who is Smathan Trake?

Sat Oct 17 22:31:43 2020

based on a throw away line in crash 4 that i wanted to run with.

yeah i'm sorry i kept this a secret and spent time on it when i have so much else that needs doing :(


Foot! Stirup! NOW!

Wed Oct 14 00:02:20 2020

ok i went a bit over board playing with the line work but it does look good, just another bit of fan art for rabbi tom


red and bones

Mon Oct 5 23:56:58 2020

finally got back to finishing off the line work for this one. i plan to do some color studies digitally then print it out for traditional work


Copic Mar WIP

Tue Sep 22 00:05:51 2020

i was going to buy some French curves from the art store today because my old ones from college broke but fortunately my dad still had his from his engineering days so now i have a full set.

mar still needs work on his color because his armor is normally a lot darker

1567.jpg 1567.jpg 1569.jpg

What heresy is this!!!??

Mon Sep 21 00:03:54 2020

since i am not going to get the folio done today i decided to practice with copics and inks

1564.jpg 1563.jpg 1563.jpg

dem bonez

Sat Sep 19 23:36:19 2020

colored the sketch up with some copic

1562.jpg 1562.jpg

a "quick" skeleton

Sat Sep 12 23:59:10 2020

well this was just going to be a quick study because i wanted an excuse to work with traditional mediums with out the stress of "gotta be publishable" but it ended up taking half the day....but i do like the inky look of it and later i will start coloring

1556.jpg 1556.jpg

6 brass stars character sketch

Sun Aug 30 23:43:39 2020

what is 6 brass stars?

orcs, rat women, moth sorceress, gobo arachnid riders, and undead world ending hordes that one lone, broke, merchant must some how survive...with plenty or smut


swim suit day update

Tue Aug 25 00:02:20 2020

i work on this in the morning to help get my day started


bathing suit update

Sun Aug 23 00:37:14 2020

did a bit more polish on this one going to need to redo her hand because now i can see its angle is odd


cyro update

Sun Aug 23 00:32:41 2020

AC is finally fixed so i was able to get back to work drawing some censorsheiks

since censorshiek is probably responsible for about 20% of my traffic i am trying to make her more "fun" with each folio

hold-for-gravity-c.jpg cryo-nom-c.jpg good-morning-c.jpg oral-docking-c.jpg space-connection-c.jpg zero-g-nom-c.jpg hold-for-gravity-c.jpg gravity-dancce-c.jpg huston-we-have-bj-c.jpg

rough day

Fri Aug 21 23:57:15 2020

the AC went out in my place so we spent all day fixing it, but i did manage to get a couple of sketches worked on when we took breaks

1509.jpg 1510.jpg

kota ally

Thu Aug 20 23:45:33 2020

cleaned up the lines

ally-69.jpg allys-kitty.jpg ally-job.jpg mouth-of-the-ally.jpg kitty-kiss.jpg back-ally.jpg boxing-day.jpg ona-barrel.jpg

out of the cyro update

Thu Aug 20 00:22:06 2020

now all the base colors are down and ready for final polish...though that part takes the longest

cryo-nom.jpg hold-for-gravity.jpg huston-we-have-bj.jpg space-connection.jpg zero-g-nom.jpg good-morning.jpg oral-docking.jpg gravity-dancce.jpg

dance of the serpent update

Thu Aug 20 00:00:09 2020

line work done

scaly-nom.jpg scaly-nom.jpg scaly-hold.jpg sunset-grab.jpg tomgue-wrapping.jpg Dance-of-the-serpent.jpg pet-snake.jpg pin-blow.jpg sunset-hold-me.jpg

Daily Doe: Pegus Boom

Thu Aug 20 00:01:01 2020


PEGUS BOOM! featuring everyones favorite super censor ROCKETSHEIK!

yeaaay got it done! now on to the next set


pegus boom update

Wed Aug 19 00:10:17 2020

ok so my net is Back! it came back to full speed about 5 mins before i normally start posting so that was good.

there was still some color fixings i need to do but with such a slow net i couldn't send images to my friend to help me with things i missed. tomorrow morning i will do the final fixings then publish both here and gumroad

candy-taste-C.jpg cloud-nine-C.jpg back-up-booty-C.jpg cloud-nine.jpg dont-let-go.jpg dont-let-go-C.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg fluff-cloud-C.jpg fall-job.jpg flying-squat-C.jpg Oh-boomC.jpg candy-taste.jpg fall-job-C.jpg flying-squat.jpg candy-taste-C.jpg back-up-booty.jpg Oh-boom.jpg

net problems today

Tue Aug 18 20:43:48 2020

my net is really spotty today. i don't know if i will be able to post anything since i am down to 0.3 Mbps.

hopefully Tmoblie will fix whatever is going on with their network, but i don't know

pegus boom upate

Tue Aug 18 00:18:47 2020

NUUUUUUU i didn't finish it ...oh well gotta keep at it

back-up-booty.jpg candy-taste-C.jpg cloud-nine-C.jpg cloud-nine.jpg dont-let-go-C.jpg fall-job-C.jpg fall-job.jpg fluff-cloud-C.jpg flying-squat.jpg Oh-boomC.jpg back-up-booty-C.jpg candy-taste.jpg Oh-boom.jpg dont-let-go.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg flying-squat-C.jpg

pegus boom update

Sun Aug 16 23:50:05 2020

ooooh so close to being done. just need a biiiit more polish then i can add the textures, work the contrast a touch and add the last little textures.

now i wonder if i should give her that rainbow hair look or just keep it this monochomtic. let me know what you think

back-up-booty.jpg candy-taste.jpg candy-taste-C.jpg cloud-nine.jpg dont-let-go.jpg dont-let-go-C.jpg fall-job-C.jpg flying-squat.jpg flying-squat-C.jpg Oh-boomC.jpg back-up-booty-C.jpg cloud-nine-C.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg fluff-cloud-C.jpg fall-job.jpg Oh-boom.jpg

pegus boom update

Sat Aug 15 23:48:27 2020

these three are almost done

fluff-cloud.jpg Oh-boom.jpg flying-squat.jpg

philophana update

Sat Aug 15 00:26:24 2020

i hope i spelled her name right this time. i am terrible with names

philophana-page-08.jpg philophana-page-09.jpg philophana-page-10.jpg

out of cryo update

Sat Aug 15 00:23:00 2020

line work done now to get the color started. i have scribbles of censorsheik but i will need to make them more legible before posting

gravity-dancce.jpg cryo-nom.jpg huston-we-have-bj.jpg good-morning.jpg zero-g-nom.jpg oral-docking.jpg gravity-dancce.jpg hold-for-gravity.jpg space-connection.jpg

angel commission update

Sat Aug 15 00:19:00 2020

finished the lone work now to get the color done. last will be a "x-ray" image


beeeeeeeee have update

Sat Aug 15 00:14:07 2020

started the final painting for the first "bee have" folio. still not sure what title i will end with but i decided i was procrastinating too much so i printed several images full sized and started transferring them to watercolor paper. i plan to make the censorsheiks in traditional mediums too


copic bee studies

Fri Aug 14 00:59:11 2020

because traditional mediums have no "undo" button i've been trying to figure out my pallet before jumping into the full sized image. because the bee girl is yellow, or even orange i decided to go with a complementary coloc scheme, blue and orange. using some warm browns to add shadows

the first image was my first attempt. i am trying to be loose and rough so i don't stress myself out on filling in the color just right, the next i tried refining the pallet of the two characters, third was focusing on just the lighting and the final i was trying to get the guy's skin color down as i felt the first was too grey and the second too "florescent"


dance of the serpent update

Fri Aug 14 00:07:59 2020

only got to finish 2 line works for Dance of the serpent . after i am done posting i will work on some more traditional mediums it still feels more like "goofing off" rather then actual "work" because i am not all that comfortable with it still

sunset-hold-me.jpg tomgue-wrapping.jpg

censhi line update

Fri Aug 14 00:02:18 2020

it took most the day but all the line work is done. i have a few more things to post

cloud-nine-C.jpg cloud-nine-C.jpg candy-taste-C.jpg fluff-cloud-C.jpg Oh-boomC.jpg flying-squat-C.jpg dont-let-go-C.jpg fall-job-C.jpg back-up-booty-C.jpg

censhi update

Thu Aug 13 00:10:12 2020

lines almost done

cloud-nine-C.jpg candy-taste-C.jpg back-up-booty-C.jpg dont-let-go-C.jpg fluff-cloud-C.jpg Oh-boomC.jpg cloud-nine-C.jpg fall-job-C.jpg flying-squat-C.jpg

kota update

Thu Aug 13 00:08:06 2020

(sings) the boobs are back and there's gnna be trou-ble (sings)

allys-kitty.jpg ally-job.jpg ally-69.jpg kitty-kiss.jpg allys-kitty.jpg boxing-day.jpg back-ally.jpg

Philiophana update

Tue Aug 11 23:19:48 2020

just cleaning up the lines and adding in the details

philophana-page-06.jpg philophana-page-07.jpg philophana-page-08.jpg

Kota alley

Tue Aug 11 23:17:26 2020

there we go. Kota and bruce folio rendered out. next 3d project will be to set up the environments for the next 5 folios

ally-69.jpg boxing-day.jpg back-ally.jpg mouth-of-the-ally.jpg allys-kitty.jpg kitty-kiss.jpg ally-job.jpg ona-barrel.jpg

pegus boom update

Mon Aug 10 23:27:28 2020

all the base colors are down and smoothed out a bit, now i can merge the line work with the color and finish off the folio

candy-taste.jpg dont-let-go.jpg fall-job.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg flying-squat.jpg cloud-nine.jpg back-up-booty.jpg candy-taste.jpg Oh-boom.jpg

pegus boom update

Sun Aug 9 23:36:29 2020

i'm starting the censorshieks WAY earlier then normal now. i have always felt rushed when i do them and i don't like that feeling of slight panic when trying to finish a bunch of drawings in order to be "on time"

it also made them feel "tacked on" more then "part of the process"

back-up-booty-C.jpg dont-let-go-C.jpg fall-job-C.jpg candy-taste-C.jpg Oh-boomC.jpg cloud-nine-C.jpg fluff-cloud-C.jpg flying-squat-C.jpg

dance of the serpent update

Sun Aug 9 23:29:46 2020

first draft of line work done

pet-snake.jpg scaly-nom.jpg sunset-grab.jpg Dance-of-the-serpent.jpg sunset-hold-me.jpg pin-blow.jpg pet-snake.jpg scaly-hold.jpg tomgue-wrapping.jpg

Daily Doe: Peak Wulf folio

Sat Aug 8 23:33:11 2020

"so you like em 'fluffy' "?


alright alrighty finished the censorsheiks and got this puppy ready. i will keep working on the comics after i spread the work load of my folios a bit more


Philophana chapter 2 update

Sat Aug 8 00:18:33 2020

philophana gets a job offer, but being a robot stunt double is NOT what she had in mind.

now it's time to get feedback from simone for any changes before i move on to more polish

philoana-page-07.jpg philoana-page-07.jpg philoana-page-11.jpg philoana-page-09.jpg philoana-page-12.jpg philoana-page-08.jpg philoana-page-10.jpg philoana-page-06.jpg

the next set of folios

Fri Aug 7 00:21:46 2020

forgot to make a poll the other day. sorry

i have been going through a lot of my old sketches for comics and thinking to myself "oooh i can go back and finish that" (most of them and just super rough sketches) but i need to finish a good back log of folios first.

each one of these folios will be done, but you all decide on what order they get done

and the ones that say they are the folio version not the comic version, like "peak wulf" they will just be the folio version but i will use the folio version to help me make the environments and characters for the comic version

peak wulf folio update

Fri Aug 7 00:02:08 2020

yeah i decided to take the 8 folio images i made for "peak wulf" and publish them as a folio instead of tacking them on the end of the comic.

that way i will have another folio as a buffer to help spread out the workload some more.

i remember trying to make a big set of folios a long time ago. i gave up because i was very insecure with my process, using 3d and all that, but now especially since i have been going through my older works i finding that they are really not bad at all

i hope that doesn't come across as arrogant, i just mean i feel more comfortable with my drawing methods and won't be just dropping everything like i have in the past

belly-rub-c.jpg mountain-climb-c.jpg lap-floof-c.jpg snow-cuddle-c.jpg have-a-bone-c.jpg snow-side-c.jpg roll-over-c.jpg sit-girl-c.jpg

angel commission update

Wed Aug 5 23:45:29 2020

just tightening up line work and polishing up the shadows


peguas boom update

Wed Aug 5 23:43:09 2020

there is only one phase going on in his head "oh my god!"

back-up-booty.jpg cloud-nine.jpg dont-let-go.jpg fall-job.jpg flying-squat.jpg Oh-boom.jpg candy-taste.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg

the queen cobra's dance

Tue Aug 4 23:23:52 2020

i sent the day setting up the environments for the last two folios that were voted on. the 4 armed naga and kota's folios.

i had a lot of stuff to set up, importing and arranging props. THEN i found realized i did not have a texture for my 4 armed naga, so i went online to find some color ideas and i settled on a king cobra pattern. after that i rendered out the naga folio and next i will render out Kota and bruce. i don't think i will be able to render out the full folio tonight but i will try

tomorrow i will put up another poll for the next 5 or so ideas i have, again just with characters i have ready to set. once i am a few months ahead in folios i will have a few more character ready and can start putting them into the polls

Dance-of-the-serpent.jpg pet-snake.jpg scaly-hold.jpg pin-blow.jpg sunset-hold-me.jpg tomgue-wrapping.jpg scaly-nom.jpg sunset-grab.jpg

Classic Doe: Rena-Cromed

Mon Aug 3 23:52:48 2020

once again our unlikely warrior couple on another one of their sultry escapades



Classic Daily Doe: Otter splash

Mon Aug 3 23:50:23 2020

that is the face of a man regretting his life choice



Daily doe: Gove Me Belly Wubz

Mon Aug 3 23:47:54 2020

When DelNala wants her belly rubbed she will pester Marcus until she gets all she wants



Pegus-boom update

Mon Aug 3 23:45:20 2020

back that pegus booty up

back-up-booty.jpg candy-taste.jpg cloud-nine.jpg

oh bee-have

Mon Aug 3 00:27:10 2020

yeah yeah bad punz

i tend to work with the traditional mediums just after i get up and after i finish my daily postings mainly because it still takes a lot of time but not quite up to the quality or confidence of a folio or commission image. so it feels less like work and more like playing around right now.

also after my work day i brush up on my color theory so i can be more deliberate and organized with my color choices, as i am still a bit too chaotic

1479.jpg 1480.jpg


Mon Aug 3 00:10:33 2020

now for censorsheik

road-bumpc.jpg road-bumpc.jpg splash-downc.jpg now-eatc.jpg want-belly-rubc.jpg wolfy-styec.jpg dom-timec.jpg therow-blowc.jpg hersyour-rubc.jpg

dropbox sketch back up

Sat Aug 1 23:21:27 2020


just in case

belly wub update

Sat Aug 1 23:03:25 2020


because patreon is being slow right now i uploaded the update to my drop box


Fri Jul 31 23:53:50 2020

cleaned up the line work a bit and made her head smaller

back-up-booty.jpg cloud-nine.jpg candy-taste.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg flying-squat.jpg dont-let-go.jpg fall-job.jpg Oh-boom.jpg

belly wub update

Fri Jul 31 00:04:59 2020

these three are about 90% done

therow-blow.jpg therow-blow.jpg hersyour-rub.jpg dom-time.jpg

night of the jackalopes update

Fri Jul 31 00:02:45 2020

today was a weird day, my internet broke and it took several hours to get it fixed, so i found i rely a lot on youtube to make "background noise" to help me focus on my work. when working if i don't have some stuff to listen to in the back ground my mind starts thinking about all the other projects i want to get done.

as a side note i got a large shipment of watercolor paper so i can do a lot more traditional drawings


tarocca final

Thu Jul 30 23:57:37 2020

added the final touches of simone's latest character (woot)


peak wulf update

Thu Jul 30 00:32:48 2020

adding in some more flats

panel-0044.jpg panel-0044.jpg panel-0043.jpg panel-0045.jpg

out of cryo update

Thu Jul 30 00:30:53 2020

and there we go. the rest of THIS folio now has the base line work done

now i need to make the environments for the last 2 folios that were voted on. kota and the 4 armed naga

gravity-dancce.jpg huston-we-have-bj.jpg hold-for-gravity.jpg space-connection.jpg oral-docking.jpg zero-g-nom.jpg

ratty tat rat

Thu Jul 30 00:27:17 2020

it took most the morning but i finished the base model for my rodent girls



setting up some studies

Wed Jul 29 00:41:47 2020

i still want to do oil and acrylic paints so i set up a plan on how in my own warped way.

i transferred these onto watercolor paper and my first step will be to apply my colors this way

image 1: copic
image 2: copic then colored pencil
image 3: copic, pencil, gouache

image 4: copic, pencil gouache/watercolor and acrylic on top

then i will tranfer the same kind of line image to on of my canvas boards and try the same process but after the acrylic step is done i will finish it off with oils.


belly wub update

Wed Jul 29 00:30:46 2020

just polishing up more of this folio

now-eat.jpg want-belly-rub.jpg

angel comish update

Wed Jul 29 00:29:13 2020

added in the first set of horns. and i started refining the characters in sections. redoing the line work to have more "weight" in relationship to my light source and refining my shadows and highlights.


tarocca update

Wed Jul 29 00:25:57 2020

changed her interior colors and added some extra shadows. i don't want to cover up the pencil work or compete with it by using too many shadows and highlights


my lady pegasus

Wed Jul 29 00:22:09 2020

went through a first draft of the linework for this folio. just a rough scribble. i got a few things done today along with this so i feel i had a good work day

candy-taste.jpg back-up-booty.jpg cloud-nine.jpg fall-job.jpg Oh-boom.jpg dont-let-go.jpg candy-taste.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg flying-squat.jpg

belly wub update

Tue Jul 28 00:14:48 2020

ok stiiiiilll not quite fast enough to do a full painted folio in 3 days, but i would rather it look good in the end so i am going to take a bit more time on this.

moving forward i will adjust my strategy a bit. i'm going to spread out the other folios a bit more. tomorrow i will mostly be working on the commissions i have but i will also work on the line work for the "blue pegasus not so little kinda pony lady" and do a bit of (just an hour per day) setting up the last 2 folio ideas everyone voted on. kota with bruce and a 4 armed naga lady.

after those folios are mostly done i will set up another voting poll

hersyour-rub.jpg splash-down.jpg now-eat.jpg wolfy-stye.jpg road-bump.jpg dom-time.jpg want-belly-rub.jpg hersyour-rub.jpg therow-blow.jpg

belly wubs update

Mon Jul 27 00:05:26 2020

darn didn't finish it today

now-eat.jpg hersyour-rub.jpg road-bump.jpg splash-down.jpg want-belly-rub.jpg dom-time.jpg wolfy-stye.jpg now-eat.jpg therow-blow.jpg

belly wub update

Sun Jul 26 00:22:38 2020

well i got the base colors down

dom-time.jpg now-eat.jpg road-bump.jpg therow-blow.jpg want-belly-rub.jpg hersyour-rub.jpg splash-down.jpg wolfy-stye.jpg

belly rub update

Sun Jul 26 00:01:00 2020

im speeding through the line work to try to get to the painting section and hopefully get the whole thing done by tomorrow

hersyour-rub.jpg dom-time.jpg now-eat.jpg want-belly-rub.jpg road-bump.jpg therow-blow.jpg wolfy-stye.jpg hersyour-rub.jpg splash-down.jpg

color test for art trade

Sat Jul 25 00:15:02 2020

i am testing out some colors form my trade with rabbi-tom. this first version is just to get an idea how they will look in normal day light, next i will try different lightings


copic color test bee folio

Sat Jul 25 00:10:31 2020

one of the folios i "abandoned" a while ago, i have the line work all done but i was not happy with the colors. now i will use it as an excuse to work more with copics and gouache (and maybe some colored pencils thrown in for texture)

i will need to order a bunch of watercolor paper soon.

right now it is a bit too bright so i will slowly add in some cooler shadows


copic monkey butt

Fri Jul 24 00:31:57 2020

last night i organized all my copic markers so i can do some color studies this morning. i love the way copic works and i was planning to paint some gouache on this but maybe i will tranfer the image t a new piece of paper and start again with some color variations


so i did three

Fri Jul 24 00:27:42 2020

sincce i am going to need to start the next folio Saturday, i decided to render out 3 of the 5 folios

delnala and marcus, and our "not so little" Pegasus, because those are neck in neck and i had a clear idea for delnala and the pegasus one would just be in the clouds so her back grounds are easy

i finished rendering Azula's folio because i had part of it done already and i really like how the first one ended up looking

depending on the vote i will either start on delnala or the pegasus but i will once again have a back log of some folios

back-up-booty.jpg cloud-nine.jpg fluff-cloud.jpg dont-let-go.jpg Oh-boom.jpg now-eat.jpg splash-down.jpg hersyour-rub.jpg want-belly-rub.jpg wolfy-stye.jpg good-morning.jpg huston-we-have-bj.jpg hold-for-gravity.jpg space-connection.jpg gravity-dancce.jpg flying-squat.jpg road-bump.jpg fall-job.jpg candy-taste.jpg therow-blow.jpg dom-time.jpg cryo-nom.jpg zero-g-nom.jpg oral-docking.jpg

a triceratops appears

Thu Jul 23 00:11:50 2020

whew busy day. i finished the base textures and a rough rig for my new triceratops girl and the rest of my copic order came in so i organized them by color and numbers. i now have the full set of copics so i will be doing a lot more color studies in traditional medium mixing copics, gouache, watercolor and watercolor pencils.

also i almost finished the base model for my rodent girl too. i will be using her as a base for rats mice and any other animal with similar features



Classic Doe: in the garden of the damsel

Wed Jul 22 00:01:00 2020


don't want to forget bringing back the classics


Angel commission udate

Wed Jul 22 00:01:00 2020

i added in the general areas for shadows and highlights just roughly right now. i have an experimental idea that i think will look really good in the end


Tarocca update

Wed Jul 22 00:01:00 2020

pencils done, scanned her back in and added her base colors, after help from Simone to get the colors he wanted specifically.

i don't want to do too much color rendering because it will compete with the textures of the traditional medium so once her colors get final approval i will do just a touch more color shadows and highlights


Next Daily doe folio

Wed Jul 22 00:01:01 2020

i will focus on characters i already have rigged or at least can add a quick new rig to an old character.

depending on what gets the most votes the fastest, i may need to start with the environment early

daily doe update

Tue Jul 21 00:41:07 2020

ok. i will NOT be able to get a new folio done by Wednesday so i will move the next folio to start Saturday so i can publish it Monday. i don't want to burn out right as i restart the weekly folios.

so tomorrow i will set up a poll were you all can vote on the next folio to be made. i'm going to limit it to models i already have ready for rendering, until i can finish new anthro ladies to add to the list


Daily Doe: Jungle Zebra

Tue Jul 21 00:34:51 2020

"who is this 'Livingston' I presume i need to find? is it Him? is it you?"

Censhi may never know


1450.jpg 1450.jpg

zebra jungle censhi

Sun Jul 19 23:46:51 2020

so close....so very close to having this folio done today. the uncensored images were finished this morning (though it took until noon) and i spent the rest of the day coming up with and sketching in censhi, i won't polish up the line work any more because i plan to put the line and color all on one layer like i did for the folio proper.

it's going to be a late night

moving forward i plan to make Monday through Wednesday "folio" days and on wednesday i will start opening up voting for the next folio character. i will be focusing on characters i already have models for at first, to give me time in the rest of the week to finish off the figures i started

bent-overc.jpg check-upc.jpg the-touchc.jpg zebra-flexc.jpg tree-pinnedc.jpg lay-logc.jpg shaded-kissc.jpg zebra-jobc.jpg

zebra jungle update

Sun Jul 19 00:20:59 2020

so close. i got 5 done. though there are a few more touch ups to do on the finished ones. i will keep working on this folio until i turn in. if this folio is successful then i will dedicate Monday to Wednesday (hopefully just Monday Tuesday) as "folio days" so i can get a new one out once a week and still have the rest of the week to work on 3d, commission, comics etc



zebra renders

Sun Jul 19 00:13:47 2020


finished all the renders today so i could go right into painting. i wanted to see just how much i could get done in a day with a super trimmed down drawing process. if i am lucky i can get a full folio, censorsheik and all, done in 1 to 3 days, though i am shooting for 2


battle bot damage

Sat Jul 18 00:40:09 2020

added some battle damage. once simone approves her design i will go back and finish polishing the image.

1448.jpg 1438.jpg

classic doe: Sweet Peach Seas

Sat Jul 18 00:04:59 2020

Momo Hachimitsu was the first to greet the new comer from the far off land. As he showed her around his ship she shared with him her appreciation of his company



peak update

Sat Jul 18 00:02:10 2020

and noe all floofed up

panel-0038.jpg panel-0040.jpg panel-0041.jpg panel-0039.jpg panel-0042.jpg

zebra jungle

Sat Jul 18 00:01:00 2020

the top one is 90% done and the other 3 have just been started. i could paint over the top one a bit more to make it look like my folios more so, but let me know what you all think.

the painting/render part is all done on one layer so it went by super fast.

check-up.jpg tree-pinned.jpg the-touch.jpg zebra-flex.jpg check-up.jpg

Classic doe: Return of the Goddess

Thu Jul 16 23:54:26 2020


not content with just a single romp in the "hay" our dragoness goddess decides to retake her knightly lover again


full 3d folio test

Thu Jul 16 23:52:24 2020

a while ago i was asked by one of you (sorry i forgot who at this moment) if i could do a pure 3d folio. now i finally got around to starting it. this si just a test render, i probably will still do some paint over in the end to punch up colors and add some elements like fur and hair.

so lets see how this experiment turns out


peak update

Thu Jul 16 23:47:12 2020

color tastic at least the base coat

panel-0035.jpg panel-0036.jpg panel-0037.jpg

peak update

Thu Jul 16 00:07:00 2020

they got waterlogged


color study

Thu Jul 16 00:05:23 2020

copic gouache and watercolor on watercolor paper. this image is only 4 inches tall. i really like the way copic markers feel and the color range i can get


the angel comish

Wed Jul 15 23:59:43 2020

aaaaand i forgot to finish her horn layers


Tarocca update

Tue Jul 14 23:44:53 2020

an interesting day today. i was dreading the idea of transferring the digital sketch to paper because my normal method was to print out the image on computer paper and cover the back with graphite and then trace over the lines while the paper i wanted to transfer too was underneath my printout. it is a long and tedious process and leaves a lot of groves in the paper because of how hard i need to press.

then i remembered "light boards" .....and i face palmed for about an hour.

with my dads help we fixed up my grandads old light board (he was an engineer and a part time cartoonist) and the art desk/stand my dad had made for it (in college he was also a part time cartoonist)

with a light board it was a lot easier to transfer the image to a new paper because the back light lets you see through your paper and you can lightly trace the lines you want

now that this light shade is done the last step will be to go back over with some dark pencils and really push the contrast


tarocca update

Tue Jul 14 00:11:53 2020

just doing final fixings and polishing the linework before i transfer it to either bristol board or my marker paper. i think marker paper would be best since i already tested it with my Mar pencil study


copic censhi

Tue Jul 14 00:08:48 2020

i thought i should do some studies with traditional medium with everyone's favorite censor bug, Censorsheik. and like a "big brain" i first tried going "BIG" ...but again i showed myself i should not jump into the deep end of the pool before i know how to "paddle" and so i did the next much smaller color study. i will be doing a lot more of her and taking a bunch on my unfinished (but line work IS finished) folios and do color studies for them too.

1436.jpg 1437.jpg

Classic Doe: Snow Leopard Desire

Mon Jul 13 00:28:47 2020


It is said that in the blue teeth mountains there resides a spiritual guide who will impart her wisdom for a price.....and it is a price worth paying


peak update

Mon Jul 13 00:20:43 2020

yaaah color


panel-0005.jpg panel-0006.jpg panel-0001.jpg panel-0004.jpg panel-0010.jpg panel-0009.jpg panel-0013.jpg panel-0003.jpg panel-0007.jpg panel-0015.jpg panel-0012.jpg panel-0019.jpg panel-0021.jpg panel-0024.jpg panel-0023b.jpg panel-0026.jpg panel-0025.jpg panel-0022.jpg panel-0027.jpg panel-0002.jpg panel-0011.jpg panel-0016.jpg panel-0005.jpg panel-0008.jpg panel-0017.jpg panel-0014.jpg panel-0023.jpg panel-0020.jpg panel-0018.jpg panel-0023a.jpg

dem bone heads

Mon Jul 13 00:05:03 2020

so i tried using less types of mediums with the next 5 skulls. 4 are just copic and pens and the last is colored pencils from a set i found that was probably 15 years old, the final skull i will use my newer watercolor pencils to see how they compare


Tarocca update

Sun Jul 12 23:50:25 2020

once her design is approved then i can refine her line work enough to transfer her to paper for pencil work


today in painting world

Sun Jul 12 00:09:13 2020

well i tried doing too much too quickly with this painting. i got overconfident with my skull studies and tried to jump into a lot of untested waters (again)

i need to do more little studies like the skulls but of more various items and figures

1429.jpg 1430.jpg

peak update

Sat Jul 11 00:00:27 2020


ok there we go that is all the line work done...except for a cover

now i can get back to the coloring


classic doe: Rage Lovers

Fri Jul 10 00:13:44 2020

well here's a blast from the past. our all time favorite "rage sex" couple https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rggvang66z89fzg/AAAhHQWEM7sMK-8RGv4v7cGEa?dl=0



Fri Jul 10 00:10:12 2020

"now i'm just going to stand here and water my lawn for the next week or two".....if anyone knows the game reference let me know ;) extra points if you know the youtuber who reviewed the game (one of his earliest vids)

panel-0054c.jpg panel-0056c.jpg panel-0059c.jpg panel-0066c.jpg panel-0062.jpg panel-0058c.jpg panel-0065c.jpg

Commission Tarocca

Fri Jul 10 00:02:54 2020

starting another commission for Simone. once i have the line work down the way he wants then i will print it out and do a pencil overlay. once that is done i will scan it back into photoshop and add some digital color. the end result should look pretty cool


angel comish

Thu Jul 9 23:57:49 2020

there we go. Angel's commission (the drawing part) has been started there are a few corrections needed and i still need to add in the tongue and textures on her model


night of the jackalope more character sketches

Fri Jul 10 00:00:01 2020

just expanding the character studies with some quick sketches

1425.jpg 1426.jpg

peak update

Fri Jul 10 00:00:01 2020

the censorshiek parts are a bit out of order right now. i just want to get them all at least started so i don't procrastinate on them when i get the colors down

panel-0054.jpg panel-0055.jpg panel-0056.jpg panel-0057c.jpg panel-0058.jpg panel-0058c.jpg panel-0059c.jpg panel-0059.jpg panel-0061.jpg panel-0063.jpg panel-0065.jpg panel-0069.jpg panel-0067.jpg panel-0068.jpg panel-0074.jpg panel-0066.jpg panel-0054c.jpg panel-0057.jpg panel-0062.jpg panel-0072.jpg panel-0064.jpg panel-0070.jpg panel-0056c.jpg panel-0060.jpg panel-0073.jpg

Classic Doe: Goddess of the Storms

Wed Jul 8 00:10:21 2020


every few year the people of the valley must "sacrifice" one of their best young warriors to the Goddess of the Storms. he always comes back quite satisfied


peak update

Tue Jul 7 23:48:31 2020

scruff that rump

panel-0052.jpg panel-0054.jpg panel-0056.jpg panel-0057.jpg panel-0053.jpg panel-0050.jpg panel-0051.jpg panel-0055.jpg panel-0058.jpg panel-0052.jpg

night of the Jackalopes

Wed Jul 8 00:00:04 2020

i have an idea for a comic called "night of the jackalopes" that i wanted a really Toontastic style for. so i took one of the very simple and stylized figures i have in my files and rigged it with a "stretchy bone" skeleton. basically a simplified version of the tail rig on my naga characters. i am hoping this new style of rig will help me keep the elastic style of cartoonish character but maintain consistent volumes and proportions


peak update

Mon Jul 6 23:00:23 2020

i'm keeping the line work a bit rougher since i plan to paint the color and final line work all on one layer like i did for the character rotations for Simone

panel-0042.jpg panel-0045.jpg panel-0044.jpg panel-0046.jpg panel-0048.jpg panel-0043.jpg panel-0047.jpg panel-0049.jpg

peak update

Mon Jul 6 00:14:47 2020

you know every couple week i should give myself at least a half day off so i can get away from drawing for at least a few hours. because when i come back i am able to do more

panel-0039.jpg panel-0040.jpg panel-0041.jpg

zebra color study

Mon Jul 6 00:11:12 2020

using digital swatches of my copic makers, i did a color study to reference from as i start painting


the moth returns

Mon Jul 6 00:04:23 2020

i spent most the day celebrating my sister's birthday so not too much to post today but i do feel refreshed

1419.jpg 1419.jpg 1418.jpg

Classic doe: Sees with her ears

Sun Jul 5 00:12:06 2020

everyones favorite blind battle bun bun https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hybawy3t0gfzzpw/AADOX3qDiF6j3HrviSp-CN7Ea?dl=0


forest zebra

Sun Jul 5 00:05:42 2020

i'm going to print this out and paint over it like the skulls i posted yesterday. next i will use this blend scene as a base for that full 3d folio i promised. i am going to test rendering in both Cycles and Eevee to see which gives the best finished product....i think it will probably be cycles but that is going to take a lot longer to render.


yu be done now

Sat Jul 4 23:53:27 2020

yes the commission set is done now i can gather up all the images to send off to Simone


Yu are done for

Sat Jul 4 00:08:03 2020

almost done. just need to finish off her rotation and then i can send the whole thing to Simone

1408.jpg 1408.jpg 1409.jpg 1411.jpg 1407.jpg

copic/pencils/gouache skulls

Sat Jul 4 00:05:48 2020

ok. i will keep doing studies like this because it is fun and scans decently but now i can start making folios.

1410.jpg 1412.jpg

behold Sil

Fri Jul 3 00:29:57 2020

oooh boy there were a few problems with this one. not super difficult, just tedious to fix. there were a few holes in her geometry that i had to fix and some vertices that were out of place but i managed to patch them all up and re rig the whole model adding teeth and eyes....and i forgot to give her a tongue well that is next along with the weight clean up


peak update

Fri Jul 3 00:06:28 2020

the only problem is she smells like pond water now

panel-0036.jpg panel-0036.jpg panel-0037.jpg panel-0038.jpg panel-0039.jpg panel-0035.jpg

Mar update

Wed Jul 1 23:42:50 2020

my copic markers and watercolor pencils came in today and i started making color swatches. i must say i really like both mediums.

after the swatches i will study how well they mix together. once i am confident in the mediums i will make some folios with all my mediums (that can be used together)

tag-page-1.jpg tag-page-2.jpg tag-page-4.jpg Cmar-chase.jpg tag-page-3.jpg

Classic Doe: my sweet love

Wed Jul 1 00:46:43 2020

everyone's favorite kitty is back



Yu almost finished them

Wed Jul 1 00:41:41 2020

darn almost had them all done today

1396.jpg 1402.jpg 1399.jpg 1394.jpg 1393.jpg 1405.jpg 1404.jpg 1403.jpg 1398.jpg 1400.jpg 1401.jpg 1396.jpg 1395.jpg 1397.jpg

peak update

Mon Jun 29 23:46:56 2020

these pages are ready for color

1392.jpg panel-0034.jpg panel-0035.jpg panel-0033.jpg 1392.jpg

Sil....found from the depths of Hard drive folders

Mon Jun 29 23:44:31 2020

one of my supporters, Angel, asked for a commission....aaaaand after a few memories popped up i realized i never finished this particular 3d commission. very embarrassing. so i will finish it and give him a few sketches since i messed up.

the rig will be the easiest part to finish since i just need to use my naga models for the base rig. the texture might take a while since i need to first make sure her UV maps are good and fix them if need be, and she is a BIG model, thanks to her tail.

but at least her tail (and nexk) will be a breeze to pose in the end


pin head

Mon Jun 29 23:35:37 2020

i found a bunch of stylized base meshes in my folders. they had i nice simple cartoony proportions to them so i rigged one up to see what i could draw over it. these will be great for my imitation "Darkest dungeon" style as is but i need to push my line work if i want to get anything more cartoony


Mar update

Mon Jun 29 00:00:41 2020


Cmar-chase.jpg tag-page-1.jpg tag-page-2.jpg tag-page-3.jpg

Yu looking at me?

Sun Jun 28 23:54:33 2020

yeah more name puns

1387.jpg 1388.jpg 1386.jpg 1390.jpg 1389.jpg 1387.jpg

art trade with rabbitom

Sun Jun 28 00:11:12 2020

it's going to be interesting when i start transferring this to paper


Mar update

Sun Jun 28 00:02:59 2020


tag-page-1.jpg tag-page-2.jpg Cmar-chase.jpg tag-page-1.jpg

classic Doe: Ivory Queen

Sun Jun 28 00:01:31 2020


i like the color set on this one


Classic Doe: The Damsel's Cave

Sat Jun 27 00:08:43 2020

Ah yes the damsel who started it all. this is actually a remake of the very first folio....not sure what i will do with the first one....might just add it to this one once i get up there



what Yu looking at?

Sat Jun 27 00:05:57 2020

im sorry bad joke i know. just going to finish all the expressions and rotations. then i can organize everything up into a nice package and send it off to Simone

1379.jpg 1380.jpg 1381.jpg

Mar update

Sat Jun 27 00:02:42 2020

page 1 added

Cmar-chase.jpg tag-page-1.jpg

Peak update

Thu Jun 25 23:55:04 2020

now all that is left will be censorsheik and refinement

panel-0064.jpg panel-0065.jpg panel-0066.jpg panel-0067.jpg panel-0068.jpg panel-0064.jpg panel-0069.jpg panel-0063.jpg

Chronicles of Mar: Chapter 1. The Chase

Thu Jun 25 23:49:49 2020

it will be slow going but if i never start Chronicles of Mar i will die before his story gets told. i know enough about mixing 2d and 3d skills to get everything to look the way i want it to and the color confidence to not have to rely on textures. i am even thinking about coloring it traditionally. i will only work the pages up to this sketch level so it will be easier to change when i get feedback.

also this will let me get out a page at least every other day without putting pressure on my other projects as all of Mar's stories have no smut in them


classic doe: library after hours after hours

Thu Jun 25 00:10:55 2020


that's some tall learning there


Khan's "power suit"

Wed Jun 24 23:56:40 2020

and that is a the illustrations for Khan's character sheet now i need to finish off Yu's sheet.

then i go back to Philophana's comic and sketch out all the pages first before going back to the color and other refinements


monkey spank

Wed Jun 24 00:03:01 2020

on to the gouache stage


peak update

Tue Jun 23 23:59:55 2020

when you tell her to sit...be carful where you are in relation to her

panel-0060.jpg panel-0061.jpg panel-0062.jpg panel-0065.jpg panel-0067.jpg panel-0069.jpg panel-0064.jpg panel-0063.jpg panel-0066.jpg panel-0068.jpg

Classic doe: Ocean love

Tue Jun 23 00:03:38 2020

she wants more then fish as a reward for her "performance"



Khan update

Mon Jun 22 23:54:29 2020

ok that is all the expressions done, just need to finish inking and coloring the rotation and i can move on to the next character

1367.jpg 1367.jpg 1368.jpg 1375.jpg 1372.jpg 1369.jpg 1373.jpg 1366.jpg 1371.jpg 1374.jpg 1370.jpg

peak update

Sun Jun 21 23:47:05 2020

the base of the tail is the key

panel-0051.jpg panel-0059.jpg panel-0057.jpg panel-0056.jpg panel-0053.jpg panel-0055.jpg panel-0052.jpg panel-0054.jpg panel-0058.jpg panel-0060.jpg

Classic Doe: Zebralicious redo

Sun Jun 21 00:08:52 2020

bring back another folio https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bw3pd77r6u0ytnh/AABl4EIshid2iEa5ly0tPFFda?dl=0


pink monkey butt

Sat Jun 20 23:57:12 2020

i'm losing a bit of the deeper hues in the pink areas. that may be due to the medium scan speed, once i have the image done i will really focus on getting those colors just right


peak wulf

Sat Jun 20 23:51:10 2020

this whole scene is just for humor sake....let me know if you think it is actually funny, or just too cringy to keep

panel-0024.jpg panel-0027.jpg panel-0026.jpg panel-0030.jpg panel-0031.jpg panel-0028.jpg panel-0025.jpg panel-0029.jpg

peak update

Sat Jun 20 01:08:58 2020

more panel work

panel-0023.jpg panel-0025.jpg panel-0024.jpg

Classic doe: Red Velvet

Fri Jun 19 00:16:41 2020


gotta taste that red velvet. re uploading another old folio i have about 30 more from 2016 then i need to go through my older ones.....that i did not organize ......oh boy

and then there will be the ones from the beginning....ooooooh boy. now to be honest most of the REALLY old ones i don't think are good enough to sell, buuuut that does not mean i can use them as a means to entertain both patreon members and possible new ones.

by drip feeding the REALLY old stuff and encouraging everyone to have a laugh i can get the entire daily doe back up after lulu terminated my store and incentivize people to come see the entire catalog.

let me know what you all think


how very expressive

Fri Jun 19 00:01:50 2020

whew! almost half way done with the expressions for khan

1357.jpg 1357.jpg 1361.jpg 1355.jpg 1363.jpg 1360.jpg 1354.jpg 1364.jpg 1356.jpg 1359.jpg 1362.jpg 1358.jpg

finally starting my trade

Thu Jun 18 00:34:24 2020

a while ago i asked rabbi-tom for a commission. for him to draw Mar and Shesheik how they "inspired" him. he offered to just give it to me instead but we agreed on an art trade in the end. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36445373/

i finally knuckled down to start my part of the trade and once i have the sketch done i will transfer it to some comic book Bristol board (i have found an un-opened pack from my college years) and then paint it in water color and gouache (i really want to use those supplies more )

unfortunately the set up took all day. and if you know rabbi-tom please don't show him the sketch yet because i want to show it only when it's done ;)


pink butt

Wed Jun 17 00:12:08 2020

spank that monkey


oops a golden monkey

Tue Jun 16 01:16:38 2020

so her original design is white fur with reddish brown body....oops.

i will keep going with the golden monkey look because i can always redo it on a new piece of watercolor paper and the practice will be good.

i'm using sai watercolor brushes plus "genuine crafts" watercolor brushes for the bulk of the colors, then i will paint over with gouache


inking the khan

Tue Jun 16 00:16:46 2020

iza drunk!!!

1348.jpg 1349.jpg

peak update

Tue Jun 16 00:11:43 2020

squeak squeak

panel-0043.jpg panel-0046.jpg panel-0047.jpg panel-0048.jpg panel-0050.jpg panel-0044.jpg panel-0049.jpg panel-0045.jpg

peak update

Sun Jun 14 23:55:47 2020

time to get dry after being wet

panel-0036.jpg panel-0035.jpg panel-0040.jpg panel-0037.jpg panel-0042.jpg panel-0041.jpg panel-0038.jpg panel-0039.jpg panel-0036.jpg

peak update

Sat Jun 13 23:42:45 2020


panel-0033.jpg panel-0034.jpg

water color monkey butt

Sat Jun 13 23:40:56 2020

now that i transferred the line work to water color paper (and did a couple edits)

i am wondering if i should ink some of the lines or not. i will start watching some water color videos to get a better idea of how i want the end product to look. i may end up re doing this a few times as practice


the business lady

Sat Jun 13 23:35:04 2020

and now i can refine the commission set


snekky dancer

Sat Jun 13 00:23:02 2020

ok so i did spend about an hour going through all my boxes from collage to see what art supplies i still kept...turns out quite a lot but no colored pencils...think i gave them to my sister

tomorrow i will transfer that monkey butt girl to some watercolor paper and start playing around with the gouache and water colors i have


censhi....OH COME ON

Sat Jun 13 00:17:34 2020

well one of those days where you sit down and in 10 mins some one calls for you to come help them.

griping aside i did get a few things done

this is going to be an odd format for a comic so i wonder how it will be received

panel-0043.jpg panel-0044.jpg panel-0045.jpg panel-0047.jpg panel-0049.jpg panel-0050.jpg panel-0048.jpg panel-0046.jpg

the wulf is re rigging again

Fri Jun 12 00:24:02 2020

just tweaking bone placement and removing some bones that seem to cause more posing problems then solve them


khan rotate

Fri Jun 12 00:18:27 2020

i know Simone asked me to do just a front and back but this just looks way better


i got me a sanner

Fri Jun 12 00:14:43 2020


and the color is really good. when i compared the watercolor sketch side by side with the scan they looked nearly identical.

so now i can stop procrastinating on doing more traditional mediums as i can scan stuff in now

though with oils i will need to set up a photo booth or something since oils take so long to dry i can't put them on the glass of the scanner

1343.jpg 1344.jpg

peak wulf update

Wed Jun 10 23:58:03 2020

if you are confused at to what is going on right now. they fall into a lake and she shakes her self dry.

working with these models has again made me realize i need more corrections i need to change the head controls by removing that "point at" control i have for their faces and fix their butts and shoulders again.

panel-0030.jpg panel-0033.jpg panel-0036.jpg panel-0031.jpg panel-0037.jpg panel-0040.jpg panel-0034.jpg panel-0039.jpg panel-0041.jpg panel-0032.jpg panel-0038.jpg panel-0035.jpg panel-0042.jpg

Classic Doe: Red Velvet

Tue Jun 9 23:47:57 2020


my first showing of "red Velvet" the vixen


Daily Doe: Fiery Fox

Mon Jun 8 23:28:54 2020

When you and your adverting partner settle down after a long day of traveling, you decide to do a little "training" before you turn in for the night. AND WATCH OUT Censorsheik...you'll get your bum burned

yaaay we gotsa new one at last



yaaaay faces

Mon Jun 8 23:18:51 2020

ok that is the last of the expressions sketched out. now i can start on the rotations

1330.jpg 1329.jpg 1332.jpg 1337.jpg 1333.jpg 1338.jpg 1339.jpg 1340.jpg 1330.jpg 1335.jpg 1334.jpg 1331.jpg 1336.jpg

Classic Doe: Medi Scans

Mon Jun 8 02:02:38 2020

yeah its a bug hunt....the best kind of bug hunt



monkey moon

Mon Jun 8 01:51:01 2020

moon moon monkey


foxy fire

Mon Jun 8 01:49:41 2020

the folio is done i just need to put in the copy wright and make the title.

fire-side-job.jpg fire-side-job1.jpg fire-side-job-C.jpg lift-my-fire-C.jpg pet-you-fire-C.jpg taste-the-flame1.jpg pet-you-fire1.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg light-your-fire1.jpg sit-nip-kiss-c.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg lay-the-fire-C.jpg stretch-along-the-flame-c.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg lay-the-fire1.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg taste-the-flame-C.jpg stretch-along-the-flame1.jpg lift-my-fire1.jpg sit-nip-kiss1.jpg light-your-fire.jpg light-your-fire-C.jpg

flame update

Sun Jun 7 00:30:54 2020

word to the wise....when work on re-tarping the roof of an RV....don't do it at noon in 80 F degree heat with high humidity, wait for a cooler day or do it in the early morning before the sun is really high. so i did not get much other work done

gotta try to catch up tomorrow

pet-you-fire.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg fire-side-job.jpg lay-the-fire-C.jpg light-your-fire-C.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg sit-nip-kiss-c.jpg stretch-along-the-flame-c.jpg fire-side-job-C.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg lift-my-fire-C.jpg pet-you-fire-C.jpg taste-the-flame-C.jpg

Classic Doe: Burning goddess

Sat Jun 6 00:19:43 2020

well it looks like things have gotten a little out of hand here.


so many old folios to bring back. there are some much older folios that i am wondering if i even should re-post. at least maybe not on gumroad.

i am talking about the earliest of folios.


campsite censheik

Sat Jun 6 00:15:07 2020

ok her line work is now done. time to color her

fire-side-job-C.jpg lay-the-fire-C.jpg light-your-fire-C.jpg stretch-along-the-flame-c.jpg sit-nip-kiss-c.jpg lift-my-fire-C.jpg pet-you-fire-C.jpg taste-the-flame-C.jpg

more expression updates

Sat Jun 6 00:06:08 2020

just 11 more to go

1319.jpg 1318.jpg 1321.jpg 1322.jpg 1319.jpg 1320.jpg

classic doe: Jungle Spirit

Fri Jun 5 00:44:57 2020

daaaaw kitty want a booby wub

i will see myself out now



campingsheik update

Fri Jun 5 00:32:10 2020

more buggy update. just gotta refine them lines

lay-the-fire-C.jpg lay-the-fire-C.jpg light-your-fire-C.jpg sit-nip-kiss-c.jpg fire-side-job-C.jpg stretch-along-the-flame-c.jpg pet-you-fire-C.jpg lift-my-fire-C.jpg taste-the-flame-C.jpg

classic doe: bugging around

Thu Jun 4 00:50:14 2020

been a while since we have seen this couple huh?

the life of a Dyson Steel Kin is hard. so whenever Liu and Arthur have some "down time" they often just "bugg" around



fire side foxy

Thu Jun 4 00:34:28 2020

there are probably a few more touch ups i need to do after i finish censorsheik but the folio is practically done

lay-the-fire.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg fire-side-job.jpg light-your-fire.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg light-your-fire.jpg

and now fire camp censorsheik

Thu Jun 4 00:29:43 2020

almost done with this folio. i pretty much finished the smut part today and got to start the censorsheik part. i should be able to finish this tomorrow

lay-the-fire-C.jpg lift-my-fire-C.jpg pet-you-fire-C.jpg light-your-fire-C.jpg stretch-along-the-flame-c.jpg taste-the-flame-C.jpg lay-the-fire-C.jpg sit-nip-kiss-c.jpg fire-side-job-C.jpg

fire side update

Wed Jun 3 00:21:37 2020

i keep forgetting about this folio. well i worked on it all day and now it is almost done

fire-side-job.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg light-your-fire.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg

the queen and her gaurd

Tue Jun 2 00:07:19 2020

added some simple colors to start


an expressive update

Tue Jun 2 00:05:25 2020

spent most the day sketching out expressions

1298.jpg 1300.jpg 1302.jpg 1303.jpg 1304.jpg 1307.jpg 1309.jpg 1308.jpg 1311.jpg 1305.jpg 1299.jpg 1310.jpg 1301.jpg 1306.jpg

Classic Daily Doe: Water Park Otter

Mon Jun 1 00:47:26 2020

having found a natural water park, our splish splashy couple take a break from their frolicking......to do some more frolicking down the natural rock water slides and jump off the high dive cliffs



random sketches

Mon Jun 1 00:30:15 2020

when i was working on "pouncing" i went and bought a bunch of daz plant models that were on super sale (some up to 80% off) but i had already finished the back grounds for that comic and redoing them would have been a bit of a waste just as an excuse to use some new toys.

also i realized why i am so much slower then i use to be with drawings...i use to never do more then the bare minimum for the backgrounds

anyway time to get back to normal work

1295.jpg 1296.jpg

two for today

Sun May 31 00:03:18 2020

two folios re-uploaded today, because i missed yesterday


the white queen's forest


snow coat

1294.jpg 1294.jpg 1293.jpg

peak wulf update

Sat May 30 23:55:55 2020

now i am almost done with the folio part i can go finish the comic part. i am on the fence whether i should bundle this with the comic or have it as its own separate folio. on the one hand its two product to promote on the other, more value to the customer.

belly-rub.jpg roll-over.jpg have-a-bone.jpg snow-cuddle.jpg snow-side.jpg lap-floof.jpg sit-girl.jpg mountain-climb.jpg

peak update folio

Fri May 29 23:48:37 2020

i am probably just going to add this folio to the end of peak wulf as a bonus

belly-rub.jpg have-a-bone.jpg lap-floof.jpg roll-over.jpg mountain-climb.jpg

the new sales tax thing

Fri May 29 11:43:24 2020

so the new sale tax rules are coming into effect on june 1st. i have looked through the setting i can do on my end but based on what i read up on, leaving the settings as they are now is best

peak update

Thu May 28 23:52:28 2020

once i get all these base colors down i need to brighten everything up and make the back ground mountains more "unified" with the rest of the images

panel-0018.jpg panel-0019.jpg panel-0016.jpg panel-0017.jpg panel-0020.jpg panel-0018.jpg

Classic doe: Arctic Feast

Thu May 28 23:49:17 2020

the fire is blazing, the tables are set with meats, fruits and mead. all that is needed is to wait for the guests to arrive. but these two seem to have found a way to pass the time until then


another re-upload


Khan expression update

Thu May 28 23:42:08 2020

more updates

1288.jpg 1291.jpg 1292.jpg 1290.jpg 1289.jpg

classic doe: cliff face lover

Thu May 28 00:34:57 2020


she's so floofy


my three naga

Thu May 28 00:23:59 2020




3 naga one update: the only thing for the rigging that needed updating was really just the tail and i found a tutorial on youtube that seemed pretty good. it took all day to get it right and when i tried the rig out.....it was a mess

so i deleted the tail mess and redid it with my own idea....took 20 mins and works SO much better


Classice doe: the lad's prince

Wed May 27 00:15:35 2020


another folio from "the vault" looking at this one makes me want to do another folio or comic but go full cartoon and not use any 3d. trying to make it closer to the cartoon it was inspired by


random snek sketches

Wed May 27 00:06:54 2020

just trying to capitalize on the apparent xcom popularity with snekky sneks....so i guess it's not actually random then

1283.jpg 1282.jpg 1283.jpg

classic doe: space viper

Tue May 26 00:28:53 2020

going through all these old folios i keep thinking "oh i can make THIS into a comic now!" the problem is that such a thing will take time AND i need to finish the comics i have on my plate right NOW before i pile on anything else



peak update

Tue May 26 00:17:46 2020

more floofy folio work. i think i will just add this to the tail end of the comic. since the story format is already kinda weird

have-a-bone.jpg lap-floof.jpg mountain-climb.jpg

Classic Doe: sunset spirt

Mon May 25 00:34:24 2020

another blast from the past reuploaded https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n4cc516r83jxlls/AACdLuKBYQQIDhXnySl3NbZra?dl=0


peak wulf update

Mon May 25 00:19:16 2020

broke out some digital "oil" brushes and played around to try and get a traditional feel


Khan expression update

Mon May 25 00:11:16 2020

did a whole bunch of them today

1274.jpg 1273.jpg 1276.jpg 1278.jpg 1279.jpg 1280.jpg 1277.jpg 1272.jpg 1275.jpg

classic doe: rough seas

Sat May 23 23:59:26 2020


another oldie brought back....one day i need to do the comic idea i have for this where "the salty acorn" attacks the "golden sail"


peak update

Sat May 23 23:53:49 2020

get da ball

panel-0013.jpg panel-0014.jpg panel-0015.jpg

wulf floof update

Sat May 23 00:21:14 2020

i had an idea yesterday, to see about transfering the weights from a daz figure to peak wulf, because i felt that daz would have better weights...turns out for THIS model that is not the case.

so i did a bunch more tests on her problem areas, mostly her hips and face and i think i have come up with a better solution

taking Simone's advice i used shape keys on her face (namely her eye lids) and i changed my approach on her nether regions. instead of using the auto weight system to add in all the weights for each genitalia bone, i turned them "off" for the auto weight pass then added the weights in manually. coupled with a shape key has produced better results.

getting back to the comic "peak wulf" i can test this update and see where i may need to make changes. if i am satisfied that i cannot improve the basic rig outside of shape keys, then i will move into the next step of bone driven shape keys and more custom bone shapes.

i have also been looking up animation tutorials again hopefully now i can understand them better



Rahim Khan expression sheet

Sun May 24 00:01:00 2020


sorry i had to do it

1263.jpg 1266.jpg 1269.jpg 1270.jpg 1267.jpg 1265.jpg

Classic Daily Doe:

Sun May 24 00:01:00 2020

uploaded another old folio https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zfcxzucvfuotkr7/AAA-CpDeTe5G043DFE9pij1-a?dl=0

a funky monkey with her chunk space hunky


Classic Daily Doe: Under Sea Kingdom

Thu May 21 23:31:17 2020

re uploaded another old folio. i hope now that i am not doing a "dropbox link" for the gumroad version people will be happier with their purchases and gumroad doesn't change their rules on me



naga throne

Thu May 21 23:27:18 2020

i wanted to do just a whole bunch of sketches today but unfortunately, real life issues made it near impossible to do any work today.


peak update

Thu May 21 00:10:30 2020

get out ye old squeaker. once i am done with this level of refinement i will go back and polish up the colors and environments

panel-0012.jpg panel-0014.jpg panel-0013.jpg

peak update

Tue May 19 23:54:07 2020

behold the floof

panel-0012.jpg panel-0012.jpg panel-0011.jpg

peak update

Mon May 18 23:19:52 2020

all this build up for a porn

panel-0011.jpg panel-0013.jpg panel-0014.jpg panel-0021.jpg panel-0024.jpg panel-0026.jpg panel-0028.jpg panel-0016.jpg panel-0015.jpg panel-0018.jpg panel-0022.jpg panel-0023.jpg panel-0029.jpg panel-0012.jpg panel-0019.jpg panel-0027.jpg panel-0030.jpg panel-0025.jpg panel-0017.jpg panel-0020.jpg

Rahim Khan expression sheet

Sun May 17 23:34:07 2020

sorry i have not been posting as much as i normally do. been feeling a bit drained for the past few days. give me a few more days and i should be back to peak production


peak update

Sun May 17 23:25:56 2020

more updates

panel-0008.jpg panel-0009.jpg panel-0010.jpg panel-0008.jpg

peak update

Sun May 17 00:10:55 2020

just hanging in there

panel-0007.jpg panel-0008.jpg panel-0006.jpg panel-0007.jpg

peak update

Sat May 16 00:04:23 2020

cliff hanger

panel-0005.jpg panel-0006.jpg

business woman

Thu May 14 23:58:53 2020

a study of the business woman who owns the android Ylva https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36333869/ part of Simone's next commission....i need to fix her shoulders they look a little small


peak update

Thu May 14 23:54:57 2020

the rock broke


peak update

Wed May 13 23:48:02 2020

should we be playing "eye of the tiger" ?

panel-0001.jpg panel-0002.jpg panel-0003.jpg

Rahim Khan

Tue May 12 23:23:19 2020

Mina's Mechanic now has his first study done


peak 3d update

Tue May 12 23:15:57 2020

i edited and updated her rig. i hope this version will be easier to use. aside from her pussy i have not made any corrective morphs yet



peak update

Mon May 11 23:37:41 2020

as i have been making this comic i been putting both my riggings through their paces and seen a lot of things that need fixing. i think my biggest problem is making the rig too complex in certain areas like the face and hips. when i update it next i will try to simplify those areas

panel-0002.jpg panel-0001.jpg panel-0006.jpg panel-0005.jpg panel-0013.jpg panel-0010.jpg panel-0017.jpg panel-0008.jpg panel-0003.jpg panel-0014.jpg panel-0007.jpg panel-0018.jpg panel-0002.jpg panel-0015.jpg panel-0004.jpg panel-0009.jpg panel-0011.jpg panel-0016.jpg panel-0012.jpg

Mina's Mechanic face study

Mon May 11 00:23:01 2020

today my dad and i celebrated our birthdays together and early so most of the day was goofing off. i did manage to get off my lazy butt and start on Simone's next commission, a pair of character sheets of Mina's Mechanic and the business woman who owns the android Ylvan.

i started with a digital pencil study so i could focus on form only....and because it was fun


clock moth done

Sun May 10 00:10:19 2020

next we will be working on some character sheets


peak folio

Sun May 10 00:09:00 2020

sharing body heat


peak update

Sat May 9 00:05:10 2020

more panels for peak wulf. be prepared for a special appearance from censorsheik in a few more pages

panel-0001.jpg panel-0002.jpg panel-0006.jpg panel-0007.jpg panel-0009.jpg panel-0008.jpg panel-0011.jpg panel-0003.jpg panel-0012.jpg panel-0005.jpg panel-0004.jpg panel-0010.jpg

a clock work plan

Thu May 7 23:38:46 2020

just a few more touch ups and then this commission will be done


real pencil test

Thu May 7 23:36:37 2020

i tried out a pencil drawing....i really need to get a good scanner

the problem is, the one i want is (Epson expression line) starts at 2k and goes up to 4k and i am not sure i am going to do enough traditional medium to justify that cost (the scanner has a scan area of 11" by 17")

now it could be a "chicken and egg" type argument. where i don't do enough traditional mediums to justify buying a scanner because i don't have a scanner to help justify spending more time on traditional mediums.

i know Mustek has a much cheaper A3 sized scanner but the reviews i have seen on all their products have not been good


fiery fox update

Thu May 7 23:28:42 2020

i forgot about this folio. best finish polishing it up too

light-your-fire.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg

peak wulf update

Wed May 6 23:50:18 2020

more panel work for peak wulf

panel-0001.jpg panel-0002.jpg panel-0003.jpg panel-0005.jpg panel-0004.jpg

new tax rules for patreon

Wed May 6 20:15:52 2020

looks like patreon is updating their sales tax rules starting july 1. i will see what i can do on my end to minimize any impact it would have on everyone subscribed to me but i can't do anything until the end of may when they promise to give creators some advance tax options.

i don't know what that will entail but i am hoping i can take some of that burden onto myself if possible

peak wulf panels

Wed May 6 00:05:48 2020

today was a chaotic day so not much work got done

panel-0001.jpg panel-0002.jpg

da floof is real!

Tue May 5 00:06:18 2020

its a bit cathartic doing folios like this again. tomorrow i will get to the actual comic and maybe do some more refinement on both their rigs. when i get about mid way through this comic i will open up a new pole to vote on the next one

mountain-climb.jpg have-a-bone.jpg roll-over.jpg snow-side.jpg belly-rub.jpg sit-girl.jpg lap-floof.jpg snow-cuddle.jpg lap-floof.jpg

snow floof

Mon May 4 00:31:17 2020

decided to do some more test images of our "peak wulf" couple. then i thought, what the heck, lets make a folio of it.

if i hadn't let myself get distracted and procrastinate today i might have almost finished it

belly-rub.jpg have-a-bone.jpg snow-cuddle.jpg roll-over.jpg sit-girl.jpg snow-side.jpg lap-floof.jpg mountain-climb.jpg

Daily Doe: Pouncing

Sun May 3 01:54:52 2020

deep within the savage jungle the mighty queen stalks her prey. can our brave adventurer survive this ferocious encounter?



flexing woof

Sun May 3 00:52:12 2020

i am still tweaking her rig but she is now usable for the comic and i wanted to do some advertisement images to keep people interested in new content


peak wulfs chew toy

Sun May 3 00:48:53 2020

an update to peak wulf model and adding a quick rig to her play thing




censor sheik done

Sat May 2 01:32:36 2020

whew. that took longer then expected. tomorrow i will set up the final version and get to "peak wulf"

tigress-pounce-page-014-C.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015-C.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017-C.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016-C.jpg

peak wulf model

Thu Apr 30 23:50:56 2020


the floofy woolfy is almost done....at least to the point where i can use her for the next comic. so now i need to work on the other characters who will show up


pouncing update

Thu Apr 30 00:13:53 2020

now for censorsheik

tigress-pounce-page-014-C.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016-C.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015-C.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017-C.jpg

peak floof

Thu Apr 30 00:11:24 2020

started rigging peak wulf.

getting close to having "pouncing" done and "Bald space monkeys" has only a couple more advertisement pages to post on my other sites. so i need to get some working figures done

i am much happier with the way these models are turning out then i ever have before


bunny booty 3d

Wed Apr 29 00:26:43 2020


alright! got the hip area to work correctly with all them drivers. still need to tweak the wrist driver as it is doing weird things when i rotate it. but the most difficult part to rig now works


pouncing update

Wed Apr 29 00:11:46 2020

darn them boulders


pouncing update

Mon Apr 27 23:52:24 2020

oh boy everytime think i am almost done i step back and see...."no no no you have a long way to go "


tigress-pounce-page-001.jpg tigress-pounce-page-002.jpg tigress-pounce-page-009.jpg tigress-pounce-page-008.jpg tigress-pounce-page-006.jpg tigress-pounce-page-012.jpg tigress-pounce-page-018.jpg tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg tigress-pounce-page-011.jpg tigress-pounce-page-014.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017.jpg tigress-pounce-cover-2.jpg tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg tigress-pounce-page-013.jpg tigress-pounce-page-010.jpg tigress-pounce-page-001.jpg tigress-pounce-page-007.jpg tigress-pounce-page-005.jpg

another bunnz update

Mon Apr 27 00:14:58 2020

i needed a day break from drawing so i spent today getting my bunnz closer to finished. and she is so very close!!!

the biggest challenge is her hips. everything else is a hundred times easier in comparison

though i am getting closer i think it will take at least a few more full days before i can move on from her hips



the BOOB rig

Sun Apr 26 00:32:03 2020

got dem bunny boobs rigged. i did the same thing i did with her lips. i plan to use the same kind of set up for her hips but that will still be a major challenge



pouncing update

Sun Apr 26 00:23:20 2020

yes finally all the base colors are down. now i need to add the flair and censorsheik

tigress-pounce-page-010.jpg tigress-pounce-page-012.jpg tigress-pounce-page-013.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg tigress-pounce-page-011.jpg tigress-pounce-page-018.jpg tigress-pounce-page-014.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017.jpg

pouncing update

Sat Apr 25 00:29:44 2020

getting the color done

tigress-pounce-page-012.jpg tigress-pounce-page-009.jpg tigress-pounce-page-010.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016.jpg tigress-pounce-page-018.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017.jpg tigress-pounce-page-011.jpg tigress-pounce-page-013.jpg tigress-pounce-page-014.jpg tigress-pounce-page-012.jpg

drivers, bendy bones and corrective shape keys

Thu Apr 23 23:52:36 2020

the rest of the day was spent trying to figure out the best way to do advance rigging.

what kind of bones to use, when to use shape keys, how to set up my drivers etc. it's where i always hit the wall, trying to figure it out.

but i have made some progress.

i got the lips to work how i want them to, i have a better understanding on how to get shape keys to work and i have some rudimentary drivers work. the end goal is to have the most naturalistic movement with the minimal amount of tools so anyone can use it will just a few pointers


detailing her plans

Thu Apr 23 23:43:44 2020

my morning was spent detailing Simone's clockwork moth. next i can add the shadows and highlights


pouncing update

Thu Apr 23 00:09:50 2020

been steadily putting down the base colors. i am going to keep things relatively simple, like an old traditional comic

tigress-pounce-page-002.jpg tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg tigress-pounce-page-005.jpg tigress-pounce-cover-2.jpg tigress-pounce-page-001.jpg tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg tigress-pounce-page-002.jpg tigress-pounce-page-006.jpg tigress-pounce-page-007.jpg

censorsheik model

Wed Apr 22 00:26:54 2020

yeah i am going to try and make a custom model of her again. with how well the "peak wulf" girl was going and i found some cool toon rigging tutorials for blender i really wanted to make a really good custom figure for her


pouncing update

Wed Apr 22 00:23:37 2020

the last page is inked now i am putting in the censorsheiks and coloring


the peak wulf

Wed Apr 22 00:19:54 2020

it looks like"peak wulf" will be the winner by a long shot so i spent most the day building her model.

once she is given her rudimentary rig i will put her up as a reward on the 3d wip levels and when she is done (along with any other characters i need to make for this story) she will be up as a reward on the finished 3d.

this way i will be able to cover all my reward levels each project


pouncing update

Tue Apr 21 00:26:09 2020

i am almost done with the inking. i hope to get the rest done tonight so i can start coloring and adding in the censorsheiks

tigress-pounce-page-014.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017.jpg tigress-pounce-page-018.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016.jpg

three heads are better then one

Mon Apr 20 00:11:14 2020

i got some new toys from daz and i've been wanting to try something with them. this took all day because i was never quite satisfied with the pose and layout. then the lighting took a while to get right. ironically the rendering was the fasted part of the process.

it's now ready to paint


pouncing update

Mon Apr 20 00:04:30 2020

just one page today. i needed a break from inking to refresh my brain so i worked on another project


pouncing update

Sun Apr 19 00:01:01 2020

getting into the inking stage .

tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg tigress-pounce-page-005.jpg tigress-pounce-page-006.jpg

next comic

Sat Apr 18 00:44:38 2020

after i am done with "Pouncing" i have quite a few comic ideas i would want to work on

Simone suggested that i make a poll since some of the comic i would like to work on are not porn

bunny re rig wip

Sat Apr 18 00:05:07 2020

spent the whole day rigging. using Odette and what i have learned from royal skies LLC i have put most the basic bones down and given her rudimentary weights. next comes the drivers and shape keys and that will be "interesting"



pouncing update

Fri Apr 17 00:15:44 2020

ok i am almost done with this level of sketching so i can then ink them

tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017.jpg tigress-pounce-page-014.jpg tigress-pounce-page-018.jpg

pouncing update

Thu Apr 16 00:01:44 2020

now that i have "bald space monkeys" done i can balance "pouncing", 3d figures, folios and commissions a bit better

tigress-pounce-page-011.jpg tigress-pounce-page-014.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg

Daily Doe: Bald space monkeys need bunny women

Wed Apr 15 00:55:57 2020


Hooray! its done! it took all day to do that last polish and fixing but Finnally its fully complete!


pouncing update

Mon Apr 13 23:51:34 2020

refining more comic pages

tigress-pounce-page-010.jpg tigress-pounce-page-010.jpg tigress-pounce-page-011.jpg tigress-pounce-page-009.jpg

from bunny to renamon

Mon Apr 13 01:40:24 2020

i took my oddete model and made her into a renamon. i know i had that other one i was building from scratch but my bunny model was already close to renamons form and getting this far only took a few mins.


firey fox update

Mon Apr 13 00:09:24 2020

went back to redo all the guys skin tone after i found some good color reference for humans skintone under campfire light but i only managed to get 3 done today

sit-nip-kiss.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg

big old pack of 13 artistic fossils

Sun Apr 12 00:23:09 2020

whenever i've had the chance i've been going thourgh my old folios that are not on gumorad and quickly getting them ready.

with the current climate meaning a lot more people online having only 47 of nearly 200 products up is not a good thing. i resisted the urge to do any touchups other then the small bits of "make it publishable on most sites"

13 old folios have been re released

1213.jpg 1223.jpg 1216.jpg 1220.jpg 1217.jpg 1215.jpg 1214.jpg 1221.jpg 1225.jpg 1213.jpg 1222.jpg 1212.jpg 1218.jpg 1224.jpg

pouncing update

Sat Apr 11 23:57:02 2020

2 more page updates as i slowly refine the line work

tigress-pounce-page-007.jpg tigress-pounce-page-008.jpg

rat mage 3d start

Sat Apr 11 23:53:08 2020

i liked how the triceratops girl was going so i started a rat mage too.


3d dino babe

Sat Apr 11 00:00:16 2020


she looks so surprised. so taxes are almost done and i felt like putting together a 3d girl lik i use to. there are a few triangles in areas where i stitched her together and she is a bit polygon heavy but the last time i did this it took me a week....this time it took an afernoon. though i still have some UV maps to fix

next step will be to sculpt all the HD information, texture her and rig her


pouncing update

Fri Apr 10 00:05:22 2020

brings new meaning to the phrase "wham bam thank you ma'am"


philiophana the artist

Fri Apr 10 00:03:34 2020

an update on simone's next commission. i finished the line work and i can now put in the colors


poncing update

Wed Apr 8 23:48:21 2020

i took a break from the "final polish" on bald space monkeys and worked on "pouncing"

also i got a few more models from daz i had my eye on to help with some "damsel-isious" projects in the future.


bald update

Wed Apr 8 01:44:09 2020

99% done there is always a sense of satisfaction when a project gets done (and relief)

space-monkey-page-028.jpg space-monkey-page-030.jpg space-monkey-page-035.jpg space-monkey-page-031.jpg space-monkey-page-037.jpg space-monkey-page-038.jpg space-monkey-page-029.jpg space-monkey-page-039.jpg space-monkey-page-033.jpg space-monkey-page-034.jpg space-monkey-page-036.jpg space-monkey-page-038-U.jpg space-monkey-page-032.jpg

bald update

Tue Apr 7 00:04:03 2020

ball blasting and laughing at his pain

well so far posting comics on all my sites regularly has been pretty good. but it does mean i am going to have to really put my nose to the grind stone to keep this ball rolling.

i have started planning out in my head a sequel to this comic and i will need to do the character designs for the continuation for "demon quest"

people need their entertainment so it time to put the big boy pants on again

space-monkey-page-026-U.jpg space-monkey-page-027.jpg space-monkey-page-026.jpg space-monkey-page-028.jpg space-monkey-page-026-U.jpg space-monkey-page-027-U.jpg

bald update

Sun Apr 5 23:26:34 2020

uh oh. some one is a knocking

no sherbet dragon today. it's been another one of those crazy days so i did not have any time to work on it

space-monkey-page-025.jpg space-monkey-page-025-U.jpg

getting a little red there dragon

Sun Apr 5 00:48:48 2020

so my iphone camera takes a way better pic then my scanner. slowly i am adding the next sets of wash before i move into gouache. IF this goes well i will get myself a proper art scanner


bald update

Sun Apr 5 00:38:35 2020

some soapy censors are done

space-monkey-page-024.jpg space-monkey-page-024-U.jpg

lemon sherbet dragon

Sat Apr 4 00:47:31 2020

i restarted the dragon. this time i inked all the lines with a felt tip .005 pen and most of that jittery line work is due to how hard i grip the pen (i am not quite relaxed with the medium yet)

after the inks i got my BIG set of watercolor brushes and started putting down all the underpainting colors. once that is done then i will go over it with gouache and hopefully have a nice painterly painting in the end

if this looks the way i want it too then i will try the same kind of process for oils. use tracing paper to transfer my image to a canvas. ink the image, do an acrylic underpainting with several translucent layers THEN finish it with ink

i wish i could have more success with a looser method but i think i need to do things with this rigid step by step method to get any real progress


bald update

Sat Apr 4 00:30:06 2020

been working on the censorsheiks for this page i know i could get her done faster with the 3d model i have of her but she has more toony expresions this way


gouache dragon

Fri Apr 3 00:00:52 2020

one word....ouch

i can't say this looks any better in real life. i am just going to have to try again


dragon color study

Thu Apr 2 23:53:03 2020

i did a digital color study for my gouache dragon


bald update

Thu Apr 2 23:50:04 2020

a few more pages done

space-monkey-page-022.jpg space-monkey-page-023.jpg space-monkey-page-024.jpg

gouache dragon

Thu Apr 2 01:58:58 2020

i have been thinking about what i wanted to do with my new gouache and watercolors and what kept poping in my head was "dragon" just your ordinary run of the mill red dragon


gouache, watercolor pens and needing a proper scanner

Wed Apr 1 23:49:57 2020

ok so today was busy. i had a lot of errands to run for family and the sets of watercolor brush pens and gouache paints i ordered came a day early (woohoo!)

i have a few old winsor newtons from my college days but i am not that good at mixing paints (see my previous examples) so having 60 different colors of each time will make it easier for me to find the colors i will use the most.

now i really need to get a decent scanner so i can do some proper traditionals


i wanna do this instead

Tue Mar 31 23:59:12 2020

today has been a commission day and i am wondering why i have just be so very slow with my content...


bald update

Tue Mar 31 00:49:55 2020

censor takes a tumble

space-monkey-page-020-U.jpg space-monkey-page-021-U.jpg space-monkey-page-020-U.jpg space-monkey-page-021.jpg

oils, acrylics and watercolor

Sun Mar 29 23:34:57 2020

I took today to practice traditional mediums. the oils i feel i am improving . the acrylics was a disaster so i need to do a LOT more work on that medium. now the watercolor looks a LOT better in person but i am not a competent photographer so it looks quite muddy right now. once i am comfortable enough in these mediums to do commissions and folios then i will get a good scanner

but for now it more practice

402089E3-B156-4C21-A346-6AD76596A43E.jpg 74C72CA6-474B-4695-AA1B-6EEE9C6D5C7A.jpg 402089E3-B156-4C21-A346-6AD76596A43E.jpg CE1B79FC-F324-4F0B-BACB-F9CCEA50033D.jpg

master study 2

Sat Mar 28 23:59:24 2020

i started painting on the second study


bald update

Sat Mar 28 23:58:14 2020

don't waste the tea

space-monkey-page-020.jpg space-monkey-page-020-U.jpg

bald update

Sat Mar 28 00:56:19 2020

Guess who's BAAAACK

space-monkey-page-017.jpg space-monkey-page-018.jpg space-monkey-page-018-U.jpg space-monkey-page-019-U.jpg space-monkey-page-017-U.jpg space-monkey-page-019.jpg

brown bun barian

Fri Mar 27 00:39:02 2020

logan's comish is done i just need final review


bald update

Fri Mar 27 00:37:10 2020

bit of a chaotic day but i got a few things done

space-monkey-page-016.jpg space-monkey-page-015.jpg space-monkey-page-016.jpg

zebra-ing along

Thu Mar 26 00:07:21 2020

spent all day working on the high def version of my zebra girl. once this is done i can do a few more tweaks on the base model and give her an initial rig.

i have been watching a lot of tutorial videos recently on rigging for blender, particularly "Royal Skys LLC" who has nice short and very "To The Point" videos that make everything a lot easier to understand and implement


trying again

Tue Mar 24 23:50:56 2020

trying another portrait study of the master Rembrandt. this time i am putting a lot more structure behind the sketch and simplyfing the shadows a LOT

hopefully this wont turn out a muddy as the last one


enjoying a spring day

Tue Mar 24 23:45:40 2020

i wanted to practice with those manga brushes i downloaded for clip studio and i wanted an exuce to draw Mar and Shesheik. i still need more practice with them


kitty update

Tue Mar 24 00:06:33 2020

i started using clip studio paint along with photoshop. there are a whole bunch of free brushes for foliage and action lines in clip studio that are not available in photoshop and since i have both programs i might as well use both for what they are best at. but i am going to need a lot more practice in clip Studio

tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg

Bald update

Mon Mar 23 00:13:02 2020

man this book is taking a long time to finish. now all these pages are done but i have 40 pages in total to go through. most the pages just need some color polish so that is good.

i will slowly release the pages on all my sites which hopefully will give me enough time to finish the censorshiek images and build up hype for more people to buy it

space-monkey-page-001.jpg space-monkey-cover.jpg space-monkey-page-003.jpg space-monkey-page-004.jpg space-monkey-page-009.jpg space-monkey-page-011.jpg space-monkey-page-006.jpg space-monkey-page-010.jpg space-monkey-page-012.jpg space-monkey-page-002.jpg space-monkey-page-005.jpg space-monkey-page-007.jpg space-monkey-page-008.jpg space-monkey-page-001.jpg

Madame Drama-fly

Sun Mar 22 01:07:12 2020

and now it is done' i just need simone to go over it and tell me if any changes/fixes are needed


I am Rabbit hear me BUNNZ

Sun Mar 22 00:03:19 2020

spent most the day finishing this commission for logan. also i finished another commission and sent it to that individual. i have just a few more left to finish. especially Simone's commission wich is very close to being done


kitty pouncing

Sat Mar 21 23:57:54 2020

yaaay coloring

tigress-pounce-page-001.jpg tigress-pounce-cover-2.jpg

kitty update

Sat Mar 21 00:09:33 2020

aaaand i spent the rest of the day painting the cover. i quite like the way it looks. once i get a nice title i will post everywhere to get the hype train moving


kitty update

Sat Mar 21 00:00:53 2020

it's pouncing time. i really did not like the old cover i did a while ago so i re did it from the ground up. i like this revisit


studies for anatomy, color and character designs

Fri Mar 20 00:24:49 2020

i forgot to post the color study i did of jon Neimeisters tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPdkEEYo3F0

and a study of Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri "Druuna" character. first i just traced over her then i put my trace and the original side by side and redrew it free hand

today i did several character studies for my next project. the continuation of "demon quest". I will be handling it a bit differently then my other projects. all the non smut pages will be posted everywhere as i make them with the smutty pages being reserved for patreon only.

i have been neglecting my advertisement images for too long and i need to fix that

1184.jpg 1186.jpg 1187.jpg 1185.jpg 1188.jpg

bald update

Thu Mar 19 00:27:51 2020

more bald updating

space-monkey-page-033.jpg space-monkey-page-034.jpg

bald update

Wed Mar 18 00:48:40 2020

had to finish working on my mothers new iphone and that took nearly 8 hours to do. but i did manage to finish the color on 2 more pages. all that is needed is some atmospheric lighting and textureing

space-monkey-page-037.jpg space-monkey-page-038.jpg

bald update

Tue Mar 17 00:01:17 2020

got some acrylics today. but i need a LOT more practice in it before i have enough to show

and working with traditional mediums has helped me look at my digital work in a new light

space-monkey-page-039.jpg space-monkey-page-035.jpg

clockwork drama

Sun Mar 15 23:59:39 2020

today was a "work on commissions day" and i am liking how this is turning out. just a bit more refinement as well as any input from simone and we will soon call it done


study update

Sat Mar 14 23:32:40 2020

finally managed to get some work done on the study



Sat Mar 14 23:30:14 2020

finally got the zebra girl done and she went from 20k polygons to 7,8k polygons

almost everything is a quad too


kitty update

Sat Mar 14 00:20:46 2020

after a morning of retopologizing zebra girl i spent the rest of the day refining line work. tomorrow classes are canceled so i will just paint at home. i have not done any painting all week and i want to get back to the master study

tigress-pounce-page-008.jpg tigress-pounce-page-007.jpg tigress-pounce-page-009.jpg tigress-pounce-page-008.jpg


Fri Mar 13 00:16:32 2020

another patreon request was to bring back some 3d folios finally got around to retoping my zebra girl.

it is going a bit easier this time around but i found there are some major flaws in the symmetry of the original model. fortunately the retoping will fix that.

after i finish the retopology i need to do some research into bone driven shape keys and really make this a fantastic model


page work

Thu Mar 12 00:03:49 2020

i just wanted to do a random one off page to loosen up in the morning ....8 hours later and i still feel like i rushed it. the rest of the day was working on commissions


kitty udate

Wed Mar 11 00:26:46 2020

2 different versions of that last panel let me know which you all prefer

tigress-pounce-page-006.jpg 1174.jpg

day sketches

Wed Mar 11 00:23:55 2020

interesting morning. spent about 4 hours on the phone with apple trying to get another family member's phone to work properly and that was mentally exhausting. no fault on the apple people's side they helped me get through all of it. the thing just took all morning.

so i did a couple of "de-stress" sketches. not sure if i will ever finish them and the badger i will post everywhere for advertisement but i was able to get back to work after

1175.jpg 1173.jpg 1175.jpg

bald update

Tue Mar 10 00:37:06 2020

well i started working on this at 7 and it was noon before i decided it was done....i feel like i let myself have a lazy morning


color the monkey spank

Tue Mar 10 00:30:57 2020

so i was going to use my water color pens on this but the first try went really REALLY badly and i am too tired to scan it in at this time. so i went back to the digital version and started blocking in some color. realized it was time to post so i put this on hold for now

once i am finished blocking in the color i will go look up some nice jungle art references to help me refine the image


monkey spank

Tue Mar 10 00:26:29 2020

so i got some requests to bring back monkey girl here and full 3d folios (starting with zebra girl) and i thought "sure i will just do a quick sketch then start retopoligzing my zebra girl and make her look even better....then i forgot to pay attention to the time and ended up spending most the day on this...oops

now for the 3d folio. i am going to do that differently to how i have in the past. i will first do the drawing part then make the 3d fit the drawing

1171.jpg 1171.jpg 1170.jpg

the underpainting

Mon Mar 9 00:15:38 2020

ok got the very basic color indications down and tomorrow i cans start laying on the paints


bald update

Mon Mar 9 00:12:53 2020

more page finalizing

space-monkey-page-013.jpg space-monkey-page-014.jpg

firey update

Sun Mar 8 01:20:19 2020

getting some basic highlights back in

lay-the-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg

bunbarian color sketch

Sun Mar 8 01:18:56 2020

adding some base colors to logans commission


study of Mar

Sun Mar 8 01:16:30 2020

when i got home i wanted to keep painting like i did at class so i grabbed the template i made for the Mar oil study (failed study ) and limited myself to a pallet similar to a rembrandt portrait . it needs more work but i like how it is going


donut fox

Sun Mar 8 01:07:53 2020

well this is the first "finished" painting for my oil class. next one is going to be a portrait but we get to choose who we draw. like a dumbass i decided on trying a rembrandt copy, i already transfered the pencil sketch to my canvas and tomorrow i start painting


firey update

Sat Mar 7 00:56:31 2020

i promptly forgot i worked on these today. after my oil work i was tempted to try to apply that kind of brush work to these images but i stopped myself because that would mean redoing a bunch and that is counter productive (and i would get fussed at) ;)

fire-side-job.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg

oh how painterly

Sat Mar 7 00:53:14 2020

aside from the oil study today was a commission day.

the oil painting has helped me loosen up with my brush work and laying down color quite a bit


just hit my face into the wall

Sat Mar 7 00:46:07 2020

oops this one did NOT turn out that well at all...guess i got a little too ambitious. time to pull back and do smaller scale studies


kitty update

Fri Mar 6 01:00:04 2020

it's hard not to get swept up in the oil painting bug so here is some updates to tigress pounce

tigress-pounce-page-005.jpg tigress-pounce-page-005.jpg tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg

oil test

Fri Mar 6 01:00:04 2020

i will need to get some of my photography friends to help me on setting up the lighting so the image has the proper colors as this photo does not have quite the richness in the original but i really do like the way oil feels to paint with


oily tools

Thu Mar 5 00:51:18 2020

i went a got some fume-less paint thinner a couple pallet knives and an Ottlight lamp as well as a few other nick-knacks i did not already have. most of my practicing will be on simple shapes until i get use to the medium


kitty update

Thu Mar 5 00:44:46 2020

more line work polish

tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg

logan comish

Wed Mar 4 01:20:25 2020

Logan storm, a long time top tier patreon member popped back into existence and asked for a commission. i asked if it was ok to show its progress here on patreon and he said yes. so here we go


kitty update

Wed Mar 4 01:17:18 2020

almost got a full day working tomorrow i have to myself so i should be able to get away with a full work day
i kept looking at the first panel of page 2 and thought "what is wrong here?" turns out ....gorilla arms. also the anatomy looked "flat" so i just re did them as that would be faster in the long run.
still researching scanners so i can eventually scan in traditional media but i really need to practice basic techniques. i have some japanese watercolor pens and they are awesome but i only made a few marks with them

tigress-pounce-page-002.jpg tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg

bald update

Tue Mar 3 00:47:00 2020

just putting some final polish on the characters


kitty update

Tue Mar 3 00:44:31 2020

finally got to update some page stuff


kitty update

Mon Mar 2 01:11:13 2020

not that much to update today. monday i will have a free day to work (unless something happens)

also i have had a bunch of commissions land my way so i need to balance that work load too

and i am really enjoying working on this comic


philo update

Sun Mar 1 01:00:41 2020

and i am "dead" today. the painting class i attended went great. so good that i am looking up really good scanners so i can add traditional mediums back into my work flow. but after that i was asked to go pick up some new Iphones for my family....and the rest of the day was rather stressful trouble shooting and long waits for data transferring

now everyone has a working phone again but i barely got anytime to work

sorry about all that


fungi studies

Sat Feb 29 01:18:52 2020

as i need to draw a lot of foliage in this comic i am doing some studies. i take a reference image (bottom right) and try to copy it (bottom left) then i re draw it in as many different positions as possible


kitty update

Sat Feb 29 01:15:16 2020

the first page is done aside from colors ....woohoo!

tomorrow i start a class on oil painting. which will be interesting because i have never worked with oils

tigress-pounce-page-001.jpg tigress-pounce-page-002.jpg

kitty update

Fri Feb 28 01:58:59 2020

woohoo now its time to refine the line work

tigress-pounce-page-001.jpg tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg tigress-pounce-page-011.jpg tigress-pounce-page-014.jpg tigress-pounce-page-007.jpg tigress-pounce-page-009.jpg tigress-pounce-page-012.jpg tigress-pounce-page-002.jpg tigress-pounce-page-006.jpg tigress-pounce-page-008.jpg tigress-pounce-page-015.jpg tigress-pounce-page-018.jpg tigress-pounce-page-016.jpg tigress-pounce-page-010.jpg tigress-pounce-page-013.jpg tigress-pounce-page-017.jpg tigress-pounce-page-005.jpg

pouncing update

Thu Feb 27 01:29:30 2020

aaah such fun. many of the pages i really did not have to change much. just alter the pose slightly to make it more dramatic and natural looking, and of course those more involved backgrounds

if you pardon my rambling for a moment. i feel like i can finally draw the stories i want to without having to plan out every character and environmental model

tigress-pounce-page-013.jpg tigress-pounce-page-008.jpg tigress-pounce-page-009.jpg tigress-pounce-page-010.jpg tigress-pounce-page-012.jpg tigress-pounce-page-011.jpg

taking a bald break for kitties sake

Wed Feb 26 01:26:35 2020

now that i have all the base colors and ink work done for Bald Space monkeys, i took a break and went back to Tigress Pounce and finish it. mostly its just adding more detail to the backgrounds and fixing up the gestures

i already like it a LOT more then how it looked when i abandoned it last time. now i WONT go redoing comics i already finished but i will go back to some i abandoned now that it is a lot easier to do so

tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg tigress-pounce-page-001.jpg tigress-pounce-page-004.jpg tigress-pounce-page-005.jpg tigress-pounce-page-007.jpg tigress-pounce-page-003.jpg tigress-pounce-page-006.jpg tigress-pounce-page-002.jpg

bald update

Tue Feb 25 05:21:19 2020

ok all base colors down. its rough and it took a few near sleepless nights but now i can get to the final stretch

space-monkey-page-033.jpg space-monkey-page-034.jpg space-monkey-page-035.jpg space-monkey-page-037.jpg space-monkey-page-039.jpg space-monkey-page-036.jpg space-monkey-page-038.jpg

bald update

Mon Feb 24 01:17:19 2020

so i started the day with a "yeah i am going to get a lot done!" can do attitude. 8pm comes around....only...2 ....pages

ok what the heck happened? as far as i remember i was mostly just in front of my computer working

(head desk)

space-monkey-page-031.jpg space-monkey-page-032.jpg

bald updates

Sun Feb 23 00:49:08 2020

only 2 pages right now. i usually stop after i post but i have been so slow today and unable to sleep that i am just going to keep working until i finally get tired enugh to actually get some sleep.

tomorrow is a day i don't have any other plans (at this time) aside from work so my goal is to have all the base colors down by tomorrow posting time so i can start on the censorshieks and final polish for the colors

space-monkey-page-029.jpg space-monkey-page-028.jpg space-monkey-page-029.jpg

flame foxy update

Sat Feb 22 00:56:22 2020

all the line work cleaned up and all the basic colors down (mostly flats) now i can polish it all up

fire-side-job.jpg light-your-fire.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg

a clockwork melodrama

Fri Feb 21 01:19:06 2020

alrighty then. just a little more touch up on the background line work then i can add in the flat colors


just the bear shadows

Fri Feb 21 01:16:15 2020

i was going to try and paint this realistically but i think the simple shadows with maybe a small highlight will work best


the flat bear

Thu Feb 20 00:37:27 2020

i added back the color but just the flats


bald update

Thu Feb 20 00:36:13 2020

more monkey love

space-monkey-page-026.jpg space-monkey-page-027.jpg space-monkey-page-028.jpg

bald update

Wed Feb 19 01:23:35 2020

more color work

space-monkey-page-023.jpg space-monkey-page-024.jpg space-monkey-page-025.jpg space-monkey-page-022.jpg space-monkey-page-023.jpg space-monkey-page-026.jpg

the bear lines

Wed Feb 19 01:21:49 2020

went back and polished up the lines


bald update

Tue Feb 18 01:06:44 2020

more color on more pages

space-monkey-page-020.jpg space-monkey-page-021.jpg

bald update

Mon Feb 17 01:12:42 2020

more pages with some base color

i want to hurry up and finish this project along with the delphox folio. i have been hankering to go back and finish a bunch of abandoned projects such as "tigress pounce" and "peak wulf" but i want to get what i have on my plate done first before i take on those projects again

i am also glad that a lot more people are leaving comments and interacting, i will do better to respond to every one and as always critiques are welcome.

some ideas i have had for a while are feeling like they are "within grasp" but again i don't want to overload myself

space-monkey-page-018.jpg space-monkey-page-019.jpg

the meg ann

Sun Feb 16 01:09:47 2020

when i heard about the movie "the meg" the "punny" idea of a porn parody entered my mind. now i got to do a sketch for the cover

not much work done today because i spent most of it hanging out with friends i have not seen in months


more pages update

Sat Feb 15 01:43:31 2020

more color updating

space-monkey-page-016.jpg space-monkey-page-017.jpg

more characters

Sat Feb 15 01:38:19 2020

more characters stuff

1136.jpg 1137.jpg 1138.jpg

more robo updates

Fri Feb 14 01:17:39 2020

finished philophana's line work and working on polishing the rest of the image


more women

Fri Feb 14 01:15:17 2020

more designs

1132.jpg 1133.jpg

you gonna badger me?

Thu Feb 13 01:12:39 2020

just don't call her "shorty"


firey coloring

Thu Feb 13 01:11:35 2020

finally got back to polish the color

pet-you-fire.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg

few more designs

Wed Feb 12 01:08:14 2020

i will keep making new characters but i think i will do just one a day instead of...3

1125.jpg 1127.jpg 1130.jpg 1129.jpg 1126.jpg 1128.jpg

dinos foxes and rats oh my

Tue Feb 11 01:04:56 2020

seems to keep "my style" all i need is a 3d model for the head. complex color is still challenging so i will need to do a lot more practice but you all can expect a LOT more variety

1122.jpg 1121.jpg 1123.jpg 1124.jpg 1120.jpg 1121.jpg

a barbaric style

Mon Feb 10 01:24:53 2020

another test of that gritty style i am working on

1118.jpg 1119.jpg

firey clean up

Mon Feb 10 01:22:30 2020

finally had time to clean up the color and line work

light-your-fire.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg

the darkest of styles

Sun Feb 9 01:10:27 2020

ever since i did that drawing of Mar in this style i have been practicing it off an on trying to get it to look natural. these images we made only using darkest dungeon as a reference but i will add mike Mignola and "primal" as sources since they have similar structures and i really enjoy the art style



Sun Feb 9 00:56:14 2020

yes! that is much better hand gestures. it took me a while of fiddling but i finally got all the hand gestures to look dramatic and no longer "compete" visually with any other part of the image. i also went and made a 3d mock up for the guys head because the base sketch was looking too cartoony and would feel disconnected to the rest of the series


bald update

Sat Feb 8 01:29:53 2020

adding more color to pages

space-monkey-page-014.jpg space-monkey-page-015.jpg

What are you doing up!?

Fri Feb 7 00:48:25 2020

my folks are on the mend so soon i should be able to get back to normal workflow


bald update

Thu Feb 6 00:45:20 2020

more color update

space-monkey-page-011.jpg space-monkey-page-012.jpg space-monkey-page-013.jpg

lighting up a kitsune

Wed Feb 5 00:45:02 2020

another all over the place day. so only got this sketch done

1114.jpg 1113.jpg

fire time color

Tue Feb 4 01:07:29 2020

now comes the long part....refining the color

fire-side-job.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg


Tue Feb 4 01:04:44 2020

some really quick scribbles after a long day

1111.jpg 1112.jpg

a dragoness sketch

Mon Feb 3 01:10:43 2020

a "de-stress" sketch of a dreagoness heavily inspired by cynder


fire light coloring

Mon Feb 3 01:08:43 2020

adding in color now. some of the family here is a bit under the weather so if i am light on posts some days i apologize in advance but at least you will know why (i am taking care of them)

fire-side-job.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg

bald update

Sun Feb 2 01:27:49 2020

more color . more boom

space-monkey-page-009.jpg space-monkey-page-010.jpg

dem bears

Sat Feb 1 00:51:38 2020

one of them busy days where i could only work on one drawing and the rest of the day was one errand after another

1108.jpg 1108.jpg 1107.jpg

polar bear girl

Fri Jan 31 01:11:52 2020

just a quick sketch study


firey update

Fri Jan 31 01:10:47 2020

more folio refinement

pet-you-fire.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg


Thu Jan 30 01:14:17 2020

her lower "close to the viewer" arm was bothering me a lot in the earlier drawing, i wanted it to look like she was clutching her chest but it just made her look like she had some sort of metal collar. so i re-did her arm into the pose you see here. now that i look at it, i can use the previous "hand on chest" pose for her other lower arm. that should keep the overall layout looking good

i pushed the guys posture forward to make him look as "pleading" as possible


bald update

Wed Jan 29 00:47:58 2020

getting a few more pages done. and thankfully the dishwasher is fully installed now so that will no longer cut into my day

space-monkey-cover.jpg space-monkey-page-005.jpg space-monkey-page-001.jpg space-monkey-page-003.jpg space-monkey-page-006.jpg space-monkey-page-007.jpg space-monkey-page-008.jpg space-monkey-page-004.jpg space-monkey-page-002.jpg

let her light your fire update

Tue Jan 28 01:12:12 2020

still not as much updating as i wanted to do. i had to get a new dishwasher and it took all day to install....still not fully installed though

i am eager to get to the color for this one because i have the pallet i wan all set up and i want to try it out

lay-the-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg fire-side-job.jpg

American snacks

Mon Jan 27 01:18:06 2020


ok this is a complete shill for one of my long time friends but i enjoyed this video a lot and i can't NOT share it :D


Daily Doe: Goddess of Thunder

Mon Jan 27 01:15:12 2020


bringing back another old folio.

outside of putting on the "censorship" i also painted out a bunch of the sketch lines, just to give it an extra polish


fire job

Mon Jan 27 01:11:49 2020

well the inking on this is done


a foxy update

Sun Jan 26 00:55:16 2020

today i was running around all day doing errands so only one image updated


more pages udated

Sat Jan 25 00:57:05 2020

more baldy updates

space-monkey-page-005.jpg space-monkey-page-005.jpg space-monkey-page-006.jpg space-monkey-page-004.jpg

robo moth does not whant to "sell" herself

Fri Jan 24 01:13:13 2020

it was difficult to figure out how to tell this particular narrative in one image without dialogue.

basically the job guy is trying to convince Philophana to get a patent for her clockwork heart and she is being overly dramatic


bald monkey update

Fri Jan 24 00:59:18 2020

another page mostly done


goddess of thunder updating for gumroad

Thu Jan 23 01:25:13 2020

just getting an old folio edited for gumroad

the "censor clothes" will need a touch more polish but the big time sink will be saving the PNG format because for some reason it takes a long time for my computer to save that format, even a TIFF takes less time

mayan-kiss.jpg Cry-to-the-heavens.jpg kiss-on-the-gods.jpg stairway-to-nom.jpg topsy-snaky.jpg stair-nuzzel.jpg mayan-kiss.jpg stairway-to-heaven.jpg

no one likes a kissed ass

Wed Jan 22 03:17:01 2020

so if you watch my FA site you may have seen rabbi-tom do a few funny gift arts for me. and since i have been playing around with different styles i finally thought of a good gift idea to give back



Tue Jan 21 01:39:42 2020

lets face it. if mar was in DBZ he's just be Nappa. i'm not as happy with this one as the last experiment. it feels a little 'lifeless' to me


philophana study

Tue Jan 21 01:36:44 2020

last commission felt like it was more difficult then it should be. so i did a study of philophana to "loosen me up" before i start the next commission


Darkest Mar

Mon Jan 20 03:12:21 2020

playing around with a different style


firy foxy folio sketch

Mon Jan 20 00:59:58 2020

alright that's the folio sketched out.

lift-my-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg sit-nip-kiss.jpg taste-the-flame.jpg fire-side-job.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg stretch-along-the-flame.jpg pet-you-fire.jpg

light up your fire

Sun Jan 19 00:57:18 2020

this folio has a little foxy training going on

fire-side-job.jpg lay-the-fire.jpg lift-my-fire.jpg light-your-fire.jpg

philophana a the job office

Sat Jan 18 01:04:26 2020

yes this one is now done!

the next image in the series will be a particular challenge


floofy foxy flame

Fri Jan 17 01:03:40 2020

for my next folio i will finally be fulfilling i request made a while ago (that i forgot about)


Daily Doe: wasp garden

Fri Jan 17 01:01:09 2020

in THIS garden the wasp don't want to sting you...she wants you to "sting" HER

awwww...censorsheik is all tuckered out




Thu Jan 16 01:08:57 2020

now i need to just finish the last bit of polishing then the folio will be done

garden-sheik.jpg garden-sheik-garden-fu.jpg garden-sheik-i-like-hats.jpg garden-sheik-naktar.jpg garden-sheiksmokin.jpg garden-sheik1.jpg garden-sheik-tired-flower.jpg garden-sheikflower-power.jpg


Wed Jan 15 00:54:45 2020

5 done for inking

1066.jpg 1065.jpg 1067.jpg 1069.jpg 1068.jpg

bald update

Tue Jan 14 00:47:55 2020

pew pew WOOOSH slowly bush surely i am finishing the comic


bald update

Mon Jan 13 00:37:45 2020

time for some sexy sexy color

space-monkey-cover.jpg space-monkey-page-001.jpg space-monkey-page-002.jpg

more 3d bases

Mon Jan 13 00:36:12 2020



i have a list of 3d figures i want to make and put up on patreon so part of my resolution is to be a lot better abotu keeping up with my 3d awards

1060.jpg 1061.jpg

sketch day

Sun Jan 12 01:02:16 2020

today i had planned to do as many sketch pages as i do as fast as i could draw.....only got one page done though

1058.jpg 1059.jpg

just sitting

Sat Jan 11 02:42:08 2020

there. the last censorsheik for this folio now i can finish it



Sat Jan 11 01:02:42 2020

the most difficult thing with these censorsheiks was coming up with all the poses. i have one more image to sketch out and i am having trouble figuring out exactly what i want. hopefully i will be able to post it later tonight

1052.jpg 1051.jpg 1054.jpg 1053.jpg 1055.jpg 1052.jpg

wasp garden update

Fri Jan 10 01:28:10 2020

ok almost have the folio done now i need to make all the censorsheiks and final touchups

038-wasp-nectar.jpg 039-wasp-flower-seat.jpg 041-wasp-dew.jpg 043-wasp-back.jpg 040-wasp-rear.jpg 007-honey-suckle-clip.jpg 006-de-flowering.jpg 042-wasp-seat.jpg 038-wasp-nectar.jpg

more practice mar

Thu Jan 9 01:00:02 2020

did some more practice work this morning. need to do a bunch of shesheik too

1047.jpg 1048.jpg

wasp garden update

Thu Jan 9 01:00:02 2020

not much art today as most of it was spend on errands


wasp garden update

Wed Jan 8 01:03:51 2020

getting closer t finishing this folio

006-de-flowering.jpg 038-wasp-nectar.jpg 039-wasp-flower-seat.jpg 007-honey-suckle-clip.jpg

censorsheiks and mar sketch

Wed Jan 8 01:00:04 2020

in between finishing the bug folio i felt the need the sketch out mar. i am pleased with how it is turning out

1045.jpg 1044.jpg 1043.jpg 1045.jpg

bald update

Tue Jan 7 01:05:18 2020


the base line work is done now i can finish the inking


waspy update

Mon Jan 6 01:06:35 2020

ok now i got all the base color and line work done. time to polish it up

006-de-flowering.jpg 007-honey-suckle-clip.jpg

philiophana update

Mon Jan 6 01:04:41 2020

almost done with the base colors


bald updates

Sun Jan 5 01:21:45 2020

just refining the line work for pages and getting them ready for inking

space-monkey-page-032.jpg space-monkey-page-030.jpg space-monkey-page-031.jpg space-monkey-page-031.jpg space-monkey-page-033.jpg

censorsheik kitbash project

Sat Jan 4 01:18:28 2020

i started this kind of thing with the demon girl i drew a few days ago. BUT, censorsheik is FAR more popular so i shifted to her for this.

the project is essentially

focused practice on what i am weakest at

massive reference sheet

tool for quick kitbashing

each major body part will be rotated 32 time and then repeated for expressions and poses and even costume changes

essentially this is the kind of reference sheet i have always wanted but have not been able to articulate until now


folio Master lists

Sat Jan 4 01:05:18 2020


2019+ png uploads


old folios


really old folios


just making sure all my previous publications are easily accessible

bugging up in the garden

Sat Jan 4 01:01:53 2020

get a bit of that honey suckle

038-wasp-nectar.jpg 039-wasp-flower-seat.jpg

wasp garden

Fri Jan 3 01:10:06 2020

going through the pile on unfinished folios i was inspired to finish Vizzy's folio it needs the least amount of "fixing" and i felt inspired to finish it

040-wasp-rear.jpg 041-wasp-dew.jpg 042-wasp-seat.jpg 043-wasp-back.jpg

Daily Doe: Polar battle

Fri Jan 3 01:05:49 2020

yeaaaay a new folio for the new year!


and now that i have a much easier too maintain workflow i will get one done every two weeks without breaking my brain over it. starting with all those folios i only partially finished. don't worry. i will still be updating my comic pages as well, but i will make sure they are up to this level of quality



Thu Jan 2 01:25:15 2020

and there we go. the last few images for censorsheik to go into the polar bear folio. now i can publish it

1032.jpg 1033.jpg 1034.jpg

bald update

Thu Jan 2 01:22:32 2020

more line work refinement

space-monkey-page-038.jpg space-monkey-page-039.jpg

here is to another new year!

Wed Jan 1 01:10:40 2020

happy new year everyone. hope you all are having a great celebration and are ready for the new year. lets make it a good one


what the hell did i just draw

Tue Dec 31 01:02:39 2019

during the day i needed a break from pages and i stumbled upon some "darksiders" concept art and i thought "that looks fun" so i drew this character


bald update

Tue Dec 31 00:59:38 2019

i felt more inspiration to refine the later pages. also i am taking more sketch steps because i felt some of my inked pages were getting a little "dead" looking, which is a sign that i am rushing so adding one or two more sketch layers before the final polish will solve that

space-monkey-page-036.jpg space-monkey-page-037.jpg

buugybug bug

Mon Dec 30 00:48:31 2019

i went back to my unfinished folios folder and grabbed this one and played around with the color.



Mon Dec 30 00:45:30 2019

more line work clean up


philophana applies for a job update

Mon Dec 30 00:44:15 2019

more refinement on the base color


snow queen dance

Mon Dec 30 00:42:46 2019

i never do just "fun" drawings anymore so i am trying to do some of that


bald update

Mon Dec 30 00:41:26 2019

lots of line work to finish

space-monkey-page-029.jpg space-monkey-page-030.jpg

juuuust one more

Sun Dec 29 01:02:18 2019

some times it is hard coming up with a a funny/cute image for censor in the same theme for a folio


space noms update

Sun Dec 29 01:00:42 2019

it took a long time rigging the delphox so i worked on this a bit to relax


de-foxy 3d

Sun Dec 29 00:58:32 2019

getting ready for the delphox comic after the bald monkey comic i morphed oddete's bunny model into a Fennec-like fox and gave her the base colors. putting her in the 3d sketch tier until she is done



bald update

Sat Dec 28 00:57:15 2019

just one of those days where you are working all day and seems like you hardly did anything

space-monkey-page-027.jpg space-monkey-page-028.jpg

moth gets a job update

Fri Dec 27 02:37:20 2019

nearly forgot to post the start of the color


bald update

Fri Dec 27 01:17:43 2019

more line work done at least for the characters


ivory queen

Fri Dec 27 01:07:52 2019


for blender i don't think i ever uploaded this

i am putting it on the 10 tier because i think she will need a lot of reworking


where's the gift?

Fri Dec 27 01:04:09 2019

....censor, that's meant to be YOU


great balls of coco

Thu Dec 26 00:39:00 2019

"destructo balls" and "join me in a cup"?

hope you all are having a great holiday. i got some nice new oil paints and a course in how to paint with them properly starting near the end of February since it has been a Very long time since i used any traditional mediums this should be fun and challenging

1018.jpg 1019.jpg

we wish you a buggy bug-mas

Wed Dec 25 01:09:02 2019

all day has been a buggy bugmas ...eve

spent the day drawing christmas censorshiel and being with my family. tomorrow is christmas day so i might not have any time for posting.

happy holidays to all of you and enjoy whatever you are celebrating

1016.jpg 1017.jpg 1015.jpg 1017.jpg

bald update

Tue Dec 24 02:02:58 2019

finished inking the people for a few pages

space-monkey-page-023.jpg space-monkey-page-024.jpg space-monkey-page-025.jpg

at the unemployment office

Mon Dec 23 00:47:45 2019

ok line work done.

i started working on this around noon (had a bunch of errands earlier in the day) and by the time i looked at the clock again it was almost 8 ...where the heck did the time go!? ;)

i must be getting slower in my old age


STOP......it hammer time

Sun Dec 22 01:10:19 2019

yes another fun character design for raven and the lilly. with my earlier models i was afraid everyone would look too "same-y" and it took me a while to find a base trident model i liked but the end results will work for the comic


raven and the lilly character designs

Sat Dec 21 01:20:56 2019

for the next stage of the comic i needed a better "battle ship" an more interesting minion designs for the sea god to attack the main character with.

i went and found a blue whale model and stuck a castle and big barnacles on its back. i then took one of my lizard man monster models i got from online and hacked it together with a shark model i found for a starting minion

i have quite a few models of sharks and monsters and "kitbashing" them together like this will create some fun results

what i like best about these two studies is that they are the closest image i had in my head for what i want my comics to look like in the end

1011.jpg 1012.jpg

bald update

Fri Dec 20 00:50:10 2019

more page refinements

space-monkey-page-020.jpg space-monkey-page-023.jpg space-monkey-page-022.jpg space-monkey-page-021.jpg

bald update

Thu Dec 19 01:06:34 2019

yay cover is now sketched out

space-monkey-page-018.jpg space-monkey-page-018.jpg space-monkey-page-020.jpg space-monkey-cover.jpg space-monkey-page-019.jpg

raven update

Wed Dec 18 00:55:46 2019

sudden whale attack


bald update

Wed Dec 18 00:54:18 2019

bunny is as bunny do

space-monkey-page-017.jpg space-monkey-page-016.jpg space-monkey-page-018.jpg


Wed Dec 18 00:52:31 2019

based on feedback


raven update

Tue Dec 17 01:21:39 2019

for the past couple mornings i have been sneaking in a page of raven and the lilly. i figured if i don't sneak in these pages i will NEVER get to do any of my non porn stories

Raven-and-the-Lilly-Redux-Page-026.jpg Raven-and-the-Lilly-Redux-Page-025.jpg

clock moth a the un employment office

Tue Dec 17 01:07:36 2019

so far the little old lady is my favorite character here :D


bald update

Tue Dec 17 01:03:14 2019

getting that line work to look sexy

space-monkey-page-016.jpg space-monkey-page-017.jpg space-monkey-page-015.jpg

bald update

Mon Dec 16 01:11:24 2019

you stink! spent much of the day building the scene for the next Philophana commission and getting ready fro christmas so not that much in the ways of updates today


and now the marathon

Sun Dec 15 00:59:52 2019

now comes the long task of polishing everything up

space-monkey-page-011.jpg space-monkey-page-013.jpg space-monkey-page-014.jpg space-monkey-page-012.jpg

bald update

Fri Dec 13 01:12:15 2019

did some line work polishing. most the day was spent getting ready for xmas so i still have not finished building the space bridge for the final scene in the comic


pink snow?

Fri Dec 13 01:10:08 2019

so i added my paper texture/ contrast layers after a bit more polish. if the pink and purple colors are still too distracting i will use a few more tricks to push the pallet back to a grey blue theme. and i will need to do the same to all the others to make sure the folio is unified. THEN censorsheik. i will need to make a whole bunch of "stock" censorsheiks to fill in the gaps when my imagination fails me, and to use for comics


bear it up

Thu Dec 12 00:52:46 2019

the color is almost done on this. maybe i will get it done in time for christmas. i spent the rest of the day trying to get the bridge of the space ship in "bald space monkys" right for the final scene so there has been a lont of searching, building and kitbashing


ready for a final review

Thu Dec 12 00:49:49 2019

now it is time for new eyes to point out things that need fixing (because i have been staring at it so long i will have missed them)


bald update

Wed Dec 11 00:57:08 2019


space-monkey-page-034.jpg space-monkey-page-035.jpg

santa vs polar

Tue Dec 10 00:39:04 2019

today was a slow day for working but i managed to finish the line work on this


bald update

Mon Dec 9 00:37:21 2019

(singing) HEEERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAY (singing)

space-monkey-page-032.jpg space-monkey-page-033.jpg

bald update

Sun Dec 8 01:03:07 2019

i have rendered out the whole next scene finally so all that is left will be the wrap up and then i can focus on polishing up the pages


bald update

Sat Dec 7 00:23:14 2019


getting close to the end now


bear color

Fri Dec 6 01:09:56 2019

and these are all done. i will just need to finish the cover and make some censorsheiks and i will be able to publish

999.jpg 1001.jpg 1003.jpg

lineing up that bear folio

Fri Dec 6 01:07:18 2019

i took it easy today and just finished the line work one the post parts of the folio. and grabbed one of my color sketches for the cover. for the bald space monky comic i will need to create two "bunnies in black" BIBs so i can finish up the sketches and go back to polish up the book

998.jpg 1000.jpg 1004.jpg 1002.jpg

billy nilly

Thu Dec 5 00:56:16 2019

i am trying to balance the color now. it feels a bit off kilter and un-unified i want to avoid using a paper texture to unify the pallet because then it won't unify with the whole series. although i could go back and add the texture to the first few images


is it a kiss farewell?

Thu Dec 5 00:52:43 2019

i won't tell. but i am wondering if i should put in one more sex scene or just do the ending pages


Mar and shesheik spar

Wed Dec 4 01:24:14 2019

i went back and cleaned up the line work for this page after getting the other pages for bald monkey done. now that i am comfortable with my comic style i can play around with some of the ideas i have.

first thing of course is to keep going with the bald monkey comic and commissions . THEN i can "play"


bald monkey update

Wed Dec 4 01:17:37 2019

"good, now get out of here!"

space-monkey-page-028.jpg space-monkey-page-027.jpg space-monkey-page-028.jpg

bald space monkey update

Tue Dec 3 00:52:03 2019

just another page sketched out and ready for refinement. i will need to do some advertisement images to drum up some hype


hold nom

Tue Dec 3 00:49:39 2019

and another one done

funny how this looks exactly how my best work always looks from my old folios but i can draw it faster and with better color


six brass stars character study

Tue Dec 3 00:43:24 2019

did this as a warmup in the morning. after bald space monkeys and the as of yet unnamed delphox comic, i have another idea for a comic that will have ratwomen, bug women, mice women, orcs, goblins, dangerous monsters, subterranean root kingdoms and an undead warlord trying to take over the world (insert "of course" meme here)

this is out main character, he may go un named for the entire comic though i have not decided. who he is may be less important than the events surrounding him and i feel that him being unnamed helps solidify that narrative. but i am not set on that.

yes there will be plenty of fornication but i will try to set it up in such a way that i could cut the scenes out and not lose any story elements (just in case i can publish a more mass market version)


bald update

Mon Dec 2 00:56:25 2019

not much inspiration to make new pages so i went back to polish up some more line work on earlier pages

space-monkey-page-002.jpg space-monkey-page-003.jpg

more lift and nom

Mon Dec 2 00:54:22 2019

he is still not sure what is going on


flip nom in color

Sun Dec 1 00:25:10 2019

this style is making it fun and easy to draw folios again. once i have all the pages sketched out for bald space monkeys i can start making them look like these images


flip nom

Sun Dec 1 00:21:21 2019

she flips him over her and gives him a surprise on the way over


bald update

Sun Dec 1 00:20:05 2019

she got grabbed

hopefully i will be able to get back to regular work in the next few days. today there is a lot more family stuff going on, getting ready for the holidays


bald monkey update

Fri Nov 29 01:15:40 2019


just so you all know i will be on a day trip with my family tomorrow so i won't be able to do any work

space-monkey-page-024.jpg space-monkey-page-024.jpg space-monkey-page-023.jpg

da billz

Thu Nov 28 00:50:34 2019

after the folio work i spent the rest of the day polishing up the base colors and lighting. once that is done i will add the details


da bearz color

Thu Nov 28 00:48:41 2019

and it looks pretty good to me

986.jpg 988.jpg

lazy bear day

Thu Nov 28 00:47:10 2019

took a break today from comic pages and went back to the bear folio i never finished because it was relaxing in a "turn your brain off" kinda way and i wanted to see how my comic style looked with it

987.jpg 985.jpg 987.jpg

first scene done

Wed Nov 27 01:00:01 2019


i think we can safely say that i am hitting my stride with comic pages. that being said i want to go and finish raven and the lilly but since that is NOT a porn i am unsure how many of my patreons would feel about that

space-monkey-page-021.jpg space-monkey-page-022.jpg

bald update

Tue Nov 26 01:04:13 2019

page updates. i have no idea how long this book will be aside from i have 3 more sex scenes planned and one more action scene at the end

space-monkey-page-019.jpg space-monkey-page-018.jpg space-monkey-page-020.jpg


Mon Nov 25 00:37:47 2019

keep dem noms coming


gimme the CASH!

Sun Nov 24 01:04:13 2019

update on philophana


bald color update

Sun Nov 24 01:02:39 2019

needed a break from making new pages so i went back and working on the polish

space-monkey-page-001.jpg space-monkey-page-002.jpg

bald monkey update

Sat Nov 23 00:27:33 2019

time to get clean .....after getting a bit dirty

983.jpg 981.jpg 982.jpg

bald monkey update

Fri Nov 22 01:53:01 2019

OI! hurt people need to stay in bed


bald monkey update

Thu Nov 21 00:28:37 2019

3 more pages added

977.jpg 979.jpg 976.jpg 978.jpg 978.jpg

dat bootay

Thu Nov 21 00:25:37 2019

will be using this to try and get some hype up for the comic

975.jpg 974.jpg 975.jpg

bald space monkey update

Wed Nov 20 00:36:15 2019

just some line work clean up today


bills must be updated

Wed Nov 20 00:34:58 2019

well most the day was spent away from the computer but i did manage to get some work on Philophana


bunny butt grab

Tue Nov 19 00:58:11 2019

so i had my nephews birthday party today and i was mostly running around trying to get things ready. only managed to get a quick sketch done


space monkey update

Mon Nov 18 01:07:58 2019

and that is the first scene all sketched out. tomorrow i will build the barn and bunny home which should not take too long since i already have most of it done from the first attempt of this comic.

i am a lot happier with this lay out and i have scribbles up to the first sex scene

969.jpg 965.jpg 966.jpg 967.jpg 966.jpg 968.jpg 970.jpg

space monkey update

Sun Nov 17 01:08:24 2019

more pages updated

962.jpg 959.jpg 961.jpg 964.jpg 960.jpg 958.jpg 963.jpg

space monkeys update

Sat Nov 16 01:10:33 2019

glad i found that filter. this should make the next few pages much easier

955.jpg 954.jpg 954.jpg 957.jpg

space noms update

Sat Nov 16 01:05:52 2019

i added in the layer filter to the back ground to see how it looks. it provides a nice guide for how to refine the back ground line work


clip studio vs photoshop

Sat Nov 16 01:03:19 2019

no matter how many times i try i can't switch over to clip studio pro....especially when i find some awesome tools in photoshop that make my life easier. but the pen tool in clip studio is better for the smaller details


just found a feature in photoshop

Sat Nov 16 01:00:33 2019

i blundered into a new feature in photoshop that apparently has been in there for years yet i did not know about it.

you essentially do a few layer tweaks and it turns a photo into "almost" a line work,,,combine this with blenders line render and my own line work will make back grounds and mechanical elements a lot easier to get done


Bald Space monkeys need bunny women update

Fri Nov 15 01:04:27 2019

yes! got the space ship done and i can start the pages. at least up to the part where we land on the farm. to be honest the farm wont need much external changes but i will refine "not judy"'s house interior.


bunny fighter jet

Thu Nov 14 00:47:19 2019

i spent most the day working on the design of the fighters that will be going after our main protagonist at the beginning of the comic. i wanted it to look a little scifi rather then just the normal jet i had originally.

also i plan to extend the chase scene to what i originally envisioned so it will be more fun to read (and draw)

and lastly here is a model i rigged and posted everywhere http://www.furaffinity.net/view/33822605/

the guy who made the model was tenzide and he let me rig and post it. i am hoeping a lot of people try using it and give me some feed back on how to make my rigging better so i can make better models for all my patreons


polish up for bills

Wed Nov 13 00:58:49 2019

just and update as i refine the line wo


now THAT'S a monkey suit

Wed Nov 13 00:57:34 2019

i might remove the shoulder plates but other then that i like it


bald space monkey armor

Tue Nov 12 01:20:14 2019

i kit bashed 3 different scifi armors into this but i feel it might be too much like a halo character

i will follow the design to the end but if its too much like a halo armor i will change out some parts to try and make it less so


jus a lill ol farm girl here

Tue Nov 12 01:16:49 2019

yeah i really like this style for my comics. once i have my designs down properly i will get back to the pages.

i will be posting this one on all my sites to start getting a buzz going and try to keep people excited for new content from me


oh just your random farm girl rabbit

Tue Nov 12 01:11:14 2019

nothing unusual about that, move along now

but seriously i like my updated model a LOT more then my older one. yet once again i found some rigging mistakes i will need to fix later


ahem...rent please

Tue Nov 12 01:08:43 2019

oh noz :O our favorite clockwork moth girl has overdue rent!!!


the space noms

Mon Nov 11 01:13:16 2019

it took most the morning to save a png version of the comic "demon quest"

and afterwards my brain shut down, even thought i told "noooo i still have stuff i wanted to do"

so after an afternoon of being lazy i got myself back into the swing of things by workign on the line work for this piece


demon quest png version

Mon Nov 11 01:08:03 2019

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g0jfatjpkz47tcn/AADVw0r3Ru140sxkXkA6ee-ra?dl=0 because some people like the png version. the only problem is they take a while to save


Daily Doe: Demon Quest

Sun Nov 10 00:08:28 2019

ok done...at least done in Jpeg form i still need to format it for gumroad and add in the copy stuff



demon quest ALMOST done

Sat Nov 9 00:35:41 2019

just a bit more polish on some of the pages so that the whole thing is unified THEN we can call it done



good morning

Fri Nov 8 01:27:03 2019

ok there we go. lock this style in for my comics and any folios i do as my base style (just in case i want to try and be experimental with a project in the future)

it;s relatively fast and smooth without a bunch of wasted "noodleing" thati usually fall into

i am almost done with demon quest and once that is done i will get back to simone's commissions and the next comic book project

now i have a few projects i can jump back into

the bunny and the bald monkey from space
or an idea one of my patreons suggested a while ago and reminded me about recently. involving a delphox and her trainer (it was a folio suggestion but i have an idea for a comic)

also one of my longtime supporters Blazcowitz requested some shark themed content. i have 2 ideas
one is a pool party with a leopard shark girl an otter girl and the human man they invite the other is a por parody on "the Meg"....though VERY loosely associated as the lady being a giant shark girl is the only thing in common with the cheezy horror movie. i call it "the Meg-an"

then there is all the non adult ideas i have too


good morning

Thu Nov 7 00:52:48 2019

i needed a break from the comic so i did some line work refining


demon quest update

Thu Nov 7 00:51:16 2019

i am trying to stay focused by bouncing around to whatever page i feel motivated in finishing

every time i get to the end of a project it always seems like more work just magically appears

937.jpg 938.jpg 940.jpg 936.jpg 939.jpg


Wed Nov 6 00:59:13 2019

still working on that color

932.jpg 934.jpg 933.jpg

demon quest update

Tue Nov 5 00:29:16 2019

ok we got all the flat colors down all the line work done all the dialogue written and in the files no i just need to finalize the color and put the dialogue back in and this will be done

918.jpg 920.jpg 919.jpg 925.jpg 929.jpg 923.jpg 927.jpg 924.jpg 928.jpg 922.jpg 926.jpg 930.jpg 921.jpg 931.jpg

more paged

Mon Nov 4 00:54:18 2019

yes we are getting closer to having this comic done. i hope my next comic i can be more efficient with my time management. though once this comic is done i am thinking of takeing a week to finish off a few 3d figures i have partially done

911.jpg 912.jpg 914.jpg 915.jpg 917.jpg 916.jpg 913.jpg

woo hoo update

Sun Nov 3 00:01:54 2019

5 pages done minus putting the dialogue back in

908.jpg 910.jpg 907.jpg 911.jpg 908.jpg 909.jpg

demon quest cover

Fri Nov 1 23:15:55 2019

today was a crummy day but at least i got the cover done


demon quest update

Fri Nov 1 00:27:10 2019

woohoo that is all teh line work finished now i can got finish the color

904.jpg 905.jpg 906.jpg

speed sketch

Thu Oct 31 00:04:59 2019

after doing some pages i took a break to do some blender studying. there is a tool called freestyle which creates a lie work layer for your 3d render. the first time i used it i did not care for it because i felt it was too cumbersome.

i went back to it again after watching more tutorials because i hoped it could do more base line work for may backgrounds. specifically anything mechanical

this time i felt it worked a lot better and it will lake a lost of work load off of me at least in back grounds


demon quest update

Wed Oct 30 23:58:47 2019

more line work done

899.jpg 901.jpg 902.jpg

demon quest update

Wed Oct 30 00:00:12 2019

yesss a day where i got a bunch of stuff done

897.jpg 896.jpg 896.jpg 894.jpg 895.jpg

commission day

Tue Oct 29 00:04:35 2019

just finishing up my commissions philiophana just needs the will done and she should be finished.

also the other commissions i am working on are mostly done

tomorrow is back to comics


young mar

Mon Oct 28 00:10:25 2019

he looks more like a young adult then a kid but i am mostly happy with his design

i will mostly be working on dailydoe comics and commissions but you will see a smattering of designs for COM and RATL

also i will start posting these designs and sketches publicly in a few days to try and get more people interested


raven and the lilly update

Mon Oct 28 00:05:36 2019

since i have been focusing on comics i wanted to do some updates for raven and the lilly and chronicles of mar


demon quest update

Sat Oct 26 23:35:00 2019

(insert bruce lee noises here)


demon quest update

Fri Oct 25 23:44:58 2019



EEK a visitor!

Thu Oct 24 23:31:08 2019

progress update for Simone's comish. tomorrow it is back to comic pages


demon quest updates

Wed Oct 23 23:52:29 2019

nothing fancy just working on pages all day

881.jpg 882.jpg

light update today

Tue Oct 22 23:59:22 2019

only a bit of a light day today for patreon. also if anyone is interested i did re open my commission list, you can find on my DA or FA site


demon quest update

Mon Oct 21 23:59:04 2019

now that "bathing minotaur" is done i can get back to finishing this comic


philiophana gets a visitor update

Mon Oct 21 23:56:06 2019

i need to work on the door bur i am rather happy about how the rest is coming out


Daily Doe: Bathing Minotaur

Mon Oct 21 00:00:59 2019

scrubadub dub. some love in the tub


yes the book is finally finished


bathing minotaur final stretch

Sat Oct 19 23:54:23 2019

ok got all the pages 99% done. just need to go over them one more time and then finish the cover and i can publish and move on to finishing Demon Quest

867.jpg 868.jpg 870.jpg 873.jpg 869.jpg 871.jpg

bathing minotaur cover

Sat Oct 19 23:43:02 2019

yeaaaah up to the cover just a bit more to finish the comic


minotaur bathing

Sat Oct 19 01:07:21 2019

more pages. getting closer to calling this done

865.jpg 866.jpg

philophana gets a visitor

Thu Oct 17 23:48:08 2019

well today was not a work day. had lots of errands to run including replacing more parts for my computer. my battery back up surge protector died and i had to get a new one. also i may have confirmed the true reason why my hard drive kept chirping

the USB strip i was using is powered so you can have plenty of devices plugged in..it was also about 6 years old. i did some more research trying to find an exact match of the sounds my external drives were making. the closest sound i found was from a youtube video that said that noise was cause due to insufficient power for the drive

so i got a new usb strip and now i will wait and listen. if a week passess and not chirping. then that was the real problem


bathing minotaur update

Wed Oct 16 23:47:25 2019

whaaa!? one and a half pages done?!

ok so i managed to get a bit more done today

862.jpg 863.jpg

bathing minotaur update

Tue Oct 15 23:37:43 2019

yeah i know its kinda odd to be working backwards with this one but hey, it's getting done


shared pain

Tue Oct 15 00:48:55 2019

Spear and fang share a moment

just saw a bunch of episodes from the show "primal" wow is it beautifully animated and completely brutal


bathing minotaur update

Tue Oct 15 00:01:44 2019

and another one bites the dust....i mean gets done


bathing minotaur

Sun Oct 13 23:45:50 2019

WEEEEEEE sploosh

another page down


bathing minotaur update

Sun Oct 13 00:09:34 2019

it may have taken all day...but i got this one done. demon quest will probably still take a while since after i get all the line work cleaned up but gosh darn it! i am going to get more comic pages done

my goal is to get this style up to 4 pages a day. which means i will need to figure out how to optimize my work flow

which probably means just doing what i do for folios
refine line
blend in render colors


demon quest update

Sat Oct 12 00:12:56 2019

more updating


coal the giant slayer

Sat Oct 12 00:09:55 2019

finished and posted everywhere. now onward to more stuff


mighty clock work mothy

Sat Oct 12 00:07:34 2019

there we go. now i have a better model to work from for my philophana commissions. a lot of these parts were cannibalized from the philiomela's model that Simone sent me. given my level of ability in 3d it would probably take me a few more months of work to actually get her animation ready, but for my drawing needs this is fine


fan art update

Fri Oct 11 00:20:52 2019

whew! stressful day hope tomorrow will be better. this whole week has been a mess


demon quest update

Thu Oct 10 00:10:14 2019

ho hum another day of only partial working.

this week just had a whole bunch of errands that take a lot of time away from work. i hope tomorrow i can do a full day

846.jpg 847.jpg

demond quest update

Tue Oct 8 23:45:09 2019

sorry not much to update today because i did not get to have much time to work today

so i was only able to finish the line work on one page


demon quest update

Tue Oct 8 00:04:29 2019

yaay update pages. it's all finishing line work and clean up from here on

now excuse me while i throw everything out and restart from the beginning a few more times :P

840.jpg 841.jpg

oops all fan art

Mon Oct 7 00:34:45 2019

yeah i rarely do fan art but i like Rakkuguy and i thought it would be cute to do a short comic. surely i could do 4 painted panels in one day.....right? well i will come back to this some other day for tomorrow it si time to finish demons quest and those folios i still have

836.jpg 838.jpg 837.jpg 839.jpg 837.jpg

Daily Doe: The Lady No-Horns

Sat Oct 5 23:43:10 2019


no horns but still "horn-y" (budum-tish)


clock work mothy progress

Sat Oct 5 23:41:15 2019

most the day was spent putting all the base parts together. like chunks of clay before the real sculpting gets worked on i have put most the basic parts down. as i move forward i will be adding new parts where details are needed and even reworkign the geometry if necessary.

this will take some time but it will be worth it


daily doe the return of lady no horns

Fri Oct 4 23:34:39 2019

oh the folio is done. i just need to make the story blurb and save the files in the correct format then i will upload them to the master list and the gumroad list

0014-lady-no-horn.jpg 0014-lady-no-horn2.jpg doe-noming2.jpg 0017-lady-no-horn.jpg bent-over.jpg bent-over2.jpg 0016-lady-no-horn.jpg 0016-lady-no-horn2.jpg facesit2.jpg doe-noming.jpg sitback2.jpg 0015-lady-no-horn.jpg 0017-lady-no-horn2.jpg facesit.jpg 0015-lady-no-horn2.jpg sitback.jpg

aaaalmost done

Fri Oct 4 00:03:17 2019

so painting censorsheik the same way i paint my folios takes a lot longer but i feel a lot more satisfied with the end result

also my friend and art editor has helped me with demon quest by putting down the flats for the rest of that comic. so tomorrow i can get back to finishing it

828.jpg 830.jpg 831.jpg 829.jpg

getting all painterly up

Thu Oct 3 00:04:12 2019

now i need to paint up all the censorsheiks. then i can do the final fixes for the main folio THEN i can publish on all sights

823.jpg 824.jpg 820.jpg 821.jpg 826.jpg 827.jpg 822.jpg 825.jpg 823.jpg

censor shetches

Wed Oct 2 00:36:08 2019

not sure what happened today, i thought i was working most the day with few interruptions but i only managed to get the sketches for censorsheik done

816.jpg 812.jpg 813.jpg 811.jpg 815.jpg 818.jpg 817.jpg 814.jpg

lady no horns returns

Mon Sep 30 23:41:37 2019

so this folio is 99% finished it just needs some final polish and censorsheik then i can publish it her there everywhere and move on to the next folio

803.jpg 804.jpg 807.jpg 809.jpg 806.jpg 808.jpg 810.jpg 805.jpg

some nom and polish

Mon Sep 30 00:01:38 2019

managed to polish up 4 of the folio images today, though i did not get to work on any comic page stuff today :(

798.jpg 801.jpg 800.jpg 799.jpg

spar update

Sat Sep 28 23:57:19 2019

spent most the day working on the mid panel, just refining forms and fixing mistakes. tomorrow i will be focusign on folio stuf, philophana's model and render out at least one more page for this comic


lady no horns color update

Fri Sep 27 23:43:39 2019

these were the images i worked on today. the last 3 for the folio are already mostly or completely done so i did not work on them.

many of you may remember a whole bunch of folios i never finished and a bunch of really old folios i was updating and formatting for gumroad

well if you all don't mind i would like to finish all those project

789.jpg 789.jpg 792.jpg 793.jpg 787.jpg 790.jpg 786.jpg 791.jpg 788.jpg

lady no horns folio update

Fri Sep 27 23:37:08 2019

i tried to do a speed paint for the lady no horns folio. though i did not finish it i did get a good way through it

782.jpg 783.jpg 784.jpg 785.jpg

meme work finished and ooooh i wanna keep going

Thu Sep 26 23:53:03 2019

the caveat to Eevee is it takes a few hours to set up. not just from bringing in all the correct models and setting up the proper radiance calculators

this whole day i felt uninspired and fatigued barely getting any work done...until the last couple hours of the comic page

even though it is not finished i feel the end product will look great AND the prospect of more pages does not feel as daunting as it has in the past.

and please forgive me for bringing this up again, but i feel my loss of color blindness and the eevee render engine has a lot to help with that

the base colors you see here are technically rendered with more detail then when i used cycles but each image only took about a minute to render.

were i to use cycles or even Daz to render them i would say it could easily take 15-30 mins for a grainier image if not longer.

the caveat to Eevee is it takes a few hours to set up. not just from bringing in all the correct models and setting up the proper radiance calculators, but i spend more time on poses and what lights i have in the scene.

eevee's real time render lets me see almost exactly how it is going to look before i render (and its fast)

779.jpg 780.jpg

mar and shesheik sparing

Thu Sep 26 01:48:00 2019

most the day was commission work. so i wanted to do a "speed paint" comic page just of Mar and shesheik sparing as a "reward" to myself and to see just how fast i could do a page if i had all my models set up and eevee ready for decent renders......

too bad setting up the blend file took about 2 hours

now that everything IS set up properly i hope to be able to make pages about as fast as my Odette speed paints ( i especially like the last one i did ) . or at least close to that speed


philiophana model

Thu Sep 26 01:39:39 2019

since i will be making about 4 million commission pieces with simone's lovely clockwork bug girl bot ;P

i am making a more detailed model for her so i can put more detail in her and streamline the process

this will take a while though


updating censorshiek

Wed Sep 25 00:04:14 2019

ok. i grabbed my shesheik custom model and morphed her into a more "chibi" form and re rigged her with my best rig.
this will make it a lot easier for making her for folios and comic pages because i won't need to worry about applying my color and it is far easier for me to stay "on model"
i feel i need to push the cartoony proportions a bit more but what do you all think?


polar folio updat

Mon Sep 23 23:36:49 2019

spent the whole day polishing up this folio. getting closer to having it done. i think i will make a better model cor censorsheik by using her non chibi model as a base

770.jpg 771.jpg 773.jpg 772.jpg

Mina Mishra

Sun Sep 22 23:25:00 2019

yaay robo sharky's character sheet comission is done. and i got a few other commissions done today. tomorrow its back to folios and 3d figures


the bunz model

Sat Sep 21 23:42:53 2019


here is her blend file she id done for the moment but when i learn more techniques i will come back and make her model better (also when i have more time)


da new bunz

Sat Sep 21 23:41:09 2019

took my odette bunny base and made a new bunz out of her....could you tell what my inspiration is from!?


odette victory

Sat Sep 21 00:18:21 2019

i am pleased at how this one turned out.


mina mishra madness

Sat Sep 21 00:08:59 2019

ok so i am almost done with this. just some text describing her and a fancy background with a bit of highlights


odette victory

Fri Sep 20 00:32:44 2019

had a bunch of errands to do today to i did not get to finish this

since these speed paints are going well i will try to do one non folio and one folio image per day

each one only takes about 3-4 hours so that is fast enough for me to keep consistent content for everyone here

757.jpg 756.jpg 758.jpg 757.jpg

cliff leaping

Thu Sep 19 00:06:49 2019

Odette back for more bashing...this time wearing a top

today i moved about 30GBs of 3d models from my D to my external 3d drive and then worked on this and commissions the whole day

this one took about 2 hours

i plan to move all my 3d files over to my external before i start organizing, so i have all of them in one drive


pet n polish

Wed Sep 18 00:24:11 2019

after all the 3d work i went back and did a few more hours of polishing up on this folio


the pros and cons of having 438 gbs of 3d models

Wed Sep 18 00:22:30 2019

my first thought of the day "lets make a quick battle scene between Odette and a chaos knight"

my second thought "now where did i save that cuirass base?"

then i started organizing a bunch of props so i could find them easier.
then i started morphing and texturing the props to fit the base body i wanted them too cover

after a day of 3d file moving and texturing i realized i did not have much t show today

the reason i have so many file and my files are so UTTERLY disorganized is because i use to have very limited download data. some times when i would hang out with friends who had unlimited data they would let me use it. the sessions i would download as much as i possibly could and just dump them in general folders for 'organize later'

soooo yeah "organize later" pretty much never happened and now i have folders all over the place, and a whole bunch of 3d on my D: drive i have not opened in a long while

it would probably take days if not weeks to organize, but i might find some old abandoned tools that could be really useful


tiz but a pittance

Mon Sep 16 22:55:44 2019

ooh boy no energy today. sorry but only managed to get some line work refinement on bald space monkies and finish the linework on Simone's commission. i wll go to be early tonight and try to be more refreshed tomorrow

749.jpg 750.jpg

doe folios coming along

Mon Sep 16 00:12:07 2019

getting 1 and a half folio images done in a day is pretty good.

but i will still need to wait a day or so on any image so when i come back to it fresh i will be able to see any issues i may have missed

743.jpg 746.jpg

starting the shark girl model

Mon Sep 16 00:07:25 2019

using my orca girl as a base i started morphing her into a shark. i will need to remove the tip of her tail and her fins then re attach new one more in line with a sharks


sketches and a speed paint

Mon Sep 16 00:04:40 2019

the speed painting was about a half hour. next time i think i will keep it at an hour minimum just to make sure i don't get wonky anatomy

with eevee set up i can really get stuff cranked out

742.jpg 741.jpg 745.jpg 744.jpg 742.jpg 748.jpg

polar update

Sat Sep 14 23:21:26 2019

updating folio bears once i finish this one i need to rework her model a bit so she is easier to render. then i can get stuff done faster with her. but tomorrow i will re work my orca woman so i have a shark girl as well

738.jpg 739.jpg 740.jpg

oddetes file

Fri Sep 13 23:45:18 2019

i am putting Odette's current file in the $10 rather then the 30 because i plan to use my updated rig for her (the one on my new doe model) and that will make some major changes in how you control her



odette sees with her ears

Fri Sep 13 23:42:34 2019

this one took about 4 hours because i needed to do a few more corrections to the eevee set up


va va vroom

Fri Sep 13 23:23:21 2019

there we go. that's the speed i want. from 10+ hours to 3, at least after you get the file all set up.

and with eevee properly setup i can get some better vibrant colors i would have difficulty getting before...also eevee renders in seconds rather then the half hour-hours in cycles

eevee does such a good job i will start posing raw renders again

734.jpg 734.jpg 735.jpg 732.jpg

nom the line

Fri Sep 13 23:10:37 2019

now that i have the file set up with lights and proper enhancements to the eevee render engine
(radiance probe, ambient occlusion settings on all the textures, contact shadow etc)


speed sketch

Fri Sep 13 00:52:22 2019

after this morning the rest of the day had a bunch of family errands that needed attending so not that much was done today

i looked up some more tutorials about Eevee rendering to try and make it look better, because it is really fast and clean when set up properly. after some tweaking i got a set up i think will look good


never work digital with screen glare

Fri Sep 13 00:47:47 2019

learned a big lesson this morning i was doing some experimental work with color.

using a frezzetta sketch as a pallet guide but the sun was coming through some windows and bouncing off all the white walls in my room. this put a slight glare over my cintique that made it a bit hard to see some of the subtle changes in color....turns out it was a lot more pronounced then i thought

from no on i will try to avoid doing any color work when the sun is at certain angles



Thu Sep 12 00:16:18 2019

the rest of the day was spent polishing up the form for this folio piece


shark venting

Thu Sep 12 00:14:13 2019

rebuilt another part of Simone's commission that was lost earlier. this time i saved it as a separate file so if i have another hiccup i don't lose as much


4 hour test paint

Thu Sep 12 00:11:12 2019

went in and grabbed my blind Odette model, made a few modifications to her model and spent an hour getting her pose an render to look the way i wanted it to. then i spent another 3 hours on the painting part trying to get it to look good. i think i overdid it in some areas but i got some ideas i want to try out tomorrow


meme head

Wed Sep 11 00:03:23 2019

not much in drawing today, bunch of RL errands that needed running. will get back to more tomorrow.

i have a program called dragon bones that is used to turn drawings into simple animations and i want to try it out sometime soon. i already have a pic of mar set up for it. i will just need to follow some tutorials


death head

Tue Sep 10 00:17:56 2019

ok so this is a selfish piece. i have been wanting to update Mar's armor for a while. add more detail, make better textures and things like that.

so i grabbed his face plate and decided NOT to rebuild it from the ground up since the topology was already good enough. i slapped it back into zbrush and sculpt in some HD detail and made a new texture for it. i used zbrushes UV mapping tool to fix the UV map so it could take a bit more detail (not sure how i made it the first time but it was wonky)

made a normal map and exported it all back to blender. i decided to use cycles for the render instead of eevee because i know cycles better and can get more natural looking renders out of it with less effort

brought the render into photoshop and just had fun


rebuild comish

Tue Sep 10 00:08:44 2019

well one of my commission files corrupted and i had to rebuild it....boy some times my luck is quite annoying

i think i have a good guess about what the problem might be. the usb connection

because i mostly left them in the usb extender strip i think they may have been building up a static charge and that sometimes interrupts the data.

i came to this guess when my 3d files drive stopped communicating and i did another search online. one of the forums made the suggestion of just unplugging the drive and plugging it back in and that fixed it

720.jpg 721.jpg

honey pot and custom model

Sun Sep 8 22:50:00 2019


a test rig of a bug girl i wanted to build. her arms work really well but i think i will move to shape key driven eyes and expressions rather then the weight painted version


be cool

Sat Sep 7 23:33:20 2019

so i started the morning thinking to myself "i will just finish the base cleanup this morning and then start the detailing process another day"

after a while i checked the time "THREE HOURS!?!?" and still not done :(


folio update

Sat Sep 7 23:30:11 2019

boy i am slow now i fixed her pussy i think

bear-wrassel1.jpg flipblow1.jpg

raven and the lilly update

Sat Sep 7 02:16:46 2019

always be careful what you eat....especially when dealing with a necromancer https://www.dropbox.com/sh/204f3yzw0b5o89w/AAAHctZl9ijSNRW_R_gUzw7fa?dl=0

since i did not get ANYTHING done yesterday i tried to make up for it today by getting as many pages sketched out as possible

now we are getting into the REAL battle


data tranfer...again

Thu Sep 5 23:20:16 2019

well the 3d drive was making more and more chirping noises so i spent the day transdering 400 GBs to a new drive. i do have a program that supposedly will find the corrupted sections and move the data chunks around (called Spinrite) but from what i found out it will take a MASSIVE amount of time to do that. so i got a new drive to get the files safe and later i will probably use a different computer to scan the drives


Thu Sep 5 00:01:34 2019

after working on some more commission stuff i got stuck back into folios. and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get her face right


commission update

Wed Sep 4 00:09:47 2019

update for robo sharky shark. right now i am working on the linework for her robot skeleton. then her color. once that is done i will look through all the files for this commission, set it up in the final layout and go over it with Simone to se if anything needs a final fix

709.jpg 710.jpg 711.jpg

polar update

Tue Sep 3 00:02:29 2019

now the slow part...the polishing. tomorrow i need to get back to commissions and comic pages. i also tried some quick rigging in blender 2.8 and found out that EVERYTHING has changed and i need to re learn all the tools

bear-taste1.jpg bear-wrassel1.jpg petting-bear1.jpg polar-rear1.jpg popcicle1.jpg flipblow1.jpg hold-blow1.jpg

barbarian santa vs the bear

Mon Sep 2 01:13:58 2019

got all the base colors down. tomorrow i plan to get as much done on this as possible...i definitely will use this method for my comics. after this i will finish some more comishes and then try to power through the comic idea i have had in my head for a while

bear-wrassel1.jpg bear-wrassel1.jpg flipblow1.jpg bear-taste1.jpg popcicle1.jpg hold-blow1.jpg petting-bear1.jpg polar-rear1.jpg

and boom goes the folios

Mon Sep 2 01:08:46 2019

after finishing off a couple folios and listening to a twitch stream, i went and speed run a folio

taking everything i have been pushing and mixing my old style into it i wanted to see just how fast i can get a folio done and still be really good

706.jpg bear-wrassel.jpg hold-blow.jpg polar-rear.jpg popcicle.jpg bear-taste.jpg flipblow.jpg petting-bear.jpg

polar barbarisim

Sun Sep 1 02:02:21 2019

2 hour speed paint...would have been closer to 1 but i could not remember how to composite layers in blender 2.8 so THAT took a while to find the right tutorial

i feel i have been WAY too slow with content so after watching one of my favorite artist do a twitch stream for a while i saw some of his methods on artistic shortcuts and figured i could modify it to my own workflow


demon quest update

Sun Sep 1 00:05:00 2019

been updating demon quest

demn-quest-page-009.jpg demn-quest-page-008recovered.jpg demn-quest-page-010.jpg demn-quest-page-009.jpg

face color study

Sat Aug 31 00:21:57 2019

again just a color study of a human face

trying to get better control of my color work


color study

Sat Aug 31 00:19:16 2019

not much here just a study


mothras base model

Sat Aug 31 00:17:55 2019

here is her base model

it is REALLY basic



Sat Aug 31 00:16:43 2019

i added just a simple flat color to see if i could get away with it


mothra pinning

Sat Aug 31 00:14:40 2019

played around with line work


mothra desgin

Fri Aug 30 00:21:29 2019

i built a model for mothra based off my previous sketch

i need to make her leg longer i think. or make her torso longer

i am planning to do a folio with her and the guy in the top left but keep everything with the flat colors and more effort on the linework

spent most the morning on commissions


daz horse gen 8 morphs bases

Thu Aug 29 00:49:44 2019

i nearly forgot i spent several hours on these two....most of that time was spent trying to remember how to save the files so other daz users can use them

put the dsf file in

my library/ data/ Daz 3D/ Genesis 8/

male/ morphs/ hatton/ product


female/ morphs/ hatton/ product

i don't have ears on them because i am making geografts for them

00.png GEN_8_Male_horse_head.dsf (d) GEN_8_female_horse_head.dsf (d)

juest being "cool"

Thu Aug 29 00:39:26 2019

i probably need to get my timer back out because i only planed to spend the morning on this and ended up spending most the day on it. also the shark guy is a character design for raven and the lilly. i am finally getting a base model that i am happy with to use for that comic

689.jpg 690.jpg

sharky shark-shark parts

Wed Aug 28 00:32:38 2019

ok. bast parts for the vacuuming water and side vents open up. now i just need to finish up stuff and put it all together in the final file. the other commissions i don't have permission sharing yet so for that i am sorry


sup there?

Wed Aug 28 00:29:11 2019

started this in the morning and spent the rest of the day working on commissions. i would have spent all day on it but reminded myself i have other projects that also need attention ;)


bunch of folio stuff

Tue Aug 27 00:14:16 2019

time to get the lead out my butt and actually FINSH stuff

680.jpg 681.jpg 682.jpg

shesheik un amused

Tue Aug 27 00:10:16 2019

i have been too lax on productivity....time to dust off my old methods again and drown everyone in content like i did from before i started patreon


meme drinks

Mon Aug 26 00:56:14 2019

this was meant to just be a quick meme sketch. but with all the interruptions and i am SERIOUSLY being artistically slow today i ended up spending all day on it


daily work

Sat Aug 24 23:56:11 2019

so i did some more studies only using my 3d model for the head but had to stop so i could shift to commissions again

with my comics i spent a LOT more time on the scribbles so it sis (hopefully) easy to tell what is going on. i plan to use the minimal amount of 3d because i feel i can get a better balance of structure and dynamic posing

676.jpg 675.jpg 677.jpg Bunny-and-the-alien-page-012.jpg Bunny-and-the-alien-page-014.jpg Bunny-and-the-alien-page-013.jpg 676.jpg

anatomy and Mar Sketches

Sat Aug 24 00:22:38 2019

did a bunch of studies today. im not using any 3d figures so my proportions changed a bit from Mar to Mar but a bit more practice and studies and i should iron that out

doing these gave me "the creative itch" so i expect a bit of a downpour of stuff

669.jpg 669.jpg 668.jpg 671.jpg 670.jpg

mothy grabby

Fri Aug 23 00:12:22 2019

spent most the day working on commissions but then this idea popped into my head. mothra folio


a fishy update

Thu Aug 22 00:11:54 2019

updating simone's character sheet commission

658.jpg 657.jpg 660.jpg 659.jpg 658.jpg

buzzy nectar

Tue Aug 20 23:39:33 2019

last but not least for today i nearly finished this folio piece


face studies

Tue Aug 20 23:37:59 2019

the human face is one of my weakest points without 3d assist so i took a bunch of photos from google search and did some study sketches. i was not trying for a 100% accuracy, more i wanted them to look decently structured and natural

650.jpg 653.jpg 651.jpg 655.jpg 654.jpg

JR Coffron's version of mar (commission)

Tue Aug 20 23:31:55 2019

thanks to a steady stream of commissions along with patreon i managed to save enough to warrant buying a commission from an artist i have watched for a while. i asked for a sketch commission of either Mar or Shesheik and specifically asked him to do his own interpretation of my character, i am really happy with the result and maybe some day i will get a shesheik drawing from him too. i think that would be awesome to see how he would interpret her



mad mouse

Mon Aug 19 23:56:11 2019

another morning sketch before i realized i needed to get to real work


mousy sketch

Mon Aug 19 23:54:59 2019

just a morning sketch



Mon Aug 19 23:53:55 2019

so i spent most the day on this trying to get the color and rendering just right


lazy lazy lazy day

Mon Aug 19 00:01:35 2019

spent most the day with friends to recharge but still wanted to work on something. tomorrow is the start of a new week


puddle magic

Sun Aug 18 00:26:41 2019

ok now come the final review from busterdrag to see if there is anything that needs changing of fixing



Sun Aug 18 00:25:04 2019

the chibi part of simones comish. she really should be more carful with her tail


lift and seperate ....or bring together

Sat Aug 17 00:21:29 2019



demon quest repair work

Sat Aug 17 00:16:58 2019

to be honest i kinda dreaded going back to these pages because is seems every time i try to work on them another page gets corrupted. but after working on some more pages for other comics i felt it was safe to come back and start repairing and finishing this comic




Sat Aug 17 00:12:21 2019


quick update on raven and the lilly



Sat Aug 17 00:10:36 2019


uh oh she got caught taking a peak


bald space monkey update

Fri Aug 16 00:52:14 2019


oh me oh my how WILL she deal with such a "wooden" situation?

ok now that i have course corrected , i hope to finish the sketches for this by sunday at the latest. 4 pages a day seems like a pretty decent clip but i did spend a lot of time building the interior of the house. now that THAT part is done i should be able to make a few more pages per day


bald monkey update

Thu Aug 15 00:19:20 2019

sooooo. i was rendering out more pages and sent the first sketches over to a friend of mine, and he said

"i thought he was going to be shot down and crash land in bunny girls barn.."

and here i thought to my self
".....ah crap that is a lot better then how i was going"

so i scrapped the 4 pages i was working on to go with the new idea. right now i am working on the page where he is being shot out of the sky


excuse me while i tear my hair out

Wed Aug 14 00:25:11 2019

once again the dreaded "click" happened in my illustration drive. i am VERY frustrated at this especially since it is a new drive. only a few months old.

i did a cmd prompt check on all my drives and my computer says its fine but i don't believe it

bald space monkey

Tue Aug 13 23:53:28 2019


only got one page updated.


pooling our nom noming

Tue Aug 13 23:47:45 2019

commish update.


Mina Misha update

Mon Aug 12 23:25:32 2019

an update on Simmone's android shark girl commission. the final layout will be different but this gives me more room to work on the faces, since they are bigger here then they will be in the final layout


bald space monkey update

Mon Aug 12 23:20:48 2019


comic pages updates


it's not easy being green

Mon Aug 12 00:08:46 2019

so after working mostly on commissions (of individuals who have not given permission for me to post them here) i worked on coloring a liu sketch i did a while ago


the great pool of omnom

Sat Aug 10 22:54:29 2019

ok so starting to add the color base here. i was out most the day so not much drawing done today. the water here is more of a place holder until i can figure out a better pallet

a few dozen tutorials and some testing should get me a much better result


robo fishy

Sat Aug 10 00:38:45 2019

OMG she is completely NAKED..... how scandalous


buncha folios

Fri Aug 9 00:20:51 2019

sorry forgot to post these here





552.jpg 553.jpg 546.jpg 549.jpg

Daily Doe: fire training

Fri Aug 9 00:17:39 2019




time for more nomnoms

Thu Aug 8 00:29:55 2019

mostly working on commissions again



Thu Aug 8 00:27:48 2019

belle and B-man done


folio update

Tue Aug 6 23:26:07 2019

sorry slow work day today so just 2 image updates

034-blaz-spread-lift.jpg 035-blaz-jump.jpg

every body is kung fu censoring!

Mon Aug 5 23:58:12 2019

now everyone sing

031-blaz-counter-strike.jpg 003-fire-trainingrebuild.jpg 032-blaz-splits.jpg 033-blaz-clamp.jpg 031-blaz-counter-strike.jpg

little bit oh nomnom

Mon Aug 5 23:55:47 2019

starting busterdrag's comish. of the two sketched buster prefers the second i just need to make sure the guys face matches the character better

620.jpg 620.jpg 619.jpg

belle and bman update

Mon Aug 5 00:18:34 2019

polishing up stuff


endo skeleton

Mon Aug 5 00:17:37 2019

sketch for her endo skeleton


raven and the lilly update

Sun Aug 4 00:50:57 2019

did a few more pages https://www.dropbox.com/sh/204f3yzw0b5o89w/AAAHctZl9ijSNRW_R_gUzw7fa?dl=0


belle and bman

Fri Aug 2 23:35:44 2019

another one of my commissions i am working on. don't worry i asked the buyer if it was ok to post the process here. back to work for me


sharky shark-shark

Fri Aug 2 23:34:24 2019

here is the base character sheet for our new android shark girl Mina Mishra

there are some empty spaces where i can put some more robot details but the next step is to do the cyborg overlays

609.jpg 612.jpg 611.jpg


Fri Aug 2 00:17:52 2019

all flats done

606.jpg 604.jpg 602.jpg 600.jpg 605.jpg 601.jpg 603.jpg

more censorsheik

Wed Jul 31 23:54:50 2019

she has a BIG cosplay wardrobe

599.jpg 598.jpg 597.jpg

be ready for android sharks girls

Wed Jul 31 23:49:44 2019

a new comish from Simone in light of shark week will be a android shark girl character sheet. so we will have a rotation, expression and a study like this. her initial design is based off my old shark girl folio.

i went an made a very quick and rough morph for her so i can stay on model as i draw more of the sheet



Tue Jul 30 23:35:18 2019

adding alll the stuffs

591.jpg 593.jpg 594.jpg 592.jpg

madam mothey done

Tue Jul 30 00:28:03 2019

another commission done


fire training

Tue Jul 30 00:25:59 2019

i just need to finish censorsheik and this will be done

i find the painting approach more satisfying the the flat colors for censor even though it takes a bit longer


getting some painterly spitooken going

Tue Jul 30 00:22:43 2019

getting close to being done


flat spitooken colors

Tue Jul 30 00:21:42 2019

and now with a little blue blip


censor spitooken

Tue Jul 30 00:20:19 2019

finally back to doing some censorsheik


rat mage study

Sun Jul 28 23:57:29 2019

remember that rat assassin i made a while ago? well in her story she is part of a squad of rats with different abilities (mage, tank, healer etc) so i build 5 body types and 5 different texture setups and started sketching out this mage character

but that took half the day, and i had to keep working on my commissions too. so i spent the other half day working on them.

i think it's time to get my timer out so i stop getting lost in a single project


madam mothey

Sun Jul 28 00:15:33 2019

spent most of the day just polishing her shadows and highlights. the painting process use to be stressful for me but now it feels more "cathartic" and relaxing.


tigress by the tail

Fri Jul 26 23:22:55 2019


just polishing up some line work before coloring mostly did commission stuff today


sexy jungle time

Fri Jul 26 23:21:15 2019

her leg needs a little more fixing but mostly done


raven and the lilly update

Thu Jul 25 23:52:31 2019

another page added https://www.dropbox.com/sh/204f3yzw0b5o89w/AAAHctZl9ijSNRW_R_gUzw7fa?dl=0


tiger by the tail

Thu Jul 25 23:50:50 2019

been mostly working on commissions and comic pages


madam mothey

Thu Jul 25 00:15:07 2019

ok so that is all the base colors and environmental details down. now its time for input from SImone


nearly done

Thu Jul 25 00:12:07 2019

getting close to finishing the low poly retop. i have a lot of respect for people able to do this process well


more mothy madam comishs

Wed Jul 24 00:33:19 2019

philophana is still fun to draw.


meeting in the jungle

Wed Jul 24 00:29:22 2019

today when i got up my drive where i keep all my 3d models started "chirping" at me for a good 5 mins before it stopped. that told me that it was about to go bad so i had to spend the whole day copying all the files to a new drive.

fortunately when i replaced my old drawing drive i bought a second one just in case the 3d drive started going bad. i am a bit miffed that both drives went because they were only about a year old.

while all the files were copying across i spent the day working on this and some commissions


color kitty

Tue Jul 23 00:52:05 2019

now that the colors are all down i can just refine it


meeting in the jungle

Mon Jul 22 23:39:59 2019

updated my tigress model and started a folio image


drawing buddy

Mon Jul 22 00:08:49 2019

so this is mostly just for fun. i based my inital idea of the byia body kun doll artist tools. i have tried making things like this before but i normally just fal back to me daz models.

i will make at least a few more and build up a library of body parts


smexy bugy

Sun Jul 21 23:59:39 2019

i worked on this for most the day....i think i messed up pretty badly


daily doe: panther

Sun Jul 21 00:11:20 2019


peakaboo i see you


raven and the lilly update

Sun Jul 21 00:08:36 2019


hmmm. i may have been putting too much focus on updating old folios and not doing enough new stuff

so tomorrow i will focus on comics and new folios


kissy face

Fri Jul 19 23:19:12 2019

smootchy time


daily doe: return of red velvet

Fri Jul 19 23:17:12 2019



Daily Doe: bound trust

Fri Jul 19 00:05:55 2019



Daily Doe: bear of a Feast

Fri Jul 19 00:04:39 2019


now we are getting back to the folios that did not have censorshiek. so i WONT be drawing new ones of her, want to save that energy for new folios


bald space monkeies need bunny women sketch

Fri Jul 19 00:01:28 2019

lots of running around this day so not that much to show. it's an early night for me


daily doe: speed lane

Thu Jul 18 00:08:40 2019

sex bot



daily doe: breaching

Thu Jul 18 00:06:55 2019


some times censorsheik is my favorite part


demon quest update

Thu Jul 18 00:03:18 2019

more work on the cover


Madam Mothley

Wed Jul 17 00:16:23 2019

another finished commission this was an enjoyable one i look forward to the next


Demon quest cover update

Wed Jul 17 00:14:01 2019


i am enjoying the painting process on this one. also i am going to try and finish it as soon as possible because i am tired of file corruption.


daily doe: pirate booty

Wed Jul 17 00:09:44 2019


now here is one of the folios i really want to turn into a comic. i have a good idea how to start it but not really how to end it so when i get around to that project i will probably just make it up as i go


Daily Doe: space naga

Wed Jul 17 00:07:00 2019

another slight rework for gumroad folio https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1w6yyq88pdm7rbk/AADlP4UB0qi0G7fZYIr53CoEa?dl=0 i am trying to get 2 done per day starting as soon as i wake up enough to start working.


daily Doe: flowering singles

Mon Jul 15 23:48:10 2019


and i still have over 150 to go


rebuilding another page

Mon Jul 15 23:40:50 2019

ho hum. went to rebuild a page i found that went corrupted. it seems to happen a lot for my comics


Daily Doe: wild singles

Mon Jul 15 23:38:06 2019


spent the morning getting as many old folios ready as possible



Mon Jul 15 23:35:21 2019

getting down to the really hard parts. connecting all the joints together while keeping the topology flow smooth


madam mothley update

Mon Jul 15 23:32:33 2019

almost done just needs a bit more polish



Sun Jul 14 23:41:31 2019

SOOOO much better. this tool is SOOO much easier then the normal method all the shortcuts i wish i had with blender and retopology are here in this plug in

well worth the 80 bucks.

when this renamon is done i will be releasing her to the public as well.

to show possible new patreons what i can do and to see what people will do with her. hopefully some good animations come out of it (and hopefully my rigging will make it easy)

same with my colorblindness just going away, getting this new tool unlocks a mental hurdle that kept me from doing all the 3ds i wanted to do


"Madama Mothley" update

Sun Jul 14 23:34:17 2019

i think she is coming along pretty good


totally ripped mon

Sun Jul 14 23:32:23 2019

now that i have retopoflow the retopology workflow is a lot more tolerable so i wend back to my base renamon and sculpt the HD details on to her with zbrush sculptris pro feature.

this feature adds topology as you need in wherever you are sculpting but is not good for rigging due to it being messy


"Madama Mothley" update

Sat Jul 13 23:17:16 2019

adding in the base colors now.

another page from "demon quest" got corrupted from that storm a few days ago and i need to rebuild it again. also i had to rebuild a commission so that took a good portion of the day


"Madama Mothley" update

Sat Jul 13 23:15:00 2019

ok that's the line work pretty much done now i can start the color



Fri Jul 12 23:36:01 2019

finally decided to get that addon for blender that is built to make retopology easier and it is well worth the price. jumping right into it and WOW are things easier. i actually feel like the tools are working WITH me rather then against me


"Madama Mothley" update

Fri Jul 12 23:33:41 2019

getting the details slowly put together ....BUUUT not going to take a year to finish it this time


counter strike

Fri Jul 12 23:30:12 2019

a most unusual move to say the least


"Madama Mothley"

Fri Jul 12 00:21:30 2019

another commission from Simone. we will be telling the story of Philophana, a clockwork robot moth girl and how she dreams of becoming a movie star.

personally i really like her design and this project will be a lot of fun


data corruption

Thu Jul 11 21:38:29 2019

several files i was working on now have a disk error and i cannot run the "fix disk" tools on my pc for that drive. i am trying to figure out the problem because the drive is new and i don't want to lose more files. if i am late on posting that is why

sorry for the inconvenience

bald space monkeys need bunny women

Wed Jul 10 23:53:52 2019

fixed her hand and started making the station look "sexy"

i will need to fix the jets next


demon quest update

Wed Jul 10 00:02:35 2019

updated a few pages adding in and refining the colors https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4i84mhbcg4ar22t/AABLYOv4HYdcU048_V1BEHN1a?dl=0


hot hugz

Wed Jul 10 00:00:49 2019

getting all the preojects back on track now


liu and arther

Tue Jul 9 01:05:54 2019

i feel like i have been spinning my wheels for a bit, but now am back on track


The Killbarrow Bros

Mon Jul 8 17:16:26 2019

ok i am opening up my commissions! got everything ready and rules all set

SFW only

2 characters maximum

line sketch 50 USD for once character 75 USD for 2 (no backgrounds)

color sketch (as seen above) 75 USD for one character and 110 for two (no back grounds)

full painting (backgrounds always included) 200 for one character and 275 for two

all payments up front

3 slots open for line sketch

2 slots for color

1 slot for painting.

and this will give me enough time per week to get back on track too

i will look for a poll option to find out if you all want more focus on folios, comics, simpler colors with more quantity or more refined illustrations


The Show must go on final

Mon Jul 8 00:37:32 2019

whoo hoo! done


it feels good to get a big project done

i need to do a bit more organization on my commission set up but now we can have more folios, comic and the like back


sitting pretty

Mon Jul 8 00:32:40 2019

this one felt a bit awkward to draw for some reason.

496.jpg 497.jpg

strike a pose liu

Mon Jul 8 00:30:27 2019

she's sexy and she knows it ;)


liu studies

Mon Jul 8 00:29:03 2019

ok now i am getting more comfortable with her design


jumping grasshoppers

Sat Jul 6 23:58:49 2019

with blender 2.8 it has a render engine called EEVEE. now i have only had moderate success with it in terms of "sexy renders" so before i started these sketches i sat down and learned how to set up a good lighting room and saved that file as a "master template"

the color is better and a render takes about 1 5th the time. so once i get that retopo tool i can get back to making custom models


liu bathing

Sat Jul 6 23:54:06 2019

this one was done in an hour and the one just before was done in 2. this has a bit more loose feel to it but i need to reall figure out how she is put together

because i use 3d figures for a base and my early days i needed to put out as much as possible every day. now i need to make my foundations better so i don't need to spend days fixing all my early mistakes


sketching for stuff

Sat Jul 6 23:48:27 2019

so today was a bit all over. spent half of it with family celebrating my sisters birthday. and the other half trying to set up samples for when i open commissions back up. and be more efficient about my art

so i did some sketches and i see there are many places i need to improve. mainly in clothing

i will post what i have and get to studying folds, hair and line work


The Show Must go on!

Sat Jul 6 00:01:57 2019

ok ready for review and any last fixings i may have missed



demon quest update

Fri Jul 5 00:00:01 2019

so this page corrupted and i had to find a older version from the hard dive i replaced. not sure why it corrupted but the others are all fine and i have not bee able to do much drawing because its the 4th of july

HAPPY 4th !

what i might do is get a bunch of thumb drives and start backing up all my files that way i will look up whetherthumb drives are a safe way to back up data (because for some reason the idea of having a lot of 32+ GB thumbdives awakens the collectores impuls in me)


demon quest update

Thu Jul 4 01:21:50 2019

ok so i got all the character flats done and now i need to do the background flats. after that is done then i can add the fun stuff


hopefully tomorrow i can be a bit faster at the back ground flats so we can get to the finalization


the show must go on update

Wed Jul 3 00:00:03 2019

ok this set is almost done. just a bit more polish on a few of them and some final reveiws and we should be golden



remember me?

Tue Jul 2 00:34:14 2019

back to comfort zone and a sketch of Liu i have a LOT of figures saved on my hard drives that need to get more drawing time

so this month i will focus on finishing the commissions, demon quest and getting that blender addon that should make retopology much better so i can get back to making models from scratch that can be used for animation


character attempt

Tue Jul 2 00:30:36 2019

so i spent the day trying to get this idea down. again going for that elusive cartoony style. the first few attempts i thought were working but as the day went on i found the quality dipped further and further. so i made a very rough mock up in zbrush just to get the basic forms down and rigged it in blender and did some more sketches



the show must go on

Sun Jun 30 23:45:13 2019

almost done for some reason this one was very challenging and i had to spend all day getting it to this level. the blobs of off white on the mirrors are place holders for all the other images that have happened in this full set of commissions. the idea will be to make them look like photos and news clippings. once all the images are done i will organize them into a proper timeline



demon quest update

Sun Jun 30 00:21:37 2019


tomorrow i think i will focus on getting this and the show must go on commissions done


the show must go on udate

Sat Jun 29 00:26:48 2019



the show must go on update

Sat Jun 29 00:25:50 2019


slowly coming along


Leap ino action

Thu Jun 27 23:10:11 2019

sorry but i felt a bit under the weather today. not enough sleep so i was only able to focus on one project and slowly today


the show must go on update

Wed Jun 26 23:43:25 2019


still a lot more that needs to be worked on but we are getting there


the show must go on update

Wed Jun 26 23:41:58 2019

polish polish polish



Daily Doe:BarBearian

Wed Jun 26 00:01:29 2019



Daily Doe: Xmas helper

Wed Jun 26 00:01:29 2019


she's all gift wrapped now


Daily Doe: honey badger

Wed Jun 26 00:00:02 2019


this one i really want to make a comic for....actually there are MANY folios i want to make into comics


Daily Doe: kota snuggle

Wed Jun 26 00:00:02 2019


kota and bruce on their honey moon


Daily doe: the ivory throne

Wed Jun 26 00:00:01 2019

another folio updated for gumroad. only around 150 more to go



demone quest update

Tue Jun 25 00:37:22 2019


had to fix a corrupted page.

i am going to need to put a LOOOOT of flat colors down before i can start rendering


bull shark girl

Tue Jun 25 00:34:44 2019

alorix asked if i would ever do more standing studies of some of my female characters (like my shark women) so i did.

if you all want me to keep making just design pics like this and / or illustrations of solor women let me know


let the ponies hit the floor

Mon Jun 24 00:16:09 2019

i have been wanting to draw Mar vs some creepacorns for a while and i tried to get it done in a single day.....nope not going to happen so i will need to wait until next sunday before i get back to this one


Bald space monkeys need bunny women

Sun Jun 23 00:23:04 2019


now that i post this i can see more things that need fixing. this is still just the sketch phase so i will keep polishing them as i go



Sun Jun 23 00:17:35 2019

one word...rushed

ok i like some parts of this but i went too hap hazard with the lighting and color rendering


mousy color

Sun Jun 23 00:13:53 2019

ok i like where this color is going


hacking a wrench in a gaget

Sun Jun 23 00:12:39 2019

getting back into the swing of things


busy day again

Fri Jun 21 21:50:16 2019

today i had a friend come over to help re-frame a print i got from my old college mentor and after that we spent the day trying to get my scanner to properly scan high quality traditional images

it turns out we need to do more research because my scanner is not built for scanning drawings and is limited to 600dpi and always saturates things

so no real drawings today and i will get more posted tomorrow

the show must go on update

Fri Jun 21 09:57:27 2019

sorry RL got in the way a bit yesterday so i was not able to do much work



the show must go on update

Wed Jun 19 23:31:05 2019


it'sa magic


the show must go on

Wed Jun 19 23:29:41 2019

yaaah card tricks



Daily Doe: another taste of red velvet

Wed Jun 19 23:00:02 2019



the show must go on update

Wed Jun 19 00:44:05 2019


i skipped ahead to this one because i felt more inspired to finish it


the show mus go on Update

Wed Jun 19 00:42:41 2019


had a bit of drama go on today. after a restart of my computer i got the blue screen of death i thought i had to reinstall my OS....turns out the restart just mess up the boot order and my computer was trying to look at my second drive for the OS instead of my main drive


Daily Doe: Rock Kitty

Tue Jun 18 23:00:02 2019


i could easily make full comics out of each of these folios


daily doe: bunbarians

Tue Jun 18 23:00:02 2019


trying to get one a day done so i don't take YEARS to get all the folios reuploaded


the show must go on update

Tue Jun 18 00:14:28 2019


i am going t work on this set for the rest of the week because i think i can get it all done and because it is fun


mar snack break

Mon Jun 17 01:56:01 2019

flubbed the day a bit. spent several hours making a custom dragon head for mar to sit on and ends up you can barely see it. been having a lot of trouble getting Mar's face right so next sunday when i get back to this i will try rendering out my 3d model i have for him and see about using that for reference


Daily doe: salty squirrel

Sat Jun 15 23:52:04 2019


had a bunch of stuff to do away from the computer. but i had a good review from my old mentor from college, Mark Schultz, creator of Cadillacs and dinosaurs.

i showed him the pages for raven and the lilly to get a feel for how well i can tell a story from the perspective of some one who has been in the industry for about as long as i have been alive. he told me there was very little that needed fixing so that was a good ego boost and it makes me feel a lot more confident with drawing comic pages.

so i am itching to do more pages for LOTS of ideas


raven and the lilly update

Sat Jun 15 00:27:14 2019



bird stand

Fri Jun 14 02:57:18 2019

today i focused on getting those folios i have partially done, finalized https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r0mjwwe9tqyvcm0/AABQCvkJ_KbALL5HWudNdmCDa?dl=0



Wed Jun 12 23:30:40 2019

right so i spent the day re topologizing (try saying that 3 times fast) and it was rather difficult. lot of mistakes, lots of redos, lots of "go back and fix this". and once i got it done and back into zbrush for some sculpting.

low and behold.

her face gets some nasty poly stretch which will be REALLY bad for animation or even sculpting in general.

so with that mess up out of the way i will look up more tutorials on proper retopology work flow and maybe some better tools to make the process easier

a blender took called retopoflow looks promising. if i can get the process of retopology to feel smoother and less tedious then there are a lot more figures i would want to make


the show must go on update

Tue Jun 11 22:31:01 2019

spent all day on this. all it needs is Simone's review, any corrections and a final polish



raven and the lilly update

Tue Jun 11 01:08:43 2019


ok so here is a dumb idea i was thinking about starting around october if you all find it interesting. it is a completely SFW story and very rough because i just came up with it a few hours ago

human ghost is being sent back to the world of the living to be reborn.

but instead he gets trapped in a teddy bear....on an alien planet and his is given to a little alien girl.

very grumpy about this turn of events he is very foul mouthed at first until he find she can hear him, so he cleans up his language and tells her he is her imaginary friend. most days are spent just being a good imaginary friend, until one day she and her single mother go camping and the little girl is separated. the ghost guy helps keep her calm as the night wears on but wild animals start circling in the distance. he tells her to find a secluded area to hide. she passes out from exhaustion and one of the wild animals get closer finding their hiding place.

in a panic the possessed bear yell BOOGA BOOGAA BOOGAA! at the animal and is surprised he scares it off.

cut back to the mother who got a whole search party together and are desperately trying to find the girl. suddenly a small pebble hits one on the back and they turn to find out what threw it. hearing what they think is a person talking the rush in the direction the pebble came from.

flashlights fall upon the bear as he sits motionless just in front of where the girl is sleeping, and she is rescued.

years go by and the mother tells the girl she should not have an "imaginary" friend anymore. the girl does not want to but the bear agrees and decided to not talk anymore.

more years past and the girl is in her mid teens with the bear up on a cupboard. the mother gets a new boyfriend who acts really sleazy and creeps the girl out. the bear agrees but accidentally does so out loud freaking the girl out and she throws him in the closet.

the mother has to go to work (nurse emergency call) and the sleazy boyfriend goes up to the girls room and tries to force himself on her.

fear panic and angry fills the bear and he forces himself to move again, kicking open the closet doors distracting the boyfriend. but as soon as the sleaze looks around the bear has stopped moving again. the sleaze threatens the girl to not move and he goes to stare at the bear for a min.

nothing happens and the sleaze turns around saying "huh. now where were well?" the bear leaps onto his back bellowing "ZULL MOTHER FUCKER ZULL!"

the struggle have the sleaze fall out of the room and onto the landing (two story house)

he gets up and inches back to the door slowly. when he gets to the door frame the bear jump scares him yelling "I'M GONNA GO CHUCKY ON YOUR ASS" causing the sleaze to fall down the stairs. as the sleaze gets his bearing back the bear peaks over the top of the stairs and menacingly says "peekaboo i see you"

the sleaze tries to get out the house but forgets he locked it and too panicked to unlock it.

the two "fight" back and forth in a sort of "child's play" way until the sleaze lights the bear on fire with a pilot light and throws him in the trash causing a moderate fireball.

at this point the mother has come home and only saw the sleaze throw the lit bear into the trash. the daughter tries to explain but the sleaze has had enough slamming both the women against the wall near the front door and looks like he is going to kill them.

suddenly "SMOKEY IS PISSED!" as the bear jumpkicks the sleaze in the side of the head throwing him right out the front door and onto the lawn.

the bear has also fallen outside charred and still smoking

many of the neighbors poke their heads out of doors and windows drawn by the commotion.

both the bear and sleaze stagger back to their feet, the sound of sirens getting closer off in the distance.

both are barely standing and the sleaze looks at the little teddy bear with terror in his face.

walking towards the sleaze, the bear says " you know smokey says..." then leaps at the sleaze "...only you can.." then punches him across the face ala one punch man style "..GO FUCK YOURSELF!!" knocking the sleaze out cold. the bear falls face down and the girl runs up scooping him up but he is non responsive and starts falling apart.

a gentle blue light envelopes the two and the ghost guy from the beginning. "see i told you i was an alien" and she hugs him. his spirit departs with a teary farewell and the ghost guy is taken up into the sky....only to be put into another bear in an unknown toystor



you got a bit of smootz on you

Sun Jun 9 19:08:01 2019

MOOOOM your embarrassing me!


the Kilbarrow bros

Sun Jun 9 14:39:14 2019

last week i thought to myself.."should Mar have siblings?" i have always thought of him as an only child but since the Dyson lifespan is 1000 years on average i'm not sure if it makes sense that his folks only had him.

so here we have Emanuel. Mar's (real name Marvin) older brother (by about 50 years)

Mar and Emanuel (nickname E-man) have 3 uncles and an aunt on their mother's side and i have not figured out how many on their fathers side yet. heck. i only ever drew Grangran once


Mar animated

Sun Jun 9 00:27:19 2019

right so i stumbled across programs like Spine and Dragon bones. and i wanted to get back into animation again. i have only dipped my toe into animation in the past and had to abandon it because it is very time consuming and at that point in time i REALLY needed to put out a lot of folios. now that i have enough folios to put back onto gumroad, my comic pages are coming along nicely, i am not color blind anymore so i have a lot more freedom with my pallets and i just organized my week days so i stop leaving project behind. i can take Saturdays for me "animation" days. once i learn enough about dragonbones (which is free) i will start animating some of my best old folios and make some new images just for animation
however tomorrow is Dyson Day. and that means Mar and shesheik all day as much as i can draw. i am going to keep working on this to see how much more i can get done before turning in but i don't think i will be able to make anything that interesting before the night is done


Daily Doe: Love buns

Sat Jun 8 00:04:55 2019


gum road edited


Daily Doe: Panda Kata

Fri Jun 7 23:00:01 2019


re uploaded for gumroad


Daily Doe: Blue Mane

Fri Jun 7 23:01:00 2019


edited and reposted for gumroad



Fri Jun 7 00:09:06 2019

whew! this took all day. i wanted to make this animation ready so i had to plan out my topology. i made sure that most the topology would be squares and rectangles. no i have not done this kind of retoplology very much so i am unsure if it will be animation viable when done

tomorrow i will update and upload a bunch of old folios


the show must go up update

Thu Jun 6 01:50:10 2019

ok ready for final review. it took all day but i think it looks pretty good


moar demon color

Wed Jun 5 01:28:54 2019

more color on the demon quest pages https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4i84mhbcg4ar22t/AABLYOv4HYdcU048_V1BEHN1a?dl=0


belly wubs pleaz

Tue Jun 4 02:14:07 2019

shishi wants belly wubs


Dead Memes

Mon Jun 3 18:42:08 2019



Shesheik butt

Mon Jun 3 16:48:43 2019

sunday tired and posting bad joke content


Animu pinku kiss

Mon Jun 3 00:34:39 2019

refine the line work some more on this



Sun Jun 2 23:00:02 2019

forgot to post this yesterday but i am getting back to more 3d models since i have learned a log more. the renamon i will be doing from complete scratch and i am working on the retopology so the base can be animated


zilla catch color

Mon Jun 3 00:00:00 2019

yeah color


zilla catch

Mon Jun 3 00:00:00 2019

line work


now with mothy wings

Sun Jun 2 01:22:53 2019

posted the bathing suit version everywhere else


Raven and the lilly Page 1

Sun Jun 2 01:21:47 2019

now to get back to this. like demons quest i will do all the sketches first. just so you know this is NOT a porn story


mothra want snusnu

Fri May 31 23:42:44 2019

done now i need to wait until godzilla started getting fan art


mighty mothra

Fri May 31 01:09:00 2019

a friend of mine just saw godzilla king of monsters and suggested i make a drawing of mothra to try and rid the fan wave when it hits here in the states. it took all day just to get to this part because i did not use any textures on the models and i did not plan out a specific light source


the show must go on update

Wed May 29 23:54:33 2019

i focused on just one image for today. and i think it's about 80% done


Daily Doe: Moon Doe

Thu May 30 01:00:00 2019

Blue DOOOOOOOE i saw you laying alooooone! looks like she needs some company.



daily doe: Bronto Babe

Wed May 29 01:58:22 2019



Daily Doe: It's Monkey Time

Wed May 29 01:56:37 2019



Daily Doe: Xeno angel

Wed May 29 01:45:50 2019



Daily Doe: pixie drake

Wed May 29 01:44:30 2019

spent the day getting as many folios ready for gumroad as i could today https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fluoqpdzsxahe70/AABX2jqhgPYlOxlUl23CBlfGa?dl=0


mouse mage

Tue May 28 01:18:54 2019

initial study for mouse mage


ratty rat

Mon May 27 00:08:53 2019

sorry but when i was working on pages from Demon Quest 3 pages corrupted and i lost the original files. fortunately they were just on the sketch level and i was able to rebuild from the drobbox posts


here comes a NEW challenger

Sun May 26 01:35:38 2019

not done but i am tired and needed to post stuff. found an artist that did some sexy rat women so i decided to try emulating the style to see what i could learn from it


i got the most from the color


the show must go on update

Sat May 25 01:38:06 2019




Bald space monkeys need bunny women

Fri May 24 01:59:33 2019

just another silly idea i had https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9w6xyg2xhhu731d/AADGT9aUnTcBisVwnn6oTZIza?dl=0

i am REALLY happy about my color site becoming normal, it means i don't have to set my color pallet in stone with a long render and couple it with the super fast EEVEE render engine i can crank out sketches like this really quickly. the only thing that slows me down is if i cant find the exact model (usually some mechanical type prop) that i want


bathing minotaur all base color done

Fri May 24 01:48:25 2019


now that all the base colors are put down i can start finalizing and unifying the comic


bathing minotaur update

Thu May 23 01:42:23 2019

my art hard drive (the one i keep all my current work) started making clicking noises and had an error the computer fixed. i looked up the problem and it was "the drive is dying"

so i went and bought a new one then transferred all my files to the new one

that took nearly 5 hours

so i decided to keep working until i am about to turn in for the night to try and make up for the lost time.



minotau bathing color updates

Tue May 21 23:18:37 2019

been adding in the color for the rest of the pages


the more comfortable i get with choosing color the faster and more vibrant i can get these pages done


demon quest coloring

Mon May 20 23:07:29 2019

now i have to do the base color



Mon May 20 23:05:50 2019


now for color


demon quest update

Mon May 20 00:35:13 2019


most the pages are ready for color


demon quest with dialouge now

Sat May 18 22:59:44 2019


prepare for the cringe!! but seriously i hope the dialogue does not suck

now i need to get all the pages refined enough for coloring


demon quest chapter 1 sketches scketched out

Fri May 17 23:08:24 2019

yes! the first chapter is complete!....or at least all laid out https://www.dropbox.com/sh/91kedo9yhzqxdvi/AACwJ5GKdmC9f_EjCC_q4tPia?dl=0

now i need to go back and add in the first draft of dialogue and sound effects. please bear with me because it will probably be REAL cringe worthy


Daily Doe: Dark romance

Thu May 16 23:00:31 2019

made my tweaks for gumroad https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k6d7y4on5ynfbua/AADlEezdfe9XpEEPW8z7li_Fa?dl=0


Daily Doe: Zebra Falls

Wed May 15 22:59:32 2019


made ready for gumroad


the show must go on

Wed May 15 22:52:27 2019


more updates


Daily Doe: Viper sacrifice

Tue May 14 23:15:32 2019


fixed for gumroad


Daily Doe: long necked lover

Tue May 14 23:13:07 2019


made ready for gumroad


the show must go on

Tue May 14 23:09:19 2019

getting some basic colors down


bee da riggin

Mon May 13 22:12:35 2019

beeee da bad puns


Daily Doe: long necked lover

Mon May 13 22:10:49 2019


ok i edited this to get it ready for gumroad....only about 150+ more to go


they call me "gumzy"

Sat May 11 22:46:50 2019

so today has been hectic. i have a bunch of guests coming over tomorrow so i spent most the day just making sure everything was ready. tomorrow it will be an all day event so i probably won't be able to post anything.


more page updates

Fri May 10 23:11:22 2019


after reading a bunch of one punch man i got the need for more pages. more updates later tonight


behold....a monster

Thu May 9 22:54:10 2019

after the render i though "ooooh inspiration!!!" so i went back to my beholder type monster and cleaned up it's base topology and added some loops and extra squares so it will be easier to add in the high definition detail

anyway back to the regular stuff


Eevee render from blender 2.80

Thu May 9 22:37:36 2019

i have been using eevee render engine for the base or "demon quest" because it is really fast. my renders tend to not look good but i have seen other 3d artists get some really good results out of it.

so i went through a bunch of lighting tutorials and came up with this. now it takes about as much set up time as with cycles but when you press that render button....WOW is it fast


demon quest update

Wed May 8 23:30:43 2019

i updated a few pages in the link. i am still working on more pages so i will be updating this for a few more pages before the evening is done. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/91kedo9yhzqxdvi/AACwJ5GKdmC9f_EjCC_q4tPia?dl=0


demon quest pages

Tue May 7 23:45:38 2019


just organizing the line work files into one folder. i did a bit of extra sketching on some of the pages but not much.

i spent about an hour online trying to find some images that have a color scheme i wanted....then i realized i can just use the folio images i already have done


how to hit a flying target

Tue May 7 23:13:48 2019

folio sketch


buzz buzz smek

Mon May 6 23:12:09 2019



stair nom

Mon May 6 23:09:51 2019



among the rigging

Mon May 6 23:08:04 2019

tied up and loving it


zappin xlargos

Sun May 5 23:22:32 2019

mostly just fixed her costume


the show must go on

Sun May 5 23:18:56 2019

starting to put in the base color


over the bee bow

Sun May 5 23:16:46 2019

again i grabbed a whole bunch of images with the color pallets i wanted and started painting

i am not sure if these will look any different color wise to my normal method but i feel they will be a touch richer overall


quick color study

Sun May 5 23:11:50 2019

even though i can see colors better i still have trouble properly choosing the right colors. so i grabbed a bunch of armello paintings that had color schemes i liked and thought would work well together and used them as reference


bugging high

Sat May 4 23:09:59 2019

not much done today


Daily Doe: summer time Orca

Sat May 4 23:08:20 2019

this time there was not as much in the way of editing. just a few bathing suits here and there since i have nearly 200 folios to get back up on gumroad https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0bryihzf3lpm11y/AADngdHEbAHZ9AsZYb93UENKa?dl=0


Daily Doe: Time Dino

Fri May 3 23:15:56 2019


for this folio i only had to do a bit of fixing to make it ready for gumroad


Daily Doe: demon worship

Fri May 3 22:35:39 2019


yaaay another one done now for the next one


censor and bannmar

Thu May 2 23:43:23 2019


ok just a bit more polish for the folio and she be ready to publish


doc censor

Thu May 2 01:13:23 2019

the doc will see you now



Thu May 2 00:52:19 2019

more coming


cansor flats

Wed May 1 23:53:10 2019

i finished the line work of all the censorsheik bannmar images but i need to add the flats in. once that is done i will post them later tonight


kid mar

Wed May 1 23:51:05 2019

i did some facial expressions for kid mar


the show must go on update

Tue Apr 30 23:09:16 2019



dyson pangippo

Mon Apr 29 23:32:34 2019

a bit of a retcon of dyson agricultural structure. instead of being strictly vegetarian, they engineer certain animals to produce meat products in a way that they don't "have" to kill the animal for harvesting.

the scales of the Pangippo are mostly a fatty muscle deposit that can be plucked off when they reach a certain size. the scales re grow and the animal is unharmed

i changed the "vegetarian" part of dyson because at first i was trying to make an "idealistic" society. but that is boring.

the reason i made dyson "vegis" in the first place was from an even in their past. long ago they found out that one of the "meat" animals they were harvesting and raising was actually a sapient race. kind of a "soylent green" premise.

but even though the pangippo is not "suppose" to end up on the dinner plate....when one dies of natural causes (or the price is right) ...exceptions can be made


minotaur bathing

Mon Apr 29 23:15:13 2019

after i was fatigued on demon quest i came back to bathing minotaur. i feel much more comfortable working with the color of this now


more pages

Mon Apr 29 23:11:46 2019



page 17 POUNCE

Sun Apr 28 23:18:28 2019

i have more pages i am working on. i will try to get them posted later tonight



surprise monkey kiss

Sun Apr 28 23:14:55 2019

a speed paint i did this morning just for practice tomorrow i will post it everywhere for advertisement. the rest of today was comic pages and errands


the doc is in

Sat Apr 27 00:06:12 2019

this was the only other thing i was able to work on today. tomorrow i will be gone for most the day so i will not be able to work


azula kiss

Sat Apr 27 00:03:18 2019

ok i completely screwed up my work day with this. i was trying to do just a quick drawing without my 3d figures, which for some reason is a LOT harder doing NSFW stuff then sfw stuff. when i got to this stage i checked the time and found out i used most the day to get just to this part......yeah i definitely need more practice with non 3d couples

also my color choices need work


the show must go on update

Thu Apr 25 23:02:42 2019



i swear i am doing the best i can

Wed Apr 24 23:40:41 2019

poor BannMar https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rav7q2sho6apvf3/AAAYTCNiAVZdX4P5b6A3xNHPa?dl=0


buggy booty

Wed Apr 24 23:37:03 2019

i want to start doing more warm up sketches. just one in the morning, something i post everywhere and get back to a consistent advertising of myself like i use to do when i was only doing folios

the rest of this day was censorsheik



Tue Apr 23 23:53:51 2019

when Mar tells you "leave me be"


take THAT floor!

Tue Apr 23 23:51:36 2019

yeah you tell the ground who's boss


too many peppers

Tue Apr 23 23:50:20 2019



i dropped my contacts

Tue Apr 23 23:49:00 2019

mar...you KNOW those are important to keep safe



Tue Apr 23 23:47:20 2019

just a creepy sketch


azula stretch

Tue Apr 23 23:44:10 2019

gotta stay limber



Tue Apr 23 23:41:36 2019

ok bad pun on azula



Tue Apr 23 23:39:39 2019

today i just needed to sketch so i will post my sketches everywhere to try and bring more attention to my work


im da fire STOPPER

Mon Apr 22 23:35:13 2019

censor: putting out flame wars everywhere by giving all a "cold shower"



Mon Apr 22 23:14:56 2019

still working on stuff. will post more later this evening


bases for the show must go on

Mon Apr 22 00:11:28 2019


ok due to bunny day celebrations i only could get the bases done for the commission set "the show must go on" tomorrow i have some light home repairs to do so i might have another light posting day


demon folio

Sat Apr 20 23:02:47 2019

almost done with this folio



bleah again

Fri Apr 19 22:10:31 2019

sorry been sick all day, have not been able to work

the show must go on expression studies

Thu Apr 18 23:22:33 2019

did some sketches to try and get more expressiveness in my drawing of her



Thu Apr 18 23:20:50 2019

quick grendal sketch


peak wulf panel 1 redo

Thu Apr 18 23:18:19 2019

i re sketched the first panel trying to make it more dramatic at least by the angle


peak wulf

Thu Apr 18 23:16:46 2019

so getting back at "peak wulf" for a bit i wanted it to look more like the game it's based VERY loosely on "armello" and i wanted to make the panels more expressive


censor hood

Wed Apr 17 23:04:15 2019

now in technicolor goodness


censor riding hood

Wed Apr 17 23:02:03 2019

i finally found the folio with the floating reindeer image and i am fixing up the censorsheiks