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FlutterMare v0.9 Dev Build

Mon Sep 7 12:18:55 2020

The next development build of FlutterMare is here! Download links below.

Note that there are still no secrets, we're still saving those for 1.0


Download Links

($5+) Ponyvania Concepts & Commentary Pt. 1

Thu Aug 27 21:50:03 2020

This is Part 1 of the Ponyvania Concepts & Commentary.

I will continue to put out more of these over time, detailing our plans for the project, and of course listening to Patron feedback in the meantime. If you have any thoughts, please share them! Ultimately we are making this project for the MLP community, so we want to make sure people love it~


T. Sparklemont and A. Jackmont

These are the primary characters which you'll "play as" during the story, and will be paired with other characters. We're basing the parody off of CV3 - Trevor, Sypha, Grant, and Alucard being the primary characters of that setting. That's why me and Toby deciding on going with Twi, rather than AJ from the first Ponyvania project.

Honestly there's just a lot of reasons we like her. The purple color scheme also goes better with other characters, and Twi is a logical choice for a "main character". We may still include A. Jackmont as an optional asset-swap character (perhaps for a new game plus type deal, with different dialog?) but we'll see. That's one of those luxury additions to the project if it gets very popular and successful.


Alushy F. Fluttercard, Sypharity B.

These are of course the characters that T. Sparklemont will meet in the story. Alushy F. Fluttercard is of course a fan favorite, but this time with an awesome twist of using the iconic vampire wolf shapeshift to create some really interesting scenes.

By the way, about these silly crossover names: you will be able to easily change the character's display name in the project, just in case you have a preference.

Currently our plans are to include two types of scenes for each character. One "submissive", and one "dominant". Which type of scene you view will depend on your dialogue choices in the story, among other factors like hidden secrets.

We're planning to depict the main character (T. Sparklemont), as well as all of the monster transformations, with dicks. Everyone else will be female. It just makes things simpler in the end. If there's enough demand, we can add a strap on option later on.

Some of the scenes, especially the shapeshifting ones, will show both characters on screen rather than a 1st person PoV. Personally I think that these shapeshifting scenes are what really brings this castlevania parody to life: it adds a much needed variety of character types and is very lore-friendly.

I had big plans for Sypharity in the original Ponyvania, so I'm really excited to have another chance to create a scene with her. It's one of those crossovers that just works so well Facesitting was an obvious choice of pose for the dominant scene, but we're still rolling around ideas on what the submissive scene will look like. Reverse cowgirl perhaps?

Honestly it depends on what the Patrons want. Toby and I are very open to suggestions on scene positions, and later on we will make a poll or survey to collect feedback on scene ideas. So if you have some good ideas, feel free to toss 'em out there.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2, where I'll talk about Ponkula and Grainbow D.

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed! These beautiful concept sketches were created by the talented TobyArt, and if you wish to support their Patreon you can do so below.

Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful day. ♥

- Mittsies

Ponyvania Redux Announcement (Public)

Thu Aug 27 21:53:27 2020

Ponyvania Redux is an upcoming 18+ interactive adult-animation, featuring pony characters in a castlevania-parody theme. This cloptastic Unity animation project is being created by Mittsies & TobyArt in collaboration with StudioWhy. There will be a series of interactive adult scenes, with short story elements in between. It depends on how much funding we get and what our fans want: but the scenes may include everything from all kinds of penetration, facesitting, fetishes, shapeshifting vampires, and more!

Already a $5+ Tier Patron? Check out the LEWD concept art for upcoming scenes here!

Ponyvania Concepts & Commentary Pt. 1:

- Rough mock-up of what a dialogue exchange might look like. Easier to read version here.

The project will be completely free when it's finished, but you can join us on Patreon to be a part of the development process. You'll be able to vote on a variety of design choices, including which poses we'll use for the scenes. You'll be able to try out development builds of the project before it's finished. And of course, you'll be supporting the creation process of many more adult animations.

By the way there's also an FAQ at the end of this post. Check it out.

- Uncensored concept art and detailed commentary available for $5+ Patrons here!

Financially support this project and join the development process by becoming a Patron!

TobyArt Patreon -

Mittsies Patreon -

Help us make this crazy project happen! ♥

- 1476: Vampire pones convince you to join in on the revelry: colorized.

Ponyvania Redux FAQ

Q: Is this like a visual novel or an action game?

A: The primary focus is lewd animations. It's going to be a series of interactive 'mittsies-style' adult animations, with a little bit of story between each scene. There will be dialogue choices which influence which scenes you view. The text will be "short & sweet". We have no plans on adding an action sequences, mini-games, etc. - just adult animations.

Q: Redux? What happened to the first Ponyvania?

A: It was cancelled for various reasons, including accounts being frozen, and the difficulties of working in Flash. This new project will be totally from scratch, and created in Unity.

Q: Do you require a certain amount of funding to make this project?

A: We currently have no plans for stretch goals or monthly thresholds. We're going to do our best and hope fans will support our efforts. We just want to make cool stuff and not have to worry about the marketing aspect of the project.

Q: When will this project be playable?

A: Later this year.

Q: What characters will be in it? What poses? Will there be _______?

A: Many details about this project will depend on our Patrons' feedback. We cannot promise anything currently, since if it turns out people don't like a certain pose or idea we may scrap it and go with something else. This is a very "live" project.

Q: Will there be fetishes?

A: We want this project to be enjoyable by everyone, so our main focus is to ensure the base vanilla content is super hot and high quality. If we add fetish content, there will be plenty of warnings before accessing them, so that only people looking for them will find them.

Q: Where can I see the lewd concept art?

A: Here:

Q: I'm a $20 Tier Patron. How do I give feedback and see behind the scenes stuff?

A: Join the Mittsies' Hangout Patreon Discord, and look for the "workshop" channel. That's the best place to talk about the project and get behind-the-scenes information. Whenever I wanna show off something and say "what do you think of this idea?" and get direct feedback, that's the first place I will go.

Thanks everyone!

- Mittsies

Rewards: Name in Credits + Workshop (Behind the Scenes)

Fri Aug 14 22:36:18 2020

Just wanted to mention: when we put out the next build of my FlutterMare project, I'll be adding the names of all $20 Enthusiast Tier patrons into the credits of the project. I'll be collecting the names from the CSV later this month.

Also: I've posted some exclusive first-look stuff in the Discord Server

Look for the #workshop channel, available to all $20 Enthusiast Tier patrons. This will be a regular way to get sneak peaks and behind the scenes info, so please don't miss out if you're currently supporting me at this tier! If you're a bit shy, I recommend muting all other channels and setting yourself to invisible. You can DM me if you have any questions. ♥

Discord Server:

(August2020) Feedback, Tiers, Goals

Thu Aug 6 11:48:41 2020

Just a heads-up. Will discuss this more after I'm done updating FlutterMare.

There will be changes to my goals and support tiers that are focused on funding specific projects, with an emphasis on patrons having the ability to vote and shape future content, and less emphasis on special gimmicky rewards.

Important: If you're in the Enthusiast ($20) Tier, please join my discord server, and look for the exclusive channel called "Workshop". I will be using that for hands-on feedback and behind-the-scenes stuff. You can mute the other channels if you want.

I'm also extending this offer to anyone who has a lifetime support of $300 or more to get a permanent legacy role that allows access to that channel. Please DM me on Discord with your Patron details to claim this role.

Support Tiers

I want to mention that the Early Access to test my games is normally reserved for the $5 Tier (Contributor). I made an exception this time because it's been awhile since my last project, and released the project to all support tiers. This isn't meant to be a paywall, but more like a floodgate to make sure the project is good-to-go, before public release.

I will be avoiding gimmicky special rewards, and as I said: making the rewards more about funding the creation specific projects. Voting with your patronage, essentially. People want different poses, different kinks, different themes, different characters, etc. By default I'll be doing a mixture of what me and my fans like, but I also want to listen to what some of my most dedicated patrons are into. Again, the discord link is here:

Also thanks to everyone who has taken the survey so far. The responses are very helpful! If you haven't taken it yet, I strongly recommend you do so! You can take it here.


My patreon Goals are something I have not utilized at all, and so I will be reworking those later on. I'm thinking I might use them as stretchgoals for certain projects, such as Ponyvania, to both gauge project interest. If the goals are not met, it simply means I will set my sights lower. I'll keep working on projects either way.

Content Survey, August 2020

Wed Aug 5 23:18:58 2020

If you have a moment, please take this survey:

Ideally this will help me understand my current audience, and shape future content. There are a few things I'm curious about right now, such as whether or not people want a "Ponyvania" project, and how much interest is left in MLP in general.

New Animation - FlutterMare v0.8 Dev Build

Sat Aug 1 12:51:56 2020

New Animation

The FlutterMare interactive animation is here. This is the 0.8 development build, a preview of sorts. This build will be Patreon-Exclusive indefinitely, since it's not the final build. In upcoming versions we will be adding a variety of new content. In fact many features are almost complete, just not implemented yet, so it shouldn't take too long to put out the next update.

So what's next? New cosmetic items, voices, different dicks, different backgrounds, performance improvements, general polishing, save & load feature, and perhaps some things based on feedback from my patrons! There's no secrets in this version, but there will be in the final build (so you don't gotta go on an easter-egg hunt multiple times).

Please enjoy~ I mean uhm, if you want to...

Download Links

Huge Thanks to StudioWhy, Aer0 Zer0-Ri2k, Scion, and Tiarawhy.

This project was a massive learning experience for everyone involved. We are really treading new ground here, which is part of why it took so long to create. Future projects will be quicker, and far less painful, haha. An overwhelming thanks again to everyone who has supported me on Patreon and allowed me to continue creating project like these.

- Mittsies

June 2020 Update

Tue Jun 30 22:26:32 2020

Just a quick update.

The animation project is going well, and should be done next month.

May 2020 Update

Thu May 14 12:05:11 2020

New Project Soon

Just a quick update to let you know what's going on recently.

First of all some good news: I'll be releasing a new animation project soon, created in Unity. Current estimation is sometime in June. My progress with learning Unity is going well: I'm getting more comfortable with the program every day, which means many new projects on the horizon. Either way, I'm excited about finally releasing something new~

That's mostly all I wanted to say.

However, you can keep reading if you'd like some more insight.


The Stone Age

This is probably the last time I will talk about or mention Flash in a patreon update. Unity is not only a fairly powerful engine for making games, it's also got fantastic 2D-animation tools. So with that being said I want to clarify something which I've alluded to many times in the past although, though never outright confirmed it. All current and future Flash project plans and developments are, until further notice, indefinitely suspended.

I am at this point more likely to completely remake the project from scratch in Unity than I am to update an older flash project. Creating a project in Flash is like trying to build a house with stone tools, while Unity is like having access to modern power tools. While I understand that a lot of people were looking forward to some updates, it's become very hard to justify spending anymore time in Flash. Even just finishing my update to FFF could take another couple of weeks or more, and I just don't have it in me.

When I first truly realized Flash was a sinking ship and I had to move onto something else, it created some serious motivation problems. Rather than immediately switch to something better, I decided to stick with Flash due to familiarity, and I regret doing so. After a certain point, my motivation to animate was at an all-time low, and I didn't even want to open up any of my projects anymore. That's why I just drew artwork instead, since I still had a desire to create things, even if I had no desire to open Flash. I know it's not an adequate replacement to animations, but it was better than doing nothing.

Also big thanks to Scion for helping me learn Unity and providing custom scripts to dramatically improve the experience. I plan to work with StudioWhy (Created by Tiarawhy and Scion) on various projects in the future. Hopefully we can do some cool stuff together.


Future of Patreon

My Patreon has been fairly inactive while I improve my skills and figure things out. I do apologize for not engaging with patrons more often, though it wasn't because I didn't care. Without any finished projects to show off, the best I could do was tell people that I'm still here and still trying my best. I hope that the new projects I create will make up for it.

I'm not disappointed to see the number of patrons fall to where it's at now, in fact I'm actually incredibly grateful that there's still so many people who want to support my work even today. The support wasn't for nothing: it's provided me the ability to learn new tools. So I genuinely thank my Patrons for investing in me, and believing in me, even when things have seemed so uncertain in recent time.

- Love, Mittsies ♥

Discord Channel - Now More Active

Wed Jan 29 00:07:36 2020

I'll be using #discussion more often in the Discord server, as well as two more channels where I'll post small text updates, previews of work, and things like that. This is currently available to the $5+ tier, and mostly aimed at people who want to know what's going on on a more weekly basis, as opposed to once a month patron posts here on the website.

and if you're not in the server: get the heck in here. :sweetdreams:

January 2020 Update

Tue Jan 28 23:36:02 2020

The Last 10% is Everything

You can work on a project for weeks, or months, but if what you show off is an unpolished or barely-working mess then it's not good enough for an adult game. If I was making a safe-for-work game, then even a really rough alpha demo could be fun. That's the thing about adult stuff, it has to actually be erotic to be fully enjoyable... which is why that last 10% where things get polished and feel complete are so important.

This is mainly why I've been hesitant to show off anything until it was completely ready, so that the final project would be a big surprise. I did not want to show off a project that was half finished, or even 90% done, because it wouldn't be "hot enough". Unfortunately working on something for several months without showing people what I'm doing leads to people thinking I'm doing nothing, and that creates a lot of unnecessary stress for me.

I know a huge project with multiple scenes and secrets is awesome, but in order to avoid being burnt out I'm gonna have to change how I approach these things. Either way I'm not going to silently work on things for months at a time anymore. My Patrons, at the very least, should know what's going on. I'll start right now by explaining that secret project I was working on not too long ago, and I'll also explain why rather than being done in December like I said it was, it's still unfinished.

Untitled Fluttershy Flash Project

Keep in mind all of these are very much work-in-progress:

full character view:

some facial expressions:

frame-by-frame butt-jiggle:

The plan was pretty straight-forward. Me and Aer0 Zer0 were gonna make a game that's kind of like Ponka Anal Rodeo, but with Fluttershy instead. There would be some branching dialogue choices, kind of like my last two major flash animations. There'd be futa and female options. Various hairstyles, cosmetic stuff, music. There'd be a variety of scenes and fetishes, a little something for everyone. You know, like a classic project.

Unfortunately, I got discouraged while working on it. Although I can do things pretty quickly in Flash, there's a lot of downsides to using it. It's getting harder to view Flash files, the art quality suffers and takes FOREVER to draw. There's also the fact that my partner must learn Flash to help me, which is just too much of a burden.

Unity Stuff

The good news is that we're going to try remaking the project in Unity. This will allow us to draw the art in any program, which means the end result can look very polished. I plan to work with Scion from StudioWhy, an expert in Unity, to get the project done.

We have some plans for other game projects as well - hopefully something we can release on Steam someday.

December Update

Tue Dec 31 19:33:25 2019

Hope your holidays were great, and I wish you all a Happy New Years. These last two months were unexpectedly busy so unfortunately the animation is not ready yet. I hope that next year things will move much quicker. I appreciate the patience as always ♥

Here are a couple of futa pony pictures I did for an artpack recently (no fetishes). There's also some extra Patron-only versions in the .zip too - so check it out even if you already bought the art pack. Feel free to share these with friends.

You can buy the rest of the artpack here if you'd like. Though do keep in mind that it's almost entirely anthro MLP. There's only 3 feral pictures, and 2 of them are by me.

If you do buy the artpack, don't forget to fill out the survey too:


- Mittsies

November Update

Sat Nov 30 17:03:20 2019

Just a quick update to say that the project is going very well, is taking longer than expected, and will be done soon.

November Update (New Animation Soon)

Mon Nov 4 19:35:26 2019

First off: there's gonna be a new full-fledged MLP animation this month. Yay! It'll be a lot like my classic animation stuff, rather than the super-complex projects I've been doing recently. I'm not changing my current plans, but I think squeezing in some smaller projects between the bigger ones is a good idea. It's frustrating for me to work on something for months and have nothing to show because it's not ready yet and I don't wanna spoil anything, and likewise it's frustrating for my fans who are often wondering "how much longer?".

Anyways, this new project will be ready soon. You'll hear from me again when it's done.

September Update - Upcoming RPG Game

Fri Sep 13 23:50:19 2019

As I briefly mentioned before, the new game I'm working on is an Adult RPG with anthro furry characters. Hazelnut is one of the characters. My partner this time is Pizzacat, so you can expect delicious shortstacks. In this game your character fights enemies in a semi-automatic way (think an ARPG but with less clicking), while you use abilities and shuffle around items to gain an edge. Each character will have a unique playstyle, and there's a large variety of possible "builds" you can do due to the fairly deep item system.

Want to test it? Survey here.

The adult animations are directly integrated into the game: your character is always right there with you as you change between her stances and increase her arousal meter for unique effects. The game will feature many different lewd anal sex animations (of course it will), and I have plans for more stuff in the future. I aim to make a game that's simple enough for anyone to jump into an enjoy, something that's cozy and fun, but that also has a lot of depth and possible strategies for those who are looking for a more mentally-stimulating experience. One way or another: it'll be stimulating.


The project isn't quite ready, but it will be soon. I'll be starting some private testing with a few people either this month or next. You don't need to be a $5+ Patron to take this survey, however I will mention that when I move onto the next wave of testing it will be exclusive to Contributors and up - mainly because I want to keep the number of testers fairly low until its ready for a full release. After the game is released, I do plan to update it even further.

If you are interested in being a tester, take this survey:

Another word about starting new things

There's a handful of projects I've started and never finished. Cloptopia was one of them. Truthfully that game was more of a learning experience than anything else, and in some ways I bit off more than I could chew with it. I was constantly fighting between making a game, and making porn, and it just never felt quite right. This new RPG project I'm doing will be my best effort at blending the two together naturally, so you're not leaving the game to go to a seperate sex scene: instead, the entire game is sexy.

I had many ideas on how to accomplish that with Cloptopia, but those ideas would require a lot of time and effort. The project scope was just too big. One of the main reasons I'm doing this new project is because it's way more manageable, and I can say with confidence it'll make it to a full public release someday soon. Just felt like mentioning that, because I know there's still a handful of people out there wondering "what if this project gets abandoned too?" It won't.

Thanks again everyone.

New Pony Artpack (Sprinkler Party) +standalones

Fri Sep 13 07:47:44 2019

A new pony artpack I participated in ( ) is now available. The theme is watersports, and about half of the pictures in this pack are anthro MLP. So those who are only into feral/quadrupeds keep that in mind!

For my Patrons, here are my own contributions to the pack:

Ponut Pack 5 Standalone Pictures

Sat Aug 31 03:24:10 2019

Here's my two picture sets from PP5, in case you didn't want to buy the pack and only wanted to see my art from it.

$5+ Patreons can get the .PSDs here as well:

Ponut Pack 5 .PSD Files

Sat Aug 31 03:05:48 2019

Here's the .PSD files for my two pictures from Ponut Pack 5. These are mostly so you can make your own edit combinations. If you have any special requests let me know.

July Update

Wed Jul 31 15:04:00 2019

This was a very productive month.

The next Ponut Pack will be ready in a couple of weeks, and it'll probably be the last art pack I host for awhile. Also, something sparked my inspiration, and I decided to make an entire new game from scratch this month. My goal is to get it playable as soon as possible so my patrons can check it out and start giving me feedback.

New Project

It'll be an adult roguelite game that involve furry characters, and the main focuses will be sex animations, decision-making, and risk vs. reward gameplay. There are different characters to choose from each with their own abilities, and the items you find have interesting properties that can inspire unique builds. A full view of your character is always visible on the left, they'll talk as you play the game, you can interact with them, and you can pause the game at any time.

The question often pops into mind: "what about the people that just want to 'skip the grind' and see the lewds?" and my answer to that is simple: don't have any grind to begin with. Make the gameplay legitimately interesting, and integrate the adult content in such a way that there's never a desire to 'skip' anything.

Over the years I've played a lot of adult-games, most of which are terrible. You often begin by swimming through an ocean of dialogue, only to eventually get to the incredibly bland "game" part (usually some tedious mini-game or grinding), all so you can eventually unlock a mediocre sex scene. This game I'm working on will not have these quality compromises: the gameplay will be good, and the sex animations will be good.

Other Projects

One question that might be on the minds of my fans, is why start another project when there are so many unfinished ones? Finding motivation can be difficult when it's a creative process, so when inspiration comes, I just roll with it. The most important thing is for me to just keep working on stuff, and not get stuck on a project. I can't allow myself to feel guilty for putting something off, or else it'll kill my motivation. I just have to work on whatever I have the inspiration to do.

I work in motivational bursts: with the right inspiration, I can finish an entire project in under a month. However without that inspiration, even if I force myself to work on it, it can be like trying to push a boulder up a cliff. Even if I spend all day, I might only progress a few inches, when there are still miles to go. Sometimes I just get legitimately stuck on something, something I can't just "do", but instead have to think about and problem-solve. In that case, I usually just work on something else instead.

Basically I just have to keep going with the flow. If my inspiration says to do something, I have to listen, because if I fight it and try to force myself to work on something else: I quickly lose motivation and end up working at a snail's pace. The way I see it, as long as I'm always doing something, that's a good thing - so I might as well do whatever I can work on the most efficiently.

June Update #2

Thu Jun 27 08:50:27 2019

Thanks to everyone who took the survey so far.

I'll be leaving it open until the 30th, for those of you who've not yet taken it.

Survey Results (so far)

Almost nobody wanted animations without interactivity, while a whopping 88% wanted heavy interactivity or full games. Not many seemed interested in exporting videos of certain animations, either.

So far over 70% of people want both FFF and Foul Sorcery to be updated, most of those wanting a full update and not just minor touch ups. I'll keep that in mind.

Almost nobody thought the side projects were annoying (somewhat of a surprise to me), but of course the majority prefers main content (no surprise there). YCH are the most time-efficient side project, so I'll probably do more of those at some point, in order to get back to working on primary stuff.

The project people want the most is Cloptopia remade in Unity, and the project they're least-interested in is a simple/quick Unity project. I guess this is not a surprise, though it makes me think people would rather wait for the next big project than to see some small practice projects along the way. Makes sense.

I've read all of the individual comments, and I just want to say first and foremost... you're all so sweet! I get the idea that most of you just want me to keep making stuff, no matter what it is, and that you want to support whatever it is I do. I really appreciate having such great fans.

One of you said that I shouldn't feel pressured into doing a specific project, and to just focus on what I'm the most motivated to work on. That's true, but if I can quickly wrap up some loose ends and make a lot of people happy, I think it's worth spending some time there.

Some of you have commented on the lack of communication, namely having too much time in between news updates. You're absolutely right, and it's something I'll try to improve on.

Current Plans

Based on the survey, this is what my current plans are...

1. Before fully switching to Unity I'll spend some more time with Flash and put out a couple of updates. I'll still be tinkering with Unity on the side, of course.

2. Work on converting several other flash games into .EXE format, along with some minor updates.

3. I'll try to use the #Development channel in my Discord more often. That channel is currently available only to $5+ Patrons. At the end of each month, I may do a recap as a Patreon update for everyone. That's the plan, anyways.

June Update (and Survey)

Wed Jun 26 08:37:15 2019

Survey ( link )

This survey gets to the core of things: the direction my projects are heading in. Unity is appealing because it can go beyond the level of interactivity as Flash, with way less limitations, and it's surprisingly useful for animation. I'm curious how much interactivity my fans prefer, whether they want smaller animation projects, or bigger games, and so on.

There's also the matter of side projects, namely artwork. Artwork can bridge the content gap, earn some much needed extra money for bills, and improve my skills for future projects. Not having to rely as heavily on other artists to help me with projects could speed things up a lot.

Take the survey here:

Other news

I made some art for Saurian's futa pony art pack that was released recently. There's a mixture of anthro and feral ponies, and there's a few 3D images/videos.

Also the next Ponut Pack will be coming sometime in August, and depending on the survey results, may or may not be the last art pack I do for awhile. Though with some of the artists we got this time, it may be the best Ponut Pack so far.

Thanks for the continued support, everyone! ♥

PS: if you don't wish to buy the futa summer solstice pack, you can just download all of my own contributions to the pack instead here. (Contains some mild fetish content).These are for Patrons only so don't upload these please.

February Update

Thu Feb 28 14:24:49 2019

Hi everyone.

With much contemplation these past months, I've finally decided to take the first major step forward with my projects and begin learning a new platform for creating them. This may come as sudden news for some, but know this is something that has been on my mind for the last few years. This is good news ultimately, but it does mean I'll need to take some time to familiarize myself with some new tools. In this update I will clearly explain the reasoning, and what this means for the future.

The Problem

As it has been known for awhile, .SWF files won't be supported in browsers next year, and that has left me with two pretty clear options. Learn AS3 and use HTML5-based flash games or switch over to a new client (like Unity) - both which requires me to learn a new programming language and/or interface. I'll also probably have to familiarize myself with new animation and drawing software too. It will still be possible to download the games and view them on your desktop, but one of the biggest appeals to Flash in the first place was the ability to conveniently view it on your browser.

I know making the switch is an inevitability, and it's been a somewhat daunting realization. I feel like I've invested a lot of time mastering the current tools I have, and although I'm confident that I'll be able to quickly master the new ones (since skills will transfer between the platforms), I wish I could just stick with what I know and not have to adapt. On the other hand, while I am very familiar with and used to Flash, it's honestly a really outdated piece of junk that I'll be happy to move away from. It would also probably make collaborating with others easier, since they won't have to use Flash either.

Because of this, working in Flash has seemed like a waste of time recently. I wish I could just drop everything and start learning the new platform. However, because of the regular support I receive on Patreon, I feel obligated to continue working in Flash and put out new projects. I feel like if I just stop working on projects so I can relearn a new program, I'd waste a lot of time that I have invested into half-finished projects. Flash's assets are unique to Flash, and cannot be used in any other software, not even adobe illustrator.

The Solution

These past couple of months I've been casually researching these things here and there, weighing my options and thinking about what's the best direction to head in. But after talking to Tiarawhy and some other friends recently, it's made me realize I've been a fool to stick with Flash as long as I have, and I think the sooner I start learning a new platform, the better. Everyone I know that's moved away from Flash to try out new platforms is doing fantastically. With 2020 marking the absolute end of .SWF support in browsers, I really can't wait any longer.

Does this mean all of my current projects are cancelled? Not exactly. Some of the projects may be reenvisioned/recreated in the new platform I switch to, and some may be dropped in favor of similar but better projects. I know that my fans will be happy with my upcoming work, and if they're not I will be ready to read their feedback, take surveys and polls, and adapt as I've always tried to. Being transparent with my fans and staying in constant touch with them is very important to me, and if I don't post a monthly update it's because I genuinely don't have anything to say. It's been a struggle, I've been feeling a lot of anxiety over this situation, and I'm legitimately sorry that I didn't make a monthly post in January.

I understand this may be upsetting news for some people who've been waiting to see a new or completed project by me for some time, and if it means you will drop your Patron support until I get myself back into gear, I fully respect and understand that decision. I have no intentions on stopping what I do, believe me I think every day and every night about working on these projects. Even 5+ years from now I can easily see myself still creating projects, this is truly my passion. I can only hope that my fans believe in me and continue to support me even during this period of downtime.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask! ♥ (Discord or PM)

December Update - Happy New Years

Tue Jan 1 06:10:04 2019

2019 is Here

First off I hope everyone had a good past weekend, and that your holidays were great, and I wish you all a happy new year! This is what I'd like to call the FAQ update, where I'll be answering some questions: especially some commonly asked ones. Afterwards, I will talk about all of the projects currently being worked on and their current statuses. But before that, I want to talk about my seemingly slow progress these past couple of years.

Not a single day goes by where I'm not at least thinking about my projects, even if I'm not able to work on them that day. I'm still very passionate about creating these projects, and unless I lose funding entirely (i.e. Patreon goes under) I don't plan on stopping any time soon. New animations will be released in 2019, that much is absolutely certain. I appreciate the continued support, and I really want to reward the patience my fans have had for me by putting out new projects.



Q: Why don't you talk about your projects much outside of Patreon?

A: The simple, short answer is that I don't like to hype things up until they're deep into the finishing touches stage. If I announce a project on Tumblr, for instance, and it takes me 6+ months to finish it people are going to expect some kind of incredible masterpiece. I feel like it's better for me to say nothing and just keep working on projects whenever I can, than to keep saying "working on it" over and over.

Q: What happened to Ponyvania?

A: The project was effectively cancelled while I looked for a new artist to work with. Atryl felt it was unreasonable to learn how to use Flash, which meant all he could really do is provide me with sketches. For a project of that size, I needed a proper collab partner who knew Flash or was at least willing to learn the basics. I've asked several artists/animators if they'd be interested in taking up the project, but so far I've been unable to find anyone. Even if I have to do the project myself, I will eventually finish it. Since we accepted donations on the project, I feel like I absolutely owe this project to the fans. I will probably end up doing something special for the people who donated.

Q: What happened to Cloptopia?

A: It's not cancelled, in fact I've invested hundreds of hours into it since the last update. It's currently in the middle of a rather major overhaul, where I'm redoing nearly every aspect of the game: including the animations. It's still my favorite project by far, and I'll definitely finish it at some point.

Q: What happened to the Three Curious Ponies Remake?

A: That was a little bonus project I planned to do if I was able to reach a certain amount of funding on Patreon. I actually never reached that amount of funding, in fact I was never even remotely close to the goal. Sadly people are under the assumption that I DID reach the goal, and are behaving as if I'm scummy for not delivering on my promises. There is a possibility I'll still make a project like this anyways.

Q: Is finding collab partners really that hard?

A: Finding someone willing to use flash, and willing to work for free on some big project... yeah that can be really tricky. If I had more money to work with, I could hire people to help me, but currently the best I can offer people is a commission where we split the money. However now that I feel my art skills are improving a bit, I may try to do more entirely solo projects.

Q: What is your financial situation?

A: Currently I manage to make ends meet through various odds and ends. My music stuff helps a little bit. Commissions and art packs help a lot.


Project Status


Priority: Highest, Stage: Polish

Going to wrap this up for a public release. There will be voices and some additional scenes. It should feel like a very solid and complete project once it's done.

Sponty Flash

Priority: Highest, Stage: Early Animation

The much overdue bunnygirl flash is coming along well.

Pizzacat Remake

Priority: Low, Stage: Designing

I'm going to take assets from the previous 2 animations, clean them up, and make one very complete animation with them.

Foul Sorcery

Priority: Low, Stage: Planning

Originally I planned on just updating it, but there's a possibility I may do a sequel instead. Still in planning stages, I may know an artist who's interested in collaborating with me on this.


Priority: Paused, Stage: Updating

In the middle of a huge overhaul update, hundreds of hours have been put into this, been working on it a little at a time. Once the next update is out, which will be version 2.0, it'll probably become a much higher priority project that I plan to consistently update.

Ponyvania Remake

Priority: Paused, Stage: Planning

As I've mentioned, I've needed a proper collab partner to do this one with. It's possible however, that I may do this one solo someday.


Alright, that about wraps this update up. Take care everyone!

New Artpack Available

Tue Dec 18 05:39:55 2018

I created 2 pictures for the the "I-C.U.P." Art Pack, which is available now for $10.

If you do buy it, please also check out this survey. Your feedback is highly valued, and we read every word you write!

Also if you're not interested in the rest of the art pack, and just wanna see my pictures, you can download them here. They involve Pinkie Pie in a sort of paradoxical self-observation. ♥

Spectro Flash - available for Testing

Thu Nov 8 09:05:55 2018

This flash features fully-voided humanoid characters, oral, anal, and vaginal sex with the pink ghost girl Lollo. There's a secret scene if you manage to find the ghost girl's wand, which may or may not be hidden somewhere in the background...

The flash isn't quite perfect, so there might be a few minor glitches that were not caught by our internal testing, but there probably won't be anything major. We're currently in the process of redoing the audio levels and a few other things, but the flash is definitely good enough to be tried out.

If you find any errors please contact me directly via email, discord DM, patreon PM, etc. with as much information as possible and I'll do my best to fix the problem.

Also please keep in mind that this is a patreon-only preview, so I must ask that you do not upload this to a public website or share it broadly. Showing a friend is fine, just don't pass it around like a spliff at Santa Cruz university study-circle.

Zip Download:

November Update

Thu Nov 8 09:06:15 2018

New Project available for Testing

Great news: the project I've been doing with Rock Candy is finally in a testable state. It features fully-voided humanoid characters, oral, anal, and vaginal sex with the pink ghost girl Lollo. There's a secret scene if you manage to find the ghost girl's wand, which may or may not be hidden somewhere in the background...

Available here for $5-Tier Patrons:


What's next?

Now that this project is nearly finished, I can finally focus on other things. The FFF project and the Sponty Catgirl animation are my highest priorities right now, hopefully I can get at least one of them finished before the year is over. After those projects are done with I won't have anymore pressing obligations, and I might be able to do another survey or poll to find out which projects my patrons are most interested in seeing me work on first.

Thanks everyone! ♥

Quick October Update

Sun Oct 28 16:09:15 2018

Hey everyone, quick update. The project with rock candy is taking longer than I expected. Honestly this project is a total headache, I don't like working on it, but even still I've been giving it my full 110% every time I open the project file because I want to finish it so badly. The sequencing is very complex, and working on it requires a lot of trial and error. Obviously I'd rather be working on FFF update, but RC literally cannot do this project without me, and I'd feel bad to make him sit on a project that's almost complete.

The flash's theme is also perfect for Halloween, so I've felt even more obligated to do it ASAP. Just when I think the flash is almost ready to send out to testers, I find a dozen new problems that need solving. It's probably the most stressful project I've ever worked on, so I'm very much looking forward to the day it's finished. Working on this project has really thrown a wrench to my other project plans, but that's just how things are I suppose.

I did manage to get out the first chapter of the 4th Ponut Pack this month, so at least there's that.

I also have to mention how incredibly fortunate I am to have such great fans who've kept up their Patreon support during this slower period. Without that funding, it would be more or less impossible to continue working on these projects. Thanks so much everyone ♥

August Update

Fri Aug 31 14:49:55 2018

This month I've been helping Rock Candy finish up a longer overdue project, which has taken a lot more time than I had expected. I'd say it's about 95%+ done. I think next week is a potential release date, since it's not quite finished and even once it is it will need to be play-tested. The flash project is so big that opening it up freezes flash for 10 seconds, exporting takes several minutes, and it constantly crashes. It features dynamic voice acting (actual spoken lines, some with lip syncing) and sequencing that is rather difficult to script, so it's taken way longer than planned. Either way, I hope to finish this as soon as I can and get back to finishing the FFF update, and so on and so forth.

Also come join the discord if you haven't already~

Quick July Update

Fri Jul 13 17:19:13 2018

The FFF updates will continued as planned Vocal sound effects (i.e. moans) and the unique introduction sequences are two primary features I'll be adding. The arousal system will be redesigned a bit: most importantly you'll now be able to select which type of orgasm you want to see.

I've decided that I won't be adding any Princess characters (for now, at least). Only 9% of people said they'd prefer the younger (pony-sized) princesses, and a whopping 55% said that I shouldn't add them at all unless they have full sized bodies. I'll merely be refocusing my efforts elsewhere. For those who really want to see the princesses, however, keep in mind that I do plan on a doing a pretty big update to Foul Sorcery and I might be adding Luna to it as well.

Hope everyone's summer has been nice so far~

FFF Alpha v1.02 Survey

Tue Jun 5 10:20:44 2018

Even if you have not tried the flash yet, you can still answer some questions about preferences and upcoming content. Thanks everyone.

Take the survey here:

FFF Alpha v1.02 release

Mon Jun 4 20:53:19 2018


As promised here is the Fillyfuck Fiesta preview update! Honestly it's more of a total remake than an update, as you will see for yourself. I really do hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. I will also make a survey later on to find out what features are the most wanted, and if there's anything I should add or change. Just keep in mind that this is an unstable alpha version, and has not been thoroughly tested.

Since this is a preview update, and not really the finished product, you may consider waiting until the next update if you're looking for a polished and complete experience. However if you don't mind the occasional glitch or oddity, then don't be afraid to try it out. As you might imagine, I consider the flash to be currently unfinished, so please don't upload it to any sites or broadly distribute it

Thank you! ♥

Changelog here

Download .zip here

End of May Update

Fri Jun 1 12:24:54 2018

Almost ready. The FFF patreon-only preview should be ready within a day or two. Right now I'm tying up loose ends, adding finishing touches, making sure everything works. As I talked about earlier, there are a number of features I am going to leave out and save for the next update, most of which I will mention in the changelog as "work-in-progress" features so you'll know what to expect.

After releasing this version (v1.02), I will continue to update it and get feedback from patrons about what to add or change, until I've added all of the features I've got planned. I won't be releasing a public version until I feel it has gotten to a somewhat "finished" state, so that means it may potentially stay as a patron-only thing for quite some time.

If it works out, it's probably how I will handle all future animation releases from now on, since nearly everytime I release a project publicly there is a small error or glitch that requires me to reupload it - and I run the risk of someone hastily uploading the flash elsewhere where I have little to no control over updating it myself if there's a problem.


About the flash itself. Some things I wanna note about the update itself. I imagine expectations and hype are astronomically high, and while I am very confident about the changes I've made (truthfully I think the old version of the flash looks terrible compared to this update), I don't want to subvert anyone's expectations.

At the surface level it's a pretty straightforward overhaul: the art and animation has almost entirely been redone from scratch. There are 3 new characters, dickgirl option for submissive character, and a myriad of core improvements. Many things are being worked on but could not be made ready in time for this update, like additional scenes or vocal sound effects.


Other. For those who really enjoyed the last two Ponut Packs, be aware that a third one is on the way and will be released sometime this month (June). These things can be a bit tricky to organize, and not every artist is guaranteed to finish their contributions within the deadline, but if everything goes well it'll most likely be the best pack we've done so far.

Thanks everyone, enjoy your weekend! ♥


Retroactive Patreon Reward ($20-Tier)

Fri May 25 21:36:48 2018

Recently I've changed my $20-tier reward from "name in the credits" to a "custom shout out", and I want to retroactively offer this to people who were previous patrons or had the credits reward already.

So even if you're no longer a patron, you can still get the new custom shoutout reward if either of the following apply to you:

If you are currently a $20-tier patreon, or plan on becoming one, then all you have to do is go here and fill out the form:

If you are not currently a $20-tier patron, then please send me your creator page (i.e. and I'll give you the form where you can enter the details for your custom shout. Email me at with subject "custom shout".

Thanks! ♥

PS: Please note that because this is a somewhat time-consuming process for me to check through all of the emails and verify information, this offer comes with a time limit. I will only be offering retroactive rewards until the end of this month. Thanks for understanding.

May Update

Wed May 16 11:58:40 2018

FFF update is going very well, in fact I recently got in touch with someone who may be able to provide voice effects for the game - so that's pretty good news. I knew I'd be able to get someone to help with that sooner or later.

I may be able to get a 'patreon alpha' version released this month. Something to play around with, while I continue work on and add things to it, before officially releasing it to the public. For instance, there's virtually no way I can finish the current to-do list by the end of the month, but I can definitely put certain things on hold and do them for the next update.

As I've said before I try to avoid releasing unfinished content, since I want the first time people see my animations to be special and exciting. However this project is very ambitious, and I don't want to continue to say "I'm working on it don't worry" every single month without actually showing anything. So that's the plan.

Thanks again for your continued support! ♥

Glimpse: May

Sun May 6 19:31:12 2018

Just another quick update to keep you informed. I'm back to working on the FFF update. Rock Candy's project was simply taking way too long, so I had to put it off for now. I'm making very good progress on this update, scratching things off the to-do list one by one, and deciding that some things will be put on hold until the next update so I can get it out sooner.

I also got around to updating the patreon roles, and also cleaned up the discord server a little bit. If you're not already in the discord, here's a temporary invite link to join

Quick April Update

Tue May 1 03:43:04 2018

There were some delays, so the FFF update is not quite ready yet. I got a heckload done on it in early April but I had to put things on pause to deal with a few RL matters, doing the taxes being one of them.

I also tried to help Rock Candy finish a project that's been in the works since last year, which I assumed I could do in a few days, but has actually taken a couple weeks and there's still more to go. On the bright side, that flash is about 99% done, basically all that's left is to finish up the coding. Once that's done, back to business as usual.

($20+ Tier) Custom Shoutout Form

Tue Mar 27 09:37:12 2018

Please fill out this form if you'd like your custom shout-out to be featured in upcoming flash projects.

Glimpse: April

Tue Mar 27 09:31:12 2018

Patreon Reward Changes

I've been wanting to change my rewards for quite some time and I think now is a better time than ever since the new FFF update is close to being finished. When designing my patreon rewards there were a few things I wanted to keep in mind.

I feel it's necessary to have only a few different tiers, and have each one feel like a significant step up from the last. I've considered creating more reward tiers to bridge to gap between the $5 and $20 mark, but it always seems like unnecessary filler. I like to think of the 3 current tiers as "I want to be informed", "I want to try the games", and "I want to support you as much as I can". I like that, so I won't be adding any new tiers.

The $5 tier felt a bit redundant, since the exclusive content was mostly just .PSD files for the artwork I had been doing, and the "Name in the credits" reward for $20 was kind of boring. As such: early testing will now be available to $5 tier and up, and name in the credits has been replaced with something a lot more fun than a wall of names: custom shout-outs. I feel that the $2 Tier will still be in a good place with text-updates and surveys.

For those of you that don't think they can afford the $5 Tier and are sad to miss out on the early testing opportunity, just remember that if you contact me I'll be more than happy to give you a chance to test the game. This is something I've done since Day 1, a promise that no major content will ever be locked behind a paywall. Though, keep in mind the primary purpose of early testing is so I can work out any problems before going public.

The New Tiers

Supporter ($2 Tier): Get informed with patron-only text updates and participate in votes and surveys.

Contributor ($5 Tier): Be able to test games early, before public release

Enthusiast ($20 Tier): Your custom "shout out" message will be randomly displayed in flashes. (Example:

I'll be officially updating the rewards sometime next month, with new icons and such. I just wanted to let you all know ahead of time so you're not surprised by the sudden changes. Those who will be staying in or joining the $20 tier this month can get their custom shout-out message added to the upcoming FFF update by filling out this form.

What's Next?

After I finish this update, I will probably try and get a few long overdo commissions done - one of which being sponty's flash animation. My goal this year is to wrap up everything I've been working on, clear my slate, and hopefully get around to finishing that massive Cloptopia update that I've put hundreds of hours into.

Love and thanks for the support, as always~ ♥

March Update

Thu Mar 15 12:57:58 2018

Still working on that FFF update. It's become a pet project at this point, something I honestly enjoy working on and find myself working a little every day. It's likely that I will update the project again even after I finish my current set of changes.

Voices: probably not gonna happen for the update. I just can't find anyone to do them. Several people agreed to do voices for me, but none of them have gotten back to me with samples. Coincidentally Rock Candy is having the same problem, it's pretty annoying really. Is it even worth all the trouble? I'd like to hear your opinion about whether or not voices are important to you. Here's a poll - but you can also leave a comment, say something in the discord, or contact me directly instead.

Speaking of Rock Candy, I've been helping him with a project he's been working on since around mid-last year. It was supposed to be done in time for Halloween but it was delayed for various reasons. It's almost done, so you can look forward to that.

The Ponut Pack 2 did quite well, and a lot of people told me they enjoyed it, but that the line-up of artists was much weaker this time: and I agree completely. I plan to do a third pack sometime this summer, and I've got some pretty incredible artists to join me this time around. Assuming all goes well, it'll be the best one by far. I know you guys primarily look forward to my animations, not my artwork, but rest assured that the amount of effort that goes into drawing a couple of pictures is a mere fraction of what it takes to create an entire animation project.

As always, thank you all for being so patient with me. I hope to make 2018 one of my most productive years in terms of finished projects.

Happy Valentine's Day

Thu Feb 15 02:48:12 2018

New artpack here:

Here's an extra captioned version that didn't make it into the pack:

January Update

Tue Jan 23 09:41:44 2018

I'm still working on FFF, and I'm sure you're wondering when that will be ready, especially since I said it would be done by the end of year. I didn't write a December update simply because I had nothing new to say: I was still working on it. In this post I'll tell you a little about what's to be expected in the update, and some background information.

It's simply taking more time than I had expected, and that is because I am doing more than I had originally planned.


What's in the update

The first and most significant change is the visuals. The characters' visuals have been updated from head to toe, most notably the faces which I felt were rather lackluster previously. Because of these changes, I also had to redo basically all of the animation as well.

There will be lots of new dialogue, including a unique introduction sequence for each character. Dialogue is not terribly hard to do, so I figure I might as well add some more, especially because it was highly requested in the survey.

As promised there will be 3 new characters, which are secret and must be found by playing the flash. Of course I know not everyone likes that sort of thing so you can unlock them with a code instead. Speaking of codes, most of the codes from before have been replaced with a convenient options menu.

I planned on adding vocal sound effects but I've had an exceedingly difficult time finding people to do them, so I'm actually not sure if that will make it into the next update or not. If I do add voices, I may also redo all of the current sound effects as well.

There's even more stuff that will be added of course, but I'd rather keep it a surprise for now. I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what's to be expected.


A little background

When me and Yoditax first made this flash, it was just supposed to be a simple Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy animation. The art and animation were rushed because we wanted to see how quickly we could make a simple, quick animation. The plan was to see if we could regularly work together and create small-scale animations of similar quality. However I saw the potential in this flash having swappable characters, and decided the extra time investment would be worth it.

After releasing the project and working on the update for awhile, I felt I needed to redo the faces (especially the top character) and some of the body anatomy (mainly around the torso) because I felt the project could be vastly improved with just some quick changes. The more I worked on the project, the more I felt like I needed to overhaul virtually every aspect of both the art and animation. So that's what I'm working on at the moment.

I hope to make this one of my most complete-feeling and solid projects when I'm finished updating it.



I'm working on another pony art pack with a group of artists, which will be released next month sometime after my birthday (February 12th). It'll be free with the option to pay, just like last time. Other animation projects are more or less on hold until I finish this FFF update.

Either way I hope to get a lot of projects released this year, since in 2018 I had been working on a lot of different projects but not getting any of them to the point where I could finish and put them out.

Thanks everyone.

November Update

Fri Dec 1 20:24:56 2017

This is mostly just a quick status update to let you know what's going on.

Still working primarily on the FFF update, which is taking longer than expected, but only because I'm doing more than I planned. The more I work on the update, the more things that I realized were in need of reworking. Originally I just planned to redo the faces, since I felt they were rather lackluster, and add some new content to go with it. Over time I had changed more and more things. At this point I have remade nearly every aspect of the scene, including all of the base animation. As far as an estimate of when it'll done, well, I can safely guarantee this project will be done before the year is over.

Wetlands Fluttershy .PSD

Thu Oct 26 11:58:11 2017

.PSD file is attached. Click below to download.

You can view the actual picture set here:

WetlandsFluttershy.psd (d)

Wetlands Fluttershy Picture

Thu Oct 26 11:29:37 2017

Just a little something I made recently. This is not related to the upcoming art pack that I mentioned earlier this month. I estimate that the art pack will be finished sometime in the first week of November, assuming there are no unexpected delays with the other artists who are contributing to the pack also.

Note: if you don't have an inkbunny account, just go here and enable adult content as a guest:

Here's the .PSD file for $5+ Patrons:

Glimpse: October

Thu Oct 5 17:17:21 2017

Here's what's going on this month (in no particular order of priority):

- Working on the FFF update. I've got quite a lot of it already done, but I'd like to keep working on it. There will be additional scenes, at least 4 new characters, improvements to the main scene, and more. Can't guarantee any kind of release date yet.

- Organizing a pony art pack. Sometime last month I started asking around to see who might wanna do a pony art-folio with me and I managed to get enough people together to make something happen. Each artist, myself included, will be drawing 2 pictures + alternate versions. Its theme and details are a secret at the moment, but I promise you it will contain at LEAST 1 pony and there is also some butts.

- Helping Rock Candy with a Halloween flash. I've sort of got this "always got your back" relationship with Rock Candy. Although I didn't plan on this, he needed me to help him out with a few things due to his previous help becoming suddenly unavailable (I know how that goes). He plans to release it in time for Halloween. I'll mention it here when it's finished.

- The Sponty flash. Much overdue, I really need to get this one finished at some point. There hasn't been a week since I started it that I don't think about the project, so I'd like to get it finished so I can give a great sigh of relief. I'm hoping I'll complete it sometime before the end of the year.

Here's some literal garbage:

All are very much WIP/experimental, so don't expect much.


Thanks again for continued support. It's too early to say for certain whether or not I'll finish an animation project this month, update or otherwise, but historically speaking October has always been a very productive month for me so we'll see.

The Road Ahead

Sun Sep 24 03:50:10 2017


This is a fairly long post that talks about my financial situation, my recent inactivity, and what my plans are. I've been bad about staying in touch with my Patrons lately, so I want to really explain things in depth.

And for those of you who've stuck with me through this bout of inactivity, wow, you are awesome! You're the only reason I'm still doing animations today, so you have my undying gratitude and love. ( ´。• ω •。` ) ♥

I will also include a TL;DR summary at the bottom of this post, in case you don't wanna read all of this, but want to know the general idea.


My inactivity has lead to a dip in patron contributions, and while I love and appreciate every dollar I get, I do need to meet a certain monthly amount to keep my ship afloat. I've added a new goal recently of $1400 per month which will cover my basic costs. I'd like to talk about that number a little bit, so you know there's some thought behind it, and its not just an arbitrary dollar amount.

Talking about finances is a very private subject matter, so I won't go deep into specific details. Firstly there's taxes, fees, patreon's cut of the profits, credit card cancellations, and other business-related costs. In total, this will take somewhere between 25 and 35% of my total revenue by the end of the year. Then, each month I spend approximately $1000 for food, rent, internet, and utilities.

In addition to Patreon, I also make a little extra from commissions and music stuff. Normally this would allow me to build a small amount of savings, in case of an emergency like sudden medical bills. However since my patreon earnings have been low, I've actually been using some of my savings to pay the bills each month, which is not something I can do forever.


Some of you are probably thinking, "if you want more money, put out more content!" And you're absolutely right. But my inactivity is not due to being lazy or unmotivated, as I will explain below.

There are several projects that I am working on, or have invested a lot of time into, but are not yet ready for public view. I've briefly explained this before in a previous update. That's why there was such a large gap between my last flash (Hazelnut) and this new one (Reaper). Both Cloptopia and the Fillyfuck Fiesta update have had a huge amount of time poured into it.

I don't want to rush the projects, nor do I want to spoil the fun by showing previews; I'd rather wait until they're ready for release. However with that being said, it's been rather depressing to see my Patreon support dwindle because I haven't put out a project in awhile. I've considered showing weekly progress updates or something just to keep people's attention, but I think it's more exciting to see the complete package at the end.

Just know that I've been working hard behind the scenes to try and get these projects ready for release. Flash projects can take weeks, even months to complete, and good things are worth waiting for. However a big part of why my projects are taking especially long to finish is due to not being able to properly motivate my partners with payment.


As I've mentioned above, finances have been a bit tight. My plan was to get a surplus of savings so I can consistently hire people to help me on projects. I am certainly capable of working alone, but it's WAY faster to have a partner. Without excess money, I literally cannot hire help, and it creates complications. Some are willing to work for free, but they can only offer so much of their time.

Some of you might be thinking, "Why not just pick projects they enjoy doing so they don't need money to do them?" It depends. Some are busy with other projects, some don't want to do the type of content my fans really want. For instance Rock Candy is fun to work with, and I still help him with coding and music here and there, but he'd rather jump off a bridge than do ponies with me.

I've been doing commissions, auctions, or crowd-funded projects just to have a way to pay my partners. It's a nice workaround to paying people directly, but it interferes with my ability to deliver specific content that I know people want. I knew that the Reaper flash would be a tiny bit unpopular with my fans, but I mostly did it because there was much-needed money involved. Again, this goes back to square 1: if I had a good flow of cash from Patreon, I could focus on the content my Patrons want.

Plans for Change

Either way, I know I need to make some changes. More frequent updates. I need to talk about what I'm doing and what's upcoming. I need to focus on doing content my Patrons want. I need to consider making smaller projects in between the big ones, so there's not as much waiting time.

Feel free to talk to me directly, join my discord, send me an email, comment anywhere. I try to read everything my fans send me, so don't be shy. Your support is what keeps me going, so it's only fair I know what you want the most out of my work. I aim to please. If you have nothing to say and just wish to silently pray for my success, that's cool too!

Ultimately, I'll do my best to keep you informed of what's going on. I will try my best to update my Patron with some info at least once a month from now on just like the good ol' days, and hopefully more often than that.

In other news: since the Reaper flash is done, a fairly large update for Fillyfuck Fiesta is being worked on now, since I know that's one a lot of you are interested in.

TL;DR Summary

- Thanks for sticking with me! Your support is massively appreciated!

- I've been working on a lot of different projects, but none are quite ready

- Lack of funds interfering with my ability to deliver specific content

- Lack of funds makes it hard to motivate people to collaborate with me

- I'll try to keep patrons more regularly informed and updated from now on

- Major update for Fillyfuck Fiesta is under way

New Survey

Sun Sep 24 03:49:12 2017

Got a moment? Please fill out this survey to help me improve my content.

Take it here:

New Animation!

Sat Sep 23 18:46:27 2017

Available now, at

Quick Status Update

Fri Aug 4 22:14:58 2017

A rather brief update where I'm mostly just answering some questions concerning my recent absence.

Q: "Is there a project in the works?"

A: Yes, a new major animation is nearing completion and will be done soon. Hopefully shouldn't take more than a week to finish.

Q: "Where were you?"

A: Not only myself, but both the collaboration partners I was working with had all been dealing with a fair share personal matters, and it made project development very slow for some time. I was going to have this project finished by the end of July, but I developed a rather bad case of pneumonia and that put things on full stop.

Q: "Why didn't you post any updates sooner?"

A: I didn't want post an update until I had something ready to show off or was at least close to finishing a project.


As always I am willing to answer any more questions in the comments below (or via email). I really appreciate you guys for sticking with me despite all of this.

Progress Update

Sat Feb 25 04:29:22 2017

Progress Update

First off I'd like to apologize for not keeping my Patrons more well-informed about my project status in the past. I'm generally reserved with information or previews on my projects because I don't want to spoil the element of surprise. My animations are at their most enjoyable when seen for the first time and previews can make the end result less exciting.

However, I also understand that people really want to know what I'm up to. So today I am finally going to give a concise glimpse at what projects I'm working on and their current status, as well as a detailed description of each 'stage'. I hope you'll appreciate this transparency, at the very least.

The primary purpose of this list is to show that I'm generally working on many different projects at once. I'm not certain how often I'll update this list, and I cannot give an accurate ETA on any of these projects, but it should help provide insight into exactly what's going on. Since I juggle projects around, my release times can be unpredictable.

The Hazelnut flash, for instance, was put on a several month hiatus because I had gotten burnt out on the project after doing so much and needed to do some other projects instead. That's when I did the Filly Fiesta flash with Yoditax. Same thing happened with the Foul Sorcery flash, I got a lot done then put it on hold and worked on a quick Fluttershy/Luna flash. So even a project that's nearing the end of its production can get delayed for sanity's sake.This is also important to ensure the project doesn't get rushed or finished in a sloppy way, I want to make sure the end result is solid.

Sometimes there can be roadblocks related to a partner I'm working with; if they suddenly become busy or temporarily lose motivation, it can bring a project to a complete stop, forcing me to switch to another project in the meantime.


- Currently Active Projects -

(in no particular order of priority)

Mystery Project (Humanoid)

- Currently Stage 5 - Early Animation

Sponty Project (Humanoid)

- Currently Stage 5 - Early Animation

Ponyvania Redux (Pony)

- Currently Stage 2/3 - Sketching & Vectoring

Fillyfuck Fiesta (Pony)

- Undergoing update based on survey data.


- Undergoing major content overhaul.

Note: I may do some kind of "Trello" thing in the future. We'll see.


The Stages of Project Development

1 - Concept Stage

I start all animations by writing down a basic idea of what I want to create. My new ideas are usually heavily influenced by survey information that I've collected in the past. After the basic idea is there, I start to brainstorm, usually with my animation partner. I generally want to create something that is quite different from my previous projects, because I want each animation to be something new and interesting.

My flash animations are inherently experiments, that's what keeps it interesting for me. For example there was an old furry flash I did back in 2011 (Taava's Conditions) in which the idea would be that the character looks male, but is later surprisingly revealed to be female. I found the reactions to this "reverse trap" idea to be intriguing, and wanted to do more surprising concepts in the future.

2 - Sketching Stage

Once I have a good idea of what I want to make, the sketching stage begins. It starts with some pose sketches to figure out what pose will work best with this kind of animation. Poses need to look good "in-motion", and need to show as much action as possible. Generally I have no issue with bending the rules of anatomy a little if it means I can show more of their lewd parts or get a more curvy silhouette.

3 - Vectoring Stage

This is one of the most labor-intensive stages, requiring the sketch to be redrawn directly in flash. In some cases the artist prefers to create a clean inked version of the sketch, then have it traced in flash, which adds an extra step but ensures a better end result. Not only does the character need to be drawn with vector, it also needs to be drawn in segments.

Drawing the character first then chopping it up into pieces is a complete mess, so it's ideal to draw each part separately and put it on its own layer. Flash's drawing tools are infamously terrible, which makes this stage a nightmare for most people. Thankfully I've used Flash for so long I'm just used to it.

4 - Rigging Stage

Once all of the pieces have been drawn, they are put into movieclips, along with facial-expressions, complex alternate outfits or body parts that might change the animation, and anything else. Their registration points (where the object is rotated around) are placed in areas that'll make it easier to animate. For instance you want the registration point of a forearm to be near the elbow or the wrist, not in the middle. This is generally a fairly quick stage, but that is mainly depending on the complexity of the project.

5 - Early Animation Stage

This is where the majority of my time will be spent. I don't feel that animating the basic character movement is difficult, although challenges do present themselves now and then, but it is extremely time-consuming. Generally consists of moving the parts to create key-frames and tweening them together.

The interesting part about animation is that you can always spend more time on it to make slight improvements here and there. Often times I will sit there for hours tinkering with a project to make it better, doing anything I can to make the animation feel more smooth and natural.

6 - Refinement Stage

After doing some basic animation I will almost always notice some flaws with the character's pose or one of the pieces. I often see areas that can be improved or redrawn. In some circumstances I will end up completely redoing sections of animation after making integral changes to the character's parts.

I usually bring my collab partner back into the project since they can clean up or add detail to certain areas to really make the project look good. This is also a great time to add more options to the scene, since I have an idea of what the basic animation looks like and I know what will and won't work. Waiting until I've done some basic animation can really help put things into perspective and avoid wasting time or double-handling.

7 - Scripting Stage

If animation wasn't the longest phase in my work flow, this would be. The branching paths from the Hazelnut Flash and the spell-book system from the Foul Sorcery flash were both created entirely from scratch and took a huge amount of time. Ultimately it's worth it, because these systems are what makes my games stand out, and people really seem to love the exploration element; to be given a choice, and not just clicking next until the sequence is over.

While not all of my projects will have super complex scripting elements to them, they still need the basics like a preloader, title screen, toggleable options, music control, dynamic camera zooming, expression controllers, dialogue pop-ups, basic scene progression, sound effect prompts, and more. Luckily this is the most fun stage for me, as I love writing code.

8 - Late Animation Stage

This is the end game, where I will be adding frame-by-frame animation wherever needed. Facial expressions and liquids are usually where most of the frame-by-frame goes, but sometimes I'll get crazy and add frame-by-frame in other places too. I will also go through the animation itself and add finishing touches arbitrarily.

This stage is honestly a bit daunting for me, because although it seems like the project is nearly complete: I can end up spending a lot of time doing last-minute refinements or even complete overhauls. For instance I may redraw the face several times to make sure it looks just right. I tend to mirror or flip the animation upside down and watch it to help me spot flaws. This is also around the time I send an alpha version of the project to close friends or fellow content creators to get some feedback.

9 - Audio Stage

Audio must be added last because it dramatically increases render times, making it a chore to work on. Generally this is where I'll pick a music track and add the sound effects. The music track will often be edited to fit the flash's purpose better, or even created from scratch just for the flash in rare instances.

Many sound effects are re-used from older projects but I occasionally create new sound effects. Getting good moaning sounds can be problematic, so I often leave them out entirely to avoid putting the project on hiatus when it's so close to being finished.

10 - Testing and Release

This is the pretty much stage, and it's usually only relevant if I've added some complex scripting elements that need to be thoroughly tested for glitches and mistakes, but even simple flashes can have huge mistakes in them. When you work on a project for countless hours, it can be easy to overlook obvious problems, so it's really important to make sure the project is thoroughly tested.

When it's ready for release I make the teaser images, write up the posts, slap it on my sites, and usually nervously pace around in my house for the next 30 minutes and hope I don't get an email or private message telling me that there's a critical issue with the scripting and I have to quickly fix and reupload it. As I'm typing this now, my heart-rate has doubled just thinking about it. Phew.


Thank you for your continued support, much love~

- Mittsies ♥

New Reward: Discord Hangout

Wed Dec 28 07:13:33 2016

I've recieved a handful of private messages asking about the possibility of a Patron-only discord channel. I've decided to create one and see how it goes. I had a Skype chat a long time ago but due to Skype's immense lack of basic features I found it overwhelming to manage and had to let it go. I also made a Discord chat a while ago but that was back when Skype was still much more popular, so nobody really got on board. However now I feel the time is right.

So come on down if you're interested, all Patreons in the $5 tier or higher can join. I believe you just link your Discord account to your patreon account and you'll get an invite to the server. Just make sure you read the information first (in the #welcome channel).

Quick Poll: Hazelnut Flash

Mon Dec 5 00:02:23 2016

In my recent flash with Hazel the Squirrel, there were a lot of obscure kinks this time around, in an attempt to appeal to a wide variety of interests. I am curious what you guys thought of the raunchy scenes specifically. I might be reluctant to do more of it in the future if only a very small amount of people enjoyed it.

This poll is for Patrons only because I think the people who are directly-supporting my work should have the first say. However you're free to share it with a friend if you'd like.

Unrelated but, I also updated my website a bit. The animation links will take you to a nice, simple dark-themed page now.

Name in Credits Contributors

Fri Dec 2 20:25:33 2016

Here is the current list of Patrons who are signed up for the $20+ Contributor Tier and filled out the form to have their name added to the credits. If your name is not here and you would like to be added, or you would like your alias to be changed, please contact me via email, private message or Skype. Thanks.

Current list:

November 2016

Tue Nov 29 05:30:44 2016

New flash will be ready within a few days, but here's an update for now!


Survey - Here's a quick little survey for you to fill out in regards to the fillyfuck fiesta flash. I won't be updating the flash right away, but I'd like to collect some info about what your preferences are in the meantime.

Not currently a Patron? That's okay, I made this one public so anyone can do the survey, but if you love my work please consider signing up on Patreon ♥



Flash Projects - As mentioned above: a completely new flash is in the works, and will be ready by either the end of this month or very soon after. It's among the more complex flash projects I've done, and is one of the reasons I've seemed so inactive lately.

The Ponyvania remake and a flash with Cait's character (Sponty) are also in the works, although I cannot guarantee a release date for either of those right now.

Cloptopia is currently getting a massive overhaul. Nearly every aspect will be changed from UI to artstyle. It will be far more adult-content-focused as well. I wanted to make sure the actual game itself was fun and in-depth, and not just a tedious barrier to see the sex scenes, before adding a bunch of sex scenes. Now I feel that the game's current state is prime for padding with adult content, especially if I can meet my new patreon goal.


New Goal - This patreon is currently my only source of income, and with real life matters constantly popping up, it's been tough. The amount I'm making right now is enough to get by, and I'm extremely appreciative to have such an awesome fanbase to contribute in the first place, but it doesn't allow me to hire others to collaborate with me and speed up my progress.

I've always worked better with a partner than alone. As such, I've set a new goal on my Patreon at $2000/month. I feel that this will be an adequate amount to consistently hire others to help me whether it be one specific person, or a bunch of different people.

I plan to hire an artist who is able to work directly inside of flash. Simply having an artist help me with the artwork only helps with a very small percentage of the workload (roughly 5%). I need someone who is more hands-on and is willing to work directly inside of a flash project file. I have a few people in mind already, if I manage to get enough funding to hire them on a regular basis.

There's still so many projects I want to do and I don't have any plans to quit animating adult content anytime soon, so I hope I can reach this goal and really get my projects moving forward at full speed. In the meantime, I'll continue to work as hard as I can to get these projects completed.


As always, thanks for your continued support :3

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments. I'm often available on Skype, email, private messages, etc.

Idea Discussion for Update

Fri Sep 30 21:43:14 2016

I plan on updating Fillyfuck Fiesta with some new content. Thatmay or maynot include: new scenes, new characters, new options, new cosmetic stuff, new backgrounds, new secrets, new passwords, more animation loops, different types of cumshots, etc.

So I'm reaching out and asking now: what do YOU wanna see included in this flash specifically? I'm going to review every idea mentioned here today, and soon after I will create a survey for people to vote on ideas. Don't worry if your idea is obscure, I am always happy to cater to niche kinks. I won't just pick the most popular ideas, I'll try to include a good variety.

You can leave a comment here, email me (, message me on Skype, or send me a PM directly through Patreon, FurAffinity, InkBunny, etc.

Thanks! :3

PS:Quick question about OCs, in poll-form!

September 2016 - New Flash + New Album

Fri Sep 30 00:19:55 2016

New Flash -

New Album -

I just wanted to say: thanks to everyone who's stuck with me on Patreon. This has been an exceptionally challenging year for me for so many reasons, but nothing makes me happier than being able to get out content for all of you to enjoy.

July Update

Mon Aug 1 02:10:46 2016

new audio track:

new flash (just a little something):

About that Ponka & Flutters flash I showed a preview a while back, Yoditax and I have decided to add a lot more to it than originally planned, which is why it hasn't been released yet.

May Update

Wed Jun 1 03:33:04 2016

Hello everyone!

New work-in-progress flash project! With my newest collab partner, Yoditax. While somewhat basic at the moment, it'll be full of stuff soon enough. Because there are so many unfinished projects on my hands at the moment, I felt like I really needed to putoutsomething new this month: hence this little WIP flash.I think you'll find that this flash feels a lot like my older work, simple, clean, and a bit closer to "show-style". If I was to do a sequel to Three Curious Ponies anytime soon, it would be in a style like this I think.

Here's the flash:

(press tab -> password: "doggystyle")

I estimate it will be ready for public release within a week or so. If you have any suggestions or feedback, let me know. As always you can email me at, send me a PM, etc.

Also some news I'm sure a lot of people will be very excited to hear about, I am going to revive thePonyvania project. Starting over from scratch with a different artist, I'm quite confident it will be much better than before. Like before, I plan to release it in stages, aiming for the first version to be posted on July, and hopefully finish the whole project by October.

I'm really close to putting out another major music album, I just need a couple more bursts of inspiration and I can release one. Excluding Cloptopia, I'm also juggling a few otherflash projects, 2 of which are fairly close to being finished. Ideally I'd like to wrap all of these things up within a reasonable amount of time, without just rushing through them to get them done.

Yoditax, my new collab buddy, is a fantastic pony artist who I hope to be working with a lot this year. Here's their tumblr if you wish to see some of their work and/or follow them:

Have a nice rest of the week~

FlutterForest Folio (Patrons)

Tue May 17 01:04:14 2016

Here is the .PSD file for you to play with. Enjoy.

Please note: I have not separated out the hardcore kinks into a separate .PSD file this time. This file contains everything, including the dirty stuff.

PSD File

Contains all types of kinks

FlutterForest Folio (Free)

Tue May 17 00:41:22 2016

Another Flutters picture set.

This time I've organized things a little bit differently, if you want everything you need to download both .ZIP files, they are not all-inclusive.

Standard Set (Free)

Contains the basic versions and mild fetishes separated into their own folders.

Extreme Set (Free)

Containsextreme content (i.e. scat).

$5+ Patrons can get the .PSD file here


Really Shitty FAQ:


Q: why art and not flash?

A: worry not, these art folios are a side project, they're not really getting in the way of flash projects.

Q: new album soon?

A: probably

Q: but mittsies-kun, I want the .PSD and I can't be a patron right now

A: email me at and I'll send it to you. that's how it always is.



March Update

Fri Apr 1 13:38:02 2016

New Album



Cloptopia 1.22 Update

February Update

Tue Mar 1 03:29:35 2016

--an update--

I am usually very private about my personal matters, but as my patrons I feel you deserve to know about a recent life-threatening occurrence. I don't like to talk about these things because it needlessly worries people and makes me seem like an attention-seeking complainer. I just returned from the hospital after 28 long hours of no sleep, food or water. I am exhausted, but I just felt like writing this up before I go get some bed rest. **I am currently OK so please don't worry!**

Note: This recent event won't severely impede the progress of any of my projects. I will continue to work on my projects each day after a short period of recovery time, so worry not!If you only want to know about my flash projects, please skip down to the bottom of this update where I talk about that.

--medical stuff--

( skip this section if uninterested )

I have had a physical problem with my esophagus since I was a child, causing me to be unable to swallow my food properly. Usually about 1 to 2 times almost every single dayfor about the last two decades of my life, my esophagus goes into a spasm while eating a meal, causing food to become trapped temporarily. When this occurs, I am unable to swallow anything -- including liquids -- until I solve the problem.

This usuallyisn'ta big deal as I've adapted to it and it's just sort of a normal part of my life, and95% of the time I can solve it by simply relaxing the muscles (meditation, breathing exercise, massage therapy, etc.) until they calm down, but sometimes it's not so easy.In rare cases, my esophagus can stay constricted for multiple hours and I have to explore a wide variety of methods to fix the issue.The muscle spasms have almost nothing to do with the actual bite size, so simply taking smaller bites isn't always the answer. The doctor who performed my surgery is supposed to call me tomorrow and provide some insight on the exact cause of all this, so hopefully there's some good news around the corner.

On this last Sunday at around 6 PM, I had this problem occur. After trying virtually everything to solve the issue, crawling the web for answers, I spontaneously coughed up some blood and said "uh oh". This was sometime in the early morning (I had not slept yet, been up all night trying solutions). Afterwards I began to weigh my options for medical care, and at 7 AM I started visiting a bunch of different health clinics to find a solution that would not cost me a fortune. I knew I needed a surgery to be performed, which was going to be extremely expensive, so I wanted to carefully weigh all of my options before jumping into something.

After a long, tedious, painful day of talking to physicians and experts, going all over town, I eventually learned that my only option was to go to the ER (emergency room) -- something I was actively avoiding due to it's outrageously high cost. I finally got admitted to the hospital at around 12 AM (Still no sleep) and I was finally able to get my surgery started at around 8 PM (Still no sleep). Yes, that means I basically waited around for 8 long hours in the "emergency" area of the hospital before being able to receive my surgery. Thanks, Obama. Although I'm still alive, my hospital bill can be a fate considered worse than death. I'm not actually sure how I'm gonna pay for that. It might seem like I get a lot of money from Patreon, but almost all of it goes to bills, food, taxes, etc.

I'd also like to note that I am not writing this as a means to garner pity orreprieve. I consider this to be an serious event in my life that would be selfish not to tell others about. I exist because my fans allow it, and I feel they deserve to know if the person they've invested time, money and love into has went through something like this.

Thanks everyone ;~;

--about my projects --

Anyways, about my projects. I've been spending most of my time this month on one of my huge animation projects which features a new squirrel character. I've been working on this one for awhile, and based on feedback I've received from / about my other projects I'm sure people are really gonna love it. One thing I'm unsure of is how many options/features to add to it, so I may end up releasing a sort of unfinished "alpha" version of the project for patrons only, seeing what people are most interested in seeing, then completing the project with most of the requested content.

I actually ended up writing up (coding) a completely new game from scratch, a tactical strategy game with rogue-like elements. I think it'd be really fun in it's polished state, but I wasn't sure how far to go with it because I know most of patrons are primarily interested in adult animations, and opted not to spend a lot of time developing it.Making games is literally my childhood dream, so I'd like to eventually make a huge game project, given I can find the time (and budget) for it.That's sort of why I created Cloptopia. I sorta super-imposed my love of developing video games onto the adult animations I've become known for.

Also in case you missed the auction winner, I'm working on a flash for TehCait, so you can expect a tentacle animation involving a cat girl with impossibly huge tits somewhere down the line. I'm working on other stuff too, I like to jump around a lot so I never get burnt out... but it comes with the consequence of not being able to put out a new project very often...Anyways I should really go lay down now, I need to recover from all of this. I just wanted to make sure I wrote up a proper end of the month update before March begins.

Ultra-Super Love You All,

Mittsies ♥

Cloptopia v1.21

Mon Feb 29 02:32:34 2016

Another quick update, mostly bugfixes.

v1.21 Changelog (via Forum Post)

(links to play the game are here also)

Cloptopia v1.20b

Mon Feb 15 12:26:16 2016

Just a quick update, includes some important bugfixes.

v1.20b Changelog (via Forum Post)

(links to play the game are here also)

Folio Survey Statistics...

Sun Feb 14 04:09:15 2016

First off I'd like to thank you guys for taking the time to submit your responses. I got about 100 responses in a span of about 1 day. Although I'm aware this is not a huge number of replies, the sample size is big enough to get a general idea -- especially since this form was restricted to Patrons only. It helped me get a more solid idea of what my patrons liked as opposed to the total audience.

Some statistics..

- The most commonly picked variant was futa at 83%

- The other most picked were anal, anal cumshot, and futa cumshot

- On average, there was -slightly- more votes for large dick vs. normal dick

- There was a clear preference for anal over vaginal ( :3 )

- Femdom was the highest rated BDSM option.

- Over 20% voted for pissing. I was a little surprised by this, actually.

- 18% voted for crotch hair, but hairy ponut was only 7%

- Oiled tits was 13%, oiled butt was 26%; both significantly lower than I had thought

- The average satisfaction for the previous folio was 4/5

Either way, the voting wasn't just a popularity contest as I still added things that got very few votes. For instance: even though scat only got 10%, that's still pretty high for such an obscure fetish. If it was literally 1~2% I might have skipped it, since I'd be spending time on content that virtually no one wanted. I try to be as diverse as possible and cater to a wide variety of tastes when creating content.


FlutterBeach .PSD (Patrons)

Sun Feb 14 03:40:27 2016

Here are the .PSD files for you to play with. Enjoy!

Basic PSD

Contains mild fetishes only.

Ultra PSD

Contains extreme content (i.e. scat).

FlutterBeach Folio (Free)

Sun Feb 14 03:27:36 2016

Another little picture set involving Fluttershy, with patron feedback!

Since it's my birthday, I have to give you all a small gift. That's how it works, right?

Also a few people complained that I didn't warn them well enough about the "extreme content" from the last picture set, so I made sure to be a lot more clear about it this time :V

Basic Set(Free)

Contains the base images plus futa and crotchtit versions.

25 pictures.

Extra Set(Free)

Contains mild fetishes like BDSM, body hair, and humiliation.

32 pictures

Ultra Set(Price: 1 Human Soul)

WARNING: Contains extreme content (i.e. scat).

28 pictures

$5+ Patrons can get the .PSD file here

Were you looking for a particular combination of layers that you didn't see? Send me an email or message me on Skype and I will create one for you. It'll probably just take a few moments, and is no problem at all! :3


-Mittsies ♥

Upcoming Picture Set, vote for what you want to see!

Thu Feb 11 09:37:53 2016

Edit: form is no longer accepting replies. Thanks to everyone who filled it out~

I've drawn up a new Fluttershy picture that I plan on adding a bunch of edits to, and I'd like to get some feedback on what my Patrons are into this time around. I also ask a few questions about the previous folio, namely whether or not you liked how I set it up and if you want to see more. So if you're not busy, please take a few minutes and fill out this form.

Base picture (higher resolution available later):

Link to the form where you can vote on options:



FlutterField Folio (Free)

Wed Feb 3 20:10:06 2016

Just a little picture set involving Fluttershy.

Basic Edition(Free)

Contains vanilla images only.

6 pictures.

Extra Edition(Free)

Contains vanilla images + hardcore fetishes that nobody wants to see.

11 pictures + 7 mix edits.

$5+ Patron Edition

Includes the .PSD and some bonus sketches.

FlutterField Folio (Patrons)

Wed Feb 3 19:47:09 2016

Just a little picture set involving Fluttershy.

Patron Edition

Includes the .PSD and some bonus sketches.

Please note: Includes some fetishes some might find disturbing.

Want me to create a special edit just for you?Just send me an email or message me on Skype and I'll be more than happy to see what I can do! ♥

Cloptopia v1.20 (January Update)

Fri Jan 1 01:31:19 2016

This month I've been focusing exclusively on Cloptopia, finishing up this major update to get it ready for testing... but not without some trouble. I lost an unfathomable amount of time and effort due to file corruption. Although I religiously mash CTRL+S every few seconds, I don't make full .FLA file back-ups very often because while crashes are common, full file corruptions are not. There are methods you can use to 'uncorrupt' a project file but it's not perfect -- usually most of the data is lost, and what's gone is gone. I just walked around town for a few miles, had a sandwich, then got right back to work and managed to redo everything. On top of this, I started to come down with a cold a couple days ago, so it's been quite a fun month.

Anyways! Onto the update itself (changelog below): Even though I've done a lot of internal testing to fix the major bugs, I'm sure there's a handful of other ones I missed... so expect a v1.20b fairly soon after this release, haha. I've started a new forum board ( located at ) that I'll be using to post patch notes and receive feedback for Cloptopia. So come make an account if you're interested in participating. Although google-forms were somewhat adequate for submitting bugs and suggestions, a forum will mean that ideas can be properly elaborated on - especially by multiple users - and that there will be less instances of the same issue being reported more than once. If Tiarawhy or myself creates another big project that requires lots of feedback and testing, we'll probably use these forums for that as well.

v1.20 Changelog (via Forum Post)

(links to play the game are here also)


This patch brings some pretty dramatic changes to the way you play the game. Based on the feedback I received, people weren't a big fan of the Changeling Invasions; and neither was I. They were very anticlimactic, and even with scouting it was really hard to tell exactly how much danger you were in. Well this patch I've replaced those invasions entirely with a new system: Wilderness Encounters. You will be able to pull up a 'map' of the area around your city where you can find aggressive or neutral encounters to be dealt with. Aggressive Encounters, such as Bandits, will slowly grow in power over time and if not dealt with can have dramatic consequences - including a loss. Neutral encounters are sort of 'optional', and will actually lessen in power over time (and eventually go away), but they can offer sizeable rewards if you wish to intervene. The system is pretty basic right now, just the foundation mostly, but with feedback I'm sure I can shape it into something people will really enjoy. I feel a big part of this new Wilderness system relies on having a good interface for it, and the current one is sorta shoddy and temporary.

Defense Rating now works like mana, with a current and maximum value, and can be spent to ward off encounters like these. This allows players to have a much more tangible idea of what they're up against and how much defense they need to stay alive, and it gives them more control over the situation. The types of wilderness encounters are very limited currently, but I will add more. In order to fit with these changes, Specialists are quite different as well. Rather than permanently generate additional defense, they can be used to restore your defense points back to it's maximum value. Raiding will attempt to weaken the aggressive encounters in the wilderness. Scouting will search for non-aggressive (neutral) encounters in the wilderness, which can be a great way to spend extra defense points if the wild isn't currently too much of a threat to your town. Although not implemented quite yet, I plan on giving specialists stats or abilities to make them more unique and versatile.

Another big change, one you will immediately notice, is that I have tweaked several areas of the interface. I want to make sure the interface is clean and easy to look at, not all over the place. Part of the reason the interface got so quickly bogged down is because as I've been adding new content, I had to kind of cram it in there. So I took some time and properly spaced everything out and made it a little more manageable for this update.

Although not a lot of adult stuff will be added this patch (one step at a time), I'll discuss some stuff that I have planned for that. I did manage to add Derpy this patch, who was by far the most requested pony after the main six. My biggest priority is to improve the Tavern scenes, not just by adding more content to them, but also personality. More of a build-up to the actual sex itself, some foreplay and dialogue that is unique to each character. Ideally each character will be a very different experience, certain characters might expect more foreplay or romantic build-up, others might be keen on jumping right into it. And of course for those who want to go straight to the sex, that'll be possible too. Eventually I'd also like to add some adult content involving the Specialists, but not before the Tavern scenes are properly polished.

Other than Cloptopia, I've been working on some other flashes that I'd like to finish soon, so I'll probably work on those for a bit.If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please don't hesitate to contact me via skype or email.

Thanks everyone~


Christmas Ponks

Thu Dec 24 03:13:39 2015

Small holiday-themed update to the Ponka flash I did recently.

November Update

Tue Nov 24 20:56:49 2015

Normally I put my updates at the end of the month, usually the last day, but since Thanksgiving (for those who participate in it) is only a couple days away, I figure I'll just let you know what's happening a little earlier than usual. Right now I'm working on another very big flash project. I've actually been working on it alongside the Ponka one from last month, and I hope to get it finished before the year ends. I want to keep it mostly a surprise, but it's a collaboration with another person I've never worked with before.


People ask me about this project pretty frequent, wondering when the next update will be. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be continuing this project as is. I recently found out that atryl either lost interest in the flash at some point, or considered the project to be low priority compared to his other work. Completely understandable, if you're not interested in something it can be very difficult to generate the creativity and inspiration required to do something. It's art, not data-entry, you can't force it. I'm also not really satisfied with the project in its current state, the art-style is a mess and the animation could be better. If I continue the project, I'll most likely restart from scratch, using the previous scenes as 'references'. Bottom line: whether or not I make this project will really rely on if I can find someone who is interested in working with me on it.


I like how the game plays and it's a good base concept so far, but I want to overhaul the theme and make the adult content more involved. This is something I need to plan out carefully and do in one big update rather than a few mini-updates, which is partially why I haven't updated the game a lot recently - the other reason is that I wanted to do a few of my standard flash animations to keep things fresh. Based on feedback I've recieved, I think I'll be moving in a direction that everyone will enjoy. Changing the theme into something more sexy is a major priority, moving away from 'your town must survive against changelings' and more towards 'build a profitable, lewd district' or something of that nature. I want to put more focus on individual characters too, so rather than just your entire town being happy or not, you'd be more focused on a select few individuals.


I originally made it a very high goal on patreon because I didn't expect it to come up very soon, but it got relatively close to that goal earlier this year so I started giving it some thought. Technically it never actually met the goal so there's no rush, but I definitely want to some day. Either way, I don't think I'll be able to handle a project this big anytime soon. Similar to the Ponyvania project, finding someone to collab with is the major deciding factor for whether or not I can make something so grandiose a reality.


I haven't been working on music a whole lot lately, mostly due to being fairly uninspired, but I have been thinking about making an album at some point. Here's a silly WIP remix of Bonetrousel that me and Suddensharpintakeofbreath are doing

Well that's about all I have to say for now. Thanks again for everything~


Patreon Redefines Earnings

Sun Nov 15 18:40:18 2015

As some of you may have noticed, Patreon has decided to show what artists 'actually earn'after fees, Patreon's cut and declined pledges (the declined pledges are the big one). Some of you may still see the original amount being displayed, so I guess it's somewhat random which one it shows? For now I'm going to delete my goals and think of some new ones later on that match these numbers better.

Update; New Pony Animation

Mon Sep 28 10:19:30 2015

Hello everyone, I've been super busy lately. I haven't had much to say these last couple of months, just been staying busy on my projects trying to get one of them to a completed state. Most of my current animation projects are either huge ordeals that are gonna take months to complete, or are temporarily on hold.

Anyways. This new flash is something I'm sure most of my fans are gonna love. Thanks to the extraordinary talents of my newest collab partner, Spindles (, this is easily one of my most visually-impressive animations. I really hope you guys enjoy this one.

Check out the animation here:

if you find any issues or have any suggestions, lemme know. This is currently for Patreons only, I'll post the flash publicly tomorrow on tumblr and such. So enjoy the little sneak peek!

Thanks for your continued support and patience.



Cleaning out Patrons

Fri Sep 4 22:23:13 2015

Once again, I've went through and deleted all the patrons who've been signed up for the last several months and have not contributed even once. To clarify: if you've donated even $1, you are not included in this list. Doing so has lowered the displayed earnings on the front page by an alarming amount and reveals that in fact I never actually met my two most recent goals (that's okay, I've been working on Ponyvania, among many other things, anyways).

Certain people sign up for Patreon, sometimes $2, sometimes $20 or more, but then enter bogus payment information. This allows them to see hidden 'pay-walled' content on Patreon. Since I don't -have- any pay-walled content, all it really does is artificially inflate the number you see on the Patreon site. Just wanted to give all you a heads up on why my support has dropped so much all of a sudden.


July End of the Month Update

Sat Aug 1 04:07:50 2015

Two in one day! Pizzacat flash and Foul Sorcery update.

July Progress Update

Thu Jul 23 08:46:00 2015

This has probably been one of the most busy months in awhile, both for flash projects and in real life. Since releasing Cloptopia v1.10 I've made some significant progress some other flash animations. There's a LOT of stuff I still want to add to Cloptopia, but I need to work on some other projects too. That's the primary reason the flash is still in a private alpha testing stage, there are just a lot of things I still need to do in order to make it polished and ready for public eye (sound effects, more polished adult scenes, etc.)

Anyways, here's a small glimpse of what I'm working on currently:

By the way, I want to take some last-chance suggestions on the Foul Sorcery flash update. So if you have any ideas, please send me an email with the details.


I also want to talk about Ponyvania a little bit. We haven't updated the sites publicly or really bothered with the 'progress meters' for stretch-goals because shortly after atryl and I started the project we ran into a problem with paypal which froze one of our accounts, losing a decent chunk of money in the process (you may have heard about this already, nothing new here). We've been trying to get the account unfrozen this entire time, and no luck so far (I don't think it'll ever happen. Paypal is infamous for robbing people like this). On top of that, atryl was just generally busy with other things, including RL matters. Anyways long story short: we just sorta put the project on hold for a bit. Which is fine, really, because it gave me more time to work on other stuff.

As usual, thank you for your continued support, if you have questions, concerns or just wanna say hello I'm always available on Skype or via Email so don't be shy!


Cloptopia v1.10

Thu Jun 25 21:10:02 2015

v1.10 is up! a new animated miniscene (this one is actually not so mini!), pegasi ponies, a few new structures and resource types, and a bunch of balance changes. I plan on adding even more new things to play around with soon, also. There might be a plethora of new bugs so if you find anything let me know right away. Check out the changelog below to find the game link.

Also, unrelated to Cloptopia, I've also been working on some other flash animations with Pizzacat, Rock Candy and a new artist I've never collabed with before. So I hope to deliver some exciting new animations in the upcoming months as well as these updates.


Cloptopia Development Progress

Wed May 27 12:34:29 2015

This current version (1.10) is taking a bit longer than previous updates as I am adding a lot of new content. Most patches before this one have been small tweaks and bug fixes, but this one will be fairly big. So even if you've played the game a lot, you can expect a completely new experience. I estimate this patch will be ready sometime early next month, but no promises.

Here's a small glimpse at some of the stuff you can expect in the next patch:
-Complete implementation of Pegasi
-Cloud tiles to build Pegasus structures on
-Weather Control
-New earth pony buildings
-New Resource Types
-Selecting different Advisers, each with their own abilities and passive benefits.
-More Clop Mini Scenes
-Various bug fixes

Thanks everyone.

Attention contributors - New Chatting Group!

Sat May 2 11:30:36 2015

This is concerning the Skype Chat Group reward for Contributors ($20). If you are not a contributor, please ignore this message.

NOTICE: If you signed up to be in the Credits of my games with that form I posted a while back, I may have already invited you so check your email. If you do not wish to join the chat group, simply discard the email. Thank you! ♥

Skype groups are incredibly buggy, and only become moreso when a large number of people join a group. I consistently have trouble adding people, messages don't always show up, it's hard to keep track of what people have said, it's laggy and overall it provides little reason to use it outside of the convenience of already having Skype. Furthermore, skype groups have a hard limit on the number of people who can join which means moving on to a different medium was inevitable from the get-go. Honestly Skype is just not a good chatroom software, it was designed to be good for voice communication and 1 on 1 chatting and that's about it.

With that being said, I'm going to have people move over to a new thing called "Slack", which is kinda like an IRC except it's really easy to use and has some features that I really enjoy. If you want to be apart of the new group, please send me a Skype message (or email) with your email so I can invite you to the new slack chat group. I'm gonna close down this Skype group once I've properly moved everyone over.

Cloptopia Alpha v1.09b

Sat May 2 02:22:46 2015

Quick update. Same place as usual.

Cloptopia Alpha v1.09

Fri May 1 05:10:12 2015

v1.09 is up. I've been working on a lot of back-end stuff, such as the implementation of Pegasus. I'm not quite ready to add Pegasus to the game but I've got a lot of good ideas for them. Unless I scrap the idea and go with something else, I'll have a separate 'cloud' area to build on and Pegasus will use completely different structure types. Example:

Clop scenes, however, are what I am primarily focused on right now so I've been mostly working on ways to improve the current content while also adding new stuff.


Cloptopia Alpha v1.08

Sat Apr 11 21:52:34 2015

v1.08 is up. I've added a bunch of stuff to this version, focusing primarily on adult content, but also sprinkling in some interesting new gameplay stuff and fixing a few issues. Thanks once again for providing feedback and bug reports, it really helps me pinpoint certain glitches that are really hard to discover on my own.


Pinkie Butt Sketch - Includes .PSD!

Tue Apr 7 17:43:42 2015

Was doing some drawing practice and I felt like adding a bunch of alternate versions to one of my sketches. Just a quick little thing, figured some of you might appreciate it.

See pictures here:

Download the PSD:
Contains the following options: Curved Spine, Normal Spine, Female, Futanari, Shemale, Small Crotchboobs, Large Crotchboobs, Big Tummy, Oral Sex, Oral Cumshot, Anal Sex, Anal Cumshot, Different expressions, Short Cut Tail, Full Tail, Shackles, Sweat, Steam, Pubic Hair (various areas), Farting, Scat. If there's anything you would have liked to see that I didn't include please lemme know in the comments for next time.



Cloptopia Alpha v1.07

Sun Apr 5 04:01:23 2015

EDIT: 1.07b is up with a couple of quick fixes.

Version 1.07 is up. Features a bunch of gameplay tweaks. Also I just want to mention that working on code and adding new features is something I can do much quicker than finishing an entire clop scene. The adult stuff will come in bursts, rather than in little updates like these. I'm mostly trying to polish the game so it's ready for a wider audience than just Patrons.


Cloptopia Alpha v1.06

Fri Apr 3 01:41:58 2015

Version 1.06 is up. Features a new character in the tavern and a bunch of miscellaneous tweaks to the gameplay.


Cloptopia Alpha v1.05

Wed Apr 1 23:53:53 2015

Version 1.05 is up. Features some really important balance changes involving changeling invasions.


Cloptopia Changelog; permanent location

Wed Apr 1 16:46:50 2015

Here's where you can find the permanent changelog for Cloptopia. Better than using a bunch of pastebins.

Cloptopia Alpha v1.04

Wed Apr 1 07:12:31 2015

changelog here:


game link: (Refresh the page)
alternate link:

Cloptopia Alpha v1.03

Tue Mar 31 19:34:38 2015

changelog here:


game link: (Refresh the page)


Tue Mar 31 05:27:49 2015

on a less important note I'd like to mention I've switched my Patreon to monthly, rather than "per project update". I've only ever put out 1 update per month anyways, so this is easier.

Cloptopia Perks

Tue Mar 31 05:23:35 2015

When you Ascend into New Game+ you can pick one of 4 random perks (which are determined at the beginning of a map) that will be added to your character permanently and carried over into the next map. Here's a list of all of them in case some of you were curious:

By the way thanks for the feedback and bug reports so far, it really helps me pinpoint the issues and balance the game.

Cloptopia Alpha v1.02

Mon Mar 30 21:43:39 2015

From now on the game will have a permanent location online that will update as you visit, so no more worry about downloading a bunch of files. Also saves should carry across from version to version starting with 1.02 (unfortunately you won't be able to keep any data from older saves).

Find the game here:

Changelog for for ALPHA 1.02

• Fixed description displaying the wrong mode after saving and reloading

• Party Stores no longer give happiness to Houses without a source of Food
• Party-Tech Research bonus reduced from 50% to 20%
• Significantly increased penalty for having no stores OR too many stores near a house
• Party Stores are never considered in the too many stores check
• Environmental condition will no longer endlessly degrade once it's gone negative
• Decreased the amount of permanent Defense generated by Armories
• Significantly increased amount of Love Magic required to rank up
• Significantly increased the Love Magic bonus for being at higher Ascensions
• Unhappiness from population count increased from Pop/40 --> Pop/24 +1% per Day

Cloptopia Alpha v1.01

Mon Mar 30 12:43:52 2015

Just a quick, minor update that solves an important issue. Thanks to the bug reporters who helped me narrow down the cause!


• Fixed an issue causing resources to become undefined
• Various typo fixes


Cloptopia Alpha!

Mon Mar 30 01:19:49 2015

Hello to all my Patrons! I'm excited to show off a somewhat polished version of the game. More than a year has passed and more than 4000 lines of hand-written code have been typed since I started working on Cloptopia but the game is finally at a point where I'm satisfied enough to show others. The game isn't flawless, but it's definitely solid enough to play. Also I must warn you that the game isn't exactly overflowing with adult scenes. Right now the sexy stuff is pretty basic but now that the core foundation has been laid it will be much easier to add additional content.

Based on your feedback I will continue to update Cloptopia as well as work on other smaller flash projects too as I always have, so even though this gigantic milestone has been made you can expect more great stuff in the not-so-distant future!


Submit Bugs here:

Submit General Feedback here:


February 2015

Sat Feb 28 12:47:17 2015

This update will contain a lot of text, so a very brief summary is that Cloptopia will likely have a soft alpha-release (patreon-only because I'd like a smaller number of testers initially until the game has been thoroughly tested) sometime in April or sooner, and I've made some minor adjustments to the reward tiers.

Anyways. Many great things happened this month. I'm a year older (thanks for the millions of birthday wishes on Skype everyone :3), I've made an incredible amount of progress on Cloptopia and I think I'm going to be able to make a soft-release of the game sometime in late March/April.

Right now the game is what I'd consider "pre-alpha". It's playable, it's fun but it's still got some rough edges that definitely need to be ironed out before releasing it to a wider audience. But soon it'll be ready for more people to test. I've created a quick little illustration of the testing phases:

The reason why I want an incrementally higher amount of people testing the game is because in earlier stages of development, finding bugs is really easy and I don't really want to have 10 people all tell me the same thing. Additionally, I think most people would prefer a more complete, less-glitchy version of the game. So with that being said I will continue to work every day on the project and hope I can get something really solid ready by March or April.

I've also made some minor adjustments to the Patron reward tiers. Originally I said I was going to offer monthly prizes, but I quickly realized that I was splitting my attention too thin between animation projects and extra prizes. It's fun to give away bonuses like that, but I talked to a lot of my fans and it seems the general consensus is that they'd rather I focused on core project than worry about the silly little extras. Above all I know you guys support me because you want to see the animations, so that's what my focus is going to be. I will still randomly give away prizes here and there, especially when I'm less busy, but it's not going to be every month. I just don't want new Patrons to sign up and expect a raffle every month.

Another thing I should mention: if you've supported me for several months and need to stop the funding, please consider lowering your pledge to the minimum tier instead of canceling completely. If you stop your pledge entirely, I cannot see how much you've donated in total or when you first signed up and you won't appear in my Patron's list.

If you have any questions please contact me on skype or send me an email at

Thanks everyone! ♥

Attention to all Contributors!

Tue Feb 3 18:07:50 2015

If you are currently or have ever been in the Contributor Tier ($20) or higher please fill this form out so you can get your name in the credits of Cloptopia when I release the alpha version:

This is the same form from last year, so if you already filled this out you don't need to do it again.


Deleting older patrons

Tue Feb 3 08:06:01 2015

In case you were wondering why the price per project update made a significant drop this month: I had to delete some older patrons that have been signed up for several months and didn't actually donate anything. Due to these consistently declined payments I don't receive nearly as much as my Patreon claims I'm getting per project.

January 2015

Sat Jan 31 18:39:42 2015

This month has felt like a clean slate for me in many ways since in December I managed to finish up or make significant progress all of lot of the projects I've been working on recently. My primary focus right now is to get the Cloptopia alpha ready for testing. Since I just released a huge flash last month and I'm in between projects at the moment, this update will be fairly brief.

I hope everyone is having a good 2015 so far. I also want to mention that Tiarawhy is making really good progress on their newest project. If you're not signed up for their Patreon already, please consider it - much like myself they release all their content for free and rely on generous donations.

Tiarawhy's latest project:


December End of the Month Update

Mon Dec 29 18:54:07 2014

It's been another very productive year for me and I am looking forward to 2015. The new Celestia x Twilight flash I did was way different from my normal stuff but it seems people enjoyed it anyways, I was actually surprised. Obviously a lot of people also didn't care for it much, so don't worry, I'm not going to be making a permanent shift in styles. Besides, Hoihoi is MIA so I couldn't work with him again even if I really wanted to.

Ponyvania, Cloptopia and many other smaller projects are still being worked on so there will be plenty of new things for you to fap / clop to in the near future. I hope everyone had some really nice Holidays, thanks again for your supportive attitudes and feedback to help me constantly improve.

One last thing I will mention is all the commotion concerning Patreon and adult work. Porn has never be allowed on Patreon, ever. It must always be linked to another site, not posted directly nor uploaded straight to Patreon. Also, I think they are far more concerned with actual photos/videos of live actors rather than "adult artwork" which mine could easily be classified under if it needed to be. And if push comes to shove, I will simply make some big changes to the appearance of my Patreon to appeal to the 'new' policies.

PS: If you didn't see the newest Celestia flash or Ponyvania update, you can find them here:


Ponyvania 1.1 update

Sun Dec 7 00:37:57 2014

Here's the new Ponyvania update, which currently for Patreons only. The project will not be released to the general public -yet- due to some unforeseen issues with Paypal.

I figured some of you are probably very eager to check it out, but please don't post the flash to e621 or anything like that just yet. If you find any major bugs, lemme know via email (I strongly prefer emails over comments as they are easier to check and keep track of). Story Mode is kinda buggy, especially when using the 'back' button but thankfully I added a new 'Manual Mode' to allow you to freely jump between scenes if you want a bullshit-free experience :D


November End of the Month Update

Sun Nov 30 16:20:42 2014

A new update for Ponyvania will be available soon, either today or tomorrow at the latest. When me and atryl post it, we'll also include information about the stretch-goals. Some of the stretch-goals include raffles for custom animations to anyone who buys a 'Voucher' ( more info about this on ). But keep in mind that I will also do a Patreon-Exclusive raffle, so don't worry about contributing towards the project if you're already a Patron! Anyways, some of the new features for Ponyvania 1.1 include:

* Detailed shading and highlights
* Female versions of the characters use actual strap-ons now (they can be toggled off)
*More intuitive interface (especially because a lot of people could not find the gender button on the screen select menu)
* 'Manual Mode' for switching between animation loops on the fly. This will be useful for those who don't like waiting for the natural progression of story-mode.

here's a few screenshots of some of the changes:

In addition to Ponyvania, I've also been working on Cloptopia and some other stuff too. I hope to wrap up most of my current side projects before the new year.

Thanks for your continued support!

October End of the Month Update

Sat Nov 1 00:23:00 2014

Hi everyone! There will be a new flash animation project posted very soon, and I wanna take some time to tell my Patreon supporters a little bit about it. I have not announced this project anywhere, so you guys are the first to hear about it officially.

First of all, this new little side project is very different from my usual stuff, as it will be a crowd-funded project between me and atryl. Since Patreon is more of a 'support an artist as a whole, not one specific project' and we have separate Patreons, we're going to use a different crowd-funding method by letting people buy vouchers on e-junkie.

As people contribute towards this new project, stretch-goals will be met to add more scenes and unlock animation raffles. Since you guys are already supporting me here on Patreon, I'm also going to hold an exclusive Patreon-only animation raffle as a bonus for this project. To reiterate: you don't need to feel obligated to donate if you're already a contributor on Patreon.

There's two major reasons why I'm doing side projects like this. First of all, they prevent me from getting burnt out on a single project. I need to do lots of different projects to stay motivated... if I just work on a single project for a long time I just get really sick of it and it lowers my productivity. Kinda like a art-block, but less severe. The second reason is to keep my fans entertained so they don't sit around and wait for huge projects, as I've already explained in the past.

Anyways, look forward to this new project either sometime tonight or tomorrow at the absolute latest.

Thanks again everyone!
-Mittsies <3

September End of the Month Update

Tue Sep 30 16:38:19 2014

Just like last month where I did the first raffles, this month I've got MORE exciting news. First of all, a brand new flash animation based off of that survey you guys took a few months ago.


Fluttershy was by far the most-wanted MLP character (33% of people voted for her as one of their favorites) and I noticed a lot of people specifically wanting another flash with Luna in it. This animation is rather unique in the fact it is a collab between me and atryl, it was quite the experiment but I think it turned out very well.

About Cloptopia: I'll admit, this is taking longer than anticipated. Part of the reason I did this Luna flash was to fill the gap. Don't worry, I'm still working on it as much as I can while trying not to overdo it or get burnt out. On the flipside, I have a feeling October is gonna be (just like the past 3 years) a very productive month!



Change to Supporter Tier

Sun Sep 7 04:03:54 2014

Hey everyone, I'm making a slight change to the lowest tier (Supporter Tier) - it will now be $2 instead of $1. The reason is because a lot of credit card companies are declining the one dollar charges as they see them as a bogus amount. So when you get the chance, change your pledge accordingly.

Thanks and sorry for any inconveniences!

Adding me to Skype

Sat Sep 6 14:25:49 2014

Having trouble adding me to Skype? Check this out!


First wave of prizes

Tue Aug 26 12:44:27 2014

I've given out the first wave of Raffle Prizes so far. The following lucky 7 individuals have won fabulous artwork prizes.

Congratulations to:
Maste (Advocate)
Frazzy636 (Contributor)
Aequitas Telum (Contributor)
Sentoki (Contributor)
Anonymous (Contributor)
Anonymous (Contributor)
Anonymous (Doge)

If you're a winner, please check your email (or Skype) for the details. Didn't win a prize? Don't worry, more prizes are on the way. This won't be a month-to-month thing, but rather whenever I find the time sort of thing. I might even give out more prizes tomorrow!


August End of the Month Update

Tue Aug 26 02:22:22 2014

This update is a little earlier than usual because I want people to sign up for the raffle prizes as soon as possible.

Here's the form! If you want to win a prize just fill this out:
Prizes will be given out 'here and there', as finishing big projects is still my top priority and I don't want the raffles to slow things down to much.

From the feedback I received from you guys in emails and comments, I've decided to focus on giving out lots of small prizes versus a few bigger ones to ensure that everyone gets something eventually. I think that's the most fun way to do it, too.

Thanks everyone, if you have any questions please don't be shy to email me or talk to me on Skype! I always love hearing what my fans have to say.

Raffles ($5+ Patrons Only)

Sun Aug 17 10:32:20 2014

I've given a lot of thought to the raffle ideas this month. My initial idea was to do a stream, but picking the right time for a stream is hard if I want everyone to be able to participate. I could do several streams but... well I think there's a better method out there. Instead, what if everyone just signed up for a raffle (via another form, much like the one you used to give me feedback about what you wanna see) and I'd occasionally give out prizes here and there.

Perhaps that might be less exciting than seeing a random number generator on a stream, but I think it'll be easier for everyone -- especially myself. I don't want to invest too much time into the raffle thing, since it's just kinda of an extra little bonus for my Patrons, but I want to make sure I deliver on my promise.

So this is how I have it worked out in my head:

● You sign up for the raffle with your name/alias, email (MUST match your Patron email), and choose what kind of prizes you'd be interested in -- that way you don't end up winning something you don't want.

● I will use a random number generator to pick someone off of the list to win a prize, then I'll send them an email with the details.

● As time goes on, people who have not yet won a prize will be more likely to win, so maybe one day everyone can win a prize. I think this is a fair way to do it.


As I value your feedback, please leave a comment telling me how you feel about this system. Any ideas you might have, please feel free to share them with me. If you have any ideas for prizes to give out, or if you want to donate a prize of your own (like a Steam game), let me know. If you're too shy to leave a comment, you can also send me an email at OR add me to Skype via 'Mittsies'.

Thanks everyone!


Patreon Credits Forum ($20+ Only)

Thu Jul 31 17:15:25 2014

If you wish to be added to the credits of the game, please fill out this form. Please note that even if you already personally gave me your info, you still must fill out the form to be eligible. Thanks.

ATTENTION: This form is for the $20 Reward Tier and up. Do not fill out the forum if you are in the $1 or $5 tiers unless you were previously in a higher tier and made at least 1 successful payment. Thank you! ♥

July End of the Month Update

Wed Jul 30 14:01:45 2014

Most of what I've been doing on Cloptopia this month has been back-end stuff (programming) that is ultimately necessary but not very interesting to the average user. I'm trying to wrap things up to prepare for a public release but as I continue to work on it, the more I realize this is not a walk in the park and will take some time.

Since I have nothing super exciting to show off, I'll just wrap up this month with a FAQ.

Friendly remember that I will be making at least 1 update per month, with or without posting a new animation, because even if I do not release something I am still actively working on my projects regardless. If you are going to become a Patron, patience is a must as animations are a very time-consuming process. Thanks <3

Q: When will Cloptopia Alpha be released?
A: Creating an entire game from scratch, mostly by myself, is not something I do often. This is my way of saying, "I'm not sure." I'm working on the project every day trying to get it to a point I'm happy with before making the project public. Trust me, I want to show it off very badly, but I don't wanna rush things. Even if I gave you an estimated date, all it would do is lead to pointless hype. It'll be ready when it's ready.

Q: Why does it take so long?
Not only do I have to program everything by myself, there's also the art and animation of which at least 95% I'm also doing myself. I've hired a couple of people to help speed things up, but it's still not

Q: How much needs to be added before it's ready?
A: I want to make sure there is plenty of content so you don't just kinda burn through the game instantly and get bored. I do plan on releasing the game in an unfinished state then updating it consistently, but I don't want to release it as an empty shell. When I asked people in my poll if they want small frequent flash games versus big projects - the vast majority (Over 80%) of people said they preferred big projects.

Q: Can we, the fans, help you out? :D
A: You're already helping by providing support, but the time will come soon when I need testers, feedback, etc. for the game. When the game is finally ready for an alpha release, I will be posting it here for my Patreons to view earlier than anyone else. My two reasons for doing that are 1) a small number of testers is easier to work with initially than a giant tidal wave of people telling me something is broken... and 2) as a gesture of respect for those who are supporting me financially.

Q: Any new screenshots?
A: Not yet. I'm more likely to release the game before showing off more screenshots to avoid unnecessary hype.

Q: I have another question, where should I ask it?
A: Send me an email -->
Don't be shy, I love questions! :3

Thanks again for your support!

June End of the Month Update

Sun Jun 29 19:01:48 2014

Hello everyone! June has been a productive month for me, despite some of the problems that have popped up, and I've even got a shiny new flash animation featuring the cute squirrel girl you might remember from that April Fool's day flash. A lot of people said they were teased by this flash and wanted a full version, so here you go!

This link is not known to anyone except Patrons for now. Enjoy the exclusive sneak-peek before it's posted on my Tumblr and other places later today! ♥

About Cloptopia: This is a huge project. It's literally the biggest thing I've ever done, and dare I say it borders on over-ambition. It's not something I can complete overnight, even if I wanted to. I get a lot of emails, notes, asks, and skype messages asking me about its progress. I'm working on it as quickly as I can but patience is a must, I'm sure you all understand. I'm trying to squeeze other animations in between so I don't get burnt out by working on one project for 6 months straight, and to keep people entertained in the meantime.

About Miaka 1.3: I am prioritizing other projects currently (Based partially on what people have said in the survey), but it will be chipped away at little by little when I find the time.

About the Raffle Prizes: I plan on doing a big raffle via livestream sometime in July to make up for the lack of a raffle in June. Should be plenty of fun.

Thanks to everyone for being awesome and supporting me so far! I have a good feeling about July.

134a2b11b1100d1ec5ba6019c4e8ff18.jpg 6b9459d61979ea5871dc20b171bf6cca.png

Thanks for your patience so far

Tue Jun 17 02:05:24 2014

Good things take time to make, and I don't want to keep you all waiting but I assure you I'm doing my best to chip away at these projects as quickly as I can. Recently, three of my Hard Drives have failed (they were all Seagates. Lesson learned) within a span of about 2 months. Luckily, I have back-ups both online and offline so nothing of value was lost. My GPU has also died recently, although it's been kind of on its way out these past months anyways. Luckily, due to my support on Patreon I was able to get these new parts and it was nothing more than a minor inconvenience and a week of inactivity.

There's still half of a month left, and I'll see what I can do about getting something playable for my Patrons -- but no promises! I was pretty certain I'd be able to get something out this Month, but it's hard to predict the future, and I'd much rather take my time and get things done right than try to rush something out. I'm sure it'll be more fun if it's got more content, anyways. Soon™

And by the way, I want to make sure that extra bonus things like the Monthly Raffles, Sketches, etc. do not interfere with the development speed - but they will also not be forgotten. For instance: if I don't give out these kind of rewards this month, then there will be twice as many next month. Every penny you contribute will be recorded permanently, it's not just some kind of 'subscription fee' that goes away each month. Every month you support me will add to your total amount and you will be noticed for your contributions.

Once again, thanks and lots of love to everyone for supporting my projects! Don't be shy to say Hello on Skype. If I work all day every day I'll just get burnt out, just as anyone would, so I don't mind spending a little while talking to some of my Patrons in-between.


New Survey

Mon Jun 2 16:55:33 2014

Hello Patrons! Please take this survey to give your feedback on my upcoming projects. Thanks so much! ♥

May End of the Month Update

Sat May 31 08:29:42 2014

Hello everyone. It's been a long few months for me.

What this update will contain:
-Telling you what the game is about.
-Showing you screenshots and design concepts.
-Showing you some music I've been working on lately.

A few quick TL;DR notes:
-The game will be ready for testing sometime in June.
-I will do the first monthly raffle at the end of June.
-For those who are waiting on Commissions I started before this project, they are still being worked on. Thanks to amazing collaborators such as Tiarawhy and Pizzacat I can split the workload for certain projects and pour all my focus into the ones I feel demand my attention the most (Like the 'Pony Project').

Nearly every single day I've been working on this game and I don't plan to stop until I've got the game to a testable stage. Although the majority of the programming/artwork/design is complete (>80%) I'm still laying out the groundwork for many of the game's features and trying to piece it all together. It's an incredibly time-consuming process, more-so than any project I've -ever- done before, which is why I had asked my fans to contribute to help make this project a reality.

I can say with confidence that I've got enough funding to make this project happen! That means I won't have to put the project on hold and take more commissions instead, I can fully focus on the projects I think you will all have the most fun with.

The big question: What kind of game is this?

I wanted to make a game... but not just some lame visual novel or dating sim that's been done 1000 times already. I've played City-Building and Strategy games throughout my entire life, including but not limited to Sim City series, Anno Series, Starcraft, Warcraft, C&C, Dorf Fortress, Civilization and some newer ones like Banished. I can say without a doubt that it's my favorite genre of games. So by combining my thick strategy game knowledge with even thicker pony porn abilities I plan on creating a really enjoyable experience.

The game is going to be a City-Builder / Resource Management Simulator / Strategy Game. It's current working-title is "Cloptopia". You might be thinking to yourself... okay so where does the SEX come into play? The plot of the game is fairly simple: Changelings are trying to expand and wipe out pony-kind and you must impede their advancements by warding them off with a powerful magic. By creating small towns that are healthy and thriving enough to cause ponies to engage in the act of creating 'Love' Magic, you are able to fuel your strongest form of defense. I feel that the best games have the simplest stories, so I tried to keep it short and sweet so I can focus on what really matters: the gameplay and the adult scenes.

ATTENTION: I'd prefer you spread this information around as little as possible, but I understand if you're too excited and I can't stop you, haha. I like to wait until things are really polished and awesome before showing my fans, but due to the nature and colossal scale of this project, I feel like I need to shed a little light on it.

Although it's still very early in its development, HERE ARE SOME PREVIEWS OF THE GAME SO FAR:

Want to try the game right now?
Contact me ON SKYPE.

Also here's some various Work-In-Progress audio tracks I've been messing around with lately:

Thank you all so much. Much love! :3

PS: come say Hi on Skype if you haven't already!


For those who want to be added to the credits

Fri May 23 23:39:19 2014

if you want to be added to the credits of the game, you must send me a message, email, etc. and tell me what alias I should use. This is to ensure I don't add people to the credits who wish to remain anonymous, and to make sure I use the correct alias.

Add me on Skype!

Thu May 22 05:46:50 2014

My skype account name is simply 'Mittsies'. You can find me by searching all skype contacts; I'm the one with the squirrel icon. You can also copy and paste this into your browser:


When you add me, please also send me a message and include your email so I can verify you're one of my Contributors. After doing so I'll ask if you'd like to be invited to the exclusive chat where you can meet other patrons as well as Tiarawhy (he's known as vrex in the group chat), Pizzacat, R!P, Suddensharpintakeofbreath (GASP) and so on!

I look forward to meeting each of you. Thanks for your support!

PS: If I don't respond immediately, please forgive me, I've got a lot of things to juggle but I'll do my best <3