Summer Fun

Mon Jun 8 07:14:57 2020

Drew some Nodnes Booty

lucariobooty.png lucariobooty.png

Santos Doodle

Sun Jun 7 23:04:39 2020

Redrew one of my yordles to more proper proportions, came out nice

santos.png santosnude.png

Cell Fox

Sun Jun 7 10:18:51 2020

Commission for Elliot-Bloodcraft

foxnude.png fox1.png fox2.png fox3.png fox4.png foxnude.png foxALL.png foxnull.png foxsuit.png

Patreon Reward June: Haida Play

Mon Jun 1 11:01:01 2020

This month features my all time personal favorite from Aggretsuko, Haida. Alts featuring him in nude, work clothes, stockings, being fucked, bulged and so forth with nice showcase on his wide hips and huge hyper dong~

I hope you're all staying safe!

junepatreonstuff.png 1_June_A_Haida_Clothed_Erect.png 1_June_A_Haida_Clothed_Flaccid.png 1_June_A_Haida_Clothed.png 1_June_A_Haida_Nude_Erect.png 1_June_A_Haida_Nude_Flaccid.png 1_June_A_Haida_Nude_Null.png 1_June_A_Haida_Stockings_Erect.png 1_June_A_Haida_Stockings_Flaccid.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge_Costume_Erect_Runic.png 1_June_A_Haida_Stockings.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge_Costume_Erect.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge_Costume_Runic.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge_Costume.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge_Erect_Runic.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge_Erect.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge_Runic.png 1_June_B_Haida_Bulge.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat_Costume_Erect_Runic.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat_Costume_Erect.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat_Costume_Runic.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat_Costume.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat_Erect_Runic.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat_Erect.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat_Runic.png 1_June_B_Haida_Flat.png

Team Skull Duo

Sat May 30 15:06:44 2020

Drew up Sora (Torracat) and Leuix (Luxio) having some fun~

A bit of posing, Butt stuff, and AV. Posted the Waste/Scat/Disposal final Part on FA, generally I'll avoid posting Disposal content on Patreon unless people want it included.

SoraLeuix_Part_0.png SoraLeuix_Part_1.png SoraLeuix_Part_2.png SoraLeuix_Solo_SFW.png SoraLeuix_Part_3.png

Haida Heat (Part One, Two, Three)

Sat May 30 02:42:22 2020

Wanted to draw Haida and some stuff I like, and it's a total of four of parts~

Warning though, the final part has Waste/Scat, and will be put in my Scraps! Links below for the Fa pages.

Part 1: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36579089/
Part 2: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36579140/
Part 3: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36579260/
Part 4: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36579353/ (SCAT WARNING)

haidass2.png haidass1.png haidass2.png haidass3.png

Banana Kyng

Fri May 29 08:34:41 2020

My Slaking character, drawn for my friend Glitch

kyng2.png kyng1.png kyng2.png

Houndoom Sketch

Mon May 25 08:12:41 2020

Doodled up a minor redesign of my Houndoom OC Umiuno, and wanted to showcase double foreskin


Cloning Cuties

Thu May 21 23:08:07 2020

Commission done for Elliot-Bloodcraft featuring his Eevee Juniper and my Umbreon Mikey Clones with extra traits

clones2.png clones2.png clones.png

StarWolf and StarFox hot date

Thu May 21 23:03:01 2020

Cloning is the newest hot date trend, commission for Elliot-Bloodcraft


Playing with Toys

Thu May 21 22:59:34 2020

A birthday commission done for Jalle

1112.png 1111.png 1112.png

G Revamp

Thu May 21 22:54:50 2020

Got some spicy Space Otters owned by Elliot-Bloodcraft

otter1.png otter2.png otter3.png otter4.png

Haida Feet Pics

Thu May 21 22:50:55 2020

Haida Feet Pics Haida Feet Pics


Hoku Services

Thu May 21 22:42:55 2020

Gift art done ferrrrr Kokoro-Doll, paintin his Guardian Spirit

3koro.png 1koro.png 3koro.png 2koro.png 4koro.png

Gleipnir Muscle Mods

Thu May 21 22:33:44 2020

Thiccccc Gleipnir drawn as a gift fer Tachi a whiiile back

1nsfw.png 1nsfw.png 1sfw.png clothes.png clothesnsfw.png

Cell Max Goof

Thu May 21 22:25:58 2020

We got some perfect traits and we got some imperfect traits on gay ass goof

max1_greenblack_nsfw.png max1_blueblack_nsfw.png max1_bluewhite_nsfw.png max1_blueblack.png max1_bluewhite.png max1_greenblack.png max1_greenblack_nsfw.png max1_greenwhite_nsfw.png max1_greenwhite.png

"Just for you- I'll give you Fanservice"

Mon May 4 14:19:52 2020

Oh no, Raymond's cute.


Patreon Reward May: Raymond Dress Code

Mon May 4 04:36:08 2020

This month's Reward features the new Villager from Animal Crossing New Horizons, Raymond. This Smug Cat Villager seems to enjoy his outfits, so the alternatives are the classic, Maid, and Nude with Null Flaccid Erect versions for a total of 9 images


Raymond_Maid_Flaccid.png Raymond_Maid_Erect.png Raymond_Maid_Flaccid.png Raymond_Maid_SFW.png Raymond_Nude_Erect.png Raymond_Nude_Flaccid.png Raymond_Nude_SFW.png Raymond_Regular_Erect.png Raymond_Regular_Flaccid.png Raymond_Regular_SFW.png

Patreon Reward April: Lucario Shot

Wed Apr 1 11:02:00 2020

This month's reward is a thick horny lucario eagerly blowing his load, a total of 4 alternatives shared between.

The lucario ain't specific, but I hope you'll all enjoy him taking a load off~

Differences are No-cum, cum, Cum with effect, only effects.

There are purple alternatives if anyone would like, comment below (but its just a palette shift on the blue~)

1NoSpunkOnlyAprilPatreon.png APRIL_PATREON_All_Effects.png APRIL_PATREON_Effects.png APRIL_PATREON_No_spunk.png APRIL_PATREON_Spunk.png PATREONPINUP2.png 1NoSpunkOnlyAprilPatreon.png PATREONPINUP.png 1ALLAprilPatreon.png 1EffectOnlyAprilPatreon.png 1SpunkOnlyAprilPatreon.png

Louie Monferno Reference update

Tue Mar 24 06:36:47 2020

Just an update on my monferno, since prior he didnt have any facial markings that he should've. Also to show hes hung and has great feet and lean muscles.


Cell Nick Art

Tue Mar 24 06:35:01 2020

Just some more drawings, full front and back view, and sweaty feet. Done for a friend.

jrnickfeet.png jrnickn.png

Some Twitter Arts~

Tue Mar 24 06:32:35 2020

Just some miscellaneous doodles

knightoo.png bedlove2.png hurt.png lucarage.png

Patreon Reward March: Marchoke Machoke Twins

Sat Mar 7 16:00:02 2020

This month's Patreon reward features my super gay Machoke Twins Kole and Char, featuring their varying sizes of schlong which are all very canon due to their natural abilities~

Kole is the smaller bandana wearing older brother, while Char is the much huger and shy glasses wearing younger brother.

There are 6 different cock alternates between Thong, Hyper Thong, Flaccid, Erect, Hyper Flaccid, and Hyper Erect with the light filters on and off~

Also black and pink cockheads!

This image is a call back to one of the very first images I've ever drawn of the two, and I'm happy to show them off. Hope you all have a great Marchoke, and I'll be tossing up some backlog artwork once I get the opportunity.

Marchoke2020_FLACCID_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_ERECT_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_ERECT_NO_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_FLACCID_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_FLACCID_NO_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_ERECT_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_ERECT_NO_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_FLACCID_NO_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_FLACCID_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_THONG_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_THONG_NO_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_THONG_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_THONG_NO_FILTER.png Marchoke2020_ERECT_NO_FILTER_PINK.png Marchoke2020_ERECT_FILTER_PINK.png Marchoke2020_FLACCID_FILTER_PINK.png Marchoke2020_FLACCID_NO_FILTER_PINK.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_ERECT_FILTER_PINK.png Marchoke2020_HYPER_ERECT_NO_FILTER_PINK.png Marchoke2020_PATREON.png

March patreon piece release this week

Sun Mar 1 01:29:04 2020

The machoke marchoke piece will be released sometime this week of March! I ended up helping out family with moving a lot longer than expected so I feel tired.

I'll try working on a sketch for it tonight if possible, but just a heads up!

Patreon Reward February: Foxy's Cove

Sat Feb 8 06:48:52 2020

This month's reward is the star of Pirate's Cove, Foxy himself commissioned for a private show~
The content is a thong, cock out, and null, but if you'd like a hyper version just comment so! I've been experimenting with a more normal size direction.

However if large dongs is whats wanted then I'll be sure to bring em back~

patreonfeb.png patreonfeb2.png patreonfeb.png patreonfeb3.png

Monthly Patreon Pinup sometime this week

Sat Feb 1 02:27:26 2020

I'll post up a completed pinup picture sometimes this week, I'm just taking a brief break from art for a day or two! I'll be back to work before long.


Tue Jan 21 22:00:03 2020

Kokoro-doll 's OC, Cedric~


Purple Hippo Cloning

Tue Jan 21 02:05:53 2020

Cloned Hippos


Have a Drink

Tue Jan 21 02:04:14 2020

He's such a cutie



Mon Jan 13 15:50:23 2020

I'm just horny for Haida

also on a side note, knuckles are freakin hot


Passion Kiss

Mon Jan 13 14:33:31 2020

Just a lil self-indulgence with the classic hyena, Haida~

Making out with his boyfriend Runic, havin' a nice handful


Patreon Reward January: Familiar Father

Sat Jan 4 06:02:51 2020

This month's reward is another updated characters featured from a interactive story done by AzulOokami! He is the aforementiond hot rat dad from one of the first stories he posted! Check out the story if you're into this hunk and what he might be interested to entail with you~


And naturally you can look forward to more art being posted along January~

ratdad_dressed.png ratdad_erect.png ratdad_flaccid.png ratdad_topless_flaccid.png ratdad_topless_erect.png ratdad_topless.png

Foxy the Pirate

Tue Dec 31 02:14:06 2019

A lil bit of my new year's resolution... To be more open and confident in what I like!

So here's a nice preview, with my first ever fanart of this sly fox~


Gifts for Friends

Tue Dec 31 02:10:15 2019

These are gifts done for a few friends, Tachi, Elliot, and Koro

featuring my character Jack, Koro being fucked by Ziggs, and Elliot hangin' with his Clone-son Zane.

alts below

jackin1.png jackin2.png jackin4.png jackin3.png furry1.png furry.png furry2.png furry3.png Koro.png

Cell Trades

Tue Dec 31 02:04:34 2019

Done for Elliot-Bloodcraft

musclenick.png musclenick2.png nick.png

Haida (with Lewd Alt)

Tue Dec 24 01:55:26 2019

Did some personal Haida for myself, using anime as reference. Because RunicXHaida forever.

haida.png haidafeet.png letmehavethis.png

Different December for a friend

Tue Dec 24 01:53:05 2019

drawn for Elliot-Bloodcraft, alongside bonus lucario

DDElliot_SFW_Clothed.png lucario.png lucario2.png DDElliot_NSFW_Clothed.png DDElliot_NSFW.png DDElliot_SFW.png

Sugar Twinks

Tue Dec 24 01:48:16 2019


Lotta Femguys bein super gay in skirts and hammerspace underwear

Love em all~

Nodnes and Hilda belong to me, Rei to a close friend of mine (though I'm totally gonna steal him)


Quickarts: Gion

Mon Dec 2 03:45:12 2019

Did a time comparison of progress, the right one is using the left as the first sketch+color testing

Was very nice, and also I get to show off my handsome sneasel Gion.


Patreon Reward December: Familiar Faces

Sun Dec 1 10:11:18 2019

For this month's reward I decided to release a variety of updated characters featured from a interactive story done by AzulOokami! This handsome sucker is a hella handsome rat son to another handsome rat dad! Check out the story if you're into this hunk and what he might be interested to entail with you~


There may be more variants of other characters along the way~

RatClothedClothed.png RatClothed.png RatClothedFlaccid.png RatClothedUndies.png raterect.png ratflaccid.png RatShirtUndies.png RatShirtFlaccid.png

Haida VIP All Access Pass [Gumroad]

Sat Nov 23 03:06:01 2019

Releasing a huge Gumroad bundle filled with costume alts and all sorts of shots featuring Haida with his huge schlong and sweaty variations~

Check out this hunky hyena over at Gumroad here~ : https://gumroad.com/l/haidaVIP

Gumroad_Preview.png 3_Haida_WORK_FULL_BULGE_SOCKLESS_SWEATY.png

Lucario Studyfuck

Sat Nov 23 03:04:41 2019

Did a lil study to try and improve my art skills and explore a few assets to add to my style~

Good fillin results, so I hope you all enjoy him and that shadowphlosion behind him~


Shy Dark-Type

Fri Nov 8 02:30:50 2019

He's a cutie as usual, must be a nightmare shopping for shoes tho

Mikey's my character, I've updated his design a slight amount~


Patreon Reward November: Halloween Midnight Surprise

Thu Oct 31 10:01:59 2019

Happy Halloween, it seems this year I've gone and taken the stage again!

Just couldn't wait for November, I've found myself a hunky machoke to help share the spotlight with me momentarily. They're really enjoying the full experience of being a Demoncat's snack~

Variants are Null, Cock, CockVore, and Post-Vore with Clothes on and off~

Hope you all have a happy halloween!

Cock_Nude.png Cock_Nude.png CockVore_Nude.png Null_Nude.png Null_Dressed.png CockVore_Dressed.png Post_CockVore_Dressed.png Post_CockVore_Nude.png Cock_Dressed.png

Pokemon Adoptables Auction Set #5

Thu Oct 10 21:42:40 2019


Hey everyone, this time I'm putting out some specialty Designs made with the help of smolrainbowgoat ~

The theme this time around was emphasis on size on parts, so I hope they fit with your liking!

The cocks are perfectly adjustable to be bigger (and potentially smaller), but if you want the cock redrawn you'll have to let me know. I can also adjust to add small details.
I'm also offering clothing to be added, for 15usd each attire if desired.

The Pokemon chosen were:
A) Bewear
B) Houndoom
C) Mantine
The rules of the Auctions will be listed in the Furaffinity Post.


This Auction is set to end on October 16th 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST Wednesday If people bid last minute, I will extend the deadline by 30 minutes to prevent sniping.

SB: 45 USD
Minimum Bid Increase: 5 USD
AutoBuy/Cap: 135 USD

Thank you for your time~

adoptable5.png adoptable5.png adoptablesset5.png

Thicc Cell Max Goof

Tue Oct 8 22:11:08 2019

He's himbo sized,

himbomaxorangenull.png himbomaxpurplenull.png himbomaxorange.png himbomaxpurple.png

Persian King

Tue Oct 8 04:06:52 2019

A pin-up of my personal pokemon character, King.

Well a souped-up hyperbuff version of him anyways, he's usually a bit more slimmer. For the occasion I wanted to try a more wild muscle style, a proper art of him may appear sometime~

Kingregularthong.png Kingthong.png Kingdoublecock.png KingNull.png

Patreon Reward October: Exquisite Honey

Sat Oct 5 07:41:37 2019

Got some sweet honey this October with our very own St. Grimmig and a few guest appearances~

He's got a lot of work ahead of him with all this Halloween spirit in need of adult sweets! These two are frequent patrons of his sweets~

Alts vary between Null, Cock Vore, and Flaccid~ (with or without guets)

GrimmigFlaccid.png GrimmigCockVore.png GrimmigNull.png GrimmigCockVoreAlone.png GrimmigCockVoreHoneyless.png GrimmigFlaccidAlone.png GrimmigFlaccidHoneyless.png GrimmigNullAlone.png

October Patreon Reward Teaser

Wed Oct 2 05:42:29 2019

Bee King in the works, an anonwuff is already peeking ~


Vaz and Ivan

Thu Sep 19 21:59:50 2019

Two of my Yordle OCs~

ivan_and_vaz.png ivan.png ivan2.png vazzzz.png

Patreon Reward September: Ultimate Smash

Wed Sep 11 08:57:46 2019

Keeping things fresh, this month's reward features two popular Smash choices notable for the flexibility, speed, and Smashing abilities.

Lucario and Fox McCloud hit the field, of course here we see some nice after-game shots

Alts features them with dickslip variations, boner, flaccid, and undressing~

septemberUNDRESSING.png septemberBulge.png septemberCockSlip.png septemberErect.png septemberFlaccid.png septemberFoxSolo.png septemberLucarioSolo.png septemberUNDRESSINGCockSlip.png septemberUNDRESSINGErect.png septemberUNDRESSINGFlaccid.png

Patreon Reward August: Pleasure of Despair

Sun Sep 1 05:40:36 2019

Upupupu~ This month's reward features your own favorite Monokuma, offering a line of photos in which you will get a taste of despair from the Ultimate Game Coordinator himself.

Danganronpa has hit the scene and I hope you all enjoy him very much~

Monokuma also brings with him a little bit of hope, in which you can look forward to the next Patreon reward on time- and hopefully revising the original sketch of this patreon piece that I scrapped in favor to make a higher quality piece. Please enjoy!

Alts included are differentiated by Nudity, pants, and words drawn on his big kuma ass~

The two pictures nude and wearing clothes fully will be posted on other platforms to ensure others can see this late upload.

August_Patreon_Clothed.png August_Patreon_Nude_Bare_Ass.png August_Patreon_Nude_Written.png August_Patreon_Bare_Ass.png August_Patreon_Written_Ass.png

August Patreon Notice

Sun Sep 1 01:00:38 2019

I'll be posting it a lil bit later tonight, just finishing up the clothes. I ended up changing the entire drawing halfway through and honestly because it's so late I'll be posting the 2 major pictures so that everyone whose missed it will be able to view it.

But I never expected to be late two months in a row, so I'm going to be changing the system to more official time frames, so the September Reward and onward, will be completed within the months' first 10 days tops as the deadline.

Apologies to everyone for having been so delayed these past two months, I'll be striving to make some more changes these coming weeks/months.

Patreon Reward July: BM Beachside Welcome!

Thu Aug 1 07:30:55 2019

This month features Char and Kole during a hot summer beach day on classic BM Beach, bringing Ahamo'oh love~

This piece took a lot longer than expected with plenty of bumps on the road, which lead to it taking a lot longer than I'd like. I'm going to be posting this up publicly as well to make it up for those who may have missed out on it due to the long duration. I hope you'll enjoy the hard work put into it! However the major Alternates are still Patreon exclusive.

Alts below include variation of the Machoke Twins being Null, Erect, and Thongs. There are also separates between the twins too if you like those~

Have a good August y'all!

JulyPatreonFullSizeCock.png JulyPatreonCharFullSizeCock.png JulyPatreonCharFullSizeNull.png JulyPatreonCharFullSizeThong.png JulyPatreonCharThong.png JulyPatreonCock.png JulyPatreonFullSizeNull.png JulyPatreonFullSizeThong.png JulyPatreonKoleFullSizeCock.png JulyPatreonKoleFullSizeNull.png JulyPatreonKoleFullSizeThong.png JulyPatreonKoleThong.png JulyPatreonThong.png

Patreon July WIP

Sun Jul 28 14:42:30 2019

Still working on it, I'm almost there. A lot of stuff is really difficult when testing things out, but I'm almost there. It's just BG and detailing at this point. I'll only be a little longer


Absolute Order

Tue Jul 23 00:42:30 2019

Another artwork of a character of mine, a key one at that!

This is Jack, a pseudo-lucario who is the entity and existence of Order. His role is to balance the world and adjust reality to rebalance the universe as to avoid destruction as his failed predecessor of Order has.

He is not god, he is something more constant and absolute than god. Bearing the burden of maintaining absolute order and balance as a neutral figure.

JackworkNSFW.png JackSFW.png JackNSFW.png JackworkSFW.png

Runic Reference

Mon Jul 22 22:35:48 2019

Here's a reference done as a daily drawing for my Shinx-character Runic

He's got clothed, hyper, and null in 4 different alts below~

runicclothedLewd.png runicclothed.png runicnude.png runicnudewLewd.png

Clone Lucario

Sun Jul 21 01:09:28 2019

Lucario Design for Elliot-Bloodcraft

Clonelucario.png Clonelucarionull.png

Ranier's Challenge

Fri Jul 19 23:18:00 2019

Another daily art of my hunky hunky grandpa aged Herdier, Ranier.

He's quite grumpy and takes care of his body very well, alongside other's as a doctor. Ex-Militar and packing, he's got a lot to offer in his alts

FunRanierBulge.png briefs.png FunRanierCumHyper.png FunRanierHyper.png FunRaniernullnude.png

One small announcement regarding Tiers

Fri Jul 19 23:15:00 2019

I'll be discontinuing my $1 Tier soon, and replacing it with a 5$ tier soon, not immediately yet. But do keep an eye out for my announcement regarding that in the future. They'll have more content for certain for those who are in that tier.

Boba Kole

Fri Jul 19 23:12:10 2019

This one gets the initial sketch too, featuring a daily sketch of my hunky Machoke Kole.

funkolebig.png funkolesmall.png fun_sketches.png

Perfect Cell Chopper

Fri Jul 19 23:06:53 2019

This was done for Elliot-Bloodcraft, been a while since I cellified something.

Chopper1.png Chopper.png Chopper2.png

Team Skull Training Sketch

Fri Jul 19 23:04:14 2019

Aother sketch I'm eventually going to finish up sometime, but you guys can have a peek first of lewdness within the Team Skull base with myself (Leuix) and Sora


Sora Painting Practice

Fri Jul 19 23:00:21 2019

This one's an incomplete WiP, I don't know when I'll get back to it, but it looks pretty good where its at now.

hope you enjoy~


July Patreon Reward Progress:

Fri Jul 19 22:57:14 2019

I'm almost finished with the lineart, I've ran to a number of anatomical problems I've been resolving over time, while trying to put out art on a more regular basis now. Hopefully I can get it done soon, otherwise I'll post the lineart in a few days to show how far it's gotten

I do wish to keep the surprise a... well surprise! Apologies for taking so long, I'll be uploading some more content in the meantime.

July Patreon WIP

Mon Jul 1 23:42:58 2019

I'm working on it guys~ Perspective is hard so please bear with me! It'll be a good one I promise u v u


Houndoom Umi

Mon Jun 24 22:51:05 2019

My character Umiuno, a Houndoom hung and very gay


Tadano Haida Cock Vore

Mon Jun 24 22:16:01 2019

Just a small sketch from a lil while back, Haida looks great in black socks and spunk


Patreon Reward May: From the Shadows

Tue Jun 4 07:10:57 2019

This month features Kennen in his glory as a Kinkou Ninja, well as a hypersized one anyways~

The amount of work put into this, I hope you all enjoy him very much! I certainly loved working on his pecs nyahaha~

Alts below include variation of him being Clothed, Nude, Weaponed, and Null.

Also coincidence enough, Kennen falls around the color palette of the Ace flag. Which is hella convenient for me~

Happy Pride Month everyone!

kennenpatreon.png kennenBOTTOM.png kennenBOTTOMCock.png kennenCLOTHED.png kennenCLOTHEDCumless.png kennenCLOTHEDSexy.png kennenCLOTHEDunarmed.png kennenNUDEArmed.png kennenNUDENull.png kennenNUDENullarmed.png kennenNUDEunArmed.png kennenNUDEunArmedCummy.png kennenTOPCock.png

June Patreon Reward in the works

Sat Jun 1 11:31:56 2019

We got the next yordle up, been busy these past few days.

He's gonna be pretty huge tho~


[Com] MoufShiv Comic, how to fuck a Skunslut

Tue May 21 23:23:50 2019

Looks like these guys are having fun~

Commission for PolarWhiskers and Moufflair on FA


YCH CV Announcement + Bundle

Sat May 18 04:59:02 2019


More information about this can be seen above, and these commissions can definitely be viewed in my gallery, but for ease of access I'll be placing all of the recent ones in the attachments.

ychannouncement.png mightyred.png ImmatureContent.png Greiseadiver.png DeathStroke285.png Aishling.png geemo.png ychrainfallen.png

[Com] The Present of Churning Balls

Sat May 18 03:06:51 2019

Comic Commission done for Alias-PR and InfinitePower200

Special thanks for SmolRainbowGoat's help~!

Alts below include digestion internal and bones

CalebComic2clean.png CalebComic2.png CalebComic3.png

Pokemon Adoptables Auction May Set #1

Tue May 14 23:17:30 2019

Figured to post it on this end too~
Be sure to check out the bidding up on Furaffinity~!

S'been a loooong time, but now that I'm back in the grind. I figured to drop some freshly designed Pokemon Adoptables! This time I'm featuring two Kanto and one Sinnoh pokemon back in triple format.

The cocks are perfectly adjustable to be bigger (and potentially smaller), but if you want the cock redrawn you'll have to let me know. I can also adjust to add small details.

I'm also offering clothing to be added, for 15usd each attire if desired.

The Pokemon chosen were:
A) Vulpix
B) Pikachu
C) Pachirisu

If you would like a time extension for payment just let me know and I'll give some leniency on that!

The rules of the Auctions will be listed here:

This Auction is set to end on May 19th 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST Sunday

If people bid last minute, I will extend the deadline by 30 minutes to prevent sniping.

This Auction is set to end on May 19th 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST Sunday
SB: 40 USD
Minimum Bid Increase: 5 USD
AutoBuy/Cap: 135 USD
Please Bid in the designated comments Below

If people bid last minute, I will extend the deadline by 30 minutes to prevent sniping.

Once the Auction ends, I will send notes to those who have won and the payment information. Payment will be done through Paypal, USD only.
Also be sure to say no shipping address necessary, since this is a digital good.

Winner will receive both a NSFW and SFW Versions unwatermarked of their newly owned character after payment.

Please ensure you can afford the bid you make, and can pay within 24 hours after the bidding has ended. If the winner cannot pay within the 24 hours, then I will assign the victory to the bidder previous to them.

You must be 18+ in order to participate in this Auction, those who are minors will be immediately disqualified.

Also be kind, and please refrain from harassing one another during and after the auction.

Please refrain from tracing, copying, or stealing these designs. Any instances of such will be reported.

I think that should just about wrap it up, good luck everyone!

When the auction is over, I'll place the original auction character image back and designate that it has been closed in the title!


Dapper Dragon Commission

Tue May 14 10:22:06 2019

Commissioned by Scott for FrostWaterDragon's birthday

Character belongs to http://www.furaffinity.net/user/frostwaterdragon/

Alts below include Null, Hyper hung, and variety of clothes.

copperdressed.png copperdressederect.png coppernudehung.png coppernull.png copperpantserect.png coppertophung.png coppertopless.png

Patreon Reward May: Big Big Gnar

Sat May 11 07:56:09 2019

This month features Gnar as per a request of a Patron~

I tried a different perspective style for this one, so it did take a lil longer.

Alts below include Null, Flaccid, and Erect

Have a great May y'all~!

PatreonMayPatreon.png PatreonMayErect.png PatreonMayFlaccid.png PatreonMayNude.png

Breke Hati Cloning

Thu May 9 22:40:08 2019

Breke and Hati are from Housamo (Tokyo Afterschool Summoners)


Hyper Finnick Sketch

Mon May 6 21:46:50 2019

He's wide and gay



Sat May 4 05:03:11 2019

Just some art of my character Yiko~


Regarding Patreon Reward Posting for May

Wed May 1 03:03:03 2019

Had to catch up a bit on some backlog so I'll be working on the reward in a few days, if you'd like to suggest a theme for this month or next month I may look over the suggestions and see if theyre do-able. In the meantime have a good one and I'll be sure to post the reward up once its ready to go~

Patreon Reward April: Leomon's Shine

Wed Apr 24 06:32:09 2019

This month features Leomon Bare and Packin~

Apologies for the long delay, and I hope you all enjoy him!

Alts below include Null, Flaccid, Erect, and HYPER

Hope you all enjoy him, It took a loooong time to finish

leomonpatreon.png leomonerect.png leomonbulge.png leomonhyper.png leomonnull.png

Kentaro's Stellar Show

Mon Apr 22 22:21:37 2019

Giftart for Tachi featuring his ringmaster Kentaro


Space Fizz Space Suit

Mon Apr 22 22:14:23 2019

For Elliot-Bloodcraft

Space_Fizz_Cock_Suit.png Space_Fizz_Cock.png Space_Fizz_Null.png Space_Fizz_Suit.png

Ace Showin Off

Mon Apr 22 22:09:25 2019

Gift Art for kokoro-Doll

AceBulge.png Ace.png AceCock.png

April Patreon Delay

Mon Apr 1 08:04:51 2019

Having a lil arm pain lately, so the new reward will be slightly delayed. And I'll be attending a convention soon within the week.

However the theme decided this time is Leomon! I'll need to practice his design some more, so please be patient~ thank you!


Tue Mar 26 23:09:17 2019

He's gay, and the design is based on Juubey from Kazumi Magica and Seintaur's Kyuubae

Dis one is my variant and he's super gay


Ninja Noah

Fri Mar 22 01:17:42 2019

Commission done for Elliot-Bloodcraft

nude versions below too

nno.png nno1.png nno2.png nno4.png nno3.png nno5.png

Dean da Typhlosion

Wed Mar 13 21:41:35 2019

My Pokemon OC Dean finally drawn properly, with all the heft and mass one would normally see on the musky ass Typhlosion~

Alts include regular bulge, ripping undies hyper bulge, and hyper cock hanging out

and a previous picture of Dean drawn recently.

deanSmall.png deanbig.png deancock.png dean.png

Commissions for Lux

Wed Mar 13 09:03:24 2019

Commissions done for LuxMori on Furaffinity by his friend.

lux4.png lux.png

Chopper Alien Pods

Wed Mar 13 09:01:29 2019

Commission done for a friend


Patreon Reward March: Marchoke Machoke Leuix

Mon Mar 11 00:34:32 2019

This month features my pokesona Leuix, gone Machoke! I certainly enjoy Machoke plenty, so I figured to turn into one nyahaha~

Alts below include Null, Erect, Flaccid, and Various clothed editions~

Have a heckin' great Marchoke March, Alola y'all!

marchokePatreon.png marchokeClothed.png marchokeErect.png marchokeErectMask.png marchokeFlaccid.png marchokeErectSocked.png marchokeFlaccidMask.png marchokeFlaccidSocked.png marchokeMasklessClothed.png marchokeSwimmingAttire.png

Delay on March Rewards

Fri Mar 1 06:15:18 2019

The Rewards of March will be slightly delayed, but will be coming. Been hassled around the house these pasts weeks and need a little more time to prepare it. But the theme this time will be Machokes for sure!

Wilde Times

Sat Feb 2 23:19:48 2019

Commission for Zylo24

an oldie but still a goodies


Creamy Valentines [Ghost Version]

Fri Feb 1 13:57:57 2019

February's Reward, but according to the color pallet that my character Ghost actually has~

Alts below!

patreonfebruaryGhostThongCreamText.png patreonfebruaryGhostCock.png patreonfebruaryGhostCockCream.png patreonfebruaryGhostCockText.png patreonfebruaryGhostThong.png patreonfebruaryGhostNull.png patreonfebruaryGhostThongCream.png

Patreon Reward February: Creamy Valentines

Fri Feb 1 13:54:59 2019

This month features a handsome Incineroar of mine, Ghost, but in full color~ A Ghost Edition will be uploaded alongside this basic colored one.

Alts below include Null, Thong, Cock out, and Cumcoated editions~

Hope you all have a wonderful February!

patreonfebruaryPatreonPreview.png patreonfebruaryBasicCockText.png patreonfebruaryBasicCockCream.png patreonfebruaryBasicCock.png patreonfebruaryBasicNull.png patreonfebruaryBasicThong.png patreonfebruaryBasicThongCream.png patreonfebruaryBasicThongCreamText.png

[Com] Friendly Churnin (Cum Digestion)

Sun Jan 20 18:10:56 2019

Commission for BlackGinger and Rick_Hulser on FA

Internal and Non-Internal Below

raile1.png raile2.png

Design Commission: Vicky

Sun Jan 13 22:30:50 2019

Character belongs to Bastion_Cooper on FA!

(Will be change to attachments later)
Alts below


Patreon Reward January: New Years Resolutions

Sun Jan 13 13:58:45 2019

This month features Team Skull's finest Duskull: Grimoire! He's serving up some alcohol to enjoy this new years, and it seems a red envelope for you!

Alts Below include expressions, Erect, Cum, Nulls, and Bulge!

Grimoire belongs to me~

Sorry for the delay, and hope you all enjoy this month's reward!

HNYGrimoirePatreon.png HNYGrimoireBulge.png HNYGrimoireBulge2.png HNYGrimoireCum.png HNYGrimoireCum2.png HNYGrimoireErect.png HNYGrimoireErect2.png HNYGrimoireNull.png HNYGrimoireNull2.png

Happy New Year!

Tue Jan 1 10:24:53 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

I'd like to thank you all for your support over these months and I'm glad to continue my work this new year~

I'll be posting the reward a little later in the month due to the celebrations, but I hope you'll all look forward to it~!

I'll also be looking to adjust prices in the future too, worry not. All the current rewards will remain the same even in the future- just clearing out the unused tiers and introducing newer ones!

Perfect Cell Feran

Thu Dec 13 23:13:50 2018

Cell Feran and Alts

Feran belongs to Spell900 on FA

bullthong.png null.png bull.png

Sweet Tea Bee

Thu Dec 13 22:20:42 2018

St. Grimmig enjoying a nice cup of afternoon tea-honey~

Alts below!

Bulge.png boner.png flaccid.png nude.png null.png dailygrimmig.clip (d)

Patreon Reward December: Beecember Gift

Tue Dec 4 13:17:37 2018

This month features a certain St. Grimmig, who has a sweet gift to share this year!

Naturally alternates can be found below showcasing his full length and flaccid states~

St. Grimmig belongs to me!

PatreonGrimmig.png GrimmigErectNohoney.png GrimmigErect.png Grimmigflaccid.png Grimmigflaccidclothed.png Grimmigflaccidleaking.png Grimmigflaccidclothedloin.png GrimmigNudeErect.png GrimmigNudeErectNohoney.png GrimmigNudeErectchristmas.png GrimmigNullClothed.png GrimmigNullloin.png GrimmigNullnude.png

December reward notice

Sun Dec 2 09:55:31 2018

The picture will be ready for post tomorrow or the day after, apologies for the delay! I'm not quite used to drawing anatomy like this so I'll be refining it a bit more~


Sun Nov 11 02:38:40 2018

Alts below

zenno.png zennosfw.png

Nodnes' Attire

Sat Nov 10 03:56:23 2018

My lucario Nodnes with plenty of alt variations in his stockings and skirts.

sfwpink.png nsfwgothcario.png nsfwgoth.png nsfwgothtop.png nsfwpink.png nsfwpinkcario.png nsfwpinktop.png nsfwstripes.png nsfwstripescario.png nsfwstripestop.png sfwgoth.png sfwpinkcario.png sfwstripescario.png skirtlessgoth.png skirtlessgothcario.png skirtlesspink.png skirtlesspinkcario.png skirtlessstripes.png skirtlessstripescario.png

Patreon Reward November: Incineroar Smash

Fri Nov 9 06:01:01 2018

Sorry for the delay folks, here's this month's patreon reward featuring the latest brawler~

The alts pertain to his junk gettin' big and bigger!

patreonteaser.png Beltigre%20erectbelt.png Beltigre%20erect.png Beltigre%20flaccid.png Beltigre%20halfhard.png Beltigre%20halfhardbelt.png Beltigre%20sfw.png Beltigre%20sfwwithbelt.png Beltigre%20thong.png

Behelux Tyrse

Mon Nov 5 00:48:01 2018

Did a fluffy Behemoth Luxray for Tyrse


[Com] Bigger and Badder

Mon Nov 5 00:45:32 2018

Commission featuring Dandicoot

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

Alien Rumble

Wed Oct 10 02:15:32 2018

Alienified Rumble

Alts Below!

rumble2.png rumble1.png rumble3.png rumble4.png rumble5.png rumble6.png rumble7.png rumble8.png

Cell Noah Bundle

Wed Oct 10 02:01:42 2018

Elliot-Bloodcraft's OC Noah cellified, and all the versions with and without each attribute down to the body suit.

CELLNOAHFullcostumensfw.png CELLNOAHFullbaresfw.png CELLNOAHFullbothnsfw.png CELLNOAHFullbarensfw.png CELLNOAHFullbothsfw.png CELLNOAHFullcostumesfw.png CELLNOAHFulltaillessnsfw.png CELLNOAHFulltaillesssfw.png CELLNOAHFulltailnsfw.png CELLNOAHFulltailsfw.png CELLNOAHFullwinglessnsfw.png CELLNOAHFullwinglesssfw.png CELLNOAHFullwingsnsfw.png CELLNOAHFullwingssfw.png CELLNOAHHalfbarensfw.png CELLNOAHHalfbaresfw.png CELLNOAHHalfbothnsfw.png CELLNOAHHalfbothsfw.png CELLNOAHHalfcostumensfw.png CELLNOAHHalfcostumesfw.png CELLNOAHHalftaillessnsfw.png CELLNOAHHalftaillesssfw.png CELLNOAHHalftailnsfw.png CELLNOAHHalftailssfw.png CELLNOAHHalfwinglessnsfw.png CELLNOAHHalfwinglesssfw.png CELLNOAHHalfwingssfw.png CELLNOAHHalfwingsnsfw.png

Patreon Reward October: Pec Vore Kole & Char

Mon Oct 1 10:01:02 2018

Decided to mix things up with some Pec Vore, always wanted to make more content for it~

Featuring my hella gay twin machokes Kole & Char (Pred and Prey respectively)

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do, also to note the files ending with a capital E are the ones with the silly effects!

CharKoleBulgeE.png CharKoleBulge.png CharKoleErect.png CharKoleErectE.png CharKoleSpeedo.png CharKoleSpeedoE.png CharKoleSplotch.png CharKoleSplotchE.png CharKoleSplotchErect.png CharKoleSplotchErectE.png CharKoleUnerect.png CharKoleUnerectE.png

Friendly Buffzagoon

Sat Sep 15 14:34:45 2018

Designed for my friend Owen, hes a big ol buff zagoon


Maximum Cell Nick

Sat Sep 15 14:28:10 2018

Got all the cell nick. all 20+ alts for two images

cellnicksfw.png cellnick.png cellnick2.png cellnick3.png cellnicknsfw.png nick1.png nick3.png nick2.png nick4.png nick5.png nick6.png nick7.png nick8.png nick9.png nick10.png nick11.png nick12.png nick13.png nick14.png nick15.png nick16.png nick17.png nick18.png

Dulce Deluxe

Sat Sep 15 14:25:21 2018

Just figured to post him up here with his desserts. just a small bit of goodies

dulcensfw.png dulce.png desserts.png desserts1.png

Rodrick Backshot

Tue Sep 4 01:13:58 2018

Got a good look at ColeLucario's character Rodrick from the backside, with a pleasant series of alts with and without clothes~

Alts below!

PatreonRR.png demorodrick.png demorodrick2.png demorodrick3.png demorodrick4.png demorodrick5.png demorodrick6.png

Patreon Reward September: Military Teemo

Mon Sep 3 23:31:30 2018

Here's this month's reward finished, Military Styled Teemo. With a lot of support from smolrainbowgoat who helped me with his sizeable cock.

LOTS of Clothing alts below!

teemostandardmilitary.png teemobarebulge.png teemonaked.png teemobulgemilitary.png teemonecklacebulge.png teemonecklacenaked.png teemonudemilitary.png teemonull.png teemopatrone.png teemoshirtbulge.png teemoshirtlessbulgemilitary.png teemoshirtlessnudemilitary.png teemoshirtlesssfwmilitary.png teemoshirtnaked.png

Lounging Hunk

Thu Aug 30 23:02:03 2018

Decided to try posting something a little different this time around, it'll just be an addition to the regular content of course.

But yeah, just have a hunky guy from some personal ideas just relaxing in some comfy clothes~

Alts Below!

gayhumanavg.png gayhumancummy.png gayhumanlorg.png gayhumansmol.png

Cell Bowser

Sat Aug 18 10:20:39 2018

Alts belowwwww

bowser1.png bowser2.png bowser3.png

Haida After Hours

Wed Aug 15 22:55:27 2018

I've been wanting to do some Haida Art for a loooong time, and I finally managed to get a good looking sketch sooo...~

I figured Haida might have a whole lot of stress building up over time, so naturally Ookami would volunteer to help his senpai out~

naturally haida and ookami are from aggretsuko,

and haida is bae <3


Summer Iroh

Wed Aug 15 22:44:23 2018

Comes in extra thicc


Patreon Reward August: Master Veigar

Thu Aug 9 06:12:24 2018

Here's this month's reward finished finally! Featuring the very busty Master of Evil Veigar, hope you all enjoy it!

Alts below as usual

veigarpatreon.png veigarfullydressedcockout.png veigarfullydressed.png veigarfullydressednostaff.png veigarnaked.png veigarnakedcockout.png veigarnakedstaff.png

Patreon Reward July: Mechanic Rumble

Fri Jul 27 09:02:08 2018

The long wait is over, featured for July is Rumble with plenty of alts to view below~

(apologies for the reupload, had to change it from text to image!)

patreonrumble.png fullclothesbulge.png fullclothescock.png fullclothescockcum.png fullclothesnull.png nudecock.png nudecockcummy.png nudenull.png pantbulgegoggle.png pantcockcumgoggle.png pantcockgoggle.png pantlessbulge.png pantlesscock.png pantlesscockcum.png pantlessnull.png pantlessundies.png pantlessundiescock.png pantlessundiescum.png

Coast reference

Thu Jul 12 06:35:28 2018

reference for coast/wob-kunnn

alts beloow

kinda_official_coast.png for%20coast.png kinda%20official%20coast.png official%20coast.png unofficial%20coast1.png unofficial%20coast.png

Zane Reference

Wed Jul 11 23:38:38 2018

Clothed, nude and null below!

zane1.png zane3.png zane2.png

Patreon Reward will be later this month

Sun Jul 1 21:35:10 2018

I haven't really had the time or energy to sit down and do it quite yet, but it'll be coming as soon as I finish it!

Elias Isyllien Reference

Sat Jun 30 03:27:45 2018

Alts belooooooow

character belongs to Elliot-Bloodcraft

elias.png elias1.png elias2.png elias3.png

Koopa Clone

Sat Jun 23 06:25:27 2018

Elliot-Bloodcraft's Bowser clone OC wink wink nudge nudge

alts below

skybowsererect.png skybowsersfw.png skybowserflaccid.png

Cum Bathing

Fri Jun 22 21:46:33 2018

Cock Vore Comic commissioned by Flint and Caleb

Skulls n Bones ver. downloadable below

commissoncalb2boneless.png commissoncalb2.png

Monthly post updated!

Fri Jun 1 22:19:46 2018

Apologies, I must've forgotten to let it buffer when scheduling it. The post has all the alts now!

Work as usual

Thu May 31 21:44:37 2018

Don't mind me, just Team Skull Business here.



Thu May 31 21:37:39 2018

A handsome purple mustelid space invader, with small time alts with or without antennas or cock

a commission designed by Tachi and Elliot-bloodcraft

GG3.png GG.png GG2.png GG4.png

Friendly activity

Wed May 30 19:50:38 2018

the kind where you put friends in your favorite places~

LuxioCVA.png LuxioCVB.png

Team Skull: Kaius

Wed May 30 02:56:14 2018

He fills in just about any shape... and makes his own costumes~

Kaius isn't really an espeon, in fact you'll likely see him in allll sorts of costumes and outfits~

Alts below!

Espeon1.png Espeon3.png Espeon2.png Espeon4.png

Team Skull: Sora

Sat May 26 05:39:46 2018

Another one to the roster, a fellow leader too~

Alts below!

skull_sora.png base%20sora.png uniform%20sora.png hung%20sora.png skull%20sora.png hung%20skull%20sora.png

Team Skull: Grimoire

Fri May 25 22:22:53 2018

Join Team Skull Today! :9


Keepin' it Wilde

Fri Jun 1 20:00:00 2018

Nick's got a lot more packin' than just his ass, alts below!

Nick_5.png Nick%201.png Nick%202.png Nick%203.png Nick%204.png Nick%205.png Nick%206.png Nick%207.png Nick%208.png

Team Skull Stretch

Tue May 22 09:16:28 2018

Just a routine stretch


Leuix Poster

Tue May 22 09:14:52 2018

Smug and Hyper Leuix Q. here, with the main iterations available.

daily_drawingcoolanime.png daily%20drawingDeviousnsfw.png daily%20drawing.png daily%20drawingcoolanime.png daily%20drawingsmuganime.png

Sweet Treat

Tue May 22 09:13:06 2018

Just keeping things a little sweet here~

Sylvester's got a little something to share for dessert!


May Patreon Reward - Professor Ziggs (VORE)

Tue May 15 04:55:39 2018

It'd be unwise to get distracted during his sessions, never know what might be on the test! Especially considering he's quite the advocate for 19 question exams~

Sorry for the wait everyone, and thanks for your continued patronage, I'll be including the initial sketch this time around too! Enjoy!

-also I'd like to shoutout for a good friend who inspired me with his Ziggs design that I based this ziggs on~

profziggsTEXT.png profziggspatreon.png profziggsSIGN.png profziggsTEXT.png profziggsBASE.png profziggs1.png

Final Exam Period

Tue Apr 24 09:58:57 2018

My apologies for my large absence, I've been handling papers and projects nonstop as of the last few weeks and the following ones soon. The May Patreon Reward will likely be posted sometime in the middle of May, rather than the beginning this time around. I'll be giving it my all til then.

April Patreon Reward: Hyper Ziggs

Wed Apr 4 22:04:05 2018

Ziggs was quick to follow, be sure to check out the alternatives and the first reward if you haven't already!


ziggsthong.png Patreon2.png ziggscock.png ziggsnull.png ziggsnormal.png ziggsthong.png

Imperfect Cell Alus ++

Sun Apr 1 06:13:17 2018

Imperfect Cell likes his followers big and green in more ways than one.


Imperfect Cell Alus

Sun Apr 1 06:12:18 2018

Rats gone big and beefy. And alien-y.


Yordles Pack

Sat Mar 31 09:06:33 2018

Pack full o Yordles and their antics.

CVVeigar.jpg CVVeigar.jpg bigziggs.jpg yordleboys.jpg cvveigar.png veigar2.png exampleziggs.jpg

Art de Riley

Sat Mar 31 08:57:55 2018

More Variety Art with an Alien Riolu

riolu6.png riolu6.png riolu7.png riolu8.png riolu9.png riolu10.png egg.png butt.png butt2.png

Art de Tachi

Sat Mar 31 08:55:27 2018


tachipaladin.png allienmissiontachiedition.png allienmission.png tachi.png tachipaladin.png SEnsuitsfw.png offspring1.png jack.png SEnsuitnsfw.png jackhyper.png alienjack.png offspring2.png

Cell, For Friends

Sat Mar 31 08:50:56 2018

Lots of Cell art, Lots of Alternates.

celltach2.png aliencell0.png aliencell1.png aliencell2.png aliencell3.png aliencell4.png celltach.png celltach2.png

Cock Vore Column

Sat Mar 31 08:48:34 2018

This is where all the Cock Vore goes, bones beware will be in the filename!

kielkomatose.png kieelBONES.jpg kieel.jpg TutonCV.jpg CVVeigar.jpg grimmigcompatible.jpg bulgyw.png the%20magic%20showcolor.jpg

Character Designs 4 Friends

Sat Mar 31 08:27:56 2018

Designs, for friends, and other reasons.

spaceinvaderssfw.png yui.png yui2.png spacemonkey2.png cyrilgene.png cyrilgenesfw.png dennis.png mangolien2.png exampleziggs.jpg spaceinvaders.png 0219izu.png albummaxus3.png albummaxus4.png forelliot.png ds3commission.png kenenn.jpg kenenn.png sweeties.png

Personal Pokemon Power Pack

Sat Mar 31 08:16:31 2018

A whole lot of my Pokemon OCs being gay as hell

chokebros.jpg DONUTSUMI.png fuse.jpg sendon.jpg sharktail.png sendon.png mousemeat.jpg mikey.jpg umi.jpg mikey.png UMEH2.png chokebros.jpg buffbros.png sweetpink.png jack.png jack2.png grimmig1.jpg 1497518803.rxq_grimmig.png.jpg

Comic Grab Bag

Sat Mar 31 08:07:57 2018

Featuring all my comics to date!

grimmigcompatible.jpg the%20magic%20showcolor.jpg graffiti.jpg cell%20art.jpg cellbirth.jpg grimmigcompatible.jpg

GIF Animations

Sat Mar 31 07:58:37 2018

All my GIF Animations so far!



Sat Mar 31 07:32:56 2018

Is it sticky in here or is it just me?

This pack features everyone who's commissioned a YCH CV from me, still available to get for $15!

dakk.png Bear.png duocock.png liom2.png snake.png ychdrago.png

Imperfect Cell Masterpost

Sat Mar 31 07:28:35 2018

He seeks perfection, his progress is logged in this set. Along with his redesigning of others.

Imperfcell.jpg cellbirth.jpg cell%20art.jpg zenbangaa1.png dragdarkwip.png aliencell4.png celltach2.png

Symbiotic Twitch Pack (Feat. Rengar)

Sat Mar 31 07:17:58 2018

Get your sticky rat pack! Featuring hunter lion.

twitchsketch1.jpg twitchsketch12.jpg twitch.jpg tubetwitch.jpg rengartwitch.png symbioterengar.jpg

Symbiotic Yordles Masterpost

Sat Mar 31 07:08:21 2018

For everyone curious about the stickier side of yordles, peek within this bundle!

symbiotelineup.jpg Symbiote%20Masterpost.jpg Gnar%20Flavours.jpg kledflavours.jpg ZiggsFlavours.jpg Ziggsnnen.jpg Tubelayout.jpg ZiggsGooing.png Symbiotic%20Kennen%20and%20Gnar.jpg

March Patreon Reward: Hyper Kled

Sat Mar 31 07:00:09 2018

First up, the Cantankerous Cavalier Kled!

All the alternates should be attached to this post!

kledthong.png kledthong.png klednull.png kledcock.png patreon1.png