Critical Condition 8

Fri Oct 9 23:39:15 2020

For real this time, haha. I mislabeled the last upload. Couple more coming in the next week since I'm working on this instead of programming at the moment. :)


Turn Update

Thu Oct 1 04:30:03 2020

Those of you who are new to the Patreon may not realize I’ve been working on a videogame. If that’s news to you, it’s a platformer with transformation elements I’m using to cut my teeth. If it ever gets released and if it’s received well, the plan is to do more, but we’re talking far into the future here. For now, here’s an update.

The lighting engine update, normal maps, and HDR continue to give the game a unique style and charm. A lot of time has gone into making this game look as good as I can. I could be a better pixel artist, or technical artist for sure, but I am proud of the way the visual style of the game is coming together considering its very modest resolution.

The bad news, and the reason a demo isn’t coming this month is a setback with some of the core systems of the game that required a rewrite. A huge setback, but this is how anyone learns a skill. When I wrote some of these systems I had some really bad habits. The good news is that it allows me to do some interesting things when I need to, like with the first boss fight.

This is a pet project of mine that I only have time to work on because of the amazing support you all have given me. Thank you so much for that. Someday this will get done. Someday sooner you'll have your hands on a demo. And in the far future maybe I can work on my dream project and bring on a few people. What else can I show for now? Explosions? Explosions are fun.

Critical Condition 7

Thu Oct 1 03:17:16 2020

Working on page 8 now. Had a really interesting discussion today about how art changes over time. I've probably mentioned this before, but the first Critical Condition had a old 90s era camera.

Art changes. Times change. Porn continues to be important. Also true story. I typed the word 'porn' and as soon as I did this popped up. Please change, Patreon.


Critical Condition 5-6

Sat Sep 19 17:38:03 2020

Page 6 only needed some minor touchups, but 5 was a complete redraw. We're almost into 'new' territory now. And lewds.

page05.jpg page06.jpg page05.jpg

Aiden VS. Husky

Wed Sep 16 00:03:01 2020

Who has the bigger tits? It's a contest neither wants to win!


Critical Condition 1-4

Thu Sep 10 15:43:05 2020

For the newly initiated, Critical Condition was the first comic I ever released online. It dates back to, gosh, I think 2007? It's a noncon TGTF story whose original version had just over 20 pages.

I tried to remaster this once before but I was trying to do it in between other projects and I never had time for it. It's been awhile since then, so for round two we've got even more redrawn panels and also a promise that this will get finished this time around. ;)

page01.jpg page02.jpg page03.jpg page04.jpg

Stream Doodles & Commissions

Thu Sep 10 15:39:46 2020

Just an assortment of non-comic related stuff from the last two streams. Trying to motivate myself to be more active so hopefully this is the first of multiple posts like this, this month.

mouse.jpg dragontf.jpg forwinter.png forkiri.png

Therian/Animid Concept Art

Sun Aug 30 12:00:07 2020

Over the last couple weeks I've decided to concept out a few characters from the game I'm currently playing since I've been having a lot of fun with it.

Maki is a former human turned mouse. In the setting, Humans and 'Animids' are pretty stratified and transformations are unheard of. They have a pretty rough time adapting, which is why they wear ill-fitting clothing and tend to hide or cover themselves up a lot.

Slick is an otter and the son of what you might call a mob boss. Animids are definitely an oppressed group in this setting and only 5% of the population, so it could be argued that they aren't really criminals. He's currently in trouble though, for being a little too frisky with other members of the family.

Carminga is an alpaca who runs an Animid motel in Chicago, the city at the center of Human/Animid relations. She theoretically caters to humans, but humans don't ask. She runs an underground railroad of sorts of of the city as well, but that's top secret.

Finally there's Business Shark. I saw him on my way from point A to point B, but he was memorable enough to draw. I like to imagine him as a humble stock broker who wouldn't hurt a fly. Thanks to chat for some of the inspiration for him, like his swanky tie tack.

rp5.jpg rp5.jpg rp4.jpg rp3.jpg rp2.jpg rp1.jpg

Lewd Zebra Mom

Sat Aug 29 18:02:12 2020

Continuing to search for inspiration and finding a lot of fun in full color images again. This time I landed on some lewd text I liked and incorporated it into the image. Transparent version if you wanna make your own.

mom_t.png mom_t.png mom.png

Human Snowleopard TF (Tharkis)

Sat Aug 29 17:51:38 2020

Earlier in the month I was asked by the Cinnamon Switch team working on the VN MiceTea if I'd be interested in doing guest art for a TGTF scene! If you're interested in the VN you can find it here.

The story belongs to them, but I can post the art here. It's been nice to be able to experiment and work with color again.

mt_tharkis_t.png mt_tharkis_t.png mt_tharkis_med.jpg mt_tharkis_head.jpg

On Comic Concepts

Wed Aug 12 11:54:39 2020

Creative writing bit here, news below:

In the not too distant future, humanity is on the brink of self-annihilation. Despite the existence of a true global network and futuristic technologies that allow universal communication, fear and hatred have been steadily building for years.
It is in this climate that the Architects appear; terrifying beings of formless mass with seemingly omnipotent powers. In a proclamation upon their arrival they assert they are the creators of Man, which has been labelled a failed experiment.
The godlike beings allow a single defense. If it can be proven that fifty percent of mankind’s population is good, they will be spared. Mankind pales at the impossible task. Year by dwindling year, emissaries of humanity entreat the Architects to lower the threshold. First to forty percent, then thirty, then twenty, and finally ten. In stunning magnanimity the Architects accept each time.
Upon the Day of Judgement Earth’s population stands at only seven percent good, still a hopelessly failing grade. It is proclaimed that Judgement shall be dispensed forthwith.
The Architects open the door to Tartarus from which crawl an endless army whose ranks are composed of the Architect’s previous failed experiments. It becomes clear that if humanity wants to survive now, it must be ruthless enough to incorporate itself into the ranks of Tartarus.
Even those previously judged to be good succumb to utter barbarism.
It is in this dark hour the Therians arrive; a race of anthropomorphic animals previously judged to be good and spared by the Architects. In defiance of the very godlike beings who spared them they also re-enter Earth - a world they left long ago for paradise - to protect anyone who fights against the Tartarans.
This is the world in which our hero finds themselves. Depressed after having been judged to be insufficiently good, they have lost nearly all hope. Despite this, they are saved by a Therian. The hero is unable to accept that they deserve rescue, but when their rescuer is nearly killed, something awakes inside them...

I'm not sure of the best way to say this, so I'll just lead with it. It's been really difficult for me to work lately. I've been obsessing about deadlines and what has to be done and it's left me sort of paralyzed. While I know that's how a job works sometimes, I've felt for a long time like the quality of my comics is suffering for it.

I hope you'll forgive this detour. I had an idea that I liked and I just wanted to chase something that I felt like doing. So this is nothing more than a flight of fancy; a short bit of writing that I liked enough to concept a bit for. I hope it's something other people like too.

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png

Inheritance Update

Wed Jul 29 05:13:35 2020

Another page coming soon. This was a fun one. I really like some of the angles here. Next couple pages we'll see more of dad, too.


Inheritance Chapter 3 Starts!

Thu Jul 23 08:13:30 2020

We'll pick up right where we left off, with a surprise drop in.


Shelter 8

Thu Jul 23 08:12:20 2020

Claire wraps up her Arcadian assimilation with a fun introduction. Hope you guys enjoyed this short comic! I know I had a lot of fun working on it.


July Turn Devblog

Thu Jul 16 07:06:32 2020

This month I solved a problem that put the project on pause at the start of the pandemic. Pathfinding! I don't normally do videos, but I felt it was the best way to explain some of this stuff. Streams and more comics starting this week. :D

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_SlvztCCGULA_maxresdefault.jpg

Shelter 7

Wed Jul 1 03:47:36 2020

This was done days ago, just getting it up now due to the craziness here. Between the Patreon drama and my partner having an illness I've not had much time for administrative work.

Inheritance won! I'll be doing that next month while I wrap this up. :)


Shelter 6

Mon Jun 22 01:03:06 2020

Lick lick lick rub rub rub.


Deadbeat 6

Tue Jun 16 07:23:59 2020


Important Campaign Update

Sat Jun 13 08:54:10 2020


When Patreon announced that my campaign was in violation of community guidelines over Arcadia, which is essentially a survivor story, there are a few things I knew that I had to do.

  1. Insist that Arcadia had a place on Patreon and argue for its merit as an artistic work and point out that just because something is porn doesn’t mean it’s devoid of a message.
  2. Refuse to even attempt to scrub its presence from the internet, Discord, or my personal website. If it came to that, my campaign would have been left as it is, to be suspended in protest.
  3. Do my honest best to abide by Patreon’s policy otherwise.
  4. Inconvenience my Patrons in the smallest amount possible.

Patreon did its best to frustrate every part of this process. They were vague about what they wanted me to remove. They referenced URLs that aren’t on Patreon. They presumed to tell me - the author of the work - what Arcadia was and wasn’t for. They asked URLs be taken down only to change their mind later. Every email meant another day or two of waiting while a warning of suspension hung over my campaign.

In the end it was enough for them that I removed all links to my website, all thank you messages, and all posts from Arcadia. But this isn’t the end. Nobody from Patreon found my page, looked at everything I drew and then picked Arcadia to single out. Arcadia was singled out because it was reported. Two days before my campaign was put on notice I banned a racist from my Discord channel which is quite a funny coincidence if nothing else.

Three factors are at play here.

  1. Patreon’s shifting community guidelines that are constantly closing in around adult creators.
  2. Patreon’s inability to police their own website due to the sheer mountains of content to sort through.
  3. The report functionality, which will always flag a page for shallow review

These three factors combine to make every adult creator vulnerable to vindictive attacks by anyone. This has the ironic effect of giving the sexist, racist, homophobic bunch Patreon is trying to remove from the platform all the power on the platform.

Any roads Patreon could have taken to avoid this fate were realistically missed a long time ago. I told them face to face in meetings that expanding their adult content guidelines and banning people over it with no notice was a horrible idea. I told them that their hiring spree, a massive influx of hundreds of people, was a recklessly poor financial decision. A team that is now called Trust and Safety. Jack knew about this exact problem over three years ago and nothing has changed. Here is a portion of a community drafted letter which Jack not only read but directly responded to.

“Your fuzzy position on ‘adult content’ versus ‘porn’ gives you the freedom to discriminate at will and it makes content creators live in fear of that discrimination, itself leading to self-censorship of important viewpoints.”

Nothing has changed. Years of frustrated pleading. Nothing. This is a painful moment.

So I will continue to post as clandestine as ever. I will attempt to give you everything you have been getting. I will await the next bad actor to shine a spotlight on me. But I would be stupid not to do anything about it now.

Please support me here if you don’t want to deal with that shit anymore. This is not a requirement. It is an option. For those who want to speak with their feet to a company who has long since stopped listening.

I’ll be answering questions in the comments. More Deadbeat soon.

An Open Letter to Patreon (Please Read)

Tue Jun 9 02:59:53 2020


Being an adult content creator is quickly becoming a confusing and demoralizing experience on your platform. Whether through intent or honest miscalculation we are being made to feel shame and fear on a regular basis - feelings we are all too familiar with during the normal course of our lives where our very existence is seen as taboo.

I am now in a position where I have to defend the creative merit of my work to what are, in effect, moral police who have judged my work to be either ‘unsafe’ or ‘untrustworthy’, which I do not know. Which work, they would not even initially say. When they did say, they provided subfolder links which I do not list on my Patreon campaign or as a Patreon reward.

What’s more is that these works were created far before these guidelines were established as written today and have been publicly available for years. They do not exist as any sort of ‘reward’ for participation in my campaign. This puts myself and creators like me on edge. It means that Patreon can demand creative control on personal websites regarding works which do not currently have any tangible link to Patreon at all.

If this indignity were not enough I furthermore believe that this comic exists as a specific exception under Patreon’s own rules against depictions of non-consensual sex.

We understand that some topics on this list such as incest or rape are a little bit more complicated because these situations are, unfortunately, part of real life. As a result, when reviewing these types of creations, the Trust and Safety team will take into consideration context including personal, historical or educational narrative.

In the opening scene of Arcadia, boy is given a script to read. When he reads from the script he becomes the role from which he reads. He’s made to stand on stage and read those lines against his will and becomes forever changed as a result. Below you’ll find a philosophical discussion which takes up nearly half the comic which is very much relevant to the comic’s message. The metaphor for transgenderism in this comic is, to me, frankly obvious, but the fact I have to explain it at all is the failure here.

Patreon has forced me to out myself in this way in order to justify my work’s existence which is deplorable in and of itself. They have held up an example of my work as unacceptable, work which is deeply personal to me and I will defend it’s artistic merit without reservation. Work which I honestly believe deserves to be funded on Patreon even though it isn’t and is free to the public.

If this is not a mistake, the real issue here isn’t the intent or message of the work, it is very unfortunately the fact that it comes with images that make people uncomfortable. Patreon needs to step back and evaluate how it handles these cases from here on out. Apologies would not fix the problems inherent in this type of system. The system fails every time an artist has to explain the artistic merit in their obvious metaphor or explain the good these discussions do for marginalized communities who have been made to feel shame for their entire lives.

Shelter 5

Wed Jun 3 03:31:18 2020

GONNA WHAT!? What could she possibly be implying!?

page05.jpg page05.jpg

Next Comic Poll

Mon Jun 1 19:28:34 2020

We have another page or two of Deadbeat and Shelter to finish, but by the time this poll wraps up I'll need to know: which comic should I work on next?

Deadbeat 5

Sun May 31 04:46:07 2020

That's a pretty full belly :V

I think I'll do one more for this series? But it might not make it tomorrow. We'll see!


Shelter 2, 3, & 4

Fri May 29 02:13:38 2020

More of the squirrel TGTF comic for ArmoredKangaroo. Should get the rest of Deadbeat out before the month rolls over!

page02.jpg page03.jpg page04.jpg

Music TF Concept & Doodles

Fri May 29 02:11:41 2020

More little stuff, I'd really like to start just doing these whenever they come to my head again so we can do more voting. What do you guys think? Between Deadbeat, the dragon, and this, is there a vote to be had here for more or should we continue on?

COmicthingy.jpg d4.jpg d3.jpg d2.jpg d1.jpg Kiri.jpg ellen.jpg buki.jpg

Dragon Milk (and status update)

Wed May 27 04:45:08 2020

Real quick since I got a question about it, yep everything's fine this month. I actually am sitting on a ton of art that I'll post soon.

Anyway, this picture. I haven't drawn dragons awhile, and this old image (second one) reminded me of a really fun design I made awhile ago.

Feeding a brats own words back to them is always satisfying, but it turns out it's also pretty erotic in a BDSM context. Just be careful what you wish for whenever you get TFd. Who knows how it could come back to bite you?

1494608074.corablue_durgegg.jpg 1494608074.corablue_durgegg.jpg dragonmilk.jpg

Chronicles of Darkness Character Sheet Editor

Thu Apr 30 13:55:26 2020

I spent a little too much of my free time this month on this, so I hope that someone besides me finds it useful. As many of you know the setting of Changeling: The Lost provides a lot of inspiration for the comics I draw, particularly the Arcadia things.

This is a character sheet editor (not entirely finished but close) for the system that game runs on.

Grabbed a domain for it and everything in case I want to do a database so you can eventually link and share sheets. It's not art, it's not game, but hopefully it'll see some use.

Shelter - Page 1

Thu Apr 30 13:52:19 2020

This months been a little disjointed but I'm gonna post a few things over the course of the day before all is said and done. This is a short comic featuring TGTF and squirrel TF and set in Arcadia. Commission for AK that I've been promising to do for awhile now.


Deadbeat Page 4

Sat Apr 25 13:27:57 2020

Been feeling under the weather, but I'm more or less on the horse again. Here's page 4! More stuff comin.


'The Deadbeat' - Pages 1-3

Wed Apr 8 09:25:19 2020

I fixed some minor stuff so I figured I'd reupload touchups.

This took a couple more days than anticipated, apologies. Obviously I didn't cover everything I wanted to yet so more pages on the way after I work on Turn some. Ya'll staying safe out there?

page01.jpg page02.jpg page03.jpg

Desert Paradise (Full Comic)

Wed Apr 1 21:18:38 2020

In the spirit of April Fools, let's make a fool out of someone - Me!

Here are dozens of pieces from my very early forays into drawing lewd things on the internet. For longtime fans, a chance to gaze upon ultra rare Coras. For aspiring artists, evidence that any fool can learn how to draw. For trolls, bad art to tease me with!

First up on the list is the first comic I ever drew. Ever, ever. Yes, I scanned it from paper and saved it 20 years for... some reason.

Next is an image of one of my first ever fetishes. Body control. Notice it's not mind-control. Never really liked that. From early on I always liked the FIGHT.

After that the first implied TGTF I ever remember doing. I danced around it for a couple years, I think I was embarrassed about liking it? THAT changed. And yikes, ignore the dialog... lol.

Next we have the first time I remember uploading overt TGTF. This was a little later on, it looks like the original Portal had recently come out. I've always liked this computer readout of fetishes thing though.

The pussy ears is the first time I ever drew something lewd, not because I liked it, but because it seemed like a weird and neglected fetish that a friend of mine had at the time. Including it here because as far as firsts go, this really shaped me.

The rest I won't comment on. Just enjoy the cringe.

I hope this look at some foolish firsts has been interesting. I'm sure we'll do many more 'firsts' here.

Page_1.jpg Page_2.jpg Page_3.jpg Page_4.jpg Page_5.jpg Page_6.jpg Page_7.jpg Page_8.jpg Page_9.jpg Page_10.jpg Page_11.jpg Page_12.jpg Page_13.jpg Page_14.jpg bond_copy_copy.jpg tsf.jpg Untitled-3.jpg 1249282422.alyxx_cunnyear_finished_dim.jpg 0_0012_13.png.png baby.jpg gnome_attack.jpg Seq_2.jpg

Some March Doodles

Tue Mar 31 22:49:55 2020

Page 3 will take a little extra time. Enjoy some doodles from the past week or so to help pass the time :)

This marks the end of the month of posting for me. Again, no charge this month. Have some lewd on me. Some Turn updates next month as long as things go smoothly.

Appreciate you guys loads.

children.PNG gi.png gi.jpg Capture.JPG thing.JPG

Slutty Breeder Wins

Tue Mar 31 07:06:54 2020

If you're up tonight I'll be streaming page 3 in about 2-3 hours from now at

Any fun suggestions in the comments before then? Might use it.


Comic Vote! Only 2 Days!

Sun Mar 29 06:57:50 2020

I wanna draw more of this Monday so this'll be up only shortly. Samuel is behind on his loan payment!

Arcadian Tips - Regression Edition

Tue Mar 24 10:42:19 2020

Hey guys, first update of the month, haha. I've got stuff backed up. But first thing is a return to Arcadian Tips. This is age regression. I just sort of kept doing the hugely long pages like tradition dictates. It was again as much a writing project as a drawing one. They're here. Please excuse the need for Discord. I'll take feedback on this if it's a problem though. Website upload should be soon.

If AR isn't your thing, we have more coming. Some music tomorrow, and then some FTM doodles. Again, stay safe out there. The world is pretty crazy.

EDIT: URL is now up.

No Charge This Month Due To Coronavirus

Tue Mar 17 23:15:35 2020

It's quite clear this pandemic is going to have a serious effect on the economy at this point. My patrons have been good to me and I have enough to get by the next month or two. You guys are going without paychecks in many cases too. I can help.

I'll still be posting this month, but I won't be charging those of you who haven't already paid. Before you tell me this is too much, don't. This is a business decision as much as it is a helping hand. I won't have patrons if people are cutting corners and I'm a drain on very important emergency resources.

Please take care of yourselves out there. See you with more art soon.

Turn Playable Preview

Sat Feb 29 07:58:09 2020

Download the playable preview

Well, here we are! A small section of Turn is playable! A few things to keep in mind before you play. Demo was probably not the right word for this in retrospect. Polish was important to me so this preview shows only a few things.

A) The artistic style of the game and the level of visual polish that I'm aiming for.

B) The general feel of movement which has mostly been nailed down.

C) A small amount of story and lore that should introduce you somewhat to the world of Turn.

The boss battles and enemies have been temporarily removed because the entire AI system is not at the level of polish I feel comfortable showing. Because of that, the second level is also basically unplayable in this state. This should only take you 10-30 minutes to complete.

To those of you who may be a little let down by that number and the lack of combat I would kindly remind you that this entire thing has come together in less than 2 months from scratch. Every piece of art, music, and sound has been crafted specifically for this game. Every system, every script has been written by me in a handful of weeks. We're just not there yet.

Huge thank you to ChaesyDino who's working on the bosstheme that you'll eventually hear, and MundaneRaptor who write the rest of the music and did a large portion of the sound design.

Have fun. You can leave your feedback here, and I'll also create a channel on the Discord for discussion and feedback

Turn Devblog (Minor gameplay spoilers)

Mon Feb 17 02:52:17 2020

So it's been 2 more weeks. I thought we should have a status update. How are things progressing on Turn? Well, we have a 2D lighting system in place now.

It's a lot of extra work to hand paint normal maps for any sprite that uses it to get this to work, but I think it's really worth it. Check out this test scene from earlier in development that shows it off nicely.

A lot of work is going into systems that need to... exist for the demo. Things like death, upgrades and checkpoint systems are important, whereas options menus, game saving, and enemies aren't so much.

Lots of the two weeks has been sprite work. Lots has been lighting. Some has been puzzle design. Some has been writing. I hope you guys aren't underwhelmed when this happens. The annoying thing about early dev work is that core systems need a lot of attention and actual game content trickles out so slowly. It might just be a few minutes long at first.

But what do you do in Turn? Turn is mostly a story-driven puzzle platformer. Enemies don't show up very often, but when they do, you'll be doing a lot of dodging. Monsters overpower you in most respects. Taking them out... while you're human... is an impossible task.

That's all I can think to share for now. I don't want to spoil too much. I'm so unfamiliar with the game dev scene but hopefully this looks like a month and a half of work! Hopefully it looks like fun. I guess we'll figure out in a couple more weeks. :)

Turn Early Preview

Wed Jan 29 22:09:27 2020

Turn is a videogame project that tries to tell a story in a way I've never done before. It's a game about transformations and coping with them wrapped in a platformer shell.

So this is always a really tense moment. Pencils are down and it's time to show work on a project I've been working on for a solid three weeks. Patreon is a wonderful platform but times like these are scary for me. This month marks the 4 year anniversary of the campaign. I'm reminded of how liberating it felt to be able to pursue my creative ambitions without worrying about where it would take me. As long as I had support.

Since last year I've developed a new creative ambition. The line between a creator and content can become especially fuzzy at times like these. Ultimately I think that being a fan of a person is dumb, but being a fan of a work isn't. That's why when work changes it can really shake you as a creator and completely strip you of your ego. But I had to do this for me. It's a painting I have to paint.

I tried super hard to make this demo-ready but the scope of work was just so far beyond three weeks, even with sleepless nights and crunching the entire way through. If there's interest it will be ready in February, March at the absolute latest. I wanted any demo I released to feel complete. I want you guys to share it if you want to, and that means I have to make the best possible impression.

So this is what I'm doing for now. Comics aren't done by any means. I just like telling stories. The more I thought about it the less sure I was that I was ready to draw The Cell. But this has been absolutely cathartic. I hope you'll stick around with me to see what it turns into.


1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_fqAJPWl-34Y_maxresdefault.jpg

Arcadia 2 - 14

Thu Jan 16 23:10:27 2020

If you're lost you might want to reread BnE on my website. Comic output has been a bit slow after Dominique's Boutique, but I have some additional content coming for you guys to check out soon. :)


Dominique's Boutique

Mon Jan 6 00:30:46 2020

Bit different in terms of content for me, and dang I've been working on this for awhile, but it's finally(?) done! I hope you guys find some aspect of it you like.

Happy 4th anniversary! This day four years ago I got my first patron. I honestly can't believe how far we've come together. I can't believe how much freedom all my supporters and patrons have been able to give me. Here's to another year!

SHM91-1-cropped.jpg SHM91-2-cropped.jpg SHM91-3-cropped.jpg SHM91-4-cropped.jpg SHM91-5-cropped.jpg SHM91-6-cropped.jpg SHM91-7-cropped.jpg SHM91-8-cropped.jpg SHM91-9-cropped.jpg SHM91-10-cropped.jpg SHM91-12-cropped.jpg SHM91-13-cropped.jpg SHM91-11-cropped.jpg

Patron giftart doodles

Fri Dec 27 05:24:13 2019

This is a bit late, but here they are for posterity! Each of these was on a timer. I forget what it was. 30 minutes I believe. So yeah, these were all done during one stream. We had a blast. Another one coming next month. This might be how I monetize $8 once voting is free as that seems a bit more fair?

Oh, one note. That first image I put an extra half hour in. I just loved that little face so much. And the feesh.

udders.PNG udders.PNG beg.PNG tfm.PNG werewiff.PNG catpeace.PNG arcwere.PNG wolf.PNG ak.PNG hatter.PNG gobbo.PNG zod2.PNG panda.PNG meets.jpg

Extra doodles for December

Fri Dec 27 05:25:26 2019

Here are a couple things I did during my extra time. I might have futas on the brain. I have a couple more that never made it passed the sketch stage, but a girl has to have a few secrets! It's too much pressure to share everything tbh.

11-20.jpg 11-20.jpg 12-8.jpg ff.jpg Melon.jpg MLEM.jpg moo2noc.jpg spacixc.jpg

CoraBlue in 2020 - End of Year Blog

Mon Dec 23 18:23:05 2019

A Fantastic Year

Happy Holidays and a great New Years to all of you! What a great year it's been. I can't tell you how thankful I am for each and every one of you. In 2019 you helped make so many of my favorite projects a reality. Inheritance, Arcadia and The Cell just to name a few. In 2019 I've also been expanding my talents, dabbling in animation and code which are both long term studies for me that I would not be able to do if I were constantly doing commissions to keep the lights on

We are ending the year with more support and patrons than we've ever had before. That is absolutely incredible especially in light of the extra study time and the fact that I'm neck deep in home repairs over the last six months. I often feel as if I've been given support before I've earned it, and that provides a motivation and drive to improve that is so priceless to me. Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my lewd disgusting heart.

Changes In 2020

Faster comics. Our needlessly bureaucratic polling and endlessly unproductive stylistic experimentation on nonconsenting lewd cows, horses, dogs, and catmaids have finally proven what for decades we've already known! Stories made by singular individuals should probably be in grayscale. 11 pages of Tharkis' Trials with extra art in 3 weeks showed me what I could be accomplishing and more. It's not that I don't love color. I do. But I love stories, lore, and content more. My dream is to be able to manage a chapter a month. I'm not there yet. I probably won't get there in 2020, but it will happen.

More art. I've been posting more image dumps, some animations, experimental one-offs like Hot Arcadian Tips, and the occasional commission. They've gotten a pretty positive response so you can expect those on top of the normal comics that I already post. I know not everyone follows me on my other channels.

Voting for all patrons. Starting very early next year I will allow all supporters to vote in polls. Does this threaten to vaporize a small chunk of my income? Yes! I will attempt to offer something else to those higher tier patrons that isn't selling 'access' to me or my decision making progress. Money shouldn't buy that, it's supporting me that should. And as always access to the patron section of the Discord always has and always will be for all tiers.

Thank you again for all your support! Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

Arcadia 2 - 13

Sat Dec 21 01:40:53 2019

Arcadia is wrapping! Voting is almost concluded for our next mainline series, and BnE is one of those if you like Palmyra. Big news coming before Christmas regarding voting and some thoughts I have going into the new year. :D


Arcadia 2 - 12

Fri Dec 20 05:50:32 2019



Arcadia 2 - 11

Tue Dec 17 02:19:34 2019

Whew! Finally back to this. For those who can't see the last post, we're currently deciding what the next mainline comic is after this gets wrapped as well. We should make a lot of progress before the new year. :D


Tharkis' Trials 11

Thu Dec 12 05:34:56 2019

The whole thing should be on the website in like... 20 minutes. This was really fun and there may be a sort of epilogue pinup tomorrow, but we should be getting to other projects.


Tharkis' Trials 10

Fri Dec 6 05:29:39 2019

Learning a little more about line weight and what works in terms of grayscale. Because of that progress this is probably one of the most authentically manga looking pages I've put together.


Kullax w/Alts

Wed Dec 4 07:33:57 2019

Of course what you are genderwise is up to me >:)
But I like your attitude, bat.

kullaxc.jpg kullaxc.jpg kullaxb.jpg kullaxa.jpg

Tharkis' Trial 9

Wed Dec 4 07:29:53 2019

The point of no return! I'm a bit behind because of the holidays, but we're working to get back in there. I've got some rad character art for you guys tonight too.


Tharkis' Trial 8

Sat Nov 23 06:34:27 2019

That middle left panel is bugging me, maybe I'll fix. Also I realized that Tharkis' hair is supposed to turn black. ALMOST DONE WITH THIS ONE. Patron stream also almost here!


Patron Art Stream This Week!

Wed Nov 20 04:06:10 2019

Do you really like stuff I make? Do you have a fun (or lewd) sketch idea or a character doodle you want to see in my style? Do you not really wanna pay anything extra for a commission? Cool.

Like, come on down and stuff. Be a contestant on my Patron-only art stream this coming Monday starting at 2PM EST.

Gee willikers Cora. That sounds amazing. How do I participate? Just keep an eye on your email on Monday for post emails from Patreon where I'll post the invite link. We'll have time for quite a few ideas, but if this is successful we can do it again!

Stay tuned for more stuff. We still have Tharkis to wrap up, along with some goat and squirrel TF planned. Also Arcadia to continue, and then when I finally get time, The Cell. Phew! And I still haven't gotten to votes yet this month! Apologies! Maybe I'll do something special for you folks during the stream too.

Anything I'm missing? Drop me a comment. I know this place is still far from perfect! I've been told I need more collars.

Tharkis' Trial 7 + Story So Far

Tue Nov 19 03:55:23 2019

I did some panels over. Also people kept asking me where this comic was, so redoing the gallery since it's kinda buried. Only a couple more pages to go.

1c.jpg 2cd.jpg 3f.jpg 4c.jpg 5b.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

Tharkis' Trial P.6

Fri Nov 15 08:13:16 2019

The REAL page 6. :V


Tharkis' Trial P.5

Wed Nov 13 02:28:11 2019

Animation project is still in the sketch stage, but we have this to finish and potentially another couple comics this month. Thinking I might finally get to The Cell? We'll see though, should put it to a vote.


Some October Images!

Tue Oct 29 17:36:12 2019

Here's an image dump of a few doodles from the last couple weeks. There may not be Arcadia this month in favor of some animation I'm working on that should be out next month.

Also considering picking The Cell back up soon. For those of you eagerly awaiting Arcadia I just ask for your patience. Following my whims and doing multi day projects like this background (1st image) are really useful practice and I'm just sort of following my muse atm.

everett.jpg everett.jpg ev.PNG evb.jpg akira.jpg dik.jpg hh.PNG room.jpg sparky.jpg Illustration2.png

Acquisition 5 (Inheritance Fanfic)

Mon Oct 21 18:27:15 2019

One more thank you to Axeron for writing these, sorry to keep you waiting on it. I'll be streaming today as well if any of you want to be keeping an eye on

https_lh5.googleusercontent.com_VwzXjW4zYXQQUH2__DOr0xnTeuuNOJ79JhBkakMCGg46zNBLK-oRKEe8a9kw1200-h630-p (d)

Tharkis' Trial Part 1

Thu Oct 17 03:45:40 2019

"Pfff. Cora. You haven't posted anything in 4 days! I need me some lewds!"

Fear not. 4 pages of Tharkis' Trial is here. I just felt like this would be fun.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

Breast Growth Animation

Sun Oct 13 03:55:46 2019

Holding your shirt down doesn't do anything. Quit trying to hide it. Let's see.

Another 5-6 hours of practice produced this. Boy this takes some patience, but I'm learning. Thanks for letting me. :)



Tue Oct 8 07:26:18 2019

So this is a learning experience. I did the first two of these over the course of a full stream (also included is my first ever animation I did earlier this year). Basically that means these couple seconds of animation took about the same amount of time as a full color page.

I'm really interested to hear you guys and gals opinions on this. I received a massive donation to do this, so I'm gonna focus on it this week. But let me know if it's worth it in the comments.

BuckA.gif BuckA.gif tg1.gif Animation2.gif

Illustrating Fanart

Tue Oct 1 03:13:18 2019

I'm gonna try my hand at animation next month and see how that goes, but what do ya'll think about getting this fanart illustrated? Or at least some of it.


Arcadia 2 - 10

Mon Sep 30 20:28:08 2019

Ooo, me, me. Pick me! I want the stick!


Inheritance Fanfic? Damn, Axeron

Sat Sep 28 09:11:45 2019

So if you're like me and you hear fanfic you sort of just expect it to be bad by default, but it's actually really nicely written. If smut in word form is something you occasionally enjoy and you liked Inheritance, give it a read. If you liked it, drop a huge compliment to Axeron in the comments, who wrote this.

Maybe we should go in this direction in the actual comic?

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_KTTCASFOiZH36gMW4VhayG5C_tot9eB5EfMXVQjmebdWI4HnUjX37bzJrHEw1200-h630-p (d)

Nice Stuff Dump

Sat Sep 28 09:05:10 2019

Here's some non-comic things from the last month or two for those who don't follow me elsewhere. If you want to see this stuff here I can do a monthly dump like this maybe. I'm not sure how interesting the standalone stuff is from the perspective of a patron.

ychlol.png derp.jpg mm.PNG pig.jpg Thark2.jpg everett.jpg SHM91-10-cropped.jpg

Arcadia 2 - 8

Sat Sep 28 08:56:03 2019

Things are getting a little heavy in the fae's mansion.


Arcadia 2-8

Wed Sep 25 06:09:22 2019

Would you break her in fast and hard, or slow and easy? Seems Abigail and Joyce have two different ideas.


Arcadia 2 - 7

Sun Sep 22 06:01:36 2019

When you accidentally good anatomy.


Inheritance 2 - 15

Thu Aug 29 23:49:35 2019


2-15 WIP

Thu Aug 29 06:41:59 2019

It's been awhile since I've been sick, so take a WIP. Will probably get some more done tomorrow. <3


Inheritance 2 - 14

Thu Aug 29 03:58:03 2019

So I toned down the shading and the panels feel a bit empty. Gonna populate the page a bit more in the next attempt and see if that helps.

Also, in update related territory, I've been sick. Better now. Vote ended up tied so I'm not sure how I'll handle Cell at all. Tie hasn't happened before. Inheritance was in the lead the longest so I'm starting there.


Arcadia 2 - 6

Fri Aug 9 21:50:57 2019

Rough first day, newbie?


Arcadia 2 - 5

Tue Aug 6 03:56:48 2019

Website will probably update tomorrow, I think I have time to get another page done after that, but we'll see. :)

page2-05.jpg page2-05.jpg

Inheritance 2 - 13

Sun Aug 4 02:06:40 2019

I think any further quick vote comics in the future may have less shading in favor of more pages. I can't spend too long on them and still get a lot out, and this level of shading is both time consuming and not quite up to my standards. Not a good place to be at. Thoughts?

page13.jpg page13.jpg

Inheritance 2 - 12

Mon Jul 29 01:31:30 2019

The website is a bit behind now I realize. I'll update it this week.


Inheritance 2 - 11

Sun Jul 28 19:34:06 2019

I wasn't happy with the dick in the last one at all, so I actually found a reference this time. Eventually I'll just learn all the animal dicks by rote, which is totally normal you guys. :)


RIP ExHentai

Fri Jul 26 20:38:50 2019

This is a sad day. I know you guys don't follow me for my opinion necessarily, so apologies for the noncontent post, but it deserves a sendoff from all of us.

Exhentai shut down today after over a decade of operation, wiping out 50 terabytes of content, much of it not backed up or hosted anywhere else. My stuff was there. Everyone's stuff was there. It was a bastion and now it's gone. The exposure I got (piracy or no) from having my content hosted there will be missed. Many of the links buried somewhere deep in my favorites folders will be missed.

Stories conflict, but I've done a bit of research to discover the truth. Here's what happened to the best of my knowledge.

From this we can learn three things. Firstly, as a society we continue down what I feel is a dangerous path of being unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. There's a whole discussion to be had on this fact in and of itself, but needless to say my opinion is that cartoons are not real and shouldn't be illegal in any circumstance.

Secondly this is a lesson in the dangers of bottling up your emotions. The admin didn't want the site and suffered with it on his back for a long time. As a result what has been called the 'Alexandria Library' of hentai has been lost just because the final straw hit the camel's back. If you're suffering with something, talk about it. Share the burden with someone.

Thirdly, be aware of the dangers of misinformation. This was a complicated scenario and was never as simple as 'boo hoo my leg hurts,' or 'politicians are putting people who draw lolis in jail.' Educate yourselves. Don't take what you hear at face value if something doesn't sound right.

Rest in peace, Ex-Hentai. We'll miss you.

More Arcadian Tips

Thu Jul 25 21:03:14 2019

Patreon gave me early access to image galleries and I THINK that's live. Let's see if it works okay.

So, I got a request for a commission. And normally I only have time for doodles or headshots and whatnot. But the commissioners were like, "Hey you know that pig thing you did awhile back? Can we pay you to do like, more of that?"

Heck yes.

God. I stayed up to do all this in one shot. 16 hours plus 2 for touchups this morning. I am dead.


Inheritance 2 - 10

Wed Jul 24 05:50:48 2019

I know my naming conventions make absolutely zero sense at this point. Just roll with it. Hopefully one of three or four of these before the month is out. I wanted to really bust my ass this month. We might have to forego a vote next month to make sure this scene is fully wrapped up. Aiden needs his dickings.


Arcadia 2 - 4

Fri Jul 19 22:18:13 2019

Some exposition is coming up soon, but I might add some lewds into it to make it more interesting.


OneDrive Links Are Back

Fri Jul 19 03:56:19 2019

FYI, when the site was redesigned the OneDrive links were missing. Those of you at $5 and up who want the clip files or the enormous 100% versions of images can grab them again now. I'll start putting my doodles and dated work files in there too if there's interest.

If you're a $5 patron you just hit up


Arcadia 2 - 3

Wed Jul 17 01:40:16 2019

Don't call Amber a little kid, yo.


Arcadia 2 - 2 & Vote Results

Mon Jul 15 02:30:27 2019

A whole mansion of titties! Next page is almost done. Also calling vote here since it hasn't moved in a few days. Inheritance wins by a HAIR. I'll get started on that after a couple more Arcadia pages.


Law Commission

Sun Jul 7 18:28:56 2019

I don't usually have much time for full commissions these days, but I got one done this week with a few alts. Comic pages coming next!


Thank You

Thu Jul 4 02:01:08 2019

Though it's not my normal style and I'm not typically one for overt displays of affection, thank you for your kind words here, in Discord, and in private. It really means the world to me.

And also porn. Because we have to have some.

Arcadia 2 - 1

Tue Jul 2 03:21:27 2019

Welcome to dog training school.


July Update

Tue Jul 2 02:10:04 2019

First thing's first. I apologize for the last several weeks. There is no excuse for last month's lack of content, and for that I unreservedly apologize. I'll be doing my best to make that up to you this month with significantly more than average uploads.

For those that want any kind of explanation, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in February. It was a difficult time which came to a head last month when she had to have some rather invasive surgery done - while awake. I took this time to go visit and honestly between everything the desire to drawn porn was just completely taken out of me. It's looking good now, we found out today that surgery was successful and she's likely to be cancer free in the coming months.

When I got back there was a whole 'forced transformation ban' debacle on Patreon. I thought that I'd just wait it out to be frank. At this point I've only ever heard rumors and the same screenshot over and over again. I know no one personally who was banned. So this looks to have either been faked or exaggerated. Come what may, posting will resume.

Again, from my point of view this was a serious breach of trust on my part. I hope it's the last. I hope this month makes up for it.

The Cell Redux 9

Sun May 19 17:48:44 2019

The end of this one for now. Only because I gotta work on Arcadia now. But I think if I don't come back the story still stands on it's own. :)


The Cell Redux 8

Sun May 19 17:47:34 2019


The Cell Redux 7

Sun May 19 17:47:02 2019


The Cell Redux 6

Sun May 19 17:46:44 2019


The Cell Redux 5

Sun May 19 17:46:28 2019


The Cell Redux 4

Sun May 19 17:46:10 2019


The Cell Redux 3

Sun May 19 17:45:53 2019


The Cell Redux 2

Sun May 19 17:45:36 2019


The Cell Redux 1

Sun May 19 17:45:17 2019

Okay, so a little explanation for the first page here, and then I'll upload the rest. I wasn't quite happy with the story direction of my original attempt. Pressure and critique is also an issue for me lately. I really wanted to save this concept though, and so I did a lot of thinking. The conclusion I came to is that community is still important, but I really gotta get back to drawing for me.

The result is this and I'm much happier with it. I hope the same goes for all of you. It's no coincidence there's some metaphor going on here, but I'll leave that to you to interpret.

I may do batch uploads like this more often because being able to change every page all the way until the end is a really nice bonus.


Arcadia Chapter 2

Wed May 1 03:32:45 2019

Woo this background was a challenge! It turned out nice though. Time for a new scene. We'll find out where Palmyra lived a majority of her time in Arcadia and this chapter she should also actually get her name and some training.


Arcadia 22

Wed May 1 03:31:57 2019

There we go! Page is up. This wraps up this scene. It was nice to finish an actual sex scene instead of dommy humiliation stuff. Maybe I'll do BOTH soon.


Arcadia 21

Tue Apr 30 05:37:32 2019

That's a happy doggo.


New Website In Beta

Fri Apr 26 00:05:26 2019

As some of you may have noticed, the website is in the middle of getting a major facelift. Aside from Discord, please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions here as well. Also note that there will be bugs. I hope that overall people view this as a major improvement though. Here are some highlights:

Known Issues:

The Cell - 4

Wed Apr 24 09:59:46 2019

So in keeping with the theme we're doing first time lady things. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but give me a chance to make weird stuff good. I think I succeed pretty usually. :)

Also, computer magic. That can be a thing, right?


The Cell - 3

Wed Apr 24 09:57:23 2019

I want to address some critiques real fast.

A) A few are saying I should finish what I started, or that I should work on BnE. BnE is complete for now, and likely won't be continued until after Arcadia is over. If there is significant interest in BnE *instead* of Arcadia, by all means let me know.

B) The moire patterns on these style comics look bad scaled down. I'll save smaller versions before they get posted elsewhere, but like I said earlier I do recommend viewing these at full size.


The Cell - 2

Mon Apr 22 08:31:36 2019

First up on the 'my first time' list is getting dressed. Thought that would be the logical place to go. Maybe a little self groping, I haven't decided yet. :P


The Cell - 1

Mon Apr 22 08:29:59 2019

I haven't done screentones in awhile. I'm spending the effort to make these really crisp so I recommend zooming in to 100% for this particular series. With a little luck maybe someone will upload these elsewhere as doujin rather than western. That's the goal. Gotta infiltrate the quality shit. >:)


Arcadia 20

Sun Apr 7 04:56:11 2019



Inheritance 2 - 9

Fri Apr 5 04:37:03 2019

For now this is the last page of the Inheritance continuation. I know it's somewhat of a tease but polls are coming back and continuing this would require another month's worth of pages. Feedback on this stuff is always appreciated. I know this is a popular one.


Arcadia 19

Sun Mar 31 00:15:37 2019

Just in time?


Inheritance 2 - 8

Fri Mar 29 02:32:38 2019

Busy week but we should be closing out this one with another 1-2 more pages. Ideally one to wrap up this short chapter 2 of Inheritance and one for Arcadia. Next month I'm hoping to get a poll up again so we can start voting on the side comics again!


Arcadia 18

Wed Mar 13 00:02:18 2019

Ey, Mikey, I think she likes it.


Hot Arcadian Tips

Fri Mar 8 20:50:25 2019

In this episode we discuss the benefits of slow tf.


Inheritance 2 - 7

Thu Mar 7 12:50:39 2019


Inheritance 2 - 6

Thu Mar 7 09:41:03 2019


Arcadia 17

Thu Mar 7 05:03:49 2019

My pharyngitis is gone! Finally! Back to streaming. Gonna be arting for awhile and I'll post some more updates after.


Inheritance 2 - 5

Tue Feb 19 09:42:54 2019

I had so much fun writing this.


Inheritance 2 - 4

Sun Feb 17 11:22:20 2019

Pasteurization is for pussies! Lift up your shirt!


Inheritance 2 - 3

Sat Feb 16 10:32:03 2019

Aiden got cute.


Inheritance 2 - 2

Sat Feb 16 10:31:28 2019

Can't have more Inheritance without Dixie. :V


Inheritance 2 - 1

Sat Feb 16 10:30:17 2019

Arcadia waiting this week for an expansion on Inheritance. I know this one is really popular and I've really been enjoying working on it.


Arcadia 16

Fri Feb 1 00:58:44 2019

We got another one. Thank you everyone for being so understanding during this really rough time.


Arcadia 15

Wed Jan 30 00:08:08 2019

Beep. Chipping away. More soon.


Arcadia 14

Sun Jan 27 21:02:20 2019

Apologies again for the slow month. There will be content to justify a charge. Working as we speak. My mom was diagnosed with cancer this month and it's just been tough. I'm mostly over the depressive hump though I think.


Arcadia 13

Sat Jan 19 18:55:53 2019

Contemplating what to do regarding charges this month since so much of my time has been spent studying and landladying. Won't get into much here by HOBOY. What an adventure, to put it the kindest way.


Arcadia 12

Sun Dec 30 12:39:38 2018

Gonna try to get another one out tomorrow. I just wanted to clarify that work on the game project does not mean that comics are stopping. I just saw that in a few comments so I wanted to make sure ya'll knew. :)


So. Video Games. This is gonna be long.

Sat Dec 29 07:29:08 2018

I know you guys have been waiting a while this month for Arcadia. At least two pages coming before the month rolls over, but I definitely want to let you in on what I've been doing the last couple weeks.

I have several creative outlets. 2D art is the biggest one, but I also really enjoy making games. I haven't talked about it much because up until recently I've just been shit at it. It's sheer inexperience. But I don't think I have a lack of aptitude. The first game I ever actually finished was made in two days during a gamejam and I placed in the top ten percentile. That's an achievement I'm incredibly proud of for my first try.

I kept honing my skills, throwing out prototype after prototype. A lot of them involved transformation in some way. I made VNs, I made platformers, I made puzzle games. I had mechanics where you'd turn into a girl after you lost a certain amount of health, or where you could freely switch between genders for different movesets.

I just sucked information up from everywhere. If there was a neat effect I wanted to learn how to make it. If there was a tool I wanted to learn how to use it. I learned CSS, Javascript, GML, C#. I installed Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio, Unity.

These projects were all weeks apart from each other. It was something I'd do when that 2D creative outlet wasn't firing. When I was having trouble drawing lines I would just write them instead. Now I'm in a bit of an awkward situation where I've actually really hit a stride with an idea I enjoy and I'm not sure where to go from here.

I added a line of sight system to an old isometric camera system I wrote awhile ago and ideas just started flowing.

Then I wrote a level generator.

Then I started in with linking the line of sight system to more systems and putting art into the mix.

Now I'm so deep into this project that I'm writing AI code for a game I'm not even sure I should be using my time and resources on.

Right now, before this goes any farther, I just want to make sure that I'm not going to put myself in a terrible situation where my fans don't want this kind of stuff and I end up losing my support over it. I know that game devs are a dime a dozen these days. I know that most of them make shitty games that no one wants. I also know that bad devs usually don't know they're bad devs.

I don't want to pretend from the beginning that I'm immune from that. I haven't even wanted to risk myself on this because up until this point I knew I was terrible. But there's a game I want to make. A transformation based game that takes inspiration from a myriad of games.

In two weeks of serious work I put together the beginnings of that game, but I'll only use 'Patreon Time' on it if there's actual support. As far as content, think my comics or Corruption of Champions. As far as gameplay, I'm still working out the specifics but I'm drawing inspiration mainly from SRPGs for combat.

Sorry for throwing all this out at once. As far as how this affects my other work, you guys can still expect 3-4 pages a month even if I'm working on this. It would also open the game up to community feedback and demos. Welp. That's all I got. Fire at will.

Arcadia 11

Wed Dec 12 03:25:59 2018

Some more mainline stuff this month! More coming, but I'll put a poll up soon to gauge interest in all the stuff I could be potentially working on.


Patron Stream 2

Sat Dec 1 01:31:22 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated. It was nice to see new faces during streams. And thank you to all my other patrons even if you weren't interested for allowing me a few posts to do this this month. It helps me out to get you guys involved give back in a more personal way. I might do one or two more of these next month, but we'll go back to comics as usual overall.

Patron Stream Day 1

Fri Nov 30 00:09:19 2018

I think we're gonna try this again tomorrow. Didn't get to everyone and I'm very sure not everyone that wanted to got to tune in. My back needed a rest at the 8 hour mark though.

Patron Art Stream Announcement

Wed Nov 28 20:16:19 2018

For today's post I'm going to throw up some gift art I've done over the past few streams and do a dedicated gift art stream tomorrow for patrons only. If you're pledging stop by the stream tomorrow for a chance to get a doodle similar to some of these.

I'm crossing my fingers that I'm really feeling it tomorrow and I get to do a lot of these. You can follow me to be emailed when I go live by clicking the follow button here. See you there!

Orientation Play

Wed Nov 28 00:21:45 2018

I've been really into the mental side of TF lately and I might do a short comic sometime where I focus on that. Usually when I do physical TG I like to go 'more girl than girl' if that makes sense. Constant lactation, unnaturally high cum production, extra breasts. Lately I've been thinking, what does mental TG look like under that approach? Having orgasms just from thinking about cocks, etc.


I missed a day!

Wed Nov 28 00:19:19 2018

Sorry things were a little crazy yesterday and I've been streaming short streams. But here is a picture for yesterday. It's not as polished as I would have liked but hopefully from here on I keep on chuggin. :)



Sun Nov 25 19:52:48 2018

Simpler comic today. If you're free, I'll be streaming the next few days over on Picarto. We'll be working on stuff for the next week. :)


Critical Condition 08

Sat Nov 24 18:50:48 2018

I hope everybody had a great holiday! I know they can be concerning for a lot of you guys as Christmas creeps up and money becomes tight, but I really do appreciate every single patron. Enjoy another page <3


Critical Condition 07

Fri Nov 23 14:06:08 2018

Happy Thanksgiving. Gimme the meat! :V


Critical Condition 06

Thu Nov 22 12:42:41 2018

The return of the return of Critical Condition! I had a few options with resuming this. In the end I decided to pick up where I left off despite the gap in skill and quality. That also allows us to get some lewd in this month too. I hope you guys like it. If you have access to the OneDrive and you want a massive 9k version of this (like seriously this huge this is at 30%) you can feel free to download the CSP file.


Transplant P.3

Wed Nov 21 08:02:16 2018

Another happy mom completed. Awaiting new subjects.


Transplant P.2

Tue Nov 20 09:10:34 2018

One more in this set coming tomorrow. :)


Transplant - P.1

Mon Nov 19 09:50:47 2018

First post during the #ThankYouPatrons event. I'm nervous. Wish me luck, you guys. :D


#ThankYouPatrons Event - Day 1

Mon Nov 19 09:48:21 2018

Hi guys! Thanks so much for your patience this month. It's me, Corablue. You know, every once in awhile Patreon will have a really neat idea that doesn't end in mass hysteria, angry mobs and tornadoes of fire! That's why when they emailed me about the #ThankYouPatrons initiative I knew I wanted to do something special (even though I don't have the Tweeter).

That's why starting now, today, I'll be uploading something for you guys to enjoy every single day the rest of this month. I'm going to flood your inbox with delicious transformation. It's gonna be off the hook, son. We're going to see some new concepts, the return of Critical Condition, more goats, and maybe (just maybe) some other favorites.

Now this is highly experimental. The voltages running through this puppy are pretty high and there's a chance it'll blow up in my face harder than the football team on Rex's face, but I've been preparing for this day for just over a week and I think with a little luck it'll last all the way into December.

Thank you so much every single one of you for changing my life, allowing me to do what I love, and making me feel just so gat dame good about the future.

Slutasaurus Rex

Sat Nov 17 10:04:05 2018

It's been a couple months since Breaking and Entering, but they haven't been doing nothing. Rex isn't part of the rescue mission, instead he's still on the football team. He can't play, but he certainly provides morale support.

I know you guys are waiting on content so I hope this holds you over for a couple days. I have a thing planned. >:)



Thu Oct 25 10:07:50 2018

A couple things for the coming month. Arcadia is updated on the website. Good Dog, Goblet of Trading, Inheritance, and Justice Punishment are now on the website for reading!

I've been hearing some feedback regarding the site that the fact that there are no proper urls makes saving favorites and sharing links with other people a real pain. I was in a 'do-everything-with-javascript' fad when I wrote the website and in retrospect that was prooooobbbbbably dumb. So I might do a recode in the next few months to fix a bunch of things.

I've updated the tier rewards to make them more succinct. New art on those. I've also removed a few stretch goals. This is temporary. As many of you may know from watching the streams, I've been having some real difficulty keeping the schedule while I deal with some personal issues, so I just don't want something up there that I'm having trouble fulfilling. It'll go back up soon, as soon as I get back to doing voter comics regularly.

Stream tomorrow night/Friday morning depending on when I'm awake. Nobody can predict really. Here I am on Patreon at 6AM changing tier reward images!

I spoke with Patreon via conference call yesterday regarding the struggles adult content creators face. If people are interested in the contents I'll do a write up, but it sounds like galleries may soon be on the way. I let them know that we need some method of delivering free, public content as well.

Arcadia 10

Thu Oct 18 07:43:55 2018

I hope for her/his sake it stops there. That's a biggun.


Arcadia 09

Mon Oct 15 04:56:45 2018

I'm still sort of waffling a bit in between the faster and slower coloring techniques, trying to find what feels the best right now. I'm at least liking the track I'm on. This stuff looks better than where I was a few months ago, I think.


Arcadia 08

Fri Oct 12 01:21:46 2018

Oh deer. I mean horse?



Tue Oct 2 23:28:09 2018

Part 1 I think, since I couldn't fit all of the last vote in a single image really. :)


Arcadia 07

Sun Sep 30 03:28:43 2018

Experimenting a bit with color to see if I can get good results a variety of different ways. Hopefully its not too distracting, but this was about twice as fast.

More CYOA coming soon also.


Arcadia 06

Sun Sep 30 03:27:05 2018


CYOA Voting

Sun Sep 9 00:49:26 2018

Hi Voters! Same deal! Throw your suggestions about what happens next in the comments. Read through first to make sure you're not suggesting a duplicate. Most likes gets drawn for the next part.

We're Back Baby!

Sun Sep 9 00:47:01 2018

Here's the result of the first vote! I don't think the witch expected to end up here when she was sucked into that portal - she doesn't look pleased. He looks pleased enough though.


CYOA Winner and Charge Update

Thu Aug 16 19:20:17 2018

Image posted here for lower tier Patrons who haven't seen it yet. This is our first character. The winner is Watsup's suggestion this time around.

The witch from Breaking and Entering, still in her dragon form, falls on him from a randomly appearing portal.

I'll continue doing it this way. Releasing the image for Voter tier Patrons and conducting the vote, and then releasing the public results with the image again. Seems good. Next image coming this week.

In other news, I am not charging for Patreon this month.

You can think of it in a couple ways. As a thank you if you like. But to me, it's because I've been doing a lot of offline work, training, and gaming. In between my mother in law being here and the burn out I was close to I haven't posted what I would consider a full months worth of content over the last four weeks.

I know a lot of you will say you pledge to support me regardless. That's cool and amazing, but not everyone does. And more important than your financial support is the personal feeling of pride I have knowing my living is earned.

Love you guys!


CYOA - Scapegoat

Fri Aug 10 02:34:22 2018

Voting Patrons! Here we go. This ones for you. Throw your suggestions about what happens first in the comments. Read through first to make sure you're not suggesting a duplicate. Most likes gets drawn for the next part.


Arcadia 05

Thu Aug 2 22:14:36 2018

Welcome to August! And welcome back, those of you who had to repledge. Haha. We'll get to the detailed tg stuff this month, and I'm gonna try and throw up that CYOA this month as well.

We've also got a new banner planned and a new section coming to the website to hold the new comic :)

Considering a whole site redesign just to make it look nicer. If you're a professional and you'd like to send me samples of work, I'll be in touch via Discord.


Arcadia 04 - July News

Tue Jul 31 22:08:04 2018

Been a little short on streams this last week of July. My mother-in-law is over and my computer is crammed in a corner while she uses my office. The WIP pages are up if you're interested in looking at them, but I should catch up to the WIPs in the next week or two.

You can look at them on the OneDrive if you go to Arcadia > WIPs.

Another page tonight might be likely. Not bad considering I'm doing color myself now, though I'm still fairly sure I can do better.

I also wanna try and do that CYOA idea next month.


Some Random TF

Mon Jul 23 07:32:35 2018

Arcadia 03

Mon Jul 23 07:27:15 2018

Should get at least 2 more this month. The hardcore bits begin shortly after that. :>


Arcadia 02

Thu Jul 12 23:12:20 2018

Update for higher tier patrons, apologies for being behind on votes. Been contemplating something a little more engaging. CYOA comic with votes every page? What say you?


Arcadia 01

Wed Jul 11 01:48:37 2018

The first 8 pages are sketched. The first three are inked. This one is done! My workflow has a little bit of a rev up to it, but it should end up coming out faster and a lot more cohesive in the end. I honestly think I can get 4-5 color pages done this month and the entire chapter more or less sketched. We'll see.

For those who want to see the WIPs, I'll post them on the OneDrive sometime soon. The clip studio files are already there for those of you who want to open those up.


Arcadia Cover

Mon Jul 2 19:18:50 2018

Sorry this didn't get up before the month rolled over, it wasn't quite ready yet.

Arcadia is a new series! I've been working towards this for awhile and it's super important to me that I don't mess this up. I'm deep in the storyboarding phase for chapter one. Once that process is complete, I'll begin streaming the finishing of the pages.

We're going back to basics at first. A little magic, a lot of transformation. I love my world building, but hopefully this time around it'll be a little less confusing, which was the biggest complaint about Breaking and Entering by far.

In order to try and make up for the slowness last month, I'm gonna be doing some sketch dumps and some thrown out ideas for those of you interested. Keep an eye out for that later this week.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 45

Tue Jun 26 21:07:11 2018

Everybody gather round. It's time I tell you all about Arcadia.



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 44

Mon Jun 25 01:57:07 2018

Couple more pages to go!


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 43

Sat Jun 16 11:44:47 2018



On the Account Suspension

Sat Jun 9 07:20:55 2018

I wasn't going to give this situation the dignity of an official post here. You all don't subscribe to me for dramatic bullshit, but for those not keeping up to date in the Discord it appears that this situation has caused some confusion for my Patrons, which is unfortunate.

"We are writing to let you know that your account is currently suspended because it violates our Community Guidelines."

Needless to say I was furious. I removed the banner image on the off chance it was 'offensive' and I wrote to Patreon immediately and got this response.

"Upon further review of your account, I was unable to find a violation of our Community Guidelines. While we do work with a high volume of proactive reviews, there is small room for error. I apologize that this affected you and your page."

This was not only me. This was hundreds of other adult content creators within the same 48 hour period. This is a crackdown.

Patreon is attempting to cull the site of public facing adult content and is taking action even when it means risking the livelihoods of adult content creators who have done nothing wrong. This marks the beginning of an era when adult content creators are being stripped of the features other users get to enjoy, like public posts or early access.

This is draconian on a site that already has an adult content warning which I fully abide by. While I had thought that Patreon was perhaps learning from their mistakes after the Patreon Fee fiasco, it is clear that they are not only comfortable with continuing their wild lack of communication, they are also comfortable handing out account bans and suspensions for rules changes without warning (even if you happen to be innocent).

Patreon is going after the trust I have built between myself and my Patrons by telling them that I've been suspended for Community Guidelines violations, blocking access to content you've paid for, and proclaiming that I am an acceptable loss to enforce their sex-negative attitude.

The fact that I am back is nice, but ultimately damage has been done and features have been taken away from me that other Creators get to use. My trust in Patreon is shaken. That being the case, please don't lose faith in me. The best thing you can do is let Patreon know this is unacceptable and to keep supporting me.

In return I will do everything I can to free myself of this platform in the long term. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere yet. Please forgive the lack of updates in the last week, and stay tuned for more comics.

Poll Results - What Does 'Quality Content' Mean?

Mon May 21 02:12:18 2018

I've had a lot to think about over the past week with Breaking and Entering coming to a close. It's been 2 years and over 75 pages. I've learned a lot, both from the actual drawing process and from my Patrons. There's still a drive to get better on my part. That's why the color poll in particular was a little rough on me. Some felt let down at the mere suggestion of dropping color. It's not hard to see why either.

It was pointed out to me that I started my Patreon to offer the TGTF crowd quality content in a space that was severely lacking it. I've done a lot of good work, but if I ever lost a thread this would be the one I lost. Knowing this, I asked myself what quality content means and suddenly things became much more clear.

What is quality content?

1) It is pages in color.

2) It is at least a fully completed page a week.

3) It is offering the fetish content first without sacrificing it for the sake of bad narrative.

4) It is cohesive, consistent, and interesting.

Because of these things I feel like the second year of Patreon was the opposite of the first. Organizationally it was a success, but content wise it was a failure. I want to streamline things and offer you the best of both worlds. Having heard the preferences and critiques, despite the vote I now feel like color from now on is the correct way to go.

Breaking and Entering needs to end now for a few reasons. The plot is a mess. The consistency is gone. The fetish content has practically gone missing. These are harsh critiques but I really need to acknowledge them. That's not to say it was bad. I did good work, but I can do way better with a fresh start. Spending two months coloring pages that aren't even porn is a waste of my time and your money. I hope you agree. So with that in mind, the last pages of Breaking and Entering are being posted this month. I hope I convince you to stick around to see the new stuff.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 42

Mon May 21 01:36:39 2018


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 41

Sat May 19 01:07:50 2018


BnE and Color Pages Update

Thu May 17 22:13:51 2018

Critical mass has been reached. Wat is pretty much stretched to the limit with a backed commission queue, their own Patreon, and another joint project with LN.

At this point I'm freeing Watsup from color duty. Things just aren't getting done, though I don't hold it against him. So that being said I've got a choice to make before moving on.

Do I go back to page 25 and do 15-20 pages of color on my own, or do we ditch that in favor of moving on? It'll take a month or two. I feel like perhaps the color stretch goal is obsolete with monthly anyway, and that I put out a ton more stuff now instead. I can do color splashes and spreads occasionally. Or just make sure I do full color all the time now.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 40

Thu May 17 22:03:01 2018


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 39

Tue May 15 02:31:36 2018


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 38

Sat May 12 05:49:17 2018

I hope there are no more eggs in there.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 37

Wed May 9 22:48:23 2018


Mischief might not deserve it, but really how many people wanted Buck to escape just yet?


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 36

Mon May 7 00:49:59 2018

Apologies for being behind! I had an family issue come up and I was out of town for a week. I'll be doing my best to catch up this week. <3


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 35

Mon Apr 16 02:32:18 2018

Poor mansion.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 34

Wed Apr 11 02:54:04 2018

Yay image dump!


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 33

Wed Apr 11 02:53:18 2018


BnE - Page 24 (Color)

Wed Apr 11 02:50:50 2018


BnE - Page 23 (Color)

Wed Apr 11 02:50:19 2018


April Vote

Thu Apr 5 17:24:54 2018

♪ ~ It's that tiiiiime again ~ ♪

Wildcard - Do all the things! Pages from previous months votes will get additions while the month lasts.

The End almost won so I'll include it once more. A short exploring what happens when a virus irrevocably alters humanity, told from the perspective of a single woman's apartment. It involves FtM transformation, bad end, rough sex, and ahegao.

Breaking and Entering is ending!? No! Damn it, do twice as much this month then so we have more overall pages. Why do you do this to me, Cora?

BnE - Page 32

Wed Apr 4 06:17:41 2018



Easter Mischief

Mon Apr 2 07:52:35 2018

What goes around comes around, they say.


BnE - Page 22 (Color)

Sat Mar 31 23:38:03 2018

A very huge thank you this month to my Patrons for their patience. I wanted to post an above average amount of pages this month, but it didn't come to pass.

For those of you who don't know, my sister has been in the ICU on oxygen for weeks with an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. The situation was extremely dangerous for a while and it was difficult for me to stream.

I'm happy to say that they sent her home yesterday (still on oxygen) and that they've ruled out MS, which makes me feel a lot better.

It's important to me now that we're monthly that I do not make compromises on the amount of content hitting this page, which is why I'm glad this month is still cheaper than it would have been if we were still per creation. I'll do even better next month.

Thank you <3


BnE - Page 30-31

Wed Mar 21 18:48:42 2018

More BnE!

BnE - Page 21 (Color)

Wed Mar 21 18:43:40 2018

Hooray, Watsup is (mostly) done with backlog! More color on the way. About 12 more pages of Wat color to go. After which, I'll be taking over color for the next project.


Unjust Punishment P.4

Mon Mar 12 00:37:42 2018

Look mommy. Kitty.


Unjust Punishment P.3

Thu Mar 1 23:30:56 2018

Thanks for supporting me during February! Entering March a lot of interesting things are happening. The vote comics have been a blast. BnE will start to wrap up. My birthday is this month as well. You guys happy? Anything you feel like I could be doing, lemme know.


Unjust Punishment P.2

Mon Feb 26 16:56:37 2018

The middle dude won pretty handily. And I had a long 12 hour stream so I was able to get this done pretty fast. Keep coming with your ideas, guys!


Unjust Punishment P.1

Mon Feb 26 04:33:00 2018

Alright you guys, lets get some comments. Choose which contestant is first and some possible punishments below. GO!


BnE - Page 29

Wed Feb 21 16:36:38 2018

Ew gross.


Pinup - Aiden

Wed Feb 21 05:38:01 2018

First pinup. In case you missed it, part of the monthly restructure gives you guys an additional reward on top of the being overall cheaper thing. Pinups!

It looks like this might be Inheritance's last week for awhile (I plan on revival-only months in the future). I wanted to give Aiden a nice sendoff.


February Poll

Thu Feb 15 15:16:58 2018

♪ ~ Here we go! ~ ♪

Unjust Punishment's main character has been bad. Time for public shaming on stage. Featuring TF of course.

Unwell is a short look at what it might actually be like to deal with a body that can orgasm spontaneously and that makes excessive amounts of cum.

Inheritance. Hand milkin' and futa-mom sexin'.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 28

Thu Feb 15 15:03:33 2018

Some of you have been waiting a while for this one.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 27

Thu Feb 15 15:02:56 2018

Oh look who's up next. :3c


Inheritance P.8

Mon Feb 5 08:20:59 2018

COMPLETE. For now. New poll will go up in a day or so!


Inheritance P.7

Sat Feb 3 04:51:35 2018

Another one coming this week so we get done in time for this month's vote. :D


Switching to Monthly - Please Stand By

Wed Jan 3 01:03:56 2018

The votes came in pretty clear. Over 80% of respondents would prefer a simpler monthly setup. Over the next few hours I'll be changing it. As far as pricing goes, if you're not capped you should see your contributions to me drop by 25-50% for the same content. That is great news for you guys, I hope.

You will need to resign up for rewards. I apologize for the inconvenience. Patreon doesn't allow me to change it t o prevent abuse.

To the 12% of respondents who preferred I remain Per Creation, I suspect you're capped and I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this causes. In the worst case scenario you'll have your contribution double from $1 to $2. All I can say is that I hope to prove worthy of that particular increase with the level of content I plan on releasing.

Last year we released almost two full chapters of BnE and four side stories. We'll have even more this year. I'm pretty excited and I'm looking forward to all the new stuff we release together.

Switch to Monthly Poll

Wed Dec 27 07:37:08 2017

This poll is for all Patrons as I'd like as much feedback from all tiers as possible.

As we move into this new year, I've seriously begun to consider switching to monthly charges. This is for a few reasons.

1) The stream schedule has allowed me to release loads more content than I did a year ago, resulting in more paid posts. A $5 pledge is more like $15-$20 a month now.

2) Charging for every other page is confusing.

3) I think I've become trustworthy enough on this platform that a simpler monthly fee is warranted.

Please let me know what you'd prefer. The $1 recurring pledge would increase to a single $2.50. The old $5 pledge would become something like $8-10 if this goes through. That saves you money with the amount I'm posting now unless you're capped.

Are you capped? Would this be worth it? What are your feelings?

Inheritance P.6

Wed Dec 27 07:08:21 2017

More BnE is coming next I think. We might get some dick shrinkage in Inheritance before next months vote as well.

Thank you for making this year the best ever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys.


Inheritance P.5

Mon Dec 25 04:22:10 2017

Inheritance won again. Woo! I mean, moo!


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 26

Thu Dec 14 22:59:05 2017

This does NOT count as a chargeable page, I wouldn't do that. ;)


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 25

Thu Dec 14 22:57:46 2017

Bout time I did more crotch stuff.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 24

Tue Dec 12 23:53:04 2017

For those wondering about color, Watsup was at a con and recently moved, so things on that end are crazy, but it'll be coming soon. KINDA LIKE TABBY.


December Short Story

Mon Dec 11 00:27:44 2017

♪ ~ It's that time again ~ ♪

The End is a short exploring what happens when a virus irrevocably alters humanity, told from the perspective of a single woman's apartment. It involves FtM transformation, bad end, rough sex, and ahegao.

Amber in Arcadia is a controversial short I did in May that involved age regression, magic, and body control. It's still here because I like it. And let's be honest. Ya'll are probably gonna vote for Inheritance anyway. Same deal as last time. Expect to be introduced to a new character - Mom's butler - and more world building in this episode.

Inheritance. Aiden continues to transform into a cow as the hormone level in the barn skyrockets. Expect genital transformation, milking, and sweet dirty talkin'.

Inheritance P.4

Sun Dec 10 19:58:04 2017

Last one for November. Next vote will go up at some point tonight. $5 Patrons check back!


Inheritance P.3

Thu Dec 7 23:46:13 2017

One more page and we'll be voting whether to continue or not :D

This is taking longer to do than BnE honestly, between the painting and oversized pages. The next batch of these MIGHT not look as good. It's just so time consuming to paint these.


Regarding Patreons 'Processing Fee'

Wed Dec 6 20:03:01 2017

Today, Patreon announced a change to the way they calculate fees in order to save Creators more money. I would like Patrons to know that I am vehemently opposed to this change. I believe Patreon is using you, effectively using emotional blackmail to raise your taxes. I will explain why below and let you know what you can do about it.

The change itself is marketed to you as a rate decrease for me. Patreon will tell you I can pay fees of up to 25%. In the interest of transparency here is the money I am paying Patreon every month. I have almost never paid more than a total of 11%. This is important to understand.

That 5-6% processing fee that they're 'removing' is about $160 that I currently pay. Here's the kicker. Instead they'll be charging you $0.35 + 2.9% for every pledge you make. Even being very generous with the math, the money they'll now rake in is over $330 from my page in processing fees alone.

This leads me to believe that the processing fee is a sham. The costs of processing transactions did not double overnight or in the last year or six months. This is a stealth increase to Patreon's service fee and they don't have the guts to tell you that. This is worse than 35 cents to me. This is a 40% rate increase to $1 Patrons. This is a shady underhanded moneygrab. I want you to know that I stand with you, my Patrons, not some service. I'm not 'excited' about a $160 paycheck if it bleeds my fans.

Patreon has disabled comments on this blog release. Patreon acknowledges that Creators like me might want to pay your fees for you, but they make it impossible for me to do so. I owe a lot to Patreon as a service, but the Patreon that uses tactics like these does not deserve what I calculate to be a 25% increase to it's gross income. Patreon is not Kickstarter. You cannot impose a 35 cent transaction fee on a service who's primary pledge is only $1.

If you feel as I do the best thing you can do is to continue to support your creators, but make your voice heard. I personally don't believe a microtransaction service can thrive when users have to worry about fees. I don't believe it's a good move when the lowest possible pledge on the site has increased from $1 to $1.40. I think at the very least Patreon has to allow me to absorb those costs for you.

That's all I got.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 23

Thu Nov 30 20:51:34 2017

I think people have enough clues to figure some stuff out now. I'll still probably spell it out eventually. :D


Office Hours + Sketches

Tue Nov 28 21:27:05 2017

We'll probably dip below the goal when payments go through in a couple days, but don't worry. We'll keep to this for December even if it drops.

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday are now streaming days. Sometimes Saturday. I don't want to nail down a time since it's still *partially* subject to my whims, but I'll try and do something that works for Europeans as well.

Today was a decent 8 hour stream. Here are some Patron sketches for those that attended.

Inheritance P.2

Tue Nov 28 15:09:28 2017

I found a black and white style I think I like a lot more. Unfortunately this makes the last page a bit inconsistent color-wise. Worth? Do we like this better guys?


Inheritance P.1

Mon Nov 27 09:21:30 2017

I did a lot of experimentation with the tones and as a result this took awhile. I'm still not entirely happy with my black and white work, but I'm getting there.


Office Hours Streaming Goal Met!

Tue Nov 21 01:37:07 2017

Thank you guys so much! I wasn't sure if it would happen this month, but we slightly exceeded my expectations thanks to two really generous pledge bumps.

An extra special thank you to Cischiral, Kaliam and Damiani. Another thank you to all the $10 patrons who aren't getting much out of their ridiculous pledges aside from my eternal gratitude. Maybe that's something I can work on.

I don't know how I got this lucky. For real. I'll be streaming for a bit soon, after which I'll figure out what my schedule is going to be moving forward.

For those who still aren't aware there are streams, you can follow me here.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 22 (Lines)

Mon Nov 20 08:01:03 2017

I'm now unsure which pages I've charged for or not so to be on the safe side this one is free too. Then there won't be any doubt! \0/


Inheritance Wins November Vote

Wed Nov 15 08:22:14 2017

Grab your straw hats! I'll start drawing that this week. We should get at least one more Breaking and Entering page as well. Thanks to the Patrons who voted!

BnE Chapter 2 - 20 (Color)

Mon Nov 13 04:30:55 2017

Fresh off the Watpress. Large versions and PSDs on the cloud as usual.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 21

Mon Nov 13 04:18:38 2017

I forgot to charge for the last page. So uh. Oops! I'll get off this weird 2 page model next year. Please excuse any weirdness. I'll make sure it's right by months end.


Color Pages (18-19)

Sun Nov 12 09:14:54 2017

Color Pages (15-17)

Sun Nov 5 08:32:31 2017

It's been on the website for a bit, but I realized I forgot to say so! So here they are. High res stuff is on the cloud drive! <3

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 20

Sun Nov 5 08:19:46 2017

Spoiler: S E X.


November Short Story

Sat Nov 4 08:01:34 2017

Time for the first vote on a short story. This is how it'll work. Every month I'll post a poll with ideas for a short story (1-4 pages). The winner will get drawn up. The following month, the winner will appear on the poll again to allow the story to continue if you guys like it.

Good Dog is a short I did last month that people seemed to like. The feral TF has mostly been completed, but there's still more to do if people want to see things like begging, feral sex, and impregnation.

Amber in Arcadia is a controversial short I did in May that involved age regression, magic, and body control. Expect to be introduced to a new character - Mom's butler - and more world building in this episode.

Inheritance is a new concept that takes place on a farm. Aiden's family farm has some of the highest output in the area due to a well-kept secret; when they come of age they transform into animals. But Aiden doesn't know. Expect transformation, milking, and mild exhibitionism.

Hopefully the selection is varied. Maybe I'll have more on the next list!

Happy Halloween! $3 Patron Upgrade!

Wed Nov 1 04:24:56 2017

Cloud storage access for $3+ Patrons is now live! You can access it from the main site.

You may need to clear your cookies and re-log in.

Thank you for helping make this one of the most successful pages on Patreon. You guys are freaking incredible. Don't think I've forgotten about you guys at the $5 and up level. Good Dog was a bigger hit than I thought it would be, so votes will now be at least monthly for a side comic theme. I'm also cooking up additional rewards so this turns into an upgrade for everyone. Hold tight!

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 19

Mon Oct 30 02:25:00 2017



More BnE (P. 18) - News

Sun Oct 29 08:41:13 2017

Patreon. We're all mad. Lots of discussion has happened on the Discord. I'm aware but we'll be fine, kiddos. The spice must flow. Also in addition to the policy update they changed their API and broke my site with no warning. So I'll try and reimplement their entire API tomorrow. When it goes back up you'll have 3 more color pages to look at.

Also expect the Cloud Access update this week. Everyone at $3 and up will have access to my work folders soon. I've stopped doubleposting for the HD versions of pages and this is why. Soon you'll be able to just copy/paste them if you wanna save them.

Breaking and Entering is still on track to end sometime in January. But don't go anywhere cause we'll be starting a new story that I think will be the best thing yet - if nothing else for my learning experiences on BnE.

Happy Halloween! Party responsibly. Have a good time! More pages before the month is out.


Good Dog - Part 2

Sat Oct 7 23:42:01 2017

I mixed and matched some good ideas from Patrons. Maybe if she's good she can keep whats left of her dick.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 14

Sat Oct 7 12:03:59 2017

To those of you waiting for high res versions of the last couple pages, hang tight another couple days. Cloud access is coming.


Good Dog - Part 1

Wed Oct 4 19:38:50 2017

Thanks to those who helped me decide which direction to take this feral TGTF. Part 2 will be coming with the TG bits soon.

I may have a .... thing .... for excessive amounts of cum.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 13

Wed Oct 4 19:37:09 2017

The glow behind the doors is pretty neat. Thanks Wat. :B


Changes leading up to New Year

Wed Oct 4 11:34:22 2017

We're drawing close to the first completely full year of BnE. I want to thank all of my supporters for making this possible and let you know that none of this would have been possible without you. Here we are less than a quarter to 2018. I'll be making some changes as the new year approaches and I wanted to let you know about some of them.

It should be an exciting close to the year with an even brighter future. A brighter, lewder future.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 12

Wed Oct 4 11:29:39 2017




BnE Chapter 2 - Page 11 (4K)

Sun Oct 1 17:30:16 2017



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 11 (Color)

Sun Oct 1 17:29:18 2017

The color wave continues!


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 10 (4K)

Sun Oct 1 17:26:49 2017



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 10

Sat Sep 30 15:46:08 2017

First of the color wave. Surfs up dude.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 17 (Lines)

Sat Sep 30 15:44:40 2017



Vote on this sequence!

Mon Sep 25 06:07:14 2017

No poll. I want access to you guys' creativity here. What should happen next? I'll draw what I think is the best idea. And if you guys like it once it's done we might clean it and do color.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 16 (Lines)

Sun Sep 24 04:56:20 2017

More plot. And boobs. Wat started coloring again today!


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 15 (Lines)

Thu Sep 21 05:39:40 2017



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 14 (Lines)

Tue Sep 12 05:04:44 2017

Wat is apparently gonna get some color done this week! Also more TF. Finally. xD


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 13 (Lines)

Thu Aug 31 07:55:50 2017

THE END IS NIGH. Good catch tho.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 12 (Lines)

Wed Aug 30 01:53:17 2017



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 11 (Lines)

Thu Aug 24 21:29:46 2017



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 10 (Lines)

Wed Aug 16 00:23:28 2017


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 9 (4K)

Mon Aug 14 18:25:47 2017


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 9 (Color)

Mon Aug 14 18:25:14 2017



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 8 (4K)

Mon Aug 14 18:24:30 2017


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 8 (Color)

Mon Aug 14 18:23:49 2017


Just A Necklace - Part 2

Sat Aug 12 04:04:47 2017

I finished this commission today, but I thought Patrons might like to see it in a higher res.


Just A Necklace - Part 1

Sat Aug 12 04:03:04 2017

I finished this commission today, but I thought Patrons might like to see it in a higher res.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 7 (4K)

Thu Aug 10 15:13:24 2017


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 7 (Color)

Thu Aug 10 15:11:55 2017

Streams should start again this week! Thanks to Watsup for getting around to these. They look great.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 6 (4K)

Wed Aug 9 15:12:59 2017

Eggs are larger in the 4K version. Fact :P


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 6 (Color)

Wed Aug 9 15:11:20 2017

Back from my vacation. I met my boyfriend's mom and we took a drive down to NYC to check out Liberty and Ellis Island. Good times, but I'm super grateful to be back to routine.

More stuff on the way. :D


Community Discussion

Mon Jul 31 22:55:16 2017

I want a place to interact with Patrons besides Discord for a moment (not everyone is there). There's a lot of stuff I wanna probe you guys about, in addition to just giving you guys a dedicated thread to scream things you want.

How do you feel about the color in Critical Condition against Breaking and Entering?

What's more important? Organization of content or just loads of content?

Have the lineart uploads been overly annoying?

I'm trying to get a better sense of what you guys expect to see in the coming months. Also if you've been waiting for more Amber in Arcadia, I haven't forgotten about it, but progress has been pretty slow since I took it off Patreon.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 9 (Lines)

Mon Jul 31 22:53:52 2017

I have a couple of these now. Better than making you guys wait.

My colorist is swamped with this, their own stuff, and Changeling Tale. If you guys don't mind the occasional waits that's fine, I hope. Otherwise I'll consider either getting all my work done in the first two weeks of the month or doing more of this stuff myself.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 8 (Lines)

Mon Jul 31 22:48:43 2017

I have a couple of these now. Better than making you guys wait.

My colorist is swamped with this, their own stuff, and Changeling Tale. If you guys don't mind the occasional waits that's fine, I hope. Otherwise I'll consider either getting all my work done in the first two weeks of the month or doing more of this stuff myself.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 5 (4K)

Mon Jul 31 22:46:50 2017

"I've got a stomach... thing. May I be excused?"

"Only if it's a really bad case of eggs."

"It is."

"Okay, you're excused."


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 4 (4k)

Mon Jul 31 22:44:38 2017

High res deer-birbs!


Color Update Part 2

Mon Jul 31 22:43:26 2017

Here is page 5 in color. Gonna keep on chuggin. In case you missed it before:

Watsup is fairly stretched thin. They're participating in three separate Patreons. It doesn't help that we all tend to do our Patreon work in the last half of the month. As a result I'm considering doing more work myself, but visual consistency is still pretty important to me.


Color Update Part 1

Mon Jul 31 22:30:46 2017

Here is page 4 in color. Everything up to page 9 should be posted tonight, with more color on the way.

Watsup is fairly stretched thin. They're participating in three separate Patreons. It doesn't help that we all tend to do our Patreon work in the last half of the month. As a result I'm considering doing more work myself, but visual consistency is still pretty important to me.


Video Game Muse

Tue Jul 25 07:01:25 2017

I made a video! I think.

I'm offering some brief explanation of why things have been a little slow lately. As well as a brief history of how I got into making games! What should I work on next?

You know, I should probably just shut up and get back to streaming...

UFXvNOA4psHVl5JXa6MuN1A3xROErRvf8IzMMtiH0JY7T9EOLA-0rDNzzPnkcE3X.jpe (d)

Critical Condition 5

Fri Jul 7 21:56:52 2017

Sorry this is late! Been working on consistency again. It's difficult when pages for this are a month apart and my style and techniques continue to evolve.


OneDrive Access

Fri Jun 30 10:49:26 2017

I've been naughty and not posting original files with layers lately. The reason is dumb and I apologize; making 3 posts per page really clutters up the Patreon and makes it look ugly.

I wanted a better solution, but I also wanted it to be even better than an extra link you have to click on. I present my OneDrive to all you $5+ supporters.

Browse anything I've ever posted here at your leisure. I hope this makes up for my laziness in some small way. I might even start putting non-Patreon stuff in there too. Tell me what you think.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 7

Fri Jun 30 00:48:17 2017

Colorist is at AnthroCon! Color when they get back.



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 6

Thu Jun 29 04:02:03 2017

My colorist is at AnthroCon. I'll update with color when they get back. We might go up to page 7 this month since I have holdover stuff to post. :D



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 5

Wed Jun 28 19:12:08 2017

My colorist is at AnthroCon. I'll update with color when they get back. We might go up to page 7 this month since I have holdover stuff to post. :D

This one also features some Patrons! Thank you for your support. If you've met the goal and haven't seen yourself yet, let me know. I did these since they've met the goal and they have characters that I'm...aware of. Haha.


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 4

Wed Jun 28 19:08:19 2017

My colorist is at AnthroCon. I'll update with color when they get back. We might go up to page 7 this month since I have holdover stuff to post. :D


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 3 (4K)

Tue May 30 17:55:16 2017



BnE Chapter 2 - Page 3

Tue May 30 17:53:32 2017

Here's the other one for this month. I'll try and get CC up soon. More sexy stuff coming within a few pages. ;)


Amber in Arcadia Decision

Wed May 24 03:19:44 2017

After hearing from a good portion of voting Patrons and not believing the numbers will change in any major way, I've come to a decision: Amber in Arcadia will avoid charging Patrons and instead, when it's completed, be offered as a full standalone product elsewhere. While there was a solid majority in favor of continuing the project here I still feel like asking dozens of people to pay for something they don't want isn't the way to go here.

This was a hard decision because there are a lot of considerations here. I would like to make it perfectly clear that this is not a case about people being comfortable or not with subjects, but rather a gesture of respect to my Patrons. The people who support me at the $5+ level are paying for a voice, and an audible number of them (including some friends) really don't want to pay for something they won't read. And telling those people to fuck off if they don't like it would be a huge mistake.

This solution seems ideal to me. Those of you who would like to support the comic may pay for it on release, and those who aren't won't be charged. I will be using this platform as a way of funding new ideas and announcing when they're finished, however.

Thanks guys, and have a great day. More BnE coming soon.

BnE Chapter 2 - Page 2 (4K)

Mon May 22 22:47:22 2017

Dem big files for you big supporters. Hng. <3


BnE Chapter 2 - Page 2

Mon May 22 22:46:16 2017



Continue Amber In Arcadia?

Mon May 22 21:56:57 2017

I have plans, including a doggo TF. This will influence whether or not I do more of the concept.

Amber In Arcadia (Part 2)

Mon May 22 21:53:42 2017

Enjoy. For those keeping track, this is 10 pages. 5 pages per charge since this is new and I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Poll coming shortly.


Amber In Arcadia (Part 1)

Mon May 22 21:46:36 2017

So let's talk about fetishes. They're not all created equal right? I mean, our Holy Mother of TGTF wouldn't be caught dead in a room with Hyperfat or Guro. Right? I mean, shit, some of these things are just weird. And weird things make us uncomfortable. Like Infantilism. Like Jesus, what weirdos. But what if maybe - just maybe - these things are toxic because the communities around them are just terrible.

I mean, you could have said the same thing about TGTF a decade ago when I did the original Critical Condition. There wasn't a ton of that stuff floating around. And the art that existed was mostly... terrible. Absolutely terrible. I did Critical Condition because I wanted something that was not terrible.

That's why I'm doing Amber In Arcadia as long as you guys like this pitch. Look, I know. Age regression and diapers and all that is fucking weird. But so are we. And nobody says you have to like all the terrible art out there right now. But if you like the way I present stuff, at least check this out.

Happy Mother's Day

Mon May 15 02:32:52 2017

If you're not a mom yet, take a number.


Cora, What the Heck and Stuff?

Mon May 8 16:29:12 2017

I'm sorry! Have a doodle.

Long story short, my boyfriend had a medical emergency that required surgery which took me away from work for awhile while I cared for him and took care of a bunch of related things. Turns out a LOT of work goes into taking care of someone who's bedridden. Who knew?

Back at it now. Next page has already been given to Wat. I've been streaming this week:

Will probably do so tonight or tomorrow again! Thanks for your patience during all this.


Critical Condition 4

Sat Apr 1 01:47:30 2017

I don't think she's licensed.


BnE Chapter 2 - 4K

Wed Mar 29 15:26:03 2017


BnE Chapter 2

Wed Mar 29 15:22:21 2017

Some more fun stuff coming in the next couple days. Next page of BnE, March's Critical Condition page, and a new short comic starting up commissioned by SHM.

Also reminder that if you wanna see my non Patreon arts, such as doodles like this:

I'm at


Should Buck lose or keep his horns in chapter 2?

Thu Mar 9 01:10:58 2017

Page 30-31 4K

Thu Mar 9 01:01:33 2017

Little late on this one! I was streaming yesterday and couldn't afford the upload bandwidth. This is a big one.


Page 30-31

Wed Mar 8 06:59:49 2017



Critical Condition 3

Sat Mar 4 08:17:37 2017

Critical Condition... for Feburary. Sorry! Here it is. More this month. <3


Streaming Critical Condition

Wed Mar 1 07:15:52 2017

Playing catchup! While this is on the front page I'll be live at Picarto. I'll be working on CC. Watsup will probably join me to shade BnE.


Page 30-31

Wed Mar 1 04:54:59 2017

Double page for the Chapter 1 finale!

I'm posting this without shading for now. We're all running a bit behind this month for various reasons. The full shaded version should be up in a matter of hours.



Mon Feb 20 20:14:44 2017

What should I do next month to celebrate my Patreon progress? I wanna give you guys something.


Mon Feb 20 19:51:05 2017

Heya Patrons! No art yet this month? What's up with that!? D:

Well I ordered a new tablet, which arrived on time, however it was sent without a powercord. Wacom took nearly 3 weeks to get it to me. I've got it now and a 2 page spread is almost done.

$1000 now. Geez. I can't even. You guys are amazing. We should do something crazy. Maybe a huge Patron stream or something. I'll throw up a poll perhaps.

Also to those with $100 lifetime pledges, I really need your preferred references and starting/ending gender please. I sent out a round of notices about a month ago but I still haven't received everyone's responses. I don't feel comfortable drawing people's characters in BnE without express permission, so if you want yours to appear in the comic PMing me is your responsibility.

Page 29 - 4K

Tue Jan 24 20:34:46 2017

You dirty rat V:


Page 29

Tue Jan 24 20:33:27 2017

You dirty rat :V


Page 28 - 4K

Tue Jan 24 20:32:09 2017

High res version


Page 28

Tue Jan 24 20:29:20 2017

Color by Watsup still. Lookin good ;3


Critical Condition 2

Sun Jan 15 20:09:23 2017

Another enormous page. See the SD version on FA. Thanks so much for funding these!


Page 27 - 4K

Sun Jan 15 16:25:32 2017



Page 27

Sun Jan 15 16:24:28 2017



Page 26 - 4K

Sun Jan 15 16:22:26 2017


Page 26

Sun Jan 15 16:19:55 2017

Wat's back! The stream of lewd continues.


Happy New Year! (2017 Update)

Tue Jan 3 09:44:28 2017

Hope everyone had a great holiday. In the short term news, we're a bit short on content for December due to Watsup being on bereavement. More is coming, especially since private commissions are almost done.

In the longterm I've posted a general resolution which you can read here.

TLDR: We'd like to fix the story in the comics we make here, and also increase communication.

If you want to weigh in on BnE now, here's a poll.

Page 25 - 4K

Fri Dec 23 02:45:52 2016


Page 25

Fri Dec 23 02:43:06 2016

Things are getting crazy!

Been getting a lot of critique on a bunch of sites that's gonna improve the next project for sure. This is my first run at this in a long time. If you're a $5 patron I'll be throwing up new polls soon.


Page 24 - 4K

Fri Dec 23 02:41:34 2016



Page 24

Fri Dec 23 02:38:27 2016

Part 2 of the last update. I had to remind myself where I was between the Critical Condition page and the 2 weeks between. I realized I'd left it sort of vague whether I'd charge for the CC pages, but I think it's more on the up and up if I consider it part of the stretch goal.


Critical Condition 1

Sun Dec 11 08:07:29 2016

This really is an ungodly size, for Patrons. You can see a more managable version on FA if you like. Enjoy the first stretchgoal page.


Page 23 - 4K

Thu Dec 1 06:59:22 2016


Page 23

Thu Dec 1 06:57:27 2016

Was in a bit of a slump, but I'm back at it. :)

Happy December everybody!


Fielding interest in side projects and games

Tue Nov 8 18:57:31 2016

On the comic webpage is a new tab called, "Cards."

This is an experiment that I was interested in running by my Patrons. The idea is that it's a tool for freeform RPing and homebrew games.

Create a deck. Add cards. Add keywords with a '!' character before the word or add stats. Draw them at random. I should clarify that this is not a game. This is a tool, much like dice. Only instead of getting numbers, you get lore and images you've selected yourself.

I can't take this much farther without funding, so this is in your hands. It's completely functional as is, and I want you guys to have it whether or not you're interested in paying for an update.

Please be kind and don't edit decks that don't belong to you.

Some things I'd add if I had the time:


Page 22 - 4K

Tue Nov 8 18:52:49 2016


Page 22

Tue Nov 8 18:47:59 2016


Page 21 - 4K

Fri Nov 4 22:03:33 2016


Page 21

Fri Nov 4 22:01:39 2016

Woo more stuff. 22 is coming. I'll try and stream more this coming week too.


Page 20 - 4K

Sun Oct 9 00:24:51 2016

\o/ \o/


Page 20

Sun Oct 9 00:23:19 2016



Page 19 - 4K

Wed Oct 5 20:34:42 2016


Page 19 and Wat Goal

Wed Oct 5 20:17:39 2016

You mad people have done it. You've hired Watsup. :VEnjoy a new page. 20 coming soon.


October Update

Sat Oct 1 21:13:36 2016

Another month, another 6 pages of BnE. And I've had a lot going on behind the scenes. Stretch goals are being hit at what feels like lightning speed right now. I've been working with Watsup to both get color pages out in a reasonable time while also doing side stuff for you guys, doing serious anatomy studies and clearing out my personal queue.

I released 4K versions of the 4 page Surody commission here. There's a 5 image set from Grim-Wolf coming too if you're interested. Ideally as this process gets streamlined the amount of content will only increase. I admit that this whole experience has been a huge eye opener. This is a lot of work.

The Discord channel is super fun and super successful. We're currently at 35 members, and we certainly welcome more. Patrons get access to WIPs occasionally (page 19 is there if you want to check it out) and really it's just a good time. Link is below.

I'm paying for now to keep Watsup on. The polls have spoken and we're so close anyway, really. But aside from that I'll begin making some improvements to the website. Technical. Security. Graphical. Feature. I'd really love some input regarding what people would find helpful. A page dropdown menu is probably something I should work on, yes?

Lastly, extremely important if your payment was declined

Fraud and nonpayment is starting to become a huge issue. My entire Patron list looks a bit like this.

As a result if you are flagged for fraud or your payments were declined, please fix this as soon as you can. This is not only unfair to me, it's unfair to the hundred other people who support me and are looking forward to stretch goals. I have limited power as precharging is not available to me.

If you are still in fraud or declined status after 2 months with 0 pledged, you will be blocked. I really have zero choice in this.

Page 18 - 4K

Sat Oct 1 20:50:26 2016

Very large file. Please be patient :O


Page 18

Sat Oct 1 20:47:03 2016

Color by the magnanimous Watsup again. Page 19 is drawn. Coming once color is complete. October update will be coming today. Thank you Patrons!


Poll results and reminder

Wed Sep 21 02:54:45 2016

The poll was super close the entire time it was open, but in the end 'shorter' was either winning or tied the entire time the page was in progress. We'll do more to him.

Reminder! Like this preview? The Discord channel is still up and we occasionally chat and post WIPs.


One more poll, this ones for everyone.

Mon Sep 19 22:38:56 2016


Another Jack Poll

Mon Sep 19 21:45:25 2016

I'm feeling just a tad under the weather, so since I'm not working on 18 quite yet, let's hear what you guys are feeling.

Sushification - HD

Mon Sep 19 19:38:13 2016

This is a monster image, give it time to load or view the jpg version on my FA page.


Page 17 - 4K

Mon Sep 19 01:55:29 2016

Guest color by Watsup. He's a cool kid.


Page 17 - Guest Coloring By Watsup

Mon Sep 19 01:51:14 2016


Unless there are volunteers.


Page 16 - 4K

Thu Sep 15 22:20:56 2016



Page 16

Thu Sep 15 22:18:51 2016

Here's the sister page! One or two more updates coming up this month, depending on a thing. ITS A SURPRISE.


Reward Level Discussion

Tue Sep 13 19:59:01 2016

While I'm working on page 16 let's talk about reward levels. Specifically the $10 reward level. It has been brought to my attention that a random selection of $10 patrons' avatars to appear in the comic is basically a raffle, which Patreon does not allow.

I've spoken to quite a few of you guys, and many of you contribute just to support me. I totally appreciate that, but I don't feel good about potentially removing a benefit from a reward level without replacing it with something at least as good.

I'll be listing the $10 reward level Patrons as Super Patrons on the credits page, and there are a few other things I can do. Anything from Super Patron only streams, WIP or private sketches, commission discounts, more voting power, or icons.

I'm keeping all possibilities in mind, but as of writing this there are 15 of you so I have to keep my own limitations in mind.


Page 15 - 4K

Mon Sep 12 01:10:40 2016


Page 15

Mon Sep 12 00:58:43 2016

I'm trusting the whole account verification thing will go through just fine. It's been a bit since a new page. The sister page will be out soon.


Surody Commission 4 - HD

Sat Sep 10 23:08:45 2016

The final page. Hope people enjoyed this. If you did you can hit the like button. If not feel free to let me know. BnE is coming. But Patreon decided to freeze my account while they make sure I'm legit, since I have so many Patrons now. It should be unfrozen later this week.


Surody Commission 3 - HD

Sat Sep 10 23:07:22 2016

Page 3!


Surody Commission 2 - HD

Wed Sep 7 01:32:40 2016

Page 2. :O


Surody Commission - HD

Tue Sep 6 16:29:10 2016

High resolution version of commission comic. TGTF related, so I thought you guys might enjoy it. 3 more of these coming this week on top of BnE. These don't count as updates so you won't be charged, don't worry. Just something nice for Patrons. :)


Website Feedback Required

Fri Sep 2 04:58:08 2016

Heya Patrons. I think the website is about ready for the public. If you would be so kind, please stress test it. There have been some improvements to security. Additionally every time you log in you'll receive a cookie valid for 7 days (so you don't have to log in over and over). I'm also posting the polls there. Open to other ideas.

If you do happen upon a serious issue that is better left private, PM me. Otherwise if there are no issues I'll launch it next week.

September Update

Thu Sep 1 12:46:17 2016

It's the 1st! I'm seriously lucky to have so many people supporting me here. Thank you so much. This has been a great month.

Just a heads up that the total took a hit this morning due to the fact that many of you are new in addition to the fact that some pledges were declined. Rest easy, this will not affect color pages this month.

I'm wrestling with Patron Rewards this month as I look at the amount of people supporting me. I didn't anticipate having so many $10 Patrons when I first started this place up. At this rate there's no way there will be enough side characters to give you guys reliable appearances. So I'm open to feedback, but I think my next stretch goal will focus on expanding and reorganizing the rewards.


Page 14 - 4K

Wed Aug 31 20:59:07 2016


Page 14

Wed Aug 31 20:55:37 2016

Here's the other part of the update! I may or may not get another two up this week.

Reminder! We got stuff now!




Page 13 - 4K

Wed Aug 31 00:55:25 2016


Page 13

Wed Aug 31 00:51:35 2016

Another stretch goal. You guys are so awesome. Here's 13 a little early so you can see what the color looks like. I'll post the second half of the update tomorrow. Reminder that the comic is fully readable here now:


The webpage is in beta!

Tue Aug 30 14:30:02 2016

I've been busy as hell trying to get this to work and... I've 'mostly' succeeded. But I thought it was important to get this out.

I'm also starting a Discord chatroom.


We'll get polls up on the actual website soon. In the meantime tell me if there are any major bugs (I know about plenty, ugh) and if you happen to know PHP please let me know. More pages coming soon!

Story Vote

Sat Aug 27 14:13:32 2016

Let's vote on Jack this time! $5 and up patrons, how fast should Jack get a taste of Buck's medicine?

Pages 11 and 12 - 4K

Fri Aug 26 22:57:45 2016

page11.jpg page12.jpg

Page 12

Fri Aug 26 22:56:58 2016

Wow. Over 40 patrons. That's freaking amazing. Mores coming before the month is out, and I'll have the webpage ready by the next post, I believe.


Page 11

Fri Aug 26 22:54:02 2016

Wow. Over 40 patrons. That's freaking amazing. Mores coming before the month is out, and I'll have the webpage ready by the next post, I believe.



Mon Aug 1 15:25:22 2016

Firstly, welcome new Patrons! If you'd like to say hey down in the comments or suggest an idea feel free as always.

A site to easily browse the entire comic is coming! I'm shopping around, trying to decide if I want this managed or if I'll host it myself. The only special concern I have is that I'd like the new pages to remain for Patron eyes only. When that goes live I'll post a link here.

I'd really like to get some color pages going for you guys there is going to be some focus this month on content ideas since at maximum I can only post 6-8 pages a month. In that spirit, would you like to see things other than BnE posted here? Let me know here.

Boop boop a poll

Page 10 - 4K

Thu Jul 28 23:35:27 2016


Page 10

Thu Jul 28 23:32:35 2016

Stay tuned the next couple days for some surveys if you feel like you want some input on where this stuff gets posted and what comes next! Got some decisions to make moving forward!


Page 9 - 4K

Thu Jul 28 23:31:32 2016


Page 9

Thu Jul 28 23:28:26 2016


Page 8 - 4K

Wed Jul 27 04:47:27 2016


Page 8

Wed Jul 27 04:46:09 2016



Page 7 - 4K

Sun Jul 24 16:44:18 2016


Page 7

Sun Jul 24 16:38:17 2016

Okay. We're $1 over the stretch goal, so I do owe you guys another, but I wanted to get something up here to let you guys know I'm back into the swing of things. Also things are about to get lewd and I need a way to get this stuff up without breaking the Patreon TOS. Does anybody know how other artists handle this?


Page 6 - PSD

Thu Feb 25 08:50:34 2016

Okay. This time is should be better. If anyone is using these things and looking around, let me know if this is a better more readable file. It could be that I forgot to name a few layers.

Page 6 - 4K

Thu Feb 25 08:49:31 2016


Page 6

Thu Feb 25 08:44:15 2016

I'm laaaate! I'll get another one out before months end to make 4 though. I seriously need to pace myself. Thanks guys! I'm also gonna try to get Husky's profile up before next month. We're actually super close to a 2 page-per-week goal, too. Wow.


Page 5 - PSD

Tue Feb 16 07:02:12 2016

Hopefully the last PSD with clutter!

Page 5 - 4K

Tue Feb 16 07:01:09 2016


Page 5

Tue Feb 16 06:59:47 2016


Jack Character Bio

Tue Feb 9 09:43:13 2016



Buck Character Bio

Mon Feb 8 23:18:18 2016

Wooo! We made a stretch goal in less than a month! That's super awesome! As promised, here's the first character bio.


Page 4 - PSD

Mon Feb 8 23:17:32 2016

Page 4 - 4K

Mon Feb 8 23:16:28 2016


Page 4

Mon Feb 8 23:13:20 2016


Page 3 - PSD

Tue Jan 19 14:14:05 2016


page3.psd (d)

Page 3 - 4K

Tue Jan 19 14:11:32 2016

So big.


Page 3

Tue Jan 19 14:08:47 2016

There we go. Pretty much back on schedule now. On a side note, we're super close to the first goal! That's awesome!


Page 2 PSD File

Fri Jan 15 20:38:18 2016

Okay so, about this. I'm so used to working in my own little world. None of these layers are named. And they're barely organized. This will change eventually. So really sorry if these are initially hard to navigate. Just a couple more weeks until Patreon catches up with what I've already drawn. From now on I'll start naming this stuff better.

page2.psd (d)

Page 2 - 4K

Fri Jan 15 20:36:07 2016

High res version of page 2. Still getting used to Patreon's post settings. Let me know if there are any problems!


Page 2

Mon Jan 4 23:37:23 2016

Sorry for the extra week wait. I'll be uploading another one soon so we can get back on schedule. And thank you so much for your support!


Page 1 (Cover)

Sun Jan 3 03:12:18 2016

Cover image! Figuring out Patreon things. Seems relatively straight-forward.