Pet foxie begging for a treat!

Sat Oct 31 22:32:10 2020

a little wip!


Walkies for Denisse!

Sat Oct 31 02:55:48 2020

A very very rough doodle, but I had fun with it!

Edit: plus a little extra doodle! :D

30-OCT-2020.png 29-OCT-2020.png

Poptart's swimsuit!

Wed Oct 21 01:24:51 2020

Another little poptart sketch! Im also trying a new hairdo on her, hehe


Sportsy tarty!

Sun Oct 18 00:21:54 2020

A couple of Poptart sketches to get my groove back going!


Hey, friends!

Sun Oct 11 16:05:40 2020

Sorry for the lack of content last week!

Most of you might not know I used to be an architect before I drew foxies and stuff, eventhough it has been 3 years since I stopped working as an architect, I sometimes get asked by friends or family for a little help with very little projects.

Turns out I agreed to help a relative with a project that eventually came to be more urgent than I thought it would, so that ate most of my last week 🦊💧.

Im planning to get done with it by mid next week. Done with it and back to my foxies!
Thank you very very much for your support despite these weird weird times, friends, I very much appreciate it!
I'll be back to drawing them big boobs we all love in no time!

Moobloom from minecraft!

Fri Oct 2 00:23:37 2020

A little fanart for minecraft's adorable Moobloom!


Moobloom progress

Wed Sep 30 02:24:50 2020

A little bit of polish on my take on minecraft's Moobloom!
I wasn't too sure about this pic, but now Im having fun with it 😆


Moobloom 😁

Tue Sep 29 03:08:04 2020

Sooo... Im a nerd who plays minecraft and decided to draw this new mob that might be added to the game soon 😆
Her name is Moobloom and I love her 💖💖💖

MOOBLOOM_1.png MOOBLOOM_1.png 28-SEP-2020_1.png 27-SEP-2020.png

fox sisters doodles

Thu Sep 24 23:10:50 2020

Candy the Fox fairy (which is just Denisse wearing an outfit and pigtails) and mischievous Ruby Vulpes Vulpes, Denisse's older sister ;)

23-SEP-2020_1.png 23-SEP-2020_1.png 24-SEP-2020.png

Messing around with more Denisse doodles!

Wed Sep 23 02:24:22 2020

Denisse's fav cereal "Foxy Flakes" and their mascot Candy the foxy fairy 💖😁

22-SEP-2020.png 22-SEP-2020.png

Bunch of denisse doodles ;)

Tue Sep 22 01:20:41 2020

21-SEP-2020.png 21-SEP-2020.png

Candy Foxy's show!

Thu Sep 17 02:49:47 2020

Short for rent this month she finally gives into her friend Poptart's idea to try luck working at the stripclub. She made her self a stripper name and gave it a try, why not, right?

Eventhough she still feels a bit shy and awkward she is a natural!

Im happy with how this one turned out, hope you like it!

14-SEP-2020_9.png 14-SEP-2020_10.png 14-SEP-2020_9.png

Dancing foxie??

Wed Sep 16 02:43:33 2020

I got excited and turned this into a "Denisse tries out her dancing skills at a men's club" pic haha. She was probably curious and gave it a try??

I'll finish tomorrow and throw a quick blurry bg probably.

Hope you like!

14-SEP-2020_6.png 14-SEP-2020_6.png

A plethora* of fox doodles!

Tue Sep 15 04:02:27 2020

Two foxies I sketches, I got carried away with the Denisse one! XD
The second sketch features my friend FoxnRoll's Patty!
Hope you like them!

*Actually just two 😆

14-SEP-2020_2.png 14-SEP-2020_2.png 14-SEP-2020.png 08-SEP-2020.png

Mo' moo moo Momo!

Fri Sep 11 01:49:03 2020

Not ready yet! But I wanted to share with you friends, since Im really liking how she's looking so far, haha

Hope you like too!

WIP_06.png WIP_06.png

Progress on Momo!

Tue Sep 8 02:16:22 2020

Still a work in progress and there's some stuff I need to change, but this is pretty much the color palette!

WIP_03.png WIP_03.png

Milking Momo sketch!

Mon Sep 7 02:00:37 2020

Full sketch on what im planning to do with Momo, my friend Doodledip's lovely OC!

WIP_02.png WIP_02.png WIP_01.png

Milk is here!

Wed Sep 2 02:38:34 2020

A couple of sketches featuring my friend Doodledip's lovely cow OC Momo!


Titboys will be titboys!

Sat Aug 29 00:20:01 2020

Just a bunch of extra busty friends having fun at the beach! ✨💖🍈 🍈 💖✨

From left to right: Boosterpang's Jamie, my boy Ellie, and the customer's sona Kage ♥

Thank you so much to Kagekitsune for commissioning this piece and for giving me an excuse to draw my absolute crush boy Jamie!

COM-064_HQ.png COM-064_CROP3.png COM-064_WP_HQ.png

Denisse's summer dress!

Fri Aug 21 03:17:08 2020

Ooops! I finished a drawing, hope you don't mind me posting it! 🦊💧


Denisse's wavy summer dress

Thu Aug 20 02:05:15 2020

Kept messing around with this one doodle 😆


Couple of denisse doodls

Wed Aug 19 02:29:16 2020

Wearing a big wavy white summer dress 💖🦊💖


Progress on the lads!

Fri Aug 14 03:11:34 2020

I've been having fun with these boys but it has taken me a bit to finish this pic hehe 🦊💧
I really feel like a need to find a faster rendering technique.
Hope you like the update! ;)


Progress on titboys piece!

Fri Aug 7 02:16:55 2020

Ate a weird quesadilla and got sick so I couldn't work on much this week, but here's progress on the boys! Such a colorful set of lads! 😁

Also, a little beach Poptart I drew too! ;)

WIP_5.png 05-AGO-2020.png

Lineart almost done for the boys!

Fri Jul 31 01:49:21 2020

Almost almost done, but I wanted to share because Im loving these boys!
So cuuuuute! 💖


Tittyboys sketch!

Tue Jul 28 02:58:00 2020

A sketch for a little commission I'm working on!
Featuring Boosterpang's Jamie, my boy Ellie and the customer's sona!


Ellie flat colors (and a Jamie fanart sketch)

Fri Jul 24 03:10:48 2020

Threw some colors to Ellie and also gave Boosterpang's lovely cute Jamie a try!
I have such a crush on Jamieee! 💖

22-JUL-2020_2.png 23-JUL-2020.png

An Ellie on his knees <3

Thu Jul 23 04:38:44 2020

I was just practicing my boy Ellie as I'll need to draw him again soon, and this doodle got a little off hand hehe.

Hope you like!

22-JUL-2020_1.png 22-JUL-2020.png

Foxy squeeze!

Sun Jul 19 03:02:22 2020

Kinda like that??

Hehe, still kinda clumsy rendering but Im happy with it. Hope you like her! 🦊💖

12-JUL-2020_4-NO-TEXT.png 12-JUL-2020_4-NO-TEXT.png 12-JUL-2020_4.png

Foxy latex squeeze progress!

Thu Jul 16 01:29:16 2020

Had a hard time trying to get the latex reflections right, could be better, but right now Im happy with how it turned out hehe 😁


Foxy squeeze WIP!

Tue Jul 14 01:28:58 2020

Couldn't finish colouring her today, but here's the lineart!

Also an OC of mine I haven't drawn in a while, my white shepherd boy Courtney!
(Im on a bit of a roll with the skimpy gymnastics suits haha)

Edit: Eh whatever, here are the unfinished flat colors too!

12-JUL-2020_1.png 13-JUL-2020.png 12-JUL-2020_2.png

Bunch of doodles featuring a busty pink fox!

Mon Jul 13 02:05:19 2020

I wasn't too crazy about the ones on the second pic, mostly due to the outfit, but now that I give them a second look... hmmm🤔

What you think? Im thinking about giving her a similar outfit but with a zipper on her chest for some cleavage revealing fun 😁

Anyways, hope you dig the doodles!

12-JUL-2020.png 09-JUL-2020.png

Latex tigress! 👀

Thu Jul 9 01:37:20 2020

Happy with this practice rendering! I think Im on!

Hope you like this poptart! 💖🐯💖


Latex poptart

Tue Jul 7 01:58:37 2020

Rendering practice featuring latex tiger <3
Also stripes are missing, it's a work in progress 😁


Practice rendering!

Fri Jul 3 01:35:35 2020

A bit clumsy (very, actually) but fun and slowly getting there hehe


Another gymnastics Denisse doodle!

Tue Jun 30 01:34:45 2020

Such an active healty foxy!
What do you think has caught her attention though?? ;)


Denisse gymnastic stretches doodles!

Sat Jun 27 00:33:06 2020

Would you offer your self to be her stretching partner??? 👀💖

Just a couple of doodles, feeling a bit more loose on my lines hehe

26-JUN-2020_1.png 26-JUN-2020_2.png

Back to sketching!

Mon Jun 22 00:59:40 2020

Slow and clumsy but Im getting back the hang of it!

First sketch is lovely Denisse and second is Kage, a friend's sona who has wanted me to draw him as a titboy 💖

21-JUN-2020.png 21-JUN-2020_2.png

Update on my condition

Tue Jun 2 15:41:08 2020

Hi friends!
First of all thank you so much for baring with me through this time, I just cannot explain how moving it is to see all of you supporting me despite me not being able to work these days. MY MOST SINCERE GRATITUDE TO ALL OF YOU, FRIENDS!

Now again, Im gonna take the liberty to get a little personal over here because I believe you should know what's going on with the person you are supporting.

After I started showing covid-19 symptoms I got tested for covid and got treatment that immediately decreased my symptoms and allowed me to rest and recover for two weeks.

I started feeling healthy and with energy but still with very mild symptoms so doctor asked me to get additional tests just to make sure.

I got negative results for covid-19 twice and my other tests are within normal ranges, still I got penumonia detected on my left lung.

Doctor says it's a mild pneumonia that can be treated in home still under isolation, nothing serious enough to go running to a hospital but serious enough to get treated immediately.
So I just started a 5 days treatment to see how my body reacts.

Know that Im feeling healthy and with energy but will prioritize my rest and recovery until Im healthy again.

Additional to that, my family and me are going through very very tough times since we are all going through the same tests I went to discard pneumonia, and also mourning for my grandfather and stepfather who passed away in the hospital.

My family is also feeling well in general, sad, stressed and a bit under the weather which is why they are also getting tested.

Now, even though Im not a USA citizen I believe most of you friends are, so I just can't ignore the reality you are in right now.

I believe every person should be treated with respect, dignity and equality no matter the color of their skin, and I believe any crime commited against any person should be punished accordingly.

If it is in your conviction to go out and peacefully protest, by all means do it, but please protect your self both from harm and from this disease.
There are also ways to protest from home and protect you and your family.

My family and I will keep going on with our treatment as needed and I will focus on resting and recovering, it is hard but we will get through it and I'll be back to doing more sexy art in no time!

Please my friends, If any of you or your relatives presents covid-19 symptoms, get tested and contact your doctor immediately, don't leave anything to chance.
Rest and isolation isn't enough to get through this, you also absolutely need to get in touch with your doctor.

Again, thank you so so much for your amazing support my friends, I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you but I will try once me and my family are out of this.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay healthy, and let your relatives know how much you love them!

Denisse backview sketch

Sun May 24 01:35:00 2020

Just a quick little denisse on an angle I don't draw her very often, hehe

Hope you friends are doing well!
I've been doing well, taking my rest and my pills hehe! 🦊💋


Polar bear doodles!

Thu May 21 18:20:46 2020

Was trying to get a nice pose for a heavy bounce titjob with my polar bear, hehe.

Btw, ended up naming her Zoe, based on a lot of your suggestions!
I think it really fits her perfect!

20-MAY-2020_4.png 20-MAY-2020_3.png 20-MAY-2020_1.png 20-MAY-2020_2.png


Wed May 20 01:11:50 2020

Alright friends, Im opening up a little about a personal issue of mine since it will affect my performance here.

Two weeks ago I learned a relative of mine in our household was tested positive for covid-19. A week later another relative showed symptoms associated with covid-19 and even though we still haven't got the test results it's pretty much clear everybody in my house has been exposed to the virus.

Well, turns out two days ago I started showing symptoms too, nothing too serious: feber, headaches, body ache and fatigue.
I notified my symptoms to the authorities today and I haven't been tested yet so I don't know for sure.

Now, even though my priority will be to rest and recover on isolation I might still find moments to doodle a bit during schedules in which I feel on enough shape to sit down and doodle, mostly to keep my mind busy.

So yeah! Content might be a little scarce and slow for the next couple of weeks but it'll hopefully be temporary.

No guilt tripping or anything like that, just wanted to let you friends know my situation so you wouldn't have to wonder what's going on.

Stay safe and thanks for supporting me! 🦊💋

Showing off her... summer dress! ♥

Mon May 18 02:10:52 2020

Just a little lineart I made to get back into the drafting groove ;)

Edit: added the wonky sketch in case you wanna see the progress hehe

17-MAY-2020.png 17-MAY-2020_0.png

Boardroom affairs 4!

Thu May 14 20:01:11 2020

Negotiations are getting more and more interesting in this room! 👀

Hope you like it, friends! 🦊✌

BA04_HQ1.png BA04_HQ3.png BA04_HQ2.png BA04_HQ4.png

The polar bra stress test!

Wed May 13 19:36:41 2020

Hope you like the bear girls! 🦊✌

Btw, do you have any name ideas for these girls??


Just a bit more progress on the bears!

Wed May 6 01:28:19 2020

I just had to get the shapes right on this grizzly one so I took my time hehe ;)


More progress on the bears! ♥

Mon May 4 02:25:02 2020

Polar bear rendered!
Im having so much fun with this! hahaha

Hope you like, friends! ;)


Flat color progress on the bear girls!

Fri May 1 17:57:15 2020

I was experimenting with some palettes on the panda girl and I really liked her on brown fur instead of black, so I made her a QinLing panda! Which is a brown subspecies of panda.

Hope you like them! 🦊✌


Polar bra stress test lineart

Tue Apr 28 18:36:02 2020

I was messing around with a solid brush for this pic.
It does look cleaner than the charcoal brush I regularly use, but Im not used to it and it does take me longer haha.

Anyways, I hope you like the progress!


Polar bra stress test sketch!

Sun Apr 26 03:03:48 2020

The polar bra girls are back as suggested by some of you, and they are ready to put their bra to the test! Let's see how they do!

Also JLU suggested a newcomer panda girl to join the others! Let's see if she can keep up! 😈


Momma bear sketch?

Thu Apr 23 19:16:19 2020

Remember her from a while ago? I got the suggestion to draw my bear ladies again.
Let's see how many more bra shenanigans I can get going with them! 😈

Also I like how she has some sort of a mom vibe to her, I'll keep that trait haha


Thank you!

Wed Apr 22 23:05:19 2020

Oh wow, I didnt expect to get so many good ideas from you friends, thank you!

I think I'll be doodling some of your ideas in the upcoming days and then pick a couple to colour them.

Now of course if you get any more ideas or suggestions on what should I draw more, please let me know! It really helps me to focus on the stuff you like the most!

I'd also like to use the occasion to thank you all who chose to support me during these tough times, for real friends, it's very much appreciated and it keeps me going!

Let's keep on drawing busty foxies! 🦊💦

Any requests???

Wed Apr 22 18:29:12 2020

Hey friends, I've been getting a couple of interesting requests lately from some of you that I could draw either as doodles or even throw some color at it.

Now I know some of you have some interesting ideas floating around I could draw, so if you have any please don't be shy and let me know! I might give them a try!


Poptart cosplaying

Wed Apr 22 18:23:57 2020

A doodle of Poptart cosplaying as Chel from The road to El Dorado.
Hope you like it! ;)


Back view of poptart's shorts ;)

Tue Apr 21 18:23:32 2020

And another poptart sketch!


Poptart's training shorts ;)

Mon Apr 20 23:03:50 2020

Just a little poptart sketch!


Cows go: KYAH!!!

Wed Apr 15 05:17:54 2020

Would you catch him??? 🥛🍈🐮🍈🥛

Edit: replaced Ellie's towel hue because it was looking weird ;)

SLIP1_HQ1.png SLIP1_HQ1.png SLIP1_HQ2.png SLIP1_HQ2.png

More progress on the Ellie pic!

Mon Apr 13 02:42:10 2020

I really liked how those tiles turned out hahaha 😆
Hope you like the progress!

WIP_06.png WIP_06.png

Ellie slip wip!

Sun Apr 12 03:02:22 2020

Threw a little bit of color on him!


Ellie slip!

Sat Apr 11 03:55:09 2020

Just a couple of Ellie doodles thrown together hehe ;)


Who's thirsty?? ;)

Mon Apr 6 04:54:59 2020

I'm having so much fun with this little lad hehe.

Isn't finished! I still want to add a bit more to this pic, just wanted to show you once again my titboy! 😊

I decided to name him Ellie btw! 💖🐮💖


A shy titboy

Sun Apr 5 03:16:03 2020

I doodled a little cow titboy hehe.

He is very self conscious about his boobs and always tries to hide them from his friends at school.
There's a boy at school he has a crush on but he is too shy to talk to him.
His path towards confidence and accepting his body is just begining!

Meanwhile he is a shy little cow with huge milky tits 😇

He doesn't have a name yet btw any suggestions?
So far I've been playing with Kevin, Mika, Beverly, Jesse... 🤔

04-ABR-2020_2.png 04-ABR-2020_2.png

PSA from your foxie neighbour Denisse!

Wed Apr 1 03:05:28 2020

Hope you like it! I had a lot of fun with this little pic and am very happy with how it turned out!

Stay strong, and stay safe, friends! 💖🦊💖

TD1_HQ3.png TD1_LQ1.png TD1_LQ2.png

Don't forget to wash your hands!

Sun Mar 29 03:03:06 2020

Do as Denisse does and keep those hands clean and avoid touching your face, friends!

This is just a couple of wips hehe, I still need to add some water splash to this foxie! 😇

WIP_1.png WIP_1.png WIP_2.png

A couple more denisse doodles!

Fri Mar 27 02:22:07 2020


Momo and the magic trashcan fox!

Sun Mar 22 02:19:36 2020

Just the layout for this little joke comic for my friend Doodledip


Just a few more Denisse doodles!

Sun Mar 22 02:07:31 2020

I don't know if you have noticed but I love drawing denisse wearing white dresses 😻

WIP5.png WIP5.png WIP6.png

A springtime foxy!

Sat Mar 21 03:03:55 2020

The most beautiful and lush flower of the garden this spring ;)


WIP2.png WIP1.png

Boardroom affairs 4 WIP!

Tue Mar 17 03:37:50 2020

A little progress for this piece! 🦊💋


Momo doodle ;)

Mon Mar 16 03:15:11 2020


Boardroom affairs 4 lineart!

Fri Mar 13 01:25:45 2020

Work in progress on the next piece for Boardroon affairs!


Momo and crackie sketches!

Thu Mar 12 02:02:19 2020

Momo gifts Crackie a drawing and in exchange he reveals to her he is the magic trashcan fox!
Now he will repay her kindness by "booping her snoot" and stealing her lunch!

Never be kind to a trash fox! 😆

Sorry, for taking a while on this one! working on it little by little while working on the next boardroom affairs piece!

Momo belongs to my friend Doodledip!


Little sketch for a possible joke comic

Mon Mar 9 19:27:06 2020

I was doodling a friend's oc for a little joke comic idea I have between her and crackie haha


Final sketch for boardroom affairs 4!

Fri Mar 6 02:36:11 2020

I am happy with how this sketch turned out!
Currently under inking progress! ;)


Priestess poptart!

Thu Mar 5 00:40:18 2020

Ready for a warm bath with her?? ;)

Poptart belongs to my friend Spill!


Poptart update!

Wed Mar 4 02:28:20 2020

Still not finished! I first gotta fix some stuff and add details but this is the general idea!

Been playing around in my head with a story based on fictional ancient furry greece about a tired traveler who discovers a secret temple with a lot of beautiful priestesses who recieve him with wine, food and a warm bath with them ;)

Might do more pics based on that idea hehe

̶A̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶t̶r̶a̶v̶e̶l̶e̶r̶ ̶m̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶h̶a̶m̶e̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶s̶e̶l̶f̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶e̶r̶t̶ ̶X̶D̶


A couple more poptart doodles ;)

Mon Mar 2 23:29:02 2020

Hope you like them! 🦊💋

02-MAR-2020_1.png 02-MAR-2020_2.png

Couple of poptart doodles!

Fri Feb 28 00:00:40 2020

Having fun, practicing anatony and trying to get her proportions right hehe, hope you like!

Poptart belongs to my friend Spill!


Surprise shirt change!!!

Thu Feb 27 02:32:59 2020

Hope you like it! ;)

17-FEB-2020_HQ1.png 17-FEB-2020_HQ2.png

"FLAT colors" get it?

Fri Feb 21 23:59:43 2020

Threw in a bit of color on these, I also made that little logo in the corner, wanted it to be on denisse's shirt but it was too distracting even with opacity on hehe.

Anyways, still a work in progress! hope you like it! 🦊💋

17-FEB-2020_10.png 17-FEB-2020_9.png

Shirt change lineart!

Thu Feb 20 19:09:42 2020

I added lines and a couple effects for fun to this denisse hehe.

Remember: you should always change your shirt if it's wet! ;)

17-FEB-2020_6.png 17-FEB-2020_7.png

Boardroom affairs part 4 sketch wip!

Wed Feb 19 02:10:32 2020

I tweaked a couple stuff from the last sketch I made for the 4th part of my commissioned series Boardroom affairs!

Also made a higher angle sketch for the same pose, lets see how the business goes for Denisse and Phoebe this time! ;)

WIP_14.png WIP_15.png

This bra will have to do for now!

Mon Feb 17 19:31:09 2020

Just a little Denisse sketch hehe ;)


Beembo the inflatable bimbo bee!

Tue Feb 11 01:51:44 2020

Finally finished this trade with my buddy BorisAlien!
Took me AGES to get to it, but I wanted to draw something nice with such a beautiful OC.

Hope you like it! Beembo belongs to BorisAlien


Beembo WIP!

Wed Feb 5 03:58:35 2020

Im quickly working on a little trade I had pending from AGES ago with my buddy Boris featuring their OC Beembo!
Having lots of fun with this one, Im hoping to have it finished very soon!


Boardroom affairs part 3!

Sat Feb 1 02:58:13 2020

Such a beautiful sight, isn't it?? ;)
The boardroom meeting continues with more fun featuring Denisse and Phoebe! (Co-created character with my friend Harry)

Thank you very much Harry for commissioning this part of the set!

BA03_HQ01.png BA03_HQ02.png BA03_HQ03.png BA03_HQ04.png BA03_HQ06.png BA03_HQ05.png BA03_HQ08.png BA03_HQ07.png

Hey friends!

Mon Jan 27 02:35:12 2020

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your support and apologize for the slow content over here.

I've been working on the third part of my Boardroom affairs commissioned series and it has taken all my time. Luckily it's almost done and should be ready this starting week!

And after that I'll render some more denisse sketches and move on to the 4th part of boardroom affairs.

Again, thank you so very much for your patience and support!

Poptart sketches!

Mon Jan 27 02:21:56 2020

A couple poptarts showing off dat legg! ;)


Coffee part 1

Thu Jan 16 00:37:38 2020

Would you help her hold her bags??? ;)

Colored one sketch I drew last month, planning to give some last month sketches the same treatment too to build a little story 😈

Have a good night! 🦊💋

C1_HQ2.png C1_HQ1.png

Progress on Boardroom affairs 3!

Sat Jan 11 04:41:23 2020

Pushing on to the rendering stage for this one!

Can't figure out what's going on with the checkboxes so it seems like this post will be for all patrons haha

Hope you like the WIP! ;)

WIP_11.png WIP_10.png

Happy 2020! Have a HUGE HUG!

Sun Jan 5 00:58:47 2020

First post of the year!
Happy 2020, everybody! Don't forget to give your foxy friends a big hug! ;)


Some playful sketches before the year ends

Tue Dec 31 05:34:08 2019

A couple of sketches I made of a very loved friend of mine :)

30-DIC-2019_3.png 30-DIC-2019_2.png 30-DIC-2019.png

Spicy edition?

Tue Dec 24 06:30:35 2019

Huh, I think there's something wrong with my copy of Rudolph... Im not sure if it is safe to play it tonight for dinner with family?? ;)


Sketches and silly gifs XD

Sat Dec 21 04:01:04 2019

Sorry friends, Im having my fun! XD

20-DIC-2019.gif 20-DIC-2019_1.png 20-DIC-2019_2.png 19-DIC-2019.gif

More more sweater pups sketches! ;)

Fri Dec 20 07:07:27 2019

Sorry, Im just having too much fun with the boobplay fox <3

19-DIC-2019_2.png 19-DIC-2019_3.png 19-DIC-2019_1.png

More sweater pups sketches!

Thu Dec 19 03:48:23 2019

Add them to the bunch! :)

18-DIC-2019_1.png 18-DIC-2019_2.png 18-DIC-2019_3.png

Sweatter pups sketches!

Wed Dec 18 05:57:51 2019

I wanna make a sketch page full of denisse titplay for christmas 🤔

17-DIC-2019.png 17-DIC-2019_1.png

A bunch of tart sketches!

Tue Dec 17 04:26:26 2019

16-DIC-2019_4.png 16-DIC-2019_3.png 16-DIC-2019_2.png 16-DIC-2019.png

Boardroom affairs 3 wip!

Thu Dec 12 00:59:39 2019

Lineart stage for the third part of Boardroom affairs ready to go!
I also added in some bg characters that'll appear on a side version of the finished piece ;)

WIP_7.png WIP_8.png

Introducing the new heavy duty grizzly bra!

Wed Dec 4 21:20:54 2019

Another mascot for your beary needs! ;)

Also I ran out of bear related puns. XD


Polar bra!

Tue Dec 3 22:01:24 2019

Beary comfy and beary resistant! ;)

This ad has been approved by your friend Denisse!


Silly bear sketches ;)

Sun Dec 1 19:22:58 2019

Somebody asked me for the brand of bras Denisse uses, so I came up with Polar bra! And a mascot for it! :)

Also introducing the new heavy duty Grizzly line!

26-NOV-2019_1.png IMG_20191129_231147_531.jpg IMG_20191129_231144_010.jpg

Boardroom affairs 2

Sat Nov 30 04:49:30 2019

Finally finished the second part!

Thanks to my friend Harry for commissioning this one! ;)

BA02_HQ2.png BA02_HQ1.png BA02_HQ2.png BA02_HQ3.png BA02_HQ4.png

Silly denisse sketches ;)

Tue Nov 26 00:52:28 2019

Denisse goes to buy some very specific fruits and veggies!

25-NOV-2019.png 23-NOV-2019.png

Happy birthday Poptart!

Sun Nov 17 18:15:23 2019

Poptart gets a surprise party and a huge huge hug from Denisse! 💖💖💖

This piece is also a bday gift for my very very dear friend Spill! at twitter! Happy bday! 💋


Denisse and poptart sketches! ♥

Tue Nov 12 00:24:37 2019

Just a couple of sketches for a little birthday present I'm working on for a very dear friend of mine :)

WIP_2.png WIP_1.png

Boardroom affairs #2 more progress!

Sat Nov 9 02:48:03 2019

Moving on to rendering stage! :)

WIP_22.png WIP_23.png

Boardroom affairs #2 progress!

Thu Nov 7 03:31:53 2019

Into the inking progress, I'm really enjoying this piece so far!


Happy Día de muertos!

Sun Nov 3 19:08:47 2019

Here's Denisse hoping you had a happy día de muertos yesterday!


DDM2019_HQ2.png DDM2019_HQ2.png DDM2019_HQ1.png

Feliz día de muertos WIP!

Sat Nov 2 04:12:31 2019

Feliz día de muertos, amigos!

I'll colour and finish this one too... eventually haha 🦊 💧


Halloween pic, more WIP!

Fri Nov 1 05:22:54 2019

Dang, couldn't finish this one in time! 😭

Still that won't keep me from finishing it, I like it too much to back up now! 🤣
Hope you like the progress! 🦊💋


More halloween sketch progress!

Wed Oct 30 04:20:32 2019

"Now get up, lil' sis! we are gonna be late for the party!" 😈😇


Halloween sketches!

Tue Oct 29 04:19:44 2019

Denisse and her big sister Ruby are heading to a halloween party! Will they be able to make it in time?
Will crackie be able to finish at least one of these before halloween?? 🦊💧

I'll surely try! but for now I hope you enjoy these ;)

WIP_5.png WIP_4.png


Fri Oct 25 01:58:57 2019

♥Poptart♥ calling me to go get some slurpees hehe ;)

Edit: Now it's a manga vignette hehe

24-OCT-2019.png 24-OCT-2019.png 24-OCT-2019_2.png

Boardroom Affairs Part 1 !

Thu Oct 24 01:02:26 2019

First part of the Boardroom Affairs image set I'm working on!
I hope you friends like it! ;)

BA01_HQ1.png BA01_HQ2.png BA01_LQ3.png BA01_LQ4.png

Ruby sketches!

Sat Oct 19 05:45:16 2019

Back in business! drew a flat color Ruby to get back the hang of it and also here's a couple of Ruby sketches too ;)

19-OCT-2019.png 06-OCT-2019.png 02-OCT-2019.png

Hi friends!

Sun Oct 13 17:02:15 2019

Thanks for standing by through this season without much content!

Truth is I've been in the process of moving these last weeks plus I have currently no internet in my house XD

On the other hand I've been very excited to show you this cool piece I've been working on. Which is near completion and it will be the first of a image set I've been teasing here previously! ;)

I'm very happy with how it came out and I hope you like it too! :)

Again thank you very much for standing by and for your support!

Boardroom Affairs part 1 flat colors

Thu Oct 3 02:00:20 2019

Working on the rendering for this one right now!

WIP_17c.png WIP_17b.png

Poptart colored doodle ;)

Tue Oct 1 02:46:07 2019

Just a doodle I made for fun yesterday


Boardroom affairs part 1 lineart ;)

Fri Sep 27 02:50:55 2019

On to coloring and rendering! ;)


Boardroom Affairs part 1 (lineart progress)

Tue Sep 24 03:47:25 2019

Finally dedicating 100% percent of my time to finishing this commissioned proyect.

It will be a 9 full rendered pictures set featuring Denisse and Phoebe's adventures at the office! <3
Looking forward to get this first part finished soon! Hope you all enjoy it ;)


Denisse enjoying a morning jog! (flat colors)

Sat Sep 21 03:58:04 2019


Rear view sketch! ;)

Fri Sep 20 00:55:26 2019

This will be the rear view for the follow up to the denisse size matters shenanigans ;)

WIP_7.png WIP_8.png

Choker challenge sketch colored! ;)

Wed Sep 18 03:24:33 2019

Her sister Ruby gave her that shirt as a fun present.
What could go wrong???😈

Edit: added a textless version if what you are looking for is just an innocent pic with an innocent foxie and no conflicting implications 😇


Meme sketches XD

Sat Sep 14 23:37:37 2019

Just some silly sketches to clear my mind from a rough week 🦊 💧

I'll try to quickly color these later!.. and maybe add a quick followup???
Sigh, so many horny ideas and so little time!

14-SEPT-2019.png 14-SEPT-2019_2.png

Front view sketch!

Wed Sep 11 03:03:54 2019

Sketch for the Size matters sequel front view.

Remember to stay hydrated while working out! ;)

WIP_4.png WIP_5.png

Denisse makes new friends at the park!

Tue Sep 10 03:43:03 2019

There will be another sequel to the size matters sports bra saga! ;)

If everything goes well this piece will have a sideview, a front view and a rear view, and all of them will be very messy! ;)

WIP_2.png WIP_1.png

Non furry 30 min warmups

Sat Sep 7 16:23:09 2019

Now these are neither furry nor spicy, but these have been a bunch of warmups I've been doing for a while before I start working.

Their objective is to loosen me up and help me improve with speed when it comes to sketching poses and what not.

Sorry for the non furry related content! I'll be back to my impossibly busty foxies shenanigans next post, I promise ;)

06-SEPT-2019_WARMUP.png 05-SEPT-2019_WARMUP.png 04-SEPT-2019_WARMUP.png 03-SEPT-2019_WARMUP.png 30-AGO-2019_WARMUP.png 29-AGO-2019_WARMUP.png 28-AGO-2019_WARMUP.png 24-AGO-2019_WARMUP.png 27-AGO-2019_WARMUP.png 25-AGO-2019_WARMUP.png

Denisse morning jog WIP!

Thu Sep 5 04:22:06 2019

Working on the lineart for the next piece featuring Denisse!
Extra points if you can figure out what picture is this a continuation to! ;)


The selected outfit part 5! full res!

Sun Sep 1 21:10:51 2019

...To be continued?
D̶e̶n̶i̶s̶s̶e̶'̶s̶ ̶r̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶e̶s̶

I finally got to post this one!
I know it took me so long but still, i had so so much fun renderig her! ♥♥♥
Hope you like it! :)

20K_TEXT.png 20K.png

Beach vacay pic! full res

Sun Sep 1 19:38:25 2019

By the way! this is the picture on Crackie's phone! wanted to do something funny and sexy so added some cell shading to make it a bit more interesting. :)


The selected outfit part 3 and 4! full res!

Sun Sep 1 18:43:16 2019

Denisse has been mad at me ever since I tried to convince her to wear that skimpy outfit!
Will I find a way to make things go back to normal??

Also, I will post the main finished pic in a bit! ;)

COMIC_03.png COMIC_04.png

Further Comic WIPs ;)

Fri Aug 30 03:05:37 2019

More progress on this little comic I hope to finish real soon (please god let it happen ;~;).


WIPs for a little follow up comic

Wed Aug 28 02:37:48 2019

These sketches will be colored for a follow up on a comic I recently drew featuring Denisse and me.
Lots of self indulgent drawings over here ;)


Little silly comic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thu Aug 22 01:35:25 2019

Im not sure they are old enough to watch it :(


Sling bikini Denisse WIP!

Tue Aug 20 21:14:37 2019

Flat colors done! ;)


The selected outfit! f̶i̶n̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶c̶o̶l̶o̶r̶e̶d̶

Wed Aug 14 21:15:11 2019

Denisse is oh sooooo happy with my pic!

🤣 🤣 🤣

COMIC_01.png COMIC_02.png

Poptart warmup sketch 🐱

Tue Aug 13 18:17:45 2019

Poptart belongs to my very good friend Spill!


Big sis Ruby!

Tue Aug 13 01:07:01 2019

She is Ruby, Denisse's big sister and she is up to noooo good ;)

12-AGO-2019_2.png 12-AGO-2019.png

Twitter celebratory pics WIPs ;)

Sat Aug 10 04:38:43 2019

WIP_1.png WIP_1.png 07-AGO-2019.png 08-AGO-2019.png

The outfit selected ;)

Wed Aug 7 02:49:07 2019

Denisse is a liiiittle bit mad at me for the outfit I chose! :)
I'll pair it with a short seethrough latex top too, haha

Anyways, couldn't finish this little pic today, I'll throw some flat colors to it tomorrow and move on to the real deal ;)

06-AGO-2019.png 06-AGO-2019.png

20K followers on twitter pre-celebratory pic!

Sun Aug 4 18:53:39 2019

I recently hit 20k followers on twitter! Yayyyy!

Do you have any pervy suggestions on what should Denisse wear to celebrate??

Head on to the twitter post and reply with some outfit idea!

PRE1_HQ.png PRE1_HQ.png PRE2.png

WIP for pre-celebratory twitter pic!

Thu Aug 1 23:57:07 2019

Oh boy! Denisse seems to be very excited and then immediately confused by something regarding my twitter account!

I wonder what would that be! ;)

01-AGO-2019.png 01-AGO-2019.png

Rough play with denisse!

Thu Aug 1 00:42:11 2019

Some way to take her shirt off! ;)

31-JUL-2019.png 31-JUL-2019.png

How about a kiss?? ♥

Tue Jul 30 19:05:25 2019

Just a quick poptart sketchie :)

30-JUL-2019.png 30-JUL-2019.png

Denisse's toy WIP! ♥

Tue Jul 30 03:47:24 2019

Only a large toy like this could fit Denisse's LARGE... expectations! ;)

WIP_2.png WIP_2.png

Ready for mischief 😈

Sat Jul 27 00:30:50 2019

Ruby getting ready for mischief with her... sister Denisse!? ;)


Denisse WIPs! 🦊💋

Fri Jul 26 01:46:18 2019

I'll be rendering these soon!
A̶l̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶u̶n̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶v̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶s̶k̶e̶t̶c̶h̶e̶s̶ ̶I̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶r̶e̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶!̶ ̶


May I? ;)

Fri Jul 19 17:55:58 2019


Beembo WIP and doodles! :)

Fri Jul 19 17:36:29 2019

Im working on a little art trade with my buddy Boris, that one sketch at the top will soon be inked and colored!
The rest are just some doodles for funs :)


♥♥♥ A quick PSA from Denisse! ♥♥♥

Fri Jul 12 17:07:37 2019

Denisse is back with her shenanigans wearing Teer's Marika Size Matters top!
And has a quick message for you! Keep scrolling! ▼▼▼


Bondage Anita and Denisse doodle!

Wed Jul 10 01:40:41 2019

I finally named her Anita!
Made a couple of quick edits to this sketch too and an extra Denisse ;)


♥♥♥ Denisse boobjob ♥♥♥

Sun Jul 7 01:41:43 2019

A little pic in progress, She'll be giving a lucky guy a tight boobjob while wearing Marika's "Size matters" top :)


Paizuri Denisse WIP and random doodles!

Fri Jul 5 16:24:10 2019


Size Matters full res!

Thu Jul 4 16:35:31 2019

Also, little secret... Planning on drawing more of Denisse wearing this top! ;)


Cute little mousey

Mon Jul 1 20:41:52 2019

Still trying to figure out a name for her, any suggestions???
So far I've got: Anita, Colita, Ratita, Marisol... I'm looking for latina names that sound cute ;)

Oh and I also drew a white dress version that wasn't posted publicly.


Raptor lady doodles and Wips!

Fri Jun 28 23:47:56 2019


Tawna's massage!

Tue Jun 25 19:01:11 2019


Maid Marian, and miscelaneous doodles!

Fri Jun 21 21:30:40 2019


Doodles and WIPs from next project ;)

Fri Jun 14 23:44:43 2019


Miscelaneous doodles and WIPs

Tue Jun 11 18:43:53 2019


More sketches for project afoot! ;)

Thu Jun 6 04:11:42 2019


A new project comming this way ;)

Tue Jun 4 19:24:00 2019



Sun Jun 2 16:33:40 2019

Thank you very VERY much for your support patrons, I wasn't expecting such a quick and generous response, WOW!
I'll be uploading new content very soon ;)


Thank you patrons pic!

Fri May 31 18:17:46 2019


Patreon tiers Denisse graphics!

Fri May 31 18:13:15 2019


Tight dresses and bikinis for Denisse sketches ;)

Fri May 31 18:07:29 2019


Miscelaneous sketches

Fri May 31 17:59:07 2019


Rough play with Denisse sketches ;)

Fri May 31 17:53:48 2019


Knight Denisse and boobyplay sketches

Fri May 31 17:45:07 2019


Denisse's cute attire (unfinished work)

Fri May 31 17:27:22 2019


Denisse and her friend sketches ;)

Fri May 31 17:16:29 2019