September Animation (Charizard X - Flygon)

Art that's been locked behind his "special" paywall site

0b7c8ea9b8ff2da0a553ba97737c124a.mp4 (d)

March 2020 Animation (Pokemon) 2


Clade Art June-August

Art that's been locked behind his "special" paywall site these past few months

Clade_Art_June-August.7z (d)

May 2020 Animation

Orville from Animal Crossing: New Horizons Getting his ass pounded.

Orville.webm (d)

Keldeo x Ponyta July animation

july2020-keldeoponyta.mp4 (d)

March 2020 Animation (Pokemon)


a good ol' animation

Zootopia Ҁ“ Insatiable Predators Animation

jtiwpn1b1opai5ew1b6hfh6.mp4 (d)

Ralsei (Deltarune) animation

8a00fe9b172901505ee56aad7422c105-1.mp4 (d)

October 2020 Animation Release

Fri Oct 30 05:47:29 2020


This took some work but it is at long last done! Hope y'all enjoy it! πŸ’–


October 2020 Animation!!

Wed Oct 28 08:42:37 2020


Hopefully a version with some sound design coming out tomorrow, until then hope y'all like the way this one's turned out C:


October 2020 Animation WIP

Mon Oct 26 08:08:55 2020


the goat boy gets his filling uwu


October Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Wed Oct 21 18:40:40 2020

Cast them second votes :V

October Animation Poll

Wed Oct 21 18:40:38 2020

A bit of variety here :o Will probably be single character, or at least solo-focused!

October 2020 Illustration!!

Wed Oct 21 10:33:56 2020


a bit of a painting experiment which took far too long to complete!

10-2020_nido__lycan_teaser.png 10-2020_nido__lycan_teaser.png

October 2020 Illustration WIP

Mon Oct 12 05:58:52 2020


'roc gets a filling πŸ‘€


a tiny update

Mon Oct 5 16:25:33 2020

OK to just get right into the point I'm going to have to take 5 or so days off from drawing :'D

To go into a bit more depth I basically fucked my wrist, like I was just goin crazy and drawing a bunch of different stuff which was actually quite fun but I have clearly overdone it. It's not so painful that I can't draw at all but I don't really want to risk some sort of long-term injury so I'm going to have to relax for a bit. However I will hopefully return with a better strategy for creating the volume of art I would like to put out without creating absolute destruction of everything. So suffice to say, this week I won't be getting to the illustration or doing any sketches BUT I will return shortly, and beyond the missing sketches I still plan to do everything I normally do (i.e. some type of animated thing and the good ol' illustration). I have a lot of ideas too so I'm kind of mad but you know it is what it is >:')

Alright that's about it peace thanks for reading also yall are the best

p.s. i got like halfway through this sketch so here yall go 😎

October Illustration Poll (Super Supporter)

Sat Oct 3 01:21:33 2020

voting expansion pack

October Illustration Poll

Sat Oct 3 01:21:28 2020

I think I'm going to try something in a more painting-type style for this one, so what better way to do that than go with some of the absolute classiques

fox party πŸ˜‰

Mon Sep 28 07:17:43 2020

second illustration of the month, what do you know x^d


9-2020_renamon__ninetales_teaser.png 9-2020_renamon__ninetales_teaser.png

September 2020 Illustration 2 WIP

Sat Sep 19 05:47:57 2020


oh, the joys of fox 🦊

ninetales__renamon_WIP_teaser.png ninetales__renamon_WIP_teaser.png

September animation unlocked :O

Fri Sep 18 21:25:15 2020

Now available for all patrons !



September Illustration Poll 2.0 (Super Supporter)

Wed Sep 16 22:27:52 2020

Hey, here's another vote for y'all :V cast away

September Illustration Poll 2.0

Wed Sep 16 22:27:47 2020

Since I already did one poll I figured I'd go with the wildcard nobody could have seen coming...

The ultimate vote for vulpine virility

Daily Sketch Land!

Tue Sep 15 14:25:30 2020

Hey, you! Yes, you, dear $5+ supporter! Did you know that I recently started uploading daily sketches to my website? Well, now you know. Check out everything at to see some of the things I've drawn recently. Also posted in the WIP channel in the Discord, so feel free to join there if you haven't to get notified immediately when I make these things.

I'm not sure I'm going to actually update it every day, but check back quite often because I will be trying to post things there very regularly. Let me know what y'all think! Again that's ! ! !

daily_previews.png daily_previews.png

September 2020 Animation!!

Mon Sep 14 02:01:08 2020


a few new things done here, i suppose! hope y'all like it :]


September 2020 Animation WIP

Fri Sep 11 06:30:18 2020


a bit of an impeding situation going on at the ol' house at the moment but I am gradually putting it together xd

9-2020_flygon__charizard_WIP_teaser.PNG 9-2020_flygon__charizard_WIP_teaser.PNG

September Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Sat Sep 5 04:23:32 2020

and may the best dragon(s) win uwu

September Animation Poll!!

Sat Sep 5 04:23:29 2020

here there be dragons!!


Quick edit though oh shoot yeah I forgot to mention it but as of last month I implemented the change i spoke about a few months ago, namely Super Supporters+ will have access to animations up to a week earlier than anyone below that tier. I figure i'd better throw that information down here in case anyone missed it. Anything that's not a voted animation (including illustrations, commissions, any random animation sketches I happen to do, et cetera) will be available to everyone at the same time. ok that's all x'd

September 2020 Illustration

Fri Sep 4 19:16:09 2020


when the volcanos are active, so are the quilavas πŸ”₯

9-2020_mienshao__quilava_teaser.png 9-2020_mienshao__quilava_teaser.png

September 2020 Illustration WIP !

Thu Sep 3 05:26:21 2020




September Illustration Poll (Super Supporter)

Wed Sep 2 02:49:41 2020

Don't forget y'all can suggest ideas which may end up in future polls :O

September Illustration Poll

Wed Sep 2 02:49:39 2020

Some of the good ol' classic mons here! Take your pick 😀

Just a couple more commissions I finished last week uwu

Mon Aug 31 23:15:58 2020

I enjoyed this round quite a bit, really C:

If you're interested in getting one I may have some additional commission opportunities soon, so keep an eye out for those πŸ‘

https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_551015112446705666_749296614627344425_unknown.png https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_551015112446705666_750068203941789752_unknown.png

A few commissions from august :]

Sun Aug 30 05:45:56 2020

Yall really do only have solid ideas, by and large x'd

Some good ol' commissions from the server! Hope y'all like these. A few more in the works as well :V

https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_744950391786962944_748672776038252664_unknown.png https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_744950391786962944_748672776038252664_unknown.png https_media.discordapp.net_attachments_669390657650950164_747155224833032293_unknown.pngwidth1452height848 (d) https_media.discordapp.net_attachments_669390657650950164_747155224833032293_unknown.png https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_551015112446705666_747187896171233280_unknown.png https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_551015112446705666_748674090419617802_unknown.png https_cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_551015112446705666_747339023785132122_unknown.png

August 2020 Illustration - Rocket Raccoon

Tue Aug 25 08:16:53 2020


that's certainly a new look xd


August 2020 - Rocket's New Look WIP

Mon Aug 17 05:39:29 2020


you bet it's going to be pink

8-2020_rocket_raccoon_WIP_teaser.PNG 8-2020_rocket_raccoon_WIP_teaser.PNG

August 2020 Illustration - Guil

Mon Aug 17 05:29:38 2020


painted this one on the trusty ol surface😎 had to use default brushes in krita but i think that actually turned out fairly well overall. anyhow hope y'all like this one!!


August 2020 Animation - Ralsei (Deltarune)

Sat Aug 15 04:17:54 2020


Extended title: Ralsei's Fun Gote Adventure (with sound)

(because i experimented with sound ahaha, tell me your thoughts)


August 2020 Animation WIPs

Fri Aug 14 05:24:37 2020


Hell ya it's gote

8-2020_ralsei_animation_teaser.PNG 8-2020_ralsei_animation_teaser.PNG

August 2020 Illustration WIP - Guilmon

Sun Aug 9 21:16:46 2020



August Animation Poll

Sun Aug 9 03:56:47 2020

Put that double voting power to good use right over here :v

August Animation Poll :o

Sun Aug 9 03:56:43 2020

Yet another set of classic variety options ! This is going to be a fun one i can feel it

August 2020 Illustration !!

Sat Aug 8 22:12:38 2020




Hot Shower

Thu Aug 6 03:48:52 2020




August 2020 Painting WIP

Wed Aug 5 05:12:13 2020

i love dragons



August 2020 Character Poll (Super Supporter)

Sun Aug 2 14:11:14 2020

Don't forget to vote in the main one 😀

August 2020 Character Poll

Sun Aug 2 14:10:42 2020

Appears the site decided to come back online, in celebration of that let us decide what i draw next πŸŽ‰

July 2020 Animation !!

Sat Aug 1 02:53:09 2020


Yeah I do realize i'm kinda like... slow and bad lol but to be fair I made this a lot longer than I should have. Hope y'all like it!!


Monthly Animation Preview !!

Fri Jul 24 22:00:56 2020

You know I put these in the server a while ago but I realized I've never posted them here, so in case you aren't over there here's the present state of affairs. So like.... pretty gay. A few more frames to add here and there but then it's coloring and stuff and then I can finally finish this one. I did make it way longer than anticipated but you know, I do that type of stuff. Anyways hope y'all like what I have so far c:

oral.gif oral_closeup.gif side.gif underview.gif closeup.gif oral_closeup.gif

July 2020 - Galar's Finest Striped Trash Raider

Tue Jul 14 18:10:56 2020

Link: ✨


Shower Dog WIP

Tue Jul 14 17:54:51 2020

Link: 😎


some fun stream art

Fri Jul 10 16:28:26 2020

did these yesterday :]

7-9-2020_digby.png 7-9-2020_digby.png 7-9-2020_ott__rat.png 7-9-2020_peng.png

Birtday Stream

Fri Jul 10 00:04:54 2020

i colored this in stream lol!

June 2020 Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Sun Jun 21 14:21:06 2020

Vote #2!! 🐴 Horse City 🐴

June 2020 Animation Poll (!)

Sun Jun 21 14:21:04 2020

🐴 vote for the Guys :O 🐴

May 2020 Animation

Sun Jun 21 04:48:14 2020


better late than never :'d


Rift Apart Lady

Sat Jun 13 19:57:40 2020

I just had to do a quick one of this character, she is kind of nice lol


May 2020 Animation WIP

Thu Jun 11 14:17:21 2020

Took longer than it should have but alas here's somethin 😎



Tier Updates

Thu May 21 16:10:48 2020

Short & simple, the plan is to give $5+ patrons 5-day early access to animations (starting next month). All the other artwork I do is going to be released on Patreon in the same way as usual. This is to put a bit more value into that tier, as $5 a month is a pretty crazy level of support. For people who are mostly here for the drawings & paintings (which I intend to do more of) this probably won't change a whole lot about that, and of course you still have a vote in what gets animated.

I'm also considering bringing back the venerated Flexer tier at $11, with a few other benefits including possible stream commissions or raffles or something of that nature. It would make it drastically easier for me to take commissions and other shit like that. If this appeals to you let me know in a comment, or you know just in the Discord server/via a direct message.

Oh yeah not a tier update but I'm working on that AC animation from last month and I'm experimenting with more stuff, and I'm going to see if I can't at least make another small animation on top of that before the month is over since I need to catch up on that :'^D Anyways, massive thanks for you know supporting what I do. And thanks for reading all this damn text ok im done for now bye

a good ol' animation

Sun May 17 07:19:26 2020

Link :

This took about 4 months to complete, I experimented with Blender a lot. Hope y'all like it :]



Tue May 12 03:32:43 2020

Tried n true training method, he'll be very obedient after you leave him squirming for a while c;

5-10-2020_big.png 5-10-2020_big.png 5-10-2020_tall.png 5-10-2020_good.png 5-10-2020_big.png


Sat May 9 22:40:17 2020

i really enjoy how when koopas lose their shells they just aren't wearing pants at all lol

5-9-2020_yoshi_n_koopa.png 5-9-2020_yoshi_n_koopa.png

a few animation previews :]

Fri May 8 05:34:41 2020

This is that project I mentioned, if it's not clear from these little clips it's going to be a fairly lengthy (aka 1.5-2 minute) Zootopia-themed animation. I have a few more scenes than this but all told the whole thing is actually fairly close to being done, so look out for that in the next.... time thing (week probably). Then it's back to your regularly scheduled programming 😎

Thanks, y'all :o

s1p1.gif s1p2.gif s2p1.gif s2p2.gif s1p3.gif

Heya, fun update post

Tue Apr 28 19:01:33 2020

Well I hope it's marginally fun at least :^D

First off, I'd just like to thank all of you for your ongoing support in spite of the crazy social and economic shit presently happening. It's a pretty big deal, also yall are literally the greatest.

Now the (ideally) fun part: I've been rather-silently working on a reasonably large project for the past 3-to-4 months that is finally coming close to being done, and I hope to put out some preview stuff for that in the next couple of days. Also a few days after that I hope to put out the finished thing. I really don't know why I committed to this project in that particular way but you know i'm crazy i'll do anything

As for the boys (aka Orville and Apollo) hell yes I'm working on that, I hope to be done with it in the first two weeks of next month. I apologize for the delay but you know hopefully the other thing will make up for it :^d

I think that's all actually, have a nice fuckin day

April 12th Stream Art!!

Thu Apr 16 13:57:34 2020

Talked with chat and we kind of came up with these ideas mid-stream, which was quite a lot of fun. I plan to do more in the future and have a couple ideas for other types of art streams I could do. If you want to make sure to get notifications easily, be sure to join the Discord C:

gaydog.png gaydog.png gaytor.png not-straight_sex_between_floatzel_and_lugia.png gaydog.png

April Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Wed Apr 15 18:44:01 2020

April Animation VARIETY Poll

Wed Apr 15 18:43:56 2020

First time featuring some non-poke options :O Just an experimental thing mostly but we'll see how it goes

Goon Squad

Mon Apr 13 21:46:23 2020

Drew this on stream just a few days ago! These well-endowed boys should be entitled to more art :O

4-10-2020_zig_boys_v1.png 4-10-2020_zig_boys_v2.png 4-10-2020_zig_boys_v4.png 4-10-2020_zig_boys_v3.png

Psychic Trickery

Sat Apr 4 04:58:10 2020

Dark beats psychic, except when the dark type happens to be a little cock-hungry bitch

a lil drawing from yesterday c:

4-2-2020_zorua__mew.png 4-2-2020_zorua__mew_alt.png

March 2020 Animation

Mon Mar 23 02:22:45 2020

oh yea, hot 'mons



March 2020 Animation WIP

Sat Mar 21 18:00:49 2020

heck yea, it's back to the pixels for this'n!



Lunar Eclipse

Mon Mar 9 20:09:26 2020

This dark-furred boy means business :X


March 2020 Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Mon Mar 9 15:17:51 2020

vote #2!! make it count 😀

March 2020 Animation Poll

Mon Mar 9 15:17:49 2020

some big lads this time 'round :o

Legendary Lust

Thu Mar 5 07:12:40 2020

I managed to scrape together a spicy little passage to go along with this one. Actually the passage came first :^d Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy it C:

Solgaleo slowly lowered his hips, easing down onto the massive cock. He was rewarded with a deep moan from Lugia as he gradually seated himself, the head of the avian's dick quivering as it pushed in. He glanced between his legs and could scarcely believe how much of the rod he had left to take, but he dutifully continued, his partner grunting and panting pleasurably. Lugia gripped onto his fellow legendary's shoulders, holding him in place while he took more and more...

Finally, the full length of the avian cock buried inside him, Solgaleo released a contented sigh. Lugia lay back and closed his eyes, allowing the muscular feline to ride him. Working his hips, he bounced faster, eliciting another pleasured growl along with several spurts of pre. Then, with little warning, Lugia rolled both of them over and mounted the lion from behind. Solgaleo let out a surprised bark as Lugia hotdogged his thick asscheeks momentarily before swiftly forcing himself inside, bulging out his partner against his length. Hungry for more of what the lion had already given him, Lugia thrusted with impressive speed and power, producing loud, wet sounds every time his balls smacked against the submissive legendary's thighs and ass. After only a few thrusts, Solgaleo came forcefully, firmly closing his eyes and roaring out his pleasure.

Lugia could feel the lion's entire body quaking and shivering as he orgasmed from the vigorous pounding. Solgaleo's cock throbbed against his own belly, which the avian legendary felt on every deep thrust as he stretched out the lion's abdomen. Lugia's orgasm swiftly followed, his cum spurting out and splattering into the growing pool on the grass below. Solgaleo could only shut his eyes and moan at the intense pleasure as he felt his belly fill up, still ejaculating his own heavy load. The two legendaries' hips bucked against each other, the lion firmly hilting and milking the thick avian, stimulating him and teasing out an even larger filling.

At last, Lugia's arousal finally waning, his cock slipped out of his partner's ass, allowing a sizeable stream of cum to pour out with it. The two lay gently against each other, panting, until the lion rolled over onto his side, presenting his rear once more and purring with a lust-filled expression.

"How's round four sound to you?"


Not Your Average Farm

Thu Feb 27 07:48:38 2020

Thanks for filling out a preference form, here at E.V. Milking Co we aim to provide your partner with a most pleasurable experience (on top of milking the largest possible load out of them) 8]


January 2020 Animation !!

Tue Feb 25 16:44:31 2020

beach boys 😎



January 2020 Animation WIP

Wed Feb 19 21:17:09 2020




Zig & Pika

Mon Feb 10 17:19:21 2020

a couple older sketches I finished c:

2-8-2020_zig_pika.png 2-9-2020_zig_pika_2.png

important patreon announcement

Thu Jan 30 16:15:30 2020

February's billing cycle has been paused, as I have a lot of crazy things happening in the upcoming month. I do plan to finish January's animation before the end of February :o

That's about it actually, thanks for reading

January Animation Poll

Wed Jan 29 00:24:15 2020

January Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Wed Jan 29 00:24:18 2020

January 2020 Paintings

Sat Jan 25 01:52:42 2020

More gay dog'mons! These two are basically dogs, right



January 2020 Painting WIP

Fri Jan 17 04:22:40 2020

It's a gay one, y'all, it's definitely a gay one



January 2020 Painting Poll

Wed Jan 8 02:22:17 2020

Second votes, second votes

January 2020 Painting Poll

Wed Jan 8 02:22:13 2020

First painting of 2020, heck ya

Vote among a selection of absolute classic 'mons here

December 2019 Animation!!

Wed Jan 1 05:33:18 2020


This one was a struggle, I did half of it and realized it was pretty bad so i scrapped it and started over from the sketch :'d But, at long last. Glad it's finally done. Hope the new year is pleasant for all of you :]


December 2019 Animation WIP

Mon Dec 30 22:20:16 2019

hope you brought thermally-insulated outerwear for this one


I'm trying to get this done later today so watch out for it :O


December 2019 Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Sat Dec 28 09:30:01 2019

vote for a second time, should such an activity seem befitting

December 2019 Animation Poll

Sat Dec 28 09:29:56 2019

new animation poll!! i suspect this one will prominently feature a single character, if that makes the selection process any easier :o

December 2019 Painting

Sat Dec 28 07:40:16 2019

Hot buns, now with cross B]



December 2019 Painting WIP

Sun Dec 22 05:39:12 2019



December Painting Poll (Super Supporter)

Wed Dec 18 02:28:59 2019

vote #2 > : v

December Painting Poll

Wed Dec 18 02:28:56 2019

poll :o

(for the uninitiated that's the three sword/shield starter lines and galarian rapidash/ponyta lol)

November 2019 Animation !!

Mon Dec 16 22:10:10 2019

that took a while! i have another one to do this month >:v look out for the poll soon



November 2019 Animation WIP

Thu Dec 12 05:55:21 2019



Yet Another Rather Well-Endowed PokΓ©-Lady

Tue Dec 3 21:50:19 2019

the best kind of lady >:v



November Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Mon Dec 2 04:30:41 2019

oops forgot to enable single responses pay that last shit no mind at all 😎

second votes here!!

November Animation Poll

Mon Dec 2 04:28:30 2019

yes that's right, n o v e m b e r

whoops lol! no that aside i have interesting things planned

November Painting

Sun Dec 1 07:26:53 2019

god i'm slow! anyhow new things attempted here :^D



A Smal Update

Tue Nov 26 17:15:40 2019

Hello there! I have information!!

The news is by and large quite good. First order of business: I now have a website :] You can visit it at and you may want to give it a glance if you haven't yet. My content will all be available there. Mainly, it's a more flexible uploading resource for me in terms of scripting so I can do things in a slightly more convenient way, but I will likely use it for other things in the future. Additionally, there is currently a page for all the work-in-progress content that you can view as long as you are at least in the Super Supporter tier: And lastly regarding the website, after I set some things up it will probably be easier to find specific things by search, so if you would like to go back and find files in their original resolutions and such it'll be a much simpler process. I hope some of those features will be useful for all of you C:

The second thing I want to talk about is this month's Patreon content. I will probably finish the painting within the next couple of days, but I'm putting off the animation until early next month. Essentially this is because I took 6 or 7 additional commissions in order to purchase a new laptop, as my old one was sort of dying. Not much of a surprise since I bought it second-hand over 6 years ago, and it's been through a whole lot since then. At any rate, the new one is overall working out very well, but until I get through the work I took on to be able to afford it, I will have to slow down work on the animation. However, I still plan to do an animation for this month and another in December, it's just that this month's will take a little while to get to. I do have some interesting plans for the next animation now that I have a new computer, so keep an eye out :]

TL;DR: new website @, this month's animation will be ready early next month.

And, last of all, I deeply appreciate all of your support. It has been way more helpful than you probably think, and if things keep progressing as they are you will see a lot more content out of me.

That's everything from me :v Thank you!

November 2019 Painting WIP

Mon Nov 25 06:08:23 2019



Any other works-in-progress can be found here:


Harness Training

Sun Nov 24 18:20:09 2019

I've been working on making a website to host everything :o It uses Patreon's integration plugin, so it should be pretty easy to access stuff.


Website link:

Please message me if anything breaks


November Painting Poll (Super Supporter)

Mon Nov 11 19:06:02 2019

Second vote !!

November Painting Poll

Mon Nov 11 19:05:55 2019

apparently still dog season :v

Join the Discord!

Mon Nov 4 04:13:40 2019

If you havent already, you should join. I sometimes upload random sketches that never make their way here (probably nothing too special, but you may want to see them). Also, from now on, things will be uploaded to Patreon as encrypted ZIP archives, so it will just be somewhat easier to see things. I also ping whenever I finish art so it will likely be the fastest way to be notified of my work c:

October Animation~

Sun Nov 3 08:11:31 2019

There was more I wanted to do with this but i havent the time :d Hope yall like it nonetheless 8)


October Animation Sketch !!

Sat Nov 2 05:14:02 2019

I would really like to double the framerate here, hopefully that can be managed !


October Animation Poll (Super Supporters)

Sun Oct 27 20:38:02 2019


October Animation Poll !!

Sun Oct 27 20:37:46 2019


October Painting~

Sun Oct 27 20:09:49 2019

plus a fun little cum inflation edit 8)

amph__zoroark_2.png amph__zoroark_2.png amph__zoroark.png amph__zoroark_cum_inflation.png

October Painting WIP

Sun Oct 27 02:59:01 2019

8 )


October Painting Poll (Super Supporter)

Mon Oct 21 07:15:31 2019

Vote #2!

October Painting Poll

Mon Oct 21 07:15:24 2019

Votes, n all that good stuff :v

Animation from September C:

Sun Oct 20 06:34:15 2019

It’s a nice day out, the sun is shining, and one lustful Lugia seems to be having his way with a Latios, who appears to be enjoying things similarly. All is well in the land of gay |3

lugia__latios.gif lugia__latios_p2.gif

Private Show

Sun Oct 13 07:59:52 2019

crazy stuff going on backstage after the main event 😜 underappreciated lady by the way props if you know who she is

edit: small update + second edition c;

10-12-2019_miss_kitty_mouse.png 10-12-2019_miss_kitty_mouse_2.png

September Animation Sketch

Fri Oct 11 03:13:42 2019

Not just psychic energy filling the air πŸ‘€


The Fox's Magic Wand

Fri Oct 4 21:02:16 2019

Those psychic abilities are definitely good for more than just battling πŸ‘€


Enemies Need Love Too

Fri Oct 4 15:50:47 2019

In pipes and on donut fields all across the Psilocybin Kingdom, you'll find these guys. Here, they're depicted engaging in some off-screen debauchery (lithograph, colorized, 1989). In Supreme Meme Brethren there are a significant number of pipes you can't go down and you can't scroll the screen backwards, and although there are those that will explain this away as a limitation of hardware or simply a built-in mechanic, it was in reality implemented to prevent the player from observing things like this. The disproportionately homosexual tendencies of the characters were deemed inappropriate (it was a different time). Thankfully, this faithfully-reproduced image set shows us some of the fat-plant-ass-clapping and huge metal asses that we missed out on due to these restrictions.

9-24-2019_plantsex.png 9-24-2019_plantsex_c.png 9-26-2019_chomp.png

September Animation Poll (SuperSupporter)

Mon Sep 30 16:28:13 2019

dragons and flying mons yo! it's just good!

September Animation Poll

Mon Sep 30 16:28:11 2019

Better late than never 😎

Zydog's Domination

Wed Sep 25 18:33:22 2019

Haha, the gay returns once more, this time in the form of Zydog showing a good dragon a good time.

painting_1.png painting_1_c.png

September Painting 1 WIP

Fri Sep 20 04:56:01 2019

✨ these are two of my actual favorite mons of all time ✨


Eager to Please...

Mon Sep 16 21:31:59 2019

You can tell this Guil enjoys being the center of attention, which his friends seem only too willing to oblige C: Hopefully he can go on long enough to satiate all of them as well

9-15-2019_guil.png 9-15-2019_guil.png 9-15-2019_guil_2.png

yoshi tongue best tongue

Sat Sep 14 20:05:13 2019

what places can he not reach πŸ‘€


September Painting (SuperSupporter)

Thu Sep 12 19:57:03 2019

...provide more information about the poll in this box?

well uh if you're a super supporter you should also cast a second vote here

September Painting

Thu Sep 12 19:56:56 2019

Cast a vote for whatever you feel like, my dudes

the gayest ac villager

Thu Sep 12 19:50:46 2019


9-12-2019_beau.png 9-12-2019_beau_2.png

August Animation!!

Sun Sep 1 23:28:34 2019

The webm version is attached, and alternatively you view it in the Discord server :^] Hope y'all enjoy this one! it was very process-ful!

update: minor timing changes, plus i realized i just missed an entire frame in there! so that's in. Also I made the gif smaller to hopefully be at least a little friendlier on mobile

mew__mienshao.gif mew__mienshao.webm (d)

August Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Sat Aug 17 02:36:40 2019

Cast that second vote :v

August Animation Poll

Sat Aug 17 02:36:36 2019

well, I should probably put this out there lol

Painting from aaaallll the way back in May

Fri Aug 16 13:42:27 2019

Took a while but we finally got there :^D plus an extra messy-version since a few in the Discord thought such a thing would be a good idea (which was of course correct)

typhlosion__zeraora.png typhlosion__zeraora_alt.png typhlosion__zeraora_alt_2.png


Thu Jun 27 01:35:16 2019

I just realized I forgot to say anything but I paused the billing cycle for the month after not drawing anything :'^D

As for why that happened, I got caught up trying to move all my stuff out of Washington because I graduated in May, and I also took some commissions and was taking job interviews, among a lot of other things actually. Probably should have mentioned all of that earlier, but at any rate I'll be back at it next month so no cause for concern, hopefully.

Thanks + spicy content arriving shortly, in an ideal world

Oh yeah forgot to mention but if you have any questions message me

May Painting 2 Poll (Super Supporter)

Sun May 26 16:53:51 2019

Vote #2 :o

May Painting 2 Poll

Sun May 26 16:53:47 2019

Some absolute classics from the Discord server c: What's for choice this time around?

May Animation!

Sat May 25 07:04:39 2019

Took a while, but I think you'll like it! Zangoose seems to be particularly enjoying himself : 3

scraft__zangoose_thumb.png scraft__zangoose.gif scraft__zangoose_alt.gif

Patron Stream Raffle Sketches

Fri May 17 17:14:57 2019

Experimental raffle stream for $5+ patrons in the discord server! I did these yesterday. Went pretty well, I may make it a regular thing. Be sure to let me know if you want more of these

16_-_teaser.png 16_-_1_zeraora.png 16_-_2_rockruff__eevee.png 16_-_3_floatzel__linoone.png

May Monthly Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Thu May 16 17:52:45 2019

Second vote, second vote :^D

May Monthly Animation Poll

Thu May 16 17:52:43 2019

I might go with the top two or just the top one, we'll see o:

May Painting 1

Wed May 15 21:43:01 2019

Looks like he's really giving it to that Sylveon. Maybe next round he'll pop the knot in o:

feraligatr__sylveon_thumb.png feraligatr__sylveon.png feraligatr__sylveon_alt.png

April Painting 3

Wed May 8 08:20:55 2019

Good 'mons picked this time around o:

Alts attached

audino__ampharos_thumb.png audino__ampharos.png audino__ampharos_alt_2.png

May Painting Poll 1 (Super Supporter)

Tue May 7 07:41:02 2019

Vote number 2 o:

May Painting Poll 1

Tue May 7 07:40:59 2019

Finally starting stuff for May! May is gay.

April Monthly Animation!

Fri Apr 26 18:04:46 2019

Done at long last c:


I recommend downloading and watching these in a browser! It makes the background look less strange.


April Painting Poll 3 (Super Supporter+)

Fri Apr 26 04:49:29 2019

Vote number 2!

April Painting Poll 3

Fri Apr 26 04:49:24 2019

These are just a few of my favorites, really! Pick your favorite pairing o:

Typhlosion & Greninja (April Painting 2)

Tue Apr 16 02:57:32 2019

There's a few updates from what's on discord o: Both alts:


April Monthly Animation Poll (Super Supporter)

Mon Apr 15 18:55:05 2019

I'm here to collect second votes

April Monthly Animation Poll

Mon Apr 15 18:55:03 2019

gay dog ο½…ο½„ο½‰ο½”ο½‰ο½ο½Ž

April Painting 2 Poll (Super Supporters)

Tue Apr 9 01:50:47 2019

If you're seein this make sure to vote in the other one too

April Painting 2 Poll

Tue Apr 9 01:50:44 2019

Select your favorites i'm doing the top 2 again :^D

Noivern & Goodra (April)

Mon Apr 8 17:55:37 2019

Ahahaa, I like this one : ' )

Full res stuff in the below links n' all that


March Painting 2 :o

Thu Apr 4 22:43:44 2019

You can look at all the stuf from the month of March in the drive folder here:

There's two versions of this painting in there :] Thanks


April Painting 1 Poll (Super Supporter Edition)

Thu Apr 4 18:53:56 2019

Cast a second vote here if ur gay lol

April Poll 1 (Best Dragon Edition)

Thu Apr 4 18:53:54 2019

Something a bit different, I'm going to draw the top two together :v

March Painting 2 Poll (Super Supporters)

Fri Mar 29 04:52:57 2019

Don't forget to vote this one too :O

March Painting 2 Poll

Fri Mar 29 04:47:00 2019

I'm doin another girlie :o

March Animation of the Month - Lycanroc

Thu Mar 28 05:13:33 2019

Finally finished this : ' )

Hope y'all like it!

Everything from the month of March is in the folder:


Lycanroc Animation WIP

Wed Mar 27 18:11:13 2019

The final should go up later today! :O It's a bit longer than this too, there's a second part to it.


Washing Water Weasels (Otters?)

Fri Mar 15 08:28:23 2019

and an alt :o

Enjoy !


Google Drive folder has all the good stuff:


Floatzels WIP

Wed Mar 13 23:46:14 2019

This is the idea that won the poll :') bless