Patreon Discord Server!

Sun Aug 23 18:59:58 2020

Alot of news/updates/wips will be posted here! We can talk about upcoming rewards and even hold monthly raffles! I do plan to start streaming as well! So come join!

https_cdn.discordapp.com_icons_662032806066782219_27ae83f92cc8784991169d22b9b03b64.jpgsize256 (d)

Discord Server!

Sun Aug 16 17:36:35 2020

Hey guys! I’m also planning to open a server for patrons!! So keep your eyes peeled! Discord I will hold raffles!

Playful Vanilla

Sun Aug 16 17:35:51 2020

I was gonna hold off on posting this but I figured I’d go ahead! Enjoy!


Beach Blaze

Sun Aug 16 17:22:41 2020


Hey guys!

Sun Aug 16 12:05:51 2020

I plan to get my patreon going again! Please bare with me! A lot of crazy changes in my life.

January: Mipha

Wed Jan 1 20:34:51 2020

Just trying a little something different!


Server update!

Mon Nov 4 17:42:42 2019

Sorry guys deleted the server and trying to get things straight! will update as soon as I can!

Blaze X Felicia

Mon Oct 28 20:23:17 2019


Ultimate Lifeform WIPS

Fri Jun 28 13:45:46 2019

Some wips for upcoming rewards! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things! Will be finishing these!!


New Uploads Coming Soon!

Wed Jun 19 20:00:49 2019

I am currently working hard on upcoming stuff so that I can once again try relaunching my Patreon! I am so grateful for you guys for sticking around, seriously. The beginning of this year was seriously rough.

Discord Server is up!!

Sun Feb 10 16:02:20 2019

Once you read the rules, please confirm you are from Patreon and I will set your role!!


Feb Rewards

Fri Feb 1 17:40:26 2019

Feb rewards will be posted tomorrow!!! Sorry it’s not much, I’m trying to get into the swing of things!!

Mei The Bunny!

Sat Feb 2 05:01:07 2019

She'll be my patreon go to OC


A Nekkid Cutie

Sat Feb 2 05:01:07 2019

please do NOT repost this image of Ace.


A Commission

Sat Feb 2 05:01:07 2019


Flashy Krystal

Sat Feb 2 05:01:07 2019



Wed Jan 23 15:49:33 2019

Will be creating the server soon!!! ((: that way I can get input on what you guys want to see more of!

January Polly

Wed Jan 2 17:41:32 2019


January Luna

Wed Jan 2 17:39:24 2019

Luna is my OC; Please do not redistribute or use.

Luna is a Lion! The Peen belongs to her BF.


January Clove

Wed Jan 2 17:36:17 2019



Mon Dec 31 23:46:00 2018

Vanilla Sketch Page

Thu Aug 2 19:03:22 2018


Vanilla Pin Up

Thu Aug 2 19:01:54 2018


August Preview!

Mon Jul 16 19:34:01 2018


Step By Step Rouge Pin-Up

Sun Jul 1 17:42:02 2018

just step by step images showing my process!


July Sketch Page: Rouge The Bat

Sun Jul 1 17:37:29 2018


July Pin-Up Rouge The Bat V2

Sun Jul 1 17:36:05 2018

V2: Pantyhoseless


July Pin-Up Rouge The Bat

Sun Jul 1 17:34:34 2018


July Preview!

Fri Jun 8 15:54:15 2018

Just a sneak peak at whats to come for July! <3


Discord Art Raffle July ?✨

Sun Jun 3 15:09:12 2018

Hey guys! every month starting July 1st, I will be holding 1-2 free art raffles for patrons!✨

You must be in the discord server in order to get your name in the raffles! You don't really have to talk or interact but discord is an easy way to get names down and such! Just follow the link a few posts back for the server!✨?

June 2018 Amy Rose Sketch Page Uncensored

Fri Jun 1 01:31:41 2018


June 2018 Amy Rose Sketch Page Censored

Fri Jun 1 01:30:32 2018


June 2018 Amy Rose Pin-Up

Fri Jun 1 01:28:59 2018


Discord Server Access!

Tue May 22 19:03:13 2018

Here is the link to the discord server! This link should take you to the #press-start channel, once you have read the rules please send a short message in there acknowledging that you have read the rules! and state that you are from Patreon so you can be sorted into the proper roles!



June's rewards!!

Sat May 19 12:58:26 2018

Hey guys! June's rewards will be posted up June 1st!!

Patreon Changes

Thu Dec 21 01:15:16 2017

hey there! So I am making some slight changes to my patreon, instead of there being 3 tiers, I am only going to have 1 tier and that will be the full access tier. that will be 5$ a month. You will get access to the discord server and all rewards/goodies. If you are currently an Omega Patron and are pledging 3$, you can upgrade to the Full Access Tier. If you cannot, I fully understand and thank you for your patronage and support. For Alpha Patrons, you will need to re-pledge to the 5$ Tier as well since you are currently paying 10$ a month. That way I am not overwhelmed with trying to upload separate things for different tiers. I hope you guys understand!

Naked Pin-Up Blaze

Sat Dec 2 15:09:28 2017


Bunny Pin-Up Blaze

Sat Dec 2 15:06:54 2017


New Patreon Upload Schedule

Sun Nov 19 20:59:10 2017

Hey guys, just a heads up, I will start posting on the first of every month (after patrons are charged) to ensure I don't have people joining to get art and then bailing.

I'm only doing 2 rewards for November because I have alot going on and trying to finish commissions.

November rewards will be uploaded December 1st. They will both be fully colored.

October Rewards

Sun Sep 24 13:09:55 2017

Just a heads up! I took a break for September to get caught up a bit. I will be working on October rewards starting the 1st!! there will only be 2 finished rewards for the Time being cause I'm working two jobs. Come the end of october I am resigning from my teaching job and will be able to do art full time while working a part time job! Thank you for your patience

September Hiatus

Wed Sep 13 16:28:04 2017

Hey guys! Just a heads up! I will be taking a hiatus from Patreon for this month to get commissions finished. If you are in the Discord Server then you already know whats going on regarding my job and such.

But also, those in my server will be tossing around ideas for October's Rewards!!


Fri Sep 1 03:13:58 2017

Hey there everyone! I was just to say I'm so sorry for the lack of rewards right now! Im trying to set schedules regarding art and commissions but don't worry! I'll be doing more for the month of September!! Thank you for your patience!

Bunny Girl Barby

Sun Aug 6 20:30:10 2017

August's Bunny Girl of the Month!


Bunny Girl Amy

Sun Jul 23 20:33:36 2017

Sonic Character of the Month!

Amy Rose!


Bunny Girl Primarina

Tue Jul 18 18:39:57 2017

The character of the month!


Playhog's Mascot

Sun Apr 30 16:26:30 2017