Mooving Day Page 4

Thu Jul 23 14:41:11 2020

What bulls don't like getting milked? That's the real question.

Page 4/8! chugging through this bad boy pretty quickly Thank you all for the continued support and love for this silly little comic I really appreciate it <3


July 2020 Colored pic

Sat Jul 18 17:37:45 2020

Whew Finally done! This bad boy racked in almost 40 hours of painting time but The prompt of "renaissance painting of a pony geared up dragon dad" was too fun to not challenge myself in probably the most effort i have put into a picture in years. [for comparison the last full render pic i did was a big goo bull 3 years ago -> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24410033/ [nsfw] Quite the improvement if I do say so myself.]

I included a with/without teeth caps version for people since yanking on teeth might be a little much. [If anyone is interested I could also upload some process pics if people are into that kind of thing?]

Feel free to drop feedback in the comments I love to hear from you guys! And as always Thank you so much for your continued support everyone! It truly means so much to me <3

July2020ColoredPic.png July2020ColoredPicNoTeethleash.png

Mooving Day - Page 3

Mon Jul 13 02:08:08 2020

Oh Otis... That is not what fuck bench meant.... welp there is a first time for everything right?

Page 4 should be up by the end of the month here guys 8D I hope you all like what you see so far!


July Colored pic votes: Community Choice~

Tue Jul 7 01:17:04 2020

Heyo guys! this month for the colored pic i'd love to hear for you guys what you would like me to whip up down in the comments! If you see an idea in the comments that you enjoy feel free to give it a like! Ill tally them all up and see what I can do with the ideas!

*these dont have to be specific ideas just themes, or characters, or poses even work as ideas 8D go nuts!

Mooving Day - Page 2

Thu Jun 25 12:56:01 2020

Page 2/8 of Mooving Day!
Seems this bull is going to be ... expanding his horizons a little, though not every day you get to try out one of these fabled 'fuck benches' he looks a bit curious how they work though....

Also realizing how text heavy this comic is from being super short [And that raccoon is quite chatty] might be interesting to see in the next comic if I can trim down the dialog and focus more on environmental storytelling hmmm....


Mooving Day - Page 1

Thu Jun 25 12:50:48 2020

Whew Well here we go guys! Page 1/8 of Mooving day! Thank you so much for all of the continued love and support for these side projects and such. Always love hearing feedback from you guys while I grow and experiment with new styles and techniques!


June 2020 Colored pic- Father's day BBQ

Sun Jun 21 03:38:03 2020

Featuring Mufasa! The winner of the dad poll this month!
Thank you so much for the continued support guys It truly means so much to me especially during these crazy times @@;

Should have a couple pages of Mooving day ready for posting this month as well so keep an eye out for that 8D


Auction Block Humiliation May 2020 colored pic

Sun May 24 01:47:20 2020

This month 'public humiliation' won as the topic and here we have a freshly caught croc on an auction block for some pre-sale humiliation and use

Thank you so much for the continued support everyone it really means a ton to me! I will be working on line-arting the Mooving Day comic throughout the next few months here 8D so keep an eye out for updates on that!


Another quick Poll Regarding Mooving day!

Fri May 15 02:08:33 2020

So i have not been 100% sure on what i want to do with that little mini comic do you guys think I should spend a couple months linearting it? or just leave it as a sketch comic and move onto the next project?

Headshots April 2020

Mon Apr 27 01:33:29 2020

Round 2 turned into headshots for Masaryuu and Zeke! Thanks so much for all of the support guys It really means a ton to me!

Been a busy little bee on making some merch for an AC table! so keep an eye out for that guys 8D

heartlessYeenHeadshot.png masaryuuicon.png

April 2020 Colored image

Sun Apr 12 20:40:58 2020

What a better time to make some Bunny art than Easter! wasnt quite sure on the dialogue i wanted on this pic so feel free to suggest some down in the comments!

As always thank you so much for the continued support everyone you all mean the world to me <3


Sticker voting!

Sat Mar 21 03:02:48 2020

Im looking into making a bunch of physical stickers to sell at AnthroCon! [fingers crossed]
wanted to give you guys a shot at picking your favorites! select as many as you want to see as physical merch

If you guys have any additional ideas [or even better any tips on a nsfw printer] let me know!

https_lh5.googleusercontent.com_xT2MzRBH5oAGR0RvTlJWWmZvdOANOppn1h8bTI5ykBJd7P9sm3d4PKeL2KRlW4xPaPBlFd4w1200-h630-p (d)

Mooving day~ Mini comic!

Wed Mar 18 02:46:22 2020

Well surprise guys! For those of you who haven't been keeping up with my livestreams I made a mini comic! A short little 8 page boyo about a very naive moover bull maybe stumbling into somewhere he shouldn't have gone while packing up the house.

Best part is! the full comic is sketched out already! Expect the lineart pages to trickle out slowly throughout the next couple months but let me know what you guys think!

moovingdaycoverColor.png MoovingDay.zip (d) page1.png page2.png page4.png page3.png page5.png page6.png page7.png page8.png

Patreon headshots! March 2020

Tue Mar 17 02:07:02 2020

Did a little freebie for a couple of the Art Monster tier patreons and these two got lucky and snagged the winning spots! big ol thank you for the continued support guys! It truly means so much that you guys all stick around and support lil ol me.

insigniaLionHeadshot.png jiyaoheadshot.png

February 2020 Sketchbook

Fri Feb 28 02:29:21 2020

A big ol' sketch dump of the sketches I've done in the past few months commissions and otherwise! Didn't have too much time this month to work on a dedicated sketchbook so most of the pictures are of the pay what you want sketch stream fundraiser i did earlier last month.

SketchbookCover.png Feb2020Sketchbook.zip (d)

Blue Bird Body Pillow! [possible daki]

Tue Feb 25 06:19:28 2020

It is finally finished! I have been working on this big boy for the past year!

Let me know what you guys think! I will be working on getting him made into a real pillow soon-ish** so let me know if anyone would be interested in me making these! [I don't know the price yet though but I expect around 60$ or so]

*****ALSO please do not re-post this guy please. I have a 'public sample' image that ill be using for that purpose i just don't want him getting stolen TwT thanks guys!

** ran into a little snag with him being a licensed character but im gonna try and get him printed anyway haha.


February 2020 Colored Pic

Tue Feb 25 04:46:08 2020

Oh heck! Sorry about not having a poll this month guys I have been working on doing a BUNCH of art and totally forgot to post a poll. This should be a little familiar face from a previous sketchbook entry. Trying to think of possible prints and such! let me know what you guys think!

venusaur.png venusaur.png venusaurlite.png

January 2020 Colored pic! Stickers!

Sat Feb 1 04:08:22 2020

Worked on a bunch of sticker concepts this month! What do you guys think?
If you guys have any ideas or any of them that you'd love to see printed or continued let me know!!!

the maws and paws one should be added to my telegram sticker set sometime soon!


January 2020 Colored pic

Sat Dec 28 17:44:52 2019

New year new challenges! Lets start off with a nice poll on what you guys would like to see for january's colored pic 8D

This months theme is going to be ..... Con prep! [still have that lofty goal looming]

December 2019 Colored pic

Sat Dec 21 19:10:18 2019

This month I really wanted to draw a Krampus pic sooooo >w> thats what I did!

Santa has his naughty and nice list that tells him who has been good or bad but krampus has a little more.... hefty tool that he uses to find all the naughty boys -w-

Other than this pic i have taken a little vacation on art this month so I might not have a sketchbook or any progress on my next big project xD But I will do my best to give you all a lot more content next month! whoo!

Have a wonderful holidays everyone and I hope to see you all in the new year 8D


November 2019 Sketchbook

Sat Nov 30 06:07:39 2019

Whew been neglecting to upload these oops. Been on a huge pokemon kick lately so sketched out a good 20 pokemon pinups along with a few other non-commission sketches that I've done the past couple months [including some of the most cursed images ive drawn so far so enjoy that]

november2019sketchbookCover.png November2019Sketchbook.zip (d)

November 2019 Colored pic

Sat Nov 30 05:58:19 2019

This months pic was a little revenge fantasy that ive wanted to draw out for a while,

Story behind it: Big muscle pig found his old coach while cruising around on oinkr and hooked up with the old bear who used to bully him in gym class relentlessly, Though now seems the tides have turned as the old coach let himself go since his teaching days.

Don't quite have my next project ready for you guys so i apologize for the lack of update I will be getting it together this next upcoming month here 8D Thank you so much for your patience!


October 2019 Colored Pic

Sun Oct 20 04:32:52 2019

It wasn't till the muzzle was strapped on tight that the fox started thinking 'maybe this big terrifying otter doesn't actually work at the Haunted house.....'

Thank you so much for the continued support guys! I am working on planning out my next big project here so there wont be any sort of comic or anything like that this month. But stay tuned for more news down the road!


September 2019 Colored Pic!

Sat Sep 28 16:09:29 2019

Ran a bit with the Bogo request and turned him into a big ol' body pillow design! Adding it to the list of possible merch once I have decided what is worth finishing fully!

Thank you all for the new follows and continued support ahhhh you all are so nice and I really appreciate all the continued Support!

Stay tuned for my next big project though 8D should be fun!


Father's Rule Chapters 1 & 2 - Complete!

Sun Sep 15 02:32:39 2019

Alright guys here is the full 20 pages for chapter 2! You can find the first chapter in its entirety attached as well!

Thank you all again for sticking with my very slow progression through this project It has been a blast and am quite glad I can move onto bigger projects!

Chapter2_cover.png Chapter1.zip (d) Chapter2.zip (d)

Father's Rule Chapter 2 - Page 20

Sat Sep 14 21:38:52 2019

It is finally Complete!!!!! Thank you so much everyone for the support and the feedback during this daunting project!

Sorry for the big ol burst of pages today I'm going to post Chapter 1 and 2 in one big zip for reading convenience for everyone!

Now to flush out my next big project!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 - Page 19

Sat Sep 14 21:35:07 2019

Like Father - Like Son


Father's Rule Chapter 2 - Page 18

Sat Sep 14 21:32:18 2019

Well looks like the dad wasn't the only one who didn't read the fine print of that contract.


Father's Rule Chapter 2 - Page 17

Sat Sep 14 21:27:44 2019

And enter X!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 - Page 16

Sat Sep 14 21:25:23 2019

Fulfilling more of his dad's naughty fantasies, of course be careful what you wish for ;3c


September poll: Patrons request!

Thu Sep 5 01:28:16 2019

For this months colored pic I want to leave it up to you guys! Suggest your idea in the comments below and i will grab the one that I like the most! If you see one you already like below drop a like to let me know what you guys want to see! Thank you all!

Comment below! Will give this till Sunday: 9/8 before I start on the piece!


Telegram Sticker Update!

Sun Aug 25 23:03:29 2019

And one final post for this month! [unless i can get a sketchbook put together in the next week, we shall see >_>]

The telegram sticker pack now has all 10 stickers from both sets inside! I still plan on printing these out eventually however I need to purchase a printer of my own [since every sticker site i have found does not print nsfw stickers] So that is kind of a little setback. Until then, feel free to add them on telegram and enjoy!

Check it out here: https://t.me/addstickers/patsticks


Father's Rule Chapter 2 - Page 15

Sun Aug 25 22:58:33 2019

Seems things are getting more intense for the pig, but at least now he looks the part ;3

Thank you again everyone for the continued love and support guys!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 - Page 14

Sun Aug 25 22:57:00 2019

Got another 2 pages done this month! Getting so close to the end of this project whew Thank you so much for all of your kind support and feedback with this comic it really means so much to me guys!


August 2019 colored Pic - Stickers pt 2!

Sun Aug 25 22:52:58 2019

Whew this month Im expanding my possible sticker print library! These guys got the top 5 votes this month but fear not the rest should be along soon enough!

As always thank you so much for the continued support you guys all mean the world to me! Let me know what you guys think!


Monthly Image vote- Stickers part 2!

Sun Aug 11 04:53:20 2019

This month I figured I would make another chunk of 5 stickers for you guys! I am still working on getting a printer and such but never too early to prepare! 8D There are the returning 5 sketches from the previous sticker vote as well as 6 new ones!

Vote for your top 5 and maybe even drop a suggestion in what you guys would love to see!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_eF8ew0aCgTDOqwENX4YAR9ZdNRc_A-lcZUKQfc72z5kWfU1EUR5u71UZm7lLslsXS3ww1200-h630-p (d)

Freebie Request Pool for Monthly Sketchbooks {Monthly Reminder}

Sat Aug 3 15:35:42 2019

Freebie Request Pool for Monthly Sketchbooks

Finally figured out what to do with the 10$ tier! A viable way to tie in my monthly sketchbooks to my patreon!

So this is a big ol' request Pool! and It is static and always open for new ideas and suggestions you would like to see in the monthly sketchbooks!

For all you Art Monsters out there this pool is unlimited for suggestions and requests for anything from personal Sona art to Rule 34 goodness!

I'd love to hear any sort of feedback on this feature, I'm testing it out along with a couple other minor changes in the next months. Once again thank you so much everyone for making my Patreon such a roaring success!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_0MlWKJSYe0Vvk0O0uQCPJEbKq6Ph3arkqRZW9qy_OXAY0fg1ZugAqWy6mSvXSGuFyQ4w1200-h630-p (d)

July 2019 Sketchbook!

Sat Aug 3 01:31:54 2019

This month I just kinda fell in love with Pokemon pinups xD as that is most of what is in this sketchbook this month. Let me know what you guys think of these big boys? Do you all think I should refine any? maybe expand a little more on the bondage ball (tm) concept?

Thank you again so much for the continued support guys! It really means a ton to me!

July2019cover.png July2019Sketchbook.zip (d)

Father's Rule Chapter 2 page 13!

Sat Aug 3 01:15:02 2019

And of course page 13 for this month, just 7 pages left! whew gonna celebrate once this comic is all finished thats for sure.

Thank you so much for all of the love and support you guys this truly means soooooo much to me!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 page 12

Sat Aug 3 01:12:55 2019

Nearly forgot to upload these gah sorry everyone! Finished pages 12-13 this past month for Father's Rule, the story is slowly coming to a close!


July 2019 Colored pic, Smokey Strip down!

Thu Jul 25 19:18:50 2019

8 versions of this bad boy in this months colored image. Let me know below which one is your favorite!

This is also going in the working men Image pack that I have been slowly making for the past like 5 years so if I ever decide to release that this will be in there as well.

And as always thank you so much for the continued support guys you all are so kind and really help keep me afloat.

teasepromo.png Firefighter.zip (d)

July monthly color image poll

Sat Jul 6 17:32:38 2019

This months theme is going to be working men! Adding to an image pack that i have been lazily drawing for the past like 5 years haha lets add another pic to it!

These are like a stripdown tease type image so let me know what summer/heat themed profession you guys wanna see stripped down

Telegram Sticker pack!

Thu Jul 4 02:10:42 2019

Can't wait for the patreon stickers to get physically printed. Until then though I turned them into a baby sticker pack on telegram!! I will be expanding it once i do more stickers of course so feel free to add it!

Check out the pack here: https://t.me/addstickers/patsticks


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Page 11

Tue Jul 2 04:02:15 2019

Whew Big Update!! the vote for this month was for me to focus on Father's Rule chapter 2. and got a whopping 7 pages complete for you guys! Pages 5-11 Still not finished yet but made a huge leap forward in progress! Let me know what you all think!

personally my favorite page for obvious reasons hehehe ;3c but thats all i have for June Thank you so much for the continued support everyone! I will be thinking of what to do for this months colored pic this week


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Page 10

Tue Jul 2 04:00:38 2019

Whew Big Update!! the vote for this month was for me to focus on Father's Rule chapter 2. and got a whopping 7 pages complete for you guys! Pages 5-11 Still not finished yet but made a huge leap forward in progress! Let me know what you all think!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Page 9

Tue Jul 2 03:59:30 2019

Whew Big Update!! the vote for this month was for me to focus on Father's Rule chapter 2. and got a whopping 7 pages complete for you guys! Pages 5-11 Still not finished yet but made a huge leap forward in progress! Let me know what you all think!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Page 8

Mon Jul 1 05:25:37 2019

Whew Big Update!! the vote for this month was for me to focus on Father's Rule chapter 2. and got a whopping 7 pages complete for you guys! Pages 5-11 Still not finished yet but made a huge leap forward in progress! Let me know what you all think!

Last page for tonight i will finish uploading the remaining 3 pages tomorrow!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Page 7

Mon Jul 1 05:24:04 2019

Whew Big Update!! the vote for this month was for me to focus on Father's Rule chapter 2. and got a whopping 7 pages complete for you guys! Pages 5-11 Still not finished yet but made a huge leap forward in progress! Let me know what you all think!

Sorry for the Image Spam!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Page 6

Mon Jul 1 05:22:00 2019

Whew Big Update!! the vote for this month was for me to focus on Father's Rule chapter 2. and got a whopping 7 pages complete for you guys! Pages 5-11 Still not finished yet but made a huge leap forward in progress! Let me know what you all think!

Also sorry for the image Spam guys I want to upload these pages individually for ease of reading.


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Page 5

Mon Jul 1 05:18:43 2019

Whew Big Update!! the vote for this month was for me to focus on Father's Rule chapter 2. and got a whopping 7 pages complete for you guys! Pages 5-11 Still not finished yet but made a huge leap forward in progress! Let me know what you all think!


June 2019 Sketchbook

Mon Jul 1 05:04:55 2019

Didn't have much free time to work on personal art this month But I did manage to get a couple of the 10$ Tier Patreon Request sketches done for this month!

Keep em rolling in guys!

As always thank you so much for sticking with me for all this time guys and please let me know what you all think!

cover.png june2019Sketch.zip (d)

June 2019 Colored image Poll

Sat Jun 1 17:21:12 2019

Already halfway through the year oof @w@ gonna try and stay on top of things this month though! so starting off what should the theme for this months colored image be guys?

Will have a secondary poll after this guy with the details on each option

May 2019 colored Image - Stickers!

Thu May 30 03:43:41 2019

Whew just in time thank you so much for voting for the top 5 stickers everyone wanted to see! I'm going to do my best to find a nsfw sticker printer and start off my con merch line with these bad boys! 8D So keep a hopeful eye out in the future for these guys.

Thank you so much everyone for all the continued support! I shall attach the non-pink versions of these for your high res viewing pleasure~ let me know your favorites down in the comments and of course I'm always willing to hear ideas and feedback on them!

may_2019_colored_image.png bullhood.png lockedcock.png hush.png submit.png stocadebutt.png

[NEW] Freebie Request Pool for Monthly Sketchbooks

Tue May 28 01:47:53 2019

Finally figured out what to do with the 10$ tier! A viable way to tie in my monthly sketchbooks to my patreon!

So this is a big ol' request Pool! and It is static and always open for new ideas and suggestions you would like to see in the monthly sketchbooks!

For all you Art Monsters out there this pool is unlimited for suggestions and requests for anything from personal Sona art to Rule 34 goodness!

I'd love to hear any sort of feedback on this feature, I'm testing it out along with a couple other minor changes in the next months. Once again thank you so much everyone for making my Patreon such a roaring success!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_0MlWKJSYe0Vvk0O0uQCPJEbKq6Ph3arkqRZW9qy_OXAY0fg1ZugAqWy6mSvXSGuFyQ4w1200-h630-p (d)

May 2019 Sketchbook!

Mon May 27 22:48:04 2019

Whew cruising through uploads today, nothing exclusive in this little bundle this month as there is only a few sketches that i was able to do this month. HOWEVER keep your eyes peeled for a ~~patreon update~~ that I'm working on right now actually

may2019_sketchbook.png May2019Sketchbook.zip (d)

Father's Rule page 4

Mon May 27 21:06:34 2019

Not the happiest with how this one came out, but Still need to chug forward to get this bad boy done!

Thank you so much for all of the continued Support everyone It means so much to me and honestly has been getting me through so many rough spots in my life. You all are the best!


Father's Rule Page 3

Mon May 27 21:04:00 2019

Whew these updates are slower than molasses in winter I am truely sorry everyone I will be pushing hard to finish this series as fast as I can. Page 4 will be up in a minute as well! 1/5th done with chapter 2.


Sticker Vote!

Fri May 24 04:43:33 2019

So I went a little too ham on the sticker ideas during the past few days and want you guys to pick out a top 5 favorites for me to finish and refine into stickers! Of course I will probably do more than the top 5 but I'm setting a realistic goal for myself to start with!

Let me know what you all think and if any of these would be fun to stick in some naughty notebook somewhere ;3c

***Also note most of these are NSFW so be warned.

https_lh4.googleusercontent.com_zIPfQ4kjXZrfxaSmMrK4BIoXOYlMlV5cOj9A82tmbOh41ckkfUOKoCsq8C5pw9OG9IEw1200-h630-p (d)

May 2019 Sketchbook

Fri May 10 03:41:08 2019

Whew Thank you guys so much for being so patient with me these past few months, it has been so so so hectic at my new job, moving, and adjusting to life outside of college. Since I haven't been able to draw a lot during this time I figured I would do a big Sketchbook dump from the past couple months for you guys so here we are!

I Will be posting the May Colored Image poll here shortly so stay tuned!

~Also! I am looking into re-working my Patreon tiers and rewards again so if you guys have any ideas please let me know! You all are one of the biggest reasons I can still draw at all so let me know what I can do for you guys.

sketchbookcover.png April2019Sketchbook.zip (d)

Late Easter [April colored pic]

Fri May 3 03:54:51 2019

Not only late for easter but also late for April haha Thank you so much for sticking around everyone! This month has been so insanely hectic whew Ill be doing my best to catch up this month Thank you guys for your continued Support!


Father's Rule Ch2 Page 2

Sun Mar 31 17:18:59 2019

Here is the second page for the month, Will hopefully have them roll out more quickly in the future months but who knows how my schedule will actually pan out.

Thank you again for all the tremendous support guys!


Father's Rule Ch2 Page 1

Sun Mar 31 17:17:10 2019

Lets get the finished pages ball Rolling! This month I have the first two pages Lined and will be uploading them separately for ease of reading when scrolling.

Thank you so much for your continued support on this project I cant wait to get this monster of a project finished haha


March 2019 Colored Pic

Sat Mar 30 17:01:02 2019

Since this month is Minotaur March figured I would draw some fun mino themed pic.

This big beefy boy is the dungeons most... horny Jailer as noted by his tattered cloth and the primal grunting that echos through the stone halls at night.


Father's Rule II Cover Art

Wed Feb 20 04:02:52 2019

Also Finished the Chapter 2 Cover Image! Keep an eye out for me linearting these pages and let me know what you guys think!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 [Pages 16-20] FINALE!

Wed Feb 20 03:59:56 2019

Whew boy This comic was not intended to go over 15 pages haha whoops. So the ending is a bit rushed and If I can I want to re-visit and add a couple sexy pages -w- but until then! The sketch pass IS DONE!!!!

Thank you so much for everyones continued Support on this project Its been a massive Undertaking but hopefully everything is worth the wait!

Now to ink this monster!

page16.png page18.png page17.png page19.png page20.png

January 2019 Colored pic, Year of the PIG

Mon Jan 28 00:53:02 2019

What a busy month, im lucky i had time to get as far as I did on this pic this month honestly haha.

The zodiac are a very unlucky group of slaves that only get out of their chastity cages for the year they are representing and well now that the year dog is locked back tight the pig has over a decade worth of cum to pump into him.

Thank you so much everyone for your continued Support! I will try and have the rest of Father's Rule done by next month so I can line art chapter 2 @@; that whole project has taken ages longer than i have wanted it to oof. but life happens.


January 2019 Colored image poll!

Wed Jan 2 06:41:37 2019

Back to polls for this month guys! 8D feel free to vote on what you guys would like to see this month~

Happy new year everyone and here's to a wonderful art filled year!

https_lh3.googleusercontent.com_OlyxpVlU-4WIS_GazGIJJPaBfSeAa9xu07nO_ZnovD9SypjfcTVQOaR494GpNiI3FhYw1200-h630-p (d)

Father's Rule Pages 12-15

Sat Dec 29 06:51:19 2018

Oh dear hasn't the ol' man learned to never sign anything without reading it first....

The finale is getting close! Thank you so much for putting up with my little hiatus on this project guys I hope these 4 pages make up for it!

Just around 3 or so more pages left till the end of chapter two!

page12.png page13.png page14.png page15.png

Dec 2018 Colored pics

Sun Dec 23 03:37:34 2018

Sorry I didn't do a poll again this month sorry guys but figured what would be more festive than Santa Bruce and his trusty rein...kitty! 8D

Checking the xxx-tra naughty list for thirsty subs and naughty daddies.

Also there are 5 other variants to this pic! The whole group is below in the attached files

december_2018_pic_jacket_dick_harness.png december_2018_pic_dickharness.png december_2018_pic_jacket_jock.png december_2018_pic_jacket_jockharness.png december_2018_pic_jock_harness.png december_2018_pic_jock.png

November 2018 Colored Pic!

Wed Nov 28 06:59:55 2018

Alright back with a bit of a surprise this month, some Spyro daddies! Maximus and Brutus getting into a little mischief Hopefully Maximus will untie him before he is turned back into a gem Statue, that would be an awkward sight for poor little Spyro....

Thank you so much everyone for your positive feedback and support It means so so so so so much to me especially with how hectic and crazy my life has become the past chunk of months.


September 2018 Monthly Colored Image

Mon Oct 8 01:51:20 2018

Sorry for the delay Guys! this months theme was football Stripdown and though I wanted to do a bunch more poses this guy just has the one alt image, sorry everyone again for the delay and lack of content, life is getting a bit trickier than I could have ever imagined.

This months poll coming right up!

footballjock.png footballnude.png

September monthly image WIP

Mon Oct 1 04:47:58 2018

heres a sneak peek at the winner of the picture poll for this month, Just need to finish it as stated in my update post. But didnt want to leave you guys hanging ><; Ill get back on track I swear! keep an eye out for updates super soon!


Small delay in pics this month

Mon Oct 1 04:44:54 2018

Hello everyone! I want to let everyone know I didnt forget about this month but holy hell was it hectic and crammed with over 2 weeks of me being in excruciating mouth pain. But hopefully I will have Septembers pics up within the week Thank you for your patience guys Im getting everything back together here shortly, Ill post a wip of the monthly image so you guys have something to look forward to~

September 2018 Monthly Image Poll

Mon Sep 10 01:23:36 2018

Continuing the trend of Prints! with a NSFW and SFW pair owo let me know what you guys would want to see!

These are all ideas for a con i want to apply for next year so if you guys want to see anything specific added to my lists just put it down in the comments! 8D thanks!


Father's Rule Chapter 2 Pages 9-11

Mon Sep 3 06:03:51 2018

Sorry for the little Delay there guys! here's the next 3 sketched pages for Father's Rule! they are of course rough sketches and the dialogue is subject to change/be refined but let me know what you think!

page9.png page10.png page11.png

August 2018 Sketchbook

Sat Sep 1 07:27:43 2018

Whoo! there is a sketchbook this month! had quite a lot of art block earlier in the month and did a bunch of twitter sketches.

Once again a few hours late and I apologize for the late night upload.

***Now with the download files. don't know what patreon did there.

[[Also the Father's Rule update is super tiny so I might draw a couple more pages before I upload those. Didn't have the right mindset this month to get any huge progress on that comic done. But expect an update in a week or so!]

cover.png August%202018.rar (d)

August 2018 Colored Pic

Sat Sep 1 07:17:03 2018

Well a little late, sorry for the late uploads guys just finished the flats on this bad boy tonight. Bogo seems to be leaning toward more ..... persuasive ways to interrogate the bear. I'm not sure what is going to crack first, his will or his balls.

Thanks so much for the continued support guys, As always I'd love feedback on these pics and let me know what kind of stuff I should keep working on, etc!


August 2018 Monthly Poll

Wed Aug 8 17:25:10 2018

This months theme is the NSFW winner from last months poll!

Zootopia Police Force!

With that comes a bunch of possibilities so let me know what you guys want to see and feel free to fill in the other option for extra horny ideas and such 8D!!!


Father's rule pg 6-8

Sun Jul 29 21:52:19 2018

Slowly chugging along in this comic, I wanted to have twice this much done by now but thats what i get for not prototyping out the chapter first hahaha

As always any requests and suggestions are more than welcome down in the comments ;3c

page6.png page7.png page8.png

July 2018 Colored Pic

Sat Jul 28 19:32:07 2018

Well most of it, the banner at the bottom is going to be something different and of course I need to finish coloring it. But! what do you guys think of this print so far?

Leave some feedback down in the comments! Thanks for the continued support everyone!

zootopia_police_squad.png zootopia%20police%20squad.png

July 2018 Image Poll!

Sat Jun 30 01:19:52 2018

For the next few months Im going to be drawing Print ideas for future cons! So i suppose a theme will already be provided.... but the subjects will be picked by you guys! This also not only motivates me to get out into the community but to also improve myself as an artist as much as I can!

**These guys are going to be 'pick the top 3 or so' since i have quite the list.

**There will also be a 'Other' option for any write ins of prints and art you guys would like to see from me! I have a big list going and just picked the ones that are most likely going to get peoples attention ^w^

As always thank you all again for supporting me! Feedback and comments are always welcome as well. Thanks!


June 2018 colored pic

Fri Jun 29 18:00:53 2018

Alright, so the theme I went with this month is 'gladiators' and wanted to make something that I could maybe make prints of for future cons coming up next year. This pic is far from finished but Wanted to at least toss the flats up on here as something to show for this month haha.

This will eventually be shaded and fully colored but I ran out of time this month.

The next months poll will be up in a few minutes for all of you to vote on! The theme for the next few months are going to revolve around print ideas.

June_2018_colored_pic.png June%202018%20colored%20pic.png

June 2018 Sketchbook

Mon Jun 25 22:34:12 2018

Whew been a while since I uploaded one of these, most of these images have been posted on twitter or tumblr but here is a compilation of all the sketches i've done over the past couple months [that weren't strict commissions] including the gear up stream sketches, and a couple tumblr and twitter requests.

Thanks so much for the support everyone!

sketchbook_cover.png June2018Sketchbook.zip (d)

Father's Rule Pages 4-5 sketches

Mon Jun 25 22:20:00 2018

Page 4 has given me nonstop issues but i will re-work it one more time before going over to inks,

Page 5 is also going to receive some tweeks to the dialogue placement as that last panel has quite the mouthful in it.

Thanks again for supporting this project guys, been a hectic few months but hoping things will shape up before school starts again this fall.

And as always let me know what you think in the comments ;3c

page4.png page4.png page5.png

Father's Rule 2- Pages 1-3 sketch.

Sat May 26 15:32:16 2018

Whoo! this month was a little more catch up than i'd like to admit But! managed to sketch out the first 3 pages of Chapter 2 this month, so that's a plus!

Please note the dialogue and poses and all that is subject to change once i make another pass over the pages.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

page1.png page3.png page2.png

May 2018 pic, Anato-May!

Sat May 26 01:40:27 2018

Not a big colored piece like i wanted it to be but these were more for me learning and studying for better commissions/projects down the line. The theme for these guys was 'general musculature' obviously not perfect but a vast improvement.

Moral of the story is I need to use references more. I admit I have been drawing pretty much everything from memory and my quality of art has suffered DRASTICALLY because of it. These were all done using references and might just be me tooting my own horn but they turned out way better than my usual sketches do.

Feel free to drop some constructive feedback or more areas that you guys think i should work on in the comments below!

Next months Color pic will in fact be in color and I'm going to take a bit of a liberty in the next months pics as a little break from the polls. so expect bulls or beefy guys or bondage or whatever I feel like drawing 8D


May 2018 Monthly Image Poll - Anato-MAY

Fri May 4 00:57:01 2018

Hey guys! this month is going to be a little different, As this month I really want to focus on improving my style and forcing myself to do studies and such. So! what better time to get feedback from you all on areas you would love to see me improve in. Be it maws, paws or anything between.

The resulting image should be interesting or at the very least educational!

Thanks again for the continued support everyone!


April 2018 Colored Pic

Sat Apr 28 21:25:27 2018

The random winner of this months theme was a daddy rhino getting his dick stuck in a penis pump. Seems someone didn't read the instructions all the way.

Sorry again for the simple flat colored pics guys I have been SO insanely busy keeping up with school and commissions just to afford rent. But things will be hopefully better this summer when I have way more free time to draw!

Thank you again for your continued support everyone, It means more than the world to me. Thank you!

April2018Colored_pic.png April2018Colored%20pic.png

Father's Rule Chapter 2 preview Cover

Sat Apr 28 21:21:31 2018

To all my eager Father's Rule fans Just letting ya know I am getting stuff plotted and starting to sketch out layouts Thank you for your patience during these past few months of super busy school.

But here is something for you guys to whet your appetite on Chapter 2's cover sketch! [Just realizing I left the Fix comment on his arm haha] More is on its way!

Chapter2_cover.png Chapter2%20cover.png

April Monthly color pic

Sat Apr 7 17:25:16 2018

This months theme is 'Free For All' and is going to basically a pool of requests from my lovely patrons and I will be selecting [probably randomly] from the pool!


March 2018 Colored Pic

Sat Mar 24 20:26:24 2018

This months theme was 'Big prey x small Pred' and what better way to pick up little predators than at Stag night at your local bar!

Sadly have to leave this at flats this month as my schedule is quite tight this month.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support! I will be making a bit of a change again to my patreon tiers as I feel they are a little outdated [and too pricey] So if you guys have any suggestions for edits please let me know. I would love your feedback!

March2018_colored_pic.png March2018%20colored%20pic.png

February 2018 Colored Pic!

Sun Feb 25 06:05:04 2018

This months theme was Finish what you started and by popular demand! here you guys go! a sketch form a few years ago cleaned up, colored, and posted!

Next months colored pic is Prey X Pred with: Small top [Prey species] -> Large bottom [Predator] being the winning choice!

Feb2018ColoredPic.png Feb2018ColoredPic.png

February + March Monthly Image Poll

Wed Jan 31 07:43:55 2018

This months Theme is Finish what you started! [a repeated theme from earlier last year] Go vote on a picture as well as the theme for March's Image poll!


March's theme is Size difference! with a mix of Pred/Prey dynamics so go vote on your favorite variation there as well.


Personal Project Update- So it looks like Father's Rule chapter 2 and my bulls just Deserts comic are tied for 1st place! So in that aspect I already have the plot of Father's rule sorted out so Chapter 2 will be my next project!


Thank you so much for all the new supporters and viewers! I hope my content is worth the support you guys bring me. Because of you guys I have been able to do so much with my life like going back to school and not having to worry about having food for the month. You guys are fantastic and I hope you all enjoy whats to come!


January 2018 Monthly Color Image

Fri Jan 26 08:09:26 2018

Big daddy pig taking a break from hefting hay for a break that might just turn out to be more sticky than he originally planned....

Next months poll will be up soon. Going to be a 'Finish what you started' Poll theme for next month. Keep an eye out.

Also wanted to thank each and every new patron that has joined. It means the world to me everyone. Thanks again!


Next Personal Project Poll!

Wed Jan 17 03:00:36 2018

Alright now that ive had my month off of Father's Rule Time to get everyones input on what they would like to see from my next personal project! [that hopefully wont take like another year to finish D:]

January Monthly image Poll

Mon Jan 8 19:46:12 2018

This months theme is centered around Pigs/boars so keep that in mind when voting!

Father's Rule Pages 15-17 Finale!

Thu Dec 28 23:16:26 2017

Finally finished! Thank you so much for everyone's support and patience while i worked on this comic project! It means so much to me guys <3

Now to plan the next one! 8D

page15_16_spread.png page17.png page15%2016%20spread.png

XXX-Mas Sketches~

Thu Dec 28 18:16:31 2017



SlothDog -



And Beartp-

Thanks again everyone I know these are not anything special but they were a fun little side project! to work on. I once again apologize for them being late for Xmas D: got a little hectic when the holidays rolled up.

xxxmaspatreonbear.png xxxmaspatreoncentzon.png xxxmaspatreonredpanda.png xxxmaspatreonomgsocool.png xxxmaspatreonslothdog.png xxxmaspatreonwintaur.png

December 2017 Colored Pic - Late Packages

Wed Dec 27 08:22:42 2017

Due to damn elf and reindeer labor laws the poles have recruited some... not so convenient ways to haul packages around the arctic tundra. But anything will haul under influence of a whip. And you thought amazon was slow in delivering gifts....

Keep an eye out for the xxxmas sketches that should be coming in later this week along with the final pages of the Father's Rule comic! whew lots to get done in so little time D:

december2017coloredpic.png december2017coloredpic.png

Small delay on xxx-mas sketches-

Sun Dec 24 05:47:11 2017

Hey guys so i was hoping to have those 5 xxxmas sketches done by today but unfortunately a lot of stuff came up as the holidays approached and my time ran short D: hopefully i will have them by tomorrow night but we will see how things go.


XXX-Mas Freebie sketches! - 5 slots

Tue Dec 5 23:58:53 2017

For those of you who saw this on my fa yes its the same image just re-purposed. But as a way of saying a huge thank you to all of my patreons this year Im offering up 5 freebie sketches~

-Male preferred, Single character please
-Include description details or something in the comment.
-Limit 5 slots First come first serve
****Comment Below to snag a spot make sure to include a ref/description in the comment****


November 2017 Colored pic

Fri Dec 1 02:44:52 2017

Didnt quite have time to do a fully rendered pic this month but some flats will have to do.

Bondage museum grand opening! A new series similar to the 'Carnival games' Series i have on my FA though without all the extreme content. Just a lot of bondage and pain! But as always their motto stands strong "Enjoy your stay..."

november_colored_pic.png november%20colored%20pic.png

Father's Rule pages 13-14

Fri Nov 24 20:04:47 2017

So close! should be done by next month just have the finale left! Thank you again for all the continued support guys <3

page13.png page13.png page14.png

December colored Image Poll!

Tue Nov 21 04:13:30 2017

You know the drill! vote on what you guys would like to see for the December Monthly colored pic!

Father's Rule pages 11-12

Thu Oct 26 19:18:00 2017

The ending is in sight just 4 more pages to go! Thank you everyone for your continued support on this project! I hope you all arn't sick of seeing it yet xD

page11.png page11.png page12.png

October 2017 colored Pic

Thu Oct 26 00:33:25 2017

Well this one isnt quite how i wanted it to turn out but some mid-sex TF from an otter to a werewolf is way harder than i thought it would be to draw haha.

Next month ill be drawing the start to my Bondage Museum Series as well as hopefully finishing up the line art for Father's Rule But we will see how that goes-

October2017_Colored_pic.png October2017%20Colored%20pic.png

October Image Poll!

Sun Sep 24 05:24:28 2017


Sexy monsters! feel free to fill out the 'other' spot with any monsters you think might make a good addition as well!

Also don't forget to Vote for Novembers poll in question 2 owo feedback is super welcome!

Father's Rule Pages 9-10

Sun Sep 24 04:59:42 2017

Slowly but surely pumping these boys out. Now things get interesting as you all recall. This project is taking me so long to do haha but that's alright so long as you guys like how it is turning out ill keep at it!

Page9.png Page9.png page10.png

September Montly Image

Sun Sep 24 04:54:46 2017

Heyo guys! thank you so much for voting for this months monthly image 'finish what i started' was the theme and i think these two rowdy boys are going to be getting very comfy very soon.

Next months theme winner was 'Sexy monsters!' so expect a poll up soon for voting on what classic [or not so classic] monster you guys want to see!

clydesdalescolored.png clydesdalescolored.png

September 2017 Monthly image Poll

Sat Sep 2 05:49:27 2017

This month's theme is 'Finish what you've started!'

Pretty self explanatory but basically just pic a picture from the list and the highest voted winner will be finished this month!

Have fun guys!


Father's Rule - Pages 7-8

Fri Aug 25 19:12:46 2017

2 more pages closer to finishing the lineart! 8D Thanks for the continued interest in this pet project of mine guys!

page7.png Page8.png

August Patreon Image

Fri Aug 25 00:43:35 2017

This months theme was of course AdLibs! and the winning phrase was 'A nervous bulky buck taking a piss in a harness and leathers.'

The young buck knew he was being followed into the restroom just by the stench of the buck behind him, what he wasnt expecting though is the sound of someone spitting on their hand to be followed by a finger being shoved harshly up his ass as he was pissing 'knew you ain' no top, yer ass isn't nearly as tight as it looks boi' startled as a deer in the headlights he couldn't even fathom a response to the bold buck who would soon be known only as 'master' to him...

august_montly_image.png august%20montly%20image.png

July 2017 Sketchbook

Tue Aug 1 03:20:28 2017

Small but fun rule 34 stuff owo Enjoy!

cover.png July2017.zip (d)

August 2017 Image Poll

Mon Jul 31 06:39:43 2017

Hey guys! So August is just around the corner and that means that the Sketch tier is going to be sliding out and the Monthly image polls will be back in!

Without further ado here is the link for the monthly image poll this month's theme being Ad Libs


Swing in and vote on a scenario that you would like me to draw this month. Also feel free to leave feedback messages/comments in the replys for feedback on future months and other things you would like to see from me. Thank you so much for everyones continued support. You all have literately kept me above water this past year and I hope I'm not boring you all.

Father's Rule Pages 5-6

Sat Jul 29 05:30:22 2017

Slowly but surely guys! have up to page 8 done but didnt want to jump the gun off my schedule, so just have these 3 pages for you all. Let me know what you guys think!

page5.png page6.png page5-5.png

Wintaur July sketch 1/2

Sat Jul 29 05:26:03 2017

Kumetsu teaching Beast how to put on a fundoshi, quite the fun sketch to do, doesnt seem like beast can contain his package very well though.

Just a reminder this was the last month for these patreon sketches, Starting August I will be going back to just doing the sketchbooks and Monthly images. Thank you all for the continued support and would love to hear suggestions and such of what you would like to see!

Wintaur_July_Sketch.png Wintaur%20July%20Sketch.png

June FullbloodLion Sketch 2/2

Tue Jul 18 17:05:04 2017

Might be one of the last months Im going to be doing this sketch tier guys, Its been so much fun doing all these commissions but there has been lots of issues with communication and trying to get a rotation going on them. It might be better off for me to just switch back to a community vote Theme color picture for the month @@;

I apologize for anyone looking to slip into the sketch tier slots I am still very new to how everything on here works. and dont want to feel like i cheated out a bunch of people D:

Leave your feedback or ideas below thanks!


Father's Rule Pages 3-4 Lineart

Fri Jun 30 04:51:28 2017

Once again dialogue subject to change but ever so slowly getting these linearted! Thanks again for all the support guys!

page3.png page4.png

June Slothdog Sketch 1/2

Wed Jun 28 03:43:38 2017

A continuation of the previous sketch a few hours have passed and well... things are looking very grim for the poor mutt.


May 2017 Sketchbook

Wed May 31 03:33:36 2017

Smallish side but has a few pretty good pictures i might revisit in the future!

cover.png May2017sketchbook.zip (d)

Fathers Rule Pages 1-2 Lineart!

Tue May 30 00:57:51 2017

Slowly but surely. Might make some Dialogue changes in the near future but heres some linearts for you guys.

Page1.png page2.png

May Sketch Tier 3/3 JackTalon

Tue May 23 23:41:01 2017


May Sketch Tier 2/3 Wintaur

Tue May 23 22:26:24 2017

Just a little more and that lion can reach his dick So close....


May Sketch 1/2 - SlothDog

Tue May 23 05:40:37 2017

Finding himself in quite the stress position this poor mutt might have a bit more to worry about than a muscle cramp in a few minutes.


April 2017 Sketchbook

Sat Apr 29 16:02:01 2017

Well its not the biggest I've put together but definitely not the smallest.

Thank you all so much for the continued support. Its because of you guys that I can set aside time for drawing. No matter how little time that may be.

cover.png April2017Sketchbook.zip (d)

Slow Month-

Thu Apr 27 05:47:19 2017

Whew So its been insanely busy for me this month, so sorry for the low amount of content this month guys D:

I have my finals this next week here so I have prioritized studying over drawing the past few weeks. However this summer i plan to kick things into overdrive! so keep an eye out for a bunch of art starting next month.

April 2017 Sketch 3/3 JackTalon

Sat Apr 22 04:32:23 2017

Lots going on in this one but ill let you all come up with your own scenarios ;3c

jack_April_sketch.png jack_April_sketch.png

April 2017 Sketch 2/3 - SlothDog

Wed Apr 19 06:15:11 2017

Second sketch of the month is for SlothDog on fa!

ever so slowly working my way through these. sorry for how inactive I've been guys. Been studying my butt off trying to prepare for finals week.


April 2017 sketch 1/3 - Wintaur

Sat Apr 15 05:56:39 2017

First sketch this month is for Wintaur on fa!


Father's Rule Cover!

Mon Apr 3 02:10:41 2017


Father's Rule pages 13-17 [Final?]

Thu Mar 30 20:58:33 2017

Might do one last page But here is the sketched out mock up of the final pages of Father's Rule! Now to line art it all and make it all finished looking.

Thank you so much everyone for supporting making this come to fruition! I've received a ton of positive support towards it and I really want to make it enjoyable for readers!

page13.png page14.png page15_16_spread.png page17.png

March Patreon Sketch AceBeagle

Sat Mar 25 04:11:44 2017

Ace wanted a 'star wars cover pose' with his bear holding him on a leash. I think it satisfied the conditions pretty well.


Small Tweak to Sketch Tier!

Fri Mar 24 16:40:46 2017

With ongoing months I have received a few complaints of the Sketch tier not 'rotating out' after one month, opening up more slots for people to be offered.


as of this upcoming month The Sketch Tier will rotate Monthly!

*On the 15-20th of each month I will be posting a new post here and on FA for people who would be interested in the sketch spot to 'act now' type of thing. As I cannot restrict who snags up the spots It will be first come first serve.

**Repeat Months will be on a case by case basis that should be discussed with me but no more than 2 in a row.

Any Questions or comments please leave them below!

March 2017 Sketch Tier 1/3 JackTalon

Mon Mar 20 03:38:47 2017

Another month another set of sketch Tier rewards. This one involves a 'morning rountine' for the kitten.


Father's Rule Pages 11-12

Mon Feb 27 06:49:43 2017

Getting so close to being done sketching out these pages!!! Thank you all for being so patient with the monthly image delays. this series was scheduled to be done by december and im not even done sketching it all out haha.

page11.png page12.png page12.png

February 2017 Sketchbook

Mon Feb 27 06:45:48 2017

Only a few pages of some stream requests this month. Can't say im not trying to pump out content though!

cover.png Feb2017_Sketchbook.zip (d)

Patreon Sketch February 2017 3/3 -AceBeagle

Sat Feb 18 04:41:01 2017

Rubber coating that is a little more permanent than the classic catsuits.


February 2017 Patreon Sketch 2/3 - FullBloodLion

Fri Feb 17 05:17:15 2017

Starring bunnymund from ROTG


January 2017 Patreon Sketch 1/3 -DandarkHeart

Fri Feb 17 05:10:49 2017


Father's Rule pages 8-10

Mon Jan 30 03:41:07 2017

Almost done sketching out chapter 1! 2-4 more pages left before I start putting all of it together!

I hope you all have enjoyed it so far!

Page8.png page10.png Page9.png

January Patreon Sketch 3/3 - FullbloodLion

Sat Jan 21 05:03:45 2017

Starring bruce and a very pent up kitten.


January Patreon Sketch 2/3 - AceBeagle

Tue Jan 3 03:45:49 2017

Follow up to a previous lineart Raffle pic! a big bigger and Already winning blue ribbons at fetish fairs!


January Patreon Sketch 1/3 - Dandark

Tue Jan 3 03:30:45 2017

Starring Wolf O'Donnel


Father's Rule - page 7 sketch and bonus page!

Sun Jan 1 17:29:36 2017

didnt get much drawn for the comic this month but I have the next 5 pages planned out!

Also enjoy the sketch of page 5.5 a Patreon exclusive page!

page7.png page5-5.png

Patreon Update! -Jan 2017

Fri Dec 30 06:40:25 2016

I have been part of Patreon for nearly a full year now and all of the support has been absolutely life saving and amazing! Thank you everyone!

for 2017 I wanted to show how grateful I am to each and every supporter Ive Updated all the tiers! [for the better I hope] and also added in a new $15 tier!

Please toss some feedback at me, there things you want to see? Changes? Comments? Questions? Feel free to leave a comment or PM me with any feedback!

Thanks again everyone!

December 2016 Sketchbook!

Wed Dec 28 17:36:41 2016

Out of hiatus suddenly a sketchbook for December!

Expect a couple more pages of 'Father's Rule' uploaded in the next couple days as well as some MAJOR changes to this patreon. [Don't worry its all for the better!]

Thanks again for supporting me this year everyone! May 2017 be a billion times kinder to everything.


Father's Rule - Pages 5-6 Sketches!

Thu Dec 1 02:20:48 2016

Slowly but surely inching my way through these sketch pages. Here are pages 5 and 6 for you guys! Let me know what you think so far!

2 weeks of school left this semester so low art production still until then. Thanks once more for everyone sticking with me through this!

page5.png page6.png

Father's Rule: Cover wip2! + extras!

Thu Oct 27 17:45:55 2016

Update on the cover so far, haven't had much time to draw but I am including the sketch pages 1-4 that i have finished so far! Let me know what you guys think!

Coversketch.png Pages1-4.zip (d)

Trick Or Treat?

Wed Oct 26 04:48:11 2016

Chose one though... They probably have you end up in the same scenario.

Bonus Image this month! Got some free time to draw between working nearly 30 hours a week and school so thought I'd draw my bull Bruce greeting some party guests.

Should be a comic page update here soon. Also I might have enough for a monthly sketchbook this month too, so keep an eye out for Updates!


Working Title: Fathers Rule Cover mockup

Sun Oct 2 04:53:14 2016

Last month you guys voted pretty one sided that you would like me to start on my comic idea ive had, While this is nowhere near fleshed out enough to start posting some pages I did like this iteration of the cover. Stay tuned for ref sheets, and updates!


September Line art!

Fri Sep 23 04:18:04 2016

This months Winner was Ace Beagle and requested some nice worshiping of a bear dom smoking a pipe.

Which hopefully I delivered!

Thanks again for the support! just a reminder next month there will sadly be no more 'lotto' drawings. But i will make it up to you guys somehow!


Some Changes are ahead guys!

Wed Sep 14 04:24:05 2016

So I have been informed that Patreon will no longer be allowing 'raffle' type Support prizes anymore. Which really sucks because It's one of the best ways I can offer art to my supporters without drowning in extra work.

I already have a winner picked out for this month and have been working slowly but surely on that picture. But After 10/1/16 I will have to change the 10$ tier to something else.

I completely Understand if anyone wants to reduce/retract their support from that point as I have been so overwhelmed with school and work that honestly I haven't been putting out much of anything as of late. Let alone Patreon images.

If anyone has any ideas or Cool things you would want me to consider Please please leave suggestions in the comments or feel free to note me on here if you wish to be Anonymous.

Otherwise Thank you again for your continued support. I wouldn't have made it through these past 6 months without you all!

August Colored Pic

Thu Sep 1 05:49:05 2016

'Better hurry pup you got lucky last month and got to unlock your hood maybe this month you'll find the key you really need'.... {shame I glued the lid shut this morning}


So I dont really have anything for the August Sketchbook this month, have had next to 0 drawing time working well over full time as well as getting ready for school! [Which I started this last week!]

I will still be doing the monthly lineart for sure but I am just giving a forewarning that the next few months will be a little tight with the sketchbook/colored pics

On that note Next months vote of choice was for me to start on my comic! [now note i wont be pumping out a colored page or anything but there will be mock up sketches and such as i will be trying to get as much of the comic mapped out and sketched before actually sitting down to color it and such. Thank you in advance for your patience and thank you for the continued support!

August_Colored_Pic.png August_Colored_Pic.png

August's Lineart

Tue Aug 23 19:22:50 2016

August's Lineart request 'Bowser getting plowed by a Big Bear' So here it is, very late.... But this month has been very awful when it comes to drawing time.

Sadly I dont think ill have much for the patreon sketchbook again D: no free time to draw as of late, but i still have some high res files for you all. Thank you so much for sticking through this hard time with me guys.

Also I will be going back to school next week! So hopefully that will free up a bit of time during the week to get some art done, else you guys will be enjoying a few of my homework projects for a bit XD


August Montly Image Poll

Thu Aug 4 05:17:06 2016


Vote above for this months color pic options! This month is gonna be a little different as there is also a few options for me to complete older art or to start on a Comic idea that has been bouncing around my head for some time. Go vote!


The Monthly lineart drawing has been held and the winner this month is: Wildbear91!

July's Colored image is going to be : "Pet play with a Ferret"! Sounds like fun! Thank you so much for voting everyone. Your continued support drives me forward guys!


July's Patreon Exclusive Image!

Sun Jul 31 06:12:09 2016

Just in time for the end of the month, whew! Here is the colored pic voted by you guys this last month! Thank you again for your continued support and for your patience while I stumble to get my life together again!

'if you break another lamp boy you will find yourself in something much more permanent...'


July Sketchbook

Sun Jul 31 06:04:58 2016

Here is the July sketchbook! A little thin once again but little to no time to draw while working full time will do that to you. Hopefully I will have time to draw more this upcoming month. Wish me luck and leave some suggestions in the comments of what you would like to see in future sketchbooks!

Cover.png Julysketchbook.rar (d)

July Lineart

Fri Jul 15 03:02:59 2016

This months lotto went to Reapdri who requested a little more violent topic involving Don Karnage and his wolf-satyr.

Full Uncensored version linked below. Wanted to put a warning up just in case.

July_Lineartwarning.png July_Lineart.png

July Montly Image Poll-

Sun Jul 3 00:59:12 2016

July Montly Image Poll

I will be working on the June color pic asap! Until then feel free to contribute to vote for this next months Image!


June's Patreon Exclusive Image

Wed Jun 29 16:07:24 2016

The winning theme this time around was Public Stockades! I was going to do a much more... appealing bg to this one but sadly ran out of time and didnt have enough time to finish.

A Boar gots caught skulking around the dragon village looking for food only to find himself getting stuffed in a different fashion.

UPDATE:: Due to my insane business this month though There will sadly not be a sketchbook for June. I apologize everyone but my drawing time this month was super limited. Thank you for understanding-

I will have next months lineart lotto, and poll up within the first week. Keep an eye out guys!


June Lineart

Fri Jun 17 14:38:53 2016

"You sure this is the right guy?" the stranger bull offhandedly commented, wrapping the thrashing fox's muzzle in tape. "he sure is squirming more than our usual clients."

"Course he is look how hard the slut is, went and paid us in advance for a real kidnapping and bondage experience. Now once I ice down that cock of his I want you to get the spiked chastity cage, don't want him enjoying his experience too much the next six months...".

~~ Meanwhile next door to this poor fox a raccoon is kneeling naked, blindfolded, gagged, and hard as a rock waiting in anticipation for his door to be kicked open... any minute now...


June Color Image Poll!

Sun Jun 5 16:59:11 2016

So late ugh, This month is going to be Fetish Themed! I listed some generic fetishes But there is an Other option that I Highly Encourage you guys to use!

June Color Image Poll Link

Update: This months line art winner was: Dfox! Congratulations! I am dilligently working on the idea and will have it up as soon as its finished!

This months Color pic winner by a landslide was a Stockade Pic! Expect wips and the finished picture by the end of the month!

Thank you again for the wonderful support It really means so much to me I cant even almost express that enough.


May Sketchbook!

Mon May 30 19:51:00 2016

Posting it a little early since I have some free time today. Not much content this month either, Super hectic couple months while I hunt for a new job. But I'm still trying to pump out as much art for you guys as I can! Thanks so much for your support.

Full resolution .png files attached in the zip file below!

Maycover.png May_Sketchbook.rar (d)

May's Patreon Exclusive Image

Thu May 26 14:43:42 2016

The winning vote for this months Color Image was 'Football coach giving/receiving 'encouragement' from his team'.

The coach had some weird motivation techniques for his players, what seemed as a joke after their 2nd loss in a row resulting in the coach locking what then was weird metal cages over their junk telling them in a pep talk that they come off with a nationals trophy. Little did the coach know situations can turn quite quickly when facing down an entire horny football team. Not that he hasn't dreamed of this exact scenario all season... well maybe without a cage being locked on his own badger dick.


May Lineart!

Fri May 13 14:21:07 2016

High Resolution File for the May Lineart Raffle winner!

Thanks again for the support guys! It really means a ton!


May Color Image Poll + Update!

Mon May 2 04:23:23 2016

Second Month Down and support has grown yet again, Thank you so much everyone for supporting my Patreon, it means so much especially with the rough couple months ahead. [My work went under and I wont have a job July 1st] But Aside from that Lets get this months Poll going!

Here is the link to Aprils Poll for the Monthly color pic

Please go vote for next months Patreon exclusive Image!

~[I have been considering including all 5$+ patreons for the line art drawing as well but give $10+ patreons two 'entries' into the drawing just to give more people a chance at winning, Please leave your thoughts in the comments below if that sounds fair or if I should leave things as they are]


April Monthly Sketchbook

Sun May 1 21:42:17 2016

Due to me being super sick the first half of April this sketchbook is a bit on the tiny side, so I added in some of the commission work I did in April to help make up for a lack of content.

Cover.png April_Monthly_Sketchbook.zip (d)

March's Patreon Exclusive Image

Thu Apr 28 05:23:20 2016

With the most votes from last month Poll Here is the Patreon Exclusive picture for March's poll!

Featuring Chief Bogo and Mayor Lionheart from Zootopia!

Bogo, during an interrogation session, decides to show Lionheart the true meaning of 'going feral'.

Note: Just in time for the end of the month! Due to a few health issues this month the Monthly sketchbook will not be nearly as full as the previous 2 months, But I will try my best to make it up to you guys the best I can in May!


April Lineart!

Mon Apr 11 05:06:41 2016

High Resolution File for the April Lineart Raffle winner!

Thanks again for the support guys! It really means a ton!

aprilLineartwatermark.png aprilLineartwatermark.png

March Sketchbook!

Fri Apr 1 20:37:58 2016

Full resolution .png files attached in the zip file below! Let me know what you guys think!

Sketchbookcover.png March_2016.rar (d)

April Patreon Color Image Poll + Update!

Fri Apr 1 14:07:45 2016

We made it through Month one! But this is just the beginning, Thank you so much for the support thus far everyone!

Here is the link to Aprils Poll for the Monthly color pic

Please go vote for next months Patreon exclusive Image!

•Update: This months Patreon exclusive Image will be:....

A bondage themed picture of Cheif Bogo from Zootopia! Keep an eye out for wips as well as the finished picture before the end of the month.

March Sketchbook: Will be uploaded this weekend! I got a couple complaints about having the sketchbook be in pdf format for the trial run so instead you will all get a zip folder with each full high resolution sketch inside! [This month will have roughly 15]

•Lastly, The monthly line art drawing will be held on Monday [4-4-2016] to give patreon the chance to process all the payments before the drawing is selected!

EDIT: This months line art winner was Fullbloodlion on Fa! and the line art has been posted to all 1$+ patreons per usual!

~[I have been considering including all 5$+ patreons for the line art drawing as well but give $10+ patreons two 'entries' into the drawing just to give more people a chance at winning, Please leave your thoughts in the comments below if that sounds fair or if I should leave things as they are]


WIP's for March 2016!

Wed Mar 16 05:16:07 2016

Some Previews of what I'm working on including 3 images from the first image pack I've been putting together!

Also a couple preview images from the upcoming Sketchbook!


February Lineart

Sun Mar 6 17:52:21 2016

High Resolution file for the February bonus.

Februarypatreonlineart.png Februarypatreonlineart.png

Instant Access Sketchbook Sampler

Tue Mar 1 19:35:07 2016

A couple Sample Pages from an unfinished Sketchbook-

Sketchbook_Sampler.pdf (d)

March Patreon Poll-

Tue Mar 1 17:57:24 2016

Click Here to vote on the next Theme



Tue Mar 1 17:26:53 2016

Thank you so much for viewing my Patreon. Please mind the dust as I'm getting everything sorted and Put together.