Story Time Hi-Res and Alts

Wed Oct 7 13:21:15 2020

Full-sized, topless, and textless files attached!

BigTori_BIG.png BigTori_BIG_topless.png BigTori_BIG_notext.png BigTori_BIG_toplessNT.png BigTori_topless.png BigTori.png

Story Time

Wed Oct 7 13:18:33 2020

You should listen, I bet that book has a smash ending. ;)

BigTori.png BigTori_notext.png

Palabutt (Hi-Res ad alts)

Fri Sep 18 12:44:56 2020

Full-sized files with topless and hyper tits versions attached!

PalabuttBIG.png PalabutttopBIG.png PalabutttitsBIG.png Palabutt.png Palabutttits.png Palabutttop.png


Fri Sep 18 12:42:30 2020

The Palamute from Monster Hunter: Rise, which was announced... yesterday.


Palabutt.png Palabutttop.png

Snara 2 (Hi-Res)

Sun Sep 13 12:14:07 2020

Full-sized file attached!

SnaraprofileBIG.png Snaraprofile.png

Snara 2

Sun Sep 13 12:13:09 2020

More Snara!



Dragon Mom (Hi-res and alts)

Sun Sep 13 09:44:48 2020

Full-sized files with clean, cock, and no text versions!

FatFeralBIG.png FatFeralBIGalt.png FatFeralBIGnotext.png FatFeralBIGclean.png FatFeral.png FatFeralalt.png FatFeralclean.png

Dragon Mom

Sun Sep 13 09:42:24 2020

Sometimes you just need a nice big dragon mommy to take good care of you and I am more than happy to play the part. <3


Lewd Sphere (Hi-Res)

Sat Sep 12 23:41:49 2020

Full sized file attached!

SphereTaraBIG.png SphereTara.png

Lewd Sphere

Sat Sep 12 23:40:40 2020

Oh the life of a hyper sexualized balloon dragon girl...

Too caught up in euphoria to even realize you're floating away.


New Look (Hi-Res)

Thu Sep 10 22:38:23 2020

Full-sized files attached!

PracticeTarasNewBIG.png PracticeTarasNewNudeBIG.png PracticeTarasNew.png

New Look

Thu Sep 10 22:36:24 2020


PracticeTarasNew.png PracticeTarasNewNude.png

Stand Proud

Mon Sep 7 00:03:17 2020

Full sized file attached!

Standproud_BIG.png Standproud_Fin.png

TT Cosplay: Sans

Mon Sep 7 00:00:31 2020

Full sized files attached!

Sans_TT_BIG.png Sans_TT_alt_BIG.png Sans_TT.png

Another for the Collection! (Hi-Res)

Sun Sep 6 23:57:35 2020

Full-sized file attached!

YCH_Collection_BIG.png YCH_Collection.png

Another for the Collection!

Sun Sep 6 23:56:39 2020

Finished YCH image for Alexis on FA!


Taranimutt (Hi-Res)

Sat Aug 8 00:10:02 2020

Full-sized file attached!

Taranimutt_BIG.png Taranimutt.png


Sat Aug 8 00:08:35 2020




Gooey Pheromones (Hi-Res)

Sat Jul 4 08:49:09 2020

Full-sized file attached!

PheromonesandGooBIG.png PheromonesandGoo.png

Gooey Pheromones

Sat Jul 4 08:48:11 2020

YCH commission done for Borkish Brionne!


Terror and Anima

Sat Jul 4 08:23:04 2020

Just a few personal pieces I figured folks might like the hi-res files for! (Which are attached)

Anima_BIG.png Terrorwings_BIG.png Terrorwings.png Anima.png

PinknBubbly (Hi-Res)

Sat Jul 4 08:19:18 2020

Full-sized file attached!

Gigar_Com_1_BIG.png Gigar_Com_1.png


Sat Jul 4 08:18:24 2020

Commission for Gigar!


Friendly Coils (Hi-Res)

Thu May 28 18:11:35 2020

Full-size file attached!

Sangria_Com_1_BIG.png Sangria_Com_1.png

Friendly Coils

Thu May 28 18:10:29 2020

Commission for Sangria of her thick and squeaky snek self!


Cumtum (Hi-Res)

Sun May 24 20:16:32 2020

Full-size files attached!

Thav_Com_1_BIG.png Thav_Com_1_BIG_text.png Thav_Com_1.png


Sun May 24 20:14:57 2020

Commission for Thavara featuring a kobold Gedan!


Tits, Tums, Tentacles, and TERROR (Hi-Res)

Tue May 19 23:04:51 2020

Full-size file attached!

Volcanic_Angel_Com_1_BIG.png Volcanic_Angel_Com_1.png

Tits, Tums, Tentacles, and TERROR

Tue May 19 23:02:56 2020

Commission for VolcanicAngel!

Another one for Terror's collection... >:D


Baja Blast (Hi-Res)

Mon May 18 20:27:57 2020

Full-size file attached!

Huskier_Com_2_BIG.png Huskier_Com_2.png

Baja Blast

Mon May 18 20:26:53 2020

There is soon to be one! Com for Zoey and Claire!


Big Belly Breeding (Hi-Res)

Fri May 15 21:43:41 2020

Full-size image file attached!

Elara_Com_2_Revengeance_BIG.png Elara_Com_2_Revengeance.png

Big Belly Breeding

Fri May 15 21:41:54 2020

Commission for Elara featuring Mandarax, Sarisa, and yours truly!


Glimmer's New Toy

Fri May 8 04:55:47 2020

Commission for Buck featuring FSMaverick's Glimmer!

Hi-Res and Textless versions attached!

Buck_Com_2_BIG_text.png Buck_Com_2_BIG.png Buck_Com_2_text.png

Stream Coms (Bod/Altharch)

Thu Apr 30 20:59:42 2020

Full-size files for my rough stream coms from last night!

Bod_Com_1_BIG.png Altharch_Com_1_BIG.png Bod_Com_1.png

Biobold (Hi-Res)

Sun Apr 19 04:26:32 2020

Full-size file attached!

Auroragift_BIG.png Auroragift.png


Sun Apr 19 04:25:35 2020

Com for Sam as a gift for a certain kobold!


Fertility Farce

Mon Apr 13 05:57:48 2020

This is what tends to happen when you go messing with fertility idols laying around!

Full-sized file attached!

Niv_Pat_Com_2_BIG.png Niv_Pat_Com_2.png

Peep! (Hi-Res)

Sun Apr 12 07:21:34 2020

Full-size file and textless version attached!

Peep_BIG.png Peep_notext_BIG.png Peep.png


Sun Apr 12 07:20:05 2020

You heard her!


Principal Tara (Hi-Res)

Fri Apr 10 21:46:10 2020

Full-size file for Principal Tara and textless version attached!

Principal_Tara_BIG.png Principal_Tara_textless_BIG.png Principal_Tara.png

Principal Tara

Fri Apr 10 21:42:58 2020

Eat the apple.

Do it.


Cherry Picking (Hi-Res)

Wed Apr 8 22:12:34 2020

Full size file and no-text version attached!

Cherry_BIG.png Cherry_notext_BIG.png Cherry.png

Cherry Picking

Wed Apr 8 22:11:13 2020

Oh my, it seems a new resident has moved on to your island!
She certainly seems friendly. ;)


Eagerbold (Hi-Res)

Tue Apr 7 05:38:45 2020

Tiny Tara is a kobold who's always eager to please!

Full size file attached!

Eagerbold_BIG.png Eagerbold.png

Balloon Dragon Virus (Hi Res)

Sat Mar 28 00:07:57 2020

Full-size file for Balloon Dragon Virus atttached!

BD_Virus_BIG.png BD_Virus.png

Balloon Dragon Virus

Sat Mar 28 00:06:39 2020

Uh oh, looks like we have a new outbreak, and just look who patient zero is!



Sun Mar 22 02:53:04 2020

Pic for Aurum! Full-size file attached!

Niv_Pat_Com_1_BIG.png Niv_Pat_Com_1.png

Snara (Hi-Res)

Thu Mar 19 05:48:46 2020

Full-size file for SNARA attached

Snek_Tara_BIG.png Snek_Tara.png


Thu Mar 19 05:46:37 2020



Synth Snek (Hi-Res)

Mon Mar 16 21:22:54 2020

Full-size file for Synth Snek attached!

Elara_Synth_BIG.png Elara_Synth.png

Synth Snek

Mon Mar 16 21:21:31 2020

Beep Boop Hissss!

Com for Elara!


Outrageous Booty (Hi-Res)

Mon Mar 16 21:18:04 2020

Full-size file for Outrageous Booty attached!

PHAT_Dragonite_BIG.png PHAT_Dragonite.png

Outrageous Booty

Mon Mar 16 21:16:33 2020

Hah, get it? Like the move outrage? Yeah. You get it.

Have a thicc dragonite!

Better get ready for a long and heated battle, trainers ;)



Fri Mar 13 05:40:06 2020

Tiny Tara pics from this year!

Hi-res files attached!

Balloontime_BIG.png Nuggies_BIG.png TT_Butt_BIG.png TT_Butt.png Balloontime.png Nuggies.png

Jan-Mar Pics: Hyper Edition

Fri Mar 13 05:33:19 2020

Hyper/big tiddy pics from Jan-now!

Hi-res files attached!

Sam_Pat_Com_2_BIG.png Elaragift_BIG.png Gooey_Girth_BIG.png Gooey_Girth.png Elaragift.png Sam_Pat_Com_2.png

Jan-Mar Pics: Inflation Edition

Fri Mar 13 05:25:56 2020

Inflation pics from January til now!

Hi-res files Attached!

Roundbold_BIG.png Buck_Com_1_BIG.png Zooksie_com_2_BIG.png Agent_Pat_Com_2_BIG.png Slifar_Pat_Com_1_BIG.png Buck_Com_1_update.png Slifar_Pat_Com_1.png Agent_Pat_Com_2.png Zooksie_com_2.png Roundbold.png

Jan-Mar Pics: Other Characters Edition

Fri Mar 13 05:16:33 2020

Other character stuff from Jan-Mar!

Hi-Res files attached!

Renabutt_BIG.png Doombelle_BIG.png Doombelle_notext_BIG.png Rouge_the_Butt_BIG.png Renabutt.png Doombelle.png Rouge_the_Butt.png

Jan/Feb/Mar Pics: Big Bellies Edition

Fri Mar 13 05:10:27 2020

Big belly fillings from this year!

Hi-res files attached!

SL1_Pat_Com_1_BIG.png Sam_Gift_BIG.png Kistaro_Com_BIG.png Sam_Com_4_BIG.png Kistaro_Com.png Sam_Com_4.png Sam_Gift.png SL1_Pat_Com_1.png

January/February Pics: Pokemon Edition

Fri Mar 13 04:54:25 2020

Pokemon pics/coms from January and February!
High res files attached!

YK_Com_Front_BIG.png YK_Com_Behind_BIG.png Salewdzzle.png Wastelands_Butt_BIG.png Wastelands_Butt.png YK_Com_Front.png YK_Com_Behind.png

January/February Pics: Tara Edition

Fri Mar 13 04:48:34 2020

Tara pics from Christmas until the end of February!
All Full-sized files attached!

Tarastripes_BIG.png Wrapping_BIG.png Synthattack_BIG.png Tarasynth_BIG.png Terrorframe_BIG.png Tarastripes.png Wrapping.png Tarasynth.png Terrorframe.png Synthattack.png

Catchup posts

Fri Mar 13 04:21:18 2020

Hello folks!

So most of you know by now but for those that are new or were unaware, the last few months I've been posting all of the new art files (including the high-res files) in the Discord server, hence the long period of seemingly no content on here, but I will be posting the majority of it back up on here so the full-sized files are easier to find. Just wanted to let y'all know what was up and warn about the following torrent of posts!


Important: An overview of upcoming changes

Mon Jan 27 23:38:04 2020

Greetings everyone!

So, as most of you should know by now I will be rolling out major changes in the Patreon for February. This message is to make sure that everyone is informed and capable of making any changes in their patronage or tier status before those changes go into effect.

First and foremost: The $15 and $40 tiers will no longer exist come February. This is to allow me to instead take work directly through the Discord server without being tied to the restrictions and complications of a Patreon tier. What this means is that anyone in said tiers will need to switch to a lower tier ($1, $5, $10) to continue receiving benefits for their patronage. Patreon will not automatically change or delete your pledged amount, so you must do so manually if you wish to continue your patronage and continue receiving benefits.

The info for the lower tiers has been updated to better reflect the benefits.

Most notably the $10 tier now includes a special role for the Discord server which will allow you to participate in upcoming monthly community streams by voting on and submitting various subjects for me to work on.

More specifically these streams (which will occur one to a few times a month depending on my availability) will consist of various thing like:

-Projects/paintings that folks can vote on subject matter/characters, etc
-Sketch streams where folks can submit OCs/characters for me to pick and draw for a specific theme
-Mess with Tara streams where you can vote on what I draw happening to me (oh dear)

Anyone will be able to watch these streams but to vote/submit/participate in antics you will need the Discord role.

Going forward I plan to be running everything through the Discord server, as it is a far more reliable hub for communication and has been quite successful up to this point. I’m hoping to continue growing it into a fun, safe community for fans of this kind of content!

As for how I’ll be taking work going forward:

I will be taking hourly stream slot commissions through the Discord server.
These streams will be $50/hour for me to work on whatever you like. (subject to my normal terms/conditions) So you may use the time to have me work on a sketch/painting, refine previous work I’ve done, etc.
We will determine the number of hours beforehand and I will invoice you through paypal. If desired to continue beyond the pre-determined time you may ask for additional time at which point I will send a new invoice for the additional time. (obviously subject to the time available to me, or else it will need to be continued at a later date)

This hourly stream system will not be completely replacing my commissions. I will still be taking carious other kinds of commissions going forward, but this will be an ongoing offer exclusive to those in the Discord server.

And that is all I’ve got for now!
I've been through a lot this past year with the start of my transition and my divorce, so all of your patience and support has been a blessing. Thank you everyone and I hope to give you even more awesome work going forward! <3


Tiddy Troubles (Hi-Res)

Sun Dec 22 09:18:28 2019

Larger image file for Tiddy Troubles!

BigtiddyTara.png BigtiddyTara_BIG.png

Tiddy Troubles

Sun Dec 22 09:17:27 2019

Absolutely no troubles about it!



Sat Dec 21 22:40:01 2019

Gift for Trinityfate62 on Twitter!
(Hi-Res attached)

Elyssa.png Elyssa_BIG.png

Dragonslayer (Hi-Res)

Sat Dec 21 22:38:46 2019

Larger image file for Dragonslayer and a textless version!

TrinityTrade.png TrinityTrade_BIG.png TrinityTrade_BIG_notext.png


Sat Dec 21 22:37:30 2019

New from Tara's art trades, It's my half of a trade with Trinityfate62 on Twitter!

Featuring Yydra from the Trinity's art series! And Snoot!


Celebrating Appropriately (Hi-Res)

Fri Nov 29 06:20:14 2019

Larger image file for Celebrating Appropriately!

Thnkgvn_Tara_2.png Thnkgvn_Tara_2_BIG.png

Celebrating Appropriately

Fri Nov 29 06:19:10 2019

Well, yesterday was Thanksgiving and today is my birthday, so what better way to celebrate than with both party balloons AND a parade balloon? :D


Shy Goo (Hi-Res)

Thu Nov 21 20:20:24 2019

Larger image file for Shy Goo!

ShyGoo.png ShyGoo_BIG.png

Shy Goo

Thu Nov 21 20:19:31 2019

Goodra here may be shy, but I'm sure with enough encouragement she'll warm right up! :)


Snake Charmer

Thu Nov 21 20:15:29 2019

Image done for Val!

Val_JJAS.png Val_JJAS_BIG.png

Tara with Border

Sat Oct 26 08:05:46 2019

Much like the name, nothing special, just another pinup for practice! xD

Taraborder.png Taraborder_BIG.png


Fri Oct 25 01:12:14 2019

Just a pinup of yer favorite balloon kobold, Tiny Tara!

TT_Pinup.png TT_Pinup_BIG.png

Gigantamax Me (Hi-Res)

Tue Oct 22 23:00:47 2019

Larger image file for Gigantamax Me!

GigantamaxMe.png GigantamaxMe_BIG.png

Gigantamax Me

Tue Oct 22 22:59:57 2019

Rough one but absolutely had to do a pic of the new big Zard! <3


Balloon Wargreymon

Tue Oct 15 06:39:11 2019

Painting for Agentshark! I hope you like it! :)

Hi-Res attached!

Agentshark_JJAS.png Agentshark_JJAS_BIG.png

Thank You Cum Again! (Hi-Res)

Sat Oct 12 08:07:09 2019

Larger image file and textless version for Thank You Cum Again!

ThankYouCumAgain.png ThankYouCumAgain_BIG.png ThankYouCumAgain_BIG_Notext.png

Thank You Cum Again!

Sat Oct 12 08:05:06 2019

What? A gal can't moonlight as a condom? ;P


Black Tara

Sat Oct 12 00:35:30 2019

What's that? Black goo? Oh it's nothing too worry yourself about. :)

BlackTara.png BlackTara_BIG.png

Spell: Balloon Day! (Hi-Res)

Fri Oct 11 02:23:42 2019

Larger image file for Spell: Balloon Day!

Balloon_Day_2019.png Balloon_Day_2019_BIG.png

Spell: Balloon Day!

Fri Oct 11 02:22:30 2019

And with the flip of her wrist and the snap of her fingers all were balloons!

Happy Balloon Day!


Treat for the Tricked (Hi-Res)

Tue Oct 8 22:27:46 2019

Larger image files and textless versions for Treat for the Tricked!

Halloween_2019.png Halloween_2019_Terror.png Halloween_2019_BIG.png Halloween_2019_Terror_BIG.png Halloween_2019_BIG_Notext.png Halloween_2019_Terror_BIG_Notext.png

Treat for the Tricked

Tue Oct 8 22:25:05 2019

Don't worry, they won't REALLY be a Jack o'loon for eternity.

Once Halloween is over they'll just be a REGULAR balloon for eternity. ;)

Spooky Tara the Terror alt included!

Halloween_2019.png Halloween_2019_Terror.png

Choker Meme

Mon Sep 30 08:57:53 2019

Of course that's where it goes. Everyone else is clearly doing it wrong! ;P

Chokermeme.png Chokermeme_BIG.png

Patrons now automatically added to Discord

Mon Sep 30 01:44:39 2019

Hello again!

So upon further investigation it turns out that I could link Patreon to my Discord server directly and so all of you now have automatic access to my Discord server without the need for me to send an invite or grant permissions, so yay! Welcome to the server those who wish to use it!


Update! (new discord, sketches, changes)

Fri Sep 27 19:19:17 2019

Howdy folks!

It's been a while since I last gave an update as I've had a lot going on but I wanted to let you all in on a few things:

First off, I just created a new Discord server! The server will primarily be for individuals who I personally invite AND anyone who happens to be a patron of mine. There will be channels specifically limited to patrons for questions, comments, sharing, etc.
I've had several people ask about a server so I figured it was about time I had one! I'll be sharing a link for those of you who wish to join shortly.

Secondly, for those of you in my top tier, I will be working through the owed sketches person by person. With the next month upon us, I plan to simply include those sketches as I work through them, seeing as it will surely take me a bit to get everyone's done. I will be messaging each of you individually for details even if you've already sent me your ideas, as I plan to offer an alternative option I know some of you will jump on. :)

Lastly, at some point in the coming few months I may roll out a few changes to my Patreon tiers to try and streamline things. It's been a bit difficult for me to keep up and I don't want to be promising more than I'm capable of consistently delivering. This past year has been a learning experience and I greatly appreciate you all for sticking around for any amount of time! :) I will be making another announcement prior to any changes when they happen so you will all know beforehand.

And that's all for now, folks! Thanks for lending me your ears (eyes?) and more art to come!

-Tara <3

Balloon Babes (Hi-Res)

Thu Sep 26 19:48:12 2019

Larger image file and alt ft. Boris for Balloon Babes!

Boristrade.png Boristrade_Bor.png Boristrade_BIG.png Boristrade_Bor_BIG.png

Balloon Babes

Thu Sep 26 19:46:52 2019

Beembo and Tara! Trade with TheBoris on FA!


Mochibutt (Hi-Res)

Tue Sep 24 21:59:45 2019

Larger image file for Mochibutt!

Mochi_Pinup.png Mochi_Pinup_BIG.png


Tue Sep 24 21:58:52 2019

Mango Passionfruit flavored!


SlicknThick (Hi-Res)

Tue Sep 24 05:45:26 2019

Larger image file and swimsuit version of Slicknthick!

PHAT_Dragonair.png PHAT_Dragonair_SS.png PHAT_Dragonair_BIG.png PHAT_Dragonair_SS_BIG.png


Tue Sep 24 05:43:45 2019

Is Dragonair... thicker than I remember? Nah. Must be my imagination.


Balloon in Need (Hi-Res)

Fri Sep 20 04:52:48 2019

Larger image file and textless version for Balloon in Need!

Helpagirl.png Helpagirl_BIG.png Helpagirl_BIG_notext.png

Balloon in Need

Fri Sep 20 04:50:45 2019

Well? I'm waiting! This balloon isn't going to pump itself! ;P


Dodomama (Hi-Res)

Thu Sep 19 03:57:04 2019

Larger image file for Dodomama!

Dodomama.png Dodomama_BIG.png


Thu Sep 19 03:56:09 2019

It's the best girl, Dodogama! Those crystals sure look filling! ;)


Friendly Goo (Hi-Res)

Wed Sep 18 00:00:25 2019

Larger image file for Friendly Goo!

Casidhe_Com_2.png Casidhe_Com_2_BIG.png

Friendly Goo

Tue Sep 17 23:59:31 2019

Please remember to replace the caps on all potion samples. We wouldn't want any to escap- I mean spill. >>

Commission for Casidhe!


Lovely Lava Lamp (Hi-Res)

Tue Sep 10 02:51:15 2019

Larger image file and textless versions for Lovely Lava Lamp!

Sam_Com_3_text.png Sam_Com_3_text_BIG.png Sam_Com_3_BIG.png

Lovely Lava Lamp

Tue Sep 10 02:48:19 2019

Commission for Sam of them turning Elara here into quite the shiny lava lamp!


Stress Relief (Hi-Res)

Mon Sep 2 21:47:28 2019

Larger image file for Stress Relief!

Mischa_Com_1.png Mischa_Com_1_BIG.png

Stress Relief

Mon Sep 2 21:46:34 2019

Mischa here "volunteered" to advertise for my new line of stress toys! Little did she know that she was also "volunteering" to BE the stress toy. Either way, I doubt she'll be making any complaints any time soon. ;)


Tiniest Tara

Thu Aug 29 18:18:26 2019

Tiny Tara the kobold! Half the size, twice the trouble!

Tiniest_Tara.png Tiniest_Tara_BIG.png

What You Deserve (Hi-Res and Alt)

Sat Aug 24 21:18:28 2019

Larger image file for What You Deserve and a textless version as well!

Sam_Com_2.png Sam_Com_2_BIG.png Sam_Com_2_BIG_notext.png

What You Deserve

Sat Aug 24 21:17:02 2019

Commission for Sam of their Void dragoness caught in quite the gooey predicament after messing with Syric! She knew what she was getting into. -w-


Full Size Image Re-Upload

Thu Aug 15 18:50:44 2019

Hey folks!

It has come to my attention that Patreon recently changed how it handles images and it no longer lets you right-click to save them at their full resolution, so you may not have been able to get my most recent posts at their proper size. To remedy this, you can find the full size files for my last two images (Feraligatr and Snake) attached to this post for download. Going forward the hi-res files will once again be attached to their posts as such.



Sunny_Day_BIG.png The_Great_Serpent_BIG.png

Sunny Day (Hi-Res)

Thu Aug 15 09:08:07 2019

Larger image file for Sunny Day!


Sunny Day

Thu Aug 15 09:07:16 2019

What's that? Feraligatr can't learn sunny day? *grumble grumble*


The Great Serpent (Hi-Res)

Wed Aug 7 20:28:45 2019

Larger image file for The Great Serpent!


The Great Serpent

Wed Aug 7 20:27:47 2019

The Great Serpent from Sekiro in all her glory! Liberties may have been taken in a few places.


Fate of the Filled (Hi-Res)

Wed Aug 7 01:30:20 2019

Larger image file for Fate of the Filled!


Fate of the Filled

Wed Aug 7 01:29:15 2019

Commission for Casidhevixen on FA! Sometimes you just can't help but get TF'd into a living condom via giant dick magic. Dunno what to tell ya. :)


April/May Sketch Rewards part 4

Wed Aug 7 01:21:34 2019

Few more sketch rewards that have been completed!

Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Nixie.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Sam_1.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Sam_2.png

A Simple Spell (Hi-Res and Alt)

Fri Aug 2 07:56:30 2019

Larger image file for A Simple Spell and an alt version without the spurt!

A_Simple_Spell_BIG.png A_Simple_Spell_BIG_Alt.png

A Simple Spell

Fri Aug 2 07:53:42 2019

What good are eldritch magics if you don't put them to use? It'd be such a shame to let all those dark (and lewd) secrets of the universe go to waste! :D



Thu Aug 1 10:04:47 2019

Nothing special, just something fairly quick I whipped up I thought I'd share! (The hi-res file is also attached for everyone as well since it's not as big as usual) :)

Tara_Speed_1.png Tara_Speed_1_BIG.png

April/May Sketch Rewards Part 3

Thu Aug 1 10:00:32 2019

Last 4 for now, will post the rest as they are completed! Just wanted to get these all up since you guys have been waiting. :)

Also, if you're one of my sketch patrons, don't forget to send me your ideas for june/july if you havent yet! I can't do your sketch if I don't know what I'm doing! xD



Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Slifar_2.png Patsketch_APRMAY_Sumi_1.png Patsketch_APRMAY_Sumi_2.png Patsketch_APRMAY_Val_1.png

April/May Sketch Rewards Part 2

Thu Aug 1 09:56:03 2019

Second batch of sketches from April/May! (also apparently I can put more than 4 xD)

Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Onyx_2.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Onyx_1.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Niveus_2.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Slifar_1.png Patsketch_APRMAY_Val_2.png

April/May Sketch Rewards part 1

Thu Aug 1 09:51:09 2019

Heya Folks!

Patreon changed the way it handles images so I can actually upload these with previews without having to do them all individually! (I can do 4 at a time now) How convenient!

This is the first few of the sketches from April/May and I will be posting the rest that I have completed thus far in several subsequent posts! I'll be finishing the last few of these and moving on to June's asap! Thanks y'all for your patience as always. :)

Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_SL1.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Agentshark_1.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Agentshark_2.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Niveus_1.png Patsketch_APRMAY_2019_Niveus_2.png

Couch Balloon (Hi-Res)

Mon Jul 29 03:57:38 2019

Larger image file for Couch Balloon!

Couch_Balloon.png Couch_Balloon_BIG.png

Couch Balloon

Mon Jul 29 03:56:21 2019

In a world as hectic as this, don't ever forget to set aside some "you" time! (And plenty of "you" space, because it tends to run out quickly) ;)


Morning Stretch (Hi-Res)

Wed Jun 26 20:09:57 2019

Larger image file for Morning Stretch!

Cyanside_com.png Cyanside_com_BIG.png

Morning Stretch

Wed Jun 26 20:07:32 2019

Commission for Cyanside on FA of them having just gotten up to stretch after a good night's sleep. (and who wouldn't sleep well on all that?)


Oh Deer! (ling) (Hi-Res)

Sat Jun 22 21:11:06 2019

Larger image file for Oh Deer! (ling)!

Zorua3_com.png Zorua3_com_BIG.png

Oh Deer! (ling)

Sat Jun 22 21:09:57 2019

Commission for Zorua3 on FA of their Deerling having quite underestimated the pressure in that hose. I doubt she'll be coming down any time soon!


A Hugely Successful Experiment (Hi-Res)

Sat Jun 22 11:08:29 2019

Larger image file for A Hugely Successful Experiment!

Grendel_com.png Grendel_com_BIG.png

A Hugely Successful Experiment

Sat Jun 22 11:07:23 2019

Commission for Grendel on FA featuring their lab rat Gretchen performing a self indulgent experiment on herself to some very "enlightening" results. ;)


Drifting at Dusk (Hi-Res)

Sun Jun 16 07:46:55 2019

Larger image file for Drifting at Dusk!

Drifting_at_Dusk.png Drifting_at_Dusk_BIG.png

Drifting at Dusk

Sun Jun 16 07:45:51 2019

Sometimes you just can't help but float away!


Stream Sketch: AnathT

Thu Jun 13 20:15:50 2019

Stream sketch for AnathT!

AnathT-Stream-Sketch.png AnathT-Stream-Sketch-BIG.png

Stream Sketch: Huskier 2

Thu Jun 13 20:14:13 2019

Stream sketch for Huskier!

Huskier-Stream-Sketch-2.png Huskier-Stream-Sketch-2-BIG.png

Stream Sketch 09Hankris

Thu Jun 13 20:11:34 2019

Heya folks!

I'm going to be posting many of the stream commissions I've done sporadically. Figured y'all would be interested in seeing/having em since they're lying around anyways. :)

The hi-res version will be attached as well.

09Hankris-Stream-Sketch.png 09Hankris-Stream-Sketch-BIG.png

Yamper Butt (Hi-Res)

Thu Jun 13 06:16:30 2019

Larger image file for Yamper Butt!

PHAT_Yamper.png PHAT_Yamper_BIG.png

Yamper Butt

Thu Jun 13 06:15:24 2019

New corgi pokemon! Had to give it a draw. :)


Queen Ghidorah (Hi-Res)

Wed Jun 5 10:06:06 2019

Larger image file for Queen Ghidorah!

Queen-Ghidorah.png Queen-Ghidorah-BIG.png

Queen Ghidorah

Wed Jun 5 10:04:54 2019

My favorite kaiju got quite the makeover with this most recent film. <3


Mochi the Goo Dragon

Sat Jun 1 01:19:38 2019

And here is the result of the polls this month! Designed off of the winning 6 criteria, it's Mochi, the goo dragon! I will also be doing a pinup of her as well. :)

May-Patreon-Poll-Design.png May-Patreon-Poll-Design-BIG.png

Worship (Hi-Res)

Wed May 29 08:56:51 2019

Larger image file for Worship!

Val-Com-2.png Val-Com-2-BIG.png

Worship (Commission)

Wed May 29 08:55:49 2019

Commission for Val of themselves with a very well-endowed Sumi!


Sketch Rewards March 2019

Wed May 29 08:52:53 2019

And here are the March ones!

Niveus-March-2019.png Agent-March-2019.png Mung-March-2019.png Nixie-March-2019.png Onyx-March-2019.png Sam-March-2019.png Slifar-March-2019.png Sumi-March-2019.png Val-FebMarch-2019 (d)

Sketch Rewards Feb 2019

Wed May 29 08:49:37 2019

Here they finally are! The February sketch rewards! The March ones will be posted right after this as well. Thank you all for being so patient! As usual they are all in full res for everyone.

SL1-Feb-2019.png Agent-Feb-2019.png Niveus-Feb-2019.png Mung-Feb-2019.png Nixie-Feb-2019.png Onyx-Feb-2019.png Slifar-Feb-2019.png Sumi-Feb-2019.png Val-Jan-2019.png

Character Pinup Poll Part 4 (of6)

Sat May 25 18:14:35 2019


Character Pinup Poll Part 3 (of6)

Sat May 25 18:13:06 2019

WHAT COLOR WILL OUR CHARACTER BE? (This is for the most prominent color, I may add others)

Character Pinup Poll Part 2 (of6)

Sat May 25 18:10:20 2019


Character Creation Pinup Poll Part 1! (of 6)

Sat May 25 18:07:40 2019

Howdy folks!

Thought I'd give a little update first, if you don't care, poll info can be found below it!


I'm currently finishing up the last of the February and March sketch reward backlog and should have those posted shortly, so if you are a sketch patron and haven't given me your April idea please do so asap so I can be on track to be caught up with everything going into next month!
Since I am finally getting caught up I can get back to doing the monthly pinup poll which so unfortunately fell by the wayside.
Once again I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding regarding that situation.

--Poll Info!--

SO, I thought since we're getting back to it we could try something crazy and new! Long story short, we're going to invent a character for the next pinup! How?

There will be 6 polls, (This being the first) each determining an aspect of the character:
-Eye Color
-Special Physical Trait
-Kink Focus

The First 4 will be open to all my patrons but the last 2 will only be open to the normal poll tiers. All the polls will close on Monday and I should start work on the pinup shortly after that. Let's see what kind of monster we create!


Used Pile (Hi-Res and alt)

Sat May 25 01:46:50 2019

Larger image file and textless version of Used Pile!

Used-Pile-Text.png Used-Pile-BIG.png Used-Pile-Text-BIG.png

Used Pile

Sat May 25 01:45:17 2019

Oh my, how lewd!


Tarabutt (Hi-Res)

Tue May 21 20:51:18 2019

Larger image files for both versions of Tarabutt!

Tarabutt.png Tarabutt-BIG.png Tarabutt-alt-BIG.png

Tarabutt (alt)

Tue May 21 20:50:01 2019

Now with more belly!



Tue May 21 20:48:41 2019

Balloon butts are best butts


Queen-Sized Hi-Res

Mon May 20 06:18:35 2019

Larger image file for Queen-Sized!

PHAT-Nidoqueen.png PHAT-Nidoqueen-BIG.png


Mon May 20 06:16:47 2019

Finally back with some more stuff for y'all!

To kick things off, have some queen-sized Pokebooty!


Stream Sketch: Whiteheart

Mon Apr 15 19:12:39 2019

Stream commission for Whiteheart!
Full-sized file attached.

Whiteheart-Stream-Sketch.png Whiteheart-Stream-Sketch-BIG.png

Stream Sketch: Slifar

Mon Apr 15 19:10:38 2019

Stream commission for Slifar!
Full-sized file attached.

Slifar-Stream-Sketch.png Slifar-Stream-Sketch-BIG.png

Stream Sketch: Huskier

Mon Apr 15 19:09:41 2019

Stream commission for Huskier!
Full-sized file attached.

Huskier-Stream-Sketch.png Huskier-Stream-Sketch-BIG.png

Stream Sketch: Drakkece

Mon Apr 15 19:08:03 2019

Stream commission for Drakkece!
Full-sized file attached.

Drakkece-Stream-Sketch.png Drakkece-Stream-Sketch-BIG.png

Stream Sketch: Alterationartist

Mon Apr 15 19:06:45 2019

Stream commission for Alterationartist!
Full-sized file attached.

Alterationa-Stream-Sketch.png Alterationa-Stream-Sketch-BIG.png

Sketch Rewards Jan 2019

Mon Apr 15 19:04:14 2019

Hey folks!

Here are the sketch rewards from January! As usual you can find the full size files for each of them attached to this post available for everyone!

I will be continuing on through the February and March ones, so if you were a sketch tier Patron during those months and have yet to send me your sketch ideas, please do so!

Along with these I will also be posting some of the sketch commissions I've taken in my streams over the past few weeks in separate posts.

More stuff to come! Thanks all!


Slifar-Nixie-Jan-2019.png SL1-Jan-2019.png Sam-Jan-2019.png Onyx-Jan-2019.png Niveus-Jan-2019.png Mung-Jan-2019.png Curious-Jan-2019.png Chace-Jan-2019.png

Tyranitatas (Hi-Res)

Wed Apr 3 06:10:00 2019

Larger image file for Tyranitatas!



Wed Apr 3 06:07:53 2019

I couldn't think of a better name xD


Gloss and Glory (Hi-Res)

Tue Apr 2 18:40:27 2019

Larger image file for Gloss and Glory!


Gloss and Glory

Tue Apr 2 18:38:49 2019

pretty self explanatory!


Lonia (Hi-Res)

Tue Apr 2 18:36:46 2019

Larger image file for Lonia!



Tue Apr 2 18:35:51 2019

Commission for Mungkorn of their Ridley gal Lonia all nice and MASSIVE!


Update and Sketch Com Stream Later Today!

Sat Mar 30 09:25:56 2019

Hello everyone!

Just a little update!

I have finally finished my long commission queue and have started work on the tier sketches from January. Once those are complete I will be asking everyone for both their February AND March ideas, at which point I will be hunkering down and spending the next few weeks cranking them all out. At that point I'll be all caught up with EVERYTHING! I'd like to thank those of you again for your patience in waiting for those. You folks are the best!

Now, if you are interested in something in the short term, I will be holding a stream later today where I will be taking black and white shaded sketch commissions identical to those for my top tier patrons. If you find yourself interested, please take a look at my journal over on FA:


Thanks again everyone!


Tarenamon (Hi-Res)

Thu Mar 21 01:11:42 2019

Larger image file for Tarenamon!



Thu Mar 21 01:10:38 2019

Whoops, Renamon. I don't know why or how but hey, at least I'm cute!


Luna (Hi-Res)

Mon Mar 18 23:23:23 2019

Larger image file for Luna!



Mon Mar 18 23:21:15 2019

Commission for Sumi of Luna from MLP!


BoobsnBeer (Hi-Res)

Mon Mar 18 07:30:07 2019

Larger image file for BoobsnBeer!



Mon Mar 18 07:29:03 2019

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Have some Big ol tits on the house!


Tiny Tara (Hi-Res)

Sat Mar 16 05:49:17 2019

Larger image file for Tiny Tara!


Tiny Tara

Sat Mar 16 05:48:03 2019

Balloon kobold! For when your balloon dragon is low on air!

Anyone wanna fill this one up and take her home? :)


RednRound (Hi-Res)

Thu Mar 14 22:44:25 2019

Larger image file for RednRound!



Thu Mar 14 22:43:30 2019

Second commission for Vulpes-Solus!


Oops! (Hi-Res)

Wed Mar 13 01:56:58 2019

Larger image file for Oops!



Wed Mar 13 01:55:59 2019

Seems I wasn't paying attention to where I was sitting! He's still visible, after all. >;)
Commission for Vulpes-Solus on FA!


Animaloon (Hi-Res)

Sun Mar 10 03:42:26 2019

Larger image file for Animaloon!



Sun Mar 10 03:41:29 2019

Just a quick personal pic I squeezed out between commissions. :)


Goo-Filled Gal (Alt) (Hi-Res Attached)

Wed Mar 6 03:52:02 2019

Alternate version of Goo-Filled Gal without the extra goop! (Hi-Res Version attached!)

Sam-Com-1-Alt.png Sam-Com-1-Alt-Big.png

Go-Filled Gal (Hi-Res)

Wed Mar 6 03:49:06 2019

Larger image file for Goo-Filled Gal!


Goo-Filled Gal

Wed Mar 6 03:48:08 2019

Commission for Sam of their Abyss dragoness all nice and filled with mysterious goo! If you ask me it's quite a good look for her. ;)



Sat Mar 2 03:05:24 2019

Hey folks just a quick update-

Just wanted to let everyone know what I'm working on at the moment and what's up with the sketch rewards!

Right now I'm finishing up the last few WIPS in my commission queue. I should have those finished soon, after which I will be completing all the January sketches I am behind on. Once those are done everyone in the sketch tier can feel free to send me their February ideas while I finish up my commissions. At that point I can get the February sketches done and I should be all caught up by the end of the month! I have a few personal pics that I had been putting off for commission work that I expect to have for you this month as well, so there is also that to look forward to!

I think that's it for now! Thanks everyone!


Prickly Situation (Hi-Res)

Thu Feb 21 06:26:19 2019

Larger image file for Prickly Situation!


Prickly Situation

Thu Feb 21 06:23:12 2019

Hornet here seems to have gone and gotten herself all tied up! Maybe a brave little knight could help her out? ;)

Hornet is of course from Hollow Knight!


A Good Valentine (Hi-Res)

Fri Feb 15 05:15:59 2019

Larger image file for A Good Valentine!


A Good Valentine

Fri Feb 15 05:07:52 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! You're all welcome to this Valentine of course. ;)


Warmth (Hi-Res)

Tue Feb 12 09:23:05 2019

Larger image file for Warmth!


Warmth (commission)

Tue Feb 12 09:22:04 2019

Commission for Whiteheart on FA!

Don't you just wanna cuddle up to that big and soft body? I bet it's super cozy!


Ready to Go (Hi-Res)

Sun Feb 10 10:18:43 2019

Larger image file for Ready to Go!


Ready to Go (commission)

Sun Feb 10 10:17:49 2019

Commission for SoldierOFortune7 on FA of their Rex character Twist!

He looks like he wants something! ;)


In Space No One Can Hear You Squeak (Hi-Res)

Fri Feb 8 04:15:19 2019

Larger image file for In Space No One Can Hear You Squeak!


In Space No One Can Hear You Squeak

Fri Feb 8 04:14:11 2019

Nothing like a playful stroll as you turn an entire population into balloons!
I'm totally not a villain, I swear! >;3 <3

Commission for Sanagi of myself turning their Cyani Ira (and subsequently her entire hive) into balloons whilst on an apparent spacefaring adventure!


A Hypnotic Performance (Hi-Res)

Tue Feb 5 11:02:00 2019

Larger image file for A Hypnotic Performance!


A Hypnotic Performance (commission)

Tue Feb 5 11:00:48 2019

It seems someone has hypnotized poor Zephyr here into thinking she is a performing balloon! Who would have thought the power of suggestion to be so effective? Either way, I don't think she'll be objecting any time soon. ;)

Commission for Huskier on FA!


Hot and Spicy (Hi-Res)

Mon Feb 4 05:27:32 2019

Larger image file for Hot and Spicy!


Hot and Spicy

Mon Feb 4 05:26:07 2019

Just how I like my chicken!

Surprise! Second Pokemon pic tonight! :)


Guardian of the Seas (Hi-Res)

Mon Feb 4 01:16:16 2019

Larger image file for Guardian of the Seas!


Guardian of the Seas (January 2019 Pinup winner)

Mon Feb 4 01:14:45 2019

Here she is! Lugia in all her thick glory! She's quite the catch if you can manage her. ;)


Potent Potion (Hi-Res)

Thu Jan 31 11:44:38 2019

Larger image file for Potent Potion!


Potent Potion (commission)

Thu Jan 31 11:43:10 2019

Rule #1 of Tara's potion shop: Always take the free samples.
Rule #2: Feel free to touch the new merchandise. ;)

Commission for Klonoap on FA!

This was the last pic in my previous queue, so now it's on to all the new sketches!



Thu Jan 31 08:55:43 2019

Hello again folks.

Let me just start off by thanking everyone for being so understanding with my prior update. It does mean a lot to me.

With that said, I'd just like to give a few announcements on what I'm currently working on and will be over the next few weeks. In no particular order:

-January Pinup: Lugia was the winner! So with that I will be doing a thick lugia gal for the belated January pinup pic.

-January reward sketches: If you are a sketch patron and haven't given me your idea/info please make sure to do so as I will be working on the sketches intermittently over the next few weeks.

-Commission sketches: I will also be completing each of the initial sketch WIPS for all of my current commissions in tandem with the reward sketches. (Making 21 total to do between them, which is why it will be over the course of a few weeks)

-finishing up some pics that have been in stasis for a while now (including 3 pokemon pics and a few personal ones) These will take less priority than the sketches, but I will work on them as I can.

Thanks again everyone for being so patient. I hate coming up short, especially in this case where y'all are supporting me so. Hopefully I can make up for it!

-Tara <3

Important Update

Sat Jan 26 06:22:36 2019

Hey folks,

In the interest of transparency I wanted to let everyone know a few things:

I haven't been able to keep up with my usual output of work due to a number of complicated situations that have recently arisen in my personal life. This may or may not have been apparent to everyone yet, but it certainly has been for me and will likely result in a delay in posting for much of my in-progress projects. It also means it might take me a bit longer to get the sketches for this month done while I try and catch up on a few other things. (Still please send me the info if you are one of my sketch patrons as I will need it when I am able to work on them)

To put it plainly, in the past month I unexpectedly lost a friend to heart complications, learned that a family member of mine was also in the process of dying, and have been dealing with some ongoing personal problems that I can't discuss at the moment. I don't like to let things get in the way of art, but unfortunately it has been really difficult for me. I hope everyone can understand if I'm behind by a bit while I try and catch up/recollect myself.

Thank you everyone,


Getting Acquainted (Hi-Res)

Fri Jan 25 09:39:53 2019

Larger image file for Getting Acquainted!


Getting Acquainted

Fri Jan 25 09:38:56 2019

It seems that Kitty has found herself a magical new friend! Seems we hit it off quite well... <3

My half of a trade with Gin Blackfox!


Actual Witch (Hi-Res)

Tue Jan 22 09:40:46 2019

Larger image file for Actual Witch!


Actual Witch

Tue Jan 22 09:38:55 2019

For those rare moments when "Balloon Witch" doesn't cut it. :D


You Mess with the Balloon... Hi-Res

Fri Jan 18 03:48:41 2019

Larger image file for You Mess with the Balloon!


You Mess with the Balloon... (commission)

Fri Jan 18 03:47:13 2019

You become the balloon. ;)

Commission for Chace of them finding out the hard way why you don't (do) mess with this balloon dragon's tail.


December 2018 Sketches

Fri Jan 18 03:31:38 2019

Hi folks,

Attached below are the full sized files for each of last month's sketch rewards! As usual they are all named for the individual they are for, but anyone can download them.


December-2018-Cervantez.png December-2018-Altharch.png December-2018-Curious.png December-2018-Mung.png December-2018-Niveus.png December-2018-Onyx.png December-2018-Sam.png December-2018-SL1.png December-2018-Slifar.png December-2018-Val.png December-2018-Sumi.png


Wed Jan 16 04:26:04 2019

Hi folks,

Just a little update on things so y'all know what's going on!

-I had to put the last few sketch rewards from last month on hiatus for a week as I was unable to stream, but they will be completed and all of them posted up here this week. (I was waiting to post until they were all done)

-January poll will by going up this week and it will be to decide who I'll be making an extra thicc lady!

-I have several personal pieces I'm working on finishing up, so those will be up sporadically over the next few weeks along with a couple of commissions I've either already finished or am currently finishing.

More announcements to come soon!


#TweetFur Again! (Hi-Res)

Fri Jan 4 15:12:43 2019

Larger image file for #TweetFur Again!


#TweetFur Again!

Fri Jan 4 15:11:32 2019

I DID IT AGAIN. I like this one much better than the previous one I did. :)


Industrial Sized Tank (Hi-Res)

Thu Jan 3 14:18:25 2019

Larger image file for Industrial Sized Tank!


Industrial Sized Tank (Commission)

Thu Jan 3 14:02:11 2019

Commission for Val of Sumi!

Good old fashioned fun with hoses and mystery fluids. :)



Thu Jan 3 13:50:14 2019

I couldn't help myself. Quick one for the silly #Tweetfur thing on Twitter. :)


Spiked Punch (Hi-Res)

Tue Jan 1 12:06:27 2019

Larger image file for Spiked Punch!


Spiked Punch

Tue Jan 1 12:05:23 2019

Hyper, er, Happy New Year!

Make sure you always check the punch to make sure that a certain balloon dragon has(nt) tampered with it!

This was December's pinup as voted for by you featuring Spyro!

-Tara <3


Announcements: Commissions, December Sketches, Pinup Winner, and Thanks

Sun Dec 30 11:34:32 2018

Howdy Folks! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I have a few important announcements for you today:

First off, I would like to announce that I will be taking digital painting commissions on the evening (EST) of January first. (New Year's Day)

-Each slot will have a base price of $200 for a single character painting and go up from there. (This is before factoring in any tier discounts if you happen to have one.)
-There will be 3 slots open exclusively to my patrons that will be announced here on my Patreon page. If you happen to miss the patron only slots, I will be having a public opening on my FA page shortly afterwards which will be announced on FA and Twitter. This opening will also have a limited number of slots.

Secondly, I will be working on each of the December tier sketches next weekend, so if you are one of my sketch tier patrons, make sure to message me your sketch info this week!

Thirdly, I'd like to announce that the winner of the December pinup poll was hyper Spyro! I have already started work on the piece, so y'all should have that to look forward to in the next few days!

and FINALLY, I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for supporting me. It really means a lot that so many of you have been willing to give over the past few months. I never imagined that things would've grown as much as they have in the short time that they did. I'm hoping to keep things going strong into the new year and hopefully live up to your expectations thus far.

Thank you all so much and have a happy new year!


Couldn't Fit Under the Tree

Tue Dec 25 13:59:02 2018

This was done as a Christmas present for Mabo aka Milkybody over on Twitter and FA, but I figured I'd share it here for everyone as well! The high-res file is also attached for everyone. :)

Merry Christmas, Y'all!


Christmas-Mabo.png Christmas-Mabo-BIG.png

Can't Stop Won't Stop! Hi-Res

Sat Dec 22 11:47:26 2018

Larger image file for Can't Stop Won't Stop!


Can't Stop Won't Stop!

Sat Dec 22 11:46:07 2018

And it's just making me bigger!


Steel Balloons Hi-Res

Thu Dec 20 03:58:40 2018

Larger image file for steel balloons!


Steel Balloons

Thu Dec 20 03:57:20 2018

I dunno what else to call em! xD


Water Weight Hi-Res

Wed Dec 19 06:18:12 2018

Larger image file for Water Weight!


Water Weight

Wed Dec 19 06:16:47 2018

If thick thighs save lives then this gal is a big angel! <3


November 2018 Reward Sketches

Tue Dec 18 05:57:29 2018

Hey y'all!

After another 15 hour stream, I have finished all the November sketch rewards for everyone to download! Full sized files for each of them are attached. Each is labeled for their respective individual but anyone can download them.

December pinup poll will be posted soon as well!


November-2018-Agentshark.png November-2018-Altharch.png November-2018-Curious.png November-2018-Mung.png November-2018-Niveus.png November-2018-Onyx.png November-2018-Sam.png November-2018-SL1.png November-2018-Slifar.png November-2018-Val.png November-2018-SumiChace.png

Sketch Reward Stream Starting at 7PM EST

Sun Dec 16 22:24:07 2018

I will be working on as many of the November sketch rewards as I can tonight! Drop on in if you feel like watching! Starting around 7PM (about an hour and a half from the time I'm posting this) and working until I collapse!



November Sketch Reward Stream Sunday!

Fri Dec 14 22:49:27 2018

Hi folks!

So now that I'm catching up on lost time from the con I can finally get to the November sketches! I just got the last of everyone's requests yesterday, so I will be holding a stream where I work on them later in the day this Sunday. If I don't get through all of them I will finish whatever ones are leftover as I stream my remaining commission work throughout the week.

I will also be posting the December pinup poll at the beginning of next week, so keep an eye out for that!

For now I am working on a backlog of images to complete from before MFF, so I will soon have some more pictures to post as well! (if you've popped onto my streams at all you've likely seen a few of them in progress)

That's all for now, thanks Y'all!


Curves Hi-Res

Wed Dec 12 08:05:03 2018

Larger image file for curves!



Wed Dec 12 08:03:33 2018

Did this to test out the settings on my new MacBook. Taking some getting used to but I dig it! Any opportunity to show off the curves!

More posts to come soon! (MFF has me backed up. Working on finishing a whole bunch!)


About to Burst Hi-Res

Tue Dec 4 23:14:10 2018

Larger image file for About to Burst!


About to Burst! (commission)

Tue Dec 4 23:12:21 2018

Oh no, I hope she doesn't explode! << >>

Commission for SL1!

Boy do I love me some big liquidy inflation ❤️


Back from MFF! Sketch and Commission Announcements!

Tue Dec 4 18:47:31 2018

Howdy everyone!

I am back from MFF and let me tell you it was an incredible experience! I got to hang out and become friends with many of my peers as well as with a few of you! I am greatly looking forward to next year! :) Of course, now that I'm back that means getting back to work, and with that in mind...

I will be completing all of the November sketch rewards over this and next week, so if you are one of my sketch Patrons and have not yet given me the description of what you want, please send me a message on here as soon as you can with the details!

During that time I will also be working on completing the rest of my commission queue to make way for my next opening later in the month.

Once my queue is done I will be holding a single YCH auction followed by an opening on painting commissions at the end of the month. The base price on these painting commissions before any discounts (if you have one) will be $200. I will have a few slots reserved specifically for Patrons which I will open here prior to my other slots. If you miss out on the initial slots, you are of course welcome to go for the regular opening which will likely happen the following day. (I will let you know) In any case, I will have another announcement closer to the opening with more info for those interested.

That's all for now!

Thanks folks!


Back Alley Float Hi-Res

Mon Nov 26 08:03:55 2018

Larger image file for Back Alley Float! (admittedly this one is a bit rough. Could only dedicate so much time to it after losing so much. My apologies!)


Back Alley Float (November 2018 Pinup Winner)

Mon Nov 26 07:59:11 2018

Happy Thanks...giving?

Okay, so it's late. Can you blame me after seeing this? Being turned into an airheaded parade float by rogue magical strings will delay you from working for a good while! Ya'll voted for this, remember?

(also photoshop mishaps losing you seven hours of progress will delay things too) e__e;

Thanks for being patient, folks!



Pinup Delay

Fri Nov 23 06:24:47 2018

Hey folks,

So I had originally stated that I was going to try and post the November pinup for Thanksgiving, but due to some unforeseen family obligations and a very unfortunate
technical mishap I could not finish the pinup in time. I apologize for the delay and I
will have it done before the end of the week!



Happy Thanksgiving! (Nov Pinup, sketch info, and MFF)

Thu Nov 22 07:28:30 2018

Hello all! I'm hoping that you all have a happy holiday!

I'd like to announce that the winner for the November pinup poll has been determined. It looks like this month it'll be yours truly getting a bit of the parade balloon treatment! I should have the image posted up everywhere some time tonight once I have the opportunity to stream finishing it up.

I'd also like to let my sketch patrons know that this month's sketches will be completed the first week of December, so as soon as you have the information for what you'd like, be sure to drop me a message on here with the details so I can be prepared. I should also mention that going forward I plan to continue the trend of doing the current month's sketches the first week of the following month. This ensures that anyone who happens to become a new sketch patron gets a sketch for the month they joined and it let's me manage everything more easily. I will be messaging this month's $15 sketch recipient prior to this months sketch stream as well.

Finally, I would just like to let you all know that I will be officially attending Midwest Furfest at the end of the month from Wednesday, November 28th until Monday, December 3rd. I look forward to seeing anyone who may be there!

Thanks everyone!

PS: More Pokemon and Tara pics incoming soon!

Balloons and Chocolates Hi-Res

Sat Nov 17 11:26:05 2018

Larger image file for Balloons and Chocolates!


Balloons and Chocolates (commission)

Sat Nov 17 11:24:57 2018

Commission for Yips!

When they said chocolates were an aphrodisiac, I don't think this is what they meant. Say, what brand is that anyways? ;)


Mama Vaal Hi-Res

Fri Nov 16 10:57:02 2018

Larger image file for Mama Val!


Mama Vaal

Fri Nov 16 10:55:24 2018

Vaal Hazak from Monster Hunter World! She might look intimidating, but she really knows how to handle a hunter. ;)

Second Elder Dragon I ended up giving a makeover. May just have to make a series!


Big Mama Zard Hi-res

Wed Nov 14 11:49:37 2018

Larger image file for Big Mama Zard!


Mama Zard Hi-res

Wed Nov 14 11:48:36 2018

Larger image file for Mama Zard!


Big Mama Zard

Wed Nov 14 11:45:36 2018

A BIGGER glossy charizard milf of course!


Mama Zard

Wed Nov 14 11:44:24 2018

What's better than a big and glossy charizard milf?


October 2018 Sketches

Tue Nov 6 12:44:46 2018

Alrighty, after some much needed rest I finally got these guys uploaded! Rather than uploading each one with its own post I simply attached all of the hi-res files here for everyone. (unfortunately patreon only allows one image to show per post as far as I can tell, but everyone's file is labeled and attached below in the order I did them)


October-2018-Gin.png October-2018-SL1.png October-2018-Val.png October-2018-Kuro2.png October-2018-Curious.png October-2018-Sam.png October-2018-Niveus.png October-2018-Onyx.png October-2018-Altharch.png October-2018-Sumi.png

October Sketches complete!

Mon Nov 5 13:03:25 2018

15 hours of streaming later and all the October tier sketches are done! I need to get some sleep now but I will have them all posted up here later today!

Monthly Sketch Stream Starting Shortly!

Sun Nov 4 22:30:30 2018

Ended up getting home later than I'd hoped today, but in a short bit I'll be streaming the monthly sketches the rest of the night! Feel free to come in and hang out/chat!


Sketch stream this afternoon!

Sun Nov 4 06:04:15 2018

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that I will be starting the sketch stream today (sunday) in the afternoon (EST) and going until I have completed everyone's sketches! I will post another notice here before I start.



Thrashing Time! Hi-Res

Sat Nov 3 10:23:23 2018

Larger image file for Thrashing Time!


Thrashing Time!

Sat Nov 3 10:22:17 2018

A little re-imagining of Susie from Delta Rune! :)


Sketch stream all day Sunday

Sat Nov 3 05:04:13 2018

Hello everyone!

Just a little notice to let you know that this Sunday (tomorrow technically as I'm posting this at 1AM on Saturday) I will be spending the majority of the day streaming all of the October sketches for my $40 patrons on Picarto. Feel free to drop in and watch at any point! I will make another post here when I plan to start. It will take a while to get through them all, so expect the stream to be up for a long time! If you were a $40 patron for October and haven't gotten me your description yet, please do so ASAP!

Thanks again!

A Spooky Spell of Soaring Spheres Hi-Res

Thu Nov 1 04:10:34 2018

Larger image file for A Spooky Spell of Soaring Spheres!


A Spooky Spell of Soaring Spheres (October 2018 Pinup Winner)

Thu Nov 1 04:05:04 2018

Happy Halloween!
Behold A Spooky Spell of Soaring Spheres! The October pinup winner!
Those dang ghosts are playing tricks on me again!

Thanks to everyone who voted and to everyone who has become a Patron this first month of my Patreon. It really means a lot!



Streaming on Picarto in one hour!

Wed Oct 31 19:15:13 2018

At about 4:15PM EST I will be streaming as I work on the Halloween pinup on Picarto.


October Poll Image Stream Today and Sketch Stream this Weekend

Wed Oct 31 07:43:20 2018

Hiya folks!

So it's Halloween now and that means the October pinup poll is now finished. It looks like this months winner is...

A spooky spell of soaring spheres!

So what that means is later today I will be holding a stream for if anyone wishes to see it worked on. I plan to start sometime after 2PM EST and I will make a post here when I plan to start the stream. If you don't feel like watching or if you miss the stream the image will be posted everywhere immediately following it's completion and the hi-res file will be posted here.

As for the October monthly sketches, I will be holding a stream where I plan to complete them all over the weekend. I will make a post here when exactly I plan to start. If you are a $40 patron and have not yet messaged me the details of what you would like, please do so before the weekend. (this includes everyone who became a $40 patron within this month) All of the sketches will be posted here after the stream.

That's all! Thanks everyone!


Pheromones Hi-Res

Wed Oct 31 07:15:42 2018

Larger image file for Pheromones!



Wed Oct 31 07:14:27 2018

If this Salazzle's figure doesn't get to you, her pheromones surely will. ;P


Space Club FWOOMPH Hi-Res

Mon Oct 29 21:19:11 2018

Larger image file for Space Club FWOOMPH


Space Club FWOOMPH (commission)

Mon Oct 29 21:17:59 2018

Commission for WerewolfNL on FA


Goat Milf Hi-Res File

Sun Oct 28 12:22:40 2018

The large image file for Goat Milf!


Goat Milf

Sun Oct 28 12:21:41 2018

It's Toriel! :D And her big butt! :D


Mama Kulve Hi-Res

Sun Oct 28 12:14:52 2018

Larger image file for Mama Kulve!


Mama Kulve

Sun Oct 28 12:13:41 2018

Kulve Taroth from monster hunter. Nice and big like all things should be!


Monthly sketch examples and details

Thu Oct 25 08:55:05 2018

Just a couple examples of what the monthly sketches will be similar to.

If you are a $40 patron and you know what you'd like to get for this month's sketch, please send me a message with a short description and a link to an image of the character you would like. Once I have everyone's refs I will announce when I plan to stream all the sketches around the end of the month. I will be messaging the chosen $15 tier sketch recipient before that time as well.


Ecstasy large file

Wed Oct 24 10:34:37 2018

Higher-res file for Ecstasy



Wed Oct 24 10:33:35 2018

There's nothing better!


Anima Banner larger file

Wed Oct 24 02:20:15 2018

Bigger image file for the Anima Banner!


Anima Banner

Wed Oct 24 02:18:20 2018

Base image for my FA ID and stream announcement banner!


Tier reward info!

Mon Oct 22 00:12:02 2018

Hi everyone!

This post is just to elaborate on a few things regarding some of the tier rewards since it's hard to fit so much in those bullet points and I had to change a few things. :)

-The $15 tier sketch raffle has been changed to a system where, once a month, I will choose one patron in the tier to receive a sketch and cycle through each month until each person has received a sketch. At that point the cycle will start over. This change was made to better comply with Patreon's policies regarding raffles.

-The $40 tier monthly sketch works as follows: Each month I will inquire from each patron in the tier what single character they would like me to sketch. At that point they can give me a specific situation/kink they would like, if so desired. (If it's something I do not draw I will politely ask them to pick something new) Around the end/beginning of each month I will hold a livestream on Picarto where I work on each of the sketches and that month's pinup poll winner. All of the files will then be uploaded here for download.

-If your tier has a commission discount please note that it is a flat discount that applies to every commission you decide to purchase while you are in the tier. I will be posting a notice on Patreon whenever I open slots.

That's it for this post, so thanks again everyone for your support! :)


Pair Fit for a Queen

Sat Oct 20 20:54:12 2018

High-Res file attached!

BadgerBen-trade-Nidoqueen.png Nidoqueen-BIG.png

You'll Float Too

Sat Oct 20 20:52:51 2018

High-Res file attached!

Youll-Float-Too.png You%27ll-Float-Too-BIG.png

Vacation Bod

Sat Oct 20 20:50:41 2018

High-res file attached!

Food-Balloon.png Food-Balloon-BIG.png


Sat Oct 20 20:49:34 2018

High-Res file attached!

PHAT-Goodra.png PHAT-Goodra-BIG.png

Magic Mushrooms

Sat Oct 20 20:47:45 2018

High-Res file attached!

Blown-Up-Tied-Down.png Magic-Mushrooms-BIG.png

My Favorite Thing

Sat Oct 20 20:46:35 2018

High-Res file attached!

My-Favorite-Thing.png My-Favorite-Thing-BIG.png

Pump Me Up!

Sat Oct 20 20:44:31 2018

Hi-Res file attached!

Animass.png Animass-BIG.png

Hello Patreon!

Thu Oct 18 00:32:52 2018

Finally all launched! Lot's of fun stuff to come!