PopHopper -(NSFW, unfinishe dpainting, goo mergey junk)

Thu Feb 13 21:48:51 2020

Part of a art trade type thing with PopHopper that never came to full fruition. But here it is!


DeviruCoyote - (NSFW, painting, hyper, macro, paws)

Thu Feb 13 21:47:25 2020

Does what it says on the tin


Hamlin - (SFW, painting)

Wed Feb 5 19:25:52 2020

And here is the other one for Humblewood I made in Sept! I had so much fun detailing all the lil' bits around his house. They told me to paint a crazy old owl dude and I just loved every minute of it. I seriously really do hope I get to do more art like this, with cool themes and robust characters. I have some more unposted Humblewood art that will probably go up here too, so I guess look forward to that!


Lendarick (SFW, painting)

Wed Feb 5 19:23:39 2020

Alright! So here we have the first ever piece I did for like, a company! It was for The Deck of Many's Humblewood project! I really, really loved the idea of painting bird-fantasy characters. I didn't realize how fulfilling it would be to do so, but i just had an absolute blast and feel like I really poured myself into this when I made it back in September. I still am unsure where exactly this art will feature (or even if at all to be quite honest), but I really hope I get to do more stuff like this. It was insanely gratifying.


Slsmisek83 - (NSFW,hetero-heckin)

Wed Feb 5 19:19:28 2020

Commission for slsmisek83! Of their two fox chars goin at it! Probably the most vanilla thing I've ever painted, but that made it interesting


Lexis sketches (NSFW, body horror)

Wed Jan 22 19:29:41 2020

UHH YEAH. Did these for sharkbae on FA. Just some super messy body horror stuff. There's another one in the files that just gets more buckwild and kinda messy in the sketch, but I had lots of fun with it! I like drawing super monstery shit haha

Lexis_Sketch_.png Shark_.png

Anuv Sheath Tuggins (NSFW, hyper, herm)

Wed Jan 22 19:27:47 2020

Yeah! Here's some art of a real chill guy, Anuv! Super pleasant and fun to work with! He wanted something sheath-centric so here we go!


Denfur Sketches (SFW)

Wed Jan 22 19:25:22 2020

Just some sketches from a con a while back! Getting to draw them digitally on the spot with the ipad is so nice

photo_2019-08-28_13-51-06.jpg photo_2019-08-28_13-51-18.jpg photo_2019-08-28_13-51-16.jpg

dash007 - (NSFW, hyper, macro)

Fri Jan 10 21:14:07 2020

Commission for dash007! He big!


Mech Naga - (NSFW, multi, painting)

Fri Jan 10 21:11:55 2020

Commission for MechEdragon! Super chill dude with super chill dix


Homph - (SFW, TF, painting)

Fri Jan 10 21:10:13 2020

Commission for HOMPH
TF is good


Happy 2020

Sat Jan 4 03:28:52 2020

Hey all.

I just really wanted to take a sec to wish everyone here a good new year, but also just say

Thank you very much

2019 was a really strenuous year for me in so many ways. And I'll be up front in saying a lot of my commission work has slowed down a ton. I got super sick back in May as well; the sickest I've ever been.

The support from everyone here has helped keep me afloat in more than one instance. Like just to be able to buy groceries and the like.

It was a really hard year fiscally, emotionally, and even physically. But I am trying to take the lessons from these experiences to improve myself and improve the quality of the images I am making for myself and for everyone who views them.

So I just wanted to take this time to say thank you truly, honestly, for all of you who have supported me in 2019. I hope I can continue to be worth your contributions and support.

Seriously, I cannot overstate enough how much I appreciate it though. I hope that this new decade finds you all in similar positions of self-reflection and self-betterment, and that we can all be better than the previous iterations of ourselves. Thank you

Giant Hyena - (NSFW, F, hpyer)

Sat Jan 4 03:23:32 2020

SO UH this here was just a quick doodlepaint gift for my best friend. There's a text version included in the files, sorry for my jank ass handwriting. I did this real fast one night just as a quick art, but I figure maybe some folks out there will like it too

Giant_Hyena_Ass_notxt_full.png Giant_Hyena_Ass_mooom.png

New Order - (SFW, Painting)

Sat Jan 4 03:20:33 2020

This painting, when I look at it, I feel lots of regrets because of the way I tackled it. I love the character, and the way I approached it was trying too hard to do what my friend ophryon did with their character instead of just doing my own thing. I think thats just my biggest issue with it, was not doing what I felt was best truly and instead relying too much on momentum instead of actual critical assessment.


BlackJack - (SFW, painting)

Sat Jan 4 03:06:34 2020

I wanted to do some fanart for this very cool boyo. I still haven't played the new pokemon; they seem fun but I just don't have the time anymore. Besides, why do that when I can just draw them for fun? uwu


Heat Wave - (SFW, painting)

Thu Dec 26 02:21:22 2019


Sadly no, there is not a NSFW version haha. I think this is the one I get asked that with the most X)


Fancy Business - (SFW, painting)

Thu Dec 26 02:19:15 2019

Commission for b_wuff Bein all classy and things!


Rub fore More Wishes - (NSFW, growth, painting)

Thu Dec 26 02:17:33 2019

Commission for cantstopgrowing of their big big boy Andre


Bedtim Story - (SFW, TF, painting)

Wed Dec 18 22:07:37 2019

YEAH FULL RES UPLOAD YEAH I still like this idea a lot, maybe I'll revisit it someday


togepi1125 - (You know what this is)

Wed Dec 18 22:05:41 2019

YEAH so I did some work for togepi back in..fookin...2014...SO it was nice to get to try it again haha. What a time to be alive. I'm so happy folks like them exist and can just indulge in their interests. I very legitimately think it's great. SO YEAH. Here you go


Misty (SFW, painting)

Wed Dec 4 21:01:31 2019

art of Royalty's snake lady


Zulu Laundry (NSFW, hyper, painting

Wed Dec 4 20:59:32 2019

Another Commission of Zulu bein beeeg


Seph steps (NSFW, growth, hyper, pawbs)

Wed Nov 27 21:17:00 2019

Commission for Seph! He was really nice and just kinda let me go crazy with his sona. It was chill lol


Rangari (SFW, painting)

Wed Nov 27 21:14:13 2019

Commission of some WoW thangs!!


Zulu bits (NSFW)

Wed Nov 20 21:14:49 2019

Just a lemur with its dick out ok uou


Seylyn monster arm explosion tf (SFW, painting)

Wed Nov 20 21:12:29 2019

similarly to the last one, this is that idea just taken to extremes haha. I loved painting that library; I really should do more of them. But yeah, I just wanted it to feel extremely chaotic. It was so much dang fun.


Seylyn monster TF (SFW, painting)

Wed Nov 20 21:10:49 2019

I loved working with Seylyn on this image. It was so fun to really dig deep into ideas that I enjoyed and wanted to explore a lot. It feels so long ago but I really just had a lovely time.


The pokemon taurs (SFW, nudity, boobs)

Wed Nov 13 21:45:26 2019

So I'm putting all the pokemon taurs (except the most recent one) into one post just cause they're so dang similar and I don't wanna take forever uploading them

Eragon007_Suicune_commission_full.png Eragon007_Cobalion_Commission_full.png Eragon007_Virizion_Commission_full.png Eragon007_Terrakion_Commission_full.png

Bones (SFW, painting, goo shit)

Wed Nov 13 21:31:07 2019

Goopin' with friend


Wafflebird - 2 (sketch, NSFW, goo, multi)

Thu Nov 7 21:15:50 2019

more weird tentacle goop arm shit

IMG_0148.PNG IMG_0148_2.PNG

The Twin Cities (SFW, painting)

Thu Nov 7 21:14:17 2019

Commission for a book cover, my very first one! This took a while but it was nic eto get that under my belt.

Nick_Tac_Whitcomb_The_Twin_Cities_book_cover_commission_full_NO_bleed.png Nick_Tac_Whitcomb_The_Twin_Cities_book_cover_commission_full.png

Wafflebird - 1 (sketch, NSFW, goo

Thu Nov 7 21:13:00 2019

Doodle for wafflebiiird


Hyper Haida (NSFW, sketch, hyper)

Fri Nov 1 22:30:16 2019

doodle for a friend who really wanted to see Haida all embarrassed about...his deal!


Thiccxikor (NSFW, sketch, intersex)

Fri Nov 1 22:28:40 2019

Doodle for my holmie


It's Not Just Me (SFW, Painting)

Fri Nov 1 22:25:29 2019

Commission for Airlea! I love this char and I'd love to take a crack at them again :D


Enter the Void (SFW Painting)

Fri Nov 1 22:24:23 2019

Full size of a paint for one of my oldest friends


Teaselbone Nick Wilde Growth - 2 (NSFW, hyper, painting)

Thu Oct 24 22:04:06 2019

PART TWO of the collabo with teaselbone!

This was only earlier this year but it feels like an actual lifetime ago haha. Hope ya'll like it


Vaporial Party (NSFW, Growth, hyper, sketch)

Thu Oct 24 22:01:07 2019

Commission for Vaporial!! Someone spiked the PUNCHH


ssssSSSS (SFW, painting, naga)

Wed Oct 16 21:18:42 2019

Commission for one known only as Shaky, of their fun naga! I really enjoyed the colours on this species!


Firon/Aeth fuse with Ghrom P3 (NSFW, merging, painting)

Wed Oct 16 21:17:18 2019

The final monstrosity that those three lads became! It was a really fun challenge to combo all 3, and I had a nice time exploring palettes!


Firon/Aeth fuse with Ghrom P2 (NSFW, merging, painting)

Wed Oct 9 19:19:49 2019

Continuation of the series of the already fused firon/aeth merging with ghrom the naga dude! I guess right now it's more like stuffing lol


Ahwn big (NSFW, sketch, hyper)

Wed Oct 9 19:18:20 2019

Crazy out of control Ahwn for their b-day this year!


Diz Nasty TF (NSFW, sketch)

Wed Oct 9 19:17:13 2019

Rough bird tf for Dizfoley!


Beach Beans (SFW, painting)

Wed Oct 2 19:22:04 2019

Commission for my ROOMMATE based on a story. The gist is one of the characters just grew all macro and huge and it was like whoh and this is after the fact. It was definitely an interesting one to try and paint well!

AND WITH THIS that is all the art from 2018!!!! *tiny airhorns*
I'm really really excited to present more art from this current year; hopefully you will all enjoy the quality and the content! Thanks for stickin' around, everyone! It seriously means SO. DANG. MUCH.


Wings (NSFW, sketch, heterooo)

Wed Oct 2 19:19:22 2019

Nasty sketch for one of my good friends of our chars..well bein' nasty! Don't @ me!


Bank (SFW)

Wed Oct 2 19:17:49 2019

Commisison for Deer_Magan!


LaPatte (NSFW, mewtwo, male)

Wed Oct 2 19:16:34 2019

Commission for LaPatte! This doesn't even feel that long ago but it was still last year, and there's lots I'd do differently now I feel. THE WEEN!


Could Be Bigger - 12 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 25 20:31:50 2019

Show's over folks! He's done for now. Who knows where they'll end up though..At least they've got each other lol

This sequence was done over the course of about 9 months; I hope you all like the outcome! Thanks for joining me on this wild ride; will return to random NSFW shenans this coming week! Take care of yourself out there!!


Could Be Bigger - 11 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 25 20:29:29 2019

Bigger...! That dick realistically isn't going anywhere. Lol, "realistically" jfc


Could Be Bigger - 10 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 25 20:28:30 2019

It was at this point that the growth really started to ramp up. I wanted to show the day starting to progress, like they've really been busy at this for a while haha. Hope ya'll like!


Could Be Bigger - 9 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 25 20:27:21 2019

She LOOM. She want more!


Could Be Bigger - 8 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 18 17:38:20 2019


That's all for this chunk! The exhilarating conclusion will be posted next week! What will happen?? Does he get bigger???? Probably?????? Find out X')


Could Be Bigger - 7 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 18 17:36:48 2019



Could Be Bigger - 6 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 18 17:36:07 2019

Probably my favorite of these to draw. It was just so silly haha


Could Be Bigger - 5 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Wed Sep 18 17:35:07 2019

He emerge! There's more size to be had on land!


Could Be Bigger - 4 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Thu Sep 12 18:25:13 2019

End of the first chunk! He seems to be having a pretty nice time at the pool so far! only...8 more parts to go...!


Could Be Bigger - 3 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Thu Sep 12 18:24:05 2019

He seems to be..doing well for himself??


Could Be Bigger - 2 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Thu Sep 12 18:23:10 2019

He's already made some new friends..! How..nice!!


Could Be Bigger - 1 (NSFW, size theft, hyper, painting)

Thu Sep 12 18:21:57 2019


This is the first part of a 12 part painting sequence for geordie_79. I will upload them all at once in lil' chunks. Ahead are many comical size-stealing shenanigans.

Fasten your seatbelts


Ridleyishot (SFW)

Wed Aug 28 18:30:55 2019

Full size file for the big best boyo


Growin' Sab (NSFW, hyper puss, macro, growth, PAWS)

Wed Aug 28 18:27:54 2019

One more big BIG Sab uwub


Cupcakes (NSFW, hyper boobs, paws, painting

Wed Aug 28 18:25:49 2019

More art of the big tiddy purple sabine. Only got a few of these left to post!


Lucario Big (NSFW, hyper, sketch)

Thu Aug 22 17:00:24 2019

Commission for Saatchi of Lucario expressing some true concern over his uh...SITUATION. There's a bonus silly alt sketch of this for my friend in the attachments also lol


Crowded Frame (NSFW, sketch, beefy dude)

Thu Aug 22 16:57:43 2019

Commission for tiff of their big double dicked durg COMIN 4 YA


BBW (SFW, suggestive, painting)

Thu Aug 22 16:55:20 2019

Commission for Jazzakid! This character is named "B. Wolf" and the "B" changes to mean different things depending on the situation. This is "Babe Wolf" (Booby Wolf). So yeah. YEAH. I tried to do some weird Mullins shit with the colours on this; it was a lot of fun and I'd like to do that more in the future!


Home (SFW)

Thu Aug 22 16:53:02 2019

This is just a quick study I did of the place where I live, on November 11th last year. It really hasn't changed much at all in the time since then. Some of the books got shifted, some of the candles got used, and some of the skeletons got broken. It's about to change today in a major way though; through sheer happenstance. I've been using that Ikea chair for the past 6 years, and today I am finally getting a new one. This wouldn't have been possible without everyone here on patreon, and it is something I have wanted to change for a long time due to my bad back issues. So yeah! Thank -you-. I painted this to capture a specific moment in time, and it makes me curious and excited to see how the definition of home will change throughout my life. To the future!


Saatchi gettin' Big (NSFW, hyper, sketch)

Thu Aug 15 06:00:38 2019

AND I think I will wrap up this round with an NSFW thing. Lots of reposts, but I wanna be sure everybody is still gettin' a healthy dose of the SECRET GOODS. I have been working on lots of NSFW stuff lately, that I'm really excited to share! And maybe if were all lucky, I can start doing the polls monthly soon! :D


Δ-rune (SFW, full res)

Thu Aug 15 05:58:30 2019

Good BOY


Day Drive (SFW, full res)

Thu Aug 15 05:56:59 2019

Commission of visitin' your buds


I'll Make You Sorry (SFW, full res)

Thu Aug 15 05:55:51 2019

Full res uploooad


Beas (SFW, traditional painting)

Thu Aug 15 05:51:56 2019

Full Res for a traditional painting I did. I would like to try more traditional painting besides outdoor studies; lemme know if you'd be interested in that!


One more nasty durg (NSFW, TF, herm, sketch)

Thu Aug 15 05:49:02 2019

LAST ONE of this character haha.


Basking (NSFW, transformation, painting)

Wed Jul 24 19:51:29 2019

Alright so THIS is the last one of these that i have done up until now. Another life posey with edits on it. There's some things about this that I actually do still like, but a lot of it just feels unfinished and messy haha. But we wanted to have a painting with the char's dick. Canonically it's a different colour but they weren't sure what to do with it at the time so yeah. YEAH. Unfinished paintings are kind of a low note to end on I feel haha, But hopefully you enjoyed the romp with this character. Maybe there will be more of them in the future, maybe not! WHO CAN SAY.


SIN (NSFW, transformation, painting)

Wed Jul 24 19:47:12 2019

OH WAIT HOLD ON I just remembered there are a few more LOL I'd like to post them all at once..!

SO YEAH this was like a life painting of my friend turning into their bananas crazy dragon monster thing. It is super hard to not only do a life painting but add in transformative elements. I usually spend like 8-15 hours, or even more, on a painting, but I only got to spend like maybe 2 or 3 on this before stopping cause posing is hard. But yeah, it was fun to paint someone turning into a monster thing haha


Slide (NSFW, dragon doing one more thing)

Wed Jul 24 19:41:47 2019

Okay so this is the last one in this big series of lady turning into a dragon. She's a lot smaller/less changed in this one; I consider the last one to kinda be the proper final to it lol. It was a lot of fun to go through all of these again! Most of them were done on my ipad so I totally forgot they even existed, but they form a neat little sequence together. I also just really really do adore the subject matter so yeah! Here's hoping you enjoyed it as well!


Welp (NSFW, the dragon is doing things now)

Wed Jul 24 19:38:58 2019

it's fine THEY'RE FINE OK

Also included are two alternate dialogues, one more jokey and one a bit more uh...intense

IMG_0132.PNG IMG_0133.PNG IMG_0134.PNG

New Addition (NSFW, the dragon lady has a dick now)

Wed Jul 24 19:35:56 2019

uh oh

Surely this is not a foreshadowing omen on this regularman


BIGGER STAHWMP (tasteful NSFW, transformation, big honkin' scaly paw stomp)

Wed Jul 24 19:34:01 2019

TF is...good


STAWMP (tasteful NSFW, post-tf, dragon paw stomps?)

Wed Jul 24 19:32:30 2019

some most-of-the-way-tf-ed shenaniganssss BIG PRESS


The Big Change (tasteful NSFW, TRANSFORMATIOOON, growth, sketch, lady dragon)

Wed Jul 24 19:26:20 2019

More of this big scary dragon tf. I deadass drew this on a plane sandwiched between and older dude and a younger (but still older than me) lady. I didn't even care I was so tired haha. Turns out planes are good for sketchins!


Time to Heck (tasteful NSFW, TRANSFORMATION, sketch, dragon lady)

Wed Jul 24 19:24:05 2019

SO HERE IS the beginning of a series of someone I know being turned into their gnarly dragon OC. I did this in the airport when coming back from Europe zzz. It was delirium.


Sattchi with a huge dick (NSFW, there is a huge dick, sketch)

Wed Jul 17 23:00:31 2019

SO I am mostly uploading this one today to bump down the Sonic chars LOLOLOL. Blame this guy if you're not wild about sonics cause he's the one who hired me to make them X'D. THIS was actually lots of fun! Just really nice to do something with modern clothes and more chilled the eff out haha. Hope you like it!


This is the last sonic I have I swear (NSFW, hyper cock, tttss fucking more sonics okay, sketch)

Wed Jul 17 22:58:19 2019

I MADE THIS ONE it's own submission cause I think it's super funny still haha. THESE WERE THE ONLY TWO SONIC COMS I PROMISE but hey there's huge dicks which is what i assume most folks are here for based on the recent community polling lol


FUckin' Sticks the Badge but she's got like a huge dick okay (NSFW duh, sketch, huge dick, ITS A SONIC I'M SORRY)

Wed Jul 17 22:56:08 2019

I GOT COMMISSIONED to do some art of Sticks the Badger (which, as you may be unaware, is a sonic the hedgehog) with a huge dong. I ACTUALLY really do like her design ;__; And I hadn't really ever drawn sonic chars,s o this was super fun I WON'T LIE.

Also text. Text is good.


Weird Multi Goomonster Kiri Sketches (NSFW, tentacle vag??)

Wed Jul 17 22:51:36 2019

More art of Kiri! We were gettin' WEIRD with the ideas, and trying to find creative things for the tenta-dicks to be doing. P sure I sketched this at the main pizza place I go to around midnight. GOOD TIMES.

There's another bonus one in the files section, but this is the one I made during pizza LOL

IMG_0057_2.PNG IMG_0057%20%282%29.PNG IMG_0058%20%282%29.PNG

Azurite 5-part WEREHYENA TF Sequence (TF, Hpyer dick, herm, werebeast, sketch)

Wed Jul 17 22:48:13 2019

YO! So here is a sketch sequence I made for one of my friends one night. I wish Patreon would let you upload multiple images as the main thing, but for now all of the images for this sequence are in the files section! The one I chose to showcase here is part 4, cause I really liked the pose and it shows sort of the WEREBEAST direction it's going in

IMG_0044_2.PNG IMG_0041%20%282%29.PNG IMG_0043%20%282%29.PNG IMG_0042%20%282%29.PNG IMG_0044%20%282%29.PNG IMG_0045%20%282%29.PNG

Can't Let -You- Do That, Star Wolf (NSFW, hyper, size theft, growth)

Tue Jul 9 23:44:51 2019

The result of the second community vote! I actually had a lot of fun working on this haha. These characters are really enjoyable to do art of and it was cool to consider like "casual space living room" lol.

Poor Star Wolf. Gettin' dunked on just like when I play him online :')

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Community Voting and Suggestions I really really enjoy seeing all of your ideas, and it's something I would love to do regularly, if we can meet the goal for it. Until later!

Star_Fox_doin_the_size_yoink_on_Star_Wolf_full.png Star%20Fox%20doin%20the%20size%20yoink%20on%20Star%20Wolf%20full.png

Vote For What I'm Painting Next Now! - July 2019 ($10+ Tier)

Tue Jul 2 18:15:20 2019

The time has come!! For the next Patreon community poll! Vote as many times as you like!

NOTE: I will create copies of this poll for each tier, which will act as multiple votes for people on higher tiers. I will compile all 3 on July 8th at 11 AM MST to decide what the winning idea you all chose is! Also you can vote for as many ideas as you want, if you want to see several succeed!

Thank you for participating, and to everyone who suggested ideas :D I really appreciate it very much!!

Vote For What I'm Painting Next Now! - July 2019 ($5+ Tier)

Tue Jul 2 18:14:11 2019

The time has come!! For the next Patreon community poll! Vote as many times as you like!

NOTE: I will create copies of this poll for each tier, which will act as multiple votes for people on higher tiers. I will compile all 3 on July 8th at 11 AM MST to decide what the winning idea you all chose is! Also you can vote for as many ideas as you want, if you want to see several succeed!

Thank you for participating, and to everyone who suggested ideas :D I really appreciate it very much!!

Vote For What I'm Painting Next Now! - July 2019 ($1+ Tier)

Tue Jul 2 18:13:11 2019

The time has come!! For the next Patreon community poll! Vote as many times as you like!

NOTE: I will create copies of this poll for each tier, which will act as multiple votes for people on higher tiers. I will compile all 3 on July 8th at 11 AM MST to decide what the winning idea you all chose is! Also you can vote for as many ideas as you want, if you want to see several succeed!

Thank you for participating, and to everyone who suggested ideas :D I really appreciate it very much!!

Suggestions for Next Painting almost over!

Sat Jun 29 18:50:09 2019

Hey all! Just wanted to make a quick update reminding you that I'm taking suggestions for my next painting! At the start of July, I will host a poll and whatever gets voted highest is what I'll paint! But rn I'm taking suggestions for whatever you want (tho fanart is probably more likely to get in) but it can be any char you like doin' anything you like! Suggest here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/community-poll-27777477

Hope all's going well with everyone!

Azurite chillin' (NSFW, soft hyper cock, sketch)

Sat Jun 29 18:48:13 2019

Doodle for a hyena! I really like their char and wanted to give a nice soft bigness to smoosh about!

Community-voted painting suggestions still going on! https://www.patreon.com/posts/community-poll-27777477

IMG_0040_2.PNG IMG_0040.PNG

Hyper Hung Tiff (NSFW, hyper cock, hyper balls, herm, sketch)

Sat Jun 29 18:45:40 2019

Commission for tiffbun of them waking up after a uh, rousing dream?

Reminder that suggestions are still going on for the next community voted painting! https://www.patreon.com/posts/community-poll-27777477

IMG_0034_3.PNG IMG_0034%20%283%29.PNG

Partran (NSFW, hyper balls, butt, sketch)

Sat Jun 29 18:43:52 2019

Alright! I'm finally getting into the NSFW sketches from Procreate and HOOBOY is there a lot of them haha. I can't wait to share them all with you!

Anyways this is Partran; would still love to do a painting for this guy someday.

Reminder that this month's suggestions for paintings is still going on! https://www.patreon.com/posts/community-poll-27777477


Pew Pew no Mew Mew (SFW, painting)

Sat Jun 29 18:38:55 2019

Commission for an old acquaintance!

Solarsailor_commission_pew_pew_portrait_full.png Solarsailor%20commission%20pew%20pew%20portrait%20full.png

Community Painting Poll Suggestions: July 2019

Thu Jun 20 18:11:33 2019

Hey all! I had so much fun doing the last community poll, that I decided to go ahead and make another one haha. So for the rest of the month, go ahead and suggest as many things as you want to in response to this post! It cane be literally anything, though I'm much more likely to end up using it in the poll if it's fanart and includes a specific idea. But all ideas are welcome for suggestion, and everyone at every tier can suggest things! At the start of July, I will host a poll with a few of the ideas that I feel could be the most successful, and then paint it! So yeah! Looking forward to seeing what all of you have in store for me :D

Also hi to all of the new people who swarmed in from the recent Nick Wilde! Thank you so much for being here and supporting me ;____;b It means so, so much, truly.

Alright, let's all make some dope shit together!

Tree Pets (SFW, painting)

Wed Jun 19 20:28:04 2019

Cute snuggly head pat commission! I got to meet the client at FC this past year and he was a really nice dude!

Cameron_Black_hair_tussle_com_full.png Cameron%20Black%20hair%20tussle%20com%20full.png

Dead Magic (SFW painting, spooky)

Wed Jun 19 20:26:14 2019

Some personal art I did of the next door neighbor's house with a uhm...affliction.

Dead_Magic_full.png Dead%20Magic%20full.png

Nick Wilde's Growth Spurt (NSFW, hyper, growth, painting, is that a zootopia?)

Wed Jun 12 19:38:06 2019

He ordered that police uniform a while back; something's changed in that short week. Let's hope that they take returns on damaged items! Poor Nick.

The results for the patreon raffle far and above demanded to see Nick with a giant dong again, so here we are! I made his junk more canine than in the previous ones; I hope that you all like it! Let me know what you think, and if you enjoyed the poll format/have suggestions for it. If enough people support this page, I'd like to do something like this every month. Thank you to everyone who suggested ideas and voted!! And to all of you for continuing to support my work here. It seriously means so much to me. Take care!

Side note: making this visible to every Patron tier since it was an event that involved the entire community here even though it''s NSFW.

Nick_Wilde_Changing_Room_full.png Nick%20Wilde%20Changing%20Room%20full.png

Vote for what I am Painting Next Now! ($5+ tier)

Tue Jun 4 00:27:33 2019

Yo! I have taken some of the suggestions given to me by folks here as well as some private ones and here are the ones that I think would work best!

NOTE: I will create copies of this poll for each tier, which will act as multiple votes for people on higher tiers. I will compile all 3 on June 10th at 11 AM MST to decide what the winning idea you all chose is! Also you can vote for as many ideas as you want, if you want to see several succeed!

Thank you for participating! I'm looking forward to see what you all have in store for me!

Vote for what I am Painting Next Now! ($5+ tier)

Tue Jun 4 00:27:30 2019

Yo! I have taken some of the suggestions given to me by folks here as well as some private ones and here are the ones that I think would work best!

NOTE: I will create copies of this poll for each tier, which will act as multiple votes for people on higher tiers. I will compile all 3 on June 10th at 11 AM MST to decide what the winning idea you all chose is! Also you can vote for as many ideas as you want, if you want to see several succeed!

Thank you for participating! I'm looking forward to see what you all have in store for me!

Vote for what I am Painting Next Now! ($1+ tier)

Tue Jun 4 00:24:20 2019

Yo! I have taken some of the suggestions given to me by folks here as well as some private ones and here are the ones that I think would work best!

NOTE: I will create copies of this poll for each tier, which will act as multiple votes for people on higher tiers. I will compile all 3 on June 10th at 11 AM MST to decide what the winning idea you all chose is! Also you can vote for as many ideas as you want, if you want to see several succeed!

Thank you for participating! I'm looking forward to see what you all have in store for me!

Decide what I Paint Next!!!

Thu May 30 17:21:20 2019

Just wanted to do like a final reminder since the end of the month is almost here!

You can make suggestions for what I'm gonna paint next, and next month there will be a vote on some of the ideas! Really, suggest anything, but I will probably be more likely to include fanart ideas. But they can be YOUR fanart ideas, of whatever you want in your tiny fuzzy heart!


Sintacle Tub (NSFW, goo tentacles everywhere, sketch

Wed May 29 18:45:17 2019

Really messy thing I made one night for a friend, so messy that I never even scanned it properly. I like this idea a lot though!

REMINDER: Suggestions for what I paint next are open till the end of the month! https://www.patreon.com/posts/community-vote-27027144


Replenish (SFW, 4-part macro painting)

Wed May 29 18:42:24 2019

Commission set for geordie_79 !! I have uploaded all 4 of them into this one post, since they're all already available to see elsewhere; these are just the full size PNGs

REMINDER: Suggestions for what I draw next are going on until the end of the month! https://www.patreon.com/posts/community-vote-27027144

geordie_79_dragoness_3_full.png geordie_79%20Dragoness%20commission%20bonanza%20full1.png geordie_79%20Dragoness%202%20full.png

Decide What I Paint Next!

Thu May 23 20:46:25 2019

Hey everyone! I wanted to make another text update, since I think the last one probably got lost in all the other art updates. I wanted to do a community event where everyone can suggest a bunch of ideas, and then at the start of June there will be a vote for what i actually go ahead and paint. I wanted to do it just as a thank you to all of you for supporting me, specifically while I was recently ill. ANYWAYS now is the time to suggest as many things as you want! It can be anything, but I will probably end up choosing ones that include fanart characters to have in the final vote. Go suggest whatever suits your fancy HERE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/community-vote-27027144

Community Vote-Painting! Everyone can participate!

Tue May 21 18:11:57 2019

Hey everybody! I wanted to do something to show you all how much it means to me that you have supported my art fiscally over the past couple of months. It has really helped me out a lot!! I seriously cannot thank each and every one of you all who cares enough about my work to donate to see more of it and allow me to create more.

SO ANYWAYS I am going to be doing a community voted-on painting, for me to do a painting of..well whatever all of you here decide on! I wanted to use this last week+ of May to allow for idea submission, and then do the actual voting during the first few weeks of June.
But yeah, anyone can submit an idea, and everyone who is a patreon can vote! I am not sure if I will use -every- idea that is submitted, but I wanted to see what everyone would be interested in. It can be specific characters (Nick, Judy, Renamon, Krystal, LUCARIO, whichever!) doing specific things (growing, transforming, having a huge bepis) or whatever! Just throw your suggestions at me in the comments for this post, and I will go through them and select the ones I think would be best! Feel free to suggest as many things as you would like! I will figure out how to do votes on Patreon; ideally people who are in higher tiers will get more votes, so hopefully there is a way I can arrange for that to work! But for now, just toss your ideas up!

Thank you so much again for sticking with me and helping me in my artistic journey. It seriously means more to me than I can really say, so hopefully this will express it in some fashion. Also it will be a lovely preview; if I can meet my patron goal, then I would love to do something like this every single month for you all! Anyways, that's all for this update. Hope you all are well out there!

EDIT: I initially used the word "raffle" but then I realized that isn't what this is at all lol. It's a painting where all of you get to decide what the content is! Sadly I don't know of any more succinct way to put that haha.

Unprecedented Growth (NSFW, growth, sketch)

Tue May 21 18:02:50 2019

Friend's big honkin' dragon-raptor gettin' uh..even bigger and honkin-er. I'm sure everyone who likes this stuff has seen their animations (cantstopgrowing) but dang they're some quality work.

anfdre_sexy_raptor_0001_copy.png anfdre%20sexy%20raptor_0001%20copy.png

A Hornier TF (NSFW, TF, vaginal masturbation, sketch)

Tue May 21 18:00:01 2019

Sketch of Tusaris again, this time UHM...GETTIN' A LITTLE INTO THE DRAGON-ING PROCESS. Idk I have so much fun drawing transformation images haha. Theres some things I really still like a lot about this picture, like parts of the face and dat foot

Rileys_dragonthing_hornier_redux_fullbetterface.png Rileys%20dragonthing%20hornier%20redux%20fullbetterface.png

Tusaris's Transformation Sketch (NSFW, TF, sketch, female)

Tue May 21 17:57:27 2019

Sketch of Tusaris, owned by my ex-roommate Riley, turning into their big monstrous dragon self. I haaaave...a lot more where this came from LOL

Rileys_dragon_thing_idk_its_name_0001.png Rileys%20dragon%20thing%20idk%20its%20name_0001.png

Less Talk More Crokk (SFW Painting)

Tue May 21 17:49:08 2019

Commission for Saatchi of their traditionally cartoony booby croc lady as a more realistic monstery form!

Nisha_monster_form_full.png Nisha%20monster%20form%20full.png


Tue May 21 17:47:19 2019

Commission of a design for someone's character that can create elemental shenanigans, this one obviously being the icy/snow variant. It was fun to draw a more wild, expressive kind of face!

Jeffrey_Elemental_Dragon_Design_full.png Jeffrey%20Elemental%20Dragon%20Design%20full.png

Ursa Major (SFW Painting)

Tue May 21 17:45:18 2019

Collaborative auction piece between Kenket and myself. It was a lot of fun to collaborate with her on something! Usually when I do a collab, I just paint the drawing someone gives me, but it was nice to work with another painter on the actual painting portions.

ursaMblue_2.jpg ursaMblue%20%282%29.jpg

Cozy as Hec (SFW Painting)

Tue May 21 17:40:57 2019

Gift art for Caraid, cause she's really cool and let me stay in her place for 5 days when I was visiting Europe.

Cara_and_the_Rain_full2.png Cara%20and%20the%20Rain%20full2.png

Return of the "G" (SFW painting)

Tue May 21 17:38:45 2019

I really enjoyed painting this haha. Love me them reptiles.

Lustrian_gangster_lizard_cocaine_full.png Lustrian%20gangster%20lizard%20cocaine%20full.png

ohno (NSFW, messy sketch, hyper blowjob)

Tue May 21 17:37:20 2019

I UH. I know this is suuuper messy but it's a buff dragon getting a blowjob so I figured maybe someone would care to see? This is the secret porn patreon after all lol


Speechless (SFW)

Tue May 21 17:34:23 2019

Sad Commission for dottipink awoo

Dottipink_Pageant_full.png Dottipink%20Pageant%20full.png

Sin With Me (SFW, Post-TF)

Tue May 21 17:32:30 2019

Commission for Skade of themselves chillaxing after turning into their nasty were-raptor self. SHINYYY REPTIIILE

Skadetub_thumbnail_full.png Skadetub%20thumbnail%20full.png

Eldritch Ratty (SFW, TF, Body horror)

Tue May 21 17:30:53 2019

Buncha tongues and teef for daze snow leopard!

daze_snow_leopart_eldritch_rat_icon_full.png daze%20snow%20leopart%20eldritch%20rat%20icon%20full.png

Renahuge (NSFW, rough sketch, macro, big veiny ween)

Tue May 21 17:29:26 2019

A sketch I did for Saatchi of a huge Renamon. In retrospect I feel it coulda been drawn a lot better, but here it is as I made it then.

Renahuge_sketch_full.png Renahuge%20sketch%20full.png

Seeker Crazy Icon (SFW)

Tue May 21 17:27:46 2019

One of the "crazy faced" icons I did, for Seeker

Seeker_crazy_icon_full.png Seeker%20crazy%20icon%20full.png

Recent Severe Illness

Tue May 21 17:23:21 2019

Hey everyone. I just wanted to briefly explain my recent absence from posting here. I came down with a horrible sickness and was bedridden for 3 weeks. I had to miss two big furry conventions that I was very excited for, and hadn't painted anything in that entire stretch of time (which feels quite awful honestly). Anyways I just wanted to let everyone who has been supporting me here know the reason there haven't been any uploads. I am feeling much better now, and plan to upload quite a good bit of art today. Thank you for supporting me (it allowed me to see a doctor when I really needed to) and I hope to create more and more things for you wonderful folks supporting me and my work. Thank you!

SharkBae (NSFW, Macro, double cocks)

Wed Apr 24 21:02:35 2019

Commission for Sharkbae!! I really enjoyed painting this crazy 4-eyed double dicked demon thing! I know I am posting a lot this week but I wanted to make sure to sneak some porn in since I think that's why most of you are here haha.

For real though, if you're reading this, thank you -so- -fucking- -much- for supporting my shit! Like, it means SO MUCH to me, and has really allowed me to finally work on personal art again, something I almost never did for years. So thank you, sincerely!!!

Sharkbae_Macro_fucky_commission_full_eyes3.png Sharkbae%20Macro%20fucky%20commission%20full%20eyes3.png

I Don't Know You but that Sounds Fresh

Wed Apr 24 20:59:55 2019

I painted this on my birthday just for myself. I'd love to see it finished someday but I feel like it's really unlikely. But here it goes, secret WIPs shh

I_dont_know_you_but_that_sounds_fresh_copy.png I%20dont%20know%20you%20but%20that%20sounds%20fresh%20copy.png

Shelly Raptoes (SFW, TF, painted sketch)

Wed Apr 24 20:58:15 2019

So I made this in a few hours for someone I know. I never posted it cause I didn't like the face but hopefully someone digs it

Shelly_raptor_foot_tf_full.png Shelly%20raptor%20foot%20tf%20full.png

ARREST (NSFW, macro, cock, sketch, Sly Cooper)

Wed Apr 24 20:56:30 2019

Commissionf sketch of a really big bedicked Carmelita :o

Carmelita_sketch_full.png Carmelita%20sketch%20full.png

Indominosaurusaraptor - 2 (SFW, TF, painting)

Wed Apr 24 20:55:03 2019

The completed dino!!! So SHINNYYY

istel_pach_indoraptor_com_2_full.png istel%20pach%20indoraptor%20com%202%20full.png

Indominosaurusaraptor - 1 (SFW, TF, painting)

Wed Apr 24 20:53:54 2019

Commission for a guy of his gf turning into the Indoraptor. I still haven't seen Jurassic World 2 and I've drawn this thing like at least 3 or 4 times haha

istel_pach_indoraptor_com_full.png istel%20pach%20indoraptor%20com%20full.png

Summer Solstice 2018 (SFW, painting)

Wed Apr 17 19:05:59 2019

It's really really hard to believe that I painted this less than a year ago! There's lots of things that I think coulda been better about this, but I am happy with it nonetheless. I feel like it really adequately encapsulates certain moments from my past and YEAH! This was a promo painting for my roommate's bi-annual solstice party, the theme of which was "beatnik luau" (I had no idea what a beatnik even was haha). It was a pretty good time! I'm glad i got to paint this for him!

Summer_Solstice_2018_full.png Summer%20Solstice%202018%20full.png

Ready (SFW)

Wed Apr 17 19:00:53 2019

Some personal art of my dude! I don't draw or paint him as much as i would like to, but I was in a really tumultuous time in my life when I was working on this! This piece is specifically about maintaining a healthy detachment from people who you are excited about and care about, whether you just met them or have known them for a long time, because inevitably you will lose them. Sorta grimdark! But that's just kind of the situation in my life then.

Ready_full.png Ready%20full.png

Pizza Time (NSFW, hyper, mild macro, painting)

Wed Apr 17 18:57:47 2019

Commission for mechEdragon!! I had a lot of fun with this one and remember being really proud of this when I made it. NOTICE cum bowl please.

Mecha_Living_room_Pizza_lounge_full.png Mecha%20Living%20room%20Pizza%20lounge%20full.png

Run (SFW, sketch)

Wed Apr 10 19:39:12 2019

I drew this at like 2 AM or some shit last year for a friend's birthday. In retrospect it came out pretty awful haha. Oh well, don't learn if you don't try!

Run_full.png Run%20full.png

SketchyAura (SFW, HOOMAN)

Wed Apr 10 19:36:33 2019


I originally wasn't gonna post this cause I figured it wouldn't hold much interest for people, but hey, this is the place for art that can't live anywhere else, so may as well

Assassins_creed_sketchyaura_full.png Assassins%20creed%20sketchyaura%20full.png

Reaverfox icon (SFW)

Wed Apr 10 19:28:17 2019

One of the like, three icons I did for people! I still really like lots about this one, like all the crazy colour abstractions and the doof face. I have found myself really enjoying painting crazy faces like this haha! :D

Reaverfox_icon_full.png Reaverfox%20icon%20full.png

Tiff's gryph (NSFW, cock, sketch)

Wed Apr 10 19:26:25 2019

Commission for tiffbun! BIIIIIG stretch!!

Tiffgryph_sketch_wingsfull.png Tiffgryph%20sketch%20wingsfull.png

WereGarurumon Big Borpin' (NSFW, macro, hUgE paws, dicks out)

Wed Apr 10 19:24:34 2019


Another collabo with teaselbone; his work is super fun to paint on! And he's down for drawing my husband here so it worked out really well :3 I LOVE HIS PAWS AHH LOOK HOW PURPLE AND MAGENTA

Do you think he paints them himself or do they grow that way, vote now on your phones!

WeregarurumonColab2_Work1_full.png WeregarurumonColab2_Work1%20full.png

Cara Sketches (SFW)

Wed Apr 3 18:46:20 2019

Just some red graphite sketches for a cool friend. I thiiiink I did this like way late in the night, i seem to remember being totally delirious when doing them haha

Cara_sketches_0002.jpg Cara%20sketches_0002.jpg

Judy's big honkin' Carrot (NSFW, herm, mild hyper, frotting)

Wed Mar 27 19:18:31 2019

Someone, I forget who, drew a picture of Judy with a huge (relatively) dick, and I was like...yeah...yeah sure that. SO, here we are. It was super hard to draw her face, but I still think it actually looks mostly like her. I really like some of the colours used in this, and hope people like it, since I just sorta made it for my own bullshit purposes LOL

JUDY_PENIS_full.png JUDY%20PENIS%20full.png

Tiffdress (SFW)

Wed Mar 27 19:13:57 2019

Sketch commission, surprisingly not a lewd one, for tiffbun of their bunny self in a neato dress

tiffdressfull.png tiffdressfull.png

Macro Midna Painting (Technically SFW but nude, macro)

Wed Mar 20 19:23:30 2019

The first painting I ever did for Saatchi. The building right there is heavily based on one I saw in downtown Denver last year. I still like parts of this image pretty okay honestly. Midna is a really fun character to make art of. Oh, I also attached some of the rough sketches in case you were interested int he process.

Macro_Midna_full.png Macro%20Midna%20sketch.png Macro%20Midna%20full.png Macro%20Midna%20copy.png

Midna SelfSucc (NSFW, hyper cock, herm)

Wed Mar 20 19:19:59 2019

I actually still kind of like that leg coming forward, or at the very least the tattoo looks okay. I have a lot more Midna art than I initially thought LOL thanks saatchi

Midna_selfsucc_full.png Midna%20selfsucc%20full.png

Midna Cocksplosion (NSFW, hyper cock, macro, herm, cumming)

Wed Mar 20 19:18:26 2019


Midna_cocksplosion_full.png Midna%20cocksplosion%20full.png

Midna + Carmelita Squish (NSFW, hyper cocks, macro, herm)

Wed Mar 20 19:17:06 2019

Least that hand is USEFUL I guess.

Midna_Carmelita_smoosh_squish_sketch_full.png Midna%20Carmelita%20smoosh%20squish%20sketch%20full.png

Midna Monster Dong (NSFW, macro, hyper cock, herm, tiny wolf link)

Wed Mar 20 19:15:55 2019

I spent a considerably longer time on the lines on this it SEEMS. Also more of a monster-y dong this time.

Poor Wolf babu.

Midna_macro_flop_cock_sketch_full.png Midna%20macro%20flop%20cock%20sketch%20full.png

Midna Flop (NSFW, macro, hyper cock, herm)

Wed Mar 20 19:14:16 2019

I did several commissions featuring a bedicked version of Midna for Saatchi; they're all pretty rough, but figured I'd upload them with the Midna painting.

Midna_Carmelita_cock_flop_full.png Midna%20Carmelita%20cock%20flop%20full.png

Judy Cock (NSFW, p big dong)

Wed Mar 13 21:43:55 2019

I uh. Uh. Sorry everyone I know who worked on this movie?? I saw some art of this and I was like yo nice. SO HERE WE ARE THEN

Judy_cock.jpg Judy%20cock.jpg

Grocery Time (NSFW, hyper boobs)

Wed Mar 13 21:39:22 2019

More purple monster art I HAVE FALLEN ILL and there is a blizzard outside so life's not too bad.

Sab_walk_groceries_nightfall_full.png Sab%20walk%20groceries%20nightfall%20full.png

Nega Sab Jog (NSFW, hyper boobs)

Mon Mar 11 21:28:26 2019

I seriously am not even halfway through all of the art of this purple tiddy fox. They're a maned wolf, sure, but tiddyfox rolls off the tongue better

I actually REALLY still like the face on this; I think it came out super cute. I'd just upload that somewhere LOL

Nega_Sab_Jog_Grape_Juice_tiddy_full.png Nega%20Sab%20Jog%20Grape%20Juice%20tiddy%20full.png

Sheath SHots (NSFW, hyper cock, hyper boobs, sheath)

Mon Mar 11 21:26:34 2019

REALLY MESSY unfinished commission for an idea Anuv had at BLFC. is it alcohol? Is it gro juice?? WHO CAN SAY

Anuvs_a_sheath_slut_full.png Anuv%27s%20a%20sheath%20slut%20full.png

Plunge (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 22:25:16 2019

Commission for reaverfox! I had lots of fun painting this ahhhhHH Love weird body shit

Reaverfox_bigtailfull.png Reaverfox%20bigtailfull.png

Teaselbone Nick Collabo - 1 (NSFW, hyper, macro, growth, paws)

Sat Mar 9 22:16:52 2019

I asked teaselbone if he could draw up a thing for me to paint, and I liked both of his sketches so I ended up painting both. This is no. 1 !!! GG Judy

BigDongNick_Work1_Teaselbone_collabo_full.png BigDongNick_Work1%20Teaselbone%20collabo%20full.png

ssssSSSS (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 22:14:27 2019

snake BOI commission for shaky

Jordan_Sams_Shaky_Snakey_Naga_Commission_full.png Jordan%20Sams%20Shaky%20Snakey%20Naga%20Commission%20full.png

Firon/Aeth fuse with GHROM (NSFW, goo, sex, cock, fusion)

Sat Mar 9 22:12:28 2019

drippy lads! Skipping to some more current stuff from the start of 2019, for the big launch! Will return to reuploading older things after

Firon_and_Aeth_fuse_with_Ghrom_P1_full.png Firon%20and%20Aeth%20fuse%20with%20Ghrom%20P1%20full.png

Yellow Door (NSFW, hyper boobs, post-tf)

Sat Mar 9 22:10:11 2019

a more recent sketch for Sab! I actually really liked the lighting and such on this one

Purps_Sabine_Yellow_door_full.png Purps%20Sabine%20Yellow%20door%20full.png

Purple Sabine - Craziest Shit (NSFW, hyper boobs, PAWS, post-tf)

Sat Mar 9 05:11:11 2019

more purpsab. I actually still like lots about this one, mostly the expression and the boobs, even? And just the whole mood like "HOOLYY WHA- IDK WHATS GOIN' ON BUT ALRIGHT YEAH...YEAH!"

Purps_Sabine_Paws_n_Chill_full4.png Purps%20Sabine%20Paws%20n%20Chill%20full4.png

Purple Sabine - Trippin' Boobs (NSFW, hyper boobs, Transformation)

Sat Mar 9 05:06:43 2019

I have done soo much art of this purple tittyfox (it's actually a maned wolf but I call them purple tiddyfox) How am I even supposed to classify all of it?? I'm just gonna tag it PURPSAB

Sabine_Evil_Tits_TF_uh_oh_full.png Sabine%20Evil%20Tits%20TF%20uh%20oh%20full.png

Ahwn (NSFW, feral cock)

Sat Mar 9 05:04:17 2019

Unfinished sketch for a local friend!


New Icon (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 04:58:12 2019

I really had lots of fun making a goofy-faces, cartoony icon. Idk if I want all my work to be like this but it'd be chill to do more of it in the future :D

New_icon_that_looks_too_much_like_ophryons_style_full.png New%20icon%20that%20looks%20too%20much%20like%20ophryons%20style%20full.png

MechE Stadium (NSFW, macro, hyper horsecock)

Sat Mar 9 04:38:22 2019

COMMISSION for Mech E Dragon!! it was super hard to paint a stadium omfg haha

Mech_Stadium_Commission_full.png Mech%20Stadium%20Commission%20full.png

Koor dong more (NSFW, hyper cock)

Sat Mar 9 04:35:34 2019

moooor koor

koorivlf_copy2.png koorivlf%20copy2.png

Koorivlf double donger (NSFW, dual hyper cocks)

Sat Mar 9 04:33:13 2019

More lewd for koor

koorivlf_copy.png koorivlf%20copy.png


Sat Mar 9 04:16:42 2019

IT IS RAINING as I type this for the first time all year, since like Autumn of last year!! I am OVERJOYED and I wanted to convey some of my joy at rain in this image. So I hope that you can feel that

Nomikos_Cheetah_full.png Nomikos%20Cheetah%20full.png

Follow the Leader (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 04:12:46 2019

COlalbo with teaselbone! I had so much fun with this I LOVE THIS MAGENTA SPOTTED ANIMAL ALRIGHT

Weregaururmons_Work1_full.png Weregaururmons_Work1%20full.png

Catalyst (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 04:09:35 2019

See me, trying to recapture the magic and joy of Raven witch. I do LOVE Australian magpies; I just didn't quite stick the landing on the face shape or the idea with this one. But I still like parts of it quite a lot, for certain

AUstralian_Magpie_full.png AUstralian%20Magpie%20full.png

Salazzle Dazzle (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 04:05:31 2019

Here it is. My one traditional painting for the year LOL. I painted this way back in 2017 I think?? I'm a little shocked it came out as good as it did considering that, but I did do plein air a lot more then. This was for Kenket's art book, which I ended up doing the layouts for. That ended up being kind of a benchmark event in my life, and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to help with it. Anyways, here she is; in all her weird lore spicy xenomorph glory


Mergin' (NSFW, hyper cock, goo fusion)

Sat Mar 9 04:02:43 2019

Part four, and the end of the first chunk of these.

ImaginaryDragon_and_Firon_merge_full.png ImaginaryDragon%20and%20Firon%20merge%20full.png

Firon full of Aehtrus (NSFW, goo, stuffing/fusion)

Sat Mar 9 03:58:38 2019

Part 3 of this series lol. Definitely the most EXTREME but I like the colours lots for certain

Firon_full_of_Aethrus_full2.png Firon%20full%20of%20Aethrus%20full2.png

Evil Saboobs (NSFW, boobs, paws, vagina bulge)

Sat Mar 9 03:56:50 2019


I have drawn this character so much in all kinds of variants.

Someone drew them purple with huge boobs and I was like uhh yeah sure. SO I guess jsut brace yourself for more of them alter on haha

Evil_Saboobies_0001.jpg Evil%20Saboobies_0001.jpg

Mosin SHEEF (NSFW, hyper cock, muscles)

Sat Mar 9 03:55:01 2019

I gave this to my local friend after we watched Incredibles 2 in a very drug deal back of parking lot kind of way LOL

Aarons_SHEEFF_0001_full.png Aaron%27s%20SHEEFF_0001%20full.png

Kiri's googuts (NSFW, goo, boobs, cock, weird gutstuff)

Sat Mar 9 03:53:34 2019

I think the face is kinda whack but I weirdly like this insane idea and the dick LOL

Kiri_tentacle_goo_guts_full.jpg Kiri%20tentacle%20goo%20guts%20full.jpg

The Fuckin Edgedog Playing a Bass with 3/4ths Pants On (NSFW, bulge)

Sat Mar 9 03:52:13 2019

I play bass now so this is weird. I still like parts of this BUT NOT THE BASS OMG guitars are hard haha


Theo_Lycanroc_bulge_sketch_full.jpg Theo%20Lycanroc%20bulge%20sketch%20full.jpg

Nidorina Go! (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 03:50:29 2019

Idk I just really like Nidorina thgat's all LOL

Nidorina_go.jpg Nidorina%20go%21.jpg

Acheroth Spyro Growth Sequence (NSFW, growth, cock)

Sat Mar 9 03:49:18 2019

I feel like these speak for themselves lol. More Acheroth art

Acheroth_is_a_big_Spyro_now_full.png Acheroth%20is%20a%20big%20Spyro%20now%20full.png Acheroth%20is%20the%20Biggest%20Spyro%20now%20full.png Acheroth%20is%20now%20an%20even%20bigger%20Spyro%20uh%20oh%20full2.png

Jaiy Goofucks (NSFW, sex, goo monster)

Sat Mar 9 03:46:40 2019

I sure used to draw myself gettin' goo-ed on a lot huh

Jaiy_goofucks_full2.png Jaiy%20goofucks%20full2.png

Growgoat (NSFW, growth, dick)

Sat Mar 9 03:45:24 2019

Asrieeel such a good BOY. The COLLEGE YEARS. I wanna paint him more LESS LEWD MAYBE NEXT TIME or at least less like macro lol

growgoat_full.png growgoat%20full.png

You're At the Party (SFW, transformation)

Sat Mar 9 03:29:56 2019

I fuckin'
I fuckin' left an ellipse guide on with this for MONTHS
And made prints

And realized like way too long after the fact, oh, I left a guide on

Professional right here

Skades_bedroom_sock_shenanigans_fullfinal_NO_ELIPSE_USE_THIS_ONE_3880.png Skade%27s%20bedroom%20sock%20shenanigans%20fullfinal%20NO%20ELIPSE%20USE%20THIS%20ONE%203880.png

Preyfar (NSFW, macro, dick)

Sat Mar 9 03:25:50 2019

WOW I forgot I even made this lol.

Idk he looks FEISTY LOL

Dragoneer_Macro_Preyfar_Seven_Commission_full.png Dragoneer%20Macro%20Preyfar%20Seven%20Commission%20full.png

A Favor House Atlantic (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 03:24:34 2019

Commission of some WoW armor. Idk anything about WoW but I love to paint moutnains and things that feel cold.

arcrawks_other_full.png arcrawks%20other%20full.png

Tiff 4 armed pull up (NSFW, big dicks)

Sat Mar 9 03:23:18 2019

man this sketch is kind of shit.

I realized after getting procreate how much fun digital sketching could be but these old ones are RRRROUGH

Anyways dicks tho! Plural!

Tiff_4_armed_pull_up_full.png Tiff%204%20armed%20pull%20up%20full.png

Bridgette (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 03:21:54 2019

hooboy, this image has some un-unseeable perspective problems, but I still like the face and some elements of it

Overwatch_Brigitte_Kincademk_Commission_full.png Overwatch%20Brigitte%20Kincademk%20Commission%20full.png

Misty (NSFW, feral cock)

Sat Mar 9 03:20:24 2019

Okay so THIS is from a con. And my marker deadass exploded. I did the best I could with the dots I added some in to make it look intentional and cool LOL what a dork

Misty_sketch_toned_BLFC_2018_full_size.png Misty%20sketch%20toned%20BLFC%202018%20full%20size.png

Azurite (SFW, underwear)

Sat Mar 9 03:18:43 2019

Art for a cool paleontologist authorman! I used to draw his hyena char a lot and then he fused them with his fursona and i was like :O Must draw that now

Azurite_sketch.jpg Azurite%20sketch.jpg

Jasirisheef (NSFW, hyper cock, hyper balls)

Sat Mar 9 03:17:31 2019

I still think this one came out pretty okay! It's very on brand for Jasiri at least lol. I miss doing these toned paper arts haha, they're so darn fun

Jasiri_sheef_sketch_0003.jpg Jasiri%20sheef%20sketch_0003.jpg

That one site running guy (NSFW, dick bulge)

Sat Mar 9 03:15:54 2019

SAY WHAT YOU WILL but this was really fun to paint and wow those waves still look pretty okay haha. I'm shocked.

Dragoneer_aircraft_carrier_full.png Dragoneer%20aircraft%20carrier%20full.png

Mal'oo herm lion Laundry (NSFW, hyper cock, herm)

Sat Mar 9 03:14:06 2019

Okay so I legit just love this cause the idea is CUTE; huge hyper furry sex monsters doing laundry is fucking hilarious. And their face/way dick goes over undies still looks GOOD to me. I really like this still somehow haha. It was a good idea and I think that made me work harder probs

Malooherm_lion_sketch_0002_full.png Malooherm%20lion%20sketch_0002%20full.png

Pyrodog Memes (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 03:12:00 2019

This is from some meme photo but it IS hilarious lol

pyrodog_full_size.png pyrodog%20full%20size.png

Hot Tub Kiri - 2 (NSFW, goo monster, dick, boobs, tentacles)

Sat Mar 9 03:11:02 2019


I still like my face here LOL and some of the tendrils are neat ;;

hot_kiri_tub_copy.jpg hot%20kiri%20tub%20copy.jpg

Hot Tub Kiri (NSFW, boobs, goo monster)

Sat Mar 9 03:09:46 2019

KIRI is one of those characters that I have earnestly just done more art of than I can even keep track of at this point. I am certain I have done more before this, but I like the idea of this one, and the faces aren't 100% garbage, so here we are!

hot_kiri_tub_copy.png hot%20kiri%20tub%20copy.png

Asriel lewd sketches (NSFW, hyper cock)

Sat Mar 9 03:07:25 2019

I love Asriel so much. Forgive ME I KNOW IT'S BAD

gote_sketches_2.jpg gote%20sketches%203.jpg gote%20sketches%202.jpg gote.jpg


Sat Mar 9 03:04:10 2019

This is why you joined patreon, right? TO see this crappy sketch of renamon dressed as Big Boss? Yeah? Yeah? YEAH


Koorivlf cock (NSFW, hpyer cock selfsuck, paws)

Sat Mar 9 03:02:49 2019

Boy howdy is this poorly edited but hey HUGE COCK

tycoon_cock.jpg tycoon%20cock.jpg

Spyrolth 2 (NSFW, growth, dick)

Sat Mar 9 03:01:36 2019

I actually drew this one first but he bigger here so YETH

spyrolth_full.png spyrolth%20full.png

SPYROLTH 1 (NSFW, growth, dick)

Sat Mar 9 03:00:19 2019

Commission of spyro touching gems and growing muscley and beefy and big n things

spyrolth_2_full.png spyrolth%202%20full.png

Anuv's huge dick (NSFW, hyper cock)

Sat Mar 9 02:58:49 2019

This file is literally named "Anuv's huge cock" on my hard drive LOL

Anuv_has_an_insanely_huge_cock.jpg Anuv%20has%20an%20insanely%20huge%20cock.jpg

That's the Best RPG-ing I've Seen in 15 Years (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 02:57:12 2019

This commission allowed me to get my cavities filled at the dentist. Big thanks for helpin' me out in the clutch to DragoMoo ;; I LOVED doing all of the lil' BG details and chars

Dragomoo_DnD_DD_full.png Dragomoo%20DnD%20D%26D%20full.png

The Dragon Becomes He! (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 02:55:30 2019


Genji_Vaylute_Overwatch_full.png Genji%20Vaylute%20Overwatch%20full.png

Kino (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 02:54:06 2019


The one thing I made that I actually kind of love lol. I can look back and see flaws, but damn, I am SO HAPPY that I made this. It was for my very dear friend, ophryon, and I couldn't be more elated that my favorite piece I have made was for them. They have helped me so much in my life and I am just happy I was able to pull something out of myself beyond what I normally can, do, especially during that time frame. This image describes so much of what i want to do with my art. It is the banner I use at cons. I know ophryon isn't reading this, but to them, thank you for working with me on this and making this happen. It would never have otherwise.

WitchSquawrk_full.png WitchSquawrk%20full.png

I'm so Fucking SMART (SFW, PAWS)

Sat Mar 9 02:50:56 2019

This describes our relationship p on point LOL

Im_so_FUCKING_smart_wip4.png I%27m%20so%20FUCKING%20smart%20wip4.png

Tiff Sling (NSFW, Hyper cock bulge, hyper boobs)

Sat Mar 9 02:49:35 2019

Commission for tiffbun! She big

Tiff_kitchen_sling_full.png Tiff%20kitchen%20sling%20full.png

Solar Blase (SFW, macro)

Sat Mar 9 02:47:32 2019

This image was definitely a bit of a turning point for my art. Parts of it I still enjoy and I think it gets its idea across pretty well!

Also how did I get this deep without using the macro tag here LOL

Artherion_growing_2018_full.png Artherion%20growing%202018%20full.png

DragoMoo Horsecock Painted Sketch (NSFW, horsecock)

Sat Mar 9 02:45:41 2019

I just really wanted to try and paint a really detailed horsecock. Parts of it still work but I know I could do better LOL. You know it's furry art when the details all on the horsecock.

Drago_sin_copy.png Drago%20sin%20copy.png

Cantstopgrowing Hyena (NSFW, nude dick, paws)

Sat Mar 9 02:43:57 2019

huge paws for Acheroth..!!

Hyena_cantstopgrowing_sketch_full.png Hyena%20cantstopgrowing%20sketch%20full.png

Trauma (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 02:42:16 2019

Commissionf or Chorpion! Still really like this one at least conceptually and compositionally; I can remember what i was like listening to and thinking about when painting it.

Chorpion_post_apocalyptic_library_full.png Chorpion%20post%20apocalyptic%20library%20full.png

Diz-Foley TF (NSFW, goo, tf, penis)

Sat Mar 9 02:40:27 2019


diz-foley_bird_tf_full.png diz-foley%20bird%20tf%20full.png

Firon on top of Aeth (NSFW, goo, sex, stuffing/fusion)

Sat Mar 9 02:39:25 2019

AAAND here's the next one! Weirdly the only part I am still into is that shadow tendril goin' into' Aeth's ass LOL

Firon_on_top_of_Aethrus_full.png Firon%20full%20of%20Aethrus%20full.png

Aeth on top of Firon (NSFW, goo, sex, stuffing/fusion?)

Sat Mar 9 02:37:34 2019

HOOOBOY. I can't believe this was January 2018. I ended up doing I think...7? total images including ImaginaryDragon and Firon, goo merging shenanigans. Here's the start of it all!

Aethrus_on_top_of_Firon_full.png Aethrus%20on%20top%20of%20Firon%20full.png

Nick Slip (NSFW, cock, paws)

Sat Mar 9 02:30:55 2019

I always forget babout this one WHY did I give him a human dick omfg

Nick_WWWILDe.jpg Nick%20WWWILDe.jpg

Crackie Boob Tug (SFW, suggestive, boobs)

Sat Mar 9 02:29:30 2019


Rubi_Sketch_for_Crackie.jpg Rubi%20Sketch%20for%20Crackie.jpg

Crackie Paws (SFW, paws, gratuitous boob)

Sat Mar 9 02:28:10 2019

Another for Crackie. Didn't quite stick the landing on this one but oh well here it is hahaha

crackiepipe_THREE_0002.jpg crackiepipe%20THREE%21_0002.jpg

Dubious Nabu Paw Art (SFW, PAWS)

Sat Mar 9 02:26:40 2019

Boy howdy did I not know how to edit sketches LOL. Nabu having giant paws is like a meme.


Crackie Dance (SFW, boobs)

Sat Mar 9 02:25:18 2019

Wow this sketch has not aged well LOL but hey BOOBS

CrackiPipe has always been a really nice guy

crackiepipe_TWO.jpg crackiepipe%20TWO.jpg

Skade waffle noms (SFW)

Sat Mar 9 02:23:42 2019

kinda bad sketch but HEY waffle dino lore

toast_waffles_0001.jpg toast%20waffles_0001.jpg

Big darn cat dong (NSFW, hyper barbed cock, hyper balls)

Sat Mar 9 02:22:51 2019

sketch commission for Mal'oo

This art definitely feels old and really not very good to me but HEY huge cat dong???

Maloo_sketch.jpg Mal%27oo%20sketch.jpg

Dragons hecking each other (NSFW, lewd herm sex)

Sat Mar 9 02:20:53 2019

This sketch is kind of infamous in my artistic career for carious reasons, but I still like it okay. I LOVE Linna's char design and hope that i get to draw them more or paint them (please let me paint yoouuu)

jarmenj_x_linna.jpg jarmenj%20x%20linna.jpg

Sphinx Riddle (NSFW, taseful nude boobs)

Sat Mar 9 02:19:08 2019

Sketch for Ophryon. They love sphinxes so much! The riddle is kind of easy, but they have given me lots of the answer so I felt it appropriate!


Danza (NSFW, dick stuff)

Sat Mar 9 02:17:45 2019

The one time I drew Danza. I didn't really know what i was doing with these markers (or anatomy..or faces LOL). But hey, it's a dragon dick *BIG HONKIN SHRUG*

Danza_full.jpg Danza%20full.jpg

Rubix's Relaxing Beans (SFW, PAWS(huge ones))

Sat Mar 9 02:15:53 2019

Another for Rubix! I earnestly still kinda like this one. Idk it's something about the overall shape of it, and the face still looks at least halfway decent. Feels COZY.

I haven't done any huge cartoony paws that had as much fun with since, I don't think. Again, it was extra fun cause she enjoyed getting art of it so well!

Relaxing_Beans_for_Rubix_sketch_0002.jpg Relaxing%20Beans%20for%20Rubix%20sketch_0002.jpg

Rubix Beans-phone (SFW, PAWS, questionable bulge)

Sat Mar 9 02:09:14 2019

NOW I am using the warm grey markers! I really love drawing art for Rubix cause she is so enthused about paws. It's really easy to draw art for people whoa re super hype about what they like. Also big toony paws are gr8

rubix_smoking_gun_0002.jpg rubix%20smoking%20gun_0002.jpg

DragoMoo Marker (NSFW, hyper balls, horse cock)

Sat Mar 9 02:07:09 2019

Just some random art for Dragomoo; I hadn't ever used copic markers before so this was like my first venture with that, toned paper, and white paint pens. I love those materials now haha. This was actually done jsut with neutral greys instead of warm ones, though I certainly prefer the warmer ones

dragomoo_hung_balls_horsecock_0001.jpg dragomoo%20hung%20balls%20horsecock_0001.jpg

Dommy Dragon (NSFW, herm)

Sat Mar 9 02:04:44 2019

Commission for some dude a long time ago

jarmenj_sketch_2_text_0002.jpg jarmenj%20sketch%202%20text_0002.jpg

Jackalboy Boobs (NSFW, boobs...obvs)

Sat Mar 9 02:02:38 2019

More Naboobnidas

Herro_jackalboy.jpg Herro%20jackalboy.jpg

Visual Development Final (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 07:38:06 2019

Last painting I did for a class. Some things I am EXTREMELY satisfied with, while others could use a lot of work. Oh well, it's old now!

VisDevWeek7_full.png VisDevWeek7%20full.png

I want to Hug You Like Big Fuzzy Siberian Bear (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 07:36:06 2019

Commission that I misinterpreted in a good way lol

Tom_King_Zarya_commission_full.png Tom%20King%20Zarya%20commission%20full.png

The Big Get Bigger (NSFW, nude dick)

Fri Mar 8 07:34:05 2019

Commission for cantstopgrowing/acheroth of their dude, uh, growing!

Acheroth_yeen_colliseum_growth_full.png Acheroth%20yeen%20colliseum%20growth%20full.png

Unholy Fusion (NSFW, goo fusion, nude dicks)

Fri Mar 8 07:32:20 2019

I love art topics like this LOL it's so gnarly and weird and nasty hahaha.

Tirrel_Theo_goo_merge_full.png Tirrel%20Theo%20goo%20merge%20full.png

Jasiri but Bigger (NSFW, Hyper BALLS, hyper cock)

Fri Mar 8 07:30:20 2019

More art for Jasiri that never got uploaded by me anywhere

KingChee_Stud_Jasiri_full.png KingChee%20Stud%20Jasiri%20full.png

Turkey (NSFW, underwear bulge)

Fri Mar 8 07:29:09 2019

Commission for a friend who didn't like porn but now they do lol

Quinn_Commission_bed_Draga_full.png Quinn%20Commission%20bed%20Draga%20full.png

Never Give Up (NSFW, hyper cocks, hyper balls)

Fri Mar 8 07:28:04 2019

So when I made this it was like a "Wow, look how far I've come!" NOW this image just seems like ugh I could do so much better haha. Such is the nature of art I suppose. I still like parts on the balls anyways...!

qwertyigloo2017_full.png qwertyigloo2017%20full.png

Drangonzic (NSFW, hyper cock, hyper b hole)

Fri Mar 8 07:26:05 2019

I haven't done any pony art in a LONG time but idk, maybe someone will appreciate this super old horny commission lol?

Drangonzic_commission_bed_hyper_2017_b_hole_full.png Drangonzic%20commission%20bed%20hyper%202017%20full%20no%20hole.png Drangonzic%20commission%20bed%20hyper%202017%20b%20hole%20full.png

It's Not Rocket Science (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 07:05:19 2019

More Herro Art!!!

It_isnt_rocket_science_herro_commisison_full.png It%20isn%27t%20rocket%20science%20herro%20commisison%20full.png


Fri Mar 8 07:00:39 2019

My friend loaf's idea but it was still mad fun to paint. Haven't played any overwatch in a hot fuckin second

Wolf_Hanzo_full.png Wolf%20Hanzo%20full.png

Now's The Only Time I Know (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:59:23 2019

Loved working on this one, also. COZY AUTUMN HOMEWORK GOTH YASS

VisDevWeek1_-_1_full.png VisDevWeek1%20-%201%20full.png

Keep The Streets Empty For Me (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:58:19 2019

If I had to pick one image to base my art offa it'd be this one, flawed and rushed as it is.

VisDevWeek1_-_2_full.png VisDevWeek1%20-%202%20full.png

Business Hours Are OVer Pt. 3 (NSFW, hpyer cock)

Fri Mar 8 06:57:05 2019

old commission for regular tiffbun!

Tiffgothungandischillaxing_full.png Tiffgothungandischillaxing%20full.png

What You Want (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:55:25 2019

Commission for my good friend Herro of their lovely jackal prince

Herros_Heckin_Jackal_Fursona_of_Cuteness_full.png Herro%27s%20Heckin%27%20Jackal%20Fursona%20of%20Cuteness%20full.png

A Sudden Gust (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:54:16 2019

Commission for my dear friend Ophryon, from a much rougher time in my life

Ophryon_full.png Ophryon%20full.png

Friendship Village (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:52:58 2019

This art feels kinda bad now but I still love the coziness and the idea of it. It's weird how when I made it, it was like an idea, but now it's like, a lot more relatable haha.

Friendship_VIlalge_full.png Friendship%20VIlalge%20full.png

Endless Fantasy (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:51:08 2019

BORK??? Vin is a good boy but Muenster is cooler don't @ me

Vindump_full.png Vindump%20full.png

Transitory Phase (NSFW, Trandformation)

Fri Mar 8 06:49:59 2019

This picture coulda been made so much better, but I made it as a guilty pleasure right after moving. Again, I like it cause conceptually I am into it and it encapsulated a point in my life

getbusytfing_full.png getbusytfing%20full.png

From Off to On (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:48:13 2019

spooky kabuki

Graverot_Commission_p1.png Graverot%20Commission%20p1.png

So Fresh, So Clean (SFW, suggestive)

Fri Mar 8 06:46:27 2019


Kass_full.png Kass%20full.png

Gains (NSFW, hyper cock, big muscles)

Fri Mar 8 06:40:57 2019

The only painting I ever did for bsaxagent. His character is really great; I'd love to do more again someday!

Studpanth_basicallydoneIsuppose.png Studpanth%20basicallydoneIsuppose.png

Get Splooshed (SFW, paws)

Fri Mar 8 06:38:42 2019

Based on a boat trip. I have drawn a ludicrous amount of art of this character and this is probably the oldest one I am going to post of them. It's been going on for many years. I need to stop LOL

SabineLykenzealot_fullsize.jpg SabineLykenzealot%20fullsize.jpg

Don't Wish Me Well (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:35:35 2019

Based on a song I love by Solange Knowles. This painting was about gaining independence for myself and following my own path. I weirdly got the idea midway through a 14 hour shift at my old job, and I remember not wanting to look at my phone or ANYTHING until I got to my desk and got it at the very least started, because i wanted to make it real so badly. I still look back on it extremely fondly.

A_pity_if_I_stayed_the_same_full.png A%20pity%20if%20I%20stayed%20the%20same%20full.png

Eclipse (SFW, but like a tasteful sorta ass)

Fri Mar 8 06:33:22 2019

Brooklyn is a hottie 8P

Brooklyn_fullnewsfw.png Brooklyn%21%20fullnewsfw.png

Mew Ass (NSFW, big female butt, exposed genitalia)

Fri Mar 8 06:30:55 2019

idk I just wanted to draw a very cat-like, anthro mew, jamming to music? More old

Mew_red_graphite_drawing_traditional.jpg Mew%20red%20graphite%20drawing%20traditional.jpg

Two Complimentary After Dinner Mints (NSFW, hyper balls)

Fri Mar 8 06:28:44 2019

idk I drew my character with huge balls SUE ME this is old

My_Balls_Are_Always_Bouncing_to_the_Left_and_To_the_Right.png My%20Balls%20Are%20Always%20Bouncing%20to%20the%20Left%20and%20To%20the%20Right.png

RidleyisHot (SFW, appropriate underwear bulge)

Fri Mar 8 06:27:17 2019

I love this big dumb nerd dragon <3

NES_Ridley_Full_Res.png NES%20Ridley%20Full%20Res.png

Wild for Nick Wilde (SFW, extreme paws)

Fri Mar 8 06:22:36 2019

Gettin' down to BUSINESS


Increased Capabilities (SFW, sketch)

Fri Mar 8 06:21:28 2019

old Skade sketch

Increased_Capabilities_Full.png Increased%20Capabilities%20Full.png

Vibrate (SFW, transformation)

Fri Mar 8 06:17:01 2019

I made this during an extremely volatile time in my life. It's weird to look back on it now, but I am glad that I have something to sort of encapsulate that moment in time and the energy of it.

Sexy_Skade_Tail_TF_full.png Sexy%20Skade%20Tail%20TF%20full.png

MayBea (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:14:25 2019

Bea is my fav lol

MayBea.png MayBea.png

MaeDay (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:08:37 2019

Night in the Woods is one of my favorite games; I wonder if I even knew how much it'd mean to me when I played it for the first time. I just learned some of the bass lines from the mini-game songs, too!

Maedae_fixedalittlefull.png Maedae%20fixedalittlefull.png

Damages (SFW)

Fri Mar 8 06:05:42 2019

A really old commission that came out far better than it had any fuckin' right to.

Jaahkul_snow_goat_demon_darkness_full.png Jaahkul%20snow%20goat%20demon%20darkness%20full.png

Read My Mind (NSFW, penis)

Fri Mar 8 06:04:25 2019

I will always love werewgarurumon and his stupid deviantart style design. I made this 3 years ago and even though I know I could do it so much nicer now, I still hold an affectionate spot for it in my heart lol. My trashy digimon loving heart

Fuckin_Weregarurumon_again_christ_full.png Fuckin%20Weregarurumon%20again%20christ%20full.png

And Now It's Showtime (NSFW, hyper barbed cock)

Fri Mar 8 05:59:00 2019

Cheeee! More old work

Jasiri_full2.png Jasiri%20full2.png

Remember The Days (NSFW, boobs, huge paws)

Fri Mar 8 05:50:47 2019

Old art for the amazing Herro! She spent some time helping me put together this patreon; none of it would be possible without her!

May_the_Spirits_Guide_Your_Path_full_.png May%20the%20Spirits%20Guide%20Your%20Path%20full%20.png

D.va OVerwatch Commission for Leila_Snowpaw Full Size PNG

Tue Apr 24 22:37:36 2018

Gonna start posting new arts here as I do them. If you don't see a Full Size PNG that you want let me know.

dva_overwatch_leila_snowpaw_commission_full.png dva%20overwatch%20leila_snowpaw%20commission%20full.png

(SFW) The Sharkening full res

Sat Dec 10 06:47:42 2016

Full resolution of http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17269254/
This was one of the first paintings I really remember going HAM on. I still think parts of it hold up alright; if nothing else I feel like it shows the work. It was for my friend Will, who is totally awesome, and I really wanted to devote myself to making something nice for him, and I'm glad I spent so much time on it


(NSFW) Sketched Sprite full res

Sat Dec 10 06:44:41 2016

Full resolution of http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17269222/
I only spent like an afternoon on this, and I'm so happy I ended up doing a new version of it later. Renamon is sucha fun character that I will probably never get tired of painting hahaha I'm trash :'D


(SFW) Tilted Cycle full res

Sat Dec 10 06:40:40 2016

Full resolution of http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17269200/
Xveemon is really cute and I should draw him again. This is so oooold haha. I felt like such a boss at the time tho


[NSFW] - Fish Out of Water

Fri Jun 3 10:17:37 2016

Full Size of http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17253605/
Yes, I know orcas aren't fish XD


[NSFW] - Crux of Species

Fri Jun 3 10:14:15 2016

Full Size of http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17250675/
Crux horsedick taur transformation :P


[SFW] - Jackalectric

Fri Jun 3 10:12:14 2016

Full size of http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17250649/
Cool commission for Jaahkul. He ended up wanting to get a poster mad eof it, which was just the most flattering thing in the entire world haha.


[NSFW] Procrasturbation

Fri Jun 3 09:53:55 2016

Full size of http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17250302/
This is for one of my oldest internet friends, lilglenndoggy. I don't know if I'll ever draw him again, but I had a great time while it all lasted.


[NSFW] Under a Glass Moonlight full size

Sun Jan 24 05:07:03 2016

Full size png of my weregarurumon painting found here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17250259/ . Weregarurumon is still one of my favorite characters, and it doesn't matter how lame the old art of him might be, I'm okay with it 'cause he's the cooliest.