Russ drink (gift)

Fri Oct 23 17:01:54 2020

POV shot of wurf and a doggo friend having a taste of wurf . One of the more recent images im proud of cause I dont do shots like this often enough. For my pal Castbound.


MOO MOO Shina!

Sat Oct 17 18:08:34 2020

Shina in some skimpy moo cow lady attire. I think she likes its. Hmmmm


(update) Big Ball Brew

Thu Oct 15 18:04:36 2020

Just a little update piece of the big balls brew getting lined. Need to keep working on it honestly. Or do more ideas with the brew.


Pump Play!

Thu Oct 15 17:59:54 2020

Shina and a friend of hers, Hitomi, getting teased with her friends breast pump. just more scrappy scrap what if stuff with friends characters. I love little interactions like this. of course preg is also fun.


Needy Shina

Fri Oct 2 19:00:06 2020

Was thinking of Shina going through her toy collect on a particularly horny day. trying to decide what to use on herself. I kinda actually blanked out on what kind of toys could she have cause my knowledge of toys is limited. gotta think on more things to put in there. So far shes got a dildo, bullets and some lube. Hmmmmmmmm.....


Big Ball Brew..(Messy)

Fri Sep 25 17:33:27 2020

Just an idea I got from my buddy who I believe mentioned something about the "juice that makes you cum really hard" ? So I decided to take a little spin on things. Big Ball Brew. A type of beer? ale? something alcoholic while causing folks to get heavier mess makin orbs ...or something. Careful though, drinking too much and passing out youll be making a mess in your these two.


Soft Pudge!

Fri Sep 18 18:38:30 2020

I really do enjoy some fun cute weight gain. Its a slow growth that adds fun squish to characters. Forgive me for admiring! Wurf with his friend Alex as he discovers his undies dont fit as comfy as they did before.

Alex belongs to Loobkah

Alex_Gains.png Alex_Gains.png Alex_Gains2.png


Sat Sep 5 17:17:23 2020

Havent posted a piece of wurf just having a strong orgasm. letting loose. also a good look at wurf flare , eh hehehehe.

Dont mind meeee

Wurf_Spooom.png Wurf_Spooom.png Wurf_Spooom_condom.png Wurf_SpooomWIP.png

New Undies!

Thu Sep 3 17:01:01 2020

Happy start of September! Got some stuff to share so far. Coontress found a certain pair of undies that they thought would be fun to try on...Good for a tease im sure. Dont really leave much for the imagination XD.

Shina_New_UndiesView.png Shina_New_undiesView2.png


Thu Aug 27 17:00:07 2020

Oh I did find this test animation thing I did a while back...Its rough and her head needs to be shrunk but i think its a fun peek. Shina squeezing herself into jeggings. Again sorry for such late posts.


Sorry for my lack of updates

Thu Aug 27 16:22:13 2020

I apologize for lack of scraps this month. Ive been working my ass off this month and its been going pretty quick. By the time I noticed it has gone by I realized I didnt have anything to share for you kind , amazing , generous folk. And then when i look in my folder of art...everything feels old and stale and ugly. Im still looking for things to post though.

Its been one hell of a month.

Movie Night!

Sat Jul 11 18:53:41 2020

Shina and Katie having a relaxing movie night together in front of the sofa. Really enjoying the calm clean cute vibes from these two. still a work in progress.


Load Off

Sun Jul 5 17:00:03 2020

Wurf with a giant dragon mom helping wurf lay back and get a load off. More or less happy with it. Need practice with messes though as its been a while and im rusty. ah well. figured yall would like to see it.

Dragon Mom belongs to Seras


Kissu! <3

Fri Jul 3 18:38:30 2020

Just a tender kiss between the coontress and her lovely lady friend Katie. I dont draw enough casual scenes like this.

Katie belongs to Tkay


Casual Sexy Fun 3 & 4

Thu Jun 25 17:01:00 2020

the follow up two pages of the sexy fun....this time wurf is teased into action! Will try and continue more of this series. this is a lot of fun.

Casual_Scene_3.png Casual_Scene_4.png

Casual Sexy Fun 1 & 2 WIP

Tue Jun 23 17:01:00 2020

Wurf and friends chillaxing together before things get a little frisky.

Little bit of casual funsies with friends of wurf. I have a couple more pages in the works too!

Casual_Scene_WIP.png Untitled_Artwork.png

Surprise Fit

Thu Jun 11 20:17:23 2020

Little gift piece i did for my buddy SuckMcJones of his big boy Bento managing to find some kind of pants that fits. of course wurf just likes to be comfy.


Pent (gift sketch thingy)

Fri Jun 5 22:04:29 2020

Scrappy thing from a while ago for a friend . She getting a good feel on wurf orbs.


Male Masseuse (Spa Concept)

Tue May 19 17:00:03 2020

Another masseuse I drafted up for the Spa idea i have. I thought I had posted it along with the boss tanuki I posted last month. Another Chipmunk. Possibly siblings. I just thinking things.

Spa_Massues_Male_top.png Spa_Massues_Male.png

Having a bit of an art block

Fri May 15 01:09:41 2020

Hey guys, just a quick post about why I havent had much to show for this month thus far. After my birthday Ive been having a bit of a low swing with trying to and struggling to do anything worthwhile. I think im turning a corning for drawing energy so I hope to have some postable things in the near future. Just wanting to say a quick thank you for being so patient with me and Im thinking of making a soft streaming thing for folks and ideas. But for now Im trying to conjure the brain energy.

You all are so awesome.

Chillin With Friends!

Sat Apr 25 16:45:53 2020

Just a group picture I've been working on and off with a bunch of my buddies. of course it had to be bottomless though cause like...I love bottomless group pics with the right people.


Pent up problems.

Tue Apr 21 22:54:24 2020

Wurf with his doggo friend Russ as he was doing the No Nut November challenge. He's nearing the end of the month with those swollen orbs and throbbing dick. Wurf has had those issues early morning with pre making a mess of things. Was fun to scribble.

Russ belongs to my buddy Castbound


Tanuki Boss

Fri Apr 17 17:01:01 2020

For the spa idea, the owner of the spa is this gentleman right here. A big ole tanuki fella that studied and developed the techniques used to help folks like him relax. I dont have a name out for him yet and this is just a first draft thing sure. he's a work in progress. but I liked it enough to share and possibly move forward with it.


Offering 2

Tue Apr 14 22:12:24 2020

Remember when Padu was offering wurf to help ease the swelling...Well this is the result of politely holding off. How can a wurf refuse iti now.

Just another sketchy thing as the idea was fresh in my mind from the other image.


Leaky Offering

Sat Apr 11 18:28:12 2020

Wurf has some pretty amazing friends. Some that even have their own swelling or leaky type problems. As a result , sometimes they are willing to offer a good helping of it. Being the shy person I am at times I hold back...cant really hide certain things though. -huff-

Trying out a new brush from an artist bud of mine. Im really really liking it. though im wondering if it will grow old. Hmmmm

Special appearance by my friend Padunk!


Money Makers! (collab)

Thu Apr 2 18:51:07 2020

My buddy Tkay went and sketched out this amazingly cute little comic of Sam trying to get Katie to shake her money makers. To Sam's disappointment they are not what she was expecting.

More animation practice as I got hit with inspiration with how cute this whole thing was. Thank you all for being so patient with me. I got some ideas down the line.


Heavy Milk Production

Wed Mar 25 00:50:21 2020

Hey guys. Slow month I knoow Im sorry!

I hope this can bring some entertainment though. I got really inspired to try and draw some very productive milkers. So much so they start to express themselves once they got too full. I dont mess with lactation as much as I probably should. Its like my love for productive balls ...but for ladies. Oh...also preg belly.

Thank you all for being so patient with meee


Hey Guys!! (update)

Fri Mar 20 17:00:06 2020

I just want to leave a shout out to everyone on my Patreon. I apologize for lack of content this month as its been pretty hectic for everyone and I have a few things I will toss on here shortly. The Covid-19 stuff has really been running people ragged and I just want to say its okay if folks want to pull or pause their pledges because of all of it. Y'alls security and financials come first over my scrappy art pieces. I appreciate every pledge , even if im terrible at putting into words how much it means to me.

Thank you all!

Please be safe out there!!

Ball Massage

Thu Feb 20 19:02:26 2020

More Chipmunk Masseuse servicing a wurf and another Patron.

With these set of images though, I tried to design a different stand/chair for males so they arent standing on their feet the whole time and able to relax. I also wanted to show that , while getting a massage , clients can sometimes end up having an orgasm and its perfectly normal. Sometimes maybe even expected.

More stuff to think about. also is really fun drawing Chipmunk gal again

Wurf_massage.png Taint_massage.png

Sleeping Mess (again)

Mon Feb 10 23:55:15 2020

I figure yall are pretty board of seeing the kind of same idea over again. Wurf in fluffmode just passing out and his body making a mess of things naturally. I apologize. But im really happy testing out certain things while trying it.

Here is rough pass for loop im possibly wanting to work more on.


Shower Racks

Thu Feb 6 18:01:01 2020

Least that is what I think is going on here XD. Wurf and his fox love showering and teasing each other with their respective "shower racks"...



Full naps

Mon Feb 3 15:12:24 2020

Wurf is still working through his fluffmode fullness. taking power naps are common at certain parts of the day. though certain other things may want to be taken care of before then...erf

this was a quick thing I powered through. want more things being active in it but this is just the main thing I wanted out of my system. Meh...


Sweater and Stockings

Sat Feb 1 18:00:04 2020

A friendy on Twitter suggested Shina wearing sweaters and stockings...So you get Shina wearing sweaters and stockings.



Wurf Naps

Fri Jan 31 18:00:07 2020

Wurf naps are pretty frequent while in fluffmode status. Sometime friends will join him on them naps. Here is Katie relaxing and napping with a wurf. Nothing too exciting. just chill.


Choker Swap (2/2)

Sun Jan 26 23:19:35 2020

The final page of the choker swap growth sequence. Shina also having undergone her own transformation XD. I had a lot of fun doing this comic. The original pieces were only two pieces. Shall share.

Rare sight of thin Shina!

Choker_swap_2.png Katie_Transform2.png

Choker Swap! (1/2)

Sun Jan 12 23:19:10 2020

Soo a long while back...I dont even remember if I posted it here. I drew a pic of my buds mouse lady , katie , trying on Shina's choker. Found it and got inspired to try and freshen it up again but with a bit more action and pieces to the reaction.

Im fairly happy with this set and will post the second page when I finish . this one could probably use more things here and there...Hmmmm

Anyway...little growth sequence.

P.S.-added the original drawing to the files.

Choker_swap_1.png Katie_Transform.png


Sat Dec 28 18:03:59 2019

Its 3 days late but its better than nothing. Was working on this this whole week. Work has been kicking my butt. I wanted to have this done for Christmas.

The Wurf and his lovely lady having a fun bucking time all dressed up for the festivities.

Attached are the full res plus the extra piece with no font.

Tomo_Wurf_Buck-ing_season.png Tomo_Wurf_Buck-ing_season_NoFont.png

Fluffmode problems

Sat Dec 21 16:29:42 2019

Winter is always an off time for the wurf. the energy changes and drive is generally put on the back burner. Wurf will fall a sleep at particular times while the body wants to take care of other things....another time I suppose.


Potent Draw Buddies

Tue Nov 26 21:43:46 2019

Me and my husker bud were sitting and drawing and modeling stuff together the other day. thankfully we managed to have enough space under the desk to keep from getting too ...crowded.


Fluff Butt

Mon Nov 25 22:18:33 2019

Winter still taking hold...making wurf plump out in certain regions pretty steadily. His husker friend getting bit of a show



Mon Nov 25 22:15:14 2019

I hate making these posts , as they feel more and more common. Im constantly going through my art folder and I feel I cant share what little batch I have right now. I have some scrap I may have to crop and edit though. make it more readable. Not an excuse but I have been preoccupied with work stress and possible promotions taking up my energy. Bad brain days here and there. Ill have something today to share for the moment. something fun.

but yeah...its ideas feel stale and im constantly frustrated at my lack of sharing.

Thick Cumming (animation)

Sun Nov 3 18:01:01 2019

Its November! Some say its "No Nut November" and here I am posting an animation of wurf having letting loose a particularly thicker load of cum. Ah well, guess I can try later right?

Got in the mood to animate more wurf load. sorry if I repeat some of these ideas. uuugh.


Halloween Thing

Fri Oct 25 16:18:55 2019

guess its not really spoooky but its something I can share. I apologize for the complete lack of anything this month. I go through my folders and im still not sure whats worthy of posting.

Have some shina trying out some sexy goth wear for Halloween. I should try to revamp it a bit.

halloween_things.png halloween_things2.png

Sib Swell!

Sun Oct 13 21:59:40 2019

here's an older animation i did a while back. was trying to illustrate how my active and virile my buddy sib can get. also to try doing multiple moving things at the same time. also keeping things simple. Hes a good doggo! So happy tail wags and pants.

Ive uploaded the progress from where I started in the files. Check em out!

Sib_Swelling_test3.gif Sib_Swelling_test2.gif Sib_Swelling_test.gif

Fun Friends

Wed Sep 18 19:21:38 2019

Wurf visiting friends can leans to some fun times. More I-pad sketches I did while on visiting my friends in Texas.

Aya belongs to a friend of mine

PNG_image.png Aya_Smothering.png

Kicks! (pregnancy animation)

Fri Sep 13 21:39:05 2019

A piece I was working on a while ago I haven't gotten back to yet.
Just a shot of possible Papa wurf to be witnessing active pup kicking about.



Mon Sep 2 22:37:10 2019

Shina got to visit a friend over the weekend. Its been a hot summer and close friends of the coonie tend to be comfortable being bottomless and nicely casual. Some of her friends are more swollen than others so when that happens she tends to do a little bit of admiring.

Managed to scribble this meeting some good friends of mine and wanted to include them
Swift james belongs to Himself!


Personal Thank YOU

Wed Aug 21 02:26:19 2019

I don't say it nearly enough but I thank all of you for your continued support and help. I've always had a little bit of something more to fall back on thanks to you all. I don't consider myself all that good at what I do a lot of the time so i question in my head what most get from me but yall see something soo im super grateful.



Wed Aug 21 00:13:35 2019

This was the follow up to the Surprise picture of when Shina's friend MOA was at one of her live drawing posing sessions. Cute little interaction things like this I really really really need to do more of.

MOA belongs MasterOkiAkai


Booty Sway!

Fri Aug 2 20:24:46 2019

More unfinished animation. I apologize for so much just sketched but never really detailed. But I figured some would like the essence of the shot


Knotty Phobia

Thu Aug 1 18:12:43 2019

Youd think wurf hearing his love wanting to tie the knot would excite or drive him over the edge...Sadly that is not the case.


Heat wave

Thu Jul 25 18:03:36 2019

Shina fanning herself in all the heat.
figure it would be relative to how things have been recently hehe.
really want to color this and finish it.


Shina Thigh Fuck

Fri Jul 19 16:07:06 2019

Bit of an animation ive been working on and off of shina getting a good thigh job from an eager friend.

animation has been on my brain a whole lot lately.


She Gon Get Pregnant...!

Sat Jul 13 19:40:35 2019

More possible May-ternity pictures that I forgot to post. This time of wurf and his love fox love, Wanting to fill her up with prime wurf baby batter.

I really really need to finish these.


Jello Shots

Sat Jul 6 01:49:00 2019

Sorry for the late post. I have been so busy with work and having trouble drawing. I managed to draw up something somewhat post-able with Wurf Interrupting his lady love prepping jello shots for the bar. Needy wurf needs some love and Tomo is all to willing.



Fri Jun 14 17:01:02 2019

A good friend of Shina's decided to show up to one of her live model volunteer art practice things. After the class had finished up, Shina had given him a surprise hug, wish some slightly clumsy results.

Moa belongs to my good buddy MasterOkiAkai


Glazed Shina

Tue May 21 17:00:02 2019

Shina enjoying herself a tasty treat from a friend of hers. He wanted to make sure Shina had some nicely coated tits. Not that she minds...Look at her nipss!


Squeeeeze (wrasslin)

Sun May 19 17:00:04 2019

More stuff with wrastlin wurf and potential training partner Granite (belongs to my buddy Tezu) with some warm ups


Big Help

Fri May 17 17:00:02 2019

Ashley runs a bar of her own , so wurf likes to help with her security. Least he tries. Ash does her best to make him look proper for a night of work.


Fem Wurf V2

Fri May 10 17:00:03 2019

The other day I had done a stream and Fem Wurf became a subject of interest. So I decided to revisit the design and try again. I actually quite like this version over the other. I like the long hair sells it more!


Hungry Fox

Fri May 3 19:16:14 2019

My lovely lady after getting a deep filling , needs some more to quench her belly.

Seriously happy with the angle on this one and how it came out.


Heat!...She GON GET IT!

Mon Apr 29 17:01:00 2019

Springtime is a particular kind of season where hormones are rampant and needs need to be met. A certain fox love of the wurf is feelin it. Wurf senses are tingling!!


Spring Sweat

Thu Apr 18 00:04:18 2019

Spring is here! Time to knock off them winter gains....of course getting the blood pumping has its side effects.

with 3 Variations!

Wurf_Sweat.png Wurf_Sweat2.png Wurf_Sweat3.png


Fri Apr 12 18:01:56 2019

Spring is here...and that means its time to move and sweat. thankfully some people have a work out buddy,
Here we have Shina getting some work in with Jaeh's gal BB


Post Wrassle!

Wed Apr 3 19:17:53 2019

Post wrassling can cause a lot of swelling around certain parts. Good thing wurf knows a place to suggest for just the occasion.

something I did for another artist bud of mine with his character Granite. Which just reminds me I need to do more with the massage Spa idea. UGH


Kevin Wip

Fri Mar 15 17:01:01 2019

Working on a character of mine. I wonder if anyone remembers this guy in passing. Something may be in the works with this fellas. huehuehuehuehue


Shina Notes (updated)

Fri Mar 15 17:01:01 2019

Did a little bit of edit on her head . as it was too big and added feet and Belly notes!


Shina Sheet Notes

Sun Mar 10 17:00:59 2019

Was asked by a friend to make notes on Shina to help them draw her better or how I draw her. I feel I could have done something more or im forgetting something but I like it thus far.

Need to make a note on her chubby belly .



Sun Mar 3 18:01:00 2019

Shina and her friend Katie getting back to the house after an outing. They didnt grab a bite, now one is particularly hungry. Thank Goodness a wurf is around...



Tue Feb 19 18:01:00 2019

An oldie but a goodie I still love of wurf getting some assistance from a certain fox lady. Thigh jobs are particularly fun too. why just a thigh jjob? I dunnooo . anyway oldie as you can tell wurf still has the dreads.



Sun Feb 17 18:01:00 2019

Kang (a friends character) ran into the coontress in public transit and couldnt get lewd ideas out of his head. causing messy messy dreams im sure.


The Hunger

Sat Feb 2 21:27:17 2019

Its February and love is in the air...though for Shina at the moment its thoughts ggetting to her of some of her favorite treats / packages. Inconveniently all are not around. Poor Gal


Dude Boobs (Fetish Warning)

Fri Jan 18 21:04:14 2019

Oldie but I think its still relatively well done. Someone brought up the idea of titty boy image with the wurf. Then I had told them that I had drawn it once before. Granted its not my own idea and it was part off an older ARTSLAVE from years back. but I figure I can share it here with you fine folk. Fetish Warning for folks if they arent really into it.

Anyway please enjoy if you like or comment if you dont or think of other ideas. maybe I have drawn it in the past and just havent shared.

Old ArtSlave Image was commissioned By CeeJay Aka PZowned



Mon Jan 7 17:00:03 2019

I was in a heavy booty mood and I love showing off how fat the coontress ass is at times. quite the booty shelf. Who knows if ill line this in some way.



Thu Jan 3 16:55:44 2019

Happy New Year! Sorry ffor the new year the first image post is so scrappy but the idea came of just wurf letting loose his own fireworks and how the landscape of mess could look like. I hoope im not too redundant with my images.


Happy New Year!!

Thu Jan 3 00:41:16 2019

Just a quick little greeting for the new year! I hope I dont disappoint too much this year as I juggle a job and try to give you supports some good scraps here and there. Im hoping that I can improve on some kind of portion of my craft this year. Im truly grateful for each and everyone of you that supports and wish to see more from me.

Thank you so very much for all the help.

Melissa Hugs

Thu Dec 13 19:12:03 2018

Melissa some might remember is my blind batty gal. She love love loves all things soft and that includes fluffy soft bellies. So here she is trying to hug as much of her friends belly as she can.

Just a scrappy thing I did in a draw together with my buddy VD. Wren is his character also.


Swollen Embarrassment

Tue Dec 11 23:32:20 2018

So a friend of mine had suggested drawing Vanessa since I hadnt in a while. Figured she was probably in the ladies room (though there is not bathroom in the image) over a sink but i got lazy and didnt draw the bathroom.

Anyway. Milky boob problems can be a thing with her. hehehehe

please enjoy! and comment if you please to.


Vanessa! (Giraffe Momma)

Fri Dec 7 22:54:27 2018

An adoptable I just had to buy years back of this tall curvy green giraffe lady. Original art by DemonNyuu on FA.

I decided that I would like for her to be a momma though I havent really drawn too much of her. Im really bad with having other characters.

Vanessa_doodles.png Vanessa%20Adopt%21.png

Casual Chillaxing Time

Tue Dec 4 19:13:15 2018

Happy End of no nut November! And of course wurf and his buddy Sib chillaxin one evening with the coontress getting an eyeful and her own reaction. Still something I want to work on cause i love this concept.


Fluffmode 2018 Edition

Tue Nov 20 17:32:07 2018

Its the fall and cold season...wurf is getting his hard with the fluff and no mind....


Cow Demon Imp Summon (Concept)

Sat Nov 10 18:58:37 2018

I had an idea a while back of like a sexy Imp summon that could be used to fulfill some kinks i hardly explore. but so far this is all i got.

Tiny Cow lady super stretchy , super plump, and has fat milky tits. Just an idea sadly.


Magic Show

Wed Nov 7 22:00:16 2018

So here is a WIP of a Re Draw thing I thought I would give try. I hardly , if ever , go back to my oooold art pieces to try and finish them. Im bad like that. So I ended up giving it a maybe see what an old piece could posssibly look like today in my current style. even though again its just a sketch which means ill probably have a hard time coming back to it....again.

I think its interesting. the way I use to draw was way bulkier and larger. I have attached both versions if folks want to see the differences.

Rave belongs to my buddy V.Disco

magic_show.png magic_show_original.png

Howdy!! (November Update)

Wed Nov 7 21:51:19 2018

Warfles! Hey every one,

Just wanting to make a quick notice or update thingy to tell folks that if they have questions or feel like Im slacking on posting things, please feel free to let me know. message me. I have big gaps in my brain when it comes to me finding stuff I think would be worth posting or have trouble and maybe it would help me kick things into gear some. October was a pretty hectic month for me work wise and Im hoping November isnt as bad. I really need to make it a goal to have a scrap piece or something little every week.

All in all I appreciate any feedback and thank you for your support.

Wurf Clench

Fri Oct 12 18:31:58 2018

just a bit of wurf relief for his lonesome. always good to let it out.


Figure Drawings

Sat Oct 6 00:28:01 2018

For whatever reason, I like to think sometimes Shina does the whole figure study for art students to possibly have helped her self Confidence somewhat. so she still does them from time to time.


Stress Relief

Tue Oct 2 21:49:31 2018

I suppose that works. wanted a reason to draw shina getting some wurf action. I dont draw it a whole lot .

Fresh off the press.


Wurf Bounce

Tue Sep 11 21:46:32 2018

Wurf does enough himself some Butt stuff from time to time. so I figured i would animate it.

Also discovered nifty trick in Clip Studio that allows for the symmetrical ruler to work for animation. making the process a whole lot faster.


Fantasy Shina Sexy Pose

Tue Sep 4 17:05:50 2018

Still gotta do more with Fantasy Setting Shina. giving her party all the buffs by her sweet dancing mooves. lol.


Vampire Shina!

Mon Sep 3 19:14:30 2018

So a buddy suggested Vampire Shina since Halloween is a month away. Why it stuck with me, I dont know cause I normally suck with Halloween ideas. But then this came to mind and I thought it would be a cute hot thing to draw. XD

Shina is not amused with the correction hehehe.

Vampire_Shina.png Vampire_Shina2.png

Shina the Peep!

Thu Aug 23 17:00:03 2018

Fun fact...Shina likes to peep in on her friends from time to time. This time peekin in on Wurf and Rel (DareDemon's Character). doing a workout outside her bedroom into the living area.

I really need to do a follow up piece to these.

preview1.png Shina_Peepin.png Shina_Peepin2.png

Growing Pains

Wed Aug 22 17:01:00 2018

Little change of pace. Don't know if folks remember teen Shina talking about how her classmates would tease her about her size and had some rough times in High School. So heres a sketchy thing I came up with.


Hefty! (animation)

Tue Aug 7 21:25:31 2018

Wurf getting his balls Hefted. Testing out the weights!

Sorry for the late post guys. Thanks to my sweet animation Buddy this is all possible. Continuing to help me out in the venture of understanding fun animation physics.


Sam Strut

Thu Jul 12 17:00:00 2018

yeeeah more animation tests. This one is with the help of my buddy TKAY who drew the Key Frames and I did the in between frames.

This was really fun to try


Cindy Kicks

Thu Jul 12 00:29:32 2018

More animation test funsies.

I know I knoooow....I havent finished any of my other animations and I really should get back to them. I honestly don't know why i havent. But this one was a completely new test on some animation tips i had learned. So im hoping I can go back to the others and make them better.

At least... Im hopeful for it.


Thigh Job!

Thu Jul 5 21:09:36 2018

Thigh jobs are great. Specially with smooth human skin! Wurf with his human friend Connie having some more fun together.

Also get another better shot of wurf with short hair / no dreads


Shina New Top

Fri Jun 22 17:18:16 2018

Shina went out and got a specific top I may have shown a tweet. So she thought she'd share it with a wurf over the phone. least thats what I think I've drawn.


Human Love (Finale)

Wed Jun 13 18:30:14 2018

Final piece of the set. With Ian enjoying his belly full. Wurf is pleasantly surprised.


Human Love Part 2

Mon Jun 11 19:10:41 2018

Continuation of Wurf with his human partner Ian. Proving that Ian is not your everyday average human.

Ian_ToTheWall.png Ian_loaded.png Ian_loaded_belly.png

Human Love

Sun Jun 10 19:57:19 2018

Humans...What can I say. I want to say Humans in his world are few and far between. Wurf loves his human counterparts and really enjoys their companionship. Here we have Ian displaying his new gains with a wurf ready to help him gain some more.

Human X Fur is super hot to me. Older set of images.

Ian_ready.png Ian_lift.png


Mon May 28 18:01:00 2018

So I managed to scribble something while off work. Wurf doing some stress relief lifts I suppose. Very stressful week has been. also wurf has changed just a tad. I hope its allright.


Ball lovins <3

Fri May 18 20:52:33 2018

Wurf balls can be super sensitive and can easily get wurf rolling with proper handling. I dont draw it much but ball worship is a big kink. Here we have a human partner indulging the ball love.

Also...its not that color...the cum anyway. Its just a sketch I never finished!

Connie Belongs to Auradragon



Sat May 5 18:01:00 2018

Shina what happened! she has be transformed into tiny bundle of squish!

just something silly.


Sexy Teacher

Thu May 3 18:00:00 2018

Alexis is a college teacher. She belongs to my buddy Raph. Did a couple things of her a long while back. figure Y'all are a bunch of rump lovers too. Shes got da booty.

Alexis_Tease.png Alexis_bored.png HotDoggin.png


Fri May 4 18:00:00 2018

Shina enjoying a Cafe place she found. New to her and decided to try some of their baked goods! The own is a raccoon too! so cool!

Gerard belongs to RatchetSly


Butt Smack (update)

Tue Apr 10 17:20:34 2018

Have done more work on this animation. Added boobage and her expression on the turn around!

need to fix her arms for sure.


Not Pregnant

Mon Apr 9 19:26:09 2018

Small thing I did for a friend to try and get my drawing brain to work. I managed to make a mini comic of their character (perhaps after some time with a certain somebody) getting some assistance.

Was fun human practice.


My Boy (Dad Wurf)

Sun Apr 1 18:09:47 2018

I truly want to be a dad someday so I think on occasion what if Wurf was a dad. Having pups of his own. No real idea who the mom is but its just a fun thought. First image is just a happy greeting.

Second image is a scenario of a Pregnant lady friend of wurf talking with the young innocent pup getting a little too excited. Gotta teach that boy some manners.

Wurf_Dad_n_Son.png Momma_Ash_Milk.png


Fri Mar 23 23:53:17 2018

long time ago another artist named Jinti drew wurf as a sexy fantasy class...the BALLBARIAN. Figured id try it out myself really. I really enjoyed the idea.

Though I dont think I captured it very well.

Wurf_BallBarian.png Wurf_BallBarian_pre.png Wurf_BallBarian_swell.png Wurf_BallBarian_Sploo.png

*Pant* *Pant*

Sun Mar 11 12:58:53 2018

So I managed to scribble this out last night. Guess I wanted to draw some kind of erotic face. Sometimes I think just showing the expression while hiding the action can be extremely hot and fun. Don'd do it often though.

Maybe she's just enjoying a Sauna...YEAH THATS IT.


Brown Lady Concepts

Sun Mar 4 18:26:00 2018

I like the Humans, Need to make more of them. So I was thinking on making some human character for my world of characters maybe. So I can draw Human on Fur action. but I havent settled down a design .

Hopefully my humans are improving.


Booty Smap (update)

Tue Feb 20 19:58:50 2018

A much cleaner rough of the butt slap ive been working on. Making more progress! Really happy with the weight of that rump


Booty Smap!

Sun Feb 18 18:57:45 2018

Shina Butt getting a firm spank to the butt. Took some time but I managed to get a jiggling wobble I like . possibly could be heavier but I like this so far.


Spa - Massage Chair Concept.

Wed Feb 14 22:17:39 2018

Remember the Spa idea from last year? Where it accommodates for hyper-lite individuals. I was wanting to conceptualize the kinda of chair for the ladies to have for their abundant chest. I couldnt figure out how to start from scratch so I searched Massage Chairs and ended up modifying one I figured would work best. Of course Shina is the test subject in question here. I think I like it.

Will have to see how to modify it for a proper way for males too.


Booty Bounce (update)

Fri Feb 2 18:00:59 2018

More progress! Albeit sloooow progress. Added more active movements. added the male upper body and added a nice cock. Shina has got some breasts and a face now! Ive been enjoying slowly working on this and plan to truly keep at it while trying some new ideas here and there.


Booty Bounce

Tue Jan 23 00:49:20 2018

Something I did the other day and figured I share more scrappy animation tests that I may or may not finish.

I get these little bursts of energy to try things but i can never sustain to follow through with things. Ugh.

3 Different versions in the files

First rough pass
Second added frames
Third removed a frame for timing.

Shina_Ride_Bounce3.gif Shina_Ride_Bounce1.gif Shina_Ride_Bounce2.gif

Shina Thong

Mon Jan 15 19:00:00 2018

Im just fascinated with trying to draw Shina's butt as plump as I possibly can without going overboard. Hmmm must practice more. Sorry for all the same kinda Shina images lately.


Helping Hand

Sun Jan 14 19:00:03 2018

Something I made last week of wurf in full fluffmode getting help from a friend. Naturally Wurf will take the assistance!

Rrrf always appreciative.

Russ_Wurf_Help.png Russ_Wurf_full.png Russ_Wurf_full_Belly.png

Tiffany Embarrassed

Tue Jan 9 19:00:01 2018

Some of you may not know I have a muscle bound nerd shark lady. She likes her Erotic manga and or silly animes and cartoons. She also wears wigs cause she has no hair of her own.

Check the files for more pics of her to see the older pieces.

Tiffany_Embarrassed.png Tiffany_pose%21.png Tiffany_welcome.png

Spluuurt !

Mon Jan 8 19:09:15 2018

Just bloated swollen fluffmode wurf letting his mind get the better of him. Featuring a friends human girlie Connie and he magnificent butt.


Pre Throb

Wed Jan 3 01:24:23 2018

Happy New Years every one. I just returned from a family visit over the holiday and shoulda posted this last month but i didnt manage. So for the new year have some heavy wurf precum fireworks!

Check the files for another version of the gif!

Pre_Throb_Test.gif Pre_Throb_Test_Face2.gif

Handy J!

Tue Dec 19 18:38:05 2017

So I decided to re-install flash because i was encouraged to animate some more simple animations. Clip studio is great for messing around with ideas, but it looks like Flash is by far the more appropriate place to animate in certain ways.

Slowly am adding more movement to this gif


Wurf and Lipe

Mon Dec 18 19:54:31 2017

A pent up Wurf and a human partner meet up. Wurf probably wants to just be left alone...but things turn a little hotter...pretty quick.

A series i did for my buddy claw a bit ago. M/M funsies

Check the files for the other parts.

Lipe_Wurf_Test.png Lipe_Wurf_Test_Easy.png Lipe_Wurf_Test_Oh.png Lipe_Wurf_Test_ITBEGINS.png Lipe_Wurf_Test_Bloat.png Lipe_Wurf_Test_BloatThrough.png

Keyhole Sweater

Sun Dec 3 22:04:39 2017

Shina finally trying on one of them Keyhole sweaters. Just a warm up I did before a stream on Friday. Thinking I should do more of them before stream work.



Fri Dec 1 18:34:57 2017

So after all that time away and being mess free. Fluffmode is fully engaged and swellings are bound to happen. Sitting down back in the wurf den, gotta get comfy and get some natural pre relief as well.

Sorry for the delay guys.

Wurf_Pent_Pre.png Wurf_Pent_Pre_throb.png

Im Back!

Wed Nov 29 18:01:52 2017

Which means i should have told you guys i had been gone for two weeks. Which would explain why I haven't uploaded much of anything or haven't drawn much. The Holiday seasons seems I become much slower. Uugh.
My apologize for not saying anything.

Spoopy Pasties! part 2

Fri Nov 3 19:19:47 2017

A follow up to the first part. There are two pieces for this so please find them in the files!

Unsuspecting Wurf was not ready!

Spooky_Pasties2.png Spooky_Pasties3.png

Spoopy Pasties! Part 1

Fri Nov 3 19:13:54 2017

Not in time for Halloween but I thought it was a fun idea to try. Katie crafting Shina some spooky pasties!



Sat Oct 21 02:28:09 2017

I know its not Halloween themed or nothing but I figure this is worth sharing of more Shina and Katie spendin casual time together.

after a gym work out and sweating in the lockers.

Katie_Shina_Sweatin.png Katie_Shina_Sweatin.png

Witch Cindy!

Thu Oct 5 20:37:31 2017

Ready for the Halloween Season! Magical witch girl

Cindy_Witch.png Cindy_Witch.png

On The Ranch

Wed Oct 4 18:56:32 2017

So here's one of the ideas ya'll gave me. Shina dressed as a cowboy and the wurf getting the cow-girl treatment! hehehe this was silly fun.

Costumes.png Costumes.png

Ideas for October?

Mon Oct 2 22:16:33 2017

Hey guys! its Halloween month and I think it could possibly be fun to have you all put in suggestions in the community area! Dress/cosplay/halloween ideas. You can post references there for ideas for my characters if you are interested. If you want to of course.

High Contrast Shina

Mon Oct 2 20:31:18 2017

Just an experiment on using super thin lines that then turned into an experiment with high contrast shadows. I haven't really tried this much and im overall happy with the concept.

Mulitple versions for download!

Shina_ThinLines_Contrast.png Shina_ThinLines_test.png Shina_ThinLines_Contrast.png Shina_Contrast.png

Shina playin VR

Mon Sep 25 17:30:21 2017

Was inspired by a bud who got a VR set. wanted to draw shina gaming some in VR.


Careful dont get to near to her, she needs lots of room!

Shina_VR.png Shina_VR.png

Older Cindy & Brett

Wed Sep 20 19:25:54 2017

Just doing some concept pieces for older versions of my character and a buddy's. Want to make a super leggy busty person. Not sure how well i succeeded.

Brett is also a shorty.

Cindy_Brett_20s.png Cindy_Brett_20s.png

Spa Masseur

Sat Sep 9 18:37:43 2017

Remember the spa ball handlers from before. I drafted up a concept for one of the Masseurs that works there. A tiny chipmunk gal part of the family that runs the specialty spa.

I like it for the most part. probably not short enough.

Spa_Massues_concept.png Spa_Massues_concept.png

Gym Partner

Wed Sep 6 00:43:19 2017

Sometimes you have people who like to watch you work and get sweaty. But i wasnt about to just let them get a show for free without putting in some of their own sweat.

Not too pleased that one.
(buddy is Alex aka Loobkah on FA.

Wurf_Gym_Partner.png Wurf_Gym_Partner.png

Ball Massage!

Sat Sep 2 17:12:04 2017

Its been in my head for a while now about making a special spa place run by a family that has all kinds of techniques to help folks relax. Specialty massage for hyper-lite endowed folks and or curvy luscious ladies to help ease the aches and pains of being so big .

some ideas have been tossed about and are in the works but nothing concrete. so enjoy the concept for the while .

Ball_Massagers.png Ball_Massagers.png

Shina Danglers

Sun Aug 27 19:32:20 2017

Yeah yeah yeah...another test thingy. this one not sooo complicated but i wanted to draw soft subtle movement this time. Shina probably at a spring getting clean, with her heavy chest just perpetually swaying underneath her. more work to be done for sure but i did this relatively quick.

Please enjoy!


Shina Cravings

Sun Aug 20 19:26:07 2017

Its a thing. She's hungry again...but for what?
Ooh la la!

This is of the only things i managed to draw for myself this month. Im soo bad


Hey Guys!

Sat Aug 5 21:22:11 2017

Sorry for the lack of updates to the start of this month. So far i havent been able to draw for myself as of late. Its been weird. But im still looking through some things to see what i can post.

Also! heads up! Discord will be implementing a screen sharing thing on their platform soon. Im thinking maybe once they do that and allows for streaming to groups, I could do discord chat patreon streams. just for fun scrappy draws maybe.

What do you think?

Fancy Shina!

Tue Jul 25 17:50:42 2017

Fancy shina ready for a fancy date at a fancy restaurant...probably. hehe Friend of mine suggested Shina wearing a fancy dress of sorts and he linked me to this super tightly packed dress. Well, what to show a thick raccoon lady packed with curves!

Anyway, just a fun quick thing to try for the coontress. also gives me the chance to draw different hair styles maybe. Her default hairstyle is in the files.

Shina_Fancy2.png Shina_Fancy.png

Mess Test

Sun Jul 23 17:34:33 2017

More animation tests. people are probably tired of seeing me do mess flinging and junk but I enjoy trying to learn mess making animation. someday ill probably animate a wurf orgasm...well at least part of it.

sorry for the quality.

Two different versions!
normal and endless!

More_mess_Tests_Endless.gif More_mess_Tests.gif


Fri Jul 21 06:56:55 2017

Just the Coontress getting clean. Im trying my older technique for sketching again. seeing if i can speed my self up again. also , really in a booty kind of mood.

Anyway! enjoy some plump raccoon wetness.


Wurf Tease

Thu Jul 20 17:53:11 2017

Or maybe wurf isnt teasing. I dunno...he was just layin on the couch and spotted a friend peekin. so gave them something to really peek at hehe.

just some silliness I drew the other day before workin in stream.


Thank you all again!

Thu Jul 20 03:44:34 2017

There has been a small influx patrons pledging and im super flattered. I just want to say thanks and please feel no obligation to keep your pledges.

I know its not much but i want to thank everyone for supporting me and giving me that little extra oomph to pay the things i need to pay. Living is that much less stressful and it means a lot to me.

I really dont know what more else to say.

Butt Wiggle Animation (WIP)

Sun Jul 16 23:58:07 2017

Slowly working more and more on this. Im still trying to figure out how to do the legs and other parts of the body. Sorry if its not much of an update. I added more frames to the hips and added slight shoulder movement.

Shina butt is hard to animate XD


Beach patrol

Wed Jul 12 19:39:21 2017

I know its not much of a patrol but still. Shina and one of her friends , Hitomi ,Ready to go hit the beach and relax I suppose. did one night trying to get my brain working.



Wed Jul 5 20:45:06 2017

The urge may come at odd times. Shina having some sort of feelings and shes managing. but her chest may be giving her away.

Another scrappy thing. I guess its okay to show what kind of art i can draw on my off days. I dont like the quaility but its a thing and maybe others will like it.


Shina Wiggle Test

Mon Jul 3 05:24:04 2017

I did a thing with a giant purple butt wigglin about...

its a thing.


Hunger Strikes

Sat Jun 24 21:33:53 2017

Sorry for lack of updates this month. I was away the first week and a half and returned to try and catch up with some work.

Have some shina dealing with hunger , or cravings. What kind of cravings? who knows. but shes topless for some reason.


Tipsy Bets

Mon May 15 21:49:37 2017

Shina and Kate enjoying a night of drinking and gabbing together. of course silliness must ensue with Katie learning something new about the coontress.

Katie belongs to T-Kay


Daigo Plugged (Collab)

Mon May 8 00:36:48 2017

So the plug piece was inked and cell shaded thanks to my artist buddy Nooze! (aka LongBlueClaw) feel free to check out his gallery here

I think he did a fantastic job and He was mainly the inspiration behind this piece so its awesome to see it finished. go give him some love!



Mon May 1 22:01:08 2017

Just wurf letting his balls free as they having a moment of being over active. hard churning...or you can say wurf is just doing some extreme kegels. Take your pick XD

Just another ball animation, but this one was a collab with a friend who shall remain anonymous! they did the balls and i did the body. I think this they turned out amazing and I figure i would share.



Sat Apr 22 23:21:22 2017

Nothing like a popsicle as a fun treat for a hot day maybe. No worries...viewer, that is a natural way to eat a popsicle.


Wurf Plugged

Sun Apr 16 04:46:06 2017

Was talking with Nooze about sounding. Im a fan for sure...but for wurf to get plugged he would need a custom toy. I need to experiment more with it.

two versions in the download

Wurf_plugged.png Wurf_plugged_plug.png

Heavy Liftin

Sun Apr 9 19:58:51 2017

just something i was working on a couple nights ago. Wurf has to lift to keep that shape. spring is here , the body needs to stay active!

BONUS: Working out makes the blood pump to other regions. hehehe

Wurf_Lift.png Wurf_Lift2.png

Fem Wurf ( April Fools )

Mon Apr 3 20:35:23 2017

Its the new and improved wurf! Sporting fully swollen boobs and a and a more plump bottom lip! hehehe

Something silly I guess. I was trying to think of what i could possibly do for April fools , but I was late and did this anyway. I kinda like it though.


Backed Up

Thu Mar 30 22:50:50 2017

Wurf has returned from Texas and first things first....he's gotta unwind and let some weight off. just having a little trouble.

Also Fluffmode is no more it is spring and it is time to keep in shape and be active. HURRAY!


Fantasy Shina pose

Sun Mar 12 20:45:47 2017

Something simple of the Coontress in her Fantasy setting I have yet to do anything with . hehe i just really like this outfit too.


Shina Surprise

Sat Mar 11 19:59:10 2017

More animation tests that i did. This time of the coontress just reading something in her bed and getting surprised...but something. hehe not sure what.


Cat Scientist!

Fri Mar 3 18:22:39 2017

I dont know if you guys remember this little series i did a couple years back with this little character i made. I think im gonna try and flesh her out some for some silliness...or at least I hope to. What could be a good name for this tiny feline experimenter


Patreon Pledge Changes

Sun Feb 26 20:55:33 2017

Hey everyone! Just a quick update I think I should shout out and let everyone know bout.

I will be removing my $10 dollar option from my pledges. Its been constantly weighing on me since I'm not really fulfilling that promise. I dont want to keep taking from you faithful people with nothing in return. This way I can feel more confident in sharing more things while not really worrying too hard on what can be finished. I still plan on finishing some things I post here and can still make polls, but Ill grant everyone the chance the vote instead.

I apologize to you all about this , If you feel like Canceling you pledges overall I understand. I failed to live up to one of my promises. I'm not sure how Patreon works if I remove the pledge if it changes for you. So I urge those of you who are to please change it.

Thank you again for all your support and I'm sorry

Backless Sweater?

Tue Feb 21 10:43:45 2017

I know its a meme and such but I decided to finish it for funsies and to show of Shina's delicious back end.

I hope this simple color job is okay and if i should try for more simple colors. just to get myself in the habit of it.



Mon Feb 20 21:27:07 2017

Shina gabbing with a friend and learnin other folks are learnin of secrets. What is that secret? well...its a secret.



Sat Feb 11 19:36:14 2017

Wurf inspecting my husky friends job on filling an imp girl. dont know why i expecteded anything less.


Shina Sweater

Sat Feb 11 19:29:37 2017

Shina trying on one of the backless sweater things that everyone else has already drawn a million times. XD not that im against it. i just failed at it. was recovering from a slight burn out.


Shina BJ Test (animation)

Wed Feb 1 22:22:08 2017

So I managed to do some more animation tests in clip studio and im pretty proud of the results.

Shina showing her skills


The B.B.B

Thu Jan 19 21:31:54 2017

Big Beautiful Booty. Someone is a fan of the Shina rump. Just some fun with my buddy and the coontress.


Fluff Butt

Mon Jan 16 22:04:03 2017

Just a scrapped image of wurf backside. Anatomy errors everywhere but some just like the view and the idea. So why not.


Ripe Shina

Fri Jan 13 19:09:55 2017

More of the momified Shina idea. This time shes just splayed out on a bed with all her curves. Im having too much fun with this thought i guess


Mom Shina!

Sat Jan 7 20:01:09 2017

So the other day I was talking with a buddy and the idea of older moms came up. I told my friend to Momify one of his characters or else I wont Momify Shina. Then i got to thinking what would Shina would look like as a mom. So here's a take on that.

There's not a whole lot different really. Just more weight and more hang and plumpness. Im going to keep this design for sure.

mom_Shina_Clothes.png mom_Shina.png

Pillow Swap

Mon Jan 2 20:15:08 2017

Wurf being asked by one of his human companions to use one of their pillows for a while. They have a plan for sure, I may not know what but eeh whatever. its just a pillow.


Fluffmode Problems

Tue Dec 27 21:18:03 2016

Just one of the problems Fluffmode does to me. You wonder why wurf is full or swollen a lot in the winter? Cause even when trying to take care of the problem...This can happen. Just fall asleep!


Sweater Party!

Sun Dec 25 19:18:12 2016

Sorry for the super super sketchy stuff. Buuut i figured youd like a peek at some kind of attempt of a Christmas picture. Wurf with a bunch of friends at a small get together. Bring your favorite or not so favorite sweater...Just be sure to leave your bottoms at the door! Just a silly thing.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


Holiday Giant

Fri Dec 23 21:55:08 2016

Its almost that time and so that means Holiday themed pictures I guess...even though I suck at them.

Here's GFL walking around the city with Holiday Cheer and gifts for the people. I really like the concept of he walking around with a big bag and big bell just trying to make the people happy.


Late Night TV Sucks

Tue Dec 20 20:56:58 2016

Shina and her gal pal Katie watching Tele who knows how late. Gotta love the casual stuff!

Katie belongs to Tkay


Madalyn Strut

Tue Dec 6 03:48:27 2016

An Ooolder character of mine that i have neglected to draw and was tempted by an artist buddy to draw her up again. This is Madalyn, a croc gal with squish curves! probably walking about her home in her pajamas.


Shina on the go

Tue Dec 6 03:45:29 2016

I managed to etch this out before heading off the Cali. I like to think that Shina went with wurf on the trip and such to see all the sights and try all the delicious foods.


Stretchy Tip

Mon Dec 5 01:37:57 2016

One of my longest loyal patrons contacted me and asked if Id be so kind as to show off just how stretchy could wurf cum slit be. So I indulged! I do like this kind of thing, I hope its not too weird for some of you.

Wurf_stretchy_tip_pre.png Wurf_stretchy_tip.png

Getting Comfy

Sat Nov 26 23:23:58 2016

Now to unwind...and hopefully take care of things....10 whole days


Made it home!

Sat Nov 26 23:21:36 2016

Sorry guys for the lack of any posts. Ive been in Cali the past 10 days and now im back....Errf. Thankfully i had stretchy pants!


Shake Shake Shake

Sun Nov 13 19:15:51 2016

I got inspired from a post I seen on tumblr. Shina is quite happy to shake her tits XD.


Beach Distractions

Sat Nov 12 19:48:31 2016

Some more coontress love. Before the summer was over, Shina was being a mighty tease to her friends at the beach. Walking by with a particular sway and bounce in her step.

Beach_Distractions.png Beach%20Distractions.png

Still Big

Mon Nov 7 03:35:24 2016


Wet Shirt!

Sun Nov 6 05:08:57 2016

yeah ...I did the thing. Though really I only wanted to do it because the thought of wurf doing it but not actually needing water for it just seemed fun . So here is pre soaked shirt goodness.

wet_shirt.png wet_shirt_clean.png

Topping Off

Fri Oct 28 21:33:40 2016

I guess this is Shina's reward for helping out with the work out. *shrugs* who knows. just wanted to draw a happy messy coon lady face.


Hot Diggity Doggins 2

Fri Oct 21 20:13:17 2016

Same series of pics. but this time with extra vision!

doggins_cock.png doggins_cock_mess.png

Hot Diggity Doggins

Fri Oct 21 20:08:17 2016

I guess this is his reward for a successful workout.

Files include messy version

doggins.png doggins_mess.png

Winter Cloth

Sun Oct 16 05:33:05 2016

See?! Wurf can fit in regular clothes....I think? awrrr whatever...*walks off*


Helping Hand?

Fri Oct 14 23:43:19 2016

Just a sketch of shina helping out a good friend while working out. Did i ever mention how Shina is really big on teasing people she likes?

Make sure to check the files for the messy version

Work_It.png Work_It_Cum.png

Ultimate Snuggle Spot?

Sun Oct 9 02:44:14 2016

Oldie but something i think is worth sharing of snuggling. in a great spot i think.


Bake Sale

Thu Oct 6 23:07:05 2016

Young High School Shina being enticed by treats!

Another oldie featuring a friends panda gal named Patty


Wet Coontress.

Wed Oct 5 19:10:14 2016

Just an oldie of Shina walking out after a shower only wearing a robe. Not much but i thought it was interesting to show the sketch style i had used.


I just want to ask

Sat Oct 1 18:40:44 2016

Do you guys have any suggestions and or would like as or post ideas an such to me. I don't mind the interaction and I think it would help me keep things a little more interesting. Patreon has a place here where you can post or suggest things?

I dunno I just want you guys to be Happy!

Tipsy Wurf?

Sat Oct 1 18:38:30 2016

Dont really know it was an idea being tossed around about being tipsy and then wurf ditching the bottoms to get "Comfy". either way. some draws


Shina Beachwear!

Fri Sep 23 18:15:29 2016

Sorry for the lateness. But its finally complete! Shina sitting pretty at some beach. I hope you all like it. Even get to show off her short hair better .

Thank you everyone for all the support!

Shina_BeachWear_color.png Shina_BeachWear_color_Clean.png

Birthday Fillings

Tue Sep 13 23:00:27 2016

Claw_birfmas_fillings2.png Claw_birfmas_fillings2_swell_mess.png

Birthday Muffins

Tue Sep 13 03:58:01 2016

Here have some birthday drawings that I've done for a few friends as of late. since im so bad at posting. This one of Rel getting Shina hugs.

Rel Belongs to DareDemon



Wed Sep 7 02:44:51 2016

Dont mind me....just more super top secret Shina shenanigans as she tries out more bondage gear or acts? I dunno.


Overnight Swelling

Mon Sep 5 17:56:37 2016

Quick rough animation of sleepy wurf dealing with swelling over night as he sleeps. when things get most active.


Short Hair Coontress!

Sun Sep 4 19:24:00 2016

I think its time she trimmed her hair a bit. I really like the short hair look.


Shina Bondo

Tue Aug 16 23:29:17 2016

Im still on this theme of shina exploring Bondage...Gah...what is wrong with meeee?


The Winner Is

Mon Aug 15 23:30:01 2016

Shina in her summer beach wear! Sleepy Mess close second. just on how many votes , may try to finish sleepy mess anyway if i can get to it. Thank you all voters for participating!


Bondo Wurf

Mon Aug 15 01:37:34 2016

Really having a fun time messing with bondage themed stuff. Guys let me know if im going overboard XD. Here is wurf geared up again.


Shina Taste Test

Sat Aug 13 20:02:11 2016

and oldie but a goodie. Shina with another partner, this one with a particularly sweet tasting load. I really enjoyed this one cause they are still clothed. well...she is for the most of it.


Patreon Vote...AGAIN

Tue Aug 9 23:02:57 2016

Hey guys! just an update on the voting. Looks like the Poll vanished off the site and I lost all the data/results on what folks voted on. So I started it fresh and this time i made an account with the Poll making website to keep track and make sure it doesn't get deleted and hopefully see what happens. Im sorry for the inconvenience But I need all of you Voters to vote again.

Again! Super Sorry!



Sat Aug 6 02:26:01 2016

Ive been enjoying the idea of Humans interacting with Anthros for a while. So we have Ian here that's experiencing some growth to his backside. Shina wants to make sure he can cover it with some comfy fitting undies. Ones that no longer fit her well enough anymore.


Shina Teased & Bound

Thu Aug 4 22:10:57 2016

Same image as the last. but Shina adorning her subby gear. I really really like sub Shina a lot.


Shina Teased

Thu Aug 4 22:07:57 2016

More of Shina hot and bothered...but this time on the receiving end of being teased.


A little Cocky

Wed Aug 3 20:11:30 2016

Summer is here and wurf is sweatin with workout buddies for sure. course with all the blood pumping certain things happen. Just something of me and my friend.


Shina Bound

Tue Jul 5 18:48:35 2016

Same picture. but this time with some added gear XD. Really like super subby Shina idea.


Shina Heat

Tue Jul 5 18:44:51 2016

Just some scrap I did with Shina presenting on a bed. No real idea for who


Toes part 3

Mon Jun 27 06:02:34 2016

Always good to realize when you are wrong.


Toes part 2

Mon Jun 27 06:01:29 2016

What a POV



Mon Jun 27 05:58:45 2016

Shina was asked if she can see her toes.


Another Mess Test

Mon Jun 6 18:43:17 2016

Testing clip studio paint and its animation some more.

Just to show how wurf anatomy works and a hint at how powerful his shots can be. Im somewhat happy with it. was fun too!



Fri May 27 21:42:50 2016

More scrap i did while visiting in Cali. This one involving the friend i was staying with at the time. Dont mind me


Sleepy Mess

Wed May 18 17:01:25 2016

Im out in California right now, So i haven't forgotten about you lot. Did this as a warm up on trying to use my intuos pro again.

Just a sleeping wurf making a mess of the guest bed cause random sexy dreams i suppose.


Shina Naughties part 2

Mon Apr 25 22:19:09 2016

More Shina enjoying the sexual things. This time with some drinks and a well hung bird of sorts. Probably coming from a club.


Shina Naughties

Mon Apr 25 22:15:25 2016

Figured id share some Shina getting some sexual time in for herself. Nothing really specific. Just fun


Ball Cleavage?

Fri Apr 15 15:22:10 2016

It was an idea I had been talking up with a friend a while back. For guys with ample balls...would there be a thing such a ball cleavage? I thought it was a neat idea and tried to etch something out. I messed up with the perspective, but I guess paw lovers would like this. Anyway, some silliness.


Raila Flash!

Mon Apr 11 01:44:57 2016

My Raichu gal i haven't shown off a whole lot recently. I really should experiment with her more.


GFL Spring Stroll

Thu Mar 17 22:27:36 2016

A piece I did of GFL strolling in all her glory down the street on a great day.


Locker Room

Tue Mar 8 20:55:44 2016

Ever have someone approach you in the lockers for a good romp? Me neither XD. Still flattering stuff!


Thigh Job

Tue Mar 8 01:42:33 2016

Another one i just...kinda gave up on...Blegh. I got really frustrated with the colors. no to mention i got the colors wrong with her wool. I think the only thing i really like about the coloring is how her belly was turning out. other than that. this needs a redo.

Justin belongs to me
Sierra belongs to Iko


Shina Peek

Mon Mar 7 18:37:54 2016

Just more unfinished lined work. This time Peeking at a friends sketchbook.
the Idea was that he was drawing her in his book and she came a long curious to know what it was. Ill leave it up to you guys to determine if shes wearing tight stretchy pants or is bottom less XD

Stephen belongs to Colesutra


Shina Beach Wear?

Fri Feb 12 07:19:33 2016

Just a scrap of Shina in some clothes for warmer times!



Fri Feb 5 06:04:39 2016

Just your average bottomless Tanuki Scientist testing out his own concoctions! only to discover hes tried the wrong one.

thank you for the continued support!


Nikki - Cougr

Thu Feb 4 10:04:45 2016

The Snowdragunny that everyone knows.
another Patreon gift to Mr.Ken Cougr of his continued support!
Thank youuuu


Thad - LongBlueClaw

Thu Feb 4 10:01:00 2016

First of the Patreon gift pieces goes to Mr.LongBlueClaw.
he Does fantastic art himself and you should go check him out on his page

Thank you for your continued support!


Thank You ALL!

Thu Feb 4 09:50:40 2016

I just want to shout out to all you who support me even in the slightest bit and continue to do so. I know I haven't had much to show for the past month but I still want to show I am grateful for all the help. I've decided to do little gifts for all you who have donated up $60 or more with some art. I know its not a whole lot considering but Im trying to give back to those who have stuck with me and still are. so your donations can work up to a little something extra for yourselves.

Fluffmode Drive.

Thu Jan 21 06:45:28 2016

Super sorry for the lack of updates here guys. I really need to do more for you all and Seriously trying to think of ways to reward faithful pledges. I thank you for helping me out over the holiday months.

Here we have an ask about Wurf loads in the fluffy season times. I hope this answers your question Rito!


Fantasy Shina 3

Thu Dec 10 20:03:19 2015

Dont count Shina out of combat neither. She can put up a mean fight. Shes not most powerful of course. I really enjoyed this image because it showed how she can drill the pole into the ground and use it as weapon...OR and dance pole hehehe


Fantasy Shina 2

Thu Dec 10 20:01:35 2015

This one gives a better look at her drill Pole arm of course!


DnD Shina!

Thu Dec 10 19:57:23 2015

Just an old piece i did a while back thinking about shina's class of character in a DnD like setting or fantasy. being a Dancer with buffing abilities! hehe least i think that makes sense.


Pent Up Dreams

Thu Nov 26 02:51:12 2015

Just a wurf having particularly naughty dreams I suppose. being swollen and tired can make for messy mornings.

just more scrap of fluffmode


Fluffmode Scrap

Thu Nov 26 02:48:19 2015

well its that time of year and fluffmode is in full swing now. A more non energetic wurf dealing with increased weight gain , a thicker pelt and lack of drive can cause quick build up in certain areas. just some stuff to share.


Breasts Size!

Sun Nov 15 19:37:18 2015

So a good lot of people asked to know the size of Shina's chest. you also voted on it being finished so here you go everyone!


Nipple PLay

Wed Oct 28 20:16:25 2015

Something that the wurf doesnt experience much nipple play. So here we see the somewhat confusion of being turned on while unsure...doesnt stop the obvious reaction though ...>.>...


Otter Bot Forms

Wed Oct 28 20:07:41 2015

Just scrap stuff i did a while back. this time including my otter bot character showing of just SOME of her body changing capabilities!


Voting Round 2!

Sun Sep 27 20:23:51 2015

Its that time again to vote on what image you would like to see me Finish! Head on over to the poll and vote!


Full Hang....

Sun Sep 27 19:37:23 2015

Wurrf after a tiring day and not wanting to move anymore...just falling back and letting Full orbs breath.


S. Mika!

Sun Sep 27 19:31:08 2015

Yeah i know its kinda overdone! but i like the character herself for being this thick strong female wrestler! so i did a thing!


Cant Sleep!

Mon Sep 14 18:40:15 2015

Sometimes...wurf cant sleep thanks to over burdens....i hope thats okay..
The second winner the voters picked to finish!

Cant_sleep_swollen_Color.png Cant_sleep_swollen_Color_clean.png

Too Hawt!

Sun Sep 13 20:15:34 2015

One of the winners y'all voted for. I know Summer is gone but the heat was real! here are some sweaty coontress bewbs!

If you would like to vote whats next to be finished, consider joining the voters pledge to be able to vote.


Too Hawwt!

Sat Sep 12 21:34:46 2015

been hitting the gym lately...and using the sauna....not too used to the heat yet. Also my buddy Kara likes to poke fun of me!


Sun Lotion Heyalp?

Fri Aug 28 23:56:40 2015

Twas summer and beach goings means you gotta protect them sensitive skins. always can use a helping hand.


Shina Measurements

Fri Aug 28 08:01:08 2015

Something i did a long while ago for tumblr that i should go back to. Cameo appearance of the pretty Katie!


I apologize...

Thu Aug 20 07:46:59 2015

Im sorry im being super inactive this month guys. im having a bit of a troubles battling mood swings. Ill try and post some things sometime soon and i still plan on finishing the images i said i would. Just gotta fix my brain. Im sorry about all of this.

The Polls Are In!

Wed Jul 29 23:03:47 2015

Thank you all for your votes! I figured I wont do two rounds on these pictures since the votes were pretty deciding this first time. So instead of voting for one to be finished, I'd take the top two images and finish them. They are pretty simple anyway so we have 2 winners! "Can't Sleep" and "Beat the Heat" are your winners!

Also Ill have to refine the voting process a little bit cause i think someone may have shared the link with others. Seeing as how there were 14 votes out of 10 voters...But even before the number passed the possible numbers, those two images were ahead a good bit.

thank you all for the votes!

Voting Round 1

Thu Jul 23 18:35:18 2015

Here's the link to the poll for the images you can vote on!
This poll will end next week with the two highest voted images. after that I will have another vote on the two highest images on which shall be finished.
If you have any questions , feel free to comment and ask them!

Poll Voting!

Thu Jul 23 17:36:42 2015

I figure I have enough arts to start voting on this time around. Just letting you all know its starting! Also higher tier patrons will get the link to vote on what gets finished (lined and colored)


Thu Jul 23 17:31:37 2015

So someone got Shina and I to try some interesting gear...who knows what will happen Next?


Can't Sleep

Fri Jul 17 18:39:47 2015

just a late night doodle. I couldnt sleep sooo. this happened .


beat the heat!

Fri Jul 17 16:56:02 2015

another blah doodle. shina trying to beat the heat


WoW! Thank youu!!

Sat Jun 27 08:40:40 2015

Every Patron successfully went through! 100% you are all amazing! Thank youuu!!

Fluff Butt

Sat Jun 27 03:13:23 2015

This was early in the year of wurf trying to work off that winter wait.
wasnt really happy with it thanks to anatomy being really off and the weights. Butt was big enough though yush.


Shina Pose Studies

Mon Jun 22 18:46:00 2015

The idea was shina was offered to do some nude posing for art studies for art students or something.


Thank YOU!

Sat Jun 20 20:23:28 2015

Just a simple thank you for your support or desire to support me. it means a lot and i want things to work out. will do my best!