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BoofVR (old character view)

ZIP Password: ETeQEtMrC2YjX8NG

BoofVR_A19403.zip (d)

[BoofVR] Alpha Update v0.3

Password for ZIP file: B00FSIZ3D1FF

BoofVR_alpha-3.zip (d)

[BoofVR] Alpha Update v0.3!

Sun Jun 21 03:19:01 2020

A little big quality of life update, as well as performance and new things to play with!

Here's a big update rolling out, with quite a couple of changes in the logs, but first, here are the download links!


Download Mirror 1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G6nvVP8fKWsZ7JoMpv64NDe6xgFFSCJJ/view?usp=sharing
Download Mirror 2 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ubcko2Pf_AbjFseURdDsjcv5aIA7Zo7L/view?usp=sharing
Download Mirror 3 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c8puiX2Fw_4IS5iKn_lhlzy9sbOFSVRq/view?usp=sharing

Password for the link:
Password for ZIP file: B00FSIZ3D1FF

You require WinRAR / 7zip / other unzipper programs to unpack the zip file.
There's no installation, just launch BoofVR_Touch.exe after unpacking!
Make sure your headset is connected and everything. Having SteamVR running may also help improve experience, reportedly.


• A programmer has been added to the development! Give a warm welcome to Proto!
• Audio has been implemented into the levels, a big applause to AudioElk!

• Added functionality to more VR headset controllers (Oculus, Vive, WMR, Index, Cosmos)
• Added player teleportation feature
• Added player rotating feature
• Added a new menu for moving, rotating, scaling, and changing characters in scenes
• Audio feedback added to UI
• Adjusted coloration in levels
• Fixed odd distortions with Ollie model
• How To Play menu shows controls for the game, each control mirrors the other as we aim to make it easier for you, the player, to do things with one hand if the other is busy! :)
• Settings menu is now functional with various settings to lower/higher perfomance vs. quality
• Performance improvements
x Character hand poses are disabled as of now


• Sushi restaurant environment art is complete and being polished (see images)
• Sushi (food) is in progress
• Oki-karu (Shiba Inu) character is in progress for the next update
• Re-rigging for Ziggy model
• Re-rigging for Vallent model
• Vallent clothing design
• Ollie clothing design
• Audio works for Sushi restaurant
• Player hands interaction and functionalities

---> EXTRA

This is an old build of the mouse & keyboard model viewer from a while ago! Beware of heavy bugs in this one, as this was done out of curiosity during then:

Link for old character view (Mouse + Keyboard) by request: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmTh6Ein-bK7x3U3TaQ-wze29nBq?e=CDeDr5
Link Password: B00FT0UCH3D
ZIP Password: ETeQEtMrC2YjX8NG

---> BUGS
Please report in the comments for bugs found!
These will be carried over to check on through and we'll do our best to tackle the issues found, now even better with a programmer on the team!

Cheers, and have a wonderful weekend, everyboofy!
Love, Were <3

BoofVR_Update3.gif BoofVR_SushiBar_01.png BoofVR_SushiBar_02.png BoofVR_SushiBar_04.png BoofVR_SushiBar_03.png

[BoofVR] Alpha Update v0.2 Preview!

Fri Mar 13 12:31:33 2020

Here we go! :)
After several attempts, finally got to fix a couple of things for this build to work, hahah!
Please note that this is a PREVIEW - and I would appreciate it if you guys let me know how well it runs, as I've been trying hard tackling this to see many ways to optimize for VR better!

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vJ7VllkmjSaERuPzK-bnLA8hrAjDmRqv/view?usp=sharing
Password is: 5QMpFgEfH5vOdkxC

The same as before, simply unzip the file into wherever you wish (make sure you've got at least 8GB of space! I know it's large, this will be reduced in time - there's currently a lot of things to be cleaned up and optimized, but we shall get there!)

Run the BoofVR_Touch.exe and you're set!

Currently the UI works but the settings menu is disabled. Please refer to the "How To Play" menu or the image of the controller in this post for the controls. Point your finger and pull the back controller trigger to select the UI. This will be changed in future builds - for now, this is for preview until I get the pointer to work properly!

You can always go back to the main menu by pressing X on your left hand controller, and you can also change views on the characters by pressing A on your right hand controller.


What's new?!
Few of the screenshots you see on this post are in the game already! This includes:

- Optimization, greatly reduced low framerate or stutter as previous build
- Optimized: Bathroom
- NEW! Main Menu
- NEW! UI interface (WIP)
- NEW CHARACTER!: Ollie Bernards (WIP)
- NEW CHARACTER!: Vallent Laporte (WIP)
- NEW ALT!: Jockstrap Werethrope
- NEW ALT!: Beachwear Werethrope
- Added collision to player face for interacting face with.. meaty things!
- Further tweaked physics (WIP)

What's in the works?!
And these are the rest of the images you see that are still works in progress! :)

- Ziggy Darkglow Model currently re-textured
- Atlas the Rex Model to Rig
- Oki-Karu Re-model
- Dragon Player Hands
- Sushi Bar Environment
- House Kitchen

What's the actual gameplay plans and new mechanics to be added?
I'm currently putting together what BoofVR will essentially be as a whole in design. I never wanted it to just be a "touching simulator" - I've been meaning to expand it further moreso as getting to date and interact with these big boys where you win their hearts before you get to private intimate sessions with them. This is still in the works, of course, but the course I'm taking to push that interactivity and fun further with this project!
Of course, fluids, effects, being able to grab large logs of meat and such are part of it too. Which brings me to the next part of this post being that.. I'm looking for a programmer!



So the large news! I'm currently searching to hire a programmer to work on BoofVR! Must-have knowledge in developing in Unreal Engine and keen to touch upon programming for VR. Please PM me if interested! This would really help get the game developed more thoroughly, as I'm not a programmer myself and takes longer for me than one :)

Cheers and happy boofening!
- Were <3

BVR_Char_Atlas.png BVR_Char_Atlas.png BVR_Char_Oki.png BVR_Char_Vallent.png BVR_Env_Kitchen.png BVR_Env_SushiRestaurant_01.png BVR_Env_SushiRestaurant_02.png BVR_PlayerHands_Draconic.png BVR_Env_SushiRestaurant_03.png previewcontrols.png BVR_Char_Ollie.png BVR_Env_Bathroom.png BVR_Env_Beach.png BVR_Env_Garage.png BVR_V0.2_Update.png

[BoofVR] New build about to be built - big apologies!

Thu Mar 12 22:06:08 2020

I'm currently now about to build the latest test preview build for BoofVR :) just fixing a small few things so you guys can navigate between scenes to preview!
I apologize greatly for the lack of updates this past good while and not uploading sooner as I've been getting up to speed with commissions and backlogs while juggling my day job and this work.

Also a note that I took down the last build's link due to someone pirating it down - though I know this is pretty much unavoidable, so regardless, I'll be replacing it with a new and more optimized build either way!

Bear with for a bit while my PC processes the new build this evening and I'm putting together a compilation of new models, environments and screenshots of everything new that's been ongoing in the background. Again, my sincerest apologies. I'll see to upload it by next few hours, then I'll catch sleep. <3
- Were

BoofVR Notice! - Delay for last update!

Wed Nov 6 21:57:16 2019

Hey guys!
I'm here to write a quick text here, but most sincerest, massive apologies to everyone for the huge delay after several cons, trips and work meets I've had the past two+ months.

To give a quick update, here's the current few things we're working on for the long waited release we're expecting to release by this week:

- The UI menus are currently being worked on for a bit more! This is for both the VR and Mouse + Keyboard versions. Added few more things, such as about and settings menus.
- Fixing the main menu for VR (There's quite a heavy processing load and frame drop in this scene at the moment)
- Mouse + Keyboard preview build is being fixed, currently there is a problem with player mechanic, but this is close to be done fixing now.
- New reptile hands for the player is being modelled, along with a new dino character.

We're looking to release *both* the VR and Mouse + Keyboard version together, so bear with for just a bit and the update will be up!
Again, biggest apologies, but we're getting on it as quickly as we can <3

BoofVR - Summer Update & More Soon!

Sun Aug 25 23:42:37 2019

Boof boof! Hey guys! :9
Apologies for the lack of updates and posts lately as I've been busy with handling recent furry con I went to, Eurofurence! I'm now back and recovering from post-con sickness, which I hope to be full healed by the next few days :)

BUT exciting news!
Recently, Rogue Fang, a new furry brand, has popped up and I've been part of the team helping them out! We've got these three furry themed jockstraps you can see on the kickstarter campaign, and BIG SURPRISE! - they're now being put into BoofVR for bouncy and revealing action!

Other than that, have a quick list of features in the upcoming update!
The next coming summer update features:

• Optimization for VR experience (higher FPS, less "warps" as seen in last build)
• Beach scene
• Update and optimized rig rework of Were's model and textures
• Cloth physics
• Bulge physics
• Interactable beach ball (stepping stone to more interactables in the future soon!)
• Audio test
• Menu test
• Small fixes for paws
• Bug fixes and more

The Summer update will be going live for patrons within the week!
I apologize it's taking longer than expected, but I aim to get a bit more bugs fixed before rolling out the update :)

New Member of BoofVR Team!
Apart from the Summer Update, I'm also happy to announce that we now have AudioElk on board with the development of BoofVR!
Welcome to the project, and he'll be working on getting the MOUSE AND KEYBOARD development side of things going!
There's a small preview he's done on Twitter here, but we'll surely put up an interactive build soon once we've got things set up for you guys to play with after the Summer update. :9


I hope everyone's having an awesome summer! Ttake care, and we'll jump into boof reality soon! <3
- Werethrope

photo_2019-08-25_19-35-41.jpg RF_TheWolf_Front.jpg RF_TheWolf_Back.jpg BoofVR_WaterUpdate_01.gif ECu_NCdWkAABk7A.jpg boofvr_update2_08.gif

[Commission] Adharc Langford

Mon Jun 17 11:41:35 2019

Commission done for Adharc with their rhino character showing off their biggest assets :9 one plumpy photoshoot!

High res available in attachments for my patrons <3


[WIP] Adharc

Mon Jun 17 11:39:08 2019

WIP preview of a commission for Adharc of their rhino character, doing that anaconda pose :9

High res of this wip available in attachments for my patrons <3


[Commission] Rakan

Tue Jun 11 17:58:23 2019

Commission done for Rakan of their werewolf fresh in the woods
Don't get caught now! :9

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[WIP] Rakan

Tue Jun 11 08:52:23 2019

WIP of a commisison for Rakan!
Werewolf in the woods, guess it's that kind of hunting time :9

High res in attachments for my patrons <3


[Sketch Reward] Sylas & Ryan

Tue Jun 11 08:46:28 2019

Sketch reward for Sylas along with Ryan (Zempy3)!

High res available in attachments for my patrons :)


[WIP] Sylas & Ryan

Tue Jun 11 08:43:07 2019

Sketch reward WIP for Sylas of their character, and Ryan by Zempy3!
Lovely moment and all :9

High res of the wip available in attachments <3


[Commission] Sieg in Chaps

Thu Jun 6 22:14:02 2019

And the commission done for Sieg of his lion in those breezy chaps of his! Working hard in the office too of course :9

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[WIP] Sieg Black

Thu Jun 6 22:10:19 2019

WIP preview for a commission for Sieg Black, in a breezy pair of chaps! :9

High res available in attachments <3


I'm back from a furry convention (confuzzled)! I'll be getting back into gear with updates and such now, thank you all for the patience. I'm super excited to get things going once again! <3


[Sketch Reward] YorkTheOrca - Remiderg

Wed May 1 23:59:55 2019

Sketch reward done for York featuring his friend's big horsey character, Remiderg's!

High res available for my patrons, as well as something new coming to my patreon - animated depth version of now new art pieces! <3

patreon_yorktheorca_horse.png patreon_yorktheorca_horse.webm (d) patreon_yorktheorca_depth.gif

[WIP] YorkTheOrca

Wed May 1 23:56:01 2019

WIP preview of a sketch reward for York, featuring his friend's big horsey character, Remiderg!

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[BoofVR] V0.02 - Mouse + Keyboard Test & Performance

Wed Apr 3 04:50:46 2019

Hello! :9 here's a mouse+keyboard feature early preview for viewing and toggling later down the road. You can view the changelog at the end or in the README file :)

Link to download: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AmTh6Ein-bK7x3SrX9NaxNHjfoJW
Patreon-only password: ETeQEtMrC2YjX8NG
Please don't upload or share the project builds to public! I'm not giving permission for any special cases, as I'd like to keep developing this project forward in time :) thank you!


How to install/play:

1. Use WinRAR/7Zip/Other decompressor programs to unzip the BoofVR .zip file

2. Unzip anywhere that has at least 3GB worth of space on any of your drives

3. Run "Boof_CharacterViewer.exe"

4. Have fun!



- Middle mouse click & drag to move camera freely

- Right mouse click & drag to rotate camera

- Left click & drag the blue sphere to direct where character is looking

- Mouse scroll to zoom in / zoom out camera


Change Log:

- This update features mouse+keyboard EARLY preview for future development for BoofVR!

- Currently there is only one model being Ziggy Darkglow's character model.

- I'll be releasing updates with added characters and more poses/animations throughout the development of BoofVR.

- Skeletal rigs are optimized even further in this build. This will be applied to other models, thus they will undergo the process of being re-rigged for optimization.

- Added HQ/LQ buttons to toggle between quality at the bottom left of the UI.

- The VR system is disabled for now as the UI system is still a work in progress for VR.

- Implemented capability for flaccid to erect bits as well as deformable clothing for bulges such as undies.


Next build:

- Enable VR

- Enable optimization for VR (quality settings)

- Additional character

- (Hopefully) progress on simulated cum, but this is far from optimization and requires heavy work. Preview can be found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Werethrope/status/1099782592000344064

Thank you and please let me know how the performance goes on this build as I'd like to keep pushing optimization further! :)


[Commission] Venom Aki

Thu Mar 28 21:48:14 2019

Final rendition of the commission for Akipanda of their character all venom'd up! :9
High res available in the attachments <3


[WIP] Venom Panda

Thu Mar 28 21:41:12 2019

Work in progress for Akipanda and his character all venom'd up!
High res of this wip available for my patrons in attachments <3

As for BoofVR side of updates, I'll be putting up an early preview of mouse+keyboard viewer feature soon :) thank you everyone for the huge support lately towards the project, it's been fantastic to develop it forward!


[Personal] Vallent

Tue Mar 5 00:57:52 2019

Colored of the quick personal sketch of the yeen to brush things up again, have been feeling very worn out but let's get back to beefy arts once more! :9

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[WIP] Vallent

Tue Mar 5 00:54:28 2019

A quick personal sketch of the yeen to brush things up again, have been feeling very worn out but let's get back to beefy arts once more! :9

High res available for all my patrons in attachments <3


[Commission] Wet & Pumped

Mon Feb 25 21:13:45 2019

Commission piece done for HungryWulfy!
One sweaty wolf after a heavy workout session for a beefy wolf :9

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3

cms_hungrywulfy_final.png cms_hungrywulfy_highres.png

[WIP] HungryWulfy

Mon Feb 25 21:10:55 2019

Work in progress preview for a commission for HungryWulfy! :9
Get pumped get pumped!

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[Commission] Shirefox

Mon Feb 11 00:49:30 2019

Final, commission piece for Shirefox! :)
Second breakfast with a fox, hmm!

High res available in attachments <3


[WIP] Shirefox

Mon Feb 11 00:46:55 2019

Sketch preview of a piece for Shirefox! :9
Second breakfast, anyone?

High res available for my patrons <3


[Sketch Reward] Slyphin Drakil

Tue Feb 5 19:41:30 2019

Sketch reward done for Slyphin Drakil! Thank you for your support <3
Big beefy derg

High res available for my patrons in attachments :9


[WIP] Slyphin Drakil

Tue Feb 5 19:36:47 2019

Work in progress sketch of a piece for SlyphinDrakil! :)

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[BoofVR] First Alpha Release!

Thu Jan 31 03:06:18 2019

That took way longer to fix than it should have, but I'm here to happily share with my patrons a side project that has been in the works! Thank you everyone who supported me on this development as well <3

Simply put, a VR experience with boofs and the hefty physics they come with!

Please note that this demo is the very bare stage of development for this project - there's still long ways to get physics, interaction and gameplay working but we'll get there <3


Currently best for Oculus Touch - there are quite a lot of gesture combinations you can do for the set of paws you have! Other notes include:

- Move right trigger stick to rotate yourself left / right

- The "X" and "A" buttons (left and right controllers) will rotate Were front or back view

- ESC to quit game

- 2GB space required

- There are plans for controls with regular mouse and keyboard for non-VR users too!

If you have ideas and such you'd like to share, please feel free to comment! I've been noting down many of suggestions and ideas all around ever since the first quick previews on Twitter. Let's make one handsome game with boofs now!

Please also let me know if it isn't launching for anyone else - I have not tested it yet with other VR platforms apart from Oculus. You can find the download link to the game here:

OneDrive Download - BoofVR Alpha

The password for my patrons: 8b2E6SevXFJFPT8jxAy6

*PLEASE USE WINRAR OR 7ZIP OR SIMILAR TO UNZIP FILES. Windows' built-in one does NOT work. I apologize for this, and will fix the issue for the next releases! <3

And please do NOT share/distribute the project around publicly nor privately!
Thank you, and enjoy yourselves with a big boofer! <3


[Commission] DragoMoo

Thu Jan 17 19:02:21 2019

Commission done for DragoMoo!
Guy's size doesn't seem like it'll fit that hole, hm!

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[WIP] DragoMoo

Thu Jan 17 19:00:00 2019

WIP of a commission for DragoMoo!
Gloryhole there seems to be too small for the size he's got going on, hm!

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[Sketch Reward] SlyphinDrakil

Wed Jan 16 21:41:00 2019

Final version of sketch reward for SlyphinDrakill of their friend's character!
He's all lounging with that treat out of the bag :9

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[WIP] SlyphinDrakil

Wed Jan 16 21:38:35 2019

Work in progress early stage of a patreon reward for SlyphinDrakil! :)

High res of this available for my patrons in attachments <3


[High Res] Smooch the Gooch!

Tue Jan 8 05:23:39 2019

And the two large buns all prepped for you!
Final for a piece for Dubsky_Butt featuring my hyena character, Vallent! :)

High res available for my Patrons <3


[Sketch] Smooch the Gooch

Tue Jan 8 05:20:38 2019

Two large buns on the ready!
WIP of a piece for Dubsky_Butt :)

I believe this is the first post of 2019 here on my Patreon, I hope everyone had a wonderful new year and excited towards much more beefness to come through this year <3

High res available in attachments for my patrons!


[HighRes] Kandaresu

Tue Dec 18 05:23:51 2018

High resolution version for my patrons of a raffle prize won by Kanderasu during my Twitter follower milestone hit! :) you can download it through the attachment!

I've been terribly ill as of late since the start of the month thus lack of posts, but I am getting better now! Drawings will be on their way <3


[Sketch Reward] Pander Bright

Mon Nov 26 22:45:15 2018

Sketch reward for Pander Bright of their grizzly character! :9

High res available for my patrons in attachments <3


[Sketch] Filling Up!

Mon Oct 22 04:09:54 2018

A little sketch I did a while ago, some size difference and filling+gap stuff :9

High res available in attachments <3

sketch_sizediffference_01.gif personal_sizedifference_01.png personal_sizedifference_02.png

[WIP] Cock-Pit

Mon Oct 22 01:23:22 2018

Work in progress preview for Red Baron's commission! :)

High res available to be downloaded for my patrons in attachments <3


[Commission] Red Baron's Cockpit

Mon Oct 22 01:25:10 2018

Final early preview of Red Baron's commission! :)

High res available to be downloaded for my patrons in attachments <3


[WIP] Untie

Mon Oct 15 23:09:53 2018

Preview WIP of a reward for Zempy3 of their character, Ryan! Undressing after a hard day of work :9

High res available in attachments <3


[Sketch Reward] Zempy3

Mon Oct 15 23:13:57 2018

Sketch reward for Zempy3 of their character, Ryan! Undressing after a hard day of work :9

High res available in attachments for my dear patrons <3


[Commission] Roscoe

Sun Sep 16 15:45:47 2018

Commission done for Karabiner for their big floofer, Roscoe! :)
He's happy to see you home <3

High res available in attachments!

cms_roscoe_final.png cms_roscoe_02.jpg cms_roscoe_01.jpg

[WIP] Ball?!

Sun Sep 16 15:42:28 2018

WIP for a commission! :)
He seems to be a happy camper, playful one at that!

High res available for my patrons <3

cms_roscoe_preview.png cms_roscoe_01_preview.png cms_roscoe_02_preview.png

Boof Armor!

Mon Sep 10 00:27:26 2018

A doodle I did as a quick break :) smaller friends and such gotta have the best armour for protection!

High res available for my patrons here, both in greyscale & color <3

doodle_werearmor.png doodle_werearmor.jpg

[WIP] Dante

Mon Sep 10 00:19:06 2018

Preview of a commission piece from CFz this year for Dante/chaosfault featuring Were giving his character a big hug! :)

High res available in attachments <3


[Commission] Boof Hug!

Mon Sep 10 00:19:33 2018

Commission piece from CFz this year for Dante/chaosfault featuring Were giving his character a big hug! :)

High res available in attachments <3


[2D Animation] Tremorwolf

Mon Sep 3 01:28:28 2018

Commission for Tremorwolf of their character sketch-animated! :)
Bit of hyper here as asked by client!

High res is available in attachments in video format <3

cms_tremorwolf_cocktopecs.gif Tremor_Animation_Final1.mov (d)

[Sketch Reward] Sylas

Wed Aug 29 01:40:23 2018

Sketch reward done for Sylas!

Thank you for your support on this tier, very much appreciate it and hope you enjoy your sketch here! :)

I'm currently working on all in-progress rewards down the list, there's a beefy satyr and orc stuff reward shortly <3

High res available in attachments.

patreon_sylas_01.jpg patreon_sylas_01.png

Smooth Pilots

Fri Aug 17 19:37:36 2018

A little quick matte painting I did for my door sign with my roommate, Rikes, for this year's Eurofurence! :)
If you're attending EF as well, do let me know and we can meet and drink for a chat!

Cheers <3
High res available in attachments


Summer! - Wallpaper 2

Fri Aug 17 03:13:59 2018

Another version that was left to render while I'm drawing Patreon rewards here :)

I was asked if there'll be an animated version, and I'm thinking on it! I may just do that after I come back from Eurofurence next week as I'll be busy until then.

In the mean time, enjoy that summer with Oki! :9
High res available in attachments <3


Summer! - Wallpaper

Thu Aug 16 19:55:33 2018

I've been meaning to put this up for summer for all, since Oki was highly requested the last while :)

Hope everyone's having a blast, stay hydrated!


[WIP] MattyK

Fri Aug 10 19:52:11 2018

Work in progress of a retired Klee Kai has come down to being a barista. He loves his coffee!

High res is in attachments.


[Commission] MattyK

Fri Aug 10 19:52:26 2018

Commission done for MattyK from a convention!
He's retired and has come down to being a barista. He loves his coffee!

High res available in attachments.


[WIP] Kev The Wrestler

Sat Aug 4 22:40:17 2018

Bit of work in progress!

Apologies I've been away the past week, I've been really ill and now just recovering :) getting back at it!

I'll be writing a message soon, some little announcements for my patrons about future commissions and such :)


[Commission] Kev The Wrestler

Sat Aug 4 22:40:50 2018

Commission done for Dasker of their character, Kev! :)

Apologies I've been a bit away as I've been ill the past week, here back on my feet doing the best I can! :9

High res can be found in attachments <3


[3D] Ziggy Darkglow - Render Previews

Fri Jul 27 02:06:21 2018

Renders I did for the 3D character auction which Ziggy won and got his character modelled out :)

High resolution images are available through attachments for my patrons!

Ziggy_Renders.png Ziggy_Render_02.png Ziggy_Render_03.png Ziggy_Render_04.png Ziggy_Render_01.png

[Commission] Rikes

Wed Jul 25 14:40:36 2018

Commission done for Rikes of his character beefed up! :)

High res available in the attachments <3


[WIP] Rikes

Sat Jul 21 18:25:40 2018

A early preview of a beefy commission piece in the works, will be posting the final here soon! :)

As a note, I'll be art streaming every Friday, between 20:00 - 23:00 BST! For those who have missed this week's surge of art streams, you can view recordings on my Picarto under 'Videos' tab!


[Commission] Garmr

Sun Jul 15 15:08:01 2018

Final for a commission for Garmr the hel hound! :)

High res available in attachments!


[WIP] Garmr

Sun Jul 15 14:40:34 2018

Work in progress of a nordic helhound :)


[Commission] Hidden Wares

Tue Jul 3 11:59:08 2018

Final rendition of a commission for Leo Wolfbane!
Gotta sample wares where you can, you know? :9

High res available in attachments <3


[WIP] Fantasy Shopkeeper

Tue Jul 3 11:53:54 2018

Work in progress phase of a commission :)

I've recently hit an extreme barricade and now getting back up my feet, currently juggling between patreon rewards and commissions, bear with as I get through them for the rest of the month! <3


[WIP] Post-workout shower

Fri Jun 29 18:18:44 2018

A work in progress 2D animation commission :)
More progress down the road!

ezgif-2-6ab16f511c.gif Tremor_Animation_02.mov (d)

[Prize] Summer Cream

Mon Jun 25 04:12:14 2018

Raffle prize I did for a follower milestone raffle on my Tumblr! :)
Second winner, DoodleDotInc!

raffle_ddi_winner2.jpg raffle_ddi_winner2.jpg

[3D Animation] Temperate

Sun Jun 24 15:30:45 2018

A re-render of the first animation I did of Were in heat! :9
High resolution available for my patrons in attachments, otherwise link here too!:


Enjoy! <3

ezgif-1-59056a6b17.gif Patreon_Were_Temperate.mov (d)

[Commission] Apollo Chained

Sat Jun 23 00:27:29 2018

Commission for apollohale on Furaffinity of his wolf chained up after transformation!
Wings are fun :9

High resolution available in attachments <3

cms_apollo_final_patreon.png cms_apollo_final_patreon.png

[WIP] Apollo Chained

Sat Jun 23 00:25:31 2018

A wip of a commission for apollohale on FurAffinity!
I haven't drawn wings in the longest time, so this has been a great moment to get to study them again :)

Full picture coming up shortly!

cms_apollo_wip.jpg cms_apollo_wip.jpg

[3D Animation] Beef & Buns

Tue Jun 19 23:56:00 2018

Something new! :)
An animation commission for ScrublordMan on FurAffinity of Vallent showing off his assets.

My patrons can find the high resolution in either attachments or up on this dropbox link!:


vallentpreview.PNG Patreon_Vallent_ShowOff_Final.mov (d)

[Sketch] York The Orca

Fri Jun 15 23:32:15 2018

A wip for a sketch reward for one of my patrons, York! :)

I'm finally back and all healthy after being pulled around conferences and convention last month! Let's get back to the beefy arts <3

Hope everyone's having a wonderful day! :)

patreon_yorktheorca_presketch.png patreon_yorktheorca_presketch.png

[Sketch Reward] York - Post-Box

Fri Jun 15 23:40:45 2018

Sketch reward for my patron, York, of his orca dude post-working out by boxing! Thank you so much for supporting me! :)
I need to draw more aquatic creatures, they're super fun (and handsome!) <3

High res available in attachments :)

patreon_yorktheorca.png patreon_yorktheorca.png


Sat May 5 17:34:52 2018

Hey guys! :)
Coming in with a quick big thank you for those who've been supporting me the previous month! <3
I'll be continuing with rewards next week onwards, as I'll be going to a few conferences this week, busy busy times! :)

There's a few things I'd like to mention in terms of new changes that'll benefit patrons more;
1) I'll be switching uploading JPEGs to PNGs for uploaded work to my patrons, so you guys can enjoy more crisp arts!
A user (possibly a past supporter?) was complaining on this matter anonymously in public. I'd like to urge that if you guys have anything you'd like to inform me, being constructive criticism as simple as switching the image format, feel free to tell me! It's very simple to be upfront and helpful to artists to be better, there's no need to make an anon account to publically complain about it if you can help us be better directly instead. I'm always wanting to be better myself, and making sure you guys enjoy better stuff too at that! :)

2) Pre-sketches are to be more common for my $1 tier fellows, I've been thinking on this and I think it would be neat to show the bare sketches before I get into detailed stuff! I used to be iffy on this if people didn't really want to see them, but let's give it a shot! :)

3) I'm thinking to incorporate 3D material soon, still planning around this but it would surely be very fun for you all to enjoy the 3D side of things as well that I can make!

4) With the poll and ideas nailed down by patrons last month, I've got an idea in mind and will be putting up a mix of what you guys wanted me to draw. I'll be uploading this soon! <3

That's all for now, thank you all for your wonderful support :D
More artings to come!

- Werethrope

[Sketch] Monsieur Laporte

Sun Apr 22 07:11:19 2018

And the finalized version of the sketch! :)
High res available in attachments!

patreon_were_1700s.jpg patreon_were_1700s.jpg

[Sketch] Monsieur Laporte

Sun Apr 22 07:09:13 2018

A lil doodle idea over Twitter :)
Have been listening to a lot of Hamilton (the musical) lately and got inspired! Beastmen in 1700s wear DOES look very dashing :9
Jockstraps being a plus here hahah!

patreon_were_1700s_sketch.jpg patreon_were_1700s_sketch.jpg

[Commission] Ponda

Sun Apr 22 00:36:33 2018

Finalized commission for Ponda!
This panda's gotta have his coffee :)

High res available in attachments <3

cms_iamponda_01_lighting.jpg cms_iamponda_01_lighting.jpg cms_iamponda_01_nolighting.jpg

[Commission] Ponda

Sun Apr 22 00:33:06 2018

Sketch preview of a commission for Ponda!

I'll be getting back to uploading sketch previews as usual before :)

cms_iamponda_preview.jpg cms_iamponda_preview.jpg

[Sketch Reward] Gage Panther: Pumpin

Thu Apr 19 22:15:53 2018

Last of the three sketch rewards for Gage Panther! :9
He's getting BIG

High res available in attachments <3

patreon_gage_03.jpg patreon_gage_03.jpg

[Sketch Reward] Gage: Morning Otter Wood

Mon Apr 16 01:07:57 2018

Sketch reward for Gage Panther of his otter character in the bright morning :9

Was a fun practice too this one <3

High res available in attachments!

patreon_gage_02.jpg patreon_gage_02.jpg

April - Throw In Your Ideas! & Update for Tier $15+

Wed Apr 11 21:30:57 2018

Hey guys! :)

This'll be a post where you guys can throw in ideas in the comments of anything you'd be interested to see me draw

I'll randomly pick a topic or even possibly merge some together, and draw it for this month's reward!
Example being specific species, an action, etc


For tier $`15 and above, some of you might have noticed that the high res versions of the art I've been attaching to posts has been bigger!

Previously, I've only been able to work on 1920x1080 at maximum. With the new hardware that came in, we now get 2560x1440! WOO!
I'll be looking into possibly pushing this further to 4k at some point for paintings. But generally this is exciting stuff! :)

Cheers and have a wonderful day <3


[Sketch Reward] Gage Panther

Wed Apr 11 21:01:42 2018

Sketch reward for mister Meowler, hypnotizing the crowd with his latest symphony of mows! :d

High res available in attachments <3

patreon_gage_01.jpg patreon_gage_01.jpg

[Sketch Reward] Xer & Bastioner

Tue Apr 10 03:28:51 2018

Next sketch reward for Bastioner of their croco and charr characters! :9
I love doing character lineups together like this <3

High res available in attachments :)

patreon_bastioner_02.jpg patreon_bastioner_02.jpg

[Sketch Reward] Bastioner: Speed Pole

Mon Apr 9 03:56:19 2018

Sketch reward for my patron, Bastioner, of his charr working his skills at a dance pole :9

Always fun getting to draw this dude <3
High resolution available in attachments!

patreon_bastioner_01.jpg patreon_bastioner_01.jpg

[Sketch Reward] Slyphin Drakil: Darrel

Sun Apr 8 02:25:49 2018

Sketch reward for my patron, Slyphin Drakil! :9
Thank you so much for your patience and for your support, it's been super fun sketching this out <3

Approve of your floof-necked wolf character!

High res available in attachments :)

patreon_slyphin_sketchrewards.jpg patreon_slyphin_2.jpg patreon_slyphin_1.jpg

Patreon Sketch Rewards & Setbacks

Wed Apr 4 23:59:59 2018

Hey guys! :)
I'm gonna do a quick writeup here and an apology to those who've been waiting on their sketch rewards. There's been a few months' worth of setbacks due to life hitting the fan and my laptop finally deciding to have unfixable stutters whenever I try to draw on it. Though, these aren't just blatant excuses for my lack of content as of late.

I'd like to thank those who reached out to me on their concerns about getting the rewards they should be getting - all of those who were to get rewards are listed down on my Trello board here!: https://trello.com/b/0Fzi6rOp/werethrope-2018-art-listing

I'll be updating it further to whoever I've missed from the course of the past month, so please bear with. I also recently invested in a desktop to keep on working with ease - so this should get myself back up to speed with drawing! :) originally I planned to get my setup up and running last month, but unfortunately delivery service had problems for the entire month itself. But yes, the desktop as of today is now fully functional and ready to be worked with!

Again, I sincerely apologize for the delays and will be working through them. I haven't forgotten, that's for certain! Please contact me if by any chance I missed you in the list - sometimes Patreon doesn't show accurate notifications/summaries!

Cheers and sincerely,

[Commission] Hot Spring Moments

Mon Mar 19 03:11:44 2018

Painting commission for Moonblazewolf and Ferricfox of them having a good time in the springs :9
Look at that view!

High resolution available for in attachments, as well as the two other versions!

cms_moonblazedwolf_v_nudeplusjockstrap.jpg cms_moonblazedwolf_v_nude.jpg cms_moonblazedwolf_v_jockstrap.jpg cms_moonblazedwolf_v_nudeplusjockstrap.jpg

[Commission] Hallway Scene

Sat Mar 3 19:44:59 2018

A maned wolf blocks your path down the hallway! What do you do?! :9
Commission for Prattle (@TEG_nyx on Twitter)

High res available for download in attachments <3

cms_prattle_sketch.jpg cms_prattle_sketch.jpg

[Reward] Panther Mess

Wed Feb 28 22:17:30 2018

Patreon sketch reward for Gage Panther! :)
If he gets any bigger he's going to raise the roof with that!

High res available in attachments

patreon_gage_reward.jpg patreon_gage_reward.jpg

[Sketch] Hasani

Tue Feb 20 22:44:28 2018

Sketch for Hasani of their elephant character :)
Bed fun! :9

High resolution available attached <3

cms_hasani_patreonres.jpg cms_hasani_patreonres.jpg

Orcish Delight

Mon Feb 12 01:21:10 2018

Colored version for Kybal_Lutra's previous sketch reward! Very fun, I do say :9

Keepin on going! <3

cms_Kybal_01.jpg cms_Kybal_01.jpg

[Sketch] Russel

Sun Feb 11 05:24:52 2018

First post of February, wooo!
New character concept I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to do, a shark guy, Russel :)
May fiddle more in the future, and definitely coming back on track with rewards and list <3

Patreon_SharkConcept.jpg Patreon_SharkConcept.jpg

Yiff.Party, My Content & Artist Career

Sun Jan 21 23:06:14 2018

While I understand posting stuff online commonly leads to being pirated, stolen, leaked, or whatever similar activity as a consequence to having paid-for content, this is something that is really concerning in the mindset of some people.

I was notified that all of my content had been stolen via a export/import tool that this website called yiff[dot]party used. This however doesn't affect me in any way since I have CLEARLY stated that ALL of my content will go public, while my patrons get to view them first and foremost.

However, this does affect other Patreon artists out there. If you truly enjoy their work, this isn't the way to support them to continue doing what they spend hours every day working on. Being an artist is a legitimate job - it takes hours, dedication, focus, literally sitting down on a chair for about 5-12 hours a day. It isn't "just a hobby" just because they have fun drawing, whether it be SFW or porn, it's no minor task.

The hours are still hours, the years of practice are still years, the electricity that powers their tablets need to keep running, and their mugs need to constantly be filled with coffee and tea.

To those who are in the same boat; I don't know how we'd be able to keep ourselves safe from this, especially to those who rely on their Patreon as a career. I've only got little ideas where you could somehow encrypt passwords to your images and alike. But please, never stop what you love doing just because there's people on the internet who pull utterly terrible things like these on you. You're not alone on this if you're suffering from this mess.

And to those who are part of them;
Don't be this kind of human being. Just be a little patient.

[Sketch] Mars

Fri Jan 19 05:00:56 2018

Sketch commission for Dasker of their character, Mars!
He loves his pineapples :9

High res available in attachments!

sc_dasker_sketch_hres.jpg sc_dasker_sketch_hres.jpg

[Sketch] Chibi Takumi

Wed Jan 17 02:28:56 2018

Round and shining!
A sketch commission for ChibiTakumi on FA :9

High res available in attachment!

sc_takumi_hres.jpg sc_takumi_hres.jpg


Mon Jan 15 02:23:59 2018

Twitter milestone raffle prize for SnoopJAY2

Higher resolution available in attachment! :)

raffleprize_firstplace.jpg raffleprize_firstplace.jpg


Fri Jan 12 01:33:28 2018

Twitter milestone raffle prize for Behemoth Pulse! :)

Higher resolution available in attachment

behemoth_raffle.jpg behemoth_raffle.jpg

Lubricant Check

Wed Jan 10 15:20:03 2018

A trade work I did with Ponpokora!
Featuring Vallent and his tanuki character, Pon :)

High res available in attachment

pontradea.jpg pontradea.jpg

Living Heat

Wed Jan 10 01:49:25 2018

A trade work I did with Taoren!
High resolution available in attached :)

taoren_b.jpg taoren_b.jpg


Tue Jan 9 04:50:33 2018

Hope everyone had a happy new year! :)
Here's my very first painting and post for 2018. I usually draw something personal at every start of the year, so here we go!

I apologize for previous month and the lack of updates as of late. A few things went downhill in my life and I needed time to move forward. So this is it, let's get down to business again and keep getting better! :9

Cheers to those who are still around supporting me, I really appreciate it lots!!
Many, many more beefs coming in soon <3



Pausing the next payment!

Sat Dec 30 01:05:43 2017

Hey guys!
Just a quick notice that due to lack of activity this month, the next payment will be paused and not charged. It's been a busy month for Christmas, business trips and a very much needed break, so things are pushed back for the next month.

Cheers, if you have any questions please feel free to message me! :)
- Werethrope

[WIP] Spirit Raptor

Sun Dec 10 05:29:10 2017

Sketch phase of a commission for SpiritRaptor! :)
He wanted me to draw his raptor as a werewolf instead <3


[Sketch] Spirit Raptor

Sun Dec 10 05:30:03 2017

-but not quite raptor, rather, a werewolf version instead! :9
Commission for SpiritRaptor

High-res available in attachments <3

cms_spiritraptor_hres.jpg cms_spiritraptor_hres.jpg

[Sketch Reward] The Proposal

Mon Dec 4 02:02:16 2017

Combined Sketch Reward for Alex Wolf! :)
This one's very, very special for him and his partner. I wish you both the best, may you both have lives filled with plenty of beef and floofs together <3

High-res available in attachments!

patreon_alexwolf_hres.jpg patreon_alexwolf_hres.jpg

November's Big Thank You! | Updates & Upcoming Rewards!

Fri Dec 1 05:21:28 2017


[Sketch] Handful Massage

Mon Nov 27 03:31:08 2017

You + oki + rubs! :D
A little fun doodle between working on rewards and commissions <3

High res available in attachment!

doodleoki_hres.jpg doodleoki_hres.jpg

[Sketch] Halftime

Tue Nov 21 22:23:23 2017

A sketch commission done for Ford Wolfdog from Scotiacon! :)
Gotta have that break in between all the heat of the match :9

High res available in attachments

SC_Ford_hres.jpg SC_Ford_hres.jpg

[Sketch] Pit Stop

Tue Nov 21 02:02:22 2017

A quick sketch of Vallent having a smoke break between his work at his garage. :9

High res available in attachment!

vallentsketch.jpg vallentsketch.jpg

BeefBoys 2

Wed Nov 15 05:30:01 2017

More practice and study but with my partner's characters! :)
Left to right is; Troxodeer, Don Troxo, and Tristan. All characters are from Licantrox/Don Troxo/Bigspanishlycan! :9

Singular cutouts are also available for download in attachments on this post. :)

durtroxotrist_fin.jpg cutout_dontroxo_hres.jpg cutout_tristan_hres.jpg cutout_troxodeer_hres.jpg durtroxotrist_fin.jpg

[WIP] Ram

Mon Nov 13 12:53:11 2017

An early preview for my patrons of a 3-character piece I'm working on! :)
A good good ram here <3


[Painting] Radpump

Wed Nov 8 01:35:55 2017

A commission done for jakescorp on FA of their character, Radwolf!
Retro + beefy works real well :9

I'm going down my list of commissions and patreon rewards :) stay tuned!


[Sketch Reward] Alex Wolf

Tue Oct 17 02:46:49 2017

Sketch reward for AlexWolf! :)
Cheers for your constant support man! I appreciate it lots, it was real fun getting to draw a big buffo wolf for you!

Keep on pumping! :9


[Sketch] Kneel

Tue Oct 17 02:43:22 2017

When there’s only one option for ‘trick or treat’.
Skelewere is back for this festive dark season! :9

High res downloads as well for my patrons <3

halloween_were_v1.jpg halloween_were_v3.jpg halloween_were_v2.jpg

[Doodle] Primal

Tue Oct 17 02:41:43 2017

Quick doodle, wanted to do something more beastlike for this special dark month for Halloween :9


[Sketch Reward] Drahl

Mon Oct 2 23:24:25 2017

Sketch reward for Kybal_Lutra! Thank you so much for your support dude <3 and cheers for letting me draw some fun stuff with your orc and satyr!

I do need to draw more rimming stuff, they're pretty fun :9
More rewards rolling in soon <3


A BIG Thank You! | Updates & Backlogs!

Sat Sep 30 17:05:40 2017



Thu Sep 28 17:52:40 2017

A painting practice and study! :)

I've been away for a while due to heavy work I've been handling the past month, I apologize for the lack of drawings posted! Will be fixing that up now that I've finished my contract work - can't wait to get beefy art going again! :9

Higher res download is also available below for separate cutouts of the characters as apology on the lack of updates <3

werevallentoki_fin.jpg cutout_were_hres.jpg cutout_vallent_hres.jpg cutout_oki_hres.jpg werevallentoki_fin.jpg

Tug & Command

Fri Sep 8 00:15:12 2017

And done! Commission for Raventhan featuring Xuan_Sirius' character, Randolph - pulling a leashed one to work on that meat! :9


[WIP] Tug & Command

Thu Sep 7 17:53:44 2017

A work in progress, commission for Raventhan featuring Randolph (Xuan_SIrus)

More updates rolling in soon! :)


[Painting] Charred

Fri Aug 18 16:59:24 2017

Commission for Bastioner! :)
Featuring Tabra's charr, Garro

Charrs make very alluring beasts <3


[Painting] Jock

Sat Aug 5 02:21:32 2017

Painting practice, prepping for next couple of painterly pieces to be done!


[Sketch] Barbarian's Throne

Sun Jul 30 19:57:23 2017

Sketch for a commission for Garuganto of his barbarian minotaur! :9


[Cells] Barbarian's Throne

Sun Jul 30 19:54:11 2017

But there seems to be an empty seat still! :9
Commission for Garuganto of his minotaur barbarian!

Patreon rewards otherwise are being worked on as well at the moment <3


[Sketch] Ease & Rub

Sat Jul 22 20:39:45 2017

A warmup to get myself back on track with drawing!
I took a break for a week, now getting back onto track with artings :)

Hope everyone's been having a great summer/time!


[Cells] Raw Brawler

Sun Jul 9 23:41:12 2017

And the final piece, commission for Samia!
I absolutely love gnolls, they make great brutes in the warzone and bedzone for some :9


[WIP] Raw Brawler

Sun Jul 9 21:51:08 2017

Work in progress preview of a commission!
Big gnoll brutes are joining in the horde, you'd prolly think they go well with those orc brutes :9


[Sketch Reward] Bastioner

Sat Jul 8 19:11:54 2017

First of the rewards, sketch reward for Bastioner! :9
Cheers for supporting me here on Patreon for past while, I appreciate it lots and I had lotsa fun drawing your beast of a charr again!

A few more coming through for other patrons <3


[Painting] Bitten

Thu Jul 6 00:48:18 2017

Were gets to nibble his panther friend, and full moon's out! :9
Let's see what changes are to happen to him

A commission for Gage of his panther with Were, enjoying some beefy moment it seems! Fun stuff, and there's a couple of alternates he asked for! Warning though, contains hyper and condom breaking!

cms_gagepanther_normal_nocum.jpg cms_gagepanther_hyper_condombreak.jpg cms_gagepanther_hyper_cum.jpg cms_gagepanther_hyper_nocum.jpg cms_gagepanther_normal_cum.jpg cms_gagepanther_normal_nocum.jpg

[Sketch] Billy & Colin

Fri Jun 30 05:14:51 2017

Commission sketch for Billy & Colin
Rimming action on the go, hmm!


[Sketch] Hot Summer Days

Tue Jun 27 01:53:26 2017

A quick doodle to get back into the groove :9

I've recently moved to a new place and it's taken a lot on me, but things are settling down well now! Hopefully to get back on track quickly, hands are itching to draw more big beasties in line <3

Attached you'll also find the initial sketch, and I hope everyone's having a great summer!

Additionally, please go ahead and comment with some fun summer-themed ideas too :) cheers!

summersketches122b.jpg SummerSketch_01.jpg

[REF] Vallent Laporte

Thu Jun 22 15:10:29 2017

Last one of the refs, here's Vallent's clothing up! :)
All punk and ready for the mosh pits!

Now that these are out of the way, back to drawing up all the beefy stuff as planned - I've got one painting and a sketch coming up soon
Beefness incoming <3


[REF] Vallent Laporte

Tue Jun 20 17:31:36 2017

And here's Vallent, the hyena! :)
Took quite a bit to get there but I'm getting back up to speed with drawing here, life's been busy hahah

I'll be putting up the clothed version soon as well <3


[Sketch] Retaliate

Tue Jun 13 02:08:46 2017

Wanted to draw a quick Vallent!
Originally I had intentions to have him part of a gang that led to toughening himself up


[Sketch] Slippery

Mon Jun 12 19:01:54 2017

A quick sketch for warming up! :)
Just the werewolf couple having bit of slippery fun, hot showers are best showers after all!



[DOODLE] Pinky Up!

Sun Jun 11 05:44:03 2017

Have a big sipping werewuff with tiny cup of tea & have a wonderful weekend to all of my patrons! <3


[Sketch Reward] TX Westbounder

Sun Jun 11 05:12:49 2017

And another sketch reward, for Westhoff of his big burly bear!
Thank you so much for supporting me for the 2 months, I really appreciate it :)

I haven't drawn bears enough in my life but this makes me want to draw more in time!


[Sketch Reward] SniffyTiger

Fri Jun 9 05:20:12 2017

A big thank you to SniffyTiger for the support! :)
Here's your sketch for being awesome <3 enjoy, you got a very handsome bunch of tigers! :9

Next one up!


[WIP] Bed Games

Wed Jun 7 16:30:18 2017

Quick preview of a work in progress for the commission previously posted! :)

There'll be a few alts for this one involving size and messiness! <3


Pre-Update Note!

Thu Jun 1 17:05:56 2017

I apologize that May rewards are coming in a bit late, but it will surely be posted in the next few days.

I've been busy preparing and attending Confuzzled 2017 in Birmingham, Unite Kingdom - thus the lack of updates. This will be covered with May's reward posts soon with a wrap on things that happened during the con and commissions I've done for it, as well as the sketch poll I've put up earlier for all to vote and high-res art pack of the month.

Cheers, I hope everyone is having a wonderful time! :)

More beastly art soon, rest assured <3


[REF] Werethrope Laporte

Tue May 16 02:06:50 2017

And here's the SFW version of my character ref! :)

Vallent is up next for a ref sheet! <3

were_ref_sfw_final.jpg were_ref_sfw_final.jpg

[WIP] Bitten

Mon May 15 18:05:08 2017

A work in progress preview of a commission for Gage Panther
Werepanther in the making it seems!

This will undergo the painting process now :)
More soon!


[REF] Werethrope Laporte

Wed May 10 06:47:54 2017

The reference sheet I've been working on as of late!

This is the NSFW version, I'll be uploading the SFW (clothed version) soon enough. And of course, up next we have the hyena brother of his - he's definitely due to have a reference sheet of his own! :)

ReferenceSheet_Were.jpg ReferenceSheet_Were.jpg

[Poll] May - Warmup Sketch Ideas!

Tue May 9 11:52:55 2017

I just recently reformatted my PC!
It'd be nice to do a warmup to test out post-reformat :)

Got some ideas for people to vote on, but otherwise if you're on tier 2 rewards & above, go ahead and comment suggestions of what you'd like to see drawn!

Ones with *() are free for everyone else to suggest upon after voting!

[WIP] Frontal

Fri May 5 01:24:36 2017

Quick preview of a sheet update I'm working on in between commissions :)


Official Patreon Launch Art Pack!

Mon May 1 22:22:25 2017

This would be my first official post for my Patreon! I'm happy to announce that I'll be using this as intended down the line

To those who have already been supporting me the past time of it being just a tip jar; I'm very, very thankful of you guys, now I'm choosing to step forward even further with this! :)

Cheers, there will be more for me to share very soon.

Enjoy the beginning of your May with these high-resolution illustrations from 2017 thus far!

00.jpg 03_Ares.jpg 01_WhenIWasKing.jpg 02_Hallucination.jpg 05_Coach.jpg 06_Lift.jpg 04_BonAppetit.jpg 07_Bastioner.jpg 08_Rabbity.jpg 09_Jacob.jpg 11_GetHotnSteamy.jpg 10_Nudo.jpg 12_KyonZiggy.jpg 14_Between.jpg 13_Consistency.jpg

Speedpaint 01 - Werewolf Warrior

Sat Jan 25 04:51:33 2014


Speedpaint 02 - Fancy Blue

Sat Jan 25 04:51:32 2014


Werethrope 2015 - 3D Reel

Wed Apr 22 14:10:00 2015