Commissions opening soon!

Sun Oct 27 10:55:57 2019

I'll be opening my commissions soon! This will be for the November batch.

Please check the exact time and info at my FA or da:


April doodle stream! Post ideas below!

Sat Apr 20 12:32:46 2019

Hey all! April has been going along fairly fast. Tempratures have been going up and down a LOT!

Currently it's really nice and warm. So it's time I announce the next patron doodle stream!

Everyone is free to come and watch, but it's you patrons that give me ideas of what to draw! Everyone who's a patron from $10 tier and up, may post ideas for me to doodle!

Theme of this months doodle stream is SPRING!

Please review the rules below, as I've updated them!


- $10 patrons and up may post ideas

- Please include links to references! (SFW please!)

- Keep it family friendly, please!

- Your own characters or Official characters ONLY!

- Please don't get offended if I don't draw your ideas.

- 2 ideas per person at most!

- 2 characters per idea at most!

Keep in mind I might not draw ALL of it for any reason. But I'll do my best to draw most of them!

The stream itself will be a few hours. (depending on how long I can manage to go on.)

Stream will be held here:

Countdown timer until the stream: CLICK HERE


March (delayed) stream results!

Mon Apr 8 11:30:53 2019


Patron doodle stream is ONLINE!

Sun Apr 7 16:01:01 2019

This is the belated March stream!

Come and join me: CLICKY HERE


March doodle stream! Post ideas below!

Thu Apr 4 13:38:32 2019

Hey! I'm sorry for another delayed doodle stream... I ended up having a lot of things going on at the end of march AND ended up being sick for a bit. I'll attempt to do the proper April stream by the end of the month.

Thank you for being understanding!

Everyone is free to come and watch, but it's you patrons that give me ideas of what to draw! Everyone who's a patron from $10 tier and up, may post ideas for me to doodle!

Theme of this months doodle stream is Silly doodles! I'll doodle your ideas in a very silly quick way. They might not look like amazing sketches, but will be in my silly doodling style~

Please review the rules below, as I've updated them!


- $10 patrons and up may post ideas

- Please include links to references! (SFW please!)

- Keep it family friendly, please!

- Your own characters or Official characters ONLY!

- Please don't get offended if I don't draw your ideas.

- 2 ideas per person at most!

- 2 characters per idea at most!

Keep in mind I might not draw ALL of it for any reason. But I'll do my best to draw most of them!

The stream itself will be a few hours. (depending on how long I can manage to go on.)

Stream will be held here:

Countdown timer until the stream: CLICK HERE


Galar starters

Wed Mar 20 10:47:33 2019

Over a couple of days I've worked on these guys.
I'm pretty fond of the new starters and can't wait to see what they'll become!

These are intended to become actual stickers! I've never done this before but have done my best to research stuff.

I'll be selling them as individual stickers so you can rep your starter! (ofc you can buy all 3 if you prefer.)

I'm still figuring out how to handle the selling part and fixing the actual printing!

A fun smaller side project I guess :'3


Doodle stream is ONLINE

Mon Mar 4 17:01:01 2019

Streaming is on! I might be a bit tired, but come and join me as I doodle some patron suggestions!


Doodle stream postponed!

Sun Mar 3 14:48:23 2019

The tired feeling got worse and so I've decided to postpone the stream to tomorrow, same time, instead.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

February doodle stream! (Post ideas below!)

Sat Mar 2 11:55:30 2019

AH! Sorry for the short notice! This will be the February stream! There WILL be another stream this month for March!

Everyone is free to come and watch, but it's you patrons that give me ideas of what to draw! Everyone who's a patron from $10 tier and up, may post ideas for me to doodle!

Theme of this months doodle stream is CHIBI! Everything suggested will be doodled in chibi style! (Cuz I like doodling chibis)


- $10 patrons and up may post ideas

- Please include links to references! (SFW please!)

- Keep it family friendly, please!

- Any characters are allowed (as long as you have permission to use them.)

- Please don't get offended if I don't draw your ideas.

Keep in mind I might not draw ALL of it for any reason. But I'll do my best to draw most of them!

The stream itself will be a few hours. (depending on how long I can manage to go on.)

Stream will be held here:


Doodle stream is ON

Wed Jan 30 17:01:01 2019

Patron suggested doodle stream is ONLINE! Join me here:


January Doodle stream info!

Sun Jan 27 15:48:18 2019

Hey! I hope you're all having a good start of the year!
As most of you know, December ended up being very busy and hard. Things have sorted out now and I should be able to handle things better from now on!
I still find streaming to be both fun and incredibly intimidating! But I hope some of you will enjoy the results that do come from them.

Everyone is free to come and watch, but it's you patrons that give me ideas of what to draw! Everyone who's a patron from $10 tier and up, may post ideas for me to doodle!

Theme of this months doodle stream is CHIBI! Everything suggested will be doodled in chibi style!


- $10 patrons and up may post ideas

- Please include links to references! (SFW please!)

- Keep it family friendly, please!

- Any characters are allowed (as long as you have permission to use them.)

- Please don't get offended if I don't draw your ideas.

Keep in mind I might not draw ALL of it for any reason. But I'll do my best to draw most of them!

The stream itself will be a few hours. (depending on how long I can manage to go on.)

Stream will be held here:

Countdown to Streams start: CLICK ME


Stream cancelled...

Mon Dec 31 14:11:03 2018

I'm very sorry to say... But My pain/situation has not improved and I am unable to do the stream. (shoulder pain + side pain.)

BUT! I will however doodle some of your suggestions offstream. everyone who suggested something will get a doodle each! I'll pick from the already made suggestions.
It might take a bit of time for me to get through it all (commissions do come first.) but I hope to get away from the pain and get back to proper work.

I might do a regular stream later, once my shoulder feels better.

Happy new year everyone, I hope you'll have a better one <3

- Ingy

Stream update! Changed date!

Sun Dec 30 11:45:22 2018

Hey everyone!

a quick update to mention that the patron doodle stream is being moved to tomorrow (Dec 31st) same time (5pm GMT)

I am not feeling very great today and need some light rest. I'll be doing normal work today and stream tomorrow.

I'm very sorry if this causes any inconvenience

Stream info:

Merry Borkmas!

Mon Dec 24 17:08:09 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you're having/will have a lovely Christmas!

I couldn't find much time for personal art this month, but wanted to doodle this real quick so I can wish you guys a Merry Christmas!

Much love, Ingy <3


December patron doodle stream! Post ideas below!

Sat Dec 22 16:50:43 2018

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a good December and will have a lovely time with friends and family! Happy Holidays!

This months doodle stream will be near the end of this year so I hope you'll have a little time to join me.

Everyone is free to come and watch, but it's you patrons that give me ideas of what to draw! Everyone who's a patron from $10 tier and up, may post ideas for me to doodle!

Theme of this months doodle stream is CHRISTMAS or NEW YEARS!


- $10 patrons and up may post ideas

- Please include links to references! (SFW please!)

- Keep it family friendly, please!

- Any characters are allowed (as long as you have permission to use them.)

- Please don't get offended if I don't draw your ideas.

Keep in mind I might not draw ALL of it for any reason. But I'll do my best to draw most of them!

The stream itself will be a few hours. (depending on how long I can manage to go on.)

Stream will be held here:


Streaming is ON!

Fri Nov 30 17:00:05 2018

Streaming is on! It'll only be for a few hours. I'm feeling a bit tired, but I hope to be able to doodle a bunch of things tonight! Come on in and watch me doodle :D


November patron doodle stream! Post ideas below!

Mon Nov 26 14:00:00 2018

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for the delay in the stream announcement. I fell to a nasty cold and was knocked out for the most of the week...

But I'm much better now and am happy to announce the next doodle stream!
This month It's back to the intended $10 tiers and up for doodle ideas. Let's see how it goes for this time around!

Everyone is free to come and watch, but it's you patrons that give me ideas of what to draw! Everyone who's a patron from $10 tier and up, may post ideas for me to doodle!

Theme of this months doodle stream is WINTER!


- $10 patrons and up may post ideas

- Please include links to references! (SFW please!)

- Keep it family friendly, please!

- Any characters are allowed (as long as you have permission to use them.)

- Please don't get offended if I don't draw your ideas.

Keep in mind I might not draw ALL of it for any reason. But I'll do my best to draw most of them!

The stream itself will be a few hours. (depending on how long I can manage to go on.)

Stream will be held here:


Cozy icon time!

Sat Nov 3 16:57:11 2018

Just needed a new icon for the winter months!

It's getting chillier outside so I felt the need for this cozy scarf. Hope you all like my new icon <3


Stream doodle results!

Sun Oct 28 19:58:30 2018

October 28th Doodle stream! Here's all the doodles I did! I had a ton of fun!


October Doodle Stream! Post your ideas below!

Sat Oct 20 15:16:26 2018

Hey! Thank you everyone for your patience! It's been one hectic month and I'm hoping you all are doing ok!

This time I'm thinking, let's go with a theme!

Everyone is free to come and watch, but it's you patrons that give me ideas of what to draw! Everyone who's a patron from $5 tier and up, may post ideas for me to doodle! (This might change next month, so get your ideas in!)

Theme of this months doodle stream is HALLOWEEN!


- $5 patrons and up may post ideas

- Please include links to references! (SFW please!)

- Keep it family friendly, please!

- Any characters are allowed (as long as you have permission to use them.)

- Please don't get offended if I don't draw your ideas.

Keep in mind I might not draw ALL of it for any reason. But I'll do my best to draw most of them!

The stream itself will be a few hours. (depending on how long I can manage to go on.)

Stream will be held here:


Streaming now!

Sun Sep 23 16:01:00 2018

Come on in and hang out for a while :D



Tue Jul 31 17:11:06 2018

Commission 1 out of 4 for Sharkomat!

I mean... this IS how lego is made, right? With magic and ill-intent?



Mon Jul 30 11:07:18 2018

WIp for Sharkomat's 1st commission, out of 4!

I just really liked how my rough sketch turned out!

Gotta clean it up for a proper WIP check :3

Added rough shades for an idea of the mood I'm going for~


Cooking time!

Sun Jul 29 15:51:48 2018

Commission for dragonmaster2653 and SashaShark!

Clarisa and Sophie cooking some woks and such :D

Sophie's ready to chop up the coriander with the chinese cleaver~ (versatile and cool to look at òvó9 )

These two are such cuties ; v ; I love 'em!


Beach mishap

Fri Jul 27 13:04:39 2018

Commission for fortebx1!


June Head shot batch 2

Fri Jul 27 11:55:42 2018

Sad chibi Bezz for Icebezz!

Cute Janelle for AstraAurora!

Really angry Raberta for dragonmaster2653!

Seductive Deiko for FrozenFlake!

Happy Sophie for SashaShark!


Floofmancer doodle

Wed Jul 25 20:26:32 2018

Just something I doodled on my off time. A bs fantasy class for myself! The floofmancer! Heals and gives fluff based buffs!


Braix sticker pack

Sat Jul 21 15:53:48 2018

Commission for Braix-vapveon!

EDIT: I missed a sticker and will update this post with the finished amount ASAP. Woops...

I had a lot of fun drawing these! I think I will start offering these kinds of things more normally after this batch :D



Braix stickers WIP

Fri Jul 20 15:35:13 2018

Sketches of Braix-vapveons sticker pack!

This is the first pack I do (another pack to come later on~)


Nova ref

Wed Jul 18 15:16:26 2018

SaltirePhoenix reference commission 4/4!

Nova the fruitbat! He sure looks scary.. but I'm sure he's not that unfriendly!


Freya ref

Tue Jul 17 18:43:46 2018

SaltirePhoenix ref commissions 3/4

Freya the cute cow!

Fennec speedpaint

Sun Jul 15 20:09:50 2018

Here's the video! Enjoy <3


FrozenFlake's painted headshot

Sun Jul 15 20:06:05 2018

It's SUnday and it's really hot again.... OOF. It should calm down over the week so I hope i can work without being on fire every second of the day.

This piece started as a simple sketch gift! Then I started to paint it for practise. I've not done a lot of painting on characters other then pokemon... so this was a lot of fun! It was pretty hard tho...

I'm hoping to be able to offer painted headshots as commissions in the future. I can work on them in my off hours on the pad.

Speedpaint video will be up soon~

SaltirePhoenix refs part 1

Sat Jul 14 17:12:43 2018

Denise ref! Cute snake lady librarian!

Amelia ref! Tough Rhinolady!


June Head shot batch 1

Thu Jul 12 15:23:40 2018

Sheila for AwesomeC!

:3c Braix for Braix-vapveon!

Truffy werecorgi for GloriousCorgi!

Slenia for idiotXD!

Pouty chibi Kira for Lunatic-neko!


Beach walk

Tue Jul 10 16:08:33 2018

Commission for AwesomeC and SashaShark!

C and Donna having a nice stroll at the beach!


Royal tangela speedpaint video

Tue Jul 10 11:22:02 2018

And here's the video! I had a lo of fun painting it! Enjoy <3


Royal tangela

Mon Jul 9 16:44:36 2018

Playing around in Procreate to make a wallpaper for my iPad! Ended up painting this cute Tangela! I’m quite happy with it! I’ll upload the paint video tomorrow. I hope you like my cute lil Tangela!


Beach walk WIP

Mon Jul 9 12:59:31 2018

WIP for AwesomeC and SashaShark


Bezz reference

Mon Jul 9 12:57:38 2018

Reference commission for IceBezz!

Bezz the Tigerhorse!


Tier update incoming + Removing headshot doodles

Sat Jul 7 10:29:07 2018

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing good in this summer heat!

I've been thinking a lot about my doodler tier ($5) and I've come to the conclusion that I'll have to either stop doing them completely. or move them up to a higher price and with fewer spots.

They take up a lot more time then I thought they would and so I lose more time then I planned.

I'll be finishing this months headshot doodles and then I will be editing the tiers and remove the doodles off the $5 tier! so from August 1st and onwards, they'll be gone or moved up in price.

HOWEVER! I have added a new reward for $5 supporters! From today I'll be posting Process gifs and art progress videos for everyone who supports me with $5 or higher!
I am also looking for suggestions for other things to add as rewards for different tiers.

I've been considering to add a $10 tier and a $15-20 tier.
I'm open to suggestions for rewards and ideas!

Thank you everyone so much for your amazing support! I hope you'll stick around But I understand if you're no longer interested after this update. I'm still very thankful for all the support!

Squirtle Art progress video

Sat Jul 7 10:19:02 2018

I used Procreate for the first time ever! it took some time to get used to the controls and some of the settings.

You can probably see how much I struggled with finding the right settings for inking the piece... but once I got the hang of it, it got a bit easier!

I hope you like it!


Community day Squirtle!

Sat Jul 7 06:56:32 2018

I managed to save up for an iPad and an Apple Pencil!
So the first thing I had to do was to try it out!

I got Procreate and started learning how to use it and fiddled around with settings... so here’s my first piece on my pad! A shiny squirtle in time for Pokemon go community day, tomorrow!

I’ll upload the progress video later on, once I’ve figured out how!

(There’s white text in the image so it might look a bit oddly entered with bright backgrounds, whoops.)


Tigerhorse ref WIP

Thu Jul 5 13:01:46 2018

Wip for IceBezz!


Chibi Light

Tue Jul 3 14:39:53 2018

It's been YEARS since I last drew this boy... I last drew him in 2012.. and that was just a doodle.

He's an old OC with a story too! I'm not sure if I'll ever get to properly flesh it out and write it.. but hey, here's the lil death angel resurrected <3

His name is Light and has a pet demon dog, named Cerberus.
He's not incredibly original but I love him and his story (and all the characters in the same story.)


Confused Munchlax

Sun Jul 1 11:55:48 2018

It's Sunday.

It's really hot.

Have a confused and hastily painted Munchlax for your trouble.



Chibi Madness - ROCCO!

Sat Jun 30 16:16:58 2018

Commission for yabamyicing2


Movie Night!

Fri Jun 29 16:42:27 2018

Commission for SashaShark!


Movie night WIP

Thu Jun 28 13:35:47 2018

WIP for SashaShark!


Lethal faceoff

Mon Jun 25 15:18:01 2018

Commission for idiotXD! feat. Vengence owned by dragonmaster2653!

Oof this looks intense!


TemTem Squad!

Sun Jun 24 14:16:53 2018

It's Sunday.. and I'd originally planned to work some more on commissions!

The coming week is gonna get hotter so I should prep incase I melt...
But I came across TemTem's fanart contest.. and I really got inspired ; 3 ;

I'll still try to work on commissions today tho. Hope ya like my artwork~
(TemTem is a cool kickstarter game. I like the idea.)


Corgi Adventures

Sat Jun 23 14:54:24 2018

Commission for GloriouCorgi!

His Truffy (excited Treasure finder!) and my Biscuit (Danger noticing thief) found a forest temple to check out. But seems there's more to the temple then just moss, plants and old treasures....


Clarisa ref

Sat Jun 23 13:51:39 2018

Commission for dragonmaster2653!

Clarisa the arcanine! She is super cute ; 3 ; SO FLUFFY AND SNUGGLY!



Fri Jun 22 14:40:21 2018

Commission for idiotXD! Feat. Vengence owned by dragonmaster2653!

.... clang

Corgi Adventures WIP

Fri Jun 22 11:10:09 2018

Commission for GloriouCorgi!

His Truffy (excited Treasure finder!) and my Biscuit (Danger noticing thief) found a forest temple to check out. But seems there's more to the temple then just moss, plants and old treasures....


Group hug!

Tue Jun 19 13:55:28 2018

Commission for dragonmaster2653! feat. Amethyst owned by AmethystDust!

This is intended t be a little gift for Amethyst! Thank you so much for beign such a lovely person ; v ;


Kel's day off (PROCESS GIF!)

Sun Jun 17 20:00:01 2018

Just trying this out.. I hope it is at least a LITTLE interesting :D



Kelpsie's day off

Sun Jun 17 16:27:45 2018

Just something for myself!

Kelpsie (AKA Kel.) is my inkling character! I made her back in 2015 and I've been itching to draw her again after so long.

It's not the best piece ever, but I had a lot of fun just drawing something for me.

I hope you guys will enjoy! (and later on today I'll post a WIP gif!)


Grouphug WIP

Fri Jun 15 14:03:12 2018

Commission for dragonmaster2653!

Sketching this out made me a tad bit emotional.. but I honestly don't know why ; v ;


Polishing session

Thu Jun 14 13:10:49 2018

Commission for SashaShark!

Sasha and Razz having a nice girls night with painting each others nails~

(and cheeky Sasha tickle time.)



Mon Jun 11 13:36:54 2018

Commission for dragonmaster2653!

Vengence in new outfit and looking really intimidating ; A ;


Lucien quick ref

Sun Jun 10 13:49:18 2018

It's Sunday and I'm gonna try to do some personal art on Sundays.

I often neglect my own art and it's a bit frustrating ^^'

Most of it might just end up as references or quick chibis... I just need to get back into drawing my characters and ideas!

This time i went for Lucien the shark! He's a bit feminine and is a happy-go-lucky Bi shark~

Enjoy my weirdo OC's!


nail painting session WIP

Sat Jun 9 12:05:28 2018

WIP for SashaShark!

Someone's getting a bit sidetracked tho ò__ó


Rough scary WIP

Fri Jun 8 19:00:00 2018

WIp for dragonmaster2653!

It was pretty rough to make the pose and I gotta do a bit more polishing.. but it's pretty neato.


May Head shot batch 2

Fri Jun 8 17:30:41 2018

Confused chibi Bezz for IceBezz!

Mega Mawile David for FrozenFlake!

Azi for GloriousCorgi!

Kassity for idiotXD!

Bayonet for SashaShark!


May Head shot batch 1

Thu Jun 7 12:25:26 2018

Jack for AwesomeC!

Rutena for Braix-Vapveon!

Karman for dragonmaster2653!

Kiwi for Lunatic-neko!

Iirya for AstraAurora!


Shark maid

Tue Jun 5 20:00:01 2018

Commission for fortebx1!

Orchid cosplaying :D


New Truffy reference

Tue Jun 5 17:59:49 2018

Commission for GloriousCorgi!

Truffy's new and improved ref!

Complete with a height chart :0



Tue Jun 5 15:05:00 2018

I'll be streaming for a little while! Come on in and watch me work or just hang out in chat.

I'm always a bit nervous but I hope it'll be fun!

lJhcr3ofNXzXVV2l-31k3LQ3swpr-KwCBzHvyM9c0XN-bQEzAK733rb8iHTkSssN.jpe (d)

Truffy ref WIP

Mon Jun 4 17:00:59 2018

WIP commission for GloriousCorgi!

I have fun with reference sheets~ Also the height chart was fun :D


Braix time!

Sun Jun 3 17:00:00 2018

Commissions for Braix-Vapveon!

The ever so cute dragon! <3

And here's the second piece that I was commissioned to draw!


Sneaking in the shadows

Sun Jun 3 13:28:35 2018

Commission for Sharkomat!

Who's the next victim?


Kassity's outfits

Wed May 30 16:34:01 2018

Commission for idiotXD!

Kassity in her work uniform and a more casual one!

She's so cute ; v ;

On a side note. I've been struggling with a cold for a bit. I apologize for the slow down but I should be able to get back on track very very soon! Thank you for your patience ; v ;


Sneaky sneak!

Sat May 26 13:04:07 2018

WIP for Sharkomat!


Sophie reference

Wed May 23 14:22:50 2018

Commission for SashaShark!

Sophie was really fun and different to work on! ^v^


Epsilon ref

Tue May 22 16:51:12 2018

Commission for SaltirePhoenix!

His young batboy, Epsilon!

For anyone wondering, no he's not a mystic/fortune teller on the side.. it's just a costume~


Sophie ref WIP

Mon May 21 20:00:00 2018

reference commission for SashaShark!


Bat boy ref WIP

Mon May 21 16:53:11 2018

Commission for SaltirePhoenix!


Quick Sunday doodle

Sun May 20 13:39:24 2018

As a warm up I usually just do some quick doodles below the layers of commissions/personal pieces...

But I got a bit carried away and started half painting it. Trying some new brushes and playing around with some stylizing.

I probably won't go any further on this picture.

My doodle style is usually very different from my proper style for some reason...


Biscuit the Corgi

Thu May 17 13:32:06 2018

A while back I got a corgi character. Her original name was Oreo and her design was a bit different. I spruced her up a bit and gave her a bit more personality~

She's a Thief for hire and has a lust for adventure. At times she gets called a "Tiny hyena". She loves it! It's what she wants~ (She dyes her fur to get a more hyena look. It's hard to get work when you look like a soft cute corgi...)


Animated comic

Tue May 15 13:34:09 2018

a REALLY fun commission for idiotXD!

(feat. Nova and Shaid owned by SashaShark and dragonmaster2653!)

This is the first time I make an "animated" comic page!

Enjoy <3


Flareon doodle

Mon May 14 20:51:32 2018

Just a quick little doodle to wrap up my day~


Animatronic buddies

Sun May 13 13:38:04 2018

Commission for AstraAurora!

Ruby (left) and Charlie (right) are such cute FNAF Ocs ; v ;
They're super cute together! it was fun to draw fnaf chibis!


Animatronic chibis WIP 2

Sat May 12 16:31:31 2018

Commission for AstraAurora!

Flat colours have been put down! I'll finish this Tomorrow/Monday!

Such cuties ; v ;


Animatronic chibis WIP

Sat May 12 13:15:07 2018

Commission for AstraAurora!

Ruby (left) and Charlie (right) as cute chibis!


Brewing party

Fri May 11 16:28:31 2018

Commission for idiotXD! Featuring Characters, in order from left to right, Sierra (mine), Nova (SashaShark), Lunea (dragonmaster2653) and Corelia (idiotXD)!

This was a big piece that gave me a lot of freedom :D They're in Sierras small home. It's got plenty of plants and books and has a nice view of forest and mountains.

(Her pet rat, Brie, loves to snooze by the window~ )


Brewing gals WIP 3

Thu May 10 20:30:18 2018

Sorry for the silence! I had a mini break for a few days! (from Sunday 6th to Wednesday 9th May.) My Parents came over for a visit from Sweden!
So I took some time to spend a lot of time with them and rest up.

I didn't know I needed a break this badly. I feel very pumped to get back to drawing and NOT feel as if everything is heavy and bothersome.

On to the WIP! I finished the Inking, put down all the flats (except for books and other details.)

I've done all the shading and highlighting on the characters and now working on the background and such.

Things left to do:

- Shading and highlgihting on cauldron + chains

-Add fire under cauldron

- Finish books colours

- add plants in wall planters

- more plants

- paint a mini scene outside window

- add effects (smoke, bubbles n sparkles) to the cauldron

- colour all the outlines

-and any final colour adjjustments

.... So A lot left. I got a lot done today in 6-7 hours! I'll continue tomorrow! Thank you everyone!


April Head shot batch 2

Sat May 5 15:12:31 2018

Veneca for dragonmaster2653

Mega lopunny Diana for FrozenFlake

Furios chibi Bezz for IceBezz

Monster Vera for idiotXD

Stilett for SashaShark


April Head shot batch 1

Thu May 3 14:52:42 2018

Braixy for Braix-Vapveon

Yachi for AstraAurora

Seeds for AwesomeC

Mithie for GloriousCorgi

Sheep OC for Lunatic-Neko


Brewing gals WIP 2

Tue May 1 15:50:04 2018

in the process of inking!

Just finished the chains x_x; Will work on the background tomorrow!


Brewing session WIP

Mon Apr 30 14:24:26 2018

A big wip for idiotXD!

the bg is very rough as I'm still working onthe details.


competetive gaming

Fri Apr 27 19:51:17 2018

Commission for dragonmaster2653!

feat. SashaShark!

Sometimes you gotta be a sneaky cheater to get the upper hand >3>;


Space bois

Tue Apr 24 18:00:00 2018

Commission for blackwolf17!



Lions at the zoo

Tue Apr 24 14:18:54 2018

Commissioned by Lioninawheelbarrow as a birthday gift to GloriousCorgi!

I find this one to be really humorous. Being asked to draw their OC's at the zoo.. looking at lions~

I can imagine how confusing it is for the animals.

What kind of world is this? Anthros and ferals in the same world!? MADNESS... and kinda funny too. I hope you like it as much as i do!


Birthday Corgi!

Tue Apr 24 10:59:35 2018

4/4 Chibi commissions for GloriousCorgi!

I was asked to do a surprise chibi for him on his birthday! (24th April)
I really like how it turned out and I hope you all like it too ; v ;


Space bois WIP

Mon Apr 23 17:22:30 2018

Commission wip for blackwolf17!

I've had fun with the posing on this one. (even referenced a wedding cake topper with a romantic dancing dip pose :P )


Warmup doodle Diana

Mon Apr 23 14:42:18 2018

After struggling with tablet pen pressure problems for nearly 2 hours... I just wanted to do a doodle to warm up before working.

So here's Diana! (mine and FrozenFlakes fusion character.)

She's got some mixed up features of both dinogoat and dragonfox!

Liked it a lot and thought I'd share it <3


Ingy Snowfennec ref 2018

Sun Apr 22 15:02:02 2018

These last few days have been very warm!

I don't work well at all in hot temperature and struggled a lot.
I DID get some rough sketching done here and there for several commissions. (Clean up and WIP posting will commence tomorrow... as long as the temp goes down more!)

Sundays are usually my day off.. and so I took some time to finish the updated reference for my other main fursona, Ingy the Snowfennec hybrid!

She needed a new one very badly. Only a few minor modifications on her design. Now with more chubbyness/fluff!

Sorry for the slow progress! I should be able to move forward much better from tomorrow!

April has been really odd.


March Head shot batch 2

Tue Apr 17 13:00:42 2018

Tealia for GloriousCorgi!

Overjoyed Chibi Bezz for IceBezz!

Pepper for Lunatic-Neko!

Blepping Maxwell with animu glasses for idiotXD!

Katana for SashaShark!


Lunea's predicament

Mon Apr 16 17:14:44 2018

Chibi commission for dragonmaster2653!

Lunea getting tickled silly by her friends <3


Azi chibi relaxing

Fri Apr 13 17:59:59 2018

3/4 Chibi commissions for GloriousCorgi!

Azi having a nice relaxing day in the hammock!


Azi Chibi on duty

Fri Apr 13 14:49:01 2018

2/4 Chibi commissions for GloriousCorgi!

Azi is all suited up and ready for duty!


Azi chibi weightlifting

Thu Apr 12 14:37:54 2018

1/4 Chibi commissions for GloriousCorgi!

Azi doing some weightlifting, no big deal~


Braix and Jex

Wed Apr 11 15:34:18 2018

A cute commission for Braix-vapveon and his friend!

This was my first time drawing a protogen! (such a cool species ; v ; )


Cute Lati-girl

Wed Apr 11 14:37:38 2018

Commission for fortebx1!

A cute Latias girl for their friend~


WIP posting

Mon Apr 9 15:33:27 2018

Busy working away on sketches for a chunk of commissions

Lots to do and little time!


March Head shot batch 1

Sat Apr 7 19:31:41 2018

Shellea for AstraAurora!

Genna for AwesomeC!

Bun for Braix-Vapveon! (Gift for a friend.)

Bulda for dragonmaster2653!

Raging Deiko for FrozenFlake!


Chibi Reneé

Fri Apr 6 13:22:59 2018

This gal is an old OC of mine! She's been around for, soon, 9 years!

Her design has remained very much the same.

I would like to give her some new outfits and maybe do some story based pictures of her and Caine. (Other main character in their story.)

I missed her so much <3


Lunea Sericatus ref

Thu Apr 5 12:43:41 2018

Commission for dragonMaster2653

AHHHH SHE'S SO CUTE! I had a lot of fun working on her design and markings!


Lunea ref WIP

Mon Apr 2 15:24:50 2018

Design and reference commission WIP for dragonmaster2653



Chibi hunting

Fri Mar 30 17:14:00 2018

Commission for FlakeFox!

4 flat coloured chibis and PHEW... Monster hunter armours are super detailed ; v ;

I love how they turned out (still I had to simplify some bits.. but not too much :D )

Sometimes the squad aren't on the same wavelength. Some will plan other will rush straight in to battle. It's a lot of fun!


Chibi Monster hunting WIP

Thu Mar 29 14:31:01 2018

These hunters are having a tough time deciding what to do next. Except for Netty (Rushing lady.)

She's already decided to bop the monster on the head. No plan needed :3


Chibi Charlie

Tue Mar 27 14:50:13 2018

2 out of 2 Chibi commissions for AstraAurora!

Charlie is such a cute and nicely designed character <3 Love all the purple with the nice blue!


Bizzy and Billie!

Mon Mar 26 18:13:16 2018

the 1st out of 2 chibi pieces for AstraAurora!

Bizzy ( the Orange and black bun!) Was a lot of fun to draw and I love her colours so much ; v ;

Billie was a really fun little guy to draw too <3


Fnaf chibis WIP

Fri Mar 23 17:33:38 2018

Commissions for AstraAurora!

She's got some absolutely adorable characters <3 Working on inking now. ( The one on the right is nearly done with shading. But I have to stop for the day.)

Enjoy these sketches for now :D


K-9 Unit away!

Thu Mar 22 18:10:03 2018

Commission for GloriousCorgi!

Donna (owned by SashaShark) and Truffy patrolling the streets! Truffy seems to have caught notice of something!


K9 unit WIP

Thu Mar 22 13:28:28 2018

Commission WIP for GloriousCorgi!


Large hands...

Tue Mar 20 15:59:57 2018

Commission for idiotXD!

Lina's pretty mad that she can't fit her hands in Marcs gauntlets...

How's she gonna prove a point if she can't even put them on!?


Springtime DinoGoat

Fri Mar 16 20:08:33 2018

Just a quick piece for fun! playing with some simpler stuff and just.. for funsies <3

My Fursona self being all.. idk... springy?


Zappy Marc!

Fri Mar 16 19:07:18 2018

Commission for idiotXD!

Marc found a cool suit! (Based on a suit you get in the Game "The surge" ... I need a LOT of practice to make it more accurate :I )

I had a lot of troubles with posing, but I think It turned out cool :D I really wanted to make a bit more dynamic perspective... and it's so tough!

I enjoyed it and REALLY need to stretch after working on this XD


Mech Marc WIP

Fri Mar 16 14:59:22 2018

WIP of idiotXD's commission.

Marc in a mech suit, my interpretation, from "The surge" (Game.)


Neo reference sheet

Thu Mar 15 18:22:50 2018

Commission for Peachbear!

A basic refsheet of their really cute Poodle, Neo!

I really like the pastels and such a cute design! <3


Neo ref WIP

Thu Mar 15 14:23:32 2018

A simple refsheet commission for Peachbear!

Clean sketch~


Dragon Braix ref

Wed Mar 14 15:27:33 2018

Commission for Braix-Vapveon!

I was asked to help design his dragon version! It turned out really cute <3

Dragon braix ref WIP

Tue Mar 13 20:04:47 2018

The lineart is done on this cute ref for Braix-Vapveon!


Hybrid Orchid!

Mon Mar 12 17:43:06 2018

Commission for fortebx1!

Orchid didn't seem to notice that she drank a dragon potion... by mistake.

She became a hybrid between a Shark and a Zerureusu !!


Hybrid Orchid WIP

Sat Mar 10 15:34:01 2018

WIP for fortebx1's commission!


Fluffy!Emanuela Ref

Fri Mar 9 17:38:19 2018

a SUPER CUTE reference commission for dragonmaster2653!

Emanuela was given a fluffier form for the colder day.. and she's so cute!!

I'm gonna die from the adorableness ; v ;


February Head shot batch 2

Fri Mar 9 21:00:00 2018

Luneko for Lunatic-Neko!

Azi for GloriousCorgi!

Unimpressed Chibi Bezz for IceBezz!

Jojo-inspired face Marc for idiotXD!

Ren for SashaShark!


February Head shot batch

Fri Mar 9 15:36:27 2018

Dragonfox for Frozenflake!

Nyarth for AstraAurora!

C for AweosmeC!

Dragonform Braix for braix-Vapveon!

Parasite Venegance for dragonmaster2653!


Fluffy Em ref WIP

Wed Mar 7 19:03:29 2018

Here's a really cute ref sheet I got to do! <3

She's belonging to dragonmaster2653!

I love her so much and am so happy to draw her a fluffy form <3


Chibi Cookie

Tue Mar 6 16:22:28 2018

Just a quick little something for myself!

This is Cookie. (name is temporary.. just can't figure out a cute name for her D: )

I adopted this design back in February from Shiina-Yuki (such cute designs ; v ; )

So... uh... enjoy my little gal <3


Swapped armour!

Mon Mar 5 17:45:30 2018

Commission for GloriousCorgi! (featuring idiotXD's Maximillian!)

A fun and simple armour swapping piece! Kinda fun to see how different they turn out~

(only one last commission now!)


Azi reference

Mon Mar 5 12:28:48 2018

A cool Yeen dude for GloriousCorgi!

Sorry for the slow upload on here. Been a bit on the tired and really cold end.
The weather has become much better so I can work in better conditions at least!


Roselia icon

Fri Mar 2 19:17:17 2018

An icon to go with the previous ref sheet!

She's so danged cute <3


Roselia Ref

Thu Mar 1 18:34:32 2018

Commission for EduyMario!

Roselia the Latias! A super cute gal with some dangerous sharp weapons ; v ;


Eddy icon

Wed Feb 28 19:31:25 2018

A cute and simple icon commission for EduyMario!


Soft mega

Mon Feb 26 14:36:24 2018

Commission for fortebx1!

Their Gardevoir OC all mega evolved!

I attempted making the mega evolve effect... it's not perfect but it turned out WAY better then I thought!

Very fun to fiddle with ; v ;


Soft Mega WIP

Sat Feb 24 17:04:20 2018

Commission for fortebx1

Their Gardevoir OC mega evolved!


Anger management!

Wed Feb 21 17:05:45 2018

Commission for idiotXD!

Vera's way of dealing with some extra frustrations... It's probably not the most economical way, but it must feel great!


Lucario headshot

Wed Feb 21 15:29:00 2018

A Simple and fun commission for Braix-vapveon!

A birthdaygift for their friend <3 (with requested background colour.)


Anger "management" WIP

Mon Feb 19 15:37:55 2018

Commission for idiotXD

Vera venting her frustrations.. and her trusty robot butler, Hamlet, restocking!


Firey fox experiment

Sun Feb 18 18:45:21 2018

Just something to experiment with colours and a few new brushes.

I had WAY too much fun with it. Also serves as a little gift for a raid friends kid. Her fave is delphox!

I hope this won't make your eyes bleed.


Shark in the Shell

Sat Feb 17 19:25:04 2018

Commission for SashaShark !

Androided up Sasha! I really Had fun with the cables and wiring!

The pose and idea is based on Ghost in the Shell and I hope everyone likes it! I Sure do <3


Android sharkie WIP 2 Inked

Fri Feb 16 20:09:26 2018

Just finished the lineart! That took some time but I'm really pleased with the linework <3

Really looking forward to colouring it!


Android sharkie WIP

Thu Feb 15 19:27:46 2018

A really interesting sci-fi commission for SashaShark!

Androided up Sasha~

Based around this image from "Ghost in the shell" upon request:

It's been really fun to play around with the pose and wires~


Zira reference

Tue Feb 13 16:22:31 2018

A cool Wolf lady ref sheet! For Icebezz <3


Soft Kisses

Sun Feb 11 20:42:59 2018

V-day commission for Braix-vapveon!

Braix and Rexi sharing some sweet kisses <3

Wanted to use other colours for the grass and sky, gave it a nice magical feel :D


Soft kisses Vday WIP1

Sat Feb 10 16:01:55 2018

A wip of Braix-vapveons commission!

Braix (top) and Rexi having some sweet kisses for Valentines~


Valentines date!

Sat Feb 10 14:38:00 2018

Layla and juniper on their cute date! (All planned by Juniper. Fancy dinner and then a visit to the Big exhibit on great explorers and adventurers.)

Just something fun for myself <3


Valentines date WIP 2

Fri Feb 9 20:48:58 2018

This is as far as I could get today!

I did some adjustments on their faces and closed Laylas eyes. (They were bothering me so much.. and I couldn't get them right at all!)

So far It's looking good <3 I hope I can finish it up soon!


Valentines date WIP

Thu Feb 8 14:38:56 2018

Some personal art <3

Layla (left) and Juniper (right) about to head home from a nice valentines date!

I hope I can finish this piece.. been a while since I made a proper personal piece (other then chibis.)


January Head shot batch 2

Wed Feb 7 17:55:31 2018

Creepy Cecilia for Lunatic-Neko!

Blep Truffy for GloriousCorgi!

Scared Chibi Icebezz for IceBezz!

Donna for SashaShark!

OHOHOHO Vera for idiotXD!


January Head shot batch 1

Tue Feb 6 18:10:45 2018

Margret for dragonmaster2653!

Diana for FrozenFlake!

Braix for Braix-vapveon!

Crimson for AwesomeC!

Nasrin for AstraAurora!


Scream Stream crew!

Mon Feb 5 22:29:56 2018

The final hidden commission is finished!

SashaShark commissioned me to do this behemoth! It was a lot of fun to draw these characters! I hope you all enjoy! (and I hope it comes out large enough? )

The original file is over 8000px wide.

I severely underestimated the amount of time I'd put on flat colouring, but I learned a few small techniques to speed things up!

Now please excuse me, I have some rest to catch up on <3 Have a lovely Monday!


Raclette dinner party

Thu Feb 1 15:17:32 2018

A REALLY BIG commission for idiotXD !

(right click and open image in a new tab for BIGGER size! Patreon can't handle the 6000px wide file >___>;)

A nice time with raclette dinner with friends!
... I'm so tired :'D It was fun but very very tiring work!

Also now only one more commission, then I'll prep for new commission opening!


Diana Lopunny

Mon Jan 29 14:16:29 2018

While I work on 2 secret commissions, Here's a fun chibi I made for me and Frozenflake! <3 Our character, Diana, as a Lopunny!

I played around a bit with a different technique on colouring the lineart. I really like it <3



Snow dragons!

Mon Jan 22 17:38:35 2018

Finished this really nice commission for dragonmaster2653 !

Emanuela and venecia are so nice <3 I love their designs a lot!

Emanuelas colours are especially awesome!

I think I'm starting to get a hang on backgrounds a bit. I worked really hard to make it look even nicer! I painted the trees and tried to make foot/paw prints in the snow!

It took a good chunk of extra time and effort, but I'm pretty happy with it! (though there are a few things I want to get better at...)

I hope you all will enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed working on it!


"Why didn't you wear a warm coat?" WIP2

Sun Jan 21 14:54:10 2018

Some nice flats :D Thinking of painting the trees in the back... and possibly add a tree to the foreground!


"Why didn't you wear a warm coat?" WIP

Fri Jan 19 13:59:30 2018

Here's the sketch WIP for dragonmaster2653

His two Dragon ladies out in the snow! When one of them is a fire dragon.. you don't usually need a coat.... Silly Friend wanting to have a similar look <3

On a side note, I apologize for the lack of posting! I'm working hard to get more art done. I have 2 other commissions in the works too. But I can't post WIPs of either, as they're both gifts!

Enjoy for now :'3 I'll do my best to have some more things to show!


Which hair colour mix is nicer?

Sun Jan 14 12:32:58 2018

Hey everyone! This might seem a bit out of the blue and strange.... but me and FrozenFlake are making a character fusion together!

(Ingzi + Deiko) And we're having a hard time deciding between these two hair colour mixes! So here's a poll for you guys to give us your opinion! :D

Version 1:

Version 2:

December Head shot batch 2

Thu Jan 11 13:39:34 2018

Cleo for AwesomeC!

Inkling Deiko for FrozenFlake!

Chibi Bezz for IceBezz!

Oathkeeper for idiotXD!

Totte for FuzzyFlareon!

Chibi golfing!

Wed Jan 10 15:03:11 2018

A really fun Mini golfing sketch commission!

For IceBezz!

It's based very lightly on our Mini golfing antics from September 2017
I swear, we're better at mini golfing then it seems :0


Doctors visit

Mon Jan 8 19:51:37 2018

It's really refreshing to draw some of my older characters!
Thank you so much to idiotXD for commissioning me to include my two gals, Layla (middle) and Juniper (right)!

Juniper had to get her hand checked up... that's something you need to do if you punch a dragons snoot a bit too hard.
And what's better then being embarrassed by your girlfriend, retelling the dragon punch story with a LITTLE too much enthusiasm...

At least Dr. Corelia seems to enjoy it!


Doctors visit WIP 2

Mon Jan 8 15:44:17 2018

More colour and finished shading on Corelia and Layla!

Just felt I should show some more progress for you guys!

It feels great to draw some of my older characters <3


December Head shot batch 1

Sun Jan 7 15:45:31 2018

Lunatic-Neko's Nekomata OC!

SashaShark's Angy!

Lucia for AstraAurora!

dragonmaster2653's mummydragon oc!

Truffy's Tas!


Doctors visit WIP

Thu Jan 4 14:43:14 2018

A fun commission for idiotXD

Corelia, being a doctor, gets to hear a good amount of interesting and weird stories... and this time is no different!

Layla is excitedly telling how Juniper injured her hand!

Who knew that dragon snouts could be so tough to punch?

(Feat. my two OC's Layla (middle) and Juniper (right))


Nichol Ref and Icon

Mon Jan 1 17:58:31 2018

A lovely Cyan goodra for EduyMario! <3


Happy New Year!

Sun Dec 31 16:58:31 2017

The final monthly piece! (and probably the final image of this year... eep!)

I wanted to end my 12 image series with a cute image of Tessa and Flake <3

2017 have been a pretty rough year, but I'm going in to 2018 with determination! (and better skills.. I hope?)

I hope you all have a great 2018! And I hope to share a lot of art with you too!


Braix ref (plus matching icons!)

Sat Dec 30 16:37:46 2017

Here's the finished ref for Braix-Vapveon!

Absolutely ADORE this character <3

And here's the matching icon

and a version without the name:


Nichol ref WIP

Sat Dec 30 14:14:46 2017

Another goodra character ref! For eduymario!

At this rate I can draw goodras without looking up any refs ^^'

I really love goodras tho! so it's a huge plus <3


Braix's Wips!

Fri Dec 29 14:04:27 2017

The ref WIP

and matching icon wip :D


Present opening

Thu Dec 28 16:11:23 2017

Finished the commission for EduyMario!

Zaeris (left), Eddy (middle) and Kairyu (right) opening their gifts!

What did they get? not a clue, but it's very shiny :0

I hope everyone's ha d a great Holiday :D


Happy Holidays!

Sun Dec 24 15:42:13 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all!

(This is a simple relaxing doodle... Originally I had planned to make a Christmas card to send out... but never got enough time...)

I hope 2017 has been a great year and that 2018 will bring much good!

I didn't get as much personal art done as I'd wanted... but I hope next year I can bring more of my own art!

Thank you so much for your unending support and kindness!

Anything from being a patron, watcher, frequent commenter/faver/liker, I appreciate all of you! Thank you for being here and enjoying my art!


Opening gifts WIP

Sun Dec 24 14:24:29 2017

A WIP for a Christmas commission, for Eduymario!

Sadly I won't be able to finish it in time for Christmas day... but so far I really like how it looks!


Reindeer Dante

Sat Dec 23 19:30:23 2017

Another Christmas themed commission!

Dante dressed up as a reindeer, ready to help delivering gifts!


"Get them while they're fresh!"

Fri Dec 22 17:36:11 2017

A fun, simple, Christmas themed commission for AwesomeC!

Misty has just finished a batch of Christmas cookies and is happy to share!


Lucia Flareon headshot!

Fri Dec 22 16:33:55 2017

This is the coloured up version of the patreon sketch i did back in November!(For VinterGnista) It was really nice to work on <3

I hoep you all like it!


Starfrog Cantina!

Thu Dec 21 14:00:02 2017

Here's the final piece! It was a leftover from the previous batch and I managed to finish it in time!



Starfrog Cantina WIP2

Sun Dec 17 16:41:11 2017

A MUCH cleaner version of the previous sketch. Still a tad rough, but it's now much clearer with the characters and such.

Plenty of work to do but it's gonna be fun~


Five years of floof!

Mon Dec 18 02:00:00 2017

Today it's 5 years since me and FrozenFlake (David) became a couple <3

This is a heck of a lot less then I had planned... But sickness really kicked my ass this year. I'll try to still do my original plan.. but it'll be a while until I can do it!

I love my silly floof! we've had our ups and downs, but we've gotten through it together. And I want to be with you for many MANY years more <3


November Head shot batch 2

Sat Dec 16 15:50:04 2017

Igrya for dragonmaster2653

Nanami for Lunatic-Neko

Alex for FrozenFlake

Christmas Hamlet for idiotXD

Pejite for SashaShark


Snow's gift

Sun Dec 10 14:55:47 2017

A quick relaxing chibi, for myself~ (and Frozenflake <3)

Snow is pretty excited for Christmas! She's worked really hard to get enough for gifts for everyone! (even her older brother.)
Though she probably ant to celeberate Christmas the Japanese way! (KFC chicken and cake!)


Super rough sketching Starfrog cantina!

Sun Dec 10 12:22:08 2017

This.. is why I never show anyone my super rough sketches.

They look really bad and don't make much sense until I work out the details and fixing everything!

So uh... please excuse my terribly rough sketch. Lotsa stuff will be tweaked and fixed, so this might look quiet different in the end. (and hopefully far nicer >___>; )


Bar chat!

Sat Dec 9 19:59:59 2017

Finished the commission for Yabamyicing2!

Rocco (left), Furio(Middle) and Ingy (right.) having a fun evening at the bar.

Ingy is quiet nervous though... she's never hung out with mobsters before... even fewer, drunk mobsters....


Bar chatty WIP 2

Thu Dec 7 16:57:44 2017

Here's the picture wit a lot of the inking done!

Still gotta ink the glasses in the background and add some extra glasses/details.

It's a lot of work ; v ;


November Head shot batch 1

Thu Dec 7 16:49:44 2017

Charlie for AstaAura

Misty for AwesomeC

Mickey for a friend of Truffy

Aura for Icebezz

Static haired Josie for VinterGnista


Bar chatty WIP

Mon Dec 4 14:35:23 2017

A WIP for Yabamyicing2's commission!
Rocco (Left), Furio (Middle) and Ingy/DinoGoat (right.) Havin g a drunken chat!
Ingy is quiet a bit nervous to be hanging around 2 Mafia-doggos...


Tiers updated!

Sat Dec 2 15:06:33 2017

Hello everyone!

I updated the $5 tier and added a second one for the same amount!

Since I have 10 patrons on that tier, as of writing this, I had to put a limit on it! Anymore and I'd be spending too much time on monthly headshot doodles.

This way there's more choice.

I'm still open for suggestions on tier rewards!

I'm considering a streaming request tier.. but I'm unsure how I'd work that in.

Snuggly snowfall

Thu Nov 30 17:35:02 2017

I managed to finish the monthly piece in time!

Ingzi and Deiko snuggling up, outside a café.
I'd intended on having a few pokemon in the background.. but couldn't think of anything fun... So this is what I ended up with <3


Soft snowfall

Thu Nov 30 09:54:04 2017


I hope today will be a great day <3
Ever since I saw your beautiful character, Yukina, I HAD to draw her ; v ;

I hope you like it! Lots of love <3 <3 <3


Friendly Ditto

Sat Nov 25 20:50:20 2017

Today I played around with the watercolour brushes, in clip studio paint!

In the end it became this happy and kind Ditto! I'm very happy with it... even if it's extremely simplistic... Sometimes painting simple silly things makes me feel a little extra happy.

It's avaliable as a telegram sticker, if anyone is interested.

You can find it here:


Dark cave

Thu Nov 23 16:12:47 2017

A really fun commission for Cyrilthescientist over at FA!

Cyril and Golurk in a bit of trouble....

Bonus non-blurred version:


Niran reference sheet

Sun Nov 19 12:45:19 2017

Here's the finished piece of the ref for foxymod over at FA! (commissioned by DuskyTheHusky.)

Niran is a Dewott OC and I really enjoy this design <3
I had a lot of fun working on the ice-tanas (Ice katana) and I hope i managed to convey that it's ice ^^'


A good foot rub

Wed Nov 15 20:59:01 2017

The second piece for Dragonmaster2653

Shade and Emanuela in a comfy moment!
Emanuela is so incredibly cute! I adore her deisng and colours ; v ;


Summoning the darkness

Wed Nov 15 17:34:19 2017

a cool commission for Dragonmaster2653 over at Furaffinity!

I really like how the pose turned out :D


Chibi Alex!

Sun Nov 12 14:16:25 2017

A simple flatcoloured chibi for Flakefox! (and Icebezz :3 )

Enjoy <3



Sun Nov 12 12:56:49 2017

The first one is a fixed up version of the Dewott ref. I misunderstood what the client wanted and has fixed it up ~


Patreon headshots batch 3 (October)

Fri Nov 10 15:09:50 2017

Corelia for idiotXD <3

Lucia Flareon for FuzzyFlareon <3

Mawile Deiko for FrozenFlake <3

Witchy tigerhorse for IceBezz <3


Patreon headshots batch 2 (October)

Thu Nov 9 15:49:01 2017

Melanie for AwesomeC <3

Cute Hyena girl for Truffy <3

Nova for Sashashark <3

I'll try to get the rest done tomorrow :D I hope you all like 'em so far!


CG Eddy icon

Thu Nov 9 15:47:50 2017

Matching icon for the new ref too~

No named version:


Patreon headshots batch 1 (October)

Wed Nov 8 16:25:37 2017

Kira for Lunatic-Neko <3

And Shelli for AstaAura <3

I'm still recovering from my cold, but I managed to get these two done!

I'll attempt to make more tomorrow! Thanks for the patience <3


CG Eddy reference

Mon Nov 6 15:56:19 2017

I managed to catch a (minor) cold... It's been heavy to do much drawing, but I managed to finish this piece at least!

My reference sheets are getting better IMO. Not perfect, but WAY better then when I started.

Now I'm gonna get some rest again... Take care!


CG Eddy Ref WIP

Fri Nov 3 15:55:00 2017

Another reference sheet for EduyMario!

This time it's his main character, Eddy! The "After" version if you will.


Cyrils Halloween costume

Wed Nov 1 20:53:53 2017

A fun and pretty interesting commission for CyrilTheScientist

It was REALLY challenging to get this outfit on him. Pachirisu's don't exactly have legs.. nor a long slender body.

Outfit is Arvis from Fire Emblem franchise


Night of the Werefennecs!

Tue Oct 31 18:11:12 2017

Stay inside! Hide your snacks!

Beware the fiesty werefennecs~ Out to hunt and chase down delivery mopeds and howl at the moon!

Happy Halloween! <3


The Vampire and the Hunter

Mon Oct 30 17:39:32 2017

A Halloween commission for GloriousCorgi (AKA Truffy)

Truffy is worried he'll be found out by his friend, Speck the Vampire hunter!


Halloween gals!

Wed Oct 25 16:19:53 2017

Knives as Ghidorah!

And Donna as Robocop! (or in this case, Robert cop! the bootleg version :'3 )


Orchid's Asuna cosplay

Tue Oct 24 15:20:19 2017

Orchid really looks nice in this outfit <3 for Fortebx1 on Furaffinity


Orchid's Asuna Cosplay WIP

Mon Oct 23 13:42:51 2017

edit: updated sketch with correct expression

The sketch of Orchid's Asuna cosplay, for Halloween~

I've not watched SAO yet, but I really like the outfit designs! (though it's fiddly to draw.. I can only imagine the work animators have to do...)


Vamprie Corgi!

Sun Oct 22 15:02:21 2017

And a nice Halloween icon for GloriousCorgi!

Truffy is ready for Halloween~


Halloween Flareon

Sun Oct 22 13:33:32 2017

A cute halloween styled icon for Vintergnista <3

Alt ANGRRR version:


Cyrils invention!

Fri Oct 20 13:09:24 2017

Cyrils invention is working!!

Commission for CyrilTheScientist over at Furaffinity


Kira Skye Ref

Wed Oct 18 14:45:00 2017

Reference sheet commission for DuskyHusky!

Kira Skye is a pretty cool Flygon character!


Were fennec Deiko

Wed Oct 18 14:17:04 2017

A chibi for Flakefox <3

Watch out for the Werefennec!


Loving September

Tue Oct 17 17:43:18 2017

This is the monthly piece for September!

As I was away on vacation, between 16-28th September, I drew it while I was there!

It was refreshing to draw it in a traditional manner and with limited resources!

WIPs! Cyril + Skye

Mon Oct 16 14:10:40 2017

Wips of the 2 remaining commissions!

Cyrils invention is working!

And a sweet refsheet for DuskyHusky, of Kira Skye!


Show me your moves!

Sun Oct 15 14:04:22 2017

A fun commission for AwesomeC!

C dressed up as Captain Falcon!


Dark n deadly

Fri Oct 13 14:32:55 2017

Commission for Landfighter777 over at FA!
Alex and Sasha in a DUSK situation. (Dusk is a game. Quiet a brutal one, it looks interesting though!)


Dance to the music!

Mon Oct 9 18:17:10 2017

Commission for fortebx1!

Orchid is enjoying some music! (outfit based heavily upon this piece: )

I really enjoyedf this piece :D Posing turned out nicely <3


Warmup Chibi Deiko

Mon Oct 9 14:41:54 2017

A warmup that went into a full finished piece. (also got paid in food! Score <3 )

It was nice to work in warm colours as these <3


Orchid WIP

Sat Oct 7 15:53:23 2017

A cute WIP for fortebx1 over at Furaffinity!

The outfit is heavily based on this piece of fanart of Twilight sparkle (upon clients request) :

Really enjoying how the pose turned out <3


Captain C-Falcon WIP

Sat Oct 7 14:53:15 2017

WIP for AwesomeC!

Halloween costume, CHECK!

(Now show me your moves!)



Sat Oct 7 13:46:19 2017

WIP for the second piece for Landfighter777!

Weapons and guns are still really difficult :'D

I really know nothing about weapons. But it's interesting to look at


Best Space Buddies!

Fri Oct 6 17:50:46 2017

A fun and different chibi commission!

For LandFighter777 over at Furaffinity!

Their Avali (right) with a friend of theirs avian (Left) characters from Starbound!


September Headshot doodles! (Batch 2)

Tue Oct 3 17:38:33 2017

Cyma for Shelly!

Sovereign for AwesomeC!

Josie for FuzzyFlareon!


September Headshoot doodles! (Batch 1)

Mon Oct 2 17:27:41 2017

Ritsuko for SashaShark!

Sasha for SashaShark (August reward. Sorry!)

Speck for Truffy!

Gaming Bezz for IceBezz

Smug Jamal for idiotXD


Happy Yeen!

Sun Oct 1 19:58:57 2017

Commission for Lioninawheelbarrow

Tealia is having a good laugh about something! I wonder what??


WIP Laughing Tealia

Sat Sep 30 17:23:01 2017

Sketch for Lioninawheelbarrow on FA!

Tealia is a hyena and heard something HILARIOUS!


Birthday images!

Sat Sep 30 16:19:22 2017

Yesterday was my partners Birthday!

So as a gift I was his art slave for most of the day~

I had intended on drawing a few more pieces, but health stopped me. But I ended up with 5 pieces. (1 which is private and won't be posted anywhere. Sorry!)
And I wanted to show you guys my faves! The first one is him and his character, Deiko, as Koopalings! I ad a blast designing and draing them <3 Really fun style <3

Second I did an inked art piece of an anthro Mawile. (in style of his character, Deiko.)

And lastly his Inkling OC, scouting the area ahead!

It was great fun to draw a lot of traditional art! Nothing beats the feel of having the physical piece in front of you <3


Alphamon and the RETURN!

Fri Sep 29 17:51:01 2017

Hello everyone!
I hope you have all had a great September~

on the 16th of September me and my boyfriend went on a holiday. We went to Sweden so I could visit my parents and some friends.

It was very relaxing and a lot of fun!

Though.. this piece I now upload.. i forgot to post before I left! I had to get up early for the flight. (get up at 4AM.) and thought I'd skip the sleep part. A big mistake for me.. I love sleep. So during that night I worked on this image! I DID at least send the finished piece to Silverdregus. So thankfully that was done!)

Since it's been so long since I finished it.. I'll be posting it everywhere sooner!

Thnank you all for your support and patience!


Alphamon INKED WIP

Thu Sep 14 18:19:58 2017

Well this one took a LOT of time and effort to ink. Phew... I should take a little break and get back to it later/tomorrow.


Early friendship

Thu Sep 14 12:40:33 2017

1/2 Commission for SilverDregus at Twitter~
Himself and Dorumon in their early days!

It was a lot of fun to draw a digimon.. It's been so long <3
And not to mention, Dorumon is super cute <3


Adelle Icon

Tue Sep 12 17:05:12 2017

An icon to accompany the fresh refsheet!

With Bonus version! With her name~


Dorumon Sketch WIP

Tue Sep 12 15:35:48 2017

A WIP for one, out of two, commissions for SilverDregus on twitter!

The first one is himself, when younger, with a Dorumon!
The second one will be himself at current age with Alphamon! (That Sketch will be posted here as soon as I have finished up some changes~ ^v^


Speck Reference

Tue Sep 12 14:59:45 2017

And I also finished this simple ref sheet of Speck!

a Character owned by GloriousCorgi ^v^

I loved drawing this guy! I don't draw bats often <3 Whenever I get thechance i get a little extra giddy on the inside!


Adelle reference

Tue Sep 12 14:58:15 2017

Just finished a commission for EduyMario!

Adelle the Espeon! She's a bit more light pink with pretty bright blue eyes <3

Her outfit is based off an unused unit in a Phone game. ( a final fantasy one, I believe?)


The aftermath 2/2

Sun Sep 10 16:24:10 2017

Marc gets revenge on the hotheaded deer! Oh dear~


The aftermath 1/2

Fri Sep 8 16:53:31 2017

Lina and marcs sparring from earlier.. ends up with two "endings"
One were Lina comes out ontop. (quiet literally!)
She's pretty beat tho...


A Good shake

Tue Sep 5 13:11:22 2017

Commission for idiotXD !

The Oathkeeper sure does enjoy a good milkshake after a long day of swordswinging~


idiotXD's WIPs September

Mon Sep 4 16:34:17 2017

The 3 WIPS for his commissions! I'm busy at work and it feels great <3


Ingy's Coffeebreak

Sun Sep 3 14:58:18 2017

With my commissions opening in 2 hours, I wanted to make a little chibi for my commission announcement!

My fursona, Snowfennec Ingy! With a sweater design I wish was real.. I want it so very very much!


Ross headshot

Wed Aug 30 12:07:26 2017

last night I felt like doing a traditional piece! So I sat down and doodled out a headshot of Ross! I liked it and decided to ink it up and put down some grey scale <3

I love doing this style! Ever since I tried it out last year, at Inktober, I got hooked!

I'd love to offer these as a commission.. but first I need to restock on grey markers and some ink pens.


Dungeon slayer!

Tue Aug 29 15:22:20 2017

It has been finished! I played with a lot of extra layers of colours... I wanted to get that dungeouny feel and colour to it!

I don't draw monsters a lot, but I enjoy it tons! they're weird and different!

Commission for SashaShark


Dungeon slayer Lineart!

Mon Aug 28 16:22:40 2017

Finsihed the lineart! some of the background lining is a bit wonky... eep I'll see if I can fix it u a bit when shading.


Icebezz headshot

Sun Aug 27 15:25:39 2017

a quick headshot doodle as a reward for a new patron! Icebezz!

Thank you so much for your unending support <3


Legendary nap

Sun Aug 27 14:33:34 2017

The monthly piece for me and my bf is complete!

I do admit I went a bit lazy with the background.... but i like the final result a lot <3

This is very loosely based on our Pokemon GO raiding.... He's caught all four ( And a few to spare.) Legendaries while I've not managed to catch a single one! (except for two... I handed my phone to him in frustration.. and he caught them both times... Hence the Moltres being angry with me. I technically didn't deserve it's companionship.)

I hope you'll all enjoy this piece as much as I do! <3


WIP time! Dungeon brawl + Monthly piece

Fri Aug 25 16:12:32 2017

A commission WIP for SashaShark!

Sasha's fighting through a dungeon, facing a Shambler!
Monsters are tough but I adore drawing them <3
I hope it turned out fine!

Bonus WIP. The monthly piece! This month I chose to go with pokemon GO theme:

The legendary pokemon Raids have been rough.. so a snooze to charge up is a nice idea. (and yeah... David's caught plenty of the legendary birds... I have caught 0.)


Truffy's Headshot reward

Thu Aug 24 13:20:21 2017

Thank you for pledging the $5! I hope this quick headshot doodle came out nicely~


Accidental sparring

Wed Aug 23 20:52:36 2017

Commission for idiotXD

Lina met Marc while out on her run! And he accidentally offended her to the point she got pretty.. punchy.

Thankfully for Marc, she's not very strong in her punching.

I smell a lifelong friendship ;D


Corgi adventure!

Tue Aug 22 18:49:42 2017

A finished commission for GloriousCorgi!

Truffy posing infront of a big door! (Design made by GloriousCorgi)

Played a bit with colours, I hope it looks nicer this way!


Commission WIPS: Monday Aug 21st

Mon Aug 21 20:32:46 2017

This past weekend I had a hard time getting anything done... (back ache, migraine and such...) I was very frustrated with the lack of productivity and art... so once Monday rolled in and I felt better, it was straight back into drawing!

And man does it feel great! So here's two commission WIPs, Inked up and ready for colour! (it includes the sketch under the ink too.)


Turn that frown...

Thu Aug 17 20:15:41 2017

... upside down!

Sometimes a tickle can help cheering you up.

(2 panel "comic" for yabamyicing2 over at FA)


Bonus: Cyrils Progress shots!

Wed Aug 16 16:56:33 2017

Since I already posted the sketch and inked versions.. here are the other stages! Starting with flat colours!



And final detailing!


Cyrils discovery! Finished!

Wed Aug 16 16:47:43 2017

The finished piece turned out pretty nice!

I still am trying to understand colours and how they work... and there's so much I'm not grasping. Bit by bit I hope to learn more and more!


Surprise tickle! WIP

Mon Aug 14 16:24:28 2017

The cleaned sketch for a commission! For yabamyicing2 on Furaffinity!

Furio getting tickled by Krystal. Not much else to it... Keep an eye out for the inked version!


Cyrils discovery WIP Inking 1

Mon Aug 14 16:22:21 2017

And so the inking process has begun! Cyril himself is fairly simple to ink. It's the Golurk and the detaled background that will take most of the time.

Inking can be pretty soothing at times.... Except for when you can't get that ONE LINE RIGHT!

But it's going well so far!


Birthday SMASHA!

Sat Aug 12 16:36:32 2017

A fun commission! Meant for SashaSharks birthday! (12th August)

I was told that I could do anything and I thought this would be fun!
So I went with a character select screen.
I've never done such things before.. so it was fun! ... Might not look like a proper game screen.. but I'll learn in time.
Feat. Deiko and marcus as other character options~


Relaxing on the beach - commission

Fri Aug 11 17:19:50 2017

Another nice commission for Eduymario on FA! Eddy just having a nice time on the beach!

Bonus "Postcard" version!!


Cyrils discovery Update!

Thu Aug 10 13:25:36 2017

Here's the same sketch... but cleaned up and refined!

Some additional details and such might be added in the end phase of the colouring. but this is the basic idea!

(also gonna change the neck. not too fond of it.)


ROUGH Wip, Cyrils discovery

Wed Aug 9 19:14:39 2017

This here is how most of my roughs can look like. This is gonna be a bigger piece with jungle ruins as background and some ancient technology as treasure!

This is a bit cleaner then my normal roughs... I'll post up the finalized sketch once I've worked through that. So this setup could change a bit.. or a lot!


Eddys vacation

Wed Aug 9 19:11:47 2017

This is an icon for eduymario on FA. He asked me to do one with a beach theme and a fancy drink! It was really fun to draw <3

Though for the future.. I'll have to charge extra if anyone wants a specific background. (other then the normal coloured stripes.)


Vacation Eddy icon WIP

Wed Aug 9 15:28:40 2017

This icon is a bit different! It's got a slightly more detailed background and a theme!

EduyMario specificly asked for this and I found it to be pretty refreshing to draw


Dante icon

Wed Aug 9 14:16:27 2017

A simple cute icon for Tailsmilesprower8

I hope I don't post TOO often!


Cyril icon

Tue Aug 8 17:40:39 2017

A cute simple icon commission for Cyrilthescientist!

Icons are fairly simple and quick to make.. so I apologize if I post too often!


Belated sharkweek!

Tue Aug 8 17:38:39 2017

fortebx1 on Furaffinity asked me to draw their OC, Orchid!
She's celebrating shark week! a bit late... but still celebrating!

Her outfit is a slightly altered variation of May from pokemon Omega ruby/Alpha Sapphire.


Truffy helmet icon!

Tue Aug 8 15:26:58 2017

Here's the finished icon of Truffy!

Icons are very simple and fun for me~ helps me practise colour choices~


WIP's for commissions day 1

Mon Aug 7 16:23:16 2017

The fresh batch of commissions have been started!

Here's the first wips of 4 pieces, so far! (1 fullbody and 3 icons)


Sat Aug 5 13:57:44 2017

Hello everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who's pledged so far! You guys are such amazing people... I'm so lucky to have your support!

I hope I can keep this patreon thing up so I can show my appreciation for everyone who supports me!

I want to be able to draw more of my own art and concepts, but at the current moment I cannot do so. I need to take commissions to get in some money to live.
But I hope with the help of patreon, I can work towards making my own stories come to life! either through illustrations, comics or even games! (This is unlikely.. but I am dabbling in game maker. if not I could use that knowledge to help and work with others.)

For now, I'll post WIP's sketches and finished works for you guys to see! Patrons get to see finished works a day ahead of everyone else! (and it's unwatermarked too ;) )
Of course, if you're the recipient of the artwork (via commission, trade or just plain gift.) You'll of course get to see it straight away!

I'm still thinking of additional tiers to add.. if anyone has any suggestions I might be able to do... feel free to comment or contact me!

Ross's jorts

Sat Aug 5 13:55:20 2017

I just had to draw, Ross! There's a cute forum game at Furvilla (shhh I enjoy my time there.) where you draw your character/villager in the clothing the previous poster says. I got Jorts! (jean shorts.) it was fun quick sketch.


Birthday trade

Fri Aug 4 20:23:16 2017

A few days ago, I asked Tailsmilesprower8 for a quick simple art trade. He asked for his character, Dante, wearing Soras (KH) crown, while holding a birthday gift!

This was a fun and quick wind-down after such a long month of hard work. I really hope he'll enjoy it. (He asked to hold it back until his birthday as a surprise.)


Katayo experimental painting

Fri Aug 4 20:16:28 2017

Well I finished it! It's been great to have some time to experiment with my art and try painting again!

I have a lot of learning to do, but I like how it turned out.

Background could use some work... Hmm What should i draw next....


1st batch of monthly doodle headshots!

Thu Aug 3 19:22:49 2017

These became a bit more then just doodles. So I hope you guys don't mind!

I really enjoy to do simple sketch headshots <3 Thank you so much for the support!

WIP Katayo the guardian

Thu Aug 3 14:03:32 2017

This is a painting I started working on a few days back. I have very little skill in painting and felt like trying to flesh it out a bit.

The grumpy dragon in the picture is an old character of mine, Katayo.

He's an old dragon who guards a special orb in a deep forest, surrounding a large tree.

I probably won't finish this, but I hope to keep working on it once in a while!


Welcome patrons!

Thu Aug 3 13:49:44 2017

I thought that for my first patron-only post, I'd show the Chibi piece I prepared for the announcement image!

I originally had planned to draw my dinogoat in a patreon logo sweater. But that looked horrendous... I hope you enjoy this simple chibi!


It's here!

Thu Aug 3 13:43:44 2017

I finally finished preparing and writing up my patreon!

To be honest, I've been very nervous about opening this.

I really hope I'll do this right! Feel free to comment and give suggestions for fun ideas!

Thank you for reading!