Animal Crossing - Flick



Wed Oct 21 23:49:57 2020

Just watching some TV


Kings of Hell - Gremile

Sun Oct 18 02:02:04 2020

A little piece I did after my friend Octii revealed this character for his new game.


HL: Opposing Force gun sketches + Plague Knight

Wed Oct 14 17:42:20 2020

Some sketches I don't really plan on finishing, so I thought I may as well share them instead of forgetting about them.

opforce_gun.jpg shovelknightdoodles.jpg


Wed Oct 14 17:37:00 2020

A little sequence I've been working on.

gex_porn.jpg opforce_gun.jpg

Bloodborne Scourge Beast

Sat Sep 26 16:38:39 2020

Another attempt at a werewolf from Bloodborne.

scourge_beast2a.png scourge_beast2a.png scourge_beast2a.png

Bloodborne Scourge Beast WIP

Wed Sep 23 23:19:04 2020

An attempt at some spooky stuff from BB.


Dark Souls - Dragonoids

Wed Sep 23 23:16:13 2020

Bringing these two back since I'm on a Dark Souls kick lately.

Also, I added a colored version.

dragonoids9.jpg dragonoids9.jpg dragonoids9b.png dragonoids9ab.png

Dark Souls 2 Gargoyle

Wed Sep 16 22:57:33 2020

A little attempt, since I've been replaying the game.

ds2_gargoyle.png ds2_gargoyle.png

Alternate Universe Space Disk

Thu Sep 10 00:14:51 2020

Kinda stumbled into the idea of having this character be an alternative version of my salamander in my space setting, though I don't know yet if I'll stick with it. It's a fun idea to explore however.

lizard_pilot_disk2a.png lizard_pilot_disk2a.png lizard_pilot_disk2b.png

Disk and Octii 4

Tue Sep 8 22:48:33 2020

Another sequence with the two salamanders.

sallies_fuk_2020.png sallies_fuk_2020.png sallies_fuk_2020bb2.png

Koopa Troopa lovers

Fri Sep 4 20:36:10 2020

Thought it'd be fun to pair up a prototype koopa with a regular koopa troopa.

proto_koopa_troopa_2c.png proto_koopa_troopa_2c.png

Dark Souls - Kalameet Dragonoid

Fri Sep 4 01:37:56 2020

Here's a Kalameet version of my recent dragonoid idea.

seath_dragonoidB1.png seath_dragonoidB1.png

Dark Souls - Seath Dragonoid

Wed Sep 2 23:32:33 2020

Here's a concept that never crossed my mind before, since the dragonoids in Dark Souls take the appearance of the Everlasting Dragon, it would be fun to do the same for the other dragons of the game.

seath_dragonoid.png seath_dragonoid.png seath_dragonoidB.png

Koopa Troopa lovers WIP

Sun Aug 30 02:40:43 2020

Little sequence I am working on.


Prototype Koopa and Yoshi

Sun Aug 9 10:57:41 2020

There was also an old sprite of a gator looking Koopa, which I really wanted to do something with.

proto_koopasBd.png proto_koopasBd.png proto_koopasBe.png

Prototype Yoshi

Sun Aug 2 20:39:53 2020

Some doodles based on the old sprites for Yoshi that came out of the recent Nintendo leak. There's more old designs I am thinkin of doing, like the koopas.

proto_yoshiB1.png proto_yoshiB1.png proto_yoshiB2.png proto_yoshiB3.png

St Bernard and Poodle sketch

Fri Jul 31 21:39:32 2020

Some more dog related sketches I had done.

dog_bern0.png dog_bern.png

Prototype Yoshi sketches WIP

Mon Jul 27 02:43:28 2020

Some quick messy sketches. Been following the recent Nintendo leaks and really enjoyed the old prototype spritework for the Mario games.


Elite and ODST WIP

Sun Jul 26 18:57:08 2020

A little scene I thought was fun.


Elite and Spartan

Sun Jul 26 12:45:20 2020

A somewhat older sketch I touched up a little.



Sat Jul 18 20:18:27 2020

Just a little drawing, since I've been trying my hand at dog types lately.


Blathers and bugs 2

Sun Jul 12 23:45:37 2020

Here's the rest of the sequence.

blathers3.png blathers4.png

Blathers and bugs WIP

Sat Jul 11 19:53:29 2020

The unfinished sketches to the rest of the sequence.

blathers3.jpg blathers4.jpg


Thu Jul 9 19:21:38 2020

Quick doodle, since I wanted to warm up to do some Gex stuff.


Buff dragonoid WIP

Thu Jul 9 19:17:26 2020

A somewhat old and very rough beginning of a sketch, which I kind of want to finish sometime.


Blathers and bugs

Thu Jul 9 19:13:17 2020

This is the first part of a little image series, but it's taking a bit to finish up the rest, so I figured I'd share this one now.


Punchy and Disk

Thu Jul 9 19:10:20 2020

I've been meaning to draw Punchy for a while.


Memoirs of Magic - Hawkman

Mon Jun 15 01:22:58 2020

It's been a while since I've drawn any of the characters from Memoirs of Magic, felt like doing it again.


Animal Crossing - Gulliver

Sun Jun 7 15:01:08 2020

Some sketches of Gulliver that I cleaned up.

gulliver1.png gulliver2.png gulliver2b.png

Y2K bug

Mon Jun 1 16:21:44 2020

I was rewatching an LGR video about Y2K and noticed how cute one of plushies of the bug was, so I figured it'd be fun to make a little design based on it. Since it was probably meant to be a computer chip, I tried to incorporate that idea here.

y2k_buga1.png y2k_buga2.png y2k_buga3.png y2k_buga4.png

Starfox - Fox and Wolf

Mon May 25 19:14:12 2020

Finally got around to sketch these two.

wolf_fox_patreonBc1.png wolf_fox_patreonBc2.png wolf_fox_patreonBc3.png

RE5 Reaper sketch

Sun May 17 22:24:30 2020

Just a test doodle I didn't know what to do with. Perhaps it's still interesting enough to share.


Mana series - Werewolf

Sat May 9 20:27:09 2020

I was watching gameplay of Trials of Mana recently and remembered how much I enjoyed the look of the original spritework, especially the werewolves. The way one of the playable characters was portrayed, it looked like a half-werewolf, which inspired me to do a sketch of that concept.

mana_werewolf1.png mana_beastman.png

Blathers daydreaming

Sat May 9 18:33:46 2020

Just an idea I figured would be amusing, since he loves his dinosaurs whenever you donate fossils.


Bowser and Midbus

Sat May 9 18:18:58 2020

I always wanted to do some stuff with Midbus, so it was fun to draw this.


Warhammer Skaven

Tue Apr 28 00:52:48 2020

It's always fun to draw rats.

skaven_ratsB1.png skaven_ratsB2.png

Bowser and Koopas

Mon Apr 20 21:02:49 2020

Boosting the morale of his troops.

bowserpatreon1.png bowserpatreon1.png bowserpatreon1b.png bowserpatreon1c.png

Blathers WIP

Thu Apr 16 20:09:49 2020

Another pic I'm working on, forgot to include it with the other post.


Some WIP stuff

Thu Apr 16 12:43:29 2020

I wanted to show you the drawings I'm currently working on.

bowserpatreon.png bowserpatreon.png bowserpatreon2.png gulliver.jpg skaven_ratsB.jpg

Animal Crossing - Rover

Wed Apr 1 17:37:48 2020

Some small sketches with Rover.

ac_rover1.png ac_roverb.png


Thu Mar 26 15:11:21 2020

Thank you for the suggestions, here's the ones I picked out. I left the Animal Crossing options out because I already have quite a few sketches going with them.


Wed Mar 25 18:11:15 2020

It's been a while since I did the last poll, so let's do one again now. As always, suggest characters you want to see me draw next.

Animal Crossing doodles

Wed Mar 25 18:03:21 2020

Just a couple of small doodles I did to warm up since I'm playing the game currently.


Ho-Oh and Lugia 2

Wed Mar 18 22:05:50 2020

Some silly sketches.

sluttylugia.png sluttylugia2.png

Stahl and Rat 2

Wed Mar 18 14:56:23 2020

Now the snake is the top.


Pokemon Transformation - Kommo-o 2

Wed Mar 18 00:07:28 2020

I didn't even plan on doing a follow up, but thought this would be fun.


Elite and Spartan WIP

Wed Mar 18 00:04:09 2020

Something I was doodling on and off.


Animal Crossing - Flick

Sun Mar 1 23:40:21 2020

Figured I would do some doodles of this new character.

ac_flick.png ac_flick2.png

Pokemon Transformation - Kommo-o

Wed Feb 26 19:39:49 2020

Tried to experiment a bit more with this type of thing.


Animal Crossing - Dodos 2

Wed Feb 26 00:14:05 2020

At the beach.


Animal Crossing - Dodos

Wed Feb 26 00:12:17 2020

I generally love dodos and it's fun to see them in AC now.


Deus Ex - Greasel 2

Sun Feb 16 21:39:00 2020

Another pic with this little guy.


Deus Ex - Greasel

Sun Feb 16 01:03:07 2020

Been replaying Deus Ex and felt like doing a couple of sketches of this little creature.

greasel2.png greasel3.png greasel4.png

Ho-Oh and Lugia

Tue Feb 4 22:28:48 2020

I was looking at some old unfinished sketches that I did of these two, and got motivated to redo them.

m1a.png m2.png m3b.png m4a.png

New Vegas - Night Stalker 5

Sun Feb 2 16:04:36 2020

Was just supposed to be one picture, but I couldn't resist adding a couple more panels.


Risk of Rain - Acrid

Thu Jan 30 18:31:02 2020

A doodle of Acrid with a lemurian.


New Vegas - Night Stalker 4

Sat Jan 25 15:58:45 2020

Had some leftover ideas for this guy that I wanted to finish up.


Disk and Octii 3

Sat Jan 25 15:49:03 2020

Doing some more salamanders.


Stahl and Rat

Mon Jan 20 00:15:12 2020

Here's a sketch of a snake character I made called Stahl and a rat.


Disk and Octii 2

Mon Jan 13 23:27:28 2020

Here are some older drawings of my salamander that I thought I should share.

s1.png s2.png s3.png s4.png

Toxtricity and Inteleon 2

Fri Jan 3 20:15:30 2020

This is kinda supposed to be a prequel to the other image with these two.

a1.png a2.png a333.png

Happy New Year

Wed Jan 1 00:06:05 2020

And thank you all for being here. I really appreciate that you enjoy my artwork enough to support me.

Kass and Falco 6

Sun Dec 29 18:14:31 2019

Finally got around to work on this one now.


Halo Reach - Skirmishers 2

Sat Dec 21 17:56:36 2019

Quick sketch since I thought the idea would be cute. He probably put on the wrong cologne.


Halo Reach - Jackal and Elite

Sat Dec 21 17:42:03 2019

The Elites are pretty fun.


Halo Reach - Skirmisher

Fri Dec 13 22:25:16 2019

Been having fun with the recent Halo game on PC, so I figured I'd draw some of the aliens.


Toxtricity and Inteleon 2 WIP

Mon Dec 2 21:39:14 2019

A little series of pics that I was working on, intended to be kind of a prequel to the other image.


Lucario and Nidoking 3

Mon Dec 2 17:03:44 2019

And here's the final pic of this series for now.


Lucario and Nidoking 2

Thu Nov 28 22:52:29 2019

Getting around to finishing these two now.


Toxtricity and Inteleon

Thu Nov 21 16:21:43 2019

Figured I'd try Toxtricity as well, since everyone's doing it.


Argonian kiss

Sat Nov 16 20:02:28 2019

Some more with these two boys.

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

Intelleon 3

Thu Nov 14 20:02:21 2019

He's ready to please.


Intelleon 2

Wed Nov 13 21:19:50 2019

Seems like he's been confirmed, which I am happy about.



Wed Nov 6 22:13:35 2019

I did some more quick doodles of this guy, hope you don't mind.


Intelleon WIP

Mon Nov 4 02:47:16 2019

Another quick doodle, and apparently he does have a name.


Sobble evolution sketch

Sun Nov 3 15:18:48 2019

Someone showed me that "leak" of Sobble's evolution and I got a bit ahead of myself. I did a spontaneous quick sketch without even knowing the name or if it's real, but I just liked the design very much.


New Vegas - Night Stalker 3

Fri Oct 18 23:10:10 2019

I was inspired to kinda continue my first night stalker image after reading a short story based on it.

fallouts2c1a.png fallouts2c2b.png fallouts2c3a.png fallouts2c4.png

Argonians kiss WIP

Sat Oct 12 14:18:19 2019

Bringing these two back.


New Vegas - Night Stalkers 2

Wed Oct 9 23:07:56 2019

Felt like drawing the night stalker again with a slightly different approach.


Lucario and Nidoking 2 WIP

Mon Sep 30 19:10:53 2019

Messy work in progress for the next pictures.

nido23b.jpg nido3.jpg

Male Kazooie sketch

Sun Sep 29 17:37:57 2019

Just a random quick sketch I did.


Disk and Octii

Sat Sep 21 23:18:27 2019

Here's some doodles of my salamander sona with my pink bro Octii, who's a great friend of mine. I don't usually draw my sona that much.

disksalamandertests11.png disksalamandertests111.png

Final Fantasy IX - Zuu

Sun Sep 15 14:45:41 2019

Started this a while ago, finally got around to work on it now.

I thought this enemy looked fun when I saw it on the Vinesauce stream, so I did some doodles of it with some Burmecians.


Final Fantasy IX - Zuu WIP

Fri Sep 13 12:22:09 2019

Some sketches that I started a while ago, but didn't finish yet.


Gothic 2 - Lizardman

Sat Sep 7 23:16:26 2019

This was supposed to be just a small doodle, but I ended up working a bit more on it since it was fun. I've been playing Risen recently and was reminded of the lizardmen from Gothic 2, which is an old german RPG.


Lucario and Nidoking

Fri Aug 23 01:01:09 2019

These two are fun to work with.


Lucario and Nidoking WIP

Wed Aug 21 02:03:34 2019

Linework of one of the images.


Lucario and Nidoking sketch

Wed Aug 21 02:01:20 2019

A little test sketch that I wanted to share, while I work on the other images.


Final Fantasy - Cleyran and Moogle

Wed Aug 21 01:57:04 2019

Sorry for the re-upload, I noticed the post was broken in my browser, and it didn't let me edit it. Worked fine on mobile though, for some reason.



Thu Aug 8 13:25:58 2019

It's pretty tough to stop myself from making the list too long since all the suggestions are great, but I think these are the ones I'd be most excited to do.

Might also draw the top 3 most voted options this time.


Wed Aug 7 16:39:01 2019

Sometimes I struggle to think of what to write for these posts, but I wanted to do another poll, so do tell me what you would like to see me draw next.

Perhaps I could do two polls in a row from the same list of suggestions in the future.

Final Fantasy - Yuke and Moogle 3

Tue Aug 6 16:02:19 2019

I had fun working on this one.


Final Fantasy - Yuke and Moogle 2

Tue Aug 6 15:54:44 2019

Apparently there is a new feature that allows for multiple images to be posted, so I'm gonna test it out here.

yukk1aa2.png yukk1aa2a.png

Final Fantasy - Yuke and Moogle

Tue Jul 30 01:50:08 2019

It has been years since I last attempted to draw these, and I'm happy to come back to them.


Link's Awakening - Sale 3

Wed Jul 24 22:20:47 2019

Finally got around to finish this one up.


Orcas 4

Sun Jul 21 18:02:34 2019

Figured these two should interact more often.



Thu Jul 11 00:03:53 2019

Time to vote. Hope you like these choices.


Wed Jul 10 10:56:37 2019

Hey guys, I will try to do this more often, sorry for the infrequency!

Please suggest characters and scenarios you'd like to see me draw next.

Link's Awakening - Sale 3 WIP

Sat Jul 6 18:59:42 2019

I wanted to continue this series.


Link's Awakening - Sale 2

Thu Jun 27 23:55:36 2019

Link can't resist teasing the cute gator.


Link's Awakening - Sale

Wed Jun 26 16:29:31 2019

Pretty excited for the remake.


Link's Awakening - Sale 2 WIP

Sat Jun 22 18:31:12 2019

I kinda based this on how Link looked in the Gameboy opening, with a few tweaks.


Link's Awakening - Sale WIP

Thu Jun 20 17:38:03 2019

Something I started drawing a couple of days ago because of the new footage of the remake. I'm excited for it.


Vortigaunt 3

Tue Jun 11 13:56:13 2019

Wanted to try doing a Vort butt.


Vortigaunt 2

Mon Jun 10 22:22:15 2019

Wanted to try a more buff looking Vort.



Mon Jun 3 01:07:57 2019

I'm in a Monster Hunter mood again and dug out some old sketches that I wanted to finish up.


Nargacuga WIP

Sun Jun 2 03:29:09 2019

Another image I am working on.


Royal Ludroth WIP

Sat Jun 1 19:46:58 2019

I got in the mood for Monster Hunter again.


Vortigaunt sketch

Sat Jun 1 19:42:47 2019

Watched someone play HL2 again and was reminded that these guys could be cute.


Gay robot

Sat Jun 1 19:39:52 2019

Kind of an old sketch, at the time I wanted to try more robot things.


Dragon and Knight

Tue May 28 22:28:31 2019

Wanted to share this random doodle I did to relax.


Spyro Reignited - Lindar

Tue May 28 22:21:53 2019

It's been a while, but I finally got around to color this one.


Orca Worker

Thu May 16 00:37:24 2019

I was just testing a stronger brush, but ended up liking the doodle and cleaned it up a bit.


Space Mercenaries doodle

Thu May 16 00:27:12 2019

Another doodle of those space themed characters. I'm not really doing any backstories at the moment, but I figured they could be a team of mercenaries in space, just so I can give it a title.


Kass and Falco 5

Sat May 11 01:15:22 2019

Still working on the last one, but these have been fun to do.


Kass and Falco 4

Sat May 11 01:13:13 2019


Kass and Falco 3

Sat May 11 01:10:08 2019


Kass and Falco 2

Sat May 11 01:08:35 2019


Kass and Falco sketches

Wed May 8 15:55:24 2019

Hey guys, I wanted to share these drawings that I've been working on before I color them. That last image is the original follow-up to the first drawing I posted a while ago, finally got to clean it up a bit.


Space themed characters sketches

Tue Apr 23 21:04:04 2019

Wanted to share these two rough sketches of some characters that are space themed. Might be something I can work on more in the future.



Fri Apr 19 01:26:22 2019

I'm still not sure how many choices I should include, but I tried to put a couple more in this time since there were so many good suggestions. Don't want it to be overwhelming though.


Thu Apr 18 14:51:37 2019

Hey guys, I wanted to ask what you would like to see me do next in terms of characters and scenarios, please let me know!

Sekiro Rooster 2

Mon Apr 8 22:10:40 2019

Enjoyed drawing this one, roosters are fun to do.


Orca and Feeder 3 Color

Mon Apr 8 15:05:33 2019

A quick color test.


Orca and Feeder 3

Mon Apr 8 13:39:07 2019

I suddenly thought of this new look for the former employee and had to sketch it out.


Sekiro Rooster

Sun Apr 7 13:32:12 2019

Something I thought would be fun after fighting all those roosters in Sekiro.


Orca and Feeder 2

Sun Apr 7 10:34:57 2019

A powerful kiss.


Orca and Feeder

Sun Apr 7 10:33:09 2019

I liked the idea of a caretaker being changed by the orca, so I wanted to quickly try depicting it. There's a second part to this.



Sun Apr 7 10:28:25 2019

Here's a silly doodle of a character from an old german comic that I used to read every now and then as a child. I had forgotten about it for a long time; it's called Fix und Foxi.


Orca 2

Thu Mar 28 20:28:19 2019

It's a dangerous job.



Thu Mar 28 20:21:50 2019

A somewhat old sketch that I cleaned up. I honestly didn't have any particular fish in mind when drawing the other character, but it might be a dolphin.


Moth bros. reversed 2 WIP

Thu Mar 28 20:14:46 2019

Still working on the quick doodle.


Moth bros. reversed

Thu Mar 28 20:06:40 2019

People often asked if the big moth could be the top for once, and I thought I'd try it this one time.


Bee & Bumblebee design sketch

Fri Mar 22 17:27:41 2019

Some quick sketches I did while working on something else.

I've been meaning to make some bee characters that fit in with the moth brothers' general design for a while.


Flash Beagle

Sat Mar 16 20:30:07 2019

A friend showed me this bizarre 80s clip of Snoopy dancing in a disco, and it inspired me to try and mimic the look of a cartoon, which is something I haven't actively attempted in a while.


Snake knight 5

Wed Mar 6 12:59:14 2019

The knight accepts his new life and couldn't be more happy.


Snake knight 4

Mon Mar 4 02:39:59 2019

It was love at first sight.


Snake knight 3

Sun Mar 3 20:03:08 2019

His new friend wants to make the knight feel more welcome.


Snake knight 2

Tue Feb 26 23:15:06 2019

He's got a new friend.


Snake knight transformation

Tue Feb 26 23:11:55 2019

I found the images with the Everlasting Dragon from Dark Souls really fun, which kinda made me think about doing something similar with different types of creatures.

Haven't decided what the Everlasting Dragon type big guy should be here, but if you enjoy this, maybe you have a suggestion. I'd love to hear.

The snake is based on the serpent mages from Dark Souls, but I changed the design a bit. Probably could make something original out of it.


Darknut sketch

Tue Feb 26 22:50:24 2019

Something I'm still working on, but I wanted to share.



Thu Feb 21 13:20:11 2019

Tried to give this sketch a bit of color.

Added some background to it as well now.


Dinolfos WIP

Tue Feb 19 14:14:53 2019

Rough sketch of this enemy that I completely forgot about.


Ganon and Moblin

Tue Feb 19 14:08:15 2019

Thought this might be a fun idea.


Darknut WIP

Mon Feb 18 16:51:39 2019

Hope they bring back these guys in a future Zelda.


Breath of the Wild Lizalfos

Mon Feb 18 16:47:58 2019

I was mostly just experimenting with this one, hope you don't mind if I share it.


Helmaroc King 2

Sun Feb 17 22:55:52 2019

An old sketch that I fixed up a bit recently.


Helmaroc King

Sun Feb 17 22:51:57 2019

I drew this guy a few years ago, but decided to try again now.


Kass and Falco

Fri Feb 8 18:45:23 2019

Kass is ready to smash.


Everlasting Dragon with fresh dragonoids

Thu Jan 31 00:51:48 2019

He's back at it, turning more undead into dragons that will follow the Path of the Dragon.


DragonBall and DragonQuest sketches

Tue Jan 29 00:19:21 2019

Some older sketches that I didn't really finish up. Figured it might be worth sharing though, and maybe I'll do the same to some other old unfinished artwork.


Kass and Falco WIP

Sun Jan 27 22:49:19 2019

Was hoping Kass would show up in Smash Bros.

Not sure if he is even a spirit battle.


Everlasting Dragon WIP

Sun Jan 27 04:11:00 2019

A little preview of another piece with this guy.


Zekrom and Reshiram 2

Fri Jan 18 03:48:59 2019

Another quick doodle.


Zekrom and Reshiram

Fri Jan 18 03:44:24 2019

I thought these two would make a nice couple.


Aeon and Lizardman

Sat Jan 12 22:57:18 2019

Lizardman shows his master what he's made of.

Tried making this look a bit like the artwork you see at the end of Soul Calibur.


Aeon and his lizardmen

Thu Jan 10 21:09:50 2019

I enjoy this scenario.


Lizardman SC2

Thu Jan 10 21:01:20 2019

One of the variants of the lizardmen.


Aeon Calcos

Thu Jan 10 20:58:25 2019

Had a strange start to 2019 with internet problems that still haven't been fully resolved, though I am able to upload through the mobile network now.

I played some Soul Calibur 2 again and was reminded that I've never drawn any lizardman from the series, so let's try to fix that. Hope you like that idea.


Mecha Latch sketch

Sun Dec 30 03:15:28 2018

These were just quick sketches to get a feel for this robot version of Latch from the new Lethal League game. I think there's some good potential.


Vector & Latch sketch

Sun Dec 30 02:47:00 2018

Wanted to bring this pairing back.


Mewtwo sketch

Sun Dec 30 02:19:18 2018

I really just wanted to draw a cute Mewtwo here.


Charizard sketch

Sun Dec 30 02:10:20 2018

Christmastime was pretty busy, so I wanted to share a couple of sketches before 2019 arrives.

Here's Charizard after doing lewd things to the other pokemon in their balls.


Incineroar 2

Mon Dec 17 19:28:55 2018

This time with Mewtwo.



Sun Dec 16 15:42:46 2018

Hey guys, I've been playing so much Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this last week, but finally managed to pull myself away from the game. It's probably a bit too much fun.

Never thought I'd fall in love with Incineroar, but he's got tons of personality.


Night Stalker

Thu Dec 6 19:16:43 2018

A little doodle of my idea to do an anthro Night Stalker from Fallout: New Vegas. Half rattlesnake, half coyote.


Lindar WIP

Wed Dec 5 00:38:05 2018

Just missing the colors on this one right now.



Wed Dec 5 00:35:43 2018

I really loved the look of this guy.



Wed Dec 5 00:33:28 2018

Obvious pick of course.



Wed Dec 5 00:31:49 2018

I have a couple of dragons to post now, and I'm still working on more. Haven't beaten all the Spyro games yet.


Spyro 2

Wed Nov 21 22:58:45 2018

And here's my attempt to draw the unofficial design of a taller and older Spyro that the concept artist for the remastered games did. It's a really fun look for him.



Wed Nov 21 22:53:38 2018

I had never played a Spyro game before the remastered trilogy, but after beating the first game in the collection, I really fell in love with the characters and gameplay. The new art style is great and made me excited to play. Wanted to start off by drawing Spyro before I do the dragons that you rescue.


Kass and Link

Wed Nov 21 18:52:00 2018

This is a pretty old image I had forgotten about for a long time. Since it's Ocarina of Time's 20th anniversary today, I thought I might as well share this one.


Deathclaws 3

Tue Nov 13 03:51:10 2018


Deathclaws 2

Tue Nov 13 03:47:57 2018



Tue Nov 13 03:43:20 2018

Looking forward to Fallout 76, so I'm trying my hand at some Deathclaws again. The smaller Deathclaw was inspired by a question I got on Twitter by DrkKaiser, since they asked about kobold Deathclaws. I really liked that idea.


The Conductor

Tue Nov 6 17:53:34 2018

These are some old sketches that I cleaned up a bit recently. I made them just when A Hat in Time came out, since I was watching a stream of someone playing it. Never got the game myself though.


Ridley & Charizard WIP

Sat Nov 3 15:52:57 2018

Two rough drafts that were meant to be part of the Ridley image series, but I didn't get around to finishing them.


Piranha Plant & Koopa

Sat Nov 3 00:40:23 2018

After seeing this addition to the Smash roster, I was compelled to make a few doodles of the Piranha Plant that I always found cute. Hope you like it too.


Path of the dragon 4

Fri Oct 19 18:08:53 2018

And there we go.


Path of the dragon 3

Fri Oct 19 18:05:50 2018

And the dragonoids are quick to worship him.


Path of the dragon 2

Fri Oct 19 18:02:26 2018

Ornstein seems to like what he's observing.


Path of the dragon

Fri Oct 19 17:59:42 2018

First of 4 images, hope you enjoy them. I'm excited to try out the Switch version of Dark Souls soon.


Machoke WIP

Tue Oct 16 10:45:34 2018

Rough doodle I did in between things, this will probably turn into a fun image set.


Blaziken & Trainer WIP

Tue Oct 16 10:38:14 2018

Rough draft of the continuation to my Blaziken image.


Heliolisk & Krokorok WIP

Tue Oct 16 10:33:09 2018

Hey guys, sorry about the pause, I am working on a few images back and forth. Let me show you some Work in Progress stuff.

This is a pretty old image set that I've updated somewhat.


Bowser and K. Rool 3

Sun Sep 30 04:18:42 2018

I plan on doing more of these two in the future.


Bowser and K. Rool 2

Sun Sep 30 04:17:03 2018


Bowser and K. Rool

Sun Sep 30 04:14:49 2018

I saw some screenshots of a Donkey Kong Country game where K. Rool gets really buff, so I thought it'd be fun to use that concept here.


Sceptile and Charmeleon

Sat Sep 22 01:03:28 2018

Wanted to practice doing different Pokemon.


Dragon Quest Lizardmen

Fri Sep 7 18:36:14 2018

Here's an older drawing that I decided to give some color. Forgot to share this.



Thu Sep 6 18:04:04 2018

Just something I doodled while working on other stuff.


Kalameet & Ornstein 4

Mon Aug 27 02:33:16 2018

This is the image that started the set.


Kalameet & Ornstein 3

Mon Aug 27 02:31:34 2018

Poor guy.


Kalameet & Ornstein 2

Mon Aug 27 02:30:00 2018

My idea was that Kalameet can do his telekinesis to force open Ornstein's helmet mouth. I'm taking a lot of liberties here.


Kalameet & Ornstein

Mon Aug 27 02:27:30 2018

A set of 4 pics with a possible continuation. These were just meant to be a couple of doodles, but I ended up working a bit longer on it.


Dark Souls - Kalameet

Thu Aug 23 21:31:36 2018

With a silly dragonoid.


Changed - Dragon and Lizards

Fri Aug 17 23:29:39 2018

The dragon is making a bunch of servants.


Changed - Dragon

Fri Aug 17 12:48:29 2018

This boss character looked pretty similar to the Everlasting Dragon from Dark Souls, not sure if it is a homage or coincidence.


Changed - Dark Latex

Fri Aug 17 12:43:46 2018

I was watching a friend stream this furry game as a joke, but ended up enjoying some of the cute designs that appear in it.


Poll 2

Thu Aug 16 01:06:32 2018

Alright, I will definitely use the rest of the suggestions for the next poll as soon as I can, there's too many good ones. For now I'm testing some settings with this one, so here's hoping it all works out.

Please select what you would like to see the most!

Suggestions 2

Mon Aug 13 16:47:36 2018

Hey guys, sorry I've been slacking on the polls. I will try and do it more often now, since I did promise it.

Please suggest characters that you would like me to draw, I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Dry Bones 2

Sat Aug 11 18:13:34 2018

Not even death will stop this couple from making love.


Dry Bones

Sat Aug 11 18:11:06 2018

I wanted to draw this cute little guy for a while, but didn't have a good reason to justify it. After seeing what toomanyboners did with Dry Bowser though, I thought the dark matter was a neat idea to play around with.


Mega Man Burn Dinorex WIP

Sat Jul 28 00:03:33 2018

Somewhat of a preview.


Wererat Warrior

Tue Jul 24 13:39:11 2018

I was doing a few fantasy RPG inspired drawings, this is one of them.


Dark Souls Everlasting Dragon 3 WIP

Mon Jul 23 23:59:57 2018

Some early scribbles of something I hope to work on later. Intense tongue action.


Dark Souls Everlasting Dragon 2

Mon Jul 23 23:56:21 2018

Successfully joined and transformed right away, if only it was that easy.


Dark Souls Everlasting Dragon

Mon Jul 23 23:52:54 2018

Back with a couple of drawings, starting off with this dragon. Thought this would be an interesting way to join the covenant.


Skyward Sword Lizalfos 4

Tue Jul 10 23:04:32 2018


Skyward Sword Lizalfos 3

Tue Jul 10 23:03:37 2018


Skyward Sword Lizalfos 2

Tue Jul 10 23:02:47 2018


Skyward Sword Lizalfos

Tue Jul 10 23:01:29 2018

Apologies for the delayed uploads.


Ridley & Charizard 2

Thu Jun 28 21:59:17 2018


Ridley & Charizard

Thu Jun 28 21:43:23 2018

I thought I would try referencing Ridley's tail attack in the new Smash.


Little Ridley sketch

Wed Jun 13 17:58:02 2018

Just preparing for future Ridley stuff.


Moth bros

Tue Jun 12 20:08:00 2018

Here's a page with the Moths. I wanted to try out some internals this time.


Skyrim - Argonians 2

Mon Jun 4 19:54:08 2018


Skyrim - Argonians

Mon Jun 4 18:57:58 2018

Wanted to bring these guys back.


First poll for the next drawing

Sun Jun 3 15:00:07 2018

There were so many suggestion that I had a hard time narrowing them down, since they are all good too. I'll use more of them in the next poll before asking for even more suggestions. Still figuring out how I want to do all of this, but let's see how it turns out for now.

I do have a couple of pictures in the works already, so these polls are for the next picture I start on, not the next one I post necessarily. It probably goes without saying, but I just wanted to make sure.


Sat Jun 2 11:44:56 2018

Alright, I said I wanted to do this, so let's try it out. Suggest characters here that you would love to see me draw next, and I will later make a poll out of the ones that I like. You can also include a scenario that you want to see in case it helps. If there's not enough suggestions, I'll add stuff that I have on my list since I'm not running out of ideas anytime soon.

Timesplitters Red Alien

Fri Jun 1 20:55:44 2018

Had fun coloring this one.


Little teaser

Mon May 28 18:43:22 2018

Just wanted to show this.


Sale and Zoras 3

Sun May 27 17:39:23 2018


Sale and Zoras 2

Sun May 27 17:36:27 2018


Sale and Zoras

Sun May 27 17:32:49 2018

Made 3 images based on the crocodile Sale from Zelda: Link's Awakening and some shortstack old school zoras.


Red Alien WIP

Sat May 19 21:39:44 2018

Working on a TimeSplitters related image.


Thank you

Wed May 16 00:01:00 2018

I'm happy you're all on board with this. Not very good at making long posts, but I wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate it.

Adventure dragons 3

Mon May 14 01:08:40 2018


Adventure dragons 2

Mon May 14 01:01:04 2018


Adventure dragon

Mon May 14 00:57:28 2018

Alright, let's test this with some images I've recently worked on.