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Luna's Magic University Page 2; Magic 101 by Manosdetrapo

Thu Sep 3 04:46:27 2020

Page 2 the comic.

LMUPGC02.png LMUPGC02.png LMUPGC02.png

Clarissa the Adorable Assassin by Crystallink421

Thu Aug 20 04:27:11 2020

She may not look like it, but this little pine martin is one of the most talented and capable killers in the story. What she lacks in arcane ability and strength, she makes up for with skill, tenacity, and some quintistry that would make your head spin.


Soven Cosplay Image by Mellownite

Mon Jul 13 18:23:51 2020

A little colored sketch for your enjoyment.


Mosin Nagant Cosplay Sarissa by Mellownite

Wed Jul 8 22:35:13 2020

Ain't she adorable...


The King's Land; The Second Rule of Business by Ezekiael

Mon Jul 6 22:49:23 2020

A night had passed since Jalana, an Ayeri ruin hunter, had come to the township of Bareil. When she arrived, she’d met an old friend named Vale and learned of a mage named Corvo. He was an ursa known to be of good character and was staying at Vale's inn. It was rumored he was an artificer of the librarium, though he wasn’t telling everyone that fact. As an artificer he was studied in the histories and ancient magical talismans of Theria. This was fortunate as Jalana carried an unknown magic item that had been given to her in payment.

Jalana introduced herself in a manner and Corvo had been able to identify the item. He explained that the talisman was a Clavem Magicae. It was a key that could open certain magic vessels. Clavems were rare to begin with. Ones that were still intact were even more rare. No one knew how to create them anymore and so examples of such talismans were greatly sought after.

There were other stories happening in the small township. Just outside of Bareil was the remains of a large estate. The sorcerer had admitted to investigating the remnants for his olcadan or college of the librarium. That had come to an end when a noble house had shown up and claimed ownership of the land. Jalana was not sure of the details, but it was clear that anyone not employed by House Rahera was not welcome at the ruins. Since then Corvo had tried to gain some understanding of what had been found there. Apparently there were underground rooms and storage areas that had not been opened in decades. Yet, the house had brought in mages from a rival olcadan and it seemed they were in no mood to share their findings.

As the Ayeri saw it, this was the type of intrigue that offered opportunity. She was trying to convince the artificer to take the chance. “I could go play observer ya know, for the right price. I’m sure I could find some useful information. Your olcadan would likely appreciate that.”

The usra politely rebuffed her. “Tempting but not a good idea my lady.“

”Why not?”

“If an olcadan is working with House Rahera, that means the house has already proven their claim to the land. Most other kin and even the librarium can’t set foot on the land without permission. If these were unclaimed lands it would be a different story. I think the olcadan wants closer ties with the noble house. They’ll do what they need to get that.”

As the vulpine saw herself as a business woman, she was curious about the dealings of olcadans and noble houses. “What's the exchange? What does everyone get out of it?”

The sorcerer explained the laws. In Lioncourt, everyone had to register magic items of note with the Sacred Order of Ravens. This extended to nobles as well, but nobles had a special option. Nobles could register items as family heirlooms. Ravens would still make a ruling on the dangers of the talismans like normal. Yet noble houses often would be entrusted to be responsible with such magic. After all, nobles are loyal to the royal families. It's in the interest of the royal families for their trusted agents to have such items. Noble houses would be expected to take instruction on how to properly use a particular heirloom. The Ravens usually wanted to be the ones to provide instruction, but as a point of prestige and pride, many houses chose to hire private tutors from the librarium.

That’s when the Ayeri’s business sense came to the fore. “So it's bribery then. The olcadan will get to study any heirloom before they teach its use. They play nice now and the house will work with them later.”

Corvo sighed. “I’m sure they don’t call it that, but close enough. In any event, I say let them have their secret. It all comes out in the end. As for us, I believe we should get on our way to the next town. The faster we meet my circle and get to my olcadan, the sooner we can complete your business. I’m sure you're anxious to be paid for your efforts.” The Ayeri couldn’t argue. Ten platinum kellings was no small amount. 5 gold kelling could buy you an enchanted sword. This was much more than that. While Jalana was patient, anxious was a bit of an understatement.

Vale, the owner of the tavern and friend of Jalana was disheartened to see the two prepare to leave. The Ayeri assured the Amaroki that they’d meet again. As for Corvo, the vulpine knew Vale had her eyes set on the mage, if only for a night of fun. It seemed she’d missed her opportunity. To him, the she wolf said there would always be a bed waiting for him. It took a moment but the artificer eventually got the meaning and blushed under that well groomed fur of his. Politely, he agreed to drop by if he ever returned to the area.

Instead of following the main roads the two had decided to cut through the forest on an old and unused path. As they set out, the artificer explained that this forgotten road took a more direct route to the next town. He mentioned that they would pass by the ruins of Irid. That got Jalana’s attention.

“What's Irid.” I’ve never heard of it.”

The mage answered back. “I’m not surprised. Most kinling don’t. The librarium has known about Irid for a long time though.”

“Well, you can’t tell a girl a juicy secret like that and not tell me more.”

Corvo shrugged. “There really isn’t much to say about it. I’m honestly a little confused why they wanted my team to come out here. Here’s what I know.”

Irid had once been a prosperous farming community, like many around Lioncourt. It was known for its fruit bearing trees and wines back before its destruction. It was considered part of the lost baronage of De’Irani. The baronage had been abandoned during the baptism and had never recovered. Though Queen Azalyn had recently pushed to rebuild the baronage, no kinling or family had been named to govern the region. Corvo’s olcadan had an interest in the land and the magic that had been part of Irid’s destruction. Over the last few decades though, the magic seemed to be on the decline returning the land to more or less normal.

As they walked on the old road, the ruin hunter saw what Corvo had talked about. Nature and magic had worked diligently to reclaim the land. A thick forest had grown around the ruins. A mix of native and formerly domesticated trees shrouded the landscape. There were hints, but few obvious signs of forgotten ruins. However, when they came to a fallen city wall, her sorcerer explained that they were on the outskirts. The road would have circled around the settlement walls back in the old days. Now, it just showed where the walls once stood.

They continued to walk but after a while Corvo stopped. The vixen made to question him but he made a sign for silence. He closed his eyes sensing something. Raising his arm and reaching out he concentrated. The vixen could sense a change in him. The artificer then began to walk deeper into the ruins. The fox merely followed as she began to sense something was wrong in the air.

They came to a line of trees. Slowly Corvo parted the lowest branches and the two gazed down at the landscape. Below them and in the distance was a vast stretch of stone sprawl. There were ruined roads, pathways and destroyed dwellings. Most buildings had been razed to the ground with a few walls standing here and there. Everything carried evidence of fire. Yet in and around the ruins hung a haze. Streaks of light, and Will O' Wisps, flowed into and through the ruins. It was deathly quiet.

The mage spoke with worry and confusion in his voice. “This wasn’t like this a week ago. There were birds and small beasts around. This isn’t supposed to be like this.” The vixen shared his sentiment. She had never heard of ruins becoming active on their own. This close to Bareil, this was serious. She gave a silent prayer to the Anari.

There was something else in the ruins. From behind them, the flow of mana rippled. Then they felt the ground move. The ruin hunter pulled her sword and turned towards the threat. Rising from the soil, a mass of stone pulled itself from the ground. Soon it stood upon the ruptured terrain. Upon its stone head, a single glowing red eye formed. A deep growl came to the two kinling. They could feel the draw of essence as a ball of unstable energy grew in front of the creature. The bear called out to the other kin, “Mana Blast!!! Scatter!!!”

The mage and ruin hunter took off in different directions. Then there was a wail as the outburst of mana flew towards them. The volley hit with an impact of wind and essence. Dirt and dust kicked up from the detonation, leaving a glowing scar in the ground. The creature looked towards the vixen but turned and moved towards the ursa. It began to gather mana for another strike.

With a flourish, Corvo chanted words of power. “Winds of the tumult, whites flames of the sky, grant the power of thunder to my hands. Tempest Lash!!!” There was a crack and flash of lighting bolts as the monster was struck. Chunks of rock and stone ripped away from the creature as it stumbled backwards. It growled again and moved towards the mage crushing a fallen tree under foot.

Jalana wasn’t idle during this. She focused on her body imbuing it with her own quintessence. She dashed forward with unnatural speed, kicking up dirt behind her. The rock monster didn’t even seem to notice her approach. She swung her sword in an arc. The weapon struck true. Yet, the mundane edge merely deflected off the living rock.

The head of the beast snapped towards the vixen, its red glare focused and bright. A massive arm raised ready to strike at the tawny fox. On instinct she tumbled away. There was a crash. Yet the vixen was already clear and on her feet. Her enhancement dissipated as she dashed away. She closed the distance to Corvo. “I don’t think my swords’ going to work” she called.

“Take these.” The bear kin dug into his scachel and quickly handed her four rune stones. “You know how to use those right?”

“Sure can. What about you?”

“Time to put my training into practice.” he answered.

The elemental beast oriented itself. Its single glowing eye now turned towards the two kinling. Jalana raised the runestone ready to invoke its power, but then the air around her began to swirl. Ripples in the flow of mana grew as Corvo chanted. “Mother of the seasons, primus of beginning and ending. Grant me your power. May it flow into my hands and become a raging inferno. Burst Flare!!!”

The mage thrust his hands towards the rock beast. From his outstretched palms came a channel of blue flame. The fire roared as it rushed towards the target. The spell smashed into the elemental. The creature fell back crashing into a damaged stone wall. The wall gave way and collapsed in a crash of dust and gravel. The creature roared as it flailed wildly.

The ruin hunter glanced towards the sorcerer as he slowly lowered his arms. Still stanced, he had a focused scowl on his face. The flow of mana returned to normal around him. The Iron Rock rolled to its side and snarled. Grabbing at some of the rubble the creature threw the debris at the two kinling. Corvo and Jalana dove to the ground as stone and rock flew above them.

The monster arose from the ground. Large chunks of its living stone and crystal had been cracked and splintered. Its chest and arms pitted and blackened from the spell impacts. The Ayeri saw glowing red shards in the creature’s chest. Corvo saw them too. The elemental grabbed a piece of ruined wall. It then smashed the stone into the scar on its chest. Jalana watched in stunned silence as the stone molded and formed into the scar. Then it was like the stone had always been a part of it.

“Rupple’s fucking teeth. It can do that!?!”

Corvo was unfazed by the new development and stood up. “Jalana I’ve got an idea. I need you to grab its attention.”

“How do I do that?”

“Use the rune stones on him. It’ll focus on you. Don’t worry about me.”

The monster didn’t wait and it roared as it released another blast of mana. This time it was directed at the artificer. In reply the mage invoked, “Valis Wall!!!” as he swept his arm in front of him. The blast of mana met the silvery essence of the defense spell. With a thunderclap the mana ball shattered like glass into a thousand colors. The motes of magic shone bright before fading into the astral plane. Corvo thrust his hand back onto the Valis Wall reinforcing its power.

Jalana realized Corvo had used a name invocation in order to call up the bastion spell. Only strong mages had that ability. It seemed the artificer had some skill after all.

The elemental groaned again as it drew in more mana for another attack.

Rushing forward and clutching the rune stone in her hand the vulpine invoked its power. “Zephyr Volt!!!” A bolt of lightning struck out towards the monster. The rune wasn’t as powerful as Corvo’s spells but it still stunned the beast for a moment. Chips of rock fell away from the beast. The living rock quickly focused on her. With Corvo forgotten, a growing sphere of mana was brought to bear on the Ayeri. She dashed towards and over a pile of rubble. The wail of essence and mana came again. The rubble pile erupted and showered the ground as the blast hit. Hastily, she cleared the fall out. Another mass of mana flew at her. This time she dashed around a large tree as the attack landed harmlessly behind her.

She stopped and breathed. The ruin hunter was sweating now. It was going to be hard to keep this up. The elemental seemed to have an endless supply of mana and the Ayeri was running out of distance. She could hear the beast moving, bearing down on her. The ruin hunter took off again and but then she heard her mage chanting. This time Corvo’s Magus Arcanum glowed as he used the construct as a focus. “Source of all power within this land. Free yourself from your worldly bonds. Become one with my power, one with my spirit, and let us walk this path together.” Chromatic Orb!!!”

The violet colored sphere churned and convulsed with its power. Corvo reeled as he loosed the spell towards the monster. The impact was deafening, but the spell was not consumed. The vixen watched the power of mana and essence as it overwhelmed the body of the terrestrial beast. The monster’s body jerked in torment and it let off a deep-rooted groan. Then, in another calamitous crash, the creature shattered into hundreds of lifeless shards. The forest was silent.

The two kinling approached the remnants of the beast. There were still pricks of light coming from the crystal fragments. The ursa looked down to his satchel and pulled out the cloth wrapped clavem magicae. The artifact was glowing blue through the cloth wrap. Even Jalana could see it from where she stood. Corvo stared at the clavem. “Huh? Didn’t expect that.” he muttered. After a moment the glow started to fade. He put the item back into his stachel.

“What was that!?!” questioned the vulpine a bit more intense than she wanted. The artificer raised his hands to placate her. He explained that many kinling called that monster an ‘Iron Rock’ or ‘Rock Elemental’. Created by the power of ascension, these creatures lived by moving to and absorbing minerals in rock and stone. They were drawn to strong magics. They’d seek out places of power and slowly absorb mana. In this way, they’d become powerful, massive, magical beasts. Spells, magic weapons and mana breaks were their main weaknesses.

“What do we do now?” asked Jalana. In truth she knew the answer. She thought about Vale and others back at Bareil.

“We turn back. Bareil needs to know what's happening here and we burned a lot of daylight. Whatever is going on with the ruins will draw in other monsters given time. I don’t want to find the next monster out in the dark.”

The township’s watch was thankful the two had come back to inform them of the new dangers. They assured them that they would post signs and send messages to other settlements. Back at Vale’s inn, the two found a full but quiet tavern. Vale was surprised to see them so soon and immediately knew something wasn’t right. As Corvo and Jalana sat at a table and listened, they realized other events were happening in the small village. It seemed House Rahera had departed the township. The estate they were investigating had been closed and sealed magically. Rumor was that there had been wagons and carriages leaving the Armarosa Guild House.

Seeing no future work prospects the labor teams had decided to disperse in mass. Vale’s tavern was busy but there was a gloom as many made plans to leave in the coming days. It was getting late into the night, when the two adventurers told Vale about Irid and their encounter with the ‘Iron Rock’. The Amoroki was happy to have them back safe, but wondered what the future would bring.

It all still felt wrong to the Ayeri. It was like when she first got clues her old outfit had betrayed her. That sense of dread when you just know something's not right. Rahera had invested a lot of time and money then left with nothing but secrets. Ruins were starting to come alive for no apparent reason. Even monsters were starting to appear near the township. This all sounded to Ruppels doing. The fox spirit delighted in wrath, violence and misfortune. Jalana gave a small prayer, “Pampas preserve us.”

As her artificer stood to retire for the night Jalana stopped the man in order to return his remaining rune stones. He waved her off.

“You might need them.” he said. “And one other thing.” He leaned in to remain quiet. I’m sure I didn’t explain this well but the way the clavem reacted, that's a very good clue that it’s intact.”

The red fox smiled knowing her payout had been guaranteed provided they got it to an olcadan. It was the best news she’d heard all day. She thanked him for telling her and Corvo went off to his room. After a moment, Vale spoke up.

“There's something about that boy. It's always nice to see honest folk.”

The vixen nodded in agreement, “I hope the librarium has more like him. A girl could get used to this.”

Sounds like the Second Rule.”

Jalana thought about it, then smiled. “Yeah, I’d say it is.” The two shared a knowing look and recited the universal words of the Second Rule of Business.

“Find good people, and stick by them. Good help will always be hard to find.”

The adventure shall be continued in the story, “The King’s Lands: Personal Time”.

By Ezekiael K.

Rev G June 30 2020


House Rhys Manor, Noveria Concept Art

Fri Jul 3 19:13:21 2020

The Rhys family home... expect more concept arts in the future.


Noverian Architecture Concept

Fri Jul 3 19:11:21 2020

We are working on the Architecture for the Noverian culture, as it will feature in a comic being done by RoxyHana for DragonGODXD. Currently, the comic is slated to be 12 pages, however, it will grow longer with time.


Luna's Magic University Page 1; Magic 101 by Manosdetrapo

Thu Jul 2 05:05:55 2020

So we begin our foray into the wonderful world of the Arcane.

LMUPGC01.png LMUPGC01.png

More than a mouthful

Tue Jun 23 21:22:43 2020

Another Zeiro collab this time for dragongodxd and little Kohkari getting a bit more than he can handle.


Luna's Magic University Cover by Manosdetrapo

Mon Jun 22 20:33:14 2020

Yeah... let's teach you all about magic.


Team Building Exercises by Mellownite

Mon Jun 22 05:19:09 2020

A little something with Glendriel and Meredith.


Lyndaria Vaylian Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Thu Jun 18 23:59:39 2020

Little Lyndaria here, called Lyn by her friends, is a young noblekin from Maahes. Being from the crown lands, her family line had long supported the Lioncourt royal family and both her mother and father served in Lioncourt's campaign to liberate the Pandorican's during the Valdinian siege.

The second child of Baron Jacoby Vaylian of Vaylin Ridge, Lyndaria was not in line to inherit her families land, that honor would go to her older sister Harley. Instead Lyndaria was groomed to be a night of Lioncourt, but awoke to the flow of mana at five in such a way that he family thought it best that she attend Arcane instruction at the Olcadan in Esna, the first, and largest Magus Librarium campus in Lioncourt.

Under the instruction of the Librarium mages, it was found that though powerful in the flow, Lyndaria lacked the proper source retention to be a mage. Though she could cast some spells, mostly basic evocation and enchantment spells, she excelled at direct manipulation of mana and martial prowess. Thus Lyndaria's studies leaned more towards becoming a Rune Blade, with extensive instruction in mancery.

Lyndaria's elemental affinity as a mancer is lightning, making her an electromancer; able to manipulate the flow of mana to create and control electrostatic discharges. Lyn also has a strong affinity for aeromancy as well, but isn't nearly as talented at it's control, and often supplemented this with the minor magics she could call upon.

Lynadaria did not take the Rune Knight's path and continue her education under the Librarium, instead she took her skills to Bast, and studied at the famed Leonardt Knight's Academy. From fourteen to seventeen Lyndaria excelled at the Academy and quickly gained the notice of the Knighthood, with many seasoned and famed knights wishing to facilitate her squireship; she would eventually squire under Dame Heng'e Yue, a fox of Weilin descent serving under Duchess of Kingsgrave, Lady Reyes.

In squiring under the the Dame Yue, Lyndaria met her 'friend' and eternal rival, the young squire Mahika Sharma, who served under Dame Hana Taiyo, a Pandorican Blade Master who also served under Duchess Reyes. As Taiyo and Yue were rivals, so too did Lyndaria and Mahika pick up a rivalry. A rivalry that would drive Lyndaria to join the Sacred Order of Raven Knights.

Both Lyndaria and Mahika were knighted at the same time and both intended to serve as Knights of Kingsgrave, as Lady Reyes was the vassal Lord for both their families, but a chance encounter with two young Raven Knights, Sir Riyo Vandeleur and Sir Reese Akagi changed all that. Hearing of Mahika's experience as a Rune Knight and training in the Wakokujin blade arts had attracted Sir Reese to Kingsgrave in the hopes of recruiting the young lioness.

Annoyed that her rival would receive an honor beyond her, Lyndaria wished to impress her own abilities upon the two knights, displaying her mancery in an exhibition with her rival. Though the bought ended in draw as the two kin knocked each other out, Sir Riyo was impressed with Lyndaria's abilities and ferocity. While Sir Reese considered her brash and undisciplined compared to Mahika, Riyo adored the young lynx, showering her with praise. He personally endorsed her application to join the Order and took the young knight under her wing. Earning her undying respect and obvious affections.

Lyndaria is a bit brash, excitable, and quick to anger. Though talented, she is often incredibly proud and this leads her to show off or refuse to accept help. Because of this she is seen as immature, though Riyo believes she just has a few rough edges. The Palawan has taken it upon himself to help Lyndaria buff out those edges and become an excellent Raven; to that end, despite better qualified Ravens under his command, he took Lyndaria on as his adjutant when she was readey.


Priya on top

Sun Jun 14 15:28:37 2020

Jalana in another unusual situation. This time with Priya of the Red Guard.


Bored Reese by Mellownite

Mon Jun 8 20:50:23 2020

Well, have not seen Reese in a while. This little number was done by artist Mellownite. Reese is the serious type and treats his duties the same way. By even he can feel the boredom of paper work.

You can find more work from the artist on their page


Fellow Stroudi

Fri Jun 5 20:21:48 2020

Ajana and Manali getting acquainted. Bit rough but welcomed.


Aritrea by deesamane

Mon Jun 1 15:53:00 2020

This is a nice little image I won from deesamane. Decided to have the artist draw Aritrea which they did extremely well. Please be sure to give the artist a look at they're gallery linked below.


Indecent Experiments Page 9

Sun May 31 16:20:57 2020

This should have been posted last year in November, but we just spaced on it. I hope you enjoyed it.


Peaceful moment

Sat May 30 18:00:05 2020

A birthday image done for Ezekiael with his character Corvo and Myra. Both part of the Magus Librarium. Away from the hustle of work life, they take a moment to relax and enjoy each other's presence.


Pleasing the Queen

Sat May 30 15:50:09 2020

Tiny Toranya serving Queen Asura in the most pleasant way. Image done for Tikki. We're currently experimenting with a different coloring style in hopes of improvement.


Impending Delight by Sich Rich

Thu May 28 16:38:01 2020

Image done by Sich Rich of Cassius about to get some nice poundings,


So You Want A Spot In The, Canon Do You?

Wed May 27 20:54:04 2020

There will be a story, short comic, and some artwork done in the next 3 months and I'm looking for someone to pick up a canon role in the ATKM comic mythos. Whoever is chosen for this will receive a slot in the short comic, the image, and in the story; as well as be integrated into the overall story. All you have to do is enter and tell me a bit about your characters personality and I will see who fits the role the best. The person chosen will receive all of the above for free. Though I'm purchasing the comic, not drawing it. I will be doing the artwork and writing the story. Anyway on to the role.

The Primary Protagonist of All the King's Men is Adolyn Valenrow; the role in question will be for the Knight he squired under. As far as the story canon is concerned, this was an older female knight who played both mentor and more to him during his time under her tutelage. They had an interesting relationship as martially he was superior to her and she more taught him life lessons and how to be a proper knight, as well as other more, interesting things about being a adult.

If you would like to enter, please follow the link to my FA Journal on this topic and post your character ref with your SHORT description of the characters personality.


Kyriel Kebab (Naked) by Fetalstar

Wed May 27 01:08:03 2020

Thought you might like this a little more.


Kyriel Kebab by Fetalstar

Wed May 27 01:06:06 2020

Thought you might like this.


Luna and Avelina by LunaLupin

Sun May 24 12:25:27 2020

I've nothing to say about this...


Lady Valcia Kyriel Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Sun May 24 17:01:16 2020

The Daughter of and Heir of Clan Kyriel, Lady Valcia's family has been waging a shadow through mercenaries and sellswords to reclaim lands within the Disputed lands, slaughtering the 'Strayed' that live their. Though the Lady cares not for the bloody business of her family, she must abide her fathers wishes, but only just. The death and bloodshed often offends Lady Valcia's sensibilities, especially given that she finds the hate and animosity many Saurians hold for furkins, especially the Courtian's foolish and tiresome. But do not mistake her sensibility and morality as passivity, the Lady has a temper that is often punctuated with dragon fire.


Versus the Shadow Lord

Fri May 22 10:42:31 2020

This was supposed to be in the collection; but the artist posted it. It's been up on his DA for months. I may end up not doing the collection book cause this keeps happening.


Happy Drunks

Wed May 20 23:38:13 2020

Art by Zeiro with colors slapped on it. Maelyn getting a tasty drink from Riyo. perhaps he'll remember it in the morning.


Subverted Flock... Art by Zeiro, Story by Arkant

Sun May 17 19:39:36 2020

“The Subverted Flock”

An Excerpt from the Journal of the Arkant Monanza, the Lost Blade

Rain again. What I’d give to be spending this wet day under the cover of some porch, smoking some fine Drakkonish tobacco while watching the world go by, or to share a warm bed with some lover. Instead, I’m out here in this mess, hunting a warlock. Well, more like evicting.

An Olcadan I dropped in on near the Wildering had an urgent mission for anyone with expertise in combating rogue wizards. Apparently, their Witch Hunters were out on important missions, and the last Rune Blade they sent out was out of commission after a run in with the warlock. A group of Librarium surveyors were attacked by a mob of mana-subverted creatures, led by the crazy old hound. While the surveyors made it out more frightened than harmed, the Rune Blade that was sent to deal with the problem did not. Dozens of bite wounds and a near-death by blood loss, and all the poor bastard could say for himself was: “So many of them... so many mouths and legs and teeth and eyes...”

The contract did not specifically state that I was to kill the warlock, but it was somewhat implied when I took the job. It would seem I have a bit of a reputation, even out here on the frontier. What can I say? Those who attack me don’t usually last long enough to get a second chance to surrender. Besides, have you ever heard of a witch willingly giving up their territory? Especially when it involves musty old ruins untouched by looters or the Librarium.

Cold rain like this brings back painful memories. The dull ache from the scars on my back serve as a reminder to me that I am not immortal or unstoppable. I’ve come a long way since then, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that death does not discriminate; lofty lords, kings, Dragonkin, kobold, and peasants alike, all meet their end eventually. I only hope that my decisions and deeds contribute toward a lasting peace. One Dragonkin cannot change the world alone, but perhaps others will follow in my footsteps.

The approach to the site was uneventful. Mist and rain helped to obscure me from visual detection, but any magic user worth a mana crystal knows how to place wards that would alert them to intruders. This one was no different, of course.

I heard them before I could see them. A strange honking, rasping sound echoed off the stone walls of what was some ancient keep. When I entered the courtyard, I froze. Not in fear, no. An incredulous sight lay before me: dozens of subverted geese. At least, I assume they had been geese. Long necks, attached to awkward bodies and wings; crystalline formations or spines perverted what was once a flock of grey geese. While they were no taller than my waist, the sheer number was impressive. How long has this warlock been subverting these poor beasts?

“What the fuck,” I mouthed. Then I saw him. An old hound, wearing a chain coif and a hodgepodge of tattered leather armor and cloth garments.

“What’s this,” he shouted with a tilted head. It wasn’t immediately clear whether he only had one eye or if it was just a quirk of his madness that he stared at me with his head twisted at that odd angle. Then it became apparent when he launched a few bolts of fire that landed several feet to the right of me.

“Bah,” the warlock cried. “Fine, if you won’t stand still, then my flock will deal with you! Go, my children! Kill the interloper!” His cackle turned into a hacking cough. From the sound of it, time would do him in before I could.

The bizarre menagerie of subverted geese turned from their master to focus on me. Glowing red eyes glinted as the mob opened their mouths in unison, rows of jagged teeth greeted me before the cacophony of honking and hissing began. Spittle flew in all directions as they charged, heads whipping around on those long necks as they waddled at full speed after me. If I hadn’t known better, I would have laughed at the sight. But I’ve dealt with enough mana beasts to know that even this ridiculous sight was nothing to be taken lightly.

I drew in a deep breath, drawing up my quintessence in my chest before unleashing my breath. A beam of pure white energy tore through the ranks of the charging beasts. The shower of dirt, blood, and feathers did not deter the rest of the flock. My blade flashed in the red glow of deranged goose eyes as I cut through those long necks, annihilating the remaining ranks. That’s when an exceptionally large goose made its entrance.

The ground shook as a beast nearly the size of a dragon landed in the courtyard. The winds that its wings kicked up nearly bowled me over as it flapped on landing. Most of the monstrosity’s feathers were replaced by rocky scales, which made me wonder if it actually flew or just leapt off of one of the crumbled towers. Worse still, the giant mana beast shrieked a piercing cry and showered me with spittle. Yuck.

As the dust clouds drifted away, the goose began lunging at me, attempting to catch me in its grotesque maw. I had to roll and leap away several times before it stopped and shrieked in rage. My turn, I thought to myself as I drew upon my quintessence to augment my strength. Once more the beast lunged. Instead of a mouthful of Dragonkin, it got a taste of my sword as I split its head in two, from bill to brain. “MY BABIES,” the hound screamed as he leapt off of a wall and landed on my back. He got in a couple of good whacks over my head with his rod before I grabbed his wrist and tore him off of me. I’m pretty sure I tore his arm out of its socket, judging by his screams and the popping sound it made.

“Lay down your rod and surrender, and I shall let you live,” I growled at the shaggy mutt.

“I’LL KILL YOU,” the warlock screamed as he pointed his rod at me and unleashed a blast of flames.

The magical fire licked at my armor and singed my coat, but the spell was not strong enough to harm someone like me. My retaliation was swift; his flame was snuffed out as I drove my sword through his heart. Like I said, I have a reputation.

After the dust settled, I checked the ruins for signs of any other illicit magical activity. The warlock had a set up a cozy, if not disgusting little hole to live in, not very deep into the keep. A magic- detection device I had acquired from my time with the Librarium did not indicate any other subverted magic in the vicinity, so I did not explore any further. The Librarium can deal with this mess. I took the warlock’s head and rod as evidence of a job done and made my return trip.

The rains didn’t let up until I reached the steps of the Olcadan. And yet, the downpour did little to remove the stains and stench of blood and goose saliva. After the debriefing and payment, I took advantage of the Olcadan’s cleaning and repair services, then settled in for a long, hot bath.

I’m still at a loss for words to describe the ridiculousness of the mission. I’d ask who in their right mind would magically subvert an army of geese, but clearly madness and magic do not make for much sense.

I don’t think I will ever look at geese the same again...

- Note scribbled in the margins in Keladry Greenriver’s handwriting.


Sarissa and Princess Bunny by Roxyhana

Sun May 17 16:34:13 2020

Nice little image done by Roxy of their princess Bunny and our Sarissa in a clothes swap. Very pretty.


Lyndaria and her Captain by Tailless Bunny

Fri May 15 20:27:08 2020

More action with Lyn and her captain Riyo. Nice little step away from her angry face.

You can get more art from Tailless Bunny here


Discussions Need to Be Had

Mon May 11 04:00:06 2020

All the King's Men's Patreon has been up since December 2016, and we haven't really edited the pledge prices in all that time. As we've grown and continued to improve, we've had several changes in our work and our ability to produce. We hope you have enjoyed the production that you've seen here and being a part of our journey.

Now is the time to re-evaluate our pay structure and we need feedback from everyone to know what they feel about that. Please, take a moment to check out the notes everyone was sent and please offer feedback. You can do it publically here or privately. We have been discussing a lot of this in the Discord, but hopefully we can get more of a discussion in.

RookPanZeiCHIBIS.png RookPanZeiCHIBIS.png patreon_sign.png

Cute Little Cassie by Mellownite

Mon May 11 01:28:22 2020

Hey, so... Mellownite comes in with another one. I suspect you should check her out on FA and one Patreon.


A taste of Blue

Tue May 12 20:14:00 2020

Alrighty this one has been in the works for a while. A little image of Nan with Otter marion. You may have seen Marion around. We've decided to add him to the ATKM universe along with the Ahes otter society. We're currently reconstructing them at the moment but you'll still get the same blue otter love.

NanNan is part of a finished comic called Making Strides. We hope to get that published once the current global situation calms down. Stayed tuned for more

NanNan is creative property of


Helena Lenora by Manosdetrapo

Tue May 5 03:59:41 2020

Unfaithfully is a comic in the works that stars this little tart, Helena. Recently engaged to Thomas, a successful merchant of antiquities, Helena is finding it hard to adjust to a 'normal' life, as she tries to distance herself from her dark past. Not all is what it seems with this cute little lioness, as she may not be entirely mundane after all.

page.png page2.png

Fun with Faune

Sun May 3 23:31:22 2020

A little something of mighty Glendriel having a little fun with his flight's mage, Faune. Faune is a rather new edition to the flight and though he's small and adorable, he's actually not young. He's made a real effort at endearing himself to the Knight's Major, for both personal and professional reasons of course. I guess this practice session isn't over.


A New Month; How are We Doing?

Fri May 1 10:56:00 2020

Those with patreon prizes will have them worked on this weekend. We're going to post up some new comic pages in the month. As well as a few more stories. But, we want to ask how we're doing and whether or not the content and posting frequency here is to your liking. Please, let us know how we're doing.


A Little Time Together by TaillessBunny

Thu Apr 30 23:01:34 2020

A cute little image of the young lordlings getting along. Despite the heavy crush both of them harbor on Adolyn and these two are actually one of the more enduring couples in the story.


Lady Valcia by DragonMare

Tue Apr 28 20:32:54 2020

Another image of Valcia. We are working down the line to get her design solidified. Right now the scales are getting a look at in our experimentation. Right now it looks more like armor than scales so we're going to look at a different direction. Let us know what you think.


Together in the woods by Teil

Sun Apr 26 22:43:31 2020

Another image of Corvo and Vale together. Enjoying themselves outside the Tavern.
A bit of size issues with this. Vale is tall guy, matching Corvo. Ah, but what is done is done.


Charm of Ajuna

Sun Apr 26 05:20:43 2020

Haven't done much with Ajuna so we are corking on changing that. He's charmed himself into the bottom of a little wolf. Cute.

Nicholas is creative property of Neptune1300


Luna by Mellownite

Sat Apr 25 01:07:49 2020

Lovely image of Luna done by the artist Mellownite. We get to see a nice view of her tattoos.

Find more artwork from the artist


A Treat by RoxyHana [Page4]

Thu Apr 23 20:14:38 2020

And we're done! Hoped you enjoyed this little tid bit with these characters. You can expect to see more of them in other projects.


Lady Valcia Kyriel by Zetsuboucchi

Thu Apr 23 07:44:50 2020

We're working on how one of the major book characters should look. Lady Valcia's a work in progress. The glittering scales and all that was something Zetsu liked from the book description, but i'm not sure i like her outside scallage. The hair is spot on... but given her personality and how she looks in the book, many think she doesn't look fierce enough. But... you can't be that way all the time.


Tavern Services

Tue Apr 21 21:10:56 2020

Jalana makes usual visits to Vale's tavern. And some times she gets roped into things despite her protests. The lovely wolf means well and only wants to have a fun time.

Done for ezekiael


Lina Lounging with the Literature by YUKIKID

Sat Apr 18 10:42:15 2020

Our resident Prelate indulging in one of her favorite past times. Adorable ain't she... though people keep drawing her with bigger breast than she has. She'd be happy with this portayal thought.


Lady of the Tavern

Thu Apr 16 05:06:07 2020

I thought I was going to be here only a little while. I didn’t plan to own the bar. It just happened. A week turned into two, a month became a year. A year became...well more. This little place of mine has gotten very popular with the locals.

Pretty dresses, and a bit of stability are all well and good. Having kin that know and like you is even better. It’d be easy to stay, but a woman like me isn’t satisfied with just staying put. What's the next step though? What's the next big venture?

You always got to have an eye for growth I’ve learned. Always need to be on the lookout for the next moment. What's next then? Assriyius? Azlan? Maeheeds? Nemea? Hmm, pros and cons to each province.

Maybe I don’t have to decide just yet. The year has been good so far. Something is bound to come along. It always does in times like these. Better be ready to grab it when it does girl.


Gaz and Tenma by gizmo0sue

Mon Apr 13 21:34:14 2020

The Raven Knights are a pretty tight nit group, and when the world isn't on fire for a few moments, they often spend time hanging out. Sometimes this leads to strong friendships and brotherhoods that last a life time. Sometimes it leads to romances that survive the toughest battlefields, but often times, warriors just want to relieve stress with someone they can trust. Here Gaz helps one of his subordinates let it all out, as he lets it all out in Tenma's tight tail hole. A testament to strong team dynamic.

Tenma belongs to Fenecian

Find more art by the artist here


By Your Side by Fetalstar

Fri Apr 10 01:10:59 2020

By Your Side by Sade

Image by the talented Fetalstar. Please support her Patreon.

Story is Unedited

“Come sit by me, under the tree.” He says, patting next to him.

“I want to share this with you.” I ignore the indicated spot and sit down between his legs and lean against him. He is not uncomfortable. He does not flinch. I have sat here many times. He smiles at me, a warm and content smile. It is a smile that I haven’t seen him give anyone else. Not his mother, not his father, not those whom he’s loved so deeply, not even his cherished brother. It is a smile only I ever see. It is a smile free of weariness and anxiety. My lord is not putting on a show. Hiding his strength, concealing his fragility, or standing up as an example. He doesn’t need to impress me or impress upon me. There is no ambiguity between us. I know him and I know all of his secrets. There is nothing but trust here. As it should be.

Long ago, back when the Dales were just a few tribes and prides of desperate kinlings defending their Valleys, the Valenrows were the ones who stood their ground against all comers. They were the first to defy those who would conquer us and our ancestors followed them and made them their leaders. They became the Shield of the Dales.

Ever so often, one of other families, a House like mine, devotes a child to helping that great family in their unending mission. A Shield needs a sword after all and I am that for Adolyn Valenrow. As I rest my head against his chest and feel his heartbeat, calm, relaxed, I know his trust in me is absolute. He feels safe. As one should with a sturdy sword in his grasp.

I hear his words and I wish to fall into the moment, but I am what I am. I cannot truly relax, not as he has. As he reads, my senses heighten and my mind clears. Though consciously I am in the moment with him, listening to him read some old book about flying carriages, and the wonderful machina of the fictional past; my soul mind is out and about, combing the area for danger. In this instance, I too am at ease. I can react in a second to anything happening kilometers around me, but I am not anxious or tense. I feel content. This is my purpose.

He will live and love, maybe a few... maybe many. He may meet someone that will captivate him completely. Nothing would make me happier. But I know that no matter who he meets, befriends, beds, or even loves... we are the two of us connected in a way that cannot be compared. I would say we love each other, but we are not lovers. We are so much more than friends or family. There is not a word yet written to properly describe what we ‘are’.

Though I was meant to be his my entire life; a sword to aid the future shield of these lands, it is a choice I happily made for myself. Even as a child I could see what was special about this man. I wish everyone knew what that was. That they could see him in his unguarded moments and realize that despite him being just a kin, just as he always suggests, he’s so much more as well. He is beautiful and terrifying... something that the fates made for a purpose that only Gods know, and I am humbled to be a witness to it. No, to be a part of that life.

For a second I am stirred. He holds me closer in his arms and shields me against the chill of the wind. I feel warm as I always do with him. It has nothing to do with the air around us. I try not to focus on my heart beating hard and fast in my chest. I feel his presence enwrap me, as if it was his job to protect me. He is the shield after all. He wants to protect. It is his nature and I will not take that from him. I will leave him to protect me and anyone else he so chooses, it is his right. But I am in no need of protection... especially for him. It is my nature to defend. Not the lands, not anyone else, just him. He protects and I defend. It is how it should be.

It seems the same but our callings are much different. It is the subtleties that matter. Could anyone understand. Could they even fathom the amount of blood on my tiny, little, paws. Maybe not, but he does. He knows me, all of me. I have no secrets before him. No words need be said to quantify our relationship. In a moment like this, when it is just the two of us, I know that for certain; and in that knowledge I’m happier and more content than you could ever imagine. It is a love that cannot be replicated. Together we are the Sword and Shield of these Dales and I want for nothing more than that. As he brushes my hair and asks if I am listening, I reply that I am. I will always listen to him whatever he has to say. With a smile on my face I lean my head back into him. Go on then, read your insane little book to me, my lord. I hope it never ends.

adolyn_and_soven_large_by_fetalstar.png adolyn_and_soven_large_by_fetalstar.png adolyn_and_soven_small_by_fetalstar.png

Soven by 009w

Thu Apr 9 04:25:06 2020

Posted again to fix some errors.

A more cuddly image of Soven done by the artist 009w. Looks extremely cute with the plushy.

Find more art from the artist on their page


Adolyn and Haru by RoxyHana

Wed Apr 8 00:30:28 2020

A little something something from Roxy, she has a patreon and a story called princess bunny. You may see alot of art from here in the future. She working on Incubus Adventure and another comic, as well as a comic for the printed anthology.

adolyn_and_Haru_by_roxyhana.png adolyn_and_Haru_by_roxyhana.png adolynmaid_roxyhana.jpg

The Lord's Favor:: END

Mon Apr 6 18:52:28 2020

Last page! They got what they wanted but at a heavy cost.

IOPG6.png IOPG6.png

Knightly Bath encounter

Sat Apr 4 19:03:38 2020

An image of Dame Amelia of the royal Guard with Minnie. Setting takes place in the same bathhouse found in the comic Training hard ( )

A test of strengths and much more. Amelia is up for the challenge.


Sir Arkant character sheet by Fetalstar

Fri Apr 3 04:34:46 2020

About time this happened considering the numerous appearances within the project. Arkant is a Saurian Dragon Blade stripped of his honor who mostly does mercenary work.

You can find a lot more detail on this post:

https_cfl.dropboxstatic.com_static_images_logo_catalog_glyph_m1402x.png https_cfl.dropboxstatic.com_static_images_logo_catalog_glyph_m1402x.png Arkant_charactersheet.png

Champa Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Thu Apr 2 03:15:26 2020

Another character sheet, this one of Champa. With the amount of pictures she has, it's about time she got one. Champa is Riyo's sister and a Palawan huntress. Her outfit is on the intricate side but fully displays the Palawa culture.


Aritrea by Teil

Tue Mar 31 14:18:47 2020

Lovely image of Aritrea done by Teil. She is with Adolyn of course.


Raven Knight mage Faune

Mon Mar 30 19:40:54 2020

More action images of sort. This one of the cute lion boy Faune owed by Furrybarioth. Faune is a Mage partnered with Glendriel in some stories currently being written. He's a cute character and is also part of the culture book. Hope to see more of him in the future.


Khasian Swallow Designs by KittySilence

Wed Mar 25 21:21:59 2020

Kitty-Silence and I are working on a comic, our second that takes place in Pandorica. Pandoricans up till now have definitely been seen with a lot of western weaponry, but really their weapons tend to have a south asian feel to them.

On the whole, you will see kukri, indian sabers, katars, souther chinese influenced swords like dao ands such, trishula, even katanas among the wakokujin or wawa. However, Blade dancers use a blade called a Khasian Swallow; which is based on two real life blades, the ottomon yatagama and kukris. For a comic called the Queen's Blade.

Blade dancers can use just about any sword for there arte, but the Khasian Swallow is based on the blade of Khasian the first blade dancer and his legendary sword, the Swallow's Tail.


Camden spread by ViciousTyrant

Sat Mar 21 01:20:48 2020

Collab image done with ViciousTyrant of Camden and Cassius down below. VT did the lines and we worked on the colors. pretty cute coupling that we plan to do more with.

Find more art from VT on their page


The Joining Page 7 by Rabid

Sat Mar 14 01:32:18 2020

An old comic that was never colored because of life issues. Comic ended up forgotten. Stars Marion and Celeste Undyne whose characters and Ahes culture will make there way into ATKM.


The Joining Page 6 by Rabid

Sat Mar 14 01:31:03 2020

An old comic that was never colored because of life issues. Comic ended up forgotten. Stars Marion and Celeste Undyne whose characters and Ahes culture will make there way into ATKM.


Joining Page 5 by Rabid

Sat Mar 14 01:29:46 2020

An old comic that was never colored because of life issues. Comic ended up forgotten. Stars Marion and Celeste Undyne whose characters and Ahes culture will make there way into ATKM.


The Joining Page 4 by Rabid

Sat Mar 14 01:26:58 2020

An old comic that was never colored because of life issues. Comic ended up forgotten. Stars Marion and Celeste Undyne whose characters and Ahes culture will make there way into ATKM.


The Joining Page 3 by Rabid

Sat Mar 14 01:25:48 2020

An old comic that was never colored because of life issues. Comic ended up forgotten. Stars Marion and Celeste Undyne whose characters and Ahes culture will make there way into ATKM.


The Joining Page 2 by Rabid

Sat Mar 14 01:24:19 2020

An old comic that was never colored because of life issues. Comic ended up forgotten. Stars Marion and Celeste Undyne whose characters and Ahes culture will make there way into ATKM.


The Joining Page 1 by Rabid

Sat Mar 14 01:21:41 2020

An old comic that was never colored because of life issues. Comic ended up forgotten. Stars Marion and Celeste Undyne whose characters and Ahes culture will make there way into ATKM.


Palawan Paramour

Sat Mar 7 21:37:35 2020

Her we have a palawan Paramour using her charms and skills to keep one of the Hunters company. After a long day of defending the tribe, I think he's earned a little release. His name is Terry owed by terrythetazzytiger. Euroa belongs to us.


Ian and Blake, Mages of the Timberlands

Fri Mar 6 18:29:55 2020

This image done for The_Kyuubi_Kid of their character Blake and IanDeanTyland's Ian. Both characters take major role in a comic done by fetalstar; Cunning Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. Comic was done some time ago but nice to revisit these characters after so long.


Another visit

Thu Mar 5 20:49:50 2020

A little piece following the comic Friendly Visit. Zack of the City Watch gets another visit from Torian.
Their conversations usually end like this for some reason.

Check the comic on patreon if you missed it.


Toranya Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Wed Mar 4 19:29:14 2020

Did you know if you were in or featured in the stories canon you could get a ATKM sheet from Fetalstar. You can and you should. This is little Toranya, a Bharati red panda who is a member of the Red Guard. One of the few who was not chosen of the nobility. She's tough and talented, with a huge chip on her shoulder. With her two kukri blade style, she likes to prove that she's the equal of any of her brothers and sisters. She is well liked by the others in the red and treated as the little sister despite not being the youngest.


Cunning crow, cunning magic

Wed Mar 4 05:08:44 2020

Image done for f1r3w4rr10r of Guy and Alec.Looks like Guy has caught Alec for his own uses. Having a fun ride with the little ranger.
Sounds fun.


Happy catch by dksk30

Wed Feb 26 00:01:36 2020

Lady Sarissa enjoying herself with two strapping raven knights Riya and Reese. This is another image done by dksk30


Riding the White Tiger by Leonifa

Sun Feb 23 18:42:26 2020

Finally was able to get this after the site outage on FA. This little piece is of our fiestly Avelina done by Leonifa. She looks really pretty in the artist's style.

Find more art from the artist here


Hydra battle collab

Thu Feb 20 23:12:28 2020

This one took a bit but well worth the effort. A collab with Azurei featuring a some cultures around the world of Theria. Featuring some familiar and newer faces. Hope to do more of this stuff in the future.


Ruins of Alnor [10/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:52:19 2020

And that's the last of the comic. Again, the artist will be redoing the comic with way improved art that we are happily anticipating. Hoped you liked the glimpse of the comic so far.


Ruins of Alnor [9/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:50:27 2020

And running is in order.


Ruins of Alnor [8/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:49:00 2020

Aaand Adolyn strikes.


Ruins of Alnor [7/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:48:15 2020

page 7


Ruins of Alnor [6/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:46:50 2020

Page 5. And beast attacks.


Ruins of Alnor [5/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:42:42 2020

Page 5


Ruins of Alnor [4/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:42:37 2020

Page 4. Enemy approaches.


Ruins of Alnor [3/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:37:06 2020

Page 3. Adolyn is trying to prevent something.


Ruins of Alnor [2/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:36:14 2020

And page 2


Ruins of Alnor [1/10] by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:35:59 2020

First page of the reworked comic currently in progress. Here we have Adolyn confronting librarium mage and and rune blade, cally and Samanya.


Ruins of Alnor cover by dksk30

Mon Feb 17 04:29:53 2020

Will be posting these pages since the artist dksk30 wants to redo the comic after stepping away from it for some time. This is a nice action packed comic featuring Adolyn and the librarium mage and and rune blade, cally and Samanya. We made it to 10 pages so expect some good stuff.


Arsis Kytori Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Mon Feb 10 05:51:37 2020

Arsis is one of several characters that I do not own, but have creative control over for the project. Here I want to share some of her in universe backstory.

Arsis was born to a tigress cleric for a mother and a mercenary skunk father. The two had met when the skunk's mercenary band had been hired to defend the cleric on a mission of mercy in the moorlands. Arsis had been conceived during this mission, but the pregnancy was not known until afterward, when her father had moved on to his next job and could not be found.

Though the species of the kinling is usually determined by the species of the mother, in rare occasions when the genus is close kinling cubs can be born of the fathers line. Rarer still are cubs like Arsis, who was born a hybrid of the two kinling races of her parents.

Hybrids like Arsis who are born with such wildly different parents often suffer severe health issues and barely live past their births. Many who do tend to have health problems for the remainder of their short lives; though their health can be improved and augmented by powerful healing magic, some of the complications are just two complex for modern magic.

With a plethora of health issues to contend with, Arsis mother prioritized the healing and recovery of her child, to finding the father. Though born a hermaphrodite, the clerics of the Abbey did not consider her gender to be one of her birth defects, instead attributing it to being born under the star of Mercurius; the twins. Two souls in one body.

Unlike many others she would survive her childhood, in no small part to her mother and the other clerics, but also her own wealth of quintessence that had gone undiscovered in her youth due to it being used to heal her and keep her childhood afflicitions from killing her. Because of this, Arsis was not discovered to be adept until much later in life and thus never attended the magus librarium or received direct clerical assessment by the church of the goddess.

Arsis instead pursued the combat arts, having heard stories of how strong her father had been growing up from her mother. Eventually leaving the abbey to seek him out and follow in his foot steps as a mercenary at the age of 16.

Arsis eventually found her father who was overjoyed to find he had a child. Though he would train her to become a sellsword like himself, he was worried about her health as a hybrid, despite Arsis outgrowing her childhood afflictions. She was kept from dangerous work and often times left behind when more serious things needed to be done. When it became apparent that she was adept, the band of mercenaries she worked with wished to use her skills in a more combat role, causing a falling out between the father and his fellow comrades.

Arsis would work with her father for a year before growing tired of 'safe' work, often stealing out to do more dangers jobs behind his back. After a while, she felt she was being held back and decided to strike out on her own, taking more and more dangerous work. Eventually being hired to a party of Ruin Hunters in the employ of the consortium. Due to their less than scrupulous tactics and dealings in magic, they soon rain afoul of both the law and the Sacred Order of Raven Knights. After an incident where an entire Librarium triad was killed, Arsis' party came face to face with a Raven named Garret Jesstane.

Garrett was far more powerful than anyone Arsis and her crew had faced, and made quick work of her party. Arsis would have faced imprisonment for her part in some of the illegal acts committed by her benefactors, but as a registered mercenary with the guild, she could claim to just be following the contract to defend her employer. Instead of imprisonment she was given the choice to accept the Raven's justice and was recruited into the Order where she excelled as a blade knight.

AT 36 Arsis is a veteran Raven Knight who has seen many battles and has led a flight of her own in the past. However, after everyone in her flight save herself died at Herald's Keep, Arsis has not accepted leadership of anyone and stepped down as an officer. She now support the Battle Cleric Sir Gaz as an experience Blade Knight in his flight.


Ranger in the Crow's claws

Wed Feb 5 23:32:41 2020

Guy doing more doing some stuff with Ranger Tia. Despite his looks and demeanor, Guys loves all types. Haha


Eridanus sibling affair part 3 by Zeiro

Sun Feb 2 20:39:18 2020

A bit more on the naughty side with the siblings Guy, Camden, and Aritrea. This is a 3 part set done by the talented Zeiro.

Find more art from the artist here


Eridanus sibling affair part 2 by Zeiro

Sun Feb 2 20:37:55 2020

A bit more on the naughty side with the siblings Guy, Camden, and Aritrea. This is a 3 part set done by the talented Zeiro.

Find more art from the artist here


Eridanus sibling affair by Zeiro

Sun Feb 2 20:35:59 2020

A bit more on the naughty side with the siblings Guy, Camden, and Aritrea. This is a 3 part set done by the talented Zeiro.


Miranda by raitvisualworks

Sun Feb 2 20:24:09 2020

Work done by raitvisualworks Miranda who takes a role as an Amaroki warrior. She takes part in the comic Berzerker which features Adolyn, cassius, and other colorful cast of Amaroki warrior finally coming to completion. It should be printed in the upcoming anthology hopefully this summer.


Cassius by raitvisualworks

Fri Jan 31 15:08:10 2020

Work done by raitvisualworks of our favorite ranger Cassius.

casius_kag_by_raitvisualworks-dbwrhz1.jpg miranda_kag_by_raitvisualworks-dbwrhyu.jpg

A Treat by RoxyHana [Page 3]

Fri Jan 24 18:39:16 2020

Page 3. Magical items can be used in interesting ways.


The Search by Hihikori

Thu Jan 23 18:22:57 2020

A disturbance has occurred in the forest and Cassius and Sarissa on the search to find out. They come upon some ruins as they move ominous presence looms...

This piece was done by Hihikori


Unlocked A Treat by RoxyHana [Page 2]

Wed Jan 22 20:51:40 2020

page 2; nuff said.


Clubbing with Cassius by Ju-ki

Fri Jan 17 17:00:04 2020

An alternate universe Cassius with a bunny bud. Cute pic done by Ju-ki.

Check out their page for more art


Scotty of the City Watch

Thu Jan 16 18:46:25 2020

Little something for scottykat in the city watch uniform. He's going to be involved in another image for one of our art books in the works.

Find more pics of the character on their page


Kashmir of the red guard

Sat Jan 11 17:00:03 2020

Pandorican Red guard design for MelodyStar of their character Kashmir. Dual wielding is pretty unusual for their fighting style but interesting none the less.


Lady Vale

Fri Jan 10 15:05:16 2020

A little image of Vale, owned by Ezekiel, showing her stuff. She is featured in the comic "A treat" being worked on by Roxyhana. Nice to have more strong ladies in the bunch. You can catch up with the comic here::


Lounging Luna

Mon Jan 6 19:20:48 2020

Ain't she cute.


Kohkari by Ju-ki

Thu Jan 2 02:22:04 2020

Been a bit since we've seen Kohkari, thought we would change that for the new year. Kohkarigetting pounded done by the lovely artist Ju-ki.

Check out their page for more art


Maelyn by Gekko-Seishin

Tue Dec 31 18:37:11 2019

Nice little image of Maelyn by Gekko-Seishin, dressing or undressing, up to your imagination.

Get more art from the artist here::


A Treat by RoxyHana [Page 1]

Sat Dec 21 01:22:17 2019

A little something something with Corvo and Vale; characters belonging to Ezekiel who won 2 of these comics.


Luna x Addy by Studio Makku

Thu Dec 19 22:13:27 2019

More of the couple that could have been. Lovely work done by Stufio Makku of Luna and Adolyn.


Luna Mercurius character sheet

Thu Dec 19 14:27:46 2019

Another reference sheet by Fetalstar, this time of Luna Mercurius, Avelina's olders sister. She works for the librarium in constrast the Lina with the Raven Knights. The two factions tend ot bump heads on things but come together when needed. Nice to have her librarium outfit set in stone.


Tupilaq Hunting

Sun Dec 15 15:42:59 2019

In Amarok, there are several creatures who have evolved, perverted and subverted by the abuse of the flow of mana. Among them are the Tupilaq, hideous abominations of subversive magic. These creatures were created long ago by banished angakkuq, the shamans of the Amaroki people as a form of revenge for their banishment.

Using their dark arts, they would take feral beasts and pervert them, using parts of other creatures to enhanced and augment their grotesque monstrosities. Which would be sent out to terrorize Amaroki communities.

Tupilaq however have a history of not only raging out of control, but also turning on their creators, especially when met with more powerful magic than created them. Though the Imakandi had thought all the Tupilaq were destroy many years ago, the abominations had hid and bred, creating a race of variable monsters. No two tupilaq is ever exactly the same, not in their appearances, or abilities. Making them far more dangerous.

Here we have two Amaroki taking down a Tupilaq before it can do harm to their village.


The tentacaling of Cress by Yuukari-nee

Wed Dec 11 23:19:20 2019

Haven't seen Cress in a while so we decided to do something with him. Vega ain't the only one who gets caught up in iffy predicaments.

Art is by the lovely Yuukari-nee


Elania Christin Ref sheet

Wed Dec 4 00:56:19 2019

Another reference sheet done by fetalstar. This one of Adolyn's mother, Elania. Very happy about this one. Will add more details about her at another time.


Monette by sikiliya

Thu Nov 28 00:10:56 2019

A little YCH done by sikiliya of our favorite succubus Monette.

Be sure to catch more from the artist on their page


Cassius x Cassius

Tue Nov 26 00:05:37 2019

Azurei, formally Reishuseyu, did a lot of work for the patreon which we are grateful for. They have their own comic called "Test your Knight" with a lion boy named Cassius. We had to hop on the opportunity to put our Cassie with his. So here they are with our colors on top.

You can see Azurei's comicon their patroen


For the Night by Roxyhana [5/5]

Sat Nov 16 18:22:47 2019

and end!
Be sure to keep an eye out for more Roxy comics on the patreon!


For the Night by Roxyhana [4/5]

Sat Nov 16 18:20:01 2019

Page 4


Elania Christin nee Valenrow Initial Design Concept

Wed Nov 13 21:18:59 2019

42 and still looking like she's in her 20's is the woman known throughout the land as the 'Death Dealer' one of the Lioncourt's 8 Champion of Champions, and mother to series protagonist Adolyn Valenrow.

Elania is one of the single most powerful characters in ATKM and I can't wait to tell a few of her stories.

She is an African Golden Cat, which is a kind of a caracol, though her fur is a little darker as it contrasted poorly with her hair with lighter tones. She's about 5'7" and is perhaps one of the only characters i've ever created who had lore, story, and a lot of plot before she was physically designed.

I did always know she would be a bay cat or a golden cat, and that her hair would be purple and that she would be freckled face. What do yout hink of her design?


Sophira Assyrius Character Sheet

Wed Nov 6 15:59:18 2019

Third child and youngest daughter of Archduchess Ariella Assyrius, Sophira is often called the Flower of Nevah, as she is considered the most beautiful of her siblings. Though many believe this to be more because of Sophira being mostly educated and raised along side her distant cousins in Aslan, and developing a more ladylike aesthetic and public face, than her family is known for.

Though different from her siblings in many ways, she does not lack for any of the skill, power, or ferocity that her family is known for in battle. Sophira merely chooses to engage in more traditionally feminine activities as a representative of he House, making her the most sought after Assyrian Lion in her noble line behind her brother Cailan, who is the heir.

Sophira is known for her kindness, singing ability, talent in Clerical magic, and her proficiency with a spear. Having trained a long side the Lancer of Aslan, her skills in this area are top notch.

Though still considered a maiden, and thus attainable, many speculate that Sophira disinterest in being courted by the high born nobles of the aristocracy are a sign that she has taken either a lover, or is engaged unofficially to another lordling; as she is often seen in the company of young lord Aphrem Thoma, son of the Duke Beniel, one of the vassal lords of Assyria. Though this has never been confirmed.


ATKM Cultural Design Book; Commoner Page 2

Sat Nov 2 18:33:47 2019

Page 2 of the common kin.


ATKM Cultural Design Book; Commoner Page 1

Sat Nov 2 18:31:35 2019

Page one of the Palawan Commoners info.


ATKM Cultural Design Book; Huntress Page 2

Fri Nov 1 23:37:49 2019

Just a little more information.


ATKM Cultural Design Book; Huntress

Thu Oct 31 01:17:12 2019

We are currently working on the ATKM culture book and things are moving along pretty well. The Palawan are being wrapped up and this is how their pages will look. What you see now are the Palawan huntress


For the Night by Roxyhana [3/5]

Tue Oct 29 23:22:44 2019

Page 3


For the Night by Roxyhana [2/5]

Tue Oct 29 23:21:39 2019

Page 2


For the Night by Roxyhana [1/5]

Tue Oct 29 21:28:47 2019

Another short comic done by Roxyhana staring Maelyn and Snow. It appears our captain is on a search that he prefers to keep hidden. Let's see how this goes.

Snowcheetah is one of the rangers in the story and stars in another comic for the printed anthology.


Messing with the wrong one

Mon Oct 21 05:05:49 2019

Elaine has a tendency of running her mouth which gets her in more than enough trouble. This time with an Amoraki warrior. He's doing a lot more to bend her to submission though Elaine seems to be enjoying every last minute of it. With two aggressive and head strong cultures, one has to come on top. Maybe we'll see the flip side of it.

Elaine and Aiden are creative property of furrjibe and Qckslvrslash


Serving the Queen [4] by SinSquared

Sun Oct 20 05:27:00 2019

And final page. Serving the queen is quite fun.


Serving the Queen [3] by SinSquared

Sun Oct 20 05:25:09 2019

And page 3


Serving the Queen [2] by SinSquared

Sun Oct 20 05:23:33 2019

Posting the rest of the comic of Priya and Asura Aeon .


The Lord's Favor 5/6

Fri Oct 18 21:27:16 2019

Sorry for the delay on this. We are almost done.


Lexus' Buns

Tue Oct 15 05:23:20 2019

Nice double dildo action of Lexus and Carl.

More lexus images, welcoming him to the crew. Dressed in the Raven's uniform. We're still deciding his placement in the story, perhaps he'll be at Sarissa's side through out the story. We shall see.

Carl belongs to the ever suportive Grafton


Sarissa by Veliot_Vail

Thu Oct 10 16:34:00 2019

Lovely image by Veliot_Vail of Lady Sarissa. No wonder she has so many notches under her belt and hundreds of years. She is cute and sexy and targets gentlemen of quite high value.

Find more art from the artist here


Relations with Luna

Tue Oct 8 00:25:07 2019

ATKM commission for thegovt featuring Luna. This was before she had her outfit revamped. Dealing with foreign relations perhaps.


Duel of Rivals

Sat Sep 28 18:24:02 2019

This a patron reward for Ezekiael who asked for the bust rivals Megogo and Amelia doing a dance they do all too often. A rivalry for years...will it ever end?


Luna and her rune Blade

Sat Sep 28 18:20:51 2019

This a patron reward for Ezekiael who asked for Luna and Ember, her rune blade. The first image of the two. We plan to do more with them in a more dynamic situation.


Allure of Ajuna by Juzztie

Wed Sep 25 15:21:28 2019

And there is much of an allure when it comes to Ajuna, from all genders. We have another image by Juzztie featuring s special cheetah, Miroku.

Find more art from the artist here
Miroku belongs to


Pounding of your life by Juzztie

Tue Sep 24 00:40:35 2019

"I'm going to fuck that grin right off your face."

Lovely commission done by Juzztie of Jonah giving Guy some special attention. They've been in a couple of pictures together. Jonah just like dominating dudes every now and then, and Guy has a tendency of pushing her buttons with his smart ass remarks. And yet...she knows him to be a reliable comrade when needed. But when things are done, Guy can expect some hard lovings... a lot of it.

Find more art from the artist here


After the Mission by Gofa

Thu Sep 19 16:20:02 2019

There was going to be a nice story with this... but so much shit came and went and went wrong. So I'm just done and tired of it so here.


Serving the Queen by SinSquared

Wed Sep 18 23:57:54 2019

Here we have Priya Bhakti, Blade Dancer, and member of the Red Guard getting set to serve her Queen. Should be fun. Asura Aeon is always pretty demanding.

We're doing the same thing this month as we did last month. As those of you may know, we're putting together a printed collection of artwork for the comic. There will be 140 Artist involved and we are raising money to finance the project.

If you would like to help, you can donate at If We reach 400 USD before Friday the 27th of September, I will post the entire image set of Serving the Queen instead of posting one page a week.


Incubus Adventure:: page 3

Sat Sep 14 18:55:37 2019

Page three of comic. We find out more that is going on with Zack while being held with the Keepers.

And the boyfriend arrives!

As always the art for these comics is drawn by the lovely Roxy-Hana.

Luna and Lem belong to


Indecent Experiments pg 8

Sat Sep 14 00:43:50 2019

Sorry for the wait. We are getting close to the end


Knight commander and the Cold shadow

Fri Sep 6 22:28:50 2019

A little promo image for one of the comics that will be in the first Anthology. Comic is called "Steal the Night" and stars Gearfox, thezackrabbit, and Cassius. Trying to catch a vigilante has never been this interesting.


Adolyn x Megogo by Vicioustyrant

Wed Sep 4 17:57:19 2019

We've gotten a couple of Images of the two together. Megogo fancies the young Adolyn and his youthful spirit...and energy. This might be a thing.

Art done by Vicioustyrant


Raven Knight Class:: Ranger

Sat Aug 31 02:30:56 2019

We are currently working with the artist Manosdetrapo on a huge cultural book for ATKM. In the book we show different cultures, families, and other aspects of the world. We will be releasing some of the finished works to patreon. What you see is a Raven Knight Ranger and their fashion.


Raven Knight Class:: Mage

Sat Aug 31 02:30:36 2019

We are currently working with the artist Manosdetrapo on a huge cultural book for ATKM. In the book we show different cultures, families, and other aspects of the world. We will be releasing some of the finished works to patreon. What you see is a Raven Knight Mage and their fashion.


Raven Knight Class:: Knight

Sat Aug 31 02:30:33 2019

We are currently working with the artist Manosdetrapo on a huge cultural book for ATKM. In the book we show different cultures, families, and other aspects of the world. We will be releasing some of the finished works to patreon. What you seeis a Raven Knight and their fashion.


Raven Knight Class:: Cleric

Sat Aug 31 02:30:27 2019

We are currently working with the artist Manosdetrapo on a huge cultural book for ATKM. In the book we show different cultures, families, and other aspects of the world. We will be releasing some of the finished works to patreon.

What you see is a Raven Knight cleric and their fashion.


Joyeuse, final strike by Gofa

Fri Aug 30 00:09:42 2019

Jonah in attack mode, swinging here eldeidan Joyeuse. We figured a more action orientated image of Jonah was long overdue. Gofa.

Please check out the artist here


Guy Eridanus ref sheet by fetalstar

Thu Aug 29 18:26:35 2019

And we have the final sibling of the Eridanus family, Guy. Guy is part of the Cabal of Crows, a special unit advised by high Mage Sierra. They most;y do data gathering and secret missions the mage does not want her compatriots and not so friendly peeps to know about.


Incubus Adventure:: page 2

Tue Aug 27 21:18:47 2019

Page two of comic. We find out more that is going on with Zack while being held with the Keepers.

As always the art for these comics is drawn by the lovely Roxy-Hana.

Luna and Lem belong to


Maelyn x Glen comic by Sinsquared [4/4]

Thu Aug 22 20:40:00 2019

You can find more art from the artist here


Maelyn x Glen comic by Sinsquared [3/4]

Thu Aug 22 20:39:14 2019

You can find more art from the artist here


Maelyn x Glen comic by Sinsquared [2/4]

Thu Aug 22 20:38:19 2019

You can find more art from the artist here


Maelyn x Glen comic by Sinsquared [1/4]

Thu Aug 22 20:37:21 2019

You can find more art from the artist here


Prince Vandell by Devicre

Fri Aug 16 02:19:18 2019

Looks like our favorite prince is displeased with his current romp. Honestly, rippling his clothes like some savage. Perhaps a couple of taps to his royal ass will make up for it.

Art by Devicre


Incubus Adventure:: page 1

Mon Aug 12 14:18:45 2019

Page one of comic. We find out more that is going on with Zack while being held with the Keepers.

As always the art for these comics is drawn by the lovely Roxy-Hana.

Characters belong to


Tempting the Tanamuus

Sat Aug 10 02:08:39 2019

Despite being seen as relatively amoral and opportunistic, most who know of the Tanamuus do not regard them as necessarily evil. Often preying upon the fears of the mortally wounded or the greed of those who desire wealth or power, offering boons in exchange for control of a person quintessence after their passing.

The Amaroki call the Tanamuus the Tariaksuq, or shadow people, abbreviated to the Tariak. With their affinity for appearing before the mortally wounded and offering aid and healing, Tanamuus of the past made homes found about the treacherous mountains and ice peaks of Amarok.

Many a doom climber or hunter has broken faith with their ancestor in order to survive; offering their inua to the creature upon their death. This is frowned upon because the Amaroki believe that the inua , the spirit energy spirit energy of a person, should return to the rivinua after their death, enriching the river of life and allowing the world to perpetuate.

Those who are known to have signed a the contract and accepted the deals of the Tariak are called the Adlivun and are considered already dead.

Despite their strong aversion to making deals with Tariak, the Amaroki people do not fear or hate them. Tanamuus are known to be useful, resourceful, and friendly, though this is all seen as an effort to endear themselves to those whom they would wish to one entice into signing away their inua.

After creatures of ascension, like the Tanamuus, were sealed away in the Elderlands, those who remained in the lands went into hiding. Tanamuus often will appear and wish only to mate with mortal men and women hoping to perpetuate their numbers. Cubs born Tanamuus are incredibly rare, with only one documented birth in the last three hundred years. Most of these unions end with the birth of an unusually powerful wolf cub, if any pregnancy occurs at all.


Unpopular Opinion by Studio Makku

Wed Aug 7 20:35:03 2019

In my opinion, the female form is the absolute pinnacle of nature’s achievements. This I can say without a doubt. I doubt any man, even one as beautiful as myself can come close to the immaculate grace that is feminine physique. But beauty isn’t desire, and passion is blind.

For all my love of women, there is something special about my own sex. Not gala like me. No, not at all. Strong men. Manly men. Men who walk around with an air of dominance and a scent that drives even a man like me wild. It’s hard not to want to submit to that.

Don’t get me wrong, there are few men under the Goddess’ eye who are worthy for me to utterly submit to, but I would be lying if I said that the idea didn’t make me quiver down below.

I’ve had sex with a great many. Men, women, and that great unknown in between. I’ve had dalliances with noblemen, their noble wives, and more. I’ve given in to my masculine energy, taking a soft, supple, little lass in my bed chambers on many a night... but I’ve also felt what it is like to be the ‘taken’.

To feel him stride atop you. To listen to his heavy breath as he speaks his depravity to you. All the while thrusting deep inside of you, making you squeal like a little girl. Oh, there is nothing that compares to that feeling.

The warmth of a nice thick cock penetrating you. To let go and give yourself over to a woman’s pleasure... it’s not for everyone, I suppose, but I certainly enjoy. The male musk, the scent of his arousal, and the taste of his desire is amazing. It’s both bitter and sweet in its complexity. Every man has a different flavor.

To see him well up with lust for me, to see a thick cock swell up at the sight of my body, nothing excites me more. I’ll gladly get on my hands and knees and give in to the right man any time they want. To feel their thighs against my ass, as I wrap my tail around them and push back is the best feeling in the world. Well, second only to feeling the warmth of their liquid love shooting into my ass. It makes me moan a bit just thinking about it... and the soft tickle when it dribbles out.... ecstasy. There’s simply nothing better. At least in my opinion.


Unusual Alchemy [1/2]

Tue Aug 6 02:19:39 2019

Patron reward for Arkant. this is one of two pages at the moment.


The First Night (Unedited) Art by Zeiro

Thu Aug 1 16:53:19 2019

That first night was something special. I’ll never forget it. You know, despite all my flirting and insinuations, I’d never laid with another man before. Sure, I was far from a virgin. I’d been very young the first time I’d experience the pleasure of lying with a woman; but given my unique appearance, most figured me for pillow biter. An accusation that would actually take many years to become true.

It seems it wasn’t that long ago that such an insult would embarrass and enrage me. I wanted so desperately to live up to my father's definition of what it meant to be a man, a true lion. It had taken me many years and a lot of soul searching to realize I was already who I wanted to be, and it was that young man that managed to steal a night away with a kin like Adolyn. From the day I met him, I knew I would never feel bad about being called a pillow biter, not as long as he was the one making me bite it.

Addy was the first person to really make me appreciate my looks. He thought I was pretty, and genuinely complimented me on my appearance. Better still, my feminine form did not alter the way he treated me. Just because I looked like a little girl, didn’t mean he intended to treat me any differently. It was surprisingly refreshing, and it made me embrace the things that I could never admit that I liked about myself. I was reminded of those things as I stared at my reflection in the river, just before the eventide.

As the sun set, the sky behind me took on curious colors. I could see golds and oranges, cascading into violets and blues, as the night began to take form. In the reflection of the water I thought I cut a ravishing figure in the dusklight.

Though we had been travelling for a month out near the fringes of one of the ‘lost kingdoms’, I had learned young how to keep myself presentable. My hair was well maintained. I’d let it down, removing the gallian braid I normally tied it in to keep tame my near waist length locks. Likewise I had let down the two braids on either side of my head. First my brunette left side, and then the blonde right. It took a little time and a lot of brushing, but I looked very fetching with it all down and flowing freely.

Like most lions of the Assyrian royal line, my hair is multicolored. My left side is a dark burgundy, my right a vibrant, golden blonde. I’d always thought the colors made my large, amber, eyes pop. I was hoping that night that he’d think the same.

Despite a childhood full of resentment and resistance, I’d grown very confident in my looks by then. I was seventeen and a fresh faced graduate of the Asenapar Academy in Neveah. I’d worn a womans uniform during my graduation to piss of my father, but he wasn’t even in attendance. Addy was though, and despite questioning my choice of attire, he nonetheless admitted I looked good in it. Many others thought the same, but by then, I’d already been very popular with my classmates. Both women and men seemed to desire me.

I’d had my choice of noble women and lordlings since I was fifteen. My father had practically forced a few upon me when I reached the so called ‘Age of Maturity’. I’ve had quite the education from courtesans of great repute, whom specialize in setting young men on the proper path. My father’s mistake was that he never wished to know what I learned or how I learned it. The women he’d chosen for me were fervent in their desire to teach me everything I wanted to know. They were as experienced and knowledgeable as they were beautiful. When I confided my interest in less traditionally masculine forms of pleasure, they were all too eager to explore that with me.

From them I learned what I liked to feel and how I liked to look. No longer was I ashamed of my small, cute, nose, girlish face, and soft, pouty lips. My slender, but curvaceous body was complimented often, and they showed me how to keep myself looking fit and attractive. Despite my intense training and exercise regimen, the ladies taught me how to gain the strength I needed, without bulking up.

I learned how to keep my gold and brown fur both lush and soft. How to control my scent and style myself so that I could be pretty without any excessive makeup or cosmetics. They taught me their tricks and tools of the trade, and I was eager to learn; because one day I knew that knowledge would aid me in gaining my greatest desire; the love and attention of the man who would one day become my Knight’s Master. I wanted to seduce Adolyn Valenrow.

It seemed like I had been preparing for that night my entire life, but I had only really thought it possible for a few years. Addy had been the object of attention for so many noblewomen. I hardly thought I stood a chance. If it hadn’t been for my brother Glendriel’s carelessness with his private correspondence, I would never have learned about Adolyn’s orientation.

Like myself, Addy is apparently pansexual. Gender identity isn’t a factor in his attraction to a kinling. During his time at Leonardt Academy, he’d entered into a relationship with a fellow student named Cress Andola. Cress was a gala, a feminine male like myself. He had enchanted Adolyn and opened his eyes to the possibility of loving anyone, not just women. Addy was taken with him and was so in love he’d talked about it openly with Glen. But after a while the narrative changed. Several letters would remark upon Addy’s frustration with the secretive nature of his relationship.

Cress was one of the Palawa. His family had settled in Lioncourt many years ago, and his father had been a royal archer of considerable skill. Some good fortune saw the Andola Clan rewarded with titles and land in Evandale, and Cress’ parents were apparently worried about the future of their new House.

I get it. A young House like that has to branch out and establish a good lineage. Cress’ parents would not approve of his relationship with Adolyn, because they wanted their eldest son to marry a highborn lady of the Court. With a noblewoman of a more established bloodline as his wife, Cress would have helped cement his family’s legitimacy. It all made perfect sense, but it broke poor Addy’s heart to be someone’s secret love.

Eventually family obligation won out and Cress ended the relationship. Adolyn didn’t take it well. He took it even worse when he returned to find that Cress had moved on and was pursuing noblewomen to help his family’s status. Though Adolyn tried to do the same, fate just didn’t seem to want him to be happy. I think it broke him when he found out that the person he had chosen to move on with, Aritrea Eridanus, was also Cress’ object of affection.

I know for a fact that Aritrea had been in love with Adolyn for as long as she’d known him. Her family is vassal House to my own. So forgive my surprise that she ended up marrying Cress for some reason. After a rather quick engagement, Cress and she chose to wed in the spring. Adolyn, gracious as he was, attended the wedding. He puts on a brave face, but I could see him dying inside. It must have been hard for him to bare, watching them together.

I wanted to feel bad. I wanted to go hold him and tell him it would all be okay. But all I could feel was relief and elation. Forgive me my selfishness, but I had almost given up hope that I’d ever have a chance. His feelings for those two were so strong. Had things turned out differently, I may never have gotten a shot with him. I’d been too young to be a factor while Cress and he were courting, but the previous winter I had finally turned seventeen, and I was determined to pick up what others had cast aside.

Thanking them and the goddess was the first thing I did before making sure I was perfectly cute and sexy. Only a fool wouldn’t realize how blessed he was that the cards had fallen the way they had. Like with every heartbreak he’d suffered, Adolyn chose to run away after the wedding. That’s when I made my move.

My mother had forbidden any knight in our lands to take me on as a squire. Of course she hadn’t announced this, and I wasn’t supposed to know, but I did. It was her way of allowing me to pursue the knighthood, but not really. The Knights of Assyria fear very little. Their Archduchess, my mother, Ariella Assyrius, is one of those few things. There was little doubt that if I stayed in Assyria, I’d never be a knight, but I did not intend to stay in Assyria.

As underhanded as it sounds, I knew that Addy would be emotionally distraught after the wedding. He would be in a hurry to leave. To scurry across the border and back adventuring. It was how he coped. When he left I made damn sure he had company. Perhaps it was wrong to manipulate his fragile emotions. I may have regretted it if things had turned out terribly, but as it stood, he was unaware of my mother’s wishes, or my true intentions. When I asked that he be my Knight’s Master and accept me as his squire, he did so without much tribidation. I promised him I’d keep him company on his journey, and he could teach me along the way. That night, I was determined to make good on both promises.

I had laid a foundation over time. Subtle flirting and simple innuendos. I wanted him to know I was interested. Despite the stigma against it, it isn’t all that unheard of for a squire to be a little too close to their Knight’s Master. Stories of passions and impropriety between Knight and Squire are the stuff of grande romantic plays and intriguing works of fiction. I intended to use my pretty face, fit, feminine, little body, and all the lessons I've learned over the years to make my fiction a reality. I just needed a little time to get my courage up.

When night fell on our campsite I made my way back. I’d been sent to gather fresh water and survey our surroundings. The night time preparations had become routine by then. As the squire I was to check the area for dangers or signs that harmful wildlife was in the vicinity. I checked tracks, tree markings, and the surrounding foliage.

While Adolyn readied the campsite itself, I was to strategically place down warding talismans. These magical objects release a disturbing aura that dissuade feral creatures and small beast from proceeding in our direction. Along with them I placed trap stones that would activate if a living being crossed them. The resulting burst of mana would be enough to stir adepts like Adolyn and myself from sleep.

Most of this was standard procedure, but I was especially thorough that night. I definitely didn’t want to be disturbed by kin or beast. I’d been preparing for my chance for a long time and I wanted all to go according to plan.

Walking back from the river I reviewed my day. I had eaten light and made sure that I’d gone to the closest town hours before we set out toward the ‘lost kingdom’. Though the small hamlet was little more than a few wood buildings and stone structures, I could use the facilities to make sure my hygiene was impeccable. There were ways I could do so out on the frontier, but not without being obvious. My instructors in the art of love had drilled into me how important hygiene was to a man who wished to entertain other men. Adolyn and I bathed together most times. I’d be mortified to handle those issues in front of him, and obviously it would reveal to him my intentions.

I’d gone out of my way to scout the town and while gathering provisions, I’d stopped at the apothecary. As I thought, it was a crude approximation of the real thing, but they did sell oils and ointments that would ease the process. Though I had trained my body for the last two years in preparation for that moment, I wasn’t prepared to try to do so without the aid of lubricants. I was warned against doing so many times.

I checked my breath, my scent, and my outfit. I was wearing something light and fitted for travel, but custom made to be cute and alluring. A green tunic that fit well over my form and was lined with light chainmail for protection. I’d removed the leather and metal components of the armor and was just walking about in the tunic. The shorts I wore hung on my ass tightly, but did not hinder mobility. I wore my leggings long, up to my thighs and my boots were functional but cute.

Addy had apparently liked it when Cress would dress cutely for him and I felt that my attire would elicit the right kind of reaction.

The biggest obstacle was Adolyn himself. For the bulk of the trip he had either not responded to any of my flirting or ignored it. His mood was always friendly and welcoming, but the melancholy wafted off him like a stink that just wouldn’t go away. He was still reeling from his previous heartache, and either due to our childhood bonds, his position as my Knight’s Master, or his attachment to his lost loves, he didn’t seem to be receptive to romance. That didn’t mean he was unwilling, just lacking in enthusiasm for the subject.

Subtlety had been tried, but it was obvious that that wasn’t going to work. It was my plan to go right for it. If he didn’t want me, if I wasn’t good enough for him, or his past heartaches were too much to overcome; he’d have to tell me. He’d have to reject me right to my face and I hoped he didn’t have it in him to do that. He was vulnerable, I knew. Emotionally I mean. It was underhanded, but I meant to take what little leverage I could and turn it to my favor. I knew I could help mend that heart of his if he let me. I just needed the opportunity.

That night I put my plan into motion. I knew it would be a cold night and Addy had never felt uncomfortable with me lying next to him on such an occasion. His familial bond with me made it easy to bridge the gap. Rather than let him sleep, I engaged him in a conversation. I wanted to tell him of my journey of self discovery and what had spurred it on.

Addy listened intently, offering his opinion and support as I told him my story. For a kin so smart and so good at reasoning things out, he was so oblivious to matters of the heart. It took a long while for him to realize I was talking about him. When it dawned on him, I felt his body quiver uncomfortably.

Of course at this point it was time for him to reject me. I wasn’t surprised. It was to be expected. I was the kid brother of his milk brother. He’d just endured watching his first love marry the love of his life. He’d been thoroughly rejected by both, and I’m not sure that’s something the average kin can take in stride. Addy was an emotional whirlwind and the obvious course of action for him would be to diffuse the situation. My choice was obvious as well given the circumstances. It was then or never at all. So as he fumbled with a polite way to dismiss me, I advanced. Shifting forward with all the speed and grace I could, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

To my surprise he didn’t put up a big fight. He didn’t kiss me back, but he didn’t push me away either. My eyes were locked closed, so I couldn’t tell what expression he was making, but I took his lack of resistance as an invitation.

Pushing forward, my tongue invaded his mouth. As my body pressed against his, I held him tighter. As if he might just run away if I let him go. My heart pounded in my chest as I licked out over his tongue and began rolling mine around in his mouth. It was gratifying to see those efforts rewarded. If it was either a matter of instinct or choice, I cannot say, but Adolyn’s tongue met mine eagerly. We explored each others mouths for a long while and I felt his body relax underneath me.

Kissing Adolyn was a journey for me. To that point, I had thought I knew everything about kissing. I had experience, or so I thought. As a boy, I had always led. So when I began kissing Addy, I drew from that experience. Adolyn however was not the kind of man to be driven, and soon it was he who took control.

The heat inside my loins had already risen to a fever pitch just from our casual contact. Kissing him had made it worse. I could feel myself, rock hard, dripping precum, as it rubbed against his stomach from behind my underwear. When Addy made his move, it was like throwing kindling on that fire.

His hands that had been idle when we began, quickly found purchase on my ass, and there was a lot for him to take hold of. I have long been aware that my butt was considered one of my best features. Thick, but firm, I caught men staring at it all the time. I had always hoped that Addy would be one of those men, but he never seemed to be. Perhaps he was simply too polite, or maybe he was just better at not getting caught. Given how he began to grip and grope the thick mounds of flesh, I was hoping for the latter.

The real change came when one of his hands moved from my neck to the back of my head. I hadn’t truly appreciated how strong Adolyn was until he took a grip of my hair and pressed his attack. He kissed me fervidly. His mouth trapping mine and his tongue pillaging my mouth. I had never been kissed so aggressively and I loved the way it felt.

My mind began to haze as my hips instinctively began to move. I suspected that I now understood how some women felt during a kiss. Adolyn’s apparent strength, ferocity, and masculinity were intoxicating. It was easy to submit to his whims and just enjoy being taken. It felt like a burning hunger inside me was being fed, and I simply knew that I would do anything that man wanted. I felt safe and secure in his arms. It felt so liberating, I almost wanted to cry.

Before long he broke our kiss and I was loathe to do so. I mewed and licked at his lips, wordlessly begging for him to re-engage. My mind was so focused on what I was feeling and what was happening to me, that I hadn’t noticed that I had been grinding into him the whole time. The cute panties I had chosen were now painted with the juices of my arousal, and I could feel Addy’s cock pressed against my ass.

I didn’t even have to ask if he wanted to go further. I could feel his thick member twitching beneath me. I had aroused his sexual frustrations and now I was expected to do something about it. Of course, that was exactly what I wanted. When the fog of longing dissipated long enough for me to think, I realized things were going better than I expected. Adolyn had not rejected me at all. Now I would need to make the most of the opportunity, and I had a good idea how I would do that.

I continued to nuzzle and lick at his maw. I didn’t want him to speak. Conversation might ruin the moment. I didn’t want any mental considerations to overcome what we were feeling. Blind emotion was to my benefit after all. I scooted down and made sure I brushed gently against his dick as I did. This of course was one of the first techniques I practiced with the courtesans. How you move about your lover's body is important. Getting up, laying down, or even changing positions. You wanted it all to look and feel sensual. Too much fussing about can kill the momentum of a sensuous occasion. Worse, if you are not careful, you can cause discomfort or pain. Especially with men, this could distract their minds and ruin their erection. I wasn’t about to let that happen, not at all.

I placed soft kisses on Addy’s neck, falling down his body as I retreated back. Holding my hand firm to the bedroll, but close enough so that it could still be considered an embrace, I leveraged my weight so that I didn’t apply too much pressure on him as I moved. Despite wanting desperately to get to what I intended, I understood the value in patience and sexual showmanship. This was a seduction after all. I needed to be seductive.

I pushed my body forward as my torso went up. My ass thrust back and out, and I could feel the night’s chill across my back. Paying it as little attention as I could, I focused on the warmth in front of me. Drawing my free hand down my master’s chest, I continued to kiss on his body as my hand found his penis. It was confined and struggling against his briefs. He let out a soft heave when I touched it, and it rose to meet my caress.

“Don’t worry,” I thought. I was soon to free the constrained organ from it’s bonds.

He called my name, softly, as I took hold of his member. It felt heavy in my hands as I carefully held it firm as I removed it from his briefs. For me, this was the first time I’d ever held a real penis in my hands. I’d seen plenty in my life and had admired quite a few. From shared baths with my brother Glen, to group showers with other students in the academy. I’ve had the opportunity to witness a large variety of cocks, but Adolyn’s was special to me.

Adolyn’s dick was the first one I’d ever seen that made me want to touch it. To experience it. He is responsible for my sexual awakening. It was that first time when we were younger, when we’d all shared a bath and a bedroom; that’s when it happened. To that point I had never looked at another boy and felt anything at all, but Addy stirred something in my loins. You can’t imagine the frustration of being too young to act on those feelings. But just then, holding it in my hands... It was well worth the wait.

His cock was reasonably big for his size. It’s not like he’s packing a horse dick or he’s hung like a dragon. I remember seeing a ten-foot tall dragonborn in my class who had to be sixteen inches long, easily, and as thick as my wrist. Addy was not that. He was exceptionally thick, but he was only about nine inches long. Not bad at all, but I had always imagined him bigger. Though when it came to the practical application of sucking his dick, I was glad he wasn’t.

Practicing my craft on toys of all sizes, I was pretty certain I was up to the task. Ignoring my love’s increasingly feverish pleas for me to slow down and think about what I was doing, I started to lick on the pink, meaty, flesh in my grasp. Addy shut up almost immediately, inhaling sharply as my tongue ran up his length. That’s something I’ve always liked about sex. No matter what one says, your body is honest. His manhood twitched and pulsed under my attention. My tongue traced soft circles around the head of his shaft, while I held it gently between my middle finger and thumb.

It was absolutely arousing to feel him squirm and wiggle as I caressed him with my fingers and sampled his taste. The reactions I got were encouraging. I’d never felt so empowered. It was like his body was a mechanism for pleasure and I held the very sensitive controls. All my life I had felt like I was at the whims of others, forced to live by their standards and up to their expectations. But when I was having sex I felt liberated and free. Whether I was the aggressor or not, I always felt like I was in command.

Exerting my control was fun. Kissing the sides of his dick, I ran my tongue up it, pressing it between my hand and mouth. I enjoyed working my way to the tip and sucking the pre right out of him with small pops. Everything was deliberate and got the desired reaction. His hips bucked and it didn’t take long until he had grown tired of my teasing. I wanted to know whether or not I could break his hesitation just with pure pleasure. It was gratifying to find out that I could.

There was a little bass in his voice when he spoke to me.

“Enough of that, my friend...” he began. I felt his hand move to the back of my hand as he lined my mouth up with his dick.

“If you’re going to take it, take it all.” His words were calm and commanding. There wasn’t a hint of trepidation I had sensed brewing in him when I started. Looking up into his handsome face and gazing into those lovely, blue-grey eyes of his; the two of us shared a moment. Something beautiful, but unspoken between us. Finally, Adolyn Valenrow looked at me and saw something other than his best friend’s kid brother. After all that time, he finally saw me... the real me.

It turned me on to see him look at me with that need in his eyes. So taken in was I, that for a brief moment my distraction got the better of me, and almost gagged when he pushed down on my head. The length of his cock was forced passed my lips, over my tongue, and down my throat. My mouth was filled with his thick, pink, member. Luckily for me, this had been something I’d trained for. It was just the eventuality I’d hoped for, and I was prepared to show him how much I could handle.

Refusing to close my eyes, I looked up at him as he sheathed his dick in my throat. I could hear him whisper, “Fuck...” as I began to work the muscles in my throat, swallowing around his shaft and moving to lick out my tongue. My hands gripped him at his thighs and I pushed my head forward, making sure every possible inch of him was in my mouth.

At the base of his shaft I pressed my lips together. His cock tasted wonderful. Not like food or anything, I wasn’t tempted to bite him, it was just so... erotic. His taste and smell were enticing to me. Thinking about it now still gets me all riled up. He had a strong, manly scent. Something the two of us do not share. It drove me to do more. To go further.

When he began to buck his hips and pull against the back of my head, I went with it. I found his rhythm and got into a good cadence. Swallowing his cock down deep for a moment, before pulling back in time with him. He was insistent, but not forceful. I didn’t gag or anything, just let my throat and tongue do the work. When I could, I would press my lips down tight, making sure to pull my teeth away. His cock glided easily over my tongue leaving trails of his salty precum over my taste buds. I’m not ashamed to admit I liked how that tasted too.

This went on for a little while. Eventually he removed his hands and let me control the pace. I got to try all kinds of tricks with him. Each one got its own ovation in the sounds of tiny moans and heavy breaths. He was certainly enjoying himself, and so was I. It hadn’t taken me long to remove my own penis from the cute little panties I wore and start masturbating. The scene was so intense. In my mind’s eye, I could see the two of us there, going at it. Nothing has ever turned me on more. It wasn’t long before my passions outpaced his and I shuddered over his cock; gurgling like a baby as I came.

Addy would come just after, gripping tightly on the back of my head and shooting his load over my tongue. He has a thick, milky, cum. It was bitter, but not unpleasant. I licked and laped at the head of his manhood as he emptied his balls into my muzzle. You can’t even imagine the amount of pleasure I get to see a man like him cum and know that I’m the cause of it. It’s not only gratifying, it makes me feel special.

Despite the obvious discomfort he felt as I played and suckled on his cock’s head, the penis is super sensitive after blowing a load like that, Addy let me have my way. I was able to swallow the seed he’d fed me and go to work cleaning his member for what came next. I didn’t squirm or beg for him to take me, but I looked him right in the eyes and smiled as I caressed his cock. He needed to know that I was beyond ready for him. I had waited long enough.

After a short while he pushed back against my shoulders. Obediently I pulled back and sat down on our makeshift bedrolls. He leaned over me and I got another whiff of his distinctive odor. I love that scent. I won’t even try to deny it. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I scooted back, lifting my ass and maneuvering my legs. I wanted him to go right in and just take me, but of course, he had to look in my eyes and get permission.

“Are you sure?” he asked. I didn’t even need to think about it. Before he even finished asking I had my reply ready; nodding my consent.

“I’ve been waiting for this forever...” I whispered, kissing him on the lips. Adolyn’s eyes softened and he kissed me back on my nose.

“You’ve certainly grown, Cassie.” he lamented.

There was a hint of sadness in his voice. I felt a tremble in his body. I think I understood what he was feeling. I wanted him and now he wanted me too, if only in the physical sense. It was a moment of lust and passion, but any idiot could tell you it was also an ending. I was never going to be that little kid who grew up idolizing him ever again. Whatever we would one day call it, we were something else now. He wasn’t just my mentor, my master, or my friend, we were something more. If he continued, we could be anything and that gave him pause. I wanted that though. To be anything. Hell I wanted to be everything to him. That night was just my invitation for him to have what had essentially always been his. I was glad to see he respected the gravity of my offer. I didn’t need to be his boyfriend, his lover, or anything so official. I just wanted him to know whenever he needed me or wanted me, I was his to have.

He smiled wordlessly as he kissed my forehead. It was a subtle and sweet kiss. It was the last kiss I’d ever receive as the cute little kid brother. From there I was recognized as something to be had. A person free to be desired and indulged in.

Addy didn’t say another word before he nudged his cock against my tailhole. I cooed loudly as it began to push me open. Training for years still didn’t prepare me for his girth or his warmth. When he finally drove it inside I cried out. Partly I was surprised. A bigger part of me had been overwhelmed. It felt much better than any tool or toy. I could feel his cock jitter and pulse inside me as he waited for me to adjust. In my mind, I could hardly stop myself from screaming out. This was the moment and it felt amazing. I wanted more. I wanted him to go further and I almost whined for him to continue. Thankfully he could see the need in my eyes. I didn’t have to tell him he could go on, he just began thrusting.

Sex with my master was amazing. My ass felt full and my body was hot. To listen to him breath and strain as he feverishly pounded my insides with his thick penis was everything I had imagined. I could have experienced it before. There were so many offers. Even men who had been staunch traditionalist, friends of my eldest brother Cailan, had wanted a piece of me. Many of them were handsome, and I almost agreed, but none of them were Adolyn. I knew my first needed to be him. If I was lucky, he’d be the last and only, but I knew that might not be in the cards. Instead, I just enjoyed what I had. He was magnificent. Everything I hoped he’d be.

Adolyn and Cress must have fucked a lot, because his technique was masterful. The courtesans had used tools and toys, strapped to garterbelts to simulate what it would be like, but nothing before felt like the real thing. Addy knew how to move. His stroke was strong and methodical. He’d pushed down and twerk his hips up, hitting and grinding against several points inside of my ass. He listened to the sounds of my moans and cries, targeting places that got the best reactions out of me. Eventually he settled on one point and began thrusting vigorously. I cried out so loud it startled the night birds watching us from the trees.

My vision began to blur a bit as my mind grew fuzzy.Thinking straight wasn’t an option anymore. The only thing my mind could focus on was the pleasure. When Addy drew himself up, I whimpered and moaned. I didn’t want him to move away from me, but couldn’t quite think straight with him still plowing me like a fresh field. My arms scrambled to find something, anything to grab hold to. I ended up with my hands above my head, grasping a pillow for dear life.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I begged. It wasn’t clear at the time what Adolyn was doing, but I knew I needed him to continue. To my great relief he was not moving away as I originally thought, just changing positions. I almost roared when he gripped my hips and drilled his dick deeper inside of me.

“Oh fuck!” were the words that echoed through the night.

Addy was rough then. I could hear him growling and seething through clenched teeth. His strokes had grown more powerful and his pace had increased. I damn near bit my lip off trying not to scream, it felt so good. I was content to just lay there and let my master have his way with me. After all, I am his squire and I was eager to absorb the lesson he was teaching me. But my red-headed lover had other plans.

With a push of his hands and a pull against my thigh, he indicated he wanted me up. I yowled and mewed like a little cub, but he would not have it. Pulling himself out of me, I sighed, upset that I wasn’t still riding the waves of pleasure.

“Turn over,” he ordered. He sounded commanding and expectant. He had no doubt that I would follow his command. I must admit, a part of me felt aroused by being ordered about. I managed to eek out a meager;

“Okay...” as I pawed around on the sleeping mat and turned my body over. My ass stuck out into the air, presented for him in all its glory. I flicked my tail in welcome, letting Adolyn know I was ready for anything he was going to dish out... I wasn’t though. I really wasn’t.

First he lined himself up and shoved his cock back inside of me. I drooled like an invalent, lost in the pleasure of having my prostate massaged by his dick. When he leaned forward, pushing himself deeper, I cried out ‘yes!’, unaware of what would come next. When he took my hair in his hand and wrapped it around his fist, I was too busy enjoying the thrusting to notice. But when he yanked back and my head snapped up, I shouted out loudly.

“Oh my GODDESS!” I exclaimed.

Using my hair like the reigns of a steed, Adolyn began to jacknife his penis deep into me. Hitting deeper and harder than before, I could barely catch a breath as my head jerked back and forward. I felt my tongue reach out of my mouth as my maw opened wide and all I could do was moan in tune with his thrust. The sounds of his hips slapping against me were loud and rhythmic. He kept pushing harder and harder, giving my body what I’d craved for years.

Eventually, he let go of my hair and focused his hands back to my hips. The entire experience was as close to nirvana as I think a mortal kin can get, and the strain of his love making exhausted me. My muscles felt weak and fatigued, and I could no longer hold myself up. I felt his body lean over me, as my head went down into the pillow and I held it tightly. Pushing my buttons over and over, I wanted nothing more but to howl at the moon, like some barely civilized wolf cub, recently discovering his voice.

When he reached around my waist and grabbed my penis, I almost lost it. Despite not having touched it much, it was stiff, sensitive, and responsive to his touch. I had leaked a great deal of my love fluid on the bedroll beneath me. As he carefully massaged my dick, the pleasure throughout my body began to magnify. Like a spell had been cast, lightning shot up my spine and out through to every inch of me. It was an ecstasy I could hardly bare. To keep myself from simply crying out, I did, in fact, ‘bite the pillow’.

I came before he did. I simply just couldn’t handle it all. When he pushed me down with his body and began fucking me so close that I could feel his breath on my neck, I knew I was going to blow. But to my surprise it wasn’t the physical pleasure that pushed me over the edge. It was a small bit of pain.

It was once traditional to physically mark what was yours when you claimed it. This is true for most kinlings all across Theria. Usually this happens during the first sexual encounter between a male and a female he intends to mark as his mate. A feral thing that has been ingrained in us kinlings since the days our ancestors’ were feral beasts. It’s not practiced much anymore, but the compulsion to do so is strong. I remember how I felt having sex for the first time. I had almost sunk my teeth into the courtesan on instinct. I was young and inexperienced, I didn’t know any better. Adolyn was older and certainly more experienced, so when he bit down deep into my trapezius, I was surprised.

The pain was followed by confusion and then elation, then a wave of pleasure that was triggered by all my childhood hopes and dreams. Adolyn had marked me, properly. I could feel the slow ache as my muscles responded to the deep bite. For some reason, that did it for me, and I came... hard.

Adolyn would cum not soon after, injecting my tailhole with his seed and filling me up. The warm feeling was amazing and I could do nothing but lay there and take it in. He came a great deal. So much so that I felt that if he removed his dick, I may just leak it all on the bedroll. Neither happened though. I didn’t leak, and he didn’t take his cock out of my ass. He simply held it there as he shuddered above me.

Despite the dull ache in my shoulder, I felt amazing. Even the slight tinge of pain as he licked my wounds and matted the damp fur around his bite, was soothing. I wanted to say something, to tell him how it felt, but I didn’t have the energy. It wasn’t long before fatigue caught up with me and I was fast asleep, my master still inside of me, cradling me in his arms.

When I awoke the next day, Adolyn was still there next to me. He had been awake for some time. My panties were no longer soiled and my bedroll had a fresh linen, so I knew Addy had done some clean up while I was asleep. I could feel a bit of dampness in my fur. A sign that he’d made sure the nights festivities had been properly sanitized. A curious, but pleasant smell was in the air. Something like lilac.

To my dismay, he started by apologizing for his behavior. He explained how he’d let his loneliness get the better of him and that he should never have taken advantage of me. I found out that he knew that I had admired him, and even that I had desired him. He had tried to resist doing anything about it because he believed that it was improper. Not because of his relationship with Glendriel, but because I was too young to know what I wanted.

The caracal knight had watched me struggle with my sexuality and identity for a long time. He thought that he had represented that pull toward something people expected me to be, and apologized that he’d let his own emotional issues affect me. He called me out on the carpet by pointing out that I had acted differently, being more aggressive and affectionate since the wedding. He felt guilty because he thought I was trying to cheer him up and was willing to give him my body to do so. It was cute. He had no idea who I really was deep down inside. I meant to change that.

After he explained that he wasn’t prepared to be involved with anyone, and he wouldn’t be for some time, I stopped him. I knew all that. I also knew he wasn’t prepared to love another man after Cress. Cress had been it for him and that was an idea he wasn’t ready for. I openly admitted to all my manipulations and machinations to drive us to that moment. I promised him that it was he and not I who had been affected by his emotional issues. I cried, almost embarrassed at my lack of shame as I told him that I exploited his grief in order to get closer to him. I wanted him to know that I didn’t regret it and that it was the only way for him to actually see me. Even then he was trying his best to fit me into his mental image of the innocent little boy he knew.

Instead of being upset or rejecting me, he hugged me. I tried to apologize, but he wouldn’t have it. Alternatively apologizing to me for not recognizing my heart sooner. He promised that despite the fact that he wasn’t ready for a new lover, that he would be whatever he could for me. I joked as long as he fucked me again like he had the night before, I didn’t care what he labeled us as.

Kissing him on his lips lightly, I whispered a quiet vow.

“I can be a lover in the light or a passion in the shadows. Your heart, your friend, or just your toy. As long as I can have you, I don’t care what I am to you.” I swore those words and affirmed them with all my heart. I didn’t care if Adolyn loved another, or if he was married, and I was just a fuck toy he played with from time to time. If he and I could be together in any way, I wanted that. I needed that.

Adolyn looked slightly disturbed, but didn’t answer me for a long time. When he finally found words, he asked me if I was okay with that. I answered him by reaching up to my shoulder and

caressing the wounds he’d caused last night.

“I am yours, after all.” I teased. He looked cute as he pouted, ashamed of his irresponsible behavior. I knew he was overcome last night and that he hadn’t intended to really mark me as his... but he had, and I was going to leverage that against him for the rest of my life. Addy smiled then, kissing me on my forehead, but not like the night before. There was something else there that made it feel like not a ‘friends’ kiss. As he leaned back, lying on his pillow, I relaxed my head in his arms. The two of us stayed that way until the sun rose high above the clouds and the days adventuring would need to be done.

Some think my relationship with my Knight’s Master is a complicated one. Those on the outside looking in cannot understand our dynamic. But ever since that first night, I knew what I was and I take pride in it. No matter what, I always want to be there for him. If he needs me in any capacity, I will be there, because every time I look in his eyes I see what I saw that first night; the man that I love.


Practice Makes Perfect by Dksk30

Tue Jul 30 13:15:57 2019

Cassie wasn't always the bad ass Ranger he is now. Those skills require constant practice and hard work. Just the same as any other archer, Cassie puts in his time at the range. Both accomplished at distance sniping and speed firing, the young lions skills have been highly praised throughout his career. No wonder Adolyn prefers to have his former squire watch his back.

The art for this lovely piece was drawn by Dksk30. You can find him and his wonderful art on FA @


Keeping it simple [2]

Tue Jul 30 00:41:09 2019

Page two of this comic. it's been done for a while just haven't posted it. Our bad.

Page 1::


Camden by toxicnightcandy

Sat Jul 27 17:41:01 2019

Lovely ych commission done by toxicnightcandy of Camden. Wet kitty action.

You can find more art from the artist on their page here:


Banging the red Guard

Tue Jul 23 15:19:20 2019

A YCh featuring Danny, a member of the red guard. Though he holds a position of authority, his tiny size does lead to some issues. Danny is also part the upcoming comic "Queens's Blade" which features Priya.

Danny is creative property of zero-pro.

All other characters are creative property of their owners.


Horizon character sheet

Sun Jul 21 18:56:19 2019

A character sheet for ezekiael of they\re character Horizon. Horizon is from Ayers, where the foxes reside, and is an Agent of the Order of the Nine. Displayed here is the Agent's outfit. More on the stealthy side than combative. We plan on doing more stuff with the Ayeri.


Adolyn x Luna comic by Sinsquared [4/4]

Sat Jul 20 15:23:14 2019

Here we have a little bit of an idea the nature of the relationship between Adolyn and Lina's older sister Luna. The two were definitely more than just acquaintances. We hope you enjoy the series and we look forward to doing more of these with Sinsquared if we can. You can find more art from the artist here


Adolyn x Luna comic by Sinsquared [3/4]

Sat Jul 20 15:22:19 2019

Here we have a little bit of an idea the nature of the relationship between Adolyn and Lina's older sister Luna. The two were definitely more than just acquaintances. We hope you enjoy the series and we look forward to doing more of these with Sinsquared if we can. You can find more art from the artist here


Adolyn x Luna comic by Sinsquared [2/4]

Sat Jul 20 15:21:13 2019

Here we have a little bit of an idea the nature of the relationship between Adolyn and Lina's older sister Luna. The two were definitely more than just acquaintances. We hope you enjoy the series and we look forward to doing more of these with Sinsquared if we can. You can find more art from the artist here


Adolyn x Luna comic by Sinsquared [1/4]

Sat Jul 20 15:19:35 2019

Here we have a little bit of an idea the nature of the relationship between Adolyn and Lina's older sister Luna. The two were definitely more than just acquaintances. We hope you enjoy the series and we look forward to doing more of these with Sinsquared if we can.

You can find more art from the artist here


For the Little Prince by Dksk30

Fri Jul 19 14:44:33 2019

A little something something drawn of Maelyn by Dksk30. You definitely should check him out on FA. There is a not so cummy version available for download.

maelyn_cum_by_dksk30.png maelyn_by_dksk30.png

Through the Shadows by Kitty-Dee

Fri Jul 19 14:23:01 2019

Another excellent piece by Kitty-Dee. She did a good job with the mood in this image.


Maelyn by Kitty-Dee

Mon Jul 15 19:18:29 2019

A little image of our favorite marbled cat by an incredible artist.


Fair Trade by NeverNeverland

Sat Jul 13 21:38:32 2019

Gaz is often on the receiving in of his petulant lieutenants sexual frustrations, but the tanuki doesn't mind. Sometimes you got to let the young guys know whose really boss. Palden's learning.


Incubus Adventure Cover by RoxyHana

Thu Jul 11 22:55:55 2019

This will be the ongoing, hopefuly, adventures of Zachariah the incubus. Expect to see elderian creatures and other cubi like Estix and Monette feature.

As always the art for these comics is drawn by the lovely Roxy-Hana. Though I'm pretty proud of the typography on the title art.


Manalaka by Vlikmit Kovsh

Thu Jul 11 01:15:23 2019

He walks with a confidence that is neither abrasive nor intimidating. He isn't rakish or pompous. He isn't taken to outburst of bravado or bluster. The strength he carries deep within is a tool like any other to him. To be wielded only when needed, not to be flaunted or boasted about. It serves it's purpose and nothing more.

I have felt that strength of his for myself. Not just the power of an Imakandi, but of a doyen. Torian is the alpha of his pack. The most talented and skilled warrior and hunter among other exceptional huntsmen such as himself. I call him, Manalaka , a word in the old tongue of my people. I tell him it means 'little warrior', but that is a half truth. The full phrase is ‘Mana laka tuwaka’, Manalaka is a diminutive version of it. The correct translation is; 'My Little Warrior”, for he is mine.

I do not think he quite understand this yet, and I have no desire to explain what is obvious. The huntresses of the Palawa choose our mates carefully, and in my culture it is the only choice that matters. If a huntress wishes a man to be her mate he, simply cannot refuse. It is a high honor that few would consider declining.

I have crossed many men in my life, quite a few of them have stood against me on the field of combat. None have ever been found anything but lacking, until Manalaka that is. My little warrior is the only male who I have found worthy.

Though I defeated him in our first encounter I saw his skill for myself. Fighting along side him, my suspicions that I wasn't the only one holding back during that conflict was confirmed. My scarred wolf has shown himself to be a powerful adept and the talents of his people are impressive, but none so impressive as his ability to simply fill my days with a happiness and contentment.

As he sits there, tending to his blade and humming to himself, he looks to me to be everything I needed right now in my life. I walked away from my people to find a purpose beyond what I am expected to be, to see what more I can be. At his side I no longer feel aimless or restless. I no longer feel like an Outsider. Sure, there is danger and our lives are full of peril, but as long as I can face it with him by my side, I will face it with a smile.

He is Manalaka. He is mine, even if he doesn't know it yet. One day, when he sees it for himself, he will know as I have; that it has always been this way. It just took a while for mother Anjea to lead us together. Some day he will know, until then it's enough to me that I do.


Vega Sketch by Psychoesby

Wed Jul 10 02:23:49 2019


Vega Sketch Work by Psychoesby

Wed Jul 10 02:21:27 2019

A little sketch for a comic that's coming up.


Pretty Kitty by Caninelove

Wed Jul 10 01:43:44 2019

A little pick of Guy Eridanus by Caninelove.


In The Eye of the Beholder by Gofa

Mon Jul 1 18:32:59 2019

Cliche name is cliche, but so appropriate. Definitely wanted to do an image showing the two prettiest male Raven Knights kicking ass. Galveira's Reach is a powerful bow with the ability to compress mana into bolts of energy. These bolts can be altered to any element and can influence the nature around it, disrupting mana as well.

Murgleis is a powerful weapon that not only has spells enhancing it's sharpness and ability to cut, but also it's rose colored energy can either enhance the man infused into it, or draw mana from it's victims turning their own quintessence back on them. This allows Murgleis to be powerful enough to harm creatures with a powerful Soul's Defenses.

The art of this image is drawn by Gofa. You can find her artwork around FA @


Announcement About The Patreon's Discord Channel

Sun Jun 30 14:21:40 2019

After thinking about this for months, I've decided to close the Patreon's Discord Channel. It was created so that patrons could have ready access to update, participate in discussions or events pertaining to ATKM and be a way to connect with the fans. This just hasn't worked out that way. As we strive to adapt here we're going to be making changes. Things that work we will expand upon, things that have not worked we will be cutting.

We'll be taking a look at the story contest as well. If Next month the participation isn't there, we will be forced to cut that too.


Pressing the Prissy Prince by Yuukari-Nee

Thu Jun 27 00:47:59 2019

Yuukari did a fantastic job showing Vandell getting a little private time with one of the Royal Guards, this one happens to be a subordinate of his older brother Eland. Perhaps he's using his charms to entice the young knight to serve a better master.


Manali Vajna the Asura Warrior by Sinfulwhispers

Sun Jun 23 23:50:48 2019

Manali is a veteran Raven and a descendant of the Stroudi Rakshasa, the brutal and deadly vanguard of the Ravana; the ruler of Stroud. The Rakshasa were Asura warriors with only one mission, devastation. Asura use their mastery of the flow, which they call; 'chakra' do disrupt, destabilize, and destroy the connection between their opponents and the flow.

Their techniques have a devastating affect on both the physical and astral body of their victims and their savagery and ferocity in combat is in stark contrast to the beauty and grace of their chosen mode of combat.

Most of the Rakshasa were killed during the Baptism of Fire and the fall of Stroud. Though many Stroudi surivors made their way to Leveria, several of their warriors and spell casters travelled the lands, opposing the Stone King's armies where they could, throwing their lives away for petty revenge.

This came to an end when the Queen of Hearts, Alanzia de Lioncourt united most of the furkin of Theria into a unified force. The survivors of the Rakshasa would band together and lend their talents to the coalition, becoming a valuable tool against their lizardkin enemies.

When the Baptism ended, many of the Rakshasa vanished. Some returned to Stroud, to mourn the loss of their Kingdom and King. Some refused to stop fighting, continuing illegal campaigns against Sauria and its lizardkin population. Others settled down in Lioncourt, laying down routes and assimilating into the culture, but their traditions and beliefs would endure.

Manali Vajna's family has kept there martial tradition alive and Manali. Trained in the art of destruction, Manali believes that their is no peace without violence. The world needs ogres to become a great and terrible calamity upon the wicked. Those who would threaten the balance must be destroyed in the most gruesome and brutal fashion, for Asura believe only a monster can properly destroy monsters.


Prince Vandell by Ongi

Sat Jun 22 20:14:16 2019

The purring prince of Lioncourt, Vandell.
Art is done by Ongi


Luna by Kardie

Thu Jun 20 20:58:10 2019

Haven't seen a picture of Luna in a while so we decided to get an image from the wonderful Kardie. Kardie is doing a comic for us called "the Measure of Magic" which involves Luna and her sister Avelina. Luna is part of the Librarium and has assigned Lina to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Kinlings who visit a mysterious forest. What they discover is quite interesting.

Find more art from the artist here


Multipurpose Rune stones

Mon Jun 17 20:16:08 2019

Rahji again, this time experimenting with the use of rune stones. Runes stones vary in the world, can summon small spells of the elements and more. Not as powerful as those who are adept in the skill of magic but still pretty useful. This one being a small quake stone of sorts. It's...pretty intense from what can gander.


Cassie's VA

Sun Jun 9 02:45:09 2019

We're trying to decide on Cassie's voice. Any opinions?

Glen and Amelia by JavKiller

Sat Jun 8 04:30:50 2019

A bit on the hetero side of things. We have Glen with Amelia this time. Amelia Greyers is of the Royal Guard and stays close to the Crown. Here rivalry with Megogo is well known, this is includes love sexual escapades. Although Megogo doesn't see Glen more than a friend and friendly romp, Amelia has a higher interest in Glendriel. But unknown to here, or her own pride, Glen prefers to keep a pretty good distance from the lioness. or else he be caught in the two rivalry contest of sorts.

She's competitive when Megogo is around and wants to prove she is better. But alone, she is more tame and manageable.

Find more art from the artist here


Raven Knight Maelyn by PetiteCat

Tue Jun 4 17:06:49 2019

A cute image of Maelyn in his Raven Knight uniform before ranking up.

Find more art from the artist here:


Fall of the Glacial Wyrm by Gofa

Sun Jun 2 03:30:20 2019

Though Frost Dragons have been extinct in the Asenian Expanse for years, their feral cousins still haunt the snowy plains of Amarok. 'Glacial Wyrms' are Mana Beasts thought to have been born of mana to protect Tarqeq, a magical city of legend that only appears under the light of the moon.

Tarqeq is believed to sit on the largest Mana Spring in the world, though sealed under the ice. A treasure trove of Mana Stones, Magical Talismans and objects, it is said to be the remnant of the Kingdom of the first kinlings to settle the Expanse.

During times long past, Frost Dragons were able to dominate and control glacial wyrms, With the death of the last Frost Dragon in Theria, Arviat, the glacial wyrms had largely disappeared from the tundras of Amarok. Appearing randomly, these mighty beast cause devastation on a large scale and villages and communities without powerful Imakandi are often obliterated by them.

Luckily, glacial wyrms appear rarely enough that they are not considered a large threat. The last having been defeated in Torian's youth, though it cost his father, the previous Kaidon, Nuruk Akuja his life. When a new wyrm rose to threaten the peace and stability of Amarok, Torian would face the threat boldly as his father had, but he would have the might of a Palawan Huntress on his side.

The art for this fantastic piece was drawn by the ever talented Gofa; please support their artwork on FA @


Spa day with Jonah by gizmo0sue

Tue May 28 02:42:42 2019

An unposted piece done b the talented gizmo0sue. There haven't been enough Jonah images so we decided to show this one off. enjoy!

Find more art from the artist here:


Aritrea Eridanus Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Wed May 22 16:13:39 2019

Though Aritrea's life began with privilege and charm, this would not remain the case in her adult life. After failing to win the heart of her Academy crush, Adolyn Valenrow, Aritrea was distraught to learn that the Dalishkin had forgone his final year of Academy and took apprenticeship under Dame Arietta Wolcott, a Dalish Knight-Errant that took the young caracal on adventures beyond the borderlands of Evandale and out of her grasp for a time.

This would influence Aritrea's decision to squire under a Dalish knight, Sir Kelvin Boulos, and spend her apprenticeship as a member of the Border Legion. She would eventually serve in the 15th, knowing that Adolyn would come to serve in that company as all Valenrows have.

During this time Aritrea would be courted by Cress Andola, a young Dalish knight of Palawan descent whom she'd been acquainted with during her time at Leonhart. Cress was the young gala boy who Aritrea enjoyed bullying up until Adolyn stood up to her on Cress' behalf. The young thylacine would ultimately become Adolyn's best friend at the academy and Aritrea had sought to make amends with him for her time tormenting him in theiryouth, so when Cress began to court her, Aritrea was happy that he'd forgiven her past transgressions against him.

Though Adolyn would eventually return to Lioncourt and serve alongside Aritrea in the Border Legion, the two would never fully develop a lasting relationship. Though the borderman showed strong interest in Aritrea upon his return, unbeknownst to Aritrea at the time, Adolyn found out that Cress had fallen in love with Aritrea and intended to ask for her hand. Unwilling to stand in Cress' way or cause him pain, Adolyn stopped pursuing Aritrea.

Unaware of the circumstances around Adolyn's sudden lack of interest, Aritrea would entertain Cress' advances with more enthusiasm, hoping to make Addy jealous. Instead of spurring Adolyn into a renewed pursuit of her affections, her actions ended up strengthening the bond between herself and Cress, eventually leading to their marriage. Though Aritrea confronted Adolyn before accepting, urging him to reconsider their relationship. Visibly distraught, Adolyn simply wished Ari and Cress the best, angering the lioness; who promptly struck Adolyn and stormed away.

After her wedding, Aritrea learned the truth of Cress and Adolyn's relationship during their time in the Academy and how Cress broke Adolyn's heart. She was able to intuit the truth behind Adolyn's actions, and why he had left Academy to squire out beyond the lands of Lioncourt. It was the same reason that he became a squad commander of the 15th's forward infantry, spending most of his time on the fringes of the borderlands and beyond. Adolyn was running away from his heartache. He'd given up on her and his own happiness to see that his first love Cress, and his second love, her, would be happy in his place. Aritrea tried her best to respect his sacrifice.

Eventually, Adolyn would return to lead the 15th, with both Cress and Aritrea as officers in the company. For a time, things went well. Adolyn did not speak of his sacrifice and Aritrea endeavored not to open any old wounds. Cress and Adolyn's friendship slowly repaired itself and all was good for a time, but Aritrea's happiness would turn to ash before her very eyes after long. Soon, everything she held dear would be ripped from her grasp.

The first of the devastating blows Aritrea would have to endure was the lose of her mother. During the battle of Herald's Keep many prominent figures in the Lioncourt Knighthood lost their lives in defense of the King and nobility. Among the casualties was Aritrea's mother. The 'Silver Sword' fought bravely and defended King Legault de Lioncourt to her last breath, single-handedly defeating six of Sauria's elite Dragon's Blade warriors, scores of foots soldiers, and kobold skirmishers. Though she fought valiantly, she was unable to stay the onslaught and failed to save the King, both dying of mortal injuries after a protracted engagement with their attackers.

Furthermore, Aritrea's family would have to endure the shame of her father's dishonorable dismissal from the Crown Guard. When King Eriol de Lioncourt ascended to the thrown after his father's death, his first act was to punish the King's Captain of the Guard for deserting his father in his time of need. Though the Crown Guard and other nobles who bared witness to the King's emphatic order that Sir Harlem take half of the Guard to find and protect Prince Eriol, and that Harlem had originally refused the order not wanting to leave the King's side, the now King Eriol refused advice of friends, family, and council, dismissing Harlem for dereliction of duty.

Making matters worse, Aritrea and the Border Legion had secured the Prince during the conflict. When Harlem found Eriol in the company of his daughter and her unit, he immediately returned to aid the king, with whom he left his wife to defend, knowing though it was the best chance for the King to survive without a full compliment of his Guard, that it would likely mean Porscha's death. King Eriol refused to acknowledge the sacrifice of House Eridanus during the crisis and in doing so earned Aritrea's undying resentment. She would resign her commission as a Knight of Lioncourt, spitting in the face of the new King and earning the ire of his council. Though many sought to ave her punished, King Eriol showed mercy, acknowledging that his decisions were unreasonable, but that he would not go back on them.

Aritrea would return to Eridani Fields to find a new direction in her life. For their bravery and accomplishment during the battle, both Cress and Adolyn had been recruited into the Sacred Order of Raven Knights, neither returning to their place in the Border Legion. Aritrea would spend the next year studying under her grandfather, learning how to properly rule her duchy. She and Cress grew closer and Aritrea eventually became pregnant with his child. Things seemed to be looking up and Aritrea invited both Cress and Adolyn to the manor to share the good news, but still uncomfortable with the loss of both of his loves, Adolyn often declined such personal engagements. A decision that all parties involved would one day come to regret.

When Cress returned to the manor to visit, taking time from his duties as a Ranger of the Order, Aritrea would celebrate with her husband the pregnancy. After a night of merriment and dining, the two would share their last night together. That night the manor was attacked by a small army of mercenaries. The manor was set a blaze and the two lovers were attacked in their bedroom. Aritrea was critically wounded taking two crossbow bolts to the chest and being stabbed through the stomach as she struggle to rise and defend herself, naked in her bed. Cress would rise up to protect his wife, but Aritrea would lose consciousness due to the severity of her wounds. It would be the last time she would see her husband alive.

After the tragedy Aritrea would awake under the care of the Erdani Clerics, who, though they were able to save her life, were unable to save her child's. Believing the attack was the work of a rival House or some enemy she'd personally made, Aritrea blamed herself for the tragedy. She'd all but resigned herself to self loathing until Adolyn appeared and became the unwitting target of her ire. She accused Adolyn of cowardice, blaming him for not pursuing her. She believed that Cress would still be alive had Adolyn married Aritrea, as no one would have dared attack the 'Crimson Raven' in such a way. Had Adolyn been closer to them, rather than distant, wallowing in his own sens of pity and heartache, perhaps things would have been different.She believed his presence would have made a difference.

Aritrea would grow bitter and despondent over the course of her treatment. Though Adolyn did not leave her side, she could tell he burned to hunt down those responsible, often being caught receiving and relaying messages via Ravenhawk in pursuit of that goal. Aritrea refused to speak to Adolyn, angry that he was probably more upset at Cress' loss than she was. Eventually, when she was healthy enough, she managed to sneak away from her hospital bed and leave Eridani Fields without notice. She would not be seen again for some years, and the young woman that left, would not be the same one that returned.


Young Aritrea Eridanus Character Sheet

Wed May 22 05:00:46 2019

Aritrea Eridanus was born heir to the duchy of Eridani Fields in the Assyrian Province. Eldest daughter of Harlem Eridanus and his wife Lady Proscha Eridanus née Calenhael, Aritrea was born into one of the greatest houses in Lioncourt. Her mother was known far and wide as the 'Silver Sword'. Holding the titles of First Knight of Maahes, First Blade of Bast, Porscha was considered the most talented Blade Master in all of Lioncourt. Both her parents served as members of the Crown Guard. Aritrea's father Harlem served as Commander of the Crown Guard for many years before his dismissal.

With such a pedigree and lineage, Aritrea grew up spoiled and arrogant, sure of herself and her place in the world. Naturally talented, Aritrea breezed through life on her name and social status, eventually gaining the honor to train at Leonardt Academy in Bast, the most prestigious Knight's Acaademy in Lioncourt.

As a teenager, Aritrea was a bit of a self-centered, brat, who was guilty of a being both a snob and bully to those of lesser status. Despite this, she was incredibly popular among her contemporaries and was well liked by her instructors, though she was often accused of coasting on her talent and not working hard. This would all change one day when she met an incomparable young freshman named Adolyn, whom stood up to her on his very first day of Academy.


London Grisweald Character Sheet

Tue May 21 17:14:41 2019

London is a tough and sassy sun bear whose family have served the Great House Valenrow since the Baptism of Fire five hundred years ago. Born as a 'Caenisian Daughter'; a kinling who is physically female with the exception of their male genitalia, London never saw herself as a maiden or a potential paramour to be married off to another noble. Instead, her unique circumstances largely precluded her from the tiresome machination of Dalish marital politics, the only politics the kinlings of the Dales enthusiastic in participating in.

Instead she ended up befriending her Lord's young heir, Adolyn Valenrow, at a young age. Becoming part of his entourage. Along with Soven of House Kellen of Kellendale, Asher of House Basara of Yarden, and Glendriel of House Assyrius of Assyria, London was part of the Dalish heir's circle of friends from a very young age. The two had met when they were merely pups still nursing on the the tit.

A confidant and talented fight, London is a career Legionnaire in the Border Legion, and has served since graduating from Evandales Knight's Academy in the the Dalish capitol. She is an aggressive, but intelligent fighter who has the respect of her peers. Currently serving in the 15th as a squad commander, London could very well lead her own company, but stays in the 15th to support and watch over Aritrea Eridanus as a special favor to her childhood friend, Adolyn.


A Lady's Whims [5 of 5] by Roxy-Hana

Sun May 19 17:43:07 2019

And that is the end! We have another comic in store by roxy-hana coming soon. This time, we see what Zachariah is up to with the Keepers.


Discontinued Comic Project Escort Duties [2 of 17]

Sun May 19 17:41:24 2019

One more... this one was at least inked but the clothes weren't done yet.


Allure of Lexus

Sun May 19 04:17:48 2019

We happily introduce our new character Lexus into the ATKM universe. Lexus will be part of the Leverin, best described as the elves of the world. They are old and their longevity is quite impressive. They also one of the most knowledgeable of the world of Theria.

This is one of a series of Lexus images that we are doing to welcome the cutie in the project. this one is for Saren-vorterin with their character Winter.


The King's Lands: The Third Rule of Business

Sat May 18 00:48:53 2019

First Writing contest Prize for Ezekiel
Art by Zeiro and colors by Us.

It was good to be in a safe place as evening fell. It definitely wasn’t home, but it was close enough. Jalana had returned to her haven, a small township just far enough away from the city to avoid any unwanted entanglements. It was a quiet place most of the time. Only certain seasons brought commotion and activity, especially to the tavern at the very center of the township. Her safe place. The owner, Vale, was a good friend.

Jalana quietly slipped in through the backdoor to find a half-full tavern enjoying the end of the work week. It was a night for good drink and maybe the soft touch of a new lover for a lucky few. It was usually that way on payday. Everyone was always in high spirits.

It would have been easy for Jalana to cop a few free drinks at the bar, the locals were having a grand time and a few were already looking in her direction. Though she had a basic orange white fur pattern that most red foxes shared, Jalana considered herself above average as a woman. Years of hard training and exploring dangerous ruins had left her with tight, fit body that men enjoyed looking at. Jalana, enjoyed being seen. It would be all too easy to give in to their intentions and waste the night away with a pint ale, but despite the allure, the tawny fox decided against it. Her heart just wasn’t in it at the moment. After all that had befallen her, she knew it wasn’t going to be one of ‘those’ nights. There was also the matter of that artifact she’d acquired from her former partners. That required the vixen’s full attention.

Looking over the bar, Jalana sat in a corner that gave her a good view of the goings on around her. It was a small place, a ways off from the rest of the tables littered around the room. The distance afforded her a bit of privacy, but still left her able to observe everything around her. Behind the bar, Vale was quick to notice Jalana. A well fed and curvaceous wolf in her late thirties, Vale was possessed of a mature beauty and liked to flaunt it. Her style of dress often accentuated her curves and natural beauty. Despite being in her late thirties, the grey and white wolf was quite the looker, and most men went crazy for her Amaroki accent. With a nod, she acknowledge Jalana, and hurried to finish wiping down her beer mugs. After a moment, she moved to joined the vixen in the corner.

“Well look at you stranger, been quite a while since now. How’ve you been?” Vale asked, smiling.

Jalana nodded to the tavern’s owner.

“Could be better hun, but I’m good. Sechuran showed me her favor, but in doing so revealed a secret I wasn’t happy to have revealed.” Sechuran was one of the Ayeri fox spirits, one of the nine tails of the Goddess Anari. Sechuran was the goddess of secrets and Ayeri ‘Ruin Hunters’ like Jalana prayed for her favor. The secrets of Sechuran usually led to success, treasure, and survival. Those raised in Ayers took prayer to the nine tails of Anari seriously.

“What happened, exactly?” asked Vale.

“I’m no longer a part of the old outfit. Things got a little... contentious between us. Not only had they been weaseling me out of my fare share of the profits, but I found out that they’d been consorting with the Black Hand.” Vale’s eyes opened wide at that point. The mere mention of the shadowy organization sent chills up her spine.

“Bad business getting involved with those cut-throats. Good way to end up dead..” Vale warned.

“I’m well aware. That’s why I helped myself to my share, plus back pay and got the hell out of their. Sadly, that’s one bridge burned to cinders and you know it’s not safe to run the ruins solo, so I’m in the market for some partners.”

Vale nodded, giving Jalana a hardy pat on the shoulder.

“I’ll keep an ear out for you, sweetheart. In the meantime, what’s your poison. Don’t worry, it’s on the house.”

“Let me get something hard and old. I need a little fire in my bones. I’ll cop a room too if you’ve got one, y’know I’m good for it.” Vale knew. With a smile she turned and walked away to grab a bottle of firebreather, she was sure the Jalana would need the good stuff before the night was done.


As the drink began to take the edge off, the night got interesting. The patrons had gotten pretty excited about something over at the table on the west end of the bar. From what Jalana could see, it was a game of dice. The patrons were cheering for a lion and a jackal, both locked in the endless struggle of cold, hard, chance. Seated between them however was someone who caught Jalana’s eye. Dressed far too clean for these parts, an ursa with brown fur and black patterning sat in a simple, but neat set of travelling clothes. His outfit looked as if it was well washed and maintained and he’d manage to avoid the dust and grime that permeated the area. He was quite the contrast to the company he kept.

Watching intently, the bear observed as the dice rolled across the table. He was certainly out of place, Jalana knew that for sure. Though he was quietly drinking and watching the game as others were, he didn’t cheer or get cause a fuss. He was far more reserved than the other patrons. Around him others shouted, laughed and cheered as the lion and jackal traded mild insults. When Vale came back to join her, sporting a glass of bitter for herself and a room key, Jalana asked about this new peculiarity.

“Aye, tell me about that one. The ursa with the clean clothes and calm demeanor over there.”

“Ah, good eye. Can’t explain him to be honest. He just showed up a week ago in a group of three and started mingling with the some of the locals. They say he’s a talented artificer, y’know, the bookish type. History, artifacts, and ancient secrets; the scholarly type. He’s definitely a mage, but I’m not sure if he’s freelance or Librarium affiliated.” Vale stopped to ponder her words and then looked a little more sure as she added;

“I think his name’s Corvo. He’d been very interested in the ruins west of town up until they ran him off. He’s been spending his time here more and more ever since. The boozehounds love him, his keen eyes help keep the game clean and clear. No one tries to cheat while he’s watching.”

Jalana gave the ursa a long hard look and then shrugged.

“Anything else?” asked the curious vixen. Jalana smiled and gestured a hand toward him.

“He’s well spoken, handsome and a sweet man. I wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with him. Love the look his fur. All silky and well kept. Got to love the well groomed ones.”

Smiling Jalana turned her attention from the bear to the crowd around the table.

“Okay, what’s with them?”

Of course the vixen was referring to the numerous patrons who weren’t exactly common to this part of Lioncourt. Though she herself was of Ayeri descent, Jalana’s work had taken her all around the great Kingdom, so she was pretty knowledgeable of which kinlings hailed from where. Not many of who were milling about the bar looked native.

“Oh them, they’re from that labor camp they set up near the ruins west of the township.” answered Vale.

“That place, really? Good luck finding anything of value there. That place has been picked clean for years!”

“Don’t be so sure, I hear they found something big. It’s so valuable, the Raheras who own the land have officially sponsored the venture.”

“Really, the noble House?”

“The same. Even more peculiar is that the whole thing is sponsored by the LIbrarium, so you know whatever was found has to be magical. Possibly a powerful relic. House Rahera is pretty excited about the possibilities. Even some of the lordlings of the House came out to take a look. The other day they came in demanding to see the head laborers, the lion and the jackal over there; and they weren’t alone. The brought sellswords with them too... if I had to guess, I’d say whatever’s going on is gonna be a big deal. A lot of profit to be made.”

Folding her arms and leaning back in her chair, Jalana thought long and hard about the new information. There was definitely money to be made in this for someone with her experience, but the involvement of the Librarium and a noble House meant there would definitely be entanglements. Given her current situation, she wonder if it would be worth it to try to involve herself in the venture.

“They’re not here are they, the lordlings I mean?” she asked after a moment.

“Not at this inn, no, and good thing too. They’re a haughty bunch. They act high and mighty, but their house isn’t all that important. They seem to believe this discovery will increase their standing. For now, they’re at the Amarosa Guild house. They’ve got the commonkin and laborers staying here on the second floor. House Rahera isn’t just paying for their room and board, but their silence as well, at least for now. I don’t mind, it’s been a hefty payday, and truth be told the laborers are far more well behaved then I expected, even with a belly full of drink. They tip well, spend a lot, and keep their damn hands to themselves. What’s not to like?”

Jalana laughed. “Anari save us. I think I might shed a tear.” Vale nodded her agreement. It was a fortuitous arrangement indeed.

Shifting her body, Vale slide down in the chair next to Jalana and they met their heads together conspiratorially.

“I’ve been keeping my eye on a few of the major players here. Y’know, just for my own amusement. The lion can be a real gentlemen. He’s well spoken and tips the barmaids well, but he’s a bit of a paramour that one. He tries to charm the pants off of anything with a chest. I can forgive him that though. He is charming. The jackal on the other hand is a different story. Got to watch out for that one. He’s a wild one, aggressive, haughty and loves his drink. He’s currently on a winning streak and our feline friend is trying to even the score.”

“You can tell all that from just observing?” asked Jalana. Vale winked and pointed over toward the two playing dice.

“House always gets a seat in the game. Last week’s winner got to have a night with me.” Jalana looked a bit shocked as Vale sipped her drink. Grinning slyly, the wolfess simply turned her head and looked away.

“I did say the jackal was wild one.” she chuckled. Taking another sip of her drink Vale blissfully thought back to the night they’d shared together before adding;

“It was well worth the bet.”

Jalana gave Val a sideways glance and smiled.

“Benedictions of being the owner I take it?”

“It has its benefits.” Vale agreed.

“So where’s the bear staying?”

“Second floor, far end. Why do you ask?”

Jalana finished off her drink in a single gulp and readied herself to move.

“I think I’d like to have a chat with him. Found myself something peculiar on that last job, but couldn’t figure out what exactly it is, or it’s worth. Can’t exactly tap any of the old associates connected to the team for help now can I? I thought maybe my luck had run sour, but now you’re telling me a Libarium trained artificer just fell in my lap. If that isn’t Sachuran’s blessing I don’t know what is. There or more secrets to be reveal and I believe she means for me to uncover them.”

Vale grew a concerned, but lighthearted look on her face as she rested her hand on her chin.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do now, Jalana. I do have a business to run here.” she pointed out.

Jalan merely smiled and rose from her seat.

“Don’t worry. It’s just the ‘Third Rule of Business’,” she started.

“Yeah, know what you’re dealing with.” Vale finished for her. The two women shared a knowing smile before Jalana walked away from the table.


Later, Corvo walked sluggishly to his room. It was late and the ursa wanted nothing more to lay in his bed and get some sleep. Tired as he was, he did not notice the footfalls behind him as he unlocked and opened his door. Before he could step in he felt something poke him in the back.

“Hello there friend. I need to have a chat with you. Be quiet for me and let’s go inside.” a woman’s voice instructed.

Corvo froze for a moment. The object against his back pressed harder, the sharp tip slightly pricking his skin. He could feel the pinch as it almost broke through. Slowly, he walked forward, leading the way into the bedroom. Without a word his unseen assailant followed him. Behind he could hear the door swing closed and the lock latch. Keeping his hands to the side, Corvo stood still. He didn’t want to provoke his attacker. Summoning up the most cordially tone he could he eventually said;

“Listen, I don’t have much, but if your here for coin I keep all my kellings in the chest over there. Just take it and go.”

Behind him his assailant, Jalana, smiled.

“I’m not here to rob you big guy.” she started. Pulling away her blade, the tawny fox let a bit of mirth creep into her voice.

“You can turn around, no one’s going to hurt you.”

Despite her words, Corvo did not relax. He turned around carefully, trying to avoid any sudden moves. He could try to conjure a spell or minor magics to defend himself, but at this range he was certain his attacker could cut him down before he managed such a feat. So he simply did as he was told and faced the woman.

His eyes traced down here body, observing what he could, but his attention stalled when he came to the wicked dagger she held in her hand. He knew he was neither the strongest, nor the most physically imposing ursa around. He was barely a few inches taller than the fox and her posture told him she wasn’t at all worried about any threat he posed.

Tossing the knife in her hand, she flipped the blade end over end.

“What do you want with me?” quirred Corvo.

“Don’t worry, nothing sinister. You were just in the right place at the right time for me.” Jalana replied.

After sheathing her blade, the young fox pulled back her hood to reveal herself to Corvo. Before him stood a fit, lithe, young vixen with auburn hair, pretty face and intense silver eyes. By his slow blinking and flaring nostrils, she knew he found her attractive, but that wasn’t enough to erase his weariness.

“An Ayeri fox.” he finally stated. He wasn’t asking a question. Jalana accent was obvious. Anyone who’d met a fox from Ayers would immediately be able to tell. The Ayeri didn’t have the best reputation around Theria, to say the least. Seen as thieves, spies, swindlers and cutthroats. Trust for an Ayeri never came easy.

“I need you’re services and your silence. I’m willing to pay a fair price, I just don’t need anyone else knowing about it.” Jalana explained. Corvo looked her up and down again. He was not in a hurry to believe her words, but Jalana smiled brightly at him and extend her hand.

“You can call me, Ana. Won’t you lend my your knowledge, Artificer Corvo.” she greeted. Cute as she was, Corvo had a hard time denying her. Reluctantly, he took her hand and shook it.

“Nice to meet you Ana, I hope.”

If Corvo was surprised that Jalana knew his name, he didn’t outwardly show it. Instead he sat down on the edge of the bed and place his hands on his lap.

“Okay then,” he began.

“What is it you want me to do exactly?”

Reaching behind her in a satchel she kept on her back, the vixen pulled out a bundle of cloth. As she held it, Corvo could tell it had some heft to it. Deftly, she tossed the item to it and he caught it with an awkward motion, nearly dropping it. The fox laughed and bear glared at her for it.

“That’s not really my forte, my lady.” he sighed as way of explanation. Giggling Jalana replied;


With hff the ursa began to unwrap the bundle, mumbling something to himself about foxes and their brattiness. Unravelling the cloth revealed something spectacular. A beautiful, jewel encrusted, sword hilt. Corvo paused to take in the majesty of the thing. It was made of a silvery metal and was adorned with an ocean blue stone.

“Where did you find this?”

Jalana explained how she took it as payment for services rendered, but refused to elaborate. Though Corvo was more than a little curious about it, but didn’t press. The vixen explained that she’d wanted to sell the item, but didn’t know the worth. Unable to trust her usually sources, she sought an outside opinion. He’d come highly recommended, she said, implying that his character, not his skills had gotten her attention.

Slightly flattered, Corvo decided he’d do the job. Afterall, ‘Ana’ was awfully cute and she had paid him handsomely. It didn’t hurt that the item had already peaked the ursa’s curiosity. Examining the hilt he took mental notes. Turning it back and forth in his grasp, he focused on the details and the craftsmanship. Before long he began to whistle his appreciation and he nodded appreciatively.

“For starters, this is old, very old. Though it looks more or less like an ornamental piece, I’ve seen something like this before. The stone is very distinct.”

After a long pause, Corvo looked Jalana in the eye. A serious expression had etched itself on his face. Looking over the rim of his glasses he beseeched;

“You’ve asked me to hold my tongue, now I must ask the same of you.” Jalan shrugged. She knew the score. Se

He looked back down at the hilt moving it around in his hands. “This thing is old; very old. Looks like just some sort of ornament but; I’ve seen a stone like this before.” Jalana was about to question him when he walked over to the table and sat facing her. “You’ve asked for my silence. I’d like to ask for yours too.”

Jalana shrugged, “Fine by me.”

After some fiddling, Corvo retrieve a hard leatherbound book from the satchel at his side As he opened it, he closed his eyes and ran his hand over the blank pages.

“Mother of us all, source of knowledge beyond the beyond. Reach out from the across the divide and reveal to me the truth hidden by time and darkness” he chanted. As he did so the room grew slightly warm. Jalana could feel the energy coming off of him as the flow relented to the mages will. Faint lines of light began to etch themselves across the pages of the book. Jalana could smell a burning scent, like cinnamon as the spell took hold. Wisps of mana danced between the ursas fingers as a magical circle appeared below his hand. Strangely, this caused his book to grow thicker, the spine and edges covering in what looked to be a slick, black, stone. She’d seen such books before, Magus Arcanums they were called. Each mage had their own and the spells and secrets within were decipherable only to the user and those they allowed. It was history of their personal arcane masteries.

With a flick of the wrist the books pages turned of their own A flick of the bear’s wrist saw the book open on its own. He gestured right with his finger and the book flipped to a new section, repeating the process. Looking intently at characters and symbols that she could not hope to understand, the artificer studied his arcanum intensely. Silently, he processed the information and shifted on the side of the bed.

So intently did he study the hilt and the information presented in his tome, that he didn’t even notice vixen moved up next to him. He’d been on his guard a bit since they’d met, but now he was completely immersed in his task. Jalana liked that he was no longer worried about her trying to kill him. She often lamented the poor reputation her people had around Theria. It made doing business harder. But over the years she’d found stunts like the one she’d pulled earlier necessary. Sometimes you had to force the issue, because trust wasn’t a luxury an industrious explorer could afford. Suddenly the quiet bear spoke. His professional tone and quiet demeanor was betrayed by a hint of excitement in his voice.

“It’s a Clavem Magicae.” he announced.

“A what?”

“It's a Clavem Magicae” he said more slowly. Careful to better enunciate his words.

“More or less a Magic Key...”

Jalana understood that, but she had a more pressing question. If it was a key, what did it open? Of course she asked and her artificer showed his quality by having an answer at the ready.

“Historically they opened a very specific type of magic vessel, called a Claustrum.” Before she could ask another question, the chocolate bear gestured Jalana for silence. Placing the item back on the table he folded his arms and began to explain.

“Long ago, incredibly valuable or dangerous items were sometimes kept in special magic vessels called Claustrums. Forged from the living metals and enchanted by magics now lost to the world of kin, these special talismans hid their contents from scrying orbs and the farsight of seekers. The Librarium teaches that they mostly hold small relics of tremendous power, or mana stones condensed with power that dwarf what can be found today. To open such a vessel, a special key was need, a Clavem Magicae.”

Corvo went on to describe how the keys weren’t specifically linked to a certain vessel, and that any clavem could open any clanstrum. As long as the user could touch and manipulate the flow of Mana, they could use the key. This was why a clavem was so valuable, though quite a few vessels had been found over the years, only a few of the clavem magicae had ever been discovered. Most in the know would pay a small fortune for a find like this, and the Librarium would perhaps pay even more. Even if the thing was broken, it had a lot of worth to the right buyer.

With the gears turning in her mind, Jalana asked the question that burned in the soul of any businesswoman.

“Just how much are we talking?” inquired the excited vixen.

Shrugging slightly, Corvo was happy to let her know that she could sell the item for at least ten platinum kellings, and that was the low estimate. Stroking his chin he openly pondered about the items origin and whether or not the person who paid it to Jalana knew what they had. The vixen frowned, knowing all too well what the ursa was getting at. It was obvious that her old crew would not be happy to find out about her good fortune. Would they even know what treasure they had. Not many were learned enough to know. She could think of only one who might, Doren, a failed mage. He was actually educated at the Librarium before he washed out. He could have suspected the items true value. It was a thought that left her deeply disturbed.

“Have I answered all of your questions?” Corvo asked, interrupting her deep thoughts. Jalana looked shaken for a moment, but tried to keep a calm face. She did not wish to alarm the artificer.

“Yes, you’ve been well worth the fee.” Reaching over, the brown bear handed her the relic and she began to rewrap it.

“It seems Sechuran has favored me again today, but I feer Ruppell plots to bring me to ruin.” she said softly to herself. Reaching in her satchel she produce another bag of coins, this one bigger than the first she’d given Corvo.

“I imagine your silence just got a little more expensive.” she stated. Corvo shrugged, accepting the additional payment.

“My word is as good as the goddess, ma’am. I’d have kept without additional compensation.” assured the ursa. The shrewd vixen just shrugged. She knew the cost of doing business and decided to err on the side of caution, but there was one thing she wanted to confirm before she departed.

“You’re a Librarium Mage, right. From a different Olcadan than the one the House Rahera is supporting?” she asked simply. Corvo nodded, quietly confirming her suspicion.

“Didn’t want anyone to know your affiliation, huh. Something more here that they’re not telling anyone?” The ursa grinned as he gave Jalana a knowing look;


As she suspected, the well dressed mage had been sent to get a read on just what was found in the Ruin. He’d have alerted his superiors first, but his rivals beat him to the punch. He was now more or less spying on the goings on and keeping an eye on what House Rahera had planned. He believed they had no attention of handing their findings over to the Librarium for study. It was the kind of intrigue that she’d deal with a lot in the past.

Next, Corvo had a question for her.

“What do you plan to do with the clavem? Some may consider it quite dangerous in the wrong hands”

Shifting slightly, Jalana took a long hard look at her prize.

“What are my options; legally speaking? This is my first profitable relic, but my former associates tended to handle this side of the job.” Jalana confided. Bitterly she spat as she recalled their betrayal.

“They weren’t exactly honest with me about everything. So I’m at a loss here.”

Scratching his chin, the helpful bear discussed her options. First he let her know about her about her legal duty. Since their inception the Sacred Order of Raven Knights were the authority over ancient and dangerous magics across the land. Though the clavem itself wasn’t dangerous, it could unlock something that was. She’d be expected to inventory the item with the Order and they’d make the decision on what she could do with it. If they judged it to be too dangerous, they’d confiscate it, but pay her the items worth for her troubles. She’d certainly get ten platinum kellings from them.

Though biased, he considered the Librarium to be her best bet. They would certainly pay more than the Order. Theirs was a legal gray area. The Magus Librarium’s charter allowed them to study such artifacts. Once officially in their possession, they could use certain caveats in the Orders charter to keep the item. Such things happened all the time and Corvo was such a mage that helped facilitate the procurement of such items. If she chose to trust the clavem to his possession, he could use his status to transport it legally to the Olcadan, claiming safekeeping and study. To confiscate the item at that point, a Raven of the Order would have to prove the relic was an imminent threat; which of course they wouldn’t be able to.

Corvo’s words again got the young vixens minds racing. The roots of an idea formed in her head. She happened to be looking for new opportunities and associates to continue her practice. The Librarium would definitely be a good place to start.

“Does the Librarium enlist freelancers to help in their search for magical artifacts. I happened to be an experience Ruin Hunter. I could certainly be useful to your superiors.”

This in turn got Corvos attention. Looking slightly confused and more than a little intrigue he answered in the affirmative, asking if she was looking for work. Jalana just smiled and extended her hand.

“Yes I am, and honey, I’m one of the best around. I’m sure you could do with me.” Nodding in agreement, Corvo was certain he could.


Ranger Tia and Raven Knight

Wed May 15 17:04:11 2019

Been a while since we've seen Tia. She's part of the rangers and is a lead role in the comic "Making Strides" drawn by chococosolo. Being a ranger she does a lot of scouting and investigative works. I guess in this guess she's doing some dealing in collaboration with the Raven knights. Tia is full of spunk ( no pun intended) and proves herself to be a competent ranger.

Tia is creative property of Carmel


May Writing contest and April winner.

Sun May 12 00:46:12 2019

First and foremost we want to announce the winner of April's writing contest: Ezekiel K. with their entry The King's Lands: The Third Rule of Business

Moving on for MAY's writing contest...

Deadline: June 5th 2019

Rook, Zeiro, and Pandy are combining to bring you a monthly writing contest. Here's how it's going to work. You can submit a link to your story that you've written on google documents by commenting on this post. Stories must be 3 to 5 pages, no more than 6. The stories must take place in the ATKM Universe and you are free to pose any questions you have while writing your story us via discord or in a note here. Your story can star your character alone, or you can include any ATKM character.

Stories can be dramatic, scary, sexual, or anything you want. You will be judged on how entertaining the story is an stories that stick close to the canon or does not mess with canon will be considered over other stories. If you want help with that, you can ask. You can also make stuff up, because the winner will have his story edited to fit the canon.

The winner will receive a free colored sketch from Zeiro, where he will lay down the sketch and we will lay down the flat colors. This image will be an accompanying piece for the story you're writing. The final story will be posted here and will be entered to go against all other winners at the end of the year to get a narrated animatic.


A cold Night together by ZerOlativity

Sun May 12 00:36:57 2019

Another piece of the two only done by the artist ZerOlativity . Champa has "the little warrior" where she wants him. Not that he minds. She has chosen the imakandi and he her despite their cultural traditions.

Find more art from the artist here:


Heroes Valley/ The Grave of Swords by Gofa

Wed May 8 20:32:23 2019

In Evandale, there is a place protected by wards, seals, and honored warriors. This place is known as Heroes Valley; but more colloquially known as the Grave of Swords. Here the heroes of Evandale, warriors who accomplished incredible deeds, are buried, each grave marked with a weapon. Most of these weapons are swords, but some spears, daggers, and even bows are in the mix; all are Arcane Arms.

The Arcane Arm that marks a Dalish Heroe's grave varies depending on standing and family. If a hero is the last of his line, then his familiy's weapon will mark his grave. If he or she has children or heirs, that weapon will be passed on to the next generation, and a new Arcane Arm will be crafted for the hero's grave. Each of these weapons are powerful and imbued with not only the essence of mana, but the quintessence of the fallen hero, drawn from what is left in their lifeless bodies.

This is very important to the dalish because they believe that as the soul passes on to the next world, a hero's will is still bound to the land. It is foretold in Dalish religion, that when the Legion falls and the land is threatened with ruin, that heroes of the past will rise from their graves as revenants, and take up arms to defend Evandale once more.

To disgrace the Grave of Swords is the highest crime in Evandale and the punishment for any transgression is severe. In the past, thieves and grave robbers have targeted the grave in order to steal the weapons or the precious mana stones that imbue power to the Arcane Arms. Though in the past Arms have been stolen, none have ever been lost with tracking agents of the Grave hunting down and recovering each lost item.

The Heroes Valley can be visited under supervision by anyone of Dalish birth and those who have been hailed as Dalish Heroes can scout out where they will one day be buried. Those of particular import will have a statue erected of themselves and their body entombed in it’s base. With magic seals placed upon them to ensure that when the need arises, these revenants will wake first. They are called the Great Vanguard and it is the highest honor a Dalish can achieve.

Here we have Adolyn and Aritrea at the grave of Cress Andola, Aritrea's husband and Adolyn's first love.

The art for this piece is drawn by Gofa on FA, if you want to see more of their amazing art go check them out @


Writing contest reminder! Ending soon!

Sat May 4 15:21:56 2019

Just a reminder that the writing contest is ending tomorrow, MAY 5th! If you haven't linked your entry on the post linked below, please be sure to do that now!


Discontinued Comic Project Escort Duties [1 of 17]

Fri May 3 20:22:20 2019

This had been a project I was particularly fond of, drawn by MadTurtle. She however one day vanished without a trace. The story was setting up some things that would have been seen through other stories and stared Prince Vandel, Megogo, Gaz and Luthor.


Mischief Magic...again.

Thu May 2 00:27:21 2019

Avelina using her magic for...the more unusual purposes. This time on the poor ranger Aristeia . Fun times for all. Ari appears as a Ranger in training call 'The art of Seduction.' Pretty much the title says it all.

Aristeia is creative property of his owner


Suggestion box:: Jam session with Meredith

Mon Apr 29 23:24:48 2019

Winner of Aprils suggestion box featuring patrons Arkant, vincenzo,djdank and Blake's characters. Amazing job as usual from Reishuseyu.


A Lady's Whims [4 of 5] by Roxy-Hana

Sun Apr 28 23:31:05 2019

Page 4!


The Lord's Favor 4/6

Wed Apr 24 13:04:16 2019

And page 4!


Maelyn by dksk30

Fri Apr 19 15:37:13 2019

Dksk30, one of the comic artist for ATKM, decided to draw Maelyn for practice. There are two versions. Looks very nice, hoping to see dksk color it in the future if possible.

maelyndksk30v1.jpg maelyndksk30v2.jpg

A Lady's Whims [3 of 5] by Roxy-Hana

Fri Apr 19 13:39:46 2019

We're heating up....


The Hunters by Vlikmit Kovsh

Tue Apr 16 18:22:48 2019

“Where are you going?” she asked him, completely aware of what his answer would be.

“I’m going home, nianda,” he answered, securing his pack. His words were as strong and confident as ever, but she could hear the sadness in them. They met only recently, but the bond between them was as strong as she had ever felt for another. The scarred wolf had become someone special in such a short time. It was almost absurd how much she cared for him.

“Nianda?” she asked, questioning his use of his native tongue.

“Forget it... I must be leaving.” He replied.

They’d only just met, but they’d gone through so much together. Though it was tragedy that made them allies, it was something else entirely that kept them together these past four months. Champa could not just let him leave. Especially when she knew what was in store for him.

“You can’t hunt this guy alone, Torian. You saw what he did...” she warned, remembering just how powerful their prey was. Torian simply grunted and fixed the straps on his sheath.

“I am aware. It is for that reason I must hunt him.”

Champa and Torian were both exemplaries of their culture. Hunters whose duties far exceeded the original definition of the title given to them. Champa, a huntress of the Palawa, was tasked not only with the safety and security of her tribe, but the responsibility of hunting down and eliminating Palawan criminals whose actions negatively affected her people. These criminals were almost exclusively the so called Palawan Mystics, Shamans from the Palawan culture who dealt in dangerous and subversive magic. The prey that Torian sought was one their ilk. A particularly powerful one.

To combat their magic, Huntress’ of the Palawa are trained in ancient techniques to control their quintessence in order to augment their physical abilities. Strength, speed, defense, senses, all can be enhanced by the Palawan ability to control their Lalka or Soul Mind. What the average Therian referred to as quintessence. Champa’s Soul Mind was particularly strong and she was well trained in controlling and manipulating it. She’d been a once in a generation talent, of course it would fall on her to hunt down a vile fiend like Mokoi. It was what was expected of her. What she hadn’t expected was to find an ally like Torian.

Torian Akuja was a hunter from the far north, a land called Amarok. Champa had heard of his kind, nukilik, those with a preternatural affinity with the flow. Their hunters, known as Imakandi, were believed to be the best trackers in all the world. Having spent time with Torian, Champa had found out why. Nukilik like Torian could perceive changes in the flow like a fish could feel the ripples in the water. They could reach out great distances and track others soul minds, and Torian was one of the best. She had been grateful to have him by her side as she tracked down the wicked shaman.

“And you intend to do this alone?” Champa asked. Torian didn’t answer. A long pause was followed by loud, audible, breathing.

“This is no longer a matter for your concern,” the black wolf managed to say through gritted teeth. Champa sighed, running her hands through her long curly white hair. She knew why the gold eyed lupine would say such a thing, but it didn’t calm her growing anger. It was her self control that did that.

“You’re emotional, little warrior. So I will let that pass,” She said sternly. Her amber eyes bore into the back of he head and the timberwolf refused to meet her gaze. Torian paused for another long moment before scoffing.

“You know what I mean.”

Champa moved around him deftly, making sure she stood between him and the exit.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. Torian did not meet her eyes. He simply shook his head and tried to push past her. Barely able to contain her anger, she placed her hand on the wolf’s shoulder and held him.

“There was no way we could have known,” Champa reminded. Remarking solemnly on a decision long since made. Torian’s eyebrows narrowed, but he could still not meet her gaze. His eyes burned under the shade of his voluminous, black hair. His teeth, glistened white against his black fur as he tried desperately to hold back his rage. The wealth of emotions inside of him were stirring up and he couldn’t contain them for much longer. It took every bit of his effort not to lash out at the beautiful wakaleo standing before him.

“I’m leaving,” he snarled.

She knew the Imakandi’s problem and the source of his rage. Champa had made a decision that costed the lives of a few of his kin. Mere cubs who had been victims of Mokoi. They had worked together to track the bastard down and had cut a bloody swath through his followers and protectors to reach his lair. Everything was going well until they were presented with an impossible choice; pursue Mokoi or tend to the kidnapped Palawan children.

Torian had insisted the Palawa would be fine. They weren’t in any immediate danger and they could come back and free them after Mokoi was dealt with. Champa refused to wait, wanting her tribesmen and women to be free of the magical contraptions that the shaman had them bound to. The decision had lost them considerable time and ended up costing precious lives. While they freed the Palawa, Mokoi used his unholy devices to drain the quintessence of the stolen Amaroki children, killing them all. To make matters worse, the boost in power was enough to give the mad shaman an advantage over his pursuers. Torian and Champa had barely made it out with their lives.

In all of his years as ‘doyen’ of a his own pack, Torian had never failed so completely. Worse, Mokoi had almost guaranteed that he would return to the expanse to prey upon more young Amaroki, mocking the hunter and suggesting his peoples legendary tracking skills were nothing if they could not defeat him when found. The insult wasn’t as hard to bear as the truth it revealed. The reality was a open wound that ached terribly.

“I am not leaving your side, Torian,’ Champa declared, embracing him. Torian moved to free himself from her, but without calling upon his inua, he didn’t have a hope of overpowering the Palawan Huntress.

“I don’t...” before he could get the words out of his mouth, Champa head butted him, hard. Stars and colors formed in his vision and the pain of the blow almost took him off his feet. Had she not been holding him, Torian was certain he’d fall.

“You are a man, doyen. One I have acknowledge. Do not dishonor me by behaving like a child!” She growled. Torian wished to fight back. It was in every bit of his nature to do so, but an unavoidable glance into Champa’s eyes stopped him. He’d never seen the warrior women look so distraught. She was almost to tears.

“I know it’s my fault...” she whispered.

Torian grumbled and growled, trying his best to hang on to the haze of anger that had gripped him since the incident. But he couldn’t. Champa’s earnestness and honesty was burning away his resolve. He knew deep in his heart she was right. There wasn’t a way he could have known, but he also knew that had it been anyone else, he’d have ignored their suggestion and pursued Mokoi. Champa had in a short time gained his trust, his respect and more. He feared if he continued to travel with her, she’d further compromise his judgement.

“That’s unfair,” he then thought. Finally truly looking at her. She’d set out to save her people. When presented with the opportunity to save them, she’d taken it. Catching or killing Mokoi was secondary to the safety of those children. It was petty misfortune that the Amaroki children had suffered for that decision and he was blaming her for that. He knew he was, but it was hard to reconcile his feelings.

Without warning, Champa changed tactics. She released her hug and grabbed his face. Torian had been lost in thought, so again he was late in mounting any kind of a defense. His horribly lowered guard was sign enough that he’d gotten far too comfortable with Champa. Despite the fact that she was physically strong enough to effortlessly squeeze his head apart like a melon, the black wolf hadn’t so much as flinched any time she’d moved about him. As she pulled him closer and kissed him, he realized he didn’t need to ask why he trusted her so much.

Kissing her back, Torian felt the tension in his shoulders relax and the cloud of anger subside. He reached up, wrapping his arms around Champa’s neck and kissed her more intensely. Encouraged by this, she kissed him more deeply and the two stood their for a long while, reaffirming their unspoken affection for one another. In the end it was Champa who ended the kiss. Gingerly she moved her head back and looked at him, her eyes glistening, as if she wanted to cry, but Torian knew she wouldn’t. She was a prideful and powerful woman, it would take more than this to break her down.

“I won’t be left behind...” she stated simply. Torian nodded, unable to hold back his smile.

“Very well, nianda... let’s go.” he replied. The smile on Champa’s face was enough to brighten the room. Torian paid her no mind. He was focused on not relieving just how relieved he was that they’d settled the situation. Instead, he simply made his way out of the room as he always intended. This time, Champa did not stop him, she simply followed.

It took three weeks of hard travel to make it back to Amarok. Mokoi had done nothing to disguise his movements. He knew the two hunters would be coming for him, and now he was confident in chances of defeating them. Torian believed this overconfidence would be Mokoi’s downfall. The bastard had done unspeakable things in order to survive just the two of them, now he meant to hide in a country where Imakandi like Torian were common. An error made of equal parts challenge and arrogance. Torian would make him regret it.

“I have a scent...” Champa proclaimed, flaring up her soul mind. Torian could see she was anxious to get started. With his abilities, he could see her inua flowing off of her. It resolved as an orange aura that glowed about her body. Her’s was one of the most powerful he’d ever seen. He couldn’t but smile thinking of how Champa wa as dangerous as she was beautiful. With his sword in hand, his eyes glowed, as he called upon the powers within. Staring deeply into a vast ocean of energy that only he could see, Torian stood tall and firm, his thick, black hair whipping behind him in the wind. With a look of determination on his he declared;

“Then let’s go, hunt’s on!”

The art for this piece was drawn by Vlikmit. They are an incredibly talented artist that need way more love than they get. If you could do me a solid and go show them some love, I'd appreciate it. They can be found on FA @


Midnight Study by Gekko-Seishin

Sun Apr 14 12:41:22 2019

Sir Maelyn Visenya may come off as a bit pompous and self centered, but he isn't a slouch. He believes himself to be smarter, stronger, and better than most, but he trains hard to be so. He spends an equal amount of time training his mind as he does his body, and often enjoys learning new things. Perhaps on one of his nights, someone may want to join his midnight study sessions.

The art for this piece was done by Gekko-Seishin, a talented Russian artist we may work with again on a more permanent basis. If you enjoy this work and want to see more of her talented art, please support her on FA @


Catching a Crow

Sat Apr 13 20:11:23 2019

A crow investigative duties can some times lead them into compromising situations.

Lokanas, being one of these Crews, was out on a little info gathering mission for the High Sorceress Sierra and wound up probing a bit too much. His clerical skills will come in handy once this is all done.

Red pandas belong to Lokanas , Starlorb and richardcrimsonfur


Writing Contest April

Fri Apr 12 15:30:08 2019


Rook, Zeiro, and Pandy are combining to bring you a monthly writing contest. Here's how it's going to work. You can submit a link to your story that you've written on google documents by commenting on this post. Stories must be 3 to 5 pages, no more than 6.

The stories must take place in the ATKM Universe and you are free to pose any questions you have while writing your story us via discord or in a note here. Your story can star your character alone, or you can include any ATKM character.

Stories can be dramatic, scary, sexual, or anything you want. You will be judged on how entertaining the story is an stories that stick close to the canon or does not mess with canon will be considered over other stories. If you want help with that, you can ask. You can also make stuff up, because the winner will have his story edited to fit the canon.

The winner will receive a free colored sketch from Zeiro, where he will lay down the sketch and we will lay down the flat colors. This image will be an accompanying piece for the story you're writing. The final story will be posted here and will be entered to go against all other winners at the end of the year to get a narrated animatic.


Get your fill

Wed Apr 10 18:23:57 2019

Commissions done for Monstercatpbb's Skoda and Maionios with Glen. Tiny Skoda being the hungry little Elderian got more than he bargained for with two beefy men. Can't subdue them all. Let's hope he's able to walk after all of this.


The Lord's Favor 3/6

Mon Apr 8 21:21:40 2019

And page 3!


Girlstown Cameos Needed!

Mon Apr 8 14:28:35 2019

I need female characters or gender bent male characters for a couple of panels in a comic I and Trixythespiderfox are working on. The comic is called Girlstown and as that implies
there are nothing but females in the town. I need to fill the town with girls and it would be nice to have a little money to get that all done, seeing as how it's more work to
make up characters for huge crowds and having detailed background characters.

2 spots will be left for city folks for free for patrons. Just put up a link to the character you would like here and I will pick two of my favorites and they will be in a small cameo for free.

City Folks;
There are 8 slots for 'city girls', basically citizens, merchants, guards that show up in only one or two panels as the characters pass by. These slots are only 25 dollars since you would only
appear in one or two panels. But we would definitely have to draw outfits and stuff like that.

Harem Spots
There are 5 harem spots. These characters will be in multiple panels as the characters confront the main bad guy. These slots are 60 dollars and your character would generally be hanging
out and being sexy little slaves at the feet of the main bad guy. Since the conversation with the bad guy is multiple pages and panels, this cameo will also be.

City Guard Spot
This spot is for a multiple page cameo of the city guard the main character speaks to that leads them to the main bad guy. They will be prominently featured in at least 2 pages.

Character Restictions; No copy written or closed species characters, no birds, no humans, no nekomimis, no taurs and if your character is way complex I might charge you an additional 10.


Camden Eridanus Character Sheet

Sat Apr 6 17:28:30 2019

Aritrea's little sister gets her character sheet. Guess the big sister is next.


Threesome Love

Thu Apr 4 22:49:51 2019

Here we have one of the Raven Knight clerics, Ahman, in between a couple of cute guys. He's definitely enjoying himself.


The Amethyst Wizard by NitricAcid and Samuel-White

Wed Apr 3 03:41:20 2019

Like Knights all across Theria, the Magus Librarium gives titles to all of their Mages, Clerics, and Rune Knights upon graduation of their curriculum. This name is voted on and bestowed by the Circle of Magi, the collection of alumni who evaluate the graduates on their skills. Avelina Mercurius received the nickname Amethyst Wizard based on the odd coincidence the aura that was the physical manifestation of her quintessence always matched her hair color.

This image was drawn by the talented NitricAcid over @Furaffinity. If you wish to show them the love and support, please go to their page and leave a shout and watch them @


Collaboration Commissions [80 USD]

Tue Apr 2 01:09:31 2019

I'm collaborating with Reishuseyu on a big multi character action image. I need some specific roles filled so... if anyone wants to be a part of it please note below with a link to their character.
I may do two of these against two different monsters if I get enough interest.

Raven Knight; [Any Species or Gender]
Raven Knights are the titular 'King's Men' from my comic. They come in four varieties, Rangers, Blade Knights, Mages and Clerics. The average Raven Knight uses a variety of magical equipment
and weaponry to complete their tasks. They are the best equipped of the specialist of Lioncourt and have the most well rounded training to deal with supernatural and magical threats. The average
Raven Knight is more than a match for most of the warriors of the realm, and are both feared and respected across Theria.

Dragon Blade; [Any Gender/ Lizard, Wingless Dragon or Kobold]
The Dragon Blades are an organization that directly serve the Saurian Crown. They are gifted swordsmen who have been granted the use of blades made from the bones of the Ancient Feral Dragons.
A dragon blade is the equivalent in power to a standard Raven Knight, however dragonborn; those with dragonsblood are quite a great deal more powerful. Dragon Blades who are of this species are
equivalent in power to the most talented of Raven Knights and are one of the primary forces that lead to the creation of that organization. Dragon Blades are feared across the land for their efficiency
and prowess in the arcane disciplines. They wield enhancement magic and minor combat spells to augment their martial abilities and natural affinity for the arcane.

Strider of Harimal; [Any Gender/ Rabbits and Hares]
Though Lioncourt boast talented and deadly Rangers both in their Ranger Corps. and the Order of Raven Knights, the true Rangers are of Harimal in Leveria. The Leverin rabbits are long lived, with life
spans rivaling that of dragonkin. As such the rangers have much more experience than the there Courtian counterparts, to whom the Leverin trained in the first place. Strider is the rank given to
a senior ranger and most if not all are Harimali. A Strider has mastery of the martial skills of the bow, short sword and deft hand abilities to go along with his ability to manipulate mana to control and
commune with the nature. Not only can they infuse their arrows and blades with mana to devastating effect, but they can both attack and heal with a form of geomancy unique to the Rangers of Harimal.
These specialist also can commune with feral creatures and command lesser beings through their connection in the flow.

Agent of the Nine Tails; [Any Gender; Fox and Fennecs]
Ayers was once a vibrant Kingdom on the edge of the Free Timberlands, but time and misfortune befell them both during and after the 'Baptism of Fire'. Though their Kingdom is currently weak, the
clandestine order that protects the Kingdom is still strong. The Nine Tails is named after Anari, Ayer's patron Eternian. Though she like the rest of the Eternian's were sealed behind the Forbidding, her legacy
lives on in the Nine Tails organization and it's agents. Agents of the Nine Tails is not just well trained spies, thieves, and assassins; they are also trained in the forbidden techniques of mana disruption.
Most Agents aren't able to use magic or manipulate the flow to any large degree, but they have the ability to disrupt it, destroying magical constructs and defenses as well as being able to easily pierce an
opponents 'soul's defense'. Even the mightiest of mages and warriors can fall to a well trained agent if they are not careful. Agent's are usually seen as mercenaries or sell swords, as their skills are rented out
to other governments and organization in an effort to help the financial growth of their Kingdom.

Archmage of the Librarium [Any Species or Gender]
Archmages are powerful magic users who both serve and teach for the Magus Librarium. Three things qualify a mage to become an Archmage in the eyes of the Librarium. First is having an exceptionally
high level Arete, the term meaning an aggregate of their ethereal qualities. A deep 'Spirit Well', high 'Source Retention', vast 'Mana Pool', large 'Bucket Capacity', talented 'Wordsmithing' ability, as well as powerful
and controlled 'Resonance'. Archmages are flat out more powerful than other magic users and are powerful enough to challenge just about any threat in Theria. Most Archmages can also cast quite a few spells
without incantation, relying own hand gestures and name invocation. The most powerful can cast a spell or two with just a thought. Those are the most dangerous.

Librarium Wtich Hunter [Any Species or Gender]
As powerful as a talented Raven Knight, but as rare as a Ariesian Summoner, Witch Hunters are some of the most powerful agents of the Magus Librarium. Those who have magical prowess and potential, but are
poor at actually casting spells are usually trained as Rune Knights, able to pour their magical abilities into the use of magical talismans and equipment, especially their 'Rune Blades', able to focus and cast magic
through these objects. Those who might of been Archmages save for limitations such as these are trained in the ability to directly draw upon and manipulate the flow in order to dispell, disrupt, and destroy the
magic of others. They use this and their martial skill to hunt rogue mages and spellcasters who have become 'witches and warlocks', those who practice subversive magic. A witch hunter is more powerful than
the average Raven Knight, just not better equipped. They can challenge even Raven Knight officers, and have an advantage over most magic users.

Ariesian Summoners [Any Gender/ Sheep or Goats]
Caprica was once known as the magical capitol of Theria, it's borders are home to the largest Mana Spring in Theria, one that rivals the one in Leveria and mana beast run wild and once lived in harmony with
it's people. This was of course until the 'Baptism of Fire', when the Mana Beast began attacking indiscriminately in order to defend the spring and the Mana Trees from the Stone King's armies. Now Caprica is largely
isolated and

Keeper [Any Gender. Any Race]


Incubus Orgy by Reishuseyu

Sat Mar 30 16:46:55 2019

A pit of lust as it were...those who are lucky enough to get involved tend to say it's the most intoxicating experience. That is, if they survive it. There are those incubus who indulge too much, draining the life out of their victim as they become too drunk to control themselves. And then there are those who know to savor the pleasure, take their time...keep their current thrill alive and save the fun. Of course they could continue as they were, finding pleasures with their kind, but the taste of the mundane tend to be exceptionally different and delicious.

Either way, advance at your own risk.

You know the main Incubus Estix and Zack
Extra 3 belong to pechallai , leogarg, and KammuDenabu


Monette Voice Actress Acquired

Fri Mar 29 17:34:15 2019

We've hired our first Voice Actress/ Narrator for the Audio Chapters. We are pleased to introduce Oolay-Tiger to the team.

Monette_Intro.mp3 (d)

A Lady's Whims [2 of 5] by RoxyHana

Thu Mar 28 03:56:21 2019

And Sarissa attacks!


Updates and Future Workings

Tue Mar 26 06:26:06 2019

I have been doing the most, as we say in my neck of the woods. There are several projects that need to be finished. Art of Interrogation and A Hard Lesson being the top priorities moving forward. A few things are happening that you maybe interested in, so we're going to update you.

New Projects!

ATKM Audio Stories

We have finally hired an editor and are looking for voice talent, because we are going to be doing some Audio Chapters. Our work will be split between and for obvious reasons. Any Adult stories will be available instantly via a link to Pornhub, you can listen to it in the background, but also check out some of the sexy sketch pictures that will be featured with the story.

The same will be for the Audio Chapters that will be more or less without sexual content. Though a bit of risky business may make it in. You know how youtube is, we don't want to incur their wrath.

This will begin with the history of Lioncourt Part 1 and move on with About A Boy; Chapter 1 Ajuna's Perspective.

Incubus Adventure and Random Comics

RoxyHana has been hired full time to do 4 to 5 pages each month on 2 Comic projects. The first project is called Incubus Adventure which will follow some of our Elderian creatures in the land of Theria; starring Zach and will feature each of the incubus and Succubus you've seen at various points in the story.

Random Comics will be available for everyone to see but bi-monthly, that's every two months, the 20 dollar and up commissioners will get to pitch an idea. We will take the best one and turn it into a random 4 to 5 page comic, drawn by RoxyHana. These ideas can feature your own personal characters, as long as they fit the parameters of the ATKM World, and each pitch must include one of the ATKM characters. So your character would co-star with them.


Character Found

Mon Mar 25 15:17:54 2019

There is a comic project being started between ourselves and RoxyHana that requires quite a dastardly villain. Unfortunately, I'm having problems finding someone who wants to fill this slot.
Normally in our comics we tend to fill up pretty well, but this ones a bit hard because no one wants to be the bad guy. The slot is $1000 USD and whoever wants it can definitely set up a
payment plan with us, cause 1000 isn't something most can pay at one time, but it's important we find someone for the role.

The Role [Any Gender]
The role is of a small time Consortium hoodlum who has stumbled upon an incubus hiding out in the local Monastery, where the nuns use their healing magic to helps the town people.
The villain character is essentially a drug dealer, selling magical potions that enhance the users, but have horrible side effects to the users quintessence, causing all kinds of problems.
Problems negated by the effects of the Incubus feeding off of them. With that going on, the villain's activities have escaped the notice of the authorities and the Raven Knights for some
time and has grown rich and powerful; but as the story begins two Raven Knights, Odessa and Lyndaria, are investigating.

The dastardly deeds taken in the comic would be him using his newfound connections to capture the Raven Knights, get them addicted to one of his aphrodisiac potions and try to
turn them into mindless fuck puppets so that he can continue to escape notice by the larger world. He of course fails, but not before he and his lieutenants fuck our heroines silly.

Anyway, I cannot stress enough that we need someone who doesn't mind playing such a dastardly villain, as well as someone who can handle the financial commitment.


A Lady's Whims Cover by RoxyHana

Mon Mar 25 03:28:35 2019

This is the first of a few mini comics RoxyHana will be doing for the project. And for your viewing enjoyment, a speed Paint.

Artwork is created by the amazing RoxyHana who can be found on Furaffinity @


The Lord's Favor 2/6

Sat Mar 23 02:03:55 2019

Page 2 is heeeereeee!


ATKM Anthology question

Fri Mar 22 00:31:57 2019

We are releasing the 1st ATKM Anthology Comic this summer for Anthrocon 2019 through Furplanet. The question I need answered is what should go into it. We originally wanted a variety of things, but are now wondering if people want something more targeted. Should we make the Anthology books specific to content. Like all gay comics in one. All straight comics in another, and if there is a mix of action or futas, that would be in it's own book. Please let us know what you think. Also Set aside 24.99 to 29.99 for our full color anthology!

Indecent Experiments pg 7

Thu Mar 21 21:27:00 2019

moving right along.


Lady Sarissa by Neobiru

Thu Mar 21 04:52:49 2019

Lovely little image of Lady Sarissa by Neobiru. Not bad for being 100s of years old.

You can get more art from the artist here:


A Lady's Whims [1 of 5] by RoxyHana

Tue Mar 19 23:58:27 2019

Lady Sarissa has been alive for quite some time. Over three hundred years in fact. Once you've gotten past your third century you find directness is usually the best option. Known for having tryst with exceptional men over the years, the Lady has set her sites on Adolyn Valenrow, her new Primus. Though she fancied his predecessor, she was never able to put that particular feather in her cap, an opportunity she refuses to miss this time around.


A favor for a favor

Thu Mar 14 18:19:22 2019

Down in Pandorica, Aunel has a reputation...a bad one. She's a keeper of information and knows some deep secrets down in the valley. She' been on the red guard's watch for a while and through multiple confrontations, she has managed to bump heads with members, mostly Priya. The red guard has low tolerance for Aunel and has, on multiple occasions, tried to get rid of her due to the commotion she brings. This is a bit of a promotion of the comic the two are involved in called "The queen's Blade." It'll have more interaction between the two.


Day at the Cafe

Wed Mar 13 05:14:55 2019

An image from the Reishuseiyu suggestion box. We have Mahika and Queen enjoying cake and possibly gossiping. Can't be serious all the time.


Ajuna x Zack:: 2

Fri Mar 8 00:17:28 2019

and part 2


Ajuna x Zack:: 1

Fri Mar 8 00:13:35 2019

A tiny 2 parter of Zack and Ajuna, Zack is the commander of the City watch and after the many headaches of his job, likes to take it easy every once and a while. He has a small Fancy for Ajuna.


Soven ref sheet

Mon Mar 4 06:04:21 2019

Soven ref sheet done by the talented Fatalstar. Soven is part of the border legion, leader the 15th company and the Sworn Sword to Adolyn, a serious and honorable duty her family tasked with. There's more to it but I'll get into later.

Get more art from the artists:


Aritrea by Dksk30

Sat Mar 2 06:52:48 2019

This a practice image done by dksk30, a wonderful artist who is working on the comic Ruins of Alnor for us, a pretty epic comic that's action packed. Aritrea is not part of the comic but the artist take on Ari is pretty good.

Get mroe from the artist on their page:


Sexy Glen Threesome

Sat Mar 2 02:09:52 2019

A little something, something.


Tavern Fun

Mon Feb 25 23:53:19 2019

A little something featuring Torian with Diamond ( thelapdragon) and Donovan( Darkmesna ). Diamond has been caught between the Amaroki people and doesn't seem to be complaining. Though there are some hostilities between the two, there are those who pick peace instead. And one way to display non hostilities is through fun times like these.


Pounding the Priince by Lazydez

Fri Feb 22 21:33:15 2019

This is a YCH comic done by the artist lazydez featuring cunning Prince Vandell and Adolyn. We decided to add colors to it since the art was soooo good.

For more art from Lazydez, visit his art page:


[Discontinued Comic] Strange Bedfellows by Blattarieva

Tue Feb 19 18:44:56 2019

This comic is being redone and finished by Lionrion. But I'm going to share pages 1-4 and the lines for 5 and 6 of this comic by Blatt. There were terrible communication issues and we ended up ending the collaboration. I'm going to show you what we had.


Champa Outfit by Manosdetrapo

Tue Feb 19 18:42:39 2019

Manos and I are working together to kind of define a bit about the Palawan culture and their dress. This was one of our first attempts. Though Champa looks much smaller than she should here, I definitely think the outfit is cute. Though the final version should have the longer loin cloth. Tell me what you think.

The art for this is drawn by Manos over on FA. If you would like to support them and their fantastic art, please do so by going over to them on the site.


The Lord's Favor 1/6

Sun Feb 17 23:09:50 2019

A new short comic in the works featuring the elderian's Estix and zack. The two have managed to hold up in a castle in Lord stormhoof's castle( Owned by bellecandie). What mischief are these two up to. The visitors Kade and Ethan (Owned by furybarioth abd thertheblackpanter) are about to find out.


[Discontinued Comic] Strange Bedfellows by Blattarieva

Fri Feb 15 03:15:45 2019

This comic is being redone and finished by Lionrion. But I'm going to share pages 1-4 and the lines for 5 and 6 of this comic by Blatt. There were terrible communication issues and we ended up ending the collaboration. I'm going to show you what we had.


Stuffing North and South

Fri Feb 15 03:12:26 2019

A little reward for Riyo's informant Oro. Oro's a street thief who does a little bit of everything to get by. He often works with the Raven Knights, keeping his eyes peeled for crimes and stolen items of a arcane nature. He is often rewarded with coin, but here, after helping an out of towner named Torian; he is rewarded with the kind of thing that you just can't really buy.


[Discontinued Comic] Strange Bedfellows by Blattarieva

Sun Feb 10 21:02:58 2019

This comic is being redone and finished by Lionrion. But I'm going to share pages 1-4 and the lines for 5 and 6 of this comic by Blatt. There were terrible communication issues and we ended up ending the collaboration. I'm going to show you what we had...


The Heat Comic Characters Naked by Audiovideomeow

Sun Feb 10 20:58:03 2019

Here are the characters that will feature in the current iteration of Audiovideomeow's 'The Heat' Comic.

From left to right;

Sierra the Sorceress, Orchid the Mage, Vega Lyrae, Riyo Vandeluer and Megogo Asherah


The Heat Comic Characters Clothed by Audiovideomeow

Sun Feb 10 20:56:31 2019

Here are the characters that will feature in the current iteration of Audiovideomeow's 'The Heat' Comic.

From left to right;

Sierra the Sorceress, Orchid the Mage, Vega Lyrae, Riyo Vandeluer and Megogo Asherah


Avelina and the knight apprentice

Mon Feb 4 18:18:02 2019

We've seen Avelina being a bit mischievousand that continues. This time experiementing on Xander's hind quarters.


Caught by the Tail

Fri Feb 1 20:10:27 2019

King Alecrast held down again, getting a good taste of the Amaroki warriors. This time with Grey. He may be of short stature but weak he is not.

Grey is creative property of Grey_Wolf_570


Glen topped

Mon Jan 28 15:58:16 2019

Despite his pretty intimidating appearance, Glen is a willing switch. An occurrence we hope to see more of in the future.

Jackal Character belongs to thegovt


Indecent Experiments Page 6

Sat Jan 26 03:24:59 2019

Page 6 is here!


Keeping it simple [1]

Tue Jan 22 04:51:12 2019

December comic patron reward for Kileak. There's a part two in the works at the moment.
We join out friend Rahji again on his failed adventures of romancing. Learn from the master, sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to the heart.


More Megogo Lovins

Fri Jan 18 00:44:36 2019

Megogo obviously catches the attention of men with her more than...motherly figure. On other ocassions, the ladies take a liking to her as well. The lioness is more than to oblige these curiosities. Lucky sammy gets to experience what Momma Megogo can fully do.

Sammy is creative property of Toshi120


Noble's Pursuit

Mon Jan 14 21:13:03 2019

This image is done for the wonderful artist Peritian. The image features Adolyn and Coonix, both featured in the comic A Noble's Pursuit by Caninelove. This scene is somewhat hinted from the comic. Hero's of their lands peacefully together.

Get more art from the artist here:


Death in the Shadow of the Fade by Alan Scampos

Sat Jan 12 21:53:11 2019

Sir Ajuna Embry is Master of Shadows for the Order. Sir Maelyn is the Royal Legate to the Order. Both are proud and talented Ravens, with strong personalities to match. Despite Maelyn understanding that the Master of Shadows likes to keep a close eye on the only Raven not to have to take his oaths in magic, the two are still good friends. Maelyn is often talked into joining the dashing tiger on some dangerous missions. Though he doesn't mind proving himself.

Here we have Maelyn wielding Murgleis the Death Brand, a a famous Eldeidan once belonging to Galeon, former First Knight of the Queen of Hearts. The sword has also been known as the 'Traitor's Blade', given some of it's history.

Ajuna wields the Tyndaerus Blood Daggers, Fade and Shadow. Weapons that have historically been given to the Master of Shadows within the Order. They were bequeath to him upon her death.

Drawn by Alan Campos. You will certainly see art from him again if ever I get the chance. His amazing artwork can be found on his FA and on his patreon which is implore you to support... links can be found below.


Hot for Teacher by Anastasiya

Wed Jan 9 22:22:44 2019

Of all the Ravens of the Order, Mama Megogo is the most well known and well liked by her peers. As Master at Arms, she has had a hand in the training of each and every Raven Knight. Megogo has a thing for young men. She doesn't talk too much about her relationships or past, but most believe she's given up on having 'serious' relationships based on a past tragedy. Instead she forms strong friendships with select partners and often times enjoys, 'breaking in', fledglings that take her fancy.

The artwork for this piece was drawn by Anastasiya over @FA. She's definitely a talented up and comer and if you really like this piece, please go check out the rest of her art @


Prey or Praetorian by Reishuseyu

Mon Jan 7 22:31:45 2019

The Praetorian Guard are an elite unit of imperial soldiers who are tasked with the protection, and are under the command of the Stallosi Praetor. Praetorian's are trained in a variety of combat disciplines and being an adept is a requirement. With their combination of arcane mastery and physical prowess, these warriors are sent off against the most dangerous threats to the Empire.

During Ragnok's rampage through the lands, many esteemed warriors have found themselves facing off with the Elderian powerhouse. After his defeat and subsequent retreat from his battle with the Crimson Raven, Ragnok fled northeast. There he ran a foul of the Imperial Army and after they failed to deal with the beast, agents of the Praetor were sent to put him down.

Good luck, Vinny. You're going to need it.


Thunderbrand by MyLoveless

Wed Jan 2 17:44:59 2019

Despite their penchant for subterfuge and seduction, incubi and succubi are actually powerful Elderian in combat. Their variety of magical and morphogenic abilities can be used to great effect. Physically, these lilin rely on their ability to create, shape and manipulate their wings in a variety of ways for attack and defense. They are also able to shape shift, altering their physical form for a time.

Magically, these Elderian's have proven overwhelmingly powerful as even the weakest of their number can prove a match for a seasoned mage. With their deep reserves of quintessence bolstered by the energies stolen from their victims or thralls, an incubus such as Estix can bring considerable might to bare against an unsuspecting victim.

Here he meets a match in the 'Blade Breaker' Jonah Schwarzsturm whose abilities to 'break' the bonds of mana flowing through and around objects can weaken and even negate most of the magic brought to bare against her. In this case, Estix must rely on his physical abilities to best the powerful swordswoman. A tall task indeed.

This is an amazing and fun piece is drawn by the spectacularly talented Myloveless. They do exceptional work and if you would like to support them, please go check them out on FA@


New Years Announcement

Tue Jan 1 16:15:44 2019

We will begin contacting people about their rewards later today, and we're going to do a state of the Patreon Announcement later in the month, but right now I'd like to talk to the Patrons about their experience.

I've had a few people leave the patron with the comment that the creators aren't engaging enough and that our content isn't exactly what they were hoping for. So... to my patrons. What are we hoping for?

I would love some feedback on this. If you got some ideas, let us know. Today I will be continuing the art dump of 4 more images and after this we will go back to our 3, 2, 3 Posting schedule.


Ætheria Aellas of Sauria by Battle Franky

Wed Jan 2 10:03:07 2019

She is known as the Ætheria Brightstar, Daughter of Ashen of the Old Blood, of the Lineage of Moon Biter and Storm Bringer. She is the mother of Prince Malgazus and Princess Fiscilia.

Ætheria is at least four-hundred years old and was a General in the armies of the Stone King Dumat during the Baptism of Fire. Her immense reserves of quintessence and deep spirit well made her a formidable foe for furkin armies and having been a 'champion slayer', dedicating time in battles to personally seeking out and eliminating enemy warriors of great reknown and skill in order to crush her opponents moral.

Unlike other highborn Saurians however, Ætheria did not hate furkins. She had been compelled by her faith and belief in the righteousness of the Stone King. When it was decreed that the baptism was over and the Stone King wished an end to the culling, Ætheria more than obliged, she lead the faction of loyalist against the Saurian armies who would not abide by the peace demanded by Salamus and the Dumat, allying with the Queen Alanzia de Lioncourt and her forces.

At the wars end, the dragoness would marry the young hatchling of Gamel's line Mizer, who would become known as the 'Bitterwing'. Despite her age and wisdom, Ætheria was never able to influence Mizer to be a better Emperor and through the years his hatred for furkins and lust for revenge often caused strife in Sauria; much to his wife's chagrin. His decision to lie to her and his people about his true intentions at Herald's Keep was insulting enough, but his loss of one of the last three ancient dragons was the final straw. Had the Saurian Emperor survived his deception in Lioncourt, win or lose, Ætheria planned on killing him.


Taming the Tempter

Mon Dec 31 13:50:31 2018

Due to their understanding of the natural flow of energies of the world and within living beings, Nukilik of the Amaroki are naturally much harder to entice and dominate by incubi and succubi. Despite their charms and their powers, most Amaroki either do not notice or do not care about their attempts to feed. What usually follows is intense love making and disappointment for the elderian.


Analizing the Legate

Mon Dec 31 13:40:26 2018

Most of the Order believe Maelyn to be a bit prissy and unapproachable. Despite this outward impression, Maelyn is rather personable and friendly to those who put in the effort to get to know him. A sucker for compliments, he has a habit for falling for the flattery of those he finds attractive. Though he isn't particularly promiscuous as a rule, he however does enjoy and believe in casual sex. The wily marbled cat has his eye on a few of his fellow Ravens that have caught his fancy.


Reishuseyu Suggestion Box

Wed Dec 19 01:57:04 2018

So we're changing how the suggestion box works this month and from here on out. We're going to give you the run down of the image and you guys can pick the character and theme to go with it. You can as always choose one of your own characters, just have to not be a licensed character or owned species. Something that fits the Universe.

This month Suggestion Box is for an Image is for Ajuna.

You don't have to suggest a theme or a picture. Just a character... but you can.

I will Make My Choice on 21st


A Queen of Lioncourt by Synnove

Sat Dec 15 22:57:10 2018

A little something of Queen Azalyn de Lioncourt. Like the last image by Synnove this ones going up because it got posted early on FA


Lieutenant Soven, Scout Commander by Synnove

Sat Dec 15 07:32:57 2018

I didn't notice the artist had posted these to FA. I will talk to them about that. But here we have Soven.


Indecent Experiments Page 5

Thu Dec 13 00:46:19 2018

Page 5 is here!


Keladry and Karna by Reishuseyu

Fri Dec 7 23:37:46 2018

Keladry holds a place of honor and prestige among even dragonkin around the lands. As one of the last Dragon Riders, she can communicate and has bonded with one of the last of the large, feral, ancient dragons. Karna is lucky to have her company.


Mage Making Whoopie

Fri Dec 7 19:41:39 2018

A little something something of Eraden and Lina. The artist is one I have great respect for, but there were several issues and mistakes made with this image. He ended up switching there sizes and changing the positions and getting Eraden's colors wrong. There was quite a great deal messed up, but I still love the image. I hope you like it and can forgive the errors.

Please support Battlefranky and his are on FA @


Queen Asura, taking rears

Wed Dec 5 02:22:32 2018

I quess there are quite a few perks of being a royalty. Though Asura would have done them anyway, she now does them with hints of...royal obligation. (Keeping peace, establishing treaties, ect.)It keeps both parties happy. We're going to have to go in dept with the egyptian types in this world and how they fit in.

Jackal Character belongs to thegovt


Art of Interrogation Page 13

Tue Dec 4 08:38:39 2018

More coming...


A Hard Lesson Page 9

Sat Dec 1 05:40:26 2018

And it's getting rough!


On the Hunt

Sat Nov 24 01:31:22 2018

Patreon comic reward for Kae this month featuring their lady Valaena.

We now get to introduce Sorceress Hunters. Sorceress hunters, as their names imply, seek out Benecien witches and warlocks and dangerous magical artifacts of interest or have been stolen from the Librarium. They tend to butt heads with the Raven Knights due to their ideologies dealing with these types of things--Raven knights want to seal or destroy dangerous artifacts while the librarium wants to catalog and research them.

When they cross paths...well, it usually does not end as peacefully at this.


Caught by a Succubus

Thu Nov 22 04:06:00 2018

Another image of our favorite succubus Monette. Looks like this time she has caught one of the Keepers, Taryn. Sometimes martial arts can't go against the allure of a demon (Well, maybe when not forced.)


Fun Amongst Beasts

Mon Nov 19 20:09:01 2018

A little diddy of two incubi having a little fun. Zack and Barthamus have a little fun.


Asura Aeon Design

Sun Nov 18 04:08:29 2018

It’s been in the docket to design the Queen of Pandorica for quite some time. The one thing we knew about her is that she was going to look young and that she was going to have a strong resemblance to Oni in her design, being the mother. We had quite a few ideas that were eventually sold off, before deciding on what we have here. We’ll do proper character sheets and outfits sometime in the future.

Some quick lore hits about the Queen; Queen Asura Aeon was born to Aarati Nagra a Bharati priestess and noblewoman and Iraian Aeon, cousin to King Arjuna Aeon.

Asura served as a member of her second cousin’s, and crown Prince Kiritin Red Guard, before eventually serving as the Prince’s right hand and then the ‘Crimson Hand of the King’ as Ajruna’s personal assassin and enforcer.

Asura gave birth to Oni out of wedlock during her time serving the Prince. This was controversial for many reasons. Though it is common place for the crown prince to not only sleep with, but marry out of the members of his red guard, as all are of noble birth; Asura’s pregnancy out of wedlock was an uncommon occurrence. Members of the Red Guard, both male and female take certain drugs that are a form of birth control. For Asura to have become pregnant, she would have had to do so purposely. Asura was sixteen when she gave birth.

Asura was nearly outcasted for becoming pregnant with Kiritin’s child, before it was discovered that Prince Kiritin had ordered that the royal apothecary to change Asura’s elixir for a fertility concoction, as he did not want to enter into a political marriage with the pious daughter of the Yuan clan, Yuan Lei, whom he was betrothed.

Due to the circumstances and Kiritin’s outright refusal to allow political pressure to make him ostracize Asura, the future Queen was not banished. Instead she was made Crimson Hand of the King and was sent on dangerous missions at the behest of King Arjuna whom wished her to die with honor. She did not die however, having succeeded in even the most dangerous of tasks.

When King Arjuna passed and his son Kiritin ascended to the throne, Kiritin tried to marry Asura, but political pressure prevented this. Though Oni was raised in the castle, he was not named as Crown Prince, as the Council of Red sought a more suitable Queen to marry King Kiritin to bare a pure heir.

Asura served as a front line general during the Valdinian Siege of Pandorica. She fought for and alongside Kiritin until he was mortally wounded at the Battle of Gao. Despite advice from his council to name his brother Sonam king, Kiritin instead married Asura, making her queen via her royal blood and legitimizing his bastard son Oni as crown prince.

Asura, with the help of her allies from Lioncourt were able to win the war with the Valdis and restore peace. Despite the machinations of the Council of Red to place Sonam on the throne, his failures and defeats during the conflict lost him favor with the common kin and many nobles with ties to the Pandorican military.

Asura has not taken a new husband in her time as queen, though the Council of Red have pushed many suitors upon her, chief amongst them being Sonam. Though Asura despises the man for his ill treatment of her and her son, as he was a major proponent for her banishment. Even suggesting baby Oni be euthanized to avoid future political unrest.

There is more, but we’ll get into that proper later.


Glan and Palden

Mon Nov 12 23:09:37 2018

A nice image done by Gerkk on furaffinity. Banging big boys is quite satisfying.

To see more work from the artist go here:


Mischief Magic page 2

Sun Nov 11 15:12:12 2018

Moving right along...
Page 1:


Posting Schedule and Changes

Sat Nov 10 16:45:25 2018

We're going to be changing how we do things here on the patron after listening to feedback and observing some of the behaviors of our patrons. As follows will be a list of all the changes.

We will no longer be doing the suggestion boxes. Instead we will do polls to determine which images of a set were done. The suggestion boxes were conceived as a way to get the fans involved and give away a little free art, both from us and Reishuseyu, one of our partner artist. However these have been anything but popular and actually waste more time than anything else. I feel an image poll will be better as it doesn't actually require participation or suggestion to get the art going.

As suggested I will be cutting back on the writing and story side of the work. Lore, long descriptions and explanations will be minimize and we will simply focus on posting the artwork. This should streamline peoples experience here on the patreon.

To combat the posting too much and our sporadic, undefined posting times. We have decided to go on a strict posting schedule. Starting next month we will be posting on a 3, 2, 3 cycle. 3 posts the first week. 2 post week two. 3 post the third week and on like that through the month. We will dedicate a day, the last Friday of each month to patreon rewards and do that in a stream.


Ajuna Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Wed Nov 7 07:30:31 2018



Jonah Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Wed Nov 7 07:29:27 2018

Artist posted these up early on FA; so posting them now.


The Night After [Unedited]

Tue Nov 6 16:39:35 2018

I left Hal in a bit of stupor, but he’ll be okay. He’s gonna be pretty pissed when he finds out his little book is gone. I’d feel bad for him, but he really shouldn’t have been shooting his drunk mouth off about it. Worse still, he just had it sitting there on his desk. I’m no Master Scholar, but that’s really fucking stupid if you ask me; and you know what they say; ‘Stupidity should never go unpunished.’ So I stole the damn book. Gave him a great night to remember as payment too. Sunk my dick in that thick ass of his and made him moan on it. It may not be the fairest of trades, but it’s better than nothing.

Now that the book was mine, what was next? The package didn’t have to be delivered to the client for another day. They promised me twenty platinum kellings for it. One platinum kelling was enough to buy me a nice little villa on the hill. Twenty, well that’d make me a rich bitch... Which made me wonder; just what the book’s was worth? I’d looked through it a bunch of times. It was just a dusty, old, smith’s journal.

Now I’m no smith. I haven’t got a damn clue whether or not the notes were worth anything; but I know if someone was trying to pay me that much for it, it must be worth more to someone else. So I thought yeah, maybe I’d hold on to the book if that was the case. Maybe see what someone else would pay for it. This shit ain’t alchemy. A freaking feral could figure this kind of shit out; and since I was smart enough to pinch the damn thing, I was sure I was smart enough to find the best deal. And if there was a better deal to be had, I knew just where to go to find out; Cherry Street, in Fuli.

Now you’re not gonna find the Cherry Street Market on any map. You ask one of the common kin about it and they’ll probably look at you funny. Not many people ‘in the know’, know about Cherry Street. That’s because the Cherry Street Market is run by the Consortium. If you don’t know who or what that is, then you’ve probably led a good and honest life. How boring of you. Those of us who are interesting know that the Consortium is a group of shady merchants, mages, and thieves who deal in all kinds of shit. You can find anything at a Consortium Black Market. Arcane artifacts, forbidden tomes... hell, I hear tell once they auctioned off a bound succubus as a sex slave. If it can be had, it can be bought and sold and the Consortium can provide it. If anyone knew what Hal’s Master’s journal was worth, it’d have been them.

After a stop in the Inn I’d been staying in to take a long nap and change out of my ridiculous dancer’s guise back into something less frilly, I left Rhumari for Fuli. I’d slept all day because the market would only be open at night. When I awoke, I made sure to slip out the back in case anyone was looking for me. Poor Hal must have been livid and I didn’t want to have to hurt him if he confronted me. Cause seriously, I would. But no one paid me any mind as I made my way out of town. I even flirted with the city guards for a while at the southern gate just to kill time. When the moon rose high in the sky and the dead of night set in, I knew the getting was good and made my way.

It wasn’t a long trip, just about five miles down the mountain. Fuli is one of those small, quaint, villages that you see littered around the capital. Where as the capital is pretty diverse with different cultures and all that, borrowing heavily from the Kheyara, Bharat, Huaxia and Wakoku influence of Pandorica’s ancestors; Fuli was decisively of the Kheyara culture. Lots of vibrant colors and happy, religious, red pandas who take that temple shit seriously. Not the kind of place I’d normally hang out, but the perfect place to hide a den of thieves, cut throats and kinlings of ill repute. The locals are too busy putting prayers up to the Goddess to notice anything.

I made my way down the main road, ignoring the few passers by. This late, the few pandas walking the street were hurrying home and had no time for chitchat. No streetwalkers, working girls or night owls in Fuli. So when I made my way down to the two huge cherry trees that marked the beginning of Cherry Street, I wasn’t surprised to find it empty.

Cherry Street Market is located near the end of the street, in the only building that looks like it was built in the last century. I’m not sure when the consortium had it built, but it certainly stuck out amongst the other architecture. New and of a different style than the Kheyara influenced architecture around it; you couldn’t mistake the damn building for anything else. I approached the modest clay walls and passed the first of three guards on my way to the entrance in the back. There was an incline wrapping around the building that lead into a covered alleyway that housed the door. A familiar face was guarding it.

‘Here comes trouble,’ he said upon seeing me. He tried to pass it off as a joke, but I could see it in his eyes; he wasn’t kidding. Apparently I’d left an impression on him last time we’d met. His name was Hisen,a handsome young wah who I knew for a fact did not live in Fuli. He was from Hisari, one of the villages closer to Rhumari. Hisen was a red panda of the Wakoku culture.

The Wakoku isn’t historically ailuridae. Hisen’s people date back a bit to the Age of Uncertainty, when red pandas were dying out and breeding with any and everyone to keep themselves from going extinct. The mujina and the tanuki of Kendoka had offered shelter and protection to the red pandas who travelled with them to the new world here in Theria. About a thousand years later; tanuki and mujina badgers are rare in the mainlands, but there culture remains strong.

A lot of Wakoku red panda trace their heritage back to Easteria and the great migration. They take pride in the long and storied traditions of their ancestors. It’s why a lot of them are pretty stiff and boring most times; but they have their outliers.

Their delinquents have always had that special brand of wild that I liked. Hisen was certainly one of those. A career lackey, when we’d first met he was working as a guard for a brothel. I’d been having some rough fun with the talent and the madam took offense. After a little commotion, he got to watch me emptying my balls in her mouth. I ended up having him and one of his fellows that night as well... good times.

‘You know I can’t let you in...’ he said apologetically. I knew. I wasn’t on the list that night and I wasn’t particularly well liked by the folks who ran the place. I’ve had my share of altercations there in the past. But I needed to get in and Hisen was going to let me.

‘I’ve got a hot item I need appraised... let me see the assayer.’ I said, trying my best to sound inviting. Hisen knew my tricks, but it couldn’t hurt to try. He was firm though, pointing out that it’d be his ass on the line. I smiled kindly and place my hand on his cheek.

‘You ass is on the line right now.’ I warned.

Now I’m no brute. I wasn’t going to beat him down, but if he didn’t open that door and let me in, I might’ve broke a finger or two. A cleric can heal that kinda thing right up. Wisely, he decided to acquiesce. I grabbed him by his long, shiny, black hair and pulled his head back; planting an aggressive kiss on his lips. A little tongue, a little bite on the lip, a little blood. Hisen liked it rough as I recalled and I was just showing my appreciation.

‘Thanks,’ I whispered as I let him go. He grumbled something about not having much of a choice and I sauntered off to let him sulk in peace, he’ll be fine. I’ll probably be more friendly with him next time. That time however, I didn’t really have time to play with him.

Now, the first two floors of the Market are the window dressings of a beautiful young maiden’s manor; whose name is somehow less important than she is. She’s an adept with some serious clerical skills. She goes about healing and donating money to the less fortunate; which here in Pandorica ain’t many. The commonkin love her, but she’s just a front. Bitch has the best job in all the Kingdom. The Consortium pays her to act pure and holy. She’s the public face of the manor and the locals wouldn’t dream of questioning her or the illicit activities rumored to take place in the bowels of her home.

I met her once before. She may have the mojo to work miracles as a cleric, but she ain’t no saint. Girl’s had more cock in her than a hen house. But she’s one of the prettiest little things I’ve ever seen. Albino white fur with dark markings on her chest and neck, all the way down to her crotch. For a red panda, the only red on her is on the accents of her fur and her tail. She’s got a bit on her face, with the markings that flank her cheeks, but they aren’t that promininate. I think it’s her piercing red eyes that does it for me though, she’s absolutely stunning.

She could have been a goddess or something, but I hear the higher ups use her like a high priced cum dumpster. Currently, she’s doing her thing as the hostess of the market. She greeted me kindly as I entered and I gave her a smile. I could see her shiver a bit as she tried not to look embarrassed. I was happy to see she remembered me from last time. I’d been in quite a big brawl. In all the commotion I’d been thrown into a lavish back room. I gotta good look at how much her superiors respected her, as she laid their getting soaked in semen. At least the girl still had some dignity. Both now and then she had the decency to look embarrassed.

‘Take me to the big man,’ I ordered. Pretty as she was, I knew ‘what’ she was. You don’t waste niceties on people like her. She’d sold her pride away for a life of comfort and I wasn’t about to pretend like I respected her ass. She nodded and turned, leading me down into the market proper, swishing that long tail of hers back at me. She definitely was used to people watching her walk away. I took a glance at that perfect ass of hers, but my eyes didn’t linger. Instead I took in the very finely made outfit she was wearing. A very nice sharee that was sheer in some interesting places. It was adorned with lavender jewels and intricate patterns. Looked just as expensive as she did.

I made no comment and I didn’t think she saw me admiring her attire, but she stopped a moment and said ‘Thank you.’ in that voice you hear from dancers and prostitutes who are used to being ogled. I almost stopped to comment that I wasn’t ‘really’ checking her out, but she then started talking about the dress. Who made it, what it was made out of and what it cost. I smiled and nodded like it wasn’t all a foreign language to me. She told me she could get me one like it in the market, but I declined. It looked well enough on her, but wasn’t something I could see for myself now that I wasn’t pretending to be a dancer.

The market was what you’d expect; Artifacts, trinkets, and exotic creatures for sale. I caught eye of magic weapons, shields and even someone claiming to have a Raven Knight’s Mana Brand. An impressive lot to say the least. Standing in the corner, all huddled together and shivering, were a group of about five kobolds. Cute little things. Three males and two females. They got a sort of androgynous feel to them and no breasts, so it ain’t always easy to tell ’em apart. But since they were stark naked, there was no mystery there.

‘Slaves?’ I asked, trying to sound like it wasn’t a big concern. I mean, it wasn’t my business, but that’s just fucked up.

‘No, they are the indentured. Highly trained and highly sought after as servants. They’ve sold themselves for quite a lot I hear, though I think the coin goes to their families.’ the sexy wah answered. I shrugged. To each their own I guess. It’s a fucked up way to live, but who am I to judge.

After walking through the bazaar of treasures and oddities, I was lead to a dusty old room with a big desk covered in books, artifacts and trinkets. Behind it sat a large, old panda bear, with thinning fur and even thinner hair. He huffed, but did not look up.

“Thank you my dear, I will deal with this monster from here.” he groaned. My guide bowed and took leave of us. I notice the old man watch her leave out of the corner of his eye. He was discreet, but he was certainly eyeing her. She must have knew it too. She giggled like a schoolgirl and shot him a wink before hustling out.

‘You ever get a piece of that action?’ I asked the old man. He groaned and feigned to not know what I was talking about.

‘As uncouth as ever my darling. No, I am content with my wife, thank you.’ he huffed. I don’t know any man who spends all their time working who is content with their wife, but I let it pass. I didn’t want to agitate the great panda.

‘I’m very busy and have little time for the musings of an elderian beast.’ He groaned. I took offense, but didn’t let it show. I’d been called that and some other colorful things for the better part of my life. To be honest, I’m not sure what I am and that’s not relevant. Not yet anyway. What was more important was that the old panda didn’t know what I was and it made him uneasy.

‘C’mon old man,’ I said playfully.

‘I got something for you.’ I added handing him the book. He looked at it with obvious disinterest in his eyes.

‘An old Githarian Journal. Good make. Hard binding. Old as all hell. It’s a proper antique, about two hundred years old. Got a crest on here... hammers and fire. Eh... I’ll give you a platinum kelling for it.’ he muttered.

I just rolled my eyes. I knew it was worth more than that, but I couldn’t say nothing about it. I didn’t wanna show my hand. Absently, he opened the journal and began to look through it.

‘As I thought, a Master smith’s journal. Very old techniques and some interesting history here. Definitely got some... wait...’ he stopped mid sentence when he got half way through. Quietly he started to go through the pages with a deeper interest. His fingers traced the parchment as he got more and more excited.

‘Girl, you’ve got something here!’ he exclaimed. I was sure I did and I told him so. He just waved me off and opened to a new page. He then looked concerned and shot me a curious expression.

‘You didn’t just walk this in here at your side did you?’ he asked cautiously. I nodded and replied;

‘Yeah, so…?’ His face sunk as he closed the book before sliding it across back to me.

‘A shame. It’s a good find, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth.’ he concluded.

I demanded to know what the problem was and the great panda was all too willing to tell me. The book was a Tome of something called the ‘Book of Blades’. It was one of a set of eight. Handwritten and passed down to the hands of the Masters Blade Smiths of Theria, which apparently Hal’s master had been one of. Each apparently recorded secrets and techniques for smithing powerful weapons and spells that aided in forging.

It seemed like quite a useful thing, so why didn’t the old man want it?

‘So what’s got you spooked old man?’ I questioned. He shook his head and answered,

‘That book belonged to the Queen’s smith, Kalu. It is rumored to have the secrets of sharpening, tempering and even repairing a very famous sword.’ The suspense was not killing me. I sighed and waited for the elderkin to get on with it.

‘Asi, the ‘Lotus Blade’...’ he whispered with reverence in his voice.

At that moment I shrugged. I had no idea what an Asi was and the Lotus Blade sounded like some corny shit that a blade dancer would name their sword. The old man seemed a bit miffed by my indifference and walked over to his shelf and grabbed a little statue.

‘Catch,’ he warned before tossing it to me. I took it with one hand and held it up. I’d seen the effigy before. Queen Ithica Aeon, warrior queen and one of the heroes of the Baptism of Fire. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know who she was in Pandorica. I didn’t know much about her, but the one thing everyone knew was that she lost her fancy sword slaying dragons. One of the Queen’s Blades. A pretty powerful and widely known legendary talisman.

It took me a bit to put the square peg in the hole, but I eventually got it. Asi was the name of the Queen’s Blade and that book could help find the damn thing somehow. The sword was more than just a powerful weapon or artifact, it was a fucking cultural icon. I remember smiling to myself, cause I knew for sure then that someone would pay a lot more than twenty platinum kellings for a damn Queen’s Blade. But then why wasn’t the old panda interested in it? And what was that bit about me walking with it at my side?

‘Fuck!’ I growled as it dawned on me. The great panda nodded and sat back in his chair.

‘You just walked through a market with a ton of kinlings with the knowledge and education to know what that book is and maybe what it contains.’ He cautioned. Didn’t I know it. While I was checking out the wares, who had been checking me out? I’d told Hisen I had a hot item. He’d certainly tell that to his superiors to justify letting me in and I walked it right to the old panda. If he didn’t want to bother with it, knowing what it was, it meant that someone was definitely going to want it bad enough to try to take it.

‘Aww... and you guys just cleaned up from last time I was down here.’ I chided. He didn’t look amused. Instead he just sat back in his chair and huffed.

‘When you are attacked, and you will be, it won’t be here. I can assure you.’ he declared.

‘My suggestion, get out of Kuli as fast as you can and avoid the main roads. Words gonna spread like wildfire.’ he added.

I’m not one to back down from a fight, but I’m not an idiot either. After kindly asking for a satchel to hide the book, I thanked the old bastard and made my way out.

Already, I could see the eyes of interest locked on me. Before, I hadn’t paid it much attention. I just thought everyone was keeping an eye on me. Maybe even checking me out, I’m a sexy bitch, afterall. It’s been known to happen, but now I know better. Plans were being made, gears were turning... the old panda was right; there would be violence tonight.

It was easy to tell something was amiss. The darling hostess looked a bit grim as I passed. She looked at me as if to say something, but the look on her face said she shouldn’t. That at least told me one of the higher ups was going to be the one to take a shot at me. That made it interesting. It wouldn’t be amateurs, you can bet cold coin on that.

As I exited the place Hisen gave me a curious look and slipped me something discreetly. He did not say anything, but his eyes told me all I needed to know, but I read his note anyway. It said simply,

‘They’re after you.’ Short and sweet. The guy didn’t mince words. Or more likely, he didn’t have all that much time to write something.

I decided then that a confrontation would be unavoidable. In situations like this, you gotta know what you’re going to do when it happens. You have to control the conflict. I decided like I always did that if a fight’s on, I’m gonna pick where it happens. So I booked it out of town the long way. I avoided any back alleys or unlit streets, until i made it to the outskirts. Toward the flatlands. This time of year the trees and shrubbery were in full bloomage. There were so many places to hide. If I were to ambush someone, that’s where I’d have done it.

I wasn’t wrong either. To their credit the assassins that came for me were talented at their craft. I noticed the first one to my left a little late, taking my attention away from two more hiding among the foliage on either side of the path. I was lucky as shit they weren’t blade dancers or nothing special like that. I’d have been in trouble then. A blade dancer would have went for the head and struck multiple times. These bastards thought impaling me with their knives would do the trick.

The one on the left stabbed me deep in the stomach. I felt the blade slide through flesh and knock on bone. The pain was fucking intense. His damn kukri knife went right through my abdomen and I yelped as he pulled up trying to gut me. The other had hacked down over my left breast, aiming for my heart. The blade sunk in deep, but didn’t penetrate the thick bones of my ribs. All and all, the former did more damage than the later, and the excruciating pain welled up for a moment before giving way to white, hot, rage!

It always begins like that. The rage, the fury. I know a wound like that would be fatal for a kinling, but as the old panda liked to remind me; I wasn’t a kinling. I was of the illustrious species of ‘other’. A mystery for me to be sure, but bad news for those poor saps.

My mind was overcome with an unyielding fury. I roared like a wild thing and my body reacted on it’s own. Quick as I could, I retaliated; slamming the hard edge of the book into the assassins windpipe. I felt a satisfying ‘gak!’ as his throat collapsed and the muscles in his neck caved in. I swatted him down like a fly and I felt his neck snap under the force of the blow. My blood boiled and everything went red.

They all came out the woodwork then, bout five of them total; minus the dead one. Red panda’s one and all. Kukri wielding assassins wearing dark blue robes and clever veils. Each had the Kheyaran character for silence painted of the front and there eyes glowed with eerie light. They’d been warned about me. Someone had given them some kind of elixir or potion to enhance their physical abilities. I’d have wondered about it at the time, but thinking ain’t really my strong suit when the rage takes over.

I’m not fully sure what exactly happens to me or what I’m capable of. I know my claws grow and my fangs get so heavy it’s hard to close my mouth. I taste copper and my blood boils. I feel no pain, no anxiety or stress. It’s like I’m not even there really, just a passive observer in my own life. My muscles become denser, my reflexes sharpen. My senses are more acute and my power becomes frightening, even to me, but it’s like it’s not real. Like I’m just floating and watching my body move; trapped behind my own eyes.

The show is always spectacular. The assassins moved about in odd formations, trying to press their tactical advantage. They struck from each side, giving me little room to evade. I didn’t even bother. I simply pushed forward to the quickest of them, taking the kukri’s blade through my hand, barely flinching as it impaled me. I gripped down on their fist, feeling my claws dig in and the bones in his knuckles as they shattered. I flung the bastard into the next closest and watched him topple over.

I took another knife to the back then and roared for the pain I could barely feel. The sound was so loud it shook the trees and startled my would be murderer. He’d have tried to drive his knife into me with all his strength, but he was struck in the face by a spurt of my blood. When I go berserk like that, everything inside changes. My blood becomes a thick, black, viscous fluid. It sticks to to everything, even my fur; and burns like wildfire.

The assassins howl was almost as loud as my own, but pained and distressed. I could smell it melting his face and mask as it ate into him. It didn’t take long for enough of the air to interact with my blood for it to catch fire. He screamed in horror, as I kicked the little shit in the face and sent him to the ground.

The blood about my body and all around caught fire at the same time. The assassins that were still on their feet dodged and retreated as I whirled around, my bleeding hand throwing black ichor about myself. There was fire in the grass, in the trees and all about my body. I growled in the night like a feral thing as I cleared the immediate area.

With my attackers unsure of what to do next, I turned my attention to the knife in my back. The blow had been close to my spine, about a few inches off; but the blade hadn’t gone deep enough to do any damage. My muscles were so dense by then that he could barely get a few inches of the blade in me. His masters should have given him a better weapon, or better yet, sent an adept. Someone who could infused their blade with mana would definitely have fared better.

Pulling the blade out, the subtle hint of pain upset me. I turned to visit retribution on my fallen foe, he was still screaming and burning. My blood dripped down on him as I hovered above, causing him to cry out anew. His anguish was eventually silenced as I gleefully hacked him to pieces with his own knife.

I tried, you know, to pull away. I knew at least two or three of those bastards were still in fighting shape and that I would have to deal with them. But the thought was in the back of my mind, buried under anger, sadistic glee and instinct. I couldn’t help but giggle insanely as I turned the wah’s body into pulp. I watched as he went from a person, to a corpse, to meat; burning as my blood dripped down over what was left of him.

The next thing I felt was a piercing pain through my neck. I had little time to figure out what was going on before I was hauled back. I hit the ground with an thud and looked up just in time to see the shine of the killers blade in the moonlight. I instinctively grabbed it with my bare hands, stopping the panda from driving it into my face. He looked surprised and tried desperately to force the blade down. He was certain that I had to be weakening now. I wanted to laugh at him, but found it difficult and painful. Reaching up to my throat, I felt the metal of a speared grapple protruding from my neck. They’d got me good, another wound that might of been fatal for anyone else.

I felt the blood well up in my neck and throat. My mouth tasted of iron and sulfur as the sticky goo filled my mouth. When the air hit the blood, it began to burn giving me the most curious notion. A wicked grin drew itself across my face as dark thoughts consumed my mind. The hapless assassin saw the dark flames growing in my maw and knew immediately what was coming; but he was too slow to save himself. Doing my best dragon impression, I spat fire in his face.

Globs of blood ignited in the air, as the thick fluid covered his face and shoulder. He fell away howling as pieces of cloth fused to flesh, and both melted away. He thrashed about violently trying to claw the flames away; but to no avail. It wasn’t long before his screams turned to murmurs and gave way to silence. The only thing to be heard was the crackling of flames as it ate away at his corpse.

At that point, the tugging on the grappling hook in my neck got tiresome. Though unable to voice my outrage, the look of fiery death in my eyes must have been enough to spook one of the would be assassins. He dropped the rope and moved to flee before his partner managed to berate him into finding his nerve. Even through the haze of berserker rage it was an interesting sight as neither spoke, they just communicated in gestures and body movement. Sad for them, their brief delay was all the opening I required.

Rolling to my feet, I pulled some slack away from the rope. Gripping the hook in my neck with one hand and the tether in the other, I heaved, drawing one of the assassins to me. He stumbled forward trying to get his footing, but could not find purchase. I pounced on him like a predator to her prey, viciously biting flesh and fur. Ripping divots of meat and bone out of his head. He didn’t cry out like the others. Silent to the end. The most dedicated to whatever order or rule these kinlings had for themselves. Or perhaps it was because I sunk my teeth into his jugular and ripped out his throat, could have been either.

It may surprise you to know that the last one did manage to find his nerve. He rushed me with his kukri and tried to take off my head. Bout time someone tried that. I’m not sure, but I think something like that would be enough to put me down. Sad for him, my reflexes were extreme during my berserker rage, but he had been more clever than I anticipated.

When I dodged, he grabbed the rope and tied it about his waist, whilst he jumped back with all his weight. It was enough to pull me forward by the neck and knock me off balance. Clever bastard had gotten the edge on me and was quick enough to capitalize before I recovered. I felt his weight on my body as he landed blow after blow on my back. Was he trying to pummel me?

No. What I originally mistook for heavy punches were actually stabs.

He just went crazy back there trying his best to do me in. It was a serious effort. If he’d have managed to try to stab at my head or a vital organ or two he might of got me. As it was, he was just stabbing wildly, hoping it’d do the trick. To his credit, it almost did. I’d definitely be feeling it when the rage subsided and I wasn’t sure my preternatural ability to heal would be enough to overcome this much damage.

I must have looked like quite the spectacle, on the ground, bleeding and burning. The kin who meant to murder me ignored the flames, but I could hear the pain in his grunts of exertion. He was burning himself with every splurt of ichor. I decided then that if I wanted to live, I’d best get to doing something about him.

With all the might I could still muster, I rolled over. He rode me like some kind of steed, moving and positioning to stay atop me. We faced each other and I could look into his eyes. There was nothing but panic and fear in them. He tried thrusting down into my face, but I managed to knock the blade away before he could. His surprise made him vulnerable and I made my move. Toppling him over and pinning him down. I’m not ashamed to say I tore him apart like a feral monster. Scratch, biting, gnawing and ripping. I disemboweled the poor bastard and was bathed in his blood. I’d have cried out in triumph if hadn’t already lost too much blood.

Despite my rage, despite my victory and indifferent to the danger; my body began to betray me. I’d lost a lot of blood and my rage was not enough to sustain me. It ebbed away and was replaced with pain so intense I saw white. I had a second to make a decision, so I ripped the hook from my neck and tried to drag myself to the long bushes to hide. I didn’t make it. My world went dark and I couldn’t help but wonder if I had seen my last night on this planet.

I awoke several days later. It was mid morning and the chirping birds disturbed my healing slumber. My eyes cracked open to the different scenery than I’d witnessed just before I passed out. It didn’t take long to notice that there was another kinling there with me. Startled, I shocked awake and tried to move. That turned out to be a terrible idea, my body wasn’t even close to fully healed and it’s roaring protests to my actions immobilized me.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you beast. You ain’t healing so well, dear.’” she cooed to me. I could tell who it was right away, though I couldn’t move to see her clearly.

She walked up to me and kneeled down. I got a good look into the cold blue eyes of a particularly beautiful snow leopardess. Her hair was shiny and black, with flecks of white and grey about them. She wore a curious cloak that hid whatever she was wearing under it, but I could tell she’d been geared for combat. She held the book in one gloved hand. From the tone of her voice, I knew she was not happy with me.

“Where...” I managed to grown out. She smiled looking around the area.

“A little grove I know well. You’ll be safe here til you can move about.” she assured. Placing the book into her satchel she tsked at me.

“My dear, you weren’t very loyal to me. You did a naughty and look where it got you.” she teased. I wanted to growl or protest, but she was right and I knew it. Besides, she could have just finished me off and stolen the book, but instead she saved my life. I wasn’t such a bitch that I wasn’t grateful. Who knows what would have happened if she’d left me out in the open to rot.

“My mistake... I’ll own that.” I groaned.

My apparently benevolent benefactor giggled again like a child. The sound was not comforting. Despite her looks and her apparent demeanor, I knew a thing or two about her. The emblem on her cape, the winter rose, was one I’d seen before. It belonged to a special unit within the Valdinian knighthood; ‘Ice Reapers’ they called them. I’d been on the wrong end of one of them once. They live up to their name. The fact that her rose had a skeleton at its center indicated that she’d killed more than three hundred people in her career. In my condition, I was not about to do anything to piss her off.

Smiling she patted me on my head.

“I’ve got the book. All is forgiven.” she assured me. Reaching into her pack she grabbed a small bag. I could tell it was full of coin by the way it jingled.

“You’ll understand why I’ve halved your compensation my dear?” she asked placing the bag next to my head.

“Unprofessional behavior should never be rewarded... but you did get me the book. So ten platinum kellings. I think it’s a generous offer, all things considered.” the leopardess added. I wasn't in a position to argue or negotiate. I simply nodded and tried desperately not to give in to the pain. Clapping her hands together she chuckled;

“Very good then! Our business has concluded. I’ll leave you to your well earned rest.” I scoffed at her humor, but could do nothing.

To my surprise she told me she’d be in touch and that hopefully I was sufficiently educated on why not to break faith with an employer. I shrugged and watched her leave as best I could. She moved like something wicked in the night, sultry and dangerous. I had to admire it.

I’m sure there is a lesson in here somewhere. Something about hubris and greed. Perhaps about fulfilling your debts or biting off more than you can chew. All good lessons I guess, but not what I’d learned. I’d learned that someone thought I was useful enough to keep around. Perhaps the Valdinian had a plan for me, she certainly had a plan for that book. Was she after the Queen’s Blade or did she have other aims.

Down, broken and in more than a lot of pain, I had nothing but time to ponder on it. I was sure this business was not done and neither was my part in it. Gears in the dark were moving and I was one of the cogs in the machine. That didn’t bother me none, as long as there was coin to be made, I was game. Afterall, now I’m about ten platinum short and that just won’t do.


A Karnal Act by Dbruin

Mon Nov 5 17:00:13 2018

There was a bit of confusion here on this image of Riyo drawn by FA's Dbruin. He was given reference but ended up putting the tiger Karnal in the same armor as Riyo. Because of this and other reasons I was actually going to refrain from posting this. But, what they hey...

If you would like to support DBruin and his artwork, I strongly encourage you to do so. He can be found doing a lot of awesome thing on FA @


Stallosi Armor Part 2

Mon Nov 5 01:13:46 2018

Second verse, same as the first...


Stallosi Armor

Mon Nov 5 01:12:44 2018

When working on what normal stallosi soldiers armor looked like for Shyguy9's comic, we went with something a little more roman. We definitely had several ideas and concepts here.


Intimate Investigations by Lapres

Sat Nov 3 21:54:35 2018

Rangers like Alec do more than defend the fringes of the lands of Lioncourt and deal with threats abroad. They are also trained in clandestine tactics and often are entrusted with missions and assignments where they must work with full autonomy.

When the very important agricultural resources under the control of Baron Verinean Eingard began to be lighter and lighter in subsequent harvest, Archduke Kerion Aslan begins to grow suspicious and wishes to send his inquisitors to investigate.

But the Archduke's biased against the dalish lords are common knowledge and when King Eriol de Lioncourt gets wind of the situation; he wishes it to be handled with tact, instead of brute force. Fearing that Aslanian lord would use the investigation as an excuse to humiliate and harass the kinlings of the dales, he instead insist that a one of his rangers be sent to infilitrate the Baron's ranks and find the truth.

The artwork for this piece was drawn by the superbly talented Lapres. Please be sure to sure her all the loves and support on FA @


Reishuseyu Image Suggestion Box November 2018

Fri Nov 2 17:06:23 2018

Alrighty people, we're going to do this suggestion box a little differently and hopefully get a little more participation out of you. I will make some ideas and suggest a character. You can then expand upon those ideas, you can offer a character to interact with that is either an ATKM character or one of your own personal characters.

Vultui Fight Image Starring Inara

Role Reversal Male-Male Image Starring Maelyn or Guy

A Funny Image with Megogo

Something Romantic with Ajuna the Tiger


A Little Love Between Allies

Fri Nov 2 16:15:17 2018

Pandorica and Lioncourt have long been allies, and the two Kingdoms often support each other with vigor. Warriors like Elaine often spend time training and exchanging information with the southern allies, building strong bonds and relationships. Often times these bonds can grow intimate as many Pandorican's are 'sexually liberated' and do not believe in the average social conventions when it comes to sex. Not by any means promiscuous, Pandoricans, red pandas especially do not have any social hang ups or conventions against mating and courting outside of their species, as when their culture was dying and numbers were dwindling, they did so to survive; often attaching themselves to more powerful and establish groups.

Elaine is a powerful and well respected Blade Dancer and member of Pandorica's elite Red Guard, however her rivalry with her former colleague Vega has left Elaine willing to pursue many avenues to improve. Training with one of Vega's new brothers in the Order of the Raven Knights in secret, is one such avenue. A relationship that became physically intimate the moment Elaine admitted her attraction to the powerful Knight. The the two are not sexually involved, neither has wished to pursue a more structured relationship, enjoying the freedom of their current arrangement.


Attention; Male Needed for Gay Comic

Wed Oct 31 18:42:32 2018

We are looking for someone with a character with a dick to take on a sexual role in a few pages in a collaborative comic between ourselves and FA's Tatsumichi. If you are interested, please let us know. This role only requires a male who is being seduced and the buy in for the pages is 500 USD. If anyone is interested let us know and know, we do not need you to pay that all at once.


Gaz Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Tue Oct 30 20:03:57 2018

As most of you know, we're getting character sheets of the main cast done by the same artist. So here we have Sir Gaz, a man out of time. Three hundred years ago, in defense of his Kingdom he is placed under the effects of dangerous magic and is entombed in a crystal. When he is released, he finds that only himself and the man that betrayed his Kingdom has survived. Displaced after finding his home was destroyed, he finds himself in the service of the Raven Knights, where his ancient knowledge is of great use.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds, which he stars in. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Indecent Experiments Page 4

Mon Oct 29 20:08:25 2018

And here is page 4


Hunters in Love by Vlikmit Kovsh

Sat Oct 27 16:34:10 2018

The elder twin sister of Sir Riyo Vandeleur, Champa’s life took a very different path than her brother. While Riyo was fulfilling a breeding contract with the Vultui, Champa was learning how to be one of the ‘mulakaluna’ or women of the hunt for her tribe. Those like Champa, born with unusually deep spirit wells, are trained to harness that energy in order to become fierce warriors and huntresses.

In times long ago the Palawa were ruled by powerful Shamans, who as a rule, were mostly men. Palawan society had strict caste systems that limited the growth and prosperity of certain species and especially women. The Mulakaluna had been created to protect tribes and families from the abuse of the Shamans, as males strong in mana were usually taken from their families in order to be trained as new Shaman Lords.

In Theria, a huntresses primarily defends the tribe from all external threats and often handles policing within the tribe; however, their main function has always been the hunting down and elimination of dangerous Palawan Shamans.

As a huntress, it is Champa’s duty to keep her people safe and eliminate Palawan Mystics who decide to follow the ancient and dark ways of the shamans of the past. These dangerous maleficarum must be quickly dealt with, as their actions bring scrutiny and persecution to the various Palawan tribes.

It is in pursuit of one such dangerous shaman that Champa encountered Torian Akuja, an Amaroki wolf and one of their famed Imakandi. Though their relationship began with conflict and misunderstanding, the two have become incredibly close in a small frame of time. With Champa referring to Torian as ‘Manalaka’, a shortened version of the phrase ‘Mana laka tuwaka’ or my little warrior. While Torian often refers to her as ‘His Autumn Flower’.

Champa and Torian’s relationship is one of mutual respect, trust and love; though neither are at liberty to pursue anything permanent, as tribal politics stands in the way of any such future. As one of less than fifty wakaleos alive and of breeding age, Champa is expected to bare at least one male and one female pureblood cubs. Most likely with a male she barely knows, as the Palawan wish that those of strong health and breeding history propagate together to replenish their depleted numbers. A fate she shares with her brother Riyo.

Torian’s situation is much more complex. As Kaidon of the Akuja tribe, he carries the bloodline of not only one of the original founders of the Amaroki wolf tribes, but also that of one of the Nine Valiants; the original Torian of clan Akuja. He is highly sought after for political marriages and the wolf clans of Amaroki scheme to unify themselves with the Noverian wolf clans by marrying him to the current Alpha of Alpha’s; Astrid Halvorson. A woman he has only met briefly in passing.

Despite these complications, the two have a bond that transcends love and will often travel great distances to help one another, and though Torian hates the heat and Champa is not used too the frigid northern winters, the two often endure many trials to support one another. Only time will tell what will become of these two lovers.

The artist for this piece, Vlikimit is criminally underappreciated. Though he joined FA in May of 2018, he's got only 41 watchers. We're going to need that to change. If you want to see us hire Vlikimit to do more pieces, especially with these two... let us know. Also, please go watch and support him on FA @


More Amaroki Sketches

Thu Oct 25 02:01:05 2018

Second verse same as the first.


Amaroki Outfits Designs

Thu Oct 25 01:59:34 2018

Working on designs for the outfits for the Amaroki with Roly. Thought you may like to see it.


Dirty Business

Thu Oct 25 02:47:13 2018

Aaaand this month's patron reward comic for Kileak.

Estix likes to do things behind the scenes so he's not noticed by the raven knight and such persons who could take him out. Being a elderian, he's not supposed to be beyond the Forbidding, a line that separates the mundane and Elderian realms. Our pig friend has managed to get caught up in Estix's dealing with promise of riches. But the task of collecting mundanes for the incubus' pleasure is a larger task than he expected.

One lesson is to be learned here...don't push Estix for more than he offers, you'll get something terrible in return.

We also get a tiny glimpse of his new thrall owned by Bornvictim, Dean.


Do You Want A Permanent Character Role in ATKM?

Wed Oct 24 17:10:29 2018

We are looking for a character that would have a reoccurring role in ATKM works. This role would be 'FREE', however, like with all main cast that we do not own, you can help support comics and projects the character is in financially.

Here's the run down. We are looking for a character for the role of enthralled warrior. This character is a sell sword who has found himself enchanted by an incubus and follows that character around as a body guard. The character is a former Rune Knight.

The character must be versatile in their sexuality, homosexual scene with this character are important as they have been enthralled by an incubus. If you would like a character considered for this role they must follow these guidelines.

A. Looking for a masculine character.

B. Has to be a regular species, no fantasy or hybrids or licensed characters. So no pokemon, no sergals.

C. You have to be willing to sign a character usage agreement. Like a permission slip that clarifies what we can and cannot do with the character and affirms that you in fact own the character and can give us permission to use it. You won't believe how many times someone offered up a character they did not in fact own.

D. You've got about a day to respond to this message because we're doing something with that Incubus today!

E. Character can't already have a role in ATKM elsewhere.

Partnership with Benefits

Tue Oct 23 22:36:38 2018

This was last month's sketch comic reward for Arkant featuring his big old softie Bluoda. He is partnered to Nycteis, a rune blade, as her cleric. Being part of the librarium, Rune blades are always assigned to clerics and mages for a thee man team. We get a glimpse of this one (Maybe the mage will appear at a later time).

Nycteis is on the reckless side and Blu has to be there to fix her up. However, she's always thankful for her cleric's support and worry, annoying as it is at times.


Castle Brandis of Overlook by Gofa

Sat Oct 20 21:35:13 2018

In the South West of Lioncourt, on the edge of Maahes and Merlion provinces, are the ancestral lands of House Renton. Overlook is considered the doorway to the southern provinces. Known for the raising and riding of harpers, the mounted cavalry of Overlook is considered legendary.

Historically, house Renton is made up of jackals; but has always accepted mutts and mixbreed canines into their main house. With the motto of; 'Stay hungry!', they have been a respected House for over four hundred years.

Raven Knight Meredith Rentonward was taken in and made ward of House Renton. Trained to follow in her Lords footsteps, Meredith has grown to be an exemplary of what House Renton is considered to be about, the finest calvalrywoman within the order she fights with the ferocity and tenacity her House is known for.

The artwork for this spectacular work of art was drawn by the ridiculously talented Gofa on FA. If you don't know them, then you have been doing yourself a great disservice. Please for the love of God, go check out their work on FA @


Another "victim"

Thu Oct 18 23:46:49 2018

Lord Estix at it again with his antics. Sometimes he doesn't take the dominating role and sticks to the bottom. In any case he still gets his needed feedings.

T'Song (caracal) belongs to Supsup


Art of Interrogation Page 12

Tue Oct 16 02:57:14 2018

Nothing clever this time...


Countess Desiree Belafonte by Fetalstar

Sat Oct 13 18:58:27 2018

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds, which he stars in. The comic is completed thankfully. So look forward to that.

Key to that story is Countess Desiree Belafonte, a noble of the Belkin Empire and eldest of her fathers children. A seasoned soldier, commander and general; the Countess was made Castellan of the castle at Fort Baedor in Freehold when the city state was taken by Belkin forces.

Desiree is a cunning woman who uses her sensuality and intelligence to overcome opponents. As a daughter of one of the Great Houses of Belk and a former commander in Belkin's Infamous Vanguard, she is a loyal vassal of the Belkin Emperor and believes in the Empires expansion. She truly believes that the Free Timberlands would prosper under Belkin rule and that they are bringing order and stability to the unruly lands.

A widower three times over, Desiree was a virgin of fifteen when she was wed to Duke Alcorn to secure an alliance between their two noble families. The two were happy together, though the Duke had been a man of about forty when they wed. Desiree has been a faithful and dutiful wife until her husbands tragic demise, a year later, having been killed during a campaign to bring timberland raiders to justice.

She would be married twice more after Duke Alcorn's death. Once to his younger brother, Frederick and then to his cousin Harrison Alcorn. Both would die in combat, leaving their youngest brother, Lorentz Alcorn, a boy of nine, as head of the House.

Having loved each of her husbands, the Countess refused any other attempts at marriage. Fearing that she was cursed. Instead she used her considerable skills to pursue the deadly arts in order to avenge her husbands. Working together with Knights of House Belafonte, she hunted down those responsible and dealt with them personally.

This gained the attention of the Vanguard whom wished to recruit her into their order. It is rumored that her historical rise in the ranks had as much to do with her skill, strategy and martial talent, as her love for men. As a widower whom did not wish to remarry, she was free to have liaisons with whomever she wanted. Often attracted to men of action and status, many believed the Countess fucked her way to the top. An accusation the Countess neither entertains or refutes.

Though effective in her duties and well liked by her soldiers, the Countess' nontraditional behavior has garnered her several powerful rivals within the Belkin Nobility. Chief amongst them being Duke Prescott Boreanaz; a man scorn by her affections in her youth and disrespected by her father when he was not considered for Desiree's hand. Despite his powerful position as the current Commander of the Vanguard and his considerable clout, Desiree has always enjoyed toying with the Duke. A practice that may come back one day to haunt her.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Adolyn Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Sat Oct 13 15:21:36 2018

As most of you know, we're getting character sheets of the main cast done by the same artist. So here we have our Primus Corvinus, the leader of the Order of the Raven Knights, Adolyn Valenrow. Count of Vonleh and the heir of Evandale, this caracal has a pretty big role in the story.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds, which he stars in. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Taken by a succubus

Fri Oct 12 23:28:56 2018

Monette having a good old time with like usual. We'll definitely have to do more with her different forms. Luck victim belongs to reverick


Finalized Young Lady Mihari; Baroness of the Cerulean Pass by Yuukari-Nee

Tue Oct 9 04:49:13 2018

This is a teenage version of Mihari, the final draft of her flashback form for an upcoming comic starring Mihari and Reese called 'A Past Apart.' Mihari belongs to her fantastic owner who is helping fund the comic and Yuukari and I are working out the kinks on design and what not for the comic. If you like Yuukari's art please show her some love and support. She can be found on FA @


Coon and a Cunt Boy

Mon Oct 8 17:20:19 2018

I was gonna write something clever; but I'm pretty sure you guys don't read this shit. So, yeah... posted.


Pounding Prince Charming by Reishuseyu

Sat Oct 6 05:39:32 2018

Prince Alecrast has found himself in quite a few peculiar situations since he began his adventures in Theria. Perhaps most surprising is his time spent on his knees taking the cocks of strong willed warriors whose thick balls and potent sperm have changed a bit of his opinion of himself. Perhaps it isn't such a good idea to present himself to the more hospitable males around the land.


Kindred Spirits by BelayaLapa

Thu Oct 4 06:36:10 2018

“Step lively, child,” she called to me. I huffed and groaned as I trotted after her. I was not fond of walking through the forest.

“I’m not a kit my lady, I’m nearly seventeen” I reminded. The fresh-faced, white, rabbit looked back at me with her beautiful, violet eyes and laughed.

‘You’re all children to me. You more than most.” She giggled. I bit my tongue. I wanted to argue, but I knew she was right. Being a child had defined so much of my life till then. It had been my most dangerous weapon once. No one expected a little sow like me to be a highly trained killer. Those who might have were the type of scum who got excited by the sight of a naked adolescent girl. My body, such as it was, was more than enough to distract my targets. My time as a child assassin defined the first half of my life. My devotion to Lord Atreyu will be what determines the rest of it; I hope.

Still, I am not very happy at being reminded of the meaningless gulf of age between my master and me. Lady Sarissa is always quick to tell everyone that we are all children to her. I’d take offense, but I’m mature enough to know she’s right. Though she looks young and beautiful beyond measure, the ‘Ranger of Harimal’ is actually thought to be over three hundred years old.

They say she fought in the last days of the ‘Baptism of Fire,’ and that she knew Canton, ‘The Hero of Ages.’ I’ll admit that I’m not often impressed by such things, but anyone who has lived as long as Lady Sarissa has my respect.

There are a million ways to die. A million different, subtle, little ways that your life can be snuffed out. I should know, I’ve employed many of them, but to have been a woman of action for all that time is a feat worthy of respect. I cannot imagine how it would feel to be a Leverin rabbit like her. Having such a long lifespan at the cost of tragically rare ability to reproduce. It’s quite the trade-off.

I get. Don’t think that I don’t. In the deepest, darkest corner of my heart, where dreams fear being exposed by the light; I know the longing she must feel. I’ve allowed myself to wonder what it would be like to be a proper lady for my master. To walk at his side, instead of at his back. To love him and be loved by him as a woman should be. To bare his children and build a life, leaving behind all that I am in the eyes of a child who looks like the two of us. Would I suffer the pain of carrying a lion in my tiny womb? Would he be disappointed if the child was a marten like me? Would fate be so cruel as to gift us hybrid? A child so weak and fragile, a pitiful thing destined for a short life of pain and anguish. It’s rare, but it’s a possibility. One I would not hesitate to tempt if it meant I would have that dream.

Lord Atreyu is more than the lord I serve, more than Master of House Duran. He is the man who woke me up from a waking nightmare. Saved me from the dirty streets and filthy alleys of the lower quarter. He took in little girl who knew only darkness and depravity and made her a ward of his great house. He was the first to treat me like a person. The first to see me as more than just a tool or a weapon and I loved him for it. Not as he loved me. Not as a girl loves someone who took her in and practically raised her. No, I love my lord with all my heart as a woman loves a man; though he doesn’t see me that way. He is a lord and a grown man, I’m, as the lady so callously reminded me, still just a child to him.

Distracted by my private thoughts, I could only place one foot ahead of the other. I did not pay attention to the road we walked, I knew where the white rabbit was going. We were on a trek to Leveria, for what she did not say. Though it would be interesting to see the birthplace of the Leverin rabbits, I’d have much rather been with Lord Atreyu. I saw no benefit in seeing the sights of the great forest kingdom when I could be doing my duty, covering my lord’s back and being of use to my master; but this was his doing. He had left me in the company of the Lady and asked me to accompany her on her travels. I dare not question his reasons or motives; though it was implied that there was something he wished me to learn from the timeless coney. What, I had no idea.

I did not know Lady Sarissa very well. I knew of her, but we’d shared few words between us. Aside from the similarities in our names, I felt we had nothing in common. She was a beautiful timeless warrior who was a legend in herself. Nobles and colleagues had always shown her the utmost respect and consideration. She was talented and popular for her personable demeanor and considerable skills as a ranger. The few times I had spared a thought for her had been oft handed musings. I often wonder why one so capable refused greater responsibility at every turn.

Lady Sarissa was a bit of a mystery to me. She was without a doubt the most accomplished ranger in the Order. She was one who had achieved the rank of ‘Strider,’ the mightiest of their class. Strider was nearly impossible to attain by those with natural life spans. There was simply too much to their art to master in a hundred years. Striders were freightfully experienced in their craft and the subtle manipulations of nature they employed showed an understanding of the relationship between nature and the flow of man that many mages didn’t fully grasp.

Though other ranagers in the order were impressive, none seemed to be on the Lady’s level. Sir Faelor Ardyll was the Commander of the Knight Rangers and Leverin, same as Lady Sarissa. Despite being her superior officer, the difference in their powers was tremendous. Even the talented First Ranger, Sir Cassius Assyrius, who was the closest a non-Leverin could be to a Strider, was not Lady Sarissa’s grace. In any sane world her experience alone would make her Primus of the entire Order. It vexed me that the lady never complained about it. She never seemed to be unhappy about it, nor have I known her to pursue any advancement. She seems to enjoy doing her duties and often pretends to be just another Raven Knight, same as any other; but I know better.

Like the current Primus, there's a power within her. Something terrifying and dreadful hiding beneath the surface. I wonder if it is just a quality of people like them to smile and pretend. To act as if they are not frightening beings. Perhaps that is why she and Sir Adolyn get along so well. Maybe that is why they got along so well with my master. Lord Atreyu always acts with kindness and cheer, hiding how powerful he is to those weaker than he; but even his strength is dwarfed by monsters like them.

Suddenly I stumbled. The path had changed and I became vaguely aware that Lady Sarissa had halted her advance. I was so caught up in my preoccupation that I almost walked into her. It took me a moment to adjust myself and fall in behind her. I was a bit embarrassed to be seen as so clumsy, but I hoped it helped my guise. We did have that in common; neither of us wished others to know fully what we were capable of.

“Are you alright, little one?” she asked. I nodded and took a look around.

“Where are we, my lady?” I asked back, showing proper respect. Lady Sarissa smiled in response, and her pink nose wrinkled up cutely. I must admit, I was jealous of her. She had a way about her that made her look like a princess, or what I imagine princesses should look like. Unfortunately for me, I would be more jealous before long.

“It took a while, but these trees have regrown.” she began, running her hands down the trunk of a skinny tree.

“This is where the first ‘Battle of Harimal’ took place a very long time ago,” she said wistfully. My gaze gingerly traced about the area. Though I could see no signs of a great battle, the scars of dragon fire or the broken remains of long-dead warriors; I could feel something in the air. Great magic had been used there, both to destroy and to create. Those who survived the war must have come back to restore this place. The manipulation of mana was evident all around me. The flow of mana was particular strong their, drawing ‘pyreflies’ all around. The little creatures were attracted to places and people of power; and they seemed to dance wildly as we approached. It was a breathtaking visage, I’ll admit, but one that did not interest me. I wanted to ask why I was brought there, but Sarissa shocked me with a sudden revelation;

“I was born right over there. It was right before the first ‘Battle of Harimal’.” she started.

I was surprised by the revelation, but did not question it. Instead, I waited for her to continue. I figured there was more she wanted to say and I didn’t wish to seem rudely uninterested.

“I was born amidst the extermination of my people. I didn’t have the opportunity for a normal upbringing.” she continued.

“My earliest memory is my mother being overrun by kobolds. She’d been a powerful ranger, but there were far too many of them. Hundreds, literally hundreds. They were enhanced in some way. Magical, medicinally... I don’t know. She’d killed so many. There were piles of them everywhere, but they kept coming. Eventually, they exhausted her spirit well and then her stamina. After hours of combat, she could barely stand, they overwhelmed her and ripped her apart.”

She didn’t look sad at the recollection. Simply contemplative. She walked away and leaned down, her hand touching the ground.

“My father was buried here, next to her remains. He died fighting off dragon blades,” she whispered.

“He was a fine buck, or so I’m told.”

Lady Sarissa’s words were heavy, and I could feel their weight. That didn’t stop me from openly wondering why she was sharing them with me. This time, against my better judgment I asked. I couldn’t help but question what any of it had to do with me. She smiled a bitter smile and faced me, trying to be patient where I was not. The pyreflies danced around her, and I could feel the depths of her quintessence. The mana around us was reacting to her and the wealth of emotions she was trying to contain.

“You and I have much in common little one... more than you know.” she started. I seriously doubted that, but I wasn't ready to question her twice in quick succession. Instead, I perked my ears and dusted my cloak, leaning up against one of the trees. She’d get on with it I was sure. I was actually quite curious as to what she meant. Not many people know of my past and upbringing. No one knows much about me at all. My lord is very careful with what he shares with others regarding me. It is a protection of sorts. For which of us I cannot say. So when Sarissa remarked about my hidden past, I was surprised, to say the least.

“I killed my first kinling at the age of four. By seven I had several hundred under my belt. How many lives had you taken by that age?” she asked bluntly. My number was well over a hundred. I was morbidly proud of that fact, but Sarissa seemed to have me beat. I cocked an eyebrow, unable to contain my disbelief. I thought;

‘Several hundred seems like an exaggeration.’ Then again, look who I was talking to. Nothing average about the Lady.

As a Leverin Sarissa had been born with deep spirit well and tons of quintessence; nothing out of the ordinary for her people, but that wasn’t all. She was an exemplary of her race, unusually gifted even amongst her kin. One of the Harimali, she could trace her lineage back to the Eternian Zervai. The blood of the ascendent coursed through her veins. Now I’m no student of history, but I know at least that much. No scholar forgets to teach of the major factions of the ‘Baptism of Fire’.

The Harimali were particularly powerful because of their connection to Zervai. Elioudan they are called. Those who have eternian blood. Sarissa bloodline had been particularly strong, and she apparently was some kind of wunderkind. In trying times, her fellows used her gift as a weapon. She lamented that she’d been trained since she could walk to be an efficient killer, a reaper of lives.

That was not normally the way of the Rangers. They were taught to track, hunt and range beyond the borders of Leveria. They were the first line of defense against anything that could threaten the great forest kingdoms. Though eventually she would join the ranks of her brethren, her childhood saw her set upon a different path. She had been used as a knife in the dark, just as I had been. I could infer from what she said after that, that she had done much of the same things I had done. Anything it takes to get the kill, that’s the unspoken motto of an assassin. I could see why she felt us similar, but I wasn’t ready to admit it.

“I then met a man who changed my life,” she stated then. She looked me right in my eyes and smiled.

“A handsome young lord whom I adored. One who lifted me from perdition and into the light. Made me feel like a person for the first time.” she added. I looked away, blushing. I wasn’t easily embarrassed, but I was then.

“His was a genet named Carth Larhal, last of his name...” She looked wistful as she spoke of him.

A dalish kinling, he had been a scout for the armies of Lioncourt. As alliances formed between the remaining furkin kingdoms, Carth came to be a liaison of sorts between the Rangers and Queen Alanzia’s forces. He had opened her eyes to the possibility of what she could be outside of her duties. She had grown to love him and in order to keep him safe, she defied tradition and trained him as a ranger; the first ranger who was not of Leveria. Though her kin initially did not approve, her time with Carth had given her self-confidence and a sense of independence. When they thought to punish her, she decided to flee with Carth and fight for the ‘Queen of Hearts’ directly.

“Wait a minute...” I interrupted. Her ears perked up, and she looked away with a knowing smile. She knew what was coming.

“You’re the mother of the ‘Rangers of Lioncourt’?”I asked. She smiled proudly and held her hand out, letting pyreflies land on it and walk around.

“Not just that. I am the mother of House Larhal as well... progenitor of what they are now.” she chuckled. My eyes widened, and she nodded.

“I did,” she answered my unasked question. She had borne Carth a son, a genet, like himself. She had not been able to give birth again in Carth’s lifetime. I was particularly interested now, but still confused.

“All of this is interesting,” I murmured, unsure I wanted to reiterate my earlier point.

“But what does any of this have to do with me, my lady,” I asked again.

She sighed and muttered something about the impatience of youth. Turning her back to me she walked away before stopping.

“I have not truly been in love since Carth, though I admit to having had a thing for our previous Primus, and our current is quite charming. Love however, I’m afraid that it is beyond me now.” she told me in confidence. She looked around. Searching for words. I thought she was nervous, but then I realized she was worried about me and my feelings. I didn’t have to wait long to find out why.

“I have kept myself hardy and in high spirits in many ways and in the beds of many exceptional men.” she continued. She turned and looked at me, steel in her purple eyes.

“Lord Atreyu is simply another in that vein,” she assured.

I took a step back. My mind tried desperately to find a way to misinterpret what she had told me, but I’m no fool. She said it plain as day and the revelation hit me like a gut punch. She and Lord Atreyu... my Atreyu.

My eyes narrowed and I could feel myself getting worked up. I was normally excellent at containing my emotions, but at that moment I was about to explode. Lady Sarrisa and Lord Atreyu? It was hard to get my mind to wrap around that idea. How? When? I’d have certainly known if she had laid with him. I do keep a careful eye on my Lord and those bitches pining after him, but this was wholly unexpected.

I don’t know what came over me, a sudden bout of fury or stupidity; but my hand twitched as I stopped myself from grabbing my blade. It took every ounce of self control not to lash out at the Lady, but I held my composure. Good thing too, I felt a change in Sarissa in that brief moment. She didn’t move or anything, but I know what death feels like. I felt it from her then.

The pyreflies had left from around her in a hurry, and the air about her had changed. It was slight, and if you weren’t adept you would never have known it, but she had either been ready for a poor reaction or just was responding to whatever disruption my emotions we causing. She sensed my intent and matched it with her own. I wanted desperately to scale back the tension, but I could only blurt out;

“Why?” As I struggled to make sense of it all. She didn’t face me, she just walked forward, and the pyreflies returned. I was happy to sense that her killing intent had faded.

I had never felt so threatened before. Not by Sarissa’s strength or skill, but by her being. She was beautiful in every sense of the word. Everything about her was exceptional. There were perhaps maybe three women in the entire order who could claim to be her equal as woman, and I was near none of them. I felt despair, pure and utter despair. She could do anything I could do for Lord Atreyu, but better. She could protect him, provide for him and be a proper lady for him. Even possibly bear him a child.

“WHY!?” I demanded, doing my best to keep my emotions intact. I was failing.

“You deserved to know,” she stated simply. I said nothing. I merely trembled behind her, unable to believe what new horror reality had wrought for me. She paused for a long moment, leaving me to marinate in my anguish. Then she turned her head back to me and smiled reassuringly.

“You also deserve to know it’s nothing serious and that I do not intend to take him from you.”

Lady Sarissa had then told me how Atreyu had found himself in her bed after a night of drinking and merriment. Atreyu had been modest, but Sarissa had been insistent. I had been away. Fulfilling a mission at my master behest. She had slept with him several times since that night, often visiting him in the night. She claimed to have noticed me watching over him and made a game of getting passed me.

“I think you’re good for him, lady or no,” she said suddenly.

“I think he needs someone like you in his life. He’s too...”

“Trusting,” I interjected, unironically. She nodded. Lord Atreyu was one of the good ones, but his beliefs and decency often landed him in trouble. Lady Sarissa then reminded me of my age, but not in a harsh way. She remarked that everyone was children to her and that it didn’t stop her from pursuing relationships. She had not loved since Carth, but believed if she kept trying she would find someone. She reminded me that though young, I was near the age of womanhood and that I should not despair my difference in age with my master. To go for it with everything I had and claim what I thought was mine. She then mused that she’d keep him warm for me until I made my move.

“Got to be like a ranger in these situations... don’t hesitate when you can take your shot!’ she joked. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I bowed my head and whispered,

“Thank you, my lady.” My words were not sarcastic, I was genuinely thankful. I feared the day some ‘Lady’ like herself would come and take him from me. Push me off to the side as the lowly street urchin I was. Sarissa was one of the most impressive Ladies I’d ever seen, if she thought I could have my dream, then it gave me confidence.

“Clarissa and Sarissa, we should start a club.” she mused, changing the topic. I smiled and continued after her, all too willing to let her.

“There is Marissa the ocelot, that cleric; oh and Alyssa the blade knight...” I replied, happy to indulge her fancy. We spoke then as friends; something gained between us. A comradery perhaps, one that was not there at the beginning of our journey. By the time we returned to Lioncourt, I felt a closeness to her that I hadn’t felt for anyone else and I was thankful for it. When I’m older, when that time comes... I’ll take her advice. I’ll take my shot. I may not have the skill or grace of a ranger, but I know I won’t miss.


Sir Reese by Yuukari-Nee

Wed Oct 3 04:19:31 2018

A handsome pic of Reese for an upcoming comic starring Mihari and Reese called 'A Past Apart.' We are working out the kinks what not to get the character ready for the comic. I'd say Yuukari did a wonderful job on this. If you like Yuukari's art please show her some love and support. She can be found on FA @


Mischief Magic page 1

Sun Sep 30 04:50:32 2018

Here we go! First page of the Terri and Adolyn comic. Terri is a simple gal, just wanting to sell her wares to those who require her help. Though she seems to be causing a ruckus in the point that she caught some serious attention from high ranking officials . This will be 4 or 5 pages depending on some things.

Page 2:


Meredith Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Fri Sep 28 04:16:27 2018

As most of you know, we're getting character sheets of the main cast done by the same artist. So here we have our harper riding ward of House Renton, Meredith.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Indecent Experiments Page 3

Wed Sep 26 14:54:33 2018

And the test begins!


Riyo Character Sheet

Tue Sep 25 00:22:51 2018

As most of you know, we're getting character sheets of the main cast done by the same artist. So here we have our 'outlander', the Palawan, Riyo.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Beach Boi Vandell by CristalAvi

Sun Sep 23 22:45:03 2018

A companion piece of Vandell drawn on the beach. A set of two royal lions... ain't that cute.

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Beach Babe Megan by CristalAvi

Sat Sep 22 23:11:55 2018

A cute little image of Princess Meg on the beach. There will be one of her brother in short order.

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A Special Mission

Sun Sep 16 15:00:09 2018

It was like a dream come true for Esanna. She had been one of the few chosen for a dangerous mission and the excitement almost had her giddy. Sure, she’d been on dangerous operations before; such was the life of a centurion, but never had she been hand-picked by one of the ‘Praetorian Guard’.

Esanna was a noble from a minor house; House Tavas. Her lineage afforded her the coin and the prestige to study under warriors of great repute. Becoming one of the rising stars within the Imperial Military. But as the young mare grew up, she learned that a nobles name could be both a blessing and a curse.

Years ago her grandmother had married a mule of House Varus. A very rich kinling, but one whose mule bloodline was seen as a shortcoming at the assembly. Though none would dare insult the senator publically, the doors closed and the prestige loss for the matter of his birth had always been apparent.

Esanna’s mother, of course, was of House Varus and as such carried her father's genes. Though considered a beautiful filly in her day, she still suffered much for her lineage. Those of the greater houses shunned her, though she was always the prettiest mare at the ball. The girls called her Lady Jenny and made fun of her slightly shorter than average muzzle and bulkier stature. They teased her for her voice, her larger brown eyes and accused her of having less grace than the other mares at court.

It was all just bullying though. Esanna knew her mother had more grace and poise in her little hoof than most mares in all the land. Mules tended to have more strength and stamina than horses, though objectively they weren’t seen to be as beautiful. Esanna’s mother had both, but prejudice still held her back. So as youthful filly, she decided to pursue a different path.

Where she had failed as a debutant, she more than succeeded as a warrior. ‘Lady Jenny’ had paid her dues on the battlefield and was now known as Commander Tavas, a decorated soldier of many battles and commander of the ‘Second-Third’. She was responsible for three legions, almost 3000 soldiers. No one would dare call her ‘Lady Jenny’ now. Esanna thought that she should be proud of her mother’s accomplishment, especially having married into a patrician family like the Tavas’. She should have been, but Esanna wasn’t.

Her mother commanded the respect of her soldiers, but not the noble houses of the patrician. Time and again she’d been denied promotion to General, while lesser Stallosi gained success and promise from ‘her’ accomplishments. Her father, both a merchant and a senator, had no ambition to be anything but. He knew the day he married her mother that he’d never be anything more. Jealous families with very strong views on the matter would never allow it. He already had enough grief from his political rivals. Esanna wanted a different life for herself. She refused to be tied down as her family was. Luckily, her parents understood.

Esanna had not grown up under the same scrutiny as her mother. She was seen as pure; distant from the ill effects of her mule lineage. Though some had teased her as a girl, she’d been quick to put them in there place.

Joining the Imperial Military, she further distanced herself from her mother and father by enlisting as a common soldier. She’d fought hard during the civil war and served with distinction in border skirmishes with Schwinehold and Arysha. Her real climb to prominence, however, came during the pacification, where Esanna had taken command of what was left of her battered centuria after they’d been ambushed in the wildering. After her commanders had died for their arrogance in underestimating the moorland tribes, it was Esanna who lead her fellow soldiers from the brink of death. She was awarded the title of Centurion and given command of the century of her own upon their return to Stallios. Yes, Esanna had already had a storied career to that point; but to be asked to be on a secret mission for the Praetorian Guard, that was the honor of a lifetime.

She’d agreed of course. Got her people together and met with an honored warrior, a guardswoman named Viatrix Pollo. Viatrix was the very definition of a Stallosi mare. Tall, beautiful and strong looking. She was a sarcidano. A big, beautiful, bay mare; with vibrant red hair, that was thick and voluminous. Like her hair and her tail, she had intense red eyes that could stare daggers into you; and despite a beautiful, freckled face with a cute, cream, blaze, facial marking; Viatrix seemed almost manish in her stature, posture, and physicality. She was as sturdily built a mare as you’d have seen.

Esanna had taken an instant liking to her straightforward demeanor and unwillingness to engage in formalities. Viatrix sat with Esanna and her team, addressing them as equals.

The mission was a simple one. Elk from Amarok were traveling and camping in the northwest fields. Far off from any settlement, but still on the Imperators lands. A legate had been sent to demand payment for the resources consumed by the Amaroki, but the savages refused to respect the authority of Stallios.

As these things tended to go, the talking heads in the senate were outraged and the consul put their grievances to a vote. A call to action was agreed upon and the consul took this request to the Imperator, who in his great wisdom, ordered his Praetor to make an example out of the interlopers. Viatrix was given the assignment.

Together they had made their way to the Amaroki camp and in the dead of night attacked. Their orders were simple; drive those bastards back to their cold little country. If any resisted, Esanna and her men were not to hesitate to kill them, save women and children of course. They weren’t barbarians.

Esanna didn’t believe it would come to too much bloodshed. The lower hill tribes of Amarok were nothing like the wolf tribes or the Noverians in the north. They were simple folk who traveled about, following the food. They would certainly not put up much of a defense and they didn’t. The whole thing went off without much of a hitch. Sure there was the little matter of Esanna almost getting skewered by some random, little, fawn; but Viatrix had stepped in and saved her.

At first, Esanna thought that she’d messed up. Let her guard down and looked a fool in front of the Guardswoman. She’d seen the fawn not to be a threat and disregarded her. When the fawn picked up a fishing spear and charged her... she hesitated. Viatrix had handled the situation with as much grace as one could. She’d cut the spear in half and backhanded the brat unconscious. Despite feeling a bit ashamed of needing the red-headed mares assistance, Esanna was happy to hear Viatrix say,

‘Sorry to step in. Was worried you were gonna kill the kid.’ Thankfully, she had misread the whole situation.

Esanna had worried about that little misstep for a time after the encounter. As she harried those Amaroki in her sight, she could hear the signs of combat all around her. Most of the northerners fled for their lives, but others, too bold for their britches, wished to fight. Her fellows made short work of the defenders. Those who seemed like a threat were killed. Those who didn’t were summarily disarmed and physically accosted. Any not deceased was not injured too grievously; they wanted them to be able to leave after all.

Things were going well though. The defenders were few and the loss of life was acceptable. The savages were allowed to grab their dead and injured while they fled and eventually most took the hint. Sure, they’d had to put the torch to most of their tents and ill-gotten supplies in order to break the Amaroki’s spirits, but the sortie seemed to be a resounding success. Everything appeared to be running smoothly, that was until Esanna was stopped in her tracks by a giant, hulking, bear.

The centurion found herself facing off against a 7’4” Amaroki berserker. The kinling was a stout, male, kodiak bear. He was all muscle and fur, with fierce blue eyes and a rage that would not be contained. He shrugged off glancing blows and his primitive bone armor was as strong as steel. He swung a huge bone blade around like a cleaver. Two of her fellow soldiers were hacked in two by the raging beast whilst trying to aid Esanna; she was thus honor bound to gain vengeance.

Gripping her sword tightly she rushed forward. Though her gladius was sturdy and strong, she knew it would not survive a clash with the berserker's crude blade. Instead, she would rely on her shield for defense and forego any attempts to parry. She pushed her speed advantage, galloping forward quickly and closing distance. She gracefully leapt just before meeting the bear and spun under his swing. Her hair flew as she twirled, gaining momentum for her attack.

In one fluid movement, she rose her shield arm up and slammed into the bear's bicep, before sinking her gladius into his side. The thick, leathery hide of his under armor was a tougher material than she’d expected. The blade of would go in no more than six inches. Not enough to kill outright, but a wound that should have definitely done something; yet the fearsome berserker shrugged it off.

With a massive howl, the brute kneed Esanna in the chest, denting her armor and knocking the wind out of her. She staggered back and raised her shield just in time to feel the impact of the heavy blade as it brought her to her knees. The pain in her shield arm was intense. Though she’d successfully defended herself, the blow had cracked through her shield and injured her arm. She bled everywhere. It wasn’t looking good for the brave centurion, but those were the moments a warrior lived for.

With a cry of her own Esanna fought back, deftly throwing her shield at the bear in an attempt to distract him. Luckily, her strategy worked. A shot to the face with a metal disc will do that to you. The berserker reeled from the impact and was unable to react in time to the mares killing blow. Pouncing on the ursa with both hands raised, the centurion plunged her blade into bear’s collar and bowled him over. Blood gushed up like a fountain, staining her hands and armor. Still, the bear persisted.

With a gurgled growl, the ursa learched and fought. It was unnatural how much power he had, even with a sword in his neck. He flailed about, knocking Esanna from atop him. She fell down hard, smashing her head into the ground and rolling to the dirt. Pain shoot through her as she landed awkwardly. Spital and blood shot from her mouth as she struggled to recover.

Dazed and disoriented, the determined mare rose to finish the fight. She could see the shadow of the berserker bear looming over her, but for some reason, he did not advance. Her vision took a while to clear, so she saw only shapes and shadows. It seemed the berserker was being restrained. Had her companions managed to stop the beast? No, not at all. As her vision returned she could tell that those restraining the monster kinling were not Stallosi, they were... wolves!

A small shiver of fear went through her body as she realized what she was now up against. These wolves had infiltrated the battlefield and descended upon her position without being noticed. They were obviously members of the famed ‘Imakandi’, warriors and hunters whose skills and prowess we feared and respected throughout the land. She could see three easily restraining the berserker as a fourth faced her. A tall, grey wolf, with braided white hair and intense orange eyes. He said nothing as he observed her with a blank expression.

Esanna meant to speak. To shout out her challenge. Her pride and honor would not see her shrink away from the danger or show weakness in the face of her enemy, but as she moved to speak the wolf rose his hand to silence her.

“Enough, this night of violence is over.” He said in a stern voice. He was short and matter of fact. He had no intention of making quarrel unless Esanna pressed the issue. Weighing her options, she decided it would be best to allow the Amaroki to retreat. That had been her mission after all.

“Very well, take your people and go!’ she shouted. The wolf nodded and signaled his people to leave.

“Next time I will not be so generous ” warned Esanna, gathering up her sword. The Imakandi smiled at her and shrugged.

“No, I expect you won’t.” he replied. His tone suggested he found Esanna’s threat amusing. He certainly wasn’t bothered by it. With a polite bow, he and his went off into the night; leaving Esanna to contemplate just what she and her band had accomplished. Had her performance been enough to impress the Praetorian Guard?

The question bothered the centurion for the entire trip back. She watched as Praetorian Viatrix walked ahead, speaking quietly with the standard barrier. The red-headed mare looked back many times as if she were speaking about the soldiers in the small company. Esanna worried what misgivings she may be harboring about her performance. Despite her worries, she would not get the chance to hear the woman’s opinions while they were on the march; leaving Esanna with hours of uneasy contemplation.

Around her, Esanna’s fellows did not share her concern. They were in high spirits. None were quite as critical of themselves as she was. The young centurion strived for perfection and analyzed everything. It wasn’t the best quality to have, she knew. Sometimes she told herself to just put such things out of her mind; but try as she might she could not shake the idea that she’d performed poorly. And what of those Imakandi? They’d arrived without notice and left without quarrel. Should she have engaged them or would that have been foley? Would letting them leave without challenge be seen as weakness?

“No, of course not.” she assured herself. Getting them all to leave was the mission.

Esanna’s nagging doubts stayed with her for quite some time. It followed her back to the settled lands and into the city of Pompey. She and her band had settled into a large inn for the night. All the rooms had been sequestered for her group and they spent the first part of the night making a ruckus in the first floors tavern. As her fellows sat around the tavern drinking, she was preoccupied. It was hard to enjoy the mirthful atmosphere and feeling of triumph with the nagging doubts weighing her down. She was so preoccupied that she didn’t notice the first time she was tapped on the shoulder or the second.

‘Excuse me, Centurion.’ a voice called through her mental haze. Esanna blinked a bit to clear her head and turned slowly to see who was trying to speak through the ruckus of celebrating soldiers.

‘Do you mind, centurion?’ a familiar voice asked. Esanna looked dumbfounded as she locked eyes on Viatrix gesturing to the seat next to her. It took an embarrassing moment to figure out just what was happening.

“Oh, I’m sorry ma’am.’ she blurted quickly. Fumbling with her hands she tried desperately to clear her things and make room for the veteran warrior.

“It’d be my honor ma’am, truly.” Esanna assured.

Amused, Viatrix giggled a bit at Esanna. It was an odd thing to hear. It was throaty and strong. Definitely not girlish, but womanly in its way. It was odd to hear the hardened Praetorian laugh in such a way, but it was calming as well. She seemed friendly and relaxed. She certainly didn’t sound as if she was ready to give Esanna a hard critique.

“You were magnificent today.” Viatrix stated plainly. Esanna almost choked on a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding. Coughing, she tried desperately to recover.

“I was?” asked the confused jenny. Viatrix smiled brightly as she took a large swig of the ale she was carrying.

“You were, so relax. I never thought the daughter of Commander Tavas would be so self-conscious.” Viatrix teased. Looking down and away, Esanna sighed. She’d worked herself up for nothing and now felt more embarrassed than anything else. She had fretted and fussed like a filly on her fourteenth nameday. Far to worried about the opinions of other people. She thought to explain herself, but if Viatrix knew of her parentage, then there wasn’t much to say. Of course, just because Esanna was at a loss for words didn’t mean Viatrix was. She leaned in on the younger horse and whispered;

“We’re not due back in the capitol til the morning; why don’t you join me in my room? I’m sure I can help you deal with some of your... ‘stress’.”

Esanna’s ears stood up and her eyes grew large.

“Come again, ma’am?” she asked in disbelief. Viatrix got up and handed a small golden key to the confused centurion.

“Agan and again if we’re lucky.” Viatrix teased, taking her hand and brushing it against Esanna’s muzzle.

“There’s no pressure. If you want to join me then do so. If not, I will sleep alone.’ she said in a singsong voice. Again Esanna was at a loss for words. As she fumbled with her thoughts, Viatrix leaned down and gave her a small kiss on the lips, before slowly moving away, leaving Esanna breathless. Before she could react Viatrix was gone and Esanna was left with butterflies in her stomach.

Certainly, it was an indecent proposal. Though it was not unwelcome, it was unexpected. The higher up in the ranks of the Imperial Army you were, the less likely you were to fraternize with those lower than you in rank. There wasn’t a rule about it or anything. It just was politically unwise. Still, it wasn’t an invitation that she wanted to decline. It wasn’t everyday a beautiful and fit filly like Viatrix Pollo just came out and asked if you wanted a romp. Grinning luridly to herself, Esanna grabbed he drink in hand and swallowed its contents in one big gulp.

“We’ll have to see how I stack up against a Praetorian.” she mused, leaving a silver kelling for the barkeep as she left.

With her heart thumping and her mouth dry, Esanna stood at the door of Viatrix’ room. For a moment, she contemplated knocking; but that would be silly. She wasn’t given a key so that she could knock. She tried swallowing the breath she was holding and marshaling her courage. Be as confident in this as she wanted to be in battle. It wasn’t a big deal, was it?

“No, I’ve got this.” she told herself. Viatrix was strong, beautiful and talented; but so was she. Esanna refused to feel inadequate in her presence.

“I’ve got this!” she said to herself aloud, pushing the key into the hole.

Like a swimmer in the cold water, Esanna decided to go in head deep all at once. She turned the lock and opened the door quickly. Entering quietly, she turned closing the door behind her in one fluid motion.

“Sorry for the delay my lady,” she started with her head bowed.

“Think nothing of it. I’m glad you’ve decided to come,” answered Viatrix’ voice from the other side of the room. When Esanna head rose to meet the equine’s eyes, she was greeted with the beautiful visage of Viatrix; stark naked, sitting on the edge of the rooms large table.

Viatrix sat there, resting a hand on her knee as she drank from her wineskin. She left nothing to modesty. She sat with her legs open enough to see her womanhood. Her breast were uncovered and bounced slightly as she moved. Esanna couldn’t tell if her rock hard nipples were due to arousal or the slight chill in the air.

Casually, Viatrix pushed a mug of ale toward the pretty mare with her foot.

“Come now, girl. You haven’t lost your nerve now, have you?” she asked with a laugh. Esanna had not, but she had certainly been taken aback. Viatrix had shown to always have a certain disdain for subterfuge and preamble, so perhaps Esanna should have expected the handsome praetorian to get straight to the point.

Viatrix was indeed a handsome mare. Beautiful, but not in the girliest of sense. She did not look manish, but she looked strong. Her muscles were evident under her fur and her perfectly toned belly moved and curved in as she drank from her flask. With her naked, Esanna could see the scars that adorned the guards body. Two prominent ones above her perfect breast, with there chocolate nipples. They somehow gave Viatrix’ body character and made her more appealing. She was a hard mare and the lines on her body showed it.

“Why don’t you stop gawking and put that mouth to better use!” the sexy filly teased scooting up to the edge of the table.

“And what use would that be?” Esanna asked, feigning innocence. Stepping forward, the centurion took the drink in her hand. She gave Viatrix a wink before taking a swig. The elder guardswoman just smiled, shifting on the table. Reaching down she parted the folds of her pussy with two fingers.

‘Why don’t you come put that mouth to good use, centurion?” she beckoned. Esanna intended to do just that.

Placing her drink down on the table, Esanna moved forward; kneeling between Viatrix toned legs. She leaned up getting a mighty whiff of Viatrix intoxicating love stink. The aroma of her moistening pussy was erotic and womanly. Esanna could hardly help herself from moving in and having a little taste.

‘Mmmnnn...” Viatrix moaned as she felt Esanna’s long, wet, tongue along the chocolate folds of her vagina. Her body heaved and her legs trembled as Esanna worked slowly around the outer rim before slowly settling inside and tracing a slow circle.

‘Damn!’ the mare cooed. It certainly wasn’t Esanna’s first time with her mouth on another woman’s muff. Her experience was evident by her skill and confidence. Qualities Viatrix greatly admired in a someone licking her twat.

‘Do you like that?’ Esanna asked. Her voice was sultry and playful. She looked up at the older mare with lust in her eyes. Viatrix could only bite her knuckle and whimper through her clenched teeth as Esanna’s fingers continued the assault her tongue had begun. Running her fingers up the sides of Viatrix’ box, she settled two fingers on her clit and licked. The mare nayed loudly as her foot kicked forward.

‘I’ll take that as a yes!’ Esanna laughed. Viatrix just rolled her eyes.

‘You think that’s funny?’ she asked. Esanna made the mistake of nodding, which put a sparkle in Viatrix’ eye.

‘If you got time to laugh then your not doing it right, maybe I should help you!” she offered, reaching out grabbing the back of Esanna’s head. Forcefully she pushed Esanna’s muzzled down into her snatch.

“Go on girl, get that tongue all in there!”

Despite the startling show of force, Esanna did her best to comply. Her thick long tongue darted inside of Viatrix and she began to lick and lap deep down into her love canal. She felt Viatrix tremble as she did so. Taking a grip of her own, the filly grasped Viatrix’ thighs to brace herself, as she pleasured the officer. The sounds of her smacking lips and lapping tongue echoed in the room, just beneath the moans and cries of the guardswoman.

Esanna continued on like that for a while. Enjoying the delicious nectar of Viatrix sex well. She gulped down the considerable juices without hesitation and would have gladly kept going for quite some time; but the praetorian had other plans.

Offering her hand to Esanna, Viatrix invited her up on the sturdy table and laid the soldier on her back. Leaning over her she whispered;

‘Time for me to get a taste of you.”, as she relieved Esanna of her bottom and panties. Peeling back that individual strips of her pteruges and exposing the centurions dripping heat. Viatrix wasted little time moving positions and straddling herself above Esanna. With both women facing each other's pussy, it didn’t need to be said what would come next; only wondered, ‘who’ would cum first.

Viatrix was surprisingly talented at pleasing another woman. Her long, thick tongue massaged folds and crevasses that made Esanna shudder with pleasure. The warm feel of her saliva as it trickled down between Esanna’s leg was a sensation she’d enjoyed. Viatrix was aggressive. She liked to drive her large tongue deep into the pretty filly’s aching sex. Probing around as if she were looking for something. Whenever Esanna moaned louder, Viatiax would pursue that area with vigor. Vibrating her tongue and rolling it up and down like she wished to pronounce a particularly rolling ‘r’.

Esanna tried her best to keep up but was losing this battle completely. She had gripped the praetorian’s tot buttocks in an attempt to gain leverage. Though she had her muzzle shoved down into Viatrix dripping sex, she could not match the other woman's pace. Waves of sensation threatened to overtake her as she could do little more than kiss and murmur as she tried to stifle an; ‘Okay... okay... okay!’, that escaped muffled from where her mouth tickled Viatrix’ twat.

Viatrix was unrelenting. While her tongue pushed deeper, as she licked back and forth. Her fingers rubbed and brushed against Esanna’s swollen clit. The young mare could barely stop herself from screaming as the volcano of erotic sensations bubbled up from her center. It was all that she could bear to try to ride on the waves of elation. She panted heavily now, trying between breaths to visit the same satisfaction to Viatrix. Though her efforts garnered a reaction, it was clear who would lose this round.

Crying out in ecstasy, Esanna gripped Viatrix buttocks tighter and shove her sex deep into her mouth. She hoped to muffle her uncontrollable screams of enjoyment, but could barely them, let alone silence herself. Her back arched as she tried desperately to regain a measure of self-control, but it had been longer for her than she cared to admit and the power of lust had to strong a hold on her. She let out a loud neigh as her body twitched and convulsed in the throes of desire.

Despite her apparent victory, Viatrix was not finished. Before Esanna could regain her wits and come down from her sexual high, the crimson-haired mare turned over and manoeuvered herself into a new position. Her grace was astounding. You could barely feel her weight shift on the table and it did not wobble. She reached down and took Esann in some sort of leg hold, pressing her dripping sex to the centurions. Esanna reaction was instant.

“Oh shades, I’m not ready!” she cried out.

“It’s still sensitive.” she announced in the form of a plea. Viatrix paid her no mind. Instead, she began to grind her pussy into Esanna’s and pressing their clits together and enjoying the excitement. Gripping the table firmly, Esanna decided to try to fight the amazing feeling growing in her loins and instead focus on trying to keep up. She’d come once already; a big one. She refused to come again. Not before she’d gotten Viatrix to.

The two women grunted determinedly as their pussies played a game of push and slap that lasted quite some time. Both women were determined not to give in to the ravenous lust growing inside of them. It was like a dance, a battle. Both vigorously attacking the other for dominance and control.

Viatrix was the first to crack. She had began to whimper rather loudly as her past slowed down. Her body was rebelling against her and wanted to cum badly. Esanna was likewise in a similar state. She had held out as long as she physically could, but that didn’t seem to help. Every time her moistened pussy pushed against Viatrix dark flesh, it shot lightning through her body. She had tried to gyrate and massage her clit against her partner in all this, but it seemed Viatrix had more discipline than a simple soldier and she would not be beaten.

With all of her stamina gone, Viatrix relied on technique and enthusiasm to carry her through. It was evident that Esanna could not hold out any longer, but neither could she. Though Esanna came first, Viatrix was not far behind her. There they lay, legs clasped together, panting and crying out their sexual adulation of one another. No words, no phrases, just the satisfying language of ecstasy as their bodies heaved with the strain of heavy breathing and spent energy.
A chorus of nays and whines that slowly subsided into satisfied murmurs, before petering out into silence.

Oddly enough, it was Esanna who reclaimed her wits first this time.

“That was... great,” she managed to get out through her ragged breathing. Her companion had to agree. She had thoroughly enjoyed their little romp and didn’t mind telling Esanna so.

“So, what now?” She asked; reaching out to Viatrix. The praetorian met her gesture and the two clasped hands, pulling each other up.

Sitting now, they looked into each other's eyes. Despite themselves, they laughed and giggled at the situation. It was a little out of character for them both.

“You can stay the night here. My rooms much more comfy than the shared rooms you guys have.” Viatrix offered. Esanna smiled and brushed a hand through Viatrix’ hair.

“And maybe have another go before the sun rises?” she asked. Viatrix smiled, but did not answer. Instead, she gave Esanna a passionate kiss and swung her legs over the side of the table. She took a moment to center herself and fix her hair before standing. The silence grew so long that Esanna started to feel self-conscious again.

Slowly, Viatrix walked over to the bed before turning her head back toward Esanna.

“If you think you’ve got it in you,” she teased. Esanna could not hide her enthusiasm as she grinned from ear to ear, before popping up and following. The two would have their second bout. Enjoying each other's bodies and company up past the demon hour. The sun would find them the next morning in each other embrace; spent, happy and rested.

The march home was uneventful. Viatrix acted as if nothing had happened and Esanna did the same. Most of the other soldiers in her unit were too drunk or busy trying to find their own creature comforts to have noticed what had happened last night. If any suspected, they weren’t talking about it. It wasn’t the kind of thing that soldiers wouldn’t gossip about.

The return to the capital was uneventful and the Praetor did not say much when they reported their success. After a sharp salute, Esanna and her men were dismissed, without praise or thanks. Such was the life of a soldier. After writing her records and reporting to her own superiors, Esanna retired to her estate. After a mission like this, she and those chosen would be allowed a brief reprieve to recuperate. Such was the benefit of times of peace. When she arrived, one of her servants greeted her at the door. A spindly, little thing. He was a donkey with bucked teeth and a woman's form. Freckled face, brown furred, blue-eyed, with sandy blonde hair; he’d be almost pretty if he wasn’t so gangly.

“My lady, there is...” he seemed slightly disturbed as he looked about behind him to see if he was being listened to. Esanna’s patience held as she waited for him to continue.

“There is a is a large mare here to see you. I told her you were not in, but she invited herself in!” he proclaimed.

“And you just let her?” she asked incredulously. The servant lowered his head.

“My apologies Lady, but I had no choice. She bears the sigil of the Praetorian Guard. I dare not defy her!” he explained worriedly. Esanna smiled. Seems she would get her praise after all. With a wistful look on her face, she dropped her pack and began to walk forward.

“Do not worry,” she started, staring at Viatrix who had now walked into view.

“I will be a while, see that we are not disturbed.” she ordered. With a bow and a nod, he complied; and Viatrix went off to see whom would win a third round.


Indecent Experiments Page 2

Thu Sep 13 11:08:54 2018

And we're continuing.


Adolyn Sketch by Francisco

Wed Sep 12 07:59:39 2018

Franks second attempt, he's working on muzzle work and getting other information good and down. There's some improvement here. Should be fun to see where he goes with this.


Adolyn Practice by Francisco

Wed Sep 12 07:57:20 2018

A friend of mine who is used to drawing humans wanted to try his hand at furry. This is his first attempt. I have spoken to him about everywhere he went wrong with this. Almost looks like 'wolf' Adolyn. His second attempt was a bit better.


Spring Time Sex by Peritian

Wed Sep 12 00:56:30 2018

Kohkari doesn't bottom for just anyone. Though willing to do just about anything for his pack, he's rather particular about who he lays with; especially males.

But on occassion Kohkari can be pretty frisky,; and during the spring time, when the mood takes him, he can be down right flirtatious. That would be the perfect time for a strong, handsome hunter to get a piece of that Inu ass.

The art for this piece is drawn by the wonderful and talented Peritian. You can find her on FA@


Biencien Witch Terri

Mon Sep 10 20:00:00 2018

Biencien witches are a curious sort. Most people presume if have that label that they are automatically up to no good. While mostly true, there are those who do not go to such extremes--releasing unimaginable evils, gaining powers that no fur should have, ect. Terri on the other hand is a simple gal who just wants to help by selling her magic wares. There may be some side effects but results are guaranteed.

We're in the process of making a short sketch comic with here and Adolyn. You should be seeing the first page this month.


Happy Meredith by Daigo

Sat Sep 8 22:06:01 2018

One thing about being a dog, ya can't hide your excitement when your tail wags. The mystery man receiving Meredith loving is one lucky person.


Young Lady Mihari; Baroness of the Cerulean Pass by Yuukari-Nee

Tue Sep 4 06:03:16 2018

This is a teenage version of Mihari, the first draft of her flashback form for an upcoming comic starring Mihari and Reese called 'A Past Apart.' Mihari belongs to her fantastic owner who is helping fund the comic and Yuukari and I are working out the kinks on design and what not for the comic.

If you like Yuukari's art please show her some love and support. She can be found on FA @


Fun with Friends by Reishuseyu

Tue Sep 4 03:34:47 2018

A little something with Meredith and Lina.


The Sisters Eridani by Belayalapa

Sun Sep 2 19:23:46 2018

Along with their brother Guy, Aritrea and Camden Eridanus are the daughters of Marquis Harlem Eridanus and the lordlings of Eradani Fields. Their grandfather, Casimir is Duke of Eradani Fields and a legendary warrior in his own right.

Vassals to the Royal House Assyrius, House Eridanus has often served important positions of power and prestige within the nobility. The sisters father was once Captain of the Crown Guard for King Legault and their mother was a member of the Royal Guard and First Knight of Bast. The finest Knight in the capitol.

Though Aritrea meant to follow in her mother and fathers foot steps, tragedy has soured her on the nobility. She now uses her considerable skills to help keep the borderlands safe as Commander of the 15th Company of the Border Legion.

Her younger sister Camden followed a different path. Enamored with the youngest son of House Assyrius, Camden wanted to pursue the life of a Ranger of Lioncourt. Squiring under Cassius Assyrius, Camden became an exceptional archer and scout; but her Ranger training came under the tutelage of the Leverarin Rangers of Harimal.

Aritrea and Camden are considered two of the most beautiful and respected noblewomen in the Kingdom. With Camden being one of the darlings of the aristocracy and highly sought after as a bride for ambitious noblemen.

Together with their brother, the Eradani siblings have a strong bond of love and friendship; with each often coming to the others aid in times of crisis. Perhaps it's no wonder why the nobility of Lioncourt are so enamored with the 'Sisters Eradani', as they are known.

The artwork for this piece is drawn by the exceptionally talented and lovely Belayalapa. If you aren't showing them so love than you certainly need to be... please check them out on FA @


Friendship Ritual

Sat Sep 1 10:14:29 2018

A little comic showing some tribal rituals.


Champa Sketch by Mewpan

Sat Sep 1 05:44:13 2018

Champ is hands down my favorite girl in ATKM, I'm sad I don't really do much with her. She is Riyo's twin sister and a great Palawan Huntress. She also is in an romantic relationship with Torian Akuja of Amarok. She's pretty awesome.


Onward to adventure

Fri Aug 31 00:07:16 2018

What trials await? Apparently something terrible. Getting caught up with the Raven Knights tends to bring trouble.

Dragonkin Draco is a part of a comic Into the Dark Below drawn by the artist Nexus. Comic will also feature Glendriel and other cast members as they try to escape dangerous territory.

Draco is creative property of


Banging the book keeper

Thu Aug 30 00:07:52 2018

The halls of the pandorican athenaeum can be quite boring at times, especially if you are one of the renowned book keeps like Rimi. But on some occasions, when there aren't scholars or shady visitor abound, Rimi get to meet some interesting folks in the quiet halls. This time Glendriel, member of the Raven Knights. A little chit chat with prodding and tiny Rimi managed to get a of taste of Glen. Being a librarian does have it own litte --or big--rewards.

Emi belongs to


Indecent Experiments Page 1

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And we are off!


A Hard Lesson Page 8

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Sorry this is stupid late, like a year.


Pleasing the Pretty Princess by Yuukari-Nee

Sat Aug 25 05:34:31 2018

Prince Vandell's sworn brother Maelyn is loyal to the crown and the de Lioncourt family. He serves as best he can in any way possible. Sometimes that's with a sword and other times it's with... 'a sword'. The two pretty boys are rumored to have quite the sexual adventures together. Perhaps it is all just gossip, or maybe the two spend there nights pounding each others cute asses. Whose to say?

The art for this piece is drawn by the fantastic Yuukari-Nee. If you dig her fantastic art, you should totally check out her FA @


A Couple of Crows by Kami-chan

Fri Aug 24 01:14:05 2018

Here we have Guy showing Mivan a little love. The two are Crows, mages and clerics in the service of the crown. Unlike the mages of the Raven Knights, the Crows report directly to the High Sorceress Sierra and are concerned only with their orders and what magics could potentially help the kingdom. They're a close group, with some of them having known each other during their time studying magic at the Magus Librarium.

The art for this piece is drawn by the ever adorable Kami-chan. She's an artist FA with a love for all things cute. Please if you like her work, go support her @


Minkus Concept Art

Sat Aug 18 07:04:17 2018

Minkus or as their plural is, Minki, are intelligent little mana beast. Will write more later.


Setting Free

Wed Aug 15 20:02:55 2018

Reese has a complicated relationship with Monette. Though his experience and sensibilities tell hime to keep the lilin at arms length. His heart tells him that their is more to the succubus than she would have you believe. Often, in his dreams he romanticizes that there's more to his relationship with her, as he feels a deeper bond with her than others. This bond amuses Monette, who is more than willing to use it to play her games with the blade master. Time will tell what will become of this flirtation.


A Surprise Meeting Page 3

Tue Aug 14 22:39:26 2018

Arkant puts a call out for help to one of his fellow Dragon Blades, but the meeting is a surprise for everyone.

Part 2:
Part 1:


Cassie and Queen by MyLoveless

Mon Aug 13 19:42:15 2018

If anyone can give Camden a run for her money in when it comes to Cassie, it's Queen. Queen's beauty, pedigree and charm are enough to take the heart of any man, but the only man she frequently has eyes for is the young lord. Though her loyalty and heart belongs to her Lady Reyes, Queen's hopes are to one day tame the wild heart of the young lion of Assyria.

The art for this piece is drawn by the talented Myloveless. If you want to give them some much deserved love please do on their FA @


Tiger, Tiger by Diesel Wiesel

Fri Aug 10 07:27:33 2018

Most of the court know about Sir Ajuna Embry. His father was a well known paramour who married into the Pride Embry and took the name. Though he inherited his mothers skill with the blade, he inherited his fathers skill with the tongue.

A well known philanderer, Ajuna is often the talk of the court. Most noblewomen consider it a badge of honor to have been hit on by the handsome Raven, even if they do not lay with him. Though despite protest to the contrary, many of them do.

His latest conquest is the talented but shy young mage Mivan Fiore, one of the Crows of Lioncourt's 'Cabal'. A private dinner turned into a midday romp. I'm Sure Mivan doesn't mind.


Indecent Experiments by Skaiahart

Wed Aug 8 02:42:17 2018

Here we go...


Banging the little warrior

Mon Aug 6 21:02:24 2018

Little kohkari engaging with the giant pandas. They are gentle kinlings but rough when they need to be.

Marsalis belongs to Kiyomi


Little Lina by Osato-kun

Fri Aug 3 18:30:05 2018

A little birthday gift I got from Osato-kun.


Art of Interrogation Page 11

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Maelyn by CrystalAvi

Tue Jul 31 19:13:11 2018

A little something of the crowns Legate to the Raven Knights; Maelyn Visenya. Known as the Rose-Gold Raven, Maelyn has earned a reputation for being both beautiful and deadly. A ward of the King, he was trained beside his children by the Royal Master at Arms. His size and speed lent well to the use of rapiers and short swords. Though respected for his prowess... he is often mocked by the nobility as the King's 'adopted daughter'. He was gifted one of the most powerful Eldeidan in the land, Murgleis.


Tougher situations

Thu Jul 26 16:20:54 2018

Looks like Soven's in a situation that that she over estimated. She's a tough girl, not one to submit easily. Hopefully she'll hold out. Bryanna will put that to the test.

Bryanna belongs to NexyB


Lovely Charm by Reishuseyu

Wed Jul 25 20:08:01 2018

Cassuius Assyrius is a charmer and seducer, graced with a beauty that would turn both women and men's eyes; attention that he prides. Though these traits are used for info infiltration, he from time to time uses them to take part in...more interesting deeds. Caught in the middle a lovely threesome, Cassius receives what he desires, a face covered with cum and a sexy pounding to follow.

Find more art by Reishuseyu on their FA


Lady Lyndaria

Mon Jul 23 21:01:38 2018

Another Raven Knight image, this time of Lyndaria.

This was drawn by the artist kennzers. Be sure to check out their page for more amazing work.


Lady Syndelle

Mon Jul 23 20:59:12 2018

Raven Knight syndelle ready for duty. This was drawn by the artist kennzers. Be sure to check out their page for more amazing work.


Queen Azalyn Kleones Character Sheet

Fri Jul 20 17:31:37 2018

Lady Azalyn Kleones of Ivory Springs is the second wife of King Eriol de Lioncourt. Though Queen Linadri is the honored first wife of the King, Azalyn is second wife in name only. Her's was the King's first engagement, but when Lady Liandri Tristain of Aberdeen came pregnant from her tryst with the then Prince, Eriol decided to marry her.

The scandal rocked the Kingdom and the insult to Lady Azalyn and House Kleones threatened to jeopardize the stability of the land. King Legault had tried desperately to deal with the fall out. House Tristain was one of the oldest and most powerful vassal families of Lioncourt, dating back to when the southern 'Pridelands' were once four Kingdoms, and with the Lords of Maahes supporting the action, the King could not order his son to rescind the engagement.

King Legault had set up Azalyn's engagement to Eriol himself. A reward to her family for it's loyalty and the sacrifice of her fathers life in saving the King. He tried to reward House Kleones with lands and titles, wealth and more powers in order to make amends for their slight, but the young Lady Azalyn refused and demanded what she was owed.

Surprising everyone Azalyn, noted to be a shrewd, bossy, and cunning woman, suggested that she marry the King as his second wife. Though officially accepting the role as the Queen Lesser, she would assume all the power and privilege as first wife. Reluctantly, the King agreed and Eriol wed Azalyn a year after wedding Liandri.

Queen Liandri may be loved by the people for her beauty, innocence, and care for the common kin of the land; but Queen Azalyn has their respect. She stand as her husband chief council and her intelligence and forethought was instrumental in settling the lands after the death of King Legault. As Queen she keeps a sharp eye on the needs and the quality of living of the common kin and has been especially attentive to the lost duchies, as her father was before her.

Though Eriol and Azalyn do not often see eye to eye, as the lighthearted King's mirth and carefree attitude often grates on the serious Azalyn's nerves, the two have grown past their petty dislike of one another from their youth. Azalyn has come to appreciate Eriol's genuine affection and warm personality and Eriol has come to respect Azalyn's intelligence and loyalty. Years into their marriage, Azalyn birthed Eriol two children. A daughter Megan and a son Vandell.


A Surprise Meeting Page 2

Wed Jul 18 22:36:36 2018

Arkant puts a call out for help to one of his fellow Dragon Blades, but the meeting is a surprise for everyone.


Properly Topped

Mon Jul 16 19:15:46 2018

Being part of the Borden Legion has it's own trials and frustrations but when off duty, Soven can relieve her stresses on willing civilians. This time being Marc.

Marcus belongs to


Monette Character Sheet

Thu Jul 12 20:45:00 2018

As most of you know, we're getting character sheets of the main cast done by the same artist. So here we have our succubus, Monette.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Maelyn Takes a Toy by Zeiro

Sun Jul 8 01:37:17 2018

On the surface, Maelyn comes off prissy, proud and incredibly vain. He is beautiful and well aware of it. He however did not always have this kind of self confidence. Most of the traditionalist in the nobility refer to men like Maelyn as 'fancy', which though in general use is okay, but when aimed at feminine males is a derogatory insult.

As a cub, he and his milk brother, Prince Vandell, were constantly teased by other nobles for their feminine appearance and close relationship. Maelyn did many foolish things as like cutting his hair short, trying to grow a mustache, and gaining weight when he was ten; which only got him teased as the King's fat daughter.

Eventually, Maelyn grew tired of his attempts to fit and began to embrace being 'fancy'. Before then he'd never considered or pursued his attraction to other men, but around the age of fifteen he began working to see if he could seduce his fellow lordlings; specifically those who once teased him for his femininity.

After finding that they were more than willing to indulge in carnal games with him, Maelyn began to believe that the nobility was simply 'full of shit'.

Maelyn has grown to be a sexually open pansexual and is proud of the attention he gets from others, though, he admittedly enjoys sex with other men most of all. In his private chambers within the Raven's Nest, Maelyn has a collection of phallic toys both expensive and rare that he uses to pleasure himself. He isn't shy about showing them or his usage of them off to those he finds 'interesting'.

The arrtwork for this super sexy piece was drawn by the indominable Zeiro over on FA. If you don't know, check em out @


Vega Character Sheet

Fri Jul 6 00:59:25 2018

As most of you know, we're getting character sheets of the main cast done by the same artist. So here we have our sweet little blade dancer, Vega.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Lime Ice Cream

Tue Jul 3 21:43:37 2018

The second of the Rupalulu images I forgot to post. Here you go!


Tree Bed by Rupalulu

Mon Jul 2 21:02:13 2018

Among the Palawa there are their famed Palwan Hunters, a group of adept warriors whom protect the various nomad tribes and are key to the survival of it's people. Legend among is Champa the Spear of Anjea. Named for the goddess and an incredible warrior, she has become a cultural icon for her people, though she is merely in her early twenties.

She gained her notoriety in fame for her skill at hunting down and dealing with the Palawan Mystics, which her people refer to as the Mokoi. Since the Mokoi steal children for their dark rituals, Champa has become a folk hero among the cubs and younglings of the various Palawan tribes, as well as notoriety among the Timberland Free Cities.

Despite the love she is shown, Champa prefers not to stay with her people. Her wanderlust takes her all about the land of Theria, where her exploits, strong personality and prowess have helped the Palawan image. However, no matter where in the land she wanders, those who know her can always call her home if the Mokoi need dealing with.

The art for this fantastic piece is drawn by Rupalulu over on FA; please give her some love @


The Vultufei

Sat Jun 30 20:53:54 2018

The warrior women of the Vultui are known for there fierce strength and battle prowess. The matriarchal society has produced some of the most dangerous warriors the world has ever known. Among them are the Vultufei; warriors and hunters who are adept in the ways of mana and trained vigorously to carry out missions of interest to the Vultui outside of their lands.

Vultufei train vigorously among one another to hone their skills and improve their talents. The greatest of them are rewarded with twin blades known as 'Blades of Uriel'. A weapon they believe is divine and the memento of their Eternian patron, whom died to protect them. It's current wielder is a tawny fox named; Inara.


A Surprise Meeting Page 1

Fri Jun 29 04:22:51 2018

Arkant puts a call out for help to one of his fellow Dragon Blades, but the meeting is a surprise for everyone.


Spring Sonnet Festival

Thu Jun 28 20:43:41 2018

From time to time I completely forget that I’m a Lady. No I don’t think that I’m a man, don’t be stupid. I mean a proper Lady of the court. I’ve got titles and noble upbringing and all that shit, more so than most. Back in Schweinhold I am Princess Jonah Serilda Annette von Lichtenshwein; formerly heir to the throne and social pariah to the fucking nobility. Bunch of stodgy cunts that they are. You can thank my fiendish uncle and my spineless oaf of a father for that. The opinions of court always meant so much to him. Guess it’s why it don’t mean much of a damn to me.

Here in Lioncourt I’m no princess, just Dame Jonah Schwarzsturm; the Black Dove of Harrow’s Arc. Technically I’m Baroness of the small baronage. Fucked around and got awarded the title under some extraordinary circumstances. So now I’m duty bound to deal with a new set of nobles and noble duties. Can’t seem to catch a fucking break, but it ain’t all that bad, because I ain’t got to do all the work.

I much prefered being a knight, when that was my thing. Now I much prefer being a mercenary, now that that’s my thing. I’ve earned enough goodwill in Harrow’s Arc that the folks there ain’t up in their ass that I can’t be bothered with the day to day rule of a baronage. Nah, they got Sir Goran Sully for that.

Goran is Castellan of Harrow’s Manor; the castle which I’m supposed to live in. It was the ancestral home of House Harrowmond, the lot that used to rule the baronage. House Sully had always served House Harrowmond. They served loyally up until the Harrowmond’s got themselves wiped out during the war with the wilderings. Since then, the Sully’s have minded the castle and waited for the crown to award someone the title of Baron. Now the Sully’s say they serve House Schwarzsturm; which consists of just my thick, pink, ass. That’s gotta suck.

Goran’s about thirty years my senior. A kindly old ursa. The man’s humble as humble can be. This doesn’t stop him from treating me like a child from time to time. The man’s got a serious case of the ‘gramps’; he thinks he’s everyone's parent. He keeps me informed of what I need to know, takes care of the day-to-day minutia, and lectures me on how to properly present myself to the court.

I already know how to play the part, but the old bear likes to teach, so I let him. Unfortunately for me this means I can’t really refuse him when he sends for me. He insist I make appearances at major functions and gatherings. ‘The Lady of the Castle must always attend!’ he would say with an amount of pride I find kind of endearing. So I wasn’t surprised when the courier crow arrived summoning me back north for the Spring Sonnet festival. Eighteen grueling hours of wine, merriment and terrible poetry. I was less than thrilled.

I guess my presences is a testament to my respect for the man and what he does. I travelled alone back to the Assyrian Province, post haste; so as to not be late for what I was sure was going to be the most boring day of my natural born life. That didn’t end up being the case though.

I had arrived in the early morning and readied myself for the greeting. I refused to wear the frilly and frankly, putridly girly dress he’d picked out for me. Instead, I wore a formal and fancy armor, with a nice leather tunic. These were gifts given to me by a couple of noble houses when I was awarded the baronage. I was more comfortable in armor and no one would ask why I wasn’t in a dress. They’d assume I’d want to show off the gifts, publically honoring those who’d given them to me. I was all ready to stand and smile and pretend to give a shit about leaves and the history of the baronage, when a most peculiar thing happened. Someone grabbed my ass and pinched it.

You’d think I’d turn around and punch a guy out for that. I’d have thought so too, but I didn’t. Instead, I stood there for a moment, blinking. It wasn’t quite that I didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to grope me. It was that no one ever had. I took a long second trying to think of the last time anyone ever tried to get handsy with me. I came up blank with recognition that It had never happened. I felt confused, flattered and upset all at once. I wasn’t sure how I was going to properly feel about it.

On the one hand, on principal it’s shitty behavior. I should’ve been furious and responded in kind; raining down white hot fury on the dumb son of a bitch who dare try to objectify me. But a part of me was genuinely curious. A certain friend of mine had always claimed that I was far too intimidating and unladylike for a man to ever wanna get fresh with me. I almost smiled at the idea that he’d been proven wrong.

“It’s always nice to see you fräulein. I was afraid you wouldn't come’” a familiar voice whispered. My almost smile became a grin. That voice, that accent; the way he absolutely butchered the word ‘Fräulein’. I was sure it could be no one else. I went from feeling confused and maybe a bit curious, to proud. I smiled and leaned back into a warm body that was much firmer than I remembered. Looking up, I gazed into the wonderful hazel eyes of the Desmond Sully, young heir of House Sully and Sir Goran’s only son. A pleasant surprise I must say.

Last I seen the boy it was his eighteenth nameday. I’d resolved to welcome the shy little snot into adulthood personally. He’d been a quiet, cautious boy, whom I had to always thought cute. I took his virginity as a memento of the day and had for as long as I’ve known him, instructed the boy on how best to be a man. I was worried he’d end up like his father; nice enough, but too tame for my taste. Looking up at him then, I think maybe I’d done a better job than I thought.

“I hope you don’t go around grabbing all the girls asses’” I admonished playfully. I knew he didn’t. No matter how much he’d grown, I was sure he wasn't that kind of man.

“Perish the thought my lady,” he said placing his arm over mine in a gentlemanly fashion.

I wrapped my arm around his and gave him a sweet laugh. “And just where are you taking me, sir?” I cooed in my best debutant voice. I could tell I made him flush under his fur, because his brown coat bristled and he averted my gaze.

“I’m to accompany you to the main hall Baroness. My father wishes you to sample some of the noble’s poetry before the main gathering.”

I’m sure my distaste was visible as I pretended to gag. I placed a hand on his wide chest and said, “I’d rather not.” The boy looked unsure and I could see his eyes looking for his father. He’d grown so much, large in fact. A fuck ton of a man if I do say so myself. He had to be about a good two heads taller than me now when merely four years ago he’d been barely eye level. The boy had matured nicely on the physical side, but as I watched the worry on his face, I realized he had a ways to go as a man. He still needed daddy to give him direction.

I grinned wickedly then. I knew exactly how I wanted to pass the time until the event. Without a word I pushed my weight against his side, steering him where I wanted to go.

“My lady”’ he asked as we walked toward the hall leading to the side stairs.

“Yes?” I replied grinning like a snake. It took a second for him to figure out what I was doing.

“‘Ma’am we can’t... we’re expected..” he tried to protest. But we were now well out of sight of any guests and the stairwell afforded me the privacy to shush him with a kiss.

He tasted like wine and peppermint. I guess he still favored the candy as a treat. Even as an adult. His tongue tasted cool, sticky and sweet with a hint of spice. He didn’t resist my kiss and I was glad for it. I could barely contain myself as I began to undress him while we awkwardly ascended the stairs. He tried to speak between kisses, protesting weakly and wondering aloud what would happen if someone saw us. Since I didn’t care, I didn’t pay him much attention.

I haven’t spent much time in the manor, but I knew where the guest bedrooms were. I also knew which one was never occupied; the farthest down the hall. The one past the nook, off in an almost hidden recess. It often missed or forgotten by the servants and maids of the castle. It was the perfect, secluded place to have my fun.

No one noticed as I walked the boy down the hall, still locked in an exuberant bout of kissing. No one heard me as I slammed him against the door and began unbuttoning his shirt and removing my armor. As the door swung open, the smell of disuse and vacancy wafted into my snout. I forced him back to the bed and kicked the door closed behind me. A quick reach and the latch to the lock was fastened, and I was back to my goal.

It didn’t take me long to get his pants down, his briefs off and his cock in my hand. Thick, pink and full of youthful energy. The pungent smell of sweat and arousal was a pleasant reminder of one wild night when the boy was undeniably mine. I grinned as ran the length under my snout, taking in his scent. The bear cub had become a fine man and I wanted to reward him for it, properly.

I heard him groan appreciatively as my wet, pink, tongue coiled around his member; sliding up and down with rhythm to his breathing. I tasted the salty leavings of his precum as his excitement stiffened his cock so rigid that several veins were visible. I made a game running the tip of my tongue underneath the engorged crown of his dick. Kissing the tip before suckling on it like a a babe on a teet.

Desmond squirmed and shuttered under my efforts. It was encouraging to know that I could still play the boy like a flute. Taking the rest of him in my mouth was easy work and barely gagged as I went down, taking the full measure reach the back of my throat.

I slurped and sucked greedily; unconcerned about the messy pools saliva gathering down by his balls. With a single hand, I pumped the shaft as I went; immensely enjoying my prize. If Desmond had anything to say about it, any compliments or cautions to mutter, I didn’t hear it. I just continued own methodically bobbing my head until I felt the jerk and shuffle that signified I’d managed to push him past his limit. He came in my mouth and I eagerly accepted it. Chugging cum like thick, creamy, milk on a cold winter's morning. It was bitter and flavorful, just as I liked it.

As cleaned his cock, enjoying the way he cooed and grunted when I teased his now sensitive crown; I began to muse on how I would ride him. How I would slam my ass down on his thighs, as I looked back at him, giving him the best view in the house. It didn’t go like that though. The kid’s got more moxy than I gave him credit for. After he’d grown tired of my torments and teasing, he reached up and grabbed me with his thick bear claws. I giggled gleefully as he tossed me to the bed. He meant to give my pussy a good rutting and I was all for it. I put my hands behind my head and parted my legs, saying simply,

“Show momma what you got, big boy.” And he did.

The hearty bear didn’t waste time replying. He quickly squared the head of his dick up to my cunt and pushed. Wet as I was, there was no resistance as he impaled my pussy with his tool. I cried;

‘Dear Goddess,’ as his warm girth filled my insides and he drove himself deep down into my womanhood. I loved the determined and fierce look on his face as, he grasped my ankles in his mighty hands and began moving his hips in earnest. No build up, no lead... just a series of precise and powerful thrust. The slapping echoed in the empty room and the pleasure was enough to drive me wild.

‘Fuck that pussy, Des! Give me every fucking inch!’ I screamed as I worked my hips in time with his.

Desmond was wonderful. He’d certainly grown up, I can tell you that. The first time we’d fucked, he was timid and unsure of himself, but was still a good lay. He had decent stamina for a virgin and his equipment was top notch; but now he knew how to use it. I spared a thought to all the young maidens who must have had the pleasure of Des’ rod. He’d certainly gotten his experience somewhere.

I’d like to say I squealed like a stuck pig, but for some reason I’m always told that phrase is in poor taste. So I’ll just say the boy made me scream and shout like a bitch in heat. Like the female kinlings did in the old days, when the power of estrous was strong enough to rob their minds of sense and the pleasure of procreation was the only thing their sex crazed minds could pursue. My mind wasn’t quite as hazy, but he certainly fucked me into a frenzy. I almost broke the headboard and ripped the sheets when he emptied his balls into me. Goddess how good it felt to be filled with his milky seed.

I came then myself. I reached up, grasping him by the neck and holding him firm to me. I rotated my hips and gyrated a bit, as my love juices coated his cum, caked, cock. Gods, it was wonderful! The warmth! The sensation! The depravity of it. It always made me feel like a real woman to be filled with cock and cum. I was never concerned with the consequences or realities of it all. I kept concoctions and potions that would ensure I’d never be surprised by a pregnancy. But should that fail me, I could choose a worse man than Desmond. It wouldn’t be too bad to have his cock any time I wanted. A beautiful babe in one hand and his in the other. But not just now.

‘Little’ Des collapsed then. His load spent and all his effort expended on me. I give him full marks for dedication and zeal. He’d made this pretty piggy proud. I kissed him on his lips and then rolled his big ass off of me. He could sleep it off for a while, but I could not. If we both vanished from the party for too long people would talk; and I’m not so sure that Sir Goran is ready to know that I fancy his boy.

I cleaned up best I could and made my way out of the room. The hallway was empty, so I left Desmond to return to my burden.

The rest of the night was pretty much what I expected; stuck up nobles reciting bad poetry. I had to listen to several odes to the leaves and the trees. Several limericks about the changing of the seasons. I smiled at Goran through it all. Not because I enjoyed myself, but because he was blissfully unaware that I could still feel his son’s seed warm inside me. It was the most pleasant part of the proceedings, until Sir Goran’s son took center stage. Desmond’s poem was the best of the night. An ode to passion and the pleasure of color. A lot of talk of pink and precious moments, power and praise. He never took his eyes off me as he recited the words. I smiled at his father and complimented his sons skill as a poet. Goran graciously accepted the compliment, foolishly believing that somehow, Desmond was talking about leaves.


Reishuseyu Suggestion box (JUNE)

Thu Jun 28 16:02:16 2018

Rule of the suggestion box

This is for a chance for your character to be involved in a SFW or NSFW image drawn by the artist reishuseyu .

*Characters involved must fit the ATKM's species canon (no birds,mythical creatures, sergals, pokemon, digimon, humans or other copyrighted species)

*New patrons that have just joined this current month will not be allowed to participate this round.

*Comment below that you are interested and present the character you would want involved the image.

*Ideas for the image will be discussed with the winner. Winner will be picked at the end of the week.


Guy's Sweet Ass

Wed Jun 27 18:53:27 2018

Guy Eridanus was born beautiful, rich and magically adept. The lordling of Harlem Eridanus of Eridani FIelds; Guy has always lived a life of splendor. Because of his status and nobility, however, he has always been looked down upon for not being a 'proper' lion, by many traditionalist lions. Despite this Guy has always been rather proud of his appearance and upfront of his love of men. Though not as promiscuous as the rumors would have you believe, Guy is nonetheless not shy about his sexuality and those who him he deems worthy find him willing and gracious love.


Chilling at the Border by Reishuseyu

Tue Jun 26 04:17:09 2018

London is a proud and daring borderwoman who has spent the bulk of her adult life as a member of Evandales Border Legion. As London's family serves as vessels to House Valenrow. Growing up the tomboyish friend of her the lordling Adolyn, London's got mixed feelings about the Count.

On the one hand, she is immune to the gratuitous an mystique surrounding Adolyn and his accomplishments. Being four years his senior, London likes to say 'I've seen his nan change his diaper, the boy don't shit gold bricks!' In response to his popularity. Thoroughly unimpressed by his accomplishments and talents, seeing him only as the earnest little boy she grew up with.

On the other hand, London has always thought Adolyn a 'sweet piece of meat' and hasn't been shy about her attempts to bed him. Though Adolyn isn't opposed to a little physical fun with his childhood friend, he is weary of her when she is inebriated. London happens to be carrying something different between her legs than the average lady and often desires to use it when she is drunk; much to Adolyn's chagrin.

So nights at the bar with London tend to be filled with the young bear getting increasingly drunk and persistent, while Adolyn gets increasingly polite and protective. It's a careful dance that is amusing to see for those who know what they're looking at.

The art for this piece is drawn by the talented Reishuseyu. If you want to give them some much deserved love please do on their FA @


One Night Stand Page 8 by Leongon

Sun Jun 24 19:14:09 2018

And the story is done!

Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to a future comic.

The art for this is drawn by FA's Leongon; please go check him out on his FA @


An Assassin's Tale by Cenit

Sun Jun 24 16:11:00 2018

She makes her way down the side of the wall, quiet as the night. The guards do not hear her footfalls as she takes to the ground and sprints through the shadows. All is silent. They laugh and joke as she approaches, unaware they are being watched. They make comments about the day, their job and what tomorrow might bring. Wholly unaware that tomorrow would never come for them. She would see to that.

There is no ambiguity to her movement. No pretense or subterfuge. Without a word she slides her blade from its scabbard and calls upon the deep reservoir of power from within. Her quintessence burns and she focuses it to ignite the hidden power of her blade. The guards do not see the brief flash of dark light, as the mana takes hold and the blade is imbued with preternatural power. A single swing cuts through flesh, armor and bone. Their bodies make a thumping sound as they slump to their knees before pitching forward, headless.

It scarcely means anything at all to the small marten. The bodies are barely to the ground for a second before she is up and listening out for any signs of alarm. Her ears twitch softly as she listens in the darkness.

Nothing. No one has heard her and she is sure no one will. She assess the area, making sure her blade has done its work. When ignited, the energy flowing through the blade both seers and cuts; there should be no blood from her strike. It had done its job, only the faint smell of cauterized flesh could give her away; but it wasn’t distinctive enough to be noticed.

Quickly, she went about dragging the bodies quietly into the darkness; before proceeding with her task.

She made her way through the small fort like a wraith, murdering everyone she encountered. Some were felled by the swing of her sword. Poison darts and throwing knives were the end of others. One particularly unfortunate bison did not go down when he took a throwing knife to the neck. The quiet killer finished him by cutting his legs out from under him and rolling him into the hearth. The cry of thunder and thump of rain masked his gurgle screams as he thrashed about in fiery agony. He soon died, filling the stench of burnt flesh through the hall.

The killings went on for more than thirty minutes before the cloaked assassin finally found what she had been looking for; a large door guarded by two alert kinlings. Obviously it was where the gang’s boss laid his head. She had been searching for him for a week, ever since he had manage to run afoul of her master.

Sir Atreyu had told her to let it alone. The vile scum and his lackeys had been hired to kidnap a adolescent mage, to what end she did not know. But they’d stimeyed her master and his team of Ravens by releasing foul critters in the city. These minor beast of mana attacked and assaulted the citizenry, making chase from the Ravens impossible. They had a duty to protect the people from such creatures, she did not.

She had disobeyed her masters orders to help with the villages defense and pursued the kidnappers. Without doubt she knew that a team of Ravens would not need her help in such a task. Besides, her training and her skills were better suited to other tasks. So she set about the doing what she had been raised to do. What she’d been born for; killing.

Clarissa had been trained as the perfect killer. Raised as an assassin for the ‘Iron Coffin’ from the time she could walk. Having been one of their ‘Bel’hasiers’, the pine marten had amassed more than 230 kills in her short career. That career would come to an end at the age of eleven, when her masters doubled her dose of the mind altering drug they used to keep their little death angels compliant. Her masters had sold her out.

Now she served a new master. A dutiful lord who was barely aware of her past and history; of the weapon he now controlled. A paragon of virtue, Sir Atreyu would never have condoned Clarissa’s actions.

‘Naive,’ she thought to herself. The young master believed in the integrity of people. He would have demanded a surrender. He would have wanted these kinlings tried and jailed, but jail was too good for these kin.

Her mother had sold her to kin such as these as a baby. Kinlings such as these turned around and sold her to the ‘Iron Coffin’. Kin such as these take men, women and children; selling them into bondage and depravity without a single bit of remorse. The only mercy or integrity kin like these deserved was at the edge of her sword...

‘And they shall have it,’ she thought to herself.

Clarissa closed her eyes and again drew upon her inner spirit. Speed would be her weapon and she would wield it with lethal efficiency. Focusing on the guards down the hall from her, she reached out, anchoring herself to the quintessence of her target and pulled.

Like a bat out of hell she came flying toward the two unsuspecting kinlings. The one on the left, a scraggly, grey haired, dhole was the first to notice something amiss. Though he was not adept, the canine could still fill the uneasiness that comes when another is pulling against your soul’s defense. She targeted him on the first pass.

It took mere moments, but moments were more than she needed. She’d again drawn on her blades enchantment to strike down the dhole as she passed. She split the large kin from shoulder to waist, on an upwards slash.

Using the advantage of small size and agility, she pulled again on the flow around her, to turn her body towards the door and released her grip on the invisible bounds of energy that flowed around her. Her feet hit the door, one after the other, making a loud knock. The dholes partner, a mature mongoose, could not react in time to what was happening around her. Clarissa’s blade cut through her like paper; and she toppled over dead.

The youthful assassin wasted no time then, checking the area and finding the nearby window she’d seen on her first pass. She knew that there’d be time. Even with her small frame, she had the strength to move the dead weight of the corpses and push them out. Speed was of the essence and she had to worry about those behind the door. Curiosity may override caution before long and she wanted to be ready when that door opened.

‘Garret, Kaplan?’ a bear called out. The knock on the door had come so suddenly, but then nothing. At first, the grouchy ursa planned to ignore it. The boss had asked to be left alone; and he so enjoyed watching the old pig work. They’d taken a great prize a week back, right under the noses of Raven Knights.

The gang’s leader, a boar named, Otto Leber, was a disgraced knight of Schwinehold. Where he had failed at nobility and honor, he’d certainly excelled in amoral depravity. His second, a bear named Trent had run with Otto for almost a decade. They’d worked in the shadows as a slaving gang, specializing in the acquisition and breaking of young adepts.

Boy or girl, it didn’t matter. Otto always began the breaking of a person by physically and sexually debasing them. To destroy the mind of kinling you must first destroy their sense of worth and then their sense of self. Otto was a master of this dreadful work and Trent was just the kind of pervert who got off on witnessing it.

So he was reluctant to turn his attention away from the spectacle. Otto had the girl, a chipmunk barely eleven years old, drugged and trussed up on ‘the device’. A custom apparatus designed to cause pain, pleasure and all manner of emotions in between. Trent knew that pain would be first on the menu. The girl had been obstinate and defiant and he knew Otto always made them pay for that. If she could be broken with minimal damage, she would fetch a high price Trent knew. But secretly, he was hoping to hear the little bitch scream.

‘What was that?’ Otto asked, turning his attention from his work.

‘Somebody knocked,’ Trent replied. The swine just waved back to him, signaling for him to open the door.

‘Find out what they want and punish them later, things are getting interesting!’ he sneered, running a blade down the side of the girls neck. He cut her thin, not deeply, just enough to make her bleed. To her credit, she did not cry out. She merely grinded her teeth and took it. No, the crying began when the brute began lick and suck the girl’s neck. He had taken a large bite of the citrine fruit he held in his off hand, the juices burned in the open wound so painful that the tiny chipmunk shrieked like an owl.

The hulking bear stopped briefly to admire his boss’ handy work. His smile was both lurid and disturbing. His pupils dilated and his breathing increased. Yeah, he was getting off on it. Clarissa would make sure it would be the last bit of pleasure he ever had in his sick, sad, life. She waited patiently for him to stomp his way to the door and open it before making her grand entrance. She did so with a perfectly timed flip through the rooms window, but neither Trent nor Otto noticed anything.

Staring perplexed out the door, Trent looked around for his guards. They were nowhere to be seen. An awkward smell was coming down the hallway, but it had to be coming from the main hall. Perhaps someone was cooking something in the hearth. Whatever it was, it smelled terrible. He could barely hear anything with the howl of the wind and rain, save the slamming of the window shutters a few feet down the hall.

The old thug daned to call out to his guards again, but decided against it. They would not be missing if there weren’t trouble. So the bear did the smart thing and shut the door tight, locking it behind him. He turned just in time to see a small hooded figure approach him from the center of the room. Dripping wet and wielding a small sword, the wraith said nothing as she thrust the blade through his face.

Trent died instantly, his body going slack as he just hung there like a pinned butterfly. Clarissa took a moment to stare into his eyes and wonder; how many people did the beast send to a fate such as hers. How many little girls and boys were irrevocably damaged. He’d died instantly and she felt only disappointment for it. If she could, she would kill him slowly a thousand times; but he wasn’t the one she wanted. She could let him off easy, but not his boss.

She approached without a word, but made no attempt to hide her footfalls. He would not notice, so engrossed was he in the torment of the little mage. She could have walked up with a marching band and he’d still be unawares. Deftly, she pulled a quill from her pouch, careful not to let it prick her. As she neared, she stared into the eyes of his victim and for the first time that night, allowed herself a smile.

It was only a small prick, but the effect was instant. The pig grabbed his neck and howled in pain as blackness filled his veins. He turned immediately, knife in hand to find his attacker. But he was too tall to notice Clarissa at first. His eyes grew big as he beheld her handy work though.

‘Trent!?’ he asked confused. He looked around, the poison overcoming his defenses, but he still didn’t notice the marten.

The heavy set oinker took two massive steps forward, choking and wheezing, before noticing the girl.

‘Who... Who are... you?’ he managed to gasp. Clarissa ignored him, walking past him as he fell to his knees reaching for her. Casually she began to undo the bounds that held the poor chipmunk to the apparatus.

‘You did this! What did you do to me!?’ he demanded through his pain. Helping the young mage from her torment, Clarissa continued on without reply. She carefully let the tamias fall upon her shoulder and delicately assisted her to the door. The angry boar wheezed and convulsed on the floor, screaming his frustration with profanity-laden threats.

‘You’ll pay for this you bitch! I’ll hunt you down! You will not be safe from me!’ he threatened. The assassin still said nothing. She calmly removed her sword from the face of the bear, letting his body drop. Whistling nonchalantly, she took out a cloth and cleaned the blade. Confused, the worn and wearing mage asked;

‘You’re just going to leave him alive... he’ll come for me again. I know it.’ The scared adept was crying now, her resolve barely keeping her on her feet. Clarissa sheathed her sword and shrugged.

The quiet marten turned to leave, but again the boar bellowed his rage at her.

‘You better kill me bitch! Or I’m going to find you, both of you! I’m gonna break you!’ He snarled through spit and flem. The large boar, scraped nails against the ground as he crawled forward in excruciating pain. He meant to make it to the girls by will alone, his rage powering him through his dismay.

Stopping, Clarissa finally decided to address the board.

‘You’re already dead,’ she pronounced.

‘Your body won’t fully figure that out for days. The ‘waking death’ will do that to you.’ She added. The boars eyes grew big as he looked into Clarissa’s cold merciless ones.

‘You, didn’t...’ he cried in disbelief.

‘Please, no! Just kill me!’ the boar begged.

Thrashing about he tried desperately to pull himself toward Clarissa and the mage, but the two had already began to make their way out of the room. He begged and pleaded for the assassin to come finish him, but his cries fell on deaf ears. This had been girls plan all along. She’d let him suffer and die slowly. For the days it took for him to die would be worse fate than any kin should ever know.

The venom of the Reaper Wasp was not enough to overcome a full size kinling normally, but a highly concentrated, mana infused version was known as the ‘waking death’. When the Reaper Wasp inject its victims, normally small ferals and insects with it’s payload of venom... a little something else comes along for the ride. It’s eggs, smaller than they can see enter the bloodstream. As the target is immobilized by the painful venom, the eggs hatch and begin colonizing the body as larva; growing by devouring blood and flesh. It’s a slow, painful process being eaten alive from the inside; but it was no less than he deserved.

Clarissa closed the door and left Otto to his misery. With the venom doing it’s work, his futile thrashing and pitiful pleas for mercy ceased. She would be halfway back to the Exam before the eggs hatched. Hopefully her master would be there. Sure, he would be upset that she ran off on her own again, but that always came with caveat of care and worry. His genuine concern for her.

He would not mind her actions, because he would not know. She made sure to promise a swift reprisal if the chipmunk ever shared what she had witness. Clarissa wasn’t the type to ask another to lie for her though, she simply said;

‘Say nothing,’ Thankful and more than a little afraid of her savior, the mage would oblige.

The night had ended as it began, silent as the dawn. There were no birds chirping or bugs buzzing about. The halls of the dilapidated fort was a graveyard. Perhaps one day someone will come by and discover her work. Maybe bury the bodies that lie haphazardly in the shadows of the halls. Some soul would read them their last rights and show their bodies the respect they never showed their victims. Clarissa hoped not. She hoped they rotted. A monument to their failures as people and a silent record of how men like them should meet their end.


Princess Transform Part 2

Wed Jun 20 21:31:06 2018

Prince Alecrast, still on his expedition, continues to look for a cure for his dark enchantment. Stuck in a female form, he can not help the sudden urges his body feels. Traveling to the northern areas, he reaches the land of Amorak in hopes of some clue for cure.

Doyen Torian Akuja is one of Alecrast's first encounters in the frozen lands and soon comes to find that the leader is more intrigued in the curse than the cure. The changed prince obliges the wolf's curiosity to sate his own lust and in hopes that the leader will direct him to a cure from the neighboring leaders.


Star-crossed Lovers

Thu Jun 21 19:23:58 2018

Adolyn and Aritrea have loved each other for years. Many do not know why the two lordlings have not wed given they're obvious closeness and the approval of each of their families.

Aritrea holds Adolyn as her first love and though she had been wed and widowed to his best friend, Cress Andola, she still bore intense feelings for the Crimson Raven; and he her.

Most believe the shadow of Cress' death hangs over the two, preventing Aritrea from fully committing to a coupling with her beloved, but others believe there is more to it then that. Though the two are often found within each others company and intimacy between them is strong, Artirea refuses to let it go any further and Adolyn who loves her dearly, simply waits for that to change.


Caught by the Quicksilver by Smiju

Mon Jun 18 19:08:57 2018

Thought small of stature for an Assyrian lion and far to feminine for the likes of conservative noble lions whom believe a lion should be tall, strong and manned; lordling Cassius Assyrius is as accomplished a warrior as he is a paramour.

Nicknamed the 'Quicksilver', he is known for his speed and efficiency with bows, daggers and throwing knives. Though he may not look it at first glance, Cassius does not lack for physical strength. Underneath his silverscale tunic and Assyrian leather lies the heart of a true warrior of House Assyrius.

With a deep spirit well that allows him to augment his abilities; the Quicksilver is one of the most deadly and dangerous Rangers in Lioncourt and his bow and blood are bound to the Order of the Raven Knights.

The artwork for this fantastic piece is drawn by Smiju over on furaffinity. If you want to check out the rest of their fantastic art check them out on FA @


Magical Concoctions

Sun Jun 17 01:27:56 2018

A little comic... hope you like it.


Adolyn x Aritrea animation by Eipril

Tue Jun 12 01:11:47 2018

Long awaited animation by the talented Epril. Check out the full animation HERE.

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Servicing the Crown

Fri Jun 15 18:08:08 2018

Though it is known that Reese is one of the favorite knights of Prince Vandell de Lioncourt, no one knows who deep this favor goes. If his father's ward Sir Maelyn Visenya is considered the prince's strong right hand; then Sir Reese is his deft left one.

Reese is as loyal as any Knight to the Prince. Though his oaths to the Order are absolute; any and everything the Prince needs that do not conflict with those oaths are done.

Not many know of this close relationships and those who do, do not understand it, but make no mistake; Sir Reese is happy to serve the prince in any capacity he should desire.


Enjoying the Expanse by Zilya-lya

Sat Jun 9 18:49:14 2018

Though born in the 'Central Dominance' of Lioncourt; Sir Zack Taylor of Harkon's family traces his roots back to the Expanse and the venerable blood of the Noverian Clans; colloquially known as the whites.

Though nothing more than a member of the servant class in Noverian society; Zack's ancestors aspired to be more. With nothing more than a few weapons and the clothes on their backs, a family of arctic hares made their way south to answer the call of the Queen of Hearts over 200 years ago.

Because of his lineage Zack often takes trips up to Amarok to pay his respects to his families ancestral home, despite his distaste for the Noverian caste system.

Unable to deal with the snobbery and disrespect of the Noverian Noble Caste Zack has made fast friends with the true Amaroki of the Expanse. Down in places such as Jakur and Tapeesa Zack has made friends with the various wolf clans of Amarok.

Gaining particular favor from a Kaidon named Torian Akuja, Zack is always shown the utmost hospitality during his visits. These meetings are often noted to be quite 'spirited'.

The art for this piece was down by the extraordinarily talented Zilya-Lya; you can find more of their art one FA @


Princess Alecrast Part 2

Thu Jun 7 19:03:30 2018

Far from a villain without honor, Kamala is a loyal member of the Red Guard and takes her oaths to her Prince and Kingdom seriously. This loyalty proved to be dangerous for Prince Alecrast when after an attack on Prince Oni's life, by agents of his brother the Usurper King Madara, Kamala was coerced into helping the King's plans.

In order to protect her Prince she is ordered to help 'deal' with the foreign Prince. To this end she enlist the help of Palawan Mystics whose particular methods and magic are meant to break Prince Alecrast and transform him into just another useful slut in someones harem. In doing so she will fulfill the letter of protecting his life, but not the spirit.

Unfortunately her terrible business has also entrapped a new ally of the Prince; Torian Akuja. An Amaroki Kaidon and leader of a unit of Imakandi hunters. Kamala knows full well the capabilities and legends surrounding the Imakandi and fears if the Palawa are not quick in their work, Torian's fellow hunters will foil them. It is her belief that as long as Torian is not harmed in the process, no official retribution can be claimed against the Pandorican crown. Kamala is prepared to deal with any personal retribution her actions may bring upon her.


Kaelyn by Bardju

Mon Jun 4 19:17:08 2018

A little image of Kaelyn; one of the Knights Arcanus.


One Night Stand Page 7 by Leongon

Sat Jun 2 02:49:50 2018

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to a future comic.

The art for this is drawn by FA's Leongon; please go check him out on his FA @


Lina by... I forget.

Fri Jun 1 21:37:09 2018


Lyrae Sisters

Thu May 31 21:27:15 2018

A little something, something with Vega and her little sister.


The Marvelous Maelyn Visenya by MoiYablochki

Thu May 31 00:39:54 2018

The child of Valdinian servants; Maelyn was found crying and alone in the war torn village of Shunping, in the mid mountains of Pandorica by then Crown Prince Eriol de Lioncourt. Taken as a baby and made ward of House Lioncourt, Maelyn was raised alongside Eriol's three natural born children Eland, Vandell, Megan; and though he was merely a ward, he was treated like family.

Despite his skill with the blade and deep spirit well; all anyone could ever talk about was Maelyn's beauty. Despite being underestimated and disrespected for his looks, the 'Princess Blade', Maelyn has embraced his moniker and the ability to manipulate those who underestimate him.

His talent, cunning and loyalty earned him the trust of his milk brother, Prince Vandell de Lioncourt whom he serves as the eyes and ears for within the Raven Knights.

As the Crown appointed Legate to the Order; Maelyn's loyalties are seemingly divided between the Raven Knights and the Courtian Crown; however, many in the Order are aware of where Maelyn's ultimate loyalties as the only Raven Knight not bound by oaths in magic.

The artwork for this piece is done by the talented MoiYablochki over on FA @


Making Deals [Unedited]

Mon May 28 16:16:56 2018

I am old... older than you can possibly imagine. Older than the Kingdoms of Theria. Older than the Raven Knights and their Order. Older than the elderian creatures trapped beyond the forbidding. Older than even the Stone King Dumat himself. I am Scylla, first of my kind and eldest of the nine.

Long ago I was born to two eternians whose names have been forgotten to time. Creatures with a power to change their physical form so completely, that they made themselves over into true monsters. Their union created me, the first Tamanuus. One of the nine original lilin species. I was born with an unbelievable ability to manipulate the flow of mana and sustain levels of quintessence not even my progenitors could hope to match.

I raised myself, and through my time wandering the world of old I learned that I had several abilities unique to my progenity. I could compress the flow of mana in two points, unsealing the shackles of our reality and travel between them. I can read the essence of a person and know not his thoughts, but the intent he feels. I command the powers of magic and mana of the like many Archmages would covet; casting most spells without need for incantation or word invocation. They are more like a reflex for me, the simple spells. Though I’ll admit to still needing to invoke the more powerful ones.

The most interesting of my abilities lies in my tail. Most say it looks like a long scroll of parchment with a lantern attached. I cannot deny that, but that globe and it’s eerie light is no lantern. It is the secret to my incredible power. For you see, inside I can indefinitely house the quintessence of beings both great and mundane. A reserve of power that has so far proved limitless in its depth. As long as I can keep consuming the quintessence of others, I grow ever more powerful.

That’s not to say I’m a common lilin. Heavens no. I do not prey upon mundanes and suck their life force out like some proto-demon, always a step away from subversion. Nay, I am a cultured and refined creature. Both as elegant in my dealings as I am in my appearance. You see I also have the ability to grant some of the power I have amassed to others, and so instead of just taking what I want, I acquire it for a bargain.

Those who sign themselves away to me, etching their very essence onto my tail, can gain my favor, my help and my power. Like the Djinn of legend, I’ve spent the last few millenia granting ‘wishes’ to the mundane.

Now I can’t manifest miracles or anything. I’m certainly not that powerful, but you would be surprised at what I can do. I’ve won wars for generals. Granted Kingdom and crowns to the ambitious. A weapon out there even bears my name and a portion of my great power. A talisman against ‘evil’ granted to a great warrior who once wished to save lives. I’ve even granted a child to an enamored mundane who wanted nothing more than love. Sadly that one had more mundanity in her and was born without my abilities or likeness. Though she lived an amazing life and made me very proud. The point I’m trying to make is; that in order for me to gain a person's quintessence, they must willingly sign it over to me.

I know what your thinking and you’re right to be concerned. But trust me, I don’t take what is mine up front. Those who enter in to a covenant with me never have to worry about it. Their life force only comes to me when they die. Instead of returning to the flow of mana, it returns to me. Their name etched into my tail and their essence brightening the glow of the orb that lays on the end. With it I gain their memories, power and control over their echo. That’s right, I’m able to reconstitute their likeness as revenants to do my bidding. Now do you understand the depths of what I am? The scope of the power of a Tanamuus? Good, I’m glad someone does.

That’s as good as any preamble for my little tale. I’m certain you want to hear it. It is about another Tanamuus, my daughter, Parathena.

Parathena is the last and youngest of my children, born oh... three hundred years ago. Her father was an amazing individual. A man whom I met as a boy. He was given to me by his mother, an Archmage with far more power than any mundane ought to have. Though her spiritwell was deep, the boys was vast. She signed a covenant with me to watch over him and help him as he fulfilled his ‘destiny’. She didn’t know what that might be, but knew he’d be important. She was right and through the years I ended up being by his side during a number of foolish heroic events. Eventually I grew weak and attached to him.

I won’t get into any of the embarrassing details, but I ended up bearing the fool a child. One almost as foolish as he. Both nearly lost their lives playing savior to the furkin races during the Baptism of Fire. Sad too. When people sing songs of the heroes of that terrible cataclysm, they speak of Canton and Queen Alanzia de Lioncourt. You see statues of Ithica Aeon and Buck Valenrow, but history seems to have forgotten him. All that strife, all that sacrifice for what? You’d think it would be an abject lesson to my naive little girl... but it wasn’t.

I’d thought Parathena was lost to me after Salamus trapped all creatures of ascension in the Elderlands. She had not been a part of the purge and I thought maybe she had died. Imagine my surprise when those foolish Biencien twits managed to set her free from the crystal prison she’d been locked in for the past two-hundred years. Scared and afraid, she needed her mommy. So, when she reached out to me across the forbidding, I responded.

I shared with her secrets of how to use those damn witches for a ritual that would combine our powers through the flow. A smaller creature, a vampire or succubus may be able to get across the veil by creating a fractured scar in the flow. Of course, they’d need some fool to do the same at the exact point on the other side in the mundane lands. Something as powerful as I would need a much bigger fissure. Or... I could have my daughter, powered by a mana fault and five stupid little witches massively compress the flow at one point while I did the same at another. We unsealed a bit of the mortal coil and I stepped through the anomaly back into the mundane world.

The witches of course were enamored and impressed. They all took covenant with me for more power and lost knowledge. I was more than obliged to give it to them. I had been away for so long and though I had borrowed quintessence to burn, my own could not fill half my spirit well.

Since then, I’ve been trying to erase the years of damage done to my daughter by living among the mundanes. Unlike myself, she’d grown to be emotional and moral. Quick to anger, questioning need and necessities. She even had friends among the kinlings. Kin she wanted to spare and protect.

I’ve witness her so called covenants. She limits herself with ‘rules’ and morality. She would only grant the request of those she felt had just intent or those who were dying, if their request did not conflict with her integrity. She got involved in the lives of the kinlings. Even when there was no covenant to be had or contract to fulfill. She, ugh... cared. Don’t mistake my intentions. I care about a lot of things. Just not enough to do it without benefiting myself.

Parathena had been sealed by those she once protected. Some mages had gotten together, fearing her power and potential. I’ll admit, as the closest of my offspring to looking like me, she may have been mistaken for her mother. But still, she didn’t even fight back. A couple centuries behind crystal and magic left the girl raw and frightened, so I’ve been travelling the world with my baby, teaching her the proper way to live as a tamanuus and helping her raise her powers. That’s how she met him.

I’d sent off on her own to fulfill a contract of mine. A young adept had been expelled from the Librarium, a seal placed upon him preventing him from manipulating his own quintessence. They say the boy was rotten, definitely a candidate to break taboos and practice subversive magic. I’d found him looking for away to erase the seal and get revenge on those who outed him. I’ve taken that kind of deal before and thought it simple enough.

The boy, an unpleasant little rodent name Cochran; A frizzled, jumpy, little thing with brown fur, brown eyes and brown hair. Physically he was utterly unremarkable. His spirit well wasn’t anything to write home about either. But far be it for me to tell him no. My daughter may consider me amoral, but I am fair.

So the boy was granted power and knowledge. The usual boring request. I sent Parathena to make sure he got his revenge. Whatever form that may take. I figured he’d just kill them and be done with it, but the boy wanted to make them feel as he did. So he corned each one and with Parathena’s help, sealed their quintessence. You’d think that would be that, but common sense has never been all that common with these mundanes.

My contract was fulfilled when the last of the trio had been taken care of. Anything after that simply wasn’t of my concern. I’d made sure to tell Parathena that, but of course the girls head is filled with silly thoughts. So when the boy predictably got drunk off his own power and started draining quintessence in an effort to destroy the entire olcadan, she decided she would intervene.

Now here’s a lesson in magic and mana. Having power and having might are two different things. You can have all the swords in the world, but if you don’t know how to fight... well, you know. Parathena is particularly powerful and has more combat experience than most. However, my daughters misguided sense of honor means that she’s susceptible to being taken unawares by acts of despicable deception. I tried to warn her to be careful of such things, but she let her guard down and the kid sucker punched her with a wind spell.The poor girl went down like a rock and had her quintessence taken.

Luckily for her, it is nearly impossible to take the quintessence that is gathered from covenants. You’d have break the seal on the orbs of our tails, which would kill us without doubt and grant you power unimaginable. But as you can guess, that isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. So, fortune smiled on my foolish child and her attacker only made off with a tiny morsel of what he could have had. Parathena would survive her foley.

Since she was going to live, I decided I’d best leave her to her mess. It was a valuable lesson for her to learn and if I’d stepped in, it wouldn’t mean as much. I knew where she was; and though I could no longer see from behind her eyes, I was fairly certain she’d be okay. If she didn’t return to me in a few days, then I’d worry.

See what I didn’t know, is that the Olcadan in Felden had had a visitor of some repute at that time. A Raven Knight named Adolyn Valenrow. I’d heard the name before. He was the descendent of Buck Valenrow, one of the Legendary Eleven; the heroes who are credited with ending the Baptism. I knew Buck in his time, but never met his descendant. The boy is pretty popular in the southern Kingdom though, one of their champions.

I do my best avoid people like him. Heroes and champions. People who might want to make a name for themselves by challenging me. I’m not afraid of any of them, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. Especially with those Raven Knights. Their Order may have been established after I had been sealed, but since my return to these lands I’ve studied up on them. I can tell you that taking them lightly is to court disaster.

Don’t misunderstand. Not all Raven Knights have deep impressive spirit wells or are prodigies of the martial disciplines. Most are, but that’s not what makes them dangerous. It is their arcane knowledge and unique magical talismans that allows them to rival some of the most powerful creatures of ascension that make them such a threat. No sane creature would take such a threat lightly.

Adolyn would be more dangerous still. He is rumored to be an Elioudan, a mundane descendant of the Eternians; like Parathena’s father. If the rumors were true about him, than I wanted to be cautious with him and his ilk.

Parathena tells me it his he who stopped the boy. She had awoken a day later and decided to foolishly put her life on the line to help. She felt responsible for Cochran’s actions. Weak as she was, I have no idea what she planned to do to stop him. He’d attacked the campus dorms, killing former classmates and students. Draining the helpless of their life energies. Seduced by the intoxicating high of taking the quintessence of others, the boy lost himself. He was, subverted. That would be the point where I’d have walked away, but not her.

His rampage and enthrallment of former fellows, who were taken in by promises of power, definitely got the Raven Knight’s attention. I didn’t know it at the time, but Parathena had almost exposed us all by standing up to those fools in front of the entire campus. It is sheer luck that none of those damn mages took notice of her. I imagine they were busy trying to save their own hides, rather than watch my daughter battle some demon kissed half wits. A tiny miracle to be sure.

To her credit, she had the wherewithal to guise herself in magic. So anyone observing her would see what she wanted them to see. A simple Librarium mage fighting for her school. It’s an easiest enough spell for those who know it. But my daughter was taking a huge risk by using it.

It’s always dangerous to draw only from the quintessence of our orbs, with none of our own power to guide it. We run the risk of ourselves being subverted by our ‘borrowed’ power. To focus on not only fighting, but keeping up a spell like that? It’s quite taxing; but my daughter is emotional girl. I wonder if she was more motivated by the idea of saving lives or the fury of revenge. She certainly couldn’t have been happy at being made a fool of by that dullard. Either way, she managed to get overpowered by their combined efforts. That’s when she says he appeared.

I’ll spare you the gushing she did about his strength and prowess. She fawned like a spring maiden. I don’t exaggerate either. The boy had certainly impressed her and that worried me. Not for my daughter, no. She’s a big girl and if she finds a male she wants to ‘play’ with, all the better. Bring home some for mommy I say. No. That wasn’t my worry. No you see, it takes a lot to impress ones such as us. We’ve held covenant with mages, warriors and creatures of power and ascension. It isn’t easy to impress our kind. So when daughter brought the damn boy to meet me, I was more than a bit on edge.

The girl was ambitious. I’ll give her that. She could feel his intentions and felt no danger from him. He had a vague idea of what she was. He could see through her veil of magic, focusing on her imprint in the flow. Like all those awoken to the flow, he was an esper. Quite a good one. So Parathena was bold enough to reveal herself fully to him.

She offered him a covenant. Saying she could help save those who hadn’t died and remove the seals on those the mad mage had tormented. He declined of course. The Primus Corvinus of the Raven Knights would not need her help to accomplish either of those tasks. Again to her credit, she was not discouraged. She offered her services, her power, herself to him. She gave him the pitch as sweetly as I would have. But again he declined.

I’ll admit to being surprised he didn’t turn his sword on her. We are lilin after all. To most we are the devil's in the night, preying on hapless mundanes who must be protected. To my daughters amusement, it wasn’t like that with him. He told her that his duty was to protect the realm from the supernatural and from magic gone amuck, not from peoples poor choices. Since we did not take what was not offered, he felt no obligation to oppose us. A nice bit of pragmatism from an otherwise irrational culture. I wonder if the others of his order would be so... logical. Still my daughter was not deterred. She had been smitten by him and seemed highly motivated to form a connection.

She asked what he knew about our species and where we came from. He knew very little and she offered to enlighten him. Even let him meet her mother. She did not mention that I was quite a great deal more powerful than she or that I was one of the illustrious children of the nine. No, she just wanted to lure him my way by any means necessary.

It was good plan. Entice him with the one thing she could offer him, the one thing he’d take; knowledge. She could certainly tax her depleted energies to try and teleport to me; but she played it very well. She would travel to me. This ploy would give her time to regain her own strength and reform her connection with me. I could see through her eyes again and instruct her on how to seduce this Adolyn and maybe get a contract out of him. He’d be a glorious taking, for sure... and if she could not have him; well then I could try my hand. I’ve got a little more experience than she. Though admittedly, I was never able to seduce a covenant out of his ancestor either.

On the way to me she got to know the man. I could see through her eyes about two days into her travels. She was taking a surreptitious route. Through our connection I could see her speak and laugh with him. He was genuinely charming and very interested in my daughters stories. She had first had knowledge of the Baptism and had fought alongside his forefather. Oddly enough, when recounting tales he’d been told of the conflict, he mentioned Parathena’s father.

Apparently my foolish love had been Dalish like Adolyn, which I had guessed a long time ago. What I had not known, was that he’d used the powers I granted him to support the Dales in their defense of the Borderlands. He was particularly well known as a folk hero to them. I’ll admit I was a bit jealous. I and Parathena had both supported the man in his fool endeavours. No mention of us at all. Still, it was nice to hear he had not lived in vein. He was remembered.

Had I not been preoccupied by sentimentality, I’d have noticed the changes in the dynamic between my daughter and he. She was now the one entranced in his stories. She was now being lead, when she was supposed to lead the way. In their time together she’d forgotten just why she had brought him and didn’t find any leverage to offer a contract. It was shameful really. When they finally arrived I could feel how giddy she was. Her intentions for him were so plain you didn’t need to be a tanamuus to feel them. Is it any wonder I stepped in to try to close the deal?

Seducing a man isn’t hard. Especially for me. You offer him something no one else can offer him and he either takes it, or regrets not taking it for the rest of his life. I am aware that I have a certain appeal. I don’t need to excrete pheromones or subtitly hypnotize anyone like some thirsty succubus. I’ve got life times of experience knowing what entices a male. If my feminine wiles and years of successful seduction failed me, I did have an ace in the hole; Parathena. What man would pass the chance to have us both?

Here’s where I break down and admit to being impressed by the boy and Parathena. Yes, I was certain that he’d resist. Those dalish believe in the ‘code of iron’, or some such nonsense. Parathena’s father did too. They get them young in that mindset and its years of work trying to beat it out of them. Parathena too suffers a bit from the principals of this code. Her father had had more time with her than I in her younger days, so I worried the two of them would make this difficult. Imagine my surprise when Parathena took the lead.

I must say I was proud of her initiative. She knew that she’d already built a rapport with the Raven. She’d been playing on that cute, innocent, look of hers. Gaining his trust by being open with him. Open about herself. Open about me; and open about her attraction to him. She was forward in telling him that she wished to lie with him and joked that she wanted her opportunity before her mother had hers. Adolyn of course tried to be polite and refused her. Not wanting to treat a lady unkind. I’m proud my baby was quick to remind him that ‘we are no ladies.’

It was refreshing to see she’d at least kept up with her seductive arts. She had him out of those trousers and on his back in less than five minutes. There was a lot more talking for my taste. As she licked and played with that thick cock of his, he asked her questions. At first, I thought he was worried. Being in such a compromising position, I know most lilin would try to strike at that point. But the boy had nothing to fear from Parathena or myself. This wasn’t about entrapping the him. For Parathena, this was about engendering herself to him. Whether he became a contract or not, he would be a dangerous enemy to have... but as an ally or friend, that would be spectacular.

I’m sure Parathena may have had more lofty goals. She is of course still young. Still a romantic. I can forgive that, as long as our goals are met; and with the boys dick in her grasp, I was sure he would meet them. She practically swallowed that cock his, all ten and half inches. She took him right down to the hilt and didn’t gag. It was a gratifying sight. That girl’s technique had been refined and honed. I wonder how many contracts she’d gotten just off her skill as a cock sucker.

I could see him through her eyes. He was calm and steady. Very much a man trying to stick to his agenda, but you could see it in his eyes. She was getting to him. Mommy’s a bit of a voyeur, so watching that cock go in and out of my daughters mouth from behind her eyes made me a little wet. It took several lifetimes of self control not to step in prematurely and ruin the seduction. There is a dance to this sort of game. You can’t tag in too soon. So I was content to wait for a while. Afterall, it was all rather entertaining.

With a hand on my pussy and the other on a breast, I masturbated. I rarely get the opportunity to relax and watch such a spectacle. So the chance to keep an eye on my baby and her technique was an experience I didn’t want to miss.

Parathena went on for quite a while. Adolyn had a great deal of stamina and self control. Even when she took his cock deep into her mouth, coiling her tongue about his shaft like a snake, he didn’t cum. She pressed her lips together and applied pressure to the shaft, just as I’d taught her; but he did not cum. Even when she manage to run the thick head of his penis back beyond her tongue and down her throat; Licking and tantalizing his balls, the Raven Knight refused to cum.

It wasn’t until he took control, grasping her by the head and forcefully fucking her muzzle, did I finally see it; the kid had talent. I think my daughter was a bit surprised to have the man take over. Maybe she got by through allure and moxy up until then, I don’t know; but she was certainly losing control of her mark.

I would have stepped in, helped her get back control of the situation, but watching her get that cute little muzzle of hers invaded by that man's cock was riveting viewing. I’ve played the overwhelmed maiden in the past. Let others think they were dominating me, but I’ve never not been in control. Watching it happen to Parathena I could see the appeal. She just kneeled there, hands furiously touching herself, while she let that man have his way. It was incredibly sexy.

When he bent her over and teased her pussy with his cock, I became more intrigued. He used her longing to distract her while he asked more of his questions. An interesting turn of events. I realized then what he’d been up to. His questions had seemed mundane at first, but upon further review, he was learning more about Parathena and tamanuus in general. My daughter would tell me later that she’d never wanted to do anything so much as she wanted to fuck Adolyn, he’d intrigued and enticed her. The seducer had been seduced and I decided I would step in soon enough, though not before I finished riding out the wave of my first orgasm.

I appeared before them maybe ten minutes later. Parathena was woefully worn out. I got to see first hand him paint her ass with his thick cum. The smell of their juices in the air was intoxicating. Though I could see through my daughter's eyes, I wasn’t at all prepared for what she had went through. The connection doesn’t let me feel what she feels and I wasn’t prepared for the heavy flow of the boys essence about me. Adolyn had been cheating. He’d reached out with his quintessence and had touched hers. Stimulating her in ways that you’d expect some kind of lilin to do. I could feel he was not elderian, but he certainly had a few tricks.

He wasn’t surprised to see me either. Of course he’d knew he would. Parathena had proven incapable of enticing him to take covenant with her and now it was mommy’s turn. I decided then that the boy had earned my special attention and I started by pushing him to the ground and kissing him. Remember, showmanship is everything in seduction.

Our kiss was deep and hard. I wasn’t interested in his questions or wit, but I definitely wanted to keep him from talking. He didn’t seem the type, but he had a bit of the silver tongue. You always begin a conquest by disarming your opponents.

Next I took his cock in hand and marveled at how he was still so rigid after cumming so hard. The sticky feel of my daughters love juices and his cum mixed together to form a odd combination that was pleasant to the touch. I drew myself away from him and took my fingers in my mouth, licking them clean. He may of played it cool, but I can tell by how his eyes dilated that he was aroused. His pupils were as big as dinner plates. He moved to speak, but I placed my free finger on his lips and shushed him. Mommy was gonna go to work and I didn’t need a talented amateur ruining my groove.

Working my way down his body, I took him in my mouth. Parathena was a decent cock sucker, but I’ve had centuries of practice. I wanted to push the boy to the edge, so I sucked that dick like hard candy. I was satisfied to see him grip the ground with his nails and buck his hips. Looking up I could see him grinding his teeth trying not to submit to the pleasure. Parathena has skill, but Momma Scylla is a master.

He exploded in my mouth five minutes later. A rewarding ribbon of milky cum shot down my throat. I felt his balls as they grinded against my chin. He couldn’t help but buck forward one final time, pushing his cock as deep down my throat as it would go, as I milked his member. He cried out too, which was lovely. Hearing his heavy breathing and feeling the control of his quintessence waver even just a bit was a satisfying admission of my skills. I smiled up at him as I licked my chops, thinking; ‘It’s time to close the deal.’

At this point Parathena was back up and about and she didn’t need me to tell her what I wanted. She squatted over his face and put that dripping pussy down on his maw. I took that opportunity to climb up on his lap and get a hold of that cock of his. It was thick and decently long. Not the most impressive member ever, but he knew how to use it.

With a cunt in his face and Parathena shaking about, there were no protest when is squatted down on his dick. The thick mushroom head parted my folds and went inside me easily. When I went all the way down I clamped my muscles and gripped his member, before bouncing back up. I was going to show him my best and he was going to break. I was sure of it.

I bounced my ass up and down on his cock for a bit, before leaning down and grinding it inside me. The raven was doing his little trick of reaching out his quintessence and stimulating my body. Normally, such a thing is subversive. He’d have to dominate my will in order to influence my body with his energy of his spirit, but when he knocked on the door, I let him. You see that’s a double edged sword; that trick. Mutual stimulation. The question was which of us would give in first. The feeling was so intense I almost cried, but in the end it was a draw. He came buckets inside me and I came fiercely over his cock. It was a magical moment.

I grinded against him as I shuddered on his joystick. I could feel his concentration failing as he submitted to ecstasy. Problem was, I couldn’t capitalize. He’d worn me out as well. Still, I wasn’t ready yet to admit defeat. Though spiritually exhausted, I could still subdue him physically. I pushed and road my orgasm, as he filled my cunt with his baby batter. It felt amazing. I even gave a spare thought to whether or not I’d get pregnant. I’m certain it would probably annoy Parathena, who’d collapsed beside us after cumming over his face. That girl just didn’t seem to be able to handle herself with this one. Still it was a great thought. If I had gotten pregnant, it would have been a glorious boon. I imagine a daughter of his bloodline would be a powerful tool for me. Unfortunately that did not happen.

What did happen was quite cute. Parathena had crawled back over to the boy and began to kiss him. Not the sultry, seductive, kiss I would have given him, but a feverish kiss of longing. I could see all the need and want in her kiss, as I stared down at them. It was then when I realized what I could offer him. How I could close him. Sitting there, still flushed and cumming; I decided to make my move.

Confident, I shooed my daughter off the boy and called him by name. He looked up at me as I spasmed off the last of my climax. His eyes were steely blue and his smile was exhausted, but still as sharp as ever. He grinned and asked;

‘You got something you want to offer me?’ I returned his smile. I did. Leaning forward I layed on the boys chest and nuzzled his neck.

‘This was nice,’ I began.

‘It was,’ he replied.

‘It could happen again and again, y’know.’ I insisted.

‘I can have sex with anyone, hell... I work with a succubus.’ He laughed. That was surprising, but answered a lot of questions. Succubi didn’t have friends. They had walking, talking, dinner plates. If he had regular sexual contact with one of those bitches, he’d have to have developed techniques to keep from having his mind and spirit enthralled. It was good to know, but I wasn’t offering him just sex.

‘My daughter likes you. I’m sure she would offer you more than just sex.’ I whispered running a hand over his chest. He looked over to her and she looked away, obviously embarrassed. It wasn’t an act. She was seriously smitten.

As her mother, I thought it was cute, but also a little pathetic. She’d only known him a few days. But that was the key to my push. She was capable of genuinely caring about people. Of love and all that romantic bullshit. She’d made the right pitch earlier, herself. She’d be an amazing asset to him, but she didn’t pitch it right and I was going to sweeten the deal.

‘I’m offering you us. Not just our bodies, not just her love and companionship; but our years of accumulated knowledge and power. Imagine what good you could do in the land with assets like us at your beck and call.’ I said softly. Moving close and placing a small kiss on the boys muzzle, I looked him in the eyes.

‘Can you imagine that? Can you imagine all I know? What I could teach you and your Raven Knights? There is magic, creatures and talismans you wouldn’t even believe. There is a history of this world that I alone have experienced. All of it could be yours, as well as she and I... in any capacity you wish. All you’d have to do is take covenant with me. You know what we are. You won’t need your quintessence after you pass, as all things do. Just imagine what you could do in your time with us by your side.’

It was a good pitch and I could see him think it over. I could spend however many years this one lived playing the hero. You wouldn’t believe how many contracts I got while following Parathena’s father around. It would be so sweet, so simple for him to say yes. Sadly, he did not.

With an apologetic smile he reached out to caress my face.

‘My deepest apologies for leading you on,’ he began.

‘But I have no intention of holding covenant with you or your lovely daughter.’ he stated simply. Awkwardly, he scooted up and I moved off of him. Scowling incredulously, I asked plainly;

‘Then what is your game, boy?’ He looked at me and then Parathena. His smile softened and I could see the fondness there.

He then explained how he’d been impressed with Parathena’s willingness to sacrifice herself to stop the mad mage’s rampage. How he had a dual motive for escorting Parathena back to me. He wanted to keep her safe while surreptitiously assessing what kind of threat she possessed. The stories told about herself and I were a way to gauge our powers and abilities. Allowing himself to be seduced was a way of seeing how far we’d go in order to entice him. Since violent coercion and deception is beneath us, he figured we weren’t a threat worth dealing with at the time. I noticed he was very careful not to claim that we weren’t dangerous.

Parathena seemed more disappointed than I that we would not have the boy in our debt, but Adolyn calmed her with a kiss. He apologized for deceiving us, saying he wished only to know what we were about. Though he feared more incidents such as the one at the Librarium olcadan, he was certain that Parathena would exercise good judgement. She joked that if not, she’d certainly get to see him again.

‘There isn’t a doubt,’ he replied. Though his demeanor was jovial, I know a threat when I hear it. Of course, he was looking me right in the eyes when he replied. The warning was more to me than Parathena.

The day closed with Parathena saying goodbye to her new friend and seeing him off. It was a sickeningly sweet scene, but the boy had done us a boon. It seemed that fool Cochrane had not survived his run in with the Raven. I felt the whole of his quintessence drawn to my orb and it’s fire burned brighter. I smiled as his name etched itself upon my tail and my power grew. He had quite a great deal more quintessence than I’d originally thought. So it had been a good day.

As we watched Adolyn leave I turned to my daughter and placed an arm around her neck.

‘Well?’ I asked, wanting to know if she’d learned anything from the encounter. She sighed and her ears flopped back in exasperation.

‘Yes.. mother.’ she pouted.

‘What have you learned girl?’ I asked wrapping my tail about her. She turned to embrace me and snuggling into my chest.

‘Once the contract is fulfilled; our business is done.’ She sighed. She looked so pitiful. As if I were going to scold her for foley, but no; that was not the lesson of the day.

‘No girl, you should have learned that it is always better to make a friend of the powerful... rather than make an enemy of them.’ I grinned hugging her tight.

Adolyn had not been enticed to take a contract with me, but we had left it on good enough terms. Parathena had impressed him with her foolish valor and genuine innocence. I’m old, I’ve lived far longer than you can even imagine. I know how to wait. Heroes like him get in all kinds of trouble. They make all kinds of sacrifices for the greater good. Perhaps one day such a sacrifice will bring him back to us. I didn’t have to tell Parathena that she must definitely see him again. Help him out, gain his trust and when the moment comes, as it does for all heroes; be there with another option.

It’s a good lesson to pass on to my daughter. Patience and understanding your prey. I’m sure she’ll learn it. I’m sure she’ll grow beyond her naive morality and see the bigger picture. Until then, mommy is here watching over her. I will guide my daughter to fulfilling her potential. One day she will be as powerful, if not more powerful than I... and that power will be useful to me. So I will be here; loving her, teaching her and making sure she follows the correct path. Afterall, I’m nothing if not a caring mother.


The Deft Hands of the Valley

Sat May 26 03:28:46 2018

Below Pandorica, in the Ponya Valley, live the Great Panda's of Ponya. These mostly peaceful kinlings live in various villages and temples, and are practitioners of the old ways.

The Great Panda's believe in balance of the flow. They believe that Mana is the life blood of the world and that all creatures are born of Mana. That each person is a world in themselves, flowing with qi, Mana enriched by the living spirit.

The Great Panda's believe that living a balanced and just life causes their qi to grow powerful and strong, so that when a person passes, their qi can enrich the flow of Mana and help perpetuate the life of the planet.

As such, most Great Panda's practice the art of the Deft Hand; the ability to manipulate and control their own qi and impose it's will upon the world. Deft Hand practitioners do not dane to subvert or control the flow of Mana. Instead they work within the flow, interacting with mana in order to keep balance.

It is said that mysterious Keepers are welcomed openly in the Pandorican Valleys, where there knowledge and mission is accepted by it's people.


Midnight Magic by Paper Demon

Wed May 23 03:07:47 2018

As a cub, he was given away to the enemy to protect him from the ravages of war. Little did his parents know, Maelyn was born with a deep spirit well and talent as an esper. Able to manipulate the flow at will, the beautiful glass cat has dedicated his life and his power to serving those who took him in and raised him. Though Ward of House De Lioncourt, Maelyn takes on his parents family name Visenya and wears it proudly as a Raven Knight of the Order.

This image was brought to you by the incredibly talented Paper Demon. If you aren't aware of their art or haven't checked them out, please do. They can be found on FA @


Small packages by Shamelesss page 10

Tue May 15 20:13:26 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 9

Tue May 15 20:12:52 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 8

Tue May 15 20:12:41 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 7

Tue May 15 20:10:03 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 6

Tue May 15 20:09:56 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 5

Tue May 15 20:09:48 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 4

Tue May 15 20:09:39 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 3

Tue May 15 20:06:10 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 2

Tue May 15 20:04:48 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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Small packages by Shamelesss page 1

Tue May 15 19:59:05 2018

This is a small comic by the artist by the artist Shamelesss featuring Gaz and Palden, his second in command.

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One Night Stand Page 6 by Leongon

Sun May 13 21:01:13 2018

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to a future comic.

The art for this is drawn by FA's Leongon; please go check him out on his FA @


Afternoon Practice

Fri May 11 18:55:02 2018

The sun had not yet risen to greet the day in Rhumari, Pandorica’s beautiful capitol atop the mountains. The birds did not sing and the market did not hum with the hustle and bustle of merchants and shoppers. The walls of the Ruby Keep where Queen Aarya rests under the watchful eye of her Red Guard was quiet. Guardsmen and women stood stoic and strong all about the grounds. No one making a sound. The servants, attendants and maids had not yet awoken to start the business of preparing for the new day. No, everything was quiet and peaceful. That was of course everywhere except in the Grand Hall. There the sounds of intense combat could be heard, with the echoing clashes of wooden swords and warrior women shouting out their cries of exertion.

“Stop overextending, little girl! I won’t let that pass a third time!” a woman’s voice shouted.

“Capitalize if you think you can!” a younger woman then retorted. It was Priya Bahkti and Toranya Shohreh, two members of the elite Red Guard of Pandorica; the defenders of the Kingdom’s royal family.

On that morning Priya awoke in the dead of night to find young Toranya practicing her dance. No, not like a waltz or even a ballet. Toranya danced the Pandorican dance of beauty and death. The ancient art of the Blade Dancer. A powerful and deadly art whose practitioners twirled and danced about the battlefield at preternatural speeds, harnessing the push and pull of the flow of mana around them. Toranya had been working on her ‘shadow dance’, a series of movements and strikes that relied heavily on the ‘shadow step’ technique. A manipulation of mana so strong it could vault a person around at speeds faster than average perceptions.

The shadow dance was a unique technique to blade dancers. By combining their quick natural movements, rhythm and balance, they could hone in on the natural beacon of a living being’s quintessence and use the flow to shadow step quickly around them, striking several times in quick succession. This ‘dance’ was highly effective for those who could master it. Toranya however, was having her problems.

When Priya arrived to help Toranya with her instruction, the young red panda was already practicing. She’d set up a training dummy with a mana crystal embedded in it. The crystal’s mana would be a stand in for a living person quintessence. It was an ingenious plan, but Toranya couldn’t manage to complete the technique. Priya sighed as she watched Toranya struggle with her balance and equilibrium. One strike, two strikes, three strikes and down. Toranya lost control and tripped out of the air, tumbling down on her face, before skidding to a stop. The young ailuridae coughed and wheezed as the contents of her last meal coated the floor.

There was a reason not every warrior in Pandorica was a Blade Dancer. The art was physically taxing, hard to master, and required it’s users to deal with negative effects of extreme speed. Most blade dancers learn to augment themselves or protect their bodies with their control of quintessence, but it isn’t always easy to do so. It takes a major draw to manipulate the flow for the god speed movements of the blade dance. As such, defense is often lacking due to a focus on speed rather than protection. However, every member of the Red Guard trained in advanced barriers and preternatural balance, so that they were masters of the dance. Toranya, it’s youngest guard, had not.

Priya had helped Toranya clean herself up and get back to it. Standing in for the dummy, Priya became the new target of Toranya’s dance. One, two, three and fall. Toranya again fell short. Worse still, her strikes had not been enough to pierce Priya’s defenses. Each swing of her bokken was dodged or parried, and Toranya was made the fool. Priya had mastered the shadow dance long ago and was well trained in defending against it.

“Pathetic, you must mind your reach. In a real contest, your opponent won't just be standing there waiting for you to strike,” Priya scolded.

Not one to let herself be intimidated, Toranya rose from the ground and tried again.

“I’ll show you…” she muttered.

She skipped lightly before dashing forward. Her long, blonde hair whipped behind her as she reached out from within herself and felt the flow. She pulled sharply on the mana around her to propel herself forward and the quintessence inside her ignited. The world slowed down for her, as she could sense the tendrils of energy connecting all things. She focused on the deep reservoir of quintessence Priya possessed. Anchoring herself to it, she shot forward and began her dance.

The first strike was always the hardest. You had to decide where you want to come from. She’d took to the skies; twirling her body and striking down toward the top of Priya’s head. Her bokken met resistance, the strike had been blocked. Toranya then pushed to her left and spun right on the anchor, twirling about Priya. She slashed wide trying to catch the older panda low, but this too met resistance. Frustrated, she hopped and twirled trying to land several strikes on her way up; but Priya would not be had.

Priya had used her own shadow dance to defend herself. She’d manage to feel the pulls and pushes of the flow around her to anticipate and deflect Toranya’s attacks. Simple as it sounds, it wasn’t easy to overcome the sheer speed of the shadow dance, but Priya did it well enough. When the younger guardswoman tried her third strike, moving within Priya’s guard and overextending her limited reach, Priya decided to exploit it.

As a shorter warrior, Toranya had to always mind where she placed her attacks. In most cases, her size and relatively short reach weren’t a problem. Toranya could get in, strike and get out before any normal opponent could manage a counter; but another blade dancer would easily take advantage. Priya first disrupted Toranya’s dance by pushing a strike against Toranya’s with absolute force. As she was spinning at the time, the only recourse for the blonde panda would be to ride the flow to keep from tumbling over and Priya knew that. Gracefully she burst forward, riding the same flow that the younger shining cat would use to correct herself. Catching Toranya completely off guard, she followed this with her own dance.

One strike, two strikes, four... SEVEN! The entire exchange took less than three seconds, but Toranya was down. Her bokken flew to the ground as she and it both landed with a clack and a thud. Had Priya been trying to hurt her, Toranya would not have survived such a counter attack. However, groaning on the ground, the only thing severely damaged was the girls pride.

“That’s enough for today, kid. I think you’re improving... but your faults are still so glaring,” Priya said, reaching over to help Toranya to her feet.

The smaller panda sighed and rose.

“Thank you, though it’s slow going. I definitely have things to work on,”Toranya admitted. The two spoke freely of Toranya’s inadequacies and strengths as they gathered their things. Priya wished Toranya to work on her control, evasion and reflexes, commenting that the blonde had a habit of committing too fully to attacks, especially slashes.

“You forget a simple thrust can be effective at off balancing your opponents for future strikes,”she pointed out. Toranya giggled and looked away.

“That’s not funny, you’ve got to have a better thrust in your arsenal,” Priya added, incredulous.

Toranya continued to giggle as she riffled through her things.

“I dunno ma’am, I thought you were always impressed with my thrust. Guess I’m using the wrong sword!” she laughed. Priya just blinked, unable to grasp the joke.

Smiling brightly, Toranya retrieved an object from her bag and held it up.

“Perhaps we can practice my thrust with this…” she teased. The pink haired panda gawked for a moment at Toranya and then gasped.

“What? Why do you have that with you!” she asked, surprised at the object.

Toranya smirked, swinging it around her finger.

“I bought it at the market yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to return it to my room. What do you say, wanna go a few more rounds?” asked Toranya, smilingly luringly.

Priya flushed under her fur, tail dancing; a little breath caught in her throat. For a short time, she said nothing. She averted her gaze and thought about it. She’d almost built up the nerve to respond when she heard Toranya’s singsong encouragement;

“C’mon ma’am...y’know you want to!”

Priya wasn’t sure why she was so embarrassed. Sure, the ‘sword’ that Toranya wanted to play with happened to be the long dildo of a strap on. Of course she was implying sex, but Priya wasn’t really all that surprised by that. She and Toranya had been intimate many times in the past. Priya had had fun breaking her in and together they’d entertained their beloved prince. But those moments and every other before then were different. Priya had been the aggressor those times, with Toranya just following her lead. Priya always knew that Toranya had a boldness and forward manner about her. She’d just never had it turned on her in that way, little Toranya was indeed growing up.

Turning away, Priya tried to slowly calm herself. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested, she surely was, but this was neither the time nor the place. She was sweaty, messy and worried. It was a big morning coming up. Toranya was doing all this practicing to be ready for an exhibition later that day for a foreign leader. Soon the room would be filled with attendants and servants preparing it to receive their honored guest and Priya didn’t want to be caught with her pants down when all the hubbub started. Making up her mind, she sighed and turned to address Toranya. Before she could however, she felt the small hands of the younger panda grope her breast from behind.

Priya’s body shivered a bit as Toranya casually explored it with her hands.

“We’ve got time, ma’am,” the blonde whispered. Deftly, Toranya leaned forward, pulling herself up on her toes and placed a kiss on Priya’s neck. The feel of her wet nose against Priya’s soft skin could be felt through the older panda’s winter coat. Toranya matted fur and traced small patterns as she licked her way down to Priya’s shoulders.

Priya could only moan as her legs lost their strength and her balanced wavered. Toranya’s talented hands had pressed and fondled Priya’s nipples through the thick cloth of her sarashi. She could feel her hard nipples brushing up against it and it felt nice. Eventually, Toranya grew tired of teasing her breast and a small hand worked its way down to her pants. She’d deftly unfastened the cords keeping the baggy hakama on Priya’s waist and reached down to find the blade dancer’s moistening pussy. The rough pads of Toranya’s fingers got an immediate reaction as Priya cried out loud and doubled over.

Luckily, Priya didn’t fall. She instead steadied herself with her bokken and tried to regain her composure. Toranya, who was very amused at this, simply giggled.

“I guess I hit the sweet spot,” she whispered, leaning forward, pressing her small breast against Priya’s back. Getting a grip on her fellow guardswoman’s thigh, she continued her assault on Priya’s pussy. Carefully she pressed Priya’s clit between her forefinger and thumb, gingerly caressing it.

Priya’s body trembled as her heart thumbed in her chest.

“Shit…” she managed to huff out between her heavy gasps.

Toranya had certainly been practicing, and though the older woman had not thought so originally, Priya had to admit the girl had talent. She was making her sing in ecstasy. Bringing out all the carefully hidden feelings of longing and lust that the woman had kept so tightly concealed in her day to day life. For Priya, being a Red Guardswoman was a constant struggle between seeing herself as a dangerous bladeswoman and the Prince’s sensual servant. When you lived with and worked with males and females to whom you’d commonly had sexual congress with, it was hard to keep everything neat and professional.

Priya had tried not to think about it often, but sometimes she wanted it so bad. To tackle a cute little wah like Toranya and sate desires both small and large. To take a step away from the edge of civility and respectability. To just cut loose.

A gasp sounded out loudly through the hall as Toranya slipped a finger inside of Priya’s moist cavern. A bit of movement. A sigh of relief and then another. Toranya’s digits felt amazing pushing up against the moist walls of Priya’s dripping pussy. Try as she might, the older bear-cat could not keep control of herself and began moaning loudly under Toranya’s intentions.

‘I think you like this a lot, ma’am.’ Toranya teased. Priya did not respond and only bit her lip to keep from crying out.

‘Well I think you may like this a little better.’ promised the junior guardswoman.

Toranya wasted little time affixing the toy to herself. It was long, thick and littered with small, almost imperceivable little grooves. Made of the cured, molded and dried slime of a cave gordie. The little gooey, slime creatures left the stuff everywhere and the Pandoricans had found many uses for the material; but the unique properties worked very well with sexual toys.

One end looked like a large ball, it was attached to the inside of the leather harness. It went inside Toranya as she snapped the buckles around her waist. On the outside was the dildo, shining in the light like a bright, pink, phallus. It must not have been the first time she’d put one on so quickly, as she had no problems doing the deed without looking. When everything was strapped on and in, the blonde wah reached out to grab Priya’s backside.

“I’m going to put it in now,” She warned.

Priya’s body quivered and her pussy ached, but said nothing as Toranya rubbed the head of the dildo against her moistened crease. Priya said nothing as it pushed passed the folds and slowly widened her canal. She even said nothing when Toranya gripped her thighs and readied for the big push. When the full length of the dildo opened her crevice and buried itself deep down inside, Priya let out a loud cry.

“Oh fuck!” She shouted as her dripping sex filled with the toy. Priya’s hands gripped the bokken tightly, as she lurched over and instinctively tried to crawl forward. Toranaya would not oblige her a reprieve. Taking a fistful of Priya’s tail firmly in hand, Toranya began to thrust feverishly into the heart of the older panda’s femininity.

“Oh wow! Oh wow! OH WOW!” Priya cried out as the pleasure filled her. A strange tingle shot through her body like lightning down to earth, as the younger wah pushed forward with quick, methodical, thrust. She felt her vagina tighten around the slick shaft of the toy, as her thoughts grew hazy.

Soon, Priya could only focus on the incredible sensation growing between her legs. The feeling of the faux phallus as it penetrated her. It’s rigid, yet flexible form pressing against the insides of her womb.

Breathing feverishly, Toranya increased her pace, pushing the cock in and out of her tutor. It was gratifying to see just how much Priya enjoyed her attention. She’d always wanted to be more dominant about her attraction to Priya and the others in the guard; but always felt apprehensive. Like she hadn’t put her time in like the others, like she was too new. Now all she could wonder was why she had taken so long to try anything. Priya was moaning like a sow in heat and Toranya was loving every moment of it.

“I know just how to stoke that flame…” she whispered to herself.

Having been involved with Priya before, Toranya knew a thing or two of the woman’s sexual habits. The red guard kept little secrets from each other. Priya liked playing out back most of all and Toranya was more than aware. Drunk with the growing pleasure engulfing her body, the pretty, lavender haired wah barely noticed as Toranya steadied herself and readied for a new game.

“Call out for me, honey,” Toranya whispered as she moved her hips back. She moved and adjusted herself quickly, subtly. You would’ve hardly noticed that she’d popped her fake cock out of Priya if you didn’t hear the older pandas whine as Toranya did so. Looking back to question her young pupil, Toranya got to see the full expression on Priya’s face as she shoved the pink prick deep up her ass.

“FUCK!” cried Priya as she gripped ground. Her claws dug in deep and scraped up ribbons of the wooden floor below.

“Shhh... just let momma work!” Toranya teased, thrusting forward and giving it her all. With every impact against the soft orbs of Priya ass, the end of the toy that was inside of Toranya shook and jiggled. The best part of her experience was the warm, vibrating feelings she got when she thrusted. The end expanded and retracted with each thrust and Toranya could barely stand how good it felt to fill it move about inside of her. The two women spent the better part of an hour enjoying themselves before Priya’s endurance ran out.

Overcome with pleasure and dripping her love juices all over the floor, Priya cried out when it hit her. Her orgasm had shot out of the void and hit her before she even expected it. It caused shakes up and down her spine as she cried out in a girlish, undignified manner, before collapsing to the floor.

Toranya came as well, though not as heavily. She bit her lip in order not to cry out as Priya had. After all, she was trying to be the dominate one here. It wouldn’t seem right to hear her squeak and moan like a little kitten. So, fighting every urge in her body, Toranya simply rode out the waves of passion. Trying her best to seem confident and in control as she lied down over Priya’s back.

“Was it... good for you?” Toranya asked, trying to sound sexy.

Priya laughed, scooting over to look at the young wah.”No one actually says it like that.” She teased.

Toranya smiled and shook her head.”I do”’ she replied with confidence.

Priya laughed and licked the girl on her nose.”You’re so corny,” She replied playfully.

The two women held each other then and for a time after that. Though morning was fast approaching, and the floor wasn’t the most comfortable place… They just lied there engulfed in one another, enjoying the intimacy of it. Toranya smiled as she nuzzled into Priya’s neck.

‘Thank you for being there for me.’ she whispered. Priya said nothing, instead she held Toranya close and kissed her forehead.

As the morning sun rose in the eastern sky and the songs of birds began to chirp in the air; the two women laid together in the middle of the great hall. The morning would bring duty and work. They’d have to indulge dignitaries and represent their Prince. But for that moment the only things that existed was each other and the warmth between them... and the day would certainly have to wait for that.


Playing Pike Women by Reishuseyu

Wed May 9 03:22:46 2018

Meredith is both a cavalry woman and pike woman in the Order of the Raven Knights. As part of her duties she spends time practicing and training less seasoned Ravens. On occasion she builds strong friendships with the men and women Sometimes those bonds lead to a little casual fun. The ladies of Meredith unit don't always need their pikes to play.

The art for this fantastic piece was done by Reishuseyu. I hope you all appreciate the work he put into it and follow him on FA @


Princess Alecrast Part 1

Mon May 7 15:10:04 2018

During Alecrast visit to the continent of Theria, he is pursued and harassed by agents of his brother; the usurper to the throne, Madara. Fearing for his safety, the good Prince Oni Aeon of Pandorica sent one of his elite Red Guard with the Alecrast to help keep him safe on his journey. Veteran guardswoman Kamala volunteered for the task.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Kamala had already been approached by the enemies of Alecrast and coerced into doing their bidding. In order to protect Pandorican lives and her prince, Kamala agreed to undermine the King Alecrast's safety and lure him and his allies into the heart of the wild moorlands. Betraying King Alecrast and Doyen Torian Akuja of Amarok to the dark shamans of the wildering.

Deep in the dungeons of one of their black keep, in the heart of the moorlands, a dark ritual takes place to break the foreign King, mind and body; and Kamala is more than happy to help. Laying the ground work for dark, subversive magic to take place.


Glendriel Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Sat May 5 14:14:03 2018

I've decided to save time, to get all the character sheets of the main characters done by the same artist. This here is Glen, Cassius's older brother.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Megogo Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Thu May 3 17:37:20 2018

've decided to save time, to get all the character sheets of the main characters done by the same artist. This here is big momma Megogo.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Art of Interrogation Page 10

Wed May 2 23:11:47 2018

I'll write something more to this later...


Princess Transform Part 1

Thu Apr 26 01:29:23 2018

Prince Alecrast, heir to the Isharian throne left on an expedition east to find if any other kinlings had survived the cataclysm 250 years ago. He found his way to Theria where he received a warm welcome. But even thousands of miles away from his home, the Prince has his enemies whose reach is vast.

Now the Prince finds himself under a dark enchantment, stealing his manhood, birthright and dignity. Unable to calm the raging lust inside of him as victim to this malediction he is in danger of fallen down the long, horny road of a whore lust to the pleasures of the female form.


Ragnok Rampage Part 3

Wed Apr 25 03:46:30 2018

On his rampage, the Elderian Beast known as Ragnok has claimed quite a few victims and injured more than his fair share of mages. One of those mages happened to be quite a close friend to one Count Adolyn Valenrow. When Guy Eridanus went missing, his sisters went direlect in their duties to find their brother. When news finally reached the tuft ears of the Primus Corvinus that Guy, Aritrea and Camden Eridanus were all missing, he immediately went on the hunt.

Though he found the beast, it had already been run off by the Eridani; injuring one of them. Adolyn did battle with Ragnok, but despite his efforts the creature manage to escape him and is still at large.


Swinging Ari by Niis

Sun Apr 22 05:51:08 2018

An interesting piece of Aritrea using a modified swing. She is creative when she needs to be.

Art is by Niis. Be sure to check out their art @FA


Final Bout

Sun Apr 22 04:22:58 2018

It was going to be a spectacular day. I was finally going to get the recognition I deserve as a fighter. As a Keeper, we are taught several things. Ancient secrets, knowledge and wonders, the world over; and though my family has always made great Keepers, we’re even better warriors. Yes, all Keepers learn the ancient art of the ‘Deft Hand’; a martial art of focusing our qi to augment ourselves and interact with the flow around us. As the daughter of the Karyde clan much is expected of me. Above all else, I’m expected to excel at the martial arts. Yet I’ve failed to win a single proving.

‘Today is going to be different!’ I’d said to myself, and I believed it too. I had trained so hard and put in a lot of time sparring with my friend Saria, as well as the masters. As one of the very best of our sect, keeping up with Saria showed marked improvement in my technique. I was confident that I could win. So far I had defeated four challengers on my way to the proving’s final bout. I had done well and my fellow disciples were cheering me on, boosting my morale. I stepped into the circle to the sounds of applause and I loved it. I was certain I could win the final bout. My opponent was some young lynx from the southern athenaeum. I wasn’t too worried about him. I had heard he wasn’t anything special; sadly, I was misinformed.

Taryn specialized in ‘The Way of the Phoenix’, one of the older arts that focused on a lot of kicking and quick strikes. My family’s art, ‘The Way of the Wandering Fist’, was one developed with a few of the same principals. Though we focus mostly on flowing movements, palm strikes and counters; I myself excel at kicking as well. My strong thighs and calves served as proof. I was sure that my flowing movement and powerful punches and palm strikes would be more than a match for him. Oh, how very wrong I was.

The first time he landed a kick, it knocked all the wind out of me. Normally, we all have a barrier of sorts, a spirit shield comprised of our qi. His attack cut right through mine, I felt every bit of it. He’d fainted right and I’d moved left, wiping my leg about to discourage him from moving back in. I intended to catch him off guard, strike between his attack. A risky gamble, but one I was confident would succeed. That was until I watched him pull a ‘shadow step’ on me.

Pivoting off his foot, he used a burst of qi to manipulate the mana around him, propelling him forward at an astonishing speed. The kind of move that you wouldn’t attempt normally. Being off balanced as he was, he should have propelled forward and tumbled to the ground. Instead, he righted himself in the air and swiftly caught me in the abdomen with a double-step kick. The force made me fly back and it was I who tumbled.

As I recovered, he was on me again. I dodged the heel of his foot and then another kick, this one charged with his essence. It felt like fire, but I dissipated it with my own qi. I rushed into his guard trying my best to take away his advantage. Those feet were dangerous. I threw a few short jabs and strikes, a little combination to back him up. He responded by parrying my arms to the side with his left knee and striking me clean in the side of my head with his right leg. He was far more limber than I imagined.

To my credit, I didn’t fall. I ignored the pain, the buzzing in my ear and the dizziness as I countered in kind. The momentum of the blow carried me and I forced all my qi down, igniting it in one burst. Since I was going to be spinning from his kick, I figured when my feet left the ground, I could use it to my advantage. I released my body to the mercy of gravity and the flow, twirling so fast I felt my lunch come up. I then used the force to land a devastating counter-kick to the side of his head before falling to the ground. It was the best shot I’d get in on him all day.

I’d like to say I hung in there; y’know, gave as good as I got. But that isn’t what happened. Eventually he overpowered my guard and came in on me with a flurry of kicks and punches. I’d been beaten before, but this was the first time in my life I’d ever been knocked out. Saria says he did me in with a backflip kick. Seriously! I mean, fuck, how cocky is that. But I guess since I wasn’t in any position to stop him, he could show out. Either way, I woke up in the healing hall a few hours later feeling all the worse for wear.

When I awoke, none of the ‘Hands’ were in the hall. It had been empty for sometime and night had fallen. I felt embarrassed to have been so thoroughly defeated, shamefully throwing a bit of a tantrum. Okay. more than a bit. I kicked and screamed into my pillows, frustrated at my own inadequacies.. I might have gotten up and hit a wall or two, but as I lifted the pillow from my face, I realized I was not alone.

My eyes must have been the size of saucers as I almost gagged on my tongue.

‘What... why... uh...’ I stuttered and yammered, but could not find the words. There in the window, just resting on the seal was Taryn. He’d been watching me the whole time.

‘You seem spritely, all things considered,’ He chuckled at me.

I shot him my meanest scowl I could, but it was hard to be upset. He’d beat me fair and square.

‘What do you want? Come to gloat?’ I huffed. Shrugging, he hopped down and walked over to me.

‘Maybe a little,’ he said placing a soft hand on my bare stomach.

“I’m mostly checking if you’re okay.’ he added. I didn’t know what to say to that.

In talking to him I found out he wasn’t an asshole or anything. He was just very confident, maybe a bit cocky; but I could see why. He’d certainly knocked my block off. I commended him on his speed and mastery of qi. I praised his ‘Phoenix Style’ and asked him to critique me. I wanted to know why I had lost, and he simply said; ‘You were trying too hard.’

I was bit incredulous at first. Who was he to tell me I was ‘trying too hard’; but then he broke it down for me and I understood what he meant. I was thinking too much and not reacting on instinct. I relied too heavily on my taught forms and lessons and not enough on my warriors intuition. I’d been taken off guard by his ‘shadow step’ because I always thought that it was dangerous and risky to attempt such a move in that instance. He too knew that I would think that and that’s why he tried it. It was absolutely guaranteed to take me by surprise.

After that, the two of us talked. We chatted long into the midnight hours about a number of things. I learned a lot about him and what life was like in the athenaeum he was from. I rarely get to speak to Keepers from other sects. Our masters are still frightened that the Druids will finally return to finish the job they started three hundred years ago; dismantling and destroying the Circle. It is a constant fear of mine and I was relieved to know that Taryn shared my concern.

The Druids had not made a move against us since the Athenaeum in Valdis had been destroyed. I was just a little girl then, but I remember having nightmares about it for a long time, of Arcane Knights descending upon our temples and libraries, killing keepers and burning the records.The screams haunted me. Taryn put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me. He said; ‘If the time comes, we’ll be ready.’ I don’t know why, but it made me feel a lot better.

We’d talked for the better part of the small hours of the night and then it was time to say goodbye. Taryn would be off with his fellows in the morning, travelling back to Constance in the south. I’d had such a good time with him, I didn’t really want to let him leave. I wasn’t sure if I’d get to see him again. Keepers from different sects hardly ever meet unless there’s trouble. So forgive me if you think I’m too forward or unladylike when I tell you I asked him to stay longer. When he asked if I wanted to talk some more, I told him no. I had something else in mind.

He was surprised at first and told me that we’d only just met. I reminded him that it may be the only time we meet and he was forced to agree. I teased him, asking where all that confidence and bravado had gone, making a joke about him not being cocky about his cock. It was corny, but it made him laugh and cut the tension. Proudly he proclaimed that, ‘He’d show me!’ He did, unfastening his pants and showing me his perfectly, pink member.

I took a moment to look around for the hands or attendants. I hadn’t seen one since I woke up, but I was worried one would come to check on me at just the wrong moment. Taryn asked me if I was worried and inferred that maybe it wasn’t a good idea. I put his cock in my mouth before either he and or I could lose our nerve. It was rewarding to hear him mutter, ‘Oh, wow!’ as his body shuttered in response to my touch.

Normally, I’m a bit self-conscious about being intimate with others. It’s not that I’m a prude or anything. We keepers are quite liberal with our sexuality; but like with my martial arts, I can be a bit competitive. I always want to be considered good at what I do. So I work my best to excel at things. Sucking cock is no different.

In my experience it’s just like fighting. Everything is one part technique, one part skill and two parts enthusiasm. So when I’m sucking a guy off I focus on a that. With Taryn, I started with a bit of deep throat. I like to go all in at the start. Give them every bit of what I can do and then slow down. With Taryn, I took my time showing him that I had absolutely no gag reflex. I took his dick right to the hilt and ran my tongue along the undershaft, making sloppy, slurpy noises as I went. I bobbed my head back and forth quickly, making sure I brushed the tip of his cock against the back of my throat. When I first started giving blow jobs, this was the hardest part. Now, it was my favorite.

He gripped the buns on my hair and I took a firm grab of his butt. I think I must have went down on for about fifteen minutes before he finally came. I got to try all my favorite little techniques. Going deep and licking his balls, pulling it out to the side of my mouth and making it go ‘pop’! I even got to try that whirling tongue thing that Saria’s so good at. I think I did a good job, he liked it, but my tongues not so long as hers.

In the end, he cried out loudly and came. He shot thick ribbons of cum into my mouth. It’s funny. I didn’t gag once while sucking him off, but the sheer volume of his semen in my mouth caught me off guard. I coughed loudly and spit most of it on the floor. It was so bad that he’d kneeled down, worried I was choking. So unsexy. Still, it was all for the better because one of the hands showed up to check on the noise. Since we were both on the ground the room look empty.

‘See what you did?’ I teased. He grinned and replied; ‘Me, what about you. I guess you can’t handle my explosive flavor!’ I tried to stifle a laugh. He was so corny, but it was endearing.

I licked my chops and kissed him on the cheek and whispered; ‘I can handle anything you can dish out, big boy!’ in my best impression of a sultry seductress. My act was short lived as I had to clamp my hands over my mouth as I felt his hand reach down and brush away the flap of my qipao. His fingers brushed against my pussy before he moved my panties aside and I looked back at him like he was insane. The Hand was still in the room investigating the noise.

‘Are you crazy!?’ I whispered as loudly as good sense would allow. He ignored me, moving back and positioning himself behind me. I braced myself. I knew he was going to put it in and though I knew it wasn’t the best idea; it excited me My inner thighs moistened more and breathes hitched up a bit. He pushed his dick into me slowly, awkwardly balancing himself above my ass. I tried my best to not moan out my pleasure while still listening to the footsteps walk around the hall. I worried the Hand would pick up my scent and that would be that. I was so wet that you could practically hear droplets of my love juices hitting the floor. But that could have just been my imagination.

Taryn begin to lay into me, slowly at first. The shuffle of my body, his body, and the floor was loud enough that I was sure we would be heard. I could only pray we weren’t and keep my muzzle shut. Thankfully I heard a call from beyond the hall. Another Hand was calling for the one wandering about the room. With all the table-high beds in the way, she couldn’t see us. She I say, because I heard her voice as she replied. She sounded like she didn’t want to leave, curious as to the odd sounds she was hearing. Thankfully a Hand’s duties are very important and require immediate attention. So she left without much protest and Taryn got more bold.

With the Hand moving on, Taryn began to fuck me with every ounce of his strength. It was intense. I focused on biting my lip and the sound of slapping behind me, as his thick penis made a mess of my insides. I hoped to keep my cries to a minimum, but it felt so good to have the thick, mushroom head of his cock touching places that my fingers couldn’t ever reach. I don’t know how long he and I fucked, but I know that by the time he pulled it out and came on my ass, I was spent.

I’d cum multiple times and was exhausted. Taryn definitely had stamina on me, that’s for damn sure. I wanted to pass out right there, with him above me. It’d be nice to just lay there in his embrace, covered in the smell of our love making. But alas, we had to get up. He didn’t want to be found there naked by the Hands in the morning. Keepers may be very liberal about sex, but we’d kinda just desecrated the healing hall and I don’t think the Masters would approve. Sadly, I kissed him and said my goodbyes, promising to see him and fellows off in the morning. He took me in his arms and kissed me more passionately, promising to see me again one day.

The next morning was a bit of a disappointment. I got to see him as he was leaving out, but I couldn’t really say anything. The goodbyes to the disciples from other Athenaeums was a formal thing. All stuffy and full for formalities. I didn’t get to properly say goodbye. We all just stood in a line and bowed before he went on his merry way. We caught eyes as he left and he winked at me causing my tail to dance. With that,I watched him go and I went about my day.

I still see him sometimes... in my mind. When I’m lonely at night I try to imagine those blue eyes of his and that thick, pink cock. What it would’ve been like had we more time together. Maybe one day we’ll cross paths again. Perhaps at another proving or event. Perhaps at a time and place where we can be more intimate. Either way, I can’t say that I’m too upset with my loss. Turned out to be a spectacular day afterall. If every time I got beat down it ended like this, maybe I wouldn’t be such a sore loser.


One Night Stand Page 5 by Leongon

Sat Apr 21 01:51:49 2018

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to a future comic.

The art for this is drawn by FA's Leongon; please go check him out on his FA @


Life of the Party by Eroborus

Fri Apr 20 21:53:36 2018

Riyo is a lot of things. Tough? Yes. Loyal? To a fault. A bit of a paramour? Without a doubt! But what he isn't is a kin who can hold his liquor very well and one of the things his friends like to do is get him drunk and see what mayhem can happen. On this night, he and Gaz get a little too friendly at the bar and under the cheering cries of some of his friends, a certain fat booty tanuki got his ass pounded in front of everyone. Good thing their brotherhood is incredibly close cause tomorrow morning may be awkward.

The art for this absolutely awesome piece is drawn by the incomparable Eroborus over on FA. Definitely will see more of him, he's great at drawing Gaz. Check him out on FA @


Serving Your Duchess

Fri Apr 20 21:18:57 2018

Queen was named so by her parents as acknowledgement of her royal heritage. The descendant of the Stroudian royal line, her family found themselves under command of the Kingsgrave's of Mahees during the final days of the Baptism, a Great Pride to which most remained in service too after the conflict.

Queens close relationship with the Duchess of Kingsgrave, Reyes Kingsgrave is something of a well known commodity. It is she who took the young tiger under her wing and helped raise her into the mighty warrior that Queen became. There relationship is beyond Lord and vessel, friendship or even lovers. Queen's loyalty to Reyes is absolute and the only thing she is more loyal to is the Order and that is simply because of the compulsion of the oaths she sworn in magic.


A sight to behold

Sun Apr 15 16:01:09 2018

Other than the wondrous snowy landscape, the Kingdom of Pandorica features illustrious hot springs. Visiting guests are often treated to the warmth and comfort with the assured protection of the Red Guard. Torian has often made trips to discuss political matters with Prince Oni. Once that is done, Torian usually hurries his way back home, but not on this occasion. Taking the offer of a smoldering soak is not something he could pass. On top of that he has the smallest of the Red Guard watching over him, Torayana. Torian soon learned that she would be offering more than her protection, an offer he was happy to accept.


Pit of Lust

Sat Apr 7 19:07:35 2018

We have together the main Elderian in one spot. A rare occasion indeed. Zachariah, Monette, and Estix, the Children of the Nine , and Kal'kina, an Angel of the Night , keeping a watchful eye on Monette. Perhaps we'll have a story where they're all together someday. Oh, the chaos that wuld cause.

All characters are creative property of their owners


Pleasing the Prelate

Thu Apr 5 05:24:00 2018

Lina demands hard work from all the mages and clerics under her charge. In addition to assigning duties and team assignments, she also tests their resolve in other ways. Poor Roy is being put through the paces... guess he didn't realize the little Prelate had so much endurance.


One Night Stand Page 4 by Leongon

Tue Apr 3 18:08:56 2018

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to a future comic.

The art for this is drawn by FA's Leongon; please go check him out on his FA @


Archduchess Agne Nemea by Rupalulu

Mon Apr 2 18:58:15 2018

Ruler of all Merlion and the Nemean Province; Archduchess Agne Nemea is a force of nature. The direct mortal descendant of Panja, one of the original four Eternians, Agne is an elioudan with power and grace to burn. Merlion is known for several things, including its trade and shipyards, as well as it's fishing exports. The second richest of Lioncourt's five provinces, Merlion prospers on the intelligence and savvy of it's Archduchess.

As Lioncourt's number one dignitary and negotiator, Agne is responsible for making decisions that effect the entire Kingdom. When King Eriol wants peace, trade or alliances negotiated with foreign countries, it is Agne who is sent to secure them.

A domineering and intelligent woman, it is rumored that her negotiating tactics range from the alluring to the ruthless. She is both respected and feared across Theria and has a prominent position as the only noble within the Council of the Merchants Guild.

Known as the Merchant Queen, she is incredibly popular with the citizens for her considerable social programs and attention to public health, as well as securing fair and lucrative trade for local businesses.Her swift and decisive actions during a crisis has also garnered her the respect of the nobility.

The art for this piece and the creation of Agne Nemea is do to the awesome creativity of Rupalulu, please show her love on FA @


Scout Evaluation

Sun Apr 1 03:01:38 2018

Raven knights' often enlist the help of scouts for information gathering. However the selection process is very strict. Rahji has tried multiple time to apply but his goals course. He'll keep trying though.


Sister Magic by Z-Afiro

Thu Mar 29 00:36:36 2018

Despite the contentious nature of their relationship, given the Lina's massive jealousy, the Mercurius sisters are close. As Lina came of age it was Luna's responsibility to teach her several things, especially about her body. Though many would consider the incestuous nature of these escapades to be appalling, as a family of adepts with an incredibly deep spirit well, these sexual exercises are necessary.

Not only is Lina being groomed to be a talented sexual being, which is a plus when marrying into noble families, she's being taught to defend against lilin which prey mages in their moments of weakness. Seduction, manipulation of lust and sex are some of the best tools lilin have to lower the guard of adepts and drain them of their quintessence. Some even devour their victims.

Because of this many adepts are encouraged to learn defensive techniques to combat such an eventuality. But due to the hands on natura of such training, it is yet to become an acceptable part of Librarium curriculum. Mages are encouraged to practice this on their own, as in the past, odd and compromising issues began to blossom between teachers and students. Adept families are often the best way to do so and the Mercurius family is no exception.

The art for this fantastic piece is drawn by Z-afiro over on FA. They've got a lot of adorable art and you should definitely go check them out on there page @


Incubus At Play Image 3

Wed Mar 28 04:41:48 2018

This is the third image of incubus Zack doing what he does best. An incubus is well aware of the negative effects of his feeding and can control them if he pleases. Sometimes they're benevolent enough to leave a bit of their essence with their prey. This not only allows them to find them again. The side effect is that it leaves the victim with an overactive sex drive. Most inflicting with 'Demon Lust' are rather harmless, but those who cannot sate their hunger can be dangerous. Worst still, the 'Demon Lust' of a particularly powerful Lilin can be transferred to others like a disease of the spirit for the first week or so, until the essence dissipates.


Selling Swords by Reishuseyu

Mon Mar 26 11:46:11 2018

I've run into Arkant a few times before. Even crossed swords with him on occasion. The first time, I was young and green. I was working security for some noble mage that'd gone rogue. He was doing weird experiments on the corpses of dead dragonborn, trying to find the secret of dragon fire or some shit. I don't know and I don't care. I wasn't paid to think about that shit. I was paid to defend the mad bastard and I did so to the best of my abilities.

Since I was always a pretty big deal back in home, I wasn't too worried about the job. I'm one of the finest Rune Blades ever to come out of Atrieno's Librarium. It was certainly a stick in their ass to see a palawa like me excel. Heh, a 'damn dirty outlander' showing them up! It almost made all the shit I took studying there worth it. Almost.

So you can imagine that I wasn't about to stick around at the Olcadan after my time was up and those snobs certainly didn't want me there. Sure, I could have caught on with another campus, dealt with the College of Mages directly, but fuck that. I didn't want to be a pawn of the Librarium any longer than I had to... so, yeah; ended up with jobs guarding stupid fucks playing with forbidden magic. Hey, pays the bills.

So when old Arkant came a calling, I wasn't too worried. I drew my sword and stared him down. He didn't say one word to me. He just drew and attacked. A good five strokes in I knew he was a better swordsman than me. About ten in I realized he had endurance and strength on me too. I tried to compensate with superior agility and relied heavily on my rune stones to augment my abilities, but I didn't make it to fifteen. He split my rune blade in two, broke past my magic barrier and that was it. I woke up two days later in an Abbey being healed by Clerics of the Faith.

Next time we met, I was doing some legit work for the local clergy; trying to take a few pyre flies live. Since pyre flies like to be around the corpses of creatures with deep spirit wells, it's not a job for the faint of heart. Something had to kill those things y'know. I was actually pretty upset he didn't recognize me at first. I was even more upset that he'd been paid to find pyre flies himself. I figured since he had more than I did, I could mend my wounded pride and end the job by defeating him. That didn't work out too well.

Yeah, I'd trained and studied like I never had before since my last defeat. Got me a new Runed Blade too, called it 'Dragons Bane' and learned a few new spells. Didn't matter, sure I got up there in my strokes til I stopped counting, but it was all for naught. When things got hairy, thought I had him with a wind spell, but he simply opened his mouth and spewed dragon fire at me. My barrier took the brunt of it, but I still went flying. I woke up a bit charred and waterlogged in the rivers of the nearby swamp. Little critters crawling on me, checking if I was still alive. I was of course, more furious than hurt.

After that, I started to run into him every now and then. The mercenary world is rather small when you start getting into folks with dangerous arcane experience. The last time we met, I kind just flat out told the guy; 'You're a prick, but I think you'er kind of hot!' I meant it too, wasn't a pun about his dragon breath. To my surprise, he thought I was cute too.

Don't know too many of those reptites that'd cross the boundary with us furkin. Most are up on their high chair thinking maybe they're better than we are. Like me, Arkant didn't really care about all that. I found him attractive, he found me attractive. So after a beer and bit of bragging I was up in his Inn room sucking on his dick.

Was a good night for me, he was long and talented. He definitely had me in endurance and strength; picked me clean up the wall and put that cock of his right up inside me. I'd say I lost that duel as I had the previous ones. Sure I had agility and flexibility on the guy, but in the end, he overwhelmed me and I again passed out. Much happier that time than before. Even had the decency to let me sleep the night and wasn't ashamed to walk downstairs, letting the other guys on the job know what we were about.

We ended up doing it a few more times before the job was done. It's busy work chasing down thieves hopped up on ghane berries. Took us a whole week. When it was over, we parted ways with a handshake and I promised that next time we crossed swords he'd better watch his ass. He slapped me on mine and told me he'd keep that in mind. We shook hands and parted ways. Next time we meet, I wonder which swords we'll be clashing. Either way, I'm excited to continue this little rivalry.


Simple Dreams by Paper Demon

Mon Mar 26 07:20:58 2018

It's not that I don't understand the allure. I know it all to well. I've encountered several yokai in my time. Demons as they're called in Theria. Some will argue that Monette is not a true demon. That she is not slave to her hunger and does not thirst to drain men of all their life force; but that's splitting hairs a bit. She is a dangerous creature, beautiful and deadly... a demon in everything but semantics.

Like the Yuki-onna of my homeland, she sustains herself on the reiki of mundanes. Though those ice bitches cannot manipulate their form at will like a succubus, their natural beauty and allure hide the same deadly intent. Still, I have heard tale of benevolence and goodness among them. Most accounts say that they prey only on the foolish and men who mistreat women; but I've slayed one and I assure you, she'd have happily made of meal of me.

So do not take me for a fool when I say that I understand Monette's allure. All dangerous curves and full lips, piercing eyes that could look right through to the soul of a man. I know what she is, but, is that all she is?

I've served with her for some time. Maybe a year and a half as a Raven initiate or 'fledgling', as the veterans often called us. I'd been serving directly under Maelyn Visenya, right hand of the prince and one of the Raven Knight Commanders when I first met her. To see a damn succubus presented as a Raven Knight, it blew my mind.

I'm not sure all the details, but she'd apparently crossed the Forbidding some time before and set herself up in Balinor. I'm surprised she didn't become addicted to her feeding, given that she'd almost enthralled half a town. Our illustrious leader, Adolyn, had defeated her somehow and lead her back to Bast to answer for her crimes. The King might have killed her, but apparently the Court Sorceress, Sierra, wished to simply cast her back beyond the forbidding. It was Adolyn with the clever and insane idea to have her join the Order.

I guess he figured with the oaths we have to take, bound by magic and etched on our souls, that the succubus wouldn't be a problem. That didn't stop them from making her swear extra oaths as well. Monette once described her binding to me and I can tell you for sure it doesn't sound anything like what I went through. I kind of feel for the poor thing, even with all that, I think they've still keep a close eye on her. Nothing overt or abrasive, but it's definitely there.

I can't blame them really. I maybe a bit biased having spent so much time with her, but yeah, she is a dangerous Elderian. It's why I have done my diligence in fighting off her sexual advances and dismissing her constant flirting. She's taken a special interest in me for some reason and is especially obsessed with 'my taste'. For now, she will go on wanting.

Sure, I can join the growing number of my brothers and sister in the Order. who joyously commit to keeping her fed. Little trysts that teach her to take only as much as she needs and no more; but that's a slippery slope I think. Mindless sex, feeding, that's like admitting she's merely a war beast that needs to be satiated. A pet to be fed and rewarded for her good behavior. Is there nothing else?

I'm sure there is, but it isn't on the surface, not where anyone could see it. There all concerned with what she is and what she can do for the Order. Don't get me wrong here, I'm no saint myself. I'm not exempt just because I've never given in to her physically.

I'm shamed to admit that I've dreamed of her.., dreamed of us. In my mind I've held her in the moonlight and ran my hands down the curves of her body. In my dreams I've pushed myself between her folds and given of myself to her. I've touched her, I've experienced her; mind, body, and soul. And in those dreams I've reached through to the heart of her and seen what lies inside.

But those were merely dreams. Dark dreams, passionate dreams, simple dreams. Simple dreams of a simple man, wanting to know if there is more to this creature than meets the eye. My dreams lead me to wonder and I do wonder; but if reality and my dreams are ever something that will align? Well, that dream just might not be so simple.


My Incubus' Keeper part 2

Sun Mar 25 21:12:28 2018

part 2 is here.
This is a mid-sequel to a comic that will appear in our first printed release, 'Fist of the Forbidden'. Here we have the Keepers keeping a particularly naughty incubus trapped so he can do no harm.


Flirtatious Succubus

Sat Mar 24 18:01:55 2018

Reese is a bit of a straight man and his casual, witty side shows only when around people he is decisively comfortable with. In the early portions of their relationship, this was NOT the case with Monette. Assigned by Adolyn to the same training group as he and Riyo. There was initially much friction between the former 'Demon Slayer' for hire and the succubus. Though Monette is technically not a demon, as she has not been subverted and enslaved by her hunger; she is however a lilin and the threat of her falling to the perversion of Mana is ever present.

Still, despite Monette's apathetic feelings toward decency and morality and selfish disregard for the social niceties of mundane life; there is something of a mutual intrigue between the two. Monette wishes to play with Reese's stoic sense of duty, loyalty and morality; to see if there is anything fun and depraved under the surface. Reese wonders if there's more to Monette. Believing that beneath the surface that there is a bit of 'humanity' to her, not just the depraved, self indulgent beast she likes to appear to be.


My Incubus' Keeper

Fri Mar 23 18:06:37 2018

This is a mid-sequel to a comic that will appear in our first printed release, 'Fist of the Forbidden'. Here we have the Keepers keeping a particularly naughty incubus trapped so he can do no harm.


The Magic of Anal

Fri Mar 23 17:48:30 2018

Lorrian is a freedom fighter for the Timberlands, part of the Brandeis Company, lead by Keythi. The Raven Knights are often concerned where these militia's get their magical talismans and interrogations are often less, violent than you think. Lina Mercurius finds that asking questions in creative ways often gets the desired answers, and since the Order isn't concerned with obstructing the Timberland rebels; I'm pretty sure she'll get her answers.


Reese vs the Oculoriens by Rookie Bear

Tue Mar 20 14:36:30 2018

Though most of the monsters and creatures created by the power of ascension were sealed in the Elderlands behind the forbidding at the end of the Baptism of Fire; the world is still plagued by their kind. Creatures born of wild mana, subverted and perverted by the misuse of the flow; these monster litter the ruins of fallen Kingdoms and places where most kin dare not tread.

When a group of adventures, Librarium scholars and archaeologist wish to petition the crown for an official expedition to any of these lost lands, a Raven Knight is usually assigned to accompany them. Far from being their to protect the interest of the Courtian Crown, Raven Knights are dispatched to make sure any dangerous magic or beings are not unleashed upon the world.

Oculoriens began appearing in Theria maybe a century before the Baptism, created by some Eternian wizard to protect his temple. These vile creatures use pulsing light in their eyes to lull victims, while their tentacle mouths attack and consume them. Oculoriens are capable of minor magics, such as shooting beams of pressurized mana and of course, wingless flight. Their bit is toxic and can cause a sickness that debiltates it's victims over time and causes them to sweat a pungent scent that oculoriens can track for miles.

Though dangerous, a seasoned adventure can usually handle several of these creatures at once. A Raven Knight, several dozen; as long as they are not caught unaware. Despite it size and relatively minor threat level one on one, the Oculoriens have been known to menance many small settlements, frequently appearing in caves and ruins where the flow is strong.

Rookie did a fine job with this piece and you should certainly show him some love on his FA page @


Wrapped in Pleasure by Dragroon

Tue Mar 20 13:54:37 2018

Camden may look cute and innocent, but as a Ranger of Lioncourt she is willing to do whatever it takes to see her missions through. Rangers are often dispatched to investigate threats and interest of Lioncourt beyond its borders, in the wilds between the Kingdom and it's neighbors, but many don't know that they are also trained in espionage and other covert disciplines, including target acquisition and information retrieval. Seduction is the very least of their aresenal and each ranger is trained to operate either alone or as a team out away from Lioncourt without support from the crown.

Camden excels at many of the disciplines of a Ranger, but is known to her peers as a master seductress who uses her cherub like cuteness and innocence to disarm targets and take them off guard. Though she like many, have her own sense of morality and integrity, sex is her go to for non-lethal take downs. Many of her targets are often left smitten by her long after her deceptions are revealed.

The art for this fantastic piece was drawn by Dragroon over on FA. Definitely a really cute one of Camden, I think you should go check them out @


Reishuseyu Suggestion box (MARCH)

Mon Mar 19 23:03:22 2018

Rule of the suggestion box

This is for a chance for your character to be involved in a SFW or NSFW image drawn by the artist reishuseyu .

*Characters involved must fit the ATKM's species canon (no birds,mythical creatures, sergals, pokemon, digimon, humans or other copyrighted species)

*New patrons that have just joined this current month will not be allowed to participate this round.

*Comment below that you are interested and present the character you would want involved the image.

*Ideas for the image will be discussed with the winner. Winner will be picked at the end of the week.


Ari and Addy by JamesAB

Sat Mar 17 20:57:32 2018

Aritrea may seem very melancholic and serious, but most would be shocked to know just how much the Edge Master loves getting a cock up the ass. It's perhaps her favorite thing sexual and she's certainly a fan of thick dicks. It doesn't hurt that Adolyn tends to have a world class stroke.

The art for this piece was drawn by the ever talented JamesAB. They normally do human work, but they've recently been delving into more furry work and I can say I'm very impressed. Show them some love on FA@


Revenant Slayers by Alan Campos

Thu Mar 15 02:25:04 2018

Sir Reese has the most experience with dispelling the energies of revenants among the new generation. Riyo, being a palawan, trained as a Blade Breaker has the ability to use 'flow breaks' to disrupt the natual flow of mana helping him defeat enemies who rely heavily upon it. Together they are some of the best and brightest of the new generation.

Riyo was gifted the zweihander Eldeidan 'Farslayer' and Reese was given 'Twilight Steel'. As some of the most talented Ravens, the Council was happy to leave these dangerous weapons in their care. As former sell swords, this is amazing amount of trust. Trust Reese and Riyo have earned.

Drawn by Alan Campos. You will certainly see art from him again if ever I get the chance. His amazing artwork can be found on his FA and on his patreon which is implore you to support... links can be found below.


Battle Buddies

Wed Mar 14 14:29:57 2018

Riyo and Reese have been friends for many years. The two often came upon one another during their time as Sell Swords, often working together on missions that required arcane knowledge. Reese was the first of the two to catch the eye of the Lioncourt nobility, but Riyo's prowess and deeds soon saw him elevated in status. Both ended up receiving a commission within the Order and have risen quickly in the ranks. The two are considered to be some of the best and brightest of this new generation.


Incubus at Play Image #2

Tue Mar 13 21:25:52 2018

This is the second image of incubus Zack doing what he does best. Some of his partners aren't nearly as spiritually strong as others and end up enthralled and fed upon. Though I'm told this to is a pleasant experience. However thralls will find going without the touch of the incubus to be quite physically taxing, withdrawals are common and a long recovery awaits them.


Reese Akagi by JackietheKitten

Sun Mar 11 17:01:18 2018

A kin from across the glittering seas... Reese holds more secrets than most. Though he speaks little of his past, it is known that his mother was a gaikin from the free Timberlands; who found herself ship wrecked in Kokendo. His father was the bushi of a powerful liege lord and he was trained as a 'Demon Slayer'; laying revenants and defeating dangerous lilin who prey on mundanes.

It isn't widely known what brought Reese to Theria, but many have noted that he spent years a sell sword and Demon Slayer for hire, before catching the attention of the precocious Prince Vandell. With his skill set and his loyalty, he was presented to the young Primus Adolyn Valenrow as a Raven Knight initiate. Who saw Reese's skills and potential as an asset to the order.

The art for this one was done by Jackthekitten. You can find them and all their awesome artwork on FA @


Two Sides Collide

Sun Mar 11 13:43:03 2018

Not all creatures of ascension are lilin, some are just the powerful descendants of the Eternian ancestors. Some long lived, some young and born in the Elderlands. Either way, their presence within the mundane worlds is undesirable. Most of these Elderland races abide by the Stone King's rule and strive to maintain the balance; keeping Elderian creatures and lilin in their place; but what happens when a mundane manages to accidentally find their way into the Elderlands? As it is the Raven Knight's duty to protect the mundane world from creatures of ascension and power, the Eternian Guard must expel mundanes from the Elderlands. Though this is a rare occurrence one must wonder what a battle between two defenders of the realm would look like. Perhaps, a little like this.

Special thanks to Leonix for guest starring in this piece.


Ragnok Rampage Part 2

Sat Mar 10 09:17:37 2018

No adept is safe with this dangerous Lilin on the loose. Here we have a poor mouse being mercilessly face fucked before being drained of his quintessence. The poor roderen will likely need months to recover from Aura sickness as his body tries to sustain itself with insufficient quintessence. No one is safe from Ragnok's hunger.


Mirror, Mirror by Alimika

Sat Mar 10 06:30:37 2018

Sometimes you got to admire the handy work. We don't know who left Riyo tied up with an ass filled with cum. I wonder who it was, either way; they seemed to want Riyo to see himself. I think he likes what he sees.

The art for this fantastic little piece was drawn by the excellent Alimika. Please go support her @


A Noblewomen's Duel by Kardie

Thu Mar 8 06:32:49 2018

The sounds of clashing swords and haggard cries of exertion echoed through the castle; a grand duel was taking place in the great hall. The two combatants were both masters of their craft. Fencers of great talent and skill. Both from storied noble houses. On one end, Lucia Whitewolf, eldest daughter of House Howler, faced off against Countess Desiree Belafonte.

The eldest daughter of Duke Lorentz Belafonte, Desiree had all the skill and grace of a master fencer and several years of experience over Lucia. Though House Howler had been well known for producing some of the finest warriors to ever wield the blade in their long history, the Belafonte's were equally as adept; but more battle tested.

Desiree, like he father before her, served in the Belkin Vanguard; their motto was 'First to Fight'. Desiree was an experience soldier, duelist and commander with more than seven campaigns under her belt. She was a key figure in the unification war, helping King Hugh Belk gain control the Timberlands. She’d fought in Salice, Ederdale and Saxon. She’d even fought under Lucia’s mother during the battle of Kerynea, gaining notoriety as a cunning commander.

Lucia on the other hand lacked practical battle experience. Though she was an experienced adventurer, she’d never fought in battles and skirmishes like the Countess. Lucia made up for this by being a phenomenal duelist and a prodigy with the blade. An adept, she could tap into her own quintessence to give her speed, strength and even magical advantageous over her opponents. Quick thinking and tactically brilliant, Lucia had defeated masters of the blade from all over in single combat. Here and now however, the two women seemed evenly matched.

The duel was an intense affair, both women giving their all. Neither wishing to relent. It had started as these things tended to; with an invitation and an insult. Lucia had not joined her mother and House in support of their King’s ambitions. Instead, opting to make a name for herself as an adventurer. She spent her days exploring the lost kingdoms and forbidden lands. Many nobles within the Belkin aristocracy had openly criticized her for it. Desiree had been one of these critics. Still, Lucia accepted an invitation to dine with the Countess when she passed through the city of Derdall. The meal was fine enough until the question of Lucia’s life choice became a topic of discussion. One inference of cowardice and disloyalty later, the two women were clashing swords.

Servants and attendants squinted as sparks flew between the blades of the two noblewomen. Lucia’s strikes were quick and calculated. She would strike to force movement and anticipate defenses. Then using her preternatural speed, try to capitalize on any openings in Desiree’s movements. The Countess however was not so easily led. She took what the young wolfess gave her and counterered her strategy with precise movements and excellent anticipatory thinking. Every advantage Lucia thought she had created was nullified by the nearly flawless footwork and sterling defense of Desiree.The chipmunk wasted no sway of the body, no flick of the wrist or step of the foot. Every movement was deliberate and meaningful. Her defense simply couldn’t be broken. Not in the way Lucia was attacking.

Frustrated, but unwilling to let that be her opponents advantage, Lucia changed tactics. Striking forward and then using her control of the mana around her to propel herself back, Lucia created a great deal of distance between herself and Desiree. Like she anticipated, Desiree would move to immediately close the distance, falling right into Lucia’s plan. Almost subconsciously, the wolfess focused her quintessence to push back against the external force of mana around her. Creating a push and pull of energies. Using every bit of her natural speed she, darted forward to meet Desiree. Erasing the space between them.

In Lucia’s mind she could see Desiree’s options. She would not go over her. The Countess’ style was not acrobatic. Graceful and nimble as she was, she wasn’t a blade dancer. She would likely attempt a parry and spin left or right depending on where her back foot pivoted. Lucia would have a split second to figure out which direction, but when she did, she’d have her. Lucia planned to draw deep from her spirit well, igniting her ethereal energies into one massive push against the flow. She’d release the grasp she held on the mana about her, creating a small pocket of force. Theoretically, if done right this would catapult her in a controlled dash to the side of her choosing. She’d cut off the surprised Countess and either disarm her or draw first blood, winning the match.

It was a sound plan if one had the skill and control to pull it off. However, Lucia learned quickly the old adage; ‘No plan survives contact with the enemy.’ Lucia was aware that Desiree too was an adept. Like her, the Countess could reach out and manipulate the natural forces of the world, but since Desiree had not used any preternatural abilities thus far in their duel, Lucia had assumed she had little talent for it; preferring to rely on her superior technique and experience. So it came as a small shock when Desiree’s speed suddenly increased. She did not close the distance between herself and Lucia. She instead thrusted her sword quickly down into the floor and took what seemed to be a fanciful stance.

Unable to stop the moment of her sword swing, Lucia’s blade struck Desiree’s and the resulting impact caused light to flare between them. Desiree had poured her quintessence into a defense, imbuing her blade with her energies and repelling the energies of Lucia’s. The wolfess had been so certain of a parry or a dodge that the resulting impact almost disarmed her. Her sword hand flew back as pain shot through her body.

At this point two things happened. One, Lucia’s focus faltered. Not because of the pain, of course. She’d dealt with worse. No, her focus faltered as she cursed her own hubris. She’d been tricked by Desiree. The Countess’ chosen style of combat had lured her into believing she held an arcane advantage. Having felt the push of Desiree’s power against her own, Lucia was certain that they were more even than she’d believed. The cunning chipmunk had planned this all along and Lucia was furious with herself for falling for it.

The second thing was an effect of the first. Losing focus caused her to lose control of the flow. She’d let the energies slip and could not regain control in time to aid in her fall. Though swift and agile, without the aid of her abilities, she could not hope to escape Desiree’s counter attack in time.

In a desperate attempt to keep herself from losing the duel, Lucia swung wide and off balanced, as she tried to regain herself. She hoped to slow her opponent’s advance. Alas, this would not work. The parry and dodge that she’d expected from the Countess before came then. Desiree was able to gracefully spin about Lucia, gaining position behind her. Now at a dangerous disadvantage, it was up to Lucia’s physical gifts and determination to see her through; and so, throwing caution to the wayside Lucia awkwardly dashed toward Desiree.

The insane tactic took Desiree by surprise. She hesitated for a moment, confounded by how the usually controlled and cautious fencer could be so reckless. This hesitation was would prove costly and rob Desiree of her victory. Both women would flare up their quintessence to aid in the exchange of attacks, increasing the speed and power of their strikes. Both women would aim true and both would simultaneously hit their mark, drawing blood. Desiree’s strike went across the side of Lucia’s neck. Lucia caught Desiree on the cheek, just below the eye.

‘A draw I see...’ Desiree would note in her sultry voice. With a smile she turned and tossed her blade to a squire.

‘Very good Lucia, very good.’ she praised. Lucia however did not smile. Her expression was blank for a moment, before looking incredibly disappointed.

‘Yours would have been a fatal blow...’ Lucia stated matter-of-factly. The Countess shrugged as one of her Clerics came to tend their wounds.

‘Maybe, but yours would have been life altering one. My eyes are too alluring to lose, don’t you think?’ She chuckled. Lucia sheathed her sword and shrugged.

‘That deception would not work twice.’ the wolfess noted. Desiree shrugged again and gestured to the wound on Lucia’s neck.

‘A deception only need work once on a battlefield, as your mother is fond of saying. You’d know that had you taken up arms with us instead of galavanting across the lands, looking for adventure.’ Desiree admonished. Lucia rolled her eyes and refused the care of the Clerics.

‘I’ll tend my own wounds, thank you.’ She said shooing them away.

The two women stood opposite one another in the great hall, light shining down through its massive windows. For a moment, no words were spoken. Then in a whisper, just loud enough to be heard by Desiree, Lucia said;

‘I am my own woman. I don’t need to chase my mother’s shadow or the favor of the King.’ With that she gave the Countess a respectful bow and turned to leave. The Countess would not stop her.


Naming Day Mishaps

Tue Mar 6 09:03:05 2018

Eraden is a powerful mage who isn't very well liked in Sauria. Her family has served a furkin Lord for over two hundred years and her heroics against her people have made more than a few enemies. Despite this, those who know her families history hold no ill will toward her House, Clan Rayleigh. However Eraden is always on guard for Saurian assassins.


Eraden and the History of Clan Rayleigh by Kardie

Tue Mar 6 07:57:16 2018

Lady Eraden Rayleigh of Clan Rayleigh is a peculiar dragonborn indeed. Hailing from the Aslanian Province in the east, she is over one hundred years old and is among the most powerful Mages in the land. She is the former Prelate of the Raven Knights and one of the few lizardkin to hold the honor of joining the order.

At the end of the 'Baptism of Fire'; Clan Edleray was one of the Houses that opposed Emperor Gamel and his daughters plan to continue hostilities with the furkins. A relatively young clan, it held strong ties to the dragonkin of Drakon and their progenitor Harad, Dragon of the Four Corners, whose descend Damaray Silverscale had founded the house. Marrying a young mage and dragonborn named Norsia Edlenn they formed house Edleray nearly 350 years ago.

When Harad and his dragonkin had turned on the Saurians for disobeying Salamus edicts to end the hostilities, many Saurians, especially dragonborn, refused to fight. Most did not wish to take up arms against the children of Harad or defy Salamus and the Stone King's edicts. As the most vocal noble house opposing the plan, Gamel decided to make an example of Clan Edleray and killed it's Lord and Lady as well as many of it's kin. Few escaped the slaughter.

Eraden's mother fled south with her husband and was captured by the Border Legion, whom they begged for asylum. This Asylum was granted by Andessian Aslan, Regent of Aslan and cousin of the one day Archduke of Aslan; Gareth Aslan. As Gareth was five at the time, Andessian actively ruled Aslan under the lordship of Queen Alanzia. Though he hated lizardkin, Andessian was both wise and pragmatic. He saw the value of of having the survivors of Clan Edleray under his control.

After confirming the Saurian's did indeed plan to continue the war, with one final battle, Andessian decided to use the Edlerays. In order to grant them Asylum, they'd have to swear fealty to House Aslan and fight with them during the battles. The Edlerays were made to take oaths under powerful magic incantations to ensure their loyalty and were made apart of Regent Aslan's court. After helping bring about great victory for the furkin armies, Clan Edleray was formally banished from Sauria and the clans members seen as shameful traitors to the Saurian crown.

Though intending to keep the dragonborn underfoot, Andessian was surprised when Queen Alanzia order him to reward clan Edleray with one of the lost Baronies in Aslan. They received the baronage of Leigh Eraden's mother, Irendya was awarded the land and the noble title of Baroness. She would rename the clan, clan Rayleigh and serve the House Aslan and the Lincourt Crown from the day forward.

Over two hundred years later, Eraden Rayleigh graduated from the Magus Librarium Academy in Asher and was almost immediately approached by the Order of Raven Knights to become their Prelate. She would serve as the Prelate of the Raven Knights for some sixty years before retiring after the battle of Herald's Keep.

After losing many comrades and having defeated and killed many of her kin from Sauria, Eraden suffered further pain and humiliation as the Lioncourt nobility insinuiated she hadn't done all she could to protect her King and country. Some even suggested that her loyalties were not to Lioncourt. Unsettled by the death of King Legault and wanting to lash out, many demanded she be relieved of her station. With the Order of Raven Knight's devastated by the battle and their Primus gone, the decision would have fallen to the newly crowned King Eriol.

To make matters worse, the controversy came on the heels of Eriol dismissing his fathers 'Captain of the Guard', for incompetence in duty; though Captain Harlem had been forced from the King's side by the King's own order to go find and make safe the crown prince. A very unpopular decision among the nobility and knighthood, Eraden was worried the King was being place in an unfavorable position in regards to her.

Eraden was dismayed to find the young and grieving King refused to hear any talk on the subject of Eraden's loyalty and threatened to have nobles who kept bringing it up flogged. To save the King from another unpopular decision, Lady Eraden resigned her commission willingly, returning to Leigh and her family.

Leigh's bravery and heroics during the battle may have gone without notice by many of the Lioncourt nobility, but not by the Saurians. She'd killed many dragoons, mancers and mages during the battle. House Rayleigh was a name cursed in many Saurian halls and death threats had been sent on many occasion. Clan Rayleigh are again headed toward rough times.


Incubus at Play Image #`1

Mon Mar 5 19:47:41 2018

Here we have the first of a few images of incubus Zack and various; partners. There are some who can stand his feeding easily and the Elderian lilin is happy to submit for good cock.


Aritrea Eridanus by Uliel

Sat Mar 3 13:18:37 2018

Daughter of the Eridanus family, Aritrea was one of the most singularly talented knights in her generation. After abandoning her commission after the death of her mother and the shameful dismissal of her father from the Crown Guard; Aritrea decided to step of the battlefield and settle down with her husband Cress in her father's lands. This too however ended in tragedy.

After wandering the lands of Theria for a few years, Aritrea returned to Lioncourt with the deadly skills of a Edge Master. Able to draw upon the skill and experience of previous wielders of any weapons she touches; Aritrea is a deadly and formidable foe. Most deadly is her talent for retaining some of these talents and applying them to the use of other weapons, even gaining arcane abilities from using enchanted weapons. With her skills, determination and cold detached manner. She is one of the most feared warriors in Lioncourt.

The artwork for this fantastic piece was done by Uliel over on FA. Definitely got the intensity down for Aritrea. You should definitely go support them @


My Memories Part 3 by Jujubeluv

Thu Mar 1 15:13:28 2018

I’m not the sort of person who spends his time flustered. I don’t often lose my composure. That’s just not me. So it was a bit of shock to feel that way when he closed the distance between us. Had he been a snake, he’d have bit me. I just stood there, frozen. My body just locked up and I could feel myself trembling. Nervousness, fear and anticipation all began to overwhelm me. It was dreadfully terrifying, but also exciting. All I could think of was;

‘Right here? Really? Out on the village path?’ Sure we were alone and this was a pretty secluded place, no one minded the trails out toward the mountain paths in the winter months, but surely someone might happen by. Did he not care or was he just that bold? I got my answer when he took me by the chin and kissed me. He was just bold.

My mind grew silent for a moment. All I could hear was the sound of my heart thumping in my chest and the shuffling noises we made as our bodies pressed together. It wasn’t at all like I thought it’d be. It was nice. Honestly I had always thought that I would gag a little my first time. I was kissing another man after all. You never really know how you’re going to react. I thought maybe that I’d recoil reflexively and push him away. I worried that I might get upset or be taken aback. I wasn’t of course. I didn’t do any of that. I sort of just… submitted I guess. As his tongue pushed into my parted mouth, I simply went with it.

He kissed me and I kissed him back.

I found myself less worried about kissing a male and more about whether or not I was a good kisser. The Kaidon was a great kisser. It felt like he was stealing my breath away. His tongue danced around mine gracefully and I felt a bit inexperienced as time went on. I was enjoying mysey, sure, but I was keenly aware of which of us was leading and who was following. Then it happened, something I never expected. I felt my pants tighten as my cock stiffened. I was completely into it. I don’t know how much time had past, but when it came time to part lips, I was embarrassed to realize I was gripping his neck and didn’t readily want to let him go.

When I opened my eyes he was smiling at me. A very curious smile. One that said something of what he was thinking.

‘What?’ I demanded. But he just smiled. I looked away, pulling into myself and hugging folding my arms embarrassed. I felt my ears fold down to the back of my head as I tried not to look at him. His smile didn’t make me uncomfortable, it was his silence. It was like he was waiting for me to say something, but I didn’t know what. So I blurted out;

‘That was nice...’ It sounded stupid and random. He chuckled at me and asked;

‘Was it?’ To which I had no answer. Again the silence fell between us and I grew more self-conscious.

‘What!?’ I shouted; more flustered than before. I was forgetting my place I knew, but it was hard; It felt like he was judging me with his eyes and it was hard to take the scrutiny. As my tail began to wag out of agitation and my fur bristled, my Kaidon reached and put his hand on my head.

‘You’ve very cute when your nervous. Let see if the rest of you follows suit. Undress for me.’ He ordered.

I didn’t question him, not openly, I was too busy being stunned by how audacious the order was. Oh and believe you me, it was an order. Torian Akuja has a way of speaking that lets you know right away what’s a request and what’s an order. He didn’t sound mean or domineering, just matter of fact. Like he he expected to me to do just as he said. It didn’t leave much room for argument. I didn’t feel like I had no choice though. Just that if I refused the moment would be over. Not wanting the moment to be over, I began to undress right there in the snow.

Now, my winter coat is pretty thick. You gotta be able to withstand the winters up in the Expanse you know; but I still felt a little chill go up my spine. From the embarrassment, not the cold. My body actually felt warm and it was getting warmer. I wondered if was steaming out there I felt so hot. That didn’t stop me from covering myself, I couldn’t help it, I was trembling. Exposing myself to anyone, especially the Kaidon was embarrassing. I never felt so self conscious. For a moment I wondered would I have done it if anyone else other than he had asked. Did his position and prestige have that much sway over me? It made me feel extremely uncomfortable to think that maybe I was being a bit naive. I looked to his eyes and realized what I thought was wholly depended on what he thought. Had he been standing there, leering at me like a smug pervert, I’d probably have been upset. Perhaps even feeling violated; but his eyes portrayed no such ill will. Instead, he simply appraised me and I have to admit, I was happy to see he liked what he saw.

‘Very nice Kohkari. You are very beautiful.’ he said softly. I thanked him for the compliment and looked away abashed. The simple compliment was enough to dissuade my misgivings.

‘Would you like me to disrobe?’ he asked casually. I didn’t need to think about whether or not I wanted that. I did, of course I did. Every time I tried to think of reasons why I shouldn’t or why this wasn’t right, they got shot down by my desire and need.

I wanted him to be attracted to me. I wanted him to see me and want me, as I felt I wanted him. Sure, I was worried. After all, you never want to be the stupid little pup who gets seduced by some smooth operator, only to find out you’ve been played. However, I was pretty sure if I were to be played, that would still be kind of hot.

‘It’s only fair my Kaidon, you’ve seen me.’ I finally said. It sounded good in my ears. I even managed a playful smile and to not blurt out my words like a nervous wreck.

Torian disrobed carefully, laying his armor in a pile next to him. Now I’ve seen strong, fit, males all my life; but something about the Kaidon really aroused me. Tall, strong and adorned with the scars of a hundred hunts; he was everything you’d expected an Imakandi to be. Right down to the thick brown cock that hung low between his legs. I’m ashamed to admit my cock stiffened at the sight of it. It was impressive and I was a little jealous of its length and girth. My Kaidon noticed me starring and with my hand no longer covering myself, he saw just how my body reacted to the sight of his.

‘Come over here and kneel down,’ he ordered. I didn’t hesitate. I moved quickly and carefully to rest on my knees before him.

He smelled nice. Like how males ought to smell. Something so masculine about it. I didn’t realize before then, but I really liked that smell. I didn’t wait for him to ask me to do anything. I’d been on the other side of this particular activity, I knew what he wanted. I wanted it too. I had always wondered what it felt like to be on the giving side of a blow job and now I was going to find out. I thought of my time with the girls of the tribe who’d done this for me and I decided I would imitate the things that I liked. I took his shaft in my hand and licked it, running my tongue up it’s length. It turned rigid under my touch. I began to bathe it with my saliva as I trace my tongue all around his thick cock. I could feel his body as it shivered, I wondered if it was the cold or me.

Torian said nothing at first, just exhaled deeply and placed a hand on my head. I was encouraged by the satisfied expression on his face when I looked up at him with his dick in my mouth. I had completely forgotten where we were and what could happen if someone saw us. I just wanted to know what I could do.

Would I be good at this? Would he be pleased with me? Could I be better than the other women or men he’d been with?

My pride pushed me to want to find out. I wanted the Kaidon to enjoy his time with me more than anything and the thought of accomplishing that made me hot. I felt my cock get so hard it almost hurt. This was really happening! and I was actually enjoying myself. When he whispered down to me ‘That feels great, Kohkari,’ I almost lost it. I was so gleefully happy that I decided I was going to try something else. Gripping either side of his thighs I prepared myself to try to take his entire length. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I was certainly going to try. I was sure he’d enjoy it and that encouraged me to push myself.

It wasn’t easy at first. I gagged quite a few times as I tried to bob my head down faster and push his cock deeper down my throat. He had asked me not to get carried away, worried I was trying too hard, but I didn’t listen. I was going to wrap my lips around that chocolate flesh and take it down deep to his balls. I wanted to suck him until he came in my mouth, and then I would swallow it. I wanted to lick my maw of his cum and have him watch me and how sexy I was \to do that\. I’d always wanted a female to do that for me; I knew he’d enjoy it if I did it for him. So alone together with him in the snow, I pushed past any discomfort and took him deeper into my throat.


Ragnok Rampage Part 1

Thu Mar 1 09:54:56 2018

Ragnok has been on the loose since a misguided Benecien Witch released him from his ancient prison. Though he was unable to unlock all of his power do to the intervention of the Eradani siblings, he is still a dangerous menace. Since, he has stalked the lands seeking out those with deep spirit wells in order to drain them of their quintessence. Though he cares not for the lives of his victims, none have been killed. A tactical maneuver designed to downplay the he poses. It seems to have been working.


Hotspring by Anglish

Tue Feb 27 22:49:52 2018

Elaine and Vega, rivals of the red guard but lovers of hot baths. One of the few times they get along. lovely art by Anglish.

Artist's page:


Waterfall by Hihikori

Tue Feb 27 22:37:53 2018

Vega caught enjoying a dip at a waterfall. Can't hide from the peepers! Lovely art by the artist hihikori.

Find more art from the artist here:


One Night Stand Page 3 by Leongon

Mon Feb 26 03:35:25 2018

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to a future comic.

The art for this is drawn by FA's Leongon; please go check him out on his FA @


Avelina by joojoo

Sat Feb 24 01:21:47 2018

Cute image of Avelina by joojoo. She has a very mouse like look but I think that's the artist style. We believe the species would be appropriate for her considering how she secretly schemes and experiments behind the scenes. Haha, she even has a comic in the works that displays how she loves to experiment with subjects. Avelina is quite the mischievous one.

Get more art from the artist here:


Embry x Lorka by MISE

Sat Feb 24 01:09:06 2018

Lorka, the liaison of the Saurian Queen, is tasked with sending important messages where ever is she is assigned to go. On top of that her highness insist that those receiving messages use her as they please. This time Embry of the raven knights has a go. Who could resist the appeals of the cute tiny kobold.


Midnight Stroll by HIHIKORI

Sat Feb 24 00:50:51 2018

LittlePrelate of the Raven Knights is taking a stroll or perhaps late night investigation. Whatever it is, mischief will probably follow.

You can get more art from the artist in their gallery here:


Reishuseyu Suggestion box (FEBRUARY)

Wed Feb 21 23:56:15 2018

Rule of the suggestion box

This is for a chance for your character to be involved in a SFW or NSFW image drawn by the artist reishuseyu .

*Characters involved must fit the ATKM's species canon (no birds,mythical creatures, sergals, pokemon, digimon, humans or other copyrighted species)

*New patrons that have just joined this current month will not be allowed to participate this round.

*Comment below that you are interested and present the character you would want involved the image.

*Ideas for the image will be discussed with the winner. Winner will be picked at the end of the week.


Atrius caught in the middle

Wed Feb 21 23:52:35 2018

something you don't see everyday. Atrius caught in between the Cassette twins owned by Arkant and kileak.


Girlstown Comic Character Practice Part 3 by Trixy the Spider-fox

Mon Feb 19 20:00:42 2018

There are a couple of different projects on the horizon, but this one is gonna be different as it's theme is gender bending transformation. Joducus' Jermey/Jodi will definitely be making an appearance in this one.


Girlstown Comic Character Practice Part 2 by Trixy the Spider-fox

Mon Feb 19 19:29:43 2018

We've got a couple of comics coming, but this one is gonna be different as it's theme is gender bending transformation. You will also be introduced to Charles here, without giving too much away; Charles has a little accident that makes him Charlotte.


Anal Adventure by Astatium

Mon Feb 19 19:19:09 2018

Though Reese is far from a paramour, he doesn't go around fucking just anyone willy nilly; the handsome skunk is still quite popular among his female contemporaries. Here we have a nice image of him pleasing two of his subordinates who are into a little anal action with Mahika and Syndelle. Looking very sexy.

The art for this image was drawn by Astatium over on FA. They do some insanely good work and I thought you guys may wanna see something from them. I definitely love their coloring. Check e'm out @


Incubator by Blithe Dragon

Sun Feb 18 23:53:29 2018

Vega isn't the luckiest Raven Knight. In her youth she was unfortunate to be taken, assaulted and forcefully impregnated by the seeds of the tentamime plant and it has left her body quite susceptible to other parasitic elderian who like to use kinlings as incubators. Luckily none of these creatures have been carnivorous, but the unlucky red panda has been forced to carry her fair share of foreign eggs.

The art for this piece was drawn by the extremely talented Blithedragon. They've done awesome work for us in the past and this is no different. I'm very happy with how this turned out, you should go support her on FA @


Vega in peril

Sat Feb 17 00:20:09 2018

Seems she bit off more than she could chew messing the people of stallious. vincenzo demonstrates why.

Vinny is part of a comic called The Beasts Amongst Us and is decked out in his armor. you catch more art of him here:


A Relaxing Afternoon by Kitty Dee

Thu Feb 15 02:10:48 2018

As one of the higher ranking members Vega has been paired with her very own raven-hawk; Lyria; named for Vega's clan. Like others before her, she was given the crystal egg of the raven-hawk and spent months pouring her own quintessence into it, to nurture and help it grow. When it was born, it was immediately bounded to it's Raven Knight. Lyria is Vega's most trusted ally as they can see each others minds and communicate through the flow. Though this isn't an absolute communication like rangers.

The fabulous artwork for this piece is drawn by the incredibly talented and awesome Kitty-Dee! If your not supporting her you totally should be. She does commissions, streams and all manner of ill shit! Please go show her some support on FA @


Maid Service by Iwbitu

Tue Feb 13 23:09:59 2018

One of Cassie's favorite past times is infiltration. He likes to see if he can get close to his friends and important people without being noticed. Despite many in Castle Ongaro's familiarity with the young scion of the Assyrius Pride, he still manages to fool many and make his way to their heirs bed chamber. Adolyn doesn't mind the pleasant surprise though.

Art by the talented Iwbitu, they've done some great work for us in that past and this is no different. I hope you support their art and enjoy some of that Cassie Art! Find em on FA @


Working the Shaft by Yana-R

Sat Feb 10 22:08:17 2018

Sometimes a lady knight just wants to practice working with a pike. Sure she could practice alone, but where's the fun in that. Here we have FA's Frenor guest starring to offer a little help with her with a little thrusting exercise.

Frenor appears with the permission of his owner. He can be found on FA @

The art is done by the talented Yana-R. Though this one was purchased a long time ago, I'm happy with the results and hope that you find it in yourselves to go support the fantastic art she's doing. You can find them on FA @


Girlstown Comic Character Practice by Trixy the Spider-fox

Wed Feb 7 22:10:42 2018

There are a couple of comics coming, but this one is gonna be different as it's theme is gender bending transformation. You will also be introduced to Embry here, who is one of the main chars we never play with.


Vega in Peril by Gofa

Wed Feb 7 00:53:22 2018

Once again poor Vega finds herself on the business end of some tentacle love. It seems she's just a magnet for these kinds of situations.

The artwork for this lovely piece of tentacle love goes to FA's Gofa. You definitely got to love the amazing coloring on this one as well as expression. I hope you all really like it.


Stuffing Monette

Tue Feb 6 17:45:02 2018

One of the more important realities of having a succubus on your team is that she will need to be fed. Of course, that feeding can take many shapes and forms as Monette doesn't actually need to have sex to feed, but it certainly flavors the energy she consumes. She is allowed to draw what she needs from volunteers who must schedule their feeding, as the draw on most normal people leave them weakened for a days; but some of her fellow Raven's have enough quintessence that this isn't an issue. Among them her favorites are Adolyn, Vega and Riyo. Though she has tried many times to seduce and feed upon Reese, it is more of a cat and mouse game that leaves her longing to taste a bit of his quintessence.

Sir Adolyn's quintessence is the most unique, leading Monette to believe that their is certainly more to the 'Crimson Raven' than he lets on. She often tries to dominate or overpower the deep reservoir of quintessence as a game. Though she knows the spells binding her will not allow her to harm him, it is a game to skirt the line and she isn't upset that she has lost each time. Adolyn's got great quintessence and a great dick, even for a mundane. He certainly knows how to use both.


A Taste of Love

Sun Feb 4 16:58:14 2018

Queen isn't to fond of Adolyn or Cassius' unwavering devotion to him. She likes him fine as a commander, but does not approve of the way that he seems to collect the hearts of her friends. Especially Cassie and Camden. Despite being an obstacle to the affections of her love, Queen can respect the allure. So when Cassie asks her to help him with a little birthday gift for Adolyn, Queen is begrudgingly willing to help. But is her adoration for the young Assyrian Lord and not any attraction to their commander that brings her. Being a ranger, she has used her body to complete many a dangerous task, but she's very fickle in matters of the heart. Outside of her duties, there are few men who have her attention. Much to the disappointment of her fellow Ravens.



Thu Feb 1 01:51:43 2018

It's not always a bad thing

Ichigo belongs to ichigo-neko


Love of Vega

Thu Feb 1 01:48:08 2018

Pandoricans are a friendly bunch

Pink Panda belongs to drofgod969


A bit of hypnotism 2

Thu Feb 1 01:43:56 2018

Vega still having fun. hopefully she doesn't get caught.

Lana belongs to Zero-pro


A bit of hypnotism

Thu Feb 1 01:35:22 2018

There are rare hypnotism runes, rarely seen in the public due to the obvious dangers. However, the Raven Knights possess these stones along with other authoritative factions for interrogations. Still there are times where even the noble fall to the allure of the stones, using them for personal interest.


Vega vs Elnora

Thu Feb 1 01:25:17 2018

The Imakandi are known to be fierce fighters from the jump. Elnora is no exception.The duel was fiercely fought but Vega ended on the bottom while her opponent takes her reward.

Elnora belongs to cobra175


Pleasing Prince Alecrast by Galaxxart

Thu Feb 1 21:29:03 2018

Prince Alecrast has been making his tour of Theria and has come to find that thing he likes best are the red pandas. His time in Lioncourt was met with the intriguing company of Dame Vega, who was fascinated by tells of a far away land. Though she and her commander were supposed to more or less babysit the foreign Lord, Vega ended up figuring very innovative ways to do so.

Alecrast is the creative property of Skimike over on FA. You can find him here;

The art for this fantastic piece is drawn by Galaxxart. They did a nice job. You can find their artwork on FA @


Against Any Odds by Alan Campos

Thu Feb 1 20:57:58 2018

Dame Megogo is Master at Arms of the Raven Knights, Dame Vega is a Lieutenant of the vanguard. These two lovely ladies represent some of the oldest and youngest members within the Order, but also some of the most talented. Vega was gifted with the blade of her predecessor, the Reaver's Edge as her eldeidan. Under the tutelage of Megogo Asherah, Vega has become a tremendously efficient Raven who takes on any and all challenges.

Here we have Megogo wielding Cold Stone the axe of winter her eldeidan in order to help Vega take on a giant hydra monster. Though the two may seem out classed b y the sheer size of their opponents; I have faith that the two Raven Knights can handle it.

Drawn by Alan Campos. You will certainly see art from him again if ever I get the chance. His amazing artwork can be found on his FA and on his patreon which is implore you to support... links can be found below.


One Night Stand Page 2

Wed Jan 31 21:59:48 2018

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to Kanel's comic.


Perilous Parcels

Tue Jan 30 23:59:53 2018

Well now we see what brown can do for you.


Advance Interrogation Tatics

Tue Jan 30 17:55:10 2018

Kamala Balan and Priya Bhakti serve their Prince and the Red Guard with distinction. Both from the Assamian Clans of the Southern Pandorica, their House have done a lot of fighting against the Pandorican's traditional enemies, the snow leopards of Valdis. After the Valdinian siege of Pandorica, which the Pandorican's refer to as the The Hot Summer's War, the Ailuridae have been most vigil against Valdinian aggression. The Southern Houses especially are resentful as the Valdinian army had bypassed their defenses by attack from the north over the once treacherous mountain paths that had thawed in the unseasonably long and warm summer.

Here we see Kamala's idea of prepping a prisoner for interrogation. Like many of her clan, she's ruthless in executing her duties and unlike many of the other red pandas, believe the ends thoroughly justify the means. I wonder if the loan surviving Valdinian spy will give all his information willingly or will Kamala have to go for the hat trick?


Fun with Feet by fleetfoot

Mon Jan 29 01:40:52 2018

A nice foot pic of Vega done by the artist fleetfoot.


Festival Festivities

Wed Jan 24 05:16:03 2018

Zack is a descendent of the Noverian Clans of Northern Amarok. His family was among those who answered the call of the Lioncourt's Queen of Hearts and fought to end the Baptism. Though knowing little of his Noverian roots or Amaroki culture, Zack nevertheless has made many a friend in the North. As such, he tends to visit ever so often, especially doing the Fertility Festival. Though predominately a celebration of the spirits of fertility that are so important to the tribe, young males called mbatui volunteer to help potent males practice their craft. Wanting to learn more about his heritage, Zack asks his friend Torian if he can participate this year.


Red Panda feeding

Mon Jan 22 21:11:51 2018

Vega with Monette in er red panda form. Vega as felt uneasy being around te succubus for obvious reasons. Monette in turn tries to make her more "comfortable" by shifting to her species. It doesn't help but at least she gets a good feeding out of it.


Compromising situation

Mon Jan 22 21:00:30 2018

Vega always seems to be put in the most interesting situation, This time wit tentacles.


Getting Sleepy by Bleats

Sun Jan 21 18:40:12 2018

Another image of Palden and Gaz that should have gone up last month.


Intoxicating Power

Sat Jan 20 02:35:31 2018

Mirabell was once a promising mage training to be an instructor at the Librarium's Olcadon in Atrieno. This was until she was seduce by the allured of dark magics. Indulging in the depravity and control of subverting the flow of mana, Mirabell seeks fortune and power by any means. Though not truly evil, she is quite immoral, feeling the ends justify the means. Like many who find themselves following the Biencien Witch's way of life. One of her favorite perversion is to dominate those of weaker will, subverting the flow of their quintessence and slaving it to her own. Through this she gains a temporary, but powerful boost to her own powers. A sensation that proves to be as potent as it is narcotic.

Characters are the creative property of Resua.


Master of the Dance by FireFlufferz

Fri Jan 19 03:58:27 2018

Tired... will write something later.


Special Evaluation

Tue Jan 16 14:09:06 2018

The young daughter of Clan Lyrae of Pandorica, Vega had been groomed since childhood to serve the 'Red Crown'. To this end she was trained to be a blade dancer, so that one day she may serve on the Crown Prince's Red Guard. To this end, Vega received training in various forms of combat, critical thinking and sexual prowess. She can be confidant, consort or killer if her Prince needed her to be. She'd worked hard her entire life and showed great promise, earning a role as the Prince Left Hand; but this would not be her fate.

An honored guest from the south, Count Adolyn Valenrow of the fabled Raven Knights of Lioncourt had come to Pandorica looking for a blade dancer to join his ranks. The honor to House Lyrae if Vega was chosen would be tremendous. Her Prince, Oni, encouraged her and her rival Elaine to pursue the honor. Though not as experienced as the Prince's 'Right Hand', Sayuri, Vega nevertheless impressed Adolyn and won the right to represent her people in the Order. She graciously accepted, leaving her role as hand to Elaine.

Vega's relationship with her new Commander is an interesting one. Used to have specific direction and obeying a master; Vega looks to Adolyn in much the same way she looked to Prince Oni. Going out of her way to serve with distinction in whatever way the Primus needs her to serve; in the field or in the sheets. Bold and honest, like many trained in the Red Guard, Vega has had no reservation about sharing her attraction and desires for Adolyn or any of her fellow Ravens. Her honesty is refreshing, though she has a reputation for being forward.


Reishuseyu Suggestion box (January)

Sat Jan 13 01:54:06 2018

Rule of the suggestion box

This is for a chance for your character to be involved in a SFW or NSFW image drawn by the artist reishuseyu .

*Characters involved must fit the ATKM's species canon (no birds,mythical creatures, sergals, pokemon, digimon, humans or other copyrighted species)

*New patrons that have just joined will not be allowed to participate this round.

*Comment below that you are interested and present the character you would want involved the image.

*Ideas for the image will be discussed with the winner. Winner will be picked at the end of the week.


Rebel Pilot Aritrea by Juzztie

Sat Jan 13 01:52:05 2018

A little wing it done of Aritrea to celebrate 'The Last Jedi'. This is one of 3 I will be putting up of the whole Eridanus Clan.

If you like Juzztie's art, you should support them on FA @


Sith Assassin Guy by Juzztie

Sat Jan 13 01:51:19 2018

A little wing it done of Guy to celebrate 'The Last Jedi'. This is one of 3 I will be putting up of the whole Eridanus Clan.

If you like Juzztie's art, you should support them on FA @


Jedi Camden by Juzztie

Fri Jan 12 08:44:01 2018

A little wing it done of Camden to celebrate 'The Last Jedi'. This is one of 3 I will be putting up of the whole Eridanus Clan.

If you like Juzztie's art, you should support them on FA @


Sharing is Caring Part 1

Fri Jan 12 08:33:27 2018

Of all the men in all the world, Queen has her sights set on one particular man; her Unit Commander; Cassius Assyrius. Though beautiful to the point of distraction, Cassie's popularity and reputation as a paramour meant that he was never going to be an easy get. In her pursuit of Cassie, Queen has made the pragmatic choice to rather than war with her chief rival, Cassie's protege, the young daughter of House Eridanus, Camden; but instead to embrace her. The two support and share Cassie's affections and work together to ward of any serious rivals. Though neither seem to be able to distract him from his love for his former master Adolyn; the two girls hold the warmest of places in his heart. They also manage to inhabit the warmest of places in his bed chamber.


Little Rivalries

Tue Jan 9 19:51:21 2018

Mahika and Lyndaria are two promising young Raven Knights who are incredibly dedicated to their commanders; Sir Riyo and Sir Reese. Despite growing up friends, the two became bitter rivals in their pursuit of joining the Order. Mahika is an abrasive young tigress who grew up as a soldier for house Kingsgrave. Lyn grew up under House Greywers; a vassal house to the Kingsgrave. Having attended the Knight's Academy together the two caught the attention of Duchess Reyes Kingsgrave, who encouraged their rivalry with a promised position in her Crown Guard. When Reyes' former commander of the Crown Guard; Queen joined the Raven Knights; Mahika and Lyn battled to take her place. Both spent two years trying to rise up in the ranks before Lyn was evaluated by the Order. Lyn was eventually supported in her commission to the Order by her eventual commander, Sir Riyo Vandeleur. With Lyn gone, Mahika would have had an easier time becoming leader of the Kingsgrave Guard; but grew depressed with Lyn's absence. Though she would never admit this. Eventually, Mahika was evaluated as well; at the behest of Duchess Reyes and with the recommendation of Lyn. Sir Reese would handle her evaluation, eventually taking the young lioness under his wing and reuniting her with her rival Lyn. Despite their fighting and bickering, the two are often found in each other's company. Many no not what to make of their friendship.


My Memories Part 2 by Jujubeluv

Tue Jan 9 04:56:53 2018

As I expected, most believed my assertion. It wasn’t hard to imagine that they would. My stature, appearance and dare I say scent, often get me mistaken for a female. Most of my pack thought that I spent my nights on the other end of some rugged males shaft any way and I’ve never made much of an attempt to deny it. Not for any reason other than arguing or denying it would serve only to encourage the opinion. Besides, I wasn’t actually opposed to the idea. I find the male form, especially more masculine males, fascinating. I’ve thought about them quite a lot while alone in my bed... touching myself. But I’ve never really had the guts to approach anyone to find out what that experience would be like; also, I do still enjoy the company of the other sex quite a lot. Just not Lanema. It wouldn’t be long until she would remind me why.

News of my preference spread through the village like wildfire. Unlike with the Noverian Clans and the Kodiak, most Amaroki were indifferent to the idea of homosexuality. In fact, a so called ‘lesser’ male like myself were often encouraged to be so in the past. Our ancestors feared passing on weaker traits to future generations and felt that runts best served the clan in auxiliary capacities. Breeding not being one of them. That of course ended when physical prowess and raw strength became less important than being clairsentient. The preternatural abilities of Nukilik were far more useful to the clan than just someone who was fast or strong. So I feared no scrutiny for my ruse, except that of my ‘fiancee’.

I knew she’d found out when something heavy hit me in the head. The world went red for a moment and then all I could see was falling white. She’d clocked me good and I lay in the snow dazed. She hadn’t taken me by surprise. I saw the angry look in her eyes as she approached. I however was too busy trying to politely talk her down to defend myself. I didn’t actually believe she’d strike me so. When the ringing left my ears all I could hear was her manic shouting.

‘You lying little shit! How dare you!’ she yelled. I shook my head, trying my best to get some sort of equilibrium. I knew she’d be mad, but when she casually kicked me back into the snow when I tried to get up, I realized just how furious she was.

‘You stay down there! You stay down you little piece shit!’ She growled, pressing her foot down on my chest.

Of course my actions had consequences, I was prepared for that. In my mind, Lanema would hear this and be pleased. Afterall, she was one of the people who mercilessly teased me as a cub, accusing me of this very thing. I imagined that she’d be happy to be free to marry a more ‘substantial’ male in my place. I had never understood why the village elders wished to pair her with me instead of my brother. That seemed like a more logical fit. My brother seemed to like fierce women like Lanema and I’m certain Munakoh would bring more prestige to the Clan Nameja. I tried to tell her as much, but she simply growled at me and pressed me deeper into the snow.

‘Damn it, Kohkari!’ she growled.

‘You’ve made a fool out of me with your bullshit. I know you’re not a tail biter. What’s so wrong with marrying me that you would prefer people think that you’re gay?’ she asked quite loudly. I sighed rather exaggeratedly in response to that. Lanema was many things, but self aware wasn’t one of them. So when she got my answer, I wasn’t surprised that she was confused.

‘Well, behavior like this for one.’ I answered, gesturing as I could with my hands. She seemed mystified at what I meant. I had to slap her calf a few times before she realized.

‘I don’t think anyone wants a bully for a wife...’ I groaned. Surprisingly, she moved her foot from my chest and apologized. I dismissed it of course, even if she was sorry, she was who she was. Regret doesn’t change the fact that a person is likely to do insensitive or mean things. So her being sorry didn’t really phase me. She’d apologized to me many times over the years. Mostly after acousting me or viciously antagonizing me in some horrible way. She hadn’t stopped when we were cubs and she wasn’t going to stop now. So it didn’t really mean much at first. Not until I really listened to what was in her voice.

‘I’m sorry Koh-koh,’ she whispered; using my childhood name.

‘You’re right...’ she added. There in her voice, more than any regret was sorrow. She was trembling. Looking at her I figured she was fighting back tears. It made me feel a little bad, but only a little. She was the girl who’d tormented me all my life afterall. It was hard to dredge up sympathy for her all of a sudden; but I tried.

‘Listen Lanema; you didn’t want to be stuck with me right?’ I started. Lanema looked away, a bit of something in her face that I couldn’t place.

‘Now you can go get you a male more suited to your needs and disposition. I thought that this would be best for both of us.’ I added. She scowled in response.

‘You’re an idiot and you don’t know anything!’ she growled. At the time, I didn’t really understand where her hostility came from. I thought I knew her, but she somehow seemed determined to prove my lie was just that. Through clench teeth she warned that I would have to prove my preference and that if I didn’t the engagement will go through as planned. I tried to argue with her, but she was having none of my bullshit. I could see the resolve return to her as she sneered a threat at me; warning that if I was unable to prove I was actually gay, then she’d take it up with the elders. If my deception were found out, then I’d certainly be punished. I hadn’t really considered that when I told the Kaidon I prefered men. I didn’t expect Lanema to behave this way. I didn’t expect any pushback at all. As she stormed off, I realized that I had a huge problem on my hands.

I stood in the snow watching her leave. She was so angry I could swear steam was coming off of her. This of course is when he appeared. Unlike Lanema, who had not disguised her presence or intentions; the Kaidon had slipped behind me without my knowledge. His commanding voice startled me as he said;

‘She seems like a lively girl,’. I almost jumped out of my fur.

‘My Kaidon... when did you?’ I huffed, trying not to seem so dreadfully taken by surprise. Torian simply chuckled and patted me on my head.

‘Seems you’ve got yourself in quite a bind little one, is what she says true?’ he asked. I tried to look as innocent and confused as possible.

‘Is what true my Kaidon?’ I questioned, feigning ignorance. His bright white teeth shined in contrast to the thick dark fur of his muzzle as he gave me a toothy grin.

‘That you’ve never laid with a man. That your assertion to me was but a lie of convenience, because you fear being forced to marry that ‘colorful’ wolfess there.’ he replied. I knew then that he’d witnessed the full exchange and I’m sure he’d been asking around about me. Did I lie to him again or face the music. I knew the Kaidon was impressed with me, he had told me as much. But would he still like me if he knew I lied to him. Would it hurt my chances of joining the Imakandi? I hadn’t thought about that either when I answered him before. I hadn’t really believed I had a chance. His attentions were the only thing that made me think I did and now I hated to disappoint him.

Kaidon Torian had been more than I’d expected in the time we’d shared together. He was strong, brave, friendly and charming. I liked him a lot. A lot more than I probably should have. I’ll admit to having thought about him a bit the last time I was alone in my bed. The truth, that I can admit now is; I’d never considered a male lover because there was never anyone in my village I was attracted to. I mean, in the physical sense. I wasn’t really attracted to any of them. Sure, there were male kin that were handsome and dashing. There were those who I dare say I was physically intrigued by, but no ones whose personality had made me ever think; ‘Maybe I should try it with a male.’. That was until of course, the Kaidon. I could try it with him. I mean, I’d heard tale that he’d taken quite a few lovers in his time of both genders. The Kaidon would be the perfect male to help me move past this unpleasant situation. He was the person I had to prove my preference too after all. So I decided to double down on my deception, but with a little sprinkling of truth.

‘I’ve just never been with a male, my Kaidon. I may prefer them, but none about me are to my liking.’ I half lied. For the first time, Torian Akuja looked unsure. He’d definitely thought he’d had me figured out, I suppose. Probably saw through my lie, but this one was steeped in truth. He didn’t really know what to do with it, or so I thought?

‘Are you a virgin?’ he asked abruptly. For the second time in as many minutes he’d caught me off guard. My tail danced, my fur bristled and my flesh reddened. I was completely embarrassed.

‘No... No of course not!’ I blurted out, more as a reflex than answer.

‘But you said you’ve never laid with a male kin.’ he pointed out.

‘Yes, but I’ve had a few female partners; I just prefer males.’ I answered. He smiled, folding his arms and looking at me like a feral looks at prey.

‘How do you know what you prefer if you haven’t tried both?’ he questioned. I didn’t have answer for that. So imagine my surprise when he suggested that we find out.

‘I beg your pardon, my Kaidon?’ I stammered. His grin widened.

‘I said let’s find out. I mean, you’ve already decided you need to prove your preference to me. There is an easy way to do that.’ He chortled. I suddenly felt a flash of heat rise in my body. From my tail to the back of my head lightning began to strike.

‘When did he get so close?’ I remember thinking as he towered over me. As the Kaidon looked down at me with those amber eyes of his, I realized that my heart was beating fast. I’m not stupid, I knew what he was suggesting. I had thought about it too, but to have him just so brazenly suggest it. I didn’t know what to think. That would continue as I tried to process his next words. My mouth went dry and my body tingled as he said;

‘You’re very beautiful Kohkari. I’ve wanted since we met to know what it felt like to be inside you. Today, I think I’m going to find out.’. His voice had taken on a seductive tone and I couldn’t help but feel seduced. It didn’t take but a moment for me to realize that I wanted to find out too.


One Night Stand Page 1

Fri Jan 5 01:23:36 2018

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to Kanel's comic.

This Partner Comic is for the 20+ Funders.


Swords and Sorcery

Wed Jan 3 12:59:24 2018

An amazing little diddy drawn by the talented Kardi of Vega and Lina. This was procured a while back but wanted to wait til Vega's month to put it up.

As always the fantastic art of Kardie can be found on FA @


Late Night's on the Border

Mon Jan 1 23:09:41 2018

Lady Soven Kellen is the eldest child and only daughter of House Kellen of Kellendale. London Grisweald is representative of what most think of the average dalish, hardy, forward and unabashed of themselves. Both childhood friends of Adolyn Valenrow, their is an interesting relationship, categorized mostly as a antagonistic friendship. Both have particularly complex feelings regarding their childhood friend, but London is more open about it; finding Adolyn attractive more in a sexual sense, where as Soven's interest is more romantic; though she refuses to admit that even to herself. This is often the source of London's antagonism toward Soven and what began their purely physical relationship. London certainly gets around camp, but Soven is perhaps one of her favorite fellow legionnares to play with.


Pleasing a Prince

Mon Jan 1 05:12:26 2018

In 'Word From the West', by Kitty Silence, Skimike's Alecrast visits the Therian continent and ends up the guest of Pandorica. Here we see a little more Pandorican hospitality as the Toranya shows the Prince how the red pandas do it. I think he likes the company.

Toranya is the creative property of Tikki who can be found on FA @

Alecrast is the creative property of Skimike who can be found on FA @


Banging Big Boys

Fri Dec 29 06:29:29 2017

Palden is Gaz's second in command as part of his small unit. Though Palden looks up to Gaz and respects him, his not above trying to get his dick wet with the 'Master of the Vanguard'. Gaz finds Palden to be cute and is never shy about taking some of that panda cock.


Solstice Traditions

Thu Dec 28 01:43:37 2017

Over 100 years ago, before the fall of Ilyria and Ayers; Gaz was one of the Knight of Ilyria. During the Summers war Gaz party was infiltrated by a minstrel named Elijah. Paid by their enemies to betray the young prince Gaz was set to defend, tragedy befell the group as Gaz sacrificed himself and Elijah to save the prince from the dark magics of an evil Wizard. Sealed in magical crystal for over 100 years, Gaz and Elijah were found and released by the Librarium. Despite Gaz's resentment of Elijah for his part in the tragedy of Ilyria, Gaz cannot rightly forget or let go of the giraffe, as he is the only link the Tanuki has to his home and his past. The two do their best to move on with their lives and adjust to a strange new Theria. Elijah coping the best way he can and Gaz finding purpose as a Raven Knight; but once a year on the solstice, the two meet and share time together in remembrance of what was lost.


Another Day in Drakon

Wed Dec 27 00:36:08 2017

Out in the the Dragon's Reach resides the Drakon; a powerful city state ruled by the dragonkin. The largest collection of dragonkin or as they are known by the dragonborn; the winged ones is there. Upon his visit to the great city, Ryan a dragonborn of Sauria finds that his social status means nothing to his noble cousins who reward his insolent mouth with ass full of cock. Even Ryan's travelling companion gets in on the act, lest he insult their host. Just another day in Drakon, am I right?

Ryan and Cryptic are the creative property of their owners and appears with his permission;


My Memories Part 1 by Jujubeluv

Sat Dec 23 22:48:00 2017

My name is Kohkari Andeja. Son of Kohdan and Mwani of Clan Andeja, last of the Shiba clans of Red Brush. Mine is a storied line that traces all the way back to even before the Exodus of the Timberland wolves.. My family can trace its roots back to the Age of Ascension, when the Inu Clans of Kokendo migrated to Theria after the Shikudan War. Where many of the Inu Clans died out or were scattered across this great land, my ancestors found a home and a purpose as part of the Wolven Packs of the Timberlands; specifically, Pack Akuja.

My family has served Pack Akuja for over a thousand years. It is my great honor to serve the Pack as my father and grandfather did before me. So, when the young Kaidon of the Pack, Torian Akuja came to see me, I was ecstatic. At first, I believed he had arrived to witness my brother, Munakoh. Munakoh is a great swordsman and tracker. The most magnificent hunter our family has produced in over five generations. Like my mother and myself he is a clairsentient. Specifically what we of the Amaroki call a Nukilik; meaning the strong one.

Nukilik like me and my brother have several clairsentient abilities. The most prominent we call trace scrying; which is the ability to draw upon the trace inua left in the remains of living being. With the ability to draw this inua within ourselves, we are able to scry the memories and abilities of a deceased person or creature. This along with our ability to track through the rivinua, make Nukilik the most powerful kin in the expanse. It is why the Imakandi hunters are so feared. Though not every Nukilik are Imakandi, ‘all’ Imakandi are Nukilik. The Imakandi are the elite, the best Amarok has to offer. They are master of fight and hunt.

Imakandi are trained in hand to hand by the ‘Keepers’. They master the blade and the bow in the most terrible conditions of the Mooncrest Mountains, fighting subverted monsters and beings of the expanse. Through control of inua they have heightened senses, reflexes, strength and stamina. They are truly impressive and the Doyen of the most famous group of Imakandi, Torian Akuja, had come to see me. My tail would not stop dancing.

He said nothing at first. He simply observed me through my training regiment. Though I am not my brother’s grace, I am still quite proficient in the arts. My swordhand is true, but my talent with a bow is paramount. Even better than Munakoh if we’re being honest. So I wanted to focus on showing the Kaidon my talents. I had hoped against hope that my ancestors would reach out from the Silla and bless me with the strength to succeed. I knew Torian through rumor and gossip only. His reputation proceeds him. He had become Kaidon at fourteen and was Doyen of his own hunting party by sixteen. I was merely seven at his howling, where he took his father's sword and the spirits of ancestors granted there blessings and favor. It was quite the spectacular event. I never thought that I’d ever get to meet him personally. So when I did, I was determined to impress.

Over the course of a weeks time I got to know the Kaidon as he assessed me. I was sad to learn that he did not come down to Ankhota to recruit anyone. No, he had actually come down to settle a dispute between my family and the Nameja; namely my refusal to marry the daughter of Clan Nameja’s Alpha, Lanema. Assessing me was only an afterthought. Apparently he’d heard of my skill and wanted to see it for himself, or at least that’s what he’d claimed. Really, I think he wanted to see just what was so special about me that I thought I could refuse an arrangement made by the alphas.

Don’t get me wrong, Lanema is a beautiful wolfess. Hard, but beautiful. I just did not wish to marry her. She is bossy, aggressive and disrespectful. Because of my size and breed, she treats me with little respect and I did not want to be married to such a woman. Lanema would make a find mate for some headstrong hunter who had the constitution to put up with her constant need for conflict. I was not that furkin. So when asked by my Kaidon why I would not marry, I lied and said that I preferred men.

The art for this amazing vignette has been drawn by the very talented Jujubeluv over on FA. Please go support her and show her some love, she's been going through some rough times. Give he a shout of support @


The Visitor by Synnove

Fri Dec 22 22:22:32 2017

He’d come, I mean, of course he did. Who wouldn’t want to be alone with the young Lady of the Guan Family in this secluded place. But I have to admit I wasn’t expecting him to be able to slip past the guards unnoticed. He stood on the other end of the spring and smiled, taking in the majesty of one of the great marvels of Pandorica; my families Mana Spring. The flow of mana is strong here, the trees vibrant and alive. The water is infused with the life energy of the planet. It is always warm, it always nurturing and the eerie light form the crystal rocks around the bend add to the romantic atmosphere few outside the great houses ever experience. It’s a spectacular moment that I chose to share with what I’ve decided is a particular spectacular furkin.

I’ve known Adolyn Valenrow for quite a few years now. Legend of his battle prowess and heroics are all the rave here in the golden quarter, and have been for years. I thought to make his acquaintance in my youth. Show him the beauty that is Guan Mei-Xui. But he surprised me. He showed no interest in me, despite my status and my beauty. When I flirted with him, he was gentlemanly. When I made overt overtures, he resisted. He didn’t just play hard to get, he was hard to get. I once thought I’d just play with him. I wanted to see if this ‘hero’ was worthy enough to entertain me. It didn’t work out that way. I’m rarely humbled, but when your competition for a mans attentions include even the Queen... well, you can see how a lesser woman would be discouraged.

I’d watched him from as he evaluated members of the ‘Red Guard’. He would take one of the Queen’s elite to join his prestigious Order. Rumors say that he’d share a night of passion with a few of them. Both the right and left hands of the Prince and even the Red Hand of the Queen herself. That’s lofty competition. Sayuri Seiji is as beautiful as she is deadly and deadly the right hand of the Prince is. Elaine too is well admired for her beauty and I’m not fool enough to think that I could compare to the ‘Red Hand’. Some of us weren’t born with bosom that could stop a stampede. But I have other charms with a cunningness to match.

So I left my message for him, “Come see my mana garden.” I knew he would not be able to resist. He is a Raven Knight after all; they are always fascinated with that sort of thing. The magical wonders of nature don’t hold a candle to me, half naked in my best lingerie, sitting seductively at the water's edge. I had his attention instantly. He questioned me with a gaze and I answer with a smile.

“You cannot enter the spring clothed.” I called, pointing to the sign behind him. He looked a bit confused and I was glad. I had to unbalance him somehow. To see me this way, I’m sure he’s smart enough to infer what I wanted of him. But pretending it’s just how things are here, well... that’ll give me an edge.

He thought about it for a moment, contemplating the danger I posed. I’m not some sword swinging sally like the others they say he spent time with. I’m the daughter of a great house. Could he dare make a move at me? I hoped so. ‘Dare!’ I thought, ‘Dare as you will my little knight!’ I wanted him to take the risk and fall into my trap. Take off all his clothes and come over to me. We’d see which of us was the predator and which the prey. To my delight, he began to undress.

He made his way to me across the water looking every bit the fit caramel masterpiece the goddess made him. He spoke to me as he approached, speaking of the beauty of the spring and the natural wonders. But I didn’t care. I’d seen this place many times before, its wonders could not distract me from my prey. When he neared I sprung my trap, shifting my body and letting the clasps of my silk bustier fall away. I may not be well endowed as other ladys, but perfectly cute petite body has its allure. I’ve certainly received no complaints in the past. I was happy to see that he appreciated the view, though he feigned modesty and kept his eyes on my face. As I approached, I’m sure he knew my intentions, but now it was too late. He wasn’t going to just turn tail and leave after coming this far.

In the past he’d been able to stimmy me with clever words or politely play off my advances. I appreciated how he never wanted to seem uninterested, protecting my feelings. But I know who and what I am. It would be impossible for any man to shake my self worth. The fact that he’d tried so masterfully to do so was why I was determined to have him, if only for a night. Most men don’t prove they have any real value, not enough to warrant my attentions. So when the rare diamond shows itself in a pit of coal, I take notice and I’m happy to be noticed in return.

I silenced his clever words with a kiss. I shifted my self in the water to block any escape he may try. My hands brushing against his chest before wrapping my arms around his neck. I’ll give him credit, he tried to pull away. He tried hard to maintain that air of decency that he carried. It was respectable, but unwelcomed. I wanted him to be the man I saw behind his eyes. The dashing paramour whose reputation as a lover preceded him. Through protests and platitudes I pushed on with my seduction and it wasn’t long before I was rewarded. With his hand gripping my ass he held me near and soon he was doing the kissing.

We shared a night of passion. He wasn’t the best I’d ever had, but he certainly came close. We spent an hour together in the Garden and he showed me exactly why my fellow Ladies in court were fawning all over him. I’d thought briefly that I should try to keep him, let him fill my womb with his seed to see what beautiful child we could make. He was after all of noble birth. His hand would bring prestige and good fortune to my family. But the that thought passed as quickly as it came. I am young and I have a lot of time to pin down an mate. If this Adolyn is to be my toy, I’ll have another opportunity at him. To assure this I allowed him to finish on my face.oh, the warm feeling of a man’s cum trickling down into my mouth was exhilarating. Of course, the psychological effect that view has is invaluable. I hoped he’d be thinking about that for the rest of his visit.

I saw the Count twice more after that, each time was as memorable as the last. It was only when he left, having chosen Vega, the young blade dancer of House Lyrae, to join his order did I find out the most flattering thing. The rumors about him had been untrue. As I sat resting in the warm waters of the royal hot spring, I listened to my contemporaries tell tales of their failed attempts to entice the borderman. Even the Red Hand of the Queen had joked that he’d politely refused an advance from her. I was pleased beyond measure. I’d been the only lady to have had him. Though I could rub it in and gain the envy of my Lady’s, I instead sat back and smiled. Sometimes all you need is to know that you’re the best. I closed my eyes and imagined what I would do with him when next he visited.


Special Cooperation by Reishuseyu

Wed Dec 20 00:53:24 2017

A little something, something with our favorite skunk; Reese spending time with one of the Stallosi Praetorian Guards. The Praetorians are Stallios' elite warriors and are often dispatched to deal with similar threats to what the Raven Knights deal with, but are loyal completely to the Stallosi Emperor and under the command of the Praetor of Stallosi, it's highest military commander. The Praetorian Guard is much like the Lioncourt Crown Guard, Raven Knights and Rangers all wrapped into one powerful organization. They often but heads with the Order due to their unwillingness to adhere to many of the ancient edicts with the Raven Knights.

Misty is the creative property of Bornvictim.
Reese is the creative property of Lanhao. You can find both on FA @

The art for this fantastic piece was done by Reishuseyu. I hope you all appreciate the work he put into it and follow him on FA @


One Night Stand Cover

Wed Dec 20 00:35:26 2017

So... every other week for the next eight weeks. Some of you will be getting a brand new comic to enjoy. I hope you all really like it, it is the prequel to Kanel's comic.

This Partner Comic is for the 20+ Funders.


Gaz and Zach by Reishuseyu

Tue Dec 19 03:24:13 2017

Not much to say here... hope you like it.


Reishuseyu Suggestion box (December)

Fri Dec 15 23:15:32 2017

Rule of the suggestion box

This is for a chance for your character to be involved in a SFW or NSFW image drawn by the artist reishuseyu .

*Characters involved must fit the ATKM's species canon (no birds,mythical creatures, sergals, pokemon, digimon, humans or other copyrighted species)

*New patrons that have just joined will not be allowed to participate this round.

*Comment below that you are interested and present the character you would want involved the image.

*Ideas for the image will be discussed with the winner. Winner will be picked at the end of the week.


Dual Milking by Sylvia Jo

Sat Dec 16 02:25:29 2017

Another of the Sylvia Jo Sir Gaz images. This time a hetero one. Gaz is a bit of a switch hitter. Multifaceted as it were.


Sir Gaz by Roly

Wed Dec 13 18:21:40 2017

This is Roly's rendition of Gaz for his comic 'Enchanted Acquisitions' just thought I would share. Definitely something I can't wait to see finished. So enjoy.

Roly is a rising artist on FA whose fanbase has grown quite a bit. I hope you go check him out on FA @


Maelyn Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Wed Dec 13 18:25:26 2017

As you know, I've decided to save time, to get all the character sheets of the main characters done by the same artist; cause I'm busy drawing other stuff. I can only get two each month, so now I bring you Maelyn Visenya.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


The Queen's Gift

Sun Dec 10 21:26:06 2017

Here we have a comic page that should have gone up last week. I definitely want to get into the kobolds role in society.


Princess Noel Helena Belk by Ayshun

Sun Dec 10 15:49:32 2017

I also thought this had been posted. But here is Noel Belk.

She is daughter of King Augustus Belk ruler of the Belkin Empire and one of two children born to his first wife Cecilia. Noel is a mage raised most of her life in the Olcadan in Olney. Celebrated as a prodigy of magic, Noel had no interest in the idea of ruling her fathers Empire, always beliving her older brother Aeneas would be King. When August began his expansion into the Free Timberlands, Noel was forced to leave her position within the the Magus Librarium and returned to aid her family.

Though she does not agree with the violent expansion of her Empires borders, she nevertheless believes in the cause behind it. The unknown driving force for the Belkin expansion. Her arcane knowledge and talent are said to have been put to great use with the creation and implementation of various new talismans that have aided the Belkins in their conquest.

Most refer to her as the Rose Mage, but those of the Free Timberlands often refer to her ass the Bloody Rose, as talismans and magical weaponry she has helped create have killed a great many people. Despite this reputation, Noel is known to be sweet, personable and caring of all the people under Belkin rule. The Belkin citizens love her and even many city states taken over by Belkin soldiers have found her to be genuine in her desire to prevent pain and suffering during this conquest. In areas under the 'Rose Mages' direct control, their is very little resistance or rebel activity. Though she is consider a high value target for the resistance.

This of course was created by the talented Ayshun on FA, you can find her @


Here Piggy Piggy by Sylvia Jo

Sun Dec 10 00:03:30 2017

A little something, something with Gaz given one of the squires a rutting. One of two Gaz images drawn by Sylvia Jo. The other is of the hetero variety. I hope you like this one. It wont be the only pose today.

Sylviajo is a talented artist on FA who has done some fantastic work for me in the past, if you are interested in their are please check them out there @


Iron Rock Crushers by Alan Campos

Fri Dec 8 17:24:54 2017

Sir Gazpacho Fran is one of the few officers within the Raven Knights who are still with the order after the 'Battle of Herald's Keep'. One of the Steel Born of the lost Kingdom of Illia, Sir Gaz is both a trusted ally and fierce warrior. He was one of the surviving Raven Knights to approve of the unorthodox promotion of both Adolyn Valenrow and Jonah Schwarzstrum in to leadership positions within the order. Jo and Gaz had quite a good working relationship and the two fought together on many occassions. When Jo left the order, Gaz supported her desire to strike out on her own, knowing that she'd been overshadowed by Adolyn's accomplishments.

Gaz's Eldeidan is called Hardlight and Jo carries one of the Queen's Blades; Joyuese. These two are amongst the most powerful weapons in the land.

drawn by Alan Campos. You will certainly see art from him again if ever I get the chance. His amazing artwork can be found on his FA and on his patreon which is implore you to support... links can be found below.


Reese Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Thu Dec 7 17:31:51 2017

I've decided to save time, to get all the character sheets of the main characters done by the same artist; cause I'm busy drawing other stuff. I can only get two each month, so now I bring you Reese Akagi.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


A Raven and his Ravenhawk by Kogawakenji

Tue Dec 5 14:33:53 2017

Though the depiction of Branwen here is a little off, the artist did not add the details that make a Ravenhawk a Ravenhawk and not just a raven or a crow... this is still a fabulous image of Gaz and Branwen his Ravenhawk. As you know, members of the Conspiracy have their own Ravenhawks bonded with them.

The art for this piece is drawn by the superbly great Kogawakenji over on FA @


Soven and Adolyn by Synnove

Tue Dec 5 13:11:05 2017

A little something with Soven and her childhood friend Adolyn. The two of them are surprisingly close despite the fact that Soven rarely gets to see her friend. Though she acts like Adolyn isn't a big deal and that she's more or less stuck supporting him, as her family is sworn to the service of House Valenrow, Soven's true feelings are much different. Soven originally thought that she would one day marry Adolyn, but was told by her father that she's not important enough a noble to do so. Which broke the poor girls heart and let her to have mixed feelings about Adolyn. She instead now strives to one day serve him as her father served his father. She is destined to be his right hand and takes that particular eventuality very seriously. However, it is hard to reconcile your feelings with your first love.

Adolyn was Soven's first in many ways. The two would experiment intimately in their youth and when Aritrea married Cress, Adolyn spent time out in the scarred plains of the northern Borderlands in order to deal with his depression. There Soven would give the count her time, her support and her virginity. Though Adolyn often treats Soven like a little sister, he is careful with her feelings. Fully aware of her love for him, though she would refuse to admit it; hiding behind her fealty and duty. However, if Adolyn ever found himself bereft of friends or allies. He knows at least one woman who would never turn her back on him.

The artwork for this wonderful piece is drawn by Synnove; please go support her on FA @


Aritrea and Adolyn Animation by Eipril

Mon Dec 4 22:32:37 2017

A little something, something to show I care...

Eipril is a super talented artist who does animation. This is just one of the few I will get from her while we can still afford them... who should we get done next? Go check them out on FA @

PreviewPicture.jpg BR_HighRes.mp4 (d)

Cheerleader Jo by Gofa

Mon Dec 4 14:28:48 2017

Jo shows a bit of team spirit in this awesome and adorable pictured by Gofa. Thought you all would appreciate it.

Gofa has done some fantastic work for us and you're going to get to see it coming up. Please though, go check out their FA page and show them some love @


Hot Time in the Hot Springs by Masahiko

Sun Dec 3 15:18:51 2017

Unlike other Palawan Huntresses, Champa does not spend her time with her clan. Here burning desire to seek out and destroy the Mokoi, evil Palawan Shamans who used their magics to subvert and pervert the world. In her quest she has encountered many people, powerful enemies and allies. One such ally is Torian Akuja an Imakandi warrior from Amarok. After making his acquaintance the two have frequently spent time together and he has accompanied her on many quest. Champa's strength and honor have earned her a place in Amaroki society and often times that place is by Torian's side.

The art for this piece was drawn by the immensely talented Masahiko. If you would like to support them and I think you should, you can find them on their FA @


Lantern by Gazpacho

Fri Dec 1 19:41:12 2017

Fran Gazpacho is one of the Raven Knights who belongs to an artist friend of mine. His character will definitely be getting a little love this month. Last month was supposed to be his but, you know, we had a baby so... yeah.

Sir Gaz hails not from Lioncourt but from one of the Lost Kingdoms in the 'Dead Lands' the central area of the Theria that was hit most brutally during the Baptism. The Dead Lands are filled with savages, monsters and creatures subverted by the various magics used to fight those battles and hold the ruins of once great Kingdoms such as Stroud, Old Levaria, Aenir and of course the greatest of the pre-baptism Kingdoms; Ersteia.

Later you will hear a tale of Gaz and the four heroes he fought with to protect the Kingdom of Illia.


Late to the Party

Fri Dec 1 12:19:55 2017

This was supposed to go up in October, don't know how I missed it.


The Dragon Riders of Gaialeas

Sun Nov 26 22:40:54 2017

Before there was Sauria, before the Baptism of Fire. Before the great Kingdoms of Furkins and the devastating Flood that destroyed the Ancient world, there was Gaialeas. Saurian legends retell of a time where there was once a city in the clouds; Gaialeas, the city of dragons. Not the feral wyverns that are common today, but true dragons. The heirs to the great legacy of the Draconian civilization, the first to harness the power of Magic. Though Gaialeas fell during the great flood that destroyed the world of old and that cataclysm had Ancient Dragon's nearly extinct, their history and legacy are the foundation of the Saurian Empire.

In the years before the Baptism, when the Kingdom of Sauria was at the height of it's power, there were a few dozen Ancient Dragons in the world, as well as warriors and mages known as 'Dragon Riders'. These exceptional individuals were not only possessed of a deep spirit well and incredible source retention; but were direct decedents of the Ancient Dragons they rode. The powerful bond they forged allowed them to communicate on subconscious level with the feral beast, not controlling them, but working with them.

Ancient Dragons of course are the last 'true dragons' of Elcrest; beast of mana born of the old bloodline. They are marked by their incredible size, power and ferocity. Incredibly long lived, they would grow in power as they aged and eventually, after thousands of years of life, their minds are subverted and they fall victim to a form of mental decay and dementia. Though the great beast retain their cunning and ability to manipulate the flow of mana to a degree, their minds are not the same and they are mostly feral. Thus, Riders were able to bring stability to the minds of these ancient beast by linking their own.

By the Age of Eternian's however, there were very few true dragons in the world. The Riders had mostly been replaced by dragoons, who rode the dragons smaller, feral, cousins called wyverns. Most had never seen an Ancient Dragon outside of Sauri until the Baptism when the lizardkins began to wage war on the furkin nations. The power of the Dragons and their Riders were devastating and were responsible for many of the furkins staggering defeats during the cataclysm. It is said that the tigers of Stroud were only defeated when six riders came to support the army pushing into their territory. Three of those Dragons and Riders did not survive the battles.

The Cataclysm took a terrible tole on the Ancient Dragons of Sauria and by it's end only four remained; Bridigar the Red Eyes, Cortova the Blue Scale; Zamir the Ruby Wing and Krysneya the Winter Wing. Though Bridigar, Zamir and Cortova returned to Sauria to live out their days in the golden embrace of the Dragon's Keep; but Krysneya and her rider; Liandri Brightscale vanished and has never been seen since.

The Last Dragon Rider is Keladry Greenrivers, whose great, great grandmother was Cortova the Blue Scale. The youngest of the Riders during the Baptism over two-hundred and fifty years ago, Kealdry did not Ride Cortova, but Larovin the Green Eyes, to whom she formed a bond with when he refused to devour or mate with her in her youth. Though Keladry won fame and honor during the Baptism and in the subsequent wars, becoming one of the most renowned and beloved figures in Saurian society; Keladry was devistated when Larovin was sealed behind the forbidding at the end of the Baptism. She became one of the last of two when Khatori Battlebrook and Alabri Blackwater died during the Age of Fire; the riders of Cortova and Zamir respectively. Khatori was killed defending the kingdom from a Mana beast that nearly brought Sauria to ruin and Alabri was killed during a coup attempt. Though both their Dragons survived, Zamir refused to bond with another partner. Violently murdering any who dare approach his lair. Cortova however, bonded with Keladry making her and Dyre Seastone the last of their kind until Dyre and his bonded partner Bridigar were lost during the battle of Hearld's Keep.

Larovin appears with permission from his owner Larovin.

This art is done by the absolutely fucking fantastic Kardie and you need to go check her out. Her work can be found on her FA @;


Ritual Sex

Thu Nov 23 03:55:12 2017

I'm kind of tipsy right now will update this in a few... don't normaly drink so... yeah.


Reishuseyu Suggestion box (November)

Wed Nov 22 18:06:18 2017

Rule of the suggestion box

This is for a chance for your character to be involved in a SFW or NSFW image drawn by the artist reishuseyu .

*Characters involved must fit the ATKM's species canon (no birds,mythical creatures, sergals, pokemon, digimon, humans or other copyrighted species)

*New patrons that have just joined will not be allowed to participate this round.

*Comment below that you are interested and present the character you would want involved the image.

*Ideas for the image will be discussed with the winner. Winner will be picked at the end of the week.


Praetorian and the Raven by Reishuseyu [Inks]

Wed Nov 22 00:16:45 2017

I will elaborate on this image when the colors are done. Enjoy!


The Mist Marsh

Wed Nov 22 00:04:18 2017

The Mist Marsh is an area located in the north east of Lioncourt's Evandale and the borderlands, between Sauria, Argoria and Lioncourt. Past the Scarred Plains, this large mass of land is a dangerous and frightening place to behold and endure. It is home to one of the largest and most powerful mana faults in all the lands and that energy has subverted the lands and creatures of the marsh. To make matters worse, the constant subversion has caused this to be an area of Theria where the 'forbidding' is weakest and creatures from the Elderlands are often try to make their way to the mundane lands. Cultist, witches, and other ne'er-do-wells often use the Marsh as a staging ground for their dark rituals, though the Marsh often proves more dangerous than even they can handle. It is believed that asleep in the Marsh is Gorvax, a mana beast born to keep the order of the Marsh. Though many believe this to be rumor, no one can explain why the creatures of the Marsh hardly venture out of it or what balances the corruption. Many who have gone to find the truth behind the mysteries of the Marsh never return.


Showing Who's Boss

Tue Nov 21 23:55:10 2017

Estix and Monette are bother 'Heirs to the Dark'. Children of one of the Nine and among some of the most powerful of their kind. But currently, even bound, Monette stands alone as the most powerful succubus this side of the Forbidding. Someone should have told him that if he really wanted a challenge, Monette would be more than happy to oblige.


Keladry Greenrivers the Last Dragon Rider

Tue Nov 21 06:31:21 2017

Keladry Greenrivers is the daughter of the Greenrivers Clan and 289 years old. She is the last Dragon Rider known to be alive after Yorman Blackscale was lost with his Dragon Bridigar during the Battle of Herald's Keep.

Keladry was young during the Baptism of Fire, but being of the 'Ancient Dragon', Cortova's bloodline, she was a natural fit to be trained as a rider. When she was young she was presented to her feral ancestor and unlike those before her, was not devoured or bathed with dragon fire. Properly bonding, she became a fierce warrior on the battlefield being both a dragonborn and a mage.

Keladry is as wise and intelligent as her years suggest and has a deep sense of sorrow for the senseless destruction caused by the lizardkin during the Baptism. As the Last Rider, she holds a special place in Saurian society, but cares little for it. Her Dragon, Cortova remains tended by the Dragon Monks in the Golden Tower in Sauria's capitol while she has moved on to teaching for the Librarium.

There's more to her, of course, but you'll need to find out that later.


Guy by Maitre

Tue Nov 21 06:17:30 2017

Maitre is an artist who is being brought on to handle the 'A Lust for Power Comic'. Here we will be posting some of his attempts to become familiar with the main cast. Here is Guy, Aritrea's younger brother. There's some progress that needs to be made here.


Pretty Penis by Joe Lasko

Mon Nov 20 03:36:24 2017

A little something, something that should have went up last month but didn't. It's an adorable piece with Jonah and Aritrea's younger brother Guy. Sometimes it's fun to spend time with your friends siblings, especially when they are a little feminine mage with a thick and hardy cock.

The art for this piece was done by the fantastic Joe Lasko, you should go check out his work on FA @


Mirabell by Maitre

Sun Nov 19 06:39:31 2017

Maitre is an artist who is being brought on to handle the 'A Lust for Power Comic'. Here we will be posting some of his attempts to become familiar with the main cast. Here is Mirabell, one of the antagonist. Though she's thinner than she needs to be.


Creatures from Beyond

Sun Nov 19 03:36:33 2017

From time to time Elderian creatures make their way beyond the Forbidding into the Mundane lands. They do not seek to feed on quintessence or devour hapless kinlings that do not know any better, no, these creature seek the warm comforts of copulation. Using their preternatural abilities, some can seduce women and men and make them their fuck toys. Eventually they must leave to escape detection and destruction, but they always enjoy their time with their temporary pets. Here a young noble woman named Corina shares time with such a creature.


An Incubus' Lust

Sun Nov 19 03:06:53 2017

Another victim of Estix' lust for men, this time a stallion with two cocks! I think the incubus is thinking... 'JACK POT'! Estix is a very fun character to work with, you should expect to see more of him; especially in his up coming comic with Monette; Heirs to the Dark.

Estix is the creative property of his owner, find him on FA @


Adolyn Valenrow by Maitre

Sun Nov 19 02:56:57 2017

Maitre is an artist who is being brought on to handle the 'A Lust for Power Comic'. Here we will be posting some of his attempts to become familiar with the main cast. Here is Adolyn, though his role in the comic is limited.


Riding that Red Head

Sun Nov 19 02:49:47 2017

Lorrian is a freedom out in the Free Timberlands, opposing the Belkin Unification. Though Lioncourt's official stance is that they have no jurisdiction outside it's borders, the Belkin's use of strange and powerful magical artifacts in their conquest has gotten the attention of the Raven Knights. In his casual investigation of the Belkin and their war effort, Adolyn Valenrow has caught the attention of some the rebels who are trying to convince him to help their cause. Lorrian is more than happy to lend his ass to this effort.

Lorrian is the creative property of Tanith, he appears in a comic called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds by Dysa; please check out his page and all his awesome characters on FA @


Taming the Berserker

Sun Nov 19 02:40:55 2017

Luka and Torian are both Imakandi warriors. Where as Torian is a Doyen of his own pack, Luka is a berserker for her pack. Sometimes all it takes to bring down a strong opponent is the right tool and Torian certainly has the right tool for the job. I'm sure Luka enjoys the friendly bout.

Luka is the creative property of Cobra175 please check him out on FA @


Pounding that Ass Proper

Sun Nov 19 02:03:24 2017

A little diddy with Mahika and Afevis. Sometimes Mahika likes to mouth off and write checks her ass can't cash. Here constant mouthing and obvious flirting has caught the attention of one of her fellow Ravens who, after telling her he'd fuck her stupid, proceeds to follow through on his threat. I don't think she was ready for that pounding, but I'm certain she loves it.

Afevis is the creative property of his owner; you can find his character and more art on his FA page @


Applying A Little Discipline

Tue Nov 14 21:08:11 2017

Mahika is a little rowdy and rambunctious, always getting into fights with some of her fellow young Ravens. Beverly of course, is not having all that. When Mahika steps out too far out of line, Beverly has ways of getting her ass back on track. Some say her methods are unorthodox, others just say they're effective.

Beverly is the creative property of Atheish and appears with all permissions. Go check out more art of her on FA @


Cocking Keeper Kai

Tue Nov 14 20:15:29 2017

Kai is a young Keeper with a tremendous spirit well. A prodigy of the deft hand, he's definitely in a league of his own. But as a Keeper, he hold a special relationship with the Imakandi warriors of Amarok. Their ability to scry objects and draw remnant energies and memories from organic objects helps Keepers like Kai in decipher ancient secrets. Of course this arrangement comes with many mutual benefits. Kai's getting to taste one now.


An Odd Pair by Lustgills

Sun Nov 12 20:40:15 2017

Sir Atreyu and Clarissa are an odd pair. He is a knight from a noble family with a storied history. She is a dangerous assassin trying to move on from a bloody childhood. Clarissa's years as a ward of House Duran has made her fiercely loyal and protective of Atreyu and his interest. The two have a complicated relationship now that Clarissa is coming of age. I can't wait to do more with this pair.

The art for this piece was drawn by the talented Lustgills. She definitely did a good job and of course you should totally check out her FA @


Aarrggh Matey by Synnove

Thu Nov 9 01:55:03 2017

A little, cute, pirate pic of Soven. I know Halloween has passed, but this was too cute to pass up. There's a short Soven story coming up, look forward to that.

This was drawnby the absolutely fabulous Synnove over on FA. You should definitely check her out on her FA @


Vega by Freenzy-Plant

Wed Nov 8 02:56:24 2017

Painterly image of Vega by the artist Freenzy-Plant.

You can get more images at their FA:


Riyo by Freenzy-Plant

Wed Nov 8 02:55:21 2017

Painterly image of Riyo by the artist Freenzy-Plant.

You can get more images at their FA:


Meredith by Freenzy-Plant

Wed Nov 8 02:53:50 2017

Painterly image of Meredith by the artist Freenzy-Plant.

You can get more images at their FA:


Jonah by Freenzy-Plant

Wed Nov 8 02:52:40 2017

Painterly image of Jonah by the artist Freenzy-Plant.

You can get more images at their FA:


Cassius by Freenzy-Plant

Wed Nov 8 02:51:17 2017

Painterly image of Cassis by the artist Freenzy-Plant.

You can get more images at their FA:


Adolyn by Freenzy-Plant

Wed Nov 8 02:48:01 2017

Painterly image of Adloyn by the artist Freenzy-Plant.

You can get more images at their FA:


Excuse You? by Luckypan

Tue Nov 7 10:29:50 2017

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for knowledge. Lina's never been shy about getting physically involved in her research. Knowledge of course is it's own reward, so who are you to judge her methods. It's all for science y'know.

Luckypan is an awesome artist that we all know and love. She did a wonderful job here and you should all totally support her on FA @


From the Back

Mon Nov 6 20:13:33 2017

A little diddy with our favorite former, 'Dragon's Blade'. Arkant requested this image for his monthly reward pic and I think it turned out marvelous don't you.

Arkant can be found on his FA page @


Everything She Wants

Mon Nov 6 04:07:43 2017

Zhali is a powerful Benecien witch. Her powers rival even that of the great Prefects and High Wizards of the Librarium, she's even gone toe to toe with Raven Knights and been victorious. A dangerous and pragmatic foe, she delights in the stealing of quintessence of unsuspecting foes. As she gains power, so too does her ambitions grow. Beware of sexy witches with big cocks!

Maverikat and Zhali is the creative property of their owners. Check out more art of them on their FA pages @


Royal Frienemies

Mon Nov 6 04:03:14 2017

Most would not know it from the way they bicker, fight and insult one another, but Princess Megan and Duchess Reyes are actually quite good friends. Their games may cause quite a great deal a strife for the nobility, but most would rather garner their favor, rather than criticize their lack of maturity. Perhaps in the future we may get a sexy pic of these two.


Queen of Darkness by Toxicnightcandy

Thu Nov 2 03:29:37 2017

A little image of Lina embracing her dark side, dominating one of the mages under her command. Poor little Aubrey, she'll be licking that pussy for a good long while. This image was supposed to be posted on Halloween, but I just forgot about it. So here you are, a day late and a dollar short.

The art for this piece was drawn by a very talented artist named; Toxicnightcandy. They've got all kinds of good stuff on their page, stuff I really think you should check out. If you want to, go see them on their FA @


Soven Kellen of Kellendale by Synnove

Wed Nov 1 22:39:52 2017

Synnove, a talented friend of mine, wanted to design a character for All the King's Men. That is how this lovely little serval came about. There was always a role for Adolyn's tomboyish childhood friend, but we never visualized her though she appears pretty early in the novel. House Kellen are one of the oldest and most loyal of the banner houses to House Valenrow. Young Soven has known Adolyn since she was a baby and has been trained to serve the future heir of Evandale. Though she feigns indifference to Adolyn and her future in service to him, it is actually quite important to her. As is his approval and adoration are something she strives for. A talented archer, scout and short sword duelist, Soven definitely has quite a few skills that can help her Lord when he needs it.

The art for this lovely piece was drawn by Synnove. She's definitely a cutie and you should really check her out on FA @


The Aggressor by Charmrage

Wed Nov 1 18:45:53 2017

Jonah isn't the kind of girl that just likes to lie there and take it, especially with little femboys. Maelyn was one of the Raven's under her command when she served as First Raven of the Order. Even though she's a mercenary now, she always likes to show the old birds whose still boss!

This fantastic piece was drawn by FA's Charmrage. I think it turned out incredibly well. If you want to see more of her fantastic art let me know. You should definitely support her at.


Dame Jonah Schwarzstrum [Unedited]

Wed Nov 1 02:42:09 2017

There's so much to her and so much to write, it's gonna be a while til I get this one in.

Dame Jonah Schwarzsturm

“I’ve seen what you’ve got and I’m not impressed.”

Place of Orign: City of Ewegenstein, Kingdom of Schweinhold

Species: Pig

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Blonde with Pink Accents

Eye Color: Aquamarine

Class: Heavyarms Swordsman

Specialization: Blade Breaker

Eldeidan: Joyeuse, The King’s Blade

Occupation: Mercenary Captain, Former Raven Knight of Lioncourt, Crown Princess of Schweinhold

Noble Titles:

Crown Princess of Schwinehold, only daughter of King Wilhem von Lechtenschwein, Knight Commander of the Raven Knights of Lioncourt, Baroness of Harrow’s Arc in Lioncourt,

Knightly Deeds:

At eight years of age she single handedly hunted down and killed a feral Elderian beast that had been preying on the citizen of Harrow’s Arc. At twelve she travelled to Dragon’s Reach at the side of her protector Reiner in order to challenge the shades of warrior’s past. She acquitted herself well gaining the notice of the Lioncourt Knighthood. At fourteen she assisted high Sorceress Sierra as they defeated Baldwin Dugard, the former leader of the Cabal of Crows who’d gone mad with power after unlocking but a few secrets of Druid Antediluvian magic. She saved all of Bast when Baldwin, in the form of a magical beast was beheaded by her magically infused sword. At sixteen she and her fellows rescued the Princess Megan from Elderman cultists and prevented the rebirth of an ancient evil. As a full Knight of the Order at the age of twenty, she assisted in saving the rabbits of Levaria. She managed to draw the legendary blade Durendal from it’s resting place, marking her as a worthy warrior of the blade and the Hero of Ages. Though that title was awarded to her compatriot Adolyn Valenerow, he having gained the blade after a series of unlikely and unfortunate events. She was instrumental in defeating the Bone Dragon Garvos, using her skills as a Blade Breaker to keep the beast stunned and occupied while Adolyn delivered the killing blow. As a member of the Nemean Home Guard, she saved the lives of Marquess Palulu and her brother Earl Luthor, when the twins were being targeted by the Argonians pirates for kidnapping. Stood as Archduchess Ariella Assyria’s Champion and slayed the Dragon Knight Brax in open and fair combat. Was instrumental in the Lioncourt counterattack at the Battle of Hearld’s Keep, saving the then Prince Essien de Lioncourt from a Saurian surprise attack and was named Knight Commander of the Raven Knights for her valor and accomplishment. One of only three Knights in the realm to have bested Lord Knight Shina Assyrius in single combat. She has several Obsidian Wings, Crests of Valor and Tourney wins to her credit, as well as numerous classified accolades during her time with the Order.


Jo stands five feet, eight inches tall, with a stocky, yet firm build. She’s said to curve in all the right places. She is freckled face and pink skinned, sharing a nice carnation flesh tone throughout her form. Her freckles cover a good portion of her body, above her breast, on her back and the tips of her ears. Her curly tail is short and unadorned. Her hair is usually cut short and neat... flared out at the ends, with bangs covering the right side of her face.

Though considered quite attractive to most men who encounter her, she comes off just as intimidating as she is beautiful. Her mischievous grins and intimidating leer are often enough to make even the most secure men question their station. She’s very popular amongst the Knighthood, being one of the few suidae species within Lioncourt’s numbers. She’s considered to have the most perfect breast in her graduating class at the Knight’s Academy, an accolade she isn’t too prude or too proud to flaunt to her advantage.


Haughty, impatient and mischievous. One would not think that the young pig from Shweinhold would make a good knight, especially being foreign born. However, Jo isn’t just her impulses. Behind her sneering smile and superior tone is a diligent and earnest soldier with a dedication to her craft that is second to none. Being naturally talented, Jo takes for granted that others have had to work much harder to attain the gifts of strength and skill she’s known all her life. Likewise, her time in the royal court has made her short tempered with anyone she sees as full of it or just plain useless. Being as curt and aggressive as she is, one wouldn’t believe she is the Crown Princess of Shweinhold. When the situation calls for it however, Jo is able to act the part and is capable of all the manners and niceties of her royal station.



Jo was born Crown Princess Jonah Serilda Annette von Lichtenshwein in Castle Heidelberg in 229 AC, on a warm, sunny, summer day to great pomp and circumstance. The first child of King Wilhelm von Lichtenshwein and his wife Queen Hilde Von Lichtenshwein. Though she was meant for a charmed life and eventually rule over the entire Kingdom of Schweinhold, fate would not let it be so. A scandal rocked the Shweinhold nobility when Jo was merely two years of age. The King’s disgraced brother, the High Wizard Jorg von Lichtenshwein; claimed to have seduced the queen with his dark magic and that the child was his. Though the accusations were ridiculous, the history between the King’s brother and the Queen gave the argument credence.

Jorg had been banished from Kingdom and stripped of all of his titles, when, on the King’s wedding day, he’d tried to force himself on Queen to be Hilde. The King’s brother had courted Hilde since childhood and the two had shared a mutual attraction, but when his older brother took interest in Hilde, Jorg was forced to give up his love. Though very much opposed to the King’s hamfisted tactics at courting, Heldi eventually warmedl to Wilhelm’s charms and sensibilities. Furious at her acceptance of his brother, the enchanter used his magic to infiltrate the wedding and confront the Queen to be. Dismissing her ladies in waiting Hilde would meet Jorg alone. Jorg begged the Queen to reconsider their love and rebuff the King. Understanding of Jorg’s feelings and the affections they once shared, Hilde tried to explain that their love could never be. Though she still had feelings for Jorg, she now also loved the King; a love that came with duties and expectations from all the royal court. She begged Jorg to understand the demands of her family and the nobility, but Jorg would not be swayed. He eventually tried to force himself upon her, much to her dismay.

Unbeknownst to the King’s brother, Sir Reiner; First Knight of Schweinhold and Lord Knight of Oldenburg had been watching. An accomplished Blade Breaker, the Knight of Schweinhold had been hiding in the shadows to watch over the Queen. When Jorg assaulted the Queen, Sir Reiner revealed himself. Despite his powerful magics, the Enchanter was no match for the overwhelming aggression of the Blade Breaker. Able to channel energy through his large two handed sword, Sir Reiner could break through even magical defenses. The sorcerer was nearly killed right there in the Queen’s waiting room. Only the mercy of the future Queen stayed the hand of Sir Reiner and Jorg was allowed to escape with his life. Despite the anger of the King who wanted his younger brother hunted down and brought before him, the Queen showed Jorg another mercy; banishing him from Schweinhold lest he incur King Wilhelm's wrath. A kindness that would come back to haunt her.

Outraged, the King ordered his brother seized; but the High Wizards magic had grown much stronger over time and he would not be subdued. Even the King’s elite Knights, the famous Shwarzwind could not stop Jorg from escaping. The entire incident was a black mark on the King and his court. One that would not be forgotten by the Schweinhold nobility. Whispers and rumors flooded the halls of the castle, the Queen's integrity and her first child's legitimacy to the throne were in question. These whispers gave rise to demands that the Queen give birth to a new untainted heir. Though outraged by the demands of his royal court, even the King could not be sure of the truth with magic involved. Much to the Queen’s dismay, Jonah was stripped of her birthright and her claim to the throne would be secondary to any future children.

The birth of Jonah’s younger brother Karsten Gerald von Lichtenshwein ended any hope that she would ever take the crown. This inevitability was not lost on Jonah, who was five years old when her brother was born. Looked on with suspicion and even contempt by most of the royal court, the young piglets childhood was a study in emotional survival. Her father feared getting too close to her, his reservations about the circumstances of her birth kept him from properly loving her. Her mother seemed to love her tremendously, but her behavior toward the child turned cold whenever around the other nobility. She was made to stand up on her own and face their stares of disapproval without the warmth and support of either of her parents. This unfair treatment planted the seeds of bitterness and resentment that would one day blossom into complete contempt for all of the nobility of Schweinhold.

By seven years of age, the young piglet having had enough of Castle life and the disrespect of the court; confronted the King and Queen on their behavior. Accusing her mother and father of not loving her and discarding her with her brothers birth, she demanded to be allowed to leave Ewegenstein. The Queen was heartbroken and initially refused the request, but the young piglet did not back down. Calling out her mother for standing aside and allowing the court to have their way. The King, seeing in Jonah himself for the first time, decided that his daughter would not be happy here in the royal spotlight any longer. The piglet had grown far too much maturity and insight in her young age and the castle was now an unhealthy environment for her. Unable to watch his child be further corrupted by the pressures of the royal court, the King granted the child’s wish, instructing their most trusted Knight Sir Reiner Heinrich to take the child to the Summer Palace in Kerwar in the south.

Jonah adored Sir Reiner and enjoyed his tales of danger and intrigue as a member of the Schwarzwind. These tales of daring are what first interested the young piglet into training as a Breaker. Blade Breakers were Heavy Arms Swordsmen and women who could channel mana through their weapons without aid of runes or special weaponry. Able to negate the weight of a weapon and wield swords of peculiar size and weight like they were nothing. The techniques of a Breaker were designed to disrupt the natural flow of energy in the world and overwhelming it with the energy of the wielder allowing them to break through defenses, be they physical or magical.

Jonah would dedicate herself to the pursuit of becoming a Blade Breaker over the course of the next year, mastering what she could of being a Heavy Arms Knight. Though young and inexperience, Jonah’s dedication and enthusiasm saw her pick up the trades of this particular class quite easily. Sir Reiner would often remark of the young piglets unnatural affinity for combat. She worked daily to increase her physical strength, while focusing her mind and body on being able to perceive and control its inner energies. She studied theory and text when her young body could not handle any more physical strain and started to become possessed with a burning need to master what was a lifetime practice as quickly as possible.

The young piglets training would be put to the test on a visit to Lioncourt Kingdom. In the fall of

237 AC, Sir Reiner would receive an invitation to the wedding of one of his former comrades in arms, Sir Gregory Hoch. Sir Gregory had served in Schwazrwind with Sir Reiner back during the Boarian Uprising and the two had been very close. Having been off put by some of the atrocities committed by both the Schweinhold Knighthood and the Boarian rebels, the younger Knight, of Boarian blood himself, resigned his commission within the Knighthood and left Schweinhold. Because he and Sir Reiner had served under the King with distinction, his family line and name did not suffer when he left his post. The King understood that a Sir Gregory could not unsee some of the things he’d seen. Or live with some of the things the King had commanded of him.

Sir Gregory had settled in Lioncourt, making a wife of one it’s minor nobles and earning himself a formal invitation to Lioncourt’s Knighthood; having impressed the nobility with his honor, skill and of course the fondness of a certain influential family of Hereditary Knights. Sir Gregory’s marriage to Dame Hannah Belfast would take place in the city of Valar, a city that was part of one of the lost baronies, Harrow’s Arc, in Western Assyria. The Lost Baronies were lands within Lioncourt that had no master other than the King. It’s former landholders had either been stripped of their titles or perished in war. These lost baronies were all over Lioncourt after the Baptism of Fire and even after two centuries not all had been claimed or awarded. Such places were excellent for large gatherings of multiple families, where no noble could claim dominance or standing over another. A perfect setting for a wedding.

The festivus event would not go without incident though. Young children, street urchins really, had started to go missing during the week leading up to the wedding. Though rival nobles casted blame upon one another and many others simply did not care, Jo became very concerned when a young street vixen named Lacy whom she’d befriended likewise went missing. Convincing the wife to be Dame Hannah to help her investigate, the young piglet and lioness discovered an Elderian beast had been preying on the citizenry. A creature resembling some kind of blank face scarecrow with long clawed hands and a void for a mouth attacked them.

The creature proved to be formidable, but Dame Hannah was an experience Knight who had fought alongside the Border Legion for many years. Having dealt with the creatures of the ‘Mist Marsh’ where the Forbidding was thin, she’d some experience with otherworldly dangers. With Jo proving to be a valuable companion using the skills she was taught as a Breaker, they nearly subdued the beast. But this would not last, the true horror of the creature would be revealed, when close to defeat, it let out a loud whale calling it’s ‘children’ to it.

In a sick twist of fate, the stolen children had been subverted by the creature into small versions of itself. Though recognizable as who they once were, barely, they took on aspect of the hideous creature. They swarmed and attacked, defending the beast and pressing the two females back. The creature must have been busy as there were nearly a hundred of the children all lashing out to attack. Dame Hannah and the young princess had to retreat back to the safety of the city.

The nobles were under siege by the small creatures and a plan was concocted to kill them all. Despite Jo’s insistence that the children could be saved. Having used her Mana breaking skills on one of them in her escape, she felt the link between the creature and his victims. She was certain that killing the beast would free the children of it’s thrall. Despite her certainty, no one was willing to listen to a child. Though Dame Hannah and her future husband Sir Gregory spoke up for the girl. They were outvoted by the other nobles and Jo’s please fell on deaf ears. Jo contemplated using her name and title to sway the nobles, but Sir Reiner reminded the young princess that they were a guest in Lioncourt and that her heritage must be kept a secret. Angry Jo stormed off, she would not be seen again that night.

While the adults made their plans, Jo snuck out of the safety of the Manor. Using herself as bait, knowing the creature would come for another child alone on the city streets; she lured the beast to her. Using every fiber of her training she took on the beast. Though the beast was ferocious and powerful, it had never encountered anyone with Jo’s unique set of skills, she was certain Sir Reiner would have made short work of it. It relied too much on magic for defense and she continually broke it down turning the energies of the world back on the creature. Jo would go on to slay the beast, but at a heavy personal cost.

Fearing it’s inevitable defeat and in desperation, the creature had called one of its thralls to it to use as a shield. Jo was unable to stop herself as she struck down the child and the beast with a mighty blow. With the creature dead, the child began to regain it’s original form. Lying there lifeless, was the friend she made, Lacy. The vixen whom she had grown fond of over the course of the week was now dead by her hands. Jo was crushed by the loss, holding the child, crying into her lifeless body. Unaware that her battle had attracted not only some of the townspeople, but many of the nobles, including Sir Reiner and Sir Gregory who had been looking for her. Though she was correct in assuming that destroying the beast would free the children, it came as no consultation to the death of her friend.

Defeating an elderian beast single handedly was a quite the accomplishment. The deed gained Jonah the notice of the Lioncourt nobility, specifically, Archduchess Ariella Assyria. With the Archduchess blessing, Jo was gifted lands and titles within Harrow’s Arc, as well as an invitation to the Lioncourt Knighthood and an oppurtunity to serve within the Archduchess’ Home Guard. Despite the praise and adoration she received, Jonah was so hearbroken at the loss of her friend that she declined, leaving Lioncourt after the wedding; however the titles and respect she had won for her heroics were accepted by Sir Reiner on her behalf.

The young piglet would return the Summer Palace in Schweinhold, seeing her parents barely a handful of times over the course of the next three years. During these days, Jo did not leave

Kerwar, instead focusing on her training. Intending to hone her skills and eventually become a Knight of Schweinhold. It was her dream to lead the Schwarzwind and prove her worthiness to the Kingdom by becoming the power behind her brother, the future king. She’d shared this plan with Sir Reiner and even mentioned it to her mother and father in passing. She worked hard to become the best candidate, knowing that she could enter the Knight’s Academy when she turned twelve. However, her dreams would not come to fruition.

When the nobility got wind of Jo’s plans, they petitioned the crown to block her passage into the Knighthood. Despite her skill and having one of the greatest of the Knights of Schweinhold as her teacher and the one who nominated her for the Academy, the nobles questioned Jo loyalty. Some still fearing her to be the daughter of Jorg. Others unwilling to believe a princess had the necessary skills to become a true Knight. Some were traditionalist and disliked the idea of a high born noble in that kind of position. Jo was furious when she learned of her parents gave into the pressure of the court. Angered by this latest act of betrayal, she left Schwinehold for good promising never to return. Sir Reiner would leave with her, promising the Queen he’d watch over her daughter. Jo would return to Assyria and with the sponsorship of Archduchess Ariella, join the Knight’s Academy in Naveah.

In Naveah Jo quickly set herself apart from other squires in the academy. She was as talented in the classroom as she was on the battlefield, and took her her squires duties seriously. She squired for both Lord Knight Amberlynn Highever of Captain of the Assyrian Home Guard and Sir Craelyn Yorel; a famous tourney knight. At the top of her class, she was known as one of the four roses of the Assyrian Knights Academy. Out of herself, the Archduchess’ own daughter, the indomitable Ashina Assyrius, Myrilia Fanchon and Aritrea Eridanus, Jonah was considered the most deadly of the roses.

Jonah’s reputation would earn her an opportunity to squire for the Archduchess on her campaign North to subdue wildering raiders who had formed a massive society of cut throats determined to harass the surrounding Kingdoms. The Four Roses served as shield bearers for the Archduchess, Dame Amberlynn and Ariella’s eldest son, the young Knight Cailan Assyrius. Jonah had the honor of serving under Lord Cailan, the Assyrian Heir. Though the boy was fierce and talented, he did not have his sister or his mother’s grace. He was prone to arrogance and often over committed in battles. A trait noted by his mother. Jonah gained great respect from the senior Knights when she refused to step in and shield his back during one of the young lords particularly unwise advances. Jonah watched as he was knocked off his mount and only stepped in when it seemed the boy could be hurt. Though Lord Cailan was furious that Jonah did not cover his backside, she reminded him that he was not to break formation and he had several times that day. Jonah told the lord to his face that she let him fall so he could see that his foolishness would get him killed and she warned that she would not step in to save him again. Lord Cailan was furious and demanded a new shield bearer, but his mother sided with Jonah. Cailan would finish the two week campaign with Jo as his shield bearer.

Despite his earlier disdain for her, Lord Cailan grew to respect and even like Jo over the course of the two weeks. Other than his sister Ashina and his mother, most never spoke an ill word to the young heir. Jo’s indifference to him became an attractive quality and he began to pursue a relationship with her. Though Cailan was nineteen and Jo was only fourteen at the time, Jo saw nothing wrong with entering into a relationship with the young Lord. The two would meet each other in secret for many months after their initial time together and Jo would give her virginity to the young Assyrian Lord on his twentieth naming day. When Ariella found out about the relationship, she was ecstatic. Feeling that a union between Jo and Cailan would be mutually beneficial.

Though Jonah had fooled many into believing she was no one special, Ariella Assyrius had not been one of them. A shrewed woman of the world, Ariella had been all around Theria. As the northernmost province and commander of the Kingdom's largest organized army, the Archduchess was well in the know of the goings on of other Kingdoms. Though Schwinehold wasn't particularly close to Lioncourt, being up north past the Naedlynn Plains near Stallios, Ariella had a bit of a relationship with nobility. Specifically, she had fought in the northern campaigns as Lioncourt had tried, like other Kingdoms to claim the bounty of the Kingdoms that had fallen during the Baptism. The Archduchess didn’t know Jonah persay, but she had known Sir Reiner. She never forgot anyone she had clashed swords with. Knowing who Reiner was and having heard passing gossip of the goings on in Schwinehold, the Archduchess deduced Jonah’s identity easy enough.

When a marriage proposal was presented to Jonah, she freaked out. Not wanting anything to do with being part of the aristocracy again. Much to Cailan’s dismay, Jonah flatly refused and broke of her relationship with the young lord. This act would cause a tensions between herself and her friend and fellow rose Ashina. The twos sparring and friendly competitions would flourish into a bitter rivalry. This animosity would break up the quintet with Myrilia siding with Ashina and Aritrea siding with Jo. The entire situation would take a turn for the worse when a simple proving turned into a two on two death battle, when the roses decided to forgo their practice swords for real ones. After Aritrea seriously injured Myrilla the girls were stopped by the intervention of the Academy’s First Knight, Sir Bradley Wayland. Having had enough of the girls constant clashing, Sir Bradley sponsored Aritrea and Jonah to be accepted at the Grand Academy in Bast. On the outside it would be seen as a great honor, but everyone knew he’d done it to keep the Assyrian royalty happy.

Myrilia’s injury had shaken both Jo and Aritrea, who made peace with the young leopard. Though many thought Ashina would be happy to see Jo leave, the young lioness was broken up. She had approved of Jo and Cailan’s relationship and had been insulted by Jo’s refusal to join her family. Now that Jo and Aritrea were leaving, Ashina admitted that she was sad to lose her friend. The four roses parted on good terms.

To Be Continued...


Bible Black Luna Part 2

Wed Nov 1 01:25:53 2017

A little Halloween fun for everyone. We got Luna using her magic powers to seduce some fellow 'students' to gain power to use the Bible Black. She's no Kitami or Imari, but I think the Prefect of the Magus Librarium's Olcadon in Klyne is more than capable of living up to the sexy and lofty pedigree.

Xander appears courtesy of his owner. Mama definitely loves giving it to the femboys. I think Xander really likes it too. Xander is in one of our comics, he belongs to Toshi, check out his FA @


Bible Black Luna

Wed Nov 1 00:51:30 2017

A little Halloween fun for everyone. We got Luna using her magic powers to seduce some fellow 'students' to gain power to use the Bible Black. She's no Kitami or Imari, but I think the Prefect of the Magus Librarium's Olcadon in Klyne is more than capable of living up to the sexy and lofty pedigree.

Arkant appears courtesy of his ownere. He's definitely enjoying his bondage don't you think? If you want to see more of him, check out his FA @


Big Girl In Charge

Tue Oct 31 01:36:47 2017

Here we have a little something, something with Jonah and Guy. Jonah's best friend is Guy's eldest sister, Aritrea. As such, she is 'intimately' familiar with the bratty little mage. Sometimes you got to show those prissy magic bastard in the Cabal whose boss. That's it boy, eat that piggy pussy!

The art for this fantastic piece was done by Reishuseyu. The colors were drawn by Osato-Kun. It's an amazing little collaborative work and I'm very happy to present it to you.


Pounding the Pack

Tue Oct 31 00:59:26 2017

A great little piece of Torian and Grey. It's very adorable to see Grey's ass filled with wolf cock and dripping man milk. I have to admit I like this pairing, especially since their aren't a lot of adorable little wolf femboys out their.

Grey is the creative property of Grey Wolf 570, you can find him on FA @


Tight Situations by BlitheDragon

Sun Oct 29 17:37:01 2017

In the course of her adventures, Jonah has come across many dangerous creatures who prey on the kinlings. None are quite as notorious as the various tentacled creatures that live around the lands of Theria. Some are mostly harmless, using Kinlings as a depository for their eggs and seeds. Though intrusive, they are rarely fatal and some have benedictory effects. Others are not quite so harmless and devour kinlings when they can. Though those creatures are often hunted and destroyed. Some of these creatures are actually kept and cultivated by brothels and businesses for the pleasure of their clients, but Jonah prefers to deal with her dangers... naturally.

The absolutely fantastic artwork for this piece was drawn by the tremendously talented Blithedragon. You should certainly go check out her work and give her all the loves on FA @


The Blade Breaker by Furry Bob

Sat Oct 28 16:15:02 2017

Dame Jonah Schwazsturm is one of the finest warriors in Theria. Though she keeps her childhood and history back in her native Schwinehold a closely guarded secret, it is rumored that she is or was a member of the Schwinehold nobility; a highborn Lady. You wouldn't know it if you met her. Crass, aggressive and bold; she was given the title 'The Blade Breaker' for obvious reasons.

Blade Breakers are native to Schwinehold, warriors who use their control of mana not only to wield massive Zweihänders with ease and speed, as well as having the ability to focus their quintessence into condense pockets of power causing 'Mana Breaks'. These minor disruptions in the flow are devastating in their small area of effect, and the Blade Breakers use this technique to break magical defenses, physical shields and of course... blades. Blade Breakers are rare outside of Schwinehold and the only two in Lioncourt happen to have both served in the Holy Order of Raven Knights; though where as the Sword Shaman Riyo Vandeleur is a master, Dame Jonah is a prodigy.

The art for this fantastic piece was done by Furry Bob. He's fucking amazing! You definitely need to go check him out on his FA @


A Little Diplomacy Part 3

Fri Oct 27 20:13:05 2017

Kaia is a Legate of the Ravens, one of their official emissaries. In addition to her job of delivering important messages, keeping records and communications; Kaia is also has diplomatic duties and speaks on behalf of the order with foreign dignitaries. Sometimes negotiations and diplomacy requires a bit of work. From time to time the Raven Knights have to work with mercenaries and adventurers. Arkant, a formed Dragon Blade of the Saurian Queen is the former. In order to keep smooth relationships in disputed lands, a little diplomacy is in order. Arkant seems more than happy to negotiate back end deals to keep everything civil.

Kaia is the creative property of Kaia Button who can be found here;

Valentine is the creative property of his owner and can be found here;


A Little Diplomacy Part 2

Fri Oct 27 18:53:04 2017

Kaia is a Legate of the Ravens, one of their official emissaries. In addition to her job of delivering important messages, keeping records and communications; Kaia is also has diplomatic duties and speaks on behalf of the order with foreign dignitaries. Sometimes negotiations and diplomacy requires a bit of work. Here she's addressing concerns that the Raven Knights have not shown the mutts of the lowlands proper attention. They feel that because they aren't of 'Noble Breeding', they are largely ignored. Well Kaia can certainly address their 'breeding' concerns.

Kaia is the creative property of Kaia Button who can be found here;

Valentine is the creative property of his owner and can be found here;


A Little Diplomacy

Fri Oct 27 00:40:09 2017

Kaia is a Legate of the Ravens, one of their official emissaries. In addition to her job of delivering important messages, keeping records and communications; Kaia is also has diplomatic duties and speaks on behalf of the order with foreign dignitaries. Sometimes negotiations and diplomacy requires a bit of work. Seems the Stallosi are just fine with that.

Kaia is the creative property of Kaia Button who can be found here;

Vinny is the creative property of his owner and can be found here;


A Day in the City by Raccoon Trey

Thu Oct 26 22:30:39 2017

This was a big group image by Raccoon Trey. Jessie is a thief, assassin and cutthroat. A talented femme fatale who is worthy of her fees. Here she does a little side stealing. Unfortunately she wasn't stopped by the City Watch, who she could handle most effortlessly. It's just poor luck to have run into a few Raven Knights this day. Don't worry she eventually escapes, without her prize of course.

The artwork for this image is done by Raccoon Trey and he does some interesting work on FA. I think you should go check him out on FA @


Young Lord of Barton's Field by Anixis

Wed Oct 25 22:20:26 2017

Sir Atreyu is the only son and heir of the Duran Pride of Barton's field. His family has served as loyal servants of the Assyrian royal family for ages. Atreyu represents his clans words; 'Heart's of Steel, Soul of Sword'; as with everyone of his clan, he is an exceptional swordsman. Sir Atreyu has fought battles in the North against the wilderings, Moorish ferals, Argorian bandits and the Valdinian's. He even served as squire to his father and fought in the Valdinian siege of Pandorica. When consideration came for his posting after becoming a full Knight, The Archduchess herself requested him for the Crown Guard. Sir Atreyu would refuse this however as Prince Vandell de Lioncourt requested he consider taking the Raven's Oath and joining the Order. With his Lady Assyrius' son already a member of the Order, Atreyu's choice was easy to make.

Atreyu's a pretty sweet guy. Honorable, noble ad particularly popular with the nobility. He is a popular choice for matchmakers looking to pair highborn nobles with a suitable Lord, he however isn't concerned about this, his life currently bound to his duties as a Raven. Despite his popularity, Atreyu gained criticism and the ire of the Knighthood and nobility when he named a lowborn street orphan his squire. Many considered his compassion in making the girl a ward of his house a sign that he wasn't too idealistic, but House Duran has thrived all the same. Though some rumors state that the young ward of House Duran is not a mere girl and that there is a darkness in her that cannot be quantified. Still she serves her Lord and house well and Atreyu seems all the better for her presence.

The artwork for this piece was drawn by Anixis. He's got some serious skills, if you wanna take a look at his art, please check him out on FA @


Feeding Time Part 1

Wed Oct 25 02:43:53 2017

Of the three Succubi that are known to be roaming the lands, only one of the three roams free. The incubus Zachariah has been captured by the Keepers. Who knows what has become of him. Monette has sworn fealty to the Lioncourt Crown and is bound by magic to the service of the Raven Knights. But another of the Children of the Nine, Estix is still out and about causing mischief. He's a lot more clever than Monette was and often goes without notice because he does not keep large groups of enthralled lovers or leave those he's fed upon as withered husks. But he's out their, using that sexy ass to get what he wants.

Estix is the creative property of his player, you can find him on FA @


Schwineheld Secrets Part 1

Tue Oct 24 22:21:27 2017

Jonah's past is a closely guarded secret, but most know that she is originally from Schwinehold. No many know the truth of her origins, but most would be surprised to find that the rowdy, uncouth and foul-mouthed mercenary knight is actually the former crown princess of Schwinehold. Of course, that was some time ago and a tale that will one day be told.

Emelie is the creative property of CyanCapsule and appears with his permission. Please go check out his work @


Pounding that Pussy

Mon Oct 23 23:29:47 2017

Of all the men in the Order, Queen has her eyes set on her Commander, Cassie. Cassie's never one to spurn the affections of a lovely young lady and he's pretty close to all the Rangers under his command, a trait the Lord Ranger of the Order is constantly chastising the cute lion about. Still, if you can't spend time fucking your beautiful subordinates, what's the point of being First Ranger? Besides, Cassie is particularly fond of Queen and her genuine attitude and refreshing personality.


Jo by Boris Grim

Mon Oct 23 22:52:11 2017

Not much to say about this one, though he missed those abs she has... This is a pretty cute image of Jo by Boris.

You should look him up and see the rest of his art. Boris' artwork can be found on FA @


Against the Odds by Alanscampos

Sat Oct 21 17:23:42 2017

Here we have Lina and Meredith defending an Antediluvian artifact from some nasty creatures. It seems the power of the talisman has subverted the plants, giving them the form and ferocity to attack. These devilish creatures have been known to subdue and devour creatures; both feral and kinling alike. The pair are determined to make sure they don't share the same fate.

This awesome, incredibly awesome and amazing piece of artwork was drawn by Alan Campos. You will certainly see art from him again if ever I get the chance. His amazing artwork can be found on his FA and on his patreon which is implore you to support... links can be found below.


Ordering Off Menu by Dontfapgirl

Sat Oct 21 00:04:41 2017

Jo has a good relationship with her former brothers and sisters in the Order. Many still differ to her judgement and whims when she is about. When she's in town, she like many others often frequent two taverns in the city. The Dizzy Cow and the Cat's Meow. Though the Dizzy Cow has a better selection of drinks, the Cat's Meow is an anything goes bar in the red light district. Here Jo takes advantage of this, ordering her former subordinate Mazer to take a taste of something 'off menu'.

This wonderful piece was drawn by the exceptionally talented Dontfapgirl. I've worked with her before on past projects and have always been happy with her work. If you want to support her, please, go check out her FA page at


Sparring time

Thu Oct 19 22:14:39 2017

Sparring time between Jonah and Ari...and a moment to show how stacked Jo is.


Jonah and Monette

Thu Oct 19 19:12:29 2017

Jonah and Monette's relationship has always been an odd one. Not a trusting one on Jonah's end as she us always cautious of the succubus trying to feed off her energies. Jonah rarely let's her indulge but when those moments do occur, the sessions are often on the sadistic side. Moments that Monette greatly enjoys.


Jonah 2 by Matospectoru

Thu Oct 19 14:43:33 2017

The second of the adorable images of Jo drawn by Matospectoru; I definitely like them both as they are really cute. I hope you like them too.

If you like this art and want to support the artist, definitely check out Mato's FA page. It can be found


Jonah by Matospectoru

Wed Oct 18 22:25:51 2017

One of two very adorable images of Jo drawn by Matospectoru; I definitely like them both as they are really cute. I hope you like them too.

If you like this art and want to support the artist, definitely check out Mato's FA page. It can be found @


Cuddle Me Cassie

Tue Oct 17 17:29:32 2017

Queen could have any man she wanted in the entire Order, though she has eyes for but one. Her adoration for the Ranger commander definitely goes beyond mere infatuation. Sometimes it is nice to just hold one another in the long night before a mission, both could die at any time on a ranging. It's all very romantic, y'know.

Queen of course is the creative property of Oniaeon and appears with all permissions and right. Oni can be found on his FA @



Bible Black Guy by Juzztie

Tue Oct 17 17:26:45 2017

A little Halloween crossplay image that was posted on FA before it should have been. However, I do love seeing Guy in a cute skirt. It turned out pretty adorable. There's definitely a certain flare about the mage.

As I said before, I plan to get a few more from Juzztie in the future, so look for more from them. Definitely check them out on their FA @


Bible Black Camden by Juzztie

Tue Oct 17 17:23:18 2017

A little Halloween cosplay that was not supposed to be posted when it was, I am however happy with how it turned out. Camden is always cute, I really adore her y'know.

As I said before, I plan to get a few more from Juzztie in the future, so look for more from them. Definitely check them out on their FA @


Bible Black Aritrea by Juzztie

Tue Oct 17 17:20:56 2017

A little Halloween cosplay that was not supposed to be posted when it was, I am however happy with how it turned out. Ari just fills out this outfit.

I plan to get a few more from Juzztie in the future, I hope you enjoy their art. If you do, definitely check them out on their FA @


Pork's Sausage by Suika-X

Tue Oct 17 17:17:44 2017

This was posted over on FA, but I never got a chance to post it here. Or at least I don't think so. It's a fine image of our lady from Schwinehold.

If you like this image and would like to see more from Suika-X, you should definitely check out there FA. They can be found @


Will O' Wisps by Nai-Chan

Wed Oct 11 20:46:10 2017

Those with deep spirit wells can go their entire lives without knowing that they have a vast amount of quintessence. Those who do not have radical dreams or manifestations of their ability to touch the flow can go unnoticed for some time, but not in the presence of will o' wisps.

These creatures are much a mystery as they seem to only exist in the presence of strong quintessence. They live briefly and die out within a day of appearing, while only being able to be perceived when interacting with the quintessence of a particularly powerful individual.

Will O' Wisps are often confused with Pyreflies, but unlike pyreflies, these creatures do not appear around the dead or dying. They are littered in places of power and can be frequently found in Mana Gardens and Mana Faults. Those who play with will o' wisps have reported many different strange phenonmenon. Some has claimed to have been healed by the creatures, others have claimed to have been lead from danger by them. The Librarium have long believed will o' wisps to be the despondent memories of the noosphere made tangible by the power of a adepts quintessence. And the creatures are less an individual thing and more an extension of their connection with the flow.

Here we have Lina showing Meredith the will o' whisps for the first time in the Mana Garden in Bast. Meredith's childlike wonder is enough to put a smile one even Lina cranky face.


Pandorican Beauties by Gizmo0sue

Tue Oct 10 23:05:57 2017

Pandorican's come in two varieties as far as the natural inhabitants of their lands. Their are the Red Panda's who live in the upper mountains and are the ruling class and the Great Pandas of the lower valleys. The Red Pandas are known throughout the land for their beauty, both men and women. Here we have a few members of the Red Guard hanging out in the Palace.

The art for this was done by Gizmo0Sue. They've done art for us before, bet your bottom dollar there is more coming. I hope you enjoy this... please support them on FA @


Clarissa Duranward by Lustgill

Mon Oct 9 03:46:47 2017

Clarissa was born on the streets of Bensay. Her father was the youngest son of a merchant family named Belland and a her mother was a woman called the 'Silk Sapphire' in underworld circles. Silk was a member of one of the Timberlands infamous thieving guilds and used her looks and charms to insinuate herself into the merchants household and set up his family for a score. Clarissa's mother gained notoriety and infamy for seducing the young merchant boy and becoming his lover, even becoming pregnant with his child over the course of a year. When the time was right she assisted in the betrayal and murder of the Belland family, personally slitting the throat of her confused fiancee. She gave birth to Clarissa a week later in the back alleys of Bensay. She immediately sold the child to one of the slaving gangs and was never seen again.

Clarissa was bought by the 'Iron Coffin', a group of assassins who employ children for their jobs. She was trained as a killer, thief and prostitute. Her childhood was filled with brutal training that was both immoral and undignified. Like the other children of the 'Iron Coffin' she was given drugs in order to dull her mind and make her enjoy the things that were happening to her. As well as the pain she endured and caused others. By age ten she was one of the most well used tools of the organization.

But with skill and usage comes notoriety, and her dark masters began to fear that she would outgrow her usefulness. At the age of eleven she was assigned a mission, but the drugs she was given were too potent. She was meant to live long enough to die after completing her task, but not near the target. Her life was meant to end on the streets where she was born.

But fate seemed to favor her that day as she was found by a young cleric who used her magic to nurse the young girl back to health. She repaid this kindness with a knife in the back. Fearing that she had made a mistake and was captured, she sought to silence anyone who had seen her. Luckily, she was unable to murder the cleric as she intended when the healers Mage and Rune Blade arrived. Clarissa stole away before she was seen by the two Librarium agents, planning to come back later to silence the cleric.

When she returned to her masters they were not happy to see her. They were not subtle in their admonishment of her survival and order her to end her own life. When she refused, she was set upon by her fellow child assassins. To survive, she had to kill her way through boys and girls she had grown up with. Kinlings that she endured countless trials and hardships with. One of which she considered her friend, another pine marten named Ketsy. She was forced to slit the girls throat in order to escape, but Clarissa did escape.

Clarissa would spend the next several months of her life using the tools she was taught to evade assassins from the organization and gain coin to escape the lower quarter of Bensay. She would seduce and murder travelers and common folk, in order to steal their belongings. She avoided capture and suspicion by only targeting those who would not be missed and never being active in places she knew her 'brothers and sisters' would frequent.

She survived like this for a time, but eventually it began to wear deeply on her conscience. Without the 'Iron Coffin's' drugs to warp her emotions, she was able to tell the right and wrong of her actions. Growing quite aware of her weak justifications for murder and how messed up it was that she still enjoyed hunting, seducing and killing men. The idea that they were bad men if they would fornicate with a child, was no longer able to sway her guilt.

It was then that Clarissa decided that she would take the risk and target someone with a lot more notoriety. A foreign knight had come snooping around the lower quarter. He was a Courtian, from the south. A lion wearing very expensive looking grey armor and stylish dark purple robes. She had never seen a knight like this one before and the whispers around the neighborhood named him as a Raven Knight. Not knowing what a Raven Knight was, she foolishly decided to try her charms on him. One last big score to settle things.

Sir Atreyu Duran was a young knight and a noble from Assyria's Barton's Field. A true knight, he was more confused by the young pine marten's behavior than anything else. He saw her as a lost child and attempted to try and find her parents, which amused Clarissa. She played a long hoping maybe to lure him somewhere in order to take him unawares. Clarissa told Sir Atreyu that she was an orphan living on the streets and that she had no home or family. She hoped the idea that no one would miss her, would get the knight to show his true colors. He instead, invited her to a meal.

That was all it took. Clarissa had never actually eaten in a restaurant. She'd never dined at a table or been treated like anything but a tool. She had stolen bread and skewers from street vendors to survive. She had not even thought to enter a restaurant or try to buy a proper meal. Sir Atreyu treated her much differently than she had been treated her entire life and she felt something for him she'd never felt before. An emotion she could not explain. She was happy to share a meal with Atreyu and listen to him tell her stories of the world outside the lower quarter and the adventures he had as a Raven Knight. For the first time in her life, she was properly happy.

This happiness would come to an end when assassins tried to kill her. The 'Iron Coffin' had hired more experienced adult assassins to do the job her 'brothers and sisters' had failed. In that moment she did not feel fear for herself, but for the lose of this man whom brought her such joy. She meant to fight fiercely to protect Atreyu from their would be killers, but the Raven Knight surprised her. Atreyu needed no protection. He drew a magic blade and took down two men with a single stroke. A lady assassin moved in to engage him, but he cut her down in less than three moves. Two others meant to escape, but she would not let them. If they got away they would inform her former masters. Surprising Sir Atreyu, Clarissa killed the first by throwing a knife from their table into the back of the dogs head. She would then run down the other, crashing through the window of the establishment. Atreyu would find her outside, stabbing the man several times. Not angry that her life was threatened, but upset that a wonderful moment in her life had been ruined. She was furious. They had exposed her for what she was to Atreyu and she felt true shame for the first time in her life.

Atreyu however, did not seem to flinch. He covered her in his cloak and lead her away. He did not ask about the assassins, believing of course that they were meant for him. However, Clarissa realized that she could not lie to him and told him the truth. Though she was afraid he'd be angry or disgusted with her, Atreyu was sympathetic. He held her close and shed tears for her tough life. He promised he would help her if she wanted; that he'd take her away from this place. She could only respond with, 'But I'm a murderer,'. Atreyu would reply, 'Yeah, bad parenting will do that.' She smiled at him then. Not the smile of a child, but of a woman who had just met her soul mate. Clarissa decided at that moment, no matter what, she would be with Atreyu, always.

When Sir Atreyu finished his business in Bensay, he took Clarissa back with him south to Lioncourt. There she was introduced to his family and House. She became a ward of House Duran, a minor nobility. Despite her troubles adjusting and the many trials of trying to appear normal, as well as not embarrass her new host family, Clarissa was happy. They called her, Clarissa Duranward, and though other nobles said it with an air of contempt; she wore it as a badge of honor. Clarissa would learn in the studies of Duran's Keep. She played in the grasslands of Barton's Fields and trained herself to be of use to Atreyu. Though old habits die hard, she tried to keep her predilections in check. Though when rival nobles or greedy merchants threatened House Duran or Atreyu, some times those people would go missing. Those who were less important. When confronted, Clarissa would not lie to Atreyu about her actions, causing him some distress. Unable to get her to promise to stop murdering people if she feels they are a threat, he instead takes her as his squire in order to teach her to fight nobly and with honor.

For six years Clarissa played the part of the the ward, the little sister, and squire to Atreyu; but her aspiration for him were much grander. Like the women of House Duran were to their men, she longed to be his sheath. The thing that would protect him, support him and keep him sharp. She wished for nothing more than to be with him as a woman was to a man. For six years she would study Atreyu, the women he was interested in, the things he liked. She would spy upon him at night and follow him when he lay with women. She would make sure when she came of age, that she would be able to have him. As her eighteenth birthday grows nears, she puts a new plan in motion. One that will assure that two of them will be together, always.

Do you like this image, is it super fucking awesome!? Then you should check out Lustgill, she has awesome art and deserves your support. Check her out on FA @


Adolyn and London

Sat Oct 7 06:16:23 2017

London has served the Border Legion for most of her life. She's known Adolyn for years. She's definitely not looking for love, but she does love having his thick cock in her ass. Adolyn's is more than happy to oblige from time to time.


Two Knight's Together by VI

Thu Oct 5 19:49:20 2017

I had thought that this had already been posted. However I cannot find it anywhere, so I'm assuming I dropped the ball. No matter, this is Jonah's month so we will definitely enjoy posting it now.

Arkant and Jonah are both seemingly mercenaries who once held prestigious positions within their respective kingdoms Knighthood. Arkant, was a one of Sauria's famed Dragon's Blades and Jo was a Raven Knight. The two no longer hold these positions for wildly different reasons. Jo gained fame, notoriety and her position within the Order due to her heroics during the battle of Hearld's Keep. Arkant who fought on the losing side of that battle, saw he and his fellow Dragon Blade's scapegoated for the terrible lose. The two now enjoy both a friendly rivalry and a few intimate moments as sort of fuck buddy rivals. Jo's legendary attitude and forward demeanor is more than enough to excite the dragonborn sellsword.

Arkant of course appears with permission from his owner; you can find more art of him and the art of Arkant @

The artwork for this fantastic piece is drawn by VI, you should go check him and his other art out. You can find him on FA @


Reishuseyu Suggestion box (October)

Thu Oct 5 19:10:03 2017

Rule of the suggestion box

This is for a chance for your character to be involved in a SFW or NSFW image drawn by the artist reishuseyu . *Characters involved must fit the ATKM's species canon (no birds,mythical creatures, sergals, pokemon, digimon, humans or other copyrighted species) *New patrons that have just joined will not be allowed to participate this round. *Comment below that you are interested and present the character you would want involved the image. *Ideas for the image will be discussed with the winner. Winner will be picked at the end of the week.


Part of the Bargain

Thu Oct 5 02:16:22 2017

Slade will appear in a comic drawn by FA's Nexus, but last month, Sichyena chose him to have a bit of a romp with his gator girl, Reagan. I hope you all like it.


Like Old Times by Fireflufferz

Tue Oct 3 20:11:44 2017

Adolyn and Jonah were both excellent fighters long before they attended Knight's Academy together in Bast. Though Jo considers Adolyn as much a rival and an annoyance as much as a friend, the two have always worked well together. As the oldest and most experienced of the squires within the academy, Jo had always lead their little group, consisting of herself, Adolyn, Aritrea Eridanus, and the late Cress Belfast. When the four were rewarded for their valor and accomplishment at the Battle of Hearld's Keep, the new King's favortism is the only reason Adolyn was chosen as the new leader of the Order after the retirement of Sir Garrett Jesstane, rather than Jo. Adolyn both fairly and unfairly outshining Jonah lead to her leaving the order and setting off on her own as a mercenary.

Jo still works for and with the crown, but as a freelancer. Though she is begrudged to work with her childhood friend, least he be given the credit for her accomplishments, the two still work well together. Adolyn however, always enjoys working with Jo. He considered the pig one of his dearest friends and is her biggest fan. The unfortunate tragedy of stealing her thunder is merely a product of happenstance and Adolyn is quick to praise Jo and defer praise and adoration to her; though many outsiders just consider him modest.

Despite this, their is no denying just how well the two work together. Unless honor dictates otherwise, Adolyn often differs leadership or control of various missions to Jonah. Veteran Raven Knights who have worked under Jo when she was second in command also differ to her over Adolyn. This is not as a sign of disrespect to their Primus, but a matter of habit. When Jo was with the order, she did most of the leading while Adolyn did most of the fighting. Despite her crude and often abrasive attitude, she is considered to be a great combat commander. Adolyn himself is also a great commander, but many have adopted his habit of differing to Jo.

Fireflufferz is a boss ass artist back on FA that I've worked with before. Their art is well worth checking out and you should definitely support them and everything they do @


Cassie Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Tue Oct 3 16:23:26 2017

I've decided to save time, to get all the character sheets of the main characters done by the same artist. I can only get two each month, so last month I bought Cassie and Lina, here is Lina.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Lina Character Sheet by Fetalstar

Tue Oct 3 15:55:21 2017

I've decided to save time, to get all the character sheets of the main characters done by the same artist. I can only get two each month, so last month I bought Cassie and Lina, here is Lina.

As some of you know, Fetalstar is doing a comic for the printed anthology called Rival Hearts, Cunning Minds. It's coming along pretty well, so you can look forward to that.

The art for this fine piece is drawn by the tremendously talented and cool Fetalstar, please go check out her work on FA @


Magus Librarium Rune Blade

Tue Oct 3 01:17:10 2017

Rune Blades are the great swordsman who serve the the Librarium. There are two kinds of Rune Blades, Librarium Rune Blades who are officially in the service of the Librarium and Mercenary Rune Blades who freelance for the Librarium. Rune blades do not have a deep spirit well, but are experts in manipulating and drawing out the full potential of mana infused artifacts and talismans. Their titular talisman being their 'runed blades'. These weapons are forged from rare metals and infused with mana and runed with spells and techniques the Rune Blade can invoke at will. Unlike the much more powerful Eldeidan of legend, you need serious talent to use a Rune Blade, their is no natural affinity or connection to the weapons. They require the knowledge and skill for use. Also unlike Eldeidan and other powerful talisman, these weapons are not made of the so called 'living metals' and do not natural replenish and retain mana. They must be recharged and not many outside of the Librarium can do this. So even freelance Rune Blades work for the Librarium for favor and assistance in their trade. Usually they either act as treasure hunters for the Librarium. Actual Librarium Rune Blades like Spero here are assigned to a party with a Mage and a Cleric. They often get into clashes with the Raven Knights over dangerous magical artifacts.

The art for this lovely piece is also drawn by the talented Audiovideomeow, she does fantastic work which you can find on FA @


Magus Librarium Mages Outfit

Tue Oct 3 01:08:36 2017

This should have been posted a long time ago. Here we have Simba modelling a basic Librarium Mages outfit. The Mages of the academy not only consider themselves powerful, but also scholars. They have a ver complex social hierarchy and Librarium mages always dress in the schools colors.


Quality Time Amongst Family

Sun Oct 1 21:05:10 2017

Meredith is a succubus, not just any succubus. She is an Heir to the Dark, one of the children of the Nine. Other succubi and incubi maybe her lessers, but those born of the nine are considered family. Monette is powerful, even by the standards of her birth. She is the envy of her siblings and others of her kin... sometimes, she must remind them who is the daughter of the dark. Other times, all that is needed is a little quality time. Here she and Zachariah share a small feeding, it is an intimate experience.

Zack and Monette appear in ATKM of course by the grace of their owners, you can find them and other art on their respective FA pages @ and


Helping Out a Friend

Sun Oct 1 19:31:33 2017

Aritrea has suffered much in the time since her husband Cress died, and though she often has the attention and adoration of her first love, Adolyn... she is often unready to act on her wants and needs. To that end, childhood friend Jonah has decided to take it upon herself to help her friend out. A girl has needs after all... and sometimes those needs can be met by a professional.

Leo is the creative property of Bornvictim; you can see more of him and other characters belonging to Born on FA @


Doing the Messenger by Reishuseyu

Sun Oct 1 03:50:27 2017

Grey won our first Reishuseyu monthly image and it turned out pretty well. His character appears as a member of an Imakandi pack. Here he handles a bit of work delivering messages to the neighboring Kingdom of Stallios. The Stallosi warriors like Atrius here welcome him in customary fashion. Perhaps the stallion will leave the pup a gift to take home with him.

Grey is the creative property of Greywolf570, hopefully we will see more of him. Check out his characters on FA @


Taste Just Like Cassie

Thu Sep 28 17:15:42 2017

Queen has long had a crush on the youngest son of House Assyrius, Cassie. When Camden, Cassie's Knight's Apprentice and bannerwoman to his house became a ranger, Cassie asked Queen to look after the young lioness. Queen immediately took a liking to Camden for her clever wit, genuine upbeat attitude and her eagerness to learn. Queen is aware of the incredibly close nature of Cassie and Camden's relationship and often takes advantage of it to tease the younger lioness. Queen always knows when Camden has 'served' her lord and isn't shy about sharing a taste.

Queen is the creative property of OniAeon and appears in ATKM with his permission; you can find works of her and other characters on Oni's FA @


Adolyn and Cassie by Reishuseyu

Tue Sep 26 16:57:10 2017

Cassius counts Adolyn as his first true love and though he knows he may never have the count in the way he wants him, he is content with their relationship. Cassie has dedicated his life to the Order because Adolyn and his brother Glendriel had done so before him; but no one mistakes where the young boys loyalties lie. The young Count has Cassie's complete devotion, though the trifles of his birth and the pact made with the Druids complicates his motivations. But Cassie believes he was born for Adolyn and for better or worse, he'll stick by his Pimus; to the end.

The art for this piece was done by the talented Reishuseyu who can be found on FA. He will be doing quite a few pieces for us in the future so you may wanna get used to seeing work from him, so check him out on FA @


Cocking a Keeper Part 2

Sun Sep 24 21:17:22 2017

Before we let you know a bit about the Keepers. Here we introduce you to a particular Keeper, Saria Aemon. The daughter of a Keeper and a Arcane Knight. Despite both of her parents wishing her to have a different life, she became a Keeper. She has never known her mother, but her father was very well known. Corben Aemon. The life of a scholars daughter did not sit well with her. Instead she used her fathers records and notes to hunt down his former colleagues. Her search took her to hidden Praetyr Athenaeum, hidden in the snowy tundras near Ijiraq and the Frost Fang Mountains in the north of Amarok.

The Keepers and by extension Saria have an interesting relationship with the Imakandi of Amaroki. Their abilities of psychometry have always been useful in the Keepers research. Saria has a special relationship with several Doyen, or the leaders of Imakandi hunting packs and has never had a problem getting their assistance. It's probably very good that trained keepers are knowledgeable, fit, and flexible.

Shiro is the creative property of Shiro Uzamaki and appears with his consent. He can be found here @,


Learning From A Queen by Vagabonda

Sun Sep 24 02:11:31 2017

A proud member of the Knight Rangers of the Order, Queen is rather popular among here peers. Young and beautiful, she is a direct descendant of the Caladin royal line of the ruined kingdom of Stroud. Her lineage earned her father the attention of the nobles of Kingsgrave whose family fought alongside the surviving Caladins during the 'baptism'. The young duchess to be, Reyes, took a liking to the helpful young tigress and made her part of her entourage. Queen eventually grew to beceme a guardswoman at the Hester's Keep in Kingsgrave, like her father.

It was discovered that she was an 'adept' with a deep spirit well later in her life. Most adepts are discovered as children, while Queen was fourteen. He strong quintessence and willingness to learn made her oe of the most gifted combatants among here peers. Despite her helpful nature and sunny disposition, she's proven to be an excellent fighter, using her natural tenacity and strength as a tigress, combined with her near perfect form as a short sword fighter an archer. She may not be the best, but her talent was undeniable. So undeniable that while accompanying her Lady to court in Bast, she caught the eye of the Raven Knight's Lord of Rangers, Sir Lenaris Halkenan.

The Lord Ranger of the Order wished to test the girl and with her Lady Reyes' blessing she impressed the Faeorian hare. Given her lineage and the unfortunate history between Stroud and Leveria, the latter of which the leporid hailed from, Lord Ranger Lenaris decided to request the girl be trained by the Order. This was of course a controversial request given the girl was young and not complete in her guards training, nor a Knight of Lioncourt. However the Kingsgrave Pride is one of the most prominent and trusted in the Kingdom and with a single word from the request was granted. This was done mostly as a favor to the young heiress to be, but also because of the prestige the move would add to Pride Kingsgrave.

Though uncommon, there have been rangers of a young age trained, just none by the Raven Knights directly... certainly not by the Lord Ranger himself. During her time as a squire under Lord Ranger Lenaris, she became enamored with her masters top student, a young lord of the Assyrian Royal Pride, the talented Cassius. She along with other Rangers were incredibly impressed with the lion and were taken by his feminine beauty. When it was time to choose a Knight's Master for her final apprenticeship, Queen was sullen that Cassie took on the daughter of one of his Bannermen, Camden, the daughter of Duke Harlem Eridanus instead of her. Queen would train under Second Ranger.

Though she is seen as talented with a short sword and in hand to hand, and exceptional with a bow, Queen is seen as lacking in two very important areas as a ranger. The first being that Queens kind demeanor and very typical rigid sense of honor does not lend itself well to espionage. She's quite good at ranger, not so good at lying to others or spying. Likewise, training directly under a Lord Ranger as young teenager and being relatively sheltered by life in Hester's Keep before that, Queen did not have much in the way of 'training' sexually. Thus when it was time to be taught 'The Art of Seduction', by her Knight's Master, Queen failed miserably, very unsure of herself in the bedroom. Despite this, Queen is great at faking it. She can seduce and entice, something she seems not only adept at, but enjoys considerably. But is far to embarrassed to go all the way. She often hints very loudly, that if her instructor had been someone like Cassie, she may have been more comfortable. Though she has confided in her lady that she wishes for her first time to be with Lord Cassius.

Queen is the creative property of OniAeon and appears with his consent. Check out his characters and stuff on his FA page @

The artwork here is drawn by the superbly talented Vagabonda. She is a beautiful Russian flower and far more talent than I. Definitely loved how she did this. Show her all of the loves @



In the Temple Halls by V-I

Sat Sep 23 14:07:07 2017

There are several temples to the heroes and Eternian's of the past. Sacred and powerful artifacts of these times are housed their and from time to time the Raven Knights are tasked with guarding them or investigating strange occurrences in these hallowed places. Often times it can be a boring affair and an insult to the time of many of the high Ravens. Meredith often spends this time enjoying the company of a cute boy or two. Since the monks of the temple would be furious if they found her out, she enjoys the rush. Sometimes the fear of getting caught is the best aphrodisiac.

The artwork for this image was drawn by V-I. He's done work for us before and this piece is another good one. I definitely love how it captures the feel of what we wanted and I think you guys should check him and his patreon out. He can be found on FA @


Incubi at Play Part 1

Thu Sep 21 18:15:22 2017

Aside from Monette, their are several Heirs to the Dark. These lilin are called the 'Children of the Nine', they are the offspring of the original nine Elderian races. Though they may share different fathers, they all share the same mother whose shape changing and form is more than parlor trick, but down to her genetic core.

Zack and Estix are two such Incubi who appear in two different comics. Estix in Heirs to the Dark and Zack in Fist of the Forbidden. Both comics are completed and will appear in the printed anthology when it is released.


The Raven and the Rune Knight by Dksk30

Wed Sep 20 12:09:07 2017

Here we have a wonderful image of Samanya, a Librarium Rune Knight and Adolyn, our Primus Corvinus. The Librarium and the Order don't always see eye to eye. This is exemplified in the general animosity that Rune Knights have against Raven Knights. Since a Rune Knight's job consist of protecting and defending mages and clerics on their quests, as well as hunting down and finding rare and ancient magical artifacts and talismans for the Librarium, their jobs often place them in direct conflict with Order and it's Ravens. Raven Knights are sworn to protect the world from the extraordinary, dangerous magic and ancient artifacts of power left over from the previous ages. Where the Librarium wishes to find, study and use magic they may not understand. The Order seeks to seal it away where it can not bring tragedy upon the world.

Samanya is an exemplary of her kind. A strong, proud and daring Rune Knight. She has a particular dislike for the Order and it's Ravens. However, her experience with them is limited. In the depths of a forgotten and forbidden land, her duties saw her run a foul of the man himself, the leader of the Order, the ma