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ThORsTy (R18/NSFW)

Fri Oct 30 16:10:43 2020

A full moon tonight... The panda has a lot of work to do. This wasn't intended to be so horny, but I kept adding more and more to the original bust drawing. Oop. 👀

r18banner2.png 10_5_NSFW.png 10_5_NSFW_2.png


Fri Oct 30 16:10:21 2020

It's a full moon tonight. I can't promise the entire population of pandas will be restored, but maybe it will be tonight.


Smol friend, big bonk! (R18/NSFW)

Fri Oct 30 16:09:36 2020

Relentlessly so... Good lord, pray for a swift recovery so this man can stand tomorrow. Ass view, internal shot, taint, front, and paws... Managed to squeeze them all in there. 😎

r18banner1.png 10_1_NSFW.png


Fri Oct 30 16:09:05 2020

I've got my hand back back in full functioning order! Finally... I think an injury like this, the only way to have it fully heal is to put it to work so it can build up strength; drawing has been kinda painful and now it feels preeeeetty much normal again! I figured I should update you guys on that, haha.

It's been a while since I did any background work, so I was toying around with a couple of moody scenes of Timberloin and Ro.

The first one is almost dreamscape-y, was kinda going for woodsy morning vibes and for Ro's I had been listening to the "Weathering with You" ost and I had the strongest most relentless urge to draw a melancholic rain scene lmao. (The soundtrack is amazing in that film!)

timbits.png 10_2.png 10_4.png 10_3.png

It's hoodie time!

Thu Oct 1 05:33:58 2020

But does not wearing anything on the bottom half defeat the purpose? This ended up being hellaaaaaaa cute with how he's kinda hiding his junk and being all bashful with it out of sight... I'm really eager to do more with this one now that my half busted hand is near fully healed after destroying it a month ago.

...And couple of other sketches as well! I apologize in advance for Waffle hogging the spotlight.

3.png IMG_1071.PNG Untitled_Artwork_15.png

Fat Cat

Thu Oct 1 05:35:49 2020

A cat that is fat. I'm being really unoriginal with the flavour text but this large lad is kinda cute... So I'm posting him haha.

Smells of zesty cheese doritos and monster. We love to see it.


Boozy blindfold

Thu Oct 1 05:34:24 2020

A big "bad" wolf comin' for ya. Make it easy for him and stay in one spot, he's probably gonna fall off the bed at some point!



Thu Oct 1 05:34:49 2020

Waffle putting on a bit of a display. and being a little more shy than usual!


Post title, something something...

Sun Sep 13 20:22:45 2020

Hey everyone!

My sprained finger/hand is still not fully healed, I was optimistic with trying to wait it out to see if I could do some streaming/drawing for you guys soon, but my hand is still super ultra mega sore.

I feel really bad about it, and I hope I can make it up to you guys once I'm better. I just don't want to overdo it or make the mending process stop. Still looking forward to hanging out and drawing with you guys when I'm all healed up and ready to do a big juicy stream again. It's just unfortunate that I had to destroy my DRAWING hand lol... (I am losing my mind hahah) the left hand would have been less critical to my well being!

So I spose I should wrap up the guilt rambling, but I'll let you guys know how my hand is coming these next few weeks — again I'm really sorry to anyone looking forward to a stream. In the mean time, I'll be doing some short sessions of drawings to get some content in for you all to view as well.

Thank you for reading, and take care, everyone!

Words thingie...

Tue Sep 1 07:29:12 2020


It's been a while since I wrote a text post. Just wanted to let everyone know I have access to high speed internet for a small while. Namely everyone that's been to my ever so HD stream (it's not) the quality is super-ultra-mega potato, because of my ass internet out in the country haha. I've been visiting my friends in the city the past couple weeks and I had planned on streaming shortly after I arrived, but I super injured my wrist a couple of days before leaving and it did NOT heal fast lol... I've never hurt my right hand before in such a way that hindered my ability to hold a pencil, so it was a unique experience (awful!) :P It was mostly the swelling that made things really awkward.

A few days ago, it started feeling a bit better and I could draw in small bursts. So hopefully soon it'll be healed. I wan't to stream, dang it!

I'll post a reminder here before I stream. I'm kinda tempted to get back into picarto to stream since literally all of my art lately has been NSFW and I have a few things I'd like to colour that won't fly to well on twitch dot tv for all eyes to see lmao. I really like twitch because it records my drawings but it is what it is.

Thank you guys for being so supportive, leaving comments/likes and giving me suggestions/feedback. It means a lot, and I don't say it enough but I am so, so grateful.

Maybe, send good vibes to my hopefully not fractured right hand too. It might need it, haaaaaha-ouch.

Beach Bummed

Tue Sep 1 06:58:34 2020

Flavour text... something, something sex on the beach, something. Enjoy!


Bashful Bab

Tue Sep 1 06:54:57 2020

Made a good bit of progress on this fella, I've been meaning to get some of my older wips I really liked finished. This one is one of my favs.

I haven't gotten to the background since I took a tumble and hurt my wrist really badly earlier in the month. (it's almost healed though) but my god... I was stripped of drawing powers for a good couple weeks plus, guh.

Hope you like the colours/little touches.



Tue Sep 1 06:57:56 2020

And several hundred more plaps. Don't get in the way of a bear that's about to pop. But what if... you do. 🤔


He's gonna monch... (R18/NSFW)

Tue Sep 1 06:57:24 2020

Hopefully not cronch... That'd hurt. Waffle is a good sport though (possibly into that?) I'll let you decide.

And a bonus bonk!

01.png IMG_0911.PNG

Odds n' Ends

Sat Aug 1 06:59:53 2020

Just a few odds and ends for the last post, I really don't know what's happening but you understand (I hope) 8D...

"fuck-mode" backwards hat flip...

I scrapped this, but I drew the face and laughed lmao... So now I share. Please understand, praying hands. 🙏

Screen_Shot_2020-08-01_at_3.57.49_AM.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-01_at_3.57.49_AM.png b3.png b3.png

In the Buff (R18/NSFW)

Sat Aug 1 06:59:34 2020

Buff in the buff. Buff boy... Naked. Not much to say but it was really fun to draw. (All the right angles!)


b2.png 0820_3.png b2.png

Sunny days ahead...

Sat Aug 1 06:58:46 2020

So first thing's first! Summer beach vibes are my entire existence so I needed to get this one out of my system! Kinda going for a subtle/revealing vibe even though nothing is showing essentially haha... Soooo, the bear, there's more of him to come (and a heads up most of the posts are NSFW for the month)

Photo of clouds, also by me! They were particularly poofy that day.


Oof! – R18/NSFW

Sat Aug 1 06:59:13 2020

Whoops... I'm pretty bad at not having a partner for these kinds of things so I'll leave it up to interpretation. YCH but with your mind (~OwO)~ oooooooo ghosty wiggily fingers.

Hope you guys like!

0820_1.png 0820_1.png b1.png b1.png

Kings being Kings (NSFW)

Wed Jul 1 06:58:36 2020


Take the pen away... I dived into the deep end for this one.


Kings being Kings

Wed Jul 1 06:58:17 2020

What on earth is this now LOL Tuler what are you doing (yelled someone in the distance) well let me tell you...



Lazy day...

Wed Jul 1 06:58:01 2020


Fun in the sense that I didn't bother to use any reference for this, I sort of just materialized the pose in my head and it magically appeared on the canvas haha... Usually I use some form of reference but totally winged it here.

I like the bum peeking out from the blankets.



Wed Jul 1 06:58:50 2020

I think whoever designed this guy definitely designed Incineroar too... They're like, on that same level of "why is this so attractive" lmao... I think the belly stripes give it away. Just a hunch, I actually don't know!



Wed Jul 1 06:57:25 2020

Midnight craving on the brain? Waffle's got your back, and a snack.



Mon Jun 1 06:59:37 2020

Panda having a good old bonk, nothing is really showing, but I feel that press. Who's his dance partner? 🤔 Or maybe it's open for interpretation haha.

Practiced some sharks, as I feel my shark game isn't the best, and I really wanted to doodle one. Last there's a puma I inked.

bellyrub.png bellyrub.png shark.png bonk.png bonk.png


Mon Jun 1 06:41:52 2020

...bites lip. FFF...uck, it's a Sunday. Did it for laughs and ended up liking it, so here it is. He's playing Animal Crossing. Good bye turnips :'( single tear.



Mon Jun 1 06:42:48 2020

So I took the beard of (gasp) and it was hella nostalgic... Like, holy shit lmao. I still like it WITH the beard tho some prolly like him old school.


Quarantine Gut

Mon Jun 1 06:42:16 2020

Anyone else feel this? I feel this...


Riding Solo

Fri May 1 07:00:28 2020

Just wanted to share the inks of an old sketch I did ages ago of Waffle having a little fun with himself. I think it's impossible for me to get tired of this POV.



Fri May 1 06:43:20 2020

A quick sketch of Lobo! Also suggestion by Hr. Seehund and RBG. I too am a big Lobo fan, I have him in my town haha. Such a sweet heart... So far I see no "cranky" in these cranky villagers.

Also tried drawing a Timberloin in AC style... Though I scrapped it. It looked a bit weird to me.

lobo.png timberloin.png


Fri May 1 06:41:50 2020

Grumpy old bear... I've seen his house, I've seen how he lives hahaha. What a catch. Suggested by the lovely Hr. Seehund, Ricardo, Emmet and VR! Thank you, guys!

Hope you all enjoy!


Coach (NSFW)

Fri May 1 06:41:16 2020

Ah yes, the ✨dick version✨ That jock strap was doing everything in it's power to keep that thing in there. Enjoy!



Fri May 1 06:40:22 2020

Some are on the fence about this villager! Did I make him hot? At least a little bit lol. Suggestion from Michaelness and Rhys!



Fri May 1 06:39:19 2020

I'm crazy for this guy, but I don't see too much art of him! Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places... comparatively speaking!We have Raymond out there hogging up all that attention!

My head canon is that he's a big country bumkin who's naturally stacked/buff but his copious amounts of fluff hide his body that he works so hard on, so he gets worked up and upset about it. So naturally he's always trying to overcompensate, and that's why he looks like he's about to cry 99% of the time lmao.

Also super turbo gay, very important.

dom.png dom_2.png

Crossing Animals

Wed Apr 1 07:35:06 2020

Hey guys! I really enjoyed drawing these Animal Crossing characters, so I wanted to open up a little suggestion box for everyone. I'm sure lots of you are playing this game now in amidst the COVID-19 stuff... It's been very helpful in dealing with the mega stress/anxiety going on for everyone. I hope you all are safe and healthy and that things will pull through in the end, when or if it ends. As for myself, I apologize for not saying so sooner, but I am hanging in there and doing my best!

With that out of the way, I would love to hear what your favourite character from the series is, I'm looking for a handful more to draw in a suggestive/nsfw fashion so hearing what you guys want will help inspire me on what to make. My personal choices are Rolf, Sly, and Coach (I noticed some love or hate him so that makes it interesting!) I really love Wilbur and Orville's designs too, and most of the lions... and the tigers... and some of the bears. The list keeps growing, ugh!

Just throwing this out there, but thanks for sticking around, guys. I really appreciate the support you are able to give me here on Patreon and it definitely helps in times like these.

Stay safe, stay healthy, suggest a hot Animal Crossing character below (if you want) and I'll be posting more for you guys in a bit. 🙏


Wed Apr 1 06:56:38 2020

What a SLEEZE...

My friend Jay's favourite. I tried to make him smelly looking haha... We also heavily stan the frogs *sagely nod*

Hope you guys enjoy these!!

BOB.png FROGS.png


Wed Apr 1 06:55:30 2020

I feel like this villager in particular is one of the more popular ones. I don't draw birds too much, but it's pretty fun. Suggestion thanks to my friend Aurum!



Wed Apr 1 06:52:36 2020

This character is my friend Sewk's favourites so I hope I did him justice haha. So charming and mysterious with that floofy hair covering his eyes.... Does he even have eyes.



Wed Apr 1 06:51:47 2020

My absolute favourite villager from the Animal Crossing series. So here is a drawing I did of him (he's moving in soon :D) I don't see too much art of this guy so I'm not sure if he's popular or not, but he's my personal favourite.

Let me know if you guys like these, I want to do more!


Mount Everest (NSFW)

Sun Mar 1 07:56:09 2020

NSFW concept drawings of my new character Mister Everest, the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Original post! https://www.patreon.com/posts/mount-everest-34471593

02_01_20_NSFW.png 02_3_20_NSFW.png

Reign Bo (NSFW)

Sun Mar 1 07:50:50 2020

As mentioned in the main post, I spent long while on this fella but I really, really love how fun he is to draw.

I really don't know what to make of that meter in the top right corner, I thought the gauge filling up from bottom to top with horny juice was all fine and dandy in my head but on screen I'm not so sure if it translates all that well! I may do some tweaking on that...

What a top he would be sporting 13 inches.

Hope you guys enjoy this fella, I'd love to draw him in some sexy scenarios down the road for you all.


Odds n' Ends

Sun Mar 1 07:57:08 2020

As the title says! I like the cat a lot, tried drawing a roo and did some silly red panda husbean expressions.

02_9_20.png 02_10_20.png 02_11_20.png

Flip Flop

Sun Mar 1 07:56:44 2020

Done for my own amusement. After stressing out over my own puppies ears standing up straight and flopping down, I figured kid Waffle went through some ear puberty too hahaha.

Tented in, flopped over to one side, droopy all the way. Waffle's mom being all >:/ young man!


02_8_20.png 1.png 2.png

Mount Everest

Sun Mar 1 07:51:24 2020

Cuz' he BIG BOY. As if my himbo roster wasn't big enough...

I spent a good while on this fella, bouncing back and forth between beard (biased) and no beard, hefty build and HEFTY build. The coloured bits are the ones I decided on after messing around for eons.

I think he's cute.

02_01_20.png 02_3_20.png 02_4_20.png 02_5_20.png 02_2_20.png

Reign Bo

Sun Mar 1 07:50:03 2020

I spent SO long on this guy... My main inspiration was 'sparkledogs' so I took it and ran with every colour of the rainbow and his name should make sense now, lmao.

I already want to throw in the towel but I made it this far so I might as well keep going.I'd love to hear what you guys think!

Hopefully the colours, despite being many look harmonious/function. I wanted to go with black/white and pastels and I think if I went any darker it would get a little busy.

Hope you like him! I spent a long while on this guy.



Sat Feb 1 07:33:20 2020

At it again with Chicken Bone. Kinda rough but I'm sharing it for now! Chicken Bone's bone is about to pop.


Big Bottom

Sat Feb 1 07:32:07 2020

There he goes!


Oddball Sketches

Sat Feb 1 07:33:04 2020

Some oddball sketches I have no idea what to do with, I do like the image of Tai posing against the fence trying to look cool for a pic.

01_10_20.png 01_9_20.png

Big Bottom Energy

Sat Feb 1 07:31:50 2020

Waffle put some pants on!



Sat Feb 1 07:32:36 2020

This bird with a dent in his head is my favourite thing… Why, Waffle.

Second image is inspired by 'Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!' He likes that show.

01_6_20.png 01_7_20.png

Small F R I E N D S

Sat Feb 1 07:31:20 2020

Very small friends. Was in the mood to draw something grossly cute, so I picked a few very good boys as subject matter.

01_1_20.png 01_3_20.png 01_4_20.png 01_5_20.png 01_2_20.png

Spicy Sketches

Wed Jan 1 07:51:46 2020

As the name may IMPLY...

The last one might be my favourite... so many faces for a single bonk.

1210.png 1209.png 1208.png 1211.png


Wed Jan 1 07:51:13 2020

Just some sketches I haven't posted before! The first one was kind of a new banner idea.

I'm including this one for the Ro cameo that didn't make the cut for the final one on Twitter! Was cute though!

Bernese Mountain Dog man!

1207.png 1205.png 1204.png 1206.png

Double Edge

Wed Jan 1 05:01:03 2020

Obstagoon used Double Edge... Was it super effective? 👀


Special Delivery

Wed Jan 1 05:00:42 2020

Out of nowheres, this gentleman shows up on your doorstep to deliver a package on New Year's eve. What you do...

Just looking back at some of the characters I made that don't get enough love. I like this big fella! Revisited and fixed up a really old sketch and made it all pretty and crisp!


Life updates!

Wed Jan 1 05:31:08 2020

Hello all! I'm sure most of you know by now if you follow me on Twitter that I have a new little little buddy...


His name is Farley!

I just got back in the house ten or so minutes ago after running and goofing off in the snow with the puppy, he absolutely loves the snow! As I write this he was chasing me around the yard and I royally wiped out in the snow... My entire bottom half is still wet lmao.

I jotted down a bunch of silly stuff Farley has done during training sessions. Such a personality on this dog, it's hard to put into words but I'd love to share the silly short stories of this pupper growing up one day.

Just a small slice of what's been going on over on my end of the world. I wish everyone the happiest of New Year's and hope your DECADE starts off wonderfully. Here's to a great start on 2020. (Still hard to believe it IS 2020!)

Take care, have fun and be safe!

Steamed Buns

Wed Jan 1 05:00:19 2020

Squeaky clean, he was due for a bath after all I put him through this year.


In the Pits

Sun Dec 1 07:53:18 2019

I have a friend who's really into Waffle... So they inspired this and I wanted to share. 👀 Maple syrup and testosterone.



Sun Dec 1 06:15:51 2019

Getting ready for romps, and there's no better way to start.

He's doin' a romp! I never post the bear in these situations. I hope you guys enjoy it!

3_1_NSFW.png 4_2_NSFW.png 4_3_NSFW.png

An odd ball

Sun Dec 1 06:15:21 2019

Some BEAWS...

Winter duds!

He's looking to trade some Pokemans...

I don't know what you were expecting to see here on patreon dot com but you're welcome. Coffee is a bit too strong... Strong tigers are much better.

3_2.png 3_1.png 3_3.png


Sun Dec 1 06:14:48 2019

Soft boy getting soft and slow rubs — he loves it.

Cleaned this up and inked!


HI-RES | Toxtricity

Sun Dec 1 00:21:23 2019

In attachments!

hires.png 1_1_HR.png


Sat Nov 30 23:41:19 2019

I'm sure this punky gremlin touched the hearts of many already haha. This fella is TOO MUCH for me... I had to draw em for you guys.

This was totally experimental, I should mention. I wasn't sure where it was going to go but I wanted to try painting on Procreate finally... It's really nice! Line-less is definitely out of my comfort zone!

1_1.png 1_2.png

Pawsy Puma | WIP

Fri Nov 1 03:21:07 2019

The big kitty getting himself into a bit of mischief and he seems pretty proud of the mess he managed to make, but he didn't stop there.

This was really entertaining to draw! Which one is your favourite? A, B, C or D?

A.png B.png C.png D.png

Behind the Scenes | WIP 2

Fri Nov 1 03:19:43 2019

Tried my darnedest to get this finished up but it just wasn't in the cards this week! 😱 So here is a WIP of what I have going for it currently. I love drawing that chonky smooth lineart in Procreate; sooo much fun!

Here's a bonus sketch of Tairu getting his beard all fuzzled up. (Friends, you know who you are.)

1019_w4_1.PNG bonus.png

Re: Balls in Your Court

Thu Oct 31 01:01:05 2019


This isn't a part of the stuff I had planned this month, but I was about to post the other version to twitter when I decided I wanted to get fancy with the effects and render it a bit more haha... Three hours later and... Oops. That shiny cock head tho.

Higher res version for you guys. Enjoy!


Character Adopt — Bumble

Mon Oct 28 17:30:40 2019

Hey guys! I'm trying something new. I'm making a few characters to sell as "adopts" Completely original characters, that wont be duplicates or modified from a base — they are all going to be one-of's and completely different. I make them as if they were a part of my dog crew.

Bumble is $200 USD and patrons of a month or more will be given a 10% discount if you do wish to buy this character! Comes with everything below including expressions and preliminary sketch (NSFW and hi-res not shown but available at no extra charge) You can change the name if you want too, I just saw him as Bumble when I was designing him haha.

Send me a message here on Patreon if you're interested! I should mention these adoptables wont be a part of my usual Patreon content, but more or less something on the side.


Ding Dongs

Sun Oct 27 21:15:16 2019

The entire stream I was thinking in my head "I wanna draw his dick... I wanna draw his dick" I drew his dick. I drew the bunny's too.

Bonus Excadrill with a Prince Albert, betcha didn't see that coming!


1019_w3_5_NSFW.png 1019_w3_4_NSFW.png 1019_w_3_1_NSFW.png

A variety of things!

Sun Oct 27 21:14:00 2019

So we got quite a variety here — Cool Pokemon, wholesomeness and then... husbands. You can catch the stream from last night on my Twitch channel too! The recorded stream should be good two weeks from now.

Possibly the hardest thing I drew from the stream, this guys anatomy was wonky but it came together. A lot harder then Totodile and I draw him a lot!

Stream request. "Buizel" but then I added many more friends along the way. I think it's cute as heck... Oshawott is poking fun at Buizel because he wanted a clam too.

From last month's stream, I just forgot to post it. Made with phone wall paper in mind!

Not much on this guy yet, I thought I never draw rabbits so I tried my hand at it. Small nerdy rabbit from highschool got big and buff but he's still a dork haha.

My favourite thing to come from the stream! I've been wanting to make a tigers with unconventional stripes lately so this is one of em'! I'm not completely sure as to what I'm going to do with this guy, but stay tuned.

...And Tai-Rex. I'm gonna be ready for Dinovember. B)

1019_w3_5.png 1019_w3_1.png 1019_w3_2.png 1019_w3_6.png 1019_w3_4.png 1019_w3_3.png


Sat Oct 26 21:58:55 2019



Streaming in a few hours!

Sat Oct 26 19:59:12 2019


Starting at 6:00 PM (EST) — Feel free to follow my Twitch channel in the mean time, I'll send another reminder when I start! 🐼



Thu Oct 17 23:44:28 2019

I think this might be the biggest size difference I've drawn to date... He's HUGE. (Small human self holding his were-dong for scale. Cuz that ain't weird or nothing!)

Included everything I had drawn on this guy so far — dabbling in different sizes/body proportions too. Not sure what to do with this big fella just yet, but he is enjoyable to draw and to look at!

1019_w2_2_NSFW.png 1019_w2_1_NSFW.png

Big Softies

Thu Oct 17 22:53:50 2019

Too big... They take up the whole canvas. ❤️

Second ones a little lewd, but don't you wanna run your hands through those fuzzy chests?

1019_w2_1.png 1019_w2_2.png

A Doodlebomb

Thu Oct 17 23:00:52 2019

I posted this to FA, and most of which was already here on Patreon but I think one or two sketches/doodles are new. That sketch of Lucobutt (the fluffy yellow man in-between the bears) who is absolutely distraught that he's being belly sandwiched by two big dudes (oh noes) 😘

I love doing sketch spreads like these and just seeing all the different energies blend together. It's fun to look at!

Just felt like sharing it here too!



Sun Oct 6 15:06:09 2019

Around this time of year in October, I drew "panda me" for the first time. One of my classmates in art class said to me "you remind me of a big cuddly panda bear" so my (slightly flustered) uneducated ass that didn't even know what a furry was at the time, went ham on making a "panda me."
I can't remember the exact date, but I think about it when autumn rolls around. If she didn't say that one thing, it probably would have changed a lot of things! Weird to think about, eh? He's grown as I have over the years, too.
So uhmm 👏 story time over 👏 filthy furry now! Here's a bunch of goodies for your viewing!

I always felt partial to really bright colours like these. I found some unofficial colour naming website so if you're wondering what the weird names are about, there's your answer! Just some brainstorming visuals for wardrobe ideas.
I love flowers a lot, and gladiolus are one of my favourites so that's why it's on the shirt.

If you hump yourself, does that count as masturbating. (Don't answer that!) I debated on including that but it felt so true to character I just had to lol.

This one is of some older duds that kinda turned into his new duds but not out of the question completely. I find the white shirt works better though.

Armed with a drawing tablet, of course. It never leaves my sight...

He got so CHONKy over the years. Enjoy guys!

1019_w1_3.png 1019_w1_2.png 1019_w1_4.png 1019_w1_5.png 1019_1_6.png 1019_w1_7.png 1019_w1_6.png

Bon(e)fire | WIP

Tue Oct 1 00:48:35 2019

After a long day of hiking deep in the woods, the boys decided to set up camp. Fire lit and the tent... pitched. Hurr... Overly excited, he wasted no time making the first move.

Camping with your best buds tickles me in the loins something fierce.


Metal Husbands...

Tue Oct 1 00:08:10 2019

*final pam voice* ...Hello metal husband. Refined and cleaned up metal husband...

I just dig those metal peets too much. I really liked the "metal limbs" in the series, cannon or not—some don't care for it but I thought it was super cool. Just my own little spin on him!

Forgive me.

He's pretty metal... So he gets put in the post too. Just a couple of extras! I was trying to channel absolute corgi energy with Yamper.

Started with metal beans and now we end with... The little beans.

0919_1_4.png 0919_4_2.png 0919_4_3.png 0919_4_4.png

Re: BIG Puppies

Mon Sep 30 07:16:57 2019

Here you go my lovelies, a messy .PSD file of Waffle tiddies for those who want it!

psd.png bigpuppies.psd (d)


Mon Sep 30 06:50:50 2019

Here comes the man of the hour in all his BIG SIZE glory.

He must be pretty pent up if he's leaking that much... The boy has some romping to do, so who's gonna be first?


Puppies and BIG Puppies

Mon Sep 30 06:49:53 2019

More stuff I did in Procreate! The app so far has been a really refreshing experience. Included the inks and sketch as well. I'll be sharing the .PSD file as well!

Secondly! The sketches of big "scary" wolves and Golden Retriever boys I did from the last couple of streams. So much variety can be drawn in a single breed of dog.

I love these four haha... based on a few different pictures of Goldens I've seen on google. Some are frizzy, some are skinny, some are grizzled. It's so much fun.

Some WOLF man... He has my heart. (No, Waffle has my heart, but he has a piece of it lol.)

1000% my favourite drawing all month. "Do not WANT"

And third... PUPPIES...

Something a little different at the very end of the photoset. It is a WIP of something I'm making. "Puppy Paintings" with a handmade custom frame (by me, too!) A little different, but I thought it was worth getting a behind the scenes look at...! Hopefully my carpentry skills aren't too embarrassing, it's been a while haha.

This particular one will feature the various shades of Golden Retriever pups in flower pots, with an autumn themed background! Pup number 4 radiates my kind of energy. 👀

Be sure to check out all of the photoset! I have more pictures stogged in there that you can view in full.

0919_3_1.png 0919_3_2.png 0919_3_3.png 0919_3_5.png 0919_3_6.png 0519_3_6.png 0919_3_7.png 0919_3_4.PNG

Behind the Scenes | WIP

Mon Sep 30 03:31:53 2019

Om-nom. So this is like 99.9% pushing it for a "SFW" post. Censors in place... haha. I kinda like the borderline censorship a lot, so this might be 'the pic' with some alts if I'm feeling it later down the assembly line!

Bears need vitamin B, it's essential for proper bone health. *nod*

Close up of very, very, very important swim trunks, and another little sneak-peak bonus of some beach bum shenanigans.

0919_2_1.png 0919_2_2.png 0919_2_3.png

New Lion Character

Mon Sep 30 03:06:12 2019

A nameless lion hunk, who'd a thunk.

Something I was doing for a change of pace, dogs have taken over it was time for cats haha. He smells like flowers! I was thinking of going with a whimsical plant motif for this guy!

Really unsure about colours at this point but we shall see! I really like him.

0919_1_1.png 0919_1_2.png 0919_1_3.png

Balls in Your Court (FINAL) + extras!

Mon Sep 30 03:08:45 2019

Done in Procreate, again! Getting a little better with the program... Eventually lol. Gigant-o walf dong in your face! It was so fun to draw.
I have a couple extra sketches as well!

0919_3_NSFW.png 0919_5_NSFW.png 0919_4_NSFW.png 0919_1_1.png 0919_1_2.png 0919_1_3.png

Saturday stream!

Sun Sep 22 01:35:49 2019

Drawing more silly canine characters for a couple hours!


Friday stream moved to Saturday!

Fri Sep 20 17:36:36 2019

Decided to postpone the streaming from today to Saturday instead. It's Mom's bday today and the family and I are gonna PROBably be...late getting back home so I figured I'd play it safe. Tomorrow will be the new stream date!

Thank you everyone for coming to yesterday's stream! It was an awesome time.


Fri Sep 20 00:35:42 2019

✨ Come hang oot! ✨


Stream times!

Mon Sep 16 06:00:57 2019

Gonna be doing some much needed streaming later this week on Thursday and Friday. Just a heads up to anyone wanting to attend, the streams will be recorded for a period of time on Twitch so if you can't make it you can watch the replay later if you wish!

We got our internet back a couple days ago after the hurricane cleaned us out real good. I felt so amish LMAO... Catching up with lit-er-a-lly everything all week long so I apologize for the set-backs, messages and e-mails I didn't get around to.

Balls in Your Court | WIP 2

Mon Sep 16 05:08:47 2019

Never spent so much time on a pair of balls, kinda doesn't help I'm adjusting to a new art app so there's a lot of trial an error involved but I'm having a lot of fun with this! — Simple continuation of the sketch I posted last week, now with super smooth line-art and the addition of his dick piercing.

I included a bonus sketch too, since it themes up with balls pretty nice! Lifting weights got a whole lot more distracting.

0919_6_NSFW.png 0919_3_NSFW.png

Wrecking Balls

Mon Sep 16 05:09:24 2019

I had an itch. Waffle's balls are fantastic, but I thought to myself "I must draw... the wrecking balls." so here's Chuck, it's been a while.




Mon Sep 9 20:00:26 2019

Hey fellas! The storm is over here.

I wasn't expecting power to be restored so fast, because there was a lot of damage from what I've seen. It was only out for like two days at home, but some are still in the dark/waiting for electrical services for the next few days. I'm still waiting on the internet myself, but that's less important for the time being.

I drove around town and on the roads around my area to see what went down. I spotted lots of trees uprooted completely, some trees on houses, broken trees, lots of debris, shingles from houses, leaves everywhere and some houses damaged in the more open areas. It could have been worse for me but I was fortunate enough to be in a more sheltered area minimizing the damages. Definitely the strongest winds we've dealt with in years and I'm happy it's done and gone now. Hopefully anyone else caught in the storm doesn't have too much to deal with, as well.

It's a beautiful, warm day now. It's kinda silly seeing everything in shambles with the brightest, happiest sun beaming down on it. I got some yard-work to do lol.

Take care guys, and have a fantastic Monday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hurricane Weather

Sat Sep 7 19:36:54 2019

It's hurricane season and we always get a lot of wind around this time of year in my part of Atlantic Canada. The east coast storms usually dwindle down by the time it hits us but we currently have a "tropical storm/storm surge" warning for our area so I may lose power for a day or so, but it'll be alright. Just wanted to drop a line In case I lose power and internet, it might not even be long at all, or it might be a couple of days depending on the damage/if there's damage, who knows.

If any of you on the east dealt with the storm or are currently dealing with Dorian, stay safe.

I'd like to get some streaming done after all this so perhaps sometime next week we can set something up.

Until then, I'll see you again when it's over!

Balls in Your Court | WIP

Fri Sep 6 20:57:23 2019

Spent my afternoon sketching this up. I wanted a close up/point of view drawing focused around balls, especially those bunched up folds of skin; I was talking to someone about it and I thought y'know, I'm gonna draw that.

Not sure what the background will be, or if it even needs one, but we're all staring at Waffle's big junk anyhow!



Sun Sep 1 07:13:47 2019

Definitely not picture post!

Hey guys, I was curious, do any of you who frequent Patreon use tags to rummage through galleries? I have done a poor job in being consistent with tagging my stuff so I'm thinking about going through some posts to clean up so it's a bit easier to search specific things and maybe to not create unneeded categories. I'm just trying to make it easy, is all. I was thinking a tag for characters, fan art, nsfw, .psd, hi-res and if you have a suggestion, I'm all ears. I was just thinking about it and I noticed a tag for werewaffle, and one for waffle and I thought ugh, what have I done!

Twitch streaming. Going to be getting back into the streams soon, I haven't had much time to stream the last good while... I'm thinking about doing NSFW streams sometimes too on Picarto, do any of you spicy patrons enjoy NSFW art streams over 'regular' ones? (subjective of course, regular to me, anyways!) Maybe public NSFW streams on Picarto to engage with new people as well? I've wanted to do those for a while, not like super-horny-porny but like general adult art.

Edit 09/03/19: Tags are fixed, and sorted, added nsfw tag, a resource tag for the eventual collection of .psd files, etc. I also lumped together the one-of characters as misc characters until they accumulate several posts to warrant their own tag.

Nasty Wolves

Sun Sep 1 06:56:49 2019

Juuuussst nasty! But also good boys, it's just how it is. The last one is kinda sloppy, but I think it's got some potential maybe.

3_1_NSFW.png 3_2_NSFW.png 3_3_NSFW.png

Barely sane Bears

Sun Sep 1 06:33:26 2019

Insanity maybe? I dunno, that last one I decided, then un-decided, then decided and re-decided on posting, and I decided it sums up our friendship pretty good. The others too... But y'know. Go check out DeadStrayBear, he's a good bear.

Not much else to say, but I forget where I got that image of the background on picture number two, but it's only a placeholder, I just liked how it was composed.

3_5.png 3_1.png 3_4.png 3_3.png

The Super Mega... Ultimate Throwback

Sun Sep 1 06:57:22 2019

Want to see something I drew from the early 2000s? No? Well-he-HELL, you're in luck, here it is! Feast your eyes and promise not to scream.

Oh, and here's the ittiest of bittiest pandas I drew to go with the oldest artwork I've ever shared online... a rare sight lmao. Y'know I'm MEGA tempted to re-visit that "piece" of "art" to draw something big size me can draw. Consider this the precursor to a Pokemon fan-art in the future!

4_2.png 4_1.png


Sun Sep 1 06:00:34 2019

Some sketches ft. yours truly. Few twitch asset wips I did a while back, I felt like sharing. I'm still mulling it over with myself as to how I want the page to look, but I think it definitely needs dumpy cute pandas.

Maybe not that last one.

2_4.png 2_1.png 2_2.png 2_6.png 2_3.png 2_5.png

Down the Hatch

Sun Sep 1 06:01:29 2019

A fella that size needs a lot of uh, p-protein! Make big stronk. 💪

2_1_NSFW.png 2_2_NSFW.png

Re: Beaws

Sun Sep 1 05:13:38 2019

.PSD file for your enjoyment!

01_2.png beaws.psd (d)

Wet Dog

Sun Sep 1 05:11:49 2019

The goodest of boys looking for a little fun.

The water was probably the most fun part of this, dongs aside, I just really, really like drawing water. As if it wasn't apparent already judging by everything I've drawn ever!



Sun Sep 1 05:07:35 2019

I've always had a "time" with Procreate, like it never really clicked well with me, I tried it on and off but I was messing around with it again recently and did it ever just click, like it clicked super well and I was really enjoying it.
I really love the level of control I had with it, I was gonna call this a test but it turned out way better then I thought it was going to. .PSD file will be available as well!

1.jpg 1_1.png 1_2.jpg


Thu Aug 1 08:07:18 2019

Enjoy the porn draws! *ghostly jazz hands*

bannerr18.png bannerr18.png 0701_NSFW.png 0703_NSFW.png


Thu Aug 1 07:45:14 2019

There's a very particular sound effect that plays when you give them a squeeze!

I'll re-post the sketch version for easy viewing as well.

bwomp.png bwomp.png sketch.png


Thu Aug 1 07:10:14 2019

Hot-dog, actual wiener edition. As I mentioned, I just continued the pic from a sketch I had kicking around. He's gonna need a friend to help him out, but who should I draw in with him?

The bunched up skin around the tip is my favourite part.

nsfw.png nsfw.png

Odds n' Ends

Thu Aug 1 06:54:37 2019

Some odd-balls!

5.png 5.png

Chunky bears and CHONKY bears

Thu Aug 1 06:53:23 2019

I'm at a loss for titles. 8)

Lots of bears... and some really BIG bears! I drew some fat stuff (which is rare for me, but it was fun!)

And there goes his ice-cream. D: Oh no! This is the end of the world! I rarely draw fat stuff and I was told I'm okay at it so here you guys go, something huge.

Eternal mood.

1.png 1.png

Sleepy Boys

Thu Aug 1 06:53:48 2019

Just a couple of sleepy boys. Some more graceful then others (pandas)

2.png 2.png


Thu Aug 1 06:56:03 2019



Really pleased with how the inks came out with this. I posted a NSFW sketch version (the original) of this a good while back and decided I wanted a more SFW version, I love the censor it's practically uncensored.

2hotdog.png 2hotdog.png

Wanna Smash?

Mon Jul 1 03:24:07 2019

He'll be your Smash Bro. (TM) though he's prolly dead serious about playing the game first.

Chicken Bone getting a little stretching done before his game. (DeadStrayBear provided some inspo and I kinda wanted to draw it up.)



Fri Jun 21 21:12:44 2019

The porn. :eyes:

The juiciest angle, tell me I'm wrong haha.

Waffle knows how to work his tongue.

Featuring a horny-ball wolverine and Waffles oversized ass. You've most likely seen him around haha.


Odds n' Ends

Mon Jul 1 01:29:31 2019

Not quite sure how to categorize this post so odds n' ends it is.

A bear and his ride.

He wants rubs.

EPIC AVATAR TIGER. Tarke is my subject matter here, along with my character when I get to it, and some others, but it also looks good as a standalone for the tiger alone. Really happy with this so far, especially the lighting! I learned a couple things making this.


Bull Terrier

Mon Jul 1 01:29:56 2019

But he doesn't have a name! I need to draw him like ...a good bit more before I can pull the character out of him. These would be the early stages of that.

I live for the fuzzy soft pink chest and nose. Hopefully I captured some essence of a bull terrier, I wanna have another stab at it someday.



Fri Jun 21 21:11:26 2019

Waffle post! Because there aren't enough of those, right? (lol)

Shiny teeth that sparkle! I think most of these are done in CLIP... I'm getting used to the program.

Definitely clip haha. Gotta start somewheres! I'm a little off with some things, it's honestly like riding a new bike.

Getting a little less shaky with the lines. The brush stabilizer actually messes me up then it does good, I was so used to Photoshop.

*yoshi voice* BUM.

Enjoy!!By the way, happy summer solstice!



Sat Jun 1 06:44:23 2019

I've only ever played Starfox 64, Assault, and Zero. I know you'll think I'm crazy but I loved Zero to pieces... I didn't mind the controls at all but like 99% of the world did apparently!

I thought it would be neat to go though some of his past designs. I've never drawn him before, so I wanted to do a little research first.

(I'm not sure what the official art of the SNES one looked like as I drew it, but based off the sprite it looked like he had a big lightning bolt scar on his eye with one eye normal and one eye with a tiny pupil (pre-eye patch I guess?) I actually can't find any drawn artwork of his SNES iteration.

Aaaaand then I did my own... Took things I liked from a few different ones (I liked Smash Ultimate's a lot too with all the purples, and those literal shoulder blades) He's too hot lol.

Gonna dive into this deeper and make something out of it!

banner4_copy.png 0519_4_1.png 0519_4_2.png

Tough Tiger (HI-RES)

Fri May 24 17:23:43 2019

This was a lot of fun to make. Hi-res, for your enjoyment. 💛


Thoughts on Discord

Wed May 22 17:09:08 2019


I wanted to get some input on a possible discord channel for patreon, art, streams, and general hanging.

Anyone have any experiences with this type of stuff?

I know a few who say it's alright, and some say it gets a little hectic sooo I'm curious to see if it's something that could potentially happen. The one thing I wanted to know is what you guys thought — and are any of you guys a part of one? Any good/bad experiences to come from it?

Not sayin' it's a thing yet, but it's on the table for sure. PM me or comment if you have any input!


Thu May 23 06:25:37 2019

The more adult version of our raccoon boy.

I wanna do more on this one when we design his boyfriend (probably in a stream sometime!)

Chicken Bone's all done of rugby... His reward for doing a good job.

Not really "NSFW" by my standards, but I thought it was funny. Waffles lovely bobbies. *honk hOnk*


banner_NSFW_2.png 0519_2_3_NSFW.png 0519_2_1_NSFW.png 0519_2_4_NSFW.png 0519_2_2_NSFW.png

*intense battle music*

Fri May 24 17:09:30 2019

Going to dump all the colourful Pokémon drawn this month. Hi-res file will be released for Incineroar shortly as well!

I'm proud of this one! It came together fast, you can watch me start it in this video here, around the 30 minute mark. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/425846886

Lots of sketches of this little fella.. I love anything small, round and fat. (ask anyone)

From the bunch, I liked the smallest and quickest sketch, and I wanted to colour it.

Work in progress.
Included the initial sketch I did a while back for easy viewing. A lot is gonna be happening in this picture I hope I can pull off! While it's on Twitch, you can view the painting process behind this picture around the 45 minute mark. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/425380774

toughtiger.png 0519_3_3.png 0519_3_2.png 0519_3_4.png 0519_3_1.png

Trash Panda(s)

Tue May 21 06:21:34 2019


Not the first time I drew a raccoon, but to you guys/anyone after 2008, maybe it is! We as a group (the lovely Twitch chat) during yesterday's multi-stream created this warm trash boy. The lore behind him... I can't even begin to explain haha, it was amusing as hell. We all added to this.

I need to tighten up this guy a bit more design wise, especially the colours, these are just sort of hodgepodge'd for now. There is a NSFW version for my spicy patrons as well!

There he is. I'm going to attempt drawing his bf in a later stream, since it only feels right because we started this there, might as well keep adding to it!

My clunky character design process

Find picture of real animal, work from that as a base, draw over maybe fifty ka-billion times, attempt a few more times and then eventually something comes out of it.

Top left was the first drawing and I fiddled around with it for a while.

Afterwords, I started a second page and found something I liked that was a little more organic/my art style. I usually try to go in with a fresh mind when I design something, so it doesn't look like I'm ripping whatever it is that inspired me.

He's Powered Up.

Some sketches/drafts for some Tairu emotes. Some draftier then others, but I included em anyways.

Someone in yesterday's stream suggested I draw a smug emotion, so that I did. This one is my favourite.

On this patreon, there be no judging. Let the man eat his brownie batter.

That's all for this post! To those who made it to the streams, thank you for attending, it made my week so much better. 💜

It would be really awesome to create more characters together, as well.



Mon May 20 00:31:57 2019

Multi-streaming with DeadStrayBear once more. Come hang out with us! (Link will contain both windows)




Fri May 17 02:12:40 2019



Wed May 15 23:51:12 2019

Doing a stream! I wanted to do one yesterday, but I had some technical issues. So many thanks for understanding! Just a tiny stream today.

Quality is potato, bare with me lol.

Come hang! https://www.twitch.tv/tairupanda

R18/NSFW – Suggestions for hot cartoon villains

Tue May 14 00:29:16 2019

I wanna hear from you spicy patrons, what would be a good hot cartoon/video-game villain, or villains to draw. What would you want to see, or maybe something you don't see much of but want to, or even want to see in my art style (regardless of the villain's popularity)

I'm gonna say Bowser and Wolf are off the table for now, but what else do you think would be good for a porny/horny drawing.

If baddies aren't your thing, I'm open to suggestions on other characters too, though there's such a huge pool of hot bad guys I'm smitten.

Leave a comment, or if you like someone's idea, comment on theirs with a thumbs up or leave a like on it!


Mon May 13 08:57:50 2019

Ass appreciation post — here's a couple of sketches I started up recently.

I'm really digging the last one for the first person view alone, but they both kinda go hand in hand. The panda bear had to check things out for himself.

Birthday cakes I can get behind, hurr hurr.

ass.png 0519_1_1_NSFW.png 0519_1_2_NSFW.png

Big Bad Baddies – Poll results

Mon May 13 07:37:40 2019

And just by a hair, Star Wolf tops King Bowser. Keep your eyes peeled for next week's update!

There might be more to this post than meets the eye...

Chunky Underbears

Mon May 13 07:35:52 2019

Today (the 12th) was my birthday! So here's a chonky bear in an almost birthday suit.

Contenders for stickers. I really liked letting loose on these, it's the most fun I have in drawing when it's silly with no restrictions.

The mad artist himsef...

WIP — The "throwback" to one of my favourite drawings way back when, I think 2012. I figured we'd do up a 2019 remix.
Music from the 1980's, or new music inspired by the 80's (outrun/retrowave/futuresynth whichever) is one of my tippy-top favourites.


Tune in tomorrow as well, I'll be hosting a twitch stream! I was planning on doing one today, but I was out and about all day doing birthday and mother's day shenanigans with the family.

Anyhow, see you around tomorrow!



Tue Apr 30 22:02:26 2019

A wholesome wolf man doing wholesome things.



Tue Apr 30 22:03:15 2019

Works in progress, big cat edition. He just doesn't wanna part with his favourite pair of underwear — can you blame him?


Sprung for Spring/Happy Bears (HI-RES)

Tue Apr 30 13:46:50 2019

The big size 👀 for those who want it!

HR.png 0402_19_1_HR.png 0403_19_HR.png

Sprung for Spring

Tue Apr 30 13:14:20 2019

Flowers. It's finally feeling like spring up here in Canada, still a bit chilly but I see flowers popping up and green grass at long last. Just a feel good picture!

Coloured on Twitch if you're curious about how it came together! Videos will be up for a couple of weeks from today.

banner_3.png 0403_19_1.png

Streaming! – Double Trouble

Mon Apr 29 23:37:50 2019

Multi-streaming with this bear, DeadStrayBear for a little while tonight. Come hang with bears! https://multistre.am/tairupanda/deadstraybear/


Big Bad Baddies – Poll

Fri Apr 26 04:30:54 2019

Two choices... Choose wisely.


Happy Bears

Wed Apr 24 11:59:23 2019

It's a good time.... for a BURGER. It's also a good time to watch the process to my colouring while it's still on Twitch! 🐼

I believe it's on twitch for only a couple weeks for non-prime member like myself, so have a watch if you're interested.

Here is the bear!

Something else I did while streaming on Twitch, but stupid me didn't think to toggle it to save past broadcasts to the channel, so no video for this one. Next time though! It was very relaxing.

Thought you could get away from him? Nuh-uh.

Hope you enjoy!

0402_19_banner.png 0402_19_1.png 0402_19_2.png 0402_19_3.png


Wed Apr 24 04:34:43 2019

Multi-streaming on Twitch with a friend tonight! Come swing by.

*doink* https://multistre.am/tairupanda/jaymordial/layout3/


Tue Apr 23 05:22:18 2019

Holy tits. A stream... A TWITCH STREAM. Giving Twitch a shot, for anyone who's up feel free to hop in. https://www.twitch.tv/tairupanda

Let's all scream together for a little while.

R18/NSFW - Good Morning... Sunshine.

Tue Apr 16 07:44:08 2019

Having a lot of fun with this picture. It ended up taking me a good while figuring out the colour key for this pic...wanting to go for something "7:00 AM" idk how else to describe it! Included the line-art for your enjoyment, since the colours are a little messy until I tidy it up.

...and a little preview for this weekend! 👀

Line-art on this came out really clean, and I have a start on the colouring already. This is the type of picture that needs multiple versions... Dick in, dick out kinda thing, maybe even a more spent expression when he empties the tank. I'm thinking about it!

NSFW_1.png 0401_19_NSFW_1.png 0402_19_NSFW_P.png 0401_19_NSFW_2.png

Bearing Expression

Tue Apr 16 06:48:57 2019

Plus cats.

Sneeze from start to ...an (not) epic finish. Poor guy. Was really enjoyable to just let loose on these!

The puma's regular faux-hawk is so 2010, but I admit I still love that hair the best... Bonus bed head.

He's a dork and I brought out his inner booger ghost. Pledge to my friend, he makes good art. Feed the bear! Shameless plug (but seriously, he's great.) https://www.patreon.com/deadstraybear/posts

Felt like I captured a genuinely happy smile, that's my favourite one.

Okay, last one. I wasn't going to include this, but I found it on my desktop and I haven't shared it anywhere yet so... A little extra horn-bear. Something for fun I did for a good bear, Bjorn!

A small fiery WIP of something to come!

0401_19_0.png 0401_19_1.png 0401_19_2.png 0401_19_4.png 0401_19_5.png 0401_19_3.png


Mon Apr 1 07:57:45 2019



Modest wolf.

Pizza time...

This is extremely horny on all kinds of levels. I'm really happy with it so far.



Mon Apr 1 07:19:12 2019

There's a common theme going on here.

He's 1000% aware his nut is showing. He just hopes you notice quicker. High res waffle in attachments for those who want it!

banner_nsfw2.png waffle%20slip_highres.png

Tails! (HI-RES)

Mon Apr 1 06:34:19 2019

Big size...

tails.png tails_highres.png

Odds n' Ends

Mon Apr 1 06:35:05 2019

Stuff I'm proud of that I probably wont be posting myself at least.

I didn't get to finish this. Was feeling the moment in the beautiful SU finale. Go watch it. :P

Very big thanks to a very big bear for being my subject matter.


*dark anime music plays*

Mon Apr 1 06:32:32 2019

Freaky. Just toying around here mostly, accidentally turned out decent so I kept going!


And some bonus bears.

That's a butt.


bear_1.png tairu.png


Mon Apr 1 06:39:55 2019

Play-time. Enjoy!

banner_nsfw_1.png waffle_highres.png

Noodle and Chuck

Mon Apr 1 06:33:04 2019

He's got his own cooking show on youtube... and he's french! How charming!

Ah yes... That dang fish. You think you're alone when you're trying to adjust but you can't seem shake the feeling of many watchful eyes. Hmm.



Mon Apr 1 06:33:44 2019

'Classic' Tails background for whichever you please. Enjoy!


Silly Bears (NSFW)

Fri Mar 1 08:52:40 2019

Y'all know there's something behind those bubbles. Not much, mind you. Though it's more of an after thought in a playful picture like this. Featuring dead stray bear.

The original ass slappin' post.

Never leave your rear unsupervised.


Anime and Pizza (R18/NSFW)

Fri Mar 1 07:58:10 2019

Adult version! The true version...


Silly Bears

Fri Mar 1 07:57:24 2019

Someone called him a snack.

So I was feeling all nostalgic and decided to juice up an old sketch. B and Tairu. Much like IRL, this guy is one of my best friends and he's a very good bear.

Can you hear the crack it made? It was a big one. He yelled to B, "KEEP THE HAT"

The origin story of... A hat.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, it was pretty fun.


Fun with Characters

Fri Mar 1 07:58:26 2019

Just some revisits! I felt like drawing this one over and adding a bit of colour.

Drew up a teacher dog. Bull dog of sorts... Will have a couple more goes at this I'm sure before I'm satisfied.


Anime and Pizza (SFW)

Fri Mar 1 07:57:50 2019

He's living his best life.


Lil (big) Grass Monkey

Fri Mar 1 07:59:23 2019

So this lad right here... I like him. I need to draw the rest of them too properly, I'm kind of wondering what he'll evolve into? We've already got a monkey, so I'm wondering if he'll go full ape. I know nintendo doesn't really care about what species evolves into witch, just look at Oshawott.

He big.



Fri Feb 1 06:52:14 2019

Let there be nuts.

A true charmer...

Waffle always gets what he wants.


Plethora of Pandas

Fri Feb 1 06:55:30 2019

I gotta clean this up, but it's fine for now. Big beaw.

Energy drink. This may have something to do with the next post...

So while drawing all of these bears, I've been listening to extreme turbo up-beat anime songs and holy fu*k. (While drinking an energy drink.) Would recommend, felt good.

I'm very self aware.

Thanks for viewing!



Fri Feb 1 06:51:52 2019

Can't deny my guilty pleasure... Splatoon. I'm just sayin'. Splatoon anime... It's gotta happen. Someone do it. I'll do it.

I always wanted to see what the illusive Mr. Grizz looked like. I sometimes imagine him as a tiny business bear.

Maybe this is why he gets people to work for him.

? He's up to something.


Chicken n' Waffle

Mon Jan 28 18:41:01 2019

Two adorable boys being idiots together with their wardrobe woes.

Waffle the Enabler and Chicken the Strong Wiled. He tries to resist, but it's barely a challenge.

Is his butt really too big? Those jeans look awfully tiny... Maybe he should try anyways.

Oh no...

On the topic of things not fitting right, this wasn't Chicken Bone's idea I'll say that much... Waffle approves.

banner_2.1.png 0119_2_1.png 0119_2_2.png 0119_2_3.png 0119_2_4.png


Mon Jan 21 22:30:45 2019

It's a rare sight to see puma bottoming without him being in control. He must of gotten his buttons pushed just right.

Was bouncing ideas with someone for a possible character. You ever see those tattoos right near and around the hole? I like those. Tairu personally approves.

The good stuff. Waffle presenting it like a good boy... (When wouldn't he.)



Burrs n' Burgs

Mon Jan 21 21:23:07 2019

Happy New Year! Let's start it with bears... And burgers.

We start the year with a very happy bear. Who wouldn't be with a burger that big.

This past community day was shiny Totodile! I managed to find a whopping two, one of which was so bad. Lowest CP +1, extremely low IVs... I love him though. Process below!

I'm kind of a simple painter because all I do is stack paint on top of the sketch layer and paint with white to get rid of the edges I don't like.

More beaws!? ...Friend got a new bear sona, my other friends was left bearless, so you know what had to be done? I made him smol beaw.

If you're remotely hungry, then I've succeeded.

Breakdown. I remembered to screenshot more frequently...

I blocked in first, added detail later. Splotch the colours down on top of your concept/sketch and shape it little by little.

Why burgers? Because I was very, very, very hungry. 8D

Sweet victory.


Incineroar (HI-RES)

Thu Jan 3 00:00:23 2019

Image in attachments!

banner_hires.png HR_incineroar.png


Wed Jan 2 23:17:03 2019

Puma being the giver he is, giving the best gift of all.

I am living for the little bow-tie around his thick neck.

He's got a pretty hefty drip going on.

A few "not sure what to do withs" I think they're hot, especially the left and top right ones. Decided to toss these in anyhow, because naughty poses are fun regardless.

I have a handful of NSFW posts to come, so sit tight. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the big kitties! ? Let me know which is your favourite!


Puma Tuler

Tue Jan 1 07:54:48 2019

Big cat energy... and big sweatpants uhm energy. He wakes up with nice hair.

No comment. :B

Is he ready for bed? Or is he ready to play... Smash.


Grroarroar! IncIneROAr!!

Tue Jan 1 07:52:38 2019


A lot of people were wondering if this was cropped, and it is. I didn't intend for it to be illusive I just wanted to post the wip haha.

The sketch!

These are closer to the model but they looked extremely not as lively as I wanted to I binned them. The one on the left I used as a basis for the final one.

And the final! Might tweak later (TM) Final, for now haha.


Drawings — Super Smash Bros.

Tue Jan 1 07:53:56 2019

This post was absolutely inevitable! I lack proper commentary, but I hope you find the drawings fun.

Neutral A!


Any Zelda main knows "the sweet spot" foot of death.

This one is my favourite one by FAR. The fact that she does this Jojo pose while charging her Darknut (that sounds funny in text) is such a fun drawing idea.... Gonna add the Darknut later.

That's it for the Zelda poses! Let me know which is your favourite, I want to colour one more of these besides the Jojo pose one.


Timberloin with "Love"

Tue Jan 1 07:51:43 2019

Here's the boyyyyy.

So the whole point of this was for the expressions. There's a metric ton of ways a character can say "I love you" and have it expressed differently so I was very inspired to see how Timberloin would express himself to someone saying I love you while being Awkward, Smiling, crying and while angry.

One shy boy, and one ...cry boy.

These two are the new ones to the lot, I had a lot of fun with these. The crying one I had channelled every possible inner tear, and made a dozen silly faces to capture the grotesque way the face wrinkles when you cry.

The crying one also gave me the most difficulty, so hopefully it reads well.

This was the meme I had found that inspired the whole idea of character saying "I love you" The way it can be said, and how it's said inspired me a lot for some expressions. I need to track down who made the original and credit them, I just revamped the template to my liking.

I love you :D
and... I ...LOVE... YOU... (ie: fuck you... later) he said through his teeth giving them a devilish glare.

These were all the rejects. I dunno if I'd call them rejects because they all could work in their own way. Most of them were the crying one, which gave me a lot of difficulty.

One I did like but opted out on was him running his fingers though his beard when he is nervous saying I love you very awkwardly. I felt it didn't read as much awkward as it did nervous so I scrapped that one. It's still cute though.

And a couple of dumpy little boys! Ro and Timberloin.

Hope you enjoy!

banner_1.png 1218_02.png

Journal: Hey all!

Sat Dec 1 08:17:44 2018

Just a quick update! (I say quick now, but just watch me type a novel.)

First off I am well! I guess there's a first time for everything and I suppose this is one of those "Life Updates" — I haven't been in a good place the past few months, but I'm doing my very best to scrape by, and I'm doing much better now entering December. I have gotten e-mails, tumblr asks, dms on twitter asking if I was okay, since I've been pretty quiet these days so I figured I'd start by saying something here, then work on reviving myself online later on. It means a lot when someone reaches out to me, sometimes I'm even overwhelmed or surprised that people would worry about my own well being.

I plan on getting super festive for December though! It might even reflect in my art. For the most part, I will be taking a chill pill this month, relax, not worry about things, not over-work myself which I do too often, and have been doing. I haven't been able to find time for streaming, which I barely get to do once a month if at all, so I'll need to figure something out there and just... stop the train and stream for a bit, even if it kills me haha.

We actually just had a really heavy snow storm that hit us the day before yesterday, and lasted a fair chunk of yesterday. Snowed in, lost our power and running water for what seemed like forever, but it was only ...I wanna say 30 hours? Only!? I got to be AMISH... That was not fun... You never know what you have until it's gone, and I will say water is very, very, very delicious when you have limited water. 8'D

We got out the old oil lanterns, busted out monopoly, and some other bored games to entertain ourselves. It was nostalgic, the power would go off all the time when I was younger. I'm thankful the power came back on so I could wrap up the posts, but unfortunately our whole area has an internet outage that's been out since the storm hit us, so I'm guessing some polls fell down somewhere. Tech support said tonight but it's well past that, so I just tethered most of what I had left for phone data, and I'll wait until the internet comes back to post the rest of the artwork I wanted to post.

It's hard to believe all this is happening in November, I don't remember getting snow so early but we already had two storms, and one really big one. I don't know what that means for this winter in the great white north, but BRING IT ON.

I suppose I rambled enough though, so I'll let you all get back to whatever you were doing if you've made it to the bottom. Take care everyone, thank you to those who've reached out as well, it fills me with determination. ✊

Odds n' Ends

Sat Dec 1 06:25:09 2018

But a BIG one... and then a little one. It was super fun to colour, and finally finish it.

Big boss monster dog~


Who is she...

Sat Dec 1 06:24:40 2018

How refreshing, a lady character. 8D
(Name still to be decided.)

She's gripping that snowball pretty tight... I wonder who's gonna get it in the face.

This is so silly haha. The endless hair, it mystifies these two boys.

I need her character solidified more to go along with Ro-Busta and Timberloin. They're like a little trio, they hang out at Ro's work (a coffeeshop)



Sat Dec 1 06:24:03 2018

I love making Timberloin posts. ?

Who's CHILD is this...

As a puppy his limbs are long, his face is big and he's very scrawny haha. I always wanted to see what young Timberloin would look like.

Now this just looks funny next to actually small Timberloin. Chibi Timberloin... I feel chibi's aren't my strong suit, like ever, but I try anyways lol. Everything seems compressed to me, but maybe it's cute to somebody, who knows :P

Now that's a better size. This image contains a lot of emotion for me, a lot of thought/melancholic vibes that I hope people will feel later on, when it's painted.

This is for a thing. (Not stickers, although they would work nicely haha.) Very, very fun toying with expressions though, I feel like I finally have this guys face down-pat.
I think the one flipping the viewer off might me my favourite.


Coloured drawings and Sketches

Sat Dec 1 06:23:22 2018

Get ready for a few art-avalanches.

Tairu looking very fly... That blue and orange will always be his colour no matter how many times I try to change it. ( Just included the sketch from last post so you can see it side by side.)

One COLLEGE BOY. My mind raced when Deltarune said Asrial was in college... Oof. Maybe he takes after his dadddd.

She is just destroying every boy that gets in her way. Watch out... (on the 7th, I use maind Peach in Melee and Brawl, not 4, but she looks WICKED in Ultimate.)


Odds n' Ends

Thu Nov 1 06:33:39 2018

He's changed, but he hasn't on the inside.

He likes to do that. (Haven't decided how to colour it yet but I'm thinking it should be old school cel shaded!) (Also fixed that morbidly broken back oops.)

He's gone back a few.

I thought to myself. What would he look like as a puppy... He looks like one of those really fat tumblr puppies, he's so cute.

I thought I might as well include this in the final SFW post for the first tier to see. Very happy with how warm the picture turned out.

Literally half the image but it still looks nice. He's having a great morning.



Thu Nov 1 06:09:56 2018

A few odds and ends, here. But naughty nonetheless.

Waffle shows concern. But he's mostly impatient... Pretty sure Chicken is paranoid and giving himself an extra cleaning before the big romp haha. I haven't drawn much of Waffle actually topping, but he's about to here, so maybe that counts.

A little something involving Spencer from Extracurricular Activities. Full throttle.

You might stop to think I have a thing for wardrobe malfunctions/peeking. And you are right.




Thu Nov 1 06:06:40 2018

Halloween shouldn't be without werewolves.

Drooly both ways.

Not a werewolf, but I'm sure you'll understand. Ghost hands count!

I know he doesn't talk english, but the Danny Phantom wolf "Wulf" is hot.


Splash Down

Thu Nov 1 06:09:23 2018

I designed a Squid OC (finally) ! Beardy boy. He's an Octoling! I guess that makes him an Octo OC but whatever.

I need everyone to collectively not judge me for making these Oktoley glasses haha. Thank you. 8D

Beard tentacles (~o.o)~

About to strike!!

His true form...

Enjoy the squibs... erm... OCTOLINGS.


Action ! ! !

Thu Nov 1 06:08:10 2018

I posted the totodials already for those who follow my tumblr, but the rest I haven't!

The cake...

Inked around the same time as the last image. Really happy with how the little bits surrounding the character turned out haha. Such a fun picture.

Continuing the action theme happening in this post. Whoooooosh.

I really have no reason to include this in this post, but I'm going to anyways. Barging into Kuma's house because I have -A LOT TO SAY- about Pokémon Cards (TM) Truest story. I won't stop talking.



Happy Halloween!

Thu Nov 1 06:06:04 2018

Something a little festive. A couple Halloween inspired pics, and more!

One shiny ghost boy.

The rest of the little ghosties.

The idea behind this one isssss... I read once, I think it was in a Pokédex entry that it aids people down the mountain. I think it's just a really fun design, the tails were definitely my favourite part.


R18/NSFW — Timberloin

Thu Nov 1 06:08:48 2018

What a quirky dog... Why the sock there? Who knows. Cock sock.

Beyond pleased with how this turned out. I had an old sketch I wasn't too fond of so I re-drew it, and it eventually turned into this.

I compiled a few images as a sort of break down of the picture.

This is the really, really, really messy sketch.

At one point his eye was open, but I closed it again for maximum contentment.

I took some screenshots halfway through when I was adding the base colours!

The whole thing was just really fun to make. I hope you guys enjoyed it!



Mon Oct 1 06:55:53 2018

I'm already ready for Halloween. Getting a head start on some spoopy phone wallpapers wips!

My life has been flies lately, and this captures it perfectly.

Wallpaper ONE

Spoopy spoops a comin'

Wallpaper TWO

Don't let Waffle carve a pumpkin without supervision. That's all I will say. ?



Sun Sep 30 08:46:24 2018

Chicken 'n Waffle

Messy dog boys... I wanna take a moment to appreciate the jizz rope that took me an hour and a half to get right so I could post this lmao.

This pose was challenging. I died, but the pizza man in the background, and semi-public bonk resurrected me. This looks like it's about to be the cheesiest porno.


A big pile of draws

Sun Sep 30 08:45:29 2018

I am very good at titles ...no I am not. Doodlebomb! (I guess there are more drawings then doodles but...) Enjoy!

I love this big fluffy idiot.

This ones a bit big for viewing on patreon so I included the file in downloads for you to see all the tiny stuff.

The best one.

"What have I drawn......."

All this Peach nonsense got me in the mood for ACTUAL Peach.

Autumn casual Peach. My personal favourite of this batch.

I saw an adorably cute photo on tumblr and I wanted to draw a little tiger man caught in the snowstorm hailing a cab. Inspiration creditgoes to this person, the original is on instagram.

bro.png 0918_3_1.png


Fri Sep 28 20:03:58 2018

I gave the little dork a chance. The more I draw it the more cute it is? I'm not sure if I'm fooling myself or not haha. I think his design would be infinitely more powerful if he was a magnetic blob taking shape with various metal scraps, that would be neat.

Meltan is just a weird Pokemon. (for those who keep up with it.)

Anyhow, enjoy!

This guy is my favourite.

Gotta balance the hot with the cool, though!

These are all just really fun to to let loose and paint. I'm hyped for Let's Go!



Fri Sep 28 20:05:13 2018

Good evening! Enjoy, fellas!

I often forget to draw his PA but today's the day I remember. Ya need a big ring for a big boy like him.

Arguably the hottest Pokémon without having to alter his design too much... Incinaroar.



Wed Sep 19 05:28:20 2018

For your enjoyment, here is the hi-res file! It makes a cute little lock screen so I included a few sizes to use as you please.

banner_hires.png 0918_1_1_HR.png 0918_1_2_HR.png 0918_1_3_HR.png

Colourful kaBOOM

Tue Sep 18 13:19:58 2018

Rocks and debris everywhere. I'm aliveeee. Hope everyone's been well!!

Getting things started here with some art I've been working on!

Colourful tasty foods. You might have already noticed these on the front! Finally got the assets done for patreon.
They were super refreshing to draw in terms of just letting loose and painting. I took the painting techniques I did for Totodile last month and applied it to these.

Contrary to painting, I did something completely different and used this little guy as my test subject. I have a soft spot for thin line-work.

Believe it or not this is going to be a custom DDR mat. More on that... later, but here's a cozy looking drawing of it so far.

? *heart*

(You might of seen this in the dumpy lens post I did a few days ago.) Totally winged the colours here... It's like a pleasant mess, haha. Lil' chibi WAFFLE!!



Tue Sep 18 13:44:21 2018

Starting off the month right with something... Tender. Slobbery gentle wolf licks.

I love the little pinky poking the other dudes tum. Friendly vibes, yet spicy.

This mouthful ended up being a scrap, but it's what pushed me to draw the thing above it. Thought I'd share since it, since looks okay-ish!

Had a friend model for me with this one, wink wonk. ? Eyes being covered by bushy bangs is a big mood.



R18/NSFW - Poll

Tue Sep 4 09:04:36 2018

One of this weeks R18/NSFW post will be based on this poll. I'm just keeping it simple and vague so I have more room to work with! What would you guys like to see first?


Sun Sep 2 10:38:26 2018

Good morning!

Here's something to start your Sunday with. This post is definitely the ass-iest post I've done in a while. The wettest too.

This needs colour... The whimsy in his tone and body language are the most endearing parts about this I think. The bear means business.


I don't have much to say about this one other than, enjoy! I still think it needs some colour, but this is a good stopping point on this pic for now. I spent far too long on that hole to make it appear -just- right.


Streaming and patreon app

Sun Sep 2 11:21:06 2018

I will be attempting to do some streaming next week (after Sunday) I super duper don't know what the week entails for myself, so when I get the chance, you'll know the day before!

Lastly, this is a bit random, but I was curious if any of you used the Patreon app for phone/tablet? I highly recommend using the app. I find it muuuuch easier to stay in touch with the content creators you support since it notifies you as soon as they make a post. ?

Have a great Sunday, guys!

Odds n' Ends

Sat Sep 1 06:48:34 2018

An odds and ends post to wrap things up, for the SFW department, anyways. Still have one more NSFW post. And SFW is subjective... but nothing is showing so we're okay! I think.

Bunch of bears partying hard in lots of...bubbles.

This is a poster I'm doing for someone, and I thought I'd share some of the early stages.

A character design I'm doing for someone. The lower lip was challenging but I somehow managed haha. He very, very cute. Belly maws~

A looooot of time went into that face structure I'm embarrassed to admit haha.

I ended up not participating in Bowser Day earlier in the month but I did draw this the night of! Poor lil fella doesn't get enough love compared to his Dad.

Chicken n' Waffle and company. Not sure who's in the middle yet but it's shaping up to be a really eager Timberloin and an overly dramatic Ro. Chuck is oblivious and facing the opposite way... Chicken has Waffle's speedo and there's nothing he can do about it haha. Looking forward to finishing this one. Streamed this earlier in the month!



R18/NSFW - Chuck

Sat Sep 1 06:10:43 2018

A fan of chuck had messaged a while ago, and he mentioned to me he reeeeeally liked chuck. Honestly I don't draw him enough, mind you this next drawing here is a re-draw of something I did. I repurposed it/fixed it up.

Liberal applications of uhh, sunscreen. I'll take out the ghost hands later but for now, imagine his buddy giving him a helping hand.

A re-draw of this old guy too... Gonna have some fellas playing in the bg.

Enjoy some Chuck!


A Rainy Day

Sat Sep 1 04:55:49 2018

This issss newwwww!
I did a painting in a way I don't normally. I can't really avoid my own art style but I was just free-balling this one with whatever stroke here and whatever stroke there, little bit of this, little of that... And this was the result.
Really happy with how it turned out!

One of three complete! The theme for the Johto starters is "a rainy day". I want to divide them all like this and work with a singular theme for each region. I may have to rework the Kanto ones a bit.

I know Unova's theme is going to be "The big city" so here's a sketch of Oshawott getting a sweet treat from the icecream stand... He's too mesmerized by the tasty treat he doesn't realize it's dripping everywhere.

Tepig taking the public transit. (The game had a battle subway so I figured why not...lol)

Haven't thought too much on what Snivy would be doing but we'll see what happens.

Enjoy the Pokémoooon!


Dog days of Summer and various (WIPS)

Fri Aug 31 23:55:20 2018

Wasn't my initial choice to post the WIP here like this but I did quite a bit of "photography" for some of these summer pics because I really like the cartoon on realistic background look... Now to just make it work. Here's the first stage of that!


SFW version of the wind dog I posted in the last NSFW post. Quite a heavy looking fella...

SFW model sheet of TImberloin. Now to make him look just as good with clothes as he is without. Outfit 95% likely to change to his usual bear shirt and leather jacket, but this is what we have for now.

I'm mostly excited to see how that photo/cartoon pic will turn out, so wish me luck, I have no idea what I'm doing lol.



Fri Aug 31 23:56:41 2018

Enjoy the wolf boys.

Progress on THIS mother effer for my summer dog pics.
Didn't really focus on the background for this, but I'm still debating what all is happening on this beach scene... He's not an exhibitionist, but he's really wild around his friends so I'm thinking either a private beach scene with the guys in the bg, or one of his close friends looking surprised at his sudden lewd selfie. What do you think?

Random but most likely welcome. Various ass cheeks.

I ended up cutting the extra character out because I am suddenly NOT sure what to do with this one haha. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Half chub Waffle thoooo.



Tue Aug 28 07:39:36 2018

His little back stripe and coarse fur brings me so much life. Finalized model sheet for Timber but... he lacks clothes. That's next on the agenda.

Gruff Tiger dad friend. He'll treat you right.

Wasn't sure if this went in the sfw or nsfw pile but I'm putting it here, he's got that energy. Lil something for McThundergoose. Super cool guy.

He's a god, so naturally he'd be swinging around a tree trunk, casually. Little something for that series of super charged dogs (to go with the werewolf) This guy is wind based.


Fed bears are happy bears

Tue Aug 28 06:59:53 2018

We have bears, with a side of even more bear. Watermelon for desert, but also with bears.

Bears, bears bears. Just a 'hodgepodged' model sheet for now. I need to tweak a few things but over all I love how gruff he looks but keeps his Tairu-y essence haha. Took a more plushy approach to the beard.

The one angle that turned out pretty much how I wanted it to haha.


Makin' some mischief!

It was obscenely hot the day I drew this.

There's the blue. Haha.




Sat Aug 4 21:51:08 2018



An issue with Patreon

Thu Aug 2 19:01:15 2018


As you may or may not have heard, Patreon goofed up and declined/denied access to quite a few folks, not just me but a TON of creators here on Patreon, so if any of you suspect there might be an issue, please double check to see if your payments went through. It wasn't as hard of a hit for me as for others, but still, it sucks balls for anyone involved.

I'm not sure if declined payments will be able to see future posts, so I encourage you to check so you CAN see them.

In other happier news,

Stream is still up for Saturday! So I'll see some of ya then.

I hope any fellow creators here solve their issues as well, best of luck!


Thu Aug 2 07:33:19 2018

A post just for Waffle.

The entertainer.

Eager for some lovin' but Chicken Bone's gotta study... The perspective destroys me lmao. (As in it was physically painful to draw, and it also destroys me)

Sometimes you gotta entertain yourself!
Two versions because I couldn't pick just one, the transparency does a little extra for me.

My personal favourite. Looks like the big guy just woke up.

I'm gonna spread these posts out over the next few days. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Odds n' Ends

Wed Aug 1 06:35:40 2018

Not really a surprise now is it if I post the wip here on patreon when both of these goofballs follow/pledge to my patreon haha. (I see you)

These guys are the two fellas I stayed with during my time in Boston and it was just AWESOME. The days we did get to go out together, we played a lot of Pokemon GO, so we all have our phones out. :B

A while back there was this gym leader thing going on, and the artists would draw themselves with their type of choice. My choice would be fairy! That is my all time favourite Pokémon type. (Outfit inspired by a Gardevoir)

This ones just an exploration sketch of Strudle.



Wed Aug 1 06:45:47 2018

Hey everyone!

You probably noticed the severe lack of posts from me, and if not, then that's good because I wasn't around for most of the month haha. Boston was a very cool city to explore, I have a lot of inspiration welling up inside of me, ready to unleash and draw.

I did my very best to compile what I had done this month, so I hope you enjoy it. I only got to posting it all today after getting settled at home again... it is wayyyyy passed my bed time. B);;

Stream on Saturday!! Summer themed stream!!! I had no time this month to get that stream in and I am amazed by how fast it flew by. R18/NSFW posts will be published tomorrow night aaaaand that's just about it, I think. For now. Always for now...there's always something. :P

Take care guys! Seeeee you Saturday.

Rats and Dogs

Wed Aug 1 05:58:39 2018

Some character designs I did for myself, and for others!

I wouldn't say this is a character design just yet. It was my first time drawing a rat, and I really wanted to make a rat guy eventually. With some refinement I might have a gym rat character...

Noodle! I did this for a friend... He is inspired by ramen noodles, he is from France (and he is French!) Has his own cooking YouTube channel, quite popular for a YouTuber and Waffle is his biggest fan. That's all the lore I have on this guy so far haha.

(he's got a fan behind him) (hmmm)

Those views. He must be popular!

These were some preliminary sketches of Noodle, didn't quite hit the mark with these ones, kinda stuff but why not show it anyways haha. Enjoy the mess!


Dog Days of Summer: Chicken & Waffle

Wed Aug 1 05:57:40 2018

Chicken Bone is usually the one being harassed by Waffle, but today is his day. Waffle got his swimming trunks stolen... Oops.

Look at all these beach bums. This is rough, but I wanted to include it in this post. I had the idea archived for forever now and this'll be one of the dog days of summer pics.

I love drawing Waffle, that face is so... Pinch-able. As you may have guessed, this is definitely a crop but I wanted to post it here too because I liked the expression.



Wed Aug 1 05:58:01 2018

Are the Crystal Gems!

So how about Steven Universe, I'm sure not everyone is into it, but I know a lot are so enjoy some drawings I did of some of the cast.


She'll always be one of my favourites.


Pink is my favourite.

This was a fun post! I guess the title may be misleading since all the Crystal Gems aren't drawn but, y'know haha.



Sat Jun 30 08:28:44 2018

This post is a little upside down...!

Suns out, buns out... Getting some sunscreen where the sun don’t shine.

Waffle might as well be a show dog at this point. Oi.

This isn't a dog, but puma likes to play ball.



Sat Jun 30 08:27:24 2018

Naughty business.

It's Tharis being a messy boy. (Not my character)

This one genuinely fucks me up. He seems perturbed with who ever is staring. ?


Lots of sketches

Sat Jun 30 07:29:19 2018

Lots of Timberloin (one is mildly nsfw) ?

What a nerd!!

He's my favourite cheeky puppy.


Some updates for July

Sat Jun 30 06:39:11 2018

Hey fellas! Just wanted to drop some updates for you guys.

I'm changing the $3 tier to $1 which means I'll be streaming for the $1 (all patrons) as of next month. So if you wish to edit your pledge, please do so! I'll be deleting that tier later on, or doing something new for it I haven't quite decided, yet. I'll be away in Boston for a week and a half this month, so I'll either try streaming before the 9th or after the 20th!

The graphics for my patreon page are near finished. I was going to post them in May, but I took some extra time because I had a swift change of plans for the visuals and I wanted to put some extra time in to those... It's not hugely important, but it'll look nice.

July we'll be seeing the dogs in action finally for some summer themed pics and anything else you feel may need some limelight, feel free to pm me!

Odds n' ends

Sat Jun 30 06:39:53 2018

Now I know this isn't the content we're usually here for, LOL. Magical battle grandma and various poses... Tolerate or be amused, your choice!

That's right. Prayer beads and a coin purse, that's her magical item. I know at least five or six (or all) of you are raising your eyebrow right now, I can feel it. 8D

Some squibs.

An extra duck(TM)

I had this one kicking around after I made last months complications of artwork and posted scrapped Pokémon from the leaked spaceworld demo. I drew this shortly after but I had no place to stick the poor guy.

He's holding his upgraded leek, which is now an onion.


Pokémon Starters (Gen I and II)

Sat Jun 30 06:07:49 2018

No month is complete without a few Pokémon drawings. I never got around to drawing Pikachu or Eevee, though! We'll say... Uh, the usual starters haha.

My absolute favourite one is Totodile, of this bunch. I might re-do Chikorita, that was quick and lazy, but I'm kinda into it I'm not sure haha. I feel Chikorita fans might get upset! :P



Rockin' the beard

Sat Jun 30 06:06:58 2018

Ultimately, as time passes and I get older, it seems only natural. I joked about giving the panda a beard, but I have a beard like this myself. He's my fursona and for the longest time he didn't really match up to 'me' as much as I tried with his previous designs I was never satisfied with the more toony one I've been sporting recently.

I kinda toned the beard down a bit and gave him the proportions he's known for but a bit more matured. I love it so far though.

Here's the big goob in all his bearness.

The preliminary sketch too!

That's the shirt I was wearing at the time, along with the pants. The shirt is completely ironic "you see what you get" and it's got a picture of a puma (my other me) haha.

A lady panda in the works, riding her bike! (not my character, but the wip looked fun enough to post)

More pandas!

This ones for a bud, I'm designing his panda character, which has a ways to go yet. Bit of an older drawing but I felt like it was a good time to share it sense this post is all pandas. His panda and mine are gonna be panda buddies.



Sat Jun 2 23:35:30 2018

I made a dino bro on the fly, and I figured I'd make a post about em! Tall, big...and big. The feather beard is my favourite part.

If he fits...he sits. Having a 9 foot dino with the equipment to match has it's perks.

On a scale of 1 to sit on my face, how many peach emoji's does he score?


Odds n' Ends

Fri Jun 1 06:08:59 2018

Odds and ends for the month! Lot's of handsome fellows jumping around everywhere.

He jump!

He lay~

His tits are powerful enough to take anyone down. I attempted to give him a pizza jockstrap... we'll see where this goes and what he's doing. I like his smile.

I love doing avatar pieces. This one is coming along extremely well...! Slightly revealing...spot the sorta-nude.

I think the trickiest part is designing their clothes to match the series style.

And that wraps it up for this post! Summer themed stuff will be taking over my patreon next month, so stay tuned.



Fri Jun 1 06:10:03 2018

Or what COULD have been! Some beta designs I felt like drawing.

This is a Pokémon post! I figured this would be a good way to end this months posts. I had way too much fun with these...

So recently (today actually) the beta of Pokémon Gold was released. Now I'm uncertain if was released publicly or just leaked but it's official content of what COULD have been and I am enamoured by some of the what-could-have-been designs.

Octillery and Remoraid were a Tank and a Revolver, I can guess why it was changed haha... though the designs were so rad I needed to draw them.

I got one more...

Now if this guy's name isn't R'duckulous. I'm going to be very sad LMAO... this was also one of the beta Pokémon designs. I took a few liberties with this one... but he's still pretty ridiculous haha. I included the initial sketch, a little truer to the sprite but it didn't look as good without the floofy hair.

Pokémon! :D


Woodland creatures

Tue May 29 20:55:01 2018

I couldn't think of a good title so bear with me and enjoy! Technically I'm not wrrrooonnngg? Is Yoshi from the woods? Island? Close enough.

Work in progress, some refinement and colour!

Ironing out some sort of ref for Timberloin... picking his colours was a task and a half but I'm really pleased with how he's coming along!

Y'know I was really debating on weather or not I'd include this at all but I kinda of like it. It was a drawing I did up in the stream earlier this month but something about it tickles me haha. I like how the boo try to consume but the fruit is just inside them whole. I think I can get away with selling this as a print. Maybe.

Tails! He's my absolute favourite Sonic character, always has and always will be... a pure boy.



Tue May 29 20:59:38 2018

Not even gonna beat around the bush, let's just cut to it haha. I've been itching to show this off! Beardy Tairu getting some action from a smaller friend.

Contrasting body types and size are so good—I need to draw it more. If only this was a YCH...haha.

For a cat he certainly gets wet a lot... and got dirtier in the shower.

That fusion creature from earlier. Even when they bottom they're dominant as hell.


Beards of Thunder

Tue May 29 20:54:21 2018

From little critters to burly bear dudes.

Jakk! Anyone who's followed me since the beginning of time knows who this guy is haha. I felt like drawing him... lil throw back.

The sketches!

Taoren and I were up to no good and fused two of our characters (timber and his demon) That is indeed a thong made of flames.

What in all that is holy!

A beard... It kinda looks good haha. Maybe not permanent, maybe an alt? Who knows, what do you think? I wanna scritch it... (Based off my own beard)

I made him so hot lmao. This is goofy but I'm so into it... there will be more *eyes emoji*


Late night stream!

Wed May 16 04:09:36 2018

I think this might be my latest one yet... 1:00 AM.

https://picarto.tv/TairuPANdA/9b57cdb3e027751fad1ebcbd5cdb35cf HERE IS LINK, COME VISIT. (if you're awake...if anyone is awake. I'm sure somebody is awake.)

Streaming soon!

Wed May 16 02:44:12 2018

Never made an update from my phone before so let’s see if this works.

I’ll be streaming when I get home shortly within an hour, and I’ll make another post with the link! Just a heads up to anyone who may be curious. ?

Stream stuff!

Wed May 9 16:55:53 2018

Hey guys, I'm just moving the stream date to Tuesday evening (Atlantic time) on the 15th! I had some stuff creep up on me recently, and I'll be away all weekend for birthday shenanigans so Tuesday will be the ~official~ stream day. Yay. :B

See you guys later!

SFW and R18/NSFW content suggestions

Wed May 2 08:31:20 2018

Figured this would be easier then a poll. I began typing one up and I'm thinking there could be like fifty billion answers. What do you guys want to see, something you're craving to see me draw, something you want to see me draw more, or characters you'd like to see etc. I love hearing what characters you like; this patreon is very character oriented and I plan to bring the most out of our little dog crew (and others not so canine!)

You can shoot me a pm/note if you don't want to comment here. I'm genuinely curious, and I'd like to know what the favourites are so I can aim to please. If it's a really detailed NSFW suggestion, I'd say shoot me a note instead haha.

The suggestions definitely help gear the direction of pieces or influence my choices some, so it always helps to suggest something you think would be fun or really hot. I'm pretty open to hearing what you guys like both sfw and nsfw.

So far my personal plans include the Dog Days series of summer themed pictures. But there will be more content then just that so that's why I kind of wanted to open up a little dialogue thingie... Yeah! ?


Wed May 2 07:24:34 2018


He has the power of anime on his side... For the amount of time I spent on this I have very few words lmao. Just roll with it, he's trying.

Chicken 'n Waffle going at it in the locker room. The little nipple tweak is my favourite part. (In the process of colouring this one too!)

I told you it was going to be juicy. Anyways, enjoy fellas! High res of the first one in attachments.

0518_NSFWB1.png 0518NSFW_1_highres.png


Tue May 1 03:56:53 2018

I'm suuuuper duper tired but I figured I'd toss this in before I hit the hay tonight.

⭐ Stream this weekend!
⭐ I have pretty big adult post I'll be posting tomorrow evening that's pretty juicy... Fully coloured juicy.
⭐ I'm in the process of making a big cosmetic change to patreon that I've been working on all month. You'll be seeing a lot more DOG. Some of the tiers will be updating, nothing super out of the ordinary, just some extra stuff added.
⭐ I'm starting a new series of pictures for summer called "Dog Days" that'll have some light story telling. Camping, beach days, hiking, lazy summer days, chill summer nights etc. I figured if I ever got into comics, I'd tip the pinky toe in first to test the waters, haha. There will be a few adult pictures in this set as well.

That's about it. I'll make a stream post when I stream, although I haven't figured out my schedule yet, it'll be either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Have a good week, everyone!

Odds 'n Ends

Tue May 1 02:59:31 2018

Just a collection post of odds and ends I have conjured up this past week.

This one is going to be wild.

A little something I'm designing for a friend who's tiggy is total dad material. Pretty rough though, so far!

Timberloin achives maximum doof with glasses. It's adorable.

These odds and ends posts often have no direction haha. Enjoy, nonetheless!



Tue May 1 03:16:28 2018

I'm not sure how many of you are into this game (if you are add me on switch gosh...be my friend lmao) anyways, enjoy the squid themed post! I apologize in advance if I get too impassioned about squids 8)

After the recent patch 3.0, the squeezer has become my favourite weapon. It's soooo good! Pop, pop, death.

He's got the roller (current go-to weapon for moooost situations. I called him Panda.


Dog Days: Timber, Ro and Co.

Tue May 1 02:53:49 2018

Spring barely started and I'm already thinking about...


I feel like there's some love interests between these two, but perhaps they're just really good friends who platonically enjoy being with eachother. We'll see. Just how did these fellas meet anyways...

Just a doodle. I think they're waiting for the next bus.

Timberloin is arguably my favourite. I don't want to pick favourites but damnit... Him.

Lastly, something preeeetty big? A couple things.

I feel like I needed to do more scenes that just told stories, as much as I love developing and making new characters I think it's time to put these two in a picture.

Something based off my actual life and what I'm familiar with and that's bonfires on a beach, laughing, telling jokes, having a few drinks and overall just a chilling at the beach. It always made me feel good. Summer's coming up and it's been so warm lately; I was inspired to start this.

Timberloin's expression is my favourite part. I read him as 'shear willpower it took not to laugh during the joke he told but he started laughing before the punchline anyways' haha.

This one's been really fun.

Just about all of the woof crew is here, minus a couple members. The boys chilling, enjoying themselves, unplugging (mostly... Ro's tweeting.) This goes along with the bon-fire pic, I'm hoping to get a few more of these summer vacation pics drawn.

A close-up of Ro. The little guy's grown on me a lot since I first drew him. I love him.

A little close-up of the boys you're most familiar with. (Chuck, Chicken Bone and Waffle) I figured they had the spotlight enough times they could be background characters.

I can't wait to continue this, I have more planned for I wanna say the 'Dog Days' series. Just a bunch of summertime fun, all around... The warm weather we've been getting lately puts ya in this mood for it, y'know!



Tue May 1 03:30:45 2018

Chuck being the machine he is obliterating the poor guy under him, not sure who though. One of my favourite angles.

Speaking of angles... this angle. I figured there'd be a mirror in front of him, prolly showing a buddy his cock rings in action. This is is a work in progress!

This one's actually a special request for an eager patron who noted me, saying they'd love to see a pent up Timberloin shooting a fat load. (This is for you, bud!)

It turned out to be one of my favourite adult drawings I've done so far.

I don't think this one little sock is going to clean up the massive eruption.

I spruced up an old doodle I had done some odd months ago, since it went so well with the previous picture.



Kigurumi Caboodle

Mon Apr 9 21:00:56 2018

If it wasn't obvious from the streams. The theme of this post is definitely kigus (or onesies) They're just so... aesthetically pleasing! I love how they look, and I'm sure they feel amazing to wear, as I don't own any myself haha.

Sporting the rabbit look. I have my reasons haha... The cuteness is stronk!

To those who attended the stream will recognize this!

Sadly, I lost the file with the lineart. *single tear* I thought I had saved the lineart version before my computer wigged out, but it was done rather quickly. I'll attempt to ink this again when I get all the boys lined up!

Chicken 'n Waffle being TURBO CUTE and not at all being naughty in any way. Chicken's grabbing Waffle's ass hatch, idk what the proper term is for these pyjamas.

My favourite one of the batch! (that I somehow remembered to save yayy)

I guess this isn't a kigu but it's cute nonetheless. Ro's a character I'm itching to explore more and I'm hoping to get some more of him drawn up interacting with the rest of the dog crew.

Thanks all who attended the stream by the way! It was really fun getting to chat with you all again, those who came anyways. I'll try to get some more done in the coming weeks if I can.

I'll be posting the adult post tonight or tomorrow too, if I can compile it quick enough. Take care everyone!

But wait, there's more!

I found a few drawings I did at the beginning of the month I had completely forgotten about. I was in such a Kirby mood...

A couple of my favourite Kirby copy abilities.

64 Dedede is and will always be my favourite rendition of King Dedede. I like small cute fat things with attitudes.

Okay, noowwww that's everything.
Take care everyone!


Streamin'! (OFFLINE)

Sun Apr 8 23:51:21 2018


Stream now SUNDAY!

Sat Apr 7 19:32:11 2018

Howdy! Some stuff got in the way of my streaming plans for today super last minute, so I'm just pushing it to tomorrow afternoon (Atlantic timezone) instead.

Hope you all have a wicked day. See ya tomorrow!

Thursday Stream (OFFLINE)

Thu Apr 5 23:26:41 2018

...In about 20-30 minutes haha. A touch late AS USUAL.
Here's the link regardless. Come hang out!

Content will be mostly SFW (there may be some risqué content at times)


Thursday stream!

Thu Apr 5 14:20:26 2018

I'll be streaming sometime this evening. I'm thinking around 7 or 8 PM (Atlantic timezone) and I'll be streaming well into the night. I'll try to stream earlier on Saturday in case this is too late for some people.

I'll make another post when I go live! See you then. c:

Stream slated for Thursday and Saturday!

Mon Apr 2 07:43:01 2018

Heyyy fellas!

I just wanted to let you all know I have a stream planned for Thursday and Saturday. There's no theme to this stream, so whatever comes up or what we feel like will probably be the direction it heads in.

I'm happy to take suggestions in advance to sort of mentally prepare for it. If ya'll have any ideas, feel free to drop a vague or detailed idea, a character you'd like to see more of, or even a theme in the comments and I'll take a look at it. Input of any caliber would be a tremendous help! (If you're shy, you can always pm me too.)

Various degrees of pandas

Sat Mar 31 21:22:26 2018

I reworked this to be the bear instead of the puma, for anyone who may have remembered a wip I posted a few months back! I feel like the bear would be a better fit for 'artist'

I don't often draw the bear in spicy situations like this, not because I don't want to it's just I never really get around to it haha. I'm not sure if this is NSFW or not, but whatever.

Hot-tub, sauna and general scenes involving water like this have always been a favourite of mine. Especially playful ones.

Debated on posting this one since it was so similar to the update from the other week but I attempted inking this with a photoshop brush I made from scratch.

I tried so very hard to get the lines to be this organic almost "yoshi's story" kind of vibe. I attempted these in the past and they worked really well, but I wanted one that was more crisp and uniform!

A bunch of silly bear faces and hair-doos.

Thanks so much guys, I hoped you enjoyed this months content!


R18/NSFW - Beach Bums

Sat Mar 31 21:26:38 2018

The boys thought it was a good idea for a little fun in the sun.

This is the gigantic picture I started earlier this month. The characters depicted (so far) are Waffle of course, Timberloin (being thrown) and Chuck (throwing Timberloin into the ocean)

As time goes on I'll probably add Chicken Bone, Strudel and a few other dogs if I can manage to make it look nice. So far, these three were the main focus! I didn't want to over complicate a simple concept and keep it humorous and sexy

I documented some progress for your viewing pleasure!

Originally, I had em naked but I wanted to keep some since of mystery. I find junk under-wraps like this is more appealing then just flat out nudity haha.

In the second shot there, you can see Chuck tugging on Timberloin's underwear playfully but I wasn't sure how that would work with the composition as I wanted most of the focus on Waffle this time. It might make for a nice stand alone picture.

A little bonus action between Chuck and Timberloin.

I super hoped you liked this!

The beach picture is probably going to destroy me but it'll be worth it, and I can't wait to finish it after next week.



Mon Mar 26 00:29:29 2018

Some work in progress drawings. I'm colouring these now, but I wanted to show you guys what I had in store!

Poor Puma T had a rough day and decided to let off some steam. He was pretty pent up... So much so he hit the headboard behind him.

Who could be underneath Waffle? I'm open to suggestions!

I'm really excited to show you guys this one next week, but for now a little teaser of what's to come.
Wet underwear!? Take a guess ?☀


R18/NSFW - Timberloin

Mon Mar 26 00:24:48 2018

A whole post for Timberloin. I didn't expect folks to take to him so well, so I put together a little something just for Timberloin (and a few of his pals included)

His warm demeanour makes it easy to try new things.

He's got a one track mind when he has his eye on the prize.

Case and point.

A little moonlit pinup of the frisky pupper. This dog is too much to handle for me sometimes haha... I love em.



Mon Mar 26 00:11:53 2018

This was fun as hell to draw. I included a download of the file for you to enjoy as well! I hope you guys like it.

Waffle's pretty pent up and he's leaking like a faucet. ??

NSFW_1.png NSFW0318_1.png


Mon Mar 26 00:26:14 2018

I love mecha, robo and android type things, even if I rarely draw it. Here's some weird stuff for your eyeballs.

MEGA TURBO OVER DRIVE. *zzwwooosh* I've been watching Darling in the Franxx and it's probably the source of my inspiration. I'm enjoying that anime a lot.

Some badge ideas I was brewing. I'm not entirely sure what Puma T is doing in the bottom corner, but it's what started the crazy android drawing above it.
Some crazy otherworldly fighting game stuff my mind concocted.

To finish... The warmest boy. It's a battle between him and Waffle I'm not sure who'd win.


Beach day!

Mon Mar 26 00:11:03 2018

In March!? Oh well.

Finished product of a work in progress you fellas have seen many, many times. It's finally done!

Here's a breakdown:

I hope you guys enjoyed the breakdown!


Bears, bears and bears

Mon Mar 26 00:12:56 2018

I wonder what this post is about.

There's something new about him but he seems unimpressed haha.

What is he doing...

Im just having fun with the panda. I still never know what to dress the guy in, I always come back to the blue and orange stripes. They just seem... "him"


Odds and ends

Thu Mar 1 02:04:08 2018

Some odds and ends I thought would be good to wrap up the month with.

God, this picture has been on the back-burner slow-cooker for so long but it's coming along swimmingly. Nyeh-heh heh.

Lining this was a binch.

I finished this dude's normal form. Still working on his were-form. Love how it turned out. Though I don't draw humans too often; it was very refreshing.

This is the character that inspired Ro-Busta (seen here) but to be honest, I wasn't feeling this guy as a main character for the crew. I might revisit and rework this Yorki into a potential character but for now, he needs a bit of work/re-work or some new inspiration.

I could see this guy being a regular at the coffee shop though!



Wed Feb 28 23:59:14 2018

He's so ideal...

This was incredibly fun and satisfying to draw. It's the fun angles you get to explore in adult artwork that really do it for me.

"I licked it, so it's mine."

I'm colouring both of these in March! I'd like to hear which one you guys like the most.


Breakfast Boyfriend

Wed Feb 28 23:39:25 2018

Prepare your butts for a buttload of Waffle.

Cleaned up an old sketch and fixed the proportions to my liking. It was originally meant to be a nsfw picture but I feel it's better this way. Clean!

Prequel to said picture — actually a warm boy.

Interstellar anime breakfast boyf, in no particular order. I really like this one...


Timberloin and Ro-Busta

Fri Feb 23 07:07:50 2018

Going into a bit more detail on Timberloin, the newest dog in the roster and a peek at a new character in the works to go along with Timberloin.

Timberloin concept sketch.

A quick/sloppy concept drawing of what Timberloin's clothing and pallet would be. I really wanted his colours to be earthy and warm.

Timberloin, like most of my boys is pretty husky. Side and front (censored for this post)

A little friend for Timberloin. Timber loves coffee and visits the coffee shop so frequently, he became friends with one of the workers there, and this is a really rough draft of him.

His name is Ro (short for Ro-Busta) If you're familiar with coffee you can see where I got the name haha.

Barely scratching the surface of this guy but I wanted to give you a peek!

He's probably got a dozen or so hair styles haha.



Mon Feb 26 07:17:53 2018

This post has no direction or theme, but you guys enjoy seeing all the stuff I draw so I put this together haha.


Something silly I was gonna use (maybe still use) for my Ko-Fi promos.

He must be eyeing something scrumptious...

A fun doodle of a potential buddy for Ro-Busta and Timber's crew! She'd be a part of the coffee shop. I got the idea when I was working on Ro.

I've been tremendously into Kingdom Hearts lately (suuuper hyped for 3)



Fri Feb 23 07:09:41 2018

100% big wolf boys.

One teasey boy!

Nude version of our newest dog, Timberloin.

I'm a very...very big fan of the bottomless with a shirt look.

He's spent and just feeling lazy, I guess haha.

Pre finalized Timberloin, but I wanted to share this anyways. A little saucy.

Wink! (this pose is an adventure)


Streaming! (over)

Fri Feb 2 19:33:07 2018



Thanks all for coming!


Thu Feb 1 18:25:38 2018

I'll be doing a stream tomorrow afternoon around 3:00 PM (Atlantic). I'll make another post right before I stream.

See you then!

A sloppy New Year's (2018) hi-res

Thu Feb 1 04:12:35 2018

Hi-res file to download for those who'd like it! I made it with phone wall paper in mind, so feel free to use it!

Full post, here! https://www.patreon.com/posts/2018-16730004/

0118_hi-res.jpg happynewyears.jpg

A sloppy New Year's (2018)

Thu Feb 1 04:00:53 2018

Concluding this years first finished piece.

Here's to a wonderful 2018!!

And a bonus Waffle slurping some tasty instant noodles (loudly)

A little peak at the newest member of the woof troop. His name is Timberloin. I'll be making a detailed post about him later next month.

And that's that for this post! Take care everyone.



Fri Jan 26 12:56:24 2018

Hello everyone! Just swinging by to letcha all know what's happening this month. It's been a pretty busy month with lots going on so I figured I'd post some form of update to let those who might be waiting to see the adult posts (which are being compiled as I type) they're just going to be a bit late haha. They're nice and juicy, promise.

There's a ton of character things I'm working on currently including stuff for Chuck, Chicken Bone and Waffle and the little husky, who's name is Strudel and a few more dog characters I'll be adding to the group and sorta getting this world building train going and tying them all together. It's the year of the dog, after all. ;)

I plan on doing a stream soon, heaven forbid I never have time to do these but there will be one soon, possibly early next week.

Short and sweet. That's about it! I hope everyone has been having a great year so far.

A sloppy New Year's

Fri Jan 26 12:39:37 2018

Hello patrons! Thinking back, this would of been a more suitable update for the beginning of 2018, oh well haha!

Here is a breakdown of a really big picture I'm working on that'll be posted at the end of the month complete, it's near done but I wanted to show you the process and what I had so far!

Please enjoy!

Sketch phase: This drawing in particular took such a long time to lay out, I must of went thru five or six different options. I wanted to make something that was really questionably naughty, but still sfw "sfw" yeah sure haha. They're preeeeetty drunk here, maybe with the exception of Chicken Bone, who seems to be the most coherent of the four.

Lineart/Clean-up phase: This is far from clean, Waffle's got champagne ALL over him and Chicken is loving every bit of it... I love Chicken's shit eating grin like he just know and doesn't care.

Colour phase: We have some COLOUR! Nothing spectacular, just flats, and a little shading so far. The champagne is transparent until I begin the painting phase which is where I'm at right now and I'll be showing that off in the last update of this month, along with the high resolution file.

Here's one of the earliest drafts. Chicken Bone is just...not even trying here hahaha.

Here is a sketch of something I wanted to draw alongside of this, but lacked time. Waffle popping the cork on the first bottle of champagne while the night was still young. So far, no plans on finishing this little sketch here, but I felt it was necessary to include! What a wild New Year's eve these pups are in for.

I've already posted this to twitter for those who may recognize this, but I figured for context I'd include this as well!

This was some of the groundwork for Chicken Bone's face in the New Year's drawing, following some expressions I drew to kind of shape the character a little more. I love em'.

Well gosh, if you made it this far, thank you for viewing and the support. I hope you enjoyed this picture and it's breakdown and hopefully the finished product when it is complete!

Thanks guy, have a good week!


Hodgepodge of Drawings

Fri Jan 26 12:42:00 2018

Squids kids I doodled up of my squid and my friends squid. Her long sleeves were way too cute... I needed to scratch my Splatoon itch haha. It's how I've been spending my evenings lately.

DND werebear character I'm doing for someone. Human form, and 'were' form. He's a bear in more ways then one.

This was incredibly fun and cute to draw, I just wanted to show you this, as well as the sketch version I haven't posted anywheres.

Los Angeles Tiger

That's all for this update, there was no solid theme for this one. Just a lot of odds and ends and wips. I had a backlog of update I didn't get around to posting so I apologize for shoving it all in at once haha.

Thanks guy!


Family Matters

Sat Jan 20 10:31:19 2018

First off, Happy New Years!

I hope you are all having a fantastic 2018 so far. This post will be all about some characters I am currently brewing up and bringing together.

I spent a lot of time on Chicken Bone's design in terms of looks and fashion as well as bringing some of his family to life.


Chicken Bone in his official duds, yet to refine, but you get the idea!

His hair is based off the 'comb' of a chicken. The text on his shirt is just a messy made up logo based on a couple languages merged together, which is how Splatoon does their text/branding—combining English and Japanese text to make something believable looking. I dug it, so that was the main inspiration behind his shirt.

While I was in California staying for a few months, I was really inspired by all the trendy fashion out there which is a little bit less prominent back home. I like how everyone just tries in the big cities haha. His 'lil punky outfit gives me life.

What a sweetheart. Very important feature.

Whoa, new character! This one is still fresh, I still have a lot of work to do on them. This is Chicken Bone's younger sibling, Drumstick. (Yes, Drumstick. We're making the whole bird here.)

They're younger by about, I want to say 5 or so years. I have a younger sibling, myself so a lot of this is based on my real life experiences.

Lots of work to do on this character, so stay tuned.

Are we shipping it yet!? I'm setting this ship off hard haha. It's Chicken 'n Waffle. Finally drawn together!

I hodgepodged Waffle's outfit a little, clearly not as good looking as Chicken's, but then again he's less refined himself when it comes to fashion haha.

THE WHOLE (very quirky) FAMILY

Waffle, Chicken Bone, a very proud Momma Hen, and Drumstick. Waffle crashes with them so often he's practically family and they all get along super great. Later on I'll introduce Waffle's rather small family. The father is not present in this family since Chicken's parents split up shortly after Drumstick was born.

The rottwielers all seem to hold this sense of style.

(side note: vaguely I wanted to have a running theme of Chicken's 'comb' with the other two rottweilers. The mother being the tail feathers, and his other sibling's flip looking like the wing. It's really subjective to those who view it though haha; just something subtle. I might push it more for the other two later on when I flesh their designs out. It's pretty obvious for C-Bone)

Side side note: if you're wondering why 'were' is in quotations, is that he's not really a werewolf *gasp* he's just a really huge wolf, and earned the nickname that way.

Lastly, the rest of the design sheet (wip) with a little chicken, and a close up of some silly expressions without the little chicken or 'little muse' so to speak haha. I've been calling the little chicken on his shoulder 'noodle' or 'little muse' and it's sort of like an extra expression or the angel/devil/conscience on his shoulder. I thought it was cute.

That is indeed an ass-tat that starts on his cheek and runs down his leg. It's a little vague, if you were wondering what I had scribbled on his hind quarters.

That was a really wordy and juicy post filled with lots of info, I hope you weren't bored haha. I'd love to hear what you think!

Thank you all for your kind support, and I hope you continue to enjoy the content I put up here. c:



Thu Dec 28 18:40:44 2017

Possible sequel to the showering picture in the normal post I posted alongside this one.

Something I'm particularly proud of. Drawing of Canyon Wall (the rhino)

This one finally saw the light of day (for those who remember the super rough draft from way back.)



Thu Dec 28 18:41:28 2017

Welp, last normal post for the month! It's been a pretty wild 2017, and I look forward to 2018 and the drawing adventures it'll bring.

Insane wolf "Kun-kun." The weapon was super complex and fun.

He's calming his tits. This is just a silly drawing I did on a whim... That expression turned out pretty nice though!

Felt like drawing something sexual but tasteful. Which is why it's in this post. No alternate version of this, just a teasey bubbly bathing wolf.

It was fun... Really rough, I might re-attempt this later it would make for a good colouring exercise and a nice over all finished piece I can post on my art accounts. Let me know if this stuff intrigues any of you guys.

Dang, that concludes the last post for 2017! Thanks for your support and let's rock 2018.



Fri Dec 22 23:49:07 2017

Chicken Bone and Waffle boning after a long day. Waffle can't get enough.

I really need to start drawing these two together more frequently.

A little dick slip...

The fully nude, uncensored version of the foo-dog drawing from today's normal post!


Dogs, foo-dogs and bears

Fri Dec 22 23:48:41 2017

The new Clam Blitz mode in Splatoon was pretty intense.

Just what exactly are you thinking Waffle? Don't look at me like that. (please do...)

This one took off when I posted it to twitter, I wasn't expecting folks to enjoy this one that much, but maybe it's implications leave a lot to the imagination haha.

Definitely going to expand on this one and have it coloured.

Mildly nsfw, but it's censored. I really enjoyed this, the everything with the clouds and the character was just super fun in general to draw. (Character's name is Yun the Foo Dog, and belongs to my friend, Nokemy.)

I drew these with the top drawing of Tairu, so I felt I'd toss these doodles in as well.

That's all for this update. Stay fresh my patrons!

Oh and Happy Holidays!


Ruckus the Fire-wolf

Fri Dec 22 01:04:05 2017

I thought of a name. Not 100% on it but I wanted something loud and thrashy. Something weird like a super-hero name or something.

So far I've been calling him Ruckus (like the loud commotion kind) I was working on this guy a lot and wanted to dedicate a post to this lad.

Kind of varying models here, getting a better feel for the character at different angles and body proportions. I kind of like the more top-heavy hunched over renditions I've done.

3/4 view.

His flaming treasure trail might be my favourite feature... I can imagine this is problematic but maybe he can control the heat so his britches don't burn off haha. I spent an absurd amount of time on that belt buckle!

Side and 3/4 view.

Lastly, a near complete turn around (I haven't drawn his backside yet.) I drew a little human (in red) average height next to the wolf. He is very, very big.

And that is all for this update. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave comments!



Tue Dec 12 22:19:47 2017

Big cats.

Friends have each-others backs, am I right. (Oh lord.)

I'm all about the big cats. Featuring Jarek.

Slipping just a tad there, Tarke. ?

I love big cats. Enjoy!


Abundance of Animals

Tue Dec 12 22:18:48 2017

I've been so busy the last two weeks nearly, and I have a metric fudge-ton of cute I've done this week. I posted a few of these to tumblr, if you follow me there.

It can't get any cuter then this haha.

I'm extremely proud of this guy. I feel like I captured the 'bear' look even for a bear. What do you think?

Making a splash.

It's none other then Alonzo and Barnelby. These guys are easily some of my favourite characters I've drawn.

Little bit of a bed-head going haha.

And... A little glimpse of light. Heh.

That's all for this massive update, take care and see you again soon. (More of the super charged fire werewolf coming your way.)


Gotta catch 'em all! (sketches)

Fri Dec 1 03:55:30 2017

Just some odds and ends. I love drawing Pokémon... I couldn't stop thinking about Pokémon all month (I only got like 5 hours into USUM because I was too busy /crys)

Enjoy the critters!

Things brings me back. The initial sketch was from 2010/11. I just wanted to revisit it and see what my hand could do haha. Re-sketched for 2017.

MY BOY...or my other boy. I've been showing Incinaroar too much love, I needed to draw some Samurott!

I will and always will adore Pikachu haha.



Fri Dec 1 02:05:33 2017

Puma edition. ?

He had an itch...




Fri Dec 1 02:04:24 2017

Goodness. There are so many sausages.

An assortment of etchy-sketchy poses.

Butt-bump! But with whooooo? I am not sure if this is hot or cute or both lmao. What do you think?



Fri Dec 1 02:03:54 2017

It's that time of year... Already. Weren't we just done of winter!? Might as well make the best of it.

A nice brisk walk in the snow... Have you ever seen the Northern lights before? It came a ways from the character art itself... Chose to go a more paint-y direction.



Fri Dec 1 02:05:04 2017

Stoffer the very dashing wolf!

This gator-yeen is just...up there on my top favourite hybrids haha. I'd say this one is done!

Decided to ink this one up! I've been really into Splatoon (obviously, hurr-durr) so if you play the game you may see what gear his outfit is inspired by!



Fri Nov 10 10:58:47 2017

Not really doodles but I'm at a loss for titles today and I've got a variety of content, so I'll cut to the good stuff!

The gang's not all here, but here's a few of the main crew! (A 'lil Dragonite for Kuma in the corner)

I had a Raichu way back, and it's name was Jakk, for the longest time he was a party member in every team I made until Alola. I really liked the new design, not that it replaces the old in terms of favourites, I like both! I named him FlapJakk since the Alola Raichu seem to have an affinity towards pancakes haha.


Our Waffle. He's sporting his usual clothes... Which isn't much! Something done up in the last livestream I hosted for you guys, turned out rather nice for such a rush job!

A gator-yeen! What fresh nonsense is this haha. Just a draft I wanted to share.

A snippet of a wintery picture I'm planning to have finished by next week.

Issa beah! Pixel heart aesthetics are boss. I fully endorse.

I wanna colour this one soonish maybe...I like his outfit too much, and the backwards hat is just him y'know. I missed it.

Thanks for your support and I'll catch you next post! (Or in a livestream... Should be doing one of those fairly soon)


Waffle (hi-res)

Sun Nov 5 02:05:04 2017

Everyone's boy. Enjoy! ?

1117_Waffle.png 1117_Waffle.png


Fri Nov 3 01:36:26 2017

SUPER DUPER LATE STREAM...I'll probably colour some things. <:

Will start shortly!



Wed Nov 1 01:45:59 2017

A lot of very saucy poses I did for practice, some referenced, some not. If I were to pick one I would either want to complete the bottom centre or the top centre.

A little wip of a sexy wolf dude enjoying a cig and a coffee!

Haven't drawn the puma in a while. I really like this pose too... Dunno who the lucky bottom is in this particular one.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you see any particular candidates for me to pursue, message me or let me know what your favourite is in the comments!


A storm of wolves!

Wed Nov 1 01:23:48 2017

I'm all about those wolves...

Those who attended the last livestream will know who these guys are! Continuing with the elemental werewolf theme, I came up with these hurricane and thunderstorm inspired wolves.

This is the hurricane wolf. He rests on a cloud, typically he's seen seated and calm (like the wind) I have not drawn his hurricane form yet, right now he's in his calm state.

His tail is shaped like a hurricane seen from above and the centre is the eye of the storm. If you caught that, good job haha.

Some of the preliminary drawings. He sits on a cloud... These almost seem like some sort of god/gods/deity.

This little guy is the lightning/storm wolf. Fast and agile, naturally. I can imagine they work in tandem with the hurricane wolf...

Orrrrrrrrrrr maybe he has little lightning bolt kids that help him out... I kind of like the idea of him being a dad with a family of little electric storm pups.

What'a this!? A normal wolf...

Figured I'd wedge him in when I had the chance haha. Re-draw of an older drawing you may recognize, but less frumpy and a much nicer design!

That's it for this 'storm' of updates. Take care, guys!



Wed Nov 1 00:34:15 2017

To end off this month of October, I figured it would be appropriate to keep the werewolves in one post. ;)


I think Waffle was caught off guard!

This ones pretty really wet...

Stay tuned for more adult posts, I'm cooking up a few more!


Sketches and Fanart

Wed Nov 1 00:14:05 2017

Just a couple sketches, and some rather old artwork I've not posted anywheres, so I figured I'd include that in this post! Tairu before before the cream coloured fur coat and his blue nose...he's so white haha.

Sketch I'm working on for someone!

These are based of Asbel and Hubert's costumes from Tales of Graces (my/our favourite Tales game, it's very special to me and Kuma and I did this for his birthday a long while back. I made these to be paper-children cut out and laminated.

If you haven't played Super Mario Odyessy... PLAY IT. If you don't have a switch, try to find one I don't know what to say haha! Easily my favourite game on the switch, maybe even a bit more then Splatoon.

This game was absolutely magical, fun and full of unexpected surprises. This fanart most certainly does not do it justice, but I hope to draw something up one of these days that does.


Happy Halloween!

Tue Oct 31 23:22:05 2017

Yayyy, Halloween!

I managed to get a festive picture in this month and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It's been a long time since Ive drawn these two haha.

I try to get at least one halloween picture done each year, I missed out on last year and I wasn't gonna let that happen this time! The inspiration for this picture is featured at the end of this post as well as a little breakdown (sketch and lineart)

I've got a happy eyes version too, not sure which one I like best but I figured I'd toss this one in too.

The pumpkin is oddly one of my favourite parts... Not sure why, it looks kinda cool.

And the inspiration for the picture... a real old one! So much has changed.

And that's it for this halloween post (yay I made it in time, GOD lmao) *dies*

I hope you guys enjoyed all these updates! Some things have come up around the last two weeks of the month that have kept me from updating patreon in the usual fashion, so my apologies for shoving it all down your throats at once haha)

Take care and have a happy and SAFE Halloween!



Tue Oct 31 23:08:46 2017

Full post can be found here.


Screen_Shot_2017-10-31_at_8.10.24_PM.png 1017%20Happy%20Halloween.png

Stream on Thursday, and general updates!

Wed Oct 11 18:32:37 2017

Hey fellas,

I'm planning to stream on Thursday, if no obstacles are thrown in my general direction haha. I'll let you know otherwise but so far things are looking pretty good.

I'll take a minute to say HELLO! I apologize for bombarding your inbox with a tsunami of posts all at once, or if you like that then awesome, help yourself haha. This month was almost too much for me... but I did it. (yay) I still have some more to post, but I'll save that for November, they aren't quuuuuite ready yet.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi, and hope you guys enjoy the artwork I've concocted for you all! <:


And have a very Happy (and safe) Halloween! ?


Sun Oct 8 14:55:31 2017

Some dog dudes for you all to enjoy.


A really rough draft but I wanted to share regardless. Kind of fits the sloppy tone of this post as you scroll down.

Honestly I'm really proud of this pose. That face just says it all.

Chicken Bone sure gave waffle a razzle dazzle of his own. Optimal angles... point of view. What could be better? (I plan on colouring this and the one below it as a set.)

A faceless version if you found the goofyball faces too be a bit much.

When it's completed it'll have more 'steamy/exhausted' vibes to it rather then the silly ones I drew .

See you next update! I've got a lot of drippy canine goodies slated for this month.


Super charged flaming Werewolves

Sun Oct 8 13:20:45 2017

I'm not sure if he's a 'werewolf' but I certainly had one in mind when I was making it. Who says we can't give werewolves crazy super natural demi-god powers...

Enhanced werewolf.

This was the initial rough draft before I started refining it.

Just some silly expression stuff...put a few humans around the big guy for scale (and humour)

He'll set you straight. (or not ? )

And I have a couple of gesture drawings of some attacks/combat movements. I hope you enjoy these! These were really fun to draw.

What a fun character haha. I enjoyed this! I'd definitely consider doing an action oriented picture with this dude once I flesh him out some more.

A little extra bonus for this week too! (More dog characters! Do I have a problem? Probably.)


I've been bouncing between a few names, food related but I'm not quite sure yet so for now we'll call him 'just a little husky' As plentiful as husky characters tend to be, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Plus I wanted to try my hand at one.

SUCH A WARM BOY. He has braces because he chewed too much furniture as a pup. Y'know how destructive huskies can potentially be haha! I thought it was a cute idea.

Anyways that's all for this update. I hope you enjoy!



Sat Oct 7 19:09:54 2017

No fancy banner today haha. Today is going to be a shorter then usual stream since I'm a bit strapped for time today. (Some stuff coming up and all)

Next week I might do another stream to make up for this one not being it's usual length.

I'll be starting shortly so here is the link.


Stream rules: All I ask is to keep the very sexual topics in the chat to a minimum, as some people may feel alienated by the subject matter. It's a stream with potential mature content being drawn and talked about, but nothing explicit so please keep it in the pants haha.

It's all I ask! We good? Good.

Livestream for Saturday

Wed Oct 4 22:47:21 2017

Hey fellas.

Next livestream will be on Saturday! Trying it on a weekend this time to see if we can get more viewers.

Just wanted to let you guys know what the plan is ahead of time. Take care and have a great night everyone!

Chicken Bone (HI-RES)

Wed Sep 27 20:34:32 2017

The high resolution file for Chicken Bone is available for download. Enjoy!

2.png hires_09171.png

Dogs for Days: 2

Mon Sep 25 19:34:34 2017

(plus bear)

Whaaaaaaat, I finally drew him!? Impossible. He's just having quick cup of coffee as he watches the other boys practice.


Some of you might recall this pose from way back, I decided to give it a refresh in T's current design. Much better! (w/ and w/o hat... the hat is kinda nostalgic)

Just your friendly neighbourhood werewolf. A gentle, calm and in no way aggressive, collected soul...

Totally ready for October. I'm gonna 'awoo' the shit out of my friends.

Y'all should make some werewolves too. Tis the season after all!

Updated a little earlier this week since I have a lot of other stuff going on. I'm still planning to post the nsfw content this weekend or thereabouts, but it's not quite done yet so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a fantastic day everyone! Hope you enjoy all these doggos (plus bear).



Sat Sep 23 00:34:20 2017

Chuck (and all his glory)

I mean, we know the guy does some heavy lifting but dragging that member around must a workout itself.

A turn around of our boy.

I was being silly with this one, and believe it or not, it was 100% unintentional... it sort of just fell out of my wrists. The thought crossed my mind and before I knew it there are dogs giving each-other a sniff on the beach. It's how they say hello, y'know. Dogs.

I'd say this picture is worth going to town on, what do you think? Waffle might just be a placeholder for now.

Thanks fellas, I hope you enjoy!


Dogs for days

Thu Sep 21 08:01:32 2017

I guess I'll start things off with some content we did in the livestream which was TONS OF FUN! (you should try to swing by if you're pledging 3 or higher! It's always a good time haha)

I'm gonna show all three of these separately. There's some details I like seeing 'big' hurr-hurr.

I've also got some stuff I sketched up for an indie game called Breeze in the Clouds, his little corgi is adorable and it was fun to draw all his special abilities.

We played a little dress up haha. I learned more about Chuck as we drew these during the stream.

I'm really fond of that leashed one. A big stronk dog man who can walk himself... mmm yes.

Just some goofy doodles involving Chuck and Corndog (a wip character for my increasing plethora of dog husbands.)

Sitting alone on the rooftop contemplating life as a werewolf, y'know the usual.

This is for the project called Breeze in the Clouds, it was fun to draw all of these up. Most of the drawings are self explanatory... I love those wind ribbons and cloud fists.

You can check out the creator's project here.

That be it for this update. Hope you like the clashing mix of chunky dog husbands and adorable corgi protagonists haha.

Take care, everyone.


Livestream! (7:00 PM EST)

Wed Sep 20 20:38:07 2017

Hey all,

Just letting you know the livestream will be up shortly. Here is the LINK to the stream and hopefully I'll see some of you guys there!

PS: To those who can't attend, feel free to PM me time and day suggestions, I'm open to hearing them as some of you work early or live farther away to where it's less optimal to watch haha.



Wed Sep 20 20:28:44 2017


Y'all seen this one before, it's just an update lineart version!

Heh, he's being cheeky. Wonder who he's sending this selfie to. I think the partial reveal makes it even more sexy to me, what do you think?

Finally, we have this ambitious picture. What do you think? Does it push any buttons for you lol—it's mashing mine.

I went a little crazy with the lineart and I'm currently going crazy with the colours as well, I think you're going to like the finished piece.

Hope you enjoyed this week's batch of adult artwork. I'll see you guys later next update. *salute*


Sketches and concepts

Wed Sep 20 20:07:41 2017

Here's this weekends update, I was a little late putting it all together but here you are!

I was toying around with some of my favourite duds in Splatoon... Waffle without his mane is weirrrrd, so I added some fluff to the jacket and I think it looks pretty fresh haha... Clothes are so restricting.

Just a sketch of a MAMA POLAR BEAR! She's got a hot cup of tea, enjoying the fall weather.

Some potential card art sketches I was commissioned to do for a friend.

These cats know how to make a splash... (ft. Yutari and Tarke) They'll ultimately have gear on, but I felt like including the near commando one haha.

That's all for the weekend's dollar post! Thank you all for your support and I'll see you again on the weekend.


Livestream! (Character design)

Sat Sep 16 21:18:51 2017

Hey all!

It's that time again, and actually on Wednesday as planned what is this fresh nonsense haha. Just dropping this here to let you all know I'm planning on doing a livestream focused on creating some new character(s) this coming Wednesday, so in a few days.

I have a few ideas in mind, but I'm open to here some group suggestions or whatever the mood may entail in the usual chit-chat, it tends to get wild so who knows!



Mon Sep 11 06:58:37 2017

Starting it off with a bang...

There's a lot going on here... but we can clearly see Waffle found himself a new toy to try out. He's almost got it all in.

Lollipop. *pop*

I'm always a sucker for ironic use of emoji, so here's some hot emoji action.

I honestly wasn't sure if this was going to be a feature in the sfw post or the nsfw post because the implications are CLEAR or at least I hope so. These are for the waffle sticker pack, although incomplete I think it's gonna be fun haha.

More on that later too. I can't wait to surprise everyone with these goofy stickers haha.

Lastly! A BEACH EPISODE... with yours truly (tucked away, hidden in the background...)

Summer isn't over yet, and I'll be damned if I don't finish this before then. Fingers crossed, all I have to do is ink and colour (haha...all I have to do he says) I'm sooooo happy with it so far though! I must of changed waffles pose a dozen times.

He's clearly grabby that noodle, but just who's noodle is he really grabbing (the attention of) hmm?

Hope you enjoyed and see you next weekend, everyone!


Some crazy animals

Sat Sep 9 18:47:50 2017

Helloooo patrons! Here's an nice update to kick off September... Some goofy pictures haha. Enjoy!

This was one of the results from the livestream I hosted earlier last week, and it was a really fun one too! I'm still not sure what to make of this but it was definitely inspired by magical girls, and anime... Waffle might of watched too much sailor moon and decided it was time to make a show. Oh dear...

There's still a lot I want to do to this yet!

Does ANYONE remember this Valentines bear from 2014? If you do... You're still around and I'm going to hug you for sticking by all these years lol.

Someone brought him up in the stream and I couldn't resist sketching the guy!

Just some pandas!

I'm thinking...stripes again but keeping those creamy hues and onion-y-ness all throughout. What do you think? I personally think that blue and brown striped shirt is something I always associated with him.

Lastly, a little gift for someone who've I've apparently inspired with their artwork. c: I know he pledges, so he might see this WIP early... Shh! He said some kind words to me that tickled my heart strings so I couldn't resist. More on this later! (It's Haps to those curious, but don't show him I want him to see it for himself or when I post the finished version)

That's all for this post! I'll catch you in the next update. See ya next week guys. 8D (omg, a normal schedule)



Wed Sep 6 18:57:35 2017

Here's the link! It'll be live in a few hours. :)



Mon Sep 4 23:36:58 2017

Holy liftin it's about time. Wednesday! Ahh!!

I've got nothing planned for this other then hanging out and drawing up whatever comes to mind but it should be a good time with music if you're interested in joining!

3:00 PM (EST) is what I'm thinking (might be a little earlier, or a little later but evening-ish and I'll be streaming for a few hours) I'll post again the day of when it's time!



Wed Aug 30 04:48:07 2017

Some naughty odds and ends!

Dad yeen in a big pair of boots.

This one is old, and probably familiar to those who've been with me for years but these are the wip stages to an already completed cheetah man found in my tumblr gallery. I felt like sharing the early stages of this one... still one of my favourites despite it's flaws.

I hope you're not tired of seeing this angle because it's one that'll never get old haha! Bovine character by the name of Chester... He's a real sweet guy... Which might not be obvious at first from that piercing glare.


Badger Breather

Wed Aug 30 04:21:40 2017

Some odds and ends!

Lineart of a tiger man by the name of SyncroTrace. His stuff is great.

A small gift for the ever awesome VasukiStoat. He's a good friend and this piece is a little reminder of that. (He's 'enjoying' Mario Kart!) *chomp*

WIP stages of a badger dude I was drawing, old sketch on the left and a revived version on the right. It's come a ways but I'm happy with the changes and he's a pretty handsome badger to boot.

Completed version of the aforementioned wips. The fella was hard at work and he's taking a break.

Until next post! *salute*


Sketches, wips and doodles

Wed Aug 30 04:04:07 2017

That makes post number four! That's all for this months SFW artwork. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did drawing it (it was ...mostly... fun 8D)This was a fun little guy to draw... Pikachu in a hood!

An old oc of mine... a very dark and sinister old woman but very well dressed (well dressed to be taken with a grain of salt, I'm sure she thinks she's fabulous haha) She's got some bones thing going on with her outfit... Perhaps her enemies sewn into place.

This one keeps making it's rounds some or most of you have already seen the early stages of this so I wanted to show you how this one was coming along.

And that's a wrap! Thank you so much to all you patrons, it's such a treat to be able to draw all these things for you guys to view. Don't be shy to leave comments on any of the posts I've avalanched on you all tonight.

See you in September, next week. Things have settled down for me finally, so I can resume the weekly schedule for realsies. :)


A mountain of mountain lions

Wed Aug 30 03:47:25 2017

Why is it that pumas are also cougars, mountain lions and panthers? HMM...

We've been getting quite a bit of rain lately... Surely whatever puma here's carrying was important enough to fight the storm. It's probably snacks.

A big cat's gotta monch and cronch... *tuba*

Just a little side drawing. One in shirt and jeans and the other in a tank and sweats. Might be a little TOO thick looking here but who cares haha! (or maybe just thick enough.)

A throw away I thought was cute. So I included it in here.

This one is interesting because I actually photographed my work space and referenced this for my drawing. It wasn't the first time I attempted this, earlier in 2014 I attempted a desk shot with the puma but it felt too ambitious at the time, and I decided to give it another shot but it seems to be easier this time around. The angle is a lot more fun too! Included both for you guys to see.

While I really like this piece so far, I keep debating with myself if I want the panda or puma. What do you guys think? Should I try to draw one with the panda for comparison? Let me know!

And that's it for this post! I'll see ya in the next one... The puma's done for now I promise haha. Take care!


Big cat beach day

Wed Aug 30 03:12:29 2017

Unlike most cats these ones love the water... Did you know pumas can jump almost twenty feet high? Well... I'm sure this will make one hell of a cannon ball.

I've got this half done plus some of the individual chunks form this piece including the initial sketch of puma himself along with a few extras.

I've got a few more beach pics in the works too!

Still not sure about the glasses for puma. I like em, but he's also usually seen without em.

These two handsome boys. (Brownie points if you know who the lion is. It's Kuma Lion.) These two fellas are so cute next to one another.

This is more a revived pose I thought of ages ago that I'm bringing back to life, done to my current skill levels and style/design choices. That tail is huuuuuuge.

A bit of a throwback spread I've been planning (not final) but to give you an idea I wanted to include some older artwork in my art book of what the characters looked like when they were created vs a gradual progression of style changes, tweaks and whatnot. He's come a long ways but he still keeps the same likeness I've given him.

(this was meant to be an 'accurate' fursona, and that's why his name is Puma Tuler!)

I'm gonna end this post off with a laugh... I was practicing some expressions and exploring the structure of his face. I am still giggling lmao.

Take care guys!!


End of month sketch dump

Tue Aug 1 03:14:27 2017


Hello friends, my allergies have decided to go bananas today... Watch your step—there's snot everywhere.

I've been sneezing all day long so I whipped this up out of spite. The sneezes and snot seemed to have subsided but jeez-louise was it ever intense. Such is expected from a panda... they're sneeze machines.

I've expressed my frustrations lol.

Breakfast puppy is making breakfast in his briefs. Shibas are so cute.

What's this doofus scheming? Perhaps my excuse to draw his pearly whites.

So this grumpy old dog was a character I showed you guys a while back. These are some misfits I didn't like when I first introduced this dog, but I somehow came to like these really raw sketches. I'm still constructing this guy a bit more, I sorta tossed him on the back-burner for now but he's a really fun character. I just wanted to share!

A note on the Waffle stickers: I'll introduce those in the next dollar post. Since the end of month posts tend to be the least seen I decided that the first update in August will include those.

The adult posts will follow in the coming week as well.

With all that said, I hope you enjoyed the content I've shown tonight. Take care and see you all in August!


Sonic Mania

Mon Jul 31 11:26:45 2017

Bombarding you lovely folks with some more Sonic. I hope you enjoy these drawings and most importantly, the wip of the Sonic Mania print! <3

Tails is and always will be my favourite character from Sonic. Channeling in as much cute as I can with this one, I really love how the old designs are making a come back. IMO, they are the most solid!!

Sometimes you have to stick with the classics.

Shadow! Not really 'classic' since he never existed in that era but for lack of a better word, old-school shadow!

I wasn't sure where these were going but I love them and I wanted to show you guys...

He fast...

Lastly, the Sonic Mania print! I've got some tweaks and adjustments I must make, I always seem to spot the errors when I compile the posts... I swear it's my secret talent.

I hope you enjoyed this purely Sonic Mania post!!



Sun Jul 30 04:57:47 2017

Howdy! This post was meant to post last Wednesday but I forgot to set it to auto-post. This was mostly a throwback post, but I wanted to share some drawings I've not shared to the public (the nude versions at least!) Hope you enjoy!

This piece was easily one of my top 10 favourites. The whole process start to finish was a delight and I enjoyed working on it. I'm going to show you the processes broken down in the following images!

Firstly, the preliminary stages of this piece were incredibly rough but you can see the basic outline of what's going down and which one made the cut to the final product.

My roughs aren't the prettiest, I admit haha... You can see here we went with #2 of the thumbnails I did.

Ironing out the environment and the poses more.

The characters themselves were a task and a half, as I wanted to make them lively and incorporate some of the environment (the splash) to make it more involved!

You can see it coming together, right here was close to being done but I did a lot of refining and polish to everything covering every inch of the canvas with a tedious amount of TLC.

Finally, the finished product. I tried to find some in-between stages of refinement but it's all just painting overtop of the image which is what my normal process is for 'refining.' I remember spending an hour or two just on those little droplets alone!

I hope you enjoyed that thorough breakdown of one of my favourite pieces, as well as the nude version I've not shared to the public! Truly a treat to draw.

I've got one more!

To top it all off, I have this guy which was enjoyable to draw as well. This whole view/area of the male body is my personal favourite. I've not shared this image so I figured I would show you all as well.

Hope you enjoyed this NSFW post!


Pick-a-picture! (R18/NSFW)

Mon Jul 17 07:38:15 2017


I just wanted to get some insight on what picture you guys would like to see hit completion next. I've gone with three options here that I was quite fond of, but i'll let you guys decide.

So here are the choices...

Vote for whichever one you like the most. Two of them are pretty hardcore, and the other is more cheeky and playful. If you're up to it, feel free to pm me or mention in the comments which one you'd like to see and why!




Thanks for your input guys, it's much appreciated!

You're a squid now!

Mon Jul 17 01:01:57 2017

Splatoon is near, and my tits cannot be calmed haha. Enjoy the surprise Splatoon artwork along with the usual fuzzy stuff!

Little wrestling match between friends. Who do you think's winning? ;)

Have you ever just seen someone character and want to draw them? This is just that! A little something I did for Deliroast of his dog character.

Doodles for the book!

I honestly love the new hair/tentacles the Inklings sport. They're so stylish! <3

Thank you all for your kind support. Leave a comment if you wish, I love hearing back from you guys!

Next adult post will be mid next week, and the first look at the stickers will be this Friday. I'm so hype for these stickers, I've wanted to do them for so long haha.

Until then, see you later!



Mon Jul 17 00:59:09 2017

That wasn't the last of the puma... >;3

THIS ANGLE. I've said it once, and I'll say it again... It's the best angle.

This one is all kinds of saucy, although quick I think this one has the potential to come out good (I drew a bit from references for this one!) I need to remind myself not to forget his guiche piercing when I work on these more.

Familiar? I would hope so, this was one of last months drawings but I haven't gotten around to posting the adult version. Here it issssss... Look at that spunk fly...

That's a wrap for this post. Leave a comment if you want, I love hearing what you guys have to say!


Big breakfast boyfriend

Mon Jul 17 00:19:41 2017

You ever get so pumped that your jock just explodes off? Anyone? Just me? Hmm...

Waffle being friendly with a cute lion fella. He thought it was a good idea to perch on top of him.

Still treading on his official height. I wanted him big, is this too big or just big enough haha.

Just tossed some fun clothes on the guy, I think he's only capable of wearing tanks with all that fur.

Trying out my thin-line work again. It's tough, but it looks really nice when it's all coloured in! Such a soft face...

That's all for this update! July is gonna be littered with this wolf, and the stickers are going to be fleshed out soon so hang tight! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Have a wonderful day, guys!



Sun Jul 16 23:56:21 2017

Featuring Waffle and the piece you guys have chosen from the poll I posted a little while ago. Enjoy!

My attempts at ironing out the character and his colours so he's ready to be made into stickers soon! The stickers themselves wont be adult, but I enjoy drawing him naked...

Beach pic update: I added a few little characters in by Waffles feet, added another character and so far everything is coming together nicely and I'm excited to make some progress on this.

Finally! The final one. This picture was the most popular from the poll I made from the last update. What's funny about this one is that it's changed so much from the original but I kept the same idea, expression but more dynamic.

I wanted a very up close and personal view to make the viewer feel as if they were with the character.

That's it for this update! I'm happy this fella is coming together, and I hope you guys enjoy all the content here. Take care, and I'll see you next update!!



Sat Jul 1 17:18:31 2017

I'm giving Waffle a lot of extra love and that'll be continuing throughout the month. Hope you like these goodies.

I'll be making a poll later today as to which one of these you fellas would like to see inked and painted first!

Having a good old bonk! I love this pose, it shows like, everything but in a believable manner haha. Not sure who he's bonking just yet, or if I should make a new character for it.

I'm not even sorry for saying that... Yes it is a mistletoe, it was an idea from around xmas time but I decided to go ahead and do it haha.


A good clean boy!

Weird wonky fish-eye-ish perspective, needs work but I like the concept of it.

I also like wet things, not like 'wet' but like WET... soaked... I just like dunking things in water and seeing the effects it has to the body like colours, look or feel it's something that's always interested me. It's why I like doing beach pics so much, or similar watery adventures like showers, sauna and hot-tub scenes.

I've got one more adult post, I just wanted to get this one done and posted so I can share this with you guys and possibly hear some feed back from ya, if you feel like it that is haha. I'll post the other batch in a little bit.

Thanks and I'll see you soon!


Sketches and Moms

Sat Jul 1 02:55:34 2017

Wolf Dude

[Click to View]

Just a random character designs. A little unoriginal with the rag getup, but I like his shape and expression!


[Click to View]

Just... EYES.


[Click to View]

No, not a red panda... Finished this drawing I've showed off several times haha! Came together nicely, colours are...purple-y.

Moms know what to say

[Click to View]

On a more serious note, this is a more personal drawing. I've been having a bit of a rough time, overwhelming even but Mom knows just what to say. I heard an emotional song and well, there you go haha... Not quite a vent piece, but I was connecting a bit more with my emotional side.

Rose and Steven

[Click to View]

Speaking of MOMS! Steven Universe piece... I feel like I'd want to go in and change so much about this...I've made some headway on it but I'm not too sure haha. After the season progressed it seems weirder and weirder for the two characters to 'intermingle'

Thank you all for the support, comments, likes and to those who helped promote my patreon this month, thank you as well!



Sat Jul 1 02:39:15 2017

I love the Waffle centric posts the most haha. This one will be a little risqué, so fair warning!

Message Sent

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

Waffle what are you doing... What's with the face? That grin... He must be shit-posting, although that doesn't seem too in character, he probably just sent a naughty picture to one of his buddies.

Second link is just a friends skunk character I've been drawing. He's a good skunk.

Third link is just a close up of the panda censor, I'm proud of that haha.


[Click to View]

I thought it would be cute to draw him pulling a wedgie... I really tried to get the gesture on this one. He doesn't seem to be too concerned that he has a wedgie though.

Full Moon

[Click to View]

You know, there's something poetic about a werewolf mooning someone... I thought the idea was really cute. Just a turn around of the character, showing off as much personality as I could!

Beach Day!!

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

Beach dayyyy!! I cannot express how excited I am for this picture, I love beach scenes. They might be my top favourite thing to draw. (There's a little cameo in the background of Tairu and Kuma if you haven't spotted it.)

Second thumbnail is the initial thumbnail for the drawing when I drafted it out... It'll be including the aforementioned skunk character!

Anyways, that's it for this month as far as sfw posts goes!! I'll be posting all the adult artwork in a few hours so hang on to your boots.

I've been traveling and running around so much, the posts this month have been so erratic, but next week I hope ("hope" fingers crossed lol) to be resuming the regular weekend schedule.

Thanks again for the support you've given me. I'll catch ya next week!



Sun Jun 25 08:20:20 2017

Time for WOOFS... all woofs. My obsession continues, and grows. I can only hope you guys enjoy it as much as me haha.

That said, please enjoy the artwork!

Drip, drip, drip...

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

You hear heavy panting and a big dog man is looming over you: What do you do? Hurrhurr... I'm pretty proud of this one.

Original concept had two dudes touching dicks, I felt it looked a bit better when it was just solo, and the POV was the viewer beneath the wolf. Felt it was more effective?

Werewolf (naked version)

[Click to View]

He's permanently half transformed! I just really like this concept haha... It raises the question though, does he pant and sweat at the same time since he's human and dog? The answer is probably. (eyes emoji)

Some doofy poses

[Click to View]

Sloppy sketches, but that doesn't sway from the subject matter too much now does it haha. I like the sloppy one on the right, the left bottom was inspired by a seductive looking model at Macy's... so of course I took a picture and used it as reference!

Dick pic

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

Did this for my buddy, Solidasp haha. This is his wolf character and I wanted to try my hand at someone else's werewolf besides my own!

I included the eggplant one for kicks, I thought it was funny lol.

And that's all for this update! Stay tuned for more adult artwork later this week.


Panda Mania

Sat Jun 24 08:28:53 2017


[Click to View]

Expression sheet of old Tairu. His design gets rounder and cuter as time progresses. Kinda channeling my older artwork, it was so...japanese inspired yet so expressive.

Panda in the Headlights

[Click to View]

Not a scrap, but certainly not satisfied with this but I needed to share it regardless cuz that's what this site is for! We'll see, I'll be coming back to this eventually.


[Click to View]

It's BEEN a while since I've drawn this way, and honestly it flows out so fast and easy for me... my true calling... japanese animation. We'll see how my style evolves, I've been pulling new sources of inspiration! Obviously this isn't anything super official, it's just a sheet of expression and fun.


[Click to View]


He's not drawn yet, I actually forgot lmao. Poor guy... THIS WILL BE A PRINT! AND IT WILL BE SOLD ON STORE ENVY WHEN IT'S DONE! I'm really excited about this one, the game soon APPROACHES!

Had loads of fun drawing this.

Thank you very much for the support, likes and feedback everyone! *bearhug*


Werewolf Mania

Sat Jun 24 08:14:55 2017

So let me tell you about... Werewolves.

Hello everyone, expect a gynormous wod of art in the coming week. I haven't had any time to throw together my patreon posts, I'm sure you're itching to see what I got for you.

Now... A taste of werewolves...

Werewolf design (not final)

[Click to View]


Werewolf! I kinda expanded on that bearded werewolf I drew a couple months back thinking I should revisit it... still not satisfied but I got some stuff brewing up with this guy. It's fun to explore regardless! He's a chunky hunky.

Werewolf (different clothe

[Click to View]

Snazzy wuff! Playing with clothing options...actually this was inspired by a few clothing displays I saw at the mall earlier this month so I wanted to draw from that. The models were so nicely dressed I went "yeah I'd wear that" and took a bunch of photos. People probably thought I was silly haha.

A Snugly Alligator

[Click to View]

I wish this post was all werewolves but... sometimes there are other things that need to be drawn... such as an alligator wearing a bear hat, and bear slippers with a starman charm on his tail.


[Click to View]

I have a grandma OC... She's holding a mysterious red potion, powers unknown haha. Maybe it heals hearts. The fact that I have a grandma OC is probably raising eyebrows and questions LOL shhh...shhh just let it happen. I like her design though I just wanted to share.


[Click to View]

But a refined scrap! This is a bit old, I wanted to share regardless because I found this recently. No intentions on finishing this, however.

Woof! (just a peek)

[Click to View]

Cropped this from the NSFW post, I wanted to share the face, I really enjoyed the expression! He saw something juicy on his phone that's for sure.



Sat Jun 24 08:09:05 2017

Got a few yummy pictures to choose from. Pick your favourite or maybe the one you think has the most potential. Examples can be viewed in full on my latest R-18/NSFW post!

The three poses to choose from can be found in the following link:

[Click to View]

Add any additional thoughts or suggestions to the potential pieces in the comments or pm me if you wish!

Sticker Poll!

Sat Jun 24 07:55:00 2017

Hey guys! I think it's about time we get this show on the road. Telegram stickers!

I'm going to make a poll for you guys to vote in. Please let me know if you'd absolutely like to see stickers of a certain character in the comments. Decided to go with my doggos.

I've narrowed it down to... Chuck, Chicken Bone, and Waffle. Eventually I wanted to make packs for all of them but I figured I'd start by seeing who got the popular vote first and go from there.

Link issues!

Wed Jun 14 00:23:33 2017

Hey fellas! There seems to be a problem with all of the links to the images in all of my posts. I'll look into it tonight when I'm home to see what the issue is but it seems to be Dropbox related.

Something to do with their public sharing, from what I gather.

Thanks guys!

Sketches and more sketches!?

Wed May 31 02:05:26 2017

Sketches out the wazoo... and one other thing I guess haha. End of months aren't usually too exciting. It's been a crazy month, I'm surprised my head is still attached and I've made my usual post quota.

Anyhow, thank you for your continued support, enjoy the artwork, and see you all in June!

Paws paws paws

[Click to View]

Needed to get some practice in on paws. Eye-balled some references on these ones... can never have too many paws.


[Click to View]

Tweaked a pose from an earlier drawing. (Redrew it completely haha. Needed to make sure it looked alright before I finished it up.)


[Click to View]

She's not to enthralled about what's going on in front of her. An old OC but I enjoy drawing her from time to time... Very groomed.

Camp Feral T-Shirt

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

Just a thing I wanted to show, it's a bit dated but I haven't posted it anywheres. It's the t-shirt design I did for camp feral, I was really satisfied with it and they were too thankfully!

Second link just has the concepts. The original idea that came to fruition was the spots on the hyena turning into music notes.


[Click to View]

I was commissioned a while back to make the cover to this guy's web comic. Featuring a little Marshmallow protag in a Candy land. He looks pretty similar to Kirby, but I was down for it haha.



Sun May 28 18:00:22 2017

This ones DIRTY...


[Click to View]

Trey has a way haha. Pardon the pun.

Rimjobbbbb... You can almost smell the picture. My favourite part is probably the little nose steams lol. I mean I like everything, since this is right up my ally as far as 'naughty art' goes.

Coffee Beans (1)

[Click to View]

Little series of an outdoor nude cafe. Couple of drawings, I got a third but it isn't quite presentable so I figured I'd do these two to start haha.

Coffee Beans (2)

[Click to View]

Just the second drawing to the series. I think they're cute in their own way... as far as acceptable public nudity goes haha. I don't know where in the world this would BE but hey, it's a furry universe things happen.

And that's all for this update! I'll see ya later dudes, enjoy!


An April Flower

Sun May 28 17:51:06 2017

Brings May Showers?

[Click to View]

That's not how the rhyme goes... haha. Just a pretty lady doing her thang.


[Click to View]

Just a couple sketches and a cute little Sonic.

Red panda and Tigerman

[Click to View]

Just an sketch. Haven't gotten to the tigerman part itself but it's vaguely there haha.

Pig Pascal

[Click to View]

A drawing I did for someone of his pig character. Highly underrated species, imo! Love pigs... He was really enjoyable to draw.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, thank you for the support!!



Mon May 22 03:36:07 2017

Woooooosh! This post has a theme apparently. Hope you like rugged and clobbered boys.


[Click to View]

I don't even know where to start with this one but it's one of my most treasured pieces and I really dig the out come of it! Puma's a bit beefier then the norm, but I doubt anyone has a problem with that haha... He could of been doing some training!

[Click to View]

Early concept stages.

Cheetah Man

[Click to View]

Just another character of mine inspired by the god-awful game by the name of Cheetahmen. The music is so catchy though!

Playing with fire

[Click to View]

Just an update on this picture, you all saw this one in it's sketch phase.


[Click to View]

Right in the kidney... or somewheres close. He doesn't look big now, haha.

Have a fantastic day everyone, thank you dearly for your support!


POW!! (High-res)

Mon May 22 03:32:47 2017

High resolution for those who'd like to see! (in attachments)



Mon May 22 03:13:24 2017

Hey fellas! I've brought some goodies for yas.

Big daddy dog

[Click to View]

Oooooh my... he's big in every regard.

[Click to View] (lines)

Large Kitty

[Click to View]

Just a scrap! No intentions on continuing this, but I felt like sharing since it had some progress on it.

Rear ended

[Click to View]

My favourite haha.

Cheetah Man

[Click to View]

Inspired by the Cheetahmen video game (horrendous game I absolutely do not recommend it but the song is what's catchy and I sorta wanted to draw a Cheetahman for myself!

Sorry about the delay in this post, but I got some super juicy pictures. Thanks for viewing and see you again later! ;)


May Bears

Sat May 20 07:09:25 2017

Hey guys! I got a butload of art coming, I took a little time off for myself but I'm back... with lots of goodies.

Lot's of Tairu for this update. My birthday had just passed so I figured to start things off with the panda.


[Click to View]

Not sure why he's clicking his claws... just thought I'd draw the big guy. You guys who attended last week's stream saw me do some work on this!


[Click to View]

Pandas pick abnormal places to sleep, and Tai's up as high as he can be getting nice and comfy. Did this in the stream last week as well!

Goofball 1

[Click to View]

The big goof doing his thing(s) lol.

Goofball 2

[Click to View]

and again!
Love love love how his face structure and eyes look now. I was tinkering a lot and feel this is what I'm about... loose and goofy.

Panda Kart 8

[Click to View]

OOF. Wont lie... This game has been my evenings since it's release. I know it's essentially a copy paste of a game from 8 on the Wii U, but I still have a lot of fun with it... haha. So it inspired these.

Thanks for your support everyone.


Wednesday Stream! (· Live)

Wed May 10 21:23:20 2017


Starting in a fewwww! Depending on when you get this, it might be now haha.

Wednesday Livestream!

Mon May 8 01:21:23 2017

The time is right, and it's time to stream! I'll provide the link and details later on the day of.

We'll make it a fun stream, gonna take ideas from attendees somehow; I'm thinking through a draw or depending on how it goes an idea everyone can agree on.

See ya Wednesday, I'll keep you guys posted if it'll be any earlier or later.


Little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Mon May 1 01:45:02 2017

Last update of the month!

Maw Study

[Click to View]

Just one of my favourite things to draw... TEETH. You all probably know I like drawing maws by now haha.

Little study I did on these from reference. I had a lot of fun, if I had to pick a favourite I like the snarly toofs the most.

Play ball

[Click to View]

Some work I done earlier of two sporty fellows. It's a bit dated, you can tell by the noggin size and leg length what time period of Tuler art this is from. :P

Playing with fire

[Click to View]

Something else a bit older, but I had forgot to post it a billion years ago so now's a good a time as any I suppose. Had a lot of fun with this one. It was very fussy with the flame colours (originally I had blue) but green ended up working despite being paired with red haha.

Mecha Puma

[Click to View]

Inspired by MEGAMAN. Or at least the enemies found in Megaman. An older concept I brought back and wanted to tinker with some more. Pick through my brain as I try to explain why the tail spikes go "pew"


[Click to View]

Just a little waffle with clothes for once haha. Love this wolfie...

Thank you all for your support and have a wonderful night! Enjoy!

Side note: The adult content post will be delayed by a day or two, so hang in there. Worst case, next week will have a double content post, but we'll see how it all goes down haha.

See ya later!



Mon Apr 24 13:13:56 2017

It's all waffle this week, so hang on to your boots. Or take em off; get comfy.

Room Party (updated)

[Click to View]

Gonna kick things off with a progress shot of this dude. He's looking pretty okay so far, I was intending to finish it this week but some other pictures took over (following this picture)

[Click to View]

Here's the version without any of that rough choppy shading. I kind of like the flats more, I may just keep it this way and add minimal shades for depth.

His character really comes together when colour is added. It's based off the gradients you see when you pour maple syrup haha.

Waffle and Chuck

[Click to View]

[Click to View]


I have an extreme amount of ambition for this one but we'll see. I always enjoy drawing water based pictures. This one is of Waffle and Chuck and if I can, wedge Chicken bone in the back. I'm on the fence with the current expressions, I might go back and change the poses to match the thumnail a bit more in the top left.

And speaking of thumbnails, I have all the potential ideas for this picture in the second link provided.

A pound of Waffles

[Click to View]

Mm, yes the good shit. *nod*

This was my focus for this week, as late as I was getting to it I wanted to get this out of my system haha. It started out simple, then I was like "what if this" "what if that" and then I ended up making a huge thumbnail with colour. I wasn't able to finish it all, but I wanted to show you fellas.

I'll include the lineart, and the preliminary sketches as well for you to see.

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

I love this stupid wolf and I hope you guys do too haha. See ya next week!


*duck noises*

Mon Apr 24 13:01:55 2017

I found the body...

Lots of bodies

[Click to View]

Just doing some anatomy studies. There's been a few (a lot) instances where I was strapped for ideas because my ability to pose bodies was limiting so I decided to remedy that with some good old fashioned anatomy studies.

[Click to View]

Another page of bodies. These were actually really fun, stuff was clicking really well and I learned a shit ton about the backside and drawing arms from behind haha, which are a weakness of mine I'll admit.


[Click to View]

Nothing hugely special. Just a page of doodles I did up, one was for a tumblr ask, another for a friend and the...teeth grinding one I...I don't know lmao.

Waffle's up to something... Huhuh.


[Click to View]

Little bit of progress on this one, so I thought I'd share an updated version of this!


[Click to View]

Borderline nsfw, but eh whatever haha. Nothing is technically detailed. Just drawing a couple outfits for the big guy.

Have a fantastic week everyone, thank you dearly for your support! c:


Werewolves and wolves

Sat Apr 15 12:01:36 2017

I swear I'm not addicted to werewolves.

Werewolf Self

[Click to View]

Alright, so I've been bouncing the idea of making a werewolf based on my human body with more wolf-esque anatomy and this is the result I got! I'm actually really happy with it for it's first initial stages...

I really like half transformed werewolf characters showing some skin and fur at the same time. Made it easier to incorporate my actual beard that way haha.

Werewolf Self 2

[Click to View]

A bit more on the were drawings. Not feeling these as much as the previous, I think for a more nasty and gruff werewolf look the posture needs to be more hunched... Those chops, though!

He's such a fat... Wait.

Soft boy

[Click to View]

Just a little something for a good friend of mine I did this week. He's soft and huggable!

Epic Tairu

[Click to View]

Or at least I'm trying to be! Very Persona inspired (I'm absolutely nuts for this game, holy cow.)

Waffle Speedo (scrap)

[Click to View]

Just a scrap from this week's adult content, ended up going with a room party theme instead of a beach theme (really drastic change I know!) but I figured I'd show this one off before I toss it!

I have some other beach drawings in the works to pick up the slack on this idea.

More wolves, more waffles... Imagine. "Tuler you must be addicted to werewolves—" Yes. Yes I am. Yeeeessss, I aaaam...

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!



Sat Apr 15 10:58:42 2017

I swear this drawing has been re-worked again and again! Definitely liking the direction it's going now.

Room Party: 10:30 AM

[Click to View]

[Click to View] (roughs/fully nude alt)

Good morning, Waffle... er... Huhuh where's you're underoos, fella?

A sight for sore eyes to be honest haha. I wouldn't mind having this fella loom over me with a beer in the morning. I can't wait to see this one coloured!

This is intended to be a phone wallpaper. (I know what you're thinking "but Tuler, he naked!" I'm making a modest/playful underwear version too haha.


[Click to View]

[Click to View] (speedo version)

Remember that other image from last week? I've been tinkering with it all week long and came to the conclusion that the room party take on this pose worked a hell of a lot better... I have some ideas so a beach scene isn't scrapped totally.

Porny gesture drawing

[Click to View]

Who said gesture drawing couldn't be porn... Truth be told it's a really good excursive haha! Man... I'm already getting potential drawing ideas from a couple of these loose drawings.

This is usually the first stage when I draw anything. Gestures to liven it up!

Waffle, waffle, waffle... I doubt you fellas mind seeing him time and time again haha. There's going to be even more too. ;D

Thanks guys, for the support and have a wonderful Easter!


Bears 'n' dogs

Sat Apr 8 23:40:47 2017

Hello everyone! Here's some content for you to enjoy featuring mostly Waffle and Tairu.

A view full of Waffle

[Click to View]

What's the boy so spooked by I wonder? (wrong link in original post, refresh and it should update!)

A butt-load of heads

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

Pandas, pandas and more pandas... with a pinch of lions. I can never decide what eyes I like to do best, I have a few but I always find the most -me- ish eyes are the old fashioned slightly ovular eyes I've drawn from the very beginning.

Not that it matters which one I draw, it's more of a personal battle haha.

Random gestures

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

Nothing fancy, but I thought I'd show. Usually my most roughest of sketches are these blocky figures... I should be practicing these more!

Saw AH.

[Click to View]

Boy howdy do I like drawing me some mouthes. Used a few references loosely... very fun!

Hope you all enjoyed the content this week! :)



Sat Apr 8 22:43:57 2017


A view full of waffle

[Click to View]

I drew waffle slightly more slender then the norm, retaining most of his features. I actually kind of dig this build... He still has them juicy thighs!

Dicking around

[Click to View]

Literally... toying with this guy too. His dong kinda just shoots out haha.

A drink, sir?

[Click to View]

What exactly is he drinking, anyways? P-e-e-ñ-acolada? Shhshhsh... Don't hit me. It was 20°C yesterday and the warmth reminded me of summer so that's what's been inspiring this. I had an itch.

Have an excellent weekend guys, thanks for supporting and see you next week (Easter!!)



Sat Apr 1 01:15:34 2017


Wrecking balls

[Click to View]

Swinging and swaying... wrecking the place. Sounds about right, this guy has some HEFT in a lot of departments... much like how floppy jowls I figured it'd be a running theme with this dude haha.

Big old flop dog...

Hung like a horse

[Click to View]

Big beef with a side order of more beef. I just want him to appear 'big' no matter how you look at the fella...thinking he'd be 7 or so feet with his tender bits proportionate to his size.

Flip flop

[Click to View]

Gesture drawing... and gesture drawing balls. It's actually pretty fun haha... idk what else to say here other then low hanging balls are preeeeeetty rad. *nod*

Thanks everyone! That's it for now! Will report back with more...uh... findings on Chuck later on next week. Hope you guys enjoy this guy!


Who's a good boy!?

Fri Mar 31 18:32:58 2017

This boy's a good boy, or a bad boy depending on which post you view first LOL.

This week's menu... some HOT dogs.

Alright so, I'm exploring this character more and more, I feel like with stuff like this... no plan of mine can ever be fully realized without the character jumping out at me and doing their own thing. It seem's Chuck is doing that... I feel like he's coming to life bit by bit.

We'll see!

A big lug and his mug

[Click to View]

Wow. I've not stopped! This hunky man of a dog is on my brain...a lot. I've spent some time with this fella haha. He's really shaping up, or at least seems to be getting some personality. Personal favourite is the love face with the big drooly tongue.

Points for you if you get the reference to one of the drawings!

Gym Jam

[Click to View]

The man needs to maintain that figure somehow. Kinda iffy with this one, this was one of the earlier ones this week before I hit my stride.

Hunk-er Down

[Click to View]

I included this big fella in the first link, but I couldn't not talk about it! Thighs for days, arms for days, charming mug for days. I like this fella a lot, and I hope you guys do to, or at least enjoy watching him unfold bit by bit. Oof... this dog man haha.

Hope you enjoyed all the DOGS... (and even more dogs in the nsfw post) take care everyone, and have a fantastic weekend! :)


Cats and dogs (but mostly dogs)

Wed Mar 29 08:36:11 2017

Lynels... I think they can count as a cat. We'll say yes...


[Click to View]

New character in the making. He's a pitbull, and his name is Chuck. Chuck being a cut of meat...from a cow...which is also a bull... and he's a pitbull. Chuck! Haha.

I thought it was cute. Just testing out this guy's face with a few expressions. I'd consider this the first stage of this character, I'm gonna try some more to see what I can come up with!

Chuck (2)

[Click to View]

Potential throw-away but I like the build so I may recycle that. Just showing all that I've done with this new character... This one in particular I referenced an actual great dane to see what I got out of it.

It's hardly the same character looking at this and the other over. Maybe this guy could be a friend of Chuck's.


[Click to View]
[Click to View] (Stages)

This thing.

I really like this man-horse-lion-beast thing... a lot. So I drew him! I figured you guys would wanna see him too... the pose is so stubborn. I like the face though!

It's late...hopefully there aren't too many typos. Enjoy!!

Thanks, and see you guys later! :)



Wed Mar 29 07:09:00 2017

His name is Chuck... like a cut of meat.

Just some greasy pitbull bro... I thought the name Chuck would work since he's a pit 'bull' and ...yeah haha. I like food based names. Anyway's I explored him a little, I want to work on him more!


[Click to View]

As I said above, new character I'm exploring. I've been really partial to pointed ear canines and I figured why not remedy that!

Buff Buffo

[Click to View]

Toyed around more with "Chuck" but I strayed away from the original look I wanted and ended up trying out bigger jowls and pointier ears. He looks more like a great dane in this one... possible he could be a great dane pit which would help explain why he's so towering...

Mr. Plow...

[Click to View]

WHAT A BIG BOY. Towering...and thick.

So ultimately, I still think he's a pitbull, maybe a little mutt in there. Still figuring out his colours as we speak, I have a lot on the go I'm gonna show off soon so there's that we can look forward too.

Man this is pushing buttons, I really like size difference. Sorry about the creepy faceless individual this hunk of man meat seems to be destroying...

Thank you, and with that I will see you again in a bit. Enjoy guys!!



Thu Mar 23 02:28:28 2017

...I got the goods. ????

Camera shy

[Click to View]

Now I'm not entireeeeely sure if I wanna show his face just yet...I may, or maybe figure out a creative way to display it, maybe thru a reflection of some sort.

I like this sort of thing... it might look simple but the perspective destroyed me... It was/is fun though!

Just butts

[Click to View]

No misleading title here... Can you tell which part was the fun part haha! Uhh-huh... enjoy though, I think this might end up being a scrap because as it stands, it's uninteresting to me context wise.

Sloppy Dogs

[Click to View]

Speaking of context... This is much better.

I might even keep going with two pics because I kind of like how they line up. Chicken Bone's fountain of drool leaking from his mouth, naturally... He's also known to drool a lot for no reason so... I'd be licking my chops too if waffle was bent over like this.

Hope you like this one, I want to make it so the finished product will dazzle you guys haha.

And with that I will see you again soon. Enjoy fellas!


Gestures and characters

Thu Mar 23 01:17:37 2017

Hey guys! Here's this batch of drawings, and a potential new Doberman to go with my Rottie character, Chicken Bone. Still really raw ideas bouncing in my head but we'll see what comes out of it! I have some vague ideas as to what his body will be looking like so we'll hopefully see some of that next week if I can get him to look right!

Gesture drawing

[Click to View]

It's been a while since I've drawn just....misc naked man doing silly poses haha. Trying to keep it loose.

A fine Doberman

[Click to View]

His name is Noodle but I'm really, really early with this. Hopefully we'll see some nice development on this guy... sill fleshing out his personality.

Lot's of Tairu

[Click to View]

No comment necessary haha!

Thank you very much, guys! I'll see you again soon!



Mon Mar 13 18:22:18 2017

Waffle poses

[Click to View]

The big wolf boy posing for the camera... Ass for DAYS.

Pre Panda

[Click to View]

Interesting view... someone's getting a bit excited with that jock on.

Chicken Bone

[Click to View]

Some older sketches I tweaked a tiny bit of old Chicken Bone who I don't draw nearly enough. I should change that, I'm sure a couple of you guys are waiting to see more of this fella!

Harness Horseplay

[Click to View]

It's not often I draw this kind of stuff like harnesses and whatnot but it certainly adds to a picture. That or maybe it's just refreshing to draw something a tad different haha. This one's turning out really hot! I wonder who the lucky fella underneith is.

[Click to View] (Here's the roughs, if anyone was curious to see.)

And that's this batch! Thanks everyone for your support, and I hope you enjoy these images.

Take care everyone, and have a happy beginning to March!



Mon Mar 13 18:15:33 2017

Don't forget to turn your clocks, it's day-light savings now haha. Hey all, here's the start of the month's update!


[Click to View]

Not entirely sure where I was going with this but maybe it's Zelda inspired? I've been thinking about the new Zelda all week long.

Old man

[Click to View]

I'm sorry but I'm going to say it. The old dude at the start of Breath of the Wild is pretty hot. I really like his proportions, so I decided to draw him.


[Click to View]

Confuzzled got me to design their towel as one of the rewards for their convention. I can finally share it and I'm honored I was given the opertunity! I put a lot of effort into those cookies... Haha.

Thank you for the support new and veteran patrons! Enjoy and take care everyone. :D



Wed Mar 1 02:25:22 2017

Peaceful and Proud

[Click to View]

You guys are seeing a lot of this Tarke fella! I have not shared this version anywheres on my own websites, so I'll let you all enjoy it here!

Claws out (nude and clothed)

[Click to View] (Nude)

[Click to View] (Clothed)

You know me enough by now that there's nude versions to anything and everything. Here's the nude version... I'm oddly proud of that package! Modestly sized junk is my favourite.

Tiger time

[Click to View]

Here we go haha. Puma (the POV) getting serviced by a hulking Tiger by the name of Azaghal.

I think my favourite part of this might be that maw, not gonna lie... I always digged tongues low-key.

That's it for this month! I realized the month was short a couple days so I did my best to get all this to you fellas accordingly! Thank you for viewing, feel free to comment on anything you like. I'm thinking of doing another one of those pick-a-position polls so be on the look out for that! :)

Take care everyone!



Wed Mar 1 01:04:56 2017

It's allllll puma this week. :)

Claws out

[Click to View]

Did a bit of a revision on this guy. Still unsure about the proportions, I seem to change em around depending on what the picture may be but I dig the stumpier limbs with huge paws.

He isn't afraid to show those sharp claws either!

Mug shots

[Click to View]

A few expressions to go with the previous and one really, really relatable ones. I dunno about you guys but don't you find as soon as the headphones go in, everyone wants your attention? Haha.

Sizzling Singlet

[Click to View]

Me-ow... Why don't I draw this type of thing more often again? I can't think of a reason not to... I wanna dip into this more.

Thanks all for the continued and new support, feel free to leave comments if you like! I realize this month is being cut short so the 4th and final update is a bit early this week... I almost didn't realize that February had 28 days haha.

For the 3 dollar patrons, I'll be setting up a stream date soon, so be on the look out for that!! :)

Take care everyone!


Sketches and etches

Sun Feb 26 11:55:30 2017

Good morning!

Krispy bear

[Click to View]

I like this bear! Thought it would be fun to draw a buffo bear with a backwards hat... I really like the macho bro look that comes with that.

Furry Avatar (cont.)

[Click to View]

Continuing this drawing from earlier. Adding a new character above, mostly just etched, and started fleshing out the other characters, mainly the tiger and the panda for now.


[Click to View]

Ahhhh yes, the Laguz. This one inpartucular *growl* haha. He's got those dad vibes I dig.

These characters are from two of my favourite Fire Emblem games (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) They can transform from human to animal, this guy in particular is a lion.

Most of my eggs went into the NSFW tier this update but with that I have some sketches and wips to show for here. Hope you guys enjoy this, and have a wonderful day! :)



Sun Feb 26 03:19:26 2017

Boar bonk

[Click to View]

Revisiting this but I changed quite a bit from it's original sketch.

Reciently a few of my porn drawings made it to tumblr. I looked at one of the pics and thought "man I could totally fix this up" so I did! The backside and ass are hugely underappreciated imo. This is incredibly refreshing! Can't wait to continue on this...

Cat sitting

[Click to View]

You can't teach a cat to sit. He'll just sit where he wants... Cat's aren't obedient animals after all haha.

Sausage selfie

[Click to View]

Waffle seems rather proud of this situation. Plump leaky cock, why not take a picture, it'll last longer. (Was going for that filter-y instagram look)

I dunno if I focused on the tongue too much or not... Either way, tongues are important. *nod*

Power puma

[Click to View]

The puma boy seems to always be in charge...

Waffle's enjoying himself while the Puma works his magic, making a mess all over the floor...or bed...wherever they're fucking I haven't decided yet!

(more-less the early stage of the piece)

And that's this batch, a little late posting it again. I hope you fella's enjoy it! Let me know what you think or if you'd like to see something I haven't dipped into in terms of nsfw art or just something you'd like to see more of, I'm happy to hear. :)


Sketches and work in progress artwork

Sun Feb 19 07:32:22 2017

Hey guys, sorry for my erratic posting schedual this month, I've not been able to organize all my drawings and get a post together in a timely fashion, but here's this weeks batch of drawings!

Little Hero

[Click to View]

Can you tell what I've been playing? That little Fire Emblem Heroes (mobile game) is really fun and addicting haha. I was inspired to draw a unit (maybe units) Tairu cosplaying Roy — one of my favourite FE characters.


[Click to View]

Eggs, bacon and coffee... and a nice pair of briefs to boot.

Mystic Fox

[Click to View]

Fire fox! (WIP)

Nokemy Monkey

[Click to View]

This was done for Nokemy, a super cool Monkey dude! I love his character.

Special (little) delivery

[Click to View]

Little otter dude with a big pizza. I wouldn't mind this little guy coming to my door... He's cute!

Thanks guys!
Aaaaaand with that, I'll see you guys next week. :)



Thu Feb 16 22:02:56 2017

It's time for some sexy animal dudes.


[Click to View]

Just some wolf who reeks of maple and pastries playing with himself.


[Click to View]

Honestly my favourite angle... when the taint, thighs and ass cheeks are showing. *pacha dot jpeg*

A huge ass mess

[Click to View]

Literally. Poor doggo got his ass tossed, destroyed and bread and the Puma seems pretty proud of it.

Hope you guys enjoy!!



Sat Feb 11 03:31:44 2017

Balls to the wall!

[Click to View]

[Click to View] (stages)

This took a portion of my soul lmao.

It's finished! There is one more thing I wanna add, but I didnt have the time which was more background detail but this is good for now! I think my favourite part of this would be the puma's ass... and maybe the ribbons of jizz flying about and spread over waffles toreso, I like that too.

Werewolf concept/design (nude version)

[Click to View] (nude)

[Click to View] (underwear)

My new Werewolf boyfriend... naked edition *swoon*

Cock and Waffles

[Click to View]

He's just... jerkin' I guess. Couple attempts at a pose, the middle one would be my more favourable one. I really like when pants/undergarnments ride to the bottom of the legs, it adds a certain something for me.

My deepest appologies for the latness this week!

I wanted to make extra sure this balls to the wall picture was nice and finished before I updated anything, it took like... 20 lives and a continue to get through this damn pic haha. Worth it though, andI hope you guys enjoy it as well!

As always, thanks a million for the support and kind comments you guys leave each week. It means the world to me. See you all next week!



Sat Feb 11 03:23:46 2017


Werewolf concept/design

[Click to View]

I'm a little obsessed with werewolves right now and I kinda wanted to make a new character (or characters — we’ll see haha) Inspired by a malamute and the idea of being ‘half transformed’ as his were-form. I quite like the idea of showing some really ruggedly hairy skin blending into the fur!

Still thinking of a name for him!

Bloody Werewolf

[Click to View]

Inspired by the wolf men in the game I’m currently obsessing over, Tales of Berseria… should go give it a shot, it’s really good! It’s littered with werewolf, demon lizard and tigers haha.


[Click to View]

Another for the were pile. This monster is from the game I mentioned.

Under the moon

[Click to View]

Yet another Werewolf… I told you there were a lot, and there’ll be more in the nsfw post too… oops. 8)

Thanks guys for your patience, I’m a couple days late this week. Thank you all for your continued support, and hello to all you new comers as well, I hope you enjoy your time here. :)

I’ll see you next update!



Tue Jan 31 03:03:13 2017

Hey fellas. It's time for the last haul of the month! Updates of drawings being completed, and new sketches.

Balls to the wall (Update)

[Click to View]

Still one of the hottest drawings I've drawn so far, hoping I'll be able to top this one some day haha. The lines took forever but I think it'll be worth it by the end, I can almost smell the picture... it reeks of man scents.

Creamy cat

[Click to View]

Puma T filling up this poor dog to the brim. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Puma Drawers (nude version)

[Click to View] (nude)

[Click to View] (underwear)

Two versions! One nude and one with clothes. I enjoy how soft and rugged he looks. (I also like modestly sized flaccid dicks. Super underrated imo!)

Waffles w/ whipped cream

[Click to View]

I dunno if the title is misleading or accurate, depends on what you're hungry for I guess haha.

Rough-housing (nude version)

[Click to View] (clothed)

[Click to View] (nude)

Just tossing the sfw version here too so you can see each one. One of the most complex poses I've drawn but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

Thanks everyone for your continued support, I hope you guys enjoyed this week's batch of naughty pictures. I'm happy with how the poll picture is shaping up. Feel free to leave comments or feedback, I love hearing em'!


Full steam ahead

Tue Jan 31 02:35:10 2017

Hey everyone! Here's this week's update, some of which we saw in the stream to those who attended!

Adventure (update)

[Click to View]

Near half way done on this one. Carefully picking colours as I go.


[Click to View]

Who's this bear!? Just a close up of Kuma, the other bear in the picture behind tairu.

Front and Hind-quarters

[Click to View]

Mildly NSFW. It's just a bum, nothing explicit.

Having fun tweaking waffle a bit, not sure if the glasses are a keep, or if he only needs em to read, but he looks really cute with them regardless!


[Click to View]

Looks like Puma is in a bit of a pinch... Really, really happy with how the pose came out, it was one of the most challenging, not sure if it looks 100% right but I'll be fixing and continuing this one.


[Click to View]

Waffle's got quite the belly laugh!

Waffle (solo)

[Click to View]

Just a solo shot of the big maple wolf feat. stuff from my actual wardrobe haha. It was kinda fun to just toss clothes on him.

Puma Drawers

[Click to View]

Look at this big doofus barely dressed.

Thanks for viewing fellas, and thank you for the support! Hello to all you new patrons! Feel free to leave comments if you like!


Livestream! (OFFLINE)

Tue Jan 24 20:47:22 2017

Starting at.... We'll say 5ish Atlantic time and from then on a few hours. Hope to see you there!

LINK: https://picarto.tv/TairuPANdA/5e0ca2446bc789ce5373b014afaede8e

Today's agenda... Probably bears!

I've been on the go all day, and I'm literally jumpin' in without warming up, so we'll see how that goes haha!

Edit: Thank you all for joining. I hope you enjoyed it!



Tue Jan 24 02:25:32 2017

Hey everyone, and new patrons!! Here's this week's update of sketches, drawings and finished drawings.

Way too many Waffle

[Click to View]

Or maybe not enough *gasp* fleshing out this guy more and more, I've been neglecting him for a while, but he's really shaping up (in ways haha) that ass doesn't quit at the dinner bell, no sir.

Piles of Panda

[Click to View]

Wasn't feeling the left two, but I really feel the right two! Something about the second from the right looks like he's holding his weight nicely. Chunky bear!


[Click to View]
[Click to View]

I actually posted these on twitter, but here's a higher res version of the waffle!

Second serving of waffles...

[Click to View]

I'm running out of ways to say waffle in the title lol. Like I said, an ass that wont quit. Trying out some angles and gestures, and getting a better understanding of his pointy fluffy face.

Bear slobber (stages)

[Click to View]

Was me and Tavi's 5 years of being boyfriends so I made him a goofy special picture haha. These are the stages I've saved from the whole process!

I really ended up pushing Tavi's expression a ton by the end of it. I really enjoyed working on this one!

Bear slobber

[Click to View]

The final product! *slobbery licks*

Hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you so much everyone for your support, and hello to all you new patrons, I hope you enjoy your time here! :) Feel free to leave comments or feedback.

Oh and one last thing: For the $3 patrons and higher, the Livestream will be tomorrow afternoon! (Atlantic time) so like... little early on the west and it'll be for a few hours! See ya there!



Tue Jan 24 01:51:51 2017

Hey fellas! I hope you're all doing well! Time for this weeks haul... I hope you fellas enjoy seeing a lot of Waffle because it's been pretty much the focus this week haha.

Can never get enough of a towering 7-8 foot Werewolf Man... I know I can't.

Balls to the wall

[Click to View]

The balls... THEY TOUCH.

So, as it stands right now with last week's poll, position three won with 37 votes and positon 1 got second with 20 votes and 2 didn't do so well haha.

Holy shit though, this was a challenge but also like one of the most fun pictures I ever started working on. I'm really, really feeling this one!

For the background, I was thinking of having bits of clothes scattered about, couple cans, maybe a few trinkets here and there, something to make the picture have that raw man smell... Just a huuuge mess in every regard.

I hope you guys enjoy this one. The whole balls touching thing does a number to my loins... like seriously. Anyhow, I'll leave ya to view that!

Balls to the wall (stages)

[Click to View]

Just the inbetween stages of the picture for you guys to see!

Strapping Waffle (v1)

[Click to View]

It should be illigal how much of a crush I have on this guy. And I made him!

Strapping Waffle (v2)

[Click to View]

This version here I like a bit more but I like both, I kinda like the idea of his junk being contained, but still clearly visible. It's something of interest for me when things are still slightly clothes, it leaves a lot to the imagination!

Middle of the night

[Click to View]

Do you ever imagine waking in the middle of the night to a towering werewolf man looming over you?

Cuz I do...

Thanks everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed this week's haul! I'm really proud of the poll picture, and hope to start more of those for us all to vote on soon. :)

Feel free to leave comments or feedback! I love hearing your guys thoughts.


Stream on Tuesday!

Sat Jan 21 04:21:36 2017

Planning to do a several hour on stream this Tuesday! (with music... I finally fixed the audio gosh dang haha)

Not sure what it'll be or what the adventure entails but see you there!

I'll make a new post when the stream is up Tuesday afternoon (Atlantic time, so it might be a bit early for anyone on the west coast) If it doesn't destroy my computer I'll look into recording it too, but not entirely sure how that'll fair out.

Thanks guys, and see you soon!


Pick a Position!

Tue Jan 17 04:19:51 2017

Finally, patreon implimented their poll posts, now we can do these properly! So I have three positions here for some naughty artwork, and would like your input! 1, 2 or 3!

If you like more then one, feel free to comment. I understand some of them it's a bit hard to see the faces, but I'll make it so the faces/expressions are visible. I find that's what sells pieces like this is some good expressions.

The options are displayed in the image link below.

[Click to View]

High-res Magical Pink Panda and Meowth

Tue Jan 17 03:57:16 2017

High-res files in attachments!

bannser.png w2_1fullres17.png w2_2fullres17.png

This week has been brought to you by: Tiny Water

Tue Jan 17 02:43:32 2017

Tiny Water™ haha.

Not even lying, our city went under a boil order this week because one of the main pipe lines broke and the city was to boil any water before using or consuming in case of contamination.

Needless to say, I drank a shit ton of these tiny ass waters and there are so many bottles everywhere.

Magical Pink Panda

[Click to View]

Testing out a new water colour colouring style with the brush I've been using for all of my sketch work, it makes good lineart and I can colour with it too I've discovered.

Not really an authentic water colour but it gives that same feel.

Just pandas

[Click to View]

Some carry over's from last week I forgot to post! Just the sketch and lineart to my finished 2017 panda drawing.


[Click to View]

Finished picture of a sketch I shared a couple months ago!

Snowboarding Wolf

[Click to View]

A bigger picture in the making! Wanted to go for a very dynamic, in your face up in the air feel.


[Click to View]

An Alolan Meowth in a tux. I'm sharing this with you all because I thought it was cute haha.

Tarke Badge

[Click to View]

We all know this tiger! Badge I did for Tarke, I may do more like these later, this was incredibly fun to draw!


[Click to View]

A few icons I've completed this week that I'd like to share with you guys too, I think you saw the earlier sketch phases of these a while back.

And that's it for this week, a bit of a chunky update, but a good update with some finished pieces. Next week should be a bit more focus on my own stuff again, I just had a few other things to take care of this week.

Thank you all for the support, and have a wonderful week coming.



Tue Jan 17 01:54:42 2017

Hey fellas!

Double-whammy UPDATE. Featuring last weeks and this week's haul. I hit a few roadbumps last week, so I clumped both updates together.

Behind the scenes

[Click to View]

Lots of ass... I guess you could call it a study, for being pornographic in nature I sure learn a lot with these.

Front and center

[Click to View]

Gee Bill, how come your mom lets you have FIVE weiners!? (if you get that I love you.)


[Click to View]

Something I'm working on involving a hugely endowed panther.


[Click to View]


Grand slam

[Click to View]

This'll be for a thing later, a poll specifically to see which one you guys think I should proceed on! I won't mention what one I'm favourable of, but you guys can voice your opinions!

I really like all three though... and either one will probably come out super hot.

Puma at Play

[Click to View]


My god, I am happy with that playful smug face. Really looking forward to seeing this one coloured!

Thank you every one for the continued support, like I mentioned, this was more of a double-whammy update because I was having an issue with last week's post so I just clumped them together for a double feature dick-tastic update.

Thanks very much guys, hope you like the STUFF.


High-res 2017 PANDA

Sun Jan 8 01:24:32 2017

High resolution version of the solo panda pic! (Should be in the attachments)

hi-resW1_1_0117_copy.png hi-resW1_1_0117.png

It's 2017!!

Sat Jan 7 22:39:09 2017

Hello and Happy New Year's! New year, new art, new banner, new everything. Thank you friends and patrons for being wonderful, leaving kind comments and enjoying the artwork you've given me the chance to provide you with.

Alright, the good stuff! Thought I'd do something different with the banner, maybe to showcase the biggest part of each update, I'm not sure I was getting a little bored with the previous layouts so I figured why not give this a shot.

You're probably noticing wow Tuler, this looks a bit different from your normal stuff, and you are right, haha. I wanted to try something new, and fresh... almost like a scene from a movie but more detailed.

Field day

[Click to View]

I mentioned it being a little bit different. Some long time followers may recognize my more thin-lined artwork from way way back... It's almost like a re-visit to see if I can still do it, and to see if it look's better. I think it looks alright so far, we'll see how it comes together when the rest is inked and coloured. Inspired by this song (song number two) It's both our favourite childhood movie so I found it fitting and the remix of that song is fantastic... It inpired what this picture is becoming.

(based on a real event that happened on Prince Edward Island, the little island I grew up on. Ft. Kuma and Tairu.)

(Side note: I'll likely use this technique for the flipflap picture from last week.)

Exploring the panda

[Click to View]

Can never stop drawing different angles and faces or... putting nameless little men at the mercy of T-bear's huge jaw (what lol) teeth are fun to draw!

Looks like that last one he got an unplesant phone call...


[Click to View]

Just a couple attemps at trying to capture the motion of skating. I used to skate all the time and I still love it, it's been a while though. Little gesture practice.


[Click to View]

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

[Click to View]

Just gonna drop a bunch of links here that are pretty self explanitory. The first one is interesting because the two versions of Tairu are only months apart, his end 2016 version I felt I was gong to settle with but I still wasn't completely satisfied so I scrapped it and started reworking a lot of things. Onion bear is here to stay though, he's so fun to draw now!

The rest are just uplcose stand alones of some pictures I


[Click to View]

Pretty positive expressions are just routine for every weekly update I do haha!


[Click to View]

Just a little something I put together! Different line and colouring style from the other image above, more traditional in terms of how my art usually looks!

So much panda... it's kind of cool seeing his new form/shape(s) come together in more completed pieces.

Thank you for your kindness and support, feel free to leave comments if you like! (NSFW post will come later tomorrow night, I'm just a bit behind on putting everything together!)

Take care everyone, hope you all enjoy and have a fantastic day. ????



Fri Dec 30 18:41:19 2016

Tight fit

[Click to View]

Can you guess what this is haha.


[Click to View]

Nasty Puma... that's where your dick usually goes!

Silly doodles

[Click to View]

I don't typically show my silly shit in the NSFW segment of patreon but hey, why not! I think some of these are funny...and gratuitious crotch shots... Honeslty it could have been in the SFW but there's a dick.


[Click to View]

Crunch cat...


[Click to View]

Look at that cum fly... This angle was a bitch to draw... thought I'd share my misfortunes haha! I really like the concept of this though and like motion of the cum.

Thank you so, so much guys for the support! I wish you a happy New Year's and a happy start to 2017!I'm glad you enjoy this little nook of saucy pictures.



Fri Dec 30 18:22:31 2016

Slay (with food)

[Click to View]

Little series of foodies I thought I'd bring back this is the start of one. Had a few ideas in mind but I was a little strapped for time so this is what I have so far!

Sketch dump

[Click to View]

Aimless doodles and fun sketches I have done!

Flip Flap

[Click to View]

Heavily inspried by an anime me and Kuma are watching, it's really upbeat and the songs are amazing, I wanted to do a picture mirroring one of the official artworks! Look at these bears being super duper gay for eachother haha. This one will be really special when it's done.

Thank you so, so much guys for the support! I wish you a happy New Year's and a happy start to 2017... and thank you very much for liking, and enjoying the content I'm creating on a weekly basis. It really does keep me on my toes and I am just really thankful for the tremendous support you have all given me. Without you all, this stuff wouldn't be possible!

Thank you!



Sun Dec 25 17:10:21 2016

Merry Christmas! There's a lot of giving and reciving going on here haha... oddly fitting. Hope you enjoy this haul of nsfw art, I try to keep a good stream going each week since it's such a crowd pleaser. :)


[Click to View]

Probably one of the hottest things I personall drew...at this rate we're gonna have like a dick-tionary of puma pieces. That's okay though!


[Click to View]

Lil progress on this one here. Cum is surprisingly hard to draw, but it adds a ton of hotness to a pic. Subjective to tastes, but I personally enjoy it.


[Click to View]

Just a few I figured I'd toss in. Not gonna finish these, but I thought I'd share.

Just a fuck

[Click to View]

But a GOOD fuck haha.

I love how the taint zone turned out, this is actually for a friend, and edited the character riding Puma for the sake of privacy but I was so proud of it I just had to do so and share. Probably my favourite naughty work to date.

Merry Christmas again haha! Thanks a billion for the support, and I'll see you when I return from the holidays next week! (Or a few days from now!)


Expressions, a lil' festiveness and WIPS

Sun Dec 25 16:42:21 2016


[Click to View]

Just something a wee bit festive for the holiday I did for myself!

Slayer Dragon

[Click to View]

Don't mess with this guy! Aiming for some juicy wooshy effects on this one.

Spell casting bears

[Click to View]

Magical pandas...casting spells. Wip of a drawing I'm doing for somebody.

Another study/practice on faces

[Click to View]

I've been doing a multitude of these things, but it'll be fun to flip through dozens of faces and expressions in the art book. This time toying with the muzzle, just the little things like how it'll squish or bend and how that :3 face of a panda translates to expressions.



Bears, tigers and holiday drawing (WIPS)

Tue Dec 20 21:56:44 2016

Certainly far less wordier then last week haha! A little bit late with this week's art dump. The holidays are certainly keeping me busy... it's hard to believe xmas is already around the corner.

Badge design

[Click to View]

Working on a fun badge design! I'd like to get a couple pages worth for the art book.


[Click to View]

Practicing bears!

Kodiak T-bear

[Click to View]

I had one of those what if moments and after practicing some bear faces and observing the builds/shape I came up with this! Just a fun thing.


[Click to View]

Very, VERY rough draft...I was debating on posting this and ending up going for it cuz that's why we're hear haha. To see all of it!

Panda's have the best balance. No...?

A scene from the past, based on my childhood. Really REALLY big hills and sledding!

T-bear faces

[Click to View]

Just fiddling with the face, eyes and outfit! The big pupils are different but almost welcome, I'm not sure what to make of it haha.

Big-big thanks for the support and liking all of what I have to offer so far! <3

Happy holidays!



Tue Dec 20 21:40:39 2016

PUMA TIME. I like Puma posts... he's my favourite little hornball.

Finishing up some stuff... some sequential stuff, obviously the first one leads to the second one!

Big guy

[Click to View]

Good angle... Dunno if I should keep this or actually have him jerkin' ...wonder what would be hotter...

The tease

[Click to View]

Moving forward on this one... I love that the tail is covering the eyes, it says a lot about the playfulness of this character.

Thunder thighs (High res!)

[Click to View]

He's doing his thing... The poor dog underneith. Moving forward on this one too! Finished the lineart... Colouring this badboy next.

Happy holidays!



Sun Dec 11 06:15:58 2016

This weeks haul of the 'good shit' haha.

Hungry T-rex

[Click to View]

Oh, actual t-rexes! Heh... Not gonna lie, this turned out way juicier then I thought it would. (First time drawing rexes too)

Monkey buisiness

[Click to View]

Some progress on a pic I had posted here earlier! Added a hand, and a fella in the back and some tweaks to the image.

Bustin' a nut

[Click to View]

Nothing like blowing off some steam after a loooonnnnggg ass week. I'm really proud of this one...

Hope you enjoyed it fellas!


100% PANDA

Sat Dec 10 22:55:25 2016

That's what this week is; pandas! 100% panda inside and out for this post. The world only needs one Tairu... Multiple would be scary. Hope you enjoy all the pandas, I've been hitting some mega inspiration lately for T's look...


[Click to View]

Won't lie, I had to really shake off the rust with this one haha!

So these will all be in chronilogical order, I've been tampering with Tairu's look again; not super satisfied with how he looked but felt it was on the right track.

Basically I wanted to make him more 'panda' to 'as panda as possible.' With his new design I showed in September, he's been purely just panda, no other animal so I thought he needed a bit more of a push design wise to really show it. So I started out with these, which are mostly muzzles!


[Click to View]

Experimenting with bodies yet again... giving him more noticable shoulders and thicker thighs. I looked at a lot of pandas and standing pandas for reference. At this stage I figured he was coming along nicely.

After getting up, clearing my head and sitting back down a few hours later I felt it needed another push... wasn't completely satisfied in the end which leads me to the next picture.

We're in buisiness!

[Click to View]

I marked the ones I ended up liking with green dots. I was starting to get a better feel for the bear after a lot of draw overs/re-draws and studies of panda heads. The ones I marked with a red x are more-less the rejects.

I wanted to make sure there were no tangets or hiccups in his design. Something I felt was present in the last one, especially around the ear and cheek zone. It flows more naturally now and his ears are way more perky!

You'll notice his neck is now a gradient of dark fur into his creamy white fur. My reason for that was I always had an issue with his colours deviding. It looked like he was wearing a sports bra with his black chest and the solid line deviding his neck and upper chest. (As a side note, it'll be a lot easier for him to wear clothes without having to worry about line tangents around his neck and collar of the shirt.)


[Click to View]

Speaking of, he's wearing a shirt now. It fixed so many problems I had with collars when he wore shirts and I wish so badly I thought to do that sooner but oh well haha.

His face is an onion shape! Since his face is composed of many circles, I wanted to make his entire face a big circle filled with tinier circles. You'll see more of a break down in the next part.


[Click to View]

Lots of red lines, what are they for haha.

Sorta just tracing my own drawing to show what I mean by circles. Wavey... thick and round/square body... not to go overboard with just one shape, some other shapes are required to sorta bring it all together, or at least that's what I've been hoping for! Thick, stout and something you can just...hug is what I was aiming for. Still a ways yet though, I need to get a better grip on the side view.


[Click to View]

One of my favourite things about bears, is how they do this little thing with their arms and tuck it in... It's so damn adorable and i feel this is something he should do often haha! Big floppy paws are important too.

My final, and most current stab at Tai. I'll be drawing him 'fully clothed' soon enough. For now I'm just thinking about how he'll look from different angles, poses and how well his newer face expresses. I wanted something easy to draw, and flexible so I can get really weird and animated expressions without sacrificing anything.

What a read, eh!?

Cookies for you if you managed to read all that. Just spewing out my thoughts, is all and that's what we're here for right? All that thought process and inside dirtywork to get to the finished drawing.

Thanks for the support and comments are VERY appreciated, I love to hear it! *bearhugs* have an amazing weekend, everyone.


Sketch Bomb!

Wed Nov 16 20:13:25 2016


[Click to View]

I love these guys...

Kitty Collage

[Click to View]

Some expressions of a super nice tiger! The bottom left is uh... icing.


[Click to View]

Couple of sketches of some characters, yeen and wolf.

A really nice tomato

[Click to View]

I mean, I'm not wrong haha! I was really proud of this dumb tomatoe...honeslty wasn't sure if I was going to include this in a post but eh WHY NOT...maybe I'll litter the artbook with inside-tomatoes...

MORE Sketches...

[Click to View]

last but not least... tried to draw a mom panda and a dad panda...not sure what to think...I'll likely revisit them later or re-do em completely but in the mean time. I also found a -really- nice way to make trees with some brushes I was finding/tweaking and making.

Sorry for the late post, was with family and had no time to compile the patreon post. Anyhow, have a lovely week everyone!


Bears in progress

Wed Nov 16 19:59:40 2016

Hidee-ho, everyone. Some wips to some images I'll be completing later, the real talk image will be part of a series of pics later telling a few stories with two bears. Enjoy!

"Real talk"

[Click to View]

A meaningful conversation between two bears. Part of a series of pics with these two guys. This one in particular is a bit messy; trying to capture the mood.


[Click to View]

This is why waffle doesn't wear shirts...all that fluff cannot be contained haha.

Buisiness bear

[Click to View]

I really need to a custom mug that says "Plural Peps Panda" I really, really do... it's on my bucket list. That or "Big Bear Brew" haha. Some T-bear all suited up...with his eye on the prize.

Briefs bear

[Click to View]

Tai's rocking the pink. It's his favourite colour, if you couldn't tell haha. Toying with proportions, limb sizes, shoulder blades etc... always a work in progress!

Happy Friday everyone, hope you're all enjoying it, and to those of you who got Pokémon... Yeahhhhh!!!



Wed Nov 16 19:32:36 2016

A few things I conjured up this week, some of which includes the illusive ~background~ ooooooh, gettin' fancy. (I need to do more work with backgrounds haha.)

Polar pop

[Click to View]

I have a huge crush on the polar bear from Donkey Kong...

Frisky feline

[Click to View]

Puma getting himself into a huge mess again.

Scrapped poses (nsfw)

[Click to View]

Some poses I heavily referenced from existing images, some others I doodled up from memory. Thought I would share! This is usually how jot down my ideas if I get the itch.

Nailed it.

[Click to View]

An oldie but goldie. One of my favourite naughty drawings I've done of puma and his anon blue husky friend.

Thank you all for a wonderful month of support! See you next week in December!


Big bad bears

Wed Nov 16 19:07:40 2016

Hey all! Hope you're in the mood for some bears... because there are lots of em!

Panting panda

[Click to View]

Old panpan is hot and bothered... don't rile up too much or his horomones will go out of control.

Front and Back

[Click to View]

Some tossed ideas, but I still like how the sketches looked!

Rear view

[Click to View]

Relevant to some interests...

On the clock...

[Click to View]

Ooooh...office panda! He's such a dad with the suit on haha. Looks to be gazing at a certain bear's behind.

Thanks for the support, fellas! Hope you enjoyed yourselves some pandas! ;)


Sketches and backgrounds

Sun Nov 13 05:33:50 2016

A few things I conjured up this week, some of which includes the illusive ~background~ ooooooh, gettin' fancy. (I need to do more work with backgrounds haha.)

Decidueye & Primarina

[Click to View]

Sun and Moon is just around the corner! Who's excited!? Really tried to nail some form of gesture with the bird.

Thoughtful Tairu/Forest

[Click to View]

Unsure if the two images will be related, but they both followed the same theme. Going for a calm and relaxing tone.


[Click to View]

Couple of sketches based off a few prompts a friend gave me.

Big dreamer

[Click to View]

Last but not least, a background image I did when listening to some really inspirational, beautiful music. It's always fun to draw your feelings down, especially when the music helps!

Have an excellent beginning to next week everyone, a million thanks for the support!



Fri Nov 11 20:45:44 2016

It's that time again... where I bombard y'all with copious amouts of naked haha. Enjoy!

Morning wood

[Click to View]

Looks like that stiffy needs to be taken care of.

Nude beach trip

[Click to View]

Just some casual naked time with bacon.

Power puma

[Click to View]

I think he found the sweet spot. Just let him do his thing...

Bear lovin'

[Click to View]

Well, well well... look who it is haha. The idea of them both in the same picture is a little weird, but it's hot! (non-canon :P)

Hope you enjoyed em. Thanks very much!


It's Novembear!

Sun Nov 6 19:59:38 2016

Hey fellas!

Okay, so the title is misleading, there's more then just bears haha. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend, and here is the first post of November! (finally haha)

T-bear stickers(wip)

[Click to View]

Preview and expirementing on sticker style.


[Click to View]

Anime doggo, Huey!


[Click to View]

Couple of headshots, I am really enjoying these characters.

Sparkle Tiger

[Click to View]

This one is an older wip I decided to bring back and share.

Kuma sketch/lineart

[Click to View]

This bear is really into sparkly anime and kingdom hearts, and I can't blame him haha! Wanted to do something special for him. Here is the wip stages I saved while working on the image!


[Click to View]

Here is the final image of Kingdom Hearts Kuma!

Thank you every one for the support in October. I hope you continue to enjoy the content I am providing, it seriously means the world to me to have your support, so thank you again!

See you next week!



Sun Nov 6 19:01:06 2016

...Are you sick of the puma more or should I keep him coming? (don't punch me LOL) Here you gooooo!


[Click to View]

Puma and Andrew take it easy after roughhousing in the ring.


[Click to View]

1/2 booty game stronk


[Click to View]

2/2 really happy with how this one came out...kinda gives the the sense that you're there almost with this and the one before it.


[Click to View]

But who's he nailing? Haha... kinda love these camera shots...POVs are one of my favourite types of errotic art because you can kind of project yourself into the image.

Thanks guys!


High-res BEARS

Sat Oct 29 20:41:50 2016

T and B

[Click to View (B)]

[Click to View (Tairu)]

High-res versions of the completed collabs between me and DeadBear.

teddyfortwitter.png 1016w4_2HR.png 1016w4_1HR.png


Sat Oct 29 20:02:17 2016

Hope you guys enjoy this round! There seesm to be Puma in every post... not that...that's a bad thing hahah. The big kitty likes to play.

Monkey man

[Click to View]

Playing around with this guy, wasn't sure with what angle to go with and thought...buisiness suits are pretty hot so why not have him in an office. (bonus for the voyeurism)

Casual nudes

[Click to View]

Just a few nudes.

Puma play

[Click to View]

Puma-T's gotten himself into some trouble (again...)


[Click to View]

Gideon just finished making a cream pie, little messy though.

Dog, Bear and Puma

[Click to View]

From last week, but more detailed.


Week of (mostly) BEARS

Sat Oct 29 19:47:31 2016

Are you guys ready for a surplus of bears... because I have a lot of bears haha. Hope you guys enjoy!

T-bear expressions/stickers

[Click to View]

Lots of expressions, funny enough a lot of them developed over a cringy podcast I was listening to that was somewhat...unbearable. *90s anime laugh*


[Click to View]

Guess what I'm doooooing... trying to get the hang of telegram stickers, I'll be opening up a poll (as soon as I figure out how to do it) so we can vote on what stickerpack you guys wanna see in November.


[Click to View]

Just a couple of B's. This character belongs to Dead_Stray_Bear.


[Click to View]

I'm enjoying the pose! (He has ice powers)

COLLAB (Tairu)

[Click to View]

A collab with Dead_Stray_Bear and myself! I did the sketch to this one obviously, as you've seen last week and he did the lineart and colour. Our work flows together almost effortlessly so it was really fun being able to collaberate with him.


[Click to View]

My end of the collab with Dead_Stray_Bear! This time, it was his sketch with my lines and colours. I saved a few progress shots for you guys to see the process... Really excited to show you guys more these kinds of projects. I guarentee there will be more collabs between us.

Patreon editor seems to have gone away with the HTML editor so I guess we're stuck with links until I can figure something else out haha I miss making the fancy looking posts. Thank you very much for a wonderful month of support during October, you've all be so supportive and I'm one step further to the artbook! It is greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

See you guys next week!


Sketches and WIPs

Mon Oct 24 06:52:14 2016

Hey all!

Sorry for being so late from the usual Friday or Saturday. I was really hoping the patreon editor would be fixed but I ran into a couple of road bumps with it… they recently re-vamped the system and changed a couple things so I can’t do my fancy looking posts (the removed the HTML editor…imagine haha)

Any-who, I’ve got the goods… *opens trench coat*


[Click to View]

Sporting some fall cloths n’ such! This is actually going to be a collab with a good friend of mine!

Fried Fishy

[Click to View]

Little something I did for practice, experimenting with background styles…something nice looking but easy to re-create.

Beltigre Sketch

[Click to View]

Spoiler warning for those who don’t want tot see the final evolution of Litten!

Sydney Lizard

[Click to View]

A character concept for a friend, just my take on him. I’ve have not drawn too many lizards in my lifetime but it was fun nonetheless… more angles of this guy to come.

Sketch dump!!

[Click to View]

Not a lot to say, besides a bunch of messy random things. I feel like that towel whipping is going to be realized sooner or later!


[Click to View]

Just a quick (refined) sketch of T brushing his teeth, with a few head shots. I was experimenting with the line quality and colours on the top right, not sure what to think about it though… still searching for somethin’.

Back to School

[Click to View]

This one will see developments later! So far I’m doing studies on colour keys and environments to get the ‘right’ look and feel.


[Click to View]

Something I did up in the livestream last Tuesday!

Thanks all for the continued support, and again pardon the EXTREMELY TACKY POST…ugh… I hope Patreon fixes it soon, I was starting to get a system going until they messed it up haha.

See you all Friday/Saturday!



Mon Oct 24 03:38:13 2016

Hey there, sorry for the late nsfw post! It's been a busy week, I'll be back to regular schedualed posts Friday/Saturday after this. Anyways, here's some of the goods...haha. Enjoy!

Three's company

Just some rough drafts of some fun positons!

[Click to Preview]


I hate that I love this guy so much, so I drew him with naughty bits.

[Click to Preview]


"Hey...No peeking!"

[Click to Preview]

Jock Bogo

Hope Bellwhether doesn't walk in on em...

[Click to Preview]


Stream in two-ish hours!

Tue Oct 18 20:16:06 2016

Just a reminder post. Here's the link, hopefully see some of you guys there!https://picarto.tv/TairuPANdA/c5e34a8a4cf6d98f2668f754bdb9eebe

From the time of post, it should be two hours from now. 6:00~6:30 (eastern) is when I'm aiming to have it started.


Sat Oct 15 05:03:37 2016

Not much to say this week, other then I hope you enjoy this batch, only two new ones this week! I dig hearing what you guys think haha.

[Click Here to View Picture]

Just a nude Waffle

This is in fact the original version, I added pants for the sfw post! Who needs pants...

[Click Here to View Picture]

Breakfast sausage...

Good lord this is taking a hefty toll on me! I am enjoying this picture a lot. As the picture progressed I decided to add a lot of food on the table he was laying on as well, because it's Waffle and he seems to think it's a cute idea... I also picked out a colour key you can see up on the top left, those are the colours I'd like to use, since it gives a nice 10:00 AM/Breakfast feel.

Not too sure about Waffle's jizz... I mean, it looks nice but not entirely sure if it's necessary. I may end up having two versions haha.

[Click Here to View Picture]


MMMHM... haha. I love dynamic angles in these kinds of drawings.

Hope you guys enjoyed these!


So many... Waffles!

Sat Oct 15 04:59:19 2016

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay, I had to fix a few things before posting and I ran into a couple road bumps yesterday, but here is this week's update. I have handful of fun things to show you... lots of expressions and some drawings I will be colouring later. I was developing Waffle's character a bit more, I'll be drawing some short comics of Chicken Bone and Waffle interacting (if you haven't guessed already, Chicken and Waffle's dynamic is inspired by one of my favourite dishes, chicken and waffles. I have some things planned for those two ;D)

Enjoy guys!


[Full View]

Eh! He just really like's maple syrup... love this wuff. Generally easy going and relaxed and not a care in the world (which is probably a big flaw too because he really doesn't have many cares)

Relaxed Waffle

[Full View]

To continue from the previous description... he's REALLY relaxed.

Sasha Cat

[Full View]

A character I don't draw enough of, one of Puma's best friends...and hair stylist. She's a talented dorky lady.


[Full View]

I REALLY liked this Pokémon. It wont be in the art book, but I wanted to post this sketch for you guys to see haha. I love how it looks like a magical girl character... I totally saw Lady Satsuki in her.

Trumpet Bear

[Full View]

Just a scrap!


[Full View]

Featuring my best friend Kuma or (DrawingKuma) we're super nerds... The game is actually really fun, if you're looking for a fun hobby you should pick it up if you enjoy Pokémon /shamless plug. This is a bit of an older wip, I have to change a lot on it but I still really enjoy the concept, and you guys'll see this one come to fruition soon enough!

Regarding last week's big Waffle pic, it's not quite done, I have to paint a little more and I think it'll be ready to show! I had a couple new ideas very late in the week so I'll post that after the stream day as a free post and provide full res images to chef and sushi patrons. Here's a quick little preview, not much changed on waffle but the food... the foooood.

[Click for sexy food]

All in all, I'm glad to be able to share this with you guys! Thanks for your continued support and see some of you guys on Stream day!



Fri Oct 14 05:54:20 2016

Hey guyyyyyyys... Some of you fellas are likely wonderin' hey Tuler when ya gonna streeeeeammmmm! It's been a busy couple weeks, to say the least haha but I've finally put together a date for a stream! I'll try to have it around 7:00 PM (Atlantic) 6:00 PM (East coast) and 3:00 PM (West coast) and whatever that may be in-between I'm sure you'll figure it out! I'll be streaming for a good "few hours."

"few hours™"

(I always stream forever...)

As for what we'll be streaming, well, I'll be putting together a few thumbnails and I'll have you guys take a look and suggest which direction to go in! Could be goofy or something sexy or maybe a bit of both. I'll be streaming twice next week to make up for the lack of stream this week. (Second date TBA)

Until then, see you guys tomorrow with Friday's dump of art!

Stream link for Tuesday (this will be a private stream just for you guys)

I'll post a reminder the morning of stream day!


Puma and Waffles (R-18/NSFW)

Sat Oct 8 07:29:56 2016

Well, well, well... even more. Title says it all, hope you guys enjoy em'!

[Click Here to View Picture]

Back Massage

I'd say it's time to work out the kinks with an oily massage.

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WereWaffle (continued)

Now we're talking! I updated the beta Waffle sketch to the up to date Waffle. Next week it'll be finished. High resolution wallpapers of this piece will be available for the Chef and Sushi patrons!

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A little wip I think I'll continue later on. I really like the playfulness with his tail.

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Bogo Bottom

The odd Zootopia fanart haha... a little obscure I guess. I strive for original content primarily but a little fanart here and and there is fine. Idk, I like when bigger guys take it so I wanted to draw a little bit of that!

Thank you for the continued support! Seems like you guys are really enjoying the adult pieces!


Sketches, studies and WIPS

Sat Oct 8 02:35:47 2016

Howdy! I have here a bunch of sketches, wips and a near finished drawing of Waffle. Next week the high res wallpaper version will be available once I finish the background and do some more touch ups!

I've compiled some more sketch pages of studies I've done, some on faces, expressions, paws gripping things. In the next couple of weeks I'll focus on getting together some comic ideas I've been brewing up, a speed paint video and some beginning stages of bigger works that'll be included in the artbook.

Flower Dumpling

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Me and a friend got to talking about what makes a kid character, rather then a mini compressed version of the adult, there was a lot more to it then just shrinking the limbs. After a few attempts I came up with this...

Several Expressions

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Those first two... (it's totally what you're thinking) the bottom two I was trying out some expressions as if one played one after another!

Waffle (with pants...)

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Not leaving much to the imagination with this one! He's the kind of guy who wears pjs in public...anywhere he goes. Tank top and sweats .


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Couple studies on mouths, I was actually referencing a few cartoons and how they do their "ooos" and "eees" when talking.


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Even more paws... this time gripping things and figuring out how to stylize a hand to look like a specific paw that functions like a hand. It's harder then it looks! (Those are my hands being used as reference btw)

Bending (Avatar style picture)

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More to come on this one in the coming weeks! Three characters, each with their element sparing with one another.

Thank you for your continued support everyone!


R-18, NSFW ...whatever you want to call it!

Sat Oct 1 03:05:45 2016

Title says it all, I don't think I have to say much here!

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Drippy Waffle

Not too much to say about this one, it's more of an alternate version of an existing Waffle image I posted on twitter a while back!

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WereWaffle (Beta version)

Weirdly enough, this was the first ever picture I've drawn of Waffle! Which is why it looks a little different than what you're used to seeing, he's a little more...grizzled in this one, and he eventually became softer as his personality developed a bit!

I feel like this one needs a bit of a refresh before I continue with it to get him up to date with Waffle's current design.

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Puma Top

I really don't know what to say for this one other then that dog is in for a wild ride... the two seem to be enjoying themselves... Puma seems really into it. This kind of stuff is great for expression practice haha.

Thanks very much guys for your support, and I hope you enjoy the exclusive NSFW artwork I have to share here. More to come, next week!


Sketches, concepts and character development

Sat Oct 1 02:08:32 2016

Hey all! First post...hooboy...I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous haha, your support means the world to me, and I am really happy to show you guys what I have to offer.

I'm excited for the first post of the Patreon so let's get right into it! Here are a few sketches and WIPs that I have not posted anywheres. Some of them are just concept sketches for character designs. Others are unfinished scrapped pictures, haha.

(I've discovered the images appear squished on mobile, so I'll try to have that fixed for you soon. Works on the website just fine, though!)

Chicken Bone

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A new character I'm planning on doing a few things with, he'd be a friend of Waffle's. I'd say he's still in his early stages of development, trying to figure out his interests, likes, dislikes and personality... more of this fella to come!


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It's what pandas are best at, no? Toying around with Tairu's new FRESH LOOK... seeing how his body holds up in different poses. I gotta say, it feels really fun and loose to draw him now...pretty happy with how he's comin' along. I'd say he's near finished, maybe a tweak or two here and there!

Cat paws

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Couple of scrapped drawings. I was having a field day on paws and what his should look like, I liked the idea of retractable cat claws.

Body type

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Fiddling around with Puma T, not quite sure about this one but a lot of people enjoy the beef he seems to sport. I really like how that side face turned out though!


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Now here's a dude... he was actually inspired by the bad dobbs in Oliver and Company, I was inspired and actually felt like doodlin' something semi steamy looking!

Old Pan-Pan...

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Here he is...haha. The bottom left is the finished drawing you see on my Patreon page, I was doing a really meticulous study on his face trying to get the construction down. I had a close friend of mine help me out a ton during the whole process. I've also been studying a few Disney art books like crazy and eventually morphed Tai from his old shape to his new one, including a new colour pallet!

I'll talk about that another day when I get some more done of him and what his colours were inspired by!

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I don't even know what to say for this one haha...other then a jumbled mess of silly goofy expressions but hey that's why we're here!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed these! I'll be drawing all through next week and I'm sure to have some more sketches for you all by then. Thanks for your support! *salute*