Olya MiG-31 Debut (Line)

Sun Sep 27 21:59:28 2020

Coming along real nicely here! Not too bad for someone who hasn't really 'drawn' his final lines in quite a while, eh?

Also like to point out I have a few other ideas for this image that I will lay down once I finish the image.


Lack of productivity / Art Style Direction

Sat Sep 26 18:29:20 2020

Some of y'all may notice I've been quite unproductive lately, more so than before. At least here.

Yes, the Army life has been leaving me tired and slightly unmotivated, but despite this, I actually have been doodling quite a bit in my off time, but the problem is finding the drive to actually complete them (and I have this personal policy about ONLY uploading when I've actually progressed past what I've uploaded or plan to upload). It's at this point, I may be changing my strategy when it comes to finishing them.

It's started as of Page 2 for North Rising, 4 months ago. I've been using a 'new style' for linework, where I use vector lines in place of raster lines, hence why the linework is -stupid- clean and 'perfect', with no inconsistent 'pinches' in thickness in them. Something I feel is ideal, given the synthetic nature of aeromorphs.

For those that don't know, and to try and put it simply, but vector graphics retain their crispness and clarity, regardless of the resolution the image is at, so you can scale it up from 512x512 to 8K and the image will still be crisp and clear. Try that with raster graphics, and it will turn out blurry, pixelated and perhaps unrecognizable. Basically, it'd look like garbage.

As a result, I could scale the image up to stupid-high resolutions for real high-quality prints.

I couldn't be more satisfied with the final product.

But there's something I overlooked in all this; I already draw at stupid-high resolutions, even before relying on vectors, so this is a bit overkill.

Plus, as I began to experiment back and forth on these, I find that working with vectors is a little more on the time-consuming side, and to that extent, I find myself intimidated, especially when it comes to comics, which are -huge- images, and therefore, just back off and do up a new sketch.

Basically, to sum it all up...

In my obsession with 'perfection', that ALL my works had to be held to this standard, all drawn in this advanced style, I then got intimidated and lost sight of the bigger picture(s). So, for the sake of simplicity and productivity, I'm gonna be changing this.

I'll still do images with the vector style, but I'm gonna be doing more images with my older style (or do a mix of the two), and try something new as well to actually get some of my unfinished sketches out there, for the sake of not letting them accumulate on my hard drive and fade into obscurity.

You'll be seeing a few soon! The MiG-31 pic will be in my older style.

I also have been dabbling in 3D a little more lately too. You'll probably be seeing some of that in the near future too!

MiG-31 Test (Draft)

Sat Sep 26 17:34:55 2020

I figured it's high time I finally did a Foxhound! Had this one sitting on the backburner a while, but I'm happy to say I'm finally making some progress on it! Also trying something a little new with this in that when I make a debut for certain Aeros, it'd include the actual aircraft they're based on in the background!


North Rising - Page 3 (Finished)

Sun Aug 16 15:12:48 2020

The page is finally finished, y'all! Tied a few new things with this one, primarily the use of clouds in it!

There's a bit of a bug with this page I still need to fix, but I just wanted to post it here anyway to let y'all know it's 99.9% done anyway!


North Rising - Page 3 (Line)

Thu Aug 13 17:49:44 2020

Slowly but surely making some progress on this! I know it's off to a slow start, but things are going to speed up a bit, storywise!


North Rising - Page 3 (Draft)

Mon Aug 3 14:22:01 2020

Sorry for the delay in this y'all, not only am I still in a bit of an art-funk, I've been trying to tackle a few other things which should be appearing soon, I like to wait to post until I have made progress past the point you see, so I'm actually working on it. So if I complete the draft, I wait until I'm almost done with the final linework to post the draft, and so on.

Expect another draft very soon!


At The Track - Part 2 (Done)

Sun Jul 26 17:13:44 2020

And it's done, y'all! Just gotta work on a story to go with it and it'll be up on FA!


At The Track - Part 2 (Line)

Sat Jul 25 15:27:06 2020

Almost done! May add in a few more details I see are missing here in the linework! Opened their eyes a bit too!


At The Track - Part 2 (Draft)

Fri Jul 24 22:24:23 2020

Took me a while, but I've finally got Part 2 to the 'Down at the track' pic underway! Expect an update later today, I've been chugging along with this and it's sequel image too!

Here we have Chris already hitting first and second base with (bot to top) Sherwin and Kowalski! Whom I am very satisfied with how they turned out so far! Wait till the linework is up!


North Rising - Page 3 (Draft)

Thu Jul 16 00:29:27 2020

Been in the works a while, but I was able to push through my little art block and get some progress done on it! Expect to see an update soon!

Looks like the MiGs are p to something else, but something also seems to be up onto them!


Missy Pinup (Done)

Sun Jul 5 17:09:00 2020

This one has actually been done for a while, I was working on an additional version to go with it. Full nude version will be available in the rewards pack, along with a biography.


Blackbird Compromised - Page 1 (Done)

Sun Jul 5 01:57:54 2020

Ah, finally it's done! So here we are, opening with a little overture from Mama Blackbird herself.

Sorry this took a while, y'all, been running into brick walls as far as art goes lately. Can't seem to muster up the focus lately to complete things in a knick of time. These blocks usually are temporary though. I have ideas, just lacking the motivation really.


Blackbird Compromised - Page 1 (Line)

Sun Jun 28 20:47:31 2020

This one is actually not too far from being done, we should see the final result sometime very soon!

And yes, to those who were wondering before, Shandra is firing her afterburners in that last shot.


Blackbird Compromised - Page 1 (Draft)

Fri Jun 26 10:32:53 2020

Took me a little while to figure out how this would start as a comic, but I've got it hammered out. Basically a quick, abridged intro to start before getting to the good stuff. I've also made a little progress on this in the last week and a half, so expect an update in the near future!


Missy Pinup (Draft)

Fri Jun 26 10:15:54 2020

Couldn't sleep, thought it's not only been a good while since I posted anything, but also since Missy has had a standalone pic, and I figured a pinup with her and Lucy (just to name a few) for North Rising would be fun, along with little bios and stats too! Expect an update very soon, made considerable progress since the draft stage.

God it's gonna be one long ass day for me, mentally and physically... Wish me luck, y'all!


Blackbird: Compromised Cover (Finished)

Fri Jun 12 19:00:27 2020

"According to official sources, there have been no reports of an SR-71 Blackbird ever being downed by the Russians... But what if one actually HAD been captured? What would that have entailed? Well, one Blackbird can tell you just what would have happened..."

I'm so happy to finally get this rolling. I know I'm taking on quite a load by doing this and North Rising in tandem, but I really want to get this out while the drive is still there. Five years in the making, now ready to go!

Page 1 is currently underway, as is Page 3 for North Rising, along with other things I hope to get done in the near future!

Cover_-_VHS_ver1_-_lo.png Cover_-_Ver1_-_lo.png Cover_-_VHS_ver1_-_lo.png

Blackbird: Compromised Cover - Line

Fri Jun 12 12:35:03 2020

Scheduled post here.
Making some speedy progress with this, we should have the final very soon. >:3

I also added and changed a few things. For one, her expression is a bit different, the flag is a little more centered, and there's another guest in the background too, after a last minute edit to the story.


May Rewards Sent + New Comic Underway

Wed Jun 10 03:18:42 2020

As usual, just a hair late on my end, but your pledges have all been processed, and I've sent out links to the rewards folder! Once more, people, your support is greatly appreciated! <3

And yes, you read right! I'm going to be working on a new comic in tandem with North Rising, centered around Shandra! More details will be in the actual cover page post!

Blackbird: Compromised Cover - Draft

Wed Jun 10 03:29:47 2020

I've been sitting on this idea for a good, long time now, with an old prototype cover back on FA
(God that old style is painful to look at >.<)

Now that i have juices going again for it, I'd rather try and get it out now than wait for it to sit and grow stale again. It's undergone a number of revisions over the last 5-6 years, but I think I've finally settled on a solid idea to go off of. I will be doing this in tandem with North Rising.

Now, before you ask; No, this is NOT a follow-up to NYS2. Once again, NYS2 is DEAD, I will not be continuing it.

Now, unlike North Rising, which will focus a little more on story (and I'm in no crazy rush to get that out), I plan for this comic to be much shorter and more abridged than North Rising is. This one is a more steamy recollection detailing one of Shandra's most intense encounters with the Soviet Union... On their own soil. This Cold War is about to get HOT.


North Rising Page 2 (Done)

Tue May 26 15:28:05 2020

Ugh, FINALLY got it done. What was really killing me with this image were the buildings in the background, trying to find a means of making them quick and easily, but I think I've finally come up with a means of doing so!

Another thing that really slowed my progress was all the training I've been doing the last few months... In addition to losing the original plot for this (thankfully I rewrote it all, and think it's a little more compelling).

I should be back on a normal schedule in the near future!

Another thing I experimented with here was the application of new shading and linework methods, something I may go back and update the first page with in the future too.

What I'm doing new here is using vector lines and shapes for the linework and shading, making everything much cleaner and crisper!


Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge - Sailor Typhoon (Done)

Mon May 25 13:32:13 2020

Sped on through the linework stage and jumped right to the final product. Quite amused with how this turned out. x3

It features a new linework and shading method. Just looks so much cleaner, don't it? :D

The comic page, which should be next very soon, will be featuring some of these new shading styles.


Sailor Typhoon - Redraw meme (draft) + Status update

Sun May 24 13:11:21 2020

Caved into yet another meme. Sailor Moon? More like Sailor TYPHOON! *crickets*

Hey y'all, I'm still alive here. Sorry I have been slow as far as art goes, I've started some stuff, but I just need to retain the drive to finish them. Things have been a bit rough here the last several days, but thankfully it looks like it may be ending soon. Still no word of when I'm shipping out, sadly. D:

The comic page is almost done, still got a few things to touch up with it. In addition to that, i have a few things I'll be posting in the near future too.


North Rising - Page 2 (Line)

Sat May 9 00:10:56 2020

So sorry this took so long y'all, been super busy with stuff over on my end, but it's official, I'm done with my training! So I may have a little more time on my hands in the near future, and should be able to work on these a little more often!


North Rising I - Page 2 (Draft)

Sat Apr 25 13:38:59 2020

Sorry this took so long, more Army stuff on my end, plus, been in a real block as far as art goes over here.

Should also note that I did a clean, fresh install on my computer, and in doing so, I evidently forgot to migrate some files over to an external drive, and lost these files. Among these files were the original story drafts for North Rising, but I actually managed to rewrite them over the last week, and I think this new take on the story offers a little more story and depth than before! I've got more of a charge to get this rolling now. :3

I'll try to get this done before the 5th of May.


Down at the Track - 2020 Redux (Done)

Sat Apr 4 20:25:17 2020

This one took a little while, but it's done! There will be an alternate version available in the rewards pack. Nothing much, but it'd be Chris without the vest.


North Rising - Page 1 (revised) + Last Month's rewards

Wed Apr 1 23:59:27 2020

Okay, so apparently I lost the file for the latest version of the first page, and I was forced to start over again at a certain point... I honestly could have rolled with the saved page I had earlier, but I saw a few things I wanted to tune up.

THANKFULLY, however, it was just the shading I had to redo. So, I took this opportunity to try a new style of shading for the sake of time, and also touch up the page a little bit with the aforementioned features. Some are very subtle, but some stand out a bit more. I have a reason for some, and it will be apparent a little later in!

Switching gears back to last month's rewards, it slipped my mind that a few of you didn't get February's rewards pack, and fear not, I will also include those in March's pack too!


North Rising I - Page 1 (Done)

Mon Mar 23 01:37:35 2020

And so it REALLY begins now! I was actually done with this page a while now, but I was doing everything I could to check and make sure everything was right and ready before going live with it. Of course, I don't want to kill myself over one page, especially when it's literally page friggin one!

Anyway, here we've got a trio of North Korean MiGs flying south to deliver some propaganda leaflets, and stir up a little chaos!


New Aero Comic: North Rising - Page 1 (Line)

Sat Mar 14 18:53:50 2020

Made tremendous progress in the last day and a half! You're looking at a slightly older version right now, and the final version should be ready very soon!


New Aero Comic - North Rising: Page 1 (Draft)

Thu Mar 12 11:20:02 2020

And so it begins, y'all! I was a little apprehensive about this whole opening scene because not a whole lot happens for the next few pages, mostly development, but things are also gonna speed up real quick too...

Aaand this page and the next few might take a bit, as they involve some mildly sophisticated backgrounds (funny since it's supposed to be a story of planes in the air). But you'll see shortly! I'll see what I can do this weekend.


Down at the Track - 2020 Redux (Line)

Mon Mar 2 04:06:51 2020

Well, I was barely able to get much of this done over the week and weekend, as some numbnuts ruined most of our free time and it's led to one formation after another, including a so-called "Gi Party", which was so freaking fun. Ugh...

So it's why this looks a wee bit rushed too. I'll add and correct a few more details a little later down the road.

Nighty night y'all!


Down at the Track - 2020 Redux (Draft)

Fri Feb 28 23:38:54 2020

Apart from working on the comic, I've been in a little bit of a dry spell over here. So I am browsing through my gallery, my old stuff in particular, and I see a bunch of stuff that... Really didn't age too well in my books. One image in particular of my wolf-dog, Chris, at the track in his PTs, as he's getting eyed up by two other jogging soldiers. From 2011.

Yeah... Not only is it hard to look back at my old style, now that I know what AR-670-1 is now? US Army Uniform Regulations? There's SO much more wrong with that image... Long hair, the girls' hair are also not in buns, he's wearing a gold watch, and they're wearing tank tops... Worst of all, Chris is supposed to be a Captain in the old image... Ya know, supposed to be leading by example.

That's changed now! Here, Chris will be featuring a new, updated design and color scheme. He'll also be featured as a Drill Sergeant at mid-point in his career, taking place sometime in 2013 or 2014.

I plan on making a few extra images to follow up this scene as well! >:3

Not just that, but this will also be the first of several remakes that I feel deserve a remaster, and some little sequels too! Stand by on that!

It's not aero-related, but I wanted to do something furry for a good while now.

It's also going to be difficult to art for the weekend and the following week too, as someone had really screwed up over here, and we're all getting punished by having our higher level privileges taken away. SO that means formations once every two or so hours again until further notice. >.<

North Rising is also still well under way over here, and I've cooked up some new ideas for it too. Stand by on this too, and expect a draft for the first page soon!


Patreon Rewards Bug

Fri Feb 28 01:43:47 2020

So apparently some of you all didn't get links to the rewards packs. Fear not, I'll resend the link to y'all asap. I was in a hurry that morning I sent them out, and evidently Patreon had some work done on their patron manager in the last six months, so I may have missed something. Stand by!

January and December Rewards Sent

Wed Feb 26 12:40:42 2020

A bit late on all of this, but Tier 2 pledges have definitely been processed and thus the rewards have been sent! I really do appreciate the support y'all, even as I was away for Basic training. <3

I got some stuff coming up soon, stand by later today or this weekend!

(NEW AERO COMIC) North Rising Cover (Finished)

Sat Feb 1 22:14:55 2020

In the near future, North Korea is back to it's usual shenanigans; weapons testing, trash-talking anyone and everyone calling them out for their antics, one in particular sending Frames south of the border to harass small towns. Strategic patience is over, and one night, two F-22 Raptor Frames, Lt. Melissa "Missy" Chase and Cpt. Lucinda "Lucy" Harding have been dispatched to intercept and teach the trespassers a lesson...

But two F-22 Raptors can handle a bunch of decrepit old MiGs... Can they...?

Cover's done, y'all! And I'm excited for this!

So far the new classes have proven to be really simple and easy, so I feel I shouldn't have too much to worry about when doing this off to the side!

I'm still working on the pages as we speak, and I expect to have the first drafts posted here in the near future!


(NEW AERO COMIC) North Rising Cover (Line)

Sat Feb 1 17:42:58 2020

Coming along nicely over here! I've got the colors in the works as we speak, and should be ready before the weekend is out!


(NEW AERO COMIC) North Rising Cover (Draft)

Thu Jan 30 09:42:43 2020

(Posting this before morning PT y'all!)

Well folks, here is the cover to the next thing coming! I may be bringing additional teasers too later on.

As the title and image implies (and as some of you may know), it will feature Missy and Lucy, F-22 Raptors, going up against North Korean MiGs in a moonlit dogfight.

I first began test sketches for this during the first pages of NYS2 back in 2016, then it all snowballed into a comic idea. Originally? North Rising WAS going to be Not Your Sky 3, but because that arc was a bit of a hot mess IMHO, on and off "the set", and since I've pretty much declared NYS2 dead and decanonized, I've decided (with input from my friends) to rebrand and take this as an opportunity to start fresh, try some new stuff, now that I have full creative control, and use this to try and help solidify aspects to my aeromorph headcanon, which I've decided to call "Aero-Frames", for both the name of the canon, and the in-world formal, technical name for aeromorphs.

I estimate that North Rising is going to be a longer story than NYS2, but in order to make accommodations for my new hectic work schedule, I'm going to be covering it in multiple short chapters, so when I get to a certain point (end of a chapter), I can take a break at an 'intermission' without abruptly stopping the story in the midst of something tense or raunchy. For consistency, I will also be making the drafts for the pages in advance too, perhaps 5 at a time before I start finalizing them. For some of them, I'm going to try making the final linework off the bat to help speed this along too.

Though... Also because of my new schedule for the next 4 years, there may be some time gaps between my posts, and another drawback to this is that there may be a very 'slight' dip in quality here and there, such as unclean lines here and there, and 'cheap' shading, but I've got a way to make the latter work.


Precious Cargo (done)

Wed Jan 29 12:03:58 2020

And it's finished, y'all! I'll get to working on a description after class today, and get it uploaded over on FA!


Precious Cargo (Line)

Thu Jan 16 02:50:58 2020

Took a while to complete the final linework, for this, but alas, I expected to have personal time cut considerably. I hate it, but it comes with the package for now. Plus, I have been diverting some focus to other works too that we'll see in due time!

Anyway, I gotta crash. Real early day coming up. Night y'all!


I'm back-ish!

Tue Dec 31 16:00:03 2019

I'm back, everyone, and have I got some stuff in the works for y'all. My time in the Army is not just gonna make putting time to the side for drawing a bit tricky, but it will teach me to ration my time a little more wisely and how to focus on a certain image before doing another.

It's gonna be an interesting year, y'all, and a kinky one too. >:3

Sadly, no New Year's themed images yet, but on that matter...

Have a safe and Happy New Ywar, everyone! :3

Precious Cargo (Draft)

Tue Dec 31 16:02:26 2019

Here's one of the works I said I had in progress for y'all! Shandra at Area 51 during an undisclosed point in time between the late 70s and early 80s, being accompanied by two strapping Marine Corps F-4 Phantoms!

Precious_Cargo_-_draft.png Precious_Cargo_-_draft_naked.png

Pledge Tier Suspension + Shipping out tomorrow

Mon Sep 23 17:48:15 2019

(GOD Patreon's mobile page support is HORRIBLE)

Hey y'all, I've suspended the patreon pledge tiers. While it might halt new pledges (i think), it apparently didn't cancel the charge cycle, so you'll all have to probably cancel your subscriptions manually if y'all want.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day for me! Shipping out to the next chapter in my life. 10 weeks of no internet is gonna be interesting too!

God, I can't imagine how crowded my inbox is gonna be on FA. It once climbed to 1,000+ after just a few days!

I also made a Twitter feed too!

Wish me luck y'all! Keep an eye on my Twitter and or FA for updates!

August Rewards Sent + Page Future Decided

Mon Sep 16 03:48:52 2019

Your pledges have all been processed and the rewards have been sent! Thank you all, your support has been greatly appreciated.

And I really do mean it when I say "thank you". It's been an interesting two-some odd years (mostly fun), and you all really helped lift some strain off my back with your support.

I know I didn't draw as often, but I'm glad you all enjoyed what I put out regardless.

I've decided that instead of closing my Patreon page down next week, I'll be leaving it up, and I'll figure out what to do with it when I'm done with Basic Training. However, so y'all don't get charged by a dormant Patreon page, I'll be suspending the pledge tiers for now, and then I may reinstate them later down the road. We'll see.


In regards to releasing old reward packages, this is uncertain right now. In an effort to get my finances in order in these last weeks before I ship out, I had to downgrade my dropbox storage size by canceling my pro subscription (among other services and subscriptions), and I'm still trying to trim the fat on that so I can add files to it. More importantly, I still have a lot on my plate left to do before zero hour. I can't guarantee it'll be available before then, but if it is, I can't promise EVERYTHING will be there either. I will at the very least include NYS2.

Monochrome Dump #1

Tue Sep 3 08:14:12 2019

Gonna drop this before I hit the hay.

If my last post were any indicator to what is on my mind lately, here be some of the monochrome images I've been working on lately as a result. I've grown to really enjoy doing these too, as they're largely quick and easy to do up. With some, the whites and blacks are appropriated where I can apply a color overlay sometime in the future!

Most are relevant to what's going on in my head lately. I'll be expanding on the stories for some of these later.

Firstly, my arctic vixen, Karen, catching someone's wandering eye. There will be alternate versions of this one. x3

Next, Chris sporting his spec-ops loadout, and the next with him arriving at Basic (all with a new look). The latter being the result of me thinking about what furs much more naturally geared for the winter would go through in the military, like having their thicker coats shaved short in order to help them cope with the weather. Clearly he doesn't look too fond of it!

Then there's one I did a while back with Veronika, as a child, with her mother, Natasha. Not only does she bear witness to a historic event, but also witnesses a symbolic end to a dark chapter in her and Natasha's personal lives, and the beginning of an uncertain future, but one they can certainly march into with a smile. (This one is the only one with a limited color pallet.)

Finally, Bradley, my bad-boy fox-mix, posing with his Nissan Skyline GT-R R35 back in high school (were it in color, it'd have the same scheme as Paul Walker's Skyline from F&F, a series of movies Brad grew up on), and finally him during his graduation from Boot Camp at San Diego.

ChrisnewGetup1_lo.png ChrisnewGetup1_lo.png NeedARide_lo.png Brad_Grad_lo.png EyesDownRange_lo.png ChrisFirstReception_lo.png NewHorizon_lo.png

Life Updates - Likely Patreon Page Closure

Sat Aug 31 17:47:22 2019

Hey y'all, sorry for the delay in arts, I've been focusing on getting set for a big new chapter in life lately. I haven't been able to get any artwork 100% done. I have something coming though before the rewards go out. I've gotten some sketches and monochrome works done, but those will come shortly.

I've been meaning to post this here for a few weeks now, but it's slipped my mind. >.<

In case some of you haven't seen my FA journal, as of the 8th this month, I have enlisted in the Army, and I have been trying to take care of some things before I ship out to Basic on the 24th of September; like get in shape, spend time with friends and family, tie up loose ends, get my shit squared away, that sort of thing.

As a result, and it pains me to say, it's left me debating the future of this page. Depending on how my OPAT goes and whether or not I pass it (I've been struggling to get in shape), I may be closing this page down the week I ship out, and of course I'll send out whatever rewards are available beforehand. I -might- reopen it during or after AIT, but that's debatable.

I actually have been contemplating a closure and move well before I enlisted too, because Patreon has been cracking down on artists who feature non-con anything in their works. and we all know this isn't the first time they tried putting pressure on creators.

If my comics were an indicator, this likely would have been an inevitable course of action for me regardless. So, it's likely I'll be moving to SubscribeStar in the future or heck, maybe open and manage my own page, I don't know.

In any case, thank you all who have supported this page. I really do appreciate it.

July Rewards Sent

Wed Aug 7 14:03:07 2019

Pledges have been processed and the rewards have been sent!
Once again, ya'll, your generous support is ever so greatly appreciated!

Vadim Boba Tea Challenge - Finished

Tue Jul 23 16:09:49 2019

And here it is, ya'll! Finished it last night, but decided to wait until day to post it. x3

I think this also helps emphasize that male aeros don't have rock-solid pecs, but also have somewhat plush ones too.


Vadim Boba Tea Challenge - Line

Mon Jul 22 20:34:48 2019

I'm actually very close to being done with this, expect the final version tonight or tomorrow!


Vadim Boba Tea Challenge - Draft

Mon Jul 15 00:29:55 2019

I gave into the memes once more, and now I've got big ol Vadim doing the iced boba tea challenge. That can't be a cup, that's gotta be a bucket!


June Rewards Folder Updatedq

Wed Jul 10 19:24:33 2019

I forgot to include the pics for Sam's Father's Day 2, refresh the dropbox links I sent ya'll!

June Rewards Sent

Tue Jul 9 17:13:41 2019

It's a bit late, but your pledges all have been processed and the rewards were sent out!

I greatly appreciate the support, people, thank you very much! <3

Flanker Twins Lana & Alina Re-Debut - Finished

Mon Jul 8 15:59:35 2019

And it's done, ya'll! The main image itself was finished the last few days, I just didn't get to finish the background week. The image and it's variants will all be sent out ASAP.


Flanker Twins ReDebut - Line

Mon Jul 1 01:48:53 2019

Getting there folks, already working on the colors and final shading as we speak!


Flanker Twins Lana & Alina Re-Debut - Draft

Wed Jun 26 06:27:12 2019

Thought I've give these two a comeback, this time with a new coat of paint (so to speak), as well as an update. For one, I changed Irina to Alina (the squatting one with The Fig gesture), and they're going to be Su-27Ms instead of simple Su-27s. x3

Originally just one-off characters for NYS2, I thought it'd be fun to make them into legit characters for my roster.

Anyway, nighty night, ya'll!


Sam's father's day 2 - (Finished)

Fri Jun 21 02:56:39 2019

And part 2 is done! Glad to see this one complete, I love how it turned out!
In any case, once again, this will be the last image to feature Sam's current appearance, as I have a 'redebut' in the works for him, featuring an updated design and livery.


Sam's Father's Day 2 - Line

Mon Jun 17 11:04:48 2019

An early head start today has given me a chance to finish the linework, but as usual, I'm a touch late for holidays. I'll try and get this done ASAP x3

Hope ya'll had a happy father's day, and had a great father's day with your fathers too!


Sam's Father's Day Pt 2 - Draft + Rewards Sent

Fri Jun 14 03:06:36 2019

I've actually been sitting on this draft a while now, meant to get it out sooner, but ya know. It was close to this time last year I was working on the Typhoons and a few other images that I was going to work on while on my Pennsylvania trip.

In any case, here's the sequel to the pic with Sam celebrating his father's day with some of his comrades the best way a guy can. x3

This also will be the last image featuring Sam's current appearance, as I have an update in the works for him underway.


Rewards have been sent long before this, but it just took me a while to finally make a post saying it's been done. x3


Queen's Special - Finished

Fri May 31 00:17:26 2019

And it's done!
An alternate version of this will include a solo of the F-15, whom I decided to call "Ares", featuring a real-world USAF scheme. :3


Queen's Special - Line (AC7 fanart)

Sun May 26 23:38:42 2019

I actually had the linework for this done for a while now, I've just been slacking a bit lately as usual!

I've got the final colors well underway and it should be done soon!


Queen's Special - Draft (AC7 fanart) + Rewards Sent

Tue May 7 16:34:34 2019

I never put much thought into this kind of scenario cause it didn't strike a chord with me, but since playing AC7, it's kinda clicked, and here we are! Here we have an F-15, presumably a 'Spare' F-15C paying Avril, the 'Scrap Queen' a visit for the 'Queen's Custom', but seems he's there for more than just a tuneup.

I also may be turning this into a sort of debut for a new aero in my roster. BUt I might do a more proper one later, we'll see!

Rewards Sent

And April's Pledges have been processed, and the rewards have been sent out! Once again, folks, your support is greatly appreciated! <3


Soft Spot - Finished

Sat May 4 16:24:10 2019

And it's complete! I'm quite satisfied with how this turned out!

Ya'll may notice something I've been doing lately, and it's adding a very subtle grainy layer to my images, as well as giving them an even more subtle VHS effect as well. When ya'll get it in the rewards, do let me know what you think. I'll include the FX version as well so ya'll can compare.


Feng's Soft Spot (Line)

Mon Apr 29 18:25:55 2019

I actually had this ready for about a week, but ah, ya'll know how it is! I'm working on the final colors and shading, and it should be ready very soon!


Feng's Soft Spot (Draft)

Tue Apr 16 17:04:05 2019

Whipped this up a while ago, was meaning to post it a bit sooner, but I've been occupied lately, as usual. Been going over some serious life choices.

Also a little something to hold ya'll off until that new comic thing! Here we have Feng Mian enjoying some company with a little friend!


Rewards Sent + Comic Announcement.

Wed Apr 10 03:53:16 2019

Pledges have been processed and rewards have been sent out! Sorry this one took a bit, been focused on other things lately, and it took me a while to figure out this new interface Patron's pushed onto us. I'm getting 'Nam flashbacks of Youtube's constant page redesigns back in the 2000s.

I will also be uploading something in regards to the NYS3 comic in the near future. Another thing to note is, it will not be bearing the Not Your Sky name this time.

Heirs to his Kingdom (AC7 Pic Finished)

Sun Mar 31 22:51:40 2019

̸̦̜͓̣̬̏͛̆̊̐̽̽̚̕Ä̵̡̧̰̗͉̲̬̖̱̲̠̰̮̓D̷̡͇͍͚͈͕̱̹̳͆̋̇̈́̏͑́͘͘̕͠͝F̴̝̙̮̤̬̟̺͔̪͎̤̰̣̖̈͆̇͜X̸̬̼͉̭̪̽̒̍̉͐̋͐-̴̦͍͙͇̻͈̭̻͓̜͚̓̑̍̈́͒̑͐͗̓̒̈́̕͠͝͝ͅ1̵̥̫̲͎̟̭̗̬̙̩̤͇͍́̐͂́̎́̋̆̏͝1̵̢̧̞͉̳̻̲̳͔͎̩̀̾̽̍̆͒͐̉͐͘͘͝ͅ ̷̛͔̖̩̻͎̘͉̞̙̩̝̙̇̀͗̀̓̋͒̍̂́̽̚̚C̴̖̹̥͔̏̍̾O̶͕̱̮̻̤̓̿̔̾͂̽͆͛͛͛̕̕͝Ų̶̢͉̹̺̺̖̱͉͇̲̦͎̩̿̈́̆̾̍̾̑͜͝Ņ̵̩̥̞̈́̍̍̊͗͝Ṫ̷̘̬̜̞̼̖͔͐́̅̕ ̴̫̬͎̼͑̉́͒͑͑̈́͝͝Í̷̡̳̰̦̣̈́́̂̀̿͒̔̀̇͝͝N̴̡̳͕̼̲̐͑̄̆̊͗̒̍̇̽͝͝͠Ś̴̮̙͉̘͚̠͔̌̂͘Ŭ̴̡̢̗̟͇͈̠͈̰̺̲̹̀̋͆̇͛F̵̢̪̦̲̘͎̮̞͉̫͙̃̈́̿͜F̵̫̱̱͇͕̼̺̒́͋̉̀͜İ̴̡̲͍͖̙̲̹̩͈̭̘͍̣C̷͉̮̬͑͊̑͊̾͋̇̀̌͘̚͝͝I̶͖͕͑̍͑͆͂̇́͘͝E̸̺̪̮̭̟̮͌̓͆N̷̢̨̜̪̰͉͚̄̔̇́́̃͜T̵̨̛̼̰̲͓͉̞͔̋͊̿̉.̵̯͇̬̘̣͔̄̓͌
̵̡̙̠̅́̔M̷̠̝͉̺͍͔̞͓͍̼̻͓̗̌͐Ư̶̧͈͔̰̠̽͊͗̍̃̎̇͜͠͝Ṡ̴͍̗̪͎͈̉͋̇͆̂̍̃̂͒̚͜͝͝ͅT̵̮̆̀̈́̿͋̒͘ ̴̛̠̪̭̦̱͕͒̽̃̔͛͜͝M̵̢̱͓̭̦̘̲͋̄͊̽U̷͈̿̍̆̿̎͛̇͛̐͐̿̈́L̵͓͖̇̀̒̽͊̈́̕͝͝T̴̟̘͓̻͖̠̼̣̬͓̪̰̱̑̌͗̄͠ͅỊ̷̢̪͚̲̜͕͈̙̖͕͙̮̽̊̿̈́̋̏̅̾̐͋̔̂͝P̷̘͗̃͋̈̉̚L̷͖͕̰̞̭̖͖̭̥̩͖̈̿̽͘Y̴̡͔̦̤̺̩̥̹̼͖͚͚̳͎̾̀͑̇̅̅́̕͜͝ ̷̡͙͉̱͕͎͓̱͂̔̏̊͆̊̔͐̓͑T̷̻̠̻̰̗͠O̷̺̜̎͛̂͐͆̆͋̿̕̕̚͜ͅ ̴̳͚̻͔̫̰͍̟͖̎͒̀̀̌̂̕ͅP̶̠͐̒͗̓̾̄̂̅̀̕͝Ŕ̶͚̜̳̲̼̦̦̪̖̲͔̺̘̃̕͜Ȩ̶̛͇̙̘͎̳̥̮̇̉͑̄͑̌̂̉̚͝ͅS̵̞̫͉͖̲̪̩̥͚̲̈̓̄̌̈́͛E̸͇̯͙̪̠̜͓͗ͅŘ̵͖͖͔͚͓̬̜̲̗̹̞͔̂̌͗̈̒̊̿̓͠V̶̧̢̖̗̽̓͒͂͗̇̓͜Ẻ̷̞͙̣̮̀̌̀̇͆̽ͅ ̶̢̝̮̝͍̦̤̲̝̱̖̰͎͌͒͊̉̎̊͗D̷̹͓͈̤̫͙̯̪̩͋̎̋̐́͌̇̈́̎͒̿̚̕͝À̴͉̬͖͖̞͇̰̗̎͋̀̆́͐̅͛̆̀̒̕̚͠T̴̘̐̋͂̃̏̈́̃̒͝Ä̸̲̝̰̰͇͇̱͉̜͓͍̝̭͈́.̶̨̼͔̝͈̞͔̑̾̈́̌̓̂̃̅̈́
̴̡͚͖̣̣̥͔̦͖͚̉̈̒̔̀̾̿͐͛͆͗͐͘S̵̨͈̖̫̼͔̣̝͕͖̹͍̑́̈Ủ̷̢̜̰̺̪̮̘͉͔̜͍̫̤̜̻́̈̔̎̀̔̏̚Ĩ̸̲̹͎̣̞̰̮͓̞̉̓̉͐͒̾̔̾̊̃͜͝T̷̛͖̹̙͙͚̦̫̾̊͛͛̆̈̒́A̷̡̯̬͕̤̞͆̌̀̀͝B̶̛̠̘̹͉͇̖̮̹̰͎̠͚͆̔͊͗͑ͅL̸̡̡̜̳͓͎̲͇͈̫͇̞͛̇̋͆͌́͜E̵̡̨̗̰̟͔̫̹̯̣̖̱̮̯̝͌̈́́̚ ̷͓͉̅P̵̥̞̳̃̓̉́̊͝R̶͙̣̹̯̬̥̼̠̟͙̺̙̈Ó̸̡̢͕͔̻̗̭͔̙͉͈̻͖̙̀̈́̽̿̍͆̋̌̉͘G̷̫̫̜͛̈͋̀̑͝͠E̶̢̳̖̲͕͖̲̓͗̈́̉̄͑̆́̈́̽̎̇̕͠Ǹ̴̡̦̦̱̖̱͇̂̈́̔̽̇Y̷̱̰̳̲͐̅̑̍͐̇̽͘͝͠ ̸̢̮̻̝̰͙̩̈̅͑͒͐͗̇̀͒̓̒̊F̷̧̛̹̜̖͉̺̺̹̓͒̄̊̃̉́͌̍̍̈́͠͝Ǫ̸͙̘͈̳̟̬̮͇̱͎̉͆͐͂́̈́̃͝Ų̷͖̥̙͋̈Ņ̴͚͚̩͓̅͂̋̋̇̽͊̋̈́̓͐͠D̴̨̜͕́̔̎̐́̑̅̽͋̋.̵̹̱͒̌͜͝ͅ
̷̛̣̺̺̓̅́͐͐̋͒̚Ǎ̸̢̛͈̰̅̅͊͌̊̈͊̌̾͝S̸͈̓̆̅͝͝S̸̞̮̪͔̝̜͕͓̆̎͂̕͝ͅU̴̗̻̥̜͛͆̈́̀̍̋̑͐͆͋́̕M̷̨̺̠͔͔̲̹̤̼͙͓͔͔͓̉̅́̚͜E̴͖̱̹̱͎̣̲̼͙̖̪̳̟̬̍̌̉͊͊̓̊ ̴͕̟̼̳͍͔͕̣͓̤̙̠̻̺̮͂͌̀̾͆̊̈́͑̚R̶̘̲͙͔̣̬̼͓̦͙͎̜͔̾́͆̊̔̎́̚͘̕͠͠E̸̡̛͉͓̣̥̪̠̞̫̖͍̐̓̃͑̑̚̕C̸̬̣̃̑̑͆̈́̆̄̓̍͛̓͂̅́Ę̵́̀̊́̑̏͌̄̆̏̏̓͋͋̕I̶͚̻͇̽̓V̸̨͈͙͚̞̥̬̮̝͉̻͒͐̿̿̌͝I̶̧͈̳̱͚͙̻͎̣̘̩͒̽̈́̾̓̓̍͆̀̄̆͌̕̚͝N̷̪͓̱͙̩̳͔̰̳̖̫̆͆̍̎͊͒͗͌̓̊̂̕͝ͅG̸̟̯̳̤̟̔͒̿͆̀̀̌͒͛͋͂̚ ̷̡̞͚̖͈͌̋͂̎͋̕P̵̥͓͈̤̌͊́̌͒̃̓̓͝O̸̭͇̫͉̺̓͒͊̈́̉S̴̢͕̙̟̗̬̞̱̍̽̓͂͗̓̌̆͜ͅĮ̷̨͔̺͕͈̮̈́͗̉ͅŢ̸̧̮͈̮̞̭͖̝̘̩̭̯̏̄̈́̚ͅI̴̢̢̧̨̪͎͙̖͎̰̘͎͓̜̙͐̆͐̊͝Ớ̵͖̮̜́͐̌͠͝N̷̢̬͕̤̦͉̺̦̬̮͕̦͍̈́̈́͛̎̓͘.̷̮͙̟͕̲̪̳͂̇̚
̶̻̜̘̞̱̻̙̮͔͚͔͔͚̏̀͐̊̅͗̒̇͘̕͜͝͝Ṭ̶̪̟͓̝̹͚̜͔̇̇̅̂̃͒͌̇̃̓͋̚͜͠H̵̤̗̃͂̋͊̾̐̕ͅĮ̶̨͈̙̳͇͑̅̋̇̊̍͌͆͌̀̎̑̏̕S̴̢̤̦̹̠̘̩̮̻͉̹͍̥̟̓̕͜ ̷̨̲͓͎̪̟̯͉̜̺̀̊̏̈́ͅÌ̴͙͉͇̪̺̬͊̐͝͠S̸̱͇̭͑̆̈́͂͆̅̌́͌̆́̒͠͝ ̶͙͕̲̲̿̂͂́͗̈̀͘̕̕͠͠ͅŃ̸̨̖̮͈͈̙̥̫͙̪Ǫ̵̢̛̜̼̪͉͕̖͉͉̩̯̥͛̆̑͊̑̀͛̿̂͑̚͘͠ͅͅT̴̛͎̤̟͉͙̘̩̄̉͊̀̄̽̑͂̈͒̔͒̐͠ ̴͙̼̯͈̭̍͗̏͗̆Ã̴̡͕̬̺̤͙̹̠̺̘̾̿̏̉͑͂̋ͅͅ ̴̭̚R̸̢̼̹̭̱̯͕̞͇̺̯̪̠͆̈́͑̉͘Ȩ̸̲͈̼̋͒̑Q̶̧͎̞͈̩̲̳̘͖̠̳̳̥̲̽͐̓̒̑̀͒̚̕͜U̴̡̦̘̣̯͙̫̲̺̻̣̮͛͜Ë̸̡͖̠̙̫̮̲͔̺͍̙͈͉́S̷̨̛͚̞̯̳̼̲͇̱̗̥̺͋̐̀̅̋̑̈́̚͜͝T̷͙̝̖̮͈͓̺̪̏̀̿̚.̵̬̘̦̱͈̭̖̝̝͕̂͆̂̽̈̓̕̕͜͠͠͝

The Skies were His kingdom, and these are the heirs to it.

Finally got these two done. Sorry it took so long! I'd say they turned out quite nicely, don't ya'll think? And yes, they do have mouths.

So the basic idea with these two in-game, (SPOILERS) is that they are two highly advanced prototypes with the goal of uploading their combat data and design to strengthen their numbers. Expect me to play with these two and this idea in the near future. x3

As for the scrambled, creepypasta text, if ya'll played the game, you can hear Hugin and Munin over the radio, and given how it sounds, the text seems almost appropriate!

Additional versions will be in this month's rewards!


Hugin & Munin - Linework

Mon Mar 25 19:06:56 2019

Almost done, folks! Already working on the colors!


Hugin & Munin (Draft)

Fri Mar 22 04:19:38 2019

I'm alive, so ya'll know! Sorry this month hasn't been that productive, had my mind on other things lately. Needless to say I've also had a bit of Ace Combat 7 on my mind as well, so thought I'd try my hand at the two prototype drones, the ADF-11F Ravens Hugin and Munin!


F-2 Twins - Mihoko & Natsuki debut (done)

Thu Mar 7 22:48:18 2019

Say hello to 2nd Lieutenants Natsuki Tajima and Mihoko Koyama!

Natsu and Miho were both from the same clutch of 8 the summer of 2016. Although both were raised by two separate handlers, they ended up having the uncommon pleasure of being able to serve in the same squadron together on the same base.

Like the rest of their kin, both girls are dedicated to the defense of their island, and will happily give their lives to see to it that it remains safe from invading forces.

As a result, they both hold some mixed views on the presence of US forces in Japan. While Natsu is the more critical one, Miho is a bit more open to the idea of cooperation.

Another thing that helps set the girls apart is their behavior. While they're both tenacious and very capable fighters, Natsu plays the part of a mildly stern individual, seemingly almost no-nonsense, but of course, she's not that big a stick in the mud. Miho, on the other hand is perhaps the more unassuming of the two, in that she's so playful and timid that one wouldn't guess she was a war machine!

I think I've already mentioned that I've been busy playing Ace Combat 7 lately, and holy hell am I hooked on it. This is one of very few modern games today I just keep playing over and over again to try and 100% all the way! I'm having that much fun.

Along the way, I've had to work with the F-2 in-game, and it's become this good little multi-role fighter I've come to love and adore. So... I went and did this!

Some of ya'll may have seen earlier versions of this, and you'll note that I changed Mihoko's scheme just a bit so she's a shade different than Natsuki. Most of the delay behind this image was going to a little effort to help make it a bit easier to tell them apart, but maybe in future images I'll add additional details to amend this.


F-2 Twins (Line)

Thu Feb 28 19:06:28 2019

Meant to post this a little sooner, but here it is! I'm actually on the home stretch with this image, ya'll will see the final product soon enough! I've even come up with names for these two!

(From Left to Right) Mihoko Koyama and Natsuki Tajima!


Unnamed F-2 twins (Draft)

Mon Feb 25 04:47:26 2019

So I've been playing some Ace Combat 7 lately, and I've begun developing a bit of a new appreciation for the F-2 lately! A tried and true American classic with a Japanese twist!

I'll come up with names and bios for these gals soon enough!


F-22 Thot-Raptor (Finished)

Fri Feb 15 02:57:11 2019

And here it is, folks! Finished up. Seems Missy's not that amused with what she has to do. x3

Fixed up some parts of the linework, particularly around her left cheek and heel!

And oh yeah, Happy V-Day, folks!


Missy Sligar Meme - Line

Tue Feb 12 07:54:52 2019

Coming along quickly this one is! Should have this one up soon!


Missy Sligar meme - Draft

Mon Feb 11 17:41:02 2019

Oh lookie, Ren is meme'ing again!

So I am seeing this trend of images based on one of Sligarthetiger's works, with the M4, camo stockings and platform stilettos. Had Shandra do the Bowsette one, thought I'd have Missy fill the role this time around. Get her out more. x3


Sun's Lunar New Year

Tue Feb 5 07:33:35 2019

And here it is, folks! Just on time for the holiday! Score one for this slack-ass. x3

I had a little fun with the background, particularly the signs. If anyone can read it, there's jokes laid throughout this whole image. x3

I'll be uploading this to FA tomorrow!


Sun's Lunar New Year - Line

Sun Feb 3 23:15:59 2019

Getting there! Here's to hoping I can get this done before the 5th!


Chinese New Year Contribution - Draft

Thu Jan 31 23:43:57 2019

I was having a hard time deciding between an image of Sun my flamboyant, vampy wolf, and a picture of Zhu Ya and Feng Mian for Chinese New Year, but then I told myself I said I'd try and do more furry art this year.

I wanna try and get this ready for the 5th, but depending on how fast I can get through this, I may get something of Zhu and Feng done at the same time too!


Lucy Debut - Finished

Tue Jan 29 22:11:55 2019

And done! I'm uploading this by phone, so I'll save the description for the final FA post. Cause Patreon's mobile support is HORRENDOUS. Even the app is garbage.

Alternate versions will be included in the rewards pack for this month.


Lucy Debut - Line

Mon Jan 28 10:54:15 2019

Almost done there! Really digging how it's turning out here! Now, off to bed I go!


Lucy Debut - Draft

Sat Jan 26 09:08:35 2019

So far so good the New Year's off to a good start. If not a slightly rocky one lately, but I've plans to get back in the saddle. Expect another draft very soon! Maybe the final linework even sooner.

Here's a debut for Lucy, another F-22 raptor on my roster. She'll be featured in NYS3! :3

May need to fix the placement of her intakes on the rear shot though.


Champagne Girl Connie

Fri Jan 4 00:00:50 2019

"A Happy New Years, boys! The drinks are on me! ... If you don't mind a slight taste of ferrites in your drinks of course"

And here it is! Something for December at the very least! As I said before, I hope ya'll had a good transition into the New Year yourselves! So far it's off to a good start for me!


Bartender Connie - Line

Thu Jan 3 02:06:21 2019

Linework's done, colored version will be up very soon!


Happy New Years! + Rewards Restructuring + Art Agenda + Other Resolutions

Tue Jan 1 16:59:43 2019

Happy New Years

Once again, Happy New Years, people! Hope your transition into the new year went over smoothly, and I hope there was plenty of booze too, cause I know I got my Dutch Courage on last night for the new year. I'm both ashamed and not ashamed to admit that I can get a little fucked up off of cheap champagne. xP

Rewards Restructuring

Since I've been struggling to keep up with them, I've been thinking of suspending the AMAs, or at least making them a quarterly event, something I'd do once every three months. But with the latter, which seems a bit more likely, I would be able to pick and do more. Maybe even color some in!

What gets me with these is that while there are good questions, it takes me a while to figure out just how to answer some of them without going into too much detail, too much out of character with the characters answering, or putting together ideas to make the answers interesting.

I'll come to a conclusion when I post the December AMA.

Art Agenda

So, not only do I have droughts of creativity and productivity every so often, I notice that I'm also disorganized as all hell. So, to help with this, I'm not only setting a schedule for myself for when to focus on art that needs to be done (particularly commissions), but also a list of ideas so that ya'll are guaranteed two or three images each month. Most are holiday-themed, but it's a start. Don't ask me why I didn't think of this sooner, I am struggling to figure that out myself, and I'm still kicking myself for it.

And commissions? I'll definitely be opening up soon. I know I said I'd try and open in November, but I ran into setbacks. I saw I was ill-prepared then, had to write a whole new TOS and I will be making forms to fill out. I'm a little more prepared now than before, and I'm a hair away from finishing what's left of my old queue. Sit tight, people!

Bartender Connie - Draft

Tue Jan 1 15:53:29 2019


Ya'll may wanna be careful with those drinks though, US RAM has been known to contain some toxic stuff. D:

Sorry this is real late folks, I kinda burned myself out trying to get Christmas images done at the last minute, and it's left me in a bit of a cramp, so I wasn't able to come up with something for the Holidays, focus on the AMAs, or at least get something done on time for the occasion.

After scratching my head all day yesterday and today on what to do, I managed to whip this up around the 11th hour, give Connie some love, but before I could finalize the linework, I got a bit fucked up off of cheap Champagne, and could barely sit upright in my chair.

As for the AMAs, I'll touch down on that in a followup post, got a bit of an announcement in regards to that.


Rewards have been sent!

Mon Dec 10 19:27:06 2018

Your pledges were processed a while ago, but due to delays and wanting to finish up Feng Mian's pic, was yet again late.

Thanks again for your generous support, y'all! It's greatly appreciated! I hope the holidays go great for you all this month!

Feng Mian Debut (finished)

Mon Dec 10 04:50:18 2018

Finally got it done! I'll be sending the rewards out immediately, and get to work on the AMAs!

I'll add a story for later. Standby!


Showing the Lights (Finished)

Fri Dec 7 02:29:52 2018

The final work on this one didn't take too long, being a night-time pic and whatnot. x3

Had to get a bit cheap with the landscape down below, but I think it still turned out nicely none the less!


Raptors in Formation (Line)

Thu Dec 6 20:21:59 2018

This one is almost done too! Expect the final later tonight or tomorrow evening!


Feng Mian Debut (Line)

Thu Dec 6 20:20:58 2018

Working on the final image. Should be ready later tonight or tomorrow evening!


Raptors in Formation (Draft) + Rewards Notice

Tue Dec 4 18:21:08 2018

So I saw these images of Raptors and F-35s in flight at night, and I've been driven to try drawing up something featuring aeros and their night lights and optics lit up.

The linework is actually almost done, but you'll all see a linework update for Feng Mian sooner than this, which should be later tonight or tomorrow. Because it's close to being done, I'll hold off on the rewards until the Feng Mian pic is done, and I'll be certain to include it in the package for November, possibly even this pic too!


Feng Mian J-20 Debut (Draft)

Tue Nov 27 03:51:01 2018

So China has two stealth fighters, the Shenyang J-31, and the Chengdu J-20. I already did Zhu Ya, the former, and I thought it was high time I finally did a J-20. Here is Feng Mian! Now, I've actually done a dozen different drafts of her, trying to come up with a proper debut, but after several attempts, I think I've finally nailed it!

I had this draft actually sitting around a little while, meant to post this much sooner, but here it is!


Ask Me - November

Tue Nov 20 08:32:42 2018

That time folks, where Tier 2 patrons ask questions towards characters in my roster, I pick a few and have the aforementioned characters answer in sketch form!

AMA Answers - October

Tue Nov 20 08:31:32 2018

Grah. At this rate, I think it's becoming obvious I'm having a difficult time keeping pace with these. xP

Either way, I had fun drawing Jane up for this a bit more, and delving more into aeromorph size differences. x3

And yeah, Piston-engine aeros can remove their propellers.


Daddy Vadim - Done

Thu Nov 15 18:12:31 2018

"Fancy some 'Russian Collusion' of our own?"
Heh, I meant to post the linework earlier, but it's another one of those cases where I forgot and bolted right ahead to the final work.

Expect the AMA answers soon after this!


Long time no see (Done)

Mon Nov 12 04:40:00 2018

"I first came to be and saw the world with my own eyes in June, 1917. Since then, I saw many faces, I remember their names. Most of them I've only ever seen once, but usually never saw them again. Almost all of them saw me as equipment, like they would a tank, a train, or ironically, an aeroplane. It did not bother me.

But there was this one individual I remember the most; an RFC Lieutenant named Rolland Pierce, of perhaps 24 years, from Teesside. Pierce was tasked with teaching me to fly, how to bring the Hun down to the ground. We performed so well together that command paired us together throughout the war. But he treated me differently...

I remember one night after an exercise, he came to the barn I was housed in and asked if I wanted to play a game of chess with him. It was an odd request, but I obliged. We played four or five games before he had to turn in. I actually quite enjoyed myself. One day, he even asked if I would like to play football with him. Even though I was not as fast or limber as he, I still rather enjoyed myself. He even painted my face to make me seem 'more lifelike', as he says. He spoke to and treated me like he would another person. It made me feel... Good. Happy.

One day, during what would be known as the Battle of Béthune, me and Pierce carried out an attack on a German supply line. The run was successful, but they saw us coming, and already had four Fokkers pursue us. Lest we lead them back to our base, Pierce and I turned to face them. We downed three, but I was shot down, and sent crashing into a forested area west of Béthune. I survived, but I was so badly damaged in the crash, I could not move. I remember, sitting there, thinking about Pierce, worried if he had made it or not. I sat there, day after day, waiting to be found... But no one came.

Years later, I'd wake up to this new world, restored, only to find that the war I had been built for had ended only six months after my crash... And that I had been there for 98 years. I cannot even begin to imagine how much has changed.

For the next two years, a group of human civilians helped repair me and reorient me with what happened in the world, and helped me track down Pierce and figure out what had happened to him... I find that he's interned at a Great War cemetary in Béthune.

According to records, he was killed at some point during the Battle of the Lys, as they found his wreckage in the final days of the battle.

I didn't quite understand this feeling. But... It... Hurt. So very badly... I think Pierce mentioned it was called... Grief... Sadness...

The worst part about all this being... I cannot visually express my feelings like newer... 'Aeros' can. Nor can I change my tone to that of a sad one. So people look at me for having a gleeful tone during a solemn occasion..."

Long time no see in more ways than one! For Mildred and her friend, and seeing Mildred again for the first time in a while too!

I meant to have this done and ready a bit sooner for Vet's/Remembrance Day, so folks in the UK could see it on the 11th rather than the 12th. But the day I'm on time for anything for the most part is the day a blue moon hovers over head. xP

Anyway, it's hard to believe that 100 years ago to this day, came an end to one of the worst and most destructive conflicts in human history, and the world was left forever radically changed, and set up for future conflicts.


Remembrance (Line)

Sat Nov 10 18:03:25 2018

And it's getting close to completion! Hopefully it'll be done and ready by tomorrow!


Aero Studs, possible YCH (Draft)

Fri Nov 9 17:50:11 2018

Originally this was intended to be just a solo with Vadim, but I actually liked the pose so much that I may turn it into a shared pose for a few studs in my aero roster, particularly Drake, the F-117, a face we hadn't seen in a good while, Sam, Fyodor and maybe a few others we haven't seen make an official debut yet!

I've played with the idea of making this a YAH (Your Aero Here), but since I've got a full plate for this month, it may have to hold off.


Mildred Remembrance (draft)

Tue Nov 6 18:46:56 2018

Been a while since I've done anything with old Mildred, and Armistice Day is coming up soon. She'll be featuring a slightly updated appearance for this as well! And maybe I'll come up with a better title before then!


October Rewards Sent

Tue Nov 6 16:43:35 2018

I meant to do this yesterday, but yes, Pledges have been processed and the rewards have been sent out!

Been trying to waggle my way out of this art block lately, but I have a few somethings coming very soon. I'm certain that this month will be more productive for sure!

Oh! And to my American patrons, if you haven't already, be sure to get out and vote, people!

New Blood (Xeno pic) Finished

Fri Nov 2 06:10:05 2018

Journal Entry of Mercedes Perez - Sigma Defense LLC

"As good as Weyland-Yutani pays, leave it to them to fuck with nature, and produce a whole new kind of ungodly monstrosity yet again... I've helped clean up the company's messes before, fought some bugs too...But this mess of theirs takes the cake... I have no idea what they did or what genetic cocktail they put together to make this batch of bugs... But they're far smarter and intuitive than any other bugs I've faced... They lured my squad into an advance... Poured in and killed almost everyone... I took a beating...

But their aggression and hostility is somehow more greater than what their more primal kin exhibit... All I ever found in the wake of previous attacks were bodies literally ripped apart... A few weapons laying around unaccounted for... So it suggests they may have taken captives back... But these are far and few between... They must be very choosy of their new hosts...

But since I escaped... This one bug following me... This one everyone keep talking about is a big one the eggheads called "X-1". She was 'the first' apparently... Even if you didn't see the white tattoo on her shiny head... You'd know right off the bat... She wasn't your typical bug... By the way she moved, the way she 'looks' at you... She was almost very human-like in behavior... One of the eggheads suggests she's much smarter than she lets on...

She and the other bugs seem to secrete these pheromones... The guys in my squad didn't seem to be affected... But me? God... I've never gotten so riled up in my life before... Becca and Kendra seemed to feel it too... Seems they emit it wherever they go... At least that's one way I can tell they're near...

Hngg... Oh shit... I think they found me..."

And here it is folks! A Wey-Yu mercenary doing what she can to avoid this new horror her employers failed to contain. But it seems she's having a difficult time evading it!


Obligatory Halloween Aliens pic (Line)

Wed Oct 31 23:35:49 2018

I had meant to post the draftwork for this a while back, but I neglected to. I had hoped to get this done a bit quicker before Halloween, but seems this one may be belated, unfortunately.

This time, I'm taking a new pass with the little series I've done, focus on a new breed that Weyland-Yutani cooked up in some parallel universe!

Thankfully, I've made quite a bit of progress with this one, so it should be done later tonight or tomorrow!



Thu Oct 25 07:05:15 2018

And here it is! Sorry for the delay on this one, but I'm proud of how it turned out! Particularly the latex. I think I may be doing more aeros in leotards from here on out.

Here, Shandra's sporting a more updated look, but I plan on making an official sheet for her in the near future with her markings and details!


Blackbird Bowsette (Line)

Sat Oct 20 17:18:28 2018

Don't know why I took forever on this. But here it be! Expect the final product soon, along with a new draft!


AMA October

Sat Oct 20 16:59:50 2018

That time of the month, ya'll. Where Tier 2 patrons ask questions towards characters on my roster, and I pick a few and have the aforementioned characters answer them in draft form!

AMA Answers - September

Sat Oct 20 16:51:38 2018

And here they are! What slowed things down with this one was the answers I was doing for Silva, regarding age on an aeromorph. Thankfully, I had some help in setting that one straight!

This'll be Patreon Exclusive for the day, and I'll post it tomorrow! Expect an update on the Shandra pic as well!


EuroFighter Typhoon Adopt rules + Announcement

Fri Oct 19 06:21:54 2018

The first set will be launching Friday, tomorrow! Starting with the UK and Germany over on my FA.

Like before, it will be an auction. Starting bid is $25, and auction ends 48 hours after starting bid. $5 minimum increments only. AND REPLY ONLY TO THE COMMENT OF THE RECENT BIDDER, NOT MY COMMENT.

Payment needs to be ready and sent within 24 hours, or second highest bid will be declared winner.

Free, optional changes include eye color (They're white by default for the auction, but send me a color you'd want and I'll do it), and name decals (also doable)

Additional edits like herm or cuntman versions will be an added 10%. Bigger breasts, balls and dick, more decals, ball-tally marks? An added 15%.

Winners will be barred from the following set, but will be able to bid in the set afterwards.

And it's not mandatory, but if you win... PLEASE do something with these later down the road. Don't collect them just to have one when someone else could do something with it. D:


Also, I'd like to apologize for the delay in the AMA answers for September. I'm still working on one of the answers, but if I can't figure it out before the weekend is out, I'll release what I have so far.

And what the fuck is wrong with the formatting on this page?!

Blackbird Bowsette (Draft)

Sat Oct 6 05:15:08 2018

Normally I don't do memes, but this was one that caught my eye. Plus, I thought it'd be one way to get me out of this art block, by doing SOMETHING goofy for a change! Plus, it's the month of Halloween!


3D F-22 Model Update 2

Tue Oct 2 17:24:46 2018

Made some progress on the legs the last week, and while I was out of town. I'm particularly proud of the calves and the exhaust nozzles along them too!

This is to show the added detail along the hands and the legs too, the latter of which I finally got to adding the rudders and elevators!

Sorry I've been slow, ya'll, still in a bit of a block, but I may have a draft for something up very soon!


F-22 Aeromorph 3d model WIP

Tue Sep 25 17:15:37 2018

This is an oldish model I've had in the works for a while, but thought I'd share with ya'll to show I'm still alive, just in a bit of an art block.

Up until recently, it was just an upper torso, but I've added in the arms and hands in. What made them tricky is the very specific shape I have planned for the F-22, in that it has faceted panels and sharp edges along it's body, accenting areas where muscle would be.

I'm making steady progress on this, as the model itself has seen a few restarts, I'm probably on the third or fourth at this rate.


The 'Little Devils' (Done)

Tue Sep 18 00:03:29 2018

"Fall 1955.

Shortly after their delivery, the prototypes conceived by Comrade Ji-Ae of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and a captive American Saberjet have since been put into evaluative service with a Mikoyan OKB facility in Kazakhstan, with the Ye-15B or T-15B designations.

Thus far, they've demonstrated remarkable speed and agility that greatly outperforms that of their Mikoyan-17 cousins, most especially their ability to operate at night with radar, and effortlessly break Mach 1, but their speed still falls short of the Mikoyan-19 family's supersonic speeds.

But the Mikoyan-19 family's agility is hampered by flying at supersonic speed, and most lack radar capabilities, so they were limited to flying during the day.

With these advantages and disadvantages of both lines noted, the Mikoyan OKB came to the conclusion to ultimately mate the two lines.

T-15B prototypes Rayna and Tanya have been selected as prime candidates, and are en route to Moscow to meet Mikoyan-19s Alexandra and Lara.

Expect updates on their progress very soon."

Woo! It's done, and nice to see Ji-Ae and Riley's kids finally make their debut!

Their final design is actually pretty different from the initial rough drafts I had in mind for them, but I thought I'd have a little extra fun and turn this into it's own little arc following these two for a few more images. Expect a draft of such soon! >:3

The full res version and alternate female versions will also be included in the rewards package.


The 'Little' Devils (line)

Wed Sep 12 06:16:03 2018

I wonder who these two may be!

I had this in the works for a little bit, but I've been grinding along with it. I posted the linework instead of the draft because I'm already working on the coloring at this point, and should be completed very soon!

And yes, her top is held on by a big-ass strip of Velcro!


September Ask-Me

Thu Sep 6 00:51:57 2018

Alright folks! Here's the time where Tier 2 patrons ask questions to characters in my roster, I pick a few and have said characters respond in sketch form!

EDIT: Please try and direct comments toward a specific character.

August rewards sent!

Thu Sep 6 00:49:40 2018

Pledges were processed, and rewards have all been sent out! Once more, thanks for your generous support, and do let me know if any files may be amiss that I forgot to include!

NYS2 final thoughts + Future works

Wed Sep 5 09:06:30 2018

Well, Not Your Sky 2 was an interesting project. Just a little over two full years of effort and support from ya'll. While I kinda had fun with it, the comic was... Simply put, a mess. In more ways than one.

For one, I didn't plan for NYS2 to stretch out this long. But at some point in the midst of the story, I wanted to try and do what Xpray was doing with his Last Survivor comics (I recommend giving it a read) in that they had a story to go with them. So ultimately, the comic wound up stretching out this long.

Another very serious issue I had with the comic is that apart from a simple idea, I had no real story fleshed out for it whatsoever. Most of the comic is all improvised, which is why some pages with actions and dialogue seemed out of key with later pages.

And another thing is that because the comic was drawn out so long, my art style noticeably changes as time goes by to the point where it's mildly inconsistent.
Take the flanker twins for example; on page 11 their necks and cheeks are normal, but on page 14, they now have the chines along their cheeks and necks.
Page 12, Nika's intakes are receded down to her collarbones, but on Page 23, she now features the more modern Su-57 look I utilize with the intakes being raised up. Shandra even sports newly added details from thereon too.

Last but certainly not least, the fucking drama that came with doing this comic. Some of you all may already know the full extent of what's happened, but to avoid any further drama, I won't go into further detail or name anyone. That chapter is literally behind me now, and I've learned a some BIG lessons from this comic, and it gives me a LOT to think about in the future.

In conclusion, although NYS2 was... Fun, it could have been so much better, and I'm... Really kinda glad it's behind me now. I assure you, it'll be better with NYS2 Episode 1 and Episode 2. :P


The future.

So, what now? Well, firstly, now that I'm pretty much done with this chapter, I've taken a huge workload off my shoulders, and now I can try and concentrate on finishing up my old commission queue and officially open up again.

When I do open, I will be tackling things very differently than before. If you've read my FA journal, I'll only be taking 4 or 5 at a time at a flat rate with some limits on what goes into the image for the sake of pacing. The terms are liable to change.

There will of course be more image sequences in the future, of the likes of "Right Up Your (MiG) Alley" with Riley and Ji-Ae. We've still yet to conclude Sam's father's day pic, and I have something in mind regarding Shandra, and one with Drake the F-117, just to name a few!

You also will probably see me collaborating with someone on a small project in the near future too, featuring the Flanker Twins!

Last, but certainly not least...

Some of you all may already know that I have 'Not Your Sky 3' in the works. It'll be done with notes and lessons taken from NYS2, so I can try to deliver pages at a more consistent pace, keep things in key, and avoid as much stress as possible. Mostly to just take a break from this arc.

Without saying too much, most of the details are likely subject to change, but I will say this; It will feature an original cast from my roster (can pretty much do what I want now), North Korea will most likely be the central baddies in this one, it'll be less... Heavy-hearted, and actually feature the Americans delivering the ass-pounding this time around!

Unlike NYS2, I'll be focusing more on the story and whatnot first before I begin work on the pages. So I can prepare them much more in advance, and produce more pages in less time, if not keep it from stretching on too long.

There is a catch though. I probably won't be dedicating myself fully to NYS3 until I've dealt with some of the aforementioned things above, relaxed a bit, and really lighten my workload first. Atop of that, I've got some RL stuff I wanna focus on too. I'd like to try and get the story and such done before Christmas and start on the pages.

Anyway, ya'll, thanks for supporting me through all this! I'm gonna call it a night here, as it's right at the ass-crack of dawn.

I will send the rewards out when I wake up, and post the "Ask Me" for this month shortly after!

NYS2 Page 27 - Finished

Wed Sep 5 07:10:32 2018

(Cue DBZ narrator voice)
"And so, our buxom blackbird heroine is out for the count, with an all but uncertain future ahead of her. Will her friend, the spunky prototype with a mean bite, Quart, subdue the promiscuous Russian fighter, Nika? Or will Nika overpower Quart, and have her share that future with Shandra, and will they share it on American or Russian soil?

Find out next time on PlenBall Z!"

And that concludes this half of NYS2, everyone! This may be the end of the chapter, but there will be more Not Your Sky in the future.


Fine Four-Fendered Friend (Finished)

Fri Aug 31 03:48:29 2018

"You're sleek as a thoroughbred, your tanks are like a feather bed, you'll turn everybody's head today!"

I had fun with this, particularly the chrome effects on her. As I said, I could have made her look like something from 1909 much like I would with aeromorphs, but I deliberately wanted to do this to make ya'll never look at her the same way again. x3

I created a 'pre-crash' scheme, which ya'll will see up on my FA soon, and in the rewards package for this month!


Chitty Morph - Line

Wed Aug 29 19:26:30 2018

Made progress on this last night since finishing the linework, expect to see the final color version very soon!

Had to shift a few things around, particularly the front headlight placement.


NYS2 Page 27 (Linework)

Wed Aug 29 05:45:01 2018

Coming along nicely! Looks like Quart's coming in to deliver a beatdown!

Sorry for the lackluster desc, it's late and whatnot. But after this, do expect an update on the Chitty pic!


RUYA Pt 3 (Done)

Mon Aug 27 05:48:45 2018

"Spring, 1954.

The day has come. The Saberjet aeromorph that our comrades of the DPRK detained at the end of the conflict is nearing her estimated delivery date, and was brought out to a facility USSR to deliver her prototypes. The next step in Eastern airpower may be on the horizon!

In the company of the officers attending the delivery, are Ji-Ae, the 'paternal' figure of the clutch, and Toma, a veteran of the Korean conflict that served alongside Ji-Ae, both likely brought along to conduct further 'testing' on the Saber following her delivery. "

Here's part 3 in the set, ya'll! This one took a bit longer, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out in the end!

Also, I had to omit Stalin not really because it'd be odd pounding it to something where he's present (wouldn't be the weirdest thing ever), but rather he actually died before the Korean War ended. So he wouldn't be alive for this.


NYS2 Page 27 - draft

Thu Aug 23 00:18:04 2018

Here it comes, the battle between the Hog and the Shark!


AMA Answers - July

Thu Aug 23 00:14:54 2018

I'm thinking of holding off this month's AMA until the first of September since this one is so late.
I can't stress how much I apologize for being slow with the AMAs. I've partially been considering suspending them temporarily until I get caught up with things.

Who here also thinks I should show Michelle more?


RUYA3 (The Delivery) - Linework

Wed Aug 15 01:16:16 2018

Linework's done! What gave me trouble the most were the details on Riley's thighs. The perspective just makes the details seem odd and skewed.

I'm working on the answers for the AMA, and the next NYS2 page draft. You're likely to see the page draft later tonight or tomorrow.


NYS2 Page 26 - Done

Tue Aug 14 02:17:25 2018

And here it is, folks, page 26! We're nearing the end of the chapter here. Expect the last few to come in quicker.

Also, to my Tier 2 Patrons, check the dropbox link I sent you again, you will see Page 26 in the rewards folder. Sorry it was delayed.


Chitty Morph- Draft

Mon Aug 13 21:43:27 2018

Yeah, I had plans of doing something like this for a long time now. Some of you may hate me for ruining your childhood, some of you may love me for it too.

Would technically be my very first car-morph. I would usually see carmorphs as typically having rubber 'stockings' on their arms and legs, though, I didn't put too much technical thought into this, as in make her look like something from 1909 like I would do with aeromorphs and their respective eras. As I wanted to deliberately make it so ya'll won't watch CCBB the same way again. >:3

Pretty Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we love you!

And sorry for the delay on the AMA, I'll have the July answers up soon!


RUYA3 The Delivery - Rough

Sun Aug 12 05:09:59 2018

Riley's big day has come! Here she is in some facility in the USSR, ready to present her new gifts to the East! She's looking mighty anxious, and Ji-Ae back there (on the right) is looking quite proud of herself!

It also seems that the technicians also wish to capture this moment too, for research, supposedly!

And I stayed up way later than I was supposed to tonight. Nighty night ya'll!


July Rewards Sent

Thu Aug 9 02:21:47 2018

As the title suggests folks, the rewards have been sent out! Once again, your support is greatly appreciated! Ya'll are awesome! :D

I'm getting right to work on the new NYS2 page as we speak.

Hard Lesson (Done)

Wed Aug 8 22:21:19 2018

Iran is one of several nations in the battle against extremist groups in the Middle-East, but of course, their outward expansion has brought concern to certain major players in this campaign. None other than the United States of course. Unarmed USAF drone aeros have been dispatched to snoop around the airspace of Iranian assets and monitor them, but after numerous drones were harassed and nearly shot down, steps to protect them have been taken, if not to discourage further harassment.

In the case of an Iranian IRIAF Fulcrum, evidently going by Captain Sayeed, who was caught chasing and threatening a reaper drone (Hazel) well outside Iranian airspace, her escort, hiding outside of Sayeed's visual range and outside radar detection, a USMC F-22B named Sam swooped in to thoroughly... Prosecute the Fulcrum, in a way 'few have suffered before' if one will.

And it's done! This and it's alternate versions (which there are quite a few, with a cunt-man version) will all be included in the rewards package, which will be sent out before the day is out. The latest NYS2 comic sadly may not be in it by then, but I am scrambling to get it done.

And to answer your question, the text bubbles for Sayeed are inverted because he's speaking Persian in the image.


Pick your Fights (Lined) + Announcement

Tue Aug 7 22:06:22 2018

Linework's done! The MiG, whom I've named Sayeed, is coming along nicely, don't you agree? :3

I'm home from my trip, everyone! And yeah, not only did I forget the NYS2 page file on my trip, I had also left my stylus at my mother's before our flight up north. Which, once more, had zero wi-fi, and my cell reception was fading in and out.

So, not only did I have an extremely difficult time finding the time and privacy to work on anything naughty outside hours where everyone was asleep, I couldn't even do it effectively, or whip up any new drafts (but I was able to chit down some fun little ideas :3) since I didn't have my stylus.

I was forced to use vector lines for 80% of this (and one or two other images), select them, and use the binary tool to sharpen the lines so they look almost indiscernible to my normal pen strokes. Looks uncanny for the most part! Though, I'm sure the trained eye can see what's done by pen and what's done by mouse. I may have stumbled onto a new trick with this method too.

The only other place I could have gotten the most privacy for anything was the guest bedroom upstairs, but unfortunately, because the room remains largely unused all year round, no one seemed to notice the big-ass yellow jacket's nest growing in the wall and frame around the bedroom window, that's apparently been growing for the last year and a half through the winter.

In the end, I wasn't able to get a lot done. So, unfortunately, for the first time, this month will be shy a new NYS2 page, but access to previous full res pages will still be available.

Now, I'm gathering my bearings, getting settled back in again, and will be back to business shortly.


Well fug

Sun Jul 29 21:20:06 2018

Already out of town, and my flight is tomorrow, and I have all the files and tools I need to continue arting as I'm on the go. However, in my zeal last night to get all the essentials stowed away and ready, I ultimately forgot the file for the new NYS2 page. >.<

So, un-friggin-fortunately, this next page will be later than usual, but it WILL be in this month's rewards pack when I do send them out.

Right Up Your (MiG) Alley Pt 2 ( Finished)

Sat Jul 28 07:59:03 2018

And it's done! This is a bit different from the linework in the previous post in that Riley's already showing signs of the new prototypes from her incursion with Ji-Ae. It makes a little more sense as far as continuity goes. I'll include the non-preggo version and a cum bloated version over on FA soon, and of course in the rewards pack!

Nighty night ya'll! Expect an update on the comic next, which may be either later tomorrow, or a week from now. Again, I'll be going out of town soon, with very limited internet access.

This will be Patreon exclusive until tomorrow after work.


Learn to pick your fights (draft)

Fri Jul 27 22:43:56 2018

Whipped this draft up this morning. I realize it's high time there was officially some gay aero action (and break this Russian Bias cycle), and thought it'd be fun to see Sam breaking in a random Iranian MiG-29 (who doesn't look too happy about this). An allegory for what's to come to fruition in the near future?


RUYA Pt 2 Line

Fri Jul 27 22:37:41 2018

I'm liking how this is turning out! I'll try and have the colors and whatnot ready as soon as possible!


NYS2 Page 26 (line)

Sun Jul 22 22:06:43 2018

Linework is done, it should be fully done soon!


Eurofighter Typhoon Adoptables WIP (sketch)

Sun Jul 22 19:42:19 2018

So I thought it was time I did a new adoptable line, as I feel the F-22 and F-23 set has dragged on long enough, at least that generation of them. I may revisit the Raptors and Widows in the future with additional schemes, but for now, the official lineup is done.

It's time to move on, and I thought the esteemed EF Typhoon deserves some love too! I had a little fun working on this one.

Initially, I never thought much about it due to it's delta wing and forward canard design, but after reading into it and learning a little bit about it's history and development, color me interested. More so knowing that it's one of the few Western aircraft that can go toe to toe with the F-22 (but of course the F-22 wasn't designed to fight a Typhoon), and although not a stealth aircraft, it supposedly holds one of the lowest possible RCS (Radar Cross Section) signatures of any 4th gen fighter jet.

Expect an update on these very soon!


July Ask Me

Sat Jul 21 03:00:32 2018

Blah! I could have sworn I posted this for this month in that barrage of posts back there. I guess not!

Anyway, that time of the month where Tier 2 patrons direct questions towards characters in my roster, and I have said characters answer those questions in sketch form!

Right Up Your MiG Alley Pt 2 (Draft)

Mon Jul 16 03:42:42 2018

Poor ol Riley taking to a company of new Comrades!


AMA Answers - June

Mon Jul 16 03:39:58 2018

Again, I mean to have this done and ready earlier this week, but I came down with a case of LazyFatFuck-itis.

I should do more of ol Phyllis and Elsa! I had fun doing piston-engined aeros this go-round.

This will go up on my FA tomorrow.


NYS2 Page 26 (Draft)

Mon Jul 16 03:37:18 2018

Sorry for the delay on this one. Meant to have finish this draft up a few days ago (among other things), but I was in a bit of a slacker rut. >.<


June Rewards Sent

Fri Jul 6 19:00:05 2018

Pledges have been processed, and the rewards have been sent out! Once more, your support is greatly appreciated, and if anything is amiss, let me know!

NYS2 Page 25 (Done)

Wed Jun 27 21:48:30 2018

I meant to have this one done sooner, but I had a hard time with the dialogue. I really love how the second and third panels turned out though! <3

This will be Patreon exclusive for today, and I'll post it up tomorrow!


NYS2 Page 25 (Line) + Announcement

Thu Jun 21 21:56:09 2018

It's coming along nicely! Already getting to work on the colors, it should be ready quite soon!

And to those who are concerned, yes, I'm doing alright, I mostly just want to be alone for a little while.


NYS2 Page 25 (Draft)

Wed Jun 20 01:18:10 2018

What a mess... Though, not as big of a mess Shandra's gonna be in soon!


Gopnik Plen (Done)

Thu Jun 14 08:21:11 2018

For someone who's sinus was giving him a splitting headache, I sure sped on through this quicker than I thought.

The draft actually was done a while ago, I just finished the linework earlier this evening and dashed on ahead through to the final work. x3

This and it's alternate versions all will be included in this month's rewards. x3
This will be Patreon exclusive for tonight.


Gopnik plen (draft)

Thu Jun 14 03:27:43 2018

Actually been on a roll with Vadim here! I'm happy that more of him is getting done and out there!

The final work is well underway, which should be ready soon.


Ask-Me - April

Mon Jun 11 22:54:47 2018

That time of the month again, folks! Where Tier 2 patrons ask characters in my roster questions, and I choose a few and have said characters answer their respective questions in sketch form!

AMA Answers - May

Mon Jun 11 22:47:45 2018

Blah, I think at this point it's safe to say I'm terrible with keeping the AMAs on point on schedule, and that there's no absolute time they'll be ready.

So, as of this AMA, the AMA is guaranteed each month, for certain. The goal being to get them out within the first week or so of the month.

I'll upload this over to FA tomorrow.

And I also had fun drawing Zhu-Ya up in this one too.

(Edit, added the "@Silva" tag by Silva)


May Rewards Sent

Tue Jun 5 15:55:58 2018

Pledges have been processed and the rewards have all been sent out!

Right Up Your (MiG) Alley (Done)

Tue Jun 5 05:32:05 2018

Sorry this one took a little longer, but here it is! Ji-Ae nabbing her first Saber! Also marking Wilhelmina Riley's debut!

As usual, this will be in the rewards in full res, along with all alternative versions, with and without dialogue. >:3

Because of how late it is, and how I need to get up early tomorrow, I'll send the rewards out tomorrow! Well, later in the day after I wake up. Nighty night folks!


NYS2 Page 24 (Completed)

Sat Jun 2 09:04:56 2018

No! Don't give in, Shandra!

The colors for this one actually were done the last few days, I just didn't get to the dialogue.

Just a few more pages, and the chapter is concluded!

This is Patreon exclusive for the moment, and then I'll upload it to my FA the following day!


Up Your MiG Alley (Line)

Thu May 31 17:00:00 2018

Here's the final linework for Ji-Ae and the Saber, I've already gotten to work on the colors, and we should see a final product and it's alternate version soon!


NYS2 Page 24 (Linework)

Sat May 26 06:42:55 2018

And the linework is done! I may fix up a few things here and there, particularly the side shots of Shandra in the middle. Her breasts in both shots look a little off.

I'll explain it later, but we're actually nearing the end of this chapter for NYS2 in a few more pages.


Sabre-rattling (Draft)

Sun May 20 06:14:34 2018

I've kinda been in a bit of a block lately, but I'm steadily getting through it. I thought I'd try and do something with Ji-Ae! Particularly back during her 'glory days' in the Korean War, tackling one of her first Sabres!

I also find the title kinda iffy. How's about "Up your MiG-Alley?"


NYS2 Page 24 (Draft)

Sun May 20 04:01:09 2018

I actually had the draft for this page ready for a while now, again, sorry for the delay there. But here it is! Shandra's definitely got a belly full of Nika's babybatter now, but things seem to be taking an odd twist here!


Ask Me - May

Wed May 9 17:14:26 2018

Alright folks, here's that time of the month where Tier 2 patrons pitch questions for characters on my roster, and I pick a few of these questions and have said characters answer in sketch form!

The time window is 1 week, and please ask your own questions.

April AMA Answers

Tue May 8 18:04:01 2018

And here they be! Not as many this time around, but I still had some fun working on these!

There were a few I wanted to do, but I don't exactly have answers for them quite yet, sadly.

As usual, this will be an exclusive for the day before going live over on FA. Do lemme know if there are errors or so!


April Rewards sent!

Sun May 6 17:20:50 2018

Pledges have been processed, and the rewards have been sent out! Again, folks, your generous support is most appreciated!

And apologies for the slight delay, yesterday got a little busier than I expected!

I'll be getting to work on the AMAs later tonight or tomorrow!

Nice Shot! (Finished)

Wed May 2 05:41:56 2018

This actually has been done for a while now, I just never got around to making the credits in the image and the background for it. I swear, sometimes I hold things up for the smallest of issues.

This will be Patreon exclusive for the day, then I'll post it and the alt versions on FA tomorrow!

Said alternate versions and their full res formats will be in this month's rewards!


NYS2 Page 23 (Finished)

Tue May 1 00:08:46 2018

I actually meant to post the completed linework a little earlier this past weekend as I went out of town, but I wasn't able to find a comfortable spot to keep drawing at the hotel, so I waited until I got home on Sunday to finish it. I shot through the final linework and onto the coloring so fast I just thought I'd wait until it was done before posting it.

And yes, the little dialogue bubble up top says "We're okay!" So we'll definitely be seeing more of the twins in the future outside the comic!

This will be Patreon exclusive for the next 24 hours before I go live with it on FA. Long enough for me or any of you to help point out flaws and errors before the final product is posted.


NYS2 Page 23 (Draft)

Mon Apr 16 20:51:14 2018

"Uh oh!"

What's this? A page update less than a month away from the previous? Ren, you're actually starting to act productive again!

Yeah, I'm hoping to be more productive this month than I was the last few months! My spirits are a little higher now, and I think this may be a better month! I hope to make a followup to the pic of Vadim and Missy, and possibly something with Connie later too, just to name a few! Stay tuned!


April Ask-Me Questions + New time limit, ect.

Tue Apr 10 03:12:13 2018

Alright, that time of the month again, folks! Where $5 patrons get to post questions directed to characters on my roster, and I pick a few and have those characters answer in sketch form!

I'm now imposing a time frame for the questions, a week at best before it's closed.

Also, aside from the characters the questions are directed towards, please refrain from using names.

And also, I would much prefer it if you all ask your own questions, rather than for non-patrons, please.

March AMA Answers

Tue Apr 10 03:03:57 2018

And here it is! Just an hour before midnight too!
Now giving a bit of a debut to Gwen, the AH-63 Apache, and to Jane, the F-4 Phantom! Perhaps my first Phantom too!

This will be exclusive to Patreon for tonight, enough time to hammer out errors and whatnot if spotted.


"Nice Shot" (Line)

Sun Apr 8 23:20:07 2018

Nearing completion, the colors are being done as we speak!


Nice shot (Draft)

Sun Apr 8 04:27:21 2018

Another face we haven't seen in a while! Thought it's been a while since we've seen Veronika, so I opted to whip up something showing her off! This one came to me watching Spetsnaz demonstration videos, where they're all fluctuating between firing positions while prone on their backs, and thought it'd be interesting to see Veronika in one of these positions herself with a Krinkov!

And yeah, I know, the AMA is running late (again), but I'll have it ready no later than Monday. Thought I'd give ya'll an insight on what's going on. And this juicy bone to gnaw on for the time being! Expect the linework for this one soon, I'm making fast progress with it.


March Rewards Sent!

Fri Apr 6 08:53:36 2018

Your pledges have been processed and the rewards have all been sent out! I meant to do this a little earlier on the 5th yesterday, but neglected to get around to it!

As usual, let me know if anything's amiss via the notes!

NYS2 Page 22 Complete

Tue Apr 3 21:59:04 2018

BWRRRRRTTT!!! Mother fuckers!
And here it is! Again, later than usual. >.<
Them missiles are quite volatile!

This will be a timed Patreon exclusive for the day. Just long enough for ya'll to point out any errors or so in the images that may need corrections before I post it on FA. The full res image will be included in the monthly rewards on the 5th!


Hardware Updates 2.0 (Done)

Thu Mar 29 00:31:20 2018

Well, I was gonna post the final linework before finalizing it, but instinctively kept going until I realized I was now shading the image!

Anywho, this may be a setup for a new image in the near future, possibly with Shandra putting that dongle to good use. >:3

Here, she's sporting a few new details, besides the dongle of course! Thought I'd add a few more features to help emphasize her body's mechanical nature.

This will be a Patreon exclusive for the day, I'll upload it to my FA tomorrow. Expect NYS2 Page 22 soon!


Showing off the new gear

Wed Mar 28 04:25:32 2018

Hey ya'll, I'm still alive! Thought it's been a while since we've seen Shandra, and her DDM too!

Should have the final linework done soon!


NYS2 Page 22 (Draft)

Sat Mar 17 06:44:33 2018

I actually had the draft ready for a few days now, but just kept forgetting to post it here. >.<


West meets East

Sat Mar 10 10:14:42 2018

"Just what do you think you're doing, Figment? We're in neutral territory, if you so much as lay a finger - " Missy snaps, her systems on alert, and instincts putting her in a defensive mode in response to the Su-57's advances on her.

The Su-57 let free a hearty laugh as he leaned on his hand, towering over the F-22 as she almost pressed back against the wall and away from him. "Net! No! I just want to talk, get to finally see my Western counterpart for myself, the famed American Raptor, face to face... I'm happy to leap onto opportunity to meet one of you on amicable terms"

Missy relaxes only slightly, but she clearly remains on guard. "You sure have a funny way of telling me you mean well..."

A non-existent brow on the Su-57 perks up, "Surprised?"

"A little... Yes..."

"I must say though... I'm certainly admiring the competition..."

A reddish tint grows across the F-22's nose in response. "Nnn..."

Here we have Vadim putting the moves on his esteemed counterpart, Missy in a neutral territory in the Middle East.

Wanted to do something involving either Vadim and Missy a while now, I have some other images in the works of them, but I'll get to them in due time!


Vadim and Missy (Draft)

Thu Mar 8 03:41:21 2018

Been itching to do a little more with Vadim, the Su-57, and Missy lately, so I figured why not do a bit with the two bumping into one another, crossing paths on some neutral grounds somewhere in the middle-east!


Ask-Me March

Wed Mar 7 06:03:31 2018

And it's that time of the year, folks! Where Tier-2 patrons ask questions directed to my characters, and I choose a few of said questions and have the characters they're directed to answer them in sketch form!

Ask Me February Answers

Wed Mar 7 06:00:45 2018

A little late past midnight, but here it is!
I'm making this exclusive to Patreon for the time being, a little period to wait and see if any errors can be hammered out before I post it on FA.


Rewards Sent

Tue Mar 6 11:52:58 2018

(Forgot to hit "publish")
As the title suggests, pledges have been processed, and the rewards have been sent out! Thanks again, people, your support's infinitely appreciated! <3
The AMA will be going up later today!

Connie Rear Pinup

Fri Mar 2 08:53:50 2018

Nor-THROBbin? Get it!?

Cranked this out rather quickly! A little something for the February rewards!


Connie rear pinup (Line)

Fri Mar 2 04:39:16 2018

Linework was almost done up until a while ago, so I thought I'd get to it! I should have it done before the 5th!


Connie rear pinup (draft)

Thu Mar 1 03:39:55 2018

I've wanted to get a little more out of my F-22 Missy and F-23, Connie lately, give them some time in the spotlight. Here be Connie, the Northrop F-23 sporting a slightly updated design from the adoptables lineup I did last year! I hope to have this done before I send the rewards package out!


NYS2 Page 21 (Finished)

Thu Mar 1 03:30:44 2018


Seems the Flanker twins bit off much more than they could chew!

Sorry this one took a while, peeps, February has been a little on the emotional side for me the last few weeks, but I'm steadily feeling better now!

Again, the full res version will be in the February rewards for this month come March 5th when the pledges have been processed!


NYS2 Page 21 (Linework)

Wed Feb 21 08:27:02 2018

Both are bringing out the guns!


NYS2 Page 21 Draft

Tue Feb 6 05:49:15 2018

Shit's about to go down now! Get ready to draw, partner!

I had meant to post this during the weekend, but my shift supervisor had other plans for me. D:


Feburary Ask-Me-Anything

Tue Feb 6 05:49:23 2018

That time of the month again, people! Where Tier 2 patrons post questions for characters on my roster, I pick a few and have the aforementioned characters answer in sketch form!

January AMA Answers

Tue Feb 6 05:45:57 2018

Here they are folks, the AMA answers for last month!
I may finalize the last two with Sam, I do like where they're going!


January Rewards Sent!

Tue Feb 6 05:41:44 2018

Pledges have been processed and your rewards have been sent out! Once again, folks, thanks for all of your support!

NYS2 Page 20 Finished

Tue Jan 23 22:59:18 2018

Just sit tight, things are about to get mighty hairy!

As of yesterday, this was still a draft, but I sped on through the linework and finished it in one night, which is why I didn't post the linework before this. I also tried a slightly different shading method with this one than the traditional method on previous page.

I'll be posting this over on FA tomorrow! Until then, this one is set to patron-exclusive for now.


Sam in Trouble - Animated undershot!

Tue Jan 16 21:21:17 2018

Been swelling with anticipation to show this off to the world, but here's a somewhat shoddily put together animated gif of Sammy boy in the midst of one of the pages, giving into NoKo milking techniques!

On that note, I've set the previous images to Patrons Only for the time being, as I plan on releasing them one per day to build up the anticipation outside Patreon. Then this will follow suit eventually!


Sam in trouble (Finished!)

Tue Jan 16 02:09:15 2018

This one took a while, as I had much more planned for this image, but it may yet still come to fruition in the near future!

This also serves as a test to see if I'm able to upload multiple images to a patreon post!

Included below are the alternate versions, which all will be posted over on FA, and the full res versions certainly included in the rewards pack.

I included the "B" variants below because they are texted, the "A" versions will be textless.

Sam_Milked_2B_lo.png Sam%20Milked%203B%20lo.png Sam%20Milked%204B%20lo.png Sam%20Milked%205B%20lo.png Sam%20Milked%206B%20lo.png Sam%20Milked%207B%20lo.png Sam%20Milked%208B%20lo.png Sam%20Milked%209B%20lo.png Sam%20Milked%2010A%20lo.png

Ask-Me December

Fri Jan 12 09:54:08 2018

Again, better late than never. That's the time of the month again, folks! Where Tier 2 patrons ask questions directed towards characters in my roster, aeromorph or furry, and I pick a couple questions and have said the respective characters answer in sketch form!

Ask-Me December answers

Fri Jan 12 09:39:58 2018

And here it is, folks. I again apologize for how long this took me. Having been called in on a surprise shift on Monday at work, it threw a wrench into my plans to complete this on Monday and Tuesday, amongst other things I hoped to have done on Monday.

Coming soon is the image of Sam in his tight spot!


December Rewards Sent + Announcement

Fri Jan 5 18:21:20 2018

Pledges have been processed and the rewards for December have been sent out! Once again, thanks for all the support, and I hope you all had a Happy New Years too!


I WAS going to work on the AMAs for December today, but because of some rather asinine issues over at the workplace, the answers are going to be a little delayed, maybe a day or two.

Sam in Trouble (draft)

Tue Jan 2 04:35:13 2018

Seems Sam has gotten himself into a little trouble, much like Nika has! This could be a serious problem for the jarhead F-22!


NYS2 Page 20 (draft)

Sun Dec 31 09:22:28 2017

Seems things are about to get messier than they already are!


Recent events; Patreon Fee-asco + Announcement

Sun Dec 31 08:01:01 2017

For starters, I'm sorry this month hasn't been very productive, I've just been busy with things at work. I was going out of town a few weeks ago, and they really stacked my days on at work to balance things out before I embarked on it. So the first two weeks of December were rather busy. I wasn't able to get much done on my trip either because while I took my laptop and tablet with me, I either left some of the base files at home, or was out and about with family.

I first recall hearing about the Patreon fees sometime mid November or so, and after looking into it and hearing everyone's thoughts on it. I wasn't amused, and unsurprisingly, neither were many people here. I've seen dozens of journals of artists mentioning so many patrons pulling pledges as a result.

Initially, I wasn't sure what to say or do. One artist I follow proposed reducing the rates for his pledges so his patrons aren't hit with that extra fee. I thought of following this example myself.

I didn't say anything sooner because I was waiting to see what would happen first. Though, I did have a gut feeling that Patreon would pull the plug on it because of how severe the backlash was.

They of course said "sorry", but they already pulled the stunt, and we can only assume they'll think of another way to do it again.


Well, Christmas is out of the way, and comes the closing to another year, and hands down, perhaps one of the craziest we've all probably seen so far. I really do appreciate you all who've stuck with me so far! Hopefully the coming year will hold better stuff for us!

On that matter. As we near the one-year mark for this Patreon page, I've recently had an idea or two though regarding the pledge rewards.

One being possibly adding a little more to the Tier 2 rewards package, by including some sketches and other stuff I may or may not go beyond the sketch or ink stages, which I produce a number of them monthly off to the side.

Another idea I entertained was potentially adding a $10 Tier 3 pledge package, with the big perk being that each month you're enrolled into a raffle, in which the prize is a free, solo, cleaned up sketch.

In any case, I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Be sure to drink as much champagne as you can so you can wash away the woes of last year, or maybe some harder stuff to help you sleep better through all the fireworks and dogs barking and police or fire rescue sirens throughout the neighborhood as a result.

NYS2 Page 19 Finished

Sun Dec 31 07:05:52 2017


Sorry I took so long with this one, fellas, this has just been a busy month. Ya'll can relate! I will try to get the next pages out a little faster the coming month. Just a few more pages and things are bound to get mighty interesting!

As usual, the high res file will be in the rewards folder.


November AMA Answers + Rewards Sent

Wed Dec 6 04:18:22 2017

Here they are folks! Here we see Sergei again, a face we haven't seen in a good, long time!

Apologies on the slow rewards delivery. I actually have had them ready for a few hours now, but Patreon has just been loading so slowly today for me. I've reset my router and restart my computer more times than I can count, nothing. Was so tempted to use friggin DIAL-UP to get this here. Only until an hour before midnight does it decide to actually work. D:


Ask Me - December!

Tue Dec 5 23:18:14 2017

That time of the month again, folks! Where my Tier 2 patrons ask characters in my roster a question, I pick a few and have the respective characters respond in sketch format!

I'm currently working on the answers for last month right now, and should have them up shortly after posting this!

NYS2 Page 19 (Draft)

Wed Nov 29 00:57:51 2017

Here is where I had planned on placing the previous shots of the Flankers blowing. May update this a bit too, particularly the last frame of Quart making a roundabout on the twins. Ideas?


NYS2 Page 18 (Finished)

Wed Nov 29 00:54:21 2017

They're gonna blooooow!!!
As usual, this will be in the rewards pack for this month!


Belated birthday

Sat Nov 25 19:27:09 2017

Ah, 27 years on this crazy world... As of yesterday, the 24th anyway.

Sit tight, the next comic page will be here very soon!

Vadim Debut

Fri Nov 24 00:32:05 2017

Vadim was among a clutch of 10 prototypes, being put into service summer of 2007, before being subjected to countless tests and modifications before he and his siblings made their debut to the world in 2010. He was raised by a former VDV Major by the name of Leonid Valentin, hence his last name, Valentinovich. Like most of his siblings, Vadim was mocked and humiliated by contemporary aeros, particularly aged Su-27s and MiG-29s from the Soviet Era. Viewed as a living case of "monkey see, monkey do", a cheap flattery of Western advances. Unfortunately for them, this only strengthened Vadim's resolve, driving him to push himself to his limits, show them what he really could do, and prove that the task of defending the motherland in the future was being passed unto good, capable hands.

To this day, although he's left the prototype phase and has reached official operational status, he's yet to see actual combat. Until then, his current duties lie in continued testing, and proudly serving as one of the primogenitors for the production line of Su-57 Aeromorphs! It's spelled out a long and busy few years ahead of him.

Alright, so far, the only take I had at a Su-57 was withnikasharkeh 's aero interpretation, and right here on the far left. With Nika, it was a very basic design with not that much thought put into the design, and Nika and I decided that she looks the way she is because she's a heavily modified 'specialist' derivative. Here, I decided to take a whole new pass at the design, and introduce a new face in the process, in male form!

Say hello to Vadim Valentinovich, my latest addition to my aero roster!

Hope you all are having a happy Thanksgiving, I know I'm having a good one!

Of course, I will include this and all it's alternate versions in this month's rewards pack.


NYS2 Page 18 (Linework)

Thu Nov 16 22:13:58 2017


Updated the frame placement. Decided to save the shots of them actually blowing for the next page! Unlike traditional fashion, since I'm a little eager for it, I'm gonna maybe try getting the draft for the next page done as I work on this.


November Ask Me!

Thu Nov 9 19:46:52 2017

That time of the month again, folks! Where Tier-2 patrons get to post their inquiries towards characters on my roster, and I select a few and have said characters answer them in sketch form!

Please try to keep it limited to ONE question per character.

October AMA Answers

Wed Nov 8 00:09:09 2017

Here they are, folks! Had a little fun with the one involving Ji-Ae there. x3

I meant to get this up yesterday, but I had some important things to tend to yesterday, they took a bit longer than I had expected, so I wasn't able to make much progress.


October rewards sent out

Sun Nov 5 17:29:36 2017

Pledges have been processed, and the rewards have been sent out! As usual, folks, your support is appreciated!

I'll get to work on the AMA answers for last month tomorrow!

Sun the Vampire's debut + Announcement

Thu Nov 2 23:01:04 2017

I didn't show WIPs of this, as it's something I tossed up at the last minute on Halloween. I had already done the linework and colors so quickly that I thought I'd have it done and ready yesterday, but work calls and whatnot.

Here be my eccentric, flamboyant, bimillennial Vampire wolf from China, Sun Li Xun, making his debut in one of his silly costumes! Seems the old fella is quite thirsty!

I'll be posting this and it's alternate versions over on FA!


Which brings me to the rewards. I actually had just realized that Patreon doesn't complete it's full charging cycle until around the 5th of each month, that being when the funds are automatically sent out to the creators. I assume this is when every single one of the patrons' pledges have been processed. So I will be waiting until the 5th to send the rewards all out.

I figure this way, if I complete an image after the first when the previous month hasn't been as productive or so, I'd still have something to offer at the end of each fiscal month before the site automatically pays out. SO! I'll include this and it's alternate versions all in the rewards package for October, especially since considering I meant to post this on Halloween too.


NYS2 Page 18 (draft)

Wed Nov 1 09:45:26 2017

A glance at page 18, with Quart finally slipping off and also unblocking the twins! At least they get to blow!

This isn't the final frame placement, and I do hope to add something to the middle frame there. Perhaps a visual representation of them about to shoot off? Ideas?


NYS2 Page 17 (Done)

Wed Nov 1 09:38:26 2017

And here's page 17! Sorry this took so long folks, I meant to get this posted a few days ago, but it took me a bit longer than I hoped. October's just been quite busy for me. X.x

Sucks that my Halloween wasn't as eventful as I'd hoped, but I hope it all went well for you all!

Looks like Quart's finally getting the advantage here, and it seems the Flanker sisters are both gonna be in a spot of trouble soon!

I also guess at this rate, I may be uploading the final, completed images here too for viewing. As usual, the full res images will be included in the monthly rewards package. I'll try getting them out come Thursday, and have the ask-me answers in around the same time or the day after!


Halloween Bughunt Pt. 2

Tue Oct 31 08:57:01 2017

Excerpt from Weyland-Yutani Research vessel REDACTED archives.
Log of Dr. Sheffield J.
This is an incredible find! Two years ago, a squad of USCM marines were deployed to our research colony on REDACTED to investigate a complete communications loss. All hope seemed lost until we got in close enough to pick up live feed from one of the marines' helmet cameras, and it turns out the alien lifeform we call a xenomorph they've been studying had escaped containment, and turned the whole facility into a new hive. As horrifying as the outcome of the facility and it's staff is, what we found in the footage really shed some new light on this remarkable species' ecosystem. It really enlightens us as to what the xenomorphs use for sustenance in the hive. Like any normal life-form, it needs to metabolize some form of sustenance in order to function.
Typically, after being subdued by warriors and drones, humans that were captured were knocked unconscious and dragged back to their hive for impregnation via facehugger. But footage captured by one of the USCM detachments seems to suggest a whole new class of xenomorph in the hive's caste, and that some of the human hosts taken back to the hive might serve another purpose besides being used to spawn more xenomorphs.
At first the human (only male) is bound to the wall in a separate chamber with the same organic resin used to suspend the potential hosts for facehuggers, but his lower garments are removed or torn away, revealing his genitals, and often always in a seated or laying back position. We still do not understand what it is that determines who becomes a host, and who becomes a prisoner to these new xenomorph workers. After identifying some of the captured marines in the footage, they all held remarkable PT scores and clean medical histories. It seems they picked the strongest and healthiest males for this role.
Then come in these new workers. They can be distinguished by having bodies far more humanoid in appearance, with buxom and voluptuous features, such as wide hips, thick thighs and calves, semi-muscular arms, and rather enormous glands on their chests, in addition to a pair of rather large, succulent lips, all of which appear relatively soft, as they're seen jiggling in some of the footage. More importantly, they exhibit female genitalia, and chatter from the captives seem to also suggest it is often always tight, with upward rippling walls, and a constant sucking effect.
Interestingly, they act incredibly docile and we'd see these new feminine workers rigorously mating with the captive males on a daily basis, whether they're awake or not, be it riding them in a missionary or reversed position, or orally sucking on their penis, ever so eagerly trying to collect their sperm. When compared to normal members of the caste, their behavior is mighty unusual. When they're not briskly riding or sucking their captives raw, they still seat themselves on the captive's lap, penis lodged inside their nethers (sometimes slowly riding them). This new class of xeno also appears to exhibit maternal traits, as in this state, they'd smother the captive with affections - i.e. licks, kisses, playful bites, kneading and caressing their bodies and heads.
They'd continue to vigorously mate with the male captives days on end, but in between sessions (usually when the captive wasn't capable of climaxing anymore, or seemed to take too long to do so), they'd appear to slow down or stop to turn and face them to press those engorged, breast-like glands into their faces, making the captive breastfeed from them, and take in a strange, green syrupy fluid. It was unclear as to what purpose this served, but within moments of ingesting this strange fluid, the male captive was immediately fully erect once again, and biometric signs from captive marines' armor suggest it acted as a potent cocktail of nutrients and hormones that left the host fully energized and rejuvenated. The captives describe the fluid being either rich or tangy, with a sweet, syrup-like consistency, and dangerously addictive.
Again, we didn't understand the purpose of this until the course of the next week and a half, we'd notice the glands on their chests expanding, to the point where the soft plates covering them were beginning to gradually come apart, revealing the transparent chitin between, and the creamy contents within. The biggest they've grown to was perhaps twice their original size before they'd vanish for a few days, only for another one of these 'milkers' to take their place. Likely so the ones at peak capacity could feed the members of the hive, as they often return with their breasts reduced in size. One surviving marine suggests it all mostly goes to the Queen. Then the ones that appear to have shed their load will come back and relieve the ones that have filled their glands entirely. Rinse and repeat.
It would appear that the semen collected in their stomachs via oral or vaginal means, accumulates over time, and is converted into a protein and nutrient enriched syrup. It's unclear how this process works, but all in all? It seems they function and serve the same purpose to the hive as Honeypot ants do on Earth. Seems we won't truly know until we've obtained one of them.
Standby for further analysis...
UPDATE - 10/07/2159
Captain Rodriguez and his boys recently captured one of these new xenomorphs alive, and it strangely seems to take to the containment very well, it only passively-aggressively responds to attempts to make contact with it, but we know better... These are crafty and cunning creatures.
UPDATE - 10/10/2158
For the last three days, it keeps watching and following us through the glass, giving me and Riley both very inviting glares... Licking it's lips at us and pressing those swollen glands, or it's large, wide posterior back against the glass, and that glistening, virgin-like entrance toward us...
Riley put his crotch to the glass a few times, and it licked at the glass or pushed it's arse back against it. It's actually kinda funny watching him dryhump the glass... Though, in our case? It's perhaps one of the second best things we've got this far out...
UPDATE - 10/13/2158
It's been real hard getting any work done... With how it keeps teasing and seducing us over to the glass. Leading us over to the door, as if asking us to step inside or freed it... We know we can't, at least not without containment suits and restraining it...
It's appearance and behavior really isn't helping a man like me... The nearest lady that could really ease my growing frustrations is light years away... And this... Creature is right behind a glass wall I can get behind with the swipe of a card, and looks mighty eager to see me... I really don't know how long I can take this torture...
... I'll wait until my shift comes up, wait until Riley is asleep...

Happy Halloween folks!
A followup to that I meant to do the following year, but I got snagged up in other things and it just never came to fruition. Here, I'm glad to see it finally done! Maybe expect a part 3 next year, or some follow-up images in between.

After seeing a video on honeypot ants, I thought this would be an interesting idea. Basically, a normal bug hive, but there's a feeder class that harvests fluids from captive humans, and uses it to feed the Queen or the hive, and to keep the captives nourished and productive. Making for one kinky little cycle!


Blackbird 'n Decker (Complete)

Fri Oct 27 09:50:26 2017

"People generally are surprised to see an aeromorph cooking. This cold, metal being incapable of taste preparing food? Of course, few people know, or recall I was once a human, and even fewer know that I worked in my mama's diner in Franklin for 5 years before I joined the Air Force. Sometimes I had to take over as head cook, and of course ma made sure I got some of her signature recipes down. None I recall more clearly than my mama's jambalaya. I loved it, and so did the locals.

Since then, whenever I fly in to rest at a base or am traveling, I like to sometimes surprise some of the organic, on-base personnel with my culinary skills, bring a little bit of the South with me. Although I have the recipe right down to heart, and recorded on my core, I can't taste it at all, just smell it. I sometimes have to enlist the aid of a chef to make sure it's perfect - you know you've got it right when your cooking makes an atheist mutter "oh my God".

The kicker? I'd probably be the first cook who'd ever have to clean her hands with heavy duty de-greaser and Oxi-Clean before they're clean enough to cook with."

And here it is folks! Done!


Blackbird cooking (linework)

Fri Oct 27 05:18:38 2017

Meant to post the draft for this one earlier too, but like the previous pic, the linework was already close to being done that I decided to wait until the line was done.


Bug Breeding (Line)

Fri Oct 27 03:32:42 2017

A followup to the Bug Hunt pic I did a few years back! I meant to post the rough draft for this earlier today before work, but I was so close to finishing the linework, I thought I'd just wait until it was done before posting the line wip here.


NYS2 Page 17 (Linework)

Wed Oct 18 07:13:18 2017

And here it is folks! The linework for Page 17 is done. I will get around to the colors as soon as possible! I'll also have a new wip coming up soon involving our favourite Blackbird, and potentially a halloween pic for this year!


October Ask-Me

Sun Oct 15 17:09:51 2017

I really should just post this every first of the month rather than wait for me to post the answers from last month. Eugh.

Anyway, it's that time again where Tier 2 patrons ask questions directed towards characters on my roster and I pick a few of those questions and have the aforementioned characters respond in sketch form!

September Ask Me Answers

Sun Oct 15 17:07:01 2017

Sorry this took so long folks, but here it is! Now introducing Michelle, the F-16!


NYS2 Page 17 (draft)

Mon Oct 9 00:20:31 2017

Sorry that took so long, but here we are, back to Quart getting her sweet revenge! Looks like she's finally got what she needs to break fully free! but will she pull away in time?!

Expect the September Ask-me results soon, then will come the Ask-Me for October!


September rewards have been sent!

Thu Oct 5 21:15:50 2017

Your pledges were processed and it's all been sent out! Thanks for your support folks. Expect a new NYS2 page soon!

Sargasso's newest star (finished)

Thu Oct 5 21:15:43 2017

Whipped this up on my trip upstate last week. Here we have Fox McCloud having been subjected to one of Andross's evil experiments that's put her in a... New light. Whatever it is, Wolfy back there seems to be making big bank off this new change in her former rival!

Ideal music


Stripper Foxy + Announcement

Sun Oct 1 13:06:16 2017

An R-63'd Fox McCloud working it out at the Sargasso strip joint! More like ThicCloud, with an r-63'd Wolf in the background!

I already kinda have this one colored, but I thought I'd get it fully colored and shaded before posting it.

Plus, it may be a day or two before I post the rewards. I've got to get settled in again and also get to work tomorrow. Of course it's just waiting for me like a lover. xP


Status update

Sat Sep 30 20:43:16 2017

Afternoon, all! I have been on vacation the last week. I brought my art supplies with me, but unfortunately I left some of my more crucial ref files at home, so I haven't been able to produce anything NYS2 or aero related. Despite this, I managed to whip up a few images here and there of some 'normal' stuff. Might try uploading a few tonight!

If not, I should be home tomorrow afternoon!

NYS2 Page 16 Complete

Thu Sep 14 04:32:25 2017

Ask Me - September

Mon Sep 11 21:44:58 2017

That time of the month again, folks, sorry it came late again! Where Tier 2 patrons ask questions directed at characters on my roster and I pick a few to have the respective characters answer in sketch form!

Ask Me Answers August + News

Mon Sep 11 21:35:48 2017

Sorry this took so long, but here it is!

And as I stated on FA, I'm fine. Irma has passed, and bar the lights flickering during the storm and the massive carpet of leaves and branches covering my front and backyards, all is good!


NYS2 Page 16 (linework)

Fri Sep 8 02:10:38 2017

And here is the linework for page 16! I may try to get the colors done as soon as I can. If not, then it may not be for a while until after the hurricane.

Though by the looks of things, Miami may not be seeing that bad of winds when Irma makes landfall. But only time will tell. I won't know truly until noon tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Ask Me Delays

Wed Sep 6 21:06:34 2017

I don't know why I wait till the first of each month to answer questions for last month...

Anyway, as you all know, Hurricane Irma is coming to my town, and I've been scrambling back and forth between work and getting prepared for the worst.

I still have a few days before she hits, so I'll try getting them in and possibly a NYS2 page 16 update between now and then.


NYS2 Page 16 (draft)

Sat Sep 2 01:30:04 2017

What makes it worse is that her jaw uses hydraulics rather than artificial muscles!

Here is a glimpse at page 16, I'll try to have it ready as soon as possible this time around. I may be a little slow with the ask-me answers this weekend too.


August rewards have been sent + NYS2 Page 15 complete

Fri Sep 1 18:05:33 2017

August pledges have been processed, and rewards have been sent out. Sorry I haven't been as productive with the comic this month, I've been dealing with a multitude of things and spreading myself for far and thin.

Part of my delay was attributed to tidying up loose ends with old commissions so I can open myself up to new ones this fall.

None the less, I thank you all for your support!

NYS2 Page 15 (Line)

Wed Aug 23 03:44:57 2017

Changed the lower half of the page up. The car pileup needed an explanation, so I changed it to a cute-ish image of Quart stopping off two hoses to help emphasize what's going on.


Oleg and Fyodor (Finished)

Fri Aug 18 20:09:30 2017

Took me a month, but it's done, and expect to see these two handsome Soviet studs in full resolution in your August Rewards Pack. :3

Miami B2 Spirit flats

Tue Aug 15 11:26:32 2017

A little something I whipped up in the middle of the night. Expect it to be finished soon!


August Ask-Me

Tue Aug 8 06:03:13 2017

That time of year folks, where Tier-2 patrons post their questions towards OCs on my roster, and I pick a few and have the characters they're directed to respond in sketch form. Sorry this is a little late!

Ask-Me July answers

Tue Aug 8 05:57:29 2017

There's a few in here from June that I wanted to hang onto as well. Tell me if the questions themselves are eligible here.


NYS2 Page 15 (rough)

Tue Aug 8 05:52:55 2017

Surprise! And cue car screeching followed by massive pileup!
FYI, the car pileup is an illustration to how the twins are feeling here! I MAY edit this later down the road. Thoughts?


Ask-Me Delays + News

Mon Aug 7 20:24:16 2017

I would like to apologize for the delay in posting the answers for the ask-me for July. I have been faced with technical setbacks. Particularly finding out that the pump for my liquid cooling unit has not been working at all despite everything being plugged in right, and I've been facing massive temperature spikes in my CPU.

The issue has been resolved with a new unit, and I am noticing dramatic temperature drops from before.

I will get to work on the Ask-Me responses tonight, and have the post for this month's questions open. In addition to a draft for Page 15 of NYS2.

End of Line.

July rewards sent!

Thu Aug 3 23:53:41 2017

As usual, notify me if anything is amiss!
Again, folks, your support is greatly appreciated! Sorry it took a while to send this time around.

NYS2 Page 14 complete

Tue Jul 25 20:22:50 2017
Here it be, folks! Back to Quart for the moment! Looks like things are gonna get mighty messy for them both!

Not as much dialogue on this one, not enough room to really cram much in either! Anyway, thought I'd try speeding things up a bit. We're nearing the end of this chapter, and the 1 year anniversary where I started this comic.

Stay tuned for the Page 15 draft! >:3

Tablet situation

Sun Jul 23 20:41:55 2017

A little something for my old Wacom Bamboo. Five years of producing fine imagery and smut for you all.

So I caved and went ahead and got myself a new Wacom Intuos Pro. I felt that maybe this is a sign I need to move on, upgrade and get with the times.

It's definitely got quite a bit of a learning curve to get through. Still trying to hammer out the kinks, get used to the new stiffness, and figure out why the buttons for the tablet itself will sometimes work and sometimes stop. I've mostly been cranking out small doodles here and there to get a feel for it. In addition to working on the newest NYS2 page. Which should be available soon, before August 1st mind you.

NYS2 Page 14 (Linework)

Thu Jul 20 06:58:01 2017

Alright, here's the story. Most of it was done with penwork, but it was around the last two panels where my pen shat the bed on me. So, I decided to complete it with vector lines. Not too excited about the final result it produced, as there are some things amiss in the image, but it's somewhere. Something until the new nibs get here.


Well shit. (Hardware issue)

Wed Jul 19 19:32:00 2017

My stylus has pooped the bed on me. Or rather the tip isn't good anymore. Which means no art until the replacements come in. I have extra nibs somewhere, I just can't find them. >.<

I really hope I don't have to replace more than just the tips. But I fear I may need to put me ol bamboo to rest sometime soon. D:

NYS2 Page 14 (Draft)

Thu Jul 13 02:56:53 2017

Seems the Flankers are just about to wrap it up with poor Quart too! The end is nigh!


Milking the Bull

Sun Jul 9 16:46:25 2017
Wait, not THAT kind of a release!
Yeah, a few months back, a funny little idea had come to mind of Aero-Nika in a rather compromising position, and thought it'd be fun to whip this up. Also figured electrical play would be a common thing among aeros, Jacking On if you will! And I'll give a cookie to anyone who gets that reference.

This takes place during Nika's younger years. While North Korea is woefully primitive as far as technology and military hardware go, it's a little safe to say even they can be underestimated, and Nika had gotten a little too in over her head, and has found herself at the mercy of Ji-Ae and her cohorts! Now it begs the question; what are the circumstances of her escape? Could this have had a lasting impact on what made her who she is?

NYS2 Page 13 Done

Sun Jul 9 16:28:25 2017
Seem's Shandra's in a mighty tough spot now; Nika's on the home stretch of things, and it looks like this may get very messy!

NYS2 Page 13 (Linework)

Fri Jul 7 07:17:35 2017

Added and removed a few things. There were already nut and butt closeups in the last page, thought I'd remove those, include shots of poor Shandra's expressions, and some internal views!


June Rewards sent out!

Thu Jul 6 18:35:55 2017

Once again folks, thanks for your support, and I hope you all had a safe and pleasant 4th of July and Canada Day over the week and weekend. :D

Sam's 4th of July

Tue Jul 4 18:57:45 2017

Well then! I guess ya'll will be having another for the rewards pack, and it's alternate versions! :3


Happy 4th of July! + Announcement

Tue Jul 4 05:53:08 2017

Happy Independence day, everyone! I hope your celebration of our independence is a safe and pleasant one!

Now, it's been almost 5 months since I've started this page, and your support's really helped me over that period of time. Now, I will send the rewards out on the 5th, and I will include the completed image with Sam in it if I get it done between now and then.

MiG Son and Father (Oleg & Fyodor debut) (rough)

Tue Jul 4 05:51:15 2017

Two new aerostuds of mine, of the Soviet variety. :3
I'm gonna focus on the previous image with Sam first before I focus on these two next.


Uncle Sam's 4th of July Dream (Line)

Tue Jul 4 05:48:44 2017

A little gag image I'm rush-working on, hopefully I can finish this up before I go to bed. If not get finished late tomorrow.

Basically, Sam, the F-22 is lost in dreamland here the night before the 4th of July.


July Ask Me

Mon Jul 3 01:11:41 2017

That time of the month again, folks! Where I take Tier 2 patrons' questions for characters in my roster and have the aforementioned characters answer them in sketch form!

June Ask Me Answers

Mon Jul 3 00:51:51 2017

I wanted to do more, but I didn't want it to stretch too far down. I kept a few questions from last month that I really liked, may do them this month!

I updated the image, Mildred's question box was a little off screen.


NYS2 Page 13 (draft)

Sun Jun 18 01:58:54 2017

A rough draft for page 13, which I'll get to work on lining ASAP. I won't say much, but something's coming up, and I'm itching to speed along to it!


NYS2 Page 12 (complete) + Pledge reminder

Sun Jun 18 01:14:42 2017

Is over on FA nao! The full res will be included in the monthly rewards package for tier 2 pledges. plap plap plap.

Once again, those who pledged $5 or more after I went "Up Front" will receive rewards the first of the month like everyone else. Note me for any inquiries.

Dafuq, Patreon?

Sun Jun 18 01:13:10 2017

This is starting to feel like Youtube now, where every update to the layout becomes a whole new clusterfuck we gotta get used to all over again, and I was still getting used to the last setup. Thanks, Patreon.

NYS2 Page 12 Line + Announcement

Tue Jun 13 01:08:01 2017

Linework for page 12 is done, with a few edits since the draft. Namely a different perspective with the lower frame, in addition to a closeup shot.

It's also been raining a lot around here lately, pollen is being kicked up, and for the last two days, I've been a coughing mess that apparently only DayQuil and NyQuil can help. So I'll try to get this page done as quick as I can.


Aero milking (rough)

Sat Jun 10 21:36:54 2017

Thought this would be a fun little idea; a particular PAK FA getting a bit of a taste of her own non-con medicine, but at the hands of a particular MiG-15. Some of you may have seen a more completed version, but I'm still making changes to the final product, so I'll just drop here the initial draft.


June Ask Me

Mon Jun 5 04:21:03 2017

A little late, but here it is! The time when my tier 2 patrons throw any kind of questions they have at my characters, and I answer them in a rough draft sketch the first of next month or sooner. (May as well be the first of next month anyway at this rate.)

Ask away!

May Ask me Ansers

Mon Jun 5 04:19:12 2017

Sorry this one took this long, had a hard time trying to answer a few of them, or wasn't able to right yet. Here's some more world building!


May rewards sent!

Thu Jun 1 12:06:32 2017

Processed patrons should receive a note from yours truly with the rewards pack for May! Once again, thanks for your support, people! :D

UPDATE: Check the dropbox links again, I forgot to include the images of Tef from the May 4th redux.

Computer status

Wed May 24 02:10:04 2017

It slipped my mind there. In case one didn't notice, I put my old rig back together for the time being so I can work on page 11. My new case should arrive in a few days before I can install the liquid cooling unit. Apparently, it took a little longer to ship than I had hoped for it to.

NYS2 Page 12 (Rough)

Wed May 24 00:31:56 2017

Here's a glimpse at Page 12, and we're jumping back over to Nika and Shandra, getting themselves a little more 'comfortable. '


NYS2 Page 11 Complete

Wed May 24 00:29:52 2017

The end is nigh...

And here it is. As usual, I'm sorry for being slow with these, been doing many different things this month. But luckily, I have drafts for upcoming pages already done, and I should be able to get these done at a faster pace! I will be having an announcement coming up very soon, so stay tuned.

This will also mark the last page I'll be using teasers on. Since whenever I delete them when they're done, the thumbnails remain in the folders.

Setbacks. D:

Fri May 19 16:10:51 2017

In my zeal to upgrade the hardware for my computer, I found that the new liquid cooling unit won't fit in my current case. I could put it back together, but I've already dissected my current computer to the point where I simply don't have the patience to put that monstrosity back together until the new case arrives, which I estimate should be Monday or Tuesday next week.

In conclusion, my ability to do any is hindered for the next few days. D:

Not Your Sky 2 Page 11 (Linework)

Wed May 17 01:46:26 2017

And here it is, the linework for NYS2 Page 11!


Aero Mama's Day Done

Mon May 15 07:25:18 2017 Over on my FA! Full res versions will be included in this month's rewards.

Mother's day special (Lines)

Sun May 14 20:15:27 2017

Ooh, look at this set of familiar faces!

A little something I cranked out at the last minute. I hope to have this ready by tonight, or tomorrow. Along with possibly an update on Page 11 for Not Your Sky 2 tomorrow!


Poledancing Tef Redux (Rough)

Wed May 3 19:33:18 2017

Not often I post homoerotic stuff here, but I thought I'd drop a wip here sorta in celebration of May 4th none the less.

Last year, I whipped up an image of my Nelvaanian, Tef, working it on the pole.
I keep looking back and realizing this could have been better. So, I'm giving it the Lucas treatment and going back and editing it so it looks better. Looking at the original file, I see I was very sloppy and disorganized. Hopefully I'll have this ready by tonight or tomorrow! And unlike Lucas, I will be posting the full, uncensored version of the original along with these for everyone to see and compare.


Up Front News

Tue May 2 16:39:17 2017

As of today, in an effort to crack down on Patrons that pledge, just to see content and pull out before they can be charged, I have instituted the Up Front charge system.

For my existing patrons, it will still charge you the first of every month as per usual. However, new patrons, they will be charged every month on the day they join.

From now on, I highly recommend anyone fixing to pledge for the first time to start only with $1. So if you don't like my content and wish to pull out before the next charge cycle, $1 is all you'll have spent. If you pledged $5 but still pulled out, and if the pledge processed, I will still try to get your reward out to you.

And speaking of the reward system, I will still be handing them out the first of every month. So if you pledged after the first of the month, you will have to wait until the first of next month like everyone else. Because the day you're charged, the rewards may not be ready yet. This may also save me some extra work too, and save me from having to send rewards out day after day after day there is a new charge.

Ask Me, May

Tue May 2 02:16:39 2017

That's right folks! That time of the month! Drop yer questions for characters in my roster, and I'll pick a few and answer them in sketch form!

April Rewards Sent + Announcement

Tue May 2 00:28:21 2017

Rewards have been sent out to processed patrons, and I will check back in again in a few days to see if declined or flagged patrons have processed or not. Wow, I really didn't realize how bad I was this month regarding posts. I am confident May might be a good month for me this time around! I will say that the first two weeks are going to be hectic for me at work, but once those are out of the way, it should be smooth sailing.

Now, as expected, pledge pullers have struck again. As of today, I am setting the Patreon to Charge Up Front to put the kibosh on this. Give declined and fraudulent patrons a month or so to straighten their situation out.

End of line.

Ask me April answers

Tue May 2 00:17:08 2017

And there they are! Given the pattern I put these out at, where I ask the questions the first of the month and put them out a month later, I don't know if this is positive or negative. I see the plus in that it gives me plenty of time to come up with how to reply while working on other things. I still may try to post the answers as soon as I can though.


NYS2 Page 10 Complete

Sat Apr 22 04:28:15 2017 And there it is, folks! As usual, a high res version will be sent out the first of next month to second tier and above patrons!

Latest F-22 x F-23 Adoptable set is live!

Wed Apr 19 17:24:42 2017 This one being the second production F-22 and F-23 set!

NYS2 Page 11 WIP (draft)

Tue Apr 18 01:02:44 2017

And now he's uploaded the draft for an upcoming page too the same month? Is the world coming to an end!?


NYS2 Page 10 WIP (Line)

Tue Apr 18 00:59:36 2017

The hell is this? A second page before the end of the month? Is that slacker, Ren actually making some progress for a change?


YF-23 & F-22 Adopt Set 3 up

Wed Apr 5 07:52:50 2017

That's right! Over on my FA!

Rewards Sent + News

Sun Apr 2 08:06:10 2017

To begin with, March Rewards are sent, please let me know if anything is amiss. Thanks again, all of you!

Now, what I wanted to bring up was the subject of more pulled pledges. Once more, I will try to get in contact with those marked as fraudulent or declined, and see if the situation can be sorted out. Until then, the rewards are withheld, and you have a month to get the pledge processed. If it's not settled before the next cycle, I will have to block you from the page for a month. If I message you, please respond, so I know you're not a bot.

As for the pulled pledges, I'm aware that some may have pulled their pledges because they're not satisfied with the content or the speed it's delivered. That is perfectly fine, but the problem is it's hard to tell if that is their legit reason, or if they're just here to exploit the system to save a buck. What makes these pulled pledges very suspicious is if they are just a few days before the next charge cycle, and with no explanation. If you're going to actually pledge later, please put that in the reasons. Otherwise, I am going to have to make a list of the users that pledged and pulled, and block them if they do it again, and report them to creators they're subscribed to.

I'm not angry by this as much as I am disappointed, nor is this really hurting me now, but if my monitoring the pulled bids doesn't work, I'll have to make the pledges Up Front to put the kibosh on the actual fraudulent users.

Do give me your input, any help I can get to tackle this will help in the long run.

April Ask-Me

Sun Apr 2 08:04:16 2017

That time of the month again, ya'll! Toss a question my way for any character in my roster, and I'll pick a few and have the characters they're directed to sketched out, answering them!

Ask me March answers

Sun Apr 2 07:53:59 2017

Again, pardon my sluggishness folks! Here are the answers for the Ask-Mes from last month.


NYS2 Page 9 Complete

Thu Mar 30 10:11:01 2017

And over on my FA!
As usual, full res version will be included in the Tier 2 rewards package, first of April!

NYS2 Page 9 WIP (Line) + Announcement

Tue Mar 28 09:48:35 2017

Page 9's linework is finished, I will get to work on the colors tomorrow after work! And also, set 2 for the F-22/F-23 adopts are going live! Land yourself one of these gals over on my FA!


F-22 x YF-23 Adoptable set 1

Fri Mar 24 04:06:25 2017

Is now live!

NYS2 Page 10 wip (rough)

Fri Mar 24 00:37:58 2017

And here it is, a double feature! I know it's a bit rushed, and the first two frames up top are a bit on the lazy side, but that's what it's posted here for; critique and pointers!

Looks like Quart's beginning to lose herself here!


NYS2 Page 9 WIP (rough)

Fri Mar 24 00:34:17 2017

Seems Quart's got herself double the trouble now! Sorry this one took so long folks, as usual, I've been running back and forth between various things on my end. But just sit tight, I've got something coming to make up for it!


Coming soon: F-22 x YF-23 adopts!

Thu Mar 23 21:33:36 2017


Yep! Here they come, people! The F-22 and YF-23 lineup. Or the first of it rather. I will be auctioning them off in pairs and themes this time around. This here will be the US Air Force set, and it's all I'll be putting up for the time being. I have Raptors and Widows in other nations' colors underway, namely Canadian, British, Japanese, German, Russian, and even some joke ones in the works.

EDIT: I may tweak the "Classic" set a bit, so they appear less shiny.

I hope to have the first prototype set up and ready tonight. Stand by!

... And I know the YF-22 had TWO prototypes. I will explain the second one's absence in a subsequent submission.

Opening bid is $25. Minimum increase is now just $1 instead of $5. Reply to next bidder's comment, not my comments, otherwise, the previous bidder will not know they've been outbid. Auction begins with the first bid, and ends 48 hours after. Herm edits are $5. Paypal only.

Due to observations made from friends and myself, I get the feeling the tier rewards for the MiG-21s were what caused them to spiral out of control into bid wars. So, to keep that from happening again (or as often), and keeping my workload from piling up from more than it is now, I will be eliminating the reward tiers. What you see is what you get.

Trivial, but I also have gotten into the habit of including decals and tail codes to add depth to their character, indicating where they are stationed. Like so: , here is a list of fighter tail codes and the bases they're stationed at. For $5, I can have a tail code of your choosing slapped onto their 'calf' rudders.

Another major change will be that I will impose a temporary bar on winners. For example, if you win this first set, you will be barred from the second. When the second concludes, you can participate in the third, and so on. If you miss your chances, fret not, I can still do customs, or you can wait until the next lineup of Raptors and Widows. However, to also keep things fair, I will limit the number of wins to 3 per person, max. Once you have won 3 aeros in this set, that's all you can win. Sorry, but this is to spread chances around. Again, the wins here won't roll over to future Raptor and Widow sets.

Regarding a journal I posted some time back, I also will not be implementing a bid limit or limiting the $ laid down, as both warrant issues of their own.


Announcement + J-31 Wip

Mon Mar 13 01:40:47 2017

Well, this year's certainly been kind to me the first few months. I get a cold in January, and I get another illness in March, and knowing my Irish luck, I may wind up with SARS by May. Ugh. So yeah, a jammed up sinus has made it difficult for me to focus on many things, drawing included.

So, in recent news, China's been bragging about their new stealth jets lately, and so, to celebrate me regaining my ability to breathe through my nose again, here's a little something to prove to ya'll I'm still alive!


Ask me: March

Thu Mar 2 21:49:04 2017

Alright folks, a bit late for the first of the month, but none the less, here it is. The monthly ask me. Where my $5 or more patrons drop any kind of question they'd like for my OCs and I'll select a few and respond in a sketch format like before! I know some may have questions directed towards characters mine have interacted with, but I'm trying to sorta keep it within my circle for the time being. The window to drop your question is open for a few days to a week, depending on how many are coming in! And begin!

March News

Thu Mar 2 21:42:00 2017

Well, it's been a month since the page has been launched, and I appreciate the support you've all given me. I know my pacing for February has been a bit on the slow side, but I am still getting used to trying to pace myself and set personal schedules to keep the flow going while focusing on the commission queue and allowing myself to get some R&R at the same time.

So yesterday, I sent out the $5+ rewards, and ran into a couple snags with some patrons. When the first pay cycle went through, some failed to process due to either declined transfers or were flagged as fraudulent, and this could be due to many possible, but different circumstances. I have sent notes out to those flagged. Originally giving them 5 business days to get things sorted out, but after giving it some thought and asking other Creators, it just hit me that since this is the first month and such, and that some may not have used patreon before or may not have put in proper payment info yet, I have decided to rescind the 5 day deadline and extend it to a month or so to get it sorted out to be fair. However, there were a few that were flagged BEFORE the first, and I tried getting in touch with them to try straightening it out before March 1st, but they haven't tried contacting me yet.

A lot of it is still trial and error here for me, I'm still learning, asking other creators and getting used to this site and how to run this page. I apologize if I make any mistakes, jump back and forth, or jump the gun on some things, this is still a whole new ball field for me. I'm scared piss-less of doing something wrong, but history has proven you've sometimes gotta make the wrong decision before you can make the right one. In the end, feedback really helps.

Ask-me responses

Sun Feb 26 23:13:09 2017

Sorry this took so long, I should have done this the first of the month, but I've got another chance to do so coming up soon!

I also figured that from here on out, I'll answer as many as I can rather than pick just one... Then again, there wasn't that many to begin with, but as the patreon grows, and more people start asking, I may start getting a little bit choosy if the questions exceed more than 10 or so.

Check them out on FA


Not Your Sky 2 Page 8 Complete

Fri Feb 24 05:04:21 2017
Full res version will be delivered first of March to Tier 2 pledges. Sorry this took so long, I'm still getting used to pacing myself here on Patreon. I'll get the Ask-Me answers up soon enough!

Raptor Washup (Line Done)

Sat Feb 18 09:33:35 2017

Finished the linework, and now I have the colors underway! Roles have been sorta switched around, but it shouldn't impact the final result negatively!


NYS2 Page 8 WIP (Linework)

Thu Feb 16 10:34:41 2017

Linework for Page 8 is about done. I added an additional frame below, of the Flanker whispering something to Quart. As well as attempting a blur effect on Nika's bollocks there, since making a ghosting effect obscured some of the good stuff. Though, if the drawn-in blur effect don't work, I'll just go with a photoshop blur effect.


Raptor Wash-up (wip)

Tue Feb 7 23:07:43 2017

I've always had a desire to do an image like this for a while now, not only because it'd be hot, but because it'd also give us a good idea what the size difference is between humans and aeros.


NYS2 Page 8 WIP Updated

Mon Feb 6 21:03:43 2017

Alright, here is my second draft for page 8. Edited to include shots with Quart and the Flankers. Thoughts?

And the Ask Me is closed. I'll be posting a response soon!


First "Ask me"

Wed Feb 1 05:52:58 2017

Alright! First of the month! So here's where we begin! I'm pretty sure where most of the questions are going, but I'm not gonna stop it. On my FA, my characters are organized into their own folders. Pick any of them and drop your question here. A few days from now, I'll pick one of the questions and have the corresponding character answer it in sketch or lined form, I may even fully color it if the mood strikes me.

Not Your Sky 2 - Page 8 (WIP)

Tue Jan 31 02:37:58 2017

And here it is, the first of several more pages coming. Looks like Nika's really hell-bent on poking and prodding around deep and hard in the Blackbird for juicy, American aviation secrets!

Alright, here's the deal; so far, it's just a frame placement, and nothing's permanent. This is where I ask my patrons for what their opinion is, what could be fixed and what could be added or removed!