Bad Vibes 01

Mon Oct 15 22:57:40 2018

we're almost ready to begin posting pages of the new comic! there will be another pose later in the week showing off some 3D models for the project, and next week we will be releasing the thumbnail sketches for the whole project. we hope you enjoy!


Seeing Double -- pg.11 WIP

Mon Jul 30 22:21:24 2018

This page will be extra juicy~ stay tuned!


Seeing double pg 10 PSD

Tue Jul 24 00:22:55 2018

seeing%20double%20PSD%20patreon.psd (d)

Seeing Double Pg.10

Tue Jul 24 00:22:01 2018



Seeing Double Pg.10 WIP

Tue Jul 17 01:17:44 2018

more like Feeling Double


Seeing Double pg.9 PSD

Tue Jul 17 01:15:27 2018

Seeing_double%20patreon%20PSD.psd (d)

Seeing Double Pg.9

Tue Jul 17 01:11:01 2018

Apologies for the delay; this AND the WIP for pg 10 are going up today!


Holiday Delay

Sun Jul 8 23:01:49 2018

Hey Patrons! Thank you so much for your continued support. I'd like to just make note that our resident illustrator is out on vacation but we'd like to keep you assured that next Monday we will be doing a double post to make up for the time. Also, if you have recently pledged please note that discord invites will go out automatically after you have been charged. If the automatic invite does not extend please message us and we'll make sure you can get into our discord. Thanks!

- Diamond

Seeing Double pg.9 WIP

Tue Jul 3 17:25:13 2018

Apologies for the delay. Can't wait to finish this page for your viewing pleasure!


Seeing Double -- Pg.8 PSD file

Mon Jun 25 23:26:23 2018

Seeing_Double%20pg%208%20patreon.psd (d)

Seeing Double -- Pg.8

Mon Jun 25 23:25:31 2018



Seeing Double: Pg. 8 WIP

Tue Jun 19 01:35:28 2018

This one's gone pretty smoothly, so it is more easy to see all the juicy stuff going on ;>


Seeing Double -- Pg. 7

Tue Jun 12 00:33:10 2018



seeing double -- pg 7 WIP

Tue Jun 5 00:18:28 2018

enjoy! we're getting pretty hot and heavy into the comic now :>c


seeing double -- pg 6 PSD

Tue Jun 5 00:13:44 2018

Had to compress it for Patreon to accept, but please enjoy regardless!

diamong%20page%206.psd (d)

Seeing Double -- pg 6

Tue Jun 5 00:09:19 2018




Wed May 23 02:49:21 2018

Hey everyone! Diamond here. We hope you all are enjoying the flow of the comic. As we begin to enter into the final few pages of Seeing Double we will be starting on our preliminary work for Bad Vibes! Hope you guys are all for a Hyena filled adventure! Our first Chapter should be a wonderful opener to our main staple comic. We do also have a side project currently underway as well from a very special guest we hope you will also enjoy in the coming months. Thank you so much for supporting us!

Sincerely with love and kisses,

- Diamond

(WIP) Seeing Double -- Pg.6

Tue May 22 01:33:28 2018

Here it is! This may be the most packed page of the whole comic. We can't wait to see what you guys think!


Seeing double -- pg 5 (with PSD)

Tue May 15 02:41:00 2018

still trying to figure out a better way to post these :> dont want to hand-deliver them because new patrons should have access to them as well

seeing_double_page_5_official.jpg seeing%20double%20%20page%205.psd (d)

Seeing Double-- Pg 5

Tue May 15 02:25:56 2018



Seeing Double -- Pg. 5 WIP

Tue May 8 01:33:09 2018

Page 5 in progress!

-- mind the spelling and grammatical errors, this dialogue WIP is pre-Diamond's editing -Killioma

Seeing Double pg 4 PSD

Tue Apr 24 02:13:43 2018

seeing%20double%20page%204%20patreon.psd (d)

Seeing Double -- Pg 4

Tue Apr 24 01:49:05 2018

Here's page 4, freshly completed today. Enjoy~


Seeing Double -- page 4 WIP

Mon Apr 16 21:21:05 2018

Some spicy new drama coming your way with page 4~

Seeing Double Pg. 3

Tue Apr 10 00:42:42 2018

page 3, things are getting steamy~ enjoy

Page 3 WIP

Mon Apr 2 21:56:48 2018

We're getting right into the hot and heavy on this one~ this page is pretty far along, and kicks off the action with a view from every angle!


Discord Active

Tue Mar 27 01:31:03 2018

Hello! If you are a current 5$+ Reward patron. please send us your discord so we can add you. Unfortunately the discord bot is having trouble retroactively adding people. Thank you!

Seeing Double: page 2

Mon Mar 26 23:55:50 2018

fresh from the oven!


Discord Coming Soon

Sat Mar 10 22:04:29 2018

Hello patrons! We are diligently working on getting our Discord up and running. Please bare with us and we will get access to all of those who are 5$+ tier rewards as soon as possible! Welcome to Slice of Pie Comics and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Seeing Double-- Pg.2 WIPs

Sat Mar 10 01:41:40 2018

This one is also going through an overhaul. It's turning out much better than the first drafts

diamong_pg2_wip1.jpg diamong%20page%202%20sketch.jpg diamong%20pg2%20wip1.jpg diamong%20pg2%20wip2.jpg diamong%20pg2%20wip3.jpg

seeing double page one PSD

Sat Mar 10 01:38:57 2018

feel free to ask me any questions or send suggestions!


seeing_double_page_1_official.jpg seeing%20double%20page%201%20patreon.psd (d)

Seeing Double-- Pg.1

Sat Mar 10 01:30:27 2018


Page 1 works in progress

Sat Mar 10 01:27:58 2018

page one in particular went through several different drafts. Initially, Chase was going to look much different and the comic was going to have more of a chalk brush-y line texture. As the project went on, we decided to scrap the first page and start the inks and colors over again. Attached is several snippets of WIPs we bounced back and forth to get it right. I went so far as to start making model sheets, though they weren't completed before the drawing began.

diamong_page_1.jpg diamong%20page%201.jpg diamong%20page%20color%20test.jpg diamong%20page%201%20wip2.jpg seeing%20double%20cover%20thumbnails.jpg aaron%20new%20body.jpg diamond%20plntigrade.jpg chase%20color%202.jpg

Cover page -- Seeing Double

Sat Mar 10 01:17:17 2018