. Please send your good mojo to defeat the booger demons.

WTF, Patreon?

Thu Dec 7 13:42:17 2017

I don’t know what Patreon is thinking with this new switch in fees. “It’s better for creators” they say. But is it really? I’ve already started to have people drop out because of this. Is a higher percentage of less income really a bonus? No, it is not. More of less, is still less.

All this has done is piss off both creators and patrons.

I was not consulted for this, and if I had been, I would have told them to leave things alone. I am perfectly fine paying a higher percentage of my royalties and giving my patrons a fair price. If they give us the option to roll it back to the old way, rest assured I will take it.

I’m sorry they are doing this shit to you, folks. It’s a shame.


Mon Dec 4 02:13:44 2017

Got this done today (finally). Been dealing with a bout of very nasty plague; the aches are going away but the lung slime remains. Hopefully it will go away soon.

XXXMas vote counts

Sun Dec 3 02:12:52 2017

Widow x Cham lesbians won first, and the next places go to:
Rosalie sexy elf
Faye as sexy Mrs Claus
Jessica hardcore with light strings

here's the data--

name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

widow cham 57 16 73

gloria 16 2 18

biker 22 3 25

rosalie 48 12 60

avril 19 6 25

silice 25 7 32

jess 29 6 35

engrid 25 8 33

faye 37 12 49

XXXmas spin votes

Mon Nov 27 03:24:15 2017

OK, so I put a bunch of girls on the wheel, and some random outfits, and some random poses/situations, and here is what it came up with. Please vote for the ones you like the most. We'll take the top 4 and I'll try to get them all done by the end of December.

Jessica reference sheet

Mon Nov 27 00:37:37 2017

NSFW versions available shortly via the Patron dropbox.

New speedpaint videos

Sat Nov 25 23:51:40 2017

"Anything Champagne" and "Sasha office chair" speedpaint videos are going up into the dropbox right now.

Sasha office chair

Sat Nov 25 18:23:15 2017

Sasha doesn't get bored, she gets juicy.

Uncensored versions available shortly in the Patron zone :) and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

Dropbox links

Fri Nov 24 02:13:41 2017

the mailed out dropbox links have expired. This is why you have been getting 404 errors. Please check the posts from Nov 10 for new dropbox links. Thanks!

Anything Champagne!

Wed Nov 22 02:48:14 2017

Nosebleeds near power sockets may be dangerous.

Uncensored version is in the Patron Dropbox.

Next Champagne image

Sat Nov 18 01:38:45 2017

OK so it looks pretty clear that Champagne is going to win the vote. So my next question is this: Supposing she wins, should I use this for the backside of the dakimakura, or should I just finish this one as-is and do a different one for the daki?


Thu Nov 16 01:12:47 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see in color next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Champagne daki, front side speedpaint video

Wed Nov 15 06:20:40 2017

From sketch to finished pic, the video is in the video dropbox (cham_daki_front.mp4)


Wed Nov 15 05:19:09 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Fire bunny in lava hot tub

Wed Nov 15 05:17:26 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Dusty x tigress cowgirl

Wed Nov 15 05:16:48 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Anything Champagne

Wed Nov 15 05:16:06 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

XXXmas is coming!

Tue Nov 14 17:13:13 2017

It's time for the ho-ho-hoes!

So... which way should the ho-ho-hoe-ing go?

(choose one favorite)

Shiny new baby iMac!

Mon Nov 13 21:33:54 2017

XXXmas came early this year, now I can get to work on all those juicy holiday pics! If it ever gets done migrating the software...

Thanks to all of you for helping make this happen, Patreon is definitely giving a boost to upgrading my workstation!

Sasha office chair

Mon Nov 13 03:51:55 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Dawn seduces Kara

Mon Nov 13 03:51:30 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Dusty x tigress

Mon Nov 13 03:50:56 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Sketch Archive dropbox link

Fri Nov 10 14:57:26 2017

This link will take you to the sketch archive. If it stops working, please let me know as soon as possible.


Web Resolution Dropbox Link

Fri Nov 10 14:53:58 2017

This is the web-resolution dropbox link. If it expires, please let me know as soon as possible.


High Resolution Dropbox Link

Fri Nov 10 14:51:34 2017

This is the high resolution dropbox link. I will try and keep this updated; if it expires please let me know as soon as possible.


Champagne daki (front)

Thu Nov 9 22:24:33 2017

No food to get in the way in the Patron zone :) Web resolution and high resolution copies are going up into the dropbox right now.

This design will be on the front side of a dakimakura; I still have to draw the back side. Stay tuned for more as this project happens.

Clip Studio Paint now on iPad

Thu Nov 9 15:23:34 2017

It’s here. And it appears to work the exact same as Clip Studio does on other things. This is going to sell a lot of iPads. And, the coolest part, it’s FREE for 6 months. It is unclear whether it will be a subscription based fee or an outright purchase when that time period is over, but considering the PC software frequently sells for a discount price of $15, I cannot imagine it will be terribly expensive whatever route they take.

Performance-wise, it’s still not as fast as ProCreate, but it’s on par with Paintstorm (which is quite good until you get into massive brushes).

The only detriment I can think of is that with this sort of interface, you either need lots of windows open to access buttons, which will impede upon your workspace, or you will need a keyboard to go alongside it. I’ll play with it some more with a wireless keyboard and see how it goes. So far I’m impressed.

This coming month (November)

Wed Nov 8 14:24:40 2017

I’m finally back in my Swamp Lair for real this time. I had 24 hours in Florida before heading out to Patrecon in Los Angeles, and now I have had another day back in Florida to recover and adjust my body clock from all the flying. I’ve been gone for 4 months right after a ”double move” so I can’t bloody find anything.

This month will start off with the front-side Champagne daki image, should be ready in a couple of days, and then I’ll do a round of WHEEL sketches to fill out the vote ballot.

I have a new iMac coming in sometime next week which hopefully won’t take too much time to get up and running with what I need for work stuff. Fair warning, though, there may be a bit of downtime that delays artings.

I may be doing a collab/crossover with Andrew Tarusov, whom I met at Patrecon. More as that unfolds.

I changed the rewards around a little bit and moved the video folder into the high-res patron rewards basket. I added a new “Guru” feature if anyone wants tutoring as well; we’ll see how that goes if it goes at all :)

Also planned: a short video tutorial set on good workspace setup not just from an equipment standpoint but going into the general environment and behavior/discipline too.

New office clock

Mon Nov 6 22:57:39 2017

This was a nice surprise gift :) Not sure that right above my monitor is the best place for it, though. It's a bit of a distraction.

Reward tier cleanup

Mon Nov 6 21:10:03 2017

In order to clean things up, I rolled the video stuff into the high-resolution tier. I also added a new "Guru" tier for tutoring so let's see if anything happens there :) Also updated some of the graphics and whatnot.

New stuff

Sun Nov 5 14:29:01 2017

I did a page review with the Patreon staff and it was not the punch in the face I had been expecting (and almost hoping for). They tell me I am doing things right, and have offered a few suggestions that I will be implementing over the next few days. No major changes, but definitely taking advantage of some new features that “should” make things easier for me and you.

One of the things we discussed was removing the video tier and absorbing it into one of the other tiers (since it’s one of the least subscribed rewards), and adding higher tiers with limited reward count or limited participation. So, I have a few ideas here for you to vote on (based on what I believe I would have time for), and I’d also like you to tell me what you think would be good rewards you would like me to offer, or things other people are doing that you wish I did.

Here’s a detailed list:

Art tutoring/coaching: one-on-one sessions via skype or discord where we go through your art and I offer pointers, corrections, general assistance for improvement, or help learning software or drawing techniques. These will have to be limited for time and scheduling reasons.

Better video tutorials: Not just speedpaint videos but longer, narrated process videos where I talk you through what I am doing.

Bigger archives: Spend more on file storage space and bandwidth so I don’t have to keep clearing it out, you get more back-issue stuff.

Video blog stuff: Patreon is rolling out a new component soon for vlogging that will be really easy to use and have turnkey shoot/post, so I was thinking I could do some behind-the-scenes stuff on general life here and there if anyone is remotely interested.

Survival tutorials: Info, articles, videos, tips and advice for how to survive as an artist: how to deal with finances, investing, successful/productive workspace setup, etc.

Off to PatreCon

Thu Nov 2 12:28:13 2017

I'm off to LA for a few days for PatreCon, so if you have anything you want me to ask the Patreon people about while I'm there and have their attention, please let me know.

Back Widow garage

Mon Oct 30 16:28:20 2017

So many tool and car puns.

I managed to get this one done for the end of the month. She's going up in the dropbox right now.

Notes and musings on Succubi, page 16

Sun Oct 22 21:49:39 2017

Pretty sure this will be the final page. I do have some other notes I made which are moreso for background info and lore I found during my research, which had nothing relatable that was worth sketching out. I may include an extra page or two of generic text but I think as far as sketches go, this project is done.

Notes and musings on Succubi, page 15

Sun Oct 22 21:47:36 2017

Silice is a perv.

Notes and Musings on Succubi, page 14

Thu Oct 19 18:44:25 2017

Someone get that girl under control! Or not :)

Remainder of the month

Wed Oct 18 17:32:05 2017

So I have a couple of choices but I don’t think I have time for both of them. Should I...

Ancient Inca furries

Tue Oct 17 23:25:33 2017

From Museo Colchagua, Santa Cruz, Chile.

Dawn sheriff

Sun Oct 15 03:32:55 2017

No, her bikini never stood a chance.

Unbadged and unpantied NSFW version will be going into the Patron dropbox shortly.

Technical limitations :/

Fri Oct 13 23:02:22 2017

Due to the size of the document, the ipad cannot handle putting any more layers in the Champagne dakimakura image unless I size it down, but that means it won’t print nicely. So, it will have to be finished on a separate computer.

The old mac laptop definitely can’t handle it so, unfortunately, this image may have to be shelved until I get back to my Swamp Lair in the USA in November. So I’ll start working on the second-place vote winner, which is Dawn in her sheriff outfit.

Some good news is coming out of this, though— I am ordering a new desktop workstation which will live in my US studio, and I will bring my old one with me down to Chile the next time I head down here. No more technical speedbumps.

Vote count

Thu Oct 12 19:11:32 2017

Champagne daki has won the vote.

name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

kaylee pov 24 7 31

succubus pov 24 6 30

dawn sheriff 53 13 66

succubus chalice 25 5 30

sasha latex 33 8 41

cham daki 59 13 72

dawn x gb x dude 40 9 49

artists choice 18 5 23

Notes and Musings on Succubi, page 13

Tue Oct 10 23:05:57 2017

hands full of good stuff.

Rosalie DP

Tue Oct 10 01:41:09 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch from today's stream


Tue Oct 10 01:39:59 2017

Awkward teenagers.

Wheel sketch from today's stream.

Some mighty WTF

Tue Oct 10 01:26:16 2017

"See, I told you I could lift a car with my dick!"

Sasha is so unimpressed.

Wheel sketch from today's stream.


Mon Oct 9 16:25:35 2017

Please vote for the next color pic. Multiple choices encouraged.

Altist Tlaver Brog

Mon Oct 9 00:01:05 2017

Hooray Engrish!

Today we commenced the hikings with much victory. Made the top of 2 mountains, Morro Guayacan, and Alto del Naranjo.

Heavy are the tiredness. Too pains of the foot parts and frequently the knees.

Cham daki sketch

Sun Oct 8 04:25:37 2017

unf unf

Dawn posing in sheriff outfit

Thu Oct 5 22:17:59 2017

offline wheel sketch

Shakti ref sheet, NSFW

Thu Oct 5 01:12:51 2017

unf unf

Shakti ref sheet, "clothed"

Thu Oct 5 01:10:31 2017

So many pearls...

Measurements are variable; she is a god so she can change size.

Notes and Musings on Succubi, page 12

Tue Oct 3 16:49:58 2017

"Feed me, I won't hurt you..."


Pearl bukkake

Mon Oct 2 18:06:13 2017

Wheel sketch (offline)

Reward links for September have gone out

Sun Oct 1 23:45:11 2017

Thank you all for your continued support! Dropbox links have gone out.

If you did not receive a PM, please check to make sure your transaction went through. I'll have a look in another day or two to see if any late transactions completed.

If for some reason you were overlooked (I hope not!) let me know and I'll get it fixed ASAP.

Colored succubus

Fri Sep 29 17:58:30 2017

Hmm, I really liked this in sketch form but coloring it without inks in this case, I think I could have done better. Maybe being sick is also to blame. I think I will revisit this one with proper inks later on once I'm feeling better.

Anyways, it's heading up into the dropbox.

General stuff

Wed Sep 27 18:41:41 2017

Working on the succubus pov pic. Fighting a bout with Chilean NoseFaucet Plague™, guzzling the green tea and vitamin C, watching Lelouch Lamperrouge Vi Britannia indirectly kill all his friends and hoping that Lady Kaguya is the next one to go because she’s supremely annoying.


Vote results

Wed Sep 27 16:48:10 2017


Succubus doggystyle POV wins. Fatality!

name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

Kaylee pov 31 5 36

succubus blow 20 3 23

succubus doggy 37 7 44

succubus chalice 24 4 28

sasha latex 33 8 41

sasha jogging 19 3 22

dawn x gb x ? 29 7 36


Tue Sep 26 05:41:40 2017

Please vote for the next one you would like to see in color. Multiple choices encouraged.

Notes and Musings on Succubi, page 11

Mon Sep 25 17:21:20 2017

Jingle jangle


Mon Sep 25 01:28:16 2017

aww yeah

Notes and musings on succubi, page 10

Sat Sep 23 14:22:32 2017

They come with built-in grab handles!

Notes and musings on succubi, page 9

Sat Sep 23 14:19:30 2017


Grab her by the horns

Fri Sep 22 23:00:16 2017

Not sure what else there is to say. She certainly can’t say anything at the moment.

Notes and musings on Succubi, page 8

Thu Sep 21 22:47:41 2017


Silice fingers

Wed Sep 20 22:19:06 2017

Uncensored version rolling out to Patrons shortly via the dropbox.

Succubus sketch

Wed Sep 20 02:23:05 2017

And boobies.

Irma update

Sat Sep 16 14:07:43 2017

The boat and motorcycle are fine, but the power is still out so it’s a good thing we are in Chile. I bet the fridge is smelling lovely right now. My neighbor said he is running a fan off a car battery just so he can sleep.

Back home

Fri Sep 15 14:19:09 2017

It was a cool trip but it’s also good to be back home where I can get some work done.

Easter Island is a really cool place. Very chill, and the people are nice. Great place to unplug for a little while, and have some fresh air and room to breathe.

By far the best way to get around is to rent a (questionably maintained) scooter for a couple of days in Hanga Roa and check out the island on your own time. For the price of a single person, single tour ticket, we rented a scooter for 2 days and saw everything. We weren’t on a timetable and we got to stop and check out whatever we wanted.

I still haven’t heard back from anyone in FL regarding the state of things, so I assume they are all busy putting stuff back together. Sucks to not know how bad the damage is.

Today I’m starting up coloring the Silice pic that won the vote, should be shaded and finished in a couple of days. Will try to stream ASAP, maybe I can do a slide show for you guys with the vacation photos.

Vote Count

Wed Sep 13 00:22:26 2017

It appears that #3 is a winner!

number - primary votes - conspiracy votes - total

1 38 7 45

2 22 4 26

3 43 11 54

4 34 7 41

5 36 12 48

6 25 4 29

7 43 10 53

Irma flooding my ‘hood

Mon Sep 11 16:50:09 2017

CF309FA4-F0B4-4C91-A28B-684FEC25456C.jpeg 0DEF2165-6CDF-4A55-8BE9-CDAA242D5E7B.jpeg

Cool Gunbunny pic by TeeR!

Mon Sep 11 13:51:09 2017

September stuff

Fri Sep 8 23:28:07 2017

I'm off to a good start with the Succubus project. More pages to come. I'm guessing it will be 15-20 pages in total.

New poll is up, please make your votes for the next color pic.

I did the best hurricane prep I could do managing remotely from so far away; I have faith that the building will be OK since it is literally a bunker. The car is safely stored away but the motorcycle and the boat, I am making peace with the idea that they may be completely lost and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I am heading out on Monday for a short vacation on Easter Island, will be back on the 14th. Maybe I'll have some time to start learning the animation software I told myself I would learn like 2 months ago, and make the Dawnimation™ :)

Art forecast for this month is 2 color pieces and a handful more Succubus pages.


Fri Sep 8 23:20:18 2017

Please choose the ones you would like to see in full color. Multiple choices encouraged.

Succubi, page 7

Thu Sep 7 20:18:07 2017

A ghostly pen has been scribbling in the margins.

Succubus page 6

Thu Sep 7 01:16:14 2017

So much smut, so little time.

Succubus, page 5

Wed Sep 6 23:21:14 2017

Anatomy studies, of course.

Succubi, page 4

Wed Sep 6 20:38:20 2017

Let them go crazy on themselves first.

Notes and Musings on Succubi, page 3

Sun Sep 3 02:07:58 2017


Notes and Musings on Succubi, page 2

Sun Sep 3 02:01:28 2017

Collars are key.

Notes and Musings on Succubi, page 1

Sun Sep 3 01:53:34 2017

Pay attention to ye olde musings, for they may save thine life!

Feeding your new pet

Sat Sep 2 22:33:32 2017

I think she is going to want more.

Dawn, Gunbunny, and some suffocating dude on a lowrider

Sat Sep 2 02:29:55 2017

Snu snu!

WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream.

Dawn and Maxine cowgirls

Sat Sep 2 02:28:29 2017

Someone is a showoff. WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream.

Sasha pole bang

Sat Sep 2 02:26:27 2017

WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream.

Reese sketch

Sat Sep 2 02:24:50 2017

Clearly she does not care about smoking near explosives. WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream.

Wheel stream tonight

Fri Sep 1 16:59:59 2017

7pm Chile time (I think thats 6pm EST)


All of the people in the Conspiracy tier, please check your wheel picks and make sure they are up to date and on the WHEEL ( http://sexyfur.com/wheel ). If they are not, please PM me so I can update them.

Enchanted summoning collar

Wed Aug 30 06:28:55 2017

Even has legit vagina runes :)

Succubus horn and endcap examples

Wed Aug 30 06:27:28 2017

Detail sketch for the project

Dark forces are afoot

Sat Aug 26 23:46:40 2017

(I plan to make margin notes and sketches, etc to go along with this narrative, so let me know in comments if there are any questions I should answer, things you think I should change, or aspects of Succubus design or lore I should add)

Notes and musings on succubi

as transcribed by Bernal, Scribe of the Order of Himeros.

These pages are an excerpt from the notebook of Great Mage Anathas (1311-1665 C.E.), Master Summoner of the Dark Arts, Butcher of Pikeville, and Scourge of the Southern Continent, who, at his prime, was said to have a loyal harem of at least six high-ranking succubi (and all their attendants, peasants, and indentured servants) at his beck and call. It was believed that through his manipulative wits, dark magicks, and the harvested life force from his harem, he conquered mortality itself and upon his disappearance at the age of 354, infiltrated the demonic hierarchy itself and became a legitimized lord of the Hellish Realms.


Succubi were once the eyes and ears of the dark magi and necromancers; their abilities to transition between aethereal planes (ie: vanish from sight), mimicry through alteration of corporeal form, and innate talents for seducing information from men, made them excellent spies. The caveat, however, came in the fact that they simply cannot be trusted; what little moral compass they may possess is easily swayed by shiny objects, tiny shreds of power, revenge, or all of the above, and there is no knowing when (not if) they will turn on their summoner simply out of spite. Whoever coined the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” has clearly never dealt with a succubus.

For these reasons, consensus was that the risks involved with summoning them outweigh the benefits; the practice of summoning them, as well as demonology in general, has fallen out of favor (especially after the Hellish Uprising of 1132 C.E.) and atrophied for centuries.

And so, one day, out of boredom, wishing to pay back a grudge against an old colleague, and, I must admit, a bad case of spring fever, I dusted off the old neglected tomes of my order and got to work…

As the Rites of Kaotikus correctly state, the summoning circle for sentient, erudite, or wise demonic entities must include an extra set of planar loci; in this case the simple pentagram will not suffice. You must use a six-pointed hexagram instead. See drawing. A double outer circle of salts (make sure not to smudge it if/when stepping across) is recommended for better protection against unwanted extras hitching a ride across the planar rift. Avoid magnesite salts as they have the potential to combust and will therefore cause the circle of protection to fail. Any demonic familiars, if accidentally summoned, will remain contained in the circle while you send them back or exorcise them.

At minimum a chained collar will be required to properly bind the succubus in place; it must be forged or plated with an alloy containing antimony, in order to resist the alchemical magicks which will surely be used in attempts to break out of it.

For the purpose of my first experiment, and out of expedience, I decided on a solid collar as the best option. A design with four bolt eyes is ideal; two on the sides for binding chains and two front-and-back for attaching leashes. Hitch the chains securely to a structural beam in the wall or floor, always using two chains so that it can be safely moved without leaving the captive unbound. Removable shackles should hold fast against escape by using simple charms of immobility (provided they are also made of antimony alloys or the succubus may be able to undo the charm); refer to Rubin’s Locks and Lockpicking Magicks for more information. Make sure the chain will not interfere with the salts in your circle of protection, at least until the summoning is finished and there is no sign of unwanted guests.

Placement of the collar within the summoning circle is largely unimportant so long as it is generally in the center and the collar has been cursed. It will find its own rightful place (or she will) as the aether coalesces. For proper infusion of cursed and magickal collars specific to demonic capture, consult the tomes of Arkanides volume 3. Do not attempt this ritual without a properly cursed magickal collar. Do NOT use blessed collars— you have been warned.

Some mages have argued exhaustively on the use of manacles and anklets but over time (and as much as I hate to agree with the minimalist notes of Virtuz and Volitz) I have found them largely unnecessary. Once the shock of summoning wears off and a bonded succubus trusts that she is not going to be killed or exorcised, she can usually be reasoned with (once again, don’t take shortcuts with blessed collars!). There are, as always, exceptions to the rule, so be prepared to send unruly ones back from whence they came.

Arm yourself beforehand with a nasal salve or mask to guard the nose against their natural perfume. In time you will become accustomed and immune to it as you do any scent. However, at first, if you allow yourself to become swayed by it at first contact… it was good knowing you. Virtuz and Volitz’ notes hold a recipe for a salve that (it pains me to admit) does indeed work.

According to The Dark Arts of the Ages by Oscuridae, a bowl or chalice of semen was traditionally required in the summoning ritual. As usual, Virtuz and Volitz argued for cutting corners and omitting it completely. True, it is not a required component in the spell, however— I decided to include it anyways.

What happened next was quite impressive: the aethers coalesced quite rapidly, in fact more rapidly than any previous summoning I had cast. And the succubus I pulled through the planes was called to it like a bee to nectar. Upon her materialization she became so distracted by its scent that she barely noticed the shock of planar transition. She drank of it ravenously, and in no time, quite literally became intoxicated by it. I would find that succubi cannot resist the male seed once extracted (something about the sight, the scent, and the airborne vapours), and feeding it to them makes them pacified, pliable, and much more open to the power of suggestion. My advice: keep it warm. Cold will do, in a pinch, but when it is warm, it seems to have an extra-potent effect.

Over time, I found it was possible to addict a bound succubus to her master’s seed. And this, here, is the goal which I was striving towards: could they be brought into loyal bondage and trusted servitude? To do so would guarantee both her cooperation and the preservation of her master’s life essence.

Warning: Do not attempt to feed her fresh from the source or make genital contact (if you value your life) until you read my notes on the care and feeding of your succubus.

Normally the succubus will, after being plied with a drink of your male humour, relax right into her chains. She may become startled once she notices her bound state, but her aperitif will ensure that collar and chains are not the first thing she notices. Give her a moment to settle into her new reality. As your warmth slides down her throat, witness the miraculous change she makes from murderous beast to demure pet. A semen-intoxicated succubus rarely rages against captivity; all but the most ferocious will settle down and accept their fate. If they remain unruly, simply reverse the summon and dispel them.

(note: if you think this reaction spectacular, it pales in comparison to the wanton, lustful abandon they exhibit when inseminated directly)

This moment is the time you should strike your bargain (advice on making deals with devils bedamned) and explain to her that she is not in danger. You will find her receptive, albeit distracted. Perhaps half the time, I find that I must physically intervene to keep their mind on task and stop them from touching themselves, which can be a unique, rewarding game all its own. If she remains “inconsolable”, consider letting her tend to herself until she comes down from the high. I have yet to suffer injury helping speed the process along, even with those that feigned resistance at first. They may howl and snap and snarl but they will be purring in short order.

The copious volumes of dew they produce, even if only mildly aroused, has no special magickal or physical properties that I have found, other than to lubricate for penetration. It does emit a pleasant musk that I (and they) find difficult to resist. Make sure to have linens on hand to keep your summoning circle clean, especially if you catch a ravenous one.

The kiss of a succubus, while intoxicating for both the succubus and the “victim” will not, despite popular belief, transfer life essence. Only through penetration: oral, vaginal, or anal, can this energy be transferred, the bulk of which occurs during climax.

The bite of a succubus contains a paralyzing venom, injected through her fangs, which fills a man head to toe with such euphoria that it cannot be explained in mere words. This venom can be milked in the same fashion as with snakes, and stored for medicinal or …recreational use.

Succubi may lactate, though this is not governed by pregnancy as they cannot sexually reproduce. Consuming the milk of a succubus does provide some mild euphoric sensation, but is nowhere as potent as her venom.

Understand and provide the needs of the succubus and they will provide for you. Behold, their needs are simple: to feed on the sexual energy of men. Transferred in the act of sex through genital contact, it nourishes, pleasures, and heals them all at the same time. They in turn pass a portion of that (referred to as a tithe— their own word, not mine) up their dark hierarchy to vassals, barons, lords, and so on, in a systematic, demonic orgy of domination and submission that would make whores blush. The higher they rank, the less frequently they are called upon to offer up their tithes. If they fail to show when their tithe bell rings in the hellish realms, however, their rank also determines the rank of the superior who may come looking for them. I speak from experience when I say you do not want infernal demon lords or angry succubus mistresses showing up unannounced at your doorstep. Keep this in mind when selecting your ideal captive.

Rank is usually signified by the ferocity of their adornments; the lowest ranks are not allowed clothing of any kind, their horns are shaved to nubs, and their brands are the simplest. Higher ranks are permitted chains, spikes, piercings, and longer horns. Some even carry weapons. As they rise in the ranks, their brands are embellished with tattoos or ritual scars. Even the highest ranks, though, are forced to wear blunt caps on the tips of their horns; for this reason it is believed that the sharpened horn of a succubus is one of the few things that can permanently kill a greater demon.

Thoroughly understand the peril you potentially face— any part of this, if not anticipated, can end your life in an instant.

Free succubi normally tend to their mortal flock, taking a drop here and there, so as to maintain a long-term supply of game on which to feed. However, they have nothing barring them from draining someone dry and leaving the shattered husk of their corpse behind, as often happens in large populations of cities and such, where there are ample replacements and the odd man gone missing will not cause social unrest. Do NOT underestimate their dangerous powers.

Magical bindings will motivate them towards caution: if they have not recently fornicated, they risk starvation and dissolution if they kill the summoner and cannot break the magick of his chains.

So the grand question of them all: how do I keep a succubus in bondage without losing my life?

Feed her. Not directly, but indirectly at first. She does not need much to stay alive in corporeal form, and what little life essence is contained in your semen will suffice to keep her satiated, at least magickally, for the time being. Simply and inelegantly put: masturbate and ejaculate on her face for the first few feedings. She won’t mind, and in fact she may very well encourage it. As the successive highs fade and her boredom makes way to curiosity, she will become more interested in you, will begin asking you for more, and you can start getting to know each other more intimately.

Warning: DO NOT under any circumstance allow direct contact with her mouth or other erogenous zones during this time as she may kill you. Be assured, as friendly as she may seem, it is the nature of the beast and she is definitely considering burning your life force to break her chains.

If you wish to escalate physical contact, try fucking her between the tits, or have her manually pleasure you (keep your member well out of reach of her mouth and hips). Don’t worry, so long as she can’t get you inside her, she still wants to feed as much as possible to save her energy for your inevitable demise.

As I studied various succubi, I noticed a pattern in their gasps, their sighs, their breathing in general during sexual contact and came to a hypothesis that it must have something to do with the way they capture our life energies. Succubi, while not entirely undead, do cross into the same diagram, as it were, with wights and vampires, and technically do not need to breathe at all. As with mortals, the closer to sexual climax they get, the tighter and more controlled their breathing (and vice versa). As I found, they are literally breathing in our life essence, but their magick requires it to first be released sexually.

When a succubus leans in close and partakes of your scent, she is not just engaging in flirtatious behavior; she is tasting your life force. When she drops her sweat-soaked forehead into your shoulder and her hot, panting breath is beating into your neck, it is not her catching her breath. She is feeding on you. Don’t let her do this until WAY down the road when you are sure you can trust her.

Testing this hypothesis was simple enough and fell in line with the occasional rough treatment they endure (and crave, as I would find) in the Hellish Realms… Choke them. With your hand, with their collar, with your cock, what matters is that you control what and how they can take from your life energy in a way that benefits you both.

She may struggle at first but remember that succubi feed on our pleasure. After all, this cannot truly harm her and she will still get something she wants from it. But be warned— when escalating your behavior from external gratification to full penetration you must be very careful to keep your head about you. So many things are in play and if you are caught off guard at any moment, you are dead.

I recommend starting orally first. What little life force is shed at the beginning during foreplay is not worth mentioning; it is when things are in full force, her head bobbing up and down on you, her drool running down your balls, that you need to take control and maintain it.

Try not to lose focus; by this time the sounds she will be making, the smell of her perfume, and the growing puddle between her thighs will all have you raging.

Grab her by the hair, the leash, whatever you can to secure her head (use both hands) and grind her down onto you. Her throat will loosen and allow her to swallow you all the way in; succubi are made to alter form and become physically accommodating to their host organism.

Gagging her with your cock is the point; if she cannot breathe when you climax (or when she climaxes— be extra careful of this, as some will cum solely from being used orally), she cannot steal your life force. She still feeds on your seed and whatever residual sex magick is in the air, and you both win.

It is this nonzero sum game that you must continue to force her to play, until she submits completely to you.

Likewise, when penetrating her vaginally or anally, if she is not yet in a state worthy of trust, make sure to yank that collar extra tight when either of you begin to climax.

It is perfectly safe to allow her to drink the seed from your cock after orgasm. I guarantee you will both enjoy it.

After a week or two of growing trust, you will more likely than not encounter a situation where you are simultaneously howling in mindbending climax, and when you both come out of the fog, both parties are surprised that you are not dead because you forgot to choke her, and she forgot to notice. It is at this point that you can strengthen the contract with your succubus and negotiate her new reality as your bonded servant. Clarify the terms of the nonzero game. Make sure she understands that the feedings and pleasure will continue and that you do not wish to or need to end as a single entree.

The key to binding them to you long-term lies in their predilections for addiction and habit. Yes, a succubus needs only sexual energy to endure, but there are other factors in play which you may take advantage of…

Comfort and familiarity: These do not exist in the twisted and chaotic Hellish Realms. This is why no mortal who escapes them comes back with their sanity in tow. Keeping a succubus comfortable in the Corporeal Realm may seem alien to her at first but she will settle into it and not want to let it go. Succubi created from corrupted mortals will appreciate this much more than those who were hellforged. At worst, the hedonistic pleasure from the feel and texture of comfortable goods (lingerie, corsets, fine sheets and bedding; I have never met a succubus who wasn’t a complete sucker for shoes) will strengthen their longing for more. At best, the potential for loss of these comforts will keep them in check. Succubi thrive on feeling superior to their underlings. Take advantage and play on this. But don’t let them get too comfortable— keep their collars tight, leashes taut, and be prepared to remind them once in a while who their Master is.

Regular feeding: For a succubus to find and seduce random prey, deserves no mention of effort involved; it is what they are built for. They don’t even have to try. It is, however, a great expense for them to transit from noncorporeal to corporeal form and back again, as necessary, to make their rounds. This exhausting routine becomes less necessary for higher ranked succubi who receive regular tithes from their underlings, but none of them enjoy the transit no matter how powerful they are. To give them regular feedings without the need for the day-in-day-out shredding of reality is a vacation from a painful routine. You are, in essence, giving them sanctuary from both the Hellish Realms and the Corporeal Realms. Provided, of course, that you don’t go parading them around in public. That will make for poor public relations and tends to bring the torches and pitchforks to your door (again, I speak from experience; for further information look up the history of Pikeville).

Routine: Succubi are creatures of routine and habit. They are also lazy and hedonistic. Once they become reliant on regular doses of your seed, that sourced from others will fail to satisfy and their motive for abandonment and betrayal will diminish, thereby ensuring that they do not “kill the goose that laid the golden egg.” Your mortal coil will remain safe.

A properly dominated and bonded succubus will feed on only what she needs to survive, and provide her master with pleasures and services you may both take advantage of.

I have found that the best solution for long term servitude is to have your captive appoint an envoy from their own subjects, who then becomes the tithe carrier. I also speak from experience when I say you won’t be complaining about two (or more) succubi in your bed, either as participants or decorations, when the tithes are transferred.

The most devious, vile, and backhanded part of this entire process is that once you reach this point in building your harem of succubi, you do not even need to transfer your life essence to them; they can get all they need from their underlings with plenty to spare, and will remain satisfied solely on your physical offerings! It feels like the greatest scam of the ages but I manage to lull myself to sleep at night on a bed made of tits and ass.

I have been working on, with cooperation from my harem, ways to transfer their tithe unto myself. So far results are inconclusive…

Random notes:

Note: Interfering in the ways of demons is not to be taken lightly. Make as few ripples in the pond as you can, and most of the time it will go completely unnoticed.

Succubi can simply come into being in the demonic planes, or they can be made by corrupting mortals. Similar to vampirism, a mortal soul, susceptible and exposed to enough demonic influence, may stray across into the dark realms and become one of them.

What determines rank within the hierarchy is unknown. There is clear bias against mortal sources though some exceptions have been found.

The shit that keeps me awake at night

Sat Aug 26 07:00:48 2017

Damn you, brain!

I’ve had a story kicking around in the back of my head for years, and it had simmered down and gone away for a while. Unfortunately it has resurfaced while I am trying to sleep, like most creative bullshittery that really should pick ANY better time to start spinning cogs in my head. I think it would make a neat set of not-quite-comic pages.

The idea is this— an excerpt from a mage’s journal regarding the summoning of succubi. Anatomy, lore, detailed sketches, notes on his experiences. Styled kind of like Leonardo DaVinci’s notebook stuff with plenty of text snippets that would supply the lore and setting/storyline, and of course lots of kinky succubus bondage stuff. I‘d like to keep it all sketchy and black-and-white (or sepia on parchment for style and simplicity).

Is this something you patrons would be interested in seeing?

New dropbox link organization

Fri Aug 18 19:35:19 2017

OK so I've got things reorganized for the most part now. The old way of dropboxing will eventually be phased out and the new PM/dropbox system will be phased in. Check this month's dropbox link in earlier posts for the older stuff, all newer stuff will be going out to Patrons via PM as it gets completed.

Beth sling

Fri Aug 18 19:32:57 2017

It looks like mom got into Dawn's things and wanted to see if she still got it goin' on.

I think she does.

Nudie version available to all tiers of Patrons; dropbox links going out via Private Message shortly.

Vote results

Wed Aug 16 19:26:57 2017

Lesbo lionesses suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Beth.

Name - primary votes - conspiracy votes - total

kaylee pov 46 10 56

miami x talia 26 4 30

jess x sharon 26 4 30

beth sling 49 11 60

sasha latex 42 10 52

sasha jogging 34 5 39

lionesses 7 0 7

Cryptocurrency survey

Mon Aug 14 20:32:45 2017

I‘m curious if or how my customer base has any experience with cryptocurrency, so I have a few quick questions about it if you find the time:


Mon Aug 14 15:34:02 2017

Please vote for the next full color image. Multiple choices encouraged.

New Web Res dropbox link

Sat Aug 12 23:28:42 2017


New High Res dropbox link

Sat Aug 12 23:27:36 2017


(I am REALLY hoping this one works)

Dawn slingkini

Fri Aug 11 21:26:24 2017

Several other versions in the layered PSD for high-res Patrons-- blue, cheetah print, USA flag, Texas flag, and clear if you want it. Or if you are feeling creative, make your own color to suit your taste.

Nude and blue versions available to all web-res and higher patrons.

Going up into the dropbox right now, you'll get the links via PM once the upload is done.

Dawn sling wip

Wed Aug 9 03:14:58 2017

In anticipation of her hard-won victory.

Reworking the image delivery stuff

Tue Aug 8 20:39:22 2017

I will be revamping the way the image/reward delivery stuff works over the next couple of months. My programming team and I are working on an automated delivery system but it’s not quite ready yet. Until it is, I will be sending out rewards primarily by Private Message here on Patreon, with Dropbox links.

I am going to leave the most recent 6 months’ worth of material in the current dropbox, and stuff older than that will go onto Gumroad as discount art packs.

If you recently joined and are missing any of the rewards, please let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible.

Sasha: Lioness edition

Tue Aug 8 02:25:10 2017

A "what if" WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream

Dawn cheerleader pinup

Tue Aug 8 02:24:20 2017

And Dawn sneaking into that cheerleader outfit again.

WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream

Beth in Dawn's sling bikini

Tue Aug 8 02:22:48 2017

Only fair if Dawn keeps wearing her mom's old cheerleader outfit.

Also I just realized her legs are reversed. Oh well :)


Mon Aug 7 16:46:58 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see in color next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Sasha latex dom

Mon Aug 7 03:42:55 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Lesbo lionesses

Mon Aug 7 03:42:07 2017

So much lez on the WHEEL today.

Lesbo horses

Mon Aug 7 03:41:00 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Anita x Beth, the morning after

Sat Aug 5 04:12:19 2017

Uncensored versions will be going out to Patrons via dropbox tomorrow.

Jessica Bikini speedpaint

Tue Aug 1 08:32:19 2017

Hardware and network issues have prevented me from recording complete speedpaints for the past few images. Well, at least this one has the inking and flats.



Tue Aug 1 08:16:17 2017

She takes her bikini off for Patrons :) NSFW nude version will be sent out via Dropbox shortly. Also available soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

Vote Results

Sat Jul 29 21:41:28 2017

MILFs win again, followed by Kaylee POV in second place and Dawn Sling continues clinging to third.

Number - votes - conspiracy votes - total

1 39 9 48

2 25 7 32

3 31 5 36

4 37 8 45

5 21 4 25

6 35 6 41

7 41 9 59

Subway upskirt squirrelbutt

Fri Jul 28 07:14:49 2017

Gloria returns for a nice buttshot :)

The Crimson Chin will not be appearing to save her dignity in the Patron version, which will go out to Patrons shortly via Dropbox.


Thu Jul 27 04:25:27 2017


Wed Jul 26 22:51:10 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see in color next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Coming up next

Wed Jul 26 20:55:15 2017

I feel like i am running out of time to get my quota in for this month. Admittedly i think i shot myself in the foot taking on a role as a beta tester for IOS11 and ProCreate, which essentially removed the speed and usability advantage the ipad pro was giving me. I have also slid into a bizarre nocturnal sleep cycle where i never see the sun.

I want to blame it on lack of sunlight, having gone from sunny heat-baked midsummer Florida to freezing midwinter Chile, but maybe it’s a sort of depression or writers block or who knows what. Cold weather makes you just want to wrap up in a blanket, eat a whole bag of chips, and binge on netflix all day. Every night you stay up an hour later than the last, but for some reason no matter how hard you try, you cannot make it past sunrise, when you crash, sleep until 3pm, and miss the whole day.

I have gotten over the technical hurdle of the apartment’s meter-thick ferrocement walls acting like a faraday cage and blocking my wifi signal— those plug-and-play network expanders that use your household electrical circuit as a network cable are genius. My trusty old laptop’s video hardware took a dump but that has since been resolved. I have my gamedev laptop as a backup but getting everything set up on that to stream and art has been a nightmare, and the suicidally shitty experience that is windows 10 prompted me to spend a lot of time repairing my old mac. It’s fixed, for now.

I was hoping to find some spare time to learn this animation software but time got away from me.

Whatever. I will eat this shit sandwich and accept it all as my fault.

So i am going to go ahead and color this Gloria upskirt image and I will post a vote later today to see what gets done after that as we turn the corner into August.

Gloria upskirt

Mon Jul 24 23:25:51 2017

Subway exhibitionist, it seems.

Patron WHEEL sketch

Wheel sketch warmup

Mon Jul 24 21:50:01 2017

This should be a good one :)

Bitches and Vixens

Sun Jul 23 09:14:07 2017

Come play with us!

No dog tags in the Patron version inside! Dropbox links going out shortly.

Faye x Kaylee sketch

Tue Jul 18 20:34:44 2017

”Come play with us?”



Tue Jul 18 00:42:15 2017

Wardrobe malfunction?

I tried something new and "inked" it with pencil instead of pen. Let me know if you like the end result. I think the pencil adds a lot more life to the image, but it's not as refined as the ink.

Layered PSD will let you take off her clothes and hair as it suits you.


Sun Jul 16 19:17:27 2017

Alternative hair design

Sun Jul 16 05:55:02 2017

by Doffa.

i think because there are so many different things i want to do here, i will just make a paper-doll file of her and people can mix and match them.


Sat Jul 15 22:39:32 2017


Fri Jul 14 00:58:31 2017

Really not sure how I like any of these but I am partial to #1 and 2. What do you think?

New wolf girl

Thu Jul 13 23:31:33 2017

So, she is being sketched out right now. And I am getting to that point where I wonder what she has on, if anything.

Who she does ams be?

Wed Jul 12 17:27:24 2017

Since I am pretty well burnt on Champagne, I have filtered it down to stuff that might work well for this... please vote.

Sasha DP

Wed Jul 12 05:47:22 2017

stuffinz. Patron WHEEL sketch

Dawn x Gwen

Wed Jul 12 05:46:17 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch. Gwen belongs to Zaggatar

more shenanigans

Wed Jul 12 05:44:54 2017

and stuff. Patron WHEEL sketch

U want sum

Tue Jul 11 23:33:02 2017


Who should it be?

Tue Jul 11 22:42:48 2017

I was looking through old pose sketches and this one I really liked. So I think it ought to turn into someone specific. Only... who? Or someone new entirely?

Since there are too many possibilities to fit into a poll, drop some ideas here. Any suggestions on themes, settings, etc are welcome.

Did we...?

Mon Jul 10 23:00:58 2017

Anita x Beth, the morning after...

Safely back in Chile

Sun Jul 9 17:37:14 2017

And now, for my next trick... I will move a third time in a month!

I have arrived safely in Santiago and everything is in one piece. The cold weather of my Volcano Lair (yes, I am right across the street from the extinct core of a 15-million-year-old volcano) is a welcome relief from the oppressive heat in my Swamp Lair. I sketched something on the plane but I will have to dig it up later as I unpack.

Web res dropbox

Sat Jul 8 14:49:53 2017

Linky linky

High Res dropbox, July

Sat Jul 8 14:48:04 2017

Linky linky

What is in store for July?

Mon Jul 3 03:46:22 2017

I still have the Anita/Beth "morning after" sketch to do, and then I will need to do a bunch of WHEEL sketches to refill the vote list.

Honestly I am surprised I was able to get my standard quota of 4 full color illustrations done in June, what with the moving twice in a single month, which meant pretty much constantly lugging boxes and furniture back and forth the entire time. The iPad Pro was what saved me, letting me fill in idle time anywhere. It really is an awesome tool.

My move (back) is finished but I am leaving for Chile again on the 8th. No rest for the wicked. This week is rather full of miscellaneous holiday stuff over the next few days and a whole pile of life crap to deal with before I escape the heat of the North for winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

I'll try to get some sketching done this week but if I don't manage, there will be 12 hours of planes and airports where boob sketches are much preferable to sitting around waiting to be shuttled across the planet in another plague-filled flying aluminum coffin.

Somewhere in there, I will try to get the Dawnimation made, software permitting-- I was selected for the next version of ProCreate beta, which required me to set up IOS 11 beta, neither of which are officially ready for prime time yet. Sooooooo we shall see what happens there. Hopefully I can convince them to put in the sorely-needed click-and-drag brush resize.

Champagne Krystal cosplay speedpaint video

Fri Jun 30 19:46:48 2017

Is up in the video dropbox (cham_krystal.mp4).

Champagne / Krystal cosplay

Fri Jun 30 00:45:43 2017

Uncensored version will be up in the Patron dropbox shortly.


Sat Jun 24 03:28:14 2017

Engrid has been a naughty, naughty girl. Maybe you can help her clean up her desk.

You can get her without the bratwurst and flags in the Patron dropbox :) And she'll also be on http://www.SexyFur.com soon!

And another treasure

Thu Jun 22 00:14:49 2017

This cigarette lighter is another relic from the old days of the Playboy Club. It still works.

A not so little piece of history

Wed Jun 21 18:18:14 2017

I got this from a (believe it or not!) church estate auction for one of Mr. Hefner's construction contractors in Illinois. This is one of the cast aluminum wall plaques from the original Chicago Playboy Club.

Champagne cards remake speedpaint video

Wed Jun 21 01:02:10 2017

Speedpaint video. There is also a downloadable copy in the Video dropbox.

And the image files are in the respective Patron dropboxes.

Cards remake

Mon Jun 19 17:33:05 2017

Because the old one from 15 years ago was so cringe-worthy I couldn't take it any longer.

Vote results

Sat Jun 17 18:14:44 2017

Number / Votes / Conspiracy votes / Total

1 32 10 42

2 26 7 33

3 27 6 33

4 37 9 46

5 27 6 33

6 32 6 38

7 40 9 49

Champagne Krystal cosplay won.


Thu Jun 15 17:52:10 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see finished in color.

Krystal cosplay 2

Wed Jun 14 23:44:16 2017

Maybe she's getting into it this time. Drawn in the car.

Pantsless jogging!

Wed Jun 14 15:12:12 2017

offline wheel sketch. It's kinda weird drawing nudies in Starbucks.

Wheel pick (offline sketch)

Mon Jun 12 19:30:56 2017

Not going to be able to do my WHEEL stream after all, will be on the road the next 2 days checking out a possible move destination. I'll grab 3 sketch picks from the wheel to do while I am out, they are as follows -

Sasha pantsless jogging - doomchild

Anita x Beth morning after - stealtharwing

Champagne cosplaying as Krystalfox - kara resch

Moving SNAFU

Mon Jun 12 15:45:30 2017

I started moving in with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago, I got about halfway done, and then last week her lab announced that it was shutting down and everyone had 2 weeks's notice. So... yay, interrupted mid-move and I'll pretty much have to move again right away as soon as she finds a new job. There are no other labs in the area that don't involve a massive commute.

Best case, we can both move back into my old place if she finds a job downtown. Worst case, we both have to uproot and relocate. What's more annoying is that I am heading back to Chile in 3 weeks and I can't leave my office set up in a place that may become "not mine" while I am gone, so I may have to make a mad dash to move it all back into my old place before I leave anyways. Total clusterfuck. So if there are delays on getting stuff done this month, that's the official excuse.


Sat Jun 10 00:27:36 2017

Hey dude, what kind of dog is that? And where can I get one?

Uncensored versions (with and without blindfold) will be going out via the Patron dropboxes shortly.

Animation subject

Wed Jun 7 18:37:33 2017

OK it looks like the inquiry on animations was a resounding yes, so I am going to give it a shot after the next voted image (Champagne public pet) is finished.

I am thinking something of just a few seconds, B&W sketch format, to see how it goes and learn the workflow. I'll be using Animation Ultimate on the iPad.

So, here are a few ideas that would fit, vote for the one you like the most.

New Web Res Dropbox Link

Wed Jun 7 18:28:07 2017


New High Res dropbox link

Wed Jun 7 18:27:11 2017



Tue Jun 6 14:01:26 2017

I have been thinking... what about doing some animations? It has been a long time since I have done any but it's probably like riding a bicycle, once you get back on it's shaky for the first few seconds and then it all comes back to you. The thing is, i have no idea how long it will take because while the drawing technique and timing has never changed, the method of making it has (it's all digital now). Would you all be willing to put up with me grinding through the learning curve on new animation software?

And, what would I animate first?

Vote results 2017-06-02

Fri Jun 2 15:50:21 2017

Champagne public pet won the vote this time around so it will be the next full color image.

image - votes - conspiracy votes - total

Cham pet 41 13 54

Rosalie 31 8 39

Kaylee 34 7 41

Dawn sling 40 8 48

Tiger thong 35 8 43

Sasha jess 29 8 37

Dawn stud 31 8 39

Ebon x Phaedra

Fri Jun 2 07:27:10 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Kaylee cowgirl POV

Fri Jun 2 07:26:24 2017

WHEEL sketch

Miami x Talia part 2

Fri Jun 2 07:25:41 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Dawn x dragonkin

Fri Jun 2 07:24:27 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Avril + Rahisi beach punks

Fri Jun 2 07:23:19 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch.

Vote time

Wed May 31 14:21:49 2017

Please vote for the images you would like to see in full color next (multiple choices encouraged)

Sasha x Champagne strapon action

Wed May 31 13:54:54 2017

Uncensored version will be going out to the Patrons via dropbox shortly.


Tue May 30 22:00:39 2017

I'm in the process of moving, so there is a slight delay with getting the latest Sasha x Champagne image up (I left the art hard drive at the old place). I'll try and get it resolved later tonight. Don't worry, you won't miss it when the month changes over, it will go into the May dropbox.

Speed sketch video

Mon May 22 23:33:01 2017

Vote results

Mon May 22 17:42:26 2017

Name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

Cham pet 36 10 46

Rosalie 25 5 30

kaylee 25 5 30

dawn sling 34 8 42

strapons 39 12 51

girlsandwich 24 7 31

dawn stud 27 8 35

Strapon lesbians for the win!

Champagne sketch

Sat May 20 01:04:34 2017

Commission in progress.


Fri May 19 02:59:11 2017

Please vote for the images you would like to see colored next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Naughty Schoolgirls NSFW

Thu May 18 23:28:41 2017

No pantsu.

Naughty schoolgirls!

Thu May 18 23:27:25 2017


NSFW version available in the Patron zone.

Ann ref sheet NSFW

Wed May 10 00:13:40 2017

Commence nautical puns.

Ann ref sheet

Wed May 10 00:12:18 2017

What is a pirate's favorite letter?

No, it's not ARRRRRRRRR!

It's the C.

NSFW version available in the Patron zone.

Ay, que linda pollito!

Fri Apr 28 19:57:55 2017

They call these Pollitos (little chickens) because they are cute and fuzzy and the size of your hand.

This one was in the middle of the road and I tried to scare him to the edge so as not to get run over. But he was having none of it.

My poopy little Chilean studio

Fri Apr 28 19:38:12 2017

The construction to replace all the drainpipes here is finally done and I have reclaimed the storage room from all the bags of rubble and broken tile. I decided to put my studio space in here because it's quieter (I can no longer hear BarkDog™ or the traffic, or the screaming kids, etc), and I can just put all my stuff in here and lock it down for when I am renting the place out while away.

No more children carving their name into the top of my drawing table. Sofia, whoever you are, it's pretty goddamn obvious it was you. You are a worthless little shit, and your handwriting is crap.

Downside: I am surrounded by tools and paint cans.

Upside: I have the old fridge in here from when this was a crack den, and I can fill it with beer. And, it's nice and dark in here, perfect for my nerd cave.

Vote tally

Fri Apr 28 19:13:39 2017

Naughty Schoolgirls wins the vote by 1.

Vote 2017-04-28:

image votes conspiracy votes total

1 schoolgirls 44 12 56

2 football 25 5 30

3 Kaylee 31 5 36

4 dawn sling 36 6 42

5 strapon 42 13 55

6 threesome 27 10 37

7 dawn stud 30 5 35


Tue Apr 25 23:03:35 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see next in full color. Multiple choices encouraged.

Schoolgirls in miniskirts

Tue Apr 25 01:21:28 2017

I think they're a bit too old to still be in school but who cares.

Patron WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream.


Tue Apr 25 01:20:36 2017

Rosalie teasing the coach (or you)

Patron WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream.

Gunbunny PC Gamer pinup

Tue Apr 25 01:19:13 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Avril service

Tue Apr 25 01:18:10 2017

...with a smile.

Patron WHEEL sketch

Ebon x Ginger

Sat Apr 22 22:12:31 2017

Ricochet's pick got the WHEEL treatment in today's stream.

WHEEL sketch

Sat Apr 22 22:10:38 2017

Stealtharwing's pick got the WHEEL treatment in today's stream.

Going Greek, nude

Sat Apr 22 22:09:48 2017


Going Greek sheer version

Sat Apr 22 22:08:45 2017

mmmm see through

Going Greek

Sat Apr 22 22:07:08 2017

Is the bird a friend, or a snack?

Sheer fabric and nude versions available in the Patron zone, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

So many girls, so little time

Fri Apr 21 20:21:47 2017

So I let the wheel decide who the next ref sheet will be, and it has chosen Ann the pirate.

High res dropbox link (April)

Fri Apr 21 16:32:13 2017

Web Resolution Link (April)

Fri Apr 21 16:27:51 2017

I got sidetracked with so much crap (construction, knee rehab, taxes, etc) updating the dropbox links went forgotten. Sorry! The old ones were still good though so hopefully you found them. Anyways, here are the new ones.

Pretentious - uncensored

Thu Apr 13 16:03:50 2017

So much pink.

High res files are heading into the dropbox.


Thu Apr 13 16:02:13 2017

So high-maintenance with her need for attention.

Uncensored version available in the Patron zone, instant access!

Latest vote results

Tue Apr 11 19:49:14 2017

Wow, landslide victory for the greek goddess.

Name / primary votes / conspiracy votes / total

1 cham goddess 47 15 62

2 miami 80s 27 7 34

3 engrid 19 4 23

4 dawn sling 38 8 46

5 sasha x cham strapon 39 10 49

6 sasha x jess 28 6 34

7 dawn x stud 35 8 43


Fri Apr 7 19:43:59 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see completed in full color next. Multiple choices encouraged.

Greek Goddess Champagne

Wed Apr 5 03:15:11 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch from tonight's stream.

Ebon meets Sasha's mom

Wed Apr 5 03:13:52 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch.

Sasha probably warned him not more than 5 minutes ago not to talk about work with her religious fundie mom.

Cham x Sasha strapon

Wed Apr 5 03:12:05 2017

Patron WHEEL sketch

Sketch stream tonight

Tue Apr 4 11:31:40 2017

If all goes to plan and the internet cooperates, I will do a sketch stream this evening. Conspiracy Room Patrons, be sure and check your WHEEL stuff at http://sexyfur.com/wheel and let me know if there are any changes or updates you want to make.


Miami x Talia locker room fun

Tue Apr 4 00:57:35 2017

Mmmmmm lesbians.

High res files will be going up in the dropbox shortly.

Miami x Talia locker room fun

Tue Apr 4 00:56:06 2017

Unlocked version availble in the Patron zone!

Work in progress

Mon Apr 3 06:47:41 2017

Trying out Paintstorm on the ipad. It did a really good job, I think. Shading went smoothly.

Planning a tie-in with SexyFur.com

Thu Mar 30 20:24:00 2017

I've been working on a plugin for Patreon to make content distribution easier and more secure, and as a side effect of how it works, the programmer and I realized that we can use it as a bot to automatically parse the Patron list and manage password access to external websites.

Basically, this allows me to add access to SexyFur.com as a Patron reward. And it opens up the whole thing to PayPal.

This would require some minor tweaking of the reward tiers to fit it in somewhere. So, I'm curious to hear your opinions on it. If it were offered, would you use it? Would you prefer SexyFur and Patreon to remain separate things altogether? Do you think it's better to place Sexyfur access at a lower tier and the high res files as a higher tier, or to place the high res files lower and SexyFur as an added bonus for higher tiers (sort of keeping the high res stuff as a bonus without the requirement to pay for SexyFur first)? Positive? Negative? I want to hear it all, so please let me know.

So i did this...

Mon Mar 27 23:03:55 2017

Doodling while catching up on the latest season of Homeland... ended up inking and flatting this one because i just plain like it.

anyways, should i finish it with full shading or just make it a quickie with cel shading, or shelf it in favor of the latest sketch vote?

Vote results

Sun Mar 26 21:41:16 2017

Name - votes - conspiracy votes - total

Widow secretary 16 6 22

Miami 80s 23 7 30

Engrid spread 22 4 26

Dawn sling 34 8 42

Miami x Talia 34 12 46

Sasha x Jessica 28 9 37

Dawn x stud 32 6 38


Miami x Talia is the clear winner here, so I'll be cleaning that one up and coloring it.

Orchid ref sheet, lingerie

Sun Mar 26 21:03:03 2017

Orchid ref sheet, nude

Sun Mar 26 21:02:16 2017

Orchid ref sheet

Sun Mar 26 20:52:57 2017

NSFW and lingerie versions available in the Patron zone.


Thu Mar 23 22:45:41 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see finished in full color. Multiple choices encouraged.

Jessica x Orchid

Tue Mar 21 02:54:45 2017

Mmmmmmm them zebra cakes.

High resolution files should be on their way into the dropbox shortly.

Jessica x Orchid

Tue Mar 21 02:52:36 2017

Zebra cakes taste awesome.

Low-calorie version available in the Patron Zone, with instant access if you sign up for the web-resolution tier or higher.

Latest vote results

Fri Mar 17 02:56:19 2017

Separated by: Name, primary votes, conspiracy votes, total

Widow secretary 18 5 23

Miami 80s 29 8 37

Engrid spread 25 3 28

Dawn sling 37 7 42

Orchid x Jess 41 11 52

Sasha x Jess 38 11 49

Dawn x Ebon 20 3 23

Orchid x Jess is the clear winner, followed by Sasha x Jess.


Tue Mar 14 21:07:55 2017

Please vote for the ones you would like to see next in full color. Multiple choices encouraged.

Sweatin' to the Oldies

Sun Mar 12 00:31:02 2017

I think these still stand a chance to be put back on the board. I'll take the top 2 winners in the vote and put them back up for potential re-election. The losing 2 will go to the scrap bin.

Multiple choices encouraged.

Sasha doms Champagne (uncensored)

Fri Mar 10 23:57:44 2017

I dunno where she thinks that's going to fit, but I don't think she cares.

High res files uploading into the dropbox right now.

Sasha doms Champagne

Fri Mar 10 23:55:41 2017

Uncorked version available in the Patron zone. Instant access! Also will be up soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

March Web-res dropbox link

Fri Mar 10 16:35:38 2017


March high-res dropbox

Fri Mar 10 16:34:32 2017


Punk girls

Thu Mar 9 23:31:38 2017

Avril and Rahisi (Dhydra's pick)

Tigress in thong

Thu Mar 9 23:29:30 2017

Wheel sketch (DustyRassir's pick)

Stream tomorrow

Thu Mar 9 01:18:45 2017

I plan to get started early, around 10AM EST. I will start with shading on the Sasha doms Champagne pic and then do some WHEEL sketches. Drop in at https://picarto.tv/evilartchannel

Street slut uncensored

Thu Mar 2 19:54:59 2017

High res files going up in the dropbox shortly.

Street slut

Thu Mar 2 19:53:31 2017

Uncensored bottomless version available in the Patron Zone! (and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com)

Miami selfie

Mon Feb 27 22:31:26 2017

No selfies in the bathroom!

High res files are going up into the dropbox shortly.

I will at least have a partial speedpaint of this one at some point in the near future.

End of the month came up fast!

Mon Feb 27 14:15:00 2017

I am rapidly regaining my lung capacity and feeling more energetic. I just weighed myself and I am 10 pounds lighter. Though I cannot recommend this particular diet plan :)

I'm going to push this evening to get Miami finished, that will bring this month's finished pieces to a whopping 2. Ugh. Sorry for the slow month, guys.

So, I have an idea to make the next 2 pics arrive quickly-- should I cel shade them for rapid finishing, or take my time and do proper shading?

Sasha doms, flats

Sat Feb 25 15:39:27 2017

So yesterday was interesting... I was feeling a bit more energetic so I went out for a grocery run, and then blacked out in the checkout line, knocked people over like dominoes, and went facefirst into the candy shelf. First time ever in my whole life I have passed out. I did the foaming-at-the-mouth part too. So they sent me to the hospital and it turns out I have a very nasty lung infection which I am now receiving treatments for. So, yeah, things are running a bit slow for the time being. Anyways, more flats!

Sasha doms Champagne, inks done

Thu Feb 23 17:06:02 2017

As soon as I got to Chile I started coming down with The Plague™ so I've literally spent the last 48 hours laying in bed, wishing for sleep that never came, due to constant coughing and aches in every joint. That and it's been like 35 degrees C here. The fever hallucinations, aided by opiates, have been interesting. Anyways I managed to get this inked before things got too bad, and I am making a speedy recovery.

She needs a name

Tue Feb 21 15:34:01 2017

If you have any good name ideas, please post them in the comments :)

Bienvenidos a Chile

Tue Feb 21 15:17:11 2017

I finally made it to Chile after a series of unfortunate events involving a plane whose engine wouldn't start, and a night stuck in the Miami airport with a female con artist who I counterplayed. I'm not sure if she was trying to distract me enough for a second player to steal my bags, or if she was going to play the sympathetic stranger-gives-her-a-few-bucks card. Either way I wasn't having it, but I let her lean on my shoulder, hug my arm, and fake cry all she wanted. At least she smelled good.

What I want to know is how they are letting con artists into the secure zone of the airport.

Anyways, during my airport incarceration, I managed to ink and flat Miami (what an unfortunate name she has because her city is such a terrible place) and Ratbutt (who needs a name).

The car needed a new battery but started right up, and my sim card won't work for some reason. Still waiting on my apartment to vacate but I'm hanging with friends in the nice quiet chill area of Chicureo, north of Santiago.

IMG_0089.JPG image.jpg

Vote count

Mon Feb 13 23:59:06 2017

Votes tallied show Miami as the clear winner.

Here are the results. First column is the main voting pool, second column is the conspiracy vote pool, third is totals.

So... we have a dilemma here:

Rat street slut and Sasha doms Champagne are tied at second place.

Should I play selfish dictator and pick the one I like better of the two?

Should I play benevolent dictator and color them both?

Or should I play evil dictator and throw them in the ring again for a fight to the death?

Vote for your dictator (because nobody else gets to!)

Vote selections

Sun Feb 12 02:24:58 2017

Trying to get this to show up in the actual vote page but it's proving problematic.


Sun Feb 12 02:07:30 2017

Please vote for the ones you'd like to see as the next color image. Multiple choices encouraged.


Street slut

Sun Feb 12 00:04:27 2017

Rat booty!

Sasha doms Champagne

Sun Feb 12 00:03:37 2017

This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

Not really.

It's a good pain.

Sasha snorkeling

Sun Feb 12 00:03:04 2017

BONEfish. Huh huh huh

Miami butt selfie

Sat Feb 11 04:13:33 2017

Wheel stream sketch.

Engrid spread

Sat Feb 11 04:13:04 2017

Wheel stream sketch.

Gunbunny and Reese with a side of tentacles

Sat Feb 11 04:12:15 2017

Wheel stream sketch


Fri Feb 10 16:44:22 2017

Since the latest pirate scumbag has been caught, here you all go, enjoy! :)


Wed Feb 8 23:53:59 2017

Juicy uncensored lesbian action will be going out to the Patrons shortly...

Wheel sketch: JessxSashaxRagnar

Sat Feb 4 22:07:18 2017

February high-res dropbox link

Sat Feb 4 03:46:40 2017


February web-res dropbox link

Sat Feb 4 03:38:37 2017


Heights sheet updated

Tue Jan 31 00:32:33 2017

NSFW version and PSD are in the patron dropbox.

Next reference sheet?

Mon Jan 30 03:28:59 2017

Who will it be? Multiple choices permitted.

I left the stuntcocks out for now because the poll has a limited number of choices (why??)

Gunbunny reference sheet

Sun Jan 29 22:58:47 2017

NSFW version and 2 other outfits are in the Patron dropbox!

Next reference sheet?

Tue Jan 24 23:25:30 2017

Who should be the subject of the next reference sheet?

Multiple choices are permitted.

(if I am missing anyone, please let me know ASAP)

Heights (updated)

Tue Jan 24 23:22:34 2017

High resolution Miami refsheet and PSD

Tue Jan 24 23:01:34 2017

Are in the high res dropbox.

Miami reference sheet

Tue Jan 24 22:53:39 2017

NSFW version heading out to Patron dropboxes right now.

High res Sasha bottle opener files

Mon Jan 23 22:19:36 2017

Are heading up into the dropbox right now. Sorry for the delay, this weekend was my birthday and I drank a bit more than I usually do :)

Web-res links will go out shortly via private message.

Sasha bottle opener

Sat Jan 21 00:09:54 2017

Uncensored version will be up in the Patron zone shortly once I do a few touch-ups to it.

Dawn x Xan

Sun Jan 15 00:30:10 2017

Ehhhh it's not my best work. Sometimes the sketch is just much better than the finished illustration, at least that is my opinion on this one.

I think it's his expression that is killing it. I tried to fix it but it's just not coming out right. Ah well.

Dawn x Xan (censored public version)

Sun Jan 15 00:29:13 2017

Lactose-free non-vegan uncensored version will be in the Patron zone shortly!

Test poll

Tue Jan 10 20:50:09 2017

Yay, it's a new poll feature! Let's find out how it works. Maybe it can keep track of the votes.

It seems to have one choice or multiple choice options, and a settable end date.


What should I have for lunch tomorrow?

Vote results 2017-01-07

Tue Jan 10 17:58:13 2017

I'm going to declare the latest round of votes finished. Here are the results:

Vote 2017-01-07

1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Orchid xxxxxxxxxx

Miami xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jessica xxxx

Engrid xxxxxx

Xan x




Nubia xxx


Ginger x

Gunbunny xxxxxxxxx

Pearl x

New High Res dropbox link

Sun Jan 8 00:45:51 2017

Because a pirate scumbag has been handing them out.


password is: jbernalhighres

New Web Resolution dropbox

Sun Jan 8 00:44:35 2017

Because a pirate scumbag has been handing them out.


password is: jbernalweb

VOTE: Next character reference sheet?

Sat Jan 7 23:26:09 2017

Who would you like to see reference for next?

Heights chart

Sat Jan 7 23:18:13 2017

Starting to look like a real cast now.

Height chart NSFW

Sat Jan 7 23:17:25 2017

The list grows.

Vote 2017-01-07

Sat Jan 7 23:04:02 2017

Please vote in the comments for the next ones you would like to see finished in color. Multiple choices are encouraged.

Dawn x Xan is the next one in the queue to be colored.

More of Sasha's special skills

Sat Jan 7 04:23:02 2017

include opening beers without an opener.

Sasha's special skills

Sat Jan 7 04:22:23 2017

include shooting bottlecaps from her bellybutton.

Engrid librarian

Sat Jan 7 04:21:50 2017

Because bottomless.

Engrid creampie

Sat Jan 7 04:21:22 2017

All hail the WHEEL

Egyptian girls

Sat Jan 7 04:20:52 2017

Nile, Nubia, and Zuri.

Demonic lioness

Sat Jan 7 04:20:23 2017

Because boobies.

That summer job that just plain sucked

Sat Jan 7 04:19:44 2017

She looks rightly miserable.

Sweet 2016 3/3

Thu Jan 5 19:07:21 2017

Forgot to add this image to the posts. It has been in the dropbox.

Back to our regularly scheduled program

Thu Jan 5 17:24:40 2017

Sorry for the lack of voting and WHEEL action during December but the Christmas filth had to be spilled :) Next up is Dawn x Xan, and then we will do a bunch of WHEEL sketches in order to refill the vote page.

High Resolution Dropbox Link

Thu Jan 5 04:51:56 2017

High Resolution Dropbox Link:


January Web Resolution Dropbox Link

Thu Jan 5 04:50:49 2017

January Web Resolution Dropbox Link:


Sketch archive dropbox link

Thu Jan 5 04:49:54 2017

Sketch archive dropbox link:


Champagne shower time

Tue Jan 3 23:15:37 2017

She dropped the soap.

Champagne shower time

Tue Jan 3 23:13:20 2017

All wet and juicy. Uncensored version available in the Patron Zone, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

Champagne shower resketch

Wed Dec 28 01:46:10 2016

Cleaned up the anatomy and angle in prep for the final pic.

Sweet 2016 3/3

Sat Dec 24 01:06:50 2016

Uncensored version will be up here in the Patron Zone shortly, also on http://www.SexyFur.com

Sweet XXXmas 2/3

Mon Dec 19 23:49:11 2016

Mmmmm candy.

Double Sweets

Mon Dec 19 23:47:42 2016

Uncensored peppermint cream deliciousness is available in the Patron zone (instant access), and will also be on http://www.SexyFur.com

The studio

Fri Dec 16 00:48:29 2016

Now that it's actually clean for a change.

Updated iPad animation disk

Fri Dec 16 00:46:00 2016

I drilled a hole for the power cord, now it won't run out of battery during an extended stream session. It lasted almost 7 hours on a charge, though it is still relatively new and I can't expect it will keep lasting as long, especially if I keep draining it until it dies.

Sweet 2/3 sketch

Fri Dec 16 00:36:33 2016


High res web link, part deux et demi

Thu Dec 15 19:15:49 2016

Something happened with the first post, which I corrected, but it did not email the corrected link. So, without further adieu:


Sweet reference sheet NSFW

Thu Dec 15 00:48:35 2016

Too much XXXMas!

Sweet reference sheet (SFW)

Thu Dec 15 00:47:24 2016

NSFW version available in the Patron zone, also up on SexyFur.com!

Sweet 1/3 uncensored

Tue Dec 13 23:23:25 2016

I want candy.

Sweet 1/3

Tue Dec 13 23:21:53 2016

Uncensored version available with instant access in the Patron zone. Also up soon on SexyFur.com

And more

Sun Dec 11 04:27:27 2016

Because xxxmas!

Xmas sketch 1

Sun Dec 11 01:11:21 2016

Someone likes candy canes.

i am going to add this to the color queue so as to get it done before xmas.

Main page updated with FAQ

Thu Dec 8 17:50:53 2016

Until we get sticky posts, I've put some FAQ type stuff on the intro page so people can refer to it and the noobs can more easily figure out all the weird crap that goes on in here :)

December web-resolution dropbox link

Thu Dec 8 00:08:32 2016


December high-resolution dropbox link

Thu Dec 8 00:07:47 2016


New ProCreate update for iPad Pro

Wed Dec 7 16:51:43 2016

They finally added things that make it fully usable for my workflow!

PSD import finally works, and keeps the layer groups intact. This is a massive improvement, since before you could only send files one way, out of ProCreate, and not bring them back in. MY WORKFLOW IMPROVES! With back-and-forth capabilities I can now use ProCreate for all the things it is good for and use other programs for all the things they are good for, and not worry about having to have them all in the file before I export it to another program and kiss the iPad goodbye for the rest of the process.

And then there is the layer groupings, and ability to use them to manipulate multiple layers at the same time. This is another huge plus; before it was a massive pain in the butt and you had to merge your layers, which defeated the purpose of having multiple layers...

They have added built-in streaming capabilities but so far there are only a few out there (Periscope, Shou, and Mobcrush) but all of them force you to use a specific stream provider and none allow NSFW. You are still stuck using another machine to stream with Reflector2, not that it's bad but it requires an extra piece of equipment.

It's unfortunate that these programs will let you stream desktop to a service (but not any service) and the one app (Livestream) that lets you stream to any service does not let you stream your desktop. So much technology and none of it works!

But hey, for a $6 program, you get a TON more than what you get for $400 from Corel Painter (which has become a cantankerous turd BTW)

Truly, the iPad Pro + ProCreate combo now is so freaking awesome I cannot understand why more people are not using it.

Plans for December art?

Wed Dec 7 02:21:13 2016

I know that we just got 2 new images voted in for coloring, but I would also like to do some Xmas pics. I don't have enough time in December to do all of them, so... would you guys be OK with me sidelining the vote queue in favor of some XXXmas material?

Vote 2016-12-02

Fri Dec 2 16:38:08 2016

Please vote in the comments for the next pic to be fully colored. (multiple choices OK)

Orchid NSFW

Mon Nov 28 22:54:21 2016

So soft...


Mon Nov 28 22:53:35 2016

Uncensored version available in the Patron Zone, instant access!

Cham x Kaylee sketch

Mon Nov 28 03:21:57 2016

Engrid bike

Thu Nov 24 18:50:01 2016

As per the demands of the WHEEL!

Wheel sketches, unplugged

Tue Nov 22 00:01:55 2016

I am hitting the road for the holidays, but I am taking my ipad with me to do some sketching, and I figured why not do wheel sketches while I am gone? It will be a good way to fill downtime.

So, I spun the patron wheel twice and got:

Kaylee x Champagne, afterglow in bed (not sure who put this one up there but you'll need to give me a new one in its place)


Engrid WWII motorbike.

So I will start with those two, and make a journal post to my FA page asking for some more suggestions to add to the wheel while I am gone.

Rosalie ref sheet NSFW

Mon Nov 21 21:14:33 2016

mmm cheerleaders.

Rosalie ref sheet

Mon Nov 21 21:13:40 2016

NSFW version available in the Patron Zone.

I made a thing!

Sat Nov 19 21:53:20 2016

I spent most of the day jury-rigging my roto-zip tool to cut large circles, so I could make a thing that holds my iPad Pro like it's an animation disk. It fits perfectly into my old Warner table. Only thing I didn't do to fit it better is make a channel for the power cord, but I can always do that later with a router.

Seeing as I figured out how to stream the iPad desktop, I plan on using it more since it's got a much faster feel for things like inking and flats.

Demoness Miami

Thu Nov 17 00:03:24 2016

Uncensored NSFW version is available in the Patron zone, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

Demoness Miami

Wed Nov 16 23:51:17 2016

mmmmmmmmm fire

Next reference sheet?

Wed Nov 16 04:11:45 2016

Who should be the subject of the next reference sheet? Vote in the comments.










(or any others that I am forgetting)

Latest vote

Tue Nov 15 04:41:56 2016

OK I'm going to call it done at this point. It's been going tied between Orchid and Demoness Miami since I started the vote, and it was still tied after the second round of tiebreaker votes. One last late vote finally came in which tipped the balance in favor of Miami, so I'll do her first and then Orchid.


Fri Nov 11 22:18:54 2016



Fri Nov 11 22:10:29 2016

Comment here for the ones (multiple choices permitted) you would like to see completed in color.

Ebon ref sheet NSFW 2

Fri Nov 11 21:35:49 2016

raging stuntcock!

Ebon ref sheet NSFW 1

Fri Nov 11 21:33:31 2016


Ebon ref sheet

Fri Nov 11 21:31:44 2016

Gotta make an official stuntcock reference for Ebon. NSFW versions are available in the Patron zone.

How to stop the flapping/play of the insides of your Wacom pen

Thu Nov 10 18:42:40 2016

The guts of my wacom pen had enough play in them that it was causing some inaccuracies in my pen strokes. Just a fraction of a millimeter, really, but that play causes a dead zone, which really does have an effect on your drawing and painting. You may not notice now but you'll be like WOW! after you fix your pen. It makes a massive difference. And I've found that even brand-new pens have some play in them. Anyways, I went about making a fix and I built a tutorial from the photographic evidence. Hopefully everyone can benefit.

wacom_pen_repair.pdf (d)

Dawn x Ragnar

Tue Nov 8 16:39:11 2016

Poor Sasha.

Dawn x Ragnar

Tue Nov 8 16:37:11 2016

Uncensored version available in the Patron Zone, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

November web-res dropbox link

Tue Nov 8 16:31:45 2016


November high-res dropbox link

Tue Nov 8 16:31:17 2016


Go Cubs! NSFW 2

Wed Oct 26 01:06:54 2016

naked bear girls.

Go Cubs! NSFW 1

Wed Oct 26 01:06:08 2016

I like this one best.

Go Cubs!

Wed Oct 26 01:04:38 2016

NSFW versions available in the Patron zone!

Widow bike Chicago

Tue Oct 25 01:47:26 2016

Just got back from a weekend trip to visit Mom, eat everything awesome like Gino's deep dish pizza, Portillo's Chicago dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, dropped by Chinatown for my massive bag of fortune cookies... had a Cheezborger Cheezborger no fries chips, no Pepsi Coke, with the original old guy taking the order just like that at the Billy Goat Tavern. Got to see the Cubs finally get to the World Series, the weather was nice, etc. Great weekend.

Sorry I didn't start on Dawn like you voted, but I decided to work on this because it was simple enough to deal with on the iPad, so I got most of the initial work done like inking and shading while I was on the road.

Black Widow in Chicago

Tue Oct 25 01:46:30 2016

Go Cubs!

Uncensored version is, of course, available to the Patrons :)

Awesome photo

Sat Oct 22 20:45:15 2016

Pimpin aint easy

Widow bike wip

Sat Oct 22 20:40:33 2016

I'm on a short trip to Chicago to feast on junkfood and visit mom, took my ipad along and decided to work on this. Watching a Here Come The Mummies concert.

Updated heights pic

Tue Oct 18 20:38:37 2016

NSFW version available in the Patron zone.

Updated heights pic NSFW

Tue Oct 18 20:37:55 2016


Mon Oct 17 21:38:10 2016

mmmm spikes

Silice, shaded

Mon Oct 17 21:37:32 2016

NSFW version available in the Patron zone.

Discord channel

Sun Oct 16 18:05:52 2016

I didn't know what to expect when I set it up but it's actually turned into a nice chill chat room for sharing ideas. If you haven't already set it up, drop on in and chat and hang out and share what you like and would like to see.

To find out how, click here.

Vote results

Wed Oct 12 20:33:23 2016

After retallying the conspiracy votes:

1: Dawn x Ragnar 43 votes

2: Widow bike 32 votes

3: Champagne Shibari suspension 29 votes

3: Dawn x Malcolm 29 votes

4: Domestic Sasha 25 votes

5: Kaylee bukkake 24 votes

5: Miami spread 24 votes

6: Cobra girl 8 votes

Silice reference sheet NSFW

Wed Oct 12 19:45:27 2016

mmmm spikes

Silice reference sheet SFW

Wed Oct 12 19:44:20 2016

Demon chicks for halloween! NSFW version available in the Patron zone.

Vote! (again)

Mon Oct 10 16:52:44 2016

Since the previous vote was tampered with, I'm going to throw it out. Instead, please vote here in the comments section with your choices (multiple choices OK) for which one you want to see done next.

Heights NSFW

Mon Oct 10 00:16:10 2016

girls girls girls

Heights comparison

Mon Oct 10 00:15:19 2016

I'll expand this as more ref sheets are added to the pile. NSFW version available in the Patron zone.

Hurricane Matthew

Sat Oct 8 15:50:54 2016

Matthew passed by last night and didn't do too much damage here. We have downed trees all over the place and the gas station across the street suffered some damage. Power only dropped for a few minutes at a time.
Others were not so lucky. St Augustine and Jacksonville Beach are a mess. Flagler Beach was completely eroded away. Most stuff at the beaches is still without power.

Champagne and Gwen

Fri Oct 7 22:04:15 2016

This is an art trade with Zaggatar; we decided that Champagne got a bit tipsy at a party and someone introduced her to Gwen, and she got taken advantage of. Doesn't look like she minds too much. Yeah, I drew futa and my face didn't melt off.

Sketch stream (WHEEL!) today

Mon Oct 3 14:36:32 2016

Will start up in about an hour.


October high-res dropbox

Mon Oct 3 14:11:41 2016


October Web-res dropbox

Mon Oct 3 14:11:13 2016


Dawn reference sheet NSFW

Sat Oct 1 23:15:06 2016

Dawn reference sheet

Sat Oct 1 23:14:11 2016

NSFW version will be up shortly in the Patron zone!

Sasha bent over (uncensored)

Mon Sep 26 19:45:06 2016

Looks like someone made a mess of her. Or was it all just her?

Sasha bent over

Mon Sep 26 19:42:39 2016

The Patron-zone version has no mop or slip warning signs to get in the way :) All uncensored versions will be up here shortly, and the speedpaint video will be up soon as well.

Discord plugin for patrons

Thu Sep 22 16:59:07 2016

To get Discord connected to your Patreon, go into Settings > Account and there is a place to link Discord to your Patreon.

Discord now connected

Tue Sep 20 23:25:16 2016

I've got the Discord stuff set up in the rewards for those of you who feel like joining me in the stream. I may have to change things around once it's up and running since this is one grand experiment. But it should be cool!

Widow ref sheet NSFW

Tue Sep 20 16:04:54 2016

Widow reference sheet

Tue Sep 20 15:59:41 2016

NSFW version available in the Patron zone, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com


Mon Sep 19 17:44:15 2016

Vote AT THIS URL for the ones you would like to see finished next (multiple choices permitted)

Champagne ref sheet NSFW

Sat Sep 17 18:17:37 2016

Champagne ref sheet

Sat Sep 17 18:16:26 2016

NSFW version available in the patron zone.

Sasha ref sheet NSFW

Sat Sep 17 18:15:23 2016

Sasha reference sheet

Sat Sep 17 18:14:15 2016

NSFW version available in the patron zone.

Web res dropbox link

Sat Sep 17 15:56:24 2016


High res dropbox link

Sat Sep 17 15:55:58 2016


Champagne ref sheet

Fri Sep 16 21:42:58 2016

NSFW version will be up shortly in the Patron reward zone.

Sasha reference sheet

Thu Sep 15 23:17:20 2016

Cleaned up and in full color for patrons, with extra pink-bits detail. The dropbox link will go out shortly.

Reference sheets?

Thu Sep 15 01:57:30 2016

I've been thinking that it's high time I made a set of official character reference sheets for all the characters. I've kind of avoided it for a long time since my style is so inconsistent, I felt like the ref sheet would be outdated within a few months.

So I'll get started on that, but since there are a lot and I don't want everyone to get tired of them, I'm thinking I space them out and do, say, 2 of them in between every full illustration. Unless anyone has objections to this, I'll declare that to be the plan for now.

New perk: Sketch Stream Wheel Permanence

Thu Sep 15 01:55:03 2016

It was mentioned to me that offering saved spots on the WHEEL for sketch streams would be a cool perk, so I'm offering it to the top tier. Basically you will get 2 suggestions which will be saved, and they will stay there until you drop out of the tier or decide to change them. They will be there even if you are not present for the sketch stream. So, in essence, they will increase the odds that your request is drawn.

Who gets drawn in this pose?

Tue Sep 13 23:17:39 2016


Miami rearview, REALLY messy

Tue Sep 13 23:12:40 2016

Miami rearview, semi-messy

Tue Sep 13 23:11:36 2016

Miami rearview, clean

Tue Sep 13 23:07:48 2016

PSDs are going up right now in the high-res dropbox.

Pose selection

Sun Sep 11 21:21:59 2016

Vote for your favorite poses AT THIS URL.


Sun Sep 11 15:51:09 2016

Vote AT THIS URL for your favorites. Multiple choices permitted.

Miami sketch

Sun Sep 11 00:46:51 2016

Sketch archive

Sun Sep 11 00:16:42 2016


Web resolution patron zone link

Sun Sep 11 00:14:45 2016


High resolution patron file link

Sun Sep 11 00:13:52 2016


Miami sketch

Sat Sep 10 18:59:42 2016

Where should her fingers be stuffed?


Sketch stream tonight

Fri Sep 9 20:17:47 2016

+-10pm EST


Elgato capture device on Mac = disappointment

Tue Sep 6 17:41:34 2016

While the HD60 device itself does what it is supposed to, the software that controls it does not-- it requires 170% or more of the CPU (2 entire cores) when it is sitting and doing nothing! Bump that up to 190 or more when it's streaming. Sure, it doesn't take any extra CPU to record/capture but when the software at idle is wasting 2 cores of your processing power, it's not going to work.

Too bad there isn't an alternate software to tell the thing to record. OBS on PC reportedly can work directly with the Elgato, but the Mac doesn't see it.

On the other hand, testing with OBS shows a max of 93% CPU usage when both streaming and recording at a 2500 bitrate that provides acceptable HD screen capture and legible text in moving windows without too many pixely compression artifacts. So I guess for now I'll just use OBS to capture streams and ebay the Elgato.

Hermine came and went

Sat Sep 3 21:14:05 2016

Good riddance. Some downed branches and power lines, otherwise nothing but rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain...

Miami sketch

Sat Sep 3 20:05:38 2016

I sat down to scribble on the ipad and this happened.

Head / face drawing tutorial

Thu Sep 1 23:21:48 2016

Should work this time :)

Hurricane Hermine

Thu Sep 1 20:31:44 2016

Yeah it's pretty much going right over here. So if you don't hear from me in a few days, that's why. Keep your fingers crossed.

Dawn beach sex uncensored

Thu Sep 1 05:13:43 2016

Dawn paizuri messy version

Thu Sep 1 05:13:16 2016

Dawn paizuri clean version

Thu Sep 1 05:10:38 2016

I didn't post these earlier because I was catching pirates. The leak has been purged.

Video tutorial: heads and faces

Thu Sep 1 04:33:56 2016


Should work now. Not sure why it was set to Private.

Dawn: Sex on the Beach

Wed Aug 31 23:51:30 2016

Uncensored version will be available to patrons shortly.

She'll also appear soon at http://www.sexyfur.com

Video recordings coming soon

Wed Aug 31 21:36:44 2016

I ordered a video capture device to keep recordings of my streams so I can make speedpaint and tutorial videos without taxing all the computer resources in the process. It should be here in a couple of days. I've also updated the reward tiers a bit to make way for the changes in Patreon's TOS.

Picarto's new TOS and top tier rewards

Wed Aug 31 04:52:12 2016

Well the new Picarto TOS and emails to the staff asking for clarification make it pretty clear that I can't do the VIP sketch drawing anymore because it's too similar to a raffle... Well technically I could do an extra sketch but I can't let the wheel pick someone to choose what it will be. There can't be a specific winner unless it's open to all tiers including those who don't pay at all.

So, is there some other kind of reward or perk that I can provide the top tier instead? I'm open to ideas.

More votes on which sketches get upgraded to color?

Recorded stream videos?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Dawn Paizuri

Tue Aug 30 00:59:57 2016

Uncensored version available to patrons! (dropbox links going out shortly). She'll also be up soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

Champagne sexy secretary

Wed Aug 24 01:33:54 2016

She's helpful. Really.

Who are we kidding, you're not getting any work done with her around.

High res files heading into the dropbox for those tiers.

Sexy Secretary

Wed Aug 24 01:29:53 2016

Topless version available in the Patron zone (instant access), also will be up soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

Private stream

Sun Aug 21 17:44:16 2016

Because people have no fucking respect.



Sat Aug 20 01:14:54 2016

It's a little bit different this time, the poll will take multiple choices for your favorites. I think this will help me figure out which ones to eliminate.

Vote HERE.


Fri Aug 19 03:36:01 2016

Adult coloring books seem to be getting a lot of press lately and I was thinking, "What if there was an ADULT adult coloring book?"

Would you buy one? I'm thinking a comic-book format B&W book of a bunch of my lineart from the past few years. Maybe a few guest art spots.

Make your opinion known HERE.


MILFs (censored public version)

Tue Aug 16 22:52:14 2016

Uncensored copy available, along with high-res and layered PSD file, in the Patron zone, and soon on SexyFur.com!


Tue Aug 16 22:51:06 2016

Anita seems to have gotten Beth a bit tipsy and is finding her to be very pliable.

Sasha toy testing uncensored

Mon Aug 8 22:02:19 2016

That girl is crazy.

High resolution files and layered PSD going up to the dropbox shortly for those in the high-res tier.

Sasha toy testing

Mon Aug 8 22:01:02 2016

Office Space!

Uncensored version of her taking a massive stuffing will be in the Patron zone, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com!

VIP sketch August

Mon Aug 8 18:14:05 2016

John Henry Thelin gets to pick our VIP sketch for this month!


Fri Aug 5 18:05:44 2016

Please vote at THIS URL for the next one you would like to see colored.

August web-resolution archive link

Tue Aug 2 00:45:58 2016

For those just joining the Patron Zone or those still in it:


August high res dropbox:

Tue Aug 2 00:43:31 2016

For those just joining the Patron Zone or those still in it, here is the current working archive:


Champagne poledance nude

Sun Jul 31 20:46:32 2016


Champagne poledance

Sun Jul 31 20:45:17 2016

Nude version available in the Patron zone, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com!


Sun Jul 31 00:53:33 2016

Gloria PSDs and images are in the dropbox now. I should be done with Champagne poledancing tomorrow, in time for the end of the month.


Fri Jul 29 23:30:14 2016

Please vote HERE < AT THIS URL for the next one to be colored.

The last few days of July

Fri Jul 29 23:24:03 2016

It's been a slow month artwise due to so much travel but last month and August should make up for it. I will get the VIP sketch done this weekend.

I'll also try to put up another vote shortly.

Finally home

Fri Jul 29 15:34:22 2016

I finally made it home from my road trip. Time to get some rest and catch up on some art!

Gloria speedpaint video

Wed Jul 20 05:50:21 2016

now shows the full process.

Gloria bellydance final?

Wed Jul 20 01:24:55 2016

When i get home i may revisit the background. I see more of a souk type environment but i am pressed for time getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow. Also you cannot change the size of a canvas in ProCreate, and i would like to make it wider. Anyways here it is.

Gloria hilites

Mon Jul 18 22:13:18 2016

Time for a background.

Gloria shaded

Mon Jul 18 03:30:54 2016

Highlights next

speedpaint test video

Fri Jul 15 23:22:14 2016

let's see if this works.

Gloria flats

Fri Jul 15 23:02:22 2016

Done in Procreate on the ipad pro. Its amazing to me how responsive it is and how it consumes so little power. Technology!

Gloria inks

Fri Jul 15 05:06:33 2016

Inked on the ipad pro. Had to make my own brush to get it to do what i wanted but it seems to be working nicely so far.

Good news!

Thu Jul 14 17:50:50 2016

PayPal has changed their policies and you should now be able to pledge for adult content via PayPal.

Widow sketch

Wed Jul 13 22:47:59 2016

Scribbled this up while waiting for car repairs. Loving this ipad :)

Not sure i like her hat though.

Web Resolution dropbox

Thu Jul 7 23:24:21 2016

Sorry I didn't update this sooner. Nobody told me the old one was broken until now!


Road trip

Thu Jul 7 02:51:59 2016

For the next couple of weeks I'll be on a road trip. I'm taking my new ipad pro so hopefully I will be able to get some art done.

High res archive

Wed Jul 6 12:09:25 2016

I think the old link expired due to time (dropbox does that). Here's the link to the high res archive:


HD art for July

Sat Jul 2 00:19:53 2016

will be athttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/06ok8xhnx2hs416/AABFfg9tcJjQ93tHdA6mBCKBa?dl=0

check back to this same folder for updates as they are added.

Sasha streetbike nude version

Fri Jul 1 22:03:42 2016


Sasha streetbike sling version

Fri Jul 1 22:03:06 2016

Sasha streetbike

Fri Jul 1 22:01:28 2016


Nude and sling bikini versions available in the Patron section, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com!

Cheap toys, model, and vote for updated Sasha streetbike pose

Wed Jun 29 18:13:49 2016

I got these cool cheap motorcycles at the toy store and while they are not 100% to scale, they are pretty good for the figure model. Hooray I can make my own Easy Rider desktop scenes! :)

Ricochet gave me the idea to combine a 4th-of-July image with the Sasha streetbike image, by giving the bike an American-flag paint job and/or giving Sasha flag themed almost-underwear. And so it shall be done.

Question is... should I do the high angle pose (left) or low-angle pose (right)?


Mazuri Lahda

Wed Jun 29 00:17:09 2016

Not sure I am finished with this one yet, feels like it needs more going on in the background, or some color changes or something. Maybe more red. Anyways I'm going to mess with it some more before I post the final version. Not my best work :/ ehhh whatever. Can't win them all I suppose.

Sweet gangbang high res files

Wed Jun 22 20:46:45 2016


Sweet gangbang

Wed Jun 22 20:40:33 2016

XXXmas in June? Why not.

Sweet gangbang

Wed Jun 22 20:37:58 2016

So much stocking stuffing going on here.

Uncensored version available in the Patron zone, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com


Sat Jun 18 02:02:54 2016

Please vote HERE for the one you would like to see finished next.

Kaylee high res files

Fri Jun 17 21:51:16 2016

should be synced in the dropbox shortly.


Kaylee NSFW web resolution

Fri Jun 17 21:46:46 2016

it looks really cold out but I am sure she will warm you up fast.

Kaylee hot spring

Fri Jun 17 21:45:37 2016

NSFW version is available in the Patron section, along with high resolution versions and layered PSD files.

Sweet gangbang

Thu Jun 16 21:08:19 2016

Nasrin desktop

Thu Jun 16 21:07:55 2016

Dawn blowjob

Thu Jun 16 21:07:29 2016

Dachshund dominatrix

Thu Jun 16 21:07:02 2016

Champagne stripper

Thu Jun 16 21:06:30 2016

Private stream, Second try

Thu Jun 16 15:39:10 2016


Patrons-only stream

Thu Jun 16 15:29:42 2016

Will be at the following link shortly:


Patron-only sketch stream

Wed Jun 15 16:48:44 2016

Thursday, June 16, 12:00 noon EST

Let's give it a shot and see how it works out. I'll post the private stream link here when I start it up tomorrow.

June VIP sketch

Thu Jun 9 04:56:50 2016

went to WolfMizuno (but for some reason the post didn't "stick").

Apples and trees - nude

Wed Jun 8 19:41:45 2016

nude version

Apples and trees - patch

Wed Jun 8 19:41:10 2016

patch version

Apples and trees - micro

Wed Jun 8 19:39:39 2016

Micro thong version

Rosalie and her mom

Wed Jun 8 19:26:32 2016

Rosalie's mom is a bad influence. Or a good one, depending on your point of view. 3 different bikini variants for Mom (sling, micro, and patch) and also nude versions available in the Patron zone. High res layered PSD files also going up shortly.


Mon Jun 6 01:37:59 2016

Vote here for the one you would like to see cleaned up and colored next.

Sketch pile updated

Sat Jun 4 20:54:58 2016



Dawn cheerleader high resolution files

Sat Jun 4 20:51:00 2016

Should be done uploading shortly in the high res dropbox:


Dawn cheerleader

Sat Jun 4 20:50:01 2016

Give me an O!

Texas cheerleader outfit

Sat Jun 4 20:48:02 2016

Dawn found her mom's way-too-small cheerleader uniform and decided to try it on. And take pictures, apparently.

Uncensored version is in the Patron section, high resolution files uploading into the dropbox.

Miami beach sex high res files

Tue May 31 05:04:03 2016

Are going into the dropbox.


Miami beach sex, web resolution image

Tue May 31 05:02:47 2016

I'm really happy with how this one turned out. Lots of juicy details :)

Miami's beach adventure

Tue May 31 05:01:48 2016

Eat your greens!

Uncensored version is in the Patron section and will be up soon on http://www.sexyfur.com.

it just happened

Sat May 28 02:17:14 2016

In a state of sketch zen, this happened.

Poll for general direction of things

Fri May 27 02:28:43 2016

Just a general questionnaire for everyone.

Would help if I pasted the bloody link...



Fri May 27 00:18:47 2016

What do you guys think about a Patrons-only wheel-decided sketch stream?

Mojita high resolution files

Thu May 26 19:40:02 2016



Thu May 26 19:33:29 2016


It makes 'em wet.

Thu May 26 19:26:54 2016

Maserati proved in a study that the sound of its tuned exhaust was not only preferred by women over other cars, but that it raised their testosterone levels and caused other "physical reactions."


Uncovered version will be in the Patron zones shortly, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

Mojita originally designed by Scappo.

Sketch archive

Tue May 24 22:47:23 2016

The dropbox has been reorganized. Here is the new location for the sketch pile:


Dropbox reorganised (WebRes)

Tue May 24 22:46:20 2016

The dropbox has been reorganized. Here is the web-resolution files' new location:


Dropbox Reorganized

Tue May 24 22:45:21 2016

Here are the high resolution files' new location:


Dropbox reorganizing

Tue May 24 16:17:02 2016

I'm cleaning out and reorganizing the dropbox today so if you can't get your files, that's why. Should be cleared up shortly.

Orchid pool high resolution files

Sat May 21 20:50:52 2016


Orchid pool tube uncensored

Sat May 21 20:43:22 2016

Thank you for your patronage! Let's try the delivery this way first for web res, if it doesn't work out then we'll go back to dropbox for everything.

Orchid summertime pool thing

Sat May 21 20:40:49 2016

Hot weather means skimpy bikinis. Or nothing at all. Uncensored nude version will be in the Patrons' section, high resolution copy and layered PSD in the Patron Dropbox.

Botched vote?

Fri May 20 14:39:36 2016

Not sure where all the extra votes came from, pretty sure there are not that many patrons in the voting pool. So instead of going through the vote again, I'll take the top two and finish them off (Dawn in the cheerleader outfit, and Orchid in the pool tube).


Tue May 17 17:46:38 2016

Please go to the following URL to vote for which one you would like to see cleaned up and colored:http://www.strawpoll.me/10238251

New billing and back-issues and other things

Mon May 16 10:02:12 2016

Since the new pay-it-forward billing is now in place, this is a weird gray zone as far as getting content out to you guys--

* The people who pledged at the beginning of the month have not yet been billed and will be billed on the 1st of June.

* The new arrivals have been billed when they arrived.

* The people who pledged the previous month already have access to the dropbox since that's how I've been doing it. (but everyone else does not)

So, I have to switch things around a little bit in regards to content release so that it's better organized and not leaving anyone behind.

New work will go up as it is completed, which I have been doing, but new folks previously would have had no access to it until the billing cycle had completed. That will now change-- new pledges will have immediate access. I'll try to get the art folders cleaned up and dropboxed within a day or two of finishing the work, if not the same day.

I have also upped the dropbox capacity to hold more data, so longer-term archives are now possible. A lot of people have been asking me about back-issue stuff, and I have been putting off getting back to them until I figured out a fair way to do this without them paying for stuff they would get anyways. So here's how I will do it:

* New and current pledges will have access to stuff going back 4 months.

* after 4 months is up, that material will go into the archives, and be available for back-issue purchase at a 15% discounted rate.

So let's try this and see how it goes. If anyone has input or ideas for making it better, please let me know.

Technology spring cleaning

Fri May 13 04:46:28 2016

Seeing as backups are important I needed to make backups of my backups... and, well, terabytes of art data dating back to the 1990s takes a while to transfer. My old USB hub simply was not up to the task unless I wanted to wait forever. So I got a new actually fast actual USB3 hub for USB3 stuff, which can actually handle fast USB3 speeds. What a concept! And the scales fell from my eyes as file transfers that would take 24 hours now took a matter of minutes. Why had I not figured this out sooner???

Next was the wifi. The crappy wifi built into my ISP's modem can't handle file transfers either, and broadcasting a stream through it while streaming my music from my laptop to my art machine is more than it can handle. So I upgraded my wifi as well to a new gigabit router. The funny thing is that I have 29mb service and I was only getting 18 through the ISP's wifi, and now with the new router I get the full 29. Why would you even issue equipment that cannot handle the service you are selling??? Anyways, the scales fell from my eyes as file transfers that took too long to even calculate now took a matter of minutes. Why had I not figured this out sooner too???

Oh, and then the gaming keypad that I had been using before which I shelved because it was suffering from stuck keys? That all went away with the new USB hub, seems the old one couldn't send and receive its signals fast enough. So I can use it again much to the relief of my screaming left-hand carpal tunnel problem.

So the art streams should be much more stable from here on in, I hope. And the backups are done. And all is good and happy in my office. Only now I have run out of files to push through the fast goodies :) Must make more art...

Charge Up-front now available

Thu May 12 01:51:42 2016

Patreon has added a charge-up-front feature that is now available. So I am moving to that right away. This will not effect any existing patrons, just new pledges. But the good news is that since it will essentially kill fake pledges, I can now issue rewards instantly as I complete art, and you guys no longer have to wait until a new art pack comes out.

Rosalie airtight

Thu May 12 00:45:23 2016

All the dildos! Well, two of them will be removed in the Patreon version this month. Also available soon on http://www.SexyFur.com!

This week

Mon May 9 03:43:12 2016

Since Rosalie was a close second in the last vote, I'm going to go ahead and finish her this week. Also on the plate is the VIP sketch for Alex. Stay tuned!

As always you can watch me do the art thing live when I stream, athttps://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=EvilArtChannel


Thu May 5 11:45:09 2016

Wet foxes are best foxes. Uncovered see-through-thong version will be in this month's art pack, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

The vote is tied again

Wed May 4 06:28:58 2016

If you haven't voted, please do so athttp://www.strawpoll.me/10103748 regarding the next color piece (sketches at https://www.patreon.com/posts/5376580). Presently the top two are tied.

Voting time

Sun May 1 20:20:59 2016

Happy Mayday, komrades! To celebrate the fact that I like to work on Labor Day, please also put your brains to work and choose the one you would like to see finished. Vote here:http://www.strawpoll.me/10103748

VIP sketch spin for May: Alex Nocturne

Sun May 1 20:17:28 2016

Alex Nocturne won the spin for this month's VIP sketch.

Actual kooze is better than a beer koozy.

Thu Apr 28 20:55:44 2016

Uncensored version will be in this month's art pack, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com!

Another vote

Mon Apr 25 19:29:22 2016

OK so it's pretty obvious that the beer bottle bunny won the vote, but now...

Who is she?

Vote here:http://www.strawpoll.me/10048065

Rock the vote

Sun Apr 24 19:42:04 2016

Voting time. Please vote at the following URL for the one you'd like to see colored next.


Sasha hot tub

Thu Apr 21 20:43:29 2016

The rubber duckies will be out of the way in the art-pack version for this month. She'll also be up soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

April VIP sketch

Thu Apr 21 20:42:26 2016

Mag and Kizzie

Candy Berry

Mon Apr 18 01:58:13 2016

I made a money brush :)

Uncensored version will be available in this month's art pack, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com!

Vote results

Sun Apr 17 01:31:06 2016

Looks like Candy Berry pulled out in the lead at the last minute and won the vote. But since Sasha did a good job of holding her own, I'll also finish her too. Oh the innuendo.


Sun Apr 17 00:56:59 2016

from the Pablo Neruda museum in Valparaiso, Chile. His salt and pepper shakers were labeled thusly, and now so are mine :)

He was a cool dude, despite being a commie.

The stripper leg bottle opener, that I have had forever.

Tie breaker?

Sun Apr 17 00:06:07 2016

The vote is a dead tie. Please vote if you have not yet voted (regarding this post:https://www.patreon.com/posts/vote-5150049)

Vote here:


Home again

Sat Apr 16 14:53:09 2016

Home again home again jiggidy-jig!

Fast internet. Stuff works. Wow!

Downside is that I caught someone's plague, being locked into an aluminum petri dish with hundreds of dirty coughing sneezing hacking bacteria-and-virus factories for 17 hours... MMM delicious.

International travel seems so glamorous until you do it. Then it is a thing most foul.

I'll get back to things in a day or two after I resurface from self-imposed quarantine and decontamination :)

I wish there was something you could pour into your sinuses that would kill all the bugs, but not kill you too.


Thu Apr 14 21:06:50 2016

Please vote (at the following link) for the one you would like to see completed as a color illustration.


Orchid x Claudio

Thu Apr 14 02:25:27 2016

The loser actually made it home to take care of business.

Uncensored version will be in the next art pack here, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

All hail the WHEEL

Sat Apr 9 15:11:08 2016

It begins...

April VIP sketch winner

Mon Apr 4 18:13:55 2016


I'll PM you about it as well.

Heading to the end of the world (literally)

Thu Mar 17 20:16:57 2016

I am going on vacation, completely unplugged for a month, starting tomorrow (the 18th). I will be back more or less around the 15th of April.

I realize that during this time, the Patron rewards will come and go. Fear not, doling out the rewards will be the first thing I do when I get home.

For new pledges: sorry but you'll have to wait until I get back; I wish there was a way to automate this but unfortunately there is not. Rest assured you will get what you pay for and then some, since you will be getting basically 3 months worth of stuff for one month's pledge.

For old pledges: You will find that the dropbox has been updated with all the files from the massive work marathon I have been doing up to this point. I'll resume new art stuff once I get back.

Thanks for your patronage! Hopefully I am not eaten by pumas and penguins!

Champagne WHEEL hostess

Tue Mar 15 18:14:21 2016

Turns out my code guy can put together a custom WHEEL page, so I decided to go ahead and finish this one, so she can be in it.

Voting time again

Tue Mar 15 18:10:36 2016

Please vote for the one you would like to see developed further.

To make it easier (maybe?) I have put the vote up on Strawpoll to automatically tally the results. Here's the link:http://strawpoll.me/7090468

Let's see if this works...

Loading poll...

Orchid hoodie

Mon Mar 14 04:27:33 2016

Why is she standing out in crappy weather with no pants on? Nobody knows. And there are open-shirt/bottomless versions in this month's art pack, desktop versions too!

Simplified brush pack

Fri Mar 11 23:34:31 2016

(I hope!) I compiled my core toolset of 7 brushes into an easily-importable file for Corel Painter. Instructions included.

JB_Brushpack_2016.zip (d)


Wed Mar 9 20:08:03 2016

Vote for which one you would like to see completed next.

I don't know if I will have time to finish this one before I go on vacation, but I will try. If not, this will show up in April.

VIP Sketch

Wed Mar 9 06:23:30 2016

Enjoy :) This one was fun to do.

VIP Sketch stream

Tue Mar 8 21:22:36 2016

Now streaming:


Champagne champagne everywhere

Sat Mar 5 02:24:50 2016

Making a sacrifice to the Sad Mac Gods.

Uncovered version will be in this month's art pack, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com

VIP sketch winner

Thu Mar 3 20:22:33 2016

Robert B won this month's spin. I'll be contacting you to find out what you would like drawn for the VIP sketch.

Computer failure

Wed Mar 2 02:43:01 2016

This past Saturday my trusty invincible laptop decided it wasn't going to boot up. Not even in safe mode. I spent 2 days trying to get OS recovery to work on it, to no avail. And so the situation required me to go out and immediately purchase a new laptop to use for email and whatnot, because payday was today (on the 1st) and I can't leave people hanging, wondering what is going on. Having no email wasn't helping the situation. Pretty much everything was dead, and I was searching tech articles on my crappy old phone and an old, naked Raspberry Pi with a 3-year-old outdated install of barebones Linux.

To make a long story short, fortunately I did not lose any data, managed to get everything off the old hard-drive, email has been restored and everyone got paid on time. I'm slowly piecing together all my art stuff to get me back working and streaming again. And your art packs will go out as scheduled.

Lesson: Backups save lives. Make backups. Frequently.

Secondary lesson: when you start thinking it's time for a new laptop, get one. Don't assume, dumbly, that "eh, it will hold out" and then be forced to buy one that is not ideal, on short notice, in a country where these things are not cheap, they come with weird Spanish keyboards, and "cutting edge" is a 2012 model (my old 2011 model is actually faster. Was faster...).

Watermelon Shark

Sat Feb 27 04:17:11 2016

Not sure if it's an original idea or not, but I felt like turning the candy into this.

Un-candy-covered version will be in this month's Patreon art pack, and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com


Thu Feb 25 04:25:52 2016

Sushi-less version will be in this month's patron art pack, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

It's that time again (Vote)

Mon Feb 22 19:28:07 2016

Please vote for the one you would like to see turned into a color illustration.

Arctic Vixen

Mon Feb 22 18:33:18 2016

Un-iced version will be in this month's patron art pack and soon on SexyFur.com!


Sun Feb 14 13:00:08 2016

Please vote for the sketch you would like to see cleaned up and made into a color illustration.


Sun Feb 7 21:19:49 2016

Some people had asked me about the brushes I use, so I put a couple of things together for testing. These are made for Painter, and I don't know if they will work in other programs, but there are a few versions' worth in here of most of the tools I use. Please let me know if they are useful.

painter_brushes.zip (d)

VIP sketch- Roshiyu

Sun Feb 7 08:03:06 2016

of his character Marihim playing with Sweet mouse before her inevitable "demise" :)


Fri Feb 5 20:12:20 2016

She shows up in lingerie, with beer, pizza, video games, and toys! What's not to love?

Uncensored version will be here in all its glory in the February art pack, as well as on SexyFur.com.

January VIP Sketch

Wed Feb 3 19:28:59 2016

goes to Roshiyu! Let me know what you would like drawn :)

I'd like to hear your thoughts

Wed Feb 3 18:43:24 2016

I'm wondering if there is anything that I could be doing here that you don't see me doing. As far as tiers go, if you guys are comfortable with the way things are, would you like to see more of something or less of something, would you like to see something that is not here, is there stuff that other artists do that you think I should also do, etc?

Lesbians in SPAAAAAACE

Wed Jan 27 03:28:57 2016

The star wars ships will not appear in the full uncensored version, available in this month's Patreon art pack and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com!


Mon Jan 25 06:57:05 2016

Please vote for the one you would like to see finished next.

Dropbox has been updated

Sun Jan 24 23:55:03 2016

I'm over the deadly lung plague and caught back up with stuff. The dropbox has been updated with all the arts.


Sun Jan 24 23:39:53 2016

I've got a big vacation scheduled for March. Basically I am going camping for a few weeks in Torres del Paine, in southern Chile.

In the hopes I can get you stocked up enough to tide you over while I am gone, I've stepped up production.

You can see I've been busier than normal with the art output -- 7 images so far this month over the usual 4 or 5, and a week left to go.

Output for February should be nothing different than what you've become accustomed to, as I'll be fully equipped for arting. I'll be cramming more work in, actually. So you will get more stuff in February as well.

The crappy month will be March. I'll be in Patagonia and completely disconnected for several weeks. So I won't be getting much art done.

Hopefully I will not be eaten by pumas.


Sun Jan 24 06:48:20 2016

Wardrobe malfunction!

Uncensored pasty-less full boobie freedom version will be available soon here in Patreon and http://www.sexyfur.com


Thu Jan 21 23:49:14 2016

It's that time again. Please cast your vote for which one you would like to see cleaned up and colored.

Cheerleader gangbang

Wed Jan 20 09:25:09 2016

The uncensored version of this cheerleader gangbang spoogefest will be in this month's art pack, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

Break of Dawn posters

Sun Jan 17 02:54:22 2016

I am making posters ofhttps://www.patreon.com/posts/break-of-dawn-4150708 so please let me know if you are interested in a copy.

I will be printing these through SixthLeafClover since she does an awesome job with her large print service.

Base cost for 24x36 inches is $25. If more than 10 people order, the per-poster cost is reduced to $20. Shipping is as follows:

Flat rate of $5 per shipment to anywhere in the United States.

Flat rate of $10 per shipment to anywhere in Canada and Mexico.

Flate rate of $15 per shipment to anywhere else in the world.

The image as shown will have a 4 extra inches added to the bottom since its original is 3:4 (24x32") and needs to be 2:3 (24x36"). I'll extend the "dirt" down and fill the remaining space with movie-poster style fineprint text.

Let me know here if you are interested, and PM me your details (address, email, paypal). I'll take deposits for full price and if we go over the 10-unit count for special pricing, I'll send you back the difference. I'm not making any profit on this (but hey if you want to include a tip I won't complain!)

PLEASE specify if you want this SFW version or the nude version (both girls seem to have lost their bikinis).


Thu Jan 14 00:37:51 2016

Please cast your vote for which one you would like to see turned into a full color image.

Break of Dawn

Wed Jan 13 12:05:30 2016

Nudie version will be in this month's art pack, and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com

I am making a batch of posters of this one, both this Semi-SFW version and the NSFW nude version. If you would like one please let me know.

I will be printing these through SixthLeafClover since she does an awesome job with her large print service.

Base cost for 24x36 inches is $25. If more than 10 people order, the per-poster cost is reduced to $20. Shipping is as follows:

Flat rate of $5 per shipment to anywhere in the United States.

Flat rate of $10 per shipment to anywhere in Canada and Mexico.

Flate rate of $15 per shipment to anywhere else in the world.

The image as shown will have a 4 extra inches added to the bottom since its original is 3:4 (24x32") and needs to be 2:3 (24x36"). I'll extend the "dirt" down and fill the remaining space with movie-poster style fineprint text.

Let me know here if you are interested, and PM me your details (address, email, paypal). I'll take deposits for full price and if we go over the 10-unit count for special pricing, I'll send you back the difference. I'm not making any profit on this (but hey if you want to include a tip I won't complain!)

PLEASE specify if you want this SFW version or the nude version (both girls seem to have lost their bikinis).

Widow buttsechs

Sun Jan 10 04:24:19 2016

Uncensored version will be available to patrons in this month's art pack (and soon on SexyFur.com).

Limelight (clothed)

Sun Jan 10 04:23:07 2016

Razire's choice for this month's VIP sketch. Nude version available in the upper tier!

Limelight (nude)

Sun Jan 10 04:22:14 2016

Razire's choice for this month's VIP sketch!

Baby it's cold outside

Wed Jan 6 22:02:18 2016

More hot-to-trot vixen posey goodness.

The abominable snowman will NOT be appearing in the commercial copy, available in this month's art pack and soon at http://www.sexyfur.com


Wed Jan 6 22:00:23 2016

Which one would you like to see turned into a color illustration?

January VIP sketch will be decided by...

Sun Jan 3 19:57:19 2016


Dawn xmas-ish thing

Sun Dec 20 00:25:06 2015

Xmas themed bikini tops count, right?

Topless version will be in the patron's art pack. Also a handful of alternate national flag themed tops.

Ginger cowgirl pinup

Thu Dec 17 00:36:37 2015

Uncensored version will be available in this month's Patreon and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com!


Mon Dec 14 03:41:35 2015

This month's VIP sketch

Faye 5

Sun Dec 13 00:57:34 2015

Tomato-less, low-carb sandwich-free version will be in this December's Patreon art pack and soon on http://www.sexyfur.com!

Faye 4

Wed Dec 9 22:16:17 2015

Ornaments and gingerbread men will not appear in the retail version :) She will be up soon in all her ahegao cockriding glory on http://www.sexyfur.com and here at my patreon in the December art pack.

Faye 3

Sun Dec 6 23:55:47 2015

It was all going well until I realized that I drew her hand backwards, and had to redo it. When I had already finished the image. Oops!

Anyways, girl scout cookies.

Uncensored version will be in this month's art pack and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com.

Faye rough

Sun Nov 22 23:29:20 2015

Another in the series. I think I'll do 3 or 4 more to finish it up for the end of the year.

November VIP sketch

Sat Nov 14 11:41:39 2015

Engrid and Katt, doing the naughty things. As requested by DeathHydra.

Faye 1

Fri Nov 13 09:36:09 2015

Uncensored version will be in the November art pack, and also soon on Sexyfur.com.

Faye 2

Fri Nov 13 09:33:31 2015

The next in a POV series I am drawing. I obviously decided on a name for her finally :) Uncensored non-sandwich version will be in the November art pack, and soon on Sexyfur.com.

Lemi shoes

Fri Nov 13 09:32:10 2015

Art trade with Doffa. Uncensored image will be here in the November art pack.

Champagne, anyone?

Mon Nov 2 01:22:25 2015

Food items not to scale :)

Full uncensored pic will go into the November dropbox.

Vote time!

Thu Oct 29 02:23:21 2015

Please vote (once) for the next one you'd like to see finished.

Vote time!

Thu Oct 29 02:21:32 2015

Please vote (once) for the next one you'd like to see finished.

Demonic Mind Control

Sun Oct 25 02:49:15 2015

Oh no, Dawn can't stop playing with herself! Not entirely her own fault... someone has evil plans for her.

Uncensored version will be in my October Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/jbernal) and soon on http://www.SexyFur.com.

Vote please

Wed Oct 21 06:58:27 2015

These are the ones I believe hold promise. Please pick one and cast your vote for the next completed illustration.

October VIP sketch, nude version

Wed Oct 21 06:27:09 2015

Champagne and Miami scissoring, as requested :)

Many ahegao! YOSH!

October VIP sketch, bikini version

Wed Oct 21 06:25:31 2015

Champagne and Miami scissoring, as requested :)

Many ahegao! YOSH!

Werewolf tentacles

Mon Oct 19 20:18:02 2015

Or pumpkin tentacles? Werewolves should not wander pumpkin patches after dark. They tend to get grabby in there.

Uncensored version will be here for the October art pack, and also soon on SexyFur.com!

Sketch vote

Mon Oct 19 06:52:02 2015

Please vote for the next one you would like to see turned into a full color pic. 8 is done already.

Gunbunny/Jade collab

Sun Oct 11 20:36:38 2015

I guess when stuff is blowing up, hot chicks need to get minimally dressed as quickly as possible. Sometimes they put on the wrong stuff :)

Sketch, colors/shading by Doffa.

Inks, final highlights, and bkg by me.

Widow Halloween pic

Sat Oct 10 00:33:17 2015

Ride that broom, girl!

Uncensored image will be in the October art pack, and soon on SexyFur.com!

The wheel speaks

Mon Oct 5 02:52:37 2015

Valfodr won the September sketch drawing. Let's see what he comes up with :)

Sketch vote

Fri Oct 2 18:16:09 2015

Vote for the one you would like to see completed as a full color image next!

Football season

Fri Oct 2 00:19:40 2015

hut hut hut HIIIIIKE

Uncensored version will be available in my October Patreon art pack, and soon on SexyFur.com.

Next up? Vote

Sat Sep 26 02:55:35 2015

Please vote for the one you'd like to see finished next.


Fri Sep 25 20:33:39 2015

Well she's not wearing the jacket the same but... boobs! I had a lot of fun drawing this one. I had a ghetto blaster just like that when I was a kid. It took like 12 D size batteries. Weighed a ton.

Anyways, the uncensored image will be a last-minute addition to the September art pack, and will be appearing also on SexyFur.com.

Holding your liquor

Wed Sep 23 22:46:06 2015

...or not.

Prepare for a Biblical hangover.

Uncensored version will be here in the art pack for September, and soon on SexyFur.com.

A sketch is a terrible thing to waste.

Sat Sep 19 20:26:05 2015

Please vote on the next one you'd like to see completed as a full illustration.

Building Better Worlds

Thu Sep 17 01:58:43 2015

Or better toys. Uncensored version available to patrons here in the September art pack, and soon on SexyFur.com.

Jess x Orchid VIP sketch

Sun Sep 13 00:11:27 2015

Here they are, this month's VIP sketch chosen by KingKong :) High res versions have been put in the dropbox.

Dawn x Ragnar

Fri Sep 11 21:11:22 2015

See the tomato-and-sandwich-less version in all its spooge-drenched glory soon on this Patreon, and on Sexyfur.com!

new files added

Fri Sep 11 21:09:54 2015

September files are being added to the patron dropbox, so those who have cleared legit pledges should have access to the next month's stuff as it becomes available.

"You Decide" sketch guidelines

Tue Sep 8 21:56:49 2015

Just to make it all clear since it's bound to come up at some point:

September "You Decide" sketch goes to...

Tue Sep 8 21:55:39 2015

KingKong. Please check your email for details.


Wed Sep 2 21:51:17 2015

Hindu gods are fun because they are always having sexy time. High five!

Version without dishes of Mattar Makhani hiding all the good bits will appear in the September art pack, and on SexyFur.com.


Mon Aug 31 00:35:23 2015

Hooray for Hindu goddesses!

Beads = carpal tunnel.

Dawn stuffage

Thu Aug 27 22:20:08 2015

Mystery Meat Horse finds Dawn's cervix. Chaos ensues.


Thu Aug 27 04:59:52 2015

Chalo's Ambar, from the Las Lindas webcomic. Nude version will also be available in the August art pack.

Ambar rough

Tue Aug 25 21:10:52 2015

Did this a couple of days ago, forgot to put it up here :) Ambar, from Chalo's Las Lindas webcomic.

I killed my pepper plant :/

Wed Aug 19 18:18:34 2015

Since the zombie wasps invaded and killed all my ladybugs, the aphids have been taking over. So I sprayed again with a "plant safe" "non toxic" insecticidal soap that promptly killed my pepper plant. Well, pepper bush. The thing had taken over half the window.

So I had to harvest its organs like a crash victim.

Widow poledance colored

Sun Aug 16 02:14:28 2015

uncensored version will be in the August art pack and also on SexyFur.com.

Widow pole dancing

Sat Aug 15 21:31:13 2015

She's doing more than pole dancing, looks like.

Who will this be?

Thu Aug 13 17:56:31 2015

Vote athttp://strawpoll.me/5202206

July VIP sketch

Thu Aug 13 00:58:55 2015

Nhala and Sasha enjoying some juicy good stuff


Wed Aug 12 01:28:11 2015


Mushrooms, ginger, white miso, onions, fresh kale from the garden. Big fat noodles.

Togarashi even.

mmmm its like heaven in a bowl.


Wed Aug 12 01:26:37 2015

Gyozas, perfectly steamed and browned...

with Udon. Best I have made, closest to the stuff I had in Japan so far.

New version of Painter

Tue Aug 11 15:03:04 2015

Looks like a new 2016 edition of Painter just came out. I'll be testing it out but I'm not going to get my hopes up. 2013 was completely unusable. I wonder if they have fixed the crash issue that has been in it since version 6 :)

Dawn nude

Tue Aug 11 02:23:57 2015

Reminds me of the old Olan Mills style family photos. Just without the family. And with more boobs.

Anyways, she will be uncovered here on Patreon and soon on SexyFur.com


Mon Aug 10 00:17:37 2015

Both clean and messy uncensored versions will be here in this month's art pack, also coming soon on SexyFur.com.

Champagne upside-down

Sun Aug 9 04:38:07 2015

She won a landslide victory in the vote, so here she is :) So far anyways.

Engrid daki sketch

Sat Aug 8 23:17:22 2015

Last night's catch

Thu Aug 6 07:22:28 2015

Just goofing off with cast nets for a couple hours. Got a good portion of shrimp and plenty of bait fish for a future expedition.

Dawn scribble

Tue Aug 4 22:25:44 2015

Not sure how I feel about the squishboob, seems kinda not realistic to me. But... dog with giant boobs <> realistic. So...

Urbi colored

Mon Aug 3 21:45:14 2015

Full nude version will be available in the August art pack, and soon on SexyFur.com.

Urbi rough

Mon Aug 3 03:27:55 2015

Working on colors...

Who is this?

Sun Aug 2 20:20:28 2015

Please send me comments and suggestions for who you think this should be.

If it's not showing up...https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpbb7c6f8vjfa3h/upside_down.jpg?dl=0

JBurger logo

Fri Jul 31 01:57:13 2015


Party chick

Fri Jul 31 01:56:38 2015

say no more.

Poledancer sketch

Fri Jul 31 01:55:39 2015

Another scribble that I forgot to post earlier.

Get a Jburger t-shirt!

Sun Jul 26 22:17:24 2015

Seriously. I am getting one. You can too. For real.


Chargrilled Perfection.

Sun Jul 26 01:06:43 2015

NSFW version will be in the July art pack, along with full layered PSD and high resolution images for the higher tiers.


Thu Jul 23 17:24:45 2015

yet another Carls Jr inspired sketch

Burger burger burger

Thu Jul 23 17:21:52 2015

another sketch of Carls Jr inspired stuff.


Tue Jul 21 13:51:17 2015

Scrap sketch that wasn't going where I wanted it to go.

Orchid in Daisy Dukes, SFW version

Wed Jul 15 07:24:39 2015

You just can't go wrong with Daisy Dukes.

NSFW topless version will be available to the art-receiving tier patrons in the end-of-month art pack.

Orchid in Daisy Dukes sketch

Tue Jul 14 00:56:42 2015

unf. Gonna be a finished image for SexyFur (and here).

June VIP sketch, rough

Mon Jul 13 16:58:02 2015

rough version of the June VIP sketch

June VIP sketch

Mon Jul 13 16:56:30 2015

Nils won the spin-the-wheel thing and got to decide what I was drawing, and so here it is :)

Solar powered awesomeland

Mon Jul 13 16:52:00 2015

Nothing remotely related to the art, but I said I would keep a blog and I will keep a blog :)

This is my hydroponic window garden project and ladybug/aphid buffet. Just 3 months since seeding. I've got kale, lettuce, some different types of basil, 3 varieties of peppers and 4 varieties of tobacco, and probably some other stuff I am forgetting.

Sorta bloggish?

Fri Jul 10 03:32:45 2015

Looks like I am having migraines again. Probably from staying up so late derping around with the Gunbunny game. Gotta cut back my hours staring at monitors.

In good news, Clip Studio is on sale for $15, for the next 4 days: http://www.clipstudio.net/en

I'll be downloading my copy and giving it a whirl, compare it to Manga Studio.

Juicy Pearl

Wed Jul 8 03:02:57 2015

Not sure what else to say about this one :) Haven't drawn Pearl in a while so I went and did a nice monochrome shot of her doing what she does best with what she does it best with. Full uncensored stuff will be available to patrons here, and on SexyFur.com.

Pearl rough

Tue Jul 7 00:01:51 2015

I'll be finishing this one up as a full shaded illustration for here and for SexyFur.com.

Cobra sketch commission

Tue Jul 7 00:00:19 2015

Sketch commission for Cobra of his girl Luka. Low-res copy and publicly available only, as this was a commissioned piece.

Scraps: Ann

Thu Jun 25 01:12:18 2015

Never went anywhere. Uncensored version will be in the June art pack.

Scraps: Shakti

Thu Jun 25 01:10:22 2015

Never went anywhere. Uncensored version will be in the June art pack.

Scraps: Dawn horseride

Thu Jun 25 01:06:51 2015

A sketch that never went anywhere. Uncensored version will be in the June art pack.

Juicy bonus stuff for potential patrons:

Tue Jun 23 07:35:37 2015

The pile of art in the May section was never released because I had not announced this Patreon page until the beginning of June. It will be included in the art pack that goes out to the June patrons. Yay! Extra stuff!

July 4th Champagne

Mon Jun 22 01:49:02 2015

Also will be a nude version for patrons.

Tamara Fox beach shot

Sat Jun 20 16:23:35 2015

HD desktops (flat, not layered PSDs as this is a commission piece for RicochetCoyote) will be available to patrons in the end-of-the-month art pack.

Hensa and Buxbi, Tron edition

Tue Jun 9 23:04:12 2015

Tron-ified Hensa and Buxbi.

Beach girls

Mon Jun 8 18:12:09 2015

A nice desktop :)

Miami gape shot

Sun Jun 7 21:40:59 2015

Another twisted disgusting shot from the dark recesses of my brain. Uncensored version will be available to patrons after the billing cycle completes.


Mon May 25 03:56:44 2015

An art trade for Doffa, of his character Mara, all Tron'd out.

Respectful patrons will receive high res images and layered PSDs once the montly stuff has been processed.

Black Widow on her light cycle

Fri May 22 19:52:55 2015

Because Tron.
Mid tier patrons and up will get the full uncensored image once pledges have been processed.

Dawn helps dig some post holes

Fri May 22 19:48:48 2015

Or is she getting her post hole dug deeper?
Mid tier patrons and up will get the full uncensored image once pledges have been processed.

Road warrior chick

Fri May 22 19:45:55 2015

Because Mad Max is awesome.
Mid tier patrons and up will get the full uncensored image once pledges have been processed.

Champagne on a boat, bikini edition

Fri May 22 19:40:51 2015

She's on a boat, in a bikini!


Champagne on a boat

Fri May 22 19:39:46 2015

She's on a boat!
Mid tier patrons and up will get the full uncensored image once pledges have been processed.