conflict of interest

Fri Apr 17 09:00:16 2020

here's a preview for another piece that will be in my book; download it here (will be removed in a couple of days and only the preview will remain)

i'm also working on a new animation story, but it's not latex (i'll post this a couple before it's posted online). i hope you do not mind, i would like to get back into longer, simple animation and modest art after this book. more specifically, i want to be happy



Tue Apr 14 11:46:52 2020



Mon Apr 13 18:45:07 2020

ROSEHEAD.jpg roseheadrejection.jpg


Fri Apr 10 13:43:53 2020



Thu Apr 9 16:45:53 2020

Sticker set i had wanted to print but then things happened haha...

Which is your favourite? mine is the shark suit!



Tue Apr 7 17:35:06 2020

a random wolf family from long ago



Tue Apr 7 07:00:51 2020



Mon Apr 6 14:49:09 2020



Sun Apr 5 13:53:29 2020


more than one can swallow

Sat Apr 4 14:23:38 2020

A gory image, sorry for the squeemish! But a representation of what a feral living latex wolf taking down a larger prey! Attack with acid


tessa garb

Sat Apr 4 11:57:48 2020


he's not like the others

Mon Mar 30 08:56:44 2020

and here's the other dropped image, i love it to see ella protect zeich

for next month, i'm plan to get the rest of these images finished, so hopefully i can see a print by the month after. . . we have much free time because of the situation! >:D



Sun Mar 29 20:22:01 2020

an abandoned idea for the plot of turn you vol 2

i would however, like to render the second volume in black and white,

so this is good practice. onyl a few though, as Seasons will be the last full colour book i want printed regarding turn you

it will keep my interest in the story as i practice a new heavy blacks from the latex... ohhhhhh art dream!


Sat Mar 28 18:20:44 2020


father's day

Sat Mar 28 09:32:13 2020



Fri Mar 27 09:58:12 2020


Thu Mar 26 13:26:09 2020

one of the images on a 3 panel page ^_^

little miss makes sure her babies are okay


ella x tessa

Thu Mar 26 07:59:46 2020

同志愛 c:<



Tue Mar 24 20:07:09 2020

First half of this image while I ready the second half nice and pretty for you :)


Körper feral skin

Mon Mar 23 14:03:40 2020

Old piece sketched before Turn You was produced. Körper and a feral wolf skin



Fri Mar 20 13:53:05 2020

あーあ! よほどの忍耐をかかった



Tue Mar 17 20:21:14 2020

awkwardly timed around the coronavirus scare...


Werewolf minions

Thu Mar 12 00:57:12 2020

this piece started out easy but became more difficult the more i put into it



Tue Mar 3 17:01:17 2020



Sat Feb 22 14:32:23 2020


werewolf zombification

Fri Feb 21 16:50:49 2020

this was an oooooold doodle waiting to be completed



Mon Feb 17 18:42:18 2020

for now i'll post this, but i would like so much more with this image. . . with time, study


werewolf chains

Mon Feb 17 17:08:06 2020


Seasons cover

Fri Feb 14 18:48:27 2020

SORRY for the silence! I have been diligently working on pieces for the book every second of my free time at home AND at work it's getting done! just, slowly, but we are getting there

the book, Seasons, is contains Every Dog Has Its Day, Full On, Futari, and undiary, as well as previously unposted artwork of wolves and sketches [some of those unposted arts were secrets vol 2]

this pic here is the full uncropped version of what i'd like for the cover!

seasons.jpg seasonscover.jpg

Full On bonus2

Wed Feb 5 10:40:22 2020


Full On bonus1

Sun Feb 2 11:55:40 2020


Full On pg21

Thu Jan 30 11:42:02 2020

end of this chapter

i have plans... they simmer. too much to coagulate, but bits to work on. may not go anywhere, may! too much there to let go.


Full On pg20

Tue Jan 28 12:10:22 2020



Full On pg19

Fri Jan 24 10:16:02 2020


Full On pg17-18

Tue Jan 21 09:24:02 2020

well i guess that previous post was all for onthing since peoplle seem to want this regardless


attached 17 and 18 sizes

fullon_17.jpg fullon_17.jpg fullon_18.jpg fullon_18.jpg

Closing Patreon

Sun Jan 12 11:26:27 2020

hi guys.

it has been a fun two years. i have done so much more art than any other years, and have appreciated the years of support amongst all of you.

i do not currently have a story to tell for turn you vol 2. i have a LOT of ideas for it, yes, but not a story i feel needs to be told. not yet. i still have important years i need to experience before i find a reason to tell a story for vol 2, if that comes at all. turn you vol1 had a story i needed to be told.

because of this, i dont see much reaosn to keep patreon open anymore. i feel more self conscious about the content i post online, and i am starting to focus more and more on traditional [robot] artwork... content that i do not share on patreon.

for that reason, i will be shutting patreon down before the end of this month. i really appreciate all of the fun comments and intreraction between you guys, but it is time for me to move on from the furry community and furry art in general. . . i have a loot of unpublished art and unfinished sketches, and it makes me a bit sad to know i may never post them, but i have got to move on

i will still post some art on twitter, furaffinity, inkbunny from time to time but not at the scale i used to

thank you for all you guys have done

Full On pg16

Fri Jan 10 09:18:16 2020



Full On pg15

Wed Jan 8 10:50:43 2020


Full On pg14

Mon Jan 6 15:07:14 2020



Full On pg13

Fri Jan 3 07:41:19 2020


Full On pg12

Wed Jan 1 17:13:56 2020


Full On pg11

Mon Dec 30 12:34:47 2019


Full On pg10

Thu Dec 26 10:01:16 2019


Full On pg9

Tue Dec 24 20:03:14 2019


i am back but cnanot see out of my right eye. it is disappointing. maybe i will learn to live with it. anyway, worked on a new page to keep my mind off of it but working on art just reminds me of it more. I'm just going to keep on working..

fullon_9.jpg New_Canvas.jpg

Skin on Skin [hi res]

Tue Dec 17 16:13:47 2019

wolf in wolf's clothing


Full On pg8

Mon Dec 16 14:13:42 2019

hey, surgery is in three days and i will be unable to do any art for roughly a week, as heads up


Full On pg7

Thu Dec 12 10:02:47 2019

god im slow


Full On pg6

Tue Dec 10 18:01:10 2019

I am not functioning as a walker on the land of the living at this present time. FML.


Full On pg5

Fri Dec 6 15:13:36 2019


Full On pg4

Wed Dec 4 11:14:45 2019


forceful entry [hi res]

Mon Dec 2 17:11:41 2019

dear please... stop putting up a fuss... your teeth are awful


Full On pg3

Sun Dec 1 12:04:12 2019


Full On pg2

Fri Nov 29 16:57:13 2019



Wed Nov 27 17:09:07 2019


about a year old artwork


Full On pg1

Mon Nov 25 08:18:29 2019

i like the idea of zeic htrying to hold out until ella gets home to help. keeping the monster in

that's something that mudi taught him


kirisha commissions [hi res]

Fri Nov 22 11:31:55 2019

icon.jpg kirisha_7.jpg kirisha_6.jpg kirisha_4.jpg kirisha_5.jpg kirisha_3.jpg kirisha_2.jpg


Tue Nov 19 15:06:35 2019

this is the next comic voted on in the poll

after much debate, this is a canon side comic.


Futari bonus 2

Mon Nov 18 09:39:26 2019

I will have the cover of the next short story completed on Wednesday!

futari_bonus2.jpg futari_bonus.jpg

she needs donuts 1 [hi res]

Fri Nov 15 16:00:00 2019

commission #1

I will be starting sketche turn you pages for the next short story tomorrow :)


Futari bonus 1

Wed Nov 13 10:00:44 2019


in her ear

Tue Nov 5 20:20:48 2019

i coloured it...

sometimes, he gets a little too.. nippy

thinkin bout the next short story i'm gonna be drawin

i aint gay

intheear.jpg intheeargrey.jpg

erreon [hi res]

Tue Nov 5 07:45:22 2019

2 commissions

icon.jpg erreon_2.jpg erreon_1.jpg

ronter 2 [hi res]

Sun Nov 3 15:26:01 2019



Futari pg16

Sat Nov 2 15:17:28 2019

end of this short comic


Futari pg15

Sat Nov 2 10:37:15 2019

I will have the last page up this weekend

Mudi knows japanese.


Futari pg14

Mon Oct 28 09:14:44 2019

don't worry, there's only a couple more pages of this and then we can move on to something more lively! =) thankyou, for being patient, with me


why dont you hop right in [hi res]

Wed Oct 23 16:09:52 2019


dont do it....


turn you sketches

Wed Oct 23 09:14:36 2019

psssst.... some stuff in the works

two of these are bonuses art for Futari chapter


Futari pg13

Mon Oct 21 08:41:20 2019

this is starting to make me sad ):


bad peach [hi res]

Sat Oct 19 21:03:11 2019


backed [hi res]

Tue Oct 15 16:45:56 2019

testing out waters of differnt art


Futari pg12

Sun Oct 13 14:26:05 2019

just breathe... as the shadows climb


Futari pg11

Tue Oct 8 12:26:21 2019

Ella is becoming an unreliable storyteller ):


pg11 wip

Mon Oct 7 21:51:40 2019

sorry sorry, woke up late due to all nighter at fire station medical last night and aaaaaaaaa just havent had time, everything is so hectic

will have it finished tomorrow, ;_;


Futari pg10

Mon Sep 30 06:26:01 2019


Torracat [hi res]

Sun Sep 29 20:22:44 2019

this one was a commission


Futari pg9

Mon Sep 23 08:01:58 2019


Futari pg8

Mon Sep 16 07:25:01 2019


cum balloon [hi res]

Sun Sep 15 17:25:01 2019


want to play 'water' balloon fight?


Futari pg7

Thu Sep 12 09:59:17 2019

Yayyy i got another page done this week


Futari pg6

Mon Sep 9 07:39:23 2019


LUXIO [hi res]

Fri Sep 6 05:53:46 2019

posting from my personal stash of unposted artwork


SHINX [hi res]

Thu Sep 5 21:27:28 2019

posting from my personal stash of unposted artwork


malldance [hi res]

Tue Sep 3 12:20:39 2019



Futari pg5

Mon Sep 2 09:28:54 2019

I always feel distraught when somethhing i love cannot be repaired


more details below before you vote

Tue Aug 27 20:20:29 2019

hi guys

i recently announced on twitter that my schedule would be changing and it would be wonky until the

but i dont didn't realise just how much it would time it would take up [40 hours holy fomg]

i have been placed in an EMT class for the next three months. it is so intensive that i am already behind due to art, thinking i could dual the two

i am going to have to place turn you on hiatus until either the class lightens on the workload [it's roughly 40 hours of work in studying, work, and clinicals a week], or the class ends. oooor

i can provide standalone art OR one page of turn you a week.

Standalone art will be one or two images a week, and normally they're limited to $5-$10 patrons. but i would accept eating that, high res for $2 patrons

they will not be turn you related.

or, 1 page a week for the current comic

which would you guys prefer?

Futari pg4

Tue Aug 27 20:18:30 2019

EMT class is already kicking my arse ._-


Futari pg3

Fri Aug 23 16:43:01 2019


Futari pg2

Thu Aug 22 09:31:42 2019

I really like this page


Futari pg2 wip

Wed Aug 21 20:13:22 2019

Sorry, everything is so busy >__< Didn't get the page finished today but will have it done tomorrow and then the next one on Friday as normal


Futari pg1

Mon Aug 19 05:09:31 2019

gdmit i forgot a text bubble that was important. added

woulda had this posted sooner but life said lol


Repeat! Clause pg3 [hi res]

Fri Aug 16 09:45:06 2019

I am so done with life right now.


Futari COVER

Wed Aug 14 20:59:26 2019

Future Zeich comic won first on the polls in total, so beginning here :)




Sun Aug 11 16:07:14 2019

some stuff that i'm working on outside of turn you.

will begin sketching the future zeich comic tomorrow :) well. when i get the chance since my friend's funeral is on monday

been burying self in work so i dont have to think about it. haha.


mightyena new body [hi res]

Fri Aug 9 05:27:57 2019

icon.jpg mightyenanewbod.jpg mightyenanewbodb.jpg

[Turn You] what side comic should i draw next

Thu Aug 8 08:42:21 2019

let it be known that i'm gonna drowl all these comics anyway. but which would you like to see done first?

the results from this poll will be combined w/the results from twitter's poll

Repeat! Clause pg2

Thu Aug 8 08:04:30 2019

delaying these posted images so yall get to see them i nadvance :p


Repeat! Clause pg1 [hi res]

Sat Aug 3 08:36:10 2019


EDHID bonus

Fri Aug 2 17:24:24 2019


Repeat! Clause cover

Thu Aug 1 07:17:07 2019

start of a simple nsfw comic


EDHID pg22

Wed Jul 31 08:12:53 2019


i have a small bonus art for this chapter but it will take a little while to do.


dav004 [hi res]

Tue Jul 30 06:17:19 2019



EDHID pg21

Mon Jul 29 16:05:57 2019

only one more page

ella's dog fur is a pain to draw lol


roxy beach [hi res]

Sun Jul 28 14:28:02 2019

transparent sides on the suit


EDHID pg20

Fri Jul 26 20:00:25 2019


EDHID pg19

Wed Jul 24 11:27:38 2019

poor ella ):


EDHID pg18

Mon Jul 22 10:14:45 2019

Last dream page


UK Kitty Trio [hi res]

Sun Jul 21 13:38:58 2019

have multiple design for them :)


EDHID pg17

Fri Jul 19 08:28:00 2019

Ella dreams in art styles. Don't worry, there's only one more page of this.

edhaid_17.jpg edhaid%2017.jpg

beat the heat [hi res]

Thu Jul 18 16:20:20 2019

hott!!! commission

twi_-_afterdarklion_1.jpg twi%20-%20afterdarklion%201.jpg

EDHID pg16

Wed Jul 17 19:55:07 2019

i am so tired im goin to bed

edhaid_16.jpg edhaid%2016.jpg

(Inter)National Security Check [hi res]

Mon Jul 15 20:06:47 2019

commission! UK+USA

chorce_1.jpg chorce%201.jpg

EDHID pg15

Mon Jul 15 13:12:58 2019

edhaid_15.jpg edhaid%2015.jpg

EDHID pg14

Fri Jul 12 20:34:59 2019

finally i can go to sleep today

edhaid_14.jpg edhaid%2014.jpg

EDHID pg13

Wed Jul 10 15:41:48 2019

edhaid_13.jpg edhaid%2013.jpg

shiny zeraora [hi res]

Tue Jul 9 17:25:58 2019

art prize for someone on twitter

twi_-_furiorahelseare.jpg twi%20-%20furiorahelseare.jpg


Mon Jul 8 14:49:39 2019

art prize for someone on twitter

he's a thick boi

twi_-_rocredfoxtw_1.jpg twi%20-%20rocredfoxtw%201.jpg

EDHID pg12

Mon Jul 8 09:08:06 2019

i can only imagine how much a pain inthis scene would be to animate... constantly transforming throughout XD

edhaid_12.jpg edhaid%2012.jpg

Gwen Beatstick [hi res]

Sat Jul 6 15:52:01 2019

This is Off. Gwen. she's just regular patrol. patrol have different coloured outfits from specialised officers.



Sat Jul 6 10:08:40 2019

art i did a while back


EDHID pg11

Fri Jul 5 19:39:00 2019

i fixed the bgrey fur issue, sorry about the previous page...

edhaid_11.jpg edhaid%2011.jpg

Flag of Pride

Thu Jul 4 16:21:02 2019

i forgot to post this during first responders week. ._.

over 5 million serve walking the thin lines in the USA, and very much proud to be under the same flag


SLCG 4th of July [hi res]

Thu Jul 4 07:30:47 2019



included: alt varients

slcg_shotgunMERRICA.jpg slcg%20shotgunMERRICA.jpg slcg%20shotgunMERRICA_C.jpg slcg%20shotgunMERRICA_B.jpg

EDHID pg10

Wed Jul 3 17:06:39 2019

edhaid_10.jpg edhaid%2010.jpg


Mon Jul 1 14:42:00 2019

edhaid_9.jpg edhaid%209.jpg


Fri Jun 28 18:07:04 2019

at this point, Ella doesn't know that zeich can't die from bullets.

edhaid_8.jpg edhaid%208.jpg

k4tsun3 [hi res]

Thu Jun 27 19:15:05 2019

free art prize on twitter

TWI_-_K4TSUN3_1.jpg TWI%20-%20K4TSUN3%201.jpg

EDHID pg 7

Wed Jun 26 16:43:23 2019

edhaid_7.jpg edhaid%207.jpg


Mon Jun 24 12:16:18 2019

edhaid_6.jpg edhaid%206.jpg

Miss Officer [hi res]

Fri Jun 21 19:56:47 2019

Mrs. Officer came on the radio while at work... we lost our shit.

couldn't help myself

oh miss roxy (´∀`)♡

slcg_mrs_officer.jpg slcg%20mrs%20officer.jpg


Fri Jun 21 09:42:37 2019

Thanks to initial physical Turn You sales, I'm able to print out a postcard/keychain Turn You set to sell in the future =) thank you for being a part of this

edhaid_5.jpg edhaid%205.jpg

slime luxray [hi res]

Thu Jun 20 10:12:19 2019

i would like a slime lion :O



Wed Jun 19 11:33:08 2019

edhaid_4.jpg edhaid%204.jpg

feral zoroark [hi res]

Tue Jun 18 16:32:46 2019



zygarde dog [hi res]

Mon Jun 17 09:03:48 2019

bark bark



Mon Jun 17 08:46:20 2019

as an artist, This is why you should train your other hand to draw as well.

edhaid_3.jpg edhaid%203.jpg


Fri Jun 14 17:31:57 2019

edhaid_2.jpg edhaid%202.jpg

roxy_poolside [hi res]

Thu Jun 13 19:48:45 2019


magic pants [hi res]

Thu Jun 13 10:37:43 2019




Wed Jun 12 14:12:49 2019

edhaid_1.jpg edhaid%201.jpg

Every Dog Has Its Day COVER

Mon Jun 10 08:54:12 2019

set within ch12, canon sidecomic

edhaid_cover.jpg edhaid%20cover.jpg

saddle up [hi res]

Sun Jun 9 08:44:58 2019

a free randomly selected YCH for tsukia_the_pupp and vehliayn on twitter


murkrow [hi res]

Fri Jun 7 16:40:44 2019

commission of some krows


undiary [12 of 12]

Mon Jun 3 08:27:07 2019


undiary [11 of 12]

Fri May 31 08:44:12 2019


roxy off duty [hi res]

Thu May 30 08:48:05 2019

sporry, was too busy yesterday to wait for long upload

slcg_offduty.jpg slcg_offduty.jpg

undiary [10 of 12]

Wed May 29 10:48:25 2019

Fortunately i had this one done a while back so i can post while working


undiary [9 of 12]

Mon May 27 16:58:32 2019


roxy underwear [hi res]

Sun May 26 19:58:01 2019

Don't hate the police! She wants your support!

Community Relations Officer Roxy

slcg_underwear.jpg slcg%20underwear.jpg

princess_koopa [hi res +psd]

Fri May 24 16:11:43 2019

princess_koopa.jpg princess_koopa.jpg princess_koopa.psd (d)

rocket_may [hi res]

Thu May 23 17:24:21 2019

fanart of No0o0N0o0oN's Rocket May

rocket_may.jpg rocket_may.jpg

undiary [8 of 12]

Thu May 23 11:25:12 2019

this was actually a commission for someone but i'm gonna use it in the set :)


undiary [7 of 12]

Tue May 21 16:44:47 2019


shaytalis [hi res]

Sun May 19 10:21:07 2019


icon.jpg SHAYTALIS%201.jpg SHAYTALIS%202.jpg

eusine_suicune_suit [hi res]

Sat May 18 09:24:02 2019

finally got my commission list down to a manageable size... enough to do some personal art again! ^‿^

eusine_suicune_suit.jpg eusine_suicune_suit.jpg

undiary [6 of 12]

Fri May 17 10:56:26 2019


undiary [5 of 12]

Wed May 15 18:09:30 2019


undiary [4 of 12]

Mon May 13 12:09:07 2019

when a boobs in ur face

and your mind's up in space

that's amore


undiary [3 of 12]

Sat May 11 08:22:08 2019

this ghey


maeark [hi res]

Fri May 10 20:06:28 2019


icon.jpg twi%20-%20maeark%201.jpg twi%20-%20maeark%202.jpg

undiary [2 of 12]

Thu May 9 13:12:54 2019


undiary [1 of 12]

Wed May 8 10:22:58 2019

got new postcard images i'd like to include with the signed version of the comic. set of 12.


Turn You pg242

Fri May 3 14:24:26 2019

weeeew it's over

now comes the long process of trying to get this arranged for print :p


Turn You pg241

Wed May 1 17:40:11 2019


Turn You pg240

Mon Apr 29 15:36:40 2019


gabgon2 [hi rise]

Mon Apr 29 01:13:04 2019


GABGON_2.jpg GABGON%202.jpg

Turn You pg239

Thu Apr 25 15:15:17 2019

posts are gonna be longer inbetween in future


enamel sketches

Tue Apr 23 04:59:17 2019

these are the enamel keychains id like to sell [not cleaned up yet]

got the approval of those who are watching over, now for general patrons

what do you guys think?


Turn You pg238

Tue Apr 23 04:53:45 2019



Sun Apr 21 22:37:16 2019

this will probably be rendered as a sexylatexcopgirl image but until then

it a wolf


renaora [hi res]

Sun Apr 21 19:56:53 2019

commission [renamon/zeraora]

PATICK_2.jpg PATICK%202.jpg

discovagoo 2

Sun Apr 21 16:34:19 2019

commission [second part]

PATICK_1.jpg PATICK%201.jpg

sige [hi res]

Sat Apr 20 14:57:50 2019


icon.jpg sige%202.jpg sige%201.jpg

Turn You pg237

Fri Apr 19 16:55:39 2019


Turn You pg236

Wed Apr 17 13:43:50 2019


Turn You pg235

Tue Apr 16 16:31:26 2019


Turn You pg234

Mon Apr 15 08:22:26 2019



Sat Apr 13 14:47:12 2019


Turn You pg233

Thu Apr 11 20:39:29 2019


Turn You pg232

Wed Apr 10 21:19:55 2019

turnyou232.jpg turnyou232.jpg

Turn You pg231

Tue Apr 9 20:41:54 2019


Turn You pg230

Mon Apr 8 16:28:17 2019



Sun Apr 7 15:29:05 2019

it is quite the BRAIXEN day



Sun Apr 7 10:25:52 2019

スワーブ スワシ スウツ


Turn You pg229

Fri Apr 5 19:55:48 2019


Turn You pg228

Wed Apr 3 18:12:38 2019


Turn You Epilogue COVER

Tue Apr 2 15:18:55 2019



Sun Mar 31 06:11:18 2019

should be started sketching tomorrow! been having a really busy week w/victims and my job and commissions and everything else,

but i will begin the sketching progress for epilogue on the 1st. thanks for being patient with me!

Sexy latex cop girl [hi res]

Sun Mar 31 05:24:00 2019

thanks to everyone who visited the stream :)

includes three different versions

icon.jpg sexylatexcopgirlB.jpg sexylatexcopgirla.jpg sexylatexcopgirl.jpg

exel83 [hi res]

Sat Mar 30 08:32:15 2019


icon.jpg exel83%201.jpg exel83%202.jpg

solgaleo suit [hi res]

Mon Mar 25 10:55:16 2019

commission [living latex suit]

wilr01.jpg wilr01.jpg

Turn You CH12 Bonus3

Mon Mar 25 07:24:12 2019


Turn You CH12 bonus 2

Sat Mar 23 09:02:38 2019

this is partially what the tessa chapter was to address but whatever


rcw [hi-res]

Thu Mar 21 17:39:33 2019

a really overdue commission

redwolfcrimson_1.jpg redwolfcrimson%201.jpg

Turn You CH12 Bonus1

Thu Mar 21 10:57:26 2019


Turn You pg227 [end]

Wed Mar 20 14:33:58 2019

Note: there is an epilogue

also, still wait for the bonus images that will explain everything i didn't touch on specifically, but i didnt want to draw 5 pages of talking heads to explain

but thank you for suffering through ~14 months w/me on this long project

aside from gross stuff coming up when i cough, the aches/pains are gone as of today so thats nice. thanks for your guys blessing

and the comments, thanks for those, sticking through my snippy responses, i am not the best person to respond, nor am i the best teacher, or great storyteller, or even just person. but each day is an opportunity to learn and change, and im making sure to try while istill have the time. it was fun to make this. know it didnt appeal to everyone. but im happy about it. happy that its finished. except for the epilogue ofc

like mentiond before, ive got several ideas to make comics out of based on this story, so there isnt going to be silence on my end. but after those are used,. i do have a small idea of what i'd want for vol 2 of turn you. but nothing solid. and id prefer not to start on that until i know how its going to end and everything about it. i cannot say that WILL be made, because i just dont know if i'll ever figure out the plot, so i cannot promise you it. but the beginnings are there.


Turn You pg226

Tue Mar 19 15:40:42 2019

*Forever :)


Turn You pg225

Mon Mar 18 14:35:46 2019

what could possibly go wrong


Turn You pg224

Sat Mar 16 11:10:04 2019

still sick buit felt guilty about not posting in 2 days so i suffer and post anyway lol


sarcophagi cat

Wed Mar 13 20:13:23 2019

malevolified's thicc ass neck boi but i made it an egyption cat instead because the big neck rimind me of sarcophagi

malevolifieds_egyptian_cat.jpg malevolified%27s%20egyptian%20cat.jpg

Turn You pg223

Wed Mar 13 14:45:20 2019

when will you people learn

that good things have consequences


Turn You pg222

Tue Mar 12 05:58:51 2019


cutiegatr [hi res]

Sun Mar 10 21:41:43 2019



Turn You pg221

Fri Mar 8 21:59:20 2019

wew, didnt think i'd finish this page today


Turn You pg220

Thu Mar 7 21:25:14 2019


take this off

Wed Mar 6 23:33:30 2019



Turn You pg219

Wed Mar 6 18:35:50 2019


Turn You pg218

Tue Mar 5 19:42:38 2019

mudi gonna pay what he owe


overwhelm [hi res]

Mon Mar 4 07:28:10 2019

thanks to all who visited the art stream :)

overwhelm.jpg overwhelm.jpg

goodra tf [hi res]

Sat Mar 2 22:17:26 2019


havent drawn clear goo in a long while

goodratf_small.jpg goodratf.jpg

Turn You pg217

Fri Mar 1 13:05:09 2019

his name is literally Mudi

the mudi dog breed

i told you the dog was important

oh yeah we wont be getting a page on monday because i wanted this page out today


Turn You pg216

Fri Mar 1 11:32:43 2019


Turn You pg215

Thu Feb 28 21:12:15 2019


Turn You pg214

Wed Feb 27 19:08:56 2019


Turn You pg213

Tue Feb 26 19:17:29 2019

wow i wish i could just buy some plane tickets to anywhere when i have debts to pay :|


Turn You pg212

Mon Feb 25 13:27:17 2019


lockscreen 2 [hi res]

Fri Feb 22 23:41:33 2019

another lockscreen ych i completed of latex

[living latex creature]

MOOLAWGOAT_twitter.jpg MOOLAWGOAT%20twittera.jpg MOOLAWGOAT%20twitterb.jpg

Simba Suit [hi res]

Fri Feb 22 19:21:17 2019

commissiong [living latex suit]


wilr01.jpg wilr01.jpg

Turn You pg211

Fri Feb 22 13:45:48 2019

sorry for the gore


Turn You pg210

Wed Feb 20 10:28:11 2019


Turn You pg209

Tue Feb 19 09:47:09 2019

im sorry. drawing has become really painful since im training a dog and protection doesnt really protect enough, bruises all over my arms/hands and its really sore... ouch


zebra [hi res]

Sun Feb 17 20:11:40 2019

thank you guys for your encouragement and support

zebra.jpg zebra.jpg


Sat Feb 16 11:20:49 2019

i decided to reopen the tiers i used to offer before, as ive been receiving requestion to post psd or drawing progress videos,

comics related to turn you will still be posted in the $2 tier but personal art and commissions related files will be sitting in $5/$10 i hope you do not mind. im hoping this will encorage me to start completing more personal art, as i have a LOT of sketches sitting wated to be completed. i will schedule so that i complete at least one personal every weekend starting this weekend :)

i dont have any new stuff posted in those tiers but will as time

Turn You CH12 COVER

Fri Feb 15 06:52:36 2019

please accept the simplest cover for the last chapter

but it'll make sense halfway through the chapter, dont worry : )

also, secret for patreon, there is an epilogue. i'm hoping to use it

to keep volume 2 in m y mind, though vol 2 would be a very different

genre from the slice of life stuff here... i have to figure out

a climax and a resolution in the overall grand scheme of things..

otherwise i have a bunch of smaller ideas that would work for

their own general chapters like a regular american comic book. :p

though while im trying to figure out vol 2, i have a bunch of

smaller comic ideas related to vol 1 here so i hope you enjoy

those after this and the epilogue are complete


chastity belt lockscreen - shadowthewolf

Mon Feb 11 16:16:04 2019

one of the ychs i did

shaolf_twitter.jpg shaolf%20twitter%20b.jpg shaolf%20twitter%20a.jpg


Fri Feb 8 12:30:41 2019

commission [living latex creature]

namart.jpg namart.jpg

Turn You CH11 Bonus2

Fri Feb 8 09:33:47 2019


CH11 Bonus 1

Thu Feb 7 11:31:08 2019



Wed Feb 6 11:11:55 2019


carn59.jpg carn59.jpg carn59a.jpg

Turn You pg208

Wed Feb 6 09:09:30 2019

last page of the chapter, got some bonuses ahead


Turn You pg207

Tue Feb 5 11:39:08 2019


Turn You pg206

Mon Feb 4 22:11:43 2019

just going through alot stress rn... almost didnt finish today

just gotta move forward one step at a time neverstop


Turn You pg205

Fri Feb 1 14:34:49 2019



Thu Jan 31 19:53:06 2019


chr151.jpg chr151.jpg

Turn You pg204

Thu Jan 31 07:53:44 2019

sorry for the delays. got to say that the schedule of the comic may be affected because I have taken the commitment of taking family to chemo. if i miss a page or two, this is most likely why.

however, yesterday it's because i got the freAKING flu again... that, or something similar to it. i was dead. i still have it today, but i'm much less weak/exhausted... thought it was just me wearing myself out but after getting dizzy and hitting my head while falling again, it's definitely an illness. its crazy how sick you can get when you actually go outside :p but a strengthened immune system aftereward!


Turn You pg203

Tue Jan 29 11:43:08 2019


Turn You pg202

Mon Jan 28 11:55:47 2019


Turn You pg201

Fri Jan 25 11:39:39 2019

turnyou201.jpg turnyou201.jpg

lanl95 3

Thu Jan 24 20:30:21 2019


lanl95_3.jpg lanl95%203.jpg

Turn You pg200

Thu Jan 24 10:52:07 2019


Turn You pg199

Wed Jan 23 10:03:43 2019


lanl95 2

Tue Jan 22 21:47:14 2019


lanl95_2.jpg lanl95%202.jpg

Turn You pg198

Tue Jan 22 12:40:58 2019

lotta text on this page, im sorry

it makes up for the lack of text in the rest of the pages : )


lanl95 1

Mon Jan 21 19:36:43 2019

commission 1 of 3

lanl95_1.jpg lanl95%201.jpg

Turn You pg197

Mon Jan 21 11:41:17 2019

i have learned that my readership sucks at guessing where stories will go xD


Turn You pg196

Fri Jan 18 14:22:49 2019


Turn You pg195

Thu Jan 17 19:08:29 2019


Turn You pg194

Wed Jan 16 21:09:05 2019


Turn You pg193

Tue Jan 15 12:29:17 2019

oh no the furries found her


Turn You pg192

Mon Jan 14 11:09:29 2019

>says its a stupid plan

>does it anyway

why are woman like this



mallikeet 0107

Sat Jan 12 18:43:32 2019


mallikeet_0107.jpg mallikeet%200107.jpg

Turn You pg191

Fri Jan 11 17:36:48 2019


Turn You pg190

Wed Jan 9 21:40:34 2019


Turn You CH11 COVER

Tue Jan 8 09:50:11 2019



Tue Jan 1 17:41:01 2019

commission [living latex creature]

icon.jpg fiddlestickx%20FA%201.jpg fiddlestickx%20FA%202.jpg

shiny mummificiation

Fri Dec 28 10:29:48 2018


icon.jpg latrus%202.jpg latrus%201.jpg

Turn You pg189

Wed Dec 26 11:27:02 2018

last page for ch10

i gotta complete the rest of these comm issions ive got piled up but afterward i will be bakc with ch 11

thanks for the support and many things will be explained in the next chapter :p



Tue Dec 25 20:38:06 2018

commissions [living latex creature]

icon.jpg ericthewolfy%20twitter%202.jpg ericthewolfy%20twitter%201.jpg

Turn You pg188

Mon Dec 24 13:10:11 2018


Turn You pg187

Fri Dec 21 12:09:49 2018


Turn You pg186

Thu Dec 20 19:58:07 2018


Turn You pg185

Wed Dec 19 09:30:38 2018

why is it that i get pages with alot of panels done quicker than pages w/like 4 panels


Turn You pg184

Tue Dec 18 11:38:55 2018


Turn You pg183

Mon Dec 17 11:37:36 2018



Sat Dec 15 16:43:05 2018

commisions [living latex creature]

icon.jpg lycger%201.jpg lycger%202.jpg

Turn You pg182

Fri Dec 14 11:22:54 2018


Turn You pg181

Wed Dec 12 09:41:24 2018



Turn You pg180

Tue Dec 11 11:06:02 2018



Mon Dec 10 20:22:52 2018


icon.jpg exel83%201.jpg exel83%202.jpg

Turn You pg179

Mon Dec 10 10:40:06 2018



Sun Dec 9 21:56:26 2018

commission [living latex creature]

isarro_2.jpg isarro%202.jpg

Turn You pg178

Fri Dec 7 20:21:39 2018


Turn You pg177

Thu Dec 6 09:17:05 2018


Turn You pg176

Mon Dec 3 12:43:58 2018



Sun Dec 2 21:22:59 2018


icon.jpg sebele%201.jpg sebele%202.jpg

Turn You pg175

Fri Nov 30 14:55:09 2018


Turn You pg174

Thu Nov 29 12:22:45 2018


Turn You pg173

Tue Nov 27 17:22:11 2018


Turn You pg172

Mon Nov 26 17:46:42 2018


Turn You pg171

Fri Nov 23 11:26:50 2018


Turn You pg170

Thu Nov 22 10:48:28 2018


Turn You pg169

Wed Nov 21 19:12:51 2018


Turn You CH10 COVER

Tue Nov 20 13:38:15 2018


out of service

Sun Nov 18 22:16:17 2018

commission [living latex creature]

outofservice.jpg outofservice.jpg outofservicea.jpg


Sat Nov 17 10:39:54 2018

commission [living latex creature]

foxsinz_twi.jpg foxsinz%20twi.jpg

snowspottycats and skyican

Sat Nov 17 09:17:12 2018

ych commissions

icon.jpg snowspottycats%20twi.jpg skyican%20twi.jpg


Fri Nov 16 10:12:32 2018

free art game prize [living latex creature]

zohrah.jpg zohrah.jpg

thomasdoebi and arrcrao

Wed Nov 14 20:11:48 2018

ych commissions

icon.jpg arrcrao.jpg thomasdoebi.jpg

Turn You Ch9 Bonus4

Tue Nov 13 16:53:16 2018


resting water

Mon Nov 12 23:08:57 2018


mallikeet_2.jpg mallikeet%202.jpg

Turn You Ch9 Bonus 3

Mon Nov 12 10:59:27 2018

I would paint this pose a lot...theres something about ladies just brushin their hair in a nightgown that i absolutely love


CH9 bonus 2

Fri Nov 9 10:05:50 2018



Thu Nov 8 18:36:02 2018

commission [living latex ccreature]

kurothepone.jpg kurothepone.jpg

CH9 Bonus 1

Thu Nov 8 09:46:27 2018


Turn You pg168

Tue Nov 6 16:43:28 2018

simplist page i ever drawn... simple words dont need complexity art to describe themselves

thanks for dealing with all the delays. hopefully next chapter won't be so bad >__< got a bunch of bonuses art


Turn You pg167

Tue Nov 6 16:01:07 2018


Turn You pg166

Tue Nov 6 12:23:14 2018


Turn You pg165

Sun Nov 4 08:14:16 2018

sorry for the posting delay... i havent been able to get more than 30 minutes of sleep b/c there mice in the walls [they come in at this time of year] and i end up staring into space more than working, hard to focu when so tired. . .


Turn You pg164

Thu Nov 1 14:55:18 2018


Turn You pg163

Wed Oct 31 18:45:33 2018

yay i got it done


Turn You pg162

Wed Oct 31 13:26:03 2018

srry for not posting yesterday... had to pay respects, left me drained of the will to work, i felt so weak

will try to have two pages out today but no guarantees, today is verrrry busy!


Turn You pg161

Mon Oct 29 12:03:35 2018


maxski 1-3

Wed Nov 7 06:40:16 2018


icon.jpg maxski%201.jpg maxski%202.jpg maxski3.jpg

Turn You pg160

Fri Oct 26 13:10:33 2018


Turn You pg159

Thu Oct 25 12:38:01 2018


Turn You pg158

Wed Oct 24 14:20:52 2018


Turn You pg157

Tue Oct 23 14:31:28 2018


an early taste

Tue Nov 6 12:27:10 2018

birthday commission [living latex creature]

an_early_taste.jpg an%20early%20taste.jpg

Turn You pg156

Mon Oct 22 12:33:59 2018



a new guardian

Sun Oct 21 21:52:53 2018


ari994.jpg ari994.jpg

Turn You pg155

Fri Oct 19 11:43:45 2018


Turn You pg154

Thu Oct 18 13:03:48 2018


new leaf

Wed Oct 17 19:32:16 2018


juafs8.jpg juafs8.jpg

Turn You pg153

Wed Oct 17 14:14:43 2018


too tiny

Tue Oct 16 17:54:51 2018

commission [living latex suit]

you're gonna rip him stopppp D:

sige.jpg sige.jpg

Turn You pg152

Tue Oct 16 11:29:04 2018

the one time having a period actually contributes to an adventure


Turn You pg151

Mon Oct 15 11:48:47 2018

dont worry, this isn't going where you think it's going. im not that nasty



Sun Oct 14 01:54:35 2018

krystal/renamon hybrid [living latex creature]

thanks to all for visiting the stream : D

krystalmon.jpg krystalmon.jpg

Turn You pg150

Fri Oct 12 12:14:19 2018


Turn You pg149

Thu Oct 11 11:28:04 2018


Turn You pg148

Wed Oct 10 15:14:04 2018


gryphon generator

Tue Oct 9 18:42:57 2018

commission [living latex creatures]

thekometgryphon_FA.jpg thekometgryphon%20FA.jpg

Turn You CH9 COVER

Tue Oct 9 10:21:18 2018

thanks for being patient with me,

transparent latex :3



Thu Oct 4 22:25:03 2018

hybrid, zoroark/zeraora

zoroark_zeraora.jpg zoroark_zeraora.jpg


Wed Oct 3 16:38:02 2018


commission [living rubber creature]

i haven't drawn seam rubber in quite long time

danhu1.jpg danhu1.jpg


Wed Oct 3 10:39:50 2018

commission [living latex creature]

vensas.jpg vensas.jpg


Mon Oct 1 14:45:10 2018

commission [living latex creature]

really like how this came out despite how simple it is

balpup_unicorn.jpg balpup%20unicorn.jpg

danong ax

Fri Sep 28 21:52:53 2018

danong_ax.jpg danong%20ax.jpg

Turn You pg147

Fri Sep 28 06:07:25 2018

thanks for all the support and viewing and comments so far, your theories are interesting to read ^__^ gonna use my break to catch up on commissions, see you later



Thu Sep 27 20:51:27 2018

commission [living latex creature]

look at this lanky bendy maned wolf [i love exaggerated proportion <3]

jusras.jpg jusras.jpg


Thu Sep 27 17:03:24 2018

commission [living latex suit]

xersus.jpg xersus.jpg


Thu Sep 27 10:39:23 2018


maxkas.jpg maxkas.jpg

Turn You pg146

Thu Sep 27 08:02:59 2018


surprise salazzle

Wed Sep 26 12:30:30 2018


2018kirisha3.jpg 2018kirisha3.jpg

Turn You pg145

Wed Sep 26 10:06:54 2018


Turn You pg144

Tue Sep 25 14:28:38 2018

Dogs barking in their sleep are startling when you dont expect it


Turn You pg143

Mon Sep 24 19:36:52 2018


cynderdrone conversion

Sun Sep 23 22:31:14 2018


2018kirisha_2.jpg 2018kirisha%202.jpg

Turn You pg142

Fri Sep 21 12:38:35 2018


Turn You pg141

Thu Sep 20 17:39:09 2018

sorry late posting, been waking up late and still so tired these past few days and having issues with my gut. not sure why


Turn You pg140

Wed Sep 19 16:33:21 2018


Turn You pg139

Tue Sep 18 14:15:27 2018


mistress business

Mon Sep 17 16:00:58 2018

commission [living latex creatures]

carlas_2.jpg carlas%202.jpg

Turn You pg138

Mon Sep 17 09:26:22 2018



Fri Sep 14 14:10:31 2018


jeroff.jpg jeroff.jpg

Turn You pg137

Fri Sep 14 05:49:31 2018


Turn You pg136

Thu Sep 13 09:26:30 2018


Turn You pg135

Wed Sep 12 16:22:28 2018


Turn You pg134

Tue Sep 11 18:35:31 2018

edit: woops wrong page number

edit 2: typo


Turn You pg133

Mon Sep 10 18:26:40 2018



Mon Sep 10 10:24:22 2018


i am feeling very much better,

it feels so good getting back to work

discovagoo.jpg discovagoo.jpg

Turn You pg132

Thu Sep 6 14:22:17 2018

so apparently i did finish this page but never posted it

m going back to sleep before i rip my itchy stitchy


Turn You pg131

Tue Sep 4 12:35:07 2018

for those who don't follow my twitter, i will be going back into another surgery tomorrow. hopefully i will be able to get in one more page before the scheduled time. if not, i'll post it as soon as i can


Turn You CH8 cover

Mon Sep 3 19:52:58 2018

hi i'm back to ruin the good mood



Fri Aug 31 10:22:12 2018

commission [living latex creature]

dang, he swole

sharktied.jpg sharktied.jpg sharktieda.jpg

g-good boy

Thu Aug 30 20:24:14 2018

commission [living latex creature]
this is not the appropriate time for cuddle!

g-good_boy.jpg g-good%20boy.jpg


Wed Aug 29 17:24:31 2018

commission [living latex creature]

orgrerad.jpg orgrerad.jpg

Turn You CH7 Bonus [scuba shark]

Wed Aug 29 07:39:35 2018

initially wasn't sure whether to post larger version here, since it's simpler drawing than normal, but for completions sake of bonuses, i shall

hope this answered the questions about swimming


Turn You pg130

Tue Aug 28 12:02:06 2018

See you with the next chapter :) amazed how many comments i got in this chapter haha got some doodles to accompany this chapter



Mon Aug 27 18:35:52 2018

sorry forgot to finish something on this image so i have to repost again

benmil.jpg benmil.jpg

Turn You pg129

Mon Aug 27 14:07:46 2018



Fri Aug 24 21:00:51 2018

commission [living latex creature]

time to step out from the photoshoot and onto the beach ^_^

exehea.jpg exehea.jpg

Turn You pg128

Fri Aug 24 10:19:01 2018



Thu Aug 23 14:03:38 2018

a commission

lankyguy.jpg lankyguy.jpg

Turn You pg127

Thu Aug 23 10:02:30 2018


Turn You pg126

Wed Aug 22 15:27:56 2018


Turn You pg125

Tue Aug 21 12:59:51 2018


Turn You pg124

Mon Aug 20 19:48:52 2018



Sat Aug 18 17:06:51 2018

icon.jpg KIRLIA.jpg gardevoir.jpg

Turn You pg123

Fri Aug 17 16:40:30 2018

edit: added scratches


Turn You pg122

Thu Aug 16 10:56:28 2018


batonpass MIGHTYENA

Wed Aug 15 22:30:54 2018

Thank you to those who visited the stream ^__^

batonpass_mightyena.jpg batonpass%20mightyena.jpg batonpass%20mightyena.psd (d)

Turn You pg121

Wed Aug 15 16:18:04 2018

why do furries do this


Turn You pg120

Tue Aug 14 16:27:44 2018


Turn You pg119

Mon Aug 13 07:49:17 2018


Turn You pg118

Fri Aug 10 10:47:16 2018


Turn You pg117

Thu Aug 9 11:44:46 2018



Thu Aug 9 01:35:45 2018

thanks to those who kept me company in the stream during this quick 1hr drawing

espeumbre.jpg espeumbre.jpg espeumbre.psd (d)

Turn You pg116

Wed Aug 8 16:20:44 2018


Turn You pg115

Tue Aug 7 15:09:35 2018



Mon Aug 6 13:27:57 2018


carl59.jpg carl59.jpg carl59.psd (d)

Turn You CH7 COVER

Mon Aug 6 09:51:33 2018

i was able to start drawing heavily yesterday! so i managd to doodle out tessa's day

however, i think i did too much, it's a chapter now instead of a little skit XD because there were important parts on both character's ends


free stickers

Thu Aug 2 11:32:30 2018

for the patron this month, if anyone wants a new holographic sticker with pledge of $2 or more, I will ship it for free as thanks for pledge =) send a message!

[please note, international shipping will require +$2 for stamp cost)


latex kitsune flower

Wed Aug 1 12:14:28 2018

for those who aren't following my twitter, i will be to surgery today, to let you know, i may be silent for a week 1/2 thank you. would try to post maybe an art while in recovery

latexkitsuneflower.jpg latexkitsuneflower.jpg

Turn You CH6 Bonus 3

Mon Jul 30 10:10:56 2018



Fri Jul 27 20:35:19 2018


mallikeet_071818.jpg mallikeet%20071818.jpg mallikeet%20071818.psd (d)

Turn You CH6 Bonus2

Fri Jul 27 09:25:52 2018

this is the song i think of when drawing the image

prints of this will be available here


Turn You CH6 Bonus1

Thu Jul 26 09:29:41 2018

this was one of the choices i had for the cover of ch6, but i felt that it captured more of zeich's end rather than equal of ella's, didn't feel like they were in pain together (?not sure how to say it. . . ) so i scrapped it as a bonus


Turn You pg114

Wed Jul 25 09:48:28 2018

Thanks for sticking with me through this chapter, and for the support and comments received, glad to see it is keeping interest. :)

will be back soon with another chapter but i'm thinking of doing a little thing with tessa, not a chapter but a side


Turn You pg113

Tue Jul 24 12:42:55 2018

what an art nerd



Mon Jul 23 22:13:15 2018


[living latex creature tfed]

dust01.jpg dust01.jpg dust01.psd (d)

Turn You pg112

Mon Jul 23 09:34:00 2018


Turn You pg111

Fri Jul 20 15:03:20 2018



Thu Jul 19 18:07:48 2018

ych commission

ych.jpg ych.jpg ych.psd (d)

Turn You pg110

Thu Jul 19 12:29:29 2018

turnyou110.jpg turnyou110.jpg

Turn You pg109

Wed Jul 18 12:57:32 2018

turnyou109.jpg turnyou109.jpg


Tue Jul 17 22:20:31 2018


[living latex creature]

redflare2.jpg redflare2.jpg redflare2.psd (d)

Turn You pg108

Tue Jul 17 12:31:23 2018

friends, please be careful what you wear with your suits (´_`)

turnyou108.jpg turnyou108.jpg


Mon Jul 16 19:14:37 2018


I found an older pen that is malfunction but still works okay : D back to draw until the new one arrive

[living creature TFed]

eddcion.jpg eddcion.jpg eddcion.psd (d)

Turn You pg107

Mon Jul 16 11:30:32 2018

I found an older pen that is malfunction but still works okay : D back to draw until the new one arrive

turnyou107.jpg turnyou107.jpg

Turn You pg106

Fri Jul 13 14:44:59 2018

turnyou106.jpg turnyou106.jpg

Turn You pg105

Thu Jul 12 08:39:38 2018

turnyou105.jpg turnyou105.jpg


Wed Jul 11 22:50:18 2018


leoonge.jpg leoonge.jpg leoonge.psd (d)

Turn You pg104

Wed Jul 11 11:44:29 2018

turnyou104.jpg turnyou104.jpg

Turn You pg103

Mon Jul 9 09:40:49 2018

turnyou103.jpg turnyou103.jpg


Sat Jul 7 18:57:02 2018

commission for naughtydragon

naughtydrag.jpg naughtydrag.jpg naughtydrag.psd (d)


Fri Jul 6 15:19:50 2018

a commission

lounging in the sun is so peaceful :3

nox.jpg nox.jpg nox.psd (d)


Fri Jul 6 13:11:02 2018


felix2.jpg felix2.jpg felix2.psd (d)

Turn You pg102

Fri Jul 6 09:38:30 2018

turnyou102.jpg turnyou102.jpg

Turn You pg101

Thu Jul 5 13:45:38 2018

turnyou101.jpg turnyou101.jpg

Turn You pg100

Wed Jul 4 10:48:13 2018

wow, 100 pages.


Turn You pg99

Tue Jul 3 15:18:44 2018

nudie mudi

turnyou99.jpg turnyou99.jpg

Turn You pg98

Mon Jul 2 10:06:26 2018

turnyou98.jpg turnyou98.jpg

Turn You pg97

Sat Jun 30 11:58:03 2018

turnyou97.jpg turnyou97.jpg

Turn You CH6 COVER

Fri Jun 29 09:48:06 2018

ready for ch6 :3

turnyouc6.jpg turnyouc6.jpg


Tue Jun 26 10:21:58 2018


artdoggo.jpg artdoggo.jpg artdoggo.psd (d)


Fri Jun 22 13:23:39 2018


ben88.jpg ben88.jpg ben88.psd (d)

Turn You ch5 bonus

Thu Jun 21 13:00:38 2018

only one bonus this time

ch5bonus1.jpg ch5bonus1.jpg

Turn You pg96

Wed Jun 20 10:13:22 2018

Thanks for the support so far, and all the new followers for this ^__^ i wanna use the break to finish the pile of current commissions from sale, afterward i'll be back with a new chapter :D

I'll respond to sticker messages this evening after work!

turnyou96.jpg turnyou96.jpg

free stickers

Tue Jun 19 19:26:32 2018

hi, if any of you who pledged $2 or more want a free sticker, pm me with your shipping address and i'll send it for free, as it costs two dollar and i think that you guys deserve it : D for the support.

i only have a limited amount and would have to hold some for any who buy but if there is too many who want, i'll make another order for them. but right now i only have 25 for free available

thank you


Turn You pg95

Tue Jun 19 14:50:55 2018

turnyou95.jpg turnyou95.jpg

Turn You pg94

Mon Jun 18 13:57:55 2018

This will be relevant

turnyou94.jpg turnyou94.jpg

Turn You pg93

Fri Jun 15 13:38:52 2018

turnyou93.jpg turnyou93.jpg

Turn You pg92

Thu Jun 14 11:47:15 2018

turnyou92.jpg turnyou92.jpg

Turn You pg91

Wed Jun 13 11:50:41 2018

turnyou91.jpg turnyou91.jpg

Turn You pg90

Tue Jun 12 11:49:11 2018

turnyou90.jpg turnyou90.jpg

Turn You pg89

Mon Jun 11 19:07:44 2018

turnyou89.jpg turnyou89.jpg


Mon Jun 11 08:14:28 2018


puppystryker.jpg puppystryker.jpg puppystryker.psd (d)


Sat Jun 9 19:50:16 2018

commission of two rubber wolves embrace :)

nikkiarcher.jpg nikkiarcher.jpg nikkiarcher.psd (d)

Galian Beast

Fri Jun 8 15:46:10 2018

Commission for age_pander of Galian beast from Final Fantasy 7, with petrification alt

age_pander.jpg age_pander_petrification.jpg age_pander.jpg age_pander.psd (d)

Turn You pg88

Fri Jun 8 10:40:56 2018

turnyou88.jpg turnyou88.jpg

Turn You pg87

Thu Jun 7 12:18:11 2018

turnyou87.jpg turnyou87.jpg

Turn You pg86

Wed Jun 6 18:57:31 2018

that's oppression, let the poor yote speak his mind

turnyou86.jpg turnyou86.jpg

Turn You pg84-85

Tue Jun 5 22:33:49 2018

i'm probably forgetting to draw something in this posting it so late but here's pg84-85 :p took i think 10-12 hours lol

turnyou84-85.jpg turnyou84-85.jpg


Sun Jun 3 12:38:57 2018

commissions for jayrock

jay_rock_3.jpg jay_rock%203.jpg jay_rock%202.jpg jay_rock%201.jpg jay_rock%203.psd (d)

goo dogs

Sat Jun 2 17:38:33 2018

commission for kirisha

kirisha7.jpg kirisha7.jpg kirisha7.psd (d)

lizard conversion

Sat Jun 2 15:24:39 2018

commission for kirisha

kirisha5.jpg kirisha5.jpg kirisha5.psd (d)


Sat Jun 2 12:37:28 2018

commission for kirisha

kirisha4.jpg kirisha4.jpg kirisha4.psd (d)

cynder drone

Fri Jun 1 03:57:23 2018

commission for kirisha

kirisha3.jpg kirisha3.jpg kirisha3.psd (d)

Turn You pg83

Thu May 31 15:36:51 2018

turnyou83.jpg turnyou83.jpg

Turn You pg82

Wed May 30 13:36:20 2018

I'm gonna be writing that story that's being talked about here sometime in the future once i finish these 200 commissions i have to do :p won't interfere with Turn You haha

turnyou82.jpg turnyou82.jpg


Tue May 29 14:08:13 2018

commission for kirisha

kirisha1.jpg kirisha1.jpg kirisha1.psd (d)

Turn You pg81

Tue May 29 10:31:04 2018

1 squeeze = 1 hug

turnyou81.jpg turnyou81.jpg

Turn You pg80

Mon May 28 12:31:55 2018

turnyou80.jpg turnyou80.jpg


Sun May 27 10:21:36 2018

a commission for selin

selin.jpg selin.jpg selin.psd (d)

Turn You pg79

Sat May 26 12:58:12 2018

i'm not dead

turnyou79.jpg turnyou79.jpg


Thu May 24 11:34:33 2018

im sorry fpr mot responding to cpmments on jere, for some reason patreon has stopped notifying ,e when someœne posts :p

Turn You CH5 cover

Thu May 24 09:17:40 2018

ch 5 is now in progress :3c

i said this before on twitter, but for those who dont see it here, apolgoies for any delays because it's a bit content heavy in terms of how much i have to draw :p

turnyouc5.jpg turnyouc5.jpg


Wed May 23 10:48:28 2018

Figured i'd finish a doodle form long ago, while sketching comic pages inbetween. had to do a lot of commission sketches from sale, that ate into time i could have worked on comic :p

but yeha, eevee transforming within umbreon suit

eeveeumbre.jpg eeveeumbre.jpg eeveeumbre.psd (d)

Turn You CH4 bonus2

Thu May 17 14:18:58 2018


ch4bonus2.jpg ch4bonus2.jpg


Wed May 16 13:03:03 2018

a commission for fuzzydt

celty.jpg celty.jpg celty.psd (d)

Turn You CH4 bonus 1

Wed May 16 09:27:44 2018

ch4bonus1.jpg ch4bonus1.jpg

Turn You pg78

Tue May 15 11:53:08 2018

I didn't have this page in mind when I drafted ch4 but yall seemed to be super interested in what she looked like

so, this is the last page for ch4. i've got two bonus image to post, will be back after a few days of break :)

Turn You pg77

Mon May 14 12:00:51 2018

turnyou77.jpg turnyou77.jpg


Sat May 12 07:57:16 2018

a commission for zipiravira

i really like the concept of two suits trying to fit on one body :p

suitdance.jpg suitdance.jpg suitdance.psd (d)

Turn You pg76

Fri May 11 11:11:11 2018

turnyou76.jpg turnyou76.jpg


Thu May 10 16:14:51 2018

fanart of @kusorari's kitty

stickykitty.jpg stickykitty.jpg stickykitty.psd (d)

Turn You pg75

Thu May 10 10:21:17 2018

turnyou75.jpg turnyou75.jpg

Turn You pg74

Wed May 9 09:25:11 2018

turnyou74.jpg turnyou74.jpg

Turn You pg73

Tue May 8 10:28:30 2018

turnyou73.jpg turnyou73.jpg

Turn You pg72

Mon May 7 08:50:48 2018

Turn You pg71

Fri May 4 13:39:52 2018

turnyou71.jpg turnyou71.jpg


Thu May 3 16:50:05 2018

i wan to say, thank you all for your suppor tover the months. i still dont quite understand how a comic like this, people can find so interesting enough to support. i would still draw even without it, but t know it is something worth... i don't know. words dont excribe feeling

anyway have some doodles i did a month ago

doodles.jpg doodles.jpg

Turn You pg70

Thu May 3 14:00:04 2018

Ella it takes literally 8 minutes to cook up something healthier than kraft mac n cheese

turnyou70.jpg turnyou70.jpg

Turn You pg69

Wed May 2 12:10:51 2018

This page is a clusterfuck so also attaching the page without bubbles.

Edit: fixed a spelling error

turnyou69.jpg turnyou69blank.jpg turnyou69.jpg


Tue May 1 18:42:28 2018

A commission for Selin

Slick, white rubber :333

silikant.jpg silikant.jpg silikant.psd (d)

Turn You pg68

Tue May 1 08:49:23 2018

turnyou68.jpg turnyou68.jpg

Turn You pg67

Mon Apr 30 10:29:24 2018

turnyou67.jpg turnyou67.jpg


Fri Apr 27 16:53:07 2018

just a small thing

raikou_suicune.jpg raikou_suicune.jpg

Turn You pg66

Fri Apr 27 14:22:30 2018

ella put on some damn clothes

turnyou66.jpg turnyou66.jpg

Turn You pg65

Thu Apr 26 09:59:40 2018

turnyou65.jpg turnyou65.jpg

Turn You pg64

Wed Apr 25 08:02:13 2018

he needs a snuggle buddy

turnyou64.jpg turnyou64.jpg

Turn You pg63

Tue Apr 24 09:37:57 2018

Turn You pg62

Mon Apr 23 12:38:50 2018

turnyou62.jpg turnyou62.jpg

Turn You pg61

Sat Apr 21 08:12:44 2018

turnyou61.jpg turnyou61.jpg

Turn You pg60

Fri Apr 20 08:47:11 2018

turnyou60.jpg turnyou60.jpg

Turn You pg59

Thu Apr 19 08:16:41 2018

figured since there's no actual fur in the latex suit transformation, some people may enjoy this a bit in dream ^_^

turnyou59.jpg turnyou59.jpg

Turn You pg58

Wed Apr 18 11:34:23 2018

turnyou58.jpg turnyou58.jpg

Turn You pg57

Tue Apr 17 11:53:03 2018

bear with me here

turnyou57.jpg turnyou57.jpg

Turn You ch4 cover

Mon Apr 16 10:53:45 2018

turnyouc4.jpg turnyouc4.jpg

Turn You ch3 bonus2

Fri Apr 13 07:13:35 2018

two of two, rubber is for all ^_^

tessabonus.jpg tessabonus.jpg


Thu Apr 12 15:34:46 2018

renadickcumberbatch.jpg renadickcumberbatch.jpg renadickcumberbatch.psd (d)

Turn You ch3 bonus1

Thu Apr 12 10:13:10 2018

one of two, wanted to draw example of how zeich clings to clothes underneath

bonus.jpg bonus.jpg

Turn You pg56

Wed Apr 11 12:14:28 2018

The next chapter im guess will be longer and because of the amount of stuff in the shots it calls for, may end up with delays in posting :p public scenery is so long to draw

will be back with pages once drafting and sketched out, thank you for the support that has gone on for such now.

turnyou56.jpg turnyou56.jpg

Turn You pg55

Tue Apr 10 13:32:44 2018

turnyou55.jpg turnyou55.jpg

Turn You pg54

Mon Apr 9 16:37:01 2018

god there was a lot of slag to draw on this page in one sitting XD

turnyou54.jpg turnyou54.jpg


Sun Apr 8 06:52:37 2018

a commission! thanks to all who visited the stream last night, sorry i couldnt finish it all, too tired but it was fun :p

lucia_anubis.jpg lucia_anubis.jpg lucia_anubis.psd (d)

Turn You pg53

Sat Apr 7 08:37:02 2018

turnyou53.jpg turnyou53.jpg

Turn You pg52

Fri Apr 6 14:56:39 2018

turnyou52.jpg turnyou52.jpg

kittysuit 1/2

Thu Apr 5 16:53:55 2018

commission for SiGe, an inbetween of the previous commission

kittysuit2a.jpg kittysuit2a.jpg kittysuit2a.psd (d)

Turn You pg51

Thu Apr 5 12:20:52 2018

turnyou51.jpg turnyou51.jpg


Wed Apr 4 11:20:14 2018

thicc bara boi

PSD + hi res

entei.jpg entei.jpg entei.psd (d)

Turn You pg50

Wed Apr 4 09:32:56 2018

turnyou50.jpg turnyou50.jpg

Turn You pg49

Tue Apr 3 08:46:46 2018

turnyou49.jpg turnyou49.jpg

Turn You pg48

Mon Apr 2 14:11:50 2018

turnyou48.jpg turnyou48.jpg

Turn You pg47

Sat Mar 31 15:11:13 2018

Refer to this page any time there's a time jump on the weekends lol

like as is happening in the next page

turnyou47.jpg turnyou47.jpg


Fri Mar 30 14:17:36 2018



Turn You pg46

Fri Mar 30 13:54:10 2018

turnyou46.jpg turnyou46.jpg

Turn You pg45

Thu Mar 29 13:28:05 2018

tessa shut up u don't understand the life of hardworking japan-work-ethic pseudo-slavery

turnyou45.jpg turnyou45.jpg

Turn You pg44

Wed Mar 28 14:15:40 2018

turnyou44.jpg turnyou44.jpg

Turn You pg43

Tue Mar 27 11:04:19 2018

turnyou43.jpg turnyou43.jpg

Turn You pg42

Mon Mar 26 14:19:24 2018

turnyou42.jpg turnyou42.jpg


Mon Mar 26 10:12:39 2018

PSD, HI RES, and WIP video,

thanks for all who visited the stream yesterday, wasn't sure if i would be able to finish this due to tiredness but puled thru!

kittysuit.jpg kittysuit.jpg kittysuit.psd (d)


Sun Mar 25 21:02:20 2018

thanks to all who joined the stream. ill attach a link the video tomorrow once ive rendered it, too tired to wati for it

edit: video link

raikou.jpg raikou.jpg raikou.psd (d)

Turn You pg41

Sun Mar 25 10:45:20 2018

srry for no comic yesterday... i was dying of cramps, too painful to complete the comic before end of day

turnyou41.jpg turnyou41.jpg

Turn You pg40

Fri Mar 23 14:10:16 2018

turnyou40.jpg turnyou40.jpg

Turn You pg39

Thu Mar 22 15:58:22 2018

turnyou39.jpg turnyou39.jpg

Turn You pg38

Wed Mar 21 14:47:14 2018

turnyou38.jpg turnyou38.jpg

Turn You pg37

Tue Mar 20 10:37:27 2018

turnyou37.jpg turnyou37.jpg

clingy one

Mon Mar 19 19:43:53 2018

a commission of nia again =)

psd + hi res

clingyone.jpg clingyone.jpg clingyone.psd (d)

Turn You pg36

Mon Mar 19 12:09:49 2018

turnyou36.jpg turnyou36.jpg

Turn You ch3

Sat Mar 17 15:42:11 2018

turnyouc3.jpg turnyouc3.jpg

patreon 2

Thu Mar 15 18:38:48 2018

free art from monthly draw for a user in march =)

patreon2.jpg patreon2.jpg patreon2.psd (d)

patreon 1

Wed Mar 14 11:32:19 2018

free art from monthly draw for a user in february =)

patreon1.jpg patreon1.jpg patreon1.psd (d)


Wed Mar 14 09:12:15 2018

a commission for ookamiwuff's birthday

psd and high res

ookihugs.jpg ookihugs.jpg ookihugs.psd (d)

Turn You pg35

Tue Mar 13 16:29:36 2018

thank you for all the support and praise gotton so far.. need to sketch up the next pages for ch 3, and few days of cooldown, but will be back w/it soon =)

turnyoupg35.jpg turnyoupg35.jpg

Turn You pg34

Mon Mar 12 12:19:02 2018

turnyoupg34.jpg turnyoupg34.jpg

branchside kiss

Sun Mar 11 14:19:39 2018

a commission for mallikeet

hi res and psd file

branchside_kiss.jpg branchside%20kiss.jpg branchside%20kiss.psd (d)

Turn You pg33

Sat Mar 10 14:01:45 2018

turnyoupg33.jpg turnyoupg33.jpg

Turn You pg32

Fri Mar 9 13:29:10 2018

turnyoupg32.jpg turnyoupg32.jpg

Turn You pg31

Thu Mar 8 11:44:57 2018

sorry for the delay.. there was just too much on this page to complete in my free time yesterday

turnyoupg31.jpg turnyoupg31.jpg

Turn You pg30

Tue Mar 6 15:49:40 2018

turnyoupg30.jpg turnyoupg30.jpg

Turn You pg29

Mon Mar 5 15:06:35 2018

turnyoupg29.jpg turnyoupg29.jpg

Turn You pg28

Sat Mar 3 12:19:47 2018

turnyoupg28.jpg turnyoupg28.jpg

Turn You pg27

Fri Mar 2 13:40:27 2018

turnyoupg27.jpg turnyoupg27.jpg

Turn You pg26

Thu Mar 1 15:29:02 2018

turnyoupg26.jpg turnyoupg26.jpg

Turn You pg25

Wed Feb 28 12:17:16 2018

turnyoupg25.jpg turnyoupg25.jpg


Tue Feb 27 16:51:11 2018

a commission, hi res + psd

redwolfcrimson.jpg redwolfcrimson.jpg redwolfcrimson.psd (d)

Turn You pg24

Tue Feb 27 12:45:36 2018

turnyoupg24.jpg turnyoupg24.jpg

Turn You pg23

Mon Feb 26 09:55:26 2018

sorry for the delay... i think i need sundays off to catch up on regular work sometimes. sorry

turnyoupg23.jpg turnyoupg23.jpg

Turn You pg22

Sat Feb 24 14:19:00 2018

turnyoupg22.jpg turnyoupg22.jpg

Turn you pg 21

Fri Feb 23 14:00:51 2018

turnyoupg21.jpg turnyoupg21.jpg

Turn You pg20

Thu Feb 22 11:45:45 2018

changed the font type so that symboles like ! are easier to read.

turnyoupg20.jpg turnyoupg20.jpg

Turn You chapter 2

Wed Feb 21 11:25:32 2018

turnyouc2.jpg turnyouc2.jpg

Turn You pg19

Tue Feb 20 11:54:56 2018

dragopg19.jpg dragopg19.jpg

Turn You pg18

Mon Feb 19 16:34:12 2018

dragopg18.jpg dragopg18.jpg

Turn You pg17

Fri Feb 16 08:56:06 2018

dragopg17.jpg dragopg17.jpg

Turn You pg16

Thu Feb 15 10:19:46 2018

dragopg16.jpg dragopg16.jpg

Turn You pg15

Tue Feb 13 11:34:51 2018

dragopg15.jpg dragopg15.jpg

turn you pg 14

Sun Feb 11 14:52:21 2018

hopefully the colours aren't too off :p

dragopg14.jpg dragopg14.jpg

turn you pg13

Sat Feb 10 09:57:29 2018

OK so my friend has a laptop that has more manageable gamma issues and colour corrected the screen, so able to get the colours as accurate as possible for the laptop, so ifugred to finally get next page done. progress will probably be slow on these until i can go home, but it is better than nothing! =) sorry for the different bubble formatting... don't have photoshop available so had to use csp for text/bubble... slightly irritating but it will do :p

dragopg13.jpg dragopg13.jpg


Wed Jan 31 14:44:06 2018

I am leaving home for two weeks, but my laptop does not have IPS screen which is used for correct colours in my art. I have predone some solo images, but I’m not sure of the status of the comic

I know I can start back up again as soon as I get home, but I’m not sure if want to risk bad colours or shading because the gamma and colours of my laptop are not the best.. If I do, I apologise if it does not looking as good.


Mon Feb 19 10:07:36 2018

hi res + psd!

i'm back home and ready to start working again ^__^ last of the premade images!

rikamon.jpg rikamon.jpg rikamon.psd (d)

dirtydobie + wescube

Wed Feb 14 09:03:21 2018

two commissions in one, high resolutions and psd files!

icon.jpg dirtydobie.jpg dirtydobie.psd (d) wescube.jpg wescube.psd (d)

space kitten +nun

Tue Jan 30 13:04:15 2018

some fanart, hi res

spacekittennun.jpg spacekittennun.jpg

turn you p12

Tue Jan 30 11:14:33 2018

dragopg12.jpg dragopg12.jpg

mega houndoom

Sun Feb 11 12:11:30 2018

psd, hi res and wip video

mega_houndoom.jpg mega%20houndoom.jpg mega%20houndoom.psd (d)

turn you p11

Mon Jan 29 11:44:34 2018

dragopg11.jpg dragopg11.jpg

turn you p10

Sun Jan 28 12:01:42 2018

dragopg10.jpg dragopg10.jpg

nia bound

Sun Jan 28 08:05:28 2018

psd, hi res, and wip video

niabound.jpg niabound.jpg niabound.psd (d)

turn you p9

Sat Jan 27 12:07:04 2018

dragopg9.jpg dragopg9.jpg

turn you 8

Fri Jan 26 10:01:48 2018


turn you 7

Thu Jan 25 10:18:29 2018


orchestra pup

Wed Jan 24 17:08:03 2018

wanted to draw a dalmatian, then classical music popped into my head, so, orchestra pup ^_^

included: hi res, psd, wip video

orchestrapup.jpg orchestrapup.jpg orchestrapup.psd (d)

turn you p6

Wed Jan 24 11:08:10 2018


turn you p5

Tue Jan 23 13:34:41 2018


turn you p4

Mon Jan 22 09:49:51 2018


turn you p3

Sun Jan 21 15:33:44 2018


turn you 2

Sat Jan 20 12:47:55 2018


turn you 1

Fri Jan 19 18:02:53 2018

will be posting this publically every 2 pages, but will leave larger sizes for here



Fri Jan 19 11:06:08 2018

just somethin working on : )



Mon Jan 15 11:55:32 2018

hi res, psd, and wip video!

223a.jpg 223a.jpg 223a.psd (d)

supple hi res

Sun Jan 14 19:50:35 2018

hi resolution file : )



Sun Jan 14 10:53:52 2018

a lill shiny animation im working on : 3



Fri Jan 12 18:59:15 2018

PSD files!

icon.jpg polishing2.psd (d) polishing.psd (d)


Wed Jan 10 15:37:24 2018

dream suit drawing...

wolfsuit.jpg wolfsuit.jpg


Mon Jan 8 14:26:16 2018

hi res!


queen river

Mon Jan 8 14:17:25 2018

just some random art of a bat demoness : )

included: hi res

queen_river.jpg queen%20river.jpg

pokemon suits

Mon Jan 8 13:57:33 2018

three pokemon suit images ;3

Included: -Hi res

icon.jpg xatu.jpg jasmineamphy.jpg howl.jpg

badwolf_4 [hi res + PSD + vid]

Fri Nov 25 15:33:27 2016

high resolution file and PSD file and WIP video:

badwolf4.jpg badwolf4lg.jpg badwolf4.psd (d)

5 commissions

Wed Nov 9 15:23:33 2016

sorry for lack of many videos... haven't been feeling up to working on an image inthe same day... it's been spread out over days, makes it hard to record


1-5.jpg casidhe1.psd (d) casidhe2.psd (d) (d)

5 commissions

Sun Nov 6 19:10:16 2016

wolphin wip video:


1-5.jpg (d) (d)

5 commissions [hi res _ psd]

Sat Nov 5 07:25:32 2016

mizurose 2 video:

1-5.jpg (d) (d)

4 commission [hi res + PSD + video]

Mon Oct 31 18:09:52 2016

VideoLinks11 -

13 -

1-5.jpg (d) (d)

scout rewards [hi res + PSD]

Sat Oct 29 09:40:16 2016

high resolution file and PSD file

kibakun2.jpg kibakun2lg.jpg kibakun2.psd (d)

5 commissions [hi res + psd + video]

Fri Oct 28 10:11:02 2016

5 more commissions

video links can be found in ''

1-5.jpg (d) (d)

2 Gooey Dragon tfs [hi res + PSD]

Tue Oct 25 11:23:43 2016

two latex/goo dragon transformation sequences, high resolution files and PSD files...

i would have had the video as well, but the first time i was colouring firenshope, the power went out dring the last panel colouring, and for some reason all of my colour folder was wiped, and the recording corrupt, the second time, i had hit my power cord when vacuuming, causing it to shot off too, and corrupted video, i pretty much gave up after that hahh.... V___V

1-5.jpg aazarah2.psd (d) firenshope.psd (d) aazarah2.jpg firenshope.jpg

5 commissions [hi res + psd + video]

Mon Oct 17 11:39:24 2016

unfortunately i didn' know that the video had been cut in half so only a portion of the screen had been recorded ):

video links can be found in the ''

1-5.jpg (d) (d)

bikendi [hi res + video]

Tue Oct 11 16:29:54 2016

high resolution file and wip video

awZqCAR0bfJy6uQZZJuNfjuxVOXYIeuYW4IV2T17NfOZ4MRpff2ZrYeWDj8HMJaS.jpeg bikendi.jpg

ruby [hi res + PSD + video]

Fri Oct 7 16:04:41 2016

high resolution file, PSD file, and WIP video

hHxFBZpk2pEqlDParGYzslbhKL9JYbPdpn1ejY1mrDteYc0jqjpWvhKrNBeC0cr2.jpeg rubylg.jpg ruby.psd (d)

zeitgeist [PSD + video]

Fri Oct 7 09:35:26 2016

PSD file and WIP video

bDDeIMaMMG2aJ9XatJzcNGw7pYF7QrmQ9KMJyoKHbJGEbArHT4cE8PTCGg0fxx36.jpeg zeitgeist.psd (d)

zeitgeist [hi res]

Fri Oct 7 09:32:39 2016

high resolution file

zeitgeist.jpg zeitgeistlg.jpg

bacon sampler [hi res + PSD + video]

Thu Sep 29 08:27:43 2016

high resolution file, PSD file, and WIP video

MstxBZK1NPIgAyxgRv6dI57I4Zs0bcHIaIkGjMFpQmZhIJBdL2j5Df7j0pK8PCkz.jpeg bacon%20samplerlg.jpg bacon%20sampler.psd (d)

strong_tiger [hi res + psd + video]

Thu Sep 22 09:54:07 2016

high resolution file, PSD file, and wIP video from the stream... took 8 hours to render the a 2 hr video.. that's the state my computer is at at this point XD

5i5eG6c6VFW5NYIGXnipE3oiLYQ6UurMMZUKSYCGUnc0M3ldhtBxu8ZU9i5NgXYw.jpeg stong%20tigerlg.jpg stong%20tiger.psd (d)

körper_mundtot machen [hi res + PSD + video]

Tue Sep 20 21:46:56 2016

high resolutio nfile, PSD file, and WIP video that was done during a stream

OjKI1Xwj4viZeALY8UIOGWKxTUsed6UmB3Iuxt44VuCiAS9bJgdYGgzLUnzachay.jpeg k%C3%B6rper_mundtot%20machenlg.jpg k%C3%B6rper_mundtot%20machen.psd (d)

spice [hi res + PSD + video]

Thu Sep 15 07:48:02 2016

high resolution file, PSD file, and WIP video

spice.psd (d) spicelg.jpg

luvbites animation commission

Tue Sep 13 19:41:10 2016

not sure when the co mmsisioner will let me post this, so i'll keep it on patreon until then [should only be a few days before able to post, though]

luvbites.mp4 (d)

badwolf2 [hi res+psd+video]

Sat Sep 10 17:42:15 2016

high resolution file, psd file, wip video

zFH0h0VIEbP6NoZ4hMzp67tqzKM5EBnv5t2ZsDnuBzDCcKcLffyYTsKe3Rls3aFE.jpeg badwolf2lg.jpg badwolf2.psd (d)

hypwip animation

Wed Aug 31 21:48:35 2016

animation wip, would have mouth movements and hypnotic feature in completed piece


is playtime over yet [hi res]

Sat Aug 13 18:37:51 2016

high resolution file

is_playtime_over_yet.jpg is_playtime_over_yet_lg.jpg

heishendopehr [PSd + video]

Sat Aug 13 16:38:14 2016

PSD file and WIP video

Pnz39zmYow82Oxzg0YfLU2gJ6GR5SCspJTKcPNl7qBqgwnBS3mZ77scuOM8xW4qG.jpeg latexloya.psd (d)

heishendopehr [hi res]

Sat Aug 13 16:37:03 2016

high resolution file

latexloya.jpg latexloyalg.jpg

beg animation wip

Fri Aug 12 16:35:41 2016

a animation i will have to finish in september as i will be busy traveling for the rest of august [still 2 images to post for august] and takes too much time from concentrating on personal animation,
and no commissions will be taken in all of september due to that being one of the busy months for my jobs [though i will try to get some personal artwork posted during september. i've got at least 2 i'd like to complete]

she will be shiny latex coloured =)


PaintMe! Candace [hi res + psd + video[

Fri Aug 12 12:24:24 2016

high resolution file, psd file, and wip video

1UEGlzWb1zWO9yYjE1KWdmIIASTqMWG4uHMFj35FQuPfEhdfkGSrYmjz3wbVXIOz.jpeg paintmecandacelg.jpg paintmecandace.psd (d)

badwolf [hi res + psd + video]

Tue Aug 9 13:27:20 2016

high resolution file and PSD file and WIP video

e0tOkkd5JiQhGF9EWssTYqiJYVx38YNAzAcNt6KSWawUO0kE22So7L18pxvT2IVJ.jpeg badwolf.psd (d) badwolflg.jpg

theft of prey [hi res + PSD + video]

Thu Aug 4 08:26:20 2016

hi resolution file and PSD file and WIP video

zbGxd1PlMgzFI9E4qCX9EqiOLKQPK4ZAFMXvlGTLtbJf6Nk2V26nKyx0TD9VoxsA.jpeg theft_of_prey.psd (d) theft_of_preylg.jpg

uptosominie [hi res + PSD]

Mon Aug 1 09:18:24 2016

high resolution file and PSD file

uptosominie.jpg uptosominielg.jpg uptosominie.psd (d)

malisengoo [PSD + video]

Mon Jul 25 07:08:20 2016

PSD file and WIP video

1X3sC0Q0f9V8ht4V0fNH6gUB3vsdYoU97GxLqwGn2vgaEQT64IABRvYM2dJ3KgpP.jpeg malisengoo.psd (d)

malisengoo [hi res]

Mon Jul 25 07:07:57 2016

high resolution file

malisengoo.jpg malisengoolg.jpg

repede [PSD + video]

Thu Jul 21 10:26:46 2016

PSD file and WIP video

t4MPCjQQrDSywurPOhDLkfQJicb2NTvAxYUwQgUQeqUGaqGLdNE9sj1Z6whyiuJp.jpeg repede.psd (d)

repede [hi res]

Thu Jul 21 10:26:21 2016

high resolution file

repede.jpg repedelg.jpg

ivorytail [PSD+video]

Wed Jul 20 09:39:57 2016

placeholder, please wait a little for update

ivorytail [hi res]

Wed Jul 20 09:39:12 2016

placeholder, please wait a little for update

petrei [hi res + PSD]

Sun Jul 10 16:35:18 2016

hi gh resolution file and PSD file

petrei.jpg petreilg.jpg petrei.psd (d)

paintme! luna [PSD + video]

Sun Jul 10 14:34:49 2016

PSD file and WIP video

DNZpJ3i9zJ1GoAoJqYvRgp9hGrne7cXIpANKyXoSzsYycWjKKOEWBcojj1RUit5r_large_2.jpeg paintmeluna.psd (d)

paintme! Luna [hi res]

Sun Jul 10 14:33:53 2016

high resolution file

paintmeluna.jpg paintmelunalg.jpg

closing patreon?

Sun Jul 10 10:25:57 2016

Hey there, guys, i feel that I am reaching the point where I feel i'm disconnecting from the furry fandom more and more as of late, as my efforts focus more towards my irl work than personal time allows for. which means less content to provide for this patreon.

I really don't want the stress of not feeling like I've offered you guys enough, and i don't like not giving the money's worth. Do you feel you have been getting what you've been paying for? if so, please, let me know. Otherwise i will close it in the 17th.

slipakier [PSD + video]

Mon Jul 4 06:33:16 2016

placeholder, please wait a little while for update

8yTfxmsBR2icI71TDtetiXnRxaTnOJlVtowxY3Zxh06NeaEwKWQj56aQHCKOLGHx.jpeg slipakier.psd (d)

slipakier [hi res]

Mon Jul 4 06:32:30 2016

high resolution files [A, B, and C]

slipakier_A.jpg slipakier_Clg.jpg slipakier_Blg.jpg slipakier_Alg.jpg

lotustus [hi res + PSD + video]

Tue Jun 28 06:13:08 2016

placeholder, please ignore for a little bit

helventine [hi res + psd + vid]

Sat Jun 25 06:47:36 2016

placeholder, please ignore for now, will be updated soon


wendisliver [PSD + video]

Thu Jun 23 07:40:05 2016

PSD file and WIP video


wendisliver [hi res]

Thu Jun 23 07:35:37 2016

high resolution file

wendisliver.jpg wendisliverlg.jpg

prodeser [PSD + video]

Wed Jun 22 10:18:13 2016

PSD file and WIP video

eHALUPKxImOxBNC9BXX72Thgk3b6V3KcmnHUiIw9ReUiZyH9RwTkyjTDVV3GoTw9_large_2.jpeg prodeser.psd (d)

prodeser [hi res]

Wed Jun 22 10:16:27 2016

high resolution file

prodeser.jpg prodeserLG.jpg

camera shot [hi res + video]

Sun Jun 19 11:25:18 2016

high resolution file and WIP video


bircammander [hi res+vid]

Sat Jun 18 13:53:27 2016

high resolution file and WIP video


schmiede [hi res + psd]

Mon Jun 13 08:03:31 2016

high resolution file and PSD file


PaintMe! Princess Twilight [PSD + video]

Sat Jun 11 07:12:08 2016

WIP video and PSD file

PaintMe! Princess Twilight [hi res]

Sat Jun 11 07:10:36 2016

high resolution file


helintax [PSD + video]

Mon Jun 6 21:56:59 2016

PSD file and WIP video

CNUEWFm0gGGbutIJq1U3yvcxtnFJiZ6ghXuRNtSES32khlFbrzDJzHcLbU6G0f58_large_2.jpeg helintax.psd (d)

helintax [hi res]

Mon Jun 6 21:55:02 2016

high resolution file

helintax.jpg helintaxlg.jpg

ol tizard [psd + video]

Wed Jun 1 20:44:10 2016

PSD file and WIP video


ol tizard [hi res]

Wed Jun 1 20:42:05 2016

hi resolution file


donna [psd+video]

Fri May 27 08:09:24 2016

PSD file + wip video


donna [hi res]

Fri May 27 08:07:29 2016

hi res file



Mon May 23 16:20:20 2016

wip video

horg video

Mon May 16 11:46:51 2016

wip video


ifyonbe [PSD + video]

Fri May 13 19:54:03 2016

PSD file and WIP video

COGT9CMqJ1k8Yqn9E3qBLkGtO4PG5DQ7jUcQJMGSJcm4JLSiU7pbsnNNWCt5zYcN_large_2.jpeg reddragonesstf.psd (d)

ifyonbe [hi res]

Fri May 13 19:51:05 2016

high resolution file

reddragonesstf.jpg reddragonesstflg.jpg

lemopon [hi res + video + PSD]

Fri May 13 10:42:05 2016

high resolution file, WIP video, PSD file

WRhesWEE2pmzVkImgOZu2kKKQtUV5eNTrTVXpTJc6ULgSsJitzculu0S2dykUSPq_large_2.jpeg lemoponlg.jpg

seemasone [PSD + video]

Thu May 12 09:48:08 2016

PSD file and WIP video

q99gYQ6V6agqcMbfWaibyizYcRuWn0x60VASUfBmT3p5Nh3AJXwAJ1Sqh6H6rirK_large_2.jpeg seemasone.psd (d)

seemasone [hi res]

Thu May 12 09:47:19 2016

high resolution file

seemasone.jpg seemasonelg.jpg

lapoletz [video]

Mon May 9 07:03:19 2016

sorry, no PSD, computer does not want to save, file too big ): so only WIP video


lapoletz [hi res]

Mon May 9 07:01:25 2016

high resolution file

lapoletz.jpg lapoletzlg.jpg

spankbank 3 wip

Fri Apr 22 20:18:12 2016

3/4 wip


spankbank wip 2

Thu Apr 21 17:57:22 2016



spankbank animation wip 1

Mon Apr 18 12:43:04 2016

first 1/4



Thu Apr 14 11:33:47 2016

just a doodle to wait until the FA administration's incompetence in their job wears off on my account so i can actually do one of my job. :p, need to add a little extra after the cum part


baandow [hi res + PSD + video]

Tue Apr 12 10:39:11 2016

hi resolution file, PSD file, and WIP video

NkfuQys733ugIuDSXMHxrLJUJWO6YrBfrwN1oooAz0cgfqMu0oZEzercOdJ0tGMY_large_2.jpeg baandowlg.jpg baandow.psd (d)


Tue Apr 5 09:18:32 2016

i probably will not have many if any psds/videos/hi res to offer this month since the majority of the work took place last month for pi day. . . and i will be working on the ych animation that took place a few days ago. it's going to take a white since it involves a lot more syncronised moving than my other animations, but i will be posting wips of each cut here

ill also be finishing up scenario this month, and starting to hire voice actors once it is finished. so, there will not be very much room for things like commissions and what not for patreon, so if you feel like you are not getting your money's worth this month, feel free to decline the payment for pledge at the end of the month hahhh

hope you all have a nice month

ecronseer [PSD + video]

Tue Mar 29 14:19:24 2016

PSD file and WIP video

a37v0SogTuVvb6jP5PCkI3PMuRJo0o0rJ0ejgjlGWjhw6RvgGMOD9qZcxTchGJ4Q_large_2.jpeg ecronseer.psd (d)

ecronseer [hi res]

Tue Mar 29 14:16:48 2016

high resolution file

ecronseer.jpg ecronseerlg.jpg

gravaspoo [PSD + video]

Sun Mar 27 22:40:05 2016

PSD file and WIP video

cCCxskN9rAqyMgznkOrNW8zwAjbq7gRPqHoBPHVR0R9WvojtX6sZgODYxc37yMlV_large_2.jpeg gravaspoo.psd (d)

afunetieta [psd + video]

Sun Mar 27 19:45:27 2016

PSD file and WIP video

su3gSDQxSt8tYn4wmoqAmKFhe2uVzb0kIJI3CeEnZr0Z6lz4kip8N2lYgqo6w0Dj_large_2.jpeg afunetieta.psd (d)

easent submission [PSD + video]

Sat Mar 26 17:35:23 2016

PSD file and WIP video

O74ndmdsjvAcg3CtTW6KOxFnqcPyjCuI5wnyGjEGvbFV80jYKXFUiWHgXNEtRfh3_large_2.jpeg easent_submissiion.psd (d)

easent submission [hi res]

Sat Mar 26 17:34:19 2016

high resolution file

easent_submissiion.jpg easent_submissiionlg.jpg

silonexus [hi res + PSD + video]

Wed Mar 23 13:19:43 2016

high resolution file, PSD file, and WIP video

Yl9QzjZBe4lIgnvgCOEdUmimdVAqxHOhLl1JepuxVUDC1Q38dLXvPWngmAuVEiY8_large_2.jpeg silonexuslg.jpg silonexus.psd (d)

fillamingo [hi res + PSD + video]

Tue Mar 22 16:22:18 2016

high resolution file, PSD file, and WIP video

Mh3zpqjemqwW0GR1EkiZahp8dPrfw4JHkcTr3VFoDpKvmA1HPZoT5v3imeCeBg2r_large_2.jpeg fillamingolg.jpg fillamingo.psd (d)

canecoton [PSD + video]

Sat Mar 19 10:28:41 2016

PSD file and WIP video

Kdvvx2Xr2zApcQVd9aBVvqYW7ascxumrTX6T3k3HopaQIXJqfAU9AlgEFHV8GvZG_large_2.jpeg canecoton.psd (d)

canecoton [hi res]

Sat Mar 19 10:27:56 2016

hi resolution file

canecoton.jpg canecotonlg.jpg

radiance [hi res + PSD + video]

Thu Mar 10 08:58:26 2016

high resolution file, PSD file, WIP video

lY3BGsH9323kDcAjkBi28kimhS7QMA0Oz26xExExvPfDxgcHuPGwUoGzykrkh8o0_large_2.jpeg radiancelg.jpg radiance.psd (d)

peculation reprose [PSD + video]

Fri Mar 4 18:29:12 2016

PSD file and WIP video

HOZTUu5migd8i7C8wWPwKlmXsZqQwJagmdsWc3EGnidd3o3Jo3dv3TAQJALUphsq_large_2.jpeg peculation_reprose.psd (d)

peculation reprose [hi res]

Fri Mar 4 18:23:20 2016

high resolution file

peculation_reprose.jpg peculation_reproselg.jpg

wisapontiff [PSD + video]

Mon Feb 29 16:12:34 2016

PSD file and WIP video

B8HK7ecW5FHlIDwBmuSBqiLK48tDFBdu1gTzzWJUBDGkhAvutkdZOtZswWo17odh_large_2.jpeg wisapontiff.psd (d)

wisapontiff [hi res]

Mon Feb 29 16:10:48 2016

high resolution file

wisapontiff.jpg wisapontifflg.jpg

onstentine [PSD + video]

Mon Feb 22 21:05:58 2016

psd file and WIP video

0fIa0hnfiOj5ViAl1sNdFgHgjvZWGEZAXXatxDUg8s3qdFj3KVmqRAeD9iDjfmjR_large_2.jpeg onstentine.psd (d)

onstentine [hi res]

Mon Feb 22 21:04:40 2016

hi resolution file

onstentine.jpg onstentinelg.jpg

mane-iac [PSD + video]

Mon Feb 15 16:45:37 2016

PSD file and WIP video

7VYqlrTmS3bwYnGdZwrCuCqpBT17rMG3u5GFhYyYQyDfac6nIDmmnnSaaCXgdp3o_large_2.jpeg mane-iac.psd (d)

Mane-iac [hi res]

Mon Feb 15 15:33:31 2016

hi resolution file

mane-iac.jpg mane-iaclg.jpg

toomuchrobot animation wip

Wed Feb 10 20:13:50 2016

raffle prize wip


winderbend [PSD + video]

Mon Feb 8 20:06:20 2016

PSD file and WIP video

iiVfllbERHzPV1ciiJwqPOzqdOuMahoay8cAxPKF79gS2QNm423CMb7K10IVseuo_large_2.jpeg winderbend.psd (d)

winderbend [hi res]

Mon Feb 8 20:03:46 2016

hi resolution file

winderbend.jpg winderbendlg.jpg

meltasuave [PSD + video]

Wed Feb 3 13:38:04 2016

PSD file and WIP video

lc57ZBCTDTcb3kWTQbSxaI6L9Q1aDvHa6lpbGn18Cx6Crh8Kn5kd7UdpnMUFaFQ0_large_2.jpeg meltasuave.psd (d)

meltasuave [hi res]

Wed Feb 3 13:36:33 2016

high resolution file

meltasuave.jpg meltasuavelg.jpg

taildown wip

Thu Jan 28 06:11:10 2016

apparently i had finished this a few days prior, but don't remember actually drawing it :p


allsatarinea [PSD + video]

Mon Jan 25 07:53:32 2016

PSD file and WIP video

XVnTVgRu16IPAlyWjX7keoqAJ35hZKmmmA8LtaBVQP8yhGeTmmlgxipoxkfaFdoI_large_2.jpeg allsatarinea.psd (d)

allsatarinea [hi res]

Mon Jan 25 07:51:18 2016

hi resolution file

allsatarinea.jpg allsatarinealg.jpg

meltastinge [PSD + video]

Fri Jan 22 16:08:09 2016

photoshop file and WIP video

J0pvff2YgeOqpvGN1IitdBC5xdgiNPEzI0Jx4XOE1hY79iVmj5cKCvo3uiuGQcwp_large_2.jpeg meltastinge.psd (d)

meltastinge [hi res]

Fri Jan 22 15:46:38 2016

hi resolution file

meltastinge.jpg meltastingelg.jpg

pupli [hi res + video]

Fri Jan 22 13:15:39 2016

hi resolution file and WIP video


lienstrung [PSD + video]

Thu Jan 21 20:00:52 2016

PSD file and WIP video

JUL5clm160H6JhtW4h7J1aWI3l12aXmpkSyVf1lyLpWXTVncesLeFsojXWp72RYs_large_2.jpeg lienstrung.psd (d)

lienstrung [hi res]

Thu Jan 21 19:57:02 2016

hi resolution file

lienstrung.jpg lienstrunglg.jpg

instatea surprise [hi res + video]

Thu Jan 14 14:31:34 2016

hi resolution file and WIP video

ibyVWXYwR49fUSnJ1UU8IVdHZAvbsMztnBN19ICjwoNl82vHjW05qu3gVzcjz3KR_large_2.jpeg instatea_surpriselg.jpg

closeby animation wip

Thu Jan 14 14:28:49 2016


Crystallize Me! Warwick [hi res + video]

Sun Jan 10 21:56:34 2016

hi resolution file and WIP video

TPUJHXhqhhC8AY7yPLsJjPWZgGjC48RXRpavn3q5UJwCS5jhuaVJtpTL4gSQAIQj_large_2.jpeg crystal_warwicklg.jpg

The Last Unicorn [PSD + video]

Sat Jan 9 15:17:27 2016

PSD file and WIP video

815V9QfageAspR7SzmwT14hcHh0kT6ggN1AeC7vowMcd4xstON1BZyamRLLJybvk_large_2.jpeg the_last_unicorn.psd (d)

The Last Unicorn [hi res]

Sat Jan 9 15:16:32 2016

hi resolution file

the_last_unicorn.jpg the_last_unicornlg.jpg

Crystallize Me! Kiyo [hi res + video]

Tue Jan 5 08:50:56 2016

hi resolution file and WIP video

zuZQBqxf34TwcxbyrlPQYx2JMh4hCIjq2sEsB5jBZYHYKiQnhRmp9hJgIqnjTXK9_large_2.jpeg crystal_stanced_kiyolg.jpg

crystallize me! krysalyne [hi res + video]

Sat Jan 2 14:53:20 2016

hi resolution file and WIP video

tr18jlx157fQPlxNV5GldnbXt5kwh44aPoZUY9qyIA1CCRxLY4O62LTMOoeHYxgo_large_2.jpeg crystal_krysalynelg.jpg

27/12/15 colourstudy

Sun Dec 27 14:59:24 2015

a.jpg (d)

approaching divinity [psd + video]

Sun Dec 27 14:55:06 2015

psd file and wip video

7ZvGwNKEou6d8jtbo1zaLFHVFML3Ql724NFhtxepAJLja5yVyUKYfc1CJ6emvcTE_large_2.jpeg approaching_divinity.psd (d)

approaching divinity [hi res]

Sun Dec 27 14:41:08 2015

hi resolution file

approaching_divinity.jpg approaching_divinity_lg.jpg

crystallize me! holydevil [hi res + video]

Thu Dec 24 12:27:34 2015

hi resolution file and WIP video

h6ejBCZIwHBE6xMcb7QUXdN1HLKnH28w6MNAyykAB1IhPVmlX0G8ahT8Rccrc8L8_large_2.jpeg crystal_holydevillg.jpg

green_sergal [PSD + video]

Wed Dec 23 21:34:37 2015

PSD file and WIP video

8TNE9lDqgTuoJEPZFL5StsI6jFZ44wWDDtDBcZSuSU7MpGm8OeLstpLHX4xuhqZp_large_2.jpeg greensergal.psd (d)

green_sergal [hi res]

Wed Dec 23 21:31:31 2015

hi resolution file

greensergal.jpg greensergallg.jpg

Crystallize Me! Kauko [hi res + video]

Sat Dec 19 12:51:44 2015

high resolution file and WIP video

ajUucdw6mbOTX6IzBzFjF0nTHFsSOv8pSNfFYAEl17TgTmxjSQe5boTOJdGaF43a_large_2.jpeg crystal_andrewneolg.jpg

Crystallize Me! Doephin [hi res+video]

Sat Dec 19 12:49:20 2015

hi resolution file and WIP Video

6pqMbk1YYewhd0ROe5RGmQt93NBGmTmKWjpiatuCy1T9CpUI1kniyQwiAAusRuGN_large_2.jpeg crystal_phoenix-dlg.jpg

delegated delivery [PSD + video]

Thu Dec 17 15:46:04 2015

PSD file and WIP video

delegateddelivery.psd (d)

delegated delivery [hi res]

Wed Dec 16 13:02:57 2015

hi resolution file

delegateddelivery.jpg delegateddeliverylg.jpg

crystallize me! evian [hi res+video]

Wed Dec 16 12:59:48 2015

hi resolution file and WIP video

Y2TYfYtdP4CbSZtsCNiKYNWVEycoPAG66hdA4xtuZ0xR6ZgwSs0GPwUVAjYDFsd6_large_2.jpeg crystal_evianlg.jpg

paintme! chrysalis [PSD+video]

Mon Dec 14 13:12:53 2015

PSD file and WIP video

paintmechrysalis.psd (d)

paintme! chrysalis [hi res]

Mon Dec 14 13:11:26 2015

hi resolution file

paintmechrysalis.jpg paintmechrysalislg.jpg

krystal 2 wip

Thu Dec 10 21:50:24 2015

wip animation


gifts with benefits [PSD + video]

Thu Dec 10 13:10:15 2015

PSD files [there are 3 split in different sections in zip file] and WIP videos

left section

right section

middle section

gifts_with_benefits.jpg (d)

gifts with benefits [hi res]

Thu Dec 10 12:55:10 2015

hi resolution file

gifts_with_benefits.jpg gifts_with_benefitslg.jpg

krystal wip1

Wed Dec 9 19:07:41 2015

animation wip, relating to dr comet krystal image


creatensune [video]

Wed Dec 2 10:48:01 2015

WIP video


shiacrystal [video]

Tue Dec 1 07:05:23 2015

WIP video


shia crystal [hi res]

Tue Dec 1 07:03:49 2015

hi resolution file

shiacrystal.jpg shiacrystallg.jpg

giraffe [vide]

Wed Nov 25 16:19:37 2015

WIP video


giraffe [hi res]

Wed Nov 25 16:18:02 2015

hi res file

giraffe.jpg giraffelg.jpg

11.15 full cg [PSD + video]

Mon Nov 23 15:19:16 2015

PSD file and WIP video

1115fullcg1.psd (d)

11.15 full cg1 [hi res]

Mon Nov 23 15:05:31 2015

hi res file

1115fullcg1.jpg 1115fullcg1lg.jpg

11.15realism [video]

Fri Nov 20 19:20:15 2015

WIP video

11.15realism [hi res]

Fri Nov 20 19:16:23 2015

hi res file

1115realism.jpg 1115realismlg.jpg

solcelebra [PSD + video]

Wed Nov 18 09:35:06 2015

here is PSD file and WIP video

rMnKb2NtYnqJTXZEZwWsjR3OEdpRHe7bVu7pT9p2OMP59T6L9jhOgUUEoXx8KvYz_large_2.jpeg solcelebra.psd (d)

solcelebra [hi res]

Wed Nov 18 09:31:42 2015

hi res file

solcelebra.jpg solcelebralg.jpg

crystal deer 5 [hi res + video]

Tue Nov 17 05:32:48 2015

hi res file and WIP video

n5Kz1gYlQZLitaTlrM2Qwi1DYZnq4c4MUYhAy1OLSfGviD4QEA5G8tQmKyCEouCE_large_2.jpeg 5lg.jpg

crystal deer 4 [hi res + video]

Tue Nov 17 05:31:37 2015

hi res file and WIP video

lBHS7Z9PSV4daQj4lgFi6ghQsAUFU1Neou3lMyGPuLuyXlsGhxLsyp9nJoFhHrWh_large_2.jpeg 4lg.jpg

crystal deer 3 [hi res + video]

Tue Nov 17 05:30:12 2015

hi res file and WIP video

245JK1HRaUU3lb6bHATLVfD0x0waJk0VzzP1j7QkPSeqvYE9lE6k85dov9y9zyTa_large_2.jpeg 3lg.jpg

crystal deer 2 [hi res + video]

Tue Nov 17 05:28:33 2015

hi res file and WIP video

WueqwSSbTP40OTYjheNa1Z2o84PTLy3sJStJo292nz8TRY7tDqQVMCNYBlxIgDUm_large_2.jpeg 2lg.jpg

Crystal Deer 1 [hi res + video]

Tue Nov 17 05:25:47 2015

hi res and WIP video

ceYqW469DDix4gmpNGT1H57FHOnqqAoEPX4xKJThS5AuV6xuVbDy3SLKMT6LxF7I_large_2.jpeg 1lg.jpg

taundasune [PSD + video]

Tue Nov 17 05:14:36 2015

PSD file + WIP video

fZ8yvEjLbqAfQXiM5EmlCn2zg7ojdJ9084qunT3kCHHkXP1S0qpKYyzXmurXWJ4J_large_2.jpeg taundasune.psd (d)

taundasune [hi res]

Tue Nov 17 05:13:45 2015

hi res file

taundasune.jpg taundasunelg.jpg

cyndertf [hi res]

Tue Nov 17 05:11:57 2015

hi res file

cyndertf.jpg cyndertflg.jpg


Wed Sep 30 19:23:03 2015

the third should be posted tomorrow


arsewipe 1

Mon Sep 28 15:51:27 2015



Mon Sep 28 09:51:23 2015

[the opening gif should be attached to this post]

for the series, i will update every 2 weeks, with new material that i have created so far during those weeks. that way you are not spammed with tiny animation, and keeps the patreon page cleaner

it will be lacking those speaking, i'd like to finish the majority of the other animation before i begin thinking to hire voice actors haha. just in case something happens to the project that prevents me from continuing

right now this is missing a lot more of the opening animation but that's because i only recently received the voice, will be completed by next update. but majority of the shots hsould be posted

a-c.gif 1-3.gif


Thu Sep 24 18:33:57 2015

as for my series animations, current progress will all be posted on the 28th, as well as details of how i will be handling posting future progress from it



Thu Sep 24 18:27:34 2015



Thu Sep 24 15:18:16 2015


sentekitsune [PSD + video]

Sun Sep 20 08:35:02 2015

here is the PSD file and WIP video

42HaInMBM4uDQBzLj4nwb57vD8d2RX6DrylOwf0d6IwpQYJUY1ceqGm0EGyzf51n_large_2.jpeg SENTEKINSUNE.psd (d)

sentekinsune [hi res]

Sun Sep 20 08:33:41 2015

hi res of this


botnswitch storyboards

Sat Sep 19 17:18:36 2015

i guess i finishe dbackground and storyboards since there are really only 2 main settings in the first epside XD [ i am going to suffer big time in following episodes] well, i guess the YCH stuff will just be stuff to work on in between animation this

there are a few storyboard missing from here because im waiting to receive audio from a VA i hired because of audio timing-specific events that occur in the opening that require me to work with the audio to storyboard it. so...

sorry if writing is illegible. it wasnt really written for you to read anyway :)


leagues arise [PSD + video]

Tue Sep 15 18:12:06 2015

here is the PSD file and WIP video

hLZGhI1QFr096IJ8wJZnoD8fGxwwo8qDw12rbbR7CsbHr2ONO20s95CEjoZIBhCV_large_2.jpeg leagues_arise.psd (d)

leagues arise [hi res]

Tue Sep 15 18:10:10 2015

here is hi res file

leagues_arise.jpg leagues_ariselg.jpg

amidoh ref 1

Sun Sep 13 12:32:15 2015

i'm gonna need a few weeks to design some environments for the first episode as well as storyboarding it... i'll probably be doing a simple ych animation and commissions in between to give me time to do stuff like this idk but otherwise should be ready to do this.



Sun Sep 13 07:12:43 2015

alt designs for the series [1a]


ab model

Sat Sep 12 20:30:03 2015

one of the char refs for the series i'll be animating,


dekindafe [PSD + video]

Tue Sep 8 11:57:41 2015

PSD file and WIP video

dekindafe.psd (d)

dekindafe [hi res]

Tue Sep 8 11:55:45 2015

hi res of this

dekindafe.jpg dekindafelg.jpg

vendundenda [PSD + Video]

Thu Sep 3 12:29:39 2015

WIP video and PSD file

vendundenda [hi res]

Thu Sep 3 12:20:57 2015

here is hi res file

vendundenda.jpg vendundendalg.jpg

PaintMe! Nightmare Moon [PSD + video]

Tue Sep 1 09:32:00 2015

PSD file and WIP video

paintmemoon.psd (d)

PaintMe! Nighmare Moon

Tue Sep 1 08:55:40 2015

hi res

paintmemoon.jpg paintmemoonlg.jpg


Mon Aug 31 10:14:05 2015

i told you i would come out with at the end of the month haha, here's a finalised version about 1min long with added audio, i added the extra frames needed to sync with the audio, now all i have to do is colour it, which will take while. and then add sound effects as needed. and then ill post on FA

gotta do commissoin work in between too hehh

funaji [PSD + video]

Sat Aug 29 15:03:49 2015

WIP video and PSD file

funaji.psd (d)

funaji [hi res]

Sat Aug 29 15:02:40 2015

hi res of the commission

funaji.jpg funajilg.jpg

sd wip

Fri Aug 28 11:09:34 2015

here's the pencil animation for this thing. ill have to add in extra frames when i actually time it to audio, and there are a few things missing that will be add later. sorry about jumpy. this is just the basis w/o timing. i gotta do commission sketches before i continue this though, heh then i can start colours


Tue Aug 25 08:43:59 2015

robotodong animation click to view

i should have the pencil animation for this animation test done to post by the end of the month, since i only have 2 1/2 cuts more to work on. if not, sometime within the first week of the next month. though that shouldn't happen since 31 days this month

colouring shouldn't take more than 2 weeks at most.


kansinsune [PSD + video]

Tue Aug 18 09:35:37 2015

PSD file and process video for this commission

kansinsune.psd (d)

kansinsune [hi res]

Tue Aug 18 09:32:34 2015

this is hi res of the commission

kansinsune.jpg kansinsunelg.jpg

jabocho [PSD + Video]

Mon Aug 17 14:20:21 2015

PSD file and WIP video

PZIoqXGAZexzShagdsyvBaULWn909uSjrHleawHIQIXGRhc2cXYBpj3EOJsUmAC2_large_2.jpeg jabocho.psd (d)

jabocho [hi res]

Mon Aug 17 14:17:31 2015

hi res fo the commission

jabocho.jpg jabocholg.jpg


Mon Aug 17 08:04:56 2015

animation wip click to view


evanend [PSD + video]

Sat Aug 15 10:48:32 2015

WIP video and PSD file

evanend.psd (d)

evanend [hi res]

Sat Aug 15 10:49:02 2015

hi res of this commission

evanend.jpg evanendlg.jpg


Wed Aug 12 14:04:29 2015

steeee klick for animation


primal derivative [PSD + video]

Wed Aug 12 11:18:41 2015 [pt 2] [pt 3]

sorry for the delay, took a really long time to render 7 hr worth of record.

UhWb2iwhl5OJaun1KaEzYYYzYPFDsy58eHbbqX2pt9eexj0NqkIc0RVS7YNP4fpa_large_2.jpeg primal_derivative.psd (d)

primal derivative [hi res]

Tue Aug 11 13:52:57 2015

hi res of this commission

primal_derivative.png primal_derivativelg.png

peertabolige [PSD + video]

Thu Jul 30 13:57:47 2015

WIP video + PSD

peertaoblige.psd (d)


Thu Jul 30 13:52:47 2015

hi res

peertaoblige.jpg peertaobligelg.jpg

ridawave [PSD + video]

Mon Jul 27 07:39:41 2015

here is the PSD and wip video

ridawave.psd (d)


Fri Jul 24 20:56:32 2015

happy patreon harvesting day. hope you like my patreon. sorry there's no filters between the latex and the normal stuff. and the shitty anymations because the script is set to harvest at the maximum pledge amount. but its free so you shouldn't care :'D enjoy

paintme celestia [PSD + video]

Tue Jul 21 12:20:49 2015 WIP video and PSD

3dca272054fc9992a28e952399b6a15f.psd (d)

paintme celestia [hi res]

Tue Jul 21 10:38:04 2015

hi res file

6e24cbac943f71b0d10176be0588a2bc.jpg 7ba1bb5a561e84ddf7d7b4e401146fce.jpg

wiskinsune [video]

Tue Jul 14 15:38:27 2015 WIP video


wiskinsune [hi res]

Tue Jul 14 12:49:42 2015

hi res version of it

e93cf25a644e6d4110897c6f19dadc04.jpg e3f64045367c04b0fea0121ddcdfb71a.jpg

san mew [PSD + video]

Sat Jul 11 10:38:20 2015 WIP video and PSD files

27cff0ef8a352f42e1ec185905b2444f.jpg 4bb334cdd2c41b96216e00f1f68de5c8.psd (d)

sanmew [hi res]

Sat Jul 11 10:36:14 2015

hi res

b5fd695a925f9e483a0b7defd6a864e0.jpg c25e1ddbb4efa4870acbb679cef3218d.jpg

scenario 1 : 15a

Fri Jul 10 13:16:28 2015

6f1f6b7c0d2a4bbc760d36619fa19ef7.jpg c543c281f6368d0df06d9c21e7aad236.gif

scenario 1 : 15b wip

Mon Jul 6 07:33:33 2015

it only gets worse

2825c9ab171b18b4eb8af06cb261cced.jpg 9708d96ebeb20e2777f721c275aac5ff.gif

thedingostrikesagain [video]

Sun Jul 5 09:10:41 2015 WIP video


thedingostrikesagain [hi res]

Sun Jul 5 07:33:42 2015

hi res of this commission

5f2dba47fff80bdb45b15ea950fc8fc1.jpg f909f049cf7d8eddfab74c49a21f6f57.jpg


Mon Jun 29 15:40:08 2015

sorry, havent been active recently. kind of broke my work flow with scenario, so havent been doing much furry animation. have a s hitty animation i didf long time back, never finished it for ovious reasons haha.

940fc3a37e231e49ca50fa5b8298195c.jpg fb0e5f75f00255bb7ce36501460c8dfa.gif

blackjawport [video]

Fri Jun 26 11:24:04 2015 wip video

rolonme [PSD + video]

Fri Jun 26 05:15:46 2015 PSD and WIP video

c930c17f58f551fffb04078ea73940a9.jpg c49511ec628feaa7e521c12aef05b035.psd (d)

rolonme [hi res]

Thu Jun 25 18:40:30 2015

hi res

93eb84501b0012a65e09bf66ff6fab9d.jpg 4c0b4ccafdff2fea6dbde0809dd76fd7.jpg

doubledecker [PSD + video]

Mon Jun 15 13:50:21 2015 WIP video + PSD

ea4a7a09646458c8ba5b12155b0c0819.psd (d)

doubledecker [hi res]

Mon Jun 15 09:32:11 2015

hi res

3b1f7b64bd8da7ba31b930859adf2b61.jpg a20cab2d76cddf170eb24f95296236a5.jpg


Sat Jun 13 10:17:58 2015

Hey guys, I created a new reward for those who just wanted to support my animations, but not want to see all the shiny crap that i put onto the patreon XD so if that's what you came for originally, feel free to switch over to it instead


Sat Jun 13 06:12:18 2015

second half

edffc8f4ef6cc42ca03b6c2a1efb7d69.jpg efcc1440d9e5804d04553d0be3b5ddd4.gif

Wed Jun 10 17:26:30 2015

one half wip of the ych animation


memoremoon [video]

Tue Jun 9 07:33:39 2015 WIP video of the commission. apologies for the choppiness at the beginning of the video, am not sure what caused.


memoremoon [hi res]

Tue Jun 9 07:31:46 2015

hi res of this file

7adefb6cc89a2ebec08a92af8ee6a150.jpg 1acc4c8f32ff865f2e5af666f2f10afb.jpg

scenario 1 : 13b wip

Mon Jun 8 10:38:39 2015 half of the half of the half


scenario 1 : 13a

Sun Jun 7 08:20:10 2015 next half of part next part of scenario


dreaminforme [PSD + video]

Wed Jun 3 14:53:31 2015 PSD and WIP video

58e04a009573e8bee95c5f4a7123dffd.jpg ce1309992836204381591b961ba1cb7f.psd (d)

dreaminforme [hi res]

Wed Jun 3 12:38:49 2015

hi res

3116921c201a77b45e58a5983598e97d.jpg 16750159b5c8fc2aa7e18d1d44d62fb2.jpg

furpoofer [hi res]

Tue Jun 2 19:29:02 2015

hi res

20349b1e81be8026b22eee335c0bdf10.jpg 75e1c069f3832736f3a2c17e164089d5.jpg

scenario 1 : 13a WIP

Tue Jun 2 15:37:00 2015 next part of scenario


observareact [PSD + video]

Fri May 29 17:06:28 2015 PSD and WIP video

799ee90746dbba86d2d70b65b34b7190.jpg e0195537f7a45936836d7651a917b4b4.psd (d)

observareact [hi res]

Fri May 29 13:37:57 2015

hi res

125ac1d415c2ccfa1a195a6051e9f70a.jpg f30b9e17a89c794859b4674ab6565fd2.jpg

ridawave [hi res]

Fri May 29 13:38:02 2015

hi res of this

ridawave.jpg ridawavelg.jpg


Thu May 28 13:52:57 2015



Thu May 28 12:19:00 2015

iti s a furry robot shockwave

75f69519d974ba7f4a64954486663971.jpg d77189d9700062e522568c5683eb7ca5.jpg


Wed May 27 11:14:51 2015 a wip of a little animation i wanted to do with a commission


mizuno [PSD + video]

Tue May 26 08:25:32 2015 WIP video + PSD

9aef626f67bd0a4f3de3cd513fa5ab86.jpg ad296aa995fdb06b8c7f549d97c40e85.psd (d)

mizuno [hi res]

Tue May 26 07:01:08 2015

the hi res file

f76eb98f71f656fb5e8f24652af1c6ab.jpg d9e1a27ae4cec25b8cfbd00c39b1890b.jpg

scenario 1 : 12b

Sat May 23 09:57:34 2015

12b | 12 c is pretty short so i should have it finished in a few days

12b wip | next half wip of the next part. only one short part after this to go and it should be finished
12a2 | you can see how little i cared about this scene in the many mistakes here.
12a1 | this took way too long to make scenario
12a wip | this is going to be a pain in the ass to render


brutomancha [PSD + video

Wed May 20 19:28:50 2015 PSD file and WIP video

0eb35dbc1ac4a67c6cdd932fbe4c7411.jpg 34ead710eab0f003bcfa2ce2c422359e.psd (d)

brutomancha [hi res]

Wed May 20 17:32:19 2015

here is hi res of the commission. include clean and nsfw versions

914aa905796982ad20e1496406b6bba1.jpg (d)


Mon May 18 21:25:22 2015

this is blackjaw

im not certain of her role in the series after scenario yet, and this design probably is not final. i have a looot of time before she shows up in any animation haha

62939e31679d53d1a6974a8dbaad6b18.jpg dc42295c8caf69a62e5efbe3c9b2edaf.jpg

mentoss [PSD + video]

Tue May 12 09:25:27 2015 PSD and WIP video

4f88a3f1be912b36e669b49a94e4cf40.jpg baaf4cac593e9aacb10ce606ff05444a.psd (d)

bishiindemo [PSD + video]

Tue May 12 07:36:06 2015 WIP video and PSD
for some reason psd did not attach :\

a1c8d9788ad73c27cba161cd2aea2726.jpg 668212f3be34d94afd5052670a6687af.psd (d)

mentoss [hi res]

Tue May 12 07:33:19 2015

hi res of this commission

bfd7eb01cf471a0536f135e49210e888.jpg d49b0eec645b542f3c2de468c77a0166.jpg

bishiindemo [hi res]

Mon May 11 10:28:53 2015

hi resolution version

0d3c4ee17d26fa0ffbd14027cf7da85d.jpg 3fb93b28e789b449b64a2883fa3eee71.jpg

kaminodatchia [video]

Sun May 10 04:41:26 2015 WIP video



Sat May 9 18:22:16 2015

hi res/uncropped version of image. didn't like the resolution with the feet, but it was at commissioner's request hahh

b4971d4ac6aa1205dfb1750befe30020.jpg f7d5764ed7b443e441294ac09551b97b.jpg

themereof [PSD + video]

Fri May 8 14:23:57 2015 WIP video and PSD file

05efef2b4aba6d4881a2d426b94a731f.jpg cb2c80c9959cc6eff72105059281a11d.psd (d)

themereof [hi res]

Fri May 8 12:55:09 2015

hi res of the clean version, female version, unf male version [in a zip for convenience uploading patreon]

d78e4eb1f78237cf803f6e4a53db19dc.jpg (d)

11d wip

Mon May 4 14:53:19 2015 4th half of the next part 1stwip 2ndwip


ychgiveandreceive -FULLCG [hi res]

Thu Apr 23 08:31:32 2015

the full cg portion of the animation commission im working on

198dc502c99c8b76927420f9e5c74abe.jpg 9dc9068b1107f61646d8f5a845235716.jpg

ellonstand [psd]

Wed Apr 22 06:39:14 2015

PSD file

f3fe228123d81639533aecf56407dffe.jpg bacfea2775a940b3dc763593349aa0ac.psd (d)

ellonstand [hi res]

Wed Apr 22 06:36:56 2015

hi res version

599d9c9929091430c0cd6b482376a016.jpg 2cdec76865589a9e3658e39d1cca5b0e.jpg


Tue Apr 21 18:28:05 2015 WIP of the YCH animation auction


echoera [PSD + video]

Sun Apr 19 13:37:11 2015

here is the WIP video and PSD!

a14e45e299e40be10085157e19a57cf0.psd (d)

echoera [hi res]

Sun Apr 19 11:50:52 2015

hi res version!

4434f9ee176e351f1cb7c83a31634158.jpg 71ae034f5cd3afe237a97da1c8f14b8a.jpg

uellamingo [PSD + video]

Tue Apr 14 19:14:07 2015

here is the PSD and WIP video!

11e09f9d5d09ecb26dc373e9c1dda59a.jpg bf6685a44d39de5ecfb9d561fd8d58e0.psd (d)

uellamingo [hi res]

Tue Apr 14 17:22:43 2015

hi res version!

588848ecb8c902988012c5311f5bbe2f.jpg 463f1fcf21cda3c53a72a72c9c4a5194.jpg

scenario 1 : 8B WIP

Tue Apr 14 14:18:52 2015

WIP of the second half of this part


scenario 1 : 8A

Sun Apr 12 15:57:59 2015 First half of the next part finished :)


Joruntagon [PSD + video]

Tue Apr 7 17:09:37 2015 PSD and WIP video!

529c6f21ecc8e2ffc01338fbda7461da.jpg 88363a308b68f9f3e4d150474e8a3152.psd (d)

joruntagon [hi res]

Tue Apr 7 15:10:20 2015

hi res!

d5ce089524e05be8e1a9d143e65261ae.jpg b50b4cc253634ef7d950552e9d208cf2.jpg

scenario 1 : 7b

Mon Apr 6 11:46:42 2015

Next part to the animation. the last part should be finished late today or tomorrow


Jessica Rabbit [video]

Mon Apr 6 09:03:04 2015 WIP video!


Jessica Rabbit [hi res]

Mon Apr 6 08:38:00 2015

hi res!

19b92fc3e0e8132e3bd4c987b331dbb5.jpg a8f582a8d5963bce8b707c442e19ad01.jpg

weirasinya [PSD + video]

Sun Apr 5 13:41:05 2015

sorry for all the laggy in the video halfway, didn't think having other video run would cause so much XD Gotta keep myself more focus with it sometime!

400dd002eb230fa08a5af6eb5e7384ca.jpg 9f348268b19a0409a9f45471a45991ce.psd (d)

weirasinya [hi res]

Sun Apr 5 10:59:44 2015

Hi res of this commission!

c6bb2c2b415954153eb40711a61da060.jpg 979af23ffbdbaa5bd30ac7b6fce601ca.jpg


Sat Apr 4 13:38:38 2015

doodles from background


scenario 1 : 7a

Thu Apr 2 19:53:57 2015

first half of the next part


流れ星どうくつ [PSD + video]

Sat Mar 28 08:19:03 2015 WIP video and PSD
since the file is too large to attach, here is a download link:


流れ星どうくつ [hi res]

Sat Mar 28 07:33:34 2015

hi res version

5d0d7a0e512b469501f05bed5fc1709f.jpg 14108a86b6016420766e15f97332c0ce.jpg

donaporala [PSD + WIP video]

Thu Mar 26 13:24:10 2015 WIP video and PSD


donaporala [hi res]

Thu Mar 26 11:33:48 2015

Hi res of commission

c5da5685ec9ef6ae6ab1ef0546252997.jpg 25d6008beaa68e7edb2af6bea1f37b11.jpg

scenario 1 : 6a

Wed Mar 25 08:47:44 2015

First part is done; the second half should be complete by today :)


latexcorp 17a

Mon Mar 23 19:29:02 2015

This was the next page to the latexcorp magazine, though it is incomplete. I'm not sure when i will return to the magazine, but I will one day :)

3682ea8f55974ccce01c1f9f69df885c.jpg 2a0d5944c418286e328a9479d95f37cd.jpg

tied dragons [hi res]

Fri Mar 20 14:42:55 2015

finally got around to it

c460831e1f1ec094895519381dc7a9e6.jpg edc45115f868a823199dd93978833043.jpg

kola [WIP video + PSD]

Fri Mar 20 13:15:00 2015 WIP video and PSD!

df0661e36167111b9a2cd680c1f4b607.jpg 1801b7827b4109fb74d8747afe6cb6c6.psd (d)

kola [hi res]

Fri Mar 20 11:44:23 2015

hi res of the gift!

e70ac528d41543a23132cf6a1637db17.jpg 4e6e14babb2409ff488718e9a5387c06.jpg

mmmm animation swf

Mon Mar 16 21:35:57 2015

A larger version of this animation. I cannot provide gifs because my computer sucks ):

3bd607aa2cd80a30a9aae388376a3295.jpg 289210d38de84206186201f4a53a3bac.swf (d)


Sun Mar 15 10:37:10 2015

this was a quick 40 minute doodle


keldeo [video + PSD]

Fri Mar 13 09:27:49 2015 WIP video and PSD. i accidentally forgot to unpause the recording at some point, so there is a jump in there, but it is not too big. my apologies.

c41050b4501e24ab88bbca4289b6e1af.jpg e690815dc28424a1304baddbf40af9ae.psd (d)

keldeo [hi res]

Fri Mar 13 04:36:46 2015

hi res of the commission

228f3a9da9226a8bce349a284c7f5799.jpg 844c07c8e0652c450f98b0852e872a5d.jpg

wuya in the flesh [video+hi res]

Wed Mar 11 21:05:44 2015 just some personal art

dcdc443fb10a1c1213ef77235e3b466d.jpg 9b111d6c91da992d6c70b709cf5802f6.jpg

elsuduin [video + PSD]

Wed Mar 11 18:01:23 2015 WIP video and PSD

403588a0c2fa517bfaf7e807f2becde6.jpg 409692c14ade9dcb08fc4ec9f4c27fb4.psd (d)

elsuduin [hi res]

Wed Mar 11 17:37:54 2015

hi res version

cc78c7681039d61a5a94563f0e10f161.jpg db2514cd79035b16490d504bff00a344.jpg

Tue Mar 10 08:34:09 2015 scenario 1:4b wip


scenario 1 : 4A

Sun Mar 8 14:42:57 2015

First half to the next part



Fri Mar 6 16:29:20 2015

this is a concept i have wante to portray for a long time. hyenas will often steal the kills of other predators, like the cheetah, who is too weak power wise to really defend their kill [hyena jaws can kill them]. while latex may not be my first decision, there can always be opportunity in the future



umaisenara [video + PSD]

Fri Mar 6 11:21:42 2015 WIP video and PSD

c84b4754a93cb3b4585eb2a94fb03570.jpg f36b4f584647304eb3abd682ad75c18a.psd (d)

umaisenara [hires]

Fri Mar 6 10:00:50 2015

Hi res!

6eb98a7a814caee867a06f0fe6a8873e.jpg 731140a7d9ec8b1847f6d4d0fb58d5ae.jpg


Wed Mar 4 23:40:29 2015

I am healed!! WIP
[just a wip for now, imagined it in my nap. my head is too sore to sit up all the way, and i cannot full colour on laptop because of the weird monitor colour display haha. sometime when my illness lifts! and now i go back to sleep.]

da4e986891ed763e2d69689117ec0ceb.jpg 7b89ba4b4023589397490e3d09e2b651.jpg


Mon Mar 2 07:16:53 2015

Thank you guys for supporting me another month, and to all of the new patrons as well! :) i look forward to producing more animation now that I am out of Kill la Kill fandom. i have many possibilities with these animations, and i hope to make the best use out of my time with them :)

bokuunainu [video + PSD]

Sat Feb 28 23:03:43 2015 WIP video and PSD!

0ab95cd75fc319ad1cdaab2f3b27b6ff.jpg 57c3f5ae7d1cb9a72c639e2452d2ea0e.psd (d)

bokuunainu [hi res]

Sat Feb 28 21:25:20 2015

hi resolution!

0aa21105a4549e99768392f2aa607c64.jpg b4a33a5afc924249fdf2c659076b79a0.jpg

xenoaidecti [psd+video]

Thu Feb 26 18:03:18 2015 had to zip the PSD file because it was too large to attach to patreon as it was.

1d8212294e94d754213eb9f13839b5e1.jpg (d)

xenoaidecti [hi res]

Thu Feb 26 15:34:05 2015

the hi res version!

53499fb0bceb0491025f433d97882fb9.jpg f70fba3cf9f9ef5cf151819fb13deb55.jpg

Sun Feb 22 17:01:03 2015

it looks silly almost how smooth it is XD


deliarou 2 PSD

Sun Feb 22 11:21:07 2015

PSD of sonariss commission 2 [requested by commissioner who is patron]

0a3e86d467807698a5c32ebdc7ec9fd5.jpg 1fa0fc062d56ec4581bf904e6f82af72.psd (d)

deliarou1 PSD

Sun Feb 22 11:18:19 2015

PSD of sonariss commission 1

b6aa0d35c82559e29e4b57717b2981f4.jpg 817c0a5ed10415e03c54f94646654bf5.psd (d)

starglider 1 [PSD+video]

Mon Feb 16 18:10:50 2015 here's the WIP video! my computer crashed while trying to save afterward, so I apologise for the shortness of the video ): also, file is too big to attach, here's the PSD


Starglider 1 [hi res]

Mon Feb 16 15:59:39 2015

hi resolution of this commission! :)

7fc2075ad42c61a18a5345a76b53ed13.jpg 4d7b3622289f2cd5298d62b34a38c6e1.jpg

sapphire vs soot [PSD + video]

Sun Feb 15 11:40:12 2015

and here'd be the PSD and WIP video ! :)

b5561122318988db8a8adeaf31ea9614.jpg 0a95bcdcc08b8310f35d25a0187b5515.psd (d)

sapphire vs soot [hi res]

Sun Feb 15 09:25:15 2015

For $10 patrons, hi resolution! :)

bb916138b205df8f5f5a5d7df86fe984.jpg 5e7b274a86df37e0de22399fc5358085.jpg

xeno projection [PSD file]

Sat Feb 14 20:30:05 2015

For my $20+ patrons!
You may want to open this in Photoshop instead of SAI. my computer could not handle the total size of the file alone, so i had to open it in Photoshop to finish the rest. open in sai at your own discretion. Even flattening the layers is not enough for SAI, i cannot open it in sai anymore! XD
the psd size is too large, so here is a download link!


xeno projection [hi res]

Sat Feb 14 20:26:36 2015

For the 10$ patrons, a hi res image of the commission. and because the file size is too large, I provide a download link for you:

0a690a34c7a658e6dd00cc215894803e.jpg db3a8b6e294db361f00072a58c50e8c4.jpg

xeno projection [ALL PATRONS]

Sat Feb 14 19:49:01 2015

layered xenomorph files for all patreons!

8edc5f86a8bc2c100403d47ebe4e7d2d.jpg 76b409e8b544765444c521fded843764.psd (d)

scenario 1 : 1 animation

Wed Feb 11 23:02:49 2015

Since patreon doesn't play gifs, you'll have to download the large version here:


calm tempter [PSD + video]

Tue Feb 10 12:20:46 2015

for some reason patreon did not attach the psd AGAIN so here it is

de74378133ce43ee100f0da18e02ac78.jpg af501a2d77ceaec58b8140ff16155495.psd (d)


Mon Feb 9 20:54:29 2015

I'm thinking about doing an animation [after i'm finished with my klk opening] about 2 character, one is picked on for wearing mask all the time, and one who is picked on for their appearance. though i don't have much planned afte rthis XDD so it most likely will not work out. i'm not a good director/storyboard artist. but i guess minigifs of ideas i have for it may work


calm tempter [hi res]

Mon Feb 9 16:57:12 2015

hi res!

0eb5d6df100dcc4082b4a7f93ee5c2ce.jpg 67ad1caa50ccc7fb3df0cb433b66d342.jpg

Okashi Collinu 3 [video]

Mon Feb 9 14:39:59 2015

here's the video! took around 5 hours total to complete...


okashi Collinu 3 [hi res]

Mon Feb 9 12:37:58 2015

hi res fo rthis commission! :)

788b3c41ecb51f61f65a96261652404c.jpg f570c5ca9855a72a5301a9c97a26847a.jpg

uchuutsubashoku [PSD +video]

Mon Feb 9 12:09:22 2015

And here's the PSD and video files! the original PSD apparently did not attach the last time i posted it. sorry!

874dfe1fd63b0ea95c97f3065f60c89e.jpg 7cc5a70a7fae4b5aa338147268518182.psd (d)

onigirl animation

Sun Feb 8 19:35:11 2015

and here is the hi res! :) for some reason patreon won't attach gifs so here is dropbox link to hi res


uchuutsubashoku [hires]

Mon Feb 2 15:31:54 2015

hi res of the commission!

7594a66035fdbe354f0c58246f580776.jpg 89b34bd70047b303edc72dd13268dae2.jpg

Okashi Collinu 2 [video]

Sun Feb 1 16:53:22 2015

Here's a video! pretty long, but i had to condense 8 hours of recording into 1 hour so XD
there was an issue with a recording around when i was drawing fur on one of the heads, so that is the only part that is missing.


Okashi Collinu 2 [hi res]

Sun Feb 1 11:39:32 2015

hi res! :)

855f9ae04cded8baf0b2969bbfc87a51.jpg 30fbf0fefcc9d364408ff82bb126ba92.jpg

presasoku (PSD)

Mon Jan 26 09:40:50 2015

Includes layer types only found in PHOTOSHOP, not SAI!!

cfbefe952fd9a6da35b341b53f6b19f8.jpg a0bb74232f265d394538ca0cd377390c.psd (d)

presasoku (hi res)

Mon Jan 26 09:33:56 2015

the hi resolution version of this commission

a4b79a8e6c9a83cb6c509e40a5d185eb.jpg b06a71096cd65918736c5f92a853c8c4.jpg


Sun Jan 25 22:38:45 2015

Patreon is being pain in the ass... if you find you cannot navigate, look to URL and replace the capital T in Trunchbull with a lowercase T

Okashi Collinu [WIP video + PSD]

Sun Jan 25 21:46:46 2015

i would have like to show the entire process, but the video file for the first part corrupted when i stopped for the night. ): so unfortunately it has to be a short version. also, the video seemed to record a smaller resolution than i originally set, which is bad. ): but I found the issue and it will not occur in future videos!

0900486b4b03ac463f53240dbcf13268.jpg 4647b0047fed08fd4d3e2787ac5f1e3a.psd (d)

Okashi Collie 1 [hi res]

Sun Jan 25 21:06:14 2015

00232515f39c85fc62a5f00b9b44d874.jpg d9e19109de6f0857449330c1f97f1bb8.jpg


Sat Jan 24 20:48:00 2015

commission for Selth

6549c9579a9768b47c9efb382f597f43.jpg cc2af57511334a89ca1ec03f9dbecee9.jpg

nudesi PSD

Sat Jan 24 20:46:27 2015

commission for Selth

4b64570199694b8166cde3bf5e77a407.jpg 4ec7744ee9de6f5cb0607014750368f7.psd (d)

ookaryuu 2 PSD

Sat Jan 24 20:14:25 2015

this is realism commission for k-henry

loved to see how nice goo renders. . . thank you for joining me in the stream! :)

6a5468339fb9992f93e83d14650e120a.jpg 397bf31c3d44d435b1fa219cba10fe47.psd (d)

ookaryuu 2

Sat Jan 24 19:50:30 2015

this is realism commission for k-henry

loved to see how nice goo renders. . . thank you for joining me in the stream! :)

f4f2051a6dc5d5dd6f07afb61f12ca5f.jpg 6c8a61457f1286356157b41332e12d0b.jpg

Arcanine PSD

Sat Jan 24 19:38:45 2015

old personal piece; freebie for all patrons

6c1d5263de38742a4ad8c78a70345571.jpg fdc1129dcde9566256cadb806edf2eb3.psd (d)


Sat Jan 24 19:20:12 2015

this is commission for stormkern

this was one of my favourite characters; all of the colours were part of my favourite in a group XD
i'm not too partial about the new wings, but overall i really like this

7ea2eb96eacca59f16ae31ea23920ee7.jpg 4444c29e91895a3d54ddba24cbeb7b75.psd (d)


Sat Jan 24 19:14:34 2015

this is commission for stormkern

this was one of my favourite characters; all of the colours were part of my favourite in a group XD
i'm not too partial about the new wings, but overall i really like this

d56e5c2254a16c4488233ff4d8d8616e.jpg a7a7c9e810a4791530f6e5eaa20b92db.jpg

Suitable control PSD

Sat Jan 24 19:11:51 2015

this is commission for mallikeet

I like drawing the transformations where there's subtle changes in each one. . .like the curviness of the plates, or the sharpness of his spikes, .. . But the wings take up a llot fo space . I feel improving on wing though!

I love that pose in the end :) Dragon legs crouched like that are very appealing to me XD

9c34cbe78131a19a13bf26e4379f9d75.jpg ac7c69604830b374040f2f495d3ea6bd.psd (d)

Suitable control

Sat Jan 24 19:02:23 2015

this is commission for mallikeet

I like drawing the transformations where there's subtle changes in each one. . .like the curviness of the plates, or the sharpness of his spikes, .. . But the wings take up a llot fo space . I feel improving on wing though!

I love that pose in the end :) Dragon legs crouched like that are very appealing to me XD

d59ad13623bd926444c672589a5badef.jpg 8e98d989b21a31746abdb4883dac1374.jpg

7.4.13 Potato_Draw1 PSD

Sat Jan 24 18:59:55 2015

this is a prize for giga-xisbass who was one of the two people that were randomly selected in the potato draw in the 4th of July trivia day game

Probably the most complex character i've ever drawn @_@ Especially for free art. But i really say it was worth it. ^^ My first Bahamut drawing

of character Bahamut Life

8662d932f3d4087b6cd97d27760c3dd6.jpg 11ce049100966dbeb7a60ec6d078f83a.psd (d)

7.4.13 Potato_Draw1

Sat Jan 24 18:54:22 2015

this is a prize for giga-xisbass who was one of the two people that were randomly selected in the potato draw in the 4th of July trivia day game

Probably the most complex character i've ever drawn @_@ Especially for free art. But i really say it was worth it. ^^ My first Bahamut drawing

of character Bahamut Life

bef84fe0c581200871a4d2601533b06e.jpg 70494b7a682fd27495958587c66e27e8.jpg

donation PSD

Sat Jan 24 18:52:02 2015

this is for lonewolf22082
who waited months without pestering me about request, and so now i had free time, i drew for him!

8a5826e9f35bec9ca0af26c7311251c6.jpg 109229e3cf95a020b3cf1b419a836ca5.psd (d)