Spooky Twins (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Mon Oct 12 22:59:43 2020

the spa twins have a special halloween deal 💦

spooky_twins.psd (d) spooky_twins1.png spooky_twins2.png spooky_twins3.png spooky_twins4.png spooky_twins5.png spooky_twins6.png spooky_twins7.png spooky_twins8.png spooky_twins9.png

Off Guard (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Sun Sep 20 04:47:22 2020

Guard pone didn't stay sharp enough 🐴

1.png off_guard.psd (d) 1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10.png 11.png

Derpy's night (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Sat Aug 29 04:32:48 2020

derpy tries dating 💦

derpynight1.png derpynight.psd (d) derpynight2.png derpynight3.png derpynight4.png derpynight5.png derpynight6.png derpynight7.png derpynight8.png derpynight9.png derpynight10.png derpynight11.png

Summerwhinny (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Mon Aug 10 19:50:17 2020

Oh noes a mature mare is very desperate for sunscreen and a nice beverage 💦 💦

summerwhinny1.png summerwhinny.psd (d) summerdelta.psd (d) summerwhinny2.png summerwhinny3.png summerdelta1.png summerdelta2.png summerdelta3.png

Applejack lewds (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Thu Jul 23 08:02:09 2020

i haven't drawn applejack in like 4 years, she's a qt though 💦

applejack_lewds1.png applejack_lewds.psd (d) applejack_lewds2.png applejack_lewds3.png applejack_lewds4.png applejack_lewds5.png applejack_lewds6.png applejack_lewds7.png

Applejack lewds

Sun Jul 19 05:10:58 2020

I haven't drawn a mane 6 character in a while 💦


Fuzzy kirin balls (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Sat Jul 4 20:23:43 2020

this was kind of a request from the discord, kirin balls are pretty nice 💦

silent_kirin_coom1.png silent_kirin_coom.psd (d) silent_kirin_coom1.png silent_kirin_coom2.png silent_kirin_coom3.png silent_kirin_coom4.png silent_kirin_coom5.png silent_kirin_coom6.png

Silent kirin cooming

Sun Jun 28 21:53:09 2020

kirins have very nice and fuzzy balls tbhtbhthbh


Quick SpaceX pone lewds

Sun Jun 28 21:51:13 2020

quick pic inspired by , something about it looked very lewd • c • 💦


Pizza pone ad (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Fri Jun 19 14:33:34 2020

there's a new pizza place in town 💦 💦

pizza_pone_ad1.png pizza_pone_ad.psd (d) pizza_pone_ad2.png pizza_pone_ad3.png pizza_pone_ad4.png pizza_pone_ad5.png pizza_pone_ad7.png pizza_pone_ad6.png pizza_pone_ad8.png pizza_pone_ad9.png

Pizza pone ad

Tue Jun 16 18:24:23 2020

there's a new pizza place in town 💦 💦


Windy beach day (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Thu Jun 4 22:00:21 2020

i havent drawn windy in a while 💦she's one of the best moms

windy_beach_day1.png windy_beach_day.psd (d) windy_beach_day2.png windy_beach_day3.png windy_beach_day4.png windy_beach_day5.png windy_beach_day6.png windy_beach_day7.png windy_beach_day8.png windy_beach_day9.png

Windy beach day

Mon Jun 1 19:48:28 2020

sorry for the long wait, theres been too much stuff going on lately

i haven't drawn windy in a while, i hope you like this sunny pic of her • c •


Gym Lyra (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Fri May 22 13:50:24 2020

silly pone, wearing pants only makes her hotter

gym_lyra_1.png gym_lyra.psd (d) gym_lyra_3.png gym_lyra_4.png gym_lyra_2.png gym_lyra_5.png gym_lyra_6.png gym_lyra_8.png gym_lyra_7.png

Gym Lyra

Tue May 19 03:07:30 2020

lyra will need lots of water, a towel and a good dicking after workout 💦


Sneak 100 (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Sun May 10 21:51:15 2020

sneaky fallout equestria horses gotta be more cautious

sneak100_1.png sneak_100.psd (d) sneak100_2.png sneak100_3.png sneak100_4.png sneak100_5.png sneak100_6.png sneak100_7.png

Sneak 100

Thu May 7 13:38:38 2020

a bit of the fallout equestria trio, caught in an awkward situation


Milf massage (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Fri May 1 20:18:42 2020

milf pones give good massages • c • 💦

milf_massage1.png milf_massage.psd (d) milf_massage2.png milf_massage3.png milf_massage4.png milf_massage5.png

Double milf mouth cuddles

Tue Apr 28 03:56:04 2020

moms are feeling extra caring tonight • c • 💦


Mayor Mare's campaign (Full res+Edits+PSD)

Sat Apr 18 13:53:25 2020

no wonder she keeps getting reelected • c • 💦

mayor_mare_campaign_1.png mayor_mare_campaign.psd (d) mayor_mare_campaign_3.png mayor_mare_campaign_2.png mayor_mare_campaign_4.png mayor_mare_campaign_5.png smol_mayor_poster.png

Mayor Mare's campaign

Mon Apr 13 10:05:18 2020

hm no wonder she keeps getting re-elected


Morning Harshwhinny (Full res+ Edits+ PSD)

Wed Apr 8 22:02:27 2020

someone's in a good mood this morning, kinda

morning_harshwhinny_1.png morning_harshwhinny.psd (d) morning_harshwhinny_2.png morning_harshwhinny_3.png morning_harshwhinny_4.png morning_harshwhinny_5.png morning_harshwhinny_6.png

Good morning Harshwhinny

Mon Apr 6 14:38:14 2020

harshpone is in a good mood this morning 💦


Torque Wrench (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Fri Mar 27 22:59:26 2020

cute repair pone needs to cool off • c • 💦

torque_wrench_1.png torque_wrench_nsfw.psd (d) torque_wrench_2.png torque_wrench_3.png torque_wrench_4.png torque_wrench_5.png torque_wrench_6.png

Torque Wrench repair pone

Sun Mar 22 18:58:56 2020

i've been meaning to draw this qt for a while, she's the repair pone from rainbow roadtrip


Sweet waitress (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Mon Mar 16 10:12:27 2020

sweet biscuit pone has a sweet drink in the menu, also including stuffed biscuit and glazed donuts 💦

and a cream heart edit by request • c •

sweet_waitress_1.png sweet_biscuit_nsfw.psd (d) cream_heart_edit.psd (d) sweet_waitress_2.png sweet_waitress_3.png creamy_waitress_1.png creamy_waitress_2.png creamy_waitress_3.png

Sweet Biscuit's sweet special drink

Sat Mar 14 21:07:44 2020

sweet biscuit pone has a sweet special drink in the menu


Fresh Caught (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Sat Mar 7 14:07:12 2020

oh no silly pone, how does this keep happening

fresh_caught_1.png fresh_coat_caught_again.psd (d) fresh_caught_2.png fresh_caught_3.png fresh_caught_4.png fresh_caught_5.png fresh_caught_6.png

Fresh Coat gets caught again

Thu Mar 5 08:36:19 2020

ah dang how could this happen again, silly pone


Raven's day off (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Wed Feb 26 18:59:04 2020

hm I think she had a good day off

ravens_day_off_1.png ravens_day_off.psd (d) ravens_day_off_2.png ravens_day_off_3.png ravens_day_off_4.png

Raven's day off

Tue Feb 25 09:00:33 2020

secretary pon took a day off, it must've been a good one • c • 💦


Kirin mating season (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Mon Feb 17 21:49:16 2020

oh yis it's kirin mating season

kirin_mating_season_messy.png kirin_mating_season.psd (d) kirin_mating_season_clean.png kirin_mating_season_messier.png kirin_mating_season_open_eyes_clean.png kirin_mating_season_open_eyes_messy.png autumn_blaze_edit_clean.png kirin_mating_season_open_eyes_messier.png autumn_blaze_edit_messier.png autumn_blaze_edit_messy.png

Kirin mating season

Sat Feb 15 18:54:34 2020

I'm not 100% sure yet about finishing this sketch or trying something else instead, what do you think?


Dentist appointment (Full res + Edits + PSD)

Sun Feb 9 13:47:16 2020

colgate making dental checkups fun 💦

update: made two messier edits • c •

dentist_appointment1.png dentist_appointment.psd (d) dentist_appointment3.png dentist_appointment2.png dentist_appointment4.png dentist_appointment5.png dentist_appointment6.png dentist_appointment7.png dentist_appointment8.png dentist_appointment9.png dentist_appointment10.png

Dentist appointment

Wed Feb 5 01:18:58 2020

colgate making dental check ups fun 💦


Famous pons prons (Full res+PSD+Edits)

Sat Feb 1 04:33:04 2020

these three famous pones must've been paid very well to make this video

celebrity_video.png famous_pons_prons.psd (d) celebrity_video_2.png celebrity_video_3.png

A very expensive video

Wed Jan 29 20:54:26 2020

these three famous pones must've been paid very well to make this video


Wonderbolts stress reliever (Full res, PSD & Edits)

Sun Jan 19 12:59:06 2020

two qt pons i've never drawn before

tier 3 patrons had a few pony suggestions for this pic so we made a poll between fleetfoot, valley glamour and windy whistles, and fleetfoot won but i made an edit with the 2nd place pone too, and I'll draw windy another time • c •

fleetfoot_2.png wonderbolts_stress_reliever.psd (d) valley_glamour_edit.psd (d) fleetfoot_2.png fleetfoot_1.png valley_glamour_1.png valley_glamour_2.png

Next pic: which character would you like to see next?

Wed Jan 15 02:53:53 2020

Which character would you like to see in the next picture? you can vote for more than one

each sketch is also attached below the poll • c •

windy_whistles.png fleetfoot.png valley_glamour.png

Diamond Gavel's day off (Full res+PSD+Edits)

Thu Jan 9 22:29:11 2020

lawyer pon finally took a day off and got herself a date

the big boob edit was a request based on a fic about her ( ) , and i thought i'd make a no-boobs edit too for anyone who doesn't like crotchboobs • c •

diamond_gavel_date_night_1.png diamond_gavel_date_night.psd (d) diamond_gavel_date_night_2.png diamond_gavel_date_night_3.png diamond_gavel_date_night_5.png diamond_gavel_date_night_4.png diamond_gavel_date_night_6.png

Diamond Gavel's date

Wed Jan 8 13:48:48 2020

lawyer pon took a break from work for once and got a nice date night


Needy Mayor (Full res + PSD + Edits)

Fri Jan 3 21:47:06 2020

mayor pon needs to cool down

the window background was too bright for the fluids, hopefully they look better on the darker one

needy_mayor_1.png needy_mayor.psd (d) needy_mayor_2.png needy_mayor_3.png needy_mayor_4.png

Needy mayor

Tue Dec 31 09:42:18 2019

happy new year, almost \ • c • /

this is my last pic of 2019, and will be my first of 2020. i'll make one or more edits of it too like last time

needy_mayor_sketch1.png needy_mayor_sketch2.png

Sleepy wet night (Full res + PSD + Edits)

Thu Dec 26 17:31:14 2019

happy holidays \ • c • /

sleepy pon is ok with her roomates doing this kind of stuff, she also likes to shower with them in the morning

i tried making a few edits like messier, clean and awake versions, what do you think? would you like me to make more edits in the future?

sleepy_wet_night_1.png sleepy_wet_night.psd (d) sleepy_wet_night_2.png sleepy_wet_night_3.png sleepy_wet_night_4.png sleepy_wet_night_5.png sleepy_wet_night_6.png sleepy_wet_night_7.png sleepy_wet_night_8.png sleepy_wet_night_9.png sleepy_wet_night_10.png shower.png

Sleepy's wet night

Mon Dec 23 11:10:41 2019

sleepy pon had a good night - c - zzz


Anthro Littlepip (Full res + PSD)

Tue Dec 17 03:04:50 2019

there's not a lot of anthro lewds of her, i wish there were more

i tried a lot of new things on this pic, i hope you like it • c •

anthro_pipv5.png anthro_pip.psd (d)

Anthro Pip

Mon Dec 16 12:37:00 2019

still tying to learn how to draw anthro, i also tried a lot of different things on this one


Police mare's badge

Sun Dec 15 09:17:18 2019

I like to think ponies wear buttplugs as IDs, badges or other useful stuff


Thing for a friend (Full res + PSD)

Sun Dec 15 06:00:23 2019

it's not my kind of stuff but

star_pic_2.png star_pic_2.psd (d)

Grace under desk (Full res + PSD)

Mon Dec 9 03:04:27 2019

secretary pon is hard at work, and her boss too • c • 💦

grace_under_desk.png grace_under_desk.psd (d)

Grace Manewitz is a hard worker pon

Sat Dec 7 20:28:08 2019

and her boss too

i'm not sure what dialogues to give the scene yet, do you have any suggestions?


Thing for a friend

Sat Dec 7 20:26:57 2019

not my kind of thing but


Cream Heart (Full res + PSD)

Tue Nov 26 16:22:15 2019

help creamy mom is melting

cream_heart_wet_mom.png cream_heart_wet_mom.psd (d)

Wet Cream Heart sketch

Sun Nov 24 11:54:31 2019

wet creamy mom is melting, i think she's broken


Anthro young Delta (Full res + PSD)

Wed Nov 20 02:53:48 2019

one more anthro practice pic, someone asked what an anthro delta would look like when she was young

anthro_young_delta.png anthro_young_delta.psd (d)

Young Delta anthro sketch

Sat Nov 16 06:01:55 2019

more anthro practice, apogee is a lucky filly 🐴💦


Anthro Delta movie night (Full res + PSD)

Fri Nov 15 20:40:42 2019

mom wants to watch movies

anthro_delta_movie_night.png anthro_delta_movie_night.psd (d)

Anthro Delta movie night

Thu Nov 14 06:51:39 2019

space mom wants to watch a movie, while naked, huh


Space Mare concept art + puss ref

Thu Nov 14 06:48:41 2019

someone asked me to design a robot mare and make a couple references. i like to think she gets power from a power cell inside her mare parts


Guardian Angel (Full Res + PSD)

Tue Nov 5 23:55:31 2019

cute guard mare earned a break • c • 💦

guard_mare.png guard_mare.psd (d)

Guardian Angel sketch

Mon Nov 4 16:51:32 2019

guard mare earned a break • c • 💦


Magic Touch 4 page 9 (Full res + PSD)

Sat Oct 26 08:39:44 2019

next page • c •

reminder we have a patreon-only discord server now. if you'd like to join, connect your discord account to patreon (in settings>apps) and discord will add you in automatically

mt4_page9.png mt4_page9.psd (d)

Discord server is live

Fri Oct 25 02:49:38 2019

seems discord adds patrons automatically, sorry about that. If you'd like to join and you haven't been added yet, connect your discord account to patreon and you should be added automatically.

the server is only for tier 2 and 3 patrons for now, I may open it for tier 1 in the future too

If you don't wish to join no worries, I'll continue posting pics and sketches here as always • c •

Discord server?

Fri Oct 25 01:02:30 2019

I don't like to spam patreon with posts, but Discord would be a nice place to post a lot more art like WIPs, sfw arts and all things I don't post here, along with the usual nsfw art, and talk ideas and hang out. If I made a patreon-only server, would you like to join?

Magic Touch 4 page 9 sketch

Wed Oct 23 07:53:57 2019

oh no now shes gonna be all wet and sticky


Oasis - Military pon (Full res + PSD)

Mon Oct 21 20:45:26 2019

I made this military pone the other day and thought might as well lewd her, she kinda looks like applejack tho. her name is Oasis

oasis_lewds.png military_pon.png oasis_lewds.psd (d)

Oasis - military pon

Mon Oct 21 06:24:37 2019

I made this military pone the other day and thought might as well lewd her, she kinda looks like applejack tho. her name is Oasis

oasis_lewds.png military_pon.png

Magic Touch 4 page 8 (Full res + PSD)

Fri Oct 11 02:18:04 2019

uh oh somethings coming

edit: i uploaded the wrong file, sorry ^ c ^; full res is up now

mt4_page8.png mt4_page8.psd (d)

Magic Touch 4 page 8 - sketch

Mon Oct 7 03:43:13 2019



Warm pip (Full res + PSD)

Wed Sep 25 13:51:08 2019

little fallout horse needs a big carrot

warmpip.png warmpip.psd (d)

Warm pip

Tue Sep 24 08:10:40 2019

tiny fallout horse is acting weird, i think she wants a carrot


Magic Touch 4 page 7 (Full res + PSD)

Sun Sep 22 08:40:48 2019

what a second that ain't her toothbrush

mt4_page7.png mt4_page7.psd (d)

Magic Touch 4 page 7 sketch

Thu Sep 19 06:13:38 2019

sorry for the slow week, i've been working on three projects i can't talk about yet 😅

things got very wet on this page


Magic Touch 4 page 6 (Full res + PSD)

Sun Sep 8 23:59:50 2019

she knows what she's doing, maybe, i think

mt4_page_6.png mt4_page_6.psd (d)

Magic Touch 4 page 6 - sketch

Sat Sep 7 18:14:57 2019

lyra pon knows exactly what she's doing, maybe


Magic Touch 4 page 5 (Full res + PSD)

Thu Aug 29 14:37:37 2019

things got wet fast

mt4_page5.png mt4_page5.psd (d)

Magic Touch 4 page 5 sketch

Tue Aug 27 11:48:03 2019

things are getting wet fast


Apogee breakdance animation wip

Sun Aug 25 10:05:38 2019

something i've been working on the last few days, it started as a "quick" small thing and then turned into a nearly 200 frames long animation. next step would be fixing all the wonky anatomy and animation, then add details and then colors, but i'll make the next lyra comic page first and come back to this animation another time


Magic Touch 4 page 4 (Full res+PSD)

Tue Aug 20 09:35:22 2019

this got out of hand real quick

mt4_page4.png mt4_page4.psd (d)

Magic Touch 4 page 4 - sketch

Thu Aug 15 01:30:40 2019

next page • c • lyra doesnt want to keep bonbon waiting


Magic Touch 4 page 3 (Full res+PSD)

Thu Aug 8 23:52:39 2019

next page • c • this one will go public on monday

mt4_page3.png mt4_page3.psd (d)

Magic Touch 4 page 3 sketch

Fri Aug 2 21:09:13 2019

next page • c •


Magic Touch 4 page 1 & 2 (Full res + PSD)

Wed Jul 31 01:29:41 2019

i thought it'd be funny to mix the two comics i never finished into one and actually finish them this time, and the challenge of making something hot out of this weird mix is fun

also i'm trying a style closer to the stygian/somnambula pic i made some time ago, kinda IDW-ish? i hope you like it • c •

mt4_page2.png mt4_page2.png mt4_page1.png mt4_page2.psd (d) mt4_page1.psd (d)

Magic Touch 4 page 1 & 2 - sketch

Tue Jul 23 19:54:40 2019

it begins

i may change some of the dialogue a bit, still not 100% sure about it yet


Bat pon (Full res + PSD)

Sat Jul 13 08:23:36 2019

thingie for a friend, he has a cute bat pone

star_commish.png star%20pic.psd (d)

Bat pon sketch

Tue Jul 9 08:38:02 2019

thing for a friend, he got a cute bat pony


Delta's safe hole (Full res + PSD)

Thu Jul 4 05:57:36 2019

also known as her special hole, she doesn't give access to it to everyone

I'm writing the next magic touch comic atm, it should be ready to start drawing it in the next couple weeks • c •

deltas_safe_hole.png deltas%20safe%20hole.psd (d)

Delta's safe hole

Tue Jul 2 03:56:34 2019

also known as her special hole, she doesn't give access to it to everyone

btw i'm half way done writing the next magic touch comic and will start drawing it this month • c •


Cream Heart bed time (Fullres+PSD)

Mon Jun 24 22:01:02 2019

Milf pon to get back in track • c •

cream_heart_bed_time.png cream%20heart%20bed%20time.psd (d)

Bed time

Sat Jun 22 23:40:56 2019

gotta get back in track with the milf lewds • c • 💦 I'll begin writing the next lyra comic soon too


I'm back (Space Ponyos comic is finished + Update)

Fri Jun 21 18:32:06 2019

howdy • c • /

thank you so much for being patient with me while I worked on this comic for the past three months. we had a tight deadline and I underestimated the amount of work it would take, so I had to spend all of my time on it this last month to meet the deadline.

we finished all 32 pages today and will begin printing it in the next couple days, aiming to have copies available by August. I don't plan to make a second book yet, so I'm free to draw lewds again now that that's done.

And speaking of comics and lewds, would you like to see Magic Touch (the nsfw Lyra Heartstrings comic) come back? I have a fun idea i think you might like • c •


Sleepy pon animation (Full res)

Tue May 28 21:22:58 2019

i've been super in the mood for animation lately, and might make more soon • c •

sleepy_1080.gif sleepy%20560.gif sleepy%201080.gif

Sleepy pon animation

Mon May 27 00:10:20 2019

animated sleepy goodnight pon, the final pic will be more fluid • c •


Laywer pon Diamond Gavel

Sat May 18 09:44:43 2019

thanks for your patience while I finish the space ponyos comic, the deadline is only a few weeks away and we still have about half of the book to draw ^ c ^;

i hope you like this lawyer pon pic • c •

diamond_gavel_lewds.png diamond%20gavel%20lewds.psd (d)

Diamond Gavel

Thu May 16 13:33:21 2019

thanks for being patient with me while i finish the space ponyos comic, the deadline is in a few weeks and i still got a few pages left to finish

i'll finish this lawyer pone pic asap tho • c •


Police pons

Tue May 7 11:46:46 2019

this is based on this pic something about it was kinda hot • c • 💦

I colored it with grayscale to imitate the original pic. i hope you like it • c •

police_pons.png police%20pons.psd (d)

Police pons

Mon May 6 09:10:46 2019

this is based on this pic

even tho it's sfw, something about it it's kinda hot, and then i found out they're siblings too so I had to draw this • c • 💦

I plan to "color" this pic with only black and white like the original pic mixed with a comic/manga look, i think it's gonna look cool


Fresh Coat waitress bun (Fullres+PSD)

Tue Apr 30 11:27:12 2019

painter pon got a new job • c • 💦

this is based on this pic by PonyQuarantine

fresh_coat_waitress_bun.png fresh%20coat%20waitress%20bun.psd (d)

Fresh Coat waitress bun

Thu Apr 25 07:19:16 2019

painter pon got a new job • c •💦

this is based on this pic


Trixie lewds (Fullres + PSD)

Sat Apr 20 23:59:52 2019

this is the first time i've drawn trixie in like 7 years, lol. she's a good pon but a bit hard to come up with something good with her, so hard I still haven't come up with a dialogue for this scene.

this is kind of a request for a friend of mine who also will write a fanfic based on it, and he asked me not to make this pic public until the fic is finished. But you can have it in the meantime • c •

I might add a version with text to this post before it goes public

trixie_lewds.png trixie%20lewds.psd (d)

Trixie lewds wip

Fri Apr 19 08:26:27 2019

this is the first time i've drawn trixie ever, she's a good pon but hard to come up with something good for her, so hard I still haven't come up with the dialogue ^ c ^;

i sketched this while streaming and got to flat color it in one go, thought might as well post it as is instead of the sketch


Anthro Ponyos (Full Res + PSD)

Sun Apr 14 08:20:05 2019

o H w E l L . time to share a small and tight shower with space mom and aged-up-ogee

I had this idea and it wouldn't work very well with feral, so i tried anthro instead. i hope you like it • c •

anthro_ponyos.png anthro%20ponyos.psd (d)

Anthro Ponyos

Tue Apr 9 20:04:45 2019

more anthro practice • c • i'm not sure about fully-coloring this one tho, it feels like full shading wouldn't do much more to it than a flat-colored sketch. what do you think?


Very Sleepy Goodnight (FullRes + PSD)

Tue Apr 9 00:11:39 2019

sleepy pon is a cool pon as long as you let her sleep

also I have internet at home now and uploaded the last two missing PSD files

very_sleepy_goodnight.png very%20sleepy%20goodnight.psd (d)


Sun Apr 7 22:03:23 2019

quick-ish anthro practice with an aged-up-gee. I was thinking about drawing her mom fully naked next to her after I finish the sleepy pon picture. what do you think? i'm still learning how to anthro and it looks kinda off to me but I can't figure out why


Very Sleepy Goodnight

Sun Apr 7 04:04:43 2019

sleepy pon is a cool mare, she would let you do anything as long as you let her sleep

btw I finally got internet at home, and the last two missing psd files are up • c •


Stygian-Somnambula comic page (Fullres)

Sat Mar 30 22:18:52 2019

this is based on this edit from the IDW comics:

I thought it'd be funny to color it in the same style too • c •

I still don't have internet at home :/ i'll upload this and the previous PSD files as soon as I have it


Somnambula/Stygian small comic

Tue Mar 26 23:24:43 2019

this pic is kind of a big one. it's based on this edit from the IDW comics:

I'll try to color it in the same style as the comics too for the lols


Nurse Redheart's first day at work (Fullres)

Fri Mar 22 20:11:40 2019

There's a thing about nurses and tentacles in porn and dunno why but I like it, I kinda made this in joke-y way too tho

I'm uploading this through phone data and uploading the PSD file would kill it, I will upload the PSD file once I have internet again. sorry about that

Edit: made a textless edit by request, it's attached below

redhearts_first_day.png redhearts%20first%20day%20edit.png

Space Ponyos comic page 1-3 + moving update

Thu Mar 21 20:26:18 2019

howdy from the new place • c •

thank you so much again for your patience, I'm finally settled at the new place and ready to draw again, I don't have internet yet but I will upload stuff through phone data until then.

I'm working on a new pic right now involving Nurse Redheart and tentacles, and will be working on this comic in between lewds. This comic is a collab project with ALOS and the Lunarshine store where we will redraw the SP story in a comic format and print it.

Again, thank you for your patience and your support, being unable to draw for so long was very painful haha

update.png page1%20lineart.png page2%20lineart.png page3%20lineart.png

Nurse Redheart's first day at work

Thu Mar 21 18:52:08 2019

thanks again for your patience, I'm settled at the new place and ready to do art again. I don't have internet yet but they'll come install it in the next few days. meanwhile I'll upload stuff through phone data

I hope you like this pic so far • c •


Harshbutt (Fullres+PSD)

Wed Mar 13 05:37:48 2019

howdy • c • thanks for being patient with me while I move out, getting the new place ready to move in took a lot longer than I expected

this wet horse up there isn't very patient tho

harshbutt.png harshbutt.psd (d)


Mon Mar 11 20:37:33 2019

sorry for the slow week, I underestimated how much work it would take to find a new appartment and get it ready to move in. the place is almost ready now and I should be over there before the weekend. meanwhile, have a warm and wet harshwhinny butt • c •


Spitroasted Rich (Fullres+PSD)

Thu Feb 28 12:46:50 2019

spoiled rich pon is hot, I wish there was more art of her

unrelated but, I'm moving out soon, It may take a day or two to clean and move furniture into the new place, and I may not have internet right away, but I'll set things up to draw more as quick as possible

spitroasted_rich.png spitroasted%20rich.psd (d)

Spitroasted Rich

Tue Feb 26 11:53:37 2019

spoiled rich is hot as heck, I wish there were more lewds of her


Stuffed Kenshi pon (Fullres+PSD)

Wed Feb 20 13:07:59 2019

I sketched this pone a few days ago Inspired by a game called Kenshi, and i thought might as well lewd her too ?

kenshi_nsfw.png kenshi%20nsfw.psd (d)

Kenshi pon lewds

Mon Feb 18 06:55:59 2019

this is inspired by a game called Kenshi, I ponified some of its characters and thought might as well lewd the mare ??

also, I'm planning to redraw the space ponyos story blog into a comic format soon to print it , I might post multiple WIP pictures into a couple posts to not clutter the site with it, it might be a big one lot of pages


LyraBon Valentines

Thu Feb 14 05:26:18 2019

I haven't drawn these two in like years, happy valentines • c •

Edit: I updated the psd file, I originally clipped folders to layers in SAI but I forgot that's not supported in Photoshop and it broke the layer order. the updated file should look fine in PS

lyrabon.png lyrabon.psd (d)

Lyra Bon

Tue Feb 12 06:05:41 2019

the last sketch really was missing something, it was lyra. thanks for the help • c •


Bonbon fingering

Mon Feb 11 03:59:43 2019

bonbon gets a taste of lyra's magic hand. I'm not sure about coloring this one yet tho, I feel like it lacks something. what do you think?


Littlepip's first time (Fullres+PSD)

Sun Feb 3 22:37:11 2019

at least she tried ¯\_(• c • )_/¯

littlepips_first_time.png littlepips%20first%20time.psd (d)

Littlepip's first time

Sat Feb 2 05:47:10 2019

and then pippy knew she's not into stallions


Small NSFW game - Mayor Mare

Mon Jan 28 18:38:53 2019

howdy • c •

this is a little idea i've been meaning to try for months. it's a short choice based nsfw game, kinda like a dating sim but without the dating and cheese. it's small but it has a few choices and endings. it also includes over 35 unique pictures and a few edits. for a small game, it took ages to make lol

this one was actually made for a winter themed art pack that comes out in February, but I wanted to put it together on my own too and share it with you guys. It won't be public until the people organizing the pack give us the go to share it in probably a few months.


you can download the game from the attachments on this post, it's an html file so you can run it on browsers, it should work on some mobiles too. you need internet connection to load the pictures tho

you can also download all pictures individually here.

patreon.png Mayor%20Mare%20game%201.0.html (d)

Mayor Mare game pics (all)

Sun Jan 27 23:41:45 2019

these are finally done ^ c ^?

you can see and download all pics here:

I hope you like them, I'll update the game with them soon • c •


Mayor Mare game pic (one out of 57)

Sat Jan 26 02:39:30 2019

i'm almost done coloring the pics for the game, thought i'd post one of my favorite ones in the meantime • c •


Raven's new boss (Fullres+PSD)

Tue Jan 22 08:34:19 2019

raven thought she was ready for her new job, but she didn't expect her boss to have sudden requests like this one • c •?

ravens_new_boss.png ravens%20new%20boss.psd (d)

Raven's new boss

Mon Jan 21 08:00:35 2019

secretary pon has to be ready for her new boss, he has sudden requests for her sometimes

• c •?


Mature Mares (FullRes+Transparent+PSD+Avatars)

Thu Jan 17 02:36:54 2019

this took a lot longer to make than i expected, on top of that i had a power outage three times today, my monitor has been having issues for weeks and my internet has been horrible lately. but i'm glad it's done and how it came out

i'm using phone data rn to upload this, i'll post the psd file as soon as my internet connection gets better

i can make little avatars with these too if you'd like • c • also more porn soon

Update: avatars are up, but I still can't upload the PSD file :/ you can download the avatars here:

i'll post the psd file as soon as i can, sorry for the wait :/

mature_mares_faces.png mature%20mares%20faces%20transparent.png mature%20mares%20faces.psd (d)

Mayor Mare (Full res+PSD)

Thu Jan 10 22:37:42 2019

i took a little extra time with this pic trying to improve my coloring, i hope you like how it came out • c •

mayor_mare_mmf.png mayor%20mare%20mmf.psd (d)

Mature Mares

Tue Jan 8 05:09:00 2019

originally i was going to finish the mayor mare pic first, but i posted this thing on twitter and someone suggested i should draw them doing lewd expressions and i love it. i will finish the mayor mare pic next tho and then color this one after

also to clarify about what i said on the last post, i meant i might flat-color any future scrapped sketch before posting them here, i thought it'd look better than having half unfinished and uncolored sketches. i'll post some soon after coloring the mayor pic and this one • c •


Mayor Mmf

Sat Jan 5 03:55:41 2019

i may have sketched like 50 pics of mayor mare for the game last month, but i can't get enough of her ??

i made a few more sketches this week but, would you like me to flat color sketches i don't plan to turn into a full picture? they'd look like the story updates or those silly pics i make sometimes. i can polish and color them before posting them instead of posting them unfinished like last time if you'd like


Sleepy Goodnight (Fullres+PSD)

Sun Dec 30 21:33:23 2018

sleepy goodnight pone can't sleep - c -

this is my last pic of 2018, i hope you guys have a happy 2019 \ • c • /

sleepy_pon_2.png sleepy%20pon%202.psd (d)

Sleepy Goodnight

Sat Dec 29 05:46:57 2018

sleepy pon \ • c • / i drew her with anearbyanimal some time ago and i was feeling like drawing her again


Two unfinished pics

Sat Dec 29 05:43:28 2018

i hope you guys are having a good holiday week • c •

i'm not very happy with these sketches, maybe i'll go back to them and keep trying to make them look better and finish them sometime, i'm just having a hard time figuring out what's off with them rn

first pic is nurse bonesaw, second one are aged up cake siblings


Delta and Cream at the beach

Sun Dec 23 22:59:07 2018

merry almost christmas \ • c • /

this is a follow up to this sketch:

delta_cream_beach.png delta%20cream%20beach.psd (d)

Milf duo need sunscreen

Sat Dec 22 19:41:07 2018

happy holidays \ • c • /

this is a follow up to this sketch:

it's summer here in the south hemisphere and really hot so beach is all i can think of rn, i hope you like it ^ c ^ ?


Fresh Coat (Full res+PSD)

Fri Dec 14 22:52:31 2018

painter pon got caught painting where she's not allowed to • c •?

i'll upload the psd file later, my internet connection is pretty bad right now :/

fresh_coat_caught.png fresh%20coat%20caught.psd (d)

Fresh Coat caught painting

Thu Dec 13 10:33:12 2018

painter pon got caught painting graffiti where she shouldn't • c • ?


Spitfire foursome (Fullres+PSD+Edits)

Fri Dec 7 11:46:01 2018

i like to think spitfire is secretly really into dads • c •?

also a heads up, tumblr won't allow nsfw in their site anymore in 10 days, so i'll be posting art on twitter from now on

i'm also working on a "little" nsfw game involving mayor mare, quotes because there's over 40 pics in it and its taking more time to make than i expected ^ c ^;

Edit: colors looked kinda weird so I made a wonderbolts edit, both are attached below

spitfire_foursome.png spitfire%20foursome%20clean.png spitfire%20foursome.psd (d) spitfire%20foursome%20edit%20clean.png spitfire%20foursome%20edit.png

Spitfire foursome

Wed Dec 5 07:47:16 2018

here's another pone i'm surprised i've never drawn before • c •?

also a heads up, tumblr won't allow nsfw in their site anymore in two weeks, so i'll be posting art on twitter from now on


Mayor Mare and Harshwhinny sketch

Mon Dec 3 09:27:13 2018

this is an idea i thought would be hot, but i'm having a hard time coming up with a context for it. i thought maybe harshwhinny lost a bet, or maybe that's how the mayor does business in ponyville. i'm not sure, what do you think?


Mayor Mare game update

Sun Dec 2 08:12:10 2018

game update \o/ these took a lot longer than i expected, they're 57 pics total (40ish unique ones). next update will be color

game is attached below, you can download it and open it on a browser

gameupdate.png Mayor%20Mare%20game%200.3.html (d)

Milf duo (Full Res+PSD)

Sun Nov 25 13:42:35 2018

kind of a follow up to this

cause the only thing better than a milf is two milfs • c •?

milf_duo.png milf%20duo.psd (d)

Milf duo

Thu Nov 22 06:42:19 2018

had to be done • c •?

it's gonna take a while to color all the pics for the game, but i'll try to draw other pics like this in between


Mayor Mare game (work in progress)

Tue Nov 20 10:19:04 2018

this is a small choice based nsfw game i'm working on where you visit the mayor to fuck, or not?. the writing is mostly done and all scenes are sketched roughly. i'll post a new update once i clear all the sketches. i'll make a better UI too in a future update and other small changes too

you can dowload the game from the attachment below, and open it on a browser

i hope you like it so far • c •

game.png Mayor%20Mare%20game%200.2.html (d)

Button's Mom bath (Fullres+PSD)

Mon Nov 12 12:11:44 2018

this is the first time i've drawn nsfw of her and i'm kinda shocked, she's one of the best moms and i thought i drew her before

i hope you like it, i might draw more of her in the future • c •

buttons_mom_bath.png buttons%20mom%20bath.psd (d)

Button's Mom bath

Mon Nov 12 04:45:38 2018

i'm kinda shocked i never drew button's mom lewds before, she's one of the best moms


Brown kirin xmas pic

Fri Nov 9 04:49:49 2018

christmas came early, like very early

this pic will be part of this year's clop for a cause charity art pack, so i only can post the sketch until the art pack comes out


Delta and Jet's motel night (Fullres+PSD)

Wed Nov 7 11:00:02 2018

an ex couple having an angry but good time together after a long time

this pic is a follow up to this:

i tried a different coloring style for this one, i hope you like how it came out • c •

delta_jet_motel_night.png delta%20jet%20motel%20night.psd (d)

Jet and Delta motel night

Sun Nov 4 08:40:53 2018

sorry for the slow update, i've been sick all week. i'm better now

this pic is a follow up to this:

i'm thinking about making an animation like the delta one based on this scene also


Brown kirin deepthroat (Fullres+PSD)

Fri Oct 26 10:40:39 2018

i haven't been so into a new character from the show in a while, this kirin is super cute and hot

brown_kirin_deepthroat.png brown%20kirin%20deepthroat.psd (d)

Brown Kirin Deepthroat

Thu Oct 25 05:53:07 2018

you know when you crave for some very specific food and you gotta have it right now? i'm craving for the brown kirin taking a whole dicc right now


Drunk Delta message (Fullres+PSD)

Fri Oct 19 13:51:24 2018

Sometimes delta gets too drunk and sends pics like this to his ex to piss him off

drunk_delta_text.png drunk%20delta%20text.psd (d)

Kirin hotdogging (Fullres+PSD+Autumn Blaze edit)

Fri Oct 12 07:12:58 2018

these creatures grew on me, and this kirin is the cutest

edit: made a quick autumn blaze edit, pic is attached below • c •

kirin_hotdogging.png kirin%20hotdogging.psd (d) autumn%20blaze%20edit.png

Delta's midnight text

Wed Oct 10 13:57:25 2018

sometimes delta gets too drunk and sends nudes to her ex to piss him off, dunno if it works quite as she intends it tho

also i haven't drawn crotchboobs in a while


Songbird Discord 2 (Fullres+PSD)

Sun Oct 7 13:09:42 2018

follow up of the last songbirb-discord pic

i switched back to SAI for this one, CSP is kinda weird and slow to use for art, tho it's good for animations

songbird_discord_2.png songbird%20discord%202.psd (d)

Kirin hotdogging

Wed Oct 3 00:56:26 2018

these new creatures are growing on me, I didn't like them at first but they act so cute it's hard not to like them

this is the brown kirin that's still unnamed, she's the cutest one


Nurse Bonesaw animation (Full Res+PSD)

Sat Sep 29 12:21:06 2018

another sort of animation practice pic, i tested the animation tools in Clip Studio Paint, they're pretty good. and it let's me save the source file as a psd too, but there may be issues with it based on your photoshop version. there's a smaller version of the pic attached here too if this one is too big

i hope you like it \ • c • / character belongs to anearbyanimal

picfull.gif bonesaw%20animation.psd (d) pic720.gif

Bonesaw animation 2

Wed Sep 26 11:04:02 2018

animation update • c • now it's pretty much ready to be colored


Bonesaw animation 1

Tue Sep 25 10:57:40 2018

a little animation practice in CSP

next i have to animate her tail, add fluids and maybe other small details. i'll post an updated version once it's ready for coloring • c •


Songbird Discord 2

Sun Sep 23 06:28:58 2018

follow up of the previous pic, also first time drawing discord on-screen

• c •


Songbird Discord 1 (Fullres+PSD)

Sun Sep 23 06:26:10 2018

I tried using Clip studio paint for this pic for the first time, but i'm not sure if it was worth it. it took me a lot longer to finish and i don't think it looks any better than my older stuff sadly. i plan to test the animation tools in CSP tho. and i'll also do a follow up to this pic soon

i hope you like it • c • /

songbird_discord_1.png songbird%20discord%201.psd (d)

Songbird Discord 1

Thu Sep 20 13:19:50 2018

i got stuck working on the animation this week, so i tried to make a much smaller animation in the meantime, but i got stuck with it too so then i turned it into this pic lol

first time i've drawn discord ever, i'm gonna do a follow up to it too • c •


2014 - 2016 Full res art

Thu Sep 13 10:26:33 2018

someone asked me to post all my nsfw art from before patreon in full res, they're old but maybe you'll find something you like too • c •

Mail Mares (4K + PSD)

Wed Sep 12 07:40:38 2018

mail mares from a couple episodes ago, it's based on these meme i found kinda hot lol

mail_pones.png mail%20pones.psd (d)

Stuffed pizza pony (4K+PSD)

Fri Sep 7 08:02:20 2018

pizza is here, i hope you enjoy it ?? ?

stuffed_pizza_pone.png stuffed%20pizza%20pone.psd (d)

Mail mares

Thu Sep 6 07:38:27 2018

I saw this meme today and thought it was hot ??

gonna color the pizza pone pic first and then this • c •


Stuffed Pizza

Tue Sep 4 03:06:36 2018

i was in the mood for some stuffed pizza today ? • c •


Limestone Pie (4K + PSD)

Mon Sep 3 10:58:06 2018

good horse being a good horse • c •

limestone_pie.png limestone%20pie.psd (d)

Limestone Pie being a good horsie

Sun Sep 2 06:17:49 2018

sorry for the inactive week, life got a bit bumpy for a bit, but we're back now and got a few projects planned • c • /


Ada Wong pone lewds (4K + PSD)

Tue Aug 21 07:08:54 2018

i drew ada from resident evil 4 as a pony a couple days ago and thought might as well lewd her too ??


ada_wong_lewds.png ada%20wong%20lewds.psd (d)

Anthro Lime x Scribs Blowjob

Mon Aug 20 10:16:14 2018

i think this counts as oviposition, scribs is a changeling and lays eggs from her dick

both characters belong to red-x-bacon


Ada Wong pone lewds

Sun Aug 19 01:25:27 2018

i drew ada from resident evil 4 as a pony yesterday and thought might as well lewd her too


Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants (4K+PSD)

Wed Aug 15 10:19:14 2018

theres only like 3 pics with these two being forced to fuck and i wish there were more ? ?

also i'm planning to make a new animation like the delta one soon, probably featuring grace manewitz • c •

dash_quibble.png dash%20quibble.psd (d)

Rainbow Dash & Quibble Pants

Mon Aug 13 10:09:23 2018

been meaning to draw this one for a while, there's only like 3 pics with these two being forced to fuck and i wish there were more ?


Anthro Delta clothed and naked

Thu Aug 9 11:27:43 2018

i wanted to draw this for a while, been in the mood for anthro this week so thought i'd give it a shot

not sure if i'll color them, (and if so, which), i might just flat color both of them if not full color one

i hope you like them •//c//•


Ms. Harshwhinny animation (Full res)

Mon Aug 6 10:44:48 2018

still learning and experimenting, next animation will be less puppet-y

i hope you like it tho • c •


Stellar Flare (4K + PSD)

Wed Aug 1 22:02:30 2018

happy august <3

i'm gonna draw these two again sometime soon, stellar is a good mom pone

i'm working on a nsfw animation next also, it won't be a video like the delta one tho, but a looped gif instead

stellar_flare.png stellar%20flare.psd (d)

Ms Harshwhinny sketch for animation

Mon Jul 30 06:36:48 2018

gonna animate this after the stellar flare pic • c •

animation is not gonna be a video like the delta one, but a looped gif instead. imma keep trying to making animations look better too (colors, lines, etc)


Stellar Flare x Sunburst

Sun Jul 29 11:03:45 2018

one of the best milfs tbh, i wanted to draw her for so long but couldn't come up with anything good


Young Delta smile animation (Full res)

Wed Jul 25 06:37:37 2018

another quick animation practice • c • still trying to figure out how to color them and make them look good


Young Delta smile animation

Tue Jul 24 04:55:53 2018

another quick practice thing • c •


Secretaries triple blowjob (4K+PSD)

Sat Jul 21 10:47:07 2018

follow up of this picture i made like a year ago

secretary pones competing for a job

secretary_triple_bj.png secretary%20triple%20bj.psd (d)

Triple secretaries blowjob

Tue Jul 17 05:45:43 2018

secretary pones fighting for the job, kind of a follow up to an old pic i made with these three like 2 years ago


Nurse Bonesaw shower (4K + PSD)

Mon Jul 16 09:37:25 2018

collab with anearbyanimal of his oc bonesaw, he did the sketch and i did the rest • c •

i tried some different coloring techniques for this one also

showerbone.png showerbone.psd (d)

Bonesaw shower

Sun Jul 15 08:28:43 2018

im working on two things rn, this is a collab with anearbyanimal of his oc Nurse Bonesaw

the other project is a game i'm making with a few friends, it's gonna be a nsfw choice based game where you go to delta's place and you talk your way to sex either by flirting or by force

gameplay is gonna be pretty simple but if all goes as planned it's gonna have a lot of variety and endings

we just started working on it, but i'll post more updates as we make progress • c •


Copper Top (4K + PSD)

Fri Jul 13 10:45:56 2018

it ain't easy being a police pone

edit: fixed the psd file

copper_top.png copper%20top.psd (d)

Copper top

Wed Jul 11 03:42:37 2018

police pony lewds ?

not sure if i'll color this one yet, i'm sketching some more pics rn too


Delta Vee NSFW animation (Full res)

Thu Jul 5 05:40:56 2018

it's finally done \ • c • / full 1080p video is attached below, sound warning btw

this was a fun experience, i've wanted to make animations since i was 14 and finally here's the first eight years later lol. it was a lot of work and fixing and going back and forth too but i learned a few things and can do better next time

"fun fact", i had to use 5 different programs thought all this mess; SAI (intro/outro art), harmony (animation), vegas (post editing), photoshop (end credits) and FLstudio (sound), it was painful to go through these at times

thank you so much for your patience, i wouldn't have the time to make things like this without you

edit: i turned down the bed sounds a bit

preview.gif delta%20anim%201080p.mp4 (d)

Delta Vee animation (Full | No sound)

Tue Jul 3 07:55:42 2018

animation is p much done \ • c • / just missing sound now

whole thing should be done in the next couple days

up1.png wip5.wmv (d)

Delta animation video WIP

Tue Jun 26 22:10:57 2018

progress so far, most of it is done \o/

next it's the intro, cum scene, end scene and sound

video is attached below this post

preview.png wip.wmv (d)

Delta animation loop 1 shaded

Mon Jun 25 01:45:48 2018

this is pretty much how the final thing is gonna look like • c •


Delta animation color loop 1

Fri Jun 22 23:50:14 2018

first loop colored \ • c • /

just missing shading and background now


Nurse tentacles (4K + PSD)

Mon Jun 18 22:20:16 2018

i like to think nurses like her have this happen pretty often

nurse_tentacles.png nurse%20tentacles.psd (d)

Nurse Hentai

Wed Jun 13 23:14:09 2018

she should've seen that coming


Flutterdoggos (4K + PSD)

Sun Jun 10 21:34:05 2018

i haven't drawn fluttershy in a really long time

flutterdoggos.png flutterdoggos.psd (d)


Wed Jun 6 06:14:17 2018

diamond doggos have a pone to feed

i haven't drawn fluttershy in so longg


Delta nsfw video preview 1

Sat Jun 2 21:44:01 2018

these are most of the scenes put together, its still missing an intro and outro and things in between might still change • c •

preview1.png video1.mp4 (d)

Delta NSFW animation update

Wed May 30 06:50:09 2018

sorry for the slow updates lately, i'm working on a nsfw delta animation rn

it'll be about 2 mins long with sound and voice, a couple scenes, an intro for context and cum at the end

i've never done something this big before and it's been super fun and challenging so far, i hope you enjoy it once it's finished and thanks for your patience <3


Delta nsfw animation lines (cum)

Wed May 30 06:22:00 2018

cum scene spoiler • c •

i hope you like it so far, it's a lot of fun to make


Delta animation preview 2

Sat May 26 02:31:19 2018

did more progress on this today \o/


Delta nsfw animation idea

Thu May 24 22:53:24 2018

this is kinda what the animation is gonna be, the plan so far is to give it different speeds, an intro for context, sound and cum at the end • c • ?


Delta Vee rolling eyes animation (Fullres)

Wed May 23 17:50:35 2018

another animation practice thing. i wanna do a nsfw one next, not sure what yet tho


Anthro Apogee x Daisy Cutter (4K+PSD)

Sat May 19 23:30:19 2018

this was one of those ideas that work better with anthro than ponies

both characters are aged up • c •

anthro_apodiz.png anthro%20apodiz.psd (d)

Anthro Apo x Diz

Sat May 19 05:20:51 2018

i drew anthro again • c • i might color this one too

both characters are aged up


Diamond's spell (4K + PSD)

Tue May 15 21:06:58 2018

lawyer pone uses a spell to reduce her boobs size during work, and releases it at home •//c//•

diamond_spell.png diamond%20spell.psd (d)

Delta Vee animation

Fri May 11 03:12:42 2018

rough sketch for the next animation practice, i'll do some lewds before finishing this tho


Golden Keylime animation (Full res)

Wed May 9 18:05:20 2018

a little animation practice thing with red-x-bacon's pone, i might do one for Delta and for anearbyanimal's Bonesaw pone too

Source file got corrupted right after I finished it :/ but I managed to export every frame as pictures before I lost them


Delta+Trash (4K + PSD)

Sun May 6 07:13:40 2018

i meant to draw these two for so long, might do it again sometime

delta_trash.png delta%20trash.psd (d)

K+K (4K + PSD)

Sun Apr 29 14:01:57 2018

my part of an art trade with hioshiru • c •

her part

hioshiru_trade.png hioshiru%20trade.psd (d)

Tracer x Comet (4K+PSD)

Sat Apr 28 12:08:36 2018

based on a fanfic that isn't out yet, i'll make the pic public once the fic is out • c •

tracer_comet.png tracer%20comet.psd (d)

Trash + Delta

Thu Apr 26 12:14:23 2018

another sketch for the coloring spree soon



Thu Apr 26 06:33:03 2018

sketch for my part of an art trade with hioshiru • c •

i'm gonna go on a coloring spree soon with all these sketches


Tracer and Comet

Wed Apr 25 03:56:49 2018

another space ponyos sketch, this one is a cover for an upcoming clopfic about these two written by clopficsinthecomments


Diamond's spell

Tue Apr 24 09:23:56 2018

this is diamond's boobs size, she uses a spell to reduce their size while at work or in public, then releases them at home

this fic goes well along with the pic

also i finished a pic a couple days ago and i'm currently coloring another but i can't post either of them here cause they both have apogee in it, sorry :/ you can find one of them (and soon the other) on derpibooru tho


Nerd pone (4K + PSD)

Fri Apr 20 21:54:45 2018

delta was a huge nerd on her 20s

younger_delta.png younger%20delta.psd (d)

Magic Touch 3 page 2 (4K+PSD)

Wed Apr 18 15:14:49 2018

next page \ • c • /

• Չ • mlem

mt3_page_2.png mt3%20page%202.psd (d)

Space Ponyo Oddity animation storyboard

Wed Apr 18 06:39:37 2018

i recently met a voice actor and a musician and we talked about doing this collaboration project

this is gonna be a 3~min animated music video based on the Space Ponyos and Space Oddity by David Bowie, song will be sang by Apogee over an original instrumental take on bowie's song

some things on this storyboard might change in the future

i'm also working on a collab art pack with anearbyanimal atm, more magic touch 3 updates soon too • c •


Younger Delta

Fri Apr 13 11:37:40 2018

she was a nerd

i may add some dialogue to it, i havent come up with anything good yet


Anthro Mayor Mare (4K+PSD)

Tue Apr 10 09:06:40 2018

this is a collab with anearbyanimal, he sketched this and jokingly told me to color it, so jokingly i did

also sorry that source file is flipped, thats how the pic originally looked, i had to flip the pic after it was done to fit the speech bubbles cause things would get messy if i flipped all the layers instead

anthro_mayor.png anthro%20mayor.psd (d)

Magic Touch 3 page 2 sketch remake

Sat Apr 7 13:01:01 2018

i changed some ideas again ^ c ^;

originally part 3 was gonna be about lyra having sneaky sex with a stallion and thats about it, and page 3 was gonna have lyra teasing bonbon and being rejected by her, but i didn't find it as funny as i thought at first, and it was kinda dissapointing to have bonbon in this comic for no more than a joke. so the new idea is, lyra will have a quicky with the stallion (neon lights probably), then he will invite her to continue in his room and invite bonbon too, which lyra will have to convince

i hope you like where this is going • c •


A n t h r o Mayor mare

Wed Apr 4 10:29:28 2018

forgive me i have sinned

anearbyanimal made a sketch of this and jokingly told me to color it cause i don't draw anthro, so i counter joked him by actually doing it


Magic Touch 3 page 1 (4K+PSD)

Tue Apr 3 22:32:54 2018

lyra's been busy since part two • c •

mt3_page_1.png mt3%20page%201.psd (d)

Perpetual Escape page 1 (4K+PSD)

Sun Apr 1 03:14:34 2018

happy easter and april fools • c •

this is a comic i made for practice before Magic Touch like 2 years ago and then tried to continue, but theres a few problems with that

turns out you can't post rape or violent content on patreon, and thats what this comic was gonna be about. i also originally didn't intend to make a story out of those practice pages so making one out of it didn't work very well. so it's better to work on magic touch, space ponyos and future new stories instead

that said, i might make page 2 of this next april fools and so on as a joke

dd_comic_page_1.png dd%20comic%20page%201.psd (d)

Space Ponyos (Full Res+PSD)

Wed Mar 28 22:02:50 2018

not porn but i'm very happy with how this came out, i tried a lot of new things and it was a lot of fun to make

these are characters from the Space Ponyos universe, from blog updates to fics to other arts

you can find more here

space_ponyos.png space%20ponyos.psd (d)

Windy is a good mom (4K+PSD)

Fri Mar 23 21:14:09 2018

(*best mom)

windy_is_good.png windy%20is%20good.psd (d)

Magic Touch 3 page 2 sketch

Fri Mar 23 06:27:30 2018

next page • c •

i'm still taking characters for backgrounds, if you'd like to have yours in the comic send me a ref pic on a comment here


Windy is a good mom

Wed Mar 21 07:12:22 2018

kind of a followup to this pic i made a while ago


Magic Touch 3 page 1 sketch

Thu Mar 15 23:14:04 2018

first page \ • c • / i'm gonna sketch a few pages more before i start coloring them

i'm also gonna need a lot of ponies for backgrounds like on the second panel and thought i'd make it a bonus reward for you guys, they won't be very detailed unless they're close or relevant to the scene, but i hope you enjoy it regardless

if you'd like to have your own character(s) in this and future pages, upload a reference pic on imgur or dropbox and link it in a comment here, you can send more than one character and be in more than one page. I'll pick characters that would fit the scene best (like by colors or role) but I'll try to get everyone in throught the comic

thank you for your kind support /)c <


Wet Bonesaw (4K+PSD)

Sun Mar 11 10:43:17 2018

i just finished this and it's past 7 am, i'll make it public when i wake up

- c - zzz

pic is a followup to this sketch by nearby

wet_bonesaw.png wet%20bonesaw.psd (d)

Wet bonepone

Fri Mar 9 08:56:42 2018

based on this sketch by nearby

his sketch wasnt wet enough so i made it more wet


Magic Touch 3 concept art

Wed Mar 7 23:05:50 2018

designs for the next part of the lyra comic, lyra takes bonbon for vacations on a fancy cruise and explains her how she got the bits to afford it

imma be working on the first page soon • c •


Secretary Raven (4K + PSD)

Sat Mar 3 08:44:58 2018

was this part of her contract? hmm

secretary_raven.png secretary%20raven.psd (d)

Raven is a good secretary

Fri Mar 2 06:08:39 2018

you be a good boss too ok? •` c ˊ•

jk this was part of her contract so have fun


Space ponyos animatic 3

Wed Feb 28 04:49:05 2018

last rough preview, next step is coloring \ • c • /

file.1 (d)

Professional duo (4K+PSD)

Sat Feb 24 09:13:42 2018

early upload again \ • c • /

i hope you like them mature mares

professional_duo.png professional%20duo.psd (d)

Professional duo

Fri Feb 23 03:39:05 2018

these two make a great couple


Apogee animatic 2

Thu Feb 22 06:30:08 2018

this is going a lot faster than i thought \ • c • /

0EfcqYUSS3KX94WxWBUcgNa1xh3GmLFb5EEWBQM-AmVFQodbeUPD0APJ6PvIwYvy.jpe (d)

Apogee animatic 1

Wed Feb 21 10:36:41 2018

rough practice animation, this one with voice and sound effects • c •

jet's voice isn't much like the one on the video but apogee's is perfect

voice clip taken from the english dub of Cowboy Bebop

Mn-9lU109_oJnlpVZZRwBYaf9dgE5PL6GjrFW6Y6athwpo3qpXhkPWNLomWKfzwT.jpe (d)

Merlin is GO for launch (4K+PSD)

Mon Feb 19 23:07:56 2018

rocket pone porn had to happen

merlin_refuel.png merlin%20refuel.psd (d)

Merlin is GO for launch

Sat Feb 17 06:08:30 2018

never thought i'd draw spacex-related porn • c •



Stygian x Flash Magnus

Sat Feb 17 00:29:26 2018

I might redo or not finish this one, i'm not very happy with how it came out


Mayor Mare (4K + PSD)

Mon Feb 12 21:49:58 2018

mature qt

if the psd file isn't up i'll reupload it later, my internet connection has been terrible lately ´• c •`

mayor_mare.png mayor%20mare.psd (d)

Mayor Mare sketch

Sat Feb 10 07:49:30 2018

would you fuck mayor mare? i would


Drunk Delta (4K+PSD)

Thu Feb 8 20:57:55 2018

momma ponyo had a fun night

drunk_delta.png drunk%20delta.psd (d)

Drunk Delta sketch

Sun Feb 4 08:56:48 2018

momma pone had a fun night


Diamond Gavel (4K+PSD)

Sat Feb 3 07:04:56 2018

trapped in an elevator with coworkers while in heat ouch

early upload cause i wont be able to post the psd file tomorrow (and possibly reupload after it fails again). pic will go public at the same time as usual tomorrow tho

based on a scene from this fic by Clopficsinthecomments, this scene doesnt actually happen in it but i liked the idea a lot

comet belongs to universe-fairy

diamond_comet.png diamond%20comet.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Wed Jan 31 04:46:27 2018

little thing based on a scene from this fic

this scene doesnt happen in it, but it built up to it so well i had to draw it

theyre stuck in an elevator and she's in heat


Pizza pone (4K+PSD)

Mon Jan 29 20:59:08 2018

theres not enough pizza pone porn and shes a qt

pizza_pone.png pizza%20pone.psd (d)

Next pic preview

Thu Jan 25 08:16:10 2018

theres not enough pizza pone porn, and i havent drawn her in a while

shes too cute not to


Apogee body pillow (fullres + psd)

Mon Jan 22 23:10:12 2018

thought itd be a funny idea • c •

full res pics are attached to this post below, they're the size required for printing from (and probably any other site). feel free to print your own if you'd like

i cant attach the psd file for some reason, but here's a link to it

apogee_daki_full_Custom.png apogee%20daki1.png apogee%20daki2.png

Apogee bodypillow sketch

Wed Jan 17 09:11:41 2018

this kinda happened out of nowhere, i thought itd be cute • c •

i might make a delta one too, with drunk old her in one side and young nerd one on the other, not sure yet


Delta Vee collab (4K+PSD)

Sun Jan 14 22:36:07 2018

collab with big-mac-115

based on this fic

i hope you like it • c •

delta_collab.png delta%20collab.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Thu Jan 11 02:52:02 2018

not my sketch, but thought i'd let you know what i'm working on next

this is a collaboration with based on a scene from this fanfic:

mac made the sketch, and i'll do the colors \ • c • /


Apogee animation (Full res + edits)

Sun Jan 7 20:59:46 2018

Little practice animation, i wanna get gud at this before trying to make something bigger

final_-_copia_2.gif transparent.gif blush.gif

Apogee animation wip 2

Sat Jan 6 18:26:48 2018

this might give you a better idea on what im trying to do


Delta Vee animation (Full Res)

Thu Jan 4 22:15:50 2018

this is the animation i was working on some time ago, I had bigger plans for it but I'll start those from scratch

also sorry for no source file on this one, I haven't figure out how to export them in Harmony yet


Apogee animation sneak peek

Thu Jan 4 06:56:08 2018

just a little practice thing, she's gonna switch between 4 expressions • c •


Soarinlane trade (4K + PSD)

Mon Jan 1 21:03:13 2018

my part of an art trade with supplesee

i hope you all have a happy 2018, and thankyou so much for your support <3

soarin_thunderlane.png soarin%20thunderlane.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Thu Dec 28 05:19:00 2017

i havent drawn gay in a while

this will be my part of an art trade with supplesee, he asked for soarin on top and thunderlane on bottom


Christmas Lyra (4K+PSD)

Sat Dec 23 21:12:00 2017

happy holidays ponyos • c •

stay safe and have a great one

xmass_lyra.png xmas%20lyra.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 16 end (4K+PSD)

Sat Dec 16 21:08:12 2017

Just a little pic to wrap this up, I hope you enjoyed this story

I'll take a little comics break between this and the next one to refresh ideas and get other stuff done too

Also it's almost christmas already, happy holidays • c • <3

mt2_page_16.png mt2%20page%2016.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 16 (end) sketch

Wed Dec 13 21:52:25 2017

last page from part 2 \ • c • /

i hope you liked this story so far, i have some ideas for part 3 but i'll take a break from comics and learn animation first


One more Windy sketch

Mon Dec 11 20:57:45 2017

another try at making my thing for the charity art pack, this might be the one tho

this pic would be for the free version of the pack which will be released around christmas time


Magic Touch 2 page 15 (4K+PSD)

Sat Dec 9 21:03:15 2017

there's only one page left aaa • c •

edit: i set it to the wrong pledge by mistake earlier, sorry about that

mt2_page_15.png mt2%20page%2015.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 15 sketch

Thu Dec 7 07:39:50 2017

i've been in a writing block lately and it took me a while to come up with the dialogues and idea for this page, huge thanks to my friend meno for the help, and thank you guys for your patience


Possibly another art pack pic

Fri Dec 1 00:15:08 2017

xmas lyra had to be done

this one might be exclusive for the charity pack, but i think it's ok to share the sketch here


Songbirb Serenade (4K + PSD)

Wed Nov 29 19:50:45 2017

bird pone needs a cold shower

theres still not enough porn of her

songbird_2.png songbird%202.psd (d)

Next pic preview

Mon Nov 27 07:54:37 2017

my dick needs more of this pone

i hope you like it too • c •


Magic Touch 2 page 14 (4K+PSD)

Thu Nov 23 21:40:01 2017

there's only a couple pages left for part 2 aaa

mt2_page_14.png mt2%20page%2014.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 14 sketch

Wed Nov 22 05:14:50 2017

we're getting close to the end of part 2 • c •

it blows my mind to think we've been making this comic for almost an entire year

i hope you enjoy it, there's still a couple pages left


Not-a-next pic preview

Sat Nov 18 07:32:08 2017

this pic might be for this year's clop for a cause xmas art pack, not sure yet

i'm trying to come up with a dialogue, something about him being dash's xmas present

i'm also almost done with a apogee pic, which i can't post here or on tumblr but it'll go up on derpibooru if you wanna see it • c •


Wet Coat (4K+PSD)

Tue Nov 14 20:58:34 2017

I haven't drawn this pone in so longg

wet_coat.png wet%20coat.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Mon Nov 13 10:10:10 2017

I haven't seen Fresh Coat in so longg

and look now, she's so excited to be back

also I'm still planning to finish the xcom pic, but probably after this


Magic Touch 2 page 13 (4K + PSD)

Thu Nov 9 23:31:48 2017

I'll upload the psd file later, my internet connection is being a piece of crap right now :(

Also I've got Delta's voice audio \o/ we'll come back to the animation soon

mt2_page_13.png mt2%20page%2013.psd (d)

XCOM2 Viper on pone sketch

Tue Nov 7 10:32:44 2017

i originally sketched this a year ago but i made some changes and, what do you guys think about it? would you like to see it colored?


Magic Touch 2 page 13 sketch

Tue Nov 7 10:32:58 2017

boi here it comes

also i think i finally got a voice actor for the animation, we'll come back to it as soon as they record the lines \o/


Sleepy pone (4K + PSD)

Mon Oct 30 22:16:24 2017

colored anearbyanimal's sketch of a cute sleepy pone - c - zzz

sleepy_pone.png sleepy%20pone.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Fri Oct 27 23:00:40 2017

Imma color this sleepy pone sketch anearbyanimal made, it's too cute not to


Magic Touch 2 page 12 (4K+PSD)

Tue Oct 24 22:35:47 2017


update on the animation: i'm still waiting for the voice actor to record the things i need ~ c ~ if they take too long i might release the animation without sound and make a new one once i have delta's voice

mt2_page_12.png mt2%20page%2012.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 12 preview

Fri Oct 20 08:33:20 2017

i remember reading a comment on derpi a while ago that predicted thunderlane would get fingered, i wonder if anyone else saw that coming too lol


Delta animation preview 3 (now in color)

Sun Oct 15 00:19:34 2017

here's what i have so far on the animation, next its the part when she turns her head and says a thing, but i gotta wait for a VA to record that first. i'm also planning to make the shading better and add some lights

i hope you like it so far \ • c • /


Nurse Bonesaw (4K + PSD)

Wed Oct 11 20:16:11 2017

my part of an art trade with anearbyanimal \o/

nurse_bonesaw_nsfw.png nurse%20bonesaw%20nsfw.psd (d)

Delta animation preview 2

Mon Oct 9 22:08:13 2017

these two parts would loop for a bit longer and she will say something when she turns her head, then go back to the first pose

next step is coloring \o/


Next pic sketch take two

Sat Oct 7 05:34:24 2017

this will be the actual art trade pic, i wasnt too happy with the old one


Delta animation preview 1

Fri Oct 6 03:00:12 2017

First time making an animation thats not pixel art, the plan is to color it, add sound effects and voice and a bunch other things, but we'll see about that once i figure out how to use Harmony lol


Magic Touch 2 page 11 (4K+PSD)

Thu Oct 5 20:52:39 2017

happy spooktober! there will be some halloween related pics this month

and an animation

i'll post sneak peeks of that soon

mt2_page_11.png mt2%20page%2011.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Mon Oct 2 22:58:15 2017

my part of an art trade with Anearbyanimal, Nurse Bonesaw dressed as a witch

I'll color this one after the next Magic Touch page this week • c •


Twilight Velvet (4K + PSD)

Sat Sep 30 20:55:44 2017

sorry did i say velvet remedy? i meant twilight velvet > c >

i also finished an apogee pic a couple days ago but i cant post it here or tumblr, it's up on derpibooru if you wanna see it

twilight_velvet_nsfw.png twilight%20velvet%20nsfw.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 11 sketch

Fri Sep 29 00:50:37 2017

things are about to get WET


Magic Touch 2 page 10 (4K + PSD)

Sun Sep 24 21:51:38 2017

Thanks a lot for your patience and sorry for the long wait, I'll work on the next page this week along with a Velvet Remedy pic and an Apogee one (might not be able to post that one here or tumblr tho :/)

mt2_page_10.png mt2%20page%2010.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 10 sketch

Fri Sep 22 22:20:53 2017

Sorry for the long wait, I'll get this page done asap and try to get the next one done before the end of this month along with the Velvet Remedy pic, an Apogee one and anything else that comes up on the way


Sketch preview

Sat Sep 16 04:19:55 2017

Sorry for the long wait for both the lyra comic and the daring do one, both are at a point where the panels are mostly sex and i'm trying to make them look dynamic and different from eachother, but it's harder than I thought and i wanna make sure both comics look good in the end

in the meantime here's a pic of Velvet Remedy from fallout equestria that i might color after the two comic updates

i hope you like it \o/


Somnambula (4K + PSD)

Mon Sep 11 20:34:41 2017

follow up to the previous pic

i have no idea how sex between these two would work, so had to skip to this ^ c ^;

i hope you like it regardless

somnambula_nsfw.png somnambula%20nsfw.psd (d)

Sphinx/Somnambula 2 sketch

Fri Sep 8 21:04:06 2017

sorry i couldn't resist, drawing this much cum is fun \o/


Sphinx nsfw (4K+PSD)

Thu Sep 7 20:25:23 2017

based on this scene (spoiler)

also horse dick cause cat dicks are weird ^ c ^;

sphinx_nsfw.png sphinx%20nsfw.psd (d)

[Spoiler] next pic sketch

Mon Sep 4 09:33:58 2017

sorry for no Daring Do yet, had some troubles trying to get the next page right

this pic is based on this scene from the leaked episode

also cat dicks are weird, hope you don't mind a horse dick on this creature instead


Magic Touch 2 page 9 (4K + PSD)

Mon Aug 28 20:21:53 2017

That's what happens when you make a stallion wait

mt2_page_9.png mt2%20page%209.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 9 sketch

Fri Aug 25 06:21:00 2017

It's safe to say now part 2 will be longer than the first one \o/

I'll also get back to work on the daring do comic after this page


Songbird Serenade (4K+PSD)

Fri Aug 18 23:13:22 2017

There's not enough porn of this pone

songbird_serenade.png songbird%20serenade.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Wed Aug 16 06:21:34 2017

I'm not sure if this counts as spoilers cause this pic has nothing to do with that something, but this character from that something is a qt


Magic Touch 2 Page 8 (4K+PSD)

Mon Aug 14 21:42:42 2017

back to this too \o/

mt2_page8.png mt2%20page8.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 8 sketch

Sun Aug 13 01:20:11 2017

back to this as well \o/


Deeeer (4K + PSD)

Wed Aug 9 22:19:42 2017

we're back \o/

I may draw a follow up to this another time, these deer are qts

lewd_deer.png lewd%20deer.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Wed Aug 9 03:14:04 2017

New tablet is here \o/ once again thank you so much for your support <3

Here's a group of deer I met in Pony Town



Sat Jul 29 05:20:55 2017

Hey guys, I won't be able to draw for a few weeks, here's why:

If you stick with me for another month I will be able to buy a new tablet next week, and I can't thank you enough for that

But after that, tablet will take about 1 or 2 weeks to arrive, so I won't be able to draw til then, i'm sorry :(

Pixel Bite (4K+PSD)

Thu Jul 27 20:56:01 2017

red-x-bacon's cute thicc pone \o/

pixel_bite.png pixel%20bite.psd (d)

Perpetual Escape page 4 sketch

Wed Jul 26 21:56:45 2017

he really is serious


Next pic preview

Mon Jul 24 20:51:09 2017

Thicc gamer pone for red-x-bacon (shh don't tell)

Also, are there any stallions you'd like to see some gay drawings of? there's not many good ones in the show :(


Magic Touch 2 page 7 (4K+PSD)

Sun Jul 23 21:33:41 2017

I haven't drawn so much dick in a whilee

mt2_page_7.png mt2%20page%207.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 7 preview

Fri Jul 21 02:35:06 2017

lots of dick on this one


Perpetual Escape cover (4K+PSD)

Tue Jul 11 21:39:30 2017

As I said in the announcement post, this comic will be sketched first and then colored for consistency. I've never worked on three stories at once before so I'm trying to find a good way to keep up with all three ~ c ~

perpetual_escape_cover.png perpetual%20escape%20cover.psd (d)

Daring Do comic page 3 sketch

Mon Jul 10 06:10:23 2017

Spoiler: there will be vaginal sex, what originally was the next page will come a couple pages later (this )


Daring Do comic page 2 sketch

Sun Jul 9 05:27:39 2017

Trying to give some context to the scene, it will make more sense later on


Magic Touch 2 page 6 (4K+PSD)

Thu Jul 6 21:11:45 2017

First time drawing cunnilingus, I hope you like it \ • c • /

mt2_page_6.png mt2%20page%206.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 6 sketch

Wed Jul 5 06:48:25 2017

Working on three stories at once turned out harder than expected, but I'll get used to it

I'll work on the next two pages of the Daring Do comic and finish the cover page for the announcement after this page is done \o/


Windy and Velvet (4K+PSD)

Tue Jun 27 21:43:41 2017

I hope you don't mind some more Windy, she and Twilight Velvet make a great milf duo

milf_succ.png milf%20succ.psd (d)

Next pic preview

Tue Jun 27 05:58:21 2017

I reaaally can't get enough of Rainbow mom, and these two make a great couple


Daring Do comic page 1 sketch

Mon Jun 26 21:45:46 2017

You may recognize those two panels from the original page, the ones that followed will be in the next one or two pages

Also the guard has a visible face now, there will be some dialogue from him and there will be more characters later on so thought it'd be weird to hide only his face, or everyone's face


Daring Do comic cover sketch

Mon Jun 26 02:57:33 2017

I've been working on this story this week and got something solid to start with

BUT the title always turns out to be the hardest part, something related to escaping or being captured would work, like "Daring Do and the escape from...", "and the Perpetual Escape" or "and the Ceaseless Capture", but I'm not really sure. what do you think?


Magic Touch 2 page 5 (4K+PSD)

Thu Jun 22 21:22:16 2017

I've been trying to change the way I draw vaginas to something a bit more horse accurate, it's not that big of a change but i hope you like it regardless \o/

mt2_page_5.png mt2%20page%205.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 5 sketch

Wed Jun 21 09:49:48 2017

I just got this done and its almost 7 am, time to sleep - c - zzz

I hope you guys like where this is going, I'll finish this page in a couple days and then work on the Daring Do comic


Goal reached

Thu Jun 15 03:30:45 2017

We just reached our first goal! and my mind is blown

This wasn't part of the goal, but a while back I promised whenever we reached it I'd continue (or rather reboot) the Daring Do comic (this one ). If you are still interested in it then I'd be more than happy to work on it again, along with Magic Touch as usual

The plan would be different than Magic Touch, for this comic I would sketch most (if not all) pages first and then color them, that way updates would be a bit more frequently and consistant. I'd also write a story with a proper intro, remake the pages that were done before and continue from where it was left. Sketches would be posted here as soon as they're done as always, and then each finished page too

If that sounds good for you guys then I'll start writing the story and get some sketches done in the next couple weeks. I'll also make this announcement public once I have a solid idea and a full cover pic done

I can't express enough how grateful I am for all your support, you guys are amazing. Thank you for enjoying my silly stories and arts and allowing me to do this for a living and to make more stuff for us to enjoy <3

Magic Touch 2 page 4 (4K+PSD)

Wed Jun 14 20:03:30 2017

Instead of drawing 1 comic page > random pic > comic and so on, I'll try to draw the next page next this time, getting out of track by drawing stuff in between makes it harder to come back to the comic and ideas for each page

I hope that's okay with you guys

• c •

mt2_page_4.png mt2%20page%204.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 4 sketch

Mon Jun 12 04:48:13 2017

These sketches somehow take way longer than coloring them, I try not to repeat ideas, expressions, perspectives and stuff on each page and sketch but it's not always easy

I'll try to draw page 5 right after this one instead of page > random pic > page like usual and see if that helps


Pip and Velvet (4K+PSD+Edit)

Thu Jun 8 22:52:00 2017

It's already been like 6 months since the last FoE pic aaa

Crotchboobs edit is below along the PSD file

Comic page is next \ • c • /

littlepipxvelvet.png littlepipxvelvet2.png littlepipxvelvet.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Mon Jun 5 00:54:55 2017

these are Littlepip and Velvet Remedy from Fallout Equestria, and the first time I've ever drawn scissoring somehow


Magic Touch 2 page 3 (4K + PSD)

Wed May 31 22:30:16 2017

Spoiler: Next page is where the lewds start \o/

mt2_page_3.png mt2%20page%203.psd (d)

Bonus sketch

Tue May 30 02:50:18 2017

Deer pone I drew while working on the next comic page

A friend of mine said he's embarrased of the little deerdick in middle of all the big pony ones, and it made the picture so much more interesting


Magic Touch 2 page 3 preview

Tue May 30 02:47:16 2017

This page has more dialogue than it seemed at first, I even had to cut some of it off

Next page is where the lewds start \o/


Windy Whistles (4K + PSD)

Sun May 21 19:44:31 2017

Windy a qt

I also made an edit with just her and Soarin with no text and stuff, you can download it below like the PSD file

windy_whistles.png windy%20whistles2.png windy%20whistles.psd (d)

Next pic sneak peek

Sat May 20 06:27:03 2017

I can't get enough of rainbow mom, she's a qt


What crotchboobs size do you like?

Fri May 19 20:55:13 2017

This is really hard to choose when it comes to drawing them. I usually try to match the size with the character's personality, like big ones on a slutty character and small ones on a shy one, but I like them both the same, and without them too.

How about you? would you rather see more big boobs on pone than small ones? or the other way around? I could also make boob-less edits on the pics that have them if you'd like

Magic Touch 2-2 (4K + PSD)

Thu May 18 20:20:04 2017

Thanks for the patience between this and the last page, trip and being sick right after threw me off track but we're back now

magic_touch_p2_page_2.png magic%20touch%20p2%20page%202.psd (d)

Magic Touch 2 page 2 sketch

Wed May 17 06:54:28 2017

I kinda forgot how the story goes after being away for so long but we're back in track now ^ c ^;


Dash parents (4K + PSD)

Fri May 12 17:58:29 2017

Dash's parents are so cute, I might draw more of them soon

dash_parentss.png dash%20parents.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Thu May 11 04:56:01 2017

I like Dash's parents a lot s̶p̶e̶c̶i̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶m̶o̶m̶

Magic Touch will continue after this pic is done



Wed May 3 19:03:32 2017

Hey pones, I wanted to let you know that I'm away from home atm until May 9th and won't be able to draw much. I brought my tablet with me and my friend lets me use his PC sometimes, but I can't let him see me draw porn, so gotta do it whenever he's not around ^c^; sorry for the inconvinience

Magic Touch 2 page 1 (4K + PSD)

Sat Apr 29 05:58:02 2017

Thank you guys for the support throughout this story so far, It's very flattering to hear that a lot of you liked part 1. Comic writing is something I wanted to do for a while but struggled a lot to learn, and hearing that you enjoy this comic is very encouraging and I can't wait to make more and better pages (and if there's something you don't like, feel free to tell me and I'll try to improve it)

magic_touch_2_page_1.png magic%20touch%202%20page%201.psd (d)

Magic Touch part 2 page 1 preview

Thu Apr 27 06:00:07 2017

Here we go again \o/


Otaku x Shino (4K + PSD)

Wed Apr 19 22:55:37 2017

I meant to draw these two together for months, but didn't have any ideas until now. It's also been a while since the last gay artt

otaku69.png otaku69.psd (d)

Next pic sketch

Tue Apr 18 21:04:08 2017

It's been a while since the last gay \o/


Another one I might not finish

Mon Apr 17 09:28:29 2017

Or maybe I will, dunno yet. I hope you like it • c •


Bonus sketch, might not finish

Mon Apr 17 00:42:22 2017

Xcom 2 Vipers are kinda hot tbh and I wanted to draw one for a while. I might not finish it tho but figured I'd share it with you guys regardless


Magic Touch page 10 (4K + PSD)

Fri Apr 14 22:37:34 2017

Here's the end of part one, I know it may have seemed kinda short but this is intended to be a build up for what's coming later in the story, and also a bit of a practice/warm up since it's my first time making a comic regularily

I hope you guys like this story so far, there will be a lot more to come ?

magic_touch_page_10.png magic%20touch%20page%2010.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 10 sketch

Wed Apr 12 22:07:11 2017

This will be coming out sooner than usual cause I can't wait to work on part two


Magic Touch page 9 (4K + PSD)

Mon Apr 10 21:01:46 2017

Looks like someone's in trouble

magic_touch_page_9.png magic%20touch%20page%209.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 9 sketch

Sat Apr 8 23:55:17 2017

Sorry for the long wait between pages, I'll try to get the next one or two pages sketched right after this one is done

• c •


Ms Harshwhinny (4K + PSD)

Sat Apr 1 21:10:06 2017

No april fools related picture once again, but I hope you like it \o/

harshwhinny.png harshwhinny.psd (d)

Next pic sneak peek

Thu Mar 30 08:59:39 2017

More mature pones, Harshwhinny has been on my to-do list for monthsss


Magic Touch page 8 (4K + PSD)

Tue Mar 28 22:39:11 2017

Getting close to the end of part 1 \o/

magic_touch_page_8.png magic%20touch%20page%208.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 8 sketch

Sat Mar 25 23:16:24 2017

These pages take longer to sketch than color ^c^;

This one should be done by Mondayy


March Gustysnows (4K + PSD + edit)

Wed Mar 22 23:09:11 2017

this pone a qt <3

there's also a crotchboobs edit attached to this post if that's something you like

march_gustysnows.png march%20gustysnows%20edit.png march%20gustysnows.psd (d)

Another pic preview

Tue Mar 21 08:55:14 2017

I've been trying to finish the previous sketch but something about it looks off and I can't put my finger on it, so I'll try again and redraw it another time.

For now this will be the next pic, sorry for the inconvinience ^ c ^;


Next pic sketch

Wed Mar 15 20:38:36 2017

The three AskViewingPleasure pones are qts, if you know their owner tho don't tell him about this, it's a surpriseeee


Magic Touch page 7 (4K - PSD)

Mon Mar 13 22:33:35 2017

I said this in the sketch post, but for those of you who don't have access to it here goes again; Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, my schedule got all messed up and I couldn't get anything done. Things should be back to normal now. Thanks for your patience and continuous support <3

magic_touch_page_7.png magic%20touch%20page%207.png magic%20touch%20page%207.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 7 preview

Sat Mar 11 07:47:58 2017

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, my schedule got all messed up and I couldn't get anything done. Things should be back to normal now and page 7 is on the way


Magic Touch page 6 (4K + PSD)

Fri Mar 3 21:02:45 2017

Betcha didnt see that coming

magic_touch_page_6.png magic%20touch%20page%206.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 6 sneak peek

Wed Mar 1 05:22:05 2017

She gotta do what she gotta do


Prism bday (4K + PSD)

Tue Feb 28 03:08:35 2017

I can't post this one until tomorrow, so you guys can have an early peek

prism_bdayy.png prism%20bdayy.psd (d)

Next pic preview

Sat Feb 25 06:15:41 2017

Working on this birthday gift for a friend, their OC is a qt too


Magic Touch page 5 (4K + PSD)

Tue Feb 21 22:53:06 2017

Easiest bits she's made in a while? that might be about to change

magic_touch_page_5.png magic%20touch%20page%205.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 5 sketch

Mon Feb 20 01:50:59 2017

next page previeww


Rush B suka 4K + PSD

Thu Feb 16 23:16:05 2017

Sorry for the late upload here, I had a power outage earlier cause of a storm

I hope you guys like it, comic page is next • c •

cyka_blyat.png cyka%20blyat.psd (d)

Rush B cyka blyat

Wed Feb 15 00:29:43 2017

I've been playing CS:GO kind of a lot lately, and this was all I could think of


Magic Touch page 4

Thu Feb 9 21:48:19 2017

here we go with the good stufff

i hope you guys like it <3

magic_touch_page_4.png magic%20touch%20page%204.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 4 preview

Tue Feb 7 00:11:40 2017

next page is on the wayy


Crotchtits (4K + PSD)

Sat Feb 4 21:07:29 2017

First time drawing crotchtits and internal view, page 4 of the comic is nextt

crotchtits.png crotchtits.psd (d)

Upcoming pic sketch

Thu Feb 2 06:53:37 2017

First time drawing crothtits and internal view, I like both big and small boobs so I tried to have both in the pic

I hope you guys like it, and if this isn't your thing no worries, the next comic page will come after this


Magic Touch page 3 (4K + PSD)

Mon Jan 30 20:57:39 2017

I hope you guys like this comic so far, I had to build up some sort of background story before jumping into the lewds, but next page is where that begins

magic_touch_page_3.png magic%20touch%20page%203.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 3 preview

Fri Jan 27 21:41:37 2017

Next pagee, I hope you like where this is going, page 4 is where the actual lewds happen


Delta Vee 4K + PSD

Fri Jan 27 21:03:23 2017

It had to be done

Working on the comic next, I'll upload a sneak peek of the next page in a bit

Once again thank you guys for the support, I've had a lot of extra time to draw this month and I'm really excited to make more stuff for you all

delta_vee_nsfw.png delta%20vee%20nsfw.psd (d)

Upcoming pic sketch

Tue Jan 24 23:48:18 2017

Mandatory Delta Vee lewds, I'll work on the next comic page after this


Nikita 4K + PSD

Tue Jan 24 21:25:02 2017

Nikita is ready for some late night movies

Gift for

nikita_nsfw.png nikita%20nsfw.psd (d)

Next picture preview

Fri Jan 20 07:51:50 2017

Nikita a qt

Don't tell Nips about this tho, it's a surprisee


Magic Touch page 2 (4K + PSD)

Wed Jan 18 23:21:54 2017

Next one or two pages are where the good stuff starts

magic_touch_page_2.png magic%20touch%20page%202.psd (d)

Magic Touch page 1 (4K + PSD)

Wed Jan 18 23:20:57 2017

It took a while but they're finally done, I'll be posting sketch previews for future pages as I work on them. I hope you like it!

magic_touch_page_1.png magic%20touch%20page%201.psd (d)

Double Birthday 4K + PSD

Wed Jan 11 21:05:57 2017

Cause Fearingfun and I share the same birthday \o/

fearing_shino_bday.png fearing%20shino%20bday.psd (d)

Next pic wip

Mon Jan 9 19:49:54 2017

Working on this pic before the comic, this wednesday is both Fearingfun's birthday and mine, so just like last year I might as well draw something for the occasion


Upcoming comic project preview

Fri Jan 6 23:25:11 2017

Starting a new comic, this one I actually planned the story ahead of time.

The idea is a full 20~ pages story featuring Lyra and her magic hand that only she can cast, starting after the handjob at the park scene I drew two months ago.

It starts with her casually giving a handjob for money, to then take more and more customers, until she becomes the owner of a brothel and invites a few friends to work with her.

I will get these two pages finished in about a week after I finishing a bday picture I gotta work on first. And then I'll try my best to update it regularily.

I hope you like it ♥


Roseluck 4K + PSD

Tue Jan 3 21:03:53 2017

First pic of the year, suggested by Buttocher and Dogepony

roseluck_afterholidays.png roseluck%20afterholidays.psd (d)

Nvm the last sketch, here's the next pic

Sat Dec 31 09:32:25 2016

Suggested by Dogepony and Buttocher, it was too good not to. This is Roseluck removing all the christmas decorations, or at least attempting to.

As always feel free to make suggestions or request characters, ideas, scenarios, etc. for future pictures in these sneak peek posts.

and have a happy new year! ♥


Sneak peek and suggestions

Fri Dec 30 23:03:54 2016

80's Cheerilee for the next pic. I'm planning to draw bondage soon since it was suggested, just trying to come up with a character and scenario for it. Is there anything you guys would like to see next? like characters, ideas, scenarios, etc. Characters can be OCs too, but only those I've drawn before.

Also have a happy new years tomorrow, take care and eat lots of food ♥


Raven 4K + PSD

Wed Dec 28 21:03:34 2016

Gift for Neoncel \o/

raven2final.png raven2.psd (d)

Upcoming pic sneak peek

Sun Dec 25 21:02:05 2016

Working on a gift for Neoncel, I wanted to draw this qt for so longg


Xmas Pip 4K + PSD

Sat Dec 24 21:06:57 2016

Merry christmas! take care and have a great one

xmas_pip2.png xmas%20pip.psd (d)

Possibly next pic sneak peek

Thu Dec 22 00:14:24 2016

I felt like drawing Littlepip for this christmas but it ended up looking kinda off character, should I go for it or change the character?

I hope you guys have a good holidays, once again thanks a lot for your support ♥


Zero gravity 4K + PSD

Wed Dec 21 21:03:05 2016

Bday gift for my friend Aggie

PSD file should be embed to this post, if there's any issues let me know and I'll upload it to dropbox instead

(note, all my source files open better with SAI)

aggie_bday_final2.png aggie%20bday.psd (d)

Sneak peek from upcoming picture

Mon Dec 19 08:05:34 2016

I just finished sketching this for my friend's birthday in a couple days, gonna color it in the next few days

There's not enough space porn and zero gravity jizzing


Unfinished pictures Dec (so far), thoughts?

Fri Dec 16 20:33:47 2016

I meant to finish these but never got time to do it. Would you like to see any if them finished sometime? Feel free to suggest characters for these or future pictures in the comments.

Also I'll be posting future sketches and WIPs on their own posts in the future, I just put these together cause some are older than others and don't wanted to spam the feed with them.


Grace Manewitz clean edit 4K

Fri Dec 16 20:16:44 2016

The roundest of bellies


Grace Manewitz 4K

Fri Dec 16 20:13:34 2016

Cum version


Aces High and Lavanda 4K

Fri Dec 16 20:10:25 2016

Being a town mayor sure looks fun


Lyra handjob 4K

Fri Dec 16 20:05:30 2016

This is from November, but might as well post it right


PSD files December (up to date)

Fri Dec 16 19:34:34 2016

There will be more to come soon