Halloween Aonika DELICIOUS pack

SFW + NSFW versions in hi-res + 3k photoshop file

Aonika_halloween._DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Gwynevere SWEET pack (June 2020)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork (d)

Aomori as of 2020-09-11 1907 [PART 1]

Aomori_as_of_2020-09-11_1907_PART_1.7z (d)

Amaterasu Sweet Pack (April 2020)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork (d)

Maid Marian Sweet Pack (July 2019)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork

Maid_Marian_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Minerva Mink Delicious Pack (May 2020)

SFW + NSFW hi-res + PSD (d)

Felicia Sweet

for archivial purposes

Felicia_-_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Amelia Sweet

For Archive

Amelia_from_Treasure_Planet_-_SWEET.rar (d)

Nisheena Delicious Pack (June 2019)

SFW + NSFW + .psd file

Nisheena_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Ahri Delicious

For Archive

Ahri_-_delicious.rar (d)

Maid Marian Delicious Pack (February 2020)

SFW + NSFW hi-res versions + 3k photoshop file (d)

Gwynevere DELICIOUS pack (June 2020)

SFW + NSFW hi-res + PSD (d)

Ahri Sweet

For Archive

Ahri_-_sweet.rar (d)




PP Summer Midnight: DELICIOUS pack (July 2020)

2020-07-13_PP_Summer_Midnight_DELICIOUS_pack.7z (d)

Celestia Sweet

the old version for archival purposes

Celestia_SWEET_pack_old_version_.rar (d)

Twilight Sparkle - DELICIOUS pack (December 2019)

SFW + NSFW versions in hi-res + 3k photoshop file (d)

Minerva Mink Sweet Pack (May 2020)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork (d)

Judy Hopps Sweet

for archivial purposes

Judy_Hopps_-_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Ninetales DELICIOUS pack (November 2019)

SFW + 2 NSFW versions + 3 wallpapers + 3k photoshop file

Ninetales_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Ciri Sweet

for archive purposes

Ciri_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Amaterasu Delicious Pack (April 2020)

SFW + NSFW hi-res versions + 3k photoshop file (d)

Nisheena Sweet Pack (June 2019)

sfw version in hi-res

Nisheena_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Judy Hopps Delicious

for archivial purposes

Judy_Hopps_-_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Celestia Delicious Pack

Archivial reasons

Celestia_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Gadget SWEET pack (August 2020)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork (d)

Tamara Delicious Pack (August 2019)

SFW + NSFW versions in hi-res + 3k photoshop file

Tamara_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Enreeu cake - photoshop file (July 2020)

2020-07-13_Enreeu_cake_-_photoshop_file.7z (d)

Aomori as of 2020-09-11 1907 [PART 2]

Aomori_as_of_2020-09-11_1907_PART_2.7z (d)

Tamara Sweet Pack (August 2019)

SFW version of the artwork in hi res + two sketches

Tamara_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Gadget DELICIOUS pack (August 2020)

SFW + NSFW hi-res versions + 3k photoshop file (d)

Celestia Delicious

new version for archivial purposes

Celestia_DELICIOUS_pack_New_version.rar (d)

Aomori as of 2020-09-11 1907 [PART 3]

Aomori_as_of_2020-09-11_1907_PART_3.7z (d)

Perdita Delicious

for archival purposes

Perdita_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Jenna Delicious Pack (March 2020)

SFW + NSFW hi-res versions + 3k photoshop file (d)

Krystal Sweet Pack (September 2019)

WEB + hi-res files of SFW version of the artwork

Krystal_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Ninetales SWEET pack (November 2019)

SFW + NSFW versions

Ninetales_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Celestia Sweet

the new version, for archivial purposes

Celestia_SWEET_pack_new_version.rar (d)

Krystal Delicious Pack (September 2019)

SFW + NSFW (two edits) + sketches + 3k .psd fie with all layers.

Krystal_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Mayvara Sweet Pack (May 2019)

SFW artwork in hi res + SFW of the cropped edit of the artwork without the inflatable wheel

Mayvara_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Ciri Delicious

for archive purposes

Ciri_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Felicia Delicious

for archivial purposes

Felicia_-_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Maid Marian Delicious Pack (July 2019)

hi-res of SFW and NSFW versions of the artwork + photoshop file with all layers

Maid_Marian_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Twilight Sparkle - SWEET pack (December 2019)

2 variants of SFW version in high res (d)

Midnight Delicious Pack (January 2020)

SFW + NSFW hi-res versions + 3k photoshop file (d)

Mulan Delicious

for archivial

Mulan_delicious.rar (d)

Amelia Delicious

for archive purposes

Amelia_from_Treasure_Planet_-_DELICIOUS.rar (d)

Mayvara Delicious Pack (May 2019)

hi res of SFW + NSFW of the main and cropped versions of the artwork + .psd file for archival purposes

Mayvara_DELICIOUS_pack.rar (d)

Halloween Aonika - SWEET pack

WEB + hi-res files of SFW version of the artwork

Aonika_halloween_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Maid Marian Sweet Pack (February 2020)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork (d)

Perdita Sweet

For archival purposes

Perdita_SWEET_pack.rar (d)

Mulan Sweet

For archive

Mulan_sweet.rar (d)

Midnight Sweet Pack (January 2020)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork (d)

Jenna Sweet Pack (March 2020)

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork (d)

Rainbow: PURPLE - for Arcano Lulamoon

Sat Oct 24 19:50:23 2020

This one is So Very Purple! :) I was really lucky with the characters for this challenge, everyone I have is so very suitable for their color <3

purple_-_for_Arcano_WEB.jpg purple_-_for_Arcano.png purple_-_for_Arcano_WEB.jpg

Commission for DiChic and ElyJem - full size

Sat Oct 24 19:39:03 2020

I completed this one a few days earlier but somehow I completely forgot to post it! ^^; Time flies so fast recently!

The fun thing is that I have prepared some extra content with it, a psd file and a step by step timelapse, I will submit it in next post <3 Have a nice weekend guys!

96_-_DiChic_n_ElyJem_WEB.jpg 96_-_DiChic_n_ElyJem.png

October stream with rewards - what date and time?

Fri Oct 23 07:58:24 2020

Please let me know which date is best for you to attend to the stream! I am going to do live-sketch of the picked artwork, so it will be ince if you can be there.

There may be some extra headshot sketch for someone attending this stream as well :)
(for Patrons from all $5+ tiers)

(Pick several options if they are okay for you)

September stream reward - full size

Fri Oct 23 07:52:08 2020

Artwork from last month's stream, next week we'll have another one where you will be able to get a similar artwork! :)

this one is done for Eidi

Please let me know if you would like to have the stream in the poll in the next post!

99_-_september_reward_WEB.jpg 99_-_september_reward.png

Rainbow: Light Blue - photshop file

Thu Oct 22 18:40:28 2020

All layers from sketch to final artwork in the photoshop file.

Download below if you're interested :)

light_blue_-_for_OmniWorldImaginator_WEB.jpg light_blue_-_for_OmniWorldImaginator.jpg

Rainbow: DARK BLUE - for Icebounde

Thu Oct 22 14:42:12 2020

At first I drew just a head-shot of this sweetie, now a thigh up, next will be a fullbody - a lovely progression isn't it? ^3^

I made two versions, the difference is only in the details of the markings- personally I like how the diamonds are slightly fuzzy on the edges, but I was not sure if that will be the good approach for Icebounde as well, so there are simply two options to pick from

dark_blue_-Icebounde_WEB_ver2.jpg dark_blue_-Icebounde_WEB.jpg dark_blue_-Icebounde_ver2.png dark_blue_-Icebounde.png

Rainbow: LIGHT BLUE - for OmniWorldImaginator

Wed Oct 21 11:35:55 2020

First time I am drawing this guy fully nude! And it was a great occasion to think more about his markings. I hope I did everything right! ^^

light_blue_-_for_OmniWorldImaginator_WEB.jpg light_blue_-_for_OmniWorldImaginator.png

Cake artworks - sketches

Wed Oct 21 11:02:17 2020

Hallooween inspired, slightly darker and more bold in lines sketches this time.

first one is a fanart of Magica de Spell from Ducktales, requested by Arcano.
Huge challenge at first, but now I am looking forward to complete her (only need to think about the feet, glad that there are stockings on each piece, a lot will be covered, I am not a fan of duck feet ...never really drew any, so it is difficult to judge!)

second sketch is for Techorb - red panda, the same as on the last chair-series artwork in petite Witch costume

third Enreeu's Enrizu dressed up as a red riding hood

105_-_Techorb_cake_sketch.jpg 106_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 104_-_Arcano_cake_sketch.jpg

Rainbow: GREEN - for AkioMai

Mon Oct 19 13:02:48 2020

Feeling like it is Christmas already when drawing him <3

I am so proud of the pose, can I please use it as my base for all male artworks in the future? :D

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

green_-_for_AkioMai_WEB.jpg green_-_for_AkioMai.png

Patreon pinup: Lucifer from Helltaker - sketch

Mon Oct 19 12:57:46 2020

Lucifer in her lovely apron <3

A nude sketchie will be available in the final pack. I am thinking about drawing her on a kitchen floor or table next to a bowl with pancake batter ... :D

Lucifer_sketch_nude.jpg Lucifer_sketch.jpg

DiChic and ElyJem commission - WIP

Fri Oct 16 13:52:07 2020

clean lineart - check!

I think this will be a nice piece to share the .psd file and another step by step with you, so stay tuned :>


Rainbow: YELLOW - final

Fri Oct 16 13:48:34 2020

Sweet froggo girl (my first ever!) all in yellow <3 for ToyBoxofJoy

yellow_-_ToyBoxOfJoy_WEB.jpg yellow_-_ToyBoxOfJoy.png

Rainbow: ORANGE - final

Thu Oct 15 12:21:35 2020

and the second one done as well ^^ - orange is for Valorel

I am showing you two at once, because before finishing any I wanted to figure out a bg that will suit all characters. Seems that this is done :) I hope you don't mind the monochrome background!

PS: this one has been mirrored from the sketch to show the earrings

orange_-_for_Valorel_WEB.jpg orange_-_for_Valorel.png

Rainbow: RED - final

Thu Oct 15 12:19:17 2020

first one completed!
for Aidanmash

red_-_Aidanmash_WEB.jpg red_-_Aidanmash.png

Freeline coloring - WIP

Thu Oct 15 11:54:59 2020

I found a lovely free lineart by OrphenSirius and I loved it! check it out yourself, a lot of species is available and evrything is such greatly prepared and base-colored <3

To me such free lines are a great excuse to play around with my own characters :>

So, I have dabbed some colors and made two versions. The day one being opposite of Halloween was done just for fun and will probably be scrapped, but I would like to polish the night one some more

1_freeline_halloween_-_line_by_OrphenSirius_ver1.jpg 1_freeline_halloween_-_line_by_OrphenSirius_ver2.jpg

Commission for Aidanmash - step by step

Wed Oct 14 11:19:16 2020

some small step by step for you, as promised :)


Commission for Ricochetcoyote - WIP

Tue Oct 13 12:49:10 2020

Updated sketch of the sad Tamara by the window. I have added the color and played with some minor details that you may miss from the first glance - I am adding you the previous version just to show what changed.

Thanks for looking and have a nice day :)

91_-_Ricochetcoyote_wip1.jpg 91_-_Ricochetcoyote_wip2.jpg 91_-_Ricochetcoyote_3.jpg

Potion making YCH - early access

Mon Oct 12 19:12:08 2020

It was supposed to be an YCH colab with Iskra, bu we'll do some other idea next month and I'll just complete this one by my own - so if you're looking for some Halloween themed piece I will be happy to put your character here!

art will be completed on Halloween

SB: 150 eur
bid >400 eur opens nude edit and payment plan
bid >500 eur opens custom color and details of the outfit
AB1: 600 eur
AB2: 900 eur - opens painterly quality
(yeah, I know it is a lot but I have a lot on my plate and the deadline is short so this is option for only really very interested buyer and on my side I will made my best to give you best quality in this short time)


- only female
- any similar species (too much horns for example may be troublesome for this hat, but if you're okay with adjusting the hat or your OC I am open for suggestions)
- bodytype as sketched (can be adjusted slightly (breast size, some more fluff or curves)
- small wings are okay
- payment (or first part if payment plan is accepted) must be done within maximum week from completing the auction

auction will be posted on FA this Friday with the highest bid unless hits an AB which ends the auction
- after posting on FA the auction will end 48h after last bid
- after posting on FA both AB will be cancelled
-if someone claims AB1 it closes the auction and placing AB2 will not be possible

potion_making_WEB.jpg potion_making.jpg

September reward - WIP

Mon Oct 12 12:05:56 2020

I am enjoying the rough/painterly sketches today <3 - and while the piece I just submitted (snuggling on the couch) will be finished in clean soft shading style I hope to archive more painterly look when refining this one - not full realism, some kind of a sketchy painting.

character (c) Eidi

99_-_september_reward_sketch_WEB.jpg 99_-_september_reward_sketch.jpg 99_-_september_reward_sketch.jpg

Commission for DiChic and ElyJem - sketch

Mon Oct 12 12:00:51 2020

Snuggling on a couch turned into something way more intimate. What a nice way to spend a day ;)

79_-_ShyCyborg_wip03.jpg 100_-_DiChic_n_ElyJem_sketch.jpg

October patreon pinup

Mon Oct 12 08:29:17 2020

Distracted by the rainbow pieces I am slightly late with this poll, but the art will have to be done around Halloween, so I will certainly manage to finish it on time ^^ Just help me pick the one who should I draw this month!


- first two characters does not need any costume or accessories for the pinup, they are Halloweenish enough as they are!

- I will do a second poll for Sally to pick either she should be human or anthronized

- for the last two halloween-themed pinups I'll do a second poll to pick how they should be dressed up

personal sketch

Mon Oct 12 08:07:48 2020

as a warm-up today I had some fun with my husbands character. I really like such mane on the neck for wolves and I think I will keep it for this design from now on n_n

103_-_my_sketch.jpg 103_-_my_sketch.jpg

Commission for Icebounde - WIP

Thu Oct 8 12:54:52 2020

Some more refined sketch with a better anatomy. I messed it up a bit in the rough version ^^; But now it all should look just well <3

I am very happy to use that recently scrapped bg with Icebounde's character doing some magic!


Commission for Aidanmash - full size

Thu Oct 8 12:44:16 2020

Finally, a completed piece with this lovely snake girl finally! ^^

After the weekend! I will prepare you a nice step by step with all the WIPs I took while working on this one

92_-_Aidanmash_WEB.jpg 92_-_Aidanmash.png

Rainbow Art Challenge - sketches

Wed Oct 7 12:55:25 2020

I never posted so many sketches at one time, that feels great! ^_^

I hope you'll enjoy your character and the extra sketchy lineup (I'll complete it with fully finished artworks too, everyone without wings there, sorry!)

if anything needs to be changed for anyone please DM me and we'll fix what you need <3

lineup_sketch1_WEB.jpg lineup_sketch2_WEB.jpg dark_blue_-_forIcebounde.jpg brown_-_for_ShyCyborg.jpg gray_-_for_DiChic.jpg black_-_for_Ameshki.jpg green_-_for_AkioMai.jpg pink_-_for_Sorellia.jpg purple_-_for_Arcano.jpg red_-_Aidanmash.jpg yellow_-_ToyBoxOfJoy.jpg light_blue_-_for_OmniWorldImaginator.jpg orange_-_for_Valorel.jpg white_-_for_DragonChaz.jpg gray_-_for_DiChic.jpg light_blue_-_for_OmniWorldImaginator.jpg yellow_-_ToyBoxOfJoy.jpg

Commission for Aidanmash - special WIP

Tue Oct 6 12:57:26 2020

No special WIP for a while, so here it goes, especially for all the 10+ patrons with love ;) I stopped working on this one and focused on sketches again. The good side is that soon I should have all sketches ready for the Rainbow challenge! ^__^


Commission for Maledivus - sketch

Tue Oct 6 12:49:57 2020

rough and more refined versions.

This piece is featuring Mal's new character Ariana and my dragon babe Mayvara (on the right)

Will be soft shading

102_-_Maledivus_sketch.jpg 102_-_Maledivus_sketch2.jpg

Commission for Aidanmash - WIP

Mon Oct 5 18:15:37 2020

I am working on the naga lady and doing the first sketches of the rainbow pieces. Busy-busy, but I am very glad how everything looks so far, I hope you'll like it too! ^_^

With this many bdsm commissions soon you may start to call me the Head Mistress of Bondage or something like that! :D

92_-_Aidanmash_WIP.jpg 92_-_Aidanmash_wip2.jpg

Bertrand and Vydra - full size

Fri Oct 2 06:48:22 2020

style: iron artist

After the 'sketch week' it is a 'finishing week' now :) I have another piece completed for you, This time for OmniWorldImaginator, a couple I really wanted to draw again, it has been so long since the last one! Thank you, Omni, for the opportunity

81_-_Omniworldimaginator_WEB.jpg 81_-_Omniworldimaginator.png

Treasure amongst treasures - full size

Fri Oct 2 06:36:59 2020

style: soft shading

Finished commission for JellyDoeOpal - where I guess drawing bg took me the same amount of time as drawing the character again! But it was worth it in my opinion. Worth every penny ;)

87_-_JellyDoeOpal_WEB.jpg 87_-_JellyDoeOpal.png

Krystal DELICIOUS pack

Tue Sep 29 14:35:21 2020

SFW hi-res version + extra NSFW edit of the artwork + .psd file with all layers I used to create this piece
(this time I created really a lot of layers, this piece was somehow very complicated to complete 0_o)

and timelapse to be downloaded below:

Krystal SWEET pack

Tue Sep 29 14:33:08 2020

SFW version of the artwork in hi-res + all sfw sketches

Patreon pinup: Krystal

Tue Sep 29 14:32:05 2020

Early acce4ss of WEB size for all of you, I hope you will enjoy and thank you for your support!

I will send the sweet and delicious packs in a moment.


Commission for JellyDoeOpal - WIP

Tue Sep 29 10:39:57 2020

this is coming along nicely, I need to work more on the brightness and darkness, the light is a tiny bit too intense now. Beautiful Opal again <3


Free sketch for DiChic - full size

Tue Sep 29 10:29:20 2020

Fun little sketch from today's stream. Badas and even more bad-ass versions 8D
Be sure to join us next time to have a chance to grab something similar

98_-_DiChic_1.jpg 98_-_DiChic_2.jpg

STREAM this Tuesday

Sat Sep 26 15:09:05 2020

29.09.2020 8:00 UTC

countdown to the stream:

the artwork will be a Thigh-up painting of your OC that will be sketched in real time with your guidelines, so prepare some references and join me! <3 :)

Commission for BatSae - full size

Fri Sep 25 12:11:59 2020

Something else than a sketch finally! :)

I am not sure if I am 100% happy with the difference in detail level for the character and the background, it looks like an old cartoon, where bgs were painted and we had characters animated on top of that ^^; It has it's charm, I have to admit that, but from now I think I will have to stick to only simple background for the iron artist pieces

80_-_Batsae_WEB.jpg 80_-_Batsae_WEB.jpg 80_-_Batsae.png

Commission for Ameshiki - sketch

Fri Sep 25 10:48:19 2020

A drow girl <3 It will be a fully painted artwork, I am so looking forward to have it done already! ^_^

97_-_Ameshiki_nude.jpg 97_-_Ameshiki_nude.jpg 97_-_Ameshiki.jpg

Commission for Techorb - sketch

Fri Sep 25 10:47:12 2020

very original idea of a commission based on a soviet poster!

characters (c) Corvo

96_-_Techorb_Corvo_sketch.jpg 96_-_Techorb_Corvo_sketch.jpg 96_-_Techorb_Corvo_sketch_2.jpg

Patreon pinup Krystal - special WIP

Thu Sep 24 19:28:06 2020

...and before I go to bed a little something sweet especially for my 10+ patrons. I need to spoil you from time to time :)

Krystal_WIP.jpg Krystal_WIP.jpg

Commission for OmniWorldImaginator - WIP

Thu Sep 24 18:53:25 2020

I am not completely absent with fresh artworks today, here is progress from one of the commissions. I need to add a nice cool light source and this should look just great!

style: iron artist

81_-_Omniworldimaginator_WIP.jpg 81_-_Omniworldimaginator_WIP.jpg

MLP patreon pinups - remastered

Thu Sep 24 10:58:52 2020

I am going to release a big MLP pack on my gumroad and by that occasion I did some repaints! :)

- my first ever two patreon pinups were Rainbow Dash and then a Twilight Sparkle,
Rainbow needs a bit more work before I can call her done, but I think that Twilight looks pretty decent now

- Sunset Shimmer had some weird body proportions, I changed what I could, other than that I still love her mojito so much!

- Celestia needed only small adjustments so it took me just a moment to complete

- Twilight Sparkle was repainted last year and I only changed the watermark on her

Twilight_Sparkle_WEB.jpg Twilight_Sparkle_WEB.jpg Celestia_WEB.jpg Sunset_shimmer_WEB.jpg Fluttershy_web.jpg

Commission for Aidanmash - sketch

Wed Sep 23 13:01:39 2020

a snake in bondage - something I never tried or seen before (I guess I maybejust have not seen enough lewds yet xD)

94_-_Aidanmash_sketch.jpg 94_-_Aidanmash_sketch.jpg

Tender touch - full size

Wed Sep 23 12:22:39 2020

Completed painterly YCH for Killow21! I feel like finally everything is in the right place. These were very sweet characters to paint. So much hues of blue! :)

PS: while the illustrations keep taking me more and more time to complete and I am still going to progress in adding more and more detail to them I am going to change the price for them again soon :o

82_-_Kilow21_ych_nude_WEB.jpg 82_-_Kilow21_ych_nude_WEB.jpg 82_-_Kilow21_ych_WEB.jpg 82_-_Kilow21_ych_nude.png 82_-_Kilow21_ych.png

Tender touch - special WIP

Tue Sep 22 13:30:22 2020

100% zoom of the faces for you! <3

I am very close to completing this one! n_n I just need a little break to finish up all the details I might have missed today

82_-_Kilow21_ych_special_WIP.jpg 82_-_Kilow21_ych_special_WIP.jpg

Commission for BatSae - WIP

Tue Sep 22 13:28:27 2020

Character is almost done, I need to finish up the rest of the background

80_-_Batsae_WIP.jpg 80_-_Batsae_WIP.jpg

Commission for JellyDoeOpal - sketch

Mon Sep 21 11:08:43 2020

and another sketch, featuring lovely Opal again.

....I think I need to take a break from these sketches and finally finish up something ^^;

87_-_JellyDoeOpal_sketch.jpg 87_-_JellyDoeOpal_sketch.jpg

YCH for Sorellia - sketches

Mon Sep 21 11:06:35 2020

I am reworking another YCH that was grabbed recently. And again - the final result looks almost nothing like the original sketch, YCh are one big surprise :)

93_-_Sorellia_YCH_sketch_nude.jpg 93_-_Sorellia_YCH_sketch_nude.jpg 93_-_Sorellia_YCH_sketch.jpg 93_-_Sorellia_YCH_WIP.jpg bondage_01.jpg

Commission for Ricochetcoyote - sketches

Fri Sep 18 12:57:55 2020

Last from the batch of sketches, enjoy! :)

It is so nice to draw Tamara again, even if this image shows maybe is not the best moment of her story

91_-_Ricochetcoyote_1.jpg 91_-_Ricochetcoyote_1.jpg 91_-_Ricochetcoyote_2.jpg 91_-_Ricochetcoyote_3.jpg

Commission for Edel - sketches

Fri Sep 18 12:55:13 2020

sketch and sketch 2.0 ;)

88-_EdelH_sketch.jpg 88-_EdelH_sketch.jpg 88-_EdelH_wip.jpg

Commission for Icebounde - sketches

Fri Sep 18 12:53:47 2020

first sketches, I am playing around with the outfit - a lot may still change there

90_-_Icebounde_1.jpg 90_-_Icebounde_1.jpg 90_-_Icebounde_2.jpg

New oc: Chilli - sketch + wip

Thu Sep 17 12:57:44 2020

Just as the name says - I am working on a new oc (kind of mascot for all my new chilli lemonade public places, like discord, website etc :) )

At the very beginning I wanted to made her body fully red - but now I like her with some pink hues on her body and I am torn apart between my initial idea and what I like now :x

She is not yet completed, I am thinking about adding her more markings (probably red) and accessories

chilli_-_sketch_01.jpg chilli_-_sketch_01.jpg chilli_-_wip_01.jpg

Tender touch YCH - exclusive WIP

Thu Sep 17 12:45:44 2020

Coming back to the big artworks today. I am starting to really like colors on this one, so it is a good moment to start the details

82_-_Kilow21_ych_WIP2.jpg 82_-_Kilow21_ych_WIP2.jpg

Commission for ShyCyborg - full size

Wed Sep 16 12:35:38 2020

and completed! I am super happy how Thessa looks fully refined and polished, it was great fun to paint her

79_-_ShyCyborg_bondage__dress_WEB.jpg 79_-_ShyCyborg_bondage__dress.png 79_-_ShyCyborg_bondage.png 79_-_ShyCyborg_dress.png 79_-_ShyCyborg_bondage__dress_WEB.jpg 79_-_ShyCyborg_bondage_WEB.jpg

Patreon pinup: Krystal - sketch

Wed Sep 16 11:17:40 2020

Busy girl enjoying a drink after long day of work got interrupted by an unwanted visitor.


Visited by person might actuallyis welcome and useful 8)

What a twist of plot, oh my! ;)

Krystal_nsfw_sketch.jpg Krystal_nsfw_sketch.jpg

Commission for Batsae - WIP

Tue Sep 15 13:06:48 2020

a neat summoning piece, perfect to be submitted around the Halloweeen :>

I took a break from working on the bigger pieces and completed lineart for this iron artist piece for BatSae. Bg got some rework as well - bylooking at it now I guess it will take me almost as much time as the character itself :o :)

80_-_Batsae_wip1.jpg 80_-_Batsae_wip1.jpg 80_-_Batsae_wip2.jpg

Commission for ShyCyborg - extra WIP

Mon Sep 14 17:35:40 2020

I need to add the dress, finish up the background and it will be done <3

79_-_ShyCyborg_extra_WIP.jpg 79_-_ShyCyborg_extra_WIP.jpg

Techorb cake artwork

Mon Sep 14 17:30:11 2020

and final one from the series, Techorb's panda character.

Geez, to little for my taste, these were super fun to made! I wish to do some more of these in the future :)

85_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 85_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 85_-_Techorb_cake.png

cake artwork for Enreeu - full size

Mon Sep 14 17:28:09 2020

continuing the chair session with Enreeu's shark gal

84_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 84_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 84_-_Enreeu_cake.png

ych for ShyCyborg + stream announcement

Fri Sep 11 18:12:11 2020

Final lineart and some flat coloring. And again a bunch of versions - while the last one is just a kind of extra mix between the first two.

would you like to see this one being colored on stream next Monday?
(if yes, I invite you to my picarto around 09:00-12:00 CET time)

79_-_ShyCyborg_wip01.jpg 79_-_ShyCyborg_wip01.jpg 79_-_ShyCyborg_wip02.jpg 79_-_ShyCyborg_wip03.jpg

Afterhours - full size

Fri Sep 11 18:07:51 2020

Thank you JellyDoeOpal for this lovely commission! :) It took a while to render in detail but I hope it was worth it

77_-_JellyDoeOpal_nsfw_WEB.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_nsfw_WEB.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_sfw_2_WEB.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_nsfw.png 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_sfw_WEB.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_sfw_2.png 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_sfw.png

September patreon pinup poll

Thu Sep 10 06:16:58 2020

Hey, a bit later than promised, but here is this month poll. Please help me pick the right character :)

I got distracted by the rainbow challenge, check it out, there is a few slots left!

commission JellyDoeOpal - exclusive WIP

Thu Sep 10 06:07:37 2020

just a special close up of Opal And Melly... :) thanks for looking! :)

77_-_JellyDoeOpal_exclusive_wip.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_exclusive_wip.jpg

cake art sketches

Tue Sep 8 13:58:27 2020

This month I am making a series involving a chair prop I am really happy about. I am glad you're going to enjoy this idea! :)

sketches for Enreeu and Techorb.

84_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 84_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 85_-_Techorb_cake_sketch.jpg

Cake artwork for Arcano

Tue Sep 8 13:56:57 2020

featuring Verelin's character, a ruby witch

83_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 83_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 83_-_Arcano_cake.png

Badge for Zionsangel

Tue Sep 8 07:48:08 2020

I always enjoyed Freya's design and it was very nice to paint her myself finally. This is the last from the batch of badges, I learned a lot from them and I hope you enjoyed this series :)

badge_04_-_Zionsangel_WEB2.jpg badge_04_-_Zionsangel_WEB2.jpg badge_04_-_Zionsangel_WEB1.jpg

Rainbow art challenge - OPEN

Mon Sep 7 20:40:54 2020

Hi guys! This year I decided to join Yasmil in her art challenge and also do some color-themed artworks ^_^


Each slot is 150 eur
(can be paid next month)

- to claim the slot character color or markings have to match the color from the list
- art examples above, a thigh up with gradient bg
- any gender / any bodytype / any design
- arts are going to be artistic nudity
- arts are going to be completed in October

- the slots are going to be anounced officially in two-three weeks, so you have plenty of time to think about it.

🌈color list:

red: Aidanmash
orange: Valorel
yellow: JellyDoeOpal
purple: Arcano
light blue: OmniworldImaginator
dark blue: Icebounde
brown: ShyCyborg
gray : DiChic

comment here or send me a message to claim a s

🌈 final ych event

as a final event me and Yasmil are going to do an ych collab with a rainbow themed artwork. Details are going to be announced later :)

The good news is the auction will have a special a bonus for people who participate in the challenge, but we still have to discuss what it will be exactly ^^;

logosik_duzy.jpg logosik_duzy.jpg

Commission for JellyDoeOpal - WIP

Fri Sep 4 10:57:13 2020

I forgot to post it yesterday, but here it is finally :) Soon I hope to send you some zoom of the faces when they will be fully done

77_-_JellyDoeOpal_special_WIP.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_special_WIP.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_wip.jpg

WAFFLE+ tiers free artwork

Thu Sep 3 07:31:11 2020

Hi guys!

I want to start the free art event from this month . This reward will be starting from WAFFLE tier
(delicious cupcakes have their special version of pinup, cakes can order artwork at any time and I think that waffle could use a special art-reward as well)

The question is:

Do you think it is fair to increase the tier cost to get better quality of the artworks?
- PIECE OF CAKE 35usd -> to 45 usd
- CAKE 115usd -> to 125 usd
- WAFFLE f20usd ->to 25 usd

I can't edit price of existing tier, so I will have to create new tiers . And while cake and piece of cake are limited I would like to give the current owners the first dibs if they are still interested.

for a start the art to get is going to be a badge like these I made earlier this month, getting better with more people joining the waffle tier

Tender touch YCH - WIP

Thu Sep 3 07:18:41 2020

body details are added, it is starting to get it's final shape, now onto the details and coloring! Instead of female couple planned before we have couple of femboys - ychs never stop to surprise me ^_^

style to be: painterly


Commission for OmniWorldImaginator - sketch

Thu Sep 3 07:14:43 2020

I am sketching down all the new artworks that got paid on the queue lately. This one is witch characters I had a chance to draw before and I am looking forward to work on them again :)

style to be: iron artist


Commission for Batsae - sketches

Wed Sep 2 07:35:32 2020

If it were me I'd finish up the version with moon and arcane circle on the ground ...but as always not I am to made the final choices, the last one is the most similar to BatSae's description. I may have a bg for auction soon! ;)

80_-_Batsae_3__wings.jpg 80_-_Batsae_5.jpg 80_-_Batsae_sketch2.jpg 80_-_Batsae_5.jpg

Commission for Aidanmash - full size

Tue Sep 1 17:34:34 2020

She is done. Still hanging and still don't giving a sh** about that ;)

Probably the most weird pose I ever drew, not only because of the placement of the legs and arms, but because of the angle and the weight of all elements. I am glad I had an opportunity to draw it, thanks Aidanmash <3

when rendering the final details I noticed that her eyelashes should be white actually! As I liked the idea I think it is very confusing at the first glance when looking at the resized image and I may use the normal dark version in my gallery. But the more I look the more I like them... they are very intriguing detail.

76_-_Aidanmarsh_white_eyelashes_WEB.jpg 76_-_Aidanmarsh_WEB.jpg 76_-_Aidanmarsh_white_eyelashes_WEB.jpg 76_-_Aidanmarsh_white_eyelashes.png 76_-_Aidanmarsh.png

Commission for Techorb - full size

Mon Aug 31 15:00:04 2020

iron artist piece with a very simple background that adds a lot of impact. Despite what I said on discord I decided to work on this one instead, I am glad to post it as the last artwork for this month.

I am very glad how this look, I am especially about the the wings that were stressing me this much! :) Thanks for asking me to do this artwork, Techorb!

note: second version only does not have these yellow 'special effects'

78_-_Techorb_commish_WEB1.jpg 78_-_Techorb_commish_WEB2.jpg 78_-_Techorb_commish.png

Commission for Aidanmash - exclusive WIP

Sat Aug 29 10:42:30 2020

quite a lot of details for a WIP, but still a lot needs to be done :) ...what do you think so far?


Commission for ShyCyborg - sketch

Fri Aug 28 12:33:46 2020

One of the open Ychs claimed by Shycyborg (you can see the 'before' in second upload) I am always amazed how an artwork can change with placing different character in it - adding winged Thessa here really changed a lot!

This is going to be a soft shading piece with an extra clothed edit, but I have not sketched the clothes yet.

79_-_ShyCyborg_sketch.jpg bondage_03.jpg

Badge for Elwiing - full size

Fri Aug 28 12:30:46 2020

Two versions of the expression, the sketched one was for a dragon girl and I was not sure if that works well for a wolf do I made a small edit of it. I hope commissioner will like how this looks, personally I love doing these badges, I look forward to open this as a reward on new tier on Patreon - so if you like this idea as well - stay tuned! (:

All of the paid badges are done, only one waits for payment before I can complete it.

Texas for Elwiing

badge_05_-_Elwiing_01_transparent.png badge_05_-_Elwiing_WEB1.jpg badge_05_-_Elwiing_02_transparent.png badge_05_-_Elwiing_WEB2.jpg

Icebounde badge - full size

Wed Aug 26 12:30:19 2020

Artwork from yesterday's stream. Thanks for joining me guys! <3

badge_01_-_icebounde_WEB1.jpg badge_01_-_icebounde_WEB2.jpg badge_01_-_icebounde_transparent.png

Commision for Techorb - sketch

Wed Aug 26 08:53:37 2020

I am happy to introduce you another villain, I am getting better in them!

Here I am really looking forward to play with these magic wings, I want to create a nice 'black hole' effect on them, like they are made of dark energy, slightly glowing with red light. Never done that before on such complicated object, but it should be fine. ...I guess :D

78_-_Techorb_commish_sketch_1.jpg 78_-_Techorb_commish_sketch_1.jpg 78_-_Techorb_commish_sketch_2.jpg

Tender touch- YCH auction

Mon Aug 24 21:11:29 2020

When creating the folder with unused sketches I found out this one.. and I felt that I would really like to finish it! <3 So if you like the idea feel welcome to bid!\


will be avaiable on Fa in a moment! :)


Badges - part1

Mon Aug 24 13:53:21 2020

First two badges completed <3 I had tons of fun drawing them, I certainly can add such tier to my Patreon somewhere soon, I'm looking forward to draw more!

done for for ZenobiaBenz and GrayPawn

badge_02_-_ZenobiaBenz_WEB1.jpg badge_03_-_grayPawn_WEB1.jpg badge_03_-_grayPawn_WEB2.jpg badge_03_-_grayPawn_transparent.png badge_02_-_ZenobiaBenz_WEB2.jpg badge_02_-_ZenobiaBenz_WEB1.jpg badge_02_-_ZenobiaBenz_transparent.png badge_02_-_ZenobiaBenz_WEB1.jpg badge_03_-_grayPawn_WEB1.jpg

Custom species - sketch

Mon Aug 24 12:35:07 2020

A traditional sketch for a change <3 Sorry for the bad quality of the art, it is just a photo I took with my phone :o Idea of my custom species I am playing around in my head for a long while.

She has some very thick tail, doesn't she? But it is not going to be her trait, I just had fun drawing it.


what I explained today on Discord:

"Finally I made some progress on my custom species. I think of making a race of dragons with two subspecies. if you recall my Mayvara is a sun dragoness and that will be one. So now I am designing 'moon' dragon example

the important traits is going to be some detailed horn designs and a lot of jewellery and white silk clothing. And of course different color palette for each"

01_-_sketch_-colored.jpg 01_-_sketch_-colored.jpg 01_-_sketch_mockup.jpg 01_-_sketch.jpg 01_-_sketch_-colored.jpg 01_-_sketch.jpg Mayvara_sfw_small.png

Hazel - full size

Sun Aug 23 16:50:44 2020

Finished illustration for DragonChaz. Thank you for leaving me the artistic freedom on this one <3 !

70_-_DragonChaz_WEB.jpg 70_-_DragonChaz.png

DOUGHNUT + WAFFLE tier upgrade

Sun Aug 23 09:50:00 2020

Hi there!

I added new per $5+ tier patrons - you can now grab some of my sketches as an instant YCH at the same moment grabbing a slot on the VIP commission list. This is going to be available from time to time for around a week from submitting a sketch.

after that time such sketch may be only accessed for the $20+ patrons through the google drive (along with a bigger selection of unused sketches. Send me a message if you would like to grab any and get an instant commission slot on the VIP list)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here! :)

Afterhours - sketch

Sat Aug 22 17:09:25 2020

It is a good day for drawing I have another sketch for you! ^_^ (as long as I am able to ignore the heat of 30 degrees I have in my room today XP)

A sketch and a and few step by step rougher sketches - of a commission for JellyDoeOpal. As you can see in the first draft it is so much easier to draw just torsos without arms! Trying to not cover the 'important parts' while keeping the anatomy and proportions reasonable... Life of an artist is sometimes so tough! ;D

also featuring Mellybyte's character Melody

01.jpg 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_sketch_nsfw.jpg 77_-_JellyDoeOpal_sketch.jpg

Suspended bondage - sketches + YCH occassion

Sat Aug 22 14:59:38 2020

sketches of a commission for Aidanmarsh. We're going to complete the first most spicy one.

!- Last sketch is free to grab as an YCH commission if someone is interested, small changes are accepted :) (in any style you'd like to get it in the typical price)

76_-_Aidanmarsh_sketch_01.jpg 76_-_Aidanmarsh_sketch_01.jpg 76_-_Aidanmarsh_sketch_02.jpg 76_-_Aidanmarsh_sketch_03.jpg 76_-_Aidanmarsh_sketch_03.jpg

DragonChaz commission - exclusive WIPs

Thu Aug 20 12:33:32 2020

Almost a step by step of what kept me busy in last days. I promise I will reply to all messages soon I really felt lie drawing today *3*

70_-_wip01.jpg 70_-_wip02.jpg 70_-_DragonChaz_wip03.jpg

Edit of artwork for Hakuna - full size

Thu Aug 20 09:18:59 2020

I guess since I am separating my official Aonika-art arccount and this Aomori/chillilemonade lewd account I need to remove old artworks from my gallery or replace the watermarks on them... first option will be so much more easy! 0_o But I will probably replace the ones I like most - like this one for Hakuna.

A lot more could be done there, but I am happy with the new face and colors, so I thought I should share it with you. Original is from 2017. How the time flies.

10_-_Hakuna_2020_edit_WEB.jpg 10_-_Hakuna_2020_edit.png 10_-_Hakuna_edited.jpg

Cake artwork photoshop file

Mon Aug 17 19:10:07 2020

maybe you would like to see how the sweets are created, so here is the .psd file with all layers for you. Let the cake be with you! 8D

psd_files.png 74_-_Enreeu_cake.psd (d) 74_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg

Cake artworks - full size

Mon Aug 17 19:06:41 2020

For Techorb aka Maddensun Arcano and a special one for Enreeu. Thank you for your support guys!

73_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 73_-_Techorb_cake.png 75_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 75_-_Arcano_cake.png 74_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 74_-_Enreeu_cake.png

YCH badges - early access

Sun Aug 16 08:27:03 2020

Here are some more badges! I am much more productive in a morning with my coffe <3 and I managed to complete two more faces. Thanks guys for joining me yesterday on Discord and helping me with the first faces. I am so happy to practice more expressions, if you won't mind I'd be glad to made some more of these in the future. But that will be after some fullbody pieces I am hoping to do next.

So, onto the auction rules:

- any common species (with similar face structure, so octo-girls or avains are a nono. I can do you such one as a commission later on, no hard feelings here! - ask if unsure)

- female/femboy

- any colors of the name tag (you can leave it to me or send you fave color combo)

SB= 50 EUR (small adjustments of expression are okay. For example changing the eyebrows to ironic, changing corner of the lips. Ask if unsure)
AB= 200 EUR (here I can redraw the expression completely for you, anything you can imagine)

Auctions will be published officially on Tuesday, and at this moment 48h countdown after any bids you'd made will be started.


Kris badge - full size

Sun Aug 16 08:13:22 2020

for Xetsa!

Kris_for_Xetsa_WEB.jpg 72_-_Kris_for_Xsetsa_02.png 72_-_Kris_for_Xsetsa.png

Pin designs

Sat Aug 15 17:38:14 2020

Hi guys, I have a small poll for you, I am about to choose two characters for a pin - and I would like to give them to you via small auction. Maybe with extra hand drawn sketch or something nice...

So I would like to know who should be on the pins ^^

I picked my fave characters from patreon pinups, please pick the one you think would be best for a badge :) (imagine a bust cut out from each of these artworks)

PP: Gadget DELICIOUS pack

Sat Aug 15 14:51:17 2020

hi-res of the SFW and the NUDE version of the artwork for you
+ 3k photoshop file
+ sketches and WIPs

+ download the timelapse below:

Everything will be available till the end of the month.

Thank you for your support! <3

PP: Gadget SWEET pack

Sat Aug 15 14:48:14 2020

hi-res of the SFW version of the artwork for you. Will be avaiable til lthe end of the month.

Thank you for your support! <3

Patreon Pinup: Gadget

Sat Aug 15 14:41:25 2020

And here she is done <3 I am now a bit sorry that I have not made her miniaturized with big tools, like she was in the movie. But maybe next time! :D

all files will be sent to you in a moment


YCH portrait - timelapse

Sat Aug 15 12:23:45 2020

Sketching the portrait YCH bought by Xetsa. Now I need to complete the clean version! :)

sddefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_njw0aKGztLg_sddefault.jpg

PP: Gadget - special WIP

Thu Aug 13 17:16:00 2020

the artwork is progressing really nice <3 Loving the colors so far! Hope you'll like it too - you should see the final result somewhere tommorrow


Patreon pinup: Gadget - sketch

Thu Aug 13 13:33:45 2020

The choice was not easy but I couldn't stop myself from drawing this cutie first! Redesigning her clothes a little, but she will be wearing her typical lilac color for sure


Aonika sketch

Wed Aug 12 12:40:46 2020

Today for a good start of the day I made another quick sketch. Flirty Aonika with some more round body shape, but still with wings and a halo (I like these props a lot on her but I guess these won't be with her all-round design details)

04-_Ao_sketch_web.jpg 04-_Aonika_sketch.png 04-_Ao_sketch_flat.jpg

Cake artworks - sketches

Tue Aug 11 18:10:26 2020

EDIT: adding two updated sketches

Productive day today! I am happy I managed to complete pretty clean sketches of these three monthly artworks - one being some special +bg version what made me craving for some chocolate <3<3<3

Tommorrow I should start drawing the pinup, so it is the last time to vote if you have not done that yet! Have a nice day guys

74_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 74_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 73_-_Techorb_cake_sketch.jpg 75_-_Arcano_cake_sketch.jpg 74_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch2.jpg 75_-_Arcano_cake_sketch.jpg

Erin - full size

Tue Aug 11 18:02:11 2020

finished soft shading commission for Eidi. Thanks for opportunity to draw Erin again! :)

68_-_Eidi_WEB.jpg 68_-_Eidi.png 68_-_Eidi_WEB.jpg

August patreon pinup

Wed Aug 5 16:08:45 2020

Thank you for suggesting the characters, now let's pick the one for this month's artwork

Soaring - full size

Wed Aug 5 15:28:56 2020

Round and round with this one! But finally done :) The first one is the main version Drake asked for, second is my quick edit, since I was really curious how it'd look and decided to save that for anyone else who'd be interested in seeing that.

and hey, with two different dragon designs this pose would made a nice yin and yang piece!

59_-_DraketheKing_2_WEB.jpg 59_-_DraketheKing_WEB.jpg 59_-_DraketheKing.png 59_-_DraketheKing_2.png

#faceyourart challenge

Wed Aug 5 07:37:27 2020

furriez for twitter and humanz for instagram edits :) <3

face_your_art_2020_humans.jpg face_your_art_2020_humans.jpg face_your_art_2020.jpg

Portrait YCH - early access

Tue Aug 4 13:23:30 2020

I am thinking about offering some simpler pieces as an ychs or commissions and here is the first one, a portrait/badge thingy. What do you think?

* * *

I would like to offer this as an YCH with SB = 50EUR
(no AB yet so just place bid in comment if you're interested)

-you'll get a 2k size iron artist piece
- color of light on the side will be changed
- colors and font of the name tag will be changed as you'd like it to be

rules: but there is one thing I am asking for - the YCH character is supposed to look very similar to this sketched example. Only for you I am allowing to change the species of this, the hairstyle, expression are supposed to stay the same

* * *

PS: if you like the idea but your character is not fitting this template please just wait since I am going to do some more less defined heads to pick from in the future.

portrait_ych.jpg portrait_ych.jpg

A night to remember: part 2 - sketch

Tue Aug 4 11:11:13 2020

first very rough WIP of Airheart YCH. A lot may still change :)

Continuation of this one:

71_-_Airheart_ych_part_2_szkic_1.jpg 71_-_Airheart_ych_part_2_szkic_1.jpg 71_-_Airheart_ych_part_2_szkic_2.jpg

Cthyllith sketch - full size

Mon Aug 3 17:48:07 2020

thigh-up sketch done for Arcano

69_-_Arcano_WEB.jpg 69_-_Arcano_WEB.jpg 69_-_Arcano.png

The SS interrogation - full size

Mon Aug 3 17:25:03 2020

Wouldn't like to be the one she is looking at the moment x_x

anyway I found this piece very interesting to paint, not often have the bad characters as a theme. Thank you Tech for this commission!

70_-_Techorb_commish_WEB.jpg 70_-_Techorb_commish_WEB.jpg 70_-_Techorb_commish.png

Felicia poster - WIPs and full size

Mon Aug 3 16:37:48 2020

I am liking the idea of chill in my arts more and more! ^_^ Hope you'll enjoy it too

This one was a fun warmup, I realised I have not been painting my Felicia for such a long time! Some sketchy style here, but I am glad I finished it in one sitting <3

I would like to add an ultimate chilli tier here some day there ;D ...tho I am not pretty sure what it might be besides some bigger art reward

chilli_-_Felicia_WEB1.jpg chilli_-_Felicia_full.png chilli_-_Felicia_WEB1.jpg chilli_-_Felicia_WEB2.jpg step1.jpg step_2.jpg

Soaring - special WIP

Sat Aug 1 16:18:32 2020

Playing around with colors in this one <3


The SS interrogation - sketch

Sat Aug 1 16:15:52 2020

the title can say you most of the story behind thi spiece. It is Techorb's character Doku in nazi uniform.


The priestess - steps

Fri Jul 31 13:55:58 2020

You have seen some of these steps, but in the end I think it will be nice to see the whole process

When doing details I gave a try the different technique and painted everything in black and white. That step looked really nice and I was full of hope... but afterwards I added colors was not as intuitive as I expected it to be >_> and in the end coloring took me way longer than just using colors from the beginning. Maybe I need more practice, but I guess I won't try that any time soon again, I like my old trusted method of painting :)

56_-_Ohiri_1.jpg 56_-_Ohiri_3.jpg 56_-_Ohiri_5.jpg 56_-_Ohiri_WEB.jpg 56_-_Ohiri_4.jpg

The priestess - full size

Fri Jul 31 13:51:36 2020

finished illustration for Ohiri of a very pretty character Bree I had the privilege to paint before.

I had to take a few days of break before calling it done, but after the final touches made today ...I am happy with the result.
Ohiri already accepted it too <3

The process might be a bit more smooth tho. I tried a grayscale coloring in this one.. actually I may show you some steps in another post, gimme a moment to create it <3

56_-_Ohiri_WEB.jpg 56_-_Ohiri.png

Soaring - WIP#02

Fri Jul 31 13:45:56 2020

Lineart and flat colors are done, now onto the coloring! I am going to play with the warm sunset light on the bottom and cold blueish shine from the stars on top. Really looking forward to finish this one <3

for DraketheKing

59_-_DraketheKing_WIP.jpg 59_-_DraketheKing_WIP.jpg

Commission for Eidi - sketch + WIP

Wed Jul 29 13:03:27 2020

+edited WIP

I want to keep the simple background somewhat interesting... I guess we can somehow add a story to her standing in the middle of nowhere without her pants? Or maybe I should try some interior background :D

Asking you seriously, please let me know what you think <3

68_-_Eidi_sketch02.jpg 68_-_Eidi_sketch02.jpg 68_-_Eidi_sketch01.jpg 68_-_Eidi_sketch03.jpg

GeekiestGeeker - repaint - exclusive WIP

Wed Jul 29 12:02:52 2020

I just couldn't get what was off with that commission - while i loved the colors and details something was constantly not okay. I decided to give a try to slightly different pose - ended up repainting the face, hair and chest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gonna have a close look at this for a day or two and decide if it finally is what I want from this piece or maybe I could do more


Hazel - sketch

Wed Jul 29 11:42:03 2020

sketch of one of my fave dragonesses out there - Hazel for DragonChaz I already drew once. Thank you for leaving me total freedom in designing this piece, I am going to enjoy it to bits <3

going to be an illustration


Adopts reference sheets - full size

Wed Jul 29 11:37:04 2020

and these are finally done <3 Just needed a few details drawn and voila, two files can be marked 'completed' on the trello :)

68_-_Eidi_sketch01.jpg Hibby_reference_WEB.jpg Hibby_reference_full.png Thessa_reference_WEB.jpg Thessa_reference_full.png 68_-_Eidi_sketch01.jpg Thessa_reference_WEB.jpg

Reference sheets - WIPs

Fri Jul 24 18:38:38 2020

Two reference sheets that got an AB recently. So both showing the back side, and I had to finally draw it! ^_^ I gave a freedom of picking the final details and in the end one will be with portrait(s) and one with the NSFW zoom

Hibby_reference_WIP.jpg Hibby_reference_WIP.jpg Thessa_reference_WIP2.jpg

Summer avatar

Wed Jul 22 14:32:06 2020

...just having some fun ^_^


Arcano cake - full size

Wed Jul 22 14:26:50 2020

Thank you for the support!

67_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 67_-_Arcano_cake.png

Cake artwork for Techorb

Wed Jul 22 14:22:52 2020

thank you for your support! :)

66_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 66_-_Techorb_cake.png 67_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg

Cake arts sketch + flats

Tue Jul 21 21:01:37 2020

sketches done yesterday, linearts and flats from today's stream

66_-_Techorb_cake_sketch.jpg 66_-_Techorb_cake_sketch.jpg 67_-_Arcano_cake_sketch.jpg 66_-_Techorb_cake_flats.jpg 67_-_Arcano_cake_flats.jpg

Deimos - animated step by step

Mon Jul 20 11:14:48 2020

This one took a while so I saved quite a bunch of steps to share with you 8D


Deimos - full size

Mon Jul 20 11:11:59 2020

Completed illustration of Deimos a guy who really fancy electricity (he is a cyborg, what may explain a lot ;) )

for Edel H

will send you a step by step in a moment!

60_-_Edel_H__cum.png 60_-_Edel_H_WEB.jpg 60_-_Edel_H.png

HallowedScales dakimakura

Mon Jul 20 10:26:10 2020

One of the artworks I finished before going on hiatus for the weekend. Today I have put on some small details and saved all files I am very glad how it looks <3

- this time I am keeping the final biggest version (8k) only for the commissioner. I think I will do that with any future dakimakuras, just to be 100% safe with such a big file.

61_-_HallowedScales_back_lingerie_WEB.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_back_lingerie_WEB.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_back_nude_WEB.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_back_lingerie.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_front_lingerie_WEB.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_back_nude.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_front_nude_WEB.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_front_lingerie.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_front_nude.jpg

Female base - wings pack

Thu Jul 16 19:34:17 2020

Oie, it is done and avaiable through my Gumroad :)

For you available also here, for 50% of the price: 7USD

just send me a message and we will set up the details (payment traditionally via paypal)
you may buy it for yourself or give as a gift, I am fine with any <3
all info about the pack is in the link above

PS: I am going to take a few days off starting tommorrow, so I will send the packs after the weekend!


Enreeu cake - photoshop file

Mon Jul 13 17:07:16 2020

and finally something for my 10+ patrons, 2k photoshop file with all layers for you to check out! <3


(will be available for next two-three months)

...and that will be all from today's spam. Have a nice rest of the weekend ^_^

psd_files.png psd_files.png 65_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB2.jpg 65_-_Enreeu_cake_cover.jpg

July cake for Enreeu cake - sketch and full size

Mon Jul 13 17:03:18 2020

another gift for Yasmil, this time with her fursona Yas

it was so nice to draw this gal finally, she has some lovely design <3

65_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB1.jpg 65_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB1.jpg 65_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB2.jpg 65_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg

PP Summer Midnight: DELICIOUS pack

Mon Jul 13 17:00:12 2020

sfw and nsfw edit of the artwork in hi-res
+ animated step by step
+ 2 sketches
+ 3 wips
+ extra screenshow WIP
+ 3k photoshop file

thank you for your support guys! <3

PP Summer Midnight: SWEET pack

Mon Jul 13 16:58:10 2020

hi-res of the sfw version of the artwork + two sketches and one special WIP

Thank you for your support!

Patreon pinup: Summer Midnight

Mon Jul 13 16:56:47 2020

I am happy to announce that it is finished on time!

Sending you the hi-res sweet and delicious packs right now


GeekiestGeeker commission - Photoshop file

Sun Jul 12 18:34:58 2020

1k .psd fie with all layers from the last commission

download it there:

(will be available for this and next month)

psd_files.png 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_final_WEB.jpg

Animated step by step

Sun Jul 12 18:02:05 2020

I saved a bunch of screenshots for you while creating this one!

The gif is slightly dark at the end, so all the steps are also available as separate files. Presenting some magic liquify of the silhouette at the end ;)

62---Geekiest-Geeker-step-by-step-big.gif 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_sketch.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_2.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_3.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_4.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_5.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_6.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_7.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_full_02.png

Commission for GeekiestGeeker - full size

Sat Jul 11 07:48:52 2020

EDIT: on my second screen I noticed that this one was way too dark at the zombie area. I tried to adjust it to look good on both of my screens - but there is a thing I would like to ask - can you please tell me which version is better for you, the brighter(with extra blue flames) or the darker (old) one?

For example in the*old* one I was able to see all the wrinkles and muscles on the zombies, but that was almost one dark blob on my second screen.

* * *

phew, and this is done! ^_^

Thank you for joining my yesterday's stream, it was nice to hang with you while drawing :)

62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_WEB.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_WEB.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_full.png 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_final_WEB.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_final_BIG.png 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_WEB_02.jpg

Stream on discord

Fri Jul 10 12:40:06 2020

streaming now:

July patreon pinup - extra WIP

Thu Jul 9 16:36:00 2020

I have some extra WIP for you again!
Trying to finish this asap.

...but I messed up things with this month timelapse ^^;

After installing Windows 10 I have not noticed that OBS have not recorded the painting process ;___: After resizing the workspace it dissappeared and most of the material shows blank photoshop background with my pen dancing around it ^^;

I have noticed that at some point and fixed that, but that leaves me without a lot of the process lost. So sorry about that ;_; I promise I'll do you one more exclusive timelapse this month!

Tho I was able to save some steps so I will have an animated step by step of creating this piece.


July patreon pinup - sketch

Thu Jul 9 11:29:41 2020

two sketches for you! Not a full nude this month, I hope you ill like it anyway, I think the outfits are very pretty and smexy enough ;D

the lingerie version will be the exclusive edit only for you, the dress and glasses will ne a normal version.

Midnight belongs to Yasmil and I will try my best to finish it before the 13th of this month

wip_02.jpg wip_02.jpg sketch_dress.jpg sketch_linegerie.jpg

Commission for Ohiri WIP#3

Thu Jul 9 06:35:59 2020

Everything is put down together now, that may be the final version of the outfit and the pose... so I willl be able to work on the coloring.

I think of playing around with different tehnique, to enhance the two colorful light sources - so there may not be the pical flat colors here... already excited to play around with it :>


HallowedScales dakimakura - exclusive WIP

Wed Jul 8 19:38:19 2020

Another exclusive WIP, since these artworks are taking me like ages to complete ^^;

...big files ahead! ;)

phew, 8k resolution in dakimakuras is always so much work. But I like how it shows even when they are seen smaller. Remember the feathers from last WIP? Now I know that they are long and somewhat chaotic scales! That also took a moment but in the end it looks pretty neat

I need to sit down and paint on all the details here... if all goes well with my transfer to windows 10 it should be done on Discord stream, so stay tuned if you would like to see it!

61_-_HallowedScales_back_WIP.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_front_WIP4.jpg

GeekiestGeeker commission - exclusive WIPs

Tue Jul 7 11:19:07 2020

Phew, almost done! I need to polish the background and draw in the zombie minions. I am happy I managed to squeeze in a torso of a zombie even without expanding the background much further (only ..I squeezed in the character a bit, but hush!)

62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_6.jpg 62_-_Geekiest_Geeker_step_7.jpg

Equestria by night banner - revamp

Tue Jul 7 08:57:48 2020

who repaints old artwork when there is so little time for everything? 8D It was a little warmup I did yesterday.

I was looking for something when I stumbled across this piece... and it was shocking experience x_x I remember struggling with the face so bad when I was drawing it - and at the same time the body still looks good. After the facelift I am happy to look at this artwork again <3


HallowedScales dakimakura - WIP

Mon Jul 6 18:33:42 2020

First WIP is with some feathers I am not pretty sure about yet... and two other show different light options I think may suit this girl

(not all markings are here yet, but she has pretty monochromatic design and maybe adding some color from the environment would be a good idea ^^)

61_-_HallowedScales_front_WIP1.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_front_WIP2.jpg 61_-_HallowedScales_front_WIP3.jpg

Accessories for EarthRangers - exclusive

Mon Jul 6 10:23:22 2020

WIPs and finished objects I made this weekend for EarthRangers for their app I worked on before. Some crazy stuff, that was very fun to paint ^_^

shoes.jpg shovel.jpg sketch_-_hairstyles.jpg sketch_-_outfits.jpg

July patreon pinup

Fri Jul 3 14:57:44 2020

Hi guys!

I am sending you a bunch of characters to pick from for this month pinup, please take a look and let me know which will be your favourite!


The special thing about this pool is that I am giving you two Yasmil's characters to pick from, because it is her birthday soon! ^_^ ( July 13 ) and I would be very happy to do her a surprise with this month artwork - as she did it with my oc in June! Thanks for supporting this idea so far on Discord, that is very sweet of you, guys!

But I am also throwing in a normal characters, just to give you the promised 4 characters to pick from - in case you would like to see a normal pinup just please give your vote there|!



Salt and Pepper - full size

Fri Jul 3 14:48:47 2020

I had really a pleasant time when working on these two. They are not a perfect opposites, but look so good with each other - I would love to draw or just see some more of them together :)

commissioned by Enreeu and Techorb

58_-_Enreeu_and_Techorb_commission_WEB.jpg 58_-_Enreeu_and_Techorb_commission.png

Enreeu and Techorb commission - exclusive WIP

Thu Jul 2 10:19:15 2020

almost done!

🖤 🤍

58_-_Enreeu_and_Tech_WIP_04.jpg 58_-_Enreeu_and_Tech_WIP_04.jpg

Reference sheets batch - WIPs and full size

Thu Jul 2 09:18:29 2020

a bunch of refs. There is more to come, but I will not wait till I have all done to show them to you :)

- final custom for RinWhiteVixen who ABught one piece and wanted ...quite a lot of changes :)

- most probably final of my sona Aonika (hope to add some clothes on the side, but that may have to wait)

- WIP of Thessa (once a Penelope ABought by ShyCyborg which gives me an opportunity to finally draw a base for the back view of the character, yay!)

63_-_custom_design_for_RinWhiteVixen_REF_WEB.jpg Thessa_reference_WIP.jpg 63_-_Favy_for_RinWhiteVixen.jpg 64_-_Aonika_redesign_WEB.jpg 64_-_Aonika_redesign_full.jpg

Deimos - exclusive WIP

Thu Jul 2 08:18:28 2020

so much has been done, but I see no end of this piece yet! Having so much fun with this guys tho, so I am not complaining much! ;)

the idea behind this red light is that he turned on some kind of alarm, I am not yet sure if we will use that in the final version of the artwork, I kinda like the full blue version as well

60_-_Edel_H_WIP.jpg 60_-_Edel_H_WIP.jpg 60_-_Edel_H_kopia_wip3.jpg 60_-_Edel_H_kopia_wip2.jpg

Commission for GeekiestGeeker - WIP

Mon Jun 29 12:54:14 2020

This is a lot of hair! *_* Gawd, I managed somehow. After a bunch of reworks it looks like a curly graceful hairstyle, not a mass of wool or something :D


Additional perks for WAFFLE tier and above

Sun Jun 28 08:17:41 2020

Good morning :)

As a finishing touch to the changes I have made in the patreon lately I would like to offer my waffle (and above) patrons:

* 20% discount for all my GUMROAD merch * lemonade

* most of the things are fairly cheap there, but that gives you more than $10 discount for my female base

* 50% discount for any base expansion I will do in the future *

* only for the month when the expansion is released
* they are usually fairly cheap anyway, and that 50% discount means you will get them almost for free

Dracarya adoptable - early access

Sat Jun 27 09:59:33 2020

...and a final character in this bath, a dragoness. I was tempted to name her Dracarys :D

Next thing will be releasing the wings pack (with a special discount for you, my dear patrons)


as an extra bonus for you on patreon:
- you have two slightly different options to pick from
- the last two milestones (#2 and #3) can be claimed as AB (pick version that suits you better).
Please write a comment if you would like to claim so everyone can see it.

you'll get this ref in full size with your desired name and info

MILESTONE #1 (bid over 150 EUR)
you'll get all above
+ shot of back side of wings
+ I can adjust the design a little

MILESTONE #2 (bid over 250 EUR)
you'll get all above
+ back view of the character (fullbody with 'cut out' wings)
+ payment plan is accepted

MILESTONE #3 (bid over 350 EUR) -
+ portrait of the character
+10% discount for future commission with this character and granted slot on my commission list

Dracarya_ref_01.jpg Dracarya_ref_01.jpg Dracarya_ref_02.jpg Dracarya_ref_UPDATED.jpg

Crystal adoptable - early access

Sat Jun 27 09:25:34 2020

Here you are bidding for not one, but two designs. Consider this a night and day version of the character - or twin sister, I can adjust the ref to that if you prefer that.


as an extra bonus for you on patreon:
- you have two slightly different options to pick from (I am sorry for the low quality of the edit, I will finish it nicely on the ref)
- the last two milestones (#2 and #3) can be claimed as AB (pick version that suits you better).
Please write a comment if you would like to claim so everyone can see it.

you'll get this ref in full size with your desired name and info

MILESTONE #1 (bid over 150 EUR)
you'll get all above
+ shot of back side of wings
+ I can adjust the design a little

MILESTONE #2 (bid over 250 EUR)
you'll get all above
+ back view of the character (fullbody with 'cut out' wings)
+ payment plan is accepted

MILESTONE #3 (bid over 350 EUR) -
+ portrait of the character
+10% discount for future commission with this character and granted slot on my commission list

Crystal_ref.jpg Crystal_second_option.jpg

Penelope adoptable - early access

Sat Jun 27 09:20:12 2020

Okie, since I have some extra time this weekend I am finishing the last winged adopts, better to move on with them and concentrate on commissions again afterwards

I am curious how the auctions will go without the AB (if you follow Yasmil you may know what I am talking about... n_n)


as an extra bonus for you on patreon I am giving you two slightly different options to pick from and the last two milestones (#2 and #3) can be claimed as AB (pick version that suits you better).
Please write a comment if you would like to claim so everyone can see it.

you'll get this ref in full size with your desired name and info

MILESTONE #1 (bid over 150 EUR)
you'll get all above
+ shot of back side of wings
+ I can adjust the design a little

MILESTONE #2 (bid over 250 EUR)
you'll get all above
+ back view of the character (fullbody with 'cut out' wings)
+ payment plan is accepted

MILESTONE #3 (bid over 350 EUR) -
+ portrait of the character
+10% discount for future commission with this character and granted slot on my commission list

penelope_ref.jpg penelope_ref.jpg penelope_ref_2.jpg penelope_ref_2.jpg

PRICELIST - update for summer

Fri Jun 26 20:29:29 2020

I am starting summer vacations from June and will have limited time to draw (again x_x) I have to temporarily disable the painterly commissions. They are only going to be available starting from WAFFLE tier through announcements.

Any already started artwork will be completed as promised, so don't worry about that :)

Hopefully from September everything will go back to normal.

Take care guys and have a nice weekend!

PRICELIST__styles_-_big_EDITED.jpg PRICELIST__styles_-_big_EDITED.jpg

Gwynevere DELICIOUS pack

Fri Jun 26 18:07:53 2020

SFW + NSFW versions of the artwork

+.psd file


Gwynevere SWEET pack

Fri Jun 26 18:05:56 2020

hi-res of the SFW version of the artwork

thank you for the support! <3

Patreon pinup Gwynevere

Fri Jun 26 18:04:07 2020

June patreon pinup completed just about time. I will have to stick to one poll for now, since it is making the process a bit too long ^^;

..I hope it was worth the waiting!

sending you the sweet and delicious packs in a moment


Aonika redesign

Thu Jun 25 13:07:40 2020

today, during my cofee break I started this. It is still pretty rough but show the dewelopment of my sona through the last years (but I am not sure if I am going to clean it up at all ^^)

She started as a quick sketch, then got some colors and her fluffy tail :)

Her design was always about pink and teal combo, I am still having a lot of fun with playing with these colors from time to time and I am not going to made one version the right one. Not yet :) maybe in the future ;)

These are not all artworks I made with her, a few is missing, but if you're curious feel free to browse my FA gallery, all should be there - and a full size of these I used here as well).


Changes in tiers

Thu Jun 25 13:00:37 2020

Hi guys! I have wrote about that on the telegram yesterday, but I would like to made if official here as well!

Two tiers changed: WAFFLE and PIECE OF CAKE

WAFFLE now is not granting commission, I am sorry but in the lockdown I am unable to spent so much time drawing and the fast commissions are less and less fast these days... I just don't want to promise you something I can't fully deliver. I will be opening a bunch of slots from time to time and as long as you're on the WAFFLE tier you will have a priority in grabbing them. Just as any YCHs.

as a bonus WAFFLE gives you a privilege to see a private discord streams. (we have to figure a good date and hour for these yet)

the PIECE OF CAKE is now cheaper than was before and only this tier only grants an art slot - with illustration to be done in around two months, depending on the complexity. Only 4 slots of this tier are opened, I can't crowd my commission list until the schools are going to work normally again and I'd be able to work in full time as always.

I hope these changes are acceptable for you! Let me know if you have any thoughts about these changes, I would like to made all these changes fair for all of us :)

Jasmine Grimm - full size

Thu Jun 25 12:38:38 2020

and here she is! White and fluffy but not innocent at all... I hope you'll enjoy the final result

52_-_Jasmine_Grimm_WEB.jpg 52_-_Jasmine_Grimm.png

Aonika redesign - WIP

Wed Jun 24 13:48:38 2020

aaand finally giving my babe a long overdue redesign! Not satisfied with all colors yet, but I am slowly getting there ... and playing around with idea of small wings so tempted to add her a pair <3

02.jpg 02.jpg 01.jpg

Base WIPs

Wed Jun 24 12:07:06 2020

First one is a custom redesign for RinWhiteVixen - who asked me to rework the last adopt a lot - it actually does not look like it any more) but it will be her first oc ever so I was happy to agree ^^ As requested markings are loosely based on the draenei race from WoW

Three later are prepared linearts for the adopts. I was talking about creating two more, but after playing around I liked these three a lot and would like to finish them

63_-_custom_design_for_RinWhiteVixen_wip.jpg winged3.jpg winged4.jpg winged5.jpg 63_-_custom_design_for_RinWhiteVixen_wip.jpg

Trix and Skylar commission - full size

Wed Jun 24 09:32:59 2020

with some more details and extra colors here and there it is finished! I hope you will like how it looks <3

57_-_Trix_and_Skylar_WEB.jpg 57_-_Trix_and_Skylar.png

Patreon pinup - special WIP

Tue Jun 23 12:16:58 2020

Gwynewere is getting her final colors - going to add her some more white spots... I hope you'll like her furried version so far!


Random doggo video on twitter - self promo

Mon Jun 22 19:48:37 2020

Follow me there if you would like to see more like that <3 :)

Trix and Skylar - WIP

Mon Jun 22 19:38:57 2020

This one is going smoothly so far.. but still a lot of details to add to. These characters look so well together <3


Double date YCH - full size + WIP

Fri Jun 19 12:31:19 2020

Completed two arts in one day, that is a thing even for me, I am on fire today! 🔥 on fire that I had to turn off my tablet for a minute or two, it was acting very weird. I really hope it was just this once, I am NOT looking forward to have to buy new one so soon (have this one for around two years only)! All is working now well, so it is a good end of a week. I will be able to concentrate on the patreon pinup after the weekend :)

PS: sorry for not throwing in any WIPs before, I was working on it always in the meantime and I completely forgot to save any steps ^^;

doube_date_ych.png double_date_ych_WEB.jpg double_date_wip.jpg

Equine commission - full size

Fri Jun 19 12:24:45 2020

Tenesee walking horse character - as requested in the 'running walk' pose. To be honest I aimed for more dynamic pose, with more hooves above the ground but I had a lot of fun with this piece. Not often drawing equines these days

done for Brittany from Deviantart

51_-_Brittany_WEB.jpg 51_-_Brittany.png

Patreon pinup: Gwynevere

Thu Jun 18 13:02:31 2020

Here she is! I have to constantly check her name, can't remember it X_x But I did some research and as I noticed this is her most typical pose - and also so lovely that I want to use it in my pinup as well!

Gonna made her a cat - I am tempted to made her a siamese one... but with some more light markings on the face and maybe spots on the body. I will try to give her some unique touches.


Enreeu and Techorb commission - WIP

Thu Jun 18 12:56:11 2020

Two lovely dragon gals. I do not have much colors to play with in the background, so I at least had some fun with the lingerie :)

Most of the flats and basic shadows are there, now it just need a proper shadinf and details

58_-_Enreeu_and_Tech_01.jpg 58_-_Enreeu_and_Tech_03.jpg 58_-_Enreeu_and_Tech_02.jpg

Geekiest Geeker - WIP

Wed Jun 17 09:39:52 2020

sketch of a commission with one very vary interesting character - and as a cherry ion the cake some zombies emerging from the ground in the back, woot!


Trix and Skylar - WIP

Tue Jun 16 12:22:15 2020

The lineart is completed!


Camea - adoptable for sale

Tue Jun 16 12:21:26 2020

Redesigned Camillie turned into Camea. Much more demonic version with different palette and custom made horns and harness. While I couldn't decide either to use white or pink hair... I gave her both <3

if anyone is interested in buying her, let me know via note, she will be posted officially tommorrow


PS: I will use that previous version as a very much custom adopt, turned into a.. fluffy dragon with glowing markings. I was not supposed to agree to that idea but oh well... :)


Rajah - finished reference

Tue Jun 16 12:17:57 2020

this is how the final artwork looks with the wings detail on the side

now the character is owned by: SilverAltomare


Telegram or Discord?!

Mon Jun 15 14:08:37 2020

I recently created that telegram group for us, but I think that maybe it'd be better to create a discord group instead? For more organisation and stuff... Personally I am not very talkative type, I am on a few groups, but mostly just ghosting around :) So I am asking you how you'd like it to look

Discord gives some nice opportunities of spontaneous streams and stuff, so I am slightly tempted to try it out

Jasmine WIP

Mon Jun 15 13:00:52 2020

Worked my butt of on this one, still a lot to do - especially on the very time-consuming parts, like jewellery, hands ...and panther body. Enjoy and wish me luck!

I am so far pretty happy with the sand effects.. it needs some more details, but so far so good *_* what do you think?


Character adoptables: sabertooth tiger and dragon

Fri Jun 12 08:42:24 2020

First two character adopts I have made on stream in Thursday - I am planning on doing two more:
fairy - leafy colored with wasp wings
angel - bright character with gold details and featherly wings


If you're interested in any of these, let me know in comment or via note! <3 I will submit them tomorrow on FA for public auction

SB is: 50€ (you'll get this ref in full size with your desired name and info)

AB1: 150€ (you'll get all above + shot of back side of wings + I can adjust the design a little )

AB2: 300€ (you'll get all above + back view of the character (without wings!) + 10% discount for future commission with this character and granted slot on my commission list)

Camillie.jpg Rajah.jpg

Commission for Erediell - sketch/WIP

Fri Jun 12 07:38:34 2020

Start of a painterly commission of a very interesting cyborg character!

first sketch and second one with more details and updates.

(I still need to add a lot of details, but that will have to be done on more clean version, I am not playing with any more lines in this messy stage x_x;)

60_-_Edel_H_sketch.jpg 60_-_Edel_H_sketch_updated.jpg

Dakimakura for HallowedScales - sketch

Fri Jun 12 06:52:14 2020

A spicy dakimakura >:3

- there will also be a lingerie version, but I'll add that later, after the pose will be finally picked

- and no, there won't be two backs, I only made two examples to pick from


Renikki timelapse

Thu Jun 11 19:35:36 2020

this one should work, nothing nsfw here!

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_02GEwP8bF8c_maxresdefault.jpg

Patreon pinup - poll #2

Thu Jun 11 19:33:07 2020

Okey, Dark Souls won in the last poll, so there are two my own fave characters to pick from: anthro or human form

Enreeu and Techorb commission - WIP

Wed Jun 10 14:14:51 2020

yin and yang themed pairing with two beautiful dragon girls (not all flats are done, so it won't be completely black and white at the end)


Trix and Skylar commission - sketch

Wed Jun 10 14:12:54 2020

cuddling on the couch with a little twist of action ;)

57_-_Trix_and_Skylar_sketch_2.jpg 57_-_Trix_and_Skylar_sketch_2.jpg 57_-_Trix_and_Skylar_sketch_1.jpg


Wed Jun 10 09:01:18 2020

starting soon:

June CAKE artworks

Tue Jun 9 10:28:04 2020

for: Enreeu | Techorb | Arcano

Thank you guys for support!

What is wonderful each of these characters I have been drawing before, thank you for entrusting me with your OCs again *_*

53_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 54_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 55_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 53_-_Enreeu_cake.png 54_-_Techorb_cake.png 55_-_Arcano_cake.png

Commission for Renikki - full size

Mon Jun 8 14:33:06 2020

Completed this one finally. So much fluff to do :> ^3^

The background was supposed to be simple so at some point I just stopped refining it (kinda sad about that, since I would love to put all the extra details into that log and pieces of plants!)

PS: in the attachments you have only an updated NSFW version, in the previews there is also the pre-updated one (without blue crotch)

49_-_Renikki_sfw_WEB.jpg 49_-_Renikki_sfw.png 49_-_Renikki_WEB.jpg 49_-_Renikki.png 49_-_Renikki_WEB.jpg

Ellen Cousland portrait - sketch +wip

Sat Jun 6 08:00:02 2020

A WIP and a sketch of a Dragon Age character I drew recently for Nearyh

Ellen_cousland_portrait_sketch2.jpg Ellen_cousland_portrait_sketch1.jpg

Commission for Ohiri - WIP

Fri Jun 5 15:26:27 2020

style: fullbody Illustration with normal background

I do not yet know which version will be picked and what will be changed since Ohiri most probably is sleeping and will eventually answer me in a few hours ^^

first version has more dark background with glowing flower and a moon in the center of it and colorful glow from the flower

second art has more light background so the glowing flower would not be much visible there and so I removed it - I gave Bree two little glowing moons in her hands and added delicate light bounced from the water

56_-_Ohiri_1.jpg 56_-_Ohiri_2.jpg

Commission for DraketheKing - WIP

Fri Jun 5 15:23:10 2020

will be soft shaded

and the version picked by Drake to finish is the 'upside down' one 8D

59_-_DraketheKing_sketch1.jpg 59_-_DraketheKing_sketch2.jpg

Jasmine - WIP

Fri Jun 5 06:48:59 2020

Sketching out a lot recently - this pretty taur lady is for Jasmine . The chosen version is the more serious idea with sand and angry look on the face

it will be an illustration

52_-_Jasmine_Grimm_edited_sketch.jpg 52_-_Jasmine_Grimm_sketch.jpg

Comission for Renikki - special WIP

Thu Jun 4 12:48:05 2020

a face almost completed! <3

I have recorded the process of creating this, so I will do you a timelapse somewhere soon, maybe when the final artwork will be done as well.


Cake artworks - sketches

Thu Jun 4 12:42:32 2020

For Enreeu, Techorb and Arcano, three pieces that are different on so many levels. Looking forward to complete them all :)

As an exception I may post these on my FA to use as a good reference for sketch artworks - I think this should be the quality of sketch, not what I used to do before lol

53_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 54_-_Techorb_cake_sketh.jpg 55_-_Arcano_cake_sketch.jpg

More Repaints - full size

Wed Jun 3 09:15:01 2020

Since I am not sane I am repainting more of the artworks, yay!

First one for Enreeu - changed the bg to match the black posters on the wall of 'A night to Remember' and thought it looks really cool and worth saving in this way

And second repaint for Demalyx Dragon - because I always liked it and suddenly I realised I made it so dark and it was not much effort needed to fix that

03_-_Enreeu_cake_black_WEB.jpg 20_-_DemalyxDragon_fixed_WEB.jpg 03_-_Enreeu_cake_black.png 20_-_DemalyxDragon_fixed.png

A night to remember - full size

Wed Jun 3 09:10:29 2020

Let the show begin! <3

As you can see the monthly cake artworks are great to be used as posters ^^ But if someone is not okay with using his character there please let me know and I'll remove your character from there

35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_ver_2_WEB.jpg 35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_WEB.jpg 35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1.png 35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_ver_2_WEB.jpg

Patreon pinup for June - poll 1/2

Wed Jun 3 07:51:01 2020

Hi guys! This month I am going to try something new with you please let me know what you think about it <3

I am going to give you universes to pick from and then we will do a second poll with characters from that universe. For example I would like to give you a bunch of Witcher characters, but I have no idea who to pick for the start if more of you is #teamTris or #teamJennefer :)

Most probably all the characters from the universes will be anthronized.

A night to remember - teaser

Mon Jun 1 12:57:05 2020

A lot of work done today, hopefully full artwork will be available tomorrow! For now I am happy to present you just the two main characters

35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_ver_2_WEB.jpg 35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_ver_2.png

Repaint of commission for KanshinJade

Sun May 31 10:13:09 2020

When I was looking for some nice examples of soft shading without a bg I found this piece - I always liked it a lot, but now I noticed some things that could be improved. I made some repaints, some adjustments with liquify tool and voilà, new version is there!

old one for comparison, done about a year ago.

Actually I have tried a bunch of background for the old one but was still not happy with the flowers that was picked by meat the end... so by the occasion I now changed it into something else, simple splash of colors, but I feel the greens compliments the character nicely.

35-_KenshinJade_fixed_WEB.jpg 35-_KenshinJade_fixed.png 35-_KenshinJade_fixed_WEB.jpg 35-_KenshinJade_WEB.jpg

May cake artwork for Arcano

Sun May 31 10:08:30 2020

Finished this one in the last day, so sorry for that! I hope the result will be pleasing and compensate the long waiting <3 I like the gray/color background a lot, may stick to them for a longer while now, I hope you agree!

Lilacay in very modern and super tiny clothing looks super sexy! All compliments about idea goes to Arcano, I only did the drawing itself ^_^

50_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 50_-_Arcano_cake.png

Commission for Zyrena - full size

Fri May 29 14:45:22 2020

Simple soft shading thigh up + wings and no bg but in two color version: first with more colorful clothes and some extra splashs of colors on the fur, second just simple and clean gray + greenish clothes - since fairy-ish creature would like to wear green, right?

48_-_Zyrena_1_WEB.jpg 48_-_Zyrena_2_WEB.jpg 48_-_Zyrena_1.png 48_-_Zyrena_2.png

Female base - WINGS pack

Thu May 28 17:42:15 2020

Okay, a little break from commissions today, need to do the long rescheduled adoptables finally... and I am going to made them winged <3 So I created a pack of wings to be added to my female base.

I have made such wings so far, what do you think of them? Do you think I should change anything? add some particular type of wings? (I thought about butterfly, but oh well we don't see this much butterfly furries out there ^^) I would love to hear your thoughts on it so far!


Ellen Cousland - full size

Thu May 28 13:27:10 2020

Finished artwork for Nearyh + an earlier work in progress

Now I need to play Dragon Age, damn.

Ellen_Cousland.png Ellen_Cousland.png Ellen_Cousland_wipek.jpg Ellen_Cousland_WEB_fixed.jpg

Horse rewamp

Thu May 28 13:19:22 2020

redrawn a commission for Noircentaur I did back in 2016 - I was always curious how it'd look as a typical unicorn! *3*

I have not changed much more, just touched up the shading a bit

Noircentaur_old-new.jpg Noircentaur_original.jpg Noircentaur_rewamp_WEB.jpg

A night to remember - WIP#3

Wed May 27 15:47:52 2020

Zahra - completed!

lineart - completed!

flat colors - completed

+ some small shading here and there ... :)


May patreon pinup: Minerva Mink - timelapse

Wed May 27 15:42:55 2020

Since Youtube so badly does not want to publish this movie (maybe too spicy because of the touching in the nsfw version? :P ) I will send it to you in this way.

From now on I will always be adding the timelapses to the DELICIOUS packs and send the whole pack to you. What do you think of that?


Sketch for Zyrena

Mon May 25 15:19:02 2020

And a sketch of soft shading commission for Zyrena - with some gold accessories and silky delicate clothing just perfect for a furry faerie :3


Renikki - sketch

Mon May 25 15:16:33 2020

Two WIP/sketches for Renikki of her beautifully FLUFFY werewolf fursona taking some rest in a sakura forest

+ extra screenshot with my reference before adding some curves and fluff to it

PS: The thing on her neck is usually her halo (above her head obviously)

49_-_Renikki_sketch_2.jpg 49_-_Renikki_sketch_1.jpg 49_-_Renikki_sketch_screen.jpg

Ellen Cousland - WIP

Sun May 24 15:14:36 2020

Boyish DA character for Nearyh in progress.

Loving her stubborn face so much <3


Erin reference sheet - full size

Sun May 24 15:10:49 2020

for Eidi

Mage Erin in her fully detailed version. The body and clothing are painted, the details around are ... sketchy flat/colored. Anyway I think it suits this ref and surprisingly drawing the bag and ingredients was hell a lot of fun!

thee versions, one very SFW with only just clothed fullbody and two with some nude flesh :)

44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_WEB__lingerie.jpg 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_full_lingerie.png 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_full_sfw.png 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_full.png 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_WEB.jpg 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_WEB_2.jpg

Minerva Mink - timelapse

Fri May 22 19:10:37 2020

EDIT: should work now, thanks for letting me know!

I am sorry I recorded some blank screens in this timelapse (made myself some tea and forgot to press pause X_X ), but I made it 64x times the original speed so it should not be very disturbing to you!

file.aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS81LTdMbFcxUi1OSS9ocWRlZmF1bHQuanBn (d) https_www.patreon.com_media-url_aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS81LTdMbFcxUi1OSS9ocWRlZmF1bHQuanBn (d)

Minerva Mink DELICIOUS pack

Fri May 22 19:05:57 2020

SFW version
+ soft shaded SFW WIP
+ NSFW version in three edits
+ sketches
+3k photoshop file with all layers

Minerva Mink SWEET pack

Fri May 22 19:03:54 2020

SFW version in two version of sheets + the soft shaded WIP in small and high resolution :)

Thank you for your support guys!

Patreon Pinup: Minerva Mink

Fri May 22 19:00:35 2020

Two slightly different SFW versions. I made fro you 3 combinations of the NSFW version, with changed pose you saw on the sketch earlier and with and without stocking. Sending you all the files now!

Minerva_nsfw_3.png Minerva_nsfw_3.png Minerva_sfw_WEB.jpg Minerva_sfw_WEB_2.jpg

Patreon Pinup: Minerva Mink - extra WIP

Tue May 19 14:41:19 2020

extra WIP for you guys, as an opposite to what I said under previous piece I am enjoying these pastels (that was quite accidental) - and I thought they are worth sharing with you. I kinda could leave that as a final piece... but nah, let's add some details and depth to it!

Minerva Mink beeing extraordinary cute and sweet

Minerva_WIP.jpg Minerva_WIP_web.jpg Minerva_WIP.jpg Minerva_WIP.jpg

Naomi Huawanga - full size

Tue May 19 14:32:24 2020

Have not used so crazy colors in a while... and enjoyed it so much! 8D
NPC for


Double date - ych early access

Sun May 17 17:02:52 2020

Okie, let's move on with some YCH, long time since last one! For now only there if you would like to bid or claim a slot, in a few days will be submitted on Furaffinity.

quality example on second artwork

slot 1:
SB: 200€, AB: 500€
- female
- any species (small wings are okay)
- bodytype similar to sketched
- clothing and face expression can be changed
- payment plan accepted (two months)

for AB you can ask for a second version of the artwork - different outfit, creampie etc

slot 2:
SB: 50€ AB: 150€
- male
- any species
- bodytype similar to sketched

slot 3:
SB: 50€ AB: 150€
- male
- any species
- bodytype similar to sketched

double_sex_ych.jpg 13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art_WEB.jpg

A night to remember - WIP

Sun May 17 12:45:04 2020

Zahra mostly done, she needs some detailing but I am happy ith the base colors so far - background and stage got some cleaning as well.. now time to draw a proper lineart for all the audience


Patreon Pinup Minerva Mink - sketch

Sat May 16 09:34:09 2020

SFW and NSFW versions of the artwork. I have to say I got the idea of changing the pose a bit more in nsfw thanks to the LazySnout overpaint I made recently <3

Minerva_nsfw.jpg Minerva_nsfw.jpg Minerva_sfw.jpg

Lepthys redesign- for Techorb - full size

Sat May 16 09:18:28 2020

Jackal egyptian lady is finished. Standard artwork plus quick reference with details. Thanks for commissionig me, Techorb! <3

47_-_Techorb_Lepthys_ref.png 47_-_Techorb_Lepthys_ref_WEB.jpg 47_-_Techorb_WEB.jpg 47_-_Techorb.png

Naomi - colored sketch

Thu May 14 13:11:00 2020

...have I not said it will be really colorful?! <3


Redline for LazySnout

Thu May 14 12:24:59 2020

I made first redline for LazySnout (check more arts on FA!) and thought I may share these with you as well. I am looking forward to see this image finished, I wonder how it'll look!

01_lazy_snout_1.jpg 01_lazy_snout_1.jpg 01_lazy_snout_2.jpg 01_lazy_snout_original.jpg

Ellen Cousland - sketch

Wed May 13 14:43:51 2020

I was asked by Nearyh to set aside her novel characters for a while and sketch her Dragon Age character, Ellen. Looking forward to finish that, DA 1 and 2 were one of my fave games ever, I love their lore. Ref will have dark background, with bright lettering and blood, so the colors that are often used in the game


redesign for Techorb - WIP

Wed May 13 13:11:31 2020

Redesigning a jackal lady for Techorb, some jewellery, markings and hair details to pick from.. more probably to come :)


Erin reference sheet - extra WIP

Wed May 13 11:27:38 2020

one fullbody from the ref is done... and I am happy with it enough to show it to you. Thanks for stepping by! <3

44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_nude_sfw.jpg 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_nude_2.jpg

Naomi for Horse Reality - sketch

Tue May 12 08:38:19 2020

A colorful full of herself and sweet woman. I never fully painted any of the awesome african american hairstyles and I am soo looking forward to that! Hope they will approve the sketch, since personally I like her a lot already <3


Your fave face proportions - poll

Mon May 11 16:27:09 2020

I would like to know your opinion about the face repaints I made for Eidi. 1st being most stylized, 3rd most realistic and 2nd.... laying somewhere in between.

Which would be your favourite?




Comission for Pechallai - .psd

Mon May 11 16:24:05 2020

photoshop file with all layers used for this piece. Some flats, some effects, all sketches and some guidelines. Download if you're interested in how it looks from the inside :)

(the bad news is that I was merging down the bg layers and painted over them with some effects, so you can't really see that part u_u)

Commission for Pechallai - full size

Mon May 11 16:19:20 2020

...and so this is completed! I was so unsure what the heck I am doing but now I am very very happy with this <3
Second time drawing Geo for Pechallai, this time with Beverly who belongs to Athiesh

35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_sketch_completed.jpg 41_-_Pechallai_WEB.jpg 41_-_Pechallai.png 35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_sketch_completed.jpg 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_04.jpg

May CAKE artworks - full size

Fri May 8 20:16:59 2020

Divine mouse goddess for Techorb and fierce dragon warrioir for Enreeu - both are less typical than always, no black no white bg, but something in between. Thank you for support guys! <3

45_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 46_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 45_-_Techorb_cake.png 46_-_Enreeu_cake.png

A night to remember - updated sketch

Thu May 7 19:21:54 2020

Two characters sketched in, three more to go!


Pechallai commmission - WIP

Thu May 7 19:19:24 2020

Final work-in-progress before the final artwork


Telegram group!

Thu May 7 07:52:33 2020

Hello guys :)

I have been thinking about that for a while and finally it is done - closed telegram group only for us <3
A place where you can ask me anything and I can reach all of you in case of any emergency (important stuff like monthly choosing of characters for patreon pinup pool!) I am not going to spam in this group all day long, instead I wish it can be a place we all can create together to stay in touch.

If you like the idea use the link and join the group:

...have a nice day!


Commission for Ordia - full size

Wed May 6 17:50:13 2020

Finished...! Personally I am very happy with it, even if it took me (again!!) too long to finish *__*
( I am just maybe super slow lately, phew XD)

What do you think?!

40_-_Ordia_nsfw_WEB.jpg 40_-_Ordia_nsfw_WEB.jpg 40_-_Ordia_sfw_WEB.jpg 40_-_Ordia_nsfw.png 40_-_Ordia_sfw.png

May patreon pinup

Tue May 5 11:01:22 2020

Some characters for you to pick from for this month

Erin - reference sheet - WIP

Tue May 5 08:30:14 2020

Still working on mage for Eidi

44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_03.jpg 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_02.jpg 44_-_Eidi_reference_sheet_03.jpg

Commission for DandyBadger - full size

Mon May 4 06:44:43 2020

Hello in May guys! :) How are you?

Quarantine still on, my kids are still at home, not much changed -on top of that I managed to finish most of my April artworks, so all is working pretty well (there are also some news about reopening schools this month, but I don't really believe in that)


I really like red in artworks - but somehow this color is quite challenging for me. Light red become pink, very saturated red hurts eyes and making it grayish make all artwork muddy x_x With so much red on one piece I had struggled a bit with making it look right.. but I think I succeeded :) (?!) I hope you'll agree!

42_-_DandyBadger_WEB.jpg 42_-_DandyBadger.png

commission for Ordia - extra WIP

Sat May 2 07:22:52 2020

Flats on the character and some very basic shading on the throne and dressbasic shading on clothing and throne... trying to figure out the colors, still not sure if I should go for warm light from fire or cold dark atmosphere


Mage reference sheet for Eidi - sketch

Thu Apr 30 17:35:29 2020

Designing some fancy robes!

...yes, she will also have shoes, but I will think of them later ;)

This will be an illustrated reference sheet (2x fullbody) + some flat colors accessory and detail shots. We are going to play around with some color options, so a lot of fun designing part ahead of me (love this designing process to bits! <3)


DemalyxDragon - sketch

Thu Apr 30 17:24:30 2020

final sketch and rough sketch - damn I am making my 'sketches' way to clean! Can't help that ;_; When looking at the full size it is rough, but when resized it look almost like the iron artist piece, it is silly!

...but oh well, Demalyx is going to color that, I am looking forward to see that finished <3

43_-_DemalyxDragon_rough_sketch.jpg 43_-_DemalyxDragon_WEB.jpg 43_-_DemalyxDragon_rough_sketch.jpg 43_-_DemalyxDragon.png

Mia Brown - full size

Wed Apr 29 09:42:14 2020

I have neglected posting here, so today I have a lot of artworks for you - NPC for HorseReality finished, in May I am going to work on a very fun and colorful female npc for them, I looking forward to start her already!

Mia_Brown_WEB.jpg Mia_Brown.jpg

DandyBadger commission - sketch + lineart

Wed Apr 29 09:39:41 2020

Such a cinematic one! Characteris a goddess of love.. who sometimes is forced to fight as you see

I suggested this background and I am super happy it was picked - I am never tired of the battlefield dust with sparkles from flames *3*

42_-_DandyBadger_sketch.jpg 42_-_DandyBadger_lineart.jpg

Pechallai commission - sketch

Wed Apr 29 09:37:05 2020

Sketches of commission for Pechallai, Drawing so much high heels recently.. .but I like that :)

first sketch is the basic idea, second are more clean lines for clothing

Third artwork on different angle is my first idea, that was rejected - after changing characters and clothes I may use it on some YCH when I will have more free time

41_-_Pechallai_clothes.jpg 41_-_Pechallai_sketch.jpg 41_-_Pechallai_clothes.jpg 41_-_Pechallai_sketch_-_bad.jpg

Amaterasu timelapse

Sun Apr 26 19:31:56 2020

A timelapse for you to sum up the process. You may see how I have been changing a few things along the way ... :)

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_m-xGEhnwifk_maxresdefault.jpg

April DELICIOUS pack

Sun Apr 26 19:30:36 2020

Okami Amaterasu in SFW and NSFW version + sketch + .psd file

Thank you for your support!

Patreon pinup: Okami Amaterasu

Sun Apr 26 19:26:56 2020

Oh my, I spent way too much time on it again 8D - what is wrong with me changing things over and over again when I have so little time to draw? I am just probably not sane... but at the same time I am finally happy with this artwork <3

I just hope it was worth it.

Sending you the SWEET and DELICIOUS packs in a moment, thank you so much for your patience this month!


April SWEET pack

Sun Apr 26 19:27:46 2020

SFW Okami Amaterasu in HI-RES version + sketch in case you missed it :)

Than you for your support!

Commission for Nemui - step by step

Fri Apr 24 16:07:17 2020

animated step by step for you :)


Commission for Nemui - full size

Fri Apr 24 16:06:09 2020

It took me a while to complete but it is here! Lots of fun to me, I hope you'll enjoy the final result as well <3

promised animated step by step in next post! I need to complete the patreon pinup finally, it is last week of April already, oh gosh, I almost completely forgot about it o_o

29_-_Nemui_WEB.jpg 29_-_Nemui.png

Sheridan - portrait full size

Wed Apr 22 14:21:21 2020

Sheridan for Nearyh,

I feel much better when I am doing these portraits in a bit looser style (at the beginning I was trying to do clean, anime-ish lines and shadows, but that is not really my things it seems ^^;) so to sum up, drawing this handsome guy was very entertaining, why I had him wait for so long for this portrait 8D

Sheridan_sketch.jpg Sheridan_-_portret_WEB.jpg Sherifan_-_portret.png Sheridan_sketch.jpg

Hot Date with Tamara Fox - 6page - full size

Wed Apr 22 14:15:50 2020

...and the story ends.

Few months of work, a lot of sketches, 6 final pages. Thanks for commissioning me, Rico!

41_-_Pechallai_sketch.jpg page_6_WEB.jpg page_6.png 41_-_Pechallai_sketch.jpg

April cake for Enreeu

Wed Apr 22 14:12:32 2020

Thank you for your support! <3

39_-Enreeu_cake.png 39_-Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 39_-Enreeu_cake.png

Commission for Nemui - teaser

Mon Apr 20 15:17:00 2020

a WIP I worked on during the weekend, a lot is done, a lot to be done! While working on it I am patiently saving a lot f steps to create an animated gif for you when it's finishe.

So I won't be posting much of the WIPs here, surprise is nice from time to time I think! :3

29_-_Nemui_WIP.jpg 29_-_Nemui_WIP.jpg 29_-_Nemui_teaser.jpg

YCh auction for Airheart

Mon Apr 20 15:13:27 2020

Stay tuned if you're interested in grabbing a slot, it will be online on FA today in a couple of hours


Commission for Ordia - sketch

Fri Apr 17 19:56:49 2020

First idea in two versions, A and B and - and two defined clean sketches of the B version that was picked

...will be a soft shading

...dress and snakes are going to be white

...I am so looking forward to finish this piece *-*

40_-_Ordia_sketch_sfw.jpg 40_-_Ordia_sketch_sfw.jpg 40_-_Ordia_sketch_nsfw.jpg 40_-_Ordia_sketch.jpg

Mia Brown for HorseReality - sketch + update

Thu Apr 16 19:38:28 2020

Busy day today, phew, time to get some rest now :) Mia Brown, another NPC for HorseReality - friendly mum character in her 40's

EDIT: I was asked to do more 'safari' themed outfit, so here it is. I like first more to be honest, but that one should be allright as well

Mia_Brown_sketch.jpg Mia_Brown_2.jpg

Sheridan - sketch

Thu Apr 16 19:36:40 2020

Sketching some handsome guy for Nearyh


Commission for Trix_Avenda - full size

Thu Apr 16 19:35:07 2020

Completed! Took me few days but finally it is done ^___^

Thank you, Trix, for this commission!

36_-_Trix_Avenda_fem.png 36_-_Trix_Avenda_WEB.jpg 36_-_Trix_Avenda_fem_WEB.jpg 36_-_Trix_Avenda_fem.png 36_-_Trix_Avenda.png

Which face do you prefer

Wed Apr 15 20:21:38 2020

I am thinking about changing my style for illustrations a little and I would like to hear your opinion. The illustrations I am making recently are more and more realistic with fur pattern, scales etc I would like to go into that direction! - I think that maybe I should draw lips a bit more realistic as well...?

Instead of the 'humanish' lower lip I may draw the lip more animal like

What do you think? Is A better or B?

Hard to say what I will do with results of this poll, I am torn between these two styles, but most probably I should pick one and stick to it 0_o

PS: for TrixAvenda's artwork we'll use B version, we're not talking about this artwork but about the illustrations I am drawing overall

Trix Avenda commission - WIP

Wed Apr 15 20:14:26 2020

It is taking a while, but I am glad how it looks so far, so it is an enjoyable art to work on! ...hope you agree :)


Patreon Pinup: Amaterasu - sketch

Tue Apr 14 18:38:13 2020

Floating hairs are always so epic!... :D Epic girl in lingerie, what the hell has happened there... ?! I am not sure about the red ribbons tho, firstly I thought they will be a ncie color addition, but now I am not 100% sure if I like them at all. Do you have an opinion about this detail?

... I won't ask about lingerie color, probably will do a black/white mix this time :)


Hot Date with Tamra Fox - page 6 WIP exclusive

Tue Apr 14 18:35:07 2020

Okie, lineart and flat colors are done, time for shading and backgrounds!

page_6_flat_colors.jpg page_6_flat_colors.jpg

Hot Date with Tamara Fox - page 6 - lineart

Sat Apr 11 15:58:44 2020

a lineart mostly completed, only need to add some details on top of it.

...can't believe the comic soon will be completed, it was such a huge chunk of time working of it and now it is almost over!

Have a nice weekend and happy Easter if you celebrate it.
Personally I will take a few days of break now, will be back in Tueasday!

page_6_lineart.jpg page_6_lineart.jpg 06.jpg preview_6a.jpg

Saphirae Rose - full size

Sat Apr 11 12:20:49 2020

completed the rainbow sheet for Saphirae. Thanks for commissioning me! :)

33_-_Saphirae_reference_WEB.jpg 33_-_Saphirae_reference.png 33_-_Saphirae_reference_WIP.jpg

Arcano cake artwork - full size

Fri Apr 10 16:17:27 2020

Finished monthly piece for Arcano, featuring character from Alladin tv series. I never seen her before, but I dig her design so much! She is a villain of course! :>

Thanks for your support! :)

38_-Arcano_cake.png 38_-Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 38_-Arcano_cake.png 38_-Arcano_cake.png 38_-Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg

Techorb cake artwork - full size

Fri Apr 10 16:13:46 2020

Thank you Techorb for letting me play with the pose here *_*

His earth dragoness characer doing some yoga

37_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 37_-_Techorb_cake.png 37_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 38_-Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg

Saphirae Rose - special WIP

Thu Apr 9 09:22:41 2020

I got pretty wild with colors there (but I was asked to use rainbow as a base, so what else could I do?? - I like some of them so I may do an adoptables based on them (different species of course! n_n)

art 01: first set of ideas

art 02: three versions of picked design

art 03: final design

33_-_Saphirae_reference_color_ideas.jpg 33_-_Saphirae_reference_color_ideas_2.jpg 33_-_Saphirae_reference_final_color.jpg

Unexpected guest - full size

Thu Apr 9 09:11:17 2020

Finished piece for Apipapi. While doing flat colors I noticed that SO MANy things are black. I tried to play around with the shades of these to made the art look interesting and overall it took me ages to finish *faint* I hope it was worth it and the piece looks good!I learned so much of it, that's for sure o_O

clean and cum version. I wonder who'll clean this mess later...

32_-_Apipapi__cum_WEB.jpg 32_-_Apipapi__cum_WEB.jpg 32_-_Apipapi_WEB.jpg 32_-_Apipapi__cum.png 32_-_Apipapi.png

Apipapi's commission - special WIP

Mon Apr 6 08:31:00 2020

Yoonia is almost finished. I like her so much, that I decided to post this little special WIP with you.

Thanks for your support guys! :)
I hope you're doing fine!


Lilacay reference - full size

Mon Apr 6 09:35:59 2020

I was spamming with WIPs recently, now it is time to post some finished artworks :) Second ref, this time for Arcano Lulamoon of his cthulu girl Lilacay! Thanks for commissioning me to draw her!

24_-_Arcano_Lilacay_reference_WEB.jpg 24_-_Arcano_Lilacay_reference.png

Best Car Wash - step by step

Sun Apr 5 19:34:04 2020

Ups, completely forgot about this one. But better late than never! n_n


Sericum - reference full size + WIPs

Sun Apr 5 19:29:17 2020

I am happy to present you new character I worked on in last days. You may see all the sketches and WIPs we sharedalong with the final result ^^

Sericum is created by Abyzz and he wanted to show her only once she got fully completed.

Have a nice Sunday! <3

34_-_Abyzz_reference_sketch_2.jpg 34_-_ref_Sericum_WEB.jpg 34_-_ref_Sericum.png 34_-_Abyzz_reference_sketch_2.jpg 34_-_wip_2.jpg 33_-_Saphirae_reference_sketch2.jpg 34_-_Abyzz_reference_sketch.jpg 34_-_wip_3.jpg 34_-_Abyzz_reference_wip.jpg

Trix Avenda commission - WIP

Sat Apr 4 14:00:03 2020

Added some colors and palms in the background... not a big update, but I like how it looks, so decided to share it with you hehe <3 :)


Apipapi's commission - WIP

Sat Apr 4 13:16:00 2020

Base colors are done (big thanks to Patryk for helping there) and some basic shading - the one with red sweater will be used - two other versions vary in foreground size, we decided to do something in between these two :)

32_-_Apipapi_2.jpg 32_-_Apipapi_2.jpg 32_-_Apipapi_1.jpg 32_-_Apipapi_3.jpg

April character pinup poll

Fri Apr 3 11:05:41 2020

This month I am coming with bunch of characters to pick from, rather well known ones :>

Each have been drawn by me before - because I want to do a small advertisment on my FA and I would like to use only my artworks, not randoms from google.

Lilacay - exclusive WIP

Fri Apr 3 10:45:01 2020

Final WIP for Lilacay

(which I actually forgot to show it to you, we're almost done with her now, just going to add some small details to the ref and it will be done!)


Saphirae reference - lineart

Fri Apr 3 10:43:21 2020

clean lineart - check! No idea why, but I am very happy with her hands *-* ...looking forward to put on some nice color combinations for her


Desire Within the Trees - full size

Wed Apr 1 10:17:19 2020

Finished commission for Techorb - which was a birthday gift for Abyzz I added some extra detail there as my part of the gift (happy b-day again, Viktor!!!!)

Thanks guys for helping with the title.
....I still wait for a story behind this scene hehe >:)

31_-_TechorbAbyzz_bday_art_nsfw_WEB.jpg 31_-_TechorbAbyzz_bday_art_sfw_WEB.jpg 31_-_TechorbAbyzz_bday_art_nsfw_WEB.jpg 31_-_TechorbAbyzz_bday_art_nsfw.png 31_-_TechorbAbyzz_bday_art_sfw.png

Passionate kiss - sneak peek

Tue Mar 31 19:04:30 2020

A sneak peek/WIP for you!


Commission for Apipapi - lineart

Mon Mar 30 14:22:13 2020

Extra WIP shot for my waffle patrons. Lines done, now to coloring! :)


March sketches - part 2

Sun Mar 29 16:37:49 2020

Two more sketches:

- first will most probably be soft shading and is for Airheart with his Zahra in the middle (some of the spectator characters will be an YCH, so stay tuned if you like the idea). Second version with one extra male standing on the side.

- second art is for Trix-Avenda, will be a harem-like illustration with simple background. I hope I got the poses and proportions right, I tried to push myself a little with the perspective here

Both will be finished in April. Sorry to say, but I got a little behind with my schedule anyway ;_;

35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1__extra_character_sketch.jpg 35_-_Airheart_ych_part_1_sketch.jpg 36_-_Trix_Avenda_sketch.jpg

March cake for Techorb

Sat Mar 28 21:59:20 2020

Again we're drawing corrupted version of the character. Very much inspired by the WoW character (don't remember the name, but if you know the universum, you may probably guess) I used the 4 arms, horns, snake tail and extra eyes.

and extra lineart + red eyes, because that looks just badass and I wanted to share it with you 8D

27_-_Techorb_cake_lines.jpg 27_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 27_-_Techorb_cake_lines.jpg 27_-_Techorb_cake.png

Underwater background - final

Wed Apr 1 18:00:08 2020

April Fools event for HeorseReality... where all horses are turned to fish 8D

After finishing the ocean background out of sudden I was told that this was not a good background for this type of a fish and asked to do new one, with sweet water instead. When I said A I had to say B and squeezed this extra background in my schedule.

+ extra screenshots ingame with some other fishes

The ocean one may be used later in the game, maybe with hippocampus breed in some event

underwater__fish_WEB.jpg underwater_WEB.jpg underwater_final.png underwater_screnshoot_01.png underwater_screenshot_02.png

Saphirae reference - WIP

Fri Mar 27 18:51:42 2020

Finished the body (smaller breast and long hair for both) + sketch of a portrait :) I am looking forward to play around with her rainbow marking - we'll use the same palette but aiming for completely different character this time

PS: I think that this setting: fullbody - portrait - fullbody is a very nice layout for future references. I will most probably use it as a basic example ref for my pricesheet when finished. It could easily be updated with some details drawn under the portrait. Maybe some item the character uses or important detail shot


Hot Date with Tamara Fox - page 5 - final

Fri Mar 27 18:47:40 2020

Finished page number 5!

...with some flat colored preview I forgot to upload earlier

page_5_WEB.jpg page_5.png page_5_flat_colors.jpg

Lilacay reference - WIP

Wed Mar 25 15:11:50 2020

Colored WIP of the front shot + extra old version on the side I am using for comparison. I need to change the colors to more light and adjust a few details + draw the back view. So, stay tuned for updates :)


Commission sketches

Wed Mar 25 15:09:03 2020

A bunch of sketches I made recently. First is for Apipapi, featuring two characters in soft shading + some complex background, second is first sketch of a character for Saphirae (we will be finishing the one with long hair)

Thanks for watching!

33_-_Saphirae_reference_sketch.jpg 33_-_Saphirae_reference_sketch.jpg 32_-_Apipapi_sketch.jpg 34_-_Abyzz_reference_sketch.jpg

Sweet kiss - WIP

Tue Mar 24 11:42:43 2020

flat colors of Techorb commission. This piece is a little late birthday gift for Abyzz (all my fault, I don't have enough time this month to do everything on time u_u)


Jenna DELICIOUS pack

Tue Mar 24 11:14:26 2020

SFW + NSFW version of the artwork

+ .psd file with all layers

Jenna SWEET pack

Tue Mar 24 11:13:12 2020

SFW version of the artwork in hi-res for you

Jenna timelapse

Tue Mar 24 11:11:58 2020

timelapse for you. I am sorry but this timelapse is not very lucky: I have not recorded making the sketch and later Photoshop crashed where the video ends and I lost some progress (I had to redraw details of the whole background again)

maxresdefault.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_4h_xT8s4aBU_maxresdefault.jpg

Patreon pinup: Jenna

Tue Mar 24 11:10:04 2020

"Come on, the weather is awesome!" :)

Jenna from Balto for you this month.

I will send you links to the packs in a moment, thanks for your support guys!


Ocean background - final

Sat Mar 21 12:33:29 2020

for HorseReality

...haven't drew so much corals ever! It was challenging to decide on all of these shapes and colors. I feel I know more about the 'Finding Nemo' was a good inspiration there :)


Techorb commission - sketch + WIP

Sat Mar 21 12:30:28 2020

Initial sketch and finished lineart. I am on fire! :D Viktoria and Techorb again.

There will be sfw and nsfw version of this piece.

31_-_TechorbAbyzz_bday_art_sketch.jpg 31_-_TechorbAbyzz_bday_sketch.jpg

Sketch for Maledivus - final

Thu Mar 19 21:29:14 2020

Two dragonesses in unusual bondage - with bolas!

First artwork completed from the standard march list, a few still to be done, but it feels good to have this 'checked out' :) I had fun there, I like to draw damsels in distress 8D

Thanks Mal for this nice commission!

30_-_Maledivus_WEB.jpg 30_-_Maledivus.png

Ocean background for Horse Reality - exclusive wip

Thu Mar 19 15:44:13 2020

I was asked to do some background for 1st of April for HorseReality. Hope to do more of these for them in the future, I need to try my best here ^_^

PS: fish is not mine, it is done by other artist

background_marine_sketch__fish.jpg background_marine_sketch.jpg

Hot Date with Tamara Fox - sketch of page 5

Wed Mar 18 20:34:57 2020

last thing for today - 99% done lineart for the 5th page! Pretty short one, so it was quick to do.

(ops, sorry for the -04- at the bottom, but I closed photoshop and won't fix it at the moment X_X)

page_5_lineart.jpg page_5_lineart.jpg page_5_lineart.jpg

Sketch of a sketch

Wed Mar 18 17:26:31 2020

inception! 8D Decided to show the very rought version of the sketch commission for Maledivus. I usually don't do that, but for Mal I am more than happy to break my rule there :)

artwork featuring two dragonesses in some bondage - Erica and Mayvara


Blind Alley - logo

Tue Mar 17 17:23:32 2020

And a logo with the blind alley - finished before all this madness started and forgot to show to you. Looks really different than the YCH, who would guess these two are twins *giggles*

bind_alley_03.jpg bind_alley_03.jpg blind_alley_final.jpg

Enreeu cake for March

Tue Mar 17 17:14:22 2020

edit: added the collar and flipped the eye colors. Sorry, Enreeu for being stupid and messing this! <3

To me, this design looks equally good as a male and female. <3_<3 Thanks for asking me to do this artwork and thank you for the support! :)

28_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 28_-_Enreeu_cake.png

Illustration for Nemui - sketch

Mon Mar 16 18:02:34 2020

a burst of colors! *-*


March cake for Arcano

Sun Mar 15 20:41:24 2020

featuring Kyra by GreyShores :)

26_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 26_-_Arcano_cake.png

comic sketch

Sun Mar 15 20:40:28 2020

sketching out another comic project! So far only a sketch, it will be finished next month.

This one for for LoveLockdownart


Bad news

Thu Mar 12 10:37:56 2020

...bad news again: due to the corona virus all schools in Poland are closed. The situation is not bat there yet, we have around 30 confirmed infections.

The schools will be closed along with theaters, cinemas and places where large groups of people can gather. We're asked to stay home as much as possible. With my husband who needs to lie down for at least another week and two kids home - I may have tough time finishing any artworks on time. I will keep you updated on everything, hope that the situation won't be as bad as it looks now. I will be slowly working on the arts, I am not completely alone here, and kids can take care of themselves for a little while heh :)

I am now finishng my coffe and going to drive to Bydgoszcz to pick him up from the hospital (200 kilometres, I am kinda stressed, I do not feel very confident as a driver ;_;) Wish me luck!

...and stay safe and healthy guys! Take care <3

Patreon pinup Jenna - sketch

Thu Mar 12 10:30:58 2020

Jenna from Balto trying to convince you that winter is actually pretty cool ^^


Custom character - finished

Thu Mar 12 10:25:47 2020

EDIT: added some more spots to her body

Finished this girl yesterday. I hope she'll be fine... ! I do not often do an artistic freedom custom characters!

25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master_no_genitals.jpg 25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master_no_genitals.jpg 25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master.jpg 25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master_no_genitals.png 25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master.png 25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master.jpg 25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master.png

YCH - blind alley

Tue Mar 10 14:39:11 2020

Finished this one, phew. Took me a while with this suddenly detailed bg ... :) But I am fond of the final result, I hope you'll like it too <3

for Sheori

21_-_YCH_blind_alley_WEB.jpg 21_-_YCH_blind_alley_nude_WEB.jpg 21_-_YCH_blind_alley_nude.png 21_-_YCH_blind_alley.png

Cake sketches

Tue Mar 10 14:34:53 2020

rough sketches for Arcano and Enreeu.
Techorb's is still in progress but will be done as well :)

Need to sketch the pinup soon :>

28_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 28_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 26_-_Arcano_cake_sketch.jpg

Sketching for an adopt

Fri Mar 6 14:39:19 2020

...because sometimes sketching a pose is not as simple as it it may seem :)

But at the same time this free sketching was good stress-reliever. I will use the last one, the first three covers too much of the body to be used for a ref image. I was excited to be leaved the artistic freedom so I agreed to do an off-queue adopt based on my last curly girl.


Going back to the serious stuff from Monday! Sorry guys that I am such troublesome to work with this month, you're so sweet that you're giving me space in these crazy days <3


adopt requested by Mr.Master

25_-_custom_sketches.jpg 25_-_custom_for_Mr.Master_sketch.jpg

Good news!

Wed Mar 4 17:38:05 2020

I was so worried today, at some point just had to stop working on arts and just keep myself busy! But the surgery went smoothly! <3 My Patrick is maybe in pain, but safe and sound. what a relief, pheeew ^_^

Now we have to wait for the final medical test results, but I am glad all is good for now.

Thanks for reading, guys! Just wanted to keep you updated! Have all a nice Wednesday. I am certainly going to! 8D

10k raffle - full size

Wed Mar 4 17:32:27 2020

...and it is finished! :)

I had some troubles with the red colors, I wanted to made the light there slightly saturated so everything looks a bit strawberryish/pinkish. In the end I am happy with the result, but that took me a while to figure it out

12_-_10k_free_artwork_WEB.jpg 12_-_10k_free_artwork.png

10k raffle art - WIP

Tue Mar 3 17:05:46 2020

Busy day, I am not going to give in to the ilness (yeah I am ill again. Where is the summer?!?), and so the lineart is done!

My husband got to the hospital today, he is going to have surgery tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well... <3


Blind alley - special WIP

Tue Mar 3 14:33:23 2020

flat colors of the clothing for you! :) I need to think of the amount of purple in the background.. maybe will tone it down in the end, it is VERY distracting,... what do you think?


Lilacay reference - armor design #WIP02

Mon Mar 2 10:21:08 2020

We're going to have a lot of details in this design. An octopus shoulder-pad (with horns?! not decided yet), gold foam-like swirls and krakens on the stocking... *-* The dark blue parts are going to have a nice pattern of fish scales


Ych blind alley - WIP

Mon Mar 2 10:17:00 2020

Updated wip of the ych. A lot of changes there, but I like how this all looks together! :)


March Patreon pinup

Mon Mar 2 10:08:25 2020

Hey there! New month, new poll! :) I have some interesting character fr you to pick from!

Bath House - full size

Fri Feb 28 11:35:45 2020

Final artwork (and extra first flat colors)

commissioned by Techorb, featuring also Abyzz Warrior's character, Viktoria. Thanks guys for letting me draw this! <3

22_-_TechorbAbyzz_bath_house_WEB.jpg 22_-_TechorbAbyzz_bath_house.png 22_-_TechorbAbyzz_bath_house_wip.jpg

Lilacay reference - sketch

Fri Feb 28 11:33:49 2020

we're reworking Arcano's octo-girl.

... I am looking forward to draw these weapons! *-*


Horse timelapse

Wed Feb 26 20:19:04 2020

...because why not to show it here as well? (:

Have a nice evening/morning

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_X6D4mBU_qvo_maxresdefault.jpg

Curly girl adoptable -early access

Tue Feb 25 15:08:47 2020

Remember that one? <3 Whose starting point were the super curly messy ginger hair? It is pretty old so maybe not everyone will recall this design.. With the February commission queue almost done I decided to finish her up today.

SB is 80€

AB is 250€
-for AB I am happy to do some minor changes in the design and prepare a nice ref sheet with added name, traits, info, etc

Winner will get SFW and NSFW versions of the ref in hi-res.

Anyone would like to bid/ab, there is the time :) I still have not posted the YCH because of the DDOS attacks, I think it is not the best time for auctions :o

17_-_adopt_-_curly_girl_wip.jpg 17_-_adopt_-_curly_girl_wip.jpg 17_-_adopt_-_curly_girl_nsfw_WEB.jpg 17_-_adopt_-_curly_girl_sfw_WEB.jpg

Feeling Foxy - full size

Wed Feb 26 12:00:02 2020

Finished this cute - and officially I am done with all the artworks planned for February, hurray! ^3^ so nice to go along with the schedule.

10_-_JKnight97_02_WEB.jpg 10_-_JKnight97_01_WEB.jpg 10_-_JKnight97_02_WEB.jpg 10_-_JKnight97_01.png 10_-_JKnight97_02.png 10_-_JKnight97_03.png 10_-_JKnight97_03_WEB.jpg

Horse portrait

Tue Feb 25 14:10:26 2020

A warm up from today, took me around 30minutes.

I was asked to do some redline of a horse head and so... I changed it a little and finished it up. Will do a timelapse of it as well :) Have not recorded any non-furry pieces in a while

23_-_horse_head_WEB.jpg 23_-_horse_head_WEB.jpg 23_-_horse_head_WEB_2.jpg

Maid Marian - timelapse

Tue Feb 25 13:48:45 2020

timelapse for you! Sorry, I forgot to record the beginning of sketching and very first moment of linearting. Good to excited to work on her again ^^;

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_ytbUh_QudRQ_hqdefault.jpg

Maid Marian DELICIOUS pack

Tue Feb 25 13:46:09 2020

Four versions this time!

- dressed

- white lingerie

- black lingerie

-black transparent lingerie


Maid Marian SWEET pack

Tue Feb 25 13:43:46 2020

SFW version in WEB and high resolution. Thank you for your support guys!

February patreon pinup: Maid Marian

Tue Feb 25 13:41:18 2020

My second approach to Maid Marian and her lovely dress. Damn, she is such a rewarding character to draw, so simple in design, yet so beautiful

Just to remind you quickly, here is the first Maid Marian pinup:


Blind alley - logo

Sat Feb 22 13:00:03 2020

Short story how my last YCH was born. Pouder asked for a logo with girl holding a bat standing in a blind alley, so I made them a few drafts. Now the girl needs to be less feminine, fonts need s to be changed and bg needs to be in different colors etc etc... So 'fun' to work with them, meh >_>

I am happy I will use this pose for an YCH anyway, looking forward to finish this instead of wasting! <3

bind_alley_01.jpg bind_alley_02.jpg

Felling foxy - WIP & sketch

Fri Feb 21 14:01:59 2020

I am so uncertain if I have posted the initial sketches before, so I am adding them now. (have I?!) Artwork very much based on recent patreon pinup with Ninetales <3 I am glad to use this theme again, it was such a nice and warm artwork to work on

Going made the girl much more red instead of the brown, but other than that all is accepted already

10_-_JKnight97_01.jpg 10_-_JKnight97_02.jpg 10_-_JKnight97_sketch_dress.jpg 10_-_JKnight97sketch_tails.jpg

Cthyllith reference - full size

Fri Feb 21 13:44:18 2020

Completed coloring + slightly more rainbowish here and there + some more black details and we're done! :)

I certainly have to use this kind of scales in some of my designs, maybe in different colors, I am a big fan how they look <3

character for Arcano Lulamoon

08_-_Arcano_reference_WEB.jpg 08_-_Arcano_reference.png

Blind alley - YCH early access

Thu Feb 20 19:07:10 2020

new YCH! (and two examples of the coloring)

let me know if you'd like to bid or AB, I'll post it on FA on Sunday

- any species,
- similar bodytype,
-clothing can be adjusted
- AB opens nude version

for some extra I could do it painterly if someone would insist on that :)

04_-_JellydoeOpal_WEB.jpg 04_-_JellydoeOpal_WEB.jpg 21_-_YCH_blind_alley_auction.jpg 11_-_Techorb_commission_WEB.jpg

Bathhouse - sketch

Thu Feb 20 13:52:17 2020

Techorb asked for a commission featuring also Abyzz' character Viktoria. ...having a very hot bath together 8D Thanks for asking me to do this piece guys!

I have sent them few screenshots when working on this piece, I am adding these here as well

22_-_TechorbAbyzz_bath_house_sketch.jpg photo_2020-02-20_11-28-52.jpg photo_2020-02-20_11-29-41.jpg photo_2020-02-20_11-29-01.jpg

Cthyllith reference - WIP #7 (exclusive)

Thu Feb 20 13:49:06 2020

Another wip, but as said - we're really getting there with this design. Time to decide on the coloring and all will be finished :)


February pinup - poll

Thu Feb 20 09:26:53 2020

Hi guys, I have made the first sketch of the Maid Marian for this month pinup... and I need your help :)

I can't decide what color of the lingerie should I give her :

I want to do also the full nude version, so there will be three options this month

She'll be in clothes too:

Archievement unlocked! - full size

Wed Feb 19 18:39:42 2020

...and so the second time consuming artwork is finished! commissioned illustration with detailed background for MelodyStar. I am may not the master of cluttering backgrounds with fun objects, but I had fun thinking of this geekish/gameish room :3

two versions: fem and boi

PS: adding the initial sketch for fun comparison how the things changed

05_-_MelodyStar_WEB.jpg 05_-_MelodyStar_02_WEB.jpg 05_-_MelodyStar_02.png 05_-_MelodyStar.png 05_-_MelodyStar_pink.jpg

Boots heaven - full size

Tue Feb 18 16:42:15 2020

commissioned soft shading piece for Pechallai

... omg, these boots were more time consuming than I initially anticipated OwO
I am happy with the final result though <3 I hope you'll like it as well!

Weird day today, usually I am able to count the time needed to finish a certain piece. I hoped to do the finishing touched to the second commission from my February list, but in the end I ran out of tine, will have to finish it up tomorrow.

06_-_Pechallai_WEB.jpg 06_-_Pechallai.png

Orchestra of Flames - step by step

Tue Feb 18 08:35:10 2020

Promised full size step by step of creating this artwork. So proud of this one, never drew so much flames before! n_n


Cthyllith - exclusive WIP#06

Mon Feb 17 14:18:45 2020

Another WIP of the Cthyllith - after our Sunday private stream (what actually helps a lot when designing characters!) there has been a lot of changes in her appearance. Now, we're already close to finishing, I'm looking forward to create a complete ref for her!


Collab with Yasmil - full size

Fri Feb 14 12:28:59 2020

And it is finished! Always a pleasure to color such a beautiful lineart. I hope you'll enjoy <3

16_-_Collaboration_Yasmil_nsfw_WEB.jpg 16_-_Collaboration_Yasmil_nsfw_WEB.jpg 16_-_Collaboration_Yasmil_WEB.jpg 16_-_Collaboration_Yasmil_nsfw.png 16_-_Collaboration_Yasmil.png

February cake for Enreeu

Fri Feb 14 17:00:07 2020

A grumpy-sweet character with my fave color combo for Enreeu. Thank you for your support! <3

I hope you'll like how she looks!

18_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 18_-_Enreeu_cake.png

February cake for Techorb

Thu Feb 13 17:00:03 2020

Thank you for your support! ...and Happy Valentines <3 :D

Two slightly different versions. If you would like to get the heart completely removed please let me know

I also hope you don't mind me cutting the part of the leg, I think the artworks looks much better cropped, than with this much of blank space around just to show some pawsies (even if the pawsies are super cute ^3^)

20_-_Techorb_-_blue.png 20_-_Techorb_cake_-_pink_WEB.jpg 20_-_Techorb_cake_-_blue_WEB.jpg 20_-_Techorb_-_blue.png 20_-_Techorb_cake_-_pink.png

Valentine's collab with Yasmil - WIP

Thu Feb 13 14:15:28 2020

for Abyzz, featuring his lovely girl Nisheena.

Valentines ahead, need to finish the coloring tommorrow!

16_-_Collaboration_Yasmil_-_Valentine_s_Day_flat_1.jpg 16_-_Collaboration_Yasmil_-_Valentine_s_Day_flat_2.jpg

Be my Valentine - full size

Thu Feb 13 14:12:59 2020

finished illustration for Ricochetcoyote. Two slightly different versions (+ Rico will have extra version with gold pendant, sorry that I missed that!)

Do you think this illustration looks any different than my old ones? Was this different way of shading a good idea? Personally I am happy with the result, but I am not sure if it is any different in the end lol.

...and meh, no censoring. It is always troublesome to do to be honest ;_; Tell me if your eyes are hurt with uncensored artworks and I will go back to doing it again

13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art_02.png 13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art_-_02_WEB.png 13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art_WEB.jpg 13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art.png

MelodyStar's commission - special WIP

Tue Feb 11 16:12:34 2020

Sneak peek of almost completed faces, I will most probably polish them a little when finishing up the whole artwork. not much left to be done here, but I am not sure if I'll manage to finish it this week, I need to finally start the Valentine's rtworks :)


Best Car Wash - full size

Tue Feb 11 15:41:24 2020

finished piece for JellyDoeOpal. So glad to draw this girl again, do you remember this old artwork of mine I did with her a while ago?? :>

04_-_JellydoeOpal_nsfw.png 04_-_JellydoeOpal_nsfw_WEB.jpg 04_-_JellydoeOpal_WEB.jpg 04_-_JellydoeOpal_nsfw.png 04_-_JellydoeOpal.png

February CAKE for Arcano

Mon Feb 10 19:22:40 2020

One very unique character to draw *-* Kinda regret it is only an iron artist, painting this guy (this thing?!) in full detail would be super fun challenging

Thank you for your support Arcano! <3

Have a nice evening/day/morning guys! :) I am going to watch some Key and Locke on Netflix in a moment

19_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 19_-_Arcano_cake.png

Reference for Saphirae - full size

Fri Feb 7 12:29:07 2020

Done for Saphirae from Furaffinity

I have not used so many bright colors in one piece in a while 8D

(I do not know how the character will be named, so I am leaving the commissioner's name in the title here)

67_-_Saphirae_reference_WEB.jpg 67_-_Saphirae_reference.png

Orchestra of flames - full size

Thu Feb 6 17:22:01 2020

I had a very good day today, I am happy I could finish this one so quick <3

I have not been showing you more WIPs, I will just create a nice step by step and post it like that. Thanks for watching and have a nice day too, guys!

PS: I wonder why patreon is making such ugly previews of the artworks in post. So pixelated and blurred >:-( I hope you're downloading or opening the artworks in a new window, to see how they really looks ...!

11_-_Techorb_commission.png 11_-_Techorb_commission_WEB.jpg

February patreon pinup

Wed Feb 5 15:07:17 2020

Another month, another poll! Time to move on with the monthly stuff to have it nicely done before the end of the month ^^

Who would you like to see on the art for this month guys... I will go with very popular characters again, no guest oc's this month :)

Best Car Wash - special WIP

Wed Feb 5 09:22:41 2020

Best car wash in town! :)

Bashing a car in those shoes may be troublesome but I think it is worth the effect and happy customers 8D

extra nude flats before I start working on the shading


Boots heaven - lineart

Wed Feb 5 08:57:19 2020

a clean lineart for Pechallai

missing just some details on horns and clothes that are going to be done while shading. Looks good so far I hope. Thanks for watching!


Valentine's art - special WIP #02

Wed Feb 5 08:53:25 2020

...this grayscale coloring is dworking surprisingly well for me!
So nice to work on the colors in more complex way, I think it gives so much more interesting results, eve if all characters are mostly in reddish tones. Gonna use it again for sure in next illustration <3


Valentine's YCH preview

Tue Feb 4 14:01:36 2020

wip of upcomming collab with Yasmil <3

so far she did all the work. I will be coloring her lines :)

Stay tuned if you're interested! Auction will be posted within few days


Valentines art - special WIP

Tue Feb 4 13:56:56 2020

WIP of an illustration for Ricochetcoyote

I am trying out some different approach here, working out the gray tones and some places of more saturated color and colors of the environment... So far so good, it may become more difficult when adding base colors of the charatcers.

13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art_wip2.jpg 13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art_wip1.jpg

JellyDoeOpal - WIP

Mon Feb 3 19:33:12 2020

Time to go back to business, winter holidays are gone, prepare for a spam of artworks! >:)

A basic color + flat versions for now - I am going to do a nice animated step by step from creating this one. Enjoy <3

04_-_JellydoeOpal_wip.jpg 04_-_JellydoeOpal_flats.jpg

Arcano's reference - faces

Sat Feb 1 16:23:25 2020

...we'rFinal bath of 'crown-like' scales on the head. I hope we'll find the one here!


Sheridan: reference sheet - full size

Sat Feb 1 15:53:00 2020

With the limited time I had in last two weeks it took me a while to finish up this whole ref, but I already made Nearyh wait so long with starting this so I am very happy it is finally done (yup, a working Saturday today- and happy with that, how weird it may seem!)

A sketch and finished ref, full sizes in files downloadable below. Thanks for looking! :)

Sheridan_WEB.jpg Sheridan.png Sheridan05.jpg

Reference for Saphirae - extra WIP

Tue Jan 28 20:15:26 2020

Finishing this one finally! Hurray! <3

I have already posted so many WIPs from creating this cute girl, so I am making this final one a special for my WAFFLE+ tier patrons :)

Need to give it a final shading and it will be completed


Furry portrait - tutorial

Tue Jan 28 20:13:16 2020

Simple step by step tutorial, from blob shapes to fully shaded head <3

I am finishing the ref commission for Saphirae and I decided to finally do the promised head tutorial (hi, Arcano! Yes, I have not forgot about my promise ^^)

Do you think that descriptions are needed here? (kinda like 01: sketching basic shapes with circles 02: drawing basic outline etc etc ) ...or is it readable just as it is??

15_-_portrait_tutorial_WEB.jpg 15_-_portrait_tutorial.png

January cake for AuraFox

Mon Jan 27 12:49:21 2020

thankso so much that you started to support me, Aurafox :) I hope you'll like your character in my style <3

..with some step by step stages, starting from sketch, through lineart and flats

have a nice Monday guys!

14_-_AuraFox_cake_01.jpg 14_-_AuraFox_cake_WEB.jpg 14_-_AuraFox_cake.png 14_-_AuraFox_cake_01.jpg 14_-_AuraFox_cake_02.jpg 14_-_AuraFox_cake_03.jpg

Earth Rangers app

Sun Jan 26 17:00:04 2020

Instead of working on 15th animal I was asked to do some advertisements for our app.

It has been launched on the American App store and I was told it got really warm welcome! :)

arctic__animal.jpg arctic__animal.jpg ocean__animal.jpg main_screen.jpg 02__logo.jpg jungle__animal.jpg osprey.jpg 03_bear.jpg

Sheridan - reference

Mon Jan 27 09:00:02 2020

working on ref for Nearyh.

We had quite a bumpy road before we got to this point (reworking the bodytype and pose quite a few times) but I am positive it will go as a blast now! :)

Sheridan02.jpg Sheridan02.jpg Sheridan03.jpg Sheridan05.jpg

Character for Arcano - WIP#03

Mon Jan 20 12:10:38 2020

We're making some major changes here! n_n

few propositions of rainbow color


sketches for Pechallai

Fri Jan 24 14:16:00 2020

third commission from the batch, soft shading for Pechallai. Two friends and one huge shoes collection 8D

colored sketches + some extra concept drafts

06_-_Pechallai_night.jpg 06_-_Pechallai_day.jpg 06_-_Pechallai_sketch01.jpg 06_-_room_sketch.jpg

CAKE tutorial for Arcano

Wed Jan 22 13:00:03 2020

..instead of a standard cake artwork Arcano asked for some step by step tutorial.

To start with something nice and simple I decided to draw a pretty ordinary standing pose and a cute feline character. If I will be ever asked for some more tutorials in the future I'll gowith some slightly more complicated themes :)

02_-_Arcano_tutorial_WEB.jpg 02_-_Arcano_tutorial.png

WIPs for MelodyStar

Mon Jan 20 10:30:01 2020

second commission from the normal list is also started, this one will be an illustration for MelodyStar.

Two versions of the sketch: blue and pink

NSFW_preview.jpg 05_-_MelodyStar_blue.jpg 05_-_MelodyStar_pink.jpg

WIP for JellyDoeOpal

Mon Jan 20 10:00:02 2020

time to give some love to my January/February commissions. This one goes to JellyDoeOpal


10 FREE ART raffle

Sat Jan 18 21:18:49 2020

..okay, so now it if official! As promised, after reaching 10k watchers I have something special for you. Winner of the raffle will win a free artwork from me.


Soft shading quality + half background (the box under the character and white around)

female only
body shape as sketched
any species
any hairstyle
small/medium wings are acceptable
shoes/stockings can be removed
other type of shoes is acceptable


go here and follow the instructions:


Valentines artwork - WIP

Sat Jan 18 20:46:51 2020

sketch for Ricochetcoyote for Valentines this time featuring young Tamara.

It is yet to be decided if we'll continue and turn it to the final artwork or not

NSFW_preview_2.jpg 13_-_Rocochetcoyote_Valentine_art_sketch.jpg

The orchestra of flames - special WIP

Fri Jan 17 15:02:50 2020

wip of a commission for Maddensun

....I just realised that I do not always have to wait till I have full set of wips any more and I can submit you this 'progress' from time to time! :)

Fire dragoness for in her corrupted version.

I must say I am having fun with these flames here <3

11-_01.jpg 11-02.jpg 11-03.jpg 11-04.jpg

Patreon pinup: Midnight timelapse

Thu Jan 16 17:36:49 2020

timelapse. What else to say? ...I hope you'll enjoy the process as much as I did! :)

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_j4ElWxA-udc_maxresdefault.jpg

Patreon pinup: Midnight DELICIOUS pack

Thu Jan 16 17:34:47 2020

Hi-res of all versions of the artwork along with sketches and the .psd file with all layers

Patreon pinup: Midnight SWEET pack

Thu Jan 16 17:33:14 2020

Sweet pack with hi-res of sfw version of the artwork


Patreon Pinup: Midnight

Thu Jan 16 17:32:29 2020

The special guest patreon pinup is cmpleted. I was honored to draw this beautiful dragoness again <3

Yasmil asked for some not provocative pose, so I picked this elegant setting for her Mid. I hope you'll like this pinup, I will be sending packs in a moment!


Enreeu cake - photoshop file

Wed Jan 15 13:52:32 2020

downloadable .psd file for you with all layers and effect I have used for this artwork

03_-_Enreeu_cake_psd_file.jpg 03_-_Enreeu_cake.psd (d)

Enreeu cake artwork - full size

Wed Jan 15 13:47:00 2020

Thank you for your support <3 :)

03_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 03_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 03_-_Enreeu_cake.png

Hot Date with Tamara Fox - page 4

Wed Jan 15 13:31:16 2020

another page of the comic is done! We're getting closer to the end now, only two pages left to be done.

preview_4b.jpg page_4_creampie_WEB.jpg page_4_WEB.jpg page_4_creampie.png page_4.png

January cake for Techorb

Mon Jan 13 13:04:40 2020

resetting my artwork counter and starting from '01' again :) I create new folder for each year of work and having a fresh and clean folder is always so refreshing, like I could accomplish completely new goals this year! (tabula rasa 8D)

01 of this year goes to Techorb's monthly artwork and a dark corrupted version of his oc Doku. I think of doing 'standard' patreon artworks this year,with white background, this one is different because it shows a dark version of a character, I think it suits here very well.

01_-_Techorb_cake.png 01_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg

Arcano's character - sketch

Mon Jan 13 12:53:19 2020

first rough idea of Arcano's character, a cthulu girl with skin based on color of Opals. That will be quite a challenge to draw properly, now it is just a sketchy undertone.

She was supposed to have an average body, so I only played with the characteristic features like tentacles and scales.


PP Midnight - sketch

Mon Jan 13 12:49:26 2020

Hi guys! New week new artworks to be started :) In last poll you picked Midnight as our guest character on the pinup, so here she is!

color_sketch.jpg color_sketch.jpg sketch.jpg

Bumblebee - full size

Sun Jan 12 17:55:54 2020

Bee transformed!

... after doing the sketch, my commissioner realised he was making a mistake referring to this commission as a bee while he was thinking about a bumblebee from a very beginning. So I had to do redraw it quite a lot. Tho it is done and accepted now :) Probably last animal from this series

I was told that the app will be launched within few days, I am super excited to play with it finally *-*


50 shades of white - full size

Fri Jan 10 14:52:12 2020

And this is finished! I took my time to finish up all these whites around here.. Personally I enjoyed every moment of drawing this piece.

Thank you for the commission Techorb!
I hope all will be allright with it

88_-_Techorb.png 88_-_Techorb_WEB.jpg

Hot Date with Tamara Fox - lineart

Wed Jan 8 15:54:05 2020

a lineart for 4th page of Ricochetcoyote's comic is done. Now it awaits some color, and will be done :)

preview_4a.jpg page_4_wip.jpg

Techorb's commission - WIP

Tue Jan 7 14:31:45 2020

Pushing the shades of white to the limits here. With the pink parts where sun is shining through the thin skin, like the ears. Not too much pink I hope??

It was nice to get back to drawing! I hope you'll like the progress so far. It was this much nice, so I kinda lost track of time and have not uploaded anything to my Furaffinity. Really need to update that place as well soon :)

I have just realised that this is the only artwork I have to be finished from last year, so it is a good fresh start! (not counting rough sketches, like the comic for example)

88_-_Techorb_commission_wip.jpg 88_-_Techorb_commission_wip2.jpg

Bee - sketch

Tue Jan 7 09:49:24 2020

sketching another animal for EarthRangers, a bee this time!

I had to try some more realistic approach, but I will do my best to made this little one match the other animals of the series. Already made her a bit more fluffy and round, slightly bumblebee inspired. Personally I really like bees, love to see them in spring <3 Do you like them too?

bee_01.jpg bee_01.jpg bee_02.jpg

January Patreon Pinup - poll

Tue Jan 7 07:50:17 2020

Hello guys in this new year! How are you in 2020?!

I am very sorry for my total absence, I hoped to be able to check out some more things online, but we had an unexpected trip at the end of the holidays. I will check out all emails and messages now <3 Here is the patreon pinup poll I hoped to do earlier, but we'll still have some time to vote and finish the artwork on time, I am positive about that :)

PS: I am very curious if do you also have such a long Christmas Holidays in your countries? In Poland we end it on the Three Kings Day, what was yesterday.

* * *

The special guest for this month is Midnight, oc created by my friend Yasmil.
check out her design here:
But I am also giving you a bunch of awesome characters to pick from :> I has tons of fun with last anthro pokemon, so here is another one, there is also a MLP girl I need to add my 'collection' and a Judy Hopps I would love to draw again, I just love this sweet bunny girl.

Sean for HorseReality - full size

Sat Dec 21 13:16:10 2019

Handsome horse farrier for the game :)

final piece + some sketches

Sean.png Sean_WEB.jpg Sean_sketch.jpg

Twilight Sparkle timelapse

Fri Dec 20 20:21:28 2019

a timelapse for you, what more can I say :) enjoy and thank you for the support!

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_ZJYyfDSQCQ8_maxresdefault.jpg

PP: Twilight Sparkle - DELICIOUS pack

Fri Dec 20 20:19:23 2019

SFW + NSFW in high resolution (in two versions, second is without the gingerbread man)
+ .psd file
+ some wips, in case you'd like to have them in one place

Merry Christmas again!

PP: Twilight Sparkle christmas - SWEET pack

Fri Dec 20 20:16:53 2019

hi-res of the SFW version of the artwork. In two versions with and without the gingerbread man on top

Merry Christmas again! :)

Christmas Patreon Pinup: Twilight Sparkle

Fri Dec 20 20:14:59 2019

Merry Christmas everyone!

I am presenting you finished Twilight, who, as I said earlier, was such a naughty girl, she ate all cookies and now is waiting for Santa to come home 8D

She was not very cooperative, the process of creating the artwork got so long because of that. I am very happy with the final result tho, it is slightly weird being so reddish and purpleish and blueish and greenish... with the brown gingerbread man on top! :) Anyway, enjoy guys <3

I will submit your pack with the full size, psd file and nsfw edit in a moment


Christmas YCHs

Thu Dec 19 12:41:20 2019

for Stormbreeze

and Cordelia_Kersey


89_-_christmas_ych_for_stormbreeze_WEB.jpg 89_-_christmas_ych_for_stormbreeze.png 90_-_christmas_ych_for_Cordelia_Kersey_WEB.jpg 90_-_christmas_ych_for_Cordelia_Kersey.png

Patreon pinup - WIP

Wed Dec 18 14:16:28 2019

I was pretty busy in last days, the patreon pinup is almost done <3

I hoped to finish it last week, but I had some terrible troubles with picking colors, coudn't find the good combination! It just had to wait, I did not wanted to finish up something I am not happy about. Finally I am pleased with this blue/red colors, The lights in the background may need to be changed a bit, but the main theme is settled. I hope you'll be pleased with my choice :)


Against the current - final

Wed Dec 18 14:12:36 2019

logo for Prouder, finally finished!. It was started like three months ago, client was super slow at responding x_x

wips how it changed (in case someone missed them ;)) + final artwork

I liked it more facing forwards, but unfortunately I was not the one to decide. Anyway I like it, especially the water around was fun to do :)

against_the_current_kopia_wip2.jpg against_the_current_kopia_wip2.jpg against_the_current_logo_final.jpg against_the_current_kopia_wip3.jpg against_the_current_01.jpg

Hot Date with Tamara Fox - page 03 + new sketches

Wed Dec 18 14:07:23 2019

Page 3 is now shaded and finished - I may need to add some changes here and there, but I like it enough to share it with you :)

I am also attaching new sketches of ages 4, 5 and 6
(some recycled poses and bunch of new, the story is going to be shorter)

DOWNLOAD files to see, thank you!

preview_3b.jpg 05.jpg 04.jpg 06.jpg page_3_WEB.jpg page_3.png

December cake for Enreeu - edited

Fri Dec 13 13:02:42 2019

Just a small update I thought I'd share: edited Kona's pants for Enreeu's request

86_-_Enreeu_cake_edited.png 86_-_Enreeu_cake_2_WEB.jpg

PP: Waiting for Santa - sketch

Fri Dec 13 12:44:28 2019

Twiligh Sparkle was a naughty girl, ate all the cookies and now is waiting for Santa's to come 8D

Sometimes (like now) I wonder how i get my silly ideas. I hope you'll enjoy tho!


Summertime - sketch

Wed Dec 11 14:19:50 2019

sketch of a commission for Techorb. Some backlight again, but more delicate and dreamlike.

This is a dragoness I had pleasure to draw twice alreaay, Hikari for Techorb. This piece will ill be soft shaded. I gave her a little poppy in her hand, that will go well with her markings


DemalyxDragon commission - step by step

Wed Dec 11 12:35:51 2019

animated step by step. It has been a good moment to finally post one again


Commission for DemalyxDragon - full size

Wed Dec 11 12:33:45 2019

okay, I know I used the sunset theme last time as well, but for this kissing scene it also looks so good *-*

..submitting animated step by step in another post!

82_-_DemalyxDragon.png 82_-_DemalyxDragon_WEB.jpg

Christmas YCH auctions

Tue Dec 10 14:21:45 2019

Two poses inspired by this month's artworks I've done - will be finished before christmas, that's a promise!

separate auction for each of the poses

So far available only here, I'll submit them in a day or two

any species
similar bodytype
small wings are welcome
clothing is optional


Christmas edit of the cake artworks

Tue Dec 10 14:16:59 2019

It is way to early to wish you a merry Christmas, but I am starting to feel the mood already 8D I think that maybe the warrior does not fit to the festive background, but I added her the second version just to be fair... it kinda looks cute, weird, but cute.

I am going to open two ychs in this 'theme' and finish them in next two weeks, I hope you'll like this little surprise!

83_-_Techorb_cake_-_christmas_WEB.jpg 84_-_Arcano_cake_-_christmas_WEB.jpg 86_-_Enreeu_cake_christmas_WEB.jpg

December artwork for Enreeu

Tue Dec 10 14:09:29 2019

Kona right after finished her training. I so enjoy this mix of orange and black, I hope you'll like it too! <3


December cake for Arcano

Tue Dec 10 13:57:17 2019

Taki from Soul Calibur.

I ever played soul Calibur myself, but she seems to be pretty popular character so I hope you'll enjoy this cake :)

84_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 84_-_Arcano_cake.png

Hot Date - page 3 - WIP

Sat Dec 7 10:50:01 2019

Flat colors of third page of the comic, coloring will take a while.. but should be done next week

Have a nice weekend guys!

I am off to my son's friend b-day party today. Gonna eat a lot of cake 8)

preview_3.jpg page_3_wip.jpg

December cake for Techorb

Fri Dec 6 20:19:36 2019

...a lighting dragoness <3 Rai the Thunderbringer.

I have always considered yellow a lighting color, so I tried to add some to her blue har. Personally I really like this mix, she is very greenish/blueish but do not feel like a water or nature dragoness, I think this purple and yellow really made her unique. Hope you agree :)

83_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 83_-_Techorb_cake.png

Personal update + new feature

Thu Dec 5 19:48:02 2019

Hi guys!

I would like explain myself a little, you're welcome to read if you're interested in some personal rambling, if not, you may just jump into the 'new features' on the bottom of this text.

* * *

So, for all the people out here who are concerned enough to read all this long story. The thing is, in last weeks I am maybe not in the best condition and I feel that it kinda affects all my social media. While Patreon is still my main way of communication and showing my artworks, other galleries are pretty much dead these days.

I want to say that last month was really CRAZY in my personal life. A lot is going on since summer, when some of troubles started, but it got even worse, when we have found out that my husband has a tumour... and now he is waiting for a surgery :(

It has been only few weeks, but it feels like forever. He was just changing his job, trying to find another one, but while we found out about his health condition - it all does not matter any more. He helps me with the artworks sometimes - flat colors are his job recently - but new real job needs to wait till we sresolve the health situation.

Today we were finally told that everything should have a happy ending! and with that I feel I finally can share this story with you. I am always against spreading any drama on socials, I do not want to bother people with my troubles. Now I am starting to be more positive again, so you do not need to worry too much :)

I greatly appreciate all your support guys, I am not leaving, nor changing my schedule - I love to do artworks, it is my little happy place where I can find peace. Sometimes I just feel like hiding in my safe cocoon, waiting for the bad days to pass on.

...that being said, guys, please forgive me if recently I am maybe less communicative than usually <3

* * *

new patreon feature:

I want to add new option to the CAKE and SLICE of CAKE tiers:
a personalized 'thank you list' of the most supporting patrons, what will be included under each artwork I am submitting to Furaffinity for as long as you're subscribed to this tier (and even after stop being my patron, if someone was so kind to support me for a longer period of time)

do you find that a nice feature?

I would like to add it also to the WAFFLE tier, but I am afraid I may not be able to keep track of all people being here, so for now I will limit it only to the two top tiers.

DemalyxDragon commission - WIP#02

Thu Dec 5 19:27:14 2019

..this is what happens, when you are about to start an artwork after over one month of gap since getting the description! I got completely carried away sketching the old good Demalyx' characters, while she asked for completely different ones - these two you see now. If you have never knew any artist doing such random stupid mistakes there I am... ^^:

82_-_DemalyxDragon_wip1.jpg 82_-_DemalyxDragon_wip1.jpg 82_-_DemalyxDragon_wip2.jpg

Agita - finished

Wed Dec 4 14:13:27 2019

illustration piece for Siberia-Gravity.

Took a while with the details, needed some major changes in the character body but finally it is done.. and I personally like it a lot. I am happy I was given so much freedom in setting the scenery, that warm sunset kind of light is my fave to do and I didn't had a chance to work with it for a while.

75_-_Siberia-Gravity_WEB.jpg 75_-_Siberia-Gravity.png

Christmas themed patreon pinup

Tue Dec 3 09:34:56 2019

Since it is a special month, so this time I am going to go only with my personal favourite characters. Please take a look and help me pick the one who should be drew this year

Last year it was Judy Hopps, so even if overall I am very tempted to draw her again, I want to work with someone else this time. So, just reminder of last year artwork, but no Judy in this poll

Nickie reference sheet - final

Tue Dec 3 08:53:21 2019

I am happy to announce, that Nichole's reference is finally finished! We had some troubles when designing the insignia for her (second image) but in the end it all looks just fine ... I hope 8D

78_-_Taylor_reference_sheet_WEB.jpg 78_-_Taylor_reference_sheet.png 78_-_Taylor_reference_sheet_insignia.jpg

Siberia-Gravity's illustration - WIP

Fri Nov 29 13:38:23 2019

After all the sketching I did today something more detailed for my waffle patrons :)

okay, this piece is pretty much detailed for now! Time to work on the details and finally figure out a title for this.



Ricochetcoyote's commission - sketches

Fri Nov 29 13:36:30 2019

working on an illustration for Ricochetcoyote, featuring Tamara's and Lance this time. If you're interested download the sketches to see three slightly different versions of the scene

81_-_Ricochet_winter_commission_prev.jpg 81_-_Ricochet_winter_commission_02.jpg 81_-_Ricochet_winter_commission_03.jpg 81_-_Ricochet_winter_commission_01.jpg

DemalyxDragon - sketch

Fri Nov 29 13:35:11 2019

DemalyxDragon asked me to a bust of her dragon characters. I always enjoy drawing these two, this time we're doing a completely new approach, a bust piece instead of a fullbody, so we'll focus on the emotions <3 :3

here are some ideas I had for them , hope she will like some!

82_-_DemalyxDragon_sketch.jpg 82_-_DemalyxDragon_sketch2.jpg 82_-_DemalyxDragon_sketch3.jpg

Saphirae's referrence sheet - WIP

Wed Nov 27 13:51:58 2019

Another wip of this one, last before finishing it up I suppose - super sweet pastel border collie girl :)

With extra rainbow variations in the second file

67_-_Saphirae_reference_wip2.jpg 67_-_Saphirae_reference_wip2.jpg 67_-_Saphirae_reference_wip.jpg

Hot Date - page 2 - final

Tue Nov 26 14:45:24 2019

Now all the corrections and the coloring is done, I managed to do it quicker than expected! *-*

I think with two pages done it is time to share the comic with the world, so I will releasefirst page to my gallery within a week or two

preview_3.jpg page_2_WEB.jpg page_2.png

December - January work schedule

Mon Nov 25 15:01:54 2019

Hi guys!

Recently I got informed about the official free days at school in the upcoming months. With the Christmas and winter holidays ahead there is a lot of days when I won't be able to work. all free days are marked with red.. a lot of red there, isn't it?!

It is first year when I have so much holidays, since it is the first year when my son goes to school, I may be able to draw in the 'red' days but I am not certain about anything. I will focus on the patreon commission list and monthly promised artworks - unfortunately this will slow down delivering any other commissions.

If you're my waffle patron and would like to squeeze your artwork somewhere in these two months it is still possible, just please let me know as soon as possible :)


Apipapi's character lineup - final

Mon Nov 25 14:55:34 2019

Two vrsions because as always I couldn't decide on just one, lol.

I feel better today and I am hoping to finish up some pieces this week, looking forward to work again <3 :)

this one was tons of fun to do, need one for my own OC's for sure!

76_-_Apipapi_character_lineup_ver1_WEB.jpg 76_-_Apipapi_character_lineup_ver2_WEB.jpg 76_-_Apipapi_character_lineup_ver1.png 76_-_Apipapi_character_lineup_ver2.png

Caroll - final

Sat Nov 23 11:33:17 2019

Sorry for being so absent, I have a flu =_=

Caroll for I finished earlier this week


Ninetales: timelapse

Wed Nov 20 19:14:46 2019


1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_2vwJpIajsn8_maxresdefault.jpg

PP: Ninetales DELICIOUS pack

Wed Nov 20 19:10:13 2019

SFW + NSF versions of the artwork in hi-res

+3k .psd file with all layers

+ 3 wallpapers (1 sfw + 2 nsfw #ThankYouPatrons so much!)

PP: Ninetales - SWEET pack

Wed Nov 20 19:08:06 2019

SFW version of the artwork in WEB and hi-res

+ 1 extra wallpaper ( #ThankYouPatrons so much!)

November Patreon Pinup: Ninetales

Wed Nov 20 19:06:50 2019

Ninetales, all sweet and cute. Not dabbing a tiny bit of sugar onto her, she is sugar coated! *3*

..I had fun, that I must admit. Added a lot of detail here, it is almost painterly piece, since I have painted all colors and detail with extra care... :) And the colors are really bright here! I found that challenging to be honest, but I am very happy with the result. I hope you'll enjoy it too.

PS: in this month packs there are wallpapers included. I could not do anything for the #ThankYouPAtrons day so at ;east I added something extra here in the monthly artwork <3

- in the SWEET pack there is one sfw wallpaper,

- in DELICIOUS there are three, one sfw and two nsfw ones

Luv you guys, thank you for the support you're giving me!


Character lineup - WIP#??

Wed Nov 20 13:09:45 2019

Three done, two more to go! :>


Ninetales - WIP

Tue Nov 19 14:39:49 2019

...and a little flat colored wip of the pinup to end the day well


Nickie reference - WIP#02

Tue Nov 19 14:34:09 2019

Adding some colors and outfit to the pretty and fearless soldier girl. I am not yet sure about her rank, but she is an important one, see her being all serious about that, right? ;)


Caroll - final

Tue Nov 19 14:32:22 2019

Finished another NPC for HorseReality. Adding sketches just in case :)

Caroll_sketch.jpg Caroll_sketch.jpg Caroll.jpg

Commission price sheet

Fri Nov 15 15:07:00 2019

Since I am often asked about the differences in the styles of my commissions I did a new commission guide. Do you think it is better than the last one I am using on my trello?

PS: prices are not changed


Hot Date - update

Sat Nov 16 15:00:02 2019

full flats for page no2

preview_update.jpg page_2_wip_2.jpg

Off Limits - final

Sun Nov 17 12:10:00 2019

Sorry, off limits!

And another logo I just finished, along with some sketches.

off_limits_sketches2.jpg off_limits_sketches2.jpg offlimits_logo-2.jpg

Nadelos - final

Sun Nov 17 12:00:02 2019

The first logo I made for the new batch of Prouder orders.

On the screenshot you can see the sketch I was asked to redraw for this one :)

nadels_logo_final.jpg screenshot_wip.jpg

Celebration - final

Fri Nov 15 12:03:03 2019

Done a while ago, though I forgot to share it with you


Arcano cake artwork - final

Fri Nov 15 11:32:09 2019

Cthulu girl all done and dusted! She was really an intriguing character to draw, that one is for sure. I am pleased with the resul, hope you'll like her as well

80_-_Arcano_cake_WEB.jpg 80_-_Arcano_cake.png

Miyu's outfits

Fri Nov 15 11:13:28 2019

...we really can't find the best solution for this cape hehe


Patreon Pinup - Ninetales - sketch

Thu Nov 14 10:48:30 2019

Okie, I am showing you my version of Ninetales. I did some research and I think my idea may ne quite uniquw - I am making her sweet and innocent dressed with bows and ruffles(Pokemon -> Japan-> kawaii girl) will add her some blush and maybe play with her eyebrows for super cute expression on one of the versions.

..any ideas, guys? :)

ninetales_sketch.jpg ninetales_sketch_nsfw.jpg

Arcano cake artwork - WIP

Thu Nov 14 09:11:18 2019

Arcano wants to train my techniques of drawing and this artwork will be our practice piece. I am not coloring it yet, I will do it after I'll see Arcano's version :)


Techorb cake artwork - final

Thu Nov 14 09:08:17 2019

A fire dragoness for this month.
I went a little more bold with colors, though still sticking to the fire theme

77_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 77_-_Techorb_cake.png

Hot Date - page 2 - WIP

Tue Nov 12 16:45:13 2019

The thing that was keeping me busy along with the animals (and the national holiday - the independence day - we had yesterday, so the kids were at home with me and I really couldn't do nothing art-related, phew :))

Lineart + flat colors for the first part of the page are done. I am going to now work on the bottom panel, I'll send you an update when it will be done

preview_update.jpg page_2_wip.jpg

Animals for EarthRangers - updated

Tue Nov 12 16:36:16 2019

Two new + a bunch of rework of the old one (including the background. Leaves were just a no no for some of the species hehe)

Submitting all just in case you missed some of them

eastern_milk_snake.jpg red_fox.jpg wolverine.jpg wolf.jpg moose.jpg osprey.jpg red_knot.jpg arctic_fox.jpg river_otter.jpg frog_smaller.jpg sea_lion.jpg thick-billed_murre.jpg grizzly_bear.jpg

Nickie reference sheet - WIP

Sun Nov 10 13:36:00 2019

Military girl for Commanderbark

The sketch on white background is older, she was too sweet and innocent here, so I made her more confident on the second one.

I have surprisingly many character designing commissions lately!

78_-_Taylor_reference_sheet_sketch_2.jpg 78_-_Taylor_reference_sheet_sketch.jpg

Techorb cake artwork - sketch

Fri Nov 8 16:41:28 2019

I took a break from the comic today and worked some on the monthly artworks.

This one comes so far in two versions, I couldn't decide which position of the tail is better?

77_-_Techorb_cake_sketch01.jpg 77_-_Techorb_cake_sketch02.jpg

Enreeu cake artwork - final

Fri Nov 8 16:39:50 2019

This month artwork for Enreeu.
Not the pillows, not a chair, but some quick sofa this time :)

+ edit. Removed the spikes on hips and shoulders

79_-_Enreeu_cake.png 79_-_Enreeu_cake.png 79_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 79_-_Enreeu_cake.png

November patreon pinup

Wed Nov 6 10:05:57 2019

Let's not wait any more, time to decide on the character for this month artwork.
Who would you pick from...

Characters lineup - WIP

Wed Nov 6 09:49:39 2019

Two versions varying only in Miyu's pose. I tried to draw her nicely in this tick coat, the first pose was maybe not the best here

76_-_Apipapi_character_lineup_sketch2.jpg 76_-_Apipapi_character_lineup_sketch3.jpg

Hernando - final

Wed Nov 6 09:47:20 2019

and so the handsome one is finished time to move on with other things- check out him + some quick sneak peek made for HorseReality's instagram

Hernando.jpg Hernando.jpg sneak_peek_7.jpg Hernando_WEB.jpg

Siberia-Gravity's commission - WIP#02

Tue Nov 5 14:54:15 2019

Not much to show today, I need to finish up some things before submitting them here, expect some fun things tomorrow! :)

Today I have finished the in clothed sketch of this character - along with making him much more slim and tall - I am uploading you previous version for comparison

PS: yes, he has black eye-whites, that's why his eyes looks weird at the first glance

75_-_Siberia-Gravity_clothes_sketch.jpg 75_-_Siberia-Gravity_sketch_2.jpg 75_-_Siberia-Gravity_sketch.jpg

Awakened Evil - step by step

Mon Nov 4 17:28:35 2019



Apipapi's characters lineup - sketch

Sun Nov 3 07:38:11 2019

5 Iron artist fullbodies in a lineup.

I really enjoy such artworks, so need to do one with my own as well <3

commission for Apipapi


Step by step

Thu Oct 31 14:40:50 2019

No flat step by step in a while, so here goes one

character belongs to Techorb


Awakened Evil - final

Thu Oct 31 14:31:13 2019

Happy Halloween guys! >:)

End of work for today, I am glad I finished this one smoothly. I hope you'll enjoy it, I never thought mummy can be such a fun topic to work with

Now I am going to bake some 'witch's fingers' cookies after picking up kids. We did it last year as well and I imagine with some practice we'll do it much better.

PS: new year ahead and I started to think of nice signature for that occassion. I like this square-ish one I cam up with here, I think I may stick to it for next year... (not the watermark, it is not changing and is used only for WEB versions)

74_-_Techorb_-_mummified_Kaze_SFW_WEB.jpg 74_-_Techorb_-_mummified_Kaze_WEB.jpg 74_-_Techorb_-_mummified_Kaze_SFW.png 74_-_Techorb_-_mummified_Kaze.png

Siberia'Gravity's commission - WIP

Thu Oct 31 08:00:10 2019

Sketching out the layout of another piece, it will be an illustration with simple background.

The guy here is actually going to be clothed :) I am now just focusing on getting the right proportions and light

75_-_Siberia-Gravity_sketch01.jpg 75_-_Siberia-Gravity_sketch01.jpg 75_-_Siberia-Gravity_sketch.jpg

Animals for EarthRangers - final

Tue Oct 29 18:53:30 2019

another set of animals for EarthRangers, three babies and one adult bird.

baby_animals_sketches.jpg grizzly_bear.jpg thick-billed_murre.jpg wolverine.jpg arctic_fox.jpg

Hernando - sketches

Mon Oct 28 16:39:17 2019

Another week, another spamming spree... even if I do not really work on weekends! :)

I am presenting you another NPC I was asked to do for HorseReality.

At first he was a bit too elegant, I had to made him wear clothes a bit more comfortable around horses. I was told that noone wants to spoil 1k$ suit when buying new horse. ;D Eventually if you're rich enough you can not worry about such details, but oh well, let him wear something more casual, I am happy with his look anyway ;)

The version that was picked is the one with brown pants and blue jacket.

Hernando_sketch_02.jpg Hernando_sketch.jpg

Ariene - finished

Mon Oct 28 16:23:24 2019

finished Ariene for Nearyh
(not Nearyh for Nearyh, I am such a dummy sometimes)

If you look carefully you'll see some changes in the portraits. It is good to have fun with the random expressions from time to time *-*

+ extra two versions of the outfit we discussed. I am glad that the bright one is the final, it gives great counter color to the whole overall dark design

Ariene_WEB.jpg Ariene_wip3.jpg Ariene.png

Awakened evil - special WIP

Mon Oct 28 16:17:12 2019

a lot of detail left to be done, but I am super happy with how it looks soo far


Ariene - WIP

Wed Oct 23 19:57:48 2019

sketching another character for Nearyh: Ariene, a tricky witch... so we're again in Halloween theme! :)

Ariene_szkic_nudziak2.jpg Ariene_szkic_nudziak2.jpg Ariene_szkic.jpg Ariene_wip1.jpg Ariene_wip2.jpg

Awakened evil - WIP

Wed Oct 23 12:54:41 2019

sketched in the character for this YCH. It is Techorb's dragoness Kaze.
(yet without her snake markings, that will be added as a final touch)

As requested I have added her the Cleopatra's fringe and headband, I have to think of more gold accessories for her,... but I need to see if it won't collide with the already so gold sarcophagus.

74_-_Techorb-_mummified_Kaze_wip02.jpg 74_-_Techorb-_mummified_Kaze_wip02.jpg 74_-_Techorb-_mummified_Kaze_wip01.jpg

Midnight's Effulgence - final

Tue Oct 22 12:53:02 2019

Happy birthday Verelin! <3

I am glad I was able to finish this artwork on time. I hope you'll enjoy it.

69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_nsfw_WEB.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_nsfw_WEB.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_sfw_WEB.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_nsfw.png 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_sfw.png

new OC for Saphirae - sketches

Tue Oct 22 07:55:39 2019

Designing another character! <3 Border collie pastel girl this time, isn't she cute?

With the split payment here it may be a while before she will be finished, but I wanted to share the current WIP with you

commissioned by Saphirae

67_-_Saphirae_reference_-_pose_sketch.jpg 67_-_Saphirae_reference_clean_sketch.jpg

Mummy halloween auction

Fri Oct 18 18:23:44 2019

Still in the spooky mood, I hope you're enjoying this time of the year as well :) I decided to create a halloween auction this year! I saw a lot of witches, vampires but actually I have not seen a sexy mummy?! What do you think of this idea?

I will post it on my FA tomorrow in the evening, so if anyone is interested in placing a bid or AB now please let me know, it is your time :)

Expression can be changed, tongue as well, it was just done for my own fun while drawing.
Buyer can pick standard or bondage version showed on the side (no AB needed for that)

For AA I am offering some less bandages version and I am going to do it in the painterly (speedpainting) style or soft shading - buyers choice again

74_-_halloween_ych_auction.jpg 74_-_halloween_ych_bondage.jpg 74_-_halloween_ych.jpg

Halloween Patreon Pinup: Aonika

Fri Oct 18 18:11:46 2019

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_fvM_wDDNTWg_maxresdefault.jpg

Patreon Pinup: Halloween Aonika DELICIOUS pack

Fri Oct 18 18:09:47 2019

sfw + nsfw versions of the artwork
+ all already posted sketches/wips
+ 3k .psd file

Patreon Pinup: Halloween Aonika - SWEET pack

Fri Oct 18 18:08:15 2019

safe for work artwork in WEB and hi-res version

Halloween patreon pinup: Aonika

Fri Oct 18 18:06:51 2019

Warm bath in wine/strawberry juice or blood of kittens - decide for yourself!

Will upload you the packs and timelapse in a moment


Inktober day#16 - WILD

Wed Oct 16 14:17:48 2019

Digital inktober, because I am too retarded to draw traditionally and be happy with how it looks 8D This one is also submitted to my Instagram.


Quick and fun! :)

Maybe next year I'll manage to do all the artworks in my sketchbook


Sketches for Prouder

Sat Oct 19 17:00:02 2019

when I look at theese I am starting to wonder, if there will be a day, when I'll start doing my sketches in the same style...? x_x;

indecisive2020_sketch.jpg exposed2020_sketches.jpg

Against the current - exclusive WIP

Wed Oct 16 14:12:20 2019

I think I have not uploaded these here yet...? (?!)

the four artworks are my recent edits, while the single artworks are my base idea.

against_the_current_01.jpg against_the_current_01.jpg against_the_current_03.jpg against_the_current_kopia_wip2.jpg

Necrodancer - final

Wed Oct 16 14:09:10 2019

a little break from the pinup, I need a fresh eye to finish that up. ...but I was happy to be able to work on this one today, with lines and all flats done on the stream it was just coloring that was left to be done.

Surprisingly I had to check a lot of combinations of dark and light areas before I decided for this one, but now I am fully happy how it all looks!

60_-_Airheart_WEB.jpg 60_-_Airheart.png

Midnight's Effulgence - WIP

Wed Oct 16 06:17:45 2019

flat colors for Abyzz, with some little variations of the moon in the background

...and now time for breakfast! :)

69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_flat_colors_NSFW.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_flat_colors_NSFW.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_flat_colors_VER2.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_flat_colors.jpg

Patreon Pinup - Aonika - special wIP

Fri Oct 11 13:26:17 2019

some special WIP for my cupcake patrons

Have a nice weekend guys! <3 :)


Necrodancer - WIP

Fri Oct 11 12:51:13 2019

work in progress from yesterday's stream. I won't be able to finish it before weekend so I decided to share this with you as it is. Thanks to everyone who joined the stream by the way! <3


October CAKES - full size

Thu Oct 10 09:05:59 2019

All monthly artworks for October in one post, I am on fire!

Decided to do some extra thin lines there and I really like the difference! I may stick to doing it for your guys if you'll like it too <3

artworks for: (from left to right)




72_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 72_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 73_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 71_-_KitonKuraicake_WEB.jpg 71_-_KitonKuraicake.png 73_-_Enreeu_cake.png 72_-_Techorb_cake.png


Thu Oct 10 08:38:12 2019

join me if you have a moment!


Necrodancer - sketches

Wed Oct 9 13:10:03 2019

Necromancer raising her dead army for Halloween night. Beware! 8D

for Airheart

I do not often draw this angle of an eye (this is pretty obvious to you I guess - usually the characters are watching onto the viewer of the artwork) and I am really diggin this angle of head and eye so so much! Hope you'll enjoy this little change just as me <3

60_-_Airheart_sketch.jpg 60_-_Airheart_sketch.jpg 60_-_Airheart_sketch2.jpg

Oktober patreon pinup - WIP

Tue Oct 8 07:34:16 2019

it is halloween! Love this time of the year :)

... and what is better than a hot bath during a long cold autumn evening?

I am not sure about the smile... I may give her a poker face instead...


Moon festival Morgana - remastered + step by step

Tue Oct 8 06:52:01 2019

A warm up artwork I did in last days before work and just finished today :)

A warm up mixed with fun repainting f an older piece (original is from 2015). A lot more details should be reworked, but I am happy with this new face and torso <3 ....anatomy was so wonky in the original piece, lol

PS: Morgana is a character from League of Legends I used to play quite a lot back then when this fanart was created :) I loved Morgana on the mid lane.

moon-festival---Morgana-step-by-step.gif moon_festival_-_Morgana_edited.png moon_festival_-_Morgana1.jpg

Errian - portrait

Mon Oct 7 13:22:37 2019

Artwork for Nearyh

first sketch + finished portrait

after some struggles we decided to change the style of these portraits. The previous ones will need some reworking but personally I like this softer style much more

Errian_portret_szkic.jpg Errian_portret_szkic.jpg Errian_portret_WEB.jpg

Midnight's Effulgence - sketches

Mon Oct 7 13:19:08 2019

EDIT: changed the clothing a bit and added some details here and there. I think the sketching now is finished, time to move forward with the lineart. Tho hat has to wait at least a few days.

New commission from Abyzz with his oc Viktor and female version of Verelin's oc Diana.

Maximum level of floatiness I am able to do!

cleaned sketch + some initial sketches to keep good proportions of the bodies

69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_sketch01.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_sketch01.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_sketch02.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_sketch03.jpg 69_-_Abyzz_Midnights_Effulgence_sketch04.jpg

Cake sketches

Fri Oct 4 12:10:00 2019

From left to right:

for Techorb

for Enreeu

for KitonKurai

73_-_cake_sketches.jpg 71_-_KitonKuraicake_sketch.jpg 73_-_Enreeu_cake_sketch.jpg 72_-_Techorb_cake_sketch.jpg

Red not and baby sea lion

Sat Oct 5 18:34:00 2019

Two new animals for EarthRangers!

Instead of spamming with each WIP here I have posted these WIPs on my instagram. Follow me there for more on-furry artworks (all furry related pieces go to my patreon instantly :) )

south_american_sea_lion_instagram.jpg south_american_sea_lion_instagram.jpg sea_lion.jpg red_knot.jpg red_knot_instagram.jpg

Comic - WIP #02

Thu Oct 3 16:51:08 2019

panel 1 - done!

panels 3,4,5 - flat colors done!

do you like the fonts I used here? I made them more bold but as I look at them now I am starting to thing they are too thick, so I'd love to hear your opinion (the page will be a bit longer so the scale will change, but I may need to resize the fonts a little...)

So many feather to draw here, while I love this blue color I am looking forward to have Tamara undressed, this takes a lot of time! ;D I am rather quiet recently, being focused on this comic but tomorrow I may do a break and work on other projects, maybe the monthly artworks when still giving you few days to vote on the pinup character,


November - halloween - Patreon pinup

Wed Oct 2 13:26:05 2019

Hello ,as promised I am making this poll very soon, to speed up the process of creating the final artwork.

I want to do this artwork a pumpkin/witch/ghost themed. Prepare your wands and bring me your votes!

I want to throw into the poll my oc again:

Comic - page 01 - WIP

Mon Sep 30 13:25:22 2019

Okie, flat colors of the first panel are done! Still plenty of things to do, but we're slowly getting there... and I am pretty excited how it looks!


Necrodancer - sketch

Mon Sep 30 13:21:12 2019

First sketch for Airheart commission. We decided to go for the second type of light, now time to work on her outfit! :)

Collab with SiDnitheFox

Sun Sep 29 06:30:00 2019

for KitonKurai

I am hapy I can finally show you the final result of our collab :) The first two coloring are by Sidni, last one is my little edit, how this scene would look at a night time.

nsfw_WEB.jpg sfw_2_WEB.jpg sfw_1_WEB.jpg nsfw.jpg sfw_1.jpg sfw_2.jpg

Toxic - repainted - full size

Sat Sep 28 09:03:24 2019

Last thing for today and a thing I forgot to upload earlier. Sometimes I am quet and sometimes I spam so much here, I am sorry Dx

New (he main file with more flares in the background) and old version of the piece.

I was not 100% happy with how this piece after all colours and shadows were applied... but now it is better! :)

I am leaving you with judging which version is better, you can tell me your opinion here in comments <3 I am always curious what do you think!

58_-_Techorb_ver2_WEB.jpg 58_-_Techorb_WEB.jpg 58_-_Techorb_ver2.png

Kai Walker - finished

Sat Sep 28 08:57:42 2019

finished him some a while ago. I am probably watching too much Disney recently, he certainly has Maui vibes in him :D


Kai_Walker_WEB.jpg Kai_Walker_faces.jpg

Honey - full size

Sun Sep 29 15:31:00 2019

I felt like adding some small details to her at the very end, tho she is still very simple girl. I should do her a full ref and then can call her finished

used Yasmil's lines as a base for this piece

honey_sfw.jpg Honey_nsfw.jpg

Chineese festival - aimated step by step

Sat Sep 28 08:48:45 2019

It was no step by step for a while, but this image was detailed enough to save quite a bunch of steps and finally it made us a nice gif (:


Chineese festival - full size

Sat Sep 28 08:47:04 2019 this is finished!

Took me a while with all that details, but I am happy I can finally share with you the final version. Personally I like the little details n here, like the peaches on kimono, but also the overall atmosphere. Hope you'll like it too.

66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_pregnant_WEB.jpg 66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_pregnant_WEB.jpg 66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_WEB.jpg 66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_pregnant.png 66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns.png


Fri Sep 27 07:49:36 2019

some of the artworks I worked on recently, but dunno when they will be finished.

first is an idea of collab - maybe with Yasmil but we have not yet decided

second is an idea of character I wanted to do since I painted that ginger hair for Earthangers. Still undecided if I should keep her or offer as an adopt

ice_creams.jpg curly_girl_wip.jpg

Errian - portrait - WIP

Fri Sep 27 07:43:27 2019

a piecethatcould be titled: do not anger an ice mage :3


Ruthless - exclusive WIP

Wed Sep 25 16:22:12 2019

I restarted my cooperation with Prouder ( and as always they suddenly gave me a thing that needs to be done ASAP.

So I worked on this one immediately, let it be a good start of our fresh cooperation, heh :)

My task was to redraw the image on the left with some small changes.


Patreon Pinup: Krystal timelapse

Wed Sep 25 15:48:59 2019

and a timelapse. I need to browse for some new free songs to put into these videos, I am using the little I have over and over again heh :D

Enjoy guys! Thank you for your support! <3

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_4ko5_b2XAxQ_maxresdefault.jpg

Krystal DELICIOUS pack

Wed Sep 25 15:45:25 2019

SFW + NSFW (two edits) + sketches + 3k .psd fie with all layers.

Timelapse available in next post.

Krystal SWEET pack

Wed Sep 25 15:42:15 2019

WEB + hi-res files of SFW version of the artwork

Patreon Pinup: Krystal

Wed Sep 25 15:38:17 2019

She is finished. This piece evolved so much during the process I do not recognize it myself. Tho I hope you'll enjoy how Krystal look at the end!

...and once again I am very sorry this piece took me so long to finish. Next month I'm starting it right after the poll ends, that's the deal!

I'll submit sweet and delicious packs in a moment.


Krystal - special WIP

Tue Sep 24 13:45:19 2019

at first I wanted to do a dark background, now I play around with an idea of character in shade and light behind her... still not sure how it will look in the end o_O

Krystal_wip2.jpg Krystal_wip3.jpg

Warmup art

Tue Sep 24 07:07:03 2019

another warmup artwork and a repaint of older piece.

The one from 2016 was not my best art ever, it was rather quick, so is the new version but I see how much more I am able to do in similar amount of time ( both took me around a n hour to finish)

I have been updating my toyhouse yesterday, so I browsed all my old artworks for pieces with my original characters. There still a lot of things is missing in toyhouse, like descriptions for example, but it is much better now :)

Check it out if you'd like to see all recent (and ooold) arts of my characters)


style_meme_-_Silha_2019.jpg style_meme_-_Silha_2019.jpg style_meme_-_Silha_2016.jpg style_meme_-_Silha_before_and_after.jpg

Goldfish lanterns - WIP

Tue Sep 24 07:01:37 2019

I am uploading two wips, for quick 'before and after' I am really digging this light atmosphere, need to stay focused and not made it too dark. What do you guys think so far?

...and I am still scared to touch the goldfishes. I am leaving them for the very end

66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_wip.jpg 66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_wip.jpg 66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_wip1.jpg

PP Krystal - WIP

Sat Sep 21 18:45:05 2019

Hello guys on weekend! :)

I am so late with pinup piece for this month (due to the illness from last week gah ;_;) so I decided to spent some time on it on weekend! I started on Friday and so now the lineart is finished :) With clean lines and secured base colors it should not be long to finish the shading.

...what do you think of this kind of jungle background? I play with an idea of adding some birbs here and there, suggesting she is so connected with the nature they don't care she is standing near them.


Glyphkeeper for Adalfyre

Fri Sep 20 12:17:33 2019

I drew this amazing gal as a warmup today

Really love her design


Kai Walker - sketch + sneak peek

Fri Sep 20 12:15:48 2019

My todays workspace: why have just one guy, when you can have three?!!


sneak_peek_Kai_Walker.jpg Kai_Walker_sketch.jpg

Celebration - exclusive WIP

Thu Sep 19 16:54:25 2019

I got tempted to work on some more logos for the /
(just noticed that they have my Sid artwork in on their main page, yay, that was a nice surprise <3)

Let's see how our cooperation will look this time and how long I will last this time! ;D

PS: Why it may not last for long? Sometimes they are super picky and tough to work with, expecting to change drawings when they are almost finished etc. But the themes they pick are always surprising and challenging, so overall I am finding this cooperation as a nice experience.

celebration_2020_color_sketch.jpg celebration_2020_sketch.jpg

Tamara - illustration YCH - WIP

Thu Sep 19 16:48:02 2019

YCH for Ricochetcoyote - initially I wanted to play with more greenish colors (see the old sketch I uploaded here), but I feel that it will look better in warm browns and purples.

This color theme goes well with the goldfish lanterns (can you believe such things really exist? And are extremely pretty - I didn't knew :) I feel pressure I won't be able to draw these lanterns as good as they are in reality o__o)

I have not done much in past days due to my illness. But I am starting to feel better, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start working on this month pinup with full strengths! :)

66_-_Tamara_and_goldfish_lanterns_wip.jpg BLACK_GOLDFISH.jpg

YCH Yoonia (and Miyu) - full size

Tue Sep 17 11:37:49 2019

oh my, so many versions here, phew

I am starting to feel a little sick, but I hope I managed to save all correctly. I hope you'll like the detail in this one, this took me a while :)

sex version in downloads

Yoonia_nude_WEB.jpg Yoonia_nude_WEB.jpg Yoonia_ver_1_WEB.jpg Yoonia_ver_2_WEB.jpg Yoonia_nude.png Yoonia_and_Miyu.png Yoonia_ver_1.png Yoonia_ver_2.png Yoonia_and_Miyu_ver2_WEB.jpg Yoonia_and_Miyu_WEB.jpg

Sya for Fafnoir - full size

Mon Sep 16 16:48:21 2019

Final artwork of the snow panther I helped designing. I am getting used to characters without much hair, not very long ago it was nearly impossible for me to draw a sweet hairless furry head. Call that a progress lol :)

With extra bg and extra semi-ref-flat color version, tho it was not a full reference commission so I only used the pre existing elements.

63_-_Fafnoir_final_flats_WEB.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_final_flats_WEB.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_WEB_1.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_WEB_2.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_hi-res_2.png 63_-_Fafnoir_final_flats.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_hi-res_1.png

Patreon pinup - Krystal - sketch

Fri Sep 13 18:50:41 2019

All is sketched out! What do you think? :)

This time with an extra version ordered by Abbyz, with his shark character being a sweet admirer of hers.

This extra version is a special courtesy for Abyzz, who I know really really like Krystal. But if any of you would like to have a special version of the pinup with your character here, let just me know, I'll be happy to do such extra version for any of you (not using the same body/pose, something unique you might have in mind, also nsfw)

To get that you'd just have to pay for your character in cell shading to get that. Rest will be done anyway.

This offer stands for this and any other patreon pinup I will do in the future, so do not hesitate to ask! :)

Krystal_nsfw.jpg Krystal_nsfw.jpg Krystal_sfw.jpg Krystal_edit.jpg

September cake for Enreeu

Sat Sep 14 08:00:01 2019

...again two versions, this time a piece for Enreeu! Thank you for your support :)

with and without the lace panties (in this pose they do not made such a big difference but actually I like how she looks without anything besides her jacket, so I saved that version as well)

EDIT: added missing markings on the face, sorry for that! <3

65_-_Enreeu_cake_2_WEB.jpg 65_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 65_-_Enreeu_cake_2.png 65_-_Enreeu_cake.png

kmn sketch commission - final

Fri Sep 13 10:57:58 2019

EDIT: second version added

my first quick sands art and my first Sonic character.

Kmn wanted me to draw the face like it looks in the original series, but to change the body into more realistic. I hope this mix looks good in the end!

Sketch for kmn, the previous pose was not good, I was asked to do this one instead. I like the first one more, but I am happy the commissioner is happy, so it is fine.

64_-_kmn_WEB.jpg 64_-_kmn_2_WEB.jpg 64_-_kmn.jpg 64_-_kmn_2.jpg

Apipapi 's YCH -WIP #02

Thu Sep 12 10:37:32 2019

Phew, I gave myself quite a challenge here - but I am now all done with the main character, only the second one is left to do.

But before finishing that I think I should do some patreon artworks for this month. Stay tuned if you're interested in seeing some Krystal in action ! :)

sexy_ych_04.jpg sexy_ych_05.jpg

Sya for Fafnoir - WIP

Thu Sep 12 07:37:14 2019

a mix of fox and leopard, just like my sona, so you can guess I like this idea ;)

we're almost done here, I was asked to try on some tattoos

63_-_Fafnoir_final_flats.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_final_flats.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_first_flats.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_sketch2.jpg

September cake for Techorb

Tue Sep 10 07:57:34 2019

Two teeny weeny different versions of the grumpy shark girl. I like her face so much ^3^

I couldn't decide on her base body color and so I decided to just save both versions I was playing with.

Techorb, please choose and use the one you like more! ...and let me know which one it is, obviously :3

62_-_Techorb_cake_1_WEB.jpg 62_-_Techorb_cake_2_WEB.jpg 62_-_Techorb_cake_1.png 62_-_Techorb_cake_2.png

Sexy YCH - WIP

Mon Sep 9 16:28:31 2019

YCH for Apipapi.

A lot of details still needs to be done along with the third version with extra character (yes one of her hands is missing as well)

sexy_ych_01.jpg sexy_ych_02.jpg sexy_ych_03.jpg sexy_ych_04.jpg

September Patreon pinup character

Fri Sep 6 16:41:30 2019

Hi guys, it is time when I need your help to pick the right girl to draw for this month pinup! (:

I'd be happy to draw any of these, so you're welcome to tell me which would be YOUR favorite!

have a nice weekend btw

September cake for KitonKurai

Fri Sep 6 08:06:17 2019

Very interesting character to work with - after seeing the ref I decided to not do the calm/badass safe face expression and went for a crazy smile. Hope you'll like it, personally I had so much fun drawing this.

extra version without the glasses ... because why not :)

61_-_KitonKurai_cake_WEB.jpg 61_-_KitonKurai_cake_2_WEB.jpg 61_-_KitonKurai_cake.png

Bunch of sketches

Fri Sep 6 07:49:04 2019

Sketch of the cake piece for TechOrb, because I am not sure how far can I go in creativity with the horns on this one. This is more of a bad character, so I added her much more spikes as well, along with a disappointed expression. I like this girl already :)

I have been thinking about giving her some Maleficent-inspired horns, but that would left almost no space for hair, so I abandoned that idea.

Finally I worked some on the two paid commissions, one will be a sketch of the mud fetish with Sonic character, and second one will be a soft shading character, with extra designing, so here will be some more in-progress sketches soon.

64_-_kmn_sketch.jpg 64_-_kmn_sketch.jpg 62_-_Techorb_cake_sketch.jpg 63_-_Fafnoir_first_sketch.jpg

Patreon PinupTamara - timelapse

Thu Sep 5 13:16:17 2019

When submitting two other timelapses today I realised I have newer submitted the promised timelapse with last patreon pinup piece of Tamara! Le gasp D:

I am so sorry I am this late, from now on, I have to submit all files at once, to be sure to not forget about anything!

hope you'll enjoy anyway!

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_cBfP5IxJ_LI_maxresdefault.jpg

Chibi #02

Thu Sep 5 08:05:41 2019

and Nisheena to the collection!

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_to4FCYN8-pY_maxresdefault.jpg

Chibi #01 - timelapse

Thu Sep 5 08:05:03 2019

I finally managed to edit it to show you :)

I am making it $5 tier, because it will be a free video I'll post in a week on my youtube and other social media

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_miLjj48sBrI_maxresdefault.jpg

In her boudoir - collab with Etskuni

Thu Sep 5 07:08:28 2019

I just got the files... and I am speechless! *-* Etskuni did such an awesome work

In-her-boudoir-collab-lingerie-web.jpg In-her-boudoir-collab-nude-web.jpg In_her_boudoir_collab_lingerie.png In_her_boudoir_collab_nude.png

Bayarmaa for HorseReality

Wed Sep 4 07:42:36 2019

This NPC has gone through a lot of transformations but finally there she is - and I am really happy how she looks. Green one is the final look

again done for

Bayarmaa_WEB_-_green.jpg Bayarmaa_sketch_02.jpg Bayarmaa_sketch.jpg Bayarmaa_WEB.jpg

New OC

Wed Sep 4 07:39:42 2019

I am going to finally design this dark-toned honey warm character of mine. Yet I am struggling how she should look... maybe you could help me?

I think of her as a fun loving, fond of herself party girl.

Probably a lioness, but I am playing in my mind with making her a bear or otter. In this way her dark coat would be more reasonable!

Monday was a day off work (first school-day) and yesterday I took some time to play with Yasmil's free lineart. Yay for my great time management! x_X

In her boudoir - lineart

Sat Aug 31 11:21:33 2019

Lineart and some basic flats and so my part of the artwork is done. i am really excited to see how it will look at the end <3


Errian - reference sheet - full size

Thu Aug 29 10:00:41 2019

Male version of Elsa is finished! 8D Okey, okey, it is just ice magic that connects these two.

artwork for Nearyh

Errian_WEB.jpg Errian.png

YCH auction - early access

Thu Aug 29 09:55:02 2019

Okie, this one won't be a flat price ych, but a standard auction. I wouldn't like to have 1st version auto bought quickly, whil someone might want to buy the full pack, after I wait some time. I think I'll give 3 days after last bid or a certain date, so it won't end too quickly.


BTW do you prefer auctions with closing x hours after last bid or ending on a certain date and time?


If someone is now interested in bidding on this one let me know. I will publish it on Weekend (all prices stands for illustration quality)

if biding reaches 250€ - you can choose your outfit OR nude version

after reaching 350€ - second nude version will be avaiable (+ cum and/or different expression + change of basic clothes)

after reaching 500€ - second character is added

AB is 600€

sexy_ych_sfw.jpg sex_ych_auction.jpg

YCH collab with Etskuni - sketch

Wed Aug 28 11:59:46 2019

this one will be official today in the evening (Europe's evening, around 7h from now).

Since it is a collab I won't hold it long here on the Patreon, but if you'll see it now and would like to SB/AB please let me know, I am sure Etskuni won't mind that!


flat price YCHs - early access

Wed Aug 28 11:31:58 2019

I am going to finally use these artworks. I really like them, but I will not find time to finish with my own characters - maybe someone will like them as well! I need to sketch one more, I think of adding a very NSFW piece as a final one in this batch. These are going to be a flat price YCHs, not auctions, something new for me. First one as bonus has two options avaiable (hie hie I am such a clever fox there, aren't I? cx)

I am going to go for an illustration quality here, I had so much fun with it recently.

If someone would like to claim any of these before they become official (I will wait a day or two) please let me know.!

... and check out the old version of the walk in the forest compared to the new. Personally I like that old sketch too, but I prefer the new one, with more delicate body.

walk_in_the_forest_auction.jpg black_goldfish_auction.jpg walk_in_the_forest_before_and_after.jpg

YCh for KitonKurai

Tue Aug 27 15:15:59 2019

..I was too busy yesterday with drawing to submit anything and today I am spamming again lol :)

Finished my part of YCH for KitonKurai.

Rest will be done by SiDniTheFox

59_-_ych_sfw.jpg 59_-_ych_nsfw.jpg

comic - special WIP

Tue Aug 27 09:38:52 2019

We're slowly working on the comic. First two pages are all sketched out, rest is just a scribble to show how we could place the panels.

Probably it won't be 6 pages for the final comic, we'll decide that after all will be sketched out.

...beware, pages 3-5 are REALLY rough :)

comic_preview_02.jpg pages_1-2_final_sketch.jpg pages_5-6_-_proposition.jpg pages_3-4_-_proposition.jpg

Toxic - finished

Tue Aug 27 09:30:32 2019

simple shading piece for Techorb. Thank you for the commission!

Initially I wanted to do a sharp shades here, just like the last simple style was, but I really disliked this effect on the glass. Some smudging and it looks much better.

I hope you'll like it!

58_-_Techorb_WEB.jpg 58_-_Techorb.png

Collab with Etskuni

Fri Aug 23 19:05:55 2019

We're going to do a collab with Etskuni, I proposed two sketches, but we can't decide which one we should use for our artwork. Can you help up pick the best one?

She also made a poll on her Patreon, we'll sum up the votes and pick up the one



commission for Techorb - WIP

Sat Aug 24 13:00:00 2019

Lineart + flat colors are done

I really like this skinny lady, I am happy to draw her again. The idea of crazy lab in the background also gives me a lot of fun. I am thinking about bringing some more colors beside that grenn but I am not sure which one.. maybe steel blue for the walls and lab stuff


PP Tamara DELICIOUS pack

Fri Aug 23 12:48:33 2019

SFW + NSFW versions in hi-res + 3k photoshop file with all layers I worked on

+ two sketches in case someone missed them before

timelapse is now compressing, It'll be done soon

PP Tamara SWEET pack

Fri Aug 23 12:46:42 2019

SFW version of the artwork in hi res + two sketches in case someone missed it before

August Patreon Pinup - Tamara

Fri Aug 23 12:45:32 2019

business vixen - belongs to Ricochetcoyote

I'll be sending the packs in next posts. Enjoy! :)


Errian von Souen - sketch

Thu Aug 22 07:08:49 2019

mage boy for Nearyh. Sweet smile and skinny body, but don't let that fool you, he is a mage of ice.


Chibi Topaz

Wed Aug 21 13:11:53 2019

Topaz for TFHub. Thank you for your yearly support!

Topaz_for_TFHub_WEB.jpg Topaz_for_TFHub_transparent.png Topaz_for_TFHub.jpg

Chibi Nisheena

Wed Aug 21 13:09:26 2019

pre-transformation Nisheena for Abyzz. Thank you for your support! <3

Nisheena_for_Abyzz_WEB.jpg Nisheena_for_Abyzz_transparent.png Nisheena_for_Abyzz.jpg

YCH - Eiralyn - updated sketch

Wed Aug 21 12:54:39 2019

sketch updated for KitonKurai's acceptance.

changed face, longer hair and more chubby body - but still cute in the corset (I'll have to change the belly for the nude version)

59_-_ych_sketch.jpg 59_-_ych_with_Sidnithefox.jpg

Chibi - sketches

Tue Aug 20 12:58:15 2019

...last upload for today, promise! Also it is end of work for me for today, I am going to a cinema to see ToyStory 4. Hope it will be fun for all of us, the young and the adults :)

sketch of two chibis for Abyzz and TFHub. If you also support me for over a year and would like to receive one, let me know via message here.

PS: the detail level of the chibi depend on the tier you pledged and stuff but I'll be happy to do something small for you for your support!


Patreon pinup: Tamara - sketching

Tue Aug 20 12:52:10 2019

in the end I have not recorded the last moments of delivering the final NSFW pose.. but you van see the overall sketching process :)

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_N4puVpfArmQ_maxresdefault.jpg

Patreon Pinup - Tamara - sketch

Tue Aug 20 12:40:22 2019

SFW and NSFW sketches of the pinup.... on the second one Tamara is not so very bored any more

Tamara_sfw.jpg Tamara_nsfw.jpg

Osprey and frog - final

Tue Aug 20 12:38:13 2019

some more animals for EarthRangers, this time a fully grown up ones, I was tol I'll be doing the babies next.

frog.jpg osprey.jpg

eSephy commission

Mon Aug 19 12:58:07 2019

*insert some water/nature themed title here*

finished piece for eSephy, an otter in his natural environment. Waterfall and dripping water was fun, but I have to admit I really like to draw rocks. Weird >_>

EDIT: changed colors of nipples

50_-_eSephy_WEB.jpg 50_-_eSephy_ver2_WEB.jpg 50_-_eSephy.png

August cake for Techorb

Fri Aug 16 01:00:02 2019

EDIT: fixed anatomy of the face

...and the last one, sexy lioness for Techorb (I hope i made her markings correct, if there is anything wrong, please let me know!)

Damn I am so happy with this pose and perspective, need to use it some more in different variations! *3*

54_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 54_-_Techorb_cake.png

KitonKurai cake

Thu Aug 15 09:00:02 2019

Third piece for this month. I kinda like the slightly darker background instead of this pure white, I decided to stick with it this time.

I always feel like cheating when covering parts of feets or hands, but this time I decided to go for it and draw the fluffy tail on top of the paw. I hope the only one paw on this piece will be cute enough to cover that up for you 8)

Last cake will be 'baked' tommorrow :)

55_-_KitonKurai_cake_WEB.jpg 55_-_KitonKurai_cake.png

YCH with SiDniTheFox

Wed Aug 14 12:04:55 2019

I was asked to do a collab YCH and finally it is time to take care of it :) In this collab I'll do the clean lines, and SiDni will color. Ab opens nude version, obviously.

It will be officially launched on Monday.

If you're eventually interested in placing a SB/AB you can do it now, via comment or note.


Techorb commission - sketch

Wed Aug 14 08:40:05 2019

This new multi-gallery option on Patreon is really neat, I like it a lot :) I am happy to be able to simply share few sketches at one time. This time I am also throwing you the ref of a character as a bonus.

I am not sure if green liquid is a good choice for green character but I'm going to play with cold/warm versions of the color and it should look well... Eventually I can change that to more yellow or blue... but green is just perfect for toxic liquid and i hope I'll manage to made it look right as it is!

58_-_Techorb_simple_style_1.jpg 58_-_Techorb_simple_style_2.jpg 43_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg

GreyShores - photoshop file

Tue Aug 13 12:21:08 2019

.psd file for anyone who is interested in such stuff

PS: this time it is a lazy .psd without edited names of layers. They are polish, english or just some numbers, see how I REALLY work on my artworks lol :D

51_-_GreyShores_sfw_fem_WEB.jpg 51_-_GreyShores_3k.psd (d)

commission for GreyShores - final

Tue Aug 13 11:50:38 2019

So much detail, but I enjoyed every little bit of it!

51_-_GreyShores_sfw_fem.png 51_-_GreyShores_sfw_WEB.jpg 51_-_GreyShores_WEB.jpg 51_-_GreyShores_sfw_fem_WEB.jpg 51_-_GreyShores_sfw.png 51_-_GreyShores.png

Societte cake art

Sat Aug 10 10:49:49 2019

a goodbye artwork for Societte (formerly Tialasakura) - thanks so much for supporting me for this long! <3

53_-_Societte_cake_WEB.jpg 53_-_Societte_cake.png

Enreeu cake - timelapse

Fri Aug 9 12:27:07 2019

I have recorded the process of creating this piece. Enjoy and tell me if you want to see more!

1.jpg https_i.ytimg.com_vi_ZEvDStcJ5do_maxresdefault.jpg

August cake for Enreeu

Fri Aug 9 12:25:52 2019

started from this one, but others are slowly progressing, pomise! :)

56_-_Enreeu_cake_WEB.jpg 56_-_Enreeu_cake.png

Map for EarthRangers - exclusive

Fri Aug 9 11:44:10 2019

I was allowed to share this map in full.

Tho I will cut it into pieces for my galleries. Hopefully someone will see it and commission me for such fun job in the future :)


Aldoraine - reference update - final

Thu Aug 8 15:25:59 2019

phew, this was a little challenging, but we managed to draw something that pleases both me, and Abyzz!

52-_Aldoraine_face_web.jpg Aldoraine_reference_2019_-_2k.png 52-_Aldoraine_face.jpg Aldoraine_reference_2019_-_3k.png

eSephy commission - special WIP

Thu Aug 8 10:21:00 2019

done with the sexy body! :)

only bg needs some attention now. anyone cares about a background here! ;D


Cake sketches

Wed Aug 7 18:13:00 2019

All characters are sketched down, now I just need to do the clean versions. I think of recording one of these, dunno which one yet...


Comic WIP - sketch of page 1 and 2

Wed Aug 7 10:48:15 2019

Ricochetcoyote's commission in progress that will keep me occupied for a longer period of time. Not that I am complaining, I wanted to try myself in comic for a very long time <3

the title is just my artistic freedom, I am calling it like that in my mind, so the official name still can be changed :)

comic_preview_01.jpg pages_1-2_-_proposition.jpg

August Patreon Pinup

Mon Aug 5 10:33:34 2019

After all is settled down with the CAKE tier we can start this month's voting for the patreon pinup.

The "special guest" OC is Tamara, who belongs to Ricochetcoyote

Sophie - updated ref sheet

Mon Aug 5 08:30:32 2019

Thanks to the cake commission from last month that was gifted to me I was able to finish updated ref for my girl.

The in clothes body is also a part of a commission, from one of my past patrons, Valinye. Had to edit is slightly to match the new look (the tattoo on arm was different, I feel flowers suit Sophie more than the old snake design. But the mantis stays the same)

BTW, she is another very pale oc I have. I so need a colorful one for my collection <3 :)

I hate the last ref so deeply I won't even share it here. I think Aonika also needs a decent ref, but hers is not SO bad, so it can wait a while.

sophie_ref_sheet_2019_sfw.png sophie_ref_sheet_2019_nsfw.png

Sketch for Maku - final

Mon Aug 5 07:57:56 2019

a nsfw sketchy commish for Maku450. Had fun with colors here, officially she is has a gray coat, the blue-ish tints here and there are just my artistic freedom Maku luckily accepted <3 :)

52_-_maku450_ver2_WEB.jpg 52_-_maku450_WEB.jpg 52_-_maku450_ver2.jpg

GreyShores - WIP

Fri Aug 2 13:00:17 2019

The illustration after GreyShore's suggestion changed a bit... SFW + NSFw sketches for you

51_-_GreyShores_wip.jpg 51_-_GreyShores_wip2.jpg

Aldoraine - updating reference - WIP

Fri Aug 2 12:57:12 2019

I am doing some extra references to help artists drawing this complex character. The blocked shapes are done, now I will clean up the 3/4 profile and finally draw and add a nice zoom of the hand with 9 fingers


Avatar - poses in motion

Thu Aug 1 07:28:06 2019

The guys from EarthRangers wanted to have some in motion versions of the avatar I made for the game. There is a 'genric boy' and a 'generic girl' + three extra unique characters. I love the Merida-ish hair on the excited girl, so fun to render them.

avatar_-_defiant.jpg avatar_-_defiant.jpg avatar_-_excited.jpg avatar_-_pointing.jpg avatar_-_poses_-_final_WEB.jpg avatar_-_poses_-_final.png

commish for GreyShores - WIP

Tue Jul 30 12:23:37 2019

Still sketching. This one will be an illustration so I spent an extra time deciding the light sources and the shapes. I am a newbie to sci-fi, even if I like this theme a lot <3 Going to have fun with all these wires, tubes and shiny surfaces! <3

If you have any suggestions how I may mprove this piece I am open for suggestions!


Maid Marian - timelapse

Mon Jul 29 18:51:43 2019

...and here goes the long overdue promised timelapse of the Maid Marian pinup. I am afraid it is still done in the Movie Maker, I need more time to figure out this Photoshop AfterEffect, sigh.


eSephy commission

Mon Jul 29 13:01:38 2019

I did not had as much time as I wanted today. So I only managed to do this quick sketch.

...tho I am really looking forward to finish this one :>

50_-_eSephy_wip.jpg 50%20-%20eSephy%20wip.jpg

Kunskap and Rir - commission

Fri Jul 26 11:00:02 2019

a sketch commmission ordered via email, so I do not have a FA username to share with you here That feels weird!

Download for the full artwork.

+ some bonus WIP with lineart

I am now off for a little holidays - two nights in a tent by the sea, the weather is kinda 'meh' but I am going to have a good time anyway :) I will be back on Monday!

49_-_Kunskap_prev.jpg 49%20-%20Kunskap%20WEB.jpg 49%20-%20Kunskap.png 49%20-%20Kunskap%20just%20lines.jpg

CAKE tier changes

Thu Jul 25 08:59:28 2019

Hello guys!

There are going to be some change in the cake tier. I will raise the price, sorry! The raise will not be much, from 90 to 105 USD

I have been thinking about it for too long I did not wanted to put that on your heads but I realised it can't be helped. I am putting way too much details into the cake pieces, they are more and more detailed each month, what is crazy. I can't help myself with giving less details to the pieces, so I'll raise the price a little.

Patreon does not allow me to change the fee of an existing tier, so I'll have to create new one. So I will delete the current 90 USD cake tier and new 105 USD/tier will be in operation from next month.

Any questions? :)

Maid Marian DELICIOUS pack

Wed Jul 24 12:30:19 2019

hi-res of SFW and NSFW versions of the artwork
+ photoshop file with all layers

Maid Marian SWEET pack

Wed Jul 24 12:28:46 2019

hi-res of SFW version of the artwork

Patreon Pinup - Maid Marian

Wed Jul 24 12:27:22 2019

woho, she is done! I hope you'll enjoy your packs I am just going to send to you.

I am using new program for this timelapse, so I'm going to need a few days more to finish it,I am sorry! D:


Old Patreon pinups - remastered

Wed Jul 24 11:59:54 2019

Yesterday I decided to finally update my Gumroad store. While preparing the packs I reworked some of the artworks! My style changed so much during these months, I am so glad to see the progress <3 :)

my Gumroad is here:

I mostly worked with liquify tool to fix up the proportions and anatomy, but I also took the time to adjust colors and faces. It was a day well spent :)


Maid Marian - WIP

Mon Jul 22 12:02:52 2019

So much pink! I am happy while drawing this character, really <3 In the end she does not have any hair on this piece, tho I consider doing some day a version without this hood hers. I may put that again in a poll some day, so stay tuned if you'd like to see that! :)


June cake for Techorb

Mon Jul 22 11:58:59 2019

Green lady to the dragoness-collection. I have been reimagining her from a human reference and I must say I am very fond of her colors. I hope you'll agree and like that as well :)

43_-_Techorb_cake.png 43%20-%20Techorb%20cake%20WEB.jpg 43%20-%20Techorb%20cake.png

June cake for Tialasakura

Fri Jul 19 12:59:10 2019

I got to chose one of my OCs for this piece (than you so much for that!), so I decided to give some small lifting to Sophie, she really needs that! :)

48_-_Tia_cake_-_sophie.png 48%20-%20Tia%20cake%20-%20sophie%20WEB.jpg 48%20-%20Tia%20cake%20-%20sophie.png

#09 - finished

Wed Jul 17 15:41:39 2019

for BatSAE.

...and with wings:

09_-_BatSAE.png 09%20-%20BatSAE%20WEB.jpg 09%20-%20BatSAE%20with%20wings%20WEB.jpg 09%20-%20BatSAE%20with%20wings.png 09%20-%20BatSAE.png

Gift for Yasmil - full size

Wed Jul 17 15:37:16 2019

Alphonse Mucha inspired artwork.

It took me so much time, but was an awesome exercise! I hope you'll enjoy the result <3

Yasmil_gift.jpg Yasmil%20gift.jpg Yasmil%20gift.png

Patreon Pinup - Maid Marian - sketch

Tue Jul 16 12:42:17 2019

now, time to start recording and finish the artwork!.

I think I need to update my Gumroad store with all the past patreon pinups, I have not done it in months



Tue Jul 16 12:40:29 2019

...bunch of sketches of the cake pieces from this month.

Yes, one from already finished artwork, just to fill up the space, thanks for asking, have a nice day <3 :D


#09 - exclusive WIP

Mon Jul 15 14:54:28 2019

It was a busy day today, phew.. :)

Last piece from the emergency commissions and one that is probably the most detailed from whole bath, so I think you'll enjoy the WIP there.

A bat girl in a very fancy fantasy outfit. She was 9th in the queue, but I had to wait till commissioner finishes the ref of the outfit. While now it is done I hope to finish the coloring tommorrow and move on with other projects with clear mind.


NPC 03 - Jennifer

Mon Jul 15 14:47:10 2019

Final artwork of Jennifer for Horse Reality. An Ordinary Girl. Nice one to paint!

She is wearing yellow and dark blue, which are main colors of the game. So I was told (:

I was asked to take photos of my workspace when working on this one. These will be posted on HorseReality's instagram on SneakySunday. Maybe you'll find them interesting to see as well:

I have my children's drawings on the cork board for inspiration, lol ;D If you look closer you'll see bats, flower and a princess Belle. You'd find a postcard from Yasmil from Bielsko-Biała and a b-day horsie card I got not so long ago from Abyzz.


Illustration #03 - full size

Mon Jul 15 14:41:28 2019

And it is finished finally it is done! Girls having a hot bath, even without any water yet ;)

NSFW_preview.jpg 03%20-%20Rico%20and%20Jonti%20WEB.jpg 03%20-%20Rico%20and%20Jonti.png

Viktor and Aonika - full size

Fri Jul 12 11:20:00 2019

little comfort artwork for a sad friend

46_-_Abyzz_sketch_WEB.jpg 46%20-%20Abyzz%20sketch%20WEB.jpg 46%20-%20Abyzz%20sketch.jpg

Illustration #03 - exclusive WIP

Thu Jul 11 12:48:51 2019

I have spent quite some time on this piece, I think that starts to show nicely, so I am providing you an (almost) SFW preview of what has been done :) I hope you'll like the progress so far



Thu Jul 11 12:46:28 2019

For NivMizzet


nude-badass versin:

and standard nude:

15_-_NivMizzet_WEB.jpg 15%20-%20NivMizzet%20nude%20WEB.jpg 15%20-%20NivMizzet%20WEB.jpg 15%20-%20NivMizzet%20nude.png 15%20-%20NivMizzet.png 15%20-%20NivMizzet%20nude%20edited.png

Personal piece - sketch

Thu Jul 11 12:37:55 2019

My friends Yasmil is about to celebrate her birthday and so I am preparing her a gift. It is her oc Midnight in an Alphonse Mucha inspired piece. Since everything is sketched down I will do a clean lineart tomorrow and finish it just on time.


July cake for KitonKurai

Tue Jul 9 12:52:36 2019

I took a break from commissions to slowly move on with the patreon pieces, I do not want to leave them for the very end of the month again. Drawing this elegant lady was a pure pleasure, I hope you'll like her!

PS: lookie at her cute fingers <3 :D I have struggled so much with her hands, but in the end I think they look very good 0_0 For a moment I wanted to scrap this pose and draw a completely new one, just because of the sausage-fingers I was constantly drawing.

45_-_KitonKurai_cake_WEB.jpg 45%20-%20KitonKurai%20cake%20WEB.jpg 45%20-%20KitonKurai%20cake.png

Patreon Pinup - Nisheena - wallpaper

Mon Jul 8 13:35:33 2019

A little bonus I made with help of Abyzz (aka Lord-Eredar). I hope you'll enjoy! LEt me know if I should do it more often (:

6 wallpapers 1920 x 1080 px
(SFW and NSFW)


Illustration #03 - wip

Mon Jul 8 13:21:32 2019

I am reworking one older sketch to a speed-painting illustration. I am actually quite fond of myself with the colors on this one, If I won't mess up anything in the process!! D:



Mon Jul 8 13:17:15 2019

third piece with Bree for Ohiri. I bet you see a change in this character this time

14_-_Ohiri_web.jpg 14%20-%20Ohiri%20web.jpg 14%20-%20Ohiri.png

July patreon pinup

Fri Jul 5 18:31:34 2019

EDIT: oting is closed, thank you. Maid Marian won this time!

She was in the polls from time to time and I am happy to finally be able to draw her. Tho the catwoman is one of my personal faves as well so she will appear again for sure :)

* * *

Let's pick a character for this month artwork!

In proposition only well known characters this time, I will go back to suggesting OC's next month, I already have some sexy fox lady in mind.


Fri Jul 5 10:15:15 2019

second piece for Froshana, a lovely green fairly Mandalay. It was so creative to pick the leaves and flowers for her dress <3

13_-_Froshana_WEB.jpg 13%20-%20Froshana%20WEB.jpg 13%20-%20Froshana.png


Fri Jul 5 10:11:54 2019

Hala, a hyena character for Froshana

EDIT: slight update of the markings

12_-_Froshana_WEB.jpg 12%20-%20Froshana%20WEB.jpg 12%20-%20Froshana.png

Step by step

Wed Jul 3 12:02:00 2019 shades of bubblegum. I need to stick to blueish for my Aonika and create a brand new pink OC, these are so amazingly cute to work with <3

Forgot to post it, I am in complete chaos recently! X_X


Jennefer - exclusive sketch

Wed Jul 3 11:43:49 2019

Another NPC for HorseReality. This time less troublesome character, a young girl, fresh skin, less wrinkles and cute smile.



Wed Jul 3 11:41:30 2019

With sketches done yesterday I was able to finish up two of these artworks today!

This one is for Cordelia_Kersey.

Sharkie ladies are always welcome <3 :)

10_-_Cordelia_Kersey_WEB.jpg 10%20-%20Cordelia_Kersey%20WEB.jpg 10%20-%20Cordelia_Kersey.png


Wed Jul 3 11:39:33 2019

my first time dealing with Sergal species. I especially love their fluffy eyebrows, so utterly cute for showing the expression *3*

for Samael702

with and without marking on the chest

08_-_Samael702-_no_marking_WEB.jpg 08%20-%20Samael702-%20no%20marking%20WEB.jpg 08%20-%20Samael702%20WEB.jpg 08%20-%20Samael702%20no%20marking.png 08%20-%20Samael702.png

Speedpainting illustration #02

Mon Jul 1 20:18:19 2019

second piece for Ohiri! I feel I can improve my speed on these 'speedpaintings' but I like the result. Hopefully Ohiri will like it too!

02_-_Ohiri.png 02%20-%20Ohiri%20WEB.jpg 02%20-%20Ohiri%20wip.jpg

Panther girl for GeckzGo - timelapse

Mon Jul 1 19:05:42 2019

just as the title says <3 :)



Fri Jun 28 14:40:11 2019

artistic nudity for GecksGo

Yesterday I had some big bad art block, but today all felt SO much better, what a relief. I recorded process of painting this one, I yet have to prepare the video, I hope to finish the video this weekend! :)


I was asked to adjust the colors to more yellow:

07-_GeckzGo.png 07-%20GeckzGo%20WEB.jpg 07-%20GeckzGo.png 07-%20GecksGo%202%20WEB.jpg 07-%20GecksGo%202.png

Ohiri - WIP

Fri Jun 28 14:27:54 2019

I am working on the second illustration for Ohiri.

While I like the color palette and the pose I am not sure if I want it to be this serious. Probably changing the face a little may help here, but I'll decide after the weekend. Do you have any thoughts about it so far?

BTW I was asked to do some nsfw change in the previous piece, it will be available to download in attachments here

02_-_Ohiri_wip.jpg 01%20-%20Ohiri%20edited%20WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Ohiri%20edited.png

June CAKE for Tia

Wed Jun 26 13:03:12 2019

I had a lot of time left after finishing Nisheena and I managed to finish this last artwork for this month, phew. Now I can go back to the commissions.

PS: so many kimonos around recently, have you noticed?! :)

42_-_Tia_cake.png 42%20-%20Tia%20cake%20WEB.jpg 42%20-%20Tia%20cake.png

Gisela - final

Sat Jun 29 09:23:00 2019

After some corrections this is the final - accepted - version. Next NPC from the series will be someone younger.


Nisheena - timelapse

Wed Jun 26 12:27:12 2019

I am very happy with the work-flow of this one - Nisheena was much more cooperative than my own oc last month! x_x Enjoy! :)


Nisheena DELICIOUS pack

Wed Jun 26 12:22:21 2019

SFW + NSFW + .psd file

Nisheena SWEET pack

Wed Jun 26 12:20:58 2019

sfw version in hi-res

Patreon pinup - Nisheena

Wed Jun 26 11:58:02 2019

And here she is finished! I'll submit the sweet and delicious packs in a moment! :)


June cake for Techorb

Tue Jun 25 12:55:35 2019

I am sorry it took me so long, I'll do the last one tomorrow, promise <3 I hope you'll enjoy the final result anyway!

41_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 41%20-%20Techorb%20cake%20WEB.jpg 41%20-%20Techorb%20cake.png

Patreon Pinup - WIP

Mon Jun 24 14:21:03 2019

Today I am working on the pinup wit lovely Nisheena, I hope to finish it tomorrow and take care of the missing monthly artworks.


Gisela - exclusive sketch

Wed Jun 19 16:38:17 2019

Second NPC for the HorseReality. A 65yo friendly and a little chubby lady, owner of the whole business.


June cake for Airheart

Wed Jun 19 16:36:35 2019

First from the patreon artworks for this month, I need to complete these next week, I have not noticed that the month is almost over, omg!

And a completely different piece this time instead of a standard fullbody :)

Zahra and Gallica:

40_-_Airheart_cake_WEB.jpg 40%20-%20Airheart%20cake%20WEB.jpg 40%20-%20Airheart%20cake.png


Wed Jun 19 16:25:19 2019

for Rohoruk - my first ever reptile guy. I like his gladiator-like dress!

06_-_Rohrouk_WEB.jpg 06%20-%20Rohrouk%20WEB.jpg 06%20-%20Rohrouk.png

Bree - step by step

Tue Jun 18 13:31:05 2019

Process of creating the last illustration. Long time since i posted a last one. Yet I promise, I will try to do step by steps of each illustration in the current commission batch.


Bree for Ohiri

Tue Jun 18 13:29:17 2019

First from the illustration commissions, - I still have to find the perfect balance between the details of normal illustration and the roughness of the speed-painting. I hope this one looks good.

01_-_Ohiri_WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Ohiri%20WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Ohiri.png


Tue Jun 18 13:15:11 2019

for Enreeu

I was asked for an action pose this time :)

05_-_Enreeu_WEB.jpg 05%20-%20Enreeu%20WEB.jpg 05%20-%20Enreeu.png

Patreon Pinup - Nisheena - WIP

Mon Jun 17 12:41:46 2019

nsfw/sfw idea of this month pinup. I want to play with Nisheena's powers again and give her a nice hair/robe censor, that will be removed by the wind she creates. And I'll go for a typical 'vampire' background here, with big dark window and night sky behind. ...actually I am really looking forward to paint this one :3



Mon Jun 17 12:39:22 2019

For OmniWorldImaginator of his very handsome, but so hard to paint, character based on gemstones/minerals

04_-_OmniWorldImaginator_WEB.jpg 04%20-%20OmniWorldImaginator%20WEB.jpg 04%20-%20OmniWorldImaginator.png


Fri Jun 14 12:44:28 2019

I am feeling green today... 8)

for Trix_Avenda

02_-_Trix_Avenda_WEB.jpg 02%20-%20Trix_Avenda%20WEB.jpg 02%20-%20Trix_Avenda.png

#03 - full size

Wed Jun 12 13:33:34 2019

With some overdue payments I worked on this piece first. Mayvara, a little bit ashamed of the whole situation

commissioned by Maledivus


for Kenshin Jade - full size

Wed Jun 12 11:15:17 2019

finished commission of one very pretty girl. I am especially happy with her face (even if I have been changing it like 100 times, lol) Enjoy!

35-_KenshinJade_WEB.jpg 35-%20KenshinJade%20WEB.jpg 35-%20KenshinJade.png

Sketches - exclusive WIP

Tue Jun 11 12:41:01 2019

Sketches, some were made before I left for vacations, some are fresh. My Mayvara is on two, since she was commissioned my Maledivus and I gave him a friendly opportunity to pick a pose again :) The bondage from behind won't be used and it will most probably be sold as an YCH at some point.

... I am not going to censor these pieces, it is way too much effort and it is too hot there to do an extra work I am not sure is even reasonable! ^^;


Ohiri - illustration WIPs

Tue Jun 11 12:31:19 2019

I have the pleasure to paint a lovely deer character that belongs to Ohiri. I really hope there will be more of the speedpainting illustrations in the future, I need to do these a nice examples

second one:


June patreon pinup

Tue Jun 11 07:04:48 2019

I am here with another poll. A little late, i know - but I will give you few days to wote and I'll concentrate on the commissions

special guest oc:

Abyzz Warrior's:
Nisheena ref:

#01 - full size

Mon Jun 10 14:12:55 2019

first from the cell shading bath, anthronized pokemon - call it a challenge!

commissioned by Boolean.

version 02: (smaller boobs + extra abs)

version 03: (smaller boobs no abs)

01_-_Boolean_WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Boolean%20WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Boolean.png 01%20-%20Boolean%2002%20WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Boolean%2003%20WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Boolean%2002.png 01%20-%20Boolean%2003.png

Victoria and Ditrih - final + EDIT

Fri May 31 16:24:30 2019

EDIT: changed the colors of background. The ones from first version were too ...bland. I like it much more now, hope you agree! Old version is still downloadable tho.

sketch of fem version of Abyzz sona Viktoria and Ditrih. Next month I will do a reversed version, with male Viktor and female Dietrih.

So now I am off to pack and prepare for the flight, I'll be back next Saturday. But I have prepared some little goodies for you and scheduled these for this week. So, don't be surprised if some random things will appear here, but I won't respond to any messages.

Take care guys! :)

36_-_Abyzz_sketch_02_WEB.jpg 36%20-%20Abyzz%20sketch%20WEB.jpg 36%20-%20Abyzz%20sketch.png 36%20-%20Abyzz%20sketch%2002%20WEB.jpg 36%20-%20Abyzz%20sketch%2002.png

Anabde - portrait

Thu Jun 6 12:01:00 2019

for Nearyh

second portrait in the simple style. It will be a while till I go back to these commissions, I need to finish the emergency list before and that will take me a while

Anabde_portret_WEB.jpg Anabde%20portret%20WEB.jpg Anabde%20-%20portret.png

Wolf girl - full size

Wed Jun 5 12:31:00 2019

Do you like realistic anthro? I do! <3

Thinking in this way, I took a little break from commissions and had fun anthronizing the cute wolf cub from last pack.

I changed some proportions, added some eyelashes, but overalls and obviously hair, but other than that we have pretty realistic wolf face here. I would not complain doing more of such portraits as commissions but, maybe I'll use other animals for that purpose too ;)

wolfie_WEB.jpg wolfie%20WEB.jpg wolfie.png

Animal babies #1 #2 & #3 - exclusive

Tue Jun 4 12:00:02 2019

three fone, 17 more to go! But that has to wait after I'll be back.


Aithne - portrait

Mon Jun 3 12:00:02 2019

for Nearyh

Even if I am gone, I have scheduled some artworks to be submitted here in next few days

Aithne_portret_WEB.jpg Aithne%20portret.png

Omniworldimaginator - final

Thu May 30 11:41:32 2019

Finished this one just on time <3 I have one more day of work left before my holidays (I am so happy, can't wait to go!)

simple shading + background, and with background I added some more light sources and adjusted the colors to match the lamps. It was a little more difficult than the characters on a blank white bg, but I think I managed to create a calm and cosy evening atmosphere

38_-_OmniWorldImaginator_WEB.jpg 38%20-%20OmniWorldImaginator%20WEB.jpg 38%20-%20OmniWorldImaginator.png

ShiroDog - sketch finished

Wed May 29 19:04:29 2019

After all those early sketching this sketch is way too clean, but oh well, I won't be adding any extra lines just to made it look less clean! ;)

I was kinda tempted to paint some tentacles crawling from behind these doors, sadly that was not part of the description.

more gray version:

39-_ShiroDog_02_WEB.jpg 39-%20ShiroDog%2001%20WEB.jpg 39-%20ShiroDog%2002%20WEB.jpg 39-%20ShiroDog%2001.png 39-%20ShiroDog%2002.png

OmniworldImaginator - sketch

Tue May 28 15:36:13 2019

...and last of the sketches. The characters still need some clothing, but we already discussed that part and it will be added in the final piece :)

I am melting when drawing this one *-*


KenshinJade - sketch

Tue May 28 15:29:41 2019

I usually do not work on not paid commissions, this is an exception. This pose and idea is so versatile that eventually I may use this sketch for future commissions/YCH so I decided to give it a try today


Shiro dog - sketch

Tue May 28 15:28:04 2019

quick sketch ... of a sketch. Inception. Commission for ShiroDog :)

This is going to be used on a convention, I hope to see some IRL photos how it will look and share them with you


Emergency commissions

Sat May 25 18:53:37 2019

I never expected to do something like that, but I am in a situation where I'd like to offer you some special commissions. I have a personal situation where I really could use some extra money, so I am opening these cheaper slots (I am fine, no worries, just trying to decrease the bank loan as much as I can!)

I am now posting that on FA now as well, but you will have a priority and always open slots here! So take your time and let me know if you'd like to decide on this offer.

I will work on these commissions in June (after my one week of holidays that starts at 1st of June and end on 7th. Yeah, great timing, emergency and holidays in the same month, hurray!

The arts are going to be mostly artistic freedom, so there won't be any WIPs or sketches. Maybe some extra quick sketches here on Patreon ;)

Tho you are more than welcome to give me such info:

character reference:
maturity rating: clothed / artistic nude / erotic
desired pose: few words of explanation or a photo
background: optional only in illustration

max number of characters =2

price for extra detailed design, big wings, extra limbs = +10€/+20€


Anabde - reference sheet

Sat May 25 08:16:00 2019

the blonde femme fatale necromancer is finished! :)

...with all the fun I am having with the simplified styles I am starting to miss the illustrations! I need to do some illustration event in June when I'll be done with the animal babies and all commissions. I'll write more about it when the time comes.
Have a nice weekend guys!

Anabde_WEB.png Anabde%20WEB.png Anabde.png

Aqua - full size

Fri May 24 19:29:49 2019

finished the mermaid YCH for Techorb. It is his water themed character who I had a pleasure to redesign as a mermaid/dragon.

This art will be a really nice example of the simplier style artwork, I really like the anime-ish feel of it, I hope that you'll enjoy it too! :)

Aqua_WEB.jpg Aqua%20WEB.jpg Aqua.png

Tamara and Gillian

Thu May 23 12:25:09 2019

commissioned by Ricochetcoyote. Sketch with a little bonus quality.

download for uncensored files (colored + black and white)

NSFW_preview2.jpg 34%20-%20Rico%20sketch%20b%26w%20WEB.jpg 34%20-%20Rico%20sketch%20WEB.jpg 34%20-%20Rico%20sketch.png

Anabde - WIP

Thu May 23 12:16:49 2019

Sketches and first flat colored fullbody for another character

commissioned by Nearyh

and sketch of the portrait


Mayvara - timelapse

Wed May 22 12:14:54 2019

I am sorry for the struggle that shows through this whole video. Maya was somehow very difficult to work with here! ;_;
But in the end I feel I won with her I am finally happy with the result.

Anyway - enjoy! :)


Mayvara DELICIOUS pack

Wed May 22 12:11:05 2019

hi res of SFW + NSFW of the main and cropped versions of the artwork + .psd file

I will submitt the timelapse in a second :)

Mayvara - SWEET pack

Wed May 22 12:09:45 2019

SFW artwork in hi res + SFW of the cropped edit of the artwork without the inflatable wheel

Patreon pinup - Mayvara

Wed May 22 12:07:18 2019

...and here she is, ready for summer! And for a first time the character on the pinup in is not looking at the viewer, that was weird. I imagine who may be standing next to her here ;)

In the nsfw version she does look at the viewer and you can see that also in the small version:


Patreon pinup - Maya - WIP

Mon May 20 14:56:58 2019

this time I came with with completely different censor for the sfw image *giggles*


Joseph Glen - full size

Mon May 20 07:51:57 2019

Meet Joseph, I hope you'll find him an attractive guy! ;) With all the wrinkles painted he looks very mature, so goal is archived.

Joseph_Glen_WEB.jpg Joseph%20Glen%20WEB.jpg Joseph%20Glen.png

Cake artwork for Zepher - full size

Sun May 19 08:16:00 2019

one special cake artwork for this month. Now it is really time to take care of the patreon pinup, enough of mermaids and artworks on a side

31_-_Zepher_cake_WEB.jpg 31%20-%20Zepher%20cake%20WEB.jpg 31%20-%20Zepher%20cake.png

Animal babies - sketches

Sat May 18 15:37:00 2019

another round of animals for EarthRangers. There will be 20 of these cuties!


Springtime relaxation - full size

Fri May 17 12:33:13 2019

I finished coloring, Yasmil added some texture and voilà, the artwork is done! I hope you'll enjoy the results of our collaboration, personally I lam very happy how it looks :)

Springtime_Relaxation_WEB.png Springtime%20Relaxation%20WEB.png Springtime%20Relaxation.png

MERMAID expansion pack - presale

Fri May 17 08:58:51 2019

Price: 5usd

Main base not included, only things visible on the cover.

It will be sold officialy within few days, I need to hurry before Mermay ends! :D


Mermay YCH - sold

Fri May 17 08:52:08 2019

EDIT: bought by Techorb, thank you!

Still playing around with mermaids. I like this time of the year a lot :)

actually I want to do a milestones here with few versions of AB available:

AB 1- simplified shading: 170€

AB2 - detailed shading with lineart: 270€

AB3 - painting: 350€

Edits avaiable:
- change of the expression (looking at the viewer seductively for example)
- removing the bra
-changing the hairstyle (obvious but worth writing down)

And as promised I am giving you an YCH before posting it online. Please let me know what you think of it and contact me if someone would like to grab it!


May CAKE for Tia

Fri May 17 07:09:57 2019


32_-_Tia_cake_WEB.jpg 32%20-%20Tia%20cake%20WEB.jpg 32%20-%20Tia%20cake.png


Fri May 17 07:04:11 2019

I was working on these new mermaid assets to my base, still need to add few more and it will be done. I got distracted by trying it out on a character. This art is one of a kind mix of styles, starting from flats to even illustrative parts. Idk what I was doing here, but it was fun!

PS: I think such pretty tail would probably be totally useless for swimming. but oh well, it is a fantasy furry mermaid we're talking about, so the realism is probably not the issue, lol. And it just looks so nice *-*

PS2: Mermaid + Aonika = Mermanika? ;)

Aonika_mermay_WEB.jpg Aonika%20mermay%20WEB.jpg Aonika%20mermay%20full.png

CAKE sketches #02

Wed May 15 18:00:03 2019

Two more sketches - left art for Tia (I wanted to draw a character in this cute lingerie for ages! Now it was a great occasion, I think it fits this sweet kinky character just perfectly *-*)

right one is a special 'cake' bought as a bonus with one of the character designs I was offering recently

The girl here will be Detox:


CAKE psd files

Wed May 15 10:20:29 2019

.psd files for the two just submitted artworks

The cake arts are pretty simple, lineart + base color+ shading and some detailing on top. But I might as well share it from time to time :)

psd_files.png 32%20-%20Sorellia%20cake.psd (d) 30%20-%20Techorb%20cake.psd (d)

May CAKE for Sorellia

Wed May 15 10:18:06 2019

and second cake artwork, I had a good day yesterday, just had to do some detailing today :)

Cropped again - sorry to any paw-lovers out there <3

she has some amazing tail doesn't she? :)

32_-_Sorellia_cake_WEB.png 32%20-%20Sorellia%20cake%20WEB.png 32%20-%20Sorellia%20cake.png

May CAKE for Techorb

Wed May 15 10:16:12 2019

Combined piece from two months. I hope that you're not sad about cropping the artworks a little bit - I find the composition more interesting in this way

30_-_techorb_cake_WEB.png 30%20-%20techorb%20cake%20WEB.png 30%20-%20techorb%20cake.png

Joseph Glen - for HorseReality

Tue May 14 08:16:00 2019

I was about to open my commissions and I got messaged about three new cooperations. This one is From where I was asked to create few NPC artworks (and maybe horses)

First is the horse handler Joseph, he is an experienced horse handler, a strong and friendly man somewhere in his 50s (so his hair are not going to be blonde but grayish). I see that this series is going to be challenging, but I am so looking forward to draw realistic people in various ages and professions.


Fiera - animated step by step

Mon May 13 15:36:06 2019

animated step by step of creating the fiery mage Fiera :)


Fantasy pinup: mage

Mon May 13 15:32:51 2019

Fiera dressed as a magician. I think she looks great with this purple cape, I hope you'll agree, since as always I was playing with colors here for quite a long time before picking this mix! Drawing birds is always a challenge for me, I do it so rarely, but I like her face and expression here <3 so I think I succeeded! :)

NSFW version:

02_Fiera_WEB.jpg 02%20Fiera%20NSFW%20WEB.jpg 02%20Fiera%20WEB.jpg 02%20Fiera%20NSFW.png 02%20Fiera.png

Cake sketches

Mon May 13 15:28:17 2019

For Sorellia and Techorb. Very early sketches :)

I rarely share this stage, because there are some anatomy issues that bugs me. All will be fixed in another version.


May Patreon Pinup

Wed May 8 17:58:12 2019

It is really a final time for you to hear your opinion about this month's artwork :) We come back to the standard list, I will throw one of my OCs here as well, next month I'll add a character that belongs to one of my friends.

ref for my OC:

May CAKE for Airheart

Thu May 9 10:00:00 2019

Isla in her swimming attire. I tried some colors, but I think she looks best in black, it makes her extremely elegant. I made her extra shiny this time, like she just got out of water.

29_-_Airheart_cake.png 29%20-%20Airheart%20cake%20WEB.jpg 29%20-%20Airheart%20cake.png

Black rose - full size

Wed May 8 16:34:59 2019

Commissioned piece for Techorb. Cell shading one, but I got carried away with the details (again!) I have not painted a night scene like this one for ages, I hope it is bright enough to see everything and dark enough to feel it is a deep night :)

I need to do new pricelist for artworks with lineart. One type with sharp cell shading and other type for soft shading like this one, maybe leaving aside the illustrations for some time. I need to figure out these two for now. My style and way of creating artworks is changing so much I am confused with it

28_-_Techorb_cell_shading_WEB.jpg 28%20-%20Techorb%20cell%20shading%20WEB.jpg 28%20-%20Techorb%20cell%20shading.png

Dragon logo in printing

Wed May 8 09:03:10 2019

Just sharing the positive feedback with you <3 :)


collab with Yasmil - WIP

Tue May 7 11:22:25 2019

Today Yasmil gave me the beautiful linework for our collab. I just had to immediately check it with flat colors and some background (: With this pretty character I think that early sunset is a great color choice for the backgroundthe best choice, hopefully you agree!

Aomori_-_Yasmil_collab_WIP.jpg Aomori%20-%20Yasmil%20collab%20WIP.jpg

Yami - lineart

Mon May 6 15:34:15 2019

Time to move on with the waiting artworks! :) This one will be a cell shading scene in a night garden for Techorb (with a black dragoness Yami I already had a pleasure to paint as a monthly artwork)


Throne of Temptation - full size

Mon May 6 10:46:05 2019

I told that I will finish it before the trip, but it was too much to be done and I had to take more time. There is also second version, with even more of the purple magic Abyzz was asking for:

53_-_Abyzz_ych_01_WEB.jpg 53%20-%20Abyzz%20ych%2001%20WEB.jpg 53%20-%20Abyzz%20ych%2002%20WEB.jpg 53%20-%20Abyzz%20ych%2001.png 53%20-%20Abyzz%20ych%2002.png

Aithne reference - full size

Thu May 2 09:41:11 2019

Finished the first one from new reference sheet series for Nearyh :) I have tons of fun with this new style, Hopefully you'll enjoy it as well!

I will be unavailable for next few days, so I wish you a nice weekend already. I will be back on Monday with the patreon pinup poll and new stuff to share! Maybe also some sketches from the long trip by train :)

Aithne_WEB.png Aithne%20WEB.png Aithne.png

Yami - WIP

Tue Apr 30 08:05:07 2019

second dragoness commissioned by Techorb in more detailed artwork. I couldn't made up my mind if it is better to show her from front or from back , so I sketched both

she'll be drawn in a garden at night (imagine some fancy bright moon behind her, I think more of a crescent, not the full moon.. but we'll see :))


Throne of Temptation - WIP

Mon Apr 29 13:28:17 2019

the atmosphere lighting is done - Abyzz wanted purpl magical glow all around. So, tomorrow I'll do the shading, add the details and the art will be done should be done!


Aithne - WIP

Mon Apr 29 13:23:24 2019

We're starting new set of references with Nearyh, this time more cartoon. Think 'Legend of Korra' style here. So far so good, I am having alot of fun and Nea is enjoying the results. We want to play with bodytypes and anatomy and I hope that the line-up with all the characters is going to be something really unique and fun to see!

some initial sketching:

and adjusting the body a little, she certainly is not a feminine one:


Adoptable characters - presale + 5th design

Fri Apr 26 15:06:57 2019

All are created with the base :) Let me know if you'd like to grab one of these designs let me know!
30 EUR for the SB
60 EUR for the AB

I may add some extra AB option with an additional artwork or a full reference sheet, I yet have to think about it.


Female base - Pateon presale

Fri Apr 26 14:58:14 2019

So it is finally done! :) I started it few months ago and finally made my way through all these layers and details, I think it will be enough for a base pack to create a nice female character! I intend to do some extra packs, the first one will be "create your own mermaid' with tails, fins and more scales (something perfect for upcoming Mer-may event)

I will start selling it soon on Furaffinity now it is available only here and the price for the whole pack is 55 USD (I am not making it EUR, USD seems to be more friendly for most users around here)

As a bonus for all my current patrons I have an extra discount (promotion ends on 30th of April)

$5 tier = $5 discount
$10 and higher = $10 USD discount

Please send me a message if you'd like to try this base yourself!


The Archer

Thu Apr 25 14:56:35 2019

I would never say that pink and green is a good color combo... but somehow it works for me here! I hope you'll like this as well. But if no - there is a green+black mix in downloadable files. And a NSFW version too. Enjoy <3 :)

Maple belongs to Jonti, art is commissioned by him and Ricochetcoyote.

04_-_Maple_SFW_WEB.jpg 04%20-%20Maple%20NSFW%20WEB.jpg 04%20-%20Maple%20SFW%2001.png 04%20-%20Maple%20SFW%20WEB.jpg 04%20-%20Maple%20SFW%2002.png 04%20-%20Maple%20NSFW.png

Archer - WIP

Wed Apr 24 14:22:05 2019

Maple in sexy Robin Hood cosplay. Shading to be done tomorrow


Silver Scale Studios Dragon - step by step

Tue Apr 23 14:28:59 2019


Silver Scale Studios - header

Tue Apr 23 14:23:26 2019

one very friendly dragon for a handmade jewellry shop. I need to do a step by step out of creating this one, you may be surprised how many times I has been changing this over and over again :D

header_WEB.jpg header%20WEB.jpg header.png

Fantasy pinup: Warrior

Tue Apr 23 14:13:14 2019

YCH for iStricer

NSFW version in downloadable files

03_Warrior_for_iStricer_WEB.jpg 03%20Warrior%20for%20iStricer%20WEB.jpg 03%20Warrior%20for%20iStricer.png 03%20Warrior%20for%20iStricer%20nsfw%20WEB.jpg 03%20Warrior%20for%20iStricer%20nsfw.png

Patreon pinup - timelapse

Sat Apr 20 09:21:40 2019

shorter timelapse, I compressed everything more this time so it is around 5 minutes now


Patreon pinup Cornelia - SWEET

Sat Apr 20 09:19:12 2019

SFW version of the artwork in hi-res. I hope you enjoy!

Patreon pinup Cornelia - DELICIOUS

Sat Apr 20 09:18:05 2019

all files for you are here! SFW+NSFW in hi res + special outfit + .psd file with all layers

April Patreon Pinup - Cornelia

Sat Apr 20 09:13:44 2019

and here she is! In packs there will be also version with white robe if you do not fancy so much gold. Tho I think she looks great in gold and with all these gold jewellery! :)


Warrior for iStricer - WIP

Thu Apr 18 14:55:35 2019

working on the newest YCH. Character is Vance and belongs to iStricer


Fantasy pinups - auction early access

Thu Apr 18 10:46:03 2019

Two another fantasy pinups are done and dusted. With sfw+nsfw edits available again.

I am not separating these into two submissions, since some of you probably seen these sketches before. finally I'll officially submit the mage and the archer girls


April Patreon Pinup - Cornelia - WIP

Tue Apr 16 15:09:14 2019

The dragoness lady for this month!

I hope you'll like her pose. The outfit will be a very sexy and elegant gown... maybe a gold one, to match her colors?


Halloween collab with Dragon Fu - WIP

Mon Apr 15 11:59:27 2019

Working on the artwork for Ricochetcoyote. Oainting lines by DragonFu is such a nice experience (:

I think that live bats look much better than the hanging ones, do you agree? I hope Ricochet will also like this idea!


April cake for Tia

Sat Apr 13 13:00:01 2019

...suddenly weekend is a good time for work ;)

The bad news is that strike is still on.

and to the art now: Initially I wanted to show the awesome eyes of this character, but I had too much fun with the cute fringe and I left it as it was on the ref. She is adorable with this haircut, isn't she? o

26_-_Tia_cake_WEB.jpg 26%20-%20Tia%20cake%20WEB.jpg 26%20-%20Tia%20cake.png

fantasy pinup auction #02 - early accesss + nsfw

Fri Apr 12 06:15:08 2019

since the last one sold so nice because of the nsfw edit I decided to rework this one as well:

I will put this in my gallery tomorrow, but if anyone would like to buy it today let me know!


Domina sketch for LavaBat

Fri Apr 12 06:10:01 2019

Original species for LavaBat a mix of doe for the face and ears and fluffy dragon (the tail) with some grabby mammal feet as a cheery on a top of the cake. In sweet domina style.

27_-_LavaBat_april_WEB.jpg 27%20-%20LavaBat%20april%20WEB.jpg 27%20-%20LavaBat%20april.jpg

Warrior - full size

Tue Apr 9 11:19:59 2019

finished YCH for BlackFang, Even with the kids at home I managed to finish this one in the evening, phew :)

full size of SFW and NSFW versions downloadable below

PS: it was my first time drawing this expression for the nsfw edit, I hope I did it well

01_-_Warrior_for_BlackFang_WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Warrior%20for%20BlackFang%20WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Warrior%20for%20BlackFang%20NSFW%20WEB.jpg 01%20-%20Warrior%20for%20BlackFang%20NSFW.png 01%20-%20Warrior%20for%20BlackFang.png

April Patreon Pinup - final poll

Tue Apr 9 11:06:56 2019

I have some troubles this month because polish teachers began a nationwide strike so I have to stay with my kids at home and be full time mom, not much time for painting left :( I hope the situation will end quickly.

So here are the characters. One is my pick, one is my friends pick and two are randomly generated. The choice is fair, some dragons, some fluffies, I do not envy you making the fi8nal choice lol :D

In some time I'll be happy to do this special patreon pinup again in few months, but I will do a poll asking about it, so you'll be prepared.

Patren Pinup suggestions

Fri Apr 5 15:20:50 2019

Since you agreed to do the changes in this month patreon pinup I'd like to see your suggestions of characters now!

Please write a comment with name and reference of a character you'd like to put up for voting for this month's Patreon Pinup.

I will pick 4-5 of them, create second poll and leave the final decision to you

I think it is best if you'll give your own OC here, but if you really would like to use someone's else OC - it is fine as well :) As long as you have their permission of course!

April CAKE for Airheart

Fri Apr 5 15:15:20 2019

Jade serving you some sake... anyone want some? :)

initially I wanted a more chineese-looking dress, but with her lovely fluff I had to resign from this collar

26_-_Airheart_cake_WEB.jpg 26%20-%20Airheart%20cake%20WEB.jpg 26%20-%20Airheart%20cake.png

Throne of temptation - lineart(s)

Sat Apr 6 04:00:01 2019

...okie this took a while :o

I really need to figure out the best colors for the background here, something that will suit all these characters (I filled each character with their 'base' color, and they kinda belong to each other, it should not be that hard!)

I will be finishing it when Abyzz will be able to send the rest of the payment, soomewhere later in April.


Silver Scale studios - header - WIP

Mon Apr 8 13:00:03 2019

A WIP of piece I am slowly working on in the meantime - honestly I am not sure where I am going with this friendly dragon, I am really confused here and not sure if I like the proportions. There will be probably a lot changes from this point!


The warrior - exclusive WIP

Thu Apr 4 13:12:27 2019

Very very detailed WIP, yes, you're right - and so I'm making it exclusive WIP. I need to give treats to my 10+ patrons more often! :)

Actually this needs only a few tweaks and refining - and obviously decision about color of the armour (I'm sending it to the commissioner now, so I won't suddenly made the armour black, like the swimsuit recently!)

Next I'll be doing the nsfw edit. This art was so quick to work with, definetely today was a good day for arting *-*

Patreon Pinup special edition

Wed Apr 3 08:37:01 2019


I'd like to ask you for an opinion about one idea: what would you say to do one special edition of patreon pinup where all characters put up for voting are YOUR characters?

I'd pick 5 characters from your suggestions (starting from delicious cupcake tier) and do a poll with them for you to pick the final one.

Let me know if you like this idea or not :)

PS: Actually this can be one time fun or repetitive event from time to time. Depending on your choice. If you have an opinion, please leave me a comment with your thoughts about this!

Silver Scale Studios - logotype

Tue Apr 2 10:58:38 2019

final versions of the logo, now time to focus on the header image

logo_-_final_edits_WEB.jpg logo%20-%20final%20edits.jpg

Hikari - full size

Tue Apr 2 07:11:54 2019

Commission for Techorb of a sun/light dragoness Hikari.

I resigned from the green background behind her I had in mind at the beginning - I think she looks much better with some blue that compliments her pale scales

25_-_Techorb_WEB.jpg 25%20-%20Techorb%20WEB.jpg 25%20-%20Techorb.png

Arabesque beautiues - step by step

Sat Mar 30 09:02:58 2019

Enjoy and have a nice weekend guys!

file.1 (d)

Arabesque beauties - final

Sat Mar 30 08:42:06 2019

Commission for Airheart and Trix Avenda of their beautiful characters Zahra and Trix.

I usually use less colourful palette but I found this one really great to work with, it was a surprise even for me! I maybe need to plan out the detailed light and shadows more often it made my work much more easy. Seems like I keep learning new things with each artwork done :) I hope you'll like this artwork, let me know it it is a step in a right direction!

second version with some more colorful cloth and face covers for the girls:

20_-_AirheartTrix_Avenda01_WEB.jpg 20%20-%20Airheart%26Trix_Avenda01%20WEB.jpg 20%20-%20Airheart%26Trix_Avenda02%20WEB.jpg 20%20-%20Airheart%26Trix_Avenda01.png 20%20-%20Airheart%26Trix_Avenda02.png

Commission for Techorb - sketch

Thu Mar 28 16:17:21 2019

sketch of another commission, this time a cell shading one for Techorb

two slightly different poses and some outfit idea


Airheart commission - WIP

Thu Mar 28 16:14:59 2019

and the initial idea and sketch of clothes (yes as always I am making mess with the mirroring the image over and over again =_=)


Sexy booty - collabw ith LevelViolet - full size

Wed Mar 27 14:29:00 2019

for Xetsa of one very shiny character.

I have been struggling with a choice between gold and white swimsuit... so in the end I picked a black one lol

nude version in attachments

23_-_LevelViolet_-_Collab_Sexy_booty_SFW_WEB.png 23%20-%20LevelViolet%20-%20Collab%20Sexy%20booty%20NSFW%20WEB.png 23%20-%20LevelViolet%20-%20Collab%20Sexy%20booty%20SFW%20WEB.png 23%20-%20LevelViolet%20-%20Collab%20Sexy%20booty%20NSFW.png 23%20-%20LevelViolet%20-%20Collab%20Sexy%20booty%20SFW.png

Aonika timelapse

Tue Mar 26 13:14:37 2019

A little too long, but here it is :) Enjoy!

file.1 (d)

Aonika - DELICIOUS pack

Tue Mar 26 13:09:00 2019

SFW + NSFW+ second version of the NSFW in hi-res + .psd file

Aonika - SWEET pack

Tue Mar 26 13:06:44 2019

Full size of the sfw artwork

March Patreon Pinup - Aonika

Tue Mar 26 13:05:08 2019

And she is done! As a compensation for the last delicate artwork with Felicia I'm giving you a sexy pose all in latex or latex+lace for second edit.

I hope you'll like it!

All files will be available to download in a second.


Familiar reflection

Sat Mar 23 16:17:00 2019

Finished illustration for DragonChaz. Thank you for this awesome commission!

After playing with the background for couple of times I am happy to show you the final result. You're welcome to tell yourself your own story about this artwork, I think I put so much energy into painting I don't want to spoil it with my wonky descriptions (:


15_-_DragonChaz_WEB.png 15%20-%20DragonChaz%20WEB.png 15%20-%20DragonChaz.png

Defender of Mankind - full size

Fri Mar 22 20:40:47 2019

Happy B-day Abyzz! :D

A little gift for Abyzz for his birthday, since I don't really have time to do something very detaild. Tho I had so much fun with it :D It is an overpaint of screenshot from X-COM 2 - a game we both play and enjoy.

If you do like X-COM too be sure to say hi in the comments! :)

22_-_Abyzz_b-day_gift_WEB.jpg 22%20-%20Abyzz%20b-day%20gift%20WEB.jpg 22%20-%20Abyzz%20b-day%20gift.png

Avatar for a game - faces - exclusive sneak peek

Sun Mar 24 11:00:00 2019

In last days I was pretty busy finishing the avatar for the EarthRangers app, I made a lot of clothing, accessories and random wereable items :) It was pretty tough work, but I like the result. Never drew so much shoes at one day in my life ;D

I thought I may share some sneak peek with you, some hairstyles and a little eyelashes to turn the avatar into boy or girl (I'm working on one base for both genders. It is a little troublesome and I'd prefer to do two separate bases and sets of clothes for both genders. But I understand the financial reasons behind that decision, so no more whining about that. It looks pretty cool anyway)

PS: do you think that such completed set of clothing could work as a base to be sold on FA? Kinda like the lineart bases... but with the fully painted pieces of lingerie, shirts, pants etc all customizable in different colors? I've never seen anything like that before.


Patreon Pinup - bg thoughts

Fri Mar 22 20:22:18 2019

The lingerie is very roughly sketched above the body, I know it looks messy, sorry! But I'd like to hear your opinion which version is better and which I should finish

A - day
B - night

The poll will be open till Monday, when I'll come back to drawing this piece

Thank you! <3

Hell-o-dancer - colab WIP

Thu Mar 21 13:52:37 2019

...again need to think about a decent title :D

Lines to this art are made by DragonFu, and the less crowded version looks like that (colors are done by me and are still very very basic)

24_-_Rico_Alicia_Halloween__wip.jpg 24%20-%20Rico_Alicia_Halloween_Lineart%20for%20Aomori%20-%20flat%20colors.jpg 24%20-%20Rico_Alicia_Halloween_%20wip.jpg

Twins - special WIP

Tue Mar 19 16:25:57 2019

But they are not twins. I still need to figure out the title for this one >_>

WIP of commission for DragonChaz

a lot yet to be painted and defined.... but I finally found the colors I really like, so all is on the right patch :)


March patreon pinup - poll

Fri Mar 15 18:51:03 2019

I would like to leave you with a taks for the weekend: help me pick the character for patreon pinup! I feel this is a a very new set of characters to pick from, only one from the popculture, I hope you'll find your fave among them.

for the OCs section, the references:

Midnight (c) Yasmil:

Aonika (c) me

Earth Month animals - full size

Sun Mar 17 14:16:00 2019

Finished animals for the pins. I hope to get aphoto of the final product, so I can show it to you too :)


Silver Scale Studios - logo - sketch

Sat Mar 16 13:01:01 2019

Three dragon heads, from most normal to most cute. Personally I like the one in the middle, I think it suits this project and the references I was given (imagine a Toothless as a dragon ref for this one, so a very very cute type of a dragon)

and some logo ideas:


Silver Scale Studios - header - sketch

Sat Mar 16 10:01:00 2019

I was asked by a friend to do a header for the webpage and a logo of the online shop with jewellery, the Silver Scale Studios. I as more than happy to say yes to that request! :)

My first idea was with a more fierce dragon, but afterwards we decided to go on with more gentle one. The proportions of the head and 'sharpness' of whole design will yet be polished and changed

PS: yes, she is sitting on a pile of gold and treasures. A dragon in it's natural environment!


Sketch for LavaBat

Fri Mar 15 18:28:57 2019

having fun on a toy car. Small size is sometimes useful :)

21_-_LavaBat_WEB.jpg 21%20-%20LavaBat%20WEB.jpg 21%20-%20LavaBat.jpg

Sketch #02 for Ricochetcoyote

Fri Mar 15 16:09:51 2019

A continuation of the last piece. That perspective was a little challenging I must say X_X

NSFW_preview.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2002%20ver2%20WEB.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2002%20WEB.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2002%20ver2.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2002.jpg

Sketch#01 for Ricochetcoyote

Fri Mar 15 16:08:48 2019

with Tamara dressed in an outfit very much inspired by the Rio carnival costumes. I imagine it in blues and greens.

other light source:

19_-_Ricochetcoyote_comic_sketch_01_WEB.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2001%20ver2%20WEB.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2001%20WEB.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2001%20ver2.jpg 19%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20comic%20sketch%2001.jpg

Nice surprise - full size

Mon Mar 11 15:42:07 2019

Cell shading with a background for Tia

14_-_Tia_WEB.png 14%20-%20Tia%20WEB.png 14%20-%20Tia.png

DragonChaz - WIP

Mon Mar 11 08:16:45 2019

I have blocked the bodies and started to work on the light source. I think it is mostly done, so it is time to move on with details, colors and the background


March cake for Techorb

Fri Mar 8 19:47:15 2019

A dragoness connected to the elemnt of light, kinda the opposite of the previous one if you maybe remember her :)

and a sketch:

18_-_Techorb_cake_WEB.jpg 18%20-%20Techorb%20cake%20WEB.jpg 18%20-%20Techorb%20cake.png

Celestia DELICIOUS pack

Fri Mar 8 11:01:02 2019

and the updated delicious files.

Celestia SWEET pack

Fri Mar 8 10:59:48 2019

I made some little changes, if you'd like to have an updated version here is the link :)

Errie - step by step

Thu Mar 7 15:44:24 2019

animation showing how she was changing during the painting process

Final on the ref is even slightly more changed, but I made that changes after saving the gif ... but I think you'll forgive me that! ;)


Errie - reference sheet

Thu Mar 7 15:42:03 2019

I finished it few days ago and completely forgot to post it here. Little cute Errie and her less cute evil self ready all done and dusted

Errie_mae.png Errie%20ma%C5%82e.png Errie.png

Animal sketches - exclusive

Wed Mar 6 14:31:51 2019

Time to move on with the EarthRanger's commission again, this time some endangered animals for pins, burrowing owl, kangaroo rat and a shrike (deadly little guys, I love this species!)

and some color ideas for the owl, need to do this for the last two as well:


MArch cake for Tia

Wed Mar 6 14:19:55 2019

...and the oh-such-a-surprise nude version :)

17_-_Tia_cake_1_WEB.jpg 17%20-%20Tia%20cake%201%20WEB.jpg 17%20-%20Tia%20cake%202%20WEB%20.jpg 17%20-%20Tia%20cake%201.png 17%20-%20Tia%20cake%202.png

March cake for Airheart

Tue Mar 5 14:20:41 2019

Tennis Zahra!

I had so much fin with this theme, I hope you like her cute and very fair-play outfit ;) (I imagine it is efficient especially when playing vs some male opponent)

EDIT: added the missing hand

16_-_Airheart_cake.png 16%20-%20Airheart%20cake%20WEB.jpg 16%20-%20Airheart%20cake.png

Scarlet - full size

Mon Mar 4 13:45:25 2019

and so she is finished :)

also in nsfw version:

full sizes below

61_-_nupinup_SFW_WEB.png 61%20-%20nupinup%20NSFW%20WEB.png 61%20-%20nupinup%20NSFW.png 61%20-%20nupinup%20SFW%20WEB.png 61%20-%20nupinup%20SFW.png

Commission for DragonChaz - sketch

Wed Feb 27 17:56:29 2019

More rough sketches this time, to show the idea of mirror reflection of one character as a girl and as a boy.

I think that the top one could be finished with some ornamented circle frame instead of standard background. Some white/black foggy shapes, runes, eventually gold baroque ornaments...

The bottom one will have a mystical mirror in the centre and a fog to dense the atmosphere. I see it in deep blue dark colors with light focused on the characters and the mirror

Do you like any of these or maybe you have any other ideas that are worth sharing in the comment? :)


Commission for Tia - sketches

Wed Feb 27 17:49:21 2019

Some little sketch from today


Errie - portrait full size

Tue Feb 26 16:10:08 2019

Finished the cute messy-head girl for Nearyh. At least a portrait of her, since the ref is still an one big messy-lined wip :)

Errie-_portret_web.png Errie%20-%20portret%201.jpg Errie%20-%20portret%202.jpg

Map - exclusive sneak peek

Tue Feb 26 16:07:09 2019

part of the big map for the EarthRangers - original is almost 13 000 px wide, I was sorry for my pc when it had to deal with it, even if I kept my layers to minimum.

This map allows kids to travel through the habitats one after another, discovering animals along the patch (painting transition between some habitats was especially tricky, for example arctic and a coastline, imagine snow and a fresh grass one next to another :) but I managed, they are happy with the result and so am I. I can call it a full success)

I hope the app will be released soon, but we still need to do all the accessories and clothing for kids avatar, so it may take few more weeks.


Podcast banner with Emma

Mon Feb 25 16:02:23 2019

I can proudly show one of the artwork and present the customer I am working with in the last months :) It is their character Emma, who is an avatar of a podcasts about animals and this artwork was made as a new banner for their podcasts.

The version they will be using is sightly different, but I bet you'll find it funny when you see it.

I made some other sketch, but these were rejected and I was told to keep the girl more innocent and child-friendly

first draft:



Monthly artwork update

Fri Feb 22 19:29:47 2019

Which style of the bg is better:

A: white background with rectangle filled with colour and shadow

B: white background with random splash of colour and shadow

Monthly artwork update

Fri Feb 22 19:22:52 2019

Hi guys! I have a question for you and I will leave you with a poll for the weekend to see what you think about it. As you can see I am thinking about updating and unifying the monthly artworks.

One idea is to do the arts as last art I made for Tia - with white background and some splashes of colour.

Second idea is to have the character on a white background with some square filled with color behind. As the examples above.

I will now submit you these artworks in bigger size, so you can see them in full and I will made a poll so you can pick your fave style


Scarlett - exclusive WIP

Sat Feb 23 10:01:00 2019

for Nuppinup

I am rendering the character from one of the sketches from the last batch of commissions. This one is maybe a little time consuming but so nice to work with!


Errie - WIP

Fri Feb 22 12:26:25 2019

for Nearyh. Ref will come soon.

My attempts to come up with the best expression. So far the one picked by Nea is the middle one, I will be happy to paint it (:


Celestia - timelapse

Thu Feb 21 10:57:32 2019

and a timelapse.. the music ends in a little weird place, but I noticed it after saving the video ;_: I hope it is not such a big deal to you. Enjoy <3

file.1 (d)

Ceelstia DELICIOUS pack

Thu Feb 21 10:55:55 2019

SFW + NSFW + second expression edits + .psd file

Celestia SWEET pack

Thu Feb 21 10:54:59 2019

SFW in web and hi-res + small edited version with second face expression

February Patreon Pinup: Celestia

Thu Feb 21 10:44:57 2019

a lovely MLP princess is finished :)

All files will go to you in a moment!


YCH - Throne of Temptation

Wed Feb 20 13:56:27 2019

so it is official now



February CAKE for Tia

Mon Feb 18 19:34:55 2019

After all those realistic animals time for an anthro one! I really dig in her design and clothes (again ^__^)

13_-_Tia_WEB.png 13%20-%20Tia%20WEB.png 13%20-%20Tia.png

Patreon pinup - Celestia - sketch

Fri Feb 15 11:34:35 2019

working on the princess today! :) What do you think so far?


Ulissa - full size

Thu Feb 14 17:52:46 2019

I am very happy to present you final version of the portrait I started a while ago - as you see the skin is much more dark now than before :D

The truth is I enjoyed drawing all the flowers so much <3 I would be happy to made some more artworks like this one! So, maybe it is a good idea for another series of ychs - when I will finally finish the animals, habitats and the fantasy ychs, that still awaits a good moment XD

10_-_Ulissa_WEB.png 10%20-%20Ulissa%20WEB.png 10%20-%20Ulissa.png

Beach flirt

Wed Feb 13 12:36:06 2019

Finished artwork for Ricochetcoyote.

It was a little tricky to work with such high contrasts, but I think it gives a nice summer feel to this scene. I hope you'll like this illustration as a change from all the sketches around :)

5_-_Ricochetcoyote_-_beach_flirt_WEB.png 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20beach%20flirt%20WEB.png 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20beach%20flirt.png

February cake for Abyzz

Tue Feb 12 17:27:19 2019

Nisheena and her trusted cape and some wind. It was such a nice piece so it asked for a simple 'let's pretend to be clouds' background, don't you think? :)

I have been playing with the cape a little:

12_-_Abyzz_WEB.png 12%20-%20Abyzz%20sketch.jpg 12%20-%20Abyzz%20WEB.png 12%20-%20Abyzz.png

Exclusive sneak peek - mountain

Sun Feb 17 18:00:01 2019

Final habitat I am showing you. I must say I will be missing doing these, it was a really nice experience and I learned so much from it! However there are going to be some more artworks from this customer, so stay tuned :)


Exclusive sneak peek - jungle

Sat Feb 16 17:00:02 2019

jungle! :)

That one took me SO MUCH time because of all the wild nature surrounding the animals. I used to charge more for cityscapes, but now I see that very rich nature can be as time consuming as the cluttered cities. I took my lesson here ^^;


Exclusive sneak peek - coast

Wed Feb 13 08:00:01 2019

Wish I had something creative to say about this one :o I just hope you enjoy seeing these close ups, there is still few I want to show you!


Exclusive sneak peek - marine

Mon Feb 11 19:00:02 2019

some underwater habitat, it was so relaxing to paint this one, underwater animals have so much grace <3

... underwater, but still containing a bird, who would guess that?! :)


Exclusive sneak peek - desert

Mon Feb 11 08:19:19 2019

I neglected these wips a little, so I will submit few of these in next few days :)

Now - a desert habitat with my fave coyotes family


Thank you for the yearly patronage Nearyh!

Fri Feb 8 20:21:54 2019

NOTE: please contact me when you hit 12 months of the patronage and would like to get a similar artwork and what character should I draw for you!


First reward for the long support just had to go to Nearyh :) Since she is the person who is with me since the very first rough beginnings of this Patreon! Thank you Nea for all this support and so many warm words of encouragement through these years <3

This character is one of the first character we were working on together, a girl from her book I had great privilege to illustrate: Anarion. By the occasion I may show you the first arts of this cute character :)

1: illustration from inside of the book ( a little bit revisited today I am craving to completely repaint this scene)

2: cover illustration of the book (so forgive the strange composition please):


February patreon pinup

Thu Feb 7 15:49:41 2019

I am coming to you with some more characters to pick from.

....I promise some more thoughtful pose this time, so the 'nude' one will actually show some more for the character! The last one was not very smart.... ^^; - even if I think it suits the innocent and cute Felicia of mine <3 Once again thank you very much for picking my character in the last poll!

Ulissa - special WIP

Thu Feb 7 15:35:51 2019

some shot of the almost finished face in hi-res for my sweet Cupcakes :)

I still have some work left on her hair, but she is slowly getting to gain her final shape.

10_-_Ulissa_special_wip.jpg 10%20-%20Ulissa%20special%20wip.jpg

February CAKE for Airheart

Thu Feb 7 15:31:15 2019

of his handsome doggo Dominic.

I was so happy to paint a guy for a change that I added some bonus background here (yes, yes, I know that this bg is not a masterpiece lol... and at the same time he'd look funny without anything to lean on in this pose :D)

11_-_Airheart_WEB.jpg 11%20-%20Airheart%20WEB.jpg 11%20-%20Airheart.png

Blooming- WIP

Wed Feb 6 13:52:13 2019

Artwork for Taylor from DA of his character Ulissa.

some face variations:

I am still playing around with the idea of this artwork, color of flowers and background:

10_-_Ulissa_wip.jpg 10%20-%20color%20variations.jpg 10%20-%20Ulissa%20wip.jpg 10%20-%20face%20variations.jpg

February CAKE for Techorb

Tue Feb 5 13:22:04 2019

I was asked to redesign a human character into a night dragoness - being indecisive as always I made few slightly different versions.

Her snake patterns looks really impressive in all colours, I had troubles picking just from black and white. All versions available to download below.

9_-_Yami_dragoness_for_Techorb_comparision.jpg 9%20-%20Yami%20dragoness%20for%20Techorb%201.png 9%20-%20Yami%20dragoness%20for%20Techorb%201%20WEB.jpg 9%20-%20Yami%20dragoness%20for%20Techorb%202.png 9%20-%20Yami%20dragoness%20for%20Techorb%202%20WEB.jpg 9%20-%20Yami%20dragoness%20for%20Techorb%203.png 9%20-%20Yami%20dragoness%20for%20Techorb%203%20WEB.jpg

Sketch for Sirin

Tue Feb 5 13:13:43 2019

Colored halfbody of one pretty girl <3 :)

8_-_Sirin_WEB.jpg 8%20-%20Sirin%20WEB.jpg 8%20-%20Sirin.png

Beach flirt - WIP#2

Mon Feb 4 16:59:22 2019

Second WIP for Ricochetcoyote.

I am having a lot of fun when rendering this bright sunlight here... I just hope to not made it too bright! (: If I did it already feel free to poke me with a comment!

5_-_Ricochetcoyote_-_beach_flirt_wip2.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20beach%20flirt%20wip2.jpg

Thanks for 7000 watchers

Wed Jan 30 13:11:27 2019

20 minutes Celestia from MLP, I hope you'll like it :) Recently I hit 7k watchers on FA and I wanted to celebrate it somehow!

I wish I could draw something better, but the deadline for the habitats is ruthless X_X

Net month I should be able to start drawing the art gifts for my one year+ Patrons :)

Celestia_thank_you.png Celestia%20thank%20you.png

Felicia - timelapse

Tue Jan 29 13:06:36 2019

file.1 (d)

Felicia - DELICIOUS pack

Tue Jan 29 13:04:48 2019

SFW + NSFW + .psd file

Felicia - SWEET pack

Tue Jan 29 13:03:22 2019

SFW version of the artwork

January Patreon Pinup - Felicia

Tue Jan 29 13:01:46 2019

I am very happy to present yo final artwork of my girl - being all cute and girly as she tends to be :) I even picked this very delicate pose for her (tho I realised that the NSFW version is probably not very interesting to see this month X_X I hope at least the timelapse will made up for it)

I will upload packs with hi-res and the timelapse in next posts


Kajsa - full size

Tue Jan 29 12:58:54 2019

As promised- finished reference for the Wild Boar girl. Who would think that a Wild Boar can be so cute?!

1-_Abyzz_FULL.png 1-%20Abyzz%20WEB.png 1-%20Abyzz%20FULL.png

January CAKE Step by step: Kajsa

Mon Jan 28 16:24:15 2019

Artwork I made today for Abyzz - it will be a reference sheet with some additional features I will finish and post tomorrow.

file.1 (d)

Forest - exclusive sneak peek

Sun Jan 27 12:40:50 2019

some animals from the forest. There is 8 species on each artwork, so when I'll publish the full illustration you still may have some surprise :)

I am finding a great joy in drawing birds for this series - and the most trouble for the fluffy mammals (...yet nothing can beat the bison from last image, it took me ages to draw all these lumps of hair of his!)


January CAKE for Airheart

Sun Jan 27 12:36:49 2019

Isla for Airheart

At the beginning it was supposed to be SFW piece with some cute clothes - and turned out to be like that :) I like when arts grow and change during the process and I am very happy that Air liked this idea - maybe it is a nude but is so very delicate that does not need any clothes at all.

7_-_Airheart_WEB.jpg 7%20-%20Airheart%20WEB.jpg 7%20-%20Airheart.png

Beach flirt - WIP

Fri Jan 25 10:05:57 2019

I am happy to show you a shot of more detailed artwork I am now working on :)

for Ricochetcoyote

5_-_Ricochetcoyote_-_beach_flirt_wip1.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20beach%20flirt%20wip1.jpg

January CAKE for Airheart - WIP

Wed Jan 23 15:00:49 2019

sketch of Isla, a pretty character I had a chance to draw before - this time I am taking completely different approach on her. Before she was playful, now more sensual

This cute girl had to break my rule of not posting WIPs for the CAKE artworks. I needed to ask if one thing is okay - luckily Airheart fully approves this sketch, so I can continue it soon without any changes :)


January Cake for Techorb - full size

Wed Jan 23 14:54:14 2019

Thank you so much for allowing me to custom her outfit! <3 I hope you'll like how she looks.

Felicia had to wait a little for her final touches I need to think a little and start drawing her with fresh mind.

2_-_Techorb_WEB.jpg 2%20-%20Techorb%20WEB.jpg 2%20-%20Techorb.png

January pinup - WIP

Tue Jan 22 13:39:35 2019

Working on my Felicia today :) I am going to give some change to her face... she looks better with this little less white and some cute jewellery, don't you think?

her old reference sheet is like that:

\her love for red color and cute stuff stays the same


Prairie - exclusive sneak peek

Mon Jan 21 17:05:41 2019

some prairie animals for you :)

(in the upper right corner is my little inspiration for the fluffy lioness, I think you can see the similarity :D ...she could use some stripped tail too)


Lava bat - sketch full size

Mon Jan 21 16:46:34 2019

Secod sketch artwork for LavaBat, with the same character but in a little different circumstances!

download for uncensored version and full size

6-_LavaBat_censor.jpg 6-%20LavaBat%20WEB.jpg 6-%20LavaBat.jpg

Comic panels - WIP

Sat Jan 19 09:31:10 2019

I will be finishing the flirting scene as an illustration (with some minor changes here and there). While the sketches and the cake arts are a great thing to do I started to miss the detailed paintings! So I am really looking forward to finish this one! *-*

Seems I really need variety in my arts to enhance my inspiration in my daily drawing routine :)

Overall, this is a first of two connected artworks for Ricochetcoyote. If everything goes well we may do a little comic in the future. I will have to add some more panels in between, but that is a mystery yet...

the second sketched panel is:

(idk if to censor the files that are in the description like this one... probably not ^^)

5_-_Ricochetcoyote_-_Valentines_02_WEB.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20Valentines%2002%20WEB.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20Valentines%2002b%20WEB.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20Valentines%2002.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20Valentines%2002b.jpg

January CAKE for Tia - full size

Thu Jan 17 09:08:58 2019

Sharkie with some cybernetic limbs and her rebel shirt :) It was a pleasure to draw her

3_-_Tia_WEB.png 3%20-%20Tia.png

Fluffy lioness - warm-up artwork

Thu Jan 17 09:01:30 2019

a Warm up artwork with a random idea I had :)


January Patreon Pinup - poll

Mon Jan 14 16:40:43 2019

New Year - new ideas. After talking to some people I decided to try out some new feature. Adding my characters to the poll for the monthly artwork. The popular and well known characters are still going to be the majority of the characters available, but one will be my oc. I wonder if some of you will give your voice for them?! From time to time I will throw in characters of my friends as well :)

what do you think of that?

Ricochetcoyote - Valentines sketch 01

Mon Jan 14 16:29:39 2019

With the busy schedule it is already time to think of a Valentines artwork, wow! But I want to be sure I will be able to do everything on time.

Here is a first sketch, second will be done tomorrow.

5_-_Ricochetcoyote_-_Valentines_01_-_preview.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20Valentines%2001%20-%20no%20corset.jpg 5%20-%20Ricochetcoyote%20-%20Valentines%2001.jpg

Arctic - exclusive WIP

Mon Jan 14 08:24:50 2019

Fluffy and shiny arctic animals. I had some troubles to take a nice zoom-in shots of the animals, I'd love to be ableto show you a full artwork already, but I am not allowed to ;_;

Personally - I live the clustering ptarmigans who look like going to bag somebody out lol.

Today I am finishing a forest habitat and starting a prairie one (bisons ahead!)


Linda - full size + alternate version

Fri Jan 11 14:30:02 2019

sketchy commission for CodieShark101

and alternate version:

4-_Code-Shark101_ver1_WEB.jpg 4-%20Code-Shark101%20ver1%20WEB.jpg 4-%20Code-Shark101%20ver2%20WEB.jpg 4-%20Code-Shark101%20ver2.png 4-%20Code-Shark101%20ver1.png

Wetland - exclusive WIP

Wed Jan 9 15:26:05 2019

Lots of animals from first habitat. 8 more to go :)


Furry ID - step by step

Mon Jan 7 13:48:26 2019

quick step by step from photo to final painting - I could have painted the hair too... next time I'll do it :)


Furry .. myself!

Mon Jan 7 13:46:47 2019

New ID for 2019 for the Furaffinity. I loled so much when drawing this :D


Exclusive WIP #03

Thu Jan 3 14:08:27 2019

Third bunch of WIPs!

I finished the first part of the contract that contained 7 background illustrations - now I will be drawing the various habitats with typical animals that live there


December CAKE for Tia - PSD file

Thu Jan 3 17:36:00 2019

some insight into backstage of this artwork:

Let me know if you'd like to see my psd files more often

December CAKE for Tia

Thu Jan 3 17:36:00 2019

second CAKE for December - I really enjoy playing with different light sources recently <3
I feel more and more confident in it (does it shows?!)

Speaking of which - playing with light may be my 2019 art resolution :)

71_-_Tia_WEB.jpg 71%20-%20Tia%20WEB.jpg 71%20-%20Tia.png

December CAKE for Techorb

Thu Jan 3 14:55:59 2019

Sssssexy snake lady as the first official CAKE artwork

70_-_Techorb_WEB.jpg 70%20-%20Techorb%20WEB.jpg 70%20-%20Techorb.png

Christmas collabs - linearts

Wed Jan 2 18:25:11 2019

Finished linearts, first one goes to Xetsa, two other - to Abyzz


My husband fursona - WIP

Thu Dec 27 16:30:21 2018

reusing a pose from an error artwork

Keywords to create this guy were: phoenix/wolf/fire so this is what I came up with. We still need to agree on details


X-ZERO00 - fix

Thu Dec 27 16:10:33 2018

Sometimes I am so stupid I can't even believe it is possible =_= this time I forget the most obvious thing, drawing a -taur version of the character instead of the normal anthro. So, today I had to redraw this character from scratch. I am lucky enough to have the most forgiving and patient commissioners possible!

I am reusing the previous pose for something personal I will share with you soon

68_-_X-ZERO00_WEB.jpg 68%20-%20X-ZERO00%20WEB.jpg 68%20-%20X-ZERO00.jpg

GeckskGo - full size

Sun Dec 23 09:31:00 2018

Sharkie girl in all her smooth and shiny beauty <3

Gosh, I am starting to really fancy the aquatic species, I love their shiny skin.

64_-_Gecksgo_WEB.png 64%20-%20Gecksgo%20WEB.png 64%20-%20Gecksgo.png

X-ZERO00 - sketch full size

Sat Dec 22 19:01:00 2018

Isn't he one handsome wolf? I wonder where is his red riding hood ;)

65_-_X-ZERO00_web.jpg 65%20-%20X-ZERO00%20web.jpg 65%20-%20X-ZERO00.png

Inanna - full size

Sat Dec 22 13:00:01 2018

character for Froshana

second version:

62_-_Froshana_nude_WEB.png 62%20-%20Froshana%20nude%20WEB.png 62%20-%20Froshana%20sfw%20WEB.png 62%20-%20Froshana%20nude.png 62%20-%20Froshana%20sfw.png

Nature for OmniWorldImaginator - art-gift

Fri Dec 21 20:04:24 2018

Merry Christmas Omni! <3


Giftart for Abyzz + changes in patreon

Fri Dec 21 14:46:32 2018

...artwork I made to express my thanks for being the awesome supporter and friend! Thank you <3 Female version of his sweetie-pie boy Kassimor (inspired so much by the amazing Jessica Rabbit)

Have a very Merry Christmas!


This artwork is also an example of the 'thank you' artwork from freshly reopened "CAKE" tier. I was afraid I may not be able to draw such artworks on time and closed that tier, but I bring it back, I feel I can handle that now.

There are also other changes in tiers and new 'reward' for active supporters you can read more about in the informations on the main Patreon page.

With new tiers and new responsibilities I changed the amount of income needed for the next goal (double patreon pinup). I'd like to explain myself. I am offering new quite expensive tiers which needs much more of my time to made them possible and suddenly with new patrons I may end up having 100% amount needed for the goal and drawing double pinup would mean even more work on my shoulders! I want that goal to be funded by the 'normal' patrons, not the extra tiers with art-rewards. I hope you can understand that :))

and... I hope you'll enjoy all the changes!

as a thank you for reading I'm showing you my little edit of female Kassimor. Personally I just love her ginger hair! <3

66_-_gift_Abyzz_fix_WEB.png 66%20-%20gift%20Abyzz%20fix%20WEB.png

Maya and Mid - full size

Wed Dec 19 14:00:41 2018

Day and Night dragoness together as a sketch commission for Maledivus - aka Tomcio1992 from FA

It was actually a coincidence that our dragonesses are completely different from each other, but now it is so much fun to draw them together! :)

Yasmil will work some more on the faces of the girls and we'll use is as our avatars or some time

initially they were on different background
(as always I can't decide which is better)

63_-_Maledivus_2_WEB.png 63%20-%20Maledivus%202%20WEB.png 63%20-%20Maledivus%20ver%202.png

In the morning light - full size

Tue Dec 18 19:07:01 2018

Collaboration with Yasmil - done and dusted. Her coloring is always so accurate and detailed, don't you think?!

Aomori_-_YCH_Collaboration_WEB.png Aomori%20-%20YCH%20Collaboration%20WEB.png Aomori%20-%20YCH%20Collaboration%20FULL%20VERSION.png

GecksGo - sketch

Mon Dec 17 13:20:26 2018

It is always the biggest compliment when someone asks for another commission :) This is another sharkie girl for GecksGo.


Narwhal siren - sketch

Mon Dec 17 12:21:46 2018

First half octopus, now half narwhal (a sea unicorn! *-*)

character belongs to Froshana


Threesome - full size + edits

Fri Dec 14 12:33:55 2018

commission for ShiroDog

EDIT: added updated version (adjusted breast size, piercing and cum)

more WIPs and .psd file in previous post :)

60_-_ShiroDog_preview_basic.jpg 60%20-%20ShiroDog%20web.png