Coach Victor Preview

Thu Aug 20 15:47:54 2020

You guys remember coach Victor? ^^ He loves stealing Marcelo's undies :D

Full page to see what he is fantasizing about will be in your rewards ^^


Marcelo's Junk Poll

Thu Aug 20 13:36:30 2020

Cast your vote ^^

Marcelo's Junk

Thu Aug 20 13:36:01 2020

Ok Patrons, time to vote :D I been giving Marc a regular thick junk lately but I do get a lot of requests for him having the canine version again.

So which do you guys actually prefer? ^^

Poll will be following this shortly so go vote!

I will finish the one you guys like the most.


Rocket Color Preview

Mon Aug 17 15:03:16 2020

Colored version is ready


Mark Preview

Thu Aug 13 14:47:53 2020

Looks like Mark dropped something ^^


LG Preview

Tue Aug 11 14:55:40 2020

For those who like Big subs taking it from the smaller guy :D


Orientation Day Page 25 HD

Tue Aug 11 10:38:02 2020

If this is a repost for you sorry! I don't think I included all the tiers for this page :P

Pages 26 and 27 are getting colored :D


July Rewards and Membership

Thu Aug 6 15:13:55 2020

This is getting annoying. Patreon keeps making changes that should be all about ease of use but just turn out to be MORE complicated. The Relationship Manager is just RUBBISH.

If are not currently a Patron and you paid for July, please PM me if you haven't gotten the pack.

That also leads to another issue. I have pretty much ignored this because it was at least easy to keep track of People who pay for the month then delete their membership right after. With the new changes to the manager, you can't do that anymore. It is more of a head ache for me to keep track of that now.

If you pledge for a particular month, please keep your membership. Patreon will only charge you on your initial pledge then goes into the regular cycle of charging on the 1st of every month. If you became a patron at the beginning or middle of the month, you won't get charged again until the 1st of the next month. So no need to delete your membership.

Rocket Preview

Mon Aug 3 16:00:16 2020

I don't think you gotten any Rocket from me in a while ^^ Colors are on the way.


DI HD Comic

Thu Jul 30 15:32:34 2020

Thanks for all the support you guys have given to me and my comic projects :D

Daddy Issues Full HD:


Daddy Issues Final Page

Mon Jul 27 14:40:06 2020

Well the comic is officially done for now ^^ Most of you should have gotten the Links to the full comic sent to you.

If you just became a patron, just PM me for the link ^^

Thanks for all the support you guys have shown.

You can bet you will be seeing Justin, Mark and Dillon in my other comic projects as well :D

Pledge Preview

Tue Jul 21 14:33:19 2020

Pledge pig again earning his way into that fraternity ^^


Meeting with the King Preview

Mon Jul 20 12:26:29 2020

Meeting with the Royal subjects ^^


Cheetah Locker Preview

Fri Jul 17 14:08:58 2020

Got it all over his new sneakers =3


Leo Color Preview

Sun Jul 12 15:25:50 2020


Leo_Sketch HD

Thu Jul 9 13:02:20 2020

Just a lion dude posing ^^ Color and no undies version on the way.


Potential Patrons and Newcomers (PLEASE READ)

Sat Jul 4 19:02:20 2020

All the info on how the rewards work and what you can see is in the "About Aaronarts" in your membership Tab

Please read the information before you pledge!

Thank you :D


Sat Jul 4 09:38:17 2020


Potential Patrons and Newcomers

Wed Jul 1 22:19:06 2020

All the info on how the rewards work and what you can see is in the "About Aaronarts" in your membership Tab

Please read the information before you pledge!

Thank you :D

DI issues page 24 Preview

Sun Jun 28 15:04:08 2020

Looks like something caught Dillon by surprise during his revenge fuck :D

I had to turn that last page into two pages so the actual last page comes out next month (July) ^^

I am pretty certain I will get a LOT of questions about that page afterwards lol.


Koopa Lap Preview

Sat Jun 27 14:44:50 2020

Yosh finding himself a good seat :D


Fox_Wolf Color Preview

Wed Jun 24 13:40:48 2020

Colored version is ready.


Durable HD

Mon Jun 22 13:34:28 2020

These toys break so easy :D This one for Drekhan ^^


Justin Preview

Sat Jun 20 13:13:40 2020

Justin pinup showing off those cheeks and much more ^^


Fox_Wolf Preview

Fri Jun 19 12:40:36 2020

Going to try and get some more Star Fox stuff done. Colors on the way


WIP 1_June

Wed Jun 17 15:36:49 2020

Some stuff I am working on for this month.


Orientation Day Page 25 HD

Fri Jun 12 16:01:22 2020

We got some company ^^


Orientation Day Page 24

Thu Jun 4 10:05:46 2020


DI Issues page 23 Preview

Thu May 28 15:32:09 2020

One more page to go ^^


Bull Ride HD Preview

Tue May 26 15:13:12 2020

Ride em good :D


Hold Still Preview

Sat May 16 13:29:04 2020

He is about to sit down on your face :D


Foot_Job Color 2 Preview

Thu May 14 13:59:43 2020

Looks like he was in the splash zone =3


Lion Daddy HD

Wed May 13 10:39:52 2020

Lion daddy is super thick on both ends. I been really into lions lately :D


Orientation Day Page 24 HD

Sat May 9 14:47:47 2020

Come on you two, not out in public :D

Wow new page already? Well if you are at the Master Level and up you can look forward to early page releases now ^^


Orientation Day Page 23 HD

Fri May 1 16:34:12 2020

Time to check up on these two ^^


Page 23 WIP

Tue Apr 28 13:56:25 2020

New page is almost ready


DI Issues Page 22 Preview

Mon Apr 27 16:23:40 2020

Only 2 more pages to go !

Will Mark survive the onslaught ? =3


Daddy Issues Comic ( New PATRONS Please READ)

The comic is coming to an end (Already started on a new one). When it does I will be offering the full comic in an archive for all active Patreon Members, HD of course.

The reg size versions will be up on my public spaces. So for new patrons coming in now and want the full comic, you will have to wait!

Only 2 more pages to go though :D


Shots Fired Preview

Sat Apr 25 15:01:57 2020

He's got the whole thing on camera :D


Willion Color Preview

Fri Apr 24 14:48:04 2020


Foot Massage Sketch HD

Fri Apr 24 11:06:01 2020

Naughty Lab belongs to Doritithead ^^ Colors coming soon.

I wonder who that throbbing erection belong too :D


Flick Preview

Wed Apr 15 14:06:17 2020

I also drew Flick :D


Coach_Willion Preview

Tue Apr 14 14:35:10 2020

Ram Coach at it again ^^


Willion Sketch HD

Wed Apr 8 18:26:14 2020

Some German lion butt ^^


Daddy Issues Comic ( New PATRONS Please READ)

Tue Apr 7 10:10:48 2020

The comic is coming to an end (Already started on a new one). When it does I will be offering the full comic in an archive for all active Patreon Members, HD of course.

The reg size versions will be up on my public spaces. So for new patrons coming in now and want the full comic, you will HAVE TO WAIT.

I really appreciate the interest in the comic but I do find myself explaining the same thing, several times a day LOL

If you been with me from the start then you already have the full thing but every page will be neatly put together in one archive, no watermark BS and I will throw in some extra goodies with it ^^

That is all, I hope you guys stay safe and healthy!

Teddy_AC Full

Sat Apr 4 14:09:15 2020

A bit excited to see you ^^ Do you guys want to see more crossing stuff?



Sat Apr 4 14:06:20 2020

He is such a cute thing =3


AC Sketch 1

Wed Apr 1 14:35:07 2020

That cute bear from the game. I don't know his name but I am gonna color this :D


When Pledging

Wed Apr 1 09:11:11 2020

Please guys when you pledge, verify the Tier that you pledged to, during AND after the process.

If you are not in any Reward Tier ( $5, $25, etc.) You won't get anything sent to you.

Someone would pledge 35 but be in the "No Rewards" Level and I only see it at the last moment.

If a Tier is out of spots just wait a bit for more to open up or just inquire with me about it in a PM but PLEASE verify you are at the right Level.

Boom Preview

Sat Mar 28 15:05:55 2020

I'm a little late to drawing this big guy.


D.I. Page 21 Preview

Wed Mar 25 15:43:41 2020

Now Justin has been destroyed its time to take care of that pretty stallion ^^ No one will be spared from Dillon :D


Potential Patrons and Newcomers

Fri Mar 20 22:41:30 2020

All the info on how the rewards work and what you can see is in the "About Aaronarts" in your membership Tab

Since Patreon did this annoying change to the front page layout you might not see it on the main page but if you don't.. check your membership tab.

Thank you :D

Orientation Day Page 22 HD

Fri Mar 20 14:48:04 2020

In the end Justin still ends up on top :D Next page is following soon trust me!


Ready for it Preview

Wed Mar 18 13:24:01 2020

Color version ready for March ^^


Thicczilla Preview

Tue Mar 17 14:40:59 2020


Page 22 Preview

Fri Mar 13 15:52:36 2020

That bear loves a good workout ^^

Next page of Orientation Day is almost ready ^^


ThiccZilla Sketch

Thu Mar 12 13:39:05 2020

He's got them hips ^^


Self Service Color Preview

Tue Mar 10 17:50:40 2020

Taking matters into his own hands or mouth =3


A mouthful Preview

Sat Mar 7 17:19:40 2020

Self service donkey ^^


Deer Boy Sk

Fri Feb 28 14:34:39 2020

He knows that stallion is a dam liar. He definitely won't be gentle :P


Potential Patrons and Newcomers

Tue Feb 25 18:16:58 2020

All the info on how the rewards work and what you can see is in the "About Aaronarts" in your membership Tab

Since Patreon did this annoying change to the front page layout you might not see it on the main page but if you don't.. check your membership tab.

Thank you :D

DI Page 20 Preview

Mon Feb 24 13:37:59 2020

New Page is ready :D


MVP Color Preview

Thu Feb 20 14:33:31 2020

Got to keep his star player's stamina up =3


Something in the Yard

Thu Feb 13 14:52:21 2020

Did you hear that? I think there is something in the back yard.


Big Flare Preview

Wed Feb 12 15:40:35 2020


MVP Sketch Preview

Mon Feb 10 19:40:31 2020

Big lion coach knows how to reward his top athletes =3 Colors on the way.


Intoxicating Preview

Fri Feb 7 16:43:53 2020

Soon even you will be under his influence :D


WereWolf WIP

Tue Feb 4 14:17:23 2020

Colors and background coming soon. Getting the January rewards ready to send out tomorrow :D


Farm Hand Preview

Sat Feb 1 13:02:27 2020

Gus is a big help around the farm with his strength and size but will indulge his employer now and then with his other...attributes :D

He is a simple stallion, as long as he gets paid he is down for anything.


Orientation Day Page 21 HD

Mon Jan 27 15:16:35 2020

This month we pray for Justin's butt hole ^^ He loves it though.


D.I. Page 19 Preview

Fri Jan 24 14:37:59 2020

That face you make when you are stretched beyond what you thought was your limit :D

Comic is coming to a sticky end with a twist ^^

Stay tuned to see what it is


New Pledge Preview

Thu Jan 23 19:10:31 2020

Initiating the new member to the Frat house ^^


Open Wide Preview

Sat Jan 18 14:13:19 2020

A definite choking hazard =3



Mon Jan 13 18:41:46 2020

Beefy snake dude for Pepsi (Old List)

Josh_UND_HD.jpg Josh_NUDE_HD.jpg


Mon Jan 13 18:37:04 2020

You got to clean up the mess you made.

Full pic will be for JR members and up ^^


Round 1 Preview

Sat Jan 11 13:30:34 2020

He is ready to go a few rounds if you think you can last ^^


Falco Preview

Sun Jan 5 15:54:17 2020

He got that booty though ^^

Time for the 2020 Previews and I haven't drawn Falco in a while.


Warm up sketch 1

Thu Jan 2 15:11:31 2020

Ok time for a few warm up sketches ^^


See you in 2020 =3

Mon Dec 30 19:08:17 2019

Most of you might already noticed, the rewards have been sent out. Wanted you guys to get it before the end of the year.

Have a Happy New Year, stay safe and see y'all in 2020 ^^

DI Page 18 Preview

Sat Dec 28 14:16:53 2019

Dillon has something planned and Justin ain't happy about it =3

Daddy Issues is almost coming to its end so huge thanks to everyone who has supported this comic. You will definitely be seeing more of these characters in my other comics.

Also just a little hint, I am working on a new comic as well =3 More on that later.


Big Package 2 Preview

Sat Dec 28 14:06:27 2019

That huge present has been unwrapped ^^


Tox Preview

Fri Dec 27 14:53:18 2019

Getting in the last previews for the year :D


Naughty Christmas HD Version 2

Tue Dec 24 15:57:50 2019

Version 2


Naughty Christmas HD

Tue Dec 24 15:51:46 2019

Rudolph already knows you been naughty so he came prepared.


Christmas 2019 Preview

Sat Dec 21 14:22:31 2019

Getting into that Christmas season ^^


Big Package Preview

Mon Dec 16 19:34:27 2019

The lion has gotten himself a big package to unwrap :D Full version will obviously be in the rewards. Can you guess who the Macro is?


Christmas Rex Preview

Wed Dec 11 14:01:00 2019

Getting into the Christmas spirit :D

Also comes with the "unwrapped" version


Buck Hole Preview

Sat Dec 7 13:24:33 2019

Good ol Glory hole fun :D


Orientation Day Page 20 HD

Thu Nov 28 14:05:19 2019

OK I can finally get this going again. More Bear Butt abuse for Justin ^^


D.I. Page 17 Preview

Sat Nov 23 16:18:40 2019

Well looks like Justin will get his punishment dished out first :D


Andy Streaming Color Preview

Tue Nov 19 14:11:08 2019


W_Wolf Ritual HD (Sketch)

Mon Nov 18 13:49:22 2019

This ritual requires the seed of a big werewolf (Lots of it)


Marcelo Preview

Sat Nov 16 14:05:34 2019

Towel Slip in the locker room ^^ Also includes version 2 with a raging boner


Sheriff Jail House Color Preview

Thu Nov 14 14:18:49 2019

Colored version ready to go ^^


Alpha Level Status (UPDATED)

Wed Nov 13 13:57:36 2019

OK all should be good now, thanks guys!


Question, Is the Alpha Level currently being shown as sold out to you or is it available? I want to make sure everyone is seeing the same message.

For All New Patrons

Sat Nov 9 16:07:54 2019

Please make sure you read the front page on how the rewards work and how you get access to them. All that info is there.

Horsing Around Preview

Sat Nov 9 14:28:49 2019

Some horse play


Workout Session Preview

Tue Nov 5 15:59:32 2019

He is gonna work you good ^^


Sheriff Jail House Sketch Preview

Sat Nov 2 15:56:14 2019

The Sheriff getting some jail house treatment. Maybe from one of them Rhinos :D

Full color version on the way for Alphas


D.I. Page 16 Preview

Sat Oct 26 14:59:51 2019

Finally Dillon is fully awake... and pissed. Time to dish out some punishment :D

Page 16 ready for Alpha members.


Gaytor Trucker Preview

Thu Oct 24 13:13:36 2019

Big Trucker Gator getting some glory hole head :D


Halloween 2019 Preview

Mon Oct 21 15:33:29 2019

Eat that musky werewolf booty or get torn to bits ^^ (Yup I like to draw them without tails sometimes )


Rat Sergeant Preview

Fri Oct 18 16:24:17 2019

Big Rat Sergeant uses one of the newbies to blow off some steam.


Coach Aaron Color Preview

Sun Oct 13 12:00:04 2019

Color and underwear off preview :D


Locker Room Tease Preview

Mon Oct 7 14:46:48 2019

Volkris is joining the rewards for this month :D


Daddy Issues Page 15 Preview

Thu Sep 26 13:47:04 2019

Mark looks a bit spooked :D

New page ready for the Alpha rewards.


Mizuno Preview

Sat Sep 21 18:21:00 2019

Golfing with the beast ^^


Orientation Day Page 19 HD

Thu Sep 19 15:22:49 2019

I love how the 2 comics I am working on currently have Justin getting butt plowed :D


Andy Streaming Sketch HD

Thu Sep 19 10:48:45 2019

Andy is a bit bored so maybe he is streaming for a few fans online :D

He will definitely have shorter hair like this later in the comic and we already know Andy is a big boy on both ends =3


Bull Jock Preview

Sat Sep 14 09:24:44 2019

A ton of beef with alternates


Ram Doggy Preview

Thu Sep 12 15:48:22 2019


New Coach WIP

Fri Sep 6 15:56:49 2019

Got any questions for me ? :D Colors coming soon


August Packs

Fri Sep 6 14:30:47 2019

Ok packs have been all sent out. I know I mention this in all the emails I send out but please DOWNLOAD the files to your PC. Don't save the links, download them to your pc. Do not download it to your google drive, DOWNLOAD TO YOUR PC.

I know some of you would rather keep the files in the cloud so you can access it anywhere but if for whatever reason you loose them and you don't have them backed up on your drive at home you will NOT get replacements.

For the most part isn't a major problem but I just want to make it official. If you have 3 months plus of rewards just sitting on your google drive only, you might want to correct that right away.

Important Read for EU Patrons

Thu Sep 5 18:45:01 2019

Yup I am always shitting bricks when I get these types of messages from Patreon D:

Anyway let me show you the message they send me:


Hey creator,

A new EU law is going into effect this month that will require Patreon to add an extra security step for EU patrons. This is to reduce fraud for card holders, and all companies with EU customers are required to comply.

As a result, some of your patrons may see a pop-up from their bank when pledging or updating payment methods that requests a username and password, a code sent to email or text, or any other authentication method supported by their bank. If your patrons have any questions or issues with one of these popups, it’s best to suggest that they contact their bank directly, as Patreon does not control the form.

To learn more, check out this article in our help center.

Your friends at Patreon


I am hoping this isn't going to be another huge issue and the banking Gods will have mercy D:

Grade A Beef

Wed Sep 4 11:06:08 2019

Very bottom heavy bull ^^ Colors on the way


Stripes Preview

Sun Sep 1 14:55:37 2019

Colored version is ready.


Orientation Day Page 18

Sat Aug 31 14:23:16 2019

Finally getting over this dam Flu..

Also Nestor is a dirty dog ^^


Daddy Issues Page 14 Preview

Wed Aug 21 17:05:24 2019

Uh oh Daddy is finally awake. There will be hell to pay now ^^


Adult Spy Preview

Mon Aug 19 13:44:45 2019

Well you guys voted for it so you can expect the full thing in your rewards ^^


Shark Week Color Preview

Fri Aug 16 17:33:41 2019

Color and Nude version ready.


Bear on Break Preview

Mon Aug 12 17:42:11 2019

He's got some spare time he can share with you now.


Shark Week Sk

Sat Aug 10 16:06:27 2019

I am pretty sure I'm late LOL but still have some Shark Week Booty ^^

Colors and nude version is also on the way ;0)


Rough Ride Preview

Fri Aug 9 19:31:41 2019

Rocket showing that he is also really good with a tool :D


Striped Yena Sk

Tue Aug 6 17:01:16 2019

He is on the hunt ^^ Colors coming soon


Workout Buddy Color Preview

Tue Aug 6 13:30:48 2019

Pound that big boy :D Also random big bottom bear but that is not Dillon :D


Training Preview

Sat Aug 3 14:22:52 2019

It's the start of the day and he is eager to begin his training =3


Big Horn Flex

Thu Aug 1 13:49:26 2019

A patron wanted to see my Ram in this flexing position :D

Ram_Flex_HD_NUDE.jpg Ram_Flex_HD_UND.jpg

Orientation Day Page 17 HD

Wed Jul 31 13:23:39 2019

Justin finds out Nestor got some Judo moves.


After Gym Sketch Preview

Thu Jul 25 15:09:59 2019

Tyler convinces one of his big gym buddies to spread those huge cheeks for him while no one is around :D

Full sketch for all members ^^


Daddy Issues Page 13 Preview

Tue Jul 23 14:30:01 2019

Now careful boys, you're gonna wake him up for sure this time!


Safe Bowser Preview

Sat Jul 20 13:48:08 2019

I guess this shower session will be bareback :D


Deep Impact Preview

Tue Jul 16 13:47:51 2019

More Roar and Lucario =3


Roar Preview

Sat Jul 13 18:11:14 2019


Choose a Dragon!

Thu Jul 11 21:30:20 2019

Well I am planning on working on some dragons very soon. These three definitely come to mind. Which one would you prefer to see me draw? =3

Sword Preview

Thu Jul 11 17:50:53 2019

Time for some Alpha level previews



Fri Jul 5 07:08:31 2019

Big curls and big erections =3 This one for RazorDragon117


Curls HD

Thu Jul 4 19:16:27 2019

Big curls and big erections =3 This one for RazorDragon117


Afternoon Ride

Tue Jul 2 16:11:37 2019

Great time to go for a ride. Finished pic for Dustafyer :D


Bear Shower Preview

Tue Jul 2 15:53:50 2019

It looks tight but if you squeeze around his big belly you can fit in there too =3


Please BEWARE of this Patron (UPDATED)

Tue Jul 2 11:03:40 2019

Please check out the Patron’s link below


If this person is/was pledged to you or any creator you know of PLEASE BEWARE.

This person has leaked most of my Alpha content and comics from this year. I actually gave the dude a second chance and I caught him again lol

Please keep an eye on this one especially.

I also included this link to patrons I had to block this year because of the same issue.



Eat Up Preview

Mon Jul 1 10:30:58 2019

Dillon says its time to eat up ^^


Orientation Day Page 16 HD

Thu Jun 27 17:41:13 2019

Musky bear undies in your face ^^


Shower Rub

Tue Jun 25 11:31:15 2019

Rubbing one out in the shower and maybe 3 more afterwards :D

This was a commish for another Patron. I should be getting all of them done by next month.

Big thanks to most of you who've been very patient with me =3


Daddy Issues Page 12 Preview

Sat Jun 22 13:49:12 2019

Looks like Justin is about to take the hot seat ^^


Swamp Gator

Tue Jun 18 14:09:48 2019

More Gator boys to cum ^^


Swamp Gator HD

Tue Jun 18 14:07:50 2019

More Gator dudes ^^



Sun Jun 16 10:26:03 2019

Please check out the Patron’s link below



If this person is/was pledged to you or any creator you know of PLEASE BEWARE

This person has leaked most of my Alpha content from this year to a public Image board.

This will in NO WAY interrupt my schedule of delivering my rewards to my current patrons but I am doing things different now.

If you willing leak my content so blatantly, I blow the whistle on your ass.

I will later on include a link to the patrons I had to block this year because of that.

I really do bust my ass and spend the time getting this content ready and up to standards for people willing to dig into their wallets and support my art. So I am not going to simply ignore this anymore.



Sat Jun 15 15:55:55 2019

:D I could not resist


Gaytor Preview

Fri Jun 14 12:58:49 2019

He is gonna show you some southern hospitality


Strip Down Preview

Thu Jun 13 14:25:55 2019

Time to give this wolf a cavity search :D


Just a few updates

Wed Jun 12 13:35:55 2019

Working hard on the next page of Daddy Issue along with Orientation Day ^^

Also getting more of these past commissions ready this week.

Jock Elephant Preview

Sat Jun 8 18:30:27 2019

Huge lewd Elephant wants to feel some tongue :D~~

Here is the colored version!


Aaron_Tyler Workout Preview

Thu Jun 6 16:09:15 2019

Aaron and Tyler love going hard in the gym, during and after the workout :D



Tue Jun 4 19:47:40 2019

Looks like he is ready for another round or 6 ^^

For this green Rat dude I know ;0)


Da King HD ALT

Wed May 29 14:28:53 2019

This version for Masters and Up ^^


Da King HD

Wed May 29 14:25:27 2019

Gonna go see it tomorrow :D Super psyched


Daddy Issues Page 11 Preview

Mon May 27 17:35:55 2019

Here comes Mark with the dick move :D


Towering Ram HD

Sun May 26 08:43:29 2019

Macro Ram hopes you are enjoying the view ^^


Foxy Boy Preview

Thu May 23 13:23:58 2019

Time to handle that joy stick!


Kass POV Preview

Mon May 20 15:29:38 2019

He needs your help unloading his luggage.


Orientation Day Page 15 HD

Mon May 20 13:53:53 2019

The predator has claimed his prey :D Also poor Justin heh.


All Talk (HD)

Sun May 19 12:50:40 2019

That is a lot of ass to handle :D Good luck and don't disappoint him.



Sat May 18 21:45:58 2019

Commission work featuring Samson taking that sexy unicorn Julius for a rough ride while the others wait their turn :D

Working on the other commissions and getting the next page of Daddy ready *Sweats*


Daddy Bear SK HD

Sat May 18 11:48:38 2019

Use that pretty mouth and tongue to show Daddy Bear some love :D

Dillon is such a perv =3


Mac Bunny SK

Fri May 17 22:06:04 2019

Andy is Macro sized again and looming over you ^^


Shep HD Preview

Wed May 15 15:42:28 2019

Full color version for all levels ^^


Get those keys (Preview)

Tue May 14 14:15:05 2019

Focus and get those keys! Ignore everything else :D


Fox Preview

Wed May 8 13:10:52 2019

Got some McCloud on the way but here is the sketch preview for now ^^


Shepherd Flex SK HD

Wed May 1 13:23:24 2019

While I get your rewards ready, enjoy some flexing German Shepherd :D


High Rise

Tue Apr 30 10:33:33 2019

Got to love the view ^^ This one for Drake Burciaga

Thanks for being so patient :D


Trucker Rest Stop Preview

Thu Apr 25 14:20:46 2019

Ever pulled it out in your car to get attention or just to be adventurous? :D


Daddy Issues Page 10 Preview

Wed Apr 24 14:21:32 2019

I wonder what those two are up to? ^^

Daddy issues page 10 is finally ready :D


Scor_Easter HD

Sun Apr 21 18:28:08 2019

Scor is playing the Easter bunny this year and the new comer is already getting himself into trouble :D


Window Dragon Preview

Thu Apr 18 15:08:07 2019

If you look up at his window you will get a great view.


Public Coon Preview Sketch

Tue Apr 16 13:42:24 2019

Coon trucker rubbing one out may have gotten the attention of some bigger critters :D

Color also on the way for Alphas.


Sheriff Preview

Tue Apr 16 11:56:23 2019

Color version for Alphas on the way ^^


Boshi HD

Wed Apr 10 10:59:07 2019

Boshi got that huge ass too ^^

For LunarWolf21


Frat Buck Preview

Mon Apr 8 19:24:47 2019

Drunk Frat Buck says bring it on ^^


Beat The Monkey (Some more) HD

Mon Apr 8 10:24:01 2019

Big Tiger wants everyone to hear how slutty their roommate is :D


Run down Motel HD

Sat Apr 6 15:12:02 2019

Run down motel room jerk :D

Also I don't draw Boars very often.

Boar_Jerk_HD.jpg Boar%20Jerk%20HD.jpg

Busy Ram

Wed Apr 3 14:59:48 2019

Yup working on getting the rewards ready AND working on your commissions. If you haven't gotten a WIP yet just please be patient. I am working on them.

Rough Bucks Preview

Mon Mar 25 18:32:29 2019

The next page of Daddy issues will not be ready for March. The page is almost done but I don't want to rush it so it will be in next month's rewards for sure.

For now I threw in some Buck Bros roughing it out ^^


Score Color Preview

Sun Mar 24 17:22:14 2019

You can score easy with this bunny ;0)


Kovu Invite Color Preview

Thu Mar 21 14:02:49 2019

Now in full color.


Workout Buddy Preview

Sat Mar 16 14:38:44 2019

Kass found himself a great work out buddy and decided to take a selfie ^^

2 Versions to this pictures ;)


Big Wolf Sketch

Sat Mar 16 08:09:57 2019

Big white wolf saved you a seat :D


Score Preview

Tue Mar 12 13:59:38 2019

Do you think you can score with this bunny ? :D

Color version for Alphas is on the way.


Panther Sketch

Mon Mar 11 13:34:13 2019

He wants your help with something.


Raptor Paddock Preview

Sat Mar 9 14:32:35 2019

Enter at your own risk :D


Kovu Preview

Fri Mar 8 09:42:53 2019

Spread Lion cheeks :D Colored version for Alphas on the way.


Bullseye Preview

Thu Mar 7 19:18:30 2019

You hit the target but also everything else.


Orientation Day Page 14

Mon Mar 4 21:55:26 2019

This page was pretty late. February was SUPER busy for me :P

Orientation_Day_Page_14_HD.jpg Orientation%20Day%20Page%2014%20HD.jpg

WIP Sketch 1

Mon Feb 25 14:41:29 2019

Working on getting the Commission WIP sketches out for approval. This is one of them ^^

Also PLEASE do NOT start messaging me asking for updates. You can be certain I am working on your art and when your sample sketch is ready, you will get it.


Daddy Issues Page 9 Preview

Sun Feb 24 18:07:57 2019

Looks like Justin is pushing his luck ^^


Baloo Twirk

Sat Feb 23 14:16:29 2019

Shake that huge booty Papa Bear :D


Transit Head Preview

Fri Feb 22 14:11:13 2019

Freshman gets a little transit head on the way to campus. You just need a mostly empty bus and that right bus driver :D

Can you tell he got more than he expected? =3


Twink Bunny Preview

Wed Feb 20 17:26:02 2019

Marcelo will love this view :D


Beefy Tauntaun Preview

Mon Feb 18 21:43:08 2019

This guy was fun to draw ^^


Blue Husky Preview

Wed Feb 13 14:17:05 2019

Can you guess who the muscle husky is? ^^

Full picture goes out to all levels. Alternates for Masters and Alphas.


Diego Preview

Tue Feb 12 13:27:46 2019


Commissions 2019 Batch 1 (Closed)

Fri Feb 8 18:57:28 2019

Ok I will have to close off slots from this point on. As soon as I get through my list I will open slots again and as usual, Patrons will be the first to know.

Thanks guys!

Commission Info 2019

Fri Feb 8 11:35:05 2019

I am opening commissions with limited slots to all Patrons first then the public later.

All Patrons will have priority to the available slots over none Patron members.

If you are at the Master Level and upwards you can get a discount on the prices.

Be warned though, in order to keep my workload efficient and not go insane, I will be opening very limited slots and I have to approve your idea before you get the slot.

Basically as long as the commission and character is not overly complicated you are good.

Interested? just send me a SHORT SUMMARIZED note with your idea AND ref links the character(s) you want to use. I will let you know if you are approved for a slot.

Apart from that, February's previews are on the way.


Patreon Commission Information.

Fri Feb 8 11:27:31 2019

Ok guys I am opening commissions here first. I will be posting the public commission sheet to FA soon but these are the prices for Alpha and Master members only.

JR. Members get the regular prices but all Patrons have priority to the available slots over none Patron members.

Be warned though, in order to keep my workload efficient and not go insane, I will be opening very limited slots and I have to approve your idea before you get the slot.

Basically as long as the commission and character is not overly complicated you are good.

Interested? just send me a SHORT SUMMARIZED note with your idea AND ref links the character(s) you want to use. I will let you know if you are approved for a slot.

Apart from that, February's previews are on the way.


January Rewards

Tue Feb 5 19:53:08 2019

Ok guys Patreon was just a bit slow processing pledges so just waiting a bit to see if most go through. Packs have already started going out but everyone who was processed should have it by the 7th the latest.

There were very few declines this month so hoping they all go through by tomorrow :D

Orientation Day Page 13 HD

Sat Jan 26 13:53:15 2019

Alpha wolf is here to keep his pack in check ^^ Also yes Andy and Marcelo are finally in the same room :D

Orientation_Day_Page_13_HD.jpg Orientation%20Day%20Page%2013%20HD.jpg

DI Page 8 Preview

Wed Jan 23 14:06:42 2019

Page 8 is ready and going out with the rewards for this month ^^


Spyro Dungeon Preview

Sun Jan 20 19:16:58 2019


Beach Butt Preview

Tue Jan 15 13:21:36 2019

Can you guess who that big lion butt belongs to? ^^

This reward is for all levels.


Husky Jerk Color Preview

Mon Jan 14 12:10:22 2019

Thicc Husky back again


Slayer Preview

Fri Jan 11 17:34:48 2019

These Dragon slayers are not very good at their jobs :P


Foxy Tease Preview

Fri Jan 4 14:25:32 2019

Naughty Fox Dude ^^


Wild Stallion Ride Preview

Thu Jan 3 13:55:42 2019

A really wild Ride ^^ Time to show you what you can expect for January.


# 1 Bear Dad

Wed Jan 2 17:23:39 2019

OK time to get this train moving again ^^ I am working on the new pages as we speak but for now you get access to all 7 pages I have done so far, High Def.

Regular res versions will be posted on FA but only 1-7

Pages 8 and upwards until the comic is complete will be Alpha only content.

You can expect Page 8 to be included in the January rewards.

Follow the link and as usual, download the files ASAP. Links don't stay active indefinitely.



Spark Invitation

Tue Jan 1 21:00:12 2019

Hope you guys had a happy new year ^^ January Previews are on the way but this is just to let you know, my old Poke Pack 7 is available again for purchase along with the old 2018 Patreon rewards.

You can easily just add the amount to your current pledge and that way you get the current rewards and any past ones you ordered at the same time. Just make sure you bring it to my attention first.

If you are an existing Alpha client and missed out on the PokePack or any of the past Patreon 2018 rewards there is definitely a discount for you.

Message me for more details.


Thicc Husky Jerk SK

Fri Dec 28 14:37:25 2018

Some more beefy husky. Hope you guys had a great Christmas ^^


Orientation Day Page 12

Sat Dec 22 17:00:23 2018

Justin is a feisty little bitch isn't he ^^ It's like two big males competing for the right to mate =3

Orientation_Day_Page_12_HD.jpg Orientation%20Day%20Page%2012%20HD.jpg

Get Closer V2

Thu Dec 20 14:47:43 2018

Now he's got something for you to take care of.

Get_Closer_V2.jpg Get%20Closer%20V2.jpg

Get Closer

Thu Dec 20 14:39:17 2018

He insists that you take a closer look ^^

Get_Closer_V1.jpg Get%20Closer%20V1.jpg

Closer look (Lines)

Sat Dec 15 15:02:48 2018

He wants you to get a much closer look.


Caught you Staring (Nude) HD

Fri Dec 14 18:30:29 2018

He is huge on both ends. How could you not stare :D


Caught you Staring HD (Underwear)

Fri Dec 14 18:25:37 2018

Them some tight shorts.


Caught you Staring Color

Fri Dec 14 18:22:33 2018

Checking out that Rottie thickness :D

Remember Alpha Patrons see the entire pic and the underwear version ^^


Caught you staring (Lines)

Mon Dec 10 15:12:39 2018

You seem really distracted today ^^ Those shorts can barely contain him :D

Color/No shorts version is on the way.


Beating the Monkey HD

Wed Dec 5 13:59:17 2018

HD version ^^ Monkey boy gets it rough and deep for mouthing off.


Beating the Monkey

Wed Dec 5 13:56:06 2018

You make sure you beat that monkey good :D


Caught you staring (Sketch)

Tue Nov 27 10:50:35 2018

Super Thicc Rottie caught you staring again :D Some insomnia sketch for you guys. This will most likely be colored later next month.


Exile vs Steele Preview

Tue Nov 20 13:39:21 2018

Steele and Exile now in full color ^^

November’s rewards will be my last Patreon rewards for 2018. I am going to be taking a little “break” for December but I will be back at it in January 2019.

If you like, you can pause your patronage for December but if you would like to give me some holiday pay I will not be opposed to that at all :D

Apart from taking a much needed break I will still be working on content and ideas for 2019. You should see an updated splash page and finally Icons for the different pledge levels. You will definitely be seeing more of my comics including the continuation of Daddy Issues, Orientation Day and other small projects you didn’t even know about ;)

Not much of an actual break but it’s all good.

It has been a great year even with that huge processing issue that cost me a lot of patrons. I am very happy and appreciative to the ones that stuck with me, especially the ones who kept their patronage rock solid from the very start up to now.

I will definitely be pushing to make things bigger and better for you guys in 2019 :D


Bear Back Lockers 2 Preview 2

Sat Nov 17 14:35:01 2018

The Huge bear butt about to get roughed up ^^ Version 2


Orientation Day Page 11

Sat Nov 17 13:49:09 2018

Justin loves giving bear hugs :D


Entei Preview

Tue Nov 13 14:21:32 2018

Entei in all his glory ^^ Finally colored.


Exile_Steele Sk Preview

Fri Nov 9 16:07:03 2018

Well I don't think I ever seen these two together ^^ Color version for Alphas is on the way.


Spots Preview

Thu Nov 8 15:04:55 2018

Color version for all Levels.


Bear Back Lockers 2 Preview

Mon Nov 5 18:16:39 2018

Ready for more Bear Back action :D This has at least 4 version including a second character.


Russell Presents Color Preview

Sat Nov 3 15:50:36 2018

Jr. and Master Levels getting a bump up in rewards. You will start getting colored pics not posted in my public galleries.


Dal Booty Sketch

Fri Nov 2 16:33:44 2018

Still teasing and wants more ^^ I might just draw more of him. Colored version coming soon for all Levels for November. Check the attachment for proper HD version.

Dal_Booty_Sketch_.jpg Dal%20Booty%20Sketch%20.jpg

Orientation Day Page 11 Preview

Thu Nov 1 17:56:04 2018

Had a last minute change I wanted to do so the page is delayed slightly. It won't be in the rewards for October but I will be posting it this month. Alpha members as usual will get it first then shortly after everyone else.

Also have some good news on "Daddy Issues" but those details for later ^^


Full Moon 3

Thu Oct 25 20:52:07 2018

Musky wolf balls in your face for Halloween :D

Alternate versions will be included in the rewards for Master and Alpha tiers this month.


Bubba_Spyro Color Preview

Mon Oct 22 20:52:16 2018

Color version is ready. Also just for the pose, I left out his wings for this one.


Orientation Day Page 10

Fri Oct 19 20:09:06 2018

And here comes Justin to keep things civilized :D


Bubba_Spyro Preview

Wed Oct 17 13:37:21 2018

Colored version is also on the way ^^


Yosh Color Preview

Tue Oct 16 14:56:08 2018

Colored version is ready to go ^^


Drill Sargent 2 Preview

Sat Oct 13 14:49:32 2018

Same bunny from a few rewards ago doing more drills with his stallion roommate.


Want some Mate?

Thu Oct 11 14:15:35 2018

You might be getting more Donuts than you bargained for in this pack ^^


Lightning Preview

Mon Oct 8 12:15:21 2018

He wants to share a donut with you :D


Orientation Day Page 9

Sat Oct 6 19:01:10 2018

You don't want to be in the passenger seat if Nestor is driving. Also crotch shot, I could not resist.


Bowser Tease Preview

Sat Oct 6 16:45:11 2018

More of the Yosh. Full color coming soon.


Pages 9-10 Preview

Wed Sep 26 14:30:14 2018

Looks like they made it to the Dorms. Now will Nestor make a move or be a good dog and keep it in his pants? :D

Remember Alpha rewards include early access to these two pages.


Bowser Shower Preview

Wed Sep 19 14:10:13 2018

Pressed up against that shower glass :D~~


Poke Tease Preview

Sun Sep 16 15:31:54 2018

A lot to tease with ^^


Orientation Day Page 8

Sat Sep 15 16:58:54 2018

Lets hope they get there safely :D


Bowser Shower Preview

Wed Sep 12 15:09:00 2018

Colored version is on the way ^^


Ready 2 Ride

Mon Sep 10 13:39:26 2018

Another Wild stallion needs taming ^^ Doggy from last month's rewards.


Spyro Preview

Sun Sep 9 14:43:06 2018

Everyone knows this dragon ^^


Hung Husky Preview

Sat Sep 8 14:59:23 2018

There is a LOT of husky there.


A little Note

Fri Sep 7 11:50:21 2018

Ok there is someone in the Alpha group who Keeps cropping pics from my Alpha rewards and using them as Icons on a Tumbler Image Board.

I am asking you only once, please Stop doing that.

Thicc Husky 1

Thu Sep 6 14:19:10 2018

Now in full color ^^ Version 2 will reveal what those shorts are hiding and will be included in the rewards for September.



Sun Sep 2 12:21:16 2018

I will be opening commissions very soon but only for Alpha Members for now. I will keep you guys posted.

Important Info.

Sat Sep 1 18:05:22 2018

Well almost every time I get information from Patreon to pass on to my patrons it is never the best news.

As you may know by now, the huge cluster f%$# that took place at the last cycle with declines was the result of Patreon moving some of its financial processing to the UK.

From what I gather they did this so they could process pledges going to "Adult Content" creators. That is good but apparently there might be an international processing fee some patrons will see -_-

Here is a copy of what they sent me:


You may be aware that last month there were some issues with declined payments, and confusion caused by patrons seeing a new descriptor on their bank account. We’ve been working hard to limit the amount of disturbance you might experience this month.

To give you more info, we’ve started working with multiple payment processors to be able to continue successfully processing adult content creators. As a result, we moved the processing for adult creators to the UK. Unfortunately, this means some of your patrons may see a 3% international processing fee for their pledge. This is determined by their bank, not by Patreon, and every bank treats these things differently which makes it hard for us to assess who will be affected.

Here’s some information to share with your patrons in case an issue arises.

If your patrons are having any trouble, here’s what they can do:

  1. If their bank suspects that the Patreon payment is fraudulent, a patron can call up their bank to confirm the payment is theirs and genuine.
  2. If their payment failed, they can follow these steps or switch to a different payment method. (https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203913799-Why-did-my-payment-decline-How-do-I-retry-my-payment-)
  3. If they are seeing an international processing fee, they can switch their pledge to a different bank that doesn’t charge for international payments.
  4. They can reach out to the Patreon support team to get account specific help.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. We’ll reach out via email to any patron who receives a “declined” payment with info on what they can do and how.
  2. We will continue Patreon’s proactive practice of retrying payments throughout the month.


That is pretty much it for now guys. August rewards are just around the corner.

Thicc Husky Sketch

Sat Aug 25 17:00:09 2018

Some Thicc sweaty husky ^^ Do you guys want to see more body types like this?


Doki Color

Fri Aug 24 14:38:27 2018


Orientation Day Page 7

Thu Aug 23 17:53:02 2018

Can you tell Nestor might be a really bad driver? Also touchy touch ^^


Kovu_Simba Preview

Wed Aug 22 14:31:40 2018

Kovu is getting it rough today ^^


George WIP

Tue Aug 21 20:19:18 2018

Man finally got around to doing a sketch of George. You guys like it?

If you do I will finish this one and draw more. If not who would you like to see me draw? ^^


Leaky Stallion Preview

Mon Aug 20 14:31:54 2018

With this stallion you never need lube ^^


Doki WIP

Sat Aug 18 17:56:40 2018

For Kenneth Coventry Colored version coming soon ^^


Terry Preview

Thu Aug 16 16:35:12 2018

This will also include a nude version ^^


Orientation Day Page 6

Wed Aug 15 16:28:52 2018

Hey Nestor don't get any ideas now :D


Panther Preview

Wed Aug 15 13:11:32 2018

Underwear and Butt version for All Levels ^^


Dillon Drill

Mon Aug 13 15:02:07 2018

The best thing about watching Dillon pound away is seeing that huge bear butt shake ^^

Animated Version and HD picture included for Master Level and Up.


July Rewards

Fri Aug 10 22:36:37 2018

I see a few more payments went through today so more rewards were sent out. Please remember to check if your pledge finally got through, if you haven' t gotten your rewards yet.

This is for July Rewards only

August previews are on the way

Orientation Day Page 5

Tue Aug 7 13:58:52 2018

And here comes Nestor ^^


Doggy Morning

Mon Aug 6 16:28:12 2018

It will be a Good Morning indeed ^^


July Rewards/Patreon Issues

Sun Aug 5 13:22:57 2018

Well it looks like a few more pledges got approved but there is still a high number of declines. Remember if your pledges are not going through, you might have to call your bank. Hopefully that will clear things up because having to change your Paypal or use a different card is BS.

This is a Great website but they really should have given folks a heads up if they were making a move like this.

Anyway things got delayed just slightly. You guys will be getting your rewards on August 6th(Tomorrow) rather than the 5th as usual.

By the end of that Day everyone who got approved should have their rewards. Remember if your pledge for July gets approved anytime during this month, please let me know. I will get your rewards to you right away rather than waiting for the next cycle so you need to keep checking.

Thank you all for your patience and support. Lets all hope Patreon does not drop the ball again like they just did :P

Patreon Issues

Thu Aug 2 17:35:43 2018

Yup apparently Patreon is dealing with some big issues relating to card transactions and declines. I know about the problem in general. I am waiting to get more info.

But yah a LOT of my pledges didn't go through. I think Creators will definitely take a hit this month.

Orientation Day 5-7

Sat Jul 28 16:45:42 2018

3 Pages are ready to go for July's Rewards :D


Orientation Day Page 4

Thu Jul 26 14:42:44 2018

OK NOW the comic has officially started :D


Wolf_Fox Color Preview

Wed Jul 25 13:31:26 2018

Color version finally finished.


Handle it 2 Preview

Sun Jul 22 16:46:54 2018

That drunk college Buck found a friendly drunk Stallion to sit on :D

Spooge version included.


Orientation Day Page 3

Fri Jul 20 14:24:36 2018

Come on Mathew, you know you need at least several more rounds to calm down that angry dick ^^


Husky Glass

Sat Jul 14 13:51:07 2018

Big husky butts pressed up against glass shower doors ^^


Orientation Day Page 2

Wed Jul 11 11:42:41 2018

Mathew was really holding that in. Also nice ass ^^


Orientation Day Page 1

Wed Jul 11 11:38:34 2018

Mathew getting them dirty thoughts out his head :D


Shower Time Preview

Tue Jul 10 14:43:29 2018

This well used Beagle now needs a shower. Also includes a non-spooge version and a condom version =3


Wolf_Fox Preview

Mon Jul 9 16:50:18 2018

He knows you been craving it Fox, just drop the act :D

Sketch version for All levels. Colored version and Alternates will follow soon for Alphas .


Dragon Invite Preview

Sat Jul 7 15:02:20 2018

You are invited :D


June Rewards Sent

Fri Jul 6 12:13:08 2018

Ok all the rewards have been sent out. If you haven't gotten yours yet AND your pledge was already processed, just send me a note and I will get you sorted out.

Thanks again for another successful month guys!

OD Preview

Fri Jun 29 18:43:44 2018

Just a final reminder that Alpha members get all 4 pages with their rewards. Goodies go out on July 5th


Color Preview

Wed Jun 20 14:51:38 2018

Full color and spooge version included ^^


OD June Rewards

Mon Jun 18 15:50:56 2018

Now then, 4 pages will be ready for July's release. If you are current Alpha member then you will get all pages included in your June rewards (goes out July 5th)

So depending on the number of pages planned for a month, the Alpha membership gets you all of them with your rewards.

Everyone will still get ALL of the pages planned for that given month. Alpha members just get them all at the beginning of the month.

By the end of the month everyone will have all the pages and will be updated.

I want to keep this comic available to everyone who wants to read it.

However I got to have the perks for the super fans willing to dig into their pockets and support me :D

Any questions? Let me know ^^


Comic Teaser

Mon Jun 18 15:31:36 2018

Ok it is time :D Well ALMOST. I will start posting pages by July 6th on my FA Account. The HD versions will be here for All Patrons to download as I post them.

Now I will try to give you guys 3-4 pages every month. That is pretty much one page per week depending on how many pages I have ready for that month.

I will explain the Alpha perks in the next upload shortly after this one.

As I said before Orientation Day picks up where Face2Face left off. The first 3 pages were originally going to be special pages only for Alpha members. However I decided to fully include them into the comic so everyone can eventually see them (Mathew's shower scene :D )


Purple Wuff Daddy Preview

Sat Jun 16 18:12:10 2018

He is getting attacked by a big purple wolf daddy ^^


Z Preview

Sat Jun 16 18:09:22 2018

Opps had to post this again.


Bernard_Dudley Preview

Thu Jun 14 17:33:31 2018

Colored version is on the way ^^


Otter Locker Preview

Thu Jun 7 15:05:39 2018

Some Otter dude finds himself pinned under a horny Ram :D

Time to start the previews for June.


May Rewards

Wed Jun 6 13:57:25 2018

Ok all the rewards have been sent out :D

If you have already been processed and you haven't gotten the rewards yet just send me a note.

More stuff is on the way for June and Orientation Day :0)

Aaron Roo Butt

Sun May 27 13:11:46 2018

A butt shot this time. Everyone will get the HD version with their rewards. Alphas also get the nude version.

Remember you have to get your pledge in BEFORE the 1st of the next month if you want This month's rewards.

Note He has a lollipop in his mouth.


Dance Tigers 2 Preview

Fri May 25 14:15:40 2018

Looks like the boys got a little rowdy on stage. I don't think the audience minds though ^^


Tyler Ref Sheet Preview

Thu May 24 13:33:15 2018

Drawn him in packs a few times. I think I will turn him into a regular. For now his name is Tyler ^^


Boss Bear 2 Preview

Wed May 23 14:08:58 2018

Nude Bear Version



Sat May 19 16:50:16 2018

Just letting you guys know if you already been charged for April and you have not received your rewards yet please let me know.

Kangaroo Aaron

Fri May 18 15:16:57 2018

Bringing back Aaron's Kangaroo form ^^

Roo_Aaron_.jpg Roo%20Aaron%20HD.jpg

Bearback Locker Preview

Thu May 17 18:09:40 2018

This huge bear secretly loves making smaller Doms have their way with his ass :D Also no this is not Dillon.


Lion Lockers Preview

Sat May 12 12:55:19 2018

Plus a Nude and M/M version.


Wake up Marcelo Preview

Wed May 9 14:53:04 2018

Looks like you woke him up. Now what are you going to do? ^^


Andy Couch Preview

Tue May 8 14:27:21 2018

Time to start teasing with some Orientation Day themed art :D Andy's big butt is centerfold yet again.


April Rewards and Other stuff

Sun May 6 14:17:54 2018

Ok April Rewards have been sent out. As usual a big thanks to all of you for your support !

I've already started on the rewards for May so I will have some previews of that coming very soon.

For Orientation Day I can safely say you will start seeing pages by July. MAYBE June but to stay on the safe side, lets say July ;0)

I will be posting it both here and on FA. All patrons will of course get the HD versions with their monthly rewards.

Also remember Alphas will be getting 3-4 pages more than everyone else and will have access to random Color art surrounding that comic. So something to keep in mind.

LOTS of work to be done! But I am on it :D

Boss Bear

Sun May 6 14:01:51 2018

Patreon rewards for Teddo G Bear ^^ Thanks for the big support dude.

HD version along with the Nude version will go out in the May Rewards Pack.


Get Tuff Preview

Wed Apr 25 19:43:42 2018

Time to get Tuff


Rocket_Ohare 2 Preview

Mon Apr 23 19:07:18 2018

Rocket about to have some angry revenge sex. Bunny is gonna get it :D


Sleeping Dad Preview

Fri Apr 20 15:15:45 2018

Now in color =3 and no undies.


Drunk Husky

Thu Apr 19 14:10:13 2018

You brought him home and got him drunk. Now take care of this before he makes a bigger mess on the couch.

HD version for Everyone ^^ Just download the attached version.

Thanks for all the support guys!

Drunk_Husky_RQ.jpg Drunk%20Husky%20HD.jpg

Sleeping Mathew Sketch

Sun Apr 15 18:45:32 2018

Daddy bunn is asleep. Try not to wake him ^^


Lifeguard Preview

Sat Apr 14 18:36:16 2018

Buckley is on Duty ;)


Grey Preview

Thu Apr 12 15:28:26 2018


Ass Up Preview

Wed Apr 11 15:32:21 2018

Sketch version of this will be available to all levels too ^^


Take a Hit Bro Preview

Sun Apr 8 16:24:46 2018

Take a hit, after you're done hitting that :D Follow up to that old pic I did not too far back.


College Ass Preview

Fri Apr 6 17:10:52 2018

Well lets start with the previews for April then ^^


Rewards Sent out. (Update)

Fri Apr 6 17:08:52 2018

OK rewards for all levels have been sent out since yesterday. For SOME reason I am getting a bunch of "Failed to deliver" replies from Gmail today, especially for the Jr. Section.

If you are at the JR. Level and you haven't gotten your email yet please check your spam folder or make sure you cleared away old messages.

OK there is Definitely some sort of issue with emails. Sit tight guys I working on getting this resolved right now.

Update 2

Ok guys, check your PM, All JR members should be good now.

Easter Bunny Mathew

Sun Apr 1 14:48:41 2018

I got Mathew to play the Easter Bunny this year :D

Find all those eggs and put them in that basket (You might get a little wet)

Easter_Bunny_RQ.jpg Easter%20Bunny%20RQ.jpg

Previous Rewards

Sat Mar 31 22:12:38 2018

If you missed out on any previous month's rewards(Patreon 2018 ONLY), you can include the cost of the missed rewards into your current pledge.

That way you will get both rewards on the next cycle. Afterwards you can change your pledge amount back to the normal rate.

Just send me a Private Message here First so I can make a note of it.

Russel Twirk Color Preview (Nude)

Thu Mar 29 10:38:28 2018

This one is for the Alpha Dogs :D


Russel Twirk Sketch

Thu Mar 29 10:36:22 2018

The support so far has just been outstanding, thanks guys! Trying to squeeze in some extra content before April.

My husky boy Russel showing his big booty can challenge any bunny ^^

All Levels get the HD version of this and the "Nude" version.

Alphas get the Full color version.


Guil_Char Preview

Thu Mar 22 17:54:26 2018

A little animation this time in color ^^ Full pic will be included as well.

Master and Alpha Level


Hung Foxy Sketch

Wed Mar 21 19:51:06 2018

I'm working on a more refined sketch style pic. All levels can expect more refined,shaded sketches like this along with the regular ones.

First rewards upgrade yo :D


Bogo_Nick Color

Mon Mar 19 15:23:06 2018

Here comes the colors.



Fri Mar 16 09:51:24 2018

Nick and Buffalo Butt are up to mischief again.


Drill Sargent Color Preview

Thu Mar 15 16:57:00 2018

Taking it like a champ, taking it like a bunny!


Backroom Deals Preview

Tue Mar 13 16:08:44 2018

Hope I have some Quitela Fans =3


Andy Hump Preview

Mon Mar 12 18:55:13 2018

Got this one in color too. I wonder who's strong hand that is =3


Previous Rewards

Wed Mar 7 19:00:57 2018

If you missed out on any previous month's rewards(Patreon 2018 ONLY), you can include the cost of the missed rewards into your current pledge.

That way you will get both rewards on the next cycle. Afterwards you can change your pledge amount back to the normal rate.

Just send me a Private Message here First so I can make a note of it.

Games with Dad Preview

Wed Mar 7 18:15:11 2018

When Mom is away, Daddy wants to play :D

Alpha content for March


Drill Sargent

Mon Mar 5 13:50:42 2018

He knows yanking a bunny's ears make them clench harder :3


Dance Tiger

Sat Mar 3 18:43:48 2018

Giving you a very close up view :D


Orientation Day Preview

Thu Mar 1 21:20:26 2018

First of all big thanks to every patron supporting me!

Orientation Day is definitely in the works so I can start teasing a few samples :D

Still LOTS of work to be done but you will start seeing pages very soon ^^

Orientation Day is a comic I have been working on and basically picks up where Face2Face left off. Andy is off to college and finally meets Marcelo along with many other characters. It will definitely be focused around Andy's relationship with Marcelo, his dad and all the hijinks and drama that follows.

You guys will love it so stay tuned^^

February's rewards go out by the 5th the latest.

And of course I am getting your March rewards ready =3


Flame Color Preview

Sat Feb 24 12:54:12 2018

February rewards going out very soon ^^


Leomon Preview V2

Wed Feb 21 15:48:30 2018

Version 2 of course.



Tue Feb 20 15:31:30 2018

A proper presentation ^^ Color version on the way for Alphas. Everyone else gets the full sketched version.


Fill Him Up

Mon Feb 19 17:31:44 2018

Too much on Pump 2!


Deer Tease Preview

Thu Feb 15 16:39:47 2018


Leo Color Preview

Mon Feb 12 22:16:37 2018

Now in color ^^


Mewtwo color Preview

Thu Feb 8 14:04:50 2018

Color Preview of Alpha Members ^^


Previous Rewards

Tue Feb 6 12:31:27 2018

If you missed out on any previous month's rewards(Patreon 2018 ONLY), you can buy them directly from me as an Image Pack as long as you are a current Patron.

Just send me a Private Message here and I will get you sorted out.

Leo Sketch

Mon Feb 5 13:40:16 2018

Working on this sketch ^^ Colors to come soon.


SolG Preview

Sat Feb 3 17:06:46 2018


January Rewards

Fri Feb 2 12:29:33 2018

Ok guys Patreon has done their thing. I am getting the packages ready for email now. You guys will start receiving your emails from tomorrow ( Feb 3rd) to the 5th. Emails go only to the address you registered with Patreon.

BIG hugs to everyone who pledged and I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you this month :D

Mew2 Preview

Thu Feb 1 15:55:35 2018

Colored version on the way.


Ready for It

Thu Feb 1 15:42:38 2018

You been giving permission to wreck it ^^

Ok so Patreon has started processing the pledges for January. I am also starting to the get packages ready . By the 5th everyone should have the rewards in their emails.

So time to start showing you what to expect for this month ^^


Kass Workout V2

Sat Jan 27 09:29:47 2018

There is the "shorts too tight" version and the "No shorts version" ^^

Also this is a bit annoying but I notice I have been getting a LOT of fake $1 pledges from inactive or banned accounts. Don't know what that is about but already emailed Patreon about it.


Indo-Rex Preview

Fri Jan 26 15:25:44 2018

This wraps up the rewards for January! Already working on February's content ^^

As Patreon finishes its processing of pledges, I will email the rewards out(usually between the 1st and 5th of February)


Oh Deer

Wed Jan 24 19:49:07 2018

Girly subs who just happen to be hung :D


Toranar Sketch

Mon Jan 22 17:07:44 2018

Gift sketch this time around for Toranar ^^ Everyone will get the High res version of this in January rewards as well.


Rocket (Color)

Fri Jan 19 13:36:01 2018

Colored version and Alternate ^^


Flower Bull

Mon Jan 15 16:03:50 2018

Such a big sweet guy :D Alphas should be very happy with their rewards this month =3


Rocket Sketch

Sun Jan 14 00:43:59 2018

The more cartoon version this time ^^ Underwear and No Underwear


Daddy Wolf Bernard

Thu Jan 11 19:43:35 2018

Daddy wolf needs some attention.


Big Gentle Bull

Tue Jan 9 11:18:33 2018

He is such a big sweetheart ^^

Full sketch goes out to all members. Alphas of course will get the full Colored version.


Kass Workout

Mon Jan 8 16:03:06 2018

Kass wants a workout partner ^^


Andy Butt Sketch

Wed Jan 3 17:12:22 2018

Andy needs an intense butt massage ^^


Ground & Pound Preview

Tue Jan 2 18:49:42 2018

He never stands a chance against ground type :D More Alpha content for January.


Dance Tiger Strip Show Sketch

Mon Jan 1 15:58:12 2018

Sketchy dance Tiger ^^ All levels will get this. Color version to come later on


Lux Jock

Wed Dec 27 14:27:06 2017

Some of the goodies you can expect for January ^^

As usual the rewards go out after Patreon has finished processing patrons. (Usually by the 2nd or 3rd of the next month)

Also remember to check the Tier. This is top tier Alpha level content.

Lux_Preview_Full.jpg Lux%20Preview%20Full.jpg