January 2018 Artpack

PatronPack1-31-18.zip (d)


Wed Oct 21 02:10:42 2020




Sat Oct 10 00:03:23 2020




Fri Oct 9 00:24:01 2020




Sat Oct 3 00:31:47 2020




Sun Sep 27 23:55:35 2020


More digimon-themed stream commissions!

https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg https_picarto.tv_images_socials_socials-cover.jpg


Wed Aug 19 23:51:12 2020




Thu Aug 13 00:50:04 2020




Wed Aug 12 00:32:11 2020




Tue Jul 21 22:05:08 2020




Thu Jul 16 22:21:20 2020




Wed Jul 15 00:00:30 2020




Fri Jul 3 02:10:06 2020




Wed Jul 1 20:49:07 2020




Mon Jun 29 23:02:52 2020



Sat Jun 20 19:48:54 2020

Doing Daddification stream commissions!

Get your favorite r34 character, sona, or OC Daddified! $60 for a sketch like you see in the image, $100 for animation-cel flat colors, $140 for cel-shading.

Discounts for members of my Patreon!

Gonna be streaming throughout the day, slots to be determined randomly - as I finish one, I'll call for a show of hands for the next slot, and roll for the next one! No queue, no reservations, payment due immediately if you win, commission done and delivered then and there, then move on to next.

I may be doing these throughout the day tomorrow, too. Not sure, though.




Fri Jun 19 22:09:33 2020




Thu Jun 18 20:38:22 2020

More 80s commissions!




Wed Jun 17 21:21:18 2020


Taking a few 80s neon commissions, like this one:


$100 apiece, single character pose, monochrome, clean sketch light shading, spacey bullshit bg. :P



Sat Jun 6 01:00:43 2020




Thu May 28 00:11:13 2020




Tue May 26 22:59:25 2020

Patron Headshot and Alf Vore!


Heads up!

Sun May 24 08:30:34 2020

Patreon is supposed to email everyone, but just in case anybody misses it; there's some changes to sales tax stuff coming up. Here's their sample message they gave all of us to give to you guys.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on some changes that we’ll be seeing which may affect some of your pledges. Due to new laws passing in several countries and US states, Patreon will be required to start charging sales tax on some pledges starting July 1st.

Less than half of all patrons will be charged sales tax, and for most, the amount will be very small. For example, sales tax rates in the US range from 4% to 11%, so on a $5 pledge, that would be between 20 cents and 55 cents.

Whether or not you will be charged sales tax depends on your location, and what is considered taxable there. Not every pledge is taxable, not all benefits are taxable in every location, and sometimes only a fraction of a pledge will be taxable. The money that Patreon collects as a result of these laws are paid directly to local governments.

I’m working closely with Patreon to ensure I’m able to save you as much money as possible when it comes to sales tax - which is not something that’s possible with other platforms.

If you’re in a location where sales tax will be required, you should expect to receive an email from Patreon with more information about this very soon, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of these changes way ahead of July 1st when they go into effect.

If you have questions, you should be able to find answers here. If you still have questions, the best place to get an answer is from Patreon’s customer support team, here.
Thank you for all of your support.

So, once they give us the tools to micromanage this stuff from our end, I'll make sure to whatever extent I'm allowed, to see to it that my end is structured as best it can to avoid you guys getting taxed for anything that isn't required to be. Hopefully this doesn't end up making too much of a difference for you guys, but I know some of you support a LOT of us, and spread across all your pledges to different creators, it may add up. Just be ready for it, and adjust as you need to.


Sat May 16 00:18:11 2020

Working on the Rocket T-Shirt!



Thu Apr 30 23:34:38 2020




Fri Apr 24 01:59:37 2020

Doing some 80s for $80 sketch commissions in the stream!




Thu Apr 16 00:27:13 2020




Tue Apr 7 17:24:37 2020




Thu Apr 2 02:06:09 2020




Mon Mar 30 03:16:14 2020




Sun Mar 29 02:41:44 2020




Fri Mar 27 01:52:04 2020



Tue Mar 24 01:43:54 2020

Working on the Big Rocket pic more.




Sun Mar 22 01:03:29 2020




Sat Mar 21 02:48:27 2020



Streaming headshots!

Fri Mar 13 00:23:58 2020

New patron headshots tonight!




Wed Mar 11 02:57:50 2020


Working on new Patron headshots!



Sun Mar 8 01:10:10 2020




Thu Mar 5 01:21:08 2020




Sat Feb 29 03:50:28 2020




Thu Feb 27 03:12:28 2020




Wed Feb 26 03:05:34 2020




Fri Feb 21 01:36:15 2020

Gonna take a quickie sketchdoodle commission or two. No queue, no reserved spots, slots chosen by raffle!




Fri Feb 7 00:44:12 2020




Tue Feb 4 01:52:59 2020




Thu Jan 30 01:16:44 2020

Random stream, have a patron headshot to do, then we'll see what comes out of me after!



First Patron Pack of the year!

Thu Jan 9 06:50:19 2020



I'll be putting together last year's stuff as an Art Pack for sale and have that available on the gumroad site soon, probably just bundled in with 2017/2018 cuz none of them are really enough by themselves. -_-;;

First Stream of 2020!

Thu Jan 9 03:37:49 2020

I'll make a blog post soon, but LOTS of positive developments already so I am super optimistic with the beginning of this year/decade/etc!

Let's see if we can start the new era off with a good stream! ^_^



Dadcember stream!

Mon Dec 16 02:25:38 2019


Taking Daddification sketch commissions like the above. Have me turn a character of your choosing (rule34 or your own) into a dad.

No queue, no reserved spots, no waitlist. Each slot will be chosen by in-chat raffle. Payment due immediately, then your sketch will be drawn and delivered. The next slot won't be selected until the current sketch is completed.

$60 apiece, $10 off for champion patrons.



Sun Dec 15 06:06:58 2019

Let's see if I can last a little longer this time.

Apologies grow hollow upon repetition, but I am sorry for dropping off again, and I'm glad some of you are still here. Not that I blame anyone who isn't.

Going to try to do a Dadcember stream tomorrow/Sunday. Not sure what time. Depends on a lot of factors, but going to try, and making an announcement will hopefully anchor me to stick to it.

For those who are new, these will be sketches of your character or a rule34 character gone dad mode - older, fluffier, scruffier, gruffier, etc. Santafication is also an option, but clothing/accessories will be with minimal detail, unless you want to pay a little more, or accept a rougher/looser sketch. $60 apiece, $10 off for Champion patrons.

Once I start, I'll do as many as I can until I run out of juice. There's no queue, no waitlist, no reserved spots. Each slot will be decided by in-chat raffle, payment will be due immediately, and the next slot won't be selected until the current one is completed. So if you're not there when the next slot opens up, tough noogies.

If there's nobody looking to buy one, then I'll just foodle around whatever I'm feeling at the moment. Might take audience suggestions, might work on some old half-finished odds and ends, or past due stuff.

I'll post a new patron pack afterwards with whatever is done that session, and anything that I've done since the last pack which... honestly is depressingly little. I think when the new year turns over, I'll be putting the last three years all into a single "annual" art pack cuz I think all three combined are barely as much as the last really full productive year.

I'll never be able to say how much I appreciate everyone who's supported me, especially those of you still here after yet another excessive absence. I hope to validate that support, and earn back some of those who've understandably left. I'm wanting to try to reclaim some semblance of schedule and regularity, though it's not the best time of year to attempt that, but I can't just keep waiting for life to settle itself before I even try, either.

Wish me luck, and let's hope that maybe I can keep things on track this time.


Mon Jul 8 02:14:29 2019

Working on Champion headshots!




Sun Jun 30 02:49:26 2019




Sat Jun 29 02:09:01 2019

Just flexing the muscles again. Finally over being sick and stuff around the house. >_<



Not Dead!

Wed Jun 12 06:33:35 2019

Sorry for the dead air, had a week of mental non-function after the con, then a week of being pretty flattened on my ass by bacterial sinus infection that seems to be going around this area, and the meds they gave me for it were... pretty strong.

I feel like I'm resurfacing though, so streams should resume this week.

Patron Pack!

Thu May 30 01:55:04 2019


Here ya go, guys! Some Life stuff and the con this month have made this one a little thin, but it's extra weird, so that makes up for it, right?! 8D

Don't worry about the one guy, he's just rubber.

Don't worry about the other guy, either, he's just food.

Probably best just not to worry about any of them, since they're all fictional and it's fine. XD



Mon May 27 23:07:11 2019




Wed May 15 00:38:49 2019



Trying to finish the household party's BLFC badges in time XD

Gonna be at BLFC with the furry fam, also, if that wasn't clear, so maybe I'll see ya there!



Thu May 9 23:36:32 2019

Champion headshots, then maybe more badge work




Wed May 8 01:07:15 2019

Doing some BLFC badges for me and the furry fam




Mon May 6 01:12:47 2019



Streaming now!

Mon Apr 15 00:14:44 2019




Sat Apr 13 02:53:37 2019





Thu Apr 11 23:57:39 2019




Wed Apr 10 00:35:10 2019


*various grunts*


Patron Pack!

Tue Apr 9 23:30:37 2019


Got a buttload of variants on that Rocket in bed pic, a few new Champion patron headshots (anybody at the $40 patron tier gets one of those, even if you only pledge for the one month), and some b&w drawings, some tf, some r34, and some new stuff from #4444skin day!

Foreskin Day stream!

Thu Apr 4 23:03:39 2019


Stream for Foreskin day!

Gonna be taking sketch commissions in-stream, $50 per character (only solo pinups today) - $45 for Rookie Patrons, $40 for Champions.

Male characters only (foreskin, duh), MUST have existing drawn images of the character for reference. Slots will be mostly determined by raffle, though I may hand-select some characters I just enjoy drawing if their owners show up.

Payment will be made via Square Cash - the app is stupid easy to set up on your phone and works no differently than a debit card charge in a store. Exchanging money through it doesn't require any personal or identifying information - only your $cashtag name you set up. It's instant, fees are super minimal, it's really just better than paypal in every way.

https_c10.patreonusercontent.com_3_eyJ3Ijo2MjB9_patreon-media_p_post_25881666_013760f3ce8e4480ab7629e632c10c79_1token-time1555545600token-hashDdFwTVwsdC2r-VMrhUQK2UTNiKPlkC2miY8LjCOpz0c3D (d)

First stream of April!

Tue Apr 2 23:47:00 2019


Gonna try to get some of the new Champion headshots done! May take patron suggestions for other doodles after.



Sun Mar 31 23:37:30 2019





Fri Mar 29 02:39:01 2019

Champion headshot or two, random doodling, who knows.



Telegram stuff for patrons!

Fri Mar 29 00:22:06 2019

Just a reminder, there's a telegram feed for announcements, sometimes art ( nothing you won't see in the patron packs, though ), this is for all patrons (don't share the link, or I'll have to be a butt about it).



Thu Mar 28 00:44:02 2019

just doodling for myself tonight




Wed Mar 27 02:06:43 2019



More TF time for Fory

Mon Mar 25 01:24:58 2019




Fri Mar 22 00:51:35 2019

Had a heavy day, doing some low-key doodling/tweaking some stuff



Patron Pack!

Fri Mar 22 00:09:21 2019


Here we go, guys! Enjoy! ^_^


Tue Mar 19 22:40:40 2019




Mon Mar 18 00:29:38 2019




Fri Mar 15 02:12:38 2019

TF stuff for Fory




Wed Mar 13 01:51:44 2019



May be a weird one. :3



Wed Mar 6 01:35:40 2019


Random stream!



Mon Mar 4 01:42:22 2019

Streaming! Doing some random doodles, and headshots for any Champion patrons who haven't received theirs yet!



Patron Pack!

Sat Mar 2 22:33:43 2019


Here ya go, guys! Not much going on here, and a few updates of older things, but hoping to increase output again.

I can't thank you enough if you've stuck with me during the big absence, not that I blame anyone who didn't, either. You guys mean a lot to me even if I'm just kinda awful at showing it.

Next stream (possibly tonight if I get snowed in) will begin working on this month's Champion headshots, and then working my way backwards through any that I may have missed.

If you're a current or past supporter at the Champion ($40) level and haven't gotten a headshot before, note me here on patreon with a link to your best ref, and one or two keywords to describe attitude/expression you want to have. Additionally, state whether you want me to do your headshot at the first opportunity whether you're present in stream or not, or if you want me to wait until you're in stream for yours. Corrections/adjustments will only be done if you're present in-stream as I'm sketching it - so if you want me to draw yours even if you aren't present, make sure your ref doesn't have any significant inaccuracies!

Here's hoping this year's better. <:3


Wise fwom my gwave

Fri Mar 1 01:07:57 2019


Gonna try again to get things going. >_<

And we're back!

Wed Jun 13 16:11:33 2018

Well that was a bit of a scare. :3

Was just a minor issue, totally my fault, but easily rectified.

Working on it.

Sun Jun 10 02:35:23 2018

Hey, guys. I'm checking with Patreon to see exactly what they're wanting me to change to get things back to being kosher.

Please bear with me.

April Patron Pack!

Tue May 1 01:54:56 2018

Patron Pack for April!

Some of my original characters you'll be seeing more of in the future, some 4skin day sketches, a Jesse Daddy, and more!

Enjoy! ^_^

Also, as a reminder, if you're a Champion patron ( $40+ ) and haven't gotten the invite link to the Champions-only Telegram chat (and want it), message me! Same goes if you haven't given me your ref and expression preference for your free Champion headshot. For everyone else, here's the link to the Patrons-only Telegram Feed ( one-way, not a chat ) for announcements regarding streams and such:


Random Sketch-grab stream

Sat Apr 28 18:45:09 2018


$50 per character b&w sketch (example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26910477/ )
$60 colored cel-shaded bust/headshot/avatar (example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26239445/ )

$10 off for Champion patrons, $5 off for Rookies.

Slots determined by raffle, when one pic is finished, I call for next and raffle the next slot, and so on, one at a time.

Males only, terms & conditions here: http://wolfblade.info/#tos


Come get some! :3

Foreskin Grabbing sketch stream!

Thu Apr 5 00:51:44 2018

Doing foreskin-themed sketch commissions! $50 per character, Square Cash only, unless I've previously told you you're a preferred customer.

Slots to be decided via in-stream raffle.

Patrons get $10 off.



March Patron Pack!

Sun Apr 1 00:54:27 2018

Here we go, gang.


I'm gonna try to stream tomorrow, but I don't wanna promise it because if something interferes and I can't, I don't want people to think I was just pulling April Fool's bullshit. XD


Mon Mar 26 19:27:59 2018

Birthday pics for Kraken and his husbando, Hasani!


Slavestream for Hasani!

Thu Mar 22 18:16:38 2018


Slavestream for @@hasani

Hevisaurus, lots of cocks, and lots of cum!


Patron Stream!

Mon Mar 19 23:20:34 2018

Headshots for new Champion patrons, and if there's time, free sketch requests for patrons, too!


Slavestream for Hasani!

Thu Mar 15 18:03:36 2018

Slavestream for Hasani!

So expect Hevisaurus, tons of cock, and gallons of cum!




Wed Mar 14 22:11:11 2018


Working on more stickers for Artie! Some audience suggestions may be involved today, so if you wanna see something weird happen to a microfox, maybe swing by.

Please wait for instructions in-stream for suggesting though, don't just jump in and blurt stuff out. :P


Artie stream!

Wed Feb 21 23:16:03 2018

Streaming for Artie again! More silly stickers and shenanigans to be had, I’m sure!


Patron Pack for January!

Thu Feb 1 03:31:29 2018

Here we go, guys! Not much in here, but it's felt really good getting back into things and shaking some cobwebs out. I'm going to keep trying to stream more frequently and more regularly.

I'm moving my Art Packs to Gumroad, and once I have that all set up, Everyone who's been a Champion patron at any point in the past 5 months will get a coupon code for a free Art Pack download (including people who upgrade during February). Anyone who's been a Champion for three or more of those months will get two downloads.

In addition to the above, because 2017 was so abysmally unproductive art-wise, I'll be giving the 2017 Pack away to everyone who has been a Champion Patron during my down time, and again, including anyone who upgrades to Champion level during February. Remember, though! Patreon charges the difference of an upgrade immediately, and then charges you the upgraded amount on the first. So DON'T UPGRADE TONIGHT or you may get double-charged. Give it a couple days, and then go for it.

Also, don't forget, I'm now doing a character headshot (icon/avatar) for new and returning Champion-level patrons (one per person, not one per month) that will be included next to your name in my stream closing credits. All patrons at any pledge level are included in the credits scroll, but only Champions get the highlighted headshots.

So, here's the pack. I'm gonna try and make the next one a bit meatier. :3


Streaming for Artie!

Wed Jan 31 23:09:44 2018


Patron Pack for January coming tonight!


Wed Jan 24 23:28:03 2018

Stickers and stuff for Artie!



Wed Jan 24 00:20:14 2018

Doing some work on new characters!


Stream for Echoen Pt 2!

Thu Jan 18 21:09:29 2018

Slavestreaming for Echoen! Caution: Weirdness may ensue! https://picarto.tv/Wolfblade


Streaming Now

Wed Jan 17 21:20:15 2018

Slavestreaming for Echoen! Caution: Weirdness may ensue! https://picarto.tv/Wolfblade



Sun Jan 14 01:12:48 2018

Done with the Champion headshots for everyone that got back to me, so now back to SMUT.


he-weexfXmgGNSzbeG6hQI6zW4pa6cCPsyPYca6i-y1oydw67hpLz_-kH8ElH9Ng.jpe (d)


Sat Jan 13 00:18:39 2018

Streaming Now! https://picarto.tv/Wolfblade Gonna do some stuff for patrons, maybe some personal doodles, come check it out and see!

Q-S1Vhbx7uryXQKhyX66YBSZ-PGBVDX2ACdTdm4kypCthaz3uEV5lP_rZmC6cVzn.jpe (d)

Moar Streemin!

Wed Jan 10 23:06:29 2018

Streaming Now! https://picarto.tv/Wolfblade

Gonna do some more headshots for Champion patrons, maybe some personal doodles, come check it out and see!

bSdwAGcJ6tJv15MgDgzyZUoe0shvs2rg2osoTaArYUOQmENyG3X1dl_a-fDrPmGF.jpe (d)

Streaming Now!

Wed Jan 10 00:56:42 2018

Gonna do some stuff for patrons, maybe some personal doodles, come check it out and see!


isxmw9hSPF6XNuclGE0JgcED7Atd9kxdLXcJQR_qjnle_r1mcryxrKHIw2i8dAlq.jpe (d)

Champion Patrons

Sun Jan 7 01:19:51 2018

Hey, for no real reason whatsoever, if you have a favorite icon/avatar/headshot of your 'sona, go ahead and toss that at me, please! :3 Either in a response right here, or in an email to poorwolfy at gmail with "not suspicious headshot" in the subject line. ^________^

Telegram chat!

Thu Jan 4 20:39:20 2018

So this is going to be a private, personal chat group open just to Patrons at the Champion level and possibly a few others of my choosing.

I'm not going to enforce a directive on the chat being only about me or my art, and if you know anything about me as a person, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there's likely a good chance social/political discussions will occur. That's also not an intended goal and purpose for the chat, so please don't TRY to start hot topic convos, but I'm not blanket-banning anything, either.

You must be over 18 to join. If I find out anyone is under 18, they'll be removed immediately.

Conversations and image sharing will certainly get adult, so don't join if you don't want that.

Let's see how this goes at first, and if there arises a need for specific rules to be put in place, I'll do that, but for now the rules are simply:

Don't be an asshole. If you think you're justified in being even a little bit shit to someone who hasn't been shit to you first: you're wrong. If you think someone holding a view other than yours is mistreatment of you: you're wrong.

This is an experiment, so let's make it an enjoyable one, please. ^_^


This link is not to be shared. If people start joining who aren't Champion patrons or invited personally by me, I will remove them, and whomever gave them the link. It should be understandable that if I find someone is sharing patron-only stuff they shouldn't be, I'll also be removing them as a patron. So this is just for you guys; don't go ruining it for yourself by passing it out to anybody else, okay? <:3

Porn by committee

Wed Jan 3 06:57:37 2018

Silly, random, half-ass doodle decided by the audience tonight! I think this was a lot of fun, and I'll do this again. I held a poll for the audience to choose the theme, and they picked rule34. Then I spun a roulette to let random audience members choose each character, the theme, etc.

And so we end up with PJ from Goofy Movie domming Chance from Swat Kats. XD

I love this fandom. :3


Streaming Now!

Wed Jan 3 01:49:12 2018

Here we go, gang. Just a random stream, the usual smut stuff, might do some sketch requests.



New Year, New Start

Tue Jan 2 19:54:54 2018

Hey, everyone. If you're still with me, you have my undying thanks. I'll be sending out emails in the next few days to anyone who has been a patron during the last several months while I've been MIA. Champion-level patrons at any point during my inactive period - even if they just came and left - will be getting free downloads of annual art packs of their choosing.

Everyone who has supported me this year at any point - at any level - will be getting a download link for 2017 once I have put that art pack together. This year has been, well, pretty much a wasteland when it comes to my productivity compared to other recent years.

I've tried to get back to righting this ship a few times, and it's always been ill-timed. I think things have gotten as good as they're going to get though, and more importantly than that, I just don't want to keep letting things take priority over this anymore. It's a new year, a new day, and I'm needing to get this shit together.

I'll be streaming later today. My streams may be unfocused and random for a while as I need to just get back into the habit of doing them, and enjoying drawing for the sake of drawing. As mood and productivity permits, any streams may include just doing random sketches for patrons.

In an effort to be more available and make it harder for me to withdraw into a hidey-hole when things rough (a bad habit I will be trying harder to work on), I've started a telegram chat group that will be made available only to Champion patrons; a telegram Feed (one-way announcement channel, not an open chat) that will be available for patrons at any level to join; and Darwen the Orca is kindly hosting a Discord chat for me that is open to everyone, patron or not, where anyone from my audience or his can hang out and chat, and get announcements for our streams. Check out his Twitch stream, and please consider supporting him, too!

Once again, thank you all for being here, and I cannot just keep apologizing for my failures to earn the support you've given. I must BE better, and will be striving to do so.

Telegram feed: https://t.me/WolfbladeFurryFeed

Discord chat: https://discord.gg/GHyKaF

August Patron Pack!

Mon Aug 7 20:46:25 2017

Here's the next pack of goodies for you guys! As always, I hope everyone finds something to their liking in here. ^_^

PatronPack8-7-17.zip (d)

July Patron Stream!

Sat Jul 29 21:35:31 2017

Here we go, guys! If you're at the $40 Champion pledge level or above, come join the stream and get yourself a free sketch! Anyone can join the stream, but only Champions are eligible for the sketch requests. If I get through all the Champion patrons present, I might take volunteers from the audience for additional sketches of my own ideas.



Fetch-a-Sketch for June!

Sat Jul 1 20:20:30 2017

Doing the Fetch-a-Sketch free sketch grab stream for June supporters of my Patreon!

If you're a supporter on my patreon at the $40 Champion level or above, you're eligible for free sketches I do in these fetch-a-sketch sessions. These sketches are not purchased by patronage, and patronage is not purchasing a raffle ticket. I just do a random stream when I can where I'll do free sketches for patrons attending the session as a way of saying thanks. Patronage does not guarantee a sketch.

Everyone is welcome to attend the stream and join the chat, but sketches today are just for Champion-level patrons.


If you'd like to support me doing what I do, please consider checking out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Wolfblade

June Fetch-a-Sketch stream tomorrow!

Sat Jul 1 00:28:56 2017

Doing the Patron free sketch stream for June's patrons tomorrow, Saturday July 1st, 2pm US Mountain time (GMT-7) until my arms fall off.. For those who don't know, the Fetch-a-Sketch streams are for patrons at the $40 Champion level or higher to have a chance at getting a free sketch. Each slot will be randomly selected from Champion patrons present in the stream at the time. No queue, no first come/first serve. When I finish one, I'll raffle off the next one.

Everyone is welcome to attend and watch, but the free sketches are just for the Champion level patrons. If you were a Champion-level patron charged for a pledge during the month of June, you're eligible for a sketch even if you canceled or reduced your pledge before July hit.

I'll draw most anything but poop stuff, males only, more specific terms here: http://wolfblade.info/#tos

Hope to see a lot of you guys tomorrow!

Patron Pack!

Tue Jun 27 20:19:47 2017

Here's another batch of goodies for you guys! Results from recent random sketch commission streams, might have another one later today! Hope you all find something you like, and enjoy! ^_^


Random sketch stream!

Fri Jun 23 01:36:13 2017

Taking a sketch commission or two. ^_^



Random sketch commission stream!

Thu Jun 15 19:56:44 2017

Taking quickie sketches today! $40 per character, one or two characters, rule34 accepted, males only. The usual content restrictions apply, just ask if you're unsure.



Pup Patrol

Wed Jun 14 05:47:02 2017

I'm thinking about posting smaller clumps of drawings more frequently, instead of one big burst a month. We'll see how well I can keep up with it. ^_^;;

So, the Rocky pic is inspired by an actual paw patrol card that somehow got made with exactly this text. I had like 20 people send me a pic of the card within a day, so I felt obligated to ruin it. XD

Also, some attached doodles of Bodi from Rock Dog I did as warmup cuz he's adorable and the movie is cute. It's really not a great movie, but it's not at all BAD either. It's sweet and has a charming earnestness to it that made me really enjoy it.

WB_RockyDaddyPup.png WB_BodiNoHat.png WB_Bodoodles.png WB_Bodi.png


Wed Jun 14 00:49:51 2017

Probably gonna draw dicks. <:3



June Patron Pack

Sat Jun 10 23:29:51 2017

Not as much new stuff as I'd like to give you guys, but it's been a really dry stretch, so I've thrown in a lot more older stuff that you may have missed. As always, I hope everyone finds at least a little to tickle their pickle in all this. <:3



Sun Jun 4 02:38:31 2017

Trying to get the gears going again, just doing a short doodle/sketching/whatever stream. Drawing whatever suits my fancy, maybe trying out some new picarto features.


Still Alive

Fri May 26 18:42:05 2017

Apologies begin to fall flat after a while, but that's all I've got right now. I'm sorry, again, for dropping off the face of the Earth. Again.

The last three months have been a chaotic mess, and I've dropped pretty much every ball I'd had spinning. We've moved again, and hopefully things will be a bit more stable here. I'm in the final stages of getting the last of our stuff out of the old place and into the new, and will begin the process of trying to reboot/rebuild here in the coming weeks.

For everyone who's stuck by me the past few months without me doing jack to give you a reason to: Thank You. I will be thinking of some way to show my appreciation in something other than words. Suggestions are welcome. <:3

For those who left: I don't blame you in the least. I hope I can win some of you back, but if I can't; I have only myself to blame, and I hope you can still enjoy what I produce as it makes its way into publicly available spaces.

For those who are new, and worried about whether my recent track record will be persisting moving forward: All I can do is ask and hope you'll stick around and give me the chance to make it worth your support.

For everyone I owe stuff to: I'm not skipping out on anything. I'll be contacting and organizing sessions and such soon. It'll be slow-going, but I will be squaring up with everybody one way or another.

Thank you all.

Fan...bruary random sketchmission stream!

Thu Feb 16 23:59:19 2017

Streaming random rule34 sketches, $40 per character, 3-character limit, no queue, I just pick next at random when I finish one, so everybody has a shot even if you're 5 minutes late.

Get smut of your favorite toons or game furries, by themselves, with each other, with your sona, maybe your sona in the costume or style of your favorite show/game/etc.

Male characters only. Wacky kink/fetishes acceptable. No Poop.


Patrons get $10 off per character if selected

This is NOT the free sketchgrab patron stream, and getting a paid commission sketch from this stream does not remove you from eligibility for a free sketch from the patron fetch-a-sketch session later.

February Patron Pack!

Wed Feb 15 03:40:11 2017

Here ya go, peoples! Happy Valentine's Day, have some dicks! :3


Random Streaming

Thu Feb 9 21:40:56 2017

Probably dicks.



*taps the mic*

Thu Feb 9 00:47:28 2017

Thank you all who're still with me.

Took a trip to try and reboot, that went great, then got back in time for a death in the family. Hasn't left much time to feel like drawing dicks.

The world spins on though, so, the theme decided on for last month will be February's theme. I'll be trying again to get onto a more frequent random sketch stream schedule as I also try to chip away at the remaining moving streams and everything else.

As always, your patience is superheroic and I'm still hoping I'll eventually manage to justify it.

Previous poll results!

Tue Jan 10 23:35:54 2017

So the results for poll on Survey Monkey are in. The winner by a single vote, will be...

...revealed right after this commercial! 8D

Just kidding. :P

The winning theme for this month will be: #Fanuary! Rule34, fan-art, get your favorite cartoon and video game characters some action with themselves, each other, or you! Or maybe throw yourself into their world; cosplay, action pose, etc.

This will be the theme for random sketch-commission streams this month, but Patron Fetch-a-Sketch sessions will have the option of sticking with the theme or not.

Hope you guys enjoy what gets done this month. I'll do the poll for February's theme a little earlier this time, so be thinking about theme suggestions you'd like to make, and some of the previous suggestions may roll over, too.

Also feel free to toss ideas for anything else you'd like to see a poll for, whether something to direct where I go with art this month, or even just curiousity/for-the-hell-of-it questions to ask.

Patreon built-in polls!

Tue Jan 10 23:15:57 2017

Well this is refreshingly awesome timing! I wasn't really digging SurveyMonkey's setup, so let's see how Patreon's built-in polling system works, shall we?

So what to ask... hmmm...

How about:

What do you think I am primarily known for?

Polling Question

Sun Jan 1 04:09:25 2017

(ignore that last one, thought of another option, sorry XD)

Just seeing if you guys have a preference here.
Since the current poll is a three-way tie, I was thinking about ways to maybe do the polls differently. X3
1: I could make public posts to let people offer suggestions for monthly themes, select a larger number of them and then make a patron-only poll for you guys to choose which one I go with.
2: I could reserve theme suggestions just for patrons, so you guys decide what the options are, but then make the vote between those options public to increase the number of voters and thus decrease the odds of ties,
3: I could just keep both suggestions and the vote limited to patrons, and let the public vote to break ties
Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FYCHCBX
Over the next few months, I'll be trying more new ways to be more directly interactive with you guys through Patreon here, so if at any point you have a suggestion, feel free to throw them at me.


December Fetch-a-Sketch Streaming Now!

Fri Dec 30 19:23:23 2016

Hey guys! I'll be streaming all day, doing free sketch requests for patrons at the $40 Champion level or above! Anyone is welcome to watch and join in the stream chat, though!

Come join the party! ^_^



2016 Annual Art Pack

Wed Dec 28 21:07:22 2016

If you're currently at the $40 Champion Patron level, or if you upgrade to the Champion level before the 31st (but remember, you're charged the difference immediately, and then the full pledge again on the 1st, so be sure to keep that in mind before you bump your pledge up), you can email me with "Patron Art Pack" in the subject, and you'll get the 2016 Annual Art Pack digital download link sent to you at no extra charge after the 1st.

If you're interested in any of the rest of my previous annual packs, here's the details:

2015 is now $30 for 272 images, plus 35 colors by others
2014 drops to $25 for 480 images, plus 35 colors by others,
2013 dropped to $20 for 270 pics plus 21 colors by others,
2012 is $20 for 370 pics plus 57 colors by others,
2011 is $20 for 336 images plus 150+ colors by others
And the Wolfblade Decade pack has over 1,000 images from 2000 to 2010, and a few really ancient crappy things even older than that. Nearly all Wolfblade art ever posted online (and a bunch that never were) up to the end of 2010 is on this cd.

The Decade CD will continue to be available for $25 by itself. If you get more than one, I knock 5 bucks off the total for each additional pack (buy 2, 5 bucks off, buy 3, 10 bucks off, etc). So if you get all of them, you're getting the whole first decade of my stuff for free. The Whole Shebang would be $145, for 15+ years and over 3000 images of big, fat, spurting, throbbing, gay as fuck male/male furry porn. ALSO: supporters of my Patreon at the $40 Champion level or above get an additional $10 off the total.

If you're interested, send me an EMAIL (not pm) to poorwolfy at gmail dot com (the email address stamped on all my art, guys) with "ART PACK" in the email subject. Include in the email your paypal email address (if different from the address you are emailing from), an age statement, and which pack(s) you want. I can also take payments via Square Cash (SUPER freakin simple and useful, you should totally look into it if you don't have that already). I will send you an invoice, and you'll receive an automated email with a download link after the 1st of January (in case I get any more last-second stuff done this year to throw on there).

Monthly Theme Poll for January!

Wed Dec 28 21:04:29 2016

Here's the first monthly theme poll! It'll be up for a week, then I'll announce the winning result, and that will be the theme for any random sketch commission streams throughout January!


December Fetch-a-Sketch stream!

Tue Dec 27 03:17:31 2016

I'm going to do the Fetch-a-Sketch free sketch request stream this friday, December 30th, at 2 pm US Eastern time.

To simplify these, it's going to be completely arbitrary random selection from Patrons attending the stream. I'll hear requests from Champion patrons for one or two-character sketches, and I'll just pick which one sounds fun at the moment. My no list is: No girls/herms/feminization/genderbending, and no poop/fart/filth/diapers/stink. Just about anything else should be fine!

Also, in wanting to be more interactive and involved with you guys, I'm going to begin doing polls for a monthly theme for any random sketch streams, like the #Dadcember theme I've been doing this month. I'm still deciding how exactly I want to do it long term, but to start off, I'm going to let you guys throw me themes you'd like to see in the poll. Anyone viewing this page can make your own suggestion, or throw a vote towards a suggestion already made here. I'll pick the top ones and they'll be in the poll for active patrons to vote which specific theme the coming month will focus on!

So reply to this post with a suggestion for a theme you'd like to see me do for January, and depending on how many suggestions I get, I might pick the top few, or I may just throw them all into the vote. We'll figure it out as we go along and see what works best for me and what you guys have the most fun with! :3

December Patron Pack!

Sun Dec 18 01:51:06 2016

Hey, everyone!

First off, I can't apologize enough for dropping out of sight lately. The usual bag of whining and excuses, you've seen it all before, I'm sure. I'm feeling like I'm on the other side of the worst of it now, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

For one, I'm going to be doing more stream sessions this month, trying to see if I can get this #Dadcember theme to get passed around. There's a few Dadomizations in this Pack, and I'll be doing more Dad streams where people can get their OCs Dadomized. Most will be commission based, but I'll do some Patron-only ones, too. I'll try to set a date and give you guys a heads up in advance for those!

I've finally made some minor tweaks to the wording of the rewards, to better reflect what I actually end up delivering. The most significant is changing the wording of the Fetch-a-Sketch streams, but it's not changed how they actually work! Some of you have heard this before, but for those who are new, I'm gonna try and explain it again.

The intent for fetch-a-sketch streams wasn't meant to be "put enough pledge tokens in me, and eventually art will pop out," though I admit my method of trying to focus on who hasn't had one in a while fed into that perception. To be clear, the free sketches for Champion patrons are meant simply as a way of saying thanks and giving something back. The reward for that pledge tier is neither guaranteed art, OR a ticket for a chance at art. It's simply eligibility to throw requests out when I do free request streams. Some people will end up catching every stream and get several sketches, others may miss most streams and go a long time without getting one. Part of the sack of Mental that had me sorta implode recently was anxiety and such from any stream turning into a pile of separate people whispering at me, upset they hadn't gotten a sketch in X months, but other-person got something and they had one from the month before. I'm going to try to keep it fair, but to be blunt, each fetch-a-sketch session turned into me just feeling guilty because whether I got a lot done, or barely managed much at all, there's just always going to be more people feeling left out then people I get something to.

So, from here forward, I'm going to do my best to not be a poor little mentalbaby and actually get back on track DOING things, and I'm gonna ask everyone to please bear with me and forgive me if the free sketches don't happen for you specifically as often as you'd like. If you'll be at all upset by not getting a sketch even after a few months, PLEASE, by all means, hang on to your money and just directly commission someone. I'm not gonna be upset or mad or sad at people dropping pledges because they want to spend their money on more certain art returns, that's entirely your choice, guys.

To those who stick around, I hope to be more present and responsive and interactive and engaging, and hopefully it'll be worth your continued support and the free sketch streams can be more fun and light and casual for everybody. <:3

In the meantime, here's a bag of dicks! Enjoy! ^_^


September Patron Pack! Also Sketch Grab stream!

Sat Sep 24 21:02:45 2016


Hey guys, here's a fairly big batch for you all! Crazy stuff! Also some cute things. Enjoy! ^_^


About to start a stream, too. I'll be taking sketch requests from patrons, and possibly doodling some random things as well. Come check it out!


Bowser Day Stream!

Thu Aug 4 22:30:25 2016


Drawing Bowser smut till I drop!

I'll be alternating between random Bowser doodles, and free sketches for patrons where I'll Bowser-fy your character!



July Patron Pack!

Sun Jul 24 20:44:43 2016



Hey, Everybody!

Here's July's Patron Pack! Hope you all enjoy it! Got some good stuff in here. ^_^

I want to apologize for the silence lately. For those that didn't know, I had a sudden move pop up last month, and it's thrown everything out of whack for a bit. I'm relocated now, and things are settling back into a good groove, so expect to see more streams soon!

Regarding streams, there's been an issue lately that I've struggled trying to figure out how best to address. It's tricky because I truly appreciate every single little bit of support you guys have given me, and I don't want this to come across like I'm not appreciative, nor do I want to upset anyone or make anybody feel like I'm dumping on them.

Patreon is meant to let you contribute to artists who make work you enjoy, to support them so they can keep making more. It's not meant to be a sales platform. You might think of it like a giant tip jar. If you like what someone is already doing, you throw a tip at them so they can keep doing it.

But no matter how awesome and generous you are as a tipper, and no matter how much the person you're tipping appreciates it, would you ever ask the server you've left awesome tips for to give you a free meal?

Pledging is not purchasing. It's not buying personal work, it's not buying a raffle ticket for the chance to get personal work, it's not paying in installments to eventually cash in later for personal work. It's awesome of you, and generous, and as I've said before, the support you guys show me through Patreon is the only reason I'm able to still be here doing this. But it's become a concern that some patrons are feeling their pledges should have been spent on commissions instead.

Streams recently - even paid slavestream sessions that aren't even the sketch grab streams - have become increasingly distracted and derailed by people private messaging me about not getting a free patron sketch. The free sketches are not a guaranteed thing. Pledging is not purchasing an eventual drawing from me. The free sketch streams are not a raffle you've bought a ticket for. They're a completely random and arbitrary thing I do to try and give back something to show my appreciation, and lately that has been hindered by this feeling that a few people are not happy with contributing if they're not getting art in return.

That's fine! I'm not criticizing or looking down on that, but if you're not happy throwing your money at something that isn't resulting in art back, then please, stop throwing your money at something that you aren't feeling to be worth it. Hang onto it, save it, commission art from someone, whether me or another artist, just spend your money on something you will be satisfied with and not regret!

I'm going to be changing the text of my rewards here to try and make this more clear. Anybody who withdraws their support on this clarification, please go ahead and do so within the next week before another round of pledges gets processed, and no hard feelings, no worries, I'm not gonna hold it against anybody who just feels their money is better spent elsewhere.

I will continue doing the free sketch streams, nothing at all is changing as far as my intent with doing those as something to give back to patrons, but I just need a small but growing number of you to understand that those are free, bonus, extra, just random appreciation, and not something that pledges purchase, or build credit towards eventually guaranteeing.

Sorry to break silence with kindof a downer post, but I hope you guys understand this, and I hope you all enjoy the new Patron Pack! I hope to continue seeing you at my streams, and even if I lose a few people today, I'm hoping I can keep satisfying everyone else. ^_^;


Memorial Day Fetch-a-Sketch session!

Mon May 30 18:08:16 2016

Here we go!


Memorial Day Fetch-a-Sketch!

Sun May 29 19:12:24 2016

Hey gang! Doing a Fetch-a-Sketch stream tomorrow!

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to squeeze a stream in before the move, so sorry about the last-second announcement. As usual, Champion patrons take priority over Rookies, but to try and get to as many of you as possible, for this stream I'm going to be limiting everyone to single-character speedy sketches; your characters, mine, rule34, it's all good, just know what you want and have your ref links ready and we'll see if I can set a new record for quantity in a day!

Sorry things have been so quiet of late, but I'm really eager to have this move done and behind me and kick myself into high gear moving forward. I'm immeasurably thankful to all of you for supporting me this far, and moving forward. You've saved my bacon too many times to count. It's a privilege having such an awesome fanbase.

See you guys tomorrow!

Patron Pack & Update!

Wed May 4 06:28:35 2016


Hey guys! Life's gone kinda crazy over here! A move halfway cross country that I had been planning for some time next year has suddenly popped up to the end of this month! X_x

Things have been thrown off while I've been scrambling to get this sorted out on such short notice, and obviously it's going to throw a wrench in things this month, too. I'll be trying to get some streams going for fetch-a-sketches, but even if things get disrupted, I'll be going back through the patron manager and making sure people who pledged this month and last get a shot at stuff.

I appreciate you guys being patient with me as always, and I hope you enjoy what's in the pack, new stuff and as usual, some oldies you may have missed.


Game stream!

Thu Apr 7 22:05:04 2016


Hey guys, streaming some work for the interactive Jesse Collins porno game Draite's developing!


Come check it out, we might ask for suggestions or ideas, I'll probably demo the latest build of the game a bit.

March Patron Pack!

Thu Mar 17 22:05:26 2016


Here you go! As always, some new, some old. Got some zootopia, some goo/tf/hypno stuff, and some superheros/villains. Hope you guys enjoy! ^_____^


Tue Feb 16 22:15:08 2016


Random doodling, but I'll be doing a few patron sketches too. If you're at the Champion level, wait for me to call for patron requests, and you might grab a sketch! ^_^


February Patron Pack!

Sat Feb 13 20:19:56 2016


K, got a brand new character, some rule34 relevant and obscure, and a bunch more random oldies you may not have seen.

I'll be doing more sketch streaming over the coming week, so watch for those announcements! Any time I'm streaming, I may call for patron requests and sketch for patrons at the Champion level.

The 2015 Annual art pack will be getting emailed out shortly to everyone whose pledge of $40 or more successfully processed at the start of the month. Please check your spam folders and if you don't see that in your inbox in the next day or so, do let me know.

Enjoy! ^_^


Patron Pack!

Thu Jan 28 21:43:49 2016


Here ya go, everybody! A good chunk of new doodles, some color collaborations, and a splash of oldies you might have missed, including the BigDickedChibis series I did a while back.

Also about to start another randomstream, which I'll be trying to do fairly frequently, and at any time, I may call for requests/suggestions from patrons. So instead of just one sketch-chance stream a month, ALL my streams from here on will have a chance of taking patron requests, but I'll still also do at least one fetch-a-sketch stream a month solely for patron requests.

Fetch-a-Sketch Week 2!

Tue Jan 26 21:15:58 2016


So there's some turbulence happening where I live, it got in the way of last week's streaming a bit. SO, I'm extending the sketch chance streaming indefinitely.

Any time I'm random streaming, I might call for requests from patrons, and I'm going to keep trying to stream as often as possible. So don't stress if you miss some streams, they won't be as far-apart as they have been lately.

If you catch a stream, just wait for me to call for patron requests. Priority will go to people who haven't gotten anything yet, then people who've gone a while since their last sketch.

So here we go!



Sun Jan 17 00:17:14 2016


Working out the cobwebs, doodling, practice, etc

I might call for quickie simple sketch requests for patrons if I can get a good groove going. Remember, I'll be streaming off and on all week, so don't stress if I don't get anyone today, or if I only get to someone else. <:3



2015 Art Pack inbound!

Fri Jan 15 03:19:31 2016

OKAY! The 2015 Art Pack download links should be hitting your inboxes any time soon. Be sure to check your spam folders! If you still haven't received an email with a download link by tomorrow, check your spam folder again, and then email me to let me know. If you have a yahoo or hotmail address and you don't get the email, please if possible provide a non-yahoo/hotmail address I can try a re-send to. Seriously, just everything hates yahoo and hotmail email addresses for whatever reason. X_x

Thank you all yet again, and ENJOY THE DICKS! 8D

Fetch-a-Sketch WEEK.

Wed Jan 13 01:31:30 2016

Hey guys. Sorry for the radio silence lately. My brain seems to have fallen out of my ass, but I feel like I've found most of the important pieces, SO, throughout next week, I will be streaming randomly off and on. If you see a stream announcement, pop in. I might be doing random doodling, stuff for personal projects, random character creation, coloring practice, whatever. But at any stream you might drop into, if I call for audience requests, anyone who is a Patron at any level can throw out a request, and I'll draw something for you guys. Obviously higher-tier patrons will get priority (as well as people who've gone a while without managing to get a sketch), and I'll be asking that anyone below the Champion level keep it to simple single-character pinups.

I'm needing to shake out the cobwebs, and get through what's been the worst art block I've ever had, so this is going to be kinda chaotic and unstructured; no set dates or times or queues or lists, just me trying to make sure I'm drawing SOMETHING as much as I can manage. Join the stream, watch me struggle, probably hear me swear a lot, and when you hear me call for requests, go ahead and ask for whatever you want to see next.

I'm also getting the annual pack together, just trying to make sure I'm not missing any of the odds and ends or colorations from others before I throw it out there. Anyone who was at or above the $40 Champion level when pledges were processed at the 1st (and anyone who is successfully processed at/above the $40 level Feb 1st) will be getting an email with a download link sent to your email address associated with your patreon (I'll make another post when that's done, so you'll know when to poke me if you haven't gotten it). I'm going to be updating/overhauling my Patreon page soon, and one change (the only thing being taken away, if I can help it, while I have ideas for added bonuses) will be the annual pack dropping off as a reward after February. That's just been too much of a headache to try and keep track who has/hasn't already gotten it, as some people leave and return, etc. In other words, if you were at the Champion level and processed on the 1st, you've already got the 2015 annual pack coming soon. If you're at the Champion level by the 1st of February, you'll also get the pack.

For everyone else, the 2015 pack will be available for digital download sale soon after it's sent out to the patrons, and I'm thinking about condensing 2011-2015 into a single collection option for anyone who doesn't already have those as well. Specifics on any of that will be posted here and on all my gallery pages once it's all set and ready to go, so watch for those.

Because I can never say it enough, and too often fall short of even coming close enough: THANK YOU ALL. Your continued support and appreciation is everything.

Last Patron Pack of 2015!

Sun Dec 20 22:27:32 2015


Here ya go guys, mostly new stuff, but as usual, a smattering of old pics you might have missed. Felt like throwing a load of Roni at you guys.

Just like last year, come January, I'll be releasing the 2015 annual pack - everything from 2015 in one big throbbing drippy folder. Patrons at the $40 Champion level will get a download link for this pack sent to the email address associated with their Patreon account after January pledges are processed. Then, like last year, I'll be cleaning out this year's patronpacks and throwing up a 'sampler' of the year's highlights. So heads up, if there was a pack you liked but maybe didn't save, now's the time to go find it. <:3

There'll be some more changes come January as well, hopefully for the better.

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season, and that something in this pack will manage to jingle your bells a little!


December Fetch-a-Sketch!

Sat Dec 12 21:17:02 2015

Happening now! :D



November Patron Fetch-a-Sketch Stream!

Sat Nov 21 21:20:00 2015

Doing sketches for Champion-level patrons!

Everybody's welcome to join and watch, but sketch requests are just for patrons.


Details on how to be eligible for sketches next month here:



Random Stream

Thu Nov 19 21:13:10 2015


random personal day



Sat Nov 14 20:20:33 2015

Bad News, everyone. >_<

My internet is down and the soonest they can send someone is Tuesday. It may just be the modem, so I'll be heading out to the "local" office 40 minutes away to try swapping that out Monday morning. Hopefully it's something stupid and simple like that, and I'll just do the Fetch-a-Sketch next Saturday instead.

November Patron Pack!

Thu Nov 12 03:47:21 2015


It's that time again! Here's a bag of goodies for November, and the Fetch-a-Sketch stream will be this Saturday, the 14th.

Been having some personal issues lately that have basically added up to me sucking a lot. I'll be trying more to suck less, so bear with me. X_x

Hope there's something in here for everybody, there's a few recent pics I am super duper happy with, hoping to keep up the positive wave. It's only thanks to all of you that I'm still going. ^_^;


Thu Oct 29 20:23:28 2015

Here we go! <:3



October Patron Pack

Sun Oct 18 21:05:28 2015


Here you go, gang! New and oldies, plenty of the usual, and also *gasp* some boobies! X3

As usual, hopefully something for everybody in here. I've stopped with the Hazard Box cuz it seemed like pretty much everybody goes through those anyways, but if enough of you let me know that you'd prefer them to come back, I'll resume doing that.

Thanks again for all your support, and I'll let you know when I have a solid date for the next Patron stream. In the meantime, watch for any random stream announcements. I may start doing a couple random sketches for patrons any time I'm doing a stream (other than paid slavestream sessions, obviously, but those aren't usually public anyway).

Happy fapping, all! ^_^

September Fetch-a-Sketch!

Thu Sep 17 20:13:54 2015


Here we go again! :D


Patron Pack!

Wed Sep 9 22:58:31 2015

Here ya go, guys! The new stuff was mostly some rule34 doodles, so I figured I'd stick with that theme for the oldies, too. Lotsa characters here, some on-model, others less so. Hopefully at least a few ruined childhoods, otherwise what am I even doing here? XD


September's Fetch-a-Sketch session will be this Saturday, the 12th.

I'll be doing as many sketches as I can for any Champion-level patrons in attendance, and if there's ever a point where all present Champions have gotten a sketch, I'll start doing single-character sketches for Rookie-levels. Trying something different though; there won't be a first-come, first-serve queue anymore. I'll take one sketch at a time, and just pick the next one out of whoever is present when I finish one. This means you're not SOL if you aren't in the stream within the first 5 minutes, but it also means you might be there the whole time and not get something. Selection will be arbitrary, with emphasis on people who've been a patron for a couple cycles or more but either haven't gotten a sketch yet, or it's been a good while since their last one.

Hope to see you guys Saturday!

Also, in case you aren't already following these, I tend to post random drawing session announcements to my tumblr and twitter:

http://thatwolfbladeguy.tumblr.com/ - art, personal posts/rants/reblogs

http://wolfbladefurryporn.tumblr.com/ - JUST the art and stream notices

https://twitter.com/WolfbladeStuff - JUST automated notices for art/stream postings, I do not actually use or check twitter, so it's not an avenue for communication; I'm not going to see any messages sent to me there, but people are always welcome to email me if you can find where I've cunningly hidden my email address. ;3

Patron Pack!

Thu Aug 20 02:29:32 2015


Here ya go, everybody! More goodies! There's a good chunk of new stuff, and I went and threw in some oldies you may have missed as well. Enjoy!

Also, in case anyone missed it, I have an auction running at the moment that closes tomorrow.


If you're interested, please read the description fully before bidding!

That's all for now, but the next post should have some actual news and updates!

ttyl! ^_^

Fetch-a-Sketch August #2!

Mon Aug 17 20:41:16 2015


'Nuther Fetch-a-Sketch for August!


Fetch-a-Sketch#2 WILL BE MONDAY

Thu Aug 13 20:21:37 2015


Just streaming randomly today, not in the headspace for a patron stream, BUT, the next fetch-a-sketch for August patrons (people already charged at the start of this month) will be Monday the 17th, fates willing.


August Fetch-a-Sketch!

Sat Aug 8 20:14:25 2015


August Patron Pack!

Wed Aug 5 22:39:09 2015


Hey guys! Here's this month's first Patron Pack! Hope you enjoy it!

The number of people on the Champion level has increased a good bit, so I'm going to shoot for two Fetch-a-Sketch sessions this month, with the first one being this Saturday, the 8th.

For the new guys, here's how the Fetch-a-Sketch sessions work:

During the Fetch-a-Sketch streams, I try to draw for as many Champion-level patrons present as I can manage, in the order you joined the stream (so be sure to speak up if you're at the Champion level whenever you enter the stream chat). If there's anyone who's been at the Champion level for more than one pledge cycle, but hasn't gotten a drawing yet, they'll get to jump in line. If at any point all present Champion-level patrons have gotten a sketch for the month, then I'll start doing single-character sketches for Rookie-level patrons (this has only happened a couple times, so it's not very likely).

I know I always say this, and then never manage to stick to it, but just so nobody's upset if I do manage it: the "sketches" I do for these are meant to be quick and loose, and I almost never stop at the 'sketch' phase, but I am going to be making more of an effort to JUST SKETCH and leave it at that, so more of you guys can get something from these, with less time spent on individual sketches. X_x

I might do some other kind of session where people can have a chance to get their sketch upgraded or cleaned up more, I dunno. Cuz I personally just don't like leaving things too loose or rough, but there's too many of you guys at the free art levels now for me to keep being so picky with each and every one. First-World problems, I know. ^_^;;

In other news, progress with my mountain of owed stuff continues slowly but surely (a recent stretch of family stuff has made it slower than I'd prefer), but the list reduces steadily, and that brings me ever closer to being able to work on other stuff like the Digimon dating sim thing that I want to do as a practice run for a larger all-original Visual Novel project. All of this is only able to happen because of the support of all of you. I quite simply would not still be able to do this if not for you guys. I cannot express my appreciation enough!

So Thanks Again, and I hope you like the goodies. :3



Sun Jul 19 02:18:07 2015


MOVED TO FURSTREAM: https://furstre.am/stream/Wolfblade

Fetch-a-Sketch is where Patrons have a chance to get a free sketch: Priority is Champions over Rookies, first come first serve, Patrons who have not received art jump the line.

More details here: https://www.patreon.com/Wolfblade

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Fetch-a-Sketch Patron stream for July!

Sat Jul 18 20:57:59 2015


Fetch-a-Sketch is where Patrons

have a chance to get a free sketch: Priority is Champions over Rookies,

first come first serve, Patrons who have not received art jump the line.


Patron Pack Time!

Mon Jul 6 00:29:50 2015


Here you go! All new stuff this time, no oldies mixed in. There's some results from owed stream sessions, the last patron stream, and my silly fixation on turning the characters from a mindless but cute cartoon into an adult anthro smutty sentai team. XD

Also, final reminder, anyone whose pledge has been repeatedly declined who has not corrected their payment info yet will be removed. When it's getting close to a quarter of that pledged number there on the page being declined, it's probably time to do some cleanup. X_x; I hope nobody feels insulted for getting removed if it was an honest mistake, but since I've mentioned this a few times, I'm hoping there won't be any hard feelings.

I appreciate the support I get from all of you, and I hope you continue to feel satisfied that it's worth it. ^_^

This month's Fetch-a-Sketch stream is currently tentatively slated for Saturday the 18th. If that's going to change, I'll try to give you guys as much heads up as possible.

Thanks again everybody, and enjoy the pics! ^_^


personal doodle stream

Fri Jul 3 22:32:33 2015


Just doodling random whatevers.



Fetch-a-Sketch Patron stream for June

Sun Jun 28 20:47:55 2015


Everyone is welcome to come watch and chat and hopefully have fun, but the free sketches are just for Patrons.

For those who don't already know how this works, I'll be drawing as many sketches for as many attending patrons as I can, until I'm out of juice for the day. Priority goes: Champion-level patrons first, 1 or 2-character sketch, in the order you arrived in stream. Patrons who haven't gotten a sketch before get bumped to the front of the line. Once all Champion-level patrons who are present have a sketch, I'll start doing single-character sketches for Rookie-level patrons, with the same priority rules. There's no guarantee I'll be able to get to everyone, but I usually manage it, or at least come close.

This is June's fetch-a-sketch stream, so eligible patrons are those whose pledges were charged the 1st of June. Anyone joining up between then and now will be eligible for next month's session.



Paternal Patron Pack!

Tue Jun 23 01:42:11 2015

Hey guys! Here's the next patron pack. More oldies you may have missed, and some new stuff this time!

I'm trying to encourage people to do some Dad-related artwork, cuz that's a fun theme that needs more attention than it gets, IMHO. So I had a nice long quickie doodle stream for Father's day, getting some cartoon dads done. Hopefully at least a few childhoods are ruined (improved) by these. ^_^

So Enjoy! :D


This month's Fetch-a-Sketch stream will be (fate permitting) this upcoming Sunday the 28th. For those that are new, the Fetch-a-Sketch streams are where I do sketches for as many patrons as I can manage before I'm all used up for the day. I'll do my best to get to all the Champions present for the stream, and I usually manage to do so, but it's not guaranteed (when I'm out of juice, I'm out of juice). Priority goes: 2-character sketches for Champion-level patrons, in the order they arrived in the stream - unless someone has been at the Champion level but hasn't received a sketch yet, they get priority. Once all attending Champions have a sketch, I'll start doing single-character sketches for Rookie-level patrons, in the order they arrived, but same priority-skip applies for people who haven't had a sketch from one of these before.

I'd mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to be re-tooling the levels and rewards, and that's still in the future, just as a reminder. Once I settle on exactly what will change, I'll do my best to give everyone plenty of heads-up. Another thing I mentioned was declined pledges have built up quite a bit, so please be sure to check and see if your last pledge was declined. After this next month processes on July 1st, I'll be clearing out any patrons that have had declined pledges for multiple cycles.

Lastly, if there's anyone else who wants to grab a Weregarurumon Daki, this round of orders will be closing within the next week. If you (or someone you know) might want one of those, please be sure to follow the instructions here:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16516064/ and get your order in before the 1st! It might be a long time before I take another round of these.

Back home! Time for a Patron Pack!

Sun May 31 19:59:44 2015

Hey guys! So I'm back home, hiatus is officially over, and I'm eager to start fresh! I'm going to be taking a little time to try and brush up on some basics I've neglected for too long, try to refresh myself on some anatomy, as well as try out a couple different art programs people have been praising lately, so the next few packs may be a lot more sketchy practice general study stuff, and not so much actual individual complete drawings. I'm hoping you guys will still find that interesting to see, plus I'll still be sprinkling in some more older pics like with today's pack.

Once I feel I'm back in the groove enough, I'll be streaming more, probably alternating between general public streams and patron-exclusive ones. Most of these streams will be either practice/study sessions, or working on owed work. I'll be doing the Fetch-a-Sketch stream later in the month, and maybe more than one. Either way, I'll try to give advance notice for sessions where I'll be open to drawing for the audience.

Once again, this pack is mostly older stuff, so some of it may have gotten posted by the commissioners, or you may have seen it elsewhere, but I'm sure there's stuff you haven't seen yet. The next pack will have more new stuff in it.

As always, a big Thank You to every last one of you. I'm refreshed from the much overdue downtime, and super excited about clearing old art debts and moving forward with new projects, and I couldn't be doing this without all of your support.


Oh! One more thing...

Sat May 9 00:32:08 2015

I almost forgot:

The number of pledges that have been declined several months in a row has grown a bit, and those pledges still count toward that total shown on the main page here, so it complicates at-a-glance estimating my monthly budget. I'll be going through and clearing those pledges some time soon, so please check to see if your pledges have been declined and update your payment info if they have been. I haven't removed any patrons before, so I dunno if deleting someone on my side blocks them or anything like that (I'd hope not, not without some notice of such).

If your pledges have been going through fine, then obviously don't do anything. Don't fix what's broken. X3

I think that's all for now, so please resume enjoying the newest batch of goodies. :3

Patron Pack!

Sat May 9 00:26:37 2015

Here's another downtime patron pack. Working through more stuff from 2014 that wasn't included in any patron packs so far (as far as I can tell, sorry again if there's any reposts >_< )

In case anyone missed it, I'm still on hiatus, but I'll be picking the pen back up again by the end of the month. Also, if any of you are going to be at BLFC, do look me up, I'd be happy to meet up with you and maybe do lunch or something.

I've been going crazy trying to go easy on my wrists, but I do think the downtime is doing me good. I can't wait to get back on the horse and see what happens.

Once again, thank you all for your support, it means the world.


Patron Pack!

Sun Apr 26 21:12:25 2015

No, I haven't forgotten you guys! ^_^;;

I've been trying to minimize computer time during this hiatus, so I'm way behind in all email/note stuff (totally need a secretary XD ), but I do think the downtime is helping, though slower than I'd prefer.

Since I'm not doing new content, I went back and manually sifted through the HUNDREDS of pics I've sent you guys so far (497 total since the Patreon started, I think), and until I'm back to work making new stuff, the Patron Packs are going to be pulled from everything I did last year that I haven't already shared with you guys, and then I'll start pulling highlights from previous years.

If any of these are stuff you've already seen, whether in previous packs, or something I uploaded to one of my gallery pages, I apologize. I did my best to try and sift out all the stuff from previous packs, but honestly, that took so long by itself, I didn't go and look through all 4 of my gallery pages to check for what was posted publicly (they each have minor rule differences, so they don't all match with what's been posted either). Plus I'm sure some of you may watch me on one or two of those sites, but not all four, so even if something in here had been posted, it may still be new to you. ^_^

As always, I can never express enough how much I appreciate the support you guys show me, especially now when I'm out of commission. It's driving me nuts to try and keep my arms as inactive as possible (aside from the regular stretches and little exercises I'm supposed to do for carpal tunnel), but I really think I'm way past the point of pushing myself too far, and I wouldn't be able to be taking this break at all if not for all of you.

There's a good amount of stuff in here, so I hope it makes up for the lack of activity lately. Enjoy! ^_^


Patron Pack & update

Sun Mar 29 22:57:34 2015

Hey guys.

Some of you are aware that I've been majorly dropping the ball lately. I've tried dialing back even more, tried spacing people out more, even had an entire week of downtime at the start of March, and I'm having to just accept the fact that I can't continue on like this.

I'm going to try to do this month's Champion sketch stream tomorrow, and do my best to get through as many people as I can, and then I'm going to be on an extended hiatus. I've had FWA planned since last year, and recently someone offered to take me to BLFC. Rather than try to cram two months of work into five weeks around the cons, I'm taking the opportunity to have the much-needed hiatus I've put off for too long.

In the meantime, Ultimate and Mega slots are being closed (I've already spoken to all those patrons, and if you're already scheduled, then nothing has changed). I'm putting a halt on all new work intake until I've had the time my wrists need to recover, and until I've caught up on everything currently owed. I will still be doing the Fetch-a-Sketch streams for Champions, March's will be tomorrow. While I will be mostly trying to avoid drawing/typing/videogames and stuff that adds to my wrist strain, if I do have a day where I feel up for it, I may do random doodle/practice streams during the downtime, which will be patrons-only. I will go through older work and find some unposted goodies to keep giving you guys patron packs while my new work output is cut.

As this will obviously greatly diminish my income over the next few months, I may put up a simple YCH auction here and there if needed to keep all my bills paid.

After this hiatus, and once I've caught up on all owed work, I will finally begin working on a bigger project, and the Patreon page will be redone to reflect that. While my primary goal for the near future is to do my own large-scale all-original-characters visual novel/dating sim game, I'm going to hold off on that. Since I haven't done anything like it, I will first be working on a smaller, simpler visnov project involving the anthro digimon rookiees Sanmer commissioned recently. So many people saw those pics and demanded DATING SIM NAO, so I'm going to give it a shot. I hope to learn from the experience so my original project can be better for it when I do that next.

I don't know if I will resume offering the Ultimate and Mega level slots after this hiatus. As much as I truly love drawing for other people - I wouldn't have nearly 500 drawings from last year if I didn't love doing this - and as much as I hate not being available for that, the severity of the issues with wrist strain has forced me to accept a hard fact. I just can not keep doing as I've been doing, and I very well may not have too many years of drawing left at all before this shit just completely shuts me down. If I'm going to do any of the things bouncing around in my own head, I have to stop kicking them down the road.

So to sum up: Patron Packs and monthly Champion Fetch-a-Sketch streams will continue, Ultimate and Mega level slots are indefinitely suspended after the current queue of them have been taken care of. I will be at FWA and BLFC and am always happy to meet people irl when possible, and the conventions and the time between them will be a hiatus for me to recover and mentally/physically reboot. Afterward, I will be fully focused on catchup of owed work, and then full-gear into the Digi-dating sim as a practice run project before doing a much larger original dating sim project.

Thank you all again, as always. I hope most of you will stick around, but I understand if anybody feels like moving on. I'll just have to win you back once I'm back to full steam.

Here's this week's pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0sqik4p1xcmfjfc/PatronPack3-29-15.zip?dl=0

Patron Pack!

Sun Mar 8 00:23:17 2015

I'm in the middle of some down time, wrist issues have kinda come to a point, seeing if a solid stretch of time off helps. Just a week though, I'll be back to drawing on thursday, and am currently looking at Saturday the 14th for this month's Fetch-a-Sketch patron stream. Please check the last couple activity posts for the details on that if you're new. ^_^

Here's what's new since last time, including an awesome color job by SydneySnake of what >may< become a larger project in the next few months. ;3


Also, if any new or existing Champion-levels didn't get the email with the download link for the 2014 pack, email me so I can correct that (as well as any Mega/Burst mode patrons who haven't received the rest of them as well).

Let's try this again

Sun Feb 22 20:17:51 2015

Take 2!

Champions first, then Rookies, anybody who sat through yesterday's superfail attempt at a stream will get to jump priority today. @_@



Fetch-a-Sketch stream!

Sat Feb 21 21:28:28 2015

OKAY, so I can't seem to connect to furstream today, so it won't be a patrons-only stream, we'll have to use picarto, which will alert anyone watching my channel there BUT obviously the free sketches are just for patrons, same rules as usual, Champions first, then Rookies.



Patron Pack Time! :D

Sat Feb 14 21:33:29 2015

It's that time again!

Lotsa thickness happening in this one.

One of these may be the spark of an upcoming project. Still uncertain, but you guys will be the first to know. Feel free to speculate wildly! XD

Hazard Box this time is mostly tame, but there's one awesome toon insanity pic, so, watch out for that. ;3

Enjoy! ^_^


Reward text update

Thu Feb 12 02:48:46 2015

Hey guys, just in case Patreon doesn't notify you automatically (sorry for redundancy if they did), I've updated some of the text for the pledge rewards section. Nothing is actually changed from what I've been doing for the last few month, but I've updated the text to more accurately reflect what I've been delivering.

The main two differences are:

"Weekly" changed to "periodic" for the Patron Packs - I will still be trying to do them every week, but interference with that has happened often enough where I don't feel right saying "weekly" when it doesn't always work out that way. So, as long as Life is Groovy, they'll still be weekly, but when it rains monkey-wrenches (or burned fingers or the ridiculous lingering cruds), there may be some gaps.

The "Champion-exclusive" stream was always somewhat dead and mostly-empty when it was only Champions, so the past several of them have been open to all patrons Rookie and above, and if all the Champions in the stream have gotten a sketch for the month, I will do sketches for the Rookies, too. I'm calling these "Fetch-a-Sketch" sessions now, and have updated the text to hopefully better communicate how these work. Priority is still Champions first, then Rookies, so this change has not decreased the availability of the free sketches for Champion-level patrons, just expanded the opportunity a bit for Rookies. They're still minimum one of these per month, but I've been able to do two in a month a couple times, and I'll keep trying for that or more whenever I can.

If anybody has any issues with the changes - which again aren't really changes so much as just making the text more accurately describe what's been happening for months - or if any of this is confusing or unclear, please feel free to poke me with questions or concerns and I'll try to address them.

As always, Thank You all for your support, you're amazing and wonderful and a million more things I can't say cuz I have to try to keep text here as SFW as possible. :P

Patron Pack

Thu Feb 5 01:06:18 2015

Patron Pack time!

I've been sick the past two weeks, so haven't gotten much done. Roni signing an autograph for a fan, Digimon class photo, shameless self-indulgence with myself and Rocket, triceratops from an anime, some new characters, and Crisp's furry Oz series meets Toast the Tin/Iron Man/Fox and Fen the Cowardly Lion/Wolf.

Oh yeah and a bishi Roni because why the fuck not. XD

I had a pleasant day streaming for myself the other day despite being sick and stuck at home on my birthday. Big thanks to everyone who came for that and had fun in the chat. I'm going to be setting aside at least a day a month just for myself from here out, but hopefully I'll be a little more productive once I'm over the stupid flu.

It looks like patreon's done processing everybody, so I'll be scheduling the upper tier sketchstreams, and sending out the 2014 annual pack here soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this week's goody bag!


Sun Jan 25 19:52:57 2015

Sorry guys, sick as fuck, my head exploded a few times, mopping up brains now, Sketch-Grab stream bumped till I'm over this and grow a new head. -_-;;


Sat Jan 24 19:19:18 2015

Patron stream delayed till tomorrow, sorry guys. >_

First Patron Pack of the year! 8D

Fri Jan 16 21:10:23 2015

Hey everybody! Sorry for dropping the ball the past few weeks, there's not been a lot of arting going down, so there's not as much in this update as I'd prefer, but I'm overall happier with the results so far, had a couple really good stream sessions, 2015's off to a very optimistic start!


To make up for the recent lack of activity though, and as a bit of a belated Christmas present for everyone, ALL PATRONS get to pick one of my older art collections (2000-2010, 2011, or 2012) to get for free! Send me an email with "Patron Gift" as the subject line, and which one out of those three you would like, and you will receive an email back containing the download link!

If there's anybody at the Champion level or higher who still hasn't received their 2013 download, please email me with "2013 Art Pack" in the subject so I can get that to you as well (in addition to picking one of the older ones too).

As for the older Patron Packs, rather than re-upload all of them separately, I've taken bits here and there from them all, and put together something of a Sampler Platter from 2014. It's not everything that was there before, but it's still a couple hundred pics I hope all you newer patrons will enjoy.


The complete 2014 collection will be available for purchase soon, and will be given out to patrons at the Champion level or higher as soon as January pledges process. ^_^

I know I keep saying it, but you guys seriously saved my butt last year. I'm more optimistic about the coming year than I've been for about as far back as I can remember. Thank You All once again, and enjoy the Furry goodness!

Patron Pack 1-16-15: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hwwx8xb2vsccaqa/PatronPack1-16-15.zip?dl=0

2014 Sampler: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7q3scftokk5qn1i/2014%20Sampler.zip?dl=0

Sexy Mad Science stream!

Wed Jan 14 19:44:20 2015

Hey guys, doing some drawingstuffs for Draite's Sexy Mad Science game!

If you haven't seen this yet, check it out:

So come check it out, ask Syd questions, etc, etc:

password: happyscience

Patron Sketch Grab stream!

Sun Jan 11 19:48:06 2015

Okay guys, net seems to be stable so far today, let's give this a try!

All patrons welcome to attend, sketches are going to December patrons at the Champion level. Once all attending Champions have a sketch, I'll start doing single-character sketches for Rookie-level patrons.


password: patronparty

Last post of 2014!

Wed Dec 31 20:40:04 2014

Hey guys!

Been an interesting Holiday Season this year. ^_^;; Hope you've all had a good and safe one, and I hope everyone stays safe and smart while having fun tonight. Lotsa drunk and drowsy people going to be on the road, so watch yourselves. <:3>
So it seems fairly well confirmed that Patreon's 'new rules' (which are more just a reiteration of the same old rules) do still draw a distinction between photography and drawing when defining "porn." So, moving forward, it seems there won't be as much need for change. I will be dropping that one big bad content item from future patron packs, which is honestly something I've been seriously considering for a long time anyway, but everything else will continue on, hazard box and all.

I've been out-of-commission for most of the past few weeks, I pushed my wrists too far again and haven't been able to do much. I got through the last patron stream though, so I think it's safe to start resuming production. ^_^; Here's the last Patron Pack of 2014:


As for the older ones, when I edited the links to past patron packs, I had intended to restore them once the rules change was clarified, but I seem to have super-derped and that'd be much more of a task now than I had expected. Since it's the turn of the year anyway, I'm debating maybe not having them infinitely available. I might just clear the old ones each year, or maybe not, I dunno, let me know what you guys think. For now though, anyone currently a patron can email me with "past patron packs" in the subject, and I'll give you links to the last several of them since I know at least a few of you may have missed them.

As a reminder, Champion-level patrons and higher get the most recent Annual art pack as a patron reward their first month at that level (so it's not like you have to stay there once you have it ;3 ), so the 2014 archive that will be available for purchase soon will be available to those patrons anyway from February on. Those will be distributed beginning in February as January rewards (meaning pledges made during January, processing February 1st) so if you need need need it right away, you could buy it once that journal announcement is made, but I'd suggest just holding out until I send those to you guys anyway. ;3

Once again, I want to thank you all for the support you've given me. I know I keep saying it, but you got me through this year, plain and simple. I hope I can continue to earn that support, and hope you guys keep enjoying my output. Thank You all for making 2014 so much better than it would have been, and I hope 2015 is a better year for everybody. It IS officially 'The Future' now, after all! ^_^

Patron sketch grab stream pt 2!

Sat Dec 27 20:01:45 2014


Hey guys! Hope everyone's having a good holiday!

It looks like the rule worry was much ado about nothing, so I'll be continuing on here after all. We're about to start the second patron-only stream for December, so come join and maybe get a sketch!

As a reminder, these sketch grab streams prioritize Champion-level patrons first, then if there's no Champions present who haven't got a sketch for December, I'll start drawing single-character sketches for Rookie-level patrons.

So come have some fun, see some drawing, make some friends, and maybe get a sketch! ^_^

password: patronparty

Missing Links

Mon Dec 22 22:05:45 2014

Hey guys, there's talk over Patreon changing their policies, so until everything's been 100% cleared up, I'm cleaning up any old links or text that might not be kosher anymore. I'll be complying with whatever the new rules are as best I can while we see what happens here and how much we may have to do things differently going forward.

Whatever happens, the support you've all given me has been amazing, and I can say without exaggeration that I wouldn't have gotten through this past year without it. To the greatest extent possible, I hope to continue using patreon as we've been doing so far, so for now let's just all cross our fingers and see what gets worked out.

I'll let everyone know as soon as I do if anything's going to be handled differently, but until you hear from me saying otherwise, I still plan to fulfill all of this month's rewards as usual, so please nobody panic or jump ship just yet. ^_^;;

I'm available at my email address (stamped on all my art) if you have any questions or concerns, please direct them there, to keep this post clear for now. I may be slow to respond, but I'll try to get to everybody in due time.

Thank you all, and I hope everyone's having a Happy Holiday season.

Patron Pack!

Thu Dec 18 20:38:25 2014

Here's the next goody bag! There's a whole slew of subjects covered this time.

And as a reminder, don't forget the next Patrons-only sketch-grab stream will be the 27th! Most of the regularly-attending Champions got their sketch last time, so we'll probably be getting to more of you Rookies this time around! Hope to see you guys there! ^_^

As always, Thank You all, and enjoy! :D


Sketch Chance stream!

Sat Dec 13 20:01:41 2014

Hey guys! Time for December's sketch chance stream!

password: patronparty

Remember, Champion-level patrons are first priority, but any point where all Champions present have gotten a sketch for the month, I'll do single-character sketches for Rookie-level patrons!

Last Patron Pack of November!

Sun Nov 30 06:18:58 2014

Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Today we had another Patron stream, though apparently Patreon's email notification for these is super laggy. I posted stream announcements on all my gallery pages and tumblr, but I'll try to remember to make the patreon announcements a few days in advance from here out. On that note, the next Patrons-only stream is currently scheduled for Saturday after next, December 13th. I try to start these between noon and 2pm, and keep them going as long as I can, which is usually 8 hours or so.

I'll be updating the wording on reward levels soon to try and be a little more clear, as well as adding a few things, BUT nothing will be taken away. No reward level will be getting less than they currently are, and most will get a little bit more.

Enjoy today's goodies, everybody! There's a lot of ground covered in here! XD


Patrons-only stream!

Sat Nov 29 20:07:38 2014


Here we go, guys! Like last time, this is the Champion-level free sketch stream, so I'll be drawing for all the Champion levels who show up first, but if we hit a point where all the Champions present have a pic, then I'll start doing single-character sketches for Rookie-levels!

Password is patronparty

Patron Pack!

Thu Nov 20 18:20:51 2014

Got a lot this week! :D

Had a good patron stream, I think I'll keep them open to the other levels too in the future, though again, Champion-level patrons are the priority for the sketches. So as a reminder, next Saturday, the 29th, will be another sketch chance stream for patrons Rookie-level and up - All Champion-level patrons in attendance will be up first for sketches, but if I manage to have all attending Champions taken care of, then I'll start doing single-character sketches for Rookies, too. :D


So I'm hoping this extra-full batch helps make up a little bit for that dry spell the past few weeks. >_<

As always, thank you all for your patronage, I wouldn't still be doing this stuff if not for you guys! Enjoy the goods! Tell your friends! XD

Patron Pack!

Wed Nov 12 20:02:50 2014

Hey guys!

First off, huge apologies for dropping the ball the past few weeks. Excuses, excuses, I suck. I've not been managing things as well as I should, so I'll be working on that.

Haven't been as productive as usual the last few weeks, so there's some older unposted stuff in here along with the new work.

Gonna be some changes this month. Adding a few new things to some of the reward levels, but not changing any of the amounts, so just putting some more chances for art into the mix. The whole point of this Patreon thing was to make more time for new non-commission projects, and I've just not made much headway on that at all, so I'll be trying to change that. There's a couple big things I need to get done, and then it'll be more focus on new character creation and working towards the big VisNov idea.

As always, thank you all for your support. I honestly don't think I'd still be able to do this if Patreon hadn't come along when it did. This year's art folder is currently up to 415 images, my most productive year by a pretty good chunk. Even so, I'm going to be working harder to have more to show for the crazy-awesome support you guys are giving me. I want to shift more from quantity to quality, so here's hoping I can pull it off. ^_^;

So Thank You all once again, and have fun with yer funstuff enjoying the pics! :3


Patron Pack!

Sat Oct 25 16:03:18 2014

Here ya go, everybody!

Been under the weather, on top of more family stuff than usual, so there's not as much new stuff as I'd like, but I still hope you enjoy what's here!



Patron Pack!

Sat Oct 11 16:10:46 2014

Here's the goodies!

Enjoy! ^_^



Last Patron Pack of September!

Sun Sep 28 04:39:09 2014

Here you go! ^_^


Enjoy! :3



Sun Sep 21 00:56:55 2014

Man this past week just flew by. >_<

Here's the goods, guys! As usual, weirdness in the hazard box, but you'll probably all check anyway. XP




Patron Pack!

Sat Sep 13 18:21:59 2014

Here you go, guys!

As always, thank you all for your support, and I hope you enjoy!



Last Patron Pack of August!

Fri Aug 29 22:48:45 2014

Here's this week's stuff!

Some pics from the last Champion exclusive stream, and a few unposted things from earlier in the year.


As always, big time thanks to you guys, you're awesome! I hope everyone finds something they enjoy in these. ^_^


Champion Stream!

Mon Aug 25 18:17:14 2014

Yay! Internet restored, all systems (hopefully) are Go!

Once again, this notice will be seen by Ultimate & Mega level patrons, who are welcome to join in, but the free art chance this stream is just for Champion level patrons.


Password: champions

This week's Patron Pack!

Thu Aug 21 01:30:58 2014

Here you go, guys! This week's new stuff, including the results of today's Champion stream!

Anyway, as always, thank you all for your support, and I hope you all find something to enjoy in this week's offerings.


Champion Stream!

Wed Aug 20 15:12:01 2014

Hey, Champions! Time for your free sketch session!


Password: championtime

It's come to my attention that some of Patreon's notices are delayed, so I'm sending this notice both in direct message and activity feed. They should only be a few minutes apart, but please let me know if either notice is significantly delayed, so I can work out a different method of notifying you guys by the next stream. Currently, the next Champion-only free sketch stream is scheduled for Monday, the 25th.

Announcing via the activity feed doesn't allow selecting just one patron level, it sends to the selected level and above, so Ultimates and Megas will get this notice too. You guys are welcome to attend, but please remember this stream is an art chance just for the Champions.

Still Alive!

Fri Aug 15 01:26:02 2014


Hey guys. Sorry for the recent absence. Been kinda mental here lately. Here's a new goody bag, broad range of stuff this time, hopefully everyone will find something they like in here.

I can't express enough how much your support means to me right now. I don't think I'd be managing with the current stuff on my plate if not for you guys. Thank you all.



Patron Pack #8!

Wed Jul 23 16:27:29 2014

Wow, guys. Just passed a pretty huge milestone! I'm going to have something big happen in August to celebrate! Stay Tuned for more on that! >;3

In the meantime, here's the next bundle of fun for you all!



Also, some reminders:

To all the new patrons, well first of all Hello, and THANK YOU! I can't believe the level of support this is getting, and I hope to keep making it worth your while! For those who don't know, you can check the 'activity feed' here and see past postings with links to all the previous Patron Packs that have been posted. New patrons get access to all the old stuff, too!

To existing patrons; thank you again for your support, and if any of you on the limited tiers want to reduce, change, or cancel your pledges, please go ahead and do so to allow time for others to hopefully pick up your slot before the next round of pledges are processed.

Lastly: If there's anyone at the $40 level or higher who has already had their pledge processed but still hasn't received your free art collection downloads, please email me with "Patron art CD" in the subject line, and I'll get that to you.

Once again, just endless THANK YOU to everybody. Please continue to enjoy the pics and look forward to the extra surprise coming in the next month!


Patron Pack #7!

Wed Jul 16 17:30:20 2014


Hope you like it!


Patron Pack #6!

Wed Jul 9 18:57:23 2014

Hello everybody, patrons new and old!

Here you go, guys! I've been out of town the past week, so not much new stuff for this goodie bag. I've gone ahead and included a shot of four new faces from a BIG project I'm hoping to get under way soon.

For the oldies portion of this pack,

Keep being awesome guys, have fun with these pics, keep an eye out for upcoming streams, both public and patron-exclusive, and I'll be contacting you upper-level patrons to schedule your rewards streams very shortly!


First Champion Patron Free Sketch Stream Results

Sun Jun 29 21:21:22 2014

Hey everyone, here are the results of the first Champion-exclusive free sketch stream. Everyone who made it got a sketch, and then I did a few doodles of Were-Cam. Next month's Champion stream will have a few more people in it, but I'm still hoping that I can get to everyone.

For now, enjoy the pics! And as a reminder, if anyone was planning on canceling, be sure to do it now because July's charges will be run in a few days (obviously I'm hoping everyone wants to continue supporting, but I don't know how complicated the refund process is here, if there is one, so just wanted to make that heads up).

So thanks again everyone, your support means a lot, see you guys again for the regular weekly Patron Pack on Wednesday!


Patron Pack #5!

Wed Jun 25 21:13:15 2014


Hey guys, for this week's goody bag, we've got the results of one of the Mega patron streams, so big thanks to Jaikonran, and everybody enjoy his Roogon-y goodness. And as a random extra, since I hardly ever actually draw my own character, here's a couple of way old random Blade doodles that may or may not have seen the light of day before.

In upcoming news, next monday, the 30th, will be (barring unforeseen Life Happenings) the first of hopefully steady and regular weekly patrons-only live stream sessions. These will probably be used for general practice/experimentation/learning, so I can work on tweaking some long-neglected skills, but still be responsive to the chat, without it distracting from paid work.

So as always, big thanks to all of you, and I'll have more goodies for you next week, when I'll dig a little deeper into the 'lost files' recesses of my archive folders for unseen or forgotten oldies, and hopefully have some more new stuff as well.


Patron Pack #4!

Wed Jun 18 18:18:08 2014

Here's this week's random goodie bag.


Patron Pack #3!

Wed Jun 11 21:41:17 2014

Here's the weekly goody bag!


Also! While I've been catching up on the last stretch of stuff I owe people, I haven't been streaming as much as I'd like. Starting June 30th, I'm going to try to have one patron-only stream per week, on a different day each week, to work on projects.

Once again, thank you everyone, I hope you enjoy these pics, and I'll have more for you soon!

Stream over, here's some goodies! (NSFW)

Thu Jun 5 00:38:00 2014

Okay, so it seems the notice you guys get makes the link easy to miss, sorry about that if anyone missed the stream. Next time I'll be sure to put the link here in the body of the notice too. >_<

Here's some of what got done today, a sketch for Wuffamute (that he added flats to), an inked pic that he'll be coloring, an early teaser super-rough pose sketch for the Cam group pic, as well as some other unposted fun from this year's folder.


1st Patron-Exclusive stream!

Wed Jun 4 17:02:01 2014

Hey guys! Let's see how this goes. This isn't the Champion exclusive free sketch stream, I'll announce that more in advance for you guys.

The password is: youguysrock

Wow, guys!

Mon Jun 2 16:25:15 2014

Well I'm totally blown away by the support already! Not even a week and you guys have floored me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this! I hope everyone bears with me while I sort out what my routine is going to be here.

Once again, Thank You all! I'll do my best to make sure you're not disappointed!